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By Evan Brand, CFMP, NTP

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Welcome to The Evan Brand Show, hosted by Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Evan Brand. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of functional medicine case studies, deep dives into various topics such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues, supplement protocols, lab testing, as well as the many lectures I have given!

Episode Date
Dr. Neil Nathan, MD on Mold, Mycotoxins, Lyme, and Chemical Sensitivities
For information on working with me and getting to the root cause of your health issues, please reach out at my site http://evanbrand.comDr. Neil Nathan, MD is a board-certified physician who wrote a great book on the subject of mold toxicity, lyme disease, mast cell activation, and much more titled Toxic: Heal Your Body From Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness which you can find at a great book that can help guide you and your practitioner towards successfully healing from a seriously debilitating situation.<br><br>Today We Discuss<br><br>Natural binders vs Rx Binders<br><br>Why Dr. Nathan doesnt put faith into DNA Connexions PCR testing<br><br>Healing chemical sensitivities<br><br>Limbic system retraining and the DNRS brain retraining course which you can find at
Jul 18, 2019
Dr. Justin and Evan on Float Tanks for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and more
Visit for professional-grade supplements, consults, and more. Today we discuss: A brief history on float tanksWhat are float tanks and how do they work?Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic balancingAddressing your nervous systemHere is the recent study on float tanks:
Jun 24, 2019
Evan Brand on Brain Dysfunction and Nootropics
Visit for professional-grade supplements, functional medicine lab tests and consultations. Today we discuss: 1) Common causes of brain dysfunction (and how to fix it!)2) Magic foods to improve brain function and performance3) Identify true nootropics and when to use them
Jun 18, 2019
James Templeton: Stage IV Cancer Recovery -- James Templeton was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma which spread to his lymph nodes. He's here to share the story of his recovery.
Jun 11, 2019
Dr. Margaret Christensen on Toxic Mold and Candida for consultations -- Today I talk about birds and then we get into the interview I did with Dr. Margaret on the Toxic Mold Summit all about candida and the symptoms and how mold and candida are related.
Jun 06, 2019
Dr. Justin and Evan on Using Binders for Detox -- Today we discuss the various binders such as activated charcoal, clay, zeolite, and other nutrients that we use for mold and mycotoxin protocols as well as providing additional support for parasite and gastrointestinal health protocols.
May 27, 2019
Dr Justin & Evan on Gallbladder Attacks for consultations worldwide -- Today Dr. Justin and I discuss gallbladder function, gallbladder attacks, and optimizing the digestion of your fats, especially if you are on a ketogenic diet.
May 15, 2019
Overcoming Anxiety With Evan and Dr. J for online consultations -- Today we discuss mycotoxins, blood sugar, fructose, organic foods and microbiome, and much more related to the underlying biochemistry behind anxiety issues.
Apr 29, 2019
Dr. J and Evan on Natural Allergy Solutions for consultations and resources -- Dr. Justin and I discuss the functional medicine approach to allergies which results in far better success rates than allergy medications, antihistamines and steroids that conventional medicine offers.
Apr 16, 2019
Dr J and Evan: Autoimmune Gut Disease Functional Medicine for consultations -- Dr. Justin and Evan discuss celiac, chrons, and other IBD and comparing the conventional medicine treatment options to the functional medicine strategies that often have better success rates and long-term outcomes.
Apr 02, 2019
Evan Brand: Parasite Depression Connection
Visit for consultations. Today we discuss the link between depression, anxiety, fatigue, and parasite infections.
Mar 27, 2019
Dr. Justin and Evan on Microbiome Thyroid Link for consultations. Dr. Justin and Evan Discuss The Microbiome Thyroid LinkRegister for the Thyroid Reset Summit here:
Mar 11, 2019
Wendy Myers: Breast Implant Illness and Removal
Wendy Myers is a client of mine that had a list of symptoms so large it couldnt fit on one piece of paper. Turns out that after fixing her parasite and other gut infections AND removing her breast implants, she was able to literally heal from all but two or three of her health symptoms and complaints.You cant afford to miss this episode as you or someone you know may be suffering from breast implant illness.Enjoy!
Mar 08, 2019
Jeff Bookout: Mycotoxin Solutions and for the mentioned products and consults -- Today Jeff Bookout and I discuss the elements to a healthy home and creating a safe living environment.
Feb 25, 2019
Dr. Justin and Evan on Gallbladder Optimization
How do parasite and H pylori infections affect digestion and gallbladder function?Why you must address gallbladder health to succeed with mycotoxins and mold exposureGallbladder support nutrientsWhat to do if you dont have a gallbladder
Feb 20, 2019
JW Biava: Mycotoxins -- JW is a Chemical Engineer witth over 20 years of experience in environmental laboratories. Through ImmunoLytics, JW has assisted thousands of individuals regain their health.<br><br>Today We Discuss:<br><br>Is there a safe place to live in the USA to avoid and mycotoxins?
Feb 07, 2019
Dr. Stephanie Ray, ND: Detoxification Protocols, Motor Tics, Chlorine -- Today we discuss how to detox chlorine, Autism, motor tics, and behavior issues tied into toxin overload, Why golfers are so toxic and How to detox using NDF Plus and Liver Life
Jan 07, 2019
Keith Norris and Evan Discuss Worms, Stomach Acid and Conventional Medicine's Blind Spots -- Today we discuss the Missing piece in the conventional, Western approach to medicine, Therapeutic / symbiotic relationship between humans, parasites and worms and Why stomach acid level is vitally important!
Dec 18, 2018
Evan Brand on Psoriasis, Arthritis and Pain -- Evan Brand talks about how he was able to resolve skin issues, psoriasis and arthritis in a client.
Dec 04, 2018
Erin Elizabeth on Breast Implants, Mold, & Candida Illness -- Erin Elizabeth is an author, TV journalist, public speaker, and activist. You can download her free ebook now about going from obese to fit and keeping the weight off 5 years. She travels for speaking gigs, rallies and spends time at home with her better half of 9 years, Dr Mercola.Today We DiscussMold illnessBreast implant illnessEating out while staying healthyand much more!
Nov 16, 2018
Dr Justin and Evan on Brain Health & Nootropics -- I wrote a book on nootropics! Also, we discuss my top 2 supplements for nootropic-like effects as well as why the gut is so important for brain health.
Nov 08, 2018
Evan Interviews Client About Bloating Success -- Today I speak with a client about her gut protocol and how she went from looking pregnant to having a flat tummy. Enjoy!
Oct 29, 2018
Dr. Justin and Evan on Autoimmunity and Skin Issues -- The leaky-gut leaky-skin connectionHow infections can affect skin healthAutoimmunity versus non-autoimmune skin issuesProper testing for skin issuesConventional vs functional approaches to skin issuesSupplements and options to fix skin issues
Oct 19, 2018
Evan Brand with Robyn Openshaw on Home Toxins, EMF, & Gut Health for consultations -- Why do some people take probiotics and feel worse?How do you properly test for gut issues?Why does conventional medicine fail at healing gut issues?Do you need to eliminate fruit to get rid of Candida overgrowth?Do you need pharmaceutical drugs to successfully eradicate parasite infections?EMF mitigation strategies
Oct 08, 2018
Evan Brand: Gut Health Q&A
I posted on my instagram here asking for questions that people had about gut health. Follow me there or on my Facebook page if you are not a client and want to ask questions I may answer in a future episode.Today We Discuss:-Gut health for kids-Avoiding toxins while traveling-How to clear infections-and much more!
Sep 24, 2018
Dr. Stuart Nunnally: Cavitations, Mercury Toxicity, & Holistic Dentistry -- Dr. Stuart Nunnally is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School in San Antonio (1980). He maintains an integrative biological dental practice in Marble Falls, Texas where he has treated patients from all fifty states and twenty-four countries.
Sep 10, 2018
Ann Louise Gittleman: Gallbladder Thyroid Connection -- We interview Ann Louise Gittleman to discuss her new book and the important questions: Why do people have trouble digesting fats?What is the gallbladder thyroid connection?
Aug 27, 2018
Dr. Justin and Evan: Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms and Sources. -- Today we talk about Heavy Metals, to clear some myths and misconceptions about the big ones, such as Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury. Listen as they also talk about some of the significant ways to support detoxification.
Aug 14, 2018
Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate, Vaccines, & Autism -- Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT. For over three decades, her research interests have always been at the intersection of biology and computation: developing a computational model for the human auditory system, understanding human language so as to develop algorithms and systems for human computer interactions, as well as applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to gene predictions. She has published over 170 refereed articles on these subjects, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at several international conferences. She has also supervised numerous Master's and PhD theses at MIT. In 2012, Dr. Seneff was elected Fellow of the International Speech and Communication Association (ISCA). In recent years, Dr. Seneff has focused her research interests back towards biology. She is concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has published over two dozen papers in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.
Aug 09, 2018
Ann Louise Gittleman: Copper Toxicity, EMF, Fluoride in Kombucha to get the transcript and for consults -- New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman is highly respected as a health pioneer, weight-loss expert, and award-winning author of thirty books, including The Fat Flush Plan and her latest book Eat Fat, Lose Weight: How Smart Fats reset metabolism, stress, hunger and sex hormones for lasting weight loss and radiant health.
Jul 30, 2018
Elle Russ: Heavy Metals and Hashimoto's -- Infections and the Reverse T3 connectionThyroid hormone conversion issuesAnd much more!
Jul 23, 2018
Dr. Mark Hyman: The Truth About Candida Diets
Get this full interview at -- Dr. Hyman works with individuals and organizations, as well as policy makers and influencers.He has testified before both the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Senate Working Group on Health Care Reform on Functional Medicine. He has consulted with the Surgeon General on diabetes prevention, and participated in the 2009 White House Forum on Prevention and Wellness.Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa nominated Dr. Hyman for the Presidents Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health. In addition, Dr. Hyman has worked with President Clinton, presenting at the Clinton Foundations Health Matters, Achieving Wellness in Every Generationconference and the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as with the World Economic Forum on global health issues. He is the winner of the Linus Pauling Award, The Nantucket Project Award, and was inducted in the Books for Better Life Hall of Fame, and the Christian Book of the Year Award for The Daniel Plan.
Jul 09, 2018
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD on 5G, WiFi, & Retroviruses has the full interview. ''WiFi, Cell Phone Towers, and 5G technology will lead to the suicide of American civilization as we know it''.
Jun 27, 2018
Ryan Sternagel on Kids Beat Cancer
Register for the Toxic Home Summit: --Ryan Sternagel's son was diagnosed with cancer at 1 year old.As a father myself, I couldn't imagine the crushing and overwhelming emotions he and his wife must have gone through...He worked tirelessly researching natural alternatives to the toxic conventional cancer treatments and long story short, they were able to shrink the tumors in their son.They had to completely overhaul their home, removing all of the various toxins they previously were unaware of...We talk about all this!
Jun 13, 2018
Dr. Dan Kalish on ''American Meditation'', Candida and Eating Beans!
Register for my event! CANDIDASUMMIT.COM -- Dr. Daniel Kalish is dedicated to teaching doctors Functional Medicine philosophy and practices. Through The Kalish Institutes educational programs he has trained over 1,000 practitioners worldwide in The Kalish Method which solves patient challenges through a proven lab based approach.In May 2016 a research study published by two Mayo Clinic researchers confirmed the efficacy of the Kalish Method showing significant improvements in GI health and quality of life in the study participants. The study was based on Dr. Kalishs model of Functional Medicine based on 25 years of successful clinical results. Graduates of The Kalish Institute include practitioners ranging from Dr. Mercolas medical staff to Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic physicians.
Jun 06, 2018
Dr. Justin and Evan on Clostridia, ADHD, and Dopamine Toxicity -- Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand discuss the link between Clostridium difficile and Leaky Gut. Clostridium difficile is a bacteria found almost everywhere and can cause symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain.Listenas the two functional medicine experts share their thoughts on how this bacteria can affect your health and what you can do about it.
May 22, 2018
Dr. J and Evan Discuss Evan's Iron Toxicity for consultations. Today Dr. Justin and I discuss my recent blood work as I discover the source of my recent fatigue and heart palpitations. Excess iron and ferritin! Listen in as we discuss the signs, symptoms and game plan.
May 14, 2018
Dr. Jack Wolfson: Leaky Gut Leaky Heart Connection for consultations -- Today we talk with my friend Dr. Jack Wolfson, the Paleo Cardiologist.1. The leaky gut and leaky heart connection2. Functional blood work for optimal cardiology3. Supplements for heart health4. The truth about blood pressure guidelines
May 04, 2018
Dr. Jay Davidson on Lyme, Parasites and Lymphatic Drainage for consultations and register for the Lyme Summit #3 at -- Enjoy as Dr. Jay Davidson and I dig into the topic of lyme disease. One of the important but overlooked aspects of treatment are proper lymphatic drainage so we discuss ways to work on this as well as how parasites can interact with these other infections and how Lyme bacteria can actually live inside of parasites. You can't miss this episode!
Apr 23, 2018
Evan Brand on Parasites, Blood Sugar Issues, Diabetes for consultations -- Today I share a talk I did for the Diabetes Summit 2018 where I discuss parasites, blood sugar issues and diabetes.
Apr 14, 2018
Justin Rhodes: Grow 75% of Your Own Food In 2 Hours A Day -- Justin just got back from traveling around the USA documenting dozens of other sustainable farmers, showing the solutions they've implemented. From Alaska to Hawaii and literally all other states, he shows what, how, and why these people sought out to go off-the-grid with solar power, making their own fermented foods, growing their own vegetables and raising their own animals.If you are someone who ever thinks about starting your own food production or ''opting out'' of the mainstream grocery food (*raises my hand), this podcast episode is for you.
Apr 08, 2018
Jason Prall on The Human Longevity Project -- Jason Prall, a functional medicine fanatic has spent the last 6 months traveling the world to interview health care practitioners (including me!) and centenarians to find the answers to true healthcare, happiness, and longevity! Sign up for the docu series free here:
Mar 30, 2018
Aaron Alexander on The Truth About Standing Desks for functional medicine consultations -- for the new sponsor discount on Matcha and mushrooms. Today we interview Aaron Alexander, a movement expert, on:Is sitting really the new smoking?What about standing desks? Are they really better?What are easy movement hacks that can improve a desk jockey's life?Why do people stop having fun in life? and WHEN?
Mar 26, 2018
Dr. Brian Mowll on Reversing and Preventing Diabetes -- Dr. Brian Mowll is the founder and medical director of SweetLife Diabetes Health Centers and serves clients worldwide as The Diabetes Coach. He is a master licensed diabetes educator (MLDE), CDE, and was one of the first doctors to be certified to practice functional medicine by the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine. Since 1998, Dr. Mowll has been helping people across North America to optimize their health and metabolism, control blood sugar, and reverse type 2 diabetes using a natural, personalized lifestyle approach. Keep up with him at drmowll.comToday We DiscussThe alarming diabetes statisticsWhy even organic juice is a bad idea to drinkOatmeal, carbs and the truth about diabetes and carbohydrate consumptionThe hybridization process of fruitThe biomarkers and functional ranges for diabetes and optimal blood sugar healthSupplements to address diabetes and support blood sugarMy True Multi-Vitamin Supplement
Mar 09, 2018
Dr. Jack Kruse on 5G EMF and Moving South -- Today We DiscussThe 5G rollout and why urban areas aren't desirableElon Musk, SpaceX and 7,000 satellites beaming internet at usWhy Mexico may be the sacred place to restore and save your health
Mar 02, 2018
Dr. Justin & Evan Brand on SIBO and SIFO!
Your gut affects your health in a variety of ways, and its not just about digestion. The health status of your gut can influence the immune system, your weight, and even your mood! In todays part-podcast and part-Q&A video, lets join Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand as they talk about gut health and how it affects us as a whole.Watch and listen as they discuss topics like Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), yeast or fungal overgrowth, weight gain and weight loss, and even the link between your gut and your mood swings. So many people are diagnosed with SIBO, in fact, Dr. Justin says that almost 90% of his patients are suffering from this condition. Learn how to manage your gut health by taking the right supplements, eating the right foods, and preventing issues from wreaking havoc on your overall health. Watch this video for more info!In this episode, we cover:02:30 SIFO is Definitely an Issue05:20 Conventional Treatment of Candida and SIBO07:19 Urinary Tract Infection10:00 Treating UTI by Just Hitting the Gut.21:36 Top herbs for Candida Overgrowth
Feb 22, 2018
Dr. Ben Lynch on MTHFR, COMT and Genetics
Visit for consultations, lab testing and supplements!Benjamin Lynch, ND received his Cell and Molecular Biology, BS from the University of Washington and his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University. His passion for identifying the cause of disease directed him towards nutrigenomics and methylation dysfunction. Currently, he researches, writes and presents worldwide on the topic of MTHFR, methylation defects and genetic control. You may learn more about Dr Lynch and his work at Today We Discuss:MTHFR, COMT and other genetic issuesHow do you supplement for genetic mutations?The simple strategies to help ''undirty'' your genes
Feb 14, 2018
Wendy Myers on Heavy Metal Detox
Signup for the Heavy Metal Summit at: we discuss Geoengineering and how this affects the soil, air and water qualityWhere are heavy metal toxins coming from?What are safe detox supplements and strategies?What about the infrared sauna?
Jan 26, 2018
Arthur Haines: Wild Foods and A New Path and are our sponsors. Schedule a health consult at -- Today Arthur comes back on the show to discuss his new book A New Path. We discuss the importance of community and what we have lost in the modern world of mass consumerism. Arthur elaborates on how we go into the woods like space explorers... Just listen so you understand. You can't miss this one!
