Thinking Poker

By Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis

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 Nov 23, 2018
Perfect mix of strategy and poker world discussion!!


Weekly poker podcast featuring interviews with both famous and behind-the-scenes figures from the poker world, as well as a poker strategy segment.

Episode Date
Episode 302: The Main Event
Andrew and Nate discuss Andrew’s 125th place finish in the WSOP Main Event. Timestamps 0:30 – hello and welcome 5:36 – bustout hand 71:32 – pocket fours Strategy Hand 1 30K/60K HJ (9M) opens to 120K, Hero (5.5M) calls from ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 15, 2019
Episode 301: Matt Matros
Matt Matros is a professional poker player and writer whose works include both fiction and poker books. He and Andrew discuss poker, writing, and writing about poker. In the strategy segment, Andrew discusses floating a flop check-raise deep in a ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 02, 2019
Episode 300: David Sklansky
Legendary poker author David Sklansky is our guest for Episode 300. We discuss his long career in gambling and writing about gambling, his new book The Theory of Poker Applied to No-Limit, and more. Plus real-time strategy from the WSOP ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 24, 2019
Episode 299: Berk’s Back
Berk Brown sits down with Andrew in Las Vegas to discuss flying around the world to deal nosebleed games, the short lifespan of delusional pros, and the state of Las Vegas poker in 2019. Andrew’s new book, Play Optimal Poker, ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 18, 2019
Episode 82: Ari Engel (Re-broadcast)
This interview first aired in 2014 on the Poker News podcast stream. It was never available on the Thinking Poker stream, which is why we’re re-releasing it now. Ari is a perfect #nitcast guest, sharing tips on how to travel ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 10, 2019
Correction to Episode 298
When I first released Episode 298, I made an offer to give free e-books to people who bought a paper book wrote a review. Unfortunately, I think that’s not consistent with Amazon’s policy on reviews, and I don’t want to ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 03, 2019
Episode 298: Play Optimal Poker
Andrew’s book, Play Optimal Poker, comes out on Tuesday, June 4. He and Nate discuss writing, editing, publishing, and the book’s contents. The e-book is available to pre-order now, but be sure to listen to the episode first if you ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 03, 2019
Episode 297: Quick Strategy
Andrew’s working furiously to finish his book, so there’s no guest this week, just a quick strategy segment where he and Nate discuss whether to slowplay top set. Timestamps 0:30 Hello8:07 Strategy Strategy $2/$5 at Turning Stone in upstate NY. ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 27, 2019
Episode 296: Top Pair, Multi-Way
Nate and Andrew discuss the new premium podcasts, Andrew’s forthcoming book, and a tricky hand where the Hero makes top pair, top kicker in a four-way pot. Timestamps 0:30 hello & welcome14:17 strategy Strategy 5/5 NLHE, $1500 effective Hero raises ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 14, 2019
Episode 295: Carlos Welch, Single Table Satellites, and More
CARLOs WELCH Carlos Welch is a “professional poker student” and long-time friend of the show. He plays, coaches, and studies poker, lives in a van, and substitute teaches. He first appeared on Episode 39. Twitter Link Carlos and Andrew have ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 07, 2019
Episode 294: Steven van Zadelhoff
Steven van Zadelhoff Steven van Zadelhoff is a Dutch poker player residing in Malta. Among his many accolades is a victory in the Main Event of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker. Twitter Long-time poker pro Steven van Zadelhoff ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 29, 2019
Episode 293: Thomas Pinnock
Thomas Pinnock Thomas Pinnock is a poker player and coach, a contributor to Upswing Poker, and a medical student at the University of Western Australia. He is the founder of Zenith Poker. Link Thomas Pinnock is a master of balance. ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 23, 2019
Episode 292: Tommy Angelo Waits for Straighters
Tommy Angelo discusses the concept of Waiting for Straighters as well as his collaboration with Lee Jones and his thoughts on collaboration more generally. Tommy previously appeared on Episode 2, Episode 29, and Episode 192, Episode 211, and Episode 220. ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 16, 2019
