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Anderson Cooper brings you highlights from CNN's premier nightly news program AC360.

Episode Date
National (Or Irrational) Emergency; Help From Some Friends?;
Pres. Trump To Declare National Emergency A Signing Of Government Spending Bill; House Voting Tonight On Govt. Shutdown, Senate Has Approved Bill Former FBI Director ConfIrms Talks Inside Justice Dept. About Invoking 25th Amendment To Remove Trump From Office; Pres. Trump: McCabe A "Disgrace" To FBI, Country; via Knit
Feb 15, 2019
CNN Exclusive: Barr Consulting On How To Handle Report Ahead Of Expected Confirmation As Attorney General; Parkland One Year Later; Identity of Tabloid Leaker Confirmed
Judge Rules Manafort "Intentionally" Lied To The FBI, Special Counsel And Grand Jury; Unclear If Pres. Trump Will Sign Border Funds Deal, Says He's Wary of "Land Mines" In Legislation; High School Shooting Survivors Turned Into Activists, Inspired By New Gun Safety Laws; Source: Brother of Jeff Bezos' Mistress Tipped National Enquirer to Affair via Knit
Feb 14, 2019
A Learning Experience; Newest Presidential Hopeful; Town Hall Tonight With Independent Howard Schultz; Suing The President; The Ridiculist
Aides Caution Nothing Is Final Until The Bill Is Signed; Pres. Trump Likely To Sign Deal, But " Not Happy" And Weighing Options For Building Border Wall; Pres. Trump "Proud" Of What Shutdown Accomplished; Pres. Trump Claims He's Using Other Methods; In Rare Split, Top Dem On Senate Intel Rejects Chairman's Claim That Panel Found No Evidence Of Collusion With Russia; Sen. Klobuchar, Pres. Trump Trade Barbs Over Snow And Hair After Campaing Announcement; Sen. Klobuchar Latest To Join Democratic Presidential Race; Ex-Trump Aide Cliff Sims Sues President As Campaign Seeks To Enforce Non-Disclosure Agreement On Tell-All Book; via Knit
Feb 13, 2019
Walled-In By The Facts; Pres. Trump Reopens Old Wounds; Genocide Isn't Funny; Sen. Shelby: Negotiations Have Reached An Agreement In Principle To Avoid Another Government Shutdown; Suing The President;
Pres. Trump Heading To El Paso To Rally For Border Wall, Potential 2020 Dem Challenger Beto O' Rourke Joins Nearby Competing Anti-Wall March; Rallies And Against The Border Wall In El Paso As Lawmakers Try To Reach Deal To Avoid Another Shutdown; Cliff Sims Sues Pres. Trump To Stop Him From "Silencing" The Ex-White House Aide As He Promotes His New Tell-All Book; via Knit
Feb 12, 2019
Show And Don't Tell; Bezos Blackmail Allegations; Shutdown Talks And The Wall
At House judiciary Hearing Acting AG Whitaker Says He Has Not Interfered With Mueller Investigation Or Talked To Pres. Trump About It; Whitaker Won't Answer Whether Mueller Investigation Is A "Witch Hunt"; 2nd Accuser Comes Forward, Says She Was Raped By Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax in 2000; After Physical, Pres. Trump's Doctor Says He Is "In Very Good Health"; Federal Prosecutors Reviewing National Enquirer's Handling Of Its Reporting On Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos; Negotiators Close In On Reduced Border Funding via Knit
Feb 09, 2019
Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of Extortion And Blackmail; Of Red Lines And White Houses; House Dems Setting Up Showdown Over Pres. Trump's Taxes; The Ridiculist
Amazon's Bezos Claims Extortion & Blackmail, Publishes Emails, And Alleged Threat From National Enquirer's Parent Company; CNN: President Furious After House Intel Chair Hires Ex-White House Officials For Probe of Administration; House Dems Begin To Push To Get President's Taxes; via Knit
Feb 08, 2019
All the President's Businesses; Commonwealth Chaos Builds; Is Wall Compromise Possible?; Another Shutdown Looms
Dems Launch Sweeping Probe Of President's Finances And Russia; Pres. Trump Calls Widening Probe "Presidential Harassment"; Schiff: "I Can Understand Why The Idea of Meaningful Oversight Terrifies The President"; House Intel Votes To Release All Witness Transcripts From Its Russia Investigation To The DOJ, Mueller Team; Chaos In Virginia: LT. Gov Accuser Lays Out Alleged Assault, AG Admits To Using Blackface, Governor Refuses To Resign; Virginia Atty. General Apologizes For Blackface Incident In Latest Scandal Rocking State's Top Elected Democrats; Sen. Warren's New Problem; Hill Negotiators Briefed By Border Security Officials As Clock Ticks Toward Deadline To Make A Deal; Pelosi Says She Thinks Deal Can Be Reached By This Friday If WH Stays Out of Negotiations; Sen. Warren Apologizes For Calling Herself "American Indian" via Knit
Feb 07, 2019
Now You See Me, Now You Don't; Working Hard or Hardly Working?; Trump Inaugural Committee Issued Subpoenaed By Federal Prosecutors; Report: Pres. Trump's Schedule Mostly "Executive Time";
Embattled VA Gov. Tells Cabinet He Won't Resign And Be Known As "A Racist For Life"; Sr. Advisor to VA Gov. Northam: He Is "Weighing His Options And Trying to Evaluate How "Effective" He'd Be If He Stays In Office; Sr. Advisor to VA Gov. Northam "The Situation Changes Hour By Hour And He is Taking Stock Of Everything"; KellyAnne Conway Defends The President's Schedule; Axios: Pres. Trump Spends 60% of Schedule In "Executive Time"; Wash. Post: Purge Of Undocumented Workers By Trump's Company Spread to At Least 5 Golf Courses; via Knit
Feb 05, 2019
Virginia Governor Apologizes For Racist Photo On 1984 Medical School Yearbook Page; "We're Building A Wall" (We're Not); Booker Joins Crowded, Diverse Democratic Contest For WH;
Wash Post: McConnell Privately Cautions Trump About Emergency Declaration On Border Wall; Sherrod Brown: Howard Schultz Is An "Idiot"; Virginia GOP Calls For Governor To Resign In Racist Photo Scandal; Judge Warns Roger Stone: "This Is A Criminal Proceeding And Not A Public Relations Campaign"; via Knit
Feb 02, 2019
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 17; CNN Exclusive: Senate Investigators Were Told Trump Jr.'s Mysterious Calls Weren't With His Father; Border Wall Negotiations
Pres. Trump Claims Intel Chiefs Were Misquoted During Public Testimony In Which They Clearly Contradicted Him; A Wall By Any Other Name; DHS Secretary Accused Of Perjury, Fights Back; Death Toll Rising In Widespread, Brutal Cold via Knit
Feb 01, 2019
Special Counsel: Russians Altering Evidence In Mueller Probe To Discredit Investigation; Daily Caller: Pres. Trump Considering Asking FBI To Review Its Policies Following Roger Stone Raid; Independent Voice or Spoiler?; q
Sources: Pres. Trump Seethed Watching Highlights Of Intel Chiefs Testimony, Singled Out Dan Coats For Comments On N. Korea; Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Says Democrats Are Too Far Left And Pres. Trump Shows "Weakness"; via Knit
Jan 31, 2019
(For)Get Me Roger Stone; Women Gagged With Tape?; Top Intel Chiefs Contradict Pres. Trump On Security Threats; Trying To Turn Lies Into Truth?
Stone: "This Is A Legal Lynching Of Me"; . Trump Ally Stone Pleads Not Guilty To Charges In Mueller Probe; Inside The West Wing; Former Trump WH Aide Describes Pervasive Leaking, Scheming, And Backstabbing; Pres. Trump Repeatedly Claims Without Evidence, Women Are Bound, With Duct Tape Crossing Border via Knit
Jan 30, 2019
Whitaker: Mueller Probe "Close To Being Complete"; Shut-Show, Part 2; Echoes of Obama?; Five Police Officers Shot In Houston; Countdown to 2020
Acting Attorney General Reveals He's Been "Fully Briefed" On Mueller Investigation And It's "Close To Being Complete"; Pres. Trump: Odds Of Border Wall Deal "Less Than 50-50"; CBO: Economy Lost $11 Billion During Government Shutdown; Including A $3 Billion Loss; Democrats Fume As Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Mulls Independent Run, Argue It Would Help Pres. Trump ; Sen. Kamala Harris Enters Presidential Race; via Knit
Jan 29, 2019
All That...For What?; Mueller Indictment Accuses Stones Of Obstruction, Witness Tampering And Making False Statements; Shades of Nixon;
Trump Adviser Calls Deal To End Shutdown "A Humiliating Loss"; Pres. Trump Caves On Wall, Agrees To Reopen Government; But President Tweets: "This Was No Way A Concession"; Pres. Trump: "In 21 Days, If No Deal Is Done; It's Off To The Races!"; Stone Calls Investigation Politically Motivated, Insists He Will Not Testify Against the President; Mueller Was Concerned Stoned Would Flee Or Destroy Evidence; Indictment: Stone Sought Stolen Emails From Wikileaks At The Direction Of "A Senior Trump Campaign Official"; via Knit
Jan 26, 2019
Dueling Bills To Reopen Government Are Both Defeated; Let Them Eat Wall; Art of The Cave; Real-Life Impacts Of Shutdown; Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen; Lawyer Says He'll Comply; "Three Identical Strangers"
New Bipartisan Push Under Way For A Shutdown Compromise; Pres. Trump Seeks "Prorated Down Pay; CNN Exclusive: White House Preparing Draft National Emergency Order, Has Identified $7 Billion For Wall; Pres. Trump Says He'll Delay State Of The Union Until After The Shutdown; Kentucky Couple Whose Child Needs A Breathing Tube Concerned About Electricity Being Turned Off While Not Getting Paid; via Knit
Jan 25, 2019
WH Officials Were Caught Off Guard By Pelosi's Swift Response To Pres. Trump, Pulling The Plug On His State Of The Union Speech; Fear Factor; Sam Donaldson's Take;
Wash. Post: White House Seeks List Of Programs That Would Be Hurt If Shutdown Lasts Into March And April; WH Officials Wanted To Call Pelosi's Bluff On State of the Union Plans And Weren't Expecting Her To Formally Disinvite Pres. Trump; Source: Pres. Trump Considering Executive Action Again, Separate From Emergency Declaration; Michael Cohen Postpones Congressional Testimony Citing "Ongoing Threats Against His Family" By Pres. Trump & Giuliani; Former Trump Aide In New Book Accuses Kellyanne Conway of Leaking Tactics; via Knit
Jan 24, 2019
Shut-Show, Day 32; Sen. Warren On Shutdown, 2020, Pres. Trump, And Race; The Art Of (No) Deal; Cleanup On Aisle Rudy, Part 3
White House Moving Forward With State State Of The Union Plans; Student At Center Of Controversy In Washington Speaks Publicly For First Time After Viral Video; Defense Lawyer: American Arrested In Moscow Did Have Classified Material In His Possession When Arrested via Knit
Jan 23, 2019
Cleanup On Aisle Rudy, Part 2; Shutdown Showdown, DealMaker-In-Chief?; Lawmakers Accuse Pres. Trump Of Racism On MLK Day; Sen. Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy
After Quoting Trump That Moscow Project Was Discussed Until The "Day I Won," Giuliani Walks Back The Statement, Calls It Hypothetical; WH: Senate On Track To Introduce Pres. Trump's Shutdown Proposal Tomorrow, Democrats Say It's A Non-Starter; Pres. Trump Rep. Jeffries To Pres. Trump As A "Grand Wizard"; Sen. Sanders: We Have A President Who Is A "Racist"; Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris Hitting 2020 Trail; via Knit
Jan 22, 2019
Mueller Spokesman: Buzzfeed Descriptions In The Report "Not Accurate"
Muller Spokesman: Buzzfeed "Characterization Of Documents And Testimony" In Report That Trump Directed Cohen To Lie Is "Not Accurate"; Buzzfeed: "We Are Continuing To Report And Determine What The Special Counsel Is Disputing. We Remain Confident In The Accuracy Of Our Report"; Buzzfeed Editor In Chief: "We Stand By Our Reporting...We Urge The Special Counsel To Make Clear What He's Disputing"; via Knit
Jan 19, 2019
President Trump Vs. House Speaker Pelosi; Cohen Says Trump Directed Him To Pay For Poll Rigging; Cleanup On Aisle Rudy; On The Frontlines
WH Delegations Cancels Davos Trip After Trump Pulls Military Aircraft For Pelosi War-Zone Trip; Follows Her Request For Him To Move To State Of The Union; Cohen Says Trump Directed Him To Pay For Poll Rigging; WSJ: Computer Specialist Says Cohen Agreed To Pay Him $50k; Guiliani Contradicts Trump Team's "No Collusion" Claims; via Knit
Jan 18, 2019
Suspicion. After Suspicion. After Suspicion.; State of The Disunion; Mission Not Accomplished; Four Americans Die In ISIS Attack In Syria; House Judiciary Chairman Weighs In on Barr Nominations, Mueller Investigation;
Kremlin Aide Echoes Pres. Trump's Denial That He Ever Worked For Russia; Investigation Continues; Rep. Schiff: We Could Subpoena The Interpreter And The Notes But Are Looking At Method To Get That Information Involuntarily; House Speaker Calls On Pres. Trump To Reschedule State Of The Union Address, Citing Security During Shutdown; New House Judiciary Chair Nadler Skeptical Of Barr And Whitaker, Vows More Oversight Of DOJ; Diabetic Federal Worker Was Rationing Insulin During Shutdown via Knit
Jan 17, 2019
Answers. And Questions.; Was It Something He Said?; The Ridiculist
Mueller Team Cites Text Messages, Emails And Tax Records As Evidence That Manafort Lied; Attorney General Nominee: "I Will Not Be Bullied"; Barr Says He Doesn't Think Mueller Is On A "Witch Hunt"; Barr: "Vitally Important" That Mueller Completes His Investigation; In Rare Move House Takes More Action Against Rep. Steve King; 11 Senate Republicans Join Democrats To Advance Measure Stopping The Treasury Dept. From Relaxing Russia Sanctions; via Knit
Jan 16, 2019
Unchartered Waters; Amid Bombshell Reports Of Trump-Putin Relationship Trump's Lawyers Rebuff New Request For Mueller Interview; Rep. Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments Following Racist Comments; California Utility Giant Under Fire
GOP House Leaders Take Action To Punish Congressman For Racist Remarks; Dems Mull Subpoenas For Interpreters Amid Reports Of Secrecy About Trump-Putin Meetings; President Denies Working For Russia; California Utility Company PG&E Will File For Bankruptcy, Facing Billions Of Dollars In Claims Over Deadly Fires via Knit
Jan 15, 2019
Shut-Show: Record Edition; NY Times: FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working On Behalf Of Russia; 13-Year-Old Girl Escapes After Being Held Captive For Nearly 3 Months
Pres. Trump: No Emergency Declaration For Now; Federal Workers Miss First Paycheck As Government; Rep. Steve King May Face Possible Censure Motion In Wake Of Explosive NY Times Interview; via Knit
Jan 12, 2019
Shut-Show Day 20; Shutdown & Aviation Safety; Still Singing, New Verse; Senate Democrats Meet With William Barr; Will He Release Full Mueller Investigation?
