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By Nils Smith and Nick Runyon

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Social Media Church is a podcast for conversations with church leaders about social media, website strategy, and online trends.

Episode Date
What the Church Can Learn from Western Union with Charissa Carnall: Podcast 268

In this podcast, Samford University’s Social Media Manager, Charissa Carnall, joins host Nils Smith and shares her journey as one of the early adopters of social media. Having worked as Global Community Management Lead at Western Union, a Fortune 500 company, she recalls the struggles of introducing social media, and learning the importance of branding, authenticity, and being relational on different platforms in the process. Charissa and Nils also discuss valuable insights and strategies for ministry leaders today.


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Show Notes:

Charissa Carnall

Charissa Carnall Twitter

Charissa Carnall LinkedIn

Nils Smith

May 14, 2019
Cryptocurrency for Churches: Podcast 267

In this episode, Nils Smith and Nick Runyon are together to talk about one of the most confusing, overwhelming, yet exciting topics today–cryptocurrency. Nils and Nick address questions about why blockchain technology should matter to nonprofit organizations, especially churches, and share its advantages and disadvantages to a church’s  mission, and more.


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Show Notes:

Crypto for Good in Amazon


Nick Runyon

Nils Smith

Apr 08, 2019
Cryptocurrency for Churches: Podcast 267

In this episode, Nils Smith and Nick Runyon are together to talk about one of the most confusing, overwhelming, yet exciting topics today–cryptocurrency. Questions on why this new technology should matter to nonprofit organizations, especially churches, its advantages and disadvantages to a church’s  mission, and more, are addressed alongside Nils and Nick’s latest book, Crypto for Good: Demystifying Cryptocurrencies for Nonprofits.


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Show Notes:

Crypto for Good in Amazon

Crypto for Good in Dunham+Company


Nick Runyon

Nils Smith

Apr 02, 2019
A Conversation About the Validity and Future of Digital Church Expressions: Podcast 266

In this episode, Jay Kranda, Nick Runyon, Nils Smith and Justin Murff are together for the Virtual Church Gathering to talk about what exactly a virtual church is, how ministries and organizations are handling the current digital expressions, how core principles of the church are carried out in today’s digital context, and more of the challenges and opportunities along with it.


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Show Notes:

Jay Kranda:

Saddleback Church:

Nick Runyon:

CV Outreach:

Nils Smith:

Nils Smith YouTube channel:

Justin Murff:

Mar 05, 2019
Learnings from 3 Million Ministry Conversations Online with Daniel Hall: Podcast 265

In this episode, we’re joined by Daniel Hall, Chief Creative Officer of Echo Global, a contact center for Gospel conversations. Daniel shares his learnings from their three million ministry conversations online and discusses with Nils the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-life communication, as well as digital opportunities for ministries and churches today.


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Show Notes:

Daniel Hall Facebook:

Daniel Hall Twitter:

Echo Global:

Echo Global on YouTube:

Echo Global App:

Feb 15, 2019
The Future of Digital Radio with Yvonne Carlson: Podcast 264

In this episode, we’re joined by the Director for Digital Strategy and User Experience (UX) of Moody Radio. Nils and Nick discuss with Yvonne the unique work she is doing at Moody Radio and more strategies as they look into what lies ahead in the digital world.


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Show Notes:

Moody Radio

Moody Bible Institute

Yvonne Carlson LinkedIn

Yvonne Carlson Facebook

Yvonne Carlson Twiiter

Yvonne Carlson Instagram

Fellowship of European Broadcasters

Dec 20, 2018
The Vlogging Pastor Trey Van Camp: Podcast 263

In this episode, we’re joined by the “vlogging pastor” of Passion Creek Church, Arizona, Trey Van Camp. Nils and Trey talk about Trey’s humble beginnings, the creative process he takes for his vlogs, and more about the “Vlog Your Ministry” course he is launching especially for pastors–plus a FREE video training announcement at the end of the podcast!


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Show Notes:


Vlog Your Ministry

Vlog Your Ministry Cohort

Trey Van Camp Website

Trey Van Camp YouTube

Trey Van Camp Facebook

Trey Van Camp Twitter

Trey Van Camp Instagram

Trey Free Video Training

Dec 06, 2018
Catching Up with Jay Kranda and Talking About Churchome Global: Podcast 262

In this episode, we’re joined by long time friend of the SMC Podcast and the Online Pastor of Saddleback Church, Jay Kranda. Jay and Nils discuss online church communities, the Churchome Global app, and the opportunities and challenges that come along with these.


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Show Notes:


Jay Kranda Website

Jay Kranda Facebook

Jay Kranda Twitter

Jay Kranda Instagram

Jay Kranda YouTube

Churchome Global

Nov 22, 2018
Getting Started as an Online Campus Pastor with Aaron Magnuson: Podcast 261

In this episode, we’re joined by a long-time online friend and the new Online Campus Pastor of CCV SoCal, Aaron Magnuson. Aaron shares with us the ministry opportunities made available through social media and technology, and his plans to maximize these resources in his new role.


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Show Notes:


Aaron Magnuson Facebook

Aaron Magnuson Twitter

Aaron Magnuson Instagram

Aaron Magnuson YouTube


Nov 14, 2018
Growing as a Creative with Phil Cooke: Podcast 260

In this episode, we’re once again joined by my good friend, media producer, consultant and author, Phil Cooke.  Phil shares with us significant steps that are key to getting the most out of creativity and has a special surprise announcement toward the end of the episode.


You can also check out Podcast 246 Leading Creatives with Phil Cooke:


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Show Notes:


Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke Facebook

Phil Cooke Twitter

Cooke Pictures

Unique Creative Planner

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

Think Like an Artist: and Lead a More Creative, Productive Life by Will Gompertz

Nov 06, 2018
Are Facebook, Google and Apple Friends of the Church?: Podcast 259

In this episode, Nick Runyon and Nils Smith talk about three of the biggest leaders in the technology space todayFacebook, Google and Apple, and look into whether they are “friends” or “enemies” of the church, and more about what roles they play for churches to thrive.


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Show Notes:

Podcast 248: Building Faith-Based Communities through Facebook Groups with Nona Jones & Bishop Walker




Oct 31, 2018
Intersecting Art and Analytics with Robert Rouse of Viz.Bible and Nick Runyon: Podcast 258

In this episode, analytics consultant and creator of Viz.Bible Robert Rouse joins Nick Runyon as they talk about how the concepts of data visualization and business intelligence play huge roles in churches and ministries today.


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Show Notes:


Robert Rouse Twitter


Viz.Bible Facebook

Faith Leads Tech Conference 2018

Oct 09, 2018
The Future of Alexa and Artificial Intelligence with James Poulter: Podcast 257

In this episode, innovation marketing consultant James Poulter joins Nils Smith as they take the discussion of Alexa further into the roles, opportunities and challenges posed by artificial intelligence in churches and ministries.  


