Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

By Vinnie Tortorich

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 Dec 8, 2018

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 Aug 1, 2018
love it.


Fitness and weight loss expert Vinnie Tortorich, author of best-selling book "Fitness Confidential", dispels the widespread mistaken beliefs regarding weight loss and exercise and teaches us how to lose weight, get fit and reclaim our lives. Using his 35 years of experience in the fitness and weight loss industry in Hollywood combined with an absolute commitment to good health, Vinnie has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world lose hundreds of thousands of unhealthy pounds in an easy and sustainable way. His listeners love him for his fearless humor, tireless honesty, extraordinary nose for BS, and simple message. Join Vinnie and his inspiring guests - doctors, scientists. researchers, journalists, farmers, athletes and more - to hear the latest scientific discoveries and unravel the myths that have been hampering our health. Laugh your way to health and fitness with Fitness Confidential and Vinnie Tortorich.

Episode Date
Low Carb Conventions - Episode 1342
: Episode 1342 - Vinnie Tortorich is joined by listener Jason Boggess, and the two discuss his NSNG® journey, low carb conventions like KetoCon, the eminent release of the Fat Doc, and more on this Saturday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club FAT DOC IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON ITUNES! The release date is currently set for July 30th Go order it now! We need people to order it in order for it to stay at the top of iTunes pages Currently second overall under 'pre-order', and at the top of documentaries Please, if you are not going to order, share it with family and friends! Here is the link to the Pre-Order/iTunes page LOW CARB CONVENTIONS Jason is an NSNG®er who recently appeared on this pod Listen to his first appearance here  He lost around 100 lbs 320 at his heaviest, now at about 220 6'4" Got to 320 lbs by eating 3 sandwiches a day with 'healthy' bread His wife has also lost a ton of weight! Found Vinnie via the Carolla effect Recently attended a Low Carb Convention Held at one of Jason's local community college's Peter Ballerstedt and Dave Feldman were there Many amazing others, as well Vinnie will be keynote speaking at a similar upcoming LCHF convention, KetoCon Jason also recognizes peoples' desires to have 'cheat days' consistently
Jun 15, 2019
Overcoming Metabolic Damage with Dr. William Yancy - Episode 1341
: Episode 1341 - Diet Doctor Dr. William Yancy joins Vinnie this Friday and the two talk his work with the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, programs the Center offers, life-threatening metabolic damage, recent studies to do with low carb diets, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow DR. WILLIAM YANCY Vinnie found Dr. Yancy through Dr. Eric Westman Dr. Yancy is an associate professor at Duke Medical School  Internal medical doctor and obesity specialist Runs Duke Diet and Fitness Center Teach people nutrition and behavioral techniques, medical help A residential-style program 4 week program Meals and lectures, gyms with personal training, etc. Lectures include things like how to eat in restaurants People come to focus on their weight and health A lot of people will use vacation time to do this Worth it to turn around your health and change your life and lifestyle They see people coming off of medications, feeling so much better when they 'graduate' from the Center  When people come off of meds, many of them have more success with weight loss Many medications limit ability to lose weight or even facilitate weight gain Starts with evaluation, know what the resting metabolic rate is, try to figure out pain, emotional evaluation Has moderate carb, low carb and keto diet options Metabolic damage can be incredibly harmful Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure linked to obesity can kill people In Vinnie's opinion, we should be comparing these diseases to cancer so people realize their severity  Concerns around low carb high fat diet causing heart issues are dissipating  A lot of kidney specialists are no longer restricting protein intake for those with kidney diseases  Keep carbohydrate levels low and you have to use less insulin  
Jun 14, 2019
Taking Too Many Vitamins - Episode 1340
: Episode 1340 - Vinnie Tortorich and Andy Schreiber talk taking too many vitamins with regards to Vitamin D and electrolytes on this Wednesday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club TAKING TOO MANY VITAMINS When Vinnie went to the doctor early this year, he found out he has a D deficiency He's been taking the PVC Vitamin D to try to get it up Went to the doctor again yesterday, levels are now high He's now got to stop taking the vitamin Taking vitamins isn't always the right thing - you can take too much Can be bad for you if you take too many units per day Bad for your bones  Only take 1 - 2 Vitamin D pills a day If you want to take more, talk to your doctor about it Vinnie takes a lot of Ultra Salt If you take too much, it can hurt your stomach How much you take should depend on how hard you're exercising, etc.  
Jun 12, 2019
Misleading Hollywood Appearances - Episode 1339
: Episode 1339 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie Tortorich for this Monday show, and the two discuss their college years, NSNG® "bread", misleading Hollywood appearances, Vinnie's upcoming climb, Anna's recent Amazon troubles, the impending Fat Doc release, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow NSNG "BREAD" We understand people miss bread Bread can be useful Anna suggests only eating it very rarely eating this In the first 60 days, she says you shouldn't eat it at all Get the idea of eating bread out of your head, it will make this easier Several recipes in Eat Happy for this Cloud bread, fat head dough, wraps MISLEADING HOLLYWOOD APPEARANCES Lots of this isn't real Even Stallone is pumping iron and doing crazy workouts right before going on camera Half of the people are starving themselves and many are on steroids/hormones  Don't compare yourself to the people you see on TV VINNIE'S UPCOMING CLIMB He has been training non-stop Really taking a toll on him Doesn't think he will do this type of thing again He'll be climbing with some sugar to trickle This is okay to do for ultra events!  Also bringing up tallow, F-Bombs, and other like things FAT DOC IS COMING VERY SOON!   
Jun 10, 2019
Hidden Sugar and Grains - Episode 1338
: Episode 1338 - Vinnie and Gina co-host this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Gina's recent illness, hidden sugar and grains in seemingly innocuous foods, homemade goods, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club GINA'S RECENT ILLNESS Had a horrible cough Lungs back to normal However, the flap that allows her to breathe in her throat was super irritated She coughed herself into a choking fit, called 911 Turned blue The EMT's were hesitant to take her to the hospital, but it happened again and so they took her Put her on some steroids to help stop the coughing HIDDEN SUGAR AND GRAINS IHOP hides sugar and grains in everything Their omelettes are extra fluffy because they fill them with grains Now their burgers are incredibly unhealthy, too IHOP knows this makes their food more addictive, too Sugar is a drug Important to know what you're eating or you'll start craving sugar again if it's hidden in your foods 
Jun 09, 2019
Creating a Workout Plan - Episode 1337
: Episode 1337 - Christopher Ridgen joins Vinnie this Saturday to discuss his NSNG journey, growing up eating junk food, phone consults, remaining active and creating a workout plan, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club CREATING A WORKOUT PLAN A Canadian! Did a phone consult with Vinnie last year Found NSNG® and his podcast through the Carolla effect Christopher is 6'3", 27 years old and waivers around 160-165 lbs Super lean, looks amazing Around two years ago he weighed around 240lbs He ate everything, tons of junk food Wake up, eat chips, tons of processed food, etc. Chocolate milk and sugary juices were always around His work at a bank requires him to sit a lot Not a physical, active job Important to make time to be active when your work requires so much sitting Christopher has completely adapted these way of life When he scheduled the phone consult, he had already lost a lot of weight but wanted to look good Was going to the gym and didn't want to hire a personal trainer Consult was the perfect solution! Now has a workout plan Push/pull switching off, then legs the 3rd day Around 6 hrs/wk Christopher is passionate about coffee Created a brand Grey Ridge coffee Around 10 different kinds you can choose from Check it out here!
