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<p>Proud progenitor of #thegreatpodcastswindle. Since 2012, Jonah Ray, Neil Mahoney and Cash Hartzell have argued, laughed, loved and gradually cut back on their drinking all while loosely discussing and playing submitted music. The three man team, often with a guest, sometimes without, are constantly pushing boundaries in the medium of "music news" Not since Rolling Stone introduced us to the New Journalism of Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson has a medium given rise to an artistic movement more clearly than podcasting and Jonah Raydio. And as an investment in the phrase "the best music is the best because it's personal" each week our heroes match a situation, a hypothetical question with their own personal favorite. Past "themes" have resulted in a fantasy novel based on Run The Jewels, a playlist of Beta Male Bachelor Party bangers and new directions for corporate entity radio stations. Jonah Raydio w/Cash feat.Neil. It's not your daddy's music podcast. It's Jonahs.</p>

Episode Date
203 Textchain of Friendship
Full ahead and damn the podcasts! This week, we 3 sit back (in Neil’s case, lay back on the broken couch he was supposed to have fixed) and shoot the sh#t.  We open speaking of the shows we’ve seen recently. Music shows, not like the Mandolorian or something. Then we exercise our copyright on Music Neüs, with some sad news about Juice WRLD, good news about ol’ pal Brian Poshen, and some barrage news about Knottfest. Then we break out stuff we’ve sent each other in the text chains. Check out @catonicyouths on Instagram, this legendary history of music via Archie Henderson and Adrian Grey’s twitter, and the miracle that is Jon Sudano Please submit your musics or station identifications to the name of the show at gmail dot com.  SONGS Bedrooms- Chico’s Bodega Ben Lee- Speeding Motorcycle (Daniel Johnson cover) Sicko- Bad Year
Dec 13, 2019
202 Jimmy Pardo
23 and Podcast everybody! This week we host legendary podcaster/comic and host Jimmy Pardo. And he brings his son Oliver by as well. Jimmy is host of the award winning Never Not Funny podcast as well as the new Jimmy’s Records & Tapes on Youtube. A living legend in the flesh, plus his dad. This week we talk podcast stories, conventions and Cameo, Roger Daltrey sightings. In Music Neüs, dueling accents are brought out to highlight the Gallegeher brothers, we talk dad rock and roll.  In our game this week we go intergenerational, testing the music taste of both Jimmy and Oliver to see where they diverge. Great time, good music, great guests. SONGS Jeff Rosenstock and Laura Stevenson- Harvest Moon Avenade- Closed Fist and Bottle Antics Mikal Cronin - I’ve Got Reason
Dec 06, 2019
201 Best of Games
Carvin’ up the podcast! This week we lost a recording opportunity to sickness, so on this holiday we present the best of our 3rd act games. Tim Ryder joins us for a trip to fantasy world, Cash leads the boys in a Mad Lib version of Ain’t No Fun, and the boys pitch their own ad campaigns for Colin Hanks Hanks Kerchiefs. Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!
Nov 29, 2019
200 B. Dolan
What a few hundred between friends, podcastseñors? This week we welcome back one half of a past guest the rapper, writer and good dude B.Dolan. The Epic Beard Man helps us ring in our two hundredth episode with music Neüs, his double career and how Jesus Walks was Kanyes’ Chekhov’s gun. Music Neüs covers the Gallegher update, a chance for knots to hang out at sea, and bus drivers, man. B also catches us up on his screenwriting career. Check out his movies Almost Mercy and Vault. Check out his current tour at, especially those in Colorado! The best way to celebrate any anniversary, any birthday, anything is to have a good time. We did that. Even if we didn’t realize it was an anniversary until after. Thanks as always. Submit you stuff at  SONGS epic beard men- you can’t tell me shit evil waves- death waltz b.dolan- graffiti busters
Nov 22, 2019
199 In The Backseat
All hands on the podcast! Hey everybody, this week we cut out the guest and give you what you’ve been clamoring for, a Neil that may have had a few before we started. He had come in the day before to fix the couch and was kinda floating on a high from that. We do music Neüs like we do and cover such topics as the Owls of Big Boi, what the Prophets of Rage didn’t see coming, our Liam News corner and Metalicas efforts towards fire relief in NorCal. Finally in theme game thing that we do, we role-play as ride share drivers and submit or songs to encourage and discourage hanky panky in the back seat. It’s a podcast! It’s worth your time AND ours! Yeesh- End Results Grand Prix- Pink Lemonade Cheekface- No Connection
Nov 15, 2019
198 Allie Goertz
Harken back, ye raydiots, to a time when we did a podcast and Allie Goertz was the guest. Then Jonahs' stomach got a wobbly and he left to use the bathroom and then never came back and poor Allie had to put up with Neil and Cash! Well stop remembering, cause Allie is back and Jonah didn’t go to the bathroom the whole time she was there! Rejoice! We talk Music Neüs as is our wont. We follow up on the KC sweater story from last week, Cash pitches a unified SNL cinematic universe, Olivia Coleman and Phoebe Waller-Bridge team up for a Portishead cover, Billy Idol talks about the emotionless robot he almost played in the 90s, and we ponder what the posthumous Soundgarden album will be like. Then it’s time for the return of our unnamed theme segment of the show. This week everyone was tasked with finding a song they were introduced to by a tv show that was NOT the theme song. Little bit of a thinker but everybody had great ones. Let us know yours on twitter. We’re @jonahraydio Hit us up at that name at gmail dot com with your music and station ID submissions. SONGS Silktale- Eazy The Great American Novel- Perpetual Evolution Machine Science Is Fiction- Awkward Girl
Nov 08, 2019
197 Heather Anne Campbell
Hey, hello, and howdy, podcastoeńos. This week we are joined by Heather Anne Campbell. She’s a writer and performer you may know from Whose Line is It Anyway, writing on the new Twilight Zone, her years with LA sketch show The Midnight Show or even her video game podcast How Did This Get Played. But it is her love for Liam Gallagher that’s brought her to us. We talk how the writers room for the Twilight Zone is different than other writers rooms, her pre-legal audition for Whose Line, some Oasis talk, then get really heavy with something about capitalism killing us. Then its all the Neùs thats fit to Music, where we talk tiki’s tok, connect Liam Gallagher to Jeff Epstein, explain why Eminim got a Secret Service visit and then there’s just this note that reads “Tori Anus”. So. Watch out for that. Finally we get a recap of the Liam Gallagher show that both Heather and Jonah attended. Was there drama? Listen and find out! SONGS hollywood horses- heavy rubber gloves honeyblood- you’re standing on my neck the menzingers-America(You’re Freaking Me Out)
Nov 01, 2019
196 Neil is Back
Just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% a podcast! This week Neil joins the guys to complete the Jonah Raydio Voltron that’s been limping and one armed for weeks now.  Its an Almost All Music NeÜs Special this week. We get into some Rock and Roll Hall of Fame discussions, Talk Chris Martin sitting in on a Beck drop in, and Mark De Longes new deal with the government. We speculate on the Cobain sweaters ultimate price and get hyped for our favorite upcoming tour, Letterkenney SONGS Savage Remains- Dawn of the Dead The Paperback Whale- Slower Bish Bash- Do What Daddy Says If you’d like to advertise on Jonah Raydio, please reach out to
Oct 25, 2019
Gerard Way: Live Episode at LA Comic-Con Hey everybody, Cash here.  This week our episode come to you from LA COMICON where Jonah hosted Gerard Way, musician/comic creator/very busy man. You may know him from My Chemical Romance, his comic/Netflix series the Umbrella Academy or his current run on Doom Patrol. He and Jonah talk about keeping the creative spark going and finding the right medium for the right idea. It was a good talk. I saw it live.  We were gonna do like a wrap around with music news and such, for all the MusicNeüsheads out there, but then Neil has been having stomach problems. Apparently threw up on his feet in the shower this morning. (For some reason Jonah wanted me to include that.) Anyways we thought that after some serious allegations of sucking were thrown towards Neil by E from Eels last week, we should not record a new episode without giving Neil the chance to defend hisself. So here you have it.  Watch it here if you’d like. It was on Youtube!
Oct 18, 2019
194 E of Eels
Don’t go podcasting my heart! This week we have no guest. What we do have is a replacement Neil, in the form of E from Eels. Jonah and Cash sit with the charming songwriter and frontman and talk music, his time performing with Steve Perry, and how he hates Neil. While huge mega corporations strive to make inroads into serious music journalism while cutting back on serious journalists, we make them look like fools with our groundbreaking Music News. We talk Mott The Hoople, a new that dog album and Jonah points out a Eels-sublime-Beatles riff Later we get into making small heathy choices rather then trying to turn your whole life around and subverting audiences expectations in what kinda show they’re gonna get. It was real cool. Hit us up with Station IDs and your music at the name of the show at google mail company dot com. Follow E on instagram. Listen to the music SONGS Mike Henry- Jenn Stewart Aaron Beckum- Carpenters Song Good Graces- Three Grave Lake- Sleeper
Oct 11, 2019
193 Colin Hanks and His Kerchiefs
Podcast in Yer Pocket! This week actor, director and name based pun side hustle champion Colin Hanks stops by! We talk his work, his documentaries, his life, his kerchiefs! Music News comes calling and we pick up the phone! We talk ‘Talca’s newest tour cancellations, Billy Corgan’s threatened new dates, a new release for Nirvanas most unplugged album of all and Snoop Doggs new sample/cover of Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand send us down a list of best renditions of that song. You’ll see why the LA Times said of our music news segment “They[Raydio’s exciting new take on the old trope of music news and the way they bring a excitement and vigor to a brand new generation, it’s like they are] stealing [creative fire from the Gods and make all other music news related publications look like] garbage cans” Finally we go full on Don Draper for Colins’ company Hanks Kerchiefs. We each pitch our own take for a full fledged ad campaign/future creative direction for the company. Does it go well? Listen and find out! SONGZ Poppy Robby- Devil Is A Woman Steve’n Seagull- Nothing Else Matters Booji Boys- Calling The Muffs- Sad Tomorrow Rest In Peace Kim
Oct 04, 2019
192 Mikal Cronin and Impeachment Jams
Damn it feels good to be a podcast! This week, we treachourus 3 are joined my musician, artist and good fella Mikal Cronin. Mikal is doing the rounds talking about his album out on the 25th of October, Seeker. We take Mikal through the magical journey that is our Music News segment, with stories about saying goodbye to Robert Hunter and Ric Ocasic, Liam Gallegers new album and movie, a disastrous Black Keys concert and the 15th anniversary of American Idiot Then we get into our theme, songs for Impeachment. Now as this podcast goes up, we still have the same president we did when we recorded this. Hopefully when you listen to this, we won’t. See you next week! See Jonah at the Drafthouse in DC this weekend. See Mikal on tour! SO NG S Mikal Cronin- Shelter Elephant Rifle- I’m Bad At Driving Problem Daughter- Pocket Sand
Sep 27, 2019
191 Mahonaraydio Live; You Cant Call Me Al
This week! Live from the Hi Hat! It’s the You Can’t Call Me Al Mahonaraydio Special. Featuring JR Slayer! Phils Pills!  Allie Goertz! Tom Lennon! Mike O Brien! Tim Kasher! Toys That Kill!, and Karate the Band! Musical Guest Jonah Ray! And here’s your host, Neeeeeeeeeil Mahoney!
