Washed Up Emo

By Tom Mullen

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Join Tom Mullen for a look back at when emo was an unknown word, its relevance now and speaks to those deeply involved with the emo/post-hardcore scene. AnthologyofEmo.com

Episode Date
#136 - Ryan Grisham (Mock Orange)
Today we welcome Ryan Grisham from Mock Orange! They’re back in the news a bit as they recently announced a 20th-anniversary tour for their very much loved “Nines and Sixes” album. Ryan and I talked about the band’s changes, their high profile producers they’ve worked with, how they were a midwest band but never really toured in the Midwest and their life in Japan that kept them going. Mock Orange should be your favorite band, I hope it is after this episode. Finally, we’ve named the episode The Unknown Blur. You’ll figure it out by the end. It’s pretty beautiful.
Aug 13, 2018
#135 - Chris "Poppy" Popadak (Hawthorne Heights)
Today we welcome Chris Popadak from Hawthorne Heights. Chris has been drumming with the band as a touring and session member since 2014 and joined fully last year. We connected because we’ve definitely used Hawthorne Heights as an example of when emo goes wrong and Chris wanted to set the story straight…. When we spoke over email he mentioned that he was into a bunch of the older stuff, the band knew they weren’t emo and to let me know they are still a band! Plus they haven’t stopped being a band, releasing a bunch of music independently, since the emo boom in the mid-00s. Their latest is on Pure Noise Records. Chris or “Poppy” as many call him that know him well, was a great guest and spoke honestly about being a musician with a band with one big song and how far that can take you and what doors it can open. He’s living the dream. Coincidentally, he is from Ohio. If you’d like to support the podcast and defending emo, head on over to our Patreon page at patreon.com/washedupemo! Thanks to all the Patreon supporters out there.
Jul 27, 2018
#134 - Nathan Hardy (Microwave)
Today we welcome Nathan Hardy from the band Microwave. Microwave just finished up a little run with Jimmy Eat World and The Hotelier and it was high time to get Nathan to chat. We talk a lot about being labeled emo, his struggle and acceptance of growing out of the mormon church, being homeless for a time and feeling like a big kid when everyone else moves on and “grows up.” I remind him that Microwave is a horrible band name for SEO and Nathan searches his band name on Google for the first time. He also goes in depth on what the next album will be about. The DIY spirit is alive and well with Nathan and Microwave. If you aren’t familiar, check em out then dive into this interview. if you’re up for keeping this podcast alive, head on over to our Patreon page at patreon.com/washedupemo to support!
Jul 20, 2018
#133 - Tony Weinbender (Fest)
Today we welcome Tony Weinbender from Fest! Tony has curated an amazing festival in Florida started in 2002 with 60 bands has grown into the premiere independent festival with this year having 400+ bands performing across 3 days this fall. It’s simple, make something awesome and stick at it, people will support. Tony like myself started in college radio and booked bands at MacRock, the festival put on by WXJM at James Madison University. He then went on to work at No Idea Records in Florida and toured with bands like Less Than Jake. Fest 17 is this October and if you want to be a part of a community and a festival that keeps its DIY roots, Fest is it. Tony was amazing to spend time talking about his life and what’s next for the festival. If you want to support the podcast, head over to patreon.com/washedupemo and if you do, I’ll be able to make more of these!
Jul 13, 2018
#132 - Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting)
Today we welcome Anthony Green from Circa Survive, Saosin and the Sound of Animals Fighting. My history with Anthony goes back to the early days of Circa Survive and working alongside him at Equal Vision Records for the Juturna and On Letting Go album releases. As the years passed, we stayed in touch and would see each other as you do when a band rolls through town. Anthony was always super into what I was doing with Washed Up Emo and check in when I’d post something about The Promise Ring or Braid. Anthony came along at an amazing time for punk rock and rode the wave with Circa Survive to heights not afforded many and still can play anywhere in the world for his solo material or with Circa Survive. In the hour we chatted, we got to catch up in thoughts on emo, sneaking up on stage to ask Thursday, who he didn’t know, about joining a certain band. Plus, how I forced Circa Survive to do a Fuse TV event for a girl that really just wanted Panic! at the Disco and where he is now and what he would have said to himself 10 years ago. His new solo album “Would You Still Be In Love” is out now and he’s touring the 10th anniversary of “Avalon” his debut LP now.

If you’d like to support the podcast, go to patreon.com/washedupemo and the more ya do, the more podcasting I can do!

Jul 05, 2018
#131 - Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)
Today we welcome back Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids. Matt and the boys have a new EP, Kicker, on Polyvinyl Records, out this week and it was time to get Matt back on to chat.

We discuss how The Get Up Kids have stayed together all these years, their knack for writing EPs, I get caught saying I liked Jim’s songs better and you’ll hear why I owe Matt $25 for doing the podcast. Finally, we hear about more recordings happening and what that means about a full album.

Jun 04, 2018
#130 - Dave Diem (Twelve Hour Turn, LAPêCHE)
Today we welcome Dave Diem from Twelve Hour Turn and LAPêCHE. Twelve Hour Turn were an amazing post-hardcore band from Florida from 1997-2002. You may know them from their LP with I Hate Myself or 7" with Engine Down. My personal favorite is their LP The Victory of Flight. Dave and I chat about his time in Twelve Hour Turn, how independent music shaped him, why the band broke up and what led to LAPêCHE and the feeling of making music after a 10 year absence.
May 28, 2018
#129 - Henderson Cole (Entertainment lawyer and founder of The Alternative)
When Henderson read about bands getting screwed by Victory Records in the news, he thought he could do something about it. So he actually went to law school. In this episode you’ll learn about how Henderson got into law, where his DIY roots started, and why he founded The Alternative.

This is also a crash course about what things bands should think about when it comes to a lawyer. I learned a ton on this episode and I think you will too. Special thanks to the Patreon supporters! (Episode is fixed.)

May 14, 2018
#128 - Susie Ulrey (Pohgoh)
Today we welcome Susie Ulrey from the band Pohgoh. I first heard about the band on the first volume of the Emo Diaries compilation. They were everything I wanted in a band when I was playing music back in the day. Susie and I met up in New York City recently to chat and we discussed her upbringing in Florida, getting into the scene, her crush on Brent with a bowl cut and why a community is so important. We also chat about her living with MS and the many challenges of daily life and trying to continue to make music.
May 07, 2018
#127 - Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive, Despair)
Today we welcome Scott Vogel from the band's Despair, Buried Alive and Terror. You’re probably confused right now, hear me out. Scott is a huge emo fan and professed his love for Texas is the Reason, Split Lip and Chris Higdon from Elliott multiple times including a dream scenario for Chris you need to hear in its entirety. Scott also mentions the time he kept singing the chorus of Jimmy Eat World’s "Sweetness" for a whole tour annoying his band. We talk at length about the hardcore scene and how time off from the band both saved the band and the members itself from imploding. I had a blast talking to him and hope you enjoy too.
Apr 30, 2018
#126 - Matt Pond
Late last year Matt Pond PA played it’s last show, after almost 20 years of music. I had always loved Matt Pond PA and wanted to find out more about him, his life and where he sees the next phase of his music. To learn more go to InDreams.Space
Apr 09, 2018
#125 - Nathan Ellis (Coalesce, The Casket Lottery, Able Baker Fox)
Today we welcome Nathan Ellis from Coalesce, The Casket Lottery and Able Baker Fox. The Casket Lottery has re-released some records via Run for Cover and got back in the van again to play live. Nathan spoke with me prior to the tour about growing up in Kansas City, seeing shows at the age of 14 and how we’d both be outed if we tried to hang with the kids today. Nathan’s love of music shines through this entire episode.
Mar 13, 2018
#124 - Joseph Grillo (Garrison, God Fires Man, I Hate Our Freedom)
Joseph Grillo from Garrison, God Fires Man, I Hate Our Freedom and Gay for Johnny Depp is our guest on the podcast this week!