Jun 08, 2019
Quitting for Success with Dr. Stanley G Robertson - Episode 1336
: Episode 1336 - Dr. Stanley G Robertson, the "Quit Doctor" and author of Quit: The Last Principle of Success, speaks with Vinnie today to discuss his background, quitting as the last principle of success, overcoming societal stigmas, Vinnie's qualms with quitting, and more on this Friday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow DR. STANLEY G ROBERTSON Check out his book here Dr. Robertson is not afraid of being uncomfortable, going through pain A former Marine Not a quitter, could not be Quit-shaming is popular in our society Someone saying, "you're doing this, but you should be doing that" Other people don't know what is best for your life Trust yourself Do what you feel you ought to do, so long as it's benefitting you (and not causing harm) We can't be embarrassed around the idea of quitting One of the main focuses of his work is that winners do quit The stigma around quitting is limiting and can be very harmful for growth and making a difference It's okay to quit to better position yourself for your overall life, for your goals, etc. We cling to things that don't work for us because of pressure and fear of being labeled a 'quitter', even if quitting is for the best Many an athlete has quit Trusting one's conscience, one's gut instinct is very important Can be more important than not being labeled a 'quitter' Vinnie personally thinks it may be problematic to quit in the middle of something Ex: Dante quitting in the middle of the season, hurts his teammates, puts others in jeopardy Dr. Robertson's counter is that he does not feel his quitting put these people in jeopardy His teammates are all professionals If he jeopardizes the team, that is the coaching staff, team's fault Him staying in a game he believes he should not be playing may put the team in jeopardy - quitting can be important He believes being in the line of duty is obviously different –- quitting as a Marine during combat is a different story Quitting does not equal being a loser by default
Jun 07, 2019
Meet Vinnie at KetoCon! - Episode 1335
: Episode 1335 - Andy and Vinnie co-host this Wednesday show, and the two talk how you can hear and meet Vinnie at KetoCon, PVC's recent experience at Bay to Breakers with Ultra Salt, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club VINNIE AT KETOCON Vinnie, Andy and Serena will be at KetoCon This month from June 28-30 in Austin, TX Vinnie's the big speaker! He will be showing a good chunk of the Fat Doc ahead of its release this year! Buy tickets here PVC will have a booth as well Samples of our products and you can buy there, too Big discounts!!! BAY TO BREAKERS PVC recently sponsored this event The weather was HORRIBLE Right before the 12k, the rain stopped Still cold and windy, but the runners still showed up and ran! We personally had great success at this event Packed around 5000 samples of Ultra Salt Many people didn't know they could need an electrolyte  Several people came to buy the product after trying the sample
Jun 05, 2019
Filming Cooking Videos - Episode 1334
[libsyn_podcast id=10018004] : Episode 1334 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday and the two talk Santa Claus, discipline while growing up,   filming cooking videos, his recent podcasting experience with Adam Carolla, Vinnie’s recent food screw up, the food industry, on and off NSNG®, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow FILMING COOKING VIDEOS Anna has been recently filming cooking videos She’s been trying to launch them 2-3 minute videos with one recipe from beginning to end Anna hasn’t done these because it requires multiple cameras, lights and quite a good amount of editing She has found a great DP Now, Anna is looking to film a book trailer Apparently, these can be very successful For Eat Happy, Too Shot 5 recipes in just over 12 hours Will be releasing these videos soon! A lot of work went into this and a lot left to do! There’s no way everything in each take of making a recipe will go perfectly Just like cooking in real life Anna made mistakes when filming the videos!! Don’t be fooled by how airbrushed cooking shows are The “here’s one I prepared earlier!” trope Keep an eye out for these videos and for her new cookbook Anna is trying to find the balance between airbrushed and real in her videos Doesn’t want videos to come out with unrealistic final products This was a good experience for Anna to go through to experience what her voice is, etc. Anna has spoken with some of her friends in the food show industry Even these food competitions, they know some of the challenges ahead of time So much of all of these shows are faked Important to remember this Going to restaurants and sitting near the cooking station is so great ON AND OFF NSNG® A lot of people don’t go full in Either they’ll only be 80% in, or they’ll be NSNG® for a short amount of time, then non-NSNG®, etc Usually people can still have some success doing this You don’t need to be in dietary ketosis to do this However, going on and off of NSNG® can be tough on your body to get fat adapted/repair itself metabolically, then be subject to metabolic damage by eating more carbs, and do that all over again
Jun 02, 2019
Succeeding in School - Episode 1333
: Episode 1333 - The amazing Serena Scott Thomas joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Tallulah's recent graduation, making sure your children are getting schoolwork done and succeeding in all facets of school, why keeping score is important, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club GRADUATION Tallulah graduated a couple of weeks ago Graduated with 'highest distinction' UVA doesn't have Cum Laude etc., they do levels of distinction for distinguished major programs instead Majored in Political Philosophy, Policy and Law Wrote a thesis; all of the kids in her major did and the topics were all super interesting She wrote on VIS - picked a controversial side of the topic to write on UVA has a lot of interesting traditions; call freshmen 1st years, sophomores 2nd years, campus is Grounds, etc. SUCCEEDING IN SCHOOL Tallulah went to high school with a lot of celebrity kids Privilege oozing around her She never had tutors or anything like that in high school Did it all on her own Didn't have nightly load of work Buckled down when she needed to and all of that Vinnie and Serena didn't need to hold her hand Try to motivate your children without being too Type A Some children need more hand-holding than others We need to try and teach them independence, go for success With hard work, our kids can succeed We hurt our kids by forcing them into one field, one sport, etc. Don't force your kid to only play baseball Encourage them to play multiple sports This will help their athletic ability overall, too Not keeping score is not good  Keeping score helps kids learn and grow
Jun 02, 2019
Failed CICO and Veganism - Episode 1332
: Episode 1332 - Mila Furman features on this Saturday show, and she and Vinnie discuss her failed CICO and veganism trips, her realization that NSNG® works, questioning science, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club FAILED CICO AND VEGANISM Didn't believe Vinnie at the beginning Thought this was not going to work Used to think CICO was the law Had to starve herself for a 6 pack She was always miserable and starving herself Gained around 65lbs after her first kid and 35lbs after her second Lost the weight after her first and then found veganism Tons of veggies, not too annoying of a vegan Chicken made out of myoprotein  Green shakes for breakfast full of sugar Looked good but started deteriorating When she got pregnant again, craved meat and began to eat it She gained way less weight this time   Mila is a chef Knew about keto  Began her journey and saw results immediately 9 days in, the before and after pictures were already clear 5'4", so every pound matters! Has lost a good amount of weight, wants to lose a bit more She's no longer hungry all the time like she used to be A phone consult customer
Jun 01, 2019
NSNG® is NOT Restrictive with Scott Mulvaney - Episode 1331
