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 Dec 25, 2019

 Jul 23, 2019

 Jul 13, 2019
doesn't play wtf

 Jul 8, 2019
Love it

 Apr 10, 2019
longest running drama - good mix of dull and enthralling village life


Contemporary drama in a rural setting

Episode Date
Kate asks Fallon if she can set up a massage chair at the Easter festival. Later, she goes to visit Lynda in hospital. Lynda’s pleased to see her. Robert is aghast to see that Kate’s painted Lynda’s toenails, considering how sensitive Lynda’s skin is. How dare she inflict herself on Lynda? Kate leaves in a hurry, before Lynda can explain she wanted her there. Robert runs after Kate and apologises for being over-protective. Lynda hopes Robert’s ashamed of himself for treating her like a baby. Robert realises he got things very wrong today. Johnny invites Freddie for a drink at The Bull. Unenthusiastic Freddie agrees, if only to shut Johnny up. Johnny tries to discuss The Bull’s name change with Freddie, but he doesn’t want to talk. He bats off Fallon’s praise about him being a hero and declines her offer of a drink. Freddie finally admits he wishes he hadn’t visited Lynda, she was in so much pain and as for the things she was saying… Freddie leaves and goes to visit Robert. He returns Robert’s medal. He’d feel like a fraud if he kept it. He feels he doesn’t deserve anything.
Apr 02, 2020
Brian wants to check in on Josh. He suggests to Adam that since Josh isn’t going to be charged, they should keep him in mind for tractor work. Later, Brian finds an exhausted Adam dozing over the accounts. But he’s had some good news; Xander’s new birth certificate with Ian’s name on it has arrived. Brian reports that Josh is concerned about the number of lame ewes. He thinks they need to get the vet in pronto. Fallon wonders whether Keira might like to enter the Easter bonnet competition. She’s been trying to drum up interest with local school children at the bus stop, but hasn’t had much interest. Emma thinks that parents always end up doing the children’s craft projects for them anyway. Fallon decides on a new approach: the grown-ups make the bonnets and the kids judge. Elizabeth can tell that Freddie’s finding it hard staying at Lower Loxley with no work on. She suggests they go out and have some fun. After lunch at the Tearoom, Freddie is ready to go home. Elizabeth wonders if he should speak to someone about his traumatic ordeal at Grey Gables. Freddie wants to put it all behind him. He can see his mum’s point, but compared with what Lynda’s been through, his experience is nothing.
Apr 01, 2020
Shula invites Kirsty and Pip along to a planning meeting for the Easter festival. She’s hoping Lynda will be the guest of honour. Pip’s way too busy, but Kirsty thinks it’d be nice to do something for the village. After a successful meeting, Kirsty and Shula reflect on how the village has come together since the incident at Grey Gables. Fallon has suggested an Easter bonnet competition. Justin wants to talk to Phoebe about income generation for the rewilding acreage. He’s found a patch of land adjoining theirs with a couple of barns for sale. He thinks the rewilders should buy them to convert into office space. They could become offices and a visitor centre in the long term, but for now they could be rented out to generate income. Justin would happily be a co-investor. Pip isn’t keen, but agrees that they will need an office and visitor centre. While Philip’s out on a walk, Kirsty asks Gavin if he thinks she should postpone the wedding. With all the business trouble, it doesn’t feel right. Gavin counters that it’s the only thing keeping Philip going right now, she can’t take that away from him. Gavin implores Justin to allow them to continue with their building work for BL. He doesn’t want the firm punished for Blake’s actions. Justin’s impressed by Gavin’s spirit and says they can restart their work. Justin says if one of his employees let him down that badly, they’d know a world of pain. Gavin assures Justin they’re on the same page on that front.
Mar 31, 2020
Lynda’s been moved out of the Burns Unit onto a ward. She’s worried about Blake, as she’s heard he’s mortified by the damage he caused and was also seriously hurt. She phones Roy and asks him to visit Blake to explain she’s forgiven him. Roy’s busy with daily management team meetings and working on the insurance claim but promises to see him later in the week. Roy finds Josh in high spirits. He’s just heard that the police won’t be charging him. Robert intercepts Ben and Josh on their way into visit Lynda. They want to tell her how Monty’s getting on, and have bought a bag of goodies from Jill and Ruth. Robert stalls them and says that Lynda’s busy with physiotherapy. Lynda tells Robert to put the word out that she doesn’t want visitors. Robert tells Lynda that James and Leonie will arrive at the weekend. She hopes they won’t want to see her. As they’re leaving the hospital, Ben bumps into Chloe, the doctor he met on his birthday night out. He’s surprised to discover she’s 25. Keen to get away, Chloe suggests Ben gets back in touch when he’s had more practice. Josh finds this hilarious and pokes fun at Ben for punching above his weight. Ben warns Josh that if he doesn’t shut up, he’ll be walking home.
