Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

By Vinnie Tortorich

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 Dec 8, 2018

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Fitness and weight loss expert Vinnie Tortorich, author of best-selling book "Fitness Confidential", dispels the widespread mistaken beliefs regarding weight loss and exercise and teaches us how to lose weight, get fit and reclaim our lives. Using his 35 years of experience in the fitness and weight loss industry in Hollywood combined with an absolute commitment to good health, Vinnie has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world lose hundreds of thousands of unhealthy pounds in an easy and sustainable way. His listeners love him for his fearless humor, tireless honesty, extraordinary nose for BS, and simple message. Join Vinnie and his inspiring guests - doctors, scientists. researchers, journalists, farmers, athletes and more - to hear the latest scientific discoveries and unravel the myths that have been hampering our health. Laugh your way to health and fitness with Fitness Confidential and Vinnie Tortorich.

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PVC'S New Ultra Salt Commercial - Episode 1240
: Episode 1240 - Andy joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two talk Vinnie's new puppy, the new Ultra Salt commercial, the amazing quality of the Ultra Salt product, and more.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club  BONZO Bonzo the Vizsla  Vinnie and Serena's new puppy! Vinnie has been taking care of him himself  When it's raining, it's a pain to take him out He is still young enough that he has to pee every two minutes  Bonzo has an instagram - check it out at @bonzothevizsla NEW ULTRA SALT This product has been selling very well Even scientists are amazed by how great this product is We put so much research into it Just got back from Florida where they filmed a commercial Made sure it was their brand, that the production company didn't change their vision We are airing it first in the US, and if it works well, it may make it to the UK The salt is THE highest quality (as is the product in general) Unparalleled in the market 
Jan 23, 2019
Fat Pets and Girl Scout Cookies- Episode 1239
: Episode 1239 - The wonderful Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the upcoming Ultra Salt commercial, the Beauchamp family GoFundMe, pageant life,  new Jillian Michaels news, dog food and fat pets as the key to understanding human obesity, girl scout cookie season, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club BEAUCHAMP FAMILY Lonnie and Trey Beauchamp are huge parts of why this podcast is so successful Lonnie essentially runs the Facebook group which has over 20,000 members The brothers' mother is very ill and they need some financial help Vinnie made this GoFundMe so that some of the people who love this podcast and the FB group can help out Please donate anything and share here  Vinnie and Andy have donated around $2,000 cumulatively thus far PAGEANT LIFE Vinnie ran into a lot of beauty queens recently These ones were in their early teens Girls of all shapes and sizes Didn't seem like they went to school Pageants consume some people's lives  It's a divisive thing in America People either love or hate it  Might be considered a dated past time  JILLIAN SLAMS KETO DIET She criticized the diet However, her criticism was filled with errors Al Roker essentially responded that she pushes people til they're practically dead, so she really shouldn't be criticizing a healthy diet  She called him a jerk, basically  Jillian does anything to make money  FAT PETS  Check out this article In Vinnie's book, Fitness Confidential, he talks about domesticated animals Wild animals don't get fat, only those in our homes  Certain dog foods are better for dogs than others Salt can be too rich for them We actually have a podcast coming out soon with an animal expert Understanding why our pets get obese can explain why we are getting so fat, too Look what's happening to your dogs, and don't let it happen to them or you GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON It's that time of year Cute kids are selling cookies on the corner and making you feel guilty for not eating them  If you feel the need to buy for the kids, just donate money and don't take any cookies, or donate them, or throw them away Don't make excuses to eat crap Don't keep putting NSNG off - just DO it Gluten free does not make it okay They just add more sugar 
Jan 21, 2019
Taking Care of Nature - Episode 1238
: Episode 1238 - The amazing Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk taking care of nature, the benefits of hunting, being too hard on one's self, and more this week. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club TAKING CARE OF NATURE We need to make sure the great outdoors is there for the next generation Clean up after yourself - don't litter! Kayakers and paddle boarders pick up trash out of the ocean, but they can't save the world It starts with you All of that wildlife that lives in marshes, bayous, etc., is essential for ecosystems  Every day, people lose about 100 yards of land in the swamps  Hunting matters Make sure you don't shoot lead shot into water Population control is also important for ecosystems  Can also be good to teach kids where meat comes from  Don't waste, etc.
Jan 20, 2019
Steve Owens and Fascination Street - Episode 1237
: Episode 1237 - Steve Owens joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk Steve's podcast, Fascination Street, his NSNG® journey, terminal diagnoses and pre-diagnosis health, and more.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club FASCINATION STREET Steve is a podcaster Check the podcast out here! He came out to LA to start a podcast Interviews fascinating people on the pod Had Opi's father on it before he passed Some other huge names Clint Howard His most recent episode was with Adam Carolla (100th episode)! He converted a closet-type space for his podcasting Interview with Peter Pardini coming out soon! STEVE'S NSNG® JOURNEY Took him awhile to get into it Found him from the Carolla show Nothing was working for him at the time When he started NSNG®, he was 235 lbs (@ 5'10"), had horrible asthma  He didn't go cold turkey First cut out milk and sugar from his coffee  Now he weighs about 195 but still has some weight to lose His pulmonologist is also on board which is great  Down to 1 inhaler from 3 This is a lifestyle change, not a diet  Gaining weight continuously can just be a slow, awful way to die Make sure you take care of yourself while you can! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE FAT DOC
Jan 19, 2019
Natural Healing with Dr. Paul Schulick- Episode 1236
: Episode 1236 - Dr. Paul Schulick joins Vinnie this Friday to talk natural healing, utilization of herbs for healing, food as medicine, skin and bacteria, addressing pain head on, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Crowd Cow F Bomb Villa Cappelli DR. PAUL SCHULICK Had bad digestive problems Bought a health food store in 1979 Started with some of the leaders of the time Ultimately, most of them new nothing He got worse He started using herbs Turmeric helped him greatly  More than Vitamin E He's seen so many patients insanely improve from natural medicines  Became a devotee of the herbal kingdom in the late 70s What you eat has the potential to heal or hurt you He wrote a book about ginger He believes it helps health greatly Chews on ginger every day You have about a trillion beings hanging on to your skin These are all very important You are very virus-ey and bacteria-ey Incredibly important for creating compounds Making you much healthier than you think Ought to take care of all of this  A cold shower is good for you Especially after a tough workout Dr. Paul feels that it resets him Helps metabolism Helps the mind Meditation is also important Having a healthy mind is important for having a healthy body Weight loss and brain health can go hand in hand CBD products can be good depending on your issues However, many of these products are not what they claim to be Make sure you're getting the real thing Know where your products are coming from  Understand why you are feeling the way you are Don't look to mask pain, look to address it 
Jan 18, 2019
Reducing Inflammation with NSNG®- Episode 1235
: Episode 1235 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two talk their Florida trip to film a commercial for Ultra Salt, reducing inflammation with NSNG®, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club ULTRA SALT COMMERCIAL The two are currently in Florida Ultra Salt has been their breakout product  They are currently working on a commercial for this electrolyte product Vinnie and Andy wanted to make the pure electrolyte product It is the top of its class This product has done amazingly Athletes can't get enough of it  Hoping to take this to the next level with this commercial REDUCING INFLAMMATION Andy has some bad tendinitis in his arm Wants to use food to make it go away Immediately, NSAIDs can reduce some pain Important is icing it 3-5 times a day A low sugar, low grain diet is the longer term solution  Lower carbs, less inflammation Vinnie finds grains are worse than sugar for him  Olive oil can also act as a great anti inflammatory Dark leafy greens Fish oils and fish Coffee This is a health food drink