: Episode 1331 - Scott Mulvaney joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss his own podcast, Live the Fuel, Rocky, the Fat Doc, the fact that NSNG® is not restrictive in terms of what you can eat and what you can accomplish with it, Scott's recent stay in the hospital, his recovery, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow SCOTT MULVANEY Scott hails from Philly He knows more about Vinnie than Vinnie does Actually works for Vinnie! He's been with Vinnie through all of the Fat Doc stuff This documentary will come out very soon! Scott was a huge help Puts up all of Vinnie's Insta posts  You'll see some vocab differences between the two Scott has been podcasting for nearly 3 years Has about 270 podcasts out 2 a week A huge NSNG® proponent Doesn't feel restricted by this lifestyle Eats lots of delicious food all the time and doesn't feel badly after it A big outdoorsman  Legit cyclist  Suffered a serious injury Had partial lung collapse for around 3 weeks before he went to the hospital Thought he was having a chest cold   Felt something shaking around in his chest when he was jump-roping Hospitalized for 8 days A pretty common injury in lean endurance athletes
May 31, 2019
Putting Too Much Life Into Living - Episode 1330
: Episode 1330 - Vinnie Tortorich and Andy Schreiber talk putting too much life into living but getting back onto the NSNG® horse on this Wednesday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club TOO MUCH LIFE INTO LIVING Everyone makes mistakes, Vinnie included Vinnie went off of NSNG® a bit too much and is paying for it When he went to Virginia, he over indulged, overdid the LIL Lots of family in town, parties, etc. Worked out a bit less, though he did get to kayak with Dave Dolak for several hours! Had some awful pizza, too The sugar and grains just doesn't taste as good Now he is dealing with the left over pain Especially after training so hard without any carbs, sugar, or grains His hands and ankles got so swollen A little something here and there is too much What's important, though, is that he got right back on the horse after he did this He ate too many carbs that he couldn't even get a full night of sleep He still managed to not totally fall out of ketosis, but fell a bit too hard so that it wasn't good for his health Go straight back into full NSNG® Taken him awhile to feel back to normal, but he knows if he keeps it up, he'll be good to go soon 
May 29, 2019
Putting On Muscle Mass Later in Life - Episode 1329
: Episode 1329 - The wonderful Anna Vocino joins Vinnie for this Monday show, and the two talk yoked celebrities, putting on muscle mass later on in life, Vinnie's recent Virginia workout experience, having awareness of your body, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow YOKED CELEBRITIES Vinnie follows Sylvester Stallone on Instagram He is 72ish years old All of these guys looked amazing in their prime Ripped to shreds  Stallone is still looking really good In phenomenal shape Arnold looks even more ripped now than he did before  These guys have had some involvement with steroids The youngest guy, Van Damme, looks the lease shredded now PUTTING ON MUSCLE MASS It is still super possible to gain lots of muscle after 40, 50, or 60 years of age To see muscles, the fat has to be gone  Don't worry about counting grams of protein or all of that You don't need to use an app to count calories or any of that You can bet that guys like Vinnie & Stallone don't use these apps Use how you feel to figure out what you should do Including, if your pants start feeling a little tight  
May 27, 2019
Vaccinations & Finding Your Calling - Episode 1328
: Episode 1328 - Gina Grad and Vinnie Tortorich co-host this Sunday School episode, and the two talk meeting fans in person, college vs. vocational work and finding your calling, "Easy Listening", vaccinations, Jillian Michaels, cancer, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Our vitamins are the best Lots of other multivitamins are missing essential vitamins MEETING FANS Vinnie has met a number of podcast/FB group fans He has met several podcast listeners on Mt. Baldy recently Trina was killing it when they met hiking The weirdest one was a captain in the next plane over Usually happens at airports, sometimes at gyms or on hikes VACCINATIONS Measles had been eradicated Now it's coming back Herd immunity is important for eradication  Vinnie says you should check with your doctor to see if you need to vaccinate again Going to talk to Dr. Drew about this Wants to make sure he doesn't catch anything in Europe, as well
May 26, 2019
Losing 120 lbs & Gaining Your Life Back - Episode 1327
: Episode 1327 - Michael Just joins Vinnie to discuss his NSNG® transformation, losing 120 lbs, his work in prosthetics, gaining his life back, the dangers of veganism, and more on this Saturday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club LOSING 120 LBS Joined the FB group years ago Based in Oklahoma City – works for a prosthetic limbs company Used to build them, now in sales Had a consult with Vinnie about a year ago 6'1", 43 this year, was 385 lbs Now at 265 lbs Found Vinnie through the Carolla effect Always felt disbelief at how heavy he was  Couldn't get clothes to fit Used diet pills, lost a few lbs Before NSNG®, was trying BS quick fixes Around December of 2016 is when he realized it was time for a lifestyle change A1C in the mid-6s, had been on blood pressure medicine His doctor mentioned cutting carbs in January of 2017 A1C now down to 5, takes half of the dose he was on for BP meds Saw a lot of the success stories on the FB group and dove in Now he sleeps through the night Never hangry like he was when he tried to eat alternative versions of 'healthy' Been doing Ben B's workout plan He's gained a ton of muscle with minimal effort
May 25, 2019
Healthy Lifestyles for Healthy Hearts with Dr. Bret Scher - Episode 1326
: Episode 1326 - LCHF cardiologist Dr. Bret Scher joins Vinnie for a second appearance on the Friday show, and the two talk calcium score tests, healthy lifestyles for healthy hearts, the importance of sleep, ghrelin and leptin, the "Mediterranean Diet" and more! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow DR. BRET SCHER Dr. Scher is an awesome cardiologist Check out his first appearance on the podcast here He also has a big role in the Fat Doc Tries to help people over Twitter, over e-mail, and taking over their care in person  He advises a low-carb, high-fat diet for best heart health Great book available! Recommends particular calcium score test to see what is really going on with your cholesterol Tells you more than just LDL  There are general guidelines, but it's also age-related and other risk factor-related  Can help show you whether or not a statin would actually help or not This is for people who are eating high carb, though Unsure how it would affect people eating a healthy, low carb diet You can reverse risk factors by primarily cutting out sugar and grains Still important to look at mental health, sleep, exercise, stress, skin, etc. Not quite as simple as just going low-carb, though it's an amazing step and a great place to start Being exhausted is bad for your health Messes with your hormones, your cravings (ghrelin and leptin levels) Not grazing is important Mediterranean diet - who knows what that means? Most important part is eating real food But the studies around it tend to be BS
May 24, 2019
PVC & PCC's High Quality Products - Episode 1325
: Episode 1325 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday to discuss the new PCC Burundi Explorer Series, a question about our high quality products from the mailbag, calcium absorption, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club PCC BURUNDI Burundi is a tiny country in Africa Micro-lot selected from high altitudes  Independent farmers grew these beans We have a delicious roast from this country Small-batch in our Explorer Series Class, dark-chocolatey coffee Really rich and delicious HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS Our product is a GMP-certified product Good manufacturing practice We are also NSF products Products rigorously tested by third parties to make sure our manufacturing is great! We take great measure to make sure our products are highest quality They would sue us if we put it on our products without their stamp of approval Not all of our PVC ingredients come from USA, but the vitamins are made in the USA A note: Andy in this show mentions that it would be posted on the 15th. Unfortunately, this was incorrect, and so the Bay to Breakers event already took place. It went swimmingly! We hope to see you at our next event.