Border Wall Funds Could Be Diverted From Money Meant For Puerto Rico, Texas And Other Areas Hit By Disasters; WSJ: Kushner, Other WH Aides, Lobbying For Restraint On Declaring National Emergency To Get Border Wall; Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen To Testify Before House Oversight Committee; Atty. Gen. Nominee William Barr Says No Guarantee On Full Public Release of Mueller Probe via Knit
Jan 11, 2019
Shut-Show; Source: Rosenstein Will Leave DO; Air Traffic Controllers Impacted, Worry No Pay Could Lead To Lack Of Focus On The Job
Pres. Trump Walks Out Of Shutdown Talks With Dems Who Won't Support Border Wall, Calls Talks "Total Waste Of Time"; Schumer: "Why Won't You Open The Government And Stop Hurting People?; Trump: "Because Then You Won't Give Me What I Want"; Source: Deputy AG Rosenstein Plans To Leave Justice Dept. Shortly After Barr Confirmed New Attorney General; Source: Manafort Intended For Polling Data To Go To Two Ukrainian Oligarchs Who Owed Him Millions; Wash. Post: Beefed-Up White House Legal Team Prepares Aggressive Executive Privilege Defense; via Knit
Jan 10, 2019
The Prebuttal; Awaiting Trump's Address On Border Security; Court Filing Shows Former Campaign Chair Manafort Shared Polling Data With Alleged Russian Operative; Some FDA Employees Think Shutdown Could Be Deadly
Source Close To President: Trump Has Been Told National Emergency Declaration "Probably Won't Work"; About 41% Of FDA Not Working Due To Shutdown; Some Agency Employees Worry About Public Safety; via Knit
Jan 09, 2019
Of Walls And Words; Government Shutdown; Political Pain; What's Old Is New Again; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez One-On-One;
President Trump Threatens To Bypass Congress To Build Wall; National Address And Border Visit Planned; WH Now: Not Pulling Out of Syria "Until ISIS Is Gone," Last Month: Our Troops Are "Coming Back Now"; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Spark Controversy, Attracts Supporters As Youngest House Member; via Knit
Jan 08, 2019
"Just Words" (They're Not); Pres. Trump Opened WH Meeting On Shutdown With 15-Min. Profanity-Laced Rant About Impeachment; Shutdown Showdown: Next Steps?; The Human Cost Of The Shutdown; New House Dem: "We're Gonna Impeach The Motherf****R"
WSJ: Pres. Trump Told Lawmakers He Didn't Like The Word Shutdown And Preferred The Word "Strike"; WSJ: Tense Exchange Between House Speaker Pelosi, Homeland Security Sec. Nielsen At WH Meeting; Family's Personal Shutdown Crisis; Dem Congresswoman Speaks About Her Salty Words About President: "He Met His Match" via Knit
Jan 05, 2019
A New World In Washington; House Votes To End Shutdown As Pres. Trump Vows To Veto Bill; Pres. Trump's Briefing That Wasn't; Dems Roll Out Impeachment Bill On Day One Of House Control Under Pres. Trump; Lawyer: American Formally Charged With Spying On Ru
Democrats Begin Push To Investigate Pres. Trump After Taking Control of House; Schiff Preparing Vote To Send Intel Committee Transcripts To Mueller; Pelosi Won't Rule Out Indictment Of Pres. Trump; Russian News Site: Whelan Arrested With Flash Drive After Recruiting Russian For Info On Intel Agencies; via Knit
Jan 04, 2019
"Enjoy The Ride"; Democrats Take Control Of House; GOP Trump Skeptics; Pres. Trump Thrashes Top Former Generals; New Questions About Pres. Trump's Vietnam Medical Deferment
Sources: Pres. Trump Told Schumer He Would "Look" Foolish If He Accepted Dems Proposal To End Government Shutdown; No Breakthrough In New Talks With Congressional Leaders; Romney Blasts Pres. Trump For Not Rising To The "Mantle Of The Office," Doubles Down In New Interview; Pres. Trump: I Wish Romney Would Be A Team Player; Pres. Trump: Is Romney A "Flake"? I Hope Not; Pres. Trump I "Essentially" Fired Defense Secy. Mattis (He Resigned); Pres. Trump: "I Would've Been A Good General"; via Knit
Jan 03, 2019
Brother of accused U.S. spy: "his innocence is undoubted"; Trump: it's going to be a complicated, but great year; All of ISIS "will be gone by the time we get out"
Family of accused spy waits for U.S. officials to see him in Russia; Brother: detained American traveled to Moscow for wedding; Russia detains American after Russian pleads guilty in U.S.; Trump gives Pentagon 4 months for Syria troop withdrawal; CNN Sources: Trump invites hill leaders to WH to discuss wall; Dems vote Thursday on a plan to reopen government; Trump" Wall is "the biggest part" of border security; Trump attacks McChrystal after Ret. General calls him dishonest; Mother speaks after 7-yr-old daughter killed in drive-by; Police search for gunman who killed 7-year-old girl; Trump: NY Times: Trump gives Pentagon 4 months to withdraw troops; Kim Jong Un warns U.S.: do not test the North; Investors return to Wall Street with caution after brutal 2018; Will wall funding, trade war fears continue to spook investors? ; Baby rescued 35 hours after building collapsed in Russia; Five democrats who'll make life hard for Trump in 2019 via Knit
Jan 01, 2019
New Year Celebrations Underway Around The World; New Divided Congress To Tackle Government Shutdown In 2019; Top 8 Trending Stories of 2018
Warren On 2020 Race: "I'm In This Fight All The Way"; Trump Says Concrete Border Wall Was Never Abandoned; Trump Disputes Kelly's Claim WH Gave Up On Concrete Wall; Gen. Mattis Tells Staff To "Keep The Faith" On His Last Day; Sources: Trump Won't Sign Funding Bill With Just $1.3B In Border Security; U.S. MIlitary Tweets Unusual New Year's Eve Message, Saying U.S. Is "Ready To Drop" Bombs via Knit
Dec 31, 2018
Tactic or Tantrum?; Investigating The Presidential Transition; No Deal In Sight On Capitol Hill; Mueller's Pursuit Of The Facts; Mueller And Comey
Pres. Trump Threatens To Close Mexico Border Over Shutdown; Pres. Trump Cancels New Year's Travel Plans Due To Shutdown; Two GOP Leaders "There Has Been No Effort To Discredit The Work Of The Special Counsel," Make No Mention Of Trump's Claims Of Witch Hunt; Pres. Trump Threatens To Cut Aid To Central America; Flynn & Kushner Key Players In Transition Controversy; White House Veteran On Whether Trump Team Crossed The Line; via Knit
Dec 29, 2018
Congress Adjourns With No End To Shutdown In Sight; Shutdown Showdown; Inauguration Investigation; Guiliani Contradicts Himself On Trump-Mueller Interviews; "Love, Gilda" Airs Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Guiliani: Trump Didn't Talk To Wikileaks, Don't Know If Others Did, "Hard To Understand What The Crime Would Be If They Did"; Reports: Donors & Decisions Under Scrutiny Long After Pres. Trump Sworn Into Office via Knit
Dec 28, 2018
Pres. Trump, First Lady Stop In Germany After Surprise Visit To U.S. Troops Serving In Iraq; Investigating The Trump Family Business; Second Immigrant Child Dies In Custody Of Border Patrol; President Trump's Vietnam Mystery
Pres. Trump During Visit To U.S. Troops In Iraq: No Rush To Replace Mattis At Pentagon; Trump Defends Syria Pullout Plan During Surprise Iraq Trip; President Trump Meets With Troops In Germany; NY Times: Foot Doctor May Have Helped Keep Pres. Trump Of Of Vietnam As Favor To Father via Knit
Dec 27, 2018
Trump doubles down on demands to fund border wall; Trump lashes out at Fed for "raising interest rates too fast"; 8-year-old Guatemalan boy falls ill, dies in U.S. custody; Top 8 political stories of 2018
Trump says he's confident in Mnuchin, while ripping Fed; Dem: some GOP Senators privately believe Trump is "nuts"; CNN: Trump makes national security decisions "on a whim"; Mattis' brother: don't assume Mattis service to U.S. will end; Trump: Dem oversight could lead to "presidential harassment"; "On the basis of sex" depicts early years of RBG's career; Top 8 political stories of 2018 via Knit
Dec 25, 2018
Worst-ever Christmas Eve for Dow and S&P as Trump rips Fed; Trump to Turkey's president on Syria: "All yours. We are done."; Trump: I'm "all alone" at WH waiting for Dems to make a deal; 8 in 2018: Top sports stories
Trump's tweets, Mnuchin's calls send Dow plunging 650+ points; At least 373 killed amid fears of more deadly waves in Indonesia; Actor Kevin Spacey faces indecent assault charges; Report: For Trump, multiple wars waged increasingly alone; 8 in 2018: top sports stories via Knit
Dec 24, 2018
Trump Turmoil: Shutdown Looms, Mattis Quits, Markets Tank; First Time In 40 Years There Have Been Three Shutdowns In A Year; Trump Turmoi A Question Of Obstruction; Ruth Bader Ginsburg Resting After Surgery To Remove Two Cancerous Nodules From Her Left Lu
Government Will Shutdown Tonight At Midnight; Trump Now Blames Democrats For Shutdown After Saying Ten Days Ago He Would Own It And Wouldn't Blame Dems; Sources: Trump Recently Vented At Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker About The Michael Cohen Investigations; Is Mattis Resignation Tipping Point For Trump? via Knit
Dec 22, 2018
Mattis Quits In Protest Over Trump's Policies; Government Shutdown Looms After Trump Refused To Accept Measure Passed By The Senate
U.S. Official: Military Has Been Ordered To Plan Withdrawal Of Half The Troops In Afghanistan; Schumer: "There Is Chaos Now In This Administration"; Rep. John Garamendi On Mattis Resignation: "Oh SH**"; Pelosi On Mattis Resignation: "I'm Sad. I'm Shaken By It. I Had So Much Respect For Him"; Mattis Letter: Our Strength; Former Defense Secy. William Cohen: We Are Betraying Our Allies And The Security Of This Country; via Knit
Dec 21, 2018
Backlash As Trump Claims ISIS Defeated In Syria And Orders U.S. Troops Withdrawal; GOP Senators Slam Plan As Dangerous; Another Glitch In The Wall; House Intelligence Committee Expected To Vote Thursday On Whether To Release Roger Stone Transcript; Calif
Sr. Administration Official: Trump's Syria Decision Will Recklessly Put American Lives In Danger; Sr. Administration Official: Trump's Syria Withdrawal Decision Is "A Mistake Of Colossal Proportions"; Wash Post: Mueller Asked House Intelligence Committee For Official Transcript Of Roger Stone's Testimony; Last Week Trump Promised To Shut Down Government Over Wall; This Week He's Expected To Sign Bill Without Wall Funding; via Knit
Dec 20, 2018
Is The President "Flynn-Timidated?"; Inside The White House; Kenn Starr On President Trump's Tweets, Mueller Investigation; Trump Foundation Shutting Down
Pres. Trump To Flynn: "Good Luck" Days After Calling Cohen A "Rat" For Talking To Mueller Team; WH: Flynn Was "Ambushed" By FBI; Guiliani On Dems Efforts To Get Trump's Tax Returns: "They Have To Have A Reason For Wanting Them And I Fail To See A Reason"; Trump Foundation Agrees To Dissolve Amid Ongoing Lawsuit Accusing It Of Operating Not As A Charity But A Trump Piggbyank; Senate Votes On Criminal Justice Reform via Knit
Dec 19, 2018
Moving The Goalposts; Wash. Post: Russian Disinformation Teams Targeted Special Counsel Mueller; Mueller Releases Key FBI Memo Ahead Of Flynn Sentencing; ; Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare As Unconstitutional
Comey: Pres. Trump "Lying About The FBI," Attacking "Rule of Law"; Says GOP's Refusal To Stand Up To Trump An "Everlasting Shame"; Trump Inaugural Team, Transition, Campaign, Administration, Organization And Foundation All Being Investigated; via Knit
Dec 18, 2018
Sources: Mueller's Team Continues To Be Interested In Interviewing President Trump; But He And His Lawyers Are Still Opposed; Breaking His Silence; Mueller Mystery; Trump Defenders Draw Comparisons To John Edwards' Case And His Acquittal,Others Say Is Mor
Mueller's Team Would Like To Ask About His State Of Mind Regarding Actions Under Scrutiny In The Obstruction Probe; Trump Names Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Acting Chief Of Staff; Cohen: Trump Knew It Was Wrong To Make Hush Payments; Michael Cohen: Robert Mueller Has "Substantial Amount Of Information"; Cohen: "I Am Done Being Loyal To President Trump"; Special Counsel Slams Flynn's Criticism Of His FBI Interview, Says Flynn Made The Decision To Lie & Commit "False Story"; Mueller Rejects Flynn's Attempt To Portray Himself As Victim Of The FBI, Tells Judge Flynn Lied To Voluntarily On Purpose; Reporters Shooed Away; Floor Shut Down During Secret Mueller Hearing; Pres. Trump's John Edwards Defense Under Scrutiny via Knit
Dec 15, 2018
He Was In The Room; Source: Trump Inaguraul Committee Under Criminal Investigation; WSJ: Probe Partly Triggered By Materials Seized In Cohen Raid; Relationship Between Donald Trump And Tabloid Publisher Pecker Goes Back Years; The Ridiculist
Source: Trump Was In The Room When Cohen And National Enquirer Publisher Discussed Hush Money Payments; via Knit
Dec 14, 2018
Pres. Trump Seething And Silent On Cohen Saying In Private Conversations: "He's A Liar"; National Enquirer Publisher Strikes Immunity Deal; Admits To Helping Kill "Damaging" Story About Trump "Before The 2016 Election"; Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years
Pres. Trump Seething And Silent On Cohen Saying In Private Conversations: "He's A Liar"; National Enquirer Publisher Strikes Immunity Deal; Admits To Helping Kill "Damaging" Story About Trump "Before The 2016 Election"; Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years After Implicating Pres. Trump In Hush Money Scandal; Meadows Out Of Running For Chief Of Staff; via Knit
Dec 13, 2018
Pres. Trump To Reuters: "It's Hard to Impeach Somebody Who Hasn't Done Anything Wrong"; "The Apprentice": Director's Cut;
Reuters: Pres. Trump Says He Relied On His Lawyer Michael Cohen, Who Was Supposed To Know What To Do; Pres. Trump To Reuters: Not Concerned He Will Be Impeached, "I Think That The People Would Revolt If That Happened"; Pres. Trump Declares "I Don't Mind" Owning Gov't Shutdown After Wild White House Showdown With Top Dems Over Border Wall; Judge Orders Stormy Daniels To Pay Nearly 500k In Legal Fees To Trump'S Attorneys In Defamation Case via Knit
Dec 12, 2018
Source: President Humiliated, "Super Pissed"; Contact With Russians
Pres. Trump Tweets No "Smocking" Gun In Russia Probe As Dems Raise Prospect of Impeachment, Jail Time; Pres. Trump Calls Hush Money Payments: "A Simple Transaction"; Says It's "Lawyer's Liability If He Had Made A Mistake"; Source: Pres. Trump Has Expressed A Concern About Impeachment To Advisors As Dems Take Over House, Sees It As A "Real Possibility..."; CNN: Pres. Trump "Super Pissed" About Search For New Chief of Staff After Frontrunner Says No; Source: Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Cooperating With Feds As Part Of Plea Deal; CNN: 16 Trump Associates Had Contact, Interactions With Russians; via Knit
Dec 11, 2018
Mueller: Cohen Was In Touch With Russian Seeking "Political Synergy" With Trump Campaign; NY Prosecutors: Cohen Broke Law "In Coordination With And At The Direction Of" Candidate Trump; Pres. Trump: Tillerson "Dumb As Rock," "Lazy As Hell"
Mueller: "Manafort Lied About His Contacts" With Administration Officials; Mueller: Cohen Has Contact With "A Russian National" As Far Back As 2015; Pres. Trump On Night Of Filings: "Totally Clears The President" (Keeping Them Honest: It Doesn't); Sources: Kelly To Resign In Coming Days; via Knit
Dec 08, 2018
Sources: Acting FBI Director McCabe Opened Obstruction Of Justice Probe On Pres. Trump After Comey's Firing, Before Mueller Appointed; Pres. Trump Expected To Pick State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert As Next US Ambassador; What Could We Learn?; St
Sources: Rosenstein, Top FBI Officials Felt Trump Needed To Be Reined In; Justice Official Strongly Disputed Rosenstein Sought To Curb The President; In Revolt Against Pres. Trump, GOP Senators Push BiPartisan Bill To Punsih Saudis For Murder Of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi; Wild Wall Street Ride: Art Of The Deal?; Dow Falls Amid Trump Fears, Arrest Of Chinese Executive via Knit
Dec 07, 2018
More To Come. A Lot More. ; "A Smoking Saw"; Senators Introduce Resolution Holding Saudi Crown Prince Accountable For Khashoggi Murder; Remembering A President;
Flynn Filing Leaves More Questions Than Answers; Flynn Gave "Substantial Assistance" To Special Counsel; Redactions Conceal Unknown Criminal Investigation; Flynn Offered "Firsthand Insight" Into Investigations; Wisconsin And Michigan GOP Lawmakers Move To Strip Democrats' Power; via Knit
Dec 06, 2018
Mueller Court Filing On Flynn Released; Pres. Trump Ally Roger Stone Taking The Fifth; "A Smoking Saw"
