Mad About Movies

By Kent Garrison, Richard Bardon, Brian Gill

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Kyle Jones
 Dec 10, 2018
I had been looking for a podcast about movies for a couple years when I stumbled upon M.A.M. it's a great mix of movie news and a review of the movie of the week. They mix expert opinions with comedy, it's always a joy to listen to.

 Nov 12, 2018


Mad About Movies is your go-to podcast for all things cinema, hosted by Emmy winning producer Kent Garrison, film critic Brian Gill, and humorist Richard Bardon. Now in their 7th full year of seeing and reviewing a movie a week, the guys dive deep into a discussion of their chosen film with convos that often spill over to social media. Remember to follow @MadAboutMovies Want more MAM? Become a VIP and get tons more Mad About Movies @

Episode Date
VIP Preview: March 2020 AMA

What are our favorite movie scenes? What are our earliest movie memories? If we were gifted a fortune, what would we do with it? We're answering questions and more from our VIPs in our monthly AMA! Become a VIP to get these full episodes every month! Sign up at

Apr 01, 2020
Top 10 Least Favorite Movies of the 2010s

We're continuing the Bad Movie Marathon as we are all still stuck inside, so lets keep things lighthearted with a rewind of our thoughts on BvS, Now You See Me, Pixels, Cats and more! Oh joy! Be safe and sound, MAMFam!

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Mar 31, 2020
Home Theater Crash Course: Physical Media, 4K, Streaming & More

Most of us are spending more time at home lately, therefore more time on our home theater set-ups. Should you really upgrade to 4K? Is physical media all-but done? What about Dolby Atmos? Batman Shane joins Kent as they guide you through what to look for and what to avoid when upgrading your home system.

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Mar 30, 2020
Air Bud

The theaters remain closed, so that can only mean one thing: time to talk about Air Bud. Join us for a full, and yes we mean full, breakdown of 1997’s ‘Air Bud’ as we ask way more questions than we provide answers about the dog who plays basketball. Plus, we’re bringing you more Weekly Recommends to help you through your quarantining. Enjoy, and be safe out there!

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Mar 24, 2020
Extended Weekly Recommends: Volume 1

In the midst of mandated (and voluntary) quarantines, we're bringing you an extended version of our Weekly Recommends segment to give you things to help you pass the time. Enjoy, and be safe!

- McMillions (TV)
- Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds (Movie)
- Bastards of Soul, Black Pumas (Music)

- Justified (TV)
- Indiana Jones Trilogy (Movie)
- Red Rising (Book)

- The Americans (TV)
- The Insider (Movie)
- The Big Goodbye (Book)

Mar 18, 2020
Movie News Roundup: Coronavirus Delays & What Should Happen?

The COVID-19 Cornavirus has affected us all in some way. The movie business has been hit especially hard, with last weekend seeing the lowest box-office returns in 20 years. We catch you up on all the delayed films and let you know what our plan of action is for the next month here on Mad About Movies. Stay safe!

Mar 17, 2020

Pixar has advanced the art of animation while forcing us to feel our feelings for over 25 years. They're back at it again with a fantasy-heavy adventure featuring real star power in the form of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. Join Richard and Brian as they navigate the themes and storytelling within the world of Onward. 

Mar 10, 2020
The Invisible Man (2020)

We saw the start of Universal's "Dark Universe" with the flop of "The Mummy" in 2017, now a lower-budget approach has audiences talking. Join us for our review of "The Invisible Man" and what could come from this following the unexpected success.

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Mar 03, 2020
The Call of the Wild (2020)

Harrison Ford returns to the big screen with his CGI dog friend Buck for an adaptation of 'The Call of the Wild,' but why on earth did this thing cost $125 million? We're discussing what went right and wrong with this adaptation on this week's MAM.

Tune in for our AMA, our Clue (1985) Throwback and more in the VIP!

Feb 25, 2020
Listener Voicemail: Fast 10; Morbius, Tarantino vs. Chazelle & More

Time to answer some of your questions that you've sent to us via voicemail! If you ever have a question, call us at 214-308-1308 and you might hear it on the show!

Also stay tuned for our exclusive monthly AMA over at our VIP club.

Feb 19, 2020
Sonic the Hedgehog

We all witnessed and were scarred instantaneously by the first Sonic trailer that debuted last year. Did Paramount right the ship or was delaying the movie version of Sonic the Hedgehog all for nothing? Plus what’s the deal with Jim Carrey in this? Dust off your Genesis consoles for a little Sonic talk as we review another of 2020’s many movie offerings.

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Feb 18, 2020
Episode 600: Top 10 Favorite Movies of the 2010s

Hard to believe we've made it to SIX HUNDRED episodes of MAM! In honor of the occasion, we're bringing you our individual choices for our favorite films of the 2010s, with some surprising choices along the way. Enjoy and remember to send us your lists on social media or via Discord!

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Feb 13, 2020
Birds of Prey

After underperforming at the box office and a title change, what went wrong with ‘Birds of Prey?’ Is this just bad marketing or is the movie really worthy of being hailed as a ‘flop?’ Join all 3 MAM hosts and Batman Shane for a dive inside the world of ‘Birds of Prey’ as we review our movie of the week!

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Feb 11, 2020
Rants & Raves: 2020 Oscars

It was quite a night at the 2020 Oscars, with 'Parasite' taking the top prize and celebrities trying to meander through the host-less ceremony. So we're back for our annual 'Oscars Postgame Show' to FINALLY put a bow on the 2019 offerings before we can officially move on to 2020. Enjoy it, MAMfam, cause this is IT!

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Ford v. Ferrari Sound Editors Explain Mixing Sound for Film via Vanity Fair:

Feb 10, 2020
Fourth Annual Movie Draft

It's that time of the year again, for us MAM hosts to preemptively embarrass ourselves by attempting to pick which movies will succeed in 2020 during our 4th Annual Movie Draft! Who do you think had the best picks? Let us know on social media @MadAboutMovies OR if you would like to play, sign up at!

Feb 05, 2020
Movie News Roundup: RIP MoviePass; Hamilton Movie; Miss Americana & More

We're rounding up some last minute Oscar predictions, box office updates and more recent movie news related headlines in another edition of the Mad About Movies Movie News Roundup including a MoviePass obituary, some unedited thoughts on T-Swift & her 'Miss Americana' documentary, Sandler's next move & more.

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Feb 04, 2020
BONUS: Richard Reviews Corky Romano

The annual MAM Movie Draft for 2020 is coming up very soon! But we would not be able to legally draft our new lineups without the payoff for last year's loss by Richard. The VIP MAM fam have unanimously voted for him to review 2001's 'Corky Romano,' starring his favorite actor/comedian/Mango Chris Kattan. Enjoy, all and remember to tune in for our 2020 Movie Draft soon!

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Feb 04, 2020
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2019

It's time for us to narrow down the entire past year of films to one episode as we review the highs and lows of 2019's offerings before the Oscars officially wrap the conversation. Place your bets and prepare your ears, it's Rants & Raves time on MAM!

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Jan 29, 2020
The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie is back to his roots after cashing out with Aladdin. Is it a return to form or a cry for help? Join Richard and Brian for a review of 'The Gentlemen' as they impress you with the most incredibly realistic British accents you've ever heard.

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Jan 28, 2020
Bad Boys For Life

We recently discussed on our Throwback episode of Bad Boys about how BAD it really was in retrospect. Can Sony successfully reboot the franchise without ruining it for good? Join Kent, Richard and pinch-hitter Batman Shane for a review of Bad Boys For Life and a look ahead to ‘Bad Boys 4ever?’

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Jan 21, 2020
Parasite (2019)

Without a doubt, Parasite is one of the most well-received films of the year. Is it worth all the hype and awards praise? We're carving away at our last few films before we reveal our best/worst of 2019 list, so enjoy this review of Parasite, won't you?

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Jan 17, 2020
Sam Mendes re-teams with Skyfall collaborator Roger Deakins to bring a World War 1 epic to the big screen. But is it really "epic" or merely spectacle? We're joined by Hollywood insider Batman Shane to review it all as we continue to count down to the Oscars.

How 1917 was filmed to look like one shot:

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Jan 16, 2020
Movie News Roundup: 2020 Oscar Nominations Hits & Misses

There's plenty to discuss now that the Academy Award nominees have been revealed for the 2019-2020 class. We're joined by friend of the show Megan from On The Download as we dive into the nominees and try to decipher who will win on the big night.

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Jan 14, 2020
Jojo Rabbit

One of the most exciting filmmakers these days is Taika Waititi. But how did he handle the subject of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust? Join us for a look at 'Jojo Rabbit' as Oscar season continues here on MAM!

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Jan 08, 2020
Movie News Roundup: 2020 Golden Globes & Rise of Skywalker Fallout

The Golden Globes have passed us by in short time. Should we think anything of the winners this year, though? And what's going to happen with Star Wars now? Kent and Brian jump into the fallout of Rise of Skywalker's reactions and the full list of Globe winners on a special Movie News Roundup edition of MAM.

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Jan 07, 2020
Little Women (2019)

Awards season continues on MAM with one of the most well-received films of the year on just about every front. Join Brian, Richard and guest Amy as they discuss Greta Gerwig's second film and one that is sure to be around for a while.

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Dec 31, 2019
Uncut Gems

It's not often we get a dramatic role from Adam Sandler. So with much anticipation, Kent and Richard take a deep dive into the world of 'Uncut Gems,' the Safdie brothers, and the 2012 Celtics as Oscar season rages on.

Dec 28, 2019
Cats (2019)

You might have heard that the Cats movie is jarring, scarring, and an absolute abomination of moviemaking. You heard right. Join a full house of commentary as we welcome Megan Spell and Batman Shane for a special review of everything that is...CATS!

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Dec 27, 2019
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Postgame Show

There's not really much to say here other than here is our episode reacting to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for almost 90 minutes. Enjoy, all!

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Dec 20, 2019
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Pregame Show

We're less than 24 hours until Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker is out worldwide. We're bringing you our last-minute predictions and thoughts on our Star Wars Pregame Show. Stay tuned for our full review to drop Thursday night!

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Dec 18, 2019
Jumanji: The Next Level

We're back in the world of Jumanji after the 2017 reboot pleasantly surprised us all. Can the Rock & Co. repeat their success or is this just another typical sequel? Join Batman Shane pinch-hitting for Kent on this main feed MAM ep!

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Dec 18, 2019
The Irishman

Scorsese is back to doing what he does best other than give his opinion of Marvel, making movies! The Irishman is decades in the making, but was the wait worth it?! Join all 3 MAM co-hosts and a special Irish-themed guest for our Irishman review straight to you.

Dec 10, 2019
Knives Out

Rian Johnson returns to his lower-budget roots with his take on the ‘whodunnit.’ But the question is, will we find out ‘whodunnit’ or will we get Last Jedi’d? Join all 3 MAM hosts and a special guest as we carve away at ‘Knives Out’ and bring you a healthy dose of Weekly Recommends.

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Dec 03, 2019
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We’re rewinding to many of our youths with Tom Hanks in the role of Mr. Rogers. Join all 3 of the MAM hosts as we discuss A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and wonder why we can’t live in the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

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Nov 28, 2019
Frozen 2

It's been 6 years since we let Frozen go, but now it's back with more songs, more Olaf, and even MORE freezing. So join Brian and a special VIPer guest for an extended review of Frozen 2!

Nov 27, 2019
Ford v Ferrari

James Mangold is back after 2017's 'Logan,' this time telling the true story of American muscle cars and the 24 hours of Le Mans in Ford v Ferrari. But is the movie worthy of the hype or merely Fast & Furious with Oscar buzz? Tune in, MAMfam!

Nov 19, 2019
Movie News Roundup: Disney+ & AppleTV+ Launch; Star Wars Rumors

The Streaming Wars officially kicked off this past week with the launch of Disney+ and AppleTV+. How will HBO Max and Netflix respond? Join Kent and Brian for a special Movie News Roundup with full thoughts on all the new services and some big news that could impact the future of Star Wars.

Nov 19, 2019
Doctor Sleep

It’s been 39 years…so no better time to return to the Overlook Hotel. Ewan McGregor stars as an aging Danny Torrance in the sequel to ‘The Shining,’ ‘Doctor Sleep.’ But trying to make a sequel to a Kubrick film is surely going to equal disaster, right? Brian sits in with Kent and Richard for a RARE horror movie review of DOCTOR SLEEP!

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Nov 12, 2019
Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate is here AKA Terminator 6 AKA Terminator 3. It all makes a ton of sense, we promise. Join all 3 of us with a special guest as we dive in to the Terminator universe for (we think) the last time? Maybe? Who knows.

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Nov 06, 2019
Rants & Raves: 2019 TV Pilots

It’s a tradition unlike any other around here, where we all 3 spend way too much time watching the new TV pilots so you don’t have to and gather our thoughts in a binge-worthy Rants & Raves edition of MAM. Which pilot from this season do you think has the best chance at long-term success?

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Oct 29, 2019
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Reactions

It would not be a Star Wars trailer release without Kent and Brian overreacting for way too long about it. So in keeping with tradition, here’s 45+ minutes on the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. Enjoy!

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Oct 22, 2019
Zombieland: Double Tap

We've seen a trend over the past decade of sequels to comedies we grew up loving coming out, sucking, and ruining our memories of the original. Is this the case for Zombieland: Double Tap or is it a worthy follow-up? Join Kent and Brian for their review and grades.

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Oct 22, 2019
Gemini Man

Journey with us deep into the uncanny valley as Will Smith faces off (see what we did there?) against Will Smith in Ang Lee's Gemini Man. Is it harmless fun or over-indulgence? Join all 3 hosts and VIP Marcus for a full review and a packed edition of Weekly Recommends to round out the episode.

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Oct 15, 2019

It was quite a weekend in movie-land with Todd Phillips’ “Joker” dominating the conversation on social media and beyond, for both good and bad reasons. But is the debate surrounding the film justified? Is Joker a complex character study, an artistic masterpiece, or neither? Join us as we welcome Batman Shane back to the show to discuss it all.

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Oct 08, 2019
Rambo: Last Blood

Sly is going back to the well again, with another attempt to capitalize on our nostalgia. This time, he's bringing back John Rambo for one last hurrah, but why? Join all 3 of your trusted MAM guides for our first (and last) Rambo conversation as we review 'Last Blood.'

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Oct 02, 2019
Movie News Roundup: Feige's Star Wars; Spider-Man Returns; Jurassic World 3

It's about that time for another Movie News Roundup as we discuss Spider-Man's return to the MCU, Kevin Feige joining the gang over at Lucasfilm, and the original Jurassic Park cast coming out of retirement to (hopefully) rescue our childhoods. 

Want more MAM? We're talking Four Weddings & A Funeral (1994) this week in the VIP:

Oct 02, 2019
Ad Astra

After decades in the movie business, Brad Pitt finally gets the honor of being blasted into space. But does 'Ad Astra' go too far into the wormhole, or does it find a fun balance of drama and sci-fi? Kent and Brian dive in for this week's Movie of the Week.

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Sep 24, 2019
Movie News Roundup: Do the Emmys Even Matter Anymore?

With shows like Fleabag, Ozark and Game of Thrones sweeping this year’s Emmys and the big 4 networks being all but shut out, this begs the question…do the Emmys even matter anymore? Join Kent and Brian for a wide look at this year’s ceremony and what it says about the future of TV.

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Sep 24, 2019
The Goldfinch

According to the box office numbers, only 3 people saw The Goldfinch last weekend. But guess what? It was us! So we might as well tell you what we thought, right? Join us for 30+ minutes of confused bewilderment as we examine this truly bleak adaptation.

Want more MAM? We're throwing it back to Pulp Fiction this week in the VIP!

Sep 18, 2019
Movie News Roundup: Apple TV+ vs. Disney+; Anticipated Movies

Time for another Movie News Roundup as we catch up on the past few weeks of headlines, with the central discussion involving the upcoming launch of AppleTV+ and Disney+, which (if any) we're going to subscribe to and more. We've also got an update for you on the Movie Draft and bring you some of our most anticipated movies for the rest of the year.

This week in the MAM VIP - Pulp Fiction!

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This week's Weekly Recommends:

Brian: The Devil & Daniel Johnston (Documentary)

Kent: (Streaming service)

Richard: Bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich (Book)

Sep 17, 2019
It Chapter Two

The Loser Club are back fighting the killer clown from the sewer, but now they’re grown up, but also still young. Also the clown is a spider. Anyway, join us as we’re joined by a guest to make sense of It Chapter Two as it dominates the early September box office.

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Sep 10, 2019
The Peanut Butter Falcon

With the blockbusters taking a few weeks off, it’s time to dive into an independent film that has been getting some very strong buzz this summer, Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Peanut Butter Falcon.’ Join RB and BGill for their thoughts and some patented Weekly Recommends.

