The Archers

By BBC Radio 4

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 Jul 23, 2019

 Jul 13, 2019
doesn't play wtf

 Jul 8, 2019
Love it

 Apr 10, 2019
longest running drama - good mix of dull and enthralling village life

 Feb 21, 2019


Contemporary drama in a rural setting

Episode Date
Leonard arrives at Brookfield wanting a word with David. He explains that Jill has been talking a lot about weddings recently. While explaining that he has no intention of taking Phil’s place, Leonard steps in cow muck and has to go inside to clean up. Eventually, Leonard makes David listen to what he has to say: he thinks Jill wants him to propose. David doesn’t know what to think and asks for some time to mull it over. While Johnny’s cleaning the milking parlour, he’s interrupted by Lily who wants to speak to him urgently. She knows how much Johnny loves Bella, and while it pains her to do it, she shows him the photo of Bella kissing someone else. Johnny is sure there must be a reasonable explanation. He doesn’t want Lily’s support; she’s already destroyed one relationship, he doesn’t want her to ruin his too. At the rewilding meeting, Phoebe hatches a plan to acquire the land they need to secure funding from the Trust. Instead of trying to find land from here, there, and everywhere, they could try to claim some of the three-hundred odd acres belonging to Borchester Land adjacent to their forty acres from Home Farm. Phoebe’s already decided how to get a meeting with the BL board: she’ll persuade Brian to pull some strings. It’s BL or bust.
Nov 17, 2019
Jill and Leonard admire Hilda’s kittens. Peggy remarks that Johnny’s girlfriend Bella is delightful. As Leonard fusses over Jill, Tony arrives. It’s a busy afternoon for Peggy. Joy came over earlier to view the kittens, and the Echo journalist is coming later. Tony stops her – the journalist was up to no good, and there is no article. He explains Peggy may be a target for scammers who are after her perceived wealth. Peggy’s shocked. Tony leaves a curt message for the ‘journalist’ saying the police have been informed, and assures Peggy she’s safe. She has Kate, and all of them are watching out for her. Tony comes across Joy in her broken down MG Midget, Madge. He helps her, explaining that he has a similar model. He offers to tow her back to the farm where he can take a closer look. Mia goes for one last time to Greenwood Cottage. She and Will reminisce. He apologises for his weakness and for losing the house. Mia tells him not to blame himself – for any of it. They share chips, and Mia reckons her mum would be proud and would want them to move on, together. Jill and Leonard agree they’re lucky to have found each other after their first loves. Jill remembers how badly she wanted to be ‘Mrs Archer’; to know that Phil wasn’t Grace’s any more. She’s sure Leonard can understand that.
Nov 15, 2019
Elizabeth’s pleased to hear Freddie’s settling into his job at Grey Gables. She checks whether David needs help at Brookfield with Jill’s injured wrist, and arranges to pop over later. Elizabeth talks to Jim about her idea for ghost stories in the Lower Loxley attic. He informs her he’s found some potential tales online, and reads one to her. She thinks he reads brilliantly. Will he do it? Reluctant Jim insists he’s not a performer, but Elizabeth tempts him with incentives. He supposes it might be quite fun. Lily’s distracted looking at photos from the recent party, and Russ looks over her shoulder. He thinks she and Johnny look very cosy, but Lily insists he has nothing to worry about; Johnny didn’t stop talking about Bella all night. Russ makes a pass at Lily, but she’s not in the mood. He feels like he’s still in the doghouse, but Lily has other things on her mind. Confused Russ is left on his own to stew. Lily shows a photo to Freddie; it has Bella in the background, kissing someone who isn’t Johnny. How are they going to break this to him? David tells Elizabeth Leonard’s practically moved in, and is helping Jill with all her tasks. David’s beginning to feel like a stranger in his own home. He feels like they’re perfectly capable of looking after her themselves.
Nov 14, 2019
At Peggy’s birthday celebration at the Bull, Alice enthuses to Kate over the opportunities in Newmarket. A farrier they met at Anisha’s wedding had mentioned a job – it could transform Chris’s career. Chris exclaims he hasn’t even decided if he’s going to apply. He’s surprised she’s talking about it to Kate. He points out the potential obstacles, but Alice is positive. She’s behind him all the way. As Peggy enjoys the day and her gifts, she announces the Echo wants to do a feature on her at home, as the woman behind the Ambridge Conservation Trust. She spots Joy, and insists Tony apologises to her for the ‘wounded cow’ flyer. Reluctant Tony does so, and Joy in turn says sorry for getting on her high horse. She invites Tony to join her as she’s unexpectedly on her own today. Tony fills her in on his various relatives, and she enjoys putting names to faces and learning what’s happening in Ambridge. She comments that Tony’s lucky to have his family around him. Kate shows Joy a video of Hilda’s kittens and invites her to see them. After seeking Tony’s opinion Joy agrees to take a look. She declares that Tony’s cheered her up no end. Kate hopes Pat didn’t see them together – Tony seems to have put a spring in Joy’s step.
