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By Roy Mathur

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Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Fasten your seat belts for a rocketship ride to Altair City Spaceport's Rusty Rocket Tavern, where I discuss science fiction, fantasy, and horror; books, comics, movies, TV, games, toys, and classic Doctor Who. Powered by alien technology, eldritch powers, and caffeinated beverages, since a summer night in 2012 fuelled by two double gin and tonics. Shownotes, blog, contact, support, etc.: Audio:

Episode Date
CRRRRS 479 The Mandalorian Chapter 19: The Convert
Unscheduled, Roy's Standing Stick, Absolutely Anything, The Mandalorian, Spotify for Podcasters, Solution to Unintelligible Film Dialogue, I Hope My New Mixer Works, Clean Studio, Tired, Stressed, What's New?, The Mystery of the Twin Microphone Array, Release Delay
Mar 23, 2023
CRRRRS 478 Avast, Picard, Wakanda Forever!
Hello Again, The Survivor, The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling, Dilbert, Knock at the Cabin, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, The Sandman, The Ark, Servant, La Brea, Star Trek: Picard, The Mandalorian, War of the Worlds, An All But Definitive Guide to the Hollywood Nepo-Verse, Tokyo Vice, Kaleidoscope, The Gold, Better, YouTube Music Podcasts, Gardening, I'm Slightly Sorry I Was Away, Occasionally Obscure Podcast Episode Titles, Happy Mauritius Independence Day
Mar 21, 2023
CRRRRS 477 Doctor Who: Kinda

Show notes at
Mar 19, 2023
CRRRRS 476 The Last of Us
Hard Water Itch, Eyes of an Ageing Comic Reader, The Last of Us, Dungeons and Dragons Open Gaming Licence Follow-Up, Copyfright, Schmedule
Feb 01, 2023
CRRRRS 475 Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday

Show notes at
Jan 25, 2023
CRRRRS 474 Bookwormery
A Deliberate Lack of Telly, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Wizard of Id: The King is a Fink, Kevin O'Neill, Dungeons and Dragons Open Game Licence Rent Seeking Retraction, Reading Area, YouTube Playlist Songs Vanishing, Clown Suit Update, John Donne Can Get Stuffed, I Made Bread Sauce
Jan 17, 2023
CRRRRS 473 Doctor Who: Castrovalva

Show notes at
Jan 08, 2023
CRRRRS 472 I Have to Wear a Clown Suit for My Health
I Say!, Happy Birthday Blake's 7, Stephen Greif, Shotcut Pants!, Micro USB Podcastus Interruptus, Thunberg Versus Tate: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!, Trapped on a Desert Island Syndrome, Clown Suit, Mixed Pudding, Ye Not So Olde Recipes, Christmas Podcast Madness Is Over
Jan 03, 2023
CRRRRS 471 Hello, New Year's Day!
Happy New Year!, Sounds of the Mathurs' New Year, SM7B Again, Lobo: The Last Czarnian, Lobo Movie, Alan Grant, Paper Girls, His Dark Materials, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Let's Finish Old Who, Backish Toish Aish Regularish Scheduleish
Jan 02, 2023
CRRRRS 470 Hello, New Year's Eve!
Happy New Year's Eve!
Dec 31, 2022
CRRRRS 469 Hello, New Year's Eve Eve!
Happy New Year's Eve Eve!, Rig and Gig Change, I Am Legend, Very Annoying Doctor Who Spoilers, Krishna and Rukmini, Detectorists, The Best of Siouxse and the Banshees, Wilko Johnson, Pele, Cost of Living in the UK
Dec 31, 2022
CRRRRS 468 Hello, Christmas!
Ho, Ho, Ho!, Paper Girls, Silence, Listener Mail, My Christmas Day, See You Soon
Dec 26, 2022
CRRRRS 467 The Wizard and the Sea
Wotcha, Barbie, Henry Cavill's Superman and The Rock's Black Adam Out of the DCU, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: Generations, Detectorists, Lulworth Cove Trip Needless Error Correction, Gear Backtrack, Raspberry Pi Faffasco, Don't Poke the Elon, Sam Bankman-Fried in Jail, We Have Achieved Fusion, I Bought a Winter Duffle Coat and a Fisherman's Cap and Now I Look Like the Ancient Mariner, Toodle Pip
Dec 21, 2022
CRRRRS 466 Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis

Show notes at
Dec 20, 2022
CRRRRS 465 Black Adam
Things Have Been Generally Like That, Fender Bender, Rishi Sunak: The First British Asian UK Prime Minister, Sledging, Happy Birthday Mum, Black Adam, A Spy Among Friends, School for Scoundrels, Lulworth Cove's Durdle Door, The UK Poundland Ripoff Continues, New Old PC BIOS Update Problems, Shure SM58, Shure SM7B, Beyerdynamic DT150, JLab Rewind Wireless, JVC HA-S160, Konig and Meyer Mic Desk Stand Used as a Headphone Stand, Vocalzone Throat Pastilles, The Beautiful Bubble
Dec 13, 2022
CRRRRS 464 Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, The Devil's Hour, Truth Seekers
Amuse-Tete, Ripoff UK, Scam UK, Naffster, Royism, Poop Bin, Expect Fewer Tweets From Me, I Was Haunted by a Ghost, Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, The Devil's Hour, The Walking Dead, Andor, Truth Seekers, Rick and Morty, Back to the Future, The Hell of Trying to Avoid Spoilers as a New Doctor Who Companion Is Announced, Doctor Who and Disney, The Walk-In, SAS Rogue Heroes, Granite Harbour, Big Tech Deathwatch: Twitter, Meta, Amazon, Theranos, FTX, Artemis I, FIFA's Gawn Barmy, Dad's Igor Stick
Dec 06, 2022
CRRRRS 463 Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken

Show notes at
Nov 29, 2022
CRRRRS 462 Thor: Love and Thunder, Halloween Ends, Barbarian, The Peripheral
You know I said...?, Windows Audio Driver Hell, Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones, Elon Musk Owns Twitter, YouTube Podcasts, Car, Thor: Love and Thunder, Halloween Ends, Barbarian, The Umbrella Academy, For All Mankind, The Peripheral, Andor, Robbie Contrane, Leslie Philips, Captain Preet Chandi
Nov 13, 2022
CRRRRS 461 Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor
Divali, What a Faff, What a Fiasco, What a Faffasco, Tourettik, Sir Arthur Itis, Sir Clanky, Chills, Vax, Space Rock Migraine Part Two, I Still Want to Be Happy, More Specificity, New English Library Herbert Haul, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Andor, Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor, BBC iPlayer Recommendations for Halloween Night: Poltergeist and Halloween
Oct 31, 2022
CRRRRS 460 Doctor Who: Warriors' Gate
The revisit continues!
Oct 30, 2022
CRRRRS 459 Midnight Werewolf Sex Demon Vampire
Space Rock Migraine, Ancestors, Halloween Stock Shortage, Horror Season, Hellraiser, Werewolf by Night, Interview with the Vampire, The Midnight Club, Stable Diffusion Nightmare Images, Shure SM7B: New Old Mic Night, Point of View TGT GeForce 560 Ti: Noisy Graphics Card Banished, Hot Hot Takes, Upcoming Classic Doctor Who, Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor
Oct 11, 2022
CRRRRS 458 A Belated Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday Me, Sick, Back, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Andor, Kermit Rainbow Connection Lego Minifig, KHS Manhattan Flyer Cruiser Bicycle, Google Calendar, Back, Back
Oct 06, 2022
CRRRRS 457 Review, Revisit, Ramble
Welcome to the Only CRRRRS Podcast, Health Check, Hellfire Club T-Shirt, Bad Sport, The Queen's Funeral, Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Prey, Knives Out, The Rhythm Section, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Patient, The Capture, Uploading Tagged WAV files to, Patreon, Why Are Windows Sound Drivers Such a Pain?, I Don't Want to Be Miserable
Sep 21, 2022
CRRRRS 456 The Off Topic One
Welcome to the Third CRRRRS Podcast, D'Artagnan, Crockery Rage and Booze, The Obligatory Occasional Grump About UK Politics, Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani's Unequal Convictions, New Old Computer, Gear Aquisition Syndrome Update, Tool Tip, Palantir Bidding for NHS Contract, Sanas AI's Fake American White Guy, Second Life and Myst Online: Uru Live at Maximum Resolution, Solitaire, All Hail the Cult of Vi!, Salman Rushdie Assasination Attempt, Accentuating the Positive, Kick Back and Chill
Sep 06, 2022
CRRRRS 455 Jurassic World Dominion
I Screwed Another Deadline, Accursed Twofold, Heatwave Clothes, Jurassic World Dominion, The Boys, The Old Man, The Sandman, Resident Evil, Rose Red, House of the Dragon, Black Park, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 02, 2022
CRRRRS 454 Doctor Who: State of Decay
The revisit continues!
Aug 28, 2022
CRRRRS 453 To Infinity and Beyond!
Dream, RIP Bernard Cribbins, David Warner, Nichelle Nichols, and Olivia Newton-John, Lightyear, Altitude, Le Mans '66, Snowfall, ITV Remakes of The Ipcress File, Maigret, Titanic, Doctor Zhivago, etc., PC Buggerations, Online Forums Suck, Social Media Sucks, Dating Apps Suck, Emboitement
Aug 11, 2022
CRRRRS 452 Doctor Who: Full Circle
The revisit continues!
Aug 04, 2022
CRRRRS 451 The Black Phone
Woe, Woe, and Thrice Woe, The Black Phone, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Ms. Marvel, Reading, The Classic Doctor Who Rewatch Continues, Microphones
Jul 24, 2022
CRRRRS 450 RIP Eddie Munson
Dacoit? Hah!, OCD, Break, Sometimes the Red Pill is Just the Red Pill, Cardigan, Moon, The Legend of Luther Arkwright, Moon, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Stranger Things, Westworld, Ms. Marvel, Black Bird, Curious Creatures, Castle Royenstein Irregulars
Jul 16, 2022
CRRRRS 449 Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show 10th Anniversary
10 Years of CRRRRS, Siouxse and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Guitar, Bass, A Guitar Is Merely an Ugly Ukulele, Methuselah, Black, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who 60th Anniversary, The Boys, The Old Man, 10 Years of Podcasting AMA, Rice Crispy Squares, Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, Lemon Cake, Tea, Mikado, Poky, Dingle Dangle Jingle Jangle Hoodie Zip, Terrifying Jumper, Cardigan, 2012 to 2022 Podcast Supercut
Jul 05, 2022
CRRRRS 448 Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive, Meglos
The revisit continues!
Jul 03, 2022
CRRRRS 447 Summer Pestivals
When, Green Bin Shrinkage, The Great UK Hearing Aid Rip Off, Petrol, Wade Versus Roe, Summer Pestivals, The Boys, Was Game of Thrones Good?, Millennium, For All Mankind, A Plentitude of Podcasts
Jul 02, 2022
CRRRRS 446 Zero Days Since Last Accident
Annoying, Deaths, Timber!, Santa Beard, Zero Days Since Last Accident, Where, The Handbook: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Production of Doctor Who, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Lazarus Project, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Sherwood, The King's Man, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Togfest 2022
Jun 25, 2022
CRRRRS 445 Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive
The revisit continues!
Jun 18, 2022
CRRRRS 444 Strelnikov's Train
City, Dream, Scheduling, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Midnight Club, The Sandman, Night Sky, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Ms. Marvel, WWDC, Google Engineer Claims AI Sentient, Mozilla VPN, Remember the BBC Script I Wrote?, The End of the World, Housekeeping
Jun 14, 2022
CRRRRS 443 The Man Who Faceplanted to Earth
Break, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hellraiser, William Gibson, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things, The Boys, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Positivity? Pah!
Jun 07, 2022
CRRRRS 442 Doctor Who: Shada
The revisit continues!
May 29, 2022
CRRRRS 441 Tempus Observat Non Geek
Sorry I'm Late..., Health, Another Death in the Family, Morbius, Firestarter, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Rick and Morty, Gotham, The Antisocials, Paypal's Slight Delay in Payments
May 25, 2022
CRRRRS 440 The Space Ravers
Full Stack Geek Podcast, Proton Pump Inhibitor Withdrawal Progress, Migraineur, Passport, This Is Spinal Tap 2, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Doctor Who's Doctor and Donna, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Based Rock and Roll, Elon Is Doing What Now?, The Minor Facebook Unlock, Podcast Statistics, Google Should Stop Copying Apple Presentations, I'm a Social Network Hypocrite, iPod Dead, Supporters
May 18, 2022
CRRRRS 439 Old Knights of the Falling Moon
Retractions, Pain and Strain, Star Wars Day, Moonfall, Ambulance, Halo, Star Trek: Picard, Moon Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, New Doctor Cast in Doctor Who, The Internet Archive Reliability, The Great Facebook Lockout, Editors!, The Horus Box to be Republished, Brand Identity, Preparing to Be a YouTuber, Tired
May 12, 2022
CRRRRS 438 Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon
The revisit continues!
May 05, 2022
CRRRRS 437 Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden
The revisit continues!
May 04, 2022
Extra Pod, Happy May Day Weekend, Back to the Beginning, Schedule
May 03, 2022
CRRRaSh! 435 Doctor Who: The Creature from the Pit
The revisit continues!
Apr 30, 2022
CRRRaSh! 434 The Batman Swished in Uncharted Places
Spoilers!, I'm Dying Up Here, Hard Work, The Endless, No Exit, The Batman, Uncharted, Moon Knight, Unsubscribing, Video Editing, China
Apr 29, 2022
CRRRaSh! 433 Iain M. Banks Update
Okay, I know I Said..., Update of My 2013 Iain M. Banks Retrospective, FileZilla Slowdown, I Applied for Another Bloody Job, After Aftershow Addendum
Apr 21, 2022
CRRRaSh! 432 Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils
Happy Happy, Worn Out, The Wanting Mare, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Scream, Severance, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Picard, Moon Knight, Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils, Desktop App Updates, Elon Musk, Stats
Apr 19, 2022
CRRRaSh! 431 Archive 81
Transmission Omission, Antlers, Firestarter, The Fear Index, Archive 81, Station Eleven, Lost in Space, Star Trek: Discovery, Rick and Morty, The Sandman, SM58, Hello Again, Old Friends
Mar 30, 2022
CRRRaSh! 430 Roy's Ominous Tower
Cruft, Ukraine, The Responder, Chloe, This is Going to Hurt, My Historic House on Google Maps, Block Google Docs and Google Drive File Shares, Health and Stress, Microphone Choice
Mar 18, 2022
CRRRaSh! 429 Doctor Who: City of Death
The revisit continues!
Feb 27, 2022
CRRRaSh! 428 Beckoned Back to the Tower of Wizardry
I Answer Its Call, Winter Olympics, Excessive Podcast Ad Length, Valentine's Day, Covid-19 Is Not Over, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Z for Zachariah, The Book of Boba Fett, Peacemaker, The Wheel of Time, Geeklife?, Housekeeping, Upcoming Reviews
Feb 14, 2022
CRRRaSh! 427 Nightmare Alley
I'm Sorry, Nightmare Alley, Time Lord Victorious: Daleks!, Star Wars Rey and Finn Romance, The Book of Boba Fett, Moon Knight Accent, Text Editors, Shure SM7B, Future Party, New Year's Resolutions
Feb 07, 2022
CRRRaSh! 426 Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks
The revisit continues!
Jan 31, 2022
CRRRaSh! 425 Eternals
Hypnogogia, My Eye, Eternals, Luther, Trigger Point, I'm Still on the SM58, Your Mic Cable Might be Noisy, Disco
Jan 27, 2022
CRRRaSh! 424 I Wrote a Script for the BBC
Eye, Feet, Head, The Book of Boba Fett, The One, The Expanse, The Tourist, Hidden Assets, DBX 286s, Mic, I Wrote a Script for the BBC, Cider, Haircut
Jan 18, 2022
CRRRaSh! 423 Only in Cinemas
Only in Cinemas, Army of Thieves, B: The Beginning, In Phase XLR-to-TRS Cables, Podcasting Gear Update
Jan 13, 2022
CRRRaSh! 422 The Matrix Resurrections
Special guest, science fiction author Saul Garnell (AKA Doctor Mars) joins me to decode and review The Matrix Resurrections.
Jan 05, 2022
CRRRaSh! 421 Happy New Year
Happy New Year, Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks, Hawkeye, What I Hope for in the Next Doctor, Creaking Tech Dialogue in Movie Scripts, Come on People, Feedback, Please!
Jan 02, 2022
CRRRaSh! 420 Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor
The revisit continues!
