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 Nov 22, 2018


Why are people designing video games in war zones? How do you catch a catfisher? Can we trust AI lie detectors? Every week, Jordan Erica Webber is joined by experts to answer these questions on our digital culture podcast, Chips with Everything.

Episode Date
Measuring your fashion footprint: Chips with Everything podcast
This week Jordan Erica Webber and Graihagh Jackson team up to examine the environmental price tag of the fast fashion phenomenon and explore how technology could hold the key to a more sustainable system. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Apr 15, 2019
Porn legislation and MEPs' mistakes: Chips with Everything podcast
This week, Jordan Erica Webber catches up on recent internet-related laws that she fears are getting lost in the shadow of Brexit. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Apr 08, 2019
How to catch a catfisher: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber chats to Max Benwell about how he managed to track down the person using his photos to deceive women, and what happened when he got them on the phone. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Apr 01, 2019
Chips with Everything: bonus episode – podcast
Jordan Erica Webber is joined by the product manager for the Guardian Voice Lab about a new type of technology it has built. It’s called the Guardian Briefing. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Mar 27, 2019
The early days of the world wide web: Chips with Everything podcast
Alex Hern speaks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, 30 years after the computer engineer sent the proposal for what would become the world wide web. Jordan Erica Webber chats to Elle Hunt and Alex about their earliest memories of using the web. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Mar 25, 2019
I'm a Barbie girl in a digital world: Chips with Everything podcast
To celebrate 60 years of Barbie, Jordan Erica Webber looks back at some of the key moments in the history of the world-famous doll, and examines how Barbie became a representative of the tech world. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Mar 18, 2019
'Hire some bloody women', the gender data gap: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber teams up with Nicola Davis to look at the gender data gap in both big tech and science, and the dangerous repercussions for women in a world built for men. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Mar 11, 2019
Rage against the machine: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber talks to Douglas Rushkoff about his new book, Team Human, a call to arms for people to start working together. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Mar 04, 2019
Making an influencer: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber reports on the people who work behind the scenes to elevate an individual to the role of true Instagram influencer. Help support our independent journalism at <a href=""></a>
Feb 25, 2019
Facebook's quinceañera: Chips with Everything podcast
As Facebook turns 15, Jordan Erica Webber explores how the social media giant has transformed over the years
Feb 18, 2019
Grindr turns 10: Chips with Everything podcast
In this Valentine’s week special, Jordan Erica Webber looks at whether apps have helped or hindered the art of dating
Feb 11, 2019
Trusting in a GoFundMe world: Chips with Everything podcast
Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe have shown just how generous people can be towards complete strangers. Jordan Erica Webber looks at why humans are so willing to trust people they don’t know online.
Feb 08, 2019
The 5G wireless revolution: Chips with Everything podcast
We look at what to expect when 5G is rolled out in 2020 and how it could both help and hinder our lives
Feb 01, 2019
Is this thing on? Robot comedians | Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber chats to roboticist Heather Knight about why she builds performing robots. What can cyborg cabaret and robot standups teach us about human-robot interaction?
Jan 25, 2019
Can a computer be creative? Chips with Everything podcast
In our latest collaboration, Jordan Erica Webber teams up with Ian Sample of the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast to look at why artwork produced using AI is forcing us to confront how we define creativity
Jan 18, 2019
Fortnite and the floss: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at why a rapper, an actor and a teenage viral sensation have launched lawsuits against Epic Games for allegedly making money off their dance moves
Jan 11, 2019
Japan's new Y2K: Chips with Everything podcast
Almost two decades after the millennium bug failed to bite, Jordan Erica Webber looks at the potential consequences for big tech of the end of another era: Emperor Akihito’s reign in Japan
Jan 04, 2019
Tech in 2018 – the highs and many lows: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber and the Guardian’s UK tech editor explore the biggest stories of 2018 and consider what 2019 may have in store
Dec 28, 2018
Tracking Santa Claus: Chips with Everything podcast
In this Christmas special, Jordan Erica Webber learns how to track Santa using satellites and jet fighters as he journeys around the world bringing presents to millions of children
Dec 21, 2018
Building a video game industry from scratch: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at why it’s difficult to be a game developer in Pakistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dec 14, 2018
Amy Winehouse on tour as a hologram: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber explores the sometimes controversial world of holograms, from lessons taught by absent academics, to celebrities returning to the stage, even after their death
Dec 07, 2018
Finding the cloud under the sea: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber dives down to the ocean floor to look at the fibre-optic cables that carry nearly 99% of all transoceanic data traffic
Nov 30, 2018
Can we trust AI lie detectors? Chips with Everything podcast
In this collaboration between the Guardian’s Science Weekly and Chips with Everything podcasts, we explore whether we will ever be able to build an intelligent machine to detect our lies. And if we did, could we trust it?
