The Beekeeper's Corner Beekeeping Podcast

By Kevin Inglin

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The Beeekeeper's corner will feature information from our local hives, beekeeping meetings, equipment, book reviews, terms, and just about anything beekeeping

Episode Date
BKCorner Episode 140 - Hiatus
Local Hive Report, Sidebar edition of what has been going on.
Aug 05, 2018
BKCorner Episode 139 - Mite Free Zone
Local Hive Report, Hive Tools, Famous Beekeepers, Imirie Shim Usage, Bees on Southern Magnolia, Mosquito control, Waxing Plastic, Shower of Bees, Closing Comments
Jul 08, 2018
BKCorner Episode 138 - Bonus Edition - Coffee Part 1
A special one on one about coffee with David Waldman (no beekeeping topics in this release)
Jul 01, 2018
BKCorner Episode 137 - No Va
Local Hive Report, Order of bees, components of the nest, winter bees, Malawi Monday, Solar Wax Melter, transporting bees
Jun 24, 2018
BKCorner Episode 136 - Bonus Edition - Coffee Part 1
A special one on one about coffee with David Waldman (no beekeeping topics in this release)
Jun 17, 2018
BKCorner Episode 135 - Another Day in Paradise
Local Hive Report, Oldest US Bee, Finding a Queen, Marquisette, PB Honey Banana Bread, Swarm Queen Replacements, Laying Worker Observation
Jun 10, 2018
BKCorner Episode 134 - Bob's Bee Emporium
Local Hive Report, Queen Rearing reflections with Bob Kloss
Jun 03, 2018
BKCorner Episode 133 - Good Juan
Local Hive Report, Spritzing, Shook Swarm, Turtle treatments with honey, Yellow Jacket Traps, Bee Waterer, Water Walk Closing Comments
May 20, 2018
BKCorner Episode 132 - Last Minute Louie
Local Hive Report, Oxalic Acid Spray, Bee Gym Part 2, Apitherapy Gone Wrong, Hamuli, Malawi, Poly Hive, Closing Comments
May 06, 2018
BKCorner Episode 131 - Potential
Local Hive Report, EU Neonic Ban Update, Failure is Quitting what you Love, Getting ahead of varroa, Cloake Board, Microscope meeting, BT
Apr 22, 2018
BKCorner Episode 130 - Landi Simone Recordkeeping (bonus)
Bonus Edition featuring a presentation by EAS Master Beekeeper Landi Simone speaking on Recordkeeping
Apr 15, 2018
BKCorner Episode 129 - On the Cusp
Local Hive Report, Gentle Killer Bees, Scrabbling, Trolls, Bottom Board Notions, New Flow Hive, Smoked Honey, Smoked Honey Coffee, Bees and Oz
Apr 08, 2018
BKCorner Episode 128 - Malawi Sidebar 1
Malawi Sidebar conversation
Apr 01, 2018
BKCorner Episode 127 - Phoenix
Local Hive Report, Laying Workers, Materioomics Silk, Illness and Recovery, Malawi Overview, Closing comments
Mar 25, 2018
BKCorner Episode 126 - Hard Headed
Local Hive Report, The Incident, Screened Bottom Boards, Breeze Style Suits, Shop Towels Update, Meetings, Geared Up, Closing comments
Mar 01, 2018
BKCorner Episode 125 - Eighteen
2018 planning discussion with Bob Kloss
Feb 25, 2018
BKCorner Episode 124 - Thumbs Up
Local Hive Report, NJDOA And Honey, Lithium Chloride, Manley Frames, NJ Honey Show, Polariscope Idea, Jamb Frame, Broodminder n Brushy, Feedback Jeff Hitchcock
Feb 11, 2018
BKCorner Episode 123 - Quiet Before the Storm
Local Hive Report, NJDA Regulation Update, Life Events, Upcoming Plans
Jan 21, 2018
BKCorner Episode 122 - Checking In
Local Hive Report, NJDA Regulation Update, Life Events, Upcoming Plans
Jan 10, 2018
BKCorner Episode 121 - Trouble In River City
