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 Aug 5, 2019

Joe O
 Jul 22, 2019
Love Glenn Beck, his shows are super informative and at times very humorous. His cohorts Stu, Pat and Jeff add a lot of fun as well. My only complaint is too many commercial interruptions which are a destaction to a wonderful podcast.

Greg Frueh
 Jun 25, 2019
Glenn Beck has a way of blending humor and a ton of great information. I really appreciate his view of the Christian Outlook most the time...

 Jun 18, 2019

 Jun 17, 2019
Info you won't get from any news outlets. Good common sense. Listen with an open mind, then check the facts. You'll find he's right more often than not.


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Episode Date
Best of the Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 8/23/19
Aug 23, 2019
Calling Out the FBI’s “MEN IN BLACK” Comes with Consequences | Guest: Bill O’Reilly

Overstock’s CEO, Patrick Byrne, just RESIGNED after taking Warren Buffet’s advice and stating that Deep State FBI “Men in Black” were steering the Russia investigation, and it all leads to James Comey. Bill O’Reilly joins the program to give his take and discuss how Bernie Sanders’ new climate change plan is the closest thing to communism he’s ever proposed. But college kids these days couldn’t care less about politics, although bashing Trump is a different story. And the economy is flashing warning signs all over the place, so if – or WHEN – a recession hits, the media is ready to blame Trump and his tariffs. But for the rest of us, who else is there to vote for but Trump? The other options are GUARANTEED to tank the country!

Aug 23, 2019
Best of the Program | 8/22/19

The Young Turks just released the most vile speech Glenn has ever heard, mocking Dan Crenshaw for losing his eye and calling terrorists “brave soldiers.” Glenn asks what the appeal is in “running.” Also, what’s your real, lasting impact in life? Trump’s is his family. Denmark is learning that assimilating immigrants is necessary if you want to keep your country recognizable. And Business Insider recently tried to prove how easy it is to buy a gun at Walmart. Long story short, it’s not.

Aug 22, 2019
The Young Turks Are FASCISTS

Enough is enough. When the Young Turks — named after genocidal revolutionaries, by the way — mock OUR wounded servicemen and call terrorists “brave soldiers,” they’re just showing their true colors. There’s no search for truth any more among this generation of protesters, who have traded God and the peaceful nature of Gandhi and MLK for violence and outrage. The protesters in Hong Kong MUST root themselves in truth. Here are some other truths: Denmark is learning that assimilation is necessary if you want to keep your country, and Business Insider has learned that buying guns at Walmart isn’t that easy. Also, countries like Germany are starting to pay NEGATIVE interest rates on their bonds, and WE’RE worried?

Aug 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Dr. Robert Epstein & Kevin Williamson | 8/21/19

Red flag laws already exist, in a movement called MeToo. Dr. Robert Epstein discusses how the Left alienated him for researching the effects of Google’s search bias and why Google is working with China and ICE. Kevin Williamson joins the show to review his latest book, “The Smallest Minority,” about the sense of community people get from raging over politics.

Aug 21, 2019
Red Flag Laws Mean GUILTY Until Proven Innocent | Guests: Robert Epstein & Kevin Williamson

Now even Republican politicians are pushing voters to support red flag laws, but the MeToo movement already proved that people will ABUSE that power. And the word “racist” is being watered down so much that we might shrug off the warnings when a REAL racist comes along. Dr. Robert Epstein joins the program to set the facts straight on his research into Google’s search result bias and the 2016 election — and why the mainstream media is denouncing it. Kevin Williamson joins the program to discuss his latest book, “The Smallest Minority,” about why people are becoming so hysterical over politics. And should we make our whole lives political, from working at Mojo Burrito to making movies?

Aug 21, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bridget Phetasy | 8/20/19

More kids die from being left in hot cars by neglectful parents than by mass gun violence, but we aren’t looking to regulate cars or parenting. We have a constitutional right to self-defense in the face of tyrannical governments, and the likelihood of having to use it is worsening. Bridget Phetasy joins the program. Ilhan Omar has some choice words about Israel, but they’re not exactly factual.

Aug 20, 2019
Our Right to Protect Ourselves SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED | Guest: Bridget Phetasy

The Second Amendment is very clear about our RIGHT to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government, so if both sides believe one is coming, why would we give up our guns? There’s a real problem in this country, but while so many argue that it’s assault weapons, murderers, or opioids, the reality is that we’re empty inside. Bridget Phetasy joins to discuss this epidemic of depression, as well as who’s joining together to FIGHT the silencing of opinions. And politicians like Elizabeth Warren aren’t helping, but instead confusing our rights and privileges. In more crazy news, Ilhan Omar is making very strong claims against Israel, and CNN is reporting that Alaskan salmon are dying, but not at the hands of hungry fishermen.

Aug 20, 2019
The PC Culture INVASION Is Now Full-On Tribalism | Guest: Elijah Schaffer

The rage mobs strike again, and now we’re not allowed to say “INVASION.” We may be at the peak of a massively tribalistic “WE” generation, but social media could course-correct us faster than we expected. Journalist Elijah Schaffer joins the program with his FIRSTHAND look at last Saturday’s Proud Boys/Antifa protests in Portland. Long story short, instead of swinging back at oppression, we should learn from the peaceful protests in Hong Kong. And while Bill Maher HOPES for a recession, we should read the fine print and focus more on our growing debt. Corporations are also making some strange decisions: the NFL is teaming up with Jay-Z, and author Michael Rectenwald believes that Google is PUSHING for authoritarian-style constant surveillance. 

Aug 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Elijah Schaffer | 8/19/19

We need to watch our words: PC cancellation culture is everywhere, and now “invasion” is off-limits. Journalist Elijah Schaffer joins the program to discuss the violence he saw firsthand at last Saturday’s Antifa protests in Portland. Michael Rectenwald speaks on Google, corporate capitalism, and constant surveillance.

Aug 19, 2019
Ep 47 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Michael Rectenwald

Glenn and the “notorious” former NYU professor, Michael Rectenwald, both believe that Big Tech, China, and the Left share similar - authoritarian - goals. Rectenwald’s newest book, “The Google Archipelago,” explores just that. In it, he imagines a world that’s sounding more familiar each day: 5G, AI, transhumanism, constant connection to the internet, and all the possibilities that opens up – digital erasing, book burning, Revelation-style marking, and the creation of what he calls “digital gulags.” In this interview, Glenn and Rectenwald discuss the power we give to Big Tech companies, why they’re helping China control its people, and what’s in store for us. Because, as they note, evil comes dressed fashionably, saying it’s for our own good.

Aug 17, 2019
Stuffed Dummies and Water Slides? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Rabbi Daniel Lapin | 8/16/19

Hour 1 

When Fridays feel like Thursdays. Overstock CEO takes aim at Deep State; now he's being targeted. Jeff Epstein's tribute to Bill Clinton hung on his wall. Flying to Australia is the Pitts(burgh)? Stuffed dummies and loops on water slides. 

Hour 2

Bill O’Reilly joins the program to discuss his latest book and the week’s biggest stories. There is a simple solution to gun violence: Stiffen the punishment for gun crimes. Is President Trump really considering buying Greenland? Who will come out on top in the battle between “The Squad” and the State of Israel?

Hour 3 

Rabbi Daniel Lapin joins the program to provide a new perspective on Rashida Tlaib’s visit to Israel. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that appoints America as the “policeman of the world.” Why do identical twins have different fingerprints? At what point does artificial intelligence become too much for our society to function normally? Yes, socialism is mentioned in the Bible.

Aug 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Rabbi Daniel Lapin

When Fridays feel like Thursdays. It's a Bill O'Reilly Friday. Rabbi Daniel Lapin joins the program to provide a new perspective on Rashida Tlaib’s visit to Israel. 

Aug 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Charlie Kirk | 8/15/19

Former MMA fighter, bodyguard gives an alarming, cagey interview about working for Jeffrey Epstein? Charlie Kirk joins the program to re-examine a century of relentless assault on individual liberties. Let’s revisit the Statue of Liberty and what she really symbolizes.

Aug 15, 2019
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck? | Guest: Charlie Kirk | 8/15/19

Hour 1

Former MMA fighter, bodyguard gives an alarming, cagey interview about working for Jeffrey Epstein? It's "virtually impossible" that Epstein committed suicide? Overstock shares plunge after CEO says she assisted in "Russian investigation"?

Hour 2

Breaking down a really scary deepfake video raises questions about the future of free will. Charlie Kirk joins the program to re-examine a century of relentless assault on individual liberties. Why is Elizabeth Warren, a modern Woodrow Wilson, rising in the polls?

Hour 3

Glenn is optimistically pessimistic on the global economic situation. Long-term bonds were once the backbone of American economic stability, but that’s not the case any more. Let’s revisit the Statue of Liberty and what she really symbolizes.

Aug 15, 2019
The Great 'Fire' Wall of China | Guests: Ben Howe, Jason Buttrill, & Kevin Ryan | 8/14/19

Hour 1 Tiananmen Square revisited, but is anyone paying attention? Scaling China's Great Firewall. Once again, we are witnessing history in Hong Kong. MSNBC spews racist hate. Live Christmas special announcement? Mr. President, please tear down these tariffs!

Hour 2 Revisiting the Third Amendment: Are Alexa and Google Home the new soldiers being quartered in your house by big business and the NSA? ”A plan for everything” is destined to be a very bad one. Ben Howe joins the program to discuss the divide in America that transcends politics.

Hour 3 Chief researcher Jason Buttrill joins the program to discuss an ongoing saga involving the Russian probe and a woman who wasn’t a Russian spy. Kevin Ryan joins the program to share his experiences listening to the Democrats in Iowa. Why are the Democrats gravitating toward Elizabeth Warren when she’s so much like Hillary Clinton?

Aug 14, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Ben Howe, Jason Buttrill & Kevin Ryan | 8/14/19

Tiananmen Square revisited, but is anyone paying attention? Live Christmas special announcement? Ben Howe joins the program to discuss the divide in America that transcends politics. Chief researcher Jason Buttrill joins the program to discuss an ongoing saga involving the Russian probe? Kevin Ryan joins the program to share his experiences listening to the Democrats in Iowa.

Aug 14, 2019
New Colossus Needed? | Guest: Morgan Zegers | 8/13/19

Hour 1 

The New Colossus needed? Now it's send them here for the free stuff? The Democrat hopefuls leading the way at 27%. The pie doesn't fall very far from the tree. "The Pie Letters: Thoughts and Reflections on Pie and Life." 

Hour 2

As Hong Kong cries for freedom, China's red flag system is alive and well. Crimes only some people get charged for? The Second Amendment must stand.

Hour 3

Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, joins the program. What is the key to galvanizing young people against the far Left? Chris Cuomo goes bananas after being called a not-so-offensive term. The guys have a little fun interviewing reporter Troy Lynch, who went viral for all the right reasons.

Aug 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Morgan Zegers | 8/13/19

The New Colossus needed? Now it's send them here for the free stuff?  The pie doesn't fall very far from the tree?  As Hong Kong cries for freedom, China's red flag system is alive and well. Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, joins the program.

Aug 13, 2019
Best of the Program | 8/12/19

Mass gun use, by the facts. We are a sick nation. Something within us has changed. GOP supporters of the red flag laws are just taking the bacon. Radical feminist raves, "We need to kill all men." Us vs. Them Culture rules the day? Reuniting and rescuing the way only can?   

Aug 12, 2019
We Are A Sick Nation | 8/12/19

Hour 1: Mass gun use, by the facts. We are a sick nation. Something within us has changed. Symptoms of hopelessness due to fatherless families and addiction. We are being carefully taught to hate each other. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap down under?

Hour 2: GOP supporters of the red flag laws are just taking the bacon. Radical feminist raves, "We need to kill all men." Us vs. Them Culture rules the day? Killing with fingers and fingernails. Self-imposed ignorance is a human disease.  

Hour 3: Reuniting and rescuing the way only can? Heroic rescues of human slaves. Keith Ellison and IIhan Omar are two peas in a pod? Something's fishy about their relationship. 

Aug 12, 2019
Best of the Program | 8/9/19

Is President Trump approaching a watershed moment among conservatives? A Leftist thinks it’s possible to boycott everyone who is a conservative or Trump supporter. There really isn’t anything you can eat that isn’t linked to an increased risk of cancer. The latest study on sugar intake is alarming but should be taken with a grain of salt.

Aug 09, 2019
Biden’s Awkward Moments Continue | 8/9/19

Hour 1

CNN’s town hall on gun control was not a major television event. Is President Trump approaching a watershed moment among conservatives? Pat and Stu draw a comparison to Bush on immigration. Joe Biden is holding up well in the polls, but he just doesn’t stop making pathetic statements on the campaign trail. The Paris climate accord would have solved nothing, even if the science was right.

Hour 2

Leftist thinks it’s possible to boycott everyone who is a conservative or Trump supporter. How much did Hillary Clinton harm her campaign with her “basket of deplorables” comment? ICE raid in Mississippi captures 680 illegal aliens employed at food processing facilities. Why have liberals taken a stand against teaching immigrants English? The answer is quite simple.

Hour 3

There really isn’t anything you can eat that isn’t linked to an increased risk of cancer. The latest study on sugar intake is alarming but should be taken with a grain of salt. The Democrats keep on learning tough lessons in public relations, but also keep on ignoring what they’ve learned. The Dayton shooter was clearly just as evil as the El Paso killer, but nobody seems to care because he was an ANTIFA member.

Aug 09, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 8/8/19

Pat and Stu wonder if they’ll be able to trust the GOP and President Trump not to back down on “red flag laws." The president said he would rather take firearms first and go through due process second, but he’ll probably change his stance shortly. The guys have a good laugh (and maybe a cry) over a twenty-something employee who was incredibly offended by being told that there is no "p" in “hamster.” Why have the Democrats completely abandoned the (very electable) pro-life and pro-gun rights positions? And now, they're running an entire campaign on a lot of the things that were included in the suspected El Paso killer’s manifesto.

Aug 08, 2019
Overrated: Spelling and Grammar | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 8/8/19

Hour 1

Pat and Stu wonder if they’ll be able to trust the GOP and President Trump not to back down on “red flag laws." The Democrats haven’t learned a single thing over the past two years, and it could well cost them the 2020 election. The president said he would rather take firearms first and go through due process second, but he’ll probably change his stance shortly. Only a small number of people with a diagnosed mental illness are more likely to commit acts of violence. MSNBC and CNN are even more unhinged than usual, from an outlandish claim about today’s date and neo-Nazis to baiting the NRA into attending a pro-gun control spectacle. It's super easy for an organization to take credit for a boycott taking a host off the air (even if they're merely on vacation).

Hour 2

The convention of Democratic Socialists wasn’t cringeworthy for the socialism as much as for the over-sensitivity of those in attendance. Some Millennials make great employees, but some leave something significant to be desired. Pat and Stu have a good laugh (and maybe a cry) over a twenty-something employee who was incredibly offended by being told that there is no "p" in “hamster.” Even Democrats are urging the president not to support “red flag laws," though for nefarious reasons. A Harvard professor takes on Sen. Ted Cruz over tech giants manipulating voters during the 2016 campaign.

Hour 3

Why have the Democrats completely abandoned the (very electable) pro-life and pro-gun rights positions? Simple anti-gun measures like universal background checks poll well, and you don’t need to fight hard for them. Chris Cuomo’s CNN rant continued with him simply saying that it was dumb not to adopt his stance on gun control. The Democrats are running an entire campaign on a lot of the things that were included in the suspected El Paso killer’s manifesto. Some Republicans are going so far as to support a ban on “military-style weapons.” Jeff Fisher joins the program to chew the fat. Here’s your reminder that Colin Kaepernick is not out of the NFL because of his political stance; he’s unemployed because he’s a lousy quarterback. Artificial diamonds? Great. Artificial burgers? Almost great. Stu provides the latest update on the Democratic field.

Aug 08, 2019
The Red Flags' Red Glare | Guests: Scott Presler & Jeffy Fisher | 8/7/19

Hour 1 

President Trump threatens executive action on gun control, and his supporters are outraged. Kiss re-election good-bye. The Second Amendment has never been under this much threat. Which Republicans are standing for the Second Amendment?

Hour 2

Commonsense bipartisan solutions allusions? Comparing the murder rate in Lichtenstein. Baltimore Clean-Up Day with Republican activist Scott Presler. One call-for-action tweet that started it all?

Hour 3 

The settled science of racism. Fun at the Democratic Socialist national convention 2019. No pronouns for the pathetic, and safe rooms for the aggressively scented? Jeffy stops by to chew on some new donut ideas.

Aug 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Scott Presler & Jeffy Fisher | 8/7/19

President Trump threatens executive action on gun control, and his supporters are outraged. Kiss re-election good-bye. The Second Amendment has never been under this much threat. Baltimore Clean-Up Day with Republican activist Scott Presler. Fun at the Democratic Socialist National convention 2019.

Aug 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 8/6/19

Riding dirty on The Milky Way with Neil deGrasse Tyson? In the Age of Where Things happen pretty quickly? Campaigning on a pile of dead bodies. Criminal tamperer Jeffy Fisher stops by to chew some fat. The fear of traveling without plastic. Facts that don’t exist?

Aug 06, 2019
Press 4 For Fun? | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 8/6/19

Hour 1
Punished for a crime before it's committed? The selective-beliefs media are completely disingenuous. They hate Trump more than they hate guns. Unhinged and completely obsessed journalism? Waving red flags is frightening.

Hour 2
Fearing the red flag Laws? Mass shootings by the numbers, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson. Fake News: 250 mass shootings YTD? Mika Brzezinski: Mass shootings a political issue Democrats "could get some traction on"?

Hour 3

Riding dirty on The Milky Way with Neil deGrasse Tyson? In the Age of Where Things happen pretty quickly? Campaigning on a pile of dead bodies. Criminal tamperer Jeffy Fisher stops by to chew some fat. The fear of traveling without plastic. Facts that don’t exist?

Aug 06, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Williamson & Lisa Paige | 8/5/19

Mass shootings mean mass urgency in mental health. It's an epidemic. Caller Dave tells us "exactly" why you should subscribe to TheBlaze for your daily news. The thoughts-and-prayers Nazis strike. The thoughts-and-prayers Nazis strike. Lisa Paige Made Me Do It?

Aug 05, 2019
No Prayers For You! | Guests: Kevin Williamson & Lisa Paige | 8/5/19

Hour 1

Mass shootings mean mass urgency in mental health. It's an epidemic. The killer's manifesto(s): the part the media doesn't want you to know. Caller Dave tells us "exactly" why you should subscribe to TheBlaze for your daily news.

Hour 2

The thoughts-and-prayers Nazis strike. Kamala Harris, Beto, and other Democrats pile on the politicize-the-shooting bus. "The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics" with National Reviews Kevin Williamson. 

Hour 3

Gun laws around the world are a joke. Australia and New Zealand are horrible examples, but let's discuss? Fighting over guns with Mrs. Stu Burguiere. Lisa Paige Made Me Do It joins to share her social media hostilities from friends, family, and foes.

Aug 05, 2019
Stupidity and Hysteria Abound | 8/2/19

Hour 1 
What the hell is going on in Puerto Rico? ...The media is flipping out over the Dems bashing President Obama's record. The left is begging Michelle Obama to run. Joe Biden gets backlash for calling Kamala Harris 'Kid'? ...The World's Top 50 Thinkers of 2019?

Hour 2
Saudi Arabia goes progressive. Women can now move about without men? Recalling the time when Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner banned sex? No condom for you! Heaps of hysteria for the masses. ...No dodge ball for you!?

Hour 3

Great news! The NFL season is back with exhibition games. ...Kamala Harris on eliminating employer base insurance. ...LBJ was not only a terrible president, but a terrible human being as well ...Smart cars aren't so smart? ...Fun with fast food?

Aug 02, 2019
Best of the Program | 8/2/19

The media is flipping out over the Dems bashing President Obama's record. The left is begging Michelle Obama to run. The World's Top 50 Thinkers of 2019? No Condom for you!? Great news! The NFL season is just around the corner.

Aug 02, 2019
Watching, While Vomiting Profusely? | Guests: Jeffy Fisher & Jim Geraghty | 8/1/19

Hour 1 Round 2: Poor punching bag Biden. Fake outrage all around. Dipping into the Kool-Aid the way only Cory Booker can, only to find out it's Roundup? Breakout Bill de Blasio: "Evening the score" while "taxing the hell out of the wealthy."

Hour 2 Sunshine, unicorns, and yodeling. Why are Democrats always trashing doctors? "Kirsten Gillibrand is the worst"?? Jeffy steps by to chew some fat. Cop vs. Woman: Who won?

Hour 3 Flashback 1999: Elijah Cummings says Baltimore is "drug-infested." When Tulsi calls out Kamala? Last night's debate grades are in: Stu tells us who passed and who failed. "Between Two Scorpions" with author Jim Geraghty.     

Aug 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jeffy Fisher & Jim Geraghty | 8/1/19

Round 2: Poor punching bag Biden. Fake outrage all around. Dipping into the Kool-Aid the way only Cory Booker can. Jeffy steps by to chew some fat. "Kirsten Gillibrand is the worst"?? Cop vs. Woman: Who won?  "Between Two Scorpions" with author Jim Geraghty.

Aug 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 7/31/19

Where are all the moderate Democrats? Angry Bernie Sanders was the winner. The Pete Buttigieg problem(s)? Stu revisits the men's and women's pay gap in U.S. soccer, and the numbers don't lie. Yodeling with Marianne Williamson.

Jul 31, 2019
Deny and Sustain | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 7/31/19

Hour 1

Where are all the moderate Democrats? Green New Nightmare is ahead of us if one of these Democrats wins. These are not your father's Democrats. They are ignoring what Americans want. Angry Bernie Sanders was the winner.

Hour 2

The Pete Buttigieg problem(s)? Mocking Christians won't win elections. Rats take over live TV. Variables and pay gaps. Stu revisits the men's and women's pay gap in U.S. soccer, and the numbers don't lie.

Hour 3

Why and how manipulating the public's opinions works. Where's Andrew Yang? Yodeling with Marianne Williamson. The rehabilitation of Al Franken is happening right before our eyes. By the way, what ever happened to Christine Blasey Ford?

Jul 31, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 7/30/19

Mayor Pete has a problem with African-American voters: He's at 0%. I am a woman; you are a trans woman. And that distinction matters. Flashback to 2015: President Obama describes the woes of Baltimore. CNN calls out Trump's history of "infest" as racist dog whistle. Moderate Democratic hopeful John Delaney calls for a mandatory national service plan for young adults. Transitioning the Fat with Jeffy Fisher.

Jul 30, 2019
Currently Transitioning | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 7/30/19

Hour 1

Mayor Pete has a problem with African-American voters: He's at 0%. I am a woman; you are a trans woman. And that distinction matters. Major update on the 2019 Women's U.S. Soccer Team. Stu is currently transitioning. 

Hour 2

Flashback to 2015: President Obama describes the woes of Baltimore. CNN calls out Trump's history of "infest" as racist dog whistle. The rats on the street all dance 'round my feet. Good morning, Baltimore! 

Hour 3

Moderate Democratic hopeful John Delaney calls for a mandatory national service plan for young adults. That's called forced labor. Transitioning the Fat with Jeffy Fisher. Saudi Arabia is in talks with investors on a $500 billion mega city. 

Jul 30, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Brian Riedl & Jeffy Fisher | 7/29/19

We are all immunity by skin color. Fun with alphabetical racism & rocket science. Everybody loves Peyton Manning, but for how much longer? City rat infestations by the numbers. New budget deal puts final nail in the Tea Party coffin with Brian Riedl. Chewing the Fat with Jeffy

Jul 29, 2019
Immunity By Skin Color | Guest: Brian Riedl | 7/29/19

Hour 1 We must stop accusing each other of racism. Now, saying names of cities is racist. President Trump is an Equal opportunity offender ...Everybody loves Peyton Manning, but for how much longer

Hour 2 The Media's Mental gymnastics is a clinical illness. Bias and Obsessed with Donald Trump. All of sudden Baltimore is The Happiest Place on Earth. City rat infestations by the Numbers ...Nerdiest sexual assault in history 

Hour 3 New budget deal puts final nail in the Tea-Party coffin with National Reviews Brian Riedl. America's deficit chickens are coming home to roost. President Donald Trump ran on being the 'King of debit' ...Stu chews the fat with Jeff

Jul 29, 2019
Ep 46 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Christopher Kohls ("Mr. Reagan")

Glenn sits down with the creative mind behind the viral video that exposed AOC as a political “actress.” Christopher Kohls, better known as “Mr. Reagan,” once took a crack at Hollywood, only to settle for YouTube fame. In this interview, Mr. Reagan brings his unique blend of creative storytelling, Ronald Reagan-era conservatism, and journalism to the year’s biggest stories. Hear of his struggles with online censorship, the opportunistic nature of capitalism, and – of course – the Justice Democrats: why they formed, what they’re doing, and how the Democratic civil war fits right in.

Jul 27, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeffy Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 7/26/19

Happy Racistversary Glenn Beck! The Media 2009 and The Media 2019. Sewn together like Frankenstein. It's a Bill Sensi O'Reilly Friday and he's predicting an uprising. Remembering Why Glenn call President Obama a Racist. 

Jul 26, 2019
Happy Racistversary Glenn Beck! | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 7/26/19

Hour 1

Glenn set the trendsetting racist ways. It's been 10 Years Since Glenn called President Obama a 'Racist'. The Media 2009 and the Media 2019. Glenn's Best friend Pat Gray recalls the horrors of the event ...Sewn together like Frankenstein

Hour 2 

Bill O'Reilly remembers thinking the Forces of Evil were just given a cannon. Sensi O'Reilly was there to help Glenn trend set entire way. Befuddled Mueller's unfair investigation blew up in his face. Dissing on Ricky Martin

Hour 3 

Happy Racistversary Glenn Beck! Good times in remembering Why Glenn call President Obama a Racist ...Glenn is heading to Australia, to help free slaves while fearing the most dangerous spiders on earth 


Jul 26, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Alan Dershowitz | 7/25/19

Fun with a Unmitigated Disaster. The Dream of Impeachment Is over. Tips of the Icebergs on IIhan Omar. Alan Dershowitz Cannot Stop Talking.

Jul 25, 2019
Their Dream Is Over | Guest: Alan Dershowitz | 7/25/19

Hour 1 Muller's testimony was a Unmitigated disaster and the Democrats are losing it. The dream of impeachment is over. Muller deflected over 180 times ...What is a Liberal in 2019 ...Jeffrey Epstein is not partying with the Buffalo Bill cheerleaders in jail ...Watch The Omar Bunch on 

Hour 2 Tips of the Icebergs on the IIhan Omar story. She won the seat Keith Ellison once held. Threes Company Also and The Omar Bunch only on 

Hour 3 All of this is a lie with Alan Dershowitz. Weighs in on The New York Magazine article, Alan can't stop talking. Alan's continued fight of False allegations of sexual conduct. It's a Open and Shut case. I am being silenced 

Jul 25, 2019
Nap Time with Robert Mueller | Guests: Tom Fitton, David Steinberg & Justin Haskins | 7/24/19

Hour 1 Nap time with Robert Mueller. Glen and Stu's long awaited play-by-play of the political snoozefest ...IIhan Omar Special Tonight on BlazeTV ...Hank Johnson, the dumbest congressmen speaks ...Louie the bulldog Gohmert has been released 

Hour 2 Judicial Watch files house ethics complaint against Rep. llhan Omar over potential immigration, Marriage, tax, and Student Loan Fraud.Tom Fitton joins to discuss ...Brotherly Love and IIhan Omar with journalist David Steinberg 

Hour 3 Hypocritical socialist Bernie Sanders wants more pay for workers. Justin Haskins joins to explain how Bernie and AOC are cut from the same socialist cloth ...The Squad are squeaking again and this time we're all Islamophobes

Jul 24, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tom Fitton, David Steinberg & Justin Haskins | 7/24/19

Hank Johnson, the dumbest congressmen speaks. Ethics Complaints on Omar with Judicial Watches Tom Fitton. Brotherly Love and llhan Omar with David Steinberg. Cut from the same cloth with Justin Haskins 

Jul 24, 2019
The Cupboard is Bare | Guests: Pat Gray, Alexander Hammond, & Stephen Kent | 7/23/19

Hour 1 It's confirmed, Ilhan Omar is a anti semite ...Hold on let me refer to my documents ...Pat Gray wonders if Tom Brady a bad dad ...Boris Johnson, the man of the people wins the day. No Plan Brexit straight ahead 

Hour 2 Waxing franks and beans, and other bits and pieces. Services denied to transgender woman in Canada ...Boris Johnson Becomes Prime Minister with Young-Voices Alexander Hammond. Boris and Trump sentiments abound 

Hour 3 Slippery slopes are progressive plays in their bureaucratic play book ...Rashida Tiaib spews her democratic socialism for all, all over the place. Spread the Wealth Around, flashback, Joe the Plumber meets Barack Obama ...Behold The Millennial Nuns with Stephen Kent 

Jul 23, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Alexander Hammond & Stephen Kent | 7/23/19

Prepare yourself for The BlazeTV's IIhan Omar Special. Pat Gray wonders if Tom Brady is a bad dad. Waxing Franks and Beans. Boris and Trump, One In The Same with Alexander Hammond. Behold The Millennial Nuns with Stephen Kent

Jul 23, 2019
If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say... | Guest: Alexander Hammond | 7/22/19

Hour 1 A New nationwide poll says it all ...Getting the nasty Iranian snakes off our plate ...The Media's Friday news dump in review ...Civil unrest is coming, meanwhile they are still talking about Bob Muller ...The Loudest Voice, Glenn talks Roger Ailes

Hour 2 Boris Johnson is just a ketchup stained shirt wearing guy who farts ...Our many differences in defining fairness. ...Glenn tells us what Mr. Ineloquent really means when he says it ...Fun with llhan Omar 

Hour 3 Boris Johnson a Path to Prime Minister with Young-Voices Alexander Hammond. What can Americans expect. He's very popular with conservatives ...Why is Stu comparing things to The Beatles ...Believing Al Franken

Jul 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Alexander Hammond | 7/22/19

A New Nationwide Poll says it all. The Loudest Voice, Glenn & Roger Ailes, then and now. What Mr. Ineloquent Really Means. Fun with llhan Omar. Boris Johnson a Path to Prime Minister with Young-Voices Alexander Hammond 

Jul 22, 2019
Ep 45 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Gavin McInnes

Advisory: Mature Content | Glenn sits down with a man he finds incredibly hilarious and well-read. Gavin McInnes and Glenn Beck have been in the news together over the last year, and almost every story has gotten it wrong. So in this interview, they discuss the elephant in the room. The co-founder of VICE and VICE magazine, Gavin McInnes made millions until the company decided that he was "too offensive" for VICE. Now he is a comedian and founder of FreeSpeech.TV. Get ready to hear a human tornado as Gavin unpacks his biography and history.