Nov 23, 2018
Gaming as a force for good: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber meets the academics disproving the unsociable gamer stereotype and discovers how one game is helping scientists learn more about dementia
Nov 16, 2018
Magna Carta for the web: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber talks to two Mozilla Festival speakers who are trying different ways to teach individuals how to take back the internet and make it a trustworthy space again
Nov 09, 2018
The ancient Greeks warned us about AI: Chips with Everything podcast
Author Adrienne Mayor discusses the myths that contained the first blueprints for artificial intelligence
Nov 02, 2018
Insect-inspired drones and enviro-gamers: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber finds out how two scientists are employing green technology in very different ways to help curb environmental issues
Oct 26, 2018
The usefulness of useless robots: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber asks robot maker and innovator Simone Giertz why she dislikes the robots she makes. And how digital technology might be useful for managing our wellbeing
Oct 19, 2018
Big tech v democracy: Chips with Everything podcast
Is the brave new digital world affecting our politics? Could it render democracy obsolete? Jamie Bartlett joins Jordan Erica Webber to discuss
Oct 12, 2018
Algorithms and data – what does the future hold? Chips with Everything podcast
Can the messy and complex world we live in be reduced to algorithms? And should we even try? Mathematician and lecturer Hannah Fry attempts to answer all this and more
Oct 05, 2018
How the world wide web backfired: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at how the rise of the internet has put a strain on democracy
Sep 28, 2018
The sex robot who talks back: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber talks to Dr Kate Devlin about how sex robot owners seek conversation as much as pleasure
Sep 21, 2018
Developing games in a war zone: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at why people are using the medium of video games to depict the real life terrors of modern war
Sep 14, 2018
Children of the 3D printing revolution: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at the battle to regulate 3D printing, a technology that can print untraceable guns and build homes
Sep 07, 2018
Riding the airwaves of pirate radio: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber delves into the murky world of pirate radio, from the first black radio station to broadcast in the UK to the rise in popularity of Haitian radio in Brooklyn
Aug 31, 2018
Draw me like one of your blockchains: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at how artists are using blockchain technology to answer some of life’s most pertinent questions.
Aug 24, 2018
What if your favourite Instagrammer isn't real? Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber delves into the world of the virtual celebrity, from live concert performances to social-media influencers
Aug 17, 2018
Biomimicry: Does nature do it better? – podcast
In this special collaboration between the Guardian’s Science Weekly and Chips with Everything podcasts, we explore why it’s so hard to mimic nature
Aug 10, 2018
The future of smart cities is up for grabs: Chips with Everything podcast
What happens when our smart toaster and smart fridge tech is scaled up to create entire smart cities – and what are the limits to this expansion?
Aug 03, 2018
Will mind-controlled films change cinema? Chips with Everything podcast
The movie industry has seen tech advances since its inception. But do audiences really want to have a say in a film’s plot?
Jul 27, 2018
Our obsession with sci-fi technology: Chips with Everything podcast
In July 2018 a Dutch company showcased what it calls the first ever flying car already fit for purpose, at the Farnborough Airshow. But do we need flying cars in our lives?