Jan 19, 2018
Julia Ross on Vegan Babies and Amino Acids
Visit for functional medicine consultations via Phone/Skype. Julia Ross is a world leader in the use of Nutritional Therapy for the treatment of mood problems, eating disorders, and addictions. After 10 years as a psychotherapist working with individual adults and adolescents, families and groups in a variety of in psychiatric and outpatient settings, Ross began to direct programs. Some of her early achievements included the founding of the San Francisco Bay Areas first programs for food addicts and for drug-addicted adolescents and their families.
Jan 15, 2018
Jane Barlow on Becoming a Master Herbalist
Visit my site at for health consultations. Jane Barlow is a master herbalist who discusses Lomatium, a new favorite herb of mine. We also chat about less popular but amazing adaptogenic herbs. Janes passion in the beauty industry coupled with her master herbal knowledge gives her a unique edge in creating very specialized health & beauty products. She spends years of research carefully formulating healthy products that she uses and endorses.
Jan 07, 2018
Dr. Justin and Evan: Leaky Gut Autoimmune Connection
The Heavy Metal Summit: Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand dive into a discussion about the link between gut infections and autoimmunity. Gain knowledge about leaky gut, how it occurs in the body and its connection to Hashimotos.Explore the different stressors which affect gut health and contribute to a weakened immune system. Learn about Dr. Justins 6-hour template, which includes his expert recommendation regarding healing, nutrient, and supplements.
Dec 22, 2017
Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO: Functional Sexual Health Strategies
http://evanbrand.comDr. Anna Cabeca is an Emory University trained gynecologist and obstetrician, a menopause and sexual health expert and international speaker and educator. She created the top selling products Julva an anti-aging feminine cream for women, MightyMaca a superfood hormone balancing health drink, and online programs Magic Menopause, Womens Restorative Health and SexualCPR. Connect with her at
Dec 15, 2017
Dr Jesse and Marni: Ultimate Health Podcasters
Evanbrand.comThe majority of our shows feature guest interviews with world-class experts in the health & wellness community. Periodically, the two of us will tackle a health topic we are passionate about. Either way, youre in for a treat.
Dec 08, 2017
Chris Kresser: Functional Medicine Strategies
http://evanbrand.comChris teaches and practices functional medicine, a personalized approach to health care that recognizes the biological uniqueness of each patient. In contrast to conventional care, which is almost entirely focused on suppressing symptoms, functional medicine eliminates symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of a problem. It is an evidence-based field of health care that views the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.
Dec 01, 2017
Dr J and Evan on Fibromyalgia Root Causes
Fibromyalgia affects millions who are left to use conventional treatment options that don't work. A deficiency of pharmaceutical drugs is not the problem. We talk about adrenals, the gut, thyroid and all body systems and how this ties into the spiderweb of health complaints that come along with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis.
Nov 24, 2017
Kevin Johnson on Brain Waves and Float Tanks
Kevin Johnson is the Owner/CEO at Zero Gravity Institute. Zero Gravity Institute is a floatation and relaxation center in Austin, Tx. We use ''sensory deprivation'' or ''floatation tanks'' to offer the public the many benefits of R.E.S.T. therapy. We also offer massage therapy and ''hemi-sync'' all in an upscale spa environment.Zero Gravity Institute is also the distributor of Zero Gravity Float Rooms. Zero Gravity Float Rooms are large, luxury scale, light-proof, sound-insulated enclosures 8' x 6' x 7' which contains a shallow 12 inch pool of 25% saturated Epsom Salts solution - five times denser than sea water. Lying back, you float effortlessly on the surface with all parts of your body perfectly supported. Your body is no longer effected by the constant downward pull of gravity, the single greatest cause of wear and tear to bones, joints and body tissue. As muscle tension melts away, you find yourself floating weightless and free, like an astronaut in zero gravity.
Nov 17, 2017
Dr J and Evan on Depression Root Causes
According to the CDC, depression is now the #1 leading cause of disability in the USA. I predicted this years ago when my podcast first hit the airwaves. The influence of social media, comparison, and envy are just a fraction of the issues the population is facing as a whole.As you know I dealt with depression for over a decade. It wasn't until I discovered that I had various parasitic, bacterial and yeast infections in my body that were causing deficiencies in important amino acids that fuel neurotransmitter production.Once I was able to heal my gut, I saw positive improvements in my energy, mood, sleep and more. Listen to this podcast with Dr. Justin and I as we delve into some of the most common and major root causes of depression. HINT: It's not a deficiency of Zoloft!Thanks to our sponsor Ahtrantil, get 10% at using the code evan at checkout.
Nov 13, 2017
Evan Brand on Primal Blueprint Elle Russ chats with Evan Brandauthor, podcast host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, and Personal Trainer. He is passionate about healing the chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. He uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the root cause of a wide range of health symptoms. His Not Just Paleo Podcast has over 6 million downloads and counting. He is the author of Stress Solutions, REM Rehab and The Everything Guide to Nootropics. He offers free 15-minute functional medicine phone consultations at his site
Nov 03, 2017
Mark Sisson on The Keto Reset Diet Mark Sisson comes on the Podcast to talk about his new Keto Reset Diet book. Mark is a former elite endurance athlete who has made health and fitness his life's work. In Mark's younger days, he was on the track toward medical school for a while (BA in Biology from Williams College), but got detoured by a different track, literally, and a dream of making the US Olympic team for the marathon. As the decades passed, he realized that his calling was as an independent researcher, critical thinker, motivator, and communicator, to get people to take responsibility for their health and fitness (often in the face of flawed conventional wisdom that can lead even the best-intentioned astray), and to inspire people to be open-minded, passionate, and enthusiastic about leading a healthy, happy, fit, balanced, active lifestyle, with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice possible. <br><br>It seems the diet and exercise industry today is calibrated toward exactly that: the idea that you need to struggle and suffer to drop excess body fat, achieve fitness goals and be healthy. Mark's most prominent motivator is the pursuit of pleasure and happiness in his life. There is not a single word on hiswebsite,, that does not emanate from that goal. For Mark, following thePrimal Blueprintis first and foremost about pleasure. Mark tries not to speak in terms of program, regimen, or diet when describing the Primal Blueprint. This is a way of life, a comprehensive blueprint just like you might find when building a house and it's based on modern epigenetic research and evolutionary biology.
Oct 26, 2017
Dr J and Evan on Fixing Histamine Intolerance
evanbrand.comDr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand engage in a discussion about histamine. Listen as they talk about finding the root cause and driving factor of the issues related to histamine. Learn all about the symptoms associated with histamine issues and find out how problems with the adrenals, hormones, gut, diet, and lifestyle contribute to these issues.Know how some of the medications like anti-depressants, immune modulators, and beta-blockers are related to nutrient deficiency. Gain information regarding higher histamine foods and natural supplements. Apply some of the natural solutions and recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle that would address histamine issues.
Oct 20, 2017
Luke Storey: Top Biohacks and Accessing Deep Consciousness Luke has tenaciously applied the results of his field research and used them to not only completely transform his own life but also the lives of thousands of fans and followers through his various media channels and speaking engagements. As a transformational coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing and happiness to corporate as well as private clients, through his innovative and highly effective lifestyle design coaching system, Youtube channel, and wildly popular podcast, The Life Stylist. Since 2008, Luke has also served as Founder and CEO at School of Style, the nations most prominent fashion school for stylists.
Oct 13, 2017
Dr. Ken Brown, MD: Gastro Doc Going Functional
Kenneth Brown, M.D. is aBoard-Certified Gastroenterologist who has been in the conventional gastroenterology trenches for quite some time. Now, he is incorporating more functional medicine strategies and solutions into his practice, especially with his formulation of Atrantil, an herbal SIBO formulation. They are now sponsoring the podcast, so that means you can get this formula for 10% off by using the coupon code evanat checkout:
Oct 06, 2017
Peter Spiegel on Best Water Filtration Strategies Spiegel is the inventor of the AquaTru system, who joins us today. The idea for AquaTru arose from the desire for pure drinking water without the financial expense or cost to the environment. For over 20 years, AquaTru inventor, Peter Spiegel, used a professionally installed, under-the-sink, reverse osmosis (RO) system to create pure drinking water in his home and office, but under-the-sink systems are extremely bulky and costly to purchase, install and maintain.Peter knew there had to be a way to build an affordable, countertop RO water purifier that could be used right out of the box. After countless prototypes and over 5 years of working with a fantastic team of engineers and industrial designers, the AquaTru countertop RO water purifier is here.Now you can create bottled water quality water right from your tap water with AquaTru. AquaTru is the first and only countertop water purifier that uses the gold standard of water purification, four-stage reverse osmosis technology, to remove virtually all harmful contaminants from tap water. Get your discounted water filter by clicking here.
Oct 02, 2017
Evan Brand on Parasites, Hashimoto's and Autoimmunity
What you'll learn from my talk:Sources of parasite exposureFavorite parasite testImportance of healthy stomach acidI highly recommend you purchase the entire set of expert talks via digital download or USB drive by clicking here:
Sep 15, 2017
Megan Gump, NTP on Handling Catastrophes<br><br>Megan Gump, NTP is my Nutritional Therapist on staff as well as my New Client Coordinator. When you schedule a 15-minute free introductory call, you will get to speak with her!<br><br>Today I go on a rant about finding the right practitioner, and my frustrations this morning with the Nurse Practitioner that we met with for our regular checkups for our daughter. Our usual functional pediatrician was late or not available at the time so we had to deal with this other woman.<br><br>So, you'll hear that rant plus also some actionable advice on how to find a practitioner that actually listens to you, and I give you a confidence boost in why you may need to FIRE your practitioner if they aren't treating you properly.<br><br>You'll enjoy this 1-on-1 time together today.
Sep 08, 2017
Claus Pummer on SAMINA, The World's Healthiest Bed
Contact Claus for 10% off a SAMINA system when you mention ''Evan Brand'' at justhealthysleep.comClaus Pummerwas born in Germany where he trained as a Master Cabinetmaker. Living and working in Switzerland where he earned a Masters Degree in Furniture Design and Manufacturing, he perfected his skills. An entrepreneur at heart, he started his own woodworking shop in Germany then relocated to Canada where he immigrated in 1998. Naturally, his experience in designing and building beds as well as his personal interest in living a healthy lifestyle led him to the best brand out there, SAMINA. As a certified sleep coach, he studied under a world renown sleep expert through the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology. For nearly 20 years he has worked with SAMINA and is currently the Managing Director, SAMINA North America. A healthy sleep expert, hes been enjoying his nightly sleep with the SAMINA Sleep System for many years and, especially from his travels and many nights in inferior beds can appreciate how superior his sleep and, importantly, how much more energized he is during his wakeful hours when hes slept the night before with SAMINA.
Aug 25, 2017
Dr. Jay Davidson on Lyme, Essential Oils for Biofilms & Heavy Metal Toxicity
My friend Dr. Jay Davidson is hosting the Parasite Summit in a few weeks, and I'm a Featured Speaker on the Summit.Register for FREE now at the following link:, something I don't email you about often is my podcast, which I've been hosting and uploading episodes every week for the last 5 years.I just had to share this episode, because it ties into the upcoming summit.Dr. Jay and I discuss how parasites can act as a reservoir for heavy metals, candida, and other infections.THIS is why I have such a high success rate in my clinic!It all makes sense now, even though I didn't fully understand the mechanism before, because I place SO much emphasis on investigating and healing the microbiome of my clients, by removing parasites, we are removing the storage facility for yeast and all of these other coinfections!Several years ago, I lost 25 pounds without trying and had irritable bowel, depression and adrenal fatigue, and one of the biggest things I did to heal myself was to remove the 2 parasitic infections I had in my gut.Running a set of comprehensive stool tests (not all tests are created equal) is always standard protocol for new clients of mine, because as you'll hear in this interview, Jay found the same thing...80% of the battle against lyme disease and other chronic health issues can be remedied just by clearing out the parasite infections as well as heavy metals.
Aug 18, 2017
Dr Justin and Evan on Chronic Fatigue Solutions. -- In this podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegianiand Evan Brand talk about chronic fatigue solutions. We review in-depth information on chronic fatigue syndrome including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Many people who have chronic fatigue tend to have issues with either mitochondrial function, thyroid imbalance or adrenal imbalances. Many times these issues can be driven by hidden gut stress like infection or food allergens.Full transcript is available inside this post on
Aug 12, 2017
John Tjenos, NTP: Vagus Nerve Optimization -- John Tjenos, NTP joins the show to talk about his 30 years of nutritional therapy and body work experience. We discuss the importance of the vagus nerve, which wanders throughout various organs such as your intestines, stomach, pancreas and more. Your fight or flight system is connected with this Vagus nerve. Learn how to optimize the function and use essential oils to help tone it!
Jul 28, 2017
Daniel Debaun: EMF and Miscarriages, Cancer, Melatonin Levels -- Daniel is an internationally recognized and influential expert in EMF radiation, related health issues, and shielding, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones electronic devices. Daniel's concern regarding the health impact of EMF emissions grew from over thirty years of engineering experience in the telecommunication industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at SAID, Telcordia, AT&T, and Bell Labs.
Jul 21, 2017
Dr. Stephen Rich on Testing Ticks for Lyme and FAQ about Ticks -- Our Mission is to provide to a professional tick testing service to public individuals and agencies seeking more information about the risk of dangerous pathogens.Weve developed a battery of tests through years of research on disease-causing microbes in ticks. Since 2006, weve offered this expertise as service to the general public and health agency partners. Since that time, weve endeavored to keep costs of this testing to a minimum to allow us to serve the greatest number of subscribers. As the popularity of the service grew, the amount of data collected also grew and we now share that data as part of Tick-Borne Disease Network passive surveillance that we hope will continue to grow and provide unprecedented insights to who is being bitten by ticks, when they get bitten, and what pathogens those ticks are carrying. We welcome feedback on our web page ( and encourage everyone to SAVE THE TICKS!Get your ticks tested at TickReport.comToday We Discuss-What types of ticks cause lyme?-How can we prevent lyme?-What about natural tick remedies?-How do we identify ticks?-What's the difference between a partially fed tick and fully fed tick?and much more!
Jul 15, 2017
Dr. Nasha Winters: Natural Cancer Treatment and Psychedelics - Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, L.Ac, Dipl.OM is board certified and licensed in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Albuquerque, NM 2000, her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Tempe, AZ in 2003 and received her FABNO (Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, an honor less than 100 have obtained in North America to date) in 2013. In addition to consulting, Dr. Winters is available for speaking engagements and has a Terrain TenTM Training program launching for both doctors and patients in the near future.
Jul 07, 2017
Devyn Sisson on Opening a Primal Kitchen Restaurant and Kitchen Intuition -- Evan Brand chats with Devyn Sisson about her new book Kitchen Intuition.Devyn Sisson is an author, artist, culinary enthusiast, and restaurateur involved in the launch of the Primal Kitchen fast-casual restaurant chain. After graduating from the The New School in New York City with a degree in Psychology, she started to express her creativity with a deep immersion into the study of nutrition with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and self-improvement through the Spiritual Psychology program at The University of Santa Monica. She lives in Southern California where she is kind of successfully training her new dog, Ninja.
Jun 30, 2017
Elle Russ: Getting Off Thyroid Meds with a Ketogenic Diet
Schedule an introductory consult with me at Russ is a writer, health/life coach, and host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast. She is becoming the leading voice of thyroid health in the burgeoning Evolutionary Health Movement (also referred to as Paleo, Primal, or Ancestral Health). Elle is a certified Primal Health Coach and serves on the advisory board of The Primal Health Coach Program created by Mark Sisson. Originally from downtown Chicago, Elle lives and plays in Malibu, CA. You can learn more about her at http://www.elleruss.comElle wrote The Paleo Thyroid Solution after consulting with over two dozen endocrinologists, internal medicine specialists, and general practice MDs...but her thyroid condition was only getting worse - and nothing from doctors resembled a solution, or even hope. Exasperated and desperate, Elle took control of her own health and resolved two severe bouts of hypothyroidism on her own including an acute Reverse T3 problem. Through a devoted paleo/primal lifestyle, intensive personal experimentation, and a radically modified approach to thyroid hormone replacement therapyElle went from fat, foggy, and fatigued to fit, focused, and full of life!
Jun 23, 2017
Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT: Holistic Pain Management
Visit my site for functional lab testing, professional-grade supplements and scheduling a functional medicine appointment.Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT joins us to discuss the holistic approaches to pain available which can include mindset, diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.
