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Central Standard is an hour-long, live, call-in program. Central Standard brings you stories that surprise, intrigue and engage, with a strong focus on how these stories impact Kansas City and the region.

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Seg. 1: Election Mandate | Seg. 2: Lonely Together | Seg. 3: Valor Deferred
Segment 1: A New York Times reporter sees votes for Quinton Lucas as votes for neighborhoods. The weekend before Kansas City's mayoral election, a story appeared in the New York Times suggesting that this election came down to a choice: continued emphasis on downtown, or a shift toward prioritizing neighborhoods struggling in downtown's shadow. The author joins us to reflect on the outcome. John Eligon , reporter, The New York Times Segment 2: Loneliness is bad for our health, but whose job is it to tackle the problem? KCUR's Alex Smith just conducted a cross-cultural examination of loneliness as a public health crisis, both here and abroad. Can we learn anything from Britain, where there's a formal campaign to reduce loneliness nationwide? BONUS: A librarian's list of resources for overcoming loneliness . Alex Smith , health reporter, KCUR Kaite Stover , Kansas City Public Library Daniel Serda , urban planner, Greater KC LISC Segment 3: Medals of Valor are being awarded to veterans of
Jun 19, 2019
Seg. 1: Not Drinking | Seg. 2: Sarah Kucera
Segment 1: Non-drinking bars are filling a void for socializing without booze. Alcohol is central to a lot of social events and environments. It's part of hospitality. So if you stop drinking altogether, or just want to skip drinks for the evening, where do you go? What do you do? And why do the opportunities seem scarce? David Wayne Reed , writer, actor, storyteller, bon-vivant Melissa Saubers , owner, Sans Bar KC Segment 2: A local author and wellness professional offers a different take on "self-care." Is self-care about treating yourself to a fancy spa treatment, or can it be as simple as going to bed on time? A local Ayurvedic practitioner has written a book suggesting tips for that second kind of self-care. Sarah Kucera , author, The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook: Holistic Healing Rituals for Every Day and Season , owner, Sage Center for Healing Arts
Jun 18, 2019
Seg. 1: Mapping Micheladas | Seg. 2 : Best Mexican With Food Critics
Segment 1: Mapping Micheladas. The mexican specialty mixing beer with tomato juice has been growing in popularity in Kansas City. We speak with the creator of the Michelada Map about where they are consumed the most in the United States. Brice Wiley, creator of the Michelada Map Segment 2, beginning at 9:54: Food critics and Mexican food. Our food critics recommend some of the best Mexican cuisine around Kansas City. We also revisit a conversation with José Ralat about the Kansas City taco and the myth of authenticity. Jenny Vergara , contributing editor, Feast Magazine Mary Bloch , food blogger, Around the Block KC Edgar Galicia , Central Avenue Betterment Association José Ralat, Writer of the Taco Trail The Flavors of Central Tour hosted by the Central Avenue Betterment Association begins Saturday June 29th at 10am and begins at La Placita, Bethany Park on Central Avenue.
Jun 14, 2019
Seg. 1: Grocery Stores | Seg. 2: Ryan Wilks
Segment 1: How are grocery stores changing? Leon's Thriftway recently closed down in Kansas City, marking the end of an era for a black-owned business that had served its community for 50 years. The closing of Leon's reflects a sea of changes for a grocery industry that now has to keep up with the Amazons and WalMarts of the world. So how are grocery stores trying to keep up with the times? And how has the consumer relationship to grocery stores changed? In this segment, we tackle these questions and discuss the future of grocery stores. Rachel Jefferson , executive director, Historic Northeast Midtown Association Joe Fassler , features editor, The New Food Economy Segment 2, beginning at 33:07: A trip to hell and back A local Kansas City artist has a new exhibit exploring what we believe and why through the lens of religion. We sit down with the artist to talk about the artwork, the inspiration behind it and how people have responded to his pieces. Ryan Wilks , artist Ryan Wilks'
Jun 13, 2019
Seg. 1: Urban Heat Islands | Seg. 2: AY Young (R) | Seg. 3: Bird Fleming