Feb 26, 2018
#123 - Buddy Nielsen (Senses Fail)
We talk about Senses Fail's new album "If There Is Light, It Will Find You" and how the band got their start, the crazy time in the mid-00s when everyone was getting signed. Buddy speaks candidly about what bands were thinking as the emo boom took hold in NJ and in other parts of the country and world. A fun chat and one where he didn’t hold back. I loved hearing his take on emo and the shape it took when Senses Fail were gaining popularity. Thanks for listening!
Feb 05, 2018
#122 - Dylan Mattheisen (Tiny Moving Parts)
Dylan and I talked about the latest record "Swell," his horrible predictions for the Vikings, growing up in Minnesota, learnings from the last 10 years as a band and how long did it take before they started nerding out with J Robbins.
Jan 29, 2018
#121 - Jessi Frick (Father/Daughter Records)
Jessi has built an amazing label and has been in the scene for years! She started working with Amy Fiddler of Fiddler Records in Florida and has done just about everything running a label of her own which she started with her dad in 2010. Hence the name Father/Daughter. As you’ll learn this hour, Jessi is a wealth of knowledge and has a keen ear to what’s going on in the independent music scene today.
Jan 22, 2018
#120 - Charles Cardello (BiFocal Media)
If you were around in the 90s and had a live video of a band like Braid or Michigan Fest or picked up a VHS of Actuality of Thought, BiFocal were the ones that did it. Charles has gone on to do a lot of amazing things from those early days of filming some of the best bands in the mid to late 90s.

I bought their VHS tape of Actuality of Thought, which was live songs from amazing bands like Braid, Sleepytime Trio, Jejune, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring to name a few. Look it up on YouTube if you want to understand what we’ll be talking about. We also talk about filming an entire Krazy Fest and how it may never see the light of day.

In the early days, those that had cameras documented a lot of beautiful things that we take for granted with our smartphones. Charles and BiFocal Media did an amazing job of documenting a time period and understanding that this was something needed by bands and the scene.

Jan 16, 2018
#119 - Arty Shepherd (Saint Vitus Bar, Errortype:11, Mind Over Matter)
Arty was in bands like Bad Trip, Mind Over Matter, World’s Fastest Car, Errortype: 11, Gay for Johnny Depp, Instruction, God Fires Man and Unwed. He’s been running a metal bar/venue called Saint Vitus, in Greenpoint Brooklyn that’s held some legendary shows since opening in 2011. He’s still playing music with a band called Primitive Weapons because obviously, he’s not giving up on the dream. Arty has seen a lot in music and with no punches pulled, tells it how it is. I loved talking to Artie about music and probably laughed more through this one than any other I’ve ever done.
Jan 01, 2018
#118 - Unheard Mineral Interview from 1997
I met John Frazier in college when he was working at Tooth and Nail/Solid State Records. We’d nerd out about bands and stayed in touch over the years. Now, he runs an amazing label called Spartan Records. Go support, listen, buy something from the label if you get a chance. Great person and a great friend. Just a few weeks ago, he sends me this Mineral interview out of the blue. I am blown away by it. He told me in a subsequent email that it was a Mineral interview he did 20 years ago while they were on tour with Jimmy Eat World and Sense Field at Twisters in Richmond, Virginia on March 1st, 1997. John was street teaming for Crank! Records at the time and was program director for James Madison University’s radio station WXJM. He was doing the interview for a zine he made for the radio station. The street team participation John did led him to the job at Crank! which started him on his career. The interview is with Chris and Gabe in their van. While John was doing it, Jimmy Eat World was in the middle of their set. Fun things to note for timing, the band had released “The Power of Failing” as was at work on “EndSerending” with the producer Mark Trombino. It’s candid, so I left everything in there.  At around 5:35 into the interview, they’re approached by a parking enforcement guy who claims they didn’t pay to park and they go back and forth over the $3 parking fee. Later on in the interview, they recount the whole story to someone else.  If there’s any charm or insight into the BS of touring life, that’s it. Hope you enjoy this piece of history and thanks to John for sharing it with Washed Up Emo. Go check out Spartan Records and support John. Remember, this was 1997 so the sound quality, i’ve EQ’d a lot but also it’s 1997, so bear with it and enjoy the sounds of analog for 15 minutes. Complaints can be send to the emo council. admin@washedupemo.com
Dec 25, 2017
#117 - Adam Marino (Saetia, Errortype: 11, Instruction)
Today we welcome Adam Marino from the bands Saetia, Errortype:11 and Instruction. We chat about his time in all three bands and his upbringing in NYC. The shows Adam got to see that he lists off during the podcast is insane. One where Green Day opened….Crazy! Finally we discuss his life after music full time running a barber shop. Errortype: 11 has a few reunion shows coming up on the west coast, go check them out. Finally, thank you to the Patreon supporters!!!!!
Dec 18, 2017
#116 - Greg Bennick (Trial, Between Earth & Sky)
Today we welcome Greg Bennick from the hardcore band Trial. You’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with emo? Fortunately for you, Greg is an amazing motivational speaker and storyteller. His take on the 90s, music scenes and how we are dealing with the things that are around us was enlightening and highly entertaining. I hope you enjoy.
Dec 04, 2017
#115 - Matt Scottoline (Everyone Everywhere, Hurry)
Matt and I talked about the Philly scene’s connection to the emo revival, Everyone Everywhere’s history and his current band Hurry. Matt also realizes I came up with IsThisBandEmo.com and we have some fun with that site to finish out the episode.
Nov 27, 2017
#114 - Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive, This Day Forward)
I’ve been wanting to get this one done for awhile and happy it finally happened. I was honored to work with Colin and Circa Survive on their first two albums at Equal Vision Records and continue to follow their career. We spoke about how Colin found out about independent music because of an Eddie Vedder DJ set, how basketball got Circa Survive signed to EVR and his escape route from the music by way of drawing and painting.
Nov 20, 2017
#113 - Aaron Gossett and Luke Jones (Blis.)
Today we welcome Aaron Gossett and Luke Jones from the band Blis. Go check out their new album “No One Loves You” on Sargent House. It’s one of my favorites of the year.
Nov 13, 2017
#112 - Jonah Matranga (Far, New End Original, Gratitude, onelinedrawing)
Today we welcome Jonah Matranga on the podcast. You may know him from bands like Far, New End Original or Gratitude. Or as solo under his own name and onelinedrawing. He recently released a book entitled "Alone Rewinding, 23 Years of Fatherhood and Music." We talk extensively about the book, his musical life and what's next.
Nov 06, 2017
#111 - Anthony Roman (Garden Variety, Radio 4)
Anthony Roman, bass and vocals for the band Garden Variety is our guest for episode 111 of the podcast! This episode is supported by Mack Weldon. For the best basics a guy can get that actually last, MackWeldon.com. Support the Washed Up Emo Podcast with the code DEFENDEMO for 20% off your order at MackWeldon.com
Oct 30, 2017
#110 - Jason Heller (Writer) - Remembering Matt Bellinger (Planes Mistaken for Stars)
Today we welcome Jason Heller, writer for NPR, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. He’s also been a longtime Denver resident who was there at the beginning of the 90s emo era. Little known fact, he was a band called The Blue Ontario with members of Christie Front Drive around then too. He was also very good friends with Matt Bellinger, a member of Planes Mistaken for Stars who recently lost his life. Jason wrote a beautiful piece for the local paper Westword and I thought it would be great to have him on to talk about Denver in the 90s and his memories of Matt. Even if you didn’t know Matt, it’s worth hearing Jason talk about the time period. He speaks with great detail and I found the information so fascinating, I cut myself heavily from the episode. It was that good. This episode is supported by Mack Weldon. For the best basics a guy can get that actually last, MackWeldon.com. Support the Washed Up Emo Podcast with the code DEFENDEMO for 20% off your order at MackWeldon.com
Oct 02, 2017
#109 - Jawbreaker Documentary (Dan Didier, Blake Schwarzenbach)
Dan Didier from The Promise Ring, Maritime, Vermont and currently Dramatic Lovers was a huge part of the recently released Jawbreaker documentary “Don’t Break Down.” To find out more about his experience helping make this film a reality and producing, we spoke on the phone while Dan was at the water park with his girls. Also, I recorded a portion of the Blake Schwarzenbach and Dan Didier’s Q&A at the end of a screening recently in Brooklyn. It’s a little hard to hear the questions but you can figure out by the answer what was asked. Apologies for my loud laughs or writing my question down on a piece of paper. Through all that, I thought it was worth hearing Blake’s answers to playing more shows, his favorite songs, etc. Hope you enjoy and go see the documentary if you can! Learn more at www.dontbreakdown.com
Sep 11, 2017
#108 - Ian Metzger (Dear and the Headlights, The Gentle Hits)
Today we welcome Ian Metzger from Dear and the Headlights and The Gentle Hits. The Gentle Hits had an album come out late last year and Dear and the Headlights put out a couple records on Equal Vision Records in the mid 00s that were sorely overlooked by many. I recently connected with Ian again and we spoke about his time writing The Gentle Hits record.