Dec 31, 2021
CRRRaSh! 419 Merry Monday
The State of Me, The State of the Pod, Boxing Day, COVID Test, The Matrix Quadrilogy, Hammer House of Horror, Doctor Who Christmas Specials, The Girl Before, BBC iPlayer Roku App, More Upcoming Vintage Doctor Who Talk, What do You Think of Me Recording a Third Pod?
Dec 29, 2021
CRRRaSh! 418 Doctor Who: The Power of Kroll
The revisit continues!
Dec 25, 2021
CRRRaSh! 417 Last Night in Soho
The State of Me, The State of the Pod, Merry Christmas Eve Eve, South Asian Comic Book Superheroes, The Expanse, Cowboy Bebop, Asian Culture Depicted in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Last Night in Soho, RIP Anne Rice, RIP Mike Nesmith, Doctor Death 3D Prints Suicide Booth, Even If You Are Not Asian
Dec 23, 2021
CRRRaSh! 416 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
The State of Me, Greta, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Who: Flux, Hawkeye, Yellowjackets, The Expanse, Keychron K2v2, Christmas Playlist
Dec 17, 2021
CRRRaSh! 415 No Time to Die
Sorry Again, The Car is Back, COVID-19 Booster, Free Guy, The Wanting Mare, Finch, No Time to Die, Dune, Dexter: New Blood, UFO, Angela Black, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Foundation, The Lost Symbol, Gamesmaster, Star Trek: Discovery, Dean Stockwell, Shure SM7B, Shure SM58, Behringer XM8500, Audio-Technica AT875R, Elgato Wave Mic Arm (HR) vs. RODE PSA1 Boom Arm, awk, sed, vi, QBasic, Old Disk Treasure Trove, Lock Picking a Locked Box of Disks, Browsers No Longer Supporting FTP, Digital Preservation, Vim, Busybox, More Backyard Astronomy
Dec 06, 2021
CRRRaSh! 414 Doctor Who: The Androids of Tara
The revisit continues!
Nov 23, 2021
CRRRaSh! 413 Midnight Mass
Spoilers and Trigger Warnings, How Have I Been?, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass
Nov 12, 2021
CRRRaSh! 412 Dune
Nov 11, 2021
CRRRaSh! 411 Doctor Who: The Stones of Blood
The revisit continues!
Nov 10, 2021
CRRRaSh! 410 Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween, In a Wizardly Huff, Tourette's Pickle, The Batman, Succession, Edgar Allan Poe TV Show, New Iron Maiden and ACDC Albums and Tours, Cascade Error Headphone Fun, Show Notes and Blog Posts, Doctor Who Revisit
Nov 01, 2021
CRRRaSh! 409 Sheep Speedrun
The State of Captain Wizard, Ground Wizard, World Mental Health Day, Let's Talk Genocide, Koh-i-Noor: Keep Calm and Give it Back, Be Kind, Captain Kirk in Space!, Needle in a Timestack, Robert Silverberg, Bob Shaw, Halloween Playlist, Dystopia, The Batman, Scream, The Midnight Club, The Expanse, Young Frankenstein, The Night House, The Manor, Halloween Kills, Dymond Software: Roger Dymond and His Lost Games, NetHack, Doom RL, Galaxian, Hexen, Sheep, The Great Dalmuti, Helen Money, Froglord, Mildly Trolling BBC Ouch, Old General Blackblood, Apple Hardware: A Never-Ending Money Pit, My 2021 Email Stats, Roku YouTube App User Error, The End of My Tech Tether, The Doomsday Clock, VLC Disco!
Oct 25, 2021
CRRRaSh! 408 Really Not Quite the First Day of the Month
Third Time Lucky, Laid Back, Relatives, James Whale's Frankenstein, Kraft Cheese, Dentist, My First Uber!, Job, Pinch, Punch, First Day of the Month, Morris Dancing, The Wicker Man, COVID-19 Booster, Pancakes, Fuel, and Other Weird UK Shortages, Mean-Spirited Visa Allocation for Foreign Workers, Wait, Fuel Crisis? What About Electric Cars?, No Cars? What About Electic Bikes?, Theatrical Releases, Candyman, Inferno, In Search of Steve Ditko, Babylon 5 Reboot, Bloodywood's Raj Against the Machine Documentary
Oct 10, 2021
CRRRaSh! 407 Candyman
Birthday, Halloween, Pitr Paksa, UK Energy Crisis: Gas and Petrol, Candyman, Malignant, The Handmaid's Tale, Foundation, The Lost Symbol, SmallRig Smartphone Video Rig 2791, Camera Spirit Level, Video Light Recommendations?, Record Player Spirit Level, Shure SM58 vs. Behringer XM8500 (Again), Booze Trouble
Sep 28, 2021
CRRRaSh! 406 Malignant
The Scheduling Is Still up the Spout, But..., Slender Man, Malignant, RIP Clive Sinclair, Podcasting Noise Pollution
Sep 24, 2021
CRRRaSh! 405 Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet
The revisit continues!
Sep 23, 2021
CRRRaSh! 404 Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation
The revisit continues!
Sep 20, 2021
CRRRaSh! 403 Pony
Pony, The Time Flow is Getting Mixed Up, The Absent-Mindedness of Age, Constipated, Happy Space: 1999 Breakaway Day, Happy Star Trek Day, Back On Schedule, We Summon the Darkness, The Walking Dead, Alan Moore's Novel Writing Career, Alan Moore's The Show, Shang Chi and the Twin Rings Review in October, The Matrix Resurrections Trailer, Star Trek Picard Season 2 Trailer, Lionsgate, Royal Blood Returns, ABBA Returns!, RIP Maria Mendiola of Baccara, ProtonMail Buggered, ISS Buggered, Another Microphone Change, Doctor Who Has Not Been Forgotten
Sep 15, 2021
CRRRaSh! 402 Tropical
Poop Deck, Moonfall, Vigil, Warrior, No Close Encounter with Alan Moore, Why I Love Werewolves, Cinema is Not Dead, Mary Wollstonecraft's Statue, Afghan Folk Singer Murdered, Spock is Wrong?, Hackers Liberate Iranian Prison Abuse Data, Shure SM58, Rode Procaster, dbx 286s, Static Electricity Hurts USB Hubs, How to See Apple Podcast Reviews in Other Countries, The Job Update, The Bloody Captain, Top Hat, Pointy Shoes, I Smell Fantastic, Decompression Chamber
Sep 06, 2021
CRRRaSh! 401 Ooowww!
Afghanistan, Soft Fluffy Blankets, Werewolves Within, Bloodthirsty, The Amityville Moon, Destroyer, Brand New Cherry Flavor, AI and VR Snake Oil, Twitter Log In Problems, No More Show Notes
Aug 30, 2021
CRRRaSh! 400 Chim Chiminey
What Happened?, Afghanistan, Minor Rebrand, Luther Arkwright, The Suicide Squad, Sweet Tooth, What If...?, The Bad Batch, Stranger Things Season 4
Aug 23, 2021
CRRRaSh! 399 The Green Knight
Aug 09, 2021
CRRRaSh! 398 Doctor Who: The Invasion of Time
The revisit continues!
Aug 06, 2021
CRRRaSh! 397 Ladder
Computer Problems, Moustache, Wasps, Halva, Jungle Cruise, The White Lotus, Windows, Ladder, Turmoil, Shout Outs
Aug 04, 2021
CRRRaSh! 396 Heatwave
Heatwave, Freedom Day, Wasps, Car, The Tomorrow War, The Unholy, Black Widow, Infinite, A Quiet Place Part II, Loki, Firefox, Windows 11, Windows 365, Audacity, Job, Social Non-Interactive Media
Jul 24, 2021
CRRRaSh! 395 A Demon to Torment Authors
Freedom Day, Culture? What Culture?, Dentistry Tools, The Horus Box, Grammarly, Missing Opportunities, Such a Long To Do List, Geek Dreams
Jul 17, 2021
CRRRaSh! 394 Doctor Who: Underworld
The revisit continues!
Jul 10, 2021
CRRRaSh! 393 Voyage: Incredible Places Revealed
Again?!, Nick, Vrillon, Alarm System Boxes, Not Everyone's Phone Is Fast, Dentistry Tools, Women's Pockets, No Mask Johnson, Glasses, Voyage: Incredible Places Revealed, Reasons to Be Cheerful
Jul 07, 2021
CRRRaSh! 392 Doctor Who: The Sun Makers
The revisit continues!
Jul 04, 2021
CRRRaSh! 391 9th Year Anniversary Show
Happy 9th Anniversary of CRRRaSh!, Glasses, Alarm, Philly D.A., Loki, Gear Talk, Shure SM7B vs. Shure SM58 vs. Behringer XM8500, Recommendations for Podcasters, RIP John McAfee, Mauritian Food, I'm Still Saying My Name Wrong
Jul 04, 2021
CRRRaSh! 390 Doctor Who: Image of the Fendahl
The revisit continues!
Jun 26, 2021
CRRRaSh! 389 Rave in the Woods
In the Earth, We Are Lady Parts, Job Hunting, Glasses
Jun 22, 2021
CRRRaSh! 388 Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy
The revisit continues!
Jun 18, 2021
CRRRaSh! 387 Nordic Naughtiness
Berenice Marlowe Isn't in This..., Whale Swallows Man, No More Embedded Show Notes, Archive, Loki, Glitch in the Matrix of Gallifrey, Old Friends Reunited, ...Neither Is Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Jun 16, 2021
CRRRaSh! 386 My Uncle Was a Stage Magician Involved in a Magical Feud
Another Second Taping, Han Solo, My Uncle Was a Stage Magician Involved in a Magical Feud, The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil, Vivarium, Riders of Justice, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Cruella, Amazon Will Not Rule the World, Twitter Blue, Arthritis, Bonk, I'm Saying My Name Wrong
Jun 09, 2021
CRRRaSh! 385 Cruel Good
No More Non Review Reviews, Reassuringly Incompetent, World Podcast Statisitics, The Woman in the Window, Cruella, Last Night in Soho, Highlander, Debris, Mr Inbetween, Creepshow, Shure SM7B, Rode PSA1 Boom Arm, Sony MDR-7506, Shure 55SH, Konig and Meyer Table/Floor Microphone Stand, Konig and Meyer Mini Boom Arm, Audio Technica 275 R, Sony PCM M10 Recorder
Jun 03, 2021
CRRRaSh! 384 A Somewhat Auspicious Day for Podding
This is Not Day Three of Three, Happy Towel Day, ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, Moustache, Justified, Second Jab, Army of the Dead, Roku Channel's Paltry Fare, Listener Comments, Sound
May 26, 2021
CRRRaSh! 383 Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock
The revisit continues!
May 25, 2021
CRRRaSh! 382 Stop Eating Me! Argh!
Welcome to Day Two of Three, Nobody, Freaky, Mortal Kombat, Stowaway
May 15, 2021
CRRRaSh! 381 Moist Orbs
Welcome to Day One of Three, May the 4th Be with You, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Stargirl, Invincible, For All Mankind, Most Dangerous Game, The Handmaid's Tale, Jupiter's Legacy, Star Wars Animation, Snowfall, Amazon versus Unions, Trump versus Facebook, Pointing Devices, Blue Light, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, India's Covid Crisis
May 15, 2021
CRRRaSh! 380 Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang
The revisit continues!
May 05, 2021
CRRRaSh! 379 Do You Want to Hear My Impression of Mothra?
I Have Not Been on Holiday, ---He Built a Crooked House, The White Tiger, Godzilla vs. Kong, The Season of Passage, Renfield, Indiana Jones 5, Happily, The Midnight Club, Back to Life, Creepshow, Invincible, Primal, Tales from the Serengeti, eXoDOS, The Great Studio Upgrade
Apr 23, 2021
CRRRaSh! 378 Bummy Tummy
Nothing Serious, But..., The White Tiger, Greenland, The Endless, Raising Dion, A Mother's Son, Trauma, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Apr 07, 2021
CRRRaSh! 377 Wherefore Art Thou Weng?
Happy Holi, RIP George Segal, The Beano, Zack Snyder's Justice League, Wherefore Art Thou Weng?
Mar 29, 2021
CRRRaSh! 376 The Bureaucracy Bureau
I Wasn't Alright, Fantasy Island, The Head Hunter, Bill and Ted Face the Music, A Glitch in the Matrix, Sound of Metal, WandaVision, The Walking Dead, Superman and Lois, For all Mankind, Bloodlands, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Returning Technology, The Old Computer is the New Computer Again, I Bought a Hacking Book, NHS Vaccination and Kafka
Mar 24, 2021
CRRRaSh! 375 Doctor Who: The Robots of Death
The revisit continues!
Mar 16, 2021
CRRRaSh! 374 We Have Lists
Leak, Garages, Lists, My Knightly Quest for Groceries, The Expanse, Heroes, Cheap PC, Mini PC, Netbook, SBC, Laptop, Ryzen, NUC, Windows Development PC, Mp3tag, Kid3, Amvidia Tag Editor, Ubersicht, Google Firing Pretext, Bicycle Cruisers, AmazonBasics, Google Fit
Feb 25, 2021
CRRRaSh! 373 Doctor Who: The Face of Evil
The revisit continues!
Feb 23, 2021
CRRRaSh! 372 The Complexity of a Cascade Error
A Tiny Bit of Repetition, Migraine Update, Car Update, Leak!, Happy Valentine's Day, The Stand, Podcast Migration Fiasco, Big Tech Black Box, Apple Slams Facebook Over Privacy, The Complexity of a Cascade Error, Wikipedia Still Bugs Me,, Total Computer Failure
Feb 15, 2021
CRRRaSh! 371 Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin
The revisit continues!
Feb 13, 2021
CRRRaSh! 370 Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear
The revisit continues!
Feb 09, 2021
CRRRaSh! 369 The Faff of Pod
Bitter Lemon on the Rocks, Underwater, The Watch, Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker, Changing Podcast Host, DBX286S Channel Strip, Shure 55SH Dynamic Microphone, K and M or Gator Frame Works Mini Boom Stand, The War Against PAYG: Virgin and GiffGaff, The War with BT, A Very Belated RIP to Komla Dumor
Jan 27, 2021
CRRRaSh! 368 The End is Nighish
The State of the Pod, Weather, The Great Brexit Rip Off is No Surprise, Trump Out, Record Collecting Update, The End is Nighish, Police National Computer Cock-Up, Vanced and Redpipe, Paywalls, Keeping Suspicious Emails
Jan 22, 2021
CRRRaSh! 367 Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora
The revisit continues!
Jan 20, 2021
CRRRaSh! 366 After Dark
Doctor Who Revisit Rescheduled, Chicken Coup, Collecting, UK Ignores Pzifer's Dosage Instructions, Covid-19 Vaccine is Hindu Friendly, This is the End
Jan 16, 2021
CRRRaSh! 365 Pleather Fetish
The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Midnight Sky, Star Trek: Discovery, Ringworld, IKEA Mammut, Podcasting Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT150, Sony 7506, JVC HA-S160, No Name Foam Earpads, Brainwavz Earpads
Jan 13, 2021
CRRRaSh! 364 Twelve Drummers Drumming
On the twelfth day of Christmas...: Day Twelve, Coronavirus Loneliness, On the Other Hand, Americans!, The Serpent, Jodie Whittaker Rumours, RIP Barbara Shelley, The End
Jan 06, 2021
CRRRaSh! 363 Eleven Pipers Piping
On the eleventh day of Christmas...: I Hope You Are All Well, Day Eleven
Jan 04, 2021
CRRRaSh! 362 Ten Lords A-Leaping
On the tenth day of Christmas...
