The Brew Happy Show

By Damian DeBuiser

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The Brew Happy Show is a weekly show about beer. Hosted by Damian DeBuiser and his happy crew as they interview brewers, beer fans, pub owners, and entrepreneurs, that all come together because of their love of beer. The show is fun, educational, and above all pro-beer. Music pairings, Cigar pairings, Food pairings, and many other things that go great with beer. Now all they need is you! In the United States, you must be over 21 years old to fully enjoy the fruits of the beer lover's labor. Enjoy and Listen Responsibly.

Episode Date
Brew Happy Couple in Washington

This week, Damian and Bronwyn share their latest adventures in Washington beers during her birthday week! Impressive new locations, and popular staples alike are celebrated. Revisiting Freeland Spirits, The Beer Mongers ESB, and Culmination Brewing, and some of Washington's coolest beer spots. Plenty of travels tips and Fresh Hops on this Brew Happy podcast!

Oct 01, 2021
North Bank Beer Week

It's North Bank Beer Week, and we are excited for our friends across the river, Brewing Bridges and other events.  John enjoys some Freeland and Lindores spirits, Damian and Ryan compete in feats of strength, and fresh hops for all. Beers from Culmination, Paradox, Little Beast, and a Beer Mongers ESB here on this Brew Happy Show!

Sep 21, 2021
McPolanders with Jeremie

This week we visit the McPolanders Taproom, where some new things are brewing. We celebrate GABF winners as we review Ryan gets sentimental, John has another Fresh Hop Outbreak, Jeremie gets a gift, Damian gets a new hoodie. John's birthday adventure, lagers, and award winning beers on the episode of Brew Happy.

Sep 14, 2021
Brian Collins comes to town

This week we introduce Damian's brother, Brian Collins. Visiting from SoCal, on a whirlwind tour of the PacNW. Share their adventures from Centralia to Hood River to Astoria and more. Brian broadens his beer palate, Damian wins at corn hole, John has sad news, and Ryan learns about the Honey Beer Festival. Juice Box, Gorges, pFriem, Solera, and Fort George Brewing, all on this episode of Brew Happy!

Sep 07, 2021
Fresh Hops for JP and Me!

Fresh Hopped beers are coming! We have news, with events, beer and cider releases, and more places to go get them. Plus a clip about Great Notion. Ryan is out sick, John wants fresh hop reds and pale ryes, and Damian has two whiskeys wrestle on his tongue. Orange wine barrels, whiskeys, and fresh hops on this episode of Brew Happy!

Aug 31, 2021
Summer Second Wind

A lot of new breweries popping up on the horizon, and we are excited! We have a tasting featuring some really great beers by Ex Novo, Mountains Walking, Flatland, Backwoods, and more! John brings a speyside whiskey and something from Bull Run, Damian hints at some collabs coming around the corner, Ryan goes on a classic rock bender with Foreigner. Whiskey gets paired with a beer again, and beer stops are coming back on this episode of Brew Happy!

Aug 24, 2021
National Rum Day

Well it's National Rum Day, and you know JP has brought the sauce, the man has a subscription for his spirits, find out what he brought! We learn how Angels get their share, as we prepare for Burger Week in Portland. Damian has SEATAC stories, Ryan spreads misinformation about Brandon Lee's wife, and John explains the world to us all. Garlic IPAs, Boysenberries, vocab, and movies, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Aug 17, 2021
Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth joins us again at Culmination Brewing, to talk about some of his favorite beer spots, and discuss big business impact in craft beer markets. Also, joined by Tomas Sluiter who tells it like it is when it comes to beer. Damian gets nostalgic, Ryan gets excited about collabs and expansions, and John does whiskey 7 days a week. Wonder twins, Sake Slushees, and creme brulee, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Aug 10, 2021
Crew Talk

The crew enjoys trading beers back and forth and this week is no different.  This time Ryan is home with a sick baby, so Damian and John dangles special spirits in front of him.  Damian hits up a beerhouse for the first time in a while, John brings some smokey spirits from Vegas Ryan goes Rad Pop.  Sales experience, babysitting, and pastry stouts, not all in that order, on this episode of Brew Happy

Aug 03, 2021
Downtown Portland is Back!

Downtown is officially open in Portland! Check out some things the crew is excited about as they venture out, and Steeplejack is on the short list for this week. Damian checks out some of his local spots, John is after the freshest of beers, and Ryan reports in on seltzer. Saisons, Rice Lagers, Seltzers, and Dixie dedications on this episode of Brew Happy

Jul 27, 2021
Culmination Cans

After a nice long Memorial vacation the crew reunites to celebrate the Culmination canning line kick-off.  John returns from Denver with news of beers.  Then John and Damian team up for a 3-Way with Fort George at the Tiny Bubble Room, and Ryan phones it in so he can hear awesome 80's tunes while he talks cider and community.  Plenty of adventures, goats, carrot cake, and hoppy beverages to share on this episode of Brew Happy!

Jun 08, 2021
Oreogn Beer Awards 2021

The Oregon Beer Awards kicked off in a very unusual way this year.  We also celebrate some more women in brewing that are getting a long over due recognition.  Plus some of the juicy beers are getting more appealing.  Damian tries to get "un-serious", John starts tapping into the fresh hops, Ryan has fun with some new buttons on the board.  Spirits, new beer releases, celebrated beers, and celebrated women, on this episode of Brew Happy!

May 25, 2021
House Spirits goes Westward

This week we crossover into spirits with our guest Andrew Tice from Westward Whiskey. You know some of their work as House Spirits Distillery, the makers of Aviation Gin. But with a new focus on Whiskey, the crew enjoys learning about cooperage, sour dough whiskey, and how to tell when it's ready for consumption. Tomas Sluiter joins to talk about their recent collaboration, John is back from Vegas, Ryan appreciates kind words from afar, and Damian enjoys a 9 year cask. Belgian trips, new seltzers, whiskey clubs, and more, on this episode of Brew Happy!

May 18, 2021
The End for COVID

We enjoy some Away Days Beer, as we celebrate the unboxing of  Culmination Brewing's new canning line as the concrete dries on the new trench drain, and the kitchen is reopening as "Miami Nice", with Vegan Cuban cuisine.  Seating is opening up across the country, and more beers are cranking out.  Let's dish about some new spots opening, as we enjoy some more beers, and spirits.  John brings "the Dragon", Damian enjoys some BBL-aged Goose Island beer, and Ryan imagines a bar in his future garage.  Penguin mascots, Cider Summit preppers, and All American beer week, here on Brew Happy!

