Peculiar Podcast

By Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster

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Category: Comedy

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with Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster

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Men Will ALWAYS Be Men
Pat and Lisa look back at the hit songs from the late great Burt Bacharach. And Pat is super sad, as a man, that Raquel Welch has passed away. And what makes a “good kisser”? Best selling poster of all time? The answer may surprise you! The Superbowl Tubi commercial …
Mar 03, 2023
My Head Got Stuck In The Towel Dispenser
Pat wants to change his name. Lisa has already changed her name many times. Pat advises Lisa to not sass back to any driver who has a gun rack. Lisa finds it’s not so easy to buy dirty magazines like it used to be. Pat goes through a list of …
Feb 10, 2023
Costco Is For The Young
Lisa gets all wound up over Lisa Marie Presley’s name. Pat recalls a conversation he had with Evel Knievel’s brother.. who said “that guy is crazy”. Pat and Patty both caught the Covid – it made Pat mad and made Patty cry. Pat now buys only tiny trial size things …
Jan 24, 2023
Got Your NFT Right Here Baby
Pat & Lisa have a major announcement to pitch some new podcast merch. Please buy it. Do you know what the first Chia pet was? Songs in this episode: “It’s a Beautiful Morning” The Rascals (1968) “Good Lovin” The Rascals (1967) “People Gotta be Free” The (Young) Rascals (1967) “Donald …
Dec 23, 2022
Your Lips Are Boring
Pat and Lisa discuss people who talk too much, and those that don’t talk enough. Pat gets pictures from his colonoscopy. Lisa goes on a series of boring dates with some boring men.   Songs in this episode: “Don’t Stop” Fleetwood Mac “Over My Head” Fleetwood Mac “Songbird” Fleetwood Mac …
Dec 15, 2022
I’m Not Your Puppet
It’s none of our business, but we think marrying a family member is ill-advised. Is it better to die when things are going well, or when things are going horribly? And, sigh, yes, “The Pig” visits the podcast. How much do you swear? If a sailor and a truck driver …
Nov 09, 2022
I’m In The Nude For Love
Lisa and Pat talk about the Queen’s passing. Lisa refuses to answer Pat’s question “What’s your all time favorite musical group?” There’s an odd woman that stands on the side of the road where Lisa lives and Pat thinks she’s a hooker. Pat has an idea for a new reality …
Sep 26, 2022
There’s No Need To Panic
Pat is to camping what Trump is to the Iron Man Marathon. But he does it anyway. The former news anchor Dan Harris has been an inspiration to Lisa to help with her anxiety with his 10% Happier book and podcast. And should gun violence be photographed and shown to …
Sep 08, 2022
Candy In My Pants
Remembering Olivia Newton John and more. Remember the days when sports stadiums weren’t named after products? Patty gets accused of shoplifting a pumpkin. And Lisa got caught shoplifting candy in her underwear. Pat’s dog needs his anal glands expressed. “Summer dreams… ripped at the seams”.   Songs in this episode: …
Aug 23, 2022
Guilt Will Make You Tilt
Pat and Lisa talk about the not-so-great-outdoors. Ever have an ear worm song you can’t get rid of? Lisa has a surefire way to get rid of one. And Pat and Lisa talk about how they might have made a difference, good or bad, in people’s lives. And sometimes, when …
Aug 10, 2022
Encore Presentation – Keep Your Lips Off My Chicken Legs
This is an encore presentation of one of our fan favorites that first aired back in December of 2017. Enjoy! ~Pat & Lisa  
Jul 29, 2022
My Gay Dog Ate My Podcast
Maybe some last names should be changed, like William Crotch. Hot dog eating contests are nauseating to watch. How tolerant are you of hosting long term house guests? Lisa is considering ditching the hair color for good. And, is your dog gay maybe? Songs in this episode: “The Weight” The …
Jul 13, 2022
I Like It
Lisa had a date. That is all. Oh, and she met her brother for the first time in her life. That is all.     Songs in this episode: “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” Brian Hyland (1960) “Summer Breeze” Seals and Crofts (1972) “Diamond Girl” Seals and …
Jul 05, 2022
Encore Presentation – Time For A Butt Check
One of our favorite episodes, this is an encore presentation that aired back in 2014. Oh, and Lisa still has not gotten her butt checked. Songs in this episode: “What’s Going On? Marvin Gaye “Paperback Writer” The Beatles “Radetsky March” Johann Strauss “You Should be Dancing” Bee Gees “Breaking Up …
Jul 01, 2022
I Got Nothin’
Lisa is taking a break from the news. Pat and Lisa decide to do each other’s eulogies early. Pat pays tribute to his friend Alan White. And, “The Pig” makes another appearance.  And Lisa is trying not to lose her sh*t over little setbacks. Songs in this episode: “Nothing from …
Jun 10, 2022
Hello Muddah Hello Faddah
Pat and Lisa ARE BACK! Thanks to our 14 listeners for your patience. Pat recently got a residual check from his stint on “Bill Nye The Science Guy”. And even though Pat and Lisa sometimes feel like the silliness they display on the podcast is inconsequential, there is a special …
May 24, 2022
So I Had A Martini
Lisa was put in Twitter jail for an entire week. Pat had a dream to someday be a …. trucker. Lisa does not want to live in an apartment building. Ever. Do personality tests really work? And, if a guy wanted to buy a waterbed now, could he? “No, Lisa, …
Apr 02, 2022
It’ll Never Happen Again
Pat and Lisa discuss going maskless. Pat is sick of weather forecasters being WRONG. Are you tired of working with jerks? Pat is purging and purging hard. And Pat reads one of Anne Hathaway’s favorite dirty jokes. Songs in this episode: “Jessica” The Allman Brothers Band “Happy Trails” Roy Rogers …
Mar 18, 2022
Probably Wrong All Along
Pat and Lisa reminisce about the good old days before Google. And let’s talk about apologies – sorry. How do you believe the things you believe? There’s a psychology behind it. And, it’s Girl Scout cookie season. But some people are being horribly aggressive with these kids. Songs in this …
Mar 10, 2022
Kneel And Let The Lord Take Your Load
Lisa’s dog Quince creates a delay for the podcast. Pat has a weak stomach. And Lisa has a flippy stomach. Pat is not comfortable with heights but he did a trick on the Space Needle for charity. And to our listeners, thanks again for all the money, but now Pat …
Mar 01, 2022
Maybe I Don’t Like You Either
Happy and sad. Pat and Lisa have a lot of PecPod listeners to thank (happy) and a lot of celebrity deaths to report (sad). And, is your laugh weird? Songs in this episode: “Time is Tight” Booker T. and the M.G.s Theme from TV show “Dobie Gillis” “In the Still …
Feb 17, 2022
We Want A Do Over Already
Pat and Lisa pay tribute to a whole mess of people that have already shuffled off this mortal coil mere days into this New Year.   Songs in this episode: “To Sir, With Love” Lulu (1963) Clip from the motion picture “Lilies of the Field” (1963) Clip from the motion …
Jan 12, 2022
Snip Snarly Fly Away Hair
800,000 Americans have died so far from Covid. Pat has a rant for people tired of wearing a mask. Lisa buys condoms. TV ads that make you cry. And, Pat’s hair has gone completely haywire. “Yes, I own a comb!” Songs in this episode: “Last Train to Clarksville” The Monkees …
Dec 28, 2021
Love In A Feed Store
Pat and Lisa start off this episode with another Peculiar Passing. Lisa ventured out to Eastern Washington and it wasn’t pleasant. Have you ever left a voice message and THOUGHT you hung up, but didn’t? Also, Lisa hasn’t been on a date in 8 years, but her recently widowed Aunt …
Nov 26, 2021
Cowpox Will Give Ya Horns
Some people blame this podcast for the bad luck of the people Pat and Lisa talk about. Mort Sahl is gone, but the memories will always go on. Seems like the argument over vaccines is decades old. Lisa wants to eat magic mushrooms. And she will. And “Mrs. Cashman” is …
Nov 04, 2021
I’ll Stick A Pin In Ya
Lisa is worried that Pat’s common cold is COVID. Stacking firewood is good mindless work. Pat and Lisa talk about the scary movies they saw as a kid (and shouldn’t have). And, Pat puts Lisa to the test with a couple of ethical questions. “Don’t make me mad or else!” …
Oct 15, 2021
Think Fast
Got any autographs from famous people? Lisa has Rembrandt’s autograph. Right next to Pat’s. Goodbye to the very funny Norm MacDonald. Lisa bought Pat another dumb birthday present. Pat is voted most likely to be late. Pat and Patty goof off in the grocery store.   Songs in this episode: …
Sep 26, 2021
Twenty Years Later
Pat is shocked that Lisa doesn’t like the Andy Griffith show. We say goodbye to Ed Asner and Willard Scott. What do you put on your hotdog? And, relive some really powerful, emotional audio from the the 9/11 terrorist attack with our own Tami Michaels on KOMO radio in 2001. …
Sep 09, 2021
Want Us Some Butterhorns
Sadly, lots of deaths in the music world recently. And we want to thank our PecPod contributors! Pat and Lisa reminisce about the beloved butterhorn pastry thanks to our listener Bill Kuder. How often do you sprinkle your life with some slapstick? Dollar stores are popping up everywhere now. Songs …
Sep 02, 2021
It’s A Rough World
Lisa is mourning the death of her work assistant who recently died from Covid.   Songs in this episode: “From a Distance” Nanci Griffith “Once in a Very Blue Moon” Nanci Griffith “Celebration” Kool and the Gang “Get Down On It” Kool and the Gang Clip from “Morning of the …
Aug 20, 2021
Show Us Your Guns
Lisa fails to plan ahead for her bathroom break on this episode. Apparently there is no medical condition too personal for a radio promo. Pat and Patty made a long trip to see Lisa on her birthday. Are you more productive working from home or at the office? And an …
Aug 03, 2021
Small Body Enormous Noggin
Scientists say we will be able to take a pill and live to be 150. Lisa does not think she’ll have enough money for a life that long. Back in 1962 it cost 2 bucks to get into the Space Needle. When was the last time you ate an entire …
Jun 25, 2021
Somebody Should Be Advertising On This Podcast
Lisa loves her post it note affirmations. Pat has some book recommendations. Pat and Lisa are still wearing their masks no matter what. And the cicadas are here, but not here. “We just want to make noise and have sex.”   Songs In This Episode: “Five Spot After Dark” Curtis …
May 27, 2021
The Devil In My Oven
Lisa had a religious moment with her new oven that was not pleasant. Could you sit on a dangerous ledge for 2 hours for $2 million dollars? Some rides at Disneyland are being changed to keep up with the times. Are dress codes necessary any more? Did you know you …
May 05, 2021
Try Not To Gush
Do you mark someone’s death anniversary in some way? The Oscars ceremony was delayed this year; Pat and Lisa wonder are awards shows even worth watching any more? Pat shares a story of an unmasked woman who lashes out in the Post Office. Let’s play the “What I SHOULD have …
Apr 28, 2021
I Need a Bathroom Now
Pat and Lisa wish they didn’t have to pay bills and taxes. Like Nomadland. When the world reopens, what things are you NOT looking forward to returning? Bathroom nightmares – do you have stress dreams? And the guy that invented the cassette tape croaked. Dr. Seuss is being canceled. Where …
Mar 25, 2021
I Don’t Have The Lips For It
Pat never wanted to play the piano. Lisa always wanted to play the drums. You can be a hefty ballerina if you like. Top movies (and Oscar picks) are discussed. Lisa hurts her thing, and much more. “I feel pretty.” Songs in this episode: Ralph Peterson, Jr. drum solo with …
Mar 15, 2021
Muscle Relaxers and Marijuana Cigarettes
Liberal radio vs Conservative radio – what sells best? Here’s how you tell twins apart. Did Woody Allen really do it or is Mia just nuts? All these streaming services are beginning to become TOO MUCH. Lisa suffers an injury in the recent snow storm in Seattle.       …
Feb 25, 2021
Outside Dining Is Still Inside
Goodbye to Cloris Leachman and Cecily Tyson and Larry King AND Christopher Plummer! Sheesh! If you need a distraction, Lisa recommends watching “Pretend It’s A City” with Fran Lebowitz. And Pat recommends “Rectify” on Amazon. Is there anything you’ve not done for a whole year because of COVID? How old …
Feb 12, 2021
Last Episode of 2020
2020 is OVER! Pat and Lisa ring out the old and ring in the new on this episode (streamed live on 12/31/20). A huge THANK YOU to all our listeners and hope 2021 holds wonderous things for you. Happy New Year!