Jan 03, 2021
CRRRaSh! 361 Nine Ladies Dancing
On the ninth day of Christmas...: Day Nine, Dancing Girls, Blake's 7, Doctor Who's the Master, Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks, Google Amplifier, Normal Schedule, Sound Quality
Jan 02, 2021
CRRRaSh! 360 Eight Maids A-Milking
On the eighth day of Christmas...: Happy New Year's Day, Day Eight
Jan 01, 2021
CRRRaSh! 359 Seven Swans A-Swimming
On the seventh day of Christmas...: Happy New Year's Eve, Day Seven
Dec 31, 2020
CRRRaSh! 358 Six Geese A-Laying
On the sixth day of Christmas...: Cheese, Day Six, Wonder Woman 1984, I Dropped Another Phone in the Toilet
Dec 30, 2020
CRRRaSh! 357 Five Gold Rings
On the fifth day of Christmas...: Day Five, Apple Pie, Wonder Woman 1984
Dec 29, 2020
CRRRaSh! 356 Four Calling Birds
On the fourth day of Christmas...: Happy Holidays, Sick, Day Four, The Sister, Star Trek: Discovery, The Expanse
Dec 28, 2020
CRRRaSh! 355 Three French Hens
On the third day of Christmas...: Happy Holidays, Day Three, Disney Stiffing Authors, RIP Jeremy Bulloch, Robert Rodriguez Strums a Tune for Grogu, Listener Question About Upcoming Doctor Who New Year's Day Special
Dec 27, 2020
CRRRaSh! 354 Two Turtle Doves
On the second day of Christmas...: Happy Boxing Day!, Two Turtle Doves, Star Wars Retold Using Traditional Malaysian Shadow Puppetry, Prince of Persia, Kosmokrats, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek: Discovery, The Flight Attendant, Harper's Island, Windows Froze Again, Why Don't Text Editors Have Autosave?, Why are Audacity's Default Settings so Aggressive?, ActiveState
Dec 26, 2020
CRRRaSh! 353 A Partridge in a Pear Tree
On the first day of Christmas...: Merry Christmas!, A Partridge in a Pear Tree, Cheese, Shopping, Stomach, Dinner, Presents
Dec 25, 2020
CRRRaSh! 352 Detective
Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Hello New Listeners, There Have Been Spillages in My TARDIS/SIDRAT/Vimana, Motherless Brooklyn, The Kid Detective, Tenet, The Expanse Season Five, The Mandalorian Season Two Finale, Warner Bros. Simultaneous Film Releases at Cinemas and on HBO Max, Disney+'s Insane Announcements, Amazon's Climate Pledge, The Twelve Days of Christmas
Dec 24, 2020
CRRRaSh! 351 Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom
The revisit continues!
Dec 23, 2020
CRRRaSh! 350 Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius
The revisit continues!
Dec 18, 2020
CRRRaSh! 349 386
The State of the Pod, RIP John le Carre, RIP Barbara Windsor, Small Axe: Alex Wheatle, The Sister, The Visitor, Doctor Zhivago, Anna Karenina, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Lamy Z50 Extra Fine Fountain Pen Nib in Black Stainless Steel, Google Pulling the Rug... Again, Retro Computing with an AMD 386DX 40 MHz PC
Dec 16, 2020
CRRRaSh! 348 Chair
The State of the Pod, Small Axe: Red, White and Blue and Alex Wheatle, The Flight Attendant, The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Discovery, eBay, IKEA Desk Chair Excavation, Commodore 64, The C64, Commodore 65, Commodore 128
Dec 11, 2020
CRRRaSh! 347 Doctor Who: The Android Invasion
The revisit continues!
Dec 09, 2020
CRRRaSh! 346 Refrain
The State of the Pod, Only Use Established News Sources, Why Should You Listen to Me? Covid-19 UK Update, RIP Ben Bova, RIP David Prowse, His Dark Materials, Industry, Electronic Voting, Dog Training for Robots, Kokoon Sleep Headphones, Flac Versus WavPack, Windows 1.0, NASDAQ to Require Diversity, An Unproductive Year
Dec 04, 2020
CRRRaSh! 345 Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars
The revisit continues!
Dec 02, 2020
CRRRaSh! 344 Ephemeral
Weather, Migraine, Diwali Lamps Outside Number 11 Downing Street, Birds of Prey and the Atavistic Apeman Brain, Laddu, Pumpkin pie, Crab Apples, Camel Milk, Cheese-on-toast, Black Jacks, Dangerous Visions, A Simple Favour, Star Trek: Discovery, Cardinal, Queen's Gambit, Small Axe: Mangrove, Black Lives Are Critical Dungeons and Dragons Dice, PS5 Tube Stations, Aragorn vs. Fascists, Blowback, Intel Pentium 100 MHz CPU from the 1990s, Windows Freezes, Tabiger Soldering Kit, Fancy Custom Keycaps, youtube-dl Reinstated, 3D Dungeons and Dragons Monsters, Amazon Flex, Amazon's Abebooks, Amazon Pharmacy, Amazon Spies, Vaccine by Christmas?!
Nov 25, 2020
CRRRaSh! 343 Doctor Who: Planet of Evil
The revisit continues!
Nov 24, 2020
CRRRaSh! 342 Zillionth Update
Nightmare, Well Done Americans, The Great Rebranding, Happy Friday the 13th Pamela Voorhees, Star Trek: Discovery, Pat Mills's Spacewarp, Apple M1, Pi 400, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Amazon Basics USB Hubs are Pants, USB and Bluetooth are Pants, The Horus Box: Zillionth Update
Nov 13, 2020
CRRRaSh! 341 Tourette's Syndrome Tic Supercut
Some time ago I said I might make a supercut of all my Tourette's syndrome vocal tics that I usually cut while editing episodes of this podcast. Here it is.
Nov 10, 2020
CRRRaSh! 340 Scream, Scream, Scream, Scream
The State of the Pod, The Lockdown Part Deux, Worshiping the Dark Lord, Fred Perry T-Shirts, Hello Americans, The Uninvited, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, Lovecraft Country, Star Trek: Discovery, The Mandalorian, Despair Porn and The Hitler Channel, RIP Sean Connery, Sorting Out a Million Photos, Hearing Aids, Electric Vans: Nissan e-NV200 Combi, LEVC VN5, Morris JE, Happy Halloween and Impending Divali
Nov 08, 2020
CRRRaSh! 339 Movies and Games Release Schedules
The State of the Pod, New York Comic Con, Possessor, Books of Blood, New Release Dates for Geek Movies, My Halloween Video Playlist, Time Lord Victorious: Daleks! Helstrom, The Walking Dead, Invincible, Raised by Wolves, The Boys, Oxford University Podcasts: Fantasy Literature, Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Audacity: Reduce Peaks to Boost Overall Volume, PIA VPN, bug.n, WindowGrid, awesome, GoboLinux, Wear a Mask, AntennaPod Downgrade, iPhone 12, MS Excel Mistake, NHS Track and Trace App, YouTube Tech Projects, Do You Want a Newsletter? Cousin Raj, Lost Friends
Oct 20, 2020
CRRRaSh! 338 Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons
The revisit continues!
Oct 14, 2020
CRRRaSh! 337 The Show Must Go On
Lightweight Throwing Towel Not Thrown, New Reading Specs and Specsavers, UK Covid-19 Update, Cineworld Temporary Closure, Lovecraft Country, Time Bandits, The Social Dilemma, HeroQuest Reissue, Amazon Flex Motor Insurance for Couriers, Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones, JVC HA-S160 Headphones, Podcast Sound Quality Update, Do You Really Need a Microphone Preamp? REAPER, Windows 7 Updates, How to Survive as a Creative, Nib Nebula
Oct 09, 2020
CRRRaSh! 336 Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons
The revisit continues!
Oct 09, 2020
CRRRaSh! 335 The Second Taping
Still Here, Fast Food, Humane Spider Trap, Dune,, Amazon Flex, Skype Credit Ripoff, TikTok, I Have a Bike, Car Reversing Sensor, Moon Rust, Podcasting Audio Quality, Ukulele Hospital, Octave Guitar Pedal, Paperback Version of The Horus Box (My Novel), The Writing, the Show, the Whole Creative Thing
Sep 23, 2020
CRRRaSh! 334 Behold, I am the Beholder
Insurance Renewal, Death, Too Much Eyeball, Apologies to Cornwall, Cornish Splits, Scones, Cream Tea, American Biscuits, Project Power, Lovecraft Country, Harper's Island, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Lower Decks, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Animated X-Files, Raised by Wolves, The Artificial People (And Why Google Sucks), The Mandalorian, Smartphone Astronomy, Sky Map, Professional Smartphone Camera App, Banjo Pickup Hack, Email Dead? Naughty Podcasters, Have a Go, My People!
Sep 10, 2020
CRRRaSh! 333 A Fat Man Thing
Negativity, Cream Tea, The Lost Boys, Tenet, Chadwick Boseman, Apple vs. Epic, Roku YouTube App Problems Continue, Podcasting Gear, Old School Transistor Radio, We Nearly Had a Commodore 64 SID Guitar Pedal, Ko-fi, VLC, Getting Back into Graphic Design, Discord Chat
Sep 01, 2020
CRRRaSh! 332 Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen
The revisit continues!
Aug 29, 2020
CRRRaSh! 331 A Very Localised Tornado
A Very Localised Tornado, Bearded, Geekly Activity, The Slide, Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years, Problems with Emulators, RetroPie, Lakka, Retro Hardware, Discord Chat, Support Me, Stats
Aug 25, 2020
CRRRaSh! 330 Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks
The revisit continues!
Aug 21, 2020
CRRRaSh! 329 Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment
The revisit continues!
Aug 18, 2020
CRRRaSh! 328 Blackberry Preserve
The State of Me, I Made Blackberry Preserve, Bad Haircut, The Umbrella Academy, Homeland, The Deceived, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant to Star in Doctor Who Audio Drama, Monopoly Big Tech Special Edition Board Game, Has Anybody Seen My Girl? (Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue), Best of Bond James Bond 50th Anniversary Collection, Mauritius Oil Spill, Roku YouTube App Suddenly Terrible, Custom Duck Duck Go Website Search, Microsoft Might Acquire TikTok, A-Level Algorithm Chaos, Heat, Cold Food, and Motivation
Aug 14, 2020
CRRRaSh! 327 Doctor Who: The Ark in Space
The revisit continues!
Aug 12, 2020
CRRRaSh! 326 Stick That Up Your Wizarding Robes
Hot Again, The Light Fantastic, Snowfall, Greyhound, Shirley, Rockfield, I May Destroy You, Dectorists, Torchwood, Stargirl, Star Trek: Lower Decks, The Expanse, Comic-Con@Home, Tweetdeck, Show Notes Update, BLM Changing Tech Culture for the Better, Amazon's Response to Nazi Products, Diversity and Representation in Genre, New Old Theme Music, Doctor Who Marathon Continues Next Time
Aug 01, 2020
CRRRaSh! 325 Esc
The Last Virus Diary Entry, More Shows for the Wrong Reasons, The Old Guard, Avenue 5, Brave New World, Storyville: Inside the Lehman Brothers, Tiananmen: The People Versus the Party, United Skates, and The Trial of Ratko Mladic, Once Upon a Time in Iraq, Panorama: Britain's Cancer Crisis
Jul 24, 2020
CRRRaSh! 324 Doctor Who: Robot
The revisit continues!
Jul 24, 2020
CRRRaSh! 323 8 Years
8 Years, Virus Diary, Oven, Odeon to Repoen, You Should Have Left, I Am the Night, PPE, Vivaldi, K-Meleon, Behringer V-Tone Acoustic ADI21, L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI, Backup Week, Starlink, UK Ditches Huawei 5G, New Doctor Who Leisurely Rewatch, Tipsy
Jul 15, 2020
CRRRaSh! 322 Hot
Virus Diary, The Vast of Night, 7500, The Invisible Man, Da 5 Bloods, Into the Night, Stargirl, Plex, MS DLNA, and Networked Media Streaming is Crap, Sgeyr 4K HDMI Switcher, Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones Redux, Diplomat Traveller, Kaweco Sport, Lamy Safari 2020 Special Edition Candy Fountain Pens, Diamine Sapphire Blue, Herbin Rose Cyclamen, Herbin Lierre Sauvage, Blue Parker Quink, Black Parker Quink, Montblanc Mystery Black
Jun 25, 2020
CRRRaSh! 321 Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders
The revisit continues!
Jun 25, 2020
CRRRaSh! 320 Doctor Who: The Monster of Peladon
The revisit continues!
Jun 21, 2020
CRRRaSh! 319 HackinPi
Virus Diary, Job Hunting, Myst Online: Uru Live, Celestia, Nethack, Flare: Empyrean Campaign, Diablo, Black Annex, WWDC, Contacting the ISS, QB64
Jun 19, 2020
CRRRaSh! 318 Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks
The revisit continues!
Jun 19, 2020
CRRRaSh! 317 Out of Order
Out of Order, Virus Diary, Blackout Tuesday, Days of the Bagnold Summer, Black Metal, The Death-Ray, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Popcornflix, Video Reconstruction of George Floyd's Murder, Harassment of Journalists
Jun 10, 2020
CRRRaSh! 316 Louche Adventurer
Virus Diary, Snowfall, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Maleficient: Mistress of Evil, Color Out of Space, The Report, Proximity, Snowfall, Westworld, Upload, Bancroft, The End of the F***ing World, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Repairing Your Own Stuff, Tradesmen and Covid-19, Coil Whines and Ground Loops, Twitter vs Twuffer, Trump vs. Twitter, Argos Product Range and UI, Attending Press Events
Jun 02, 2020
CRRRaSh! 315 Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs
The revisit continues! (Addendum)
Jun 01, 2020
CRRRaSh! 314 Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs
The revisit continues!
May 31, 2020
CRRRaSh! 313 Otzi Made Me Less of a Git
Virus Diary, Doctor Who: Fugitive of the Judoon, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker DVD, Star Wars Day, Amazon Spying on Third Party Sellers, DVD Cloning, DVDFab 11, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, DVDSmith Movie Backup, Sega Mega Drive Mini, Swapping Mobile Networks, Otzi Made Me Less of a Git
May 12, 2020
CRRRaSh! 312 Virtual Pub
Dry, Virus Diary, The Lovely Bones, Persepolis, The Code, The Secret Daughter, The Fog, Devs, Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, Proper HTML? Pah! Snappy Driver Installer Origin, Back to Windows 7, Notepad2-mod, Musical Clangers, New Virus Podcasts
Apr 22, 2020
CRRRaSh! 311 Chicken Feet
This week: Perceptron, Crusty Eyed Monster, Virus Diary, My Fictional 1980s Office, Dragonslayer, Batwoman, Tales from the Loop, and Lockdown Hobbies.
Apr 16, 2020
CRRRaSh! 310 Virus Diary
What's it like in the UK?, Also: Drag Me to Hell, Sauerbraten 2, and did you know the Huawei Honor 9 Lite and Nokia 6.1 Plus are terrible squirrel snappers? I thought not.
Apr 08, 2020
CRRRaSh! 309 The Usual Geek Hangout
Star Trek: Picard, Amazing Stories.
Apr 03, 2020
CRRRaSh! 308 Doctor Who: The Time Warrior
The revisit continues!
Apr 02, 2020
CRRRaSh! 307 Virus Diary Extra
What's it like in the UK?
Mar 31, 2020
CRRRaSh! 306 Virus Diary
What's it like in the UK?
Mar 30, 2020
CRRRaSh! 305 Geekly Weekly
The Outside, Devs, Westworld, Until Next Time
Mar 24, 2020
CRRRaSh! 304 Virus Diary Extra
What's it like in the UK?
Mar 23, 2020
CRRRaSh! 303 Virus Diary
What's it like in the UK?
Mar 22, 2020
CRRRaSh! 302 Virus Diary
What's it like in the UK?
Mar 21, 2020
CRRRaSh! 301 1980s Sword and Sorcery Movies
Still Here!, This Week, Black Angel, Hawk the Slayer, Dragonslayer, Excalibur, Conan the Barbarian, The Sword and the Sorcerer, The Beastmaster, Fire and Ice, Deathstalker, Krull, Willow, Roku Express, Giant Aside: Neo Sword and Sorcery, Other Sword and Sorcery Movies, The 301st Episode, Recording Chaos!, Coronapocalypse
Mar 10, 2020
CRRRaSh! 300 The 300th Episode
The Infinite Pod, The Infinite Moan, Blessed Relief from Valentine's Day, The Goldfinch, Star Trek: Picard, Snowfall, Locke and Key, RIP Kirk Douglas, UK Recycling... What Recycling?, Drawing Cartoons: A complete guide to cartoons, caricatures, comics and animated cartoons, Nerdlings, Storm Ciara Was a Big Storm!
Feb 14, 2020
CRRRaSh! 299 Doctor Who: The Green Death
The revisit continues!
