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 Mar 31, 2021

Benjamin Bernard
 Mar 13, 2021
years of listening, excellent! thanks for all of the work!

 Mar 9, 2021

 Mar 8, 2021
Very boring and biased.

 Feb 8, 2021


The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron & Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies.

Episode Date
Alonzo Brooks - 420

April 03, 2004. La Cygne, Kansas. On April 3rd, 2004 the normally reserved and laid back Alonzo Brooks decided to go to a house party with his friends. Alonzo couldn’t drive, so he rode with his friend Justin Sprague. They all arrived and were having a good time, until Justin left the party, leaving Alonzo stranded. Alonzo didn’t come home the next day and hadn’t contacted anyone about where he was. Nearly a month later, his body was found in a creek at the site of the party. To this day, no one knows what exactly happened to Alonzo that night, or how he ended up in that creek.

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May 10, 2021
Death of Bethany Deaton - 419

October, 30, 2012. Kansas City, Missouri. On October 30, 2012, 27-year-old Bethany Deaton was found dead in the backseat of her vehicle from an apparent suicide. Her husband of a few months, Tyler, her family and her friends were devastated by her death. A week and a half later, their grief was compounded when Micah Moore, a friend of the couple, confessed to murdering Bethany at the behest of her husband. This confession unraveled a tale of possible sexual assault, radical Christianity, and the cult that Tyler was said to lead. Did Bethany complete suicide due to pressure from her husband or was she murdered to cover up what she knew?

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May 03, 2021
The Titanic Conspiracy //Replay

We're off this week, but please enjoy this older episode that we still enjoy discussing. April 15, 1912. Atlantic Ocean. The RMS Titanic sank in the early morning hours in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days into her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Or did she? Join us as we examine the conspiracy theory that the ship that sank that morning was not the RMS Titanic. Is it possible? How could a different ship sail without anyone being the wiser and what would be the motivation for such a switcheroo?

Apr 26, 2021
Wondery Presents: In God We Lust

A woman named Becki is lounging by the pool at the Fontainebleau Hotel when she decides to proposition a strapping pool attendant. Go on a date with her...and her husband. What begins as an unconventional proposition will soon throw them all into the international spotlight. And that’s because the couple is none other than Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki, two of the most powerful figures in Evangelical America. Wondery presents In God We Lust, hosted by Brooke Siffrin and Aricia Skidmore-Williams of Even the Rich. A story of an alluring sex scandal, power, money and a very public fall from grace. When word of their affair fell into the wrong hands it led to political extortion and a public outing that brought Jerry Falwell Jr.’s empire crashing down. 

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Apr 20, 2021
Silk Road - 418

On today's episode we tell the story of Ross Ulbricht, the creator and founder of the Silk Road deep website. The site ran from 2011-2013, and it took multiple law enforcement agencies and officers to take down one of the largest illegal drug and weapon exchanges on the internet. In the hunt for the elusive Ross, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts, the lines of good and bad become blurred; not all good guys wear white, and not all bad guys wear black.

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Apr 19, 2021
Brian Banks - 417

July 8th, 2002. Long Beach, California. It was a normal day in summer school for Brian Banks. He left class, and saw his acquaintance Wanetta Gibson in the hallway. They decided to sneak off to the stairs to spend some time away from the prying eyes of teachers. But that was his story. Wanetta told a very different account and Brian was arrested. What happened in the stairwell that day? Join us as we discuss a case involving two friends and the consequences that followed it.

Apr 12, 2021
Death of Kayla Skeen - 416

September 1, 2013. Middleburg, Florida. A woman named Lois Kay Skeen is told late one evening that her granddaughter, Kayla Skeen, has hanged herself from a tree. The messenger is Kayla's boyfriend, Allen Marsh, who asked her to call 911 before running back to Kayla. The Clay County Sheriff's Office responded and conducted an investigation. It wasn't long before Kayla's death was ruled a suicide, but was it? Join us as we discuss the people, the evidence, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Kayla Skeen.

Apr 05, 2021
Joy Aylor - 415

October 4, 1983. Dallas, TX. Rozanne and Peter Gailiunas decided to build their dream home, despite the fact that their marriage was on the rocks. Peter began to suspect that his wife, Rozanne, was having an with Larry Aylor, the man hired to build the new house. In October of 1983, Rozanne was found dead, the victim of a shocking crime. This case is full of affairs, divorce, murder conspiracies, and betrayal. Join us as we discuss a case that you'll be talking about for some time to come.

Mar 29, 2021
Dale Helmig - 414

July 29, 1993. Jefferson City, Missouri. On July 30, 1993, Dale Helmig reported his mother, Norma, missing from the home they shared. Two days later, her body was found weighted down in a nearby river. Dale was arrested and convicted of her murder. However, he insisted that he stayed the night in a hotel about an hour from their home and that the case against him was based on nothing but circumstantial evidence. Was Dale wrongfully convicted? Join us as we discuss a case in which time and effort finally revealed the truth about Dale Helmig...

Mar 22, 2021
Dr. Thomas Burchard - 413

March 7, 2019. Las Vegas, Nevada. On a dirt road east of Las Vegas, police find the body of 71-year-old Dr. Thomas Burchard in the trunk of an abandoned car. He had been bludgeoned to death. Judy Earp, his longtime girlfriend, had known for days that Thomas was dead after he didn’t return from an impromptu trip to Las Vegas. What events led up to Thomas Burchard’s death? And who would be held responsible?

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Mar 15, 2021
Lt. Joe Kenda - 412

Lt. Joe Kenda is our guest as he answers questions about his career, his books, his shows, and even his personal life. If you're a fan of Homicide Hunter or American Detective, or you just wondered about the life of a detective and what they go through, you won't want to miss this.

Disclaimer: Joe Kenda's replies and opinions are his own and in no way reflect those of Generation Why Podcast and its hosts.

Mar 08, 2021
The Said Sisters - 411

January 1st, 2008. Irving, Texas. Sarah and Amina Said were two normal, happy teenage girls trying their best to live a regular life. Unfortunately, they lived with an angry, abusive father, a mother too afraid to protect her children, and a brother who provided support to their father. On January 1st, 2008 Yaser Said murdered his two daughters, abandoning their bodies in his taxi and going into hiding. In an image that is now a representative for this case, just a few days before her death, Amina posted a picture of herself online with the caption, “I don’t want to become a memory.” Amina and Sarah knew how dangerous their situation was, but they had no one to protect them. Join us as we discuss a heartbreaking case that should never have happened.


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Mar 01, 2021
Dr. Steven Haataja - 410

December 4, 2006. Chadron, Nebraska. In August 2006, Steven Haataja moved to Chadron, Nebraska to work as a mathematics professor at Chadron State College. On December 5, 2006, he was reported missing after he failed to show up to one of his classes. Ninety-five days later, his decomposed and badly burned body was found about a mile south of the school. However, investigators quickly reached a dead end. Was Steven murdered? Did he take his own life? Or did something else happen?

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Feb 22, 2021
Lululemon Murder //Replay

March 11, 2011. Bethesda, Maryland. In this replay of episode 157, we discuss the murder of Jayna Murray at a Lululemon store and the investigation into her coworker, Brittany Norwood, who stated that two intruders had attacked the women. This episode has been remastered to improve the audio quality of the original file.

Feb 15, 2021
Linda Stermer - 409

January 7th, 2007. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Linda and Todd Stermer fell hard for each other and had a sweet little family together. After 14 years of marriage, they started arguing about things most couples do: affairs and finances. But in 2007, a fire broke out at their home and Todd Stermer was found dead on the lawn. Were those arguments just arguments or could they have directly led to Todd’s death? Did Linda kill her husband on purpose or was it a tragic accident? Join us as we discuss a case that we know you'll be talking about...


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Feb 08, 2021
Mickey Shunick - 408

May 18, 2012. Lafayette, Louisiana. When Mickey Shunick rode her bike to a friend’s house, it was a normal occurrence. When she didn’t come home for her brother’s high school graduation, family knew something wasn’t right. Mickey was in a violent sex offender’s line of sight as she rode her bike and never made it home.


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Feb 01, 2021
James Kraig Kahler - 407

November 28, 2009. Burlingame, Kansas. Kraig Kahler, husband and father of three children, entered the home of his wife's grandmother and shot her, his wife and their two daughters. Only his son was spared. A seemingly perfect family was destroyed in a matter of minutes. Obsession, jealousy, and, potentially insanity, were possible reasons Kraig Kahler decided to kill his family in cold blood. Join us as we discuss a terrible mass shooting and the legal issues that followed.

Jan 25, 2021
Murder of Jason Kopack - 406

February 23, 1993. Dayton, Nevada. Fifteen year old Jason Kopack was found dead early one morning inside his home, wrapped in a blanket and with wounds from a 20-gauge shotgun. His best friend, Brian Simmons was arrested and charged with his murder shortly after. As details of that night were revealed, Brian’s guilt was questioned. Did Brian Simmons actually kill Jason Kopack? Or was he accused of murder due to the prejudicial assumptions of the prosecution and the jury about his assumed lifestyle and beliefs?

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Jan 18, 2021
George and Lisa Revelle - 405

September 28, 1994. Fremont Hills, Missouri. Lisa Revelle, a mother of two and an elementary school teacher, was shot inside her home and died a few hours later in the hospital. Her husband George, a banker and mayor of the town, was convicted of her murder, but acquitted two years later. Lisa’s murder leaves people wondering if George is truly innocent, or a con man smart enough to cover his tracks. Let us know what you think after the episode by following us on instagram (@generationwhypodcast) or twitter (@genwhypod)

Jan 11, 2021
Christine Belford - 404

February 11, 2013. Wilmington, Delaware. Christine Belford and her ex-husband, David Matusiewicz, had a contentious relationship after their 2006 divorce that culminated in David and his mother kidnapping the couple's three daughters. Four years after she got her children back, Christine and her friend Beth Mulford stepped into the county courthouse to attend Christine’s child support hearing where they were shot dead. What prompted the shooting and why could no one prevent it?

Jan 04, 2021
Laurie Bembenek //Replay

Replay episode. May 28, 1981. Milwaukee, WI. Christine Schultz was found deceased in her home, the victim of a shooting. She had been bound prior to being shot in the back. Her two sons, ages 7 & 11, had been at home and the older one had witnessed the gunman. Despite a description of a male suspect by one of the boys, the police focused their investigation on the ex-husband's new wife. Were the police connecting the dots properly or were their instincts incorrect?

Dec 28, 2020
Angie Dodge - 403

June 13, 1996. Idaho Falls, Idaho. When 18-year-old Angie Dodge failed to show up to work, two of her coworkers went to her apartment looking for her. There they found Angie lying dead on her bedroom floor. She had been raped and murdered. In January 1997, police had a confession from 20-year-old Christopher Tapps. However, the DNA at the scene didn’t match Chris or the other two men he said were present at Angie’s death. Then Chris recanted his confession, claiming it was coerced. Who else was involved? And was Chris involved at all if there was no evidence of him at the crime scene?


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Dec 21, 2020
Aaron Mintz - 402

January 22, 1984. New Orleans, Louisiana. The police received a 911 call from the Mintz home. Aaron Mintz claimed that he woke up to a loud bang and found his wife, Palma, dead in the master bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. However, investigators suspected him of murder after they found a pillow with an obvious bullet hole in another room and Palma’s arm at an angle inconsistent with having shot herself. Did Aaron Mintz shoot his wife and stage it to look like a suicide? Or was there another explanation?

Dec 14, 2020
Murder of Samira Watkins - 401

October 29, 2009. Pensacola, Florida. When Samira Watkins, a two-months pregnant single mother, didn’t show up for work for two days or pick up her four-year-old son, her family knew something was wrong. A few days later her body was found floating in a duffel bag near Pensacola Naval Air Station. The investigation turned up two strong suspects: a violent former boyfriend who was the father of her son and a recent boyfriend who was the father of her unborn child. Who had murdered Samira and why?

Dec 07, 2020
The Zodiac Killer //Replay

In this rerun of episode 118, Aaron interviewed Mike Morford about his Zodiac Killer research, the investigation, the suspects, and the case as it stood in 2014. Will the Zodiac ever be identified? Mike Morford hosts several true crime podcasts these days, including Criminology. This episode has been re-edited and remastered.

Nov 30, 2020
The Lindt Cafe Siege - 400

December 14, 2014. Sydney, Australia. In Martin Place, a Lindt Cafe's employees and patrons were held hostage by an armed man. As the manager of the cafe tried to keep things calm, the armed man became more paranoid. The cafe was surrounded by police and a psychiatrist was brought in to aid authorities in managing the situation. What happened from there on out would almost defy belief. Join us as we discuss one of the most frustrating cases that we have ever covered.

/// This is our 400th episode and our 8th year working on this podcast. We are very grateful for the support you all have shown us. Seriously, thank you. - Justin & Aaron ///

Nov 23, 2020
Brandon Teena - 399

December 31, 1993. Richardson County, Nebraska. In the fall of 1993, Brandon Teena, a transgender man from Lincoln, moved to Falls City, Nebraska to avoid legal trouble and make a fresh start. While there, he befriended a small group of friends and dated multiple women. On Christmas Eve 1993, John Lotter and Thomas Nissen, two of those friends, confronted Brandon about his gender identity. Bigotry and hate defined what followed. Join us as we discuss a triple murder that could have been prevented and the life of the young man who was targeted. This case was the basis of the 1999 movie Boys Don’t Cry and a centerpiece of trans rights in the 1990s, 2000's and beyond.

Nov 16, 2020
Hugues de la Plaza - 398

June 02, 2007. San Francisco, California. A French-American citizen enjoyed a night out with friends before heading back to his apartment before 2am. When he was discovered deceased the next day in his locked apartment an investigation was launched to discover what had happened and why. It wasn't long before the lead detective seemed to satisfy these questions in his own mind, but friends and family of Hugues had a different theory of his death. Join us as we discuss a locked room death case that remains open to this day.

Nov 09, 2020
Erin Valenti - 397

San Jose, California. October 7, 2019. We were going to take this week off, but Justin wanted to record an episode on a death that he became very interested in. How did Tinker Ventures' CEO Erin Valenti die? Erin went missing while visiting California in October of 2019 and her body was found in her rental car five days later. Join us as we discuss how a young and healthy tech CEO might have met her end and why.

Nov 02, 2020
DJ Fickey - 396

October 3, 2016. Flintstone, Georgia. A 27 year old man named DJ Fickey and his high school sweetheart and wife, Brandy, wrestled with drug addiction and a volatile relationship. A series of alarming text messages preceded a 911 call that was reporting the suicide of DJ. The caller was a mutual acquaintance of DJ and Brandy who may have had a motive to kill. Join us as we discuss a tragic case that doesn't need to remain a mystery.

Oct 26, 2020
The Murder of Jennifer Evans - 395

June 19, 1995. Virginia Beach, Virginia. 21 year old Jennifer Evans went to The Bayou, a nightclub, with two friends. Sometime after midnight, she met Dustin Turner, a Navy SEAL trainee. He was at the club with his buddy and fellow SEAL trainee, Billy Brown. Dusty and Jennifer seemed to hit it off and went to his car to talk. The next day, Jennifer was reported missing by her friends. Detectives worked a tip that said Jennifer was last seen with Dustin Turner and questioned him. Did Turner hold the key to the entire case? Join us as we discuss a case that is very divisive and that is being challenged to this very day.

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Oct 19, 2020
Murder of Hannah Hill - 394

May 19, 1999. Akron, OH. After 18 year old Hannah Hill was found dead in the trunk of her own car, detectives questioned her abusive boyfriend to see if he was involved in her murder. But as information was gathered, a second suspect was identified. Could Hannah's case get solved? Join us as we discuss a case that was debated for years before a more definitive case could be brought against one of the men. ///

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Oct 12, 2020
Sally Challen - 393

August 14th, 2010. Surrey, United Kingdom. In 2010, Sally Challen had been married to her husband Richard for 31 years. After cooking him a meal of bacon and eggs, she took a hammer and beat him to death. But why did she do it? It would take time and treatment to get to the bottom of a most unexpected murder.


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Oct 05, 2020
Kendrick Johnson - 392

January 10th, 2013. Valdosta, Georgia. Lowndes High School student Kendrick Johnson went missing while at school soon after Christmas break. Later that night, Kendrick's mother called authorities. The next day, however, some students made a discovery that would shock everyone. "KJ" was discovered in a rolled up mat that was one of many stored in the corner of a gymnasium at the school. It didn't take long for detectives to announce that Johnson's death was an accident. But as the family and others looked into the situation, suspicions grew that the student may have been murdered.

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Sep 28, 2020
The Murder of Maddie Clifton - 391

November 3, 1998. Jacksonville, Florida. An 8 year old girl disappeared while playing outside of her home. Despite a massive effort by many volunteers, her whereabouts wouldn't be known for six days. A terrible discovery by a woman in her 14 year old son's room led police to a terrible truth: a teenager had killed the child and kept her body in his room. But why did he do it? Join us as we discuss the murder of Maddie Clifton and the trial of Joshua Phillips.

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Sep 21, 2020
Christian Andreacchio - 390

February 26, 2014. Meridian, Mississippi. The death of 21-year-old Christian Andreacchio has been described as bizarre at best and suspicious at worst. On February 26, 2014, Christian was found slumped in a bathtub in his apartment with a gunshot wound in his right temple. The police quickly ruled his death a suicide. However, Christian’s parents, Rae and Todd, immediately knew that their son did not take his own life. Over the next five years, they would hire private investigators, attorneys, forensic pathologists, forensic labs, and more. They all agreed that the evidence surrounding Christian’s death pointed to homicide. So what were the true circumstances surrounding Christian’s death? Did he die by suicide or homicide?

Sep 07, 2020
Clarence Elkins - 389

June 7th, 1998, Barberton, Summit County, Ohio. A woman and her granddaughter are brutally attacked by an intruder early one morning. The granddaughter, Brooke, survived the attack and provided a description of the man who killed her grandmother. She said he looked like her Uncle Clarence. But over time there were doubts about the case against Brooke's uncle, Clarence Elkins. Was there any proof, though, that he didn't kill his mother-in-law who he had threatened just a week before?

Aug 31, 2020
Lauren McCluskey - 388

October 22, 2018. Salt Lake City, UT. University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey began seeking help from authorities after she discovered that her controlling boyfriend had been lying about his identity and had a criminal past. It's the events that happened after she sought help that will have you questioning everything. Join us as we discuss one of the most infuriating cases you'll ever hear about.

Aug 24, 2020
Thanksgiving Day Murders - 387

November 22, 1990. Fairfield, Maine. A rented farmhouse was occupied by Hubert Hartley, his girlfriend, Tammy Theriault, and Hubert's good friend, Morris Martin. Tammy was pregnant and brought along a 20 month old child from a previous relationship. The farmhouse was in a great location for hunting which both men enjoyed. Just one week after renting the place, two other men had moved in with them. And by Thanksgiving Day, two of the men from the house would disappear. Join us as we discuss a strange case with a few surprising turns.

Aug 17, 2020
Cosmo DiNardo - 386

July 2017. Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Over the course of three days in early July 2017, four young men, Jimi Patrick, Dean Finocchiaro, Mark Sturgis, and Tom Meo, went missing in the Philadelphia suburb of Bucks County. The investigation quickly led to a 90-acre farm owned by the DiNardo family. The son, Cosmo, seemed to be connected to the missing men and detectives and the county district attorney knew they would have to play their cards right to close this case and achieve justice for four families.

Aug 10, 2020
Alissa Turney - 385

May 17, 2001. Phoenix, Arizona. 17 year old Alissa Turney was spending her last day as a Junior at Paradise High before summer break. Her sister, Sarah, expected their father, Michael, to pick her up from school but he didn't show. She went on to a friend's house where, later, her dad finally arrived. But he was concerned. Alissa was missing. Phone calls and visits to neighboring homes on their street revealed nothing but in Alissa's room they found her phone and a note. Join us as we discuss the disturbing case of Alissa Turney and the incredible push for justice led by her sister Sarah (Voices For Justice).

Aug 03, 2020
Lisa Nowak - 384

February 5, 2007. Orlando, Florida. Lisa Nowak, a NASA astronaut, drove nearly 1000 miles from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida so that she could confront another woman. The other woman was Colleen Shipman, A U.S. Navy Captain, who was dating astronaut Bill Oefelein and who Lisa still had strong feelings for. Colleen was attacked in her car and was lucky to get away. Lisa Nowak's intentions and what happened at the Orlando International Airport brought up many questions about NASA's astronaut program and how the agency evaluates candidates. Join us as we discuss a true story that many have joked about but is no laughing matter.

Jul 27, 2020
Rey Rivera / Unsolved Mysteries - 383

Justin & I give our thoughts on the Rey Rivera case that is covered on the first episode of the new Unsolved Mysteries show on Netflix. It concerns a missing man later found deceased and his wife's mission to uncover the truth of what happened. The latter half of this episode is an interview that Justin did with Terry Dunn Meurer, one of the executive producers of Unsolved Mysteries. They discuss the new season, some of the cases it covers, give some background information on how they launched the new series and more. I haven't watched beyond episode one myself yet, but be aware that they discuss the series and so if you want to watch it first, we encourage you to do so. If you don't have Netflix then just listen to this episode. Justin & I are longtime fans of Unsolved Mysteries and we were excited to discuss a case that currently has many people talking.

Jul 20, 2020
James Byrd Jr - 382

June 7, 1998. Jasper, Texas. James Byrd Jr, 49, had spent the day at different parties with family and friends and was walking home when he was picked up by white supremacists who had offered him a ride. James couldn't drive due to a condition that prevented him from having a driver's license. What these three did to him after picking him up was beyond shocking. In other words, this is one of the most brutal crimes you'll ever hear about. But at the core of this case are questions about justice and about the fairness of our justice system. How far have we come as a nation when it comes to dealing with crimes motivated by hate?

Jul 13, 2020
Murder of Yingying Zhang - 381

June 9, 2017. Urbana, Illinois. In April 2017, Yingying Zhang came to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an International Scholar from China. On June 9, 2017, she failed to return to work after lunch and a search was launched for her. Through video surveillance, investigators were able to piece together her whereabouts until she got into a black Saturn Astra. As the authorities zeroed in on the killer, the truth of what had happened was revealed by an unexpected source and the details of the crime dealt a devastating blow to all who loved Yingying.

Jun 29, 2020
Rogers Family Murders - 380

June 01, 1989. Tampa Bay, Florida. A woman named Joan Rogers and her two teenaged daughters, Michelle and Christe, left Ohio for Florida on a much needed vacation. Hal Rogers, father and husband, stayed back at the dairy farm they owned to keep it going. But when his family failed to return when they were expected, Hal could sense something was terribly wrong. The Rogers family had already been through a lot, but the news that was to come would be even worse. In a case that required great detective work and dedication, the truth of what occurred and who was behind it would finally be answered.

Jun 22, 2020
Michele Harris - 379

Tioga County, New York. September 11, 2001. Michele Harris and her husband, Cal, were in the midst of a divorce. Despite this, they continued to live in the same house with their four children. Still, it was no secret that there were serious issues between them. After Michele went missing, detectives were suspicious of Cal due to his actions around that time and his perceived lack of interest in her whereabouts. But as time went on, the case would take some turns that no one expected. Did Cal murder Michele? Or was there another person behind her disappearance?

Jun 15, 2020
Clarence & Sue Shell - 378

March 3rd, 2011. Ridgely, Tennessee. Clarence & Sue Shell were brutally stabbed to death in their home. Their family was devastated. Detectives quickly got a lead and arrested a suspect. But a surprising claim was made at trial that created questions about who might have truly been involved and why.

Jun 08, 2020
Luke Batty - 377

February 12, 2014. Tyabb, Australia. Eleven year old Luke Batty was at cricket practice when he spotted his father. He was excited because his parents had split and he didn't see his dad that much. Rosie Batty, his mom, had ensured that any visits Greg Anderson had with Luke were supervised. Greg had been an abusive partner but had not been abusive towards Luke. But on February 12th, 2014, Greg Anderson would do the unthinkable in a public place with a number of witnesses looking on. Join us as we discuss a heartbreaking case involving family violence, a mother's drive to protect her son, and a story that reminds us of just how little control we really have.