Local Hive Report, Oregano Oil, Reading Hive Frames, Antioxidants, Reclaiming Plastic, Rekindle Candles, Horseshoe Swarming, Golden Hives, NJDA Regs, Closing Comments
Nov 25, 2017
BKCorner Episode 120 - Two Beekeepers Walk Into a Bar
Local Hive Report, Top Bar Hive Deadout, Live Robbing, OAV, Closing Comments
Nov 05, 2017
BKCorner Episode 119 - Puttering Around
Local Hive Report, Eyes on Hives, Homasote Moisture Board, Broodminder, Bee Themed App Names, Benny Bee Honey, Propolis Tincture, Boys are Back, MiteCalculator, Closing Comments
Oct 29, 2017
BKCorner Episode 118 - Bonus - Winter Management
Winter Management Advice
Oct 21, 2017
BKCorner Episode 117 - To Be Young Again
Local Hive Report, Neonics in Honey, RNAi Primer, Dicamba Troubles, Selling Honey, RIRDC YouTube, Cut Out Video, Bees and Beer Event, Bee Free Honee Pt. 2, Closing Comments
Oct 18, 2017
BKCorner Episode 116 - Over My Head
Local Hive Report, Evolutionary Autism, Honey replaces Graphene, Crimson and Red Clover, Solar Wax Melter P2, NJBA Meeting Recap, Entomophobia Term, Thingiverse, Listener Mail
Oct 01, 2017
BKCorner Episode 115 - I Know What I Like
Local Hive Report, Vital Amino Acids, Hallucinogenic Honey, Concrete Pole Tip, Bees Understand Zero, Treat Dead Hives, Cemetery Honey, Venom Therapy for Scars, Propolis for Warts, Bourdain Video Series, Honey Taffy
Sep 20, 2017
BKCorner Episode 114 - Winter is Coming
Local Hive Report, Preparing for Winter, Seattle Beekeeping, NJDA Regs, Master Beekeeper, Garage Projects, Fairs and Honey Judging, EAS Purchases, Production Value
Sep 03, 2017
BKCorner Episode 113 - Real Time
Local Hive Report, Recording from a Discord Live Video Podcast, Master Beekeeper Exam, Listener Question & Answer
Jul 22, 2017
BKCorner Episode 112 - Hullabaloo
Local Hive Report, Impact of distance for Varroa, Log Hives, Neonic Research insights, Swienty Mite Monitoring, Aluminum GoPro Enclosure, Blueberry NJ Top Crop, Flow Hive
Jun 18, 2017
BKCorner Episode 111 - Field of Dreams
Live Recording of Local Hive Work
May 24, 2017
BKCorner Episode 110 - I Work Out
Local Hive Report, Xentari, GLY Impact on Flight Navigation, Bee Gym, Honey Straws, EPA Oxalic Approval
May 07, 2017
BKCorner Episode 109 - The View From Space
Local Hive Report, Glyphosate and Bee Appetities, Thinking subconciously about Bees, Bee Free Honee, Agriculture and Bees Journal Article
May 03, 2017
BKCorner Episode 108 - Its Enzymatic
Local Hive Report, Enzymes in Honey, Worker Development Stages, Melissopalynology, Warm or Cold Frame Placement, Marigold Gloves, Seed Packets, MAQs, LocalBee Hive, Closing Comments
Apr 10, 2017
BKCorner Episode 107 - Whatchamacallit
Local Hive Report, Natural Hive Finishes, Half Hour Intern, Comb Honey, Uncapped Nectar, JBZB, Ceiling Fan Extractor, Rhubarb Leaves Oxalic, Joe Lewis, USA NPN, Closing Comments
Mar 26, 2017
BKCorner Episode 106 - Jersey Proud
Landi Simone, John Gaut, Cheerios Program, BKCorner YouTube, Fermented Garlic, Alternative Hives, Pest-Nest-Threat, Oxalic Ideas, Closing Comments
Mar 12, 2017
BKCorner Episode 105 - Au Natural
Local Hive Report, 2017 thoughts - natural comb, BioDynamic Beekeeping, Closing Comments
Mar 05, 2017
BKCorner Episode 104 - Philly Recap
Philly Symposium Recap, Karen Roccasecca, Rebecca Masterman, Meghan Milbraith, Debra Delaney, Samuel Ramesey
Mar 01, 2017
BKCorner Episode 103 - Let Me Count the Ways
