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A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at:

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Breaking Boston: Scott Fauble Is Leading American Marathoners Into The Olympics
“Good and fast are not the same thing."
Scott Fauble

For the vast majority of us, besting our 26.2 personal record by 3+ minutes would be considered fine. Something to be celebrated, but hardly a mind-bending breakthrough.

At the highest level of distance running however, the distinction is vast. It's the canyon that separates a very good marathon runner from the greats.

This is the story of Scott Fauble.

Historically a very accomplished cross country & 10K runner (at the 2016 Olympic Trials he finished 4th in the 10,000 meters), Scott was unproven at the marathon. That is, until he ran 2:12 in Frankfurt in 2017 and matched that time the following year in New York.

These performances certainly established Scott as a very good marathoner. But nobody, aside from Scott himself and perhaps his coach and close circle, was prepared for his stunning performance at the 2019 Boston Marathon. Not only did he surprise the world by leading the race for extended stretches, he accomplished what is almost unheard of at his level -- besting his marathon PR by almost 3 and a half minutes to complete the course in 2:09:09 as the top American and 7th overall.

It was a performance that foisted him into the mainstream spotlight. Anointed him as the leading American going into the 2020 Olympic men's marathon. And established him as one of the world’s very best at the 26.2 discipline.

Just as interesting are Faub's pursuits when the running shoes come off. Alongside coach Ben Rosario he penned Inside a Marathon: An All-Access Pass to a Top-10 Finish at NYC. Documenting the entire four-month journey to Scott’s 7th place finish at the 2018 New York City Marathon, it's a rare, candid (and very funny at times) behind-the-scenes look at the life of a professional marathoner. A chronicle of grit and mental fortitude, it's a must read book for anyone committed to mastery.

Unusual among top professional endurance athletes, yet simpatico with his fidelity to extreme transparency, Scott logs every training session on Strava (check out the file from Boston). He makes YouTube videos. A movie buff, he even hosts Showrunners -- a podcast where he breaks down his all-time favorite films with fellow elite runners.

This conversation runs the gamut. We begin with Scott's young running career. Track his evolution to Boston. And his maturation into Olympic contender.

We discuss life in Flagstaff, AZ. What he has learned under coach Ben Rosario and training alongside teammates on the HOKA Northern Arizona Elite Team.

We talk about the coach-athlete relationship as partnership. We go deep into his breakthrough Boston performance. The strategies and techniques that produced that amazing result. And Scott's mindset as he approaches Olympic Trials at the end of February.

In addition, we explore his off-road pursuits. The intention behind writing a book. The why behind his podcast. And his deep love for burritos -- all interests I can certainly relate to.

In closing, we review the mistakes he sees many amateurs runners make -- and how best to correct them.

For Scott, it's about process over results. Passion over podiums. And why 'fast' doesn't always equate to 'good'.

You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Humble and jocular, Scott is a natural conversationalist -- one of the good guys you just want to see win. So let's put some wind in his sail for Olympic Trials.

I really enjoyed this one and sincerely hope you do as well.

Peace + Plants,

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Dec 09, 2019
Ryland Engelhart’s Philosophy Is Gratitude: Thoughts On Soil, Sacred Commerce & Sustainability

“Love is not something found in a person, place or thing. It’s something that is ever present in our hearts and always available as a gift and it costs nothing to share it.”
Ryland Engelhart

Last week we explored the world of regenerative farming, soil health and biodiversity as critical levers to improve human health. Consolidate food security. Drawdown carbon. And backpedal climate change.
Today we expound on that theme with entrepreneur, restauranteur and social activist Ryland Engelhart.
Ryland is the ‘Mission Fulfillment Officer' and co-owner of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, a family owned group of legendary plant-based restaurants. The epicenter of California vegan cuisine & culture, it's a platform he uses to not only feed people amazing food but to cultivate community — and most importantly, inspire more gratitude into our lives and culture.
In addition, Ryland is a speaker and passionate advocate for sacred commerce, community building and regenerative farming principles, which he supports as co-founder of Kiss The Ground, a non-profit that provides education regarding the connection between soil, human, and planetary health. Among its board of advisors are former podcast guests Paul Hawken, Dr. Zach Bush and David Bronner.

If you enjoyed those conversations, or last week's exchange with John & Molly Chester, then you're in for a treat with Ryland.
This is a conversation about the importance of soil regeneration and its impact on everything from food security and climate change reversal to improving human health.
We open with Ryland’s hippie upbringing. How he learned early the philosophy of using business as a force for good — something he calls sacred commerce.
We discuss how doing good — adding value to people’s lives — is not only always the right thing to do, but also the best long-term path to profits.
We explore the origins, trajectory and intentionality behind his family's incredible group of restaurants — Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre and his sister’s Sage Plant-Based Bistros — which together form the cornerstone of plant-based dining in Los Angeles and beyond.
Then we dive into the principles of conscious capitalism, the importance of regenerative farming, and the reasons why soil health is such a crucial component in the holistic equation of sustainable human, animal and planetary health.
Finally we discuss his various film projects, including his documentaries May I Be Frank* and Kiss The Ground — a must see you might have heard Woody Harrelson recently raving about on Marc Maron’s podcast.
But more than anything, this is a conversation about love, awareness, and the power of gratitude as a living, breathing philosophy of life.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube....
Dec 02, 2019
Soil Is Everything: John & Molly Chester’s Biggest Little Farm

“This all started with a promise that we would leave the big city and build a life in perfect harmony with nature.”
John Chester

Biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture. Ecological sustainability. Carbon drawdown. Climate change reversal.
These are popular themes that recur regularly on this show. But in practical terms, what do they actually mean?
I wanted to better understand these subjects. Not from the perspective of an academic, scientific researcher or political pundit but rather from the direct experience of actual practitioners — people who live and practice it every single day — farmers.
Nine years ago, personal chef Molly Chester and her filmmaker husband John Chester traded their life in urban Santa Monica for 200 acres of infertile land nestled in the foothills of Ventura County — an arid and desolate plot called Apricot Lane Farms.
Hence began a journey to build a new life from scratch. The vision? An organic, biodiverse farm based upon regenerative principles, thriving in harmony with nature. It began with repairing the draught-laden, nutrient deplete soil, followed by planting 10,000 orchard trees. Rooting over 200 crops. Introducing a myriad of animals. Managing the chaos that ensued. And patiently stewarding the farm from inert to irascible and ultimately into what it is today — an awe-inspiring symphonic ecosystem in vibrant, sustainable co-existence with nature’s rhythms.
Along the way, John chronicled every daunting, obstacle-fraught step, plying his storytelling skills and masterful wildlife cinematography to produce The Biggest Little Farm — an extraordinary documentary that evidences the planet's innate power to heal itself in synchronous partnership with humans devoted to restoring its precious biodiversity. Uplifting and wildly entertaining, it dispenses with the dystopia common among ecological fare, instead leaving audiences uplifted — and in love with the hard-earned possibility of positive change.
I was quite moved by this film. Compelled to know more, me and my team spent a day touring Apricot Lane — an educational and eye-opening experience that left me with a deep appreciation for the Chester’s achievement — and the nuanced complexity of their mission.

In the wake of my visit to Apricot Lane, I posted images from the experience on Instagram, accompanied by an expression of gratitude and respect for manifesting what environmentalists unanimously urge mandatory to repair the rapidly vanishing biodiversity of our precious soil (literally the planet's microbiome). To sequester carbon and create sustainable food security. And to serve as a viable model for the future of farming.
John and Molly didn't just protest climate change. They got to work, taking an action-based stand against the glyphosate-laden, chemical-based industrial, conglomerate owned, seed-controlled, GMO-infused, animal intensive CAFO factory farms that monopolize our current food system to the great demise of human, animal and ecological health.
More than anything, Apricot Lane proves that regenerative farming isn't just possible, but profitable. And that it doesn't just work, but exceeds conventional methods by yield volume and nutritional density metrics. Meanwhile, it controverts planetary warming by drawing down carbon and building long-term, natural resilience against pestilence, drought and soil erosion without the products and practices ‘BigAg' wants you to believe are mandatory.
Nov 25, 2019
Awareness Is A Superpower

“Be aware of the ignorance without judging the ignorance.”
Guru Singh

Making his 9th appearance on the podcast, today marks another mind-bending deep dive into the multiverse with Guru Singh, my treasured friend and favorite wizard of all things mystical.
For those newer to the show, imagine a modern-day Gandalf who rocks like Hendrix while dropping pearls of wisdom that beautifully fuse Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism.
A celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and family man, for the past 40 years Guru Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer, and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
Guru Singh is also a talented musician who rocked alongside Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead in the 1960s. When he isn’t recording tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

The focus of today's discourse? Awareness.
We talk about the importance of self care, crucial as we near the pressures that accompany the holiday season.
We discuss cancel culture. The critical distinction between awareness and judgment. And empathy versus endorsement.
And we dive into the incredible power of awareness to cultivate an objectivity about ourselves, others and the world we inhabit.
As always, Guru Singh takes us out with a song, so make sure to stick around to the end.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

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He Ran Across America — On Plants

“Just because something is hard in the beginning doesn't mean it's always going to be.”
Robbie Balenger

Imagine running an ultramarathon. It’s a huge undertaking for anyone. And a bucket list dream for many.
Now imagine running an ultramarathon every day. A minimum of 40 miles, 75 days in a row. Starting in Los Angeles. Finishing in New York. A 3,200 mile transcontinental run.
This is the story of Robbie Balenger.
Just 6 years ago, Robbie laced up his first pair of running shoes to alleviate the stress he was experiencing managing a restaurant. A small act, that first run set in motion a chain of events that led to a passion for running long distances, followed by a purpose-driven mission promote a message — the power of a plant-based diet to fuel athletic performance. Prevent and reverse certain lifestyle maladies. Ameliorate suffering. And redress climate change.
What Robbie didn't expect? The many extraordinary ways running creates community. Unites people across the economic divide. And bridges the political differences that drive us apart.

I was unfamiliar with Robbie until an e-mail hit my inbox courtesy of my friend and former podcast guest, Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch (RRP 355). Her non-profit Switch4Good was sponsoring Robbie's attempt to cross the United States by foot. Would I be interested in helping to support their efforts? I jumped at the opportunity.
On March 16, I showed up at dawn in Huntington Beach to meet Robbie for the first time and help kick off his momentous attempt.
Running the first several miles alongside Robbie and a small crew of supporters, I immediately took to his earnest yet humble disposition. His passion for promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. And his determination to reach New York a mere 75 days later.
We struck up a friendship that day. I kept keen tabs on his progress over the following months. And made him a promise:
Finish the run and you earn a seat at the podcast table.
All heart, he indeed finished it. Today I honor that promise. And it’s a great story, well told.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange as much as I relished having it.
Peace + Plants,

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Nov 18, 2019
Edward Norton: Thoughts On Ego, Taking Big Swings & Speaking Truth To Power

“I think ego is the deepest addiction there is.”
Edward Norton

One of the most acclaimed actors of his generation, today Edward Norton graces the podcast to discuss his fascinating life and perspective on filmmaking, culture, politics and the nature of power.
Over the course of his extraordinary career, Edward has reaped 3 Academy Award nominations starring in some of the greatest films of our era — Primal Fear, American History X, Fight Club, Birdman, and 25th Hour among them.
The occasion for this conversation is Motherless Brooklyn — a long-gestating passion project Edward wrote, directed, produced and headlines. A period crime noir that confronts the shadowy malevolence of power in 1950's New York City, Edward stars as a twitchy tourettic detective determined to find his boss' killer. Evocative of Chinatown, it’s a towering achievement and terrific watch I implore all of you to immediately see in the theatre.
Unfamiliar to most are Edward’s many off-screen interests and achievements as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and environmentalist.
In 2010, he co-founded CrowdRise, a crowdfunding platform which has raised over $500M for non-profits which later sold to GoFundMe. He is the co-founder of an advanced data science company called EDO which provides audience analytics to media companies. In addition, Edward is an avid pilot and founding board president of the Masai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a Kenyan conservation and community development organization. To raise awareness for the organization, in 2009 he ran the New York Marathon alongside a group of Masai, completing the race in 3:28.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this hyper-intelligent polymath.

A famously private person, Edward has been uncharacteristically public as of late — making the mainstream media and podcast rounds to promote Motherless Brooklyn.
If you caught his appearance on Marc Maron, Ezra Klein, Preet Bharara, Joe Rogan, Dax Shepard or Alec Baldwin’s respective podcasts (all great in their own right) — this conversation is a bit different.
Today we dive into the role of ego in his profession. We dissect disenfranchisement and the implications of weaponized social media in our politically divided culture. And we talk about the state of environmental activism.
On the subject of creativity, we explore the importance of gestation — distancing yourself from the noise to reboot artistic originality. We discuss balancing art against other life priorities. And how his deep interest in the nature of power underscores his latest work.
Motherless Brooklyn is now playing in theaters nationwide. If you enjoy this conversation, desire to support Edward — and dig smart, mature, entertaining cinema — please make a priority of seeing this movie in the cinema pronto.
They say never meet your heroes. I disagree. A pinch me moment, it was an absolute pleasure and honor to talk with a man I respect and admire tremendously.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Nov 11, 2019
Dean Karnazes Is Running For Good: Lessons On Longevity & Embracing Discomfort

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
Dean Karnazes

Gracing us with his beautiful presence for a third appearance on the show, my guest today is none other than the legendary ultra-marathon man himself.
For those who missed RRP 115 and/or RRP 259, Dean Karnazes is an internationally recognized endurance athlete, New York Times bestselling author, and philanthropist globally lauded for his preternatural ability to push his body and mind to limits inconceivable to mere mortals.
Among his many palmerès, Dean has:

* Run 135 miles across Death Valley in 120+ degree temperatures several times;
* Run for 350 continuous miles, foregoing sleep for three nights;
* Run a marathon to the South Pole in negative 40 degrees.
* Run a 200-mile relay race solo, racing alongside teams of twelve — on ten different occasions; and
* Run 50 marathons, in all 50 U.S. states, in 50 consecutive days, finishing with the New York City Marathon, which he ran in three hours flat

In addition to his many feats of mind-bending athletic prowess,  Dean's first book, Ultramarathon Man not only personally inspired my path, it put the previously sequestered subculture of ultrarunning on the map, laying the foundation for the sport’s explosion in popularity over the last decade.
In recognition of Dean's accomplishments, Time magazine named Dean one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” Men's Fitness hailed him as one of the fittest men on the planet. And Dean has been profiled in virtually every major publication, including features on 60 Minutes, The David Letterman Show, CBS News, CNN, BBC, ESPN, The Howard Stern Show, NPR's Morning Edition, and many others.
Most importantly, Dean is an overall stellar human, leveraging his copious talents for good.

Picking up where we left off three years ago, this conversation focuses on Dean's latest book, Running for Good: 101 Stories for Runners & Walkers to Get You Moving. An inspirational collection of personal anecdotes, it chronicles the physical and mental health benefits of hitting the road or the trail. More importantly, these stories demonstrate the power of running to catalyze a better world for all.
In addition, we discuss how his Greek heritage informs his running. His experience running the Silk Road. How he perceives his role in the global growth of ultrarunning. The power of embracing discomfort. And many other topics of interest.
A dear friend and mentor, I'm delighted to once again share Dean's grace, wisdom and experience with you today.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Spotify | Stitcher | Nov 07, 2019
Rodrigo y Gabriela: Musical Mystics On Mettavolution, Meditation & Mastery (+ Mini-Concert!)

“Music is mystical. At the beginning, you don’t even know why. You just feel. Then you hit a point when you forget that feeling and you have to meet it again.“
Rodrigo Sánchez

It’s one thing to be an artist. But to become a successful creative — revered for your art — is quite another thing altogether.
Even more rare are the few who deftly navigate the vicissitudes of an acclaimed artistic career (or any career for that matter), with a highly conscious, devotional approach.
Musicians Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero – popularly known as the Mexican acoustic rock guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela — are not only incredible masters of their craft, they fully embody this ethos. It's a sensibility that has carried them from obscurity in Mexico. To busking on Grafton Street in Dublin. And ultimately to playing premier sold out venues all across the globe.
Along the way, Rod & Gab have performed at the White House for the Obamas. They've collaborated on film scores with world renowned composers like Hans Zimmer. And lent their talents to television shows like Breaking Bad — all while staying true to themselves and their utterly unique Metallica meets Flamenco artistic sensibility.

For those unfamiliar with this dynamic duo, prepare to be amazed.
I had the good fortune to witness them perform live at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles the night before this conversation. Unlike anything I had previously seen or heard, it was a transcendent experience that defies attempts to adequately describe.
Fortunately, I don't have to. Today, in addition to the quality conversations you've come to expect with this show, we expand the format to weave a mini-concert into the experience — a rare treat certain to delight.
Beyond the acoustic wall of sound, this is a conversation about a creative spark that began with heavy metal roots in Mexico City. It's about how busking on the streets of Dublin led to a huge break. And the extraordinary career that followed.
We discuss the influences and evolution of Rod and Gab's unique style. The importance of mastery in their musicianship and personal lives. And we explore the role meditation, spirituality and veganism has played in their self and career development.
Gab and Rod call it Mettavolution.
Intercut with live performance, along the way they share amazing stories. What it was like playing Letterman. Performing for the Obamas. And working on big Hollywood films like Pirates of the Caribbean.
Lastly, this is an episode you're going to want to watch on YouTube. It's one thing to hear Rod & Gab perform. But it's another thing altogether to observe their mastery in motion. To bear witness, visit
I’m in love with these two. I'm super excited to share their unique gifts with you today. And I sincerely hope you enjoy this experimental twist on my typical format.
Peace + Plants,

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Native: Safe,
Nov 04, 2019
Stop Compromising Yourself: Mark Manson On Hope, Human Dignity & The Perils of Comfort

“Constant stimulation complicates our understanding of ourselves. The more options we have, the less willing we are to compromise what we want to be with somebody else.”
Mark Manson

One day not long ago, I awoke to a bright orange book ubiquitously displayed everywhere I looked.
Provocatively titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, today's guest birthed a publishing sensation, custom tailored for click-bait embrace.
The title also made the book easy to dismiss. In fact, freely admit to downright refusing to read it. But it just would not go away. Not only did it top the New York Times bestseller list, the book stayed there. 6 million plus copies later, it still rests at #4 — a full 149 weeks since its publication.
So who is this Mark Manson guy?
Realizing that my reflexive reaction was perhaps misplaced, I finally relented. And was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered.
To be sure, the book is both contrarian and confrontational. Chock-a-block with f-bombs. But it's also surprisingly refreshing, upending the tired tropes of self-help with an intractable glee. Grappling with real issues, I relished Mark's unique voice — depth meets grit with an infectious philosophical sensibility.
Before he became a publishing juggernaut (his influence launching countless profanely titled copycat books), Mark began his writing career as a blogger. Sharing personal development advice that ‘doesn’t suck' (his words), he has amassed a devoted audience of 2 million monthly readers.
Dissecting our dysfunctional cultural relationship with money, entertainment and the internet, Mark's latest chart-topper, Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope is an equally compelling yet more mature follow up that deftly explores the perils of distraction, comfort and success.

This is a conversation about what happens when you exceed your every ambition. What then?
Today we explore the high-altitude, existential crisis visited upon a young man who eclipsed his wildest dreams by age 32.
More specifically, we cover Mark’s backstory as a blogger. We dissect the method to his various forms of madness. We discuss the enormous unexpected success of his first book. And the pressures that accompanied his skyward trajectory.
Ultimately, this is a dialog about our increasingly distracted world. It's about the soul erosion precipitated by too much comfort. And it's a sounding call to restore the foundation of human dignity.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube and as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I really enjoyed my time with Mark — and left this conversation with great respect for his profoundly curious mind and finely honed insights on the human condition.
Peace + Plants,

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Oct 28, 2019
Amelia Boone Is A Human Being (And Still A Badass)

“I don’t want to be ‘the eating disorder recovery girl’, I don’t want to be ‘the athlete’. This is just me. I’m super flawed, I’m super complex, just like everybody else out there.”
Amelia Boone

Today's guest is lauded for her grit. And a preternatural ability to suffer.
Her name is Amelia Boone. And she is the most dominant & decorated female in the history of OCR (obstacle course racing).
Over the course of her storied athletic career, Amelia has amassed over 50 podiums and 30 victories. She is a Spartan Race World Champion and 3-time World's Toughest Mudder Champion. The ultimate weekend warrior, she’s done all of this while balancing a full time career as a corporate attorney — first at the prestigious Skadden Arps law firm in Chicago and currently at Apple in Silicon Valley.
Dubbed ‘The Queen of Pain', it’s a career that’s landed her magazine covers, major publication features, national television gigs, and a legion of adoring fans across the world.
But it's also a career that came with pressures that drained the fun out of competition. And a mask that obscured a deeper dysfunction lurking beneath the surface.
Amidst the celebration of Amelia as an unbreakable champion, prodded for her daily habits, morning routine and training regimen, she privately battled an obstacle more daunting than any race she’d endured: an eating disorder she kept hidden for the better part of two decades.
Today we celebrate Amelia not for her accolades, but for a different kind of courage — the vulnerability to face her disorder. Forge a path to wholeness. And change the way we talk about about a condition that debilitates millions.

I first met Amelia a couple years ago. I freely admit my projection of her steely disposition intimidated me. But slowly she began sharing more openly and about her struggles, culminating in a vulnerable blog post that laid bare her protracted struggle. Her guilt. Her shame. Her honesty. Her courage.
The facade gone, I fell for the human. I wanted to help amplify her powerful message. Today I have that honor.
This is a conversation about the perniciousness and pervasiveness of eating disorders. And the path towards healing.
More specifically, we discuss the difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating. The distinction between anorexia and bulemia. And how Amelia's particular strain of this condition, known as ‘relative energy deficiency in sport' (red-s), led to the many bone injuries that sidelined her athletic trajectory skyward.
We dive into the relationship between childhood trauma and eating disorders. The psychological consequences of starving one's self. The ‘shame spiral' that perpetuates the condition. The denial she compartmentalized with Pop-Tarts. The clarity and courage required to seek treatment. What is required to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. And advice for those who currently suffer.
A companion piece to my conversation with Dotsie Bausch (RRP 355), my hope is that this conversation — a must listen for anyone caught in the grips of this disorder — provides the necessary nuance and clarity to better understand an affliction that impacts over 30 million people in the US alone.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube and as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
If you are struggling with an eating disorder and are in need of support,
Oct 24, 2019
Can A Burger Help Save The Planet? Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown Says Yes

“The mission of Impossible Foods is very simple. It’s to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035.”
Pat Brown

By now, most of you have heard about the Impossible Burger.
I imagine many of you have tried it.  Arguably the ‘beefiest' plant-based patty, even the most attuned palate has trouble believing it isn't real meat. Now ubiquitous at fine dining establishments and fast food franchises alike, it's a global phenomenon.
Today we explore the mission behind the burger with Impossible Foods founder & CEO Pat Brown, the man responsible for upending everything you thought you knew about plant-based meat, on a mission to forge a better environmental future for all.
A world-renowned geneticist, Pat is a former Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University. He is also a founder of Lyrical Foods, maker of Kite Hill artisanal nut milk-based cheeses and a founder of the Public Library of Science (PLOS), a nonprofit publisher that pioneered the open-access business model. Pat was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2002, and is a member of the Institute of Medicine. His numerous accolades include the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor, and the NAS Award in Molecular Biology.
Moved to action by the urgent need to redress global climate change, Pat founded Impossible Foods with one clear goal: to eliminate animal agriculture — inarguably one of the biggest contributors to planetary warming — by providing delicious, nutritious, and environmentally friendly alternatives to meat and dairy directly from plants.
The mission statement is ambitious, some would even say audacious. But his impact is already undeniable — and he’s just getting started.
Today he shares his story.

This is a broad and far-reaching conversation that covers Pat's background and the impetus behind Impossible Foods.
We cover the company's initial success in converting high-end chefs, the subsequent penetration of the fast food industrial complex, and the entrepreneurial difficulties of rapid growth and meeting demand at scale.
We then turn attention to Pat's mission to redress climate change. The important need to replace food from livestock with more environmental friendly alternatives. And what is required to achieve that, while meeting the finicky palate requirements of the average consumer.
Irrespective of your opinion on plant-based meat analogues, the deleterious environmental impact of intensive animal agriculture is irrefutable. Seismic changes to our food systems are mandatory if we want to responsibly redress global climate change. And each of us has the power to promote these changes, beginning with our daily food choices.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube and as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I really enjoyed this exchange. A compelling companion piece to last week's conversation with Paul Hawken, my sit down with Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown and my episodes with Good Food Institute founder Bruce Friedrich (RRP 286402), I encourage all of you to listen with an open and appreciative mind.
Peace + Plants,

Oct 21, 2019
We Can Solve Climate Change Now: Paul Hawken & IN-Q LIVE

“There’s no difference between a climate denier and somebody who’s literate in climate change and doesn’t do anything.”
Paul Hawken

I'm ecstatic to share my first live podcast event, recorded at the Los Angeles Wilshire Ebell Theatre on September 27, 2019.
For all of us, this podcast is an abstraction. The motivation behind the event was to create a tactile, analog experience for 1,100 people to gather around shared purpose and passion. An opportunity to cultivate community. Raise consciousness. Elevate intimacy. Deepen personal connectivity around our collective humanity — and the important ideas of our time.
An unforgettable lifetime moment, the resulting impact exceeded my wildest expectations. I'm still basing in the glow. And deeply grateful for an experience that left me feeling more intimately connected with all of you — and optimistic about the future of our planet.
The program opens with the poetic spoken word genius of my friend and two-time podcast guest IN-Q (check out RRP 81 & RRP 118).
Named to Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul 100 list of the world's most influential thought leaders, IN-Q is a National Poetry Slam Champion, multi-platinum songwriter, and world-renowned keynote speaker. His groundbreaking performances include selling out one of the largest one-man poetry shows in US history, being the first spoken word artist to perform with Cirque Du Soleil, and being featured on HBO's Def Poetry Jam and A&E’s Look Closer campaign, which debuted during the Emmys. He has been featured in major media ranging from Forbes to AdWeek and several of his recent videos have gone viral with over 60 million combined views.

I then take the stage to share some thoughts, including a powerful listener e-mail, before settling into a fascinating conversation with Paul Hawken — one of the world's pre-eminent authorities on global climate change and a man who has indelibly shaped my personal perspective on ecological responsibility.
A pioneering environmentalist, activist, entrepreneur, architect of corporate reform, and multiple New York Times bestselling author, Paul has dedicated his life to environmental sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. His work includes founding successful ecologically conscious businesses (including the natural foods market Erewhon), writing about the impacts of commerce on living systems and consulting with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology and environmental policy. In addition to penning countless op-eds and peer reviewed articles, Paul has written 8 books, including Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Paul is also the Founder and Founding Executive Director of Project Drawdown, an extraordinary non-profit dedicated to researching and implementing solutions for reversing global warming
Paul has lectured everywhere, including Harvard, Stanford and Wharton. He has given commencement addresses at Yale and Berkeley. He has appeared on Bill Maher, Charlie Rose, Larry King and countless other media outlets. And his new book, Regeneration: Ending The Climate Crisis In One Generation, hits bookstores in 2020.
This is about poetry,
Oct 14, 2019
Chase Jarvis: Creativity Is Our Birthright

“Creativity is a muscle. It's a habit not a skill. It's a process not a product.”
Chase Jarvis

Conventional wisdom frames creativity as the purview of a certain select few — a rare gift that eludes us mere mortals.
This is a lie. We are all born creative. More birthright than blessing, creativity is a practice. A habit not unlike any other skill or discipline. A muscle that can be built and flexed.
This week's guest takes the notion one step further, asserting creativity as a biological necessity — a transformative force that resides within us all that when unleashed delivers vitality to everything we do.
Chase Jarvis is many things. One of the most influential and award-winning photographers of the last decade, he is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades. Dubbed by Forbes as ‘the photographer everyone wants to work with', Chase has created hundreds of campaigns and commercials for the likes of Nike, Apple, Samsung, Google, and Red Bull.
As a photojournalist, Chase contributed to the Pulitzer-Prize winning New York Times story Snow Fall and earned an Emmy nomination for Portrait of a City, his documentary chronicling the legendary Seattle music scene.
As an entrepreneur, Chase is the Founder and CEO of two influential companies. His iPhone app Best Camera earned ‘App of the Year' accolades in 2009 from Wired, the New York Times, and Macworld. The first app that allowed users to share images direct to social networks, it is widely credited with kicking off the multi-billion dollar, global photo-sharing craze. CreativeLive, Chase’s second (and current) company, is the world’s largest live-streaming education company featuring the top experts in photography, design, music and entrepreneurship.
In addition to being an in demand public speaker, Chase hosts the wildly popular YouTube series and podcast The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show and has authored 2 best-selling photography books.
The focus of today's exchange is Chase's latest literary offering, Creative Calling. A fantastic primer on the power of developing your innate creativity to infuse your life with greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment, I can't recommend it more highly — a book that earns it's place alongside my personal favorite practice guides, The Artist's Way and The War of Art.

A long-time fan, I have been an avid consumer of Chase's high quality content dating back to the early days of the internet. A kindred spirit of sorts, I had always wanted to meet him. Today's encounter exceeds my expectations.
In addition to recounting Chase’s fascinating personal story,
Oct 10, 2019
The Craving Mind: Dr. Jud Brewer On Treating Addiction With Mindfulness

“What we’re seeing with meditation is that when we get out of our own way, our brains naturally work better and we can really start to get into the flow of things and in sync with life.”
Dr. Jud Brewer

Addiction is tenacious. We're all craven animals, vulnerable to habits that don't serve us. Whether it’s a constantly checking social media, binge eating, smoking, excessive drinking, most of us fall prey to compulsions we feel powerless to arrest.
Why is this? And what can neuroscience teach us about the nature of cravings and how to overcome them?
Dr. Jud Brewer has devoted his career to answering these questions. His discoveries just might change your life.
A psychiatrist, neuroscientist, thought leader and scientific researcher in the field of habit change and the “science of self-mastery”, Dr. Brewer is the founder of MindSciences and Director of Research and Innovation at the Brown University Mindfulness Center. Formerly, he served as an associate professor in Medicine and Psychiatry at UMass Medical School, an adjunct faculty member at Yale University, and a research affiliate at MIT.
Dr. Brewer has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He has trained U.S.A. Olympic coaches. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, Time magazine, Forbes, BBC, NPR, Businessweek and many other prominent media outlets. And his TED Talk, A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit, is the 4th most viewed TED talk of 2016 with over 13 million views to date.

As a long-time recovering alcoholic prone to a myriad of compulsive behaviors, it's fair to say that habit change is an obsession. Always on the hunt to extend my sobriety routine beyond 12-step, I came across Dr. Brewer's book, The Craving Mind. A scientific primer on the mechanisms of habit and addiction formation, it makes the case for how mindfulness can help us transcend cravings, reduce stress, and ultimately live a fuller life.
I was compelled by Dr. Brewer's findings. I needed to know more. And so here we are.
This is a powerful and potentially life altering conversation about the psychiatric and neurological nature of addiction. It's a deep dive into the science of habit change. And it's a master class on how meditation and mindfulness can help us finally overcome the unhealthy patterns that live between our reality and the best version of ourselves lurking within.
Note: As a special thanks for listening, Dr. Brewer was gracious enough to offer my listeners a special discount on his evidence based habit change programs specifically designed to overcome anxiety and cravings. Visit drjud/richroll and enter code RICHROLL2019 and you will receive 20% off a subscription to any of his three apps for Android or iPhone (Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now and Craving to Quit). As a disclaimer, I am not an affiliate and have no financial interest or otherwise with these programs – just sharing the good doctor's kind offer.
The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
A companion piece to my recent podcast with Atomic Habits author James Clear, my hope is that this solution-based exchange assists you in overcoming the compulsions that don't serve you
On a personal level, I learned a ton — and have already experienced positive results.
Oct 07, 2019
Ryan Holiday: Stillness Is The Path To Everything We Want In Life

“There’s no one magical thing you do and then have stillness. It’s a process.”
Ryan Holiday

He's best known for popularizing Stoicism — an ancient philosophical yet highly practical operating system he pioneered to mainstream, modern adoption.
In his latest turn, Ryan Holiday expands his lens East.
In pursuit of shared wisdom across ancient Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Hebrew, Greek, Christian and Epicurean traditions, he discovered one essential truth — that inner peace is essential to a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.
Ryan calls it stillness — to be steady while the world spins around you.
A crucial characteristic of all great leaders, thinkers, artists, athletes and visionaries, it's a practice to transcend the stress of everyday life. An antidote to the distractions of our fast-paced world. And the ultimate path to meaning, contentment, and excellence in a world that needs more of it than ever.
For those unfamiliar, Ryan is an autodidact who dropped out of college at 19, maturing into one of the most important thinkers of his generation. Now 32, he is a media strategist, prolific writer and public speaker with six perennial bestselling books to his name, including Ego Is The Enemy, The Obstacle Is The Way, and Conspiracy. 
Making the digestible case for why slowing down is the secret weapon for charging ahead, Ryan's latest release — aptly titled Stillness Is The Key (hitting bookstores everywhere this week) — is your next must read and read again primer on living your best life.

Returning for this third appearance on the podcast (check out RRP #168 and #239), today we explore the essential elements of stillness — and its limitless applications for profound personal self-improvement.
Want to avoid distractions? Develop greater insight? Unlock creativity? Improve your decision making? Better your parenting skills? Enhance athletic performance?
The incredible power and practicality of cultivating placidity in our increasingly turbulent, tumultuous, reactive, distraction monopolized lives simply cannot be overstated.
Stillness is the key.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I have great fondness for this human. I absolutely love this exchange. And sincerely hope you do as well.
Peace + Plants,

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    Sep 30, 2019
Laila Ali’s Champion Mindset Begins With Self-Belief

“I’ve always been a fighter. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to fight and prove that I was strong.”
Laila Ali

How do you find your path in the vast shadow cast by one of history's most accomplished and beloved humans?
For Laila Ali, the daughter of late global icon and humanitarian Muhammad Ali (the 8th of his 9 children), it wasn't easy. It wasn't always pretty. But over time, she found her voice. Staked her claim in very the ring that propelled her father to god-like status. And transcended that shadow as a multi-faceted talent that honors her father and yet is hers alone.
Although she was never an athlete growing up — and didn't take to the pugilistic arts until she was 18 — Laila would become the most successful female in the history of women’s boxing. A 4-time undefeated world champion, she racked up 24 wins, 21 knockouts and zero losses over the course of her storied career.
Retirement was just the beginning. Today the mother of two is a fitness & wellness advocate, TV host, home chef, cookbook author, and founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand.
A cultural icon in her own right, Laila currently hosts the Emmy Award Winning show Home Made Simple (which airs every Saturday on the Oprah Winfrey Network) and has appeared on everything from Celebrity Apprentice to Dancing With The Stars as well as Rachael Ray, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and many other national media outlets.

This is a conversation about the interior experience of growing up as a daughter of ‘The Greatest' — and the pressures and expectations that held.
It's about growing up in a broken household. The troubled youth that followed. Getting arrested. Meeting her bottom in a juvenile detention home. And the journey that followed to recreate herself.
It's about her often misunderstood career as a professional boxer. The entrepreneurism that propels her success. And the legacy she is dedicated to emulating.
But more than anything, this is a conversation about mindset. The cultivation of self-belief required to become a champion. Letting go of other's expectations. Developing the courage to fail. And the tools required to make your unique impact on the world.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I had a ton of fun with Laila. I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange!
Peace + Plants,

Images by  Ali Rogers

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The Seed Of Infinity: Guru Singh On Consciousness

“Consciousness is a seed. A seed of infinity with no specific identity and the same vast potential as a seed.”
Guru Singh

Newly rebranded from Guru Corner to Guru Multiverse — because after all the infinite has no sharp edges — today marks yet another deep dive with Guru Singh, my treasured friend and favorite wizard of all things mystical.
For those newer to the show, imagine a modern-day Gandalf who rocks like Hendrix while dropping pearls of wisdom that beautifully fuse Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism.
A celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and family man, for the past 40 years Guru Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer, and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also a talented musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros’ Reprise label in the 1960s. When he isn’t recording tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Marking his 7th appearance on the show, today’s discourse is an adventure into the very nature of consciousness. It’s vast potential. And the potency it contains to both create and destroy.
Because everything that exists in the physical realm is but a manifestation of consciousness, it is this unseen force that is the truth of reality itself. Born as a seed, with the same potential to flower and proliferate.
Serving as an ethereal bookend to my recent and more scientific exploration of this subject with Annaka Harris (RRP #460), this discussion explores the spiritual nature, limitless mystery and interconnected design of that which defines everything. Consciousness — human, botanical, animal, elemental and universal. But more than anything, infinite.
In addition, we take the liberty of pulling on a few tangential threads, including the power of journaling, the explosion of cancel culture, the importance of maintaining a strong center point, and the transformative power of focusing on human commonalities over the differences that divide us.
As always, Guru Singh takes us out with a song, so make sure to stick around to the end.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

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Living Tea: Founded by friend and podcast guest Colin Hudon, Living Tea provides world's finest rare, hand-selected, old-growth teas collected by hand and sourced from the remote corners of China, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Sep 19, 2019
Kelly Corrigan Is The Poet Laureate Of The Ordinary

“Appreciation is the purest, strongest form of love. It is the outward-bound kind of love that asks for nothing and gives everything.”
Kelly Corrigan

Love. Connection. Pain.
Finding the universal in the specific. And beauty in the mundane.
This is but a few of the themes explored today with the woman dubbed ‘the voice of her generation' by Oprah magazine and ‘the poet laureate of the ordinary' by HuffPost.
Meet Kelly Corrigan.
Best known for her insightful, candid takes on the too-often overlooked moments that define our lives, Kelly's writing spills over with warmth, courage, vulnerability and humor — rendering her many books beloved by millions.
A Today Show regular, Kelly has authored a stack of New York Times bestsellers including, The Middle Place, Lift, and Glitter and Glue. Tell Me More, her most recent offering, is a deeply personal and very funny story-driven collection of essays on the twelve powerful phrases we use to sustain our relationships and make love and connection possible.
Named one of the best books of 2019 by Real Simple and Bustle, Tell Me More is both a high-recommend and the backdrop for today's dive into how we can cultivate more meaningful connection and deeper understanding with the people in our lives.

I met Kelly exactly a year ago at The Nantucket Project. In addition to being an extraordinary writer, she serves as the creative director of TNP — the right hand to organization founder Tom Scott, who shared his story on the podcast in April, 2018 (episode #360).
The latest in my series of guests sourced from this extraordinary event, I was immediately taken by her fun and fearless stage presence. Her curiosity. Her unique insights. And her unmistakeable charm. I knew she would make an amazing guest for the show. Today she delivers.
We begin by traversing Kelly's arc as a writer — how she developed her voice — and her role in shaping TNP.
Then we broaden the aperture, exploring her observations and insights into how we relate to the people in our lives — from our loved ones and children, to co-workers and strangers.
This is about finding beauty and poetry in the simple things. And why saying things like, ‘I don't know' or ‘I was wrong' or ‘tell me more' can provide a bedrock for the emotional experiences we seek most, yet too often elude us.
Better understanding. Greater empathy. Deeper intimacy. True connection.
You can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the conversation streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Sep 16, 2019
David Epstein On Why Late Bloomers Win

“You don’t change your identity overnight. You have to start with these little keyhole experiments until something that you think that was just an interest becomes a real passion or a vocation.”
David Epstein

Conventional wisdom dictates that mastery demands an early start. Relentless focus at the exclusion of other pursuits. And as many hours of deliberate practice as humanly possible.
Be it violin, painting, basketball or boat building, there’s simply no substitute for a life wholly devoted to developing that narrowly defined skill.
Hence the “10,000 hour rule” zeitgeist embrace — an edict divined by psychologist Anders Ericcson and made famous by Malcolm Gladwell.
But is this actually true?
Today’s guest put this theory to the test, researching the world’s top performers across a wide variety of disciplines to discover a most counter-intuitive truth — that early specialization is actually the exception to the rule. It turns out that the most successful among us are those who developed broad interests and skills while everyone else was rushing to specialize.
Today we explore why breadth is the ally of depth – not the opposite. And why generalists are the ones most primed to excel.
Enter journalist and multiple New York Times bestselling author, David Epstein.
In addition to being an exceptional runner (he set the Columbia University record for 800 meters), David is a former investigative reporter for both ProPublica and Sports Illustrated with master's degrees in environmental science and journalism. Three of his stories have been optioned for films. And his TED Talk, Are Athletes Really Getting Better, Faster, Stronger? has been viewed over 8 million times (and even shared by Bill Gates).
David is currently best known for his two smash-hit bestsellers, The Sports Gene: Inside The Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance and Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. A #1 New York Times bestseller, Range is arguably the must-read breakout hit of 2019 — a book as much about parenting as it is about performance.

This is an insanely informative and engrossing conversation about the benefits of being a generalist — in career, sports, science, art, and life.
In a world that heavily favors early specialization, we discuss why it’s often the late bloomers who prevail. Why it's the jacks-of-all-traders rather than the nose-to-the-grindstoners who ultimately blaze a path to greater success, happiness and fulfillment in both career and life.
We discuss David's infamous debate with Malcolm Gladwell that changed the famous thinker's mind — and spawned David’s groundbreaking books.
We talk about the benefits of inefficiency. Why frequent quitters end up with the most fulfilling careers. And why failing isn’t just good, but the best way to learn.
Our greatest masters — professional athletes, Nobel laureates, musicians, inventors, and scientists — all resist siloing themselves in a single field. Instead they think broadly. Embrace diverse experiences. And constantly cultivate new interests.
My hope is that David’s message will inspire you to do the same.
And if you’re a late bloomer like myself, this exchange is certain to reassure and delight.
Sep 09, 2019
Keep Evolving: Julie Piatt Returns

“The heart is the divine mind, not the brain”
Julie Piatt

Has it really been a full year since Julie appeared on the podcast?
Well that's just not right.
So today marks the latest installment in my ongoing series of ponderous mind melds with my wife and in-house spiritual guru, the wise and ethereal Julie Piatt, aka SriMati.
Longtime listeners are well acquainted with my better half. For those newer to the show, Julie is many things — the bestselling author of three vegan cookbooks. An accomplished yogi, healer, musician, and mom to four children. The host of the For The Life of Me podcast. And the master of Water Tiger, her online spiritual community where she muses on all matters metaphysical.
Julie has a lot to say. And this time it's personal.

This conversation opens with a wide-ranging discussion wherein we take stock of our marriage. Discuss the next evolution of our two-decade relationship. And share our collective experiences to explore relationship fulfillment in general.
We talk about low moments – my relapse (almost 8 years ago), grief, rebirth, and divorce. We discuss creativity and taking responsibility for our personal connections. We recap our recent retreat in Italy. And we conclude by diving into Julie’s current obsessions — her For The Life of Me podcast and quickly growing online spiritual community, Water Tiger.
And we conclude with a very big announcement.
Let me set the stage. As many of you know, Julie spent years devoted to mastering the art of plant-based cheese. That journey birthed This Cheese Is Nuts, her groundbreaking cookbook primer on all things non-dairy. In the years since that book's publication, she continued to iterate on her recipes, taking her creations next level.
The privileged few who have tested her achievements know very well just how insanely delicious it is. People literally freak out. Chances are you've even heard a few on mic raves from many a former podcast guest — Julie's favorite taste testers.
The response has been so unanimously positive, she spent the last year assembling the pieces to create her very own direct-to-consumer artisanal plant-based cheese line.
It's called SriMu. It's launching in mid-November 2019. And she is proud to announce that she is currently taking pre-orders.
Unlike anything else in the current marketplace, SriMu artisanal “not cheese” is the next evolution of non-dairy delights. Vegan, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free and made with mostly organic ingredients, it's a super-charged, divine offering beautifully packaged in a subscription box. When you sign up, you’ll get three different tiers of extraordinary, next-level plant-based cheese delivered directly to your home on a monthly basis.
I am super proud of Julie's manifestation. It's going to be huge. I know you're going to love it. And I wanted my podcast tribe to have the very first opportunity to try what I've been (semi-secretly) enjoying for the last year.
To learn more and place your order, visit
Now, on to the podcast. The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the episode is available on Apple Podcasts and Sep 05, 2019
Lori Gottlieb: Stories From A Therapist In Therapy

“We can’t have change without loss, which is why so often people say they want change but nonetheless stay exactly the same.”
Lori Gottlieb

Let's talk about talking to someone.
Personally, I've been in and out of therapy for more than two decades. Over the last couple years, I've been deeply immersed in a weekly therapist-led men's group — intimate game-changing sessions that have helped me work through deep-seated stuff that lives and breathes beyond 12-step.
We're only as sick as our secrets. The path to healing and personal growth requires openly sharing our hidden struggles. Bearing our vulnerabilities. And allowing others to identify the blind spots that elude us.
My point is that we all need help. And as today's guest will openly admit, even therapists benefit from therapy.
A Los Angeles-based psychotherapist, journalist and author, Lori Gottlieb writes the weekly ‘Dear Therapist’ column for The Atlantic. She contributes to several prominent publications including The New York Times. And she recurs as a mental health expert on a variety of national television and radio outlets including, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, and NPR’s ‘Fresh Air.'
In addition, Lori is the author of three books: Marry Him, Stick Figure and her latest, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, a fun and highly relatable romp behind the scenes of a therapist’s world. What it’s like to be a therapist. And what it’s like to be a therapist in therapy.
A hit that spent many weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, the book was listed as People magazine’s ‘Book of the Week.' O magazine named it one of the ‘Best Nonfiction Books of 2019.' And it's currently being developed into a TV series with Eva Longoria.

This is a conversation about what happens when a therapist — someone specifically trained to understand what makes people do what they do — experiences her own personal crisis.
But it’s also a broader conversation about mental well-being in general. About the benefits of therapy. And why we can all better ourselves by talking to a professional.
In addition, we discuss the psychological impact of comparing ourselves to others. Healthy and unhealthy parenting practices. Repairing ruptured relationships. And many other topics.
I should note that I did my very best to resist making this a personal therapy session (not easy!).
As a final thought: if you are struggling in the darkness, don't wait to talk to someone. If you're afraid to shed light on that thing — whether it be anger, shame, addiction, resentment, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts — don't wait to talk to someone. Don't wait until it's a crisis. Find the courage. Reach out. raise your hand. Help awaits you.
You can watch our entire conversation on YouTube. And the episode is of course available on Sep 02, 2019
Tony Riddle Wants To Rewild Your Life

“We can’t all live in nature but that doesn’t mean we can’t all live naturally.”
Tony Riddle

Screens and cubicles. Shoes and chairs. Fluorescent lights and air conditioned offices. Processed foods. Netflix and chill.
Disconnecting us from our essential human nature, modern living isn't making us happier. Ironically, it's driving an existential crisis of unprecedented proportions —  rendering us more sick, immobile, lonely, depressed, and unfulfilled than ever.
It's time to stop. It's time we reconnect with that which is most essential.
Nature. Movement. Community. Love.
To do that, we must adopt a more naturalistic approach to lifestyle.
This week's guest calls it rewilding.
Meet Tony Riddle – a natural lifestyle coach and barefoot running enthusiast who has devoted his life to studying what makes us human and how to live naturally in the modern world. Through the adoption of simple practices — many of which defined humanity for millennia — he aids people in living healthier and more connected lives by changing our relationship to ourselves, to others and our personal environments.
Putting his life philosophy into action, Tony is attempting to run the entire length of Great Britain, barefoot. Beginning September 1 at Land’s End, he will run 900 miles — 30 miles a day for 30 consecutive days — until he reaches John O'Groats, convening with sustainability experts along the way. To learn more, join him for a segment or otherwise get involved, visit

I was initially  introduced to Tony through The Happy Pear twins. Enamored with his instructional Instagram tutorials on natural lifestyle practices, I knew he’d make for a fun and highly instructive podcast.
My day with Tony began with a running technique tutorial, followed by a trail run (which Tony did barefoot of course, to my amazement given the sharp rocky terrain), and culminated in this conversation.
As an aside, please check out the fun and informative video we created from my run with Tony. It's called You've Been Running Wrong. Shout out to Ali Rogers for a bang up job directing and editing
This is a conversation about the importance of getting back to what works best for our bodies by deepening our natural and ancient connection to ourselves, to others and our environments. It begins with getting outdoors. But it extends from there — to movement, to food (of course), sleep, digestion, parenting, play, and even the re-configuration of our homes and workplaces.
Tony's Tutorials: As a gesture of thanks for listening, Tony set up a special discount on his squat and running video tutorials. Visit and use the discount code: RICHROLL50. As a disclaimer, I am not an affiliate and have no financial interest. I'm just sharing information I think you will find helpful.
In addition to the vlog, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube. And the episode is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
May Tony's wisdom and experience leave you inspired to live more naturally and mindfully. Enjoy!
Peace + Plants,

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    Aug 26, 2019
Gwen Jorgensen’s Champion Mindset: Big Dreams, Taking Risks & Following Your Heart

“It doesn’t matter what other people think. Not everyone is going to always support you 100% but as long as you are doing you and you know that you’re becoming a better person then that’s what’s important.”
 Gwen Jorgensen

How does a relatively conservative, risk averse person evolve into an unbreakable champion? Someone confident enough to put everything on the line for an audacious dream?
This is the story of Gwen Jorgensen — an accountant turned ‘Queen of Triathlon' who walked away from swim-bike-run at the peak of her powers to ply her skills in an entirely new discipline: the marathon.
Gwen’s athletic career began as a swimmer, competing at the University of Wisconsin as a walk on before making the switch to track & field, maturing into an NCAA standout and Big 10 Champion. But the end of college marked the end of her athletic ambitions. Declining a professional running career, she opted for civilian life, joining Ernst & Young as a CPA.
Eventually, USA Triathlon lured Gwen back to athletics. Within two years, Gwen made her first Olympic team and matured into the sport's dominant force, accumulating 2 Triathlon World Champion titles and 17 ITU World Triathlon Series wins, culminating in gold at the 2016 Games in Rio.
After a year off racing to give birth to her son Stanley, Gwen announced her retirement from triathlon, along with a brazen new goal: to win marathon gold in Tokyo.
It's a feat no American woman has accomplished since Joan Benoit Samuelson broke the tape at the inaugural women's marathon at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympiad.