Jan 01, 2021
Older and Uglier
Pat and Lisa are ready to line up for the COVID vaccine. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise this year. There is no getting around getting older or uglier. Pat has a new family member. Men with deep voices are going to break your heart. “Gawd… look at my neck!” …
Dec 21, 2020
Eat My Cream Pie
Trouble seems to find Lisa no matter where she is. Pat is fed up and pretty worked up about the current political climate. Lisa is trying online dating. Pat shares an unusual way to find a mate. Songs in this episode: “Bristol Stomp” Len Barry “1-2-3” Len Barry “Rub Me …
Dec 06, 2020
Your Scream Makes Me Want To Scream
Alex Trebek will be missed by many – who will replace him? What do you suppose were the most googled topics on election night? Lisa has a new challenge on her plate. How many miracles does it take to become a Saint? Some people are good screamers… and some just …
Nov 27, 2020
Is It Over Yet?
Halloween is different this year and, the Presidential Election has some folks on edge. How are you behaving during online zoom meetings? Pat has a new toy. Lisa has 2 places in the house that she will never go into. Let me annoy you with my new toy! Songs in …
Nov 05, 2020
Call Me By My Name Man
Pat does the podcast from his new walk-in tub. Lisa does not want to read or listen to the news ever again. She just wants to pick flowers and be dumb. Pat hates it when people call him by just his last name. Lisa got into an argument over the …
Nov 01, 2020
Don’t Sing Me A Story
A load of great singers shuffled off this mortal coil recently. Pat gives Lisa the current sports news. Pat really despises “story songs”. Lisa thinks life is pretty random – just depends on being in the right place at the right time. Pat hates my music stories. *sniff Songs in …
Oct 20, 2020
Pee Into This Cup
Pat throws back to the day after 9/11 and his interview with KOMO’s Tami Michaels who was there. Goodbye to Diana Rigg and Marni Nixon. Pat loves the dollar store and finds something interesting at the counter. “Welcome. Be sure to turn light off AFTER you enter.”     Songs …
Sep 21, 2020
September 11, 2001
A special encore presentation of the KOMO morning radio show with Pat Cashman 19 years ago on September 11, 2001, the day the terrorist planes hit and changed our world forever. Photo Attribution: Michael Foran
Sep 10, 2020
Out Over His Skis
‘Member when you never used to lock your front door? Lisa is once again letting the little things get to her. Pat is good secret keeper. Even when he is about to get fired. How much money would it take for you to support a political candidate you despised? Goodbye …
Sep 05, 2020
Take My Cardboard Out To The Ballgame
Lisa is organizing some weird things during the Covid-19 pandemic. And what are the silver linings of Covid-19 if any? Pat has a strange neurosis that has to do with socks… and a weird thing about his pillow. Pat and his wife Patty are cardboard cutouts at the Mariners baseball …
Aug 22, 2020
Perhaps I Shall Just Run Away Then
Lisa is not a fan of summer. Goodbye to Hugh Downs and Carl Reiner. And if you haven’t seen the movie “The Princess Bride”, you should. If you’ve ever run away from home, you probably didn’t stay gone long. Pat gets in trouble for shouting.     Songs in this …
Jul 17, 2020
Quit Scratching That
Pat brings up something he thinks he shouldn’t, but does it anyway. Lisa has an itchy itchy rash. The Oscars are being delayed because no movies are being made. Pat saw a real stinker of a film the other day. Also, when you lose something, do you automatically assume someone …
Jul 02, 2020
I Like Pie
Lisa had the Covid anti-body test. And get ready for a NEW Podcast Series featuring the Almost Live cast! Lisa only drinks 3 – no FOUR things. And the one thing Pat WON’T eat. Hang on for the joke of the day…. it’s a doozy. I want a ding dong …
Jun 11, 2020
I’m Gonna Kick Your Mouth Off
Lisa does not have that “music” gene – at all. Pat did, but lost it. There are some jobs that we are grateful we do not have to do. And sometimes it’s weird to let strangers use your bathroom. Old TV westerns are really violent. “Thanks for sharing your candy …
May 30, 2020
No I Can Do It Myself
Lisa has managed to lose 24 pounds during the pandemic quarantine. Pat’s mom used to tell him “eat the fat…. it’s good for you!” Pat and Lisa talk about the books they are currently reading. Also we are so bored, zippers are interesting now.     Songs in this episode: …
May 23, 2020
Murder Hornets Are People Too
Little Richard is no longer with us. Men may be more at risk of dying from the coronavirus than women. Murder hornets are here –  RIGHT HERE and you cannot outrun them. Because you are staying at home these days, are you tackling home improvement projects? Nature is apparently not …
May 16, 2020
To Wear or Not to Wear A Shirt Under A Shirt
Stop touching your face! There’s a gadget out there to help. Lisa changes her mind on face masks. Pat and Patty split the gross tasks in their house. The brilliance of the Dollar Store is underrated. You cannot buy a car during the pandemic, didya know?     Songs in …
Apr 30, 2020
I Want To Hug You and Kiss You
Lisa (surprisingly!) wants to know how sports are being affected by the Coronavirus quarantines. And your house is now your office, your gym, your school and your entertainment. And what are folks limited to buying at the store? Are drive in theaters making a comeback now?     Songs in …
Apr 19, 2020
I Want To Be Alone With a Bunch Of People
Pat and Lisa talk about some of the challenges of the Covid19 coronavirus quarantine – is it better to alone or with others? We lost Kenny Rogers and then, Bill Withers. What are some of the jobs that are still safe to do during the pandemic? Songs in this episode: …
Apr 16, 2020
These Is Tough Times Baby
Pat and Lisa talk about working from home – and a reminder that it feels good to laugh, it just does, even if it’s just a little. And Lisa is glad that handshakes are no longer a thing. And what industries are doing well right now during the pandemic? And …
Mar 25, 2020
Wash Your Cough and Cover Your Hands
Pat and Lisa talk about the impact of COVID19 – and the news changes minute by minute. Help your neighbors if you can! And price gouging during a crisis is a given – it’s WRONG but it’s a given. Why the run on toilet paper? Did you ever steal stuff …
Mar 20, 2020
Walk THIS Way
“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” Otis Redding (1968)”Monster Mash” Bobby “Boris” Pickett”Abracadabra” The Steve Miller Band”Leader of the Pack” The Shangri-Las (1965)”Mule Train” Frankie Laine (1949)”The End” The Doors (1967)”Laughing” The Guess Who (1969)”Jungleland” Clarence Clemons solo sax”The Weight” The BandExcerpt from ‘Weight Watchers’ commercial”Baby, Ima Want You” Bread “Just …
Mar 11, 2020
You Need To Be Helped
Pat and Lisa chat about awards ceremonies. And, read any good biographies lately? The #MeToo movement was sadly a whole different ball game in old Hollywood. Also, have you ever spent money on a psychic? Songs in this episode: “Kookie, Kookie” (Lend Me Your Comb) Edd “Kookie” Byrnes (1959) Excerpt ‘David …
Feb 18, 2020
It’s That Time of Year
Instead of holiday decorating, Lisa is compelled to organize her house. Be careful – this is perfect time of year for fraud. Pat and Lisa talk about the “Peloton Wife” ad controversy. Songs in this episode: “Downtown” Petula Clark (1965) “Downtown” Mrs. Miller (1966) “Clean Up Woman” Betty Wright (1971) …
Dec 24, 2019
Sinks, Showers and Other Elements
Pat and Lisa talk about the challenges of traveling (and the occasional pleasures). Is there a limit to the sort of “comfort animal” you can bring on a plane. And remember those delightful “Hungry Man” tv dinners? You can still get them. Yum! Songs in this episode: “Cool Water” Son …
Dec 16, 2019
A Very Peculiar Playhouse
Pat and Lisa talk about her hair removal. Pat hosted a late night movie show way back in the day called “Peculiar Playhouse”. So many options on TV now – how many streaming services do you need each month? Does being a sports fan make you miserable? And Lisa has …
Dec 02, 2019
It’s Magic You Dummy
Pat and Lisa try to figure out ventriloquism and magic. Trump declares his love for Lisa, sort of. Pat and Lisa remember the wonderful actor Robert Forster. Also, what are your favorite black and white movies? Phrases that make Pat crazy, and Rolling Stone’s list of the all time best …
Nov 08, 2019
Watch Your Language
Pat goes to the ballet, but listens to the baseball game instead. Lisa thinks the Opera might bum her out. Samuel L Jackson can now talk to you instead of Alexa. And Pat’s voice is on the most popular video game in the world. Pat and Lisa talk about their …
Oct 23, 2019
You Had Me At Big Fat Woman
Pat and Lisa talk about popular songs that are REALLY disturbing and inappropriate – go ahead and listen. And Lisa complains that we never get a break from sports. Find out why Pat quit football when he young. Also, Halloween candy – the good stuff vs that bad stuff. Songs …
Oct 15, 2019
Don’t Doink Me in The Eye
Secrets are not so secret… especially if you tell them to Lisa Foster. Pat has another sound effects toy to play with. Pat loves ’em, but Lisa has never understood the appeal of The Three Stooges. And Pat tells Lisa about some mad spiders. Great.         Songs …
Sep 21, 2019
Open Carry Cell Phone
A tribute to the late Valerie Harper. And guess what? Yep – more mass shootings. Pat had a scary kayaking accident. Did you do the “Face App Challenge”? And Pat tries camping… again.   “Yep. Open carry cell phone.”     Songs in this episode: Excerpt from “Rhoda” TV show …
Sep 08, 2019
Nothing Will Be Done
Pat and Lisa talk about the terror of gun violence. There is a 100% chance of another mass shooting. And, in a lighter vein, they discuss drunken online shopping – which is a HUGE business. Also, mosquitoes and bees are not to be messed with.       Songs in …
Aug 25, 2019
Get Your Affairs In Order
We’re all gonna die; is it better to know exactly when? Pat is already working on Lisa’s eulogy. Lisa is on a new medication that is really interfering with her life. Do you know what duvetyne is?       Songs in this episode: “Do Wop Medley” The Persuasions (1971) “Last …
Aug 01, 2019
We’re Mad, Cracked and Sick
What…US worry? Yep – Mad Magazine is wrapping it up after nearly 70 years. Pat uncovers even MORE movie cliches. Lisa thinks that anywhere there are boys, you are going to find noise. And turns out horse racing is not such a good thing for the horses. “We’re sorry horsies…. …