Jun 17, 2017
Dr. Elisa Song, MD: Functional Med for Kids and Lyme Disease
Evanbrand.comHolistic mama doc, Dr. Elisa Song, MD is a holistic pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, and mama to 2 crazy fun kids. In her integrative pediatric practice, Whole Family Wellness (, shes helped 1000s of kids get to the root causes of their health concerns and helped their parents understand how to help their children thrive body, mind, and spirit by integrating conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. These health concerns have ranged from frequent colds, ear infections, asthma, and eczema to autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune illnesses. Dr. Song is the host of the Thriving Child Summit a life-changing event for parents to learn how to help their children thrive. Dr. Song created Healthy Kids Happy Kids to share her advice and adventures as a holistic pediatrician and mama. Now everyone can have their very own virtual holistic pediatrician! You can follow her blog at Healthy Kids Happy Kids ( and get daily tips and inspiration from her on Facebook (
Jun 08, 2017
Patrick van der Burght on Bedroom EMF Protection and Shielding Paints and Canopies<br><br>A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bio resonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital USA/AU/NZ, is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient-focused radiation protection.<br><br>EMF shielding technologies<br>Bed canopies for EMF<br>Shielding paints for EMF<br>Protecting against WiFI and Cell Phone Radiation<br>5G cell phone towers and how to protect
Jun 02, 2017
Evan Brand's Three Body System Approach to Hormonal Health
Evan Brand on the Three Body System Approach to Hormonal Imbalance and HealthRegister free for the summit at:
May 26, 2017
Josh Trent: Minimalism, Decision Fatigue, Letting Go of Pride
EvanBrand.comJosh Trent, wellness coach and podcaster joins the show to discuss minimalism, decision fatigue and letting go of pride.If you were able to make less decisions throughout your day, how would that empower you to make big, important decisions? Tune in to Josh and I's discussion about making less decisions, letting go of pride and living a fulfilled life.
May 19, 2017
Dr. William Davis, MD: UnDoctored, Become Smarter Than Your Doctor
EVANBRAND.comDr. William Davis, MD on Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How to Become Smarter Than Your Doctor. Discover why wheat and ALL grains impact cardiovascular health. Learn the truth about cholesterol and why you shouldn't panic about your total cholesterol levels.
May 10, 2017
Dr J and Evan Discuss Ear and Sinus Infections
EVANBRAND.COMDr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand plunge into a discussion about ear and sinus infections and how nutrition either boosts our immune system or makes our bodies susceptible to infections. Be well informed about the products and natural solutions they have used in successful treatment of infections they have encountered with young ones and adult patients, too.If you have kids, pregnant, breast feeding or planning to breast feed, listen very well and get loads of beneficial information regarding the importance of breast milk, high-quality and nutritious diet, as well as supplements for the mom that may affect the babies in relation to infections. Also, learn more about recent research in antibiotic use and its possible negative effects in our ability to fight off infections.
May 06, 2017
Dr. Mercola: Mitochondria Biohacks and EMF Mercola returns to discuss:1. Mercola's new book Fat For Fuel2. The importance of mitigating the mTOR pathway3. The benefits of apple cider vinegar in terms of mitochondrial health4. His biohacks for strength5. So many more little golden nuggets to share here, you just have to listen!
Apr 28, 2017
Dr. Justin and Evan: Thyroid, Stomach Acid, Infection Connection
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand engage in a lively and informative discussion about their recent clinical successes with their patients using the functional medicine approach. Listen to them as they dig into the root cause of their patients issues and turn chronic and seemingly complicated problems into success stories.
Apr 22, 2017
Dr. William Shaw: Most Toxic Chemicals and GPL/Organic Acids Testing
Dr. William Shaw, the founder of Great Plains Labs, teaches us what chemicals are most toxic, their effects on your health and what you can do to reduce toxin levels in your body.Anyone with a long term gut infection should get a check for oxalates, yeast and chemicals. I provide oxalate testing, chemical profile testing and interpretation with an Organic Acids Test and GPL TOX from Great Plains Lab.If youre having health issues or problems detoxing, ridding your body of oxalates can solve a lot of health problems. You also have to rid your body of oxalates before you have any hopes of getting rid of gut or systemic candida infections.About Dr. William ShawDr. William Shaw is an American chemist, autism researcher and the founder of the Great Plains Laboratory. Dr. Shaw has a bachelors degree in biochemistry from the University of Georgia and a PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina, in biochemistry.After obtaining his PhD, Dr. Shaw spent six years working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he was a supervisory research chemist and the chief of the radioimmunoassay laboratory. His laboratory, the Great Plains Laboratory, which he founded in 1996, specializes in metabolic and nutritional testing, particularly as it pertains to autism.
Apr 13, 2017
Dr. Justin and Evan: Thyroid and Nutrient Deficiencies
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand dive into an exciting discussion all about thyroid. Listen carefully as they engage in a dynamic conversation with the listeners and share some valuable information regarding their functional medicine approach on issues relating to thyroid its connection to adrenal health, gut health, nutrition, and infections.Learn about the hyper- and hypo- symptoms related to thyroid issues. Find out how other conditions like leaky gut and other infections are linked to thyroid health. Gain valuable information on different tests used to assess thyroid health and rule out other conditions contributing to thyroid issues. Increase your awareness about the different sources, like foods, supplements, and metals which all impacts thyroid function.
Apr 07, 2017
Dr. Izabella Wentz: Hashimotos Protocol Izabella Wentz joins the podcast to discuss her new book all about Hashimotos and her protocols that she's used with her clients. This is a must listen episode for anyone with thyroid symptoms. Sharing is caring!
Mar 29, 2017
Dr. Eric Osansky: Hyperthyroidism and Graves (The Functional Approach) Dr. Eric Osansky is a licensed healthcare professional who helps people recover from thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions through the use of natural thyroid treatment methods. He is a chiropractic physician, and while many people consider chiropractors to be neck and back pain doctors, some chiropractors receive special training that gives them the knowledge to focus on other conditions, such as endocrine disorders. Although Dr. Osansky focused on typical chiropractic conditions in his practice for 7 years, he gained a greater appreciation for endocrine disorders when he was personally diagnosed with the autoimmune thyroid condition Graves disease. After seeing how well natural treatment methods helped with his autoimmune thyroid condition, he began using these natural thyroid treatment protocols to help others with different types of thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions, such as hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease, and hypothyroidism and Hashimotos Thyroiditis. While he realizes that conventional medical treatment is necessary in some cases, there are millions of people with these conditions who have been told they need to be on prescription drugs on a long-term or permanent basis, or receive thyroid surgery or radioactive iodine, when this might not be the case. Dr. Osansky has obtained countless hours of postgraduate training in nutrition, functional endocrinology, immunology, detoxification, and phytotherapy. Dr. Osansky received a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. Dr. Osansky is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, as well as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, which requires advanced-degree education qualifications, completing and passing an examination, and substantial nutrition experience. Dr. Osansky is also a certified functional medicine practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine. Although hes not an herbalist, Dr. Osansky has received a certificate of herbal therapy through the Australian College of Phytotherapy. This program is run by Kerry Bone, who is a well-known herbalist with over 25 years of experience. Here is a breakdown of Dr. Osanskys credentials and special achievements: Doctor of chiropractic that focuses on endocrine conditions Masters of science degree in nutrition and functional medicine Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) Herbal Therapy Certification Attends numerous nutrition and functional medicine conferences each year Guest interview on Thyroid Nation Radio Featured speaker for Dr. Amy Myers Thyroid Connection Summit Presenter for Dr. Izabella Wentz Thyroid Secret Documentary In July of 2011 Dr. Osansky published the book Natural Treatment Solutions for Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease, which is now in its second edition. He is currently working on a book on Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Over the years he has helped hundreds of people with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions. His goal is to detect and then remove the underlying cause of these conditions, which in many cases will restore the function of the thyroid gland, strengthen the adrenal glands, improve the health of the immune system, and address other affected areas of the body. As a result, many people with these conditions can avoid taking medication on a long-term basis, as well as avoid receiving surgery or radioactive iodine treatment. Although Dr. Osanskys goal is to help people through natural methods, he realizes that some people do need conventional medical treatment. As a result, he will not hesitate to refer patients to a different healthcare professional if for any reason they arent a good candidate for natural treatment methods. For those people with a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition who are interested in restoring their health back to normal, Dr. Osansky has written a free guide entitled The 6 Steps on How to Reverse Graves Disease and Hashimotos Thyroiditis Through Natural Methods. This guide consists of 52 pages of pure content that will show you how to restore your health naturally, and will help you decide whether you might benefit from following a natural thyroid treatment protocol.
Mar 24, 2017
Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD: Spiritual Health in the USA
Kelly Brogan, M.D. is a Manhattan-based holistic womens health psychiatrist, author of the NY Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from MIT in Systems Neuroscience. She is board certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and integrative holistic medicine, and is specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms. She is on the board of GreenMedInfo, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, Functional Medicine University, Pathways to Family Wellness, NYS Perinatal Association, Mindd Foundation, the peer-reviewed, indexed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, and the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. She is Medical Director for Fearless Parent and a founding member of Health Freedom Action. She is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher and a mother of two. Today We Discuss Kelly's recent trip to India Why the USA is so sick spiritually How do you reintegrate into the USA from Indian culture What meditation practice has changed Kelly's life The simple 3 minute exercise to make your day!
Mar 17, 2017
Dr. J and Evan Discuss Menopause and Hormone Natural Solutions
Doctor Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand engage in a discussion about menopause. Join them as they share their expertise on women dealing with menopause, including the associated symptoms, hormones, and health factors creating an impact to this period. Menopause is a naturally occurring transition in a womans life. It is a period wherein women undergo a lot of changes in their bodies. This talk will give you important information about these changes caused by hormones, including hormone function and drug interaction. Find out about the effects of infection, as well as other health related issues involving the adrenals, blood sugar and stress making menopause a more challenging experience than it already is. Learn about the natural ways and solutions to keep your health in check during the menopausal period.
Mar 09, 2017
Cassandra Curtis: Our First Sponsor! & The Best Organic Baby Food
Get 20% off your bone broth order at What are the conventional baby food storage processes? Why is HPP and cold pressurization better? Why refrigerated foods are higher quality than shelf stable How many pounds of blueberries does she use for a batch? and much more...
Mar 03, 2017
Dr. Linsey Berkson: Your Libido and Environmental Toxins
Environmental Toxins and their effect on health and sex drive Why intimacy is so important for overall health Are gender preferences affected by environmental hormones? How to maintain a sexy brain Much much more...
Feb 25, 2017
Dr. Justin and Evan: Your Brain on Stress
In this episode, topics include: Forest Bathing and its benefits, Cortisol levels and its effects on our body, Different sources of stress and ways to deal with it, How the amygdala and hippocampi reacts to stress, Different approaches on how to beat stress. Get your consultations at
Feb 17, 2017
Teri Page: Homesteading & Off-Grid Life
Today We Discuss Finding raw land and starting a homestead from scratch The Homestead Act in the 1800's How do you live off grid in a small cabin and keep your sanity? Much more logisitcal questions about off-grid living
Feb 13, 2017
Justin Mares: Dark Secrets of the Bone Broth Industry
Get 20% off your first order: The bone broth industry is strange. Sometimes you get a batch that looks and acts like water, and some, like the one you're going to hear about, is so rich with gelatin and collagen that it acts like jello when refridgerated. Learn the behind the scenes of the bone broth industry and what you need to look for if health is your goal. Get 20% off your first order:
Feb 04, 2017
Dr. Aviva Romm, MD: Adrenals, Adaptogens and Thyroid Connection - 15 minute free consultation with Evan. Dr. Aviva Romm, MD is the mother of four grown children, a Yale-trained physician specializing in integrative medicine for women and children, a midwife, an herbalist, an award-winning author, and the creator/owner of WomanWise, on-line courses dedicated to vitality and optimal health for women and children. An internationally respected expert in botanical and integrative medicine for women and children, she has spent nearly 30 years as a health care practitioner and advocate for the health and environmental concerns of women and kids. Today We Discuss Aviva's personal use of adaptogens during writing a book. How specific adaptogens can be used for various symptoms. Why an ''all in one'' adaptogen blend might not be the best choice. The Herb Pharm formulas and how the development took place.
Jan 25, 2017
Daniel Vitalis: Cognitive Changes as a Modern Hunter Gatherer
Daniel Vitalis is a leading health, nutrition, and personal development strategist. He is also the creator of Find a Spring where people can find fresh, clean and local springs in their city to derive their fresh water from. He has also aired in the documentary Hungry for Change. He also writes an online magazine on his website at and has health products available from his company called Surthrival. Today We Discuss Daniels hunting and foraging adventures How your cognitive health changes when you are immersed in nature Has Daniel's personality changed, has there been a new side that he has found in himself after hunting? What about death, does being exposed to death in the flesh reduce or change fears about it? And other big life questions...
Jan 17, 2017
Lloyd Burrell: Restoring Health From EMF Sensitivity
FREE CONSULT: Today my guest is Lloyd Burrell, an educator, coach and mentor regarding EMF. As you'll find out, he didn't choose to be passionate about EMF by choice but is a wounded warrior by the electromagnetic radiation and microwave fields that come off a cell phone. He has restored his health and discusses how he lives symptom-free today!
Jan 07, 2017
Dr. J and Evan: Our 3 System Functional Medicine Approach
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand discuss their effective functional medicine programs and how they create and follow protocols. This interview goes in-depth about the world of functional medicine practice. Find out why you shouldnt wait for something to happen before doing anything about it health-wise. Discover the differences between Body System One and Two and how optimal health can be attained. Learn about the various tests you can take and the right tools that are available to further achieve better and more effective results with functional medicine.
Dec 30, 2016
Susan Luschas, PhD: Debug Your Health
Susan Luschas is an avid researcher who was forced to take her and her family's health into her own hands as conventional medicine has no answers. After diagnoses of lyme, confections, dental infections, liver flukes, parasites, bacterial overgrowths and more, Susan has learned the ins-and-outs of natural medicine and is here to share her first hand experiences and stories.
Dec 22, 2016
Dr J and Evan: Recurring Gut Infections
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk all about gut testing today. Find out about the protocols theyve done and what additional tests and new recommendations they have in battling gut issues when you listen to this podcast.<br><br>Learn how it is quite normal for a new infection to pop up after having been treated with an initial infection. Discover what steps you can take to effectively treat these parasites and other digestive issues. Find out what different parasites can cause infections and how you can get tested for them.
Dec 17, 2016
Daniel Moriarty: Adaptogens and Seasonality
Get your adaptogens at - use coupon code ''evan'' for 10% off and free shipping. Daniel Moriarty has been an herbalist for the past 40 years inspired by his mother a Hungarian herbalist specializing in Woman's health. Later in life Daniel chose the Adaptogenic class of herbs to study because of their broad spectrum of healing properties while being non-toxic to the organs. He was inspired to progress his studies based on a life threatening incident which happened in Jalisco Mexico that really opened his eyes to the healing nature of plants for the people. In the mid 1970's Daniel was stung on the left shoulder while fast asleep by a venomous scorpion Centruroides Sculpturatus. He was traveling in Mexico at the time. He awoke instantly in considerable pain, and within minutes was having extreme difficulty breathing, along with uncontrollable salivation and tunnel vision. By chance, a local fisherman was in his camp and immediately recognized the gravity of the situation. He knew of a Huichol native living nearby and went to get him on foot. After a short while, the Huichol native arrived in the camp with a root that he had picked in the jungle (his medicine chest). He made a tea from the root, and instructed Dan to drink it while it was very hot. Upon drinking the tea, Dan was able to breathe freely again within minutes. I have no doubt that this man and his plant remedy (guaco) saved my life, Dan swears to this day on his life. After Dan was quickly nursed back to health from the brink of death, he decided right then and there to devote all his energies into learning about herbs. Dans mother's advice to him was to master one herb at a time to gain the wisdom needed to formulate in a balanced manner to have maximum effect. Daniel has done martial arts for most of his life and is a black belt in Judo and a 2nd black in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and turns out excellent students that have won champion level competitions. He has always used Adaptogenic herbs to heal himself and others.
Dec 09, 2016
Evan's Top 10 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas
Last night, my wife and I were talking about Christmas presents for our loved ones. We aren't big fans of consumerism and have talked about our minimalist lifestyle before on the podcast. But, not all consumerism is bad. Smart choices exist. What better way to infuse your healthy ideologies than giving a healthy gift at Christmas time. Here are the top 10 gifts that we decided on for our family members! Enjoy!
Dec 03, 2016
Listen to this free sample of Eric's interview on EMF and Adrenal Health from the event that I hosted. Eric Windheim, BA, EMRS, BBEC is the owner of Windheim Environmental Solutions, a California high technology and environmental health and wellness company since 1991. Windheim Environmental Solutions is located in the Sacramento area with clients worldwide. They provide assessment, measurement, testing, abatement and remediation of dangerous and unhealthy magnetic fields, electric fields, microwave radiation and dirty electricity.
Nov 25, 2016
Niki Gratix: Trauma and How To Heal (Adrenal Summit Free Sample)
Niki Gratix, mBANT, CNHC is an incredible woman, not only for her great personality and ability to explain complex topics, but her invaluable research on trauma and adrenal fatigue. Listen to this free 20 minute clip of our interview for the program that is available for purchase.
Nov 18, 2016
Dr. Mercola! Sunlight, Grounding & Biohacking (My favorite episode)
Today we discuss Moving to Florida for true health and vitamin D! The effect of optimal sunlight and grounding. Mercola's garden and sustainable food future and so many more little golden nuggets to share here, you just have to listen! I'm so uplifted after my conversation with Dr. Mercola. His radiance and enthusiasm for life is contagious and makes me want to pack up and move to Florida! Happy 4 year anniversary for the podcast! Be sure to check out to stay tuned with my latest event.
Nov 08, 2016
On The Go Travel Hacks with Dr. J
Register for the adrenal summit to get your free avocado oil: Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about travel and what you can do if youre on the go. Listen to this podcast andpick uphelpful strategies so you can stay healthy and continue living a chemical-free, organic lifestyle. Its all about making better, if not the best choices.