A few weeks ago I was invited by Jaybird Sport to join a group of adventure-seeking endurance junkies in Montana's Glacier National Park. The official occasion was to celebrate the launch of Jaybird's new Vista wireless earbuds (which I'm loving by the way). The unofficial occasion was to retreat and connect — old-school, analog campfire style — with like-minded, high vibration humans. It's a group that included Gwen and husband Patrick Lemieux, as well as a few former podcast guests like Knox Robinson (RRP #394), Timothy Olson (RRP #78), and Sanjay Rawal (RRP #389).
This podcast is a product of that uniquely beautiful experience — a great conversation and audience Q&A conducted outdoors with my fellow Jaybird retreat attendees.
It's about Gwen's career. Her philosophy on training and racing. Overcoming injury. And the why behind her decision to pursue the marathon.
It's about how her ambitious dream was received by the running community, and what she has learned training alongside legends like Shalane Flanagan at the Bowerman Track Club.
It's about her ‘Champion Only' mindset. The nature of her motivation. The importance of agency — the freedom to forge her own unique path. And why this power is so crucial to Gwen's success and happiness.
Finally, we explore how she balances her career as a full-time professional athlete against marriage, family and motherhood — and the crucial role Gwen's husband Patrick (who makes a cameo appearance) plays in her success equation.
But most of all, this is an exploration of the tension between risk and certainty. The rare courage required to walk away from success.
Aug 22, 2019
How to Unlearn: Humble The Poet On Simple Truths For A Better Life

“We all have the unlimited power to shift our perspective, and with that the unlimited power to change the way we feel about life.”
 Humble The Poet

We craft our identity around story. And that story is comprised of beliefs. But you are not your beliefs. And that story isn't just incomplete, it's generally wrong.
The path to self-actualization requires deconstructing that story. And disentangling your beliefs from the truth of your highest self.
To do this we must unlearn much of what we reflexively accept as truth. And open ourselves to a more expansive perspective.
My guest for this exploration is the Toronto-based, rapper, author and spoken word artist, Kanwer Singh, known broadly as Humble The Poet.
Covered in tattoos, a thick beard, and Sikh head wrap, Humble commands attention with his silly smile and warm, inviting presence. A former school teacher turned artist, he challenges conventional wisdom with dynamic live sets that simultaneously entertain while questioning the status quo.
Humble shares his distinctive style and point of view on his wildly popular blog. He's been featured on a multitude of media outlets, including CBC's Canada Reads, as well as on Apple's first Canadian ad spot for their #ShotOnIphone campaign. He's the author of Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for A Better Life* and the upcoming book, Things No One Else Can Teach Us*, hitting bookstores everywhere October 15, 2019 and available for pre-order now.
Flipping the script for happiness, Humble's point is simple — our hardest moments are our greatest teachers, because they invite us to change our perspectives. We can't control the setbacks in life but we do have the power to control how we react to them.
It's a process that begins with unlearning what we think we know. And being open to a new story — about ourselves, others and the world we share.

This is a fun and wide-ranging conversation about that very shift. Sharing raw and honest stories from his own life — from his rocky start to becoming a rapper to nearly going broke to his worst breakups — it's an exploration of how a change in mindset can radically alter our outlook.
It's about arresting our negative impulses to see the positive opportunity in everything.
It's about the power of gratitude and mindfulness.
It's about art, creativity, and authenticity.
It's about the difference between paying attention and getting attention.
But mostly, it's about the power of story. How you are not your beliefs. What we all may need to unlearn. And how a change in perspective about one's own story can transform everything.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Humble brings great energy. I loved learning about his life and experience. And I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen.
Peace + Plants,

Photos courtesy of Aug 19, 2019
Annaka Harris On Consciousness

“Sometimes, we have to completely let go of intuitions that are actually giving us false information about reality.”
 Annaka Harris

What is consciousness? How does it arise? And why does it exist?
We take ‘experience' for granted. But the very existence of consciousness raises profound questions: Why would any collection of matter in the universe be conscious? How are we able to think about this? And why should we?
Our guide for today's philosophic and scientific exploration of these mysteries is Annaka Harris.
An editor and consultant for science writers specializing in neuroscience and physics, Annaka is the author of the children's book I Wonder, a collaborator on the Mindful Games Activity Cards, by Susan Kaiser Greenland, and a volunteer mindfulness teacher for the Inner Kids organization.
Annaka's work has appeared in The New York Times and all of her guided meditations and lessons for children are available on the Waking Up app, the digital meditation platform created by her husband Sam Harris — the renown author, public intellectual, blogger, and podcast host.
Annaka’s latest book — which recently hit the New York Times bestseller list and provides the focus for today’s conversation — is entitled, Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind. A must-read for any and all curious about one of the Universe's great mysteries, it's a brief yet mind-bending read that challenges our assumptions about the nature, origin and purpose of consciousness.

Equal parts nerdy and fun, this is a deeply profound conversation that tackles the very nature of consciousness itself — and what it means to be a living being having ‘an experience'.
We discuss how Annaka became interested in this field and the path undertaken to writing this book.
Parsing instinct from scientific fact, we deconstruct our assumptions about consciousness and grapple with its essential nature — what is consciousness exactly? And where does it physically reside?
We discuss meditation and artificial intelligence. We dive into plant consciousness. We explore panpsychism (a theory I quite fancy). And we muse about the role of spirituality in scientific inquiry.
All told, this tackles the current limits of science and human understanding and leaves us wondering, is it possible to truly understand everything?
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
An intellectual delight from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Annaka and I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen.
Aug 12, 2019
Amanda Palmer On Radical Compassion & The Power Of Vulnerability

“We will stay crippled in the darkness if we cannot feel compassion for the heart that is the darkest.”
 Amanda Palmer

Today's guest is many things. A fiercely independent singer, songwriter and musician. A bestselling author and blogger. A playwright and director. A riveting speaker and a viral TED Talk-er. A crowdfunding mom. An ardent feminist. And a fearless activist.
Living and breathing at the cutting edge of expression in all forms, Amanda Palmer is an iconic, bold and sui generis performer constantly innovating what it means to be an artist in the modern age.
Getting her start as a busking eight-foot bride statue in Harvard Square, she would go on to form one-half of the inventive, punk cabaret act The Dresden Dolls before launching one of the most successful crowd-funded solo careers in music history.
Leaning into her devoted audience to support her seemingly endless fount of creativity, Amanda helped resuscitate the ancient art of artistic patronage, giving us all permission to ask. And more importantly perhaps, the encouragement to receive.
Further to this idea, The Art of Asking, Amanda's sensational 2013 TED Talk, would go on to be viewed over 20 million times and led to her New York Times bestselling memoir, The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help*.
Leveraging her legion of 15,000 Patreon supporters, Amanda’s career is wholly devoted to her adoring fans eager to support her creations. Her latest offering, There Will Be No Intermission, is a beautiful, haunting and powerful solo album and world tour that grapples with the very personal and social emotional landscape of abortion, miscarriage and death.

This past May I had the good fortune to witness Amanda's epic 4 1/2 hour show at the Ace Theatre here in LA. I was extremely moved by it. And even more privileged to host this conversation with her the following day.
This is a conversation about what it means to be radically compassionate — open-hearted to even those we deem undeserving — and why humanity depends on empathy for its survival.
It's about the strength that can be gathered when we're courageous enough to be truly vulnerable.
It's about the perniciousness of perfectionism — the true enemy of creative expression.
Why asking help is so hard, but crucial — also welcome.
And some uncomfortable truths about my hero Henry David Thoreau. Hint: it involves donuts.
In the spirit of vulnerability, I'll freely admit I was a bit nervous and intimidated — I mean who wouldn't be?
Nonetheless, it was an honor to spend an hour with one of the great creative voices of our time. I'm delighted to share the experience with you today.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

Photos courtesy of Ali Rogers.

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Aug 08, 2019
Toby Morse On Punk, Parenting & PMA

“The key to being positive and happy is doing what you love. I’m very lucky to still be able to do that. I don’t have a ‘Plan B’. I never really had one. I just live my life.”
 Toby Morse

Tattoos. High intensity sound. Stage diving. For the unfamiliar, it's chaos. Scary. Violent, even. But to today's guest, being hardcore straight edge is magical — a grassroots community dedicated to art, not anarchy. Celebrating life. And making the world a better place.
Best known around the world as the charismatic, energetic and always smiling front man for hardcore punk band H2O, Toby Morse was raised by a single mom in Massachusetts before moving to New York City in 1988 with a dream of becoming a musician. Immersing himself in the burgeoning punk rock scene of Manhattan's Lower East Side, he worked odd jobs. He was a roadie. And in 1994, inspired by Bad Brains, he formed a band that would ultimately become synonymous with the Straight Edge and Positive Mental Attitude (‘PMA”) movements.
Their self-titled debut album came out in 1996. Over the years, H2O has played alongside acts like No Doubt and Misfits. In 1998 and 1999 they joined the Warped Tour. Still together, the band continues to pack venues the world over, including a recent European tour that featured Toby's teenage son Max on drums.
A dedicated vegan who has never himself touched drugs or alcohol, Toby is also a family man, self-professed “Emo Dad” and the founder of One Life One Chance — a non-profit dedicated to inspiring elementary, middle and high school students to make healthy choices and live a drug-free life. Through public speaking engagements, Toby informs kids how possible it is to maintain PMA, break stereotypes, be a leader, and maintain self-respect.

Toby first came on my radar a couple years ago by way of podcast favorite, Cro-Mags frontman and fellow hardcore PMA warrior John Joseph. A friend of JJ's is a friend of mine, so I got hip to Toby's Instagram and quickly fell in love with his consistent flow of uplifting posts. His family-centric high vibe. The gentle, beautiful and uncompromising way he celebrates individuality, honoring the misfits and uplifting the weirdos. And his unwavering commitment to serving kids with his enthusiastic message of hope and positivity.
I needed to know more.
So here we are.
Of course, this is a conversation about Toby's life. Being raised by older brothers who taught him to skate, introduced him to the music that would define his life and scared him straight. It's about what he learned about life from Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and Napoleon Hill. It's about veganism. Parenting. Art. And, of course, PMA.
But most of all, this is a conversation about honoring non-conformity — exalting what makes you uniquely you. It's about the importance of community and family. And it's about the courage to blaze your own path.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
One thing is for sure — I've found a new friend in Toby. I'm inspired by his wisdom and example. And I'm honored to share his extraordinary life with you today.
Peace + Plants,

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Aug 05, 2019
Titus Welliver On Gratitude & Great Art

“Gratitude and humility attract opportunity and success.”
 Titus Welliver

Hey it's that guy. You know the guy, right?
The guy with the crazy moustache in that Ben Affleck movie? The Man In Black from Lost? The Irish gangster in Sons of Anarchy?
Oh, right. THAT GUY.
Titus Welliver has one of the longest lists of working actor credits in Hollywood. Nonetheless, this über-talented veteran of stage and screen spent most of his storied career slightly outside Tinsletown's white hot spotlight.
But that changed with the 2014 premier of Amazon's Original Series Bosch. A hardboiled noir crime procedural based on a series of Michael Connelly novels, the show caught fire and is currently in production on its sixth season. Suffice it to say, Titus' heavily lauded portrayal of  L.A.P.D. detective Harry Bosch landed him center on the zeitgeist stage.
But this man is much more than an amazing actor finally enjoying his moment. He is a friend. And a true artist.

Raised by a fashion illustrator mom and celebrated landscape painter Neil Welliver, Titus spent his formative years surrounded by a community of influential poets, writers, photographers and fine artists. Initially a painter himself, his father taught young Titus early and often that creative mastery required discipline. Patience. And a work ethic as rugged as New England winters.
Perhaps an artist’s life was pre-destined for Titus. But his early passion for painting would eventually be displaced by a love of theater.
It's a career that would eventually put him on a trajectory to work alongside some of the most brilliant minds in storytelling. People like David Milch, the creator of NYPD Blue, Deadwood and John From Cincinatti, who would become a father figure to Titus. Steven Bochco, producer of Hill Street Blues and L.A. Law. And Ben Affleck, who has cast Titus in all of his movies: Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo.
In fact, it's been said that Titus has appeared in literally everything.
This is a conversation about what it means to live a creative life. What is required to succeed an artist. And what it's like to devote your life to mastering a craft.
We talk about how personal loss and fatherhood informs his process. Why gratitude and humility attract opportunity. And the importance of self-confidence, belief and personal drive in the artistic success equation.
While art is subjective, not all art warrants merit. Bad art exists. And there is indeed an objective truth to good art.
Titus is dedicated to this ethos. Today he shares his story.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I love this man. And it's a privilege to share his wisdom and experience with you today. I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Jul 29, 2019
Zach Bush, MD Wants You To Let Go Of Your Story

“The biggest problem we all face is the story that we tell ourselves of what our lives have been. It’s keeping us in a box. The ‘cubicle’ you’re really living in is your story.”
 Zach Bush, MD

He’s back! One of the most fascinating and popular guests to grace this platform, Today Zach Bush, MD returns for a third mind-altering bend around the multiverse.
For the uninitiated, Zach's varied interests belie attempts to properly define him — but I'll give it a try. One of the few triple board certified physicians in America with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care, he is the founder and director of M Clinic integrative health center in Virginia.
In addition to his experience in functional medicine, longevity, autism, gut health, cancer, and many other areas of medicine, he is an avid environmentalist and activist involved in a multitude of projects that focus on ecology, regenerative agriculture, farmer well-being and spirituality.
To advocate for soil health & food independence, Zach is also the creator of Farmer's Footprint. Seen through the lens of farmers and their communities, it's a documentary series & grassroots movement that evaluates the impact of monocrop farming and pesticide reliance on chronic disease and planetary health — while simultaneously exploring evidence-based solutions to rebuild living biodiversity and ultimately reverse climate change.
But more than anything, Zach is a healer. A master consciousness. A gift to humanity. And someone I am very proud to call friend.

Zach's initial appearance on the podcast (RRP 353) blew minds across the world. Our second conversation (RRP 414) was one of the most moving conversations of my life. So it just seemed right to invite Zach and his holistic health coach, consultant and yoga teacher wife Jenn Perell Bush to join us on our recent retreat in Italy.
If you listened to either of our previous conversations, it would be reasonable to expect this discussion to further explore the impact of industrialized food systems on human and ecological health. However, that assumption would be wrong.
Instead, we delve inside to explore our individual and collective experience with pain, both psychic and physical.
We deconstruct our unhealthy obsession with comfort.
We stress test the stories we craft that form our identity, stunt our evolution, and ultimately hold us hostage.
And we explore a new path to freedom — liberation from that which ails us so that we can self-actualize, and together embrace our inherent divinity.
Akin to the recent episode with Gemma Newman, MD (RRP 449), this exchange was recorded before a live audience of retreat attendees in Italy (thus audio only) and concludes with Zach leading a meditation, edited down for time and the sake of the listener.
In closing, I want to express gratitude for our extraordinary Plantpower Italia community, who were collectively moved to donate $81,000 towards Zach’s Farmer’s Footprint organization and docu-series. On behalf of Zach, Jenn and the organization, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If Zach’s message moves you to get involved, you can learn more and donate at Jul 25, 2019
Matthew Futterman On The Secrets of Speed & Endurance

“Where you’re born, how you’re born and how you grew up are not your destiny. You can change your destiny. If you do the work, you can be better tomorrow than you were yesterday.”
 Matthew Futterman

What is the secret to running impossibly fast? Or distances longer than previously imagined?
Beginning in the 1960's, an unknown farm boy turned coach named Bob Larsen launched a decades-long quest to find the ‘secret sauce' of speed and endurance that would eventually revolutionize the sport and catapult American running onto the national stage.
This is the story of how Larsen took turned a rag-tag group of also-ran junior college athletes called the Jamul Toads into cult-favorite national champions. Later, he would apply his secret training regimen to athletes like Meb Keflezighi and Deena Kastor to create victories at the New York and Boston Marathons as well as the Olympics.
To unpack this incredible yarn, today I sit down with New York Times Deputy Sports Editor Matthew Futterman.
A graduate of Union College and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Matthew has previously worked for The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Star-Ledger of New Jersey, where he was a part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News in 2005.
An avid marathoner, Matthew became obsessed with the history of American distance running and the training innovations that create champions. The result of this quest is his new book, Running to the Edge: A Band of Misfits and the Guru Who Unlocked the Secrets of Speed. Part Bob Larsen biography and part autobiography, it's a fascinating account of how one maverick coach discovered and developed the unorthodox paradigm that would launch American runners to unprecedented breakthroughs and ultimately inform the protocols of some of today’s most fleet of foot.

From Bob Bowerman and Steve Prefontaine to the quest to break the 2-hour marathon, today's exploration focuses on the science behind running performance. The ongoing quest to find the secret sauce of speed and endurance. And the evolving crusade to run faster and farther than ever before.
It’s about what can be learned from Bob Larsen's example, and the methods he pioneered that led to his stature as one of the greatest running coaches of all time.
And it’s about our shared love for the sport of running.
Even if running isn't your thing, I think you will find this conversation compelling. The stories are legend. And the life lessons applicable across disciplines.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange!
Peace + Plants,

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Jul 22, 2019
Pro Boxer Mike Lee On Why Mindset Is Everything

“The more you can be in this present moment and control what you can control, the better off you're going to be.”
 Mike Lee

To be totally honest, I don't follow the pugilistic arts all that closely. But professional boxer barely describes this week's guest — a man who has faced stacked odds and overcome career-ending setbacks to meet the biggest moment of his life.
Ask him how he did it, and Mike Lee answers with conviction: it's all about mindset.
A professional light heavyweight boxer currently 21 – 0 with 11 knockouts, this Saturday, July 20th Mike will be fighting for his first world title against Caleb Plant — the current Undefeated IBF Super Middleweight World Champion. It’s Mike’s first fight in 13 months. On the other hand, Plant (18-0 with 10 knockouts) is fresh off his biggest victory. Suffice it to say, it’s shaping up to be quite the bout. And it's all going down live on Fox PBC, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Hardly your average fighter, what compels me about Mike is the unique path he's blazed to arrive at this place. This is a guy who studied business at Notre Dame, where he relaxed by reading The Wall Street Journal and watching CNBC. When he graduated in 2009 with a 3.8 GPA in finance, he was welcomed with lucrative opportunities on Wall Street. But then he takes the road less traveled, turning every job offer down to pursue a lifelong dream: winning Chicago’s Golden Gloves.
He did just that. The following year, he went pro, winning his first two professional fights. The national spotlight shone bright. Endorsement contracts followed. The boxing world, it appeared, was his oyster.
You might say the rest is history. But that belies the severity of his next bout — a fight for his life that blindsided him outside the ring.

At the peak of his career, after knocking out Tyler Seever in 2012, Mike fell prey to a mysterious health condition that would bench him for over two years. Experiencing great pain in his joints, severe headaches and debilitating chronic fatigue, doctors struggled to determine the cause. Some believed it was psychological. Others prescribed a multitude of drugs, none of which resolved his underlying predicament. But all of them told him he would never fight again. The hospital bed had become home. His identity challenged, he suddenly felt worthless, succumbing to a deep depression.
Nonetheless, Mike never gave up hope. He committed to seeking alternative and non-traditional solutions, which culminated in a diagnosis: an auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. A version of arthritis, AS can be devastating both physically and mentally for anyone, let alone a professional athlete who pushes his body to the limit every day.
The path forward hasn't been easy. Mike wakes up in pain every day. But he's gone all in on this comeback. And that's something worth all of us getting behind.
Layered with life lessons and formative takeaways, this is a conversation about the value of perseverance. It's about deploying a potent mindset to keep your dream live, no matter the circumstances. It's about visualizing success. And it's about the importance of always giving back.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
An exemplary ambassador of sport, I really enjoyed Mike. I think you will too. And don't forget to tune in to Jul 15, 2019
Jeff Gordinier Is Hungry: Perfect Plates, Punk Rock & Prolific Prose

“You are here now. Make the most of it and change what's not working. It's crucial.”
Jeff Gordinier

Why is great food important? How and why did restaurants become culturally significant? And what life lessons can be gleaned from the world's greatest chef?
There is no more enthusiastic ringmaster for this exploration than the merry man of food himself, Jeff Gordinier.
A writer, journalist and author who sits at the converging junction of food and culture, Jeff is a frequent contributor to the New York Times and currently serves as the Food and Drinks editor at Esquire Magazine.
A graduate of Princeton University where he studied writing and poetry, Jeff is a former writer and editor for Entertainment Weekly, editor at large for Details magazine and over the years has written about music and culture for a multitude of national publications, including Travel + Leisure, GQ, Elle, Creative Nonfiction, Spin, Poetry Foundation, Fortune, and many others.
The occasion for today’s conversation is Jeff’s new book, Hungry: Eating, Road-Tripping, and Risking It All with the Greatest Chef in the World*. Equal parts mid-life crisis autobiography, adventure travelogue and biography, it chronicles the four years Jeff spent traveling with René Redzepi, the renowned chef of Copenhagen's Noma — recently fêted as the #2 best restaurant in the world — in search of the most tantalizing flavors the world has to offer. And yet, the book really isn't about food. A meditation on risk, re-invention, creative breakthroughs, and human connection, it sits atop my recommended summer reads.

I first met Jeff in 2015 when he visited our home for a New York Times feature he was penning on the rise of veganism. Dubbed Vegans Go Glam, the piece caught fire, including a day spent as the #1 most e-mailed story on the entire New York Times website. Suffice it say, this was an insanely big moment for us, and the plant-based movement at large.
In the aftermath of that experience, Jeff and I struck up a friendship  He sent me an early copy of Hungry, which I devoured. It left me wanting to know more about Jeff. About food culture. About the mysterious René Redzepi. And what can be learned about life from this charismatic, cult-like genius redefining cutting-edge cuisine.
So here we are. This is a conversation about total commitment to mastery. It's about creative expression. It's about the cruciality of constant, fearless re-invention. It's about investing in experience. And it's about the importance of deep human connection — to others, oneself, and the environment we share.
As an anecdotal aside, it is this conversation that inspired my recent and uncharacteristically spontaneous decision to join Jeff and fellow food writer Adam Platt in Copenhagen a few weeks back. A once-in-a-lifetime, seat of our pants adventure I won't soon forget, we toured the city with René and his head fermentation wizard David Zilber (a seriously fascinating dude in his own right). We experienced the Noma phenomenon behind the scenes. And we enjoyed the premier of the restaurant's new forage-forward Plant Kingdom menu — a truly psychedelic experience incomparable to anything I have previously encountered. For more,
Jul 11, 2019
Miguel McKelvey Is Reimagining The Workplace — How Design Fuels Human Connection

“What I really care about is connecting people.”
Miguel McKelvey

The tectonic plates of the workplace landscape are rapidly shifting. Gone are the days of multi-decade corporate allegiance, replaced with project-based careers. The rapid rise of the freelance economy. And a labor core increasingly distributed across the globe.
What are the economic and social implications of this trend? How can the traditional office be re-imagined to fit this escalating movement? And what role can architecture and design play to deepen community and foster personal happiness?
There is no better steward to explore these important questions than this week's guest, Miguel McKelvey.
A talented, multi-disciplinary designer and entrepreneur, Miguel is the Co-Founder of WeWork — the ubiquitous, communal co-working space company — where he currently serves as the Chief Culture Officer, directing construction, architecture and web design for the business.
Raised on a commune in Oregon, Miguel earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon, where he played on the Oregon Ducks basketball team for two years. Prior to WeWork, Miguel created the design framework and led the national retail roll-out for 170 American Apparel stores. Subsequently, he was involved in the early-stage development of several companies, including Green Desk, Barre3, Versation, and English, Baby!

Because Miguel shares responsibility for creating and leading one of the world's most successful companies, one might predictably suspect this is a conversation about business. It is not. To be sure, we track his entrepreneurial journey. But this man's success has less to do with commerce and more to do with purpose. A deep commitment to community. And an intentional life devoted to fostering meaningful human connection.
Over the course of two and a half hours, we explore how Miguel's unusual upbringing in a five-mother commune and his experience playing NCAA Division I basketball created the ‘Communitarian' philosophy that would later inform the cultural foundation for WeWork.
We discuss Miguel's love of architecture and the important role design plays in modeling our professional and personal lives. How growing up in the town that produced Nike inspired an entrepreneurial drive to create an aspirational brand. And what his career at American Apparel taught him about engaging consumer culture at scale.
But more than anything, this is a conversation with a remarkably humble man driven by gratitude and purpose to create new and original habitats that fuel a more connected world — and ultimately more fulfilling lives.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Final Thing (and it's a big one): I'm excited to announce my first LIVE SHOW will take place on the evening of Friday, September 27, 2019 at the gorgeous and historic 1,100 seat Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. The event will entail a live podcast with special guests (to be announced), and promises to be an immersive, entertaining experience tailored to a live audience. As a gesture of thanks, Patreon subscribers will have exclusive access (by way of a code sent to you and available in my latest Patreon post) for two days to grab the best seats before tickets are made available to the public Jul 08, 2019
Dave Roll: Meditations On Character, Integrity & Leadership

“Character matters.”
Dave Roll

For reasons both obvious and perhaps less so, this week's episode holds a very special place in my heart.
There is something unique about sitting before a microphone that permits a species of conversation difficult to otherwise have. Done right, the inherent formality of putting it all on the record can countenance an experience of rare intimacy that scarcely transpires in the course of conventional human interaction.
From the very beginning of this podcast journey, I've longed to host my father on the show. To provide a ceremonial opportunity to probe his life, uninterrupted. To learn things about him I've always wanted to know — but for whatever reason just never found the right occasion to ask.
For years, I harbored the fear that if I didn't make such an experience a priority, it might never happen. And that would be something I would deeply regret for the rest of my days.
My drive was never to share such an experience with an audience. I wasn't convinced the conversation I yearned for would be appropriate for public consumption. It's always been about creating a moment just for us. A document I could privately keep for posterity. And for my children.
However, a compelling reason recently arose to transform this rumination into reality.
A gentleman and a scholar, Dave Roll has spent the better part of his life studying history. The apex of this passion is an incredible new book entitled, George Marshall: Defender of the Republic*. An enthralling and deeply thoughtful chronicle of America's most distinguished soldier since George Washington, it's also a deeply prescient and timely meditation on selflessness, leadership, and the momentous importance of moral character in political and social structures. The embodiment of these ideals, Marshall influenced the course of two world wars, and helped define the American century.
By way of background, my dad has enjoyed a very successful 35 year career as an accomplished attorney in the field of antitrust. Over the years, he successfully defended clients in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. After government service at the FTC he matriculated to partner and ultimately managing partner of the prestigious Washington, D.C.- based international law firm Steptoe & Johnson. Later in his career, he founded the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, a non-profit, public interest organization that provides pro bono legal services to social entrepreneurs around the world.
Now in his third act, Dave is enjoying a successful career as an author. Also historical biographies, his previous titles include The Hopkins Touch: Harry Hopkins and the Forging of the Alliance to Defeat Hitler* and Louis Johnson and the Arming of America*, a biography of Harry Truman's defense secretary.
Hitting bookstores July 9 (Jul 01, 2019
Rebecca Rusch Is The Queen Of Pain

“Affecting my physical body is a way for me to reach inside my soul. Suffering allows me to access who I am emotionally.”
Rebecca Rusch

This week I sit down with Rebecca Rusch – one of the world’s greatest adventure athletes.
Rebecca is a 7-time World Champion, best-selling author, activist, and Emmy winner. In addition to superhuman success on a mountain bike, she has performed at the elite level across a multitude of disciplines including rock climbing, white water rafting, and multi-day adventure events like Eco Challenge.
Still crushing it at 50, Rebecca is redefining human capability in real time.
Beyond athletics, Rebecca is a TEDx speaker, author of Rusch To Glory* and the founder of the Be Good Foundation. In addition, she is the event producer of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a bike race in her hometown of Ketchum, and the protagonist in Blood Road, an extraordinary documentary that chronicles her 1,800 km mountain bike adventure along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to reach the site where her U.S. Air Force pilot father was shot down in Laos more than 40 years earlier during Vietnam.
Dubbed ‘The Queen of Pain' by Adventure Sports magazine, Rebecca was named #6 on’s list of the World's Top 100 Athletes,’s Mountain Biker of the Year, Sports Illustrated Adventure Racing Team of the Year, and Outside magazine’s Top 20 Female Athletes of the Year.

Rebecca's accomplishments are beyond impressive. But today's conversation lives beyond elite performance to explore things like curiosity. The richness of adventure. Feeding the soul. Continuous personal growth. Redefining age. Contributing to the greater good. And giving back.
But most of all, this is about what can be gleaned by leaning into the unknown. And living outside the comfort zone. Because there is so much more to this incredible woman than athletic prowess.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Rebecca. My hope is that it leaves you re-evaluating your personal limits. And inspired to live more adventurously.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

Photos courtesy of Ali Rogers

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Jun 24, 2019
Gemma Newman, MD Is The Plant Power Doctor

“Stay positive. Make a change for yourself. Tell others about your change. Feel good and hopefully, the message will spread.”
Gemma Newman

Recorded live during our recent Plantpower Italia retreat in Tuscany, I'm delighted to share a fun and highly informative conversation and audience Q&A with the delightful, whip-smart “Plant Power Doctor” herself.

Gemma Newman, MD has worked in medicine for 15 years, the last decade serving as Senior Partner at a family medical practice in the U.K.. She studied at the University of Wales College of Medicine and has worked in many specialities as a doctor including elderly care, endocrinology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, general surgery, urology, vascular surgery, rehabilitation medicine and General Practice.
In recent years she has developed a specialist interest in plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine, serving as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner and advisory board member of Plant Based Health Professionals UK. On the daily, she provides evidence based nutrition, mental and physical health modalities, energetic healing and lifestyle advice to her patients, who have gained tremendous results using the power of their plate.

As a broadcaster and writer she has been featured on numerous national press outlets including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News Sunrise. She is a regular contributor Glamour, Zest and Health magazines and has appeared in the feature film Vegan 2018.

Gemma's journey to plant-based advocacy isn't rooted in ideology or moral compunction, but rather on hard science matched with self-experimentation.
As a young doctor in a high-pressure environment, like many newly minted physicians she began neglecting her own health. Struggling with her weight, and having bought into the background hum of ‘cut the carbs', she adopted a low carb diet. Calorie counting ensued, combined with a modest daily exercise routine.
It worked. Sort of. Dropping from a size 18 to a size 8, she was feeling pretty good about herself. Then she checked her blood profile to discover an elevated lipid profile, markers suggesting a tendency to heart disease. She shrugged off to genetics. Both her father and grandfather died relatively young of atherosclerosis. It's just something I was born with. Something I just have to live with.
Nonetheless, she couldn't shake the feeling that perhaps there was something she could do to alter this seemingly immutable fate.
Meanwhile, Gemma's husband Richard picked up a little book called Finding Ultra while training for the London Marathon. He decided to give this plant-based diet thing a whirl. Being the skeptical doctor she is, Gemma was less than enthusiastic.
Where would he get his protein? Won’t there be nutritional deficiencies? We will never be invited to friend’s houses for dinner ever again! How would I feed my family? 
Undeterred, Richard completed that marathon, slicing an incredible one hour and ten minutes off his personal best.
This got Gemma's attention.
She had already been passionate about researching lifestyle medicine. How changes in stress, sleep, exercise and diet could improve health for a long time. But nothing was to prepare her for the powerful transformations that were possible when people embraced a whole-food plant-based diet.
Hence ensued a deep dive into medical literature, scientific research, and self-experimentation.
Today we explore the result of Gemma's journey. How it transformed her life and medical practice wholesale.
Jun 20, 2019
The Awakening Of Russell Brand

“If you have a spiritual life, it is for you. It is not something you should inflict on other people.”
Russell Brand

Every podcaster has their dream list — guests they fantasize interviewing. From day one, today's guest has occupied my top slot.
Officially, Russell Brand is one of the most recognizable and best-loved comedy performers in the world. He is also is also a phenomenally successful author, broadcaster, actor, columnist, political commentator and mental health & drug rehabilitation activist. His global bestselling books include Revolution*, Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions*, and his latest release, Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped*. Now a devoted dad and husband, when he isn't touring or performing he can be found hosting Under The Skin on Luminary, one of my very favorite podcasts.
Unofficially, Russell is iconic for his very public awakening. A recovering heroin addict, his struggles with drugs, sex, fame, money and power were custom tailored for tabloid fodder. And his satirical but always probing takes on politics, celebrity culture and religion often find him in the crosshairs of controversy.

I think of Russell as a hyper-intelligent master of modern discourse and disputation. Perpetually armed with a most delicious turn-of-phrase, he is a philosopher of the extreme. A man who has voyaged to the brink of overindulgence, he has returned to share the unique personal wisdom gleaned from such surfeit with razor-sharp musings on the broader humanity we collectively share — and have a laugh along the path.
With a sui generis brew of eccentric wit, subversive candor and extreme charm, Russell grapples fearlessly and out loud with that which lays beneath the surface. With the ideas that define our time. Of the history we are told. And the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality.
What is truly real? How can we craft a more fair and just society for all? How can we live a more intentional life of meaning? What does it mean be a spiritual being in a human existence?
Today we voyage beyond the walls of our constructed material world. We dive into The Matrix. And to coin Russell's phrase, lick the walls of the hologram.
I’m absolutely delighted by this magical, modern-day mystic.
Once a dream, this conversation is now a tangible reality. Or is it?
Either way, I sincerely hope you relish the conversation as much as I adored having it.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

Photos courtesy of Jun 17, 2019
Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism: Why Focus Is the New Superpower

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.”
Cal Newport

It's become increasingly harder to just put the phone down. Because the latest apps and digital platforms are specifically designed to addict, we have become slaves to their irresistible allure.
Our precious attention is being hijacked. The ability to focus — to concentrate on that which is most meaningful — simply cannot compete with the magnetic pull of our Instagram feed. No longer need anyone ever be bored. Alone with one’s thoughts. Or simply present with one’s self. 
The result is a global epidemic of distraction. A fomenting of loneliness and isolation. And a degradation of our humanity.
The solution isn't Ludditism. Instead it's agency. We need not be victims of technology. We have the power to liberate ourselves from the tether of digital dependency. And the freedom it creates isn't just the salve to what ails us, it's the gateway to that which we seek most. Meaning. True human connection. And a reconnection with our innate humanity.
Indeed, there is no substitute for real relationships. Boredom is useful. And focus is the new superpower.
Cal Newport is someone who has spent a lot of time thinking deeply about these issues.
An associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University, Cal is the author of six books, many of which focus on the impact of technology on society. The primary focus of today's conversation is rooted in his latest New York Times bestseller, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World*.
Cal’s work has been published in over 20 languages. He is a frequent guest on NPR and has been featured in many major publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Washington Post, and Economist.

Regular listeners know I have a penchant for dropping Cal's name with regularity. I became acquainted with his work in early 2016 by way of his seminal book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in A Distracted World* — pages that profoundly impacted how I think about and apply my attention. We struck up an e-mail friendship. And I’ve been trying to track him down for the podcast ever since.
People often ask me which books have influenced me the most. The aforementioned two rank close to the top — manifestos of great practical import for our modern age. Similarly, I estimate that this episode rates among the most consequential conversations I've had in the 6+ year history of this podcast. Packed with practical, actionable steps, Cal's message will empower you to free up precious time. Declutter your mind. Connect you more deeply to the work and relationships you care most about. And profoundly improve the quality of your professional and personal lives.
It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Cal. I sincerely hope you not only enjoy the listen, but heed his message, and put his advice into action.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

Jun 10, 2019
Sanjay Gupta, MD On Chasing Health, Work-Life Balance & Responsible Journalism

“Human existence is but the blink of an eye. It doesn’t take much research to think about how we evolved and why we evolve the way that we do.”
Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Western medicine is extraordinary. Over the last several decades, scientific advances in the diagnosis and treatment of previously thought incurable diseases has utterly transformed how we live.
But with these breakthroughs comes an arrogance — a hubris that modalities outside the very narrow rubric of our dominant paradigm are without value — archaic, outdated legacies of less developed cultures.
But is this always the case? Or do lessons remain to be learned by taking a critical but objective look at how other societies approach health and well-being?
This question nagged at Sanjay Gupta, MD. So he decided to find answers for himself.
For those unfamiliar, Sanjay is the associate chief of neurosurgery at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital and assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine. But most people know him as the multiple Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN. In his tenure as a journalist he has spent decades covering everything from the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the Haiti earthquake in 2010, where he performed surgery on a 12-year-old girl earthquake victim along with Henri Ford and two U.S. Navy doctors.
If that's not enough, this dad, husband, and novelist was named among “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine and in 2009 was selected for the position of Surgeon General by President Barack Obama — a job he declined.
To answer the aforementioned question, Sanjay spent the last year traveling the world, finding where people live longer, happier and more functional lives than anywhere else on the planet. The result of his quest is the recently-aired CNN Original Series Chasing Life — must-see TV if you haven't caught it already.

Today we cover his origin story and incredible career. We discuss the responsibility of journalism in the era of alternative facts — and the role storytelling has played in his personal brand of reporting.
We talk about his time in the White House, what it's like covering overseas conflict zones overseas, and how he manages his work- life balance.
In addition, we canvass the current state of health care in America, what he learned about health, happiness and longevity in the course of producing Chasing Life, and the not to be overstated incredible impact Sanjay has had on my own life.
Over the years Sanjay has become a good friend, as well as a mentor to me. He is someone I have wanted to get on the show from day one. I love this guy, and I’m delighted to help share his story with you today.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

Photos of Sanjay with Rich courtesy of Ali Rogers

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Jun 07, 2019
You Are A Superorganism: Ara Katz & Raja Dhir On The Power Of Microbes

“We are, by definition, an ecosystem. The microbiome reveals a more connected biology, radically transforming our approach to medicine, hygiene, diet, and living.”
Ara Katz & Raja Dhir

Our bodies are comprised of about ten trillion cells. But our microbiome — all the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live in or on our bodies – outnumber human cells by a factor of 10.
Indeed, we are far more microorganism than human.
Moreover, rapidly developing science reveals the vast extent to which the nature of our personal microbiome drives not only our propensity for disease and digestive health, but also, quite surprisingly, can dictate our mental disposition, cognitive function, and even our specific food cravings.
Today we take a magnifying glass to the mind-blowing netherworld of microbiota to illuminate their implications not just on human health, but the well-being of planet Earth at large.
Our stewards for this fantastic voyage are Ara Katz and Raja Dhir, the co-founders of Seed, a venture backed microbiome company at the pioneering edge of bacteria science.
Ara is a serial entrepreneur and fellow at the MIT Media Lab’s Center for Future Storytelling and CCA’s DesignMBA program. She was named one of the “50 Most Influential Women in America” by Marie Claire, listed on Business Insider’s “Silicon Alley Top 100” and “36 Rockstar Women in NYC Tech”, and was recently included in Create + Cultivate’s 100 List for STEM.

One of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to our rapidly evolving understanding of the microbiome, Raja is a life sciences entrepreneur and a member of the Microbiome Think Tank at Mass General Hospital. He sits on the editorial board for the scientific journal Microbiome as well as the advisory committee for the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics. In addition, he is a director and co-chair of the scientific advisory board for Micropia, a $20MM microbial ecology and education platform as well as the world’s first museum dedicated to microbes.

Today we cover it all.
First, we define the microbiome. We discuss the difference between prebiotics and probiotics. And to cut through the consumer confusion fomented by gut health commodification, we separate fact from fiction by examining the difference between an effective priobiotic and the countless food and supplement products simply marketed as such.
Most importantly, we explore what the latest science tells us about the power of microbes to heal our bodies, positively impact childhood development, reinvigorate the quality of our soil and improve the overall ecology of Planet Earth — including some amazing work Ara & Raja are doing with bee populations.
Seed Offer: As a simple thanks for listening, Ara & Raja wanted to offer all of you a gift. For 20% off your first month's supply of their Daily Synbiotic, go to and simply use the code RICHROLL at checkout.
Disclosure: In my opinion, Seed's Daily Synbiotic it is the highest quality probiotic I have tested (which is one of the reasons I wanted to have them on the show). Rigorously evidence-based, I’ve been using this product for the last several months to great effect. However, I have zero financial involvement with the company. Seed is not a show sponsor. Ara & Raja did not pay me to appear on the podcast. (I have never accepted money for a guest to appear on the show and never will). Nor am I an affiliate of Seed. In other words, I get a big zero from you using the above-mentioned discount code other than the satisfaction of sharing a product I myself enjoy.
The work Ara & Raja are doing at Seed is equal parts ...
Jun 03, 2019
Andy Ramage On Creating The ‘One Year No Beer’ Movement & How Alcohol-Freedom Unlocked His Potential

“Quitting alcohol isn't just for alcoholics.”
Andy Ramage

Over the years, I have openly shared my personal journey with alcoholism and that of many guests. A lifeline for the desperate many that struggle in silence, I do this to underscore that there is always hope, no matter how far down you find yourself.
But what if you’re not an alcoholic? What if you, like millions of people, occasionally drink just a little too much? Even though it doesn't destroy your life, it leaves you feeling off. You're tired of the hangovers, the lethargy and the low grade depression it provokes. You'd prefer to stop. But because drinking is integral to your social or professional life, opting out seems impossible. What then?
This week's guest faced this very predicament, a relatable scenario for a vast number of people. The only difference? Andy Ramage decided to do something about it.
A former professional footballer (as they say in the UK), a career-ending injury prompted Andy to hang up the cleats and enter the world of finance. Channeling his work ethic, it didn't take long for him to become successful in the traditional sense, co-creating two multimillion-dollar city brokerages.
But doing well in banking ‘required' (or so he thought) drinking. Lots of drinking. Long Mad Men style booze-soaked client lunches. Countless happy hours, pub crawls, and cocktail soirées, followed by clubbing and the occasional after party. It's just what you gotta do to play the game.
Andy didn’t necessarily have a drinking ‘problem’. But the lifestyle left him drained. Listless. And looking for a change.
Bucking the unwritten rules of his professional environment, he decided to to take a break from alcohol and embarked instead on a quest for peak performance and well-being. It stuck. Not only did Andy feel markedly better, his work performance improved. His relationships became more meaningful. He fell back in love with the simple things that brought him joy as a young lad. Slowly, a new world of life opportunities began to emerge.
Transformed, Andy enthusiastically began sharing his experience, challenging friends and colleagues to quit the booze for 28, 90 or even 365-days. What he didn't know was that the friendly contest he concocted among peers would soon explode into a full-blown international movement he ultimately dubbed One Year No Beer.
Today, Andy and his friend Ruari Fairbairns have birthed OYNB into a world-leading behavioral change platform offering instruction and support for a variety of alcohol free challenges. Their companion book, The 28-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge* is a UK bestseller (now available in the U.S.*). To date, their endeavors have inspired over 50,000 people to boot the bottle and invest instead in well-being.

I first met Andy two years ago when he turned up for our Plantpower Ireland retreat. Fast friends from the outset, I've wanted to share his story ever since.
Alcoholism is a self-diagnosed disease. Left untreated, it will progress, ultimately leading you to one of three places: jail, institutions, or death. So if you are a true alcoholic, or a sober member of a certain unnamed 12-step program, Andy's message isn't necessarily aimed at you.
May 26, 2019
Doug Bopst On Fitness, Faith & The Jail Cell That Saved His Life

“Always focus on how far you've come, not how far you have to go.”
 Doug Bopst

Admittedly, It's a thrill to converse with renown experts, world-class athletes and celebrities.
But the most rewarding aspect of my job is occasionally turning my spotlight on the everyman — relatable people who have conquered adversity to reinvent themselves wholesale, all in relative civilian anonymity.
These people are a gift. Amplifying their stories isn't just an honor. And it isn't just my joy. I see it as a responsibility.
Through these individuals we are better able to see ourselves. Their weaknesses, struggles and strengths mirror our own. Their relatability uniquely qualifies them to reflect back upon us our shared, collective humanity. In their victories we can connect more viscerally with our own inner power and potential.
Today it's my privilege to share yet another such story. This is the tale of Doug Bopst – an essentially normal kid who, like so many, suffered in silence from depression. To self-medicate he began experimenting with drugs in his teens. Smoking pot quickly evolved into a heavy opioid addiction. A day in the life involved snorting several hundred milligrams of OxyContin, complemented by a pack of cigarettes and the occasional cheesesteak. No exercise. No interest in maintaining relationships with anyone who didn't do drugs. No self-confidence. And no care for tomorrow.
At 21, it all came to a head. High on opiates and on his way to make a drug deal, a cop pulled Doug over for a broken taillight. The officer found $2,000 in cash plus half a pound of marijuana under the spare tire in the trunk. Promptly arrested on a felony drug charge, Doug ultimately served 2 months in jail.
It was hardly the harshest sentence. But it was more than sufficient for Doug to hit bottom. Reflect on his errant path. And commit to an entirely new life. A life redeemed by sobriety, faith, fitness and family.

I was initially introduced to Doug through my friend Amy Dresner (another sober warrior you may remember from episode 341) and knew immediately I wanted him on the show.
In fairness to Doug, his story isn't entirely that of the anonymous everyman. Now an award-winning personal trainer, author, and public speaker, his saga has been covered by a variety of media outlets, including The Today Show. But the press intrigue is driven by Doug's innate relatability. And I’m fairly confident this conversation is the most complete chronicle of his life and redemption to date.
This is a conversation about what it was like, what happened and what it's like now. We cover the low lows. Hitting rock bottom. And exactly how he was able to conquer his demons and put the past in the rear view.
It's about the power of sobriety. Leaning on mentors. And how a love of fitness, spirituality, and putting service service first returned him to sanity.
All told, it's a story of redemption full stop — and I’m honored to help tell it.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube at: (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

P.S. – I love my job.
Photos courtesy of Ali Rogers

May 23, 2019
Jesse Thomas: Work Hard, Play Harder & Love Hardest

“There’s just no substitute for working hard.”
 Jesse Thomas

He's one of the world’s most popular and accomplished professional triathletes. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this week's guest — a humble athlete, proud dad, devoted husband and dedicated entrepreneur with a unique success equation: Work hard. Play harder. Love hardest.
His name is Jesse Thomas. He's rad. And this is his story.
It begins with a stand out track and field career at Stanford and the Olympic steeplechase dream cut short by a career-ending injury. While later pursuing a masters degree in mechanical engineering, he picked up a bike and progressed so rapidly he entertained a professional cycling career. But that dream too was crushed when a spill left him with a fractured C1 vertebra, nine months in a neck brace, a plate and 4 titanium screws to hold it all together.
Life as an athlete was over for Jesse. Or so he thought.
Spending the next several years as a tech entrepreneur, Jesse got itchy. He didn't like being out of shape. So he decided to do something about it.
Fast forward to 2011. The stage was Wildflower, a prestigious and formidable half-ironman distance triathlon set in the idyllic rolling hills of central California. A complete unknown amateur, Jesse nonetheless won the race outright, shocking the triathlon community by dominating an impressive professional field on a borrowed bike and a pair of $9 aviator sunglasses he bought at the drug store.
The victory was so unexpected, as Jesse crossed the finish line the race announcer had to ask, Who are you?
The story is legend. And the rest is history. Jesse went on to become the first person to win that race three years in a row. And along his circuitous path as a professional, he has graced the podium at many of the most lauded triathlons in the world, including 3rd at the coveted Challenge Roth ironman distance event last summer.
Jesse's ability to out-exercise the rest of us is impressive. But it's only a somewhat unrelatable fraction of what truly interests me about him. It's who he is that compels me most — a person successfully alchemizing an insanely demanding training and racing schedule against the more relatable pressures of being a present dad, husband, podcast host (check out Work, Play, Love) and CEO of Picky Bars — the performance nutrition company he co-founded with his wife Lauren Fleshman, herself a prolific former professional runner with the most All-American accolades in Stanford athletics history.
How does he do it all?

Today we canvass a life in motion — from the Wildflower race that changed his life to his symbiotic relationship with entrepreneurship and family that fuels his purpose.
We discuss the importance of coaches. Leaning on mentors. The challenges faced by the retiring athlete. And the conundrum of replacing sport with newfound purpose and passion.
We explore the career importance of storytelling in the era of social media. Why he decided to start a podcast. And — most importantly — how he turned a cheap pair of aviator shades into a global multi-sport fashion trend.
But more than anything, this is a conversation about balancing work, play, and family at the highest level of elite sport. It's about facing and overcoming obstacles. The mindset required for success. And the work ethic entailed to achieve your dreams.
Note: This episode was recorded in early March. At the time, Jesse was preparing to race his first true marathon. However, he subsequently suffered a stress fracture that required surgery. To give you an idea of how Jesse turns setbacks into opportunities,
May 20, 2019
Pete Holmes: Comedy! Sex! God!

“Awareness is peace.”
 Pete Holmes

Comedian! Writer! Author! Spiritual seeker!
One of my favorite people, Pete Holmes needs no introduction. But I'm going to give it to you anyway.
A stand up veteran with a cornucopia of comedy specials, television shows and late night appearances to his name, Pete is best known as the creator and star of the semi-autobiographical HBO show Crashing, a riotous and touching series he executive produced alongside Judd Apatow loosely based on Pete’s life in the early days of his comedy career.
In addition, Pete hosts You Made It Weird – hands down one of my absolute favorite podcasts (I was honored to be a guest) — and is the author of the brilliant and just released Comedy Sex God*. Part autobiography, part philosophical inquiry, part sacred quest, I can't recommend this book more highly. Equally hilarious and profound, it hits bookstores everywhere this week. Pick it up immediately*. Read. Ponder. Thank me later.

A long-time fan of Pete's, we were first introduced by our mutual friend (and former podcast guest) Rob Bell. From that moment forward I have yearned to get this fellow traveler on the show. It finally happened. And the experience is everything I hoped it would be.
Comedy. Sex. God. And everything in between. We cover it all.
We discuss his evangelical upbringing and how his failed attempt to live up to picture perfect standards forced him to question his faith and re-examine long-held beliefs, catalyzing the soul-seeking journey he has pursued ever since.
We talk comedy and creativity. How he squares Christianity with alternative faith modalities. And what he has learned spending time with spiritual savants like Ram Dass and experimenting with psychedelics.
We explore how fatherhood has impacted his spiritual and professional perspective. What it's like working with Judd Apatow. The experience of being a celebrity with a big show on HBO. And, more importantly, what happens when that show suddenly goes away.
But mostly, this is a beautiful exploration of the messy, confusing, wonderful, mysterious, disorienting thing we call life.
You can watch the entire conversation on YouTube at (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
As Pete would say, GET INTO IT!
Peace + Plants,

Photos courtesy of Ali Rogers

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May 14, 2019
The Awakening Of Jeff Grant: From Addiction & Incarceration To Prison Ministry

“Guilt is about what you've done. Shame is about who you are.”
 Jeff Grant

An epidemic of colossal proportions, millions struggle with substance addiction. Suffering in silence, they too often slip through the cracks, desperate and alone.
As a society, it’s incumbent upon us to better address the problem. Improve our collective understanding of its underlying causes. And enhance access to the resources required to heal the decaying hungry ghosts among us.
It is for these reasons I felt compelled to share the story of Rev. Jeff Grant — a former well-respected New York City attorney who got hooked on painkillers and started making decisions so bad, he lost everything.
Like so many, Jeff’s using started rather innocently in the aftermath of a basketball injury. But it didn’t take long before the tectonic plates of his ethical landscape began to shift. Under the influence, he perpetrated a series of financial misdeeds that led to losing control of his law firm. A suicide attempt prompted sobriety, but the long shadow cast by past actions revisited Jeff with a felony fraud conviction and a federal prison sentence.
After serving 18 months, Jeff was faced with re-entry. His old life was no longer an option. He had to create an entirely new one.

Searching for a meaningful spiritual life line to help make sense of his transgressions and inform his trajectory moving forward, Jeff entered the Seminary, earning a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York, with a focus in Christian Social Ethics.
Upon graduation, he began serving at an inner-city church in Bridgeport, Connecticut as Associate Minister and Director of Prison Ministries. It is here that Jeff finds his calling assisting convicted felons and their families to navigate the treacherous waters of civilian re-entry.
Now an ordained minister with 16+ years of continuous sobriety,  Jeff is the co-founder of Progressive Prison Ministries, the world’s first ministry created to provide confidential support to individuals, families and organizations with white collar incarceration issues. He has been profiled in a variety of media outlets including Inc., Forbes and Business Insider, has graced the stage at The Nantucket Project (where we first met) and hosts the Criminal Justice Insider Podcast.
This is his story.
It’s a conversation about the perils of addiction and the joys of sobriety. It's about the the opioid epidemic and the prison industrial complex it supports. And it's about how spirituality and divinity can pave the road to redemption.
Not just a cautionary tale from the perspective of a white collar felon, this is also discussion about what happens to the by-standing family members and loved ones, often overlooked casualties in the perpetrator’s wake.

