Lake Effect

By michelle.maternowski

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Lake Effect is Milwaukee Public Radio's the daily interview/magazine program, featuring conversations, commentary and more. Guests - from authors to academics, musicians to politicians - take on subjects that link Wisconsin with the world and the world with Wisconsin.

Episode Date
Monday on Lake Effect: Beats Me, Human Trafficking, 'Damn the Old Tinderbox,' Radio Chipstone
Monday on Lake Effect : Our Beats Me series examines how traffic changes after a major construction project. Later, a human trafficking survivor explains why she started speaking about her experiences. Then, we learn about Milwaukee’s Newhall House fire, one of the deadliest hotels fires in U.S. history. Plus, Radio Chipstone explores some everyday monuments. Guests: Beats Me Theresa Flores, founder, Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution Matthew Prigge, author, Damn the Old Tinderbox!: Milwaukee’s Palace of the West and the Fire That Defined an Era Radio Chipstone
Mar 17, 2019
Lake Effect Weekend: Democratic National Convention, Ward Irish Music Archives, Seo Linn
This weekend on Lake Effect : Now that Milwaukee has won the bid to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention, what are the challenges ahead? We’ll talk with the Milwaukee committee’s bid chair, Alex Lasry. Then we learn about the Ward Irish Music Archives in Wauwatosa, plus listen back to a music performances by Ireland's Socks In The Frying Pan and Seo Linn. Guests: Alex Lasry, senior vice president, Milwaukee Bucks Barry Stapleton, director; Jeff Ksiazek, archivist, Ward Irish Music Archives Socks In The Frying Pan (band) Seo Linn (band)
Mar 16, 2019
Friday on Lake Effect: Hidden Homelessness, Bubbler Talk, Carmina Burana, The Music of Tango
Friday on Lake Effect: Chronic, traditional homelessness is much improved in Milwaukee. However, silent homelessness is still pervasive. We hear one woman’s story of success at an area shelter. Then, on the week Milwaukee was awarded the 2020 Democratic Convention, Bubbler Talk considers the city’s history of socialist mayors. We talk with the artistic team behind The Skylight Music Theatre's collaborative production of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. And the melancholic sounds of the Argentinian bandoneon fill the performance studio ahead of a performance by the Master Singers of Milwaukee. Guests: Barbara Miner, Milwaukee Magazine; Natalie Hayden, Milwaukee Job Corps Bubbler Talk (series) Jill Anna Ponasik, Skylight Music Theatre & Milwaukee Opera Theatre; Janna Ernst, UWM Opera Department; Dani Kuepper, Danceworks; Benjamin Bedroske, Chant Claire Chamber Choir Eduardo Garcia-Novelli, Master Singers of Milwaukee; Martin Palmieri, composer; Daniel Binelli, composer and bandoneon
Mar 15, 2019
Thursday on Lake Effect: The Health Of Wisconsin, Dancer Emily Schoen, 'Paris By The Book'
Thursday on Lake Effect : We speak with an epidemiologist working to get a snapshot of the health of the state of Wisconsin. Dancer and Brookfield native Emily Schoen talks about the unifying global nature of art, and the heroine in Milwaukee writer Liam Callanan’s most recent novel dreams of Paris - and then one day finds herself there. Guests: Kristen Malecki, Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences at UW-Madison, Survey of the Health of Wisconsin co-director Emily Schoen, dancer, choreographer, & teacher Liam Callanan, author, Paris By the Book
Mar 14, 2019
Wednesday on Lake Effect: Democratic National Convention, 'Kaukauna & King,' 'Bad Reputation'
Wednesday on Lake Effect : Now that Milwaukee has won the bid to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention, what are the challenges ahead? We talk with the Milwaukee committee’s bid chair, Alex Lasry. Then, for the past three years, Milwaukee PBS host Joanne Williams has been chronicling a 1967 exchange between African American kids from Rufus King and white kids from Kaukauna High School. And a Milwaukee native talks about managing the archives of rock star Joan Jett and her label, Blackheart Records. Guests: Alex Lasry, senior vice president, Milwaukee Bucks Joanne Williams, host, Black Nouveau on Milwaukee PBS Caroline Jaecks, Blackheart archivist for Bad Reputation
Mar 12, 2019
Tuesday on Lake Effect: 'An American Summer,' Beats Me, American Advertising Cookbooks, Lullaby Road
Tuesday on Lake Effect : Journalist and author Alex Kotlowitz talks with us about his newest book on the impact of gun violence in Chicago, An American Summer . Beats Me examines the impact of 1960s freeway construction on Milwaukee neighborhoods. Milwaukee writer Christina Ward gives us a history of 20th century America through our food, and Oregon writer James Anderson brings us another atmospheric novel of the American southwest. Guests: Alex Kotlowitz, author, An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago Beats Me (series) Christina Ward, author, American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us to Love SPAM®, Bananas, and JELL-O® James Anderson, author, Lullaby Road
Mar 12, 2019
Monday on Lake Effect: Cyber Security Jobs, Invention In Academic Research, The Jason Seed Stringtet