Episode 291: Mark Thompson
Software developer Mark Thompson joins us to discuss the common pitfalls and important “Aha!” moments for new players, as well as how a desire to create software to assist with his own development led to a commercial project. In the ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 08, 2019
Episode 290: Brad Willis
This wide-ranging interview explores not only Brad Willis’s new project Murder Etc but also creativity, journalism, the podcasting medium, and what it means to know a place. Timestamps 0:30 – Hello & welcome3:11 – Strategy35:40 – Brad Willis Links Tyler ChildersBilly StringsMarcus ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 02, 2019
Episode 289: Barry Carter
Timestamps 0:30 – Hello7:18 – Strategy34:21 – Barry Carter Strategy Hand Details 100 BB effective stacks Dealt to Hero: Ks Ts UTG folds, Hero (MP) raises to 3BB, Villain (CO) calls, BTN folds, SB folds, BB folds. Flop: Qh 6s 4s (7.5BB) Hero bets ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 25, 2019
Episode 288: Phil Galfond Runs It Once
Phil Galfond, who first appeared on Episode 229, returns to the show to discuss the launch of his real-money poker site Run It Once and how it differs from the traditional online poker experience. Follow Phil on Twitter for more ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 12, 2019
Episode 287: Rough River
Thanks to a last-minute cancellation, Nate and Andrew put together a quick all-strategy episode. What do you do when you flop the nuts but the river pairs the board? How should you transition from tournaments to online cash games? Strategy ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 04, 2019
Episode 286: Luke Vrabel
Luke Vrabel (@SlayAbides) began his career as bdbeatslayer, one of the top “female” MTT players online, eventually winning a bundle of cash and a Lamborghini in the 5th Anniversary PokerStars Sunday Million. Since Black Friday, though, he’s had a rocky ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Feb 25, 2019
Episode 285: GirafGanger7
GirafGanger7 consistently cracks Pocket Fives’ list of the top ten online MTT players, and between games, he helps his girlfriend care for rescue animals from cats to chickens to goats. We talk to him about his unique life, his approach ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Feb 18, 2019
Episode 284: Poker and Pop Culture with Martin Harris
Martin Harris, perhaps better known in the poker world as Short-Stacked Shamus, is the author of the forthcoming book Poker and Pop Culture (available for pre-order now!) as well as the Hard-Boiled Poker blog. He is a freelance writer, and ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Feb 04, 2019
Episode 283: Richard Herbert
Richard is a long-time poker player, dealer, floorperson, and tournament director in the Baltimore area. He started out playing Magic: The Gathering with some other poker players you’ve probably heard of. We geek out on dealer training and procedure but ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 29, 2019
Episode 282: F*** You, Give Me Candy and Toys
Carlos Welch is over live poker. He’s currently teaching special education in Portland and grinding mid-stakes MTTs on Ignition. In addition to his recent exploits, he and Andrew discuss tells and bluff-catching. Timestamps 0:30 Hello & Welcome 42:21 Strategy Links ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 14, 2019
Episode 281: Ben Saxton
Ben Saxton teaches literature and writing classes at Tulane Medical School and Bard Early College. He’s also a poker writer whose interviews for Two Plus Two Magazine have a lot in common with those you’d hear on the Thinking Poker ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 07, 2019
Episode 280: Tony Neuman
Long-time listener Tony Neuman wrote to us about a hand that he played in a home game against a brother, and we discussed it on Episode 267. Now he’s on the air to follow up with a discussion of straddling, ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 31, 2018
Episode 279: KL “HighHands89” Cleeton
KL Cleeton returns to the show to discuss what makes poker fun and what makes it interesting. Plus, he’s got some Twitch news to announce, and he and Andrew discuss how to do focused hand history reviews when you don’t ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 20, 2018
Episode 278: A Game Theory Primer
Andrew explains fundamental game theory concepts in terms that even a beginner can understand and addresses some common myths and misunderstandings. Contribute to Andrew’s BAUDL Fundraising Campaign or learn more about itShop with our Amazon affiliate linksGet 25% Off Custom ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 10, 2018