Local Hive Report, Can Bees Count, Wooden Hive Stand, Live Bee Cam, Seed Packets, Honey Mustard Chickpeas, Listener Feedback, Philly Symposium Recap
Feb 12, 2017
BKCorner Episode 102 - Chewing the Fat
Local Hive Report, Killing Varroa with Sound, DuoHive, Beehive Jive, FLIR-Borescope Learnings, Area51 Beekeeping, Neem Oil, Upcoming and Closing Comments
Jan 29, 2017
BKCorner Episode 101 - Hitching a Ride Redux
Local Hive Report, Discerning Pollen Rewards by Forages, Varroa jumping on bees, brood as food, 9 new bees, endoscopes, January recommendations
Jan 15, 2017
BKCorner Episode 100 - Milestone
Local Hive Report, FLIR one, Reminiscing, Dan Inglin, Beekeeping Thriving Industry, Sea Bees, Video Reset, Split Options, Closing Comments
Jan 01, 2017
BKCorner Episode 99 - The Chase
Local Hive Report, EAS, David Burns, SuperDFM, Broodminder, Yellow Jackets, Microfiber for Beetles, Alcohol Wash, How Many Boxes
Sep 18, 2016
BKCorner Episode 98 - Utter Insanity
Local Hive Report, Antibiotics in the US, Italy Part, Fruit for Bees, Queen Marking Moniker, Bobs Bee Emporium, Zucchini Toss Honey Recipe
Aug 30, 2016
BKCorner Episode 97 - World Traveler
Local Hive Report, India, Seattle, Italy Part 1
Aug 15, 2016
BKCorner Episode 96 - Not So Fast
Local Hive Report, Cut and Chunk Comb Honey,Honey Comb Ice Cream, Roundtable
Jun 04, 2016
BKCorner Episode 95 - Hitching a Ride
Local Hive Report, Phoretic Mites, Queen Rearing Methods, Carpenter Bees, Hive Monitoring, Swarm Capture, Fitness
May 22, 2016
BKCorner Episode 94 - Adventures in Beekeeping
Bee Meeting Recaps, Spring Management and Local Hive Reports
Apr 29, 2016
BKCorner Episode 93 - Rojo
Interview with J. David Waldman
Apr 10, 2016
BKCorner Episode 92 - On Guard
Local Hive Report, Hive Defense, Contamination in Fresh Pollen, DvE Insight, Honey Color, Taste Wheels, Seeley BeeLining, Making Veil, Perfect Hive Stand
Mar 27, 2016
BKCorner Episode 91 - Don't Believe in Everything you Think
Local Hive Report, Mite Biting Bees, Cloake Boards, Honeymoon, Cathedral Hive, Dartington Hive, Slovenia Hives, Honey and Health
Mar 07, 2016
BKCorner Episode 90 - Bee My Valentine
Local Hive Report, Killing Varroa with Heat, Wax Pastes, Meeting Recaps, Swarm Frequency, Overnight Oatmeal, Bait hives, ZomBeeWatch, Bee Cage
Feb 14, 2016
BKCorner Episode 89 - Snow Much Fun
Local Hive Report, Local Hive Report, Spring Pollen Patties, Bee Thinking, Irish Book List, Real Corn Syrup, Bee Space, Shrews, Insulation Expedition
Jan 30, 2016
BKCorner Episode 88 - Fields of Peril
Local Hive Report, European study on Neonics, Bee Activities, EPA Imidicloprid, Oxalic and Nosema, Thriving or Dying, Following a Swarm, One Gallon Mead, Winter Feeding, New BKCorner Website
Jan 13, 2016
BKCorner Episode 87 - Bonus Edition: Karoly Toth
Bonus Edition Karoly Toth
Dec 18, 2015
BKCorner Episode 86 - Recap on Tap
Local Hive Report, Housel Positioning, Royal Jelly and Queens, Varroa Mimicing, Infographic, Swienty Mite Counter, Garriga Hive, Gardner Video, Penny Tip, Broodminder, Listener Mail
Dec 07, 2015
BKCorner Episode 85 - November Nights
Local Hive Report, Coroplast Nucs, DWV Variants, Nuc Condos, Bees Chewing Mites, FLIR images, Alcohol Wash Video, Brood Minder/ Hive Genie, NJBA Mtg. Recap
Nov 08, 2015
BKCorner Episode 84 - Spreading Seeds
Local Hive Report, NJ Honey Bee Business, Honey Lactic Acid Products, Zombie Bees, Blue Banded Bees, Small Hive Beetle Control, Wyatt Magnum Video
Oct 23, 2015