Jan 16, 2019
Stolen Good Intentions and Weight Loss - Episode 1234
: Episode 1234 - The best voice in podcasting, Anna Vocino, joins Vinnie Tortorich this Monday, and the two talk some angry tweets, Cheryl Tiegs, stolen good intentions when it comes to crazy diet plans,  calorie BS, zone 2 training benefits, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow CHERYL TIEGS Vinnie knew he wanted to leave Louisiana Most people don't get out of the swamps He was really inspired by the Cheryl Tiegs SI Cover Where was she? Vinnie wanted to be there, on that beach He worked hard to get to a place like that, and did it Vinnie ended up meeting Cheryl Tiegs in a place in LA overlooking the ocean  STOLEN GOOD INTENTIONS People who want to lose weight are often desperate Anna has noticed one way intentions are stolen are through BS diet plans "Doctors" come up with these crazy plans that are super complicated but absolutely don't work Ex: NutriMost  Supplements, lose toxins, fat burning state, cellular level, etc All of these buzzwords are traps!!! It's usually around this time of year that people fall into these traps Don't do it If you've recently started NSNG, stick with it It can take 30-60 days for some people for everything to normalize and stabilize, depending on how metabolically damaged you are (and other factors play in, too) Paradigms have to shift with NSNG NSNG not a diet - nobody is stealing any good intentions ZONE 2 TRAINING Anna found an article that disputes weight loss benefits of Zone 2 training as compared to high intensity training Vinnie agrees with some parts of the article, as he believes exercise is a poor way to lose weight CICO does not work - this is why Vinnie doesn't think HIIT works for weight loss well Zone 2 exercise helps you build up aerobic capacity mostly Can assist in weight loss
Jan 14, 2019
BEST OF: Dr. Shawn Baker Talks Carnivore Diets - Episode 1233
: Episode 1233 - This Sunday, we take a look back at one of Vinnie's fantastic luminary podcasts, his second interview with Dr. Shawn Baker recorded early last year. This podcast is particularly relevant to the upcoming Fat Doc, as part of the discussion in the documentary focuses on the vilification of red meat and animal fat in general. Dr. Shawn Baker joins Vinnie, and the two incredibly healthy meat eaters discuss all-meat (carnivore) diets, benefits of eating animal fat, hate mail, the myth that we need carbs, and more! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli MEAT EATERS Shawn has only had coffee a handful of times Tried Vinnie's coffee, his first coffee in the last 15 years Shawn is a doctor (a surgeon, in fact), and also quite the athlete Bit of a world famous rower Broke an indoor rowing record recently Continues to beat Concept 2 records He is 51 and the 20-somethings have trouble keeping up with him  772 lb dead lift Drug free organization About 20 years ago Discus/track & field champion Agrees that you do not need to carbo load before working out or competing Shawn eats meat - ALL the time! Also tries to fight Bro Science in nutrition and sports Those who say "don't eat too much meat" are well-intentioned but misguided This research is based on bad science Ignore the fact that CARBS might be making these peoples' health bad Shawn has muscles for days He is also in peak health condition Part of the "zero carb" movement Extreme ketosis Shawn definitely does receive hate mail It's pretty polarizing, but he tries to laugh about it If you tell people we should eat meat like we have been for the last millions of years, people attack you! The epidemiology that says eggs and meat will give you disease is awful work The research that "supports" such hypotheses is cherry-picked and ignores variables that actually cause disease, such as sugar intake and the like No direct association Ex: you get a sunburn from eating ice cream Our bodies do not require carbs Our body can turn fats and proteins into glucose Fiber is also not a necessity Can be helpful depending on what your diet looks like  Fun fact: Shawn has smaller bowel movements, as do most who are low/no-carb because you are using up more of your nutritious food, and there is less waste!
Jan 13, 2019
The Raw Food Diet Doesn't Work - Episode 1232
: Episode 1232 - Listener Chris Jannuzzi (CJ) joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk his weight gain and weight loss journey, his raw food diet attempt, ultra events, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club RAW FOOD, ULTRA EVENTS, AND WEIGHT LOSS Vinnie and CJ had a consult Wanted to ask how to fuel up when dragging in workouts Best piece of advice was to slow the hell down and do it in zone 2 After college, CJ gained a good amount of weight  Ended up 235+ lbs at 5'8" Could afford to lose 50 or more  Ate like a teenager, wasn't really exercising He played a lot of golf when he started to lose weight the walking helps, but drinking beer and eating hot dogs doesn't Exercise is a poor way to lose weight  CJ tried out the raw food diet Vegan by nature Tried it to lose weight  Didn't cheat for about 6 weeks Realized how incredibly unsustainable it was Even in ultra events, there is so much sugar being consumed People still have fat around the middle And, they poop their pants during the races CJ found this trickling sugar thing did not help him lose weight  He was a middle of the packer Would have 12 bottles of gatorade over a 6 hour bike ride STRAIGHT sugar  The two met at Carolla's guac competition CJ was almost a Type 2 diabetic before finding Vinnie 
Jan 12, 2019
'Fat: A Documentary' State of the Union - Episode 1231
: Episode 1231 - Filmmaker Peter Pardini joins Vinnie to discuss 'Fat: A Documentary' progress, buying real food, his own weight loss journey, distribution, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F Bomb FAT: A DOCUMENTARY We are receiving lots of questions about the doc This doc is great because it's so straightforward One of the things it focuses on is the importance of real food It's hard to find high quality and affordable food However, not going out and eating crap will save you some $ in many places  We don't hammer doctors in this doc However, we do discuss how little they know about nutrition Most doctors learn close to nothing in med school about nutrition, so they just default to the SAD This doc is not a "Eat NSNG" video - it's not promotional like that Doctors never explain why fat causes heart attacks Largely because there isn't sound, clear science behind this Most nitrites you eat come from vegetables Peter has personally lost the most weight cutting down on vegetables  Movie is done! Just putting all of the names from the Indiegogo in the credits! We are looking to distribute this wide-scale In talks with many different distributors Have to cut through all the BS Law firm looking through contracts, vet distributors, etc. We will come out with this documentary as soon as we can! WE ARE STILL TRYING TO RAISE A FEW MORE THOUSAND DOLLARS TO USE TOWARDS THE MOVIE. WE MAY HAVE NEW PERKS COMING SOON, TOO, AND WE HAVE OLD ONES AS WELL. PLEASE DONATE HERE! IT ALL ADDS UP.  
Jan 11, 2019
Commercialized Christmas - Episode 1230
: Episode 1230 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie today and the two talk restaurants, gun clubs, commercialized Christmas, and more on this Wednesday show.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club  COMMERCIALIZED CHRISTMAS This podcast was recorded on New Years Day! Vinnie is not a fan of Christmas This is because it's so commercialized Horrible for those kids whose families do not have money Vinnie would feel guilty when he got a bike and kids he played sports with got nothing  Also hard for people without family, depressed people, people who set resolutions they do not meet   
Jan 09, 2019
BS Best Diet Rankings - Episode 1229
: Episode 1229 - Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk beautiful famous women, stretching, 2019 US News best diet rankings, Fat Doc fundraising, and more on this Monday episode. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F-Bomb Promo code vinnie on your first order BEST DIET RANKINGS US News and World Report ranks diets each year Check out this year here  First, these are all diets Changing your diet should be changing your lifestyle Don't consume the lies of companies like Weight Watchers  They say this is the best commercial diet plan Also best weight loss diet This is BS WW only has ~2% rate of people keeping the weight off - this is how they make money, people fail and come back  It's just CICO and if you keep doing it, you'll be starving yourself and get sick  Atkins has better results Lose 10 lbs over WW 6 in the same time frame This says low carb is not sustainable This is BS It IS sustainable, and many of you are the proof PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE TO THE FAT DOC HERE! EVERY BIT COUNTS.