Mar 30, 2020
Joy returns Josh’s jacket to him while he’s on duty on in the Brookfield lambing shed. While Joy recounts her hangover from the Felpersham night out, Josh discovers a problem with a lambing ewe. Brian appears and lends Josh a hand while Joy observes. Twin lambs are successfully delivered. Impressed Brian tells Josh that Ian has to go to Ireland for his aunt’s funeral so there is now lambing work at Home Farm for him. Robert tries to lift Lynda’s spirits but she’s tired and when another visitor arrives she wants them sent away. She changes her mind when she realises it’s Freddie. She gets tearful but then gathers herself. Freddie apologises for what he said before the explosion but Lynda has no memory of their argument. Lynda reveals Robert’s dad’s medal had always been on display, and not ‘gathering dust’ as Robert had claimed. This makes Freddie want to give it back but Lynda insists he keep it for Robert’s sake. Freddie tries to be positive but Lynda is frustrated by the state she’s in. She feels hideous and doesn’t think she’ll be the same again. She tells Freddie how much pain she’s in and takes off her scarf to show him that her head has been shaved for skin grafts. Freddie wants to fetch Robert but Lynda doesn’t want him seeing her like this. She also doesn’t want Freddie to repeat their conversation. She tells Freddie she wishes he’d left her in Grey Gables – she’d prefer to be dead than to be in the state she’s in now.
Mar 29, 2020
An Ambridge Spring
Enjoy the sounds of an Ambridge spring as we take a seasonal stroll through the fields, woods and lanes of deepest Borsetshire. Overhear some Archers characters as they make the most of the lengthening days and warming weather.
Mar 27, 2020
Ruth quizzes Josh about her children’s night out. Ben didn’t come home and Josh says he crashed with college friends. Josh and Pip agree to maintain this cover story for Ben. Jill is also worried about Ben’s whereabouts but then he sends Ruth a message telling her to chill out. Peggy visits Lynda in hospital and likens Lynda’s spirit to that of her mother’s. Lynda asks Peggy to call for a nurse. When she can’t find anyone Peggy offers to help but Lynda insists on a nurse; she needs help to go to the toilet. Ben surprises Jill when he gets back to Brookfield. Jill can see through the muddled cover story of where he stayed last night. She agrees not to say anything to anyone else. Ben then meets Josh and gives a fuller account of how he spent last night. He met a woman called Chloe who’s gorgeous. Ben plans to go out again next Saturday and reckons he won’t be home again. Josh shudders at Ben’s sudden confidence in going out and meeting women. He feels they may have unleashed a monster.
Mar 26, 2020
Josh has a go at Ben when he finds him taking his pick of clothes from Josh’s wardrobe. Josh is cranky because there’s no work for him at Home Farm after all. Ben cheers him up with the prospect of their night out. Robert visits Freddie to thank him for getting Lynda out of Grey Gables. Robert gives Freddie the Military Medal awarded to his father. Freddie is reluctant to accept it but Robert insists he honours Freddie’s brave actions. Lynda would like to see Freddie herself but Freddie’s not sure; he feels it’s not fair as he’s barely injured. But Robert says that doesn’t matter. Pip’s car breaks down on the way to Felpersham. Ben has already started drinking. While Pip phones the breakdown service Ben gets out and flags down a passing car. Joy is behind the wheel; she agrees to give Ben a lift to Felpersham in her two-seater. Josh and Pip will catch up once Pip’s car is attended to. When Pip and Josh get to Felpersham they find Joy but no Ben. Joy says he found his friends and got chatting to a girl at the bar. Pip wants to leave but Josh insists they stay for at least one drink. Pip groans.