Jun 01, 2020
Kalinka Bamberski - 376

July 10, 1982. Lindau, Germany. The morning after enjoying the waters at Lake Constance, 14 year old Kalinka Bamberski remained in her room. Her stepfather, Dieter Krombach, went to check on her before he left to go horseback riding. He found her deceased. Authorities accepted Dieter's account of what happened as did his wife, But Kalinka's father was not convinced that foul play wasn't involved and as troubling details came to light of what had happened to his daughter, Andre Bamberski set out to ensure that no matter the cost, her death would not go unpunished.

May 25, 2020
April Renee Tucker - 375

January 4, 1989. Emory, Texas. At 12:34 p.m., Debbie Loveless makes a desperate call to 911. Her four-year-old daughter, April Tucker, has a gaping wound in her thigh and a severed femoral artery. April is rushed to the hospital but dies on the operating table. Both Debbie and her common-law husband John Miller tell the sheriff’s office the same thing April told them: The dogs did it. However, investigators think the dogs are harmless and suspect that John and Debbie are in fact responsible for April’s death. What happened to April Tucker? Was she the victim of a rare and vicious dog attack? Or did her stepfather and mother concoct the story to get away with murder?

May 18, 2020
Royal Family Massacre - 374

June 1, 2001. Kathmandu, Nepal. The Nepalese Royal Family was gathered at the Narayanhity Royal Palace for one of it's bi-monthly reunion parties when King Birendra was gunned down by his son, Crown Prince Dipendra. While those around them and in the palace were shocked, none could have foreseen the violence that would follow. Join us as we discuss a tragic mass shooting that claimed many lives and forever altered a nation.

May 04, 2020
Holly Bobo Revisited - 373

On this episode of Generation Why, we revisit the Holly Bobo case. We originally spoke about her case on episode #203 which was before Zach Adams' trial. Now we look back at the trial and discuss what happened as well as the questions that we continue to have despite the State having made its case and getting a conviction. Did Zach Adams kidnap and murder Holly Bobo in 2011? If you haven't listened to our episode yet (or are unfamiliar with the case) we would suggest that you do so as this is a followup episode.

Apr 27, 2020
Innocence Work - 372

On this bonus episode, Aaron interviewed Marc M. Howard, a professor at Georgetown University, and Marty Tankleff, a man who was exonerated after a wrongful conviction that sent him to prison for 18 years, about their work re-investigating possible wrongful convictions.

Apr 24, 2020
Murder of Benjamin Eastman - 371

June 23, 2018. Randle, Washington. Benjamin Eastman III, or Ben as his friends and family liked to call him, went missing after leaving his house early one morning. His father, BJ, and other family and friends worked to get the word out to find Ben and to bring him home. Just days later, though, his body was located. Based on his injuries, he had been cruelly assaulted before being killed. Detectives on the case didn't have much trouble figuring out who had killed the 16 year old. Who did was surprising as it turned out to be a lifelong friend and his older brother. The real question was why they did it and who was in on the plot. Join us as we discuss a surprising case of family bonds and brutality from the northwestern United States.

Apr 20, 2020
Jason Payne - 370

December 11, 2007. Quitman, Texas. A call to 911 was made at at 9am by Jason Payne who reported that his wife and his stepson were dead. He had been away from the home with his two youngest kids and had discovered their bodies in their bedrooms. Emergency personnel and law enforcement were dispatched and arrived to find Nichole Payne and her son, Austin Taylor Wages, dead in the home. Both had died as the result of gunshot wounds. Early on in the investigation, though, there was a disagreement as to the manner of these deaths. Was it a double homicide or a suicide & homicide? Join us as we discuss a case that divided both family and law enforcement.

Apr 13, 2020
Nicole VanderHeyden - 369

May 20-21, 2016. Green Bay, Wisconsin. 31 year old Nicole "Nikki" VanderHeyden went out for an evening with her boyfriend, Doug, and some other friends. But after Nicole's battered nude body was discovered in a field the following afternoon, detectives were very interested in Doug Detrie in connection with the murder. As interviews were conducted, it became apparent that the couple had not been getting along. Could Doug have gone too far and murdered Nicole? Good detective work would reveal the truth of what happened to the well-liked mother of three.

Apr 06, 2020
Jordan Brown - 368

February 20, 2009. Wampum, Pennsylvania. Kenzie Houk, a pregnant mother of two, was asleep in her bed when someone shot her in the back of the head. Both Kenzie and her unborn son died. At the time, she was engaged to Chris Brown, who had a son named Jordan. When detectives investigated the home they could only come to one conclusion. That Jordan Brown was responsible for the crime. Their theory was that Jordan did not like how his life was disrupted by having a woman and her two daughters join his family with a little brother on the way. But was Jordan truly a murderer? Or could someone else have had a motive to kill Kenzie Houk?

Mar 30, 2020
Martin Tankleff Part 2 - 367

In the late Spring of 1990, Martin Tankleff went on trial for the murders of his parents. Arlene & Seymour's deaths were brutal and prosecutors felt they had a solid case. But the Tankleff case wasn't over after a single trial. Martin's family held firm in their support for him and as time went on, he gained even more supporters. What was it about his case that produced so many believers in his innocence? Join us as we discuss Martin Tankleff's legal battles in his effort to win his freedom and exoneration.


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Mar 23, 2020
Martin Tankleff Part 1 - 366

September 7th, 1988. Long Island, New York. A high school senior woke up one morning to discover that his parents, Seymour and Arlene Tankleff, had been brutally attacked in their home. His mother was dead and his father was just clinging to life. While that is Martin's account, the detectives who began an investigation saw things very differently. The Tankleffs were very wealthy and might their teenaged son have attacked them to get them out of his way so that he could have their money and live the life he truly dreamed of? Join us on this first episode of a two part series that covers an unbelievable case of greed, violence, and conflicting narratives.

Mar 16, 2020
Ellie Nesler - 365

April 02, 1993. Jamestown & Sonora, California. Parents often say that if anyone ever harmed their child they would take action. Ellie Nesler's son, William, returned from a bible camp one summer but was almost a different person. His demeanor and his actions caused his mother concern but she could not get him to talk with her about it. One year later, William confided in an aunt and the truth came out. A dishwasher at the camp had sexually abused the six year old. Daniel Driver, who had encouraged William to go to the camp, had molested and raped children in the past but had only gotten a slap on the wrist. Little did he know that Ellie Nesler wasn't going to let him get away with his crime this time. Join us as we discuss vigilantism and the case of a family that would never seem to be at peace.

Mar 09, 2020
The Heidt Family Murders - 364

August 25th, 2008. Springfield, Georgia. A 911 operator had difficulty understanding a woman who called for help. After a number of minutes, police and emergency personnel are dispatched to the home of the respected Heidt family. The details were disturbing. Someone had entered the home while Philip, Linda, and their adult son, Carey, would be asleep. Linda was actually awake, though, and was disturbed by the sound of a shotgun. Her son, her husband, as well as herself were all shot. Only Linda survived the attack. Detectives found only a few clues but they would lead them to their prime suspect. But an arrest wasn't made right away. They wanted to wait and see if Linda, who was recovering from a shotgun blast to her face and neck, would be able to identify the one who had done this to her and her family. Join us as we discuss a disturbing crime that was difficult for most of the family members to come to terms with.

Mar 02, 2020
Adam Braseel - 363

January 7, 2006. Grundy County, Tennessee. Police are called to a house after a woman is violently attacked. Becky Hill's son, Kirk Braden, had made the call after chasing the perpetrator from the home they shared with her brother, Malcolm Burrows. He also said that Malcolm had left the house earlier with the attacker to help him with his car. Hill survived her injuries but her brother was discovered murdered down the road. As part of the investigation, interviews are conducted and someone gives the name Adam Braseel to a detective. This young man fit the description and the car he drove seemed pretty similar to the car spotted by Hill. After Braseel's trial, though, evidence would mount suggesting that Adam was not involved. Would his guilty verdict stand? Or would another suspect surface? Join us as we discuss this unbelievable case of similarities and possible corruption.

Feb 24, 2020
Murder of Sarah Cherry - 362

July 6, 1988. Bowdoin, Maine. 12 year old Sarah Cherry was babysitting John & Jennifer Henkel's 10 month old daughter. Before she was taken to the Henkel's home her mother reminded her not to tell anyone that she was alone at the house and not to answer the door. Later that afternoon, Jennifer Henkel arrived home and noticed some strange things in the driveway, doors to the house ajar, and inside her home she found the tv on and some of Sarah's things. But no sign of Sarah herself. Jennifer's daughter was safe in her crib. A check of the rest of the house and outside told her it was time to call the police and then Sarah's mother. Over the next two days the police had a suspect and the body of Sarah Cherry, which had been covered by a pile of brush and just hundreds of feet from the suspect's truck. As the evidence mounted and the case moved forward, the question of what happened to Sarah Cherry was publicly debated.

Feb 17, 2020
Lt. Joe Gliniewicz - 361

September 1, 2015. Fox Lake, Illinois. On the morning of September 1st, Police Lt. Gliniewicz radioed dispatch a number of times after he saw some suspicious men. Before 8am he acknowledged that he would like a second unit sent to his location; off a gravel road by an old concrete plant. Officers in three different cars raced to the location and arrived in minutes only to find Lt Gliniewicz face down and deceased. Authorities began a manhunt for the three men the downed officer had radioed dispatch about. But as time went by, the narrative of the situation began to change and hidden truths began to be revealed. What exactly happened that morning and what really happened to Lt. Joe Gliniewicz? Join us as we discuss a strange case where appearances can be deceiving.

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Feb 10, 2020
Anthony Charles Graves - 360

August 18. 1992. Somerville, Texas. A grandmother, her daughter, and four grandchildren were discovered dead in a home that was the scene of a fire. All six had been brutally murdered. Investigators got a big lead in the case at the funeral for the Davis family members and it ultimately resulted in the confession of one suspect and the identity of his accomplice. But the case wasn't that simple. As time went on, issues with the interrogation of their lead suspect and a review of the prosecution's case would cast serious doubts on their theory of the case and the trial itself. Join us as we discuss a case that shows the hunt for justice and the hunt for the truth aren't always part of the same mission.

Feb 03, 2020
The Parachute Murder Plot - 359

April 5, 2015. South West England, UK. Victoria Cilliers decided to jump out of a plane as her husband suggested she should. She was an experienced parachutist and instructor. Parachuting might be just the thing to do for herself. But after she jumped, she realized soon after that something was wrong. Her parachute wasn't working and the reserve didn't work correctly, either. Victoria plummeted to the earth while her fellow parachutists watched in horror. Join us as we discuss a case involving love, betrayal, and devious plots.


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Jan 20, 2020
Broken Arrow Killings - 358

July 22-23, 2015. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 at 11:30 pm a call came in to 911. The caller was twelve year old David Bever who reported that his brother was killing his family. This disturbing call from a nice suburb prompted an immediate response to the Bever home. Police found the home locked and blood was on the porch. By the next morning, five family members were confirmed dead, one was badly wounded, and another was found unharmed. The two older sons were located and arrested. What happened to this family and why? Join us as we discuss a case that involves isolation, obsession, and blood lust.

Jan 13, 2020
Murder Of Andrea Eilber - 357

November 14th, 2011. Lapeer County, Michigan. A young woman and her boyfriend, along with a friend of his, had been staying over at her Aunt's place over several days. Andrea had been house sitting while her relatives were away. On November 14th, she texted KC, her boyfriend, to have him meet her at the house. According to him, he arrived but the house was dark and he didn't see Andrea. Upset, he spent most of the evening with a friend from work. Friends and family became concerned for Andrea after she had gone missing since the 14th. Two days later her car was located. Then, a visit to her aunt's home resulted in Andrea being found. She was found dead in the laundry room as a result of a gunshot. Who had executed her? Police zeroed in on KC, but as the evidence in the case was collected and analyzed it seemed to point to someone else. Join us as we discuss the crime, possible motives and suspects in a case where timelines and evidence seem to lead to different theories of the crime.

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Jan 06, 2020
Oklahoma City Bombing Pt. 2 - 356

This is Part Two of our Oklahoma City Bombing coverage. In this episode we talk about McVeigh's life, the trials, and give our thoughts on this devastating act of domestic terrorism.

Happy Holidays, everyone. We'll be back in January of 2020.

Dec 24, 2019
Oklahoma City Bombing Pt. 1 - 355

April 19, 1995. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A Ryder truck was parked outside of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City before 9am on that Wednesday morning. Inside the truck was a homemade bomb that, after detonation, destroyed the building and ended the lives of 168 people, including nineteen children. More than 600 people were injured. What motivated the bombers to target this federal building? Join us as we discuss the OKC bombing and Timothy McVeigh, a former Gulf War soldier whose life once looked promising but who later opted to start a war against his own government.

Dec 23, 2019
The Unabomber - 354

1978-1995. USA. From 1978 through 1995, 16 bombs were either mailed or placed to terrorize the public. A government task force was formed and named UNABOM (University and Airline Bombing) after which the originally named Junkyard Bomber became known as The Unabomber. The bombs themselves were seemingly fashioned from stuff the individual had on hand. This mysterious figure behind the bombings also seemed to have a strong desire to speak to the public and in 1995 he revealed that if his essay was published that he would cease his terrorist activities. But was giving in to the demands of a terrorist the wrong course of action? Or was there good reasons to let him have his say? Join us as we discuss the case that changed not only how we operate our mail system, but also woke many people up to the fact that not all terrorists are from outside the nation.

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Dec 16, 2019
The Tylenol Murders - 353

September, October 1982. Chicago Metropolitan Area, Illinois. A series of sudden deaths in the Chicago metropolitan area in 1982 resulted in an investigation that traced the deaths to tainted Tylenol capsules. At that time there was no tamper proof packaging on pain medication bottles which made it difficult to figure out where the capsules had been laced. Who would have done such a thing and why did they do it? Join us as we try to sort through this mysterious case that had a profound effect on the trust we put into the pills that we buy.


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Dec 09, 2019
North Hollywood Shootout - 352

February 27, 1997. North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California. A beautiful Friday morning in Los Angeles, California was shattered as civilians and law enforcement came under attack by two vicious bank robbers that seemed to have a death wish. This case stunned the nation and paved the way for the militarization of our nation's top police forces.

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Nov 25, 2019
Kimberly Hricko - 351

February 14th, 1998. Talbot County, Maryland. A married couple goes on a romantic getaway to help save their marriage. Sometime after taking part in a murder mystery play, one of them is found dead in the room which had been the scene of a fire. Was this person murdered? Or was this simply a terrible accident due to an untended lit cigar? Kimberly Hricko, Steven's wife, claimed to have an alibi.

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Nov 18, 2019
Bison Dele - 350

July 2002. Tahiti, French Polynesia. On July 6, 2002, Bison Dele, Serena Karlan, Miles Dabord, and Bertrand Saldo left the island of Tahiti bound for Raiatea and eventually Hawaii. They were on a catamaran named the Hakuna Matata owned by Bison. He had ended a lucrative NBA career in 1999 and set out to travel the world. He was joined in early 2002 by his girlfriend, Serena, and his brother, Miles. Bertrand was the captain of the boat. However, no one heard from the boat after July 8 and none of the passengers arrived in Raiatea. Where was the Hakuna Matata? An unexpected business transaction would hold the key to this mystery.

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Nov 11, 2019
Joann Katrinak - 349

December 15th, 1994. Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Joann Katrinak, and her baby, had planned to go Christmas shopping with her mother-in-law but she never arrived to pick her up despite calling to say that she was on her way there. Her husband, Andrew, was surprised to not find his wife and child at home after arriving there after work. Joann's car was found abandoned outside of a local bar and evidence found within the vehicle suggested foul play. Months later, the remains of Joann and Alex were found on a remote farmland. Two suspects were eyed by the authorities; Andrew Katrinak and his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Rorrer. One of them surely killed the young woman and the child. As evidence was collected and the investigation ramped up, one of the suspects stood out to detectives. But were they on the right path?

Nov 04, 2019
Jennifer Pan - 348

November 08, 2010. Markham, Ontario. A woman calls 9-1-1 to report that intruders have been in her home, that she heard "shots like pop" and that her dad has run screaming from the house. Apparently, Jennifer had been tied to a railing. In the end, Jennifer Pan's mother was dead and her father was in a coma at the hospital. Detectives worked to piece together what happened and early on had located footage of several men approaching, entering, and leaving the Pan residence. While the evidence seemed to indicate that a home invasion had occured just as Jennifer had stated, some things didn't add up. What did happen that night at the Pan house? The answers would be verified by an unlikely source.


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Oct 28, 2019
Lori Hacking - 347

July 19, 2004. Salt Lake City, UT. When Lori Hacking didn't return from a morning run, her husband Mark called police. The response by the authorities and the public was swift. So many wanted to find Lori and bring her home. But determined investigators started to assemble pieces of information that added up to foul play. Lori, sadly, would not be returning home and everyone who knew her was about to be in for the shock of their lives once the truth of her disappearance and murder came out.

Oct 21, 2019
Murder Of Trey Zwicker - 346

May 11, 2011. Louisville, Kentucky. After a teen's body was discovered in a creek bed, his family wanted answers. The 14 year old, named Trey Zwicker, had been beaten to death and authorities quickly identified their suspect in his murder; Josh Young. Young's father, Josh Gouker, had been in a relationship with Trey's mother, Amanda McFarland. But by the time Young was taken to court, an unexpected twist occurred which flipped the case on its head. Join us as we discuss a chilling murder and the conflicting testimony, and confessions, surrounding the case.

Oct 14, 2019
The Farmville Murders - 345

September 18th, 2009. Farmville, Virginia. Kathleen Wells hadn’t heard from her daughter, Melanie, for a few days and was worried. Melanie was staying in Virginia with her friend Emma Neiderbrock. Whenever Kathleen called Emma’s home, Richard McCroskey, Emma’s boyfriend, answered the phone and told various stories about where Melanie was. Kathleen called in a welfare check on the home on September 18. Inside the home, police found the bodies of four people. Questions arose. Was this a story of a jilted lover? Or was an intense interest in death and horror behind these murders?

Sep 30, 2019
Matias Reyes - 344

New York City, New York. September 1988-August 1989. In 2002, Matias Reyes admitted to being the sole person to rape and beat the Central Park Jogger, Trisha Meili. In 1989, however, he was identified as the East Side Slasher. We discuss his crimes and the impact that his confession had on the Central Park Five.

Sep 23, 2019
Sierah Joughin - 343

July 19, 2016. Fulton County, Ohio. Sierah Joughin, a 20 year old college student, and her boyfriend, Josh Kolasinski, parted ways at around 6:45pm after spending some time together. She isn't seen alive again. Law enforcement and Sierah's friends and family acted quickly to locate her but three days later the case takes a huge turn when a suspect is arrested and just hours later Sierah's body is located in a shallow grave. While a case was built against the man police believe was responsible, he maintained that he was being framed for a crime he said he did not commit.

Sep 16, 2019
Death Of Sandy Maloney - 342

February 10, 1998. Green Bay, Wisconsin. In the early 1990s, Sandy Maloney was diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari Malformation and soon became addicted to prescription drugs. In 1997, her husband, John asked for a divorce, seeking full custody of their three sons. On the morning of the final divorce hearing, February 11, 1998, Sandy was found dead and burned on her scorched couch. At first, investigators thought the fire was an accident but soon changed their minds to arson and murder. John Maloney would later be arrested. But did he kill Sandy? He was a police officer and was taking over arson investigations for his precinct. Perhaps he knew how to use fire to cover his tracks. But others say that the evidence suggests another cause for Sandy's death...

Sep 09, 2019
D.C. Mansion Murders - 341

May 14, 2015. Washington, DC. In the afternoon of May 14th, 2015, the mansion of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos was the scene of a fire. After firefighters finished battling the blaze, four people were found dead inside. They were Savvas, Amy, their son Philip, and their housekeeper, Vera Figueroa. Evidence found in the home told investigators that those who died were held against their will and tortured for hours before being murdered. But who would want to harm the Savopoulos family? As the answers came in, police realized that things may not have gone as first theorized.

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Sep 02, 2019
Barry & Honey Sherman - 340

December 15, 2017. Toronto, Canada. Barry & Honey Sherman were wealthy philanthropists who were well-respected members of their community. But after they were found dead in their home, their business and personal lives were analyzed for clues to their murderer(s). Most clues seemed to point to Barry being the target. He had acquired and sold a family business which some believe cheated multiple family members out of their rightful shares of the company and his long running litigation with other pharmaceutical companies had some people wondering if bad blood could have turned to murder. Join us as we discuss an ongoing case that has plenty of clues but little evidence.

Aug 26, 2019
Murder Of Blaze Bernstein - 339

January 2, 2018. Lake Forest, California. Blaze Bernstein left his parents’ home to meet up with a guy he had known from his high school days. The following day, his parents reported him missing when he failed to return home. Samuel Woodward, the man that Blaze had met with, claimed that Blaze had walked away into Borrego Park after an argument and he hadn’t seen him since. However, a week after he disappeared, Blaze’s body was found partially buried in the park. He had been murdered. Quickly, the police zeroed in on Samuel as their prime suspect. As new information arose, the police realized that the murder wasn’t a random event; Blaze had been murdered because he was gay and Jewish.

Aug 19, 2019
Dr Richard Iles - 338

January 15, 1999. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Miriam Iles, estranged wife of a prominent heart surgeon, had been on the phone talking with her two sisters-in-law when the call abruptly went silent. They thought that a storm that was passing through must have interrupted the phone line. But after Miriam didn't show up the following day for the Sunday school class that she taught, a few people went to her home to check on her. What they saw through a window horrified them and the police were called. Law enforcement officers broke through the door and found the 47 year old woman dead of a gunshot. Detectives immediately focused their attention on her husband but he maintained his innocence, had an alibi, and none of the evidence collected matched him. Did Miriam's husband kill her as Police suspected? Join us as we discuss an elaborate plot of murder and learn how a well-regarded woman became the target of one person's rage.

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Aug 12, 2019
Mason Jenkins - 337

January 6, 1998. Chatham, Ontario. The Jenkins family, Brian, Leslie, Mason, and Jennifer, seemed to be a happy one. But whatever serenity they had was shattered after the parents arrived home one evening to find their daughter's body in the basement. Their son Mason wasn't in the house and they feared that he was in serious trouble as well. The authorities, though, tracked their son down. When they caught up to him he was riding a horse and did not want to go to the police station. Jennifer had been shot five times. Police believed that Mason killed her. His parents could not understand that and stood by their son. As time went on, Mason's account began to change again and again. Did he kill his sister? And if he did, would his parents continue to support him?

Aug 05, 2019
The Eastburn Family Murders - 336

May 12, 1985. Fayetteville, North Carolina. A military family preparing to move from the USA to England made the difficult decision to sell the family dog. A man answers the ad and purchases Dixie. Just days later, a horrific discovery is made; Kathryn, Kara, and Erin Eastburn were found murdered in their home. Only 22 month Jana remained alive, though on the brink of death. Detectives moved quickly to track down the vicious killer. It wasn't long before they had a suspect. Not Gary Eastburn, the father and husband, but Timothy Hennis, another military man who had bought Dixie. Prosecuting Hennis would prove difficult as the evidence used against him either didn't match or was called into question. Was Hennis the murderer? Or did the authorities have the wrong guy?

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Jul 29, 2019
Death of Ellen Greenberg - 335

January 26, 2011. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ellen Greenberg was a 27 year old teacher who was engaged to 28 year old Sam Goldberg. He was a producer for a local news affiliate. But after a half an hour or so at the gym, Sam returned to the couple's apartment to find the swing bolt latched. He couldn't get in. After nearly thirty minutes of texting Ellen with no replies, he sought help from a security officer who declined to assist Sam in breaking through the door. When Sam did break through, he found Ellen in the kitchen and unresponsive. He called 911. It was discovered that Ellen had been stabbed to death, but who could have stabbed a woman when her apartment was locked from the inside? Police immediately suspected a suicide, but the first autopsy report and independent analysis suspected foul play. Is this a case reminiscent of a John Dickson Carr novel? Or is there evidence available to solve this mystery?

Jul 21, 2019
Death Of Michael Hastings - 334

June 18, 2013. Los Angeles, California. Journalist and author Michael Hastings was killed when his Mercedes, traveling at high speed, crashed into a palm tree and burst into flames. Hastings was said to have been working on a big story and there were rumors that the FBI was investigating him. Was he researching something that the federal government of the United States felt threatened by? Join Justin and special guest The Captain from True Crime Garage on this special crossover episode as they lay out the story, the conspiracies, and their opinions on the death of Michael Hastings.

Aaron and Nic (True Crime Garage) also did a crossover episode that you can find by searching for True Crime Garage in your podcast app. The episode is Debra Sundstrom #315 and is a true crime case that is sure to create some discussion.