Episode 277: Mixing It Up
Nate and Andrew put out an hour of pure strategy, brought to you by our friends at Tournament Poker Edge. Topics include limp-raising, thin value three-betting, donk betting, overbetting, and mixing up your play (or not). Links Contribute to Andrew’s ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 03, 2018
Episode 276: Canvassing with Andrew Therriault
Andrew Therriault is an enthusiastic poker player and the former Director of Data Science for the Democratic National Committee. We discuss how data is changing political campaigns and [host] Andrew’s recent experience canvassing for Beto O’Rourke in Austin, TX. Andrew’s ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Nov 19, 2018
Episode 275: John the Once and Future Lawyer
John “the Lawyer” makes a third appearance on the podcast to talk about why he’s dipping a few toes back into lawyering. We talk about Stud, the New England poker scene, why the games are getting less good, why prosecutors ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Nov 06, 2018
Episode 274: John Doe, Retired CEO
This week’s guest asked us not to use his name, but he’s got quite a resume. The octogenarian has served as an executive and a Board member for several major US corporations, and now that he’s finally retired, he’s a ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 30, 2018
Episode 273: Paul Runge
Paul Runge and his wife LeAnn own and operate the Bend Poker Club. We talk to him about the politics and particulars of Oregon’s social gaming regulations and the business of running a poker club. Timestamps 0:30 hello & welcome ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 23, 2018
Episode 272: Bill Chen
Bill Chen (@BillChenPoker) is a quantitative researcher at the Susquehanna International Group and the co-author, with Jarred Ankenman, of The Mathematics of Poker. We talk to him about the connections between poker and trading, and Nate dares to make a ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 15, 2018
Episode 271: Danny Sprung From the WBF Championships
Danny Sprung, whom you may recall from Episode 194, joins us from the World Bridge Federation Championships. We compare this event to the World Series of Poker and discuss some key hands from Danny’s very deep run in the Monster ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 08, 2018
Episode 270: Killingbird
Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch is a co-founder and -owner of Tournament Poker Edge. He’s also a poker streamer and a beagle rescuer. We discuss all three, plus house hunting in Las Vegas and leaving Las Vegas. Derek’s first appearance on the ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 01, 2018
Episode 269: Check and Raise with Matt Glassman
Why is the sports book always next to the poker room? Is the Supreme Court a political actor? Should check and raise be permitted? Our wide-ranging conversation with the always-interesting Matt Glassman covers these topics and many more. Matt Glassman ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Sep 24, 2018
Episode 268: Taking Off
Andrew and Nate share some book and podcast recommendations and, inspired by Dara O’Kearney, discuss the value of taking days off. In the strategy segment, Andrew takes an unconventional line vs Phil Galfond in a Progressive Knock-Out. Timestamps 0:30 hello ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Sep 18, 2018
Episode 267: A Tale of Two Brothers
Should dealers announce bet sizes if no one asks? Nate and Andrew discuss the arguments for and against this procedure. Plus, they discuss a strategy hand from the perspective of both active players, who happen to be brothers! Timestamps 0:30 ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Sep 10, 2018
Episode 266: Andy Bloch
Andy Bloch is a long-time professional poker player and computer programmer who was one of the pioneers at the intersection of these fields. He was also a member of the MIT Blackjack team that was the subject of Bringing Down ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Aug 27, 2018
Episode 265: Ashley Adams
Ashley Adams is the host of the House of Cards podcast/radio show (Andrew was a guest in 2010!) and the author of Winning No-Limit Hold ‘Em and Winning Seven Card Stud. We talk to him about his (now complete) quest ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Aug 20, 2018
Episode 264: Ivey Bluffs It Off
Nate, in a special solo episode, dissects Phil Ivey’s bustout hand from the 2018 WSOP Main Event.