BKCorner Episode 83 - Tim's in Town
Local Hive Report, Reports on the Blueberry Industry in NJ, Malawi Africa, Feeding, Making Spring Splits, Feeding - Heavy vs. Light Syrup, Oct State meeting
Oct 03, 2015
BKCorner Episode 82 - Back In Time
Local Hive Report, Tanging, Essential Oils, Timing, Cody’s Bees, Honeycomb Grafting, Foulbrood Dog, Frame Wiring, Cough Syrup Recipe, Fall Feeding
Sep 27, 2015
BKCorner Episode 81 - Mysteries of the Universe
Local Hive Report, Two Queen System, Bee-Pocolypse, Gene Resistance, Flea's Bees, Digger Wasp, Seattle, Hoverflies, Buzz over Other Bees, Frame Wiring
Sep 07, 2015
BKCorner Episode 80 - Boom Shaka Laka
Local Hive Report, Greetings from Malawi, Competitive Bee Lining, Nosema and Larvae, Summer Meeting, Listener Mail
Jul 19, 2015
BKCorner Episode 79 - All Work and Some Play
Local Hive Report, Varroa tolerant bees, EPA pesticide-free zones, Manipulation Cloth, Butane Bee Smoker, Wearing Bees for World Record, Ley Lines, Earwigs, June Meeting Recap, Closing Comments
Jul 06, 2015
BKCorner Episode 78 - Getting Ahead of the Curve
Local Hive Report, Getting Ahead of the Curve, Bee Lining, The Language of the Bees, NJ Swarm Report Update, Water Bucket Dilemma, YouTube Views, Recent Videos, Swarm Trapping
May 25, 2015
BKCorner Episode 77 - The Pied Piper
Local Hive Report, Queen Piping, Package Bee Experiences, Is it real honey, Follow up to Hexagons on Point, Mad Honey, Swarm Lure Scents, BeeHugger YouTube, White Eyed Drones, Radio Entomology, Water Tip T-Shirt, Beekeeping in Oman, NJBA June Meeting
Apr 26, 2015
BKCorner Episode 76 - Let it Ride
Local Hive Report, Oxalic Acid, Hive Starvation with Food Nearby, Mushrooms and Bees, Scents on Beekeepers, Texas Cutout, Don't Refrige Honey, YouTube Videos, NJBA Announcement
Apr 12, 2015
BKCorner Episode 75 - Honey Bunny
Local Hive Report, Melovino Meadery, Honey Caramel, Flower Show - Bumbleberry Farms Honey Creams, Round Up Carcinogen, Honey Comb Hexagon, Bees in Space, Bees in Space, Phil Chandler Black Bees, Listener Mail
Mar 24, 2015
BKCorner Episode 74 - Can Only Make Me Stronger
Local Hive Report, Polyester Resin Project, Flow Hive Part 2, Prep for Bee Spill Team, NJBA Winter Mtg. Recap, Sad News – Dr. Teal, Mead Follow Up, June Tea Intro, Warre Hive, Imprint, Listener Mail, Closing Comments
Mar 08, 2015
BKCorner Episode 73 - Here We Go Again
Local Hive Report, Discover Life Website, Living Life Foundationless,, Making Short Mead, Paramount buys Beekeeping Company, The Flowhive, The miticide connundrum, Closing Comments
Feb 16, 2015
BKCorner Episode 72 - Gimmie a Break
Local Hive Report, John Gaut-Insulating Hives, I Want It All Editorial, Bugonia, Bob Kloss Fondant, Box Building Jigs, Honey Bee Cookies, Sauna Bees-Mite Control, Mother Earth, Beetle Baffle, Top Bar Hive Ideas, Closing Comments
Jan 19, 2015
BKCorner Episode 71 - Respect - Stan Wasitowski
Episode Topic: Interview with Stan Wasitowski
Dec 21, 2014
BKCorner Episode 70 - Lest We Forget
Episode Topic: Local Hive Report, Biological Varroa Controls, Rose Hives, Golden Mean Hive Ratios, Hobbyist and Commercial Hive Monitoring, John Eick Oui Bits Apiary Update, Oxalic Acid, Clive Tebbet, Bee Theme Quotes
Dec 07, 2014
BKCorner Episode 69 - Dr. Keith Delaplane - Part 1
Episode Topic: Bonus Edition: Dr. Keith Delaplane - Part 1
Nov 24, 2014
BKCorner Episode 68 - Oh What a Night...