Jul 07, 2019
Murder Of Ruth Pyne - 333

May 27, 2011. Highland Township, Michigan. Bernie Pyne and his 10 year old daughter, Julia, returned home to discover Ruth Pyne murdered. The wife and mother, 51, was beaten and stabbed to death. Detectives first looked at Bernie but after the investigation was well under way, a new suspect emerged; 21 year old Jeffrey Pyne. By his own admission, he had been home right around the time that the crime likely occurred. But did Jeffrey really kill his mother? What would his motive have been? Police had been called to the family home in the past after Ruth had attacked her son. She had not been taking her prescription regularly to manage her bipolar disorder. Could things have escalated between the two of them once again? Or was someone else responsible for killing Ruth?

Jul 01, 2019
Emmett Till - 332

August 28, 1955. Money, Mississippi. 14 year old Emmett Till traveled from Illinois to Mississippi to visit relatives. Just a couple of days later he went to a grocery store with friends and relatives to buy some gum. One of the owners, Carolyn Bryant, was working that day and ended up running out after Till allegedly flirted with her and made her uncomfortable. Roy Bryant, her husband, found out about the situation and he, along with his half-brother, went to the home where Till was staying and kidnapped him. Three days later, Till's body was found in the Tallahatchie River. He was identified by the signet ring bearing his father's initials. A proper identification could not be made due to the horrific abuse he had been subjected to prior to his death as well as being left in the water for three days. Emmett Till was murdered because he was black. Join us as we discuss racism, inequality, and injustice in 1955.

Jun 24, 2019
Marsha Brantley - 331

May 2009. Cleveland, Tennessee. In late 2009, Kelly DeLude, a hairdresser, noticed that it had been a while since Marsha Brantley, one of her regular clients, had come in. Donnie, Marsha’s husband, said she had left him and he hadn’t seen her since May or June 2009. It seemed that Marsha had simply vanished. However, as time went on, investigators noticed that Donnie kept changing his story. With few clues, no apparent motive for foul play, and a non-cooperative husband the case became very frustrating very quickly. Where is Marsha Brantley? And did her husband have anything to do with her disappearance?

Jun 16, 2019
Molly Young - 330

March 24, 2012. Carbondale, Illinois. After 3am, Molly Young, 21, was contacted by her ex-boyfriend, Richie Minton, because he needed help. Apparently, he was very drunk. She went to his apartment to help him, but just hours later she was dead. At 9am, Richie's roommate, Wesley Romack, called 911. During the call, Richie took over and told dispatch that Molly had overdosed. He would call again a little later to say that he found his gun and that Molly had actually been shot. While an investigation into Molly's death should have cleared up the question of whether she took her own life or was murdered, this case proved to be somewhat complicated. There was evidence that Molly was severely depressed at times. But Richie was a 911 dispatcher for the Carbondale police department and his father, mother, and aunt also worked for the police. Did he get special treatment and benefit of the doubt due to his law enforcement connections?

Jun 03, 2019
Barry Beach - 329

June 15, 1979. Poplar, Montana. Barry Beach has an unusual story. He confessed to the 1979 murder of his childhood friend and neighbor, Kimberly Nees. During his 1984 trial, he claimed his confession was coerced and that he was innocent. The investigation into Nees' murder and the events that took place after have shrouded the entire case in a cloud of doubt. Prosecutors, however, felt that Barry was the killer and that anything he said, or that anyone testified to later, is irrelevant. Is this a case of injustice? Or are we to believe that Barry Beach is a murderer despite the numerous questions abut the case against him?

May 27, 2019
Ben McDaniel - 328

August 18, 2010. Vortex Spring, Florida. Thirty year old Ben McDaniel went scuba diving at Vortex Spring. The spring features a cave that has been mapped to a length of over 1600 feet but is said to be longer than that. Ben should not have been in the cave as only divers with the necessary certification can acquire a key to get past the gate, but after he was discovered to be missing an employee admitted to letting him in. Ben did dive in with his equipment but never came out. At least, no one witnessed him leaving. His truck and some of his possessions remained in his truck that was parked in the lot nearby. Rescue attempts were made but as time went on, some began to doubt that Ben was in the cave. Did Ben fool everyone to start over somewhere else? In the two years prior, he had several substantial setbacks. Could he have taken his own life? Could there have been foul play? A real life mystery, Ben McDaniel's disappearance has everyone wondering, where did he really go?

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May 19, 2019
Skylar Neese - 327

July 6, 2012. Star City, West Virginia. Two BFFs became three when Shelia Eddy and Skylar Neese got to know Rachel Shoaf at University High School. Skylar was always known for being responsible and taking care of her responsibilities. When she disappeared from her home and didn't show up for work, her father knew something was wrong. Once an investigation got underway, Skylar's parents were upset with where it seemed to be headed, but detectives were focused on the missing girl's best friends. As clues were found and a secret was leaked, the truth of what happened to Skylar was both shocking and incomprehensible. What happened to Skylar Neese and why? Join us as we discuss a true crime case of betrayal and heartbreak.

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May 12, 2019
Mel Ignatow - 326

September 24, 1988. Louisville, Kentucky. Brenda Sue Schaefer had not been lucky in love. When she was set up on a blind date with an older man named Mel Ignatow, she thought she had finally found the right guy. He was successful and gave Brenda a lot of attention. After a while, though, things began to sour and it was learned that Mel was very controlling and abusive. After Brenda broke things off with him, she went missing. Detectives got a lead when Mel Ignatow's ex-girlfriend, Mary Ann Shore was interviewed. But would this lead solve the case and bring a killer to justice? One thing is certain, once you have heard the details of this true crime case you will never forget it.

May 05, 2019
James Schnick - 325

September 25, 1987. Elkland, Missouri. Early one morning, seven members of the Buckner and Schnick families were murdered. The only survivors were James Schnick and his two children. James said his nephew, 14 year old Kirk Buckner, shot him in his home and he was forced to kill him in self defense. It seemed as though Kirk had killed his family, Steve, Jan, Dennis, Tim, and Michael, and drove to his aunt and uncle’s house and killed his aunt, Julie. However, as detectives looked over the evidence, they began to notice discrepancies. Would these lead them to a different theory of what happened?

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Apr 21, 2019
Death Of Rhonda Casto - 324

March 16, 2009. Hood River County, Oregon. A man called 911 to report that his girlfriend, Rhonda Casto, had fallen from a trail on a cliff at Eagle's Creek. He said that when he got down to where she had fallen to that she was already dead. The sheriff was suspicious of the man, Stephen Nichols, almost immediately due to his calm demeanor and how he seemed to talk mostly about his own discomfort. By the very next day the sheriff decided that this was a homicide investigation and the focus was on Nichols. What reason would Nichols have had to murder Rhonda? The theories, the evidence and the path of the case against Stephen Nichols wasn't as clear cut as prosecutors and Rhonda's family had hoped. Would they have enough to prove their case?

Apr 14, 2019
Death Of Mitrice Richardson - 323

September 17, 2009. Malibu California. 24 year-old Mitrice Richardson was arrested by Los Angeles deputy sheriffs in Malibu, California, on charges of “defrauding an innkeeper” and “possession of (less than an ounce) of marijuana.” She had been acting strangely at a restaurant that evening and the manager and waitstaff were concerned for her. Richardson was brought to the remote Lost Hills sheriff’s station where she was held until shortly after midnight, and then released into a dark deserted nowhere. She had no ATM card, no purse, and no phone as it was all in her car that had been impounded. She would disappear until nearly one year later, when her body was found in an inaccessible wilderness area called Dark Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains. From the time that she was arrested to the time that her body was discovered, the LA Sheriffs Department was uncooperative. Join us as we discuss a tragic case involving a woman who didn't have to die.

Apr 07, 2019
Catherine Woods - 322

November 27, 2005. New York City, New York. Catherine Woods was a 21 year old dancer from Ohio who had moved to New York several years before to pursue a career in theater. Joining her in New York was an on again off again boyfriend, David Haughn, who lived with her in a second floor apartment in Manhattan. Catherine had also dated a man there by the name of Paul Cortez who was active in theater, music, and was a yoga instructor. After the young dancer was found murdered in her apartment one November evening, these two former love interests of Ms. Woods would both be considered suspects. Both seemed to have motives and both were confirmed to be in the area around the time of the murder. A bloody fingerprint and disturbing journal entries from one of these men shifted the focus of the investigation. But did detectives ignore crucial evidence in their quest to find the killer?

Mar 31, 2019
Pizzagate - 321

October 30, 2016. Washington, D.C. During the 2016 Presidential election campaign in the USA, a conspiracy began to be posted about on message boards, facebook, and twitter. It apparently began after WikiLeaks made John Podesta's personal emails public. Hillary Clinton's campaign manager didn't have anything obvious in those emails that spelled out a conspiracy in government involving a "child sex ring" but believers in the conspiracy pointed to what they say were coded messages. At the center of this was a Washington D.C. restaurant named Comet Ping Pong. It was rumored that children were being held there. The pizza place's social media accounts were scoured and more 'evidence' of secret activities were unearthed. One man, a father of two, decided to take matters into his own hands and drove to the restaurant armed with various weapons, including an AR-15 rifle. So, was there a conspiracy involving pedophiles in government? Or was there something else at work behind the conspiracy known as Pizzagate?

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Mar 17, 2019
Matthew Shepard - 320

October 6, 1998. Laramie, Wyoming. University of Wyoming student, Matthew Shepard, was lured out of a bar in Laramie by two men. He was then beaten, robbed, and left to die while tied to a rural fence. He died just days later in a Fort Collins, Colorado hospital. His murder started a national discussion on LGBT equality and crimes against people based upon their sexuality, race and religion. A federal hate crimes law was eventually passed in 2009 named the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. We discuss who Matthew Shepard was, what happened to him, and about the trial that decided the fates of his two attackers.

Mar 10, 2019
Brandon Lawson Revisited - 319

Brandon Lawson is a man who went missing in 2013 after his truck ran out of gas and he made and received a number of calls. We covered his case on episode 193. With a new push to get answers for the family, Jason Watts, a friend of Brandon's, reached out to us to see if he could speak about Brandon Lawson's case on Generation Why. We discussed the case, where it's at now and what Brandon's supporters are planning for the future. I really hope that their luck improves and that the case can finally move forward. It has been almost six years since Brandon went missing. How can you help? If you know anything, please see the contacts below or visit one of the sites listed for more information.

Private investigator Paula Boudreaux:


Coke county sheriff's office:


Mar 03, 2019
Trenny Gibson Is Missing - 318

October 8, 1976. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. In what was supposed to be a fun surprise, 16 year old Trenny Gibson's teacher didn't tell her or the other high school students where the class was going for their field trip until after they had boarded the bus to go. The trip was to be at the Great Smoky Mountains so that they could observe the plants and trees as they were learning about horticulture. The bus parked near Clingman's Dome and the class headed toward Andrews Bald (a grassy meadow at high elevation) as instructed. But despite being told not to take side trails or deviate from the path specified, Trenny disappeared from the group. Had she separated from the group and gotten lost? Or had someone kidnapped her and taken her from the park? Interviews with the students by the teacher as well as FBI agents painted a mysterious picture of what might have happened to Trenny Gibson.

More information:

Feb 24, 2019
The Vampire Murders - 317

November 25, 1996. Eustis, Florida. A young woman named Jennifer Wendorf arrived home to find her parents, Richard Wendorf and Naomi Ruth Queen dead. Both had been murdered. The murder weapon had been a crowbar. Jennifer's sister, Heather, had left the home prior to the murder of her parents and was in the company of a friend of hers from Kentucky named Rod Ferrell. He was a self-proclaimed 500 year old vampire who drank blood and fantasized about violence. Did Heather know what Rod was going to do to her parents? Why did Rod target them in the first place? Join us as we discuss vampires, murder and reform on this case where true crime meets fantasy and horror.

Feb 17, 2019
Murder Of Diane Kyne - 316

August 15, 2010. Seminole, Florida. Bill Kyne and his stepson, Kevin, both called 911 to claim that the other had murdered Diane Kyne. The wife and mother would later be found in bed having been strangled to death. Investigators found that both men may have had a motive to kill. Kevin Kyne had been having trouble at home as his parents were fed up with his lack of concern for his own future as well as disobeying their rules. Leading up to the murder he had even been more combative and difficult to deal with. Bill Kyne stood to gain financially from Diane's death due to her life insurance. With forensic testing pointing to both Bill and Kevin, who clearly disliked one another, how could the case be solved? Join us as we discuss a murder mystery with only two suspects and many questions.

Feb 10, 2019
Death Of David Coughlin - 315

July 1999. Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. David Coughlin and Raffi Kodikian were best friends. Both from Boston, though David was preparing to move to California. Raffi joined him on a cross country trip which would take them about five days. But a decision to stop in Rattlesnake Canyon in Carlsbad Caverns National Park would prove to be too much. Though they were cautioned about the desert and being prepared, they thought that one night wouldn't be a big deal. Days later when a park ranger located their camp, he discovered only Raffi had survived. David was dead and Raffi immediately said that he was responsible. But was this a mercy killing as he had claimed? Or was there a motive for murder?

Feb 03, 2019
Murder Mountain - 314

Humboldt County in California is known for its marijuana production, making up well over half of the total grown in the United States. But it's also known for how many people disappear there. The new Netlfix docuseries, Murder Mountain, follows the story of a man named Garrett Rodriguez who may have met with foul play. Despite testimony that the man was murdered, law enforcement has chosen not to take the investigation further. But why? Josh Zeman, director of The Killing Season and Cropsey, joins the podcast to discuss his experiences making Murder Mountain and shares what he has learned. Whether you have watched the series or not, you'll want to hear about Humboldt County, California and the unique situation that exists there. Murder Mountain, a six part docuseries, is out now on Netflix.

Jan 27, 2019
Israel Keyes: A Patreon Preview

Israel Keyes: A Patreon Preview is an introduction to the extra content that Justin & Aaron produce for the Generation Why Patreon page. Have you wanted more content from us but are all caught up on our nearly 300 episodes? Then we have a solution for you. Head over to and for just two dollars each month you will get an extra episode each month as well as any interviews or off the cuff discussions that we record. You will also have access to all previous episodes we have released there. As of right now there are more than 70 audio files available with more on the way. So, enjoy this 14+ minute preview of our Israel Keyes episode and head over to our Patreon page for this and many other episodes you have never listened to.

Jan 23, 2019
Disappearance Of Susan Osborne - 313

May 29, 2017. Holtville, Alabama. Susan Osborne, 42, and her 15 year old son, Evan Eric Chartrand, were last heard from on May 29, 2017. Since then there has been no contact and friends and family are worried. Susan was married to a man named Jerry Osborne, an Air Force veteran They had been experiencing some difficulties in their relationship but Susan told others that they were working on things and that she loved her husband. Linda Anklam, Susan's mother, reported them missing on July 29, two months after they likely went missing. The delay was mostly out of respect for Susie's privacy. But with unanswered calls and letters mounting, family and friends could no longer stay silent. Police visited the home that Susan and Jerry shared in order to get some answers and the door was answered by Jerry who was obviously in the process of cleaning the residence. But he hadn't just cleaned the five year old home, he had completely remodeled it over the prior two months. If you have any information about this disappearance, please contact the Elmore County Sheriff's Office via their Secret Witness Hotline at 334-567-5227. The facebook page is titled, Justice for Susie and Evan.

Jan 20, 2019
Who Killed Jerry Tobias? Part 2 - 312

On episode 311 we discussed the investigation into the death of Jerry Tobias, an oilfield worker in Gaylord, Michigan. On this episode, we bring the story to its conclusion by discussing how the case went completely off the rails. The prosecution's star witness, Debbie Parmentier, had a lot of information to give but she was also a liability. If you thought that you had heard of some unbelievable cases in the past, then you will want to listen to this one. There aren't too many true crime stories that can top it.

Jan 13, 2019
Who Killed Jerry Tobias? Part 1 - 311

December 8, 1986. Gaylord, Michigan. A police officer stopped to check out a truck parked on the side of a road and discovered a body in the bed of the truck. The man was oilfield worker Jerry Tobias. He was bloody, bruised and his hands appeared to have been bound with jumper cables. Also in the truck was a clue; packages of meat from a local butcher shop. The investigation into the case first focused on a single suspect, Laurie Moore, a local butcher. He would later be arrested and tried for murder. The key witness for the prosecution was Debra Parmentier who knew a lot about what had happened and as time went on her story grew as others became implicated in the crime. This case is so wild that it may seem unbelievable but it is true. This is part one in a special two part series.

Jan 06, 2019
Death Of Monica Dunn - 310

April 4th, 1994. Farmington, New Mexico. On the morning of April 4, 1994, Paul Dunn called 911 claiming that his wife had been shot. When police arrived, Paul was performing CPR on his wife, Monica, in the open garage. He was also covered in blood. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. She had died from a gunshot wound to her abdomen. She and her husband, Paul, had separated after she discovered he was having an affair. He claimed that she died by suicide. The local police, for whom Paul worked, thought that he killed her after an argument at home. What led to the shooting? Did Paul murder his wife with his shotgun? Or did Monica shoot herself? There is more to this case than you might think.

Dec 23, 2018
Katherine Knight - 309

February 29, 2000. Aberdeen, New South Wales, Australia. The most infamous woman in Australia is Katherine Knight. In the year 2000, she was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, John Price. She had stabbed him to death one night but the crime didn't end there. What she did after that guaranteed that those who learn of her actions will never forget her name. Her past is littered with incidents and abuse that reveal just how dangerous she was to those around her. Join us as we discuss Katherine Knight's life and crimes on one of the more unsettling episodes of Generation Why.

Dec 16, 2018
Kevin Cooper - 308

June 5, 1983. Chino Hills, California. The Ryen family consisted of Douglas, Peggy, Jessica and Joshua. They had invited Joshua's friend, Christopher Hughes, to stay the night. The next day after Chrs hadn't returned, his father visited the Ryen home to look for him. Soon after, he would make a terrible discovery. Sometime during the night the Ryens and his son had been attacked and all had been killed save for Joshua. An investigation turned up a suspect in Kevin Cooper. He had recently escaped from prison and had been hiding in a house just 125 yards away from the Ryen's home. He was arrested in Santa Barbara seven weeks after the murders. But many questions remain even after his conviction. Was evidence planted against him? Why couldn't Joshua Ryen reliably say who attacked him? Was there any truth in a story of three white men committing the crimes? There were multiple weapons used in the attacks. Join us as we discuss this controversial case and attempt to figure out who was responsible for the Chino Hills Massacre.

Dec 09, 2018
The Menendez Brothers - 307

August 20, 1989. Beverly Hills, California. Jose and Kitty Menendez were eating ice cream and watching a movie at home when they were shot to death. Their two sons, Lyle (21) and Erik (18) said that they were not home at the time but their behavior following the murders of their parents as well as the investigation into it began to reveal a different story. The two sons had burned through a lot of money buying cars, trips and even a restaurant. After Erik told his psychiatrist, Dr. Jerome Oziel, that he and his brother had killed their parents, Oziel's mistress then told police. Investigators then knew who committed the murders but not why. When the case went to trial, Erik's defense attorney, Leslie Abramson, alleged that Lyle and Erik had endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of their father. It was said that they feared that they would be killed and that was why they shot their parents. Were the murders done out of fear? Or did Lyle and Erik just want their parents' money?

Dec 02, 2018
Anthony Garcia - 306

May 14, 2013. Omaha, Nebraska. For five years the brutal murders of Thomas Hunter, 11, and Shirlee Sherman, 57, were a mystery. Then, in 2013, Roger and Mary Brumback, both 65, were murdered and the similarities between the two led the police to Anthony Garcia, a former employee of Roger Brumback and Thomas’ father, William Hunter, who appeared to have a grudge against those who fired him from Creighton University Medical Center. But with very little evidence found at the crime scenes, how could it be proven that Garcia committed the crimes?

Nov 18, 2018
Janet Abaroa - 305

April 26, 2005. Durham, North Carolina. 30 year old Raven Abaroa returns home after a soccer game to find his wife slumped over on the floor in their home. At first he was not alarmed as she would often do this when she had cramps. But when he got close to her, he could see that his wife, 25 year old Janet Abaroa, was covered in blood and appeared to be deceased. The couple's 6 month old son was found unharmed in his room. Investigators did not suspect that robbery was a motive in the crime so they began to look at the people in her life. It took nearly five years for authorities to arrest their suspect: Raven Abaroa. The investigation had turned up a number of troubling red flags about him, but would they have enough evidence to bring Janet's killer to justice? Raven claimed to have an alibi for the time of the murder and said that he had witnesses to prove it.

Nov 11, 2018
Death of Colonel Shue - 304

April 16, 2003. San Antonio, Texas. Colonel Michael Philip Shue said goodbye to his wife and was supposed to drive to Lackland Air Force Base where he worked. But he was seen driving erratically on the highway away from both his work and his home later on. The Colonel's car then smashed into a tree, killing him. But he sustained injuries prior to the accident that suggested that he may have been the victim of a crime. Some of these injuries included: duct tape on his wrists and ankles, a six inch wound down the center of his chest and his nipples had been cut off. A world renowned medical examiner surprisingly deemed the Colonel's death a suicide. After Col. Shue's wife hired two other experts a different picture came into focus. One of abduction and torture. What exactly happened to Col. Shue? Was he suicidal? Or did someone want him dead? Can Justin & Aaron get to the bottom of this mystery?

Nov 04, 2018
Murder of Jill Cahill - 303

April 21, 1998. Onondaga County, New York. Recently separated but still living in the same home, Jeff and Jill Cahill got into an argument. Jill attempted to walk away, but her husband wasn't going to let her do that. Using a baseball bat he struck his wife multiple times in the head. He then called his mother. While his family spoke with him at the house, Jill was bleeding and near death. It wasn't until after a doctor, a friend of Jeff's family, showed up and demanded that they call for help that an ambulance was requested. Jill was rushed to a hospital and would survive, but she was looking at a long rehabilitation due to her injuries. Jeff was treated elsewhere for minor injuries and then arrested. But he was far from done. What he did next was both appalling and shocking.

Oct 28, 2018
Mackenzie Cowell - 302

Feb. 9, 2010. Wenatchee, Washington. Beauty school student Mackenzie Cowell left class and said she would only be gone for 15 minutes. She didn't return. Days later, her mutilated body was discovered near the Columbia River. Who killed her? Her boyfriend? Her mother's boyfriend? Drug dealers? Or a fellow student? Conflicting information and confusing evidence didn't prevent this case from reaching a conclusion.

Oct 21, 2018
Christopher Porco - 301

November 15, 2004. Bethlehem, New York. A 52 year old law clerk named Peter Porco unexpectedly misses work, prompting someone to check on him at his home. There, a grisly scene is discovered. Peter and his wife, Jean, had both been brutally attacked with an axe. Surprisingly, Joan is still alive and is asked a handful of questions by a detective. Among them, she was asked if she knew who had attacked her. She said that she did. But the investigation and the case would take surprising turns. Who tried to murder this well thought of couple? Was it one of their two sons? Or did a stranger invade their home with murderous intent?

Oct 14, 2018
The Stotler Murders - 300

October 24, 2001. Montgomery County, Texas. Fifty year old Sandra Stotler, her 17 year old adopted step-grandson, Adam, and his 18 year old friend, Jeremy Richardson, were all shot to death. Sandra was murdered at her home. The young men were killed at a wooded area nearby. It took days for these crimes to become known to the police, but once they were it didn't take long to discover a motive. The primary motive being the theft of Sandra's Chevy Camaro. Identifying suspects in the crimes wasn't difficult, either. But each of them took a different path and ultimately ended up in very different circumstances. When you learn the details of how law enforcement and the justice system dealt with them it may just surprise you. This case was also the subject of a documentary by filmmaker Werner Herzog titled, 'Into the Abyss'.

Oct 07, 2018
Danny Brown - 299

December 5th, 1981. Toledo, Ohio. Bobbie Russell, a 28 year old mother of three, is brutally attacked and murdered at her home. Detectives were able to get a name from the woman's six year old son who was there with his younger twin sisters. The name he gave was Danny. With that information they picked up 24 year old Danny Brown who had been seeing Bobbie Russell. Danny is cooperative, but denied any involvement. A jury disagreed and he spent years in prison before a dna test in 2000 flipped the case on its head. The prosecutor, though, doesn't find the dna that compelling. Was Danny Brown involved in Bobbie's murder somehow? Or is he the victim of a system that just doesn't like to correct its mistakes?