Jul 17, 2019
Bing Bong I Need First Class Service
“Exclusive interview” – what does that even mean? Lying vs embellishment – what’s the difference? First Class air travel is a whole different world. And why do men do “air sports”? UFO’s MUST be real right? “I want an upgrade dammit.”     Songs in this episode: “Sabre Dance” Rachmaninoff …
Jul 02, 2019
Bend Over and Just Take It
Pat and Lisa disagree about daily bed making. Lisa has a cow over her latest hotel room service experience. If you aren’t charged, should you pay for it anyway? Lisa has a fence drama. And settle in for one of the longest jokes you’ll ever hear.   Hilton Room Service …
Jun 24, 2019
Alrighty Now They’re Banning Bans on Bans
“Dark Side of The Rainbow”: coincidental synchronization, strange magic, or just plain lame? Why do churches receive tax exemptions? Men and rich people lie a lot, didya know? And Lisa has an update, sort of, on who her daddy is.     Songs in this episode: “Time” Pink Floyd “Sugar, …
Jun 14, 2019
Vaccinate or Die You Uneducated Potato
Goodbye Doris Day, Tim Conway, and Peggy Lipton. What is a reasonable time to wait after your spouse dies before you start up with someone else? Did you get your measles shot? And…. Game of Thrones finale (spoilers)     Songs in this episode: “Que Sera, Sera” Doris Day “Sentimental …
Jun 03, 2019
I’m Not Touching That Thing
Advertising jingles are a bit lame….and remember those old “Baby On Board” signs? TV show finales…Mariner’s baseball AND AquaSox baseball, and gross things like ticks and pimples. Ick   Songs in this episode: “Oogum Boogum” Brenton Wood “Gimme Little Sign” Brenton Wood “Rub You the Right Way” Johnny Gill Excerpt …
May 23, 2019
Almost All of You Are Above Our Station
Pat and Lisa share memories of those moments they felt like imposters around the rich people. Do major brands really suffer when things go sideways? And we might all suffer from “cute aggression” – what the hell is wrong with us? Pat’s puppy has hormone overload.   Cute or creepy? …
Apr 22, 2019
Yes, We’ll Have a Little Bit of The Pot Please
Lisa finds comfort in the local pot store and loses sense of time. Should we keep Daylight Savings Time changes? And would you want a picture of your death published if you were a victim of gun violence?   “Hi. My name is Lisa Foster.”     Songs in this …
Apr 15, 2019
Kale Sucks Again and Again and Again
Pat hits the post right outta the gate. And, you might not recognize his name, but you sure know his drumming. Lisa visits a place she has been wanting to see her whole life. Pat rails against kale. Again. Also, the latest scandals in the news include college cheaters and …
Mar 28, 2019
Givin’ You Up Ain’t My Shtick
Oscar reflections – do we ever need host again? The R Kelly interview with Gayle King – whoa. And… Michael Jackson music is being banned. What pills do you take on a daily basis? Turns out nicotine addiction starts young.         Songs in this episode: “Never, Never …
Mar 16, 2019
Dopamine Delivery Made Easy
Little post-Oscar talk… Lisa has melt down over an annoying noise…find out what a “kleenex-corkscrew” is….status update on Pat’s puppy Oliver….did you know your phone gives you constant dopamine hits? It really does. Also, Lisa sadly won the war on her moles.     One of many dopamine delivery systems. …
Mar 11, 2019
Pure White Snow with Some Yellow
Winter has kicked everyone’s butt; Pat and Lisa have different ways of cleaning up. Lisa got ghosted by a random guy online. Lisa is sick and, “sick-shaming” at work is very popular now. Also, commercials are everywhere, dammit.   “Hey you jack ass! Take your snow BACK!”     Songs …
Feb 26, 2019
The Opportunity is Quite Literally Gone
Pat and Lisa talk about the loss of the Mars Rover “Opportunity”. Pat has another super fun colonoscopy. There’s even a song about it. Bath tubs with doors on them sound kinda dumb. How sexually adventurous are you?     Songs in this episode: “Rhumba Man” Jesse Winchester “Bless Your …
Feb 17, 2019
Oscar Goes Commando
Tipping the flight attendants on the airplane is now a thing. It is! And, will the Oscars be any good without a host? Pat and Lisa talk about the films up for awards. Also, Pat and Lisa are very ashamed that they told “no arms and no legs” jokes in …
Feb 12, 2019
The Big Two Hundred
It’s the 200th episode of PecPod. This is the QUESTIONS episode. And, Pat & Lisa have the answers.         Songs in this episode: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Pat Benatar Michel Legrande and the London Big Band Orchestra “When the Saints go Marching in” Mahalia Jackson …
Feb 03, 2019
Don’t Flip Your Hair At Me
What motivates you? Encouragement or disparagement? Find out how Pat prepped for his new puppy Oliver. And yes, Pat bought clothes for him. Pat recalls the time he mocked Lisa for a safety device. Also, “hair flipping” is examined. Have you ever just up-n-quit your job?   Hey little Oliver!   …
Jan 20, 2019
Dropped Me a Tree
Lisa chops wood, and Pat has hard time picturing Lisa as “Mrs.Outdoors”. Pat cuts down a tree, and makes an alarming discovery. Lisa has no desire to decorate for the holidays. And, Pat finds something in the couch that should not be in the couch. “I’ll be sniffin and hitchin …
Jan 02, 2019
Baby, It’s Creepy Outside
Pat and Lisa wonder if Christmas songs are really creepy or just misunderstood? Pat adds a new member to his household. And you’ve heard the story before, but it’s worth another listen – Pat’s Thanksgiving story about his dog Elliott. And, wonderful stories about the late George H.W. Bush.   …
Dec 09, 2018
We’ll Check In With The Missus
Music memories. Political ads. TSA. Employee Handbook. Corpse flower. Smelly beaches. Tip screens. Climate Change. Sears. “The handbook says I have to call you Missus”     Songs in this episode: “Eleanor Rigby” The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles “A Day in the …
Nov 22, 2018
No I’ve Never Done Coke (nor LSD)
Have a certain singer you love but no one has heard of? Lisa is ignoring the news lately, and instead watching old sexist and racist western TV shows. Pat has his list of great current shows. And, how did you spend YOUR childhood? Check out the documentary “Raiders, The Greatest …
Nov 05, 2018
The Pat Cashman Classic
Spider season is here. Pat has a golf tourney names after him. And his wife Patty sucks at being a caddy. The Cashman’s go boating with some rich friends. And you have no idea how important concrete is. Lisa gets an odd question at the bank.   “Golf is so …
Oct 15, 2018
Whatta Man Whatta Man
Pat peppers this episode with 3 jokes. 2 of them are pretty good. Does Mr. Rogers have the answer to what it means to be “a man”?     Songs in this episode: “The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Cornb)” Burl Ives “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” The Platters Excerpt …
Oct 09, 2018
Smoky and The Honey Bucket
Football season is here. Are you going to watch? Burt Reynolds has died, and Pat and Lisa talk about their favorite Burt roles. Lisa goes on a spider murder spree. If fish could scream, would you stop fishing?   Songs in this episode: “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” …
Sep 24, 2018
My Big Fat Gay Wedding
Aretha Franklin is gone. But her music remains. John McCain is also gone. And Pat says goodbye to his dog Elliott. Pat officiates at a “non-straight” wedding. Lisa tells the “Barbie and the Suitcase” story. “Wow, Pat was really great. Sort of.”     Songs in this episode: “A Natural …
Sep 12, 2018
Go Out In The Woods and Grab A Leaf
Pat shares some more childhood pranks, and Lisa had an interesting past time when she worked at a bank. Also, planning your life around a bathroom can be challenging. Pat has fun with a Fart Machine during Lisa’s news cast.   Lisa’s worst nightmare.   Songs in this episode: “Purple …
Aug 18, 2018
Come On Baby, Let’s Do The Titty Twister
Lisa tackles her home lighting project again. Pat offers to help, but Lisa politely declines. Lisa catches a stranger throwing stuff away in her recycle bin. As you get older, do you complain more? And, Pat and Lisa discuss childhood pranks like noogies, titty twisters, swirlies and more.   “Dammit! …
Jul 16, 2018
How Many Podcasters Does It Take To Change a Light Fixture?
Lisa lets a home improvement project get the better of her. Pat shares an story of unpleasantness at the local food truck. And pretty much the same unpleasant story at a concert. Lisa does not think men should wear clacky shoes.   “I’m pretty sure this is going to make …
Jul 10, 2018
How Much Is That Doggy In The Roadway?
Pat and Lisa talk about a dearly departed friend. Pat and Patty save a stray dog. Pat catches a co-worker in a place he shouldn’t be. Lisa thinks she has a dumb laugh, and has a friend who has NO laugh. “Hey buddy… we’ll take care of you!”     …
Jul 02, 2018
A Rose By Any Other Name
Pat talks chainsaws and droppin’ trees. And could you survive being a pioneer on a wagon train? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Also, you might be surprised (and saddened) by the stats on suicide. Christ, are we there yet?     Songs in this episode:  …
Jun 24, 2018
Dying to Be Freshly Embalmed
How valuable is a dead president’s body? And, once you die, can you still look pretty? Pat shares a story about the time he introduced the Beach Boys that didn’t go as planned. How long should a band still be a band after members leave? “Yep… she still looks pretty!” …
Jun 10, 2018
It’s Stormy in Bend Oregon
This episode kicks off with a Peculiar Classic. (And some technical difficulties…) Pat has a famous person visit his hometown. A listener wants Pat and Lisa to plug their event. And Lisa encounters some difficult people (again).   NO! We are not talking about the Timber Music Festival! Sheesh!   …
May 27, 2018
Proud To Be A Nasty Vindictive Drunk
Pat and Lisa talk about the worlds’s oldest people. And the passing of Barbara Bush. Lisa is done with submarines (for now). Pat shares a story about the worst hotel guest in the world. And, how many secrets do you have???   Songs In This Episode: “Can’t Buy Me Love” …
Apr 28, 2018
The Most Boring Therapy In The World
Pat and Lisa talk about cover songs. Lisa takes a dip in a flotation tank. Pat tells Lisa a new joke. Pat recalls the freedom we had as kids. Lisa stops seeing a dental hygienist who talks baby talk.  “I is bored. ”  Songs in this episode: “I Will Always …
Apr 22, 2018
Man, It Stinks In There!
