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 Jun 4, 2019

 May 6, 2019

Sally Muckenfuch
 Feb 26, 2019
Always informative, entertaining and uplifting.

 Feb 25, 2019
Glenn Beck is my hero! Keep it up, Glenn.

 Jan 25, 2019
brilliant, funny, and as unbiased as possible


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Episode Date
Ep. 41 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | James A. Lindsay & Peter Boghossian

Glenn sits down with both James A. Lindsay, an author, and mathematician as well as Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of Philosophy at Portland State University. These two men along with their associate Helen Pluckrose spent 10 months writing 20 hoax papers that illustrated and parodied what they call "grievance studies" and submitted them to "the best journals in the relevant fields." Out of these 20 papers, seven of them were accepted, four were published online, and three were being processed. Being dubbed as "Sokal Squared", this hoax has been applauded by several scholars for unmasking what they called academe's leftist, victim-obsessed ideological slant and low publishing standards. If you're worried about the state of culture in this country, if you're curious of the inner workings of the world of academia, and you're fed up with the increasing authoritarian ideology from the left or from the right, this podcast is for you. 

Jun 15, 2019
Why Worry, It's Not Gonna Happen? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Charlie Kirk | 6/14/19

Hour 1 Glenn explains Why to worry about things that are not going to happen. Ebola is on our border and no one seems to care. A lesson from Chernobyl, HBO's latest must see ...Dedicate yourself to truth because the cost of lies are too great and In the End there is always Hope 

Hour 2 Nobody is watching them, with Bill O'Reilly. Cable news ratings nosedive, it's all burning down right before our eyes. President Trump is a very smart guy who gets underestimated and trusts no one. Bill explains why he's so much smarter than you ...Great gift Ideas for a Conservative Dad. Mercury One Pop Museum Tour 

Hour 3 Charlie Kirk, Founder & President at Turning Point USA, joins to discuss The Electoral College and what it means to the voter. Millennial's are beginning to rise up and fight ...Subjective Truth is not being allowed on college campuses anymore ...Deplatforming is modern day book burning

Jun 14, 2019
Time To Cut The Cable? | Guest: Mike Chase | 6/13/19

Hour 1 CNN is in full crisis mode as the Cable News death spiral continues. Ratings take a nosedive. It's Time to 'Cut the Cable' and join BlazeTV ...Big Tech continues to pick off, purge and demonetize ...Islamophobia Pat joins to talk Ebola immigrants that were just dumped off in TX

Hour 2 'How To Become A Federal Criminal' with author, Mike Chase. A white collar criminal defense lawyer. By night, he's a legal humorist. Laws on the book that most people don't know about ...Unsustainable debit has to stop or we are done

Hour 3 Gay Pride Rainbow flag backlash. Gay cultural history is already being changed and the gay community isn't happy. Donald Trump is the most 'gay friendly' President ever ...Reparations from All white people ...Bye-bye Electoral College means bye-bye Republic 

Jun 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Mike Chase | 6/13/19

Best of the Program | 6/13

- Cable News death spiral continues - h1

- Pick off, Purge and Demonetize - h1 

- 'How To Become A Federal Criminal' (w/ Mike Chase) - h2

- The Most Gay Friendly? - h3 

Jun 13, 2019
Will America Make It? | 6/12/19

Hour 1 Truth, Justice and the American Way is waning. The Simple Life without the Hard work. America is Never perfect but it's always striving ...The Bill of Rights is our only way out ...Pat Gray is loving him some Trump. Sleepy Joe fires back. President Joe says he will cure cancer 

Hour 2 Polling the 2020 Democratic 'Chancers' with Stu. Elizabeth Warren is gaining momentum, meanwhile Joe Biden is really good at losing races. Bidens 'moderately  messaging', is so 2016. Bernie seems to be burning out, already!

