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By 8th Kind

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 Jul 26, 2020

 Jun 25, 2020
Used to be awesome. Someone accurately called this Books No One Else Wants to Read. Absurd topics are 85% of the content now and not fun anymore. Expect more antivax and conspiracy theories in the style of Alex Jones. Ben denied systemic racism on Twitter. Several repeat author guests have denounced the show and won't be back.

 Apr 22, 2020
I have been with this podcast since episode 3, It's been a staple in my everyday listening, until now...This past year it has turned from the best podcast to one of the lamest and uninteresting podcasts to listen to. They have lost their fight. Update: I cannot believe how bad this podcast has gotten! I can't be the only one that thinks this. All these reviews of 5 stars. What? Are you people listing to the shows? It's just a books that no one wants to read book club.

 Mar 30, 2020

 Feb 21, 2020
awesome, great storytelling


Mysterious Universe is a weekly podcast featuring fascinatingly strange reports from all over the world. Always interesting and often hilarious, join hosts Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy as they investigate the latest in futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.

Episode Date
24.12 – MU Podcast – The Folly of Mushroom Wisdom

We take another bizarre trip through the realms of panpsychism and mushroom madness on this episode that has a slightly suspicious MK-Ultra twist. We then change gears with tales of Joplin’s “Butterfly People” which ultimately leads us back on the path of guardian entities, NDEs and, deceptive spectres. Then in our Plus+ extension we hear... Read more »

The post 24.12 - MU Podcast - The Folly of Mushroom Wisdom first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Sep 18, 2020
24.11 – MU Podcast – The Great Coptic Con
In 2012 a Harvard professor shook the world of Christianity by announcing an ancient papyrus she claimed was proof that Jesus had taken Mary Magdalene as his wife. If the item was genuine it would upend nearly 2000 years of Church orthodoxy and forever change the faith. But after news spread around the world questions... Read more »
Sep 11, 2020
24.10 – MU Podcast – Jetpack Cover-Up
Social media stunt or something more exotic? A mystery person was seen flying a jetpack in a busy LAX flightpath and the incident seems to be more than meets the eye. With weird ballon explanations and rumours of a coverup we take a look at the history of flying humanoids seen all over the world.... Read more »
Sep 04, 2020
24.09 – MU Podcast – The Premonitions Bureau
Could dreams allow us to access the unlimited power of our unconscious mind? On this episode we discuss some of the most recent developments in dream research and hear of the sudden boom in dream recall and dream intuition occurring due to the Covid lockdowns. We also hear the story of the man who tried... Read more »
Aug 28, 2020
24.08 – MU Podcast – Thoughtform Guardian
If you were to consider that an ancient civilisation possessed advanced technologies, images of sophisticated electronics and materially based objects may come to mind. It is less often that we consider the psychic technologies they might have held and how they used them to manipulate the nature of reality. On this episode we dive into... Read more »
Aug 21, 2020
24.07 – MU Podcast – Psychic Cheese Download
Breakaway groups with advanced technology, UFOs, Bigfoot, drones, interdimensional entities; the old west had it all. We take a look at some of the strangest unexplained encounters to come out of the old west before talking about Great Britain’s year of evil. We also kick off a bizarre “walk in” experience before heading into our... Read more »
Aug 14, 2020
24.06 – MU Podcast – Cuckamaton
With each step forward in technology we think we are on the cutting edge of history, but is that really true? On this episode we discuss stories of incredible lost technologies that we developed in ancient times. Then in our Plus+ extension we take a look at some outrageous but credible reports of giant sea... Read more »
Aug 07, 2020
24.05 – MU Podcast – Assassin’s Mace
Despite having a feared reputation, could the US Military be at risk of being rapidly overwhelmed by a foreign enemy? On this warfare technology themed episode we discuss secret satellite wars, aircraft carrier destroying missiles and hidden technologies of the next stealth war like China’s “Assassin’s Mace”. It’s not all doom and gloom in our... Read more »
Jul 31, 2020
24.04 – MU Podcast – Takata Reaction
The belief in science plays a crucial role in our modern society but what if that science is flawed? On this episode the discuss some of the most disturbing faked scientific findings and the trusted organisations that covered for them. We then head into the Great Pyramid in our Plus+ extension and hear the story... Read more »
Jul 24, 2020
24.03 – MU Podcast – Tomb 55
This week we go raiding the mysterious Tomb 55 and uncover a Mummy that raises questions about a unique period of Egyptian history. We then start calculating the grand cycles of time to figure out when the Kali Yuga will conclude and usher in a new Golden Age (and possibly Mole People) before uncovering a... Read more »
Jul 17, 2020
24.02 – MU Podcast – Rocket Face
For anyone new to the world of ufology, the “nuts and bolts” explanation comfortably describes it. However when you start to unravel the myriad of encounters you discover the bizarre elements that plunge into the depths of the human mind. We discuss some of these highly unusual UFO encounters and the psychic elements induced by... Read more »
Jul 10, 2020
24.01 – MU Podcast – The Warrior’s Tale
Join us on the first episode of a new season of Mysterious Universe as we discuss the tale of a retired Navy Seal and his interactions with the dark forces behind the global elite. According to the military veteran there are shadowy entities behind the world’s security organisations recruiting military specialists to carry out their... Read more »
Jul 03, 2020
23.24 – MU Podcast – Tibetan Zombie
Encounters with unrecognised abilities such as telepathy, precognition and subtle energy are more common than many of us realise. While interpreted in different ways by different cultures, the core essence of these experiences is the same. On this episode we discuss some extraordinary Tibetan spiritual encounters and peek into a world that is as baffling... Read more »
Jun 19, 2020
23.23 – MU Podcast – Saber Tooth Tiger King
Life in pioneer times was hard enough without encounters with surviving saurians, giant prehistoric armadillos, mastodons, cave bears, and a bevy of other prehistoric monsters. Yet that is exactly what some came to experience in a collection of very odd encounters. We take a looks at some of these reports and hear stories of the... Read more »
Jun 12, 2020