Episode Topics: Roundtable discussion on winter management and other topics with NJ State Apiarist Tim Schuler
Nov 15, 2014
BKCorner Episode 67 - Wait...What?
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Neonics not helpful for Soybeans, Queen Replacement Guidance, Using Honey to lure bees to water, 8 Frames vs. 10 Frames, Bear Platform, Golden Mean-Top Bar Hives-Foundationless Strategy, Scale Data, Propolis Etc. Catalog – Alcohol Wash Containers, Most popular BKCorner episodes, Collapse and Recovery
Nov 08, 2014
BKCorner Episode 66 - Dream a Little Dream
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Hive Wrapping, Nadiring, RFID Bees, 2015 Planning, Does Honey Last Forever, NJBA Fall Meeting Recap, Do LED Lights Attract Bugs
Oct 26, 2014
BKCorner Episode 65 - Shorter Days and Longer Nights
Episode Topics: Fall Management, Feeding Pollen, Liebig’s Law, Honey Locator, Treatment Free Notion, Selling Honey, Lifetime Wood Treatment, MissApisMellifera
Oct 13, 2014
BKCorner Episode 64 - I'm So Excited
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Aerial Seeding of fields, Honey Forever, Aggressive Bees, Abundance of Clover Honey, Apiary Inspectors of America, Editorial on CCD, Facebook, Pesticide Brochure
Sep 14, 2014
BKCorner Episode 63 - While You Were Out
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report. Honey vs. sugar solutions, Number of US Bee Colonies, Sub-Lethal Imidacloprid, Bumblebees with Honey Bee Diseases, Stinging Nettle for Beekeeping, Great Tomato Tasting Event, Creamed Honey Update, Infused Honey, Term - Eclosion
Sep 03, 2014
BKCorner Episode 62 - Dear Homeowner
Episode Topics: Why Bees Matter, Native Pollinator Importance, CCD and Honey Bee Losses, 8 Tips for Homeowners, Living amongst stinging bees
Aug 08, 2014
BKCorner Episode 61 - NJ State Apiarist - Tim Schuler
Episode Topics: One on One with New Jersey State Apiarist Tim Schuler
Aug 02, 2014
BKCorner Episode 60 - Riffing
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Bear Fence, Performing a Trap Out, NJ Bee Legislation, Hive Stand Vidoe, NJBA Pollinator Video, NJ Farmer Stats, Depot and BJs cutting back on Pesticides, Listener Mail, Upside Down Bee Video
Jul 21, 2014
BKCorner Episode 59 - Report Card
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Cutout After Action Report, Treatments-MAQS, Mid Year Report Card, 2015 Objectives, Queen Identification, Queen Introductions, Handling Drone Layers, New Hive Stand Design
Jul 06, 2014
BKCorner Episode 58 - Inspection Detection
Episode Topics: Three Deep, Inspection Form, Hive Controller, Flower Power Hour, Walter Kelly Feature, Time Waits for No One, NJBA Spring Meeting Recap, Paypal, Inglin Racing Team
Jun 15, 2014
BKCorner Episode 57 - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Reviewing the Early Start, Runty Queens, Swarm Captures, Walk Away Split
May 18, 2014
BKCorner Episode 56 - NewBee
Episode Topics: Sidebar Edition - Guidance and Advice for new beekeepers on what to do with new colonies
May 02, 2014
BKCorner Episode 55 - All Hail the Queen
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Queen Quality, Split Fundamentals, Slatted Rack, Queen Marking Colors, Why Editorial, Bee, Wasp, Hornet Brochure, Beekeeping Apps Request, Lip Balm for Kicks, Pollen Color Guide
Apr 27, 2014
BKCorner Episode 54 - Thinking Inside the Box
Episode Topics: NE Temperature Reviews, Swarm Prevention Options, Thinking Inside the Box, Michael Palmer Family Allergy Msg., Hive Scale, Detritus, WDVR, Nokia Icon
Mar 30, 2014
BKCorner Episode 53 - The Way of the Future
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Bob Kloss, Spring Management, Swarm Prevention, Frame Design, Frame Construction, Equipment Choices, Hive Stand, Overwintering Nucs, Weighing Hives, Bloom Dates
Mar 02, 2014
BKCorner Episode 52 - Bonus Edition - Podcasting
Episode Topics: Insights on podcasting - No beekeeping topics in this episode.