May 10, 2021
Bull Run Cider

Kolin Leishman, returns from Bull Run Cider to tell us about how the cider industry has been doing in Forest Grove, after their latest bottling run.  Ryan plays a guessing game, John brings the cask strength, Damian gets down with some strawberry rhubarb.  Jonah Gold, 7 Seeds, Easy Orchards, low and slow on this episode of Brew Happy!

May 04, 2021
Culmination Brewing

We catch up with Tomas Sluiter from Culmination Brewing about his new canning line, new staff, new beers, and some of his latest projects.  Ryan smells an old woman's feet, John brings some more whiskey to share, and Damian tries eucalyptus whiskey.  More local beers, some abroad, and future kolsch promises, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Apr 26, 2021
Homebrew Update

The homebrew scene has had a significant uptick, with sunny weather here and new products, Mark Gillette returns to tell us all about it.  Plus we dip into Ravi's SW Stash again to see what surprises come from the our western friends.  John brings Gaelic and cask spirits, Damian nearly sings a musical, and Ryan rickrolls us... a lot!  Seltzer shop talk, extracts, and other ideas, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Apr 20, 2021
Beer Goddess of Portland

The Beer Goddess of Portland, and Publican, Lisa Morrison joins this week's show.  Belmont Station has long been one of SE Portland's hotspots for beer, Lisa says they haven't missed a beat.  With creative ways to accommodate their loyal following Belmont can breath easy.  Bronwyn sits in for John this week, Damian picks from  Ravi's SW Stash, Ryan has a Top 50 list of places to check out now that the weather is clearing up.  Goddesses, great beers, and COVID clearing way for Spring out here in Portland, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Apr 13, 2021
The Warren Report

Warren Wills the Craft Beer Scribe takes some time away from Day One Distribution for another Warren Report.  As places begin to open, we muster at the home base with some treats for Damian, the crew and you!  John wants to put beer in the bongwater, Ryan steps out for Dad duty, and Damian hints at the fate of the old Rogue Flanders Pub.  Ravi's SW Stash, ecofocused beers, Dingle and other spirits, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Apr 06, 2021
Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is a fun day with a lot of history.  Like many, we are preoccupied with beer.  Matthew Harhai returns to the show from afar, to enlighten us on the East Coast beer scene, as well as reminisce about some familiar brands.  Plus we review some new beers, Ryan learns a new word, John is bringing celebration in a bottle, and Damian wraps up a fantastic 3 weeks with his family, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Mar 15, 2021
West Coast Grocery

West Coast Grocery has been cranking out some serious beer love to their neighborhood, and we've taken notice.  Just stroll up to their special beer window the past year and you are greeted warmly with a special curated selection.  We are recording once again from their secret Bodega Barrel Room where all the best beers are hiding and waiting for your glass.  Charlie Hyde IV brings brewers Christian Angstrom and Brian Detweiler-Bedell to nerd out with us on this episode of Brew Happy!

Mar 09, 2021
SheBrew 2021

The women of SheBrew are back again this year and COVID isn't going to stop them.  Another round of fun filled female fermented brews are eagerly anticipated.  With a little support from Ecliptic Brewing's John Harris and others in the industry, these women have it handled.  Hear how here at the McPolanders Taproom, an exclusive look into how to get these delicious drinks.  SheBrew shows us what brewing is all about on this episode of Brew Happy!

Mar 02, 2021
Door Drops by JP

If you've been following the show than you know JP likes to drop off beer and other goodies at Ryan's house.  This has become such a regular thing it's become a topic of interest on the show.  Plus more places are opening up!  Stemma, Stoup, and other new breweries have been popping up on our radar.  The beer scene is starting to get it's groove back on this episode of Brew Happy!

Feb 23, 2021
Imperial Bottleshop

This week Imperial Bottleshop and Taproom's owner Alex Kurnellas tells us about the lengths he's gone to keep his 2 locations alive.  It takes a lot more than just diversity, and hard work to keep his community coming through the door.  John brings Damian delivers the last of the Patreon gifts, Ryan talks Tom Brady memes, and John brings more from the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society.  Matchless, Belgians, and Peat Fire, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Feb 16, 2021
Leikam Brewing

This week for our Small Business Spotlight segment we revisit Leikam Brewing.  Sonia-Marie and Theo have weathered the storm and still have plans to expand, and we can't wait to share how they did it!  John is happy daydreaming, Ryan is confused by a sour stout, and Damian hits up Migration Brewing in Gresham.  Pulled pork, exceptional stouts, and rare sherry casked spirits, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Feb 06, 2021
Homebrew Update

Check out these latest in homebrewing with returning guest Mark Gillette from the Portland Brewers Collective (PBC) and faithful employee of F.H. Steinbart Co., the oldest homebrew supply store in the U.S.  Hear about the grains, the hops, and the yeast that will make your latest quarantine concoction quenchable.  John brings another rare gift from Whiskey Tribe, Ryan paces us with his latest front door find, and Damian mails out a special surprise for our Patreon subscribers.  The latest deals and approaching good feels on this episode of Brew Happy!

Jan 25, 2021
The Warren Report

Another Warren Report to bring in a new season of beer releases, and innovations to the industry, with Warren Wills from Craft Beer Scribe.  John reviews another Peat Week selection, Ryan snorts with excitement over an ESB, Damian gets excited about new beer stops emerging.  Multiple Matryoshkas, Cheesecake beers, Open-air seating in Vancouver, and weathering the storm for beer, on this week's episode of Brew Happy!

Jan 24, 2021
Portland Winds up

Some new and interesting things are percolating in Portland.  Things are slowly waking up and we know where to go!  Ryan intersperses different things, Damian brings Ryan's potatoes from John, and John enlightens us on the world of Sherry (...and Ice Cream?).  Peat Week, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Holiday Candy Cane beer tastings, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Jan 13, 2021
Brew it Forward

A New Year means a new season and new segment called "Brew it Forward".  Our chain of gratitude begins with our very own Ben Edmunds from local sensation Breakside Brewery.  Ryan gets excited about his collection of calendar releases, John looks forward to dark seasonals and red ales, and Damian launches a new segment with an old friend.  So begins this chain of gratitude, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Jan 05, 2021
Ep. 399 - End of Year Round up

Well 2020 is done.  Celebrating, with John, Bronwyn, and a remote Ryan, with more beverages than we can handle seemed a good a way as any to send off this year.  Christmas gifts revealed, as well as the new format for the coming year.  Brew it forward, into the New Year, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Dec 29, 2020
Christmas with JP

Christmas beverage challenge this week.  Umami Scotch from a butt.  John finds a Cindercone successor in Sure Man, Ryan can't make the show, and Damian reveals a sneak peek at an old friend on the other coast.  Just add water for holiday cheer, on this episode of Brew Happy!  