23.22 – MU Podcast – KGB Time Cops
Could secretive government agencies contain even more secretive hidden factions tasked with intercepting time travellers? On this episode we discuss some wild time travel stories from Soviet Russia before journeying to a Mongolian monastery said to contain the “Healing Snakes of Immortality”. Then in our Plus+ extension we discuss the incredible story of a young... Read more »
Jun 05, 2020
23.21 – MU Podcast – Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner
Mention Bigfoot to most people and believer or not they will most likely assume that they are flesh and blood creatures. However, for many who have had interactions with such beasts the high strangeness factor suggests something metaphysical about them that crosses over with realms of the paranormal and is deeply rooted in mythology. Josh... Read more »
May 29, 2020
23.20 – MU Podcast – Squid Router
The barriers that prevent us from moving into other realities may be more permeable than we realise. Past lives and parallel dimensions collide on this episode as we discuss the experiences of a man who claims to have encountered a time portal in a German forest before travelling to other realities. We also chat about... Read more »
May 22, 2020
23.19 – MU Podcast – Jim Bruton
Jim Bruton has lead an incredible life, from braving the wildness of some of the most remote locations on the globe to inventing the satellite videophone there isn’t much that he hasn’t seen. However his globetrotting couldn’t prepare him for the most fascinating journey he was going to experience after a plane crash brought him... Read more »
May 15, 2020
23.18 – MU Podcast – The Hidden Pandemic
With a doctorate in molecular biology, Dr. Judy Mikovits has been involved in cutting edge viral and vaccine research. At the height of her career she helped turn the deadly tide of the HIV pandemic into a manageable disease. Sadly today, Dr. Mikovits career is in ruins and her life has been destroyed, all because... Read more »
May 08, 2020
23.17 – MU Podcast – Kugelblitz and Mind Control
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest incident and the frightening events surrounding that night remain enshrouded in a fog of mystery. Nick Redfern however has a new theory on what occurred and its refreshingly compelling while being even more disturbing than could be imagined. We discuss his theory and take a... Read more »
May 01, 2020
23.16 – MU Podcast – Khan!
Some leading researchers in the ufological field claim that humanity has faced and continues to engage in a hidden cold war with extraterrestrials hell bent on stopping humanity flooding into space. We discuss reports of space vehicle disabling ET satellites, electromagnetic astronaut murder and the strange infiltration encounters. We also hear the story of a... Read more »
Apr 24, 2020
23.15 – MU Podcast – Jumpstarting the Moon
Is the moon really what we think? Have we been told a lie to keep us from knowing that there are multiple extraterrestrial species inhabiting our celestial neighbour? Former NASA scientist George Leonard asks these very questions and more as he seeks out the truth from the NASA elite. Then for our Plus+ members we... Read more »
Apr 17, 2020
23.14 – MU Podcast – Einstein’s Illuminati
Our modern, hectic world is not the sort of place you want to experience a shamanic initiation and yet that’s exactly what happened to a woman who drank Ayahuasca and found herself unable to exit the dream state. On this episode we discuss her descent into madness and return from the edge. For our Plus+... Read more »
Apr 10, 2020
23.13 – MU Podcast – Scott Carney
Thrive or die: That’s the rule of evolution. Despite this brutal logic, some species have learned to survive in even the most hostile conditions while others haven’t and vanished. So what makes the difference? On this show we discuss that with journalist Scott Carney who returns to MU to tell us about his discovery of... Read more »
Apr 03, 2020
23.12 – MU Podcast – The Penetrating Eye
Sleep paralysis is relatively common in the general population and yet the darker aspects of it continue to be taboo in modern clinical research. On this episode we discuss the work of sleep paralysis experiencer and psychologist Stan Gooch and his controversial ideas on the “second consciousness” that may escape the body and intrude upon... Read more »
Mar 27, 2020
23.11 – MU Podcast – The Hot Hand
How much do we value the human experience? On this episode we discuss the science of the “Winning Streak” and the idea that humans can predict random outcomes which may causes catastrophic results. Then for our Plus+ members, we talk about mad scientists, lost technologies and life before life encounters. Sponsor Squarespace – Turn your... Read more »
Mar 20, 2020
23.10 – MU Podcast – My Uncle’s a Necromancer
Demons and deadly forces collide on this episode as we discuss the private life of a man seemingly being groomed to enter a top secret group hellbent on gaining dark esoteric knowledge. We also take a new view of spirit possession in our Plus+ extension and discuss how ancestral connections could save you from an... Read more »
Mar 13, 2020
23.09 – MU Podcast – Empire of the Wheel
Seven questionable and long forgotten deaths in historical San Bernardino, California, offer clues to a shocking possibility that an occult serial murder went undetected for nearly a century. Occult figures, secret organisations, espionage and more, all congeal on this episode to unveil a disturbing mystery. Sponsor Squarespace – Turn your ideas into a reality. Create... Read more »
Mar 06, 2020
23.08 – MU Podcast – Brett Tingley
Brett Tingley joins us on this episode to discuss his research into the recent publication of advanced aerospace technology documents and their secretive inventor Dr. Salvatore Pais. From advanced power technologies to Chinese space battleships the reports of these technologies may herald the dawn humanity escaping our terrestrial constraints. We also hear some of the... Read more »
Feb 28, 2020
23.07 – MU Podcast – Cloud of the Soul
The complexities of reincarnation and the balancing of karma is something that can be too overwhelming to comprehend. On this episode we attempt to do just that by discussing the story of a man to claims to not only be able to recall his past lives but also the time in between each incarnation on... Read more »
Feb 21, 2020
23.06 – MU Podcast – CEO of the World
In the 1970s a strange cave was stumbled across by some unwitting hikers in New Mexico. Within the cave was allegedly extraterrestrial artefacts and an optical disc containing information that could change the course of humanity. On this episode we discuss the saga surrounding this story and how it became a new age sensation. We... Read more »
Feb 14, 2020
23.05 – MU Podcast – The Goblins of Langley