Feb 16, 2014
BKCorner Episode 51 - Swarm-A-Licious
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, 2013 NJ Swarm Report Numbers, Exterminate Varroa Through Science, Wax Prep Cliff Notes, PSA Speaker, Sponsor Commentary, NJBA Mtg. Synopsis
Feb 09, 2014
BKCorner Episode 50 - Sticky Notes
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Spring Planning, Charles Ilsley Wax System, Book Insights, Learning from the Past, Don’t Blow on Bees, Corrections, Flower Guide, Listener Mail, Varroa Genes, Mike Palmer Videos
Jan 19, 2014
BKCorner Episode 49 - Jason Bruns Interview
Episode Topics: Jason Bruns Interview -
Jan 13, 2014
BKCorner Episode 48 - The Winter Wonderland
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, Mite eating mites, How bees survive winter, IPM Primer, Mite Drop Off, Use of Powdered Sugar, Palmer UK Video, Neonic Impact to Humans, Afghan Beekeeping
Dec 22, 2013
BKCorner Episode 47 - Bee Bombs
Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, US States Bee Programs, Nucleus Hives, Bayer Bee Gate, Lost Episode, Honey Caramel Recipe, DIY Bee Trap, Hive Stand Upgrade, Intelligent Hive Sensors
Dec 01, 2013
BKCorner Episode 46 - More to Come
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Honey Powder, CCD the Refresher, Nosema Pesticide Link, Moisture Board, Hot Ozzy Drink, Movie Night Recap, Girl Scouts of Lexington, Jury Duty
Nov 17, 2013
BKCorner Bonus Edition - Apitherapy with Tom Fuscaldo
Episode Guide: Apitherapy with Tom "One Eye on Patterson" Fuscaldo
Nov 04, 2013
BKCorner Episode 45 - Show Me the Way
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Bee Navigation, Creamed Honey, Honey Conditioner, Sourcing Sugar, Honey and the Common Cold, Queen Marking Colors, Apitherapy and Gadget Garage Videos, Painting Hives
Nov 03, 2013
BKCorner Episode 44 - Where Good Ideas Come From
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Honey Tunnel, Honey and Allergies, Foraging Electrical Charges, Langstroth on Sugar, Warming Supers, Plastic Frames, EcoBatteries, Seeley NJBA presentation, closing comments
Oct 20, 2013
BKCorner Episode 43 - Just Give Me a Reason
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Honey up regulates detoxification, Sugar Types and Nutrition, Fall Prep, Roundtable: Bee Count Follow Up, Storing Comb, National honey Bee Day, Honey Athlete Food, closing comments
Oct 07, 2013
BKCorner Episode 42 - Hot Summer Nights
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Hot Summer Nights Feature, Nucleus Colonies, Woman Beekeeper Bloggers, Bee Count Methodology, Roundtable: Honey Bottling, Listener Mail, 2014 plans part 2, closing comments
Aug 11, 2013
BKCorner Episode 41 - Parasites, Diseases, and Viruses Oh My
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Beekeeping Maladies, Monsanto Commentary, Summer Management, Pop Quiz, Tower Hives, Round Table: Mesh Suit, New Hive Tool, Swarm Report Update
Jun 30, 2013
BKCorner Episode 40 - The Swarm Storm
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Swarm Management, 4 Split Methods, Swarm Report Update, Queen Marking, NJDFandW Bear Video, Weighing In, Mentoring Tour, In the News, Mesh Bee Suit, Roundtable
May 12, 2013
BKCorner Episode 39 - A Veritable Smorgasbord
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Back to Basics-Getting Started, Tim Ives Report, NJ Beekeeping Trends, Clothianadin from ABF, Top Bar Hive Update, Swarm Survey, Jersey Fresh, Hive Location Tip, Videos, Washboarding
Mar 22, 2013
BKCorner Episode 38 - Ross Conrad
Episode Guide: Bonus Edition - Northeast NJ Beekeepers Association Hosting of Ross Conrad - October 19th 2012
Feb 22, 2013
BKCorner Episode 37 - This Is Really Cool
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, ABF-The Experience, Dr. Peter Teal Mites and Varroa, Small Hive Beetle, Hive Form Factors, Video Podcasting, Beekeeping Calendar, 2013 Aspirations, Michael Bush
Feb 19, 2013
BKCorner Episode 36 - The Welcome Winter
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Mason Bee Houses, Ultra Breeze Bee Suit, Joint Podcast Concept, Homemade Hive Scale, Listener Mail, 2013 Aspirations, Roundtable
Dec 09, 2012
BKCorner Episode 35 - On the Road Again
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Bee Breathing, Stop Signals, Lip Balm-Hand Cream-Candles, Pumpkin Honey Bread, Mead Video, Communal Feeder, SJBA Meeting Recap
Oct 19, 2012
BKCorner Episode 34 - The Fly Away
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Feeding Bees, Wax Moth Preventative Measures, Observation Hive, Roundtable on various topics.