Jul 20, 2019
One Small Step, One Special Salute | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 7/19/19

Hour 1 Happy 50th Anniversary Apollo 11.Thank you space program. Hello microwaves and iPhones ...Glenn takes us down to Paradox City ...Revelation and the Mark of the Beast in 2019

Hour 2 President Trump is not a racist with Bill O'Reilly. Racism is the easiest smear card of the media. America is not buying the Media's racist smear and they are very nervous. Bill says, Beware of the Biden/Kamala ticket 2020 

Hour 3 Shooting for the moon means different things to different people. Changing Lives and trajectories. Glenn tells us the story of Tony & Melissa. An Army families tragic moving truck fire burns everything ...Medicare will never be for all

Jul 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 7/19/19

Happy 50th Anniversary Apollo 11. Thank you Space Program. Revelation and the Mark of the Beast in 2019. President Trump is not a racist with Bill O'Reilly. 

Jul 19, 2019
Madness Or Miracles | Guests: Bill Whittle, Jamie Kilstein & David Steinberg | 7/18/19

Hour 1 Elon Musk and the Mark of the Beast is a big hit in Sweden. It's all about Adopting The Minority Report. We are being Fed like dogs through algorithms ...Peter Thiel accuses Google of working with Communist China on AI

Hour 2 What We Saw, Apollo 11 Documentary, with host Bill Whittle. A four-part series, transport in time and understand what Apollo 11 felt like to the millions of Americans who lived through it ...Top Secret Cold War Nuclear plans revealed 

Hour 3 Leaving the Social Justice Cult with comedian Jamie Kilstein. If we talked to people like we talk to people online, with ...Breaking News on llhan Omar with PJ  Media's David Steinberg

Jul 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill Whittle, Jamie Kilstein & David Steinberg | 7/18/19

Mark of the Beast is a big hit in Sweden. We're all being fed like dogs through algorithms. What We Saw, Apollo 11 with author Bill Whittle. Top Secret Nuclear War plans revealed. Leaving the Social Justice Cult with comedian Jamie Kilstein. Breaking News on llhan Omar from PJ Media's David Steinberg 

Jul 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Ezra Levant & David Mellor | 7/17/19

Racist don't live in NYC and hang out with Jesse Jackson. Malcolm X was right about Liberals. USA Poll Insanity with Stu. Rebel Media's Ezra Levant joins to discuss Tommy Robinson & Censorship. One Base At A Time with author David Mellor. 

Jul 17, 2019
You Don't Change The Thing You Love | Guests: Ezra Levant & David Mellor | 7/17/19

Hour 1 

Glenn does not think President Trump is a racist. Racist don't live in NYC and hang out with Jesse Jackson. America's New Democrats are Socialists who want to burn it all down. And the Media is helping ...Malcolm X was right

Hour 2

USA Today Poll Insanity with Stu. Racist or Not to be Racist, That is the Question .The Historian who should be ashamed of himself ...Tommy Robinson and Censorship with Rebel Media's Founder Ezra Levant 

Hour 3

One Base At Bat A Time with David Mellor. How I Survived PTSD and Found My Field of Dreams. Hit by cars that caused French fry flashbacks. The heroism and compassion of service dogs. The history of the lawnmower revealed. 

Jul 17, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Alberta & John Solomon | 7/16/19

Glenn urges Hollywood to stop changing the stories for political correctness. American Carnage with author Tim Alberta. The Tale of Two llhan's, explained. More bad news for the Bidens with The Hill's John Solomon. Glenn reveals the show that nobody's watching.

Jul 16, 2019
Diversity, The Death of Us | Guests: Tim Alberta & John Solomon | 7/16/19

Hour 1 

Glenn urges Hollywood to Stop changing the stories for political correctness. ...American Carnage with author Tim Alberta. On The Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump

Hour 2

The Tale of Two llhan's, the shady and sketchy past of llhan Omar ...Stu, the In House Numbers Geek, tells us who the heck Joe Sestak is. Bye the way, there's an all out war in the Democrat Party 

Hour 3

The Hill's John Solomon joins Glenn to continue their discussion on the shady dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden ...If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it, says Joe Biden in 2019 ...The show that nobody's watching

Jul 16, 2019
A Call For Action Begins Today | Guests: Tim Ballard, Nancy & Leo Martin | 7/15/19

Hour 1 Pluralism is the death of us. Glenn's call for action begins today. Find out who is trying take down All conservative media. A Constitutional crisis is at hand while the Global agenda continues ...Pat Gray's 2 ways to confront the silencing 

Hour 2 Stand by, #SocialMediaSlavery is coming. reveals just how stupid our government thinks the American people are. The Left are Setting the guard rails for Free Speech. The New World Order is on the move for 2020 

Hour 3 The Nazarene Fund update, with Tim Ballard from The Saving children from human slavery ...Stories of truth that are told the way they actually happened ...The stupidity of llhan Omar continues

Jul 15, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Ballard, Nancy & Leo Martin | 7/15/19

Glenn's call for action begins today. Find out who is trying to take down all conservative media. Stand by, #SocialMediaSlavery is coming! reveals just how stupid our government thinks the American people are. The Nazarene Fund update, with Tim Ballard from

Jul 15, 2019
Ep 44 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Brad Thor

Glenn sits down with who many people call "the Master of Thrillers", Brad Thor. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author nineteen thrillers, including Spymaster, The Last Patriot, Blowback, Foreign Influence, The Lions of Lucerne, as well as his very first book, "Backlash" which was named by Barnes & Noble as one of the best political thrillers ever. Reading his books has been described as being in a time machine one year before an event happens. Today, Glenn talks with Brad about his writing and how closely his novels of international intrigue parallel the real threats facing the world today. 

Jul 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Charlie Kirk | 7/12/19

Best of the Program | 7/12

The goings of Heidi Fleiss? - h1

Plenty of  A Holes in NYC - h1 

Miserable But Happy (w/ Bill O'Reilly) - h2 

The Social Media Summit (w/ Charlie Kirk) - h3 

Jul 12, 2019
What Would Jesus Do? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Charlie Kirk | 7/12/19

Hour 1 The goings of Heidi Fleiss revisited ...There's an Abundant Amount of A Holes in NYC. Glenn has a What Would Jesus Do moment on a NYC elevator ...Broadway show advice from Glenn, what not to see ...Even Osama Bin Laden saw The Wizard of Oz 

Hour 2 Miserable but Happy with Bill O'Reilly. Bill knows someone who knows Jeffery Epstein. Donald Trump is looking pretty good in all of this. It's official, there was a Witch hunt on Kavanaugh lead by a very dangerous Kamala Harris 

Hour 3 The Social Media Summit at The White House with Turning Point USA 's Charlie Kirk joins ...Everyone Is Too Serious Today ...Humble dad's daughter preforms with The Millennial Choir on Broadway ...A tipping point to a brighter tomorrow

Jul 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Ken Paxton, Andrew Wilkow & Philip K. Howard | 7/11/19

Best of the Program | 7/11

Nobody Wants War - h1 

Gay Woke Fading - h1

Taken Down Obamacare (w/ Ken Paxton) - h1 

News of the Week (w/ Andrew Wilkow) - h2

Try Common Sense (w/ Philip K. Howard) - h3

Jul 11, 2019
Nobody Wants War | Guests: Lt. Gov Ken Paxton, Andrew Wilkow, & Philip K. Howard | 7/11/19

Hour 1 Nobody wants war, including Iran. Sanctions is the strategy while Peace through war. America is the best of friends at peace, but the worst of enemies at war  ...UK Poll says Gay wokeness is fading ...Lt. Governor of Texas, Ken Paxton joins to discuss his states Unconstitutional Obamacare Lawsuit. Border in crisis explained

Hour 2 Andrew Wilkow joins Glenn with News of the Day. Big Tech Censorship, The Border Crisis and Tommy Robinson. Beware of the Neutral Left. Jeff Bezos is The Lawmower Man. We'll All be Riding the Google Trains to Amazon Jobs 

Hour 3 Try Common Sense with author Philp K. Howard. Replacing the Failed Ideologies of Right and Left, Rules and regulations are replacing our freedom. Mechanism for accountability has been lost. No one is thinking for themselves

Jul 11, 2019
Nubs of of Sophistication | Guests: Michael Rectenwald & Ami Horowitz | 7/10/19

Hour 1 Global Catastrophe possible ...Are Texans awake yet to becoming a Blue state. Glenn thinks so, Pat Gray doesn't ...Colonel Sanders in a tux heading to a Broadway show ...Blacks are not backing Biden ...It's a Cat fight 

Hour 2 The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom with author and Clinical Professor, Michael Michael Rectenwald joins. Becoming everything they despise. Living in a algorithm world.  It's 1984 in China and Toronto Canada is next 

Hour 3 Filmmaker Ami Horowitz joins to discuss his new Documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood. Their plans to infiltrate our government is underway. A super power they are not but a terrorist group in the making. It Takes guts to be Trump

Jul 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Michael Rectenwald & Ami Horowitz | 7/10/19

Best of the Program | 7/10 

Global Catastrophe possible - h1 

About to Be Blue? - h1 

Google Archipelago (w/ Michael Rectenwald ) - h2 

Documentary 'Muslim Brotherhood' (w/ Ami Horowitz) - h3

Jul 10, 2019
The Big Pay Back Is Here | Guests: Dave Isay & Michael Shellenberger | 7/9/19

Hour 1 Big Trouble for some of our 'favs'. Many big names are set to be implicated. The Jeffry Epstein and Bill Clinton connection ...What was considered conspiracy then, is now all truth ... Locked up for licking 

Hour 2 Democracy Lost Online with Dave Isay, Founder & President of StoryCorps joins ...We're becoming a country of peaceful felons ...Conversations you think are private are not. It's time to get off Facebook, says co-founder of Apple

Hour 3 Time Magazine's 'Hero of the Environment', Michael Shellenberger joins to to talk HBO's Chernobyl. A very terrifying show that doesn't tell the truth. Nuclear power is a must to combat 'climate change' Nuclear power is safe for society 

Jul 09, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Dave Isay & Michael Shellenberger | 7/9/19

Best of the Program | 7/9 

Big Trouble for 'Favs'? - h1 

Locked Up for Licking - h1 

Love & Kindness Once Again? (w/ Dave Isay) - h2

Time To Get Off Facebook - h2

The Nuclear Lie? (w/ Michael Shellenberger) - h3

Jul 09, 2019
Freedom Still Rings | Guest: Pat Gray | 7/8/19

Hour 1 Thrilled to be Live from New York, It's Glenn Beck. Mobbed by a anti-Trumper ...Pat's Discectomy was a super success ...Glenn's daughter is playing Carnegie Hall ...Living in the world they created, while messing up the bed they made 

Hour 2 Things are adding up to trouble ahead. Meanwhile, the economy is roaring. Class warfare still reins in 2019 ...UN says Venezuela is slaughtering all it's political enemies ...The Left is coming for our Air Conditioners because they are sexist 

Hour 3 Everything Is Blown Out of Proportion. Racism and Classicism on high in 2019 and nothing makes sense anymore ...AOC defends a Nazi ...The latest Jeffery Epstein news is just the media gearing up for another attempt to take down Trump.

Jul 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Pat Gray | 7/8/19

Best of the Program | 7/8

Forever Freedom - h1 

Discectomy Success (w/ Pat Gray) - h1

They're Coming for Our Air - h2 

Everything Is Blown Out of Proportion - h3 

The Media's Trump Take Down, Part 2 - h3

Jul 08, 2019
Declaration of Dependence Day | Guest: Dan Andros | 7/5/19

Hour 1 The Left are any thing but independent. Biden blunders and all the other ones running ...National Anthem fails of all time. R Kelly and Fergie flashbacks ...Live on air a earthquake in Los Angeles 

Hour 2 History on display from a shoe salesman. Not talent ass clown Colin Kirkpatrick ...Betsy Ross is now a racist and forget about ever watching Dukes of Hazard again ...Logical arguments are becoming extinct

Hour 3 Persecuted for making fun of members of congress ...Drink or not to drink from the toilet. AOC continues to lie about the crisis at the border ...Democratic Congresswoman, says people should be prosecuted for making fun of members of congress., Dan Andros joins to expand

Jul 05, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Dan Andros | 7/5/19

Best of the Program | 7/5

Far from Independent? - h1 

Fun with National Anthem Fails - h1

History on display from a shoe salesman - h2

Persecuted for Making Fun? (w/ Dan Andros) 

Jul 05, 2019
Best of the Program | 7/4/19

The Best of the Best of on The Glenn Beck Program 

Jul 04, 2019
A Lot To Be Learned | Guests: Abby Johnson, Andy Ngo, & Charlie Kirk | 7/3/19

Hour 1 Securing our rights while Holding on to America through it's original documents. Declaration of Independence and the Constitution revisited. Holding on to our Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness 

Hour 2 Bottles To The Border with Abby Johnson. A Combined effort from the Pro-Life movement to help families at the border ...Glenn thinks parades are fun however, Stu thinks parades suck ...Harnessing love with miracles 

Hour 3 Andy Ngo, the journalist who was brutally attacked by Antifa joins the show ...News of the Day with Turning Point USA host Charlie Kirk. Being American is now partisan. AOC is the epitome of today's college prototype. Fear Google

Jul 03, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Abby Johnson, Andy Ngo & Charlie Kirk | 7/3/19

Best of the Program | 7/3

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, Revisited - h 1

Bottles to The Border (w/ Abby Johnson) - h2

Brutally Attacked By Antifa (w/ Andy Ngo) -h3

News of the Day (w/ Charlie Kirk) - h3 

Jul 03, 2019
Assaulted By Pupils | 7/2/19

Hour 1 AOC and Britney were unsafe and Assaulted by pupils at the border ...It's Official, England has turned bat crap crazy ...Now the Left is going after Betsy Ross while Colin Kaepernick is back on the attack at Nike ...Americas Most Dangerous Dems

Hour 2 The Kamala Surge is in full effect. Joe Biden is down but not out, yet ...The future of America, Politically by the numbers. Millennials are leaning Socialist ...Super nests found in Alabama. Be on the look out for Killer yellow jacket bees 

Hour 3 Stu & Jeffy's personal touch will be available Friday. Meanwhile, Pat Gray is doing well after back surgery ...Showtime releases a Fair and Balanced movie about Fox News Roger Ailes ...Bad move Blockbuster

Jul 02, 2019
Best of the Program | 7/2/19

Best of the Program | 7/2 

Assaulted by Pupils at the Border - h1

Betsy Ross vs. Nike? - h1 

The Kamala Surge? - h2

Who Watches Network TV anymore? - h3

Jul 02, 2019
When Laws Don't Matter | Guest: Bridget Phetasy | 7/1/19

Hour 1 When Laws don't matter. Portland Oregon is under siege by lawless anarchy. Antifa assaults journalist and conservatives ...Glenn takes Calls from concerned Portland Oregon listeners ...Family we keep in the basement 

Hour 2 Hopefully trending with writer, Bridget Phetasy. Here to talk Andy Ngo Antifa Attack, Self-Censorship, Comedians & Political Correctness. Valued opinions don't matter anymore. Bat crap crazy while alone a room

Hour 3 Shifting Polls already. Biden plunges in the polls after last weeks debate, while Kamala rises. Misunderstanding Pao Pot and the moderate Left ...What will our history say about us. 12 Score & 3 Years Ago The Unfinished Promise of Unity,

Jul 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bridget Phetasy | 7/1/19

Best of the Program | 7/1 

When Laws Don't Matter? - h1 

Angry in Portland? - h1

Self-Censorship While Hopefully Trending? (w/ Bridget Phetasy) - h 2 & 3 

12 Score & 3 Years Ago The Unfinished Promise of Unity,   - h 3

Jul 01, 2019
Ep 43 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Noah Rothman

This week, Glenn is joined by author Noah Rothman who wrote the book, "Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America" to discuss the rise of the violent American Left and its ties to Russia. 

Jun 29, 2019
Insanity Verses Reality | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Nick Di Paolo | 6/28/19

Hour 1 In a field of All Marx Bros while Harnessing love. Flashback, President Obama addresses the humanitarian crisis at the border in 2014 ...Donald Trump dominated last night. ...Only Carly was able to dismantled Trump 

Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly Monday Morning Quarterbacks Democratic debates. Bernie Sanders is done, all money is still on Biden. Kamala Harris the nights Sleeping Giant. 'Team virtuous' is Biden/Harris in 2020 who will campaign against Satan

Hour 3 A Breath of Fresh Air with Comedian Nick Di Paolo. The Nick Di Paolo Show airs on Sirus XM. Comedy is becoming the counter culture and underground. President Trump is an all time favorite

Jun 28, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Nick Di Palo | 6/28/19

Best of the Program | 6/28

In a Field of Marx Brothers - h1 

Flashback President Obama Border crisis 2014 - h1 

Hyperbolic Bill O'Reilly - h2   

A Breath of Fresh Air (w/ Nick Di Palo) - h3 

Jun 28, 2019
First of Many Freak Shows | Guests: Joanna Mendez, Josh Hammer, Tim Pool, & Mark Skousen | 6/27/19

Hour 1 New Buzz words we're born at last night Democratic freak show debates. Elizabeth Warren declares a National Health Emergency and Cory Booker wants your guns. Julio Castro supports trans-abortions? African-Trans-American person born

Hour 2 The Moscow Rules with author Joanna Mendez, a former Chief of disguise with over 25 years of experiences as a CIA officer working on Moscow ...SCOTUS Rulings with the Daily Wire's, Editor-at-Large, Josh Hammer.  'US Citizen' blocked from the 2020 census ...Pop In at the Pop Up Museum

Hour 3 Google Bias & Censorship with Journalist Tim Pool. Picking off people with opinions one-by-one. Pro-Trump forum gets pulled from Reddit. Far Left forums are encouraging gun violence and double standards. Too late to leave the Matrix...Freedom with Mark Skousen 

Jun 27, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Joanna Mendez, Josh Hammer, Tim Pool & Mark Skousen | 6/27/19

Best on the Program | 6/27

Buzz Word Debates - h1

The Moscow Rules (w/ Joanna Mendez) - h2

SCOTUS Rulings (w/ Josh Hammer) - h2 

Google Bias & Censorship (w/ Tim Pool) - h3

Freedom Fest Dot Com (w/ Mark Skousen) - h3 

Jun 27, 2019
What Worked Then, Won't Work Now? | Guest: Mark Bowe | 6/26/19

Hour 1 The media heads back to the well. Digging up rape allegations against the President that are not creditable. Sandy calls in to discuss her deadly assault by Donald Trump ...The difficulties of rape at a Bergman Dorffman 

Hour 2 What's in store for the first Democratic debate tonight. Who's leading the way, besides Biden. Things that worked for politicians before, won't work now ...Ted Cruz takes on a busy Google executive ...12 Score and 3 Years Ago at

Hour 3 Glenn calls on Mark Bowe of Barnwood Builders for professional advice on his ranch in Idaho. Restoring America's barns across America's Heartland ...False media narratives on the border ...Elizabeth Warren may be the sleeping Giant

Jun 26, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Mark Bowe | 6/26/19

Best of the Program | 6/26 

Back to the Well for Lies - h1

Sandy, a victim of Donald Trump calls - h1

Besides Biden? - h2

12 Score and 3 Years Ago with  - h2 

Barnwood Builders Dot Com (w/ Mark Bowe) - h3 

Jun 26, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Brad Thor & Rebecca Sharibu | 6/25/19

Best of the Program | 6/25

Wiping out Conservatives one click at a time - h1

Backlash (w/ Brad Thor) - h2 

Fun with Fake Joe Rogan - h2

Christians in Crisis (w/ Rebecca Sharibu) - h3

Jun 25, 2019
Deleting Truth, One Click At A Time | Guests: Brad Thor & Rebecca Sharibu | 6/25/19

Hour 1 Project Veritas exposes, Google Algorithm is Wiping out Conservatives one click at time ...Bad back news for Pat Gray. Woman delivers baby on way to the hospital and her husband films it all. Pat gives the dramatic play-by-play 

Hour 2 Backlash with author, Brad Thor. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of nineteen thrillers, Russia has developed it's own 5G network and it sucks. We are being flooded by Russian propaganda ...Fun with Fake Joe Rogan Dot Com

Hour 3 Pleading for help from hell. Christian women are being slaughtered in Africa by the Islamic state. Rebecca Sharibu Mother of Leah Sharibu, her Daughter, Leah, was kidnapped by Boko Haram joins to plead to America for help. Why isn't Ilhan Omar doing anything to help ...More Trump rape allegations coming

Jun 25, 2019
Let Your Freak Flag Fly? | Guests: Pat Gray & Aaron Watson | 6/24/19

Hour 1 Chaos and compassion are currently battling it out.  ...Media continues to pile on Trump and it seems to never end ...Pat Gray delivers the Democrats Top 3 complaints of President Trump ...Trump is the gayest friendly President ever

Hour 2 Joe Biden compares Trump's election to high-profile assassinations of MLK and Robert Kennedy. Biden's holding on to his 'race cards'. Mental gymnastics with Cory Booker who's buddies with Louis Farrakhan ...Let your freak flag fly 

Hour 3 Country Music artist, Aaron Watson joins to talk about his New album 'Red Bandana". The song '58' is a tribute to those killed at the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Left Wing, Right Wing it takes both wings for flight

Jun 24, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray & Aaron Watson | 6/24/19

Best of the Program | 6/24 

We're Pretty Much Done?  - h1 

Trump Media Pile On? (w/ Pat Gray) - h1

Biden's Playing His Race Cards Already - h2 

'Red Bandana' with Country Music Star Aaron Watson - h3 

Jun 24, 2019
Ep 42 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Blake J. Harris

Glenn sits down with Blake J. Harris, best-selling author of "Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation," which is currently being adapted for television by Legendary Entertainment, and producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Scott Rudin. He has written for ESPN, IGN, Fast Company, and the AV Club as well as makes a regular appearance on Paul Scheer's "How Did This Get Made?" podcast. His latest book, "The History Of The Future: Oculus, Facebook and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality" which details his inner workings at Facebook. However, due to the political nature of the book, Harris was blackballed from interviews subsequently burying this bestselling author at 33,000 and after joining Glenn on his radio program, he skyrocketed up all the way up to No. 3. In this interview, Blake J. Harris reveals a truly shocking story about Mark Zuckerberg and what really happened to Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR.

Jun 22, 2019
War Drums Drumming? | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 6/21/19

Hour 1 Preparing for War with Iran. President Trumps threatens Iran, then calls it off. President Donald Trump is acting like Ronald Reagan. The Lefts 'war monger' label won't work here. Implementing then acting are two different things 

Hour 2 Beatnik Bill O'Reilly Friday and war with Iran. Freedom on both sides and pop the head of the snake. What does America want to do with Iran. Total sanctions are coming soon. AOC is constantly lies and this is just the beginning for Biden

Hour 3 Eating Round Up to get cancer, by the numbers with Stu. The Average daily intake to get cancer. California standards for all ...ABC News is finally investigating the Biden family. Joe Biden is being Hillary Clinton'ed by the media

Jun 21, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 6/21/19

Best of the Program | 6/21

- Preparing for War? - h1

- Implementing vs Acting?  -h1 

- Taken Punches with Bill O'Reilly - h2

Jun 21, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Arthur Herman & Mayor Don McLaughlin | 6/20/19

Best of the Program | 6/20 

- Chuck Gets Brave? - h1

- Reparations Come Roaring Back - h1

- History Taught They Way It Should Be? (w/ Arthur Herman) - h2 

- Texas Border in Crisis? (w/ Mayor Don McLaughlin) - h3

Jun 20, 2019
Justice Upside Down? | Guests: Arthur Herman & Mayor Don McLaughlin | 6/20/19

Hour 1 Chuck Todd gets brave. Rips AOC and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who won't condemn ...CNN Don Lemon says Trump is Hitler. House Hearing explodes as Coleman Hughes trashes Reparations bill. Sins of the past to cripple our future 

Hour 2 History the way in should be taught with Historian Arthur Herman. Reparations and what they mean to history moving forward, beyond politics. Compromise is becoming a thing of the past

Hour 3 What is really happening at the Texas/Mexico border. Mayor Don McLaughlin joins to tell us. Small border towns are strapped with the flood of illegals ...Chinkers needed, to build bacon and sausage log cabins

Jun 20, 2019
Death By Stupidity? | Guests: Christine Stein & David Barton | 6/19/19

Hour 1 He's just not good at this. Joe Biden is not Barack Obama when it comes to campaigning. CNN Sucks! and they are not happy about ...Words of Radio Wisdom from Don Imus

Hour 2 A License In Stupidity. AOC compares the border crisis to 'concentration camps' and people are not happy. Concentration Camps will come back if we don't educate ourselves

Hour 3 Donald Trump isn't perfect, but he seems to be doing what he said he would do. President Trump is a fighter ...Historian David Barton joins to discuss the real history of human slavery, that continues to flourish in 2019

Jun 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Christine Stein & David Barton

Best of the Program | 6/19 

- He's Just Not Good At This? - h1 

- CNN Sucks! - h1 

- A License In Stupidity? - h2  

- Climbing Out Of The Wreck (w/ Christine Stein) - h2 

- This Precarious Moment (w/ David Barton) -h3

Jun 19, 2019
Desperate for a Revolution | Guests: Pat Gray & Brad Thor | 6/18/19

Hour 1 Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up. His Campaign is already in panic mode ...Pat Gray thinks God has a beef to pick with Jeffy. Enough Girth to move the earth

Hour 2 'Backlash' and the list of books he thinks should be preserved. Author, Brad Thor joins. We've become intellectual and spiritual lazy. The Bible, The Federalist Papers just to name a few... ...Pro Gun kid has his Harvard acceptance, revoked. Everything will haunt them forever

Hour 3 American Farmers are in crisis. First Drought, Now there's too much rain ...Home on the range with Horny Bulls and rental Buffalo's. A Fixer Upper he ain't ...The slave trade is alive and well in 2019 ...Flashback: You Can Keep Your Health care

Jun 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jeffy Fisher & Brad Thor | 6/18/19

Best of the Program | 6/18

- Biden Instigates? - h1

- God vs. Jeffy Fisher (w/ Pat Gray) - h1 

- Intellectually & Spiritually Lazy? (w/ Brad Thor) - h2 

Jun 18, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/17/19

Hour 1: World War III will be fought with ones and zeroes, not bombs and guns

Hour 2: President Trump fires pollsters after disastrous poll numbers are leaked to the Press

Hour 3: The Democratic Socialists just don't know what happened to every socialist experiment tried thus far

Jun 17, 2019
The Looming War of Ones and Zeroes | 6/17/19

Hour 1:

President Trump criticizes a New York Times report that reveals America’s response to the threat of Russian cyber-attacks against the U.S. power grid …Vladimir Putin was spot-on when he said that World War III will be fought with ones and zeroes …Don’t keep giving power to different authorities when it comes to homeland security …You don’t actually own the songs or movies that you buy from iTunes – Those files can be erased at will by the rights-holder … Could politically incorrect books, songs and other media be wiped out in one fell swoop? …Glenn returns to the 1994 Family Proclamation, an affirmation of marriage being between a man and a woman and that the family plays a central role in God’s plan.

Hour 2:

The President has fired his team of pollsters after polls showing him losing to several Democrats were leaked to the media …Elizabeth Warren is another Hillary Clinton, with one exception, she doesn’t hide her radical socialist policies …The high-end Democrats will support Joe Biden because he’s traditional, but America doesn’t want another traditional candidate …Digital erasing is much more effective than book burning – When’s the last time anyone has heard from Alex Jones? …Who will be the casualties of history amid the politically correct onslaught from the Left?

Hour 3:

We knew it all along that the Democratic Socialists would come out of the woodwork, and now their radicalism is getting them elected …None of our nation’s youth have learned about the failure of the Soviet Union or the socialist experiments that took place (and failed) in America …Glenn returns to his conversation with Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay about atheism and new-age religion …In this new age, hate speech is blasphemy, privilege is depravity, and “woke-ness” is being born again …Why is no one looking at the big picture of cryptocurrency? It’s all the influence of institutional money.

Jun 17, 2019
Ep 41 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | James A. Lindsay & Peter Boghossian

Glenn sits down with both James A. Lindsay, an author, and mathematician as well as Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of Philosophy at Portland State University. These two men along with their associate Helen Pluckrose spent 10 months writing 20 hoax papers that illustrated and parodied what they call "grievance studies" and submitted them to "the best journals in the relevant fields." Out of these 20 papers, seven of them were accepted, four were published online, and three were being processed. Being dubbed as "Sokal Squared", this hoax has been applauded by several scholars for unmasking what they called academe's leftist, victim-obsessed ideological slant and low publishing standards. If you're worried about the state of culture in this country, if you're curious of the inner workings of the world of academia, and you're fed up with the increasing authoritarian ideology from the left or from the right, this podcast is for you. 

Jun 15, 2019
Why Worry, It's Not Gonna Happen? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Charlie Kirk | 6/14/19

Hour 1 Glenn explains Why to worry about things that are not going to happen. Ebola is on our border and no one seems to care. A lesson from Chernobyl, HBO's latest must see ...Dedicate yourself to truth because the cost of lies are too great and In the End there is always Hope 

Hour 2 Nobody is watching them, with Bill O'Reilly. Cable news ratings nosedive, it's all burning down right before our eyes. President Trump is a very smart guy who gets underestimated and trusts no one. Bill explains why he's so much smarter than you ...Great gift Ideas for a Conservative Dad. Mercury One Pop Museum Tour 

Hour 3 Charlie Kirk, Founder & President at Turning Point USA, joins to discuss The Electoral College and what it means to the voter. Millennial's are beginning to rise up and fight ...Subjective Truth is not being allowed on college campuses anymore ...Deplatforming is modern day book burning

Jun 14, 2019
Time To Cut The Cable? | Guest: Mike Chase | 6/13/19

Hour 1 CNN is in full crisis mode as the Cable News death spiral continues. Ratings take a nosedive. It's Time to 'Cut the Cable' and join BlazeTV ...Big Tech continues to pick off, purge and demonetize ...Islamophobia Pat joins to talk Ebola immigrants that were just dumped off in TX

Hour 2 'How To Become A Federal Criminal' with author, Mike Chase. A white collar criminal defense lawyer. By night, he's a legal humorist. Laws on the book that most people don't know about ...Unsustainable debit has to stop or we are done

Hour 3 Gay Pride Rainbow flag backlash. Gay cultural history is already being changed and the gay community isn't happy. Donald Trump is the most 'gay friendly' President ever ...Reparations from All white people ...Bye-bye Electoral College means bye-bye Republic 

Jun 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Mike Chase | 6/13/19

Best of the Program | 6/13

- Cable News death spiral continues - h1

- Pick off, Purge and Demonetize - h1 

- 'How To Become A Federal Criminal' (w/ Mike Chase) - h2

- The Most Gay Friendly? - h3 

Jun 13, 2019
Will America Make It? | 6/12/19

Hour 1 Truth, Justice and the American Way is waning. The Simple Life without the Hard work. America is Never perfect but it's always striving ...The Bill of Rights is our only way out ...Pat Gray is loving him some Trump. Sleepy Joe fires back. President Joe says he will cure cancer 

Hour 2 Polling the 2020 Democratic 'Chancers' with Stu. Elizabeth Warren is gaining momentum, meanwhile Joe Biden is really good at losing races. Bidens 'moderately  messaging', is so 2016. Bernie seems to be burning out, already!