Remote viewing offers incredible experiences however it comes with inherent risks. On this episode we discuss the strange experiences of some high level remote viewers and their visions of “The Great War” and the “Death Traps”. Then for Plus+ members we look at the frequencies coming from the alien implants collected from abductees and the... Read more »
Feb 07, 2020
23.04 – MU Podcast – Carona Chan
With all the doom and gloom surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak we decided to take a look at the history of some pathogenic monsters that have threatened the future of humanity. Then for our Plus+ members we find out how the eradication of Smallpox was initiated by a Guru throwing apples at a doctor’s genitals.... Read more »
Jan 31, 2020
23.03 – MU Podcast – Anthony Peake
Since our very beginnings, human beings from all civilisations across the globe have encountered the Others – intelligent, self-motivated beings that are clearly not human in their origins. Anthony Peake joins us on this episode to discuss his latest book that reveals the nature of these entities and considers how they relate to the true... Read more »
Jan 24, 2020
23.02 – MU Podcast – Underground Kingdoms of Influence
This week we dive back into the paranoid mind of Jim Keith to uncover the human occult origin of some UFO encounters, while there we hear from a Finnish man who believes the Royal Canadian Mountain Police used Microwave brain manipulation to turn him into a Super Spy! After that we head into the world... Read more »
Jan 18, 2020
23.01 – MU Podcast – Retrocausal Destiny
What role does fate play in our lives? Can retrocausality give us a tangible materialist explanation for precognition, telepathy and extraordinary knowing? On the first episode of the season we take a look as strange cases of time loops and the writers who have documented them. We also discuss some unbelievable stories of interdimensional Soviet... Read more »
Jan 10, 2020
22.25 – MU Podcast
In the final show of 2019 we are delighted to have Greg and Dana Newkirk return to discuss their new groundbreaking second season of “Hellier”. Then in our Plus+ extension we talk about the dangers of UFO and paranormal research and the researchers who have been consumed by sinister entities. Sponsors Squarespace – Turn your... Read more »
Dec 20, 2019
22.24 – MU Podcast
The mystery of crop circles goes far deeper than crops simply being mowed down in field. From healings and strange energies to interdimensional doorways, the high strangeness associated with the crop circle phenomenon is mind boggling. We are joined by award winning film maker Patty Greer to discuss the change in crop circle activity in... Read more »
Dec 13, 2019
22.23 – MU Podcast
For more than forty years the black and phantom helicopters have been menacing our skies. What are these mysterious aerial vehicles? Where do they come from and who is operating them? From UFO sightings and cattle mutilations to biological weapons testing and interdimensional invasions, these mystery helicopters seem to play a role in a wide... Read more »
Dec 06, 2019
22.22 – MU Podcast
Australien Skies Director Don Meers returns to the show to chat with us about his great new film ’Australien Skies 3: Search for the Min Min’. What are these strange and elusive lights that have been terrify people in the Australian outback for well over a century, are they natural or there be a much... Read more »
Nov 29, 2019
22.21 – MU Podcast
Most of the knowledge that we have today about the Mayan civilization may have come from a “shelf elf” moment. On this episode we discuss the discovery of a document that reveals the lost history of the Maya and their interactions with the “White Gods” and ponder the controversial theory that a European culture seeded... Read more »
Nov 22, 2019
22.20 – MU Podcast
Global civilisation collapse, deadly epidemics, widespread famines and cold war style nuclear near misses all seem to be a thing of the past but just how close does humanity teeter to the edge of destruction everyday? Award winning podcaster and author Dan Carlin joins us on this episode to discuss his thrilling new book The... Read more »
Nov 15, 2019
22.19 – MU Podcast
From continent to continent across the globe, there is an “enchanted” order everywhere on Earth. On remote islands, soaring summits, and level deltas, there are natural topographic patterns related to pi, the golden ratio, and right-triangle geometry. And as the planet’s design emerges, it becomes clear that this hidden order in nature decided the location... Read more »
Nov 08, 2019
22.18 – MU Podcast
The Black Monk of Pontefract is one of the most infamous poltergeist cases the world has ever seen. For this Halloween episode we take a look at the original story of terrifying monk and the strange experiences of subsequent owners in the years following the strange tale. Then in our Plus+ extension we take a... Read more »
Nov 01, 2019
22.17 – MU Podcast
In the 1970s the US military believed they could create a ‘”super soldier”, one who could use psychic powers to walk through walls, disarm the enemy through telepathy, or kill a goat by staring at it. On this episode we discuss the incredible story of the continuation of this research into the modern day and... Read more »
Oct 25, 2019
22.16 – MU Podcast
Known as the “W56”, a group of alleged extraterrestrials made their presence clear to over one hundred people in Italy in the late 1950s. Carrying out their plans for humanity in huge clandestine underground bases, many of the contactees found themselves dragged into a whirlwind of confusion as a war between two alien races roared... Read more »
Oct 18, 2019
22.15 – MU Podcast
Venturing into the remote jungles of the Amazon, a small group of friends seek out the secret of a fabled hallucinogenic substance yet they something ever more surreal and reality shattering. Ancient aliens utilising organic technology and interstellar machines to spread their knowledge into the darkness of the human soul. Then for Plus+ members we... Read more »
Oct 11, 2019
22.14 – MU Podcast
Struck down with a mystery illness, David was on the brink of death with seemingly no hope. That’s however where Scarlett comes in. On this episode we discuss the story of a couple who’s shared death experience turned their lives completely upside down. We then hear some disturbing banned Chinese ghost stories from antiquity before... Read more »
Oct 04, 2019
22.13 – MU Podcast
The idea that dinosaurs still roam isolated locations around the world is preposterous to most of us. However, could there be some metaphysical mechanism that allows them to appear in our modern world? On this episode we discuss reports from people who claim to have interacted with the living prehistoric “serpents”. Then in our Plus+... Read more »
Sep 27, 2019
22.12 – MU Podcast
What kinds of people see UFOs? Could there be a specific attribute that makes one person able to experience unexplained phenomena while blocking another from it? On this episode we discuss the “UFO Syndrome” and hear the life long paranormal experiences of some of the most well-know UFO contactees. We also take a look at... Read more »