Segment 1: Metro areas experience hotter summers, and Kansas City is no exception. An urban heat island is a city that gets signigicantly warmer than its surrounding area, just by virtue of having a lot of buildings and a lot of people in one place. Downtown Kansas City is one place that feels the effects of urban heat, especially in the summer. We talk with local Kansas Citians who have studied this phenomenon and how to combat its effects. Kyle Reed , environmental and urban geosciences master's student, UMKC Tom Jacobs , environmental program director, Mid-America Regional Council Roosevelt Lyons , deputy director, Parks and Recreation for Kansas City, MO Segment 2, beginning at 20:07: A spotlight on a Kansas City rapper (Repeat) Local music artist AY Young isn't quite like other rappers: He learned to rap without having ever heard rap music, and last fall he went on tour performing solar-powered, community-centered concerts. We revisit this conversation with AY about his music and
Jun 12, 2019
Seg. 1: Tiny Towns Surrounded By Kansas City | Seg. 2: Margins Box
Segment 1: Why does Kansas City look like swiss cheese? If you look at a map of Kansas City, you'll find little holes of independent towns, such as Platte Woods and North Kansas City. We speak with representatives from some of these non-annexed communities to talk about how these tiny towns fit into the fabric of the bigger city. Bill Worley , historian, Metropolitan Community College Brad Wolf , City Historic Preservation Officer, City of Kansas City, Missouri Kim Nakahodo , assistant city administrator, North Kansas City John Smedley , mayor, Platte Woods Segment 2, beginning at 31:34: Two Kansas City authors start their own subscription box. A new subscription box called Margins Box features books by Black and indigenous authors and authors of color. Founded by two local young adult authors, the box also includes artwork from a diverse range of artists. We sit down with Margins Box's two co-founders to talk about the subscription service and the importance of spotlighting work from
Jun 11, 2019
Seg. 1: Women in Soccer | Seg. 2: Police Twitter
Segment 1: In honor of the Women's World Cup, we ask what's up with the sport here in Kansas City. We lost our professional women's soccer team in 2017. Kansas City isn't alone; the national league is having a hard time maintaining enough teams to sustain their seasons, despite the sport's popularity among girls. Gemma Clarke , author, Soccer Women: The Icons, Rebels, Stars and Trailblazers Who Transformed the Beautiful Game Greg Echlin , sports reporter, KCUR Carrie Fry Robinson , founder and director, Finesse Soccer Training Academy Segment 2: When police departments tweet, does that help them serve and protect? The Twitter feeds of local police departments are often cheeky, whether referencing lusty deer and the traffic risk they pose during car-deer-crash season, or munchies on 4/20. What's that about? Sarah Boyd , Kansas City Police Department Danny Chavez , Lenexa Police Department Raul Perez , Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Laverne
Jun 10, 2019
Seg. 1: 30 Americans | Seg. 2: Graffiti Festival | Seg. 3: Lullabies
Segment 1: Telling the American story through art by acclaimed African-American artists. There's no hyphen in 30 Americans , an art exhibition featuring masterworks by four decades of African-American artists. That's by design. Hear how Kansas Citians have made this traveling show their own, and why the curator who brought it to the Nelson-Atkins says it's "a long time coming." Stephanie Fox Knappe , Samuel Sosland Curator of American Art, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Segment 2, begins at 15:12: Graffiti art now has its own festival. The third annual KC Masterpiece graffiti and public art festival sets the scene for this conversation about the changing culture around graffiti in Kansas City and beyond. Jesse "Chuey" Hernandez , graffiti artist and KC Masterpiece event organizer Segment 3, begins at 31:18: How fatherhood changed a Kansas City musician, as revealed through an album of lullabies. Simon Fink is out with a new lullaby album and accompanying songbook chronicling his early
Jun 07, 2019
Seg. 1: Micro-Apartments | Seg. 2: Dad Jokes Beer
Segment 1: Affordability of Micro-Apartments Developers plan to include micro-apartments as an option for "affordable housing" in the Midland building downtown. The plan has inspired an outcry from skeptical Kansas Citians: Is paying $750 for a tiny apartment truly affordable? A housing advocate and a business journalist weigh in. Kevin Collison , founder, CityScene KC Tara Raghuveer , director, KC Tenants ; housing director, People's Action Segment 2, beginning at 38:21: Dad Jokes Beer A Kansas City brewery just released a new beer called Dad Jokes, which is said to pair well with mini vans and sandals worn with socks. We discuss the beer and the cringey-yet-endearing phenomenon of dad jokes. James Stutsman , founder, City Barrel Brewing
Jun 06, 2019
Seg. 1: Let's Fix Things | Seg. 2: Books About Work