Jul 31, 2018
Episode 263: Clayton Fletcher Runs Deeper
Comedian and professional poker player Clayton Fletcher earned himself a fourth podcast appearance with his 28th place finish in the 2018 WSOP Main Event! I think they gave him some cash for that as well. He and Andrew meet in ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 23, 2018
Episode 262: Barney Boatman (feat. Josh Miller and Eric Keppler)
Barney Boatman was a professional poker player in London before the poker boom. As a member of the Hendon Mob, he played in “spielers” and in tournaments across Europe. Andrew talks to him about England’s pre-boom poker scene, living in ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 11, 2018
Episode 261: Andrew Runs Deep
Nate and Andrew discuss key hands from Andrew’s 13th place finish in the $2500 no-limit hold ’em WSOP event. Timestamps 0:30 hello 10:56 strat Strategy Hand 1 On the bubble, CO (16K) opens to 5k. Hero calls T9dd in the ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 02, 2018
Episode 260: WSOP Live 2018
Nate got barely 72 hours in Las Vegas this summer, but he was kind enough to spend a few of them recording with Andrew and Carlos in his Gold Coast hotel room. The three talk about their summer plans, the ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 18, 2018
Episode 259: Christian Holden
Christian Holden is a professional musician and poker player who lives in an anarchist collective in Worcester, Massachusetts. In this in-person interview, he and Andrew discuss his music, his poker, his politics, and the staking deal he almost had with ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 12, 2018
Episode 258: Fake News with Zach Elwood
Zach Elwood is the author of Reading Poker Tells, Verbal Poker Tells, and Exploiting Poker Tells. Our first interview with him was on Episode 14. He’s quoted in this New York Times article (Edit: and this Washington Post article) about ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 29, 2018
Episode 257: Gareth Chantler on Canada’s Missing Syrians
Thinking poker legend Gareth Chantler recently published a major exposé of flaws in Canada’s refugee approval process. He discusses the piece, which was the product of years of research, as well as his work more generally with the Syrian community ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 22, 2018
Episode 256: Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh grew up playing chess and teen patti, and he quickly became one of the sharpest rounders at the National Law School of India. This wide-ranging conversation covers everything from cuisine and literature to the Irish Open to overlimping ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 07, 2018
Episode 255: Bet That Set!
Nate and Andrew talk strategy for BB Ante tournaments, play a round of “Underrated or Overrated”, and discuss two hands where players flop sets and end up facing tough decisions later. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 8:08 – strategy Strategy Hand ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 30, 2018
Episode 254: Berk Brown
Berk Brown has spent decades in the world of poker and seen it from the perspective of a floorperson, a dealer, and a professional player. He’s full of great anecdotes and insights about staking, longevity (of games, rooms, and professional ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 16, 2018
Episode 253: Bryan Devonshire
Bryan is a long-time professional poker player who, like many, has expanded into daily fantasy sports and cryptocurrencies, but unlike many, has also expanded into river guiding. He works for AVA Colorado Rafting, and he recommends Dam Nation, Cadillac Desert, and Down ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 10, 2018
Episode 252: Josh Nixon
Josh Nixon was a student in the Boston Debate League when Andrew was the director. In the years since then, he’s been a serious Magic: The Gathering player is now taking an interest in poker. In this interview, he talks ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 02, 2018
Episode 251: Helen Ellis
Helen Ellis is a proud housewise and poker player and the author of the novels Eating the Cheshire Cat and The Turning Book, the short fiction collection American Housewife, and the What I Do All Day Twitter account. Her poker ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 26, 2018
Episode 250: Dick Carson Part 3
This is the conclusion of our epic three-hour interview with living legend Dick Carson (Part 1, Part 2), featuring stories from his pool hustling days and memories of Frank Rosenthal. Timestamps 0:30 Hello 4:07 Strategy 29:45 Dick pt iii Strategy ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 19, 2018
Episode 249: Dick Carson, Part 2
This is a continuation of our massive interview with Dick Carson (Part 1 here). In this episode, you’ll hear stories about the Binions, Bobby Baldwin, Chip Reese, Anthony Spilotro, and more. Thanks to  John the Lawyer for all his help ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 12, 2018
Episode 248: Dick Carson, Part 1
Dick Carson is an old-school gambler, pool hustler, bookie, and poker player. He’s also a hulluva storyteller and a helluva nice guy. Nate, Andrew, and John the Lawyer sit down with him to talk about the best poker players you ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 06, 2018
Episode 247: Maria Konnikova
Maria Konnikova is a best-selling author turned semi-pro tournament poker player. She is a contributing writer for the New Yorker and the author of The Confidence Game and Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.