Jan 07, 2019
The Importance of Unwinding - Episode 1228
: Episode 1228 - Vinnie and Gina talk determination, the importance of unwinding, the outdoors, and more on this episode of Sunday School. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club DETERMINATION Success requires determination Vinnie and Gina have both worked very hard to be where they are in life For example, Vinnie recorded 6 podcasts in this one day! IMPORTANCE OF UNWINDING Hard work, however, can be taxing Unwinding is very important For Vinnie, this means going camping in Mammoth and hiking for a couple of days Gina has the same outdoor bug She relaxes a couple of ways 1. Sometimes, she's a couch potato 2. Other times, she goes to places like Joshua Tree She LOVES the desert Likes to go glamping Unwinding for Vinnie can also mean strenuous exercise Climbing Whitney, for example
Jan 06, 2019
Natural Body Building with Steve Park - Episode 1127
: Episode 1127 - Body builder Steve Park joins Vinnie this Saturday for his fourth appearance on this podcast, and his first appearance in over a year and a half. The two talk model planes, natural body building, the harm of steroids, Fit competitions, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club NATURAL BODY BUILDING Check out his most recent appearance from May of 2017 here! Check out his first appearance from 2015 here Steve is a body builder  His story isn't one of huge transformation like many who come on this show Not the sort of fitness success we celebrate so much He is a natural body builder Doesn't take any steroids, substances that are not natural  He doesn't want to cheat the system or the sport  It wouldn't be too hard to cheat, but it's a moral thing for Steve (and a health thing, too) Many of these people who used steroids, etc., look awful now You'd never think they were body builders once  It really ruins your body Lots of these folks die young  In the old days, body building diet was essentially NSNG Lots of high fat protein and veggies Very little carbs and supplements  Many people who use harmful compounds don't understand what it's going to do to their body There are now such things as Fit Competitions - just about looking good Mostly women Some of them look totally different two weeks before a competition Not only damaging for your physical health, but for your mental health, too Many ask if they can look the same year round if they go NSNG The answer is YES! You may have slightly less muscle definition, but it is possible, and healthy!
Jan 05, 2019
Vitamin Depletion & Food Costs with Dr. Folta - Episode 1226
: Episode 1226 - The wonderful Dr. Kevin Folta joins Vinnie for his second appearance on this podcast, and the two talk GMOs, vitamin depletion, the expense of healthy food, herbicides, and more on this Friday episode. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F-Bomb Promo code vinnie on your first order DR. KEVIN FOLTA Dr. Folta has been studying DNA manipulation since he was a kid He is a GMO expert Has a PhD in molecular biology Works largely in horticulture (runs the department at UF) This is his second appearance on this podcast - check out his first here! GENETIC MANIPULATION OF FOOD Now, we can provide more fruits and veggies nearly all year round This is a score for public health in general Not really a thing when Vinnie and Dr. Folta were kids  Organic is still a production system - something can be GMO and organic For example, still using insecticides, just different types Genetic engineering is actually changing the DNA in the lab Add resistance, other things Genetically modified food can be good! People don't really understanding genetic modification Assume it's evil when it can be good It's not so black and white  Genetic modification is going into human beings - this is the more controversial subject Dr. Folta thinks we are close to being able to prevent things like heart disease predisposition, etc.  We do allow technology to change (and improve) the lives of people  This can be a good thing, if done responsibly! Many of those people who rail against GMOs unknowingly promote other genetically modified foods, like soybeans  The plant itself has been genetically modified, so ALL soybeans are thus modified from their original form Similarity in wheat - the book Wheat Belly focuses on this  Sugar cane is awful for the environment Genetically modified sugar beets are much better for the environment However, people rail against sugar beets and promote damaging sugar cane VITAMIN DEPLETION GMO's can address vitamin depletion that many experience We have gone away from fresh fruits and veggies and vitamin-rich meats with the SAD Resultantly, we eat the wrong kind of calories People more and more lack essential vitamins and nutrients in their diets Part of this is because vitamin rich food is expensive People making the rules can afford these foods Poorest people cannot, and they also have the highest rates of metabolic issues 
Jan 04, 2019
Demonizing Meat - Episode 1225
: Episode 1225 - The beautiful Serena Scott Thomas joins Vinnie for the first episode of 2019, where the two talk beef tallow, nitrates & nitrites, the psychology of veganism, demonizing meat, the recent Tortorich Fat Doc screening, and more this Wednesday. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club TALLOW Adding tallow is a great way to add more fat to your meal Vinnie will sometimes cook burgers with it  Rendered bacon grease is also good Vinnie doesn't refrigerate his, so don't worry if you don't, too DEMONIZING MEAT Nitrates and Nitrites are not bad like they're made out to be Largely a marketing scheme People believe these are bad because militant vegans have come out saying these cause cancer, other ailments These studies are largely funded by dirty money This is one way to go out of meat Vegans always looking for ways to demonize any animal products Eggs DO NOT cause diabetes Milk and cheese and the like is not just puss     
Jan 02, 2019
Happy New Year From the NSNG® Gang! - Episode 1224
: Episode 1224 - Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk car sales, Vinnie's childhood friends, NSNG® drinks, New Years Resolutions, blogger BS, wish you a Happy New Year, and more!  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F Bomb NSNG ® DRINKS Want to make sure you don't have added sugar Anna's new book will have an Old Fashioned NSNG style Best to have unflavored distilled liquors You can also muddle - though this is a bit sugary, it's much better than other crap Spiked coffee (vodka, rum) is always a good option NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS Better to set goals in Vinnie's opinions Make a list of some things you will DEFINITELY do! Make plans to do them! We talked about some of this on a recent podcast For example, Vinnie will be climbing Mont Blanc in 2019 That being said, go CLEAN again TODAY Clean the crap out of your house! Get back on the wagon ASAP - don't keep stalling because you gave into your cravings this month Make your house your NSNG® 'safe space'
Dec 31, 2018
Growing Up Shy & Working Hard - Episode 1223
: Episode 1223 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School Episode, and the two talk Gina's childhood, growing up shy, her college career, coming to LA and working for her success and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club GROWING UP SHY Gina is from suburban Kansas  She was kind of goofy but also shy Loved music and performing but was still a bit scared and nerdy Not the "hot chick" in high school like she is now Gina was pretty intimidated by everyone for most of her childhood Life got terrifying in middle school Got much more insecure during this time So overwhelming for her She attended University of Kansas for college! Pursued theater (Hair) was her first production Doing all of this theater and performing helped her come out of her shell Came to LA after and worked radio Gained a lot of strength from this hard work Saw what she was made of and what she was capable of, too Worked crazy hours and drove all around doing very difficult work Success does not come easily most of the time Work hard, you can do it!
Dec 30, 2018
Live HAPPIER Longer with Molly & Angela - Episode 1222
: Episode 1222 - Molly and Angela join Vinnie this Saturday to discuss their podcast, Live HAPPIER Longer, five daily actions for a better life, self-help and more! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club LIVE HAPPIER LONGER Two beautiful women on this show today! Molly Watts and Angela McDade Have their own podcast Live HAPPIER Longer Podcast Vinnie was on that show and wanted these wonderful, positive people on this show They started a company called Five For Life Five easy actions to live a better life Move, Learn, Share, Give, Let Go Being active incredibly important - whatever that means for you Do a little more each day Keep on learning - helps your cognitive function You are NEVER too old to learn Create a more positive mindset around aging Make sure to share yourself with your friends - be social, keep connecting Keep active with your family, community, etc. Particularly important as you age Expressing gratitude incredibly important Very good for brain health, dopamine levels Holding a grudge is not good for you Check out their planner on their site here to help keep track of these daily acts All about really living in life Overall, a fantastic self-help podcast meant to really improve your life Check it out!!!