Dec 23, 2020
Closer to Christmas

Every year the holidays come around and we get a little excited about the seasonal brews.  We talk future plans and positive thinking, and the whiskey movement, coast to coast.  Damian paces himself on the dark beer and liquor, John finally cracks the 2017 Bourban County, Bronwyn gets "schticky", and Ryan has potato candy named after himself.  This year ESBs, CDAs, other dark favorites, and new born babies, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Dec 15, 2020
Bozeman, Birthdays, and Beer Bonds

Moving towards the next holiday at Backpedal Brewery and Lounge.  With brewer (and birthday boy) Darren Provenzano from fledgling Fracture Brewing, and newcomer Bryson king, Operations Manager at Culmination Brewing, and Owner Tomas Sluiter.  We follow up with them on the latest ventures, for our small business spotlight.  John brings a flight of whiskey, Ryan ruminates in his craft room with rum, Bronwyn is back, and Damian prepares to change up the show again.  Backstories, Brewery Bonds, Bozeman boasts, and "zoomies", on this episode of Brew Happy!

Dec 08, 2020
Ep. 395 - Canacopia

Our residence of "ghost" taproom Ross Island Brewing continues as our recording hot spot, while we prep for Christmas, talk turkey about our Thanksgiving feasts, drink some strange brews, and edge towards reopenings.  Ryan patches in from quarantine, John gets excited about peat again, and Damian finds a beer he doesn't like.  Brew News, Crafts, Publican dreams, infusions, and new recipes, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Dec 01, 2020
Ep. 394 - Quarantine Returns

With the lockdown back in effect here in Portland, there aren't many places left to do a beer podcast from.  Shuttered Ross Island Brewing seemed an appropriate spot for John and Damian to review some of their latest brew finds.  Including a new whisky pick from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  Ryan calls in from quarantine, John tries a New Jersey beer, Damian does last call on a recently reviewed pickle beer.  Some different fun, for a different feel, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Nov 24, 2020
Grains of Wrath PDX

With avid interest, we follow the careers of certain brewers that stand out in a sea of hops and barley.  Returning guest, Michael Hunsaker has definitely had our attention.  His long journey from East to the West will work up your thirst, but don't worry their newest location will yield more beer, to help your holiday cheer.  Damian also returns, shaking off a somber stretch on the opposite coast with some of his favorite beer styles, Ryan learns to rock a bit harder, and Mike attenuates a new brew deck. Focused distribution straddles two sides of the Columbia River, this week, on Brew Happy!

Nov 17, 2020
Trap Door

At Trap Door Brewing the crew met with Brian Shull, owner and founder. Hear about his solar origins, lineage to Great Western Malting, and other members of his generational beer community. Michael Perozzo returns to chat about the events and releases, head brewer, Kyle Larsen weighs in, formerly of Double Mountain and Siren in the UK. John and Ryan lap a literary drink, and even try getting pickled again! Hard seltzer, Nut Tree beers, Pearl Jam, the Rolling Stones, and the rise of dark beers, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Nov 11, 2020
Warren Returns

In Vancouver at Ben's Bottleshop, the crew gets together with Warren Wills the Craft Beer Scribe to talk shop.  Warren reminisces his summer travels, John tells us what he thinks of Stifler's Mom, Ryan gets Cider Happy.  Kviek beers, German beers, Polish beers, sherry, and even Pickle Rick beers on this episode of Brew Happy!

Nov 03, 2020
Ep. - Coin Toss Brewing

History is sometimes made with a coin toss.  At least that's what Tim Hohl at Coin Toss Brewing will tell you.  He and his taproom manager Melissa Meinz have been hard at work on making more room for patrons as the new season unfolds.  Damian desires a a new berry in his beer, John discovers the last of the fresh hop beers, Bronwyn is plum delighted to return to the show.  New windows, innovations, and more for beer on this episode of Brew Happy.  

Oct 20, 2020
More Sake with Friends

Jake Lien from Momokawa is back with more sake and Darren Provenzano has some mid-west sake to share.  Last visit we focused more on pairings, so this time we learn more about etiquette, culture, and different styles and schools of thought.  Ryan rocks out to some new jams, John brings Pickle Rick, Tomas beat boxes, and Damian learns more about the afterlife.  Good questions, better backstory, and breaking down stigmas, on this episode of Brew Happy.

Oct 13, 2020
Ep. 388 - North Bank Beer Week

What other place to better celebrate North Bank Beer Week, than Ben's Bottleshop?  The Vancouver beer scene has been stepping up over the years to rival Portland, and it shows.  We have quite the array of fresh-hopped beers and some other tasty treats.  Damian doesn't chug, Ryan dresses everyone alike, and John brings up the rear with handcrafted Swedish spirits.  Birthday boys ahead, and plenty of praises for new hoppy beers, on this episode of Brew Happy.  

Oct 06, 2020
Ep. 387 - Fresh Hop

Tomas Sluiter talks about his new heated patio space being installed, and Darren Provenzano returns with Sante Adarius Rustic Ales from his Californian cellar.  Ryan learns about Teitons, Damian brings fresh hopped beers from Untapped Beer House, and Bronwyn sets out to make the patio space green for Culmination Brewing.  The freshest of hops, rare gifts shared, and sexy trees, on this episode of Brew Happy.

Sep 29, 2020
Montana Beer

After a smokey week in Portland half the crew escapes across the Rocky Mountains to find beer in another region of the States.  Our favorite couple can't stop gushing about her Montana trip and the tasty beer they had.  Ryan brings his passion for cider, John throws down with espresso to the fourth power, Damian learns what a tamarack is, and Bronwyn get into fresh hopped beers.  Puppies, gifts, and new Patreon members, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Sep 23, 2020
John Paul's Smokin' Birthday

This week at Brew Happy Headquarters, the crew gets together to hide from the wild fire smoke and drink some fresh hopped beers.  John Paul is no slouch when it comes to Hop Season, and this year is no different, he even brought the Brew Happy Mystery Hops from his garden.  Ryan shares a dark aged treat from Golden Valley, Damian has a guest appearance on the Fat Josh show, and John celebrates another youthful holiday.  Birthdays, fresh hops, and iconic glassware, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Sep 15, 2020
Hot Sauce and Stories from Vietnam

Darren Provenzano may be one of Portland's newest brewers, but he's been around a brew deck before.  This week he brings some hot sauce and Beachwood beers he picked out.  Tomas provides some logistical insight and musical ambiance.  Ryan is shy with his guitar, Damian bring goodies from Beer Mongers too.  Unusual pairings, new beers and fresh tunes, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Sep 09, 2020
Fresh Hops and New Songs

Another stop at our local bottle shop, The Beer Mongers reveals some fresh flavors.  Tomas and Darren regale us with tales of their latest projects within the Craft Beverage Consortium, the search for fresh hops.  Damian unveils the new theme song, Ryan loves Level Beer, John investigates the latest fresh hopped treats.  New terminology, book pairings, artist props, and fresh hops, on this episode of Brew Happy.