Nov 02, 2016
Dr. Tom Cowan, MD: Herbal Heart Attack Prevention
http://adrenalresetsummit <- Get your free gifts! Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, has studied and written about many subjects in medicine including nutrition, homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine, and herbal medicine. He is the principal author of The Fourfold Path to Healing and co-author (with Sally Fallon) of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care. Dr. Cowan has served as vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation
Oct 24, 2016
Dr. Justin and Evan: Still Eating Gluten? Listen... Discover the different reactions that people get when they consume gluten. Learn why grains in the modern world is quite different from the ancient grains. Get great advice on options and what you can eat when youre out at restaurants as well as how you can avoid exposure to gluten.
Oct 12, 2016
Dr. Jack Kruse: EMF, Ketogenic, Light Exposure and Fat Loss Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon, discusses why diet is 10% of your health, Why paleo diet and exercise guru's fail their clients, How light affects your metabolic rate and mitochondrial health and How to optimize your light environment to burn fat. Also learn why eating a ketogenic diet won't ''fix you'' alone, The key to safe cell phone usage and much more.
Sep 29, 2016
Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms: Evan Interviewed by Wendy Myers
Free consult: What you'll learn from this talk: How adrenals correlate with symptoms such as fatigue, low mood, low motivation and poor memory. Ideal supplements to heal the adrenals and how adaptogenic herbs calm the adrenals and which ones I recommend.
Sep 23, 2016
Dr Justin and Evan: Candida Symptoms and Fungal Overgrowth Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand take time to address another prevalent issue that they come across in their practice fungus and yeast. They share about their personal experiences as well as more valuable information about this topic in this episode.
Sep 16, 2016
Wendy Myers: Heavy Metal Toxicity
Signup for the Medicinal Supplement Summit for Free: Wendy Myers, FDN, NC, CHHC is an expert in detoxification and remineralization. She is passionate about educating the public on the importance of long-term detoxing considering the industrial and chemical world we live in. She healed her own health issues through hair mineral analysis and developing a unique detox and supplement program. Wendy wants to help others do the same. Today We Discuss -The prevalence of heavy metal toxicity -Hair testing for heavy metals -Where are the toxins coming from? -How lead gasoline lead to thallium toxicity -Safe ways to detox daily -Wendy's Medicinal Supplement Summit (Sign up now! Starts Sep 12th at
Sep 10, 2016
Dr. Stephen Ilardi: The Depression Cure
Schedule your free consult:<br><br>Steven Ilardi joins us to discuss depression.<br><br>Across the industrialized modern world, clinical depression has reached epidemic proportions, despite a staggering increase in the use of antidepressant medication. In fact, depression is now the single leading cause of work-related disability for adults under 50. However, there is strong evidence that depression can be both prevented and treated through a set of straightforward changes in lifestyle. Our research has demonstrated that TLC is an effective treatment for depression, with over 70% of patients experiencing a favorable response, as measured by symptom reduction of at least 50%.
Sep 02, 2016
Marjory Wildcraft: Herbal Medicine and a Snake Bite!
Get your free shipping on professional supplements at in the store. ''Homegrown Food On Every Table'' is the vision of Marjory Wildcraft's organization. Marjory has been called the ''Martha Stewart of Self-Reliance'' as she teaches how to simply and easily grow your own food, heal yourself with your own medicine, and how to prepare for collapse. Marjory is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM, and other national radio and TV shows. Recently, Marjory was featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic. She got bit by a snake and comes on the show to sell the story.
Aug 26, 2016
Dr. J and Evan: Leptin Resistance and Weight Gain
SIGNUP for Wendy's Summit! Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand take an in-depth look at hormones that affect appetite and they explain why some people are easily satiated while others have cravings. Discover how leptin is connected to insulin. Listen as they share with us information on how we can control blood sugar better and burn fat. reverse-leptin-resistance-fbIn addition to the hormones, learn about toxicity and how you can improve the environment and why clear air is important as well as clean water. Find out why keeping fructose consumption to a minimum can greatly help and what types of fruits you should be eating more (or less!) of. If you are struggling with weight loss, this podcast episode is for you.
Aug 17, 2016
Arthur Haines: What Wild Foods Are Good For You?
Arthur Haines is a forager, ancestral skills mentor, author, public speaker, and botanical researcher. Today We Discuss:<br><br>-The impact of nature on children (including my own!)<br>-Help us with the logistics of rewilding, how do you find land to forage safely and legally?<br>-What about wild rice, can people eat it and feel well?<br>-The shaming of grains in the paleo community<br>-The reductionist mindset of nutrition and how it stresses you<br>-The VOC's in your home, the flame retardants in your clothes and the toxins that really make you sick<br>-How would you design a home using the rewilding mindset?
Aug 12, 2016
Dr. J and Evan: Amino Acids and Protein Powders Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about battling infections and how to increase or supplement amino acid levels in this podcast episode. Learn about the different types of protein powders and which one is the best for you. Listen to the explanation of why some parasites are not detected initially but during re-test, they are found. Discover the importance of getting food high quality protein in your diet in and what changes you can do to your diet to make sure youre eating healthy. Find out what amino acids are, how they function and what they are meant to do for your body. They also discuss pesticides and just how harmful they truly are. Also get a healthy dose of information on collagen when you listen to this interview.
Aug 03, 2016
Justin Rhodes: Permaculture Made Simple! Justin Rhodes, host and producer of Permaculture Chickens, is a well seasoned homesteader having enjoyed many years of practicing ''beyond organic'' and permaculture methods on his 75 acre family farm near Asheville, NC. Today we talk about the simple steps to starting to grow your own food, with little to no space, even if you don't have a house with a yard, and use permaculture techniques to provide 50% of your food or more.
Jul 27, 2016
Dr. Justin and Evan: PPI Drugs and Low Stomach Acid
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand go in depth and reveal the truth about PPIs or proton pump inhibitors when taken especially over long periods of time. Discover what they do for your body, how it affects digestion, and what other issues they can possibly lead to. Find out about the roles of hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Listen to this podcast to understand how proton pump inhibitors could be affecting organic acid markers and your bodys ability to generate ATP and energy. Learn how you can get off these medications and do away without taking proton pump inhibitors and then deal with your symptoms in a much better way starting with diet and lifestyle changes and getting in touch with a functional medicine expert to help you and then you can also proceed with any testing needed.
Jul 20, 2016
Andrew Lin: National Park Adventures
Andrew Lin is a filmmaker, wilderness explorer, fungi expert and host of his online show, Adventure Archives. Andrew and his team make full-length, feature films showcasing their hiking expeditions in various National Forests and National Parks to inspire us to engage in nature. They go far into the backcountry, teach you how to make fires in the wild, forage wild edibles and separate yourself from the stressors of the modern world. You have to check out their videos. My favorite is their Yosemite National Park video.
Jul 13, 2016
Dr Justin and Evan: Is Inflammation Making You Sick?
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand go in depth about inflammation in this podcast episode. Learn about the signs and symptoms of inflammation, the supplements you can take to alleviate conditions, and the markers you need to watch our for or test to check for inflammation. Also in this interview, discover how you can reduce inflammation via diet and lifestyle changes and how that affects your optimal health. Find out how to prevent inflammation and learn what the conventional treatment methods actually do for inflammation as well as the functional medicine approach that is available for you.
Jul 06, 2016
Mary Meckley Takes Us Through a Guided Meditation
Free Health Consultation via Phone -- Meet your meditation guide, Mary Meckley. Mary is a certified meditation teacher with a diverse background in all things peace and calm. It was tea that initially slowed Mary down over two decades ago when she studied Chado (the Japanese tea ceremony) in Japan where she lived for five years. Mary also received certification in Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arranging), and Feng Shui (the art of space arrangement). She has a graduate degree in International Relations and has worked with people all over the world in both corporate and teaching settings. Mary teaches thousands of people each week how to meditate, reduce stress, and sleep better through her digital training programs, private coaching, and through The Daily Meditation Podcast.
Jun 29, 2016
Dr. J and Evan: Are You Magnesnium Deficient?
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand discuss the issue of magnesium and break it down for us by differentiating the various forms. Listen as they share the top conditions that can affect or be affected by magnesium and signs of magnesium deficiency to look out for. Find out what the different types of magnesium do the body and what they are good for. Discover what foods are nutrient dense and magnesium-rich. When buying magnesium, they advise to look for the quality and whos selling it or what company is selling it, etc. Also, learn about how magnesium & calcium and magnesium & fluoride work together. Listen to this interview and find out as well about magnesium boosting your brain function.
Jun 23, 2016
Reed Davis: The D.R.E.S.S. Approach To Healthcare
Reed Davis is a nutritional therapist and founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program (FDN). You can learn more about his program for practitioners at: Today we discuss the DRESS approach to healthcare and the functional approach to gut infections. Enjoy!
Jun 15, 2016
Dr. Kurt Woeller: It's Not Your Thyroid...
Dr. Kurt Woeller is a functional medicine doctor, clinical advisor at Biohealth and has his own private practice where he is a specialist in autism and more. Listen in as we discuss the hypothyroidism epidemic and what is really at the root of it all.
Jun 12, 2016
Mark Rogers: EMF, Blue Light and Kids
Free health consultation: Mark Rogers comes back on the show, this time to discuss raising children without treating them like little adults. We also discuss EMF, blue light at night and how to create a sanctuary for children in terms of reducing their exposure to modern technological influences that may impact their health.
Jun 02, 2016
The Functional Medicine Approach to Weight Loss
Weight loss is more challenging for women. In my practice, weight loss is a common goal of my female patients. Losing weight and the act of weight loss generally happens without effort, believe it or not, as a positive side effect of aligning the dysfunctions found in the 3 body systems: hormones, Excessive exercise and/or cutting calories can send stress signals to the body and negatively impact your hormonal health which will affect your weight loss goals. Eating organic and grass-fed or pasture-fed as much as possible, avoiding hormones and pesticides and GMOs are the foundations. Learn more about the logistics of making weight loss effortless by using the functional medicine approach.
May 26, 2016
Dr J and Evan Discuss Reasons You May Be Fatigued
Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand are connecting the dots as to why some people who have normal adrenals come back still a little bit tired throughout the day. This podcast touches upon the mitochondria and the thyroid, which are the major driving factors of why someone may be fatigued and tired even though their adrenals look good. Listen to learn more about dealing with fatigue and inability to cope with stress. Get a better understanding of the thyroid hormones and how they affect the body. Discover facts about fluoride and the effects of drinking fluoridated water. Also, you'll find out the benefits of adding mitochondrial support in this interview.
May 21, 2016
Dr. J and Evan: H Pylori Infections (How Common Are They) Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand go in depth about H. pylori infections and the conventional medical treatment using antibiotics versus the natural solutions. Learn what it is all about and how it can be treated when you listen to this podcast. They talk about the different studies made and publications that will help us understand what H. pylori is all about and how to effectively get rid of it. Find out what the testing methods are to check if you have certain infections. Also discover the mechanisms of how H. pylori can be spread so you can avoid getting infected.
May 12, 2016
Dr. Chad Edwards: Can Prolotherapy Help Your Body? Dr.. Chad Edwards is board certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. He was a Flight Surgeon and a Dive Medical Officer in the US Army, served 5 years with Special Forces as an enlisted soldier He served as the Special Operations Task Force-North surgeon in Iraq. Today we talk about prolotherapy and how it can help you with joint pain, injuries, athletic insufficiencies and more.
May 06, 2016
Dr. J and Evan: The 3 Body System Approach To Functional Medicine Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about their sequence of care in todays podcast. Find out why they do things in the order in which they do them and discover the specific reasons why. What is the underlying philosophy behind it and why is it important to do them that way? Once again they put an emphasis on getting diet right to begin with, followed by sleep and lifestyle. They also discuss in depth about how body systems work. Dr. Justin also describes his 5R approach in this interview. Listen and get some valuable insights on how detox programs really work and why some people may have undesirable experiences.
Apr 28, 2016
Dr. Alan Christianson: Adrenal Lab Tests (Which Are Worth Doing?)
Alan Christianson is a New York Times Bestselling Author and a Phoenix, Arizona-based Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) who specializes in natural endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders. He is the author of The Adrenal Reset Diet, The Complete Idiots Guide to Thyroid Disease, and Healing Hashimotos A Savvy Patients Guide. Today we discuss the various types of adrenal testing and which tests are worth running and which do not have any science to back them up.
Apr 20, 2016
Luke Storey: How Music Relates to Your Life Events Luke Storey joins the show today to talk about his health and wellness journey. He worked in Hollywood as a fashion designer for many years, seeing the rich class and how they operate. Luke realized that health and happiness come within and has set on the journey to seek out and discover the best health tools, supplements and therapies in the world and shares them on his new podcast. We talk about music and how life events and the mood that you existed in a current phase of life and how those two correlate with each other. We also talk about Luke's favorite therapies for a healthy mood and discuss the reasonings behind a healthy yoga practice, and which type of yoga is actually good for you and doesn't destroy your hormones. Enjoy and to get entered for a free book giveaway, you can review the show on iTunes in your iTunes app on computer, mac, iPhone, etc.
Apr 14, 2016
Dr Justin and Evan Discuss Keto/Low-carb Diets, Calories and Finding The Right Practitioner Today Dr. Justin and I discuss Calorie counting. This is something that many of our patients do before they come work with us. It's generally not needed but so many people do it because this is the conventional model of thinking when it comes to getting healthy and/or losing weight. If you are using a whole-foods approach to your nutrition, a lot of things will fall into place, which can include the amount of calories that you are consuming. Many times, obsessing, counting and even weighing your food can be a mistake, since it will stress you out and cause you to lose enjoyment for food. When food becomes something that is a threat to your health or your weight, we need to change course on the mode of thinking you are in. Many times, ketogenic diets are something that our patients have experimented with. Whether it is cyclic ketogenic diets where you may go low-carb for a few days, followed by a period of adding more carbs back in, or if it is something that you stick with long term, this dietary approach can be a miracle, but for the right person at the right time. We discuss that if you have adrenal fatigue, you may not be a good candidate for a ketogenic approach for the time being. After you heal the adrenal dysfunction, it can be something to incorporate later for weight loss, cognitive function and more. Lastly, we discuss a story about a new patient that paid a large sum of money to a naturopathic doctor that told her to eat peppers for the nutrients in them, even though she has Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid condition. Since we know that nightshades can be a problem for autoimmune disease, I don't ever advise this for my patients, and I told her that it may be a good idea to reevaluate this relationship with the practitioner. The last thing I want is for someone to keep working with someone if they are not comfortable with the advice that their practitioner is giving them. If you would like to discuss your health goals and symptoms, you are welcome to schedule a 15 minute free consult via phone or Skype right here.
Apr 06, 2016
Eileen Laird: Does the AIP diet work for autoimmunity? Eileen Laird is a podcast host, writer and researcher at Phoenix Helix. Today we discuss her rapid-onset autoimmune disease. She had the perfect lifestyle, still ate gluten and dairy at the time of the diagnosis. She hasn't been able to identify a root cause of her disease, but upon beginning the AIP diet protocol, she has had an incredible recovery. We discuss the autoimmune diet in general, as well as specifically following this diet for autoimmune conditions. Many of my patients have a diagnosis of autoimmunity, or they have concerns about the autoimmune component to disease. Researchers are beginning to come to the conclusion that I see each week which is that nearly every disease or symptom may have an autoimmune component to it. When we are at the end of our rope and are facing prescription medication that can be riddled with side effects and nutrient deficiencies that can be caused from these drugs, it gives you a breath of hope to learn that Eileen has had such a great response to the AIP protocol. Her story is among the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people across the world who have successfully reduced the severity and number of symptoms that they are plagued by. When you feel like you are losing hope, remember that the foundations of nutrition, lifestyle, attitude, fatty acid balance, hydration, hormone balance, methylation and detoxification and more, must all be in order to be 100% well. Giving up may feel easier, but if you want to thrive in the modern world, that adds new chemicals and variables to your situation each year, it's best to have someone take a deeper look into your lifestyle. I believe that everyone needs a practitioner or coach to look over labs, biomarkers and the other important information that helps to gauge your health. I offer 15 minute complimentary consultations to discuss your health symptoms, your journey, your successes and struggles. You can learn more and book that free consult right here. I look forward to helping you feel better soon.
Mar 30, 2016
Bridgit Danner: Do you understand hormones? You can!
Register for the hormone summit: Brigit Danner is an acupuncturist and health enthusiast who joins me today to talk about hormones, and also her new hormone summit which features yours truly, and dozens of other heavy hitters in the functional medicine world. Register for the event here, for FREE:
Mar 23, 2016
My Lab Test Results and What I'm Doing About Them...
Order your at-home stool test here: Get your free health consultation here: Today we discuss My Stool Test Results. We found not one, but two parasites, cryptosporidium and giardia. I also ran an organic acids test as well that shows that I have some candida issues going on with the infections. Today Dr. Justin and I talk about why we rely on functional medicine testing as opposed to the conventional stool tests that mainstream medical doctors run to look at stool. Most of the time these conventional tests will show up negative for parasites. If you run a functional stool test on yourself, we may discover a parasite or other type of pathogen that is causing the various symptoms in your intestinal tract. The real thing that is odd here is that my symptoms of infection were minimal. I lost weight, I have vertical ridges on my fingernails and had some fatigue, but nothing out of the ordinary. Cold hands and feet were another symptom that I've had for as long as I can remember. Now to treat these infections, we are using an herbal protocol that will act as a natural anti-parasitic and anti-microbial. The conventional M.D.s will use antibiotics that can treat these infections, but there can be a lot of side effects that come along with these. I have seen patients that have gone though a round of antibiotics that still have infections. So we absolutely want to follow up with the herbs after antibiotics with patients if they do use these, because there can be lasting side effects we want to resolve. After using garlic, oregano oil along with wormwood and black walnut, among other families of herbs, we will be adding in binding support and liver support to make sure that the die off reactions are covered. I will be using activated charcoal and will be monitoring my liver enzymes throughout this protocol to keep an eye on any potential effects. The only way that you know you're clear of these infections is to run a test. I advise you to get tested sooner than later. It's important to run tests on your body systems each year to be proactive about your health. It can save you from chronic illness later down the road.