Sep 18, 2012
BKCorner Episode 33 - The Labor Day Play
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Schmidt Sting Index, Perone Hives, Sweat Bees, Identifying Real Honey, The Neural Network of Bees, Roundtable on various topics.
Sep 03, 2012
BKCorner Episode 32 - Summer Management
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Harvesting Honey Tips, Wax Moths, Bee Tree Extraction Summer Management, Roundtable on various topics.
Jul 24, 2012
BKCorner Episode 31 - The Catnip is out of the Bag
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Randy Oliver, Catnip and Essential Oils, Powdered Sugar Study, Roundtable on various topics.
Jun 10, 2012
BKCorner Episode 30 - A Little Fun With My Friends
Episode Guide: Sidebar Edition, Local Hive Report, Recap of NJBA Spring Meeting, Beekeepers Conversation on various topics.
May 15, 2012
BKCorner Episode 29 - I Can See Clearly Now
Episode Guide: Sidebar Edition, Basics of what you see inside the hive when you do an inspection.
Apr 29, 2012
BKCorner Episode 28 - Oh No You Didn't
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Package and Nuc Install, Winter Loss Survey, Springtime Maintenance and Activities, Clothianadin Petition, Splitting a Hive, KiwiMana, Propolis the cure for cancer?, Honey & the Bees Bands
Apr 22, 2012
BKCorner Special - Getting Started in Beekeeping
Episode Guide: A Guide to Getting Started in Beekeeping Guide recorded in an audiobook style.
Mar 25, 2012
BKCorner Episode 27 - Spring Fever
Episode Guide: Announcing Getting Started in Beekeeping Guide, Dr. Deborah Delaney, Dealing with unusally warm weather, Year of the pesticide kill?, Honey Bee Democracy Video, Bears on the move now, Hive stand prototype part 3, Roundtable
Mar 24, 2012
BKCorner Episode 26 - Hazy Shade of Winter
Episode Guide: The transformation to Winter Bees, Hive Splits Procedure, Hive stand prototype, video and audio links for beekeeping education, spring meeting update, facebook reminder
Feb 20, 2012
BKCorner Episode 25 - Chicken and Egg
Episode Guide: Wax Moths, Building out the Brood, Queen influence on Drones, Entrance Reducer, Mountain Camp Feeder, Immunity Law, Waggle Dance Video, Association Meeting Update, Winter Feeding Advisory
Jan 21, 2012
BKCorner Episode 24 - Mind Your Beeswax
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Prepping for an Association Meeting, Honey Bee Species, How Bees Make Wax, 2012 Aspirations, Mind Your Beeswax Origin, OSB for Hive Equip, Trophallaxis, Honey Controversy
Nov 27, 2011
BKCorner Episode 23 - Put a Lid on It
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Insulated Covers, Feeding Refresher, Nosema Treatment, Public Interactions with Apiaries, Honey Sugar, Facebook, YouTube Channel Update
Nov 06, 2011
BKCorner Episode 22 - Sensibility
Episode Guide: Dr. Larry Connor, Sensibility of Inspections, Listener Question, Diesel Fuel and CCD, USDA Survey, Queen cells in the fall, Bee Aware Video
Oct 14, 2011
BKCorner Episode 21 - Sidebar | Longevity in Beekeeping
Episode Guide: Sidebar on Longevity of Beekeeping, New NWNJBA YouTube Channel
Oct 06, 2011
BKCorner Episode 20 - Falling Into Winter
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, MaryAnn Frazier Symposium Lecture, Fall Management - Hive Arrangements, Moving a Hive, European Hornets, Podcast production commentary, Impacts of wet season, honey stores for winter
Sep 30, 2011
BKCorner Episode Bonus - MaryAnn Frazier Pollinator and Pesticides
Episode Guide: MaryAnn Frazier Symposium Lecture - Pollinator and Pesticides - Honey Bee Colony Protection
Sep 30, 2011
BKCorner Episode 19 - Hooked on a Feeling
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, ABF Honey Queen Interview - Teresa Bryson, Insect Feelings, Mexico Mortality Stats - Bee stings, Term-Beelining, Promote beekeeping through the fair, Stinging Insect Index
Aug 09, 2011
BKCorner Episode 18 - Passing Inspection
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, IPM Sticky Board, Detailed Hive Inspection Process, Bees for Bomb Detection, Insect Sting Mortality, Native Bee Benefits
Jun 24, 2011
BKCorner Episode 17 - Everything Essential
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Essential Oils, Sharon Interviews Kevin, Bears Protection, Bee Race Switch, Listener Questions, 9 frames vs. 10.