Sep 01, 2020
Ep. 382 - Rad Pop and Jamaican Rum

We continue exploring more brews this week with some local love for the Rad Pop, some surprise sours from one of our favorite local shops, and some more spirits from John's club.  Damian brings the dog, Ryan loves off-mic cookies, John supplies the strong stuff. Plenty of rhymes,  and Prosts of appreciation, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Aug 25, 2020
Ep. 381 - Whiskey Tribe
More crossover fun with spirits! John brings it every week, but this time we are going to focus on a few of his favorite things from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Tomas joins in with some beer and a surprise food pairing from Rob's Pretzels, that wasn't pretzels. Ryan loves nuts, Bronwyn has an eye opening experience, and Damian finds a beer he'd rather not talk about. Super spirits, fried rice, and finely aged Rainier beer, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 17, 2020
Ep. 380 - Landmass Wines
Crossovers are fun, especially witn Melanie Schmidt from Landmass Wines, and Faye from Dimos Pizza. Two local businesses that orbit the brewing industry, and bring delicious treats to your table. Tomas and Darren bring cheese and something smoked to pair with our wine tasting. Ryan likes hoppy Battleground beers, Damian brings a Trapdoor treat, and John has spirits. Exclusive location and the search for someone to take over Ross Island Brewing, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 11, 2020
Ep. 379 - Craft Brew Consortium
Simmering beneath the heat of a Portland summer are some cold treats brewing at the new Craft Brew Consortium (former Mikkeller pop-up, and Burnside Brewing). Brewer Darren Provenzano makes his debute as they roll out the Juliett brand, featuring their newest preview of their Blonde, alongside their Hazy IPA. Both sessionable and marking their reliance on tried and true hops like Crystal, Cascade, Meridian and a simple well balanced grain build. Ryan loses his teeth, Damian finds a blonde. International trade discussion as well as Classic rock, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 06, 2020
Ep. 378 - Orox Leather
At Orox Leather we explore the artisinal parallels of products that orbit beer culture. Beyond coasters, wine and beer holsters, tote bags, bar aprons, but the fanciest beer koozies you've ever seen, and so much more! Plus beer adventures at Topwire Hop Project, and a beer release from Ruse Brewing you might want after dinner. Bronwyn admires the plant hangers, Damian dons a cap, John brings a rare spirit, and Ryan auctions a table. Hoppy treats, history, and heritage, on this crossover episode of Brew Happy!
Jul 29, 2020
Ep. 377 - Final Draft survives
Always nice to cath up with the crew and hear about recent adventures. Final Draft Taphouse is a perfect place to do that. Kimberly and Mike Bolt will tell you all about the best collabs on draft and how they've been turning the tide for their little community as they keep churning out those crowlers and other recent releases. Bronwyn is back from Sauvie Island, Damian brings some sour fun from Modern Times, John is relieved not to have to drive far, and it's Ryan's turn to bring some spirits. Good comedy, close friends, and tasting etiquette, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jul 22, 2020
Ep. 376 - Threshold Brewing
From Threshold Brewing, the ever articulate Sara Syzmanski let's us in on the latest "Black is Beautiful" beers, as well as more of their lineup, and their Brewer, Jarek pops in at the end, to tell us all how it started. Tomas Sluiter nestles us into the new spot for his latest project, and his wife April is reintroduced. Damian finds a grissette, Ryan is cheesy, John craves pecan coconut pancakes, and Bronwyn wants to make ring tones. Enunciating difficult names, drinking easy beers, and Happier Meals with prizes, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jul 15, 2020
Ep. 375 - New School Beer
Ezra Johnson-Greenough from New School Beer blog, visits with us to give perspective and insight to the changing landscape of our beer community and how some of our favorite businesses have managed to thrive. Tomas Sluiter reveals the destiny for the old Burnside Brewing location, and the Craft Brew Consortium that will follow, a home for creative professional brewers to create their brand. Ryan returns with Road Beers, Damian agrees to clean draft lines, John brings something special. Shared moments, beer deliveries, and hope emerging on our horizon, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jul 08, 2020
Ep. 374 - Staley Stance is back
Our community has been affected by so much lately. It's been tough, with a pandemic, global protests, tent cities, murder hornets, yet we continue to support each other, and hopefully love one another. Clay is back with another Staley Stance to address some of this, as we hint at a few new developments in our ever changing landscape, for better or for worse. Bronwyn discovers aquavite, John explains bail out economics, Ryan runs out of battery, and Damian and Tomas commiserate about hard lines. Weird Science, Real Genius, other bad pre-millenial movies, as we celebrate each other's differences. Another step towards normal, with good pretzels, paired with good beer, good friends, and Sunday clothes, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jun 30, 2020
Ep. 373 - Rob's Pretzels
Thirsty people get hungry, and hungry people need pretzels. At least that's what Rob Brown, thinks. This lawyer turned baker has a passion for food, good beer and feeding people. He's partnering up with small pubs to help them out with easy options that are affordable for everyone to enjoy. Plus Tomas Sluiter briefly introduces us to Andrew Harrison, a local artisan behind many of the aesthetics you see at McMenamins' and many other pubs in the area, including our host location, Culmination Brewing. John brings more surprises, Damian has hair raising drink, Bronwyn brings in the green, Ryan is close to a return. Another step towards normal, with good pretzels, paired with good beer, good friends, and Sunday clothes, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jun 23, 2020
Ep. 372 - Jeff Alworth
Jeff Alworth walks over to Culmination Brewing this week to regale us with his worldly journeys, and lend some perspective on the ebb and flow of this multifaceted industry. Tomas Sluiter gives us the latest updates on the consequences of a delayed opening and chimes in with more about his fondness for travel. Bronwyn learns about goulash, Ryan casts in with a baby on board, John compares notes about some of his own experiences, Damian hears the hard truth about change. Czech, Prague, and other historical impacts on beer, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jun 16, 2020
Ep. 371 - COVID Survivors