Mueller: Flynn Has Given "Substantial" Assistance, Asking For No Prison Time; Special Counsel: Flynn Took Part In 19 Interviews; Flynn Assistance Includes Interactions Of Trump Transition Team And Russia; Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Roger Stone Taking The Fifth; Atty.: Stone Was "Surprised" By Pres. Trump's Praise In Tweet ; Pres. Trump Ally Roger Stone Taking The Fifth In Senate Russia Probe (Trump Once Said "The Mob Takes The Fifth"; Mueller To Reveal How Flynn Cooperated, May Offer New Details On Trump-Russia Connections; After CIA Briefing, GOP Senators Say No Question Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Journalist's Murder; GOP Sen. Bob Corker: Jury Would Find Saudi Prince Guilty In 30 Minutes; GOP Sen. Graham On Saudi Crown Prince's Involvement: "There's Not A Smoking Gun, There's A Smoking Saw" via Knit
Dec 05, 2018
Former Pres. George H.W. Bush Lying In State; Presidential Tweets Raise Legal Questions; Pres. Trump & First Lady Pay Respects To Bush; Pres. Trump's Nominee To Be The New EPA Head Under Scrutiny
"...As Gentle A Passing As I Think You Could Ever Expect Anyone To Have"; Public Pays Respect To Pres. George H.W. Bush At Capitol; Pres. Trump's Tw . Pres. Trump Praises Roger Stone's "Guts," Slams Michael Cohen For Cooperating With Mueller; Pres. Trump's Nominee For New EPA Administration Has Close Ties To Big Coal, Chief Climate Denier in Senate; via Knit
Dec 04, 2018
Cohen Under Impression Trump Would Offer Pardon In Exchange For Support; Pres. Trump Navigates G20 Summit Under Cloud Of Russia Probe; 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Major Damage In Alaska;
Sources: People Close To President Previously Reached Out To Cohen To Say He Would Be Protected; via Knit
Dec 01, 2018
Who You Calling A Liar?; Pres. Trump Arrives In Buenos Aires As Muller Probe Intensifies In U.S.; Bob Woodward On Nixon Vs. Trump;
Source: Penthouse For Putin Considered AT Trump Tower Moscow, Reportedly Worth %50 Million; Awaiting Pres. Trump Arrival In Buenos Aires; Cohen In Court: I Lied To Congress About Trump Tower Project In Moscow Out Of Loyalty To The President; After Cohen Admits To Lying About Trump's Business In Russia; Trump Cancels Meeting With Putin Citing Situation With Ukraine; Source: Pres. Trump In "Terrible Mood," "Spooked and Completely Distracted" via Knit
Nov 30, 2018
The "Solution In Search Of A Problem," Problem; Pres. Trump: Pardon For Manafort "Not Off The Table"; Bill To Protect Mueller Doesn't Get A Vote; Will They Meet?; What They Know Vs. What They Say; Border Migrant Camp At Least 3 Times Above Its Capacity,
CNN Exclusive: Trump Told Mueller In Writing That He Didn't Know About Wikileaks, 2016 Trump Tower Meeting With Russians; President Trump: On Rosenstein Jail Meme: "He Should Have Never Picked A Special Counsel"; Kremlin Expects Trump-Putin Meeting Will Happen; Pres. Trump: "Maybe I Won't Have The Meeting" With Putin; Secy. Mattis "We Have No Smoking Gun That The Crown Prince Was Involved"; Senators Briefed On Khashoggi Murder; Pompeo On Why CIA Director Wasn't At Briefing With Senators: "I Was Asked To Be Here, And Here I Am"; via Knit
Nov 29, 2018
Nothing to See Here. Move Along. ; Poll Closed In Racially-Charged Runoff Election; Awaiting Results From Mississippi; National Security Advisor John Bolton Says He Hasn't Listened To Khashoggi Audio Because He Doesn't Speak Arabic;
WSJ: Giuliani Doesn't Rule Out Manafort Pardon; Wash Post: Pres. Trump Cites "High Levels Of Intelligence" For Why He Doesn't Believe In The Science Of Climate Change; Pres. Trump to Wash Post: "When You're Talking About An Atmosphere, Oceans Are Very Small"; Pres. Trump to Wash Post: "I Have A Gut, And My Gut Tells Me More Sometimes Than Anybody Else's Brain Can Ever Tell Me"; via Knit
Nov 28, 2018
Mueller's Team: Manafort Lied After Pleading Guilty; Mexico Ask U.S. For Investigation Into Use of "Non-Lethal" Weapons On The Border; Pres. Trump Says His Administration Has "Found The Magic Wand" For Manufacturing, On Same Day GM Announces Plant Closur
Prosecutors: Manafort "Breached" Plea Agreement By Lying To FBI, Mueller's Team, Two Months After Cooperating In Russia Probe; via Knit
Nov 27, 2018
Roger Stone's associate is in plea negotiation with Mueller; Feds: Climate change will have dire consequences for U.S.; U.S. has record 14,000 unaccompanied migrant kids in custody; Black Friday online sales expected to top $6 billion
Trump asks Supreme Court to take up transgender troop ban; NBA star Steph Curry okay after multi-car accident; Climate change could slash the size of the U.S. economy by 10% by 2100 if nothing is done; Only 1 new GOP woman elected to U.S. House; Woman's march founder calls on co-chairs to step down; How will Trump's visit impact racially-charged runoff?; Mississippi Republican: "public hanging" remark "twisted"; Young, rich & loyal: the man who may become the next chief of staff; Vote now for your favorite CNN hero at; Roger Stone responds to associate's plea talks via Knit
Nov 23, 2018
Trump's Thanksgiving call to the military turns political; House GOP subpoenas Comey, Lynch for private testimony; Mexico Beach marks first Thanksgiving since hurricane; Chef Jose Andres cooks Thanksgiving dinner for fire victims
Trump politicizes call to troops to rip migrants, judges; Trump takes Saudi Crown Prince's word on journalist's murder; Saudi Arabia cites Trump's own words to undercut CIA; Trump whether Crown Prince did or didn't, he denies it; After close call, top U.S. commander spotted with assault rifle; Mueller uses Papadopoulos' tweets against him in court filing; Obama: "I don't buy" idea a woman or minority can't beat Trump; How to talk politics during Thanksgiving dinner; Cindy McCain on why she can't forgive President Trump; Cindy McCain says Trump did not call her after funeral; McCain's widow: I never considered filling John's Senate seat; Cindy McCain believes 2 of her children running for office; Meghan McCain posts Thanksgiving tribute to her dad via Knit
Nov 22, 2018
Contempt Of Court; More Mueller Questions Ahead?; CNN Exclusive: Talking 2020 With Former Pres. Obama; Pres. Trump May Invoke Executive Privilege;
Chief Justice Roberts Defense Judiciary In Rare Statement After Trump Criticism; Pres. Trump Fires Back At Chief Justice Roberts In Fight Over Judicial Independence And Whether There Are "Obama Judges"; Guiliani: Pres. Answered Questions About 2016 Trump Tower Meeting; Asking Russia To Find Clinton's Emails; Trump Tweets "Thank You To Saudi Arabia" For Oil Prices A Day After Siding With Saudi Arabia On Journalist's Murder; Pres. Obama On Who Could Win In 2020 And Midterm Performance By Democrats; Obama: "I Don't Buy" That A Woman Or Person Of Color Can't Win In 2020; via Knit
Nov 22, 2018
NY Times: Pres. Trump Wanted To Order Justice Dept. To Prosecute Comey And Clinton But Was Warned It Could Lead To Impeachment; President Trump Sides With Saudi Arabia Despite CIA Assessment Crown Prince Ordered Journalist's Killing; CNN Exclusive With Ma
Source: Pres. Trump On Multiple Occasions Asked Rosenstein & Whitaker Justice Dept. Was Making Progress In Investigating Clinton; Comey: Not Surprised By Pres. Trump's Lies, Just Another Example Of Him Interfering In The Justice Dept.; Zuckerberg: We Weren't Expecting The Russian Attack On Facebook; Zuckerberg On Russia: I Wish We Understood The Issue Sooner; Zuckerberg: Neither He Or Sheryl Sandberg Stepping Down; Pentagon Confirms $72M Price Tag For Border Troops via Knit
Nov 21, 2018
The President, The Admiral, And The Truth; Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account Emails About Govt. Business; White House Backs Down; Pres. Trump Slams Congressman Using Vulgar Tweet; Pres. Trump: I Probably Won't Sit For Mueller Interview
Pres. Trump Criticizes Bin Laden Raid Admiral; Pres. Trump: Pres. Clinton Famously Missed His Shot At Capturing Bin Laden; Pres. Trump Caves, Fully Restores Jim Acosta's Press Pass; Pres. Trump Attacks Likely Incoming House Intelligent Chair As "Little Adam Schitt"; Pres. Trump: "Probably" Won't Sit For Mueller Interview; Says "We've Wasted Enough Time...We're Finished"; Air Marshall Accused of More Than 200 Gun Mishaps; via Knit
Nov 20, 2018
"Let's Get Back To Work"; Pres. Trump Says He Wrote Answers To Mueller Questions, Not Lawyers; CIA Concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Jamal Khashoggi's Assassination; NY Times: Pres. Trump Asking Aides If Pence Is Loyal; More Than 600 Missing In Califor
Federal Judge Rules Against Trump Administration; Orders Jim Acosta's Press Pass To Be Returned; Source: Legal Team Takes Issues With Some Mueller Questions; Abrams Acknowledges Kemp Will Be Next Georgia Governor; Rep. Mia Love Now Leading Race (After Trump Mocked Her For Losing) via Knit
Nov 17, 2018
Why So Angry; Broward County Misses Recount Deadline By Two Minutes; Florida U.S. Senate Headed To A Manual Recount; Meeting With Marines; Judge Postpones Decision In CNN Lawsuit;
Washington Post: Pres. Trump Lawyer Says Some Mueller Questions "Created More Issues For Us Legally Than Others"; Giuliani To Wash Post: Some Mueller Team Questions For Pres. Trump "Unnecessary" Or "Possible Traps"; Democrats Flip Another House Seat, Now Have Picked Up At Least 33 Seats; Pres. Trump Attends Two Military Events While Facing Veterans Day Criticism; Pres. Trump Skits Veterans Day Events, Tweets Instead; Judge Postpones Decision Over Revoked Press Pass via Knit
Nov 16, 2018
WH Official Tells CNN: Pres. Trump "Pissed At Damn Near Everyone"; Judge Hears Arguments In CNN Lawsuit Against Trump Administration, Ruling Expected Tomorrow On Fate Of Jim Acosta's Press Pass; "Cereal" Voter Conspiracy;
Deputy National Security Adviser Forced Out Of The White House After First Lady Melania Trump Call For Her To Be Fired; Numerous Media Organizations Support CNN's Lawsuit Against Trump White House For Retribution Against Jim Acosta; Pres. Trump: Voters Wear Disguises To Vote Twice; Michael Avenatti Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge; He Calls The Allegations "Completely Bogus"; "Invasion" Talk Disappears Post Midterms; via Knit
Nov 15, 2018
CNN: Trump Eyeing Replacements For Chief Of Staff, Others; CNN: Trump Meets With Lawyers To Review Mueller Questions; CNN Sues White House For Suspending Jim Acosta's Press Pass; 44 Dead In California Wildfires; Worst In State History
CNN: Officials Predict Trump Could Ask DHS Chief To Resign; Maryland Challenges Trump's Whitaker Appointment As Unlawful; Embattled Boward Elections Chief May Step Down; Dem Senators Give Update On Florida Vote Count; FBI: Hate Crimes Up 17% In 2017; Cops Shoot Security Guard Who Stopped Suspected Gunman via Knit
Nov 13, 2018
Fraud Claims. No Evidence.; GOP Candidate Concedes In Arizona Senate Race; Russia Probe Figure Says He's Being Indicted; California Burning, Pres. Trump Tweeting ; Pres. Trump Skips Visit To Veteran Cemetery; Warning Against Nationalism
New Lawsuit Demands Gov. Rick Scott's Recusal From FL Election Process; Associate Of Roger Stone Says He Expects To Be Indicted By Mueller; About 100 Million People Missing In California Wildfires; At Least 31 People Killed In California Wildfire; Pres. Trump Approves Major Disaster Declaration For California Due To Deadly Wildfires; President Trump Does Not Go To Arlington Cemetery After Controversial France Trip For WWI Commemoration; President of France Denounces Nationalism, Calls It A "Betrayal of Patriotism"; Southern Poverty Law Center: Pres. Trump's Nationalism Inspiring White Supremacists; via Knit
Nov 13, 2018
Pres Trump Today: "I Don't Know Matt Whitaker" Press Trump Last Month: "I Know Matt Whitaker"; The President & The Payoffs; Election For Florida Senate, Governor Draw Even Tighter; Michelle Obama On Why She Can't Forgive Pres. Trump;
Iowa State Senator Says Whitaker Targeted Him; WSJ: Feds Gather Evidence Of Pres. Trump's Involvement In Payments That May Have "Violated Campaign-Finance Laws"; Whitaker Once Said He'd Only Support Religious Judges; WSJ: Pres. Trump Knew About Nearly All Steps In Hush Money Payments To Daniels And McDougal; Florida Recount Possible As Vote Count Tightens In Both Senate, Governor Races; Michelle Obama: I'll Never Forgive Trump For "Birther" Stunt; Pres. Trump On Why He'll Never Forgive Former Pres. Obama; Death Toll Rises In California Wildfire; One of 3 Major Blazes In State via Knit
Nov 10, 2018
New Election Returns In Tight Races; 12 People Killed In California Bar Massacre; CNN: Growing Concern In WH Over Reaction To Acting AG; Democrat Now Leading In Tight AZ Race; Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Breaking 3 Ribs In Fall; Survivor of Shoo
Shooting Survivor Says Friend Saved Her Life; New Video From Inside Bar During Shooting; 12 People Killed In Massacre In California; New Acting AG Linked To "Scam" Company Shut Down By FTC; via Knit
Nov 09, 2018
Pres. Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Pres. Trump Names New Acting Attorney General Who Has Been Openly Critical Of Mueller Investigation; Sen. Bernie Sanders On Sessions Firing, Midterms; White House Pulls Jim Acosta's Press Pass
Pres. Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions, New Acting AG Expected To Oversee Mueller Probe; New Acting Attorney General Has Suggested Starving Mueller Investigation Of Funds So It "Grinds To Almost A Halt"; Pres. Trump: "I'd Like To See Bipartisanship; I'd Like To See Unity"; via Knit
Nov 08, 2018
House, Senate Up For Grabs In Midterm Elections; Americans Turn Out In Record Numbers In Early Voting; Trump No On Ballot, But Presence Looms Large In Midterms; Midterms Could See Biggest Turnout In Years;
Fox: We Don't Condone Hannity's Campaign Appearance With Trump; CNN: Trump Getting Election Updates From WH Team Today; O'Rourke Vs Cruz: Voters Deciding Contentious Senate Race; Medicaid Expansion, Marijuana On Some State Ballots; via Knit
Nov 07, 2018
Pres. Trump Makes Final Pitch To Voters; Former Pres. Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Virginia; Candidates Hold Last Rallies In Key Races; The Gender Agenda; Racist Robocall Targets Abrams, Oprah In Georgia's Governor's Race; Pres. Trump: I Don't Care If De
CNN Polling: 7 In 10 Voting To Send Message On Trump; Cruz Embraces Trump In Texas Race, Will It Work?; Pres. Trump: I Made Midterms Hot Again; Pres. Trump: You Can't Call Women "Beautiful" Anymore; Oprah On Racist Robocalls: I'm 100 % For Abrams, "Tomorrow Show Up And Show Out And Vote" via Knit
Nov 06, 2018
High Stakes Races, Big-Names Campaigning; President Trump, Former President Obama Campaign In Tight Races Across The Country; Independent Voters Crucial For Both Parties As Voting Near
Trump, Obama Make Closing Arguments Ahead Of Midterms; With No Proof, Georgia's GOP Candidate for Gov. Claims Democrats Tried To Hack Voter Database; Purdue Says "Cotton Pickin" At Rally For Gillum's Opponent; Independent Voters In Florida Sound Off; via Knit
Nov 05, 2018
Untrue Lies; Trump Campaign Ad Not Backed Up By Facts; Presidents Hold Dueling Campaign Rallies; Michael Cohen: Trump Used Racist Language; Obama's Pitch For Democrats; Pittsburgh Mayor On Trump's Comments;
Cohen: Trump Said, "Black People Are Too Stupid To Vote"; Pres. Trump Acknowledges GOP Could Lose The House; Pres. Trump: Pipe Bombs, Synagogues Massacre Stopped "Tremendous Momentum" Of GOP Before Election Day; 97-Year Old Rose Mallinger Laid To Rest Today; via Knit
Nov 03, 2018
"The Truth"..."When I Can"; Battle Over Immigration; Feeling The Heat; Pres. Trump Intensifies Misleading Rhetoric On Caravan, Immigration; Countdown To Midterm Elections; Tense Reelection Fight; Top CNN Heroes Finalists Revealed
Pres. Trump Once Again Claims Migrant Caravan An "Invasion"; Pres. Trump Suggests Migrant Could Be Shot For Throwing Rocks; Pres. Trump To U.S. Caravan: "When They Throw Rocks Like They Did At The Mexico Military And Police...Considerate It A Rifle"; Pres. Trump On Migrant Caravan: "Women Don't Want Them In Our Country, Women Want Security; Pres. Trump: "When I Can, I Tell The Truth"; GOP Rep. Steve King Erupts At Comparison To Pittsburgh Suspect; Facing Closer Than Expected Midterm Race; via Knit
Nov 02, 2018
Red Meat; What Is This 14th Amendment You Speak Of?; Pres. Trump Focuses On Caravan, Border Troops And Birthright Citizenship In Campaign Blitz; Pres. Trump Begins Hectic Campaign Schedule As Midterms Loom ; Plot To Smear Mueller Unravels; Three More Fun