Dec 29, 2018
Food as Medicine with Ali Miller RD - Episode 1221
: Episode 1221 - Ali Miller RD LD CDE joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk her work utilizing food as medicine, synthesizing allopathic and naturopathic medicine, being a diabetes educator who promotes a specific ketogenic diet, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F Bomb ALI MILLER Ali is a registered dietitian Uses functional integrative medicine Combines allopathic with naturopathic medicine She is also a certified diabetes educator  Those who taught her really tiptoed around low carb diet Check out here books here In conventional institutional medical model, ketosis is not the norm Largely because people first learn about ketoacidosis and assume these things are related (even though they are not) Carbs are NOT essential like many dietitians are taught and then teach She spoke as a keynote in front of many diabetic educators Threw in ketosis toward the end and nobody threw anything at her! There is some acceptance She has been doing keto clinically since 2009 So far, those in this keto world have maintained integrity Ali has a unique approach to keto Food is medicine Nutritional ketosis  It is not just about what we AREN'T eating, it is also about what we ARE Metabolically speaking, quality is most important (chemicals are bad!) Carb control (less than 30 grams), then fat threshold for each person (less about macros, more about eating the right stuff)
Dec 28, 2018
New Years Resolutions - Episode 1220
: Episode 1220 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two talk the late Tony Lynn and his wife Mary Ellen, New Years Resolutions and goal-setting, Andy's new relationship, exciting upcoming plans, and more. We hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Now in the UK Pure Coffee Club NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS Vinnie thinks this can be a good idea to figure at where you're at and where you want to be Andy is hesitant to make resolutions, however he thinks they can be a good opportunity to look both backward and forward Use this time to appreciate all the goodness in your life, while still looking forward to a successful future  Try not to make them about monetary gain, rather about success (happiness, doing well at what you do and loving it), health, etc. A great opportunity to set goals One of Vinnie's goals involves more climbing Mont Blanc next summer, in ketosis Getting Fat Doc out is also top of the list It's done, we are just looking for distributors now!!!
Dec 26, 2018
Heart Health Myths and Obnoxious Vegetarians - Episode 1219
: Episode 1219 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, Christmas Eve, and the two talk "Baby It's Cold Outside", heart health myths, obnoxious vegetarians, Clint Eastwood, gyms and towels, and more! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F Bomb HEART HEALTH MYTHS Compound found in the gut related to heart disease Certain studies say beef has lots of it and it'll kill you This is BS First, most vegetables and fruits have more than TMAO than beef Peas have the most Second, it's not bad at all - in fact, it's good! Trimethylamine N-Oxide Comes to the rescue if you're having cardiovascular issues OBNOXIOUS VEGANS/VEGETARIANS Anna recently went to a restaurant She asked the server for recommendations Server made a face when she said anything with meat Was super judgmental even though the server was technically working for Anna at that point! It's okay to be vegan/veg but don't force your feelings on another like that in such a setting  GYMS ARE EXPENSIVE Anna's gym is going to stop carrying towels You will need to pay extra to get them Gym memberships are so expensive Can be cheaper to buy machinery for your own home You save it in a couple of years because of gym costs  Find some good machinery on ebay A bench and dumbells is really all you need
Dec 24, 2018
You Have to Try in Order To Win - Episode 1218
: Episode 1218 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Vinnie's Christmas beard, the fact that to win, you have to try, even if that means failing sometimes, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club YOU HAVE TO TRY Vinnie had a BB gun that ran out of BBs He couldn't find BBs anywhere so he wrote to the company directly They send him a package of BBs directly There was a whole pound! If you want something, you can't get it unless you try It's okay to fail - you will succeed eventually! Where there's a will, there's a way Don't give up if you want it badly enough
Dec 23, 2018
Transitioning from Professional Athletics - Episode 1217
: Episode 1217 - Listener Sarah Hammer joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two discuss her transition from being a ballerina, a professional athlete, to a normal person, the weight gain that accompanied that, and her weight loss journey. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club SARAH'S STORY Sarah was a professional ballet dancer for 6 years Spent her whole childhood trying to fit a certain look to get a job  Yo-yoed a lot Did a ton of calorie restriction Would go down to 700 calories a day as a 17 year old Was about 5'6.5 and 115 Suffered from a lot of injuries and retired at 25 After she retired, she went back to school Had no transitional support It's tough to go from professional athlete to nothing Losing part of your identity She gained around 70 lbs over 6 years after her retirement Sarah has had a lot of NSNG® success Lost a great amount of weight, looks and feels much better Her fiancé is on board, too, which has been a great help
Dec 22, 2018
Fat Head with Tom Naughton - Episode 1216
: Episode 1216 - Fat Head creator Tom Naughton joins Vinnie for a second appearance on this Friday show, and the two talk the creation of Fat Head and more recently, Fat Head Kids, film distribution, wisdom of crowds, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F Bomb TOM NAUGHTON Creator of the Fat Head doc Was a comedian, decided to get off the road Also a software programmer  Wanted to make a doc on how we treat fat people Watched Super Size Me and was really bothered by it Thought the doc was full of crap Fat Head is his response to this Ate fast food and lost weight Watched what he ate Restricted carbs, limited to ~2000 calories/day Had lots of protein and fat If you haven't seen Fat Head, you need to! As he worked on the doc, he learned more and more about how our dietary guidelines are BS Working on book and movie Fat Head Kids "Things I wish I knew when I was your age" Want to help kids who are fat get thin, and help those that are thin stay thin  We want you to learn to eat correctly now Check out the book here Great for your kids This stuff is wisdom of the crowds Everyone can learn this stuff  Tom is seeing more and more people reject cereal and margarine and things like that  We need to get this ship turned around with documentaries like this 
Dec 21, 2018
Pure Coffee Club's Explorer Series - Episode 1215
: Episode 1215 - Vinnie and Andy host this Wednesday show, and the two talk Andy's holiday party, weekly PVC and PCC tips,  PCC's Explorer Series, coffee tasting, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club ANDY'S HOLIDAY PARTY Andy served several NSNG treats Had a great crab cake Andy also made tuna tartare in cucumber cups There were sweets, but also things like cheese and meats Vinnie got to chat lots of people up! Andy's family attended, too EXPLORER SERIES Sort of like a coffee of the month club Single source coffees - really amazing flavor (Blog Post Here)  Rare, small batches (micro-lot) They will change often You get to try rare, exquisite coffees with unique flavors Currently an Ethiopian Ardi coffee This coffee literally smells and tastes like blueberries A new coffee will be out soon as the next kind for our Explorer Series We're doing this right!