Sep 20, 2019
22.11 – MU Podcast
The remote viewing classic “Penetration” written by renowned Psi researcher Ingo Swann has just been re-released with a long lost chapter. On this episode we discuss the outrageous content of the missing chapter and ponder the possibility that Ingo may have stumbled across an alien civilisation on Mars. Then for our Plus+ Members we hear... Read more »
Sep 13, 2019
22.10 – MU Podcast
John Keel’s pioneering research into The Mothman phenomenon was decades ahead of its time, yet sadly few understood the importance his book “The Mothman Prophecies” when it was first launched. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look at the latest book from the excellent researcher Brent Raynes who uncovers the continuing mysteries... Read more »
Sep 06, 2019
22.09 – MU Podcast
Much of the modern information relating to the “out of body experience” has been distorted over the years and anyone suddenly finding themselves out of their body may find it hard to navigate such a mind blowing shift in perspective. On this episode we discuss some of the cutting edge techniques used to achieve an... Read more »
Aug 30, 2019
22.08 – MU Podcast
While the importance of national security can never be understated it can at times be used as an excuse to commit terrible acts. On this episode we discuss the mental breakdown of Paul Bennewitz after be becomes embroiled in one of the most incredible cover ups ever conducted. From crashed UFOs to secret underground bases,... Read more »
Aug 23, 2019
22.07 – MU Podcast
An astronomer has no business believing in UFOs but sometimes they have no choice. Especially when the phenomenon so blatantly shows itself. This is exactly what happened to Marian Rudnyk on a fateful day in January of 2017. The former NASA astronomer and planetary scientist joins us on this episode to tell us about his... Read more »
Aug 16, 2019
22.06 – MU Podcast
Since the early 1960s groundbreaking research has been made into the claims of children recalling past lives. After decades of research, Dr. James Matlock believes he has come up with a data based theory to explain reincarnation and its associated phenomena. From “soul hijackings” to unwanted spirit guests, nothing is taboo on this episode of... Read more »
Aug 09, 2019
22.05 – MU Podcast
Though commonly seen as a disability, autism may convey a sufferer with latent human psychic abilities such as telepathy, precognition and remote viewing. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look some extraordinary cases of paranormal abilities in children and adults with autism and discover why some claim they here with a special... Read more »
Aug 02, 2019
22.04 – MU Podcast
As much as humanity thinks it understands the nature of the universe the reality is quite the opposite. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss rifts in space-time and how they might be connected with coincidence, past life memories and many other paranormal phenomena. For our Plus+ members we continue the discussion and take... Read more »
Jul 27, 2019
22.03 – MU Podcast
Linda Godfrey has been chasing monsters for over twenty five years and despite her great efforts the mystery remains as elusive as the beings that terrify witnesses all over the world. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss Linda’s great new book and hear stories of “flying dogmen kings”. Then in our Plus+ extension... Read more »
Jul 19, 2019
22.02 – MU Podcast
To know where you are going, you’ve got to know where you’ve come from. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss the new revolution in archaeology and the technology that is yielding some of humanity’s deepest secrets and lost knowledge. We also take a look at a macabre 19th century time saving machine before... Read more »
Jul 12, 2019
22.01 – MU Podcast
Strange aquatic cryptids showing up in Lake Michigan open this new season of Mysterious Universe. We take a look at some strange mega-lizard sightings before discussing a controversial theory that suggests dragons may at some point have been real living creatures. Then in our Plus+ extension we continue with scaly encounters and learn of the... Read more »
Jul 05, 2019
21.24 – MU Podcast
Join us on the last episode of Mysterious Universe for this season as we discuss the latest research of Steven and Evan Strong. Confrontations and conundrums are abound as we talk about a new possible alien skull dug up in a remote part of Australia, learn of the wisdom of the “Nebasaurs” and hear how... Read more »
Jun 21, 2019
21.23 – MU Podcast
Does a layer of unknown energy overlay our reality? On this episode we discuss the electromagnetic anomalies of Big Thicket and its associated unexplained activity. Then in our Plus+ extension we travel back in time to a small island off the coast of Malaysia to experience the horror of the Berbalang. Sponsors Family Ghosts –... Read more »
Jun 14, 2019
21.22 – MU Podcast
In 1963 three miners were entombed in a mine collapse in the small town of Sheppton, Pennsylvania. Despite the tragedy of the situations something truly extraordinary happened in that dark mine allowing the men to see into another reality. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we hear of their incredible story and about the strange... Read more »
Jun 07, 2019
21.21 – MU Podcast
Obsessive compulsive disorder can be a distressing and debilitating illness, with conventional treatments often failing to fully alleviate the symptoms. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss a controversial theory that OCD is actually the result of a possessing spirit and we hear the stories of suffers who have experienced terrible events because of... Read more »
May 31, 2019
21.20 – MU Podcast
Could humans be able to summon their own rescue entity with enough distress? On this episode we take a look at the more obscure and unusual side of the “Third Man Factor”; including a case of a man who is saved by an unknown entity from the jaws of death only to become haunted by... Read more »
May 25, 2019
21.19 – MU Podcast
MKUltra cat listening bugs, bat bombs, mummification time warps, and when the US tried to create der Transvestitenführer. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss some of the most outrageous failed cold-war technology programs before diving into cases of phantom aircraft and contagious curses in our Plus+ extension. Sponsors BioLite – Products that change... Read more »
May 17, 2019
21.18 – MU Podcast
Whether it’s giant snakes, human-faced horses or smoke beings you can be sure that the supernatural is super strange! On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss some of the most unusual cases of poltergeist home invasions, UFO crashes and the arrival of strange beings in the English countryside. Then in our Plus+ extension we... Read more »