May 22, 2019
The Psyllium Lie & Early Podcast Days - Episode 1324
: Episode 1324 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the amazing features on early episodes of this podcast, how much time podcasting takes up, how to deal with money and friendships, the psyllium lie, hiking, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow EARLY PODCAST DAYS This show used to be even MORE uncensored than it is now It got raunchier than it does now We had some awesome guests including Howie Mandel and Ben Greenfield You can, for a super small cost, purchase access to every show we've ever posted! One of the women who followed for a long time, who was trying to get pregnant, got pregnant after going NSNG® Going on 7 years now MONEY AND FRIENDSHIP Vinnie has some friends who are really well off His dog began dying and he had to bail on a couple of friends going to ski slopes He was a little surprised they didn't offer to cover his small share of the rent/asked for the money right away  The real issue is how they asked for the money when his dog was so ill Very short, untimely and didn't seem compassionate That being said, Vinnie thinks it's important not to take advantage of your rich friends Even when he goes out with celebrities, he will pay a fair amount of the time Don't always try to be so exact about what you eat and how much it costs exactly Ex: "well, I had fewer fries than you so that's $1 less for me" When Anna has a birthday dinner, she pays for her friends who come Many of them don't know each other, she asks them to come out, so it makes sense to pay for them Be responsible without being too terribly cheap THE PSYLLIUM LIE Psyllium and psyllium husks are not good for you Like eating the husk of corn You do not need this fiber Another one of these lies that has stolen your good intentions Can actually negatively impact colon health/activity A way for companies to make money - that's pretty much it
May 20, 2019
Being a Go-Getter & Pediatric Obesity - Episode 1323
: Episode 1323 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two discuss Vinnie's making it in LA, how to be a go-getter, the rise of pediatric obesity, why calories don't count, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club BE A GO-GETTER Vinnie moved to LA after finding a lot of success in New Orleans training Had some stars help him out when he arrived Got linked into modeling He never loved his looks, so was surprised when this took off Vinnie was a very easy subject Made some money and able to sure himself up so he could do what he actually wanted to do Gina alternatively did have a big struggle when she first got to LA This is the more common story Was a lowly producer at night when she arrived Kept trying and trying until she got a good gig Got her radio host gig You have to work for it Don't say no to gigs Go out and try to get what you want You can't wait for opportunities to present themselves or they will not come Even now, Vinnie books himself on things Doesn't have an agent Does it himself PEDIATRIC OBESITY Diet soda is not healthy More kids than ever are obese Many kids drink diet drinks thinking the fact that they are low- or no-cal makes them okay Kids who drink diet sodas still consume ~150-200 more calories a day These calories are also unhealthy food and drink Vinnie began to gain some weight when he stopped playing football Calories is just a measurement, you don't eat A calorie What matters is WHAT you eat Eating real food will lower obesity rates! Kids didn't used to eat processed, carby food like they do now
May 19, 2019
Improving Mental Health with Diet - Episode 1322
: Episode 1322 - Vinnie Tortorich is joined by Brett Lloyd this Saturday to discuss his success with a low carb high fat carnivore diet, improving mental health with diet, gaining joy through healthy eating, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club IMPROVING MENTAL HEALTH Brett did not do NSNG, per se Instead, he simply ate low carb high fat Did it all in chunks He's fueled by meat, and feels much better all around Brett is 58, a little over 6', and weighs 177 In great shape now! Poisoned himself for better part of 57 years, has now been eating healthily for ~10 months No joint pain and has overcame decades of depression symptoms On tons of meds, had horrible thoughts before beginning this healthy lifestyle  Diagnosed with various mental illnesses, recommended various treatments, many of which he tried and did not work Brett's a carnivore, through and through He heard people were healed through this diet After just over three weeks, he began feeling the happiness Had tried Atkins at a previous time and it did help him but at the time, he didn't put two and two together Had done it then just for weight loss  Knew he didn't want to be on a bunch of meds forever    
May 18, 2019
Low Carb High Fat Benefits with Dr. Eric Westman - Episode 1321
: Episode 1321 - Dr. Eric Westman, internal medicine doctor and keto expert, joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss how he learned of the benefits of a low carb high fat diet, Dr. Atkins, the history of veganism, science deniers, and more in this fascinating one on one. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow DR. ERIC WESTMAN Dr. Westman is an incredible internal medicine doctor He has been on the podcast before -- check it out here Currently works at Duke He is a huge part of the Fat Doc Did not hear any of the other interviews Wrote this great book Dr. Westman is very vocal in the low carb health world Took him seeing low carb benefit his own patients that really led him in this way despite his classes teaching him CICO and SAD Would visit Dr. Atkins, learned a lot from him Now, Dr. Westman pays this forward and invites other doctors/scientists to come learn from him Notes there's a lot of pushback that is unwarranted  Bad science promoted by things like religion Learned a lot about this from the Fettke's as well Veganism has not been around for long Came from one woman's premonition
May 17, 2019
Alleviating Dry Eye - Episode 1320
: Episode 1320 - Andy Schreiber and Vinnie Tortorich talk the myth of passive income, running PVC,  coffee tasting, stories from the mailbag, the potential for alleviating dry eye with PVC, and more on this Wednesday episode. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club RUNNING PVC We do sometimes make mistakes Andy runs this company amazingly If he mistakes a mistake, he owns up and rights it Sometimes people complain for ridiculous things out of our control We will still take care of it People write to us all the time Most of the time, all good things People say they feel that they are in good hands and this makes them keep coming back  ALLEVIATING DRY EYE We recently received a letter from a customer, Samuel He said our products (Ultra Salt) help immensely with dry eye Check out the testimonial on our Instagram page here He felt that nothing else helped like our PVC product    
May 15, 2019
Financial Literacy & Changing Exercise Up - Episode 1319
: Episode 1319 - On this Monday show, Anna Vocino joins Vinnie to discuss Louisiana dialects, Adam Carolla, the importance of business knowledge and financial literacy, changing exercise up, CICO myths, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow FINANCIAL LITERACY People are not taught how to handle money in school This is something EVERYONE needs to know Not everyone needs calculus -- everyone needs to know how to handle money This Chase tweet is sassy, but sums things up Not worth shaming people when the education system fails us Part of making it in business is making sure you spell things correctly in solicitation emails If you are asking for something, make sure you pay attention to detail in your email CHANGING EXERCISE UP It's okay and good to be dynamic with exercise You CAN do the same thing over and over But you can change your routine Warm up discipline is always important Muscle confusion is not a thing like the BS people say it is This can mean you do pushups at home one day, go on a run the next, spend time on elliptical the following day, etc. Try neck exercises while sitting at your desk, different types of exercises, etc.
May 13, 2019
Stupid Diet Pills - Episode 1318
: Episode 1318 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Gina's podcast "Easy Listening," driving tickets, stupid diet pills, Gina's weight loss journey, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club STUPID DIET PILLS  A new diet pill came out They want it to be called a "medical device" This is all BS It is ineffective  Will not actually help you lose weight Changing your lifestyle is so much better Attempts at controlling hormones that don't work People dealing with morbid obesity are desperate  Doctors give patients anti-psychotics to lose weight Makes them less hungry Totally horrible  
May 12, 2019
Eating Real Food - Episode 1317