Mar 16, 2016
Justin Kietzman on HERD - Saving The American Buffalo Documentary Kickstarter
Free Health Consultation: Today we are talking with Justin Keitzman who is a documentary filmmaker looking to fund a kickstarter campaign called Herd - Saving The American Buffalo, which is a feature-length documentary. Justin and his partner are passionate about the bison slaughter that happens each year at Yellowstone National Park. He was invited to the ''media day'' where he was driven in a bus along with other videographers and media outlets to observe the bison roundup process where park workers rounded up the bison into a maze contraption where they can squeeze the bison into an immobile state to take blood samples. Justin mentioned that while he was there trying to film, they were forced to stay in the bus and were expected to film through a glass window, while facing the sun, an intentional process to hide the full view of the event in the Stephens Creek bison trap in Yellowstone. He mentioned that young bison, presumably first year of life bison, among pregnant female bisons were also being rounded up to be carted away and slaughtered the next day. The goal and intention of this podcast is to shed more light on this issue, help Justin with your contributions to the project and fund the Kickstarter campaign so that the documentary quality can be significantly improved. The senseless slaughter of these sacred animals to make the state of Montana and its ranchers happy is absurd. The Bureau of Land Management is behind this operation as well since they allow cows to graze on public lands that should be exclusively used for park space and native habitat for animals that actually belong there. Thanks for your support and allowing me to diverge from the usual podcast topics in the clinic to bring light to this issue. I hope you will visit the Kickstarter's website here and contribute, even 5 dollars to help fund this documentary!
Mar 14, 2016
Evan and Tony Wrighton Discuss Stress and How I Destroyed My Nervous System
FREE HEALTH CONSULTATION: Today's podcast is an episode that was originally recorded on Tony Wrighton's Zestology. We discuss stress and how your cortisol rhythm changes throughout the day. Most people think that cortisol is evil and that it's what causes their belly fat and if they can just get rid of their high cortisol, they will feel magical. The truth is that many people have low cortisol when we run an Adrenal Stress Profile test on them and that LOW cortisol is the real issue that causes their symptoms of fatigue. Initially, people thrive with the onset of stress. The new job or stressful situation such as moving into a new city can cause people to feel alive temporarily. Eventually the endorphin and cortisol high wears off and people begin to progress into deeper stages of adrenal fatigue. There are several supplements including Vitamin C Tonic that I use personally and have my clients take to support adrenal and immune health. These are the small baby steps that can tend to push people in the direction of healing. We also discuss lifestyle measures and how important it is to remove negative people from your life. If you feel drained after spending time with someone, it's not always true, but it could be that this person is toxic to you and that you need to distance yourself from them. It's hard when the people you love the most are the ones that bring you down, but I encourage you to limit the dosage of negativity you are exposed to from all sources. If you take this one lesson from today's podcast, you will improve your health. It's not how many things you need in life to bring you up, but rather how many negative sources of energy are bringing you down. Enjoy this episode and if you are ready to schedule your 15 minute free call with me to discuss your health symptoms and goals, you can do that right here.
Mar 10, 2016
Mike Mease: The Bison Slaughter The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Mike Mease is the co-founder of Buffalo Field Campaign, an organization dedicated to supporting the proper treatment and life for the last genetically-pure, wild and free-roaming bison herd in the Yellowstone area to prosper. Each year, due to an agreement with the state of Montana and the National Park Service, hundreds of buffalo, or bison, are rounded up each year for slaughter to keep the population down. The livestock industry and ranchers are at the root of this issue because free roaming bison on the public lands where cattle graze would create competition for grass and supposedly create other issues such as a disease transmission which has never been proven. Listen in as we discuss this nearly 20 year long battle to stop the annual slaughter of bison and what we can do to help change the tide in federal funding and allow these animals to roam freely once again.
Feb 24, 2016
Dr. Chris Shade: Heavy Metal Toxicity and Cannabis Treatment -- Free Health Consultation Dr. Shade is a globally recognized expert on mercury and liposomal delivery systems. He has lectured and trained doctors in the U.S. and internationally on the subject of mercury, heavy metals and the human detoxification system. Today we discuss heavy metal toxicity sources and why most tests are useless or even bad for you. We discuss CBD, THC and cannabis for treatment in various health symptoms. ENJOY!
Feb 17, 2016
Dr. Mark Hyman: The Latest In Nutritional Research Dr. Mark Hyman is back on the show to discuss his new book at the latest in nutritional research, especially around fat. He is the Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a medical editor of The Huffington Post, and has been a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, the Today Show, CNN, The View, the Katie Couric show and The Dr. Oz Show. Be sure to get your free health consultation with Evan back at along with your free copy of Stress Solutions.
Feb 10, 2016
Niki Gratrix: Emotional Traumas and Your Health + Bonus Offer Niki is an award-winning internationally renowned registered nutritionist, mind-body expert and health writer helping people to optimise energy. In 2005 she co-founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine in the UK with patients in 35 countries where she worked as Director of Nutrition until 2010. The clinic specialized in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, won the award for Outstanding Practice in 2009, and later published a preliminary study in 2012 on its results with patients in the British Medical Journal Open. The theoretical basis of the clinics approach was published in Ken Wilbers Journal of Integral Theory and Practice . In August 2015 she hosted the largest ever free online health summit on overcoming fatigue interviewing 29 world leading experts on optimizing energy with over 30,000 attendees. See more at The Abundant Energy Summit and use the coupon code ''aesspecialoffer'' for 50% off until February 10th.
Feb 03, 2016
Purpose-The Missing Piece of Functional Medicine
Free Health Consultation @ I talk with my clients about the different pieces of the puzzle of health that play a role in their overall vitality and longevity. One key component that many practitioners, nearly all of them to be exact, ignore, is the importance of finding your purpose and contributing to society in a way that makes you feel alive. So many of my clients have unresolved health issues that lead them to become a client of mine. Once they dig deep with me, we discover that there is more than just adrenal health, digestive health, etc, there is more than just the physical and chemical reactions in the body. Your passion and purpose matter. Here's what to do next... Listen in.
Jan 27, 2016
Tony Wrighton: Enjoy Your Life <--Free Health Consultation <--Subscribe on YouTube Tony has been a presenter on Sky Sports since 2006. He is a regular on Sky Sports News HQ, and also the regular presenter of Golfing World. He hosts a roster of other sports on Sky Sports channels 1-5. Tony is also a personal development author and presenter, known for his work on Zestology. He has three books published with Virgin Books in 12 languages and is one of the country's foremost experts on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He is the host of top-rated podcast Zestology, interviewing a wide range of experts in the field of health and personal development, and having lots of fun along the way. He regularly appears as a guest on other shows talking about energy, vitality, and motivation.
Jan 20, 2016
Dave Asprey Interviews Evan on Hacking Your Nervous System This interview was from being invited onto the Bulletproof Radio podcast with Dave Asprey. 3:53 Forest bathing 10:04 Emotional Freedom Technique 15:55 Attachment to our native land 25:41 How to naturally repair your vision 33:30 Adaptogens 39:42 Nutrition, stress & anxiety 46:50 Hack your emotions 54:29 Awareness around ingesting drugs & supplements 58:27 Knowing your supplement cocktail 1:02:38 Top 3 recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!
Jan 13, 2016
Perfectionism Sucks! How To Simply Life... Perfectionism is toxic! It causes so many symptoms that many people are unaware of. When you are constantly feeling like you are not good enough or that your efforts towards your life are worthless, it is nearly impossible for you to maintain optimal health. Today I discuss perfectionism and how it relates to your adrenal health. I tell a story about a client who admitted to being a perfectionist and what we found after further testing.
Dec 31, 2015
Jesse Lawler: Nootropics and Smart Drugs Today we talk with a fellow podcaster about nootropics, or smart drugs. I recently published a book called ''The Everything Guide to Nootropics'' which includes a countless amount of healthy recipes and information regarding medicinal mushrooms, nootropics, smart drugs, herbs and other ways you can naturally support your brain health and improve your memory and focus. Jesse is a guy who has taken massive interest into nootropics and has many scholarly guests on his show to discuss the real science behind different nootropics and other substances and how they work on the neurotransmitters in the brain. Get my new book on Amazon here:
Dec 23, 2015
The Top 5 Supplements for an Incredible Life I recently posted a poll on my twitter account asking about what is important to you.. Supplementation was the popular topic. I discuss with you the top 5 supplements for living an incredible life. These are hand-picked recommendations that I've created for my clients in the clinic that you also have access to. You can view all of the recommendations at
Dec 21, 2015
Ann Louise Gittleman: Bile Will Blow Your Mind New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman returns to discuss her latest book about the bile and healthy fat connection for detox and weight loss. She is highly respected as a health pioneer, weight-loss expert, and award-winning author of thirty books, including The Fat Flush Plan and her latest book Eat Fat, Lose Weight: How Smart Fats reset metabolism, stress, hunger and sex hormones for lasting weight loss and radiant health.
Dec 09, 2015
Amino Acids Can Change Your Life
Amino acids can help to naturally reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety and sugar cravings. Schedule a FREE consult: Amino acids are found in various foods in small amounts. Identifying what neurotransmitters you are deficient in can help you to properly use amino acids to improve your symptoms of fatigue, stress, anxiety and sugar cravings without the side effects of conventionally prescribed drugs that do not get to the root cause of the issue.
Dec 03, 2015
Dr J and Evan: The Root Causes of Anxiety and How To Fix It
Schedule a FREE consult here to fix your anxiety and other mood issues at Anxiety is a potentially debilitating issue that many people think originates in the brain. There are actually causes within your nutrition plan and lifestyle that can cause anxiety to pop up. Anxiety doesn't usually exist in isolation. Most of the time, my clients begin their health journey with a combination of symptoms such as depression AND anxiety, or fatigue and anxiety. Once you understand some of the underlying causes of anxiety, you can take immediate action to remove the roadblocks to a calm nervous system. We use different strategies with our clients including emotional freedom technique, but also various nutrients in supplemental form to help balance the autonomic nervous system. Many clients struggle with anxiety because they are ''stuck'' in the sympathetic mode of their nervous system. The fight-or-flight response is all that they have lived in for days, months or even years and for them to finally engage the rest and digest, parasympathetic mode of their nervous system is a huge sigh of relief and emotion. It's possible for you to beat anxiety without conventional medicine's approach of drugs that turn you more into a zombie that is dependent on those drugs. GABA agonists such as benzodiazepines down-regulate the amount of GABA over time, leading to dependency and horrible withdrawal symptoms. Discover in this episode that there are much more natural approaches that actually get to the root cause of anxiety in the first place!
Nov 18, 2015
Depression Signs, Symptoms and Solutions
Depression is what led me to begin my exploration into natural medicine. After the conventional doctors only had drugs to prescribe, which are ridden with side effects and poison your body, I decided to take my situation into my own hands. After training in Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy, I was able to completely reverse my symptoms of depression and now help clients all over the world recover from this potentially debilitating issue. Schedule a FREE consult: Newsletter and free health guides: Evan Brand, NTP, CPT Email: Website: on on on on on
Nov 12, 2015
6 Steps To Take Control of Your Life
Do you feel that you are constantly ''out of time''? Do you feel rushed and that there are never enough hours in the day? Well this episode is dedicated to you. It's just you and I today spending some time talking about the common trend that I've seen in the clinic. Lack of control! You have solutions coming... Get your free Stress Solutions book at and schedule your free complimentary consult there by clicking the big appointment button!
Nov 04, 2015
Jordan Harbinger: Why You Need a Coach and a Calendar
Today we talk with Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm. He is an entrepreneur and life coach who helps men become better at networking, conversations, business, relationships, dating and much more. He hosts in-person trainings which is actually pretty cool considering that a lot of people these days prefer to sell their products exclusively online. We talk about the importance of face to face conversation and why everyone should have a coach. To be honest, it wasn't until I got coaches that my business and health went to the next level. Everyone who is successful has someone behind them that is helping them with moral support, knowledge and wisdom. If you don't have that person in your life, it's important to find them!
Oct 28, 2015
Are Genetic Tests That Valuable? MTHFR, etc.
Today we discuss the popularity of genetic testing and discuss the importance and value of these tests. Many of my clients have MTHFR genetic defects as identified by this test... but does it really mean that much in terms of how we will help you feel better and what supplement protocol you will be on? Tune in as Dr. J and I has this idea out. Get your free consult with me at and subscribe to the youtube channel at
Oct 21, 2015
Dr J. and Evan: The Truth About Adrenal Fatigue
Dr. Justin and Evan clarify the issue of high cortisol levels versus low cortisol levels as well as how you can get tested for them. Find out which labs are recommended, what to look out for on your adrenal cortisol tests, and how to get a customized specific protocol in todays interview.
Oct 14, 2015
Adam Farrah: Possessions & Medical Cannabis Success Adam Farrah comes onto the show to discuss the truth about possessions and the stress that comes with living a life that ''makes you happy''. We talk about how medical cannabis came into his life and has significantly improved health symptoms that stemmed from ulcerative colitis and life stress such as depression, anxiety and GI issues. Listen with an open mind and enjoy!
Oct 07, 2015
Top 3 Nutrition and Lifestyle Mistakes Dr. Justin and Evan Brand share valuable information about not burning fat when insulin is high and other important things to consider when reaching for Paleo treats. They share their favorite treats which are healthier compared to what others are snacking on with the least amount of sugar and the least amount of damaging stuff in them. Find out if you should eat meals before or after eating treats and gain some good knowledge about how you eat, when you eat, and what you should eat it with..
Sep 30, 2015
Dr J. and Evan: Optimizing Your Digestion Dr. J and Evan team up to discuss why people have so many digestive issues and what you can do about them to improve your energy levels, jump start your weight loss and improve your skin. Good digestion is the foundation of health for my patients. To schedule a free consult with Evan, visit
Sep 23, 2015
Dr J. and Evan: Your Moods and Neurotransmitters Justin and Evan Brand begin this podcast by sharing patient stories that deal with blood sugar issues and eliminating sugar cravings as well as patients brain chemistry with autoimmune conditions being treated with dietary work and adrenal work. You can reach out and get an action plan on the next steps to do to improve your health. Discover the differences between conventional medicine and functional medicine and how patients symptoms are being addressed and what treatments are being given.
Sep 14, 2015
Why You're Eating Healthy and Not Losing Weight
Get your questions answered in a free consult at Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand discuss about exercise and diet including the stress hormones and the thyroid connection. They talk about sleep and how it can affect blood sugar and insulin. Find out what are the things you need to get dialed in to get the results you want for fat loss and weight reduction.
Sep 09, 2015
Dr. Jack Wolfson: Paleo and Heart Health
Get your free consult with Evan at Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist that uses the Paleo diet, organic food, a healthy lifestyle and natural medicine for his patients to create extraordinary levels of health at his clinic Wolfson Integrative Cardiology. We talk about atrial fibrillation (A-fib), what causes heart health issues and what to do about it. Supplements and lab tests necessary to help are mentioned too.
Sep 03, 2015
Dr J. and Evan: Thyroid Symptoms Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk all about thyroid issues in this podcast. Listen as they share their recommendations on the first steps that patients with thyroid issues need to take in order to be successful along with helping them to push their thyroid to heal in the right direction. <br><br>Find out what the potential signs and symptoms of a thyroid issue are and distinguish between adrenal and thyroid issues as well as the difference in dealing with thyroid issues from a conventional medicine approach versus from a functional medicine perspective. They also differentiate adrenal failure versus adrenal fatigue. Have you ever wondered what role does progesterone have that affects the thyroid function? Discover more about it and the other hormones affecting thyroid issues in this interview.
Aug 25, 2015
Syd Singer: New Bra-Breast Cancer Research
Sign up for your free consult at Syd Singer is a medical anthropologist who studies culture and the link between cultural norms and disease. Over the last several decades he has studied the link between wearing bras and breast cancer. Several listeners of the show changed their lifestyle after his first appearance on Not Just Paleo and had a significant reduction in breast tenderness, especially around the time of their cycles, after stopping the use of a bra. Listen in and hear the latest thoughts on this issue.
Aug 21, 2015
Gary Collins: Living Off Grid Paleo Style
Get your free consult with Evan at Gary Collins, MS was born in Southern California and raised in the High Desert at the basin of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He has been involved in organized sports, nutrition and fitness for over 30 years. Today we talk about the off-grid lifestyle and living a Paleo life the REAL way! I just launched my own supplement company called Vero Pure and the first product which is a grass-fed whey and grass-fed collagen protein powder flavored with organic vanilla bean is available now!! It's 20% off for the next 48 hours to hook you up. It's delicious.. get some at
Aug 18, 2015
Ben Greenfield: Discovering Happiness
Schedule a free consult: Today is a loose but fun conversation with my friend Ben Greenfield. We talk about discovering true happiness and why some can try to hustle so hard in their business and spin their wheels.<br><br>Also we talk about what Ben has learned along the way to prevent himself from business burnout but to still be highly successful and sustainable in his business that he loves! A must listen for health enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.