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Show Notes:



Amazon Alexa

James Poulter

James Poulter YouTube

James Poulter Instagram

James Poulter Facebook

James Poulter Twitter

James Poulter Linkedin

The Church of England Digital Labs

Lego Duplo

Oct 03, 2018
Kenny Jahng’s Takeaways from the Grow with Video Conference: Podcast 256

In this episode, Kenny Jahng joins Nils Smith and shares his takeaways from the recent Grow with Video Live Conference with our friend Sean Cannell in Las Vegas.  Learn about the value of video and why investing in it matters significantly in the growth of ministries.


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Show Notes:


Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng Twitter

Kenny Jahng Facebook

Kenny Jahng YouTube

Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell Twitter

Sean Cannell Facebook

Sean Cannell YouTube

Justin Khoe

Justin Khoe YouTube

Sep 25, 2018
Catching up with Social Media Church Legends DJ Chuang and Kenny Jahng: Podcast 255

In this episode, Social Media Church legends DJ Chuang and Kenny Jahng join Nils Smith as they revisit what online churches were five years ago, and what they are today. Learn about the significant trends, changes and challenges in the world of online churches, and how they are valuable to you and your ministry as well.


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Show Notes:

DJ Chuang

DJ Chuang Twitter

DJ Chuang Facebook

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng Twitter

Kenny Jahng Facebook

Church Online Platform

TV App

Sep 05, 2018
Learning from Facebook Part 2: Podcast 254

In continuation to the podcast on Learning from Facebook, Nick Runyon shares the remaining ten out of the 20 learnings he gained from his recent visits to Facebook’s California and Texas offices. Learn more about how these insights can help you and your ministry thrive.


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Show Notes:

Learning from Facebook Part 1

Building Faith-Based Communities through Facebook Groups with Nona Jones and Bishop Joseph Walker

Aug 14, 2018
Learning from Facebook Part I: Podcast 253

Join Nick Runyon as he shares the first ten out of the 20 learnings he gained from his recent visits to Facebook’s  California and Texas offices. Learn what these insights mean especially for you and your ministry.


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Show Notes:


Building Faith-Based Communities through Facebook Groups with Nona Jones and Bishop Joseph Walker

Aug 07, 2018
Social Media Trends and the Next Generation: Podcast 252

While Facebook continues to grow globally, younger generations are spending more time on other platforms. Join Nils and Nick in this podcast as they share opinions, trends and tips on how social media can be utilized, especially by ministries, for the coming generations.


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Show Notes:


Teens, Social Media and Technology by Pew Internet

Jul 03, 2018
IG TV is Here & What This Means for Your Church: Podcast 251

Instagram has made some noise this week with its unexpected launch of IG TV. Join Nils and Nick in this podcast as they talk about what opportunities IG TV provides churches with and where this might lead us.


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Show Notes:


Instagram App

Instagram TV Launch

Jun 22, 2018
Engaging with People on Social Media Conversation with Autumn Miles: Podcast 250

For Autumn Miles, social media is home. In this episode of the podcast, Nils and Nick are joined by Autumn Miles in a conversation about how social media can be used as an avenue to reach people for Christ and meet the needs of those who need Him most.


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Show Notes:


Autumn Miles Website

Autumn Miles Facebook

Autumn Miles YouTube

Autumn Miles Instagram

Jun 12, 2018
Discerning Your Calling Conversation with Stephen Baldwin: Podcast 249

Being in this world, but not of it this is what well known Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin is driven towards. Listen to Nils Smith and Nick Runyon as they talk with Stephen about how he presses forward in his 10-year ministry, charity and other Christ-centered initiatives with boldness.

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Show Notes:

Stephen Baldwin



Heaven How I Got Here, A Night With the Thief on the Cross

Jun 06, 2018
Building Faith-Based Communities through Facebook Groups with Nona Jones and Bishop Joseph Walker: Podcast 248

In this episode of the podcast, Nils and Nick are joined by Nona Jones of Facebook’s faith-based projects and Bishop Joseph Walker of Mt. Zion Church in Nashville. Listen as they talk about an exciting project they are launching in making technology and faith communities work together towards building the Kingdom.


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Show Notes:


Nona Jones Facebook

Nona Jones Linkedin

Open Door Ministries Facebook

Bishop Joseph Walker

Mt. Zion Nashville Website

Mt. Zion Nashville Facebook

Mt. Zion Baptist Church App

May 29, 2018
Podcast 247 The F8 Debrief: The Latest with Facebook

The recently-concluded F8 Conference has given us a look into Facebook’s incredible innovation, improvement and features to look forward to. In this podcast, Nils Smith and Nick Runyon, together with guests Justin Dean, Holly Tate, Kenny Jahng and more talk about the future of Facebook for ministries and churches amidst these changes.


Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

May 23, 2018
Leading Creatives With Phil Cooke: Podcast 246

Phil Cooke, co-author of “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back”, joins Nils, Nick, and Chad in a conversation about his newly launched book and shares some tips for creatives and Christians as they engage on social media.


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Show Notes:

Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke Twitter

Phil Cooke Facebook

Phil Cooke Instagram

Phil Cooke LinkedIn

Phil Cooke YouTube

Phil Cooke Vimeo

Apr 03, 2018
A Conversation with Casey Helmick about Getting Started with Social Media : Podcast 245

From creating a website that featured local photography in a small town in North Carolina to now being a top innovator in social media and digital marketing, Casey Helmic reveals the ‘most important-least important’ principles and practices in social media and talks about how they can be valuable to your organization today.


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Show Notes:


Casey Helmick Facebook

Casey Helmick Twitter

Casey Helmick Instagram

Casey Helmick Linkedin

Casey Helmick Website

Mar 27, 2018
Debating Mobile Apps and Church Websites with Brady Shearer: Podcast 244

We have 168 hours each week with an average of one hour spent at a church service on Sunday, but how do we seize the remaining 167 hours for our churches to make a greater impact? In this podcast, Brady Shearer, creator of Pro Church Tools and Nucleus, joins us in an in-depth conversation about the practicality and power of mobile apps and church websites today.


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Show Notes:

Brady Shearer

Nucleus Websites

Pro Church Tools Website




Pro Church YouTube

Mar 22, 2018
Talking Facebook Groups with Katie Allred: Podcast 243

Katie Allred shares the story of how she started the Church Communications facebook group and how she gained nearly 16,000 members just two years into it. Nils Smith and Nick Runyon also take the opportunity to discuss how Facebook groups provide a great opportunity for every church.


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Show Notes:


Church Communications


Mar 13, 2018
Foundations of the First Virtual Reality Church: Podcast 242

D.J. Soto, founder, and pastor of Virtual Reality Church shares with us his story on how the first VR Church came to life. Nils Smith and Nick Runyon also discuss some of the most controversial questions about the future of the church in a virtual reality world.