Mar 25, 2020
Pip teases Ben about his new car, which is orange. Pip suggests a night out where she will buy all of Ben’s drinks and drive him home. Josh is up for it too and they decide on a student night in Felpersham tomorrow. Hopeful that he’ll get some work at Home Farm, Josh gets Pip to remind him what to do in the lambing sheds. Kirsty rails at the news that Gavin has gone to live with his mum for a while. But Philip spins it as a much needed break he and his son need from one another. Kirsty believes that it was Blake who supplied the petrol instead of proper solvent. She wants to talk to Blake but Philip warns her off. Kirsty bumps into Justin and thanks him for his support for Philip. Justin reveals he’s not sure he wants Philip’s firm doing the work at Berrow anymore and was relieved when Philip called to postpone it. Kirsty doesn’t feel like she’s doing enough to help Philip cope. Later, Philip returns home to find Kirsty looking through his business paperwork – she took a call about an invoice and is trying to help. Philip assures her he doesn’t need her to do that, he’s on top of everything. He thanks her for being a rock for him. He doesn’t know what he’d do without her.
Mar 24, 2020
Brian arrives at Brookfield to drill the oilseed. Josh tells him how he feels like he’s the only person who’s not busy at the moment – his arrest has brought his machinery business to a halt. Brian tells him he’ll put a word in for him with Adam. Josh goes to Adam before Brian which puts Adam’s back up. He refuses to employ Josh while Josh is being investigated by the police. Rex, Pip and Phoebe take out the first piece of fencing on their rewilding land. They have nothing with them to toast the moment so Phoebe makes a speech and they agree they make a good team. They go to The Bull to celebrate and discover that Justin has provided them with champagne – none of them know how Justin knew they’d be celebrating – Justin moves in mysterious ways! Philip hears from a scared Blake how the police interview went. Blake was on the streets before working for Philip. Philip presses Blake to stick to the story that he decided to use petrol to pocket a bit of cash for himself. Blake is scared and Philip promises to do everything in his power to keep him safe.
Mar 23, 2020
Kirsty wants Philip to take a break from agonising about the Grey Gables explosion but Philip has too much on his mind. Kirsty reminds him that he is a good man. She gets him out for a walk and suggests coming into the health club for a free massage. Gavin calls and annoyed Kirsty storms off. Philip hears that the police are interviewing Blake. He tells Gavin to sit tight until he gets there. Phoebe tells Pip that Roy’s suffering with concussion and is under strict instructions to rest. While they discuss fencing for the boundary of their rewilding land, Justin unexpectedly joins them. He looks at their estimates and reckons he can get a better deal with the buying power of Borchester Land. Pip feels patronised but Phoebe tries to get her to see the positive. Gavin is worried Blake won’t stick to the lines they’ve given him under police questioning. Philip admonishes Gavin again for supplying petrol to clean the Grey Gables kitchen floor. The police leave and Philip insists on going to see Blake without Gavin but a nurse turns him away. Gavin thinks Philip should demand to see Blake. Philip marches him out of the hospital and tells him to stay with his mum – he’s too much of a liability to have around at the moment. From now on they’re going to handle the situation Philip’s way.
Mar 22, 2020
Jennifer worries that Adam needs to get more sleep but he insists he has too much to do. Brian pesters him about drilling spring barley which every other farmer in Borsetshire has already started doing. Adam explains they need to hold off until it’s drier. Jennifer and Brian discuss the best approach with Adam – Jennifer’s worried he’s missing out on precious time with Xander and Brian thinks they won’t be able to sell their barley if it matures too late. They agree Adam’s not in the right place to receive their advice. Brian calls in on Roy after Phoebe relayed her concerns about him. Roy has been acting out of sorts since his head injury in the Grey Gables explosion. Brian persuades Roy to get checked out by a doctor and offers him a lift to hospital. While repairing the llama shelter, Philip tells Gavin about his phone call with Moira from the Grey Gables’ insurers. He answered her questions but is concerned she’ll want to know more about their building business. Philip reprimands Gavin for not feeding Blake, which resulted in him using the grill, so causing the explosion. He also comes down hard on him when Gavin calls Lynda an “old bag”. She’s a real person, in pain. They’ve got to be careful about how they word things. When Gavin uses the word “slaves” Philip warns that he could get them both sent down.