Monday on Lake Effect : We learn about the growing need for cybersecurity professionals at a wide range of companies in the US. A renowned academic inventor breaks down some myths about how invention happens, and what it takes to get a patent. Plus musician Jason Seed reflects on his compositional style. Guests: Jen Rathburn, partner with the law firm of Foley and Lardner, specializing in data protection and security; Tina Chang, CEO, SysLogic Jay Goldberg, clinical professor of biomedical engineering & director of the Healthcare Technologies Management program at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin; Chuck Quirmbach, WUWM innovation reporter Jason Seed Stringtet
Mar 11, 2019
Friday on Lake Effect: Fish Under The Ice, Who Killed The Fonz, Saebra & Carlyle
Friday on Lake Effect: We'll learn how Wisconsin's fish population is faring underneath ice and snow-covered lakes around the state. Plus, a new novel imagines the characters from Happy Days inhabiting the Milwaukee of the early 1980s. We'll hear an in-studio performance from Saebra & Carlyle. And Bubbler Talk gives us the inside story of an iconic food stand on Milwaukee's east side. Guests: Mike Vogelsang, Wisconsin DNR James Boice, author, Who Killed The Fonz? Saebra & Carlyle (band) Bubbler Talk
Mar 08, 2019
Thursday on Lake Effect: Juvenile Justice, MilMag's Best Chef, 'Pay The Devil' Band
Thursday on Lake Effect : We speak with a researcher from Columbia University's Justice Lab to find out whether Wisconsin can learn something from a New York approach to juvenile justice. Then, Milwaukee Magazine's dining critic and senior editor Ann Christenson profiles the magazine's first "Best Chef" honoree, Sanford's Justin Aprahamian. And Milwaukee's own punk-grass band Pay The Devil fills Lake Effect's performance studio with tunes and conversation ahead of their CD release party on Friday. Guests: Vidhya Ananthakrishnan, Columbia University & Sharlen Moore, Youth Justice Milwaukee Ann Christenson, Milwaukee Magazine Pay The Devil, band
Mar 07, 2019
Wednesday on Lake Effect: 'Unsolved' Podcast, Native Fiber Exhibit, 'The Wisconsin Cheese Cookbook'
Wednesday on Lake Effect : The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel kicks off its third season of its Unsolved podcast. We get some perspective on the history of Native American activism from a Native American historian, and we learn about an exhibit of Native American fiber art currently on display in Cedarburg. Plus, a look at some of Wisconsin's most beloved creameries. Guests: Gina Barton, reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Heather Bruegl, historian and lecturer Karen Ann Hoffman, curator, Native Fiber exhibit Kristine Hansen, author, The Wisconsin Cheese Cookbook: Creamy, Cheesy, Sweet, and Savory Recipes from the State’s Best Creameries
Mar 06, 2019
Tuesday on Lake Effect: M-Cubed Update, 'Things I Know To Be True', Chicago Auto Show Recap
Tuesday on Lake Effect: We’ll have an update on M-Cubed, the effort to align the work of MPS, MATC, and UW-Milwaukee. Then, we talk with Australian playwright Andrew Bovell. His newest play, Things I Know to Be True, has its American premiere this week at the Milwaukee Rep. And our automotive contributors join us from one of the country’s largest auto shows, where they find, among other things, many expensive trucks. Guests: Vicki Martin, Milwaukee Area Technical College; Keith Posley, Milwaukee Public Schools; Mark Mone, UW-Milwaukee Andrew Bovell, playwright Mark Savage & Dan Harmon, Lake Effect automotive contributors
Mar 05, 2019
Monday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee 53206, Home and Work Segregation, On That Note
Monday on Lake Effect : New data quantifies the concentrated disadvantages of one Milwaukee neighborhood. Then, a new study looks at the disparity between home and workplace segregation in U.S. cities. Later, cellist and contributor Robert Cohen talks about the challenges he may face as a conductor. Plus, an arctic explorer gives his advice for dealing with the frigid weather. Guests: Marc Levine, professor emeritus of history, economic development, and urban studies, UW-Milwaukee Matthew Hall, professor of public policy, Cornell University Robert Cohen, On That Note contributor Eric Larsen, polar adventurer, expedition guide, and educator,
Mar 04, 2019
Lake Effect Weekend: Marketing Wisconsin Tourism, Illustrator Casey Hoaglund, 'Little Faith'
This weekend on Lake Effect : Wisconsin’s new tourism secretary Sara Meaney describes the fundamental battle in marketing the state to people around the country. Then, we meet the Milwaukee illustrator behind musician Trapper Schoepp's "What You Do to Her" music video that addresses the epidemic of sexual violence. Plus Eau Claire novelist Nick Butler doesn’t need anyone to sell Wisconsin to him - his latest book deals with the nature of faith and also the nature of small-town Wisconsin. Guests: Sara Meaney, designee to be the Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Casey Hoaglund, illustrator Nickolas Butler, author, Little Faith
Mar 02, 2019
Friday on Lake Effect: The Future Of Health Insurance, Wisconsin/Vega Project, Bubbler Talk