Pat and Lisa disagree on the movie The Shape of Water.  Is being “gluten-free” REALLY necessary for most people? Lisa watches a funny new documentary about poop.   YUM!   Songs in this episode: “Hooray for Hollywood” generic “Creature from the Black Lagoon” trailer “The Shape of Water” trailer “Chica …
Apr 08, 2018
My Eyes Adore You
Pat has a happy update on his dog Elliott’s eyes. “I can see! I can see!” Pat does a sight gag that falls flat. Pat finds a nasty surprise in his hotel room. And, if you COULD swindle someone, would you? Also, plastic straws are being banned – will you …
Mar 24, 2018
You Say Up I Say Down
Pat tries out a fireman joke on Lisa. Pat’s father-in-law shoots a hole in the wall. And, Lisa discusses something of a delicate nature with Pat.     Songs in this episode: “The Fireman” George Strait “The Hacky Sack Song” The Green Chili Jam Band “Ya Got Trouble” Robert Preston …
Feb 20, 2018
The Lesbian and The Butcher Knife
Pat and Lisa review interesting elevator voices. And Lisa shares the weird drama that went down in her house while she was gone.       Songs in this episode: “Tequila” The Champs “Elevator” David Archuleta “Je Taime Moi Non Plus” Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsebourg “The Sounds of Silence” …
Feb 12, 2018
Don’t Polka Me There
Pat talks about his musical aspirations. And he has a piano he can’t get rid of. Lisa’s dog Quince has a sour tummy. Also, would you pee on an paper advertisement to get a discount? Need to pass a urine test? You can!   Everybody Polka, and we mean EVERYBODY! …
Jan 29, 2018
Do The Crime Do The Time
Stressed out about politics? There are places you can go to smash stuff! What activities do you do that would qualify as distracted driving? Package thieves are now getting a big surprise. Lisa recounts her candy rustling days. “Promise mommy that you won’t stuff any of these in your underwear.” …
Jan 21, 2018
Kale – What Is It Good For? (Absolutely Nothin’)
Lisa confesses she quit her diet. Pat tries to help her see the light. Pat lashes out the kale trend. And, are your devices spying on you? Pat shares an article on 15 things you said never eat in a restaurant. Patty jumps in with a rant about people eating …
Jan 07, 2018
Have A Merry Christmas All By Yourself
Pat and Lisa get into the holiday spirit with a discussion of the “Scrooge” Christmas movies. Pat goes to a party with no chairs. Pat shares a story of how he handled a bully when he was a boy. And Lisa is trying to buy smoke alarms that don’t freak …
Dec 24, 2017
Keep Your Lips Off My Chicken Legs
Gingerbread houses are debated and good lies vs bad lies; which kind of lie is acceptable? And why didn’t Nixon destroy those tapes? Pat has a new addiction. Pat has a great story about a buffet restaurant. Pat and Lisa talk honestly about their gender prejudices. “Keep your filthy paws …
Dec 20, 2017
The Eternal Battle of The Sexes
How do men really view women? And is it “open season” on men right now amidst all the sexual misconduct firings?   Songs in this episode: “This is a Man’s World” James Brown “Chiquita Banana Song” Xavier Cugat Orchestra with Buddy Clark vocal (1946) “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him …
Dec 08, 2017
Hashtag Not All Men
Pat shares an intriguing personal ad. Pat and Lisa talk sports mascots. Pat has epic death scene in a zombie TV Show. And, Lisa complains about everything breaking around her house. Also, powerful men behaving poorly dominates the news. (Note – as of this taping, more and more are being …
Nov 28, 2017
Hungry Hungry Hungry All The Time
Pat preps for his driving test, and quizzes Lisa on the questions. Lisa gives an update on her diet. Also, Lisa is involved in a huge neighborhood dispute. Pat plays a clip from the classic radio show “The Guy Wonderful Show”.   Songs in this episode: “Blueberry Hill” Fats Domino …
Nov 11, 2017
It’s Tough Being A Loser
Lisa starts a diet…and isn’t doing so well. Pat and Lisa read listener emails. Also, it’s time to revisit the Reign of Terror against “The Man”. Pat and Lisa talk about the NFL kneeling protests. Songs in this episode: “Up Up and Away” The Fifth Dimension Excerpt from “The Westerner” …
Nov 02, 2017
NO Chinese Food For YOU
A Chinese take-out restaurant owner hangs up on Lisa. Pat thinks he got a helluva deal on margarita glasses. When will be the right time to talk about regulating assault weapons? Pat celebrates his wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Pat and Patty!   Songs in this episode: “Free Fallin'” Tom Petty …
Oct 17, 2017
I Am Not Your Father
Pat and Lisa thank the PecPod listeners and contributors. Lisa starts to unravel the mystery of who her father might be. Also, Pat ponders the nature of truth.     Songs in this episode: “Tutti Frutti” Little Richard “Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself” Sly and the Family Stone …
Sep 27, 2017
No Job Too Small
A “Peculiar Classic” radio phone call audio clip leads off our episode (hint – she’s not a fan of Lisa!). Pat and Lisa pay tribute to late great voice talent June Foray. Find out what the Museum of Failure contains. And another “Peculiar Classic” ends this episode – “No Job …
Aug 25, 2017
Don’t Look At The Eclipse Darlin’
Pat and Lisa talk about the total eclipse and how that might affect her trip to see Pat in central Oregon. Then Pat shares all the ways he is going to entertain her. And, Lisa shares a personal story about her unknown father.     Songs in this episode: Thank …
Aug 09, 2017
There’s No Time Like the Past
Pat kinda wonders about the mystery of time. Lisa is trying to embrace surprise and Pat still loathes them. (And they get a surprise phone call in the middle of the podcast). Also, Lisa discover Pat’s in a movie he never told her about. Surprise!   Songs in this episode: …
Jul 20, 2017
Danger Is My Middle Name
Does your dog have a middle name? Pat wants to change his kids names. Pat thinks la-dee-da weddings are just for girls, and thinks they’d be more fun if there was more chaos involved. And, Pat feels “watched” whenever he goes into a Best Buy store. Also, Lisa finds out …
Jun 27, 2017
You Say Avocado
Free bananas from Amazon? Find out what food Pat tries to eat every single day. Lisa can’t cook, but she does cook ONE thing rully, rully good. And, sometimes the Express Lane checkout is anything but.     Songs in this episode: “Yes, We Have No Bananas” Luxury Liner “I …
Jun 09, 2017
Quit Scratching That
Pat and Lisa discuss the impact of late night satire on the current political climate. Find out why Pat has 10 back scratchers. And Lisa surprisingly defends Bill O’Reilly’s $25 million dollar contract pay out.   Songs in this episode: “Theme from Rawhide” Frankie Laine “Line ’em Up” James Taylor …
May 31, 2017
What A Joke
Where in the world is Patty Cashman? And practical jokes don’t work on everyone. And regular jokes don’t always make everyone laugh. But Pat tells Lisa one that does. (But it takes forever to get to the punchline.) Ok.. that is NOT funny! Songs in this episode: “Alfonso Muskedunder” Todd Terje …
May 09, 2017
The Delights of Debauchery
Pat and Lisa talk about the requirements for being a genius. And what about debauchery? And Pat has a run in with a fellow ferry rider. Lisa has a disgusting encounter with her plumber. Ah JEEZ! What the hell?   Songs in this episode: “Maybelline” Chuck Berry “Johnny B. Goode” …
May 01, 2017
We Need to Take A Peek Under There
Lisa is outraged with the new TSA pat down procedures, and Pat shares some travel packing tips. Also, Pat talks about the time Katherine Hepburn got thrown out of a gift shop in his hometown. Pat had an opportunity that knocked only once, and it was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models …
Mar 18, 2017
The Great Late Debate
Pat addresses his struggle with being on time. Is it a psychological disorder? Lisa thinks she should be medicated all the time. And, “People Persons” rarely are.       Songs in this episode: “We’re In This Love Together” Al Jarreau “The Blackball Ferry Line” Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters …
Feb 19, 2017
Stop Dying Already
Pat and Lisa chronicle the list of celebs who have sadly already shuffled off this mortal coil early in 2017. And, should you even bother reading the book if you’ve already seen the movie? Stan Boreson – you’ll be missed.     Songs in this episode: “Bonita Applebaum” Tribe Called …
Feb 06, 2017
We Wanna Be Wrong
Pat shares some more of his “profound thoughts” with Lisa. And, as much as they hate to do it, Pat and Lisa talk about the current political climate and how to escape it. And what are you going to run away to and join now that the circus is closing?   …
Jan 28, 2017
You Can Never Go Home
Pat and Lisa talk about driving in the snow. And, does your head get bigger as you age? Lisa takes issue with a Seahawks fan who blow off fireworks during the game in her neighborhood. Also, did Debbie Reynolds really die of a broken heart? Songs in this episode: “Betcha By …
Jan 18, 2017
Feel No Shame
Pat and Lisa wrap up the holiday season with peculiar observations on Christmas decor. Pat makes a new “friend” through some odd marketing strategy. And, Lisa gets shamed online by the “outrage mob” over an ill-advised (and misunderstood) social media post. Songs in this episode: “I’m on Fire” Bruce Springsteen …
Jan 01, 2017
Shut Up Christmas
Lisa’s new puppy has an annoying new toy. Pat and Lisa review those Christmas songs that make you want to cut your ears off, and those that make you bawl your eyes out. And, Lisa wants to go over the wall to get a colonoscopy. Songs in this episode: “Jingle …
Dec 16, 2016
The Pigeth Cometh
Pat feels responsible the recent spate of musician passings. Pat and Lisa talk about the aftermath of the election, and figure it’s a good time to welcome back “The Pig.” “Your jokes are a real riot.” Songs in this episode: “I’m Your Man” Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah” Leonard Cohen “Proud Mary” Leonard …
Nov 25, 2016
It’s Candy Overload
Pat is tempted by his large stash of left-over Halloween candy. Are encyclopedias obsolete? The standard time change doesn’t bother Lisa, but Pat is not a fan of it. Babblers and hijackers of meetings and presentations make us all crazy.   “Man, I so want to eat all of this…. tonight.” Songs …
Nov 16, 2016
A Very Peculiar Election
Lisa shares a very unpleasant way to wake up. Pat and Lisa find this year’s election peculiar… and “election anxiety” is really a thing now. And Pat shares some of his “Deep Thoughts”. It’ll be over SOON… Songs in this episode: “The Heat is On” Glenn Frey “Oh, What a …
Nov 04, 2016
Superman’s Mommy
What do you do when Superman loses his mommy? Call the police? And, Pat decides to go camping once again. And realizes once again, that he hates it. And Lisa mourns the loss of one of her favorite stars from the Sound of Music. “Hey.. have you seen my mom?” …
Oct 10, 2016
Squirmin’ Sherman
Lisa gets a new puppy, and is not sure she is cut out for it. She gets SOME emotional support from Pat and Patty Cashman (spoiler… she keeps the puppy!) And, Pat shares some new annoyances that are bugging him. “Hello Cutie… don’t drive me nuts…”     Songs in …
Sep 21, 2016
15 Nine Eleven
On the fifteenth anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attacks, Pat and Lisa talk about that day in history, the numbers and facts surrounding those events, and the broadcast that played out. “Never forgotten…”  
Sep 10, 2016
The Face Off
In a throwback episode from KOMO AM 1000, Pat and Lisa (along with Gary Hoffman), discuss Lisa’s face surgery from the year 2002. A special thank you to Arthur Allen for providing this audio from his archives.  