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Sep 03, 2019
Ready or Not

In an already horror-heavy year, we've got another film contending for our attention. So is 'Ready Or Not' worth your time? (Spoiler alert: it is.) Join Kent and Batman Shane for their full review and some patented Weekly Recommends.

Want more MAM? Our August AMA just dropped in the VIP!

Aug 28, 2019
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Trailer 2 Reactions

We're continuing America's favorite past-time 'two nerds arguing on the internet about Star Wars' with Kent & Brians patented trailer reactions after the newest teaser for 'The Rise of Skywalker' released on Monday. Enjoy, y'all!

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Aug 26, 2019
The Farewell

Even though we’re not officially in ‘Oscar Season,’ there is one movie that is currently getting quite a bit of awards buzz. For this week’s review, we’re joined by MAM regular Ariel of Geek 101 to discuss the meaning and cultural impact of A24’s family comedy-drama ‘The Farewell.’

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Aug 22, 2019
Movie News Roundup: Spider-Man to Sony; The Matrix 4; Bond 25

It’s been quite a few days in the movie news/rumors/rumblings world, so we’ve assembled the MAM Action News team with special guest Ariel of Geek 101 to react to the breaking news concerning Spider-Man’s future in the MCU, the upcoming reboot of ‘The Matrix’ and the title reveal of Bond 25.

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Aug 21, 2019
Listener Voicemail: Indy 5; Singers Turned Actors; Favorite Comedies & More

Who are some of the best singer-turned-actors? Is it too late for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones? What comedies keep us laughing? Dive into our answers to these questions and more in this special #AskTheMAMFam episode. Have a question or comment? Call us at 214-308-1308!

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Aug 13, 2019
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

It’s the middle August in the heat of the Summer, so of course it’s time for horror movies, right?! Join Kent and Richard as the HorrorBrothers (patent pending) unite to discuss the way-too-creepy-for-PG-13 ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.’

Leave us a comment or question via voicemail and we might play it on an episode later this week! 214-308-1308

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Aug 12, 2019
Hobbs & Shaw

We’re known for 3 things around here: Now You See Me, MacGruber, and (maybe) our love of the Fast series. But what is the Fast & Furious world like without Corona, Dom, and stealing VCRs? We’re getting over 2 hours of just that with the first F&F spinoff ‘Hobbs & Shaw.’ Join us for a full breakdown of it's best and worst moments, as well as our patented Weekly Recommends.

Article mentioned in the episode:

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This week’s Weekly Recommends:
Brian - Basketball or Nothing (TV Series/Netflix)
Richard - Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein (Book)
Kent - King of the Hill (TV Series)

Aug 07, 2019
Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood

Our podcast started with a Tarantino conversation, and it continues with one as he brings his 9th feature ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood' to cinemas worldwide. We’re joined by a special guest for a full-length discussion on the process and experience that was ‘Hollywood.’

Leave us your thoughts on this movie or anything else via voicemail and it might be featured on a future episode! 214-308-1308

Twitter: @MadAboutMovies

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Jul 31, 2019
Movie News Roundup: Netflix's Future; Zombieland 2; Mr. Rogers & More

What’s Netflix going to look like in 3 years? How do we feel about Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers? And what about that Zombieland: Double Tap tailer? We’re talking all this and more in this Movie News Roundup episode of MAM!

Let us know your thoughts on the show by leaving us a voicemail! 214-308-1308

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Jul 31, 2019
The Lion King (2019)

‘The Lion King’ remake conquered the box office over the weekend with a staggering $500 million already in the bank. But aside from the success, the discussion surrounding the movie’s reception has been dominating social media ever since its release. We give our honest account of what we thought of ‘The Lion King’ and hope you will do the same in the comments.

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This week’s Weekly Recommends:
Kent: The Master (Movie - 2012)
Richard: Raised in Captivity by Chuck Klosterman (Book - 2019)
Brian: The Art of Being Bill by Ezra Croft & Jennifer Raiser (Book - 2018)

Jul 23, 2019
Movie News Roundup: MCU, Top Gun: Maverick, Cats Trailer & More

We're debuting our monthly Movie News Roundup episode with a look back at the headlines coming out of SDCC including what's next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Cruise's return to Top Gun, and yes, that 'Cats' trailer.

Jul 23, 2019
BONUS: Sneak Peek of 'Inside Star Wars'

Hey MAMFam, check out this new podcast that you're sure to love from our friends over at Wondery.

Join 'Inside Star Wars' and go behind the camera and find out how one of the most iconic series in film history came to be. Listen now at:

Jul 22, 2019

Director Ari Aster brought us one of the most-talked-about films of 2018 with his first feature ‘Hereditary.’ This year, he’s at it again with the surreal and visceral ‘Midsommar.’ Was Aster able to repeat the viral success of his debut? What kind of potential does he have as a filmmaker? Kent and Richard combine powers to look for the true meaning of ‘Midsommar.’

Jul 18, 2019
Rants & Raves: Stranger Things 3

Hopefully everyone has finished their bingewatching of Stranger Things 3 by now! In keeping with tradition, Kent and Brian join forces for a special ‘Rants & Raves’ episode to react to season 3’s highs and lows and speculate on where Hawkins goes from here.

Leave us a voicemail comment! It might be played back on an episode of MAM! 214-308-1308

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Jul 17, 2019

Dave Bautista is a roughneck cop named Vic. Kumail Nanjiani is an Uber driver named Stu. Get ready for some hilarious hijinks and action scenes straight off of your grandparent’s VHS shelf, it’s STUBER! Join Brian and a special guest as they break down all that ‘Stuber’ had to offer (if anything.)

Jul 16, 2019
Spider-Man: Far from Home

Marvel Studios just keeps cranking out the hits! Spider-Man is back to dominating the box-office, so we’re back to breaking down what’s next for the MCU and how ‘Far from Home’ ranks among the past films in the franchise. We’re also discussing a lost project from Tom Holland and answering your questions in the return of #AskTheMAMFam!

0:00 - Welcome / shoutouts
5:15 - Movie news
17:30 - #AskTheMAMFam
31:00 - Spider-Man: Far from Home review
1:25:00 - Weekly Recommends

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This week’s Weekly Recommends:
Kent: The Wandering Earth (Movie - 2019)
Brian: Jessica Jones Season 3 (TV Series - 2019)

Jul 09, 2019
Child's Play (2019)

Episode brought to you by The Movies on CNN - Premiering this Sunday @ 9PM! // Apparently the world just can’t get enough of movies about dolls coming to life, so this week we’re discussing the third-most-popular one currently in theaters, the reboot of the 1980s horror-comedy classic ‘Child’s Play,’ as well as some other properties of that time that could be getting reboots of their own very soon!

0:00 - Welcome
3:00 - Reboot news
24:00 - Child’s Play review
56:00 - Weekly Recommends

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This week’s Weekly Recommends:
Kent - Garden State (Movie - 2004)
Richard - Anima by Thom Yorke (Album - 2019)
Nick - Wild and Crazy Guys by Nick de Semlyen

Jul 02, 2019
Toy Story 4

Is ‘Toy Story 4’ worth the wait, or should it have even happened at all? We’re breaking down all things related to the Toy Story Extended Cinematic Pixar Universe in this week’s episode as well as discussing some rumors about Keanu Reeves, a reboot that has Brian shaking in his boots and an update on Avengers’ box-office numbers.

0:00 - Avengers update / Keanu news / Reboot news
30:00 - Toy Story 4 review
1:16:00 - Weekly Recommends

Let us know your thoughts on Toy Story 4 or anything else related to our show by calling our voicemail line at 214-308-1308 - Your question could be played on an upcoming episode!

This week’s Weekly Recommends:
Brian: Help Us Stranger by the Raconteurs (Album)
Richard: Stephen Colbert on WTF with Marc Maron (Podcast)
Kent: Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull (Book)

Jun 26, 2019
Men in Black: International

Here come the Men (and women) in Black, returning to theaters for some reason. Join us as we attempt to justify ‘Men in Black: International’ as well as discuss some upcoming sequel/reboots that could possible be concerning.

0:00 - Welcome!
3:00 - Movie news
22:00 - MIB:I review
1:08:00 - Weekly Recommends

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This week’s Weekly Recommends:
Brian: Josh Ritter in Concert (Musician)
Richard: Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis (Book - 1989)
Kent: The One I Love (Movie - 2014)

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Jun 18, 2019
Dark Phoenix

The X-Men are again united to face a familiar foe, again, for some reason. Tune in as we’re wrapping up our thoughts on all things Dark Phoenix and the X-Men series with a special guest, discussing some Big Lebowski news and inducting some worthy candidates into our hall of AmericanTreasures™.

0:00 - Welcome / Lebowski news
9:00 - AmericanTreasures™
30:00 - Dark Phoenix Discussion
1:30:00 - Weekly Recommends

This week's Weekly Recommends:
Brian: David Letterman on Awards Chatter (Podcast)
Kent: The Chef Show - Season 1 (Netflix)
Richard: My Next Guest with David Letterman - Season 2 (Netflix)

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Jun 12, 2019
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Godzilla returns to the big screen after a 5-year hiatus, this time he’s prepping to take on King Kong by fighting a 3-headed dragon and a giant moth? Batman Shane pinch-hits for Richard as we try to make sense of ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ and discuss some news coming out of Netflix.

0:00 - Welcome / shoutouts
5:00 - Netflix news
30:00 - Godzilla: King of the Monsters discussion
1:20:00 - Weekly Recommends

This week's Weekly Recommends:
Brian: Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend: Bob Newhart (Podcast)
Kent: My Next Guest with David Letterman - Season 2 (Netflix)
Shane: Let's Rock by The Black Keys (Album)

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Jun 04, 2019
VIP Preview: Booksmart

We're bringing you a bonus review free of charge this week as a little preview of what our VIP's enjoy every week. Olivia Wilde hops into the directors chair for her debut film 'Booksmart' centering around 2 girls who just didn't get enough out of high school. So we definitively answer the question... it the next 'Superbad' or not?!

Join the MAM VIP for more bonus episodes straight into your ear-holes every single week!

May 30, 2019
Aladdin (2019)

Another day goes by, another Disney live-action reboot hits theaters. Hear what we thought about Guy Ritchie’s ‘Aladdin,’ what’s next for Disney and of course, Blue Will Smith. Also don’t miss our first ever #AskTheMAMFam segment featuring YOU! Give us a call at 214-308-1308 to chime in on our next episode!

May 29, 2019
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

We’re back for round 3 of John Wick talk as Keanu returns as the title character, but which inanimate object will he use to murder hundreds of people with this time?? We also talk the new It and Tarantino trailers and preview the coming weeks of movie releases.

0:00 - Welcome / announcements
5:45 - Movie news / Trailer Talk
30:00 - John Wick 3 review
1:08:00 - Weekly Recommends

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Twitter: @MadAboutMovies

May 22, 2019
Pokémon Detective Pikachu

A live-action Pokémon movie has been rumored for over two decades, so of course that means it was well thought out and enjoyable, right?! We’re breaking down Detective Pikachu with a Pokémon lifer, bringing you an update on MoviePass, and reacting to this whole Sonic the Hedgehog thing. Enjoy, MAM-fam!

Let us know what you think via voicemail and you might be feature on an upcoming episode!Call us at 214-308-1308

0:00 - Welcome / Announcements / Box office
13:00 - MoviePass / Sonic Trailer
30:00 - Detective Pikachu review
1:20:00 - Weekly Recommends

May 13, 2019
Long Shot

While Avengers is breaking all kinds of records, Seth Rogen is attempting all kinds of ways to get another girl who is way out of his league. Is ‘Long Shot’ more than a forgetful box-office dud? Join us for our full review as well as all the news from Disney’s big release calendar announcement.

0:00 - Welcome / Shoutouts
5:30 - Disney announcements
42:00 - Long Shot review
1:13:00 - Weekly Recommends

May 08, 2019
Avengers: Endgame

It’s been over a decade in development, but we’re finally in the Endgame. How will the Avengers saga end? Or will it? Where do we go from here? We’re spending over two hours attempting to answer these questions and more on a very special extra-large edition of Mad About Movies.

0:00 - General thoughts

Apr 29, 2019
Episode 500: Top 10 Favorite Movies of the 2000s

Holy moly!! We made it to 500 episodes!! Huge thanks to each and every person who has listened and supported us over the past few years. It has been quite a ride that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

To celebrate, we’re ranking our top 10 favorite films from 2000 to 2009. What does your list look like? Let us know in the comments and on social media @MadAboutMovies. 

Apr 22, 2019
Disney+ Announcement / Hellboy (2019)

It’s been quite a week in movie land! Time to catch you up on everything you need to know about the upcoming Disney+ streaming service and what lengths you need to take to avoid the Hellboy reboot.

0:00 - Welcome!
2:40 - Disney+ Announcement
25:00 - Hellboy (2019) review

Apr 16, 2019
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser Trailer Reactions

It’s a great day in Star Wars land when a new trailer drops! Today, we got our first look at Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. As is tradition, Kent and Brian broke it down for an unsettling amount of time. Enjoy!

Apr 12, 2019

With Brian crying multiple sports tears causing him to seek medical attention, we’ve got Batman Shane pinch hitting to catch up on all things DCEU, review Shazam, and talk about that dad gum Joker trailer.

Apr 10, 2019
Dumbo (2019)

He’s cute. He’s lovable. But will we ever think about him again? This week it’s all things Dumbo & Disney as we discuss the affects of the recent Fox merger and attempt to stretch our Dumbo review into an entire episode!

0:00 - Disney/Fox Merger
28:00 - Dumbo
1:09:00 - Weekly Recommends

Apr 02, 2019
Us (2019)

Jordan Peele returns for his much-anticipated follow-up to 2017's 'Get Out.' But can he live up to the success of his stellar debut? Tune in as we break down everything from 'Us' as well as discuss the big industry announcement from Apple.

0:00 - Apple Announcement
30:00 - Us
1:15:00 - Weekly Recommends

Mar 26, 2019
Captive State

Aliens have taken over Earth again! What will John Goodman do about it this time?! Join Kent, Brian, and the animal handler from the movie (we’re not joking) for all things ‘Captive State’ as well as a reactions to the success of Captain Marvel and James Gunn’s reinstatement at Marvel Studios.

0:00 - Box Office Recap
11:45 - James Gunn returns!
26:20 - Captive State review
1:09:00 - Weekly Recommends

Mar 19, 2019
Captain Marvel

The first female-fronted entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally here! Where does ‘Captain Marvel’ rank in the series? Is Brie Larson a “star?” Was the 90’s nostalgia a complete beating? Where the heck do we go from here? We attempt to answer these questions and more as well as discuss Spielberg v. Netflix.

0:00 - Shoutouts / Spielberg v. Netflix
26:50 - Captain Marvel
1:42:00 - Weekly Recommends

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Mar 12, 2019
VIP Preview: The Social Network

We’re letting everyone behind the velvet rope for a special VIP preview episode of MAM as we do a little AMA and discuss the most-requested Throwback movie that we get asked to do an episode on, ‘The Social Network.’

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Mar 05, 2019
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Get your leather, fur, and ambiguous English accents ready, because it’s time to put the finishing touches on the beloved ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ trilogy. Is it the most underrated animated series of the past decade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and on social media!

Feb 26, 2019
Rants & Raves: 2019 Oscars

The first host-less Oscars has come and gone. There were winners. There were losers. There were 90s alt-rockers. We stayed up way past our bedtime to bring you our annual Rants & Raves Oscars Postgame Show so have at it, #mamfam!

Feb 25, 2019
Alita: Battle Angel

After decades of production hell, James Cameron’s ‘Battle Angel’ is finally a movie that can be watched. But is it a GOOD movie that can be watched? Join Kent and Brian for plenty of ‘Alita’ talk as well as ‘Star Wars’ news, Oscars drama, and an attempt to answer the age-old question ‘Why is everything a beating?’

Feb 19, 2019
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The next Lego Movie is here, and everything is definitely still awesome right?? Right?? Join us for our full review of “The Second Part” as well as our reactions to the ‘Shaft’ reboot and Will Smith’s attempt at the Genie/Papa Smurf.

Feb 12, 2019
Third Annual Movie Draft

Which movies will be the most successful this year? Which MAM co-host will be doing a solo episode? Place your bets and make your picks for the third annual Mad About Movies Movie Draft.

Feb 06, 2019
BONUS: Kent Reviews Minions

Welp. The payoff for last year’s Movie Draft is here, and the VIPs did not do Kent any favors. Tune in for a very controversial episode as he dives further into the ‘Minions’ conspiracy than you ever thought possible.

Feb 06, 2019
Rants & Raves: Fyre & Fyre Fraud

The ‘Flix and Hulu recently dropped some very similar documentaries, each covering different angles of Ja Rule’s latest failure ‘Fyre Festival.’ But are two documentaries enough?! Join us as we chime in on Fyre & Fyre Fraud and discuss the 2019 Oscar noms.