Sep 20, 2019
190 End of Summer Movie
Hey podcast buddies. This week its the big 3 only, no guest! More of us for you to love! We dive into a special Nirvana related news only segment an break down the present status of Cobain’s wife, drawings, daughter and bandmates. Plus another segment of Music News. Music News is our art. And this weeks theme is “Song To End A summer Coming of Age Movie” Will we reflect perfectly your summer experience when you were of age? Probably. We do that a lot. Its a great episode, with good people trying their best. Plus some great submitted songs. DC folks, don’t miss Jonah Ray at the Arlington Drafthouse and don’t ever miss another episode of Jonah Raydio SONGS!~ Top Nachos- Vegan Donuts Jim Mulligan- Umbrella Baggage  - E-350 Buffet-Too Many Things
Sep 13, 2019
189 Jake Fogelnest in [YOURNAMEHERE]FM
Sup? This week ex-Squirt TV host, satellite radio disc jockey and current superstar writer Jake Fogelnest joins the ‘cast. Jake has a real deep understanding of just what exactly music news is as an art form and where it still has yet to go. A real professional, that guy, despite the fact that he pronounces the title of televisions’ Love Island as if it were a punk band from the 14th arrondissement. The theme this week was to build your own JackFM/HankFM/etc style of radio station. Nail your theme and name it before rolling your first track. We kinda nailed it this week, but let us know what you think. Plus, a twist! Jonah is in Arlington VA on Sept 27/28. Guest list entry for any and all Discord employees. Jake wants to plug the 2 disc special edition of the films of Sarah Jacobson; Mary Janes Not A Virgin Anymore + I Was A Teenage Serial Killer available for pre-order now. SHWONGGGS Be Positives-Trouble Girl Kay Flow and Cap- 96 Intellect Gnarshmellow- Trash Pile
Sep 06, 2019
188 Dave Ross in Beta Male Bachelor Party
Hola Podcasteros! This week we sit down with comic, writer and Suicide Buddy Dave Ross. He talks a shelved music video, Neil confeses to “Defiance Disorder” and we talk news of music! Our theme this week is celebrating a Beta Male Bachelor Party that may or may not be happening this weekend. Find out the songs we pitch for a weekend of contented dudes not painting the town any colors, particularly red. Please check out Daves brand new album at or his regular podcast with Hampton Yount, Suicide Buddies. Email us your station IDs or songs at name of the podcast at gmail. SONGS Mountain Party- Mill Town Troubles Afoot- You Say But You Don’t Know Sally -Head on Your Neck
Aug 30, 2019
187 Lance Bangs in Even Better Than The Original
Back at you again, podcast fans. This week friend , past guest and general great guy Lance Bangs. We music news with stories about a 3rd eye blind v Jimmy Eat World tour feud, we speculate about the disappearance of the Slayer NASCAR and we find out about a fatality at a slipknot show. Our theme-thing this week is a twitter suggestion. What cover of a song do you like better than the original? Pretty great. Remember You Can’t Call Me Al record release show is THIS SATURDAY at the Hi HAT in Highland Park. Get there! SONGSSSS Zap Tura- Mouse Trap Eighteen And Froze To Death- King Tides Mikal Cronin- Show Me
Aug 23, 2019
186 Josh Forbes in A Hostage Situation
Pod En Himmel! This week we’re joined by music video director and friend Josh Forbes. His brand new video for the brand new You Can’t Call Me Al album is out today. The album is also out. It is by Jonah. Check it out We sit with Josh as he is introduced to music news and all that is contained therein. LilNasX, Slipknot, all your favorites and more. Then we get into our theme. In hostage standoffs, the authorities often take to blasting the same song over and over again towards the hideout in an effort to drive the hostage takers away. We describe out worst nightmare song in that situation and also speculate on the reasons why we’ve decided to settle our issues the Koresh way. we got some great music for you, some great conversation and Neil even added some knife drops. All on this weeks Jonah Raydio! Hollywood Horses- Distracting My Life Dumb Chunks- Soy Sauce off the album SPLAT Pretty Matty- Another Shot special mention- Gordan Withers with his Jawbreaker by Cello tracks
Aug 16, 2019
185-Raydio Edit- Slow-mo
Not a whole lot off turnaround time on this one, podcasterinos. We were supposed to have a guest this week, pushed to a late record, but they disappeared. Use context clues to figure out who it was! Music News and then a healthy round of Raydio Edit!  Alex Jonestown Massacre- No Cemeteries Boys Night- Oops All Berries Man Man - Witch
Aug 10, 2019
184 Zac Carper
Shiver me podcast, ye mateys. This week FIDLAR frontman, You Can’t Call Me Al producer and old friend Zac Carper joins us on the podcast to make merry.  We tackle this weeks music news with more bad times for Woodstock 50, Zac gives us some insight into LilNasX and his beats, Liam Gallagher inspires a band you’ll never guess and Donald Glover gives tribute to one of Australias favorite fictional sons.  Plus Zac gives us a great time killer website with Then our theme. We go Oscars style and choose our favorite Orginal Songs from film. A wide net is cast. Did Neil pick a song he’d already picked in a previous episode? Listen and find out. As always, if you have music you’d like us to play, hit us at the name of the show at gmail dot com.  SO NG Sthe chinchees-grocery bagwrvii -slipping into darkness feat BlueprintFIDLAR- xany ((billie ellish cover)
Aug 02, 2019
183 Tony Thaxton
Podcast fun in the summertime! We do it again this week, that Jonah Raydio we do. This week old friend/drummer/podcaster/fun dude Tony Thaxton joins us. Tony has just launched a great new podcast Bizarre Albums, where he dives in to the stories behind the strangest and oddest music the industry ever released. Its great! In this episode Tony joins us for music news. Whats that? Need a LilNasX update? We got that. A Liam Galloper story? We got that! Now if only we had a story about Morrisey? Well, you idiot, we have that too! Music News, all the newsic that’s fit to muse. Then we get into our own choices for Bizarre Songs. It’s all very on brand for us, by which I mean, I got it wrong again. At least I’m consistent. SONGSbraid-  please drive fastermountain goats feat steven colbert-  this yearthe chinkees-you don’t know
Jul 26, 2019
182 Hampton Yount
Podcast on, my wayward listeners. The’ll be peace when you are done! Hampton Yount (twitter, instagram) joins us this week in the studio. You may know him as the voice of Crow on MST3K, you may know him from being an amazing standup, you may know him cause he lives in Sunland, right by the Burbank airport and every time you go over there you think “I wonder if Hamptons home? Man that guy is funny” He may be the funniest guy around but he don’t know crap about LilNasX. We solve that problem in our Music News segment by bringing him up to date on all the LilNasX happening from the last week, including a few remixes. We play highlights from a heavy metal knitting competition, read the latest Osbourne drama, and find out the ABCs of Metallica. Then we investigates the sub-genres of metal. Do you know the difference between Pirate Metal and Battle Metal? You will! Finally, this week, we try to score your pain! We choose maladies and illnesses and find songs that evoke those feelings in us. Let us know if you have a song that matches a malady on twitter or at SONGSThe Shut Ups-thats a long time to be on firesore thumb - cold comfortexotic ones- the green slime,fall-ghost
Jul 19, 2019
Tim Ryder
good Podcast to yee, fair listeners. This week writer, Bonehead #1 and the best cold reader I’ve ever met, Tim Ryder( Instagram, twitter) joins Jonah, Neil and I on the podcast.  In music News, we catch you up with all the LilNasX latest, talk about how slipknot has had it with holocaust denial, Dave Navarros bad deeds and Fiona Apples good ones. we break down the thinking behind the SilverJews name change and meet the band that still choses to tour with Morrisey. All that plus Jonah gives the song always playing on the inside of his head. Then at a certain point my brain broke. it was like when you point a video camera at a monitor that is hooked up to that video camera. Mental feedback. You’ll notice. Then we got into our theme for the week. Scoring A Fantasy Movie. Since we introduced these themes, these assignments that we give ourselves, they can be easy or hard. Either something springs to mind immediately or it can all day to come up with an answer. For me, this weeks theme was a combo of both. To Submit your music to Jonah Raydio, or for more chapters of the Little Prince and the Captain of the Render, email us at -Cash SONGSChris Staples- World on FireBird and Bee feat. Beck- Hot For TeacherSnail Mail- Thinning
Jul 12, 2019
Verotika With Brendon Walsh
Verotika is a film made by Glen Danzig. It’s title refers to the comic he has been writing for years and is a portmanteau of Violence and Erotica . Jonah and Neil went and saw a screening last week and brought in ol’ friend Brendon Walsh to help fill out their description. All this plus some music news, and we get to explain Jonah Radio constant LilNasX to Brendan check out Brendon on twitter and check out a full description of Verotika online as well SONGS Like I used To- Summer Cannibals. The Bouji Boys Calling the manx-nightblade 16 Jackies- Movie Was Bad
Jul 06, 2019
JR #179 Raydio Edit After Dark
music news is great replacing porno songs Man Man- Van Helsing Boombox on tour  Rozwell Kid - Wendy's Trash Can Twin Temple- I Know How To Hex You Harlan- Anyways
Jun 29, 2019
Discovered Thru Fraud
Pocastgasam! We’re joined this week by guest/guy-who-wouldn’t-leave-when-asked Dave Lyons from the Beyond Yacht Rock podcast, He joins us for a round of music news and then jumps in to this weeks theme; Bands whose single made you think they were one kind of band, and whose album proved they were something else entirely. It was a hoot. SHWONGS! Virginity-Your Apartment Gito Gito Hustler- Ambition Jeanines-Winter in the Dark Culture Abuse-Bee Kind To The Bugs
Jun 22, 2019
Raydio Golf Trip
I'll tell you what want, what I really really want. I wanna, I wanna, Ireallyreally wanna popsicle.