Jul 20, 2018
Has cyber changed geopolitics forever? Chips with Everything podcast
David E Sanger, national security correspondent for the New York Times , speaks about his new book: The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage and Fear in the Cyber Age
Jul 13, 2018
The battle against deepfake pornography: Chips with Everything podcast
Academics and scientists are struggling to find ways to tackle the latest form of online sexual abuse
Jul 06, 2018
Can video games be addictive? Chips with Everything podcast
In June 2018, the World Health Organization released its latest version of the ICD-11. Among the new mental health disorders? Gaming disorder
Jun 29, 2018
What is Google doing with AI? Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber chats to a panel of artificial intelligence experts about what Sundar Pichai’s seven objectives could mean in practice
Jun 22, 2018
Satellite constellations and space junk: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at what is currently happening in the world of space technology, including the burgeoning issue of space pollution
Jun 15, 2018
Can technology help dementia patients? Chips with Everything podcast
An exhibition in London looked at how digital touch technologies could reconnect a person in care with their loved ones
Jun 08, 2018
PlayStation at the Royal Albert Hall: Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber questions the significance of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s video game-themed concert
Jun 01, 2018
Doctor, I think I have GDPR fatigue: Chips with Everything podcast
The General Data Protection Regulation is coming into into force. Jordan Erica Webber finds out how the deluge of emails could be a health hazard
May 25, 2018
How can we stop robot abuse? Chips with Everything podcast
Scientists in Seoul have built a robot tortoise to help teach children not to ill-treat robots. Jordan Erica Webber investigates the ethical issues surrounding the advance of AI
May 18, 2018
Golden State Killer: the end of DNA privacy? Chips with Everything podcast
US investigators recently tracked down the suspect of a 40-year-old murder case after uploading DNA to a genealogy website. Jordan Erica Webber weighs up the pros of finding ancestors with the cons of selling privacy
May 11, 2018
How kids are getting into DIY tech: Chips with Everything podcast
This week, Jordan Erica Webber looks at how children are getting involved in maker culture and building their own adventure
May 04, 2018
Podcasts are the new black: Chips with Everything podcast
In late April Google announced it was getting more serious about podcasts with an interesting new strategy. Alex Hern looks at why tech platforms are so eager to master the podcast industry
Apr 27, 2018
Google vs the right to be forgotten: Chips with Everything podcast
In April 2018, Google lost a landmark case against a businessman who used his ‘right to be forgotten’ to have links to a previous conviction taken down from the search engine. Jordan Erica Webber discusses the importance of this case and looks ahead at the coming era of General Data Protection Regulation
Apr 20, 2018
Hey! Algorithms, leave them kids alone: Chips with Everything podcast
This week, Jordan Erica Webber looks into reports that YouTube Kids might create an algorithm-free platform to prevent children viewing inappropriate content by clicking on seemingly benign video suggestions
Apr 13, 2018
Robots are coming for our jobs: Chips with Everything podcast
An OECD report suggests robots could soon take 66m jobs from humans. That isn’t as bad as previously expected. But who will be first to lose their jobs to machines?
Apr 06, 2018
Hero to zero in Silicon Valley: Chips with Everything podcast
Scandals are rife in Silicon Valley and its greatest minds not as popular as when they first created some of the world’s most impressive technology. Jordan Erica Webber asks why
Mar 30, 2018
Escaping the 2D monitor – VR arcades: a Chips with Everything podcast
Jordan Erica Webber has her reservations when it comes to virtual reality in gaming. This week she battles with motion sickness and visits a VR arcade in London to see if her mind can be changed. Is there a future for these types of arcades?