Sep 30, 2018
Brett Parker - 298

April 13, 2012. Irmo, South Carolina. A panicked man named Brett Parker called 911. He told police that a friend of his named Bryan Capnerhurst had shot his wife, Tammy Parker, and that he was forced to shoot Bryan in self defense. Brett Parker admitted to owing his friend money. He stated that his friend must have snapped due to being so far in debt. But early on in the criminal investigation, investigators began to doubt Brett's story. Brett scheduled a meeting with the sheriff to make his case but that backfired. The investigation and an autopsy would reveal startling evidence of betrayal, greed, and murder in a case that tore apart families. Was Brett forced to kill his best friend? Or did he hatch a sinister plot for his own selfish reasons?

Sep 23, 2018
Sebastian Burns And Atif Rafay - 297

July 13th, 1994. Bellevue, Washington. Sebastian Burns (19) and Atif Rafay (18), who had been in Bellevue for a number of days to visit Atif's parents, arrive at the home around 2am to find a terrible scene. Burns calls the police to tell them of a break-in and the deaths of his friend's father, mother, and sister. The authorities get the two close friends a hotel room to stay in while the investigation gets under way. But they decide to go back to Canada rather than remain in the USA. The pair became the main suspects but how could investigators get to them? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police began monitoring Burns and Rafay and after a short time launched a Mr. Big operation. Illegal in the United States, this operation placed undercover officers in a position to make suspects believe they were dealing with criminals who were in a position to help them get out of their 'impending arrests'. With confessions from the two given to the investigators in Washington, the case is set. Did the two close friends murder the Rafay family for the insurance payout? Or was this sting operation only successful in getting them to lie in order to protect themselves?

Sep 16, 2018
Chandra Levy - 296

May 1st, 2001. Washington, D.C. Chandra Levy, an intern in Washington, D.C. was an independent woman with big dreams. As someone who was very interested in politics and law enforcement, the move from California to the nation's capital was exciting for her. In April of 2001, she lost her intern position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons because her eligibility had expired six months before. Because of this she had no real reason to stay in D.C. Chandra started the process of moving back. On May 6th, though, her parents reported her missing. The authorities were informed that Chandra had been involved in a relationship with Gary Condit, a married U.S. congressman. Did he harm or kill Chandra to prevent her from leaving? In May of 2002, her remains were found in Rock Creek Park. As the investigation evolved, two suspects stood out; congressman Gary Condit and a 20 year old man from El Salvador named Ingmar Guandique who had admitted to attacking other women in the same area. At the time, this case received massive coverage due to Chandra's affair with Gary Condit and his possible involvement in her death.

Sep 09, 2018
Nathan Carman - 295

Sept. 17, 2016. Point Judith, R.I. Nathan Carman, 22, and his mother Linda, 54, left on his boat for a fishing trip. The two hadn't been getting along but they were known to fish together and maybe this was the opportunity for them to patch things up. A week later, a Chinese freighter discovered Nathan on a life raft and rescued him. Linda's sisters and local law enforcement suspected foul play. But this isn't the first time someone close to Nathan Carman had died under strange circumstances. His grandfather, Linda's dad, was murdered on December 20, 2013 with a rifle. With the grandfather's estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars there were potentially many suspects in the family as concerns over who would inherit how much was very much on their minds. But was Linda murdered? Her body has never been found and Nathan said that he would never have killed her or his grandfather. Join us as we look into a baffling true crime case that you won't forget.

Sep 02, 2018
Murder of Kyllikki Saari - 294

May 17, 1953. Isojoki, Finland. 17 year old Kyllikki Saari bicycled home after a prayer meeting with a friend. Kyllikki had earlier expressed a bit of fear about riding home at night, but when it came time for the two to go there separate ways, she seemed to downplay her fear. Perhaps she felt that three and a half miles was close enough to home or that her fear was not something that she wanted to give into. Her final words to her friend began, "I'm sure I'll be fine from here on, as I have been before." But Kyllikki was never seen alive again. Less than six months later her remains are found. Her burial site seemingly marked by a sharpened pine stick pushed into the ground. As the investigation into her murder got under way, a list of suspects grew. Who could have murdered this young woman? Was it the local vicar? A former police officer? Or was it a suspect from the Lake Bodom murders case? A tragic case of murder and a list of strange evidence and suspects adds up to one of the most infamous cases in Finland's history.

Aug 26, 2018
Framed: An Investigative Story - Hosted By Aaron

Aaron from Generation Why presents Framed: An Investigative Story. An unsolved crime has divided a community for more than a decade. This season on Framed we will go beyond the narratives and attempt to answer the question of what happened one fateful night in 2002.

Aug 20, 2018
Ariel Castro - 293

2002-2013. Cleveland, Ohio. Three young women went missing in Cleveland, Ohio between 2002 and 2004; Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. While investigations occurred and families held vigils, these three women endured unspeakable torture at the hands of a monster. But as terrible as this was, what this story really became was one of courage. Aaron & Justin discuss the kidnappings, the captivity and the escape of these three strong women after a decade in hell. You will be moved by their stories and you'll never forget their names.

Aug 19, 2018
Murder of Larry McNabney - 292

September 10, 2001. Los Angeles, California. Successful personal injury attorney Larry McNabney is seen being pushed in a wheelchair by his wife Elisa after a horse show. An odd sight as Larry was known to be a healthy guy. The next day his office was being cleared out. Clients had been asking after him and being given the run around. After the body of Larry McNabney was discovered in a San Joaquin vineyard, authorities began to uncover Elisa McNabney's secrets. The woman who had married Larry McNabney was not who she said she was...

Aug 05, 2018
Travis Walton - 291

November 5th, 1975. Heber, Arizona. On their way back to the town of Snowlfake, a logging crew of seven men see a strange sight in the sky. Mike Rogers, who hired the other six men, stopped the truck. Travis Walton, who had been sitting up front, jumped out and moved towards what appeared to be an alien craft. A blue-green beam shot out of the craft and into Travis and was thrown backward ten feet. The men in the truck did not wait around to see what would happen next. Mike drove the truck a number of miles before stopping again. They needed to report the incident to law enforcement but they waited a bit before speaking about the 'ufo'. As the days went on and search parties failed to locate Travis, people started to wonder. Had the missing man been the victim of foul play? Was he taken by aliens? Or was this a hoax for fifteen minutes of fame and some cash? Special thanks to Nic of True Crime Garage for joining me to discuss this famous alien abduction case. Check out TCG at or search for the podcast on your favorite podcast app. Justin is on episode #229 of True Crime Garage with The Captain so be sure to check that out, too.

Aug 01, 2018
Jens Soering - 290

March 30, 1985. Bedford County, Virginia. In 1984, 18 year old Jens Soering, a German citizen, and a 20 year old woman named Elizabeth Haysom met at the University of Virginia where they were both students. They subsequently fell in love. In March of the following year, Elizabeth's parents were brutally stabbed to death at their home. At the top of the suspect list were Elizabeth and Jens. As the authorities sought to gather statements and evidence, Elizabeth cooperated while Jens did not. Once she confessed and implicated her boyfriend Jens it was simply a matter of time before he was arrested and eventually tried. Jens Soering had confessed as well, but after being dumped by Ms. Haysom he recanted. Despite his conviction for the murders of Elizabeth's parents, he has maintained that the confesion was only meant to protect his girlfriend. But what did the evidence show? If Jens didn't participate in these murders, how was he found guilty? Join us as we discuss this bizarre case of love and murder.

Jul 29, 2018
Isiah Fowler - 289

Valley Springs, California. April 27, 2013. Twelve year old Isiah Fowler asked to stay home while his father and stepmother took his siblings to a baseball game. His sister, eight year old Leila, wished to remain at home as well. The parents agreed to let them stay. Isiah made pancakes and the two watched a movie. Sometime later, Isiah called his parents to report that an intruder was in the home. The 911 dispatcher, after being called by Isiah's stepmother, Crystal, wanted to speak with the boy. Sometime during the call it was learned that his sister had been attacked. A subsequent investigation revealed curious evidence and inconsistencies in the home and in Isiah's statements to police. Could this twelve year old have murdered his own sister? Or did he really witness an intruder in his home at the time of the attack? Join us as we discuss this mysterious case and try to answer the question; who killed Leila Fowler?

Jul 22, 2018
Andrew Gosden - 288

September 14, 2007. King's Cross Railway Station, London, UK. A bright young student named Andrew Gosden leaves for school one day. His family didn't know it, but Andrew waited for them to leave then returned home and changed into his street clothes and headed for the Doncaster railway station after withdrawing £200 from a cash machine. When his parents discovered that he was missing they began to look for him. Once they learned that he had purchased a one way ticket to London their concern grew. Andrew wasn't someone who just left like that. He had a perfect attendance record at school and was always reliable. Though it took police weeks to get the CCTV footage from King's Cross railway station in London, they were able to locate Andrew in it. What was Andrew doing there? Why did he leave? Had he planned to visit a relative or a friend? If so, then why has no one heard from Andrew in more than 10 years? Join us as we discuss this mysterious disappearance case.

Jul 15, 2018
Death Of Kathleen Peterson 2 - 287

Michael Peterson's trial for the alleged murder of his wife Kathleen was the subject of a documentary titled, The Staircase, which is now on Netflix. This is the second and final part of our discussion where we go over the evidence in more detail and state what issues we had with the trial and with the documentary series. Do we believe Michael Peterson murdered his wife? Or do we think this was just an accident? Or, as some believe, could a barred owl be responsible? Join us as we conclude our discussion The Staircase and the death of Kathleen Peterson.

Jul 01, 2018
Death of Kathleen Peterson 1 - 286

December 8, 2001. Durham, North Carolina. Michael and Kathleen Peterson seemed to have it all. A beautiful home and great careers. She was an executive at Nortel and he was an author. But one night, Kathleen went into the home they shared while Michael continued to lounge outside. After a bit he went in only to discover his wife covered in blood at the bottom of their back staircase. He called 911 to report an accident. After a few hours, Michael Peterson contacted his attorney. Inside the home, prosecutors said that Kathleen Atwater Peterson was attacked and killed by her husband. In this first episode we discuss the night in question and some of the evidence. With the re-release of the documentary The Staircase on Netflix, we have seen our inbox flooded with requests to discuss the documentary and the case. Part two we'll be focused on going through more of the evidence and giving our opinions on what occurred on that fateful night in 2001 at the Peterson home.

Jun 24, 2018
Yuba County Five - 285

Yuba County, California. February 24, 1978. Five men went to a basketball game in Chico, California to watch their favorite college basketball team play. They never returned home. Four days later their car was found on a Plumas National Forest access road. There was no sign of the men and no indication of why they had abandoned their operable car. In June, the remains of four of the five men were found even deeper in the forest. The fifth man remains missing. No one knows why they went into the forest. If it was voluntary or foul play was involved, or why they died when the trailer had enough supplies to allow them to survive until spring. This case is full of mystery. Join us as we attempt to sort out what happened to these five friends.

Jun 10, 2018
Daniel LaPlante - 284

December 01, 1987. Townsend, Massachusetts. Andrew Gustafson was a 34 year old lawyer who had just closed a successful real estate deal and was attempting to let his wife know about it and to see if she would like to go out that evening to celebrate. A babysitter would be needed for their two children, but Andrew didn't think finding one would be a problem. Upon arriving home, Andrew found the house to be quiet. Too quiet. Upstairs, in their master bedroom, he found the body of his wife. He would then leave the house. Afraid of what else he might discover. Law enforcement used tracking dogs which led them from the Gustafson home to a home a half mile or so behind it through some woods. The killer it seems was within walking distance and was now on the run. When the criminal activities of this murderer were brought to light, many felt as though the young man was truly evil. It all began with home break-ins not unlike those of the Golden State Killer that escalated to terrorizing a family and murdering another.

Jun 03, 2018
Evil Genius - 283

Evil Genius. August 28th, 2003. Erie, Pennsylvania. A pizza delivery man robbed a bank with a bomb around his neck and a cane shotgun. He was captured soon after by police and handcuffed. The presence of a possible live bomb underneath his shirt caused the authorities to back away. The man repeatedly asked them to look for the keys to remove the bomb which were hidden in the instructions of a scavenger hunt. The elaborate heist resulted in a shocking moment that was captured by the media as police waited for the bomb squad to arrive. This is all covered in the new documentary series on Netflix by Barbara Schroeder and Trey Borzillieri. It's an unbelievable true story with many layers. Justin & I discuss it and then an interview with the directors follows. This crime is also known as the pizza bomber case.

May 27, 2018
Adam Kaufman - 282

Adam Kaufman. November 7, 2007. Aventura, Florida. Adam Kaufman, a successful real estate developer, called 911 to report that he found his wife, Lina, slumped over in their bathroom. Paramedics are dispatched and take her to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead. By all accounts the couple, who had two young children, were very happy. But a case of murder would develop against the husband after the manner of death is released a year and a half later. It was listed as manual asphyxiation which meant that she must have been strangled. Adam maintained that his wife must have died from natural causes even stating at one point that the spray tan that she had received just hours before might have been the cause. At trial, the prosecution sought to show that Adam had behaved oddly and that he had an interest in another woman while the defense illustrated just how much he loved his wife and that she hadn't been murdered. Had a crime occurred? Or was a loving husband facing a possible prison sentence because his behavior that morning and his wife's death were being misunderstood?

May 20, 2018
Olathe Shooting - 281

February 22, 2017. Olathe, Kansas. A man re-enters a bar that he was escorted out of minutes before for spouting hateful rhetoric and, armed with a gun, shoots two Indian men as well as a bar patron who attempted to stop him. On this episode we discuss two different shooting incidents, the motives behind them and the responses by survivors. Gun crimes affect many more people than those who are shot. Immigration fears, racism, and outright paranoia can encourage violence against others but what can be done about it? Two strong women are working to change the minds and hearts of those who might commit crimes against those who they perceive to be different.

May 13, 2018
Josh & Susan Powell - 280

West Valley City, Utah. December 7th, 2009. Josh Powell took his two sons camping at 12:30am so they could have s'mores. This wasn't a typical trip to take during a snow storm and on a Monday morning, but stranger still, no one was told about this trip. Not his employer who expected him at work. Not the daycare where his sons should have been that day. His wife, Susan, also missed work. The boys' daycare worker did her best to contact the parents of Charlie and Braden, but no one answered these calls. By the time Josh returned home in the family's sole vehicle, a minivan, police were waiting for him. His wife was nowhere to be found. As detectives attempted to locate Susan Powell, Josh's behavior and recent activities caused them to be very suspicious of him. A search of the Powell home turned up a safe deposit box key and led them to a note written by Susan herself the year before. What happened to her? In her own words she described a controlling husband who may harm her or even their children. Was Josh Powell capable of this? And what about his father? Eventually convicted for possession of child pornography and voyeurism, he had seventeen notebooks filled with his desires for Susan Powell and a large collection of photos and videos taken of her without her knowledge. Control, anger, obsession and alliances combine for a true crime case almost too crazy to be believable.

Apr 29, 2018
Golden State Killer

Aaron is joined by Mike Morford from Criminology Podcast to discuss the Golden State Killer who was captured on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018. While much remains unknown at this point, the notorious serial killer now has a name and a face. Criminology Podcast is covering this notorious serial killer in depth in its current season. We originally covered this case on episode #155 under the title The Original Night Stalker.

Criminology Podcast:

Michelle McNamara's Letter to GSK:

Apr 26, 2018
Gregory Villemin - 279

October 16th, 1984. Lépanges-sur-Vologne, France. Christine Villemin was in her home doing housework while her 4 year old son, Gregory, played in their yard. At some point she went to check on him but he was nowhere to be found. An anonymous call to Gregory's uncle revealed the terrible truth. The caller claimed to have taken the young boy and thrown him into the river. Hours later, little Gregory was recovered from the river. An investigation into the Villemin family revealed that harassing calls and letters went on for years prior to the murder. The caller was nicknamed "The Crow" after a controversial French film from 1943 titled, 'Le Corbeau'. Why did things escalate from harassment to murder? For decades, police and prosecutors worked to solve this crime. In 2017 a major announcement changed the direction of the case. Will the mystery finally be solved? Will Gregory's killers finally be brought to justice?