Hour 3 Deep faking the fakers. New and Improved Deep Fake videos. Will play a roll in the next election. Seeing will not be believing ever again ...The History of Slavery. Over 40 million people are enslaved in 2019. Join

Jun 12, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/12/19

Best of the Program | 6/12

- Will America Make It? - h1

- 'President' Biden' says he will cure cancer - h1

- Power ranking the Chancers? -h2 

Jun 12, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/11/19

Best of the Program | 6/11

- Killing we need to defend? - h1

- You Can't Sell That? - h1

- Fun with changing the Wording - h2

- They're Sorry and He's Thankful? - h3

Jun 11, 2019
Steering Them Into Belief? | 6/11/19

Hour 1 'Killing we need to defend.' How radical has the feminist Left become. Abortion is all about business. Meanwhile, in New York it's against the law to, dewclaw your cat ...Ebay won't let Glenn sell his art ...The Radio Hall of Fame nominees are...

Hour 2 Fun with changing the Wording on Polls. Intellectual discussions are non-existent from both sides ...Revisiting popular conspiracies and hoaxes. What Americans really believe

Hour 3 YouTube comes out Apologizing. While, Steven Crowder comes out being thankful. Steering them into belief ...Dogs are Liberals and Cats are Conservatives ...Tragic helicopter crash in NYC yesterday. Flashback 1977

Jun 11, 2019
Picked Off, One by One? | Guest: Pat Gray | 6/10/19

Hour 1 The Making of a YouTube Radical. Meanwhile the rest of social media are picking off conservative voices, one by one ...Life lessons as Glenn Beck, the dad. Just trying to be a good dad 

Hour 2 Democratic polls by the numbers. Biden, Bernie lead in Iowa but support shrinks. Beto Battles in Waterloo and it's not looking good. Just another day closer to President Trump's Re-election ...Bernie Sanders is full of BS 

Hour 3 The Most believed Conspiracy Theories in the United States. Brainwashed by Chem trails. It's just water vapor. The Illuminati and Climate change are just a hoax. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Healthy skepticism is necessary 

Jun 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Pat Gray

Best of the Program | 6/10 

- The Making of a YouTube Radical? - h1

- Just another day closer to Re-Election - h1 

- Bernie Sanders is full of BS? - h2 

- The Most believed Conspiracy Theories in the US? - h3

Jun 10, 2019
Ep. 40 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ami Horowitz

Glenn talks with American documentary filmmaker, Ami Horowitz who is also running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. He is a wirter, producer, and director of Ami on the Streets, a satirical short film series on Fox News and he also co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in a documentary in 2009 providing a critical examination of the United Nations. Today, Glenn and Ami Horowitz discuss putting party over country and how sad it is that we’re dealing with anti-Semitism in this day and age.

If you'd like to learn more about Ami's campaign policies or if you'd like to be a donor for his campaign, click here:

Jun 08, 2019
Digitally Ghettoized? | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 6/7/19

Hour 1 Publisher or platforms. Going Globally digital. China is going through 1984, do it or die. Generations of tyrants ...Biden buckles again, to the Left on abortion 

Hour 2 The Bubonic Plague is coming to Los Angeles. Glenn goes to bat for Steven Crowder, Bill disagrees while Glenn educates. The four pillar policy of President Trump explained. Talking him down from tariffs. A Deal is waiting to be done 

Hour 3 Flashback Radio fun with Glenn & Pat. Fun with Motel mom. Pat Gray was beautiful in a dress ...Responsible Dad Glenn gets cryptic ...Young girl causes pandemonium at city meeting when she says abortion is murder and compares it to slavery 

Jun 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 6/7/19

Best of the Program | 6/7

- We Are Being Digitally Ghettoized? - h1 

- Driving Through Tunnels (w/ Bill O'Reilly) - h2 

- Fun with Radio Flashbacks? -h3

Jun 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steven Crowder & Terrence Williams | 6/6/19

Best of the Program | 6/6

- Conservative Voices are Going Away? - h1

- Steve Crowder Joins to Talk Censorship - h2 

- Black Conservative Comedy (w/ Terrence Williams) - h3 

Jun 06, 2019
Demonetized and Done? | Guests: Steven Crowder & Terrence Williams | 6/6/19