Mar 23, 2018
Fake news is Twitter's flu: Chips with Everything podcast
This month, MIT scientists published a paper that found lies spread six times faster than real news on Twitter. This week, Jordan Erica Webber tries to understand why this happens
Mar 16, 2018
When death pings: Chips with Everything podcast
Would you download an app that sends you a reminder five times a day that you’re going to die? Some people are doing exactly that. This week, Jordan Erica Webber attempts to figure out why we need this kind of app, and why we’re so dependent on apps in general in our day-to-day lives
Mar 09, 2018
Who needs ethics anyway? – Chips with Everything podcast
There has been a quiet push lately by tech industry giants to get ethical about future technologies. But is anything more than PR? And how do we teach technology students to preempt a possible ethical disaster? Jordan Erica Webber explores the issues
Mar 02, 2018
How white is the tech sector? - Chips with Everything podcast
Has the technology industry truly embraced diversity? What more needs to be done to make it a more inclusive industry? Inspired by Black History Month, Jordan Erica Webber and Chella Ramanan try and answer these questions.
Feb 23, 2018
Mind the gap: how tech can help disabled people – Chips with Everything podcast
Can technology provide solutions to the various difficulties that disabled people face every day in areas where full accessibility is lacking?
Feb 16, 2018
Hawaii 5 oh-no! Chips with Everything podcast
What went wrong in Hawaii when a false emergency alert was sent to mobile phones warning that a ballistic missile was about to hit the islands?
Feb 09, 2018
Digital dystopia: taking back control – podcast
In the fourth and final episode of this mini-series, Jordan Erica Webber explores what ordinary citizens can do to take back control and how newly released technology might help us along the way
Feb 02, 2018
Digital dystopia: democracy in the internet age – podcast
Jordan Erica Webber looks at how our data is being used to push political ideologies
Jan 26, 2018
Digital dystopia: the changing face of trust – podcast
In the second instalment of this mini-series, Jordan Erica Webber asks: why are we losing our trust in institutions? And who we can trust instead?
Jan 19, 2018
Digital dystopia: tech slavery and the death of privacy – podcast
In the first episode of our four-part series, Jordan Erica Webber asks whether our digital selves are owned by tech firms in a new form of slavery?
Jan 12, 2018
Making art out of Crossrail – tech podcast
Navine G Khan-Dossos’s work explores the shared geometric and algorithmic language of Islamic art and the internet
Jul 28, 2017
One artist's deep dive into the online 'manosphere' – tech podcast
Angela Washko tells us how she immersed herself in men’s rights communities and made a dating simulator about pickup artists
Jul 21, 2017
A memory box for the digital age – tech podcast
Kumbu is a service to preserve your digital memories – but how do you decide which of our mountain of data to keep?
Jul 14, 2017
How smart cities can create their own poetry – tech podcast
Artist Naho Matsuda has harnessed real-time smart city data in Manchester to create live poetry displays reflecting on what’s happening in real time
Jul 07, 2017
How to free yourself from your smartphone – tech podcast
Binky is a spoof social media app suggesting the real reason we use our phones has less to do with keeping in touch, and more to do with compulsive behaviour
Jun 30, 2017
Can emoji evolve into a meaningful language? – tech podcast
Dr Vyvyan Evans on the first emoji terror threat and what the future holds for non text-based communication
Jun 23, 2017
What would you put in a virtual museum? – tech podcast
Artist Pippin Barr explores a virtual world where computer game visuals meet the work of artists Donald Judd and Gregor Schneider
Jun 16, 2017
How natural language tech is changing interactive gaming: tech podcast
Socially intelligent design is changing how writers approach interactive story-telling
Jun 09, 2017
Why the free content era has to end – tech podcast
Author Tim Wu on how the early utopian potential of the internet gave way to naked capitalism
Jun 02, 2017
The 'alt-right' approach to disrupting the media – tech podcast
A new report takes a nuanced look at some of the behaviours and cultural norms surrounding the nascent Internet-based far-right group
May 26, 2017
Dating revolutionised by big data and memes – tech podcast
Dr Steve Carter, chief scientist at eHarmony, talks about the company’s use of algorithms and memes to make real-world dating more successful