Jun 15, 2019
Zoo Crew
*sounds of struggling with a overloaded key ring* a sigh *footsteps fading*
Jun 06, 2019
TV on the Raydio
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May 23, 2019
Censored for Raydio
When somebody finds out how to play that fish musically, w\as a society we will have to judge who deserves the title "bass player"
May 16, 2019
Raydio Trip
The night Princess Diana died I was working at Blockbuster. Nobody really cared that much except one girl.
May 09, 2019
172 Actor Bands
Neil, Jonah and Cash. just like reels, bone broth and masts!
May 02, 2019
171-Step Into The Ring
just your run of the mill sorta explosion
Apr 27, 2019
Raydio Edit
he thinks he said Hendrix, but the email said Fogarty
Apr 11, 2019
Leaving A Party
i must have left it in my other pants
Apr 04, 2019
Kevin Allison
whats your story, anyway?
Mar 27, 2019
Eric Powell and Brendon Small; Live from Grill Em All
Burger lords of destruction
Mar 21, 2019
Let's take another
Mar 16, 2019
This one's ours...
It do be like that sometimes
Mar 06, 2019
Jonah, Neil & Cash
Audio file here, reporting for duty!
Feb 28, 2019
Mike Krol
Power Chords. not power cords
Feb 20, 2019
this one counts?
Feb 13, 2019
Phil Matarese
That Lana Del Ray/Cat Power song? Animal from the Muppets should get a co-write on that one.
Feb 06, 2019
Pressers- Denver Dalley and Cody Votolato
Bands and podcasts, Jonahs in em both.
Jan 31, 2019
Hopeless Records 25th
not the neil young song
Jan 23, 2019
Dan Ozzi
It's the thing, dingus!
Jan 17, 2019
Chris Holmes & Drew Pearce
Cowboy songs!
Jan 09, 2019
Rhea Butcher
It's twenty ought nineteen!
Jan 02, 2019
Just Us
Food poisoning prelude
Dec 21, 2018
Beach Goth
Live From Last Summer!
Dec 13, 2018
Cody Votolato
Its more of the same, but better
Dec 06, 2018
Jonah Ray
He's back?!
Nov 28, 2018
Jonah Ray-Less Recap
ITs a go over of the last few Jonah-less Raydios
Nov 21, 2018
Howard Kramer- Dragon Boy Suede
Dragon Manor becomes Dragon RV?
Nov 14, 2018
Dave Kloc
Nov 07, 2018
Nicholas Monsour
carpeting or hardwood? you decide!
Oct 31, 2018
Chris McCaleb
New Drops!
Oct 25, 2018
Dana Lechtenburg
No-Jah Raydio. (like no Jonah, not no rastafarian god)
Oct 17, 2018
Ben Acker
Jonah-les Raydio fo' yo' ass
Oct 11, 2018
David Byrned
It Happens Sometimes
Oct 06, 2018
Cody Votolato
the fudge?!?
Sep 26, 2018
Dave Lyons
its what happens when you leave it out
Sep 19, 2018
Sep 12, 2018
Run! It's more of the same!
Sep 05, 2018
AJJ Live
The band rises!
Aug 29, 2018
Vince Averill
The legend continues....
Aug 22, 2018
Pappy and Harriet's
Another Jonah Raydio trip
Aug 15, 2018
Kurt Braunohler
We start with Krishna temples, Edinburgh, and Kurts old video team that took him to the festival. But then Kurt brings us one of the most fun games we’ve played on the podcast. Ladies and gentlemen meet “Shame Face Shuffle”
Aug 08, 2018
Chris Farren and Christina Johns
It's a real good episode.
Aug 01, 2018
Allison Crutchfield and Mike Krol
Hot podcast, coming through! Its chock full of Allison Crutchfield and Mike Krol, how ‘bout it now? Allison makes an announcement about the return of her band Swearin’ and Swearin’ and Mikes upcoming west coat tour. We talk album covers, Allison joining Mike on Merge records and Mikes roots as a graphic designer.
Jul 25, 2018
Raydio Dead
Dem Radio boys hit up the Dead and Co show at Dodger Stadium
Jul 18, 2018
Rob Schrab
Rob Schrab joins the Raydio broadcast to talk Scud, creativity and stuff
Jul 11, 2018
Zac from FIDLAR
Podcast Brah! A meeting of the minds from the 50th state. Not only does our old buddy Zac Carper from FIDLAR stop by, but old co-host and brother Adam Rodriges sits in as well. If you love Hawaiian pidgin english, you will love this episode.
Jul 04, 2018
Ted Leo
Podhaüs begin. Ted Leo, from Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, joins the podcast this week. Ted tells us about his Thin Lizzy proselytizing, his times with his early band Chisel and one of his longest held musical regrets. He tells us about his major label meeting that almost talked him into it and we forget the name of the guy who wrote Waiting for Godot and the Mark Wahlberg movie with the intimate behavior on the rollercoaster
Jun 27, 2018
Lance Bangs, Bobcat Goldthwait and Ruby; Best Of
Your basic best of the first 100
Jun 20, 2018
Mike O'Brien
We have an isolated vocal track comedy discussion that has to be the top isolated vocal track comedy discussion we’ve done since we joined Max Fun a few months ago.
Jun 13, 2018
Shlubby White Guy Eddie Murphy
No guest this week and we recorded on a Sunday afternoon. Talked Neils self inflicted haircut bet, Jonahs old shiny jeans, and gum chewing. You normal Sunday afternoon stories. Neil tells a half remembered story from an Ian MacKay interview with Henry Rollins. Jonah introduces the new segment “Jonah’s Right, Prove Him Wrong”, where you the viewer get a chance to tell him why he’s wrong about things.
Jun 06, 2018
Second Draft
Second Draft So it all went wrong this time.
May 30, 2018
Emily V Gordon in “Good Old Friendly Time”
This week writer, producer, North Carolinian and old friend Emily V Gordon comes by.We talk talking with friends, taping down man boobs, NIN throwback ticketing techniques. We caught up on what Emily’s playing these days and Jonah recommends the game Florence and the old webisodes of Emilys old podcast The Indoor Kids. We go over what not to say in a submission email and Emily reveals her reasons for hating “the healing properties of Sugar Rios”.
May 23, 2018
Sage Francis & B. Dolan
Very Podcast this week. Sage Francis and B. Dolan, separately amazing road warrior MCs and together THE EPIC BEARD MEN supergroup you’ve been waiting for came and sit down with Jonah, Cash, and a commute harried Neil Mahoney. We talk how Malaysian food is the cuisine of the future, how the two of them have been working to keep their shows safe spaces, Scribble Jam, the periodic table of hip hop elements, the fun of doing “fantasy rap”, and we go deep on how Slam Poetry is a system that can be manipul
May 16, 2018
Mahonaraydio is what happens when Jonah has some MST3K-duties and we still have a podcast to put out. Some great music on this episode! We talk Chicago, what worked and what didn’t work. We talk games that you submitted that we didn’t get until after the show. We talk Spirit Airlines and the beginning of a blood feud between us and them that will go for centuries. We talk the proper care of your dark chocolate peanut butter cups. New Jonah Raydio next week
May 09, 2018
Because Malort
John “Jughead” Pierson from SCREECHING WEASEL and EVEN IN BLACKOUTS got attacked by a wild boar. He gets into the yin/yang of Screeching Weasel, and what then yin gets up to when the yang isn’t around, his experiences with Green Day and Blink 182, and his theater gigs. All Time Champion Guest Dave Lyons came thru and flew in to sing “Veronica Hates Me” with Jughead. A few folks attempted “Slogans” with Jughead and Jonah finished it up with his own vocalizing on “Peter Brady”.
May 02, 2018
Meet Bill
Good podcast to y’all. On this weeks installment of the show, we sit down with RIFF TRAX riffing/Crow T Robot playing/Meet Dave screenwritin’ Bill Corbett. We talk riffing on movies, Garrison Keillors creepy behavior, the Masterclass teachings of Steve Martin, Meet Dave and literally dozens more things. It was great, a real treat for all involved. Don’t trust anybody who says otherwise. They’ll have bigger flaws if they’re willing to lie about something like that.
Apr 25, 2018
Freaked Out Idiot Box
Podcast Ahoy, me mateys! This week Alex Winter and Tom Stern stop by and old friend Ryan Case helps us welcome them. We talk a bit of the Bill and Ted sequel, Jonah and Toms early days on the Andy Milonakis Show, their classic horror movie FREAKED, seeing the Ramones out in the village in NYC, working with the Cannon film guys, and more    Jonah is in Nashville this weekend at Zanies. In Chicago the next week at the North Bar with a movie riff show, two standup sets and late saturday Jonah Raydio LIVE! With guest Jughead from SCREECHING WEASEL! And YOU have the chance to make us play YOUR GAME. Submit your game ideas to jonahraydio at gmail dot com and if you’re coming to our show, YOU come on stage and run it!   Silence- Nighttime Girls   Electric Boogaloo- doc on Cannon films   Manhattan Murder Mystery- Dumb   Butthole Surfers at CBGB’s   Eternal- Sink or Swim   Ten Arms- A Song For The Punching of Nazis   Highlyest Rec- Open Up Your Heart   Tacocat- I Hate The Weekend
Apr 18, 2018
Just a Kid from Ridgecrest, CA
Max Fun Drive Part Two. We are joined by gentleman, scholar, and bass player from Jonah’s cover band Mark Hoppus! We talk his roots, how Blink-182 initially got signed from some subtle car stereo placement, and his long history of making references to “making maternal love”. And as a second reminder of the Max Fun Drive, almost all the music we play is from our performers on our super special music festival Max Fun Bonus episode. Sign up at MaxFun.Org/Donate to get it!
Apr 11, 2018
MMaximim Fun Drive (The extra m is for Metal)
This week we have a monster of an episode. Master of Metal Brendan Small, creator of Metalaclpse and the auteur of the Galaktikon universe, and Master of Head Writing Eliot Kalan (The Daily Show, the new season of MST3K, co-host of FLOPHOUSE here on Max Fun) come by to talk making movies, writing jokes, and always getting the call for the thing you’ve already done, not the thing you want to do next.
Apr 04, 2018
Jonah Raydio- Maybe I'm The Wrong One
This week on Raydio: Old friend Christina Johns (formally of Side One Dummy Records, now at HOPELESS RECORDS) brings by new friend Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry, Chris Farren's friend). Jeff was in town for the premier of the Cartoon Network show Craig of the Creek for which he composed the music. Christina walks us through her recent INSANE CLOWN POSSE show experience, Jeff talks Judgment Night soundtrack, and we reminisce about the hip hop finale to the Arsenio Hall show.