Hour 3 Deep faking the fakers. New and Improved Deep Fake videos. Will play a roll in the next election. Seeing will not be believing ever again ...The History of Slavery. Over 40 million people are enslaved in 2019. Join

Jun 12, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/12/19

Best of the Program | 6/12

- Will America Make It? - h1

- 'President' Biden' says he will cure cancer - h1

- Power ranking the Chancers? -h2 

Jun 12, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/11/19

Best of the Program | 6/11

- Killing we need to defend? - h1

- You Can't Sell That? - h1

- Fun with changing the Wording - h2

- They're Sorry and He's Thankful? - h3

Jun 11, 2019
Steering Them Into Belief? | 6/11/19

Hour 1 'Killing we need to defend.' How radical has the feminist Left become. Abortion is all about business. Meanwhile, in New York it's against the law to, dewclaw your cat ...Ebay won't let Glenn sell his art ...The Radio Hall of Fame nominees are...

Hour 2 Fun with changing the Wording on Polls. Intellectual discussions are non-existent from both sides ...Revisiting popular conspiracies and hoaxes. What Americans really believe

Hour 3 YouTube comes out Apologizing. While, Steven Crowder comes out being thankful. Steering them into belief ...Dogs are Liberals and Cats are Conservatives ...Tragic helicopter crash in NYC yesterday. Flashback 1977

Jun 11, 2019
Picked Off, One by One? | Guest: Pat Gray | 6/10/19

Hour 1 The Making of a YouTube Radical. Meanwhile the rest of social media are picking off conservative voices, one by one ...Life lessons as Glenn Beck, the dad. Just trying to be a good dad 

Hour 2 Democratic polls by the numbers. Biden, Bernie lead in Iowa but support shrinks. Beto Battles in Waterloo and it's not looking good. Just another day closer to President Trump's Re-election ...Bernie Sanders is full of BS 

Hour 3 The Most believed Conspiracy Theories in the United States. Brainwashed by Chem trails. It's just water vapor. The Illuminati and Climate change are just a hoax. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Healthy skepticism is necessary 

Jun 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Pat Gray

Best of the Program | 6/10 

- The Making of a YouTube Radical? - h1

- Just another day closer to Re-Election - h1 

- Bernie Sanders is full of BS? - h2 

- The Most believed Conspiracy Theories in the US? - h3

Jun 10, 2019
Ep 40 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ami Horowitz

Glenn talks with American documentary filmmaker, Ami Horowitz who is also running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. He is a wirter, producer, and director of Ami on the Streets, a satirical short film series on Fox News and he also co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in a documentary in 2009 providing a critical examination of the United Nations. Today, Glenn and Ami Horowitz discuss putting party over country and how sad it is that we’re dealing with anti-Semitism in this day and age.

If you'd like to learn more about Ami's campaign policies or if you'd like to be a donor for his campaign, click here:

Jun 08, 2019
Digitally Ghettoized? | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 6/7/19

Hour 1 Publisher or platforms. Going Globally digital. China is going through 1984, do it or die. Generations of tyrants ...Biden buckles again, to the Left on abortion 

Hour 2 The Bubonic Plague is coming to Los Angeles. Glenn goes to bat for Steven Crowder, Bill disagrees while Glenn educates. The four pillar policy of President Trump explained. Talking him down from tariffs. A Deal is waiting to be done 

Hour 3 Flashback Radio fun with Glenn & Pat. Fun with Motel mom. Pat Gray was beautiful in a dress ...Responsible Dad Glenn gets cryptic ...Young girl causes pandemonium at city meeting when she says abortion is murder and compares it to slavery 

Jun 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 6/7/19

Best of the Program | 6/7

- We Are Being Digitally Ghettoized? - h1 

- Driving Through Tunnels (w/ Bill O'Reilly) - h2 

- Fun with Radio Flashbacks? -h3

Jun 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steven Crowder & Terrence Williams | 6/6/19

Best of the Program | 6/6

- Conservative Voices are Going Away? - h1

- Steve Crowder Joins to Talk Censorship - h2 

- Black Conservative Comedy (w/ Terrence Williams) - h3 

Jun 06, 2019
Demonetized and Done? | Guests: Steven Crowder & Terrence Williams | 6/6/19

Hour 1 Conservative Voices are Going Away. Steven Crowder, The Blaze and folks associated are being blocked online. Angry and Nervous Blaze Sr. Editor Leon Wolf gives the low down. We're all on the chopping block. Watch BlazeTV for Free

Hour 2 Steven Crowder joins to talk YouTube censorship and free speech. A Clarion call for those who like freedom. The loudest screamers are winning. Corporate censorship and dishonest business practises. Safe and queer spaces for all. Publisher or platform, that is the question 

Hour 3 Comedian Terrence Williams joins to discuss the news of the day from a black conservatives perspective. The effects of the political climate on mainstream comedy. America is still the greatest country in the world for comedy ...Licking cakes while painting 10 hour memes

Jun 06, 2019
Lucky In The Lotto of Life? | Guests: Lara Logan & Susan Crockford | 6/5/19

Hour 1

Another depressing story from a Lotto Jackpot winner. More bad luck for comedian Tracy Morgan. Wrecked his brand new rare Bugatti in NYC ...Pat Gray has a bone to pick with Lou Dobbs. The media is already turning on Joe Biden 

Hour 2

World famous journalist Lara Logan joins to report about the immigration crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. The mainstream media is not reporting the entire truth. The important stories we are not hearing. Speculation is not reporting

Hour 3 

Licking cakes with skank Miley Cyrus ...Dutch court allows teenager who was raped by two men to legally end her life ...Obama lies keep coming ...The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened with Susan Crockford. Tragedy porn and the great climate hoax. Filming lies then attributing with actual sources 

Jun 05, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Lara Logan & Susan Crockford | 6/5/19

Best of the Program | 6/5

- Don't Count Your Fortune Cookies? - h1

- Pat Gray has a bone to pick? - h1

- Stories from the Texas-Mexico Border (w/ Lara Logan) - h2 

- The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened (w/ Susan Crockford) - h3

Jun 05, 2019
The Twisted World We Live In? | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeremy Dys | 6/4/19

Hour 1 Your Carbon footprints by the numbers ...Pat Gray and where ever Free podcast are sold. Temptations of decades past ...Those weird and wacky British. The Queen was delightful to President Trump ...Liberal cities have become unlivable 

Hour 2 Banned for comedy. Steven Crowder is for forced to apologize ...On the verge of Socialism. Who are the puppet masters behind Bernie Sanders. It's worse in New Jersey then it is in Venezuela. Blaze TV and 

Hour 3 The Biggest disaster since World War II. Venezuela continues plummet. Where Bitcoin should be the currency of choice ...Judge reverses jury's decision regarding Christmas display in Ohio. Deputy General Counsel at First Liberty Jeremy Dys joins to explain this 'rare' judgment

Jun 04, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeremy Dys | 6/4/19

Best of the Program | 6/4

- Counting Carbon Footprints? - h1

- Pat Gray and Those Weird and Wacky British - h1 

- Banned for Laughing - h2 

- Reversing Judgment? (w/ Jeremy Dys) - h3 

Jun 04, 2019
Half Gone and Not Coming Back | 6/3/19

Hour 1 A Nuance stance on impeachment ...Glenn is headed for divorce because, no one is right one hundred percent of the time ...The End game to the left ...President Trump couldn't of been nicer

Hour 2 The Bill of Rights and Bernie Sanders, both can't work together ...You do what you want, just don't tell me what to do ...A George Soros and Hillary Clinton kind of war ...YouTube investigates Steven Crowder for hate ...Bum-rushing Kamala 

Hour 3 Real Rifts in the Democratic Party. Booed for not being a Socialist. The Left are crossing their Rubicon. The Democrats as we know it are over. Charred earth of the Democratic city leaderships past ...Thank you Texas Governor Greg Abbott 

Jun 03, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/3/19

Best of the Program | 6/3

A Nuance Stance on Impeachment - h1

- He Couldn't of Been Nicer - h1

- Both Can't Work Together? - h2

- Steven Crowder's War? - h2

- Their End is Near? -h3 

Jun 03, 2019
Ep 39 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Bridget Phetasy

This week, Glenn sits down with the very funny Bridget Phetasy who is a former Playboy Advisor and is now presently a Comedian/Writer. She contributes to a variety of other outlets including Tonic, the Federalist, MEL Magazine, & many other online publications. As a stand-up comedian, she tackles a lot of important issues from a comedic perspective and in this episode, they talk about the problem of self-censorship, banking institutions choosing whose money they want, and Bridget also gets really raw about her past struggles and some of the tragic things that she has been through in her journey. 

Jun 01, 2019
The Closing of Our Hearts | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Mark Levin | 5/31/19

Hour 1 Handing over our burdens to God. The art of empathy ...Disney threatens to boycott Georgia but partners with China, which puts Muslims in internment camps. OK with killing their future audience ...To Boycott or Not to Boycott 

Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly is back and ready to sail away. Once again 'Due process' is under siege. Bill talks about his recent call from President Trump. "Robert Muller hates me" The 5 Godzilla movies before. Technological elites in bed with government

Hour 3 FBI tapes allege MLK watched rape, says the democratic socialist author. Tapes to be released by 2027. Release them now before we have the ability to deep fake them. Just a movement to destroy the 'individual' ...'Unfreedom of the Press' with 'The Great One' Mark Levin joins Glenn

May 31, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Mark Levin | 5/30/19

Best of the Program | 5/31

- Disney Wants to Kill Their Audience? -h1

- Bill O'Reilly is Ready to Sail Away? -h2

- FBI tapes allege MLK watched rape? -h3

- 'Unfreedom Of The Press' (w/ Mark Levin) - h3 

May 31, 2019
Manipulated to Give Up? | Guests: Andy McCarthy, Joe Bastardi, & Cliff Maloney | 5/30/19

Hour 1 Just 1,400 puppet masters are controlling the masses. ...Globalist Cocoon Elite Left Lunacy. CNN's Chris Cuomo is working out his planks ...Pat Gray challenges 'sleepy' Joy Behar ...The Amazing transformation of Howard Stern 

Hour 2 Andy McCarthy joins to breakdown what Muller said at yesterday's press conference. Impeachment, Do Americans have the stomach for it. This is all about not 'liking' Trump ...The states Pro-Life Democrats live. Killing all the way to birth 

Hour 3 The Climate Chronicles with meteorologist Joe Bastardi. "Green New Deal is a recipe for economic disaster that would hurt every American." Tornadoes by the numbers ...Bowling into insanity while being a poster child for socialism. Cliff Maloney from Young Americans for Liberty  joins. Venezuela, gone wrong

May 30, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Andy McCarthy, Joe Bastardi & Cliff Maloney | 5/30/19

Best of the Program | 5/30 

- 1,400 Puppet Masters -h1

- Pumping Up Planks with Douglas Clisterman? - h1

- Pat Gray vs. Joy Behar -h1

- Muller Press Conference, the Breakdown (w/ Andy McCarthy) -h2

-The Climate Chronicles (w/ Joe Bastardi) -h3

- Poster Child for Gun Control? (w/ Cliff Maloney) -h3

May 30, 2019
Climbing to Insanity | Guests: Chris & Emily Norton | 5/29/19

Hour 1 Paying to climb to your death ...Missouri's last abortion clinic is about to close. Safe rare and illegal to Shout Your Abortion. Arrogance will be their undoing. Netflix and their deal with the devil ...The Seven Longest Yards with Chris and Emily Norton 

Hour 2 Justin Amash challenges President Trump, the greatest Showman. The art of spinning 'truth' to your favor ...More than just a 'trade war' with China. Leading the way on 5G. Praying for President Trump and those around him 

Hour 3 Bob Mueller finally speaks. "No charges, Investigation is over." However, Russia is trying to interfere in our elections. Nothing new here. The quest for the Definitive with no smoking guns ...Watch BlazeTV for Free Now

May 29, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Chris & Emily Norton and Jason Buttrill | 5/29/19

Best of the Program | 5/29

- Climbing to Death? -h1

- From Safe & Rare to Shout? -h1

- The Seven Longest Yards (w/ Chris & Emily Norton) - h1

- China's Acts of War are Underway? (w/ Jason Buttrill) - h2 

- It's Finally Over? -h3

May 29, 2019
A Case of the Mondays? | Guest: Suzanne Grishman | 5/28/19

Hour 1 Drugs slipping out of butts while shooting testicles ...Pro-Trump art is all the craze and the Left is losing it. Pro-Trump artists live in hiding. Glenn unveils his newest Pro-Trump art  ...EU 'centrists' losing big while Brexit party surges 

Hour 2 American farmers are in crisis. Mending fences while building walls of order ...Holy 'sheep lightening' a Massive Tornado rips through Dayton Ohio and is on the ground to help. Give your help to 

Hour 3 Shaving while woke. Proud dad teaches daughter slash son how to shave ...Supreme court goes the good way on 'fetal remains'. Senator Mike Pence to the rescue on third trimester tragedies. Just a game of 'ovary billiards'

May 28, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Suzane Grishman | 5/28/19

Best of the Program | 5/28

- It's Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday? -h1

- Living in Hiding? -h1 

- On the Ground to Help? (w/ Suzanne Grishman) -h2 

- Shaving While Woke? - h3

- Going the good way? -h3

May 28, 2019
Best of the Glenn Beck Podcast | 5/27/19
May 27, 2019
Ep 38 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Jocko Willink

Glenn talks with Jocko Willink who is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book "Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win", and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. Jocko spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, starting as an enlisted SEAL and rising through the ranks to become a SEAL officer. As commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the battle of Ramadi, he orchestrated SEAL operations that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the US Army’s First Armored Division bring stability to the violent, war-torn city. During his career, Jocko was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and numerous other personal and unit awards. In 2010, Jocko retired from the Navy and launched Echelon Front with Leif Babin where he teaches the leadership principles he learned on the battlefield to help others lead and win.

May 25, 2019
Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, Jeffy Fisher & Jason Buttrill | 5/24/19

Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, Jeffy Fisher & Jason Buttrill | 5/24/19

May 24, 2019
The Truth About The "American Taliban" | 5/24/19

Hour 1:

British Prime Minister Theresa May announces her impending resignation …What is the allure of a parliamentary system that can result in an election at any time of the year? … The New York Times is going to bat for “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh …The pre-9/11 political climate led some people to look the other way on the Taliban, but it was no secret that they were an oppressive terror regime …Jason Buttrill, who was part of the leading thrust of the American invasion of Afghanistan, joins the program to shed some light on who Lindh really is …Why have conservatives and liberals completely switched positions on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? …Perhaps the best thing for the pro-life movement would be President Trump giving the Left a taste of its own medicine.

Hour 2:

If you take a video clip of Nancy Pelosi and slow it down, it sounds like she’s drunk. But what if you play said clip at normal speed? …The Democrat field is essentially one big protected group, because if you disagree with them, you’re being racist …The rise and fall of Beto O’Rourke – How did his popularity wane so quickly? …There is no wiggle room on the Second Amendment, but that isn’t stopping Beto from proposing a ban on semi-automatic weapons sales …Bill de Blasio has entered the race for President – New Yorkers will tell you how much they hate his guts …Stu reveals that almost half of the Democrat field is currently getting zero percent of the vote.

Hour 3:

St. Thomas University of Minnesota is being kicked out of their Division III athletic conference for – wait for it – being too good …Competition isn’t about everyone getting a trophy, it’s about lifting everyone up through both winning and losing …Harvey Weinstein has settled a number of the cases in which he has been accused of sexual misconduct …Aladdin with Will Smith? Movie theaters with beds? Banks that are also cafes? … ‘Chernobyl’, the HBO mini-series, paints a grim and accurate picture of socialist society against the backdrop of the nuclear cataclysm in 1986 …Nuclear energy is not dangerous, nuclear energy being operated in a socialist state is.

May 24, 2019
Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere & Mark Levin | 5/23/19

Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere & Mark Levin | 5/23/19

May 23, 2019
What on Earth is a Flickering Pulse?! | Guest: Mark Levin | 5/23/19

Hour 1:

American citizen-turned-Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh is due to be released after spending seventeen years in prison …Are there certain crimes for which you should never get out of prison? …Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls those who took her claims about humanity's imminent peril due to climate change seriously as having “the social intelligence of a sea sponge” …Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer appeal to President Trump for $2 Trillion in infrastructure spending …Why are so many on the Left fighting for high-speed rail? …Stu says that, even on their best day, trains just can’t compete with planes.

Hour 2:

NPR updates its guidelines for talking about abortion …It’s all part of a larger effort to deny science by downplaying the significance of a fetal heartbeat …How often do “partial-birth abortions” actually happen? …Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) claims that the new abortion laws being implemented across the country “criminalize women for simply existing” ...“Pregnancy kills, abortion saves lives” – That’s not satire, that’s from The New York Times …Why has the Left been completely overcome by science denial? What on Earth is a “flickering pulse”?! …Caller asks why brain activity isn’t discussed in abortion debates – If someone is legally dead after it stops, why isn’t someone alive when it begins? …Many individuals who call themselves “pro-choice” have a stricter stance on abortion than Republican lawmakers.

Hour 3:

Mark Levin, host of LevinTV, joins the program to discuss his new book ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ …There is almost no freedom of thought in newsrooms – The news cycle is nothing but groupthink …President Trump has not attempted to manipulate the press through abuses of power like Kennedy and Johnson did …Pat is tired of America being “the world’s policeman” and attempting to introduce democracy to people who don’t want it …Managing war is an exercise in central planning – Such exercises usually don’t work very well …Three cheers for Chick-fil-A and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott …Jeffy Fisher is living healthy in 2019, but the same can’t be said for another Blaze Media host …Kamala Harris continues to harp on the “gender pay gap” as part of her campaign, but she’s hiding something in that regard.

May 23, 2019
Robocallers, Scammers, and Spammers... OH MY! | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

Hour 1: It seems like it's not okay for you to believe in life... No place for a pro-life person in the Democratic party... Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) wants to make sure women have basic civil rights when it comes to abortion... Mayor Pete says Roe V. Wade should be the framework for abortion... It seems like Kamala Harris is still trying to be relatable to the Millennial voters in a CNN 'Candidate Mixtape' segment... A clever way to get the left to save the unborn.

Hour 2: Tech companies tracking their customers... Robocalls, scammers, and spammers... oh my!... FCC on the move to keep these robocalls from calling you... Who are their targets?... We take calls to see the different ways these scammers catch their prey... Stu went to a rap concert and smoked cigars at 4am? 

Hour 3: Elizabeth Warren is sticking to her wealth tax... We go over more details from Robert Smith's decision to pay for the graduating classes student debt... Why are there rotting piles of garbage in Los Angeles?... Why can't people see that states who implement socialist ideas aren't doing so well?... It seemed like Ben Carson was a bit hungry while testifying before Congress... New internet challenge... kissing cows?

May 22, 2019
Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

May 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/21/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/21/19

May 21, 2019
Pat Takes Revenge on the Metric System | 5/21/19

Hour 1:

None of the plethora of Democratic candidates will tolerate any limit on abortion – Pat finds that staggering …Is Alyssa Milano even a C-List celebrity? Jeffy says the answer is yes ...94-year-old WWII veteran will parachute into Normandy on anniversary of D-Day …ESPN President admits that sports fans tuned into his network don’t want to hear about divisive politics …How can a species be labeled as “functionally extinct”? Are one million species really on the verge of going extinct? …Caller asks what the solution to China’s unfair trade practices is if tariffs are off the table …Pat gets his revenge against the Metric System.

Hour 2:

In a recent study, over 40 percent of Americans polled said that socialism in this country would be a good thing …The age of the universe is up for debate – New research suggests that the established figure may be off by as much as a billion years …Of all the people that social media giants could target for “inciting hate”, why are they going after Candice Owens for stating facts about liberal oppression? …A Canadian listener says that the hysteria over climate change is much more extreme north of the border …Pat’s Box Office: Elton John biopic 'Rocketman' is controversial for all the wrong reasons.

Hour 3:

Millennial views on free speech are really something – a large percentage of young people don’t want their feelings hurt …What did older generations do to instill a culture of “everybody deserves to win” in their children? …Hollywood “conservative” bashes the GOP – How does the conversation go from taxes to racism in the blink of an eye? …Drake is a climate change activist – and has a new private jet …Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are in a virtual tie for the lead in Iowa …The candidate currently polling third is a surprise, though …The best way for a school to combat bullying against gay students is to…bring in drag queens?

May 21, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/20/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/20/19

May 21, 2019
The Right Continues to Strike Back | 5/20/19

Hour 1:

President Trump ramps up his rhetoric on potential conflict with Iran …British Admiral says that the U.S. would need one million troops to successfully pacify Iran …New abortion bill in Missouri places a cutoff of eight weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest …The Right has been reinvigorated on the abortion issue by the Left’s callous quest for late-term and after-birth abortions …Perhaps the GOP should be looking to address the disparity in cost between adopting a child and getting an abortion …How long will it be until big movies are only released on streaming services instead of in theaters?

Hour 2:

Bernie Sanders attempts to use the salaries of baseball players to push his agenda …Multi-billionaire announces that he will spend $40 million to pay off the student loan debt of Morehouse College's latest graduating class …A Starbucks coffee cup made it to the final cut of ‘Game of Thrones’ …Pat laments about how much he hated ‘The Last Jedi’ and reveals what he dreams the next Star Wars film will be like …Fort Worth, Texas kidnapping case solved by a video doorbell and social media …Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is buying into the Leftist fad of re-writing history.

Hour 3:

Phone companies may now be permitted to start blocking spam calls before they reach customers …Have you ever been sold something that you didn’t know you needed? …Maine passes law prohibiting all public schools and universities from using Native-American themed mascots like “Indians” or “Warriors” …The state legislature did this in spite of the fact that no schools statewide currently use those mascots …Former NBA player Lamar Odom reveals in upcoming tell-all book that he has been on a wild ride over the past few years.

May 20, 2019
Ep 37 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Mike Lee

This week, Glenn sits down with Senator Mike Lee of Utah who has spent his career defending the basic liberties of Americans and Utahns as a tireless advocate for our founding constitutional principles. Senator Lee acquired a deep respect for the Constitution early on. His father, Rex Lee, who served as the Solicitor General under President Ronald Reagan, would often discuss varied aspects of judicial and constitutional doctrine around the kitchen table, from Due Process to the uses of Executive Plenary Power. He attended most of his father's arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court, giving him a unique, hands-on experience and understanding of government up close. He serves on Judiciary, Commerce, and Energy Committees and is currently the Chair of the Joint Economic Committee. He is consistently one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate and also one of the nicest and most well-liked on both sides. He is also a New York Times Best-Selling author of 3 books including his latest, "Our Lost Declaration: America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State." They talk about everything from Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution all the way to John Roberts on the Supreme Court. 

May 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeffy Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 5/17/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 5/17/19

May 17, 2019
Put the TSA at the Border? | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 5/17/19

Hour 1: President Trump outlines his immigration reform plan – Says that a merit-based system is necessary if we want the best and brightest immigrants …The Democrats were essentially conservatives on immigration in the 1990s …The TSA at the Border? Will any agents volunteer to fill such a role? …The President’s approval rating in a non-Rasmussen poll stands at 51 percent …A caller defends family members immigrating via chain migration …How long will it take for prices to rise with tariffs on the way?

Hour 2: Bill O’Reilly joins the program and starts by describing how due process is thoroughly dead …Boycotts of media personalities should be called extortions, because that’s what they are …Bill isn’t all that surprised that Brett Kavanaugh is not taking a conservative stance on the Supreme Court …The Right is fighting back on the abortion issue to defend states’ rights as much as the lives of the unborn …Bill estimates that there is a 1-in-5 chance that the U.S. and Iran engage in some form of hostilities …It’s incredibly difficult to win a trade war with China because the government in Beijing doesn’t care about its people.

Hour 3: Students’ SAT scores may soon be weighted to compensate for one’s perceived advantages …Why should Harvard be attempting to even out the distribution of ethnicities on campus? Why shouldn’t they only be admitting the best and brightest students? …A man gave birth to a stillborn baby – Actually, no, a WOMAN did! …Trying calling Planned Parenthood about prenatal care and see where it gets you …A caller reiterates that it’s not one’s socioeconomic background that determines potential as a student, it’s the values instilled in them by their parents …Alyssa Milano claims that everyone is pro-life and no one wants to get an abortion – What is she doing as an “expert” on cable news?

May 17, 2019
Summer Fun with Glenn Beck Podcast | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

Hour 1 Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism with Kevin Freeman 

Hour 2 Best Selling Author, Peter Schweizer 

Hour 3 Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson sits down with Glenn 

May 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

May 16, 2019
It's Already Happening? | Guests: Rory Sutherland & Dr. Gad Saad | 5/15/19

Hour 1 Happy Hump Day with 'Glenn Beck Super Fan' Fred Mckostraff ...Beto continues to blow it while Biden says AOC needs to 'calm down' ...Don't know much about 'Adam Smith' with Charlie Munger ...Rashida Tlaib blames 'racist idiots' for her hatred of Jews ...Exercising our American muscle

Hour 2 Texas bartender, charged for serving killer before deadly shooting spree. Her attorney joins Glenn to discuss his personal outrage ...Teenage girl defends her controversial videos ...The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands with author Rory Sutherland. Brilliant capitalism is the The art of knowing what people want 

Hour 3 Jordan Peterson mentor and marketing professor, Dr. Gad Saad joins the show. Quality of Physicians is on a decline worldwide. The silent majority in academics does exist, but they need start speaking out. The importance of elevating conversations that actually have meaning

May 15, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Rory Sutherland & Dr. Gad Saad | 5/15/19

Best of the Program | 5/15

- Happy Hump Day with 'Glenn Beck Super' Fan Fred Mckostraff - h1

- Racist Idiots are to blame? - h1

- 'She's a hero'? -h2

- Dark Art & Curious Science (w/ Rory Sutherland) - h2

- God Bless Dr. Gad Saad? -h3

May 15, 2019
New World Order Renewed? | Guests: Michael Malice, Dan Ikenson, & Ami Horowitz | 5/14/19

Hour 1 Global warming to a recession. Farmers are losing patience with President Trump tariff war with China ...Bartenders are being blamed for drunk customers. Acts heroism are now criminal 

Hour 2 The New Right with author Michael Malice. A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics. Loosely connected group of individuals, dedicated to taking over the world. Conservative Jihadi's coming together as one ...China Tariff talk with CATO Institutes's Dan Ikenson 

Hour 3 Beneficiaries from a China US trade war. Apple App store monopoly continues to grow ...Senator Mike Lee discusses his relationship with President Trump. "I will be voting for him in 2020"...Finally, a 2020 Democratic candidate comes on the show with Glenn

May 14, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Michael Malice, Dan Ikenson & Ami Horowitz | 5/14/19

Best of the Programs | 5/14

- Warming To a Recession - h1 

- Acts of Heroism are Now Criminal - h1 

- The New Right (w/ Michael Malice) - h2

- China Tariff Talk (w/ Dan Ikenson) - h2

- First Time Ever (w/ Ami Horowitz) - h3 

May 14, 2019
Dangers of Dehumanizing | Guest: Dave Isay | 5/13/19

Hour 1 Breaking from Bette Midler sex. The actress Joins Sex Strike to Protest Georgia 'Heartbeat' Law ...Stu was just Yahoo'ed. Years of his emails we're just deleted ...Re branding Beto is underway and Pete Buttigieg is just a 'generational thing' ...The Media omits important details on most recent school shooting 

Hour 2 Barking at Iran. Tensions of war ramp up. President Trump is bankrupting Iran while calling out John Kerry ...Rashida Tlaib stands by Holocaust comments ...A Mother's Day Game of Thrones Stu Recap ...Are You Kidding Me News

Hour 3 Humanity over disagreement with StoryCorps, Dave Isay. Tensions are tightening on both sides, we are not seeing each other as 'human.' A father and son discussion for the ages ...Is Life Really That Bad in 2019. Poverty is down and people are living longer. Modern medicine miracles hit home for Glenn

May 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jason Buttrill & Dave Isay | 5/13/19

Best of the Program | 5/13

- No Sex Bet - h1

- Stu Got Yahoo'ed - h1

- War Drums Beating In Iran (w/ Jason Buttrill) -h2 

- Game of Thrones Stu Recap - h2

- Humanity Over Disagreement (w/ Dave Isay) - h3  

May 13, 2019
Ep 36 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Andy Ionescu

Glenn sits down with Andy Ionescu, who survived 26 years of socialism in Ceausescu's Romania before legally immigrating to America in 1999. They discuss the differences between socialism and communism, as well as Venezuela's demise under socialism and President Nicolas Maduro, who Andy describes as "more violent than Ceausescu."

May 11, 2019
Where's The Beef? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Dan Andros | 5/10/19

Hour 1 Super Fan Fred Mckostraff saves the day ...Where's the beef with Pat Gray. Eating 'Impossible Burgers' with Glenn and Stu. Glenn's wife moving towards vegan diet. The Free market always wins in the end 

Hour 2 Big News with Bill O'Reilly. The Masses are Walking Away from most media coverage.Keep your eye on the Real Clear politics polling. "It's Biden's to lose". 'The United States of Trump - How The President Really Sees America'. Borders and tariffs the hard way. Cruise Through History with Glenn and Bill

Hour 3Proudly Made In America. Concepts are not so conceptual anymore ...The Impossible was Possible in faux meat eating. The art of the veggie burger has come a long way, Thanks to the Free Market System ...Trump tariff talk tightening with China ...Faithwire's Dan Andros joins to discuss why America is lacking moral courage

May 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Bill O'Reilly & Dan Andros | 5/10/19

Best of the Program | 5/10 

- Good Morning From Super Fan Fred Mckostraff - h1

- Where's the Beef with Pat Gray -h1 

- Big News with Bill O'Reilly - h2

- Lacking Moral Courage (w/ Dan Andros) -h3 

May 10, 2019
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely | Guests: John Douglas, Dave Rubin, & Blake J. Harris | 5/9/19

Hour 1 There are No police to run to in a world of Socialism ...HBO's Chernobyl is Stu's new favorite ...This is a crisis not an invasion. Health care for 1% of Honduras courtesy of the American taxpayer 

Hour 2 The Killer Across The Table with author John Douglas. Amazing stories and interviews with America's most notorious serial killers. Charismatic no bodies who wanna be somebody, who end up being serial killers. Americas fascination with killers explained ...Law and Order and a bunch of rapes 

Hour 3 The Rubin Report hits a million YouTube subscribers. Dave explains why both sides have to listen and talk to each other. Expecting the media to at least do a 'decent' job  ...The History of Our Future with author  Blake J. Harris. The endless Journey for the truth in media.