Jan 30, 2019

M. Night Shyamalan has finally concluded his trilogy that is over 20 years in the making, so of course it all came together, right? Join us as we put together the pieces of ‘Glass,’ discuss Ghostbusters’ inevitable return, and ponder some hypothetical sequels that could someday happen.

Jan 22, 2019
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2018

Time to bring our best & worst of the year lists in one of our signature Rants & Raves edition of the show, and this year we managed to do it in just over 2 hours and 15 minutes that you’ll definitely never get back.

Jan 16, 2019
Vice (2018)

Kent and Brian are off to Switzerland for their yearly meditation and knitting retreat, but the show must go on! Richard is having a totally great time with a special guest to review Adam McKay’s ‘Vice’ so strap in and get ready for some Hot Political Fire from RB & Co.

Jan 09, 2019

It's our first episode of 2019, so of course we're starting off the year by talking about another Transformers movie! Join us as we break down 'Bumblebee' and bring you our Favorite Things of 2018.

Jan 04, 2019
Mary Poppins Returns

Grab your umbrellas and chimney brushes and join Brian, Richard, and friend of the show Hannah for their full review of Mary Poppins Returns as the year in movies starts to wind down.

Dec 27, 2018
Aquaman (2018)

Grab your tridents and chain wallets, it’s Aquaman time! Where does it rank in the DCEU? What will our grades be?! What did Batman Shane think?!?!?

Dec 22, 2018
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Time to go inter-dimensional web flying with Spider-Man as we dive into the animation/comicbook/CGI hybrid surprise hit 'Into The Spider-Verse!' Merry early Christmas, #MAMfam!

Dec 19, 2018
Throwback! The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

We're taking a break from Oscar season talk with a huge throwback convo featuring Ariel from Geek 101 talking Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, those other movies that had Hobbits in them, and more! We're also spinning the movie news roulette wheel and bringing our patented Weekly Recommends as always!

Dec 12, 2018
Robin Hood (2018)

Grab your bows and arrows, squeeze into your slim-fit archery clothes and forget the physics of fire, because they're rebooting Robin Hood in 2018! Join us for an exhausting review of one of the worst movies of the year, or any year for that matter.

Dec 05, 2018
Creed 2

We've got the tissues ready for Brian as we sob through our memories of the first Creed movie before we bring our full thoughts on the sequel as we answer questions such as 'does it work without Ryan Coogler?' and 'what's the deal with Rocky's fedora?' We also react to that 'Lion King' trailer that nuked the earth over Thanksgiving.

Nov 28, 2018

When you combine director Steve McQueen and Hollywood treasure Viola Davis, it’s a formula for Oscar gold right? Join us as we are joined by our friend Rachel to discuss all the twists and turns that ‘Widows’ had to offer.

Nov 28, 2018
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers return to bring us a film with more twists and turns than you can imagine in 2 hours. But the biggest twist of all…they did it on NETFLIX?!? Join Kent and Brian as they discuss each chapter in ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ and look ahead to the future of digital distribution.

Nov 20, 2018
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

How do you improve on something already as great as 'Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them?' More beasts. More Johnny Depp. More white face paint. We’re diving in to all things ‘Harry Potter’ ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and beyond in our review along with a preview of our side podcast ‘Cryercast’ to talk some very important casting news involving Jon Cryer.

Nov 20, 2018

It’s time to return to the Cloverfield Cinematic Universe, or something? On this week’s show we’re talking ‘Overlord’ but with PLENTY of Taylor Momsen and Dennis the Menace talk as well. Can’t forget that.

Nov 14, 2018
Bohemian Rhapsody

We’re finally taking ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and all things Queen as we discuss the Freddie Mercury biopic for nearly an hour as well as bring you a fresh batch of Movie News, Weekly Recommends and a very special announcement regarding the future of MAM!

Nov 08, 2018
The Old Man & The Gun

Suriprise! Another bonus review for you before we dive into ‘Bohemain Rhapsody.’ We’re talking all things David Lowery, reminiscing on Robert Redford and more with Kent and Brian!

Nov 07, 2018
Bad Times at the El Royale

Until we talk ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ later this week, we’re bringing you a little bonus movie news, a bonus review of Drew Goddard’s ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ and a fresh batch of bonus Weekly Recommends to kick off your November!

Nov 05, 2018
Rants & Raves: 2018 TV Pilots

Our yearly 3 month marathon is over! Dive into our annual Rants & Rave edition of the show is here as we dive as deep as we can into this year's crop of TV pilots, but mainly just Manifest.

Oct 31, 2018
Rants & Raves: 2018 TV Pilots

Our yearly 3 month marathon is over! Dive into our annual Rants & Rave edition of the show is here as we dive as deep as we can into this year's crop of TV pilots, but mainly just Manifest.

Oct 31, 2018
Halloween (2018)

Of course they’re doing a sequel to Halloween 40 years later, right? And of course it’s brought to us by Kenny Powers, right? Join us as we look back at the Halloween ‘78 as we dive into Halloween ‘18 and find out how Brian’s sleep pattern has been affected by it.

Oct 24, 2018
Venom (2018)

Grab your space goo and bring your Tom Hardy translators! In a second-helping of MAM for the week, we're breaking down box office hit (for some reason) Venom (for some reason).

Oct 17, 2018
First Man

We're talking all things 'First Man' on this episode as we dive into Damien Chazelle's newest film about NASA, Neil Armstrong, and so much more.

Oct 17, 2018
A Star Is Born (2018)

Grab your tissues because this week’s episode of MAM will make you weep with emotion. Listen, we aren’t that jazzed about ‘Suicide Squad 2’ either but we can’t fault anyone for crying about it. Join us for a brief Movie News catch-up before we stage dive (eh?) into ‘A Star is Born’ talk! Woo!

Oct 10, 2018
White Boy Rick

It’s our final episode of September before we start seeing movies we somewhat care about again! Join us as we catch up on some Star Wars and X-Men news and review Richard’s biopic, White Boy Rick!

Oct 03, 2018
State of the DCEU / A Simple Favor

We’re talking ‘A Simple Favor’ this week as we debate how to pronounce Paul Feig’s name for 30 minutes, but not before we get a full DC Extended Universe State of the Union address from Batman Shane!

Sep 26, 2018
The Predator

Be warned, #mamfam...this episode is a doozy. Put it in the category of such gems as 'Draft Day,' 'Transformers: Galileo's Revenge' and 'Now You See Me' as we attempt to justify what the heck happened with 'The Predator.'

Sep 19, 2018

This week we’re…Searching…for a decent movie to review in the midst of the exciting month of September and we found one!!! Join us as we catch up on some sequel news and sing the praises of Jon Cho in ‘Searching.’

Sep 12, 2018
Operation Finale

Back in the mix for another September, we're kicking things off with a discussion of the World War 2 / 1960s(?) period movie about the final days of Hitler's regime in Operation Finale. Does it do the story justice or no? We also talk some sequel and prequel news and recommend some fine entertainment options in Weekly Recommends.

Sep 05, 2018
Eighth Grade

Comedian Bo Burnham takes a turn behind the lens in the directors chair for his feature debut Eighth Grade. We're joined by a guest to discuss everything Bo and Co. had to offer as well as catch up on some casting news and take a wide look at the most popular streaming services.

Aug 29, 2018
Crazy Rich Asians

This week we're catching up on a few weeks worth of movie news before Brian discusses Crazy Rich Asians, Constance Wu, and the rich culture highlighted in this week's Movie of the Week with Ariel from Geek101 and Megan from On the Download joining as special guests!

Aug 22, 2018
The Meg

This week on MAM: it's Jason Statham as Jason Statham vs. a giant Shark vs. another giant Shark. Because of course, right? Join us as we recap our Summer Movie Draft, discuss the VIPs current choice for Best Movie of 2018 So Far and bring you all the Meg (Ryan) talk you can handle.

Aug 16, 2018
Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Time for our annual summer Cruise! Get it?!? All 3 MAM hosts are back in the saddle this week talking all the insanity that was Mission: Impossible - Fallout, saying so long (we think?) to MoviePass, and plenty of Michael Flatley talk. Obviously.

Jul 30, 2018
The Equalizer 2

Richard and Brian are joined by Batman Shane (Equalizer Shane) to break down all the headlines coming out of San Diego Comic-Con and Denzel's first ever sequel The Equalizer 2! GET EQUALIZED, MAMFAM!

Jul 25, 2018

Rock "The Dwayne" Johnson is back with another attempt at owning the summer with his version of Die Hard but with a little more Towering Inferno and a little less fun. Join Kent and Richard as they review Skyscraper for all it's worth and answer some questions from the #mamfam!

Jul 18, 2018
Ant-Man and the Wasp

We've got a BIG episode this week with tons of Star Wars news, a round of American Treasure nominations, and a full discussion of the 20th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe "Ant-Man and the Wasp."

0:00 - Star Wars news
14:45 - American Treasures
44:00 - Ant-Man and the Wasp
1:29:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jul 11, 2018
VIP Preview: Saving Private Ryan (20th Anniversary)

In our second offering of the week, take a step inside the MAM VIP for a taste of our weekly VIP throwbacks, this time discussing Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" on the eve of the 4th of July. Is it a "masterpiece?" Should it be considered the greatest war movie ever? Let us know in the comments!

Jul 03, 2018
Sicario: Day of the Soldado

In our first of two episodes this week, the summer movie conversation continues with a look at the sequel to one of 2015's strongest films, Sicario. Was "Sicario: Day of the Soldado" necessary? Should this series be a trilogy? Let us know your thoughts!

Jul 03, 2018
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Time to return to Jurassic Park/World/whatever for the fifth time! Surely they got it right this time, right?! Join us for our full review of "Fallen Kingdom" as well as an update on our Summer Movie Draft!

Jun 27, 2018
BONUS: Inside Jaws

Inside Jaws takes you on an immersive journey through the making of 1975’s pulse-pounding hit film Jaws, the first-ever summer blockbuster. Subscribe to Inside Jaws on Apple Podcasts today or hear the first 5 episodes at

Jun 26, 2018
Incredibles 2

Put on your Movie Pants and get ready for even more Pixar talk as we're joined by a guest to react to Incredibles 2, offer up some stellar Weekly Recommends, and rant on the current state of MoviePass.

Jun 20, 2018
Ocean's 8

It's another week of Ocean's talk on MAM as we discuss the reboot/sequel Ocean's 8 in the only way we know how...with limited credibility and very little preparation. Enjoy!

Jun 13, 2018
BONUS Throwback! The Incredibles (2004)

Surprise! In addition to our regularly scheduled Ocean's 8 programming, we're bringing you a bonus episode as Brian and guest Ariel from Geek 101 throw it back to The Incredibles prior to the sequel dropping this weekend!

Jun 11, 2018
Throwback! Ocean's Trilogy

With Solo and Deadpool 2 still dominating the box office, we took this week as an opportunity to reflect on Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Trilogy on the eve of the Ocean's 8 reboot. Join Kent, Richard, and Batman Shane as they remind you of all the great and cringe-worthy things that the Ocean's Trilogy had to offer in the early aughts. Where would you rank the Ocean's films Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen?

Jun 05, 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story

It's finally staring to sink in that we're going to get a new Star Wars movie every single year from now until the end of times. Is that a bad thing...or a good thing? Is "Solo" an underrated gem or an embarrassing flop? We've got over an hour and a half of thoughts on the newest "Star Wars Story," but where does it rank for you, #MAMfam?

May 30, 2018
Deadpool 2

We're back to regularly scheduled programming this week with a jam-packed show as we catch up on a ton of TV related news then dive into all things Deadpool 2 with a special guest! Do you think the sequel outdid the original or is it just annoying millennial-pleasing shtick? Let us know your thoughts!

May 23, 2018
Throwback! The Big Lebowski (20th Anniversary)

The Big Lebowski is easily one of the most requested movies we are asked to review. What better excuse than the 20th anniversary of the Coen Brothers' classic?? Join us as we talk The Dude, Walter, Donny, and the rest of the greatness the Big Lebowski has bestowed upon us for the past two decades.

May 15, 2018
Episode 400: Top 10 Least Favorite Movies Ever

Join us as we celebrate our FOUR HUNDREDTH EPISODE with a special Top 10 list chosen by YOU the #MAMfam and VIPs who have made it all possible! So...try to enjoy our raging picks for our least favorite movies of all time!

May 10, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War

The past decade of Marvel Studios films are finally leading up to an epic ending! Or beginning? Or neither? From which characters are now expendable to Iron-Man's use of Flex Seal, join us as we hash out everything that went down in 'Avengers: Infinity War' and vote on some fine American Treasure nominees!

0:00 - Shoutouts / American Treasures
30:00 - Avengers: Infinity War
1:46:00 - Weekly Recommends

May 01, 2018
Second Annual Summer Movie Draft

It's that time of the year again for us to predict (with very little accuracy) how the summer movie season will play out! Which MAM host will be this year's victor? Did Kent ever recover from last year? Listen now to find out!

Apr 25, 2018
BONUS: Kent Reviews Grown Ups 2

Prepare your minds for a journey into the mysterious unknown...the world of post-2000's Adam Sandler. Listen as Kent pays his debts by reviewing Grown Ups 2 all by his lonesome. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Apr 25, 2018
Isle of Dogs

It's a double-header this week at Mad About Movies! In our second episode in as many days, it's all things Wes Anderson and his newest film Isle of Dogs as we're joined by a special guest!

Apr 19, 2018

This week on MAM: we discuss how & why "Rampage" was allowed to happen, bring you some breaking Steven Spielberg news, and fill you in on what John Krasinski could be up to after the massive success of A Quiet Place."

0:00 - John Krasinski / Steven Spielberg news
31:55 - Rampage
1:08:00 - Weekly Recommends

Apr 18, 2018
A Quiet Place

With Kent stuck on a runway, Richard and Brian discuss all the news of the day including the Solo trailer, Lord of the Rings, and...Rob Ford? Then Kent joins the gang from an airplane lavatory for a full breakdown of A Quiet Place and The Krasinski Curse.

0:00 - Star Wars news / Solo trailer
42:00 - A Quiet Place
1:26:00 - Weekly Recommends

Apr 11, 2018
Ready Player One

Welcome to Amerca's hottest new Spielberg film! This movie's got everything! Freddy Krueger, Spongebob, those 2 guys from the Sonic commercials, Oasis playing a concert inside the OASIS... Those are just a few highlights of our Ready Player One discussion now available on your podcast devices! GAME ON!

Apr 02, 2018
Pacific Rim: Uprising

It's robots vs. monsters vs. Jaegers vs. kaiju vs. bad exposition on this week's show! We're joined by noted Pac Rim enthusiast, Geek 101 podcaster and all around good dude Ariel Rada to discuss the sequel to Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim as well as some X-Men news and Apple's foray into original content.

Mar 28, 2018
Throwback! The Royal Tenenbaums

In honor of 'Isle of Dogs' release this weekend, we're throwing it back to one of director Wes Anderson's most praised films and one that also ranks very high for a MAM host, The Royal Tenenbaums!

Mar 23, 2018
Tomb Raider (2018)

Another year, another video game adaptation comes to the screen! Join Brian and Richard for a full batch of movie news before they're joined by a guest to discuss the success and/or failure of the new Tomb Raider!

Mar 21, 2018
A Wrinkle In Time (2018)

Disney is taking on one of their most ambitious projects ever in adapting beloved novel "A Wrinkle In Time" into a live-action film. Did it pay off?? Join us and a returning special guest as we break it all down with a little Trailer Talk and some Weekly Recommends on the side!

0:00 - Movie News / Trailer Talk
40:00 - A Wrinkle In Time review
1:34:00 - Weekly Recommends

Mar 14, 2018
Game Night

Join us as we put the fishing touches on the fallout from the Oscars, discuss some new comedy trailers, react to some very funny and very unfunny comedy trailers, and roll the dice on our Movie of the Week "Game Night."

0:00 - Oscars fallout / Trailer Talk
36:00 - Game Night
1:07:00 - Weekly Recommends

Mar 07, 2018
Rants & Raves: 2018 Oscars

Hollywood's biggest night has come and gone! All that's left to do now is bring you our annual Oscars Postgame Show as we react to all the winners and losers from the 90th Annual Academy Awards!

What do you think? Did the Academy get it right this time around?

Mar 05, 2018

While Black Panther continues to dominate the box office, we get a chance to dive into writer/director Alex Garland's newest offering, the high-concept sci-fi adaptation "Annihilation" starring Natalie Portman. We also bring you some reboot/sequel news, our thoughts on the demise of the "Transformers" series, and the latest drama happening over at the ol' DCEU.