Feb 19, 2018
Episode 246: Guess We’re Talking Strategy
It’s one strategy segment… followed by another strategy segment, after an interview needs to be rescheduled. Nate and Andrew discuss playing from the Small Blind and playing tricky hands like top pair with a bad kicker. Timestamps 0:30 hello 9:35 ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Feb 12, 2018
Episode 245: Carlooser
Carlos Welch is back to talk about his decision to get coaching from Ryan “Protential” LaPlante and the new, looser style of play with which he’s been experimenting as a result. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 34:19 – strat Strategy Hand ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Feb 05, 2018
Episode 244: Ryan Click
Ryan Click is a former professional poker player who now works in sales in the space/aerospace industry (and still plays a lot of poker!). We talk about the future – and present – of space exploration, the importance of a ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 29, 2018
Episode 243: Jamal Hanson
Jamal Hanson introduces us to a high-stakes poker game we knew nothing about… because it’s played behind bars. Jamal, who graduated college at 16 but ultimately landed him in prison for selling crack cocaine, talks about learning to play, landing ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 16, 2018
Episode 242: Your Strategy Questions Answered!
Nate and Andrew enjoy some “alone time” and answer listeners’ strategy questions (and a programming question) from the mailbag. Here’s the online MIT Computer Science Course that Nate recommended. Strategy Hand 1 100 BB effective stacks  Dealt to Hero: Ks ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 09, 2018
Episode 241: The Crypto Show
Poker player and crypto assets trader @blaissezfaire joins us to explain what exactly crypto assets are, why the poker world went crazy for them in 2017, and what the future may hold. Timestamps 0:30 hello 11:08 strat 28:13 chris Links ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jan 01, 2018
Episode 240: Jordan Young
Jordan Young has been a professional poker player for well over a decade, but only somewhat recently has he hit a stride that seems attainable. We talk about bankroll management, painkiller addiction, the Solve for Why Academy, and how to ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 25, 2017
Episode 239: Cory Mikesell
Cory Mikesell is a professional poker player, a chess master, a writer, and the author of 3Bet Pots Game Theory and Practice. We talk about his struggles, his successes, and how thoroughly he’s thrown himself into everything he’s done. Run ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 19, 2017
Episode 238: Brad Willis
Brad Willis is the head of blogging for PokerStars and the author of the excellent Rapid Eye Reality blog. We talk to him about politics at the poker table, raising sons, and living as a progressive in the American South. ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 11, 2017
Episode 237: Douglas Stewart
Douglas Stewart is an avid amateur poker player who plays in live tournaments whenever his schedule allows, but makes his living as a literary agent in New York City where he focuses on working with novelists as well as with ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Dec 07, 2017
Episode 236: Tapiwa Gwaze
“Tapi” was born in Zimbabwe and lived in Scotland and Canada for several years before ultimately coming to the United States. Professional poker player may not have been the career that his parents envisioned for him, but after a few ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Nov 28, 2017
Episode 235: Politics at the Poker Table with Matt Glassman
Matt Glassman is back with a new job (senior fellow at the Government Affairs Institute), a new podcast (Congress, Two Beers In), and as usual some refreshingly wonky insight into what’s really going on in Washington. Plus when is it ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Nov 20, 2017
Episode 234: Carloose Welch
Carlos Welch has a new home (hotel), a new (used) van, and a new three-barreling range. We talk to him about living in Laughlin and driving across the country, and in our strategy segment, we get some insight into his ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Nov 07, 2017
Episode 233: Andrew Therriault
Andrew Therriault is the Chief Data Officer for the City of Boston. He’s also an enthusiastic poker player and the former Director of Data Science for the Democratic National Committee. We talk to him about how big data and artificial ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 30, 2017
Episode 232: Carlos Chadha
Carlos Chadha has been a professional poker player for nearly 15 years, and in that time he’s mastered everything from Seven Card Stud to Heads Up No Limit Hold ‘Em to Multi-Table Tournaments. He’s also had to master his own ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 24, 2017
Episode 231: Peter Chi
Peter Chi is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Ursinus College teaching an undergraduate statistics course revolving around poker. He’s using this textbook and documenting the experience on his blog. You can also follow him on Twitter @PeterBChi. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 3:49 – ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 17, 2017
Episode 230: Christian Soto Live!