Pres. Trump Says Up To 15,000 Troops Could Be Sent To Border; Caravan Is Still Weeks Away From The United States; Pres. Trump Doubles Down On Birthright Citizenship False Claim; Pres. Trump: "I'm Not Fear Mongering At All"; Trump Supporters Sound Off On Sending Troops Of The Border And False Claim About Birthright Citizenship via Knit
Nov 01, 2018
Community Mourns Lives Lost In Synagogue Shooting; Funeral Held For Devoted Doctor; Pittsburgh Suspect Wrote Anti-Semitic Posts On Social Media; Pres. Trump's Multi-Pronged Attack On Immigrants; Remembering Dr. Rabinowitz
Community Says Goodbye To Two Brothers; Protestors Denounce Pres. Trump's Visit; 2 Police Offers Wounded In Shooting; President Visits Patients, Family And Staff At Hospital; ADL: Public Anti-Semitism Rose By 57% in 2017; "Caravan" Is Weeks, If Not Months, From Reaching U.S. Border; HIV Patient Says Doctor Killed In Pittsburgh Attack Saved His Life; "You Will Be Remembered By Me Always" via Knit
Oct 31, 2018
Remembering the Victims; Tree of Life Rabbi, Pittsburgh Mayor Speak Out; Website Linked To Suspect Taken Offline; WH Rejects Ties Between Pres. Trump's Rhetoric And Violence; Tom Steyer Reacts To Pres. Trump's Tweet, Bomb Threat; Love Over Hate; First Res
Alleged Shooter Posted Online About Immigrant Aid Group; Pres. Trump Calls "Fake News Media" The True Enemy of The People" After Pittsburgh Attack; via Knit
Oct 30, 2018
Mail Bomb Suspect Arrested in Florida, Charged With 5 Federal Crimes; FBI Says Bombs Are "Not Hoax Devices"; Attorney For Suspect's Family Speaks Out; Responding To Bomb Suspect's Arrest, Pres. Trump Turns To Attacking The Media At Tonight's Rally
Pres. Trump Calls For Civility, Then Accuses Media Of Using "Sinister Action of One Individual To Score Political Points" Against Him, GOP; FBI: Fingerprint, DNA Led To Suspect's Arrest; Pres. Trump Goes On The Attack After Calling For Unity via Knit
Oct 27, 2018
The Leadership Test; Authorities Believe Several Packages Went Through A Mail Facility Near Miami, Florida
FBI Warns More Devices Possible As Three Additional Packages Discovered; Manhunt For Suspects Intensifying; Authori Police, Federal Investigators At Postal Facility Near Miami via Knit
Oct 26, 2018
Another Suspicious Package Sent To Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters, Similar To Others; Manhunt On For Suspect Who Sent Bombs To CNN, Obamas, Clintons; Pres. Trump Attacks Media On Same Day Bomb Is Found In CNN's New York Offices; Sources: Authorities Seeking Susp
Pres. The Media Must Stop The Endless Hostility, Constant Negative Oftentimes False Attacks; Pres. Trump: The Media Also Has A Responsibility To Set A Civil Tone; WH Officials Are Rejecting The Premise That Pres. Trump Should Tone Down His Rhetoric; FBI Handling Investigation As Domestic Terror; Bombs Appear To Have Sulfur Substance; via Knit
Oct 25, 2018
"There's No Proof Of Anything"; Pres. Trump's New Message On Khashoggi Murder; Is Dishonesty The Best Policy?; Is Hillary Clinton's Presence In Florida Helping or Hurting Democrats?; Meeting Again?;
Pres. Trump Spreads Lies And Stokes Fears Ahead of Elections; Are Pres. Trump's Misstatements Helping GOP At Polls?; Pres. Trump On Khashoggi Murder: "Total Fiasco; Pres. Trump, Pres. Obama And Hillary Clinton All On The Campaign Trail For Key Races; Dems Weigh In On Hillary Clinton's Impact On Midterm Elections; Some Florida Democrats Say Hillary Clinton Should Stay Away From Midterm Elections; Trump Says He Will Probably Meet With Putin Next Month In Paris via Knit
Oct 24, 2018
To Tell The Truth (Or Not); Body Double Of Evidence; NY Times: WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Grabbed Adviser Lewandowski By The Collar In February Fight, Requiring Secret Service Intervention; What Voters Are Thinking
Turkish Source: Surveillance Footage Shows Saudi "Body Double" In Khashoggi's Clothes After He Was Killed; ; Pres. Trump: "I Am Not Satisfied With What On Heard" On Khashoggi's Death; Kushner: We Want Transparency From The Saudis; CNN Poll of Polls: 52% Disapprove Of Pres. Trump; 44% Approve; Pres. Trump Now Calls Ted Cruz "Beautiful", Not "Lyin" via Knit
Oct 23, 2018
Fightin' Words, No Regrets; Saudi State TV: Khashoggi Died In Fight At Istanbul Consulate ;Tense Standoff As Migrants Pack Bridge On Mexico's Southern Border; Trouble Accepting The Truth; Russian National Charged By Mueller Prosecutors
Target of Pres. Trump's Body Slam Comment Speaks Out; Pres. Trump: "No Regrets" After Praising Assault On Reporter; Pres. Trump Praised Congressman For Assaulting Reporter: "Any Guy Who Can Do A Body Slam...He's My Guy"; Saudis Confirm Death Of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Top Military Official Dismissed, 18 Saudis Detained; Saudis Admit Death Of Journalist As Pres. Trump's Allies Launch Smear Campaign Against Khashoggi; NY Times: Pres. Trump Believes He's Entitled To His Own Facts; Russian National Charged For Interfering With 2018 Midterm Elections; via Knit
Oct 20, 2018
Sources: Turkey Likely Knew Within Hours Of Khashoggi's Disappearance That He Was Dead; CNN: Kelly, Bolton In Heated Shouting Match Over Border Crossings; Aides Fear Possible Resignation; Pres. Trump Starts 3-State Campaign Swing; Pushing Hard For GOP Ca
Turkish Intel Officials Raced To Saudi Airplane; Tried To Find Out If Journalist Was Abducted Or Killed; Daily Beast: Pres. Trump Road-Tested "Horseface" Tweet Before Posting; Pres. Trump On Campaign Trail Throughout The Weekend; via Knit
Oct 19, 2018
New Details Of Pompeo Meeting With Saudi Crown Prince; Washington Post Publishes Op-Ed Written By Jamal Khashoggi Before He Vanished; Michael Cohen Meets With Prosecutors Investigating Trump's Family Business, Charity; North Dakota Native Americans Say Ne
CNN Source: Pompeo Was Stern With Saudi Crown Prince; But Earlier He Said "I Don't Want To Talk About Any Of The Facts"; CNN Source: Pompeo Told Saudi Crown Prince "Time Is Short; Saudis Must "Own" What Happened; CNN Source: Secretary of State Pompeo Stressed To Saudi Crown Prince His Future As King Is At Stake; Wash Post: Khashoggi's Op-Ed Captures His "Passion For Freedom In The Arab World, A Freedom He Apparently Gave His Life For"; CNN: Manafort And His Lawyers Have Visited Mueller's Office At Least 9 Times In Last Month; Mueller Team Busy Behind The Scenes; Possibility Of Indictments After Midterm Elections And Report Likely By End Of The Year; Wash Post: U.S. Intelligence Suggests A Brutal Killing, Saudi Crown Prince Wanted To Silence Khashoggi; Wash Post: Trump Admin, Saudi Royals Seek Mutually Agreeable Explanation For Khashoggi's Death That Won't Implicate Crown Prince; Wash Post: U.S. Intel Shows Crown Prince Ordered Operation To Lure Khashoggi Back To Saudi Arabia; Voter ID Rules Under Scrutiny; Secret Service Defends Agent Who Blocked Reporter via Knit
Oct 18, 2018
Source: Saudi Intel Officer With Ties To Crown Prince Oversaw Khashoggi Mission; Details Emerge As Saudi's Prepare Their Explanation Of Events; War of Words; Death Toll From Hurricane Michael Rises
AP: Pres. Trump Says His Comment About Possible "Rogue Killers" Tied To Journalist's Disappearance Came From His Own "Feeling"; Saudi Officer Who Ran Istanbul Operation Worked For Crown Prince; AP: Trump Likens Saudi Arabia Being Blamed For Wash Post Columnist's Disappearance As Another Case Of "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"; Pres. Trump Assails Stormy Daniels In Derogatory Tweet; Pres. Trump Refuses To Back Down On Calling Stormy Daniels "Horseface," Says, "You Can Take It Any Way You Want"; Pres. Trump Assails Stormy Daniels In Tweet; Citing Details In Her Book via Knit
Oct 17, 2018
Keeping Them Honest: "Rogue" Theory?; CNN Sources: Saudis Preparing To Admit Journalist Was Killed; Shrugging Off Outrage?; Video Confirms Pres. Trump Offered $1 Million For DNA Test; Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniel's Defamation Lawsuit Against Pres. Trump
Countdown To Midterms; CNN Sources: Saudis Preparing To Change Story & Admit Journalist Was Killed, Claiming Khashoggi Died In Interrogation Gone Wrong; "Trump Doctrine" Under Scrutiny With Long History Of Believing Denials; Pres. Trump: "I Didn't Say That" (He Did); Pres. Trump: Defense Secy. Mattis Is "Sort Of A Democrat"; Mattis: I've Never Registered With A Political Party; Importance Of Presidential Approval Ratings And Midterm Election Results; via Knit
Oct 16, 2018
Turkish Newspaper: Missing Journalist May Have Recorded His Own Death VIA His Apple Watch; Hurricane Michael's Death Toll Rises To 17; First Lady Melania On Her Marriage And More
New CNN Poll: 54% Have Favorable Opinion Of Melania Trump; Melania Trump: The President's Alleged Infidelity Is "Not Concern And Focus Of Mine" via Knit
Oct 13, 2018
Michael Kills At Least 6; Leaves Florida Cities In Ruins; Reality No-Show
"Total Devastation" In Florida Beach Town; Despite Hurricane Devastation, President Trump Hosts Cursing, Ranting Kanye West In Oval Office via Knit
Oct 12, 2018
Hurricane Michael Currently Slamming Georgia With Rain, Catastrophic Winds;
Oct 11, 2018
New Forecast: Michael Is Now Forecast To Be Near Category 4 Strength When It Makes Landfall; Pres. Trump Considering "Numerous People" To Replace Outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; Justice Kavanaugh's First Day; Will Sen. Heitkamp's No Vote On Kavanaug
Ivanka Trump Says She Won't Be Replacing Haley At U.N. After Her Father Suggests No One "More Competent In The World"; Sen. Heitkamp's No Vote On Kavanaugh Nomination Prompts Predictions Of Her November Defeat; Dems Have 13 Point Advantage With Voters In New CNN Poll; New CNN Poll Shows Very Wide Gender Gap With 63% Of Women Planning To Vote For Democrats; New Forecast: Hurricane Michael Intensifying Rapidly As It Churns Toward Florida's Gulf Coast; via Knit
Oct 10, 2018
Spiking The Ball; Pres. Trump Slams Kavanugh's Opponents For A "Campaign Of Personal; Kavanaugh: I Will Be An Independent, Impartial Justice; 20 Killed In Limo Crash; NY Times: Trump Campaign Aid Rick Gates Requested Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli
Trump Apologizes To Kavanaugh's Family For "Terrible Pain And Suffering" You've Been Forced To Endure; Pres. Trump To Kavanaugh: "Under Historic Scrutiny You Were Proven Innocent"; Justice Kavanugh At Ceremony Swearing-In: "I Take This Office With Gratitude And No Bitterness"; Pres. Trump Weighs In On Saudi Journalist Seen Entering Consulate In Istanbul But Not Leaving via Knit
Oct 09, 2018
Sen. Murkowski, Only Republican To Vote No On Kavanaugh, Speaks On Senate Floor; Kavanaugh On Verge Of Confirmation As Senators Collins, Flake, And Manchin Say They'll Vote Yes; Ford's Attorney Speaks Out
GOP Sen. Murkowski: We Must Do More To Help Victims Of Sexual Assault; GOP Sen. Murkowski On Battle Over Kavanaugh: "We Need A Level Of Respect" GOP Sen. Murkowski: "I'm Worried This Will Be Our New Normal" To Fight Like This; GOP Sen. Murkowski: "This Is Not Who We Should Be"; Ford's Attorneys: "I Don't Think She Has Any Regrets"; Ford's Lawyer oN Pres. Trump Mocking Her: "She Was Upset By It, It Was Very Hurtful"; Ford's Attorneys: She Doesn't Want Kavanaugh Impeached; via Knit
Oct 06, 2018
Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: "My Time In High School And College...Has Been Ridiculously Distorted"; First Full Senate Vote On Kavanaugh Tomorrow, Still Unclear How Some Key Senators Will Vote
Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: "I Am An Independent, Impartial Judge"; Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: Yes I Was Emotional Last Thursday; I Hope Everyone Can Understand I Was There As A Son, Husband, And Dad"; Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: My Testimony Reflected 'My Deep Distress At The Unfairness of How This Allegation Has Been Handled"; Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: "I Have Been Known For My Courtesy On And Off The Bench, I Have Not Changed"; Kavanaugh Writes Op-Ed: I Testified Last Week To "Defend My Family, My Good Name And My Lifetime Of Public Service" via Knit
Oct 05, 2018
Kavanaugh's College Roomate Speaks Out; Source: White House Expects To Receive FBI Report On Kavanaugh Soon, Will Then Send Info To Senators; NY Times Op-Ed Signed By 650+ Law Professors: The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh;
Kavanaugh's College Roommate: I Knew He Was Lying To Senators; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: He Was A "Notable Heavy Drinker"; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: Sometimes He Was Incoherent, Stumbling After Drinking; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: FBI Has Never Talked To Me, Now Or For Other Background Checks; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: He Had A Belligerent Demeanor Drinking, Yelling Loudly; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: I Saw Him For What I Thought Was A Blackout Drunk; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: How He, His Friends Acted With Women "Wasn't Cool"; Kavanaugh's College Roommate: I Saw Him Do Things He Said He Didn't Do Under Oath via Knit
Oct 04, 2018
. Trump: "It Is A Very Scary Time For Young White Men In America;" NY Times: Trump Used "Dubious Tax Schemes," "Outright Fraud" In 1990s To Grow The Fortune He Got From His Parents; Pres. Trump Directed Attorney Michael Cohen, Son Eric Trump To Keep Storm
Kirsten Powers: "I Was Sexually Assaulted And Thought It Was My Fault;" Pres. Trump: "It Is A Very Scary Time For Young White Men In America;" NY Times: Trump Used "Dubious Tax Schemes," "Outright Fraud" In 1990s To Grow The Fortune He Got From His Parents; WH Denies President Involved In Tax Schemes: "Many Decades Ago The IRS Reviewed And Signed Off On These Transaction;" Pres. Trump Mocks Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony; Pres. Trump Directed Attorney Michael Cohen, Son Eric Trump To Keep Stormy Daniels Quiet; Suspected Ricin In Mail Sent To Pres. Trump, Pentagon via Knit
Oct 03, 2018
To Tell The Truth; Former College Classmate: Brett Kavanaugh Has Not Told The Truth About His Drinking; Details of FBI Investigation; Conclusion Of Prosecution Hired By Republicans; GOP-Hired Lawyer Says No "Reasonable Prosecutor" Would Seek Charges Again
Former College Classmate: I've Seen Kavanaugh "Quite Drunk"; Kavanaugh Yale Classmate: "There Were Omissions" In The Judge's Testimony About His College Drinking; NY Times: Kavanaugh Questioned By Police After 1985 Bar Fight, According To Police Report via Knit
Oct 02, 2018
Kavanaugh Nomination On Hold For New FBI Investigation; Senate Confirmation Vote Delayed As Pres. Trump Orders New FBI Background Check On Kavanaugh; This Is What A U-Turn Looks Like;
Source: Pres. Trump Blames GOP Sen. Flake, Democrats For Senate Vote Delay, But "He's Behind Kavanaugh More Than Ever"; GOP Sen. Flake: "Everything" Impacted His Decision To Call For New FBI Investigation On Kavanaugh; Sen. Flake: "This Is Ripping The Country Apart, "It's Hard To See"; Sen. Flake: Don't Know If Votes Will Change After FBI Probe, At Least We Had A Process To Investigate Kavanaugh; GOP Sen. Flake Joins Dems In Calling For FBI Probe, Leads Pres. Trump To Order One; GOP Sen Flake On FBI Probe It's Limited In Time And Scope, Appropriate For A Lifetime Appointment To Supreme Court; via Knit
Sep 29, 2018
Kavanaugh: "I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone"; Ford: "100 %" Certain It Was Kavanaugh Who Assaulted Me; Attorney For Debbie Ramirez Speaks;
GOP Source: Vote On Kavanaugh Uncertain, "Definitely Close"; Key Senators Meet After Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing; Kavanaugh: Nomination Process A "National Disgrace"; Kavanaugh: My Family And My Name Have Been Totally And Permanently Destroyed"; Committee Vote On Kavanaugh Scheduled For Tomorrow, Floor Vote Saturday; GOP Sen. Graham Lashes Out During Hearing: "Most Unethical Sham Since I've Been In Politics"; via Knit
Sep 28, 2018
Two New Allegations Revealed On Eve Of Kavanaugh Hearing; Ford Legal Team Releases Picture Of Her Taking Polygraph; Laughing At Him Or With Him?;
Pres. Trump Calls Kavanaugh Allegations "A Big Fat CNN Job" Amid New Accusations of Sexual Misconduct; Pres. Trump: "I Was Accused By Four or Five Women Who Got Paid A Lot Of Money To Make Up Stories About Me"; Pres. Trump: "I've Had A Lot Of False Charges Made Against Me"; Ford Written Testimony: "Both Brett And Mark Were Drunkenly Laughing During The Attack; Ford Written Testimony: "Brett's Assault On Me Drastically Altered My Life"; Ford Written Testimony: "I Believed I Was He Was Going To Rape Me"; Polygraph Examiner Who Tested Christine Blasey Ford Speaks; Pres. Trump: They Were Laughing With Me, Not At Me via Knit