Feb 05, 2020
CRRRaSh! 298 Re-Resumed
1917, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Terminator: Genisys, Terminator: Dark Fate, Doctor Sleep, You, Lost in Space, Messiah, The Outsider, Deadwinter Fell, Psychiatric Tales, Beyerdynamic DT100, DT150, DT770 Pro, and JVC HA-S160 Headphones, How Popular Is Your Podcast?, The Green Girl
Jan 18, 2020
CRRRaSh! 297 Abnormal Service Has Resumed
Post-Holiday Analysis, Caffeinated Beverages, New Year's Resolutions, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Limehouse Golem, Inspiration, Ghost Story, Mr. Robot, The Mandalorian, Doctor Who: Spyfall, Dracula, Christmas Presents Spreadsheet, Handwriting
Jan 04, 2020
CRRRaSh! 296 Best Movies of the Decade
Inception, Arrival, Mad Max: Fury Road, Maleficent, A Monster Calls, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, The Babadook, Black Swan, Get Out, The Artist, Nightcrawler, Red Hill
Dec 31, 2019
CRRRaSh! 295 2019 Christmas Special
Merry Christmas, Christmas Cards, Christmas Presents, Christmas Dinner, His Dark Materials, Click and Collect, A Christmas Carol, Christmas Technological Catastrophes, Christmas Messages
Dec 25, 2019
CRRRaSh! 294 Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks
The revisit continues.
Dec 24, 2019
CRRRaSh! 293 Radio Silence
Happy Nearly Christmas, Radio Silence, Missed, The Dead Center, Freaks, Nancy Drew, Rick and Morty, Secret City, Black Hole Follow Up
Dec 23, 2019
CRRRaSh! 292 Captain Kidd
Captain Klaes Ashford, The Expanse, Captain Kidd Song, Captain Kidd Action Figure, BT Infinity Final Update, Apple MacBook Pro 16, Apple Pricing, MacOS Catalina, Windows 7 64 Bit Freezes, Personal Technological Chaos, PATA IDE or USB Flash Drives for Booting MS-DOS, Larry Page and Sergey Brin do a Runner, Giant Black Hole, Solo Podcasting Tips, Physical Media Preservation
Dec 17, 2019
CRRRaSh! 291 Bed
Happy the Friday 13th, Bed, Deaths, Births, Lake Mungo, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Ready or Not, Maps to the Stars, The Morning Show, Killing Eve, The Mandalorian, The Expanse, Mr. Robot, The Jungle Prince
Dec 14, 2019
CRRRaSh! 290 Doctor Who: Frontier in Space
The rewatch continues.
Dec 04, 2019
CRRRaSh! 289 Copywrong
Delays to the Show, Changes to the Show, BT Internet Saga, Black Friday, Things to Look Forward To: Picard, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars I to VII 4K on DisneyPlus, Spoilers, Hypocritical Me: His Dark Materials, Watchmen, The Walking Dead, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Gotham, Legion, For all Mankind, War of the Worlds, The Mandalorian, In the Tall Grass, Gemini Man, Ocean's 8, Copyright Crisis, I'm Writing Again
Nov 28, 2019
CRRRaSh! 288 It Definitely Did Not Take the Biscuit
No Fireworks, Remembrance Sunday, Dublin Murders, Creepshow, For All Mankind, See, Le Guerre Du Mondes, Haji/Giri, His Dark Materials, The King, Google Charging for Storage, Too Many Different Streaming Services? Feed Tidying, YouTube Copyright Strikes, Cartooning
Nov 11, 2019
CRRRaSh! 287 Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters
The rewatch continues.
Nov 07, 2019
CRRRaSh! 286 Happy Halloween
Happy Spidery, Creaky, and Groany Halloween, Nice New Pen, Joker
Oct 31, 2019
CRRRaSh! 285 Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali, Rainy London, In the Shadow of the Moon, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Mr. Robot, The Art of Self Defence, Watchmen, Clocks Go Back
Oct 28, 2019
CRRRaSh! 284 The Future Is Actually Out There
Hello, Sick, Flu Shot, Justin Trudeau in Blackface, Naga Munchetty Exonerated, Crawl, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Ad Astra, High Life, DUST Sci-Fi Movies, Evil, The Capture, Jonathon Creek, David Cameron on Freakonomics 392, RIP Ginger Baker, Science's Occcasional Lack of Public Engagement, Edward Snowden Sued, Richard Stallman Resigns, The Horus Box Post-Publishing Update
Oct 11, 2019
CRRRaSh! 283 The Horus Box
All about publishing my adventure thriller novel, The Horus Box. Oh, and today is my birthday.
Sep 26, 2019
CRRRaSh! 282 Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
The rewatch continues.
Sep 14, 2019
CRRRaSh! 281 Life Is a Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Why It's Good that this Thing Exists, Movie Chat?, Coffee, Too Old to Die Young, Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Show, Rogue One Prequel, The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Ad Astra, Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future, BT Infinity Update 3, Next Time...
Aug 31, 2019
CRRRaSh! 280 Why Fi?
It's Been One of Those..., Splendid Days, Dead Undead, The Handmaid's Tale, Mindhunter, Alan Moore Retires, Metallica's One, BT Infinity Update 2, Does Your Phone Have Dual Band WiFi? Amazon Satellites, The Making of Red Dwarf and Scripts
Aug 27, 2019
CRRRaSh! 279 To Infinity?!
The Show Is Still the Show, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Years and Years, Fosse/Verdon, The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, BT Infinity Update 1, Roku Streaming Stick+, Moronic Camera Guy at Jessops, Imprint Names
Aug 11, 2019
CRRRaSh! 278 Stranger Things and Other Things
Hey Geeks! Get Out More, Stranger Things Season 3, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Veronica Mars, Terminator: Dark Fate, Star Trek: Picard, Harry Potter Rewatch, Inspector Morse Rewatch, The Boys, RIP Rutger Hauer, BT Infinity: I'm Sort of Getting Fibre, Turn It Off! 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, Humongous NASA Media Dump, Iceland's Revolting Vegetarian Fish Fingers, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, Caramel Baritone Electro Acoustic Ukulele Problems Update, Dreaming Stories
Aug 02, 2019
CRRRaSh! 277 Doctor Who: The Time Monster
The rewatch continues.
Jul 29, 2019
CRRRaSh! 276 Holding Pattern
Holding Pattern, Muggy Weather, Brexit, NHS, Jett, Legion, The Boys, New Look Twitter, Prime Day, Smart CIty RObotic Challenge, Mad Cow Disease: The Great British Beef Scandal, Horizon: The Honest Supermarket: What's Really in Our Food? Caramel Brand Cheap Baritone Ukulele Review Part 2, Photoshopping My Novel's Cover, Crisps
Jul 19, 2019
CRRRaSh! 275 Doctor Who: The Mutants
I correct some errors and omissions in 274 and take you on a little walk around London.
Jul 04, 2019
CRRRaSh! 274 Doctor Who: The Mutants
The rewatch continues.
Jul 01, 2019
CRRRaSh! 273 Doctor Who: The Sea Devils
The rewatch continues.
Jun 30, 2019
CRRRaSh! 272 Temple of When
Mostly Nerd Life, Kojak, Chicken Like a Head, Every Spare Moment Gardening, The Appointment, Dad's Ship, Pennyworth, Legends, The Three Musketeers, Temple of Doom, Pet Sematary, Nitin Sawney, Ray Garton, Final Crisis, Chewy and Solid Sweet Reversal and Manufactured Outrage, Paterson's Revolting Shortbread, Disregard My Previous Glasses Cleaning Tip! Caramel Brand Cheap Baritone Ukulele Review, Doctor Who Overload Imminent
Jun 29, 2019
CRRRaSh! 271 Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon
The rewatch continues.
Jun 24, 2019
CRRRaSh! 270 Rage Delete
Head Cold, Tea Tree Oil Update, Delayed Medical Thingy, Rage Delete, The Handmaid's Tale, Chernobyl, Swamp Thing, I Cleaned! Dead Mouse, Plain Text isn't Plain Text, WWDC, E3, Amazon, Sega Mega Drive Mini
Jun 16, 2019
CRRRaSh! 269 Kerr Avon is Dead
CRRRaSh Podcast News, Humans are Basically Ents, Welcome to this Week's Big Mess of Nerd, Paul Darrow Passes Away, Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Hard Road, Drax the Destroyer's Crazy, Crazy Backstory, The Last Watch, The Lord of the Rings TV Show, Swamp Thing, Good Omens, NOS4A2, Brightburn's Totally Muffed UK Release, GCHQ Sounding Out Access to Encrypted Chat Again, BBC Africa Eye Tracks Down Cameroon Murderers, Windows 7 End of Life
Jun 05, 2019
CRRRaSh! 268 Jeff Bezos, You Suck
Jeff Bezos, You Suck: Amazon to Sell Facial Recognition Software to US Cops, Continues Not to Care About the Planet, its Workers, or Selling Racist Products, Medical Mishaps, European Elections, Brightburn's Stupid Release Schedule, John Wick 3, John Wick 4, Benioff and Weiss Star Wars, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Vanity Fair Photo Shoot, Knights of the Old Republic Movie, Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie, Indiana Jones Begins and Ends with Harrison Ford, Akira Live Action Movie, Killing Eve Season 2, His Dark Materials, Good Omens, The Big Bang Theory Finale, Swamp Thing, Star Trek Picard Teaser Trailer, New Game of Thrones Novels: Winds of Winter, A Dream of Spring, Moonshadow, Suzanne Ciani, Shakespeare's Sister, Strawberry Switchblade, The Verve, Frightfest, Huawei Banned from Android and ARM and Intel and Qualcomm and Micron, Another Tesla Car Crash, Julian Assange Charged on 17 Counts, Giant Gold Nugget Found, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini, The C64, Screencasting and Editing with Flashback Express, OBS, and OpenShot, Self-Compressing and Normalising Your Own Voice for Podcasting, How's Your Geekly Early Summer Going?
May 27, 2019
CRRRaSh! 267 Game of Thrones Finale: The Iron Throne
Let's talk about the finale of Game of Thrones. Oh, and there are just so many spoilers.
May 21, 2019
CRRRaSh! 266 Return of the Rambles
Top of the Show Rambles, Safety Boot Dance, Exhausted, Avengers: Endgame, John Wick 2, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Batman, Outage from Hell, Tech Update from Mum About Her New Nokia 6.1 Plus, Computer Shopper, Patreon?
May 20, 2019
CRRRaSh! 265 Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks
The rewatch continues.
May 19, 2019
CRRRaSh! 264 Penultimate Game of Thrones
Everything in Game of Thrones, up to and including The Bells. Spoilers.
May 14, 2019
CRRRaSh! 263 Smarty Pants
Origin, StarTripper!!, Horrible Motion Smoothing, Familial Tech Support, Continuing Amazon Saga
May 12, 2019
CRRRaSh! 262 Star Wars Cornettos
Normal Service Has Resumed, Game of Thrones, The Good Fight, The 410, Star Wars Day Movies, Escape Room, Captain Marvel, Shazam!, Hellraiser and Candyman Remakes, Brightburn Trailer, Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer, Alex + Ada Vol. 1, Bloody Mary, Mum Got a Nokia 6.1 Plus, Favourite Writing Tools? Creative Shout Outs, Coming Soon
May 11, 2019
CRRRaSh! 261 Neo-Nazi Merch Still for Sale on Amazon UK
Hey, Jeff Bezos, why is Amazon still selling Neo-Nazi merch?
May 10, 2019
CRRRaSh! 260 Bitter Lemon
Sick, Notre Dame Rebuild Cost, Climate Change: The Facts, Our Planet, Extinction Rebellion Continues, Favourite and Least Favourite Podcasts, Sri Lanka Social Media Blackout, Neo-Nazi Garbage Still for Sale on Amazon, Everything Doesn't Orbit Everything, Overly Conservative Take on Zombie Brains, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Doctor Who 1972
Apr 28, 2019
CRRRaSh! 259 Zombie Brains!
Errors and Omissions, and the Usual Geek Natter, Notre Dame Fire, Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Finale, Latest Video Acquisitions, Poundstore?, That UK Porn Block Thingy Again, Walk Wiped Me Out, But Google Fit Didn't Count My Steps, Ofo Bicycles, Not Yet Recycled Symbol, Extinction Rebellion, Moreno Lobster, BT Public WiFi Kiosks Censorship, Bubble Boy Cure, Zombie Brains!, Joseph Campbell, I Have Been Podcasting a Lot, Luminary Paywall, I Found a New Cupboard, My Dad Is Wearing My Clash T-Shirt
Apr 20, 2019
CRRRaSh! 258 Game of Thrones Season 8 Premier Special
I talk about the final season of Game of Thrones. Spoilers.
Apr 17, 2019
CRRRaSh! 257 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian Trailers
Last time, I was so excited that I forgot to actually talk about what happened in the trailer. Sorry about that. In this episode, I rectify that mistake by expanding my thoughts about the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer. I also do the same for The Mandalorian trailer.
Apr 16, 2019
CRRRaSh! 256 Blu-ray Roy
Episode Title?, Reiteration of What This Show is About, Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars Celebration, Bauhaus and Kandinsky, The Boy, The New Walking Dead Spin Off, Bloody Mary, Julian Assange Arrested, The First Ever Supermassive Black Hole Image, Google Wing, Paywall Hopping with the Tor Browser, The Hidden UI, What's Wrong with Anthropomorphising Technology?, I Bought a Blu-ray Player, Windows XP for POS Systems Dead and Buried, The Levelator on Standby, Upcoming TV Chats
Apr 13, 2019
CRRRaSh! 255 Cheese Rage
Veggie Burgers That Bleed, Cheese Rage, Ear Hair, The Blade Runner Movies Are Fiction, But Slavery Still Exists, Free Philip K. Dick Books, EU Articles 11 and 13... Uh?, Social Networks Broken, Apple's Boot Camp Broken, Skype Broken, Pornpass, I Tried to Promote My Show, Upcoming Book Chats
Apr 08, 2019
CRRRaSh! 254 Joker
My thoughts on the upcoming Joker movie.
Apr 06, 2019
CRRRaSh! 253 The Twilight Zone
In this episode, I talk about the rebooted The Twilight Zone.
Apr 06, 2019
CRRRaSh! 252 Us
I talk about Jordan Peele's latest horror film Us. Some minor spoilers.
Apr 01, 2019
CRRRaSh! 251 A Monkey Would Die In Here
Welcome to Summer Time and Happy Mothers Day, The B Word, Random Ramble Around the Studio, Errors and Omissions: Bok the Prancing Gargoyle and Tudor Diversity, What's in My Sweet Box? What's in My Toy Box? What's in My Browser Tabs? Angelina Jolie in Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Marvel's The Eternals, DOS-O-Palooza, Don't Use exFAT! How to install FreeDOS on a USB Thumb Drive, FreeDOS, 23 Years of FreeDOS eBook, Every Damn DOS You can Think Of, DOS Drivers for HP Thin Clients With VIA Boards, Gary Kildall (Digital Research and CP/M Guy), Gary Kildall Video Special, Gary Kildall's Unpublished Autobiography, Sega Mega Drive Mini, Reddit is Pants for Creators, It's Sweet Time!
Apr 01, 2019
CRRRaSh! 250 Doctor Who: The Daemons

Show notes at
Mar 26, 2019
CRRRaSh! 249 The 4 Minute Party
The Great Rummaging, Happy Holi, New TV, Dick Dale Dies, Nigel Terry Died... a While Ago, David Bailey's Enormous Tome, American Gods Season 2, The OA Season 2, For All Mankind, First Man, Apollo 11, Going SSL is More Complicated Than You Think, Tudor England Wasn't Quite That White, OpenElec and Kore, Google Inbox, Google Stadia, The 4 Minute Party
Mar 26, 2019
CRRRaSh! 248 Doctor Who: Colony in Space
Doctor Who: Colony in Space
Mar 19, 2019
CRRRaSh! 247 Less Grim More Grin (Not Gin!)
Happy St Patrick's Day, Less Grim More Grin (Not Gin!), Less Tweets from the Captain, What Happened to the Audio Stings? The Scarlet Gospels Ghostwritten?! The Great and Secret Show, Coldheart Canyon, Pre-Messed Stephen King's The Stand, Joel Andrianomearisoa Exhibiting for Madagascar at Venice Biennale, Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash, Facebook, Apple, and Google Down, Happy Birthday World Wide Web, The Captain's Recommendations for the Upcoming Sega Mega Drive Mini, I'm Nearly Finished Buying Music Gear, Futureproofing Your Webpages, Anchor Podcasting? Audacity Suddenly Quiet? I've Been Writing More Horror Fiction, Greggs's Vegan Sausage Roll, Fresh Cream Apple Turnover, Low Alcohol Ciders
Mar 17, 2019
CRRRaSh! 246 Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos

Show notes at
Mar 16, 2019
CRRRaSh! 245 The Worst Things About This Podcast
The Worst Things About this Podcast, Totally Off Topic Editorial About Dead Babies, Other Things That Annoy Listeners? Leaving Neverland, Happy Death Day 2U, Magenta Devine, Jan-Michael Vincent, SpaceX Dragon Docks with ISS, Paul Le Roux, Aviar R67 Electric Muscle Car, a Smidgen about Tesla's New Model 3, and Bugger all about Geneva Motor Show, Chrome Music Lab, Metal Lord Font, Horror Fonts, Podcast Production Metadata Pro Tip, Windy Weather Talk
Mar 11, 2019
CRRRaSh! 244 Teatime in Toytown
The Screen, The Bits, The Twits, The Walking Dead, Curfew, My Sister the Serial Killer, Keith Flint, Luke Perry, Andy Anderson, Deaths Outside Our Bubble, Game of Thrones, Possible Cure for HIV? Facebook Two Factor Abuse, Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi, Rosetta Code, Make Cheap Keyboard Synth Sound Awesome, drumbit, America's Secret Cold War Space Programme: The Manned Orbiting Laboratory, Toytown Techno
Mar 07, 2019
CRRRaSh! 243 Loot!