May 09, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: John Douglas, Dave Rubin & Blake J. Harris | 5/9/19

Best of the Program | 5/9

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely - h1

- A Crisis Not An Invasion - h1
- The Killer Across The Table (w/ John Douglas) -h2

- Hitting a Million (w/ Dave Rubin) -h3

- The History of Our Future (w/ Blake J. Harris) -h3


May 09, 2019
Fundamental Transformational Control | Guest: Patrick Courrielche | 5/8/19

Hour 1 Fundamental transformation of the United States is underway. Green Is The New Red Deal ...The Top Priorities for All ...Some of President Trump taxes released. Who cares because there is nothing new here ...Biden Bad Boys Deals of Ukraine go unearthed ...Fun with Fear mongering 

Hour 2  From Zero to Hero in New Jersey. Corey Booker is definitely not Spartacus ...AOC battles a garbage disposal ...When ones on a wine diet, one is surrounded by empty wine glasses ...Capsized and tipped over with the Rep. Hank Johnson. It never gets old 

Hour 3 Can Manufacturing Jobs come back to America. Red Pilled America' Patrick Courrielche joins to expand. Innovation is dying in America due to the lack of manufacturing skills  ...CNN guest "When a women is pregnant, that is not a human being inside her" ...All Polls say Joe Biden is Crushing Them All 

May 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Patrick Courrielche | 5/8/19

Best of the Program | 5/8

​- Fundamental transformation  underway - h1

- Top Priorities for All - h1

- From Zero to Hero - h2

​- Bringing Made In America Back (w/ Patrick Courrielche)  -h2

- Not Human In Side -h3

May 08, 2019
Build The Wall | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

Hour 1 It's really bad at the border. Mass rushes are coming, 1,000 a people a day are being taken into our American cities. The Lefts false sense of compassion and their long list of being on the wrong side of things ...Donald Trump will be re-elected in a 'landslide' 2020

Hour 2 Sex Trafficking on the Southern Border with OUR's Tim Ballard. Children by the hundreds are being sexually abused at the border. Christian churches urgently  need our help ...A whole new world of 'corporate socialism' is coming. Big Tech is praying to be regulated as a 'utility' 

Hour 3 Heal the struggling and suffering hearts along our American borders ...Crisis of Heart please help today ...Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn joins to discuss the Pro-Life Movement. ...What American Democrats really want is not being heard 

May 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

Best of the Program | 5/7

- It's Really, Really Bad - h1

- Donald Trump Will Be Re-Elected - h1

- Christian Churches Urgency - (w/ Tim Ballard) -h2

- Gold Star Mom's for America (w/ Karen Vaughn) -h3

May 07, 2019
Globalist Woke on Capitalism | Guest: Michael Rectenwald | 5/6/19

Hour 1 Israel fires back after Hamas goes to town ...Nancy Pelosi thinks the 2020 Democrats are overplaying their hand. ...The greatest movie of all time, was seen over the weekend ...Children in Philly Muslim society praise torture and the chopping off of heads 

Hour 2 Corporate socialism with retired NYU professor and author, Michael Rectenwald. We are in the midst of China's Woke capitalism. The Globalist art of eroding all nations states and embracing Leftist ideas. Ridding the world of families. Socialites and Monopolists unit to ruin Capitalism ...Border reality bites the Democrat Party 

Hour 3 Lucrative in Ukraine the media is finally starting to report on the Biden's business deal shenanigans ...The Al Gore, the Broadway musical that thank God never happened ...Man who lives as woman sings opera as man ...Make-up for Men is all the rage while eating maggot sausage 

May 06, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Michael Rectenwald | 5/6/19

Best of the Program | 5/6

- Israel Fires Back Justly - h1

- Fun with Torture -h1

- Corporate Socialism (w/ Michael Rectenwald) -h2

- Make-up for Men -h3

May 06, 2019
Ep 35 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Félix Rodríguez

This week, Glenn talks with Former CIA operative Félix Rodríguez, who participated in the historic manhunt to capture Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Rodríguez who is a Cuban-American Vietnam veteran who fought in the Bay of Pigs invasion was recruited to train and lead a team to track down Guevara due to the fact that he had been instrumental in Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution. In this podcast, Felix gives a first-hand account of the capture and execution of the man whose image is still being appropriated as a counterculture fashion statement. He also provides great detail into the type of sick criminal that Guevara was as he not only killed many during his lifetime, but he greatly enjoyed it. 

May 04, 2019
The Purge Has Begun | Guests: Steven Crowder & Bill O'Reilly | 5/3/19

Hour 1 This is very scary. Facebook begins to purge. Will Glenn Beck be Next ...The Hour is growing late for Democrats ...Regulating the internet like a utility days are coming ...In Jeopardy with Steven Crowder. YouTube is about to remove him. Steven gets 'nerdy' 

Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly is back on Friday. Here come the purges, will Bill be next. The Fair Use Doctrine debated. Netflix is in bed with the Obama's. The Bill Barr madness and the Democrats Big, big problem. "It will be Biden and Abrams" 2020. Fun with Nancy Pelosi ...Glenn's Walter Cronkite story you gotta hear 

Hour 3 The Worst Presidential Draft...Ever and The Climate Change Nightmare. The Chick-fil candidate, the Oprah guru, the Yang-ster and the rest of the 'crap heap' ...Watch BlazeTV Now and This Weekend for Free

May 03, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steven Crowder & Bill O'Reilly | 5/3/19

Best of the Program | 5/3

- The Purge Has Begun? -h1

- They're coming for all of us (w/ Steven Crowder) -h1

- News of the Week (w/ Bill O'Reilly) 

- The Worst Presidential Draft Ever -h3

May 03, 2019
Best of the Program | 5/2/19

Best of the Program | 5/2 

- Kill Them Now or Kill Them Later - h1 

- Joe Biden's Hugs by the Numbers -h1

- Game of Thrones is Racist - h2

- Socialism is a death cult -h2 

- Green Mountain Care Fail - h3 

May 02, 2019
Let's Be For Stuff | 5/2/19

Hour 1 Kill Him Now or Kill Them Later ...Joe Biden's Hugs by the Numbers, the art of the hug. Please don't get out of New York City. Mass hugging all around, so get over it. Joe Biden's Hugs by the Numbers, the art of the hug ..."This is not going to be a country of white people" 

Hour 2 Now Game of Thrones is racist ...Venezuela coup Update. Guaido calls for a strike after clashes leave dozens dead. ...Being humble and fearless is a skill ...Socialism is a death cult. Watch  Socialism: 'A Warning From The Dead' for Free Now at BlazeTV

Hour 3 Bernie Sanders and his state of Vermont's Green Mountain Care. Optimal attempt as single payer socialist health failed once again ...New and improved words. Modern is the new word for progressive ...Counting 'shumways' and 'yaks' with Stu Bruguiere ...A Real spiritual awakening is needed now

May 02, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jason Buttrill, Marion Smith & Justin Haskins | 5/1/19

Best the Program | 5/1/19

- US the Next Venezuela -h1 

- They Are Coming for Us All - h1

- Victims of Communism (w/ Marion Smith) -h2

- Getting The Word Out on Socialism (w/ Justin Haskins) -h3

May 01, 2019
Socialism: A Warning From The Dead | Guests: Marion Smith & Justin Haskins | 5/1/19

Hour 1 Is America ready to become Venezuela and give up our guns ...They are coming for all of us at the Blaze ...The Hero Generation is coming ...Suicide and our kids, they are being swept up by darkness ...Watch BlazeTV for Free Now 

Hour 2 Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Witness Project, with Executive Director Marion Smith joins. Marion has been in direct contact with many on the ground in Venezuela. Expecting a brutal Military coup ...Get  BlazeTV for Free

Hour 3 Getting the word out on Socialism with Justin Haskins, Executive Editor of The Heartland Institute. Justin is a millennial who is trying to help guide his generation away from the evils of socialism and The Green New Deal ...Help Save the BlazeTV and Watch it for free now

May 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Daniel Di Martino, John Solomon & Yael Eckstein | 4/30/19

Best of the Program | 4/30
- Too Old Joe is a Go - h1 - Maduro's Days are Numbered (w/ Daniel Di Martino) -h2- How Obama Engaged Ukraine (w/ John Solomon) -h2- Watch BlazeTV for Free -h2- Securing Synagogues (w/ Yael Eckstein) -h3

Apr 30, 2019
Too Old To Go | Guests: Daniel Di Martino, John Solomon, & Yael Eckstein | 4/30/19

Hour 1 Too old Joe announces his Presidential bid for 2020. Wilfred from Florida calls to give his opinion on lunch bucket Joe's bid for President ...Climate Change years are like dog years. Beto lowers the deadline for us all to 10 years

Hour 2 Are Maduro's days numbered in Venezuela. Daniel Di Martino from Young Voices joins to give an update. "It's too early to call this a success" ...How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost, John Solomon joins to explain

Hour 3 Stu lays into Joe Biden's lame apology to Anita Hill. Then there was Clarence Thomas ...Securing Synagogues with Yael Exksein, President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Apr 30, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Amy Holmes | 4/29/19

Best of the Program | 4/29

- A Jew with a gun saves the day -h1

-Socialism A Warning From The Dead -h1
- Top 10 Hopefuls -h2- It's a Medieval Walking Dead -h2

-On The Verge of a Party Take down (w/ Amy Holmes) -h3

Apr 29, 2019
Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out | Guest: Amy Holmes | 4/29/19

Hour 1

A Jew with a gun saves the day ...The NY Times defend their racist cartoon  ...Watch 'Socialism a Warning From The Dead' for Free on Blaze TV ...The Weekend movie opening that broke world records ...Have Christan movie makers finally hit their stride ...Scary situations at movie theaters continue all over the country 

Hour 2

The very, very long list of Democratic hopefuls continues. These are The Top 10 leaders. Basing qualifications on genitals is all the rage ...Stu reviews another episode of Game of Thrones. "It's a medieval Waking Dead" ...Watch Blaze TV for Free Now

Hour 3

Two Women on the Verge of a Party Take down with political anchor Amy Holmes. New Young Energy of the Democratic Left are trying to lead they way. AOC always seems to defend Islam no matter what ...Listener, Gary calls in to beg Glenn ...Watch Blaze TV for Free, to know what's coming next 

Apr 29, 2019
Ep 34 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Kevin Freeman
Glenn sits down with Kevin Freeman who is one of the world's leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism. He has been a consultant for the CIA, FBI, the SEC, Homeland Security, the Justice Department, as well as several foreign governments. His research has played a major role in the Department of Defense's studies including the reports prepared for the Secretary of Defense. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and also the host of Blaze TV's Economic War Room. Today, they discuss Russian Interference, Chinese Hacking, Socialism, Surveillance Capitalism, The U.S. Economy, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and how to weaponize your money. 
If you're curious about where the world and our economy are headed and you're seeking some wisdom on how to navigate the choppy waters, you don't want to miss this podcast!
Want to see more of Kevin Freeman?
America faces a new war — new threats to your savings and your way of life. Put America and your investments first with the only financial news show to provide a war room for you to develop your personal financial battle plan. Subscribe to BlazeTV to catch Kevin Freeman on his show, "The Economic War Room."
Apr 27, 2019
A Failure To Participate | 4/26/19
Hour 1 
Get the popcorn they're eating their own ...They're coming for the cats ...Make sure you are keeping a journal ...Failing to participate. The militant Left is all about destroying you 
Hour 2
Welcome to the Club NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman. Never let a crisis go to waste. Talking up, is the kiss of death. ...Chaos and the X, Y, Z's ...How to Flip a Country in 3 years ...Blame Trump for all the cats
Hour 3
Glenn's 2019 NFL Draft results are in. Just horse shoes and hand grenades ...Ruling out all the options on the Notre Dame church fire. Cigarettes didn't start the fire ...Everyone is pissed about everything ...The early rise of llhan Omar
Apr 26, 2019
Best of the Program | 4/26/19
Best of the Program | 4/26 
- Get the popcorn, they're eating their own -h1
- Welcome to the Club NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman -h2
- Chaos and the X, Y, Z's -h2
- Glenn's 2019 NFL Draft results are in -h3 
Apr 26, 2019
The Burning Man of Politics | Guest: Senator Mike Lee | 4/25/19
Hour 1
Big Exciting News from JoeCoachella. The Burning Man of Politics is here. Race Baiter-in-Chief wanna be, will be taking Trump head on ...'Our Lost Declaration' with Senator Mike Lee. No one knows and no one cares 
Hour 2 
They Exist Because We Exist with Senator Mike Lee. The List of 2020 Democrats Mike thinks have a chance. America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State. "Cory Booker is a total complete fraud"
Hour 3 
Glenn takes on NFL Draft day head on. Which one is which. Knock off, girlie homeless but happy teams. The worse possible sports team names. "Sounds like a gym you go to once" ...Manipulating outcomes, fair and balanced
Apr 25, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Senator Mike Lee | 4/25/19
Best of the Program | 4/25
- Joe's A Go - h1
- Our Lost Declaration (w/ Senator Mike Lee) -h1 h2
- The Glenn Beck 2019 NFL Draft Picks -h3
Apr 25, 2019
This Just Ain't Gonna Last | Guest: Ari Hoffman | 4/24/19

Hour 1 

Running since 1987. Beware of the Biden’s and Kerry's ...Kamala and her past 'Reparations' ...Former Home Depot CEO fears Socialism? In America it's 1989 Soviet Union


Hour 2

Fat Sex Therapist compares fitness trainers to Nazis ...There's been some Breaking Nicolas Cage news ..The Kate Smith misplaced chaos continues and The New York Yankees racist past ...Will Cain courage needs to be contagious 


Hour 3

Seattle is Dying and it's become a concentration camp without barbed wire. Coming to a city near you. Seattle City Council candidate Ari Hoffman joins to explain ...'Trump' the new shiny city in Israel on the hill

Apr 24, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Ari Hoffman | 4/24/19
Best of the Program | 4/24
- Running Since 1987 - h1 
- Fat Sex Therapists are real - h2
- Will Cain Courage -h2
- Seattle is Dying (w/ Ari Hoffman) -h3
Apr 24, 2019
Waking Up Woke | Guests: Gov. Greg Abbott & Jeffy Fisher | 4/23/19
Hour 1
And the Woke list continues. More things to add to the 'what is racist' list? That's why darkies were born. ...Bernie Sanders thinks murders should be able to vote. Ex convict talks to Glenn, "I have paid my debit."
Hour 2
Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls into take Glenn's complaints. Property taxes are are skyrocketing out of control in a state that everyone is moving to. "We are going to hammer down the property taxes" ...America is being Fundamentally transformed right before our eyes? ...If it ain't broke AOC
Hour 3 
Jesus most likely was a Palestinian man? We are moving away from the MLK. Favoring groups by skin color is all the rage, again. Post modern deconstruction of American culture ...Time to play 'Is It David Duke or Amy Schumer' with Jeffy
Apr 23, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Governor Greg Abbott & Jeffy Fisher
Best of the Program | 4/23
- More things to add to the 'what is racist' list? That's  - h1
- Voting for Murder -h1
- Hammering Out Property Taxes (w/ Governor Greg Abbott) - h2
- David Duke or Amy Schumer (w/ Jeffy FIsher) -h3 
Apr 23, 2019
The Old Way is Busted? | Guest: Evan Todd | 4/22/19
Hour 1
An attack on Christianity in Sri Lanka, 9 Bombings in 1 day? The left media call us 'Easter Worshipers' and not Christians? "Christians are under attack all over the world and no seems to care?" ...Dramatic declines in all religions across the board? Christian Churches are in decline because " We don't live it"?
Hour 2 
Stu's thorough look at Game of Thrones and how it can only be talked about? Revelations and Spoilers, "everyone looks the same"? What's with the Game of Thrones 'font'? ...Since when is Satan so sheik? ...Ukraine elects a comedian in a blow out vote? Generation Game Show Host, Comedian and ping-pong?
Hour 3 
'After Columbine' with survivor Evan Todd? Evan was the first student shot in the library at student at Columbine High School? Evan who went face-to-face with the murders who decided not to kill him? ...The Front Runners, Maybes and Definitely No? Who's Seth Moulton? GB's money's on Buttigieg? AOC at age 8?
Apr 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Evan Todd | 4/22/19
Best of the Program | 4/22
- Those 'Easter Worshipers'? - h1
-  Revelations and Spoilers? - h2
- The Old Way is Busted? - h2
- 'After Columbine'? (w/ Evan Todd) -h3
Apr 22, 2019
Ep 33 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Phil Robertson
Glenn brings in the Original Duck Commander, Phil Robertson to have a conversation about the various things going on in our country as well as to talk about his story of coming to faith over 40 years ago.  In his own words, Phil Robertson who is a self-proclaimed "river rat" says he is the least likely person to have the type of platform and influence that he has now considering that he is a New York Times Best Selling author and even has his own Blaze TV series called "In The Woods with Phil."  
Want more from Phil Robertson?

To enjoy more of this Duck Dynasty star's 70 years of unfiltered wisdom and uncensored common sense, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.
Apr 20, 2019
It's Just Best To Move On? | Guest: Andy McCarthy | 4/19/19
Hour 1 
Has Glenn Beck has been indited? ...The Mueller Report, the day after? Denial is addicting? Does the report really change any body's mind? The people around Trump saved his day? "For those at home Scoring the Mueller Report?"
Hour 2
Puppy Clubbing parties? "I don't think President Trump has seen Rocky 4 or knows about Ivan Drago?" Trumps Economy is Booming and 51% of America think so too? ...Top Blaze Researcher and Mueller report reader, Jason Buttrill joins to pile on some more the play-by-play? ...Happy Easter from Glenn Beck 
Hour 3
The Redacted Mueller Report with Andy McCarthy. No obstruction but it's not wise for President Trump to brag about it, 'it's best to move on'? There we're Dark conspiracies against the President from the get go? The 3 Essential Elements of the Crime that Need Clearing?
Apr 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Andy McCarthy | 4/19/19
Best of the Program | 4/19 
- The Mueller Report, the day after? - h1
- Puppy Clubbing Parties and the Truth? -h2 
- Happy Easter from Glenn Beck? - h2
- The Redacted Mueller Report? (w/ Andy McCarthy) -h3
Apr 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jason Buttrill | 4/18/19
Best of the Program | 4/18
- Stealing the cycles and narratives? - h1
- So What's In It? - h2
- The Democrats Top 18? - h3
Apr 18, 2019
Fill-In The Blank Narratives & Conclusions? | 4/18/19
Hour 1 
Stealing the cycles and narratives? Just Salacious texts and more? Bill Barr Releases Mueller report, takes reporters questions, goes on defense for President Trump? CD ROMS available? 
Hour 2 
So what was in it? Anything new to see here? All Parts of the report sound favorable to President Trump? Collusion is dead and Trump should feel  'exonerated'? Is there any red meat here for the Democrats? Conclusion, "this was all about Donald Trump"? 
Hour 3 
No Collusion, No Intrusion, over 100 pages of redaction's? ...The Democrats Top 18? It's not looking good for Cory Booker? Is Peter Buttigieg, "Just some boring gay white guy?" What about Beto O'Bore?
Apr 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Ballard, Arthur Brooks & Andrew Heaton | 4/17/19
Best of the Program | 4/17 
- The Fastest Criminal Enterprise? (w/ Tim Ballard) - h1
- Pursuit In Loving Our Enemies? (w/ Arthur Brooks) -h1-h2
- The 'Lazy Media' strikes again? -h2
- Mistakes We're Made? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h3 
Apr 17, 2019
The Pursuit To Love Our Enemies? | Guests: Tim Ballard & Arthur Brooks | 4/17/19
Hour 1
"The fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet is human trafficking and the US is the number one demand for child sex"? Tim Ballard from 'Operation Underground Railroad', joins to explain? ...Loving our enemies with Arthur Brooks? "The Pursuit", a new documentary about how capitalism continues to lift people out of poverty all over the world?
Hour 2 
Focusing on the 'good things' with Arthur Brooks? Glenn Beck " is a Man with a revolutionary heart"? ...The 'lazy media' media once again takes what Glenn said out of context? ...Former NFL star, Tim Tebow joins BlazeTV Tonight?
Hour 3 
Mistakes were made and donuts make up for it? Andrew Heaton joins to explain why he's been upset with his boss? ...You Choose The News Headlines? 'Dog Owners Are Happier than Cat owners"?, Son Sues Parents Over His Porn Collection? ...President Trump issues his second 'veto', but what good will it do?
Apr 17, 2019
Gut Feelings Revisited? | Guests: Steve Katz & Ami Horowitz | 4/16/19
Hour 1
850 years of history burns before our eyes? Notre Dame is one of Frances Crown jewels? A sacred place for believers and non-believers?  Hero Priest saves the day (the Relics)? Was it just a coincidence, terrorism or just a bad accident? Christians are under attack all over the world? 
Hour 2 
The Biden boom is being blown up? Sweetheart deals all across the board and no one noticed? ...110 years later and they're all set? ...Update Controversies from  the movie  'Unplanned', with Executive Producer Steve Katz? Censorship to the core? "We must stop being afraid"? ..."Goatee Guy, Angry Elf, Blondie and Redhead"?
Hour 3 
What is the Conservative Republican agenda? Democrat candidate Buttigieg says "Most Americans Don't Want the Conservative agenda"? ...Campus sponsoring hate with Ami Horowitz? UNC and Duke sponsors Openly Anti-Semitic Conference and filmmaker Ami Horowitz joins to explain further?
Apr 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steve Katz & Ami Horowitz | 4/16/19
Best of the Program | 4/16 
- 850 Years of History Burns? -h1 
- Censorship to the Core? (w/ Steve Katz) -h2
- Stu's Review 'Game of Thrones'? -h2
- Openly Anti-Semitic Campuses? (w/ Ami Horowitz) -h3
Apr 16, 2019
Truth and Disconnect? | 4/15/19
Hour 1 
Trolling Is a Spectator Sport? Glenn has the perfect idea for President Trump's Sanctuary Cities nightmare? A Sanctuary city nation wide tour? Chicago Mayor-Elect says "We want them (illegals) to come to Chicago"?  Donald Trump is a horse in a hospital? Ship them to Cambridge, Massachusetts? 
Hour 2
It's all in the family? More bad news for the bribery Bidens? ...The progressive Left are overplaying their arrogance? It's all just a game to them, a means to an end? Nancy Pelosi rips AOC? ...One Stu still hasn't watched? Record ratings expected for HBO's Game of Thrones? ...Star Wars and what should of been?
Hour 3 
Some on the Left are standing with President Trump and don't even know it?  Why are Cher and Cory Booker sporting MAGA hats?  'Wars are brewing' within the Democrat Party? Disconnection with Reality is beginning to settle in? Bill & Hillary Clinton fail once again? ...Are we really being "Taxed to death"?
Apr 15, 2019
Best of the Program | 4/15/19
Best of the Program | 4/15
- Trolling Is a Spectator Sport? -h1
- President Trump's Sanctuary City Tour? -h1
- It's All in the family? -h2 
- Taxed To Death? -h3 
Apr 15, 2019
Ep 32 | Arthur Brooks | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn is joined by Arthur Brooks, a New York Times bestselling author of 11 books with topics like the Role of Government, Fairness, Economic Opportunity, Happiness, and the morality of Free Enterprise. Interestingly enough, Arthur Brooks spent 12 years of his life being a professional French Hornist playing with the Annapolis Brass Quintet as well as City Orchestra of Barcelona. He later went to teach Economics and Social Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University and has since then been serving as the President of the American Enterprise Institute, which is a nationally recognized think tank based in Washington, D.C., where he leads a community of scholars and supporters that are committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise for all Americans. He is actually about to leave that role as he will transition to a new role at Harvard where he will be a Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. 

Apr 13, 2019
Pounds By the Second? | Guests: Blake J. Harris & Brad Polumbo | 4/12/19
Hour 1
Thank God it's Donuts and Ice Cream Friday? ...Bernie Sanders Insurance Nightmare Plan for All? ...The Biden Bracket Results are in? Ted Stanley and Rock Rockwell tell us who the big winner was? Joe Biden's Most impressive  'Breastial" Snewbage' performances caught on film? 
Hour 2   
The History of The Future continued? Glenn once trusted Mark Zuckerberg but not any more? "Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution that swept virtual reality"? The guy that sold out to Zuckerberg? ...The Democrats that have Zero chance to win in 2020? In the end Where will Biden be? 
Hour 3 
Christians and LGBT advocates should come together to support Trump's fight against gay criminalization? Young Voices editor Brad Polumbo tells us how that needs to happen? Who knew Trump would be a champion for gays? ...Glenn discovers the most effortless workout of his life? ...The Dignity Gape with Arthur Brooks? 
Apr 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Blake J. Harris & Brad Polumbo | 4/12/19
Best of the Program | 4/12
- Donuts & Ice Cream? - h1
- The Biden Bracket Results Are In? -h1
- The History of The Future Continued? (w/ Blake J. Harris) -h2
- Christians and LGBT Advocates Come Together (w/ Brad Polumbo) -h3
Apr 12, 2019
Millionaire Lunch Bucket Socialists? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Carly Fiorina | 4/11/19
Hour 1
Thriving as a Biden? Lunch Bucket Joe no More? Joe Biden has no business being in the Oval office? Chicago, where Communist thrive? Blaze TV Tonight? ... 'Awful' Maxine Waters strikes again and the Brilliance of the U.S. Constitution? ...Advice for people who have Pet fish? 
Hour 2
Bernie and his jets on a Bill O'Reilly Thursday? Bernie Sanders the Millionaire Socialists? How has he made all his millions? Donald Trumps entire life is about a 'transaction'? The Trumps tax returns, that will never happen? ...The Big Biden Special only on Blaze TV?
Hour 3 
'Find Your Way: Unleash your power and highest potential' with Carly Fiorina? Choosing a path over a plan? Overcome fear and procrastination? Making smart decisions? ...The Paul Manafort approach to Joe Biden situation? ...Who's Running for President in 2020 Update? 
Apr 11, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Carly Fiorina | 4/11/19
Best of the Program | 4/11
- Lunch Bucket Joe, No More? - h1
- Bernie and His Jets (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2 
- 'Find Your Way' (w/ Carly Fiorina) -h3
Apr 11, 2019
System Overwhelmed? | Guests: Blake J. Harris & Matthew Charles | 4/10/19
Hour 1
Who is financing the border crisis? George Soros is still building his 'shadow government', from within? Funding local governments with Marxist money? The dots always connect to Soros? Cloward and Piven Strategy is being played out? ...Making Communism comfortable? ...Oh Schiff! Now what?
Hour 2
Border crisis by the numbers? ...Kids and cages under President Obama ...The History of the Future" with Author, Blake J. Harris."Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution that swept virtual reality"? The Left have doubled down on the Trump derangement? 
Hour 3
Rallying around the truth? We must reward and support today's 'truth tellers'? ...Released Under First Step Act with Matthew Charles? Matthew was released from prison after 21 year only to be sent back for the same crime? President Trump to the rescue? ...Joe Biden a just a 'tactile politician'?
Apr 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Blake J. Harris & Matthew Charles | 4/10/19
Best of the Program | 4/10 
- Out of the Soros Shadow Government? -h1
- 'The History of the Future' (w/ Blake J. Harris) -h2
- 'Second Chance Act'? (w/ Matthew Charles) -h3 
Apr 10, 2019
Time To Turn Back? | Guests: Mike Lee & Adam Andrzejewski | 4/9/19
Hour 1 
A Means to an end, of disruption? It's time to turn back to God? ...Senator Mike Lee joins to talk about his proposed Family Leave and Working Family Flexibility bills? Glenn tells the Senator why he disagrees? ...Illam Omar on 9/11 "some people did something"? She thinks American Muslims were the victims of 9/11?
Hour 2 
The art of Tactile touching? Is Joe Biden finished or not? ...Coming back to the Church? ...An Important Must See All Week on the Blaze TV? ...Creepy Biden photo update? ...Headlines from The Future? ...Bags! Bags! Bags!? 
Hour 3
The biggest college scandal of them all? Adam Andrezejewski joins to discuss the Hollywood Higher-er Scandal? More student loans defaults coming soon? ...Is a audit of the Fed coming in 2019? ...AOC's  modern monetary theory, you can 'always print money'? ...There's a New teen suicide crisis, but why? 
Apr 09, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Senator Mike Lee & Adam Andrzejewski | 4/9/19
Best of the Program | 4/9 
- Focus on The Family/ (w/ Mike Lee) -h1 
- llam Omar's Take on 9/11 - h1 
- Bags! Bags! Bags! - h2 
- The Biggest College Scandal? (w/ Adam Andrzejewski) -h3
Apr 09, 2019
Little Baby Steps? | Guests: Salena Zito & Erick Stakelbeck | 4/8/19
Hour 1
America is turning into Nazi Germany with little baby steps? The media will do anything to avoid Socialism in Venezuela?  ...Trump Homeland Security Chief Resigns? ...It's time to keep a personal journal? ...Here comes Mayor Pete? 
Hour 2 
"How Pete Buttigieg could hurt Trump in the Rust Belt? Journalist, Salena Zito joins?  A both ways genuine kinda guy, when it comes to capitalism & socialism? IF Democrats go full Left in 2020, "they got a white male problem" ...The far Lefts attack on American traditions and values is in full force? 
Hour 3
Will Benjamin Netanyahu win in Israel? Erick Stakelbeck from The Watchman,  tells us what he thinks? Israel attack Update? ...the Democrats have a Ukrainian problem? Joe Biden 'Creepiest' picture,  Vote Now at ...A Supreme Court Justice Bro-mance is in Bloom? ...Roberts vs. Kavanaugh? 
Apr 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Salena Zito & Erick Stakelbeck | 4/8/19
Best or the Program | 4/8 
- Baby Steps to Nazi Germany? - h1
- Who is Mayor Pete Buttigieg? (w/ Salena Zito) - h2
- Will Netanyahu Win? (w/ Erick Stakelbeck) -h3
- A Bro-mance is Brewing? -h3
Apr 08, 2019
Ep 31 | Matt Kibbe | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with Matt Kibbe who is the President and Chief Community Organizer at Free the People, an education organization turning the next generation on to the values of liberty which is fitting because he is also the host of Kibbe on Liberty on Blaze TV. They discuss various dimensions of socialism as well as answer the question, "is there really such a thing as good socialism?" They also discuss capitalism and how it ultimately is the only thing that will work in terms of continuing to build this country as well as solve other problems like poverty in the world. 

Apr 06, 2019
Kiss of Death? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Matt Kibbe | 4/5/19
Hour 1
Is Glenn's wife running for President? Who is Pete Buttigieg? He's the gay Democrat who likes Chick-fil-A  and that "connects" with America ...the Mormon Church allows baptism for children of same-sex couples? ...Pat Gray brings in helium Alex Jones? ...Jobless Clams fall to a 49 year low? 
Hour 2
Monkey's and Parrots with Bill O'Reilly? Making the borders blue, If Texas turns Blue the country is done! ...Bill's take on Biden? "Joe had no blanking clue this was coming"? Has Beto ever had a real job? Is Cory Booker writing for Chris Matthews? The Art (Bell) of Dissing Jake Tapper? "Mexico is a danger to us" 
Hour 3 
Eskimos & Ecstasy with Comedian Andrew Heaton? Has someone messed with Joe Biden's Meds? Coming Soon to Blaze TV''s Joe 'Biden's Creepiest  Moments'? Find out why Andrew doesn't have a girlfriend? ...Does the word 'Capitalism' need an overhaul?
Apr 05, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Peter Schweizer & John Solomon | 4/4/19
Best of the Program | 4/4
- "Reset, I Get It"? - h1
- Louis Farrakhan Helium Thursday? -h1 
- Uncle Creepy Gets Creepier? (w/ Peter Schweizer) -h2
- Joe Biden's Ukrainian Nightmare (w/ John Solomon) -h3
- Who's the Biggest Fraud Running for President? -h3
Apr 04, 2019
Lovin, Touchin, Squeezing Transparently? | Guests: Peter Schweizer & John Solomon | 4/4/19
Hour 1 
Joltin Joe Biden begs for forgiveness..."Reset, I Get It"? Why is this New Ukraine report on Joe so important? Will Uncle Joe's creepiness help him? ..."Jesus Didn't Die On Cross, Was Too Soon"? says, Louis Farrakhan on Helium Thursday? "Minor kinks in the hose"? ...Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle? 
Hour 2    
The Joe Biden Creepy Line keeps getting creeper? Hunter Biden has been cashing in Big TIme, Peter Schweizer joins to explain? "The Buck stopped with Joe Biden"? ...Is Faded 80's sitcom star Alyssa Milano the spokesperson for All of Hollywood? "Texas is better without being in it Hollywood"? 
Hour 3
Has Joe Biden's Ukrainian nightmare just begun? John Solomon, Executive Vice President at The tell us why this is an important story? Who is Viktor Shokin? Why is the mainstream media so silent on this? ...Who's the biggest fraud currently running in 2020?
Apr 04, 2019
Not Everything Sucks? | Guests: Ami Horowitz & Rob Eno | 04/03/19

Hour 1 

Have we Fundamentally changed America? It's a Work in progress? Now they are coming for the 1st Amendment? "Lock her up" is now "hate speech"? ...Focusing on what matters? ...The Communist Goals of 1963? ..A 12-year old Pot Hole filler "Not everything sucks!"? 