: Episode 1317 - Kerri Hines joins Vinnie this Saturday to discuss her NSNG® journey, the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis, Vinnie's Catholic school experience, eating real food, getting control of her health, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club EATING REAL FOOD Kerri has been NSNG® for a very long time! Super active on Facebook (and Twitter, too) Discovered keto before NSNG® Her daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and didn't find out for far too many years She was in the hospital, and Kerri was told to be scared of keto Realized this was confusion between ketones and ketoacidosis Ketones kept her daughter going when she was incredibly dehydrated Her sugar was too high and her body was trying to dump it Had her first grandchild right after this show was recorded!!! At one point in time, was working out and starving herself (CICO) Didn't work well After she learned about ketones, she realized ketosis would be a great option for her own health! Involved eating real food Used to do more of the fad-ish ketosis before she discovered NSNG® Kerri has lost weight and inflammation Looks much better Was previously on her way to lifelong medication at 33 Now she is a bit older and feeling much better Around 144 lbs now A good, healthy weight Found Vinnie via another podcast
May 11, 2019
Making Movies and More with Adam Carolla - Episode 1316
: Episode 1316 - Adam Carolla joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss non-fitness related matters such as the subjectivity of comedy and movies, the business of making money, pop warner football, making one's way up in the world, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow ADAM CAROLLA Adam is not a fitness guru However, he's done more for fitness than many people Promotes good fitness, has Vinnie on Adam's a person who wants to teach people more about a certain subject than they did before listening Makes people laugh, makes people listen  Made a movie "The Hammer" 80% on Rotten Tomatoes Didn't get into film festivals and the like  Has done a lot of awesome docs These are so subjective He hasn't made film festivals Lots of politics around it  Can act like an asshole because he's not actually an asshole It sells! Just like how Ellen always starts the show dancing even though she probably doesn't like to dance Adam is a huge car guy Scratched his all the way up 
May 10, 2019
Ultra Salt Expos & A Fat Doc Update - Episode 1315
: Episode 1315 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie for this Wednesday show, and the two talk Fat Doc updates, upcoming Ultra Salt sponsorship events, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club FAT DOC UPDATE Andy worked in the industry for a long time He knows how these processes can drag on Vinnie is doing everything he can to get this movie released ASAP He wants as many people as possible to see it - this will likely result in him not making money off of it Will get it out as soon as we can  We are finally getting close! ULTRA SALT EXPOS 50,000 people will be competing in Bay to Breakers We will also be at the health and wellness expo Giving out samples and selling product and answering questions Check this out We will also be at Keto Con - Vinnie will be giving the Keynote Speech Vinnie will also show a decent piece of the movie in that speech Also will be in Atlanta (AJC) At other races we've previously sponsored USAF Marathon! 15,000 runners Vinnie and Andy will for sure be there  We'll be all over the place in the health&fitness/ultra world 
May 08, 2019
Common NSNG® Mistakes and Caster Semenya - Episode 1314
: Episode 1314 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday and the two talk Anna's new cookbook, Eat Happy, Too, common NSNG® mistakes, working for others vs. yourself, Caster Semenya and hormones in sports, and more on this episode. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow COMMON NSNG® MISTAKES Karen, a super active NSNG®er, called in recently Began to plateau, couldn't understand why she wasn't losing weight Was drinking bulletproof coffee too often Eating eggs is better Intermittent fasting is also not necessary, but a lot of people feel they need to do it Karen asked about UCAN, too It wouldn't give you a big glycogen load Now, they've added chemicals and sweet flavorings to it This is a company that steals good intentions Don't fall for their BS Trying to serve too many kings Doing everything all at once (fasting a little bit, having things like UCAN a little bit, etc) doesn't work Especially when you only have a little to lose Weight loss normally slows down the more you lose! You have to stick with it Try to get into good shape and continue to lose weight slowly This is healthy Slow and steady, especially for those with sicknesses like Type 2 Diabetes Don't try to lose weight super quickly That's not always how it works! CASTER SEMENYA Semenya is one of the best women runners in the world She has really high testosterone levels Now being kept from competing unless she takes medication to lower her natural testosterone levels - this is wrong This is such a slippery slope Let her run! She has unique body conditions, but this is natural!
May 06, 2019
The Increasing Regularity of Explant Surgery - Episode 1313
: Episode 1313 - Gina Grad of "Easy Listening" joins Vinnie for this Sunday School Episode, and the two talk the increasing regularity of explant surgery, antiques and engines, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club EXPLANT SURGERY Vinnie had Michelle on the podcast recently She was a student of Vinnie's back in the day Went on to become a physical therapist  Races vintage Porsches on the weekends Got implants on a whim Caused tons of issues for her Got breast plant illness Not uncommon Doctors don't talk about it When you put a foreign body in your body, your body may try to attack it This is what happened to Michelle Breast implants had indented her ribcage Explant surgery is becoming more and more popular  A mass exodus Gina has a chin implant She loves how it looks However, she suffered from some autoimmune issues and wonders if these are related If she knew the two were related, she would take it out  Check out her podcast episode here
May 05, 2019
Preparing to Succeed - Episode 1312
: Episode 1312 - Listener Sheila joins Vinnie for this Saturday show, and the two talk Sheila's NSNG® journey, preparing to succeed, the many health issues she has overcome, being raised on grains, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club PREPARING TO SUCCEED Sheila is from Kentucky! Vinnie is pretty familiar with the area Found Vinnie through the Carolla effect Big fan of Gina Grad, she identified with a lot of what Gina was talking about in regards to NSNG® Had been so convinced grains were good So sick and overweight, she blew her knee out  5'3", top recorded weight was 280 Long list of health issues Starting to have chest pains at that time Started NSNG® at 46 Read the book, went over the PDF Planned, went through cupboards, became prepared not to fail - planned how she could succeed Now she is 48, coming up on her 2 year anniversary  She didn't go cold turkey First week, had artificial sweeteners Second week, cut those out Hardest week ever!!! Artificial sweeteners are as bad as drugs like cocaine Sheila had cravings for months Now Sheila hovers around 170 Lost over 100 pounds in under 2 years Her life is totally different Used to hate leaving the house - has much more confidence now Can walk without pain
May 04, 2019
Pawsitively Paleo with Mary Healy - Episode 1311
: Episode 1311- Mary Healy joins Vinnie for this 1 on 1, and the two talk her amazing dog treat company Pawsitively Paleo, expanding her business, her single life, and more on this Friday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow MARY HEALY Mary found Vinnie's address and sent him a package What she sent him was a bag of amazing dog treats Bonzo and Stella love these treats more than anything Pawsitively Paleo is an AMAZING company Resides in CA herself  There are people who eat these treats They are genuinely human grade and smell fabulous  Soaked marrow bones and jerky treats Mary's picky dogs loved the treats Check out the website here! Sells at a handful of restaurants Just started the company about 2 years ago Generates a lot of online orders but still has a long way to go If you love your dogs, order from Mary!!!! Seriously, her products are amazing Great for your dogs, and they will love them She is now single and has had to deal with Tinder and the like Dating now is totally different! Guys don't really approach women any more All over technology  
May 03, 2019
Getting to Peak Performance - Episode 1310
: Episode 1310 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday and the two talk amazing fans (like Brett), getting to peak performance, coffee conventions, weight loss, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club PEAK PERFORMANCE As you may know, Vinnie has been training very seriously for Mont Blanc He didn't want to just skirt by Wanted to make sure he was truly ready to do very well He's been training for months Probably could have started now and gotten by  The event that you're training for is just the icing on the cake Journey to get there is what really matters Do your best to train well and be over-prepared  Set goals and stick to them in training  You can get to this 'peak performance' without carbs Vinnie is totally fat adapted  Vinnie doesn't look different now than he did in 7th grade!