Hour 1 Conservative Voices are Going Away. Steven Crowder, The Blaze and folks associated are being blocked online. Angry and Nervous Blaze Sr. Editor Leon Wolf gives the low down. We're all on the chopping block. Watch BlazeTV for Free

Hour 2 Steven Crowder joins to talk YouTube censorship and free speech. A Clarion call for those who like freedom. The loudest screamers are winning. Corporate censorship and dishonest business practises. Safe and queer spaces for all. Publisher or platform, that is the question 

Hour 3 Comedian Terrence Williams joins to discuss the news of the day from a black conservatives perspective. The effects of the political climate on mainstream comedy. America is still the greatest country in the world for comedy ...Licking cakes while painting 10 hour memes

Jun 06, 2019
Lucky In The Lotto of Life? | Guests: Lara Logan & Susan Crockford | 6/5/19

Hour 1

Another depressing story from a Lotto Jackpot winner. More bad luck for comedian Tracy Morgan. Wrecked his brand new rare Bugatti in NYC ...Pat Gray has a bone to pick with Lou Dobbs. The media is already turning on Joe Biden 

Hour 2

World famous journalist Lara Logan joins to report about the immigration crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. The mainstream media is not reporting the entire truth. The important stories we are not hearing. Speculation is not reporting

Hour 3 

Licking cakes with skank Miley Cyrus ...Dutch court allows teenager who was raped by two men to legally end her life ...Obama lies keep coming ...The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened with Susan Crockford. Tragedy porn and the great climate hoax. Filming lies then attributing with actual sources 

Jun 05, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Lara Logan & Susan Crockford | 6/5/19

Best of the Program | 6/5

- Don't Count Your Fortune Cookies? - h1

- Pat Gray has a bone to pick? - h1

- Stories from the Texas-Mexico Border (w/ Lara Logan) - h2 

- The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened (w/ Susan Crockford) - h3

Jun 05, 2019
The Twisted World We Live In? | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeremy Dys | 6/4/19

Hour 1 Your Carbon footprints by the numbers ...Pat Gray and where ever Free podcast are sold. Temptations of decades past ...Those weird and wacky British. The Queen was delightful to President Trump ...Liberal cities have become unlivable 

Hour 2 Banned for comedy. Steven Crowder is for forced to apologize ...On the verge of Socialism. Who are the puppet masters behind Bernie Sanders. It's worse in New Jersey then it is in Venezuela. Blaze TV and 

Hour 3 The Biggest disaster since World War II. Venezuela continues plummet. Where Bitcoin should be the currency of choice ...Judge reverses jury's decision regarding Christmas display in Ohio. Deputy General Counsel at First Liberty Jeremy Dys joins to explain this 'rare' judgment

Jun 04, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeremy Dys | 6/4/19

Best of the Program | 6/4

- Counting Carbon Footprints? - h1

- Pat Gray and Those Weird and Wacky British - h1 

- Banned for Laughing - h2 

- Reversing Judgment? (w/ Jeremy Dys) - h3 

Jun 04, 2019
Half Gone and Not Coming Back | 6/3/19

Hour 1 A Nuance stance on impeachment ...Glenn is headed for divorce because, no one is right one hundred percent of the time ...The End game to the left ...President Trump couldn't of been nicer

Hour 2 The Bill of Rights and Bernie Sanders, both can't work together ...You do what you want, just don't tell me what to do ...A George Soros and Hillary Clinton kind of war ...YouTube investigates Steven Crowder for hate ...Bum-rushing Kamala 

Hour 3 Real Rifts in the Democratic Party. Booed for not being a Socialist. The Left are crossing their Rubicon. The Democrats as we know it are over. Charred earth of the Democratic city leaderships past ...Thank you Texas Governor Greg Abbott 