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Show Notes:


Virtual Reality Church

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Mark Zuckerberg

Tim Lucas

Liquid Church


Life Church

Wired - VR Church

NBC Network

Samsung Gear VR





Feb 20, 2018
Getting Ahead of Vine 2: Podcast 241

Vine gained so much popularity during its first release in 2013. The sensational app garnered over 200 million active users, yet, it was discontinued by 2016. In December 2017, Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the original app, has announced its comeback with him working on Vine’s successor.  


In this episode, Nils and Nick talk about the possible opportunities the upcoming app can bring and how churches can prepare for its launch.


Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:




Feb 08, 2018
Talking Big Data with Matt Engel: Podcast 240

Churches are missing so many data points and opportunities to use this data to better impact their local communities. This data can be the key to revealing unseen issues, giving a more realistic picture of the needs of your church community.

In this episode of the podcast, Nick Runyon interviews Matt Engle from Gloo sharing the benefits of a systematized process around data in both organizational and church settings.


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Show Notes:

Matthew Engel

Leadership Network


Net Promoter Score


Feb 08, 2018
Adjusting to Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes: Podcast 239

"Expect to see more from your friends, family, and groups, see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.. encouraging meaningful interactions between people." - Mark Zuckerberg

In this episode of the podcast, Nils and Nick share their take on Facebook’s new algorithm changes and will be exploring how organizations should adjust to these changes.


Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast

Show Notes:

HQ Trivia

Mark Zuckerberg





Jan 17, 2018
Big Announcement and 2018 Predictions with Nick Runyon: Podcast 238

Here’s something exciting to start off the year! Nils Smith and Nick Runyon break the biggest news on Social Media Church to date and shares with us their social media predictions for 2018!


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Show Notes:


CV Outreach

Global Media Outreach

Lord Robert Edmiston

National Religious Broadcasters


Google Home

Jan 10, 2018
The Power of Words with Wes Gay: Podcast 237

Good words are worth much and cost little. - George Herbert


Join us in this podcast as Wes Gay, copywriter of Storybrand and Pushpay, unveils the importance of creating a communication system around the critical importance of words and a handful of tips to become an even better copywriter. It might be less complicated than you think.

Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast

Show Notes:


Wes Gay Website


John Maxwell

Bob Goff


Donald Miller



Seth Godin

Scott Harrison

Charity Water

Clay Scroggins

North Point Community Church

Haley Veturis



Dec 27, 2017
Talking Vlogmas with Kenny Jahng of Church Butler: Podcast 236

In this episode of the podcast, my good friend, and regular guest, Kenny Jahng will be sharing with us his experience participating in this season’s social media trend called Vlogmas, and what you can learn from it!


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Show Notes:




Canon SL2

Apple clips



Dec 19, 2017
A Conversation About Our Experience at Museum of the Bible: Podcast 235

In this special edition of the podcast, I will be sharing my recent experience at Museum of the Bible. I also have a special guest (my wife!) joining us for the first time sharing from her perspective as well. This is so much more than a museum and we hope you enjoy our perspective and take our advice!


Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:

Katie Smith

Museum of the Bible

American Bible Society

Jeremy Burton

National Air And Space Museum



Nov 15, 2017
A Conversation about Social Media and Church Planting with Dylan Dodson of New City Church: Podcast 234

How much help is social media for a church planter?

In this podcast, lead pastor of New City Church, Dylan Dodson shares with us his story in planting a church from scratch. From the financial challenges to the nerve-racking discouragements he has faced and how having an online presence has become a must for churches to connect better with people in their community.

Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:

Dylan Dodson FB Page


New City Church

Dylan Dodson Website

Louie Giglio

Justin Dean

Nov 07, 2017
A Conversation with Seth Muse from Hope Fellowship Church and host of Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast: Podcast 233

Why is social media ministry unappealing to some churches?

There are many reasons that some churches stay away from being fully immersed in social media. For some, it’s a lack of understanding and for others, it’s the lack of resources to invest in yet another form of communication. In this podcast, Seth Muse defines the purpose and benefits of social media in church communications and the different roles it plays that will help any church get connected to people on a more personal level.

Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:

Seth Muse


Seth Muse Website

Hope Fellowship Church

Seminary Of Hard Knocks Podcast


Donald Miller

Copy Hackers

Copy Blogger

Amy Porterfield


Oct 31, 2017
A Conversation with Greg Atkinson of about Social Media Secrets from A Secret Shopper: Podcast 232

What is a secret shopper’s job in the field of ministry? How can this improve a church’s overall effectiveness in ministering their communities?

In this episode,  author of Secrets of a Secret Shopper, Greg Atkinson, provides us with practical wisdom on how to maximize your church’s online resources, ways to attract newcomers to your congregation and helpful advice in dealing with ministerial burnout.

Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:

Greg Atkinson


Greg Atkinson Website

Ex-Pastors Website

Full Strength Website

Secrets of a Secret Shopper

Fusion by Nelson Searcy

Louie Giglio

Josh Dowell

Phil Bowdle

Pete Scazzero

Central Christian Church

Cross Point Church

Passion City Church

Gwinnett Church

Westridge Church


Oct 24, 2017
A Conversation with Nick Ovalle from Sandals Church about the Storytelling Church: Podcast 231

In this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast, Nick Ovalle, a former colleague and a good friend of Nils, shares with us how Sandals Church boldly stripped themselves of their trademark and started marketing their ministry through storytelling and funnel marketing. Putting the focus on what really matters while challenging the norm.

Find out more about their noteworthy journey in this new episode. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.

Show Notes:

Nick Ovalle Facebook

Nick Ovalle - The Storytelling Heart


Community Bible Church

David Crowder

Warren Beemer

Justin Pardee

Matt Brown

DJ Chuang

The Wild Library

Stephanie Schaefer

Sandals Church Connect

Sandals Church Watch

Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon

Malcolm Gladwell

Revisionist History Podcast

Andy Stanley

Communicating For A Change

Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

Austin Stone

Brian Mann

Story Clock

Donald Miller

Oct 17, 2017
Catching Up with DJ Chuang about Social Media, .Bible, and MultiAsian.Church: Podcast 230

How effectively do we use social media and other web-based technologies today?

From recording the very first podcasts of the Social Media Church Podcast to battling  depression through utter dependence on Christ and now as a guest himself. Join us in catching up with DJ Chuang as he provides wisdom and practical ways to maximize social media today, online privacy security and top-level domain marketing.

Learn more in this new episode. Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast in your posts.

Show Notes:

DJ Chuang YT

DJ Chuang FB


Multi-Asian Church

Demystifying Prayer

Harvest Bible Chapel

Redemption Bible Church

Oct 10, 2017
A Conversation with That Christian Vlogger Justin Khoe: Podcast 229

What does it take to be a “Digital Missionary”?

Well at least that’s what ‘That Christian Vlogger’, Justin Khoe calls himself. When talking about missions, we usually think of spreading the gospel in some remote area in a third-world country. Justin, however, considers YouTube to be his mission field. This week’s podcast is filled with useful knowledge from Justin Khoe as he shares with Nils Smith all about pastoring an area where God called him to be.