Nose Juice!, I Plugged My Drum Machine into a Guitar Amp, New moon of Jupiter, Hippocamp, Discovered, Insomnia Induced The Night Stalker Rewatch, Hayabusa2 Lands on Ryuga, Opportunity Rover Takes the Longest Nap, Twitter Makes Top Tweets Float to the Top, Wallace's Giant Bee, RIP Peter Tork, Samsung Fold, Huawei Mate X, Moto Razr, Podcast Chaos!, Willis Hall's Henry Hollins and the Dinosaur, Iceland Allows Annual Hunt of 2000 Whales, Why isn't Richard Gere in Sci-Fi?, UK's Kiran Shah is the Ewok Actor You Don't Know, Rami Malek Gets Well Deserved Oscar, UN Advises UK to Return Diego Garcia to Chagossians, Facebook's Cognizant Staffed Moderator Hell Hole, Uighur Crisis: Thermo Fisher Stops Selling DNA Equipment to China, I Finally Do This Podcast, Kolchak: The Night Stalker Rewatch, The Weird of Seabury Quinn, The Lord of the Rings, UK Museums Ducking Issue of Looted Booty, RIP Kissing Sailor, Remember Spacehog?, RPi Store, Powering Guitar Pedals with a USB Battery Pack, Social Exhaustion Affects Everybody, Night Owls and Larks Re-Revisited, Child Psychopathy, The Sun!
Feb 27, 2019
CRRRaSh! 242 The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy.,
Feb 22, 2019
CRRRaSh! 241 Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil

Show notes at
Feb 19, 2019
CRRRaSh! 240 The Captain's Invisible Musical Coat
Extra Shows, Late Breaking Amazon Cancels New York HQ2, Sterilise Neti Pots! Insurance Industry Ready to Make a Killing with Drone Insurance Policies, What Happened to Google X Labs Smart Contact Lenses Announced in 2014? And What Happened to Bluetooth Enabled Smart Dental Implants? Wear Shoes if You Work from Home, Royal Mail's Not So Special Delivery, The Musical Tech Interlude: Roland Street Cube, Orange Micro Crush PiX 3, Marshall MS4 Micro Stack, Behringer ADI21 V-Tone Acoustic Preamp, L.R. Baggs Para DI, L.R. Baggs Gig Pro, Boss AD-2, Headway EDM-1, Star Trek Engineers Continue to Suck, Valley of the Boom, Halt and Catch Fire, The ABC Murders, RIP Albert Finney, Piercing, Sphere.
Feb 16, 2019
CRRRaSh! 239 Happy Valentine's Day?
On today's show: Extra Moaning: Horrible Ron Burgundy Podcast Ads, Idiotic Twitter Promoted Ads for Political Propaganda and the Caring and Sharing Army, Crashy Twitter Mobile Web Client, Musk and Dorsey Getting Chummy, Lurgied, Project Bluebook, Russian Doll, Happy Death Day 2U, Velvet Buzzsaw, Top Tech Tip: If You are a Musician, for God's Sake, Learn about Ohm's Law and Impedance! Harper Collins Double Downs on Dan Mallory, The Narrative Expected of Minority Authors, Errata: Minorities in Publishing, Inverted Commas and Quotation Marks, and This was Never Meant to be a Grumpycast. Find me at, contact me at, review the show in iTunes, and recommend it to a friend.
Feb 14, 2019
CRRRaSh! 238 Heat Shield Failure!
Drink?, How Goth is That?, Accident Prone, More Royal Mail Cock Ups, My Pod's Heat Shield is Overheating, How It Ends, Bezos the Hero?, Gimlet Worth How Much?, Podcast Show Notes Linked with CDATA in XML Feed, Writing Interruptions When Working from Home Part Ten Million, Submissions and Abreasting (It's a Verb I Made Up), What is Submitting a Manuscript Like Version 2 (High Negativity Quotient), That Old Literary Fiction Nonsense, Even More Career Advice for Arty Types, The Kindness of Elephants and Strangers, Sweeties?
Feb 11, 2019
CRRRaSh! 237 Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons

Show notes at
Feb 10, 2019
CRRRaSh! 236 Welcome to the Sunday Cocktail Lounge (Don't Fear the Turnip)
CRRRaSh! Cocktail Lounges, Mammoths, Eh? The Magicians, Rick Worthy's Dean Henry Fogg is Great in The Magicians Season 4, Watching and Listening to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy TV and Radio Show Again, The Great Links: Escaping Pesky Back Slashes in Lua, Heat Pump Alternative Heating Systems, Kyril Bonfiglio's Charlie Mortdecai Novels, MSDOS Sound Driver, Guy Builds MSDOS PC on YouTube, IBM's Quantum Computer Q System One, Locast Rebroadcasts Commercial TV Free Because of Copyright Loophole, Pop Songs with Thoroughly Repugnant Lyrics, ROM Nation, What Else? The Arrival, Big Trouble In Little China, The Babadook, The Girl on the Train, In the Mouth of Madness, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Usual Suspects, Hitchcock, Galaxy Quest, Clash of the Titans, Inception, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Passage, Time After Time, Phew! Michelle Yeoh's Debut in Section 31 on Star Trek: Discovery, Department of Temporal Investigations Novels, What is a Turnip? Will I Survive the Turnip? I Survived the Turnip.
Feb 04, 2019
Star Trek: New Picard and Michelle Yeoh Shows, and Discovery Season 2, Gotham, The Punisher, Game of Thrones, Wayne, Paul Zindel, Play 7th Guest While Chooseco Sues Netflix Over CYOA, Howard Scott Warshaw's Yar's Revenge Video, It's Not Rave, but I Like It: Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene Part 4, Tristan Fry and Sky's Toccata, Erik Satie: Another Proper Bohemian Nut Job of La Belle Epoque, Where to Pitch Your Articles
Jan 28, 2019
CRRRS 234 Hello 2019!
First Show of the Year! Belated Season's Greetings! Belated Happy Makar Sankranti! Surviving Christmas, What Did Roy Get for Christmas? Star Wars Re-Watch was My Christmas Thing, Harmy's Despecialized Editions: Harmy is the Man! Egypt, Aquaman, Atlantis Chronicles, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Venom, The Day the Earth Caught Fire, Bird Box, Halloween, Vice, Seagate 4TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive, Avast Recuva, OpenELEC Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and External Hard Drive Media Centre, Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive, BusyBox, Resolutions, Write Up, Be Happy
Jan 16, 2019
CRRRS 233 Space Talk
Space Talk, Supernova Remnant, Mars's Korolev Crater, ESA's ISS Commander Alex Gerst Returns, Water on Asteroids, Hole in Soyuz Leads to ISS Air Leak, Journey to the Far Side of the Moon, Africa! Human Space Race, Private Mars, Farout, Eris, The Goblin, End of Tour, Uptime 2 Days, Happy Christmas Eve Eve and Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas!
Dec 24, 2018
CRRRS 232 Fiendishly Fiendish Fiends
Uptime 21 Days, BrightBurn, Sonic the Hedgehog, Into the Dark, Little Drummer Girl, Ant Wars, Fiends of the Western Front, Getting My Personal XMas Movie Festival with LibreELEC, Kodi, and Sneakernet
Dec 20, 2018
CRRRS 231 Toyshops of the Breezy Happiness
This Week's Episode Title? Brain Happiness and the Disney and Lego Stores, Amar Chitra Katha's Indian Mythology Comics, Techie and Creative Christmas Project Suggestions, Win World's Old OSs, DOS Haven's Programming Tools, Podcasting Mishaps, Honor 9 Lite, IPS LCD Versus OLED, The Great Phablet Time Suck, WhatsApp, Signal, and Smartphone Navigation Without a SIM, Ye Olde Alcatel One Touch 560, Huawei Security Issues, They're All Watching Us Anyway, The Australian Government's Encryption Stupidity, Nate Lanxon's Tech's Message Podcast
Dec 16, 2018
CRRRS 230 Roy (The Hooded Chap)
Roy (The Hooded Chap)? Nightflyers, Doctor Who Season 12, Pete Shelley, Showbox Replacement
Dec 13, 2018
CRRRS 229 We Have Plop Down
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Star Wars Extravaganza, Mortal Engines, The Mandalorian, Star Wars Spy Thriller, Is There Too Much Star Wars? Killing Eve, Clique, Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel, SpaceX, Why Don't You?
Dec 09, 2018
CRRRS 228 Slaking My Ink Lust
Roy.Pod.Meta.Uh?, Preshow Jitters, RIP Nick Roeg, T.I.M.E. Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons, Daredevil Axed, Handmaid's Tale Sequel Novel, Showbox Down, WileyFox Pro (The Last Ever Windows Phone), Moto G6, iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, Tips for Buying an Xmas Phone (Updated), Slaking My Ink Lust, Does iBorderCtrl Just Assume Everyone's a Liar?, Rogue Scientist Gengineered HIV Proof Kids
Dec 07, 2018
CRRRS 227 Hi Ho Silver! I Rode a Lime Electric Bike Like the Lone Ranger!
Lime's dockless electric bikes come to the UK, so I tried them out.
Dec 05, 2018
CRRRS 226 This (Driverless) Car is 100% Vomit Proof
Apologies, My Spidey Books Arrived! AtGames Booted by Sega, Gaming Waffle, But Absolutely Nothing about Red Dead Redemption 2 (Yawn), Channel Zero Season 4's Pretzel Jack and Tall Boy are Gonna Kill Ya, Lucid Dreaming, Razor Razor Razor, I Bought A Phone... and it's Running Windows 10 Mobile, Vomit-Proof Driverless Pod-Car-Taxi-Bus-Things are Coming, Bitcoin Nosedive, The Sales! The Sales!, NASA InSight
Nov 30, 2018
CRRRS 225 Ave Satana
Weird Episode Titles, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Await Further Instructions, Manifest, The Equalizer 2, Bad Vanilla, We're Not Getting Free YouTube Movies in the UK, Screen Heavy, but Not for Long
Nov 21, 2018
CRRRS 224 l'Horreur, der Horror
Belated Remembrance Day Greetings, Belated Happy Indian New Year, Overlord, Pan, Doctor Who: Demons of the Punjab, RIP William Goldman, Paramount's The Saint and Diversity, The Arecibo Message
Nov 19, 2018
CRRRS 223 It's Showtime, Folks!
This Show is About Genre Fiction, I'm Interested in the Story, Boldly Voyaging the Multiverse: Probably the Best Nerd Blog in the Multiverse is Kaput, Mailbag, What the Hell is Wrong with Me Anyway? The Predator, I Think We're Alone Now, Searching, Apostle, RIP Stan Lee, Death Kiss, Podcast Ads, Nokia 5.1, HP Mini 210 4000 Laptop Battery Replacement, Always Opt for Dual Boot Systems, Tim Cook's Data Industrial Complex: Google Docs are Really Hard to Delete
Nov 17, 2018
CRRRS 222 I Feel the Need... the Need for Sleep
Welcome to Nearly Winter, The Incredibles 2, Bad Boys 3, Avatar 2, 3, etc., Top Gun 2, Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, The Scarlet Gospels, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who Series 11 So Far, Doctor Who Christmas Special, Doctor Who New Years Day Special, Titans, Manifest, The Haunting of Hill House, Charmed, Magnum, Strangers, Informer, Homecoming, Waterstones Diversity Follow-Up, Laptop Shopping: Entroware, PC Specialist, Intel U Series, Ubuntu Savings, Phone Shopping: Nokia 5.1 vs. Honor 9 Lite, New Mac Mini vs. iMac, Writer Downtime, Good Luck NaNoWriMo-ers, Lots More Coming, Happy Divali on Wednesday
Nov 06, 2018
CRRRS 221 Sick Captain, Sick Ship
Old Breaches, Sick Captain, Sick Ship, Daredevil Season 3, Librarians and Booksellers' Lack of Diversity, Short Lifespan of Smartphones and Laptops
Oct 28, 2018
RGB 220 From Altair With Love
Happy Birthday Me! Corn on the Cob, My Shortness Youngsplained, Trump Laughed at by UN, I'm Sick and the Heat's Out.... Again, Yet Another Podcast Title, Yet More Changes, Series Break, I Do Take Them to Task, Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 1 Story 277 with Jodie Whittaker: The Woman Who Fell to Earth, Bodyguard, Press, Strangers, The Big Bang Theory, The First, More Picard, Is Black Earth Rising Right About Language Imperialism? RIP Jacqueline Pearce, RIP Geoffrey Hayes, RIP Carlos Ezquerra, The Other Man, Captain Marvel, Venom, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Suspiria, Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, Dark Phoenix, Joker, Star Wars Resistance, Doctor Who, Star Wars Unto the End of Time! The Mandalorian, Dude, Where's My Wizard? I Listen to How Many Podcasts?! Annie Clark, Nadine Shah, EU Bans Killer Robots, EU Meme/Link Tax, Musk: Fined and Sued, Unthreaded Gmail, Google Fit Update Looks Bad, MacOS Mojave, Twitter Web Interface Unimprovements, 50 Million Facebook Users' Data Breached, Super Micro Spy Chip? Firefox Data Collection, Gigabit Internet, Upgrade Path for Mortals, Encrypt Your Portable Data, Sir Tim's Solid, Linus Reflects, CRISPR-CAS9 versus Mosquitoes, Disabled Train App, Slack IPO, Not Aliens, Brexit Screwing Space, SpaceX To Shoot Artists Around Moon, Hayabusa 2: The Asteroid Probe with a Shotgun (and Robot Rovers too)
Oct 08, 2018
RDP 219 What's Up at Roy's Dread Tower of Wizardry?
What's Up at Roy's Dread Tower of Wizardry? Explicit It, Shut It Elon! Kick Fascists, Nazis, and Racists Off Every Social Media Platform, No Stream of Twitter, American Animals, Rock the Kasbah, Summer of 84, Hereditary, Marrowbone, Down a Dark Hall, Upgrade, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Mandy, The Bastard Executioner, The Purge, Mayans M.C., Black Earth Rising, Chance, You, How We're Not Dealing With Putin's Russia, Still No Gigabit Internet, NES Classic, Very Ancient Doodles, Apple Event, How to Kill Paywalls, The Return of My Writing Circle? And the Submissions Go On and On
Sep 17, 2018
RDP 218 Roy.Pod? I Should Have Called It Vader's Chill Ball
Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot, Mr. Mercedes, Castle Rock, Thirteen, Sick for Toys, Mad Musk, Bezos the Plutocrat, FBI Interested in LuminosityLink Buyers, Five Eyes Want Big Tech Backdoors Again, Update On My trial Vodaphone/CityFibre Gigabit Installation, ***Mail Bag/Twitter Stream Break: Judy Garland's Ruby Slippers, Flowers in the Attic, Billy Dee Williams Reprising Lando Role in Star Wars IX, Anne Dowd, Dune Movie News***, Samsung Note 9, iPhone XS, iPhone X Plus, iPhone SE 2, Parker Solar Probe, New Horizons on Its Way to Ultima Thule, Novel Submission Time Again, Every Literary Agent Asks For Something Different, Literary Agencies Who Try To Sell You Stuff
Sep 07, 2018
RRR 217 Osculum infame
Stupid Pedantic Condescending Red Tape Obsessed Morons, Spartacus: War of the Damned, The Sinner, The Wire, Deadpool 2, Elizabeth Harvest, Danger Diabolik, Diablo 1, Cradle of Filth, Listener Feedback, YouTube for Podcasters, The Beach
Aug 23, 2018
RRR 216 Make It So
Tesco Goes Downmarket (A Nerd Has To Eat), Tech's Big Five Are Greedy Tax Dodgers, America to Own Space, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, Avengers Infinity War, Distorted, Time Lapse, Train to Busan, Ghost Stories, Occupation, Extinction, The Bay, Castle Rock, New Doctor Who (Trailer, Dialect, Outfit, Thumbs Up?) Jean Luc Picard Returns!