May 01, 2019
Differentiating Diabetes & Overweight Prison - Episode 1309
: Episode 1309 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie and the two talk Twitter craziness, differentiating diabetes types, living in an overweight prison, leptin and grelin, and more on this Monday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow DIFFERENTIATING DIABETES People are upset when diabetes types are conflated For example, parents with kids with Type 1 hate when diabetes is generalized There is no cure for Type 1 like there is for Type 2 Type 1 is not developed through eating badly like Type 2 is Not eating sugar won't solve Type 1 problems Important to make this distinction It's a different type of thinking when your body can't make any insulin Anna does have a friend who does keto but she sometimes has to wake up in the middle of the night and drink a juice to get that blood sugar up  OVERWEIGHT PRISON Can be sad to see people gain tons of weight They start hiding in pictures Only posting pics of their kids and not them, etc. Now their loved ones don't have pictures of them  Get insecure This is hard to watch People feel trapped like they are in prison You can find that key and get out It's a mental transition This can be simpler than you think You will have to fight a lot But it is worth it You're one meal away from starting on the right track
Apr 29, 2019
Throwback: Discerning Unsupported Studies - Episode 1308
: Episode 1308 - On this Sunday School episode, we bring back an old but super important one that we have recently received a lot of questions about. How can we tell which studies are legit, and which are largely unsupported studies? The two also discuss overweight athletes, and more. : Episode 1138 - The amazing Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School, and the two talk badly supported studies, overweight athletes, and new perceptions.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club UNSUPPORTED STUDIES Lots of articles with crazy bold headlines These tend to be BS Lots of "meat heavy, low carb hurts your lifespan" articles See who funded the study Lots of these are paid for by companies like Barilla  They are salacious OVERWEIGHT ATHLETES While some sports, overweight can be a positive thing, perception is changing Now, people who are overweight in sports where athletes have traditionally NOT been overweight, it's becoming the new normal Example - the overweight paddle boarder While body shaming is not the goal, the change of perception is interesting You can be unhealthy and still be considered in athlete's shape
Apr 28, 2019
Healthy, Natural Weight Loss - Episode 1307
: Episode 1307 - Vinnie Tortorich talks with listener Dave Rossbach about failed gastric bypass, natural weight loss, critics, great friends, and more on this Saturday episode of the podcast. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS From Altoona, PA Old railroad town First nephew was born This snapped Dave into wanting to lose weight Started with a gastric bypass Was 34 at the time, 5'8", 450 lbs Type 2 diabetic at the time Realized he needed to lose weight to stay alive Lost weight after the gastric bypass (230 lbs), but then gained it back  Took about 2-3 years for all the weight to come back Found NSNG and went cold turkey Found it through a friend The pounds started falling off Lost 90 lbs in about 6 months Starts off the day with coffee and HWC Eats lunch sometimes - scrambled eggs, avocado Dinner will be ribeye or chicken thighs with maybe a veg His dad was worried he'd give himself a heart attack with all this fat But Dave had gotten sick because of what doctors had told him to do Realized he needed to go against the conventional wisdom to get healthy  
Apr 27, 2019
Hydration is Key - Episode 1306
: Episode 1306 - Vinnie goes 1 on NONE this Friday. He talks Anna's new cookbook, airplanes, the fact that hydration is key, weight-bearing vs. resistance exercise, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow EAT HAPPY, TOO Available for pre-order Your card won't get charged until the book is released By that time, price will most likely be lowered Go check it out now!! AIRPLANES Vinnie was on an airplane recently The snacks were all super crap Gummy bears, pretzels, that type of thing Anna had a rude seat-neighbor on her most recent flight HYDRATION IS KEY Vinnie is not drinking on Fridays anymore He needs to be hydrated for Saturday and Sunday He's hiking around 17 miles a day Sat/Sun Has done over 60 hours of aerobic activity in 25 days If you're training, hydration is key Many athletes are dehydrated without knowing it Vinnie will probably cut out alcohol in a couple weeks until after his climb  WEIGHT-BEARING VS. RESISTANCE EXERCISE  Resistance exercise = lifting weights  Cycling is the same Weight-bearing means you are bearing the weight of your frame Walking is the best for this Getting a standing desk helps, too Continuing to walk will help your bones not go brittle
Apr 26, 2019
PCC's Explorer Series & Bro Science at Expos - Episode 1305
: Episode 1305 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie on this Wednesday to discuss the PCC Explorer Series, expos and Ultra Salt, bro science, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club EXPLORER SERIES Pure Coffee Club has a new series Different batch every month It's single origin micro-lots because there are so few bags of it Unique flavors tend to come out a lot more in these coffees So delicious and interesting flavors Still the highest quality  We've had some fantastic new finds that we are really excited about Check it out here BRO SCIENCE AT EXPOS They went to the Boston Marathon expo recently Lots of booths there All of these products are BS "Take this and you'll be faster tomorrow!" Seems like most of the people have no idea what they are talking to So awful that these companies are screwing people over A good example of people stealing good intentions
Apr 24, 2019
Medical Ripoffs and Credit Card Debt - Episode 1304
: Episode 1304 - Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk the importance of education, the dangers of credit card debt, aerobic activity, over-involvement in politics, medical ripoffs, the amazing talent of Richard Pryor, and more on this Monday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow CREDIT CARD DEBT Anna got a credit card in college Ran up a lot of debt Felt insurmountable You have to be careful! Easy to think it's free money, but it certainly isn't  Very common to have hundreds of thousands in debt, sadly  Anna paid it off a little every year Set goals! There is a difference between being responsible and being stingy/having no fun Really we should learn how to balance our checkbooks in school AEROBIC ACTIVITY Vinnie did about 15 hours of aerobic activity over two days Have some F-Bombs, have hard boiled eggs, pickle juice MEDICAL RIPOFFS One of Anna's friends goes to a functional doctor Doctor gives her a $1200 shot Not covered by insurance Supposed to curb hunger -- technically diabetes medication These things are ripoffs Eat healthier, don't put this expensive, do-nothing steroidal crap in your body  "May help" lose weight Pretty much always, these quick-fixes don't work This drug says you also need to eat low-cal and workout It's BS
Apr 22, 2019
Being Active at the Gym - Episode 1303
: Episode 1303 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this new Sunday School episode, and the two talk her new podcast Easy Listening, other great podcasts, cars and engines, good movies, driving safely, Stella's recovery and Lola's passing, being active at the gym, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club DRIVING SAFELY You need to be careful when you drive ALL OF THE TIME For you and for others And for your family, too Vinnie watched a man die the other day because some kids were racing on surface roads It is never worth driving dangerously Vinnie stopped riding motorcycles because he realized drivers are just too distracted these days BEING ACTIVE AT THE GYM Someone walked up near Vinnie today and put the mat right off the side Sat criss-cross apple sauce on the floor  Got on her cell phone Literally sat there for over an hour doing nothing Make sure you are making your gym time productive Don't use the gym to slack off or tend to other things Phones are killing us - be present, not stuck in tech  
Apr 21, 2019
Throwback: Losing Inches but Not Pounds- Episode 1302
: Episode 1302 - This week we look at an old, important show that tackles one of the biggest concerns for many NSNG®ers.  What does it mean if you're losing inches not pounds? If you like old shows like this, make sure to buy access to every old show through the website! Check back tomorrow for an Easter show, and next week when we bring you only new shows! Happy Passover to many of our fans listening this Saturday. Fitness Confidential fan Kristi is winning at NSNG but is concerned because she seems to be losing inches but not weight... PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club KRISTI STELLE Found Vinnie on Mark in the Morning with Gina Grad Followed Gina's progress and looked into NSNG Read Vinnie's book, Fitness Confidential, and found it made sense and began NSNG Started just about a month ago Suffered a bad concussion back in April, was told to cut out sugar and caffeine Started eating meat when she started NSNG Loves reading about nutrition but has trouble with convoluting information Wants to lose about 25 lbs  LOSING INCHES NOT POUNDS Kristi has lost some girth both in her waist and arms Her seat belts are a little looser Hasn't lost a pound Body has not been used to some of these nutrients due to veganism Her body is likely grabbing at the nutrients it is newly receiving  She also definitely feels less hungry in general eating this way  She is eating about 400-600 more calories a day, and not gaining weight, but losing inches This is a win!!! Keep on it and lbs will start to come off Be happy with the results you have at first, even if they are not immediately weight loss Feeling better and eating more without gaining weight is a win Vinnie advises Kristi to cut back slightly on the fat, add a bit more proteins and such and the weight will come off  While this is a high fat diet, there is still a thing as too much fat Plateauing is also normal