Hour 2 

 "We don't know who we are anymore"? The time Socialism failed miserably in Dallas Texas?? ...Filmmaker, Ami Horowitz joins to explain The intersectionality between the Left and the KKK? College campuses are full of "Self Imposed dopes"? "This is so dangerous"?


Hour 3

Fighting through the darkness? 'Situational victimhood' is becoming a all too common thing? That which you gaze upon, you become? Standing up to truth is all we have left? ...BlazeTV Media Critic, Rob Eno joins to discuss the Left's New attacks on the First Amendment? Is Joe Biden finished even with the New Ukraine allegations?    

Apr 03, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Ami Horowitz & Rob Eno | 4/3/19
Best of the Program | 4/3
- We Have Fundamentally Changed? -h1
- The Communist Goals of 1963? -h1 
- "This Is Dangerous?" (w/ Ami Horowitz) -h2
- Framing News To Think Your Way? (w/ Rob Eno) -h3
Apr 03, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray and Brittany? | 4/2/19
Best of the Program | 4/1
- Only Losers Want To Change The Rules? - h1  
- Uh-Oh Pat Gray is Offended? -h1 
- Fun with AOC? -h2 
- Meet Brittany, The Ambassador for Avocados? -h3
Apr 02, 2019
Get The Duct Tape Out? | 4/2/19
Hour 1
Democrats drop a bill to abolish the Electoral College? Only those who Lose what to change it? Abolishing the electoral college, means "You will no longer count"? ...Uh-oh Pat Gray is offended? His first Rated R movie since Silence of The Lambs? The art of talking someone into abortions?
Hour 2
The Brilliance of AOC? "We need to change the cow grains"? More cow farts then cars and chimneys? AOC falsely claims Congress amended the Constitution to prevent FDR from being Re-elected? ...Air Bud & the Lefts defense of Uncle Joe Biden? ...Glenn explains 'the gift of fear'?
Hour 3
Avocados are in crisis at the border? "the enemy"? What about our toast and tequila? ...John Adams, Ben Franklin, the French and the Truth? The Left are already unhinged and out of touch? ...Brittany, a Socialist for Beto and an ambassador for avocados, calls to Glenn to ask some very important questions?
Apr 02, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray & Elizabeth Johnston | 4/1/19
Best of the Program | 4/1
- Slow, long passionate kisses all weekend long? -h1 
- Are the walls already closing in on Beto? - h2
- "You had me at 18% butter fat"? -h2
- The Queen of Dunce? - h3    
- Day of Mourning? (w/ Elizabeth Johnston) -h3
Apr 01, 2019
Touching, Smelling and Whispering? | Guest: Elizabeth Johnston | 4/1/19
Hour 1 
Slow, long passionate kisses all weekend long? Is Joe Biden is the New Michael Jackson? ...Alex Jones blames his lies on sycosis? "Tread lightly, because you will have to defend speech you do not like"? 
Hour 2 
Are the walls already closing in on Beto? El Paso callers Julio, Jesus and Gomez seem to think so? Fake News and the Falkland Islands? "Peeing is just not Presidential"? ...Callers review 'Unplanned'."You had me at 18% butter fat"?
Hour 3 
Does 'the queen of dunce' AOC ever make sense? "We need to save ourselves"? Picking through the hypocrisy global warming alarmists? ..."Not On My Watch" author, Elizabeth Johnston joins to talk about the Day of Mourning?
Apr 01, 2019
Ep 30 | Abby Johnson | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with Abby Johnson who is actually what the latest movie, "Unplanned" is based upon.  She shares about her journey from being a Planned Parenthood Clinic Director to now being a strong Pro-Life advocate who educates the public on pro-life issues and also reaches out to abortion clinic staff to help them leave the abortion industry. From experiencing a horrific event that changed her life forever in 2009 to receiving a gag order from Planned Parenthood to silence her, Abby continues to advocate for the unborn as well as share her experience which Planned Parenthood with her book, "Unplanned" and of course, the movie based off her stories which is in theatres now. 

To learn more about Unplanned and what theatre is showing it in your area, visit

Mar 30, 2019
On the Verge of White Man Suffering? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Governor Gary Herbert | 3/29/19
Hour 1
Why is America So Racist? Does Jussie Smollett prove that we are? ...Glenn's Bad Paintings of Hitler? ...Disney asks Glenn to watch 'Dumbo'? ...Heading to Utah with No time for Ice Cream? 
Hour 2
Bill O'Reilly Brings the Numbers? Cable News in Crisis, All ratings plummet after Mueller Report? Bill throws Glenn sports analogy curve balls? The problem with selling your soul for money, Satan always shows up? 'White guy' babble and 'inside information' on the Democrats? 'The Like You Know' Party 2020? 
Hour 3
At the End of the Day Americans are Good People? Utah Governor Gary Herbert joins to discuss the New movie 'Unplanned'? "Thank you President Trump for Buying us more time with divine providence"? Abby Johnson tells Glenn Beck Podcast what the 'whole purpose' of Planned Parenthood really is? 
Mar 29, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Governor Gary Herbert | 3/29/19
Best of the Program | 3/29 
- Why is America So Racist? -h1
- No Time for Ice Cream -h1
- White Guy Babble & Inside Information? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2
- Abandoning Abortion for Good? (w/ Governor Gary Herbert) -h2 
Mar 29, 2019
Thawed, Defrosted, Brought Back To Life? | Guests: Dr. Wilfred Reilly & Philip Klein | 3/28/19

Hour 1

Jussie Smollett is "weighing options' for suing Chicago PD? ...Marissa's Movie Review of the New 'Dumbo'? Thawed, Defrosted and brought back to life? ...'People are Dying' to have it 'both ways' on Helium Thursday? ...Americans have become 'creeped' out by the Democrat Party? ...It's critical that All Believers in Christ Come Together?

Hour 2

Is Hate Hoax crime on the rise? Professor of Political Science Dr. Wilfred Reilly examines the high rate of hoaxing? Why was the decision made to drop all charges on Jussie Smollett? Are stories like Smollett's 'common'? '... Is getting rid of Obamacare really a reality or just hype? 'Overcoming Obamacare' with author Phillip Klein tells us? Will the GOP be the New Party of Health Care? 

Hour 3

How to pay for a New Firehouse (mansion)? Glenn lives in a town with the "Nicest' Firehouse? A 15 million dollar firehouse for 900 people? The Pat Gray dividend is in full effect? "Pat paid for that"? Our government buildings are becoming Taj Mahal's?  

Mar 28, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Dr. Wilfred Reilly, Phillip Klein & Pat Gray | 3/28/19
Best of the Program | 3/28
- Weighing Options? -h1
- People are Dying on Helium Thursday? -h1
- The Rise of the Hate Hoax? (w/ Dr. Wilfred Reilly) -h2
- 'Overcoming Obamacare'? (w/ Phillip Klein) -h2
- The Pat Gray Dividend In Full Effect? -h3
Mar 28, 2019
Arrogance of the Heart? | Guests: Rafer Weigel, David Horowitz, & Bridget Phetasy | 03/27/19
Hour 1
On the Cusp of ending Abortion as we know it? We've become arrogant, proud and haughty in our own ways? Maniacs of the Mobocracy? ...Fox 32- Chicago Reporter,  Rafer Weigel helps us make sense of the 'All Charges Dropped' in the Jussie Smollett Investigation? "Smollett got everything he wanted."
Hour 2
'Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America' with author David Horowitz? AOC and her Green New Deal is 'horrifying'? Remembering the ultimate American Atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair? ...Trump to start a New fight on Obamacare? 
Hour 3
'Stop Wasting Your Money on College'? Writer and Comedian Bridget Phetasy joins. The False Sense of college degree Entitlement? ...No Negatives in Art, it's all subjective? ...Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats pivot to health care, as Texas Judge moves to invalidate Obamacare?
Mar 27, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Rafer Weigel, David Horowitz & Bridget Phetasy | 3/27/19
Best of the Program | 3/27
- On The Cusp? -h1
- All Charges Dropped? (w/ Rafer Weigel) - h1
- Dark Agenda (w/ David Horowitz) -h2 
- 'Stop Wasting Your Money on College' (w/ Bridget Phetasy) -h3
Mar 27, 2019
Back Where We Started? | Guests: Jon Miller, Sen. Ben Sasse, & Peter Schweizer | 3/26/19

Hour 1

Glenn explains the difference between News, Opinion and Speculation? Media excuses is a spectator's sport? Governing with feelings? ...Worshiping the life of 'Charlie' from The Chocolate Factory? ...Moving on with Michael Buble?  The Must Not See New movie Review from Stu? 

Hour 2 

Mulling Over Michael Avenatti with Blaze TV's Jon Miller? ...'Unplanned' a must see movie that could change everything? "Kids need to watch this movie" ...Nebraska Flood Relief with Senator Ben Sasse? "Like the 100 year flood"?  Help the Great state of Nebraska Now at 

Hour 3

The Go To Guy, Joe Biden "one of the most corrupt Vice Presidents we've ever had"? The dirty dealings of Joe Biden with author Peter Schweizer? How and who get Joe paid? ...All Charges Dropped, but why? ...Confessions of a Economic Hit man? Russia lands in Venezuela, Is war coming?

Mar 26, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jon Miller, Senator Ben Sasse & Peter Schweizer | 3/26/19
Best of the Program | 3/26 
- News, Opinion and Speculation? -h1
- A Must Not See Movie? -h1
- Media Excuses Is a Spectators Sport? (w/ Jon Miller) -h2
- Nebraska Flood Relief? (w/ Senator Ben Sasse) -h2
- Breaking Biden? (w/ Peter Schweizer) -h3
Mar 26, 2019
Massive Victory? | Guests: Eric Bolling, Abby Johnson & Ashley Bratcher | 3/25/19

Hour 1 

Mueller Report Drops a Massive Victory for President Trump. "No, Collusion, No Cooperation, Stop it Right Now!"? Russian efforts designed to sew social discord, did succeed? A old problem that corrected itself? Is a Michael Flynn Pardon Next? All of a sudden Mueller is the not the bad guy? 

Hour 2

The Mueller Report, The Winners and the Losers? "What a waste of time" Traumatic Trump trauma from the media will continue? Two years later and it means nothing? Eric Bolling from BlazeTV chimes in on the Mueller Report? 

Hour 3 

"We Must Once Again Stand with God as a Nation"? 'Unplanned' with Abby Johnson. 'Unplanned' a film on abortion is a story of "hope, forgiveness and love"? Planned Parenthood trains women to disconnect from their baby? 

Mar 25, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Eric Bolling, Abby Johnson & Ashley Bratcher | 3/25/19
Best of the Program | 3/25 
- No Collusion? - h1
- The Russians Succeeded? -h1
- Traumatic Trump Trauma? -h2
- Trump 2020 Slam Dunk?  (w/ Eric Bolling) -h2
- 'Unplanned'? (w/ Abby Johnson & Ashley Bratcher ) -h3
Mar 25, 2019
Ep 29 | Kevin Hines | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down today with a walking miracle, Kevin Hines. Kevin Hines is a storyteller at heart. He is a best-selling author, global public speaker, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. In the Year 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience.

Mar 23, 2019
It's a Great Day for President Trump? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Robert Epstein, & Shawn Carney | 3/22/19

Hour 1

If the economy remains strong and Muller report comes clean? It's smooth sailing for Donald Trump in 2020? ...Mom and Daughter Duo tell us it's bad to have children? ...Vote Lester L. Wolff for President in 2020? A old white man, like you've never seen before?

Hour 2

Getting Superfluous with Bill O'Reilly? The Mueller report and Media Matters? President Trump needs to stop sabotaging himself"? Can you imagine Beto negotiating with Beijing and Putin? 

Hour 3

Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein catches Google with it's digital pants down?  He claims Google search results unfairly steer voters to the left? People trust search engines over anything else? ...40 Days for Life with Shawn Carney? 

Mar 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Dr. Robert Epstein & Shawn Carney | 3/22/19
Best of the Program | 3/22
- It's a Great day for President Trump -h1
- Vote Lester L. Wolff for President in 2020? -h1
- 'Supercilious' with Bill O'Reilly? -h2 
- Digital Pants Down? (w/ Dr. Robert Epstein) -h3 
- 40 Days for Life? (w/ Shawn Carney) -h3
Mar 22, 2019
Helium Thursday? | Guests: Patrick Courrielche, Matt Kibbe, & Sheriff Bob Songer | 3/21/19

Hour 1

A Zero of a candidacy? Political train wrecks from political train wreck past? Remembering Howard Dean scream? Joe Biden is 144 years old and he use to be against packing the Supreme Courts? 'Stop the hammering!'?  When is it OK to take your mother to see an X-rated movie? Fox News and it's new 'strange hire'? 

Hour 2

'Red Pilled America' with Patrick Courrielche? "Our biggest fears are already here"? Unlike Hollywood, Silicon Valley is a 2 way street? Why is Ted Cruz the only one asking good questions? Breaking up Big Techs "should be on the table"? The Fear of generational power, influence and control moving forward? 

Hour 3

President Trump, a Re-Election Economic Shoe In? Why does re-election continue to look very promising for President Trump? A good, but fragile economy? Matt Kibbe talks 3D gun printing with Glenn? Washington State Sheriff Bob Songer joins to say he won't enforce the states new gun law?

Mar 21, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Patrick Courrielche, Matt Kibbe & Sheriff Bob Songer | 3/21/19
Best of the Program | 3/21
- A Zero Candidacy? -h1 
- Deep Throat Hickenlooper? -h1 
- Red Pilled (w/ Patrick Courrielche) -h2
- 3D Gun Printing (w/ Matt Kibbe) -h3
- The way it use to be? (w/ Sheriff Bob Songer) -h3
Mar 21, 2019
We Are At Our Last Call? | Guests: David Steinberg & Arthur Herman | 3/20/19

Hour 1 

Colonel Sanders trending Glenn Beck? Democratic socialist candidates, Pushing the limits? Pondering the elimination of the Electoral college? "This is our last call, We as a nation must repent!" 

Hour 2 

The Uncovering of Ilhan Omar, with PJ Media's, David Steinberg? Did llhan Omar really marry her own brother? Did she commit 'student loan' fraud? America's STEM Crisis Threatens our national security with Arthur Herman, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. 5G, a bold new frontier? America is being written out of history? 

Hour 3

Gender bending with Sam Smith? Being Defined by collective notions, is a no no? Life is full of choices, some good, some bad. Do your best to make the best ones? The problem with people and power trips?  It's getting Sad in Seattle? Calling green poop an avocado?

Mar 20, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: David Steinberg & Arthur Herman | 3/20/19
Best of the Program | 3/20
- We As A Nation Must Repent - h1
- The Uncovering of llhan Omar? (w/ David Steinberg) -h2
- A Bold New Frontier (w/ Arthur Herman) -h2
Mar 20, 2019
Full On Fundamental Transformation? | Guests: Ben Shapiro & Susan Crockford | 3/19/19
Hour 1 
Top 20 Things that Stresses Millennials out? The consequences of not going to college? 'The Right Side of History' with Ben Shapiro? Pursuing moral purpose with a reason? We are losing the notion of 'Individual rights'? "We are all still brothers rather than enemies" 
Hour 2 
The Democrat Party keeps moving Left and more Left. The Full on Fundamental transformation of America is in affect? Cory Booker thinks the GOP stole a Supreme Court seat? Andrew Yang is the Ross Perot of Millennials, who thinks America needs a News Czar? John Smith and Jason Nobel from the New movie "Breakthrough" join? 
Hour 3
"The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened" with author Susan Crockford. Polar Bears by the numbers? In all actuality, the polar bear population is thriving and has been for decades? Aborto Beto? Preparing to predict all things at all times? All out, total totalitarianism is on it's way? Why is Glenn Beck Trending with Colonel Sanders? 
Mar 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Ben Shapiro, John Smith & Jason Nobel and Susan Crockford | 3/19/19
Best of the Program | 3/19 
- Stressing the Millennials? -h1
- 'The Right Side of History' (w/ Ben Shapiro) -h1
- "Breakthrough" (w/ John Smith & Jason Nobel) -h2
- Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened (w/ Susan Crockford) -h3
Mar 19, 2019
Stay Calm and Carry On? | Guests: Sen. Joe Lieberman & Luke Rosiak | 3/18/19

Hour 1 

Glenn had a Tony Robbins Weekend? CAIR Director Blames Trump for New Zealand shooting, the propaganda arm of the Muslim brotherhood? The Art of Emotional Exploitation? Fantasies of a cashless serial killer, Beto Bundy a man of many faces? "The Democrat Party is like a death cult"? 

Hour 2

According to The Washington Post, Gun homicides are on the decline and most Americans don't seem to realize it?  Meanwhile, there is a knife epidemic?  Joe Lieberman joins to discuss Ilhan Omar's Comments about Israel, A "Moral Test" for Democratic Party? "Socialism is no solution"? 

Hour 3

"Obstruction of Justice" with The Daily Caller's Luke Rosiak? Suspect In Kavanaugh Confirmation Doxxing has Feinstein Ties? Like real life Spy novel?  Washington DC is a sick cynical place? How government cover ups and scandals work? A little bit too positive for Glenn Beck? Andrew Yang, America's New Boogieman? 

Mar 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Joe Liebermann & Luke Rosiak | 3/18/19
Best of the Program | 3/18
- Stay Calm and Carry On? -h1
- Beto the Bizarro? -h1
- Your Father's Democrat? (w/ Senator Joe Liebermann) - h2
- "Obstruction of Justice" (w/ Luke Rosiak) -h3 
Mar 18, 2019
Ep 28 | Ryan Khurana | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn talks with Ryan Khurana who is the Executive Director of the Institute for Advancing Prosperity, a non-profit focusing on the social and economic impacts of disruptive technologies. He is also a Senior Fellow at IREF Europe. The world is drastically changing around us as drones are becoming more and more advanced, social media is Google-nudging us in one way or the other, and gene splicing to create genetically perfect children will eventually become the norm. So what is the future? How do we navigate all of these pitfalls of these revolutionary technologies? What are the benefits and safeguards to liberty? What will the world look like over the next decade? We are experiencing now emerging technology that is going to forever change our lives so what does that means for you? 

Mar 16, 2019
Best of the Program | 3/15/19
Best of the Program | 3/15
- 'Send Thoughts and Prayers to Christchurch 
- Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has joined the presidential race? 
- Pat Channels Al Gore?
- $500,000 bribes?
- Less <Cowbell? 
Mar 15, 2019
Send Thoughts and Prayers to Christchurch? | 3/15/19
Hour 1:
A horrific mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand has left dozens dead …The profile of the murderer is difficult to comprehend, the degree of his depravity is not …Gun-manufacturer Remington is now liable to be sued over its marketing of the AR-15, which was used in the Sandy Hook massacre …Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has joined the presidential race as well as the discussion on global warming …Does anyone around the world really refer to the U.S. as the “indispensable nation”? …Gambino family crime boss gunned down in front of his house – The guys have a theory about who might be responsible.
Hour 2:
Hallmark Channel has dropped actress Lori Loughlin, who stands accused of mail fraud, from all of its projects …Don’t the alleged perpetrators of the college admissions scandal deserve their day in court? …Pat is not at all pleased that the State of Utah intends to build a $1.5 million shrine to Sen. Orrin Hatch …A caller illustrates another angle to the college admissions scandal that no one is talking about …The State of California has halted all executions of criminals, but the abortions will continue unabated …An Alabama father has won the right to sue the abortion clinic that allowed his girlfriend to abort their child …Another caller explains how the memory of an abortion can linger with a person for decades.
Hour 3:
Students around the world are walking out of class to protest climate change …Pat channels his inner Al Gore, and Jeffy claims to have actually seen a fish in the street on a sunny day …What the true purpose of Stonehenge? A new theory suggests that it was the greatest barbecue pit in the ancient world …Which schools could Lori Loughlin’s daughter have applied to that wouldn’t have required a $500,000 bribe to get into? …Liberal activist shuts down a conservative gathering by incessantly ringing a cowbell, and the police in attendance did nothing …Does giving someone “the finger” constitute free speech?
Mar 15, 2019
Islamists & Socialists Unite? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Joel C. Rosenberg | 3/14/19

Hour 1:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is raising money for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in her home state …Let’s review exactly what CAIR is and what their parent organization, Hamas, stands for in Palestine …Tlaib’s speech contains subtle jabs at Israel, endless banter against President Trump, and a blatant historical inaccuracy …Would Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaking Hamas rhetoric (via CAIR) in Congress be grounds for a full investigation into her past? … Islamophobia should not happen in our country, but radical Islamists should not be in our country, let alone our government.


Hour 2:

Bill O’Reilly joins the program a day early …Why are so many Democrats afraid to call themselves capitalist when such a small fraction of Americans call themselves socialist? …Progressives all seem to be willing to put their money where their mouth is while the Right struggles to mobilize …Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attended Boston University, Bill’s Alma mater, but she never showed any promise in a political sense while there …There is no way that she could have known, without outside influence, that the congressional seat in her district was there for the taking.


Hour 3:

Glenn tells the story of a nightmare unfolding for the average Venezuelan every day – This is the inevitable result of a socialist utopia …A caller explains how a decades-old quote by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi says a lot about the current state of Islamism in Europe and the U.S. …Author Joel C. Rosenberg joins the program to discuss his book ‘The Persian Gamble’ as well as his interactions with President Trump …Could arms deals between Iran and North Korea be going on right under America’s nose? …Is the true Axis of Evil comprised of Russia, Iran and North Korea?

Mar 14, 2019
Insanity Society? | Guests: Jeff Giesea & Dr. Will Reilly | 3/13/19
Hour 1
Venezuela, in the heart of darkness?  Hypocrisy, is the reason the media and Hollywood are the enemy? Who is IIhan Omar? Her very shady past as a former Immigration fraud? "One is human, the other is not"? 
Hour 2
Is it time to break up Big Tech? Twitter is leading the way on censorship? Is it 1984 or A Brave New World? The Protections and platforms of Social media? Google controls 90% of what we search for? Open platforms have been great for democracy. 
Hour 3
'Hate Crime Hoax: How the left is selling a fake race war'. Author, Dr. Will Reilly joins to explain? The Art of False Narratives? Labeling and partisanship isn't for everyone? Glenn Beck and Three days with Tony Robbins? 
Mar 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jeff Giesea & Dr. Will Reilly | 3/13/19
Best of the Program | 3/13
Venezuela, in the heart of darkness? -h1
- Who is IIhan Omar? -h1
- Censorship is Only Getting Worse? (w/ Jeff Giesea) -h2
- Hate Crime Hoaxes? (w/ Dr. Will Reilly) -h3
Mar 13, 2019
Costume of Moral Puffery? | Guests: Justin Haskins, David J. Harris, & John Lott | 3/12/19
Hour 1
Amen Tucker Carlson? Without naming Media Matters, Carlson said forces on "the left" have been "working hard to kill this show" ever since it premiered in 2016? Media Matters, a modern day KKK? Follow the money? 
Hour 2
Socialism is Evil, with author Justin Haskins? At the end of the day the Lefts goals are all the same? Go read the Soviet Unions Constitution? Courage is Contagious with author David J. Harris, 'Why I Couldn't Stay Silent'. One man's battle as a black conservative? 
Hour 3
Bubba the Love Sponge joins the show to talk Tucker? Tucker Carlson is not a racist? 'Red Flag' gun laws, John Lott breaks down the newly proposed 'red flag' gun law I-639 initiative? Gun owning states are dwindling? Blaze TV Exposes Ilhan Omar, watch it for Free at 
Mar 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Justin Haskins, David J. Harris, Bubba the Love Sponge & John Lott | 3/12/19
Best of the Program | 3/12
- Amen Tucker Carlson? -h1 
- 'Socialism is Evil'? (w/ Justin Haskins) -h2
- 'Why I Couldn't Stay Silent' (w/ David J. Harris) -h2
- Taking Tucker with Bubba the Love Sponge -h3
- Red Flag Laws? (w/ John Lott) -h3
Mar 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests : Auren Hoffman & Jason Buttrill | 3/11/19
Best of the Program | 3/11
- The Muslims are coming! -h1
- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows best? -h1
- Blaze TV Must See? -h1
- Dads united, we're in this together? (w/ Jason Buttrill) -h2
- Door to Door Gun Confiscation? -h2
- A 5G World to Come? (w/ Auren Hoffman) -h3
Mar 11, 2019
Excited, Afraid and Nervous? | Guest: Auren Hoffman | 3/11/19
Hour 1
The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!? Spooky as hell Socialism? The enemy of the people are not doing their job? Socialist to communist in just 3 years? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows best? Tonight is a Blaze TV Must See? Promo Code Beck 
Hour 2
Dads united, we're in this together? Embarrassment, a parents #1 job? Shock Poll, indicates half of young Americans want to live in a socialist nation? The hairy back guy after 9/11? A Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill is soon to be released with the help of Lindsey Graham and the GOP? Door to door gun confiscation of 300 million Americans?
Hour 3
Howard Schultz,Your father's Oldsmobile (Democrat Party)? "Millions will die, if they get their way"? Elizabeth Warren wants to break up  Apple, Facebook and Google? Optimistic Pessimist, Auren Hoffman joins to discuss what a world of 5G will probably look like? Liz Cheney sets Chuck Todd straight?
Mar 11, 2019
Ep 27 | Bob Goff | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with Bob Goff, a former attorney of 25 years and New York Times Best-Selling author of the book, "Love Does." He is also recognized as a diplomat by the U.S. Department of State as well as an Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda. Their conversation involves Bob's philosophy and how one gets to that point of faith and contentment when it comes to loving those around you and who you've given control of your life. They also talk about the world as we know it and to ultimately realize that we don't know everything that goes on around us and to take a genuine interest in the people around us. During the conversation, they also discuss God's love in each of their lives and how people who don't believe in God replace that level of power that Christians have available to them through salvation. Ultimately, when we share God with other people, Bob Goff says that we should always do it with love because, at the end of the day, "it isn't flesh or blood that reveals Him, but the spirit itself." (Matthew 16:17) 

Mar 09, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Bill O'Reilly & Will Witt | 3/8/19
Best of the Program | 3.8
- A Immigrants American Love Story? -h1
- Hussein in the Membrane? (w/ Pat Gray?) -h1
- It's a National Emergency? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2
- Thinking It Through with Bob Goff? -h2
- MAGA Hat Conservatives? (w/ Will Witt) -h3
Mar 08, 2019
Success Is Now Immoral? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Will Witt | 3/8/19

Hour 1 

A Great story for every conservative needs to tell? A great American Story? A immigrant's love story? Mopping floor while learning English? Opportunity still exists in America, Just ask AOC's mother?  Hussein in the Membrane and Pat Gray? A Shepard, a sheep, and a rancher, finding your own way? Success is now 'immoral'? See the Scary, Shocking Connections only at 


Hour 2

National Emergency with Bill O'Reilly? Standing up to the out of control Progressive movement? Life of assault, imaginable? From bartender to political jet-setter? AOC and her funnelling money problem? Bill tells us the real story behind who's paying AOC's bills? "She has a Reality Star Show Future"? 5G and the coming national security risk? "Venezuela should take care of themselves and the US should not get involved"? Bernie or Biden, who will it be? Thinking it through with Bob Goff, Blaze Podcast? 


Hour 3

3 Ways A Millennials can beat the Left? The "Brad Pitt" of Conservative movement? PragerU's Will Witt joins GB? MAGA hats on college campus and the future of conservatism? Dating Apps and Guns? Making friends with Liberal Millennial friends? Secret conservatives need to be bold? The future looks bright for conservatives? Stu's stupid super hero movies? Super Hero overload?

Mar 08, 2019
Socialism Always Ends in Tyranny? | Guests: John Ziegler, Del Bigtree, & Andrew Heaton | 3/7/19

Hour 1

The Ever unpopular John Ziegler joins. "Michael Jackson Could Be Guilty as Hell, and HBO's Leaving Neverland Would Still Be Unfair"? Not Adding up the stories of Michael Jackson's victims? It's an Abomination from documentary standpoint? It's a Michael Jackson hit job? 99.5% sure with Pat Gray? Institutionalization of Saul Alinsky tactics? Google steps it up on 'equal pay'? Not!? Socialism always ends in tyranny.


Hour 2

Feelings versus Facts? Emotionally passionate side of making decisions, is not always good idea? Heart, Emotion, and Math equals a moral case for capitalism? Most people Feel first? Dan Crenshaw discusses the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border That 'Nobody Ever Talks About'? Anti-Vaccine information Being De-platformed Parent's choice to vaccinate, with Del Bigtree, Producer of "Vaxxed"? When Big Government starts to pressure and censor, we're moving into a very dangerous place? Why do 1 in 36 children have autism? Sad News from one of America's TV game show Icons? 


Hour 3

Bernie Sanders* stops by to talk to Glenn? 'Something's Off with Andrew Heaton, It's terrible, but true? Making the case on very bad things? Parking cars with feelings? All roads, paved with good intentions? We are all horrible Cyclops? Emotional triggers and facts that make the moral case for capitalism? Facts & Story the two things you need, Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment?

Mar 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: John Ziegler, Pat Gray, Del Bigtree & Andrew Heaton | 3/7/19
Best of the Program | 3/7
- I Don't Care About Michael Jackson" (w/ John Ziegler) -h1
- 99.5% sure with Pat Gray? -h1
- Feelings versus Facts?  -h2
- 'Vaxxed'? (w/ Del Bigtree) -h2
- Bernie Sanders Stops By? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h3
Mar 07, 2019
Adding Up Zero Sense? | Guests: Sara Gonzales & Justin Haskins | 3/6/19

Hour 1

R Kelly Double Jeopardy? All accusations are "not true." Innocent until proven guilty, no more? Today's Documentaries are modern day witch hunts? Pat Gray's Russian women? It's time for American men to get their giblets back? President Trump is a 'father figure' to many American men? CNN's not Crazy about Joe Biden? What if the Democrats Win in 2020? Recession Avoided?, according to the World Wide GDP tracker? AOC's Mom lives in Florida to avoid taxes? Meanwhile, here daughter says NY isn't taxed enough?