Apr 22, 2018
Brock Turner - 278
Brock Turner. January 18, 2015. Stanford, California. Two Swedish PhD students riding bicycles discover a young man on top of an unconscious woman between some dumpsters. They intervene and chase him down. Police arrested Brock Turner, who claimed to have had a consensual encounter with the woman he had been seen with. But an investigation finds that she was unconscious at the time and he is prosecuted. A jury agrees and finds him guilty of sexual assault. Both Brock Turner and the judge who sentenced him faced a public backlash after Turner was given a 6 month sentence. A recall effort is currently underway to get Judge Aaron Persky removed. But Brock and the judge also have their defenders. Did the judge act within the law? Was the sentence too lenient? What should we take away from this case?
Apr 15, 2018
Charlie Tan - 277
Charlie Tan. February 9th, 2015. Pittsford, New York. Jean Tan calls 911 to report that her husband is dead. From the call Jean had placed it sounded as though her husband was shot very recently and that her son had killed him. When law enforcement arrived it quickly became apparent that Jim Tan, who they found under a desk, had been dead for some time. There had been more than a dozen calls to report domestic abuse from the Tan home between 2003 and 2015. Jim Tan had abused and threatened his wife many times but was never arrested despite evidence of his crimes. Within a day, authorities felt they had enough to charge Jim's son Charlie with his murder. Between the final 911 call and Charlie stating that 'he had to do it' this seemed to be an open and shut case. Charlie must have rushed home on February 5th and used a newly purchased shotgun to end his father's life and put an end to years of abuse. Charlie Tan had a solid reputation and tremendous support from his team, his peers and his family. But at the end of the trial this case would take a surprising turn and controversy would ensue. 
Apr 08, 2018
Felonious Florida
Leave behind the beaches, the theme parks and the tropical breezes. This is the dark side of the Sunshine State. Listen to Felonious Florida on Apple podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this or go to
Apr 03, 2018
Lost Girls Of Panama - 276
Lost Girls Of Panama. April 1, 2014. Boquete, Panama. Lisanne Froon & Kris Kremers traveled to Panama in the middle of March to vacation for a couple of weeks before going to Boquete to volunteer as social workers. Despite local guides being available to assist them on any hikes, the two women set out on a hike together on April 1st. They would never be seen alive again. A search would eventually uncover their belongings and some of their remains. Images taken with their Canon Powershot camera and cellphone records have led many to speculate what caused their deaths. Why did they leave such odd clues behind? Why were so many images taken at night? Did an unforgiving jungle claim their lives? Or did someone take advantage of the unsuspecting tourists? Was this an accident? Or were the women murdered? Join us as we discuss the case of the Lost Girls Of Panama.
Apr 01, 2018
Ben Smart & Olivia Hope - 275
January 01, 1998. Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Two friends celebrating New Year's Eve ran into trouble after the boat they had planned to get on was overcrowded. They located a water taxi still operating and got in. Sharing the ride was a man who learned that they had nowhere to sleep and offered to let them stay on his boat. As this was their only real option they accepted and the taxi took them to the man's ketch. The two friends, Olivia Hope and Ben Smart, were never seen again. The police conducted an investigation and despite a number of witnesses describing the same man and the same two masted sailing boat, they focused on a man with a smaller vessel named Scott Watson. Where this true crime case went from there has been a source of controversy ever since... 
Mar 18, 2018
Leigh Occhi - 274
Leigh Occhi. August 27, 1992. Tupelo, Mississippi. 13 year old Leigh Occhi was left home alone for the first time while her mother went to work. Tupelo had been experiencing storms as a result of hurricane Andrew so Vicki Yarborough, Leigh's mother, decided to call and check up on her. After she couldn't reach her daughter she became concerned and headed home. Once there she discovered the garage door was up and a door to the house was unlocked. Inside their home she discovered blood outside of Leigh's room. Vicki searched desperately for Leigh but could not locate her. The Tupelo police department began an investigation which would result in two persons of interest for the crime; Vicki Yarborough and a man from their church named "Mike" Kearns who abducted and raped a 15 year old girl the year following Leigh's disappearance...
Mar 11, 2018
Abraham Shakespeare - 273
Abraham Shakespeare. November 15, 2006 - April 7, 2009. Plant City, Florida. A man discovered that his lottery ticket purchased in Frostproof, Florida on November 15, 2006 was the winning ticket for a $30 million jackpot. With a payout of about $14 million he had many who knew him wanting him to help them out. As his fortune dwindled due to his giving nature, a woman by the name of Dorice Moore offered not only to help him manage his money, but to write a book about him as well. Later, though, in April of 2009 he seemed to disappear and with Dorice giving different people different stories as to why Abraham wasn't around his family became concerned. Winning the lottery may have seemed like a dream come true, but for Abraham Shakespeare it was the beginning of the end...
Mar 04, 2018
Garrett Phillips - 272
October 24, 2011. Potsdam, New York. 12 year old Garrett Phillips had played some basketball with friends after school one day and then headed home after his mother, Tandy Cyrus, called to tell him that he needed to start on his homework. Neighbors heard strange noises from his apartment after he arrived home. Law enforcement would hear someone moving around inside after showing up. When they finally gained access they discovered Garrett on the floor. He had a pulse but they could tell something was wrong. As an ambulance raced to the apartment a window was found to be open. The screen pushed out where someone may have exited. Within hours the boy died. It was discovered that he had been strangled and suffocated. A short list of suspects was drawn up, but front and center was an ex-boyfriend of Garrett's mother. Nick Hillary denied responsibility and felt that discrimination was the reason why he was being investigated. But the Jamaican born soccer coach wasn't the only ex who may have had a motive. Tandy had also previously dated a sheriff's deputy who might not have been happy about losing her, either...
Feb 25, 2018
Carrie Culberson - 271
Carrie Culberson. August 28, 1996. Blanchester, Ohio. 22 year old Carrie Culberson arrived at her home very late in the evening after playing volleyball. Then she and her car just vanished. Or seemed to, anyway. A neighbor said that she witnessed the young woman's boyfriend, Vincent Doan, hitting her and heard him say, 'I told you if you ever tried to leave me I'd kill you'. Carrie's family tried their best to search for her, but the most promising lead developed when two dogs both alerted by a pond on the property of Lawrence Baker who was Doan's father. Detectives felt that this was significant and thought that answers to Carrie's whereabouts were about to be revealed. But before the pond could be drained and searched, someone put a stop to it and dealt a serious blow to the investigation...
Feb 18, 2018
Tex McIver - 270
Tex McIver. September 25, 2016. Atlanta, Georgia. Tex and Diane McIver are a very well to do couple who are being driven home by a friend named Dani Jo Carter after having some drinks. Diane sat up front in the passenger seat while her husband sat behind her. Dani Jo exits a backed up highway then drives the couple through a neighborhood that makes Tex a little nervous and he retrieves a gun to keep in his lap. Not too long after that the gun is fired and Diane is struck in the back and they immediately go to a hospital. Despite efforts to save her life, Diane dies. As the investigation got under way, some started to believe that this was no accident and that Claude 'Tex' McIver may have planned his wife's death and that a hidden will holds the key to his motivation...
Feb 11, 2018
Noura Jackson - 269
Noura Jackson. June 5, 2005. Memphis, Tennessee. An 18 year old spends a Saturday evening partying with friends. Sometime that evening her mother calls her to say that she needs to go back home. Her mother had been upset with her regarding her drug use and concerned that she wouldn't finish her education. Noura Jackson had been told to stay home, but went out anyway. The phone call convinces her to go home. Sometime between 1am and 5am something terrible happens. Noura calls 911 at 5am to report that her mother isn't breathing and that she is bleeding. An autopsy later revealed that she had been stabbed 50 times. This was the second parent of Noura's to be murdered. In January of 2004, her father was shot and killed at his store by an unidentified individual. Months after her mother was stabbed to death, the teenager was arrested. Did she murder her mother? Or was someone else responsible?
Feb 04, 2018
John Edward Robinson - 268
John Edward Robinson. 1984-2000. Kansas & Missouri, United States. For many years, John Edward Robinson was known as a scammer and embezzler. His crimes usually resulted in probation and he was able to lie so effectively that many gave him the benefit of the doubt. But beyond the face he presented to most everyone lurked a man who hungered for domination of others. In the early days of the internet he chose the name Slavemaster. He not only abused and attacked those who signed contracts to be his submissives, but he also targeted women who needed help. To them, he first appeared to be a savior. With promises of training and a job, he was able to lure women into his trap. To understand just what a monster Robinson was you need to follow his history from Illinois as a young Eagle scout to his scams and murders in both Kansas and Missouri where he created layers of lies to attempt to perpetrate and cover his crimes. Join us as we discuss a serial killer who you won't soon forget. 
Jan 28, 2018
Circleville Letter Writer - 267
Circleville Letter Writer. Circleville, Ohio. Letters were first mailed out in 1976 accusing a bus driver of having an affair with the superintendent of schools. At first she simply ignored them. Then letters were mailed to her husband. The threats from the anonymous writer prompted the woman and her husband, as well as a few other people, to mail letters to the person they suspected of being responsible, but the letters and threats only stopped for a few weeks. In 1976, Ron Gillespie, gun in hand, rushed out of his house after receiving a phone call. His truck would be found just down the road crashed into a tree and he was dead behind the wheel. His gun had been fired once, but it could not be determined why. In 1983, his wife Mary, the bus driver, removed a sign that had a box with string attached on her route that seemed to be from the mysterious letter writer. Once home, she took it apart and discovered that it was a booby trap. A gun was set to go off if tampered with. An arrest was made soon after. Was it the letter writer? 
Jan 21, 2018
The Murders Of Thomas & Ann Farrow - 266
The Murders Of Thomas & Ann Farrow. March 27, 1905. London, England. Thomas & Ann Farrow had been shopkeepers at Chapman's Oil and Colour Shop in Deptford for more than two decades. On the morning of March 27, 1905 they were victims of a vicious attack. Thomas was in the shop on the floor having been bludgeoned to death. Ann, barely breathing, was still in her bed having been bludgeoned as well. Police took witness statements and examined both the shop and the Farrow's flat for clues. In the early days of forensics it was not so easy to tie a crime to a person. The Farrow case would rest upon a new forensic science tool. One that would anger some who didn't believe it to be a real science. If the right people could not be convinced, this crime would go unpunished. This bonus episode is brought to you by TNT's new original series, The Alienist. It premiers January 22nd, 2018 at 9/8C.
Jan 17, 2018
Charles Stuart - 265
Charles Stuart. October 23, 1989. Boston, Massachusetts. A man and his wife pulled up to a stoplight. Just minutes earlier they had left a hospital after attending a birthing class. Things had been looking up for them. They were financially well off and expecting their first child. But, according to the husband, they were intercepted at the stoplight by a man who decided to shoot them before leaving. The husband was Charles Stuart who called police on his car phone to report the shooting. He had been shot in his side and Carol was shot in the head. As the people of Boston became aware of the crime a rage swelled. Carol Stuart, Charles' wife, died. Weeks later, her child died as well. But police had a description of the killer and they stopped at nothing in their pursuit of justice. After an arrest was made in the case there was a great sense of relief. Soon after, though, someone contacted police claiming to be involved and the whole case would take a strange turn. This is a true crime story that you won't want to miss.
Jan 14, 2018
The Fairbanks Four - 264
The Fairbanks Four. October, 1997. Fairbanks, Alaska. A 15 year old named John Hartman was found badly beaten on a curb in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. At the hospital he was placed on life support as police worked the case and tracked down witnesses and suspects. By the next day John had died and authorities felt certain that a picture of what had happened was quickly coming into focus. But after four convictions and almost two decades the case had changed and the four who had landed in prison for murder were being released after new evidence made its way before the courts. Had the Fairbanks Four been wrongfully convicted? Or could they have committed the murder and then convinced many otherwise?
Jan 07, 2018
Stacey Castor - 263
Stacey Castor. Clay, New York. August 22, 2005. A woman and her husband end up arguing during the weekend of their anniversary. He locks himself in the bedroom which eventually prompts his wife to call for help. When law enforcement broke through the door they discovered a horrific scene. David Castor, the husband, was found naked and face down on the bed and deceased. He had vomited prior to death and bottles in the room indicated that he may have ingested alcohol and antifreeze. Was this a suicide? Stacey Castor, his wife, stated that he had been depressed and that they had recently fought. After a turkey baster is discovered in the kitchen trash, investigators begin to very much doubt that David had taken his own life. As they start looking into her past they find that she may have done this before as her first husband died after an illness at age 38. Just as law enforcement thinks that they have things figured out, Stacey's daughter Ashley is rushed to the hospital after a possible suicide attempt. A letter was found, supposedly typed by the 20 year old, in which she admits to murdering both her father and her stepfather. But did she? Or was this part of some sinister plot?
Dec 18, 2017
Ray Gricar - 262
Ray Gricar. April 15, 2005. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. District Attorney Ray Gricar was known as a focused, capable attorney and was nearing retirement. After serving multiple terms and finding love, he was starting to plan for his new life. With plans to visit his daughter and to visit Europe, it seemed as though life was just where he wanted it to be. But in 2005, Ray decided to take a day off work and travel to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he liked to visit the Street of Shops which included an antique store. After hours go by with no word from him, his girlfriend, Patty Fornicola, calls the police. They are able to locate his car, but there's no sign of Ray. After months go by, his work laptop and then its hard drive are located, but both are badly damaged and reveal no answers. As detectives work the case they have difficulty choosing a likely reason for Gricar's disappearance. Was he abducted? Did he walk away to start a new life? Or did he take his own life just as his brother did nine years earlier? With a long list of suspects and possible scenarios, can we figure out what happened to Ray Gricar?
Dec 10, 2017
Jeffrey Dahmer - 261
Jeffrey Dahmer. July 22, 1991. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A man flags down two Milwaukee police officers and tells them about a 'freak' who had cuffed him. The police realize that the handcuff was not police issued and accompany him back to the apartment he had come from. Inside that apartment, police discover photographs of men before and after being murdered. The man who lived at that apartment was named Jeffrey Dahmer. A search of his place revealed to investigators that Dahmer was one of the worst serial killers in recent memory. A confession by the killer gave details on the murders of 15 men and 2 boys over a 13 year period. Dahmer's crimes involved drugging his victims, strangulation, necrophilia and cannibalism. But did he only kill seventeen people? Or did Jeffrey Dahmer keep some of his killings secret?
Dec 03, 2017
Death of LaVena Johnson - 260
Death of LaVena Johnson. July 19, 2005. Balad, Iraq. Nineteen years of age and recently deployed to Iraq, LaVena Johnson had everything going for her. A great education, determination, goals, and a great family. In letters and calls to home, she seemed quite candid about conditions there, both the good and the bad, but was also looking forward to being home for Christmas. On July 19th, though, a grim discovery was made. LaVena was found in a contractor's tent, dead from an apparent gunshot wound to her head. An aerosol can was used to burn printed emails from a recent boyfriend. The Army ruled her death a suicide. Upset over the recent breakup with her boyfriend she must have hit her breaking point. The first autopsy didn't really find anything to question this as a suicide. The Johnson family had her exhumed and two additional autopsies would make some startling discoveries. LaVena Johnson had suffered a broken nose, loose teeth, a black eye, and chemical burns on her genitals just to name a few. The Johnson family never believed that LaVena would take her own life and despite the questions surrounding her death, no one seems to want to go beyond saying that this case is 'inconclusive'. Join us for a difficult discussion of losing a loved one under mysterious circumstances, not getting answers from investigators, and the possible reasons for why LaVena Johnson died back in 2005 in Iraq.
Nov 19, 2017
Dr. Death - 259
Dr. Death. June 24, 1998. Hyde, Greater Manchester, England. A woman in her early 80's unexpectedly dies and after her daughter discovers a new will had been signed shortly before, an investigation is launched. The last person to see Kathleen Grundy alive was her doctor. Dr. Harold Frederick Shipman was a well-respected doctor with thousands of loyal and trusting patients. Despite this, police discover something very unsettling; many of Dr. Shipman's patients had died while under his care. After an autopsy is performed on Ms. Grundy and other former patients have been exhumed and examined, a disturbing pattern emerged. Dr. Shipman had been injecting them with overdoses of morphine to kill them and then had altered their medical records to avoid suspicion. Throughout history there have been many serial killers, but few can rival this murderer's body count. Just how did he manage to get away with this for so long and what did the British government do about it?
Nov 12, 2017
The Springfield Three - 258
The Springfield Three. June 7, 1992. Springfield, Missouri. After graduating from Kickapoo High School, Suzanne Streeter and her friend Stacy McCall head out to party with various friends that night. Sometime after 2:00am they head back to Suzie's house to sleep after a number of other arrangements had fallen through. Suzie's mother, Sherrill, was already there and had been working on varnishing some furniture. Sometime between 2:20am and 8:00am the three simply vanish. The only clues left behind are that all of their belongings were left behind and outside the front door a glass light cover had been smashed. Who could have taken them? Various motives behind the crime are discussed and potential suspects are named. For the past 25 years, this true crime mystery has baffled both the public and the police. Are we any closer to finding answers?
Nov 05, 2017
The Scream Murder - 257
The Scream Murder. September 22, 2006. Pocatello, Idaho. 16 year-old Cassie Jo Stoddart was asked to housesit for her aunt and uncle while they were out of town for the weekend. Her boyfriend and two other schoolmates joined her for a while before they left her alone later in the evening. On the following Sunday, her relatives returned home to find Cassie dead. She had been stabbed about thirty times. Her mother arrived soon after the homeowners did, having been concerned that her daughter had not been in contact with her that weekend. The investigation focused on the three boys that had been at the house that evening. After one suspect confesses, detectives soon learned that the killers had made recordings leading up to and after the murder and wore masks and wielded knives when they re-entered the home later in the evening. The inspiration for the killing was the film Scream by Wes Craven. But was everything as it seemed? Was Cassie really murdered for fun and for fame?
Oct 29, 2017
The Disappearance of Emma Fillipoff - 256
Disappearance Of Emma Fillipoff. November 28, 2012. Victoria, British Columbia. 26 year-old Emma Fillipoff had moved away from her family home in Perth, Ontario in the fall of 2011. She found work and messages to family seemed to indicate that all was well. But over time, Emma's physical, emotional, and mental state seemed to be in decline. After a series of calls to her mother in November of 2012, in which a tearful Emma first asked to come home and then changed her mind several times over, it was clear that something was very wrong. Shelley, her mother, decided to fly to Victoria to bring her daughter home. But after her arrival, she learned that no one had seen Emma for several hours at that point. The last confirmed sighting of Emma was when two police officers did a welfare check on her, but decided she was well enough to leave her be on a cold night without shoes. As the clock ticked on and Shelley learned more about Emma's recent behaviors, the disappearance became more confusing and even more concerning. Where had Emma gone? Was she running from someone or something? As more information turned up, a suspect list formed. Can this mystery ever be solved? As difficult as this case has been, we do believe it can be. To help find Emma Fillipoff please visit:  
Oct 22, 2017
Pamela Hupp - 255
Pamela Hupp. August 16th, 2016. O'Fallon, Missouri. A woman attempts to call for help as she is pursued by a man threatening her with a knife. The incident ends when she shoots the man dead at her home. In the man's pocket were $900 in cash and a note with instructions to kidnap, retrieve money from and kill Pamela Hupp. Five years before, her best friend, Betsy Faria, had been viciously murdered with a knife. Betsy's husband, Russ Faria, had later been convicted of the crime, but a re-trial ended with his acquittal. Did Pamela Hupp lawfully defend herself? One week after she shot Louis Gumpenberger dead, she was arrested by police. Don't miss this bizarre case that will remind you that truth is stranger than fiction.
Oct 16, 2017
Ripper Confidential - 254
Ripper Confidential. London, England. In this bonus episode, Aaron interviewed Ripper researcher Tom Wescott about his latest book, Ripper Confidential. Before we got to the book, I wanted to ask him questions related to the History Channel series, American Ripper. For anyone unfamiliar with it, the premise is that Jack the Ripper was actually H. W. Mudgett, a.k.a. H. H. Holmes. Is there evidence to support this theory? Ripper Confidential, using the latest available research materials, gives us a clearer picture of the Ripper's attacks, possible survivors, witness statements, as well as the evidence left at the crime scenes. What was the Ripper's modus operandi? How many victims can we say that he had? Are we any closer to learning his true identity?
Oct 11, 2017
The Happy Face Killer - 253
The Happy Face Killer. 1990-1995. United States. After a woman was beaten and strangled to death, another woman came forward to confess to having a hand in the crime. She gave authorities the name of her boyfriend as well as details on how and why the woman was murdered. The two are charged and both wind up in prison after evidence mounts of their guilt. Not long after, though, graffiti on a bathroom stall in Livingston, Montana and letters sent to a court and a journalist from someone claiming to be the actual killer appear. The first letter was signed with a happy face. As the years went by and the body count rose, even prosecutors had to wonder if the couple that were sentenced for the first crime were innocent. Luckily for them, the serial killer known as the Happy Face Killer was not about to let anyone else take credit for his brutal crimes.
Oct 08, 2017
Lauren Agee - 252
July 26, 2015. Smithville, Tennessee. Lauren Taylor Agee was a 21 year-old criminal science major. In July 2015, she attended Wakefest at Center Hill Lake in Tennessee with her friend, Hannah Palmer. The weekend festivities included wakeboarding, cliff jumping, camping and all-night parties. While there they met up with Palmer's boyfriend and one of his friends. After spending time at a bar, they made their way to their campsite after 2am which required them to travel by boat then climb a steep cliff with the aid of a rope. The next day, Lauren's body was discovered face down in a cove that was hundreds of feet away from the hammock she had slept in. Law enforcement and Lauren's family do not agree on what caused the woman's death. Did she fall off the cliff by accident as the authorities concluded? Or was foul play involved?
Oct 01, 2017
Murder of Elizabeth DeCaro - 251
Murder of Elizabeth DeCaro. March 6th, 1992. St. Charles County, Missouri. A parolee by the name of Daniel Anthony Basile murdered Elizabeth DeCaro in her St. Charles County home. Her family had gone on a trip while she stayed behind. Basile had waited in the home for her to return from work and shot her twice from behind. An investigation uncovered a possible motive; money. Her husband was said to have paid Basile to murder her. The couple had been experiencing marital and financial issues. Did Elizabeth's husband, Richard DeCaro, pay to have his wife killed? The details of this case are almost unbelievable, unless you happen to watch a lot of true crime shows. But even then, there are aspects to this case that will make you shake your head. After the episode there is an update on the Holly Bobo case. Zach Adams, the man at the center of the trial, was recently sentenced after being found guilty.
Sep 24, 2017
Ryan Widmer - 250
Ryan Widmer. August 11, 2008. Morrow, Ohio. A man called 911 to report finding his wife deceased in their bathtub. He said that she had gone upstairs to take a bath, but that she frequently fell asleep and was always worried about her drowning. Detectives would get permission to search the residence and would find apparent contradictions between the man's story and the evidence at the scene. Just hours later, his wife was pronounced dead after nearly an hour of resuscitation attempts and he was arrested. His story was picked up by Dateline and people around the country voiced their support for him after learning about the case and not believing that a crime had even occurred. Prosecutors were so certain of his guilt that they would try him three times to finally get a conviction and put him away. For Ryan Widmer and his supporters, though, the fight is not over. They say that Sarah Widmer's death was accidental and that Ryan had nothing to do with it. When it comes to controversial convictions, this true crime case is one of the most polarizing ones that we have ever discussed.
Sep 17, 2017
Ali Kemp - 249
Ali Kemp. June 18, 2002. Leawood, Kansas. When a teen shows up to work at a community pool he cannot locate his older sister. She had worked the previous shift and his arrival was supposed to mean that she could head home. A call to his father brought him out to aid in the search and she was finally discovered in the pool house. She had suffered a sustained, violent attack and was barely clinging to life. Soon after arriving at the hospital, the young woman was pronounced dead. She had been beaten and strangled. The family was heartbroken, but Ali Kemp's father came up with a clever plan to bring her killer to justice. This true crime case is a local one to us and Roger Kemp's actions inspired other states to follow his lead which led to more killers getting caught around the United States in a similar fashion.
Sep 10, 2017
The Co-Ed Killer - 248
The Co-Ed Killer. Santa Cruz, California. In the early 1970's, Santa Cruz, California became the 'murder capital of the world' after several murderers left their mark on the area. One of them, a 6'9" 300lb man by the name of Edmund Kemper began his murderous career by killing his grandparents. After some time and treatment he was released only to begin killing again. This time, young college students seemed to become his targets and his obsession with decapitation and necrophilia meant that his crimes were horrific. Kemper blamed his mother for why he turned out the way that he did and eventually he set his sights on her in a final act of revenge. Was Kemper made a monster due to abuse by his mother? Or was Big Ed destined to become a serial killer no matter how he was raised?
Sep 03, 2017
Death of Annie McCann - 247
Death of Annie McCann. November 02, 2008. Baltimore, Maryland. A 16 year-old girl from Alexandria, Virginia is found dead behind a dumpster in Baltimore, Maryland. A note left behind in her room indicates that she had considered suicide but instead opted to live by starting over somewhere else. In the note she also asks her parents not to look for her. The parents are devastated and cannot account for why their happy daughter would have run away. An autopsy is performed and the cause of death was lidocaine poisoning. The teen had brought a bottle of Bactine with her which contains lidocaine, but the amount contained in a 5oz bottle may not be enough to cause death. Her car, a white Volvo, was discovered several blocks away. A fingerprint identified inside of the car belonged to a person of interest who would admit to pulling a dead girl out of the car before using it to joyride with friends. As more details emerged the mystery deepened. In a case that is just as perplexing as the disappearance of Maura Murray, we attempt to figure out whether Annie McCann was murdered, took her own life, or accidentally poisoned herself.
Aug 27, 2017
Rodney Reed - 246
Rodney Reed. April 23, 1996. Bastrop County, Texas. Nineteen year-old Stacey Stites was found dead on the side of a road. She had been engaged to a police officer named Jimmy Fennell and had been working hard at her job to pay for the upcoming wedding. After a brief investigation into Fennell, detectives would later focus their attention on a man named Rodney Reed after his dna was proven to be in and on the victim. After Reed is convicted and sentenced to death, in what appeared to be an open and shut case, a more capable attorney as well as forensic experts have revealed major issues with the investigation and its conclusions. Did Rodney Reed murder Stites? Or could she have been killed by her fiance? This controversial true crime case has divided many people across the nation.
Aug 20, 2017
The Acid Bath Murderer - 245
The Acid Bath Murderer. 1944-49. United Kingdom. A man discovered that his talent for forgery could make him wealthy without having to work for a living. Funding his high class lifestyle and his love for cars was all the motivation he needed. Unfortunately for him, his crimes were reported and he did several stints in prison. Having had enough of that, he decided that all he needed to do was to make his victims disappear. No bodies, he figured, meant that there could be no convictions. From fraudster to murderer, John George Haigh murdered people, dissolved their bodies in drums of acid, and went about the process of absorbing and profiting from their assets. But John Haigh didn't fully understand the law and the law would come down on the head of The Acid Bath Murderer.
Aug 13, 2017
Timmothy Pitzen - 244
Timmothy Pitzen. May 11, 2011. Aurora, Illinois. A mother contacts her son's elementary school to say that there is a family emergency and that she is going to pick him up. After she leaves with him, they go to the zoo as well as some water parks in Illinois and Wisconsin. She embarked on this trip without the knowledge of her husband who thought that she was possibly just taking some time out as their marriage had been experiencing difficulties. After several days, though, his wife's body was discovered in a motel room in Rockford, Illinois. She had taken her own life. Also troubling was that their son, Timmothy Pitzen, was nowhere to be found. Amy Pitzen had written three notes before her death; leaving one behind in the room with her and the other two were mailed out to her mother and a friend of hers. Within these notes she indicates that Timmothy was being cared for and that "there were just too many pieces to pick up". Did she hand her son over to someone else? Or could she have done the unthinkable before ending her own life?
Aug 06, 2017
2012 Aurora Shooting - 243
2012 Aurora Shooting. July 20, 2012. Aurora, Colorado. At the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, the last in a trilogy of Batman films by director Christopher Nolan, an armored man opened fire into the hundreds seated in theater 9 at the Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado. After the shooting ended, seventy people had been injured and twelve were dead. Law enforcement responded quickly and the suspect was arrested just after he left the complex. The question of who was responsible was not really in question, but whether or not James Holmes, 24, was fit to stand trial or not was. Mental health experts and lawyers argued over Holmes' mental illness and whether or not he understood that what he was doing at the time was wrong. Murder has a devastating effect on families and communities. This is never more evident than when murder is as a result of a mass shooting.
Jul 30, 2017
Missing 411 - 242
Missing 411. North America. One man's research shows that for more than a century, people have been disappearing under mysterious circumstances across North America. Now, author David Paulides brings some of these cases, previously recounted in his series of books, to living rooms in the form of his Missing 411 documentary. Made with the help of his son, Benjamin, they profile five separate, mysterious incidents involving children. When a person goes missing there is a search effort to locate them. But national parks and even forests can make such searches difficult. Adding to these difficulties are the questions that remain long after a person's remains are located. How did a child disappear when surrounded by family? How and why did they end up 12 miles away and a half a day later with no explanation of how they could have traversed such difficult, mountainous terrain on their own? We interview David about why he got involved in researching these disappearances as well as what can be done to understand why they are happening and possibly prevent them.
Jul 23, 2017
Todd Kendhammer - 241
Todd Kendhammer. September 16th, 2016. West Salem, Wisconsin. A man and his wife drive out early one morning so that he can take a look at a truck that had a cracked windshield. He said that he was asked to repair it. On the way, though, tragedy strikes. His wife of 25 years is gravely injured when a 53" galvanized steel pipe from a passing truck on the highway flies off and strikes her through the windshield. She will die the next day from her injuries. The husband seems helpful and assists investigators. But as they look to match his statements against the evidence they discover that Todd Kendhammer doesn't seem to be telling them the truth about what happened to his wife Barbara.
Jul 16, 2017
Murder Of Kelsey Smith - 240
Murder Of Kelsey Smith. June 2nd, 2007. Overland Park, Kansas. A young woman walked around a department store trying to decide on a gift for her boyfriend. Also in the store was a man who started following her. He really liked her legs and youthful appearance. After paying for her items, she walked out to her car to leave. The man suddenly appeared and forced her into her own car. The woman's family mounted a campaign to locate her with the help of the public, the police, and the media. Despite their best efforts, terrible news would reach them. Kelsey Smith's body was located in a wooded area near a lake about 20 miles East of the store she had been at prior to her abduction. The investigation into her murder is aided by a married couple who lived near the suspect. As evidence mounted against Edwin Hall, many in the public wondered why he chose to kill Kelsey Smith.
Jul 09, 2017
The Backpacker Killer - 239
The Backpacker Killer. November, 1993. New South Wales, Australia. Three more bodies are recovered from the NSW Belanglo State Forest, bringing the count to seven. Now the police had to admit that a serial killer was abducting and murdering backpackers. The killer was dubbed The Backpacker Killer. His modus operandi was to take his victims to the forest where he disabled them by severing their spinal cords then murdered them in various ways. Because of this, police considered that there may have been more than one person involved. But a man named Paul Onions would contact authorities to tell them of his abduction story. This would focus the investigation on a single person Onions identified in a video lineup; Ivan Milat. Ivan owned many firearms, was very strong, and came from a large, tight-knit family. A raid on the Milat properties in 1994 would produce 100s of items of evidence and yet he denied any involvement.
Jul 03, 2017
The Butcher Of Kansas City - 238
The Butcher Of Kansas City. April 2nd, 1988. Kansas City, Missouri. Police are called after a man is discovered hiding on a porch wearing nothing but a dog collar. His story struck law enforcement as fantastic. He claimed to have been captive by another man who tortured him. A visit to the home revealed the terrible truth. Pictures and diaries kept by the homeowner documented the abduction, torture and sometimes deaths of different young men. In all, nineteen young men were photographed. Unfortunately, the killer had disposed of all of his victims so investigators needed to get the answers from Robert Berdella himself. "Bob" was a sexual psychopath who took great pleasure in exercising power over his victims and putting them through the worst tortures imaginable. These included injections of bleach and drain cleaner into the eyes and voice box, wrapping hands and feet in piano wire, being beaten, raped, and given electric shocks to sensitive areas of their bodies. Before Jeffrey Dahmer made the headlines there was Robert Berdella; The Butcher of Kansas City.
Jun 25, 2017
Robin Abrams - 237
Robin Abrams. October 4th, 1990. Will County, Illinois. A 28 year-old woman passes her father as she drives her '89 Dodge Daytona down Goodenow Road. They wave at each other. This is the last time he will ever see his daughter. Her disappearance is suspected to be tied to her boyfriend. They had worked together at the Will County Sheriff's Office and dated for less than six months before she learned that he was married and then she wanted to break things off. They would both claim harassment by the other which would culminate in her filing lawsuits, being fired and his having her arrested many times. While her family wanted the boyfriend, Tony Marquez, investigated, they were met with resistance. Both by law enforcement and by the court. A witness who saw two men using a tow truck to drop off the woman's car seemed to hold the key to her disappearance, but without charges being brought against the boyfriend and his stepbrother, the case could not move forward. Some said that perhaps she disappeared to get away from the situation and to spite her ex-boyfriend. But friends and family contend that Robin Abrams was murdered and that the Will County Sheriff's Office was looking out for their own. Where is Robin Abrams?
Jun 18, 2017
The Beltway Snipers - 236
The Beltway Snipers. Washington, D.C. October, 2002. Fear grips the beltway as random people are shot dead in public by a hidden shooter. Parking lots and gas stations were no longer safe. A single gunshot would be heard and then someone would fall. Five were shot dead on October 3rd alone. The threat caused people to look around and to be on guard. Men, women, and even kids were targets for whoever was behind the attacks. For more than 20 days the attacks and even taunts from the killer continued until a call from a man alerted authorities to the location of the two responsible for the crimes. But the Beltway attacks were not the whole story. The pair had shot others before October and the reason behind the spree killings seemed to be rage. John Allen Muhammad and his teenage co-conspirator Lee Boyd Malvo wanted to terrorize the public and bring the system down. For Muhammad, losing his children in a custody battle with his ex-wife may have been the last straw.
Jun 04, 2017
The Boston Boy Fiend - 235
The Boston Boy Fiend. South Boston, Massachusetts. Beginning in late 1871, a series of abductions and beatings occur that leave parents worried about what is happening to young children in the Chelsea, Massachusetts area. Later, the attacks will move to South Boston and the victims there will suffer even more brutal attacks. A suspect is identified and sentenced to the House of Reformation. In less than two years, far less than the sentence given, the young teenager is released due to his good behavior. Little did anyone suspect that young Jesse Pomeroy would quickly graduate to being a murderer. He would earn the nickname, The Boston Boy Fiend.
May 28, 2017
Dee Dee & Gypsy Blanchard - 234

Dee Dee & Gypsy Blanchard. Springfield, Missouri. Dee Dee Blanchard was murdered in June of 2015. Her daughter, Gypsy, had been kept in a childlike state since she was young and made to take medicine and undergo surgeries in order for Dee Dee to get gifts and money. In a bid to free herself from the isolated and abusive life her mother had created for her, Gypsy recruited her boyfriend to kill her mother Dee Dee by stabbing her to death. After our discussion, stay tuned as director Erin Lee Carr is interviewed by Justin about her new HBO documentary, Mommy Dead And Dearest, that takes a look at this bizarre case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome and murder.