Apr 20, 2019
Learning How to Remember with Nelson Dellis - Episode 1301
: Episode 1301 - On this Friday show, Nelson Dellis, US memory champion, joins Vinnie and the two talk Nelson's experience as a mountaineer, learning how to remember, his book Remember It!, the connection between memory and brain health, and more on this fantastic podcast. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow NELSON DELLIS Nelson is a memory expert Also a mountaineer Has climbed all around the world Everest, Alps, Andes, Alaska, and tons more! Goal of his to summit Everest  From Miami - one of the flattest places to live, ironically Check out his philanthropy, Climb For Memory Remembering is a learned skill Don't need to have the highest IQ, anything like that Check out his book here Nelson was good at languages, but wasn't always so into memory and brain health Became really involved when his grandmother passed from Alzheimer's Started looking into memory tips, etc Became addicted to the feeling of controlling something he felt he could not previously control - his memory Memory and brain health are intimately connected He's pretty good with cards, but the math is more important in things like blackjack because of the frequent shuffling He feeds his brain - takes Omega 3-DHA  Trains super meticulously Stays a little hungry on performance days Being a little hungry may improve your cognitive function Whole 30 is what Nelson does Cutting sugar out helps your brain NELSON'S RECORDS Memorizing the most names in 15 minutes - 217 names Memorizing the most words in 15 minutes - 256 words Memorizing the most digits in 30 minutes - 907 digits Memorizing the most decks of playing cards in 30 minutes - 9.02 decks (former record) Memorizing the most digits in 5 minutes - 339 digits (former record) Memorizing a deck of cards in the fastest time - 40.65 seconds  
Apr 19, 2019
Throwback: On the Road, Young and Obese - Episode 1300
: Episode 1300 - In honor of Vinnie and Andy's being on the road this past week, we are throwing it back to a show from last year which was recorded while the two were traveling for business. Vinnie has had quite the hectic schedule between finalizing a distribution deal for the Fat Doc, taking care of Stella (she is cancer-free!), and traveling for PCC, but tune back next week for a brand new Wednesday show! Also, make sure to buy all of the old podcasts so you can hear more great ones like this. Andy and Vinnie host another Wednesday show from the road, and the two talk their experience watching young and obese people having a girls night out order drinks and food, unknowingly having had their good intentions stolen, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club STOLEN GOOD INTENTIONS Vinnie and Andy saw a big table of women (12-15) Having a GNO - trying to have a great time! About 10 morbidly obese Genuinely will die under the weight of their own weight if they do not address the problem Not even 30 years old Obesity affecting younger and younger people All of these women had super large sugary drink Had several  One on occasion is okay, but this is not that Lots ate lobster mac n cheese, Mini-tacos, etc. All high carb and totally grains  Injecting a straight line of sugar and carb-loading on top of that First, glucose spike, then glycogen load  The women all eat more carby entrees, too Salmon was maple bourbon glazed and had candied bacon -- sugar sneaks in everywhere, even if people think they are being healthy by having salmon This is not fat shaming - this is being concerned about what already sick people are putting into their bodies They watched them get more sick and it is just hard to watch knowing the truth These peoples' good intentions have genuinely been stolen
Apr 17, 2019
You Don't Need to Calorie Count - Episode 1299
: Episode 1299 - Anna Vocino and Serena Scott Thomas join Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the family pets, behaving in the NSNG® Facebook Group, why it isn't necessary to calorie count while eating NSNG®, supporting the Beauchamp's, insulin resistance, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow STELLA UPDATE Stella had a surgery recently She is Vinnie's older vizsla  Recovering quite well from her surgery now They removed her spleen and with it, a volleyball-sized tumor They are biopsying this and other lumps We are hoping it is benign If it is cancer, we will treat her Hopefully will find out something early this week Sadly, our cat Lola also had to be put down this past week BE KIND IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP People on the FB group have been getting out of hand Ganging up and insulting other people in the group DO NOT DO THIS, even if you do not agree A doctor had posted in the group asking for studies Nobody provided her studies, people started attacking her We need to be nice!!! There's a difference between a joke and overstepping and being wrongly rude Don't attack newbies! If they are trying, that is great Also do not post photos of other people who are overweight without their consent Can be extremely damaging for people who are going through stuff You don't know where they are in their journey This all being said, we aren't going to remove every reported post Some people do take offense to non-offensive things CALORIE COUNT You do not need to calorie count on NSNG® Calories are not a good measurement of what you are eating They are not created equally Check out Good Calorie Bad Calorie A calorie is just a unit of energy Your body can't store sugar as sugar after a certain level Stores it as fat  This is why CICO does not work You can have fewer calories but if too many of them are sugar, you will still gain weight and fat (Also, take in higher fat with protein so your body doesn't convert the extra protein into sugar) PLEASE SUPPORT LONNIE AND THE BEAUCHAMP FAMILY HERE  
Apr 15, 2019
Trail Respect - Episode 1298
: Episode 1298 - Gina Grad and Vinnie talk trail respect, co-hosting the Carolla show, Fat Doc transcripts, fast food coffee, and more on this Sunday School show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club TRAIL RESPECT (2:00) Vinnie listens to music on the trail However, if he walks by people, he turns off the sound If people are running by he doesn't, but he doesn't want to ruin anyone else's experience for his own gain Vinnie's been spending tons of time on the trails FAT DOC TRANSCRIPTS (9:30) Vinnie did a ton of interviews that didn't make the movie He wants this movie to be transparent Going to put transcripts of every interview, including those which didn't make the final cut Might release some other video, too
Apr 14, 2019
Breaking Bad Habits and Simple NSNG® - Episode 1297
: Episode 1297 - Vinnie and Dave Tach talk wrestling (1:30), consults, breaking bad habits, his work as a writer, and more, on this Saturday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club BREAKING BAD HABITS (10:00) Dave has a radio voice Currently has a podcast about wrestling  Dave's brother set up a consult with Vinnie His bro didn't realize the way Dave lost weight was because of Vinnie, too! He's lost closer to 50 Now under the 200 threshold!!!  About a year  Used to enjoy fast food too much Would 'cheat' with NSNG  Got serious about NSNG about a year ago Decided he needed to be strict with the two rules (no sugar and no grains) for 30 days NSNG® is simple - that's what made it work for Dave Fewer reasons to screw up Had to break some bad habits Realized he would frequently get taco bell at 11pm after a long day Eliminated 97% of the aisles in the grocery store  Made a shelf stocked with things like fat bombs and pork rinds  He wants his stomach to be flat Dave is a writer Writes about video games Works for Polygon Great job because he loves video games Has to be careful not to spend all his time with screens  
Apr 13, 2019
What Doesn't Kill Us with Scott Carney - Episode 1296
: Episode 1296 - Scott Carney joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk his work What Doesn't Kill Us, Wim Hof, his work as an investigative journalist, crazy adventures and not being a wimp, and more on this fantastic podcast. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow SCOTT CARNEY Scott is an investigative journalist and anthropologist Also from SoCal Took a look at Wim Hof He liked to debunk myths like this type of guy Realized this guy was actually for real  His methods really helped Scott Showed him he knew what he was talking abut Works in dangerous, fantastic environments Combines narrative non-fiction with ethnography Used to be out of shape, overweight  World-renowned investigative journalist! Has learned a lot about not being a wimp Okay to push your body to a point Need to build some resilience Do it in controlled environment until you're ready enough to do it in natural environment  Now he will do a lot of events with fewer layers Has pushed and acclimated his body For example, start colder and your body will warm up Start uncomfortable and your body will find comfort
Apr 12, 2019
Glacier Boots & Ultra Salt News - Episode 1295