May 10, 2019
21.17 – MU Podcast
Dr. Jill Blakeway is a woman of impressive and varied talents. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look at her almost paranormal healing abilities and discover her experiences with Japanese Shinto Masters, Chinese pill manifesting grandmothers and much more. Then in our Plus+ extension we take a look at an unusual form... Read more »
May 03, 2019
21.16 – MU Podcast
Mavis Pittilla was initially a reluctant psychic. After a strange experience she began to see dead people Sixth Sense style and didn’t like it! On this episode of Mysterious Universe we follow her incredible story which involves psychic interactions with helper spirits and time portals in far away lands. Then in our Plus+ extension we... Read more »
Apr 26, 2019
21.15 – MU Podcast
What happens when you let an ET drive your car or go to a nightclub with them? We find out on this episode as we discuss an incredibly unusual Scandinavian UFO encounter. Then in our Plus+ extension we cover a disturbing case of death precognition before exploring cases of after-death dream communication. Sponsors Squarespace –... Read more »
Apr 19, 2019
21.14 – MU Podcast
Genuine adult cases of past-life memory recall are so rare that many paranormal researchers tend to dismiss them. However, on this episode of Mysterious Universe we will discuss one of the most compelling verifiable cases of past-life memory recall to ever see the light of day. Then in our Plus+ extension we take a look... Read more »
Apr 12, 2019
21.13 – MU Podcast
Mankind has always been plagued by certain ‘Dark Forces’. From the demons of medieval times to poltergeist and modern UFO entity encounters, it appears that there is some unifying force behind this activity. On this episode we discuss “The Dark Gods” and speculate on the unsettling possibility that we are not, and have never been,... Read more »
Apr 05, 2019
21.12 – MU Podcast
No matter where you go in the world you will always find someone with a weird story or bizarre experience. On this episode we follow two travellers who have uncovered the worlds strangest stories. From dark souq black magic healers to human shark repellant, nothing is off limits. Then in our Plus+ extension we take... Read more »
Mar 29, 2019
21.11 – MU Podcast
On this episode we travel into the deepest corners of the Puerto Rican jungle in search of the famed Chupacabra. What could this creature really be? Is it an escaped lab animal, a product of hysteria or could it be something beyond our wildest imagination? Then in our Plus+ extension we discuss groundbreaking research detailing... Read more »
Mar 22, 2019
21.10 – MU Podcast
Amongst the forms of paranormal phenomena, it appears that children are the most sensitive to it. From allegedly being able to see ghosts to recalling past-life memories, the paranormal experiences of children are varied and complex. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look at children who claim to be able to recall... Read more »
Mar 15, 2019
21.09 – MU Podcast
Is it possible that undiscovered beasts inhabit the atmosphere only to be fleetingly seen by humans? On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look at the phenomenon of “Sky Beasts” and discuss how they might be linked to some of the most bizarre UFO sightings and mysterious “star jelly” falls. Then for Plus+... Read more »
Mar 08, 2019
21.08 – MU Podcast
On this episode we speak with the director of the new documentary “Third Eye Spies” which focuses on the clandestine world of psychic espionage. After an experiment in psychic abilities at Stanford Research Institute accidentally revealed classified intelligence about a top secret NSA site, the two physicists behind it were co-opted by the CIA and... Read more »
Mar 01, 2019
21.07 – MU Podcast
Could an occult force be utilising black magic to direct the course of human history? On this episode we discuss the spirit possession therapists of the 1960s and how they disappeared when the shocking truth behind the phenomenon began to be exposed. Then in our Plus+ extension we learn about solar induced disaster events and... Read more »
Feb 22, 2019
21.06 – MU Podcast
On this episode we are joined by Diana Walsh Pasulka to discuss her new book American Cosmic. Pasulka examines the mechanisms at work behind the thriving belief system in extraterrestrial life, a system that is changing and even supplanting traditional religions. Over the course of a six year ethnographic study, Pasulka suddenly finds herself uncovering... Read more »
Feb 15, 2019
21.05 – MU Podcast
Long out of print and difficult to find, ‘The Rebirth of Pan’ miraculously makes its way into our hands this week. On this episode we discuss the incredible theories of Jim Brandon which relate some of the weirdest archaeological finds in history and touch on how they are connected to a pair of rogue Bigfoot... Read more »
Feb 08, 2019
21.04 – MU Podcast
Human beings seem drawn to the subterranean landscape. Whether it be caves, bases or abandoned subway stations, the lure of the underground casts a powerful spell upon many of us. On this episode we plunge into the depths of the underworld and discuss stories of people who are obsessed with the lure of the subterranean... Read more »
Feb 01, 2019
21.03 – MU Podcast
On this episode we take a look at a seemingly simple haunting that turns out to be anything but. Its highly unusual temporal and inter-dimensional attributes cause us to question the very nature of reality. We also discuss the appearance of the “Second Oswald” and how he turned up at a gun range with a... Read more »
Jan 25, 2019
21.02 – MU Podcast
This week we sit down with Paranormal researchers Greg and Dana Newkirk to discuss HELLIER, a five-part, cinematic documentary series following an investigation into unsolved mysteries, impossible synchronicities, and a web of high strangeness which stretches from the heart of Appalachian coal country. Driven by a plea for help from a man under supernatural assault,... Read more »
Jan 18, 2019
21.01 – MU Podcast
Mysterious Universe is back for an all new season in 2019! On this opening episode we hear the story of a man who made the mistake of messing with a Skinwalker and ended up with a floating skull on his living room table. While in our Plus+ extension we discuss the claims of real vampires... Read more »
Jan 11, 2019
20.25 – MU Podcast
On the this final episode of Mysterious Universe for 2018 we let our hair down and serve up the hottest chaff of the year. From childhood Santa flip outs to 500 year old Madonna skeletons nothing is too out there for this end of year episode. Then in our Plus+ extension we reveal the paranormal... Read more »
Dec 21, 2018
20.24 – MU Podcast