Sep 27, 2018
Evolution Of An Answer; Attorney For Second Kavanaugh Accuser Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Greeted With Laughter At UN; Cosby Sentenced For Sexual Assault;
Judiciary Committees Sets Vote On Kavanaugh Nomination For Friday At 9:30 AM, Less Than 24 Hours; Judiciary Committee; Attorney For Second Kavanaugh Accuser: Multiple Efforts Made To Talk To GOP Judiciary Cmte Majority On The Phone; Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3-10 Years For Sexual Assault; via Knit
Sep 26, 2018
Kavanaugh Speaks Amid New Accusations; Pres. Trump To Meet With Rod Rosenstein Thursday; Fate of Deputy Attorney General Up In The Air;
Kavanaugh: "These Are Smears, Pure And Simple"; Kavanaugh: "I'm Not Going Anywhere"; Kavanaugh: "I've Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone" Admin. Official: Rosenstein Discussed Stepping Down With Chief Of Staff John Kelly And WH Counsel Don McGhan; NY Times: Kelly "Conflicted About Rosenstein's Fate" via Knit
Sep 25, 2018
Sources: Deputy AG Rosenstein Discussed Secretly Recordings Pres Trump, Invoking 25th Ammendment After Comey Firing
Rosenstein Calls Report That Suggested Recording Trump , Discussed 25th Ammendment "Innacurate...Incorrect"; Trump Allies Call For Rosenstein Firing After Reports Deputy AG Discussed Secretly Recording Pres., Invoking 25th Ammendment; Pres. Trump: There's A "Lingering Stench" At The FBI And "We're Going to Get Rid Of" New Statement From Rosenstein: "I Never Pursued Or Authorized Recording The President"; Grassley: If There's No Testimony Agreement From Kavanaugh Accuser By 10pm Tonight ET, Committee Will Vote Monday via Knit
Sep 22, 2018
Source: Ford Legal Team Lays Out Conditions For Testifying Before The Judiciary Committee; Reports: Former Trump Atty. Michael Cohen Has Spoken Repeatedly With Mueller Team;
Ford Not Willing To Testify Monday, Concerns Over Safety; Source On Conference Call: Some Agreements, Disagreement On Conditions From Ford Team Source: All Sides Are Workting Toward Crafting An Agreement GOP Looking Into Having A Female Outside Counsel Question Ford; Sources: Ford Wants To Be Questioned By Senators, Not Outside Council; Source: Ford Doesn't Want To Be In Same Room As Kavanaugh; Wash Post: Ford Could Potentially Testify Thursday via Knit
Sep 21, 2018
Grassley Sets Friday Deadline For Kavanaugh's Accuser To Say Whether She'll Testify On Monday; Pres. Trump Again Hammers Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions; Judge Orders Do-Over For Georgia Primary After Ballot Error
New Statement From Attorney For Kavanaugh's Accuser: "Rush To Hearing Is Unnecessary"; Attorney For Kavanaugh's Accuser: Ford "Continues To Believe That A Full Non-Partisan Investigation" Is Needed; New Statement From Attorney For Kavanaugh's Accuser: "Multiple Witnesses" Should Be Included At Hearing; Pres. Trump: "I Don't Have An Attorney General" via Knit
Sep 20, 2018
Exclusive: Attorney For Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser Tells CNN Without An FBI Investigation She Won't Appear at Public Hearing; Exclusive: CNN Obtains Letter Sent By Attorneys For Kavanaugh's Accuser To GOP Sen. Grassley; Pres. Trump Orders Russia Investiga
Exclusive: Attorney For Kavanaugh's Accuser Says "FBI Investigation of The Incident Should Be The First Step"; Exclusive: Attorney For Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Talks About What They Want; Exclusive: Attorney For Christine Blasey Ford Says She Wants To "Cooperate" With Senators, Law Enforcement; Exclusive: Atty. For Kavanaugh Accuser Says She Has Faced Death Threats, "Vicious Harassment"; Exclusive: Attorney For Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser Says "This Is Not A Game" And This "Shouldn't Be Rushed"; Pres. Trump Decision To Declassify Certain Secret Documents In Russia Probe Causes Concern In Intelligence Community; via Knit
Sep 19, 2018
Kavanaugh And Accuser To Testify In Public Monday; Death Toll Rises From Florence;
"She Should Not Be Ignored"; Kavanaugh Spent Nearly 9 Hours At WH Today, With Entire Focus On "Defending His Integrity"; Devastating Flood Waters Plague Parts Of NC; New Aerial Look At Florence Damage; via Knit
Sep 18, 2018
At Least 5 Dead As Florence Keeps Battering The Carolinas; Manafort Flips
700,000 Customers Without Power In The Carolinas; Center of Florence Moves Into South Carolina; New Forecast: Storm Center Now In SC; Moving 3 MPH; Destruction, Dramatic Rescues As Florence Slams Carolinas; Mueller Cooperating In Mueller Investigation; Manafort Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Cooperate With Mueller Investigation; via Knit
Sep 15, 2018
Hurricane Florence Pummels Carolinas With Wind, Rain; Disrespecting The Dead;
Pres. Trump Falsely Claims "3,000 People Did Not Die" In Puerto Rico, Despite Study Showing 2,975 Deaths From Hurricane Maria via Knit
Sep 14, 2018
New Forecast: Hurricane Taking Aim At Carolina Coast, Life Threatening Storm Surge And Rainfall Expected; "Unsung Success" In Puerto Rico?; The Story Behind "Fear"; Woodward Tells All On His Reporting Process; Medical Examiner: 12 Florida Nursing Home Dea
New Forecast: Storm Up To 13 Feet, Up To 40 Inches of Rain In Some Areas; New Forecast: Hurricane Florence On Track To Strike Carolinas, Packing Maximum Sustained Winds of 115 MPH Winds Right Now; Pres. Trump Already Boasts About "Tremendous Accolades"; For Florence; Stockpile Of Water in Puerto Rico Never Distributed, Despite Pres. Trump's Claim of "Incredible, Unsung Success" Woodward on "Nervous Breakdown" Of Executive Branch; Bob Woodward Responds To Eric Trump's Attack Interpreted Ad Some As Semitic Dog Whistle; Woodward: President Trump's Own Staff Trying To "Save" and "Protect" Country From Him; Woodward Dismisses Trump Officials' Non-Denial Denials; Woodward On How Many Interviews Were On Tape; Woodward: "Boxes Of Recordings And Documents" Support My Book; Trump Allies Keep Up Attacks; Woodward: Defense Secretary Mattis Had To Bluntly Explain To President About Preventing "World War III"; Woodward: Ex-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Compared The Trump White House To A Nasty, Bloody Zoo Melee; Woodward: Pres. Trump's Lawyer joHN Down Concluded His Client Was A "F---ing Liar"; via Knit
Sep 13, 2018
Hurricane Warnings Issued As "Life Threatening" Florence Strengthens; 2,975 Deaths Are Not An "Unsung Success"; Ken Starr Weighs In On Mueller Investigation;
Stronger Winds, Higher Storm Surge As Monster Hurricane Florence Aims At Carolinas; 20+ Million Could Be Impacted; "Catastrophic" Hurricane Florence Could Dump 20 to 30 Inches Of Rain On Parts Of North Carolina; Pres. Trump: Hurricane Response In Puerto Rico Was "An Incredible Unsung Success"; Nearly 3,000 People Died via Knit
Sep 12, 2018
Hurricane Florence Prompts Mandatory Evacuations In Carolinas, Virginia; "Fear" And Loathing At The White House;
The Tweet That Could Started A War; Ballot Error May Have Cost Georgia Rep. His Race;WH: DOJ "Should Look Into" Who Wrote Anonymous Op-Ed; Hurricane Florence Rapidly Intensifies Into Category 4 Storm, Threatens Carolinas; via Knit
Sep 11, 2018
National Security Or Personal Insecurity?; Attorney Who Disclosed "Deep Throat" Identity Recalls Decades Of Denial Before Truth Emerged; Sessions Supporters In Alabama Upset At President Trump Attacks On Attorney General; Former Trump Campaign Aide George
Source: White House Has Narrowed Search For Anonymous Op-Ed Writer To A Few Suspects; Pres. Trump: "I Don't Want To Be Set Up With A Perjury Trap"; Obama: "What Happened To The Republican Party?" Convicted Ex-Trump Adviser Contradicts Sessions, Says He Was "Enthusiastic" About Trump-Putin Mtg. via Knit
Sep 08, 2018
Will The Real Anonymous Please Stand Up?; Top Administration Officials Deny Writing NYT Op-Ed; Burt Reynolds 1936-2018
Rand Paul Suggests Lie Detector Tests To Find Op-Ed Writer; Dems, GOP Star Over Document Release In Kavanaugh Hearing; Sen. Booker Pushes Kavanaugh On Whether He'd Recuse Himself From Cases Involving Pres. Trump And Mueller; Rounding Up The Possible Names Behind That Op-Ed; Sen. Booker Pushes Kavanaugh On Whether He'd Recuse Himself From Cases Involving Pres. Trump And Mueller; via Knit
Sep 07, 2018
Unprecedented! (Again); Sr. Administration Official Blasts Pres. Trump In Op-Ed; Secretary Kerry Weighs In On The Trump Administration; Day Two Of Kavanaugh Hearing Continues Into Evening;
Sr. Trump Admin. Official:There Is A Quiet Resistance Within The Administration Of People Choosing To Put Country First"; Sr. Trump Admin. Official: Many In Administration Are Working To "Frustrate Parts Of His Agenda And His Worst Inclinations"; Sr. Trump Admin. Official: There Were "Early Whispers Within The Cabinet Of Invoking The 25th Amendment" ; Sr. Trump Admin. Official:Pres. Trump Acts "In A Manner That Is Detrimental To The Health Of Our Republic" ; Pres. Trump On Op-Ed: "Gutless" And "Really A Disagree" "There Is A Quiet; Pres. Trump On Twitter: If Sr. Admin. Official In Op-Ed Exists, NY Times Must "Turn Him/Her Over To Government" via Knit
Sep 06, 2018
New Bob Woodward Book: Chief Of Staff Kelly Called Pres. Trump An "Idiot", Also Said "We're In Crazytown"; NY Times: Mueller Will Accept Written Answers From Trump On Questions About Campaign Collusion With Russia; Protest And Dissent During Supreme Court
Bob Woodward Book: Kelly Describes Pres. Trump As An "Idiot"; Mattis Says Pres. Has Understanding of A "Fifth Or Sixth Grader"; Woodward Book: Pres. Trump Thought Charlottesville Clean-Up "Biggest F***ing Mistake I've Made"; Woodward Book: Chief Of Staff Kelly Said "This Is The Worst Job I've Ever Had"; Chief Of Staff Denies Ever Calling Pres. Trump An "Idiot"; Bob Woodward: Top Trump Aides Swiped Papers Off His Desk "To Protect The Country"; Woodward Book: Pres. Trump At Least A Dozen Former And Current White House Officials Confirm To CNN That They Spoke To Woodward Pres. Trump Suggest Political Motivation Behind Woodward Book: "Notice Timing?"; White House: Woodward Book Made Up "Fabricated Stories, Many By Former Disgruntled Employees"; Pres. Trump Called Woodward To Complain He Wasn't Interviewed Book; Woodward Says He Made Several Requests; Woodward Book: After Mock Mueller Interview, Trump's Lawyer Warned President He Would End Up In An "Orange Jump Suit" via Knit
Sep 05, 2018
Louisiana Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Activates National Guard; And Justice For All (After The Midterms); Pres. Trump Blasts Sessions Over Indictment of Two Of His Earliest Congressional Supporters; Pres. Trump Cites NY Times In Latest Witch Hu
GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Blasts Pres. Trump's New Attack Against AG Sessions: U.S. "Not Some Banana Republic" Trump Admin. Withholds 100,000+ Pages of Kavanaugh Doc; Sen. Schumer: Senate Just Given An Additional 42,000 Pages of Kavanaugh Documents Hours Before Hearings; via Knit
Sep 04, 2018
If It's All Just A Witch Hunt...; New Poll: Disapproval Of President At A High Of 60% While 63% Support Mueller Probe As Midterm Ramp Up; Family, Friends, Colleagues, And The Public Pay Tribute To Sen. McCain As He Lies In State in The Capitol Rotunda; G
In Guilty Plea, Lobbyist With Russian And Ukrainian Ties Admits He Arranged Illegal Foreign Donation To Trump's Inauguration; Source: DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Testified That Dossier Author Told Him Russians Thoughts They Had Trump "Over A Barrel" Poll: Americans Split On Impeachment For President; Poll: Majority Shows President Should Not Fire Session; Star Power At Aretha Franklin's Funeral; via Knit
Sep 01, 2018
Sen. McCain's Casket Arrives Ahead Of DC Services; More Dirt On The President?; NY Times: Pres. Trump Wanted To Buy, Bury File of Enquirer Stories;
Bloomberg: Pres. Trump Views Mueller Probe As "Illegal Investigation"; Bloomberg: Pres. Trump Won't Say If He'd Comply With Bloomberg: Pres. Trump Says He'll Keep Sessions Until November Elections Despite "Illegal" Probe; via Knit
Aug 31, 2018
Was It Something He Said?; Florida Governor's Race Starts With Racist Accusations; "Heckuva Job," The Sequel; McCain Pallbearer Comes As A Surprise; Pres. Trump And His Latest Conspiracy Theories
Pres. Trump Calls WH Counsel Don McGahn An "Excellent Guy" After Announcing His Imminent Departure On Twitter; Desantis: "The Last Thing We Need To Do Is Monkey This Thing Up By Trying To Embrace A Socialist Agenda"; A Day After Puerto Rico's Maria Death Toll Jumps From 64 To Nearly 3,000 Pres. Trump Say "We Did A Fantastic Job"; Mourners Pay Respects To McCain In Arizona State Capitol; Sen. McCain's Relationship With Russia; via Knit
Aug 30, 2018
Pres. Trump Has Revived Idea Of Firing Sessions In Conversations With Aides and Lawyers This Month; Pres. Trump Warns Of Violence If Republicans Lose Midterms; Former Campaign Manager And Family Spokesman Remembers His Friend; Puerto Rico's Hurricane Mar
Wash Post: Pres. Trump Talking To His Private Lawyers About Firing Sessions; Pres. Trump: Must Win Midterms Or "They Will Overturn Everything We've Done..Quickly And Violently...There Is Violence"; Legion Members Decry White House Flag Delay; via Knit
Aug 29, 2018
Delaying The Respects; White House Flag Lowered Again After Growing Pressure; Remembering A Maverick; War Hero, Senator, Political Titan; McCain's Sense Of Humor Part Of His Legacy
Pres. Trump Finally Issues Statement Mentioning McCain's Service After Ignoring Questions Multiple Time Today; After Day Of Questioning, Pres. Trump Says "We Very Much Appreciate Everything Senator McCain Has Done For Our Country"; Vietnam Vet Gives Cindy McCain His Medallion At Funeral Home; Senator Angus King Remembers His Friend And Mentor; White House Push And Pull On McCain Honors; Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush To Speak At McCain's Memorial Service At The National Cathedral Saturday; via Knit
Aug 28, 2018
Look Who's Talking; Who Is Allen Weisselberg?; Prosecutors Grant Immunity To Longtime Trump Finance Chief; Manafort Juror Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Escalates Feud With Sessions; Hurricane Lane Hammers Hawaii With Rain
Senator John McCain Chooses To Discontinue Treatment For Brain Cancer, Prayers Pour In; Prosecutors Grant Immunity To Longtime Trump Finance Chief; GOP Senator Warns Against Firing Sessions; Pres. Trump To Sessions: Go Investigate Dems And Critics; Manafort Juror Who Supports Trump Says She Wishes Manafort Was Convicted On All Counts; Storm Bringing "Catastrophic Flooding" To Hawaii via Knit
Aug 25, 2018
Code Of Silence; President Weighs Pardon For Manafort; Job In Jeopardy; Rep. Duncan Hunter's Day In Court; WSJ: National Enquirer Publisher David Pecker Granted Immunity; Pres. Trump Concerned About (White) South Africans;
AG Sessions To Pres. Trump: "I Took Control Of The Department Of Justice The Day I Was Sworn In"; Pres. Trump Reacts To Cohen Plea, Manafort Verdict; Pres. Trump: Sessions "Never Took Control Of The Justice Department"; AP: National Enquirer's Safe Held Damaging Trump Stories; Pres. Trump: Flipping "Almost Ought To Be Outlawed"; Pres. Trump Sparks Angry Response From South African Government; Rep. Duncan Hunter, Wife Plead Not Guilty To Misusing Campaign Funds For Trips, Restaurants, Plane Ticket for Pet Rabbit via Knit
Aug 24, 2018
When Is A Crime A Crime?; Sources: Short of Firing Mueller, There's Nothing That's Going To Split The GOP From Pres. Trump; Avenatti Says Pres. Trump Violated Campaign Finance Laws; Suspect Arraigned In Mollie Tibbetts' Murder
Trump Now Claims He Learned Of Hush Money "Later On"; Cohen Said, Under Oath, That Trump Directed Payments; Pres. Trump Falsely Suggests That Hush Money Payments Weren't A Crime Because They Weren't Paid By His Campaign; Davis: Cohen Took "Responsibility Under Oath"; White House: Pres. Trump "Did Nothing Wrong" Despite Ex-Lawyer Cohen Implicating Him In A Federal Crime; Davis: I Believe Cohen Is Now Telling The Truth; Vigil To Remember Mollie Tibbetts; via Knit
Aug 23, 2018
All The President's Men; Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicates Pres. Trump; Trump Campaign Chair Convicted; Rep. Duncan Hunter Indicted; Michael Cohen's Years-Long Relationship With Donald Trump