Sep 05, 2017
#107 - Adam Rubenstein (Chamberlain/Split Lip)
I've known Adam longer than most people that I've interviewed but for some reason, we waited until year 6 to do this. I think it was because every time we hung out we ended up just talking about the NBA. Finally, a couple weeks ago, we hung out at his apartment in Brooklyn to talk about his musical career. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.
Aug 08, 2017
#106 - John Van Deusen (The Lonely Forest)
John Van Deusen's last band The Lonely Forest went on indefinite hiatus in 2014. I'd been waiting to see what one of my favorite vocalists was going to do. Patiently I wanted and thankfully in June, John released a new solo album.
Jul 31, 2017
#105 - Chris Leo (Native Nod, The Van Pelt)
Today we have Chris Leo. He was in Native Nod, a band referenced often as an originator of screamo. Then he went on to form The Van Pelt that is well loved and should be mentioned a lot more than they are when you talk about the history of emo. The Van Pelt have some reunion shows coming up and it was high time to have Chris on to chat. I even went to New Jersey for this!
Jul 10, 2017
#104 - Cory Castro (Free Throw)
Cory Castro from Free Throw is our guest for episode 104! Free Throw just released their best work to date on Triple Crown Records, “Bear Your Mind,” and it's very worthy of your time to spend some time with it. Part of the new era of bands from the independent scene, Free Throw would have fit just as good in the 90s as they do now.
Jul 03, 2017
#103 - Conor Murphy (Foxing, Smidley)
Our guest for episode 103 is the amazing singer for Foxing and his new side project called Smidley. The self-titled album is one of my favorites of 2017. Conor was one of the most open book guests I've ever had on the podcast. A voice you need to hear and see live. Thanks for supporting!
Jun 19, 2017
#102 - Matt Lunsford (Polyvinyl Records)
Today we welcome Polyvinyl Records co-founder Matt Lunsford to talk about the last 20 years of the label. The label is responsible for some groundbreaking albums that still get mentioned to this day. Matt and I chat about some bands that helped start the label off on a good foot, when they realized that American Football was selling a lot of records in the 00s and the aesthetic of loving the music and doing good by the bands. It’s a damn good reason they’re still around. iqhy8xuk
May 15, 2017
#101 - Seth Nanaa (Indian Summer)
Fitting for episode 101, we go back to school with one of the forefathers of emo and welcome Seth Nanaa from Indian Summer. Indian Summer were around less than a year in the early 90s but spawned many after them with their experimentation and not to be missed live show. Seth has gone on to live a very full life and still to this day, holding onto the ideals of music being something you do for love, not money. If you even have the slightest interest in where this genre began and why it’s where it is, this episode is a great start.
May 08, 2017
#100 - Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour)
For episode 100, we're honored to have the founder of Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman.
May 01, 2017
#99 - Brett Detar (The Juliana Theory)
Today we welcome Brett Detar from The Juliana Theory. The band recently announced a reunion tour so it was time to get Brett to talk with us on the podcast. Little did I know but Brett and I were both at a Sunny Day Real Estate show NYC back in 2000 and he noticed my Washed Up Emo shirt at SDRE’s reunion in 2009 as well. After my mind was blown with those two facts, Brett and I talked about his past including obsession with Fugazi, his history with Zao and what happened at The Juliana Theory’s first practice. Along the way and more than most guests, Brett was brutally honest with what went wrong with their career. It was really refreshing to have someone just lay out all their cards like that. In the end, the band followed their own muse and caught a ton of heat for it and in my opinion, just a little bit ahead of their time.
Apr 24, 2017
#98 - Matt Wilson (Set Your Goals)
Matt Wilson from Set Your Goals took time to chat with the podcast!
Apr 17, 2017
#97 - Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life)
On episode 97 we welcome Tim Kasher from Cursive, The Good Life and a very successful solo career to boot with a just released album entitled “No Resolution” on 15 Passenger Records. Tim and I chat about his early bands, one that opened up for 311 in high school, his desperation to be on Caulfield Records, the influence of Fugazi on him and what he’d love to be doing in the future and at 70 years old. I couldn’t be happier to check Cursive off the list of bands for the podcast and after speaking with Tim, it was worth the wait.
Mar 20, 2017
#96 - Cameron Boucher (Sorority Noise)
Sorority Noise, wrote to me, the album of the year. It’s called “You're Not As _____ As You Think” and it’s out March 17th on Triple Crown Records. If you’re listening to this in future, it’s out now. In this episode, lead singer and guitarist Cameron Boucher and I go through the new album track by track, what he can’t sleep without and discuss a band’s place in today’s political climate. Finally we chat about what he’s dreaming about next. Photo of Cameron Boucher by Christopher Leaman, as seen on TheFader.com
Mar 13, 2017
#95 - Jay Adelberg (El 'N' Gee Club, Hot Topic)
Who is Jay Adelberg? Jay booked the El 'N' Gee club in Connecticut from 1991-2001 and was one of the first to jump on the emo boom by booking The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day early on and even Brand New’s first show in CT. Jay then transitioned to Hot Topic in 2001 as the music buyer. Simply, if you bought music in Hot Topic from 01 to 2012, he was responsible. Jay talks about the changes Hot Topic had to make over the years, how he learned from his own mistakes and when he knew it was time to leave the company. This episode is really about going with your passions wherever they take you right.
Feb 20, 2017
#94 - A Tribute to Jon Bunch
Episode 94, A Tribute to Jon Bunch. To give some context, last year at this time, episode 57 of the podcast with Jon Bunch was to my knowledge the last interview Jon did. It was incredibly sad but also a place for people to learn about Jon forever. I was so honored to have spoken to him and be able to share his story. Last March there was a benefit show in Santa Ana California for Jon’s son Jack. It had an amazing line up of bands and people traveled from all over the world for the show. I had the pleasure of being in southern California for the event and saw first hand the community that came out for Jon. Seizing the moment, a friend of Washed Up Emo, Ed Curley, took it upon himself to interview people in the crowd. From fans, bands and those involved in the event, Ed took time to ask about Jon, the event and what it meant. You’ll hear many common themes and many kind words said about Jon. All walks of life and those that knew him for 30 years or none at all. It was truly a celebration of music, friends and family.
Feb 13, 2017
#93 - Eric Tobin (Hopeless Records)
Today we welcome Eric Tobin from Hopeless Records. Tobin and I met during my days at Equal Vision and since crossed paths many times over the years. It was high time to have a chat. Recently on the roof of my work during lunch, Tobin and I talked about his history in the business. What was really great about this episode was that It touches on many things young and old bands ask about. A truly deep look into the thoughts and actions of an independent label that’s doing some big things. It’s our little version of This Could Be Your Life.
Feb 06, 2017
#92 - Mark Trombino (Donut Friend, Producer, Musician)
Episode 92 is with producer, musician and Donut Friend owner Mark Trombino. Mark has had a huge impact on the independent scene not just drumming for Drive Like Jehu but for being a producer, mixer or engineer on some of the most important records of emo. From Boilermaker, Garden Variety, Knapsack, No Knife, Rocket from the Crypt, Mineral, The Jealous Sound, Finch, The Starting Line, Weston, Motion City Soundtrack, Pinback, All Time Low just to name a few… and of course can’t forget his work with Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World. We discuss growing up in Orange County, CA, his time in college learning how to record plus insight into many of the albums he was a part of and how his talents had to evolve as emo hit the boom in the mid 2000s. I also ask extensively about working with Jimmy Eat World and learn why “Goodbye Sky Harbor” was sixteen minutes. Finally, we spend time talking about his most recent success, Donut Friend. Mark explains how he started the store, the donut puns and the time Ian from Fugazi came into the shop.