0:00 - Movie/Sequel News / DCEU Talk
35:10 - Annihilation
1:29:00 - Weekly Recommends

Feb 27, 2018
VIP Preview: Throwback! Cool Runnings (25th Anniversary)

What do you get when you combine North American Treasure John Candy, 90's comedy star Doug E. Doug, and a bobsled? Nostalgic Disney gold, obviously! In honor of its 25th anniversary AND the currently-happening Winter Olympics, we're throwing it back to 1993's Cool Runnings in the VIP! Ya mon!

Sign up for the MAM VIP at

Feb 24, 2018
Black Panther

Marvel Studios have seemingly outdone themselves yet again with another critical and commercial blockbuster! We're joined by a very special guest to talk Coogler, vibranium, Michael B. Jordan, and everything else Black Panther had to offer including where it ranks with the rest of the MCU, what the Avengers look like now and how Marvel can improve things (if at all.) Wakanda Forever!

This episode presented by BarkBox, a monthly box of goodies for your pup! Get a free month at!

Feb 19, 2018
The Cloverfield Paradox

The Joker! American Treasures! Hot Topic T-Shirts! Another random Cloverfield movie that came out of nowhere! This week's MAM has it all! Join us as we break it all down in a very concise hour and thirty-nine minutes!

0:00 - Movie news / Joker news
20:00 - American Treasures
47:00 - The Cloverfield Paradox
1:30:00 - Weekly Recommends

Feb 14, 2018
Throwback! The Wedding Singer (20th Anniversary)

In honor of Valentines Day, we are showing love to the entire #MAMfam with a special VIP preview episode discussing the glory days of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer!

If you'd like to hear more Throwback episodes discussing your favorite movies of the past, join our VIP Club at!



Feb 09, 2018
Molly's Game

For our second of three episodes this week, we're joined by a guest for our Movie of the Week as we discuss Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut "Molly's Game", bring you the scoop on some Super Bowl trailers, and react to some breaking Star Wars news!

0:00 - Shoutouts / Star Wars news / Trailer talk
31:45 - Molly's Game
1:21:00 - Weekly Recommends

Feb 07, 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer Breakdown

Breaking down a new Star Wars trailer for way too many minutes.
A tradition unlike any other.

Feb 06, 2018
The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Join Brian, Richard and a special guest for a journey into the Maze Runner series with a discussion of The Death Cure, and hear what the entire MAM crew has to say about those Oscar nominations!

0:00 - MAM State of the Union / Oscar nominations
32:30 - Maze Runner 3
1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jan 31, 2018
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2017

After hundreds of hours of discussion, debate, and counseling, we've finally chosen our top 10 best and worst movies of 2017! What did Brian vote as his worst of the year? Did Richard love or hate Phantom Thread? What about that "mother!" movie we said we'd never speak of again? It's our longest MAM episode EVER as we wrap up the year in cinema.

0:00 - Worst movies of 2017
52:30 - Superlatives & best movies of 2017

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Jan 23, 2018
The Post

For our final 2017 review before the big Best & Worst of the Year episode, we’re joined by a special guest to talk Spielberg, Streep, Hanks, and The Post. How could it possibly live up to our absurd expectations?? Plus, Tarantino news, the future of Star Wars in China and more!

Jan 17, 2018
The Shape of Water

We're beginning to round out our final films to discuss before assembling our best and worst lists, but we must first discuss Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water with a special guest. We also bring you our most anticipated movies of 2018 and all the headlines coming out of this year's Golden Globes.

0:00 - Golden Globes / Most Anticipated of 2018
42:00 - The Shape of Water
1:34:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jan 10, 2018
Throwback! Catch Me If You Can (2002)

In this special VIP preview episode, we bring you some Throwback Spielberg talk as we dive into one of his most underrated(?) movies, Catch Me If You Can, in honor of it's 15th anniversary!

Jan 05, 2018
Favorite Things of 2017 / I, Tonya

We're ringing in 2018 with a look back at some of our favorite non-movie related things from the past year! We also give our review of "I, Tonya" and bring you the inaugural episode of one of our many spinoff podcasts "Mad About Figure Skating."

0:00 - Favorite Things of 2017
41:00 - I, Tonya

Jan 03, 2018
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Uhh it's time to talk Jumanji! What year is it?!? Join us as we give our thoughts on the sequel/reboot/Sony-product-placement vehicle Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. We also give some shoutouts and discuss that little merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox. 

Dec 27, 2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Postgame Show (Part 2)

We're back this week with our final thoughts on The Last Jedi before putting the conversation aside for the foreseeable future. What does this movie mean for the Force? What about that thing that happens with Rey and Kylo Ren? We're joined by 2 guests to discuss it all! Join us, won't you?

Dec 20, 2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Postgame Show (Part 1)

The wait is over for Star Wars fans everywhere! As is tradition, join us for over an hour of our initial impressions of The Last Jedi, and stay tuned for part 2 dropping early next week!

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Dec 15, 2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pregame Show

Being the Official Podcast of Star Wars (patent pending) we felt it was only appropriate to air out our final thoughts, last minute predictions, and gut feelings for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in our first ever MAM Pregame Show. Check back Thursday night for our Postgame Show!

Dec 13, 2017
The Disaster Artist

Fans of The Room unite! We're talking all things Tommy Wiseau and The Disaster Artist with a special guest this week as well as reacting to the Jurassic World 2 trailer and discussing the Golden Globe nominees. Oh hai Mark.

0:00 - Golden Globes / Jurassic World 2
38:07 - The Disaster Artist
​​​​​​​1:14:30 - Weekly Recommends

Dec 13, 2017
Rants & Raves: Curb Your Enthusiasm

As HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm comes to a close for season 9, we reminisce on all things Larry, Leon, Funkhauser and everything Curb had to offer in this special Rants & Raves edition of MAM!

Dec 07, 2017
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

This week it's straight back into Oscar season with a discussion of one of the most AmericanTreasure™-studded movies of the year in Martin McDonagh's "Three Billboards." Kent and Brian also discuss a certain Quentin Tarantino rumor involving a beloved franchise, and a possible competitor to MoviePass.

0:00 - Tarantino / MoviePass
30:30 - Three Billboards
1:11:00 - Weekly Recommends

Dec 06, 2017

Pixar is at it again, bringing us another memorable piece of animation...but where does their latest film 'Coco' rank among the rest of their movies? On this episode we talk everything 'Coco' and nominate 4 special humans for AmericanTreasure™ status!

Nov 29, 2017
Lady Bird

Kent and Richard take some time in the midst of Oscar season to discuss one of the most critically-acclaimed movies (of all time?) in Greta Gerwig's directorial debut 'Lady Bird.'

Nov 29, 2017
Throwback! Good Will Hunting (1997)

Happy Thanksgiving MAMfam! As a thank you for a great 2017, we're giving the regular feed a taste of our VIP club with this Throwback to 1997's Good Will Hunting in honor if it's 10th anniversary. Happy listening!

Nov 23, 2017
Justice League (2017)

After years of buildup, we're finally talking Justice League! We brought back Batman Shane to talk 2 hours of nothing but Justice League, the DCEU, and all that implies. We apologize in advance.

Nov 22, 2017
Murder on the Orient Express

What happens when you mix Rey, Mordecai, The Green Goblin, and Kenneth Branagh? A MURDER! We're officially in Oscar season (I guess?) talking our first star-studded drama of the season, Murder on the Orient Express! Also Kent and Brian get some time to talk some big Star Wars news. Thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this episode!

Nov 13, 2017
Rants & Raves: Stranger Things 2

No one can get enough of Stranger Things, and neither can we! So we're please to bring you a special bonus Rants & Raves edition of MAM as we give maybe 4% of our thoughts on Stranger Things 2.

Nov 09, 2017
Thor: Ragnarok

We're back in the MCU this week! We break down all the best bits from Thor: Ragnarok, talk about some properties that might be coming to TV, and mourn the loss of the Dark Universe.

Episode brought to you by:

0:00 - Shoutouts/TV News/Dark Universe
25:45 - Thor: Ragnarok
1:06:00 - Weekly Recommends

Nov 09, 2017

George Clooney is back in the directors chair...but should he be? Join us as we attempt to justify "Suburbicon," discuss some Star Wars bits and the cast of Jon Favreau's "Lion King."

Nov 02, 2017
Introducing Inside The Exorcist

Check out a first look at Wondery's new show "Inside The Exorcist" which brings you an in-depth look at the 1973 horror classic.

Oct 30, 2017
Rants & Raves: 2017 TV Pilots

It's time for our annual discussion where we watch all of the network TV pilots and break down all the good, bad, awkward, and downright embarrassing that this year's pilot season had to offer.

Oct 27, 2017

Get ready to take cover...a GEOSTORM is coming. Yeah, we're cringing too. Join us as we dissect all that is/was "Geostorm" as well as discuss some Star Wars news and that lovely final Justice League trailer. Ugh. What are we even doing anymore, y'all. 

0:00 - Shoutouts / Star Wars news / Justice League
32:37 - Geostorm
1:20:00 - Weekly Recommends

Oct 25, 2017
BONUS: Richard Reviews Son of the Mask

Join Richard as he reviews the 2005 gem "Son of the Mask" to make up for a lost bet. Godspeed, Richard. Thank you for your service.

Oct 20, 2017
Throwback! Unforgiven (25th Anniversary)

It's time for more special bonus content from the VIP feed as we throw it back to 1992's Best Picture winner Unforgiven. Does the movie belong on the AFI Top 100? Also, remember westerns?

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Oct 19, 2017
Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner is back! Join us as we discuss the reboot/sequel Blade Runner 2049 35 years after the original. We also talk Rocky news, the Pacific Rim 2 trailer, and the pros and cons of MoviePass.

Oct 11, 2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer 2 Reactions

A new Star Wars trailer means Kent and Brian talking about it for way too long! Join us as we react to the final trailer for The Last Jedi!

Oct 10, 2017
American Made

Tom Cruise continues to go all out for our enjoyment, and this one is no different. Join us as we discuss the enigma of Cruise and his newest film American Made as well as discuss Fast 9, the new season of Curb, and have a little concert talk.

0:00 - News / Concert Talk
33:30 - American Made
1:14:00 - Weekly Recommends

Oct 05, 2017
Throwback! Blade Runner (1982)

Step in for a little VIP action as we bring the traditional feed one of our signature Throwback episodes discussing 1982's Blade Runner ahead of its sequel "Blade Runner: 2049." For more content like this, subscribe to our VIP feed at


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Oct 02, 2017
Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The Kingsman are back for a sequel so I guess that mean's we're obligated to talk about it? Join us for a review of the Golden Circle, plenty of LBJ and Teddy Roosevelt talk, and our preview of CBS' newest spinoff "Geriatric Sheldon."

0:00 - News / Trailers / CBS

35:42 - Kingsman: The Golden Circle

1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends

Sep 28, 2017

This week we discuss the enigma of Darren Aronofsky and his newest film "Mother!" that people just can't seem to stop talking about. We also get caught up on TV by breaking down the Emmy's. Bless you all.

Sep 21, 2017
Throwback! The Princess Bride

Join Brian as he hides from Pennywise and is joined by Ariel from the Geek 101 Podcast to discuss the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride! INCONCEIVABLE!

Sep 14, 2017
It (2017)

Brian joins the rest of the crew to discuss some breaking Star Wars news before Kent and Richard take a deep dive into the hugely-successful reboot of Stephen King's IT with a frequent guest! YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!

0:00 - Breaking Star Wars news

27:00 - IT

1:11:37 - Weekly Recommends

Sep 13, 2017
Wind River

This week we get to once again discuss the work of Taylor Sheridan as we break down his directorial debut Wind River. We also react to some breaking Star Wars news and bring you some stellar recommends.

Sep 06, 2017

We are finally all back together this week after what feels like forever, and there's a lot to catch up on! Join us as we discuss Kathryn Bigelow's "Detroit," James Cameron's 50 Avatar sequels, and some nostalgic TV shows that might be returning.

0:00 - Welcome / James Cameron / TV News

41:44 - Detroit

1:10:00 - Weekly Recommends

Aug 31, 2017
Logan Lucky

Kent and Brian are back together again to catch up on a ton of movie news including some big Star Wars bits and another whirlwind over at DC/WB. They also get a chance to talk about Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky and discuss the many (?) merits of the state of Florida.

0:00 - Hello / Star Wars / DC News

44:43 - Logan Lucky

1:19:00 - Weekly Recommends

Aug 24, 2017
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Brian is joined by long-time-guest Ariel Rada from the Geek 101 Podcast to discuss the masterwork that is Luc Besson's "Valerian."

Aug 16, 2017
Throwback! Titanic

It's a Best Picture winner and one of the highest-grossing movies of all time...but should it be? Join us as we bring you some content from our VIP feed as we discuss 1997's Titanic.

Aug 10, 2017
The Dark Tower

Richard and Kent discuss the long-awaited Dark Tower film, some big news from Disney and Netflix, and of course...the Little League World Series.

0:00 - News / Disney / Netflix

34:44 - The Dark Tower

1:08:00 - Weekly Recommends

Aug 09, 2017
Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is back and even more Furious than before. Join us as we discuss Atomic Blonde and the enigma known as "The Emoji Movie"

0:00 - News / Emoji Movie / Valerian

20:38 - Atomic Blonde

44:00 - Weekly Recommends

Aug 02, 2017
Comic-Con News / The Big Sick

Join us as we recap the big stories coming out of SDCC 2017 and review the surprise comedy hit The Big Sick!

0:00 - SDCC News

23:42 - The Big Sick

Jul 28, 2017

Christopher Nolan is back at it with his epic war picture Dunkirk. Join us as we break it down with a special guest, as well as discuss some news regarding James Bond.

0:00 - News / Bond

16:17 - Dunkirk

1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jul 26, 2017
War for the Planet of the Apes

The conclusion (?) of the successful Planet of the Apes prequels is here, and this time it's War! Join us as we discuss it in-depth as well as make some big show announcements!

0:00 - Show Announcement

23:32 - War for the Planet

1:04:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jul 20, 2017
Throwback! Planet of the Apes (1968)

In anticipation of the final chapter of Rise of the War for the Dawn of the Revenge of the Attack for the Battle of the Planet of the Apes, we throw it back to the one that started it all, 1968's Planet of the Apes!

Jul 13, 2017
Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man is back home at Marvel with his first solo entry into the MCU! This week we discuss all things Spider-Man: Homecoming, Daniel Day Lewis' retirement, and of course Cake vs. Pie.

0:00 - News / Daniel Day Lewis / Jumanji Trailer

18:57 - Spider-Man: Homecoming

1:06:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jul 12, 2017
Introducing Locked Up Abroad

What does it feel like in the split second you realize you're about to be locked up in a foreign country - possibly for life? In Locked Up Abroad, host Jim Clemente (Real Crime Profile) brings you first hand accounts from people who lived this nightmare, starting with Billy Hayes, subject of the Oliver Stone movie Midnight Express. A riveting, immersive audio adaptation of the hit TV series by the National Geographic Channel. From Istanbul to Bali to Sao Paulo, you'll hear what it's like to be locked up abroad.

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Jul 11, 2017
Baby Driver

We take a break from the doldrums of this year's summer movie season to discuss Edgar Wright's 'Baby Driver,' with guest Knox McCoy from The Popcast!

0:00 - News / Box Office Catch Up

16:02 - Baby Driver

1:10:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jul 06, 2017
Throwback! Air Force One

Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone here in the States! And what a better way to celebrate than to discuss American Treasure Harrison Ford's tenure as our butt-kicking President in 1997's Air Force One in honor of its 20th anniversary! GET OFF OUR PLANE!!!!

Jul 04, 2017
Episode 300: Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies

We made it to episode 300! Thank you so much to the MAM Fam for supporting us unconditionally up to this point. In honor of this milestone, we're bringing you our top 10 guilty pleasure movies. Get your popcorn ready, 'cause it's gonna be a show!

Jun 29, 2017
Transformers: The Last Knight

We triumphantly take over where we left off with Age of Extinction to discuss Michael Bay's final Transformers film (hopefully) The Last Knight. We also discuss some breaking Star Wars news! This one's a doozy.