Some of our favorite businesses won't be around any longer, but some have survived this crisis. This week entreprenuer Andrea Lins, owner of Brewcycle Tours, Backpedal Brewing, BrewBarge, and Brew Stop shop. Luckily she has been able to spread her staff out amongst her businesses. Also surviving and thriving is West Coast Grocery Co., and Charlie Hyde IV couldn't be happier, and looks forward to more personal interactions with his customers. Damian celebrates with German styles, Ryan casts in with news from Vancouver, John is up to his whiskey tricks again, and Tomas is always an excellent host. Business, economics, and celebrating staff, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jun 09, 2020
Ep. 370 - COVID Reopenings
As businesses begin to welcome back employees and customers we've celebrated with some food pairings. Tomas fires up the smoker at Culmination Brewing as we are joined by Jack Lien from Sake One to talk about their American based sake line. Red is back to enrich our cultural experience, Ryan is still patching in remotely, John gets excited about sake, and Damian learns a few things. Smoked ribeye, ahi & poke sashimi, and oysters, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jun 02, 2020
Ep. 369 - COVID Consumers
Bringing the talk back to our local market, at Uptown Beer Co. to raise a glass with Josh Johnson as we speak candidly about the tough calls and latest innovations that make small business successful. Also joining us is Brian Siegenthaler from local podcast "Some Kind of Show", to lend the consumer/employee perspective. Ryan casts in through Zoom again with a list of opening pubs, Bronwyn sees the logic in her latest beer selection, John jumps in about customer service, and Damian doubles down on an optimistic outlook. Binary Brewing beers, fun with puns, and no nuts, on this episode of Brew Happy!
May 26, 2020
Ep. 368 - COVID International
What affect has this virus had on International commerce? Red Gillen, a Japanese beer and culture blogger has shifted his tours to online webinars, and gives insight to why Japan loves Portland so much. Tomas from Culmination joins us again as we continue our discussion about how local breweries have adapted. Bronwyn dreams of sushi, John tries Japanese whiskey, and Damian wistfully anticipates a trip to Japan. Cultural crossovers, social bonding, and Uptown deliveries, on this episode of Brew Happy!
May 19, 2020
Ep. 367 - COVID Distribution
How can beer get to you, and how does it change the industry? This and other questions, with special guest Drew Worden from Columbia Distributing, and Tomas Sluiter of Culmination Brewing weigh in on the economics. Bronwyn finds it easy to get her favorite beer, Ryan is able to join in this week, John learns about smokey malts from Tom, and Damian relates the generational rift. Agile consumer solutions versus inflexible overhead, and the future of the 3 tier system, on this episode of Brew Happy!
May 12, 2020
Ep. 366 - COVID Strategy
What the PPP Loans mean for small businesses, employees, and future implications. What restuaranteur Ben Dyer from Your Restaurant Group, and Financier David Nighawan have to weigh in on strategies being used to mitigate the effects of the COVID pandemic. John is all about the scotch and chicken wings, Tom gets down with PPP, Bronwyn tends to the plants, and Damian switches to a blonde on Nitro. Hard to get meats, interuptions in our supply chains, and other predictions, on this episode of Brew Happy!
May 05, 2020
Ep. 365 - COVID Antibodies
Posting up again at Culmination Brewing, we follow up about their delivery service, and their latest news on their PPP Loan. Mark Gillette streams in with another Homebrew Update from F.H. Steinbart and their recent explosion in sales. Ryan is still on lockdown, John joins in with a hefty supply of antibodies and scotch, Bronwyn features a green segment, and Damian handles his brews. We adapt, serenade, and overcome, unplugged, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Apr 28, 2020
Ep. 364 - COVID-CO2 Crisis
More breweries are getting liscensed for delivery. The most recent is our friends at Culmination Brewing. Owner and Head Brewer Tomas Sluiter, discusses his latest development in distribution, thoughts on sanitization, and the latest on CO2 strategy. Bronwyn tries a pale stout, Ryan videos in again from quarantine, John Paul is out of quarantine, and Damian delights in the reunion. Culmination delivers and Brew Happy assembles, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Apr 21, 2020
Ep. 363 - Corona Coping
No sign yet that this virus is slowing down, but at least Oregon is keeping cases low, and our community is finding new ways to thrive. In the wake of many closures, the businesses that stay open have had to adapt. Damian and Bronwyn go on a couple of beer runs and describe their experiences remotely with Ryan and special guest, Head Brewer Charles Porter from Little Beast. Ryan has something good and gives up insight to how some are handling the housing cost through this crisis. Lagers, sours, and brewing sanitizer on this episode of Brew Happy!
Apr 14, 2020
Ep. 362 - COVID Continues
As this virus continues to shutter neighborhoods accross the globe, local businesses continue to suffer. Some evolve and innovate in the wake of this lengthy lockdown. Window service, and deliveries are on the rise, with some jobs creeping back into sight. Ryan rallies from Vancouver, Warren reports from Day One Distribution, Damian and Bronwyn wonder what's next for Portland businesses. Keg sales go down, but package sales continue to rise, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Mar 31, 2020
Ep. 361 - COVID-19 Craze
Well after a week of the corona virus craze sweeping America, the Brew Happy crew has to change format and adapt to social distancing. We check in with Mark Gillette for a Home Brew Update from F.H. Stienbart, and their new delivery service and surge in online sales. John is out recovering from Europe, Ryan casts in from his Vancouver quarantine, Mark gushes about the latest rush on supplies, and Damian experiments with a new format. Craft beer enjoyed at home, and friends enjoyed from afar, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Mar 25, 2020
Ep. 360 - Bridgetown Beerhouse
A few weeks ago Damian discovered Bridgetown Beerhouse a couple of neighborhoods away. So this week we talk with owner David Flores, as he fills us in on what makes this neighborhood pub so popular that they've just celebrated their 11th anniversary. Clay is back for another long awaited Staley Stance on festival etiquette. Ryan returns for some beer love, while John is off in Europe, Bronwyn follows up on SheBrew, and Damian discovers a discount on a Mother Earth beer. Pooch friendly pub, bottleshares, and a neighborhood nook, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Mar 10, 2020
Ep. 359 - Baldwin at Breakside