In Guilty Plea, Cohen Says He Acted "In Coordination And At The Direction Of A Candidate For Federal Office"; Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Eight Felonies Including Fraud And Campaign Finance Violations; Cohen Admits He And Trump Bought Silence Of Porn Star And Former Playboy Model To Influence Election; Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Found Guilty On Eight Felony Counts Of Financial Crimes; Rep. Duncan Hunter Charged With Wire Fraud, Conspiracy, Falsifying Records In Alleged Misuse of $250K in Campaign Funds via Knit
Aug 22, 2018
Pres. Trump Tells Reuters He Doesn't Have To Stay Out of Mueller Probe, Could "Run It" If He Wants; Reuters: Pres. Trump Won't Say If He'll Do Mueller Interview; Giuliani Taunts Brennan On Twitter; Charges Filed In Colorado Murders; Legal Jeopardy Looms F
Reuters: Pres. Trump Says Talking To Mueller Team Could Be A Perjury Trap: "Even If I Am Telling The Truth, That Makes Me A Liar"; Reuters: Pres. Trump Says He Hasn't Given A Lot Of Thought To Whether He'll Take Away Mueller's Security Clearance; More Former Intelligence Officials Join To Denounce Pres. Trump's Revocation Of Brennan Clearance; Man Charged In Deaths Of Pregnant Wife, 2 Daughters; Sources: Prosecutors Preparing Criminal Charges Against Cohen; Could Announce By End Of August; Manafort Jury Breaks For The Day, More Deliberations Tuesday via Knit
Aug 21, 2018
Wash. Post: WH Drafts More Clearance Cancellations Demanded by Pres. Trump, Could be Released as Distractions to Unfavorable News; Pres. Trump Once Again Voices Support for Manafort as Criminal Trial Recesses for Week; Amid Jury Deliberations Pres. Trump
75 Former Intelligence Officials Criticize Pres. Trump for Pulling Ex-CIA Director Brennan's Security Clearance; Wash. Post: WH Drafts More Clearance Cancellations Demanded by Pres. Trump, Could be Released as Distractions to Unfavorable News; Pres. Trump Once Again Voices Support for Manafort as Criminal Trial Recesses for Week; Amid Jury Deliberations Pres. Trump Complains About "Sad" Manafort Trial, Calls Him "A Very Good Person;" Pres. Trump Claims Credit Cancelling Expensive Military Parade He Requested; Executive Editors of NY Times, Wash. Post Guests on the Axe Files, Sat. 7pmET on CNN; Special Counsel Seeking Prison Time, Fine for Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos, Who Pled Guilty to Lying to FBI via Knit
Aug 18, 2018
dm. McRaven: Revoke My Security Clearance, Too, Mr. President; Dept. of Defense Postpones Military Parade Pres. Trump Wanted; Omarosa Manigault Newman's Publisher Tells Trump Campaign: We "Will Not Be Intimidated;" Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018
Wash. Post: Pres. Trump "Eager to Strip More Security Clearances;" Adm. McRaven: Revoke My Security Clearance, Too, Mr. President; Dept. of Defense Postpones Military Parade Pres. Trump Wanted; Omarosa Manigault Newman's Publisher Tells Trump Campaign: We "Will Not Be Intimidated;" Omarosa Manigault Newman Releases Secret Tape of Lara Trump Offering Her $15,000-A-Month Job; Nationwide Editorials Condemn Pres. Trump's Attacks on Media; Aretha Franklin: 1942-2018; via Knit
Aug 17, 2018
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Responds to President's Thinly Veiled Threat to Revoke His Security Clearance; Prosecution's Closing Argument to Jury: Manafort Lied; Four-Year-Old Adopted Girl Faces Possible Deportation
Higher Standard or Political Low?; Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Responds to President's Thinly Veiled Threat to Revoke His Security Clearance; Gen. Hayden: Revoking Security Clearances "Personal and Vindictive;"Gen: Hayden: WH Tells Intel Community Stand Up and Be Punished; Bruni: Trump Imitators Turn Their Teacher's Lessons Against Him; Questions About People Who Surround Pres. Trump; Jury Set to Begin Deliberations in Manafort Trial; Prosecution's Closing Argument to Jury: Manafort Lied; Four-Year-Old Adopted Girl Faces Possible Deportation via Knit
Aug 16, 2018
EXCLUSIVE: Lynne Patton Responds to New Audio from Omarosa Manigault Newman; WH Falsely Claims Blanket Non-Disclosure Agreements Commonly Used By Past. Admins.;Stephen Miller's Uncle Calls Him an "Immigration Hypocrite;"
WH Cannot Guarantee Pres. Not on Tape Saying N-Word; EXCLUSIVE: Lynne Patton Responds to New Audio from Omarosa Manigault Newman; WH Falsely Claims Blanket Non-Disclosure Agreements Commonly Used By Past. Admins.;Stephen Miller's Uncle Calls Him an "Immigration Hypocrite" via Knit
Aug 15, 2018
Manigault Newsman Threatens to Release More WH Tapes; FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired Over Anti-Trump Texts; res. Trump Hits McCain on Health Care Vote, Again; White Supremacists Rally Again, Feel Emboldened By Pres. Trump;
Manigault Newman Releases Recordings of Conversations with White House Chief of Staff and President Trump; Trump Allies Slam Manigault Newman's Credibility and Character; Manigault Newsman Threatens to Release More WH Tapes; FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired Over Anti-Trump Texts; We'll Leave the Gaslight on For You, Part 12; Giuliani's Shifting Stance on Alleged Trump-Comey Conversation; Pres. Trump Signs McCain Defense Measure, Doesn't Mention McCain; Pres. Trump Hits McCain on Health Care Vote, Again; White Supremacists Rally Again, Feel Emboldened By Pres. Trump; via Knit
Aug 14, 2018
President Launches Broadside Against Protesting NFL Players as Charlottesville Anniversary Approaches; Pres. Trump's Private Attorneys Repeat Insistence of No "Perjury Trap" For Their Client; Fires Burns as Arson Suspect Appears in Court;
Healing the Country or Deepening Wounds?; President Launches Broadside Against Protesting NFL Players as Charlottesville Anniversary Approaches; How Heather Heyer's Mother Honors Her Legacy; Special Council Focuses in on Former Trump Aide Roger Stone; Bank Testifies About Millions in Loans After Mystery Delay; Pres. Trump's Private Attorneys Repeat Insistence of No "Perjury Trap" For Their Client; Fires Burns as Arson Suspect Appears in Court; via Knit
Aug 11, 2018
Nunes: "We Have to Keep the Majority" to Protect Pres. Trump; Special Counsel's Office Cities "Ongoing Investigation" in Request to Keep Manafort Trial Discussion Secret; Spike Lee Connects Past to Present in New Film "BlacKkKlansman;"
Nunes: "We Have to Keep the Majority" to Protect Pres. Trump; Nunes: GOP "The Only Ones" WhoCan "Clear" Pres. Trump; Special Counsel's Office Cities "Ongoing Investigation" in Request to Keep Manafort Trial Discussion Secret; Mueller Request; Judge in Manafort Trials Tells Jurors He Was Wrong in Criticizing Prosecutors; First Lady's Parents Now U.S. Citizens, Use "Chain Migration" President Hates; Source: Rudy Giuliani Meeting With Pres. Trump at Golf Resort; Puerto Rico Govt. Admits Hurricane Maria Death Toll May Be Closer to 1,400; White Supremacists to March in Washington on Sunday; Spike Lee Connects Past to Present in New Film "BlacKkKlansman;" Lawmakers Asking for a Major Disaster Declaration via Knit
Aug 10, 2018
Rep. Collins Speaks After Insider Trading Charges; President's Legal Team Doesn't Want Questions it Considers a 'Perjury Trap; One-on-One with Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone; Marathon Algae Bloom Kills Marine Life in Southwest Florida
Rep. Collins Speaks After Insider Trading Charges; President's Legal Team Doesn't Want Questions it Considers a 'Perjury Trap;' Questions, Problems Around For Any Possible Pres. Trump Interview with Mueller; Manafort's Defense Hammers Away at Rick Gates' Credibility; One-on-One with Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone; Roger Stone On the Manafort Trial and Mueller Investigation; Wikileaks: Senate Intel Wants to Question Julian Assange About Russia's Interference with 2016 Election; FBI Tells Jury Manafort Had More Than $65 Million in Foreign Accounts; Trump Admin. Imposing Sanctions on Russia for Nerve Attack on Former Russian Agent and Daughter in UK; 17 Wildfires Burn Across California; Marathon Algae Bloom Kills Marine Life in Southwest Florida; via Knit
Aug 09, 2018
Crucial Primary Races in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington State; Manafort's Defense Tries to Destroy Gates' Credibility; Largest Wildfire in California History Among 17 Now Burning
Crucial Primary Races in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington State; Gates Admits to an Affair, Falsifying Documents in Manafort Trial; Manafort's Defense Tries to Destroy Gates' Credibility; Conflicting Advice About Whether Pres. Trump Should Be Interviewed By Robert Mueller; Trump Team Weighs Mueller Request to Interview the President; Largest Wildfire in California History Among 17 Now Burning via Knit
Aug 08, 2018
Rick Gates Takes The Stand As Star Witness For The Prosecution In Manafort Trial; Source: President Urged to Stop Tweeting About Trump Tower Meeting; Pres. Trump Questions LeBron James' Intelligence
Rick Gates Takes The Stand As Star Witness For The Prosecution In Manafort Trial; Gates Testifies He Helped Manafort File False Tax Return; Gates Testifies He And Manafort Did Not Report 15 Foreign Accounts And Knew It Was Illegal; Source: President Urged to Stop Tweeting About Trump Tower Meeting; Pres. Trump Admits 2016 Tower Meeting Was to Get Dirt on Clinton; Pres. Trump Questions LeBron James' Intelligence; via Knit
Aug 07, 2018
Accountants: Manafort Doctored Financial Statements; CNN: Mueller Team Interviews "Manhattan Madam;" Mueller Team Zeroes in on Manafort's Alleged Tax, Bank Fraud; A Tale of Two White Houses, Part Two; Pres. Trump Slams Russia Probe as a "Hoax" Hours After
Accountants: Manafort Doctored Financial Statements; CNN: Mueller Team Interviews "Manhattan Madam;" Mueller Team Zeroes in on Manafort's Alleged Tax, Bank Fraud; A Tale of Two White Houses, Part Two; Pres. Trump Slams Russia Probe as a "Hoax" Hours After Intel Chiefs Say Russia is Trying to Interfere in 2018 Elections; WH Unfazed by Criticism Over Disconnect Between Trump. Intelligence Chiefs on Russian Election Interference; Federal Judge Calls Govt. Proposal for ACLU to Track Down Deported Parents "Unacceptable;" TSA Official Discussing Even More Cost-Saving Measures; What It's Like to Depose Donald Trump; via Knit
Aug 04, 2018
Wait. Russia Is A Threat?; Prosecutors Highlight Paul Manafort's Lavish Spending, Bookkeeper Testifies He Was Broke By 2016; Alleged Russian Agent's Infiltration Of GOP Circles Anything But Subtle; Politico: Giuliani Says Pres. Trump To Make Mueller Sit
Pres. Trump At Rally Tonight Again Calls Russia Probe A Hoax, Makes No Mention Of Russian Meddling Warning From His Spy Chiefs; Sources: Alleged Russia Spy Bragged About Her Ties To Russian Intelligence When Drunk; Mueller Seeks Interview With Russian Pop Star Who Encouraged Trump Tower Meeting; Police: 20-Year-Old Grudge Motive In Doctor's Murders via Knit
Aug 03, 2018
Cleanup On Aisle One; With Presidential Encouragement; Growing Hostility Toward The Press Encouraged By Trump; Witnesses Detail Manafort's Lavish Lifestyle In Day 2 Of Trial; TSA Considering Eliminating Screening At Smaller Airports; Qanon Goes Mainstream
CNN Sources: Mueller Offered To Reduce Number Of Obstruction Questions, But Wants To Include Them In Face-To-Face Interview; Witnesses Testify That Former Trump Campaign Chairman Used International Wire Transfer To Pay Personal Bills; via Knit
Aug 02, 2018
Mueller Team Portrays Manafort As A "Shrewd" Liar As Former Trump Campaign Chairman's Trial Begins; Manafort's Team Blames Associate As Trial Gets Underway; You'll Get Nothing, And You'll Like It ; Federal judge Blocks Release Of Blueprints For 3-D Printe
Prosecutor's Opening Statement: "Paul Manafort Lied"; Manafort's Defense Team: He Put His "Trust In The Wrong Person" ; Manafort Jury Selected: 6 Men, 6 Women; WH Strategy: Downplay Paul Manafort Trial, But Pres. Trump Watching Coverage of Proceedings And Wants Frequent Updates; White House Holds Only 3 Briefings In July; Pres. Trump Hits Rally Road, Yearns For More Of Same; via Knit
Aug 01, 2018
Goalposts. Moving.; Wash. Post: US Spy Agencies See Signs That North Korea Is Working On New Missiles; Pres. Trump Brags About Putin Meeting Again; Pres. Trump Willing To Meet With Iranian With "No Preconditions"
White House Official: President's Press Team Not Coordinating With Giuliani On Message; Pres. Trump Brags About Putin Meeting Again; But Still Offers No Details On 2+ Hours Talks via Knit
Jul 31, 2018
Where The Truth Lies; Difficult To Know Who's Telling The Truth; Pres. Trump, Michael Cohen Come Apart At Seams; White House Toggles Between Cohen Staging Epic Attack Against Pres. Trump, Strong Economic Report
CNN Sources: Cohen Claims Trump Knew Of 2016 Trump Tower Meeting In Advance via Knit
Jul 28, 2018
"Allen Knows Where All The Financial Bodies Are Buried"; NY Times: Mueller Examining Pres. Trump's Tweet About Sessions And Comey In Obstruction Probe; White House Says It Didn't "Ban" CNN Reporter; 711 Children Remain Separated At Reunification
GOP Official On Trump ORG CFO Reportedly Being Subpoenaed: "It's Getting Closer And Closer To His Inner Circle"; WSJ: Trump ORG Finance Chief Subpoenaed in Cohen Case; CNN Sources: He Knows Where "The Financial Bodies Are Buried"; Trump Admin. Declares Family Reunification Complete But 711 Immigrant Children Still Separated From Families via Knit
Jul 27, 2018
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 11; Republicans On Capitol Hill React To Recording; Pres. Trump Slams Cohen For Releasing Recording Of Them Discussing Hush Money For Former Playboy Model; The Summit Of Silence
Pres. Trump Dodges Questions About Secret Audio Recording After Blasting Michael Cohen On Twitter For Its Release; GOP Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Calling For Impeachment Of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Who's Overseeing Russia Probe; Capitol Hill Reacts To Recording; Pres. Trump: Working Toward Zero Tariffs With E.U.; Pompeo Refuses To Share Details Of Trump-Putin Private Talks With Senators While Defending Controversial Summit; White House: Next Trump-Putin Meeting Delayed Until "After Russia Witch Hunt Is Over"; WH: Washington Meeting With Putin Won't Happen Until 2019 via Knit
Jul 26, 2018
WH Ends Practice Of Summarizing Calls With Foreign Leaders; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 10; Official: Demi Lovato In Stable Condition
It Was The Russians... With A Twist; Emails: Trump Admin. Hid Or Ignored Data Showing Some Environmental Protections Were Succeeding; New Polling Shows Most Voters Think Pres. Trump's Meeting Was A Success For Russia, Not The U.S., Veterans Speak Out About Pres. Trump's Meeting With Putin; Demi Lovato Hospitalized For Apparent Drug Overdose; Official: Demi Lovato Is Conscious And Breathing After Being Hospitalized ; Official: Demi Lovato In Stable Condition via Knit
Jul 25, 2018
Pot, Meet Kettle; Avenatti On Cohen Tapes; Woman Who Lost Nine Relatives In Boat Accident Speaks; Judge Grants Immunity For Five Witnesses In Manafort Case; Pres. Trump's All-Caps Tweet On Iran; Immediately Escalates International Tensions; Everything Old
White House: Pres. Trump May Revoke Security Clearances Of Six Former Intelligence And Law Enforcement Officials; Sr. Admin. Official: Pres. Trump "More Than Comfortable" With Security Clearance Discussion, Hasn't Decided To Go Through With It; Federal Prosecutors Have 12 Cohen Audio Recordings; Trump Attacks Iran's President On Twitter, Reluctant To Criticize Russian Leader; Survivor of Capsized Boat Lost Nine Family Members; via Knit
Jul 24, 2018
"We Have No Knowledge Of Any Of This"; FBI Has Cohen Tape Of Trump Discussing Playmate Payment; Source: Mueller Wants To Talk To "Manhattan Madam" Who Once Worked For Roger Stone; More Information From Moscow About Meeting; None From White House;
Trump's Ex-Attorney Michael Cohen Recorded Trump Discussing Payment To Silence Ex-Playboy Model; FBI Has It And Other Recordings; Source: WH Spoke With DNI Office Before Coats Speaking Event, Didn't Even Mention Putin Invite To U.S.; via Knit
Jul 21, 2018
WH: Talks Underway On Second Trump-Putin Summit On Third Day Of Damage Control From Helsinki; New Poll: Most Americans Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Handling of Putin At Summit; Kremlin Starts Campaign To Free Alleged Russian Spy in U.S.