Jan 30, 2017
#91 - Leslie Simon (Writer)
Episode 91 we welcome writer Leslie Simon. Leslie worked at Alternative Press for years and you probably know her for the books “Everybody Hurts” and “Wish You Were Here.” She also has a book called “Geek Girls Unite.” A veteran of the scene, knows everything about emo and hung with every band we know and love, Leslie essentially talks me off the ledge for the episode, what a great therapist.
Jan 24, 2017
#90 - Fred Feldman (Triple Crown Records)
Today we welcome Triple Crown Records owner Fred Feldman! We chat about his start in the music industry, the hardcore beginnings of the label, Brand New, how the label has survived all these years, Triple Crown’s recent signings and what’s in store in the future. I really enjoyed chatting with Fred excepttttttt when it deviated to ska, that was horrible. Love you Fred.
Jan 02, 2017
#89 - Rainer Maria
You’re in for a treat for episode 89! Caithlin, Kaia and William from Rainer Maria joined me in Brooklyn for a chat about what else, the past, then we touched on their upcoming shows for the end of this year and in between, lots of laughs.
Dec 19, 2016
#88 - Pup
Today we welcome Stefan and Steve from the band Pup! We hung out in the van before their recent sold out NYC show and chatted about the Canadian scene, their amazing and inventive videos, hockey, because it’s required by Canadian law, and their first true music loves. A true road dog of the punk scene that shows no signs of stopping playing 250 shows a year. Don’t miss em the next time they come into your town.
Dec 12, 2016
#87 - Jason Diamond (Author, Rolling Stone Sports Editor)
Welcome to episode 87, today we welcome Rolling Stone sports editor Jason Diamond. His book Searching for John Hughes came out recently and you should read it. Why is he on you might say? Well Jason has some amazing punk/hardcore references in the book and he’s an old hardcore kid! Nuff said. We talk about his sports writing, musical beginnings, struggles in life with abuse, his parents divorce and how the book ties it together beautifully with John Hughes references. Cheesy as it sounds, life is a journey and Jason’s book shows you can come out happy even after messing up along the way.
Dec 06, 2016
#86 - Hopesfall
Today we welcome Josh Brigham and Adam Morgan from Hopesfall. I got to see this band when they first started and been friends with them ever since. I was so happy to hear about their recent news of reissuing vinyl and new music. Josh, Adam and I discuss the reasons behind the return, what’s in store for the future, embarrassing stories and the eras Hopesfall went through and what they learned. Plenty of inside jokes and laughs in this one for everyone to enjoy. If you haven’t heard the band and want a starting point, check out Magnetic North or No Wings to Speak Of EP.
Nov 28, 2016
#85 - Tom May (The Menzingers)
Today we welcome Tom May from The Menzingers. Tom and I discuss his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, advice for bands getting courted (hint: free dinners) and The Menzingers connection to the emo and hardcore scenes. Plus we discuss the upcoming new album “After the Party.” You’ll notice some beautiful birds chirping in the background while Tom talks. That’s called nature and something I don’t get a lot of in NYC so I kept it in.
Nov 14, 2016
#84 - John Davis (Q and Not U, Title Tracks)
Today we welcome John Davis from Q and Not U and Title Tracks. John and I talk about his new Title Tracks album, discuss the Washington DC scene and some of his favorite bands from the late 90s. Also, I find out about the amazing job John has at University Maryland as an archivist. One amazing project we talk about is archiving Ian MacKaye’s enormous fanzine collection. John has a wealth of knowledge and insight into favorite time from the emo era and he was generous enough to share it. This episode is sponsored by the upcoming You Blew It album “Abendrot” out November 11th on Triple Crown Records and was produced by Evan Weiss of Into It Over It. “Abendrot" doesn’t sound like anything You Blew It have done and that’s a good thing. This is a giant leap forward for not only the band but the independent scene itself.
Nov 07, 2016
#83 - Anthony Raneri (Bayside)
Today we welcome lead singer and guitar player Anthony Raneri from Bayside. Anthony and I talk about the new album “Vacancy,” we discuss when emo/screamo went downhill and what word is worse and a bit about the most recent Where’s the band? tour. Anthony couldn’t have been more gracious with his time. This episode is sponsored by the upcoming You Blew It album “Abendrot” out November 11th on Triple Crown Records and was produced by Evan Weiss of Into It Over It. “Abendrot" doesn’t sound like anything You Blew It have done and that’s a good thing. This is a giant leap forward for not only the band but the independent scene itself.
Oct 31, 2016
#82 - Steve Holmes (American Football)
Welcome to Episode 82 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast. Last but not least in the American Football series is guitar player Steve Holmes. Steve and I chat about his guitar playing in American Football, Steve turns the tables on the podcast and starts asking about emo and we debate a bit. Finally he goes through his amazing personal 7” collection.
Oct 20, 2016
#81 - Nate Kinsella (American Football)
Welcome to Episode 81 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast. Next up on the American Football series is Nate Kinsella. Nate although wasn’t part of the original recording, he played bass for the reunion shows and was a big part of the new record. Previously, Nate and Mike Kinsella worked together on an Owen album. As you say, it’s in the family. Nate is also starting a family with his wife and we talk about what advice the other dads in American Football gave him, laundromat etiquette and if his baby is a boy or a girl. Audio wise, there was a helicopter circling me the entire recording so I did my best to cut that out.
Oct 19, 2016
#80 - Mike Kinsella (American Football)
Welcome to Episode 80 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast. As far as bands go associated with emo, there isn’t one as revered as American Football. I’ve had the esteemed pleasure to have every member of the band on the podcast to talk about this new album and of course, the past. Next up is American Football’s Mike Kinsella.
Oct 18, 2016
#79 - Steve Lamos (American Football)
Welcome to Episode 79 of the Washed Up Emo podcast. As far as bands go associated with emo, there isn’t one as revered as American Football. I’ve had the esteemed pleasure to have every member of the band on the podcast to talk about the new album and of course, the past. First up is American Football’s drummer Steve Lamos.
Oct 17, 2016
#78 - Jeff Rosenstock
Today we welcome Jeff Rosenstock for episode 78. I biked out to Greenpoint for this one at Jeff’s apartment and had a blast talking about his new album, "Worry" (Side One Dummy), out right this moment, his fall tour with Hard Girls / Katie Ellen and we also discuss his upbringing on Long Island, and the three Ps…. producing albums, punk ethics and pizza. I learned a lot from Jeff and was happy to be corrected, challenged and most of all laughed a lot. Jeff’s a beautiful person and wrote one of my favorite albums of the year.
Oct 14, 2016
#77 - Ben Walsh (Tigers Jaw)
Welcome to episode 77 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast. Today we welcome Ben Walsh from the band Tigers Jaw who are one of my favorites from the current scene today. Ben and I discuss how the band started in Pennsylvania, traversing through the genres and the current independent scene. We also chat about some bands that Ben thinks we should check out and what’s next for the band. If you’re up for supporting WUE, you can head to WashedUpEmo.com and click on the Patreon link, or buy some emo related merchandise at washedupemo.threadless.com including mens, women’s, kids and even artwork. Finally, leaving a nice review on iTunes always helps the cause.
Oct 11, 2016
#76 - Tanner Jones (You Blew It)
For this episode we welcome Tanner Jones of You Blew It. You Blew It have been around since 2009 and released albums on Topshelf, Jade Tree and soon, Triple Crown Records will be releasing “Abendrot” on November 11th of this year. I’ve had a chance to listen to the full album it doesn’t sound like anything they’ve done and that’s a good thing. This is a giant leap for not only the band but the independent scene itself. Evan Weiss of Into it Over It produced the album and you can hear his fingerprints all over it. One of my favorite bands from the scene and one you should take a second look at if you haven’t. Support Washed Up Emo by going to washedupemo.com and clicking on the Patreon link, buy some make emo great again shirts at washedupemo.threadless.com or just leave a nice review on iTunes.