This week the Brew Happy Crew heads to Breakside Brewery’s Production Facility in SE Portland's Milwaukie district to drink some delicious brews with Natalie Baldwin R and D Brewer and Anne Aviles Production Brewer! These innovative women are trailblazing their way through the industry with scholarships through Pink Boots, Breakside Brewery, competing in SheBrew, and even cross training in wine at Archery Summit. Damian delights in a new sour, Bronwyn switches styles, and John brings up the rear with new adventures, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Mar 03, 2020
Ep. 358 - McCarthy Migration
Our Female Focus for February sums up with one of our favorites as we follow-up on Madeleine McCarthy's move to Migration Brewing nearly one year ago. The shift to a larger brewery's production line comes with new challenges as well as new rewards as Maddy enlightens us on her mentorship role, new canning skills, and overseas opportunities that will surely yield saisonal delights. Bronwyn shares something dark and ambitious, Damian drinks a peachy collab cream ale, and John brings a can of chocolate IPA. Lloyd Center Burgers, puppies, scholarships, and Belgian adventures on this episode of Brew Happy!
Feb 25, 2020
Ep. 357 - McMenamins Kennedy and Hillsdale
Far too long since our last show at McMenamins Kennedy School. Hear what's brewing in the Boiler Room with first time guests Conrcodia Brewer Brian Riley and Hillsdale Brewer Jenni Aguello tell us all about latest and greatest from this iconic string of locations throughout the Pacific NW. Ryan leaves to have a baby, John descends upon Zwicklemania once again, Damian catches up with an old friend, and Bronwyn wants to take care of all of McMenamins' plants. Unique beers, old favorites, and passports on this episode of Brew Happy!
Feb 18, 2020
Ep. 356 - SheBrew 2020
At McPolanders Taproom, the SheBrew crew returns to promote their 6th annual event, coming up in March, with Jenn McPoland, Shannon Scott, and Christine Garcia, updating us with the latest improvements. SheBrew's dual event includes a homebrew competition, followed by the popular public event. Complete with a larger new venue, for the same great price, plus an early bird special. This event is hard to beat, with great sponsors making it all happen, and some of the most talented female brewers this region has to offer. Bronwyn misses out due to work, Damian tours the tap list, Johnny Scotch is at it again, and Ryan prepares to recede for paternity leave. National Women's Day approaching, homebrew competitions brewing, and cajun tot teasers, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Feb 11, 2020
Ep. 355 - Pink Boots Begins
February's "Female Focus" starts with one of brewing's most enigmatic trailblazers, Teri Fahrendorf, as well as one of our favorites, Sonia Liekam. Learn about the Pink Boots Society, from it's inception to cementing a legacy for future females in this industry, and beyond. Loaded with travel, adventure, new recipes, ancient history, and even a brewing nun, this episode explores a unique organization that offers scholarships, training, and other support for females that yearn to ferment. A global movement with over 2,600 members, all starts with an artist's soul, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Feb 04, 2020
Ep. 354 - Gorgeous Gorges Beer
A fledgling new brewery emerges in the wake of one of many closures. Gorges Beer Co. is days away from final approvals and renovations, and already they have beers being served merely yards away. At Tap and Table Taproom, we talk at length with owner Travis Preece about his latest venture with our old friend, brewer Bryan Keilty about their other partners and plans. With collab beers from some of our favorite breweries on the table, and grand plans for the future, a small start is only the beginning. Ryan stays home with a cold, Damian reviews Stout Bout 2020, Browyn is enlightened about the brewering business, and John reflects on the weekend. Roof hatch beers imagined, Gorges Parkview plans come to light, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jan 21, 2020
Ep. 353 - Stout Bout 2020
The Brew Happy Crew is back together again. At Baerlic Brewing we meet with Russel Berger and Jon Hall from Portland Brewers Collective to talk about Stout Bout 2020, coming up this Saturday, with entries from all over the country. This event is a favorite for our friends as thay reminisce on beers past, and rave about the People's Choice Awards" Ryan dresses appropriately, John ponders the awards, Damian looks forward announcing the winners at the event, and Bronwyn hears nice things from a psychic. Tales from Florida, Old Gregg, and engagement announcements, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jan 21, 2020
Ep. 352 - Year of Low Calorie Beer
Last week's after party yields this weeks location. At Final Draft taphouse, owner Mike Bolt came on to talk about an event on the 25th of this month, a beach themed barrel aged sour fest, on the same days as the Stout bout and Coffee beer invitational. John is quite the chatterbox as he goes on a scotch kick as he and proposes that 2020 will be the year of low calorie beer, and ponders barrel aged beers. Ryan gets excited about the new T-Shirts, ponders the Winter Ale Fest, challenges taunts John with axe throwing, and we learn about a mountain top brewery that is expanding in the wake of last year's closures. A smoking good time, with good spirits, and more events than you can shake a stick of bacon at, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jan 15, 2020
Ep. 351 - Southwest IPA Sensation
The crew minus two is at N.W.I.P.A. this week as they interview Andrew "Bert" Hanto and we talk about his hip-hop up brining and love of all things IPA. Ryan commands the helm and reflects on the past year, John looks forward to the new year and new beers. And a familiar face for the show, Clay Staley, returns to talk Belching Beaver seltzer and gets a little fired up about people who don't get out of their own neighborhood for beer. Old friends and new friends in the year year with new beer, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Jan 07, 2020
Ep. 350 - New Year for Beer
Looking forward to the New Year as we reflect about things done and prophesize what is in need of drinking. We discuss the best beers of 2019, and future plans for 2020. John gives a Oregon Beer Awards preview, Bronwyn brings a holiday treat from The Bruery she's been holding onto, Ryan gives gifts as he goes into Dad mode, and Damian has a list of different beers for you to try in the coming year. New beer, new reasons to love, and new changes in the New Year on this episode of Brew Happy!
Dec 31, 2019
Ep. 349 - Brew Happy Holiday Special
The Brew Happy Crew get together at McMenamins Annex Pub again, this time to discuss their plans for the Holiday. Plus a year review as we look fondly upon some of our favorite adventures in the craft beer community. John imagines a white Christmas, Ryan alludes to cookies, Damian cheers everyone up with an Old Scrooge, Bronwyn anticipates a secret Christmas trip. Another Brew Happy season shared with friends, including you on this episode of Brew Happy!
Dec 24, 2019
Ep. 348 - Holiday Homebrew!