But ultimately this is a story about absolution. It's about confronting past misdeeds. Making amends. Finding grace. And giving back to those in need by sharing the experience and wisdom procured along the way.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube at (please subscribe!) and the podcast is of course available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

Photos courtesy of Ali Rogers

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    May 10, 2019
Freeze Solo: Colin O’Brady Is The First to Cross Antarctica Alone & Unassisted

“We all have reservoirs of untapped potential. The biggest thing standing in our way? Our minds.”
Colin O'Brady

Life has taught me one essential truth: the human spirit is boundless.
Just when you think we’ve reached the absolute pinnacle of what’s physically possible, someone performs a feat so utterly mind-bending you're left breathless. The skies of perception part. Blanketed in awe, we’re compelled to re-evaluate our own personal capabilities. And humanity is left just a little bit better than it was before.
This is the sensation I experience when I spend time with Colin O'Brady – a former Yale swimmer turned professional triathlete turned elite adventure athlete with 4 breathtaking world records to his name.
Colin's latest jaw-dropping feat of athletic prowess, stunning endurance and sheer human will was becoming the first person in history to cross the continent of Antarctica solo, unsupported and unaided. Under nothing but his own power, Colin pulled a 300lb sled 932 miles in just 54 days across the coldest, windiest, most remote continent on earth from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the South Pole.

Colin first appeared on the podcast in December of 2015 (RRP 207) — a deep dive into his unique upbringing on a commune; how he survived an almost lethal burn accident that left him unlikely to walk again; his phoenix like transformation into a professional ITU triathlete and Olympic hopeful; and how he morphed into a mountaineer with the audacity to attempt incomprehensible feats of adventure athleticism.
After conquering the Explorer’s Grand Slam, a challenge that encompassed scaling the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and treks to both the North and South Poles, Colin returned to the podcast in June of 2016 (RRP 235). Among the 44 who have completed the EGS, only 2 have done it under a year. Not only was Colin the youngest person to successfully complete this most prestigious undertaking, he crushed the world record by a stunning 53-day margin, completing it in a mere 139 days. Along the way, he simultaneously broke the 7 Summits world record by two days.
Today he returns to share his most remarkable achievement to date, a freeze solo adventure he dubbed the Impossible First. It’s a jaw-dropping story you might have seen unfold in real time on Colin’s Instagram (@colinobrady) or in the stellar 360-degree New York Times coverage penned by my friend (and former podcast guest) Adam Skolnick.
Uncovering the why behind the expedition, we explore how he dealt with the gear, solitude, -80F temps, and 30 mph headwinds. He explains why to sweat is to die. We discuss his battle against the elements and British Army Captain Louis Rudd — the legendary explorer who also set off the same day with the same goal in his heart. We talk about Colin’s final day 77-mile, 32-hour superhuman push to the finish. And Colin explains how a phone call with a certain musician changed his entire perception on who he is.
But mostly this is about a man who uses endurance and adventure as art that speaks to the heart and soul of the human experience.
The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube at (please subscribe!) and as always the podcast is available on May 07, 2019
Lisa Damour, PhD On Parenting Teens Under Pressure

“We run the risk now of raising a generation that is stressed about being stressed, and anxious about being anxious.”
Lisa Damour, PhD

Today’s expedition takes us into the beautifully mysterious world of parenting, with a specific lens on navigating the perplexing vicissitudes of the teenage girl — one of the most beguiling and opaque creatures I've encountered in my 52 years.
I have been a parent and step-parent for two decades. Along the way, I successfully helped raise two young boys. Sure, I made many mistakes. But I also did a few things right. Today they are both amazing young men. And yet somehow that experience failed to adequately prepare me for the rather unique challenges I face guiding a teenage daughter towards adulthood — a joy that has at times brought me to my knees.
To elevate my parenting game, I began searching for greater insight into the idiosyncratic psyche of the female adolescent. That quest continuously referred me to one notable expert: Lisa Damour, PhD.
A teen whisperer par excellence, Lisa is a Yale educated psychotherapist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan who specializes in education and child development. But she is best known for her two New York Times bestselling books — Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood*; and her newest release, Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls*.
The parent of two teenage girls herself, Lisa writes the monthly Adolescence column for the New York Times. In addition to her private consulting and psychotherapy practice, she is a regular contributor to CBS News, speaks internationally, is a Senior Advisor to the Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University, and serves as the Executive Director of Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls.
This is all a long way of saying that when it comes to adolescents and teens, Lisa knows her shit.

Today's conversation deconstructs the particular emotional overload and unique social pressures young people face – everything from sex and drugs to body image, grades, navigating social media and everything in between. By better understanding the nature of these dynamics, and how they specifically impact our young ones, we glean insight into how to optimally parent through them.
In addition, we discuss the recent astronomical rise in stress and anxiety in young girls — what accounts for it, and what it means.
We also cover the common mistakes many parents (myself included) often make. We delve deep into the importance of open communication and how to foster it.
Finally, Lisa imparts a myriad of strategies to optimally pilot the healthy developmental transitions that specifically girls (but also boys) undergo as they mature into grownups so that we, as parents, can help cultivate self-esteem and self-efficacy in the next generation under our charge.
If you are a parent of young humans trying to make the right moves — or just want to better understand how young people think and why they behave as they do — then this episode is appointment listening.
Lisa’s books have been instrumental in improving how I parent my daughters, so this is a meeting of great personal significance I have been hotly awaiting for some time.
They don’t call her the teen whisperer for nothing.
Apr 30, 2019
Optimizing Spring Training: Chris Hauth Returns

“You are never going to be the same person you were yesterday because there’s always something you learned in that workout about yourself, your fitness, your mind, and your nutrition. That’s the training process.”
Chris Hauth

Making his latest appearance in our ongoing Coach’s Corner series is none other than Chris Hauth, one of the world’s most respected endurance and ultra-endurance coaches.
A sub-9 hour Ironman, Chris (@AIMPCoach) is a former professional triathlete, Age Group Ironman World Champion, and 2-time Olympic Swimmer. In 2006, Chris won the Ironman Coeur D’Alene and went on to be the first American amateur & 4th overall American at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
When he’s not training and racing, Chris hosts the Weekly Word Podcast and runs AIMP Coaching, mentoring a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from elite professionals — including Ironman and Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers — to first time half-marathoners.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out, Chris knows how to get the best out of athletes the right way. A long-time friend and mentor as much as a coach, I have been under Chris’ tutelage since 2008, during which time he deftly guided me through three Ultraman World Championships (’08, ’09 & ’11), EPIC5 in 2010 and the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in 2017, an event we raced together as a team.
I could have never achieved the level of athletic success I have enjoyed without Chris’ deft counsel, so it is with pleasure that I share more of his wisdom with you today.
As we put the cold winter months behind us, today's conversation focuses on balancing your fitness goals against life's demands as we welcome warmer days. As always, Chris drops knowledge applicable whether you are a professional athlete or a cubicle warrior just looking to improve the quality of your day to day. 
Specific topics discussed include:

* optimizing fitness as we transition from winter to spring;
* scheduling training in balance with real-life pressures and expectations;
* when to hold back & how to avoid doing too much;
* experimenting with race nutrition during training;
* tips to develop the nuances of swimming technique; and
* finding joy in the training process

DK Goals! In addition, my man ‘DK' David Kahn joins me for the introduction to talk 2019 goals. Give him a boost at @daviddarrenkahn on twitter with the tags #DKGoals and #DK190.
Final Note: As you will hear early in the episode, I had originally anticipated releasing this episode in mid-March. Due to scheduling it got pushed to late April. So please disregard the audible references to March. Nonetheless, the wisdom is timeless.
For those in the northern hemisphere, Spring is officially here. Whether you've fallen off track or been on top of your game, it’s the perfect time to once again check-in with the coach.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange. If you're new to the show, please check out Chris' previous RRP appearances in episodes 21, 256, 297, 30...
Apr 26, 2019
David Sinclair On Extending Human Lifespan & The Science Behind Aging

“Nothing matters except making the world a better place after you’ve been here.”
David Sinclair, PhD

Everybody grows old. Everyone dies.
But is this scientific fact? Or is it merely a story based on history and our current understanding of biology?
What if we instead consider aging as a disease? This begs the question: what is the cure?
Welcome to the mind of David Sinclair, PhD, one of the world’s leading scientific authorities on longevity, aging and how to slow its effects.
A professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging, David obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 1995 and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at M.I.T. where, among other things, he co-discovered the cause of aging for yeast.
The co-founder of several biotechnology companies, David is also co-founder and co-chief editor of the journal Aging. His work has been featured in a variety of books, documentaries, and media, including 60 Minutes, Nightline and NOVA. He is an inventor on 35 patents, has been lauded as one of the Top 100 Australian Innovators, and made TIME magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
In addition, David is the author of the forthcoming book, Lifespan: The Revolutionary Science of Why We Age — and Why We Don't Have To* which hits bookstores on Sept. 10 and is currently available for pre-order here*.

This is an absolutely fascinating conversation on all things human lifespan, aging and longevity. We begin with the specific scientific mechanisms that contribute to biological degeneration. Then we dive deep into the hard science David and his peers are examining to better understand what contributes to aging and how to prevent it.
According to David, the prospect of living to 200+ is not a pipe dream, but a very possible reality. If humans could indeed double lifespan, how would this change how you live? And what does this mean for the future of humanity?
This conversation travels deep into the scientific weeds. Perfect for the geeks among us. But it's also grounded in practical takeaways for all of us — because David's work isn't just about extending lifespan. It's about learning how to live as vibrantly and energetically as possible for as long as possible.
It’s an honor and a privilege this brilliant man’s pioneering work and wisdom with you today. Plus he's a lovely guy. If you enjoyed my episode with Dr. Valter Longo (RRP #367), a fellow brilliant warrior in the longevity space, then I’m fairly confident you’re going to love this one. So break out that pen and paper, because you're going to want to take notes on this one.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the episode.
Peace + Plants,

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Apr 23, 2019
The Strava Story: Building A Fitness Community Fueled By Emotional Connection

“If you sweat, you're an athlete. It's as simple as that.”
Mark Gainey & Michael Horvath

Riding up a local canyon climb back in what must have been late 2009, my Airstream-dwelling, frequent cycling compadre Stu Bone couldn't stop talking about this brand new social network specifically aimed at the 2-wheel community.
Always eager to test new tech, I signed up immediately, quickly fell in love and have been evangelizing the platform every since.
Meet Strava – the fitness social network designed by athletes for athletes.
Evolving beyond it’s cycling roots as a platform for all who sweat, today Strava is widely embraced as the premier workout sharing fitness network — a rapidly expanding ecosystem of Olympic, professional, elite, amateur and beginner athletes that boasts over 1 million new registered new users every month and growing.
What distinguishes Strava from other fitness trackers and social media platforms is the positive emotional connection it engenders. Encouraging and community oriented, it’s devoid of the negativity and toxicity that plagues most sharing networks. There’s something uniquely special about being privy to the daily grind of my favorite multi-sport athletes. Their transparency holds me accountable. In turn I help hold my community accountable. And openly sharing our collective fitness experience – the highs and the lows — makes all of us better.
So just how did Strava become the only fitness app that matters?
To get the story behind the story, today I sit down with Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath — the dynamic duo co-founders who gave birth to Strava and continue to guide it's ongoing growth and evolution.

Currently Strava’s interim CFO, Michael Horvath previously served as Chief Executive Officer from 2010-2013 and President from 2014-2017. Holding a Ph.D. in economics from Northwestern University and an A.B. in economics from Harvard (where he was men’s lightweight crew team captain), Michael is a former Stanford economics professor and entrepreneurship professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Prior to Strava, Michael co-founded enterprise software firm Kana Communications and was the CFO and VP of Operations at GlycoFi, a biotech company.
Mark Gainey currently serves as the co-founder and chairman of Strava. Also a Harvard graduate, Mark is a former venture capital executive and seasoned entrepreneur who has been building successful companies for nearly 20 years, including Kana, which he co-founded alongside Michael as CEO, president, and chairman. In addition, Mark sits on the board of Alter-G, BoardVantage, Daum, Clari, and Coaching Corps.
Michael and Mark initially met on the crew team at Harvard. Friendship ensued, but after graduation they pursued disparate paths. Mark went into venture capital in Palo Alto. Michael became an academic. Reunited when Michael took a professorship at Stanford, they hatched their first startup. Kana Communications was a massive triumph. Little did they know that their follow up act — a passion project born out of a mutual love for fitness — would eclipse their first company's success, reshaping the fitness landscape for millions of athletes across the world.
This exchange canvasses everything from technology, business and entrepreneurship to fitness, sports and social media.
But at it’s core, it's a conversation about community. How to create it. How to nurture it. And why the integrity of community is paramount.
I love Strava. As an early adopter (I was the 14,443 person to sign up for the service), it's my pleasure to share Mark and Michael's story with you today.
Disclosure: In the interest of total transparency, I have run ad campaigns for Strava on this podcast in the past.
Apr 16, 2019
Guru Singh On Positivity — Why Receptivity Is The Better Path

“Sometimes what appears to be negative is the most positive thing you can do. What appears to be ‘safe’ is sometimes the most dangerous thing you can be doing for your life”
Guru Singh

Welcome to yet another edition Guru Corner featuring Guru Singh, my favorite teacher on all things mystic and metaphysical.
Fusing Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism, Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi and master spiritual teacher who has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga for more than 40 years. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also an accomplished musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros’ Reprise label in the 1960's. When he isn’t laying down tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Today we spin the wheel on positivity. Not your typical disquisition on the benefits of adopting a positive mental attitude, we take a more nuanced approach to self-awareness. Focusing on receptivity over repression, it's a call to embrace the power of both negativity and positivity as important forces to be experienced without getting lost in either extreme. And we discuss how to break free from the entrenched, looping stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that don't serve the lives we aspire to lead.
Note: If you missed my previous conversations with Guru Singh, start with episode 267 and then enjoy episodes 332, 368393400 and 418.
Final Note: You can watch our conversation on YouTube at and the show is also now available on Spotify.
I love this beautiful being. It's my privilege to once agains share his wisdom with you today. So let the master class resume.
Peace + Plants,

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Apr 12, 2019
Kevin Smith On The Heart Attack That Saved His Life & The Art Of Prolific Creativity

“Don’t identify as an artist, be the art.“
Kevin Smith

About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. In other words, America's number one killer claims 1 out of every 4 deaths.
Not all heart attacks are fatal. But when your heart's left anterior descending artery becomes 100% blocked, the result is a massive heart attack known as The Widowmaker.
Few survive its fatal clutch.
Kevin Smith is the rare exception that proves the rule.
The arch villain in his own personal superhero comic book narrative, Kevin's Widowmaker nemesis failed in it's dastardly quest to claim his young life. Instead, like Spiderman in the aftermath of that fateful bite, it made our protagonist hero stronger — more convicted about his life, purpose, family and art.
One might even say it gave him superpowers — a new life animated by an urgent productivity. An emboldened creativity. And, more than anything, a spirit ennobled.
This week's guest beat the odds. But this should come as no surprise for those well versed in the Kevin Smith canon. Because Kevin has always been an outlier — a fiercely independent voice who has been successfully cutting against the grain for as long as he can remember.
Today this charismatic master storyteller shares his most amazing tale to date — the story of Kevin Smith.

For the few unfamiliar among us, Kevin is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, author and early podcast pioneer. In 1994 he burst into prominence with his hyper low-budget comedy Clerks, a film he wrote, directed, co-produced, and filmed in the convenience store where he worked. Premiering at Sundance, it was feted with the festival's highest award before going on to become an indie cult classic.
In addition to countless appearances in both movies and television, Kevin has created a litany of films, including Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Cop Out, Jersey Girl, Red State, Tusk, Yoga Hosers and Clerks 2. Just last week he wrapped production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.
An iconic and beloved character amongst indie film fans and comic book nerds, Kevin is immediately recognizable and famous for his hockey jerseys, backwards hat and well, his weight.  But in February of 2018, between sets of one his stand-up shows, Kevin suffered his aforementioned heart attack.
A lifestyle change was needed. Desperately.
Harley Quinn Smith (a vegan herself) suggested Kevin adopt a plant-based diet. Kevin obliged. For the first time in ages, he began exercising. In short shrift, he lost 50 pounds. His blood work normalized. And the rest is history.
Today we unpack all of it. How maxing out his credit cards spawned an entire career. His perspective on podcasting as one of the very first to embrace the medium. And of course the amazing transformation that compelled me to seek him out.
Heart disease is ubiquitous. But as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn is so fond of saying, it's a toothless paper tiger that need not exist. So if you feel stuck in lifestyle habits that are leading to your own fateful confrontation with that villainous Widowmaker, my greatest hope is that this conversation catalyzes the required changes well within your grasp to master — because inside all of us is a latent superhero waiting to unleash its fury on the unnecessary evil that is heart disease.
As a long time fan of Kevin, it was an absolute delight and honor to spend a few hours with him. I love everything about this exchange. I hope you do too.
Final note: I conducted this interview at Kevin's house, so no video version of this episode. But as always, you catch the audio on Apr 08, 2019
David Bronner On Cosmic Engagement, Conscious Capitalism & Cultivating Unity

“We’re systematically destroying the life in soil and bringing our crops to harvest with more and more chemical inputs and treating soil like dead dirt instead of the life-giving resource that it is.“
David Bronner

Eat local. Buy organic. Avoid GMO. Give back. Be of service. These are all great practices. Good for your health. Good for humanity. And good for the planet.
But it's not enough.
The health and environmental problems we currently face are global epidemics of unprecedented scope and scale.
We simply cannot solve these issues with the mindset that created them.
What we need, now more than ever, is a revolution of consciousness.
There are few people more well suited for this conversation than David Bronner. By far the most unique ‘CEO' I have ever met, this week's guest is the Cosmic Engagement Officer of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, the top-selling brand of natural soaps in North America and producer of a range of organic body care and food products.
The Dr. Bronner story, which is amazing, begins in 1948 with Emanuel Bronner — a German immigrant, third-generation master soapmaker, master consciousness and generally far out dude — who used his ecological soaps to proselytize his “All One” philosophy, labeling product bottles with the key tenets of his teachings on self-realization and unity across religious and ethnic divides. Embraced by 1960's counterculture for its ecological properties and spiritual sensibility, the brand soon found it's way into most natural foods markets across the United States.
David and his brother Michael eventually took stewardship of the family business, shepherding their grandfather's brand from counterculture cult status to mainstream embrace by growing revenues from $4 million in 1998 to over $111 million in 2017.
Along the way, David went to great lengths to respect, protect and ultimately deepen Emanuel's vision, cultivating a thriving and truly conscious capitalistic enterprise making socially & environmentally responsible products while successfully pursuing its broader mission to create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

Environmental activist. Psychonaut. Visionary.These are but a few of the words that describe David, a man who very much shares his grandfather's ‘cosmic hippie’ DNA but matches it with entrepreneurial flair, a degree from Harvard and the business savvy necessary to grow and sustain an ongoing concern at scale.
Under David's stewardship, Dr. Bronner's has championed a number of causes, many of which provide the foundation for today's conversation — a free range exchange that explores David's involvement in advancing animal rights, drug policy reform, GMO regulation, regenerative organic agricultural practices, fair trade projects and practices, medicinal applications for cannabis and psychedelics, as well as wage equality, including self-imposed caps on executive pay.
Backing up its mission statement, roughly a third of Dr. Bronner's profits are dedicated to charitable giving and activist causes annually. Furthermore, the company is a founding partner in the Climate Collaborative, which leverages the power of the Natural Products Industry to compel action on climate change.
This is David's story. And it's sure to blow your mind.
Disclaimer #1: David expounds upon his personal experience with with psychedelics and cannabis in the context of spiritual growth.
Apr 02, 2019
Mike Posner On Making Art, Embracing Growth & Walking Across America

“I really try not to pay attention as much as I can to the reaction to the art. For me the reward is in the making of the art in the first place.“
Mike Posner 

An accomplished singer, songwriter, poet & producer, Mike Posner knows what it's like to be rich and famous.
He also knows what it's like to be forgotten. To grieve. To grow. To embrace that which is most important. And ultimately express his truth through art.
This is the story of a remarkable talent's attempt to live an artist's life — the struggles faced and lessons learned along his most mercurial path.
In 2010, while still an undergraduate at Duke, the Detroit native's career exploded with the release of his debut song Cooler Than Me. The irresistible pop song topped charts worldwide, selling more than two million copies and launching him into the stratosphere almost overnight.
But fame is fleeting. Unable to immediately top his debut, Mike's solo career soon faltered. Turning to writing, Mike spent the next several years behind the curtain churning out hit songs for everyone from Justin Bieber (‘Boyfriend') and Maroon 5 (‘Sugar') to Pharrell, Snoop Dogg, Nick Jonas and Avicii.
Then, in 2016, his career as a solo artist once again blossomed. A remix of his song ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza' unexpectedly surfaced as an international smash on the electronic dance scene, landing him a Grammy nomination for Best Song that year.
Not long after, Mike was hit with a trifecta of heartache. He weathered a break up with his girlfriend. His father passed after a bout with brain cancer. And his friend and frequent collaborator Avicii took his own life. It was a dark time for the young musician. But the life of an artist is one of persistence. No matter what, Mike continued to show up for music.
The result, and his best work to date, is the recently released album, A Real Good Kid — a mature, vulnerable and infectious pop meditation on grief, celebrity, ego, loss, art and personal growth.

Without a doubt, Mike is an incredibly talented musician. But what inspired this conversation has little to do with music and everything to do with character.
What draws me to this human is his spirit. An old soul with an expansive perspective on art, life and meaning that belies his age, Mike overflows with emotional wisdom forged from experience. And his unbridled, authentic enthusiasm for life and personal expression is as infectious as it is instructive.
This is the story of unpredictable highs. Low lows. Love and loss. What it means to move on. And finding solace while stuck in the middle.
I first saw Mike perform before an IN-Q spoken word event several years ago and ever since have appreciated him from afar. But I fell in love with him during our conversation. I'm fairly certain you will too.
For those visually inclined, you can watch our conversation on YouTube at: or listen in on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | Mar 26, 2019
Jack Dorsey On Solitude, Self-Care & Shouldering The Health of Global Conversation

“There’s no path towards evolution and making something better unless we can talk about it.“
Jack Dorsey 

Imagine shouldering responsibility of one of the planet's largest social networks. Now imagine that's just one of your jobs, the second focused on reinventing the world's relationship with money.
This is Jack Dorsey's life.
The co-founder and CEO of both Twitter and Square, today's guest is one of the most influential figures of the modern age — a man who has made an indelible impact on our cultural landscape by quite literally shaping how society communicates in the emergent digital era.
What started as a simple means to share personal status updates, Twitter has swelled into arguably the most important social media platform for breaking news, journalism, and political discourse. A powerful tool for speaking truth to power, it's put wind in the sails of important social movements. Provided safe haven for whistle blowers. And given marginalized groups and dissidents a voice that can be heard across the globe.
But Twitter must also account for the noxious devolution of civil discourse —  a behemoth apparatus easily weaponized for motives nefarious.
Twitter is nothing if not controversial. And Jack is the face of such controversy — a polarizing figure in the crosshairs of Twitter critics across all sides of the social and political spectrum.
Recognizing the need to more thoroughly address Twitter's role and responsibility in the growing toxicity of public conversation, Jack has spent the last month publicly addressing the platform's missteps, challenges and aspirations on a wide variety of media platforms and podcasts that include two appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Sam Harris' podcast Making Sense, and many others.
My sense is that critics were left unsatisfied with Jack's answers to the many hard questions posed.
I understand and appreciate the criticism. Just how exactly can Twitter successfully promote healthy conversation, eliminate toxicity and fairly police bad actors across 500 million daily tweets? I don't know the answer. But I do know that I heard an intelligent, empathetic and well intentioned man in an almost impossible situation — someone owning his failures and transparently endeavoring with great equanimity to solve these herculean problems in both good faith and real time.
In approaching this conversation, I made the choice not to retread territory explored at great length on Rogan. Instead, my interest is to better understand the human behind the curtain.
What does it actually feel like to be at the helm of one of the largest and most powerful social media platforms in the world? What is a day in the life of Jack Dorsey like? What daily self-care practices does he employ to mitigate the stress of his gargantuan responsibilities? And just how did this young man blaze such an extraordinary entrepreneurial path?

I first met Jack about two years ago during a visit to San Francisco. A fan of the podcast, he invited me up to the Square offices. Although our encounter was brief, I liked him immediately. Soft spoken, kind and curious, I left our meeting wanting to better understand what makes him tick.
Open to sharing his story on the podcast, I visited his San Francisco home on a foggy Saturday morning a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, his home is beautiful and well appointed. But it's also strikingly modest given his stature. Minimal to the point of spartan, it's devoid of material excess. No entourage. No private chef. No crazy car collection. Not even an assistant. Just Jack, barefoot, unpretentious and excited to show me his infrared sauna, his cold plunge,
Mar 22, 2019
The Paradox of Passion With Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness

“There is both good passion and bad passion. And what direction your passion takes is largely up to you.”
Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness   

Follow your passion.

For many it's a mantra. For others, an over-hyped trope.
I plead guilty to advocating this pursuit — a subject worthy of frequent exploration on the podcast.
But is a life propelled by passion always the best course of action?
The answer, it turns out, is complicated.
Passion can be a gift. But only if you know how to properly channel it. The same drive that fuels breakthroughs — whether they're athletic, scientific, entrepreneurial, or artistic — can be every bit as destructive as it is productive. Unchecked by balance (that other culturally touted virtue), passion can manifest as a curse, leading to endless seeking, suffering, and burnout.
Simply put, passion is a paradox.
To demystify this important subject, my friends Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness return to the podcast (their 1st appearance was RRP 293 back in June 2017) to explore how to develop, harness and express the right kind of passion to unlock potential and actualize a meaningful, purpose-driven life.

Long time listeners might recall Steve as a former elite track & field athlete who clocked an extraordinary 4:01 mile in high school. Today, Steve is one of the most accomplished, respected and in demand track & field and cross country coaches in the world. In addition to serving up duties at the University of Houston, he is the personal coach to some of the most accomplished professional and Olympic runners on the planet. In addition, he consults with start-up technology companies on innovation and growth, holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from George Mason University, and serves as an adjunct professor at St. Mary’s University in the United Kingdom.
Brad is a former McKinsey & Co. health care consultant turned writer specializing in the health and science of human performance. Lauded for his ability to merge the latest science with compelling personal stories and practical insights, his work has been published in The New York Times, Outside Magazine, New York Magazine, Forbes, NPR, The Los Angeles Times & Runner’s World.
Together, Steve and Brad are the co-authors of Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success*, a science-based primer on the principles that drive and sustain high performance in sport, business and life.
This week marks the publication of their latest collaboration, aptly titled The Passion Paradox: A Guide to Going All In, Finding Success, and Discovering the Benefits of an Unbalanced Life*. A fascinating look int0 the science behind passion and it’s double-edge-sword nature, it's a must read for anyone searching for that spark or how to best harness its magical powers to unlock inner potential.
Today's conversation is a wide-ranging exploration into the very nature of passion. Chock-a-block with scientific takeaways & experiential insights, we examine the pros and cons of this intoxicating impulse. We mine how one finds and cultivates the kind of passion that lets you ach...
Mar 19, 2019
Nadia Bolz-Weber Is Shameless — Reconciling Sex & God With Grace

“God, please help me not be an asshole, is about as common a prayer as I pray in my life.“
Nadia Bolz-Weber

Today we continue my exploration of faith with one of the most fascinating spiritual leaders in America today — a Lutheran pastor and public theologian dedicated to redefining how we think about church, practice religion, ritualize divinity, and cultivate community.
But her latest concentration, and the focus of today's conversation, is reforming religion's antiquated, sexist ideas about sex, gender and our bodies – and all the pain, guilt and shame they provoke — to reclaim our sexuality and boldly begin anew.
You see, Nadia Bolz-Weber is no ordinary pastor.
Standing six-foot-one, this heavily tattooed former drug addict rocks the collar with bright red lipstick, fancies serious custom-made jewelry (her rings and belt buckles are off the hook) and swears like a sailor. Confusing matters more, she's also very much a traditionalist – a fearless and deeply reverent pastor for America's outsiders with intrepid beliefs about what “church” can and should be for the seekers among us.
For eleven years, Nadia served as the founding pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints, a colorful and eclectic, all-comers welcome congregation she started in 2007 with just eight members in her living room in Denver.
She is also a three-time New York Times bestselling author. Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint*, is her prayer-and-profanity laden narrative about an unconventional life of faith. Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People* recounts her religious but not-so-spiritual path and perspective. Her newest book, Shameless A Sexual Reformation*, unleashes her critical eye, her sharp pen, and her vulnerable but hopeful soul on the caustic, fear-riddled, and religiously inspired messages about sex that have fed our shame.

I first laid eyes on Nadia when she took the stage at The Nantucket Project to interview Lance Armstrong. Her opening line? “So, I see from my notes that you took some drugs you weren't supposed to and then you lied about it? OMG. I did that shit SO MANY TIMES!”
The crowd erupted. Instantly, I was hooked.
Later that same weekend I witnessed Nadia deliver a sermon unlike anything I had ever experienced in church or otherwise. Wrapt by her charisma and compelled by her unapologetically honest message, I knew immediately I had to get her on the podcast.
Growing up fundamentalist, at 12 she was diagnosed with Graves' disease, a thyroid-related autoimmune disorder that caused her eyes to literally bug out of their sockets. Socially ostracized, rage and cynicism led a descent into drugs and alcohol. In 1991, a 12-step program ultimately lit her path back to faith — and the church she ultimately founded to create a home for those who have never felt home.
Today we explore Nadia's amazing story, set against the backdrop of her current focus: reforming Christianity’s historically to...
Mar 12, 2019
Brian Koppelman On The Artist Within, Nurturing Your Voice & The Importance Of Consistent Creative Practice

“Nobody has to give you permission to do the work that you want to do.”
Brian Koppelman

Today's guest was always creative, but never thought of himself of an artist.
Then Brian Koppelman shifted his mindset. He adopted consistent daily practices to nurture his voice. He finally gave that voice the respect it deserved. And his life was forever changed.
As direct result, this former music industry executive turned screenwriter, director, producer and showrunner has spent the last two decades churning out an avalanche of consistently great creative output as the co-writer (alongside lifelong friend David Levien) of iconic films like Rounders and Ocean's 13 and co-creator a little hit show you might have heard of called Billions on Showtime.
Today we convene for a fun and highly instructive conversation about the interior life of a master storyteller and modern day artist — and the lessons that can be gleaned from investing our own creative instincts.

We discuss how he discovered Tracy Chapman while still in college, facilitated her first record deal, and the hows and whys behind walking away from the music business to pursue his dream of being a writer.
We mine why devotion to process over results, mastery over success, and love of craft is the path to a meaningful life. We examine how to overcome negative self-talk and how Tony Robbins and Julia Cameron changed his life. And we dive deep into how his daily habits — journaling and meditation paramount among them — have paved his road to long-sustained success.
But, as a long time admirer of Brian, what strikes me most is his generosity. A source of personal inspiration for my own creative endeavors, Brian shares his copious experience freely (what works, what doesn’t and why) on his twitter feed (@BrianKoppelman) and as host of The Moment — his stellar podcast in which he shares conversations with all manner of successful creative people about the pivotal moments that fueled their fascinating careers.
I think of him as a benevolent mentor at large to anyone and everyone seeking to live more fully, creatively expressed lives of purpose and meaning.
So how does he do it? What can we glean from his example, habits and practices that can inform how we think about ourselves as creative beings? And why is this important?
Even if you don't consider yourself creative, Brian will leave you questioning this assumption. Because deep down, we are all artists yearning to be fully expressed in that which makes us uniquely who we are. When we engage this inclination, the world is a better place.
And we all deserve permission to do the work we want to do.
Final Note: This conversation took place a few months ago while visiting NYC. Alas, my film crew did not join me, so this episode is audio only.
Final Final Note: Season 4 of Billions returns to Showtime on March 17. If you’re new to the show, it's truly appointment viewing. So take the next week to get caught up. Season 3 was unreal and I can't wait to see what Brian, David and their amazing cast and crew have lingering up their sleeves. The only thing I know for sure is that we won't see it coming.
It's both a delight and honor to share today's exchange with a master storyteller. I sincerely hope you not only enjoy it, but that you put his sagacious wisdom to work.
Peace + Plants,

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Mar 08, 2019
San Quentin To Saved: Chris Schuhmacher’s Last Mile To Redemption

“I knew I had to take ownership of what I did and regardless of the circumstances, I was going to try and become somebody different.”
Chris Schuhmacher

This is a story of mistakes made. Of penance served. And the hard wrought path to atonement, self-forgiveness, and ultimately redemption.
It begins with a young, standout volleyball player. A smart guy who later joins the Air Force, spending nearly two years at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA studying Korean.
His career looked bright. But it wasn't long before Chris Schuhmacher started making some bad decisions. A laundry list of errant decisions, in fact, that deposited him into a dark, hard partying crowd in Hollywood. Decisions that led to dealing weed to support that lifestyle. And decisions that ultimately culminated in a suitcase of drugs under his dispatch being stolen from him.
In a drug and alcohol fueled rage, desperate and fearing the consequences should he be unable to retrieve the contraband, Chris took another manʼs life. And for that offense he was sentenced to sixteen to life.
Well aware that he might never see another day outside San Quentin, inmate number T31014 nonetheless committed to taking responsibility for his actions. Searching for spiritual purpose and meaning, he got sober — and stayed that way. He made amends for his crime, began running and earned a college degree. He even studied software engineering, developing a promising app called Fitness Monkey under the tutelage of The Last Mile, a non-profit program that trains incarcerated individuals for successful reentry,
All told, Chris transformed himself into the kind of person he always knew he could be.
Then came the impossible. In 2017, after serving 17 years, a parole board granted him his freedom. 

Re-entry hasn't be easy for Chris. But he has emerged from the experience a better man. Now a productive member of society reunited with his family and gainfully employed, he is intent on sharing his cautionary tale in service of others.
I had the privilege of hearing Chris speak at The Nantucket Project last year. In a time where prisons and prisoners are mostly forgotten, I was deeply moved by his story of change, rehabilitation and improvement from the lowest points. And I was compelled to use this platform to better understand both his humanity and the current state of our prison industrial complex.
There is no “un-doing” what Chris did. There can be no sufficient apology for taking a life. And yet there are lessons to be gleaned –both profound and instructive — from his deep dive into self-examination. The support he leveraged to reinvent himself wholesale. And the innovations afoot that can better rehabilitate the current and future incarcerated among us.
Indeed, this is a story of drugs, alcohol, addiction, betrayal, anger, and tragically, murder. It's about what currently ails our prison industrial complex. And it's about how society can do better.
But at its core, this conversation is about atonement. It's about second chances. And it's about empathy.
With that, I urge that you entertain Chris' testimony with an open mind and even more open heart.
Peace + Plants,

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Mar 05, 2019
Tom Bilyeu On Exiting The Matrix, How To Develop ‘Techne’ & Why Mindset Is Everything

“Once you realize that you can do anything that you set your mind to, how you spend your time becomes a spiritual consideration.”
Tom Bilyeu

Like most of us, Tom Bilyeu chased money for nearly a decade only to end up emotionally bankrupt.
What this filmmaker and serial entrepreneur came to realize is that the struggle is guaranteed. The money is not. So you damn-well better love the struggle.
Acting on this epiphany, Tom and his partners sold their technology company and founded Quest Nutrition — a play premised not on profits, but rather on creating value for people. Ironically, Quest exploded, becoming a billion-dollar business in roughly 5 years, making it the 2nd fastest growing company in North America according to Inc. Magazine.

This is all very interesting of course, but it’s Tom’s next chapter that captured my curiosity. After exiting Quest, Tom embarked on a mission to truly empower people — an act of service aimed at eradicating, at scale, what he sees as an epidemic of impoverished mindset.
Hence was born Impact Theory — a media company with a juggernaut talk show cornerstone in which he goes deep with all manner of inspiring people dedicated to positive transformation. The aim? To influence the cultural subconscious by building a single-minded content creation machine that makes exactly one type of content — content that empowers people.
A long-time fan of Impact Theory, I had the good fortune of being a guest on Tom's show a few months back. I walked away from that experience even more impressed with Tom. Sure, he's über successful. And the legacy he is now building is as masterful as it is laudable. But it's his generosity of spirit, matched with a keen and heartfelt curiosity, that left a lasting impression on me. The more I looked into this man and his mission, the more convinced I became that he would make a great guest for the show. And so here we are.
This is an exchange designed to upend your sense of personal possibility. Shock you out of The Matrix. Change the story you tell yourself about yourself. Facilitate greater expression of the true self within. Access reservoirs of hidden potential. And ultimately become the best version of who you really are.
And it all begins with changing your mindset.
As someone who operates in a similar landscape, I have the upmost respect for Tom's mission and him as a person. Chocked with practical advice and implementable takeaways from the frontlines of business, relationships, personal growth, self-improvement and everything in between, this conversation does not disappoint.
To view our conversation on YouTube, visit And don't forget we're also now on Spotify here:
Let the master class begin!
Peace + Plants,

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Feb 26, 2019
The War Inside: Combat Veteran Sarah Lee On PTSD & How Cycling America Saved Her Life

“The war inside is totally different from the one we were trained to win.”
Sarah Lee 

Imagine finding yourself in a place so painful, dark and hopeless that suicide feels like the only option.
Welcome to post traumatic stress disorder.
Few things are more important than mental health. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization estimates that about 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In the United States, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness, affecting 18% of the population — 7.7 million of whom are afflicted by PTSD.
Sarah Lee is one such individual.
A former Army Sergeant and Operation Iraqi Freedom II Combat Veteran, Sarah experienced more than her fair share of trauma during her 2004 deployment. After 8-years of service, she retires to civilian life and begins to struggle mightily with re-acclimating to normalcy. Numb, she begins to withdraw from friends and family. Her only companion becomes chronic neck and knee pain. And her only solace the food she binges to salve her emotional wounds. 100 pounds heavier, she is then diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening, grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst.
By April 2017, Sarah descends into a depression so bleak, she very nearly takes her own life.
Today she tells her story — an inspiring tale of survival and service that begins with a bike

However, countless who suffer from PTSD never find their way out. In fact, 22 veterans take their own lives every single day.
The very day I hosted this podcast was no exception. On November 7, 2018, just miles from my house, 28-year old combat veteran Ian David Long was planning an outlet for the dark thoughts he couldn't shake. And just hours after Sarah shared her solution with me, Long succumbed to his pain. Pulling out a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a laser sight, he opened fire on a crowd of 20-somethings gathered at the Borderline Grill in Thousand Oaks, killing twelve before fatally shooting himself.
The confluence of these two events — and the disparity in their respective outcomes — perfectly underscores the severity of PTSD, our mental health epidemic at large, and the dire need for better diagnostics and more innovative treatment solutions for the untold millions who suffer.
So let's talk about it.
This is a story about courage. It’s about healing. And it’s about redemption.
I'll let Sarah tell the rest.
To view our conversation on YouTube, visit And don't forget we're also now on Spotify here:
Peace + Plants,

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Feb 22, 2019
Eat Plants Not Animals: James Aspey Is Defending The Voiceless

“I went voiceless because they're voiceless.“
James Aspey 

Why do we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows?
Dr. Melanie Joy coined this phenomenon speciesism.
James Aspey calls it what it is — just plain wrong.
Motivated to raise greater awareness for the planet's voiceless victims, in 2014 this passionate, young, Australian animal rights activist took a 365-day vow of silence. After an entire year without uttering a single word, he ended it on Australian national television with an interview that inspired millions to make more conscious and compassionate lifestyle choices and cemented him as a charismatic new force in the fight for the ethical treatment of animals.
Ranked #3 among the “Top 25 Most Influential Vegans” by Plant Based News, James has gone on to cycle 5000kms across Australia to prove that vegans can be fit & healthy. He got tattooed for 25 hours straight to raise $20,000 for charity. He's been featured in a multitude of prominent mainstream media outlets; given free speeches at countless schools, universities, and conferences; and attended local activism events, slaughterhouse vigils, and street outreach events all across the world. He transparently shares his life and campaigns online to a massive tribe of global followers. On YouTube, his speeches have reached tens of millions of people. And his most popular speech has been viewed over 12 million views.
Enthusiastic, accessible and highly skilled behind a podium, James is inspiring a new generation to change how we eat and live in communion with the animals that share this home we call Earth.

But there's so much more to this young man's life than meets the eye. At 17, James was diagnosed with leukemia and told he only had 6 weeks to live. He beat the cancer only to slide into a life of drugs and alcohol punctuated by a profound eating disorder. Then a chance encounter with an Indian man would forever change the trajectory of James' life.
Today I'm proud to help this passionate defender of the voiceless share his powerful story.
But first, a caveat. I'm not unaware that a contingent of you shut down when the subject turns to animal welfare. I know, because I used to be that person. I didn’t start out inherently compassionate about these issues. My shift to a plant-based lifestyle was initially motivated purely for personal health reasons. In fact it was years before I became sensitive to the horrific and inexcusable manner in which we treat our animal friends. But it's an issue I now care deeply about. And it's an issue we simply can no longer ignore or tolerate.
Ghandi once famously said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
History will not look fondly upon our track record. And I, for one, want to be on the right side of history.
So for those who think this episode just isn't for you, I urge you to set aside any judgment, projection or pre-conceived ideas you may have about James or this subject matter. Trust me. And open your heart. Because to move forward, we cannot continue to turn a blind eye.
I really dig this conversation. I hope you do too. More importantly, I hope it inspires you to take positive action for change — both personal and global.
To view our conversation on YouTube, visit And don't forget we're also now on Spotify here:
Peace + Plants,

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Feb 19, 2019
Todd Herman On The Alter Ego Effect: Unlocking The Hero Within

“There's a big difference between interested and committed.”
Todd Herman 

What if I told you that one secret to success just might be adopting a secret identity?
I know. It sounds weird. I too was skeptical. But today's guest sold me with one unique thought:
What if your alter ego is a more accurate representation of who you really are?
Pondering this left me wanting to learn more. So I invited high performance coach Todd Herman on the show to elaborate.
An author, advisor, and entrepreneur, Todd has spent the last 2 decades helping professional and Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives unlock peak performance at the highest level to achieve wildly outrageous goals while enjoying the process.
Featured on the Today Show, Sky Business News, Inc. Magazine and CBC National News, Todd is also the author of the recently released book, The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life*. Equal parts instructive and entertaining, it's a provocative exploration of the heroic self within as a means to overcome that which holds you back with one goal in mind — to empower greater expression of your inner best self.

This conversation tracks the viability of Todd's alter ego thesis through the lens of successful case studies who have used this strategy to their advantage. It explores the fraught terrain of actualizing peak performance and the proven strategies to maximize human potential. And it's about how to best confront and overcome the hurdles that unnecessarily prevent the best of us – often repeatedly or in some cases continually – from inhabiting our most expressed selves.
In addition, we explore the why behind Todd’s work. More specifically, Todd relates how confronting a severe childhood trauma helped him overcome profound feelings of guilt and shame that held him back for years. Impactful for anyone who suffers in silence, it's a powerful story of healing and empowerment (but perhaps inappropriate for the little ones among us — so fair warning).
Very much in the vein of my recent podcast with James Clear (RRP #401), I found this conversation both fascinating and entertaining. My hope is that you will too.
To view our conversation on YouTube, visit And don't forget we're also now on Spotify here:
Peace + Plants,

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The Queens Of EPIC5: Danielle Grabol & Melissa Urie On Girl Power Grit

“Everybody wants the finish line. Everybody wants a medal. But people don’t want to put the work in.”
Danielle Grabol

In 2010, the tireless and intrepid Jason Lester hoodwinked me into his latest fit of voluntary suffering insanity: an attempt to complete 5 Ironman-distance triathlons on 5 Hawaiian Islands in under 5 days. Hence was born the EPIC5 Challenge — and somehow we survived to tell the tale.
Now institutionalized, EPIC5 annually attracts a global handful of athletes adequately unhinged to retrace our steps. Over the last 8 years, 29 individuals have successfully completed the challenge. Three of these intrepid humans are women. Two of them are here today.
Meet real-life Wonder Women Danielle Grabol & Melissa Urie – both athletes thriving on the cutting edge of ultra-endurance.
But it wasn't always that way.

Pushing 225 pounds, 15 years ago Dani was a junk food junkie and a pack-a-day smoker who couldn't even climb a flight of stairs without losing her breath (sounds familiar!). In 2005, her doctor told her that if she didn’t change her ways she’d be dead before she turned 40.
So she hit the gym. It was hardly overnight, but ultimately Dani reinvented herself wholesale. Down 70 pounds, an athlete was born. But on a training ride a year later, Dani was struck by a drunk driver. Her injuries were so severe she was told she would never run or bike again. Instead, she went on to compete in multiple Ironmans and even a double-Ironman. In 2013 she was one-half of the youngest two-person female team to finish RAAM — the legendary bike race across the entire United States. And in 2016, Dani became the very first female to compete in and finish EPIC5 — a stereotype shattering story she lays bare in her beautiful memoir, Fear No Distance*.
A mental health nurse from Melbourne, Australia, Mel grew up active but never competitive. But in 1998, in an effort to lose a bit of weight and get fit, she participated in the Great Victorian Bike Ride with her dad. Thus was sparked a passion for ultra-endurance. Over the years, Mel has completed 6 Ironmans and a few double ironman distances races, including Ultraman Canada and Ultraman Australia*. Like Dani, she discovered EPIC5 by way of Finding Ultra, signed up and in 2017, Mel became the second female to ever complete the challenge.
The bottom line? Mel and Dani are two badass women who know how to get it done. And this conversation is about just that.
It's about putting in the work. It's about patience. Determination and grit. Not being afraid to fail. It's about the mindset required to break stereotypes. And it's about the mental toughness demanded to compete at the highest level in an arena dominated by men.
So check your excuses at the door and enjoy!
To view our conversation on YouTube, visit And don't forget we're also now on Spotify here:
Peace + Plants,

*I recorded this interview way back in mid-November. At the time, Mel was preparing for the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. Unfortunately she did not finish that race. I'm not sure what happened but I'll find out and let you know.

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        Feb 08, 2019
Marco Borges’ Greenprint For Your Best Self & A Better World

“What is it all about? It’s about being healthier, happier, better to the animals, kinder to each other and the planet – and it all stems from what we’re putting into our bodies.”
Marco Borges

Last week, Beyoncé and Jay-Z made news across the world with a headline grabbing offer: take the plant-based pledge and you just might win concert tickets for life.
When the most culturally significant and influential entertainment couple on the planet throws down like this, it’s a big deal. The tectonic plates of social culture shift. Conventional attitudes and habits around food change. And our social paradigm is nudged forward.
So what's the story behind all this?
The man behind this curtain isn't a musician. No, Marco Borges is a trainer and exercise physiologist. He's a family man and friend. He's the person who first inspired Jay-Z and Beyoncé to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. He's the entrepreneur that partnered up with the duo on 22-Days Nutrition. And he's the environmentalist who enlisted the global icons in his latest venture, The Greenprint Project — a plant-based “blueprint” designed to shift your mindset, improve your health and impact the planet for the better.
In addition, Marco is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, including The 22-Day Revolution*, The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook*, and his latest offering, entitled (you guessed it), The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World*. An inclusive, practical primer on all things plant-based, it's a beautiful must read for anyone looking to lose weight, increase energy, boost metabolism or reduce your carbon footprint.

Marco has been prominently featured in every major media outlet from Good Morning America to Vogue and today marks his third appearance on the podcast. If you're new to the show, please check out episode #195 for Marco's full backstory and episode #271, which features a panel discussion Marco and I conducted before a live audience at the Miami Seed Food and Wine Festival a few years ago.
Today’s conversation pivots around the why behind Marco's new Greenprint book and app. We discuss transcending labels. Marco's focus on inclusivity over tribalism. And how mastering a few simple lifestyle changes can positively transform your life and the planet.
Because I have grown quite close with Marco and his family, I can say with great conviction that he is the real deal. A man who walks his talk. A father, husband and entrepreneur who has devoted decades to empowering positive change in people from all walks of life. And so it is with delight and great enthusiasm that I share our latest conversation with you tod...
Feb 05, 2019
Damien Mander: The Vegan Sniper On How Women Are Winning The War On Big Game Poaching

“Only one [species] has the power to determine what level of suffering is acceptable for all other sentient beings to endure.”
Damien Mander

You don't want to fuck with Damien Mander.
The very definition of an alpha-male modern warrior, Damien is a former Australian Royal Navy Clearance Diver (the Australian equivalent of the Navy SEALS) and Special Operations Military Sniper for the Tactical Assault Group East, an elite direct-action and hostage-recovery unit. Post-military career, Damien spent years as a private military contractor in Iraq, where his duties included training the local police force in Baghdad.
But after 12 tours, disillusionment rendered Damien's occupation no longer tenable. Burned out and cynical, an existential crisis precipitated a directionless walkabout. Seeking adventure, Damien ultimately found himself in Africa volunteering in the fight against big game poaching. Coming face-to-face with the horrors of this practice, an encounter with a pregnant wild buffalo viciously trapped and mortally injured by poachers basically changed Damien’s life – and sparked a new one altogether.
Immediately thereafter, Damien began liquidating his personal assets, founded the International Anti-Poaching Federation (IAPF) and reinvented himself as an African wildlife crusader — a warrior leveraging his modern tactical warfare experience to advance the cause of animal welfare and environmental conservation to put an end to the barbaric practice that is big game poaching.
Damien and the IAPF have had much success. But over time, Damien began to identify limitations in his highly militarized approach to solving the poaching problem. In 2017, this realization lead to his formation of Africa’s first armed, all-women anti-poaching unit. Dubbed the Akashinga (The Brave Ones), these incredible women have been incredibly successful at changing the way that animals are protected — arresting poachers without firing a single shot — and permanently changing the conservation landscape for the better.