Mar 28, 2018
A returning favorite Hutch Harris from The Thermals is our guest this week. He had come down from Portland for a bit of a vacation, so he came in and discussed what record producing is actually like, past romantic experiences and broke some big news about the status of the Thermals. We feature a new jingle from one of our fans and Lindsay Pavlas from Max Fun to do a little tease for our first Max Fun Drive, coming the week of April 2nd!
Mar 21, 2018
Jonah Raydio
This week on the Raydio, old friends and Academy Award nominated screenwriting duo: Emily V Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. We talk their whirlwind awards season that had just ended two days before, the "Emilys Hospital Room" three-film cinematic universe, Emily takes a “How Goth Are You” Quiz, and Kumail does his famous characters “laid back podcast guy” and “guy who knows anything about music”. They also do some Karaoke!  Its terrible
Mar 14, 2018
Jonah Raydio
Our Max Fun debut means better sound quality, friendship stories and one of the reigning Queens of Murder Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder. We talk our new home, her meteoric rise through the podcasting charts, Queer Eye, Everthing is Terrible and Neil has the soundboard back!
Mar 06, 2018
Was Mad TV Over-lit?
In our finale Nerdist episode, we proudly host Mr. Blaine Capatch as we say good bye to the network that birthed us. We drank fancy tequila to celebrate and then my notes just say “it’s kinda fun to talk shit”. See you on Max Fun! Check out Lucha VaVoom, the Tulsa Skull Swingers, or this old short.  SONGS Bad Lungs- DT’s Hindsight- Severance Live! From The Basement- In Charge Xpot- Roud Quad City DJs- Space Jam x The Mountain Goats This Year
Mar 01, 2018
Really Classy Tevas with Ben and Mike
This week on the ol' Raydio podcast we talk to the creators of Netflix's Everything Sucks, Ben York-Jones & Michael Mohan.  Ben's latest movie "NEWNESS" is also on Netflix. Also, one of Jonah's favorite flicks "Save The Date" (directed by Michael) is discussed. But it's not all movies and tv! We stroll down 90's music memory lane and talk about what Prarie Home Companion would be if David Lynch hosted it.  Also, there's an announcement right near the end. Which Jonah wasn't sure if he was allowed to say, but was drunk.    SONGS The Descendants- Everything Sux   Dimber- Manges Tes Morts   Mikal Cronin- "Say" Video   FACIAL- Fashion Show   Supercrimes- Year of the Fear Pt. 2   Jessica Boudreaux- Televised
Feb 21, 2018
Elvis, King of the Poops
Hey everyone, this week the  Sklar Brothers sit down with us. We talk their new poop documentary @PoopTalkMovie, why Neil may actually be a nice person despite all the talk, and play a Sklar pun based game.    -Songs-   Negative Perspective- Kevin Fowler- send a link next time buddy   Old Rivals- The Darkness   Elvis- You've Lost That Loving Feeling   Woziskee- Blue   These Fithy Animals- Zombie Joe   Purdy Shuffle   Langhorne Slim- Say Yes   Make sure to check out the Sklar brother on their podcasts View from the Cheap Seats or Dumb People Town and see their movie Poop Talk in theaters or on demand.
Feb 14, 2018
Jonah and The Solos
Once again it’s the incredible Jonah Ray and the Solos! No guest just good ole’ hard to read handwriting in my notebook. Looks like we played Neil’s old band and Jonah’s old band and a guy who puts out music on the internet (under his own name) as Jonah Ray but isn’t Jonah. Yeah, it’s coming back. Good times.   SONGS Piebald- American Hearts Intendo- Ontario Yer Outs- Home Alone Other Jonah Ray- Slow Villapianos By The Airport - I’m OK. You’re Ok. We’re Radd Rigs of Dad Instagram FuckFace - Mr Sister FuckFace- Psycho Slut Fuck Matt Cobillas- If Sin Is Evil Moonraker- The Horse I Rode In On Dead Prez- Bigger Than(Hip Hop)
Feb 07, 2018
Latin Convention with XangelX
Long time friend Eliza Skinner and long time foe Greg Heller bounce their way into Chez Jonah Raydio. We break down Elizas new podcast, Cool Playlist, reminisce about college radio and everybody freestyle raps except Neil.   Songs   Tiny Little Houses-  Entitled Generation   The Kid is Dead- Wastoid For Now    Sore Thumb- Suicide Mission From Hell   Get Action- Back on the Ball   The Good Graces- Remember the Old School   Happy- Mellow Fellow
Jan 31, 2018
The New New New Neil Mahoney
Valuable because of its scarcity, its the Guestless episode. Well done by all involved. We speculate on what exactly a “Wolfman Jack In The Box” shirt looks liake. We play a bunch of submitted music and some ol’ favorites. Neil continues his perfect attendance record. Check out the DC music scene doc Salad Days   SONGS   The Beatdown- It's Alright   The Stools- 30 MG Blues   Someone Who Isn’t Me EP from Fourth Line Records- Broken Cars   Braided Veins- Everything Dies   Not Safe To Drink EP   Evan Wardell- Getting Bigger   Apiaries- Neighborhood Ghosts   Tully Craft- Superboy and Supergirl    Tully Craft- Pops Songs Your New Boyfriend too Stupid to Know About
Jan 25, 2018
Dogstar Groupies
Hey everybody! Long and great episode this week with Matt Sharp original bassist for Weezer and leader of the Rentals! We've been wanting to get Matt on for a long time and it was well worth the wait. Dive in and listen. Only other​​ thing you should know is that Mystery was the leader of a group of pick up artists and had his own show on MTV.  The Rentals   Songs   The Rentals- Waiting   The Rentals- Getting By   The Rentals-Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad
Jan 17, 2018
Scotch, No Rocks
​Hey there friends and neighbors, this weeks Jonah Raydio is a good 'un. Comic book and comedy writer Gerry Duggan @gerryduggan joins us to talk saying goodbye to Deadpool, the time when Ron Jeremy was his landlord, and to listen to some listener submitted music. Check out his current run on the newest cosmic event from Marvel and also keep your eyes out for his Image title Analog.    Songs   H2O- Five Year Plan   Nice Legs- One   Total Massacre- War on Xmas (World Is Over) Half Forward Line- One One   Dusk- History Repeats   Apollo Ghosts- Things You Go Through     hey, also check out Jean Claude Van Johnson on Amazon. It's great and is directed by Peter Atencio, friend of the show and guy that Cash once accidentally pepper sprayed and Cash has always felt bad about that, so please watch it, but because its good not because of any odd guilt I've put on you guys.
Jan 10, 2018
Sh*tty Episode
Hey everybody! This week we have a bit of a blend. We start off strong with guest Mad Magazine editor/@midnight staffer/musician Allie Goertz  trading stories and having a ball. Check out Allie's first issue on the masthead at Mad when it comes out March 28th. Then Jonah got sick. A little rumbly in the tummbly. Then he had to leave. Then micro manager Neil took over. Mahonaraydio ensues.    Say what you will, the title is evidence-based   Songs   Allie Goertz- Leave(The Room Song)   Allie Goertz feat. MC Frontalot- Look At Me   Allie Goertz- I'm Sorry (Mr Poopy butthole)   Henry Phillips- End of the World   Tom Lehrer- Poisoning Pigeons in the Park   Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Someday I Suppose   Steely Dan- Dirty Work
Jan 03, 2018
A Very Kloc Holidays
Forgive us is we’re a bit vulnerable, but a Dave Kloc episode is the most science based way of making us feel special. The sheer diversity of subjects discussed in this episode will shake your entitlement to the very core. The fetus of the idea for this podcast can be traced back to conversations we had with Dave years ago, so we’re all excited to have him back on. Plus he gets science based for his conversations about hockey and his new yearlong subscription program. Plus we play some music from an awesome transgender rock group G.L.O.S.S. There, I used all 7. F*ck Trump and his repressive-ass directions about what words people can use.     Songs   Japandroids- House that Heaven City   Propagandhi- Dear Coach's Corner   Botch- God vs Science   Kung Fu Monkeys- Angel   Green Day- Disappearing Boy   Black Breath- Feast of the Damned   G.L.O.S.S - Masculine Artifice   Black Thought- Freestyle   get your Dave Kloc subscription or just dip your toe in at the store​
Dec 25, 2017
Cody and Dave
This week on the Raydio, Jonah and the fellas are joined by musican, raconteur, and all around good guy Cody Votolato (@CodyVotolato) and Jawbreaker corespondent Dave Lyons stops by with his report. All that plus we come up with tv shows to go with theme songs. It's a hoot. It's a holler. It's only on...Jonah Raydio!       Boys II Men- Up On The Roof Milou- The News Jawbreaker- Want The Go! Team- Semicircle Song PRESSERS- Shredding with Pressers PRESSERS- Still Slow The Blood Brothers- Fucking’s Greatest Hits Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay- Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now  Jaguar Love- I Started a Fire Head Wound City- Scraper NoMeansNo- Joy
Dec 07, 2017
New Studio, Same Old Sh_T
The below were submitted as notes by Neil Mahoney on the recording of Jonah Raydio episode 101   ...a drawing of a penis and balls made up of the word 4x the word penis and 1 use of the word balls like one of those old rock and roll posters from the 60s. it takes up the top half of the page'...   "Vortex" by John Carpenter off of Lost Themes "Kate" by Charlotte Gainsbourg "Don't Have Another One" by FYP "Belittle My Brain" by FYP "Death Dreams" by The Shes "Satellite" by Kicking Giant "Only the Good Die Young" The Pettyfords "Letterman" by Grapefruit "Thinning" by Snail Mail music bed by Thom Sunny Green
Dec 01, 2017
The Hundredth
Technically its the 99th, but we're counting the 1st one.   Songs   Bronx- Night Drop at the Glue Factory   Quicksand- Under the Screw   Langhorne Slim- Life is Confusing   Superchunk- Break the Glass   McCafferty- Outlaw   Atom and His Package- I'm Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer   Nightshot- Your City
Nov 27, 2017
A Very Schwarzenegger Episode
Another Raydio Episode! Joining us this week is Jacob Cohen-Holmes. Tom Petty has passed and we feel it. Mr Heavenly have a great new album and are about to go on tour. Enjoy!   Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - The Last DJ   Tom Petty - Jack   Deertick- Cardhouse   Mr Heavenly - Making Excuses   Tom Petty - Sins of My Youth   The Flourist - Blue Mountain Red   Johnny Cash - Won't Back Down
Oct 12, 2017
Season 4, 5 , 6
Another episode we did. We hung out on a Saturday afternoon, talked some deep stuff and some shallow. Was a good time. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.   Songs!   Ted Leo- Used to Believe  Paws- Omaha Mark Hoppus- Not Every Dog Goes To Heaven Mike Krol- Bethoven Jonah Ray- Sick Balls(for Chopper) The Cribs- Give Good Time Kyle feat. Lil'Yachty - I Spy Pressers- Boring Jim Belushi and Dan Ackroyd- Have Love Will Travel A Giant Dog- Getaway Something from MST3J
Sep 13, 2017
What's The Episode Morning Glory
Hi, I'm Neil Mahoney from Osterville, Cape Cod Massachusetts United States of America. I was born into the area code 508, shared by south east Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As a kid we got two different TV channels for each network [NBC, CBS, etc…], one from Boston and one from Providence. AHEM…. Strap on your leathers, and pluck all your feathers for this father's day edition of Jonahraydio- featuring dad-bods Patrick Cash Hartzell and Neil "Neiled It" "Nizzles" Mahoney. I don't quite remember what we talked about, but it was good casual hangs with my first friends in comedy. Adam was being lavished with praise and admiration elsewhere because he is an actual father, but us other three shot the shit, had a beer, and shared some music by:   Why?   "This Ol' King" Why?  "Sand Dollars" Propaghandi "Humane Meat" [see Dave Kloc at ] Tim Kasher "Runts" Camper Van Beethoven "One of These Days" Rodion G.A. "Disco Mania" NoMeansNo "Humans" Girl Pool "123" Dan Auerbach "Waiting on a Song" Oasis​
Jun 20, 2017
Early Feb
Dem Raydio boys are at it again!