At McMenamins Annex Bar it's always a good time, especially with one our oldest friends to share in holiday cheer, Mark Gillette from F.H. Stienbart Brewing Supply and Portland Brewers Collective (PBC)! We have some seasonal ales by McMenamins and some special holiday treats as we discuss the hot topics down at the home brew store, as well as preperations being made by PBC for upcoming Stout Bout at the end of next month. Ryan brings a holiday treat, John brings up the rear, Bronwyn enjoys the Stephenweizen, and Damian ponders a Stephenwolf beer. Supply sales (75% off), Holiday cheer with friends and seasonal beer, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Dec 17, 2019
Ep. 347 - Oregon Brewers Guild
With recent shifts in the Craft Beer community, we thought we'd chat with the Oregon Brewers Guild, and see what thy had to say about the direction this industry is heading. As one of the oldest organizations to champion Craft Beer in the country, the Oregon Brewers Guild has seen a lot of changes as well as growth over the years, we discuss how brands stay current, and keep surviving. Plus a lookback on our favorite flavors at Holiday Ale Fest, and other delicious seasonal delights. Ryan brings a surprise for everyone , John gets excited for Philly, and Damian enjoys a Coffee Cream ale by Vagabond. New breweries, new opportunities, and new beers on this episode of Brew Happy!
Dec 10, 2019
Ep. 346 - Holiday Ale Festival
Every year Holiday Ale Festival brings a new line-up of boundary pushing flavors. This year is no different, as our returning guest Chris Crabb contests, and bearing an exclusive tasting of two of the more exotic brews boasted at the 24th annual selection, for us to taste at UnTapped Fill House. With a veritable cornacopia of 49 delicious delights, and special mentions for Trapdoor's nut tree, Eel River's seltzer, Von Ebert's black lager, and a collab beer by Ecliptic and Russian River, a barrel aged hoppy Belgian Golden. Plus, Beau is back with December events to help you with your holiday cheer. Ryan is clearly confused by a blonde stout from Crux, Bronwyn eagerly awaits a new show stopper by Three Mugs Brewing, Damian is intrigued by a complex sour by crooked stave, and John blows the keg on a seasonal CDA. Bodacious brunches, Vertical B-Bombs, and mistletoe fetishes on this episode of Brew Happy!
Dec 03, 2019
Ep. 345 - Bohemian Rip City
Sometimes making a great beer is easier than coming up with a label that doesn't come under pressure of legal action. It's a hard life as a brewer trying to keep yourself alive, much less create the next beer style breakthru, but as they say, the show must go on. Known for some of the best beers on Portland's West side, Sasquatch Brewing has done it again. With a Bohemian Pilsner that is sure to make you want to sing a rhapsody, there are plenty of other beers and ciders in ther line-up that will make you want to break free. Ryan gets lost in Trap Door sauce, Bronwyn has a waffle crisp that was made in heaven, John John gets Sports Happy, and Damian has a Belgian Sour that will make you want to spread your wings. We will rock you with beer so good you'll want it all on this episode of Brew Happy!
Nov 26, 2019
Ep. 344 - The Wrath of George
In the oldest city in the state, Oregon City has many reasons to visit, and we just found one more. At Arch Bridge Taphouse we meet up with returning guest Tim Ensign from Fort George to give us the low down on what's brewing next. The acquisition of some new facilities has given this Astoria based brewery a lot to work with and we can't wait to taste the new releases as well as a collab with Grains of Wrath. Ryan perks up for the Suicide Squeeze, Damian anticipates the next Matryoshka, Bronwyn reports on our friends with Pink Boots, John brings a Stone Cold treat from his latest adventure. Upcoming Magnanimous beers, historic settings, and a vault full of beer on this episode of Brew Happy!
Nov 19, 2019
Ep. 343 - Brew News or Brew Sad?
With so many breweries closing, many even that are neighborhood institutions, or even more widely known brands, it's hard not to take notice. On the doorstep of the anniversary The Commons sold their last pint, we discuss Modern Times new expamnsion, but it come as little consolation as we discover the buy out of the Craft Brew Alliance by foreign owned AB InBev in the wake of mixed emotions in our little community. Join us as we share some immeadiate reactions, and celebrate our fallen commrades, and the ones still serving up pints, and the Green Dragon Brew crew's 10th anniversary. John is in Texas brewing up some fun, Damian ponders the impact on small independant breweries, Ryan is impressed by the new seasonals, and Bronwyn has more to say on Pumpkin beers. An emotional rollercoaster of bad new and good brews, and Macho Man Randy Savage on this episode of Brew Happy!
Nov 12, 2019
Ep. 342 - Kosher at Leikam Brewing
This week we drink Kosher brews at Leikam Brewing's new taproom with Sonia Marie and Theo Leikam. They've come a long way since last year, we covered their opening earlier this year, and they are still going. With distribution through High Road, an upcoming build out, a food cart option, and seasonals brewing, all while juggling family. John bring macaroons and news from the Abyss, Ryan has some good news, Damian reflects on Coalition and other closures, Bronwyn loves a Cardamom Stout. In the spirit of community, family, and music on this episode of Brew Happy!
Nov 05, 2019
Ep. 341 - Halloween with Day One
To follow up last week's logistical discussion, it's time to get the beer out the door. Day One Distribution is here to help! Owner Robby Roda, and our very own Warren Wills are here to talk about how relationships are formed in the industry, nurtured by growth, and the kind of quality you can expect from a more dicerning distributor. Also more brewpub closures and better things to come on another Warren Report, and upcoming events at Untapped by Beau. John brings a dark tasty surprise from Deschutes, Ryan has too much Halloween fun, Damian write a rap song, and Bronwyn finds an impressive imperial stout. Freshness, quality, and rewarding relationships on this episode of Brew Happy!
Oct 29, 2019
Ep. 340 - Crafting a Strategy
Crafting A Strategy is a small consulting firm, helmed by returning guest Sam Holloway. He's bringing some much needed updates to the standard craft beer business model, whether you already have a business or are thinking about a start up, we have some compelling points you may want to consider. John is off on another adventure, Ryan realizes something about Denver Brewings's Graham Cracker Stout, Bronwyn brings a pumpkin beer to the table, and Damian gets schooled on an industry's new horizon. Economics, Oakshire, Anniversaries, and pumkin spice and everything nice on this episode of Brew Happy!
Oct 22, 2019
Ep. 339 - Ghost stories at Annex Bar
Another McMenamin Monday here at Ringler's Annex Bar. One of many historic buildings in Portland, and like many it has haunted past. Plus Damian and Bronwyn are back from Bend and have some brew news to share with the rest of the crew, and you. Damian raves about an IPA, Bronwyn slips into a classic berlinerweisse, Ryan has something good, and John brings treats. Seasonal favorites cozy furnishings, and one heck of a bartender on this episode of Brew Happy!
Oct 15, 2019
Ep. 338 – GABF followup