Christian Soto and Andrew meet in-person in Baltimore, hours after playing together in the World Poker Tour main event at Maryland Live!, to commiserate and talk about some key hands. This interview was tremendous fun to record and hopefully will ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Oct 10, 2017
Episode 229: Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond needs as little introduction as any guest we’ve ever had. He’s crushed at virtually all forms of poker at the highest stakes, he’s crushed in the poker training market, and now he’s preparing to crush in the real ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Sep 25, 2017
Episode 228: Jose Pachon
Jose Pachon is a professional poker player based out of Providence, Rhode Island, but his story begins in the 1970s in Pablo Escobar’s Colombia. We discuss his childhood in the turbulent country, how he came to America, and how he ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Sep 19, 2017
Episode 227: Talal Shakerchi
Talal Shakerchi just might be the best amateur poker player in the world. Playing as “raidalot” on PokerStars, he’s won, among other things, the $10,000 Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event. The hedge fund manager discusses what may be driving ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Sep 05, 2017
Episode 226: Nipun Java
Nipun Java made history when, along with Aditya Sushant, he won India’s first ever WSOP bracelet, in the $1500 NLHE Tag Team event. He capped off his summer with a second bracelet in the $1000 Online event. Nipun and Andrew ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Aug 29, 2017
Episode 225: Taking the Variance out of Poker
Michael Bowling and Dustin Morrill of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group return to the show to discuss the results of DeepStackAI‘s heads up matches against human players including Nate and Andrew! They also introduce AIVAT, their tool ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Aug 22, 2017
Episode 224: KL Cleeton
KL Cleeton was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, but that hasn’t kept him from playing poker both live and online. In 2017, he won a contest sponsored by Daniel Negreanu and lived his dream of playing in the WSOP Main ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Aug 15, 2017
Episode 223: E-Tay
Esther Taylor, better known as E-Tay, is a mixed game player who also knows how to kick ass in no-limit hold ’em tournaments. Andrew talks to her about learning new games, being a poker-playing mom, and more. Plus Carlos Welch ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Aug 08, 2017
Episode 222: Strategy From the Small Stakes
Andrew tackles the mailbox alone this week, reviewing three no-limit hands played in small stakes games. Strategy Hand 1 I’m in MP with 9c9d, a stack of $5.56 and raise to 15c, it folds around to the SB with a stack ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 30, 2017
Episode 221: Benny Glaser
Benny Glaser is a mixed games specialist from the United Kingdom. With three WSOP bracelets to his name, he is finally getting some recognition as a world-class mixed games expert. We talk to him about why he chose to focus ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 25, 2017
Episode 220: Tommy’s Room
Tommy Angelo invites Andrew and Carlos into his suite at the Rio while Nate joins by Skype to discuss Tommy’s history at the WSOP (dating back to 1987!) and some rare card-playing strategy with a man known primarily for his ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jul 10, 2017
Episode 219: Carlos in the House!
Carlos Welch and Andrew are rooming together in Las Vegas, and Nate joins by Skype to discuss the WSOP and Carlos’ $600 phone bill. Timestamps 0:30 – hello and welcome 34:43 – strategy
Jul 04, 2017
Episode 218: Dara in the House!