May 21, 2017
The Shoemaker - 233
The Shoemaker. January 8th, 1975. Leonia, New Jersey. A man and his young son posed as salesmen to gain entrance to a New Jersey home. They attacked the people inside. One of them, a woman who lived nearby, was taken to the basement and her throat was slit. This was the last in a series of attacks by a man who believed that he was instructed to do these things. The ultimate goal; the deaths of three billion people. With all killers a question seems to come up. Was it nature or nurture? In Joseph Kallinger's case, the answer seems to be nurture. His abusive and isolated upbringing by Stephen and Anna Kallinger may have triggered paranoid schizophrenia in a young boy who would go on to have dark fantasies that involved women and knives. 
May 15, 2017
The A6 Murder - 232
The A6 Murder. August 23rd, 1961. Bedfordshire, UK. A couple parks off road in Dorney Reach to spend time together. It is late in the evening. A man with a gun will get their attention by tapping a window with his .38 Enfield revolver. For hours the gunman, who holds a scarf over much of his face, talks with them then has them go on a drive. Finally, in a cockney accent, he says that he is tired and wants a kip (a nap). It is after the car pulls off near Deadman's Hill that things go from bad to worse. He shoots the man. Killing him. Then he rapes the woman. Just when it seems like he may be leaving, he turns, and fires off seven shots. The woman is hit with five bullets and will pretend to be dead in a bid to survive. The gunman drives away. Police will identify two suspects. The first was Peter Alphon. The second, James Hanratty. Witnesses provide two different identikits matching both men. Figuring out which of the men were responsible for this crime was no easy task. And some believe that the wrong man was hanged.
May 07, 2017
Cody Posey - 231
Cody Posey. July 5, 2004. Hondo, New Mexico. 14 year-old Cody Posey, armed with a .32 caliber handgun, shoots his stepmother as she is reading a book. Then he shoots his father and stepsister as they enter the home at Chavez Canyon Ranch. The owner of the ranch, newsman Sam Donaldson, will drop by and see blood on the floor. Law enforcement will find evidence of a violent attack and discover the bodies of Paul Posey (34), Tryone Posey (44), and Marilea Schmid (13). Their concern for the safety of Cody Posey dissipates once he is located. After an hour of questioning, Cody gives a confession as well as a motive. Support for the young man swelled as people learned about his father's physical and verbal abuse toward him. What would the jury think of Cody's stories?
Apr 30, 2017
Death of May Greineder - 230
Death of May Greineder. October 31, 1999. Wellesley, MA. Dirk and Mabel Greineder had been married for more than 30 years. Within one year of their youngest child moving out of the home, May was murdered while out for a walk one morning with her husband and their dog. Her husband, an allergist, says that he had gone on ahead after she complained about pain in her back. When he returned about ten minutes later, his wife was gone. Their dog, Zephyr, would locate her. May had been attacked with a drilling hammer and a knife. Both of which would be found in a storm drain. While the doctor says that he saw someone suspicious running away, the investigators find his statements about this and other things to be very contradictory to the evidence. Some of the evidence consisted of gloves, a knife, a drilling hammer, and plastic ziploc bags. When it came time to reveal a possible motive for the murder, prosecutors had more evidence still. Credit card transactions that revealed a secret life that the doctor had kept secret from his wife and his children.
Apr 23, 2017
Belcher Islands Massacre - 229
Belcher Islands Massacre. 1941. A Christian bible, translated into the Inuit language, is being read by men in the Belcher Islands. One of these men decided that he was Jesus. He will then appoint the best hunter in the region God and together they spread the message that the hardships the Inuit were facing were nearly over. Soon their hunger would disappear. They would all be able to fly. Some, though, challenged the claims of divinity by the two men. They would pay with their lives. Violent retribution was followed by celebration as those who were opposed were labeled as Satan and then killed. Poor hunting, the onset of WWII, and a remote location meant that help was not coming soon enough for a people under the control of two men playing god.    
Apr 16, 2017
Davina Buff Jones - 228
October 22nd, 1999. Bald Head Island, North Carolina. A police officer radios dispatch to report that she has stopped three people. Soon after she is heard telling one of them that there is no reason to have a gun on the island. A loud squelch noise will be heard followed by radio silence. By the time another officer arrived on scene it was too late. Officer Jones was dead. Her death was ruled as a suicide. A single shot to the back of her head with her own service weapon had ended her life. Rumors of a coverup seem to explain why what appears to be a murder would be interpreted as a suicide by officials. But was it a murder? Could officer Jones have staged her death so that her family would receive money? Or could there be another explanation? We break this case down using the known facts and even include a piece of evidence that you may never have heard about until now.
Apr 09, 2017
The Night Stalker Part 2 - 227
The Night Stalker Part 2. August, 1985. Los Angeles, California. Hard work by the detectives pays off and Richard Ramirez is identified as The Night Stalker. His image is released to the public and an angry mob will chase him down. Years after his arrest, Ramirez will head to trial where he faced many charges related to The Night Stalker's crimes. Was there ever any doubt as to the verdicts the jury would render? We will discuss his movements, his identification as a serial killer, his capture, as well as information on this killer sent to us by listeners.
Apr 02, 2017
The Night Stalker Part 1 - 226
The Night Stalker Part 1. April, 1984. Los Angeles, California. A home intruder is raping, robbing, and killing residents in the Los Angeles area. A 79 year-old woman who lived in a Glassel Park apartment was raped and stabbed to death after her killer entered through a window. Her place was ransacked. There would be many more victims. Determined detectives would gather clues such as fingerprints and shoeprints but the investigation was complicated by the randomness of the attacks and no apparent victim type. Anyone could fall prey to this killer. While the media would give this boogeyman many nicknames, only one would stick. The man who caused sleepless nights for so many would become known as The Night Stalker. In this first episode we discuss Richard Ramirez's origins, his childhood, and his early crimes. (Part 2 will be released on April 2nd, 2017)
Mar 26, 2017
Patricia Esparza - 225
Patricia Esparza. April 16, 1995. Irvine, California. A body is discovered on the side of a road wrapped in strips of blue towels. It will be reported to the authorities. The man had clearly been viciously attacked with something sharp. An autopsy revealed this weapon to likely be a meat cleaver. Investigators will establish a link between the dead man and an incident from hours earlier when a man named Gonzalo Ramirez was abducted by people driving a white van. Interviews with suspects will reveal the motive for the killing. In this case, the dead man was accused of raping a young woman who later told her boyfriend about it. Prosecutors will charge the woman, respected psychology professor Patricia Esparza, many years later with murder. Did she send her boyfriend to murder her rapist? Or did prosecutors go too far in charging her with murder?
Mar 19, 2017
Ronnie Long - 224
Ronnie Long. April 25, 1976. Concord, North Carolina. A man enters a home through an upstairs window and rapes the woman who lives there. Detectives work quickly to solve the case. Within 15 days of the attack, the woman will head to court after being asked to go there to see if she could recognize the man who had raped her. After an African-American man named Ronnie Long walks by where she is sitting, she positively identifies him as the one responsible. Police had discovered strong similarities between her description of the man and Ronnie Long and what they were wearing. With that, they believe they have the right man in custody. Later, a jury will agree and find him guilty of rape and burglary. He was given two concurrent 80 year sentences. Later, though, Ronnie's legal team will start to learn the truth about the evidence in the case and realize that there were serious issues with the investigation and the prosecution of Ronnie Long. Did the jury convict the right man? Or did the State prosecute an innocent person?
Mar 12, 2017
Harold Henthorn - 223
Harold Henthorn. September 29, 2012. Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. A man surprised his wife with a meticulously planned hiking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park for their 12th wedding anniversary. The weather was calm and the views were amazing. Tragedy would strike after his wife, Toni, fell from a cliff. Due to their remote location and the lack of light, rescuers arrived too late to save her. An investigation quickly focused on the husband, Harold Henthorn. The FBI believed that this was probably no accident. Adding to his guilt was the mysterious death of Harold's first wife, Sandra. She was killed when the suv she was under fell on her. She had been out with Harold that night for a drive one evening when he said one of the tires felt mushy and needed to be changed. Also common to both wives were the life insurance policies that Harold had taken out on them. Policies worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Did Harold murder his wives for the money? Or is he just very unlucky?
Mar 06, 2017
Sonia Cacy - 222
Sonia Cacy. November 10, 1991. Fort Stockton, Texas. A woman moves into the home of her uncle, Bill Richardson, to care for him after his cataract surgery. A month later, multiple fires are reported on November 2nd, 1991. The woman and her uncle fear that someone is attempting to harm them. Days later, another fire would break out that claimed the life of Bill Richardson. An investigation into this fire would result in the arrest, trial, and conviction of Sonia Cacy for the murder of her uncle. Over time, arson investigators and the Innocence Project of Texas are able to establish that the fire was not due to arson. When the facts of the case are revealed it becomes obvious that some of those responsible for her conviction knew all along that she did not start the fire. Judgment, corruption, lack of empathy, and junk science all played a role in this unbelievable true crime case.
Feb 27, 2017
Cullen Davis - 221
Cullen Davis. 1976-1978. Fort Worth, Texas. An oil heir from Fort Worth, Texas is estranged from his second wife. While the divorce process continues, the judge seems to be a real thorn in his side. Increasing his monthly payments to her and having him cover legal fees. Worse yet, she gets to stay in the house and all business decisions must be cleared by Judge Eidson. On August 2nd, 1976, the man's estranged wife, Priscilla, returns home with her boyfriend and they are ambushed by a man wearing a wig and carrying a gun in his hands and wrapped in black plastic. The man will shoot them both. She will somehow make it to a neighbor's house and the police will be called. Found dead at the home was her boyfriend as well as her youngest child, 12 year-old Andrea. Another man was injured with a shot to his spine who had arrived with his girlfriend shortly after. Priscilla, as well as the other two survivors, would name the attacker. They said it was Cullen Davis, who was married to Priscilla. He would be brought to trial for the murders, but these were not the only crimes that he would be charged with. He would also be caught on tape by the FBI paying a man for the murder of Judge Eidson. His divorce judge wasn't actually murdered, but Cullen was tricked into believing he was and handed over $25k. Two trials occurred with very good evidence against him in each. The results of these trials puts Cullen Davis right up there with Robert Durst and OJ Simpson.
Feb 20, 2017
The Last Master Outlaw - 220
The Last Master Outlaw. In 1971, a man boarded a plane and would demand $200k in cash. The flight crew believed that this man, whose name was given as Dan Cooper, had carried a bomb aboard the aircraft in a briefcase and the threat was taken seriously. Later, after acquiring the ransom money, he would parachute out of the plane with the money. His identity was never discovered. Many years later, a team of researchers led by Thomas J. Colbert would reveal the name of the man they discovered to be the hijacker of the Boeing 727. In 2016, a book was published with the title, 'The Last Master Outlaw' by Colbert who was also on the History Channel's documentary, 'D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?' released that same year. On this episode, Colbert explains the story behind the research that led he and his team to the most famous hijacker of all time. A man that will forever be known as D. B. Cooper. Visit us on Patreon:  
Feb 15, 2017
John Christie - 219
John Christie. March 31, 1953. 10 Rillington Place, Notting Hill, London. A serial killer operates under the guise of being helpful. Luring women into his place under the pretext of an intent to cure them of an illness or to perform abortions, he would render them unconscious with coal gas before raping and strangling them. Among his known eight victims was his own wife, Ethel. Despite the warning signs, he was able to do this for a decade before he made a serious error and his evil deeds began to come to light. The victims of John Christie would be found both inside and outside his home. With that, a terrible truth was revealed about a man that Christie had testified against in court a few years earlier. A man who was later put to death for murdering his daughter and suspected of killing his own wife. 
Feb 13, 2017
Kerry Max Cook - 218
Kerry Max Cook. Tyler, Texas. June 10, 1977. A young woman named Linda Jo Edwards is brutally murdered in her room. Her roommate, Paula Rudolph, will describe seeing a silver-haired man she saw standing in Linda's doorway. Despite the description, a psychologist will create a profile of the killer that steers the investigation towards a bartender named Kerry Max Cook. This started a 40+ year nightmare for him as he fought a system intent on getting him convicted despite evidence pointing towards the woman's ex-boyfriend. In any case in which both the victim and the wrongly convicted have been failed by the justice system, most would support and encourage them to make a deal that illustrates the failures of the investigation, identifies the actual murderer, and exonerates the convicted. When it comes to this case, though, such results seem unattainable. Join us as we discuss the case and ask Kerry Max Cook what it will take for justice to finally be served in this decades old case.
Feb 05, 2017
Jamison Family Deaths - 217
Jamison Family Deaths. October, 08, 2009. Red Oak, Oklahoma. Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison, along with their daughter, 6 year-old Madyson, drive out to a remote area near Red Oak, Oklahoma to look at property. They are intending to move out there from Eufaula, Oklahoma. After this, no one hears from the family again. A search involving over 100 law enforcement and civilians fails to turn up the family's whereabouts, but their truck is located. Inside the truck is their now emaciated dog and many of their personal items. It would be four more years before their remains are discovered about 2.7 miles from where their truck was found. What could have happened to this family? Rumors suggested many possibilities: possible cult involvement, drugs and gangs, as well as strange behavior by Bobby and Sherilynn in the time leading up to their disappearance.
Jan 30, 2017
Lester Bower - 216
Lester Bower. Oct 08, 1983. Sherman, Texas. Four men are discovered murdered in a hangar at the B&B ranch near Sherman, Texas. An investigation will uncover a prime suspect by the name of Lester Bower. He was to meet up there with the others to purchase an ultralight aircraft not long before the killings occurred. For some time, Lester maintained that he didn't go to the hangar and wasn't buying the ultralight. A search warrant was issued and evidence was found on his property. Including the very ultralight that was offered to him for sale. A trial will result in his conviction and he will be sentenced to death. With no eyewitnesses, no murder weapon, no fingerprints and a seemingly clean record up to that point, many believe Lester Bower to be innocent of the crimes. Was there evidence that proves that he was responsible for the murders? Or was he a victim of a justice system looking to quickly close a case?
Jan 22, 2017
Clifford Olson - 215
Clifford Olson. British Columbia, Canada. 1980-1981. A career criminal, Clifford Olson escalated his crimes from scams and thefts to rape and murder. From November 1980 through July 1981, he abducted, raped, & murdered kids ranging in age from 9 to 18. He would be arrested in August of 1981. In a controversial move, he was offered a 'cash for bodies' deal that would pay 100k dollars into a trust fund for his wife if he gave up information on 11 murders. The families of the victims were disgusted. Olson wasn't merely content with committing his crimes. He also taunted his victims' families. We discuss how Clifford's life began, how he operated, as well as whether or not the deal the Attorney General authorized was a reasonable one. Olson was a serial killer who preceded Robert Pickton and Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. The Beast of British Columbia may have murdered many more before finally losing his freedom forever.
Jan 16, 2017
The Crewe Murders - 214
The Crewe Murders. June, 1970. Pukekawa, New Zealand. A successful farming couple have been married for four years and have an 18 month-old daughter. Things are going quite well for them save for some troubling occurrences. A burglary at their farmhouse is followed by arson fires at their home and their barn. Is someone out to get them? Harvey and Jeannette would go missing in June of 1970. Jeannette's father, Len Demler, would visit the home and find young Rochelle in her cot, but no sign of her parents other than bloodstains and signs that furniture had been moved. The Crewe's bound bodies would later be found in the Waikato River which helped authorities focus on a suspect. Evidence would mount and a conviction would twice be secured before Arthur Allan Thomas was pardoned. Thomas maintained his innocence while police would be forced to admit evidence may have been planted against him. Much like the Steven Avery case, questionable evidence and suggestions that an innocent man was framed popped up. Why was justice not done in this case?
Jan 08, 2017
Diane Schuler - 213
Diane Schuler. July 26, 2009. Mount Pleasant, New York. The 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash resulted in eight deaths and three injuries. Half of those who died were young children. At the center of the mystery is a woman who was a successful executive and responsible mother. When toxicology reports indicate that she was driving with a blood alcohol level of 2.5 times the legal limit, many who knew her could not accept the lab results. They rarely saw her drink. They spoke about her character and her devotion to her family. Could she have been a closet alcoholic? Witnesses stated that she had been driving a red Ford Windstar aggressively in the ninety minutes or so before the crash. Could such a responsible person knowingly put so many others' lives at risk? Is there any possibility that a medical issue was behind this? Justin & Aaron discuss the possible scenarios that led to the fatal collision that occurred in 2009 as well as what happened later to those left behind after the deaths of their loved ones.  
Jan 02, 2017
Death Of Kathy Wangler - 212
Death Of Kathy Wangler. September 4th, 2006. Lima, Ohio. A man wakes up to the sound of an alarm. It's the carbon monoxide detector. He will hurry upstairs to check on his wife. She appeared to be having a seizure. He then called 911 to get her help. No one could save her, though. She was pronounced dead at the hospital after attempts to revive her had failed. While Mark moves on with his life, getting remarried 14 months after his wife Kathy's death, her family pressures police to investigate the anesthesiologist. More than three years after the death of his wife he is charged with her murder. Dr. Mark Wangler would profess his innocence. He would state that his wife's death was an accident. His two grown sons voiced their support for him as did his new wife, Esther. Kathy's family and friends did not believe him. They said Mark was verbally abusive to her and wanted to avoid a costly divorce. Was a faulty water heater to blame as Mark claims? Or did he set his wife up to die? Thank you to all of our listeners. Your support for this podcast is very much appreciated. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to each and every one of you. We will return January 01, 2017.
Dec 18, 2016
Sky Metalwala - 211
Sky Metalwala. November 06, 2011. Bellevue, Washington. Just days after a mediation session grants visitation rights to her husband, a mother of two needs to take her sick two year-old child to see a doctor. On the way, though, her car stalls. She opts to walk back to a gas station with her four year-old daughter. Leaving her younger, sick child behind in the car. When she later returns, the car is empty and her child is nowhere to be found. An investigation fails to support the mother's story, though, and the boy's disappearance begins to look more like foul play. Did a stranger take Sky Metalwala from a parked car? Or is his mother, Julia Biryukova, responsible for what happened to her son?
Dec 11, 2016
TWA Flight 800 - 210
TWA Flight 800. July 17, 1996. JFK International Airport. Trans World Airlines Flight 800 was to takeoff for Paris, France at around 7pm EST. Various issues kept it from taking off until 8:19pm. Just 12 minutes into the flight, at 8:31pm, the plane exploded. Efforts were made to rescue anyone alive in the Atlantic Ocean from the destroyed Boeing 747, but none of the 230 passengers and crew had survived. Terrorism was suspected early on as the United States was facing threats at home and abroad. As the investigation continued, though, the evidence began to point to an issue with the plane itself. Or did it?
Dec 03, 2016
Mothman - 209
Mothman. West Virginia. From November 1966 to December 1967, many strange sightings and occurrences were happening in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Unidentified flying objects, strange men in black suits, & even a large, winged human-like creature named the Mothman. It all culminated in a tragedy known as The Silver Bridge collapse. Forty-six people died when rush hour traffic, backed up on and off the almost 40 years old structure, went down into and near the Ohio River. Some say that the Mothman was a warning. Others believe that the Mothman caused the collapse. Another theory suggests that the killing of a Shawnee Chieftan about 200 years before was the reason for the disaster. Just what was going on in West Virginia back then? John Keel's book, 'The Mothman Prophecies', is full of information on these strange goings on. Justin & Aaron will break it all down for you in this tale of legends, sightings, and disasters.
Nov 20, 2016
The Greenbrier Ghost - 208
The Greenbrier Ghost. Greenbrier County, West Virginia. 1897. Mary Heaster did what she could to vet the men that were interested in seeing her daughter. She didn't have much success. Her daughter would become pregnant just before one man left. She would also marry a man just a few weeks after meeting him. A drifter named Erasmus Trout Shue. When the young woman dies unexpectedly, her husband seems to be overcome with grief. So much so that he will not leave her side until after the funeral. The investigation is closed as no foul play is suspected. When Zona's mother asks the prosecutor re-open the case, she has an unlikely source for the information she has implicating her son-in-law in the crime. 
Nov 13, 2016
Steven & Cary Stayner - 207
Steven & Cary Stayner. Merced, California. 1972. A 7 year-old boy named Steven Stayner is abducted by a pedophile. He is kept for 7 years and suffers daily abuse. In 1980, his abductor then kidnaps a 5 year-old boy named Timothy White. Concerned for the boy's safety, Steven will escape and take him to the authorities. His heroic actions earn Steven celebrity status and people everywhere want to talk to him. Two decades later, his brother Cary Stayner makes headlines as well. As a serial killer. 
Nov 06, 2016
Ed Gein - 206
Ed Gein. Plainfield, Wisconsin. November, 1957. A man who did odd jobs was either pitied or teased by those who knew him. Behind the scenes, he had grown up in an abusive home. He would lose his entire family in a span of less than five years. It was the loss of his mother, though, that seemed to have a profound effect on Edward Theodore Gein. Unbeknownst to the others in the town, Ed was robbing graves of recently buried women at night from local cemeteries. In his quest to bring his mother back to life he would also resort to capturing and killing women who reminded him of his mom. In November of 1957, authorities would seek out Ed after the abduction and murder of a store owner named Bernice Worden. Her son was convinced that Ed was responsible. It wouldn't take long before Gein's nightmarish collections would be revealed. Who was Ed Gein and why did he do the things that he did? 
Oct 30, 2016
Cropsey & The Killing Season - 205
Cropsey & The Killing Season. Urban legends and unsolved serial murders. Articles, books and documentaries attempt to tell the stories of these mysteries. On this episode Justin and Aaron speak with filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills about Zeman's film Cropsey as well as their new docuseries,The Killing Season, which covers the Long Island Serial Killer, the West Mesa murders and more. The Killing Season is debuting on A&E on November 12th, 2016. It takes an investigative look at the connections between five unsolved serial killer cases in the United States. Check out Secrets, Crimes, & Audiotape here:  
Oct 23, 2016
James Keown - 204
James Keown. September 2004. Waltham, Massachusetts. He seemed to have it all; an adoring wife, a good job, a luxury car, and an acceptance letter from Harvard Business School. When he and his wife moved from Missouri to Massachusetts so that he could pursue his degree, things were looking even more promising. Soon after moving to the Boston suburb, though, his wife Julie started becoming ill. To those who knew the couple he appeared to take great care of his wife. Just months later, though, Julie would fall into a coma and die. She had been poisoned. An investigation that began during the final days of her life would start to uncover the truth about James Keown. The smooth talking, intelligent man Julie had fallen for and married was a con artist who lied about everything. Computer forensics would reveal his sinister intentions.
Oct 16, 2016
Holly Bobo - 203
Holly Bobo. April 13, 2011. Parsons, Tennessee. 20 year-old Holly Bobo gets up early to prepare for the day. She is to take an exam to complete her nursing degree. Shortly after 7:30am a neighbor hears a scream. Her dog will start barking and her brother will wake up. He will look outside and spot two people kneeling by Holly's car. He believes that his sister is speaking with her boyfriend. He cannot make out the conversation but he does hear her say, "No. Why?" It sounds like they might be going through a breakup. After speaking with his mother, though, he learns that her boyfriend is off hunting turkey and that the man that is with her is a stranger. His mother implores him to grab his gun and shoot him. By the time Clint Bobo understands the danger she may be in it is too late. She and the strange man have disappeared into the woods. Holly Bobo would never be seen alive again.
Oct 09, 2016
Bart Whitaker - 202
Bart Whitaker. December 10, 2003. Sugar Land, Texas. A 24 year-old man and his family go out one evening to celebrate his graduation from Sam Houston State University. Upon arriving home they are ambushed by a gunman waiting inside. The mother and her 19 year-old son are killed. The father and the older son whose graduation they were celebrating are hospitalized with injuries. The investigation finds its target early on as information comes in showing that the celebration was for nothing. Bart Whitaker was not graduating college. More people would come forward and this young man who was so loved by his family was found to be hiding a dark secret.  
Oct 02, 2016
Kevin Green - 201

Kevin Green. September 30, 1979. Tustin, CA. A heated argument between a husband and his wife prompts him to leave. He will drive away to cool off and get something to eat. Later, when he returns, he discovers that his wife has been bludgeoned and raped. The attack was so severe that she suffered memory loss and much of her ability to hear or smell. After medical care she will get to go home. But a short time later something will come back to her. The memory of her husband as her attacker... Kevin Green will be arrested and convicted for the crime. Many years later a DNA hit will alert authorities to a troubling fact. They convicted the wrong man. Green's former wife, though, isn't buying into his innocence.