What are your thoughts on YouTube as a mission field? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.

Show Notes:

That Christian Vlogger YouTube Channel

That Christian Vlogger Patreon

Justin Khoe Twitter

Oct 03, 2017
A Conversation with James Eaton of Highlands Fellowship: Podcast 228

How does your online church fit with your local church?

In this week’s podcast, we are joined by James Eaton, Online Director of Highlands Fellowship. James provides us with some wisdom on how to lead an online church and what the end goal for their online church  is. James also shares how an online church can cater to small groups and the services he uses for live streaming.

Is your local church considering going online? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

My StreamSpot

James Eaton 

Highlands Fellowship Church

Highlands Fellowship Facebook Page


Alexa Skill

Sep 26, 2017
A Conversation with Kenny Jahng about Virtual Reality World and Amazon’s New Social Network: Podcast 227

What is the future of virtual reality? Will Amazon’s new social network compete with Facebook?


Our regular guest, Kenny Jahng, answers these questions and more in this new podcast with Nils Smith. Together, they share their experience and insights from their immersive virtual reality (VR) experience at VR World in New York City. Kenny and Nils try to predict the future of VR in churches, like having a quiet time with a VR tour of Jerusalem, or attending an actual worship service through VR in your own home. They also discuss how Amazon’s new social network revolves around and with their actual products for sale.  Is this a threat to Facebook?


Find out more in this new episode. Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast in your posts.

Show Notes:

Virtual Reality World (VR World NYC)

Virtual Reality

Kenny Jahng Twitter

Amazon’s New Social Network Launch:

Church Butler

Sep 19, 2017
A Conversation with Jay Kranda about Podcasting and Alexa Skills: Podcast 226

In this day and age where time is the most valuable commodity, more and more people are starting to appreciate podcasts.

Today, Nils and Jay Kranda tell us how podcasts are becoming more relevant and creating greater opportunities for churches. In this episode, we will also get to know the podcast opportunities beyond just the weekend sermon. is also giving away free Amazon Alexa Skills for ministries. Just sign up at

Find out more in this new episode and share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast in your posts.

Show Notes:

Alexa Skill


CV Outreach

Jay Kranda Twitter

Podcast Statistics of 2017

Sep 12, 2017
A Conversation with Justin Dean about Church PR in the midst of Tragedy: Podcast 225

The recent disaster in our country proved one thing true,our churches weren’t prepared on how or what to communicate in the midst of the storm. While some churches communicated beautifully, others over communicated and some didn’t communicate at all. .


When megachurch pastor Joel Osteen seemed to be silent for a moment in the midst of tragedy, people on social media were quick to attack him for not opening his facility in Houston, Texas to those in need. It turned out only to be not true as it was nothing more than a lack of communication between him and the public. His church was also flooded and he wasn’t able to immediately open the doors and risk doing more harm than good.  Everyone has an opinion on what he should have done and I’m sure if he had a do-over he might have done things different. This podcast is not about Joel Osteen, but it is about what every pastor faced in the midst of this storm when you feel speechless, but the world is looking to your words for comfort and direction.


Needless to say, public relations or PR, can be critical in times like these.In this episode Justin Dean, author of PR Matters: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators, shares with us about the importance of church PR today. Nils and Justin also talk about how churches should respond to disasters and how church leaders should handle crisis situations.


Share your thoughts or questions with us on social media! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast in your posts.


Show Notes:

Book: Church PR: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators

Justin Dean - Twitter

ThatChurch Podcast

ThatChurch Conference

Lakewood Church - Facebook

Joel Osteen - Facebook

Sep 05, 2017
A Conversation with Trent Dunham about Creating a Generous Church Culture: Podcast 224

Talking about money inside the church can be awkward for some but that doesn’t make the topic less important.


There are many lessons in the Bible about giving money to the church and about being generous. But how does a church and their leaders encourage the congregation to be more generous without sounding like extortionists? Listen to this new podcast with Trent Dunham, president at Dunham+Company, as we discuss how to create a culture of generosity in the church.


Find out more in this new episode. Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast in your posts.


Show Notes:


Dunham Fundraising Institute

Trent Dunham Twitter


Aug 30, 2017
A Conversation with Jeremy Burton from Museum of the Bible about Bible Engagement and Innovative Technologies: Podcast 223

The Bible is currently used by more than 30,000 church organizations and denominations in the world. It would seem like presenting the Bible in it’s barest form is impossible without raising theological debates.


Our friends from Museum of the Bible, however, believe they can engage the people with the Bible in a fun, innovative, and educational way. Museum of the Bible invites people to engage with the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Jeremy Burton, Director of Communications for Museum of the Bible, to talk about Bible engagement for all faiths and all walks of life, while using innovative methods to boost social media efforts.


Museum of the Bible is located 3 blocks south of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. and is currently under construction. They will open in November 2017.

Show Notes:

Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible Facebook Page

Jeremy Burton Twitter

Museum of the Bible 360° Virtual Reality Tour

Aug 22, 2017
A Conversation with Arthur Satterwhite from American Bible Society about Project Magellan and Rebranding the Bible: Podcast 222

When you hear the word “rebranding” it usually signifies that something needs to be changed. So if people want to rebrand the Bible, does it mean there is something wrong with the Word of God?

We know that there is nothing wrong with the Bible in itself, the real problem lies on how people perceive the Bible. Many people tend to see the Bible as an archaic text with rules and laws that are harsh, judgmental, and impossible to follow. Others view it as a book that has a lists of do’s and dont’s in life; and when you violate enough of them and you get a ticket to hell. There has been too much familiarity of the Bible in the Western world that it has lost its real meaning to them.

In this week’s episode, Arthur Satterwhite from the American Bible Society joins us in sharing all the reasons why the Bible has to be rebranded and how important it is for people to know the real message of God’s Word and enjoy the goodness it has to offer.


Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

American Bible Society

Arthur Satterwhite - Twitter

Project Magellan

Aug 15, 2017
A Conversation with Joel Southerland about Social Media and Evangelism: Podcast 221

If there is one thing that we keep on hearing from our church leaders who use social media, it’s that “Social media is a tool for evangelism!” - and it’s something that most of us agree with. The rest of the details, however, often do not follow. How exactly do we use social media for evangelism? Do we bombard Facebook with John 3:16’s? Do we create inspirational content and insert hints of the Gospel in them? Or do we just put selfies of our senior pastors on Instagram?

It seems easy to answer but laying out a blueprint for social media use in our ministries isn’t as simple as it appears to be. Joel Southerland joins us in this podcast to answer these questions about social media and evangelism.