Andrew and Dara O’Kearney are roommates for the WSOP this summer. They talk with Nate about the start of their series, their plans for the summer, and Andrew’s hopes for Day 2 of the Colossus and the Tag Team event ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 20, 2017
Episode 217: Exploiting Recreational Players with Matt Glassman
Matt Glassman and Nate Meyvis discuss spectating the World Series of Poker, executive privilege, the political consequences of impeachment, and how to exploit recreational players. Andrew makes a brief cameo to discuss his WSOP so far and how to have fun ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Jun 14, 2017
Episode 216: WSOP Prep with Clayton Fletcher
Clayton Fletcher fills in for Nate Meyvis this week, and he and Andrew discuss plans and preparation for the World Series of Poker. Clayton previously discussed his deep run in the WSOP Main Event on this show. Follow Clayton on Twitter@claytoncomic ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 29, 2017
Episode 215: Catching Up With Chantler
Gareth Chantler, who first appeared on Episode 6, once again graces us with his presence. This time around, we discuss James Joyce, Syria, SCOOP, and, begrudgingly, a bit of Limit Hold ‘Em strategy. Timestamps 0:30 Hello and welcome 52:44 Strategy ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 23, 2017
Episode 214: Daniel “Clarence” Wolf
Daniel Wolf AKA Clarence AKA Baby Dick is a professional poker player. Originally from Pittsburgh, he now lives and plays in Maryland. We talk to him about having fun at the table, jumping back and forth between 2/5 and 25/50 ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 08, 2017
Episode 213: Straight-Up Strategy
Don’t bet the under! Nate and Andrew manage to review three hand histories in barely an hour. There’s a four-barrel bluff from a NLHE tournament, a turn donk bet from a NLHE cash game, and even a spread-limit Omaha 8-or-better ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
May 01, 2017
Episode 212: Matt Bodnar
Matt Bodnar is an investor, the host of The Science of Success podcast, and an avid poker player. We talk to him about his experiences in poker inform his work in investing and vice versa, and how what he’s learned ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 24, 2017
Episode 211: Painless Poker with Tommy Angelo
Tommy Angelo returns to the podcast to discuss his new book, Painless Poker, as well as his writing process, his daily meditation practice, his new goals, and his sordid past. In our strategy segment, we discuss why it matters how ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 210: Michael Johanson and Dustin Morrill
The Computer Poker Research Group’s Michael Johanson and Dustin Morrill discuss Andrew and Nate’s recent battle with their heads-up no-limit hold ’em AI, DeepStack. Johanson has previously been our guest on Episode 79 and Episode 110. Before the match, we discussed DeepStack ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 10, 2017
Episode 209: Patrick “patio11” McKenzie
Patrick McKenzie, known as “patio11” on Hacker News and elsewhere, is a blogger, consultant, and all-around public intellectual on subjects related to software and business. He’s also, as it happens, an avid if occasional poker player. We talk to him about why ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Apr 03, 2017
Episode 208: Michael Bowling of CPRG
Michael Bowling of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, who has previously appeared on Episode 79 and on Episode 110 after “essentially” solving Heads Up Limit Hold ‘Em, returns to discuss the group’s latest work creating an AI ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 28, 2017
Episode 207: Nikolai Yakovenko on AI and Poker
Nikolai Yakovenko, poker player and computer scientist, returns to the podcast (he first appeared on Episode 155) to talk about recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, particularly with regard to poker. Links Tournament Poker Edge NYC Live Event with Just Hands ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 21, 2017
Episode 206: Pair Plus Draw
It’s all strategy this week, as Nate and Andrew review two hands in which the Hero flops a strong pair plus the nut flush draw. Links Tournament Poker Edge NYC Live Event with Just Hands Poker Timestamps 0:30 hello 12:36 ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 13, 2017
Episode 205: Ronnie Bardah
Ronnie Bardah has been a poker pro since before “The Boom”, and though he’s perhaps most famous for his five consecutive cashes in the WSOP Main Event, he’s a Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em player first and foremost. He shares his ... <a class="read-more" href="">Read more...</a>
Mar 06, 2017