Damien's work has been featured in National Geographic, 60 Minutes, Animal Planet, Al Jazeera, Voice of America, Forbes & The Sunday Times. He is prominently featured in the upcoming James Cameron produced, vegan athlete documentary Game Changers. And I highly recommend everybody watch his incredible TED Talk, Modern Warrior.
A riveting tale you won't want to miss, today Damien's relates his transformation from ‘man's man' meat-eating mercenary to hardcore animal conservationist to women's rights champion. His story is as extraordinary as it is inspiring. His work has completely changed the poaching and trophy hunting landscape. His heart is massive. And his example shifts the tectonic plates on how we think about masculinity and ecological responsibility in the modern age.
It was an honor to spend time with Damien. He is a role model to me personally. A man I respect deeply. And a paradigm breaker if there ever was one.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange as much as I enjoyed having it. More than that, I hope it spurs you to action. To learn more and get involved, please visit
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube at and the podcast is now available on Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

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        Jan 29, 2019
Dare To Be You In A World That Values Conformity

“Are you a fraud to society or a fraud to yourself?”
Guru Singh

Welcome to another edition Guru Corner featuring my favorite teacher on all things mystic and metaphysical, Guru Singh.
Fusing Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism, Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi and master spiritual teacher who has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga for more than 40 years. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also a supremely talented musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros’ Reprise label in the 1960s. When he isn’t laying down tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Today's conversation focuses on the importance of cultivating your true self in a world that values conformity over individuality.
Too many of us live disconnected lives. Lives led not mindfully, nor from a place of personal agency, but rather in reaction to external expectations and pressures. Personal expression is left repressed. The authentic voice is silenced. As a result, we suffer.
No longer. It's time to sing your song. May this conversation with one of my very favorite people help you find the notes.
Note: If you missed my previous conversations with Guru Singh, start with episode 267 and then enjoy episodes 332, 368393 and 400.
Final Note: You can watch our conversation on YouTube at and the show is also now available on Spotify.
Let the master class resume.
Peace + Plants,

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Jan 25, 2019
Kílian Jornet: Summiting The Mind Of The World’s Greatest Mountain Runner

“Conquering mountains is an ironic phrase. We are not conquering them. We can never pretend to be fighting nature because we are part of it.”
Kílian Jornet

Never meet your heroes, they say.
Fortunately, this entire podcast is based on ignoring that advice. And today, that's a good thing. First, Kílian Jornet — one of the most humble, accomplished and inspiring athletes in the world — rarely sits for long form press. Second, this hero lives up to the hype. And this conversation is everything I hoped it would be.
For the uninitiated, Kílian Jornet is inarguably the most prolific and dominant mountain runner of all time and amongst the world's greatest athletes, period. Born and raised at 6,000 feet above sea level in the Spanish Pyrenees, at age 5 he climbed an 11,000 foot mountain — the highest mountain in the region. Now Jornet adores the mountains with the same ferocity with which he runs them. Racking up wins in most of the world's premier ultramarathons, his many accomplishments include:

* 4x champion of Europe’s Skyrunner World Series;
* 3x champion of the grueling Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc;
* 2011 winner, Western States 100; and
* 4x consecutive winner, Hardrock 100; and
* 2017 winner at Hardrock 100 despite dislocating his shoulder at mile 14

In search of inspiration outside formal competition, Kílian embarked on a self-styled adventure project dubbed Summits of My Life — establishing the fastest known recorded times (“FKT”) to ascend and descend the world's most challenging peaks, including the Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Denali and even the planet's tallest summit. Not only did Kílian set the Mt. Everest FKT at 26 hours from base camp, he did it without supplemental oxygen or ropes. A mere six days later, he repeated the performance — an accomplishment that inspired Adventurer of the Year accolades from National Geographic.

Kílian's feats of poetic athletic prowess are beautifully depicted in his gripping memoir Run Or Die*, the new documentary Path To Everest, and his latest book Summits of My Life* — all of which I urge you to check out.
Today he shares his remarkable story. This is a conversation about what drives one of the planet's most uniquely gifted fleet of foot — a man devoted to redefining what is possible, continually pushing the limits of human ability, and never failing to astonish competitors with his near-superhuman fitness and ability.
So what lies behind the success? Kílian's motivation isn't what you might imagine. It has nothing to do with race results. And his happiness derives not from victory. Instead, it's adventure that sparks Kílian's joy. Immersion in nature. Living outside the comfort zone. And always, always exploring.
A truly amazing human, what strikes me most about this other-worldly athlete is his profound humility. Kiílian's passion and respect for nature's prowess is earned. Refreshingly grounded, he lives simply, an ethic and aesthetic reflected in the minimalistic purity of his athletic pursuits.
Today I'm glad I met a hero. I think you will be too.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube at Jan 22, 2019
Addiction & Depression: Johann Hari On Lost Connections

“The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety. It's connection.”
Johann Hari

Why are we seeing unprecedented rates of depressions? What's behind our current opioid epidemic? And what can be done about it?
Journalist and author Johann Hari suggests that everything we think we know about addiction and depression is wrong.
Johann has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and many other outlets. He was named ‘Newspaper Journalist of the Year' by Amnesty International UK and his TED Talk, aptly titled  “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong”, was viral hit, with over 25 million views.
Pertinent to today's discussion, Johann is the author of Chasing The Scream*, which chronicles his 3-year investigation and research into the war on drugs and the nature of addiction. And his more recent book, Lost Connections* is a compelling deep dive into the nature of depression, its underlying causes and unexpected solutions.

As many of you know, addiction and mental health are subjects of great personal importance. Better understanding that nature of these conditions is the motivating force behind this conversation, which is is everything I hoped it would be.
This is an incredibly powerful, educational — and at times controversial — exploration into what drives these malignancies, why they are so difficult to overcome, and how a new approach can plot a more hopeful and solution-based course forward.
Many see Johann’s ideas as radical. And although I don't entirely agree with everything Johann prescribes, there is great wisdom in much of his findings.
If you suffer from addiction or depression, this is a must listen. If you don't, chances are someone you care for does. This conversation can provide the insight and tools for better understanding the struggle — because mental health truly impacts everyone.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube at and the podcast is now available on Spotify.
Peace + Plants,

Portrait of Johann courtesy of Simon Emmett

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Jan 15, 2019
Winter Fitness & The Canon Of Consistency With Chris Hauth

“We're able to give so much more when we take care of ourselves on a daily basis.”
Chris Hauth

Making his latest appearance in our ongoing Coach’s Corner series is none other than Chris Hauth, one of the world’s most respected endurance and ultra-endurance coaches.
A sub-9 hour Ironman, Chris (@AIMPCoach) is a former professional triathlete, Age Group Ironman World Champion, and 2-time Olympic Swimmer. In 2006, Chris won the Ironman Coeur D’Alene and went on to be the first American amateur & 4th overall American at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
When he’s not training and racing, Chris hosts the Weekly Word Podcast and runs AIMP Coaching, mentoring a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from elite professionals — including Ironman and Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers — to first time half-marathoners.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out, Chris knows how to get the best out of athletes the right way. A long-time friend and mentor as much as a coach, I have been under Chris’ tutelage since 2008, during which time he deftly guided me through three Ultraman World Championships (’08, ’09 & ’11), EPIC5 in 2010 and the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in 2017, an event we raced together as a team.
I could have never achieved the level of athletic success I have enjoyed without Chris’ deft counsel, so it is with pleasure that I share more of his wisdom with you today.
Today's discussion centers around maintaining fitness engagement during the cold winter months, when the halo effect of your New Year's resolutions have faded and inspiration tends to wane. We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

* setting proper goals;
* creating enthusiasm for your yearly resolutions;
* maintaining connection with your fitness when motivation fails;
* how self-care can provide clarity, reflection and intention;
* why this is the season for functional strength work; and
* the importance of connecting with self and nature through physical activity

2019 is now. Who you want to be come summer begins today. So let's get after it.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange. If so (and you're new to the show), check out Chris' previous appearances in episodes 21, 256, 297, 309, 313, 329 and 377.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here: and the podcast is now available on Spotify.
Final Final Note: Together let's help my friend and team member David Kahn “DK” set some health goals for 2019. Tweet @richroll and @daviddarrenkahn with your suggestions and feedback...
Jan 11, 2019
Zach Bush, MD On The Science & Spirituality of Human And Planetary Transformation

“If we don't reconnect with nature, we will just destroy it again.”
Zach Bush MD

In my humble opinion, Zach Bush, MD isn't just one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human and environmental health. He's a virtuoso healer. A master consciousness. And a gift to humanity.
Today Dr. Bush returns to the podcast (his first appearance was RRP #353 in March of 2018) for a formidable and moving conversation that will leave you rethinking not only how you eat and live, but what it means to be a conscious consumer and engaged citizen of this precious planet we all share.
A pioneer in the science of well-being, Dr. Bush is the founder and director of M Clinic, an integrative medicine center in Charlottesville, Virginia, and one of the only ‘triple board-certified’ physicians in the country, expert in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care.
How we treat the planet impacts human biology. Intuitively, we understand this to be fact. But what distinguishes Dr. Bush from his medical peers is his rigorous application of science, strength of humanity, and the intelligence of nature to his commitment to transforming our world. A man with a deep understanding of the interdependence of macrocosm and microcosm, Dr. Bush's brilliance truly shines on subjects like soil degeneration and regeneration. The relationship between intensive farming practices and the rise of environmental degradation and chronic disease. And his vision for a more integrated and holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

My initial conversation with Dr. Bush remains one of the most mind-blowing, impactful and popular discourses in the history of this show. Picking up where we left off, today's episode exceeds all expectations — another conversation for the ages that will permanently alter how you think about everything from health, nutrition, disease, medicine, agriculture and environmentalism to what it means to be a spiritual being in this human experience we collectively share.
It’s 2019 people. It's time to stop screwing around. It's time to get educated. And it's time to once-and-for-all take control of our personal health and that of the planet we inhabit.
I ask only that you listen keenly. Take notes. And no matter what, stick around to the very end. Zach concludes the podcast with what I can only describe as the most poignant and moving closing monologue in the history of this program – a bold statement I don't make lightly.
If you thought last week's podcast with David Goggins was peak RRP, think again, Because today, the doctor is in.
Final note: the podcast is now available on Spotify and viewable on YouTube at:
Final Final Note: My friend and team member David Kahn “DK” joins us this week for an extended introductory segment to discuss his health goals for 2019. I'm interested in your thoughts on having DK pop in from time to time so we can track his progress. Together, let's help him transform! Tweet @richroll and @daviddarrenkahn with your suggestions and feedback using the hashtag #DKgoals.
Peace + Plants,

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Jan 08, 2019
You Can’t Hurt David Goggins: Going Beyond Motivation & Why Mindset Is Everything

“You have to go to war with yourself before you can find peace”
David Goggins

I can think of no better guest to usher in 2019 than the mighty one himself.
Incontrovertibly the most inspirational person I have ever met, today David Goggins returns for his second turn on the podcast — a conversation that will catapult you into the new year with the tools and hard truth you need to chase huge dreams, shatter personal limits and transform your life wholesale.
Often referred to as the hardest man alive, David is the only member of the US Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including three Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man) and Air Force Tactical Air Controller Training.
But David is perhaps best known for his superhuman feats of strength and ultra-endurance.
After several of his friends died in a 2005 helicopter crash while deployed in Afghanistan, David honored their memory by tackling the most difficult endurance challenges on Earth to raise funds and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides college scholarships and grants to the children of fallen special ops soldiers.
Hence began a most unexpected yet remarkably storied athletic career as one of the world's most accomplished endurance athletes. Highlights include:

* 2005: ran 100 miles in under 24 hours on no training;
* 2013: world record for most pullups in a 24 hour period (4,030);
* 2007: 3rd place — Badwater 135 – a 135 mile ultramarathon across Death Valley widely considered to be the world’s most difficult foot race;
* 2006: 2nd place — Ultraman World Championships, a double-ironman distance race widely considered to be the world's most difficult triathlon;
* 2007: 1st place — 48-Hour National Championship endurance foot race, where he ran 203.5 miles, beating the previous record by 20 miles; and
* 2007 – 2016 — additional top finishes at dozens of the world's most grueling endurance races, including The HURT 100, Leadville 100, Western States & more.

But David’s greatest accomplishment isn't athletic. It's self-mastery.
From day one, David has faced a concatenation of seemingly insurmountable obstacles – poverty, psychological and physical abuse, obesity, learning disabilities, asthma, sickle cell anemia, and even a congenital heart defect that often left him competing — and winning — on a mere fraction of his actual physical capabilities. It's a scenario that would have buried the best of us. And yet, against all odds, David conquered them all, and ultimately found a way out.
It's the story of a man who transformed pain into obsession and, phoenix-like, rose from a state of utter desperation to take complete ownership of his life and total command of his mind to manifest a most extraordinary life.
David's implausible journey is laid bare in his recently released memoir, Can't Hurt Me* — one of the most honest, powerful and impactful stories of hardship, redemption and personal perseverance I have ever read. Certain books instruct. Others inspire. But it's the rare read that holds the potential to reframe your sense of personal capability and completely change your life. This book does just that — a statement I don't make lightly. I highly suggest Jan 01, 2019
The Best of 2018: Part II

“Failure is an action, not an identity. And if you learn from it, you get better. That's how you grow.”
Des Linden

Welcome to the Best of 2018 — Part II: our way of taking a moment to reflect on the past twelve months by revisiting the year's most compelling podcast guests.
It's been an honor to share my conversations with so many extraordinary people over the course of 2018. Second listens brought new insights — and more reminders that that these evergreen exchanges continue to inspire and inform.

For long-time listeners, my intention is to launch you into 2019 with renewed vigor. If you're new to the show, my hope is that this anthology will stir you to peruse the back catalog and/or check out episodes you may have missed.
Links to the full episodes excerpted in this anthology are enumerated below.
Thank you for taking this journey with me. I appreciate you. I love you.
To view the conversations (minus John McAvoy & Yuval Noah Harari, which were not filmed), click here:
Here's to an extraordinary 2019. Join me, and let's do this thing together.
Peace + Plants,

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* RRP #379: Armed Robber Turned Ironman Athlete: John McAvoy
* RRP #356: ‘Emotional Agility' Author: Susan David PhD
* Dec 28, 2018
The Best of 2018: Part I

“True behavior change is really identity change.”
James Clear

Welcome to the 6th annual Best of the RRP Anthology — our way of taking a moment to reflect on the year, express gratitude and give thanks for taking this journey with us.
Over the last twelve months, I've had the honor of sharing meaningful conversations with a wide variety of extraordinary people. Second listens brought new insights — and more reminders that that these evergreen exchanges continue to inspire and inform.

For long-time listeners, the next two episodes are intended to launch you into 2019 with renewed vigor and intention. Lean in to the wisdom. Leverage it to clarify your 2019 goals.
If you're newer to the show, my hope is that this anthology will stir you to peruse the back catalog and/or check out episodes you may have missed.
Links to the full episodes excerpted in this anthology are enumerated below.
The video version of this episode (minus Mirna Valerio & Alex Hutchinson, which are audio only) is available on YouTube at
Here's to an extraordinary 2019. Join me, and let's make it the best year ever — together.
Peace + Plants,

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* Dec 24, 2018
Dr. Dean & Anne Ornish: The Power of Lifestyle Medicine To Undo Disease & Live Better

“It's not just about living longer, it's about feeling better and improving the quality of life.”
Dr. Dean Ornish

Today we explore what it truly means to live healthy and well. It's obvious that diet and exercise play a crucial role in this equation. Of course, mental health is key. And we're waking up to the importance of meditation and mindfulness. But what about spirituality? What role do connection, relationships and love play in the wellness equation? And how important is purpose?
In truth, attention to all such factors is crucial. Because they are indeed connected. Interdependent. And absolutely necessary to live your best life.
Our guides for this discussion are Dean Ornish, MD & Anne Ornish — the world-renown, pioneering power couple of lifestyle medicine.
An early advocate and practitioner of preventive medicine long before it was trendy, Dr. Ornish is an absolute legend in the plant-based nutrition movement for his groundbreaking work in the holistic prevention and reversal of chronic lifestyle diseases such as atherosclerosis, America's #1 killer.
Perhaps best known as the doctor who assisted President Clinton post heart procedure, Dean was trained in internal medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital. He is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and the president and founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito.
The author of six best-selling books, Dean was recognized as a “Time 100 Innovator”; by Life magazine as “one of the 50 most influential members of his generation”; by People as “one of the most interesting people of the year”; and by Forbes as “one of the world’s seven most powerful teachers.
Highly trained and experienced in lifestyle medicine, yoga therapy, mobile applications and web design, Anne Ornish is extraordinary in her own right. The creator behind Ornish Lifestyle Medicine's digital platform, Anne is the powerhouse behind a new paradigm for health care by way of a groundbreaking program that trains health care professionals to support healthy lifestyle progression, better clinical outcomes, larger cost savings, and better adherence than ever before documented.
Together they have co-authored a fantastic new book entitled, Undo It!: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases* — a comprehensive and scientifically proven plan to help you prevent and reverse everything from cancer and diabetes to heart disease, weight gain, and even the aging process itself. A must read, it bookstores everywhere January 8 and is currently available now for pre-order now*.

Given Dean and Anne's background, it would be fair to suspect that today’s conversation would be monopolized by diet. Of course we cover nutrition, including the scientific, peer reviewed research supporting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and how it measures up against other popular diet and nutrition protocols. But this exchange is also about the myriad of other crucial (and often overlooked or under-appreciated) factors imperative to consider in our personal health, wellness and longevity equation.
We discuss the destructive role of stress and anxiety on the immune system. We go deep into mental health,
Dec 17, 2018
How Dirt Diva Catra Corbett Was Reborn On The Run

“Getting out is the first step.”
Catra Corbett

If Ross Edgley is a real-life Aquaman, I nominate ultrarunner extraordinaire Catra Corbett as a real-life Wonder Woman.
Definitely one of the planet's most colorful athletes, Catra's polychromatic goth-punk aesthetic is a perfect superhero costume match for her sparkling personality. Rocking wild rainbow hair, brightly colored running costumes and tattooed head-to-toe, you can spot the Dirt Diva's smile from a mile out, happily tearing up the trails with her trusty side-kick training partner TruMan — a goggle-adorned mini dachshund. TruMan's superpower? He loves running as much as she does.
Yes, it's all a bit nutty. But don't be deceived — Catra is an absolute beast of an athlete. Over the course of her storied career she has competed in over 250 ultramarathons and is the first American woman to run over 100 miles or more on more than 100 occasions (137 to date).
You might recall Catra from the book Born to Run as the “kaleidoscopically tattooed” woman who ran the 212-mile John Muir Trail from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. When she reached the end, she didn't stop. Instead, she turned around and ran back — a 425-mile effort for which she holds the fastest known time (FKT), completing it in just over twelve days. Not enough? Catra also holds the FKT for the Muir Ramble – clocking 324 miles in just 7 days. Oh yeah, she also ran 144 trail miles around Lake Tahoe in 43 hours on just 50 minutes of sleep.
Most recently, at age 53, Catra completed three back-to-back 200-mile races to become the oldest woman to win the triple crown of 200's (Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200 & Moab 240). It's an astounding feat she completed in just 10 weeks. A mere eleven days later she celebrated her accomplishment by running another 100 miles at the Javelina Jundred — dressed as the The Mad Hatter. Vintage Dirt Diva.
To top it off, she's a vegan — a lifestyle she adopted 15 years ago to which she attributes her high performance prowess, race consistency and longevity.

Catra's resume speaks for itself. But most impressive are the obstacles she has faced and overcome to become the shining example of humanity and athleticism she is today.
Twenty-four years ago, Catra was lost in a hopeless spiral of meth addiction, disordered eating, and sexual and emotional abuse. Ultimately busted for peddling crystal, she hits rock bottom in a jail cell that scares her straight. Upon release she commits to getting sober, moves back home with her mother, abandons her lower companions, her boyfriend, and the dark lifestyle that she came to depend on. Her only clean friend pushes her to train for a 10K with him, and surprisingly, she likes it – and decides to run her first marathon after that.
Sobriety saved her life. Running gave her a new one altogether. Along the way she attempts suicide, loses loved ones, falls in love, has her heartbroken, meets lifelong friends and finally faces the past that led to her addiction — all of which is beautifully chronicled in her memoir, Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons*.
I sat down with Catra to learn the how and why behind her incredible journey from meth-addicted cosmetologist to world class, vegan ultrarunning phenom.
We cover her goth netherworld days and how she transformed her life in recovery. We track her accomplishments and what compels her insatiable drive to push herself well into her 5...
Dec 10, 2018
Ross Edgley Is The Real Aquaman — Lessons In Fortitude From (Arguably) The Fittest Man Alive

“You find the most honest version of yourself in complete exhaustion.“
Ross Edgley

To be certain, we face great challenges — global climate change, political divisiveness, mass shootings, social & economic disparity, chronic disease, addiction, racism, misogyny – the list goes on.
It’s easy to fall into despair. And yet there is hope. Because heroes walk among us. Look closely and you will find no shortage of unsung angels diligently working anonymously behind the scenes to solve our collective crises. And literal superheroes who remind us that the human spirit knows no boundaries.
I’ve had the good fortune to host more than a few such specimens on this podcast – people like Alex Honnold. James Lawrence who completed 50 ironmans in 50 states in 50 days. And Colin O’Brady, who, as we speak, is attempting to be the first person to cross Antarctica unaided.
And then, there’s Ross Edgley – a gentle, beautiful beast of a man who recently became the very person to swim the entire circumference of Great Britain without once stepping on land. It's a journey that took him 1,792 miles over 157 days, eclipsing several world records in the process – including the world’s longest staged sea swim.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the real Aquaman.
And yet this just the latest feat for Ross, a UK-based strongman and adventure athlete of otherworldly grit and determination whose insane feats of strength and endurance include:

* climbing the height of Everest on a rope in one sitting;
* completing a marathon while dragging a Mini Cooper behind him;
* completing a triathlon with a 100 pound tree on his back; and
* swimming 100km in the Caribbean whilst pulling a 100 pound log behind him – which he completed in just 32 hours.

Ross has chronicled his adventures as a fitness expert for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, GQ, The Daily Telegraph and Men's Fitness and is a Sunday Times Bestselling Author of the aptly titled, The World’s Fittest Book*.

I have both followed and admired Ross for many years. The Universe finally conspired to bring us together. And this conversation is everything I hoped it would be.
Today we focus on the lessons Ross learned during his 5-month swim-circumnavigation of Great Britain.
We explore the importance of purpose. Why you must succinctly understand what drives you — because if you cant explain what you’re preparing for in one sentence, it’s not clear enough.
We talk about what it means to build work capacity. How to make peace with pain. And why strength and endurance need not be mutually exclusive pursuits.
Ross’ achievements are an exploration of the outer limits of fortitude. We tap that well through the prism of Maslow's hierarchy of needs to better understand how mere survival can catalyze new horizons of human possibility.
And we discuss Ross’ ongoing guinea pig ‘n of 1” experiment in human adaptability – the incredible ability he believes we all have to develop superhuman durability and it’s applicability beyond sport to literally anything.
But more than anything, I wanted to know what compels this modern day Jack LaLane / Aquaman — and what it all means.
Final note: this conversation took place in the midst of the Woolsey Fire a few weeks back. We were evacuated from my home and studio on the interview date thus we were not able to capture this conversation on video. Given the chaos, I'm just happy we could make it work at all. Special thanks to my friends Matthew Wilder and Tamara Dunn for allowing us use of their studio in Venice.
Dec 07, 2018
Jimmy Chin & Chai Vasarhelyi On The Making of ‘Free Solo’ & Living Beyond Fear

“If you're going to make a film, it should be about something that is incredibly meaningful to you.“
Chai Vasarhelyi

If you enjoyed my conversations with adventure athletes Alex Honnold (RRP 351), Conrad Anker (RRP 170), Hilaree Nelson (RRP 364) and Colin O'Brady (RRP 207 & 235), then you are going to flip for today’s episode with Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin — the dynamic and talented filmmaking duo behind the stunning new documentary Free Solo — a beautiful cinematic celebration of human possibility.
A graduate of Princeton University hailing from New York City, Chai is an award-winning film director and producer with Hungarian, Chinese, and Brazilian roots who cut her filmmaking teeth under the legendary Mike Nichols. Her first film, A Normal Life, won Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2003. Her second film, Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love, was released in theaters in the US and internationally. The film won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the Middle East International Film Festival in 2008 and a nomination for the Pare Lorentz Award at the 2009 International Documentary Association Awards.
An award-winning cinematographer and director in his own right, Chai’s husband and creative partner Jimmy is also a professional climber, skier, mountaineer, 18-year member of The North Face Athlete Team and National Geographic Explorer. Over the past 20 years, he has led or participated in cutting-edge climbing and ski mountaineering expeditions to all seven continents and made the first and only American ski descent from the summit of Mount Everest. Known for his ability to capture the authentic in some of the world’s most high-risk environments, Jimmy has worked with many of the greatest explorers, adventurers and athletes of our time, documenting their exploits in the most challenging conditions and locations in the world. He has garnered numerous awards shooting on assignment for publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and Outside Magazine, and has directed commercial work for a wide range of clients, including Apple, Chase, Pirelli and The North Face.
Jimmy’s technical acumen matched with Chai’s storytelling superpowers have created two of the most compelling documentary masterpieces in recent memory. The highest grossing independent documentary of 2015, Meru* won the Sundance Audience Award, made the Oscars shortlist and was lauded by Variety as one of the best sports documentaries of its type in recent memory.
Their latest collaboration, and the primary focus of today’s conversation, is Free Solo – a riveting, intimate, unflinching, edge-of-your-seat, sweaty-palm-inducing thrill ride portrait of Alex Honnold as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: a death defying quest to free solo the world’s most famous rock – the 3,200 face of El Capitan in Yosemite — without a rope.
It's an accomplishment the NYT called “one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind ever.”
I concur — and cannot recommend this masterful film more highly.

But there is so much more to Jimmy and Chai’s collab...
Dec 03, 2018
The Iceman Cometh: Wim Hof On Elevating Consciousness & Amplifying Human Potential

“We are so successful at being comfortable that comfort is becoming the enemy of success.”
Wim Hof

Today we dive into the deep end of higher consciousness. We challenge the limits of human potential. And we explore the power of the mind to unlock superhuman capabilities.
Our instrument for this week's fantastic voyage is Wim Hof — aka The Iceman. 
Dropping in for his second podcast appearance — his first being RRP 231 from June 2016 — Wim is a Dutch-born world record holder, adventurer, daredevil and human guinea pig best known for his preternatural ability to withstand extreme cold.
More significant is Wim's experimentation with specific and teachable breathing techniques. Rooted in the ancient yogic tradition of pranayama and canonized for a modern audience as The Wim Hof Method, Wim asserts that through such breath techniques he can turn up his internal thermostat and activate his sympathetic nervous system — abilities conventionally believed beyond conscious control.

Understanding the far-fetched nature of his claims, Wim put his contentions to the test. Among his twenty world-record setting feats of otherworldly insanity, Wim has:

* scaled above death zone altitude (22,000 ft) on Mount Everest shirtless adorned in nothing but shorts;
* completed a full marathon above the polar circle in Finland barefoot and again shirtless and in shorts;
* summited Kilimanjaro in less than 2 days, again in nothing but shorts;
* swam a world record 66 meters under a meter of ice above the polar circle;
* sat in an ice bath for almost two hours straight;
* ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water; and
* remained asymptomatic after a poisonous E. coli endotoxin injection certain to make any human being very ill

All of this is seemingly insane. But Wim declares his feats not only replicable but entirely teachable — a curriculum that holds the potential to unlock a battery of human superpowers that extend well beyond extreme temperature tolerance to metabolic ‘reptilian brain' functions previously thought beyond conscious manipulation.

Picking up where we left off in RRP 231, this conversation focuses less on Wim's feats of incredulity and more on the nature of consciousness and the primacy of its elevation. We discuss our current crisis of awareness. The importance of challenging long-held, status quo beliefs. And the warrior's path required to live fully actualized.
Wild, calm, powerful and gentle all at the same time, Wim is undoubtedly one of the most compelling and unique people I have ever met — a man who will shock you out of your comfort zone and call into question the countless unnecessary limits we impose upon ourselves daily.
This journey begins with the breath. It extends to service, compassion, and gratitude. And it culminates in love.
Disclaimer: Never practice breathing exercises before/during any activities where a loss of consciousness may prove life threatening. The breathing methods discussed may have a profound effect and should be practiced exactly as explained and always in a safe environment. Wim strongly advises you to gradually build up your exposure to the cold. Always train without force and listen to your body carefully. If not practiced responsibly, you risk hypothermia or worse. And finally, always consult your doctor first before beginning any exercise program.
Online Course Discount: Wim was kind enough to offer my listeners 35% off his 10-week online course when you enter the code Rich35 at checkout before December 2,
Nov 26, 2018
Lindsey Vonn’s Got Grit: Lessons From The World’s Most Decorated Female Ski Racer

“It's hard to beat the person that won't quit.”
Lindsey Vonn 

What's it like to be the very best in the world at something?
Today I explore this question and so much more with a woman who truly needs no introduction.
Not only is Lindsey Vonn the most decorated female skier in history, she's the most decorated skier period – man or woman – in US history.
One of the few world-class, four-event ski racers, Lindsey is a 4-time Olympian, a 3-time Olympic medalist, the only American woman to win downhill gold, and the only American woman with 4 World Cup titles. All told, she has 82 World Cup wins in her career, the most of any female skier in history. Only 4 World Cup wins now separate Lindsey from the record set by Ingemar Stenmark in 1989.
Eclipsing this once thought untouchable achievement is the final goal propelling Lindsey into her final professional season.
Off the slopes, Lindsey is a media mogul. A regular on “Most Marketable” athlete lists, she has been profiled in every major media outlet across the globe and graced the cover of publications such as Fitness, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, TV Guide and many others.
Not enough? Lindsey sank a hole-in-one during one of her very first full 18 holes of golf. So there's that.

Lindsey's victories are self-evident. Less appreciated are the countless obstacles she has faced and overcome over the course of her legendary career. From potentially career-ending injuries to debilitating bouts with depression to weathering the haters and naysayers, Lindsey's trajectory skyward has been neither linear nor charmed. In point of fact, she has tenaciously fought for all everything she has achieved – falling and failing often.
Her motto? When you fall, get right back up. And never, ever quit.
It's Lindsay's fearlessness and relentless persistence that most impresses  — qualities I explore as the focus of today's conversation.
So what drives this champion? And what can we learn from her mindset, process and experience?
Listen, learn and enjoy.
Note: the podcast is now available on Spotify and our conversation is viewable in full on YouTube at
Peace + Plants,

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Nov 19, 2018
Music Mogul Jason Flom On Reforming Criminal Justice & Resurrecting Rock ‘N Roll

“Be kind to yourself, to other people, animals and the Earth.“
Jason Flom 

Today I sit down with music industry titan Jason Flom for a deep dive into what currently ails our criminal justice system, and how to fix it.
The current CEO of LAVA Records, Jason's much storied career features stints as Chairman and CEO at Atlantic Records, Virgin Records and Capitol Music Group. He is personally responsible for launching a litany of massive acts, including Kid Rock, Katy Perry, Lorde, and most recently Greta Van Fleet. The New Yorker described him as “one of the most successful record men of the past 20 years…known for his specialty in delivering ‘monsters.”
Jason's accomplishments in the recording industry are extraordinary. But it's his commitment to criminal justice justice reform that compelled this conversation. A founding board member of The Innocence Project as well as a board member of several advocacy organizations devoted to drug reform, prison education and ant-recidivism, Jason is a leading civilian expert on clemency with a talent for procuring exonerations for those wrongfully convicted.
A sought-after public speaker on such matters, Jason also hosts the Wrongful Conviction podcast, which features mesmerizing interviews with men and women who have spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit. A means of exposing what ails our current justice system and prison industrial complex, his goal is to promote alternatives to mass incarceration and offer ideas on how to reduce the indecencies of wrongful convictions.

Although I have followed Jason’s work for years, I had never met nor heard him speak until our paths crossed at The Nantucket Project a few months back. At the conclusion of his riveting, standing-room-only presentation alongside Amanda Knox — the exchange student who spent almost 4 years in an Italian prison following a murder conviction Jason played a part in having overturned — there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
I knew immediately I wanted to share his story and work with all of you. Today is that day.
This is a compelling exchange about what ails our criminal justice system and how to fix it.
It’s about systemic inequities and the recurring issue of false confessions — why so many innocent people plead guilty. We discuss the impact of DNA testing technology, overcoming prosecutorial malfeasance, and how unaffordable bail exacerbates social inequality. But mostly, this is a conversation about how misaligned incentives often produce unjust results and why Jason is so committed to giving a voice to those wrongfully incarcerated.
But I couldn’t let him go without a peek into his legendary music career. Stories from the frontlines, he recounts how he discovered Lorde, the current state of rock and roll, and his new venture, aptly titled, The Church of Rock and Roll.
My hope is that this conversation will provoke a deeper sense of empathy for those that suffer. Motivate you to investigate these issues more thoroughly. And inspire you to get involved in forging solutions.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Nov 16, 2018
How Josh LaJaunie Lost 200+ Pounds & Reinvented Himself: Thoughts On Mindset, Habits & Giving Back

“There's no more nutrient dense way to eat than a plant-based diet.”
Josh LaJaunie

I have never met a more inspirational everyman example of healthy, transformative living than Josh LaJaunie.
After 400+ episodes of the podcast, our initial conversation way back in December of 2013 (RRP 63) remains one of my favorite and most popular episodes in the history of the show, followed closely by our second conversation in June 2015 (RRP 152).
There's a reason for that.
Sure, Josh lost 200+ pounds. He overcame tremendous obstacles to restore and maintain his health. He reinvented himself as athlete, crushing marathons, winning an ultra and even gracing the cover of Runner's World magazine.
You might have seen Josh on The Today Show. Perhaps you caught him on Good Morning America. Certainly, Josh's personal triumphs are worthy of celebrating. But I'm emphatic it's his giant heart that captured the the media's eye.
100% genuine and utterly authentic, it's Josh's love and devotion to returning the gift in service of his friends, family, community and strangers that sets him apart — and makes me prouder than you can imagine to call him friend.
Good things happen to good people who do good for others.

For those new to the show, Josh's story — as laid out in his self-described manifesto — begins in marshy southern Louisiana. A self-avowed “swamp dweller” from Bayou Lafourche, he was a big kid surrounded by an even bigger loving family, united by their shared adoration of food. Despite being recruited to play college football, college life left him so disillusioned, he dropped out, returning home aimless and unmoored. He found work in the family construction business, but like so many, started living for the weekend: partying, hunting, fishing, cheering for his beloved New Orleans Saints, and feasting on his favorite local delicacies — po boys, jambalaya & barbecue. Lots of barbecue. It's just what you do down in Bayou Lafourche.
It wasn't long before Josh tipped 400+ on the scale. Outwardly he seemed fine with it. But deep down he was dying — his despair, embarrassment and shame escalating in lockstep with his declining self-esteem and overall well being.
Then something happened.  In 2010, Josh's beloved Saints achieved the impossible, winning the Super Bowl. It seems a small thing. But to Josh it was everything. Forever altering his perception of what is possible, he began to question the limits he imposed upon himself. Empowered, he began to “let go of his normal” and dismiss the embedded “that's just the way it is down here” mentality he was starting to understand often taints the logic of his region.
A chain reaction of events ensued that set Josh on a path that literally changed everything. He adopted a 100% plant-based diet. He resumed a long, slow return to fitness. He committed to a top-to-bottom mindset shift. It wasn't overnight, but today he has multiple marathons under his belt. An ultramarathon victory. And a plan to scale the principles that saved his life to save others via his Missing Chins secret Facebook group and newly-hatched WellStart wellness start-up.
The best part? It's just the beginning.
Picking up where we last left off, this is Josh's story. It's a tale about what can be accomplished when self-ca...
Nov 12, 2018
Bruce Friedrich On The Clean Meat Revolution

“Raising crops to feed animals so we can eat animals is vastly inefficient.”
Bruce Friedrich 

7.5 billion people currently share this spinning blue planet we call Earth. By 2050, that number will escalate to 9.7 billion. By 2100? 11 billion.
How can we possibly feed 11 billion people sustainably?
To answer that question we must turn our gaze to the industrialization of animal agriculture. On the surface, what we commonly call factory farming appears incredibly efficient, creating massive economies of scale to feed the maximum number of people possible.
But in actuality, this industry is inexcusably inefficient and unsustainable long-term. It requires untold amounts of land, water and feed. It contributes more greenhouse gas emissions that the entire transportation combined. It's depleting our soil. It's polluting our water table. It's acidifying our oceans. It's making us sick. And it's driving the greatest mass species extinction in the history of mankind. In fact, 60% of all animal species have been rendered extinct in just the last 50 years.
We can't continue down this path. We desperately need a better way.
So let's talk about it. This week I sit down for a second conversation with Bruce Friedrich, a leading innovator in food systems and policy.
Bruce is the executive director of The Good Food Institute and founding partner of New Crop Capital, organizations focused on replacing animal products with plant and culture-based alternatives. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown Law and Phi Beta Kappa from Grinnell College, holds additional degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics and was inducted into the United States Animal Rights Hall of Fame in 2004.
A popular speaker on college campuses — including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT — Bruce has appeared on NBC's Today Show, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and Court TV.

Picking up where we left off in April 2017 (RRP 286), Bruce brings us up to speed on the rapidly evolving frontier of food technology and plant-based innovation, including a fascinating deep dive into the cutting edge of clean meat and the revolutionary science that is making possible the production of animal foods by way of cultured cells harvested without slaughter.
This is a conversation about the politics of agriculture and the subsidies, corporations, representatives and lobbyists that support it.
Bust mostly, this is about current advances designed to improve food systems in the interest of human, animal and planetary well-being.
Humanity currently faces an unprecedented, seemingly insurmountable environmental crisis. But Bruce casts an optimistic forecast — how technology, urgency and popular demand are rapidly converging to create healthy, sustainable and compassionate solutions to help solve our current food, health and environmental dilemmas.
Chock-a-block with incredible information, this exchange will leave you not only better informed on the aforementioned subjects, but inspired to invest more deeply in where your food comes from, how it impacts the precious world we share and how together we can forge the future of food for ourselves and generations to come.
Incredibly intelligent, considerate and measured, it was an honor to sit down with Bruce. I sincerely hope you enjoy the conversation.
Peace + Plants,

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Nov 05, 2018
James Clear On Why Habits Are The Compound Interest of Self-Improvement

“True behavior change is really identity change.”
James Clear

What stands in the way of becoming the person you aspire to be?
Maybe it's circumstances. Access or opportunity. For many its bad habits, exacerbated by the unsuccessful war waged to replace them with good habits — a rinse and repeat process that generally leads to failure and discouragement.
Why is it so hard to overcome negative patterns?
Today's guest contends the problem isn’t you. The problem is your system.
Evolving from stuck and unsatisfied into the person you wish to become is equal parts art and science. Science helps explain the root causes of our behaviors and how to modify them. But the application of said principles into practice is very much an art.
Today we explore the often misunderstood terrain of behavior change with author James Clear, a man who has spent the better part of his career attempting to understand and master the art and science of human habit formation and decision-making,
A regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies, James’ work is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He has been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Time, and on CBS This Morning. His website receives millions of visitors each month. Hundreds of thousands subscribe to his popular e-mail newsletter. And over 10,000 leaders, managers, coaches, and teachers have built better habits in life and work via his Habits Academy online program.
James recently penned Atomic Habits, a New York Times bestselling deep dive into evidence-based self-improvement. A comprehensive primer on what actually works when it comes to behavior change, it zeroes in on the transformative power of making small changes. Packed with implementable takeaways (including many strategies I have myself employed with great success), it's a must read for anyone looking to take their life to the next level.

This is a highly practical conversation that explores the psychology and neuroscience behind behavior change.
Specific topics include the problem with goals. We discuss the relationship between overly ambitious goals and failure — why most people make the mistake of optimizing for the finish line when we should instead focus on getting to the starting line.
James explains why establishing systems are critical; and why focus should be placed on practice over performance.
We also cover why it's important to move beyond temporal, emotional drivers like motivation into practical action. Why you're more likely to act yourself into feeling rather than feel yourself into action.
Or, as I like to say, mood follows action.
My biggest takeaway from this exchange is James’ compelling dissertation on why we are best served by concentrating on identity. In other words, long-term results are best derived not from achieving the goals we set for ourselves, but instead by slowly adopting and inhabiting the daily practices and characteristics of the person we aspire to become.
Powerful and potentially game-changing, this conversation will reframe how you contemplate and act upon your ambitions. So break out the pen and paper and please enjoy
Peace + Plants,

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Oct 28, 2018
How To Raise A Conscious Child With Guru Singh

“If we don't allow ourselves to be imperfect we will never get good.”
Guru Singh

Welcome to another edition Guru Corner — a spiritual version of my popular Coach's Corner series featuring my favorite teacher on all things mystic and metaphysical, Guru Singh.
Fusing Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism, Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi and master spiritual teacher who has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga for more than 40 years. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also a supremely talented musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros’ Reprise label in the 1960s. When he isn’t recording tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Over the last couple years, I have grown quite close with Guru Singh, a beautiful and highly relatable consciousness I’m proud to call friend, family and mentor. It’s a privilege to share more of his powerful wisdom with you today.
A companion piece to my recent podcast with author and parenting expert KJ Dell'Antonia (RRP #396), today's conversation is an intimate exploration into the art of parenting through the lens of child rearing as spiritual practice.
We discuss the challenges of raising a generation required to face problems created preceding generations.
We pit the perils of social media against the importance of digital fluency.
We explore the importance of cultivating a healthy sense of self amidst the chaos of family life; how to reframe failure as opportunity; and the importance of balancing discipline while encouraging daydreaming.
Communication is paramount, so we dissect strategies for keeping it open and honest.
None of us parent perfectly. But the way forward is to better master ourselves, our actions and reactions. My hope is that this exchange will empower you with some tools to do just that.
Like my conversation with KJ, there is plenty of wisdom here for everyone, irrespective of your child rearing status. So even if you don't have children and never plan to, I encourage you to listen or watch with an open mind.
Note: If you missed our initial conversations, start with episode 267 and then enjoy episodes 332, 368 and 393.
Final Note: The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube HERE (just make sure to subscribe!)
Let the master class resume.
Peace + Plants,

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Oct 25, 2018
Scott Harrison Is Not Afraid Of Work Without End

“Charity means love. It means to look after your neighbor in need and get nothing in return.”
Scott Harrison

From the outside looking in, he was living the dream.
Killer SoHo loft. Private jets to exotic locales. Rolex, cover model girlfriend and cash. Lots of cash.
But ten years living extravagantly as a decadent nightclub promoter in New York City took it's toll.
By 28, Scott Harrison had become the worst person he knew.
Morally bankrupt and desperate to rediscover his sense of purpose, Scott decided it was time for a drastic change. So he sold all his belongings and decamped NYC for a year spent volunteering aboard a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia, West Africa.
Abroad, Harrison witnessed levels of poverty and illness he never knew existed. As one year turned into two, he came to understand that many of the diseases their group treated were waterborne, easily preventable with access to clean drinking water — a basic need sorely lacking across vast swaths of the undeveloped world.
Upon returning to New York in 2006, Scott turned his full attention to the global water crisis and the (then) 1.1 billion people living without access to clean water. The manifestation of that commitment is charity: water — a revolutionary for-purpose endeavor that to date has raised over $3000 million to bring clean drinking water to more than 8.4 million people all across the world.

Equally impressive is the extent to which Scott has quite literally reinvented and re-energized how we give and how we think about giving. He did it by creating an aspirational brand. He did it by restoring public trust in charity. And he did it by leveraging technology to deeply connect each and every giver with the gift's specific result and impact.
Simply put, Scott Harrison is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. His inspiring story from lost to found is legend — an astounding example of what can be achieved when a life pivots from self-serving to selfless service.
Scott's story can be found in his riveting new memoir, Thirst, which vividly recounts Scott's redemptive tale of transformation and the twists and turns that built charity: water into one of the most trusted, disruptive, innovative and admired nonprofits in the world. Debuting at #7 on last week's NY Times bestseller list, it's a must read page-tuner, the profits of which funnel right back to (you guessed it) charity: water.**
Picking up where left off in Scott's first appearance on the podcast (episode 305 from July 2017), today we dive deeper into previously unexplored aspects of Scott's personal evolution. We discuss progress made by his organization and the work that remains.
We discuss the important role faith has played in his journey. He explains the true meaning of charity — and the sense of purpose and personal fulfillment that goes hand in hand with service. We end with a call to action. And a reminder that we all possess the power to make the world a better place.
Because nobody should fear work that has no end.
Here's my call to action: in celebration of my 52nd birthday, help me raise $100,000 by December 31, 2018 — 100% of which will be deployed to bring clean water projects to over 3,300 people for the very first time. Projects that will save lives for generations to come.
Specifically, I’m asking that you donate $1 for every year that I have been drinking clean water – a pledge of $52 ...
Oct 22, 2018
Jamie Dornan & Sacha Gervasi On The Delusion of Celebrity & The Life of Hervé

“You can have everything. But if how you see everything is wrong, you have nothing.”
Sacha Gervasi

Today I sit down with actor Jamie Dornan and filmmaker Sacha Gervasi, a man I love dearly and have known for over 20 years, to discuss their recent collaboration — My Dinner With Hervé, a brilliant new film premiering October 20 on HBO.
Marking his 2nd appearance on the show (his first being episode 249 two years ago), Sacha's credits include scripting The Terminal, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks. In 2012, Sacha directed Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins and last year helmed November Criminals featuring Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz.
But Sacha is perhaps best known for Anvil! The Story of Anvil, his Emmy and Independent Spirit Award winning, real-life Spinal Tap rockumentary about an also-ran Canadian heavy metal band that many critics consider one of the greatest films ever made about rock and roll.

Anvil explored what it means to never give up on a dream. Hervé picks up where Anvil leaves off, exploring the darker aspects of lofty dreams realized in a tragic comedy that lays bare the power of unchecked ego, addiction, and unhealed childhood trauma in fueling self-destruction.
A look at the wild life of French actor Hervé Villechaize, who famously played Tattoo in the hit '70s TV series Fantasy Island, the film is based upon one insane night Sacha spent with Hervé (played by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage) just one week before Hervé’s suicide, and the emergence of an unlikely friendship that permanently alters both of their lives.
His very first script, it’s a movie Sacha began writing over 20 years ago. Both hilarious and sad, beautiful and surprisingly emotional, Hervé is hands down Sacha's best work to date. Peter Dinklage is a tour de force. And Jamie Dornan — as Danny Tate, a journalist loosely based on Sacha — delivers in an elegantly nuanced, powerful performance that will leave you with a new appreciation for this actor's depth and talent.
Jamie is of course most recognized for his portrayal as Christian Grey from the 50 Shades of Grey movies. But if that’s all you know about this young man, you're in for a delightful surprise. I first came across Jamie's work several years ago by way of The Fall, a dark psychological thriller series co-starring Gillian Anderson, and was immediately struck by his keen ability to evoke pathos and empathy for a seemingly irredeemable character. But Hervé is a game changer for Jamie — a role I'm certain will leave unsuspecting audiences with a new and grand appreciation for this actor's considerable talents.

On the surface, Hervé is about how a chance encounter between two people in various states of desperation find solace in each other's pain. One survives to embark on a new life. The other does not. Between the lines, the movie — and this conversation — is about not giving up on a dream. Hervé risked everything to become a star. And it took 20 years of persistence for Sacha to see this vision realized. But it's how one navigates success and failure that ultimately determines that which we truly seek — fulfillment, purpose, and of course happiness.
Today we explore these themes. We discuss our predisposition to judge people based solely on their outsides. We dive deep into the delusion of fame. What happens when we pervert the need to be seen. And the emptiness purchased when we seek validation outside ourselves to salve the pain of life.
On a personal note I can't express how proud I am of Sa...
Oct 15, 2018
Fiona Oakes & Keegan Kuhn Are Running For Good

“Being vegan doesn't hold you back from anything and in fact, it might make you better at what you want to do.”
Keegan Kuhn

Today's episode features a conversation conducted before a live audience at the Laemmle Royal Theatre in Los Angles with acclaimed British ultra-runner Fiona Oakes and friend, multiple podcast guest and filmmaker Keegan Kuhn — one-half of the team behind both Cowspiracy & What The Health.
Vegan since she was 6 years old, Fiona is an extraordinary athlete and exemplary human hailing from the UK who holds four world records for marathon running. Perhaps best known as the world’s fastest woman to run a marathon on all seven continents and the North Pole, in 2013 Fiona won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon. But what makes her accomplishments all the more amazing is that at age 14 she was told she would never walk properly, let alone run, due to an illness that required more than 17 radical knee surgeries that culminated in the removal of her entire right knee cap.
This week marks the release of this dynamic duo's latest creative collaboration, a new documentary entitled Running For Good. Visually arresting, the film follows Fiona as she attempts to set a new world record and complete Marathon des Sables – a 250km race through the Sahara routinely dubbed the toughest footrace on Earth.
Fiona runs not for podiums or glory, but instead to promote a compassionate way of living and break the stereotype that veganism holds you back from anything — all while tending to her true passion, operating Tower Hill Stables, where she cares for more than 450 rescued animals everyday.

A departure from Keegan’s recent provocative fare, Running For Good is a more contained yet cinematically stunning portrait of an undeniably unique, compelling, funny, self-deprecating, inspiring and essentially anonymous figure deserving of far more notice, attention and acclaim than she has historically received.
Executive produced by actor James Cromwell, I had the honor of providing some voice over to the film, as well as co-hosting the recent LA premiere of the film several weeks ago, where we recorded this conversation — which includes clips from the movie itself — post-screening before a live audience.
Fiona is someone I respect and admire deeply and have wanted to get on the show for a very long time. My admiration for Keegan and his work is well documented by his many appearances on this show. So I’m delighted to bring them together for you today. In addition, we are setting a new audio production high water mark in this episode. Jason Camiolo (who composed the film's beautiful score) did a masterful job weaving segments of the film into today's exchange to elevate the dynamic quality of your listening experience.
Big Announcement: Running For Good premieres globally on Vimeo October 11, 2018. For the first four (4) days of release (October 11-14), Keegan is generously making the film available to stream for FREE to the public. All you have to do is visit and type in the code FREE at checkout.
To support Fiona’s life work at Tower Hill Stables, click here.
For the visually inclined you're not going to want to miss the video version of the podcast, which includes clips from the movie itself. Watch it here: Oct 11, 2018
KJ Dell’Antonia Wants You To Be A Happier Parent

“Our kids don't need the burden of our happiness on top of theirs.”
KJ Dell'Antonia

As every parent will attest, it's so easy to sublimate one’s self care for the interest of a child’s needs – it’s basically programmed into our DNA.
Intellectually we understand you can’t truly take care of another unless you attend to your own well-being first. But this idea runs counter to every parental instinct, making it very difficult to practice this important principle. It feels selfish. But our selfless intentions, albeit good, can lead us astray. Not only do they undermine our well-being, they're not in our kids' interest either — because an unhappy parent does not a happy child make.
This is a solid solid life lesson, whether you have children or not.
So let's talk about it. While the vast majority of parenting advice focuses on raising happy children, today's conversation flips the lens to concentrate on the radical, almost verboten subject of how to be a happier parent.
To walk us through this hornet's nest is KJ Dell’Antonia, a former New York Times reporter who wrote and edited the Motherlode blog from 2011-2016 and was a contributing editor to the Well Family section from 2016-2017.
In addition, KJ co-hosts the #AmWriting podcast with parenting expert Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure* (and former amazing podcast guest) and recently authored the new, aptly titled book How To Be A Happier Parent*, a delightfully instructive, solution-packed, and research-backed primer aimed at helping parents find more happiness and joy in their day to day lives.

This is a very fun conversation loaded with practical advice and easy-to-implement take-aways for the parents among us. But even if you don't have children, there is plenty of wisdom here to mine. The principles discussed are applicable to all, irrespective of your child-rearing status.
Because more than anything, this is a discourse on a crucial aspect of happiness we all share: self-care.
Specific topics covered include how we can all do more by doing less (something I really need to work on).
We discuss the problem spots that cause parents the most grief, with very small and doable steps to create a family life that serves as a pleasurable refuge rather than another stress point.
We talk about the importance of promoting self-sovereignty in ourselves and our children so they mature into happy, independent self-regulators.
And it’s a conversation about what family is really all about: not just churning out great kids on a success trajectory, but joy.
It was a joy spending time with KJ. My hope is that you feel the same and leave this conversation with ample fuel to better the quality of your life and family.
For the visually inclined you can watch it all go down here:
Peace + Plants,

Portraits by Reece Robinson

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         Oct 07, 2018
Jedidiah Jenkins On Shaking The Sleeping Self & The Quest To Live Without Regrets

“The truth is the teacher. If I just tell the truth, it will have a message.”
Jedidiah Jenkins

The late Anthony Bourdain once said, “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks – on your body or on your heart – are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.”
I think this quote beautifully captures the ethos of today's conversation. Travel as an agitator of self-understanding. A template to deeply explore the deep intertwined relationship that lives and breathes in that beautiful space between adventure and identity.
Our cipher for this transcendent voyage — how exterior horizons influence scrutiny of our interior landscape — is many things: author, global adventurer, social entrepreneur, human rights activist, lawyer, filmmaker, and magazine publisher.
But labels fail to capture what makes Jedidiah Jenkins special. Let's just call him beautiful human.
I can’t quite recall how today's guest first came across my radar. What I do remember is happening upon his rather stunning Instagram feed as he neared the end of a spectacular bicycle-powered journey that took him from Oregon to Patagonia.
Each photograph more arresting than the one prior, every image conveyed it’s own story that perfectly informed an engaging larger narrative. But it’s Jedidiah’s accompanying entries — beautifully composed, contemplative and quite poetic — that set his feed apart. Writings themed less by place than interior geography, it’s Instagram as dynamic journal — an experiment in blogging that camps out hundreds of miles beyond any travelogue, blog or vlog you’ve ever before seen.
I was hypnotized. Who is this guy?
A graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Pepperdine University School of Law, Jedidiah began his professional career as one of the founding leaders of Invisible Children, the small non-profit that overnight became world renown courtesy of a little social justice campaign you might have heard of called #Kony2012– a campaign that redefined internet virality.