How does your church utilize social media? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

Joel Southerland - Twitter
Peavine  Baptist Church - Facebook

Peavine Baptist Church - Twitter
North American Mission Board

Aug 08, 2017
Catching up with Jay Kranda: Podcast 220

Jay Kranda, a good friend and a great leader, has been our co-host since 2015. He’s been quite occupied with a couple of things, both in church responsibility and his personal resource "Healthy Online Church."


One of the updates Jay has for us is their new product offer in Amazon Alexa Skill. They also have a Free Amazon Alexa Skill Giveaway through their Facebook Page.


Nils and Jay also share a conversation about trends and what they do with their social media profiles.

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Show Notes:

Jay Kranda

Healthy Online Church

True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership (Book) Facebook Contest Alexa Skill

Amazon: Alexa Skill

Aug 01, 2017
A Conversation with Jason Caston from iChurch Method about Social Media and New Technology Trends: Podcast 219

Back in the day, our early Christian ancestors only had a few manuscripts and pages of the Bible which they can only effectively use when they’re together. Thanks to advancements in technology, the few rare scrolls became mass-printed books that are now available to everyone who wanted to own and read the Bible. Technology has played an important part in spreading the Gospel of Christ. If it benefited us in the past, why do some people and churches still fear embracing technology? Are we over-digitizing the church? How far is too far? In this new podcast with Nils Smith and Jason Caston from iChurch Method, we’ll be talking about technology trends, social media, and how they have affected the church before and how they are essential today, more than ever.


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Show Notes:

Jason Caston

Jason Caston Twitter

Jason Caston Facebook

Jason Caston Instagram
iChurch Method


YouTube TV

Jul 25, 2017
A Conversation with Sean Cannell of Video Influencers about Vlogging: Podcast 218

Before the general public came to understand the concept of blogs, “vlogs” suddenly came out. This left a lot of people confused and uneasy. What is a vlog? What is it about? How is it different from a blog? In this new episode, we have Sean Cannell of Video Influencers join Nils Smith to tell us that vlogging is not merely converting your written blog to a video format, it opens up a lot more opportunities to connect with people on a personal level and touch lives– one key goal for every ministry. If you’re thinking about starting a vlog, this podcast will be extremely helpful.


Should your church or pastor start a vlog? Should you start one? We’d like to hear from you, use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

Sean Cannell Twitter

Video Influencers

Video Influencers Youtube Channel

Alejandro Reyes Twitter

Jul 18, 2017
A Conversation with CV Outreach’s Chad Hugghins about Messenger Bots: Podcast 217

For some people, hearing the word “bots” scares them. Others, however, see this innovation as a relief and an opportunity to make life easier. In this new episode, Chad Hugghins from CV Outreach joins Nils Smith to discuss how Facebook Messenger Bots can add a whole new array of functions to Facebook's messaging app and how this change relationships between ministries and companies with their users.

Do you think your ministry would benefit from using Messenger Bots? We’d like to hear from you, use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

Facebook Messenger Bots

Christian Vision

CV Outreach

Chad Hugghins Twitter



Jul 11, 2017
A conversation with Rob Peabody of Awaken My City about Technology and Millennial Engagement: Podcast 216

Has your church become culturally irrelevant in your community?


Many churches today have accepted the challenge of doing the Great Commission but many are stuck and don't know how to do it. In this episode, Rob Peabody of Awaken My City, discusses with Nils the importance of leveraging technology for discipleship instead of traditionally fighting against it. Rob emphasizes how it is important for us to identify the culture and strategize from there; in this case utilizing social media and technology to engage with millennials.


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Show Notes:

Rob Peabody Twitter

Awaken Movement

Awaken My City

Jul 04, 2017
A Conversation about Innovation with Kent Woodyard: Podcast 215

This week’s podcast, Nils Smith and Kent Woodyard talk about innovation in church and dig into the core opportunities for churches to technology. Kent Woodyard shares his experience on how he started with Mogiv in San Diego and then to Pushpay as Strat partners to other companies serving churches using technology in leadership, engagement, giving and the likes. He also discusses how Pushpay works in helping the church. Nils and Kent also share their recent experience in Pushpay's Echurch Summit focusing on technology, leadership and communication as the key needs of the church.


What’s your experience with Pushpay? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast


Show Notes:

Jun 14, 2017
Has Facebook Won the Social Media War?: Podcast 214

Facebook has won the social media war! Nils and Jay share their thoughts on how Facebook has topped the social media networks, and name some better things Facebook did and is doing to get way ahead of every platform we are enjoying today. Current Facebook development includes integration of powerful data analytics. Also, Jay shares why he is switching from DirecTV to YoutubeTV.

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Show Notes:





Facebook Adwords

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Analytics



May 31, 2017
Learnings from Facebook's F8 Conference: Podcast 213

How did Facebook win in social media?

Jay and Nils discuss more trends about social media, especially Facebook. Nils recently went to Facebook’s F8 Conference, it’s primarily a conference for developers and people who optimally use the platform. Nils talk about the stuff he learned from the conference. They also talk about the innovations Facebook has done over the years, and Nils also shares his insights about how Facebook has won over social media.

What’s your story about the innovations of Facebook throughout the years? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Facebook Live

F8 Conference


Apr 28, 2017
Breaking Down Facebook Ads for Ministries: Podcast 212

How can church leaders use Facebook for their ministries?

Integrating Facebook as an advertising tool in our church or ministry can create a big impact in connecting and engaging with people and bringing them closer to God.  In this week’s podcast, Jay and Nils talk about Facebook’s two advertising options: Facebook Boost and Facebook Ads. These tools can help church leaders advertise their church’s content or ministries. They also share each other’s insights about the differences between the two strategic marketing options in Facebook. Hear Jay’s and Nil’s strategic advice on leveraging Facebook ads.

What do you think about Facebook ads/boost? Share it to us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast!

Show Notes:


Facebook Boost

Facebook Ads

Facebook Messenger

Apr 05, 2017
A Conversation with Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools: Podcast 211

How do you tell your church ministry stories on social media?

In this episode, Nils Smith is with Brady Shearer from Pro Church Tools. Pro Church Tools is an online platform company that helps churches maximize time beyond Sunday service. They discuss about the questions that are often asked when it comes to accomplishing your church's mission statement not only in the real world perspective but also in the digital world. Nils then throws in a quick question about what social media platform where church leaders can ideally focus on to improve their ministry. Brady also shares his encouraging words for churches to begin sharing their stories.

What stories do you share about your ministry through social media? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Pro Church Tools

Nucleus Platform

Facebook Ads Guide

Brady on Instagram

Mar 29, 2017
A Conversation with Warren Bird from Leadership Network: Podcast 210

Do you believe that social media can boost your ministry?

Nils Smith is joined by Warren Bird from Leadership Network for this week’s episode. They talk about the core trends in social media that are essential for churches and how church leaders can utilize those features. They also talk about the ideas and widely asked questions about online campuses. Lastly, take note of their predictions about the latest trends of social media for churches in the next five years.