Aug 12, 2015
Evan and Dr. J: The Foundations of Health
Last week, you all loved the episode about how to find a good functional medicine patient. You're in the right place. This week Dr Justin and I discuss what makes a good functional medicine patient using the foundations of health. Learn how you can get better results with the programs and protocols we are recommending for you! Schedule your complimentary consult at and click the make an appointment button! Talk soon!
Aug 05, 2015
How To Find A Good Functional Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Justin needs no introduction at this point. Consider him the co-host of this podcast at this rate. We are going to continue to bring you new content that is more about action and information as opposed to just entertaining you. I hope you enjoy this new show structure. We talk about what it takes to find a good practitioner to take care of your health with. If you like my message and philosophy and want to schedule a free consult via phone or skype with me, visit and click ''Free consult''. Talk soon! Enjoy!
Jul 29, 2015
Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Stress Management With Mushrooms
I am now the co-host of the Beyond Wellness Radio podcast with Dr. Justin. I share this episode on my show as well because it's too good not to. We talk about the many faces of stress and how to use smart supplementation to deal with stress better. Sign up for your free consult at and join the newsletter for updates on my upcoming organic, grass-fed whey protein at -- I love you all!
Jul 20, 2015
Julia Ross: Treating Your Bad Moods Naturally
Julia Ross is a nutritional pioneer who has authored several best-selling books called The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure. These are seriously two of my favorite books in existence and my conversation with Julia today was unforgettable. We talk about the days of when people were naturally happier because of their diets and what it takes to restore your good moods. Please visit to schedule a complimentary consult with myself to discuss what's going on with you and determine how I can help you get better!
Jul 08, 2015
Kevin Johnson: Float Tank Experiences
Kevin Johnson is a friend and owner of one of the best floatation spas in the United States. We discuss the different uses from PTSD, depression, stress relief and cognitive enhancement and basically rant about how awesome float tanks are and why you should go try one. Adrenal fatigue clients especially benefit from them. I'd recommend getting your adrenals tested via my functional adrenal stress test that can be done anywhere in the USA. Email for more information on how to get started.
Jul 01, 2015
Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Adaptogens and Lab Tests
Dr. Justin Marchegiani returns to the Not Just Paleo Podcast to discuss more about functional medicine and the importance of getting lab testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Visit and click ''lab tests & coaching'' to get your organic acids test done so you can get an accurate picture of any underlying imbalances in your neurotransmitters and more. Free consultation/analysis are included with lab tests.
Jun 24, 2015
Dr. Andrew Hill: Vitamins For Your Brain
Dr. Andrew Hill is a neuroscientist and friend of mine that is quite the expert at brain health and the field of nootropics and biofeedback. He has worked for several companies developing nutritional supplements like myself and we have a discussion about what supplements you can use to optimize your mental performance in a SAFE manner. If you are in need of functional lab testing to measure how your mind and body are functioning, check your vitamin D status, inflammation and much more, please visit to view your options. As always, email me at with any questions.
Jun 17, 2015
Evan Brand: Forest Bathing, EMF and Adaptogens
Today's guest is yours truly. I delve into the latest research on forest bathing and discuss the importance of mitigating EMF. I eventually discuss burnout and how midlife crises can be aided with adaptogenic herbs. There are 8 spots left in my 4-month coaching program. If you are interested, email me at and I'll let you know if I can help you. Thanks!
Jun 12, 2015
Luke Leafgren: Kickstarter Standing Desk Success
Luke Leafgren founded a standing desk company and comes on to talk about his kickstarter campaign and its success. You get a special deal inside of this show so listen close. I have 11 open spots left for my 1-on-1, 4 month coaching program. Apply at
Jun 03, 2015
Samantha Gilbert: Copper and Foods on Your Mood
Samantha Gilbert is a Nutritional Therapist and expert in mood disorders and the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. Certain foods that you think are helping you may be hurting you. Learn why and how your emotional state is determined by them. Get Alpha Brain for 14% off for the next 5 hours at -- review the show on iTunes! Get lab tests back at Thanks so much.
May 29, 2015
Dr. Allan Frankel: Cannabis' Healing Power
Dr. Allan Frankel is an internal medical doctor and one of the worlds leading authorities on dosed cannabis medicine. With over 35 years experience in Internal Medicine, Dr. Frankel applies his knowledge of all aspects of the cannabis plant and its therapeutic value to the treatment of multiple serious medical conditions. Please write your review on iTunes for the show!
May 20, 2015
Dr. Jolene Brighten: Postpartum Recovery
Dr. Jolene Brighten is a Naturopathic Doctor that is an expert in postpartum health. We talk about adaptogenic herbs, the role of bone broth in postpartum recovery and why women can ''lose their minds'' after having a child. Learn what you can do to recover and if you aren't a female, share this podcast with one! Please write your review on iTunes to help me understand how you enjoy the show.
May 15, 2015
Dr. Andrew Hill: Cannabis and Brain Health
Andrew Hill is a UCLA graduate with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience who teaches multidisciplinary courses on Healthy Brain Aging, Neuroscience topics, and Biofeedback. We talk about brain training and how cannabis relates to brain health! Very interesting discussion and quite hilarious. Get your adrenal and hormone testing with me by emailing with TEST as the subject line so I can find you. Write a review for the show on iTunes if you havent already. Thanks!
May 06, 2015
Dr. Albert Mensah: Vegetables--Friend or Foe?
Dr. Albert Mensah, M.D. discusses why MTHFR genetic testing doesn't mean that much and why vegetables might not be your best choice, especially if you're dealing with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Get tested with my advanced adrenal and hormone testing back at
Apr 29, 2015
Dr. Deborah Gordon: Cholesterol Truths
Dr. Deborah Gordon, M.D. is a writer and physician that discusses ailments for many conditions ranging from depression to ADHD. We discuss my Grandma's latest cholesterol results and what her doctor had to say. Then we discuss the real truth about cholesterol lab work and what really matters more than this.. also talk about, my latest project as well as my new adrenal/hormone test I can offer. Email to get tested.
Apr 22, 2015
Stephanie Gadreau (Stupid Easy Paleo): Internet Business and Bullding Muscle on Paleo
Stephanie Gadreau of Stupid Easy Paleo discusses the behind the scenes of internet business and how to be an athlete on Paleo. How she keeps up with her business, crossfit competitions and remembering to eat enough food! My new project teaching you how to run an online health business is under construction. Get your first 3 steps to succeeding online at
Apr 15, 2015
Mike Mutzel: Functional Living
Mike Mutzel is a graduate from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Today we discuss how he trashed his adrenal glands in college and the recovery process using functional living. There are simple steps you should be taking to improve the way you digest your food and build your muscles. Get your free video series at
Apr 08, 2015
Aaron Alexander: The Human Zoo and Activating Your Body
Aaron Alexander is an LMT, expert in myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and trigger point therapy. We discuss how to improve your body performance and why it's so important to look at your environment as a 3-dimensional object that affects the way your health and happiness develop. Sign up for updates at to learn how to make your own health business and get your Not Just Paleo Organic Shirt at
Apr 02, 2015
Mans Denton: Nootropics and How Prison Changed His Life
Order your Not Just Paleo shirt at Mans Denton is an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space and has been an owner of a Nootropics company that was eventually sold. He has started a new company called Hyperion Strength that's about optimizing your mental and physical health with very unique products. Mans ended up in prison after a theft case conviction and had a handful of hard lessons that he wanted to talk to the Not Just Paleo audience about. Listen in as we discuss what it's like to have everything stripped away from your control and what you can do to make sure you are living life to the fullest potential.
Mar 25, 2015
Dr. Jack Wolfson: Paleo, EMF and Heart Health
Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist that uses the Paleo diet, organic food, a healthy lifestyle and natural medicine for his patients to create extraordinary levels of health. Listen as we talk about how the Paleo diet, EMF your career relate to your heart health. Get my new FREE must-have tools guide at and get your copy of Stress Solutions at
Mar 18, 2015
Bill and Haley Staley of Primal Palate: Kombucha Sickness and MTHFR Genetic Mutation Issues
Haley has recently dealt with the issues of Kombucha sickness and MTHFR genetic mutations that's thrown Haley's health for a whirlwind. She's written on her blog about the issues of anxiety and the cascade of effects that led to the canceling of their book tour. As someone who has dealt with personal and clinical cases of adrenal fatigue, the widespread effects that it can have into your life can be paralyzing. Stress can cause depression in some and anxiety in others. More commonly, my clients will have both symptoms and much more due to the effects that stress has on the nervous system. Listen in today as we talk about how this has played a role in Haley's health and how it has impacted her career. If you're someone who has dealt with adrenal stress, that means almost every human in the modern world, then you should pick up a copy of Stress Solutions, my latest program designed to recover your health and help you take charge of life through lifestyle, dietary and other measures.
Mar 11, 2015
Udo Erasmus: Lead With Your Heart and Eat Healthy Oils
Udo Erasmus is an expert in nutrition and has quite the passion for the outdoors and getting people to eat the right oils. One of the worst things we've done for our health is to consume bad oils. Learn the history of the oil movement and why leading with your heart is more important than anything else you can do with your health.
Mar 04, 2015
Dr. Izabella Wentz: Everything Counts For Thyroid Health!
Dr. Izabella Wentz is known as the thyroid Pharmacist who has struggled and recovered from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and written a best selling book about it. The Not Just Paleo Academy is NOW OPEN! Visit at to get access to your FREE 3-part video series.
Feb 25, 2015
Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Functional Medicine Is Cool
Dr. Justin Marchegiani is an expert in Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology. He spoke at the Bulletproof conference and has a great outlook on treating the mind and body as a whole, connected system. We talk about an easy way to measure your thyroid function at home and more about functional medicine and how to take action. A really fun episode. Dr. Justin is also an expert inside Stress Solutions. Get your copy at
Feb 11, 2015
Chris Wark: Beating Cancer Naturally
Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 26. He refused chemotherapy and ended up curing his cancer naturally. Listen in as we talk about a low-fat, plant-based diet versus a paleo diet. The evidence is there on both sides of the spectrum to heal your health, but what's right for you? Stress Solutions is now available at
Feb 04, 2015
Dr. Tim Gerstmar on Autoimmunity and How to Beat It
Dr. Tim Gerstmar is a Naturopathic Doctor in Redmond, WA specializing in gut issues, autoimmunity and other complex health issues. Learn about the root causes of autoimmunity and what you can do to prevent it and maybe even defeat it! Get your free 15 minute consult at and I'll talk to you soon!
Jan 28, 2015
Shawn Stevenson: Your Mindset Is Holding You Back
Shawn Stevenson is a blogger and podcast host bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show. We talk about how his debilitating health issues were healed and how the mind plays a role in healing. We also talk about Shawn's secret health toolkit that has some pretty cool things. Also, I have some great news! Schedule your complimentary consultation with me at
Jan 21, 2015
Katie Amato: The Rainforest In Your Gut
Katie Amato, Ph.D is a researcher from University of Colorado Boulder studying the gut microbiome in primates in the Palenque National Park Rainforest. We have a fun discussion on her experiences and what you should know about the gut. Connect at and join the newsletter for my 2 free health guides.
Jan 14, 2015
Syd Singer: Killer Culture and Societal Norms Making You Sick
Syd Singer is a medical anthropologist who studied biochemistry at the University of Duke. He focuses on Culturogenic disease and how social norms impact your health. We discuss the bra and breast cancer link and other medical ridiculousness. Sign up for my free Paleos' Paradise health webinar at
Jan 07, 2015
Mickey Trescott: The Root of Autoimmune Disease
Mickey Trescott is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who found Paleo after following a vegan diet caused leaky gut which led to not one, but two autoimmune diseases (hashimotos and celiac). Learn how she recovered her health and why you should not be a vegan. Visit for my 6 week wellness program. Happy new years!
Dec 31, 2014
Beverly Meyer: Power Over Your Own Mind
Clinical Nutritionist Beverly Meyer discusses why people stress themselves out and how to develop power over your own mind and negative thought patterns. The Paleo Puzzle program has 10-12 openings and is open at -- anyone that has a podcast, blog etc can promote the program by joining the affiliate program and potentially make $500-$1500 like other affiliates depending on how many people you send to the program. Check it out and wishing you the best!
Dec 27, 2014
Dr. Andrew Hill: Brain Enhancement, Nootropics and Neurotransmitters
Dr. Andrew Hill is a UCLA graduate with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the department of Psychology teaching multidisciplinary courses on Healthy Brain Aging, Neuroscience and Biofeedback. We discuss nootropics and a funny story with Phenibut. The wellness program is open for enrollment at -- check it out before the new year price increase. Also, please write your review for the show on iTunes. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!
Dec 19, 2014
Evan Brand: Conquer Stress With Diet
I go on Paul Dooley's Anxiety Guru Podcast to discuss the importance of quality nutrition when it comes to dealing with and overcoming stress and anxiety. I lays some of the groundwork for a solid dietary plan and gives a deeper insight into the nature-immersion technique used to improve the stress response. Join the Not Just Paleo Wellness Affiliate Program to make money by helping people simply by sending them a link-- signup at and email me with ANY questions at I always respond and read every email.
Dec 12, 2014
Diego Footer: Permaculture Careers & Growing Your Own Food
Diego Footer is the founder and CEO of the Permaculture Voices Conference where important voices in the real food moment meet up including Joel Salatin, Mark Shepard and Ben Falk. We talk about how designers, photographers and farmers themselves can make a great living helping people eat real food. Also I talk about the wellness program at -- There are 14 early bird price spots left!! Please write a review on iTunes!
Dec 03, 2014
Dr Greg Emerson: From E.R. Doc to Permaculture Farmer
The Not Just Paleo Wellness Program is finally here! Visit to see what it offers. A fully-guided 6 week course..Dr Greg Emerson- loving partner, proud father, physician, permaculture farmer, sustainable living advocate and wild food forager. He is interviewed regularly on Americas most popular health television programme because of his dedication to finding the underlying root cause of illnesses. He writes regularly for one of Americas most widely distributed health newsletters. When not working in his clinic he is tending to his garden, caring for his animals, roaming the wilderness or practicing his survival skills.
Nov 26, 2014
Nora Gedgaudas: Taking Responsibility For Your Own Health
Nora Gedgaudas, a widely recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the Paleo diet is the author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life. Her latest book is called Rethinking Fatigue: What your adrenals are really telling you and what you can do about it. Today we discuss the Not Just Paleo Wellness Program, Is depression a prozac deficiency, GMO's, Colony collapse disorder and pesticides, More Than Honey documentary, What's the most effective antidepressant (yoga is one of mine), Using functional blood testing and deficiencies, Low stomach acid is a huge deal, GERD and low stomach acid causes, H pylori infections and taking responsibility of your own health. If you would take two minutes when you get to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe to the podcast, write a star and written review for the show. This helps other people find this information. Thank you!
Nov 19, 2014
Dr. David Nichols: The Potential Future Of Depression Treatments
Dr. David E. Nichols, M.D. was seen in the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule for his role and aid in the creation of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) for use in Dr. Rick Strassman's research trials in the book. We discuss MDMA, psilocybin and the future of depression treatments. My wellness program is almost finished. Check and join the newsletter to stay up to date.
Nov 12, 2014
Dr. Terry Wahls: Being Wheelchair Bound To Riding A Bike And The Future Of Health
Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa and a staff physician at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Hospital. We talk about eating disorders and why diet isn't enough for health. I mention the launch of my upcoming wellness program that encompasses every aspect of health and happiness. Stay updated with the newsletter at
Nov 05, 2014
Keith Norris: PaleoFX, Overanalyzers and Exercise Injury Prevention
Keith Norris is the co-founder of PaleoFX and owner of Efficient Exercise. We discuss the downfall of overanalyzing diet and exercise and why action is key. Also we talk about injury prevention and how Keith and I have a 6-pack without ever doing crunches. Check out for the health store and support the show!
Oct 30, 2014
Kyriacos Markides, Ph.D: Spiritual Healers And Western World's Blind Eye On Health
Kyriacos Markides, Ph.D, is a Sociology Professor at the University of Maine. For the last twenty years he has been exploring the lives and teachings of Christian mystics, healers, and miracle workers and monastics around the world. We talk about how avoiding death leads to unhappiness and some of his weird and unexplainable experiences studying healers. If you're interested in 1-on-1 coaching please visit to get started.
Oct 22, 2014
Evan Brand and Kevin Geary: First Q&A Episode and Bonus Giveaway for Episode #100!
I, Evan Brand take the reins of the show today as we do our first Q&A episodes with your questions! Use the link below to submit your questions and I hope you enjoy. I want to thank you for being part of this show for the last 100 episodes and I'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes as we charge ahead towards health and happiness.
Oct 15, 2014
Dr. Dan Kalish: Moods, Brain Health And Supplement Precautions
Daniel Kalish, D.C. developed his own model of Functional Medicine and has worked with over 8,000 clients. We discuss brain chemistry and how people willingly alter their neurotransmitters with amino acids, supplements and herbs without questioning IF and WHAT they actually need to feel better!
Oct 08, 2014
Dr. Rick Hanson: Becoming a Happier Human
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Hardwiring Happiness, Buddhas Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture. We discuss why people are so miserable and what you can do to become happier in your day to day life. A great episode. Please leave a review on iTunes to keep the show running strong.