Nov 13, 2019
Lilian’s getting fed up of Justin’s constant nit-picking over work matters. She thinks it’s all down to Vince Casey – he’s letting him get under his skin. Justin insists he’s just trying to drive people to do better. Lilian urges him to go easy on Neil. Later Justin reports all was in order at Berrow, and Hannah’s offered to see if there are improvements to be made. He takes it close to home when he urges Lilian to persuade Jolene and Kenton that the Bull needs a complete overhaul. Will and Mia agree they both seem happier with life at the moment. Emma catches sight of Mia and they gleefully bond over chocolate and a game of Poohsticks. Mia’s dismayed Emma and Ed have broken up. She feels they’re meant to be together. They’re interrupted by Lilian, who unwittingly lets on that Will’s quit his job – and his house. Mia’s furious at Will for not telling her, and bolts again. Emma feels awful but Will doesn’t blame her. Meanwhile Clarrie calms Mia, and gently explains what Will’s been through – without going into details. Mia insists he should have discussed it with them before leaving the cottage. Clarrie agrees, but points out it was part of Will’s moving on process, making him happier in the long run. The cottage is only bricks and mortar; they need to treasure what’s important.
Nov 12, 2019
Russ shows off the latest Gallery exhibit to Robert. He isn’t happy when Robert describes the subversive Christmas card collages as “a clever way to recycle”. Russ admits to Elizabeth he’s been feeling lonely. He doesn’t regret leaving his wife, but filling out divorce paperwork has reminded him of everything he’s had to sacrifice to start a new life with Lily. Elizabeth is still struggling to settle on a Christmas production. Robert suggests she speaks to Jim about ghost stories. He hasn’t forgotten the story Jim told in the hide. Elizabeth enthusiastically calls Jim, who agrees to do some research. Jill trips on one of Rosie’s toys and drops a casserole dish. David doesn’t like the way her wrist is swelling, and offers to drive her to hospital. But Jill is only persuaded when Leonard offers to take her himself. They’re relieved to discover it’s just a sprain. They share stories of trips to A and E with their own children, and think about how long it’s been since they lost their spouses. Jill thanks Leonard for being there for her. It’s nice not to be alone. Back at Brookfield David is wrong-footed when Jill invites Leonard to stay the night. He can have Ben or Josh’s room, and surely David can lend him a pair of pyjamas?
Nov 11, 2019
Joy’s annoyed when a flyer’s put through her letterbox. It shows a graphic image of the Bridge Farm cow injured by a sky lantern. She confronts Tony, who’d posted it. He argues people need to understand the dangers, but then worries that he’s upset Joy. Kirsty reassures him. Rochelle is visiting on Wednesday, so Joy’s bound to forget everything else. Jim mentions to Will that it was nice to see Jake and Mia at Joe’s funeral. Will admits that he barely saw them. Jim advises Will not to give up on cultivating a close relationship with his children. Jim regrets it’s taken decades for him and Alistair. Later, Will takes Jim’s advice. The Grundy family’s planning a belated bonfire night party, and Will invites Jake and Mia. Will apologises for letting things get so bad between them. He’s glad that Mia’s happy with her Dad. Mia misses Will too, and enthusiastically accepts an invitation to spend more time at Grange Farm. As Alf and Eddie prepare the fireworks they reminisce about Joe. Alf points out that Eddie’s head of the family now, but stops short of admitting he’s jealous of everything Eddie has. Eddie was always the favourite though. Eddie sheds a few private tears, and Alf hugs him. Alf reckons he can say three little words that might help – “drinks on me”! They laugh, and the Grundys whoop and gasp at the fireworks display in Joe’s honour.