Sep 04, 2016
A Dollop of Worship
Pat and Lisa don’t like to talk about “heavy” stuff. But they do this time. Oh yeah… NRA… terrorism…no fly list… religion…freedom of speech, and… fire walking. It’s pretty heavy. “Ok… gonna finally burn these corns off…” Songs in this episode: “Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles “Time in a Bottle” Jim …
Aug 03, 2016
Down There, You Know Where
Pat has a serious problem with his big toe. And from the audio archives, Pat, Lisa and Gary Hoffman take a call from “The Pig”. Lisa asks Pat for his advice with her embarrassing personal issue. And, a woman steals something from Lisa’s driveway. Keep your filthy paws off my …
Jul 22, 2016
I Seriously Have To Go
Pat has some good ideas for Lisa’s next webinar. And, Lisa is fascinated with a high-tech mattress. Pat and Lisa talk about an exciting new medical breakthrough. And, yep, more poop discussion. Yep. “I’m pretty important!”   Songs in this episode: “Sabre Dance” Excerpt from “Xaralto” commercial Excerpt from “The …
Jul 01, 2016
Red Fish, Blue Fish, Good Fish, Bad Shrimp
Pat and Lisa are bitching about the bills. Lisa wants Pat to save a tree. And, Lisa owes Pat and apology.  Also, Pat confronts a restaurant about his wife’s food poisoning.   Songs in this episode: “Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles “Burning Down the House” Talking Heads “I Talk …
Jun 13, 2016
You’ve Driven Me Around The Bend
Is whistling a lost art? All of us have annoying habits – find out what drives us around the bend.  And, good storytelling is a SKILL. Also, are you ugly enough to win a contest?     Songs in this episode: “I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman” ‘Whistling’ Jack Smith Andy …
May 25, 2016
All Dogs Go To Heaven
Pat and Lisa are distracted by Lisa’s dog sitting duties. And Lisa has to comfort a child who lost her pet. “I miss you…”      
May 17, 2016
Someone’s Got It Worse Than You
Pat pulls up stakes and makes the trek to Oregon. But, bad news is waiting for him. Lisa gets a home security system, but should she get a shotgun too?     Songs in this episode: “Back in the Saddle” Gene Autry “Take Me to the River” Al Green “Smile” Tony …
May 08, 2016
Its An Oscar But Not a Weiner
Jason Valentine joins Pat and Lisa for this year’s Oscar predictions and controversaries.  Find out what Pat brings to the movies. And, “Shooter alert systems” are now a thing. Also, Pat has an idea on how to pack heat with no one ever knowing.             …
Feb 23, 2016
We Need Toilet Paper
Pat and Lisa learn they were once in one of the most psychopathic-filled professions. Leaves are no substitute for good ol’ toilet paper. Ted Crackerwagon joins the podcast for a breaking news story. And Oprah loves bread.        “This should last me a couple of hours…”   Songs in …
Feb 15, 2016
Big Dog Butts
Pat finds out his dog is afflicted with something most of us humans suffer from.  And Lisa has a bad puppy experience. 2016 is barely off the ground, and the celebrity death count is already exceptionally high.  Lisa has to chose between between 2 opposite ends of her body for medical …
Feb 08, 2016
How Much Is That Creep In The Window?
Pat and Lisa can’t call each other on from someone else’s phone.  Why do products cost more for women than men? When you hear a man scream in the movies, it’s most likely the Wilhelm scream. And, Lisa wants to marry you.                 …
Jan 24, 2016
Porn Is Where The Cheddar Is
Pat helps Lisa find the ONE Elvis song she likes. Lisa confesses the lame reason why she opted out of seeing the original Star Wars movie. Pat shares his favorite porn movie parody titles. Also, Pat tells a terrifying story involving a hitchhiker in the snow. “Ya’ know, we’d make more if …
Jan 08, 2016
Walk Your Own Walk
Pat and Lisa are back from a merry Seattle Radio Theater performance. Also, they refuse to bow to “the man” by using store branding terms. Lisa has trust issues brought on by the Miss Universe debacle. Pat stifles his sneezes and Lisa lets her “blast on out”.       “I’d like an …
Dec 29, 2015
A Barrel Full of Monkeys
Are monkeys in showbiz funny or creepy? Pat explains the Mr. Stubbs drinking game. Lisa explains the pain of a mammogram. And, bad news, bacon can hurt your butt. Also, Pat and Lisa talk about the daylight savings time controversy as well as the recyling lie.           …
Dec 11, 2015
No More Boobies
Pat and Lisa are guessing that, once again, this podcast is not “The Best”.  And people are playing with the toys in Costo in a way that they should not be played with.  Pat and Lisa talk about the first time they ever saw a Playboy Magazine. Also Lisa buys a …
Dec 02, 2015
Just 2 Six-Packs Away
Lisa is concerned about a new bad habit she’s developed. Pat gives Lisa driving tips, and how much are you willing to cheat to use the HOV lane?  Pat has some nostalgic thoughts about how the workplace USED to be. When is it ever ok to pick your nose in …
Nov 20, 2015
Bad Laptop Daddy
Pat thinks Lisa needs a butler. Or a houseboy. Lisa explains why her boobs will never be touched again. Pat has a tragedy with his laptop at the airport you won’t believe.  And is being a well-endowed male a bonus or a curse?   Songs in this episode:  “La La La La La La” Jackie …
Oct 21, 2015
Sweet Baby Jane
Pat is selling his house, and he hates it.  But he’s happy about his new TV show – “Uplate NW”.  Pat and Lisa share sweet memories of a dear friend and a radio collegue, Jane Shannon, who left this earth too soon.  And, Lisa talks about the anxiety of living alone. “You’ll be …
Oct 08, 2015
Old Men and Mice
Pat just had another birthday, and Lisa’s delighted to learn that eating vegetables is not necessary for a long life. And if you’re single and a Disney fan, you’ll love the new dating site ““.  Also, Pat makes a shocking discovery during a visit to his old high school. “I still …
Sep 25, 2015
It’s Stuck In My Nose
Pat has a “cleansing party” with his wife. Lisa cuts her eyelashes and Pat clips his eyebrows. Lisa lies to her dental hygenist. If its “free”, will you jump on it like a tramp on a muffin no matter what it is? “I lost my keys – do you see them …
Sep 16, 2015
It’s Belabor Day
Long gone are the Labor Day telethons, but we’re still fans of Jerry Lewis. Even if he is kind of a dick.  Find out which commercial makes Pat nuts, and Pat shares the medical miracle of hand transplants. Also, Pat talks about his button mushroom. “Let’s drink and raise money, …
Sep 07, 2015
One Joke Over The Line
Pat worries about censoring his tried-and-true-jokes at an upcoming speech that he’s not getting paid for. Also, an emotional discussion about Cecil the Lion. And do you know what creature kills more humans than any other?     Songs in this episode: “Owner of a Lonely Heart” from ‘Symphonic Rock Classics’ …
Aug 19, 2015
Eyes In The Back of Her Head
Pat decides he WILL in fact take Lisa’s dog when Lisa croaks. Pat discovers he can get more than pizza delivered to his house. And does a particular observation mean you’re a racist? Are men drivers worse than women drivers? Also, Lisa realizes she needs to shut up. “I see YOU”     Songs in …
Jul 21, 2015
The Most Depressing Time of the Year
It’s summer, and Pat’s sad. Also, Pat has conquered his golf rage. Lisa and Pat discuss the stupid woodpeckers in their neighborhood. Pat poo-poos Lisa’s turkey pinwheels and now Lisa is embarrassed that she ever brought these to a party. “I had no idea how lame we are.”    Songs in this episode: …
Jul 13, 2015
As Good As You’re Gonna Get
Pat and Lisa talk about their diet downfalls. Pat has a skeptic’s view of what Lisa does on her business trips. Is it TREH-zure or TRAY-zure? And, Lisa’s neighbor drives a tractor right through the podcast taping. Pat has the power to pronounce you spouses for life.  Who knew? “Let …
Jul 05, 2015
Camping Sucks and You Know It
A sad farewell tribute to our old radio friend “Tenor Boy”… Also, Pat and Lisa talk about summer road trips, camping, and why Lisa will not stay in a motel.  Pat discloses the hassles (and strategies) of cleaning up after dogs.                   …
May 13, 2015
Feel Free To Never Call Me
Pat and Lisa talk about fart movies… yes, fart movies. Somehow, the conversation always steers into that subject. Then, Lisa’s ongoing complaint about telemarketers continues, and she actually gets a call from one during the taping.   Songs in this episode: “The Shortest Song in the World” Kenny Price “American Pie” …
Apr 26, 2015
We Bow to You Mr. Freberg
Pat and Lisa talk about “teasing” segments in radio, the biggest evil of radio, how radio ratings work. Also, Pat and Lisa remember the late great Stan Freburg in this special tribute episode.                           Stan Freberg ~ 1926-2015   …
Apr 15, 2015
This Is Goodbye
Pat and Lisa talk about the biggest lies they’ve ever told. Patty has a “bad hair day hat” that she feels compelled to give away. And Pat and Lisa take a live call on the podcast that results in a terrible ending. “We’re going in another direction, and you’re not coming with …
Apr 01, 2015
You’re In Big Trouble
Lisa wants to know why boys like to bash mailboxes. And she shares why she used to cut up her clothes. Pat shares a family secret – it’s a doozy.   Songs in this episode: “The Beast” Milt Buckner “Straight On” Heart “Deadliest Catch” theme “Poor Side of Town” Johnny Rivers …
Mar 12, 2015
Goodbye Sweet Daisy
(Lisa is a bit off mic the first couple of minutes…but hang in there!) Pat talks about his dog Elliott’s nickname “SmellyButt”. And Lisa shares the sad passing of her cocker spaniel Daisy, and the terrible memorial gift she recieved. And find out why someone at Lisa’s hotel complained about her. “Thanks …
Mar 05, 2015
There’s A Stick For That
It’s all about the cheese in this episode.  Also, some of us relive memories through photos, but Pat relives his through his internet browser history. “Belfies” are trending, and you can buy a stick for that. And, it’s hard to find a realistic toy gun anymore. Also, Lisa is confused …
Feb 17, 2015
Shut Your Legs
Pat wants to know if Lisa is a “hairy person”. And he keeps talking about. On and on. Good grief. And, are you guilty of “man-spreading”? Pat doesn’t, he makes himself “small”. Also, would you spend good money to marry NO ONE? And, Pat and Lisa talk about radical religion. Not …
Jan 30, 2015
Let’s Have Us A Huddle Cuddle
Pat and Lisa celebrate Elvis’ birthday, and Pat is worried about Elliott, and Lisa tries to be the voice of reason.  Also Lisa has decided that she WILL go to a Superbowl Party if Pat throws one. And Pat shares the secrets of what happens in the “huddle”. “Just remember …
Jan 18, 2015
Put Your Christmas Crap Away
It’s the NEW YEAR and time to put away all your Christmas crap. Pat tries to shame Lisa into becoming a Seahawks fan. And are there parts of your body you never see? Would you want to? And what’s the deal with Glassy Baby candle holders?   “That’s one way to take …
Jan 07, 2015
Holiday Cheer at Walmart
Pat and Lisa wish you a Merry Christmas! Lisa wanted to do a “nice” Christmas show, but it just didn’t work out on this episode.  Find out why she hates the post office, and why Pat loves Walmart. And is “pay-by-the-mile” one more way for the government to keep tabs …
Dec 24, 2014
Boys Have Cooties
Lisa’s studio is a pigsty, and she doesn’t care.  Pat’s wants to get dentures. And Lisa has rats, but Pat thinks the rat has a bad rep. Also, Pat shuts up Lisa’s dogs… and it works. Pat and Lisa remember Bill Cosby when he was a nice guy. “But, I’ll kiss you …
Dec 17, 2014
Time For A Butt Check Up
Pat can’t let go of the disappointment of not winning Best Podcast on Best of Western Washington. And, how does one gracefully break up with one’s hair stylist? And Pat encourages Lisa to get her butt check up.                     “HEY! There’s corn …
Nov 26, 2014
Headless But Happy
Pat and Lisa talk about lame TV- and surprise – they disagree.  Also, Pat remembers when he was a vegan. WAS.  And Pat tells Lisa a real “feel good” story. Songs in this episode: “End of the Line” Traveling Wilburys “Gone Fishin'” Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong “The Hunting Song” …
Nov 07, 2014
Toys That Hurt
Pat cleaned his studio, and Lisa cannot adapt to it.  And, Pat and Lisa discuss news reporting ethics in the aftermath of the tragic school shootings in Marysville. Also, toys that could be potentially damaging to kids. And Pat advises Lisa on how to handle trick or treaters that might show …
Oct 31, 2014
Be Clean and Sanitary!