Segment 1: Why we don't fix things any more, and why that matters. There's a national movement encouraging people to learn how to fix things as an antidote to consumer waste and excess spending. But fix-it-yourself workshops happening around the country are having trouble getting off the ground in Kansas City. Our guests give the spiels they'd deliver at such workshops, if they did exist here. Kyle Wiens , Editor in Chief and co-founder, I Fix It Sean Eagan , volunteer mechanic, 816 Bicycle Collective Segment 2 (beginning at 22:11): What literature has to say about the working life. The Bibliofiles discuss how jobs and careers define even fictional characters as well as real people whose writing takes us behind the scenes in their professions. The recommendations they shared for great reads about work can be found here . Kaite Stover , The Kansas City Public Library Jeffrey Ann Goudie , freelance writer and book critic Mark Luce , Barstow School and University of Kansas
Jun 05, 2019
Political Internships
Segment 1: Political Internships For years, it used to be standard fare that taking an unpaid internship in the political world was invaluable if you wanted to break into Capitol Hill and the halls of power. But questions about fair pay have pushed many politicians to start offering paid internships in recent years. We talk with two people who experienced some of the pitfalls of an unpaid internship and a university's internship coordinator about the movement to pay more interns and the outsized impact unpaid internships can have on equity and inclusion in politics. Guillermo Creamer , co-founder, Pay Our Interns Brendan Davison , former intern with the Brent Welder campaign Burdett Loomis , professor of political science and coordinator of D.C. internship program, University of Kansas
Jun 04, 2019
Seg. 1: 100 Years Of Swimwear | Seg. 2: How To Swim| Seg. 3: Jane Doe Revue
Segment 1: 100 Years Of Swimwear A new clothing exhibition at the Kansas City Museum at the Historic Garment District focuses on the history of swim fashion. Looking back on the past 100 years, the exhibit examines the changes in swimwear fashion until the modern age. We talk to the collections specialist from the museum about the exhibit and how changes in swimwear reflect changes in our society and culture. Kate Warfield , collections specialist, Kansas City Museum at the Historic Garment District Segment 2, beginning at 21:14: How to swim With summer on the horizon, community pools are now open and ready for the public — including those learning to swim for the first time. We talk to an aquatics director about water safety, tips for learning to swim, and how she's seen her local pool change over the years. Danielle Randle , aquatics director, Linwood YMCA Segment 3, beginning at 34:55: Jane Doe Revue The Jane Doe Revue is a female rock orchestra group, with members from local bands
Jun 03, 2019
Seg. 1: Food And The Environment | Seg. 2: Dungeons And Dragons
Segment 1: Food access as an environmental issue Metropolitan cities like Kansas City have often struggled with ensuring that their residents have access to healthy, affordable food. In addition to being a political and economic issue, food access also carries environmental implications. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is one organization that has focused on supporting envrionmentally responsible food systems in the area. We talk about this issue with a member of the coalition and a representative from a Kansas City-based nonprofit dedicated to improving food access. Melissa Vatterott , food and farm director, Missouri Coalition for the Environment Beth Low-Smith , vice president of policy, KC Healthy Kids ; director, Greater KC Food Policy Coalition Segment 2, beginning at 21:45: Dungeons and Dragons The popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons used to be confined to dinner tables and basements. But its rising popularity
May 30, 2019
Seg. 1: Tornado Coverage | Seg. 2: Trains In Kansas
Segment 1: Tornado Aftermath On Tuesday night, a large tornado hit parts of Lawrence and Johnson County, causing several injuries and property damage across neighborhoods. With many communities in recovery mode after the storm, we speak with reporters who were on the ground in the tornado's aftermath and hear from folks who witnessed it firsthand. Nomin Ujiyediin , reporter, Kansas News Service Sam Zeff , metro reporter, KCUR 89.3 John Kurtz , meteorologist, National Weather Service Quincy Vagell , meteorologist and storm chaser Segment 2, beginning at 26:33: Trains In Kansas Trains have played an influential role in shaping Kansas history; they're even responsible for bringing the first European settlers to the area pre-statehood. They've since connected communities across the state and beyond, but plans for long-distance passenger routes are uncertain. We talk to a reporter to explain the showdown between Congress and Amtrak, and an historian to discuss how trains have shaped the
May 30, 2019
Seg. 1: Mini Golf At The Nelson | Seg. 2: Tom Corbin | Seg. 3: Every Ballpark