0:00 - Movie News / Star Wars Updates

27:45 - Transformers: The Last Knight

1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends

Jun 28, 2017
Throwback! Starship Troopers
In honor of its 20th anniversary, we take a look back at sci-fi cult hit Starship Troopers and debate its various accolades.
Jun 22, 2017
All Eyez On Me
This episode we discuss the much-debated 2pac biopic "All Eyez On Me," briefly review Cars 3, and converse on Game of Thrones and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Yes, you read that right.  0:00 - TV catch-up talk 19:17 - Cars 3 / All Eyez On Me 1:09:00 - Weekly Recommends
Jun 20, 2017
Throwback! E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
This week's Throwback episode looks back at Steven Spielberg's most personal film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial." Is it still iconic 35 years later?
Jun 15, 2017
The Mummy (2017)
The Dark Universe is here...we think? Join us as we discuss the first of many upcoming monster movie reboots from Universal "The Mummy," as well as the merits of Rotten Tomatoes and an update on our Summer Movie Draft. 0:00 - Summer Movie Draft / Rotten Tomatoes 27:32 - The Mummy / Dark Universe 1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends
Jun 14, 2017
Throwback! Men In Black
Join us as we throw it back and discuss one of the most praised blockbusters ever 'Men in Black' in celebration of its 20th anniversary.
Jun 08, 2017
Wonder Woman (2017)
Join us this week as we break down everything involving Wonder Woman and nominate some new American Treasures. Has DC finally steered the ship in the right direction? 0:00 - Hello and American Treasures 24:05 - Wonder Woman 1:29:00 - Weekly Recommends
Jun 07, 2017
Baywatch (2017)
Instead of our usual Throwback episode this week, we get to discuss the unfortunate throwback to a TV show from the 90s in the reboot of Baywatch and some ideas for shows that COULD make for decent movies.
Jun 01, 2017
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
This week we discuss Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time (believe it or not) as well as some more sequel news! 0:00 - Movie News 28:04 - Pirates of the Caribbean 1:09:00 - Weekly Recommends
May 31, 2017
Throwback! Spider-Man Trilogy
This week's Throwback looks back at Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy prior to the new Marvel Studios reboot.
May 26, 2017
Alien: Covenant
This week we dive into the newest entry into the 'Alien' franchise, ponder the state of SNL, and discuss some news surrounding Justice League and Spider-Man.
May 24, 2017
Throwback! Black Hawk Down
Ahead of this weekend's release of Alien: Covenant, we look back at one of Ridley Scott's biggest successes, 2001's Black Hawk Down.
May 19, 2017
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Join us this week as we discuss what happened with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and what the overall deal is with Warner Brothers these days. 0:00 - Intro/Movie News 33:03 - King Arthur 1:22:18 - Weekly Recommends
May 17, 2017
Throwback! Insomnia (2002)
For this week's Throwback edition of MAM, Richard and Brian talk Christopher Nolan's Insomnia for its 15th anniversary.
May 12, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Sequels are never better than the original...right?!? Join us this week as we debate all things Guardians of the Galaxy, Awesome Mix Vol. 2, and the "cuteness" of Baby Groot. 0:00 - Announcements / American Treasures 36:25 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review 1:36:00 - Weekly Recommends
May 09, 2017
The Circle
This week we take a chance to catch up on movie news and discuss a very confusing movie for a number of reasons, The Circle. 0:00 - Movie News 26:26 - The Circle ​​​​​​​1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends
May 03, 2017
Throwback! About a Boy
This week's throwback looks back at 15 years of About a Boy and the greatness that was(?) Hugh Grant.
Apr 27, 2017
First Annual Summer Movie Draft
Join us for our first ever Mad About Movies Summer Movie Draft as we pick what we think will be the most successful movies of the summer!
Apr 25, 2017
Throwback! Alien (1979)

Before the highly anticipated Alien: Covenant hits theaters, join us as we review the original masterpiece Alien!