Hour 2

The #1 podcast in America confronts Twitter? Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey gets confronted by journalist Tim Pool on The Joe Rogan Experience. Admits, "We Were Too Aggressive" in banning conservatives. Glenn explains the important difference between Publisher and Platform? Immediate Action pays off for OUR? Operation Underground Railroad, CEO Tim Ballard issues an emergency and is there to help? Why The Left Hate Tax Cuts, by Dan Crenshaw? Blaze TV is growing? Watch, Allie, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Matt Kibbe and Eric Bolen for Free at 


Hour 3

Information Silenced with Sara Gonzales? Anti-Vaccine and the four hour erection? Silencing dissenting opinions, this is not about vaccines, this is about the First Amendment? "When did everyone become socialists?" The Heartland Institutes, Justin Haskins explains? The challenge of educating a generation about socialism? Every 4 years the world is about to End for somebody? It Looks like the Left is Losing this talking point? There is a Crisis at the Border? 

Mar 06, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Sara Gonzales & Justin Haskins | 3/6/19
Best of the Program | 3.6
- R Kelly Double Jeopardy? -h1 
- Getting Your Giblets Back with Pat Gray -h1
- Recession Avoided? -h1
- "We Were Too Aggressive" -h2
- Anti-Vaccines, 4 Hour Erections and The First Amendment? -h3
- "When did everyone become socialists?" (w/ Justin Haskins) -h3 
Mar 06, 2019
Annoyingly Smart? | Guest: Dave Isay | 3/5/19
Hour 1 
Hillary's Big Announcement? AOC came from nowhere? Political Star Backlash? Stu's gives Glenn a passionate sports analogy? The 5 Myths About Socialism? Democratic Socialism is different than (fill in the blank)? A Pat Gray Neverland? HBO's new documentary on Michael Jackson is making noise? The Art of completely wiping out 80's Icon? 
Hour 2
Just another 'hate hoax'? South Carolina Mayor claims she was racist hate crime victim after 'yellow sticky substance'? Cops say, not even close? Undocumented Outer Space compassion? It's a sad day for President Trump? Awaiting Bernie's Big move? Socialism, the most successful form of government of all time?  The various 'pit stops' of Socialism? In a world of Incremental progressiveness? When America's innovations spread world-wide, good things happen?
Hour 3
Story, Dave Isay, Founder & President joins to tell the story of Jenn Stanley and Peter Stanley? Daughter and father talk about disagreeing politically for the first time? Important conversations we are not having? Alabama Tornado devastation for a mile wide? Help the Victims Now at Target taxes and the damage they do? It's Time to keep diary?
Mar 05, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray & Dave Isay | 3/5/19
Best of the Program | 3.5
- The 5 Myths About Socialism? -h1
- A Pat Gray Neverland? -h1
- Just Another Hate Hoax? -h2
- Daughter and Dad and Politics? (w/ Dave Isay) -h3 
- Help Alabama Tornado Victims Now at -h3
Mar 05, 2019
Combatting Socialist Education? | Guests: Samantha Sullivan, Tim Carney, Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman | 3/4/19
Hour 1:
President Hickenlooper, what?! …The most trusted name in news – The BBC? …Why do schools struggle to teach the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? ...Only 11 percent of respondents to a poll think the two-party system is working well, but hardly anyone will vote third-party …New revelations about Michael Jackson continue to shake his fan base to its core …Why did so many parents allow their children to be victimized by the same man?
Hour 2:
BlazeMedia Content Manager Samantha Sullivan joins the program to share her story of how she defended her faith against the onslaught of progressivism in college …Glenn offers his advice on talking with children who question the existence of God …Parents can make a world of difference for their children by remaining vigilant and becoming informed …A South Carolina father wonders if he has failed his children, who are now straying from the faith – Glenn reassures him that he has not …A North Carolina mother tells her story of how her family stood up to an anti-Christianity professor and were ultimately successful.
Hour 3:
Author Timothy P. Carney joins the program to discuss his book ‘Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse’ …The American Dream involves more than just economics, it involves the social interactions and institutions within our communities …Driving churches out of the public square has been incredibly detrimental for the middle class ...Filmmakers Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, who co-produced the film ‘Unplanned’, join the program to explain what inspired this powerful pro-life film …Everything about ‘Unplanned’ was intended to be as authentic as possible – Down to the cast, which included real abortion clinic practitioners.
Mar 04, 2019
Ep 26 | Brad Meltzer | The Glenn Beck Podcast
Glenn is joined by noted author and friend of the program, Brad Meltzer who discusses his new book, "The First Conspiracy" which highlights an aspect of George Washington's story that you probably haven't heard before. It is through this discussion that you'll see a completely different side to the Father of our Nation. 
Mar 02, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: John Lott, Bill O'Reilly, Ted Cruz & Eric Christen | 3/1/19
The Best of the Program | 3/1 
- Socialist Yard Stick to Measure Capitalism? - h1
- HR8 Puff and Stuff ?(w/ John Lott) -h1
- The Woke Nightmare (w/ Bill (O'Reilly) -h2
- El Chapo Border Wall Crisis? (w/ Ted Cruz) -h3
- High-Speed Rail Nightmare? (w/ Eric Christen) -3
Mar 01, 2019
Glenn Live from CPAC | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Sen. Ted Cruz | 3/1/19
Hour 1
Using a Socialist yard stick to measure capitalism? Former Blaze host Lawrence Jones, Now Fox News host,  brings some good news for black Trump voters? Kid Reporter, Phoenix Rising In, gets his big break, gets to Interview Glenn Beck? John Locke joins Glenn to discuss the HR8 bill. Glenn says it's a 'Dynamic, young, focused crowd' at CPAC?
Hour 2
The Woke Nightmare with Bill O'Reilly? Thrilled that the masks have come off? What if Trump loses in 2020? Bill gives us his take on the Michael Cohen hearings? Cohen lied about Trump not wanting to be President. The Truth is somewhere in between? Glenn gives Bill some great material for his New book about the President Trump? To be released this Fall 2019? The Most Credible Man That Ever Lived? MSNBC black know what All black people think? 
Hour 3 
Ted Cruz Live from CPAC? El Chapo border Wall Crisis with Senator Ted Cruz?  Killing every cow on earth with AOC? "The Democrat Party is the party of hatred"? The Green New Deal and there trains, everywhere? Trump's War on the California high-speed rail with Eric Christen, Executive Director, Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction. Just another over budget nightmare? It's the DMV and the Post Office on steroids? 'Trains are terrible America!'?
Mar 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Kelly Shackelford & Brad Polumbo | 2/28/19
Best of the Program | 2/28
- Stu Masterfully works a R. Kelly Analogy? -h1
- GB Radio Flashback: the time Michael Jackson called Glenn? -h1
- Fighting for The 'Bladensburg Memorial' (w/ Kelly Shackelford) -h2
- 'The Politically Homeless Life of a Gay Conservative'? (w/ Brad Polumbo) -h2
- Living In Surveillance Capitalism Times? -h3
Feb 28, 2019
Llamas On A Train? | Guests: Kelly Shackelford & Brad Polumbo | 2/28/19
Hour 1
Every 4 or 8 years the Democrats care about the U.S. Constitution? The Democrats HR8 Gun Bill Threatens to turn Gun Owners into Criminals? Naming the Republicans who didn't stick to their guns? The Left say, they're only 'violating' the Constitution? Stu Masterfully works a R. Kelly Analogy? Glenn prepares for his 12 minutes at CPAC this weekend. Flashback Radio, When Michael Jackson called the Glenn Beck Radio Program? Remembering why we're all glad we don't live in the city of Portland? 
Hour 2 
Religious fighter, fighting the good fight, Kelly Shackelford joins, to tell us how hateful atheist are offended by a memorial. The 'Bladensburg Memorial' and it's brief history. The Bad Lemon Test on Religion is very dangerous. "When it comes to religious freedom we have five solid Justices"? 'The Politically Homeless Life of a Gay Conservative', with National Reviews Brad Polumbo? LGBT are 'trying to erase' the gay conservative community. Hypocritical Intolerance at it's finest?
Hour 3
Andrew Ross Sorkin, How Credit Cards Are Used to Finance Mass Shootings ...Bank of America and Citigroup credit card Restricting private citizens to purchase fire arms to protect their families? "We are living in surveillancecapitalism times"? HR8 Puff and Stuff? Hate speech transactions and the digital ghetto laws? House pushes through first major gun bill in a generation, backed by Republican, NY-Rep. Peter King? Here come Slave Reparations?
Feb 28, 2019
Means Nothing? | Guest: Sen. Ben Sasse | 2/27/19

Hour 1

Is he a Good guy or a Bad guy? A 20-page document under fire? Former Trump attorney, Cohen to give his opening statement? 'Lying is his first language'. Trump and his Rat Pack? No evidence whatsoever? Kamala Harris says, "Yes President Trump is a Racist" Boys vs. Girls ,Why are transgenders are rejecting Science? Patton Oswalt's Epic rant on Transgender, 'Here to Help'


Hour 2

There is Nothing New and Nothing Major here? Fireworks right out of the gates? Michael Cohen moral moments? Trump Foundation and the falsities? "America, Wake up!" Smeared as a rat? "Mr. Trump is a conman". Tommy Knuckles could be giving this same testimony? Senator Ben Sasse joins to follow up on the failed vote in the Senate. 'Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act' Has America, lost it's soul? Remaining "optimistic in long term"


Hour 3

Michael Cohen madness continues. It was "Business as usual"? Is this the best witness you got? Why is Glenn is so disappointed in Stu? Tubes and Hamster Political Theater; at it's finest? ...Glenn and Stu do the play by play..."he's not very smart and still a dirt bag"

Feb 27, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Senator Ben Sasse
Best of the Program | 2/27
- In His Way, He Was Telling Me To Lie? -h1
- Transgender Extremes? -h1 
- Epic Rant from Comedian Patton Oswalt? -h1
- America, Wake Up! -h2 
- Optimistic in The Long term?  (w/ Sen. Ben Sasse) -h2
- Tube and Hamster Political Theater? -h3
Feb 27, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Alexandria DeSanctis & Will Maule | 2/26/19
Best of the Program | 2/26
- 'Louder with Crowder' (w/ Steven Crowder) -h1
- Flashback 2012: Dems Deny God x 3? -h1
- 'BlazeTV Wire'? (w/ Ben Shapiro) -h2 
- This Is A Killing Babies Bill (w/ Alexandria DeSanctis) -h2
- 'Don't Take My Bible Away!' (w/ Will Maule) -h3 
Feb 26, 2019
Abortion Ban Is Coming? | Guests: Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Alexandra DeSanctis, & Will Maule | 2/26/19

Hour 1'Louder with Crowder'...Steven joins to discuss why ABC/Disney pulled his Oscar special? ...What did they object to?...The overall idea?...They are picking us off one by one ...Who is Tommy Robinson? ...the Democrat party continues to run to evil...Democrats Denied God Three times at the 2012 DNC convention ...Pat Gray brings the shock Poll?...44% of 'Pro-Choice' voters oppose up to birth abortions ...Why won't Bernie burn 'Dictator' Maduro?


Hour 2

Ben Shapiro, joins to discuss, a Resolution to declare a National Emergency at the Southern Border...President Trump must be very careful here? ...Coherent excuses for abortion...Blaze TV Wire? ...The end of guns is near? ...Alexandra DeSanctis, staff writer at National Review, joins to discuss how the Senate Failed to Pass Born-Alive Bill?...This is not an abortion bill, this is a kill babies bill...releasing, misleading information, intentionally?..."abortion ban is coming"?


Hour 3 

We are at a Turning point?...recognizing that a new born baby, is a baby? ...Ben Sasse says it's a sad day as 'the Democrats constantly lied' about the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act? ...New Nike Ad BS? ..."Don't Take My Bible Away!'...the Shocking Arrest of Peaceful Street Preacher Caught on Video with Faithwire, writer WIll Maule joins to discuss? ...More Bernie B.S.? ...Glenn will be speaking at CPAC this year

Feb 26, 2019
Sunshine, Unicorns and Lollipops? | Guests: Mark Joseph & Daniel Woods | 2/25/19

Hour 1 

There's a Crisis in Venezuela?...Perhaps, Bernie Sanders can give Mauduro some pointers? ...Big day for Ben Sasse and Life itself?...Abortion will kill our society, rapidly...Life, AI, and Socialism, we have to decide right on those 3 things? ...The Making of a Millenial UK Socialist?...Coming for ya with a hammer and sickle? ...The Pat Gray way?...In what states are Liberals leading the way?...the Gallop Poll results should shock you? 


Hour 2

A Movie, Must See?...'Unplanned'...gets a R-Rating, but why?...Producer, Mark Joseph joins to explain the MPAA? ...This movie has no business being Rated-R?...There is no consistent standard, it's all driven by politics? ...Terrence Howard Defends 'Empire' Co-Star Jussie Smollett?...A nutty, violent man who can't do math? ..."Please, Pray for Life"


Hour 3

Another, movie (Documentary) must see?...'Emmy award winning Director,  Danny Woods joins the show to explain?...What does Mr. Phuc do? He runs an orphanage that cares for a little over 20 children along with caring for 8 women at risk who are also pregnant?...An amazing story that had to be told...The Joy from watching someone serve others is very 'Christ' like? ...AOC says, young people are not having children, because of climate change? ...Have we killed MLK's Dream?....Time to crack open the old dusty Bible?

Feb 25, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Mark Joseph & Daniel Woods | 2/25/19
Best of the Program | 2/25
- Crisis Venezuela? -h1
- This Gallop Poll Should Shock You? -h1
- A Movie, Must See? (w/ Mark Joseph) -h2 
- The Nutty & Violent Mathematician? - h2 
- 'Grave Hands' - (w/ Daniel Woods) - h3 
Feb 25, 2019
Ep 25 | Rabbi Daniel Lapin | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn is joined by Rabbi Daniel Lapin who is an American Orthodox rabbi, author, public speaker, and heads up the "American Alliance of Jews & Christians." They both discuss what exactly anti-semitism is, the response of the left to any Biblical teaching, and the sad fact that the world seems to be heading the complete opposite direction of the Bible. Also, they talk about the massive difference between how the left sees the end of the world as opposed to a religious viewpoint. Lastly, Glenn and Rabbi Daniel Lapin explore the current society and what civilization and time period we most resemble and how we as humans don't seem to learn from the mistakes of our past. 

Feb 23, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Andrew Heaton & Jonathon Dunne | 2/22/19
Best of the Programs | 2/22
- Terrifying Nightmare in 2020? -h1
- Doubling Down on Dollars? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2
- Who Are We? (w/ Rabbi Daniel Lapin) -h2
- 5 Seconds of Wisdom? -h2
- Somethings Off with Bernie Sanders? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h3
- 'Freedoms'? (w/ Jonathon Dunne) -h3
Feb 22, 2019
Watch What You Wish For? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Andrew Heaton, & Jonathon Dunne | 2/22/19
Hour 1 
Proud of transforming the Democrat Party?...Bernie Sanders is a terrifying nightmare, if he were President?...Disrupting the system ...America would have voted for anyone in 2016?...Trump's done, if the economy goes down ...Getting Serious about the Declaration of Independence?...America's original blue prints?...When life is too easy?...Maybe, this is not how the world is? 
Hour 2 
Doubling down with Bill O'Reilly?...Jussie Smollett's metal health needs to be checked?...It's time to disengage on this story?...A world of delusion and the media's witch hunters?...MSNBC actually did their best to ignore the Smollett story, while CNN defends it?...How much jail time is coming?..."It's Chicago"?...The Big undeveloped story that's yet to come?...the Mueller report is ready to drop, but does anyone really care anymore? ...Who Are We? with Rabbi Daniel Lapin...Watch BlazeTV for Free?
Hour 3 
Fun with Parody?....Bernie Sanders, aka Andrew Heaton, from BlazeTV's 'Something's Off' joins GB? ...2020 Diamonds in the Rough?...Nike shoes and their stock market plunge? ...Jonathon Dunne, from 'Freedoms Disciple' podcast, joins to give us an update on Brexit?...America was built on the premise of 'doing the right thing' ...
Feb 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Rafer Weigel, Ben Sasse, Daniel Di Martinio & Eric Early | 2/21/19
Best of the Program | 2/21
- Chief Grand Jeep Cherokee Beck? -h1 
- Hate Hoax Update? (w/ Rafer Weigel) -h2
- Fighting for Life? (w/ Senator Ben Sasse) -h2
- Venezuela Was My Home? (w/ Daniel Di Martino) -h3
- Suing to Block 'Inclusivity'? (w/ Eric Early) -h3 
Feb 21, 2019
Functioning, but Completely Nuts? | Guests: Rafer Weigel, Sen. Ben Sasse, Daniel Di Martino, & Eric P. Early | 2/21/19
Hour 1
Glenn's DNA results are in?...Being 13 x more native American than Elizabeth Warren and blacker? ...Being part of the Grand 'Jeep' Cherokee tribe isn't always easy? ...Stu tells us who's leading in the Democratic Presidential hopefuls Polls?...President Obama looks like a moderate, in today's standards? ...Pat's Gray's DNA reveals he's 100% terrorist? ...Race is being used as a 'tool', ment to divide us?...When driving around with a half a million dollars is a crime?
Hour 2
Arrested and in Custody?...Fox 32 Chicago Reporter, Rafer Weigel, one of the first journalists to think, there was something fishy from the beginning of the Jussie Smollett case?...'All credit to the Chicago Police'...Is this a 'hate crime'? ...Vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act with Senator Ben Sasse...Fighting for the Right for Life?...Lighting up the sky to celebrate Death?...Congress is backing away from a bill to prohibit murder, period 
Hour 3 
"Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it"...Young Voices Contributor, Daniel Di Martino joins to say, "it will destroy America, too."...Losing the free market from the inside? ...Governor Cuomo is not happy with AOC for the NYC Amazon pullout?...Tweeting the tax code for Dummies? ...California parents sue to block 'Inclusivity' instruction in schools...the parents Attorney, Eric Early joins to expand?...Forms of Oppression, the same statues to protect minorities is now being used on whites? ...Alt-Left social warrior types are 'spreading like a cancer'? ...It's hard to hate when your dead?
Feb 21, 2019
He's So Relatable? | Guests: Bill Jones & Elizabeth Johnston | 2/20/19
Hour 1
Because He's So Relatable?...Bernard Sanders skeletons in the closet?...The reason why there is a 'rape culture' today?...He should have to explain what he thought in 1972? ...Wow! Ariana Grande is the first artist since the Beatles to have songs in the top three spots of the Billboard Hot 100 charts? ...Pat Gray's about to become a Cardi B Fan? ...Glenn explains why Donald Trump is so relatable? ...The farting guy on the bar stool, and 'that's refreshing' 
Hour 2 
Suddenly offended by Cigars Store Indians? ...Florida school hires combat veterans for security?...Bill Jones, Principal at the Manatee School for the Arts joins to explain? ...Push back not just from the anti gunners, but the gun snobs too? ...Go Fund Me with Faith?...Glenn reaches out to the wife of a shooting victim? ...Glenn and the Shlub-Club? 
Hour 3
'Not on My Watch' author, Elizabeth Johnston joins...'Day of Mourning', happens this Saturday, February 23rd at ...Hip vs. Hip Replacement Democrats 2020? ...New or Used by the Democrats? ...Feeling Bad for AOC?...She's only being used for misdirection?...What's really happening behind the scenes of the Democrat Party?...A step closer to Ending the Free Market System and fundamentally transform our economy?..."Medicare for all is not Socialism"?
Feb 20, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill Jones & Elizabeth Johnston | 2/20/19
Best of the Program | 2/20
- Bernard Skeletons Sanders? -h1
- He's So Relatable? - h1
- Vets for School Security? (w/ Bill Jones) -h2 
- Day of Mourning.Org? (w/ Elizabeth Johnston) -h3
- Hip vs. Hip Replacement Democrats 2020? -h3
Feb 20, 2019
The March to Socialism Continues? | Guests: Chad Felix Greene & Shayna Lopez-Rivas | 2/19/19

Hour 1

Bernie Sanders declares he will run for President in 2020?...Who wants Medicare for all?...The Left are running against their own cure?...Superman 2 style Criminal Justice for all?..."Who needs the Ethiopians anyways?"...Why aren't we doing 'These Things'?...Glenn does homework with his son?...Sacco & Vanzetti, propaganda that changed the world?...Hobby Lobby and Sex things? ...The Pat Gray puppet show? ...The Machine is Broken?

Hour 2

"Hate Crimes Are Trending Down, But You Wouldn’t Know That From LGBT Media"...Gay journalist Chad Felix Greene, Senior Contributor at The Federalist joins to explain?...The Art of the Hate Crime, Hoax? ...'Victimhood' is the New trophy to go for? ...The Latest gun background-check legislation would not have stopped Parkland tragedy... Shayna Lopez-Rivas, Gun Rights Activist joins to explain...What is HR8?   

Hour 3

Student loan debt is in 'Serious Delinquency'...The average student is $41,000 in debit to the government?...The Good News is, poverty is way down world-wide...Maximizing profits, is Curing patients a good business model for the future? ...Surrendering to the algorithms gods? ...Free Market Rewards for All? It's time for Louis Farrakhan theater, titled 'Wicked Jews'? ...Reporting, from out of the closet? 

Feb 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Chad Felix Greene & Shayna Lopez-Rivas | 2/19/19
Best of the Program | 2/19
- Bernie 2020? -h1
- Hobby Lobby and Sex Things? - h1
- Hate Crimes Are Trending Down? (w/ Chad Felix Greene) -h2
- Gun Rights In Check? (w/ Shayna Lopez-Rivas) -h2
- Wicked Jews, Reporting Out of the Closet? -h3
Feb 19, 2019
So Wanting This To Be True? | Guest: John Ziegler | 2/18/19

Hour 1

The Wolf Who Cried MAGA?...Jesse Smollett attack was All a Hoax...Hollywood is actively stirring up hatred...a cherry on a racist salad?...the List of MAGA hate Hoaxes grows?...the trophies for all culture has arrived?...the Make It Up Media?

Hour 2 

John Ziegler called BS weeks ago?...Jussie Smollett new famous poorly done it couldn't be hoax?...Will he get out of this?...Police played Possum from the beginning...'the two blobs'...vs. Kavanaugh accuser?...People today 'want to be' a victim...No Shame in Victimhood?

Hour 3

Weiner freed?...oh and Bill Cosby is having an 'amazing experience' in prison?...Racist Flashback: 'Soul Man' the Movie...Stu reads the New York Times movie review from the 1986 movie? ...Warning: Your Small dog may blow away? ...Collective Munchhausen with Gad Saad? ...Not there Nancy? Happy Thanksgiving?...Someone get Nancy a brain scan?

Feb 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: John Ziegler & Gad Saad | 2/18/19
Best of the Program | 2/18
- The Wolf Who Cried MAGA? - h1
- The Right Kind of Victim? (w/ John Ziegler) -h2
- Racist Flashback 1986? -h3
- Collective Munchausen? (w/ Gad Saad) -h3
Feb 18, 2019
Ep 24 | Dr. Gad Saad | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn is joined by Dr. Gad Saad who is a Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary behavioral scientist at the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) and is known for applying evolutionary psychology to marketing and consumer behavior. They discuss a variety of different topics including progressivism's kindergarten logic, the wisdom of not knowing, the socialism of ants, the courage of responsibility, the humanity of struggle, and the expressionists' character of Islam. 

Feb 16, 2019
Bad Decision, Either Way We Go? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & John Ziegler | 2/15/19
Hour 1
Glenn wrote some important letters last night?...'this is a turning a point'...the Left are getting their 'change' with all this hope?...we're 'standing at the abyss' ...the cliff of insanity?...capitalism on the run...Amazon leaves New York, bye-by 25,000 Jobs ...What's in this spending Bill? win here, lose, lose..."Mr. President Please don't sign this bill" ...Pat Gray....former Obama official urges Trump Not to sign this spending bill?...History will show, "this bill will be worse than Obamacare" ...Tweet: Please Mr. President Don't Sign This Bill!
Hour 2 
Bill O'Reilly vs. President Trump?...President Trump set to address the nation...'there's no other resolution' President Trump has to sign this spending bill?...'continuing resolution'...State of Emergency and Consequences ...the Left want to control on Every Single Front with 'Climate Change'...1 Party Rule in California ...President Trump Declares a National Emergency
Hour 3 
Making the case, argument(s) for President Trump?'s not always's not a good day for either side, a lose, lose?...Why? Horrendous bill... makes ICE will be like a travel agency for illegals? ...Empire of a Hoax? under fire for hate Hoax?...Why won't the actor just turn over his phone?...John Ziegler joins to pick this story apart?...all of the political correction force fields?...So many Questions...What about the photo of interest?...Where did it go?...Actor knew his attackers?...premeditated hoax or domesticated dispute gone bad? ...
Feb 15, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & John Ziegler | 2/15/19
Best of the Program | 2/15 
- Worse Than Obamacare? - h1
- Stopping The Change? (w/ Bill O'Reilly?) -h2
- National Emergency Declared? -h2
- Empire of a Hoax? (w/ John Ziegler) 
Feb 15, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Mark Poulin & Elizabeth Grandstaff | 2/14/19
Best of the Program | 2/14 
- The Quest for The Couple of The Year? -h1 -h2 
- Shock Poll? -h2
- Get The Popcorn Omar vs. Abrams? 
- It's time for a M1 Love Story? 
Feb 14, 2019
The Valentine's Day Show? | 2/14/19
Hour 1
Happy Valentine's Day!!!...the show...Dumb husbands and boyfriends, who waited to the last minute to get the women in their lives something for V-Day?...Glenn and Stu want to help ...Glenn is Will Be attending the 'National day of Mourning'
Hour 2 
Perfectly Executed Love?...All around ...Jonathan goes the extra mile for his lovely wife  Jillon...Love at first site radio?..."Honey,...........I Love You!"? ...Nancy, lets Glenn and Stu get her husband Darrell, ready for a big date, hopefully? ...Shock Poll: the American people are Not for 'Medicare for All'?
Hour 3
Get the popcorn...The gloves are off?...Trouble Maker, Rep. Ilhan Omar clashes with special enjoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing; she questions whether he believes a massacre in El Salvador represented “fabulous achievement.” ...The most insulting thing Glenn's ever heard? ...Something's Off with Andrew Heaton...a tax for dying alone?...a man's 'biological' clock is ticking? ...Mark & Elizabeth's, M1 Love Story? ...Breaking News: Divorce it Happen at
Feb 14, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Grazie P. Christie & Gregory Wrightstone | 2/13/19

Best of the Program | 2/13

- a Sad Sickening Start? -h1 

- "What the Hell is the Green New Deal?" - h1

- California High Rail Train wreck? - h2

- Day of (w/ Elizabeth Johnston) -h2

- Late Term Abortions Harm Mothers? (w/ Dr. Grazie P. Christie, M.D.) -h3

- 'Inconvenient Facts'? (w/ Gregory Wrightstone) -h3

Feb 13, 2019
The End of the American Experiment? | Guests: Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Grazie Christie, & Gregory Wrightstone | 2/13/19

Hour 1

a Sad and Sickening Start?...Mom hides recording device in special needs daughters hair...horror is recorded...teachers abusing children?...Public school in West Virginia, when government runs everything, who do you run to? ..."What the hell is the Green New Deal?"...where Science Fiction is Fact?...who pays for it? Just print's still snowing in Seattle ...Are We 1 Election away from a Full transformation of America?...$22 Trillion in Debit ...Pray for America's economic stability 

Hour 2 

California Governor abandons High Speed Rail project? money wasted?...92% of cost are in subsides?...rail projects = financial disasters...Why is he ...just feel good projects for politicians...What's Governor Gavin Newsom really up to? ...Elizabeth Johnston Author, "Not On My Watch" Book - “Not On My Watch: How to win the fight for family, faith, and freedom”...February 23rd a Day to Repent = Day of

Hour 3

Late term Abortions are Not beneficial for the mother's health...Dr. Grazie P. Christie, M.D. Senior Policy Advisor, The Catholic Association, myths of abortion are World Wide...Venezuela Marxist nightmares continue ...the Elite's, Elite pick? ..."Inconvenient Facts" with author Gregory Wrightstone..."the science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know"?...droughts and wild forest fire facts...glaciers & polar bear Myths?...Our warming trends have been charted...the miracle of the cycle of man, no more? ...the Left and their Predictions based on failed climate model?...Real Climate Facts in the palm you hand...get the 'Inconvenient' App?

Feb 13, 2019
Ignorance is Bliss? | Guests: Dave Isay, David Harsanyi, & Sara Place | 2/12/19
Hour 1
Ilhan Omar hates Jews?...she mockingly apologizes for her anti-Semitic comments ...Linda Soursor AND David Duke to the rescue?...the Lewis Farrakhan newsletter? ...It's time for "I had no idea?"...pointy white hoods are offensive?...if Andrew Jackson had done (finished) his job? ...Katy Perry and her Mr. Potato Head Mammy Shoes? ...Trump is a 'great negotiator'...but the latest budget deal, is not looking that 'great' for Trump?..Only 55 miles of ' the wall'? ...People like the sound of a 'New Deal'...until they read the fine print...In Need of Fresh New American Ideas?
Hour 2 
Kneeling down to the chocolate god? ...the story of 'Danny & Annie'...with StoryCorps, Founder & President Dave Isay...Danny and Annie came to StoryCorps in 2004 to talk about that first date—and how their love for each other has only grown in the 27 years since then...a Great Marriage = Like Hitting the Jackpot? ...'The 10 Most Insane Requirements of The Green New Deal' with Senior Editor at The Federalist, David Harsanyi joins to expose AOC's Green New Deal ..."we are heading to a very bad place"?...Studies show that Fracking actually helped reduced our carbon emissions?...Trump is making fans by calling out Socialists? ...the early history of environmental science...traces back to the Nazi's?
Hour 3
The 'New' Black Death? Mass death coming to the UK?...Pro: stock piling Human sized Zip-Lock bags...Con: Having to Use them? ...6 inches of snow where it never snows?...State of emergency in Portland?...Popeye lost his spinach? ...The toilet Snake epidemic hits Australia? ...The Myth of 'Cow Farts' with Sara Place...the Senior Director, Sustainable's actually cow 'burps' are the issue and to farts?...Ranchers = Real environmentalists?...the cycle of life has been lost in our society, a few generations removed?
Feb 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Dave Isay, David Harsanyi & Sara Place | 2/12/19
Best of the Program | 2/12
- David Duke to the Rescue? -h1 
- Trump is a 'Great Negotiator'? -h1
- Danny & Annie? (w/ Dave Isay) -h2 
- The Insane Green New Deal? (w/ David Harsanyi) -h2
- Cow Fart Facts (w/ Sara Place) -h3
Feb 12, 2019
A Whole New Class of Radicals? | 2/11/19
Hour 1
Trump Truth?..."America will never be a Socialist country"...Spartacus speaks?...and continues to sound like a idiot?...Green New Deal vs. Moon Landing?...Who pays for this 'deal'?...just print the money? ...All Americans are Kings...Thanks to the US Constitution? ...It's Coming...Adios First Amendment?...Using the Wrong Pronouns will Now get you arrested?...What is 'dead naming'?... Every one's doing it and it better stop?...the illusion of 'freedom of speech'?...thinking you are 'always' going to have it ...Cow Farts for All?...fact checking the fact checkers with Pat Gray? ...American Icon lost? 
Hour 2
Picking Hitler Over Gandhi?.....Mein Kamp India?...we are dealing with a "Whole New Class of Radicals"?...'by any means possible'?...becoming a certified CPA, via Twitter? ...Stu's 'Power Rankings' for the Democratic Presidential 'hopefuls'?...will 'Just Beat Trump' be enough for the Democrats...are Michelle Obama ambitions real after her Surprise Grammy's appearance? ...the Bezos Pole of Joy?...Exposed by the mistresses brother?
Hour 3
The Gigantic Crisis that's being ignored?...Socialism is destroying Venezuela, right before our eyes? Once a prosperous country, has become a Socialist slum?...and the U.S. is on the same path...Tens and trillions of dollars in debit because of Obamacare? too deep? ...Back when Glenn was a smoker?...Climate Scientists have changed the sea level rise predictions, 7 times?...Everything that occurs is 'global warming' ...Word of wisdom from Cardi B?
Feb 11, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Pat Gray | 2/11/19
Best of the Program | 2/11  
- Praising the President When Deserved? -h1
- Spartacus Speaks? -h1 
- Fact Checking the Fact Checkers (w/ Pat Gray) -h1
- Picking Hitler Over Gandhi? -h2
- Democratic Presidential Hopefuls? -h2
- Cardi B on Taxes -h3
Feb 11, 2019
Ep 23 | Arthur Herman | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn is joined this week by Arthur Herman, an American popular historian, currently serving as a senior fellow at Hudson Institute. They discuss his book "Freedom's Forge" which is the untold story behind the amazing WWII production of armaments in America and the necessity of cooperation between government and private industry. Arthur talks through the history that you know and don't know and how looking at the past can reveal a lot about our future. 