Pat and Lisa talk about the podcast possibly being named the BEST. Not that they care about that. *Note – Lisa says voting ends Oct 19, but it really ends Oct 24th!) Also, what is the MOST sanitary way to use a toilet? And no more Saturday cartoons??!!     …
Oct 20, 2014
Dumb Guys and Old Men
Pat talks about his latest acting gig and his encounter with a racist mayor. Lisa admits she is annoying person,  and, with airline rage at an all-time high, should you recline your seat on an airplane? Also,find out which actress Pat was forced to take a picture with.  Thanks bitch.   …
Oct 09, 2014
You Are The Wind Beneath My Buttocks
Pat has another birthday and he feels like he’s learned nothing in all this time.  Also, are commercials are getting WAY too personal?  Case in point: pantyliners for your BUTT.  And, Pat and Lisa talk about the sad passing of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. “You know where to put this?”   Songs …
Sep 25, 2014
To Bee or Not To Bee
Pat and Lisa thank the podcast supporters in the most ridiculous way. Lisa doesn’t hate ALL nature, but SOME nature hates her and wants to eat her face off. “Do you like my bee costume?” Songs in this episode: “All Day Music” War “Air on the G String” Bach “Thank You …
Sep 15, 2014
100th Episode Part Deux
This party never ends.  Part 2 of the live 100th Episode Taping Party – with more special guests and, yes, prizes!    
Sep 02, 2014
100th Episode – Sort of
Pat and Lisa celebrate the 100th episode with 10,000 of their closest friends and fans of the podcast live at Third Place Commons.  Many thanks to our Producer, Dave Tavres,  Maureen Salashoor, our event coordinator, and everyone who is a listener and supporter of Peculiar Podcast.
Aug 21, 2014
Bye Bye Bunny
Lisa owes a lot of money to the Good-To-Go 520 bridge and she is mad as hell.  Pat and Lisa discuss professional eating competition strategies and the art of broadcast teasers.  And, has your celebrity star dimmed if you play the local fair? And, finally, a sorrowful ending for a baby bunny. …
Aug 11, 2014
The Snakes Are Comin’
Is the “summer blockbuster” a thing of the past? Pat and Lisa talk about legalized pot and find out how Lisa got in trouble for saying the word “bong”. Also, Pat warns Lisa that “the snakes are comin’!”     Songs in this episode: “Express” B.T. Express “Jurassic Park” theme …
Jul 30, 2014
Scatology – Don’t Look Back
Lisa is not “happy” with the Pharrell song.  She’s over the submarine obsession too. Pat’s tired of all the junk in his studio. And Pat’s grand daughter does something amazing.     Songs in this episode: “Happy” Pharell “Home” Phillip Phillips “Chick Fat Song” Robert Preston “Gone Fishin'”ing Crosby and …
Jul 16, 2014
Blow Your Nose
Pat and Lisa discuss showing up for work wasted. And they snark on TV morning news teams. Really snark. (They say it was the likker talkin’.)  And Lisa is really excited to talk sports with Pat. REALLY.     Songs in this episode: “School Street Shuffle” Kirk “Eli” Fletcher “Liar” Three …
Jul 03, 2014
As The Crows Flies
The crows are here, and Pat is not happy about it. So his wife Patty gets her gun. Lisa does not want to kill anything with a face.  And one man’s weed is another man’s flower.  Also, Pat gets into a tussle over an ordinary mailbox.       Songs …
Jun 26, 2014
Color Him Love
Pat doesn’t care about “Father’s Day” but he still wants a present. Pat and Lisa talk about the difference between boys and girls when it comes to “bonding”. Also, should you really be your own cheerleader on social media (or ever)? And, Lisa’s house needs a new roof, but Pat suggests a surprising …
Jun 12, 2014
The Middle Seat Sucks
Pat found a dent in his truck – should he unleash his fury on the culprit? Which begs the question: are there people in your life you would NEVER lend anything to? Also, Pat and Lisa discuss the delights of getting your body parts examined.       Songs in this episode “Strangers on …
May 07, 2014
Get Your Finger Outta There
Pat is disgusted by a specific fast food commercial. Lisa has a special present for Pat. And Pat’s brother makes a lot of people mad at a raffle. Also, find out why Lisa ordered 2 CASES of pineapple upside down cake mixes.         Songs in this episode: “In the Mood” Chicago …
May 01, 2014
That’s Hard To Swallow
Find out what food Pat can’t seem to swallow. Lisa unveils the lie about baby carrots. And Pat still refuses to take Lisa’s dogs when she dies. Also, brilliant mail marketing that will MAKE you open that envelope.   Songs in this episode: “Rhapsody in Blue” Larry Adler (harmonica) from …
Apr 22, 2014
Let’s Work On Your Daddy Issues
In a meandering episode, Pat and Lisa ponder the randomness of life. Lisa has daddy issues, but can we really blame our parents for all our messed up choices? And Pat keeps making promises he cannot keep. Songs in this episode:  “Do La Lay” Jesse Winchester “Volcano” Presidents of the …
Apr 15, 2014
Handyman: Don’t Insult My House
Pat and Lisa talk about her snotty handyman. Pat’s wife has a snotty hairdresser. And details about the “Live 100th Episode Taping” are unveiled in this episode! Also, Pat has ants, but they’re not in his pants. Songs in this episode: “Out on the Weekend” Neil Young “Reeling in the …
Apr 09, 2014
Who Wants My Crap?
Who would be on YOUR “Mount Rushmore” of singers? Lisa wants to throw a party – find out what kind! And,will Pat take Lisa’s dogs when she croaks? Listen as they sort out the deal. And there’s a clown shortage; better stock up.     Songs in this episode: “Tombstone …
Mar 06, 2014
The Envelope Please
Jason Valentine (OH YEEEEAAAHHHH!) joins Pat and Lisa to give his predictions for the all-important 86th Annual Academy Awards, and Bob Nelson weighs in on his chances of winning Best Original Screenplay. Follow Jason’s live tweets during the March 2nd Oscars @JasonKAPPKVEW Songs in this episode: “Hooray for Hollywood” John Williams…Boston …
Feb 28, 2014
It’s The Grammar Police
Find out what completely bugs Pat, REALLY bugs him. Pat is only slightly bugged by Matthew McConaughey. And Lisa is annoyed by pretty much everything.  Find out how to smuggle a gun through the airport – it’s easier than you think! And Lisa is really tired of having her boobs touched. …
Feb 20, 2014
Don’t Take Your Love Online
Valentine’s Day is all about boner medication and flowers.  Pat and Lisa discuss the future of Lisa’s romantic life, and it ain’t pretty. And, another edition of the “Dirty Joke Challenge” makes an appearance in this episode of Peculiar Podcast! Songs in this episode: “Love Hurts” Heart, from the album …
Feb 12, 2014
Alright, Get a Stick
The “big game” is in the record books, but this 12th man enthusiasm lives on for how long? What exactly is party-etiquette when nobody eats your party platter? And, Pat remembers his beloved brother Sean, who died recently, in a moving and heartfelt memorial. Songs in this episode:  “Limbo Rock” …
Feb 07, 2014
There’s No Room In The Closet
Pat and Lisa discuss “coming out”, and discover that Pat’s sense of “naughty” has come a long way in 20 years! Also, find out why Pat is the worst babysitter in the world. And Lisa is only comfortable in situations where she can “cut-and-run”. So Pat is going to help …
Jan 15, 2014
Bob Is In The House
Pat and Lisa admit they don’t follow rules very well.  And do you really want to know what your dog is actually thinking? Also, a special guest shows up – yes, Bob Nelson joins Pat and Lisa to talk about the long road to the Golden Globes! Songs In This Episode: …
Jan 07, 2014
Is That A Submarine In Your Pocket?