The progeny of adventurer journalist parents who quite famously graced the cover of National Geographic walking across America in the 1970’s, I think it’s fair to say that despite his desk-bound legal career, Jedidiah and the outdoors had a little destiny to sort out. And so, to celebrate his 30th birthday, Jedidiah quit the job he loved to unconsciously follow in his parents’ footsteps, scare himself, embrace the unknown and, like a character out of a Mark Twain novel, light out on the territory.
Three years ago, I invited him on the podcast to share the story of his sixteen-month, 10,000 mile journey. To date it's one of my favorite conversations in the history of this podcast. That day I made him promise to return upon completion of the book chronicling that experience.
Today is that day.
This week marks the release of To Shake The Sleeping Self*. It's everything I hoped it would be. On the surface it captures his epic bicycle expedition in vivid detail. But beyond the literal, it's an elegant polemic about the search for identity, the cultivation of community,
Sep 30, 2018
Knox Robinson On Why Running Is An Act of Rebellion

“Running is an act of rebellion.”
Knox Robinson

What is running culture?
I suppose the answer depends upon whom you ask. For example, Sanjay Rawal's perspective will likely vary from that of Shalane Flanagan.
If you ask Knox Robinson, his definition will have little to do with splits and podiums — and everything to do with movement as an art form. Running as a means of personal and philosophical expression. The physical voice of literature. Poetry. Music. And Politics.
For Knox, running as an act of rebellion — a means to unshackle oneself from pressures and expectations both external and internal. Freedom from the lies others tell us. And liberty from the lies we tell ourselves.
This week he explains. You're not going to want to miss it.

Based in New York City, Knox isn’t just a great runner and coach. He isn't just a great writer. And he isn’t just the co-founder and captain of Black Roses NYC — a diverse & heavily tattooed collective of amateur New York City runners who routinely gather to hammer out intervals through downtown Manhattan then go slurp ramen and spin vinyl.
Inhabiting a space in defiance of labels, Knox is the kind of human who, when asked to describe himself, effortlessly pulls the perfect quote from the poetry of Amir Baraka: “[I am] a long-breath singer, would-be dancer, strong from years of fantasy and struggle.”
It follows that Knox's relationship with running also fails easy definition. Despite his father's passion for local 10K's, Knox showed little to no athletic promise as a youth. Nonetheless he notched his way up to national caliber at Wake Forest University. Then he walked away from the sport altogether for the better part of a decade. He studied black history, art, literature and poetry. He pursued a career as a spoken word artist. He worked in the music industry managing artists. And he served as editor-in-chief of Fader – the ultimate print destination for all things hip hop, indie music, urban style and culture — jet setting to Fashion Week parties in Paris and penning thoughtful cover pieces on everyone from Kanye to The White Stripes.
It was his son's birth that compelled Knox to dust off his trainers and revisit his connection with athleticism. Expanding his relationship beyond the scope of performance, he began to imagine new horizons for his role in sport. With this epiphany came a new life. And a mission: to leverage movement as an art form — running as physical manifestation of both individual expression and communal cultural identity.
This is his story.
One of the more intimate, earnest and layered conversations I've had in recent memory, I left this exchange better for having had it, thinking more deeply about my own relationship with running, and how I can better impact others. My hope is that it does the same for you.
Peace + Plants,

Photos of Knox: 1) in white sunglasses courtesy of Chadwick Tyler; 2) sitting and running along the Hudson River courtesy of Zach Hetrick; and 3) in green singlet courtesy of Jason Suarez.

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                  Sep 24, 2018
Disrupting Depression With Guru Singh

“Every single moment is a teacher.”
Guru Singh

Welcome to another edition Guru Corner — a spiritual version of my popular Coach's Corner series featuring my favorite teacher on all things mystic and metaphysical, Guru Singh.
For those new to the show, imagine a modern-day Gandalf who rocks like Hendrix while dropping pearls of wisdom that beautifully fuse Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism.
A celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician, for the past 40 years Guru Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also a supremely talented musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros’ Reprise label in the 1960s. When he isn’t recording tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Over the last couple years, I have grown quite close with Guru Singh, a beautiful and highly relatable consciousness I’m proud to call friend, family and mentor. It’s a privilege to share more of his powerful wisdom with you today.
Today's conversation is an intimate exploration into the depths of our darkest emotions — shame, grief, sadness and depression — and the lessons they hold.
We discuss the process of releasing our attachment to ideas and identities that no longer serve us. How to navigate the pressures of our modern existence, embrace tumultuous times, and serve the planet as it serves us.
And we mine the truth that all of us — irrespective of circumstance — possess the ability to overcome our circumstances and transcend our perceived limitations.
My hope is that this conversation will empower you to more deeply invest in the development of your conscious awareness, personal boundaries, and spiritual growth.
Because, to quote Guru Singh, life is not about controlling the outside world, it's about mastering perceptions from the inside.
Note: If you missed our initial conversations, start with episode 267 and then enjoy episodes 332 and 368.
Final Note: The visually inclined can watch our entire conversation on YouTube HERE (just make sure to subscribe!)
Let the master class resume.
Peace + Plants,

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Amazon Prime Video: With Prime Video Channels,
Sep 21, 2018
Yuval Noah Harari On Why Clarity is Power

“In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.”
Yuval Noah Harari

What is the relationship between history and biology? What is the essential difference between Homo sapiens and other animals? Is there justice in history? Does history have a direction? Did people become happier as history unfolded? What ethical questions do science and technology raise in the 21st century?
These are the queries that compel Yuval Noah Harari – a man unafraid to tackle the biggest questions of our time.
For those unfamiliar, Yuval is a renown historian who received his PhD from the University of Oxford in 2002 and is currently a lecturer at the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
But Yuval is best known as the author of three groundbreaking, massive bestsellers. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind* is a narrative of humanity’s creation and evolution —a #1 international hit that explores the ways in which biology and history have defined us and enhanced our understanding of what it means to be “human.” A worldwide sensation recommended by Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Sapiens has sold over 15 million copies, been translated into nearly 50 languages, was listed on the Sunday Times bestseller list for over six months in paperback, and was a New York Times top 10 bestseller.
Whereas Sapiens peered into our past, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow* tunes Yuval's perspicuity on his estimation of our species’ future — specifically our quest to upgrade humans into gods. Within two years of publication, the book has sold in excess of four million copies and been translated into nearly 50 languages.
Yuval's latest work is 21 lessons For the 21st Century*, a probing and visionary investigation into today’s most urgent issues as we move into the uncharted territory of the future. Here he stops to take the pulse of our current global climate, focusing on the biggest questions of the present moment: What is really happening right now? What are today’s greatest challenges and choices? And what should we pay attention to?

I can't adequately express the profound extent to which Yuval's work has impacted my perspective on humanity's past. The bizarre future that will undoubtedly reshape our species. And the unprecedented predicaments we currently face — acute problems that if not adequately solved will harken the end of humanity as we currently understand it.
Yuval’s work is defined by his ability to see things clearly – with a distance and objectivity that provides a welcome and much needed expanse to explore big ideas.
It’s a clarity he credits to meditation, a ritual he diligently practices two hours daily with an annual 60 day silent retreat.
Today I sit down with one of the world's great public intellectuals to explore these urgent questions — and what might befall humanity should should we fail to craft solutions — all through the clarity of Yuval’s finely ground lens.
We discuss the problem of disinformation and distraction. How artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping our world.
Sep 17, 2018
Strength Coach Mike Mahler Wants To Optimize Your Hormones

“Compassion is the most important form of strength.”
Mike Mahler

When we ponder health, we tend to think about things like diet and exercise.
Overlooked in this conversation is the primacy of hormone regulation. Chemical messengers that control almost all biological functions — from hunger to mood and everything in between — hormones play a massive role in overall well-being. When properly balanced, we function at our best. But should they fall out of whack, we become susceptible to everything we endeavor to avoid: weight gain, depression, poor energy, impaired sleep and a litany of chronic lifestyle diseases to name just a few.
So let's stop overlooking this critical aspect of wellness.
Today's maestro for all things hormonal is Mike Mahler — a human specimen of strength and power whose personal expertise in hormone optimization was catalyzed by an acute health crisis he struggled mightily to solve.
Perhaps best known as one of the leading experts on effective kettlebell training for size, strength, fat loss and conditioning, Mike is a renown strength coach with a specialization in hormone optimization via nutrition, training, supplements, and lifestyle. He is the author of a variety of best-selling kettlebell training e-books and DVDs. He teaches popular kettlebell workshops globally and is a regular contributor to publications like Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, and Testosterone Magazine (yes, this is actually a thing). And he has been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness UK, and CBS News.
In addition, Mike is the host of the Live Life Aggresively podcast and the author of Live Life Aggressively! What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You*.

Refreshing for his raw honesty and no B.S. style, Mike developed a deep interest in hormone health after a serious bout with pneumonia and chronic stress left his immune system debilitated. Solutions to his malady eluded him until he pulled focus on correcting his hormonal imbalances — a journey that provoked a passion for preaching the importance of understanding the crucial role our internal regulators play in order to live truly well and perform at our peak potential.
This is conversation about that journey.
We nerd out on the specifics, which hormones do what and why, and how regulatory imbalances can lead to everything from obesity to exhaustion.
We talk intermittent fasting; effective training techniques; how to avoid over-training; and the importance of restoration, stress reduction and sleep.
We cover this interest and role in the growing kettlebell revolution; the importance of functional strength and mobility; and his every-day rituals.
We discuss Mike's interest in combating human trafficking and his support of Project Child Save, a non-profit devoted to locating and recovering children kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.
And we explore his vegan journey, why he doesn't wear it on his sleeve, the importance of leading by example.
But more than anything, this is a conversation about what it means to live live aggressively — and why compassion is the ultimate strength.
Chocked full of great information, Mike was awesome. I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange as much as I enjoyed having it.
And make sure to break out that pen and paper — you're going to want to take notes.
Peace + Plants,

Sep 10, 2018
Dublin Live: Cultivating Community with The Happy Pear

“Attraction always works better than promotion.”
Rich Roll

This episode features the audio from a live event I hosted this past summer at Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin with Stephen & David Flynn of The Happy Pear.
Long-time listeners will well remember David and Stephen from #RRP 233, one of my most popular episodes of 2016. Since then the lads have made two subsequent appearances on the show in episodes 331 and 380.
For those newer to the show, The Happy Pear are the joined-at-the-hip identical twin brothers behind a family run chain of natural food stores and cafés in Ireland as well as a line of organic, locally harvested plant-based food products available across the UK.

The face and voice of Ireland's quickly growing healthy food revolution, the twins are omnipresent on social media and the bestselling authors behind a series of runaway smash-hit plant-based cookbooks, including The Happy Pear* (of course), World of the Happy Pear*, and their most recent release, The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness*.
Today's exchange opens with an extended monologue on the power of decisions by your truly. Extends to embrace the innate power we all possess to change and grow. Pivots to the importance of community. And opens up to audience Q&A on everything from healthy eating habits to how best to catalyze change in others.
I talk about the power of decisions. The importance of community. And the fact that we are all capable of positive change – and how to be a beacon to catalyze change in others.
This event inspired me to host more live experiences. At home and beyond. If you're in favor me taking the show on the road, I'd love to hear from you.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen.
Peace + Plants,

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Sanjay Rawal On Running As Spiritual Practice

“Running unites us. At one point, every culture on Earth relied on running. It's baked into our DNA.”
Sanjay Rawal

Most contemplate running as exercise. A physical practice we reluctantly endure. An uncomfortable discipline we tolerate for the sake of fitness. For weight loss. Or to competitively measure ourselves against ourselves and others.
Running is about metrics. Pace maintained. Distance covered. Calories burned. Energy expended. And results quantified.
But ask Sanjay Rawal and he'll tell you that definition isn't just limited — it misses the point altogether.
Running is so much more than podiums and aesthetics. At its core, it's a most primal activity that unites us all. It's about growth. It's about self-understanding. And for many cultures dating back millennia, it's about spiritual growth. Survival. Healing. And even transcendence.
Running as devotion.
Today Sanjay and I explore this theme in a riveting conversation focused on the inherent and indelible power of this shared human experience to better understand ourselves, our environment and the unseen world.

A graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Molecular & Cell Biology and Neurobiology, Sanjay was on the fast track to a career in medicine when he began to question his path, seeking answers and solace in meditation. This quest led to becoming a devoted student of Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual teacher based in New York. What followed is life committed to spiritual expansion. And a calling to improve the collective human condition.
Sanjay spent a decade in human rights philanthropy before realizing he could deepen his impact by turning a lens on cultures and communities worthy of notice. Hence was born a career in documentary filmmaking. Sanjay's oeuvre includes Ocean Monk*, Challenging Impossibility, and Food Chains*, which takes a hard look at migrant farm labor exploitation.
Sanjay's latest offering, and the focus of today's conversation, is 3100: Run and Become. A behind-the-scenes immersion into the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race — the world's most elusive and elite, multi-day running race. Held annually around one utterly unremarkable half-mile urban sidewalk block in Queens, New York, it demands competitors to complete at least 59 miles daily for 52 straight days.
The goal? Not glory, but rather the promise of personal expansion and a deeper sense of self.
The film also explores the historic and current relationship between running and spirituality through intimate visits with the Marathon Monks of Japan's Mt. Hiei; the persistence hunters of Africa's Kalahari tribe; and Arizona's Navajo Nation.
The act of running to transform oneself is as old as time. Ancient man and woman ran not just for survival, but to connect with Nature and the Divine.
This is a conversation that explores this essential truth.
Because to run is to be human.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this very special exchange with a truly remarkable man. And make a point of seeing the movie.

Peace + Plants,

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Sep 03, 2018
John Joseph On The PMA Effect: Transcending Labels & Transforming Lives

“I made it through the things I did because I had ammunition in the form of knowledge, which I could take shelter of in my darkest hours.“
John Joseph

Back by popular demand, my main man and provocateur-at-large John Joseph returns for his 6th appearance on the show to share more of his extraordinary story. A story that lays bare the indelible power of the human spirit to face and transcend unimaginable obstacles and ultimately transform one’s life wholesale.
If you’re a longtime listener, Johnny Bloodclot needs no introduction. For the uninitiated, John is a sui generis American original. The very definition of hardcore. A survivor. A spiritual warrior spouting straight talk directly from the streets of the Lower East Side with one singular, driving purpose:
getting people to wake the f&*k up.

Conceived and raised in abuse, deprived of opportunity and left to his own devices, John turned to violence and drugs on the rough and tumble streets of downtown Manhattan in the 1970's — during New York's most violent decade. It’s a path that predictably led to crime, addiction and incarceration. Spending his teens as a drug mule led to a series of unsavory foster care homes, culminating in unimaginably horrific stints in juvenile detention.
Then things went downhill.
To avoid long-term incarceration, John enlisted in the Navy, only to go AWOL after a fight. Fleeing the law and rudderless, he found redemption in the hardcore punk rock scene flourishing on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the early 1980’s. Taken in by the Bad Brains’ frontman H.R., John began to explore not just his musicianship, but his spirituality.  It’s a journey that birthed the Cro-Mags – one of the era’s most iconic and influential hardcore punk bands. Later, he found his spiritual salvation living in a Hare Krishna monastery, birthing a life-long love of meditation, yoga, the vegan lifestyle, racing Ironman triathlons, and most importantly, his profound devotion to service.
Renown for his straight talk, no BS approach to living, John is the author of Evolution of a Cro-Magnon*; Meat Is For Pussies*; and the upcoming The PMA Effect* — the latter two books each featuring a foreword by your truly — hitting bookstores October 2, 2018 and available for pre-order now here.
Today we pick things up where we last left off – a conversation that covers a multitude of subjects, including:

* John's recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience;

* The crisis of consciousness driving our toxic cultural divide;

* John's experience as a hare Krishna monk & his relationship with spirituality;
* ‘The PMA Effect' & his new docu-series '30 To Life';

* What it means to live a life of service; and

* The importance of living a life of ahimsa

Aug 27, 2018
The Power of Ceremony and Ritual with Julie Piatt

“The answer lies within your own being.”
Julie Piatt

Today's podcast is the latest installment in my ongoing series of ponderous mind melds with the wise and profound Julie Piatt — aka SriMati — my wife and in-house spiritual guru.
For those new to the show, Julie is the bestselling author of three vegan cookbooks as well as an accomplished yogi, healer, musician, mom to four and host of the Divine Throughline podcast, where she muses metaphysical on living a life divine.

This is an open exchange that explores a number a themes:

* Recalibration in the aftermath of an extended period of creative output;
* Self-care and the growth that occurs when we hit pause;
* Navigating financial hardship;
* Practices to amplify creativity and authenticity
* The importance of owning your path
* Julie's unique morning routine
* Healthy relationships and the broken prince-princess paradigm
* The lost art & power of ceremony and ritual; and

* how my sleeping in a tent impacts our marriage and intimacy

I sincerely hope you enjoy the offering.
Peace + Plants,

Images by Kurt Arrigo (Rich & Julie) and Leia Marasovich (Julie)

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Aug 24, 2018
Tony Hawk Is Still Killing It At 50: Do What You Love & Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

“My definition of success is doing what you love. I feel many people do things because they feel they have to, and are hesitant to risk following their passion.”
Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk was age 9 when his older brother gave him a blue fiberglass skateboard, chipped and scratched from years of use. The first time Tony stepped on it and rolled down an alley behind the family’s house in San Diego, there was no epiphany, no revelation, no foreshadowing whatsoever that he would go on to become the most famous skateboarder of all time. He reached the end driveway, looked back at his brother and shouted, “How do I turn?”
The yarn is both sweet and innocent. But it's also deeply illustrative of the mindset — a unique melding of childlike wonder and unrelenting workmanship — that still drives the single most recognized and influential skateboarder of all time:
Keep moving forward. Always be learning. Do what you love. And the rest will follow.
The tale of The Birdman is legend. Icon status. A billion dollar video game franchise. A litany of successful brands. A family man and philanthropist. But the story behind Tony Hawk is hardly linear. And it's a legacy that — at 50 — he continues to build with the unabating persistence that drove his early success.
There's no magic formula behind this man's triumphs. To be sure, he possesses talent — perhaps an unworldly one at that. But countless gifted athletes come and go. Rare and unique is the individual that can maintain a prominence measured not in years, but decades.
Tony's long-term success in sport, business and life — through times both thick and thin —  can be credited not to any shortcuts or life hacks, but rather to his unyielding devotion to a handful of tried-and-true, back-to-basics principles.
Humility. Service. An indefatigable devotion to incremental progress. The courage to constantly take risks. The daring to continually live outside his comfort zone. The willingness to shoulder an unbelievable amount of hard work. And above all, a resolve to always, always do what he loves — because for Tony, life has always been about process over results and rewards.

Let's face it. The Birdman has been interviewed a million times. He didn’t need to do my show. He doesn't have a new book out or any specific project he needs my help promote. Nonetheless, he drove several hours from San Diego for no reason other than to openly share his wisdom and experience  — a simple act that speaks loudly to this man's humble character and dogged work ethic.
In other words, Tony isn't slowing down. Just like that 9-year old trying to master his first turn, this is a man still looking forward to his next move. Expressing himself. Innovating. And curious about the world.
It's an honor to share his story.
Of course, we cover his career. And I did my best, as a fellow athlete of his age, to explore how he thinks about being 50; how he balances life as an athlete, businessman and parent; and how he continues to iterate and grow in sport, business and life.
But below the surface, this is a conversation about the importance of uncovering and ultimately expressing who you really are. And it's about the joy and freedom brought about manifesting your most authentic self.
Note: the full episode (plus a few short clips publishing later this week) is available in vivid technicolor on YouTube here:
If you are digging the podcast (and my other short movies) on YouTube, it would mean a lot if you subscribed to my channel here:
Enjoy the episode!
Peace + Plants,

Aug 20, 2018
Pro Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado On Vegan Gains, Training Pains & Changing The Game

“It's always about hard work. It's always about the diet. It's always about sacrifice and effort.”
Nimai Delgado

But where do you get your protein?
I get this question a lot. Today's guest probably gets it more than anyone on Earth.
A sweetheart of a guy rocking one of the world's most impressive physiques, this week's guest is an IFBB Professional Men’s Physique bodybuilder with a most unexpected twist:
Nimai Delgado has never eaten meat in his entire life. Not one bite.
Raised vegetarian since birth, Nimai switched to a 100% plant based unprocessed diet in 2015, motivated by a desire to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Not long after, his bodybuilding career skyrocketed. Proving animal products unnecessary for peak fitness, Nimai is indisputable living testimony that you can indeed build tremendous strength and muscle mass without the meat and dairy products most of us have been told our whole lives are critical for health and absolutely mandatory athletic performance.
Nimai's evolution into bodybuilding began as a personal mission to make friends, get fit and stay healthy. Success came swiftly. Within a year, he had won several contests, including the NPC USA Championships, earning him a spot among the IFBB professional ranks.
A fresh new face making serious waves on the vegan athlete scene, Nimai has recently shifted focus from self to service — leveraging his rapidly growing profile into a global movement to teach people young and old how to gain muscle, get fit, be competitive and thrive long-term on a plant-based diet.
Nimai's impressive vegan gains have graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine and feature prominently in the hotly anticipated Gamechangers documentary. When he isn't killing it in the gym, he's hosting the recently launched Generation V podcast and sharing daily diet and fitness tips with his 265K Instagram followers.
Perhaps you follow him on social media. Maybe you've seen him flexing in magazines. But there's so much more to Nimai than bulging biceps.
Today we unpack the untold story.

This is a conversation about what it was like being raised by Hare Krisha devotee parents who immigrated from Argentina. It's an open account of his experience growing up on a commune in rural south Mississippi. It's an exchange about how the bodybuilding subculture captured his interest. And it's about why he made the choice to go and stay vegan.
Of course, we cover his training routines. We discuss his daily nutritional regimen. Yes, we talk protein — where he gets it and the misconceptions behind the hotly debated macro-nutrient. And because suspicion is unavoidable, I do ask him about steroids.
But most of all, this is an exploration of the lesser known Nimai — the spiritual and ethical foundation beneath what he does, how he does it, and most importantly why.
It was an honor to have this awesome human in the studio. It's my pleasure to share his wisdom with you today. And my hope is that our exchange will leave you not only inspired, but questioning more than a few long-held assumptions about the role of nutrition in athletic performance.
To get a gander of this physical specimen, watch our entire conversation on YouTube at
Peace + Plants,

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Aug 13, 2018
Live Life Awake: The Art & Science of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine

“Spend time with your tribe. Having like-minded people who lift you up will change the trajectory of your path much faster than anything you can will in yourself.”
Jennifer Ayres

Welcome to another special mid-week conversation lifted from our recent retreat in Italy featuring Colin Hudon and Jennifer Ayres.
Wise beyond his years, Colin is a physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a talented herbalist, acupuncturist, tea master, and founder of Living Tea, which sources and imports the finest and rarest old-growth teas and teaware in the world.
A gift to humanity, Jennifer is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and teacher certified by perhaps the world’s most lauded Ayurvedic doctor, writer, and teacher Dr. Vasant Lad.
Longtime listeners will recall both of these friends and incredible humans have previously graced the show. If you're new to the podcast and enjoy today's exchange I urge you to check out Colin & Jennifer together in an episode entitled Heal Thyself (RRP #261) and Colin alone from (RRP #319).
Today they reunite to share a wide variety of insights on the benefits of supplementing our Western approach to medicine with ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic approaches to holistic health, disease prevention and healing. We discuss the similarities and differences between these respective approaches and enetertain audience Q&A on many other finer points of mindfully optimizing functional well-being.

LivingTea Discount: To honor his appearance on the show, Colin is kindly offering a 15% discount on his Seasonal Tea Club subscription service, which sends out 3 to 5 old-growth, hand-curated rare teas and reading material that details what’s special about the teas, how to brew them, as well as ideal foods, herbs and lifestyle recommendations from a Chinese Medicine perspective. To avail yourself of this deal, visit and enter RICHROLL (all caps) at checkout. Also, subscribe to the Living Tea newsletter for discounts in September when Colin returns from Asia with new teas. Disclaimer: This is not an ad or paid endorsement. I get absolutely nothing out of this other than the satisfaction that you will enjoy incredible tea.
Live Screening & Podcast Event: At 7:30 pm on August 23 I will be hosting a premiere screening of Running For Good: The Fiona Oaks Story at the Laemmle Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles. It's a beautiful portrait of an amazing and under appreciated athlete and activist by Cowspiracy and What The Health director Keegan Kuhn. Immediately following the screening I will be conducting a live in-theatre podcast with both Fiona and Keegan. It's going to be a great evening and tickets are going fast, so grab them now here.
It was an honor to have Colin and Jennifer join us on retreat and it is my pleasure to share their copious wisdom with you today.
Peace + Plants,

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                  Aug 10, 2018
Bassem Youssef: The Jon Stewart of Egypt On Political Satire, The Power of Plants & The Pursuit of Happiness

“Hate is illogical and hating other human beings is something that is outside of our nature”
Bassem Youssef

One minute you're a heart surgeon. Blink once and you're hosting the most watched television program in Middle East history. Blink again and you're exiled from the homeland that made you famous.
The story of Bassem Youssef is legend. But there's far more to this tale than meets the eye.
Dubbed the Jon Stewart of the Arab World, today's guest is an Egyptian cardiothoracic surgeon and member of the Royal College of Surgeons who caught lightning in a bottle making catchy 5-minute YouTube videos in his Cairo laundry room. A flash moment later, he’s a media mega-star, the man behind a controversial, first-of-it’s-kind political satire program entitled Al-Bernameg that garnered a massive and unprecedented 30 million viewers every week.
Insightful as it was incisive, Al-Bernameg received global acclaim and coverage in some of the world's biggest media outlets, culminating in Bassem appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – twice. But Bassem's bold criticism of the ruling powers led to accusations that he was disrupting public order, insulting Islam and its Armed Forces. Over 120 complaints were lodged with the General Prosecutor's office. Tens of lawsuits were filed. He was publicly smeared. Opponents put his theatre under seige, even jamming his satellite signal during airing.
Then came the arrest — a detainment that brought Bassem to the realization that his media career in Eqypt had come to a swift and decisive end, culminating in Bassem fleeing his homeland for the United States.
Nonetheless, Bassem’s work made an indelible imprint on Middle East culture. He landed on TIME magazine’s annual 100 Most Influential People list. He was awarded the International Press Freedom Award by the CPJ and chosen by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the global thinkers.
The focus of the acclaimed documentary Tickling Giants, Bassem is the author of Revolution for Dummies: Laughing Through the Arab Spring*. And when he isn’t developing television projects or performing stand up comedy, he hosts a recently launched podcast entitled Remade In America.
But Bassem's latest act could be his most impactful to date: the quest to revolutionize nutrition and health across the Middle East.

As passionate about the plant-based lifestyle as he is about political satire, Bassem is on an unlikely yet zealous quest to leverage his medical background and massive influence across the Middle East (10+ million twitter followers!) to better educate the region on the inextricable connection between nutrition, illness and optimal health.
This is a powerful conversation about how one doctor became a lightning rod media figure in the cross hairs of political power and social unrest.
It’s about fake news, free speech and the cultural imperative of political satire in responsible citizenship.
And it's a discourse on how this man's personal evolution and relationship with food motivated a desire to redress the chronic lifestyle illness epidemic America has exported across the Middle East.
Note: we conducted this interview at Bassem’s apartment in the midst of a crazy LA heatwave that left my studio with a po...
Aug 06, 2018
Superfood Superman Darin Olien On Barùkas, Breath & Brain States

“I want people to consume the greatest foods in the world so they can can actually thrive and have the energy to kick ass and live the dream life they want.”
Darin Olien

What's it like to explore the planet's hidden corners treasure hunting for the world's greatest edible food sources?
Meet the Superman of Superfoods.
One of my most popular guests, Darin Olien (@superlifeliving) returns for his third appearance on the podcast to delve deep on next level nutrition insights gleaned from his extraordinary adventures as a renown exotic superfoods hunter, wellness advocate, supplement formulator & ardent environmental activist.
Over the last twenty plus years, Darin has reconnoitered secluded pockets across the Americas, South Pacific and Asia questing for better, more natural pathways to ultimate wellness. After communing with thousands of rural farmers across the developing world, Darin has arrived upon his latest superfood obsession: the baru nut — an exotic incredibly nutrient rich superfood known to the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Cerrado for millennia, yet virtually unheard of anywhere else.

Crazy delicious bordering on addictive, the Barùkas (derived from the Baruzieta tree and commonly referred to as “baru”) tastes like a mashup of almond, cashew and peanut, but better. Not only does it boast an insane nutritional profile packed with micronutrients (loaded with magnesium), fiber (more than any other nut) and protein (6g with all essential amino acids), it's also lower in calories (25% fewer fat calories than other nuts) and requires far less water and input resources to produce.
Darin's discovery led to an epiphany that he could help preserve the Cerrado (a tropical savanna ecoregion three times the size of Texas) against the current and very real threat of cattle industry deforestation by employing its indigenous communities to harvest the native baru and importing them to North America — a win win to preserve precious environmental resources and simultaneously introduce the developed world to the healthiest nut on the planet.
Thus was born Barùkas.
Today he tells the story.
This conversation is a literal superfood show and tell (don't miss it on YouTube). It's a tutorial on the underappreciated Brazilian Cerrado. It's a look at the hows and whys behind his new company, Barùkas. And it's an advanced placement course on the importance of breath, brain states and finding life purpose.
An inspiration to me personally, Darin is a guy who walks his talk. From the foods he consumes to the lifestyle habits he practices, he is the thriving embodiment of what it means to truly own and take responsibility for your health, your life and the planet we collectively enjoy.
For the visually inclined, you can watch the full conversation on YouTube at
Final Note: In the interest of total transparency and because I believe wholeheartedly in Darin's mission, I have become a Barùkas ambassador. So if today’s conversation left you interested in checking out the baru nut and supporting the show, Darin has a special offer for my listeners. Visit or enter coupon code RICHROLL at checkout and receive 15% off your first purchase (coupon code required for subscriptions even when using the special URL). Your patronage will benefit the podcast and also let Darin know that you heard about Jul 30, 2018
Brian Rose On Why He Left Millions In Banking To Inspire Millions Online

“The brain is a pliable instrument. If you don't program it, someone else will.”
Brian Rose

This week I explore the story of a extremely smart, capable and disciplined man who lost his way in the pursuit of the American Dream. It's a quest that left him disillusioned. Broken and lost, it was only when he let go of that dream entirely that he ultimately found himself and the purpose and fulfillment that had always eluded him.
Meet Brian Rose.
San Diego born and bred, Brian earned a mechanical engineering degree from MIT and his MBA from the Sloan School of Management before heading to Wall Street to make a name for himself.
With money came the fast-paced investment banker lifestyle that accompanies newfound riches. A hard-partying culture in which more was never enough. A warped sense of entitlement that led to financial success. And a perverted belief in his own invincibility that debased his sense of self and led to a heroin addiction that very nearly claimed his life.
Professionally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, Brian was compelled to face his addiction and the existential crisis that provoked it — an epiphany in which he realized he could no longer continue along the path he had chosen for himself. He hated his work. He hated his life. And he hated himself.
Thus began Brian's journey to reclaim his life. A search for meaning. A path towards purpose. And a quest towards becoming whole.
He only had to change one thing: everything.

Walking away away from his lucrative banking career, Brian reinvents himself entirely — physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally. Without any experience, he embarks on a new self-styled career as the host of London Real, an intimate, high-gloss new media talk show launched in 2011 as an alternative to conventional media.
The show is marked by humble beginnings, but ultimately it becomes a massive success. Over the last seven years, Brian has sat for intimate, in-depth conversations with some of the greatest minds on the planet, amassing over 100 million views along the way.
An avid fan of London Real from the outset, I credit Brian as an inspiration for this show. But it wasn’t until this past year that my interest in meeting him quickened.
Seven months ago my friend (and podcast favorite) John Joseph guested on London Real, challenging Brian Brian to tackle a half-ironman on a plant-based diet. Not only did Brian accept the challenge, he created a YouTube mini-series entitled Ironmind — a documentation of the mindset and preparation required to step outside one's comfort zone. I loved it for the raw honesty in which Brian confronts his past: the shame of his heroin addiction; his history of misplaced priorities; and the spiritual epiphanies that led to his rebirth.
Although the facts of our respective stories differ, I deeply related to Brian's emotional journey. And I knew I needed to get him on the show.
This is Brian's story. It’s a story about one dynamic man's quest to live and be better. It's a conversation about a capsized American Dream. It's about the search for happiness, fulfillment, contentedness and purpose. How these things we seek most simply cannot be found in the material. And why the path forward is achieved only through an elevation of consciousness.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Final note: Brian graciously allowed me to use his studio and team to produce both the audio and video for this episode. I strongly urge you to check out the full video version of the show (it's beautiful),
Jul 23, 2018
Finding Joy In Simplicity With The Happy Pear

“If you're happy with really simple things, it's a lot easier to find joy every day.”
The Happy Pear

Conducted live during our recent Plantpower Italia retreat, this special mid-week edition of the podcast features my third conversation with Stephen & David Flynn.
Longtime listeners are well-acquainted with these Irish laddies. Stephen and David first appeared on the show back in June 2016 (#RRP 233) and again in November 2017 (RRP #331), a conversation captured before a live audience at Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin.
For those newer to the show, David and Stephen are the joined-at-the-hip identical twin brothers behind The Happy Pear, a family run chain of natural food stores and cafés in Ireland as well as a robust line of organic, locally harvested plant-based food products available across the UK.

The face and voice of Ireland's quickly growing healthy food revolution, the twins are omnipresent on social media and the bestselling authors behind a series of runaway smash-hit plant-based cookbooks, including The Happy Pear* (of course), World of the Happy Pear*, and their most recent release, The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness*.
The Happy Pear isn't just two energetic twin brothers. It isn't just a series of cafés, cookbooks and food products. It's a movement. A movement rooted in family and community with one singular goal — to make healthy food and lifestyle mainstream. When the super fit dads aren’t making pre-school breakfast picnics on the beach, engaging in impromptu handstand competitions, conducting community-oriented health education courses or traveling extensively for public speaking, they enthusiastically guide a vast and devoted global audience of wellness warriors across every social media platform from YouTube to Instagram with an endless stream of highly entertaining, quality nutrition and fitness tips, recipes and daily slice-of-life vlogs with inspiration for miles.
Picking up where our last conversation left off, please enjoy my exchange with two of the most charismatic and emphatic advocates for healthy living I have ever met.
Final Note: During my recent visit to Dublin a few weeks ago, I co-hosted another live event at Smock Alley Theatre with the boys. So if you enjoy their company, you can look forward to that conversation & audience Q&A, which I will be sharing here in the coming months.
Peace + Plants,

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         Jul 20, 2018
John McAvoy: From Armed Robbery To Professional Athlete — One Man Reformed Through The Power of Sport

“I’ve nearly been shot dead by the police – twice. I’ve been to court and handed a life sentence at 24 years old. I’ve been around some of the most dangerous men in the country, actual psychopaths… When I race, I feel tremendously honored that I can compete.”
John McAvoy

I can say without equivocation John McAvoy's story of metamorphosis is one of the most compelling, improbable, inspirational, and cinematic tales I have ever heard.
Born into a notorious London crime family — think The Sopranos meets The Krays — John is a former high profile armed robber who bought his first gun at 16 and quickly became one of Britain's most successful career criminals and most-wanted men. But it took two spells in prison and a close friend's death amidst a heist gone awry to birth a desire to change — redemption he ultimately discovered through the transformative power of sport.
Pulling one of the most improbable 180-degree life transformations of all time, John's greatest heist isn't a bank — it's his life.
While serving a double life sentence on the Belmarsh high security wing — space he shared with extremist cleric Abu Hamza and the 7/7 bombers — John decided to take a spin on the prison gym's indoor rowing machine. That experience revealed a unmistakable fact — John's freakish natural aptitude for endurance matched only by an inhuman ability to suffer.
The epiphany was miraculous. And it would change his life forever.

In short shrift, John broke a cluster of British and World indoor rowing records while in prison. Upon parole, he began forging a new life as a professional endurance athlete. Today, John is the world's only Nike sponsored Ironman athlete, a stalwart mouthpiece for prison reform and a staunch advocate for the inherent power we all possess to course correct the trajectory of one's life, no matter how dire the circumstances.
If John's story doesn't inspire you to be better, then you might want to check yourself for a heartbeat. 
In all honesty, I cant remember being so excited about sharing a podcast conversation. I sincerely hope the exchange inspires you to rethink your potential and the physical, mental and emotional limits you impose upon your inherent ability to live the life you desire.

Peace + Plants,

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Fully: From the popular Jarvis adjustable standing desks to their every-which-way active office chairs, to their many movement supporting accessories — anti-fatigue mats, treadmill desks and more — Fully is all about helping you bring more movement, energy and joy to your work and life. Get your body moving in your workspace, go to: A superior shave at an affordable price. Visit Jul 16, 2018
Eduardo Garcia Is The Bionic Chef: Regret Nothing, Forgive Everything

“Wake up every morning empowered by where you've been and encouraged by the curiosity, possibility and wonderlust of where you're about to go.”
Eduardo Garcia

Imagine yourself alone in the Montana backcountry. You're doing what you love — camping, hiking and simply enjoying the wilderness — when you stumble upon a rusted old relic. An old oil drum perhaps. Curious, you approach and peer inside to discover the remnants of a long-dead black bear cub. You set down your backpack and reach inside to further investigate.
What happened next would forever alter the life of this week’s guest – a flash of electricity so intense it should have instantly killed this young man of 30. 2400 volts that seared his insides, utterly destroyed his left arm, left his body with 9 severe exit wounds and delivered him to the ICU little more than a dead man with a heartbeat.
Eduardo Garcia would spend 48 days in intensive care. He would undergo 21 surgeries that would claim four ribs, a ton of muscle mass, and even his left arm. On top of everything else, he would be diagnosed with testicular cancer.
But against all odds, Eduardo survived.

A chef by trade, Eduardo began his career at 15 before attending culinary school. He spent the next decade traveling the world cooking for various high-end people on various high-end yachts. In 2011, he decided to return home to Montana to start Montana Mex, a food company that today produces a line of fine organic & non-GMO sauces and seasonings.
But the tragic accident that would soon befall Eduardo would ultimately set his life on a new and unforeseen trajectory beyond his wildest imagination.
Dubbed the Bionic Chef, I first came across Eduardo's story by way of Charged*, a feature-length documentary that elegantly chronicles the spirit of what this man lost but more importantly, what he found. It's a survival story built on the foundations of love and forgiveness. It's about building stronger relationships and a better life after tragedy. And it's about finding your best self so you can live life fully charged.
Today I have the great privilege of sharing Eduardo's incredible story. It's an inspirational tale of facing and overcoming extraordinary adversity. And it's about the power of attitude to persevere.
But more than anything, it's about one man's journey to wholeness — and ultimately, redemption.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here:
I sincerely hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Jul 09, 2018
Training Versus Exercise: Chris Hauth On The Athlete Mindset

“An athlete is a mindset. It's how you prepare, think and execute. Not because of some elite status or physical stature. Anybody can be an athlete.”
Chris Hauth

Today I am once again joined by 2-time Olympian Chris Hauth for another edition of Coach’s Corner – a spin on my typical podcast format where I go deep and get granular on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of high performance for both sport and life.
A sub-9 hour Ironman, Chris (@AIMPCoach) is an Age Group Ironman World Champion, a former 2-time Olympic Swimmer, and one of the world’s most respected endurance coaches. In 2006, Chris won the Ironman Coeur D’Alene and went on to be the first American amateur & 4th overall American at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
When he’s not training and racing, Chris hosts the Weekly Word Podcast and runs AIMP Coaching, mentoring a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from elite professionals — including Ironman and Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers — to first time half-marathoners.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out, Chris knows how to get the best out of athletes the right way. A long-time friend and mentor as much as a coach, I have been under Chris’ tutelage since 2008, during which time he deftly guided me through three Ultraman World Championships (’08, ’09 & ’11), EPIC5 in 2010 and the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in 2017, an event we raced together as a team.
I could have never achieved the level of athletic success I have enjoyed without Chris’ deft counsel, so it is with pleasure that I share more of his wisdom with you today.
This is a conversation and audience Q&A that explores what it means to adopt the athlete mindset. It's about the differences between intentional training versus simply exercising. And it's about the key practices that — when performed consistently — most influence success in both sport and life.
But most of all, this is a discourse about why anyone can be an athlete — a state of mind and action that has nothing to with elite status or genetic gifts and everything to do with your relationship with yourself and how you navigate the world at large.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here:

Peace + Plants,

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DesignCrowd: Custom graphic, logo and web design from over 550,
Jul 05, 2018
Rangan Chatterjee, MD on How to Make Disease Disappear

“Getting people better doesn't come from scientific papers. It's about creating actionable information.”
Rangan Chatterjee MD

The developed world is mired in a cataclysmic epidemic of chronic lifestyle illness. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and dementia — the current leading causes of death and disability — are modern day plagues, killing untold millions annually.
Quite shockingly, a full one-half of all American adults currently suffer from one of these diseases, with one in four suffering from two or more.
Nonetheless, confusion persists when it comes to what can be done to protect ourselves and ultimately lead the long healthy lives we deserve.
Most commonly overlooked in this discussion is the incredible power of our daily diet and lifestyle choices. Choices that when made right can prevent, treat and often even reverse these and many other debilitating chronic ailments.
Today I explore this terrain — a common, recurring theme of this podcast — with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, a pioneer in the field of progressive medicine.

Regarded as one of the most influential doctors in the UK, Dr. Chatterjee is double board certified in internal medicine and family medicine and holds an honors degree in immunology. An in-demand lecturer, he created the very first “Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine” course accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners in London, and is the star of the BBC One television show, Doctor In The House where he uses a functional and lifestyle medicine approach to reverse chronic disease.
Dr. Chatterjee is also the author of The Four Pillar Plan*, an instant UK Sunday Times best-seller recently released in the United States under the title How To Make Disease Disappear*. He has been extensively profiled in a litany of major media outlets. He hosts the popular Feel Better, Live More podcast (which I will be appearing on soon). And he is a regular contributor to BBC Radio and the HuffPost.
Similar to my recent conversation with Dr. Frank Lipman, this is a conversation about the current state of health and lifestyle disease in the modern, developed world.
It’s about Dr. Chatterjee's personal course correct — the motivational why behind his decision to segue from a traditional medical practice to the emerging world of functional medicine.
And it’s a primer on the crucial role of diet, nutrition, movement, sleep and stress reduction when it comes to health, longevity and disease prevention.
As an interesting aside, Rangan is also quite the musician. He even once took a career sabbatical to tour with his band. I was able to talk him into an impromptu performance at the end of the show. So be sure to stick around to the end for his acoustic rendition of The Eagles’ Take It Easy – it’s pretty great.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here:
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.

Peace + Plants,

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Jul 02, 2018
How Des Linden Won Boston: Lessons on Big Goals, Showing Up & Loving The Work

“Some days it just flows and I feel like I’m born to do this, other days it feels like I’m trudging through hell. Every day I make the choice to show up and see what I’ve got, and to try and be better. My advice: keep showing up.”
Des Linden

On April 16, 2018, Des Linden captured the hearts of millions the world over by becoming the first American female in 33 years to win the prestigious Boston Marathon.
It wasn't just that she won.
It's how she won.
You see, this wasn't supposed to be Des' year. It wasn't supposed to be Des' race. Her preparation wasn't ideal. She didn't feel great. And doubt crept in. On top of everything, the weather conditions were unprecedented. So Des Linden decided to do what nobody does — sacrifice herself and her personal performance for the benefit of her friends. She famously pulled up when Shalane Flanagan detoured to the porta potty to pace her back to the group. Then selflessly repeated the gesture to help Molly Huddle bridge a separation gap.
These are not things you do when you are in it to win it.
But Des Linden is no ordinary athlete. And this was no ordinary race. At mile 22, Des surged out of nowhere, impossibly depositing her into the lead. In the biggest race of her life — on a day when Mother Nature and her icy rains and 25mph headwinds proved the biggest antagonist — she finally claimed the precious victory that had always previously eluded her.
Today the 2-time Olympian shares her story.
How she did it. What got her there. What it all means. And what's next.

This is a conversation with Des and her long-time manager Josh Cox — the U.S. 50K record holder and former elite marathoner in his own right — about a storied athletic career that until now lacked just one thing: a major marathon victory.
It's about what this particular victory means not just to Des, but to American women's marathoning and running in general.
It's about the mindset that propelled her career to this historic moment.
It's about leveraging past failures as an opportunity to grow — because failure is simply an action, not an identity.
But more than anything, this is a conversation about the power of showing up. Because when you simply keep showing up for that which you love, you make room for the miracle.
Applicable in running. Perhaps even more applicable in life.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our entire conversation on YouTube here:
Peace + Plants,

P.S. – Photo credit for images of Des courtesy of Carrie Cox.

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On Running: Born in the Swiss Alps, On Running shoes feature the first patented cushioning system which is activated only ...
Jun 25, 2018
The Power of Owning Your Story

“Everything in your life is happening for you, instead of happening to you.”
Julie Piatt

Today's podcast is a conversation and interactive audience Q&A with me and Julie Piatt, excerpted from the first group session conducted during our recent retreat in Italy.
For those brand new to the show, Julie is an accomplished yogi, healer, musician, mom of four, and host of the Divine Throughline podcast — musings on all things spiritual and living a life divine. She also happens to be my wife.

This is a very raw and open freewheeling exchange oriented around the theme of storytelling.
It’s about the courage of vulnerability — how owning and sharing your story can serve as a vehicle to connect with yourself and others, cultivate community, and ultimately bring all of us closer.
It's about how to better meet life’s challenges and obstacles.
And it’s an open conversation about the transformative power of holding the highest vision for ourselves and others.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the offering.
Peace + Plants,

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Note: One of the best ways to support the podcast is to support the sponsors. For a complete list of all RRP sponsors and their respective vanity url's and discount codes, visit my Resources page and click “Sponsors”.

Background, Context & Reference

* Connect with Julie: | Instagram | Twitter | Jun 22, 2018
Utkarsh Ambudkar Is Breaking Hollywood Stereotypes

“I don't have the muscle of self-pity.”
Utkarsh Ambudkar

One day you get a call from your friend Lin-Manuel Miranda.
“I've got this thing I'm working on,” he says. “Are you interested?”
Without thought or question, Utkarsh Ambudkar jumps at the opportunity.
That ‘thing' happened to be a little play you might have heard of called Hamilton.
And the part wasn't just any part. It was the leading turn as Aaron Burr — a role Utkarsh originated on-stage at Lincoln Center.
Unfortunately, the stage lights on Utkarsh would soon dim. Dedication was foiled by ego. Partying took precedence over the work. In a word, he just couldn't seem to get out of his own way. And so before Hamilton even really became HAMILTON, Lin was compelled to let Utkarsh go.
This role of a lifetime, it seemed, would not be Utkarsh's to claim after all.
It's a turn of events that ultimately brought Utkarsh to his knees. Perhaps for the very first time, he was forced to reckon with himself honestly — one important link in a chain of events that would eventually lead Utkarsh to a singular, profound realization that would indelibly change his life forever: he had to change. Not just one thing, but everything.

An actor, musician, rapper and NYU Tisch School of The Arts graduate, Utkarsh is best known for his standout performances in movies like Pitch Perfect, Barbershop, Million Dollar Arm and Basmati Blues as well as television shows like The Mindy Project and White Famous. One of many South Asian actors making a recent but undeniable stamp on Hollywood, Utkarsh's latest movie is Blindspotting, a powerful new film starring Hamilton's Daveed Diggs that rocked audiences at Sundance this past winter and will be screening in select U.S. cities starting July 20.
When he isn't in front of the camera, Utkarsh can be found on stage with his friends as part of Freestyle Love Supreme, the hip hop improv crew that includes none other than Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, or making music — check out his EP Bang Bang and his ‘hauntingly beautiful' cover rendition of The Proclaimers' 500 Miles.
Perhaps his biggest opportunity to date, Utkarsh recently decamped for a six-month stint in New Zealand where he is working on the Disney big-budget, live-action production of Mulan.
Beyond his formidable performative gifts, Utkarsh has an infectious enthusiasm for life. A friend for several years, I have to come to really love this young man. It's been a privilege to observe him mature into his talent, take ownership of his life, and share his huge heart and what he has learned for the benefit of others.
Today he shares his story.
This is a conversation about what it means to cultivate a creative life. It's about confronting Hollywood stereotypes. And it's a frank exchange about battling and overcoming an addiction that nearly destroyed a young life and a promising career before it barely even began.
Raw and unedited, Utkarsh's tale is powerful, certain to both move and inspire.
My hope is that you see in him what I see — the power of true sobriety to shape a person into that which they were always meant to be.
So together,
Jun 18, 2018
Strength in Stillness: Bob Roth On The Power of Transcendental Meditation & Bringing Calm To The Center of Life’s Storm

“The more we understand the deadly impact of stress, the more we're looking at alternatives to just a pill.”
Bob Roth

Long-time listeners know well that meditation is a recurring topic of exploration on this podcast. Today I continue this tradition with a man who has played a very large role in pioneering meditation, specifically the practice of Transcendental Meditation (“TM”) throughout the West.
Meet meditation legend Bob Roth.
Bob first discovered meditation as a freshman at Berkeley during the height of the 1960's – ground-zero for the anti-war movement and the many cultural changes that were sweeping the country at that time. Once a skeptic, he was soon hooked, ultimately training under the tutelage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the legendary albeit controversial meditation guru made globally famous by the Beatles. Every day since, he has meditated twice a day every day, devoting his life over the last 45 years to teaching what he has learned to millions of people across the world.
Today, Bob is one of the most experienced and sought after meditation teachers in America. A proper meditation teacher to the stars, his student roster includes such recognizable names as Oprah, Russell Brand, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Scorcese, Ray Dalio, Howard Stern, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, and countless other notables.
But Bob would much rather talk about his work as the executive director of The David Lynch Foundation, where he has helped bring TM to more than 500,000 inner-city youth in underserved schools in 35 countries, as well as to veterans and their families suffering from PTSD, and women and girls who are survivors of domestic violence.
Bob is also the national director of the Center For Leadership Performance, another non-profit which introduces meditation to Fortune 100 companies, government organizations and non-profit charities. And he has spoken about meditation to industry leaders at such gatherings as Google Zeitgeist, Aspen Ideas Festival, Wisdom2.0, and Summit.
In addition, Bob penned the authoritative text on the subject of TM, a book aptly titled Transcendental Meditation, and recently released his newest book, Strength in Stillness* – an accessible meditation primer that breaks down the science behind TM and provides a simple, straightforward roadmap for reducing stress, accessing inner power and building resilience.