Friday on Lake Effect : We examine the confusing future of health insurance in Wisconsin and around the country. Then theater critic and author Chris Jones explains the many things that make Hamilton unique among Broadway shows. We hear about a modern CD featuring very old songs, played on very old instruments. Plus our Bubbler Talk series remembers an ephemeral dragon on Milwaukee’s east side three decades ago. Guests: Barbara Zabawa, health policy contributor Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune theater critic & author of Rise Up: Broadway and American Society from 'Angels in America' to 'Hamilton' Paul Ruppa, music historian and mandolin player Bubbler Talk (series)
Feb 28, 2019
Thursday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Eating Disorders, Farm Consolidation
Thursday on Lake Effect : The new editor of the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service talks about his position and how he hopes to represent the neighborhoods the service covers. Then, a look at an effort to combat eating disorders at UWM and the on-going consolidation of farms in Wisconsin. Plus, why you shouldn't be too surprised by the extremely cold forecast for the beginning of March. Guests: Ron Smith, editor, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Dr. Stacey Nye, supervisor, UW-Milwaukee Eating Disorder Clinic Dave Kozlowski, Lake Effect farming contributor; Kirsten Jurcek, president of the Southeast Chapter of the Wisconsin Farmers Union Jean Creighton, Lake Effect astronomy contributor
Feb 27, 2019
Wednesday on Lake Effect: Forum On Immigration Debate, Green Weddings, Wisconsin Poet Laureate
Wednesday on Lake Effect : We learn about a forum later this week looks at reframing the immigration debate, including policies concerning DACA and the separation of families. Then, why ecologically focused weddings are gaining popularity in Milwaukee, and a conversation with Wisconsin’s new poet laureate, Margaret Rozga. Guests: Ed Fallone, Marquette University Law School & Marquette Undocumented Students Task Force member Green Wedding Expo (feature), WUWM environmental reporter Susan Bence Margaret Rozga, Wisconsin Poet Laureate
Feb 27, 2019
Tuesday on Lake Effect: Municipality Revenue, Casey Hoaglund, Timothy Busfield & Melissa Gilbert
Tuesday on Lake Effect : We learn how Wisconsin could change the revenue mix for municipalities. Later, find out what makes Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum friendly to our feathered friends. We meet the Milwaukee illustrator behind a music video that addresses the epidemic of sexual violence, and actor Timothy Busfield says his love for the stage is actually the inspiration for a new film he directs and co-produces. Guests: Rob Henken, Wisconsin Policy Forum president Susan Bence, WUWM environmental reporter Casey Hoaglund, illustrator Timothy Busfield, director, producer; Melissa Gilbert, producer, Guest Artist
Feb 25, 2019
Monday on Lake Effect: Marketing Wisconsin, 'Little Faith,' 'The Great Lakes Cycle'
Monday on Lake Effect : Wisconsin’s new tourism secretary describes the fundamental battle in marketing the state to people around the country. Later, Eau Claire novelist Nick Butler discusses his latest book, which deals with the nature of faith and small-town living. And New York painter Alexis Rockman explains what inspired him to take on the Great Lakes as the subject for a whole series of work. Guests: Sara Meaney, designee to be the Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Nick Butler, author, Little Faith Alexis Rockman, artist, The Great Lakes Cycle
Feb 24, 2019
Lake Effect Weekend: Politcal Parties Aplenty, 'Not For Long,' Radio Chipstone, Ex Fabula
This weekend on Lake Effect : We learn about the plethora of newly formed political parties in Milwaukee and how they might affect next year's races. Then, writer and former pro football player Robert Turner says high-level college athletes may be getting a free education, but that doesn't mean they're getting the lessons they need to succeed off of the field. Plus we have the latest editions of Radio Chipstone and our storytelling series Ex Fabula. Guests: Larry Sandler, writer Robert Turner, author, Not For Long: The Life and Career of the NFL Athlete Hilary Morgan Leathem, University of Chicago Department of Anthropology doctoral candidate; Gianofer Fields, material culture contributor Leah DeLaney, Ex Fabula co-founder; Rachel Owens, WUWM
Feb 23, 2019
Friday on Lake Effect: 'The First Conspiracy,' 'One Small Step,' 20th UWM Drag Show, Bubbler Talk
Friday on Lake Effect : It’s George Washington’s 287th birthday, and today on the show, we learn about a conspiracy that could have killed him before the American Revolution even began. Later we meet the filmmakers behind the Oscar-nominated animated short, One Small Step . Plus, the popular UWM Drag Show celebrates its 20th edition tomorrow in Milwaukee, and Bubbler Talk explains why the Milwaukee version of the cruller is so special. Guests: Brad Meltzer, co-author, The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington Andrew Chesworth, Bobby Pontillas & Shaofu Zhang; Taiko Studios Jen Murray, UW-Milwaukee LGBTQ+ Resource Center director at UW-Milwaukee; Lady J, performer & UWM Drag Show co-host Bubbler Talk (series)
Feb 22, 2019