Feb 07, 2017
Deconstruction Episode
When was the last time we did one of these?  6 months ago maybe?  Anyways, we didn't have a guest.  We spent forty five minutes trying to find the thing to record the episode.  Hope you enjoy it.     Our good friend Honus Honus has a new album out called Use Your Delusion and he's currently on tour!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!   Featured Songs:   Pawws "Gild the Lily"   AJJ "White Worms"   LVL UP "Hidden Driver"   The Vindictives "Assembly Line"   NOFX "I Don't Like Me Anymore"   Jeff Rosenstock "I Did Something Weird Last Night"
Nov 12, 2016
No Episode
Hey everybody. Cash here for the no show Adam. He wasn't there but long time friend of the podcast and artist extrodinare Dana Lechtenberg was. Check out his work on this podcast and more at We talk movies, music, fake energy becoming real energy. I had like five beers. And there was an uncomfortable argument that we cut out. But I left in some weird cuts taken out of context. It's much better than the bullshit we yelled about.   Music   Todd Terje "Firecracker" The Descendants "Without love" Ricky Baker "From Hunt for the Wilderpeople" Blink 182 "Sober" Dios Malos "Starting Five" That Dog "Minneapolis" David Crosby "Jonahs Dumb Meditation Mix" Juliana Barwick "Bode" Dyke Drama "Crying in a Bathroom Stall" Radiator Hospital "Cut Your Bangs" Paws "Empire State"
Jul 22, 2016
Famous Episodes
Cheap Girls joins us in the garage as Kyle Clark sits in for an absent Cash. The gang is also joined by Ali from Upset and Eloy Lugo!    Songs:  Cheap Girls "Slow Nod" Descendets "Victim of Me" Cheap Girls "Communication Blues" Paws "Gild the Lily" Beach Slang "Like a Daydream"  Cheap Girls "Pure Hate"
Jun 25, 2016
The Spaghetti Episode?
Wow have we got an episode for you!  We had no one. There was absolutely no guest. It was just the four of us and Deanna on a Sunday night trying to be upbeat. We did discuss some things you might have always wondered about the show. But that's about it.  We also played 5 songs. Dig it man. Watch Hidden America with Jonah Ray on Seeso. Songs Cyanide by Rough Kids Suicide (and other tracks) by Matt Dwyer (check out his new album) Bold Enough by The Fulcrm If This Tour Doesn't Kill You I Will by Pup
Jun 11, 2016
Midwestern Episode of the Americas
I think I was there for about 15 or 20 minutes.  Then I had an emergency and had to take off.  But fear not Jonah Raydioites cause the show sometimes goes on.  Wait, that's not right.  Anyways our guests were wife and husband duo Chantal Claret and Jimmy Euringer.  You might know them from from their own respected bands Morningwood and Minor Self Indulgence, and Chantal's solo titled stuffs. The only thing I have in my notes besides the stuff Neil took for me are that our guests sang a theme song for us to start the show. Is this okay?  Never mind.  I don't care.  K bye. I do care. Songs! The Dream is Over by Pup New Rock by Morningwood Shut Me up by Minor Self Indulgence Side by Side by Chantal Claret A Floater Left With Pleasure in the Executive Washroom by Dillenger 4 I'm Foaming by Toys That Kill Conquistadora by Chantal Clret Young & Realistic by The Faint Heavy Jesus by Honus Honus
Jun 02, 2016
Hungry Episode
Alright.  Okay.  So Devin Faraci is back again.  Remember?  He's that guy who does Birth Movies Death.  That's cool.  So is Myke Chilian.  He's a member of the punk/thrash/folk whatever you want to call it kick ass band The Manx.  That's cool too.  Neil took notes for me cause I wasn't there, but there's something about Cash in a PJ Harvey video and a link to something called "Dog Dick".  Okay.  Enjoy.  Ugh.   Songs   Back in the Trash by The Manx Famous Last Words by Har Mar Superstar Thinking of You by The Thermals Go Home by Summer Cannibals Morrisson's Lament by Jimi Hendrix No Catharsis by Wince Conquest by Eleven Thirty Four Pluto by Les Savy Fav N/A by Paws Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg Rainbow Hammer by The Manx Breaking Through The Grey by Destination N0where Satisfactory World for Reasonable People
May 27, 2016
Take Off Your Episode and Jacket
I bet you thought we'd never do one again huh?  Well we did so you better listen to it. We had Devin Faraci, editor in chief of Birth, Movies, Death. He also has a podcast called The Canon, as well as a comic coming out in August called Killer Inside Me.    As for the songs we played, I'm not gonna put links for them. You guys are all internet savy people who are well versed in finding stuff on the internet. So if you like a song go look for it and support those artists.    You can follow Devin on twitter with the handle @devincf.    Songs  Bad Luck by Lonesome Shack I'm Just Saying by Dyke Drama No Grace by Paws Mass by Modern Baseball Chairman of the Board by White Fang Pumpkin by Islands If You Want To Be a Happy by Jimmy Soul
May 19, 2016
This episode from the third season of Jonah Raydio has writer, comedian, and podcaster Dave Anthony and director Stoney Sharp.   Dave is a writer and actor on IFC’s Maron, and Stoney has been directing Comedy Bang Bang.   That’s all I have to say. Hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks. You’re welcome.   Featured Songs   Need You by Royal Headache West Coast by Fidlar One of These Days by Camper Van Beethoven Sunburned and Crying by Porches Spirit Moves by Longhorne Slims and The Law This is the News by Mike Krol
Sep 22, 2015
Mahonus Raydio
This one's a bummer.   Mykal Cronin- Say       Ghostface- The Champ       Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin- Reverse Shark Attack       Watkins Family Hour- Feeling Good Again       Warm Brew- Bringing Me Home       Drake- Back to Back       Get prints @scottboun
Aug 20, 2015
King of the Episode
This is Adam.  I wasn’t there for this episode of Jonah Raydio.  I don’t know what happened.  I was working.  What do you want from me?  I guess it was a good episode.  I’m sure it was.  The guest was director Brandon Dermer.  From what I can tell from the internet he’s a very nice and talented guy.       So please enjoy this episode of Jonah Raydio, even though I’m not on it.       Brandon’s twitter       Featured Songs       The Weakerthans       FartBarf- Homeless in Heathrow       Wavves       tUnE-yArDs       Botrus the Uber Driver Chase       Sketch Orchestra- I want to be Firetruck       100 Onces- OMGHEE       Don Cabbellero- For Respect       Apathy- New England Royalty       Shia LaBouf song by Rob Cantor       Scared of Chacka- Hand in Hand
Jul 30, 2015
Jonas Brothers
Season 3 episode 1 of Jonah Raydio begins with Jonah Bayer of United Nations, and a drop in by Dave Kloc.  Jonah’s podcast Going Off Track is doing a live episode July 25 in Brooklyn at Union Hall.  United Nations self titled album is being reissued July 10.
Jul 22, 2015
The Episode is Down
Hey, it’s another episode of you favorite semi-regular music podcast hosted by a guy named Jonah. With him this week is Cash, his producer and guests David B Lyons creator of the Bob Seger musical and Dan & Alex from Big Time In Hollywood Florida, called “The Best Thing On TV Since Eastbound & Down” on this very episode. Neil and Adam missed out. Turns out they were holding us back. Watch Big Time in Hollywood Fl on Comedy Central Wednesdays. Buy Dave a drink, should you ever meet him. He brought cider, so try that.
May 20, 2015
Episode and Bones
This episode has artist Chris Cooper and the parents of Jonah Ray and I, Candy and Mike Rodrigues. We talked more about the history of music on this episode than any other episode in the history of Jonah Raydio.
Apr 30, 2015
Live at Grill 'Em All
From Alhambra at Grill Em All it’s Jonah Raydio Live.  Yes, we did a live Raydio at a burger place.  Along for the ride is Brendon Small (Metalocalypse, Dethklok.  We played a game of real or fake band name, and did some Metallikaroke with the audience.  We also had a performance by our good friends The Manx.
Apr 23, 2015
Kurt Braunohler returns to Jonah Raydio.  Also in attendance is Jay Howell (Co-creator of Sanjay and Craig and Bob’s Burgers designer, director Stoney Sharp, Stoney’s friend and former radio host Leigh Scott, and Deanna Rooney.  Also me, Adam Rodrigues, finally made it to an episode.  Check out this video Deanna made for former guests Andrew Jackson Jihad.
Apr 17, 2015
The Episode of the Best Show
Adam’s still not here but The Best Shows' Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster are! We talk Kiss, New Scharpling and Wurster 9 lb box set, Joe Dirt sequel,  Mike Kroll opening video on YouTube, Tom and Jonahs 9 year grudge over Jonah stealing a beer.
Apr 02, 2015
Jay Howell
Guests include new landlord Rob Getzchman and  "Sanjay and Craig" creator and Bobs Burgers designer Jay Howell. Rob has a theory about tv shows that I'm not sure holds up but then leaves for band practice. Jay sticks around and shit gets talked about.