As you might expect, this conversation is a 360-degree primer on everything meditation.
We delve into Bob's introduction to meditation as a young Berkeley student as well as his experience training under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
We discuss how TM differs from other types of meditation.
We talk about his work with the David Lynch Foundation, as well as his personal experience with the quirky, brilliant film director himself.
And we cover the many scientific benefits of meditation, including how and why a consistent practice can transform your life by reducing stress and anxiety while simultaneously improving everything from focus, concentration, sleep, creativity, acuity, and productivity to emotional and physical resilience.
But most of all, this conversation redresses the excuses that prevent you from meditating while empowering you with the tools and ins...
Jun 11, 2018
There’s Always A Way: Alex Banayan on The Third Door

“Life, business, success . . . it's just like a nightclub. There are always three ways in.”
Alex Banayan

The day before his freshman year final exams, 18-year old Alex Banayan hacked The Price Is Right, won a sailboat, sold it, and used the prize money to fund his quest to learn from the worldʼs most successful people.
Over the next seven years, he pursued a graduate degree in persistence and perseverance from the University of Life. He snuck into Warren Buffett's shareholders meeting. He chased Larry King through a grocery store. He celebrated with Lady Gaga in the hottest nightclub. Along the way, he landed remarkable one-on-one interviews with Bill Gates, Maya Angelou, Steve Wozniak, Jane Goodall, Quincy Jones, and many more.
Alex's major discovery? Each and every icon shared one thing in common: they all took something he calls The Third Door*.
Since that fateful day on the Price Is Right, Alex went on to become the world's youngest venture capital executive, a coup that landed him on Forbesʼ '30 Under 30′ list and Business Insiderʼs ‘Most Powerful People Under 30.'
He has delivered keynotes at prestigious organizations like Apple, Nike, IBM, Dell, MTV and even Harvard.
He has contributed to publications like Fast Company, the Washington Post, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. And he has been featured everywhere from Fortune, Forbes, Businessweek and Bloomberg to Fox News, & CBS News.
This week, Alex's new book chronicling his wild seven-year adventure — aptly entitled The Third Door* — hit bookstores everywhere.

I first met Alex about 6 years ago. Just 19 at the time, he was in the very early stages of putting his book together. I liked him instantly, and left our lunch impressed with his rare mix of precociousness, infectious enthusiasm and raw authenticity. We stayed in touch. And that day I made him a promise: should he ever finish his book (something I doubted at the time) that he had an open invite to share his story on the podcast.
Today I honor that promise.
This is a conversation about one young man's determination to find his way in the world.
It's about a quest to learn what cannot be taught in the confines of a classroom.
It’s about never giving up.
And it's about always finding a way.
But most of all, this is a very personal exchange between two friends about what it really means to pursue a dream.
Peace + Plants,

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Jun 08, 2018
How to Be Well: Frank Lipman, MD On The Keys To A Happy & Healthy Life

“Make your default mode one of generosity. It’s a nice way to live, and it’s contagious.”
Frank Lipman MD

Health isn't the absence of disease. It's a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.
Frank Lipman, MD gets it. And today's conversation reflects this very ethos.
A leading trailblazer in Functional and Integrative Medicine, Frank began his training in his native South Africa. Disillusioned with the limitations of conventional medicine, he then spent 18 months working at clinics in the bush. Introduced to local traditional healers (sangomas) kindled an interest in non-traditional healing modalities, catalyzing a passion for combining the best of Western medicine with age-old Eastern techniques of healing, including acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, meditation, and yoga.
Today Frank treats patients holistically as the founder and director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. In addition, he is a New York Times best-selling author of six books: Total Renewal*Revive*The New Health Rules*10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat* and Young and Slim for Life*.
His newest book is entitled How To Be Well*, a beautifully illustrated primer on improving and strengthening your resilience, functioning, and overall health.

This conversation expands the aperture on what is required to live truly well. It's about understanding food as the very building blocks of life. It's about the primacy of sleep and movement. It's about how to mitigate and prevent the invisible assaults of everyday toxins. It's about the importance of carving out time to unwind and reboot. And it's about our innate need to connect with each other in order to awaken and enhance a sense of belonging and meaning
But most of all, this is a conversation about the power we all have to take better control over the quality of our health and lives.
One caveat: Frank is not vegan or plant-based. Let's just say we don't exactly see eye to eye on everything. But we are great friends who extend a mutual respect for each other. We agree on the majority of things that contribute to wellness and disease. And we enjoy poking fun at each other over our differences.
If we want to advance the conversation on the future of health, there is something to be said for building bridges.
Jun 04, 2018
Jesse Itzler On Building Your Life Resume & Why Happiness Is An Action

“I think a lot of people look at ‘happiness' as a decision and I look at it as how I choose to live my life — doing things that make me happy with the people that make me happy.”
Jesse Itzler

It's easy to take risks when your back is against the wall.
But it's the rare individual that will continue to push the envelope, face fear and embrace the unknown when that person could choose to live without self-imposed obstacles.
Jesse Itzler is one such human.
After a barnburner appearance on the podcast back in 2015 (check RRP #197 if you missed it), the man who lives so far “out of the box” that there is no box returns for another stellar exchange that does not disappoint.
For those new to the show, this is a guy who fast-talked his way right out of college into a recording contract, ultimately taking his music all the way to MTV, the Billboard 100 and even an Emmy.
Jesse then takes a wild entrepreneurial left-turn, creating and ultimately selling big companies like Marquis Jet, the world’s largest prepaid private jet card company, and Zico Coconut Water, before wooing Spanx founder (and Shark Tank guest host) Sarah Blakely all the way to the altar.
Despite his tremendous success as a serial entrepreneur, Jesse started to feel his life stagnate. Desperate to avoid the malaise of risk adversity visited upon many a prosperous peer, he embarks on a hare-brained scheme to invite adventure back into his life by convincing Navy SEAL David Goggins — the most popular episode in the history of this show — to move in with him. David relents on one condition: that Jesse comply with David's every demand, no matter how severe. The insanity that ensues is hilariously chronicled in Living With A SEAL, Jesse's well deserved New York Times bestseller.

He eats only fruit before noon. He runs 100 mile races. He raises millions for charity. And when he isn't playing super dad to his four kids (check his Instagram stories for daily dad episodes), he's an in demand motivational speaker (check out his TEDx Talk) who just happens to own the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise with a few friends. No biggie.
So the question is: how does this guy have such an extraordinary life?
Jesse boils it down to one singular mission statement:
Live life full blast. Never be afraid to fail. And never, ever allow yourself to stagnate.

In an effort to cultivate community around this ethos, Jesse recently launched Made of Challenges, a series of totally unique, end-to-end weekend experiences that are one part wellness retreat (complete with glamping tents and world-class speakers), one part next-level athletic challenge. Come August is Made of Denali, which entails jogging, hiking or crawling up a mountain in Utah, taking a gondola down, and repeating nine times until you have climbed 20,310 vertical feet — the equivalent of Mt. Denali, the highest peak in North America.
In addition, Jesse has a new book coming out this week. An inward-facing sequel to his Goggins-fueled physical escapades, May 28, 2018
Guru Singh On Compassion, Discernment & The Primacy of Self-Mastery

“Life is not about controlling the outside world. It's about mastering perceptions from the inside.”
Guru Singh

This episode marks the first installment of Guru Corner — a spiritual version of my popular Coach's Corner series featuring my favorite teacher on all things mystic, metaphysical and ethereal, Guru Singh.
For those new to the show, imagine a modern-day Gandalf who rocks like Hendrix while dropping pearls of wisdom that beautifully fuse Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism.
A celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician, for the past 40 years Guru Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga. He is the author of several books, a powerful lecturer, and behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, and artists.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also a supremely talented musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros’ Reprise label in the 1960s. When he isn’t recording tracks with people like Seal, he’s bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Today's conversation is intimate exploration into cultivating compassion, developing discernment, embracing our divinity, and ultimately expanding our capacity to do what we are here to do – to love ourselves and love others to the best of our abilities.
We discuss the root of psychic and emotional pain and the nature of violence. We imagine new educational modalities for future generations. We dive deep into the power of group consciousness to drive cultural change.
And we consider the importance of maturing the social infantilism of our emotional infrastructure as a social imperative.
Over the last couple years, I have grown quite close with Guru Singh, a beautiful and highly relatable consciousness I’m proud to call friend, family and mentor. It’s a privilege to share more of his powerful wisdom with you today.
My hope is that this conversation will empower you to more deeply invest in the development of your conscious awareness, personal boundaries, and spiritual growth.
Because, to quote Guru Singh, life is not about controlling the outside world, it's about mastering perceptions from the inside.
Note: If you missed our initial two conversations, you can find them here and here.
Another Note: We recorded this episode back in mid-February, so the topical events we discuss are not quite as current as they were on the date of the conversation. Nonetheless, the wisdom remains timeless.
Final Final Note: The visually inclined can watch our conversation on YouTube at: (just make sure to subscribe!)
Let the master class begin.
Peace + Plants,

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May 24, 2018
Fasting For Longevity With Valter Longo, Ph.D.

“Let's combine hacking with our history — and where we come from — to make sure we stay in tune with evolution.”
Valter Longo PhD

When it comes to longevity, the goal isn’t just to live as long as possible.
The true objective is to live as vibrantly and energetically as possible for as long as possible.
So how exactly do we do this?
Valter Longo, Ph.D. has devoted his life to answering this question. Along the way, his groundbreaking discoveries hold the potential to change your life in truly dramatic fashion.
One of the world's leading scientific authorities on the subject of longevity, Dr. Longo is an expert in gerontology and biological science as well as the Director of the USC Longevity Institute and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan, both of which focus on developing a better scientific understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of aging, disease and, of course, longevity.
In addition, Dr. Longo is the author of an extraordinary new book entitled, The Longevity Diet*. The culmination of 25 years of research on aging, nutrition and disease across the globe, it provides an easy-to-understand, accessible and implementable road map to living to living well longer through improved nutrition.

What differentiates Dr. Longo from many of his peers is that his focus is not purely academic, but practical. From his exhaustive research on aging in both mice and humans, he has created specific diet and lifestyle protocols scientifically proven to active stem cells; promote organ regeneration and rejuvenation; reduce the risk for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease; and ultimately extend that which we all seek: lifespan.
As discussed at length over the course of our almost 2-hour exchange, Dr. Longo's specific longevity prescription entails a daily diet regimen based on a studied group of centenarians (think Blue Zones). He then combines this with a periodic 5-day fasting protocol called the Fasting Mimicking Diet (undertaken 3-4 times per year), designed to reap the benefits of a true calorie free fast while still nourishing the body daily.
This is a powerful conversation the explores all of the foregoing. It's about what promotes longevity and what undermines it. Separating truth from misconception, it's exploration of the benefits of fasting and the science that supports it. And it's a primer on the optimal lifestyle protocols you can employ in your every day life to live well and long.
Break out pen and paper because you're going to want to take notes on this one.
It's an honor and a privilege to share Dr. Longo's experience with you — one of my most important podcasts to date.
I sincerely hope you not only enjoy the exchange, but employ his wisdom for your long-term well-being.
Because we all deserve to live our best life.
For the visually inclined, you can watch our conversation on YouTube at:
If you are enjoying the video versions of the show, do me a favor and subscribe!
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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May 21, 2018
In Search of Mastery With Dr. Michael Gervais: How To Develop A High Performance Mindset

“Balance is overrated. Forget about being balanced and work on being present.”
Dr. Michael Gervais

What are the consistent behavioral themes across the spectrum of high performing athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and change makers?
Is there a common thread connecting those who change how we understand how the world works?
Dr. Michael Gervais has devoted his life to answering these questions.
A high performance psychologist working in the trenches of high-stakes environments, Michael lives and breathes in that special place where there is no luxury for mistakes, hesitation, or failure to respond.
His clientele include the elite of the elite – the world's most prolific Olympic, professional, and extreme athletes. MVPs in every major sport. High level military. Internationally acclaimed artists and musicians. And Fortune 100 CEO’s.
You might recall Dr. Gervais as the guy Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll credits as integral to their 2014 Super Bowl win. The meditation, mindfulness and other crucial team building techniques Michael helped foster and instill into the fabric of that organization paved the team’s path towards incredible success.
You might also remember that Felix Baumgartner’s now-infamous Red Bull Stratos jump from an altitude of 128,000 feet almost never was simply because Felix simply could not overcome the high level of anxiety and claustrophobia he experienced every time he donned the jump suit. It was Dr. Gervais who helped Baumagartner resolve the issue and get Stratos back on track. No Gervais, no history making jump.
Michael is also the man behind skydiver Luke Aikins, who astonished the world by becoming the first to jump from a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute or wingsuit and live to tell the story.
A published, peer-reviewed author and recognized speaker on optimal human performance, Michael has been featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, NBC, NFL Network, Red Bull TV, Extra, The Huffington Post, Outside Magazine.
This is a long way of saying that Dr. Gervais is the man.

While Michael's roster includes the world’s most elite, he is about so much more than high performance athletes.
Everyone is required to perform daily. We all navigate our own high stakes environments. And everybody can benefit with the right mindset training. Towards this end, Michael committed to scaling the principles that drive high performance for the betterment of all. He shares his wisdom and experience each week on his Finding Mastery podcast (subscribe immediately) and works intimately with organizations both big and small through Compete To Create, the consulting firm he co-founded with Coach Carroll.
A man I consider friend and mentor, Michael is one of my very favorite people. Today we convene for a crossover episode — his third conversation on this podcast and my third appearance on his show — focused on the tools and practices required to transcend self-imposed limitations,
May 14, 2018
Kurt Sutter Is A Fearless Storyteller

“I should be dead. I know that. I should not be successful. I know that too. My daily existence is a toss of the coin – one side, fear, the other side, gratitude.”
Kurt Sutter

Fundamentally, I'm a people pleaser.
It took years of sobriety before I realized this is more character defect than positive attribute. I continue to struggle with it often.
Kurt Sutter doesn't have this problem.
A writer, actor, director, and long-time loyal friend, Kurt is a man utterly unafraid to be exactly who he is — a passionate artist committed to his creative vision for both life and art.
Kurt's description of his upbringing is vintage Sutter:
Raised in the shadow of Rahway prison, Kurt spent most of his New Jersey childhood indoors, away from people, three feet from a TV screen. That's where he learned the essentials of storytelling and the comic significance of anvils.
Anvils aside, you most likely know Kurt as the creator, head writer and showrunner of Sons of Anarchy, the critically acclaimed outlaw motorcycle club psychodrama with a fanbase so rabid, it became the biggest hit television show in the FX network’s history.
After humble beginnings performing off-off-Broadway in theatres, lofts and (in his words) holding cells (more vintage Sutter), Kurt caught his first major break in 2001, booking a staff writer gig on FX's The Shield, where he spent the next seven years mastering the fundamentals of fearless television storytelling and rising up the ranks to graduate as one of the show's coveted Executive Producers.
Then came Sons. A seven-year, Shakespearean eruption of vigilantism, government corruption, racism, loyalty and human transformation, the show struck an immediate cultural nerve, cementing itself in the zeitgeist and skyrocketing Kurt to Hollywood's A-list.

Kurt's creative output is impressive. Beyond Sons, Kurt penned Southpaw, a gritty feature-length boxing drama originally written for Eminem that ultimately starred Jake Gyllenhaal. He created The Bastard Executioner, a historical drama that ran for one season of FX, and a comic book mini-series called Lucas Stand. Mayans MC, Kurt's third television drama for FX, is set to debut soon. And this list doesn't even include Kurt's many feature projects currently in development.
A self-described misanthrope, let's just say Kurt has a penchant for unapologetically speaking his mind — a disposition at odds with Hollywood etiquette that has resulted in more than a few skirmishes.
But the Kurt I know — the Kurt I have been friends with for well over a decade – is a man quite apart from the reputation that often precedes him. He's a family man. A husband and father of three children. A great friend. An example of selfless service. And an extraordinary artist.
It may sound like a Cinderella story. But success for Kurt didn't come easy. And it didn't come early. Overweight throughout his youth, he once tipped the scale at 400 pounds. Then came the drugs and alcohol — a battle he very nearly lost.
It's a helluva ride. Today, we get into all of it.
For the visually inclined, you can watch the conversation on YouTube at:
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Peace + Plants,

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                  May 10, 2018
Hilaree Nelson On The Virtues Of Living An Adventurous Life

“It's truly a necessity to have a passion as a compass in life.”
Hilaree Nelson

It’s so easy to get comfortable. To accept life as it is. To kick back — and just settle.
Luxury and ease are what we are taught to seek. But it's actually at odds with the vitality and fulfillment most desire. My experience is that life gets interesting when you have the courage, strength and fortitude to step outside your comfort zone, face a little fear and test your limits.
Because extending your boundaries strips away the non-essential, and shows you exactly who you really are.
Fail or succeed, this is where all the magic happens. The growth. And a life fueled by purpose and passion.
Today we explore these themes with North Face athlete Hilaree Nelson, one of the world's most accomplished adventure athletes.
Named one of National Geographic’s 2018 Adventurers of the Year, Hilaree specializes in ski-mountaineering — a discipline that involves huge and often technical mountain ascents either on skis or carrying them, then descending said peaks on skis.
Over the course of her storied career, Hilaree has conquered some of the most exotic and treacherous mountain ranges on Earth. Among her many accomplishments:

* the first woman to climb both Everest and its 8,000-meter neighbor, Lhotse, in a 24-hour period
* the first person to ski down all five of the Mongolian Altai’s “Holy Peaks”
* skied from the Himalayan summit of Cho Oyu in Tibet
* summited peaks and volcanoes in remote locations across Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bolivia, Argentina, Lebanon & Tibet

I first came across Hilaree by way of Down To Nothing, a stunning documentary by Renan Ozturk that chronicles a 2014 National Geographic expedition to be the first to ascend the summit of Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar to determine if it is indeed Southeast Asia’s highest point. It’s a gorgeous and gripping glimpse of Hilaree’s skill and tenacity in the face of a uniquely extraordinary challenge.
This is her story.
It’s an incredible conversation about fear, risk resilience, adventure and potential. It’s about balancing the pull of adventure against her responsibilities as a single mom to two boys. It’s about the allure of the outdoors.
But mostly, this is an exchange about the virtues of placing yourself outside that comfort zone – and what that can teach us about potential. The preciousness of life. And what it means to be truly alive.
Hilaree is a badass. It's a pleasure to share her experience. And I sincerely hope it inspires you to seek more adventure in your life.
For the visually inclined, you can watch the conversation on YouTube at:
If you are enjoying the video versions of the show, do me a favor and subscribe!
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Soundcloud | Stitcher | May 07, 2018
Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets With Chef AJ

“Many people don't change until the pain associated with change is less than the pain of staying the same.”
Chef AJ

Let's be clear: just because you're vegan doesn't mean you're healthy.
To be sure, for so many reasons, eating animal free is awesome. But it's not a wellness panacea. Oreo cookies and Lay's potato chips are vegan. Unless your diet is liberated from the growing abundance of refined and highly processed processed foods, you're prone to confront the same weight management issues and chronic lifestyle illnesses that plague the average consumer subsisting on the standard American diet.
Just ask Chef AJ. A vegan chef for almost 40 years, she nonetheless struggled mightily with obesity for decades — prisoner to an addiction to processed snacks, refined sugar desserts, and an array of vegan junk foods that left her not only chronically overweight, but seriously unwell.
AJ's salvation came only when she finally became willing to confront her unhealthy relationship with food as a true addiction. It's a journey that required her to completely let go of habits that no longer served her, accept help, and embrace an entirely new relationship with food in the form of a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.
This is her story — an inspiring tale of triumph and personal transformation that will leave you rethinking your own habits. Enabled with the tools required to achieve and maintain your optimal body weight. And empowered to live your best life.
A former comedian, today Chef AJ is a renown plant-based chef, culinary instructor, public speaker and member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine with a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.
An expert in food addiction, emotional eating and creating meals to transform health, AJ is the host of the television series Healthy Living with Chef AJ and has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman and more. In addition, she is author of Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight*. Her latest book, The Secrets To Ultimate Weight Loss* comes out soon (release date TBA).

Full of life, AJ is one of my favorite health warriors, totally committed to serving others. Picking up where we left off in RRP #56 way back in 2013, this conversation is a must listen for anyone who struggles with food addiction, unhealthy cravings and a fluctuating waistline.
As impactful as it is entertaining, it's an exchange about the often under-addressed emotional aspects of eating. It's about the hows and whys behind empowering a new relationship with food. And it's about the joy, vitality and self-esteem that can be experienced by breaking the chains of food addiction.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this interaction as much as I enjoyed having it.
More importantly, my hope is that you put AJ's insights to work — because if she can do it, you can too.
A reminder that the podcast is also viewable on YouTube here:
If you are enjoying the videos,
Apr 30, 2018
Michael Klim Is An Olympic Swimming Legend

“You can't rest on your laurels. You have to be constantly evolving.”
Michael Klim

What exactly does it take to become an Olympic legend?
Every elite athlete is devoted to mastering their craft. Some even strike gold on the world's largest stage. And every once in a while, we witness standout performances in consecutive Olympiads. But it's the rare specimen that can compete at the very highest level of sport across three Olympic Games to retire a legend.
Meet Michael Klim.
Awarded the medal of the Order of Australia (sort of like being knighted), Michael is indisputably one of Australia's most famous and celebrated athletes in a land that revers competitive swimming. A three-time Olympian with a slew of World Records, Olympic Gold Medals and World Championship titles to his name, he was part of a star-studded group of swimmers that took Australia back to the top of swimming in the late 1990’s & aughts — a group that included standouts like Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Keiren Perkins, Leisel Jones, Libby Trickett, Stephanie Rice, and Susie O’Neill.
One of the stars of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Michael is perhaps best known as instrumental in Australia’s thrilling 4x100m relay victory, unleashing a world record lead off swim to win his first gold on the first night. Michael’s achievements also include:

* '96 Atlanta Olympics: Bronze, 4x100m Medley Relay
* '98 World Championships: 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
* '99: 2 World Records (100m Butterfly)
* '00 Sydney Olympics: 2 Gold, 2 Silver & 2 World Records
* '01 World Championships: 2 Gold & 1 World Record
* '04 Athens Olympics: 1 Silver
* '07 World Championships: 1 Gold

Quite the successful entrepreneur after hanging up his budgie smugglers (click here for the Cambridge Dictionary definition), Michael is now the founder and managing director of a skin care line called Milk & Co. and conducts life optimization retreats under the banner Chosen Experiences.
This is a conversation about Michael's extraordinary life as a lauded athlete, entrepreneur and parent.
We cover his mental and physical success equation: the hows and whys behind his ascension to the very peak of elite Olympic performance. What was required of him to not just win, but keep winning. We discuss how he approaches high pressure scenarios. We cover his approach to remaining fit and how he parents his children. And we conclude with how he transitioned from decorated Olympian to successful entrepreneur — a pivot most professional athletes struggle with upon retirement.
But most of all, this is a conversation about what is required to live a life of mastery, with more than a few critical takeaways you can implement into your own life.
A personal hero of mine for as long as I can recall, I followed Michael's journey from the beginning. So it was a thrill for me to finally connect with him for this deep dive into his career and what makes him tick.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the conversation.
Full video version >>>
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Peace, Plants & Pools!

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                  Apr 23, 2018
AMORE! Rich & Julie On Relationships — Plus Italian Cuisine 2.0

“It's an amazing opportunity when you develop the ability to observe yourself.”
Julie Piatt

Do you think a healthy vegan lifestyle means giving up your favorite creamy pastas and cheesy pizzas?
Think again.
Today I sit down with Julie Piatt – mi amore in life, parenting, and service — for a two-part podcast.
First up is everything you need to know about our brand new, super awesome cookbook & lifestyle guide, The Plantpower Way: Italia: Delicious Vegan Recipes from the Italian Countryside* — hitting bookstores everywhere next week.
Shifting gears, Julie and I then turn our attention on relationships. It's a look into how we've maintained our 20-year partnership in life and work, and what can be mined from our experience to deepen intimacy with your amore.

Inspired by our annual retreats in Tuscany, our follow up to The Plantpower Way* pays homage to Italy's rich food history with an extraordinary collection of 125 delicious, nutritious and entirely plant-based Italian recipes animated by the country's most popular and time-honored dishes. Filled with fresh vegan takes on Italian staples, inventive new recipes, and stunning photographs of the Italian countryside, this book — we call it Italian 2.0 — is our celebration of Italy's most delicious flavors and will show everyone a fresh, beautiful, and healthful side to Italian cooking.
This book is a labor of love. It's a family affair. It's a book you'll use daily. A book you will give as a gift and proudly display on your coffee table for friends to peruse.
But most of all, it's a book that could change your life.
And we simply cannot wait to finally share it with you.
Pre-order sales are super important to the books ultimate viability, as they heavily influence retail purchaser demand and visibility. So if this sounds like a book for you, then it would mean a great deal to Julie and me if you would entrust us with a pre-order purchase from Amazon*, Barnes & Noble*, Target* or your favorite independent bookseller.
Pick one up for yourself. For a relative in need. Or in anticipation of your friend's impending birthday.
To sweeten the pot, we're giving away a spot to one lucky female to our upcoming (sold out) Tuscany retreat — valued at $5,000! — May 19-24, 2018. For rules and to enter, click here.
To close, understand that greater health is always within your grasp.
So take our hand.
And make the leap.
Because there is a better way.
Apr 20, 2018
Tom Scott On Curiosity, The Power of Story & The Lost Art of Conversation

“Storytelling is a big part of what I do, but it's all driven by curiosity.”
Tom Scott

There is nothing more powerful than a story well told.
Built into the very fabric of what makes us human, this ancient art holds the power to transform not just the individual but humanity at large.
Nobody understands this better than Tom Scott – a man devoted to the idea that when curiosity, conversation and community converge, the world indeed becomes a better place.
A graduate of Brown University with a Masters of Divinity from Yale, Tom is perhaps best known as the co-founder and original CEO of Nantucket Nectars. Founded in 1989 — long before it was cool to be a start-up founder — the fruit juice venture quickly grew to national prominence, making the “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing U.S. companies five years in a row and garnering Tom accolades, including the Mercury Award for Advertising and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.
After selling Nantucket Nectars in 2002, Tom reinvented himself as a film and television producer. In 2004 he formed Plum TV, which owned and operated a network of stations around the country and received more than 14 Emmy awards. He produced television ads for companies like Nike and BMW. He created and produced the HBO series The Neistat Brothers with 3-time podcast guest Casey Neistat. And in 2010 he won an Independent Spirit Award for producing the feature-length film Daddy Longlegs (also with Casey).

Tom’s current passion is The Nantucket Project. Akin to TED but much more intimate, TNP is both an annual event and a movement — gatherings large and small (plus a new podcast, The Neighborhood Project) that bring together thought leaders across a wide range of disciplines to explore the most relevant, cutting-edge ideas and the implications such ideas pose for the betterment of culture, society and business.
I have known Tom since 7th grade. We attended junior high and high school together. These were not my favorite times, so it was incredibly healing to revisit that era with someone who was there. We discuss Tom's entrepreneurial success. What he aims to achieve with The Nantucket Project. And the power of story to inspire wonder, cultivate community, ignite change, and unite us in this most divided time.
I've been waiting 30 years to have this conversation. Honest, intimate and personally meaningful, it's exactly the exchange I always hoped it would be.
You're in for a treat. Enjoy!
For the visually inclined, the podcast is viewable on YouTube here:
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Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | Apr 16, 2018
Alex Hutchinson On Redefining The Limits of Human Performance

“In a wide variety of human activity, achievement is not possible without discomfort.”
Alex Hutchinson

Let’s talk about limits.
What is your true ceiling? How do you frame the outer edge of your capabilities?
Are these checks and balances truth? or are they just beliefs you accept as fact?
How you answer these questions have profound implications not only on your perception of potential, but on virtually every significant decision you make, the challenges you agree to tackle and ultimately how you view yourself and the world you inhabit.
Today's conversation asks us to rethink such restrictions — both self-imposed and external — suggesting that we are all capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe. That, in a word, each and every one of us holds the power to transcend our sense of what is truly possible.
Because according to this week's guest, limits are an illusion.
Meet Alex Hutchinson.
A National Magazine Award-winning journalist, Alex began his career as a physicist, putting his University of Cambridge Ph.D to work as a researcher for the U.S. National Security Agency. A two-time finalist in the 1,500 meters at the Canadian Olympic Trials, Alex spent his free time during the NSA years training and competing as a middle- and long-distance runner for the Canadian national team. By this I mean he is a good runner. Very good.
Alex subsequently received a masters in journalism from Columbia University and today he writes about the science of endurance for Runner’s World and Outside, while frequently contributing to little-known publications like the New York Times, The New Yorker and Toronto's Globe and Mail. FiveThirtyEight recently named him one of their “favorite running science geeks” and he was also one of only two reporters granted access to cover Breaking2 — Nike’s top secret training project to break the two-hour marathon barrier.

I have been a fan and avid reader of Alex's writing over the last few years. But what inspired me to invite him on the podcast is his phenomenal new book, Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance*. A page-turning must read, it blends cutting edge science and incredible storytelling in the spirit of Malcolm Gladwell (who penned the foreword) to suggest the seemingly physical barriers we encounter when tackling a challenge are set as much by the brain as by the body.
In other words, the horizons of performance are much more elastic than we once thought.
Indeed, the new frontier of endurance is not the body, but the mind.
Borne from a decade of intensive research shadowing elite athletes and traveling to high-tech labs around the world, this conversation with Alex beckons us to better understand and ultimately more fully express express our innate abilities. And it's a roadmap laden with strategies, techniques and tools to manifest that untapped potential lurking within.
Alex's examination of limits is not restricted to physical performance. Defined broadly as “the struggle to continue against a mounting desire to stop,” Alex suggests that endurance is best understood as surprisingly universal, applicable to essentially every challenge we face, be it athletic, academic, professional or emotional.
So even if you are not an athlete, my hope is that this conversation and the book that inspired it will leave you rethinking your limits, so that you may reach higher, push farther, and ultimately become better in whatever discipline you are devoted to mastering.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Apr 09, 2018
Frank Shamrock Uncaged: From Abuse & Incarceration To MMA Legend

“I believe there is a champion in all of us. No matter the circumstances, each and every human being should be encouraged to achieve excellence in life. You should live your own dreams.”
Frank Shamrock

He grew up in poverty. His childhood was marred by savage abuse. Violence soon followed. And it wasn't long before the prison doors slammed shut.
His future, it seemed, was cemented.
But Frank Shamrock didn't just find a way out. He transformed himself wholesale.
This is his story.
As unimaginable as it is inspiring, it's a tale about the fortitude required to face a set of circumstances so dire, a state of affairs so poisonous, it would have buried the best of us. Instead, Frank prevailed. With the support of the father that adopted him, he ultimately transcended inconceivable obstacles to emerge as one of the world's greatest mixed martial arts fighters — a heroic pioneer of modern combat sports.
Dubbed The Legend during the emergent era of MMA, a time in which there were no gloves, no weight classes and basically no rules, Frank was the first true breakout champion and widely considered the sport’s first complete mixed martial arts fighter. He was the world’s first UFC Middleweight Champion. He was the first Mexican-American MMA Champion. And when the dust settled, he walked away from his career with four world titles, two world records (for the fastest championship victories in history) and the only athlete in sports history to win every major league title in MMA.
Post-retirement, Frank has had successful runs as a fight commentator, a fight promoter, a UFC and Strikeforce spokesperson, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a philanthropist, and the author of two books, Mixed Martial Arts for Dummies* and his memoir, Uncaged: My Life as a Champion MMA Fighter* (with a foreword by Mickey Rourke).

Frank's accomplishments in the cage are amazing. But what is far more compelling is the extraordinary journey he undertook to overcome his past.
This a conversation about that journey. It's about how he did it, and what can be gleaned from his experience that can inform how we perceive and approach our own limiters, both external and internal, to achieve our potential in any area of life, irrespective of circumstances.
Frank calls it the Shamrock Way. I call it unleashing your best, most authentic self.
You can call it whatever you like. I ask only that you listen with an open heart.
Podcast is also viewable on YouTube here.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Soundcloud | Apr 05, 2018
Light Watkins On Dispelling Meditation Myths — And Why You Should Adopt A Daily Practice

“Life is going to catch up to your practice.”
Light Watkins

We all want to be happy.
So why is it so elusive?
The problem isn’t information. We all know our contentedness is linked to eating right, sleeping well and surrounding ourselves with those who elevate. We get the importance of confronting our emotional challenges. We're well aware that life is better when we cultivate gratitude and serve others.
And yes, we know we should meditate.
The science is clear. The evidence is in. And yet for so many, the gap between information and action is an impossibly untraversable canyon.
Perhaps you resist the traditional trappings that swirl around the idea of meditation — the robes and incense a bridge too far. Maybe you can't get your legs to perfectly fold, monk-like, without cramping. You decided you just don't have the time. Or perchance you tried it, only to give up because you just couldn't get your looping mind to shut off, convinced meditation is just not for you.
Relax. You're not alone.
But today's guest poses an important question: What if the problem isn’t meditation itself, but your approach? In other words, what if it were easy?
Meet Light Watkins.

Beyond having the coolest name of all time, I would characterize Light as a generous, highly accessible and contemplative entrepreneur of mindfulness. Always convivial, impressively composed, and quick with a laugh, he has been practicing and teaching Vedic Meditation for twenty years. Among his thousands of students you will find bankers, artists, politicians, CEOs, care takers, educators, comedians, rock stars, soccer moms and seekers of all kinds.
An active blogger and in demand public speaker (check out his TEDx Talk), he's also the founder of The Shine — a volunteer-based, pop-up traveling variety show that leverages music, film, philanthropy and storytelling to inspire people to do more, give more, and be more.
In addition, Light recently penned a new book entitled, Bliss More* — an accessible primer that does a bang-up job of dispelling the many myths and misunderstandings that swirl around meditation with a very grounded approach and practical tools that will inspire you to finally adopt that daily practice that has to date, eluded you.
So let's put all those myths and misunderstandings to bed, once and for all.
Because we can all use a little more bliss in our lives.
And we all deserve to be happy.
Watch & Subscribe on YouTube:
I sincerely hope you enjoy this exchange with one of my very favorite people.
Watch & Subscribe on YouTube:
One final note — for more on Light and his background, check out our first conversation, RRP #172 back in August 2015.
Peace + Plants,

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Apr 02, 2018
Susan David, Ph.D On The Power of Emotional Agility & Why Discomfort Is The Price Of Admission To A Meaningful Life

“When we block or suppress or push aside emotions, we actually stop ourselves from being our most effective, successful beings.”
Susan David PhD

The way we navigate our inner world – our everyday thoughts, emotions, and self-stories – is the single most important determinant of our life success. It drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, health; everything. For example: Do we let our self-doubts, failings, shame, fear, or anger hold us back? Can we be determined, persevering toward key life goals, but just as importantly, have the insight and courage to recognize when these goals are not serving us, and adapt?
According to this week's guest, the key to successfully navigating our inner world isn't immunizing ourselves against stress and setbacks. And it doesn't involve ignoring uncomfortable feelings. Instead, it's developing something called emotional agility – the teachable ability to confront difficult emotions, gain critical self-insight from these feelings, and ultimately use this newfound awareness to adaptively align our values with our actions and make changes to bring the best of ourselves forward.
A pioneer in her field, Susan David, Ph.D is an award-winning psychologist on faculty at Harvard Medical School, CEO of Evidence Based Psychology and co-founder of the Institute of Coaching (an affiliate of Harvard Medical School). She also serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of both Thrive Global and Virgin Pulse.
In addition, Susan is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life*. Based on a concept Harvard Business Review heralded as a Management Idea of the Year, it's a powerful roadmap for real behavioral change — a new way of acting that will help you to reincorporate your most troubling feelings as a source of energy and creativity, and live your most successful life whoever you are and whatever you face.
Susan is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant, with clients that include the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Google, Microsoft, NASDAQ, and many others.
If you are new to Susan, start with her moving TED Talk, The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage. A viral sensation and the inspiration for me seeking her out for the podcast, it's accumulated almost 2 million views in the month since it's online publication.

This is a conversation about Susan’s life growing up in a South Africa divided by Apartheid, and how this experience informs her work today.
It’s about how and why our emotional landscape, the everyday thoughts and stories we often hide from the world and oftentimes ourselves, are the single most important determinant of life success. And why navigating life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind leads to empowerment and agency.
It's about why we must overcome the urge to ignore difficult emotions and behaviors to instead face them willingly, as a neutral observer, with curiosity and kindness.
It's about identifying your core values as a path to willpower, resilience and effectiveness.
And it's about how developing this skill called emotional agility – essentially mastery over our emotions, thoughts and stories — can benefit not just ourselves but our children, helping even our youngest become better problem solvers and...
Mar 26, 2018
From Eating Disorder To Olympic Glory: Dotsie Bausch On Defying Age & Championing Compassion

“There truly is a way out. Once an anorexic, NOT always an anorexic.”
Dotsie Bausch

We tend to think Olympic athletes live perfect, charmed lives. Genetically gifted, they inhabit a world beyond mortal challenges — physical specimens oozing talent so rare, it effortlessly skyrockets them onto the global stage.
I would stridently challenge such a notion. I don't think that is the experience of any Olympian. And it’s definitely not the experience of this week’s guest – an Olympic silver medalist with an almost unbelievably improbable story. A very human story of struggle and pain that underpins her athletic accomplishments, fueling them with a fundamental sense of purpose and meaning.
A 7-time U.S. National Champion, former world record holder and two-time Pan American gold medal winner in track cycling, Dotsie Bausch earned silver in team pursuit at the 2012 London Olympics. Not only was she a long-time vegetarian at that time (she’s now vegan), she was almost 40 years old when she won that medal – the oldest ever in her discipline and one of the oldest athletes to ever compete in an Olympic Games.
Dotsie's accomplishments are extraordinary. But more remarkable is the hard-fought road this exceptional athlete trudged to achieve such heights. Because Dotsie's greatest achievement isn't athletic. Her biggest victory is the battle won to resurrect her life from the depths of an eating disorder so severe, it very nearly claimed her life.

Now retired, Dotsie is a public speaker (check out her TEDx Talk, Olympic Level Compassion), a mentor to aspiring female professional cyclists, and a color commentator for NBC Sports. But most importantly, she is a role model for women and men around the world in their battle to return to healthy eating and living habits as an ambassador for The National Eating Disorders Association.
I know Dotsie through the vegan athlete world as a staunch advocate for animal rights and the health benefits of plant-based eating for health and performance. She is also the force behind a recent anti-dairy commercial that aired during the closing ceremonies of the recent PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. Entitled Switch 4 Good, think of it as an anti- “Got Milk” campaign featuring an array of former Olympic athletes.
Disordered eating is a subject I have been wanting to explore on this podcast for quite some time. I just needed the right guest. Dotsie delivers. Her experience as both a sufferer and survivor of this surprisingly common malady is as powerful as it is instructive.
This is a conversation about facing and overcoming a disease that affects up to 30 million Americans and 70 million individuals worldwide. A disease so formidable, it drove Dotsie to a suicide attempt.
It’s an exchange about the bewildering nature of that disorder and the process she undertook to rebuild her life – from fashion model to athlete. It’s a conversation about her most unlikely route to Olympic glory. It’s about eating plant-based for performance. And it’s about advocacy – what it means to live in service to your ideals.
If you suffer from an eating disorder or know someone who does, this is appointment listening. Towards that end, Dotsie conducts a free mentorship program for those in need. Her door is open to any and all reaching out for help. To contact her, click here.
Delightful, engaging and strong, I adore Dotsie.  I love this conversation. I hope you do too.
Watch & Subscribe on YouTube:

Peace + Plants,

Mar 23, 2018
Rob Bell Is ‘The Heretic’ – Filmmaker Andrew Morgan & Christianity’s Most Polarizing Voice

“We want a sense of wonder and awe in our lives.”
Rob Bell

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when two people you love, respect, and admire combine their considerable talents to create a work that exceeds the sum of it's parts?
That’s the feeling I have right now.
This week I'm proud to share a conversation with two friends, each of whom have graced the show in the past — filmmaker Andrew Morgan and faith provocateur Rob Bell.
Several years ago, Andrew approached Rob with an idea to make a film about the former mega-church pastor's life and work. Rob agreed, ultimately granting Andrew unprecedented access to his world on one condition — Rob would have zero editorial input or approval over any aspect of the creative collusion.
The result is the recently released documentary, The Heretic* – a behind-the-curtain deep dive into one of the most compelling and polarizing figures in modern day Christianity. With appearances by comedian Pete Holmes and author Elizabeth Gilbert, the film follows Rob over several years as he challenges deeply held conservative ideals while grappling with some of the most important questions of our time: Can faith and science coexist, or do belief and progress stand in opposition? Is religion insufficient for explaining the complexity of our modern world, or does it give language to something even greater? And do spiritual traditions simply serve to further divide our world, or can they offer real help and hope for a better tomorrow?
Today we tackle all of it.
An internationally recognized filmmaker devoted to telling socially conscious stories for a better tomorrow, Andrew Morgan first graced the podcast back in July 2016 (RRP #236) to discuss his beautiful and heartbreaking documentary The True Cost*. Premiering at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, it’s a movie about the untold story of fashion. It’s about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the garment industry is having on human rights and the world we share.
His experience includes a broad range of work that spans narrative and documentary storytelling for multiple film and new media projects that have been filmed and released all over the world. The New York Times described his unique style as “gentle, humane investigations” and Vogue Magazine wrote that it is “evidence that each of us can act as a catalyst for change within our own lives and work together towards a greater good.”
An anti-establishment pastor making an indelible cultural impact on how we think and practice religion in the modern world, Rob Bell first appeared on the podcast in October 2016 (RRP #251). A former mega-church pastor who broke ranks with the formal church institutions and ideologies, he is an independent-minded, creative force of nature with what I would describe as a radically inclusive — almost punk rock —perspective on faith, divinity, and what it means to be human. Breaking ranks with entrenched, pedantic notions of antiquated Christian church doctrine, his message upends the divisive aspects of relig...
Mar 19, 2018
Zach Bush, M.D. On GMO’s, Glyphosate & Healing The Gut

“The politicians are not the solution. You and I are the solution as consumers.”
Zach Bush MD

What if I told you that a vast number of physical maladies are caused by inflammation, the bodyʼs immune response to a multitude of stressors. The good news? If you lose the stress — hormonal, dietary, environmental, and psychological — you remove the root cause of illness.
This is but one of many fascinating ideas proffered by Zach Bush, MD – in my opinion one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human health.
The founder and current director of M Clinic in Virginia, Dr. Bush was President of his medical school class at the University of Colorado Health and later became Chief Resident for the department of Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia. Among the few physicians in the nation that is triple board certified, he completed training and certification in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, as well as in Hospice and Palliative care. Dr. Bush has published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the areas of infectious disease, endocrinology, and cancer. Through his practice and unique methodology, he has seen significant clinical improvements in patients with everything from Leaky Gut Syndrome, Gluten Intolerance, Autism, Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I met Dr. Bush at the Conscious Capitalism Conference in Austin about six months ago. Over the course of that weekend, we had conversations that left me captivated and desperately wanting to know more. I knew immediately he would be a phenomenal podcast guest. So here we are.
This is a wide-ranging, and at times mind-blowing conversation that explores new insights into the mechanisms behind human health and longevity. It's about the massive and misunderstood impact of industrial farming, chemical pesticides, the pharmaceutical industry and even errant Western medical practices have on both human and planetary health.
It's a conversation about the difference between the science of disease and the science of health. It's about the microbiome as a critical predictor of and protector against illness. And it's an exploration of autism, epigenetics and the mechanics of intercellular communication.
I love everything about this conversation with one caveat: we only scratched the surface of Zach's depth of expertise. I hope to have him back to share more of his copious knowledge.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange as much as I did.
Watch & Subscribe on YouTube here.
Peace + Plants,

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Thanks to this week’s sponsors

22 Days Nutrition: the 100% plant-based, 100% USDA certified organic nutrition products and meal delivery platform designed to meet the needs of your healthy, active life.
Mar 12, 2018
Kathy Freston Is The Queen of Clean Protein

“Wellness isn’t about deprivation and it’s not about perfection. It is about pointing yourself in the direction of growth.”
Kathy Freston

Where do you get your protein?
Notwithstanding rising mainstream awareness that a plant-based diet provides more than enough protein for optimal health and athletic performance, every vegan continues to constantly weather this refrain.
So let's put the issue to bed, once and for all.
To walk us through the myths, truths and half-truths when it comes to this hotly debated macronutrient, I sat down with the doyenne of all things vegan, my friend Kathy Freston.
Returning to the show for a second appearance  (Kathy first appeared in RRP #109 in the Fall of 2014), Kathy is a wellness activist and 4-time New York Times bestselling author whose books include of  The Lean*, Veganist*, and Quantum Wellness. Her newest offering, co-authored with former podcast guest Bruce Friedrich (RRP #286), is entitled Clean Protein*, a comprehensive primer on all things protein with everything you need to know to get lean, gain energy, stay mentally sharp.
A media darling, Kathy is ubiquitous. Her Oprah Winfrey Show appearance inspired the great Ms. Winfrey and her entire staff of 378 to go entirely vegan for 21 days. In addition, she has been featured on Ellen, Dr. Oz, The View, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose, The Martha Stewart Show, Extra and on the pages of Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Self, and W.

This is a conversation about the future of nutrition. It's about the industry interests that compromise transparency and confuse consumer choice. It's about the truth behind protein and the looming future of culture-grown, so-called clean meat.
But most of all, this is a conversation about how to eat right, live well & be kind to yourself and the world we share.
Podcast favorite Dan Buettner's better half (although Dan is a pretty good half himself), I adore Kathy and everything she is about.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
For the visually inclines, you can watch the podcast on YouTube here.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Mar 08, 2018
Alex Honnold: The Free Soul of Free Solo Climbing On Fear, Risk, Mindset & What It Means To Be Truly Alive

“No matter the risks we take, we always consider the end to be too soon, even though in life, more than anything else, quality should be more important than quantity.”
Alex Honnold

Last week I asked you to imagine being attacked by a 9-foot bull shark.
This week I invite you to envision climbing the storied 3,600-foot sheer vertical rock face known as El Capitan. The trick? You have to do it without any ropes, harnesses or any protective gear whatsoever. An astonishing prospect, even the tiniest mistake or unexpected intervening variable could cost you your life — a life that hinges moment to moment upon punctilious preparation, meticulous focus, and a preternatural relationship with fear.
This is one small aspect of the life of Alex Honnold, a renown professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America’s biggest cliffs have made him one of the most masterful and compelling athletes of our generation.
An global icon of athletic mastery, the lore of Alex Honnold transcends sport. I imagine many of you have viewed — with palms sweaty and jaw agape — at least one of his many stunning climbing videos. Perhaps you saw him profiled on 60 Minutes, or read profiles about him in the New York Times, National Geographic or Outside and, like me, were left to wonder:
How is that even possible? How does that guy do what he does? And more importantly, why?

The answer isn’t as elementary as you might imagine. It can't be reduced to simple genetics, strength, drive, or even his most unusual relationship with fear.
I think the answer is far more complex and frankly, much much more interesting. Of course, fanatical preparation plays a role. As does his fidelity to incremental progression. His unique kinship with risk is certainly a central factor.
But I think what truly sets Alex apart is a profound sense of awe and wonder. An uncanny facility to meld his body and mind with spirit. And the ability to become absolutely one with his quest.
Inarguably, what Alex does is both staggering and astonishing. But it's who he is, how he lives, and what he stands for that I find most impressive.
Today, we explore all of it.
This conversation is everything I wanted it to be. It's about adventure, fear, risk, curiosity, focus, mindset, preparation and the primacy of incremental progression.
Over the course of almost two hours we cover his boundary-crushing El Cap solo free climb and his most recent expedition to Antarctica. We discuss his passion for environmental conservation and the benefits of his minimalist lifestyle. And of course we explore his training routines and mostly-vegan diet.
But most of all, this is a conversation that not only examines the how behind Alex's feats, but the why behind his pursuits.
Thoughtful, deliberate and present, I also found Alex to be quite generous, incredibly curious, and whip smart.
For the visually inclined, you can watch watch (& subscribe!) to the podcast on YouTube:
I'm grateful for this exchange and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Mar 05, 2018
Paul de Gelder On The Shark Attack That Saved His Life

“Your greatest fears can actually become your greatest strengths.”
Paul de Gelder 

Imagine being attacked by a 9-foot bull shark.
One moment you’re swimming peacefully in Sydney Harbor. The next minute you’re being rammed and pulled underwater, your leg and arm hopelessly trapped in the shark’s jaw.
The pain is unimaginable.
Death is certain.
But somehow, against all odds, you wriggle free.
Ultimately you lose that arm and that leg. But that shark? It doesn’t claim your life.
Instead, it gives you an entirely new one.
This is the extraordinary and inspiring ‘never say die' story of Paul de Gelder.

Truant and wayward throughout his teens, Paul left his Australian home town at an early age to start a new life. Despite some early success in the Australian music scene (he once opened for Snopp Dogg), he failed to find the purpose he so desperately sought. So he joined the Royal Australian Army as a paratrooper in November 2000 at the age of 23 — a defining moment that brought his life structure, discipline and ultimately more meaning than he could have ever imagined.
Over the next several years, Paul was deployed as a United Nations peacekeeper, honing the art of jungle and urban warfare, unarmed combat, specialist communications, combat first aid, parachuting, and snipping. Rising through the ranks, Paul ultimately achieved his dream of becoming Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver — Oz's version of a Navy SEAL. But trouble hunted him down in the form of a brutal shark in February 2009. Paul lost two limbs, and his career as a daredevil Navy Bomb Clearance Diver was flung into jeopardy.
Determined to transform the horrific experience into a net positive, he fought through excruciating pain — smashing challenge after challenge — amazing the medical staff with his unparalleled will to succeed. In the 7 years since the shark attack, Paul's life has changed in every aspect. Today he travels the world as a top motivational speaker, passionate environmentalist, adventurer and mentor to school kids. He has spoken at venues all around the world, including the United Nations, promoting ecological conservation and (quite ironically and heroically) shark conservation. Along the way, he continues to dive with sharks all over the world — including Great Whites without a cage.
One of Australia's most in demand speakers, Paul has been featured on every major U.S. and Australian media outlet. Since 2014, he has served up co-hosting duties on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, hosts the Nat Geo special Fearless (in which he embedded with an anti-poaching team in Zimbabwe), and worked on behind the scenes footage for the 2016 Hollywood blockbuster The Shallows with Blake Lively.
Today I am proud to share Paul's story — a death-defying tale of survival, perseverance, positivity, grit, hope, rebirth and the extraordinary breadth of human possibility.
One of the most inspirational people I have ever met, this is a conversation that will leave you breathless — and inspired beyond measure.
For the visually inclined, you can watch the podcast on YouTube here.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Feb 26, 2018
Plant-Based vs. Ketosis: Diet Wars With Cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD

“More produce and less loneliness keep the heart doctor away.”
Joel Kahn MD

Recent years have seen the ascendency of low-carb, high fat diets. Indeed, the ketogenic lifestyle has been heralded as a veritable health panacea.
In parallel, we bear witness to mainstream acceptance of the plant-based approach to vitality, lifestyle disease prevention and reversal.
The debate pitting these distinct approaches to nutrition is as emotional as it is divisive — an impassioned war for hearts and minds waged across the scientific literature, mainstream publications and the internet that can leave even the most intelligent and well-intentioned consumer utterly baffled.
So who's right?
To help divine the line between truth and fiction, Joel Kahn, MD joins the podcast for his third appearance.
Dr. Kahn is an Interpreventional Cardiologist, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan’s prestigious Inteflex program (a 6-year undergraduate / graduate program that developed doctors fresh out of high school). He’s authored hundreds of articles on heart disease, is a frequent lecturer on heart disease and its prevention, has performed thousands of cardiac procedures, and is the owner of GreenSpace Café in Ferndale and Royal Oak Michigan.
In addition, Dr. Kahn is the author of five books, including The Whole Heart Solution* and his newest offering, The Plant-Based Solution*.