Apr 20, 2017
The Fate of the Furious
It just wouldn't feel right if we didn't dedicate as much time as possible to one of the franchises that made our podcast...a family. Join us as we discuss the latest installment into the Fast series, as well as discuss some comic book movie news! 0:00 - Banter / Movie News 28:38 - The Fate of the Furious 1:21:00 - Weekly Recommends
Apr 18, 2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Reactions
Join Brian and Kent for their tradition of breaking down the newest Star Wars trailers. This week, hear all the speculation that the first "Last Jedi" teaser brought.
Apr 14, 2017
Throwback! Looper
In anticipation of his Star Wars film, we discuss Rian Johnson's 'Looper' after we discuss one of the most talked about trailers of the year. 0:00 - Howdy / Trailer Talk / Netflix News / Weekly Recommends 32:48 - Looper
Apr 13, 2017
Throwback! Full Metal Jacket
In honor of its 30th anniversary, we throw it back this week to Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam picture Full Metal Jacket.
Apr 06, 2017
Power Rangers (2017)
This week we discuss the reboot of the Power Rangers franchise as well as some DC news and a new horror movie trailer! 0:00 - Movie News 31:15 - Power Rangers 1:17:00 - Weekly Recommends
Apr 05, 2017
Throwback! Zodiac
This week we open the cold case files as we throw it back to David Fincher's 'Zodiac' on its 10th anniversary.
Mar 30, 2017
Life (2017)
This episode we react to the Justice League and Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers and discuss the space thriller Life. 0:00 - Trailer talk 24:44 - Life 1:04:00 - Weekly Recommends
Mar 29, 2017
Introducing Inside Psycho
Inside Psycho is a deep dive into the mysterious and peculiar happenings that occurred during the filming of the legendary film Psycho. Mark Ramsey Media and Wondery create a magical mix of fact and fiction which transports you into the world of Hitchcock. Psycho is among the greatest thrillers in movie history–and it nearly didn’t happen! Like what you hear? Subscribe to Inside Psycho so you never miss an episode:
Mar 24, 2017
Throwback! Boogie Nights
Join Richard and Kent as they discuss PTA's Boogie Nights and analyze why it has stood the test of time, and Brian as he discusses some Deadpool news with our friend Ariel.
Mar 23, 2017
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
This week we welcome a guest to discuss the good and bad that Disney had to offer with their live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. We also reminisce about Bill Paxton and discuss a possible Matrix reboot. 0:00 - Updates/Banter 9:50 - Bill Paxton 19:10 - Matrix Reboot 34:46 - Beauty and the Beast 1:32:00 - Weekly Recommends
Mar 22, 2017
Throwback! Wayne's World
This week we get a chance for a bit of nostalgia as we discuss one of our favorite comedies of the 90s, Wayne's World.
Mar 17, 2017
Kong: Skull Island
King Kong is back (yay?) and we are here to justify the reboot. Join us as we look ahead to its inevitable sequels and discuss Kong: Skull Island. 0:00 - Intro/Shoutouts 5:41 - Kong: Skull Island 48:55 - Weekly Recommends
Mar 13, 2017
March Madness Special: Best & Worst Basketball Movies
Join us this week for our first ever Mad About Movies March Madness Madness as we let the listener decide the best and worst basketball movies ever!
Mar 13, 2017
Throwback! Beauty & The Beast (1991)
In anticipation of its upcoming live-action reboot, we throw back to the original 1991 Disney Animation classic Beauty and the Beast.
Mar 09, 2017
Wolverine is back for one last ride, but why? Is Logan better than The Dark Knight? Join us as we discuss it all on this bittersweet episode of Mad About Movies. 0:00 - Intro/Theater Pet Peeves/Indy 5 33:19 - Logan 1:26:00 - Weekly Recommends
Mar 08, 2017
Throwback! Raising Arizona
Continuing our Coen Brothers conversation, we look back at one of their first films, the cult-classic comedy Raising Arizona.
Mar 03, 2017
Rants & Raves: 2017 Oscars
Join us for our annual Oscars Postgame Show as we react to the craziness that was the 89th Annual Academy Awards.
Feb 27, 2017
Get Out
Jordan Peele randomly brought us a box-office smash and one of the most-talked about movies in a while with his directorial debut Get Out. Join Kent and Richard as they give their initial thoughts on this poignant thriller.
Feb 26, 2017
Throwback! No Country For Old Men
As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, we throw it back to 2007 Best Picture winner No Country For Old Men.
Feb 22, 2017
John Wick: Chapter 2
This week we discuss the sequel to a surprise hit for Keanu Reeves, John Wick: Chapter 2. We also discuss some big casting news!
Feb 21, 2017
Throwback! The Prestige
Since we had such a good time discussing the Dark Knight trilogy, and The Prestige is now a decade old, we discuss all the twists in this special Throwback episode.
Feb 16, 2017
The LEGO Batman Movie
It's been nearly a week since we discussed Batman in-depth, so it's about due time! This week we discuss some Batman news and The LEGO Batman Movie, as well as some new American Treasures. 0:00 - Shoutouts/Banter 7:56 - News/Batman News 20:24 - American Treasures 39:01 - LEGO Batman 1:14:00 - Weekly Recommends
Feb 15, 2017
Valentines Day Special: Favorite Chick Flicks
Join us for a special episode as we are joined by a guest to discuss our favorite "chick flicks" and argue "what IS a chick flick?"
Feb 12, 2017
Throwback! The Dark Knight Trilogy
By popular demand, we finally get to discuss some general thoughts on Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, with help from our resident Batman expert Shane.
Feb 08, 2017
BONUS: Podcast State of the Union & Moonlight
Join us as we update you on the status of the show as it sits in 2017 and briefly discuss best picture nominee Moonlight.
Feb 01, 2017
M. Night Shyamalan is back to making thrillers, and we are back to discuss it! Join us as we discuss Split, the untimely passing of an American Treasure, and some Star Wars news.
Feb 01, 2017
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2016
Our annual list episode has arrived! Hear our final thoughts on all the best and worst that 2016 had to offer.
Jan 23, 2017
Patriots Day
This week we discuss our second Peter Berg movie in the past few months, as well as catch up on a bit of movie news. 0:00 - Movie News 24:08 Patriots Day 1:08:00 - Weekly Recommends
Jan 19, 2017
Golden Globes & The State of Late Night TV
Richard and Brian dive into the fallout from the Globes and discuss their biggest passion - late night TV.
Jan 11, 2017
La La Land
Musicals don't come around very often. Is it because they just never work? This week we head into La La Land to discuss Damien Chazelle's newest film, as well as some breaking Star Wars news.
Jan 04, 2017
Manchester By The Sea
We return to Oscar season talk with a discussion on Manchester By The Sea and the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher.
Dec 31, 2016
BONUS: The Year of OJ & Favorite Albums of 2016
This week we take a break from Oscar season to chat with longtime producer of the show Steven, as well as discuss the confusing career of Brendan Fraser and our favorite music of the year.
Dec 28, 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Part 2)
Join Kent and Brian as they are joined by a guest to discuss Rogue One after having a few days to digest the experience.
Dec 21, 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Our Star Wars postgame show is back by popular demand as we give our initial impressions of Rogue One.
Dec 16, 2016
Throwback! National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
The guys continue the Christmas theme by throwing back to Christmas Vacation as well as Fast 8 and The Golden Globes.
Dec 14, 2016
Throwback! Home Alone
It's long overdue but it's finally here! In a special Christmas-themed Throwback, we discuss the holiday classic Home Alone.
Dec 08, 2016
This week we welcome a guest to discuss Disney's current offerings and their latest animated film / big blockbuster Moana. 0:00 - Disney / Star Wars / Marvel Talk 25:50 - Moana 1:11:00 - Weekly Recommends
Nov 30, 2016
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
Join us as we take a bit of bonus time this week to attempt to process what happened with Ang Lee's newest movie.
Nov 30, 2016
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
We journey deep this week into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all that involves as we discuss the newest entry or reboot to the franchise, Fantastic Beasts. We also discuss some super exciting movie economics! Woohoo!
Nov 23, 2016
Throwback! That Thing You Do!
In honor of its 20th anniversary, we discuss the Oneders rise to the Wonders in a special Throwback episode of 1996's That Thing You Do!
Nov 19, 2016
This week we gather to discuss the Beauty and the Beast trailer, some American Treasures, and the new sci-fi flick Arrival.
Nov 17, 2016
Hacksaw Ridge
Join us for a lengthy discussion as Mel Gibson returns to the director's chair for his World War 2 epic Hacksaw Ridge.
Nov 10, 2016
Doctor Strange
Marvel Studios are at it again, bringing yet another of Stan Lee's characters to life. Join us as we talk all things Doctor Strange and discuss this year's box office numbers so far. 0:00 - Box Office Talk 29:33 - Doctor Strange 1:17:00 - Weekly Recommends
Nov 10, 2016
Halloween Jamboree Spectacular 2016
In honor of the holiday, we take a nostalgic look back at some of our favorite Halloween-themed movies.
Oct 31, 2016
World Series Special! Major League & Rookie of the Year
Due to both the Cubs and Indians making this year's World Series, we throw it back to two of our favorite baseball movies, Major League and Rookie of the Year.
Oct 29, 2016
The Accountant
Kent and Brian catch up on a ton of Star Wars news and discuss the very confusing "The Accountant." 0:00 - Movie News / Star Wars tidbits 32:43 - The Accountant 1:19:00 - Weekly Recommends This episode is brought to you by INDOCHINO custom menswear - use promo code MAD at checkout. TRIBECA SHORTLIST - get a 30 day free trail at
Oct 26, 2016
Rants & Raves: 2016 TV Pilots
This week we take an annual look at the latest TV pilots from the big 4 networks and give them the pass/fail. Episode brought to you by: promo code MAD -&- TRIBECA SHORTLIST
Oct 19, 2016
The Girl on the Train
This week we take a closer look at the novel-turned-movie The Girl on the Train, discuss some new trailers, and of course...rant about Minions. 0:00 - Intro chat 7:15 - Movie News / Power Rangers reboot 34:31 - The Girl on the Train 1:29:00 - Weekly Recommends
Oct 12, 2016
Deepwater Horizon
Join us as we discuss some noted live-action Disney reboots, the new Peter Berg film Deepwater Horizon, and some fun times at the dentist. Featured Promo: 0:00 - Brian's Disney trip / Mad About Dentists 9:55 - Disney reboots 37:33 - Deepwater Horizon 1:18:00 - Weekly Recommends
Oct 05, 2016
The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Join us as we rave over the MacGruber news and break down the Magnificent Seven remake-reboot! 0:00 - Disney World talk / MacGruber 2 news 15:19 - Magnificent Seven review 1:12:00 - Weekly Recommends
Sep 28, 2016
2016 Emmys & The Magnificent Seven (1960)
Join us as we discuss all the good and bad of this year's Emmys and reminisce on the 1960 classic The Magnificent 7.
Sep 21, 2016
This week we discuss Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood's "Sully," some bad news for MGM, and of course...The Cup.
Sep 14, 2016
Throwback! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Join us for a nostalgia-filled discussion of the Gene Wilder classic "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."
Sep 09, 2016
Rants & Raves: Stranger Things
Join us as we dive deep into Netflix's Stranger Things and discuss some potential American Treasures.
Sep 08, 2016
Hell or High Water
In this episode brought to you by we discuss the falling careers of Oliver Stone and Kevin Smith, discuss the surprising Hell or High Water, and reflect on the greatness of Gene Wilder.
Aug 31, 2016
War Dogs
This week we try to justify the Ben-Hur remake flop, the 2016 Ghostbusters totals, and Todd Phillips' newest film War Dogs.
Aug 24, 2016
Sausage Party
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are back, but this time in animation! Join us as we talk the insane "Sausage Party" and break down the newest "Rogue One" trailer.
Aug 17, 2016
Suicide Squad
The conversation we've been anticipating is here. Can WB and DC right the ship after BvS? Join us for a long hard look at Suicide Squad and all that it brought.
Aug 10, 2016
Throwback! Fight Club
Join us for our final Throwback of this session with a nostalgic conversation regarding David Fincher's cult classic 'Fight Club.'
Aug 06, 2016
Jason Bourne
We return to the world of Bourne to talk the newest entry into the series...the reboot (?) sequel (?) Jason Bourne as well as some Disney and Marvel news.
Aug 01, 2016
Throwback! Bourne Trilogy
Surprise! We're bringing you some Throwback action as we reminisce on the greatness of the Bourne Trilogy to prepare for the forthcoming sequel/reboot.
Jul 28, 2016
Star Trek Beyond
Join us as we catch up on all the trailers and announcements from SDCC and the newest entry into the Star Trek franchise.
Jul 26, 2016
Now You See Me Commentary
This has been requested for years and we finally made it happen for the faithful listeners! Sit back, pop in your Now You See Me Blu-Ray, and enjoy the journey of a lifetime.
Jul 23, 2016
Ghostbusters (2016)
Sony is rebooting Ghostbusters because of course they are! Join us as we very openly discuss the film as well as this year's Emmy nominees.
Jul 20, 2016
Throwback! Armageddon
It might be the end of the world, because we're talking Michael Bay! Join us for a throwback discussion of Armageddon, brought to you by LootCrate!
Jul 12, 2016
Throwback! The Sandlot
Join us for a bit of summer nostalgia as we dive into one of our childhood favorites, The Sandlot.
Jul 10, 2016
We eagerly return from our Fourth of July weekend to talk Steven Spielberg's latest attempt at a blockbuster The BFG. We also discuss some Star Wars news and a box office trend.
Jul 06, 2016
Independence Day: Resurgence
We had 20 years to prepare for the inevitable follow-up to 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, but does nostalgia for the original make the sequel any more bearable?
Jun 27, 2016
BONUS: Richard Through The Looking Glass
Shrouded deep in secrecy is Richard's rumored journey Through The Looking Glass. Luckily, Richard was brave enough to document his experience. This is that story.
Jun 23, 2016
Finding Dory
Join us as we talk all things Pixar and their latest sequel Finding Dory. This episode is courtesy of Blue Apron! Visit to get 3 meals for free!
Jun 22, 2016
Now You See Me 2
The most highly-anticipated episode of our show is here as we talk all things Now You See Me 2 for nearly two hours. Sorry not sorry.
Jun 15, 2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
This week we dive deep into all things TMNT as we discuss the newest version "Out of the Shadows." We also talk some Rogue One news at the top of the show!
Jun 08, 2016
X-Men: Apocalypse
The X-Men are back in the epic conclusion (?) to the rebooted franchise. Join us as we break down all the good and bad that Apocalypse had to offer as well as bring back our American Treasures segment.
May 30, 2016
The Nice Guys
This week we talk some breaking Netflix news as well as the comedic turn of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in Shane Black's "The Nice Guys."
May 25, 2016
Green Room
Join Kent and Richard as they react to the Ghostbusters controversy and discuss the surprising thriller Green Room.
May 19, 2016
Captain America: Civil War
The much-anticipated third Captain America film is here, and it brings with it plenty of implications on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Join us as we discuss it all it all and also talk some Star Wars news!
May 09, 2016
This week we talk Key and Peele's feature-length debut Keanu, the news coming out of DC Comics, and the inevitable Space Jam 2.
May 04, 2016
Everybody Wants Some!!
Richard Linklater has returned to his roots with the spiritual sequel to Dazed & Confused, affectionately titled "Everybody Wants Some!!" Join us as we are joined by a special guest to discuss the film as well as some Marvel news and the unfortunate loss of Prince.
Apr 27, 2016
The Jungle Book (2016)
This week focuses on Jon Favreau's imagining of The Jungle Book, the Avatar sequels, and of course Now You See Me 3.
Apr 19, 2016
Hardcore Henry
This week we dive into a ton of Marvel news, Brian and Richard give a brief review of Midnight Special, and Kent and Richard discuss the action experiment Hardcore Henry.
Apr 14, 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer 1 Reactions
Thanks to overwhelming demand, here are 53 minutes of reaction to the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 
Apr 08, 2016
2016 Summer Movie Preview
This week we take a step back to discuss the fallout of Batman V Superman and the lowdown on all the big movies to look forward to this summer!
Apr 06, 2016
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
This review comes with much hype and anticipation. Join us as we discuss Batman V Superman in all its glory in only two short hours!
Mar 26, 2016
Episode 200: Our Top 10 Favorite TV Shows EVER!
Join us for our special 200th episode as we discuss our favorite TV shows! Thanks for all the support and cheers to 200 more!
Mar 25, 2016
10 Cloverfield Lane
This week we talk a ton of movie news including Indiana Jones 5, the Han Solo movie, and Captain America: Civil War BUT our main discussion revolves around the newest Bad Robot production 10 Cloverfield Lane.
Mar 16, 2016
This week we dive head first into the new Ghostbusters trailer, a bunch of Disney and Zootopia talk, and a ton of movie news!
Mar 09, 2016
The Witch: A New-England Folktale
Kent and Richard sit down for a little horror talk as well as some final thoughts on the Oscars and the state of comedy.
Mar 03, 2016
Rants & Raves: 2016 Oscars
Join us for our immediate thoughts on the 88th annual Academy Awards!
Feb 29, 2016
Zoolander 2
Yet another attempt at capitalizing off our love for a comedy of the past is here in the form of fashion guru Derek Zoolander. Join us as we attempt to justify the making of this film and the career path of Ben Stiller.
Feb 24, 2016
One of the biggest hits in recent memory comes in the form of vintage Ryan Reynolds with katanas. Join us this week for our discussion of Deadpool, as well as some Star Wars news!
Feb 17, 2016
Hail, Caesar!
Despite an odd release date, the Coen Brothers are back to doing what they do. Join us for an in-depth discussion on Hail, Caesar! as well as the filmography of George Clooney.
Feb 09, 2016
Making A Murderer
This conversation is long overdue, but we have finally gotten around to discussing Netflix's critically-acclaimed documentary series Making A Murderer.
Feb 03, 2016
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2015
We have finally arrived at the end of the year in cinema. Join us for a lengthy discussion on all the good and bad that 2015 had to offer in film.
Jan 21, 2016
The Big Short
Join us as we discuss the official Oscar nominations and our final film of the year The Big Short.
Jan 15, 2016
The Revenant
One of the most buzz-worthy films of 2015 is finally in wide release. Is this the year Leo takes home his long-overdue Oscar? Join us as we talk The Revenant, Star Wars news, and the Golden Globes.
Jan 13, 2016
Join us for a brief bonus discussion on the awards contender and surprise hit 'Room' starring Brie Larson.
Jan 10, 2016
The Hateful Eight
Quentin Tarantino is at it again, this time with a full ensemble in the much anticipated Hateful Eight. Join us as we go in depth and discuss the film, as well as the demise of a streaming service and some American Treasures.
Jan 06, 2016
Today we take a little time away from the holiday weekend to discuss David O'Russell's newest collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence, Joy.
Jan 02, 2016
Now that the Star Wars hype has temporarily faded, we are in the beginning stages of our Oscar discussion. This week, we focus on Will Smith's controversial football drama Concussion.
Dec 31, 2015
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (Part 2)
Believe it or not, the Star Wars conversation is still ongoing. Today we bring you another hour of analysis of The Force Awakens with 2 very special guests!
Dec 22, 2015
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
The wait is over! The newest episode of the Star Wars franchise is now in theaters. Join us as we break down our initial thoughts in part 1 of our Force Awakens review.
Dec 18, 2015
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
The final episode of our Star Wars flashback is here! Join us as we discuss Return of the Jedi and give our final thoughts before The Force Awakens hits theaters.
Dec 17, 2015
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
We are only one review away from our final episode of our Star Wars Extravaganza as we discuss arguably the most beloved Star Wars film of them all, The Empire Strikes Back.
Dec 15, 2015
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Join us as we round out our retrospective of the Star Wars prequel trilogy with the epic conclusion Revenge of the Sith and look ahead to our final episodes of the marathon.
Dec 10, 2015
We take some time away from our Star Wars marathon to discuss the year's most critically-acclaimed drama Spotlight. We also discuss the highly controversial Batman V. Superman trailer.
Dec 08, 2015
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Episode number 3 of our Star Wars jamboree covers Episode 2: Attack of the Clones with a moderated debate of passionate fans.
Dec 05, 2015
We take a break from our Star Wars marathon to discuss one of 2015's most buzzed about films, the Rocky sequel/reboot Creed starring Michael B. Jordan. We also talk some movie news and American Treasures.
Dec 04, 2015
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Our Star Wars marathon continues with a discussion of 1999's much-debated Episode 1: Phantom Menace.
Dec 02, 2015
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
In anticipation of The Force Awakens, we have dedicated an episode to each of the previous six Star Wars films. Today we kick off our marathon with the original 1977 classic as we look ahead to Episode 7.
Nov 30, 2015
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
The conclusion to the wildly successful Hunger Games franchise has come and gone, and what a better time to talk all things Hunger Games? This week we wrap up the series by talking Mockingjay Part 2, and the trailer for Now You See Me 2!
Nov 25, 2015
Throwback! Rocky
This week we take the opportunity to discuss the 1976 classic Rocky as we anticipate the upcoming spinoff Creed. We also talks some movie news regarding Star Wars, Fast & Furious, and Jem and the Holograms
Nov 18, 2015
James Bond is back and with Sam Mendes as the helm once more. Join us as we welcome a special guest to discuss Spectre and the world of Bond. We also talk some SNL and TV news!
Nov 11, 2015
Crimson Peak
Join us this week for an in-depth discussion on all things Crimson Peak and Guillermo del Toro. We also talk some TV news in the first segment!
Nov 04, 2015
Steve Jobs
The long-awaited Aaron Sorkin-Danny Boyle collab is finally here as Michael Fassbender brings the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to the silver screen. We also talk some movie news regarding the Oscars!
Oct 28, 2015
Bridge of Spies
We're here for another episode this week as we discuss Steven Spielberg's latest collaboration with Tom Hanks Bridge of Spies. We also talks some Movie News and welcome a special guest!
Oct 20, 2015
Reacting To Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer #3
Kent and Brian sit down for yet another hour of Star Wars speculation prior to the release of The Force Awakens and after the final theatrical trailer release.
Oct 19, 2015
Rants & Raves: Fall 2015 TV Pilots
Our annual discussion on the state of network TV is finally here! Join us as we talk this year's offerings from CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.
Oct 14, 2015
We double dip this week to bring you two episodes, the first of which we discuss the latest effort from Denis Villeneuve in drug cartel drama Sicario. We also induct some people into our hall of American Treasures!
Oct 14, 2015
The Martian
Ridley Scott is finally (hopefully) back in business with a surprise hit. Join us with a special guest this week as we discuss The Martian as well as, Michael Bay, Furious 8, and of course...Now You See Me.
Oct 06, 2015
Summer is officially over, so...avalanches! This week's discussion centers on Everest, underachievers, and Stephen Colbert
Sep 29, 2015
Black Mass