What are your Social Media ideas for your church? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:


Leadership Network

Leadership Network Advanced - for newsletters and regular promotions for SMC podcasts

Warren Bird’s Twitter

How to Break Growth Barriers by Warren Bird - for churches of all sizes

Mar 22, 2017
More VR and Facebook Messenger: Podcast 209

Virtual/Augmented Reality and Facebook Messenger are now a trend with their latest updates that are also essential in interacting and connecting people together.

Nils and Jay have been talking about VR for about a year now. But, in this week’s Social Media Church podcast episode, they discuss about the advantages of integrating VR and Facebook Messenger to  your ministry. They also discuss about how the interface of each platform is useful for handling your church ministry.

What d’you think of Virtual/Augmented Reality and Facebook Messenger’s latest updates? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Matt McKee of Circle

CV Outreach

Facebook Messenger


Vimeo 360

Mar 15, 2017
A Conversation with Jeremy Smith of Churchmag: Podcast 208

How can we integrate technology and social media to our churches?


Jeremy Smith of Churchmag joins Nils Smith in this week’s SMC podcast. Churchmag, formerly Churchcrunch, is a place that offers great resources that help churches become more tech-savvy and connect with even more people. Let’s hear their discussion about how churches are progressing with technology and what should be improved with technology and social media for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel.


How’s your church doing with technology? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Churchmag - The #1 Resource for Church Technology and Creativity.

Jeremy Smith’s Twitter

Churchmag’s Twitter

Mar 08, 2017
Analyzing Online Church Models: Podcast 207

Social media is a great way to build an online community where people can connect with each other.


In this week’s Social Media Church podcast episode, Nils Smith and Jay Kranda talk about Online Church Models and how you can promote your Online Church through social media. They also discuss about strategies that are used or can be used by online churches. Jay also shares his insights about his social media prediction!


What strategy are you using for your online church? Share it with us by using our hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:


Facebook Live - a powerful tool for broadcasting your ministry

CV Outreach - awesome partnership for online churches

Mar 01, 2017
Social Media Predictions Interview with Kenny Jahng: Podcast 206

What’s the next big thing in social media over the next few years?

Kenny Jahng, the Pastor of Media and Innovation at Liquid Church,  joins Nils in this week’s podcast as they talk about their predictions on social media. They also discuss how social media was introduced to people, how it was developed throughout the years, and how it could be improved. Moreover, they also identify the differences between social media platforms offering almost the same features as the others.

Do you have your own social media predictions too? We’d love to hear it! Engage with us through #SMCPodcast.


Show Links:


Kenny's Website

Kenny's Twitter

TVApp Church

Church Butler

Check out Kenny Jahng’s insights HERE!

Check out Nils Smith’s insights HERE!

Feb 22, 2017
Building Your Social Media Response Systems interview with Halie Powell: Podcast 205

It seems like Social Media has gone to the next level in terms of communicating and connecting people together. In today’s episode, Halie Powell joins the conversation as they talk about how Social Media platforms are used by different clients and the process of building a response system that suits their brand, target audience, and etc. Nils shares the importance of having that ‘wow factor’ when responding for each platform so that the audience can really feel that they are heard. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!


How do you respond to social media comments? We would like to hear from you! Share it to us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Ideal Social Media platforms for your response system:

Sprout Social a superb platform if you have unlimited budget

Agorapulse is a great option for a more affordable solution

Other alternatives: Buffer, Social Report

Feb 16, 2017
Church Online Funnels: Podcast 204

Jay has been interviewing different church online pastors for a series he has been doing on In this podcast Jay turns the tables and interviews Nils and asks how he would set up a church online today! Make sure you like us on Facebook so you can join in for our Facebook Live streams!

Feb 08, 2017
Instagram Stealing SnapChats Thunder, Spectacles, & Facebook Live on Podcast 203

Nils and Jay use Webinar Facebook Live feature for the first time to capture their podcast. Check out the playback of the event on their Facebook Page! During the Facebook Live event Instagram is taking viewership from SnapChat, Nils shares about his recent purchase of SnapChat Spectacles, also discuss how to fit Facebook Live events into your current social media posting calendar, and update on


Show Links:

Feb 02, 2017
Author of "The Shame Myth” Eddie Park Talks about Social Media Learnings to Publishing a Book

Eddie Park is a teaching pastor at EvFree Fullerton, UCLA grad, CEO of BrainHeartCourage, LLC, author, and many more things. Eddie talks with Jay about the book, his unique tactic of using Facebook Groups, and to promote his new book.


Show Links:


Amazon: The Shame Myth: 7 Steps to Advance in Your Career, Relationships, and Purpose

Check out his YouTube promotional video on the book Jay talked about

Jan 25, 2017
Interview with Beth Debayle about YouTube and Millennials on Social Media: Podcast 201

In today’s episode, Nils interviews Beth Debayle, a Digital Strategist at Dunham+Company.  They talked about how to reach the millennials and how can it be of help to online ministry. Beth also enumerated the materials that she used in making her video along with the process in uploading it on Youtube. Tune in to the podcast and discover strategies that you can use in social marketing!


We would like to hear your feedback! Share us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Links


Follow Beth Debayle on Facebook , Youtube , Twitter

Canon 70D DSLR Camera 

Boom Microphone 

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Jan 13, 2017
Biggest Developments in Social Media : Podcast 200

Innovation has become a massive adaptation for online church. It became the bread and butter of social media church to be known to the world. In the first episode of podcast for 2017, Nils and Jay identified social networks that would extend massive awareness of churches all over the world. They also discussed how some of the predictions they mentioned in the last episode were realized. Tune in to podcast and see what are the things that you might learn this year!


We would like to hear your ideas and experiments! Share us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:


Instagram stories, stickers, time and location

Go live on Instagram stories

Snapchat is the new VLOG

Facebook Messenger is innovating, has integrations

Snapchat Spectacles - Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Wearables Technology - core people are high users, market-wise - created awesome solution for churches

3 social networks that church should focused on : Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

Offshore Outsourcing has a great impact in social media church

Twitter will be the next adaption of churches to invest

Jan 07, 2017
Looking Back on 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017: Podcast 199

2016 was a tremendous year for online church. It became known through social media and paved its way on fully strategizing churches all over the world. In today’s podcast, which would be the last episode for 2016, Nils and Jay did a flashback on the milestones of the online church ministry. They also talked about predictions on what will happen to social media in the year 2017. Tune in to the podcast and see what’s in store for you this 2017!


We would like to hear your learnings and forecasts too! Tell us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Launch of new course : Free 60 minute course Social Media Church University Courses , basic courses and snapchat courses

Predictions in 2017

Social Media’s Live video

Facebook TV and Integrate Facebook Live

2016’s Social Network is Instagram

2017 forecast Social Network - it is said that Snapchat will beat Instagram


Podcast networks


Dec 22, 2016
Christmas Tech Gift Ideas: Podcast 198
With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to be finalizing which gifts to give to everyone. In this episode, Nils and Jay talked through a lot of perfect tech gift ideas. They give insightful reviews of gadget specifications and some tech ideas you might want to consider before buying a gift for important people in your life. Tune in to the podcast to grab some Christmas tech ideas!  