Feb 09, 2019
Reverse Affect on All of Us? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly, Jon Miller, & Dr. Saad | 2/8/19
Hour 1
The Green New Deal...No, this is not a joke...GB breaks it down...ban on 99% of cars, all oil, natural gas and nuclear power...oh no more air travel...Green New Deal offers, jobs, health care and Free Healthy food for All Americans...farting cow fact sheet removed?...this Grenn New plan is already on its way, thanks to technology? ...Justice Roberts joins the Liberal Court to block Louisiana Abortion law?...what a "disgrace and disappointment, he sucks!" ...the Left are overplaying their hand on Abortion? the End of Abortion coming?...the Abby Johnson story is amazing?...ego and legacy, over 60 million lives?
Hour 2
Why He Believes What He Believes?...with Bill O'Reilly...teases his New untitled book about his 'real' private moments with President Trump?...if you Hate Trump you will Hate this book?...Uncle MIT...his father was arrested at a Klan rally? ...the AOC New Green Deal = Nightmare? ...planes, trains and automobiles Banned!...Nancy Pelosi vs. AOC?...arrogance on High ...Bill talked to President Trump on Air Force One about his SOTU speech? ...the speech was good but stop being obsessed with Muller?...Bezos vs. Trump continues
Hour 3
Brains and Common Sense?...The White House Brief with Jon Miller, joins GB to give his take on the SOTU last Tuesday night?...laughs and hisses, you could feel the arrogance in the room? ...American media says its reporting on Amazon's Bezo was lawful?...Pee Pee pics from Bezos? ...Dr. Gad Saad, Professor, Concordia, The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Farraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal about Human Nature?...Americans seem to be taking the First Amendment for granted? ...History is About Human Decisions with Arthur Herman?
Feb 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Jon Miller & Dr. Gad Sadd | 2/8/19
Best of the Program | 2/8
- The Green New Nightmare? -h1
- Disgrace, a Disappointment, He Sucks? -h1
- New and Untitled? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2
- Brains and Common Sense? (w/ Jon Miller) -h2 
- The Consuming Instinct (w/ Dr. Gad Saad) -h2
Feb 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: 'Uju' Ekeocha, Tim Ballard & Steve Deace | 2/7/19
Best of the Program | 2/7
- Nancy 'Sad' Pelosi? -h1
- Population Control?  (w/ Obianuju Ekeocha "Uju") -h2
- Overplaying Their Hand? -h2
- ISIS is Alive and Well? (w/ Tim Ballard) -h2
- 'Truth Bombs'? (w/ Steve Deace) -h3
Feb 07, 2019
Preparing for the Cliff? | Guests: Obianuju Ekeocha, Tim Ballard, & Steve Deace | 2/7/19
Hour 1 
Nancy 'Sad' Pelosi: Late Term Abortion ban is 'sad'...lies thru her teeth on abortion...President Trumps bold move on Late-term abortion...stuns the Schumer's and Pelosi's of the Democratic party...don't let Trump derangement syndrome deny the truth?...Dems attempt to Fact-Check Trump SOTU? ...Keys In Space?... Even more 'impressed' ' with President Trump after SOTU experience? ...Ex-ESPN host Tweets State of the Union assassination reference, then deletes? ...the Left celebrates Nancy Pelosi's 'rudeness' towards President Trump at SOTU?
Hour 2
Obianuju Ekeocha "Uju"...Author, "Target Africa" Founder & President, Culture of Life Africa...Nigerian Scientist: Gates Foundation Funding "Population" Control in Africa...Flashback: President Obama on deaf ears? better spent on real women issues of life ...Is the Left over playing their hand?...Depends on who you ask? ...Live from the Middle-East, Operation Underground Railroad CEO, Tim Ballard joins to discuss his meeting with President 'walls' do work, to save people...ISIS is alive an well in Iraq? ...OUR in action? ...Virginia Blackface Mania is spreading the Nation?
Hour 3
'Truth Bombs' and Coincidences? with BlazeTV's Steve Movie review: 'Unplanned'...not just another cheesy Pro-Life preachy movie?...forces one to confront Abortion, brutally? ...What President Trump needs to do to get Re-Elected?...needs to become more 'likeable' and ''creditable' with women going forward?...How can he do that?...Trump's language was very powerful last Tuesday night? ...GB quizzed on the Mendoza Line?...2020 Democrat candidate = Open Communist Candidate?...We're living out the times of the Old Testament, again? ...Just one bad economy away from a Socialist President?
Feb 07, 2019
Inspiringly Genuine? | Guests: Rep. Thomas Massie, Jim DeMint, & Sen. Mike Lee | 2/6/19
Hour 1 
Glenn gives his thoughts on last nights SOTU...President Trump's speech...Not just a clap trap?...a phenomenal job ...R.I.P. Doc Thompson...former Blaze Radio morning host...died in a tragic jogging accident?...leaves a wife and 3 children behind ...One of the Good Guys in Congress...Thomas Massie joins Glenn to give his reaction to the SOTU...impressed with Trump calling out Democrats as Socialists and their refusal to deny abortion...the 'precious pin'...debit = a Non Issue with Trump's base?
Hour 2
Father of the Tea Party?...Former SC Senator, Jim DeMint chimes in on his reaction to the State of the Union...impressed by the President standing up to important issues...'inspiring' message ...the economy and abortion?...Historical moment of the night?...Glenn vs. the Secret Service stare down? ...Senator Mike Lee joins Glenn to discuss last nights SOTU and 'Emergency Action" on the border...President Trump 'knocked it out of the park' last night.
Hour 3
Two Visions for America?...a New Opportunity in American politics?...Winning that is for Our country?...the systems of the 21st century are changing...rejecting the politics of revenge...choose or dare? ...Glenn Rereads President Trump's 'Great' State of the Union speech? ...Updates: Doc Thompson dies in a tragic accident...Steven Crowder health improvements continue? ...the Left Media of course, trashs President Trump's speech...'psychotically incoherent'? 
Feb 06, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Thomas Massie, Jim DeMint & Mike Lee | 2/6/19
Best of the Program | 2/6
- Inspiringly Optimistic -h1
.R.I.P. Doc Thompson? -h1
- One of the Good Guys with Thomas Massie -h1
- The Father of the Tea Party? (w/ Jim DeMint) -h2
- 'Knocked It Out of the Ballpark'? (w/ Mike Lee) -h2
Feb 06, 2019
Unity Expected? | Guests: Eric Bolling & Jon Miller | 2/5/19
Hour 1
Live from Washington D.C...the State of The Union...The Year was? ... Sleeping with the whore of slavery ...toupee George? Hair pieces of the 1850's?...Coon skin hair?...when Urine was a prize possession, washing and brushing your teeth with? ...SOFU please go away?...Woodrow Wilson, the first President to make it 'a thing'?...pomp and circumstance...a fake, terrible tradition? ...SOTU...Locked and Loaded Live on ...Kid bullied for his last name, ...'Trump'...invited...the rest of the list of invites  ...SOTU Bingo anyone?
Hour 2
So cool with infanticide?...Just political maneuvers? ...Democrat Patty Murray blocks Senate bill banning...Senator Ben Sasse, asked for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to be approved by unanimous consent? ...the Art of Killing a Canker Worm? justice or prosperity, both can't work together? ...they are Coming for the bullets...CT Rep. Jillian Gilchrest describes her newly introduced bill, to Tax ammunition by 50%  ...the Democrats are walking Abortion backwards?...the Left will do anything to come for our guns?
Hour 3 
Much Improved with a Long Way to Go...Eric Bolling joins Glenn...what to expect from President Trump speech tonight?...What President Trump told Eric...topics of discussion...fentanyl, drugs at the border, securing the border, China, expecting a 'common sense' speech to the American people...awaiting the recession, we're 'due for'?...Eric disagrees with GB...the economy is sound? ...'Unity' expected, to be highlighted from President Trump...the State of The Union, the grades, America's report card?...'A' is for Anxiety and 'T' is for Taxing the Rich?
Feb 05, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Eric Bolling & Jon Miller | 2/5/19
Best of the Program | 2/5
- Sleeping with the whore of slavery? -h1
- Coon Skin Toupees? -h1
- They are Coming for the bullets -h2
- 'Much Improved with a Long Way To Go' (w/ Eric Bolling) -h3
- The State of The Union, Report Card?  (w/ Jon Miller) -h3
Feb 05, 2019
Real Justice is Blind? | Guest: Dr. Ilan Morad | 2/4/19

Hour 1 

Super Boring...the Lowest scoring Big Game in History?'s a Great excuse to get together as a family...watching the game for the Commercials...good, the lame and the lamer..'oh please give it a rest' Washington Post?...5.2 million to produce their saved in massive layoffs?...performance doesn't match your promise? ...Venezuela is in the midst of a bloody civil war?...when will the military fold to the new President...Maduro resists...Mexico allies Maduro? ...China, 5G and the New information highway (nightmare)? ...VA Governor Northam admits to 'blackface' a Michael Jackson routine?...real justice is blind...LBJ was a dye in the wool, deep seeded racist


Hour 2 

Where the media always falls down...lies, lies and more lies?...Normalizing abortion?...because of Roe v. Wade?...offenders, disingenuous?...abortion by the numbers? ...Extremities of the extreme wealth tax rate?...Elizabeth Warren proposes annual tax on ultra-millionaires...never trust a politician when they say a tax is 'just for the super rich' ...Watch President Trump's State of the Union Only on  Th ...Mover over Izod...North Koran introduces their edible shirts?...2 problems solved with 1 shirt, style and hunger?


Hour 3 

A Miracle in Our Time?...Dr. Ilan Morad Founder and CEO, AEBI...The Jerusalem Post Article - "A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one" ...DC or Venezuela? ...How do you spell loneliness = P-I-L-L...loneliness kills...chronic isolation...Remedy: facing ones fears helps fight loneliness? ...Breaking News: Mary Poppins Is Racist?

Feb 04, 2019
Ep 22 | Peter Schweizer | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with Producer & Author Peter Schweizer as he discusses his documentary: 'The Creepy Line'. Peter also explains how Google is using its mysterious search algorithm and confirms our worst suspicions in regards to the meddling done by Google and Facebook on their supposedly ‘neutral platforms.’ 

Feb 02, 2019
What Has Happened to Us? | Guests: Andrew Heaton & Sen. Ben Sasse | 2/1/19

Hour 1

The Side lines are no longer a place I belong?...silence is Not bliss, It's Death?...Senator Ben Sasse calls in to call Government Northam's 'morally repugnant' comments on killing infants?'..."get the heck out"?...where is all the shock and up and arms Democrats and Republicans? ...Pat Gray joins GB...Flashback: Bill Ayers, When HE Takes Over the government ...Peter Singer, monkey are more 'self aware' than humans, deserve to live over humans?...Yeah, but don't monkeys abort their babies?


Hour 2 

It's Super Bowl Weekend and Stu has called in sick...Again! ...How to prepare for the Big Game this weekend with Andrew Heaton?...New ways to make the Big game exciting!... Glenn's 2 game with 1 ball idea? ...As long as you have a good reason to?...the Upcoming State of The Union aka Woodrow Wilson speech? ...Backlash: Poor, poor, Virginia Governor Northam doubles down on his abortion comments of course makes it about himself? ...the regulatory hurdles of abortion?


Hour 3

57 million dead?...Record' fentanyl drug bust made at US-Mexico border?...enough to kill 57 million people? ...very John Smith and Pocahontas? ...Things are Heating up at for Free and Commercial Free...Glenn will finally attend the State of The Union ...Prince Philip at 97 years old flipped his Land Rover...who is letting him drive? ...Howard Schultz has a Real chance to Win?...If he runs as a Democrat, 'he could reunite' the Dems, unlike Ocasio-Cortez, who is a Gift to President Trump

Feb 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Ben Sasse, Pat Gray & Andrew Heaton | 2/1/19
Best of the Program | 2/1
- The Side lines are no longer a place I belong? - h1
- Morally Repugnant (w/ Senator Ben Sasse) -h1
- Preparing for the BIG game? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h2
- 57 million dead? -h3
- Glenn to attend His First State of the Union? -h3
Feb 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: John McAfee & Bill O'Reilly | 1/31/19
Best of the Program | 1/31 
- Evil Is Sweeping The Planet ?
- The Girl You Don't Want to Talk to at a Party?
- 'Don't Vote for Me'? (w/ John McAfee)
- 'Thursday with Bill O'Reilly'
Jan 31, 2019
Evil Is Sweeping the Nation? | Guests: John McAfee & Bill O'Reilly | 1/31/19

Hour 1

a New Age of Darkness?...VA Governor doubles down on killing 9 month old babies...beyond birth...Stu breaks down the proposed Bill to kill babies after they are delivered...god (Stu) speaks to Glenn? ...Venezuela Maduro threatens US?...heading to Russia for a Press Conference? ...'Humor Me with Chad Prather' Only on BlazeTV ...Pediatrician doctors in Texas are asking patients if they have guns in their home? ...Ocasio Cortez reminds Glenn of 'the girl you don't want to talk to at a party'?..."she is a gift to the free market"


Hour 2

2020 Presidential Candidate and Cyber Security Legend, John McAfee joins Glenn from his yacht, from a undisclosed area (maybe in Venezuela)?...while on the Run from the US government..."Not Paying Income Taxes is not a crime" ...Huge fan of Cryptocurrency...a Libertarian candidate, never had a chance to win in 2018?...Having his way with whales, #FakeNews?...Defending AJ?..."Alex Jones is a Party Animal'? ...Soon Seeing Won't Be Believing?...New Deep Fakes video...'Jennifer Buscemi'? 


Hour 3

"The Sadness is here" with Bill O'Reilly Thursday?...VA abortion Governor = Josef Mengele...'dumbest guy on the planet'? ..."the Left are thrilled that babies are killed"...Where is the Catholic outrage, the Pope can't take a side with Venezuela?...Christians in Crisis' allows us to easily ignore the horrible things going on? ...Trump has to get more focused in his message, IF he wants to get re-elected? ...State of The Union, Nancy Pelosi and her facial contortions expected?...Confused by his grooming? ...Who wants a Pablo Escobar burger?

Jan 31, 2019
Emotional Support Vortex? | Guest: Salena Zito | 1/30/19

Hour 1

Meet Wally...the Emotional Support Alligator?...65-year old Joie Henney cuddles with Wally, his 60-pound pet alligator, to alleviate his taking pills, or does it?..."this guy is nuts"...Recalling the Movie: Grizzly Man ...Actions of Evil: VA House Dems propose Abortion Until Birth? the Future a Society of Killing Children? ...VA, RI, VT, and NY are All In for Killing Babies..."are we being Overton Window'ed again?" ...the Left will do anything to save something living, unless it's human? ...All of a sudden, Van Jones is Too Conservative for the Left? ...Howard Schultz is the Democrat, Democrats use to be? 


Hour 2 

Same Old Tricks to Win in Politics with Journalist, Salena Zito...Trump and Ocasio-Cortez use the same tricks to win...tapping to the angry and disenchanted? ...the Average Democrat(s) are not being heard anymore?...ignoring large squish middle?...Democrats are shocked by Howard Schultz...and his 3rd Party bid?...Democrats have 2 different Forces in their party? ..."Sorry but Texas is Closed"...Glenn takes calls from folks caught in the Polar Vortex?...where are the coldest Temperatures?... Negative -51 degrees in Minnesota? ...Report: Las Vegas Shooter conclusion, 'No Motive' just 'Infamy'

Hour 3

"Wake up America"...Mexico is Turning into Venezuela?...the Socialist President of Mexico has aligned themselves with Venezuela...along with Turkey, Cuba, Russia?...Shut down their own pipeline...New Oil crisis, over 1,000 gas stations Closed in Mexico...Massive surge is coming to the border IF Mexico turns into Venezuela? ...#'s Don't Lie = Math is Not Racist? ...'Project Raven'...Ex-NSA spies ran UAE's hacking operations? ...BlazeTV Media Meltdown Recap...Bill O'Reilly rips media bias...Millennials, Allie & Lauren added their take too? ...2020 Dem hopeful, Kamala Harris calls for the elimination of Private Health?

Jan 30, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Salena Zito | 1/30/19
Best of the Program | Guests: | 1/30
- Emotional Support Alligator anyone?
- Democrats For Abortion Until Birth?
- The Democrat, Democrats Use To Be?
- Same Old Political Tricks? (w/ Salena Zito) 
- Polar Vortex Callers? 
Jan 30, 2019
Media Meltdown? | Guests: Graham Allen & Sara Gonzales | 1/29/19
Hour 1
Backing the Blue...Pray for Houston Police, 4 shot in ambush, critical condition...We are Losing respect for our law enforcement, everyday...Tearing each other down, just to help our side Win? ...Gun Laws with Tyler Ray...Tyler's sons AR-15 was stolen from his trailer and sold to a known gang member, trouble ensues? ...UPDATE: Extraordinary News, A Mother's Fight for Life?...the hospital has come around and started feeding David Ruiz...vitals are good and getting better?...Bobby Schindler joins for the update?...'We need to get David out of there (hospital)? 
Hour 2
Celery Juice Jihad?...with Author and Expert, Anthony Williams...Medical Medium'...Glenn goes off...'I am a Giant Fart Bag'?...thanks to GB's wife, who informed him about this benefits of celery juice?...Life Changing Foods, thyroid, and liver rescue...Anthony is also the originator of the Global Celery Juice Movement. Millions of people are healing thanks to drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every day–a specific healing practice that Anthony has been recommending since I was a child in 1975
Hour 3
BlazeTV Media Meltdown Special Tonight 6 PM EST...Sara Gonzales, Rob Eno and Graham Allen join discuss what to expect tonight?...Allie, Eric Bolling, Andrew Heaton, Bill O'Reilly, Steven Crowder and many more?...Trusting media in day of Deep Fakes? ...Mexico is starting to look Venezuela?...shipping oil by trucks...gas rationing chaos?...Why won't the press talk about this?...Media's intent on Not covering Real stories?...they are just hell bent on pitting us against each other?...Time to get Real News that 
Jan 29, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tyler Ray, Bobby Schindler & Anthony William | 1/29/19
Best of the Program | Guests: | 1/28/19 
- BlazeTV Media Meltdown Special - Tonight 6 PM EST
- Gun People Care About This? (w/ Tyler Ray)
- UPDATE:  A Mother's Fight for Life? (w/ Bobby Schindler) 
- Celery Juice Jihad? (w/ Anthony William)
Jan 29, 2019
Hang Together or Separately? | Guests: Patricia Adames & James Rollins | 1/28/19

Hour 1

Kamala Harris throws in her hat for 2020...'Dangerous for Donald Trump"?...Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown: "Sure I dated Kamala Harris, so what?, while he was married, bought Kamala a New BMW...getting all the skeletons out of the closet Now? ...the Margret Thatcher approach to government shutdown?...Air traffic control and politics...a privatize effort for all of these essential services...find out How and What We can do Now, Only on the TheBlazeTV? ...Our Principals are being flushed right down the toilet?


Hour 2

A Mothers Fight for Life?...Patricia Adames is watching her son starve to death in Arizona...her son David Ruiz, 32 years old and a father of two little girls...Patricia has a federal order giving her adult guardianship & hospital is ignoring her wishes...NO court order the hospital is doing this by Arizona law and...Help David's mother fight, Please donate ...Fighting for Time...what's the rush? ...25% of All deaths in the Netherlands are by forms of Euthanasia ...a heavy dose of Social Justice = Original Sin...Social Justice Warriors and Thugs, rule the day?...Trumps is right...Fearing China's 5G

Hour 3

A Witch Hunters Bible?...Author, James Rollins joins Glenn to discuss his New book 'Crucible' sounds good on paper?...A.I. fears and grumbles are already being heard?...5-15 years or sooner?...Whoever holds the Key to A.I. rules the world? friendly AI on the horizon? Yes and it's very scary?...Surveillance Capitalism is coming?...Regulating Microchips for Employees?...America 2025? ...A 2-Hour BlazeTV Exclusive Live Broadcast, that you Don't want to miss...All BlazeTV hosts in one room?...Shielded like a badge of Honor?

Jan 28, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Patricia Adames & Bobby Schindler and James Rollins | 1/28/19
Best of the Program | Guests: Patricia Adames & Bobby Schindler and James Rollins | 1/28/19 
- Dangerous for Donald Trump?
- Glenn Takes Calls (Was the Shutdown Worth It)?
- A Mother's Fight for Life? (w/ Patricia Adames & Bobby Schindler)
- 'Crucible' and Fearing A.I.? (w/ James Rollins) 
- Better User our Bill of Rights?
Jan 28, 2019
Ep 21 | Dr. Carol Swain | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down to have a conversation with Dr. Carol Swain, who serves as a Conservative Television Analyst and a Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University. They talk about her path from a high school dropout and teenage mother to becoming a renowned University professor and public intellectual. They also discuss Dr. Swain's passion for empowering others to raise their voices up in the public square while holding current politicians accountable in today's social and political climate. 

Jan 26, 2019
On the Fringe of the Fringe? | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 1/25/19

Hour 1

Government Shutdown = Media exploitation goldmine?...CNN's feel good stories about Poor, poor, IRS workers, who are not getting paid?...Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in hot water?...kinda wishing to 'game the system'...Media ventilators? ...Governor Baby Killer, President Wanna Be, Andrew Cuomo...Celebrates a huge victory, of killing babies?...2020 run?...the Left never campaigns on SCOTUS?...and they are not down with Kavanaugh? ...Breaking News: Nathan Phillips identifies as Elizabeth Warren?


Hour 2

No Spin with Bill O'Reilly ...the low down on the Roger Stone arrest along with more Bill 'enlightenment'?...Muller's chart...'the chart'...Coincidence that CNN just happen to be there Live for Stone's arrest?...beyond the MAGA Hat kid?'s All about 'Hate in 2020'?...the Press has crossed the Rubicon? ...Comcast BuzzFeed set this All up?...the time Bill met with NY Governor Cuomo at the request of Cardinal Dolan?...Democratic split?...Biden signals he's not a Lefty loon? ...God will not hold Us Guiltless? 


Hour 3

The Original Dirty Trickster  = Roger Stone... goes down, arrested for blatant intimation? ...BlazeTV thinker?...Conservative Professor Carol Swain, Roanoke College, and being exposed to conservative thinkers for the first time? ...Was Nathan Phillips a Marine in Vietnam? ...Military Service letters to Glenn?...Help Military family 

Jan 25, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 1/25/19 | 2019 Season
Best of the Program | 1/25/19 
- Government Shutdown Media Goldmine?
- Identifying as Elizabeth Warren? 
- No Spin Radio with Bill O'Reilly? 
- The Original Dirty Trickster?
Jan 25, 2019
Bound By What We Thought? | Guests: Leon Wolf & Andrew Heaton | 1/24/19

Hour 1

Shame on you New York?...First 6 months or Later abortions...New York Governor Baby Killer celebrates by lighting up the city to celebrate killing babies?...'it should be lit up in blood Red'?...Reproductive Justice it's Not?...NY State Liz Krueger, relation t o Freddy? Ha! Ha! ...The Death Demand is going way up?...Euthanasia on the rise? ...Being bound by what we thought 20 years ago? ...#MommysChoice?...fighting for Life outside the womb?...Making the Nazi's look like Rookies?...We are here, when cheering for Abortion is the norm? ...the Book owner who made a viral statement about New York abortion, calls in to talk to Glenn?


Hour 2 

Fighting Fake News...with News 'Shield'...check and balances according to who?...rejecting all conservative news while accepting the likes of CNN, Vice News and BuzzFeed!...TheBlaze, Managing Editor, Leon Wolf joins to explain? ...the Media Still continues to report lies about Covington Catholic ...Breaking Exciting News: Just 12 years left to save the world?...according to the Prince of Sciences...UN reports failure to enforce environmental laws...what's the Rolling stool and rope for? ...Beware of the, 'Face Crimes'?, along with 'deep fakes'?


Hour 3

Live Tweeting the State of The Union?...from the border?...Why isn't the President doubling down on this?...Trump vs. Pelosi and the Letter duel?...Fan of fawning...Something's Off with Andrew Heaton?..."One way or another there's going to be a State of the Union"?...watching Jaws backwards? ...Venezuela leadership crisis?...Bitcoin hero, John McAfee is running for the US President while running from authorities, for tax evasion? ...Tom Brokaw Blasts House Democrats?

Jan 24, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Leon Wolf & Andrew Heaton | 1/24/19 | 2019 Season
Best of the Program | 1/24/19
- The State for Killing Babies? 
- #MommysChoice?
- News 'Shield' (w/ Leon Wolf) 
- Breaking, Exciting Climate News?
- Letter Duels? (w/ Andrew Heaton)
Jan 24, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Dr. Peter Boghossian | 1/23/19 | 2019 Season
Best of the Program | 1/23/19 
Lying to Perpetuate?
- Black Hebrew Isrealites, Exposed?
- 'Covington Strong'?
- Loving the Truth of Integrity? (w/ Dr. Peter Boghossian) 
Jan 23, 2019
Covington Strong | Guest: Dr. Peter Boghossian | 1/23/19

Hour 1 

Lying to Perpetuate?...Kavannaugh on steroids?...the Media is blatantly lying to us now...the Left mob media attacks, attempts to destroy an innocent child as a 'horrible monster'?...Twitter is a hypocritical joke!...the Left, MAGA hats are the New KKK hood...Choosing Who's facts? ...MAGA Hat Kid vs. David Hogg?...the New dangers in smiling, smirking?...the Catholic Church has been silent? 


Hour 2 

Who are the Black Hebrew Isrealites Hebrews?..."they need to be exposed"...the Media's silence on their Hate is deafening?..Glenn plays New audio you didn't hear...the Smirk...'Covington Strong' T-shirts @ ...Media mistakes were made and they don't care...Covington Catholic school families are now being harassed and threatened, again Media Crickets?


Hour 3

Repercussions of Academic "Hoax" with Dr. Peter Boghossian, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Portland State University...Proved anything can get published at Universities ...Colleges today are all about 'agenda ahead of the truth'...houses of Social Justice of advocacy?...loving the truth = integrity...overt racism in the name of racism?...MLK's Dream is defiantly dead...No Mercy, No Passion, just Woke?...fundamental bully-cowards are acting behind the scenes at Universities?...parallels to Evergreen College controversy? ...Glenn reads a Letter from a proud Covington dad? ...Prayers for Brett Baier and Glenn's daughter? …9 down with many more to go?

Jan 23, 2019
Best of Bonus | The Convington Catholic Tick-Tock? | 1/22/19 | 2019 Season

Get the Tick-tock (Play-by-Play), of what 'really' happened?...Black Hebrew Israelites vs. Native Americans?...BHI were attacking the Native Americans first, then turned their line of hatred and insults towards the Covington boys...Uncle Tomahawks? dismisses what really happened?...their Despicable false narrative from the get go, Reported the opposite of what really happened? ...BlazeTV = truthful in reporting

Jan 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Rep. Thomas Massie & Ben Davidson | 1/22/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/22/19
- MAGA Hat Hero(s) with KY Congressman Thomas Massie
- Who is Leftist Nathan Phillips?
- The Blaze Media Tick-tock?
- The Polar Shift (w/ Ben Davidson)
Jan 22, 2019
MAGA Hat Hero? | Guests: Thomas Massie & Ben Davidson | 1/22/19

Hour 1 

In Defense of 'heroic kids'?...with Kentucky Congressman, Thomas Massie, weighs in on the Covington Catholic School uproar...first initial reaction 'something doesn't add up?'... the Media's trying to dupe us all again...the kid, MAGA hat hero?,'s time for "men to stand up"?...Who is Native American, Nathan Phillips?...a 30 year long history of being a Leftist activist...complete lies and falsities of what really happened...says the boys were about to lynch the Black Hebrew Israelites? ...Choice Your News with Stu?...Man asks lottery officials to give him giant check for $1.00?...Like the the world will end in 12 years?


Hour 2 the Tick-tock (Play-by-Play), of what 'really' happened?...Black Hebrew Israelites vs. Native Americans?...BHI were attacking the Native Americans first, then turned their line of hatred and insults towards the Covington boys...Uncle Tomahawks? dismisses what really happened?...their Despicable false narrative from the get go, Reported the opposite of what really happened? ...BlazeTV = truthful in reporting


Hour 3

The Polar Shift?...Ben Davidson, Founder at Space Weather, explains, there is a process on our planet is happening Right Now...North and South magnetic poles are on the move, which is actually normal. But their rate of movement is dramatically accelerating...increase of frequency of earthquakes and volcanoes expected?...mixing science with theory? ...Glenn lays out how to engage and speak the truth, without arguments on social arguing, just overwhelm them with courage and love ...Support Media like The

Jan 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Graham Allen | 1/21/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/21/19 
- MAGA Hat Hate? 
- America Needs a MLK Refresher?
- Comedy is dead? 
- Hey Gillette, does this offend you? (w/ Graham Allen)
- Baby Hitler Killer Shapiro?
- 'Christ Like' Covington Kids?
Jan 21, 2019
Manufactured Media Freak Outs? | Guest: Graham Allen | 1/21/19

Hour 1 

It was a bad Weekend for the Media?...Under-reported...March For Life...'Baby Hitler' comments stirs media?... Conservative Ben Shapiro loses reports lies about what happened...Covington Catholic school media uproar...Glenn breaks it down (the play by play) Catholic kids did nothing wrong...Native American guy 'instigated'? ...MAGA hat Hate?...Social Media Hate monsters, Facebook, is organizing Community Activists?