Lisa has an inexplicable fascination with submarines;  find out how Pat’s resolution is going; and are marijuana cigarettes becoming more sociably acceptable? Songs in this episode: “Yellow Submarine” The Beatles Excerpts from movies and trailers: “Das Boot” (The Boat) “Run Silent, Run Deep” U-71″ “Hunt for Red Octobert” “The Enemy …
Dec 24, 2013
Someone’s Surely Gonna Mess With The Robot
Men and women really do differ in their approaches to Christmas shopping – find out what Pat -the- Proscrastinator’s new resolution is this year. And fast shipping from Amazon is about to get faster, but Lisa sees a potential for trouble.     Songs in this episode: “Abracabra” Steven Miller …
Dec 17, 2013
Freeze Your Big Horse Ass Off
Seattle’s latest cold snap tests Pat’s handyman skills. Pat gets an ESPN alert during the podcast – and is Lisa going to have a SuperBowl party?  Pat gets a Breaking Bad present, but worries it could be illegal.  Also, are you acting OLD at work? Songs in this episode "And …
Dec 13, 2013
The Last Bastion of Civility
Pat steps on a possum.  And kills it. For reals. AND he took a picture of it.  Again, Lisa hates nature. Also, avoid being naked and drunk; you’re just begging for “it”. And Pat and Lisa are pissed off at the price of bottled water. Ridiculous.   Songs in this …
Nov 26, 2013
I Don’t Wanna Do Dat
Pat is stunned that Lisa wants to talk about football in this episode. And boxing. Is football getting too “polite”? And breaking up is hard to do, so you should do it by texting. Or disappearing.     Songs in this episode: From ‘Hooked on Funk’: “A Fifth of Beethoven.” …
Nov 18, 2013
If It’s Not True, Pass it On
Pat and Lisa talk about fake news stories and fake radio callers.  Misinformation is rampant, and there ain’t a thing you can do it about it. And, Pat and Lisa strategize on how to win the Best Of Western Washington. Pat and Lisa also lament that they are “yesterday’s news”.   …
Nov 09, 2013
Five Crappy Handymen
Pat and Lisa discuss the Intiative 522 food label debate while wolfing down Cheetos.  Pat  goes to a boring party in Dallas and gets in trouble.  Do men really get grumpy when they get old (as well as women)? And find out what Lisa got into a fight with in …
Oct 22, 2013
Vacuuming In Pearls
Pat and Lisa want someone to work for them for free –  (all they can offer is LOVE).  Do we need a dress code for restaurants? And would you take a “poverty tour” just for the fun of it?Also, Pat and Lisa dive into weird cocktails; including one with a …
Oct 15, 2013
Breaking Birthdays
Pat opens his birthday presents – late – and that leads to a discussion about Breaking Bad (no spoilers).  Although, Lisa DID put a spoiler on Facebook and Pat called her out on it.  Plus, find out why Lisa is mad at the IRS. And Pat is DONE with Dancing …
Oct 08, 2013
Buzzed On The Buzz
Ever go to work hammered?  Pat and Lisa did. Pat pees in a bucket for a good cause, and Lisa lies about being pregnant.  Also, find out why Pat doesn’t watch sitcoms, EVER. Pat and Lisa argue about the TV show “Under The Dome”. And, find out what day you …
Oct 01, 2013
You’re No Good
Pat gets dumped from a gig. Is the tooth fairy going bankrupt? And it’s far too much pressure to take care of other people’s children. Find out what happened when Pat was put in charge of watching his brothers.   Songs in this episode: “More Than One Way Home” Keb …
Sep 27, 2013
Look Straight Ahead
Pat criticizes Lisa’s driving habits…. is there really a difference in the way men drive vs women? Pat decides to avoid turning into a hoarder, and find out how Lisa smuggled stolen candy out of a store. And Pat’s neighbor interrupts the podcast. Again.   Songs in this episode: “Green …
Sep 16, 2013
Caulk Not Cock
Making music with your hands – it’s harder than you think.  Lisa has a “towel-y” smell in her bathroom, and she discusses the proper way to say “caulk”.  Are you hacked off by the music you hear in restaurants?  Pat is.        
Sep 04, 2013
Cover Your Balls If You Can
Pat and Lisa talk about the perils of skinny-dipping – and when should you wear a hoodie as pants? Also, find out what animal Lisa wants to kill – or not.     Songs in this episode: “Summertime Summertime” The Jamies “Hilarious…the Way We Talk” Louis C.K. “Skinny Dippin'” Whitney …
Aug 21, 2013
Shut Your Honker Up
Pat and Lisa have had it up to HERE with Seattle traffic  (Seattle ranks 8th worst in the nation!) so Pat is moving to the woods. And, find out what annoys Pat and Lisa about funerals.  Also, time to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Pat gives Lisa …
Aug 14, 2013
Boobs and Blood
Pat and Lisa talk about the hottest, most gripping TV shows, and the old variety shows they miss.  Also listen as Pat attempts to describe how Michael Douglas got throat cancer. And what age is too old to wear revealing clothing?  
Jul 31, 2013
The Boss Doesn’t DO Funny
This isn’t a radio show and Elliott gets in trouble. Ever work with a  bad boss or co-workers who steal? Pat and Lisa have. Also, find out what Pat’s curious son Chris did to the family dog.
Jul 24, 2013
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Producers!
Pat’s shirt is on inside-out – an actual producer might have caught that, however…  Also, why the heck does fast-food look so ding-dang good on TV but not in person? And find out which celebrity Pat looks like!   Songs in this episode: “Harvest Moon” Neil Young “Noise Noise Noise” …
Jul 17, 2013
Put Your Cape On
It’s time for those summertime movie blockbusters – and Man of Steel is at the top of the heap. Pat helps Lisa sort out all the super hero details. And now men can go to the grocery store without screwing up.    
Jul 03, 2013
Your Dongle is Hanging Out
Pat’s public speaking nightmares – not 1, but 2. And Lisa seems to attract trouble no matter where she is. Listen to the stupidest infomercial ever made, and find out why Paula Deen needs to shut up.    
Jun 27, 2013
Cancha Smell That Smell?
Pat finds a dead body, and Lisa is thankful there are people that do the jobs she can’t.  Also, find out what body part Lisa is now shaving and what sound she cannot stand listening to.  And, is Jodi Arias as crazy as  she seems? Songs in this episode: “Everything …
Jun 11, 2013
Nature Always Wins
Pat and Lisa dive into the gay Boy Scout’s pool; Pat shares a sad story about a porcupine.  And Lisa is worried she has scarred a young boy for life.  Also, are we taking environmental awareness a wee bit too seriously?      
Jun 05, 2013
Slaps On The Haircut
Pat puts on a bald cap (slaps on the haircut!) and kills it as a Breaking Bad character.  Also, The Skagit River Bridge catastrophe gets the Pat and Lisa treatment. And, Lisa has a new man in her life who wants to mark his new territory. And finally, a spider …
May 30, 2013
Final Radio Broadcast
Pat says goodbye and Lisa dances one last time on the radio in this last segment of The Pat Cashman Morning Show, originally aired September 6, 2002.
Apr 29, 2013
Celebrity Stripping
Radio programming consultant Brad Liggens suggests to Pat that they have celebrities strip on the air to boost ratings – Pat’s against it, and Lisa likes it. Originally aired August 2001.
Apr 22, 2013
Ratings Are So Over-rated
It’s Pat’s one year anniversary at the radio station, and he gets a bit bent out of shape over the radio station’s ratings rewards.
Apr 15, 2013
Pat and Lisa Sound FX
Pat and Lisa argue over whether men do better sounds effects, and if women even care.
Apr 12, 2013
Joel McHale as Maxmillion Part 2
Part 2 of this Peculiar Classic – Joel McHale as Maxmillion, the fortune-cookie-eating psychic on The Pat Cashman Morning Radio Show.  Originally aired June 2002.
Apr 08, 2013
Joel McHale as Maxmillion Part 1
A Peculiar Classic: Joel McHale drops in on the Pat Cashman Morning Radio Show to reprise his role as “Maxmillion”, the fortune-cookie-eating psychic. Originally aired June 2002.  
Apr 06, 2013
The Dogs Are Stuck Together Again
Short prayer or bodily fluid? Yep, Pat and Lisa can’t stop talking about ejaculations. And it doesn’t stop there. What about the Celebration of the Circumcision? Is it a fad or a way to show God you’re cool with him? What’s the best way to scam a scammer? Find out …
Mar 20, 2013
Take A Load Off
Traveling ain’t easy whether you’re stuck on airplane with a jerk who puts his seat back or on a cruise ship with no working bathroom, but is it really THAT dramatic?  Also, listen as Pat explains to Lisa why you don’t EVER want to screw around with church things, what …
Mar 04, 2013
The Oscar Goes To Nobody
Pat and Lisa never talk.  EVER. It’s weird. Except on the podcast.  Slap on your red carpet bling and listen as Jason Valentine joins Pat and Lisa (a first!) to dish on the Oscar’s.  And Lisa updates us on the woman who tried to kick her ass at SeaTac airport! …
Feb 20, 2013
My Cheapskate Valentine
Valentine’s Day is not for lovers, it’s for cheapskates.  What flower arrangement is the most popular? (it ain’t red roses, babies!) Also, listen as Pat ruins one of Lisa’s favorite candy addictions. Find out what happens when you THINK you’ve scored some chick’s digits, and well, you really didn’t. Songs …
Feb 11, 2013
Baby Makers And Money Makers
Find out how public nudity can be dangerous to your health.  And hey kids – you can print your own guns at home!! Also, if you drink the kool-aid, does that make you a racist?   Songs in this episode: “Song of the Volga Boatmen” / I. Tuhmanov “Leaving on …
Feb 04, 2013
Your Name Is Mud
Wanna name your kid Big Baby Jesus? Too bad, find out where it’s against the law to name your kid whatever you want.  And if you want to buy coffee, you can now pay with your face. Also, find out what is hurtling toward our planet this year – the …
Jan 28, 2013
Pants On Fire
Is it “bald-faced”, or “bold-faced” lie? Either way, big, fat lies are the norm, it seems.  Pat and Lisa talk about the latest big fat lies in the news and some of the reasons we ALL lie! Also, find out the shocking way in which Pat competed in his junior …
Jan 21, 2013
Her Nose Has Left The Building
You can’t beat Mother Nature, and Pat and Lisa serve up some examples of celebrities who have tried.  And what is it about older men marrying younger women? Also, get the lowdown on contranyms – you’ll be a hit at your next party with these! Songs in this episode: “Runnin’ …
Jan 14, 2013
Drink The Coffee, Not the Kool Aid
Find out what resolution Pat is sticking with this year, and where Lisa is going to start drinking her coffee. And, is it illegal to make obscene gestures to a police officer?  The answer may surprise you! Songs in this episode: “Old Cape Cod” / Patti Page “What’s My Name?” …
Jan 09, 2013
Put A Quarter In The Jukebox
What’s the first record album you ever bought? Listen to a bunch of nostalgic songs that were cool then, but are kinda stupid now.  Also, get a jump start on Oscar movie viewings. And listen to another Peculiar Classic, holiday style! Songs in this episode: “Up on the Housetop” / Big …
Dec 17, 2012
Go Ahead and Get Your Jollies
Find out what Pat is NOT allowed to put his big fat stupid greasy head on, and what Lisa keeps under her  pillow every night. Also, Pat and Lisa talk about the anniversary of the first Playboy magazine in 1953, and the new trend of “balloon roadkill” pictures.     Songs …
Dec 10, 2012
Put The Pedal To The Metal
Pat does Lisa a favor, and gets a ticket for it.  Also, how do you handle the holiday dinner-time prayer when you don’t ever pray?  And listen as Pat and Lisa give you holiday traveling tips to get past the TSA without getting groped.
Dec 03, 2012
It’s The End of The World Again
There is only a month left before the end of the world, and Pat and Lisa discuss their plans for these few remaining days. And, how old is TOO old to make babies? The answer may surprise you! Also, find out that one funny word that drives dogs crazy in …
Nov 27, 2012
Over Those Hills and Through Them Trees
When it comes to commercials and songs, Thanksgiving is a neglected holiday, so Pat serves up some songs to celebrate it properly.  And listen to the strategy Lisa adopts for properly packing away the turkey dinner.   Music in this episode: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” / from album “Symphonic Rock Classics” BMG …
Nov 19, 2012
Veterans: Heroes and She-roes
Pat and Lisa humbly salute our military heroes and she-roes on this Veteran’s Day.  Also, Pat talks about the clubs he won’t ever be a part of, and Lisa shares why she is a hypocrite when it comes to steaks.      