Nov 10, 2019
It’s Joe’s wake, and Alf is taking full advantage of the delicious snacks on offer. Clarrie assures Emma Joe would have loved it. They share a wry smile over Bert’s ode to Joe at the funeral, which wasn’t all complimentary. Clarrie reckons if Joe had heard it, he’d have given as good as he’d got. Eddie marvels that it was standing room only in and outside the church. Jim’s psyching himself up to play his piano piece, which he’s learned by heart. But when Jazzer introduces him, it’s too much for him and he goes blank. Everyone repairs to the Bull, where Lilian insists on full names only being used, in honour of Joe. Each cider club member has to nominate a memorable ‘Joe’ moment and there’s much merriment. In the middle of it all a ‘telegram’ is delivered for Joe, from The Queen – the pub in Hollerton where Eddie and Alf met Carmen. Joe’s wish for a telegram from the Queen has been granted… Soon they hear the strains of ‘My Blue Heaven’; Jim is finally playing it. As the stars come out in the clear night sky, a toast is made to Mr Joseph Grundy.
Nov 08, 2019
Oliver has no idea how to react to Tracy’s new, formal attitude towards him. He expresses his dismay to Shula that people have judged him on his relationship with Tracy. He doesn’t see why they can’t be accepted as friends. Shula observes wryly that people will always gossip, as she assumes they’re now doing about her new found friendship with Alistair. But it works; they’re happily separate. Later Oliver sees Tracy and asks for her forgiveness. He’s handled the whole thing badly and let the tittle tattle affect his judgement. They agree to make a fresh start. Jim’s trying to crack his piano piece for Joe’s funeral. He’s determined; otherwise his abuser has won. Alistair suggests it’s the Tearoom, not the music, that’s the sticking point, and he takes his father back there to break the spell. While there Alistair receives a phone call from Shula – she’s been put forward to the next stage towards becoming a vicar! Jim is inspired by her perseverance, and resolves to perform at the wake. Emma tempts Eddie with testers of the mini steak and kidney puds. She also does the ironing to ease the load on Clarrie, and helps with a limping sheep. She has fond memories of Grange Farm. Eddie reassures her she’s welcome at the church tomorrow. They’ll send Joe off in style.
Nov 07, 2019
Very hungover Lily isn’t in the mood for a deep and meaningful with Russ. But he persists, and finally pins her down. She tells him about the advice Johnny gave her regarding how to tell whether you really love someone: can you imagine your life without them around? She confesses she couldn’t, and so yes, she does love Russ. But it’s not enough; she needs to be able to trust him too. She wants him to start his divorce proceedings straight away. Rex is still grumpy that that he can barely afford the keen priced trailer Josh has found for him. He’ll be working extra hours for months in order to make up the payments for it. Toby unearths the real reason for Rex being out of sorts. He thought he was over Anisha, but her wedding has brought everything back into focus. He knows he'll feel better once her wedding is out of the way, and apologises to his brother for his mood. Eddie has an idea; he’d like Joe’s pony and trap to take Joe to the funeral. Clarrie’s all in favour. She’s busy with decisions on getting the suit and tie for Joe to the undertaker’s. Eddie’s delighted the hangover cure seems to have worked on Johnny. When he finds out this is the only person it’s cured, he is undeterred. The recipe will just need a tweak. Clarrie laughs – Eddie sounds just like his dad!
Nov 06, 2019
Helen’s nerves jangle further as she awaits her cheese guru. Shula distracts her with talk of Freddie’s upcoming party at the Stables. She hopes her house survives it. She’ll be making herself scarce on the Green and at the Bull for the duration. There’s drama as Johnny reports a heifer down in the field just as Rufus Dunkley is about to arrive at Bridge Farm. Helen recounts the tale later to Shula at the fireworks on the Green. The heifer had a piece of sky lantern stuck in her stomach – there were bits of rubbish all over the field, left over from Halloween. Helen suspects the Beechwood residents were responsible. The good news is it didn’t put off the cheesemonger, and he’ll be back in touch regarding a deal for Borsetshire Blue. Perturbed Lily’s sweeping leaves. She was shocked to discover that Lara is so young, and angry that Russ didn’t mention the fact. And far from being fragile, Lara had appeared sensible and positive. Russ assures Lily he loves her and needs her to trust him. She goes to Freddie’s party on her own. She and Johnny get drunk; a chance to test Joe and Eddie’s disgusting hangover cure. They hold their noses and drink the disgusting potion.