Oct 07, 2016
#75 - John Gaviglio (Bear Vs Shark)
Welcome to Episode 75 of the Washed Up Emo podcast, today we welcome John Gaviglio from Bear Vs Shark. Bear Vs Shark are a very personal band to me. I was lucky enough to work with them at Equal Vision Records for their final album “Terrorhawk” in 2005. They were ahead of their time and thankfully as I’ve said countless times, good music will win out. Recently, the dudes in Bear Vs Shark reunited for some shows and to their surprise the response was overwhelming positive. If you know nothing about this band, you might be interested in them after this chat. Note: I did this in a public space so you might hear voices or people working. It shouldn’t be too bad. Actually used some new gear so it should sound pretty good. If you want to support the podcast, please head on over to washedupemo.com and support via Patreon, our merchandise store at washedupemo.threadless.com or leave a nice review on iTunes. as always admin@washedupemo.com if you wanna talk about emo.
Oct 03, 2016
#74 - Jake Ewald (Modern Baseball/Slaughter Beach, Dog)
Slaughter Beach, Dog is Jake Ewald from Modern Baseball’s side project. His solo album was a way to figure out his bout of writer’s block. What came out was a beautiful album worth your time. Jake took time recently to talk with me about his upbringing, learning about music and how he had no idea what 90s emo was. Absolutely brilliant conversation with one of the bright stars of the independent scene.
Sep 27, 2016
#73 - The Story of Tom DeLonge's Fake Review of Blink-182's "California"
Welcome to episode 73 of the podcast. Today we’re talking about the story of Tom DeLonge’s fake review of Blink 182’s new album California. Right after the record came out, a friend posted this review from Reddit on Facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing. The references were amazing and I jokingly said, “hey whoever wrote this I wanna talk to you.” Low and behold, Mike Jones who wrote the fake review, followed me on Facebook and we connected to chat about the review. We also chatted about how long he’s been doing these type of reviews, and if he hope Tom reads this review. If you’d like to read the fake review beforehand, head to WashedUpEmo.com and I’ve linked it on the podcast episode page.
Aug 03, 2016
#72 - Milemarker
Welcome to episode 72 of the Washed Up Emo podcast. This episode we speak to Dave and Al from Milemarker. Lovitt Records is releasing their new album “Overseas” on August 26th, Milemarker’s first new music in over a decade. If they’re coming to town, go see them. A true original from the late 90s. Al and Dave chatted all the way from Germany for this one so there may be a few audio issues. Hey, it’s free.
Jul 30, 2016
#71 - Part 2 of 2 - The History of Vagrant Records with co-founder Rich Egan
Part 2 of 2 of a special two part series on the history of Vagrant Records with co-founder Rich Egan.
Jul 16, 2016
#70 - Part 1 of 2 - The History of Vagrant Records with co-founder Rich Egan
Part 1 of 2 of a special two part series on the history of Vagrant Records with co-founder Rich Egan.
Jul 16, 2016
#69 - Michael Fiorentino (Somos)
Today we welcome singer and bass player Michael Fiorentino from the band Somos. Somos have a new album called First Day Back on Hopeless Records and are one of my favorite bands from this new era of independent punk. Michael and I chatted about growing up the scene and his struggles with mental illness. If you know about Somos or not, I am sure you’ll enjoy this episode.
Jun 20, 2016
#68 - Andrew (KSDB 91.9) interviews Washed Up Emo
Recently I had the pleasure of getting a very nice email and request for an interview from Andrew who has a radio show called Emo Rock/Emo Talk on 91.9 KSDB, the college station of Kansas State University. Andrew really knew his history and I was honored to share the airwaves with his selections of tunes, which also included an interview with Modern Baseball. Andrew was kind enough to record this recent airing of Emo Rock/Emo Talk for you to hear as well. We discuss DIY culture, college radio, being positive and what else, emo music.
Jun 20, 2016
#67 - Erik Hunter Czaja (Dowsing)
Today we welcome Erik from Dowsing. Soon after the boom of the term emo revival, I found Dowsing through the fantastic label Count Your Lucky Stars. More recently they’ve released a new album on Asian Man entitled “Okay.” Erik, while on tour supporting “Okay” had time to chat with us about his upbringing in the New Brunswick NJ, the independent scene and what’s next for Dowsing. Erik gives a fantastic look into the next generation of independent punk.
Jun 05, 2016
#66 - Evan Weiss and Josh Sparks (Into It. Over It.)
On this episode we welcome Evan Weiss and Josh Sparks from Into It. Over it. Recently Evan and Josh were in NYC and we had some time to catch up before their show. We touched on recording in Vermont, the independent scene, the last time we all head walked and what’s next for the band. It was fantastic to spend time with Evan and Josh. Be sure to check out all of his music and without fail they’re out on the road in a town near you.
Jun 05, 2016
#65 - Geoff Garlock (Orchid)
This episode we welcome Geoff from Orchid. Who is Orchid you might be asking? A pioneering screamo band from Massachusetts. Friends of Washed Up Emo connected us to Geoff who works at UCB Theatre here in NYC teaching sketch comedy. Lesson? Being a hugely influential screamo band doesn’t pay the bills.
Jun 05, 2016
#64 - Steven Hyden (Author, Music Critic)
Today we welcome Steven Hyden, a music critic you may know previously from AV Club and Grantland. He also hosts a podcast, called Celebration Rock. Finally, Steven is an author and has a book coming out May 17th called Your Favorite Band is Killing Me, where he explores nineteen music rivalries and what they say about life. Steven is a big fan of punk and independent music and was nice enough to spend an hour with us talking about his life, and giving us a sneak peak into some of the themes in the book. Finally, I reveal which artist will never do the podcast.
May 08, 2016
#63 - Matthew Daniels (poly-graph.co)
I tend to protect the word emo online to a fault. A few months back a site called Polygraph run by Matthew Daniels released a data visualization of what punk bands were considered punk, post, screamo, etc. Based on Spotify playlists. The emo category consisted of mostly mid 00s era stuff with some alt rock, etc. Just way off. It went like this. I tweeted at him angrily. He wrote back nicely. We talked on the phone, then he came to my apt to talk me off the ledge. While you’re listening check out Polygraph (poly-graph.co). This was an insanely interesting conversation about data. I promise you’re learn something about music and habits we all have now with access to everything at any moment.
Apr 24, 2016
#62 - Bernie McGinn (Caulfield Records)
This episode we welcome Bernie McGinn. Who is Bernie McGinn you might ask? Well Bernie started Caulfield Records back in 1988 to release a record by the band Sideshow. After that Caulfield Records went on to release music by Mercy Rule, Christie Front Drive, Mineral, Giants Chair, Broken Hearts are Blue, Opium Taylor, Germbox and many more. A true originator in the scene. Hope you enjoy.
Apr 10, 2016
#61 - Barry Lott (Camber)
For episode 61, we welcome Barry Lott from the band Camber. You may know that band name from the First Deep Elm Emo Diaries compilation. They were track 2, right after Jimmy Eat World. Camber have a very special place in my heart. Their debut album was the first record I was ever sent at the college radio station and helped kickstart my journey into emo itself. Barry and I talk about Camber’s history, the NYC scene in the 90s and what everyone is up to now. Hope you enjoy.
Mar 13, 2016
#60 - Brian Lowit (Lovitt Records, Dischord Records)
Episode 60 we welcome Brian Lowit. Brian started Lovitt Records and works at Dischord Records. Lovitt Records since 1995 has put out some amazing bands and a big part of my college years going to school in the south. Bands like Engine Down, Four Hundred Years, Milemarker and Sleepytime Trio. Brian also shed light on working at Dischord and we spent a good chunk on a festival called MacRock that we both attended. Search out this label, search out these bands and keep digging.
Mar 06, 2016
#59 - Christian Holden (The Hotelier)
Episode 59 we welcome Christian Holden from The Hotelier. Their last album “Home, Like Noplace Is There” was a huge record for me and many who listen to this podcast. Late last year Christian was in NYC on tour and had some time to hang out in the van to chat. You may hear some doors opening/closing, cell phone beeps, sirens. out of our control. It’s NYC… In this episode, we discuss many things including The Hotelier’s start in Massachusetts, DIY culture and the upcoming album “Goodness” out on Tiny Engines in May.