Dec 19, 2018
Making Holiday Drinks NSNG® - Episode 1214
: Episode 1214 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk wild political correctness propagated by PETA, making holiday drinks NSNG®, Vinnie's parents make appearances, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Thrive Market Crowd Cow F Bomb PETA What PETA really wants is for people to not own pets whatsoever They are absolutely off their rockers In fact, they're listed as a shelter - people surrender their pets to them, and PETA puts those animals down We are a society that loves our pets - PETA needs to get over it, or become a big, non-kill shelter Good breeders go AFTER puppy mills  PETA talks about puppy mills like people approve of them - they do NOT Vinnie and Anna agree animals should not be sold in pet stores But eating meat is where Vinnie and Anna disagree Eating meat, particularly when slaughtered correctly, is natural and not wrong MAKING HOLIDAY DRINKS NSNG® During the holidays, there's lots of sugar around Smells of caramel and cinnamon reminds Vinnie of the holidays as a child Starbucks is selling a peppermint latte May seem innocent, but it's full of sugar Anna used to enjoy peppermint mocha lattes from Starbucks 63g of sugar in one cup!!! This is a chemical sh*!storm as well Don't drink this You can make it NSNG at home! Melt some cacao, stir it in Add some pure peppermint Yes, it won't be sweet, but it will get the job done AGRICULTURE Sugar cane is grown in the south Cut the cane and then burn it It's very bad for the environment  Kills and displaces many animals Growing agriculture can be environmentally harmful Same with growing cotton - animals die when they harvest it
Dec 17, 2018
Beauty Products & Being Yourself - Episode 1213
: Episode 1213 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, where the two talk haircuts, expensive beauty products and stocking stuffers, free stuff, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club BEAUTY PRODUCTS Tallulah gets a lot of fun gifts in her stocking every year Vinnie would get little beauty supplies for her stocking There are a million beauty products! They are all SO expensive  Hair products cost an arm and a leg Getting a haircut for a woman is typically exponentially more expensive than a man's haircut  Vinnie doesn't understand the fascination Vinnie just uses pine tar soap in his hair Either way works! Don't let anyone dictate what you wear, how you look You don't need to spend money to be beautiful    
Dec 16, 2018
Treating Epilepsy with a Ketogenic Diet - Episode 1212
: Episode 1212 - The Reynolds family joins Vinnie this Saturday, and they talk the family's transition to a ketogenic diet in order to treat their son, Toby's epilepsy with amazing results, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club REYNOLDS FAMILY Andy, the father, has followed Vinnie on Twitter for awhile Put up a video of his son, Toby (8) playing one of Vinnie's favorite songs on the guitar Vinnie was very impressed Haley, Toby, and Tom They are located in Manchester  TREATING EPILEPSY Toby has epilepsy Lots of brief, absent seizures At one point, he was having about 150 a day The medications, over the four years, made him worse and angry Had to sedate him to send him to school Needed to find an alternative solution Doctors recommended ketogenic diet The whole family is in now eating a ketogenic diet Used to eat cereal and fruit juice for breakfast, pasta and the like for dinner Toby would have more seizures after this breakfast Saw a massive reduction in seizures when they initially reduced glucose (even before ketosis) Omelette, ham, cheese, sausage, cooked in olive oil is the new breakfast Tom still has a little bit of sugar for breakfast, but for the most part it's cut out Now, Toby has around 5 seizures a day, down from 150 Higher the ketone level, fewer the seizures Severity of the seizures has also decreased
Dec 15, 2018
The Vilification of Fat with Dr. Verner Wheelock - Episode 121
: Episode 1211 - Dr. Verner Wheelock joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk the vilification of fat, cholesterol, the cholesterol 10 for 10, government corruption around diet, his book Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake, the growing low-carb high-fat movement, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Now in the UK at Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow Thrive Market F Bomb DR. VERNER WHEELOCK Check him out on Twitter here! He is researching alternatives to dietary guidelines Thinks these guidelines which recommend reduced fat  It is all nonsense If you really look at the evidence of these studies, none of them legitimately lead to the conclusion that low fat is good Britain has similar dietary guidelines to the US Despite this, still tons of heart disease, etc. It's not just about bad science - this is about corruption All around the world, people are willfully ignoring this evidence and discarding it because it does not fit their narratives or line their pockets Has a fantastic book - check it out here  Doctors over-prescribe medications and don't change their patients' diets when just changing diets can save their patients We do not need to be chopping off limbs of diabetics - change in diet can stop this
Dec 14, 2018
PVC In Europe & the Passing of Tony Lynn - Episode 1210
: Episode 1210 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two talk about how PVC is now in Europe, rectified shipping issues, Andy's travels in Asian countries, the recent passing of the wonderful Tony Lynn, and more.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club PVC IS IN EUROPE! Check out our Europe site Everything was looking good HOWEVER Orders weren't coming through shipping properly It is all fixed now, so vitamins were shipped yesterday We apologize for the delay - shouldn't happen in the future Our practice is that orders are fulfilled day of order or within one business day ANDY IN KOREA Taken to a hostess bar Sort of like a speakeasy Businessmen bring out women  They're both married but making out with the girls Andy is stuck with a girl who speaks a little English Turns out, they were all transexual men Andy learned how to get out of these situations from Tony Lynn He was Andy's boss at Playboy Tony sadly passed away a week ago Battled cancer This all happened very quickly Went downhill in a matter of two or three weeks  They were all close friends
Dec 12, 2018
Breakfast is an Unimportant Meal - Episode 1209
: Episode 1209 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two chat about busy Amazon and Eat Happy, following the SAD, the Fat Doc, the fact that breakfast is an unimportant meal, accidental intermittent fasting, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Now available in Europe! Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Crowd Cow Villa Cappelli F Bomb Promo code on your first order: vinnie Check out Keto Crunch and the Fat Bombs on their website! EAT HAPPY Unfortunately, this amazing cookbook is currently sold out  Anna sends them to Amazon relatively often  Sometimes the receiving center is too busy to receive more trucks Back in September, Anna refilled it Anna sent a request asking them to stock more books in preparation for the holidays It was declined She received a PO for 900 books Sent them, then realized it was for the NEW book which is not out yet There are 267 copies of Eat Happy in the warehouse marked incorrectly She keeps calling, trying to get them to restock but they are just too dang busy! Hopefully there will be more books stocked this upcoming Wednesday BREAKFAST IS AN UNIMPORTANT MEAL That oatmeal is healthy is the biggest lie People say it's heart healthy It's not, AND it's gross unless you add sugar into it  The Fat Doc will be discussing how this myth came into being "The most important meal of the day" -- Breakfast -- this is a lie QUAKER OATMEAL came up with this  People throw sugar into yogurt and think it's healthy You are just eating sugar, sadly When people become fat adapted, they find they don't need breakfast at all If you are eating breakfast, make it healthy and actually fueling Bacon, eggs, avocado When you have sugary breakfast, you're hungry two hours later This is not how it should be  Also, there is no such thing as breakfast food! If you want to have food at breakfast time, you can eat ANY type of food - leftovers are great Anna doesn't intermittent fast on purpose - sometimes, just happens She will just have coffee (mostly without cream) and be good to go She will have some eggs if she's going for a run or to a workout class
Dec 10, 2018
Chemicals in Food are Drugs - Episode 1208
: Episode 1208 - Gina Grad AND Anna Vocino join Vinnie on this Sunday School episode, where they talk crazy disease commercials, dangerous McRibs, the fact that chemicals in foods are drugs, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club DISEASE COMMERCIALS There is a medication for everything, and a commercial for every medication They all have silly names Commercials are always ridiculous Kids - don't think you automatically have something wrong with you Also, don't consult the internet if you have concerns - talk to a real doctor if you're actually worried Not every little thing means you're sick CHEMICALS IN FOOD ARE DRUGS There are a lot of unhealthy chemicals in food like McRibs These chemicals, in part, try to make you get hooked to these unhealthy foods In this way, they are addictive drugs Sugar is also a very dangerous drug Avoid all types of drugs - in food, and otherwise Healthy foods will make you feel better than any chemical-y drug 
Dec 09, 2018
Food Critics & Customized Orders - Episode 1207