Spearheaded by Nazi scientists during the second world war, the development of anti-gravity technology was potentially far more dangerous than the rise of nuclear weapons. With the collapse of the 3rd Reich the technology fell into the hands of allied scientists to quickly disappear into the hidden world of clandestine projects. On this episode of... Read more »
Dec 14, 2018
20.23 – MU Podcast
Given the menagerie of unusual cryptid creatures encountered by people over the years is it plausible that some may have really encountered allegedly real-life Gargoyles? On this episode we take a look at the South American peak of Gargoyle sightings in the 1990s and discuss their possible interdimensional origins. Then for our Plus+ members, we... Read more »
Dec 07, 2018
20.22 – MU Podcast
Some stories are so incredible that no matter what your belief on the topic they possess the ability to invade your mind and make you ask the question, what if it’s true? Bob Lazar and his work at the mysterious “Area 51” is one of those rare stories. On this episode we chat with acclaimed... Read more »
Nov 30, 2018
20.21 – MU Podcast
As a senior executive at one of the world’s largest movie studios, Julie Rieger was accustomed to facts, figures and hard data, however after the devastating loss of her mother, Julie’s world was turned upside down. On this episode we chat with Julie about the events that catapulted her into the world of the paranormal... Read more »
Nov 23, 2018
20.20 – MU Podcast
Peter Bebergal joins us on this episode to discuss his new book ‘Strange Frequencies: The Extraordinary Story of the Technological Quest for the Supernatural‘ and explore the psychological and spiritual dimensions of technology. Along the way we discuss Bebergal’s quest to create a Golem and an automaton, before investigating the world of EVPs, spirit photography... Read more »
Nov 16, 2018
20.19 – MU Podcast
Nick Redfern returns to the show this week to discuss his new book ‘Top Secret Alien Abduction Files: What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know‘. Nick shares with us some of the history of the government interest in the phenomenon before detailing the claims of abductees who, after being kidnapped by aliens, are kidnapped... Read more »
Nov 09, 2018
20.18 – MU Podcast
Is it really ‘Just One of Those Things’ when small objects disappear or is there a deeper meaning behind that pen that rolled off the desk to be lost forever into the void? On this episode we investigate the ‘JOTT’ phenomenon and its deeper implications on time-space and the mind of the universe. Then, in... Read more »
Nov 02, 2018
20.17 – MU Podcast
Desire is a powerful emotion. It can lead us to do desperate things, including open ourselves up to evil. On this episode we learn about the story of a woman who so desperately wanted to fix her relationship with her dead mother that she invited a mysterious magician and dark forces into her life. Then... Read more »
Oct 26, 2018
20.16 – MU Podcast
Is it possible that the universe maintains balance through coincidence and synchronicity? On this episode we discuss the possible links between coincidence and curses and how they could lead to the creation of furniture possessing spirits. Then in our Plus+ extension we take a look at the new cutting edge research surrounding the power of... Read more »
Oct 19, 2018
20.15 – MU Podcast
Did extraterrestrials play a part in human development and do they continue to do so today? On this episode Dr. Rita Louise joins us to discuss her new book “Stepping out of Eden” which tackles those exact questions and more. Then in our Plus+ extension we uncover the bizarre world of birdbath portals and demonic... Read more »
Oct 12, 2018
20.14 – MU Podcast
Veteran public radio editor and producer Laura Krantz joins us on this episode to discuss her new podcast series Wild Thing and how the coincidental discovery of a distant relation to a legendary Bigfoot hunter lead her down the hairy forest path of discovery. We also discuss the rise of the black box society and... Read more »
Oct 05, 2018
20.13 – MU Podcast
According to some reports, 1917 marked the beginning of an ongoing war between humans and extraterrestrials right here on Earth. On this episode we take a look at a new book by author Frank Joseph who details military encounters with alleged extraterrestrials. We also learn about the story of “Brian”, a man said to have... Read more »
Sep 28, 2018
20.12 – MU Podcast
As technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous in our modern world many of us may be moving away from the spiritual side of reality. Author and researcher David Spangler suggests that due to this we may be ignoring the “Techno-Elementals”. On this episode we take a wild ride into the world of conscious sofas and beings that... Read more »
Sep 21, 2018
20.11 – MU Podcast
We open this episode discussing the disturbing trend of the ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game and the possible dark forces behind it. Then we take a look at the world’s only non-denominational exorcist who tells her astonishing true story about wrestling entities from infected souls and how they have the potential to destroy humanity! In our... Read more »
Sep 14, 2018
20.10 – MU Podcast
Filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp join us on this episode to talk about their incredible upcoming documentary “Hunt for the Skinwalker“. Based on the best-selling book by Knapp & Dr. Colm Kelleher, Hunt for The Skinwalker investigates the confidential, most extensive scientific study of a paranormal hotspot in human history.... Read more »
Sep 07, 2018
20.09 – MU Podcast
In our increasingly chaotic modern lives it seems that we are becoming more disconnected from nature than ever. In this episode we discuss the concept of “Nature Deficit Disorder”, the possible benevolent intelligence of nature, and ultimately a pan-psychic theory which leads Rupert Sheldrake to question if the Sun is a conscious entity. Then in... Read more »
Aug 31, 2018
20.08 – MU Podcast
Veteran Crime Scene Investigator Paul Rimmasch joins us on this episode to discuss his new book “Fingerprints and Phantoms”. He describes some truly fascinating encounters first responders and public servants have had with the paranormal. Then in our Plus+ extension we plunge into a world of conspiracy and shadow governments with the PROMIS affair, the... Read more »
Aug 24, 2018
20.07 – MU Podcast
Journey five thousand years into the future on this episode as we follow the incredible shamanistic adventures of Hank Wesselman and learn of his encounters with the “Guardian Beings”. Then in the huge Plus+ extension we cover the evil cult “Nxivm” and it’s sex-slave branding rituals that brain washed thousands. Sponsors Squarespace – Make 2018... Read more »
Aug 17, 2018
20.06 – MU Podcast
Roll up, roll up! Come learn of the wonders of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult! On this episode we chat with Greg and Dana Newkirk about the menagerie of haunted and cursed object they posses in their travelling museum. Hear stories of the Idol of Nightmares and discover why it’s not good to encounter... Read more »