Mar 26, 2015
From Lost Weekend Video at SF Sketchfest it’s a live Jonah Raydio.  Our guest is journalist, author, and songwriter Paul Myers.  For the first time ever there is no music on this episode due to the band getting the day wrong. When we say “Saturday the 8th” it’s up to you to know we mean the Saturday the 7th and not Sunday the 8th.  Musicians, what can you do?  Also joining us is our unofficial fifth member Ben Goetting, Bucky Sinister and drunk person Preston Olson.
Feb 13, 2015
F*CKIN E(pisode)
Returning guest and front man of The Thermals, Hutch Harris, is on this episode of Jonah Raydio. Also joining is unofficial fifth member, Ben Goetting.
Jan 17, 2015
Cucumber Episode
Happy New Year everyone! Last episode from 2014 everybody, and it’s a very personal episode filled with shouting! Lots of drop ins and edits from your main man Neil Mahoney (@NAILS13 on Instagram, @NEILMAHONEY on Twitter @KnitTheseNuts on Etsy). Warm and friendly words from Deanna Rooney, Stoney Sharp and Ben Goetting and a jaw-dropping late pop-in from Dan Weidenfeld and his wonderful lady Nichole.Cash and I are there too, but that's normal.Big end of year love to our biggest supporters Dana Lechtenberg and of course the best and brightest Adam Rodrigues, whom I accidentally deleted from the “official text chain” and did not make it to the recording. My pennance is that I have to write up the notes myself (by the way, this is Neil Mahoney @NAILS13 on Instagram, @NEILMAHONEY on Twitter, @LordFartleroy on PBS Downton Abbey Message Boards).
Jan 10, 2015
You're Episoding All Over Me
Hey, it’s the guy who does the cover art to our episodes, the kind and talented Dana Lechtenberg!  Dana was recently in Los Angeles curating an awesome art show featuring parodies of artist’s favorite albums.  You can purchase these works of art at Gallery 1988.    Also in attendance was Sam Brown from The Whitest Kids You Know.  Sam will be doing some shows at Stanford and Sons in Kansas City Thursday to Saturday.   Don’t forget to get your Master of Poptarts before Jonah receives a cease and desist from that band it parodies.
Dec 11, 2014
Devil On Our Episode
From Andrew Jackson Jihad it’s Sean Bonnette and Mark Glick with us.  Check out Mark’s very own label Anxiety Machine Records.  Don’t forget if you like the music you hear, support the band.  Now watch this video of a rap about Cap’n Crunch.
Oct 30, 2014
Chris Gethard (actor, comedian, writer, resident of New York City) is the guest on this edition of Jonah Raydio.  Check out Chris’ The Chris Gethard Show.
Oct 18, 2014
SMELL THE EPISODE (Live from LA Podfest)
Live from the 2014 LA Podfest in Beverly Hills it's Jonah Raydio. With Ronnie Barnett of The Muffs. Special appearances by Steve Agee and Howard Kremer. Live music by Upset.
Oct 03, 2014
Hit to Death in the Future Episode
Jenson Karp, formerly rapper Hot Karl, owner of @Galleries1988, writer for Rolling Stone and The Hundreds is the guest for Jonah Raydio.
Sep 18, 2014
Episode Together
Nick Youssef returns to Jonah Raydio for a relaxing afternoon of podcasting.
Aug 21, 2014
We have a great episode for you with Bobcat Goldthwait, Howard Kremer, Charlie Fonville, and Tony Thaxton on this edition of Jonah Raydio.  Bobcat’s movie Willow Creek is now available on iTunes, and Howard’s new album Summah This Summah That is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.
Jul 31, 2014
The B-Side Episode
Packed house for this edition of Jonah Raydio with our guest Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, The Terrible Twos)!  Also joining us is past guest and artist Travis Millard, Tony Thaxton, Greg Heller, and Mike Henry.
Jul 25, 2014
Comedian Kurt Braunohler is our guest on this episode of Jonah Raydio.  Check out Kurt’s album How Do I Land and his podcast K Ohle.  Kurt also has a new Comedy Central web series Roustabout.  The first installment of the series focuses on his charity campaign “Let’s Get Wet For Goats”.  They still have not met their goal so please take a look at their IndieGoGo campaign to contribute.  On July 25 Kurt’s Comedy Central Half Hour premiers, and you can see Kurt and our very own Jonah Ray on the same episode of season 2 of Drunk History on August 12.  If you live in the Los Angeles area go to his popular show The Hot Tub Show hosted by Kurt and Kristen Schaal.
Jul 17, 2014
Episode To Be Stupid
"Weird Al" Yankovic and Chris Hardwick are on this episode of Jonah Raydio.  You're welcome.  Filling in for Cash Hartzell is the host of Feliz Navipod, Tony Thaxton. Weird Al’s new album comes out July 15 and on vinyl in August.  Check out his song "Albuquerque," cut with Breaking Bad.  It totally works!
Jul 10, 2014
Episode Sucks
We got old friend and returning guest Sean O’Connor (Conan, The Ben Show), comedian and writer Hampton Yount (Loiter Squad, Ridiculousness) and Erin Magner!  Go buy Sean’s comedy album “James Dean Type”!  Check out the second season of Drunk History Tuesday’s at 10/9C on Comedy Central.
Jul 03, 2014
No guests on this edition of Jonah Raydio.  It was just the four of us with a drop in by Deanna Rooney enjoying a Sunday afternoon talking about The Replacements and laughing at a video of a Weezer cover gone wrong.
Jun 26, 2014
Sunbathing Episode
Comedians April Richardson (Chelsea Lately, @Apey) and Greg Behrendt (Walking the Room, The Reigning Monarchs, @GregoryBehrendt) are our guests on Jonah Raydio to talk about stuff.  I have no idea what they talked about because I was home dealing with the dreaded Mango Fever.  Enjoy!
Jun 19, 2014
Episode from Lance's Room
Recorded live from Lance Bangs’ room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Jonah Raydio has former guest and good friend Chris Holmes, Louies Theroux (Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…, BBC Two Specials), Adam Buxton (Hot Fuzz, The Adam and Joe Show, BUG), and Chris Smith (Director of American Movie, Yes Men).  Check out Adam’s Youtube channel with lots of awesome videos including this Lego animation about David Bowie called Cobbler Bob.  Also check out Louis many documentaries on Youtube
Jun 05, 2014
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck an Episode on Top
From Jonah’s San Pedro days Daniel Holden aka Boom Sexy of the band Rolling Blackouts and Recess Records own Hal Velasco aka Hal Badal swing by for another amazing episode of Jonah Raydio.
May 22, 2014
Not A Live Episode
I, Adam Rodrigues, was not there for this episode because I was off playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Seriously.  The rest of the gang got together and had comedian, writer, actor, and co-host of Walking the Room podcast Dave Anthony, as well as writer for Uncle Grandpa and Rick and Morty, Wade Randolph.  Also in attendance is animator and artist Deanna Rooney.  Check out Dave’s new podcast The Dollop.
May 15, 2014
Episode Serenading
Our guests this week are Brad Stevens, Boyd Vico and Deanna Rooney.  Brad and Boyd talk about writing for the White House Correspondence Dinner, their experience on the Howard Stern Show and other fun things like this knife mishap clip.  Jonah Raydio will be in Portland, Oregon May 10 for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival with Lance Bangs, Hutch Harris from The Thermals and live music from Mikal Cronin.
May 08, 2014
The Beach Bums
The idiots drove to the beach in Jonahs car.
May 01, 2014
Live at Jackknife Records and Tapes
Recorded on Record Store Day at Jackknife Records and Tapes in Atwater Village in front of dozens of people and 2 odd faced small girls. Cut with Cash listening to records on a crappy record player at his house.
Apr 24, 2014
Live From Neil's House It's Hostless FM
Remember that movie about the haunted house where that little girl goes "they're baaaaaack."?  Don't know why I was thinking about that. I've never seen that movie, but only know it as a pop-culture reference.  This episode of Jonah Raydio Hostless FM features a live broadcast from Downton Stabby, aka Castle Neilskull, aka protective enclosure over his expensive carpet that him and his mom went halvsies on. Jonah and Adam were not there, but Neil and Cash are joined by a mystery guest who despite not wanting to be named, ends up the funniest person on mic. Disclaimer, do not listen unless you're a huge fan of these Hostless episodes.  It's real boring.
Apr 17, 2014
Say Yes to the Episode
Adam ain't here this week. BUT! Jeff Davis from Harmontown and Matt Gourley from SUPEREGO and James Bonding are! Also, Paul Bonanno shows up with his signature catchphrase and Neil addresses the "Neil'd It!" T-shirt giveaway controversy. Good tunes on this one!
Mar 21, 2014
The Bed is in the Episode
Kyle Clark is our guest.  Check out season 2 of Nerd Terns with Kyle Clark!
Mar 06, 2014
Donald Abel, one of Jonah’s oldest friends, is our guest this episode along with one of our earliest guests director Lance Bangs. Lance has a new documentary about Slint called Breadcrumb Trail.  You can see Lance’s new film at Cinefamily in Los Angeles March 11-13, the PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia March 14 and 15, and Roxy Theater in San Francisco March 20.
Feb 27, 2014
Throwing Episode
On a cold, rainy day in San Francisco’s Mission District Jonah Raydio had its first live podcast at Lost Weekend Video’s Cinecave.  Ben Garant (The State/Reno 911) joined us, and The Manx provided live music.  Thank you to everyone who came out to the show, we had a blast doing it.  Special thanks to Will Scovil for engineering the recording.
Feb 13, 2014
Yank Episode
It’s our 50th show!  Luckily our guest was Donut Friend owner and drummer of Drive Like Jehu Mark Trombimo, who brought us glorious donuts.  Also in attendance are previous guests Stoney Sharp, Dave Kloc, and a special drop in by Deanna Rooney.  We have brand new Jonah Raydio shirts from artist Dana Lechtenberg.  Not just one but two new Jonah Raydio shirts.  Don’t forget that Jonah Raydio is doing a live show at Cinecave at Lost Weekend Video for SF Sketchfest.
Feb 01, 2014
Episode-Shock for President
Music news, twitter games, and one of the first jokes Jonah ever wrote!  All that and more on this episode of Jonah Raydio!  Guests include Jonah’s long time friend and singer of Woah Hunkx, Katherine Petersen, returning guests Greg Heller and Mike Henry, and Jonah’s life partner Deanna Rooney.  Mike has an EP coming out on Bandcamp.  Jonah will be on @Midnight with Weird Al Yankovic and Brian Posehn January 21.  Come see Jonah Raydio live at Lost Weekend Video for SF Sketchfest Feb. 8 at 1 pm.