: Episode 1207 - The wonderful Katherine Spiers, food writer, joins Vinnie this Saturday to talk being a critic, customized food, unhealthy carbohydrates, and more on this episode.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Check out our new European store Pure Coffee Club KATHERINE SPIERS Katherine is a food writer Has written for huge news companies Check out her podcast here Participated in the Guacamole Fest She is not a food critic every time she eats anything She can turn it on or off Doesn't often make it out to the valley where Vinnie lives CUSTOMIZED ORDERS Vinnie often customizes food to make it NSNG In Katherine's experience, many customize their orders and are disappointed by the result Then, they send it back and would much rather enjoy the original  Vinnie lives in dietary ketosis Rarely goes off of this way of eating, even when out to eat Carbs DO NOT help you lose weight They are what you eat to gain girth  The food pyramid is wild  Government nutritional guidelines are to get us to buy certain things 
Dec 08, 2018
Slow, High Resistance Exercise with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio - Episode 1206
: Episode 1206 - Dr. Ben Bocchicchio joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk gyms, proper workout techniques, high resistance exercise, Dr. Ben's program, and more! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club PVC UK! Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Thrive Market Crowd Cow F Bomb Promo code vinnie DR. BEN BOCCHICCHIO Check out his amazing fitness book here  The workouts Dr. Ben specializes in add lean muscle and get rid of fat  There are smart and efficient ways to work out without hurting yourself "Negative" is more effective As in, when you are lowering weights, not raising them, that's when Slow training is the way to get up to massively intense workouts without getting hurt Dr. Ben is also a big low carb guy You CAN lift crazy amounts, have super tough workouts, and succeed low carb Different types of workouts, different benefits  We get lots of benefits from exercise like this Your muscles just MOVE better Better for cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. health  A man after Vinnie's own heart  If you are happy with your results, keep doing what you're doing! Dr. Ben does NOT work out specifically that much High intensity resistance training when he actually does real workouts  Nobody who has tried his program has gotten hurt   
Dec 07, 2018
How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau- Episode 1205
: Episode 1205 - Vinnie and Peter Pardini host this Wednesday show from Sedona, Arizona, and the two talk about Fat Doc progress, PVC's Europe release, the benefits of consults and reducing protein to beat weight loss plateaus, Peter's NSNG® journey, and more.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Check out our new Europe site: Pure Coffee Club FAT DOC They are currently editing Sound mixing, color correcting An amazing sound mixer working on the sound This is why they are in Sedona, Arizona BENEFITS OF CONSULTS People who schedule consults are usually struggling to continue to lose weight She had lost weight, but it came to a stand-still for some time Many aren't gaining, but are plateauing A consult is a great way to snake out the hidden sugars You may think you're eating clean, but sugar hides in so much and Vinnie can help Basically, you go over what you're eating, and there are a lot of little easy fixes  PETER'S NSNG® JOURNEY He isn't trying to cut corners Thought he was eating enough fat Turns out he wasn't He upped his fat intake, it's made a good difference Cutting a little protein also helped him through his temporary stall
Dec 05, 2018
Don't Be Afraid of Fat - Episode 1204
: Episode 1204 - The best voice in podcast radio, Anna Vocino, joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk PVC's Europe launch, The Jersey Shore (hey, @ketoguido), the fact that we should not be afraid of fat, intermittent fasting, and more! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F Bomb Promo code vinnie ! PURE VITAMIN CLUB IN EUROPE You can now order all PVC products in the UK We finally have it set up!!! Visit Thank you to all of our fans in Europe for hanging tight - glad we can now bring these products to you AFRAID OF FAT Something has been getting conflated Peter & Vinnie are working on this Fat Doc Getting closer and closer on it! Peter recently upped the fat and dropped the protein because he was plateauing Now, he is losing weight again He was initially hesitant because people are so scared of fat People eat lean meat and this is NOT IDEAL Your body will TURN protein into sugar!! If you are going NSNG, really do it! Be LOW CAB, HIGH FAT, MODERATE PROTEIN Change the type of meat you eat - have chicken thighs, a rib eye, high fat meats This doesn't mean you can eat limitless amounts of fat!  
Dec 03, 2018
Dangerously Unhealthy Food Fads - Episode 1203
: Episode 1203 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk hurt feelings, freakshakes which are the dangerously unhealthy new food fads, sugar in athletics, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club FREAKSHAKES These are the new thing Milkshakes stuffed with cookie, cake, other desserts 39 teaspoons of sugar, 1300 calories There are about 164 grams of sugar in this This is about what you should have in a WEEK in terms of grams of sugar This messes up your hormones A lot like frappucinos you get in Starbucks They have PURPLE fraps This is worse than dessert and people have it at 9am Just because you're drinking it, doesn't mean it isn't bad for you  If you want to be a world-class athlete, you can't eat this horrible food! Vinnie tried to teach this to athletes when he worked at a high school (high school the Madden's attended)
Dec 02, 2018
Dawson's Philanthropic Holiday Party - Episode 1202
: Episode 1202 - The amazing Mike Dawson joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk Dawson's podcast history, his upcoming philanthropic holiday party, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club DAWSON Dawson does the intro and outro to these podcasts He doesn't really listen to podcasts other than the Adam Carolla Show Neither he nor Vinnie will listen to their previously recorded podcasts  Participated in the first annual national guac fest Check out his Twitter: @DawsAngeles Buy the "Ghost" audiobook here! He's hosting a philanthropic Holiday Party - Dec. 7th - Dawson is hosting Benefitting cancer patients At South Bay Customs  Come with your pockets full and ready to give  $20 at the door Slushi Mangoritas will be flowing Four bands will be performing We have awesome raffle items available 
Dec 01, 2018
Diabetes & Obesity in Mexico with Dr. Juan Franco - Episode 1201
  : Episode 1201 - Dr. Juan Franco joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss the morbid obesity and prevalent diabetes epidemics that are plaguing Mexico and his work fighting metabolic issues.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F-Bomb Thrive Market DR. JUAN FRANCO He is a doctor out of University of Mexico  Works in Tijuana  Dr. Franco makes house calls It is incredibly important for a doctor to understand the environment in which their patients live A shock when he began seeing his patients' homes and lifestyles firsthand  OBESITY IN MEXICO It's a misconception that Mexicans need to/should eat grains Ate primarily meat and fish (protein), then introduced grains and legume Mexicans do not have the gene for diabetes It is a cuisine choice Some Mexicans culturally find it difficult to quit grains It really is a choice - there are good, healthy alternatives to rice and other things Kids in Mexico are being born 10 or 12 lbs because their mothers are pre-diabetic and consuming so much sugar during pregnancy Some young girls develop breasts at a very young age (6 or 7) because of the extra fat and estrogen that comes from grains and sugars This is a symptom of metabolic syndrome The SAD has misinformed America and Mexico, too Economics do play an important role in the obesity issues However, once families learn that moderate protein and high fat is good, people of low-socioeconomic status in Mexico can still make it work! People really do not want to lose tortillas, etc. Juan Franco advises food restriction depending on where people are metabolically 20g of carbs /day for someone very metabolically damaged, as opposed to 60-80g of carbs for a little weight loss It's mainly about making fats a staple food and educating people
Nov 30, 2018
The Fat Documentary Is Onto The Next Step - Episode 1200
: Episode 1200 - Tallulah joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two talk Thanksgiving, Fat Bombs, Vinny G, Fat Doc progress, and the new addition to the Tortorich-Scott Thomas household! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club F-Bomb The new sponsor Tallulah loves this stuff Wants to get some so she can eat them for breakfast on her way to class Promo code "vinnie" FAT DOCUMENTARY This film is currently in the editing stage Need to sound and color correct still This doc is an amazing piece of work Vinnie and Peter are actually in awe of how amazing this is turning out Now, they're trying to get it distributed To do so, the trailer needs as many views as possible Please SHARE WITH FRIENDS and WATCH OFTEN Check it out here or embedded below The film is still costing money to make, so if you're able, throw a couple bucks into the crowd-funder here! NEW PUPPY ADDITION! Vinnie and Serena are picking up this adorable puppy (picture below) today He is a Vizsla puppy His show name will be something like "Sweet Warrior" or "Warrior Chief" Still looking for a good name Some finalists include Duke, Chief, Rambo, and others If you have suggestions or feel strongly about a name for this little guy, take it to the FB group and tag Vinnie, Serena, Tallulah