Feb 29, 2016
#58 - Kenny Vasoli (The Starting Line)
You can thank Cloud Nothings and Desaparecidos for The Starting Line’s most recent 7” entitled “Anyways.” Kenny spoke highly of those two bands and how it got him excited to write in the style of The Starting Line again. It’s only fitting that Kenny is the next podcast after Jon Bunch spoke so highly of him in episode 57. Kenny straddles that line of being old enough to know the past but be involved in the mid 00 emo wave and has some amazing perspective on it. I learned a lot and have a great respect for his music. Go pick up The Starting Line’s new 7” called Anyways out now on Downtown Records.
Feb 21, 2016
#57 - Jon Bunch (Sense Field, Further Seems Forever, Lucky Scars, War Generation, Reason to Believe)
I will never forget that the first thing Jon did when he picked up the phone for the podcast. He asked about my life and took the time to find out more about Washed Up Emo before the interview even started. I was blown away at how humble he was but also so proud of his life's work. It’s an honor to be able to present a small slice of Jon that many of his friends and family know so well. I count myself included. This podcast is supposed to be evergreen. You can listen in 5 years or in 10 years and know a good chunk of that band or era and some context to the scene and a way to look back but also look ahead. Jon was that last point to a T. He was so happy talking about the history but also his new music and what was next. Sadly, this was the last interview Jon did. I can only hope those close or those who have no idea who Jon Bunch was take and learn something from one of the most important voices in not only the independent scene but music in general. I am eternally grateful Jon took the time to talk with me about his life that will thankfully live on in aural form so someone can stumble upon Jon's music forever.
Feb 08, 2016
#56 - Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano (Co-creators of animated HBO show Animals)
Episode 56 is with co-creators Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano of the new HBO animated series Animals. It premieres February 5th, today or depending when you listen to this, it’s on demand. Phil and Mike happen to be huge fans of punk/hardcore/emo and took time out of their day in NYC to hang with me at the HBO offices and chat about the show and music.
Feb 05, 2016
#55 - John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run)
Welcome to Episode 55 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast. Today we welcome John Nolan from Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run. We spoke about the bands formation, his upbringing on Long Island and what’s next for himself and Taking Back Sunday.
Feb 01, 2016
#54 - Nic Newsham (Gatsby's American Dream, The Money Pit)
Episode 54 we welcome Nic Newsham, best know from Gatsby’s American Dream! He has a new project The Money Pit with Bobby Darling, also from Gatsby’s American Dream. We spoke recently with Nic about Gatsby’s musical life, Warped Tour, which label told them to put on eyeliner and my favorite topic, crab core. If there are any edits in this episode, it’s me laughing. We had a blast. Hope you enjoy! Washed Up Emo is part of the Jabberjaw Podcast Network. JabberjawMedia.com
Jan 24, 2016
#53 - Garrett Klahn (Texas is the Reason)
This episode we welcome Garrett Klahn. Garrett has been in a ton of bands including Texas is the Reason, New Rising Sons, Solea, Atlantic/Pacific and a successful solo run along the way. His FIRST solo album just came out and to speak about that, Garrett trekked over to my apartment in Manhattan to chat. Hope you enjoy.
Jan 18, 2016
#52 - Jonah Bayer (Writer, Musician)
Welcome to Episode 52 of the Washed Up Emo Podcast, this podcast is part of the Jabberjaw Media Podcast network. You can find out about all the shows on JabberjawMedia.com. This episode I talk to writer/musician Jonah Bayer. You’ve possibly read his work in Law of Inertia, most certainly his work at Alternative Press or quite possibly a joke said by Steven on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show. If not, his popular podcast Going Off Track or you've probably seen him in the band United Nations playing guitar… Now that I think of it, you can’t get away from him. That aside… If you’ve ever thought about writing about your favorite music and living to tell about it and keep your friends, well most of them, you’ll certainly enjoy this episode.
Dec 25, 2015
#51 - Jason Gnewikow (The Promise Ring)
Episode 51 we welcome Jason Gnewikow from The Promise Ring! We talk about his professional career, designed for his own band and friends, plus his drive to create and how he started in graphic design. This podcast is part of the Jabberjaw Media Podcast Network (JabberJawMedia.com)
Dec 14, 2015
#50 - James Alex (Beach Slang, Weston)
Do you want to be inspired as a musician or music fan? Spend the next 45 minutes with James Alex from Beach Slang. The band recently released "The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us" and it's my record of the year, hands down.
Nov 23, 2015
#49 - Josh Fiedler (The Juliana Theory)
We welcome Josh Fiedler from The Juliana Theory. We talk about everything you’ve been wondering about the band. A must listen for any fan of this band or era. Sponsored by Epitaph Records
Oct 26, 2015
#48 - Mike O'Brien (Writer, Comedian, SNL)
Mike O’Brien, writer and comedian, is down with hardcore. We talk about stage divers at every show, his love for Rainer Maria, Avail and his band no one will hear ever. Mike’s new sketch comedy album called “Tasty Radio” is available October 30th. Podcast is sponsored by our friends at Epitaph Records.
Oct 19, 2015
#47 - Frank Turner (Nü Metal)
I saw a tweet from Frank Turner not long ago about nu metal. It struck a chord, albeit one in Drop C tuning. When Frank arrived in NYC promoting his recent “Positive Songs for Negative People” album we sat down for a few minutes chatting about a music past we both share.
Oct 04, 2015
#46 - The Story of 100 Words or Less
A conversation between Ray Harkins (100 Words or Less Podcast) and myself about our respective podcasts and friendship. Most importantly the "true history" of screamo is discussed once and for all.
Oct 01, 2015
#45 - John Rejba (Boys Life)
Boys Life are back for a reunion and reissue of “Departures and Landfalls.” John Rejba joined us recently to talk about the reunion, skateboarding with James Dewees and joining up with Topshelf Records. A true pioneering band that should be welcomed back with open arms.
Sep 13, 2015
#44 - Todd Bell (Braid, Hey Mercedes)
Todd Bell joined us in Bushwick, Brooklyn while on tour with Braid for a chat about the old days, his record collection and thoughts about the scene happening today. Thanks to our sponsor Epitaph Records
Aug 30, 2015
#43 - Mike Felumlee (Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, The Bigger Empty)
Mike Felumlee from Smoking Popes joins us for a chat about the 80s and 90s in Chicago, movie soundtracks, playing with Alkaline Trio and his new band The Bigger Empty. The Washed Up Emo Podcast is sponsored by Epitaph Records.
Jul 26, 2015
#42 - Refused
Refused left us in 1998 to never return, though in 2012 they came back for a victory lap. Thankfully the band wanted to continue making music. A new album is here in 2015 and the world is better for it. Recently the band stopped in NYC and I had the chance to sit with Dennis and David to talk about their hardcore roots and new album “Freedom.”
Jun 21, 2015
#41 - Zach and Holly Lind (The Wretched Desert, Jimmy Eat World)
Jimmy Eat World are taking off the better part of a year. What does the drummer do with that down time after 20+ years on the road? Zach Lind spends as much time as he can with his wife Holly and in time, they started making music together. I talk to both of them about their side project The Wretched Desert, faith, thoughts on emo and how they kept in touch in those early days of Jimmy Eat World. I also found out from our chat that Zach probably served me popcorn at minor league baseball games I attended 30 years ago. Jimmy Eat small World.
Jun 07, 2015
#40 - Joseph Marro (The Early November)
Joseph and I discuss how the band met in high school, remembering to wait for things in the mail and the actual feeling of emo. I give in a little to the swoop era and Joseph explains his learnings from his rocker days that he takes to managing bands today. Finally, we discus The Early November's latest album "Imbue."
May 31, 2015
#39 - Andrew Sacher - Brooklyn Vegan / Ian Cohen - Writer
I sat down with writers Andrew Sacher and Ian Cohen separately to talk about covering emo for their publications. Both of them provided fantastic insight into why we're in this so-called "emo revival," how polarizing this genre can be for many and what if the emo bubble of the 2000s never happened?!