Jan 16, 2014
Are you freaking out?  You should be for this episode of Jonah Raydio with long time friend and director of Key and Peele Peter Atencio.  Also joining us is Ed Salazar who got to temporarily handle the soundboard.  Check out Peter’s film The Rig and a whole bunch of other stuff he’s done on vimeo.  See us live in San Francisco for SF Sketchfest Feb. 8 at Lost Weekend Video.
Jan 09, 2014
Group Episodes
Adam wasn’t there for this episode, and he says that means it’s probably a lot better than when he IS there.  Anthony Jeselnik was there, as well as The Indoor Kids, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, and previous guest Dave Kloc.  Matt Mira called in, and they all got wasted.  Enjoy.
Jan 03, 2014
Eponymous Episode
Henry Owings, founder of Chunklet magazine and writer of The Indie Cred Test, is our guest on Jonah Raydio.  Also hanging out is one of our favorite people, former guest Ben Goetting!  We actually did this episode a couple weeks ago and even with my notes I can’t remember what we talked about.  What I can tell you is to check out former guest Tony Thaxton’s podcast Feliz Navipod, and if you love The Beach Boys and Beastie Boys you’ll love The Beachie Boys.  This link is NSFW, and I will not explain what it is, Noisy Michelle.
Dec 26, 2013
Come On Episode
On this episode of Jonah Raydio we have Kim Shattuck of The Muffs, Ali Koehler of Upset, former guest Sean O’Connor, and Eloy Lugo!  Kim and Ali both talk about getting kicked out of bands, and we have our funniest Twitter game ever!  The Muffs have a new record coming out in April.  Keep a lookout for a new album from Sean and check out his podcast with Zack Sims, The Boogie Woogie Google Boys.  Check out Upset’s album She’s Gone.  Want to see how bad John Frusciante was on SNL?  Here’s RHCP doing Under the Bridge.
Dec 19, 2013
The Exotic Episode
We have comedian Dana Gould and former Jonah Raydio guest Ronnie Barnett of The Muffs on this episode.   Check out Dana on TNT’s Mob City and get his album I Know It’s Wrong.  Don’t forget to also check out Dana’s own podcast The Dana Gould Hour.  Keep a lookout for a new record from The Muffs in April and follow Ronnie on the Instagram @DavidLeeRoth.  Jonah Raydio will be coming to SF Sketchfest February 8 at 1pm at Lost Weekend Video.  If you’re a fan of “yacht rock” check out former Channel 101 show Yacht Rock.
Dec 12, 2013
Day Three of My New Episode
This week we have comedian Nick Youssef and director Stoney Sharp.  We also talk about bad cover songs, we have a Twitter game and the return of music news.  Follow Nick on Twitter @NickYoussef and check out his podcast Occasionally Awesome.  Follow Stoney @StoneySharp and check out his website The Colossal Youth.  If you are going to be in San Francisco Feb. 8 come see us do a live Jonah Raydio at Lost Weekend Video for SF Sketchfest.  Here’s a video of our friend Matt Mira singing some Third Eye Blind.
Nov 28, 2013
Crooked Episode, Crooked Episode
DISCLAIMER : In today’s episode of JonahRaydio Co-Host and lovable cut-up Neil “Nails” Mahoney refers to a collection of art zines by an artist by the name of Mike Giant. In describing the two-word titles of these zines, he used the word “Solipsism” to describe how if you swapped the first sound of the words, it would make a funnier title, i.e. “Flood Bart” becomes “Blood Fart”. This incorrect usage of Solipsism was due to Mr. Mahoney’s nursing of a baby bottle full of Bourbon. Solipsism is the philosophical/metaphysical concept that one cannot be certain anything exists outside your own mind. The word Mr. Mahoney meant to use was “spoonerism”. We regret this distraction may prevent some listeners from enjoying today’s episode, or worse, promote the incorrect usage of Solipsism, but we we will strive to be better podcasters, men, and U.S. citizens in the future.
Nov 07, 2013
Exploded Episode
After a two week hiatus because of everyone being out of town at some point Jonah Raydio is back!  This week we have our good friend Dave Kloc with us!  Dave is also an AMAZING illustrator so please check out his stuff.
Oct 31, 2013
Over the Episode
Adam wasn't there to take notes.  Guests were Deanna Rooney, Myke Chillian, Dave Kloc, That guy…Lawrence? and a brief appearance by Rhea Butcher.  We talked about the movie Beaches.  Dave probably told a story about a meal he once ate.  Myke brought good bourbon and that's about it.
Oct 10, 2013
An Episode
Jonah Raydio was packed with guests this week!  We had The Indoor Kids very own Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, founder and producer of Feral Audio Dustin Marshall, and former guest Mike Henry.  Check out The Indoor Kids live this weekend at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival.  Also see if you can find Dustin in the Smashing Pumpkins music video “Owata”.
Oct 03, 2013
This week on Jonah Raydio we have Rusty Pistachio and Adam Blake of the band H20!  Keep a look out for an upcoming record from the band and check them out on tour.  Check out Rusty’s website Pnut Jewelry where he makes and sells handcrafted jewelry.  And if you’re looking for a personal trainer look no further than Adam.  Please check out “Something in the Water” on Indiegogo, a documentary about the Long Island hardcore music scene, and if you can donate or spread the word to help this film get finished.
Sep 26, 2013
On Episode Pond
Jonah Raydio has long time friend and all around awesome human Paul Bonanno this week!  Instead of music we talk about porn, then we talk about music among other delightful topics.  Check out “Intimate Indiscretions” directed by Paul Bonanno and written by Paul Bonanno and Jeff Kauffmann.  And if you live in San Francisco or Phoenix you can see Jonah do some comedy at the Stand Up Live in Phoenix, Arizona on October 3 and at the Punchline in San Francisco, California on October 10, 11, and 12!
Sep 22, 2013
...Like Episode
We are back with Season 2 of Jonah Raydio!  This is an amazing episode with amazing stories from our guest Chris Holmes, a long time friend and successful disc jockey (he opens for Paul McCartney!).  Please check out The Voice Project, which utilizes music to effect positive social change and promote human rights around the globe.
Sep 12, 2013
Hostless FM #2
This week on Jonah Raydio Hostless FM we have Dave Kloc and Ed Salazar.  We got to hear some great tour stories from Dave, while Ed enjoys his salad.  Follow our guests on Twitter @KmanWorldwide and @EdASalazar.  Produced by Cash Hartzell.  Brought to you by Blue Collar Distro and The Hundreds.  Don’t forget to check out Drunk History Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.   Featured Songs Nomeansno “Big Dick” The Journeymen “Around the World (In Eighty Lays)” Marvin Sease “A Woman Would Rather Be Licked” Lil’ Wayne “Sorry 4 the Wait” Supercontinent “Cataclysms”
Aug 01, 2013
Hostless FM #1
Back by unpopular demand is Mahoneyaydio, which has been re-branded Jonah Raydio Hostless FM.  With your help we’ve made it better.  Sorry about the second one, but this is the first of a new era.  We’ll read your tweets, we make phone calls, and introduce organized segments with jingles. We heard your cries, and bring you this nipple to soothe you.
Jul 25, 2013
Redefining Episode
On this episode of Jonah Raydio we have good friends Sean O' Connor (Comedy Central Half Hour, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald) and Sam Brown (Whitest Kids U Know).  Plenty of jokes were had, we talk about how great the movie Magic Mike was, and Jonah and Sean reminisce about their ill-fated tour Still Born in the U.S.A.  Sean and Sam currently have a movie project on Kickstarter that is amazing, so please donate if you can.  In addition to stand up Sean has written on a variety of shows including MTV’s Video Music Awards and The Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, and has a half hour special on Comedy Central’s The Half Hour.  Sam can currently be seen on tour with his comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U’Know. Jonah Raydio is sponsored by Warby Parker.  Brought to you by Blue Collar Distro and The Hundreds.
Jul 04, 2013
Never Mind the Episode
This week we have comedian Chris Thayer joining us!  Not only did we get to hear some songs from Chris, but we got to hear him talk, too.  Adam is back from Ojai, but we lost Cash this week due to sports.  If you are in the Los Angeles vicinity, check out Chris’ weekly stand up show The Business.
Jun 27, 2013
Jonah Raydio is back again. Now with spectacles sponsor Warby Parker! Guests Alie and Georgia join us to pass around a specialty handcrafted cocktail and hash up old memories. Guys, Adam usually writes these, but he’s not here this week and I’m not very good at this. Featuring music from Family History, Giant Drag, Armalite, Even IN Blackouts, and Fake Problems. Specialty handcrafted hand farts by Neil Mahoney. Being in Ojai by Adam Rodrigues. Produced by Cash Hartzell. Be sure to checking out Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia on the Cooking Channel this Friday.
Jun 20, 2013
Episode for a New Tomorrow
This week we have Scott Aukerman!  Returning to Jonah Raydio also is music news and the Twitter game.  Don’t forget to check out the first season of Scott’s Comedy Bang! Bang! on Netflix, and look out for the upcoming second season on IFC.  As always sponsored by Blue Collar Distro and The Hundreds.
Jun 06, 2013
Flyin' the Episode
Jonah Raydio is back!  This week we have Bobcat Goldthwait!  Not only is he one of the sweetest, nicest people, he had a ton of awesome stories to tell.  One such story included how he opened up for Nirvana.  Keep an eye out for Bobcat’s upcoming movie “Willow Creek”.  Produced by Cash Hartzell, sound drops by Neil Mahoney, and hanging out by Adam Rodrigues.
May 30, 2013
This week we have the long anticipated second episode of Mahoneyaydio.  On this weeks HamoneyReardayo we talk about nutrition, anti-hair loss techniques, and other fun stuff.  Hanging in the studio with us putting in their two cents was Tony Thaxton, Christina John, and Jalise Woodward.  Check out Jalise’s band Spirit Vine and if you’re looking for drum lessons, Tony is now giving them.  Vocal sound drops by Adam Rodrigues, and produced by Cash Hartzell.
May 09, 2013
Rated E(pisode)
This week on Jonah Raydio we have Ryan Kattner from Man Man!  On this episode you’ll hear stories about seeing dead bodies, and Neil tells us about the dark side of otters.  We also have a surprise drop in by Gavin McInnes.