Nov 28, 2018
NSNG is Affordable - Episode 1199
: Episode 1199 - The lovely Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday and the two talk the recent Thanksgiving holiday, getting back into ketosis after putting lots of life into living, managing finances, the fact that NSNG is affordable, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club  F Bomb vinnie promo-code on your first order Thrive Market Crowd Cow Villa Cappelli NSNG IS AFFORDABLE Some people worry that this way of eating is cost-prohibitive This is part of why Vinnie offers all of this info for free - to make sure it isn't too expensive! Anna's cookbook is very affordable for this same reason Cauliflower mash (in place of potatoes) is very popular and not cost prohibitive! A cheap substitute She offered parsnip mash as another option Someone angrily tweeted at her that it was very expensive to do this - bankrupting! You don't NEED to buy the parsnips If it's too expensive for you, pick something else, like cauliflower or broccoli to mash! This isn't a way of eating where you HAVE to eat certain things if they're too expensive It being expensive is an excuse many use! It is true that often the cheapest food are the least nutritious If you eat this way, you will need less food, for one Additionally, you can find discounted veggies and meats at many stores! You will be surprised how much money you spend on junk snacks 
Nov 26, 2018
Hidden Unhealthy Ingredients - Episode 1198
: Episode 1198 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Thanksgiving and hidden unhealthy ingredients in seemingly healthy foods.  Content warning to parents - Vinnie mentions a derogatory word in this episode in order to explain its origin. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club GINA'S THANKSGIVING All of her family from everywhere is invited to Thanksgiving in LA Kansas City, Chicago, Seattle, Arizona all represented Gina makes some NSNG fare to represent the low carb community Her stuff is always the first to go - it's rich, delicious, and healthy Bacon brussel sprouts, for example Vinnie knows Gina is an AMAZING cook She has a segment on Adam Carolla called "Eat Your Feelings" where she brings an NSNG dish every week HIDDEN UNHEALTHY INGREDIENTS Starbucks now has sous vide egg bites Big step above their cakes Delicious, but still has some bad stuff in it  Chemicals you don't need Adds to the product's shelf life Also designed to make you crave it more Gina used to get eggs at iHop The scrambled eggs and omelettes made her feel bad It's because they put GRAINS in their EGGS! People worry about things like tryptophan in turkey - this is not the enemy! It's the pie, the potatoes, etc. that are bad 
Nov 25, 2018
Hormones and Weight Loss - Episode 1197
: Episode 1197 - Dr. Brian Lenzkes joins Vinnie this Saturday to talk his podcast with fellow luminaries, Dr. Tro Kalayjian and Jason Fung, Low Carb MD, how hormones affect weight loss, cancer and sugar and more.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club DR. BRIAN LENZKES Dr. Lenzkes has been on the Friday show previously as he is a luminary He and Vinnie met at Low Carb USA Check out his Friday show appearance here! Started Low Carb MD Podcast with Dr. Tro Kalayjian, Dr. Jason Fung, and Megan Ramos Listen here! HORMONES AND HEALTH Hormones control weight gain and loss Ghrelin and Leptin Leptin makes you feel full If you eat corn chips, the leptin reaction won't affect you, whereas if you eat a steak it will Too many grains and sugar make your leptin dull, insofar as you need to eat more, and make more to feel full If you keep adding sugar to your system, hard to get better People follow government guidelines, but guidelines don't pay attention to hormones, true health, etc. Insulin response involves hormones!
Nov 24, 2018
Genetically Modified Food with Dr. Kevin Folta - Episode 1196
: Episode 1196 - Dr. Kevin Folta joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk genetically modified food, organic food, the health implications genetic manipulations of foods, and more on this fascinating 1 on 1!  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow F-Bomb Promo code vinnie on your first order DR. KEVIN FOLTA Dr. Folta has been studying DNA manipulation since he was a kid He is a GMO expert Has a PhD in molecular biology Works largely in horticulture (runs the department at UF) GENETIC MANIPULATION OF FOOD There are different ways to do this We can breed certain fruits a certain way, for example, to get the desired effect We can also genetically modify seeds in the lab  Additionally, we can put chemicals on plants while they grow to affect their growth Now, we can provide more fruits and veggies nearly all year round This is a score for public health in general Not really a thing when Vinnie and Dr. Folta were kids  Organic is still a production system For example, still using insecticides, just different types Genetic engineering is actually changing the DNA in the lab Add resistance, other things Genetically modified food can be good! We are starting to grow produce in cities, making them healthy and happy Making this happen is largely what Dr. Folta is working on in his lab People don't really understanding genetic modification Assume it's evil when it can be good It's not so black and white  Genetic modification is going into human beings - this is the more controversial subject Dr. Folta thinks we are close to being able to prevent things like heart disease predisposition, etc.  We do allow technology to change (and improve) the lives of people  This can be a good thing, if done responsibly!
Nov 23, 2018
Reactions to Healthy Eating - Episode 1195
: Episode 1195 - This Wednesday, we are sharing a 'Saturday' success story! Use this as motivation to power through the Thanksgiving holiday, or put some Life into Living and get back on the wagon right after. Listener Haley Rushton joins Vinnie, and the two talk Haley's weight loss journey, emotional eating, reactions to healthy eating, what's in her fridge, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club HALEY'S STORY She is from Nova Scotia Works for a car dealership in communications and marketing  Surrounded by essentially nothing Lonnie in the Facebook group recommended to Vinnie that she be on this podcast! She found NSNG after failure with everything else (all the crap diets) Did Keto for awhile before but ate all the fake sweeteners and didn't have much progress Was still a sugar addict Her dad introduced her to the Facebook group, and she began to see changes Had to get over emotional eating When she doesn't eat sugar or grains, she does not have the emotional food cravings as much Haley has two kids - 1 and 4 She is losing weight in small amounts Currently 5'7", 214 lbs Was 275 a year ago after her second baby  She'll go several weeks really strict, then fall of the wagon There's a big psychological component to it Huge carnivore REACTIONS TO HEALTHY EATING She does not want to live her life centered around food Doesn't lecture others on how to eat or justify her way of eating  She and Vinnie both don't explain to others because people, uninformed, try to fight back  Don't engage with people if they won't listen - they're likely jealous, or too addicted to carbs You don't need to justify your healthy eating to anyone else If it works for you, do it! Make your health your top priority - NOT making other people feel good about how you eat Don't let others pressure you into eating crap in social situations
Nov 21, 2018
Eating and Cooking During the Holidays - Episode 1194
: Episode 1194 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the recent devastating California fires, eating and cooking during the holidays, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market Villa Cappelli Crowd Cow  F-Bomb Try promo code 'Vinnie' for your first order! THE HOLIDAYS It's almost Thanksgiving! The holidays are a good time to do some planned LIL It's not what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Years, but the rest of the year that really matters However, only indulge on those special days (ex: Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Years Eve) and be on the wagon the rest of the time if you can Anna make a nice moist turkey Thaw it out overnight Dry brine it (or wet) Plop it in a waterproof container This will make it juicy Get a turkey with a popper, but also get a meat thermometer (180º) Fairly big bird you can get done in about 3.5 hrs Vinnie enjoys some nice potatoes during the holidays He tries the pie This is when you are supposed to put LIL If you are just getting into NSNG and you have TONS of weight to lose - DON'T DO IT Don't let the cravings come back if you're fairly new to this
Nov 19, 2018
Get Mental Health Help if You Need It - Episode 1193
: Episode 1193 - The amazing Gina Grad joins Vinnie this Sunday for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk how women are beautiful no matter how they dress, the recent Woolsey fire, the mental health crisis, getting help if you need it, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL Women don't need to dress a certain way to be beautiful You are beautiful without makeup, without sweatpants You don't need to be a Kardashian to be  incredibly attractive Serena, for example, wakes up stunning each morning Gina is another woman like this  Men should appreciate women who are confident, even if not all dressed up  MENTAL HEALTH HELP These shootings involve a mental health issue If you feel suicidal or like you want to harm others, tell someone So many others have felt this way, even if you feel alone There ARE people who can help you if you reach out It can be hard to find help, but if you do it, you will be so glad you did Act like your mental health issue is a broken leg - go the doctor, get it fixed