: Episode 1295 - Vinnie and Andy talk glacier boots, PVC updates, new Ultra Salt moves, benefits of electrolytes, and more on this Wednesday show. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club We are migrating our shopping cart system to a different platform Should have fewer bugs! Will be easier for everyone  New site for just Ultra Salt Ultra Salt has become the Beyonce of our products Broke off from our other products, sought after by ultra athletes all over the world Building it as its own brand Our commercials will come out soon Testing it in San Diego  A woman landed in the hospital dehydrated However, nurse said her electrolyte levels were great (from taking Ultra Salt daily), and this helped make her okay during this period GLACIER BOOTS Vinnie needs special boots for his Mont Blanc adventure He bought a fancy pair that fell apart Bought several brands and is keeping the one that seems the hardiest and most comfortable Will have to break them in slowly but surely First, spend an hour in them Then, hike up Mount Wilson in the heat  
Apr 10, 2019
Fitting in Exercise & Cardiac Drift - Episode 1294
: Episode 1294 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the Fat Doc (5:00), self-publishing, weird leggings and yoga pants (20:00), cardiac drift, dairy products (45:00), fitting in exercise with a busy schedule, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Make sure you check out the new explorer series Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow CARDIAC DRIFT (35:00) Sends enough oxygen to our brains No one explanation for why this happens Occurs for Vinnie when he gets overheated or dehydrated, on long days on bike or hiking His heart rate would stay at 102 for minutes after he was on his bike Don't try to beat this Taking electrolytes helps, but will not eliminate it Don't try to medicate with aspirin Check out the most recent newsletter for more info on this FITTING IN EXERCISE (3:00 & 58:00) It can be difficult to fit in exercise in your every day Vinnie and Anna totally get this They both average upwards of 12hrs a day for just work You can fit in exercise over several hours, for 15 mins at a time if possible If you can only work out for 30 mins at lunch time, that is better than nothing! It was even harder for Anna before her daughter went to college Just gotta commit to getting it done one way or another Stay in Zone 2- makes it even easier Herb wants to know what is a good test of whether or not he is fit enough for something like Mount Whitney It's a walk-up, so you don't need to be able to rock climb Practice walking up and down any elevation you can find with some weight on your back Need to be on your feet, train uphill AND downhill Treadmill is good for uphill Downhill, you really need to find some downhill Vinnie does all of this in Zone 2
Apr 08, 2019
The Myth of Carbo Loading - Episode 1293
: Episode 1293 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk worthless carbo loading, ultra-athletes, Italian and Southern foods, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club CARBO LOADING You do not need to carbo load for races It's like cramming before a test - doesn't work People sometimes taper off the week before, then eat absolute trash right before a race! This will often make you feel worse! You can't 'supersoak' yourself full of carbs You'll only increase inflammation, hurt your stomach, sleep badly, etc. Zach Bitters holds world records and does not eat carbs Lots of ultra-athletes are super low carb, even right before a race Don't eat bananas morning of Have an avocado instead There's a difference between something that is fattening and something that is full of fat : Episode 1293 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk worthless carbo loading, ultra-athletes, Italian and Southern foods, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club CARBO LOADING You do not need to carbo load for races It's like cramming before a test - doesn't work People sometimes taper off the week before, then eat absolute trash right before a race! This will often make you feel worse! You can't 'supersoak' yourself full of carbs You'll only increase inflammation, hurt your stomach, sleep badly, etc. Zach Bitters holds world records and does not eat carbs Lots of ultra-athletes are super low carb, even right before a race Don't eat bananas morning of Have an avocado instead There's a difference between something that is fattening and something that is full of fat
Apr 07, 2019
Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Levels with Dr. Fung
Dr. Jason Fung speaks with Vinnie Tortorich on today's Angriest Trainer podcast concerning the effects of diet and insulin. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Squatty Potty Villa Cappelli DR. FUNG Kidney specialist  Works often with type 2 diabetics -- biggest cause of kidney nephropathy Type 2 linked closely with obesity  Insulin has negative effects  Visit his website here  DONALDSONVILLE People all on tons of meds All have a sugary drink and some awful food in their hands MISUNDERSTANDING OF WEIGHT GAIN Obesity links tons of diseases together Dr. Fung started by asking: What causes obesity? The Aetiology of Obesity Lectures  Sugar is the enemy, not calories  When you eat less calories, your energy expenditure (and thus fat/fuel usage) goes down  You simply get hungrier Takes time to lose the weight  Cortisol is a stress hormone -- encourages getting fat Leptin -- produced by fat cells, regulates how much fat is in the body If you have lots of fat, leptin is released and tells your brain to stop gaining more weight When you are quite fat, your body stops responding to leptin  Secondary hormone -- doesn't pass the causal test  Ghrelin is another one of these secondary hormones No lasting effect so doesn't pass the causal test  FASTING People always ask Vinnie about IM fasting Intermittent fasting should happen every day 3 meals a day -- fast in between literal "break - fast"  Snacks don't allow your body to process everything  Shorter fasts are not enough  Insulin levels not sustainably down  We obsess to much about what we are eating, we need to think about when we are eating 
Oct 23, 2015
Obesity, Hormones, and Triathlons
Vinnie Tortorich and cohost Anna Vocino discuss lack of medication, hormones, and NSNG helping people on this Monday episode of the Angriest Trainer podcast. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Squatty Potty vinnie15 Villa Cappelli  DONALDSONVILLE Vinnie's hometown Last time he visited, he commented how many people were overly obese and all were on at least 3 medications There was initially some backlash, now many are NSNG and getting healthier Vinnie is visiting again soon and will do a show with some NSNGers there  LISTENER DEXTER Listener had food, pain, and other problems  Now, he does cardio, eats healthy, and feels way better He supports NSNG and PVC!  AMAZON WINNER OF THE WEEK Andrea Roberts is the winner She bought period underpants that are stain proof through Vinnie's website  She has also been doing NSNG to help her health issues She will win some NSNG/PVC garb  CREATINE  We get creatine from meat Your body also makes it If you start taking creatine, your body stops making it (bad) If you take anabolic hormones, your body will stop making them SQUATTY POTTY Thousands of click throughs through the website, but no purchases through it All fixed now, go buy your potties!  NICK CICHERCHI (sp) live Cleveland is getting better with progressiveness and health and fitness Gay Games hosted there  Co-author of The Macca Model About Chris Mccormack and MaccaX Triathalon and ultra events  Competition now about personality, but also the confidence to be a business man out of it Calling upon sponsors, etc  Most of the pros show up to these events on their own time  Ironman makes tons of money from these events but does not pay those who place at the top  Chris is still racing but doesn't train like he used to     
Sep 21, 2015
The Obesity Epidemic with Gary Taubes
Gary Taubes makes a second appearance on the Friday edition of the Angriest Trainer podcast with Vinnie Tortorich. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Villa Cappelli Pure Vitamin Club GARY TAUBES & HIS MUST-READS Why We Get Fat: And What to do About It Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health Diet Delusion Gary is a reporter/journalist (NY Times) and a controversial guy, has done one of the best interviews in this podcast's history Writing another book currently -- so is Vinnie!  Went to Harvard, Stanford, Columbia  Ivy League education definitely affected him  VINNIE'S READING Reads incredibly slowly but comprehends way more than the average person Scientific brain -- he doesn't assume, he knows  Ended up allowing him to not pay attention in class, just read the books NUTRITION WRITING He was doing nutritional pieces for science sections  He looked at evidence and saw whether or not it really was supported Gary wrote a controversial article calling out the nutrition world for saying low fat was bad  Initially was researching what caused the obesity epidemic? Two hypotheses: high fructose corn syrup, shift to low fat diets LOW FAT DIETS ended up being the issue, clear in his research Even in the 60's, people weren't fat  In the early 1900s, only ~1/20 people were obese  Only 2 Obese kids in Gary's middle school 60's : baked potato was fattening ; 80's: baked potato was a heart healthy food  At first, people didn't realize that high fructose corn syrup was sugar  When heart health came into question, fat became (incorrectly) bad, and carbs/sugar became (incorrectly) passable  WHY WE GET FAT The general idea is calorie in / calorie out and thermodynamics Just like you can't think of wealth/poverty in terms of money intake vs money spent, you can't think of calories that way either  We secrete insulin in response to our carbohydrate intake 
Aug 14, 2015