With so many of our friends winning at GABF this year we couldn't be happier. A lot of familiar names we've come to expect good things from, but also some new breweries making waves in this year's competition during this year's review. Mark Gillette returns to the show to give us home brew news from F.H. Steinbart as well as the Portland Brewers Collective, plus he brought some home made treats for Ryan's birthday. Bronwyn missed out due to work, John keeps score on who's winning, Damian goes crazy for a gose, and Ryan has more than one birthday surprise. Busted corks, curd burgers, and Brew Happy Birthdays on this episode of Brew Happy!
Oct 08, 2019
Ep. 337 – Brew from Peru
Up from Peru is our favorite fan, Casey Workman to give us an update on the craft beer scene in the Southern Hemispere as we meet up at Baerlic Brewing. Plus he brought friends, Fernando and Sebastian from Cerveceria Invictus, an award winning brewery that has been trailblazing their way in the industry. They have are enjoying a whirlwind tour of the some of the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer including their very first fresh hopped beers! Also John is back from Europe and he has stories from his favorite countrties, with news of a changing scene in England, Germany, and France. With surprise visits from Baerlic owner/brewer Rik Hall to give us the low down on the latest, and Mark Gilette from the Portland Brewers Collective, our local homebrew club. Ryan brings a recently released fresh hopped beer, John points out some cultural distinctions, Bronwyn hangs back with an Oktoberfest bier by Baerlic, and Damian updates the website. International news, enlightening Black Jesus on this episode of Brew Happy!
Oct 01, 2019
Ep. 336 – Bronwyn's Birthday Untapped
Untapped Fill House has a lot of cool coming up to finish off Autumn as well as celebrating their anniversary. In people birthdays, Bronwyn turns another year older, and Damian secretly invited all of her friends to join her. Which includes Jason from Funhouse Brews to talk a bit about his big nano line-up, including his snowcone as well as bringing back a Brew Happy favorite, by popular demand. Ryan commentates on our growing community, Bronwyn gets a cake, Damian does some impromtu trivia. Loose format, birthday surprises, fresh hops, and corn bread on this episode of Brew Happy!
Sep 24, 2019
Ep. 335 – Indie Hops and Danodan
New adventures in beer with Indie Hops and Danodan. With science from OSU, and partners with local growers like Goshie Farms, it's no wonder co-owner Jim Solberg has had such success with strains like Meridian and Strata hops. In other innovations, Brandon Holmes reveals how Danodan's hemp flower CBD extracts are adding herbal flavor and botanical appeal to beers and whatever beverage you like. John is in Europe again, Ryan is back from the coast, Bronwyn gets the last of the The Beer Mongers Biscottie Imperial Stout by Alesong, Damian is piqued by a pickle predicament. Magnanamous mouthfeels, floral notes, plant infused shots, and finger beers on this episode of Brew Happy!
Sep 17, 2019
Ep. 334 – True Terpenes
What is a terpene? How is it used? These answers in deep rich tones by Ross Hunsinger from True Terpenes. Plus Rob Litz from Xylem Cider Works is looking forward to a big harvest and what berry good ciders it will bring. Ryan gives us the run down on North Bank Beer Week, John lays out a plan for Hop Season, Bronwyn is broadened by a botanical connection, and Damian sinks into a really grape cider. Compelling conversation, awesome applications, and terriffic tie-ins on this episode of Brew Happy!
Sep 10, 2019
Ep. 333 – Mikkeller Portland popup
Mikkeller, the Danish sensation, has been a gypsy brewery since their inception in 2006. With a keen knack for interesting recipes, and provacative flavors, Mikkeller has planted their flag in multiple spots all over the globe. Sought out by many, we now have an outpost of our own here in Portland, and the fanbase just keeps growing. Manager Alex Schmittlein enlightens us on the latest pairings from their Japanese inspired kitchen, and her encounter with the artist behind Mikkeller's iconic branding. John sprinkles his beers with fresh hops, Damian is back on a Kolsch kick, Ryan relishes the wings, and Bronwyn gushes over the puppy pool. Some great event announcments, illiteration, and pronunciation practice on this episode of Brew Happy!
Sep 03, 2019
Ep. 332 – The Beer Mongers turning 10
One of our favorite bottle shops is turning 10! The Beer Mongers is throwing their annual anniversary party to celebrate a decade of dedication to hundreds of beer fans, near and far. Owner Sean, joins us to explain what he loves about his community and why he wants this year's party to even bigger than ever! With a week of fun filled taste buds, and something different each day of the week, we are each looking forward to piece of the action next week. John shares about the latest Hazy Fest he went to, Damian brings some aged beers for a bottleshare, Ryan can't wait for high stakes cribbage next Tuesday, and Bronwyn spies some of her favorite stouts in the cooler from Beachwood Brewing. Juicy aromatics, Spinal Tap, and cellared beers revealed on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 27, 2019
Ep. 331 – West Coast Grocery Co.
Following up with West Coast Grocery Co. It's been a little over a year since their opening and there are now barrels aging, awards, new beers, and food pairings. Owner Charlie Hyde IV talks with us about their cellaring as well as a new venture, "Bodega Beer", 3 upcoming fresh hopped beers (including a saison), watermelon wheat, and more! Damian can't wait to dive into the new $5 burger, Ryan reaches for a reserve line, Bronwyn falls in love with a new stout, John raises an eyebrow for some fresh hopped beers. Gangster chickens, cupcakes, collabs, and Brainstorm Brunches on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 20, 2019
Ep. 330 – Country Malt Group
Malted barley is one of the 4 main ingredients in beer, and we have some of the best available here in the Pacific NW. Country Malt Group distributes brands like Great Western Malt and Brewcraft, to bring flavor to professional brewers and home brewers far and wide. Sales Specialist, Brittany Sturtz joins us to talk about diversity in the industry, her favorite malts, and some new flavors you might not know about. Also plenty to talk about from Vancouver Brewfest. Ryan plays with effects knobs, John brings blueberries again, and Damian makes a new commercial for Beer Mongers. Great malt, special sauce , and Washington love, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 13, 2019
Ep. 329 – Function PDX
Pop-up events have been becoming more common, an exclusive venue of intrigue, dedicated to craft beer, and other kinds of pop-up events, Function PDX is a turnkey experience from branding, marketing, and promotion. With an appreciation for networking, Casey Armstrong carved out his own place to give brands a space to showcase their products or have closed events, like their recent "Double Tap", and upcoming event with Modern Times this Thursday. Damian talks beer clubs and bottleshares, Ryan anticipates future events, Bronwyn raves about their vacation to Cape Kiwanda. Pet peeves, callbacks to Amnesia Brewing, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, on this episode of Brew Happy!
Aug 06, 2019