WH: Discussions Underway For Putin To Come To DC This Fall; Intel Chief Surprised Of Plans For Second Trump-Putin Summit; Intel Chief: "Obviously, I Wished" Pres. Trump Had "Different" Comments At Summit With Putin; Intel Chief: I Don't Know What Happened In Trump-Putin Private Talks; New Poll: 68% Of Republicans Think Pres. Trump Did A Great Job At Summit With Putin, 8% for Dems via Knit
Jul 20, 2018
"Very Strong," When No One Was Looking; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 7; Trump On Putin, Meddling: "I Let Him Know We Can't Have This"; Trump Slams Former Leaders Of U.S. Intelligence Community
Pres. Trump: I Don't Want To Get Into Whether Putin Lied About Interfering In 2016 Election; Pres. Trump On Possible Sit-Down With Mueller: "I've Always Wanted To Do An Interview"; After WH Tries To Clean Up Pres. Trump's Remarks, He Says He Let Putin Know "We Can't Have Meddling"; Pres. Trump: I Think I Did Great At The Putin News Conference; Pres. Trump Now Says He Holds Putin Responsible For Election Meddling; via Knit
Jul 19, 2018
Would, Wouldn't, Worst; President Says Just One Word To Blame For Helsinki Uproar; Do Pres. Trump's Helsinki Remarks Amount To Treason?; Grand Jury Indicts Russian Woman On Charges Of Being A Spy
CNN: Pres. Trump Responsible For Crafting Clarification; UK Lawmaker: Facebook Data From Firm That Helped Get Pres. Trump Elected Was Accessed Within Russia via Knit
Jul 18, 2018
That Was A First. Not The Good Kind; Pres. Trump Throws U.S. Intel Agencies Under Bus At Summit, Refuses To Say Putin Attacked 2016 Election ; GOP Lawmakers Call Pres. Trump's Summit Performance "Disgraceful", "Shameful", "Bizarre and Flat-Out Wrong" ; U.
Putin Admits, "Yes, I Did" Want Trump To Win Election; DNI Hits Back After Pres. Trump Sides With Putin, Says Russian Interference "Ongoing And Pervasive"; WH Talking Point: Even At The Height Of The Cold War, Dialogue Between The U.S. And Russia Was Maintained; WH Talking Point: Pres. Trump Would Happily Take Political Risks To Pursue Peace Than Risk Peace To Pursue Politics; ; via Knit
Jul 17, 2018
Hunting Witches...And Finding Them; Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Military Officers For Election Hacking; As Thousands Protest Against Pres. Trump In London, He Falsely Calls His Own Interview "Fake News"; Six-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Heard On Anguished Tape
Indictment: Goal Was To Impact Outcome of 2016 Election; Indictment: Russians Targeted More Than 300 People Connected To Clinton Campaign; White House Response To Indictment Doesn't Condemn Attack; White House Rejects Calls To Cancel Putin Summit; via Knit
Jul 14, 2018
FBI Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts Defends Against Republican Claims Of Bias In Contentious Hearing; SUN Newspaper: Pres. Trump Says He Feels "Unwelcome" In London
Strzok On Being Removed From Russia Investigation: "It Is Not MY understanding That He Kicked Me Off Because Of Any Bias"; Gowdy: "I Don't Appreciate Having An FBI Agent With An Unprecedented Level of Animus Working On Two Major Investigations During 2016"; Gohmert to Strozk: How Many Times Did You Look So Innocent Into Your Wife's Eyes And Lie To Her About Lisa Page?"; Pres. Trump Makes False Claims About NATO Spending; SUN Newspaper: Pres. Trump Thinks The UK Is "Losing Its Culture" Because Of Immigration; Pres. Trump Claims Victory But Details In Dispute; NATO Summit Tensions Flare Ahead Of Trump-Putin Summit; via Knit
Jul 13, 2018
How Does This Thing Work, Anyway?; Pres. Trump Slams NATO Allies In Brussels, Says Germany Is "Captive to Russia"; Top W.H. Official's Wife: Women In The Military Should Expect Sexual Harassment; Pace Of Immigrant Children Reunification Remains Slow; Firs
Sr. European Diplomat: It's Like The Whole World Has "Gone Crazy" This Morning. Trump's Performance Was Beyond Belief; Darla Shine, Wife of New White House Aide, Said On Radio Show Women In Military Should Expect To Be Harassed; Few Answers On When Children Will Be Reunited With Families; Trump Spiritual Adviser: Jesus Never Broke Immigration Law; via Knit
Jul 12, 2018
"One of The Greatest Acts Of American Generosity And Charity"; Chilly Reception; The New John Dean?; President Trump Blasts NATO On Eve of Summit, Says Putin Meeting Might Be "Easiest" Of His Trip; Judge Kavanaugh Begins His Rounds On Capitol Hill; Offici
Trump Administration Not Meeting Today's Deadline To Reunite All Kids Under Five Who Were Separated From Their Parents; Source: Feeling At White House Is That Pompeo's North Korea Trip Went "As Badly As It Could Have Gone"; Democrats Rally Against Pres. Trump's Pick, Brett Kavanaugh; Kavanaugh in 2009: "We Should Not Burden A Sitting President With Civil Suits, Criminal Investigations, Or Criminal Prosecutions"; Sources: Michael Cohen's Team Feels There Is A Strong Parallel To Watergate's John Dean; via Knit
Jul 11, 2018
Pres. Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court; Rescuers Resuming Efforts To Save Those In Thailand Cave; Federal Judge Rejects Trump Administration Bid To Detain Children For More Than 20 Days
McConnell: "President Trump Has Made A Supreme Pick"; Kavanaugh To Meet With McConnell, Pence Tuesday Morning; Trump administration not Sure When About Half of The Children Will Be Reunited With Their Parents; Rescue Operation Resumes In Thailand; via Knit
Jul 10, 2018
Where Are The Kids?; Manafort Bank Fraud Trial Has Trump Campaign Connection, According To Court Filing From Mueller Prosecutors; Pres. Trump Trashes GOP Legends; NY Times: Pres. Trump's Lawyers Set New Conditions For Mueller Interview, Says It's increasi
Trump Administration Says It May Miss Deadline To Reunite The Children It Separated From Their Parents; Oxygen Levels Dropping In Cave Where Boys Are Trapped; Pres. Trump On Jim Jordan: "I Believe Him 100 Percent"; via Knit
Jul 07, 2018
Scandal-Plagued Pruitt Resigns As EPA Administrator; Transparency Failure On Kids In Custody; Pres. Trump Closing In On His Court Nominee; Pompeo Heading For More Talks In N. Korea As Pres. Trump Shrugs Off Concerns; Rescuers: 6 Hours To Reach Boys
Pres. Trump Makes #METOO Comment On Day FMR. Controversial Fox Exec Arrives On Staff; FEDS: "Under 3,000" Children Separated From Immigrant Parents; No Reunions Despite Court Order; Boys Trapped In Cave; Some Too Worn For Rescue; Inside A Cave In Utah With Expert Divers; via Knit
Jul 06, 2018
GOP's Jordan publicly denies knowledge of abuse at Ohio state; CNN: Trump's patience with EPA chief hits "tipping point"; CNN: Trump asked aides about possibility of invading Venezuela; Crews unsure how to free boys from cave in Thailand
GOP's Jordan got emails from accuser, felt "bullied"; CNN: embattled EPA chief asked Trump to fire Sessions, hire him; Michael Cohen removes Trump reference in Twitter bio; GOP-led Senate panel: Putin attacked to help Trump win; Boys trapped in cave for 11 days: "we are healthy"; FAA refuses to regulate seat size, legroom on flights; FAA: our job is to make sure you're safe, not comfortable; Scarlett Johansson slammed for new role as transgender man via Knit
Jul 04, 2018
GOP-Led Senate Panel Backs Up Intelligence Community Assessment That Putin Meddled In Election To Help Trump; Search Teams Unsure How To Free Trapped Soccer Team; CNN: U.S. Intel Agency Believes Kim Jong Un Won't Fully Denuclearize;
Trump: Without Me We'd Be At War With North Korea; Pres. Trump To NATO Countries: Pay More For Defense Or Else; Gender, Ivy League Credentials Reportedly Weigh On Pres. Trump As He Considers Potential Nominees; Pres. Trump Boasts Of Best-Selling Books And His Own Writing Ability, Despite Wide Knowledge Of Ghostwriter; Pres. Trump Unironically Includes Typo In A Tweet Blasting Media For Noticing His Twitter Typos; Rep. Jim Jordan Denies He Ignored Alleged Sex Abuse At Ohio State Univ. When He Was An Asst. Wrestling Coach; via Knit
Jul 04, 2018
Cohen: Loyalty Is To Family & Country Before Pres. Trump; Nuclear Wakeup Call; Some Democrats Call for Abolishing or Overhauling ICE; Whistleblower: Pruitt Scrubbed Official Calendar To Hide Meetings; Missing Soccer Team Found Alive, But Not Out Of Dange
White House: Pompeo Returning to North Korea This Week; CNN: U.S. Intel Agency Believes Kim Jung Un Won't Fully Denuclearize; Sources on Supreme court candidates interviewed today by pres. trump: Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and Amul Thapar; Rescue Official: Trapped Soccer Team Will get 4-Month Supply of Food, Learn How to Dive via Knit
Jul 03, 2018
Pres. Trump Will Announce Supreme Court Pick On July 9; Comedian Making Prank Call Says He Got Trump To Call Him From Air Force One; Vigil Going On In Annapolis, Maryland; Wife of Editor/Columnist Shares Her Memories; Pres. Trump Again Blames Pres. Obama
Pres. Trump: Down To About 5 Supreme Court Picks, 2 Are Women; Pres. Trump: "Don't Know" How Long Chief Of Staff Will Stick Around; Pres. Trump: Journalists Should Be Free From The Fear of Being Violently Attacked While Doing Their Job; Pres. Trump Says Journalists Should Be Free From Violent Attacks; Has Repeatedly Launched Verbal Assaults On The Media; Pres. Trump on Putin Summit: We Will Talk About Ukraine, Syria And Election Tampering; Comedian Pretends To Be U.S. Senator; Connects With Pres. Trump On Air Force One; via Knit
Jun 30, 2018
Police: At Least 5 Dead, Multiple Wounded in Newspaper Shooting; Two Newspaper Writers Share What They Saw; Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein, Republicans Clash in Tense Hearing; CNN Questions About Immigrant Family Reunification Go Unanswered By HHS
Police: Suspect Used A Shotgun; Police: This Was A Targeted Attack; Police: Threats Were Sent Over Social Media, We Are Trying to Determine Who Sent Them; via Knit
Jun 29, 2018
Pres. Trump Gets Another Supreme Court Pick As Justice Kennedy Retires; Justice Kennedy's Legacy; Details of Trump-Putin Summit; Bill Shine Accepts Top White House Job; Late-Night Order By Federal Judge Threatens An Already Consuming Family Immigration Po
McConnell: Will Vote On Justice Kennedy's Successor This Fall; Senate Dems Urge Delay In Voting On Kennedy's Successor As GOP Refused To Consider Pres. Obama's Pick in 2016 election year; Dem Lawmaker: Expect A "Bare-Knuckle Brawl" Over Kennedy Replacement; Democratic Divide Bursts Wide Open With Shocking Primary Upset; VP Pence On Who Will Replace Kennedy; Plans Nearly Set For Trump-Putin Meeting In Europe; Source: Former Fox News Pres. Bill Shine Accepts Top White House Job; Dept. Of Defense Receives Request for Assistance From DHS To House And Care For 12,000 Migrants via Knit
Jun 28, 2018
A Call For Civility...And Cash; If At First You Don't Succeed; Photo From "Team Mitch" Celebrates Court Ruling; Govt. Declines To Detail Reunification Process For More Than 2,000 Children Separated From Their Parents; Contests in 7 States; Romney Aims For
Source: Sarah Sanders Expected to Receive Secret Service Protection via Knit
Jun 27, 2018
We'll Leave the Gaslight On For You, PT 5; New Low For Political Discourse?; New Tweet, Same Old False Claim on Wiretapping;
Part 7 Pentagon To Be Asked to Approve Plans To Potentially House Thousand of Unaccompanied Children, Families On Two Texas Bases; Dem. Rep. Waters: Confront WH Officials; Pres. Trump: "Low IQ" Rep. Waters: "Be Careful"; Trump Team, Supporters Confronted & Heckled In Public; Pres. Trump Tweets Again On False Claims That Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower Phones; Girl Heard On That Audio Recording Still Not Reunited With Her Mother; via Knit
Jun 26, 2018
Confusion, Chaos and Cruel Words; Migrant Girl Finally Reconnects With Her Mom; Tweets And A Visit Overshadowed By A Bizarre Jacket: First Lady And Ivanka Trump React To Border Crisis; Refusing To Forget The Forgotten; Sen. Marco Rubio Talks To David Axel
NY Times: Tense Argument At The White House As Govt. Officials Clash Over How To Address Migrant Families; via Knit
Jun 23, 2018
The Artlessness of the Deal; Detained Children Cry Out For Their Mom And Dad; New York Governor Tours Facility For Detained Children; The Trauma of Separation; What Was The First Lady Thinking; Emails Suggest "Zero Tolerance" Effectively On Hold, Despite
A Mother Cries Out For Her Daughter; What Was The First Lady Saying...Or Thinking?; Former Homeland Security Secretary: Don't Blame Pres. Obama; via Knit
Jun 22, 2018
Pres. Trump Signs Exec. Order to End His Own Family Separation Policy; Does Nothing For Families Split Apart; Texas Charity Operates Dozens of Shelters, Schools For Separated Children; CEO Earns Millions;
Despite Pres. Trump's Exec. Order, Practice of Separating Families Could Resume After 20 Days via Knit
Jun 21, 2018
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, PT. 6; Source: Pres. Trump Told GOP Lawmakers That "The Crying Babies Doesn't Look Good Politically" ; Catholic Priest Lashes Out at "Zero Tolerance" Policy On Border; New Insight On Audio Of Separated Children
Pres. Trump Meets With Republican Lawmakers Over His Policy Of Separating Families at Border; GOP Lawmaker: Meeting With President "Didn't Move The Ball"; Tearful Audio Tape Still Echoing Across Social Media; via Knit
Jun 20, 2018
Homeland Security Secretary Defends Controversial Separation Policy at U.S-Mexico Border; DHS Chief Denies Family Separation Amounts to "Child Abuse"; Trump Associates Reveal Contact With Russian in 2016
Children Reportedly Heard Crying For Parents in New Audio Obtained by Detention Center; We'll Leave the Gaslight On For You, Part 5; McCain Calls on President Trump to Rescind Family Separation Policy; Stone Admits To 2016 Meeting With Russian For Clinton Dirt; via Knit
Jun 19, 2018
Judge Orders Former Trump Campaign Chair Jailed; Trump Lawyers Believe They Can Use IG Report To Challenge Mueller Subpoena; The President VS. The Facts; Trump Told Shinzo Abe He'd Ship 25 Million Mexicans To Japan; CNN on Scene As Border Patrol Agents
Giuliani Dangles Possible Pardons For Manafort, Others; Trump Team Weighs New Strategy As Legal Woes Mount; Pres. Trump Makes False Statements To Reporters; Michael Cohen Indicating Willingness to Cooperate With Federal Judge via Knit
Jun 16, 2018
DOJ Watchdog: Comey Violated FBI Norms On Clinton Probe, But Not Politically Motivated; By Choice, Not By Accident; Inside A Border Shelter Housing Immigrant Children; Trump Foundation Sued; Expert Slams Pres. Trump For Saying N. Korea Not A Nuclear Threa