Segment 1: Mini Golf at the Nelson-Atkins The role of museums in communities are changing, from being places to look at art to spaces where people can gather and socialize. The Nelson-Atkins Museum is also evaluating its role within the community, and as a way to become more of a social space, will be offering mini golf this summer. In this segment, we speak to the musem director about the new mini golf experience and the museum's changing relationship to the Kansas City community. Julian Zugazagoitia , Director and CEO, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Segment 2, beginning at 21:29: Tom Corbin and Harry Truman A local artist has been tapped to make a sculpture of President Harry Truman that will stand in the United States Capitol. We talk to him about the politics behind how this statue came about and the decisions he'll make about how to depict the country's 33rd president. Tom Corbin , sculptor Segment 3, beginning at 36:20: Melody's Ballpark Quest One of our producers is on track to
May 29, 2019
Seg. 1: Busking Law 101 | Seg. 2: All-Women Busker Festival | Seg. 3: JT Daniels
Segment 1: Busking Law 101 If you're headed to a major city, you'll likely come across someone performing on a sidewalk with a hat, jar or guitar case set out for tips. But while that experience is common, the regulations governing it are not. We find out what buskers are allowed to do in Kansas City and how that differs from other places across the country. Jazz , performer in the one-woman band, Jazzy Jams Matthias Young , author, Busking Laws for the Street Performer Segment 2, beginning at 20:36: All-Women Busker Festival This year's Lawrence Busker Festival features an all-women cast. We speak with two buskers: one who hula hoops with barbed wire and eats fire — the other who bends frying pans with her bare hands. Linsey Lindberg , strong-woman performer, known as ' Momma Lou ' Martika Daniels , one-woman stunt show The Lawrence Busker Festival takes place Friday, May 24 through Sunday, May 26. For more information, visit LawrenceBuskerFest.com . Segment 3, beginning at 36:20: JT
May 28, 2019
Seg 1: Bob Wasabi, Poke, and Food Bowls | Seg. 2: Best Sushi and Raw Meat
Segment 1: Bob Wasabi Sushi, poke, and food bowls. Reporter Andrea Tudhope gives us a look into one of the first poke bowls to hit menus in Kansas City. Then, a food journalist tells us about the rise of the poke bowl, as well as other popular bowl-based dishes. Tom Roston, food journalist Andrea Tudhope, reporter for KCUR 89.3 Segment 2, beginning at 15:03: Food critics and the best raw meats. Our food critics recommend cold-prepared options for the warm summer days ahead. Whether you crave oysters and sushi or tartare and crudo, you can find it at these Kansas City staples and hidden gems. Jenny Vergara , contributing editor, Feast Magazine Danielle Lehman, host of the Open Belly podcast Mary Bloch , food blogger, Around the Block KC
May 24, 2019
Advice For High School Graduates
Graduation season is upon us, which means celebration and cliché advice. But a lot of the age-old wisdom doesn't quite ring true in today's changing world. Hear about the helpful and not-so-helpful nuggets doled out to high school seniors. Plus, Kansas Citians share their own tips. Guests: Kendrick Blackwood , teacher based in China Ruby Rios, UMKC student, profiled on a 30-under-30 list before she turned 20 Coy Dugger , assistant producer and announcer, KCUR 89.3
May 22, 2019
Seg. 1: Hair And Identity | Seg. 2: Paul Henry Ramirez
Segment 1: Hair and Identity How you wear your hair is part of your identity. We explore a growing movement to recognize that fact. Chavonna Adams , local artist & author, I Love My Hair! Kate Van Vleck , hair stylist & co-founder him.her.them Hair Studio Elizabeth Benedict , editor, Me, My Hair and I: 27 Women Untangle an Obsession Segment 2, beginning at 37:36: Paul Henry Ramirez A new artist featured at the Kemper was inspired by a quote from R. Crosby Kemper Jr.: "Joy is to be surrounded by beauty." He has exhibited at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., where his papers have also been acquired by the Smithsonian Archive of American Art. Paul Henry Ramirez , painter and sculptor Correction: Paul Henry Ramirez's last name was originally left off of this post, and R. Crosby Kemper's quote was misattributed to Ramirez.
May 21, 2019
Seg. 1: The North Loop | Seg. 2: Molly Murphy
Segment 1: The North Loop The creation of the North Loop redefined downtown Kansas City in the mid 1900's. How has this region of the highway system impacted our city's past, present and future? Ron Achelpohl , Director of Transportation and Environment, Mid-America Regional Council Matt Staub , chair, Parking and Transportation Commission of Kansas City, Missouri Caitlin Eckard , executive director, Jackson County Historical Society Segment 2, beginning at 35:16: Molly Murphy A defining artist in the Lawrence art scene is preparing to head off to Kuala Lumpur for a residency. Molly Murphy , visual artist
May 20, 2019