Aug 08, 2018
RRR 215 Crunch Mode
Crunch Mode, Hot, Spend? Condor, Strange Angel, Reverie, Power, Humans, Fear The Walking Dead, Star Trek TOS and TNG Repeat and Repeat and Repeat... Gotham, Picnic at Hanging Rock, 5th Passenger, Gerald's Game, TAU, The Lennon Report, Deep Web, Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo, Notes On Blindness, Crumb, Protect and Survive, London Under Midnight, Time Stories, Animal Upon Animal, Using Switch Pro or PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers on a PC, Facebook Fined By EU, Google Fined By EU, EU Copyright Changes, Musk's Submarine, Space Commander Trump's Grand Tour, New Apple MacBook Pro, Iceland May Have Killed a Blue Whale
Jul 25, 2018
RRR 214 Sharking Trousers
The End, This Podcast is a Geek Audio Blog, Boaty, Lonely Space Alien, Weighty, Inevitable Non-Existent Football Tangent, RIP Steve Ditko, Terry Gilliam's and John Cleese's Whiny Privileged Rants, Jaws, Rick and Morty, The Handmaid's Tale, The Expanse, Soylent Green, RPi Accessories, NES Classic Accessories, Clean Meat? That Pub in Altair, Ramping Up Output, Oh My Bork!
Jul 13, 2018
RRR 213 Welcome to Summer
Solo: A Star Wars Story, Justice League, Better Watch Out, Rampage, Gemini, Infinity Chamber, Spectral, Deathgasm, The Sand, Fahrenheit 451, Unsane, A Quiet Place, Tomb Raider, A Wrinkle In Time, ARQ, Cardinals, Patrick Melrose, Impulse, The Terror, Channel Zero, Cloak and Dagger, Westworld, Doctor Who, Time Stories, Bitcoin Crash, Nintendo Classic Mini, Raspberry Pi 3B+ Accessories, DOSBox Controller, London 600 Million Years Ago, Why I Stream Channel 4's Humans from Showbox, 1Gb Internet Trial, John Lewis vs. Apple Store Prices
Jun 26, 2018
RRR 212 Dumb TV, Rich White Men Flee Doomed Earth, Burn the Trees!
I Bought an Idiot Box (TV), The Heat or Watch How I Bask in Global Warming, Destroy Trees Say Network Rail, Alastair Reynolds's Slow Bullets, Ross Armstrong's Head Case, Overblown Faff About Google Duplex
Jun 19, 2018
RRR 211 Elon Blows Tesla's Gasket
Dealing with Stuff. Some Pah! Some Yah! Kiss Me First, Guerrilla, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Game Night, Star Wars Day, My 7 Years On Twitter and Other Problems, Gmail Changes, YouTube Changes, Elon Blows Tesla's Gasket, is OK, But Also a Total Pain, Wikipedia's Problem With Sneaky Far Right Bias,, QuickVB, GDPR, Facebook Dating, Cambridge Analytica Rebrands Itself as Emerdata, UK Breast Screening Error, 90% of the Milky Way Has Been Mapped, But..., Cheaper VR With Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo, Georges Melies Celebrated in Google Doodle, World Press Day
May 07, 2018
RRR 210 Robots of the World, Unite!
Happy May Day! Brexit Screwing London as World Financial Centre, The Handmaid's Tale, Westworld, Romance Scammers on Dragon Fruit, Facebook Announces Dating Service at F8, Toxicity at David Gage's Quantum Dream, Killer Robots UK, Robot Bat, Westworld Fred, 4 Chan Still Hosting Friends of Incel Murderers, CityFibre Addendum, Reuter's Reporters Set Up By Myanmar's Government, Roy Writes
May 05, 2018
RRR 209 CityFibre's UK Gigabit Fibre Optic Network and the Weekly Geek
Happy Earth Day, The Lost Week, The Poisoning of the Single Man, The Damnable Book, Young Sheldon, The Good Fight, Final Space, Billions, The Crossing, Killing Eve, Instinct, Mind Hunter, Lost in Space, The Expanse, Legion, Siren, The Walking Dead, Stake Land, I Kill Giants, Molly's Game, Red Sparrow, Pyewacket, Paddington 2, Black Panther, Windows File Manager Updated and Open Sourced, Microsoft Adopts Linux, New Toshiba Cassette Tape, TheC64, We're Getting A Gigabit Fibre Optic Internet, Is There Too Much TV?
Apr 23, 2018
RRR 208 The Captain's Month of Geek
The Intermission Man, The Writing Man, The Walking Man, Christmas Dinner and Coke Float, Mauritius Independence, Stephen Hawking, Guardian Gone Tabloid and NME Ditches Print, New Raspberry Pi 3B Plus, BBC Micro Envy and RiscOS, Windows Update Reassured Us It Did Not Contain Awful Nagware, Douglas Adams's Mac SE30, HP5540 Thin Client Converted to MS-DOS 6.22 to Play PGA Tour Golf, Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack Sold Out, Toys'R'Us and Maplins Closed and Lots of Job Cuts in Retail and Leisure Too, Installed Sheep in Windows 3.11 in DosBox, The Beast from the East Froze Me Solid and I Swore to Buy a Sled, Obituary of Millie Dunn Veasey, 50 million Facebook Profiles Harvested for Cambridge Analytica, Robot Wars Axed by the BBC, Cyan Windows 10 Versions of All Myst Games, Hot Jam Roly Poly, Superman Prequel Krypton, New Dan Dare Trade, Frank Oz Muppet Documentary, Bowed Out of Homeland, Cambridge Analytica Uncovered, Facebook Shares Sink 5%, BBC FM Radio Still Around, New Gloves of Villainy, My Laptop Windows 7 Drivers Are Starting to Fail, USB 3 Flash Drive Gets Hot, Listening to Podcasts and Drinking Coke Floats, Explanation of Arrival, Cloak and Dagger, Watched Gotham and Installing Torch and Writing and Drawing Cartoons, Torch Didn't work in Windows, If Only Selfie Drones Came with Lasers, Nostalgic Tech Support Turned Annoying, Muting Most of Twitters Ads, UK Booted Off EU Space Programmes, Heineken Pull Racist Ads, Search of the Day is... Space Airship! Atari Non-functional VCS Console, No Man's Sky NEXT, BBC Not Blackwashing Troy Fall of a City, Lego Ship in A Bottle, Big Facebook Newspaper Ad, Privacy Groups Want Data Security Pledge from Tech Companies, Some Stores and Under Armour Report Massive Data Breaches, 50th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey, DIY Touchscreen for MacBook, Google Employees Protest Work for Pentagon, AI Experts Call for Boycott Over Lab in South Korea, The Love Witch, You Were Never Really Here, Sleeping Giants, Zuckerberg's testimony, Siren, Lego Jurassic Park
Apr 17, 2018
RRR 207 Rich Old Vampires
Help This Podcast! It's Hanging on by the Skin of My Teeth and the Seat of My Pants, The Phantom Thread, Mute, Coherence, The Cloverfield Paradox, The Thirteenth Floor, Racing Extinction, The Machine, Automata, All I see Is You, Radius, My Friend Dahmer, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Altered Carbon, The Walking Dead, Black Lightning, Mary Kills People, Counterpart, The X-Files, The Magicians, Britannia, Future Man, Castlevania, The Path, Beyond, Blood Drive, Victoria, The Alienist, Goliath, Ill Behaviour, Playmobil Pyramid Set, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Has Returned, Google's Wriggled Out of..., MWC 2018, Samsung S9 and S9+, Ambrosia, Assassination Attempt on Ex-Russian Spy, Russian's Have a Nuclear Powered Nuclear Cruise Missile, Lockheed Martin's Hypersonics, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump Meeting, UK Freeze Finished, But...
Mar 13, 2018
RRR 206 Doctor Who: Inferno

Show notes at
Mar 08, 2018
RRR 205 Geek Book Finds and Avoiding Lemon Phones
In this episode I talk about some great second hand book finds. I also advise you what to look for in a new smartphone.
Feb 06, 2018
RRR 204 Satellite TV, Dentists, Fear, and Virgin Media
Repairs, Repairs, Repairs... It's All Gone To Hell... and Teeth, Oh God My Teeth!, Fear of No TV, Everything's Just Oh So Hunky-Dory At Virgin Media, Doctor Who-ing Soon
Jan 29, 2018
RRR 203 The Mammoth Sessions: Doctor Who Zero
Christmas of Chaos, The Mammoth Old Who Doctor Who Boxset Sessions, Happy Sankranti, Star Trek Discovery, The X-Files, Hard Sun, McMafia, Traders, Geeky Movies and Shows on BBC iPlayer, Antennapod, iOS Podcast App, Sony Recorder for Android, Audio Recorder, Audacity vs. Reaper, CES 2018, Byton at CES, More Cars at CES, SNES Classic Mini, NES Classic Mini, Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy at CES, Labo, Ex-Google Anti-Diversity Guy Rears His Ugly Head Again, GoPro, Oumuamua, Tabby's Star, Chapter 17 Was a Mess, Other Writing, Backs and Bottoms Redux Redux Redux
Jan 20, 2018
RRR 202 Courier Movie Meltdown
Sick, Brigsby Bear, Mayhem, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Everything Beautiful is Far Away, The Pirates of Somalia, Bright, The Visit, Jeepers Creepers 3, Meltdown and Spectre
Jan 08, 2018
RRR 201 Happy New Year
Happy New Year!
Jan 01, 2018
RRR 200 Happy Boxing Day and Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Happy Boxing Day! Today I talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi(Some Spoilers)
Dec 26, 2017
RRR 199 Happy Christmas! Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death and Christmas Special 2017
After a long absence, I'm back to wish you happy Christmas and pick up where we left off, before we were rudely interrupted by circumstances beyond my control. Tonight, we finally return to my ongoing, but highly irregular, Doctor Who marathon, to talk about Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death, as well as the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017.
Dec 25, 2017
RRR 198 Happy Christmas Eve
I've been ill, and I still am, but now I'm back. I'm just here to wish you all a quick happy Christmas Eve, and to tell you to tune in again tomorrow for a full Christmas show.
Dec 24, 2017
RRR 197 The Desk from Hobbiton
This week: Twangier, Roy's Rocket Radio Audio Improvements? Travelers, The Punisher, The Vikings, The Vikings, Excalibur, Black Angel, Glass, The Incredibles 2, Borked Webpage Scripts, Widgets, or Plugins, Firefox Quantum, Hey Mozilla and SeaMonkey, Get Together and Reboot Netscape Communicator for the 21st Century! Somewhat Less Dreadful Desk Ergonomics, The Continued Re-Re-Re-Reading of the Writing, and The Longest Ever Dungeons and Dragons Starter Campaign is Coming to an End. Produced, presented, and edited by Roy Mathur. Please support the show with a review in iTunes and find me at
Nov 25, 2017
RRR 196 The Time of the Geek
The geek life of the bloody cold, the rusting, grinding, but still great (while it lasts) cogs of the UK's National Health Service, the effect of Dungeons and Dragons on the wizard's aris, the frustrating music of Blade Runner: 2049, The Survivalist, Doctor Who: Time Trips (again), The Walking Dead (spoilers), Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Finale (spoilers), and the continuing hell of buying rubbish things online.
Nov 16, 2017
RRR 195 The Geek Life Fantastique
The geek life fantastique of offline flirting using celebrity selfie props, and also the geek life of a busted Millennium Falcon, a big needle, a bad Valerian, a funny Thor, crooked spies, a return to reading actual physical books, buying something from Amazon, and praying that you actually get it, and that when you get it, it isn't the wrong thing or broken (these people are building a rocket), and the final, final, final draft of the book you just re-edited.
Nov 14, 2017
RRR 194 Halloween Unedited
Happy Halloween! If you, like me, have no parties to go to, and nothing better to do other than sulk over your lack of success with those useless dating apps, join me as I avoid getting blotto and instead nibble some sweets and chat a little about Happy Death Day and geek life in general.
Nov 01, 2017
RRR 193 Stranger Things
We, or rather I, just think of it as the royal "we", because I'm still doing this whole damn dog and pony show on me tod, not that I'm grumpy about it or anything you understand, talk about season 2 of Stranger Things and its microcosm of 80s goodness. Goodness? Please! I was an 80s teen and, granted some of the movies and video games were great, but everything else was crap. Yuppies, greed, Thatcher, Loadsa, the Falklands, and we didn't even have the sodding internet.
Oct 31, 2017
RRR 192 Blade Runner 2049
Mostly Blade Runner 2049.
Oct 27, 2017
RRR 191 Geek Dating, Horror, and the CIA
Personal: I Need iTunes Reviews, Geek Dating Update, Flu Vaccination, The Exorcist, Inhumans, Mr. Robot, The Deuce, Halt and Catch Fire, The Dark Tower, American Made, Victor Frankenstein
Oct 16, 2017
RRR 190 Happy Birthday Roy!
Happy Birthday Roy! Dating, Star Trek: Discovery, Spider-Man: Homecoming, An Update About My Writing
Oct 09, 2017
RRR 189 Super Sentai Selectric Screams
The Mostly Irrelevant Source of This Week's Show Title, Electric Dreams, The Strain, The Orville, Doctor Foster, The Transfiguration, Baby Driver, iPhone X, Tell Me Captain, What Phone (Ridiculous Symbol of Plutocracy) Should I Flaunt? Finished Re-Editing The Horus Box, Started Re-Editing Entropus, Writer's Ouchy
Sep 24, 2017
RRR 188 Bodged But Back Baby
Bodged But Back Baby, Game of Thrones, Ozark, The Defenders, Mr Mercedes, The Sinner, The OA, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The State, Manhunt: Unabomber, Halt and Catch Fire, Even More Roypinion, The Lost City of Z, The Fate of the Furious, The Space Between Us, Dave Made a Maze, Bushwick, Morgan, Despicable Me 3, Useful Article About Pitching to Editors
Sep 03, 2017
RRR 187 No More Heroes and Gritty Gumshoes
Oh My God, It's Sunday! (Again!), William Shatner's Views, Get Out, City of Tiny Lights, Wonder Woman, Sleight, Game of Thrones Hack is Not Piracy, Google Fires Anti-Diversity Guy, On this Day in Tech
Aug 13, 2017
RRR 186 Ready Player One, Asteroid Spaceships, Tesla, and More!
Oh My God, It's Sunday! Website Chaos, Show Split, That News Gathering Algorithm Thingy I Wrote in Lua, Salvation, Mars, Designated Survivor, Split, A Dark Song, Ready Player One, Robert Hardy, Summer Magic: The Complete Journal of Luke Kirby, N64 Mini, RuneScape's Jagex and Improbable Team Up, Marcus Hutchins, North Korea, UK Encryption, iPod Nano and Shuffle Dead, Hyperloop One Test, Asteroid Spaceships, Tesla Model 3, MS Paint, On this Day in Tech
Aug 06, 2017
RRR 185 Game of Thrones and The Strain
Personal: Sniffles, Website Chaos, Podcast Chaos, Podcast to be Partially Algorithmically Powered, Elementary, Doctor Who's Female Doctor, Game of Thrones Season 7, The Strain Season 4, The Shallows, Upwork, Music: Banjolele Time, The Big Re-Proofread of My Novel The Horus Box, Housekeeping
Jul 25, 2017
RRR 184 The Unfailing Awfulness of DHL
I Can't Seem to Shake Technobilge, Gotham, Daredevil, Better Call Saul, Rick and Morty, A Monster Calls, Fate of the Furious, The Circle, The Continuing Saga of the Quest for a Cruelty Free Environmentally Friendly Vegan Moisturiser, The Other Gig Economy, University Fees in UK as High as USA, More Podcasting Tips, Music: Of Course Music Should be in the Creative Section! I Ordered My Banjolele!
Jul 10, 2017
RRR 183 A Giant Catch Up Splodge of All Things Geek
Doctor Who, The UnDoctor, The Strangerers, American Gods, The Handmaid's Tale, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Discovery, Halt and Catch Fire, Stranger Things, Jerry Cornelius, Time After Time, Missed TV Shows, Cinema Ticket Prices, Barry Norman Dies, Global Warming, Sega Dreamcast 2, Super Retro Trio HD and the Super Retro Boy, SNES Classic Mini Release is Another Nintendo Fiasco, Copier Hard Drives, Destruction Not Ransomware, EU Fines Google, OTG Problems, Retro Photography, Vegan Moisturiser, Terminate All Likes! Show Box, Music: Buying More Gear, Orange Micro Crush CR3, Gig Annoyances, The Horus Box, Blackgate, What To Do If You Can't Get An Agent
Jul 04, 2017
RRR 182 Doctor Who and the Silurians and New Who S10E7--10
Doctor Who: The Pyramid at the End of the World, The Lie of the Land, Empress of Mars, The Eaters of Light, Doctor Who and the Silurians. Is that enough Who for you? Is it? Is it? IS IT? Pah!