Oct 01, 2014
Eric Windheim: EMF Solutions And How To Mitigate Cell Phone And Home Risks
Eric Windheim is the owner of Windheim Environmental Solutions, a California high technology and environmental health and wellness company since 1991. We cover EMF and what to do about it. By popular demand, this topic is back!! You all are craving actionable solutions, we'll here they are. Please write your review on iTunes, I need them to keep this show running! Thank you! -Evan
Sep 24, 2014
Dr. Mark Hyman: Pinpointing Stressors And The Future Of Health And Food
Dr. Mark Hyman, is an American physician, scholar and New York Times bestselling author. He is the founder and medical director of the UltraWellness Center. We talk about his supplement regimen and many other fun questions about the future of health care. Short episode but good anyways! Please write a review on iTunes for the show. Thanks!
Sep 17, 2014
Cynthia Matzke: Part 2 Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Cynthia Matzke is a Marine Biologist who spent the last month on a research vessel out at sea examining and collecting samples of fish, plastic and a various assortment of ocean pollution caused by humans. We talk about what steps we can take towards reducing it. I need your review on iTunes or I will not be able to continue to make this a weekly show, please leave them! Thanks
Sep 11, 2014
Dr. Michael Gunson: NASA's Atmosphere Satellite And Can Cow Farts Change The Climate?
Dr. Michael Gunson is currently the Manager of the Global Change & Energy Program and the Project Scientist for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2). We discuss how the satellite works as well as general conversation about the atmosphere changes and how industry relates to air quality. Send your podcast questions to
Sep 03, 2014
Dr Lauren Noel: Stress-Digestion & Health In A Toxic World
Dr. Lauren Noel is a Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Shine Natural Medicine. We discuss why the gut is so susceptible to stress and I pose the ever-imposing question-Can we be truly healthy in a toxic world? Please send questions to for the Q&A episode.
Aug 27, 2014
Dr. Joan Vernikos: Space Missions & The Benefits Of Gravity
Dr. Joan Vernikos is a well-known expert in stress and healthy aging. She retired from NASA as Director of Life Sciences. We discuss the difference between sitting all day and breaking your day up with movement for health benefits. We also discuss sensory deprivation and her take on it. Please write a review for the show on iTunes. Thanks!
Aug 20, 2014
Cynthia Matzke: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Marine Biologist Cynthia Matzke is currently on a research vessel in the Pacific Ocean investigating the Great Pacific Plastic Accumulation Zone. This episode is very heavy on the heart and proceed with caution if you are currently depressed. However, the environmental concerns in the ocean relate to all of us on the planet are important and uncomfortable conversations we need to bring to the front of the political sphere. I love you all and thanks for tuning in.
Aug 13, 2014
Beverly Meyer: Top 7 Tips Beyond Diet and Fitness
Beverly Meyer is a Clinical Nutritionist with a long history as a health patient herself. Beverly and I discuss our top 7 tips beyond diet and fitness. We discuss smart supplementation, reducing negativity and more. Please leave a review on iTunes.
Aug 07, 2014
Dr Jack Kruse: Cherry Picking of Paleo Habits
Dr. Jack Kruse is a Neurosurgeon with his own private practice. He is also the author of a couple different books and has developed many protocols for optimal health such as the Leptin Rx and the Cold Thermogenesis Rx. We discuss the downfalls of cherry picking certain aspects of the paleo lifestyle and avoiding the impact of modern life on our health and how to mitigate it.
Jul 30, 2014
Ann Louise Gittleman: Excess Copper and What to Do About It
New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman is highly respected as a health pioneer, weight-loss expert, and award-winning author of thirty books, including The Fat Flush Plan.
Jul 23, 2014
Dr. Sam Milham: Dirty Electricity and the Diseases of Modern Civilization
Dr. Samuel Milham, the scientist who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease. Dr. Milham and I discuss the health implications of modern electricity and what you can do about it.
Jul 16, 2014
Oram Miller: Healthy Home Environments and EMF Protection
Oram Miller is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consult based in Los Angeles. Oram provides healthy home and office evaluations for clients throughout Southern California and nationwide who have electro-magnetic sensitivities, as well as those who just want a healthier home. We discuss the many aspects of home safety when it comes to WiFi, EMF and magnetism. Leave a review on iTunes!! Please?
Jul 09, 2014
Marjory Wildcraft: Growing Your Own Groceries
Marjory Wildcraft is an (almost) off-grid farmer who grows about half of her own food and medicine. We discuss the potential for economic collapse and how you would handle that scenario and how to find a piece of property and prepare a home to grow your own food. Keep an open mind as always! Leave a review on iTunes!
Jul 02, 2014
Doug Fine: The Hemp Revolution and a Sustainable Future
Doug Fine is an author, farmer and an environmental activist concerned with educating the population on various alternative energy products and projects such as solar power, hemp and other more sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Please write a review on iTunes for the show! Takes only 2 minutes! Thank you for listening!
Jun 25, 2014
Chris Walker: Nootropics, Addiction and Stealing Productivity From the Future
Chris Walker is a proponent and writer who enjoys research on a variety of topics including cognitive enhancement. Today we discuss nootropics and some personal stories related to brain enhancing vitamins. Warning: You are responsible for your own research! Don't take our word for it!
Jun 18, 2014
Dr. Henry Grayson: Physical/Emotional Connection, EFT and Why Society Has Too Much Fear
Dr. Henry Grayson has studied neuropsychology, the major psychotherapies, the new power therapies (EFT, EMDR, etc.), quantum physics and Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies. We discuss how thoughts can cause physical pain and issues and how to beat them. We also discuss the limbic system and why society has way too much fear and how to conquer it.
Jun 11, 2014
T.S. Wiley: 24/7 Lights, Related Mood Epidemics and Life's Purpose for Children
T.S. Wiley wrote one of the most important and thorough books on the history of the light bulb and what it has done to our society. While many benefits and inventions have been possible since then, we have to question it's role in our daily lives. We discuss hormones and why society is so horny and crazy at the same time to due light (endless summer). Prepare for a mind blow.
Jun 05, 2014
Dr. Rodney Ford: Food Allergy-Eczema Connection and Probiotics From Birth and What Kids Teach Us
Dr. Ford is a pediatric expert who focuses on child health, food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten-sensitivity, celiac disease and gastroenterology problems. My exclusive interviews are now available with my book at and today we discuss food allergy, eczema, why probiotics should be taken from birth and the huge prevalence of egg allergies in babies and what to do about it.
May 28, 2014
Aaron Blaisdell: Questioning Happiness in Modern Life and the Effects of Stress on the Brain
Dr. Aaron Blaisdell received a B.A. in Biological Anthropology from SUNY Stony Brook an M.A. in Biological Anthropology from Kent State University and his Ph.D. in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience focus) from SUNY Binghamton. He is the president of the Ancestral Health Society and comes on the show to discuss his research in the lab as well as us questioning how modern life is helping us or hurting us. We also talk briefly about what stress does to the brain.
May 21, 2014
Dr. Alan Christianson: How the Mind Overpowers Healthy Habits and the Benefits of Stress
Dr. Alan Christianson is a Phoenix, Arizona-based Naturopathic Physician (NMD) who specializes in natural endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders. Today we talk about some personal hilarious stories about laughter and how we need to quit taking ourselves so seriously. Also we talk about a story where a man suddenly died after finally reaching his dream and why you have to enjoy the journey of life itself. Please write a review for the show on iTunes! Thanks!
May 14, 2014
Howard Martin: Heart Rate Variability and How to Handle the New Era of Stress
Howard is the Executive Vice President of HeartMath. He is an internationally sought after speaker on the HeartMath approach to advancing human performance based on compelling scientific research linking heart function with health, emotional well-being and intelligence. Learn about the heart's role in emotions, health and how to take control of stress by using a demo in our talk today.
May 06, 2014
Daniel Vitalis: Domestication of Humans, Comparing Us to Ancient Civilizations and Permaculture 101
Daniel Vitalis is a leading health, nutrition and personal development strategist. He is also the creator of Find a Spring where people can find fresh, clean and local springs in their city to derive their fresh water from. He has also aired in the documentary ''Hungry for Change''. He also writes an online magazine on his website at and has health products available from his company called Surthrival. Please write a review for the show in iTunes. It only takes 2 minutes!
Apr 30, 2014
Wendy Myers interviews Evan on Sleep Troubles, Neurotransmitters and Foods for Sleep
Evan Brand is the author, blogger and podcast host behind this site. After conquering years of depression, IBS and sleep issues with lifestyle, diet and mindset transformation he's sharing his experience. This episode is about sleep problems, artificial light, how neurotransmitters are created or impaired by foods and how to improve the production of them.
Apr 23, 2014
Paul Jaminet & John Brisson: Why Paleo Didn't Work for Paul, White Rice and Why Studies are Silly
Paul Jaminet is the author of the Perfect Health Diet. Him and John have both been guests on the show previously. Today we talk about Vitamin C supplementation, what Paul had to do to make Paleo work for him, resistant starch and why it's good for you, where to buy your rice and Paul's comment on microwaving his food.
Apr 16, 2014
Dr. Tim Gerstmar: The Gut, Stress and Brain Connection and Learning About Adaptogenic Herbs
Dr. Tim Gerstmar is a Naturopathic doctor who specializes in digestive issues, thyroid disfunction, stress issues and many other problems that can be treated with lifestyle, diet and special medicines. We discuss the gut and how stress can impair digestion. We also discuss adaptogenic herbs that we love, use and recommend for stress and handling life when it gets tough.
Apr 08, 2014
Dr. Ray: High Heels, Foot Injuries and Hacking Your Footwear
Dr. Ray's has a practice called Northwest Foot & Ankle in Portland, Oregon which allows him to care for those who find their highest joy when in motion. In his 17 years as a podiatrist, he has learned that most foot problems can be corrected by restoring natural foot function. Today we discuss High heels, foot injuries, barefoot running, and the types of shoes we should we wearing. Are there corporate interests supressing the information about proper footwear? This question and more are answered with Dr. Ray. Pickup your copy of my new book back at
Apr 02, 2014
Andy Holtz: Sustainable Food Systems, Pollution and Why Local Food Will Save Us
Andy Holtz is the Director of Development and Advancement for Sustainable America, an organization dedicated to preventing a further food/fuel crisis. We discuss why the fuel market determines food quality and cost and how we can mitigate the inflation. We also discuss pollution and the massive island of plastic out in the ocean. Lastly, we discuss why local food is the only way of the future and simple ways to implement change in your life.
Mar 26, 2014
Wendy Myers: Nutritional Balancing and Discussing a Lifestyle for Low Adrenals and Thyroid
Wendy Myers is a health and nutrition coach from Los Angeles, CA. She loves to talk about detox methods including infrared saunas, coffee enemas and other methods to get rid of heavy metal toxicity. Today we discuss my hair test results, the validity of them and how to shape a lifestyle around healing our worn down and stressed out bodies.
Mar 19, 2014
Dr. Eva Selhub on Nature Immersion, Stress-Belief Systems and How Love Can Heal Your Mind and Body
Dr. Eva Selhub is an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Clinical Associate of the Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Eastern medical practices. Today Eva and I discuss the importance of nature, the secret ''trust'' chemical and how love can improve the health of your mind and body. Go to to find directions on how to enter the free book giveaway!
Mar 11, 2014
Vinnie Tortorich: Life in Hollywood, Leukemia and How Love Can Overpower Anything
Vinnie Tortorich is an author and podcast host. He trains celebrities in Hollywood and has made a lifetime career to help others eliminate sugar and other toxic foods from the diet. After being diagnosed with leukemia, Vinnie had to rethink his life and what really mattered. We talk about relationships and why you shouldn't settle if you aren't happy.
Mar 05, 2014
Dr. Kruse: Why EMF Dehydrates You and the True Importance of Water & Reducing Electricity
Dr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon who has made several previous appearances on the podcast. Today we get deep into our changing electromagnetic fields and how this is impacting our stress levels and brain function. We discuss cell phones, ways to reduce your effects and how to heal from it. We greatly discuss water and how dehydration is at the core of many diseases. Join us at the Optimal reset at
Feb 24, 2014
Mark Sisson: Do You Really Need Anxiety and Depression Meds & Why You Need to Focus on the Present
Mark Sisson is the blogger and podcaster behind who has created a massive wave in the alternative health realm. We discuss people that are anxious and depressed and ask the question if they really need their prescription meds. We are not doctors, but raise the question if nature can help us cure our problems. We also discuss why it's not worth being so hard on yourself and why it's important to live in the present moment. Please write a review on iTunes or check to get your vitamins mentioned!
Feb 19, 2014
Martin Zucker: Why Putting Your Feet in the Dirt Will Save Your Inflammation and Improve Your Mood
Martin Zucker is a writer who worked for Associated Press. He has over 25 years experience in the field of health writing and co wrote the book called Earthing: The most important health discovery ever? Tune in to learn about what grounding mats and connecting to the Earth can do for your health. From inflammatory diseases and conditions to sleep quality, we discuss the many benefits that our ancestors once had. Please write a review on iTunes if you have the program, as it helps the show reach a larger audience. Thank you for tuning in!
Feb 12, 2014
Dr. Rodney Ford: How Gluten Affects the Brain and How to Treat Exposure
Dr. Rodney Ford is an associate professor, medical doctor and pediatrician. Dr. Ford is a pediatric expert who focuses on child health, food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten-sensitivity, celiac disease and gastroenterology problems. Today we discuss gluten's various effects on the brain and how to heal from gluten exposure. We also discuss the difference between gluten free and gluten zero. We discuss supplements and methods for treating gluten exposure and discuss HOW much gluten really alters your mindset and moods. Keep up with my book release on sleep at
Feb 04, 2014
Catherine Garceau: Why Swimming Pools Make You Depressed and How to Use Emotional Freedom Technique
Ex-Olympic Swimmer Catherine Garceau joins us to talk about chlorine pools and how they caused depression and health issues for her. We also talk about emotional healing in general including sensory deprivation tanks, EFT technique and a couple personal stories that we thought of from earlier in life. Keep up with my latest book on sleep at
Jan 29, 2014
Kris Gunnars: 13 Nutritional Lies That Made the World Sick and Fat
Kris Gunnars hails from Iceland. He writes exclusively on nutrition and is a certified personal trainer. Today we discuss 13 lies that made the world sick and fat. Some may find this episode to provide new information, while others may find that this episode is simply a refresher for what they already know. Regardless, don't forget to write a review if you use iTunes to listen to the show! My sleep project at is almost complete.. sign up now to receive updates on the release!
Jan 21, 2014
Ben Greenfield: A Daily Supplement Protocol for Athletes and Why Your Crossfit Exercise is a Waste
Triathlete, Writer and Podcast Host Ben Greenfield joins us on the show! We discuss detox supplements and Ben's daily protocol before his race. We discuss Ben's sleeping tool and structured water filters. We also discuss why your crossfit exercise may be a waste of time. Please write a review if you listen in iTunes!
Jan 15, 2014
George Bryant: Eating Disorders and the Battle Inside Your Head
George Bryant is the man behind Civilized Caveman, a Paleo recipe site. George has been helping people deal with food cravings and other issues with his paleo dessert recipes. Today we discuss the importance of being honest about your self-image and how it wrecked George's self-confidence for a long time. We also discuss eating disorders and why George has deleted his facebook account. Please write a review on iTunes if you listen to the show there!
Jan 07, 2014
Nora Gedgaudas: How Individuals Can Make a Difference and Conquer Stress
Certified Nutritional Therapist and Neurofeedback expert Nora Gedgaudas comes back on the show! We took time to free flow on the topics of stress in the modern world and how to take action upon it. We also discuss the bigger picture and how you as an individual can make a difference. Nora discusses that with community, we can many things. Please take 2 minutes to write a review for the show on iTunes! Thanks for listening.
Dec 28, 2013
Adam Winton Interviews Evan Brand on Supplementation Quality, Evan's Routine and How to Sleep Bett
A long-time listener to the show from the Philippines, Adam Winton, comes onto the show to interview Evan about some of his key concepts about life. From supplementation quality, timing and ingredients, to his morning and evening routines that lead to a successful day and quality sleep, Evan goes into the details of his personal life to help the listeners grasp a concept of the bigger picture of health. He also reveals the #1 thing to remember when it comes to life.
Dec 18, 2013
Beverly Meyer: How Your Face Structure May Be Causing You Anxiety
Clinical Nutritionist Beverly Meyer comes back on the show to discuss her latest research in holistic dentistry. Face structure actually has an impact on breathing, sleep quality and even depression and anxiety. Join Beverly and I as we dig into this topic and talk about some of the key points to figuring out how you can improve your dental health.
Dec 11, 2013
Dan Pardi: How Sleep Really Works and How Common Drugs Impact Sleep
Dan Pardi is a sleep researcher, speaker and founder of Dan's Plan, a comprehensive plan to help fitness, lifestyle and stress levels in your daily life. Today, we discuss the hormones that are affected by sleep and why this is important to know about. We also talk about drugs and their influence on sleep such as caffeine and alcohol. We finish talking about the way you can shape your light environment and how you can beat seasonal depression with the use of Evan's favorite light box hack.
Dec 04, 2013
Tara Grant: Autoimmunity Why You Need Primal Sex
Tara Grant is part of Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Publishing company. She discusses her 20 her battle with an increasingly popular skin condition and how she defeated it with an autoimmunity paleo protocol. Also we discuss crock pot usage for bone broth and eventually discuss Primal sex and how we may not be wired for the lifestyle that we all live. Tara discusses her practice with Orgasmic meditation and the sparknotes version of how to perform it on your partner.