May 19, 2017
Tech as a creative instrument for music – tech podcast
Sound artist Kathy Hinde and computer artist Matthew Olden AKA I Am The Mighty Jungulator talk about creative ways of using tech as a musical tool
May 12, 2017
Tracking the 'render ghosts' – tech podcast
Artist James Bridle reveals his quest to trace the anonymous faces appearing on hoardings around our cities
May 05, 2017
The quest to crack and preserve vintage Apple II software – tech podcast
Why circumventing 1980s copy protection is the first step in saving part of tech history
Apr 28, 2017
What would an AI make you for dinner? – tech podcast
Training neural networks to create recipes, jokes, and Doctor Who episodes
Apr 21, 2017
Can a neural network compose music you want to hear? – Tech podcast
The AI composers that are helping people make their own personal soundtracks
Apr 14, 2017
What can we learn from naked mole rats and eusocial living? – tech podcast
Julie Freeman is an artist who creates forms, animations, and soundscapes from tracking data. She created a multifaceted installation – A Naked Mole Rat Eutopia – at London’s Somerset House, featuring kinetic sculptures, an animation and a visualisation, all using live data from the naked mole rat community
Apr 07, 2017
How tech can help asylum claims, homelessness ... and parking fines - tech podcast
The app that helps the homeless find government housing and asylum seekers avoid legal delays with their claims
Mar 31, 2017
What's behind the Russian hacking allegations? – tech podcast
Are we facing a new cyber cold war, or is there more behind allegations of Russian hacking in the US?
Mar 24, 2017
Making viral art out of hardware – tech podcast
Making viral art out of hardware is a growing trend amongst artists trying to critique and humanise our relationship with technology
Mar 17, 2017
The Siri of the cell – tech podcast
How Alexa-style language processing is allowing scientists to talk to the cells of our bodies
Mar 10, 2017
The people's memes: how social media and populism are changing our lives – tech podcast
How social media and populism are coupling in new and powerful ways – and changing our lives in the process
Mar 03, 2017
How tech is changing animal conservation – tech podcast
Leigh Alexander finds out how animal tracking tech is changing understanding of our own species too. And how do you go about QR-coding a bumblebee?
Feb 24, 2017
How do you build a self-repairing city? – tech podcast
Leigh Alexander finds out how close we are to the end of potholes and road works. Could Leeds become the first city to repair itself, using new robot technology?
Feb 17, 2017
The Ratio Club and the rise of British cybernetics – tech podcast
Alex Hern takes a look back at the ‘no professors allowed’ informal dining club The Ratio Club which laid the foundations for the British cybernetics movement and, ultimately, artificial intelligence
Feb 10, 2017
Ping! Psychology of tech compulsions - Chips with Everything podcast
We explore how our addiction to notifications and alerts influences how we use technology and go about our everyday lives WARNING: explicit language
Feb 06, 2017
How a blind runner tackles marathons – tech podcast
Simon Wheatcroft went blind at age 17. Yet today, he runs marathons. Leigh Alexander explores the incredible story of how he is able to do this with the help of some particularly innovative technology. This is a re-run of a podcast we launched in June 2016
Jan 26, 2017
Cascade failure: an inside look at the Y2K bug - tech podcast
On 31 December 1999, the unknowns of Y2K - or, the millennium bug - made for an uncertain New Years Eve. This week, we explore the plausibility of a mass technology failure with Martyn Thomas CBE., IT professor at Gresham College
Jan 22, 2017
Inside Hillary Clinton's social media campaign for the White House – tech podcast
Hillary Clinton’s former deputy social media director, Emmy Bengtson, opens up about her experience working for the Clinton camp, including the how the infamous ‘ Delete your account’ tweet came to be
Jan 13, 2017
State of surveillance: privacy in Donald Trump's America – tech podcast
With Barack Obama’s presidency coming to a close, Ewen MacAskill, the Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent, helps us explore what mass surveillance in America might look like under Donald Trump
Jan 07, 2017
Future thinking: will artificial intelligence overtake humans? – tech podcast
With technology developing at an increasingly rapid pace, as we head into 2017, we ask: will AI machines surpass the human race?
Dec 30, 2016