Apr 26, 2015
#38 - Live from Brooklyn
An absolutely beautiful discussion with Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason), Jason Gnewikow (The Promise Ring) and Steve Pedulla (Thursday) on how they met, their lives and how they're stayed close to this day. Hope you enjoy this special episode taped live at Union Hall in Brooklyn.
Mar 11, 2015
#37 - Lars Gotrich (NPR Music)
Lars Gotrich from NPR Music has hands down written and supported some of the best up and coming bands from the independent scene today. A fan his writing already, his recommendations on music were always a required listen. Halfway through the recording of the podcast I realized, some of our musical upbringing overlapped. It became clear then why I connected so well to his writing. Lars is a true independent voice on music among a quickly crowded scene of clickbait opinions.
Feb 14, 2015
#36 - David Anthony (The A.V. Club)
One of my favorite writers on today's scene is David Anthony. We sad down not long ago to discuss the state of music, his upbringing and thoughts on the scene moving forward. I learned a ton from this chat and I hope you do too. Fun fact: David was one of the first to check out the podcast and support it. Happy to have him on!
Jan 27, 2015
#35 - CMJ Emo Revival Panel
What happens when you put five people in a room to discuss the emo revival? Lots and lots of laughs. Late last year, CMJ asked Washed Up Emo to moderate a panel to discuss the revival and we were up the task. For the panel we had a great group of young and old perspectives with Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason, Collect Records), Kevin Duquette (Topshelf Records), Sean Moran (No Sleep Records) and Brian Pacris (The Syndicate, co-host of #EmoNightNYC). See? Emo ain't all about sadness. (Note: We only had three microphones so it may be hard to hear some questions from the audience.)
Jan 12, 2015
#34 - Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)
When you have a musical career as long as Chris Carrabba, there's bound to be some reflection. I sat down with Chris face to face in New York City to discuss his musical life. This was largely unedited with many pauses and air left between question and answer. We dive into his upbringing, the Florida scene and Fiddler Records, the mid 2000s emo boom and what he wants most from his music. An absolutely beautiful soul that’s worthy of his own revival.
Dec 29, 2014
#33 - Geoff Farina (Karate, Exit Verse)
Geoff Farina of Karate’s first response to my request to be on the podcast wasn’t the best. Truth be told, he’s not a fan of his music from the late 90s. Ha, what a place to start. Years ago I had done Karate’s first interview ever for my high school zine and had completely ridiculous questions then for a 16 year old so at 36 I’d hope to be a bit better. Geoff couldn’t have been more pleasant and comfortable with himself, his music and life. Maybe it’s age or wisdom or just something someone have in themselves but I felt each moment I was learning something from the discussion. Through Geoff’s days in DC, his thoughts on emo, conserving music for future generations with his uncle and his new band Exit Verse, it was a pleasure to chat with Geoff. I hope you learn something too.
Nov 19, 2014
#32 - Kevin Devine
Kevin Devine is one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever met. He always gave me the time of day when I was performing in NYC many moons ago. To this day I’m impressed with his boundless energy and giving his heart and thoughts to anyone. It’s certainly paid off with a successful career touring the world. We discuss his involvement with the Emo Diaries compilation, the Staten Island scene and Honda Civic’s fantastic reliability. Our chat centers on what internal and external factors shape your life and how fucking up along the way isn’t such a bad thing.
Sep 02, 2014
#31 - Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam)
Growing up a punk and metal fan in San Francisco doesn't seem like a fit for the podcast. But Sergie cut a different line through music to be a part of Samiam, one of the most revered bands on the west coast. I caught up with Sergie after the Knapsack reunion tour where we spoke about the 80s thrash scene happening in LA, his time with Solea and touring with Texas is the Reason plus what it meant to tour with Knapsack to such great audiences. Sergie also reads the worst review ever for Knapsack that I couldn't stop laughing about, what he really wants to do other than music and what two wishes he would ask a genie. Hope you enjoy.
Jul 15, 2014
#30 - Travis Shettel (Piebald)
Hey, we are now part of it. One of the most requested guests, Travis Shettel from Piebald, sat down with me a few months back to chat about the band's history. We spoke about the Boston scene, their first name Dork Knob and some of the reasons for Piebald's break up. We also get an update on Travis' latest music endeavor with the Past Haunts. A true original in a scene full of copy cats, Piebald stood out for good reason, people are still talking about them to this day.
Mar 24, 2014
#29 - Frank Turner
Frank Turner couldn’t wait to talk as he bounded to the back of the tour bus before his New York City gig at Terminal 5 late last year. When settled, he proclaimed that he never gets to talk about emo in any interview. Good start to say the least. After a full tour and pushing his latest album “Tape Deck Heart,” he relaxed instantly and in turn we had a great conversation. We spoke about his time with Kneejerk and Million Dead, his upbringing in the UK and how he found out about emo and hardcore plus Mineral’s influence and his favorite emo band I Hate Myself. Needless to say, we got along.
Feb 09, 2014
#28 - Mike Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owen)
Recently, I got together with Mike Kinsella for the podcast who in these circles needs no introduction. Alas, for those unaware, he has been a part of some of the most revered bands in the scene from the last 90s through today. His work with Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owls, Owen and Their / They're / There and Joan of Arc has influenced countless individuals and bands to pursue music. We talk about his upbringing, using maps while touring Europe, an upcoming American Football release, renaming "Never Meant" so it's funnier when someone yells it out at an Owen show and of course, the future. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of music left in Mr. Kinsella.
Jan 26, 2014
#27 - Jim Adkins & Eric Richter (Jimmy Eat World, Christie Front Drive)
After meeting Eric Richter from Christie Front Drive through a friend in the early 2000s, I got to ask all the questions I had pent up since high school about the early days of Christie Front Drive touring and connecting with the likes of Mineral, Boys Life and Jimmy Eat World. I was always intrigued about that connection with Jimmy Eat World and after interviewing Jim Adkins for the podcast, I couldn't wait to get them both in a room. Schedules aligned this year and almost instinctively I stepped out of the way on this one. No need for questions when two friends get in the room. In this episode, you will hear Eric and Jim discuss how they did their first 7" together, the Capitol Records years for Jimmy Eat World and plenty of stories from the road. To be able to put this together and hear Eric and Jim wax poetic on the early days of their bands was a dream come true and a first for the podcast.
Nov 29, 2013
#26 - Colby Mancasola (Knapsack)
On this episode, I chat with Knapsack drummer Colby Mancasola about the origins of the band, working with Mark Trombino, never having a website and hearing the “next big thing” thrown around in a post-Nirvana world. Plus, find out what the famous record executive Jimmy Iovine said to Knapsack after a showcase in Los Angeles. It’s exactly what you think he would say. It was great to hear their story told and to learn how many bands that we know and love all intersected at one point on tour or in conversation with Knapsack. A true connector in the scene before social media and a 4 inch screen took over our lives.
Nov 14, 2013
#25 - Chris Conley (Saves the Day)
Saves the Day, at it since 1997, has had their share of ups and downs but through it all they struck a chord with fans and still do to this day. I had the pleasure of having Saves the Day be my one and only band I ever booked. Sold out pizza restaurant in the middle of North Carolina after only booking one boysetsfire show. Take that Facebook Events. Also, vivid memories of worn out cassette tapes of "Can't Slow Down" and "Through Being Cool" that are still so near and dear to my heart. Chris was gracious enough to sit down with WashedUpEmo.com prior to their latest headlining tour in support of the new self-titled album. We spoke about Saves the Day's first show, the term "Emo Rock Stars," meanings behind the song "Shoulder to The Wheel," who designed one of their classic album covers and Chris' favorite Sean McGrath memory. Listening back, it's great to see how happy Chris is at this point in his life and how much he is enjoying the ride. I couldn't be happier, I hope you are too after listening to this one. Enjoy.
Oct 25, 2013
#24 - Ben Jorgensen (Armor for Sleep)
Ben from Armor for Sleep and I go back to his days on EVR and the "What To Do When You Are Dead" album, that I spent two years of my life working on. I was learning so much about the music industry and completely naive that a small indie label could compete with the majors in radio and video. What a fun ride and it was great to spend a little time with Ben talking about his life, music and what he is up to now. Hope you enjoy.