Nov 05, 2019
Helen’s excited that Rufus Dunkley, a high profile cheesemonger, is interested in her Borsetshire Blue. He might be coming to visit tomorrow. Could this be big news, wonders Kirsty. As Helen’s nerves build Kirsty counsels caution; does she really want to up her production levels and expand the dairy? This only makes Helen feel worse. They laugh. Rex is a little down. He still doesn’t have the cash for a trailer, Bert’s poetry trials are driving him mad and Anisha’s wedding is on Saturday. He’s not going as he can’t afford it. Toby tries to cheer him; he could get a lift to the wedding, and he’s heard Josh might have a trailer. His encouragement falls on stony ground. Lily gets Freddie to accompany her on a clandestine mission. While they lie in wait outside the appointed house Freddie shares his regret that he read Shula’s autobiography notes. They agree their Auntie Shula’s alright. Suddenly Lily sees the person she’s come for, and follows her to her door. When she re-emerges a few minutes later, Lily urges Freddie to just drive. She’s finally met Lara, wife of Russ.
Nov 04, 2019
It’s 5am and Eddie’s worrying about the ponies, and the hangover cure. Clarrie elicits a promise from him that he won’t get himself or the boys drunk in order to test it. When later he bumps into Johnny and Lily discussing Freddie’s party, he suggests to Johnny that he and his mates can try out the amazing magic cure. To Eddie’s delight Johnny agrees to give it a try. Clarrie sees Emma in the shop, and invites her to bring Keira over to Grange Farm later. As they discuss the catering options for the wake, Emma assures concerned Clarrie that the ‘one for Joe’ scheme has paid for it all. Clarrie’s touched by people’s generosity. When Emma mentions a favourite dish of Joe’s, Clarrie’s hit by a momentary wave of grief. Eddie passes through looking for Ed. He tells Clarrie to make sure Alf doesn’t know where he is. Clarrie groans at yet another of Eddie’s schemes. But she concedes it’s keeping him occupied. Russ tries to pin down distracted Lily. Something Johnny said about Bella and how there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her has played on her mind. It’s made her wonder why Russ isn’t getting on with his divorce. Russ assures her it’s in hand; he’ll do it when the time’s right. He needs Lily to trust him.
Nov 03, 2019
Jennifer’s put on a Scandinavian spread in honour of Jakob at dinner. There’s awkwardness as Jakob commits one or two gaffes with his direct approach, and the sideshow of fractious Xander’s crying becomes impossible to ignore. They’re all drawn in to the effort to quieten him. To everyone’s amazement when Jakob holds Xander, the baby falls silent. Brian’s impressed and Jennifer’s charmed; Jakob has ticked several boxes. Kate assures him the evening was a success, and so was he. She finds him even more attractive after tonight. Brian’s pleased to confirm with Eddie his attendance at Joe’s funeral and wake; Joe was a true Man of the Soil. Eddie’s pursuing the hangover cure recipe. He feels like Joe would have wanted them to. He recounts to Ed the insistence of Carmen that they sign a profit share agreement before taking the recipe away. When they make up the recipe the smell is pungent as they stir in the bizarre ingredients. They need the perfect guinea pig to test it out on. Ed calls Jazzer. As they agree to keep him plied with drink, Jazzer declares himself thirsty. However the experiment backfires as Jazzer eventually falls fast asleep – they can’t give him the hangover mixture! Eddie reckons Joe’s up there laughing at the situation. Ed promises they won’t give up on the cure.
Nov 01, 2019
Tony and Helen are unimpressed with the trick or treaters from Beechwood. Helen’s glad Henry’s not doing it; he has a lovely party at Bridge Farm to enjoy. However Helen reports later that Henry’s not having a good time. He’d rather be out with the older children, like Keira. Tony offers to take him out trick or treating, but Helen insists she goes instead, leaving reluctant Tony in charge of the little ones. Helen returns with a happy Henry, and finds Tony has coped gamely. Robert and Jim go birding to escape the Halloween mayhem, but their peace is wrecked by a phone call from Lynda and an intrusive firework close by. As Robert is spooked by an owl, Jim detects his companion’s latent fear. Robert concedes he doesn’t mind a ghost story, especially at Christmas, but might draw the line at the M R James test which Jim details with relish. When Jim winds him up with a ghostly photography-based tale, Robert makes his excuses and leaves. He needs to get back and help Lynda with the tricksters. Once back home he’s jumpy, and entreats perturbed Lynda not to respond to the doorbell when it rings. You never know what might be out there!