Brian is all excited because Black Mass is finally here!! This week we go in-depth and talk Johnny Depp and Scott Cooper's collaboration, some stellar recommends and go over this year's Emmys.
Sep 23, 2015
The Visit
We finally get a chance to talk M. Night Shyamalan and his filmography, specifically in the context of his newest effort The Visit. We also talk a heavy dose of movie news and a little bit of Colbert!
Sep 15, 2015
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine
Join us for our second Alex Gibney documentary discussion of the year as we dive into his informative look into the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. We also get Brian's #ForceFriday experience!
Sep 08, 2015
2015 Summer Recap Extravaganza
Join us for a look back at some of the best and worst movies of the summer as well as a big helping of movie news, some thoughts on some films that deserved a mini-review, and our American Treasure nominees for September.
Sep 02, 2015
Straight Outta Compton
This week we discuss one of the surprise hits of 2015, the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton. We also talk some breaking Star Wars and Disney news.
Aug 17, 2015
Fantastic Four (2015)
Sometimes you can try really really hard, and things just don't go as planned. Thus is the case with Josh Trank and his Fantastic Four reboot. Join us for a rant-filled discussion of the film and some quality Weekly Recommends.
Aug 11, 2015
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Join us for our annual Tom Cruise discussion in the context of the newest entry into the Mission: Impossible franchise, Rogue Nation. We also talk American Treasures!
Aug 05, 2015
We bring you a little extra dose of the show this week in order to discuss the most talked about comedy of 2015, Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer's collaboration Trainwreck.
Jul 28, 2015
This week we discuss all things Adam Sandler and his latest misfire Pixels in the context of his rapidly declining career. We also talk some news regarding Jurassic World and The Revenant.
Jul 27, 2015
The long-awaited film adaptation of the Ant-Man comic series from Marvel has finally arrived after much behind-the-scenes drama. Does it stand on its own as a viable franchise? Join us as we discuss the film as well as some Star Wars and Pacific Rim news.
Jul 21, 2015
Comic-Con 2015 / Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot
Join us this week as we discuss all the breaking news and trailers coming out of SDCC 2015 and the documentary centering on German basketball star Dirk Nowitzki.
Jul 15, 2015
Throwback! Back to the Future
One of the most iconic movie franchises is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis' Back To The Future. Join us for an extra-long episode as we reminisce on a classic, discuss the Star Wars/Han Solo origin, and give our listeners a challenge.
Jul 09, 2015
Terminator Genisys
Our long-awaited Terminator franchise discussion is finally here as we usher in the newest installment into the series, Terminator Genisys. Join us for the entirety of our thoughts on the franchise as well as our nominees for the July 2015 class of American Treasures.
Jul 03, 2015
Inside Out
Join us for an "emotional" discussion of Pixar Animation Studio's latest offering, an ambitious journey inside the human mind called Inside Out. We also discuss some movie news regarding Independence Day 2, Spider-Man, and the passing of James Horner.
Jun 24, 2015
Throwback! Jaws
Join us for a special LIVE show from the DFW Alamo Drafthouse as we screen and discuss the iconic blockbuster Jaws, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015.
Jun 19, 2015
Jurassic World
Join us for a nostalgia-filled discussion as we talk all things Jurassic World, give some shoutouts and recommend some stellar books and films.
Jun 16, 2015
OHH YEAAHHH! This week we are pleased to bring you an hour of thoughts on the HBO series turned box-office flop Entourage. Be warned: not for Entourage fans' ears. 
Jun 11, 2015
San Andreas
We are all 3 back together ready to talk about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 2nd big film of the year, the earthquake disaster movie San Andreas. We also catch up on movie news and recommend some great TV.
Jun 05, 2015
Dallas Comic Con 2015
Brian and Kent bring you a bonus episode as they discuss their adventures and hijinks at Fan Expo Dallas 2015.
Jun 02, 2015
Disney has brought us yet another attempt at a new franchise, this time teaming up with Pixar alum Brad Bird and sci-fi writer Damon Lindelof to bring us the story of Tomorrowland. Will it turn into a tentpole saga of the future?
May 25, 2015
Rants & Raves: Mad Men
Join Richard and Brian for their full thoughts on every episode of AMC's groundbreaking show Mad Men including highlights and lowlights for the entirety of the show's legendary run.
May 20, 2015
Mad Max: Fury Road
This week is one of our most polarizing episodes yet as we discuss the most critically-acclaimed film of 2015, George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. Is the praise it's receiving justified? Will action movies ever be the same?
May 17, 2015
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
We often talk about music on the show, despite this being a movie podcast, but this week we get to talk about the authorized documentary of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. Join us for our full thoughts on the film and Kurt's life here on Earth and beyond the grave.
May 13, 2015
Avengers: Age of Ultron
The time has finally come for the long-awaited Avengers sequel Age of Ultron. Join us for a special LIVE edition of the show as we give our first reactions and induct some worthy American Treasures into the hall.
May 04, 2015
Ex Machina
Alex Garland has brought us a little gem of a sic-fi thriller in Ex Machina. Join us this week for a fun discussion regarding the flick, as well as some news regarding Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Apr 30, 2015
Rants & Raves: DC vs. Marvel
Join us for a heated conversation regarding the new Batman V Superman trailer, which leads into a discussion regarding DC and Marvel's Cinematic Universes. Stay tuned as always for some stellar recommends in the final segment!
Apr 22, 2015
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reactions
We couldn't help but hop on and record our thoughts on the new trailer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hope you all are as excited as we are! Enjoy the episode and let us know your thoughts on the trailer!
Apr 16, 2015
Rants & Raves: Going Clear - Scientology & the Prison of Belief
Join us for a polarizing discussion on the much-talked-about documentary from Alex Gibney based on the tell-all book by the same name, Going Clear. We also recommend some great music documentaries and get a chance to rant on Batman V Superman.
Apr 15, 2015
Furious 7
The time has finally come to discuss the final film in the Fast & Furious franchise to feature the late Paul Walker. Join us as your favorite Fast critics analyze James Wan's first entry into the series, as well as rank it with the previous films. We also talk some more old shows coming back to television. 
Apr 06, 2015
LIVE From MacGruber-thon 2015 @ Alamo Drafthouse
It's completely wheels-off as we broadcast LIVE from MacGruber-thon 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse in DFW. Listen as we talk news regarding some shows coming back to TV and interview some movie-goers who are on their way to the movie of their choice. Be warned: this is not your average episode.
Mar 29, 2015
Rants & Raves: HBO's The Jinx
This week we dive deep into the polarizing documentary series from HBO centering on the life and times of constant murder suspect Robert Durst. Join us for our full thoughts on all 6 episodes of the Jinx as well as a special announcement!
Mar 25, 2015
Cinderella (2015)
This week we talk another one of Disney's live-action reboots, this time brought to us by director Kenneth Branagh, Cinderella. Richard gives some details on his trip down to SXSW, we talk some Star Wars news, and also discuss what we've been watching on TV.
Mar 17, 2015
Writer/director Neill Blomkamp is back in the sci-fi game with his latest film Chappie, which stars Dev Patel, Die Antwoord, and Hugh Jackman. Join us as we look for all the good and bad that Chappie offered as well as talk Blomkamp's Alien, Ghostbusters, and the future of streaming movies at home.
Mar 09, 2015
MOVIE NEWS!! AMERICAN TREASURES!!! WILL SMITH'S FOCUS!!! We nearly went for 2 full hours this week catching up on everything going on in the movie business with an in-depth review of Focus, plenty of movie rumblings, a new batch of Weekly Recommends and some incredibly qualified American Treasures so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's extended edition of Mad About Movies.
Mar 03, 2015
Rants & Raves: 2015 Oscars
Our annual Rants & Raves edition covering the Academy Awards is here! Join us for our immediate thoughts on all the shocks and snubs that this year's ceremony had to offer.
Feb 23, 2015
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Join us for an in-depth discussion regarding Matthew Vaughn's newest comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service. Does it look like something that could spawn a worthy franchise? Can Vaughan direct a movie? Kent and Brian discuss.
Feb 16, 2015
Jupiter Ascending
The time has finally come to discuss the Wachowski's latest flop Jupiter Ascending. Join us as we attempt to justify the film as well as discuss the news regarding Spider-Man and Marvel and induct some worthy candidates into our hall of American Treasures.
Feb 10, 2015
A Most Violent Year
This week we are breaking down one of the slower burns in recent memory, JC Chandor's A Most Violent Year, starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. We also get a chance to discuss the Ghostbusters reboot, the Steve Jobs movie, and David Koepp's illustrious career path.
Feb 05, 2015
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2014
The time has finally come for us to break down our best and worst films of 2014. Join us for a special video edition of the show in which we reveal our choices for all the good and bad that came from 2014 in cinema in this special Rants & Raves edition of Mad About Movies.
Jan 30, 2015
American Sniper
We have reached the final episode before compiling out best and worst of the year lists. Join us as we discuss one of the most talked-about films of the year, Clint Eastwood's American Sniper. We also break down the 2015 Oscar nominees.
Jan 23, 2015
Inherent Vice
We are nearing the home stretch in our journey to finish up 2014's offerings, and the year wouldn't be quite complete without a Paul Thomas Anderson and Joaquin Phoenix discussion. Join us as we talk his newest film Inherent Vice as well as discuss this year's Golden Globes.
Jan 16, 2015
We are excited to finally be able to talk about one of our most anticipated films of the year, the highly-touted independent release from writer/director Damien Chazelle, Whiplash. We also get a chance to discuss news regarding Avatar, Ron Howard, and Star Wars.
Jan 14, 2015
We are finally rounding out the year in movies, and in doing so come to our discussion of Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher. We also discuss the movie release calendar of 2015 and recommend a podcast, a documentary, and a TV series that you should be watching.
Jan 07, 2015
Happy 2015 everyone and what a better way to ring in the new year than by talking about movies? Join us this week for a discussion on Angelina Jolie's Unbroken as we dish on whether or not there is a bright future ahead for Ms. Jolie from a directorial standpoint. We also induct 3 worthy humans into our hall of American Treasures.
Jan 01, 2015
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas from the Mad About Movies family to yours! Join us for a special countdown of our favorite holiday movies as well as an in-depth discussion on the final chapter of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies.
Dec 24, 2014
Exodus: Gods and Kings
The full crew is finally back together and just in time for one of the most exciting weeks in movie news yet. Join us for an all-in discussion on Ridley Scott's biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, the latest on Sony's release (or lack thereof) of the Interview, and a 3 brand new inductees into the American Treasures Hall of Fame.
Dec 18, 2014
Join Kent and Richard for a discussion on Dan Gilroy's Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Also in this episode: breaking down movie rumblings that have leaked in a Sony hack and a Christmas themed Weekly Recommend.
Dec 13, 2014
Big Hero 6
Disney Animation is back with their follow-up to last year's hit Frozen. Join us as we discuss the cleverly assembled Big Hero 6 as well as give our long-winded thoughts on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser.
Dec 02, 2014
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Join us as we discuss the latest installment in the very successful Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part 1. We also break some news regarding Now You See Me 2 and review the trailer to Jurassic World.
Nov 26, 2014
Dumb and Dumber To
The Farrelly Brothers have finally released their sequel to 1994's Dumb and Dumber. Join Kent and Richard as they discuss whether it lives up to expectations, as well as all the latest movie news, rumors, and rumblings.
Nov 19, 2014
One of the most highly-anticipated films of 2014 is finally here, the long-awaited first film from Christopher Nolan after ending his Dark Knight trilogy in 2012. Join us for a spoiler-filled discussion of Interstellar as well as some exciting movie news talk regarding Star Wars and Toy Story.
Nov 07, 2014
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
This week we analyze one of the most ambitious films of 2014, Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman starring Michael Keaton. We also give our first impressions of the Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers and induct 3 people into our hall of American Treasures.
Nov 04, 2014
John Wick
This week we spend the majority of the podcast talking Marvel's announcements for MCU Phase 3, which includes details on the future of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. We also bring you an in-depth review of the surprise hit John Wick.
Oct 30, 2014
Join us as we review one of the first pictures in awards contention for 2014, David Ayer's World War II drama Fury starring Brad Pitt. We also briefly discuss DC's Suicide Squad, Renee Zellweger's face, and preview the remainder of awards season.
Oct 21, 2014
Rants & Raves: Fall 2014 TV Pilots
This week we are pleased to bring you the longest episode of the podcast yet in which we discuss the current state of network TV, highlighted by reviewing the new TV pilots including Mulaney, Gotham, The Flash, Selfie, and of course Bad Judge. Which shows have a chance at survival and which ones should get the axe immediately? We also discuss movie news regarding DC Comics and the host of the 2015 Oscars.
Oct 15, 2014
Gone Girl
We are officially in the full swing of awards season, and what better way to kick things off than with a new offering by director David Fincher? Join us this week as we go in-depth and review Gone Girl as well as discuss some news regarding Netflix, the future of Marvel, and our nominees for the American Treasure Hall of Fame.
Oct 08, 2014
The Equalizer
Oddly enough, this week marks the first time to discuss a Denzel Washington movie in-depth as we break down his latest thriller The Equalizer. We also give our first impressions of the Inherent Vice trailer and talk the season 40 premiere of SNL.
Oct 01, 2014
This is Where I Leave You
This week we discuss the film adaptation of the bestselling novel This is Where I Leave You, starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, and Adam Driver. We also break down some movie rumors regarding the X-Men franchise, Marvel's Deadpool, Star Wars 7, and Oliver Stone's newest project.
Sep 23, 2014
The Drop
We finally move into the awards season by taking an in-depth look at James Gandolfini's final film The Drop, which also stars Tom Hardy. HBO's True Detective and possible new distribution strategy is also discussed, as well as news regarding the Bourne franchise.
Sep 16, 2014
Throwback! Forrest Gump
In our most polarizing episode to date and due to a soft IMAX re-release for its 20th anniversary, we take time this week to discuss the 1994 Best Picture winner Forrest Gump. Does this film really deserve all the love that is constantly showered upon it? We also talk some news regarding the new Ghostbusters film, Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight, and induct 3 fine individuals into the American Treasure Hall of Fame.
Sep 09, 2014
Throwback! The Matrix
We are finally taking the chance to devote our full attention to a film that has become a topic of debate in numerous past episodes and also happens to be celebrating it's 15th anniversary this year, the Wachowski's sci-fi debut The Matrix. We also take the chance to recap this past summer and pick our favorite and least favorite films of the season.
Sep 02, 2014
Throwback! Ghostbusters
One 1984 classic celebrating it's 30th anniversary is getting a theatrical re-release thanks to a 4K restoration. Join us as we welcome in a special guest to discuss how well Ghostbusters holds up 3 decades later, the winners and losers from the 66th annual Emmy Awards, and our ever-growing hall of American Treasures.
Aug 27, 2014
Episode 100: Our Top 10 Favorite Movies EVER!
In celebration of our 100th episode, we are pleased to bring you a special mega-sized show in which each of us brings you our individual top 10 lists of our favorite movies of all time. Our tastes may vary, but there's one thing we can all agree on: movies are awesome.
Aug 20, 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
This week we set our sights on the latest of Hollywood's many recent reboots, this time a new imagining of our beloved childhood heroes in a half-shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We also pay tribute and celebrate the life of the late Robin Williams.
Aug 12, 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy
The most anticipated and talked-about film in the history of Mad About Movies is finally here! Join us as we discuss all things Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as some news regarding Ghostbusters 3, the live-action Jungle Book, and True Detective season 2.
Aug 05, 2014
We come to you this week with a podcast 12 years in the making as we review the most highly praised film of the year thus far, Richard Linklater's Boyhood. We also break down headlines from Comic-Con 2014 and give a brief review of Brett Ratner's Hercules.
Jul 29, 2014
Throwback! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
In anticipation of the upcoming reboot, and just for plain old nostalgia's sake, we are excited to throw it back to 1990 this week with a discussion of all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We also take an opportunity to look back on the films released in 1999 that are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year.
Jul 22, 2014
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Come along as we discuss one of the most talked about and most anticipated blockbusters of the summer, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We also talk some SNL news and induct some worthy candidates into the ever-growing hall of American Treasures.
Jul 15, 2014
Earth to Echo
This week we break down one of the few offerings of the once-coveted July 4th release weekend, the family-friendly found footage film Earth to Echo. We also briefly discuss some news concerning Pacific Rim, give our thoughts on the return of Community, review the Girl Meets World pilot, and reminisce on some of our favorite childhood TV shows.
Jul 08, 2014
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Join us as we spend the entirety of this week's episode in a heated conversation regarding the dumbfounding Michael Bay, his Transformers franchise, and the ultra-bloated 165 minute abomination that unfortunately had the biggest opening weekend of 2014, Transformers: Age of Extinction.
Jul 03, 2014
Kent sits down with guest Brandon Luna from the Calypso Cigar Review to discuss acclaimed director Joon-ho Bong's apocalyptic film Snowpiercer in this special bonus episode of Mad About Movies.
Jul 02, 2014
Throwback! Batman (1989)
In celebration of its 25th anniversary, we are pleased to bring you a nearly hour-long conversation regarding Tim Burton's iconic Batman starring Michael Keaton. We talk about the film's cultural impact, how it affected the cinematic landscape, and how well it holds up a quarter of a century after its release. We also break some news regarding the future of the Star Wars franchise in a brief Movie News, Rumors, & Rumblings segment.
Jun 24, 2014
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Join us for a special bonus episode as we bring you our thoughts on the animated adventure sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2, the past and future releases of DreamWorks Animation Studios, and the current state of animated film-making.
Jun 18, 2014
22 Jump Street
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return with the sequel to their 2012 hit 21 Jump Street, the humorously titled 22 Jump Street. Join us as we give our review as well as discuss the Dumb & Dumber To trailer debut and some news regarding DC Comics' movie release calendar.
Jun 17, 2014
Edge of Tomorrow (Guest: Sean O'Connell from Cinema Blend)
Today we welcome in a special guest, Sean O'Connell of and the Washington Post to discuss Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. We also talk Marvel's Ant-Man drama, Doctor Strange casting rumors, and attempt to justify the lack of domestic box-office success for this year's films.
Jun 10, 2014
Join us (and have a snack handy) as we talk Jon Favreau's return to the screen in his independently produced comedy Chef. We also talk Star Wars 7 and Marvel news, as well as induct some worthy candidates into our ever-growing hall of American Treasures.
Jun 03, 2014
A Million Ways to Die in the West
We are pleased to bring you a bonus episode this week as two of us review Seth MacFarlane's western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West. We also discuss the current state of comedic film-making using the examples of Judd Apatow, Woody Allen, Seth Rogen, and the comedy factory that is Saturday Night Live.
Jun 01, 2014
X-Men: Days of Future Past (Guest: Rob Fee)
This week we welcome in a very special guest, comedic genius Rob Fee, to discuss the X-Men franchise and the newest entry into the series, X-Men: Days of Future Past. We also discuss Edgar Wright's departure from Ant-Man and give Rob an opportunity to rant about our podcast's favorite film: Now You See Me.
May 27, 2014
Godzilla (2014)
We are pleased to bring you a monster-sized show this week as we go in-depth and review Gareth Edwards' take on Godzilla. We also discuss the possible release calendar for the Star Wars franchise, the recently announced Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the Coen Brothers and Spielberg finally teaming up.
May 21, 2014
This week we review the first of many raunch-coms hitting theaters this summer, Neighbors starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. We also discuss Batfleck's Batveins, which actor landed the role of Gambit in the new X-Men sequels, and break the seal on our new TV Roundup segment. 
May 14, 2014
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The summer movie season of 2014 is upon us and this week we review the first big blockbuster of the year. Join us as we talk The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well as news regarding a possible title for Star Wars 7, Steven Spielberg's new project, and The Simpsons finally coming to cable and online streaming. 
May 06, 2014
Throwback! Inception
This week we bring you a mega-sized epic of a show and our longest episode to date. Join us as we break down the confirmed cast for Star Wars 7, give our summer movie preview, and throw it back to 2010 with a full review of Christopher Nolan's Inception. 
Apr 29, 2014
Frequent Christopher Nolan collaborator and cinematographer Wally Pfister has made his directorial debut. This week we break down Pfister's sci-fi thriller Transcendence as well as discuss a potential project for Leonardo DiCaprio, rant about the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, and add a few names to our hall of American Treasures.
Apr 22, 2014
Draft Day
Summit Entertainment, the studio that has brought us such gems as Now You See Me and the Twilight Saga, continue their hot streak with their latest release. Join us as we tangentially rant on Draft Day, update you on Star Wars 7 news and briefly discuss AMC's Mad Men.