This a comprehensive and highly instructive conversation that endeavors to provide needed clarity when it comes to the aforementioned debate — a deep dive into the veracity of nutritional research findings to provide the information you need to promote maximum health, hinder lifestyle disease, and abet longevity.
In addition, we explore emerging research on the benefits of intermittent fasting and why everyone should get a coronary calcium scan.
Amazingly informative, this is straight talk from a trusted and experienced man I'm proud to call friend.
As a final note, this podcast episode is also available in video format on YouTube. If you are enjoying the video version of the show, please subscribe to my channel at to be alerted when new videos post.
Finally, if you missed our previous conversations, check out episodes #44 & #128.
For the visually inclined, you can watch watch (& subscribe!) to the podcast on YouTube here.
I sincerely hope you find our conversation instructive — because health is wealth.
Peace + Plants,

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                  Feb 22, 2018
Preservation, Purpose & Pursuit of the Pacific Crest Trail with Environmentalist Jared Blumenfeld

“We are part of nature. Nature is part of us. Stardust is in us and we are in stardust. We are all part of this same endeavor which is life and the Universe.”
Jared Blumenfeld

The theme of this podcast is conversations that matter with thought leaders making a difference.
My conversation with today's guest perfectly embodies the best of this ethos.
A man who has spent the last two decades fighting to create tangible benefits for communities and ecosystems alike, Jared Blumenfeld is a former U.C. Berkeley-trained international environmental lawyer with an impressive resume that includes stints at the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) as well as the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) before running one of San Francisco’s first city Departments focused entirely on the environment, where he was instrumental in helping transform San Francisco into the “greenest city” in America.
In 2009, President Obama appointed Jared to serve as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator for the Pacific Southwest (Region 9), which includes California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and 148 tribal nations. During his 7-year tenure at EPA, Jared diligently pursued environmental justice and enforcement, focusing on climate change, recycling, tribes, and drinking water. Along the way his team made massive strides in combating corporate polluters, protecting coastal waters, accelerating clean vehicle adoption and advancing tribal community environmental well being.
Then, in 2016, he decided to walk away from his career to pursue a life-long dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail – an effort to embrace first hand the environment he has spent his life protecting.

Jared has appeared frequently in The New York Times, BBC, Economist, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN, Los Angeles Times, NPR and recently launched his own podcast entitled, Podship Earth.
As you might imagine,  this is a wide-ranging conversation about planetary preservation and ecological conservation.
It's a gut check on the current status of global climate change — what is contributing to it, the challenges faced in combating it, and the responsibility we all share to steward our precious planet towards a greener future.
It’s also a very frank redress of our current administration’s attempt to deny reality. Right now, we're facing an indisputably massive and ever growing threat to planetary health. Yet current EPA chief Scott Pruitt's reversal of long-standing environmental policy buttressed by his refusal to embrace scientifically irrefutable facts related to global climate change, poses a very real threat to the long-term well-being of this spaceship we all share called Earth.
It's a conversation about what’s required, both on a policy and personal level, to correct past wrongs and steward a healthier, more sustainable path forward.
And finally, it’s the story of one man’s remarkable life and his commitment to ensure a better future for us all (plus awesome stories about his four month quest to conquer the Pacific Crest Trail, and how it made him a better human).
I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do too.
For the visually inclined, you can watch the podcast on YouTube here.

Peace + Plants,

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Feb 19, 2018
James Altucher On The Art of Thinking Differently — Adventures In Minimalism, Stand Up Comedy & Crypto-Currency

“You can't write until you do.”
James Altucher

When someone fires off a long list of occupations in conversation, my instinct tells me that person probably isn’t great at any of them.
James Altucher is not that guy.
A hugely successful blogger, podcaster, public speaker, stand up comic, investor, entrepreneur and former VC & hedge fund manager with eighteen books to his name — including the Wall Street Journal bestseller Choose Yourself* (my personal favorite) — James is an abundantly talented polymath impacting millions of people across the world with his wry wit and often counter-intuitive ideas, all delivered with a perfect mix of intelligent insight, relatable self-deprecation and perfect comedic timing.
Oh yeah, he’s also a nationally ranked chess master.
Returning for his third appearance on the podcast, James is one of the smartest and most interesting intellects I know — a tremendously inspiring thinker with compelling, often controversial ideas on everything from college (don’t go), career (create your own), creativity (generate 10 new ideas every day) and finances (he’s made millions and lost millions several times over).
What I find most captivating and irresistable about James is his courageous sincerity —  the willingness to write with such incredible honesty and vulnerability. It's not only laudable, it's the connective glue that keeps his 20 million readers hooked.
In accordance with his mantra that you can't write until you do, James puts his theories into action. Case in point? To explore minimalism he gave away all of his possessions save 15 items stuffed in a modest-sized duffle bag, and couch-surfed AirBnB's for almost two years — an adventure that landed him on the front page of the Sunday New York Times Styles section.

A ubiquitous presence on the internet, James and his writing have appeared in major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Observer, Techcrunch, The Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, CNBC and others. His blog,, has attracted more than 20 million readers since its launch in 2010. The James Altucher Show debuted as the #1 podcast on all of iTunes in 2014 and regularly appears in the top 100 podcasts on iTunes.

Equal parts peer, friend and mentor, James is someone I could literally talk to all day about any subject. So it's no surprise that this conversation is wide-ranging, traversing everything from what makes a great podcast to his thoughts on crypto currency. In between, we cover his exploits with minimalism, his opinions on education and his recent adventures immersed in the world of stand up comedy.
I love James. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.
Peace + Plants,

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Apple Podcasts | Feb 12, 2018
Dan Harris On The Power Of Meditation For The Fidgety Skeptic

“Meditation is not about feeling a certain way. It’s about feeling the way you feel.”
Dan Harris

Joining the podcast for a second time is my friend Dan Harris, an ABC News correspondent who serves up co-anchor duties on both Nightline and the weekend edition of Good Morning America.
In one of the greatest side hustles of all time, Dan has distinguished himself in recent years as a leading voice in the advocacy of meditation as a means to live both happier and more fulfilled.
For those unfamiliar, Dan’s journey is compelling. An embedded war correspondent covering everything from mass shootings and natural disasters to conflicts in Myanmar, Afghanistan and the Middle East, including six visits to war-torn Iraq, Dan's mental well-being began to suffer, his stress escalating with each overseas deployment. Depression, anxiety and PTSD ensued, followed by self-medicating with drugs like cocaine and ecstasy. Ultimately, these factors conspired to take a serious toll on Dan’s mental and physical health, culminating in a meltdown of epic proportions in 2004 when he suffered an on-air panic attack while delivering the news that was witnessed by 5 million people.

Although unsure as to the cause of his breakdown, it was a wake up call that led him to seek professional help. At the same time, in a bizarre stroke of synchronicity, Peter Jennings assigned Dan to begin covering stories on faith, religion and spirituality. Dan was less than enthusiastic about this, but ultimately it was this exploration that that eventually led Dan to understand that the source of his problems was the very thing he always thought was his greatest asset: the incessant, insatiable voice in his head.  A thinking mind which had both propelled him through the ranks of a hyper-competitive business yet also led him to make the decisions that provoked his on-air freak-out.
We all have that voice in our head. It’s what has us losing our temper unnecessarily, checking our email compulsively, eating when we’re not hungry, and fixating on the past and the future at the expense of the present. Most of us would assume we’re stuck with this voice – that there’s nothing we can do to rein it in – but Dan stumbled upon an effective way to do just that.
It's a protocol he initially dismissed as useless, but which ultimately not only saved his life, but gave him a new one altogether:

After learning about research that suggests meditation can do everything from lower your blood pressure to essentially rewire your brain, Dan took a leap of faith. A deep dive into the underreported world of CEOs, scientists, and even prison guards and marines who are now using it for increased calm, focus, and happiness. Dan chronicles his experiences in his highly entertaining and illuminating memoir, 10% Happier* and provides a practical guide to the actual hows and whys of meditation in the recently released, 10% Happier: Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics*.

In many ways, Dan is the perfect ambassador for meditation. The furthest thing from a monk or a guru, he’s a professional family man living in New York City — a highly relatable, very human being who, just like all of us, is trying to live just a little bit better and...
Feb 09, 2018
Ray Cronise & Julieanna Hever On Everything Plant-Based Nutrition

“No one will argue against eating more fruits and vegetables.”
Julieanna Hever & Ray Cronise

What happens when a NASA scientist teams up with a plant-based dietitian? Today we find out, with the return of my friends Julieanna Hever (RRP #13) and Ray Cronise (RRP #212).
Specializing in weight management, disease prevention & sports nutrition, Julieanna is one of the world's most respected plant-based registered dietitians. She is a sought-after lecturer, talk show host, TEDx speaker, VegNews Magazine nutrition columnist, and the author of numerous journal articles and books that include The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Plant-Based Nutrition* and The Vegiterranean Diet*. In addition, Julieanna has contributed recipes to both New York Times bestselling Forks Over Knives books and appeared on a myriad of television programs including Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey and E! News.
Ray is a scientist-innovator focused on disrupting diet and nutrition advice. A former NASA scientist that spent 15 years with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center working on Physical and Analytical Chemistry and Biophysics as Assistant Mission Scientist on four Spacelab missions, he matriculated to found Zero-G with X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis before pulling meticulous focus on nutrition to solve his decades-long battle with weight and lifestyle infirmities. A Matthew Kenney Culinary graduate, Ray teamed up with leading academic researchers at institutions such as Harvard and the National Institutes of Health to publish work at the intersection of healthspan and plant-based diets. He delivered an amazing talk at TEDMED 2010 and has been featured on ABC Nightline and profiled everywhere, including WIRED Magazine, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Men’s Journal, The Guardian, The 4-Hour Body and magician Penn Jillette’s book Presto!* as the mastermind behind Penn's dramatic plant-based diet 100-pound weight loss.

These two recently combined their wonder twin powers to collaborate on a number of projects that include personalized nutrition consulting and the co-authoring of both medical journal articles as well as their recently released book, Plant-Based Nutrition (Idiot’s Guide Series)*.
Today Julieanna and Ray join me for a mind-blowing geek dive into everything you ever wanted to know (and then some) about plant-based nutrition, weight loss, chronic lifestyle illness and more.
Break out that pen and paper, because you're going to want to take notes. Enjoy the exchange!
Peace + Plants,

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Feb 05, 2018
Danica Patrick is Pretty Intense — Life Lessons From The World’s Greatest Female Race Car Driver

“The journey is to find your truth and know who you really are.”
Danica Patrick

Imagine yourself the only female athlete in a very dangerous sport completely dominated by men.
You don’t just hold your own. And you don't just break the glass ceiling. Instead, you obliterate it. Kicking serious ass, you make an indelible mark on the sport you love. Along the way, you inspire millions of women and young girls to rethink the limits of their personal potential.
This is the extraordinary story of race car driver Danica Patrick (@danicapatrick) — an  athlete whose life-long love for speed turned her into one of the most successful, revered, and recognizable professional sports figures on the planet. Although her accomplishments are far too numerous to list, among Danica’s many notable glass ceiling explosions include:

* first woman to lead the Indy 500;
* highest Indy 500 female finish ever (4th);
* first woman to win an IndyCar circuit race; and
* first woman to win pole position at Daytona 500

Off the track, Danica is a media magnet. She has served up hosting duties on Spike TV, been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and appeared in a litany of commercials, music videos, and television shows. In 2006, she published Danica: Crossing the Line*, an autobiography she followed up with the recent release of her brand new mind, body, spirit primer: Pretty Intense*.

This is a conversation about Danica's extraordinary career. It's about the lessons she's learned along the way about life, performance and wellness. It’s about a piece of unfinished business she calls the Danica Double – her plan to race both the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500 this year — and it’s a glimpse into the new chapter that lays beyond racing.
But most of all, this is a conversation about personal empowerment. It’s about the mindset and practices that made Danica a champion, which can be leveraged to unlock the best version of yourself. In other words, take personal responsibility for your path. Stop wasting time. And start kicking ass.
Danica is one of the sweetest badasses I know. I totally enjoyed our exchange. I hope you do too.
For the visually inclined, you can watch the podcast on YouTube here.
Peace + Plants,

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Jan 29, 2018
LIVE from NeueHouse: Rich & Julie On Creative Partnerships, Enhancing Productivity & Why It’s All About Consciousness

“The most important relationship in your life is between you and consciousness.”
Julie Piatt

Today’s podcast features Julie and I speaking at NeueHouse Los Angeles as part of their new series entitled Creative Couples, which examines powerful collaborative partnerships and what make them tick.
A primer on how to communicate effectively, collaborate successfully, and ultimately elevate your creative output, this episode — which also features audience Q&A and a special cameo appearance by podcast favorite Guru Singh and his amazing wife Guruperkarma Kaur — is appointment listening for anyone looking to take their relationships and productivity to the next level.

An exquisitely appointed work and event space occupying the landmarked 1938 CBS Radio Building on Sunset Boulevard, it was a true honor to present before NeueHouse's dynamic and eclectic community of creators, entrepreneurs, and cultural innovators.
Major thanks to Meredith Rodgers, Brian Wanee, Alexandra Van Iden and everyone at NeueHouse for hosting an amazing evening. Plus mad appreciation for allowing me to share the event audio with all of you on this platform. Can I come back and do it again please?
NOTE: I'm interested in creating more live podcast events (featuring various guests) in both LA and other U.S. cities. I would like to gauge interest before wading too deep into this exploration, so please let me know (via e-mail or @richroll) if you enjoyed this episode (or the live event episodes from Australia and Dublin) and/or whether you would be interested in actually attending a live event in your locale.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Jan 26, 2018
What Is “Clean Meat”? Paul Shapiro On The Future of Food

“We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium.”
Winston Churchill 

Unbeknownst to most, animal agriculture is the number one culprit when it comes to almost every single man-made environmental ill on the planet.
Untenable amounts of land, water and feed are required to raise the number of animals necessary to meet demand. Creating more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined, our voracious appetite for meat and dairy products has produced the largest mass species extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Meanwhile, the primary driver of ocean acidification, water table pollution, rainforest devastation and a litany of other environmental abominations can be tracked to one primary source: our broken system of food production.
Without a doubt, it's a system that's destroying human health, irreparably damaging the planet we call home and creating unspeakable suffering in the process.
If we want to survive as a species, we need a new way forward. In my opinion, adopting a plant-based is the single most powerful and impactful thing you can possibly do as a conscious, compassionate consumer. It is the medicine that will prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle disease, preserve our planet's precious resources for future generations, and put an end to mass animal cruelty.
Vegan has indeed gone mainstream. That's awesome. But let's not be naïve. The rate at which people are adopting a plant-based lifestyle can't begin to match population growth and its concomitant demand for cheeseburgers and milk shakes.
7.5 billion people currently share this spinning blue planet we call Earth. By 2050, that number will escalate to 9.7 billion. By 2100? 11 billion.
How can we possibly feed 11 billion people sustainably?
Ask my good friend Paul Shapiro, and he will give you a two-word answer:
Clean meat.
When Paul — a long-time vegan and mainstream voice for agricultural sustainability — took his first bite of “lab-harvested” meat in 2014, more humans had gone into space than had eaten real meat grown outside an animal. But according to Paul, the clean meat revolution is upon us — and it holds the potential to save the world.
Just as we need clean energy to compete with fossil fuels, clean meat is poised to become a competitor of factory farms. Clean meat isn’t an alternative to meat; it’s real, actual meat grown (or more accurately, brewed) from animal cells, as well as other clean animal products that ditch animal cells altogether and are simply built from the molecule up.
Today we talk about it.

In addition to being among the worldʼs first clean meat consumers, Paul served as the vice president of policy engagement for the Humane Society of the United States, the worldʼs largest animal protection organization. Paul is also the founder of Compassion Over Killing, a TEDx speaker, and an inductee into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame.
Paul just released his first book, Clean Meat:How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World*, a Washington Post bestseller (with a great foreword by Sapiens* author Yuval Noah Harari) that chronicles the wild race to create and commercialize cleaner, safer,
Jan 22, 2018
Amy Dresner: Getting Dirty, Staying Clean & The Power Of Owning Your Truth

“Stability doesn't create discipline, discipline creates stability.”
 Amy Dresner 

Shame can’t survive the light.
I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.
If you’ve been on this podcast adventure with me for a while, then you know well that addiction, alcoholism and recovery are recurring themes of the show — subjects very close to my heart as someone whose life has been spared by sobriety.
These themes recur because millions of people from every cross section of life suffer in silence. Deeply ashamed and terrified to confront their truth, these lost souls dwell in the shadows. Paralyzed and powerless, addiction strips them of their humanity as they descend into darkness, wandering lost and alone in what author and addiction medicine specialist Gabor Maté (RRP #188) dubs the realm of the hungry ghost.
As a culture we perpetuate the cycle of shame by judging those afflicted as weak, even sub-human. This creates a climate of fear and silence, further entrenching a deep sense of self-hatred that drives the addict into a prison of loneliness and despair, isolating that individual from the life-saving solution to their fatal disease.
But shame can’t survive the light.
So let’s shine a light on it.
Towards that end, I give you the story of Amy Dresner.
A former stand up comic, recovering drug addict and all around fuck up (her words), Amy is a writer and author who humorously chronicles her epic ups and downs for The Fix, Refinery 29, Alternet, After Party Chat, Salon, The Frisky, Cosmo Latina, and Psychology Today.
I first came across Amy by way of our mutual friend (and record-setting 8-time podcast guest) Mishka Shubaly and her recently released memoir, My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean*. I dig a good addiction yarn, and Amy’s descent into the throes of addiction and ultimate redemption is one for the ages.
Growing up in Beverly Hills, Amy had it all: a top-notch private school education, the most expensive summer camps and even a weekly clothing allowance. But at 24, she started dabbling in meth in San Francisco and unleashed a fiendish addiction monster. Soon, if you could snort it, smoke it, or have sex with, she did. Smart and charming, with daddy’s money to fall back on, she sort of managed to keep it all together. But on Christmas Eve of 2011, all of that changed when, high on Oxycontin, she stupidly “brandished” a bread knife on her husband and was promptly arrested for felony domestic violence with a deadly weapon. Within months, she found herself in the psych ward–and then penniless, divorced and looking out on a court-ordered 240 hours of community service. For the next two years, assigned to a Hollywood Boulevard “chain gang,” she would sweep up syringes (and worse) on Hollywood Boulevard as she bounced from rehabs to halfway houses, all while struggling with sobriety, sex addiction, and starting over in her 40s.
Amy pulls no punches. Her raw honesty is as devastating as it is courageous – perhaps even shocking for those less intimately familiar with the ravishes of addiction. But she’s also hilarious.
Today we get into all of it.
This is a candid conversation about the dark underbelly of drug abuse, sex addiction, and alcoholism. It’s about violence, fear, self-hatred, and shame. It’s about the very real struggle to survive. And it’s about the conviction and strength required to achieve sobriety.
But between the lines,
Jan 15, 2018
Mirna Valerio Is A Beautiful Work in Progress: Thoughts On Body Positivity, Self-Empowerment & Owning Your Truth

“Instead of being ashamed of doing what you do or being what you are, I ask two important questions: Why not celebrate it? Why not be proud of the fact that the body you are in can do great things?”
 Mirna Valerio 

What is a runner? How do we define an athlete? What does it truly mean to be fit and healthy?
Challenging stereotypes, today's guest demands that we broaden our limited definition of these terms.
She may not be fast, but she runs. In fact she runs a lot, an impressive slew of ultramarathons to her name.
She's also not skinny. In fact, she's big.
250 pounds big.
But Mirna Valerio is without a doubt a runner.
In fact, the force of nature affectionately known as The Mirnavator is one of the most inspirational athletes I have ever met — a true ambassador of sport on a mission to empower women of all shapes and sizes to proudly embrace their bodies, expand their horizons, and own their truth.

Carrying herself with grace, an intelligent self-confidence and a smile so gleeful it brightens all in her path, Mirna's appeal has less to do with her ability to run long distances and everything to do with her unapologetic celebration of her personal truth.
Mirna's joyful self-acceptance is both real and rare. It's both authentic and bold. It's as infectious as it is inclusive.
And it's incredibly empowering to the millions of people who suffer body shame issues silently.
When she’s not running, the Brooklyn native (now living in the North Georgia Mountains with her husband and teenage son) is a Spanish teacher, diversity practitioner, cross-country coach, and author of the wildly popular blog Fat Girl Running. She also writes frequently for Women's Running Magazine and recently released a remarkable memoir I thoroughly enjoyed entitled, A Beautiful Work In Progress*.
She’s been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and Runner's World and on NBC Nightly News. She’s also an ambassador for a variety of brands like REI, Merrell, Skirt Sports and Swiftwick. Just this week Mirna became one of the faces of JC Penney’s newly launched Here I Am campaign.

I first came across Mirna’s story by way of a mini-documentary produced by REI called The Mirnavator that went viral. Hooked, I was determined to share her powerful story with you. Mirna more than delivered.
Much like past episodes with Josh LaJaunie, Adam Sud, David Clark and my most recent episode with Charlie Jabaley, this is an incredibly inspiring underdog every person story.
But unlike those tales, Mirna's journey is not one marked by dramatic before and after photos. On the contrary, this is a story about body acceptance and body positivity.
It's a conversation about self-empowerment and self-acceptance. It’s about tackling stereotypes, overcoming prejudice and the importance of inclusion. And it's an exchange about the need to redefine how we think about and define athleticism, the spirit of sport, and fitness in general.
But more than anything, this is a conversation about owning your truth.
I adore Mirna and I absolutely love this conversation. I think you will too.
Please stick around to the very end for a treat. In addition to her impressive accomplishments, Mirna is also an extremely talented, Julliard-trained opera singer. I was able to convince her to take us out with her angelic, etheral voice. It's insane!
Peace + Plants,

Jan 11, 2018
How Charlie Jabaley Lost 120lbs & Overcame a Brain Tumor To Become An Athlete

“I knew I had to change everything in my life if I wanted to live.”
Charlie Jabaley

He dreamed of being a professional athlete.

But Charlie Jabaley was always the fat kid, picked last for kickball.
No matter what, he just couldn't stop gaining weight. Resigned to this fate, he abandoned his athletic dream early.
Throwing himself into business instead, it wasn't long before CEO Charlie was born — an alter ego he created at age 13 that would soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
By his mid-twenties, Charlie had overcome tremendous odds to achieve extraordinary success in the music business, collecting Grammys and counting Benjamins managing a stable of major hip-hop recording artists like 2 Chainz.
The very model of the modern millennial entrepreneur, Charlie's path provided the high gloss lifestyle of his wildest imagination — a world apart from his humble beginnings.
What it didn't provide? Health, happiness, or an authentic sense of wholeness.
On the outside, Charlie was crushing it. On the inside, he was dying. A life-long junk food addict, he had swelled to over 300 pounds by the age of 29. But he wasn't just morbidly obese. And he wasn't just chronically depressed.
Charlie Jabaley was lost.

His health in rapid decline, he tried countless diets, but always gained the weight right back — plus a little extra.
He tried running. He even ran three marathons. Ironically, Charlie nonetheless continued to pack the pounds on, rewarding his training sessions with shame-inducing binges. Out of control, Charlie's waistline only expanded in lockstep with each successive 26.2 effort.
Deep down, Charlie knew he would forever remain a prisoner to his seemingly hopeless food addiction until he could summon the courage to face the emotional dysfunction, mental imbalance and spiritual malaise that had been driving his unhealthy lifestyle choices for as long as he could remember.
The inside job terrified Charlie. But it's always darkest before the dawn. At the nadir of his hopelessness, Charlie awoke one day to find his bedroom spinning before suddenly collapsing to the floor. A visit to the doctor only brought more bad news.
Charlie Jabaley has a brain tumor.
But rather than treat his diagnosis as tragic, Charlie decided to embrace it as a gift — the push he needed to once and for all to face himself honestly, take willing inventory of his life, and finally undertake the measures necessary to save himself from himself.
Charlie Jabaley only had to change one thing — everything.
One year ago, he walked away from the company he started, leaving millions of dollars on the table to decamp Atlanta for Los Angeles. Completely restructuring his relationship with food, he's lost over 120 pounds and kept it off. Without medication, his tumor has shrunk to almost nothing. And Charlie has finally achieved his lifelong dream, transforming himself from executive (CEO Charlie) to athlete (Charlie Rocket), training for his first Ironman in New Zealand this March.
For the first time in his life, he's both healthy and happy.
But mostly, Charlie Jabaley is free.
What he did, how he did it and why is the subject of today's conversation. It's a powerful exchange with an everyman hero who wants you to know that you do not struggle alone.  That it's never too late to change. And no matter how far you have drifted from the person you aspire to be, there is both hope and help.
Welcome to 2018 people. This is the new normal.
For those visually inclined, you can watch our conversation on YouTube here.
Peace + Plants,

Jan 08, 2018
The Best of 2017- Part II

“Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – a slight change, and all patterns alter.”
Sharon Salzberg

Welcome to the 5th annual Best of the RRP Anthology — our way of taking a moment to reflect on the year, express gratitude and give thanks for taking this journey with us.

It's been an honor to share my conversations with so many extraordinary people over the course of 2017. Second listens brought new insights — and more reminders that that these evergreen exchanges continue to inspire and inform.

For long-time listeners, this two-part episode is intended to launch you into 2018 with renewed vigor and intention. If you're new to the show, my hope is that this anthology will stir you to peruse the back catalog and/or check out episodes you may have missed.
Links to the full episodes excerpted in this anthology are enumerated below.
Thank you for taking this journey with me. I appreciate you. I love you.
Here's to an extraordinary 2018. Join me, and let's do this thing together.
Peace + Plants,

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22 Days Nutrition: the 100% plant-based, 100% USDA certified organic nutrition products and meal delivery platform designed to meet the needs of your healthy, active life. For 10% off all products (including the meal delivery) and free shipping, visit and use promo code RICHROLL at checkout.
Four Sigmatic: A superfood company founded by a group of Finnish friends. They aim to popularize medicinal mushrooms by incorporating them in more mainstream products like coffee and hot cocoa. Visit and enter the promo code ROLL at the checkout and save 15% on your order!

RRP #296: Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D.
RRP #298: Meditation Master Sharon Salzberg
RRP #302: Addiction Recovery Expert Tommy Rosen
RRP #305: charity: water's Scott Harrison
RRP #311: Ultra-Athlete Samantha Gash
RRP #317: Bestselling Author Gretchen Rubin
RRP #319: Chinese Medicine Physician Colin Hudon
RRP #320: Healing Mushroom Expert Tero Isokauppila
Jan 01, 2018
The Best of 2017- Part I

“When you think you're done, you're only at 40% of your total potential.”
David Goggins

This is the time of year to pause. It's the time of year for reflection. For gratitude. And for giving back.

So let's do all those things. Welcome to the fifth annual Best of the RRP Anthology — our way of taking a moment to reflect on the year, express gratitude and give thanks for taking this journey with us.
I pride myself on bringing a wide variety of personalities, opinions and attitudes to the show. When I look back over 2017, it's amazing how many incredibly dynamic conversations and perspectives I was honored to share. Second listens brought new insights. Another reminder that this show is a gift that just keeps giving.

For long-time listeners, this two-part episode is intended to inform and inspire your new year's trajectory. If you're new to the show, my hope is that this anthology will stir you to peruse the back catalog and/or check out episodes you may have missed.
Links to the full episodes excerpted in this anthology are enumerated below.
Thank you. I appreciate you. I love you.
Here's to an extraordinary 2018. Join me, and let's do this thing together.
Peace + Plants,

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RRP #266: Navy SEAL David Goggins
RRP #267: Kundalini Yogi Master Guru Singh
RRP #268: Superfood Hunter Darin Olien
RRP #269 Rock Icon Travis Barker
RRP #272: Integrative Medicine Doctor Rachel Abrams, M.D.
RRP #275: Marathon Swimmer Kimberly Chambers
RRP #276: Cultivating Your Inner Jedi With Julie Piatt
RRP #278: ‘What The Health' With Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn
Dec 25, 2017
Rip Esselstyn Is PLANTSTRONG! (And Why You Should Be Too)

“The cleanest burning fuel you can get for the human body is from plants.”
 Rip Esselstyn 

Friend, mentor and original Plantstrong pioneer Rip Esselstyn and I go way back.
Both swimmers, we crossed paths at many a meet — as young teens and later as collegiate rivals (Rip was always far more accomplished than I). During the early stages of my transition to a plant-based diet, I vividly recall perusing Facebook when I stumbled upon Rip, who just happened to be on the precipice of publishing his first book on the very subject I was attempting to master. From that moment forward, Rip became a lighthouse — illuminating my path as a generous friend and cheerleader always available to share his knowledge, experience and inspiration.
Today, Rip (finally) joins the podcast to share that knowledge, experience and inspiration with you — a hotly anticipated master course on the incredible power of a whole-food, plant-based diet to prevent and reverse disease, promote optimal health, and fuel your athletic dreams.
Educated at the University of Texas at Austin, Rip was a three-time All-American swimmer before spending a decade as one of the premier professional triathletes in the world. He then joined the Austin Fire Department where he introduced his passion for a whole-food, plant-based diet to Austin’s Engine 2 Firehouse in order to rescue a firefighting brother’s health. To document his success he wrote the New York Times' bestselling book, The Engine 2 Diet*, which demonstrates the irrefutable connection between a plant-based diet and good health.

Rip left his job as a firefighter in 2009 to team up with Whole Foods Market as one of their Healthy Eating Partners to raise awareness for Whole Foods employees, customers and communities about the benefits of eating a plant-strong diet. As the founder of Engine 2, Rip develops and implements a range of programs and events geared toward education, inspiring and nurturing plant-strong living for individuals, families and organizations across the globe.
A New York Times bestselling author of four books, Rip has appeared on hundreds of radio and national television shows, including the Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show. Each year his family produces a series of all-inclusive, immersive events, culminating in Camp Plantstock — an extraordinary experience I highly recommend to anyone looking to reboot their lifestyle. Finally, Rip's newest book, The Engine 2 Cookbook* hits bookstores everywhere on December 26, 2017.
This is a conversation I’ve been anticipating since the first episode of this podcast. Specific topics discussed include:

* Rip’s ‘Origin Story';
* The pioneering work of his father Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn at the Clevelend Clinic beginning in the 1980’s;
* Rip's athletic career as a swimmer & triathlete;
* A review of the Paleo, Atkins & Ketogenic diets;
* Rip's career as a fire fighter in Austin;
* The origin of the ‘Engine 2′ program;
* How Rip's story caught the interest of Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey;
* The development of the Engine 2 / Whole Foods Markets product line
* Plantstock & Engine 2 Immersion programs
Dec 22, 2017
Nathan Runkle Has Mercy for Animals — The Power of Compassion To Make A Difference

“It’s not just about being against cruelty. It’s about being for compassion.”
 Nathan Runkle

Reared on a farm in rural Ohio, Nathan Runkle's connection with farm animals runs deep. So deep, he always knew his life would center around the protection and care of these sentient beings.
After a local farmed animal abuse case involving a piglet slammed headfirst into a concrete floor during an agriculture project at a nearby high school, Nathan founded Mercy For Animals to give “food” animals a much-needed advocate in his local community.
He was just 15 years old.
Today, Nathan is the very person he was always meant to be: a world renown animal rights advocate; a nationally recognized speaker; and the man who has tactfully shepherded Mercy For Animals from that high school project into a leading international force in the prevention of cruelty to farmed animals and the promotion of compassionate food choices and policies.
Named one of the country’s “Top 20 Activists Under 30 Years Old” and the youngest person ever inducted into the U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame (he was 25), Nathan has been featured in hundreds of prominent media outlets and has spent decades working alongside elected officials, corporate executives, heads of international organizations, academics, farmers, celebrities, and film producers to pass landmark legislation and implement animal welfare policy changes.
Nathan is also the author of the new and aptly titled, Mercy For Animals*. A fascinating call-to-action memoir, the book chronicles Nathan’s personal story from grassroots activist to global animal rights leader while elucidating the history and current state of U.S. factory farming and animal welfare; the environmental and human health implications of food policy; and the compassionate future he envisions.

Today I go deep with someone who always knew exactly who he wanted to be and what he wanted to do with his life.
We dig into Nathan's early interest in animal welfare, the founding of MFA in his teens and the undercover work that followed. We discuss the current state and implications of factory farming on animal, human and planetary health. And we review the regulatory landscape that governs our food systems and the implications of the clean meat movement on the future of food.
But ultimately, this is a conversation about being who you are. It's about turning compassion into action. It's about the ethical and environmental implications of our daily food choices. And it's about the power we all hold to create change and forge a more compassionate and sustainable world for generations to come.
For the visually inclined, the video version of the podcast is also available on YouTube.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Dec 18, 2017
Tim Ferriss Is Evolving: Looking Within, Learning Self-Love & Pondering What Matters Most

“When you put on really effective armor, you do keep things out but you also keep a lot in.”
Tim Ferriss

If you think you know Tim Ferriss, think again – this is Tim like you’ve never seen or heard him before.
A relentless experimenter and virtuoso of deconstruction, Tim has spent the better part of his adult life studying mastery and sharing what he has learned on his wildly popular blog and string of four consecutive #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling books, which include The 4-Hour Workweek*, The 4-Hour Body*, The 4-Hour Chef*, Tools of Titans*, and his brand new offering, Tribe of Mentors*.
Along the way, Tim became a prominent angel investor and philanthropist, named one of Fast Company‘s “Most Innovative Business People” and one of Fortune‘s “40 under 40”. He’s graced the main stage at TED and been featured in every prominent media outlet imaginable. His work hosting The Tim Ferriss Show podcast – one of the most widely listened to podcasts in the world with over 200 million downloads — led The Observer to call him “the Oprah of audio”.

I’m willing to bet most of you are already decidedly familiar with this globally renowned polymath. Like you, I’ve followed his blog for years. I’ve read all his books and I listen to his podcast regularly. It’s an understatement to say that Tim’s work has been instrumental in helping me forge the life I’m blessed to lead today. For that I am forever grateful.
Nonetheless, I never felt like I really knew the man behind the work.
Who is the real Tim Ferriss?
It turns out, Tim has been asking himself the very same question. Over the last year, he has endured much. The loss of some good friends matched by turning 40 has left him pondering his mortality. He walked away from tech investing, decamping Silicon Valley for Austin out of a desire to slow the pace of his frenetic life. And a very intense recent 10-day silent meditation retreat is emblematic of a redirected focus inward.
Today finds Tim in a rather reflective and contemplative place. A point in time in which he is wrestling with his past, evaluating the person he wants to be, and deeply contemplating what is most important about life.
Today we unpack the real Tim Ferriss.
Intimate and emotionally raw, this is exactly the kind of conversation I have been patiently waiting to have with Tim ever since I started this podcast – a sincere,
Dec 11, 2017
How To Build A Conscious Relationship

“Who are we if we disconnect from the prince / princess paradigm?”
Julie Piatt

Today’s podcast is the last in my series of open panel discussions lifted from our Plantpower Ireland retreat this past July. It's a powerful participatory discourse and Q&A hosted by myself, Julie and Colin Hudon, a physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine and founder of Living Tea which imports the finest living teas sourced from ancient tea trees across both China and Taiwan.

Today we focus on relationships. Specifically, we explore:

* how to see the divine in your partner
* how to navigate interpersonal conflict
* strategies for being heard; 
* how to upend the outdated prince / princess paradigm;
* the masculine desire to fulfill his mission;
* the feminine desire to be seen; and
* questions from the Plantpower Tribe

At its core, this is a powerful master class on redefining how we relate to our most loved ones so that we can experience the best of what a relationship can bring to the collective human experience.
One more thing: if the Ireland retreat sounded cool (it was a giant blast), our next retreat will be in Tuscany, Italy May 19-26, 2018. It's currently sold out, but because it's not unusual for a person or two to drop out, you can still join the waiting list or reserve your spot for 2019. For more information, visit
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Boll & Branch: The first honest and transparent bedding company that only uses sustainable and responsible methods of sourcing and manufacturing. Go to today for $50 off your first set of sheets by typing in promo code “RICHROLL”.
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Show Notes
Check out How To Build A Conscious Relationship With Rich Roll and Julie Piatt at mindbodygreen
Background, Context & Reference

* Connect with Julie: | Instagram | Dec 08, 2017
Guru Singh On Building Emotional Infrastructure, New Educational Modalities & The Impact of Diet Beyond The Physical

“Every power that any human being has ever had here on Earth is in every single one of us waiting to be activated.”
Guru Singh

As we approach the year's end, I thought it appropriate to reconvene with the great and vast consciousness that helped us usher in 2017 – kundalini yoga & meditation master Guru Singh (@gurusinghyogi).
Long-time listeners will well recall our initial conversation from January (RRP #267), one of my most popular and impactful episodes in the history of this podcast.
For those new to the show, imagine a modern-day rock star Gandalf dropping mad guitar licks between pearls of timeless wisdom that beautifully fuse Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism and you start to get the picture.
Named Best Guru in LA by Los Angeles magazine, Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation Sikh yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician. For the past 40 years he has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga – a 5,000 year old ancient science and school of yoga focused on awakening the primal energy known as shakti for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment. He is the author of several books (enumerated below) and a powerful lecturer uplifting thousands worldwide. An extraordinary teacher, he also serves as a behind-the-scenes guide to many a luminary, including Fortune 500 CEOs, athletes, artists and even Tony Robbins.
A peer of rock legends like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, Guru Singh is also a supremely talented musician who began his recording career on Warner Bros' Sire label in the 1960s. When he isn't recording tracks with people like Seal, he's bringing down the house on the daily at Yoga West, his Los Angeles home base.

Over the past year, I have become close with Guru Singh — a beautiful and highly relatable consciousness I'm proud to call a good friend and valuable mentor.
Today we discuss everything from the benefits of cold-water therapy to the implications of artificial intelligence.
We examine the why behind all the recent mass shootings and explore strategies for navigating the treacherous minefields of our deeply divided culture.
We envision new educational modalities for future generations.
We investigate the effects of diet beyond the physical level.
And we consider the importance of maturing the social infantilism of our emotional infrastructure as a cultural imperative.
It’s aways an honor to spend time with Guru Singh and it's a privilege to share more of his powerful wisdom with you today.
My hope is that this conversation will empower you to more mindfully navigate our volatile world and encourage you to more deeply invest in the development of your conscious awareness, personal boundaries, and spiritual growth.
To rise up, you gotta lie down.
So let's lie down with Guru Singh.
For the visually inclined, the video version of the podcast is also available on YouTube
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Dec 04, 2017
Live In Dublin With The Happy Pear

“We are energy. So doesn't it make sense that the energy we put into our bodies impacts the energy that comes out of our bodies?”
Rich Roll

This special mid-week edition of the podcast features a Q&A event that Julie and I hosted along with our friends Stephen & David Flynn of The Happy Pear that took place before a live audience at the gorgeous Smock Alley Theatre this past summer in Dublin, Ireland.
Long-time listeners will well remember David and Stephen from #RRP 233, one of my most popular episodes of 2016.
For those newer to the show, David & Stephen Flynn are the joined-at-the-hip identical twin brothers behind The Happy Pear, a family run chain of natural food stores and cafés in Ireland as well as a line of organic, locally harvested plant-based food products available across the UK.

David & Stephen are also the co-authors of two incredible cookbooks – The Happy Pear* (of course) and the more recently released World of the Happy Pear*, both runaway, smash bestsellers across Ireland the UK.
Fundamentally, The Happy Pear is a movement. A movement rooted in family and community with one singular goal — to make healthy food and lifestyle mainstream. When the super fit dads aren’t making pre-school breakfast picnics on the beach, engaging in impromptu handstand competitions, conducting community-oriented health education courses, or traveling extensively for public speaking, they enthusiastically guide a vast and devoted global audience of wellness warriors across every social media platform from YouTube to Instagram to Snapchat with an endless stream of highly entertaining, quality nutrition and fitness tips, recipes, and daily slice-of-life vlogs with inspiration for miles.
David and Stephen Flynn just might be the most charismatic and emphatic advocates for healthy living I have ever met.
I sincerely hope you enjoy our live presentation, which includes loads of great questions from the audience.
Peace + Plants,

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In Search of a Filmmaker / Editor / Photographer
As you may know, David Zammit joined me 2 months ago as my collabora...
Nov 30, 2017
Alzheimer’s Can Be Prevented & Reversed: Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai On Optimizing Brain Health

“Food is the single greatest tool we have in the fight against Alzheimer’s.”
Team Sherzai

While other major diseases are in decline, deaths from Alzheimer's have increased dramatically in recent decades.
In fact, Alzheimer's is currently the 6th (and due to massive under-reporting may be as high as the 3rd ) leading cause of death in the United States.
Right now, over 47 million people worldwide currently live with Alzheimer's. By 2050, it's predicted this form of dementia will plague 135.5 million people across the globe.
This disease has become so pervasive, chances are you have been directly or indirectly impacted through an afflicted loved one. If so, then you know first hand the devastation it creates. You've seen it's ravaging effects. Perhaps you've even shouldered the immense emotional, financial and social burden it produces — and the hopelessness it provokes.
The sad truth is that Alzheimer's is a condition that Western medicine has utterly failed to combat, let alone cure. Simply put, there is no pharmaceutical or surgical treatment to effectively prevent or reverse this savage and cataclysmic condition.
But there is hope.
Alzheimer's isn't a genetic inevitability. A diagnosis doesn't have to come with a death sentence. In fact, according to this week's guests, 90% of all Alzheimer's cases can be prevented. And for the 10% with a strong genetic risk for cognitive decline, the disease can be delayed for ten to fifteen years.
These are not estimates. Nor are they wishful thinking. They are conclusions based on rigorous science performed by neurologists Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai. Co-directors of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Team Sherzai is the dynamic husband and wife duo behind the largest clinical and observational study on Alzheimer's to date as well as the co-authors of The Alzheimer's Solution*, a must-read primer that details their extensive research, chronicles the remarkable results they have experienced working with patients first-hand, and sets forth the first ever comprehensive program to prevent Alzheimer's disease, improve cognitive function, and ultimately optimize long-term brain health.
The solution might surprise you. It's not due to a breakthrough in surgical procedures. It's not the result of new pharmaceutical trials. Instead, as far fetched as it may sound, the answer is rooted in fundamental, simple changes in nutrition and lifestyle.

Dr. Dean Sherzai, M.D., PhD., completed his medical and neurology residencies at Georgetown University with a subsequent fellowship in neurodegenerative diseases at the National Institutes of Health, followed by a second fellowship in Dementia and Geriatrics at the University of California, San Diego. He also holds two Masters Degrees; in advanced sciences at UCSD and a Masters in public health from Loma Linda University. Finally, he has received a Ph.D. in Healthcare leadership at Loma Linda/Andrews University.
Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, M.D., completed her medical residency at Loma Linda University. She subsequently completed a residency in preventive medicine and neurology and thereafter received a fellowship in vascular neurology from Columbia University, and is currently finalizing her PhD in Epidemiology at Loma Linda University. Ayesha also has a culinary degree, giving her a unique understanding of nutrition as a powerful tool for disease prevention.
This week I sit down with Team Sherzai for an in-depth,
Nov 27, 2017
Off-Season Fitness: Chris Hauth on Staying Engaged Through The Winter Months

“Stay healthy, stay motivated and be positive.”
Chris Hauth  

Today, I am once again joined by Chris Hauth (@AIMPCoach) for another edition of Coach’s Corner focused on maintaining fitness with engaged enthusiasm as we navigate the winter months.

For those new to the show, Chris is a sub-9 hour Ironman, former professional triathlete, two-time Olympian and one of the world’s most respected endurance coaches. In 2006, Chris won the Ironman Coeur D’Alene and went on to be the first American amateur & 4th overall American at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
When he’s not training and racing, Chris runs AIMP Coaching, mentoring a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from elite professionals — including Ironman and Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers — to first time half-marathoners. Under Chris’ tutelage since 2008, he deftly guided me through three Ultraman World Championships, EPIC5. and now Ötillö.

A friend and mentor as much as a coach, Chris has been my personal coach since 2008, expertly guiding me through three Ultraman World Championships (’08, ’09 & ’11), EPIC5 in 2010 and the 2017 Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in Sweden this past September – which we raced together as a team.
Today we discuss:

* The importance of rest & taking a break from training;
* eating and training with the season;
* how to set goals and formulate a plan for the new year;
* work-life-training balance;
* sustainability — learning how to enjoy your fitness; and
* bucket list events and what each of us is looking forward to in 2018

On another note, I am looking to hire a filmmaker/photographer. As you may know, David Zammit joined me 2 months ago as my collaborative partner on video and photography projects. During this time, we made a fruitful leap to filming the podcast and created a few other cool pieces (with more on the way). Ultimately, the job turned out to not be the right fit for David, who returned home to Malta. For the record, I loved working with him. We're good friends and he may return to Los Angeles at some point. However, his departure has left me back at square one. Therefore, I am once again putting the word out for a filmmaking / editing / photographer comrade in arms. I will be revisiting all of the previous submissions of course, but I thought it worth putting out another call. Here is what I am looking for:

* availability to work full time (or most of the time) and in person (no virtual arrangements);
* extensive editing experience in either FCP or Premiere;
* experience with graphic design & After Effects
* extensive camera experience (owning great equipment a plus);
* can multi-task as a filmmaker, editor and photographer
* alignment with my mission & fundamental understanding of the opportunity

The job is evenly divided between documentation (e.g., podcast & instructional projects) and art (e.g., vlogs, motivational pieces, etc.). In addition, I am not looking for someone to simply do as I ask, but rather an individual who understands and appreciates aesthetics and collaboration, can bring me new ideas, and ultimately elevate my visual presence across multiple channels.
I understand this is a big ask. It will take a very specific person to fill this role, so please only submit if you meet all the qualifications. But if you think you have the goods and appreciate the value of the opportunity, I would love to hear from you.
E-mail submissions to with the subject line: “Video Opportunity”
For those visually inclined,
Nov 24, 2017
ICARUS: How Bryan Fogel Exposed The Biggest Doping Scandal In Olympic History

“It appears that the consequences for truth are high.”
Bryan Fogel 

Last week I sat down with Lance Armstrong to explore his competitive drive for greatness, precipitous fall from grace, and path forward. Irrespective of your opinion on Lance or that conversation, his story leaves us all with an indelible question:
Just how far will we go to be considered the best?
Obsessed with this inquiry, Bryan Fogel decided to answer it for himself.
Struck by the fact that Lance never once failed a single drug test, the avid cyclist, playwright, and filmmaker decided to make a documentary with one goal in mind: to prove the system in place to detect doping athletes was bullshit.
Because what the world watches on its sports fields should not be taken for granted as truth.
Icarus was premised on an audacious idea: Bryan would undertake an aggressive doping protocol, experimenting with a wide variety of performance enhancing drugs. He would observe the changes in his athletic performance. He would attempt to evade detection. And finally, he would extensively and transparently document the entire experience, sharing the whole endeavor on film.
To guide him through the mysterious and byzantine process of doping, Bryan enlists the professional aid of Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, a renegade Russian scientist and then pillar of his country's “anti-doping” program. As they grow closer, it becomes clear that Rodchenkov is in fact the central figure in what we soon discover is Russia's vast and elaborate state-sponsored Olympic doping program – a program that can be traced to Russia’s highest chains of command, all the way up to Vladamir Putin.
When the two realize they hold the power to reveal the biggest international sports scandal in living memory, Bryan's academic exercise in self-experimentation quickly pivots into spy thriller territory — a high-stakes and quite spectacular collision of politics, sports, espionage and danger more John LeCarré than Morgan Spurlock.

Icarus premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where it won “The Orwell” Special Jury Award and the first ever Audience Choice Award at Sundance Film Festival London. It’s been called a “game-changing documentary” by Variety and “The Best Non-Fiction film of 2017″ by the Financial Times and was acquired by Netflix in a historic sale.
Bryan and the story behind the film have been profiled in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, Variety , USA Today, Newsweek, The Atlantic, and The Guardian. Bryan has also discussed the film on NPR's All Things Considered, NBC's Meet The Press, ABC Dateline, Charlie Rose, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Breakfast with the BBC.
An extraordinary portrait of self sacrifice in the interest of truth, Icarus is a gripping exposé that will forever color your perception of Olympic sport. But more than that, it's a palpable glimpse into the dark realpolitik of the global sports arena and the staggering implications it has on our already strained geo-political landscape.
One of the best documentaries I have seen in recent memory, Icarus exemplifies the power of film to rewrite history.
Today, Bryan joins me to share his fascinating tale.
For the visually inclined, watch the podcast on YouTube.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this exchange.
Peace + Plants,

P.S. If you are moved by either the podcast or film to help Dr. Rodchenkov in his mission to make things right, please visit the GoFundMe page.

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         Nov 20, 2017
Lance Armstrong Is Moving Forward

“If you ever get a second chance for something, you've got to go all the way.”
Lance Armstrong 

Everyone has highs. Everyone has lows.
But few people on Earth have experienced the unimaginable level of success enjoyed by this week’s guest.
Fewer still have undergone a more precipitous fall from grace.
What exactly is it like to go from global hero to pariah overnight?
This is the story of Lance Armstrong.
One of the most decorated, fiercely competitive and controversial figures of our age, today Lance joins the podcast to mine the depths of his infamous dismantling. We explore the demands required to rebuild his life. And together we consider his journey forward.