Comey: "Nothing In The Inspector General's Report Makes Me Think We Did The Wrong Thing"; DOJ Watchdog: No Evidence Bias Impacted Clinton Probe, But Conduct By Some "Cast A Cloud" Over FBI; White House: DOJ Watchdog Report "Reaffirmed the President's Suspicions" of Comey; DOJ Report Reveals More Texts From FBI Officials Blasting Trump; NY AG Pres. Trump Used Charity Funds For Campaign, Business Interests; via Knit
Jun 15, 2018
Whose Party Is This Anyway?; Presidential Primary Clout And What It Means; Pres Trump: North Korea "No Longer A Nuclear Threat" ; Source: Cohen Would Not Be Shocked If He's Indicted; The Ridiculist
Did Too Little Loyalty To President Doom GOP Lawmaker?; Secy. Pompeo Blasts Reporter For Question Verifying Denuclearization; Pres. Trump: Kim Jong Un Has Done Some Bad Things, But A Lot of Other People Have Done "Some Really Bad Things"; Trump's Legal Team Eager To Sit Down With Him, Anticipate's Meeting With Special Counselor Later This Week Or Next Week; via Knit
Jun 14, 2018
Trump's Pledge to Stop "Provocative" Military Exercises Provokes Alarm And Confusion in Seoul And Washington; Pres Trump to Senator Graham: We Had A Good Initial Meeting With Kim Jung Un; President Trump on Kim Jung Un: "His Country Does Love Him"
Trump's Pledge to Stop "Provocative" Military Exercises Provokes Alarm And Confusion in Seoul And Washington; Pres Trump to Senator Graham: We Had A Good Initial Meeting With Kim Jung Un; President Trump on Kim Jung Un: "His Country Does Love Him" via Knit
Jun 13, 2018
Pres. Trump, Kim Jong Un Arrive At Summit Site; Trump Tweets That Larry Kudlow Has Suffered A Heart Attack, Is In Walter Reed Medical Center
Pres. Trump, Kim Jong Un Arrive At Summit Site; Trump Tweets That Larry Kudlow Has Suffered A Heart Attack, Is In Walter Reed Medical Center via Knit
Jun 12, 2018
Remembering Anthony Bourdain
CNN Remembers the Life of Anthony Bourdain via Knit
Jun 09, 2018
Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West Talks to CNN About The Commuted Sentence For Alice Marie Johnson; Exonerated Member of Central Park 5 Speaks Out; First Lady Melania Trump's Office Fires Back at Rudy Giuliani; Pres. Trump Escalates War of Words With Allies;
Pres. Trump on NK Summit: "I Don't Think I Have To Prepare Very Much"; Another Key Republican Says No Indication of Conspiracy In Trump Campaign; Politico: Jeanine Pirro Wants to Be Attorney General; Pres. Trump Has Discussed Jobs With Her via Knit
Jun 08, 2018
Alice Marie Johnson, Daughter, Reunited For First Time Following Her Release From Prison, After Pres. Trump Commutes Her Sentence; Pres. Trump Considering at Least 30 New Pardons; Former Fox News Military Analyst Speaks Out; Stormy Daniels Files Lawsuit A
Pres. Trump Has Prepared the Pardoning Paperwork For At Least 30 People; Col Peters: Fox News Has Become A "Propaganda Machine"; 3 More Republicans Today Break With Pres. Trump on "Spy" Claims; Speaker Ryan, Sen. Burr, And Rep. Rooney; New Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Alleges Her Ex-Lawyer, Trump Atty. Michael Cohen "Colluded" to Manipulate Her, Benefit Trump; WH Aide Who Sen. John McCain May Get New Job in Trump Admin. via Knit
Jun 07, 2018
Moving the Goalpost; Stone Wall Rising; Iconic Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Her Apartment; D'Souza's Prosecution Conspiracy Theory
White House Accuses Eagles of "Political Stunt" for Offering "Tiny Handful" of Representatives to Ceremony; White House Says Eagles Players Decided to Abandon Their Fans; White House Still Stonewalling On Air Force One Memo; Manafort Could Soon Be Jailed for Violating Bail; Special Counsel's Team Alleges Witness Tampering; Devos: School Safety Commission Formed After Stoneman Douglas Shooting Won't Look at Role of Guns; Wash Post: Pruitt Enlisted EPA Aide To Help His Wife Inquire About Getting A Chick-Fil-A Franchise; Designer Kate Spade Found Dead at 55 via Knit
Jun 06, 2018
Is The President Above the Law?; Pardoned Conservative Firebrand Speaks Out; Pres. Trump Cancels Philadelphia Eagles' WH Visit Over Anthem Dispute; Mueller's Office Accusing Paul Manafort of Attempted Witness Tampering; Apple Announces New Features
Tweeting Doesn't Make It So, Pt. 4; WH Won't Explain Contradictory Comments About Pres. Trump's Role in Dictating Trump Tower Meeting Response; Pres. Trump: "The Appointment of the Special Counsel is Totally Unconstitutional!"; Mueller's Office Accusing Paul Manafort of Attempted Witness Tampering, Asking Court To Revoke Bond/House Arrest; via Knit
Jun 05, 2018
Pres. Trump: June 12 Summit With Kim Jong Un Is Back On; Presidential Double Standard?; "Parts Unknown" In Hong Kong Sunday At 9PM ET
The Envelope Please; June 12 Summit Kim Jong Un Is Back On; Denuclearization Apparently No Longer A Priority ; President Condemns Samantha Bee, Fumes About "Double Standard" But Remains Silent On Roseanne; MSNBC Anchor Joy Reid Apologizes for Blog Posts; Network Says Some Were "Obviously Hateful and Hurtful"; WSJ: U.S. In Early Talks For Possible Trump-Putin Summit; Children Separated From Their Moms After Crossing the Border; Inside An Immigration Detention Center Where Mothers Desperately Want To Be Reunited With Their Children; via Knit
Jun 02, 2018
It's Good To Be The King; Reluctance On Racism?; Samantha Bee's Vulgar Remark About Ivanka Trump Sparks Backlash; Trump Silent on Estimated 4,600+ Deaths in Puerto Rico;
Pres. Trump Pardons Conservative Pundit, May Pardon Martha Stewart And Former Illinois Gov. Rob Blagojevich; Pres. Trump's Newest Pardon May Send Message to Mueller Witnesses; Wash Post: Prosecutors Interview Comey As They Investigate Whether His Former Deputy McCabe Should Be Charged; Pres. Trump Doubles Down, Doesn't Denounce Racist Tweet; Survey: 4,600+ Deaths in Puerto Rico; But Govt. Says 64 via Knit
Jun 01, 2018
Pres. Trump Silent on Roseanne Barr's Racism, Instead Attacks ABC for Apologizing; Roseanne Barr's Ex-Husband Speaks Out; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So, Pt. 3
(Not) Enough About Me; NY Times: Former Acting FBI Director Feared Rosenstein Gave Trump Cover Story for Comey Firing, Wrote Memo About It via Knit
May 31, 2018
ABC Cancels "Roseanne" After Star's Racist Tweet; Pres. Trump Asked Sessions To Retain Control Of Russia Probe After His Recusal, Mueller Team Investigating;
Awaiting Trump Rally In Nashville And Whether He Will Address Roseanne Barr's Racist Tweet; Monitoring Trump Rally In Nashville And Whether He Will Address Roseanne Barr's Racist Tweet; NY Times: "Taxi King" Gets Better Plea Deal After Raid On Trump's Lawyer; via Knit
May 30, 2018
Trump Unleashes on Mueller Investigation, Calls it "Rigged"; Trump Honors Fallen Service Members at Arlington; Trump Administration Loses Track of 1400+ Immigrant Children; Storm Alberto Nearing Landfall on Florida's Panhandle; RFK JR. Want Probe of Fathe
Trump Lauds His Performance in Tweet About Fallen Soldiers; Chelsea Clinton: Trump "Degrades What It Means To Be An American"; Trump Administration Defends Separating Children From Parents; via Knit
May 29, 2018
NSC Confirms Talks Back On With North Korea; Russian Oligarch Met With Cohen 11 Days Before Inauguration;
President Leaves Door Open To June 12 Talks With Kim; CNN Source: Kelly And Flood Asked To Leave Classified Briefing As President Escalates Misinformation Campaign Against FBI; President Waffles on Canceling North Korea Summit; Man Hit By Lava Bomb While Trying To Protect Homes; via Knit
May 26, 2018
North Korea Reacts To Pres. Trump Canceling Summit; CNN: Special Counsel And Trump's Lawyers Discussed January Date For Presidential Interview With Mueller;
Umm, Who Invited This Guy?; Giuliani To CNN: Knowing About This Confidential Source Is A Prerequisite For Any Mueller Interview With The President; Giuliani: Pres. Trump Ordered Emmet Flood To Attend Briefings; Giuliani: Appropriate For WH Lawyer To Attend Source Briefings; North Korea On Trump's Decision To Cancel Summit: "We Are Willing To Sit Face To Face At Any Time"; N. Korea On Decision To Cancel Summit: "Not In Line With The Wishes" Of Those Who Hope For "Peace And Stability"; Sources: Roger Stone's Finances Examined By Special Counsel; via Knit
May 25, 2018
Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So, PT. 2;
WH: DOJ-House GOP Meeting Will Go On As Planned Tomorrow, Bipartisan Meeting Slated For After Memorial Day Recess; Jared Kushner's Security Clearance Restored, Met With Mueller Team A Second Time For 7 Hours; Lawyer To CNN: Jared Kushner Questioned by Special Counsel For 7 Hours About Russian Collusion, Foreign Contacts, Comey Firing; Man Defending Home From Volcano Is Hit By Flaming "Lava Bomb"; Trump Admin, Wants More High-Level Talks, Assurances From Kim Jong Un Before Planned Summit Next Month;State-Run TV: North Koren Official Calls Vice Pres. Pence A "political Dummy", Says U.S. Risks "Nuclear To Nuclear Showdown" via Knit
May 24, 2018
CNN: Trump Lawyers Make Offer For Mueller to Interview the President, Want to Limit or Eliminate Obstruction Questions; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So; Carter Page Speaks Out on Confidential FBI Source;
NY Times: Business Partner of Trump's Lawyer Reaches Plea Deal; Agrees to Cooperate With Investigators; CNN: Trump Lawyers Make Offer For Mueller to Interview the President, Want to Limit or Eliminate Obstruction Questions; Soon: Carter Page Speaks Out on Confidential FBI Source; Saying "Spy" Doesn't Make It So; Page: Nothing Unusual During My Talks With Confidential FBI Source; You Forgot Something; Incoming NRA Pres. Oliver North: "Culture of Violence" To Blame for Mass Shootings; Pres. Trump: "Disgrace to This Country" If FBI Placed "Spies" In His Campaign; Boston Globe: Some Presidential Tweets, Mistakes and All, Are Written By Staff Adept at Copying Pres. Trump Style via Knit
May 23, 2018
Pres. Trump Meets With Top Justice, FBI And Intel Officials After He "Hereby" Demands Probe Of Campaign "Spy" Claim; NY Times: Before Election, Donald Trump Jr. Met UAE And Saudi Arabia Emissary Offering To Help Trump Campaign Win
Pres. Trump Meets With FBI Dir., Deputy AG Rosenstein On FBI Source; Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before; White House Says Justice Dept. Inspector General Will investigate President's Claims FBI Spied On His Campaign; Pres. Trump's DOJ Demand Threatens To Become Constitutional Crisis; WH: Justice Dept. And FBI Will Allow Congressional Leaders To See "Highly Classified" Information Related To Trump's Spying Claim; via Knit
May 22, 2018
Ten Killed, Ten Wounded In Texas High School Shooting;
Ten Killed, Ten Wounded in Texas High School Shooting; Shooting Suspect Being Held In Solitary Confinement; Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance; via Knit
May 19, 2018
A Year Of Mueller Time; Team Trump Pounds Away At Mueller Investigation;
Giuliani To PBS: A Mueller-Pres. Trump Interview "Looks More Hopeful"; Giuliani To Politico: Mueller's Team, Pres. Trump's Lawyers Working Together To Narrow Questions For Possible Interview; Giuliani To PBS: Mueller Has Told Us He Wouldn't Indict Pres. Trump, If He Did He Would Be Breaking His Word; Sources: Manafort's Son-In-Law Pleads Guilty Under Deal; Must Cooperate With Mueller Probe, Other Investigations; Giuliani To Politico: Pres. Trump Will Prepare For Mueller Interview Over 2 Or 3 Weeks This Summer; Man In New York Doesn't Want To Hear Spanish; Anti-Immigration Candidates Campaign In Georgia; via Knit
May 18, 2018
Giuliani: Mueller Told Trump Team President Can't Be Indicted; New Information Revealed About Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Questions Surround A Mystery Phone Call;
Giuliani: Mueller Tells Trump Team He Will Follow DOJ Guidance That A President Cannot Be Indicted; Giuliani Admits Reason He Said Trump Repaid Michael Cohen For Stormy Daniels Payment Was To Get Ahead Of Disclosure; Pres. Trump Discloses Payment To Cohen, Possibly To Cover Stormy Daniels Hush Money; Ethics Office Refers To Justice Department; NY TimesL New Details Revealed About Origins Of Investigation into Trump Campaign, Code Name "Crossfire Hurricane"; Pres. Trump: "We'll Have To See" If North Korea Summit Happens; via Knit
May 17, 2018
North Korea Threatens To Pull Out Of U.S. Summit, Suspends Talks With South Over Military Exercise;NY Times: Justice Dept., FBI Are Investigating Cambridge Analytica;
Aides: WH Caught Off Guard When North Korea Threatens To Skip U.S. Summit; Upset U.S. South Korea Military Drills; Federal Judge: Manafort Trail Can Proceed; Different Judge Earlier Assailed Mueller Probe; Judge Rejects Manafort Attempt To Dismiss Criminal Case; Who''s Sorry Now? Still Not The White House; For Pres. Trump, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word;No Evidence Of A Crime In Border Patrol Agent's Death; Pres. Trump: The First Lady Remains In Good Spirits, Will Leave Walter Reed Medical Ctr. In 2 Or 3 Days; TMZ: Meghan Markle's Father Now Says He Can't Attend Royal Wedding Due To Heart Surgery; via Knit
May 16, 2018
Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Procedure; Will Remain Hospitalized Through The Week; Palestinian Ministry Of Health: At Least 58 Killed In Gaza As U.S. Opens New Embassy In Jerusalem;
Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Procedure At Walter Reed; Melania Trump; Who's Sorry Now? Still Not The White House. WH On McCain Comment: "This Is An Internal Matter"; Evangelical Pastors Invited To Jerusalem Embassy Ceremony Have Controversial Past Attacking Non-Christian Religions; Report: Meghan Markle's Father Won;'t Attend Royal Wedding After Admitting Staging Photos For The Paparazzi, Getting Paid; via Knit
May 15, 2018
WH Won't Apologize for Aides' Cruel McCain Joke; WH Doesn't Deny Trump Aide Made Insulting McCain Joke as Calls Grow for Aide to be Fired; Kelly: Undocumented Immigrants Lack Skills to Assimilate; The Trump Cabinet: The Long List of Who Threatened to Quit
Who's Sorry Now (Not the White House); WH Won't Apologize for Aides' Cruel McCain Joke; WH Doesn't Deny Trump Aide Made Insulting McCain Joke as Calls Grow for Aide to be Fired; Kelly: Undocumented Immigrants Lack Skills to Assimilate; Senate Intel Committee Requesting All Communication Between Ex-Trump Aide Same Nurnberg and Roger Stone; The Trump Cabinet: The Long List of Who Threatened to Quit or Did; EPA Chief Pruitt's Pricey Dinner with Accused Cardinal Under Scrutiny; "Parts Unknown" in Newfoundland Airs Sunday 9PM; via Knit
May 12, 2018