Mar 20, 2020
Ed’s relieved he never worked for Philip who he sees as a cowboy but Emma’s not so sure. Eddie thinks it makes sense why Philip’s quotes are so low. Emma’s not getting flashbacks anymore. Emma shows Ed a video of Neil dancing while on holiday. Ed is pleased for the relief – it’s hard going at Grange Farm with Oliver beating himself up over the hotel fire. Ed has enjoyed spending time at Ambridge View and George and Keira are well behaved when he’s there. They misbehave when he goes. Ed and Emma reminisce about their school days and they move closer but the mood is broken by a message from Susan. Emma thought they were back tomorrow but they’re on their way back now. Ed makes sure to leave before they’re back. Lynda tells Oliver not to take Robert’s outburst to heart. Oliver still feels bad for his lack of action after the explosion but Lynda insists everyone sees him as a good man. She can’t say the same thing for Philip. Lilian arrives as Oliver leaves. Lynda regrets her earlier words against Philip, blaming the pain she’s in. Lilian reports that the Grey Gables accident has sparked something in Ambridge – people are being generous for the Lent Appeal. Also, it’s been decided that the Bull should give up its new name. The old sign will be put back, and more important, Lynda will get better.
Mar 19, 2020
Roy reports his car being stolen from outside his house to Harrison. Later, Harrison calls round to say the car has been found on the Beechwood estate – some kids must have used it for joy-riding. When Roy discovers he has both sets of keys for his car, it dawns on him that the car was never stolen. He parked it on Beechwood when he went to visit Kirsty and then got a lift back. Phoebe can’t believe how this happened. Philip gets an update from the doctor about Blake’s recovery – he should be able to walk again though he’s still not talking very much. Kenton, Jolene, Lilian and Alistair gather to think up ways to fundraise for those injured by the Grey Gables explosion. Alistair wonders about asking Philip to fix the field shelter for Lynda’s llamas which gets a mixed reaction. They wonder about doing something for Blake too. Philip arrives and makes a public apology for the Grey Gables explosion. This makes a good impression on Kenton, Jolene and Lilian. Philip will also repair the llama shelter but Shula has given Lilian another idea for making Lynda feel better.
Mar 18, 2020
Roy’s bruising from the explosion is now coming out and Kirsty’s working at the health club tomorrow when it re-opens. Kirsty is worried about what people are saying about Philip. She wonders again about cancelling their wedding party but Roy says it’s what the village needs. They discuss what music act to hire for the night. Adam’s running on little sleep with lambing as well as Xander waking a lot at night. Brian helps with the hinds and Adam will be late to drill at Brookfield because of an aquaponics task. Brian suggests they hire someone to replace Ed to make Adam’s life easier. Adam tells him to stop worrying and that he doesn’t think they need a full time employee. Robert updates Lynda on life at Ambridge Hall and that he told Oliver he blames him for Lynda’s injuries. Lynda is annoyed by this. She asks Robert to invite Oliver to see her. She wants to tell him herself that he has nothing to feel bad about.
Mar 17, 2020
Alistair floats the idea of a sheep healthcare group with Ed who’s interested. Ed explains to Alistair that Oliver’s not coping well since the explosion. Later Ed asks Oliver for a hand with his sheep. Oliver doesn’t feel absolved by the inspection laying the blame with Philip’s workmen, and he can’t get over how he froze in the immediate aftermath. Lilian sits with Lynda. Lilian reports that Ben and Ruairi are walking Monty. Lynda thanks her for sitting with her when she wasn’t awake. She asks Lilian for a mirror but Lilian has forgotten her usual compact. Alistair comes across Philip who whilst feeling bruised by village gossip, also thinks people are entitled to have a go at him. Philip’s worried he could be prosecuted and he’s not sure he can ever forgive himself for what’s happened. Philip wonders about cancelling his and Kirsty’s wedding party; he expects most people won’t come anyway. Alistair argues that if Philip hides away people will think he’s got something to hide. Alistair invites him to a meeting to organise a fundraiser for the explosion’s victims. Philip will come if he can muster the courage.