May 26, 2011
BKCorner Episode 16 - Got It To Good
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Swarm Capture, Equipment Purchase Review.
May 10, 2011
BKCorner Episode 15 - The Spring Fling
Episode Guide: Spring Management.
Mar 20, 2011
BKCorner Episode 14 - The Package Deal
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Tips for honey bee package purchases, Managing the packages for the first two years, Sub-lethal effects of pesticide residues, Honey bee sleep.
Mar 06, 2011
BKCorner Episode 13 - The Top Ten List
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Top Ten Things Learned Last Year, NJBA Jennifer Berry Presentation Comments, Volunteering to help your association, What's in store for 2011.
Feb 24, 2011
BKCorner Episode 12 - The Comb Over
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, The effects of Old Comb, Adult Bee Populations, Commentary about reporting on CCD and pesticide impacts, How bees convert nectar into honey.
Feb 11, 2011
BKCorner Episode 11 - The Heat is On
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Hive Temperature Feature, How do bees overwinter, Hive Box vs. Nature, The Mechanics of staying warm, Hive Design, Powdered Sugar Mite Drop Study, Soft Honey Cake, Prevention of Crushed Bees
Dec 05, 2010
BKCorner Episode 10 - Back in the Saddle Again
Episode Guide: The Sidebar Concept, Local Hive Report, The Hive and the Honey Bee, Building a better hive?, Spring Plans, Cure for CCD?
Nov 16, 2010
BKCorner Episode 9 - Honey on a Harvest Moon
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Harvesting Honey, Fall Management, Recipe - Harvest Honey Spice Cake
Sep 28, 2010
BKCorner Episode 8 - The Art of the Sting
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, The County Fair, The art of the sting (all about honey bee stings), The MiteZapper, Sugar Shake Method, Drone Brood Frame, Term of the day - Wax Moth.
Sep 08, 2010
BKCorner Episode 7 - Feed Me Seymour
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Feeding the Bees, Cell Phones and CCD?, Bees as Unwelcome guests, what to do, Term of the day - allogrooming.
Aug 18, 2010
BKCorner Episode 6 - How Sweet It Is
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, Honey Judging, Summer Management-Varroa Plans, Coping with Bears, Word of the day, How to light a smoker.
Aug 03, 2010
BKCorner Episode 5 - Hope Springs Eternal
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report, NJBA Spring Meeting Coverage, The Dual Queen and Demaree Methods, The use of an Imirie Shim and Snelgrove Board, Book Review - Richard Bonney, Hive Management, Mann Lake Top Box Feeders, Making Sugar Syrup
Jun 23, 2010
BKCorner Episode 4 - NJBA Spring Meeting
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report - NJ Beekeepers Association Spring Meeting - Middle Hive Entrance - Inspection Form - Queen Marking Video
Jun 04, 2010
BKCorner Episode 3 - New Bees
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report - Follow up to safety from last week, Nitrile gloves and safety glasses. - Description of a Package Installation Episode Links: - NJ Beekeepers Associate Package Installation
May 20, 2010
BKCorner Episode 2 - Package Install
Episode Guide: Local Hive Report - Follow up to safety from last week, Nitrile gloves and safety glasses. - Description of a Package Installation Episode Links: - NJ Beekeepers Associate Package Installation
May 07, 2010
BKCorner Episode 1 - NWNJBA Spring Meeting
Episode Guide: Intro to the podcast, Local Hive Report, Northwest NJ Beekeeper's Association Meeting. - An interview with my wife Sharon on how we got started in beekeeping. - This episodes term of the day.
Apr 28, 2010
BKCorner Primer Episode - Prime Away
If you're new to our podcast, we recommend that you start here to baseline on what our podcast is about.
Apr 28, 2010