Nov 18, 2018
Getting Your Good Health Back - Episode 1192
: Episode 1192 - Listener Jeryl Hintzsche joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk the Fat Doc, Jeryl's amazing health journey, F-bombs, healthy NSNG meals and 'snacks', and how valuable getting your good health back can be.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club  Pure Coffee Club  GETTING YOUR GOOD HEALTH BACK Became an emotional eater at around 50 That, compounded with menopause, caused her to gain 30 extra lbs to the addition 30 she already had A1C was 10.1 and glucose was 250  VERY high numbers  She found Vinnie because her husband, an athlete, listened to Vinnie  Jeryl wanted to do this the right way - without medicine (5% success rate) She did it Came down 40 lbs Normal A1C (5.1), glucose around 88 Now, she feels young and healthy again You don't need to snack Jeryl doesn't eat super often Eats a lot of meat and veggies when she does eat  "Cheating" is not worth it - you can plan to put "Life into Living", but get right back on the wagon afterwards
Nov 17, 2018
Safe, Healthy Running with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella
[libsyn_podcast id=7321355] : Episode 1176 - Reserve Lt. Colonel Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, M.D., joins Vinnie this Friday for a second appearance on the podcast and the two talk the new sponsor, F-Bomb, healthy running, some running greats, and how to get into barefoot running safely. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Thrive Market  Villa Cappelli F-Bomb new sponsor! Promo code is Vinnie for your first order Crowd Cow DR. MARK CUCUZELLA Doctor Cucuzzella was recently on the podcast - check out his first appearance here! He is a doctor and a runner Doesn't run with shoes sometimes In Boston, he does run with shoes In WV, he often doesn't wear shoes Educated at UVA (like Tallulah), now works in West Virginia Now a professor at WVU An Academic Doctor He is also an Air Force Reserve Lt. Colonel REVERSING DIABETES WITH A LOW CARB DIET A lot of the people in the South, including West Virginia, are obese with diabetes His true passion is trying to reverse diabetes Developed pre-diabetes while running marathons - was eating low fat, etc. Realized there was something he wasn't taught in med school Learned about different particles, different numbers Found LCHF and got much better Ate like crap before learning about the issues of carbs and the benefits with fat When he anecdotally asked on military bases who lost lots of weight and kept it off, it was people who ate low carb who found success Struggled with the ADA who still wanted people to eat LOTS of carbs Against ADA guidelines to prescribe low carb Easier for independent doctors, like Dr. Mark They're backing out of the room slowly, but not fast enough because people are still dying from their guidelines HEALTHY RUNNING Dr. Mark teaches people how to run without hurting themselves in a way that makes them feel better / be healthier Check out his great book, Run For Your Life here If you're a runner and need to talk to a doctor, you can do that online with Dr. Cucuzzella! Vinnie tried his 5-Fingers shoes and was sore the next day This is because he was utilizing parts of his foot he hadn't been with these shoes Good to work into it to avoid this slight strain Not injury, just need to get into it, maybe a bit more slowly next tim Dr. Mark started running barefoot doing it little by little It felt good He could run farther Super slow is the way to start Working out is a great way to clear the brain If you're stressed, running is a really good way to alleviate stress, get some fresh air if you can do it outside Having a lot of pressure on you to run well is dangerous! Zola Budd, for example She coaches now in the US Runs barefoot sometimes, still We don't have any redundancy - we're supposed to use all of our muscles, they all serve a purpose, etc. Barefoot running utilizes more of these muscles  People often wear shoes that are too small for them 
Nov 16, 2018
Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Levels with Dr. Fung
Dr. Jason Fung speaks with Vinnie Tortorich on today's Angriest Trainer podcast concerning the effects of diet and insulin. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Squatty Potty Villa Cappelli DR. FUNG Kidney specialist  Works often with type 2 diabetics -- biggest cause of kidney nephropathy Type 2 linked closely with obesity  Insulin has negative effects  Visit his website here  DONALDSONVILLE People all on tons of meds All have a sugary drink and some awful food in their hands MISUNDERSTANDING OF WEIGHT GAIN Obesity links tons of diseases together Dr. Fung started by asking: What causes obesity? The Aetiology of Obesity Lectures  Sugar is the enemy, not calories  When you eat less calories, your energy expenditure (and thus fat/fuel usage) goes down  You simply get hungrier Takes time to lose the weight  Cortisol is a stress hormone -- encourages getting fat Leptin -- produced by fat cells, regulates how much fat is in the body If you have lots of fat, leptin is released and tells your brain to stop gaining more weight When you are quite fat, your body stops responding to leptin  Secondary hormone -- doesn't pass the causal test  Ghrelin is another one of these secondary hormones No lasting effect so doesn't pass the causal test  FASTING People always ask Vinnie about IM fasting Intermittent fasting should happen every day 3 meals a day -- fast in between literal "break - fast"  Snacks don't allow your body to process everything  Shorter fasts are not enough  Insulin levels not sustainably down  We obsess to much about what we are eating, we need to think about when we are eating 
Oct 23, 2015
Obesity, Hormones, and Triathlons
Vinnie Tortorich and cohost Anna Vocino discuss lack of medication, hormones, and NSNG helping people on this Monday episode of the Angriest Trainer podcast. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Squatty Potty vinnie15 Villa Cappelli  DONALDSONVILLE Vinnie's hometown Last time he visited, he commented how many people were overly obese and all were on at least 3 medications There was initially some backlash, now many are NSNG and getting healthier Vinnie is visiting again soon and will do a show with some NSNGers there  LISTENER DEXTER Listener had food, pain, and other problems  Now, he does cardio, eats healthy, and feels way better He supports NSNG and PVC!  AMAZON WINNER OF THE WEEK Andrea Roberts is the winner She bought period underpants that are stain proof through Vinnie's website  She has also been doing NSNG to help her health issues She will win some NSNG/PVC garb  CREATINE  We get creatine from meat Your body also makes it If you start taking creatine, your body stops making it (bad) If you take anabolic hormones, your body will stop making them SQUATTY POTTY Thousands of click throughs through the website, but no purchases through it All fixed now, go buy your potties!  NICK CICHERCHI (sp) live Cleveland is getting better with progressiveness and health and fitness Gay Games hosted there  Co-author of The Macca Model About Chris Mccormack and MaccaX Triathalon and ultra events  Competition now about personality, but also the confidence to be a business man out of it Calling upon sponsors, etc  Most of the pros show up to these events on their own time  Ironman makes tons of money from these events but does not pay those who place at the top  Chris is still racing but doesn't train like he used to     
Sep 21, 2015
The Obesity Epidemic with Gary Taubes
Gary Taubes makes a second appearance on the Friday edition of the Angriest Trainer podcast with Vinnie Tortorich. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Villa Cappelli Pure Vitamin Club GARY TAUBES & HIS MUST-READS Why We Get Fat: And What to do About It Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health Diet Delusion Gary is a reporter/journalist (NY Times) and a controversial guy, has done one of the best interviews in this podcast's history Writing another book currently -- so is Vinnie!  Went to Harvard, Stanford, Columbia  Ivy League education definitely affected him  VINNIE'S READING Reads incredibly slowly but comprehends way more than the average person Scientific brain -- he doesn't assume, he knows  Ended up allowing him to not pay attention in class, just read the books NUTRITION WRITING He was doing nutritional pieces for science sections  He looked at evidence and saw whether or not it really was supported Gary wrote a controversial article calling out the nutrition world for saying low fat was bad  Initially was researching what caused the obesity epidemic? Two hypotheses: high fructose corn syrup, shift to low fat diets LOW FAT DIETS ended up being the issue, clear in his research Even in the 60's, people weren't fat  In the early 1900s, only ~1/20 people were obese  Only 2 Obese kids in Gary's middle school 60's : baked potato was fattening ; 80's: baked potato was a heart healthy food  At first, people didn't realize that high fructose corn syrup was sugar  When heart health came into question, fat became (incorrectly) bad, and carbs/sugar became (incorrectly) passable  WHY WE GET FAT The general idea is calorie in / calorie out and thermodynamics Just like you can't think of wealth/poverty in terms of money intake vs money spent, you can't think of calories that way either  We secrete insulin in response to our carbohydrate intake 
Aug 14, 2015