Apr 15, 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Join us for a special super-sized episode of Mad About Movies as we talk all things Marvel and break down Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We also recommend some documentaries and speculate on who will replace David Letterman at The Late Show.
Apr 09, 2014
This week we dive into the first of many biblical epics coming out of Hollywood, Darren Aronofsky's Noah starring Russell Crowe. We also touch on NBC's Heroes Reborn, Mel Gibson's career path, and the new Harry Potter spinoff trilogy Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.
Apr 01, 2014
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Our annual Wes Anderson discussion is upon us! Join your hosts as we discuss the auteur's filmography and his latest addition The Grand Budapest Hotel. We also discuss the Steve Jobs biopic, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Hercules, and induct 4 people into our hall of American Treasures.
Mar 26, 2014
Muppets Most Wanted
Join us for a nostalgic discussion of all things Muppets as we reminisce on our favorite Muppet moments and review their newest offering Muppets Most Wanted. We also talk some news regarding Prometheus 2 and some childhood favourites that are unfortunately getting live-action reboots.
Mar 25, 2014
Need For Speed
This week we welcome our first guest, Jason Davidson of Meet the Fockers fame, to discuss Aaron Paul's action movie debut Need For Speed. We also discuss some Star Wars 7 news, Disney's Pan, and give our guest a chance to rant about Now You See Me.
Mar 18, 2014
Rants & Raves: True Detective
HBO's new crime-drama anthology show True Detective has captivated television audiences everywhere and is arguably the most-talked-about show of 2014. Join us for this special Rants & Raves edition of Mad About Movies as we give our thoughts on the first season of this new series.
Mar 11, 2014
300: Rise of an Empire
Nearly a decade removed from the release of 300 comes the inevitable sequel 300: Rise of an Empire. Join us as we ask questions such as "Was this movie necessary?" and "Does it measure up to the original?" We also discuss Jim Carrey's Oscar moment, Star Wars 7 news and some Marvel/Fantastic Four rumors.
Mar 10, 2014
Rants & Raves: 2014 Oscars
Join your favorite cast of critics as we discuss the 86th Academy Awards and everything Oscar-worthy including who deserved to win, who shouldn't have won, and all the best and worst that this year's ceremony had to offer.
Mar 03, 2014
Throwback! MacGruber
Due to the lack of new movies worthy of a conversation, we take time this week to re-visit a modern day classic. Yes, the time has finally come! Join us as we talk all things MacGruber, react to the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and induct 4 people into our esteemed club of American Treasures.
Feb 25, 2014
RoboCop (2014)
The remake of the Paul Verhoeven cult-classic is here. How well does the reboot of RoboCop set up a franchise? Is this the RoboCop film we have always wanted? Join us as we discuss the sci-fi remake it in-depth, rave about True Detective, and also recognize some cinema classics that are celebrating anniversaries this year.
Feb 19, 2014
The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie has come out of nowhere and taken us all by surprise. Join us as we discuss the animated hit as well as Star Wars 7 casting, Leo and Jonah Hill teaming up again, and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Feb 13, 2014
The Monuments Men
We're back and talking all things Monuments Men, the star-studded WW2 film from director & leading man George Clooney. Also we share our feelings on Jay Leno's departure, Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, Seth Meyers' venture into Late Night, and Will Forte's triumphant return to television.
Feb 12, 2014
Rants & Raves: BBC's Sherlock
This week we take time to share memories and pay tribute to the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman. We also talk some Batman/Superman casting news before going in-depth and discussing seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the BBC's hit series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, Sherlock.
Feb 05, 2014
Lone Survivor
We officially break the seal on 2014 by discussing the biggest movie of the year so far, Peter Berg's Afghan War picture Lone Survivor. We also talk Tarantino's abandoned Hateful Eight, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's venture into TV,  an extremely unnecessary live-action Peter Pan origin story, and debate additions to our shrine of American Treasures.
Jan 30, 2014
Rants & Raves: Best & Worst of 2013
Before fully moving our focus to 2014's offerings, we spend the entirety of this week's podcast reviewing the year in movies. We break down our 5 worst movies of the year, our biggest surprises and disappointments, and finish off with our respective top 10 lists.
Jan 21, 2014
Inside Llewyn Davis
Ranking very high on our "Most Anticipated" list for 2013 was the Coen Brothers' latest collaboration, set in the early 1960's Greenwich Village music scene. Join us as we discuss Inside Llewyn Davis and compare it to the rest of the Coen's filmography. We also talk some exciting news regarding Star Wars 7 and celebrate the 20th anniversary of an abundance of classics released in 1994.
Jan 15, 2014
As we round out 2013's offerings and begin to determine our final "Best of 2013" lists, we take time to discuss Spike Jonze's contribution. Does it elevate his career? Is this Joaquin Phoenix's best work? We go in depth and talk all things Her as well as reflect on this past weekend's Golden Globe Awards.
Jan 14, 2014
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
We kick off 2014 with some news on a Paul Blart sequel (thanks a lot, America) followed by the disastrous 47 Ronin and a serious turn for Adam Sandler. Movie news wraps up with a pair of men being admitted into our gallery of American Treasures. The second half of the show brings with it an in depth analysis of Ben Stiller's divisive film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and a blistering dose of weekly recommends.
Jan 07, 2014
The Wolf of Wall Street
We were fortunate that Martin Scorsese's latest film was released in 2013 after an excessive amount of editing. Where does The Wolf of Wall Street rank amongst Scorsese and DiCaprio's best work? Is this film Oscar worthy? We go in-depth and discuss it as well as the Golden Globe nominees for TV and Matthew Perry's unfortunate return to the small screen.
Dec 31, 2013
American Hustle
We return from our brief Christmas vacation to discuss yet another film in contention for the spotlight of awards season, David O. Russell's American Hustle. We talk whether it deserves the award, which performances stood out, and its various issues as a movie. We also reflect on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's spectacular year at the box-office.
Dec 31, 2013
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
The show begins with a reveal of the top 10 grossing films of 2013 which, of course, leads directly into a discussion about Fast 7's new release date. Some news regarding Batman vs. Superman & Wonder Woman has us bumming hard but the momentum is regained with a debate about which actors deserve the title American Treasure. In the second half of the show, it's all Anchorman 2 but be warned: there be (funny) spoilers.
Dec 24, 2013
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
This week we spend our obligatory Fast & Furious segment discussing the direction of the films as they move forward without Paul Walker. Later we delve into Quentin Tarantino's newest project, a bit of superhero movie casting news, and drool over the new Godzilla trailer. In the second half of the show, we jump headlong into the realm of Middle Earth with a detailed breakdown of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
Dec 18, 2013
In this brief episode, we discuss the many merits of Alexander Payne's filmography, specifically his latest picture Nebraska. We also seize the opportunity to use this occasion for plenty of Will Forte/MacGruber talk.
Dec 17, 2013
Out of the Furnace
Down a man with Richard out of town, we are rallying in his absence with a brief discussion of Disney's Frozen, the state of animated films, and the 3D "gimmick." We then take a look at Scott Cooper's Out of the Furnace and rant on a number of performances ranging from the good to the laughable (we're looking at you, Forest Whitaker). Stay tuned for a pair of high-quality TV recommendations at the episode's conclusion.
Dec 11, 2013
Dallas Buyers Club
On this week's episode, we lament the death of one of Mad About Movies' chosen sons, Paul Walker, and discuss the future of the Fast and Furious franchise. Later, we turn our sights to the ever-changing cast of Jurassic World with a brief tangent into Wes Anderson talk. The focus shifts to the outstanding film Dallas Buyers Club and "The Year of McCounaghey."  Stay tuned as always for some excellent recommendations at the end of the episode.
Dec 04, 2013
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
One of the most successful and entertaining new franchises in Hollywood is Lionsgate's Hunger Games, with its second installment making a solid statement at the box-office. This week we discuss all things The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, talk about whether it succeeds as a movie and as a literary adaptation, and where it belongs among this year's best blockbusters. We also discuss some news regarding MacGruber 2, X Men: Days of Future Past, and Full House returning to TV?
Nov 27, 2013
12 Years a Slave
On this episode we take time to discuss Steve McQueen's 12 Years A Slave, which centers on a free man from the north who is mistakenly sold into slavery. This picture features some of the most hard-to-watch and controversial material of any film in 2013. Join us as we attempt to put into words the impact of this film both culturally and artistically.
Nov 27, 2013
Since we all grew up in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX and call it home, it's only fitting to recognize the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This week we discuss 2013's star-studded Parkland, a telling of the events of that fateful day. We also briefly talk Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sandman, the trailer for Aronofsky's Noah, and reminisce on the first 50 episodes of Mad About Movies.
Nov 21, 2013
Thor: The Dark World
This week we focus our effort's on Asgard and Marvel's Thor: The Dark World, the latest addition to the Thor franchise and continuation of Marvel's Cinematic Universe Phase 2. We debate where it belongs in the studio's stellar output of films and discuss Marvel's newly announced Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones series' as well as say goodbye to an old friend: Blockbuster Video.
Nov 13, 2013
Ender's Game
The big-screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card's classic sci-fi novel is finally here. This week we go in-depth and discuss Ender's Game and whether or not it works as a film. We also talk rumors regarding Star Wars 7, the Workaholics guys making a movie, the childhood classic book series Captain Underpants on the silver screen, and break some exclusive news on Avatar 2. 
Nov 06, 2013
The Counselor
Ridley Scott has chosen to enter an area of cinema typically dominated by directors like the Coens and Paul Thomas Anderson, assembling an A+ cast for a drug-trafficking drama written by novelist Cormac McCarthy. Is this is a step in the right direction for Scott? Join us as we discuss The Counselor, news regarding Jurassic World, Star Wars 7, and Tom Hanks as The Flash?
Oct 30, 2013
Carrie (2013)
We honestly do enjoy great films, but some just make us bloody angry. Join us as we attempt to justify the remake of horror classic Carrie, this time with Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. We also talk Grand Budapest Hotel, Beetlejuice 2, and debate which actors deserve the esteemed title of "American treasure."
Oct 23, 2013
Captain Phillips
There are very few experiences in a movie theater that are more fun than watching Tom Hanks be Tom Hanks. Director Paul Greengrass has teamed up with America's favorite actor to bring us a based-on-a-true-story thriller about a cargo ship getting hijacked by Somali pirates. Join us as we go in-depth and discuss Captain Phillips as well as Ant-Man/Marvel's Cinematic Universe, The Wolf of Wall Street, and our favorite awards show hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
Oct 16, 2013
It's not very often that we get to talk about a movie of this caliber. Director Alfonso Cuarón has gifted us with an absolute masterwork of cinema, one which simply must be seen to be believed. Join us as we go in-depth and discuss Gravity, Quentin Tarantino's favorite films of the year, and some news involving Star Wars 7 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Oct 09, 2013
Rants & Raves: Fall 2013 TV Pilots
Every autumn we are force-fed an abundance of new television shows that the networks desperately hope we attach ourselves to. Join us for another Rants & Raves episode as we talk all the new shows including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Crazy Ones, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, The Blacklist and more and tell you which ones should get renewed or canceled.
Oct 09, 2013
Rush (2013)
Director Ron Howard is back to the movies we love to see him make: blockbusters for adults. This episode we go in-depth and discuss the high-octane racing flick Rush and tell you why it might get mentioned a bit more come Oscar season. We also reminisce on the greatness of the 90's, including the currently non-existent careers of Pauly Shore and Brendan Fraser.
Oct 02, 2013
Rants & Raves: Breaking Bad
Arguably the best TV show in history has come to an end. Join us for a special Rants & Raves edition of Mad About Movies as we talk all things Breaking Bad, including how we thought it should have ended, where the highlights and low points are throughout the series, and where it ranks among the best dramas of all time.
Oct 01, 2013
This is easily the most uncomfortable experience we've had in a theater in 2013, but is that a bad thing? Join us as we go in-depth and discuss Prisoners, the new thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. We also briefly chat about the long-awaited Dumb and Dumber To and give our thoughts on the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards.
Sep 25, 2013
Blue Jasmine
Woody Allen continues to make interesting films. Join us for another episode as we dive deep into Blue Jasmine and talk all things Woody, as well as discuss some of the most financially successful directors in Hollywood.
Sep 18, 2013
The Spectacular Now
On this episode we take a look at the indie coming-of-age drama The Spectacular Now starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. Does the movie make us miss high school or make us glad its over? We give our review and talk James Spader in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the upcoming Jurassic World, and the greatness of Mr. Jimmy Kimmel.
Sep 16, 2013
Vin Diesel is back as nocturnal space junkie Richard B. Riddick, attempting to revive yet another franchise from the early aughts. Can Diesel do it again? We give our review of Riddick and discuss why we think more sequels should or shouldn't happen. Also, we reveal news for Star Wars 7 and Independence Day 2, but mainly just talk Diesel.
Sep 11, 2013
Rants & Raves: Summer 2013 Recap
The much-anticipated summer movie season has come and gone for 2013. Join us for another special LIVE Rants & Raves edition of Mad About Movies as we give our Best & Worst lists and recap this year's blockbusters. We also talk some Star Wars 7 and SNL casting rumors as well as some new trailers.
Sep 05, 2013
The World's End
The comedy tandem of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright are back on top of their game. Join us this week as we break down the brilliantly entertaining third film in their 'Cornetto Trilogy' The World's End. We also share our thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman, The Newsroom finally coming around, and Olbermann's return to ESPN. 
Aug 29, 2013
Kick-Ass 2
This week we attempt to break down and make sense of Kick-Ass 2, a truly shocking and appalling piece of cinema. We also finally get to rant about Now You See Me 2, Denzel's involvement in the Fast & Furious franchise, and more Star Wars 7 casting news.
Aug 21, 2013
Clear History
Larry David has blessed us all with another golden piece of comedy. In his first made-for-TV movie, LD invites Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Michael Keaton along for the ride. Join us as we discuss the greatness of Mr. David and Clear History, the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, as well as talk Bill Hader's career post-SNL and his involvement in Pixar's upcoming films.
Aug 16, 2013
We all had very high expectations for Neill Blomkamp's newest film after we loved his stellar (no pun intended) debut District 9. Did it meet our expectations? This episode we talk in-depth about Elysium and briefly discuss Vin Diesel's role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Bale possibly back in Batman/Superman, and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor?
Aug 15, 2013
The Way Way Back
Easily one of the lowest budget films of the summer movie season is Fox Searchlight's The Way Way Back. Join us as we discuss why it is also the best movie of the summer and an absolute must-see for numerous reasons. We also break down rumors concerning Batman/Superman, Star Trek 3, and Johnny Depp's "retirement" from acting.
Aug 07, 2013
The Wolverine
As lovers of great action movies, we always look forward to Marvel Studio's output. This week we break down their latest offering The Wolverine and compare it to the X:Men films that came before it, as well as predict where they go from here. We also talk breaking Star Wars 7 casting news and Ben Stiller's dramatic turn The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 
Jul 31, 2013
Comic-Con 2013 / R.I.P.D.
Every summer we get a sneak peak at the biggest upcoming movies at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Join us as we discuss some of the most buzzed-about announcements from California, as well as give a review of one of the biggest box-office flops of the year R.I.P.D.
Jul 24, 2013
Pacific Rim
Director Guillermo del Toro has given us a rare gem in an otherwise underwhelming summer movie season with his robots and aliens epic Pacific Rim. Join us as we give an in-depth review of the film as well as break down some Star Trek 3, Star Wars 7 and District 10 news. We also rant on Adam Sandler's latest concoction Grown Ups 2. 
Jul 17, 2013
The Lone Ranger
Johnny Depp and his white face paint are back for another bloated summer blockbuster. Join us as we discuss one of the biggest flops of the year The Lone Ranger and enlighten you on Disney's thought process behind making it. We also talk SNL cast news, Guillermo del Toro's Slaughterhouse Five, and briefly roast Vince Vaughn for bad career choices.
Jul 11, 2013
Monsters University
Mike Wazowski and James P. "Sulley" Sullivan are learning how to scare in the Monsters, Inc. prequel Monsters University. Join us as we break down MU and talk all things Pixar as well as discuss Prometheus 2, Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and briefly rant on Johnny Depp's career.
Jul 03, 2013
This is the End
This is the End brings together comedy's freshest faces for the ultimate movie mockumentary including Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, & James Franco. We give our review as well as discuss some news involving Independence Day 2, The Rock as a Terminator, and Vin Diesel possibly in an upcoming Marvel film.
Jun 28, 2013
World War Z
Join us as we discuss the very troubled production of Marc Forster's World War Z, the zombie apocalypse blockbuster starring Brad Pitt. Did the inflated budget help fix it's flaws? What was the original ending? We talk about it extensively, as well as briefly discuss Jim Carrey's stance on Kick-Ass 2, RDJ back for the Avengers sequels, and the newest from Scorsese and DiCaprio The Wolf of Wall Street.
Jun 27, 2013
Man of Steel
The long awaited return of the Superman franchise is here thanks to producer Christopher Nolan, writer David S. Goyer, and director Zack Snyder. There is a ton to praise and criticize about the film, which always makes for an entertaining podcast. Join us as we discuss Man of Steel, Terminator 5, Dumb & Dumber To and...Waynes World 3?
Jun 20, 2013
Rants & Raves: Arrested Development
The Bluth family are back & dysfunctional as ever. We've been waiting for season 4 of Arrested Development to arrive ever since it was canceled back in 2006. Does the show still have the "it" factor that made it a cult hit? Has the 6 year absence hurt the show? We dive into another Rants & Raves edition of Mad About Movies to discuss. We also break some news regarding MacGruber 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Jun 12, 2013
Now You See Me
This is hands down the most strongly worded episode yet of Mad About Movies. We attempt to break down the magician caper Now You See Me and discuss why a general audience likes it and why the vast majority of critics don't. We also discuss some Bond 24 and Men In Black 4 news, as well as give our first impressions on the upcoming fall TV pilots.
Jun 05, 2013
Fast & Furious 6
This has to be the most anticipated episode (in the host’s opinions) of the Mad About Movies podcast. We talk about how insane this Fast & Furious franchise has gotten (in a good way) and why on Earth it has been so successful. We also briefly discuss World War Z’s record-breaking budget and the travesty that is M. Night Shayamalan’s career.
May 31, 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness
Director J.J. Abrams is back on the Enterprise. 2009’s Star Trek was a huge success and audiences everywhere loved the freshly re-booted Starfleet. The films sequel Star Trek Into Darkness is here and attempts to up the ante from the first installment. Is it better than the original? We try our best to put our thoughts together on this overwhelming piece of cinema. We also talk about the Assassin’s Creed movie and some Star Wars 7 and Avengers 2 news in our ‘Movie News, Rumors, & Rumblings’ segment.
May 21, 2013
Rants & Raves: NBC's The Office
One of the best television comedies of the past decade has come and gone. The American version of The Office has made us laugh and cry numerous times throughout it’s incredible run. We highlight some of our favorite Office episodes and characters in this special Rants & Raves edition of Mad About Movies.
May 20, 2013
The Great Gatsby (2013)
Baz Luhrmann is back at it again. The director who has brought us such gems as Romeo + Juliet and the 1999 pop hit Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) has given us an adaptation of the Great American Novel The Great Gatsby. We try our best to give an honest perspective of this cinematic experiment. We also talk SNL cast news and the new late night talk show lineup.
May 15, 2013
Iron Man 3
Finally! The wait is over! Iron Man 3 is here! Does it live up to the hype? What does this film mean for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We try our best to break down the latest installment into the Iron Man franchise. Kent and Richard also attended an early screening of Now You See Me. Possibly best movie or worst movie ever? We give you a definite answer in our ‘Movie News, Rumors, & Rumblings’ segment. 
May 09, 2013
The Place Beyond the Pines
This week we take a look at the latest from Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper The Place Beyond the Pines, an intriguing drama centering around a stunt driver turned bank robber and the cop who is pursuing him. We also talk about Fassbender doing Shakespeare, the newest trailer for Pacific Rim, and a possible Daredevil reboot. 
May 01, 2013
The first big sci-fi epic of 2013 Oblivion is here. How high (or low) does it set the bar for the rest of the year? We discuss Tom Cruise’s career and his newest film as our chosen movie of the week. We also rant about Netflix, discuss the long-rumored Ghostbusters 3 and the unfortunate end of Futurama.
Apr 24, 2013
Throwback! Marvel's The Avengers
The summer movie season is nearly here! We re-visit last year’s biggest blockbuster The Avengers and talk about our predictions for Iron Man 3, Phase 2 of the Marvel Universe, what we think DC will do with their new franchises as well as reveal our favorite comic book movies.
Apr 17, 2013