Oct 31, 2019
A warning from Chris to Jakob that a family dinner at Home Farm could be imminent turns to prophecy as Kate calls with an invitation. She promises it will be a once only event. He should just be himself. Oh, and baby Xander will be there too. Chris regales Jakob with some cautionary tales about Jennifer’s exacting standards and Brian’s snobbery, and advises him on topics to avoid. Alf and Eddie visit Carmen Benson, Gaz's mum. It’s clear they have the right person as she is obviously familiar with Tumble Tussock cider. They update her on the news about Joe, and she invites them in. Eddie favours the softly, softly approach, but Alf ploughs straight in. He establishes Carmen and Joe weren’t having an affair, but that they definitely had a connection. As to the potential 'fortune', the brothers are disappointed to find it's just a recipe for a hangover cure. Eddie wants to put an end to searching for legacies that don't exist. Alf can't believe he's just giving up. But Eddie's keen to have the focus on making sure Joe gets the send-off he deserves.
Oct 30, 2019
It’s clear to Lynda that Tracy’s not herself. Tracy admits the rumours about her and Oliver are getting to her. And since Oliver’s chat with her she feels like they’re not mates any more. Lynda’s sure that’s not true, but tells Tracy stoutly that whether she likes it or not, Oliver’s the boss. They’ll just have to find a way to get along. Freddie admits confides to Kenton that Oliver’s gone a bit weird and serious lately. He lets slip about the rumours and Kenton is astonished. People are full of surprises, observes Freddie, and proceeds to bring up some unlikely events from Kenton’s own past – revealing his source in confidence. After a phone call from Kenton which raises her suspicions, Shula realises that Freddie’s read her draft autobiography. She’s furious at the betrayal of her trust after all she’s done to support him. Mortified Freddie apologises profusely. Shula grudgingly accepts his contrition, but refuses to discuss it further. Alf and Eddie find ‘Carmen’ at the pub in Hollerton that Jolene directed them to. She’s a drag act. After enduring some banter from her, they feel she’s unlikely to be the one they’re looking for. Alf persuades reluctant Eddie to talk to Carmen, and they discover he’s called Gaz – but his mum’s called Carmen. They resolve to pay her a visit tomorrow.
Oct 29, 2019
Toby’s trying to avoid Helen. He’s putting off telling her the milk gin scheme is a non-starter. Kenton covers for him, but finally Helen catches up with him. As he bumbles through his explanation of mistakes in the figures and the bottom line that he can’t afford to pursue it, Helen laughs gently and assures him that whilst it’s a shame, she’s fine with it. He shouldn’t worry too much. Relieved Toby changes the subject; the new Borsetshire Blue seems to be going down well. Helen agrees. She’s hopeful the gamble has paid off. Alice is fed up of Kate using her as a Jakob substitute and dreaming up distraction activities for them both. Once out of Kate’s way she goes to see Jakob. She lays it on the line. Kate can’t cope without him, she’s mad about him, and any impression he has to the contrary is just a front. She recommends direct action on his part is what’s needed; she can guarantee it will work. Jakob does as prescribed, and whilst Kate makes him work for it, he manages to convince her with charm and humble apologies that he genuinely likes her. She admits the feeling’s mutual and Alice walks in to see how it’s going just as they fall into each other’s arms. Relieved Alice retreats.
Oct 28, 2019
Freddie and Shula agree that last night’s Hunt Ball went well; Elizabeth had commented that with the return of the alcohol licence, it was like passing a test. Freddie offers to proof read Shula’s autobiography for the DDO, but Shula clocks what he’s up to and refuses. She’d really rather he didn’t read it; it’s very dull and she’s decided she’s not a born writer. She agrees to him having some friends over on Bonfire Night, with an assurance that he’ll obey the house rules; no fireworks. Alf admires the turkey poults. Eddie disappoints him; he won’t be getting a special rate. Alf’s keen to pursue the letter from Carmen that they found amongst Joe’s things. Eddie’s all for leaving it alone, so Alf tries his luck with Clarrie. Whilst Clarrie’s incredulous Joe had managed to keep such a secret, she too is dismissive of Alf’s nonsense. As a last hurrah, Alf tries to tempt the two of them with the prospect of a pot of gold. Wouldn’t they grab it if they suddenly had the chance to get Grange Farm back instead of having to vacate? They surely owe it to Joe’s memory to find out? Grudgingly Eddie agrees to help.