Hour 2 

Martin Luther King Jr. is SO yesterday...he'd be Too peaceful for today?...America needs a Refresher of MLK?...he reminded us the Promise of Liberty for All? ...Beware: Turning people into statues?...Abortion = Slavery...yet, why does society accept killing babies? ...Abraham Lincoln, bad hair days?..combed hair = bad mood?...Seinfeld's Kramer as Abe Lincoln?...Is Comedy Dead?...some comedians do, it's dead for good?


Hour 3

the World's on fire, babies with poked out eyes?...Rant Nation with BlazeTV's Graham Allen?...Another media Freak Out...Graham and his children pose for family photo carrying guns...'Hey GIllette, does this offend you?'...gun culture and families 'way of life'? ...Ben Shapiro Baby Hitler killer? ...'Christ like' Covington Kids...Covington Catholic School Chaperone, Jill calls in to defend the boys?...Boys = MLK Jr. Jr's?...'the boys were targeted immediately'...

Jan 21, 2019
Ep 20 | Pat Boone | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down to have a conversation with Pat Boone, a top industry recording artist, an entertainment superstar, and a generous philanthropist. Pat recalls at the young age when Elvis Presley opened for him, his many decades in the entertainment industry while simultaneously being on 3 networks, and also shares about the current talent he sees promise in within today's music/entertainment scene.

Jan 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Sabine Durden & Pat Boone | 1/18/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/18/19 
- Stripper Racism is Real?
- Fun & Speculation (w/ Bill O'Reilly) 
- Only Son Lost? (w/ Sabine Durden) 
- Pat Boone an American Icon?
Jan 18, 2019
Pomp & Circumstance? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Sabine Durden | 1/18/19

Hour 1

Oh yeah, there's a Government Shutdown?...Observational Studies vs. Science?...and the historic words from stripper turned rapper Cardi B...Stripper racism is 'real'? ...Trump pens letter to Nancy...Pomp and circumstance?...Please Don't Nancy Hurt'em? ...the Government Shutdown no one seems to give a 'rats crap' about? ...Why is the Ford Motor Company is in the Dog House? ...Marist Poll: Trump's Latino Support Jumps 19 points?  


Hour 2

Fun and Speculation with Bill O'Reilly...Bill tells us what 'could' convict and Impeach President Trump?...a healthy dose of skepticism is needed?...Bill's not buying the 'Latino support jump for Trump' Marist Poll hype?...Beware of ALL Poll(s)?...Bill O'Reilly = Yoda?...Women's March is a contrived joke...Bill ways in the 2020 Democratic prospects?...Nancy Pelosi's plane ride that didn't happen? ...Large sums of money, Bill, and Nancy in Cancun? ...Steven Crowder is Back! him for Free at 


Hour 3

Angel Mom, Sabine Durden shares her tragic story of loss...her only son, who was killed by an illegal alien, with a criminal record, who had been deported several times...Served only 35 days in jail for manslaughter?...Angel mom's want a border Wall ...Turns out the Republicans really don't want a Wall? ...Caller Gwen shares her husbands 10 year journey to US Citizenship..."thank you Glenn and President Trump" ...The Great Pat Boone, an American Icon talks about his late wife?

Jan 18, 2019
Punishment, Much Appreciated? | Guests: Steve Deace & Stephen Baldwin | 1/17/19
Hour 1
State Run State of Union?...Nancy's never been so right?...punishes President..."I Hate the State of the Union"...Term Limits! Term Limits!...Ted Cruz Term limits bill aims at career politicians?...The 1 Problem with the US Constitution? ...Recognizing Toxic Femininity?...#MeToo will Not Survive unless we recognize?...Glenn has some real honest questions for Real Female callers? ... '100% Yes, there is toxic femininity'? 
Hour 2 
Dropping 'Truth Bombs' with BlazeTV's  Steve Deace...New Book Out Now..."Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise)"..."Republicans hate Everyday Americans"...just look at the way they behave?...Example(s): Mitt Romney?...Trump has been 'more to the right' then expected?...Trump is Winning because he Stands with 'the People Against the System' ...CLICKservatives vs. Conservatives? ...The Economy & China with Economist Justin Wheeler...Not Good: China just pumped $50 Trillion into their economy, government backed bonds?...Signs of What's to Come? the midst of a Global economic slow down? 
Hour 3 
Happy JanuHAIRY, to shave, pluck or not to?...Move over Monopoly...'Intersectionality' the board game? ...Adult Disneyland = Walmart...Drinking while Walmarting?...3 hours of electric cart shopping, while drinking wine out of a Pringles can? ...Actor, Stephen Baldwin joins Glenn In discuss his New Movie  'The Least of These', communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ...In theaters on February 1st ...Backfire: Nancy Pelosi's 'power move' may be a great thing for President Trump, but Why?
Jan 17, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steve Deace & Stephen Baldwin | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/17/19
- State Run State of Union?
- Recognizing Toxic Femininity? 
- 'Truth Bombs' (w/ Steve Deace) 
- 'The Least of These' (w/ Stephen Baldwin)
Jan 17, 2019
A Vicious Circle of People? | Guests: Daniel Hannan, Matt Kibbe & Laura Wilkerson | 1/16/19
Hour 1
For vs. Against and the 'Specifics'?...The View takes credit for DNC leaving 'The Women's March'...they have been Exposed...Game Over...Imploding...Louis Farrakhan has injected the poison of hatred in the black community for Decades ...Defining what is 'Immoral'?...NY Governor Cuomo proposes modification to NY abortion law in 2019 budget?...holding the state hostage? ...America's favorite UK 'Senator'...Daniel Hannan, Member of Parliament...Topic: Brexit?...Daniel explains...fearing Jeremy Corbyn?...the 'Domino effect' ahead?
Hour 2 
Running scared?...Member of the Russian LGBT Network...secretly joins Glenn to discuss the Chechnya Crackdown on gays...Local Russian law enforcement is looking the other way..."Russia is a very homophobic country"...a cry for humanity ...Everything is politicized...2019 Goal: Focus on What Matters? ...the 'Bubba Effect' Globally? ...eating Misogynist Salad?
Hour 3 
It's Official...'Kibbe on Liberty' joins The BlazeTV network...Libertarian, Matt Kibbe, founder of Freedom Works and the Tea Party movement News of the Day?...Technology?...Raging Against the Machine all over the world...the Machine may have met it's match with President Trump? ...the good?, the bad?, the scary?...Pro-Empire with Beto O'Rourke?...the Lefts Alinsky style of politics, is indeed alive and well? ...Angel Mom Laura Wilkerson, joins Glenn to discuss the need for the border wall? Laura's son Joshua was murdered by an illegal alien?...Seeking Justice for All?...Joshua's killer's gruesome details of the murder? ...Josh was a good, compassionate kid who knew Jesus, Amen!
Jan 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Daniel Hannan, Matt Kibbe & Laura Wilkerson | 1/16/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/16/19
- Exposed, Game Over?
- Brexit Breakdown (w/ Daniel Hannan) 
- Chechnya Crackdown on Gays? (w/ Russian LGBT Member)
- Misogynist Salad?
- It's 'Official' with Matt Kibbe? 
- 'Angel Mom' (w/ Laura Wilkerson)
Jan 16, 2019
The Best Toxic-Masculinity Can Get? | 1/15/19
Hour 1 
Women March Madness...this weekend?...President, Tamika Mallory Defends calling Louis Farrakhan the 'greatest of all time'? ...Gilette hypocrisy, blames today's American Man for Sins of generations (Mad Men) past?...attack on masculinity ...Theresa May's Hail Mary... bid to force Second vote on her Brexit deal despite facing huge defeat? ...BP vs. Exxon? ...TV's Tim Allen is back and better than ever? ...Steve King facing fire over offensive remarks?, House votes to rebuke him?...Kings 'last straw'?
Hour 2
Siriously Susan?...the Original voice of Siri...Susan Bennett joins, is a singer, musician, and voice talent...back up singer to Roy Orbison...Siri's voice is a Millennial now?...the future of deep fakes? ...Make Comedy Great Again with Comedian Jeff Allen...Strong male leads in TV Sitcoms are far and few? ...Target: Anti-government activism...Hate groups are about to find lawmakers eager to scrutinize them?...Flashback: Pizzagate? 
Hour 3
Gay rights in Russia? Ha! Ha! Yeah right? ...A Real Classy Moment, President Trump orders Fast-food, McDonalds and Wendy's for Clemson football players ...Stu Chooses the News?...Fun with the polar shifts? ...'The First Conspiracy' with Brad Meltzer...the secret plot to kill George Washington?...In 1776, an elite group of soldiers were handpicked to serve as George Washington’s bodyguards. Washington trusted them; relied on them. But unbeknownst to Washington, some of them were part of a treasonous plan? ...McDonalds is Loving it...thanks to Donald Trump?
Jan 15, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Susan Bennett, Jeff Allen & Brad Meltzer 1/15/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/15/19
- Women's March Madness? 
- Major Brand goes #MeToo Movement?
- Siriously Susan? (w/ Susan Bennett) 
- Make Comedy Great Again (w/ Jeff Allen) 
- 'The First Conspiracy'? (w/ Brad Meltzer) 
Jan 15, 2019
Who Wants to Be President? | 1/14/19

Hour 1

Partying on the beach in Puerto Rico?...watching Hamilton, along with 109 lobbyists?...Meanwhile, it's Day 24 of the Government Shutdown ...Yawn: Democrat congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard announces her bid for President 2020 oh and so did Julian Castro? ...Cyber-Crime job alive and well, but is it legal? ...New CA Governor Gavin Newsom to Tax drinking water? ...Some Say We are Just better 'sorted' now?...the military unveils it's  New F-35 Stealth Fighter, able to 'flat spin' = Amazing...Government money well spent? 


Hour 2

 Who Is the New Democrat Party for 2020?...Sorting thru the New faces, representation...45% (Moderates) are leaving the Democrat Party...the Left vs.  Moderates?...All of the Democrats battles 'within' Only benefit Donald Trump in 2020? Joe Biden far enough (to the Left) to win? ...Two Years Later? Philly residents defy the city's controversial 'soda (sin) Tax'...Basic 'Minimum' Income = Failures of the Future? 


Hour 3

Running to Socialist properties?...Who can beat Trump in 2020?...IF there's no 'economic troubles'?...almost impossible?...However, if the economy tanks, a Socialist like Ocasio-Cortez, Could Beat they guy at the end of the bar (Trump)? ...Who could actually stand up to Trump?...Biden, Beto, Harris? ...Glenn's New Fat Loss Challenge...30 days of raw Salad and Fruit ...the Penn Gillette potato Diet...down 100 pounds in just weeks...losing your sense of taste Diet?...Ironing out our taste buds, Ouch!? ...Dem Senator: "Border wall is not Immoral"?

Jan 14, 2019
Best of the Program | 1/14/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/14/19
- Partying in Puerto Rico?
- Who Wants to Be President? 
- Who Is The Democrat Party 2020? 
- Soda Tax, 2 Years Later = Fail?
- Beating the guy at the end of the bar?
Jan 14, 2019
Ep 19 | Fred Burton | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with Fred Burton, one of the world's foremost authorities on security and terrorism. They talk about the details of 9/11 and Fred's experience working in counterterrorism, the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing, as well as his thoughts on the current direction of the administration. 

Jan 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Todd Herman & Bill O'Reilly | 1/11/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/11/19
- Acosta Mocks?
- Cut and Paste Media (w/ Todd Herman) 
- The 'Cable News War'? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) 
- Live from NYC it's Stu Acosta!?
- A.I. Today? Satisfaction Over Reason? 
Jan 11, 2019
Falsely Deranged? | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 1/11/19

Hour 1

Completely exposed?...Jim Acosta Mocks at the border, backfire? ...Seattle TV Station Airs Doctored Trump Oval Office Speech...Todd Herman, host of 'The Todd Herman Show'...joins to explain the situation further, what exactly happened?...Edited video to make the President look deranged? ...Focused on the Wall like a Laser Beam...political waste? ...Credit card fraud has declined 'massively', thanks to all the 'current' A.I.? ...When a hamster fight breaks out?...Quail on cocaine? ...Custom made for Donald Trump built with Hillary Clinton powers?...'I'm just gonna git me a beer'?


Hour 2

Happy New Year from Bill O'Reilly ...there's a 'Cable News War' going on ...'reality themed' Media rules the day...the 'when are we going to get him (Trump)' media?...Trumps 8 min speech to America 'did him some good'...who will break first?...If Trump does First, he's done, 'won't be reelected'...good luck getting 'accurate' reporting...the Ted Cruz Term Limits? ...what If there is No Compromise?...Top 3 'Serious' contenders for President Trump?...Biden, Michelle O, Oprah and Andrew Cuomo?...Write it down...because Bill says so?...Vice President Kamala Harris? ...Muslims threatening Genocide of Jews in bad Even YouTube took it down 


Hour 3

Fun with Acosta mockery?...Live from the Long Island Expressway, Yankee Stadium and a Movie Theater watching Aqua-man, it's Stu!...hilarity ensues? ...The Calm before the Storm...It was the Summer 1929?...Since 2008-2018 stocks have gone up 400% = Unsustainable...President Trump Must make the Economy his #1 issue going forward ...A.I. working on being able to 'predict you'...Goal: Satisfaction over Reason? ...Keep your Eye on France?

Jan 11, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Dr. Mark Thornton & Mark Morgan and Andrew Heaton | 1/10/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/9/19
- Debating Crises?
- 'The Skyscraper Curse'? (w/ Dr. Mark Thornton) 
- Border Patrol Wants a Wall? (w/ Mark Morgan) 
- Young, Hot, but Not Rich? (w/ Andrew Heaton)
- The $147 Billion Divorce? 
Jan 10, 2019
Ready Set, Reset? | Guests: Mark Thornton & Mark Morgan | 1/10/19

Hour 1

Debating a Crises? ...8 Ties-In's to the Coming Global Collapse?...taxes, taxes, and the French Yellow Vest protests?...the Left and Right getting together to tear the system down...riots and bank withdrawals? Bitcoin could save the day? ..Glenn's Call for his radio and BlazeTV audience to Help?...What Matters To You, What has Meaning? ...the coming 5G Network  = Technological Game Changer ...A Must Listen: Stu's deep state Avocado theory? ...a New Lindsey Graham Deal is coming on the Wall, DACA?


Hour 2

'They Skyscraper Curse' with Author, Dr. Mark Thornton...How Austrian Economists Predict Every Major Crisis of the Last Century?...the mistake of the skyscraper curse?...Example: The Woolworth Building, 1914?..the market economy did not fail us. Instead, it was the bureaucrats pushing endless lists of regulations that let us down?...The Fed & Interest rates, the keys to the Global Economy?...the sliver lining of a Category 6 global economy crash? back to 'sound money'= Gold? ...Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan, joins to obliterate the Liberal media's 'Fact-Checks' of Trump's Immigration address?...Mark is a career FBI official who served as Border Patrol Chief, under President Obama? ...Bad News (Not)? U.S. Carbon Emission for 2018?


Hour 3

'Something's Off with Andrew Heaton'...Young, Hot but Not rich?...a 'son of a bastard'?...when a Train turns the wrong way?...Dinner with the Italians and Dessert with the Germans?...Violent, but Cool in Scotland? without guns? ...Jeff Bezos and his $147 billion Divorce...she was there from the beginning; deserves half, $73.5 billion? ...Great News: there's a Huge Decline in the Cancer rate?...

Jan 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Blaze TV Personalities?| 1/9/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/9/19
- Reaction to President Trump's Immigration Address 
with Eric Boilling (BlazeTV) ewith Andrew Klavan (The Daily Wire)
with Ben Ferguson (BlazeTV)
with Steve Deace (BlazeTV)
with Jon Miller (BlazeTV)
with Matt Kibble (BlazeTV)
with Stephen Kent (Young Voices) 
Jan 09, 2019
"Good Job Mr. President!" | Guests: Eric Bolling, Andrew Klavan & Blaze Media Personalities | 1/9/19
Special Guests: Eric Boilling (BlazeTV)- Andrew Klavan (The Daily Wire)- Ben Ferguson (BlazeTV)- Steve Deace (BlazeTV)- Jon Miller (BlazeTV)- Matt Kibble (BlazeTV)- Stephen Kent (Young Voices) 
Hour 1
BlazeTV's Eric Bolling, Host of "AMericA", joins to give his reaction to President Trump's Immigration Address?..."Trump is making a big mistake on"?...the President Must find the funding for the Wall his base wanted...Nobody wants this Wall, except the American people...the War on Drugs has become a joke?...More people have died from drug overdoes in just one year, then died in the Vietnam?...Everyone is hurt by illegal immigration, especially African and Hispanic Americans, the #'s? ...was Trump's speech effective?...kinda, sorta, mostly? ...Bronze penny from Heaven, circa 1947?
Hour 2 
The Daily Wire's,  Andrew Klavan from 'The Andrew Klavan Show' joins to give his reaction to the President's immigration address?...Democrats embarrassed themselves last night; not thinking for the good of the country?...Democrats can say whatever they want, because the press will cover it up?...the Press Must Reform themselves?...Zero credibility ...BlazeTVs Ben Ferguson joins to discuss his reaction to the President's speech?..."Democrats don't care about the American worker"? ...BlazeTVs, Steve Deace joins for his reaction...the end of Schumer & Pelosi politics?...they're in a Generational transition a battle of the bases?...Fun with Gerrymandering?...Watch out for Democrat Jerry Crawford? ..."Let's be honest, Ocasio-Cortez is the Democrats Sarah Palin"
Hour 3 
BlazeTVs Jon Miller from 'White House Brief" joins to say President Trump's speech was effective, but stiff?...Who will 'budge' first? ...BlazeTVs Matt Kibbe, joins for his Libertarian reaction to the President's immigration speech?...Decriminalizing drugs will help solve lots of our problems, i.e. Portugal?...Since 2001, Portugal's 'legalization of drugs', Is Working? ...Matt helps Glenn get his inner Libertarian out?, Stephen Kent joins to give his Millennial perspective on President Trump's speech?...It was good, but expected more?...a fiery, passionate speech? 
Jan 09, 2019
Wall, Fence, Whatever It's a State of Emergency | Guests: Dave Isay & Jeffy Fisher | 1/8/19

Hour 1 

State of decide?...the #1 Problem since 9/11?...a wall would 'help'...wonder who's writing the President's speech tonight in the Oval Office? ...First ever Prime Time address to the Nation?...message: 'State of Emergency'?, drug trafficking, the Presidents last card?...wall, fence, whatever...a barrier is needed at the southern boarder ...Nuclear option(s)?...Best case scenarios?


Hour 2

Opioids and Heroin...Drugs are a Huge problem in our country...more people are killed from drugs then mass shootings...Caller Taylor: "Trump must build the wall to energized his base"...this was a 50/50 debate just years ago, now it's just all about Opposing Trump...Politicians will leave us astray, the Constitution won't...Secure the blessings of Liberty? ...David Isay, Founder & President of Story Corps joins share this powerful message about Marine Corporal Zach Skiles was deployed to Iraq in 2003...When he returned home, Zach found it difficult to hold down a job and soon after found himself homeless? ...President Trump will speak for 8 minutes then Chuck and Nancy Nancy get the call?...Old guard keeping New guard in check?...Counting Syllables?


Hour 3

The Room tilts again?...Jeffy 'Heart Attack' Fisher is back and better than ever?...Jeffy discusses his near death experience...prayers and blessings from everyone...calling 911 and the ride in the ambulance? smoking, no Twinkies while on supplements...Jeffy inspires Glenn to participate in Operation Less Fatness 2019?...Glenn's Goal: losing 50 lbs?...losing weight with people that look at me (Glenn)...Flashback: Glenn and Jeffy Wheel of Blame? ...'Planned Parenthood', ironically does nothing of the sorts?...defending the Unborn...their way or no way?

Jan 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Dave Isay & Jeffy Fisher| 1/8/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/8/19
- Officially Under a State of Emergency?
- Drugs are a Serious Problem?
- Impossible Tasks (w/ Dave Isay)
- The Room Tilts Again?
Jan 08, 2019
Further Down the Road? | 1/7/19

Hour 1

Glenn's 2018 Worst political predictions in review and what's in store for 2019?...the Challenge, Getting over our pessimistic view?...Global economy in decline...hostility likes Turkey?...the Return of the 12th Imam?...movement to impeach Trump will defiantly intensify...Power of the Church on the decline? ...Moron-Trivia Perfect?...the Best prediction for the NFL? ...Amazon Airlines? ...Government Shutdown = 3 can government 'force' people to work without pay?...'The Beginning of Mayhem'? Only on 


Hour 2

What did we learn in 2018?...What was the biggest story?...Kavanaugh, Florida School  shooting?...Democrats are coming 'full steam' ahead in 2019, 'their' tea party has begun?...Schumer and Pelosi are scared to death...battle of for the base (Left)...What we learn from President Trump in 2018? ...5G technology and China, the nightmare that's coming?...Report and gather = Control ... Massive attack Jeffy?...inspires Glenn to lose 50lbs in 2019...Good Luck! 


Hour 3 

Bridge over troubled water?...make no doubt a economic upper cut is coming?...Remember in 2008 the entire world took a financial blood bath?...When the socialist movement will become the norm to many, even Conservatives? ...By 2025 we won't recognize the boarder maps?...the Wall is just one piece of the puzzle?  ...Who owns all the 'Ghost Cities' in China?...fascinating...the largest mall in the world, that only has 1 store? ...We've become a society of products? ..."Pay attention and get you ducks in a row"? ...Glenn reveals his Big, New, Christmas present?

Jan 07, 2019
Best of the Program | 1/7/19 | 2019 Season
Best of Program | 1/7/19
- Glenn's Political Predictions 2019?
- Amazon Airlines?
- Democratic Tea Party 2019?
- Update on Massive Attack Jeffy?
- Bridge Over Troubled Water?
- Ghost Cities in China?
- What did GB get for Christmas?
Jan 07, 2019
Ep 18 | Daniel Flynn | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with author Daniel Flynn, author of "Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco." They discuss the explosive and lesser known facts surrounding the rise of Cult Leader Jim Jones and the events that led up to the Jonestown massacre. Glenn and Daniel cover the murder of Harvey Milk, a side of him that few knew, and other important details included in Flynn's book, "Cult City." 

Jan 05, 2019
Sins of Twitter Past, Forgiven? | Guest Hosts: Pat Gray & Stu | 1/4/19
Hour 1
Begging to reconsider?...Ellen begs Kevin Hart to reconsider hosting the Oscars?...Harts response? ...Once again Louis CK on Abortion?...Truth hurts comedy?...the Lefts hypocrisy has them eating their own? ...New Congresswoman to Trump: "We're Going to Impeach this Mother F**ker"?...Can you imagine if a Republican said that to President Obama?...Pelosi and the Democrats will 'slow play' like the GOP does? 
Hour 2
When a Man/Woman loses it at retail store? ...Border Patrol speaks...a Wall in needed...has nothing to do with politics? ...Vice President Mike Pence "No Wall, No Deal"...Who will fold first?...Trump owns this shutdown...the Ted Cruz, El Chapo Act reintroduced?...using drug money seized, for the Wall?...Stu has a great New great idea for the Wall? ...Are the Democrats done with Bernie and Biden? Hello Beto?
Hour 3 
Why Radical Environmentalists make good movie villains?...'quirky yet disturbing'? ...Watch out 'Electoral College' the Left is coming for you? ...Blaze Chief Researcher, JasonButtrill joins to talk Putin sent Russian spies?...A 50/50 Issue among Democrats in 2010, now it's 89 to 8...why? ...Don't count on the Democrats to flip on the Wall...Trump owns it and right now and it's all he's got, and a strong economy?...Full border wall funding was offered last year, Trump said no?
Jan 04, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jason Buttrill | 1/4/19 | 2019 Season

Best of Program | 1/4/19

- Wash Clean and Invited Back?

- Do Some Shots and Kill Some Babies?

- Newbie Congresswoman vs. President Trump?

- Retail Shopping While Transgender?

- Who Caves First?

Jan 04, 2019
Winning the Day? | Guest Hosts: Pat Gray & Stu | 1/3/19

Hour 1 

Who's Agenda Wins the Day?...the Democrat Party has problems?...Center vs. Conservative Communist?...'The Green New Deal', courtesy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?...ridding the world of all oil & coal and wind and solar save the day?...competing to get to the Left?...the making of a 'super hero' = Ocasio-Cortez...Always plays the victim whens she's challenged?...vs. Jenny From The Block (Jennifer Lopez)?


Hour 2

Sins of the Democrats past?...Bernie on the defense, for sexual harassment allegations within his campaign in 2016?...DNC is done with Bernie and Hillary?..."too many white men"? ...Has the Moon Beam faded?...CA Governor Jerry Brown compares climate change deniers to Nazi's? ...Heee's Back!...Hank (Guam) Johnson compares Trump to Hitler...Stu translates? 


Hour 3 

Probing Rectum Police ? Syracuse, get a search warrant from a judge to compel doctors to perform an invasive rectal probe of a man they suspected of hiding drugs, even after an x-ray showed no drugs, the man was billed more than $4,000 for the procedure? ...All the Walls Around the World?...Flashback 1993, Harry Reid? ...When Promoting suicide and self-harm backfires on Twitter?...Banned for being Anti-Brussels sprouts? ...PETA calls for the ban of all live-animal mascots? Longhorns & dogs? Apple's Tech Reign Over?

Jan 03, 2019
Best of the Program | 1/2/19
Best of Program | 1/2/19
- The List of 2020 Candidates?
- Laughter to The Rescue 2019?
- Cancelled Due to Whiteness?
- It's Alive and Well?
Jan 02, 2019
Happy New Year America | Guest Hosts: Pat & Stu | 1/2/19
Hour 1
Pat & Stu in for Glenn... The List of 2020 Candidates?...her embarrassing Presidential bid for 2020?...the Average Age of Death, to be President?...a Cattle Call of Idiots = Democrat Party ...Beto, Bernie, Bloomberg, Oh my!?...Checking Identity Boxes voting? ... Jeffy is Alive and Well?...'serious heart attack' 100% blockage...looking better than ever?
Hour 2
Laughter to the Rescue?...Nothing but 'clappter'?..Louis CK brings in 2019 Offending...rips Parkland kids in recent comedy act? on about the current generation, entitled and talent less ...13 jokes from TV's Seinfeld show that are 'offensive' now? 'Soup Nazi'...Netflix bows to the Saudi government?...deleting episodes labeled as 'offensive' to some, few? ...Cancelled Due to Whiteness? ...Super Star LeBron James, Rips Jews and whites...NBA silent about his racist remarks?
Hour 3 
Denying the Deniers?... Chuck Todd declares NBC's Meet The Press, will no longer give time to climate deniers?...climate hoaxes will be alive in well in 2019?...Climate change = Holocaust?...Innovation and Capitalism to the rescue? ...Stu gifts Jeffy with Romaine Lettuce, the gift that keeps on killing?...It's Alive?
Jan 02, 2019
The Best of the Glenn Beck Program | 1/1/19 | 2019 Season

Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year from The Glenn Beck Program staff! 2019 is going to be amazing. Enjoy this 'Best of' podcast packed full of awesome guests.

Jan 01, 2019
'We Are A Nation Of Immigrants' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/31/18

Hour 1

Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... Immigration and how the media down plays the facts... The hatred towards Trump is real... Audio clips from former President Clinton, former Senator Obama and a clip from Schumer declaring their xenophobia... Lindsey Graham has a proposal for building the boarder wall?... Are the Democrats simply being 'obstructionists'... 


Hour 2 

FISA Orders and how they are obtained and used... Guest Stave Hooper, former 30 year F.B.I. Agent... Where are all the kids, the media seemed to care so much about, from the Parkland shooting now?... Discussing the 'flip-flop' on boarder security... Twising the words of the POTUS... The tragic story of the California police officer killed by an illegal immigrant and the kind words issued by the sherriff of the fallen officer... 


Hour 3

The government shutdown continues... Who are the players in brokering a deal?... The destinction between legal and illegal immigrants... If the government was a private sector business?... Disrespecting the rule of law... Does illegal immigration drive wages down?... Labor unions are down in numbers?... Chuck Todd validates what we've been saying for a long time, the media isn't intersted in reporting... 

Dec 31, 2018
Ep 17 | Giancarlo Sopo | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down to have a conversation with Giancarlo Sopo who is a communications strategist and has advised multinational corporations, professional services firms, leaders, and non-profit organizations in the United States and Latin America. They discuss the lack of knowledge on what Socialism actually is and the ever-present failure in Venezuela. They also dive into immigration policy, the situation with the border wall and migrants claiming asylum, and what the path forward should be to become more unified as a country.

Dec 29, 2018
'There's Always a Silver Lining' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/28/18

Hour 1

Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... Illegal immigrant shoots and kills a California policeman... Take a moment and think about what a police officer may go through on a daily basis... Advocating for illegal immigrants is a slap in the face to the legal immigrants... The progression goes like this- Illegal Alien = Illegal Immigrant = Undocumented Migrant = Migrant... The incoming Freshmen of the House of Representitives are not there to play... Make no mistake, these politicians will be shaping the outcome of the 2020 elections...


Hour 2 

Michael Cohen, a cellphone & the Russians... The investigation has been 'dirty' from the beginning... Hispanic voters and their continued support of the POTUS... The roller coaster ride of the economy... Consumer confidence is still very high despite the ride... Why the media continues to sell 'chaos'... Mixing the good with the bad... 


Hour 3

Discussion on the boarder & protection of the boarders... We change our protection tactics due to terrorists changing theirs... We have a long history of giving people refuge... "Hey media, you have a responsibility to report all sides of the story"... MSNBC is shockedby how many Hispanic voters support Trump... Joe Scarborough voices his concern about the government and asks, "what would Jesus do?"... The progressive caucus and the leadership of Nancy Pelosi... 

Dec 28, 2018
'American Media "The Sky is Falling"' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/27/18

Hour 1

Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... President Trump visits the troops... Give people both sides of the story... Watching traditional media leads you to believe the country hates Trump... Remember when Obama called ISIS "J.V. squad"?... The media keeps twisting the good done by POTUS... Learn the truth about the 'desperation' regarding immigrants... The father refused medical treatment offered to his 8 yr old son... 


Hour 2 

The U.S. economy... What lower gas prices means to you and me... Obama taking credit for the growth in the economy... The media thrashing Trump for the economy... Demonizing success, why?... What can we expect from the new Congress?... Getting along with people you disagree with... Reasonable people do reasonable things... Predators are not looking for a fair fight... 


Hour 3

More on the President visiting the troops and the backlash... Holding the media accountable... The emotions of a teenager are love or hate, just like the media of today... The aftermath on the 8 yr old boy who died... Where is the media on Chuck Schumer?... Embracing legal immigration... Iraq has declared Christmas as a holiday... 

Dec 27, 2018
'We Know The System Is Broken' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/26/18

Hour 1

Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... Using local law enforcement... The Democrats will not give the POTUS a victory with 'The Wall'... Are we the land of milk & honey?... Raul Reyez says building a wall isn't worth the risks/ rewards... Close the loopholes... The statistics speak for themselves... Isn't Christmas celebrated by christians?... Jesus was a refugee?... People of faith and the U.S. Government...


Hour 2 

The Democrats are working on a "Green" new deal... Rand Paul discloses how the government is spending our money... We do not have an income problem with in our government, we have a spending problem... Credit Card companies are partialy responsible f