Aug 10, 2018
20.05 – MU Podcast
Join us on this episode as we venture into the mysterious region of Sedona and take a look at the menagerie of paranormal entities allegedly haunting the region. From Horse-cats to transmogrifying blue robed home intruders, Sedona truly is the a window area of high strangeness. In our Plus+ extension we then discuss the dangers of... Read more »
Aug 03, 2018
20.04 – MU Podcast
Many of us tend to take an easy childbirth for granted these days but that hasn’t always been the case. In fact in the past it has been anything but easy. On this episode we take a look at the mysterious Chamberlen family and their birth device that was desperately sought after by the elite... Read more »
Jul 27, 2018
20.03 – MU Podcast
In the depths of the haunted subterranean networks below our bustling modern cities lurks entities that many of us could never fathom. On this episode we seek out the reports of people who claim to have encountered such monsters. We then take a look at the alleged time portals appearing all over London and uncover... Read more »
Jul 20, 2018
20.02 – MU Podcast
Joshua Cutchin joins us this week to discuss his new research from ‘Thieves in the Night’, exploring the folklore connections to the phenomena of alien abductions and mysterious disappearances. In our Plus+ extension we look at the occult concept of Egregores, the powerful thoughtform entities that influence human destiny. Joshua Cutchin THIEVES IN THE NIGHT... Read more »
Jul 13, 2018
20.01 – MU Podcast
Can research from cutting edge psychologists give us greater insight into the world of attachment entities? Join us on this episode as we discuss the work of Dr. Shakuntala Modi who discovered some of her patient’s emotional imbalances may be caused by discarnate entities lost in the void. Later in the show in our Plus+ extension... Read more »
Jul 06, 2018
19.24 – MU Podcast
For our final episode of the season we peer into the depths of the energy fields that may form the scaffolding for all matter and apparently German sausage water as well. Then in the Plus+ extension we learn about the Romeo error, a mistake science keeps making when it comes to determining what exactly is... Read more »
Jun 22, 2018
19.23 – MU Podcast
Come with us on an terrifying journey to uncover the secrets of African Ju-ju! On this episode we take a look at Jungle Magic, the story of James H. Neal, a man who spent ten years in Ghana as an Criminal Investigator dodging deadly black magic. Then in our Plus+ extension we discuss Black Diary,... Read more »
Jun 15, 2018
19.22 – MU Podcast
Fraud, after-death communication and betrayal collide on this episode as we follow one sociologists’ journey from fighting in Vietnam to believing in psi phenomena. All is revealed when we look at the mysteries of the “Mini-lab” that facilitates communication with disincarnate entities. We also follow up on the incredible life story of Julliena Okah, a... Read more »
Jun 08, 2018
19.21 – MU Podcast
Paranthropologist Dr. Jack Hunter returns to the show to discuss his new book “Engaging the Anomalous” which pushes toward the development of a non-reductive, participatory and experiential anthropology of the paranormal. We also take a look at the strange story of a woman who was raised from the dead by soup before jumping into the... Read more »
Jun 01, 2018
19.20 – MU Podcast
The renaissance of psychedelic treatments for addiction, mental illness and the fear of death is discussed before heading into visions of giving birth to the First Lady. Then in our Plus+ extension we travel deep into the Australian wilderness to investigate the development of “time window technology” and secret military installations before topping it off... Read more »
May 25, 2018
19.19 – MU Podcast – Dean Radin
Renowned parapsychologist Dean Radin joins us this week to discuss Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe. Radin’s latest work reveals the overwhelming scientific evidence for a genuine but hidden power that resides within each individual. A power tied to our consciousness. A power that makes phenomena... Read more »
May 19, 2018
19.18 – MU Podcast
Teleporting motorists, phantom hitch-hikers, and interdimensional locomotives are our main course this week revealing an undeniable connection from UFO abductions to Missing 411 phenomena. We then look at the entertaining cases from a medium who claims he can communicate with “spirit babies” and unborn entities which ultimately leads us into mirror-touch synesthesia and the colour... Read more »
May 12, 2018
19.17 – MU Podcast
This week we look the head scratching tale of theft detailed in Kirk Johnson’s The Feather Thief and along the way discover the feats of legendary naturalists, the lure of Victorian era feather fashion, and the modern black market feather trade. In our Plus+ extension we feature tales of the second self that become more than... Read more »
May 05, 2018
19.16 – MU Podcast
With the news of the full JFK files release being delayed yet again, we decide to look at the conspiracy from a new angle, the assignation’s link to secret underground laboratories and weaponised Monkey Viruses! We then dive into the lakes of Michigan to encounter the elusive entity that seems to be a bizarre Bigfoot/Reptilian... Read more »
Apr 28, 2018
19.15 – MU Podcast
After being lured into the high strangeness of Sasquatch by a random encounter with a fur coat wearing Bigfoot, we find ourselves being once again whisked away with the Missing 411 phenomenon, the Ozfactor, and new cases of eyewitnesses who have survived the paranormal trauma of this phenomenon. We then connect this to alchemic, pre... Read more »
Apr 21, 2018
19.14 – MU Podcast
A chance discovery of hidden ancient artefacts leads us on a winding path of alternate history, Knights Templar conspiracy, elusive spy agencies and a hidden treasure in New York state. We then look at the death whisperers, deathbed visions, and the research of Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon. Links The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond:... Read more »
Apr 14, 2018
19.13 – MU Podcast
The mystery of the “art” of resurrection is examined this week with the work of Freddy Silva and his stellar research into Initiation, Secret Chambers and the Quest for the Otherworld. We then take a second look at the most recent “Majestic 12” documents and discover how an overlooked clue sent an Australian researcher to... Read more »
Apr 07, 2018
19.12 – MU Podcast
Dark synchronicities, the K scale, and mysterious Egg phenomena all seem to point towards a unifying force in the universe and the true nature of the ‘coincidence’. We then look at a unique Sasquatch habituation attempt in North Carolina that twists and turns its way to an unbelievable conclusion. Links Investigating the Unexplained: Disquieting Mysteries... Read more »