We’d love to hear YOUR Christmas tech gifts ideas, too! Tell us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:


RICOH VR Camera 

Flexible Tripod for iPhone, for GoPro 

Multi-material 3D printer  

Nintendo MINI NES 

UDI U818A quadcopter 

Circle with Disney 

Amazon Echo Dot 


Dec 15, 2016
Pacing with Culture and Facebook’s Donate Button: Podcast 197

Amazon’s announcement of grab-and-go stores sparked several conversations around technology changing ways of living and their possible effects. In today’s podcast, Nils and Jay share their thoughts on a couple of recent tech updates and on how pastors and churches respond to these changes. They also talk about the pros and cons of Facebook’s Donate button. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!

To engage with the show and the hosts, use the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Amazon announces new grab-and-go grocery stores with no cash registers

Elon Musk: Jobs will be taken by robots

Hardcore History Podcast

Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast

Donate Button--Fundraising tools for Nonprofits on Facebook

Free Church Online Course

Dec 10, 2016
The Election, Social Media and the Church: Podcast 196
Nils and Jay are back after a hiatus in the Social Media Church podcast! In this podcast,they share their thoughts on last week’s Election in connection with social media and the church. They also talk about a couple of recent updates around social media. Tune in to the podcast!
Engage with the show or suggest a future topic using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Links:

Search your community to see what’s being talked about with Twitter Search

Apple rumored to get into AR business

New to Instagram Stories: Boomerang, Mentions and Links

Log on to TVApp.Church

Nov 18, 2016
Reaching this Generation with City Rising Church LA: Podcast 195

Jay talks with the lead pastor of City Rising Church LA Brandon Lyons. They talk about what it looks to plant a church in 2016, how to deal with current social topics on social media, and some pointers to developing a community communication plan and internal communication plan.

Visit the City Rising Church website & follow Brandon on Twitter.

Oct 20, 2016
Facebook Workplace, Marketplace & Donations: Podcast 194

This week, Facebook introduced Workplace. Nils and Jay share their thoughts and reaction to this new update as well as their experience with some other new updates around Facebook including Marketplace, Facebook for Nonprofits, giving on Facebook and Facebook Live. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!

We love hearing from you! Use the hashtag #SMCpodcast to engage with the hosts or suggest a future show topic.


Show Links:

Sign up for Facebook Workplace

Facebook Marketplace

Charitable Giving in Facebook

Key Ministry on Facebook

Facebook for Nonprofits

Oculus Live Demo

Mark Zuckerberg’s Live Barbecue

Oct 12, 2016
Click Funnels for Ministry: Podcast 193

Nils and Jay talk about Click Funnels--a tool that combines all other tools used for online marketing--and how ministries can utilize the conversion process to achieve goals.They go over the Click Funnels method and technology, Jay’s experience using the tool in ministry and a little bit about recommended TV shows to watch. Tune in to the podcast!

To engage with the show, ask questions and share what you think, use the hashtag #SMCpodcast.


Show Links:

The Profit (TV show)

Starting a small group at Saddleback

Check out Jay Kranda’s website

Oct 05, 2016
Analyzing the Presidential Debate, Snapchat Spectacles & A Wild Card Question for Jay: Podcast 192

Jay and Nils take a social /tech perspective to review last Tuesday’s Presidential Debate and they discuss Hillary and Trump’s conversion funnel and social media strategies. They also go over TVApp Church updates, Snapchat’s name change, “Spectacles” and Jay answers a hot-seat question. Tune in to the podcast! To engage with the show, use the hashtag #SMCpodcast.


Show Links:

Visit TVApp.Church

Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” Snapchat filter

How should pastors and churches be involved with politics--Concerned Women for America

Snapchat is just “Snap” now

Snapchat releases smart sunglasses “Spectacles”

Sep 30, 2016
Twitter Live Streaming and More: Podcast 191

The internet loved NFL’s live stream on Twitter last week. Jay and Nils run down on Twitter joining the livestreaming scene and real-time viewing developing into social. They also talk about landing pages for gathering email leads, maintaining a website alongside social media profiles and using Clickfunnels for ministry.

We’d love to know your suggestions for future show topics! Tell us what you think using the hashtag #SMCpodcast.

Show Links:

Video Influencers with Sean Cannell, Video Influencers Youtube channel

The Profit on Facebook, Watch The Profit on Hulu


People loved live streaming NFL on Twitter

Twitter’s Periscope acquisition

Sep 22, 2016
The New iPhone and Social Media Response Systems: Podcast 190

Jay and Nils talk about social media response systems--the best way to set them up, some pros and cons and some things to avoid. They also share their reaction towards Apple’s latest news around iPhone 7 and some notable stuff from last week’s Apple event.


Show Links:

Apple Event September 7, 2016

Woman tweets asking for help, Amtrak responds 7 months later

Social Media Management tools:

Social Report




Sep 14, 2016
Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles: Podcast 189

Nils and Jay talk about a couple of new trends around Facebook: Facebook for Nonprofits and Facebook Live being utilized more by churches. They go over the best practices churches and other organizations can follow when setting up social media profiles. Listen to the podcast now!

We'd love to know what you think. Engage with the show or suggest a future show topic with the hashtag #SMCpodcast.


Show Links:

Sep 07, 2016
Drones, Regional Online Meetups, & Amazon Fire TV: Podcast 188

Jay talks about how at Saddleback Online they are rolling out a brand new type of event called “Regional Online Meetups”. The events are geared to help better connect people in their local area and start more small groups through Saddleback Church's online services. Nils shares how he lost his drone and gives some practical applications drones can provide in capturing footage for your church. Update on Instagram Stories. Jay and Nils share how not only has Apple TV support, but just added Amazon Fire TV. 

Show Links:

Aug 31, 2016
Interview with Dr. Kim Kimberling of Awesome Marriage: Podcast 187

Nils Smith is joined by Dr. Kim Kimberling of Awesome Marriage and they talk about how technology has changed the way they minister to couples who dream of taking their marriage to the next level. Tune in to the podcast.

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a review on iTunes or suggest a future show topic by using the hashtag #SMCpodcast.

Show Notes

Visit the Awesome Marriage


Facebook page

Youtube Channel

On Pinterest

Connect with Dr. Kim on




Aug 24, 2016
Rio Olympics on Social Media, 3D Printing, Coding and Instagram Stories: Podcast 186

In the previous podcast, Jay and Nils reacted to Instagram Stories. In this podcast, they go along with further views of the recent update as well as their thoughts on 3D printing and coding for kids. They also talk about the Olympics, some stories and how social media and changes the overall experience.