But first, allow me to contextualize.
I am well aware that Lance is polarizing. Emotions run hot. And nobody lacks an opinion. Perhaps you have been eagerly awaiting this conversation. Maybe you’re outraged. Either way, I get it. If you hold a strong opinion, this conversation isn’t likely to change that – nor is it my goal.
As an athlete immersed in the culture of multi-sport who has closely followed the Lance story for as long as I can remember, I grasp and appreciate better than most the issues and controversy that swirl around the world’s most famous cyclist.
This podcast is about exploring humanity in all its incarnations. More than anything, I’m interested in what makes people tick — why they do what they do; what they have gleaned from their experiences both good and bad; and how we can collectively grow from examining the lives of others.
Among my favorite conversations are those with convicted murderer Shaka Senghor; registered sex offender Joseph Naus; felonious insider trader turned FBI informant Tom Hardin; and a battery of reformed reprobates that include alcoholics, drug addicts, and drug dealers. I state this not to draw any comparison whatsoever to Lance, but rather to illustrate my interest in the complex, dualistic nature of the human condition in all its incarnations.
I too was once broken and lost. I cannot begin to compare my experience to that of Lance’s, but I do understand what it's like to be dismantled. I know intimately what is required to confront and overcome one's past. And I have great empathy for the degree of difficulty required to rebuild a life.
It is with this spirit that I approached this conversation – not as an investigative journalist, nor as judge and jury. But rather, with heart open — my only agenda to have an honest dialog with one of the most prominent figures of our time.
Of course, we discuss his iconic rise, fall and efforts to move forward. But I also endeavored to explore terrain beyond the scandals – subjects like mindset and preparation that often get eclipsed in the grand conversation about Lance.
We talk about therapy. We explore his history with anger. And we delve into the evolution of his hyper-competitive nature.
We discuss the differences between training as a professional cyclist versus his preparation for Ironman and other ultra-distance events.
I asked him what it’s like to contend with a $100 million lawsuit hanging over his head. We discuss common mistakes many athletes make and how he would approach coaching young professional athletes. And finally, I gauge his thoughts on the future of clean sport.
This is not the definitive Lance interview. We only had an hour. There were plenty of subjects I wish I had more time to explore. That said, I found Lance to be both open and demonstrative. I think you will be more than intrigued by the discussion.
For the visually inclined,
Nov 13, 2017
The Misadventures Of A Professional Struggler — Mishka Shubaly Just Wants To Be Better

“Every failure is actually a step forward. That's how you learn to be who you are.”
Mishka Shubaly

Devoted listeners are well-acquainted with my gravelly voiced, chronically self-deprecating, often tortured, but always charming brother-from-another-mother Mishka Shubaly – back on the podcast for a record-breaking 8th appearance.
A writer oozing talent from his overactive sebaceous glands, Mishka pens true stories about drink, drugs, disasters, desire, deception, and their aftermath.
He began drinking at 13 and college at 15. At 22, he received the Dean's Fellowship from the Master's Writing Program at Columbia University. Upon receipt of his expensive MFA, he promptly moved into a Toyota minivan to tour the country nonstop as a singer-songwriter, often sharing the stage with comedians like Doug Stanhope and musical acts like The Strokes and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
But mostly he drank.
It sounds glamorous. It wasn't. At 32, Mishka hit bottom, got sober and laced up a pair of running shoes. In between ultra marathons, he began publishing a string of #1 bestselling Kindle Singles – short non-fiction novellas — through Amazon. The Long Run*, his mini-memoir detailing his transformation from alcoholic drug abuser to sober ultrarunner, to this day remains one of the best-selling Kindle Singles in Amazon history.

He is also the author of I Swear I’ll Make It Up To You*. Brutally honest, fiercely emotional and muscular in its prose, it's the booze-fueled, opiated account of a precocious young underachiever trying to be good (and failing and failing) until one day he succeeds. It's about serial abandonment, school shootings, alcoholism, loneliness, artistic frustration, faith, guilt, sobriety, running, relationships, resentment, revenge, music, art, and creativity. It’s about one man’s attempt to reckon with the wreckage of his past and his journey to reconcile his relationship with his family, and most importantly, to forgive the father that jettisoned him.
It’s been over a year since Mishka dropped in on the pod to share his latest misadventures as a touring musician and tortured artist. We're overdue for a check-in. And this conversation doesn't disappoint. Even if you have listened to all 7 of our previous conversations, this one is sure to surprise and delight.
We discuss alcoholism, nihilism and depression. We talk about how he maintains sobriety as a touring musician. We get into the romance of one's drinking past and identity attachments that don't serve us. And we cover the trading of one addiction for another.
Most impactful is our discussion about Mishka's recent diagnosis as pre-diabetic, and his decision to finally go plant-based. That is a sentence I never thought I would write.
In response to my urging that Mishka get back to what he does best — writing — Mishka decided to crowd-source his oft-challenged motivation by launching a social media campaign designed to motivate all of us (but probably mostly him) to commit to spending a pre-ordained amount of time every single day in November to write. Join the brigade on twitter by posting your progress with the hashtag #writenovember.
Finally, stick around to the end for a live musical performance by Mishka to take us out.
I love Mishka like a brother. I love this conversation. I hope you do too.
Nov 09, 2017
Cardiologist Kim Williams, M.D. Wants To Eradicate Heart Disease

“There are two kinds of cardiologists: vegans and those who haven't read the data.”
Dr. Kim Williams 

Heart health is serious business.
Serious as a heart attack, as the saying goes, given that currently 1 out of every 3 people in America die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) – our #1 killer.
According to the American College of Cardiology, CVD currently accounts for approximately 800,000 deaths in US. Among Americans, an average of one person dies from CVD every 40 seconds. Right now more than 90 million Americans carry a diagnosis of CVD. And over 45% of non-Hispanic blacks in the United States live with heart disease.
But this isn't just an American problem. On a global level, CVD is the single largest cause of death in developed countries and accounts for 31% of all mortalities.
If you take a moment to ponder these staggering statistics, you quickly realize just how vast the epidemic of heart disease has become.
And yet there is hope. Because this disease that's debilitating and killing millions annually is entirely avoidable. It's completely preventable. And it's even reversible.
The solution begins with personal responsibility. It's about what you put in your mouth. It encapsulates your lifestyle choices. And it extends to erecting systemic changes in our health care model to prioritize prevention over symptomatic treatment.

To walk us through these important issues I sat down with former American College of Cardiology president Kim Williams, M.D. — one of the most inspiring, intelligent and pioneering leaders in the growing movement to modernize how we think about, treat, avoid, and prevent our most onerous threat to human health.
A graduate of the University of Chicago and the Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Williams currently serves as Chief of the Division of Cardiology at Rush University Medical Center, and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. In addition to his tenure as President of the American College of Cardiology (2015-16), Dr. Williams has also served as the President of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and Chairman of the Board of the Association of Black Cardiologists.
Tangential fun fact? Dr. Williams was also a teen chess champion before becoming Illinois' No. 3 singles tennis player at 15 years old with no previous background in the sport. Faced with a choice between pursuing professional tennis or medicine, he chose medicine.
Back in 2003, Dr. Williams became concerned that his LDL cholesterol — the kind associated with an increased risk of heart disease — was too high. After some research into the positive benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, he decided to give it a shot. It worked, bringing his LDL down to normal levels. He then began prescribing his nutritional protocol to his patients. That worked too.
Then an interesting thing happened. Dr. Williams became president of the American College of Cardiology, a 49,000-member medical society that is the professional home base for the entire cardiology profession. This gave him a broad platform of authority to advance awareness and the legitimacy of a plant-based diet as both a treatment and preventive protocol for heart disease.
Today we unpack his story and probe the science, economics and politics behind nutrition and cardiovascular health on the road to avoiding, combating and ultimately overcoming America's #1 killer. Specific topics covered include:

* the politics of industry influence on available information and clinical studies & its implications on education and public awareness;
* the primary contributing factors behind CVD, including a discussion on heme iron, cholesterol, saturated fat and sugar;
Nov 06, 2017
Unmasking Masculinity With Lewis Howes

“Let us revere the one who loves others deeply, loves himself deeply, and has a dream that he is inspired to live with and by and through. He is a man.”
Lewis Howes

The word authenticity has been so co-opted and commodified, it's now almost impossible to use it without sounding hacky.
But the sentiment behind the word remains beautiful. To me it means living honestly and with integrity. It means the courage and self-confidence to be open and vulnerable. It's what it means to live, breathe and move in alignment with your truest, highest self.
I do my best to live authentically. I strive to inject this sensibility into the content I create. And it’s a consistent theme of this podcast.
Intellectually we understand the importance of living authentically. However, we all find ourselves — myself included — nonetheless projecting a version of ourselves onto the world. Not the raw truth but an edited impression of who we are and what we want others to see; a facsimile of identity, custom tailored to suit the expectations of our social environment.
In other words, we all wear masks.
We can characterize this behavior as dishonest. But it’s also just human. We're all guilty to a certain degree.
We do it because we’re afraid. Because we’re insecure. And because honesty and vulnerability are terrifying.
If people really knew me, I would be unlovable.
The impulse to hide our fears and flaws is normal. Not only is it easier to don a facade, it's how we've been conditioned to behave for as long as we can remember. But when we inhabit the role we've been socially programmed to play at the cost our truest selves, we disconnect from both intimacy and ourselves, undercutting our ability to connect with others and inhabit the best of who we are are and what we have to offer.
As counter-intuitive as it may sound, the more we can summon the courage to shed our masks – masks we have been wearing for so long and so persistently were not even consciously aware of them – in exchange for being open, honest, and vulnerable,  the more integrated, whole, secure, confident, and ultimately authentic we ultimately become.
It's scary. But overcoming this fear is the first step to truly blazing a path to becoming a fully integrated human. It's the journey to becoming whole. At peace with yourself. Empowered. Self-actualized.
And ultimately, free.
This is the subject of today’s conversation. To shepard us through it is my friend Lewis Howes, host of the very popular School of Greatness Podcast, NY Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness*, and the man behind a brand new book hitting stores this week entitled The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships, and Live Their Fullest Lives*.

A former professional football player and USA team handball Olympic hopeful who bottomed out before blossoming into a successful online entrepreneur, Lewis defies the stereotype that typically accompanies most successful alpha males. With a glint in his eye, Lewis is warm,
Oct 30, 2017
Dan Buettner: Lessons From the World’s Happiest People

“Follow your bliss, not your material desires.”
Dan Buettner 

We all want to be happy.
But what exactly is happiness? Can it be cultivated? And if so, how?
Somewhere along the way, you've likely heard of something called the Blue Zones — a term coined by this week's guest in reference to five hidden slivers of the world that boast the highest per capita populations of centenarians – people who thrive to 100 and beyond. Unlikely locales where people not live inordinately long,
Places where people forgot to die.
Interestingly, in addition to outliving their fellow western world equals, the Blue Zoners also seemed resoundingly happier.
Dan Buettner wanted to know more. So he shifted focus from longevity and zeroed in on the elusive, ever-so-slippery nature of happiness itself.
Deploying his expertise and that of others, he used hard science to better define the emotional state we seek most. He scoured the planet in search of the cultures that most exemplify happiness. He examined the internal and external factors that most promote happiness. And he extrapolated the key lessons that can be best applied for us to all ultimately live better and more fulfilled.
The result of Dan's quest is the subject of today's conversation. It's also the the cover story of this month’s issue of National Geographic, the topic he explored all last week on the TODAY Show and the focus of his new Amazon #1 bestselling  book, The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons from the World's Happiest People*.

(full podcast on YouTube!)
A true renaissance man, Dan is a National Geographic Fellow, a world adventurer with 3 endurance cycling world records to his name, a longevity expert, and a NY Times Bestselling author who has appeared on Oprah twice, as well as CNN, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Primetime Live, and the Today Show. He has delivered more than 500 keynotes over the last 10 years, including speeches for Bill Clinton’s Health Matters Initiative, Google Zeitgeist, and TEDMED. His TED Talk “How to live to be 100+” has been viewed over 3 million times.
Long-time listeners will remember well our initial conversation. RRP 139 (April 2015) explored Dan’s fascinating, adventurous backstory and what he learned studying centenarians. This conversation picks up where that one left off to delve deep into the very nature of happiness. It's about the three pillars that compose it. And the extent to which your environment and lifestyle choices impact your ability to exude and maintain it.
It’s a conversation about what you can do to design your surroundings to stack the deck in favor of happiness. And it’s an exchange about the impact of Dan’s work on fundamentally improving health and happiness in cities and municipalities across the United States.
But ultimately, this is a powerful primer on how to cultivate greater awareness around the choices we all make daily around food, lifestyle habits, and the quality of our physical and interpersonal environments. And it's about how improving these choices can lead to the one thing we all seek – true, lasting happiness.
I absolutely love this guy. A kindred spirit,
Oct 23, 2017
Ask Me Anything: Rich Roll On Training, Racing & Service

“When I can be in the headspace of service — am I giving? How can I give better? — then the rest seems to take care of itself.”
Rich Roll

Welcome to another Ask Me Anything in-between-isode edition of the podcast with yours truly.
Recorded live during our Plantpower Ireland retreat this past July, this is a dynamic discussion that covers a wide-range of topics. Subjects covered include:

* how my approach to training, racing and nutrition has evolved over the years;
* my approach to racing Ötillö (this was recorded prior to that event);
* good pain v. bad pain – i.e., distinguishing laziness from the need to rest;
* my role models & influences; and
* thoughts on meditation, spirituality & service.

In addition, I was asked how Julie and I work together as a team — balancing our similarities and differences. Plus Julie sheds some light on her interesting backstory.
As an aside, if this retreat sounds fun (it is!), we are currently taking reservations for Plantpower Italia, May 19-26, 2018. To learn more and nab your spot (it will sell out), visit
I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen.
Peace + Plants,

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Four Sigmatic: A superfood company founded by a group of Finnish friends. They aim to popularize medicinal mushrooms by i...
Oct 20, 2017
Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s Plant-Based Embrace

“The Western diet is destroying our world and our lives and creating all these problems that we don't need to have.”
 Rocco DiSpirito 

When it comes to food, we've been led to believe that healthy and delicious are mutually exclusive.
When it comes to eating plant-based, forget about it. Most people can't imagine their palate can possibly be sated without animal products.
I've worked hard to bust this myth.
But I'm no chef.
Good thing today's guest is.
But Rocco DiSpirito is no ordinary chef. A James Beard award-winning culinary wizard, this guy is a straight up food genius.
Named Food & Wine magazineʼs Best New Chef, People magazineʼs Sexiest Chef and the first chef to appear on Gourmet magazineʼs cover as Americaʼs Most Exciting Young Chef, Rocco is the author of 13 books (5 of which were NY Times bestsellers) who lorded over 3-Star restaurant Union Pacific, a New York City culinary landmark for many years (The New York Times deemed his dishes “pure genius”). Rocco skyrocketed to mainstream fame starring in a countless array of food and celebrity chef television shows, including NBC's The Restaurant, ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, Bravo's Top Chef and Rocco’s Dinner Party, Restaurant Divided on Food Network — and even Dancing With The Stars.

But it hasn't been all roses. Along the way, Rocco faced much adversity. He's battled detractors. And eventually his fast-paced, rich food-laden life caught up with him. By 38, Rocco had become seriously ill, boasting the metabolic rate of a 64-year old with an extra 40 pounds around the mid-section. His doctor told him he had no choice but to go on a battery of medications. But Rocco declined, setting his focus on healing himself with healthier food and physical exercise. It's a path that forever altered his career and indeed his life — a re-imagination of great tasting food in service to well-being; to physical exercise and the world of triathlon; and more recently to exploring the healing benefits of a plant-based diet and the challenge of creating tantalizing recipes without meat and dairy.
Ultimately, Rocco walked away from the cloistered sub-culture of New York City haute cuisine. It's a move that puzzled the restaurant world, but Rocco was committed to leveraging his prodigious kitchen talents to help others achieve the vital wellness he now enjoys. Instead of opening up another bistro, he started coaching people. He launched an all-natural food product line. He founded a meal delivery service called The Pound A Day Diet. And he spends his free-time as an Ambassador for HealthCorps, visiting schools across the country performing cooking demonstrations and encouraging thousands of youth to build healthier habits.
Indeed, it's a laudable mission to prove that healthy and delicious can indeed coexist.

Rocco's more recent embrace of plant-based cuisine is what piqued my interest in sitting down with him. It's also the thrust of his brand new cookbook, Rocco's Healthy & Delicious: More than 200 (Mostly) Plant-Based Recipes for Everyday Life* hitting bookstores everywhere October 17.
I love a good character arc. Charismatic and engaging, Rocco delivers in this super fun conversation with one of the world's greatest chefs.
We discuss the obstacles he met growing up modestly in a...
Oct 16, 2017
Healing Mushrooms: Tero Isokauppila On The Magical, Mysterious, Health Promoting Properties Of Fungi

“It's impossible to truly quantify the myriad of ways mushrooms can positively impact your life, yet they're capable of doing all these things and so much more. Quietly, persistently, effectively.”
 Tero Isokauppila

We tend to think of mushrooms as a pizza topping. Something we toss in a salad. Or a psychedelic to alter consciousness. But that's pretty much where the inquiry ends.
However, mushrooms are so much more. In fact, they comprise an entire kingdom. Invisibly surrounding us, they underpin the very foundation of our ecology, impacting us in ways far beyond our appreciation.
It may surprise you to learn that mushrooms account for an astonishing 25% of the Earth's total biomass. 92% of all plants are dependent upon mushrooms for their survival. 40% of all pharmaceuticals contain some form of mushroom. And, quite incredibly, 85% of human RNA and 50% of human DNA is shared with fungi.
Mushrooms are also woefully under-appreciated when it comes to promoting health, fighting illness, buttressing longevity, enhancing memory and even boosting libido. Indeed, when properly understood and utilized, mushrooms hold the capacity to change your life in an immediate, powerful, and exponentially beneficial manner.
To walk us through the magical and mysterious world of mushrooms, I sat down with my long-time friend Tero Isokauppila, the original fun-guy himself.

(behind the scenes of my podcast with Tero)
A life-long student of nutrition and expert on natural health hailing from Finland, Tero is the co-founder, president and marketing director of Four Sigmatic, the company behind a wide variety of very popular (and globally available) medicinal mushroom coffees, hot cacaos and elixir products that has successfully begun to introduce the health-promoting benefits of mushrooms to the mainstream.
I’m not talking about mind-bending psychedelics. And I’m not talking about garden variety portobellos or even gourmet truffles. I’m talking about adaptogenic, superfood varieties most people have never previously heard of or know little to nothing about. I'm talking about less-understood immunity, longevity, and energy boosting fungi like reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and my all-time favorite, cordyceps.
Tero has been a featured speaker at events like Summit Series and Wanderlust, was chosen as one of the world's Top 50 Food Activists by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and both he and the work of Four Sigmatic have been profiled everywhere, including Vogue, Time, Forbes, W Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, BuzzFeed, Bon Appétit, Goop, Well+Good, and MindBodyGreen.
In addition, Tero is also the author of Healing Mushrooms: A Practical and Culinary Guide to Using Adaptogenic Mushrooms For Whole Body Health*, which hits bookstores everywhere Oct. 10. If today's conversation sparks deeper interest, I highly suggest picking it up. Not only is it highly instructive, it include 50+ recipes sure to expand your culinary horizon.
This is a phenomenal conversation that tracks Tero's unique path from a kid foraging mushrooms in a 13th generation Finnish farming family to the entrepreneurial success he is today.
It’s also fascinating deep dive into this mysterious mushroom kingdom and how these fungi can support human health. More specifically, we get granular on the individual adaptogenic properties of the most prominent superfood varieties and how incorporating them into your daily routine can take your health, longevity and performance to the next level.
Oct 09, 2017
Living In Alignment With Nature — Colin Hudon on Holistic Health, Seasonal Rhythms & The Interconnectedness of All

“Discipline is only difficult until it becomes a habit.”
 Colin Hudon

Man is a microcosm of the macrocosm. The nature that exists outside of us also lives within us. Separation is an illusion.
Indeed, we are all intrinsically connected — to each other and the world that surrounds us. Embracing this fundamental truth lies at the core of ultimate well-being. Because true health doesn't stop at the kale salad — it requires fidelity to our natural rhythms and a comprehensive, holistic devotion to bettering and balancing not just our physical bodies, but our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves as well.
Returning to the podcast to walk us through this powerful law of nature is Colin Hudon.
A gifted healer, physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Arts, Colin is also an herbalist, acupuncturist, tea master, and founder of Living Tea, an enterprise that finds Colin traveling across China, Taiwan, and Malaysia multiple times a year to source and import the finest and rarest old-growth teas and teaware in the world, sharing his expertise and wares in group tea ceremonies, with an eye on opening a tea house in Colorado in 2018.

On point and remarkably instructive, this episode is lifted from Colin's open dissertation conducted during our Plantpower Ireland retreat this past July.
Most of us live lost in our heads. A predisposition that leaves us disconnected from ourselves, others, and the world. This is about transcending our addiction to thought and information, and how to leverage mindfulness and awareness to live healthier and more fully actualized.
Colin also delivers an amazing primer on what we can glean from Traditional Chinese methods of medicine and healing. A perspective that begins with embracing seasonal rhythms to live in better alignment with the laws of nature.
In addition, it's also about tea. How tea, and the traditional ceremony around its enjoyment can serve as a powerful, moving meditation — an expression of living art that soothes the soul and enhances vitality.
In anticipation of this episode, Colin was cool enough to create a special offer for listeners to purchase his amazing Living Tea (the only tea I drink) at reduced prices, including an awesome new subscription service called Tea Club, which takes the guesswork out of differentiating his exotic teas. When you sign up, Colin will send you the best seasonably appropriate, rare, old-growth teas (3-4 teas per season) quarterly, plus a bundle of extras, including information on the tea’s origin, optimal brewing techniques and Chinese medical philosophy on how to live a healthy, longevity focused life, including food suggestions and more. When you add the promo code RICHROLL at checkout listeners will get 12% off on your first season. In addition, if you follow Colin on Instagram (@livingtea) and click through the link in his bio to purchase you will also get 15% off on everything he has in stock.
To learn more go to and click on Tea Club and sign up for his newsletter to be first in on future offerings and rebates. And should you happen to find yourself in the Denver area, I highly suggest you schedule a tea ceremony with Colin — as someone who has sat for tea with Colin many times, I can tell you it's a transcendent experience.
This is not an ad: I do not have any financial or professional association with Colin or L...
Oct 05, 2017
Chris Guillebeau On Why You Need A Side Hustle (Even If You Love Your Job)

“If you're worried about life-work balance, something is probably wrong with your life or your work. Instead of agonizing over balance, get excited and create change.”
 Chris Guillebeau 

Maybe you love your job. Perhaps you don't.
Either way, there's wisdom in cultivating a side hustle — not a second job, but a self-styled income-generating project you cultivate in your free time.
Why do I need this? Ask Choose Yourself!* author (and podcast guest) James Altucher and he'll wax rhapsodic about the precarious nature of conventional career paths and the misplaced trust we invest in their long-term security. Invest in ownership. For some, the thought of quitting their day job to pursue the entrepreneurial life is exhilarating. For most, however, this is a terrifying prospect. And not everyone has the means or the desire to take on the risks and responsibilities of working for themselves.
But Chris Guillebeau contends it's not an either or scenario. Not only can you have both, you should. As traditional career trajectories give way to the rise of our freelance economy, it's wise to diversify your income stream. But creating something on the side entirely your own isn't just about extra cash. And it's not really about becoming an entrepreneur (because most people aren't). It's also about cultivating purpose. It's about elevating your sense of direction. And imbuing your path with greater personal meaning.
A master of unconventional, purposeful living, Chris is a widely acclaimed author, blogger, entrepreneur and modern-day adventurer. Ripe with wanderlust after a 4-year stint as a NGO volunteer executive in West Africa, he embarked on a multi-year quest to travel to every country in the world, all 193, before his 35th birthday. Along the way, Chris began sharing his adventures on a newly hatched blog. What began as a rather ignored and somewhat turgid travelogue soon morphed into The Art of Non-Conformity, a globally revered portal that chronicles Chris' personal experiences and the wisdom of a dynamic multitude of unconventional people overcoming conventional social mores around work, life and travel to achieve personal goals and greater life satisfaction outside traditional paradigms.

Books soon followed. The Art of Non-Conformity* was translated into more than twenty languages. His second book, The $100 Startup*, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide. His third book, The Happiness of Pursuit*, was also a New York Times bestseller, followed by Oct 02, 2017
Where Do You Thrive? Gretchen Rubin On Playing To Your Strengths & Building Better Habits

“One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.”
 Gretchen Rubin 

Today I sit down with New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin to find out what happened when she asked a large number of people one singular question: how do you respond to expectations?
The answers led Gretchen to an epiphany — that four distinct human tendencies intrinsically underlie how each and every one of us approach our interior and exterior lives. Understanding your tendency changes how you perceive yourself and others. It informs better communication. It provides the structure to create better habits. And ultimately it serves to support the purposeful pursuit of the personal and professional life experience you most seek.
This is the terrain of today's exploration.
A member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 who was named one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, Gretchen is an über-author who has sold over 3 million books on the subject of habits, happiness and human nature. You may know Gretchen from her wildly popular blog, her runaway bestseller The Happiness Project*, or from one of her other many titles such as Happiness At Home* and Better Than Before*. An exploration of the aforementioned architecture of human motivation, Gretchen's new book is entitled The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How To Make Your Life Better (and Other People's Lives Better, Too)*.

When she isn't writing, Gretchen hosts the wildly popular Happier With Gretchen Rubin podcast (along with her sister, TV writer Elizabeth Craft), awarded “Best Podcasts of 2015” honors by iTunes and named one of the “Best Podcasts of 2016″ by the Academy of Podcasters (I didn't even know podcasting had an academy, but there ya go).
In addition, Gretchen is the creator of Better, a free mobile app that connects you with others to harness the Four Tendencies and create a better life.
This conversation is jam packed with super helpful amazing takeaways.
A former editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, we track Gretchen's leap from high-powered lawyer to pursue a career in writing.
We talk about how her revelation about “expectations” led to The Four Tendencies, then unpack the specifics, tracking how these core archetypes can better inform our habits, our understanding of others and how we structure our professional and personal lives.
I learned a lot about myself in this one.
Sep 25, 2017
Let’s Talk About Balance

“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.”
 Julie Piatt

An open panel discussion on non-traditional healing modalities and how we conceptualize balance in the construct of our lives, this episode is lifted from a session that Julie Piatt and I conducted during our Plantpower Ireland retreat this past July.
It features our long-time friend Colin Hudon, a physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine who is also the founder of Living Tea, which imports the finest living teas sourced from ancient tea trees across both China and Taiwan.

Topics discussed include:

* Colin & Julie's personal struggles and experiences with self-healing;
* Broadening our concept of healing beyond traditional Western modalities;
* The idea of “healing by subtraction”; and
* A lengthy discussion about how we conceptualize and apply the idea of “balance” in our lives.

Plus, we take some great questions and comments from our Plantpower tribe!
This one veers towards the more esoteric, so please approach with an open mind. You might be surprised by the self-reflection it stimulates.
One more thing: if the Ireland retreat sounded cool (it was a giant blast), we are currently taking reservations for our next retreat. It will take place in Tuscany, Italy May 19-26, 2018. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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I want to personally thank everyone who responded to my podcast with Scott Harrison and donated to charity: water by joining The Spring. As of the date of this writing, the RRP community has collectively raised enough revenue to build 4 wells annually! Amazing. Inspired by your generosity, my company has decided to sponsor one well per year – so that makes 5 wells for 2017. But why not make it 10? For just $20-$40 in monthly donations (100% of which go directly to clean water projects), you can make an incalculable difference in countless lives by investing in a world where everyone has clean water. There is simply no better feeling than providing a basic, life-altering human right. To learn more and join, please visit The Spring at 

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Sep 22, 2017
From Fat Kid To Pro Cyclist: Phil Gaimon On Clean Sport, Racing On $10 A Day & The Worst Retirement Ever

“The biggest factor in who made it to the next level wasn’t talent or work ethic. It was a willingness to keep plugging away through all the hard times.”
 Phil Gaimon 

Let's talk about doping.
Throw cycling into the conversation and emotions are sure to run hot. It's an emotional subject for reasons both obvious and obscure. A flashpoint that divides loyalties, pitting our innate sense of fairness against our natural impulse to forgive.
I have opinions on the matter. But my perspective is far from set in cement. Because I am aware that it's formed from the sidelines, as an observer of a very insular subculture beyond my direct experience, and to which I am not privy. Unless you were actually there — in the unfortunate and precarious position so many athletes across so many sports abruptly find themselves — my opinion is that we should not be so quick to judge.
Everybody thinks they would make the right choice. I certainly do. But that's just projection. The truth is that you don't actually know what you would do. Connecting with this impulse helps me empathize with those who went astray. Is that a good thing? I honestly don't know.
Phil Gaimon did make the right choice. A somewhat polarizing figure in the cycling community, today he tells the tale.
Overcoming childhood obesity to achieve his dream of riding professionally, over the course of his professional cycling career Phil competed on several established domestic teams like Jelly Belly, Bissel and Optum-Kelly Benefit as well as high profile, international UCI teams like Garmin Sharp in 2014 and Cannondale–Drapac in 2016 before hanging up his bib shorts at the end of last year. Well, not exactly, but I'll get to that part in a minute.

Along the way he has raced and trained with the best. Now he writes about his experiences, coming clean on what transpired behind cycling's shrouded curtain with wit and a healthy dose of comedic self-deprecation. He is the author of Pro Cycling On $10 A Day* and Ask a Pro*. His newest tome, Draft Animals: Living The Pro Cycling Dream (Once In A While) — an entertaining memoir about achieving his childhood dream of riding pro on the World Tour and what happened to him when he achieved it — hits bookstores October 10, 2017.
When he's not writing books, Phil is an active blogger and contributor to various cycling publications like Velo News. He also hosts The Peloton Brief Podcast and is the founder of Phil’s Cookie Fondo – a series of cycling adventures between 32 and 113 miles taking place October 15 that showcases Malibu’s great climbs (and apparently involves a lot of cookies).
Back to the bib shorts. He didn't exactly hang them up. In fact, Phil has spent the better part of the last year pursuing what he calls The Worst Retirement Ever — an endeavor in which he is attempting to clock the fastest-ever rec...
Sep 18, 2017
Amanda Chantal Bacon On Self-Care, Building A Wellness Empire & Surviving Controversy

“My job is being a manager, cheerleader, salesperson and marketer for these plants that have saved my life.”
 Amanda Chantal Bacon

What do you become when your mom is the CEO of a prestigious fashion empire and your dad is a musician accompanying notorious acts like Billy Idol and the art punk group Suicide?
You alchemize that business savvy with artistry. And pivot.
Such is the tale of plant alchemist and holistic heroine Amanda Chantal Bacon – a wellness entrepreneur committed to the idea that food is equal parts art and medicine; as much about pleasure as healing; and that creativity and sustenance can be one and the same.
A graduate of the New England Culinary Institute and former Food & Wine Editor at the LA Times, Amanda served apprentice duties under Suzanne Goin, the James Beard Award winning chef at the famous Luques Restaurant, who served as her mentor and inspiration behind Moon Juice, an online holistic apothecary and chain of elegant community-centric juice shops with three locations across Los Angeles that Amanda founded in 2012.

Amanda is also the author of the exquisite Moon Juice Cookbook*, and has been profiled extensively in the most prestigious publications in the world, including the New York Times Sunday Magazine, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Elle, Vogue, InStyle, and The Hollywood Reporter.
In addition, Amanda is no stranger to controversy. Last year found her square in the Internet's vicious, vitriolic crosshairs — an experience we explore at length.
This is a conversation about Amanda's eclectic upbringing and unique entrepreneurial path. It's about taking control of your education and your path. It's a conversation about self-care habits, and the power of plants to heal. And it's about food not just as nourishment, but as an experience.
Spending time with Amanda was soothing and delightful.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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charity: water
I want to personally thank everyone who responded to my podcast with Scott Harrison and donated to charity: water by joining The Spring. As of the date of this writing, the RRP community has collectively raised enough revenue to build 4 wells annually! Amazing. Inspired by your generosity, my company has decided to sponsor one well per year – so that makes 5 wells for 2017. But why not make it 10? For just $20-$40 in monthly donations (100% of which go directly to clean water projects), you can make an incalculable difference in countless lives by investing in a world where everyone has clean water. There is simply no better feeling than providing a basic, life-altering human right. To learn more and join, please visit The Spring at 

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Sep 11, 2017
ÖTILLÖ! Meeting Nature Writ Large

“This is our day. Now let's make the best of it versus comparing ourselves to others or our expectations.”
Chris Hauth

Today I am joined by my friend, coach and teammate Chris Hauth for a special edition of Coach’s Corner – a spin on my typical podcast format — to recap our breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime adventure competing in the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in Sweden.
A sub-9 hour Ironman, Chris (@AIMPCoach) is a former professional triathlete, two-time Olympic Swimmer and one of the world’s most respected endurance coaches. In 2006, Chris won the Ironman Coeur D’Alene and went on to be the first American amateur & 4th overall American at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
When he’s not training and racing, Chris runs AIMP Coaching, mentoring a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from elite professionals — including Ironman and Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers — to first time half-marathoners. Under Chris’ tutelage since 2008, he deftly guided me through three Ultraman World Championships, EPIC5. and now Ötillö.

This past Monday, Chris and I joined 300 athletes from 24 countries to race Ötillö as a two-man team, traversing 26 islands spread across the outer-reaches of the Swedish archipelago on foot and by sea. All told, 40 miles of running and 6 miles of swimming.
It was a truly extraordinary experience. Punishing. Humbling. Brutal, beautiful and beyond extreme.
Along the way we met gale force winds. Sideways rain. Bone-chilling Baltic waters. And six-foot swells. We were on our hands and knees, scaling vertical granite slippery as ice. We trudged through bogs in knee-deep mud. Loose rocks left us flat on our backs. We bushwhacked terrain so difficult, so impossibly technical, it all feels now like an impossible dream.
Today we share the incredible story.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

P.S. – For more on the adventure, please read Adam Skolnick's piece for the New York Times, A Brutal Competition, Island to Island, in Sweden. I am deeply honored  to be featured. But I didn't get here by myself. It has been a long, challenging road. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported me and my work over the years. I am truly humbled.
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Photographs courtesy of Tomasz Jakubowski
charity: water
I want to personally thank everyone who responded to my podcast with Scott Harrison and donated to charity: water by joining The Spring. As of the date of this writing, the RRP community has collectively raised enough revenue to build 4 wells annually! Amazing. Inspired by your generosity, my company has decided to sponsor one well per year – so that makes 5 wells for 2017. But why not make it 10? For just $20-$40 in monthly donations (100% of which go directly to clean water projects),
Sep 06, 2017
Drew Sams On Living A Curious Life of Wonder

“Live a life filled with wonder and curiosity. Ask questions.”
Drew Sams

I don't consider myself religious.
But I am spiritually curious; deeply interested in faith.
From Sikh kundalini master Guru Singh and Buddhist monk / tea master WuDe to iconoclast Christian pastor Rob Bell, the exploration of faith in its varying incarnations has been a fascinating, recurring theme of this show.
Today, I continue the tradition with Dr. Drew Sams, senior pastor and head of staff at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles.
Hardly conventional, Drew is many things. Life-long surfer. Avid ultra-runner. Passionate environmentalist. Devoted family man deeply interested in social justice, nutrition, and wellness. And a progressive doctor of divinity with a take on the Christian faith that is inspiring audiences in Los Angeles and across the world.

I think Jesus was an extraordinary guy. But I freely admit that conversations on the subject of organized religion can leave me queasy. Perhaps it's my personal baggage. I don't know. But I do know I really enjoyed this particular exchange — grounded and relatable, Drew made it fun.
Today I unpack this pastor's personal journey to faith. It's a conversation about Drew's evolving perspective on God and Christianity.
It's about the distinction between literal, allegorical and personal interpretations of the Bible.
It's about the relationship between faith, consumerism and environmentalism.
It’s a conversation about masculinity — cultural ideation around what a man “should be” versus the strength that can be mined through compassion & emotional vulnerability.
But mostly it’s an engaging exchange about our collective moral responsibility to ourselves, our fellow humans, and the planet at large.
Drew was great.
So let's talk to a pastor!
Peace + Plants,

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charity: water
I want to personally thank everyone who responded to my podcast with Scott Harrison and donated to charity: water by joining The Spring. As of the date of this writing, the RRP community has collectively raised enough revenue to build 4 wells annually! Amazing. Inspired by your generosity, my company has decided to sponsor one well per year – so that makes 5 wells for 2017. But why not make it 10? For just $20-$40 in monthly donations (100% of which go directly to clean water projects), you can make an incalculable difference in countless lives by investing in a world where everyone has clean water. There is simply no better feeling than providing a basic, life-altering human right. To learn more and join, please visit The Spring at 

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Sep 04, 2017
Ultra-Athlete Samantha Gash On Suffering For Your Passion, Running Across India & Why Service Is Paramount

“We are defined more by our response to something than what happens to us.”
 Samantha Gash  

Imagine running a 250 kilometer ultramarathon across the Atacama desert — one of the driest places on Earth — when your only legit running experience is a single ill-fated marathon attempt that left you humbly walking the last eight miles.
That same calendar year, you race three more 250km ultramarathons to become the first female and youngest person to ever run and complete the 4 Desert Race Series Grand Slam, one of the world’s toughest and most prestigious endurance achievements imaginable.
This is inspiring story of Samantha Gash – ultra-athlete extraordinaire, roll model, humanitarian, and just a really cool person.

Discovering a previously unbeknownst acumen for endurance and a disposition for suffering unlocked a certain joy in Samantha, as well as a thirst for more. So the year following her 4 Deserts achievement, she conquered a 222km non-stop foot race across the Himalayas at 6,000 meters above sea level — an event that had only been completed previously by one man.
That experience triggered a deep desire to leverage her running for humanitarian causes. So she got to work, running and raising money for causes she believed in. Among her accomplishments:

* A 379km non-stop run across Australia’s Simpson Desert on behalf of Save the Children Australia;
* A community run & fundraising event on behalf of podcast fave Turia Pitt and Kate Sanderson, victims of the Kimberley ultramarathon bushfire – a race in which Samantha also competed;
* A 32-day, 1968km run across South Africa's Freedom Trail, also on behalf of Save The Children Australia; and
* A 76-day, 3253 run across India from from Jaislamer, Rajasthan to Shillong, Meghalaya on behalf of World Vision

Amidst the insanity of it all, she somehow managed to raise over $203,000 and counting for the aforementioned causes.
Today we unpack Samantha's extraordinary, inspiring journey, blisters and all.
This is a phenomenal conversation about Samantha’s transformation from someone with no athletic background into the inspiring ultra-athlete humanitarian she is today. From all the hardships and seemingly insurmountable setbacks and obstacles to the rare air she occupies today, it's a story about self-belief, purpose, perseverance and the call to service.
But the core theme of today's conversation is the close kinship that exists between passion and suffering. And the magic that transpires when you have the willingness to entertain the impossible, step outside your comfort zone and courageously leap through fear into the abyss.
Sam is an absolute delight. It was a privilege to spend a few hours with her and boyfriend Mark Wales, a badass Australian Special Ops Commander she met when they were both contestants on Australian Survivor.
You're gonna love this one. Promise.
Peace + Plants,

P.S. – You may recall that Samantha's name came up in my podcast with Jennifer Steinman way back in March 2015 (RRP 133). Jennifer is the filmmaker behind Desert Runners which profiled 4 people over the course of a year as they tackled this 4 Deserts Grand Slam. Samantha is one of the featured athletes in that amazing movie. See it if you haven’t already and in case you missed it, have a listen to my podcast with Jennifer.
Aug 28, 2017
What’s Your North Star? Jon Gordon On The Primacy of Vision & Why Positivity Is Paramount

“We don't get burned out by what we do… We get burned out because we forget why we're doing it.”
 Jon Gordon 

It's never too late to transform your life.
I didn't find my place in the world until my mid-40's.
Similarly, this week's guest risked his successful but deeply unfulfilling business to pursue his truth as a speaker and author.
I'm glad I took that leap of faith. In truth, I can't imagine my life otherwise.
Jon Gordon not only feels the same, he believes everyone holds the power to transcend their circumstances and blaze a purposeful life of meaning.
This week I sit down the celebrated bestselling author and prolific keynote speaker to discuss what it takes to cultivate that vision and the commitment required to manifest untapped reservoirs of human potential. What holds most people back. And the specific steps required to break the glass ceiling on performance and potential in career, sport and life.

A graduate of Cornell University with a masters in teaching from Emory, Jon Gordon has inspired millions of readers and audiences around the world with highly instructive teachings on the themes of leadership, human potential, teamwork and positivity – principles that have been beneficial to many a Fortune 500 company — such as GE, Wells Fargo, State Farm, Campbell Soup, Dell, Publix, and Southwest Airlines — and a litany of professional and collegiate sports teams, including The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Atlanta Falcons, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, Pittsburgh Pirates, Clemson Football and more. Jon also impacts thousands of teachers and students each year through his work with schools, universities like West Point, hospitals and non-profit organizations.
Jon has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends, in numerous magazines and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and he is the author of an astounding 17 books, including 5 bestsellers: The Energy Bus*, The Carpenter*, Training Camp*, You Win in the Locker Room First* and The Power of Positive Leadership*. 
This isn't just a conversation about success — it's about finding fulfillment and purpose in every hour of every day.
It’s about how he cultivates, nurtures and practices the prolific creativity required to write 17 books.
It’s about the core leadership and teamwork principles he teaches that have positively impacted a litany of professional athletes, coaches, organizations, students, teachers, schools, corporations, and non-profits.
Aug 21, 2017
Patience Is Everything: Coach’s Corner with Chris Hauth & Caroline Burckle

“If you don’t have patience the best athlete will not be able to materialize.”
Chris Hauth

Today I am joined by Olympians Chris Hauth and Caroline Burckle for another edition of Coach's Corner – a spin on my typical podcast format where I go deep and get granular on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of sport, fitness, training and lifestyle.
A sub-9 hour Ironman, Chris (@AIMPCoach) is the current Age Group Ironman World Champion, a former Olympic Swimmer and one of the world's most respected endurance coaches. In 2006, Chris won the Ironman Coeur D’Alene and went on to be the first American amateur & 4th overall American at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
When he's not training and racing, Chris runs AIMP Coaching, mentoring a wide spectrum of athletes ranging from elite professionals — including Ironman and Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers — to first time half-marathoners.
Whether you are an elite or just starting out, Chris knows how to get the best out of athletes the right way. A friend and mentor as much as a coach, I have been under Chris' tutelage since 2008, during which time he deftly guided me through three Ultraman World Championships ('08, '09 & '11), EPIC5 in 2010 and is currently preparing me for the impending Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in Sweden this September, an event we will race together — literally tethered to each other — as a team.

Also joining us today (albeit briefly) is my friend Caroline Burkle (@caroburckle). One of the funnest people you will ever meet, Burks is a former Olympic medalist in swimming from the University of Florida, where she was a 23-time All American swimmer, won 2 individual NCAA titles (200 free & 500 free) and was named 2008 NCAA Female Swimmer of the Year. In addition to breaking the oldest then standing women’s NCAA record in the 500 free (with a blazing 4:33), she earned a Bronze medal in the 4×200 free relay at the 2008 Olympics.
Caroline has a Masters of Science in Sports Psychology & Motor Behavior from the University of Tennessee and when she’s not training like crazy, she works with young athletes under RISE Elite Athletes, a company she founded that pairs Olympic athletes with young athletes for mentorship and guidance.

Today we sit down for a brief (by the standards of this podcast) check in from Lake Tahoe — site of our recent high altitude training camp — for a state-of-the-union on our preparation for the Ötillö Swimrun World Championsips, just 18 days from the date of this posting.
Within the frame of this conversation you also will find a number of helpful fitness, training and general wellness takeaways germane to the listener — whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or just looking for that nudge to get off the couch.
Specific subjects discussed include:

* a general discussion about Chris & Rich's preparation for Ötillö
* the impact of altitude training & training camps
* the benefits of accountability partners
* the primacy of patience for maximum success in sport
* the perils of overtraining
* the importance of injury prevention

I could have never achieved the level of athletic success I have enjoye...
Aug 18, 2017
Aubrey Marcus: A Warrior Poet On Embracing Resistance, Self-Love & Why Outward Success Is An Inside Job

“Spirituality untested and unchallenged is a sword made of tin foil. True steel is forged in the fire of resistance.”
Aubrey Marcus

Experimentalist. Unconventional fitness junkie. Entrepreneur. Human optimizer. Psychonaut.
This week's guest defies any singular title. But the underlying ethos that defines Aubrey Marcus is best captured in one brief phrase:
Warrior Poet.
On the business front, Aubrey is the CEO of Onnit -- an optimal human performance company he founded just six years ago that has grown to one of the INC 500 top 500 fastest growing companies in America. Offering a wide array of products, Onnit produces supplements for cognition, mood, bone and joint function; fitness equipment such as kettle bells and jump ropes; personal care products; and foods that range from Himalayan salt to coffee. Online, the Onnit Academy boasts copious helpful information on all things human optimization. And if you visit Onnit HQ in Austin (where we recorded this conversation), you'll find a cutting edge training center & ju jitsu studio that many an elite athlete call home, including Super Bowl champion football players, Stanley Cup winning hockey players, Olympic gold medalists, and mixed martial arts champions.
On top of being a very active CEO, Aubrey hosts both the Total Human Optimization Podcast as well as The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, both dedicated to exploring and expanding human happiness and consciousness.

The accomplishments are impressive. But what truly interests me about Aubrey is his uniquely mystical path to success. His philosophical perspective on the human experiment. His uncommon devotion to continued expansion of consciousness. And his unusual blend of alpha male masculinity with esoteric spirituality.
This is a conversation that examines the metaphysical intangibles that catalyzed Aubrey’s unusual path. It’s about self-worth, self-love and self-discovery — and why outward success is always an inside job.
But mostly this is a conversation about what it means to be human. To live meaningfully. And with purpose.
I think it's safe to say that Aubrey and I are very different people. But I think that makes this conversation special.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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charity: water
I want to personally thank everyone who responded to my podcast with Scott Harrison and donated to charity: water by joining The Spring. As of the date of this writing, the RRP community has collectively raised enough revenue to build close to 4 wells annually! Amazing. Inspired by your generosity, my company has decided to sponsor one well per year – so that makes 5 wells for 2017. But why not make it 10? For just $20-$40 in monthly donations (100% of which go directly to clean water projects), you can make an incalculable difference in countless lives by investing in a world where everyone has clean water. There is simply no better feeling than providing a basic,
Aug 14, 2017
Big Mountain Skier Lynsey Dyer On Sport As Art

“There was a time when you believed anything was possible and I want to bring people back to that. And I think the mountains do that.”
Lynsey Dyer 

Imagine being the very best in your sport. Undefeated, the future is bright indeed. But deep down the zero sum game of competition just doesn't sit right. Because for you, sport isn't about winners and losers. It's about play. It's about freedom. It's about love.
But mostly it's about artistic self-expression.
This is the story of Lynsey Dyer.
One of the best big mountain skiers on the planet, Lynsey is an extraordinary and most unexpected athletic talent who walked away from competition at the peak of her potential to courageously blaze her own path. A unique path that has helped refine what it means to pursue sport professionally. A path based not on podiums but on adventure. Seeking joy. Empowering others. And expressing one's unique voice.
Over the course of a decade long career, Lynsey has won every big mountain competition that she entered. She has also won several freesking competitions and awards including the 2004 International Free Skiers Association North American tour champion. In 2010, Powder Magazine awarded her Best Female Performance for her role in Magic Moments*. She has been awarded Female Skier of the year by Powder Magazine, was the first female to be on the cover of Freeskier Magazine and has starred in too many ski films to mention, including projects from legendary filmmaker Warren Miller.
Lynsey has starred in or hosted television shows for NBC, ESPN, Bravo, The Ski Channel, Mountainfilm and Outside Television, has appeared on Good Morning America and even produced, directed and starred in her own film, the widely acclaimed Pretty Faces — an all female ski film featuring the best athletes from around the world that beautifully celebrates female empowerment and the transformative power of play. When she isn't crushing powder, Lynsey can be found running her non-profit, which encourages girls and women to participate in the outdoors through mentorship, and her movie production and apparel company Unicorn Picnic.

An unconventional badass, Lynsey is the personification of strength in femininity. A role model for young women across the world with an ethos I'd like my own daughters to emulate.
This is a conversation about Lynsey's remarkable life. It's about female impact on a male dominated subculture. It's about courage in defying external expectations to follow your own unique path. It's about the joy and freedom that come from blazing a life of adventure.
Simply put, it's a conversation about what it means to pursue sport as art.
It was a pleasure connecting with Lynsey. I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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3 Questions

“Wherever you are in life, ask yourself: what am I doing, why am I doing it and is it in the highest divine alignment with my authentic blueprint?”
Julie Piatt 

Excerpted from the first day of our recent Plantpower Ireland retreat, this special mid-week episode of the podcast is a dynamic Q&A session focused on the process of self-inquiry necessary to objectively asses your life — a condition precedent to birthing expression to an authentic, purpose-fueled path premised on the values you hold most dear.

To place this conversation in proper context, the Q&A was preceded by a lengthy discussion (which I decided to not include so as not to overwhelm) on three fundamental questions specifically intended to help frame the assessment process:

* Who am I?
* If I had just 4 months to live, how would I spend that time?
* What would I like to have contributed when life my life is complete?

Journaling on the aforementioned is a powerful, highly recommended exercise for anyone seeking greater self-actualization. And this Q&A is an interactive discussion about the hows and whys that underpin these queries. Specific sub-topics include

* the power of self-forgiveness
* learning to love your faults
* how to better align your actions with your values; and
* the process of discovering and expressing your authentic voice

I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
Peace + Plants,

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Show Notes
Connect with Julie: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Music
Connect with Rich: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Listen to Julie's Podcast: Divine Throughline
Get Julie's New Book: This Cheese Is Nuts! – Delicious Vegan Cheese At Home
Check out Rich's Book: Aug 04, 2017
Scott Harrison On Why Clean Water Changes Everything

“I think there's a real freedom that comes with service, but so many people are enslaved in the service of themselves.”
Scott Harrison 

From the outside looking in, he was living the dream.
Killer SoHo loft. Private jets to exotic locales. Rolex, cover model girlfriend and cash. Plenty of cash.
But ten years living decadently and extravagantly as a nightclub promoter in New York City took it's toll.
By 28, Scott Harrison had become the worst person he knew.
Utterly lost, mired in a crisis of conscience and desperate to rediscover his sense of purpose, Scott decided it was time for a drastic change. So he left NYC to spend a year volunteering as a photojournalist aboard a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia, West Africa.
During this time, Harrison witnessed and photographed levels of poverty and illness he never knew existed. As one year turned into two, he came to understand that many of the infections and diseases their group treated were waterborne, and could have been prevented if people had access to clean drinking water.
Scott couldn't understand why nobody seemed to be focusing on solving this important problem at scale. So he decided to tackle it himself.
Upon returning to NYC in 2006, Scott turned his full attention to the global water crisis and the (then) 1.1 billion people living without access to clean water. The manifestation of that commitment is charity:water — a revolutionary for-purpose endeavor that to date has raised over $210 million to fund an astounding 20,000+ water projects that deliver clean water to more than 6.3 million people all across the world.

Equally impressive is the extent to which Scott has quite literally reinvented and re-energized how we give and how we think about giving. He did it by creating an aspirational brand. He did it by restoring public trust in charity. And he did it by leveraging technology to deeply connect each and every giver with the gift's specific result and impact.
Simply put, Scott Harrison is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. His inspiring story from lost to found is legend.
I'm thrilled to share it with you today.
My hope is that this conversation inspires action. Because each and every one of us holds the power to positively impact the life of another. And because life is more fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding when we are persistently engaged in the pursuit of service and giving.
My call to action? The Spring — charity: water's monthly subscription service. I signed up. And you should too. 100% of all Spring donations go directly to the field to bring clean water to those in need, and Spring members will get updates of the impact their donations have.
Let's all pitch in together. As a community. Because even a simple $30 gift can provide one person with clean water. And because it's just cool and awesome to do generously for others.
For more information and to sign up, visit our special url or click the banner ad below.

This is a special one for me. I hope it is for you too.
Peace + Plants,

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Jul 31, 2017
Dominick Thompson On The Masculinity Of Compassion

“What we consume as humans should be taken very seriously.”
Dominick Thompson

When did we decide it's “manly” to repress our emotions, oppress the weak and deny our shared humanity?
Somewhere along the way the aspirational qualities of masculinity have been denuded by a cultural perversion of the gender norm.
Because caring and compassion should not be gender specific.
This week on the podcast I sit down with my friend Dominick Thompson to reclaim the best of what it means to be truly masculine. Because there is nothing more manly than demonstrating compassion over dominance. Protection over prey. Restraint over force. Understanding over judgment. And love over bigotry.

A leading voice in the vegan & plant-based athlete communities, Domz is an athlete, activist, and the founder of NYC-based start up Crazies and Weirdos — hip, sustainable and eco-frie