Jun 19, 2017
RRR 181 Alien Covenant and EDM Apps!
UK General Election, UK Games Expo, E3, WWDC, Nokia 3310 Goes On Sale, EDM Apps (Hydrogen Drum Machine, LMMS, SuperCollider), Alien Covenant, The Mummy, The Handmaid's Tale
Jun 15, 2017
RRR 180 MCM London Comic Con 2017
BA Mess, MCM London Comic Con 2017
Jun 06, 2017
RRR 179 Doctor Who: Extremis
The Next Doctor? The Handmaid's Tale, American Gods, Doctor Who: Extremis Series 10 Episode 6, I'm Going to Comic Con! #Technobilge: PIXEL for PC and Mac, Echo Show, MacVim, Atom, NHS Hack, Brackets, RetroN HD, Chelsea Manning Out, Julian Assange Freer, But Not Quite Free, Starting and Finishing Projects, Taking Care of Yourself
May 26, 2017
RRR 178 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Show notes at
May 24, 2017
RRR 177 Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space
Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space, Doctor Who: Oxygen, Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge, #Technobilge is back with The Faff of the BBC iPlayer, Freesat, Humanx, PC World, and John Lewis, Firefox vs Seamonkey (Again), Bug Reports Bug Me, Hire Me!, Writing Frenzy, Getting Work Frenzy, Is Podcasting Worth It?
May 16, 2017
RRR 176 Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird
Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird, Twilight, I'm Writing Damnit!, A Realistic Schedule for Busy Writers
May 05, 2017
RRR 175 Happy Star Wars Day!
Hewligan's Haircut, Neurotribes, Doctor Who Series: Thin Ice, RiscOS on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Fibre to Exchange, Writing
May 04, 2017
RRR 174 EasterCon
Impressions of going to my very first real science fiction convention, why aren't people angrier about lack of diversity? Oxford washout, and goodbye Unity.
May 01, 2017
RRR 173 Judge Minty and Strontium Dog Fan Films
Filmmakers Steven Sterlacchini and Stephen Green talk to me about making the fan films Judge Minty and Strontium Dog.
Apr 12, 2017
RRR 172 Hypervigilance, Scorned by Kodi, and Clang!
PART I Recent Clangers I Have Dropped, Emerald City's Princess of Ev, Serj Tankian Sings Rains of Castamere from Game of Thrones, Mad Catz, Rezzed, EGX, Other UK Game Conventions, Adventure Game Studio, New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, New Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Bored of Phones, New iPad, Kodi Scorns My Netbook, I'm a Digital Prepper! PART II Nothing To See Here, Move Along
Apr 03, 2017
RRR 171 Logan
PART I Feels Like Summer-ish, The Expanse, Logan, The Quest for (Internet) Immortality III, Audio Podcasts on YouTube, The Internet Archive, Windows XP Updates, Senior Politicians and Technology, PART II Nothing To See Here, Move Along, Future Features on Roy's Rocket Radio
Apr 01, 2017
RRR 170 Kong: Skull Island
Catching up with the BBC's thriller The Replacement and some genre shows with on demand TV, Kong: Skull Island, and some tips for importing your blog to
Mar 20, 2017
RRR 169 Ranty Writer, Pants Only Partially Quenched of Fire
PART I Doctor Who? More Podcasting, 9000 Steps, Happy Mauritian Independence Day, Happy Holi, Another Year, Another Writing Circle, The Roving Writer, Blackgate? Emerald City, Room, Books: Robert E. Howard's Views on Race in Conan Revisited, Fixing Firefox, Podcast to YouTube with ffmpeg , Social Media Pain Again, The Quest for (Internet) Immortality, Replacing Google Custom Search with Duck Duck Go Site Search, Email Disclaimers, Crossposting with IFTTT, Wikileak's Weeping Angel in Vault 7, Random: Warm Pies in Toaster, Part II Zero
Mar 13, 2017
RRR 168 The Quantified Roy
PART I I Survived Valentine's Day, Google Fit, Emerald City, NES Classic Mini Hacked Again! Android Nougat, Nokia 3310, 3 and 5, MWC17, US Government Science Agencies Rebel, India on the Moon! PART II Nada
Feb 24, 2017
RRR 167 New Doctor Who Actor
New Ukulele, Goodbye Freedom of the Press, Speculation About The New Doctor Who Actor or Actress, Castlevania, Original Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch, SSGB, The Purge, The Purge Anarchy, The Handmaid's Tale, NES Classic, Dungeons and Dragon Campaigns, Hyperloop(s), Windows 7 Updates, BT Price Increase, UK Spaceports! Snapchat IPO, Cuban Net Neutrality and Paquetes, Space Police?
Feb 13, 2017
RRR 166 Filmmaking Apps and Writing Genre
PART I In the Midst of..., Emerald City, The Expanse Season 2, The Magicians Season 2, The Discovery, The Girl with All the Gifts, Deepwater Horizon, The Signal, Interview with Ian Fleming, Free Android Filmmaking Apps: Open Camera, Acacia, Simple Teleprompter, Headphones Podcasting Tip, ISPs to Send Anti-Piracy Education Mail to UK Customers, New NASA Space Suits, China is Going to the Moon! PART II Writing (Networking for Writers: Conventions, Friends, Business Cards and...? Making up for Lost Time, What I am Working on this Week)
Feb 01, 2017
RRR 165 Writing Horror and CES
PART I Introduction for New Listeners, Less Clicking and Clacking, Amazon Cock-Ups?, Cbeebies, The Worst Witch, Eve, The OA, Me?, Class, The Return of Xander Cage, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Welcome to the Punch, CES Highlights, Vine, PART II Writing Places and Finally Just Doing It, Time Not So Well Spent Marketing My Writing, Foreshadowing, Help!
Jan 23, 2017
RRR 164 Passengers
PART I Amazon Drone Deliveries Can't Come Soon Enough, William Peter Blatty Died Yesterday, Micro Mart Magazine Closed in December After 31 Years, The Man In The High Castle, Sherlock, Passengers, Franz, Google Hangouts API Gone and Alphabet Cuts, PART II Roy's Further Writing Update and Another Shopping Bag Day
Jan 14, 2017
RRR 163 A Glorious Mixed Bag of Nerd and the Sigma Retro Thingummy Doodle
What Happened to Me? Resolutions, Class, Westworld, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, TIE Fighter, The Scarlet Gospels, Conspicuous Console Consumption, VPNs
Jan 13, 2017
RRR 162 Happy New Year!
PART I First Podcast of 2017! PART II Roy's Writing Update
Jan 02, 2017
RRR 161 Happy New Year's Eve!
Uhhh..., New York Doll, The Man Who Knew Infinity, Sully, The Accountant, Batman: The Killing Joke
Jan 01, 2017
RRR 160 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
In which we saw, and then talked about, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (IMAX 3D). Spoilers!
Dec 22, 2016
RRR 159 Happy (Very Belated) Halloween and Doctor Who: The War Games
PART I Happy (Very Belated) Halloween! Minor Ailments, Global Nincompoopery, The Spot of Writing, Snowden, Doctor Strange, Arrival, Apple Updates, The Investigatory Powers Act, PART II Doctor Who: The War Games
Nov 22, 2016
RRR 158 Happy (Belated) Divali and Doctor Who: The Space Pirates
PART I Happy (Belated) Divali! Podcast Stats, Welcome to the New Two Part Show Format, Changes, NaNoWriMo, PART II Doctor Who: the Space Pirates, Join Me Next Time for a (Very Belated) Halloween
Nov 02, 2016
RRR 157 Reining In Your Crazy Writer's Imagination
Wobbly, Music, Podcasting, Show Format Change, Dungeons and Dragons, Organisation, Hello to New Twitter Followers, Blackgate Update, The Walking Dead Season 7, Zapped, The Wizard of Aus, Red Dwarf XI, Divali and Halloween Weekend Special Coming Up
Oct 28, 2016
RRR 156 More Mars
Suicide Squad, Don't Breathe, Schiaparelli
Oct 24, 2016
RRR 155 Mars
A big bundle of the latest technology news from around the world, including updates about the Samsung Note 7, Yahoo snooping, SpaceX's Mars colonisation programme, the ESA's Mars landing later today, Microsoft HoloLens (AR), Google Daydream View (VR), and VR goggles designed by me!
Oct 19, 2016
RRR 154 Westworld
Raspberry, The End, Westworld, Big Eyes
Oct 08, 2016
RRR 153 The Opposite of Writer's Block
Still Poopy, The Opposite of Writer's Block
Oct 05, 2016
RRR 152 Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death
Poopy, Let's Get Scatological... No, It's Not What You Think, Power Supply, Backup Thumb Drive, Blackgate Update, Pitch Parties, Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death, Stitchers, 11.22.63, Outcast, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Monster, in Internet Explorer Sucks, Amazing Forthcoming Episodes, What Do You Want On Roy's Rocket Radio?
Oct 04, 2016
RRR 151 It's My Birthday!
It's My Birthday!
Sep 26, 2016
RRR 150 What I Have Learned About Writing So Far
Busy and Sick, What I Have Learned About Writing So Far, Organising Your Stuff, Backup! Your Writing Spot, Second Chance, Hunters, The Neon Demon, Giallo, Bot Fever
Sep 26, 2016
RRR 149 Star Trek: Discovery
Sponsorship, Bookshop, RIP Gene Wilder, What Happened to the Show?, I have interest..., Star Trek: Discovery, Halt and Catch Fire Season 3, Cell, Hardcore Henry, Athena Voltaire, Windows Hell, Home Hardware Upgrades, Website Changes, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall, iPhone 7
Sep 13, 2016
RRR 148 Stranger Things
I revisit Mr. Robot and The Expanse. I also talk about Childhood's End, Stranger Things, VeraCrypt, and that BBC iPlayer WiFi TV licence snooping thingy.
Aug 10, 2016
RRR 147 I Finally Query Some Literary Agents
I query literary agents, get annoyed at Twitter, and install Windows 10 Anniversary Update early.
Aug 04, 2016
RRR 146 Star Trek: Beyond
Close, But No Guitar, Sound Quality of Last Podcast, High-Rise Addendum to Non-Review in Last Podcast, Star Trek: Beyond, ARM Bought by SoftBank for 24 Billion
Jul 23, 2016
RRR 145 High-Rise
Novel Submission Progress Report, Other Writing, High-Rise, DIY Opening Tools for Consumer Electronics, Neil Armstrong, Coming Soon to Roy's Rocket Radio
Jul 21, 2016
RRR 144 Doctor Who: The Krotons
What a Week, Agents versus Publishers, Doctor Who: The Krotons, Windows 10, Roy's New Phone
Jul 19, 2016
RRR 143 That Literary Agent List
Diet, That Literary Agent List, Vinyl, The Green Room, The Smartphone Toilet Dive
Jul 12, 2016
RRR 142 Your Literary Agent List
Last minute recommendation.
Jul 05, 2016
RRR 141 Independence Day: Resurgence
Eye In The Sky, Crimson Peak, 47 Ronin, Independence Day: Resurgence
Jul 03, 2016
RRR 140 Novel Submission Tweaks
Editing and improving my submission package.
Jul 01, 2016
RRR 139 Preacher
Preacher, Cleverman, Zoo
Jun 18, 2016
RRR 138 Querying a Publisher
In which I write a back cover blurb, description, synopsis, and query letter for my novel.
Jun 17, 2016
RRR 137 Doctor Who: The Invasion
In which I proofread my novel, play Dungeons and Dragons (and discover I'm B-A-D), and watch Doctor Who: The Invasion.
Jun 02, 2016
RRR 136 Friction: Getting Published the Hard Way
The Horus Box... Done!, X-Men: Apocalypse
May 25, 2016
RRR 135 Captain America: Civil War
The Horus Box Update, Writer's Ego, Game of Thrones, Captain America: Civil War, Getting Your Podcast on YouTube (ffmpeg), Website Changes (CSS), Update Hell
May 15, 2016
RRR 134 Another Roy and Tom Nerd Out
The Continuing Saga of Roy's Pants, The Anime Horror of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Horus Box Update, The Magicians, Game of Thrones Season 6, American Horror Story: Coven Season 3, Farscape, Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Deep, Guns of the Dawn, Watchmen
Apr 30, 2016
RRR 133 Midnight Special
Sick, Rock!, VST, MIDI, SAVIHost, Amazon Lockers, Listener Numbers, The Horus Box, Midnight Special, Formula E, New Twitter Mobile Web Interface, Podcasts in Google Play Music
Apr 25, 2016
RRR 132 Doctor Who: The Mind Robber
Fraudulently Issued Parking Tickets, Ukulele Practice, A New Podcast, Splitting Up Roy's Rocket Radio..., Shout Outs, The Horus Box, Doctor Who: The Mind Robber, The Walking Dead Season 6 Season Finale, The Magicians, Gotham: Wrath of the Villains, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Suicide Squad, Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Torrent Clients, Win 3.11, The Panama Papers, IRC and ICB, Breakthrough Starshot
Apr 18, 2016
RRR 131 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Roy and Tom chat about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Spoilers.
Apr 09, 2016
RRR 130 Writing Update for the Final Draft of My Novel The Horus Box

Show notes at
Apr 06, 2016
RRR 129 2000AD
2000AD: Since 1977 Richard Mason and I have been fans of 2000AD. Earlier today we reminisced.
Mar 30, 2016
RRR 128 Doctor Who: The Dominators
Refugee Crisis, Very Busy and Sick (Again!), Shout Outs: Shouts, Want a Shout?, Writing Update, Doctor Who: The Dominators, Cthulhu, Snowfall, The King in Yellow, iPhone SE, Samsung Gear VR, Twitter Audit, Vistaprint, EXO Mars, How to Backup Social Media, Too Much Data
Mar 25, 2016
RRR 127 10 Cloverfield Lane
Happy Holi and Happy Spring and Happy Good Friday! Tom and I talk about 10 Cloverfield Lane, 5 minutes after watching it earlier today.
Mar 24, 2016
RRR 126 Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space
Writing Update, Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space
Mar 12, 2016
RRR 125 Podcasting Gear and Tips
Let There Be Light... And Heat, Shout Outs, Argh!, The Walking Dead Season 6, Spotlight , John Dies at the End, Podcasting Gear and Tips, More Doctor Who in the Next Show, Scheduling Hoo-Ha
Mar 04, 2016
RRR 124 Leap Year Day Special! Doctor Who: The Web of Fear and Fury from the Deep
Freezing, Cranking Up Tension, Doctor Who: The Web of Fear, Fury from the Deep
Feb 29, 2016
RRR 123 The Best TV Shows Right Now
Progress Report, Submissions, Upcoming and current shows actually worth watching and where to find them: The Shannara Chronicles, Heroes Reborn, The X-Files, The Magicians
Feb 22, 2016
RRR 122 Deadpool

Show notes at
Feb 18, 2016
RRR 121 iPhone 7, Gravity Waves, and Planet X
Do You Remember? I Do Tech!, Thursday-ish-ish Show, X-Files, iPhone 7, Mobile World Congress 2016, Planet X, Google and HMRC, Gravity Waves Detected by LIGO
Feb 12, 2016
RRR 120 The Shannara Chronicles
Very Busy, Website Changes, Progress, Contextual Colour, The Shannara Chronicles, Bridge of Spies, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Goosebumps
Feb 07, 2016
RRR 119 Another (Mostly) Unedited Nerd Chat with Roy and Tom
Olympus, X-Files, The Magicians, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, The Gospel of Loki , Otherkin, FOMO and JOMO, What's that alien show, uh?
Feb 05, 2016
RRR 118 The Magicians
Writing Update, The Magicians
Feb 01, 2016
RRR 117 A (Mostly) Unedited Nerd Chat with Roy and Tom
Flu, X-Files, Legends of Tomorrow, The Preacher, Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men Apocalypse, Warcraft, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Game of Thrones TV Show v Books, Stephen King's Bazaar of Bad Dreams, James Herbert's Rats Novels and Fluke, The Expanse Novels and TV Show, Ta-Nehisi Coates's Black Panther, Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird, Star Trek Trexels, Cockos Reaper, Does Roy Have the Right Stuff for Mars One? The Shelves of Roy
Jan 28, 2016
RRR 116 The Magicians, Luther, Sherlock
Download Statistics for Roy's Rocket Radio, Late!, The Rock Star Situation, The Magicians, Luther, Sherlock, Coming Soon!, Give Me Some CBG Advice!, Feedback, Reviews, and Support Required
Jan 10, 2016
RRR 115 Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)
Jan 02, 2016
RRR 114 Happy Boxing Day!