Mar 16, 2020
Freddie apologises for not being in the party mood at Ben’s 18th last night but Ben’s not bothered. Ben shows Freddie the car that Jill bought him for his birthday – they got it for a good price as Leonard has a contact in the know. Freddie teases him about the colour; Ben suggests Freddie’s just jealous because he has to share a car with Lily. Ben invites Freddie for a spin and Jill joins them. Jill is impressed with Ben’s driving. Lilian brings Robert some tempting sandwiches from Underwoods and encourages him to keep his strength up. Robert’s heard about the report on the explosion and can’t believe the recklessness of the builders. Robert shares with Lilian about how he and Lynda met and his emotions at the time, and they both acknowledge Lynda’s good heartedness. The doctor calls in Robert to Lynda’s room and Lynda speaks. Robert is overwhelmed; his wife is conscious again.
Mar 15, 2020
Kirsty is eager to come to Borchester General with Philip but he persuades her to go to the Grey Gables colleagues meet-up. Before Kirsty arrives, Tracy supposes to Roy there must be something dodgy about Philip’s workman for the explosion to have happened. Tracy is impatient for the investigation into the explosion to be done. Kirsty and Roy fill in Tracy about Robert’s outburst at Oliver and Tracy rushes off to find him. Roy reports the band Kirsty wanted for the wedding party is already booked. Kirsty’s not sure if they should be having a party when the village is so sombre. Roy insists it should go ahead. Tracy finds Oliver at Grey Gables on the bench Lynda arranged as a memorial for Caroline. Oliver is pleased that Caroline is not around to witness the explosion and the shock it sent him into. Tracy doesn’t think he should blame himself. Oliver opens the inspection report into the explosion in front of Tracy but he won’t tell her its conclusions. Oliver tells Philip that the cause of the explosion lies with his building firm and explains what the investigation found. Philip apologises profusely and hurriedly calls Gavin but has to leave a voicemail.
Mar 13, 2020
Ed relays to Emma how Robert reacted to Oliver at the hospital. Ed wonders if the explosion was caused by Philip’s builders. Oliver comes down after refusing the breakfast that Clarrie took up to him. He apologises while Clarrie fusses over him. Later, Oliver asks Ed to pass on his thanks to Emma. Ed says she’s not sleeping well because of flashbacks to the explosion which unsettles Oliver. Lilian worries to Emma about arguing with Lynda before the explosion. She’s going to the hospital but isn’t sure if Robert will want to see her. Emma encourages her to go. At the hospital Lilian dragoons Robert into leaving Lynda’s bedside to freshen up. Meanwhile, Lilian sits with Lynda and tells her that everyone is rooting for her and that Monty is waiting for her. Lilian hopes that she and Lynda have many years of squabbling ahead of them.
Mar 12, 2020
Kirsty complains to Roy that Jennifer is blaming Philip and his workmen for the Grey Gables explosion. Meanwhile, Philip is really stressed about the fallout from the fire. Philip and Gavin go to the hospital every day to see Blake. Lynda’s visitor allowance is still family only. Roy changes the subject – they need to put a deposit down to secure the band Kirsty was interested in for her and Philip’s party. Oliver is struggling to come to terms with the explosion. Kirsty goes with Roy to visit him. Oliver’s wearing Eddie’s clothes because he hasn’t been back to Grey Gables to get his own things. They talk about Blake, Lynda and Freddie. Lily shows Freddie the Echo story about his role in escaping Grey Gables and tells him how proud everyone is of him. Freddie thinks he’ll give Ben’s 18th a miss but Lily thinks he should go. He’s a hero. Lily turns away Freddie’s colleagues who have come to visit him, while Freddie refuses help from Russ with tying his laces. Later, Russ tries to pacify Freddie over his actions after the explosion. Oliver finds Robert at the hospital. Robert is not pleased to see him, tells him to leave and that if anything happens to Lynda he’s holding Oliver responsible.
Mar 11, 2020
Jim finds Robert in a waiting area at the hospital. Robert is frustrated, unable to remember what happened before Lynda left for her Grey Gables shift on Sunday. A doctor summarises Lynda’s injuries. Robert is keen to see her and he’s warned that it will be hard to see Lynda in her condition. Elizabeth can’t believe Freddie is being discharged today. Freddie tries to calm his worried mum. Shula appears and hears Freddie has been interviewed by the Echo. Freddie learns Blake’s name from Shula and that Kirsty and Philip have cut short their break. Elizabeth insists that Freddie should come back from hospital to Lower Loxley. He agrees for now. Shula finds Jim who sends her away because he doesn’t think Robert is ready to see anyone else. Jim seeks out upset Robert who is distraught and hiding, and reassures him that though Lynda is broken she is alive. Robert finally remembers what Lynda said to him before she left for Grey Gables on Sunday and is upset that those could be the last words she’ll ever say to him.