Aug 28, 2013
#23 - Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.)
Evan Weiss from Into It. Over It. took time out from his shows in the NYC area recently to sit down with me to chat about the old days. We literally were on a bed chatting with the rain falling in Brooklyn. Can't script a better time for an emo podcast. Thanks for listening!
Aug 22, 2013
#22 - Tucker Rule (Thursday)
Honored to have Tucker Rule from Thursday to be a part of the podcast. We chatted about his upbringing, early musical influences and his time in Thursday through the ups and down. Tucker also mentioned his love for breakdowns and spoke about his new projects Get Involved and I Hate Our Freedom. We should have had Thursday on well before this so I'm glad we finally got to speak. Thanks for listening!
Jun 10, 2013
#21 - Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World)
Twenty one episodes in and I'm finally legal. What better way to celebrate adulthood of the podcast than by having one of my favorite musicians Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World to chat with me. Jim and I discussed his first time singing live and what it accomplished to the audience of one, the first goal of the band and his take on how the band has had such longevity in the scene. There is so much in this episode that I think every fan new and old will find something interesting. From Jim's love for Guided by Voices, back story on the new album and a couple outtakes at the end you will surely not want to miss. I am beyond grateful for those that helped make this happen and Jim for taking the time to chat.
Apr 01, 2013
#20 - Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)
It was an absolute honor to have Mr. Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids be a part of the podcast. I just noticed after listening back to this episode that the only person left to interview from my opening musical montage is Jeremy Enigk. What a trip it's been. Matt was great to chat with and even had to scold his kids who you can hear at times during the interview. We dove into the first time Matt sang live in front of someone, Kansas City, Boy's Life, ripping off "Static Prevails" and why bands do 10 year anniversaries. Matt also mentioned his opinion on the word "emo" and throughout the podcast you can hear his voice ring with truth that also transcends to the bands he was in and his way of life. And you have to hear what song The Get Up Kids never have to practice that you love. Finally, download his recently launched podcast "Nothing To Write Home About" which is a great listen and unique insight into the scene.
Feb 12, 2013
#19 - Bryan Gassler (The Jazz June)
Another episode is here! In addition, we are pleased to announce we are partnering with Forget The Radio. For Episode 19, I chat with Bryan Gassler from The Jazz June. We discuss Bryan's influences, how Quicksand's "Slip" album almost got someone kicked out the band, their hardcore backgrounds and meaningful last reunion show. Hope you enjoy.
Jan 13, 2013
#18 - Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason)
On the latest episode, I chat with Norman Brannon from Texas is the Reason. Fresh off the Revelation 25 shows, we discuss the NYC hardcore scene, shows with Mineral and Christie Front Drive and how a Warzone tattoo connected bands before the days of cell phones. We also looked to Norman's future endeavors and the band into 2013.
Nov 18, 2012
#17 - Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am the Avalanche)
On this episode, I chat with a staple of the Long Island scene, Vinnie Caruana from The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche. Vinnie had some great insight in his early days with music, touring and the LI/NYC scene. We finished up the podcast with what is next for Vinnie and even included some sports chat about his favorite football club, Liverpool.
Nov 06, 2012
#16 - Jeff Caudill (Gameface)
Hello friends, another month, another podcast! This month in celebration of the upcoming Revelations 25 shows at Irving Plaza in NYC, we welcome Jeff Caudill from Gameface. We define the emo mid life crisis, what the equivalent of Maximum Rock n' Roll is today and the future of Jeff's solo music and Gameface. Also as a special treat, you can hear the 2nd unreleased Zookeeper song from Chris Simpson at the end of the podcast entitled "Universe Song".
Oct 01, 2012
#15 - Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Zookeeper)
The first day I started this podcast, a goal was to have Chris Simpson on. Through a great network of friends, it went down earlier this month and I couldn't have been happier. We had a few technical difficulties but we got to catch up on a bunch of things including the new crop of labels like Count Your Lucky Stars, The Gloria Record possibly reuniting and the amount of unreleased music that could see the light of day. Case in point, Chris has sent WashedUpEmo.com exclusively three unreleased/unheard songs. One entitled "Conclusions" is featured within the podcast. I will release the other two soon. Thanks for listening and please send back any and all feed back on Twitter to (@washedupemo) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/washedupemo)
Aug 26, 2012
#14 - Chris Broach (Braid, The Firebird Band)
Part 2 of our Braid reunion podcast returns with Chris Broach! We discuss who owns an "Emocore" license plate, Twilight, his 6 cats, a June of 44 sailboat tattoo and what is next for not only The Firebird Band but Braid.
Aug 08, 2012
#13 - Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes)
For episode 13, we return from our summer vacation with an episode featuring Mr. Bob Nanna of Braid. Bob and I discuss his influences growing up and why Braid is back at it again to rock us all. I hope you enjoy and share with your friends.
Jul 25, 2012
#12 - Ed and Ian (Sunday's Best/The Little Ones)
We are back after a little hiatus. Joining us for episode 12 is Ed and Ian from the band Sunday's Best and also their current band, The Little Ones. Ed and Ian had some great stories from back in the day. Hope you enjoy!
May 20, 2012
#11 - Buried Treasure (Bands you may have missed)
Episode 11 for the podcast is a departure from the usual band interview but I think you will enjoy. This episode Ray and I dig into our collective music collections to play some bands you may or may not have heard before in the emo/post-hardcore scene. We will post links to all the bands mentioned shortly. Hope you enjoy and feel free to send in your favorites that we missed on Twitter @washedupemo.
Apr 14, 2012
#10 - Josh Berwanger (The Anniversary)
Wow, we made it to 10 episodes! For this special occasion, Ray and I welcome Josh Berwanger from The Anniversary. We chat about the origins and downfall of the band plus Josh's new passion, coaching high school basketball. We had a blast with this one, hope you enjoy.
Apr 03, 2012
#9 - Amy Fleisher (Fiddler Records)
Amy Fleisher from Fiddler Records is the guest for the 9th episode of the Washed Up Emo Podcast! We discuss growing up in the south Florida scene, wearing tons of XL t-shirts, signing Dashboard Confessional and A New Found Glory plus her days with Saves the Day on the road! Amy was a pioneer in the scene and it was an honor to have her be a part of the podcast. Hope you enjoy this episode!
Mar 20, 2012
#8 - Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive)
Eric Richter from Christie Front Drive joins Tom Mullen and Ray Harkins at the Washed Up Emo Podcast to discuss the history and future of arguably one of the most influential bands and person from this era. It was truly an honor to speak to Eric and hear his thoughts and ideals. I hope you enjoy.
Mar 03, 2012
#7 - The Promise Ring (Davey and Dan)
Davey Von Bohlen and Dan Didier from The Promise Ring join Tom Mullen at the Washed Up Emo podcast to discuss the beginnings of their musical careers, being introduced to Jimmy Eat World, the music always accepted in the van and what sports venue you can still hear The Promise Ring!
Jan 28, 2012
#6 - Blair Shehan (Knapsack, The Jealous Sound)
Blair Shehan from Knapsack and The Jealous Sound joins Tom Mullen and guest host, journalist Jonah Bayer, for a chat about his life as a musician and the new album from The Jealous Sound entitled "A Gentle Reminder" out January 31st!
Jan 15, 2012
#5 - Trevor Kelley (Former music journalist for Spin and AP)
Joining us in this episode is Trevor Kelley, a former music journalist at SPIN and Alternative Press. Also he was a co-writer for one of the definitive emo books of the 2000s, "Everybody Hurts: An Essential Guide to Emo Culture". Let's also point out he is a proud fan of WashedUpEmo.com
Dec 16, 2011
#4 - Troy Farmer (Speedwell)
Troy Farmer from the band Speedwell joins Tom for a trip down memory lane.
Dec 04, 2011
#2 - Zach Gehring (Mae)
Join Tom Mullen as he chats with Zach from the band Mae.
Nov 06, 2011
#1 - Chuck Daley (Bear Trap PR/Tiny Engines Records)
Our first guest is Chuck Daley from Bear Trap PR/Tiny Engines Records
Oct 15, 2011