Happy Boxing Day!, Christmas Project Update, No Writing Today, But..., Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Husbands of River Song, Other Christmas Podcasts
Dec 26, 2015
RRR 113 Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas! (And Merry Christmas Eve!), Road Trip, My Christmas Project... Revealed!, The Horus Box: Progress Report, Through the Woods
Dec 25, 2015
RRR 112 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
No spoiler review.
Dec 22, 2015
RRR 111 Star Wars Machete Order Movie Marathon
Just a few minutes of me updating you about a few things and the Star Wars Machete Order Movie Marathon.
Dec 20, 2015
RRR 110 The Great Big Spoiler Free Pre-Star Wars: The Force Awakens Natter
Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars!
Dec 15, 2015
RRR 109 Legends of Tomorrow
It's Sunday!, What I've Learned from Regularly Scheduled Writing Sessions, Legends of Tomorrow, Colony, The Path, New GBP 4.00 Raspberry Pi Zero Board
Dec 13, 2015
RRR 108 Doctor Who Season 9 Finale
What's Happening with that New Show?, The Horus Box, Doctor Who Season 9 Finale, Jessica Jones, Supergirl, Podcaster Advice: Record Twice!
Dec 08, 2015
RRR 107 The Martian
Sound Facts, Black Friday, The Horus Box, The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7, The Man in the High Castle, The Martian
Nov 29, 2015
Fun, New Show News: Funding and Sound, The Horus Box, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Jekyll and Hyde, The New BBC Store, SPECTRE, You're Next, Whiplash, Podcasts I'm Listening To
Nov 20, 2015
RRR 105 A Mega Load of Random Nerdiness
A mega load of random nerdiness with my guest Tom Walton; ex-rock star bassist and geek writing group colleague. Tonight we talk a whole bucket of nerdy including The Flash, Daredevil, Terminator Genisys, Star Wars, the luckiest geek on earth; Lucasfilm's Leland Chee, Game of Thrones, Lost, Myst, Grim Fandango, Chakan: The Forever Man, Solomon Kane, Shining Force, Ecco The Dolphin, LHX Attack Chopper, G-Police, Mortal Kombat II (babality... seriously?), GTA 3, author Nick Cutter's under the sea horror, Bryan Talbot's Grandville, Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden et al's Baltimore (also discussed in RRR 60), our own writing, Spectre and the mortality of Bond girls, Crimson Peak, and The Strain.
Nov 10, 2015
RRR 104 New Show News
Hello!, New Show News: Sound, Skype, Sound Quality Last Week, Learning Curve, Gathering Material, My Show Voice, It's Happening, The Horus Box, More Stories Coming!, NaNoWriMo, The Walking Dead Season 6, Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion, Mr. Holmes, I'm Listening to Less Podcasts, But..., Getting into Lua, Keep Listening!
Nov 05, 2015
RRR 103 Short and Sweet
The startup: an incredibly short episode, in which I discover what others think of my plan.
Oct 25, 2015
RRR 102 New Show
Excuses for missed show (yet again), (even more) news of my exiting new audio show, update on my novel The Horus Box, and Heroes Reborn, The Strain Season 2, Gotham Season 2, The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Minions, Pay the Ghost, The Hollows
Oct 15, 2015
RRR 101 New Show Coming
Excuses for missed show and news of a new one, more writing, Doctor Who Series 9, and your feedback.
Oct 04, 2015
RRR 100 Happy 100th Episode! Mostly About Writing
In this episode, I share my ongoing, and rather accelerated, experience of writing the final draft of my geeky adventure novel. There is also news about the podcast and, as this is the 100th episode, I bought cupcakes!
Sep 18, 2015
RRR 99 A Chat with Doctor Who's Ace Actress Sophie Aldred
Today, I chatted with actress and singer Sophie Aldred, who played my favourite companion of the Doctor; the Blue Peter badge wearing, DIY hand grenade making, Ace, in Doctor Who from 1987 to 1989.
Sep 07, 2015
RRR 98 A Chat with Tech Journalist Huw Collingbourne
Earlier this evening I chatted with fellow tech columnist, author, and developer Huw Colingbourne. Huw has written for Computer Shopper, PCPro, PCPlus, as well as many other publications. High points of his long career have included interviewing Divine, assisting Richard O'Brien finding a dress or two, and being banned by WHSmith... twice.
Aug 28, 2015
RRR 97 Monster Catch-Up Show: What's Happening in the Nerd-O-Verse
Vintage Doctor Who Marathon News, Nerd Spex!, Celeb Tantrums, Roy's Grumpy Tweets, The Road to Hell, Sherlock Series 4, The Strain Season 2, Harper's Island, X-Files, Doctor Who Series 9, Fear the Walking Dead, Tyrant, Lucifer, Game of Thrones Season 6, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, New Predator Movie, Prometheus, It Follows, Soundtrack, Windows 10, Not Knowing How to Use Tech Is Nothing to Boast About, NASA's Mars Insight Rover
Aug 26, 2015
RRR 96 A Chat with Techno-Thriller Author Shayne T. Wright
This week we talk to Australian science fiction, horror, and techno-thriller author Shayne T. Wright.
Aug 16, 2015
RRR 95 Ant-Man
Guests?, Forthcoming, Review in iTunes Please!, Make Contact!, Halt and Catch Fire, Ant-Man, Facebook Account Woes, Instabird, Google Calendar on Android, Libre Office 5 Broken!
Aug 10, 2015
RRR 94 Windows 10
Staff, My Current Writing Schedule, Humans, Windows 10: Wherein Your Host Upgrades, Facebook: The Ongoing Saga of Turning My Page Back into a Profile, Audio Formats Used in this Podcast
Aug 02, 2015
RRR 93 Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World
Thanks for Listening, Get in Touch, Writing Update, Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World, Kill the Messenger
Jul 27, 2015
RRR 92 Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors
Terrifying Rider in the Mist Soundtrack, Worldbuilding Fiasco, Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors
Jul 26, 2015
RRR 91 Roy's Own Writing
Time Management, Don't Work at Home!, Publishing Umbrella, Submitting to Agents or Publishers, Worldbuilding, Black Tower, The Book of Horus, Rider in the Mist Redux, Buy My Kindle Horror Story, Glassy! Buy, Buy, Buy!
Jul 25, 2015
RRR 90 Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Abominable Snowmen
Not Quite "late, as in the late Dentarthurdent", Nothing Ever Good Comes of..., Staff, Guests, Daters, Lend Me Not Your Radio, Mum's Apple Wireless Keyboard is Dead!, Need More Feedback!, Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen, Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen, Breaking Bad, Black Hat, Eating My Cinematic Words, Devil, Devil, Devil, My New Mechanical Keyboard and Touchpad, Even More Job Losses for Windows Phone Employees, Hacking Team Hacked
Jul 12, 2015
RRR 89 Jurassic World
Even Later!, Even More Defunct Bits of Me, Podcast Interviews, Contributor Wanted, Podcast Download Statistics, Correspondence for RRR 31 Regarding Karl Edward Wagner, Correspondence for RRR 86 Regarding Mr. Robot, Killjoys, Humans, Jurassic World, Neo Sword and Sorcery Interactive Fiction Game Rider in the Mist Expansion, New Unnamed IF Game
Jun 23, 2015
RRR 88 Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale
Last Week's Mic Fiasco, Next Movies I Will See, Defunct Bits of Me, Show About Online Dating Coming Soon, Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale, Dark Matter, Humans, iZombie, Hannibal Season 3, The Whispers, The Messengers, Changed My Facebook Profile to a Page and...
Jun 16, 2015
RRR 87 Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks, The Man in the High Castle
Unmissable Shows in Coming Months, Skype Call-In, Shame On Me!, We have a Forum!, More Rejections, Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks, The Man in the High Castle, Penny Dreadful Season 2, Game of Thrones Season 5 Episodes 8 to 9, Too Much TV, Poltergeist, The Babadook, The Imitation Game, Trailers: Jurassic World, Mr. Holmes, Sense8, Books: The Martian, Bird Box, Portent, Comics: Heathentown, Windows 10 Not Free After-All, Android M Has Undo BUT, Apple MacBook 12, WWDC, VR, Smartwatches
Jun 09, 2015
RRR 86 Mr. Robot, Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland
Skype Call-In, Google Hangouts On-Air, How to Get in Touch, Tweaked, Feedback: Comment About Ex Machina (Discussed in Episode 85), We have a Forum!, Rider In The Mist CYOA Game Update, Gotham Season Finale, Aquarius, Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Robot, Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland, Books: The Martian, Bird Box, Portent, How to Unlike Things in Facebook, Micro SD Card Storage Upgrade
May 31, 2015
RRR 85 My Redway Film Script
Redway Film Script, Author Profile, Kindle Horror Story Glassy, Rider In The Mist CYOA Game, Powers, Game of Thrones, Gotham, After, Ex Machina, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Parallels, Project Almanac, Books: The Martian, Bird Box.
May 24, 2015
RRR 84 Chat with UK Author Christopher Fowler (Roofworld, Psychoville, Bryant and May Series, Etc.)
This week I chat with prolific UK author Christopher Fowler, creator of the Bryant and May mystery series, as well as many other works of genre fiction, see He also expounds some useful writing advice and, oddly, appears to share my difficulty in finding the new entrance of Foyles (about 10ft left of the old entrance - there's a big sign!) Despite his previous work in the film industry, deep connections with Hollywood, and the Bond films' cast and crew, he still can't help me get a date with Berenice Marlohe. Damnit. I also update you about my own writing and let you know what to expect from the show in the next few weeks.
May 17, 2015
RRR 83 Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones
This week, as well as talking about Doctor Who, I update you about my online dating, the contributor and guest situation and the state of my own writing.
May 10, 2015
RRR 82 Hands-Free Audio Interactive Fiction Games with Dave Strand
Today I chat with Dave Strand from Arizona (who is also a bit of a local rock star) about his audio interactive fiction games that you can find at We also discuss my continuing online dating saga, Ninjalicious, a job vacancy at Roy's Rocket Radio, listener feedback, how we write, Avengers: Age of Ultron and I moan about too many spoilery Mad Max: Fury Road trailers. George Miller, are you listening? Well, are you? We also stray into some audio production topics that may be of interest to prospective podcasters.
May 04, 2015
RRR 81 Daredevil, 'And apparently you smelled Robert Downey Jr?'
Daredevil is the perfect nerdstorm and this week I chat about the reboot of this iconic Marvel superhero, Gotham, Jared Leto's new-look Joker, Batfleck, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Avengers: Age of Ultron with actor Chris Townsend of Intangible Productions. This podcast also includes valuable information regarding the aroma exuded by Robert Downey Jr. Plus male grooming and nerd dating. Recorded on Sunday morning in a busy department store restaurant.
Apr 26, 2015
RRR 80 Doctor Who: The Macra Terror
Sick, But OK, Astronaut Ice Cream, More Writing! Doctor Who: The Macra Terror, Thunderbirds Are Go, Tatau, Intruders, Dig, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One, Fantastic Four, Avengers: Age of Ultron
Apr 24, 2015
RRR 79 A Chat with Dean Motter, Creator of Mister X
Apr 20, 2015
RRR 78 Creative Round Table: Writing, Filmmaking, Production and Specific Issues Facing Minorities
Special: Creative Round Table: Writing, Filmmaking, Production and Specific Issues Facing Minorities in the Media Industry. Plus, catch us on community radio soon: diaspora show in pre-production.
Apr 18, 2015
RRR 77 Game of Thrones Season 5
Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1. Yes! One episode entirely devoted to GOT.
Apr 13, 2015
RRR 76 Doctor Who: The Moonbase
Special Message to Followers of Roy's Rocket Radio at, Tweaked Sound Settings for Podcast, Sea-Glass on a Sea-Less Shore Submitted! Doctor Who: The Moonbase, Intruders, Daredevil, Cinderella, Paddington, God Bless America, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Upcoming Features for UK Creatives
Apr 12, 2015
RRR 75 Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace
Happy Holiday Weekend, Norovirus, Guests and Contributors, The Studio, Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Into the Woods, John Bryne's Compleat Next Men Vol. 1, Edison Rex, The Complete Peanuts Dailies and Sundays 1967-1968
Apr 07, 2015
RRR 74 Doctor Who: The Highlanders
Show Schedule, New Website Design, Witing Covers, Proofreading, Doctor Who: The Highlanders, Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Mystery Road, John Wick, Mad Max: Fury Road, Free Podcast and Broadcast Play Out Systems
Mar 22, 2015
RRR 73 My Own Writing Progress and Gotham
Happy St. Patrick's Day! SciFi Tech Talk, My Own Writing Progress (The Horus Box, Sea Glass on a Sea-less Shore, Kobar The Black Tower of Darax-e-Mor, Rider In the Mist), Gotham
Mar 18, 2015
RRR 72 Blomkamp's Alien
Money, Podcast Downloads, Biz Cards, Delays, Short Stories or Novels? Ripley Returns in Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5, Ascension, The Last Man On Earth, Mobile World Congress, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, Samsung Curved Screen, Valve VR Headset, HTC Vive, Checking Internet Connection Speeds
Mar 07, 2015
RRR 71 My Horror and Fantasy Kindle Singles Update
Happy St. Davids Day, Support This Podcast But..., Podcast Stats: Best Month Ever! Leonard Nimoy RIP, Writing My Horror and Fantasy Kindle Singles Update: Schedule, Rider In The Mist, Kobar: The Black Tower of Darax-e-Mor, Sea Glass on a Sea-less Shore, Chair of Not Writing, The Internet's Own Boy, Jupiter Ascending, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Identity in Genre: Michaelmas, Who?, The Groundstar Conspiracy, Facebook Ads Driving Me Bananas, Mars One
Mar 02, 2015
RRR 70 Pierre Drolet, CGI Modeller and Starship Builder! (BSG, Razor, Caprica, Enterprise, Serenity, Etc.)
Doctor Who Marathon Back Next Week, News About My Own Writing Next Week, Introducing Pierre Drolet, Canadian!, Poutine, The Gateway by Pierre Drolet, How Pierre Got Started in CGI, Voyager, Nemesis, Hellboy, Enterprise, Serenity, BSG Razor, BSG, Caprica, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Snow White and the Huntsman, Da Vinci's Demons, Other Projects, Hollywood Insider Stuff?
Feb 24, 2015
RRR 69 The Post-Valentine's Weekend Apocalypse Show: Geekoid Romance on TV and at the Movies
Guest Andy Robb, Maha Shivaratri, Hair, Hair, Laugh at My Greatest Podcast Mistakes, Valentine's Day Shout Out To..., Geekoid Romance on TV and at the Buffy, Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars
Feb 17, 2015
RRR 68 Blood Curdling Horror Favourites!
Let's Talk About The Weather and How My Eyelash Tried to Kill Me Today, I Finally Upgraded to Yosemite, This week I chat with indie game developer Kitty Horrorshow and we share our horror favourites.
Feb 10, 2015
RRR 67 Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks
Coming Soon (Possibly): Blakes 7, B5, Star Trek TOS!!!, Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks, 12 Monkeys, Penny Dreadful, Mozart in the Jungle, Citizenfour, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, Saga Volume 4, Proton Mail
Feb 02, 2015
RRR 66 New Writing Section
New Writing Section, Writing Procrastination, Showing or Telling, Confidence, Innate Talent, Nepotism, Your Public Face, Writing is Not a Hobby, It is a Job!, Write Everywhere, Get Paid! Do Not Pay!, Getting Stabbed in the Back, If You Make It, Help Other Writers!, Plan for Getting My Fiction Published, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!, This Year You Write Your Novel, Google Glass Gone, First Apple Watch Mugging, Smartphone Hell, David Cameron's Privacy Concerns, Guest Contributors Wanted!
Jan 24, 2015
What is this Podcast About Anyway? Nerdly Consumption Levels Set to Low, Gone Girl, The Guard, Only Lovers Left Alive, Listening to a Lot of Podcasts, Finished Writing Sea Glass on a Sea-less Shore, Other Work, Rider in the Mist, CES, Show Restructuring, Doctor Who Marathon?
Jan 10, 2015