Mar 10, 2020
It’s still Sunday in Ambridge. Emma calls 999 to report the explosion at Grey Gables. Tracy finds Roy who is bleeding from the head but managing, and encouraging everyone to follow the evacuation procedure. Together they try to work out which members of staff are on site. A stunned Oliver emerges from his office and Roy hurries him out. Emma takes care of Oliver who is in shock and Roy fends off a guest trying to get back into the building. A doorway has completely collapsed cutting off any access to the staff room and kitchen. Tracy and Roy worry for the builder and Lynda; no one realises Freddie is also inside. Freddie comes to, and sees Lynda not far from him. He struggles free from fallen debris and realises they are trapped. He tries to revive Lynda but she is unresponsive. He spots the builder, Blake, who is also lying still. Freddie hears Roy calling from outside and with great difficulty he drags Lynda out of a fire exit. Firefighters and paramedics arrive on the scene and Freddie reports that the builder is still inside. Tracy, Roy and Freddie worry about Lynda while she receives medical attention. Freddie’s terrified he didn’t get her out in time.
Mar 09, 2020
Tom and Natasha spoil one another with gifts for their first anniversary and Natasha’s birthday. They’re going to Bridge Farm later for brunch. Natasha suggests they open a joint account to save for a house. Taking a bite of the cake he baked for Natasha, Tom finds her granddad’s signet ring. Nursing a painful tooth he reveals he faked his hand injury so she wouldn’t know he’d lost the precious ring. Natasha teases him gently and forgives him. Lynda tries to apologise to Freddie but he’s not interested and then asks whether she’s accusing him of stealing food that’s being temporarily stored in the staff room. Lynda reveals that Johnny explained to her what the pills were for. Lynda pauses her attempt at an apology to reprimand a workman in the kitchen who is making a lot of noise. Emma delivers breakfast things to Grey Gables so they can continue to feed guests despite their kitchen problems. Tracy helps her unload and draws out of Emma that she suggested to Ed that they get divorced. She’s stunned at Emma’s coolness over it. Tracy follows Emma out of Grey Gables insisting that divorce for her and Ed is a bad idea. There is an explosion from inside the hotel and they run to help those inside.
Mar 08, 2020
Oliver is left with no choice but to close the Grey Gables kitchen as a pipe has broken under the floor. They resort to ordering food in from the Tearoom to cover the lunch orders. Freddie sets to work helping Roy to rearrange the restaurant. Freddie’s concerned for the future of his job if the kitchen can’t be repaired. Roy reassures him that he’s not going to lose his job. Kirsty finds Tom scouring the lanes with a metal detector, searching for his lost ring. Awkwardly, she asks if he’d mind if she didn’t invite him to their engagement party. Tom laughs, he was concerned she’d insist on him coming and he’d have to decline. They’re pleased they’ve both found happiness with other people. Philip has some news for Gavin: he’s told Oliver that Gavin and a couple of the lads will fix the leaking pipe on Sunday. There was no way he could leave Kirsty in the lurch. They can’t wait for their mini-break.
Mar 06, 2020
Lynda’s at her wits’ end with a tricky Grey Gables guest. She feels as though this week’s been one disaster after another. When Lynda tries to talk to Freddie, he doesn’t want to hear her apologies. He’ll tells Lynda he’ll lose his job if her rumours get back to Oliver, and leaves before she can offer an explanation. Pip tells Ruth how upset Ben will be if they don’t buy him a car. Ruth explains that they’re already at the limit of their overdraft. Later, Ruth has been comforting Josh after his outing to the market went badly. People only stopped to jeer at him. Philip has managed to rearrange his work schedule, so that he and Kirsty can have their weekend away. He’s booked a cottage in Devon and explains that the reason he as being shifty earlier in the week was because he was sussing out a wedding venue. On recommendation from one of Kirsty’s colleagues, he’s found a place called Vinders Knoll, a roundhouse on top of a hill. They visit, and Kirsty thinks it’s perfect for them. It’s a done deal.
Mar 05, 2020
Making Mince Pies with Jill Archer
Join Jill in the kitchen at Brookfield as she makes a batch of her much loved mince pies
Dec 09, 2019