Mar 31, 2018
19.11 – MU Podcast
The multiple minds of Billy Milligan are explored this week and questions are raised about the origins their personalities. Is multiple personality disorder simply a fracturing of a damaged psyche or is there some tangible reality to the detailed characters that emerge? In our Plus+ extension we examine cattle mutilation mysteries, chilling hypnotic regression recordings,... Read more »
Mar 24, 2018
19.10 – MU Podcast
Conundrums and confrontations are abound in this episode as Aaron delves into the obscure world of dream premonitions before unravelling unusual interactions with the Hug and Fylgje. Road Trolls then appear in the Plus+ extension along with reports of accident apparitions and paranormal parasites. Sponsor BOMBAS – Bombas socks will change the way you think about... Read more »
Mar 17, 2018
19.09 – MU Podcast
We review the story of 64 year-old lawyer and former assistant attorney general Terry Lovelace who’s traumatic memories of ‘The Devil’s Den’ in Arkansas were suddenly brought back into his life after discovering a strange metal implant in his leg. In our Plus+ extension we look at the Texas Terror Zone, Big Thicket wildmen, and... Read more »
Mar 10, 2018
19.08 – MU Podcast
We start with CIA lie detection techniques and make our way to the weird paradox of the “Tortoise Mind” and how our intelligence increases when we think less. This takes us down the Wu Wei path to the legend of Butcher Ding before we finish in Soviet Russia fighting aliens with the help of friendly... Read more »
Mar 03, 2018
19.07 – MU Podcast
Mike Clelland’s follow up to ‘The Messengers’ is our feature this week as we delve back into the strange synchronistic connections between owls, UFOs, and a deeper reality. The high strangeness continues in our Plus+ extension with the work of Keel and Fort,  the flying porcelain phenomenon, and laser beam toting MIBs. Sponsors Squarespace –... Read more »
Feb 24, 2018
19.06 – MU Podcast
After discussing the strange phenomenon of “Phantom Social Workers” in the UK it seems the pattern may have emerged here in Australia this week. We investigate the latest reports of strange men and women trying to take people’s children along with the recent news of a lost skier who seems to have teleported across the... Read more »
Feb 17, 2018
19.05 – MU Podcast
This week we return to the infamous Welsh Triangle where the investigator is now making claims he was actually working for British Intelligence during the region’s 1977 UFO flap. We examine his new revelations which pair brilliantly with gold hunting in Arizona and silver suited entities in the UK. Sponsors Altered Carbon – Based on... Read more »
Feb 10, 2018
19.04 – MU Podcast
Cryptobotany and Cryptozoology are featured this week with mystical plants, murderous trees and the mystery creatures of China. We then ambitiously try and connect ‘The Secret Fish Man from Guangdong’ to MIB cases in the UK and the Phantom Social Workers that terrified a nation. Sponsors Altered Carbon – Based on Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk... Read more »
Feb 03, 2018
19.03 – MU Podcast
This week examine the work of Ohkado Masayuki, his investigations into reincarnation in Japan and children that remember ‘lives between lives’. After some bizarre musical synchronicities we then head into our Plus+ extension with the infamous God Bears, modern day Mammoth sightings and the mystery of the Purple Tantra. Sponsors Squarespace – Make 2018 the... Read more »
Jan 27, 2018
19.02 – MU Podcast
This week we unravel the cosmic serpent to find the origins of life and the link between DNA and Ayahuasca visions. Could the building blocks of all life also be a conscious force that is capable of direct communication with our altered states of mind? We then investigate new sightings of flying creatures in Mexico,... Read more »
Jan 19, 2018
19.01 – MU Podcast
We kick off our 2018 season with the worst of CES and the future of smart toilets before Aaron unravels the controversial “Dear David” saga that has sparked controversy. We then look at state sponsored mind control programs and the hypnotic experiments performed on unwitting Princeton students in the 1960s. Sponsors Broadcast App – With Broadcast,... Read more »
Jan 13, 2018
18.25 – MU Podcast
For our ‘walk it over the line’ end of year special we look at the cryptocurrency dominatrix, S.Rob’s Santa Claus tulpa magic and the evolution of the deadly Nukkake bomb. We then discuss more reports of aquatic humanoids in Russia and the giant sentient Taco to close out 2017. NOTE: This is the last episode... Read more »
Dec 22, 2017
18.24 – MU Podcast
After strange links between full moons and motorcycles, roadways and headless horsemen, and phantom self driving vehicles, we cover the latest news on the man who cemented his head into a microwave. In our Plus extension we then venture into Chronobiology, the hidden power of timing, and finish on an “Urban Tantra” channeling session. Squarespace... Read more »
Dec 15, 2017
18.23 – MU Podcast
This week we pit the modern metrosexual against ancient cave men to decide the ultimate winner in the battle for manliness. Along the way we discover one-legged Aboriginal hopping hunters, oiled up casanovas, and the Yakuza’s jingle bells. Our Plus+ extension then features terrifying experiments with chemical warfare in WWI and German spies that went... Read more »
Dec 08, 2017
18.22 – MU Podcast
Mechanised Jurassic beasts and elusive electric powered serpents are featured this week as we follow the trail to a potential breakaway civilisation. We then move to the bizarre medical wonders of antiquity from health potions and man grease, to candied elders and Roto Rectors. This all culminates in a Sungazing session that will leave you... Read more »
Dec 02, 2017
18.21 – MU Podcast
We are joined by film makers Peter Marsh and Gabi Plumm this week to discuss the hidden history of New Zealand and the evidence of a mysterious race of people that predate Polynesian settlement in the region. Tales of red haired giants and the fair-skinned tiny folk of the islands are revealed before we travel... Read more »
Nov 24, 2017
18.20 – MU Podcast
We continue our important work of determining the ultimate purpose of Black Ops Bigfoot on this episode and ultimately end up with an Orangu-man fugitive fleeing in a stolen aerial vehicle. We get closer to finding answers in our Plus+ extension with an experiencer’s long list of high strangeness that leads her to becoming an... Read more »
Nov 17, 2017
18.19 – MU Podcast
Australian researcher Lynne Kelly joins us this week to discuss ‘The Memory Code‘ that manages to unlock the secrets of ancient monuments around the world. Using traditional Aboriginal songlines as the key, Kelly has identified the powerful memory technique used by indigenous people around the world. She has discovered that this ancient memory technique is... Read more »
Nov 10, 2017