Apr 25, 2013
We have a great episode for you this week!  Howard Kremer, aka Dragon Boy Suede, joins us.  Sporting his Steven “Summah” Seagal ponytail, Howard discuses his days living in Austin, and how his mom once lived in the same apartment complex as Sebastian Bach.  Dragon Boy Suede’s latest album, Douche Minutiae produced by Dustin Martian, is available now.   Listen to Howard’s own podcast, Who Charted?, with co-host Kulap Vilaysack. Also keep a look out for the follow up to last summer’s Have a Summah, Have Another Summah.  As always sponsored by Blue Collar Distro and The Hundreds.  Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg.
Apr 18, 2013
Hitler Bad, Episode Good
On Jonah Raydio this week we have America’s Matt Berry, Dave Hill!  Dave teaches us that you can’t stop rocking, but you can rock a little less sometimes.  Also hanging out with us was Neil’s friend Josh Slater.  Check out Dave’s own podcast, Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, and also his book, Tasteful Nudes.  Follow all of us on Twitter, @JonahRaydio, @JonahRay, @MrDaveHill, @CashHartz, @Nails13, and @admrigs.  Sponsored by Blue Collar Distro, and now also sponsored by The Hundreds.
Apr 11, 2013
We Were Dead Before the Episode Even Sank
This week we have Kali Fontecchio, aka Kali Kazoo!  On this episode you’ll hear how Kali’s Dad got to see Jimi Hendrix perform on three separate occasions!!  In addition you get to hear superbly timed sound drops by Neil, we make a game of the twitter game, and Adam STILL doesn’t have his own microphone.  As always, sponsored by Blue Collar Distro.
Apr 04, 2013
On The Episode
This week on Jonah Raydio we have Zac Carper, lead singer and guitarist of Fidlar.  Topics discussed include how both Zac and Jonah got messed with by Samoans while growing up in Hawaii, and how Jonah once lied his way out of a DUI.  Zac’s sister Alice, and our good friend and former guest Tony Thaxton also joined us.  Fidlar is on tour now, so check them out!
Mar 28, 2013
Every Good Episode Deserves Fudge
On this week’s episode we have the funny and talented Sean Tillmann, a/k/a Har Mar Superstar.  As usual, everyone drinks, Neil gets a call from his mom that he doesn’t take, and Adam still doesn’t have his own microphone.
Mar 21, 2013
Self Titled Episode
After going to some place not in America, Jonah is back to berate Neil Mahoney for badly timed sound drops. This week’s guest is former guest Ed Salazar, but only because Jonah couldn’t find any one else to come. We talked about Beyonce allegedly faking her pregnancy and other stuff! Songs featured this week from Nels, Night O Saur, Sergio Still and The Moving Pictures, Frontiers, and You Blew It!. And as always, sponsored by Blue Collar Distro.
Mar 14, 2013
Private Episode
What you are about to here is NOT JonahRaydio, but in fact a different show called Mahoneyaydio, featuring Neil Mahoney and his staff. Jonah Raydio will return next week in it's regularly scheduled release.  This week on Mahoneedaydealdio,Neil leads you through some of his favorite jams of his own from years past, as well as a half-assed attempt at interviewing Wade Randolf of a band called Camcorder and the podcast "Free Ideas with Mike and Wade". Jonah Raydio Music News contributor Mike Henry stops by and Wade buys a Canadian bathmat from ebay live in real time on the show.As always the Mahoneyadiondo theme song is by Adam Rodrigues, and as always, producer Cash Hartzell is an albino orangutan.
Mar 07, 2013
My Episode
This week on Jonah Raydio's OSCAR SPECTACULAR (only because we recorded during the Oscars) we didn't get a guest. BUT! We had Brother In Residence Adam Rodrigues and we talk about MC HAMMER, THE HARLEM SHAKE, and a little bit how Adam bailed on rock n' roll in favor of impressing his friends that listened to reggae music. Also, Music News and TWITTER GAMEZ ( #ShittyBandBioPic give us some more in the comments!)
Feb 28, 2013
Episode Goes To College
On this weeks JONAH RAYDIO the boys have their ol' buddy TRAVIS MILLARD on to talk about art in an indie rock world. This is the guy who did the artwork for THE GET UP KIDS and DINOSAUR JR's latest album. We are also joined by Dave Kloc and Dom! Sponsored by BLUE COLLAR DISTRO.
Feb 21, 2013
Episode to write home about...
This week got so weird, you’ll be screaming “WTF” as Marc Maron joins the boys in a garage not of his own. While the Grammys were happening there was a different drama occurring on the show as we take a call from a FRENEMY of Marc’s ON TOP of getting deep in the middle of a lovers spat! This episode has it all! It also has Music News, Twitter Gamez, Sound Boards, and the sound of Maron doing a friend a favor.
Feb 14, 2013
Ahoy! this week Jonah Raydio is joined by Joe Sib ( WAX, 22 JACKS, SIDEONE DUMMY, and COMEDY!). He tells us a very sad story that involves Weezer and womens panties. We are also Joined by Tony Thaxton from Motion City Soundtrack and Ryan Mcmanimen from AST RECORDS and PYHT podcast. We also get into what became the grossest attempt at a twitter game yet.
Feb 07, 2013
Episode 8
This was a party of an episode! Not only does The Meltdown resident artist DAVE KLOC come by to hang, we are joined by Emily Gordon from the INDOOR KIDS, recent guest Ed Salazar, the lovely Kate Ward, The Brother In Residence Adam Rodrigues, and some guy named Dom. This one STARTS with arguing! As always this episode is brought to you by BLUE COLLAR DISTRO where you are able to buy Jonah Raydio shirts!
Feb 01, 2013
(the blue episode)
Tonight on Jonah Raydio we are joined by good ol’ buddy Ed Salazar (who drinks an entire pint of whiskey in the course of the podcast). We have music news, hashtag games and Neil gets uppity. This episode is once again sponsored by BLUE COLLAR DISTRO where you can buy the brand new JONAH RAYDIO shirt!  Also a quick intro song by Motion City Soundtracks Tony Thaxton!
Jan 24, 2013
Tonight on the show it's comic/metal master BRENDON SMALL from adult swim's METALOCALYPSE. We dive in to his history in comedy and metal with special assistance from the boys in THE MANX on the couch and a brand new metal inspired soundboard.
Jan 10, 2013
Episode and I
Tonight's Jonah Raydio has musician and animator MYKE CHILLIAN joining the boys with songs from his band THE MANX, and selections from Anxiety Machine Records ( ) such as Gay Kiss, Dogbreth and more! Also joining the gang is Adam and Kali Kazoo! Also, buy our new JONAH RAYDIO shirts available now from Blue Collar Distro! Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg, a DISMEMBERMENT PLAN parody.
Jan 06, 2013
Die Die My Episode
Jonah Raydio get's a bit sloppy as Ben Goetting * @bengoetting (lead designer for VAGRANT RECORDS and an old pal of Jonah's) joins us for a late night last minute recording.
Dec 28, 2012
Jonah Raydio is joined this week by a whole bunch of buddies! Writer for Web Soup and the INFOMINUTE; Mike Henry joins us alongside our first guest Greg Heller and also hanging out is Jonah's brother Adam and Ben Goetting. Lots of fun and drinks had in this one, along with songs from The Smarties, Pollux B, The Treasure Fleet and more! Plus, we found our new favorite twitter account: @FakeCraigFinn
Dec 20, 2012
Episode and Canvas
Tonight, on Jonah Raydio, Ronnie Barnett from the rock band THE MUFFS delights us with stories of kicking people in the face, Craig Finn being mean, and working at a record store with Jonah! Also music by: LIVE! From A Basement, The Good Graces, Morgans Orange, Perfect Hair Forever, and FAMILY HISTORY (who also does this weeks theme song). Joining the boys is of course Jonah’s brother Adam and Ben Goetting (who has been the designer for everything VAGRANT records for years!)
Dec 13, 2012
Out Of Stepisode
The legendary Todd Congelliere ( F.Y.P/Toys That Kill/Underground Railroad To Candyland/Stoned At Heart/ founder of Recess Records) joins Jonah Raydio to talk about being a professional skateboarder, a professional musician, and a professional prankster. Also, infighting between Jonah, Cash and Neil about the new soundboard app almost derails the good ship raydio. Also, Jonah’s brother Adam is on a couch.
Dec 06, 2012
Episode About F***king
It's another episode of JONAH RAYDIO. Hanging out this week with the guys is the drummer for MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, Tony Thaxton. We talk about covers, bad bands with good songs, and Jonah & Tony's favorite drum beat. Also, songs by The Beets, Jacuzzi Boys, and Roll On Red.
Nov 29, 2012
Jonah Raydio is visited by Actor/Comedian/Punk Rocker John Ross Bowie. John was the bass player in pop punk band Egghead and is Barry Kripke in THE BIG BANG THEORY. We talk about transitions from punk rock to comedy, and how to really break down THE HOLD STEADY (just try to sound like Milhouse's Dad). Also! Music by P.O.S., Pujol, and MOONRAKER.
Nov 22, 2012
Another Episode
In this drunken episode of Jonah Raydio, Nick Thorburn talks about his life in music. Fronting bands like The Unicorns, Islands, and Mister Heavenly he was a delight to have on. We listen to his work, drink a bit too much, and quite possibly make Cash almost quit. Also, a bailed on Music News segment, listener mail, and songs by ROZWELL KID and The Pettyfords.
Nov 15, 2012
The Episode Before The Next One
The legendary Lance Bangs (director of the Pavement documentary and MORE) joins Jonah Raydio to talk about his early forays into music, the first Mercury Rev tour, and an epic plane crash. Also, music by Sirloin Sunrise, The White Wires, The Hood Internet, and more!
Nov 08, 2012
The Most Recent Episode
Matt Dwyer visits a Jonah Raydio to talk about Tom Waits, Farts (not a band title), and his awesome podcast "Conversations with Matt Dwyer". Also, music by The Pop He Fakes, You Blew It!, and a song from Jonah's band when he was 16. Jonah also sniffles a lot as he's sick in this episode.
Nov 02, 2012
The Next Episode
Steve Agee comes to hang out at Jonah Raydio to talk about Desert Rock, getting into comedy to meet your music idols, and his musical feud with MATT BERRY. Also, new stuff by Sundials, a great Turf War demo track, and a crazy story about Arizona's own "THE BLACKS". Sponsored by BLUECOLLARDISTRO.
Oct 26, 2012
Episode 2
In the "first" episode of JONAH RAYDIO, Jonah talks to current comedy writer and former musician/music journalist GREG HELLER ( @dongattack). Also: music news, submitted songs, "Internet Music", and a lotta beer. Brought to you by
Oct 19, 2012