Sep 25, 2016
The Keddie Murders - 200
The Keddie Murders. April 12, 1981 Keddie, California. 14 year-old Shiela Sharp returns home and discovers the bodies of her mother, 36 year-old Glenna "Sue" Sharp, her brother, 15 year-old John, and his friend 17 year-old Dana Wingate. They had been bound, stabbed, beaten, and/or strangled to death.Her 12 year-old sister Tina was missing. Three years later, Tina's skull was found near a waterfall 29 geodesic miles from the cabin. Sue was getting divorced from her husband, but he had an alibi. Who else would have murdered them and why?
Sep 19, 2016
Pamela Smart - 199
Pamela Smart. May 01, 1990. Derry, New Hampshire. A 22 year-old media services director at Winnacunnett High arrives home to discover the condominium that she shared with her husband dark and quiet. Once inside she would find him dead on the floor and their place ransacked. The investigation would stall early on until a young man went to police with information. This would ultimately lead to the arrests of five people. One of whom was the very wife of the of the murdered man. The four young men would cut deals while she maintained her innocence. Billy Flynn, just a sophomore at the high school, had become her lover and said that she had coerced him into killing her husband. Did Pamela Smart conspire to kill her husband? Or was she falsely implicated by the younger people she had become involved with?
Sep 11, 2016
The Dixmoor 5 - 198
The Dixmoor 5. Chicago, Illinois. November 19, 1991. A young teenager named Cateresa Matthews leaves her grandmother's house to go home but doesn't make it there. At first she is simply missing, but on December 8th of that year her body would be discovered in a field. She had been abducted, raped, and murdered. The police acted quickly and built a case against five boys who knew her. After a successful trial it seemed as though justice had been done but, due to a dna test on evidence collected from the victim, it later became clear that they had prosecuted five innocent people. Worse still, the prosecutors and the investigators were aware of this from almost the start of this case and prosecuted them anyway. Cateresa's mother as well as the Dixmoor 5 would find that, in Chicago, justice isn't always easy to come by. This episode was sponsored by Third Love.
Sep 04, 2016
The Mary Morris Murders - 197
The Mary Morris Murders. October 2000. Houston, Texas. A woman drives to work one morning before 6am. Later that day her supervisor called her house to ask where she was. At 5pm, police arrive at the scene of a burned up Chevy Lumina with the remains of a body inside. Just a few days later, another woman calls a friend to say that someone at a drugstore was making her nervous. Within 15 minutes she would make a disturbing call to 911. Then she disappeared. The next morning she would be found in her car. She had been beaten and shot in the head. The families of the two women, as well as detectives, would be baffled by the similarities between the two cases. Particularly the fact that both women were named Mary Morris... This episode was sponsored by Third Love.
Aug 28, 2016
Baton Rouge Serial Killer - 196
Baton Rouge Serial Killer. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From 1998 to 2003, a serial killer was following, stalking, and violently murdering women. There was never any visible forced entry to the victims' homes and, for quite some time, law enforcement was sure that a white male in a white pickup was their suspect. The brazen killer would eventually be discovered and once his past was exposed, a clear picture of who he was and how he operated became chillingly clear. This episode was sponsored by Third Love.
Aug 21, 2016
Rabia Chaudry - 195
Rabia Chaudry. In 2000, a young man named Adnan Syed was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for the murder of Hae Min Lee. Years later, This American Life's Sarah Koenig would cover his case on the first season of Serial. One woman had been the driving force behind getting Adnan's case more exposure and to fight to change his fate. Rabia Chaudry was a family friend who felt a great injustice had been done to him. The co-host from Undisclosed is more than just a podcaster. Famous for her advocacy for Adnan Syed, Rabia is also a lawyer and now an author. Her book, Adnan's Story, is a book about her life and the case for Adnan's innocence. The book is now available wherever books are sold.
Aug 16, 2016
Murder Of Robert Wone - 194
Murder Of Robert Wone. August 2nd, 2006. A Washington D.C. attorney is invited to stay at his friends' house. He had started a new job and would be working late so he didn't feel like traveling back home. He arrives about 10:30pm and isn't there even an hour before he is discovered on a pullout bed with several knife wounds to his chest and abdomen. Those that were in the house with him, Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, & Dylan Ward, claim an intruder must have entered the home and killed him. The case appears to get even more bizarre once details of the evening and of the crime scene become known. Who murdered Robert Wone? Our sponsor for this episode was Audible. Please visit:  
Aug 14, 2016
Brandon Lawson - 193
Brandon Lawson. August 9, 2013. Bronte, Texas. A 26 year-old man leaves his house late at night after an argument with his common-law wife. He had planned to drive to his dad's house to stay elsewhere for the night and cool off. His truck would run out of gas and he would make a number of calls. He called his wife but her phone was charging in her car. He called his brother who drove out to help him. He also called 911. When his brother and a sheriff's deputy arrived, the truck was empty and Brandon was nowhere to be found. Hauntingly, the 911 call seems to indicate that his life was in danger. Was he running from someone? Or did something else happen to Brandon Lawson?
Aug 07, 2016
Madalyn Murray O'Hair - 192
Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Austin, Texas. August, 1995. America's most hated woman, along with her youngest son and granddaughter, goes missing. She was the leader and founder of American Atheists. An organization meant to enforce and fight for the separation of church and state. At first, this is not exactly surprising as many suspected that she had had enough and fled. Her eldest son, with whom she had abandoned once he became a Christian, called authorities after someone in the organization moved into his mother's house. Later, they discover that the three hadn't fled after all. They had been kidnapped. What's worse, they had been taken by someone who hated Madalyn Murray O'Hair more than anyone else and was bent on revenge... Visit our website at:
Jul 31, 2016
Updates 2016 - 191
Updates 2016. Justin and Aaron give opinions on news and updates involving Steven Avery, Adnan Syed, Freddie Gray, Oscar Pistorius, Ethan Couch, Dylann Roof, Kendrick Johnson, and George Zimmerman. It has been a busy year and we have received many emails and messages asking us for our thoughts on each and every one of these cases. Steven Avery's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner has vowed to get him released. Adnan Syed won an appeal and had his conviction in the death of Hae Min Lee vacated and awaits a new trial. Freddie Gray's death prompted Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to charge the officers involved in his arrest, but has failed to get a single conviction. Federal investigators looked into the Kendrick Johnson death at his high school and then abandoned their investigation. Please support today's sponsor: Use code 'generation' at checkout for $20 off of your purchase.
Jul 28, 2016
Charlie Brandt - 190

Charlie Brandt. January 3, 1971. Fort Wayne, Indiana. A 13 year-old boy walks into his parents' bathroom carrying a gun. His father is shaving and his pregnant mother is taking a bath. Their son would shoot his father then his mother despite their pleas. His 15 year-old sister was his next target but the gun merely clicked. After a physical confrontation he would give up. Later, due to his age, he would be sent for treatment at an Indianapolis mental hospital. Over the next three decades he would seemingly live a normal life until the year 2004. While he and his wife were staying with her niece his urge to kill resurfaced. When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene they found him hanging in the garage, his wife dead on the couch from multiple stab wounds, and his niece mutilated in her bedroom. It was a scene not unlike that left behind by Jack the Ripper. Charlie Brandt's secrets would start to come out.

Jul 24, 2016
Sean Drenth - 189
Sean Drenth. Oct. 18, 2010. A Phoenix police sergeant seems to have a great life. He has a great marriage and a young child. He is also well respected in his department. One night, though, changes everything. He would be discovered on the ground outside of his patrol car. His life had ended by way of a shotgun that now rested vertically, barrel up, on his chest. According to the investigation, though, there are questions about the placement of the weapon. How could a shotgun discharge and come to rest as it did? Other evidence points to murder as well, but the medical examiner finds Drenth's death to be a suicide. Many in the department disagree with this finding. Did Sgt. Sean Drenth commit suicide? Or was he murdered...and why? Please take our survey. One of you can win a $100 Amazon gift card.  
Jul 17, 2016
Death of Diren Dede - 188
Death of Diren Dede. April 27, 2014. Missoula, Montana. When homeowners are burglarized multiple times and the police seem to be able to offer little to no support, they choose to take other measures. They set up a camera and motion sensors in their open garage and wait for another burglar. A high school student named Diren Dede enters the open garage within a few days and the homeowner, Marcus Kaarma, heads outside armed with his shotgun. Diren is shot and killed. Kaarma feels he acted within his rights as defined by Montana's 'castle law'. Police and prosecutors disagreed.
Jul 10, 2016
Jane Doe January - 187

Jane Doe January. A woman is raped in her own apartment by an unknown man who had made his way into her building. Despite supportive family and law enforcement, it would be two decades before the identity of the rapist would be discovered. Bringing the man to justice would become her mission and she set about researching him and doing what she had to do to have charges brought against him. Along the way she would have to deal with challenges as well as an important question as she approached a trial date: Will her progress over all of these years diminish what he did to her? Emily Winslow speaks candidly about what happened to her and what she learned about the system, and herself, in her quest for justice. Today's sponsor is With an unmatched selection of audiobooks and audio entertainment, audible has what you are looking for.

Jul 04, 2016
Martha Haney - 186
Martha Haney. Williamston, MI. Back in 1897, a man returns home from work to eat some lunch. He will make a gruesome discovery involving his mother. Her head has been removed and has been placed on a platter at the dinner table. She had been murdered with an axe. Her murderer would turn out to be his own wife, Martha. What would provoke such an attack? Joining us was author Rod Sadler whose book, To Hell I Must Go, provides the details on Michigan's own version of Lizzie Borden. His genealogical research brought this story to his attention as his great-great-grandfather was the sheriff in Williamston at the time and handled the case until its conclusion. Today's sponsor is With an unmatched selection of audiobooks and audio entertainment, audible has what you are looking for. Get a free audiobook and a free 30-day trial by visiting:    
Jun 26, 2016
Olivia Mabel - 185
Olivia Mabel. A Celina, Texas woman goes down a dark path after her son dies in an accident. Authorities would be alerted after receiving silent 911 calls from her home. Once inside they discovered what she had been doing for almost 3 years. A makeshift altar, a doll fashioned from a stick, and letters to her son were in front of her lifeless body. They say her grief may have prompted her to manifest an entity that turned evil. We will break this tale down and discuss why stories like this are so popular.
Jun 19, 2016
Alfred Wright - 184
Alfred Wright. November 7, 2013. Sabine County, TX. A 28 year-old man is on his way to a client's house for a physical therapy appointment when his truck overheats and he is forced to pull up outside of a liquor store. He calls his wife to request a ride. Since she is home with their two sick kids, she calls her father and mother-in-law to ask them to pick him up. She calls her husband's phone again to let him know and hears heavy breathing on the other end. Her concerned questions go unanswered. When his parents arrive he is missing. Two and a half weeks later his body would be found nearby. He only had on underwear, two shoes, and a single sock. An autopsy would reveal several drugs in his system and indicated an accidental death. At the request of his family, another pathologist would take a look and she suspected homicide. Did he cause his own death or was he murdered?
Jun 12, 2016
The Death of Tina Watson - 183
The Death of Tina Watson. When a newly married couple travel to Australia for their honeymoon, they expect to have the time of their lives. While scuba diving, though, something terrible would happen. The husband would surface without his wife. His version of events would characterize her death as an accident. She had dislodged his mask and after taking care of that he discovered that she was sinking down below him and he just couldn't save her so he went up to get help. Others, such as her father and a close friend, would challenge his story and the husband would be arrested amid suspicions of foul play. Did Gabe Watson murder his wife? Or was Tina's drowning death merely an accident? Further reading:
Jun 05, 2016
Kansas City Firefighters Case - Part 3

Kansas City Firefighters Case 3. Pat O'Connor, a researcher and editor, has done extensive research into the arson fires and explosions that rocked Kansas City in 1988 and took the lives of six Kansas City firemen. For him, there are many issues with this case that he cannot dismiss. From a stalled investigation to a big reward for information, this case took many years to reach a conclusion. But has this case been solved? Or were the Marlborough Five simply easy targets for a city seeking justice?

May 29, 2016
The Bain Family Murders - 182
The Bain Family Murders. June 20, 1994. Dunedin, New Zealand. A 22 year-old man sets out on his newspaper route early in the morning. Sometime after returning home before 7am, he discovers some members of his immediate family have been murdered. Police would find more victims and the victims were identified as 59 year-old Robin (father), 50 year-old Margaret (mother), 19 year-old Arawa (daughter), 18 year-old Laniet (daughter), & 14 year-old Stephen (son). Initially, the scene suggested a murder/suicide. A rifle was found on the floor next to Robin's body. As the investigation continued, though, all signs began to point toward the only surviving member of this home. The 22 year-old son, David Cullen Bain, who also happened to have an alibi. 
May 22, 2016
Author Ron Franscell - 181

Author Ron Franscell. True crime author Ron Franscell talks about forensic pathology and justice. The author's latest book, Morgue: A Life In Death, was co-written with Dr. Vincent DiMaio, who has performed more than 9000 autopsies. His expertise and experience makes him one of the leading forensic pathologists in the country. We discuss some of the cases Dr. DiMaio has been involved in as well as other related topics.

May 15, 2016
Untold Stories of Ted Bundy - 180
Untold Stories of Ted Bundy. The infamous serial killer never revealed all of his secrets and questions remain about his life and his murders. Those who knew him have been interviewed by author Kevin Sullivan who has written his second book on Bundy. He joined the podcast to discuss the book and the newly revealed information about one of the most well known serial killers in history.
May 07, 2016
Texas Killing Fields - 179
Texas Killing Fields. True crime author Kathryn Casey has written a book on the infamous I-45 corridor in Texas where over the span of three decades more than twenty young women were murdered by different serial killers. Her book, 'Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the Infamous I-45/Texas Killing Fields', tells the stories of those who lost their lives, the families and friends who searched for them, the killers who were responsible, and the efforts of investigators in the years since who have sought to solve these cases.
May 01, 2016
The Yorkshire Ripper - 178

The Yorkshire Ripper. In the 1970s, a serial killer would begin murdering women in places like Leeds and Bradford in the UK. The police would make assumptions and errors in judgment which would allow the killer to continue murdering far longer than otherwise may have been the case. His weapons were hammers, screwdrivers, & knives. He murdered thirteen and injured another seven. What motivated Peter Sutcliffe to kill? Did a prostitute short him some money? Did God instruct him to kill these women as he has also claimed? In the end, this case had a profound effect on how the police investigate serial murderers.

Apr 23, 2016
Kim Thomas - 177

Kim Thomas. Charlotte, NC. In 1990, a kidney specialist arrives home late one night to the sound of his crying child. After retrieving the 13 month-old from his crib, he discovers the body of his wife in their living room. She had been handcuffed behind her back and killed with a knife or some other sharp instrument. It appears as though the attack began while she was sleeping. When investigators look into the murder they will end up with two very different suspects. Was this a crime of passion? Or a robbery gone wrong? Did her husband murder her to avoid a costly divorce? Or did a laborer with a history of violence and theft in that area commit the crime?

Apr 17, 2016
Kansas City Firefighters Case - Part 2

Kansas City Firefighters Case. For our second episode in this series, we interview two retired Kansas City firefighters about the 1988 Kansas City arson case that took the lives of six of their fellow firefighters. The fires were found to be the result of arson. They describe the impact that this crime had on fire departments and tell us just how this case has changed the way firefighters respond to calls. 

Apr 11, 2016
Zebb Quinn - 176
Zebb Quinn. January 2nd, 2000. Asheville, NC. After work one evening, a young man named Zebb follows an acquaintance, Jason, by car to look at a vehicle he is interested in buying from an auto dealership. A call to his pager, though, would interrupt his intended drive and cause him to become very anxious. He would leave in his car to find a pay phone. When he returned to where Jason was waiting for him, he was so upset that he struck Jason's vehicle with his own. He promised Jason that he would settle up with him later, but that he had to go. About two weeks later, Zebb's car is found in a parking lot across the street from the hospital his mother works at. There was no sign of Zebb. Bob Ruff, host of Truth & Justice Podcast, will join us for a discussion of the case and what each of us thinks led to the disappearance of Zebb Quinn.
Apr 03, 2016
Elizabeth Bathory - 175
Elizabeth Bathory. The infamous Hungarian countess was born in 1560. She would grow up to be a highly educated and powerful figure. By 1610, though, she would find herself accused of heinous crimes, investigated, & arrested. The accusations had begun soon after the death of her husband, Ferenc Nadasdy in 1604. Her supposed crimes included the murders of hundreds of servant girls, involving torture and bloodletting to allow the countess to bathe in their blood. For much of history these allegations against her widely accepted. In more recent years, research done on her life and her supposed criminal history seems to suggest a completely different history for Elizabeth Bathory. Was she a deadly serial murderer? Or was the countess the victim of a political plot to seize power away from her?
Mar 29, 2016
Kansas City Firefighters Case - Part 1
Kansas City Firefighters Case Part 1. We revisit one of our first cases by conducting interviews and discussing the various aspects of the case. The 1988 arson fires and subsequent explosions cost the lives of six Kansas City firefighters. Five people were eventually charged and convicted. While some believe this is an open and shut case, others see many outstanding questions regarding the guilt of those five and how they were prosecuted. This is an introductory episode to familiarize listeners with the basics of the case and how we chose to cover it.
Mar 18, 2016
Amy Lynn Bradley - 174
Amy Lynn Bradley. March 24, 1998. A family trip aboard a Caribbean cruise ship seemed like a great idea. Ron & Iva Bradley, along with their two grown children, Amy & Brad, were not able to enjoy the trip for long. Just a few days into their vacation, around 6am, Amy went missing. A frantic search by the family found no trace of her. The cruise line would offer little assistance. Adding to their worries was the discovery that photos of Amy taken by the ship's photo service went missing hours before she did. Had she been kidnapped? Was she thrown overboard? Where is Amy Lynn Bradley?
Mar 13, 2016
Aileen Wuornos - 173

Aileen Wuornos. Author Sue Russell is interviewed about the life and crimes of Aileen Wuornos. Aileen was the subject of the award winning film, 'Monster' and played by actress Charlize Theron. The serial killer was known to have a difficult life and would go on to claim the lives of at least seven men. Russell's book is titled, 'Lethal Intent' and is as thorough as possible in it's coverage of one of the most controversial figures in true crime history. We discuss her upbringing, her relationships, & what might have led her to become a serial murderer.

Mar 06, 2016
Dennis Rader - 172

Dennis Rader. January 15th, 1974. Wichita, KS. A boy opens the back door to let the family dog out and a man makes his way into the house. He is armed with a gun. The family inside consists of a husband and wife as well as two of their five children. They have no idea that the man is there to kill them. Expecting only to be robbed they are compliant at first. His pattern would be to bind them, torture them, & kill them. These four were just the beginning. For 30 years BTK would elude the authorities. Then, in 2004, an arrest is made. His own family was shocked. In his confession, serial killer Dennis Rader detailed his crimes and revealed how he operated.