Nov 26, 2013
Jason Seib: How to Stop Burning Sugar and Start Burning Fat
Jason Seib joins us on the podcast for a second time to discuss the two different mindsets that people have when it comes to weight loss and success. Also we discuss the importance of being a fat-burner and how it will improve your efficiency at work and throughout your day. This is important to note, you don't want to be a sugar burner constantly craving treats and sweets. Listen in and please write a review for the show on iTunes. Thank you for listening!
Nov 20, 2013
Dr. Hansler: The Truth About Artificial Light and How Melatonin Fights Cancer
Dr. Hansler is a physicist with over 40 years of research in the lighting industry. We discuss the effects of artificial light on one of your master antioxidant hormones also known as melatonin. We call out the problem that lighting companies are having with truth or profit. They have the knowledge that artificial light is bad, but they do not want to reveal the dangers. We talk about depression and the dangers that artificial light at night time presents, especially for pregnant women! Please write a review for the show in iTunes to help this message get out.
Nov 13, 2013
Dr. Kruse: Why Following the Seasons is Important and the Ultimate Biohacking Bathroom
Dr. Jack Kruse is back on the podcast to discuss many topics with us. We free flow throughout the podcast and talk about the light cycle with food and how to eat with the seasons. We talk about the importance of paying attention to the seasons and how important it is for your health, hormones and more. We discuss some of Jack's biohacks as well as Evan's upcoming surgery and how to hack the operation for the best possible outcome. Later we discuss meditation and hear about Jack's setup for his meditation room and how he gets into his personal space. Last, we discuss vibrational energy and the feelings you get from other people around you and the science behind ''first impressions'' when meeting people.
Nov 07, 2013
Dr. Lauren Noel: What Nutrients are People Deficient In and Why You Need to Scrub Your Skin
Dr. Lauren Noel is the host of Dr. Lo Radio. She is a Naturopathic doctor who comes on the show to discuss micronutrients, hormones and the benefits of dry scrubbing of the skin and the associated benefits. We dig into some of the most common problems with hormones for men and women and their causes.
Oct 29, 2013
John B: Benefits of Marijuana and How to Protect Yourself From Toxins in Your Home
John Brisson joins us again to discuss the opposing viewpoints to medical or recreational marijuana use. The previous guests have sparked some others to send in science disproving anything against marijuana. We get into this, adrenal fatigue, environmental toxins in your home and how to protect yourself.
Oct 23, 2013
Cynthia Perkins: Freeing Yourself From Addictions and How To Fix the Government with Food
Cynthia Perkins is a Holistic Health Coach who specializes in addictions ranging from alcohol to carbohydrates. She has healed many patients with the Paleo diet and has been advocating for greener living to help your spiritual and mental health. We cover neurotransmitters, how to fix the government with food and how social media may be affecting your life more than you think!!
Oct 16, 2013
Dr. Maxwell: How to End Back Pain and Other Health Problems From Sitting Too Much
Dr. Maxwell is a practitioner in Chiropractic care and specializes in sports injuries, ironman athletes as well as helping everyday scenarios with patients. Learn the proper way to sit, stand and use special exercises designed to keep the body in it's primal and optimal positions. Please write a review for the show on iTunes!
Oct 09, 2013
Kevin Johnson: The Benefits and Experience of Sensory Deprivation & Float Tanks
Kevin Johnson is the owner and founder of the Zero Gravity Institute. Learn about sensory deprivation and why everyone should experience the relaxation and therapeutic benefits that float tanks offer!
Oct 02, 2013
Fitter London: Healing Your Gut and Ridiculous Things Average People Think About Food
Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden are gym owners and personal trainers with over 20 years combined interest and experience in the health and fitness industry. Join us as we talk about their experience with their latest seminar in London, what they learned from it, and some of the surprises they encountered when dealing with the ''public'' that is not aware of the Paleo diet.
Sep 25, 2013
Wendy Myers: How Your Health Products are Ruining Your Health and Happiness and What to Do Next
Wendy Myers joins us to discuss the effects of toxic skin care products that we are subject to. From face wash to deodorant, we cover a large portion of what and why you should avoid mainstream health care products and their ingredients, as well as presenting some methods for detox and alternatives you can use. Please write a review on iTunes for the show!! Thanks for your support
Sep 18, 2013
Erwan Le Corre: Living in the Human Zoo and How to Break Free
Erwan is the founder of MovNat, the leader in Natural Movement teaching and philosophy. He hosts retreats and also teaches survival skills as well as journeys to reconnect with nature. Erwan and I discuss the nature of the universe and how we have become ''Zoo Humans'' and how to break out of the system. It all starts with your mindset and getting out in nature more.
Sep 11, 2013
BP Guys: Gut Health, Biohacking 101 and FODMAP foods
Members of the Bulletproof Executive forum including John Brisson, Jason Hooper and Tytus Wilson join us to discuss their personal transitions to the Paleo/Bulletproof diet, how their gut health was impacted through the use of probiotics and FODMAP foods and how to eat bulletproof. We also go deeper into some of the education system when it comes to nutrition and get into the crazy world of biohacking and how those who are hooking electricity up to their brains need to be careful. Please leave a review for iTunes on the show and donate at This IS a DONOR supported show. Thanks for listening!
Sep 04, 2013
Leah Lund: How Neurotransmitters Control Your Emotions
Consider this the second hour of the discussion on moods, how neurotransmitters relate to food consumption and more. We also discuss marijuana versus alcohol and other topics concerning depression and relaxation. Leah Lund is a Neuro Nutrient Therapist who's studied along side Julia Ross, the famous author of the book the Mood Cure.
Aug 27, 2013
Jimmy Moore: What's a Typical Meal Log for a Ketogenic Person Look Like?
Jimmy Moore joins us to discuss his new book called Cholesterol Clarity. We get into some of the ''golden nuggets'' revealed by many of the doctors quoted in the book along with Jimmy's personal lifestyle choices that allowed him to lose weight and still feel amazing. We talk about a typical day of eating for Jimmy and how he maintains a low-stress lifestyle and mindset. Please leave a review on iTunes for the show! Thanks for listening!
Aug 20, 2013
James Clear: How Do We Create a Successful Environment?
James Clear is an entrepreneur and writer who focuses on identity-based habits. Listen in as we discuss why fitness routines go wrong, how to shape your environment for success and health and how Macronutrient cycling and consistency will give you the highest success rate for health and happiness.
Aug 15, 2013
John Brisson: Why Everyone Should Be Taking MCT Oil
More is covered than listed in the title of this episode. Join us as we go deep with ''Ron Swanson'' the member of Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Forum as we discuss digestive issues, why everyone should be taking CoQ10, the benefits of MCT oil, how to support your natural enzyme production and more! This is one content loaded episode. Please sign up for the newsletter at for more updates!
Aug 06, 2013
RD Cassie: Why My Huge, Fat Smoothie is Healthy and a Paleo Dietician's #1 Breakfast
Dietitian Cassie is a registered and licensed dietitian who focuses on healing people from the inside out. She also is the co-host of the low carb conversations podcast with Jimmy Moore and is very enthusiastic about changing the world with real food.
Jul 31, 2013
Dr. Kruse: Why Technology is Dangerous to Your Health
Dr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon who discusses ways to reverse disease through elimination of modern societal inventions such as cell phones, laptops, and other technology. We discuss in great detail the detrimental effects of our modern life and what we can do to make change. This is a very deep conversation which requires patience and a willingness to accept potentially depressing facts about our life. Thanks so much for listening!
Jul 24, 2013
Dr. Tim Pychyl: Why Do We Procrastinate and How to Take Action
Dr. Tim Pychyl, associate professor of psychology and director of the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University. He provides a series of short talks, interviews and question/answer podcasts that explain why we procrastinate and what we can do about it.
Jul 17, 2013
Sean Croxton: Mindset for Success and Why You Need to Hug More
Sean Croxton is the host of the Undergound Wellness podcast. As a personal trainer in the past, Sean has taken a holistic approach to health and fitness. Join us as we discuss easy ways to increase your sex hormones, detox the body and change your mindset on the world to create the life your really want.
Jul 10, 2013
Elliot Hulse: How Do You Get Started in Health and Fitness?
Elliot Hulse is a strongman competitor, personal trainer, gym owner and health and happiness enthusiast. I was pumped to have Elliot on the show.
Jul 03, 2013
Jim Laird: What Should Women Stop Doing in the Gym and How to Take Care of Yourself
Jim Laird is a Strength and Conditioning coach who's taught soccer moms and high level athletes how to perform better for over 20 years. He is a follower of the Paleo diet and talks about his experience with nutrition, pitfalls that most women experience in the gym, and how to take care of yourself.
Jun 26, 2013
MAPS: Healing PTSD & Psychedelic Research was founded in 1986. They are doing several studies with Universities such as Yale and Harvard using psychedelic substances such as MDMA and Mushrooms. We have Brad Burge from MAPS to discuss some of the research and future of the alternative health realm.
Jun 19, 2013
Darryl Edwards: Paleo Fitness and Why You Need to Act Like a Child
Darryl Edwards, also known as the Fitness Explorer is a natural movement coach and author of the book Paleo Fitness. We discuss how to get started with natural movement and the importance of injecting fun into your workout routine for sustainability concerns.
Jun 12, 2013
Dr. Hansler: How Artificial Light is Killing You
Dr. Hansler worked as a research scientist for 42 years developing better and brighter light bulbs. Now he advocates safe light usage at night for concerns of developing cancers, obesity, depression and even non-optimal fetal development due to hormonal regulation disrupted by light.
Jun 04, 2013
Nora Gedgaudas: Paleo 101, Float Tanks and Why We Eat This Way
Nora Gedgaudas is the author of the book Primal Body, Primal Mind where she discusses evolutionary biology combined with solid nutrition advice. She is a board certified Holistic Nutritionist and is an expert in neurofeedback to treat the body using brain waves. One of the most informationally-dense shows to date!
May 29, 2013
Anthony Johnson: Back Pain & Learning Proper Posture
It's hard to put an entire great conversation into very few characters. Anthony has founded the 21 convention where people like Mark Sisson have showed themselves and have done speeches for this convention. It has 4 pillars of the beliefs including fitness and nutrition. Enjoy this episode as we discuss many fun and important topics such as pain, proper posture for a computer or car, and why not all physical exertion is considered exercise.
May 21, 2013
Pat Flynn: How Does Diet and Health Relate to Running a Business?
Pat Flynn is an online entrepreneur with the intent of helping people find their value in society. This is a much different episode than normally posted here, but great none the less. We get into conquering fear, getting out of the low points in life and how becoming a better speaker can make your relationships much more valuable.
May 15, 2013
Steve Kamb: Why Success in the Real World Trumps Virtual Reality.
Steve Kamb is the founder of where he teaches you to level up your life. He wants people to remember that success in the physical world is far more valuable than leveling up in fantasy worlds. We talk business, motivation and travel on this episode. There's a giveaway for FREE stuff with more info on this episode!
May 08, 2013
Paul Jaminet: Is Your Diet Making You Depressed? How We Should Eat and Move
P.h.D. Paul Jaminet and I discuss some of the aspects of what he calls the perfect health diet. We discuss the importance of sticking to circadian rhythms and the specifics behind when, what and how you should construct your dietary intake and exercise routine.
May 01, 2013
Beverly Meyer: Paleo & Brain Health
Beverly Meyer is a Clinical Nutritionist and focuses on the Paleo diet as a backbone for optimal health. Join us as we discuss the power of the brain. This is where all of life's processes start and where we draw our willpower, happiness, motivation and esteem from. Learn about neurotransmitters and how you may be suffering from brain fog and other conditions due to improper brain health.
Apr 23, 2013
Jason Seib: Why You Shouldn't ''Just Do Paleo''
Jason Seib, author of the Paleo Coach, goes into some of the psychology behind dieting itself and talks about why just ''doing'' the Paleo diet is not enough. We get into his coaching habits and other techniques required for success AND happiness.
Apr 17, 2013
Ben Coomber: Most Dangerous Health Myths and How to Positively Talk to Yourself
Ben is an Internationally Certified Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer (ex), CHEK practitioner and owner of Body Type Nutrition Company. He also hosts the popular Ben Coomber Radio health podcast in the UK.
Apr 09, 2013
Mike Elgan: Food Storage, Soaking Grains and Technology Versus Health
The author of the book the Spartan Diet joins us to discuss some of the differences in his ancestral views. We agree on food quality, cooking and storage methods and discuss the blending of technology with our ancestral blueprint for health.
Apr 03, 2013
Wendy Myers: Is Vegan Right for Anyone? What Types of Cookware Should I Use?
Wendy and I talk about the effects of gluten, can vegan lifestyle be right for anyone and what you should cook with! Thanks for listening.
Mar 22, 2013
Steve Wright: What Exercises are for health and What Specifics Should We Follow on Paleo?
We discuss some of the main exercises you should be doing for optimal health, along with some of the specifics behind carbohydrate consumption and the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet can benefit almost everyone and can treat many digestive issues and other health conditions.
Mar 07, 2013
Dr. Peter Osborne: How Bad is Gluten? What Exercises Does a Doctor Do?
Dr. Osborne is the clinical director of Town Center Wellness where he practices orthomolecular and functional medicine. This was an in-depth episode, grab your notebook.
Feb 25, 2013
Jonathan Bailor: Why Exercising Less and Eating More Creates Great Results
Jonathan Bailor is a podcast host and writer at the Smarter Science of Slim. Jonathan and I discuss ways that you improve your natural lifestyle. We discuss how the conventional ideologies about diet and fitness and why eating more and exercising less may be the secret to getting results for you.
Feb 20, 2013
Dave Asprey: Why You Need More Salt
Dave Asprey comes on the NJP show to talk about Bulletproof coffee, the importance of salt consumption and quality and ways that you can heal yourself through connecting to the Earth using an Earthing Mat and barefoot walking.
Feb 16, 2013
Wendy Myers: Conquering Stress, Beating Depression and Eliminating Fatigue
Wendy Myers is back to talk about stress, depression, supplements and other ways to improve happiness, health and performance.
Feb 06, 2013
Abel James: How to Budget, Meditate and Abel's Favorite Pleasures
Abel James from Fat Burning Man joins us to talk about his meditation style, tips for people on a budget and more. We also talk about some of Abel's favorite aspects of life. Leave a review in iTunes to help us spread the message!
Feb 03, 2013
Jimmy Moore: How Even 400 Pound People Can Transform Their Health
Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low Carb was on the show. He started dieting from over 400lbs and has changed his life completely. Listen in for his personal success and how you can improve your future!
Jan 30, 2013
Wendy Myers: Do You Have Excess Estrogen and How to Reduce it!
Brought to you by This episode discusses estrogen dominance with nutritional therapist Wendy Myers. From the plastics we use everyday to the environmental toxins. Estrogens are everywhere. Men and women can suffer from excess estrogen. Learn if you have this condition, what it causes, and how to treat it.
Jan 19, 2013
Liz POAB: 30 Day Diet Plans
This episode features Liz from Paleo On A Budget. We go into kettlebells, 30 day diets, reader question and answer and more. Enjoy! Email questions to
Jan 13, 2013
Sarah Ballantyne: Why Everyone Should do Yoga and How to Manage Your Stress Naturally
This episode features Sarah Ballantyne from We talk about her weight loss story, how yoga can improve everyones lives and more.
Jan 09, 2013
Wendy Myers: Adrenal Fatigue, Coffee and Seasonal Depression
This episode features Wendy Myers, a nutritional coach stationed in Los Angeles. She talks about the epidemic of adrenal fatigue and the importance of making many small life changes. We discuss the impact of coffee on the adrenal glands and if you should eliminate it to heal. We also discuss healing your body and adrenals through smart lifestyle choices and supplementation.
Jan 05, 2013
Joel Runyon: High Intensity Interval Training and Developing Mental Strength
This episode features Joel Runyon from He inspires people to conquer the impossible and gives advice on success from simple but intense exercise.
Dec 30, 2012
Liz POAB: How to Eat Healthy Around Unhealthy People and the Holidays
Liz from Paleo on a Budget and I discuss some more tips for the holidays. It's hard to fight the urge when you are surrounded by those that want to tempt you with sweets and garbage food. Learn our strategies for conquering even the greatest of cravings.
Dec 24, 2012
Josey Brooks: Why You Should Dance, Meditate and Think Positive
This episodes features a dance instructor in the making as we discuss meditation, stretching and the physical and mental benefits of each. Also we talk about finding and following your heart and staying positive when the world wants you to think the opposite.
Dec 22, 2012
Evan Brand: My Personal Struggle With Mainstream Doctors and How to Help Yourself and Family
This is a half rant about the health industry and information about taking action in your life and educating others. Help yourself and your family with the advantages of the Paleo lifestyle.
Dec 19, 2012
Liz POAB: How to Get Your Family on Board with Paleo
This podcast features Liz from Paleo On A Budget. Tune in to hear our tips for staying motivated among non-paleo family and general consciousness tips for saving money with this lifestyle.
Dec 17, 2012
Evan Brand: Benefits of Mediation, Favorite Herbs and Joining a Primal Lifestyle
I talk about some benefits of meditation and my favorite herbs. Rethinking stress and an introduction to applying the primal and paleo lifestyle. Happiness starts within yourself.
Dec 13, 2012
Evan Brand: Why I'm Paleo
This episode is definitely scatter-brained. Fair warning, but I discuss how I learned about Paleo, why I am here and the benefits I've experienced. I've cured my IBS and talk about the journey to health through podcasting
Dec 04, 2012
Evan Brand: Not Just Paleo Topics
You will learn what to expect from listening to Not Just Paleo and learn the mindset for the future episodes. Send any questions or topics to
Nov 12, 2012