Nov 11, 2012
The Election Has An Infection
It’s reefer madness and insanity as Pat and Lisa talk about marijuana cigarettes, gay marriage, ballots, and shallots.  But they don’t inhale.  
Nov 05, 2012
Trick or Treat Smell Our Feet
Pat and Lisa discuss the myth of poison candy and share some good strategies for trick or treating. Plus, Lisa does her old man voice, and she lies like a rug. And find out what happens when a halloween costume ISN’T a costume.
Oct 29, 2012
Hello Creepy Dolly
The more smart people you gather in one place, the stupider they become. Any wait till hear what happens when you get a group of goats together! Pat and Lisa review some of the newest dolls on the market that will make you squirm, and find out what happens when …
Oct 22, 2012
Jesus Has A Honey-Do List
Jesus looks like a monkey, thanks to a well-meaning crappy artist, as he smells like one too. And his wife has had it up to HERE with his dinner parties.  Find out what Pat’s all-time favorite song is (it might surprise you!) and listen as Pat and Lisa argue the …
Oct 17, 2012
Columbus and The Pig People
Bacon is NOT running out, and “bagel heads” are all the rage in the latest Japan cosmetic surgery. Find out why Christopher Columbus was not all that bright and why Lisa doesn’t need Pat. She really doesn’t.
Oct 08, 2012
The Best of Western Washington We Ain’t
Pat and Lisa discuss how you get to be the BEST; why showing your hiney is funny, illegal ways to dispose of your loved ones, and yes, another Red Sovine song gets a spin. Sigh.
Oct 01, 2012
Tiptoe Through The Quicksand
There are no mermaids, but there IS quicksand, and Bigfoot might be strolling through your backyard. Also, Pat and Lisa sort through the laws of bicycle helmets and gobbledygook.  And listen as Dave Dudley gets a spin on the Peculiar Podcast turntable.  
Sep 17, 2012
You Are What You Wear
Find out where cleavage, hairy butts and naughty t-shirts are NOT welcomed, Pat gets a call from his horse, and the song “Wives and Lovers” gets the Cashman/Foster treatment.
Sep 11, 2012
Zoom! Straight To The Moon Alice
Pat misses the moon landing, Lisa shames Daisy, and no one heard what Condoleezza Rice said at the Republican Convention.
Sep 03, 2012
Sex Sells
Lisa considers a new career, Pat thinks Tom Cruise had it comin’, and Daisy humps Elliott – again.  
Aug 27, 2012
We Like To Drink, Rock and Frick
Pat and Lisa talk about gifts that disappoint, movies that don’t, Lisa’s engagement and Pat’s obsession with old cartoon character.
Aug 21, 2012
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Cutting your hair can make you cry. So can forgetting your makeup bag on a trip. Also, Pat buys crappy art  from someone who comes to his house. And Lisa hides in backyard.
Aug 13, 2012
The 2012 Bummer Olympics
Pat and Lisa talk about how to spice up the most boring Summer Olympic events, the new TSA guidelines for your service animals, and give a big thump on the head to the Boys Scouts of America.
Jul 30, 2012
They Say It’s Your Birthday
The sad news of the passing of our friend Chris Wedes who played JP Patches, came during our taping of the last portion of this episode.  After hearing the news, we went back into the studio to add a special segment in his honor.  We hope you will listen, and …
Jul 23, 2012
Go Lick Your Own Stamp
This episode is NICE.  Really. In fact it’s GREAT. Pat and Lisa discuss being too lazy to own a house. Lisa gets a botox treatment during the show to get rid of her “I Hate You Line”. And “Hit-By-A-Car-Bob” joins the show with his movie review.  
Jul 16, 2012
Yes,We Can See Uranus
Pat and Lisa talk about what’s so great about the Seattle Great Wheel, women with NO makeup and men WITH makeup, plus, a few planets in the solar systems get some air time – including Uranus.  And yes, we’re afraid we’ve got yet another edition of The “Dirty Joke Challenge” …
Jul 09, 2012
The 4th of July In Your Eye
Time to blow off your fingers!  Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster whip out their sparklers and weiners to celebrate their independence. Also, listen to the worst website names on the interweb, and find out if munchkin suicides are real.  
Jul 02, 2012
The Not So Human Centipede
Pat and Lisa discuss crack houses next door, alligators who want to eat your face off and the best of the worst horror movies. And listen to the drama unfold as this episode gets interrupted by a suicidal hummingbird.  
Jun 25, 2012
Sorry, Your Balls Aren’t Cute
Pat and Lisa talk about naked men, why they want to be naked, and why men of a certain age shouldn’t BE naked. Also, strange addictions that you WON’T want to try.  It’s all very peculiar.
Jun 18, 2012
A Misplaced Sense of Entitlement
Raw, uncut, with no commercials. Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster, along with Chris Cashman tackle the very serious subject of parental entitlement attitudes in a society they and their children share with others.  You won’t believe what you hear.  
Jun 11, 2012
Don’t Touch Me, I’m Dead.
Pat & Lisa talk about that adorable practice: necrophilia. They also dig out their Rite Aid Wellness cards and share all the magical things it can do. And a filthy joke cleans up well – listen to how YOU can take “The Dirty Joke Challenge” – Do it!  
Jun 04, 2012
Don’t Be Afraid of the Podcast!
What are you afraid of, ya ninny?  In this episode, Pat and Lisa not only face their fears, they face Lisa’s feet. Talk about a phobia! Oh, and they actually have a special guest sitting in witnessing the mayhem.
May 28, 2012
My, What Big Ears You Have!
Yes, Pat and Lisa hear every sound you make. Snoring, croaking and nose whistles included. Oh, and they want to know if you can tell “What’s That Noise?” Plus, they discuss sleeping and spankings. Sweet dreams…
May 21, 2012
Tattoo You…. AND the Dog
Got ink?  You’re not so tough, and Pat and Lisa explain why. They’ll tell you about the new tattoo that WILL make you tough.  Also, find out why they are bored with board games that are made into movies.  Plus, an adult diaper surprise for everyone.
May 14, 2012
Fifty Shades of Stupid
Swearing just doesn’t have the same kind of punch unless you use the right words. Pat and Lisa get down and dirty with Fifty Shades of Grey, and Pat discloses the crazy career path he almost took as a wee lad. Plus, find out the the answer to “Where On …
May 07, 2012
The Not-So-Great Outdoors
Pat and Lisa plant their fannies outside for this fresh episode and dodge lawnmowers, chain saws and falling trees while discussing some much less dangerous things like popcorn, tick removal, calling in sick and Betty White.
Apr 30, 2012
Sheesh… Don’t Hide it THERE!
We’re not millionaires, (and we’d NEVER tell you if we were), but if we were, we’d still buy our pants and stock certificates at a garage sale.  Again, we’re not saying we ARE.  Just sayin’…..  
Apr 23, 2012
Lisa Hate Mail
A listener writes into the radio show to complain about Lisa...
Apr 19, 2012
Where The Hell Are Your Manners?
In this episode, Pat and Lisa examine why the hell every one is so pissed off at the slightest, most insignificant things.  Plus, you’ll learn how to play a joke on your next flight that won’t land you in jail.  Very handy.  
Apr 16, 2012
Everything Can SUCK it!
Taxes, tolls and traffic circles bring out the worst in us – especially Lisa.  Whoa.  SHE is in a MOOD on this episode. Good thing we have donuts!
Apr 09, 2012
Eat, Drink, and Be Genius
In this episode, Pat and Lisa are really focused on things you put in your pie-hole. Pucker up and drink your pickle juice. And Pat lets it rip with a tongue twister that will make you blush. Pure “genius”. Pics and stuff: Drink Nation – pickle juice drinks Bar None …
Apr 02, 2012
A Fool’s Paradise
No description necessary.
Apr 01, 2012
Bob’s diary
Bob Nelson stops by and shares some entries from his diary.
Mar 29, 2012
The Humdinger Games
Pat and Lisa flex their muscles and their mouths, mess with the Hunger Games, fill up on butterhorns, get rid of unwanted hair, and  they don’t even break a sweat doin’ it. Pics and stuff: Google image search Define: prerecorded Hunger Games Mockingjay Shatner Rules Catching Fire Lord of the Flies …
Mar 26, 2012
No Dignity in the Bathroom
Pat and Lisa shine the spotlight on reality TV,  how 18 inches can improve your life, and the personal hell of being a “big guy”. Pics and stuff:
Mar 19, 2012
Fart bomb
Testing a 'fart bomb' in the studio...
Mar 18, 2012
Live Recording of RoT Incident at the Interbay QFC
Steve Wilson visits the Interbay QFC to fulfill an RoT incident...
Mar 14, 2012
Green and Clean
Time to drive out the snakes with a beer-slingin-wench.  We make her clean out the garage while she’s at it… Pics and stuff:
Mar 12, 2012
Bowling promo
Lisa tries to do a promo while Pat is in pain.
Mar 10, 2012
The CLEAN bear joke
Pat tells a very cleaned-up version of a filthy joke.
Mar 08, 2012
The Day Daisy Farted
Frank talk about funerals and cell phone etiquette.  Which leads naturally, to Girl Scout cookies. Pics and stuff: Define: cogitating Define: horripilate
Mar 05, 2012
The Garlic Vacuum
A vacuum commercial gone wrong.
Mar 03, 2012
Cruising, Calories and Captains
What happens on a cruise, stays on a cruise – until you do a podcast. Or until you get Paula Dean liquored up… Pics and stuff:
Feb 27, 2012
Things That Don’t Suck
Alcohol by the pallet, appliances that work – and ones that don’t, planned obsolescence, repair men and well made products. All this and some septic tank talk on this episode of “Pat and Lisa, the Podcast”. Pics and stuff:
Feb 20, 2012
Love Hurts
Love, beer, love of beer and advice from “The Love Dove”, Ted Crackerwagon. Lisa gets verklempt and Pat admits a past indiscretion. Pics and stuff:
Feb 13, 2012
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Pat and Lisa talk tolls, travel and the TSA. Oh, and the topic of “old farts” comes up at some point as well….. Pics and stuff:
Feb 06, 2012
Sports and Snorts
Whoody – hoo!  The “Big Game” is coming and Pat and Lisa “tackle” the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl and even the Lingerie Bowl. Oh, and there’s beer too.  Beer.  Yum. Pics and stuff:
Jan 30, 2012
Extreme Weather
Pat and Lisa talk about Seattle’s extreme weather, extreme reporting and extreme videos. Learn more about the “Reign of Terror”, trusses, and stuff you had no idea you would be interested in! Pics and stuff: Watch King 5’s Meg Coyle get verbally abused:
Jan 23, 2012
Pat and Lisa are BACK!
Our first podcast – with noodles! YUM!!! Listen in as we get up and running with our new podcast endeavor and relive our last days of radio (yeah, it was awhile back…) It’s lovin’ time! Pics and stuff:
Jan 16, 2012
Opening credits…
Peculiar Podcast’s stellar opening conceived and produced by Chris Cashman – check out Chris’s website!
Jan 14, 2012