Feb 28, 2016
Jaryd Atadero - 171
Jaryd Atadero. Allyn Atadero shares the painful story of how his 3 year-old son Jaryd went missing in the Colorado mountains. He had gone with his sister and a group of adults to visit a nearby fish hatchery. Without notifying Allyn, the group would later decide to drive to a trail to hike on that was 16 miles away. While on the trail, the adults would lose sight of Jaryd. The search for the boy encountered many obstacles and it would be almost four years before some evidence finally came to light. Many questions remain unanswered in this case. Allyn learned a lot from this experience and has used this knowledge to educate others on trail safety and to assist other parents who face similar challenges. He and his twin brother, Arlyn, wrote a book about Jaryd's story titled, 'Missing: When the Son Sets'. For more information about Jaryd's case, please purchase the book & visit the facebook page:
Feb 21, 2016
SketchCop - 170
SketchCop. Our special guest for this episode was forensic facial imaging expert and author, Sergeant (Ret.) Michael W. Streed. He has a new book out titled, 'Sketchcop: Drawing A Line Against Crime'. He is quite personable and very knowledgeable about crime and investigations. Just how much impact has forensic facial imaging had on apprehending criminals? How did he become interested in such a career? What are some of the memorable cases he has personally been involved with? What does he think of allegations that Gene Kusche's Steven Avery sketch was drawn from a mugshot? SketchCop is published through WildBlue Press.   Drawing The Line Against Crime He is quite personable and very knowledgeable about crime and investigations. Just how much impact has forensic facial imaging had on apprehending criminals? What are some of the memorable cases he has personally been involved with? 
Feb 14, 2016
Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders - 169
Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders. Oklahoma, 1977. Buses, loaded with young girls, leave Magic Empire Headquarters in Tulsa. They are taking them to Camp Scott. That night after dinner, three girls meet back at the tent they are sharing for the duration of their stay. They will write letters home and eventually try to get some sleep. For nearly 50 years the camp had been a safe place for friendship, adventure, & growth. Sometime during the night in 1977, though, that would all end. The body of a young girl would be discovered the next morning with two more found shortly after. It would not take long before a manhunt would begin. The authorities had a suspect, Gene Leroy Hart, but would they find justice? 
Feb 07, 2016
The Philadelphia Experiment - 168
The Philadelphia Experiment. Philadelphia, PA. In 1943, the USS Eldridge is said to have been outfitted with special equipment. Tests were conducted to see if the US Navy could achieve the unbelievable. Albert Einstein's unified field theory sought to be the ultimate achievement. A theory of everything. With such knowledge the unbelievable could become possible. In the case of the Eldridge, the Navy was going for invisibility. The enemy cannot hit what they do not see. During testing, though, strange events would occur and testing would be halted. What happened to the crew aboard the destroyer? Did the destroyer actually disappear? Were some of the sailors partially buried in the metal of the ship? The Navy denies any such tests occurred. Is there any truth to the story of The Philadelphia Experiment?
Feb 01, 2016
Steven Avery 2 - 167
Steven Avery 2. Our second episode takes a look at the evidence in the case and we also explore the innocence angle. While some say he makes for the best suspect, there are many issues with the way the investigation was handled. Furthermore, the conflict of interest by Manitowoc County in this entire situation definitely has the public doubting the conviction of both Avery & Dassey. Thank you to all who provided information to us and answered our questions. This case is far from over.
Jan 30, 2016
Steven Avery - 166
Steven Avery. September 11, 2003. Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Steven Avery is released from prison after serving 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. On October 31, 2005, Auto Trader photographer, Teresa Halbach, would go missing after visiting the Avery salvage yard to photograph a van. Her disappearance would be brought to the attention of the authorities three days later. Within a week, Steven Avery would again be arrested. This time around there seemed to be plenty of evidence of his guilt. Between the investigation and his subsequent trial, questions would be raised about the evidence collection and the actions of the sheriff's department that had been wrong about him in the past. Could the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department be wrong about Avery a second time? Could they possibly have even set him up to end his pending $36 million civil suit? Or did Steven Avery really murder the missing photographer and cremate her remains on his property?
Jan 25, 2016
Scott Peterson - 165
December 24, 2002. Modesto, CA. A pregnant woman disappears while supposedly walking her dog. After authorities are notified, they react quickly in the hopes of discovering her whereabouts. It will not take long before one man becomes the focus of the investigation. Her husband, Scott. Suspicious circumstantial evidence turns up, including hair in a pair of pliers consistent with his wife's as well as evidence of 5 homemade cement anchors of which only one remains. Could he have murdered her and weighted her down to hide her in the bay where he claims to have gone fishing? Months later, the bodies of Laci Peterson as well as that of her unborn son are found near the bay about a mile apart. It appears as though they had washed ashore. A jury would ultimately find Scott guilty. Some say that Scott was not given a fair trial and that his conviction was not supported by enough evidence. Was there a sufficient case made to prove his guilt? Or did his questionable lifestyle doom him from the start? A true crime episode.
Jan 17, 2016
H.H. Holmes - 164
H.H. Holmes. Chicago, Illinois. Some murder to satisfy dark urges. Others kill out of passion. In the late 1800's, one man may have murdered for profit. Setting up shop in Chicago, Herman Webster Mudgett purchased a drug store and was said to have built a hotel in anticipation of The World's Fair. Much of his time was spent committing fraud, but people around him were constantly disappearing. Eventually, this would lead to his capture. Once his building was investigated, it was indeed found to contain trap doors, hidden rooms, & secret passages. People speculated on what the man now known as H.H. Holmes was up to for all those years. Is Erik Larson's book, The Devil In The White City, as well as the upcoming Martin Scorsese film of the same title, an accurate account? Was H.H. Holmes also Jack the Ripper? Mysterious Chicago's Adam Selzer joined us to to discuss this dangerous swindler and to separate fact from fiction.
Jan 10, 2016
Freddie Gray - 163
Freddie Gray. Baltimore, Maryland. A 25 year-old man makes eye contact with a police officer and runs. He is pursued and apprehended within a minute. A search of his person revealed a knife that the officers deemed to be illegal. He is arrested and would be placed into a police van for transport to the police station. Sometime between his arrest and his arrival at the station, he is seriously injured and becomes unresponsive. Inside of a week he would undergo double surgery on his spine, go into a coma, & die. State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby would levy charges against six officers as a result of what occurred. Was his death an accident or murder? Or was it something else? As criticism and distrust of law enforcement grows, what can be done to restore trust in those who have vowed to protect and serve?
Jan 03, 2016
Personal Stories 3 - 162
Personal Stories 3. The Generation Why hosts are back with another set of personal stories. Justin tells the story of a murder and kidnapping that involved a friend's mother. Aaron speaks about a ufo that he witnessed on the way home one night. This is our last podcast episode of the year. We have enjoyed bringing stories of true crime, mysteries, controversies, & even the paranormal to you in 2015. Happy Holidays, everyone. We'll be back in 2016.    
Dec 27, 2015
Samantha's Story - 161
Samantha's Story. December 8th, 2007. Manitoba, Canada. Young love can blind us to even the most extreme red flags. Samantha had always hoped to meet a bad boy one day who could also be a loving man.  Sometimes you get what you wish for, but the lifestyles some men lead can have dire consequences. Falling in love with Bekim would take her down a path of love and loss that changed the course of her life forever. For better or worse, until death do them part. Samantha spoke with Justin about this personal story of love, life, drugs, & death.
Dec 22, 2015
The Titanic Conspiracy - 160
The Titanic Conspiracy. In 1912, the RMS Titanic was the largest luxury liner in the world. In April of that year it would set off on its maiden voyage. Carrying over 2200 passengers & crew, the ship was to ultimately travel to New York, but on April 14th disaster struck. An iceberg would damage the ship and would cause seawater to flood and sink her. Just over 700 would be rescued. Many years later, though, a man would come up with a theory. That this 'disaster' was no accident. The sister ship to the Titanic, the Olympic, had been damaged in a collision with a British cruiser, the HMS Hawke in 1911. Because it was damaged so extensively, a scheme was hatched where the two ships would be switched. The Olympic could go down and insurance claims made to recover the cost. Meanwhile, the Titanic could go on to make White Star Line money as the Olympic. Is there evidence supporting this theory? Did JP Morgan really endanger all of those people just to protect his company?
Dec 20, 2015
Author Stephen Williams - 159
Author Stephen Williams. December 24, 1990. St. Catharines, Canada. A 15 year-old girl is enjoying the evening with her older sister and her sister's boyfriend at their parents' house. What she doesn't know is that her drink has been laced with sedatives. Later, she will be sexually assaulted by both and would die as a result of the attack. The details of what happened that night are disturbing, but this couple was far from finished. With her sister's death ruled an accident, Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo would go on to attack other young women. Joining us will be author Stephen Williams who has written two books on the case and has corresponded with Karla herself. How his life changed because of his research into this case is also beyond belief. Be sure to read Invisible Darkness & Karla, his two books on the infamous couple.
Dec 13, 2015
Ruby Ridge - 158
Ruby Ridge. August 21, 1992. An isolated cabin in northern Idaho owned by Randy Weaver and his family is being monitored by US Marshals due to his missing a court date for a federal weapons violation charge. When the family's dog alerts them to danger, shots are fired leaving the man's son, his dog, & a Marshal dead. The government's response would be strong. 400+ officers, including snipers that were under rules to shoot armed adults on the property. Before the standoff ended, two more from the cabin would be injured and one more would die. How did the situation escalate so quickly? Was the government justified in changing the rules of engagement? Ruby Ridge was intended to provide an escape from tyrannical government, but for the Weavers it had the opposite effect.
Dec 06, 2015
Lululemon Murder - 157
Lululemon Murder. March 11, 2011. After two women close the Bethesda Lululemon Athletica store for the evening, they go their separate ways. Shortly after, one of them, Brittany Norwood, reaches out to the other, Jayna Murray, by phone to say that she had forgotten her wallet. Jayna agrees. They would enter the yoga store and leave it unlocked behind them. Before they could leave again they would be jumped. Both women would be attacked, leaving Brittany wounded and Jayna dead. But all of these details were given by the survivor and one detective would suspect that her story wasn't true. A true crime podcast.
Nov 28, 2015
Kurt Cobain - 156
Kurt Cobain. April 5, 1994. Shortly after arriving at a rehab center, a musician flees and heads back home to Seattle. Unbeknownst to his friends and family, he has hit the end of his road. Struggling with a heroin addiction and the realization that he could not change his course, he had made the decision to end his life. With his heroin, syringes, and a shotgun, he made his way to his greenhouse. In this room, essentially an attic, he would inject high doses of heroin and then turn the shotgun on himself and commit suicide. A suicide note would be left to convey the Nirvana singer's final words. That is the official story, anyway. Stories persist that this wasn't a suicide at all. Rumored to be responsible was none other than his wife, Courtney Love, who they say used him to gain money and fame. Did she kill her husband? Or was Kurt Cobain simply a tortured man who wanted to end his misery?
Nov 22, 2015
The Original Night Stalker - 155
The Original Night Stalker. In the mid to late 70's, the East Area Rapist rapist was operating around East Sacramento, California. In the dark of night he would enter their homes and wake them. With a light shone in their faces, he growled commands through gritted teeth. Their wrists and ankles would be bound tightly with a diamond knot. Always one step ahead of authorities, he could not be stopped. Eventually he began to murder those he chose to attack. He has never been captured. A true crime episode.
Nov 16, 2015
Laurie Bembenek - 153
May 28, 1981. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A woman is discovered bound, gagged, & shot. Her two sons were home with her and see a person fleeing the scene. The woman's ex-husband, a police officer, makes for a good suspect until he comes up with an alibi. A neighbor reports a plumbing issue and a wig is retrieved. The investigation would then focus on his new wife. Suspected of wearing a wig during the crime, they also decided that she must have used her husband's gun as well as a key that he had which would let her gain entry. The motive? Anger over alimony that her husband was having to pay the victim. A trial would end in a guilty verdict. Was she really guilty of this crime? Or was she wrongfully convicted? A true crime episode.
Nov 02, 2015
Hinterkaifeck - 152
Hinterkaifeck. March 31, 1922. Groebern, Germany. Unsettling events led to horrific murders. A farmer reported to neighbors that he had seen footprints in the snow leading up to the back of his farmhouse from the woods, but not leading back out. Strange noises could be heard in the attic later, but a search revealed no evidence of an intruder. A missing key and scratches on a door lock further raised the farmer's suspicions. On March 31, each of the five Gruber and Gabriel family members, as well as a maid who had started working just that day, were murdered with a mattock. Even more mysterious, whomever had committed the horrible crimes stayed on for days after to attend to the animals on the farm and to eat and sleep there. Who could have done this and why? Was it someone they knew? Or was it just a psychotic person who stumbled across the remote farmstead? A true crime episode.
Oct 26, 2015
The Enfield Poltergeist - 151
The Enfield Poltergeist. August 1977. Enfield, England. Peggy Hodgson contacts the police after furniture in her children's bedroom appears to move on its own. A series of witnesses and investigators over the next year would report seeing a child levitate, toys thrown by an unseen force, an unsettling, raspy voice coming from a young girl, as well as other strange phenomena. Things get creepier at the Enfield house when the voice seems to confirm that it belongs to a man who had died in the home prior to Peggy and her children moving in. Was a poltergeist responsible for the mischief in the house? Images and audio collected during periods of activity seem to support such a possibility. Join us as we attempt to tear the sheet off of the mystery known as the Enfield Poltergeist.
Oct 18, 2015
Matthew Hoffman - 150
Matthew Hoffman. November 10, 2010. Howard, Ohio. Matthew Hoffman was an unemployed tree surgeon who entered a home to rob it. Or so he says. Three people ended up dead and a fourth, a 13 year-old girl, kidnapped and sexually assaulted for days before being rescued by a SWAT team. This seems like an open & shut case, but questions remain. What drove Hoffman to do what he did? Was it a robbery gone wrong or had he been stalking the young girl? And why is he so obsessed with trees? A true crime case.
Oct 12, 2015
Satanic Panic - 149

Satanic Panic. August 12, 1983. Judy Johnson calls the Manhattan Beach police to report that the 25 year-old son of the owner of the McMartin preschool had molested her two and a half year-old son. In October of that year, Children's Institute International began interviewing potential victims of ritual, sexual abuse by employees of the school. By March, seven in all are charged with 115 counts of child sexual abuse. In the end, just two of them would face court and seven years and $15 million dollars later the entire prosecution of the members of the daycare center would end with a whimper. Who was Judy Johnson and why did she suspect her child had been molested? What did the children say happened at the school? What evidence did investigators uncover? Did the devil do it? Joel Osteen & Damien Echols are perceived as polar opposites, but just how big of a part do our perceptions play in this? How big of a role was the media and why? 

Oct 05, 2015
Hauptmann's Ladder Restored - 146
This episode has been professionally restored. We are re-releasing it so that the audience can finally hear and understand the interview. Hauptmann’s Ladder Restored. Author Richard T Cahill Jr. joins the podcast to discuss his book, ‘Hauptmann’s Ladder’. This highly researched look into the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case may finally put an end to questions people have had over the years regarding the investigation, convicted suspect ‘Bruno’ Hauptmann, John Condon, Cemetery John, the trial, & Charles Lindbergh himself. We highly recommend that interested listeners read Cahill's book. It is one of the very best true crime books you'll ever read.
Sep 21, 2015
Ben Padilla - 145
Ben Padilla. May 25, 2003. A plane in Angola is being repaired after sitting idle for 14 months. A company had been leasing it, but had not been making payments on it and had accrued a massive bill just sitting at an airport. The owner of the plane had hired a man, Ben Padilla, to oversee a team of mechanics to get the 727 flight-ready. All of the seats beyond the cabin had been removed so that the plane could carry more than 5000 gallons of diesel fuel in 10 large tanks. For unknown reasons the plane would suddenly enter a runway and take off. Onboard were Padilla and a man from the Republic of Congo, John Mutantu. The plane and its occupants would not be seen again. Why was the plane stolen and where are the two men?
Sep 21, 2015
Q&A - 144
Q&A. Justin and Aaron answer questions submitted to the podcast by listeners. Questions about our lives, our hobbies, episode topics, & more. If you have ever had any questions about us or our episodes they may just be answered on this special edition of The Generation Why Podcast.    
Sep 17, 2015
Zach Witman - 143
Zach Witman. October 2nd, 1998. A 13 year-old arrives home after school and is ambushed just after getting through the front door. He would be attacked with a knife and stabbed more than sixty times. His older brother, home sick that day, would call for help within minutes of the attack and report finding his […] The post Zach Witman – 143 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Sep 14, 2015
Charles Manson Behind Bars - 142
Charles Manson Behind Bars. The most infamous person in modern U.S. history? A career criminal who became a cult leader and ordered his followers to murder innocent people is what he became known for, but he has spent much of his life incarcerated. What do we know about Charles Manson? Can he even tell us? […] The post Charles Manson Behind Bars – 142 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Sep 07, 2015
White House Farm Murders - 141
White House Farm Murders. A wealthy farmer and his wife are spending an evening with their adopted daughter and her twin sons. That night the unthinkable would happen. Their adopted son who lived just miles away phoned police to report that his father had called him saying that his sister had a gun and had […] The post White House Farm Murders – 141 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 31, 2015
Amelia Earhart - 140
Amelia Earhart. In the history of aviation, one woman stands out. Dreading a mundane life spurred her on to be a pilot and to attempt flights that most wouldn’t dare at the time. An inspiration to women around the world and an ability to draw large crowds meant that she was a celebrity and an […] The post Amelia Earhart – 140 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 26, 2015
Sandra Bland Commentary - 139
Sandra Bland Commentary. On this bonus episode we speak mostly off the cuff about the Sandra Bland situation. Sandra was asked to pull off of the Texas highway she was on after she failed to signal before changing lanes. After a verbal confrontation with the officer, Sandra was told that she could exit her vehicle. […] The post Sandra Bland Commentary – 139 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 24, 2015
Billy Meier Research - 138
Billy Meier Research. Mahesh Karumudi, from India, is an independent researcher who has done extensive investigation into the Billy Meier contacts case. He discusses his initial interest in Meier and his subsequent quest for verification of his many claims. He explains his findings on Meier’s claims of space images purported to be taken from spacecraft, […] The post Billy Meier Research – 138 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 19, 2015
Jeffrey Havard - 137
February 21, 2002. When a 6 month-old is dropped after bathing by her mother’s boyfriend, he believes that she will be ok and later puts her down to sleep. After the mother arrives home and checks on her she finds that her daughter is turning blue and is having trouble breathing. Unfortunately, young Chloe doesn’t […] The post Jeffrey Havard – 137 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 17, 2015
The Deaths At Spreckels Mansion - 136
The Deaths At Spreckels Mansion. After a young boy is gravely injured in a fall at his father’s home in California, his father & his birth mother head to the hospital, hoping & praying for him to recover. Just two days later, his father’s girlfriend is found hanging from an outside balcony. As she had […] The post The Deaths At Spreckels Mansion – 136 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 10, 2015
The Strange Case of Billy Meier - 135
The Strange Case of Billy Meier. At 5 years of age it is said that Eduard first met an extraterrestrial human. It would be just the start. Contact with others beyond our Earth would continue for decades. He would go on to be considered a prophet, an author, a cult figure, a space traveler, & […] The post The Strange Case of Billy Meier – 135 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Aug 03, 2015
Bermuda Triangle Mystery - 132
Bermuda Triangle Mystery. A triangular area, covering at least 500,000 square miles, has its vertices at Miami, FL, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda. Within these boundaries it is said to have cost the lives of over 100 people and more than 1000 ships & planes. Stories have been told of the […] The post Bermuda Triangle Mystery – 132 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jul 20, 2015
Charleston Shooting - 131
Charleston Shooting. June 17th, 2015. A young man entered Emanuel AME Church and sat for about an hour as a Reverend led members of the church through bible study. He later stood up and announced that he was there ‘to shoot black people’. Nine of the twelve in attendance would lose their lives. With race […] The post Charleston Shooting – 131 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jul 13, 2015
Personal Stories 2 - 130
Personal Stories 2. We both recount more recent personal stories. Justin begins with his story of going for a ride along with a Kansas City police officer. He had requested one to learn more about what police officers daily routines are like and to help him gain a better understanding of how they view and […] The post Personal Stories 2 – 130 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jul 08, 2015
JonBenet Ramsey Case - 129
JonBenet Ramsey Case. This is a lengthy discussion on the events and the evidence, that stands out to us, in one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in U.S. history. In 1996, a family would return home from a Christmas party and the youngest, aged six, would be put to bed immediately having fallen asleep […] The post JonBenet Ramsey Case – 129 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jul 05, 2015
Natalee Holloway Disappearance - 128
Natalee Holloway Disappearance. May 2005. Heading off to an island in the Caribbean with friends and classmates for her high school graduation trip ought to have been a dream come true for an 18 year-old girl from Alabama. And it was until the final day. Following a night at a bar, her tripmates made their […] The post Natalee Holloway Disappearance – 128 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jun 29, 2015
Mary Bell - 127
Mary Bell. In 1968, an 11 year-old girl in England is charged with two murders. The victims were 4 and 3 years-old. She had been in trouble many times previously for her abusive behavior but nothing was ever done about it. Could her unhappy home life, an uncaring prostitute mother and a drunken father, produce […] The post Mary Bell – 127 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jun 22, 2015
The Norfolk Four - 126
The Norfolk Four. In 1997, the young wife of a Navy man is sexually assaulted, stabbed, & strangled to death in her apartment in Norfolk, Virginia. Over time, eight different men would be charged with the crime. Confessions were extracted from five of them and the remaining three were released as they had ironclad alibis. […] The post The Norfolk Four – 126 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jun 15, 2015
The Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 - 125
The Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986. Thomas Henry Horan returns after publishing two books on the Zodiac killer. Both set out to show just how this serial killer of the late 1960’s was nothing more than an imagined character. If there was no Zodiac killer then who murdered these victims? Did the police have good […] The post The Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 – 125 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jun 10, 2015
Edythe Klumpp - 123
Edythe Klumpp. In Cincinnati, Ohio, Bill Bergen is living with another woman after separating from his wife, Louise. As time goes on he begins expressing a desire to patch things up with her. Edythe, his live-in lover, does not approve and Bill is caught between the two. When Louise’s badly burned body is later discovered, […] The post Edythe Klumpp – 123 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Jun 01, 2015
No Stone Unturned - 122
No Stone Unturned. When a person disappears there may not be much to go on to aid in the search. Depending on where they were last seen, or suspected to have been taken to, specialists may be required to thoroughly investigate and locate the individual or to cross the area off completely as a site […] The post No Stone Unturned – 122 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
May 26, 2015
Loch Ness Monster - 121
Loch Ness Monster. Is there a large, unknown creature living in Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland? In 1934, a now famous photograph purports to show the world that such a creature does live there. Since then, many more sightings and additional images & even videos claim to lend credence to this idea. What […] The post Loch Ness Monster – 121 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
May 18, 2015
Jeffrey MacDonald Case - 120
Jeffrey MacDonald Case. In 1970, a doctor places an early morning call to report the unthinkable. His wife and children have been murdered in their home at Fort Bragg. While he is injured, he will live. An initial investigation seems to clear him of any involvement in the deaths of his family, but due to […] The post Jeffrey MacDonald Case – 120 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
May 11, 2015
Trayvon Martin - 119
Trayvon Martin. When a self-appointed neighborhood watchman pursues a suspicious young man no one could have predicted that it would end with a death, a trial, and a national debate on race & profiling. The finding of the jury is well known, but was it correct? Was the shooting justified? Is this case just a […] The post Trayvon Martin – 119 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
May 04, 2015
The Zodiac Killer - 118
The Zodiac Killer. His attacks were accompanied by phone calls & letters that taunted police and threatened harm on others. Just what do we really know about these killings? What evidence have investigators collected over the years? Does anyone truly know the identity of the killer as some authors have recently suggested? Is this case […] The post The Zodiac Killer – 118 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Apr 27, 2015
The Warrens & The Paranormal - 117
The Warrens & The Paranormal. Colin Fitzgerald joins the podcast for a discussion of the most famous paranormal investigators in modern times: The Warrens. They were long considered the experts on the paranormal and have investigated many famous hauntings such as The Amityville Horror case. Ed passed away some years ago, but Lorraine soldiers on. […] The post The Warrens & The Paranormal – 117 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Apr 20, 2015
MV Joyita - 116
MV Joyita. In 1931 a film director has a ship built and names it after his wife. From the time of its construction it seemed cursed. A shipbuilder would fall to his death while working on the vessel. The most tragic event, though, would happen 24 years later. After failing to arrive at its destination, […] The post MV Joyita – 116 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Apr 13, 2015
Robert Durst - 115
Robert Durst. Justin and Aaron approach this case from two different angles. One has watched HBO’s The Jinx and the other hasn’t. Is Robert Durst jinxed? Or is he a cold-blooded murderer who seems to be beyond the law? His family’s business is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and yet he seemed to have […] The post Robert Durst – 115 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Apr 07, 2015
Steven Truscott - 114
Steven Truscott. In the summer of 1959, a 14 year-old boy gives a ride to a 12 year-old female classmate on his bicycle. He would be the last person seen with her before her body was discovered two days later. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Why was he with her instead of his […] The post Steven Truscott – 114 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Mar 30, 2015
Madeleine McCann - 113
Madeleine McCann. In May of 2007, a young English girl, on holiday with her parents in Portugal, would go missing. There were no witnesses as she and her younger twin siblings had been left alone in the apartment that evening while her parents dined with friends at a restaurant nearby. A search was conducted, but […] The post Madeleine McCann – 113 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Mar 23, 2015
D.B. Cooper: A Skydiver’s Analysis - 111
D.B. Cooper: A Skydiver’s Analysis. David Robinson, a USPA licensed skydiver, joins the podcast to analyze D.B. Cooper’s jump and assess whether he could have survived. We discuss the parachutes, the weather, and the choices the hijacker made. If this case fascinates you then you’ll want to hear this follow-up to our recent episode on […] The post D.B. Cooper: A Skydiver’s Analysis – 111 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Mar 10, 2015
Dixie Shanahan - 110
Dixie Shanahan. Author, and investigative journalist, John Ferak, joins the podcast to discuss the murder of Scott Shanahan by his wife, Dixie. The Iowan wife and mother had suffered domestic abuse for years before finally taking the law into her own hands. Once she was arrested, the question was whether or not she was justified […] The post Dixie Shanahan – 110 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Mar 09, 2015
D.B. Cooper - 109
D.B. Cooper. Thanksgiving Eve, 1971. An average looking man in a suit, a tie, and an overcoat pays for a one-way ticket at the Northwest Orient counter for flight 305 out of Portland, Oregon. The flight was scheduled to depart at 2:50pm PST for Seattle. The man boarded the plane and sat down in his […] The post D.B. Cooper – 109 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast.
Mar 02, 2015
Marjorie Caldwell - 108