Oct 27, 2019
Peggy can see Hilda’s expecting kittens - imminently. Kate suggests getting Jakob over, but Peggy doesn’t think it’s necessary. Sure enough Hilda has five kittens unaided. Charmed Kate asks Peggy if they can keep at least one, but Peggy won’t hear of it. To Oliver’s horror Tracy finds the gossip surrounding them amusing; they just have to ignore it. Oliver can’t do that. As her boss he can’t be seen to be taking advantage of her. Tracy doesn’t understand why they can’t be mates. Oliver tries to explain it’s not possible as employer and employee, but Tracy is offended and leaves. Alf’s still grumbling about Oliver. Eddie snaps and tells his brother to shut up about their landlord. Alf changes the subject: is it time to clear out their dad’s room? Eddie agrees, but once they start he doubts Alf’s motives. He can tell he either wants the room for himself or is looking for anything of value in there. Alf thinks he’s struck gold when he finds Joe’s will on a scrap of paper, but it turns out to be just a list of instructions about who should look after the animals. Then Eddie finds a letter from someone called Carmen, promising that what they have could make them a fortune… Alf’s vindicated – they need to track down Carmen!
Oct 25, 2019
There’s a shock for Oliver and Kate’s latest drama causes debate
Oct 24, 2019
Elizabeth has concerns about the latest Ambridge rumour and Joy adopts an unorthodox method.
Oct 23, 2019
Joy turns up at Bridge Farm to inform Pat and Tony about missing Hilda, a fact they’re already aware of. They’re intrigued to find out how Joy knows Peggy, and Tony bristles with irritation at Joy’s familiarity. Pat’s politeness turns to amusement as Joy unveils her plan to encourage the pet owners of Ambridge to talk to their animals about Hilda, in the hope of enlisting their help in locating her. She swears this method works, though Tony thinks she’s mad. Mischievous Pat volunteers Tony to assist Joy, and he reluctantly starts with Lilian. Lilian’s on board; Ruby is a very emotionally switched on animal and gets on well with cats. David and Adam meet in the Bull to pull some figures together prior to their meeting with Vince Casey. They’re keen to get him to take their sheep. But Vince ambushes them and turns up on spec. They’re ill prepared and he starts to run rings around them, implying that Adam’s eye is off the ball now he’s a new father. He feels there’s little in this for him; after all Hassett Hills is the opposition. David points out it’s a very different market from Casey Meats, but Vince still wants to see figures. When he’s gone David and Adam agree that farming's hard at the best of times, but nothing's easy at the moment.
Oct 22, 2019
Alf’s settling in at the Bull, and getting to know Toby. When Jill arrives it’s a great opportunity for Alf to accept a whisky chaser courtesy of Leonard as introductions are made. Alf reckons Joe kept the pub going; others are quick to point out that whilst Joe was a regular, he rarely seemed to pay for his own drinks. The ‘one for Joe’ campaign behind the bar is going well. Jill explains to Leonard that Apple Day won’t be observed this year as the Grundys are just too busy with arrangements for Joe. Alf continues to stir up gossip as he asserts to shocked Jill that there’s something between Oliver and Tracy. Rex has his pigs almost ready for slaughter, but they’re too big for Neil’s trailer. David suggests Rex needs to invest in one of his own. Toby finds Rex later preparing to sell his collection of rugby treasures to raise the money for a trailer. Toby thinks this is sad; couldn’t he ask their dad for a loan? But Rex is determined to be independent. Jill and David reminisce over Joe’s antics, swapping anecdotes, laughing and good naturedly sparring over whether Joe was a good or a bad egg. Leonard feels that Joe was a likeable fellow, and they all agree that whilst he wasn’t perfect, they’ll miss Joe dreadfully.
Oct 21, 2019
Jim’s pleasure at having mastered a classical piece in preparation for Joe’s wake is tempered by Jazzer’s declaration that the music is too dreary. He needs something more cheerful. Defeated, Jim pumps Will for information on Joe’s tastes. Will offers to help Jim look for Joe’s old collection of 78s to see if he can get some inspiration. Jazzer reports later to Ed that Jim’s enlisted Kiki’s help with a new tune. Jazzer’s alarmed to learn the wake will be held in the Tearoom and not the Bull. Eddie and Clarrie discover Alf’s technically homeless, his latest companion having thrown him out. As he makes himself at home, Alf makes some insensitive remarks to Will and Ed about their respective current struggles, and suggests it was the idea of moving from Grange Farm which killed Joe. Clarrie won’t have a word said against Oliver, and puts Alf in his place. Alf returns twenty pounds to Clarrie that he took when he left three years ago. Clarrie’s pleased until she realises this is just money he’s borrowed from Ed. Eddie wishes he’d never bothered tracking Alf down. He thinks Alf might only be there hoping for an inheritance. Clarrie points out there isn’t one. Eddie’s fed up that they’re stuck with Alf until after the funeral.
Oct 20, 2019