Show Notes

Mattel ThingMaker 3D printer let’s kids make their own toys

3D printed iPhone case that helps swipe better to catch pokémons

Changing education paradigms--the paperclip test

Aug 18, 2016
Instagram Stories, Mevo and Snapchat: Podcast 185

Among all social platforms, the attention is now on Instagram. Thanks to its new update called Instagram Stories which is practically a clone of Snapchat Moments. In this podcast, Nils and Jay share their reaction to this new big thing in social media. They also talk about what’s on top in the iTunes Charts, the newest live event camera called Mevo and Nils’ first week on his new job at Dunham+Company.

How do you find Instagram Stories? Tune in to the podcast and tell us what you think by using the hashtag #SMCpodcast.

Show Notes

Nils’ first week at Dunham+Company

Instagram CEO on Stories: Snapchat deserves all the credit  

ITunes Charts

Mevo live event camera

Aug 11, 2016
Social Media Strategy with Sacred Holidays: Podcast 184
Sacred Holidays founder Becky Kiser joins the podcast to talk about her social media strategy to ramp up her platform.
Show Notes:
Sacred Holidays social media
Aug 03, 2016
Local Meetups Influence, Instagram Changes, & Facebook’s Vision: Podcast 183
Nils and Jay talk through some recent Instagram changes that could be important to your ministry, Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook, some recent features to Facebook Live, and Jay recaps his meetup events from the north east trip. 
Show Links:
Jul 27, 2016
Pokémon GO is a Tool to Reach Your Community: Podcast 182
Pokémon GO is a summer phenomenon. The daily active users have passed Twitter already. I bet you have already spotted someone playing the game in your area. Jay and Nils talk through practical ways your church can use the new game to reach your community.
Show Notes:
Jul 20, 2016
Mixed Reality & the Power of Augmented Reality for the Church: Podcast 181
Jay shares his recent experience with Microsoft’s HoloLens and how the church will benefit from augmented reality in the near future. Jay and Nils talk through creative ideas that the church can do in the coming years and an internet roundup of all things augmented reality. 
Show Links:


Jul 13, 2016
Email Done Right Can Grow Your Weekly Services Easily: Podcast 180
Email is not dead. Only 80% of your church community attends your services weekly. Email is the perfect way to promote what you are talking about at your weekend service to get that 20% who were not planning on attending the weekend. Don’t ignore email blasts. Nils and Jay talk through easy next steps for your church to start using email. 
Jul 06, 2016
Online Church Thoughts from a 72-Year-Old Volunteer: Podcast 179

Nils talks with Ruthi Dworak-Crockett from CBC Online Church about a different kind of mission field: online. Ruthi disproves the idea that online ministry is for young individuals. Ruthi goes through the essentials of church online ministry and building impactful relationships across continents online. Tune in to the podcast and let us know what you think by using the hashtag #SMCpodcast.   


Show Notes

Get in touch with Ruthi

CBC Online Church

Get this FREE resource: Learn from the core innovators around CBC Online Church to start your own online ministry.

Jun 29, 2016
Facebook Targeting
Nils and Jay talk about the power of Facebook targeting. Basic tactics are discussed and things your church should be doing right now to leverage Facebook targeting to accomplish your goals as a ministry. 
Show Sponsor:
ThatChurch.Community - A place for the church communications community to share and collaborate online. Join today and unlock access to practical communications resources, including the full on-demand video library from That Church Conference. Use the code socialmediachurch to get 1/2 off your first month. 
Jun 22, 2016
Nick Runyon from Talks 360 video, Searchable.Church & Baseball Tech: Podcast 177
Jun 15, 2016
Learning from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders: Podcast 176

Jay and Nils talk about everything from standing cardboard desks to website video backgrounds to presidential candidates’ tour buses and social platforms. They share valuable takeaways from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ social media engagement. Whose social media works for millennials? Whose model can work as a church social media strategy? Tune in to the podcast!


Show Notes

Oristand cardboard desk

Check out the new Amplify website’s video background

MySaddleback’s video background

Donald Trump’s Facebook and Twitter

Bernie Sanders Facebook and Twitter

Jun 01, 2016
Holly Tate from Vanderbloemen Search Group Talking Inbound Marketing: Podcast 175

Nils and Jay have Holly Tate from Vanderbloemen Search Group on to talk about inbound marketing and the church. Holly is the Director of Business Development at Vanderbloemen. The church has the best content. The church should be a leader in creating content and thinking creatively about reaching people in their cities. They talk about practical ideas your church can implement to your church.



Show Notes

Follow Holly on Twitter 

Vanderbloemen group

Vanderbloemen blog

Vanderbloemen podcast


Inbound Marketing blogs at Hubspot

May 25, 2016
Radiohead’s Anti-Social Media Success with Daniel Hall from SociallyU: Podcast 174
Daniel Hall from SociallyU is on the show this week to talk about Radiohead’s most recent anti-social media marketing tactic with their most recent album. The story is interesting and inspiring to think of creative marketing approaches in reaching your community as a church or non-profit. Daniel Hall is the chief Creative Officer at SociallyU. Holly Tate from Vanderbloemen Search Group is included in this conversation as well. 
Show Notes:
May 18, 2016
Leverage Roku and Apple TV for Your Church’s Vision: Podcast 173
Nils and Jay talk about how your church can leverage a TV app to accomplish your church’s vision/mission. You need to be thinking about Apple TV, Roku, and even Amazon Fire TV now! The topic of promoting TV apps gets mentioned and a few other helpful topics to get you thinking and dreaming about TV apps. 
Visit to see how we can fit this need for your church in an affordable way. 
May 12, 2016
Facebook Live in Action with Aaron Magnuson (The Grove Church): Podcast 172

Where do you start with Facebook Live? Jay talks with Aaron Magnuson about how he has been doing Facebook Live at his church and using it in birthday shoutouts. Aaron gives three simple starter steps for you to leverage Facebook Live at your church. They also discuss sports and a few other tangents.


Show Notes

Follow Aaron on Twitter

The Grove Facebook Page

How Do I verify my Page?

The Third Wave by Steve Case

May 04, 2016
Does Facebook's Snapchat-like Camera App Have a Chance?: Episode 171
Nils and Jay talk about Facebook’s reportedly Snapchat-like camera app in the works and if it has any chance to draw the committed Snapchat users away. 
Tell us what you think by using the #SMCpodcast.
Show Notes:
Apr 27, 2016
6 Month Learnings as Online Pastor- Alec Tod from Northview Church: Podcast 170
Jay interviews Alec Tod from Northview Church about being the Online Pastor for the last 6 months and things they've learned from having a church online for 1 year. Alec shares his funnel system for local attenders and those who attend from a far distance. They discuss why they moved from online campus pastor to online pastor and why that was an important culture shift internally.
You also need to check out these heatmap tests per Alec’s recommendation. They talk about Alec’s coffee company and a bunch more. 
You need to see Alec’s sweet jean jacket! 


Apr 20, 2016