Jun 03, 2019
Best of the Program | 6/3/19

Best of the Program | 6/3

A Nuance Stance on Impeachment - h1

- He Couldn't of Been Nicer - h1

- Both Can't Work Together? - h2

- Steven Crowder's War? - h2

- Their End is Near? -h3 

Jun 03, 2019
Ep. 39 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Bridget Phetasy

This week, Glenn sits down with the very funny Bridget Phetasy who is a former Playboy Advisor and is now presently a Comedian/Writer. She contributes to a variety of other outlets including Tonic, the Federalist, MEL Magazine, & many other online publications. As a stand-up comedian, she tackles a lot of important issues from a comedic perspective and in this episode, they talk about the problem of self-censorship, banking institutions choosing whose money they want, and Bridget also gets really raw about her past struggles and some of the tragic things that she has been through in her journey. 

Jun 01, 2019
The Closing of Our Hearts | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Mark Levin | 5/31/19

Hour 1 Handing over our burdens to God. The art of empathy ...Disney threatens to boycott Georgia but partners with China, which puts Muslims in internment camps. OK with killing their future audience ...To Boycott or Not to Boycott 

Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly is back and ready to sail away. Once again 'Due process' is under siege. Bill talks about his recent call from President Trump. "Robert Muller hates me" The 5 Godzilla movies before. Technological elites in bed with government

Hour 3 FBI tapes allege MLK watched rape, says the democratic socialist author. Tapes to be released by 2027. Release them now before we have the ability to deep fake them. Just a movement to destroy the 'individual' ...'Unfreedom of the Press' with 'The Great One' Mark Levin joins Glenn

May 31, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Mark Levin | 5/30/19

Best of the Program | 5/31

- Disney Wants to Kill Their Audience? -h1

- Bill O'Reilly is Ready to Sail Away? -h2

- FBI tapes allege MLK watched rape? -h3

- 'Unfreedom Of The Press' (w/ Mark Levin) - h3 

May 31, 2019
Manipulated to Give Up? | Guests: Andy McCarthy, Joe Bastardi, & Cliff Maloney | 5/30/19

Hour 1 Just 1,400 puppet masters are controlling the masses. ...Globalist Cocoon Elite Left Lunacy. CNN's Chris Cuomo is working out his planks ...Pat Gray challenges 'sleepy' Joy Behar ...The Amazing transformation of Howard Stern 

Hour 2 Andy McCarthy joins to breakdown what Muller said at yesterday's press conference. Impeachment, Do Americans have the stomach for it. This is all about not 'liking' Trump ...The states Pro-Life Democrats live. Killing all the way to birth 

Hour 3 The Climate Chronicles with meteorologist Joe Bastardi. "Green New Deal is a recipe for economic disaster that would hurt every American." Tornadoes by the numbers ...Bowling into insanity while being a poster child for socialism. Cliff Maloney from Young Americans for Liberty  joins. Venezuela, gone wrong

May 30, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Andy McCarthy, Joe Bastardi & Cliff Maloney | 5/30/19

Best of the Program | 5/30 

- 1,400 Puppet Masters -h1

- Pumping Up Planks with Douglas Clisterman? - h1

- Pat Gray vs. Joy Behar -h1

- Muller Press Conference, the Breakdown (w/ Andy McCarthy) -h2

-The Climate Chronicles (w/ Joe Bastardi) -h3

- Poster Child for Gun Control? (w/ Cliff Maloney) -h3

May 30, 2019
Climbing to Insanity | Guests: Chris & Emily Norton | 5/29/19

Hour 1 Paying to climb to your death ...Missouri's last abortion clinic is about to close. Safe rare and illegal to Shout Your Abortion. Arrogance will be their undoing. Netflix and their deal with the devil ...The Seven Longest Yards with Chris and Emily Norton 

Hour 2 Justin Amash challenges President Trump, the greatest Showman. The art of spinning 'truth' to your favor ...More than just a 'trade war' with China. Leading the way on 5G. Praying for President Trump and those around him 

Hour 3 Bob Mueller finally speaks. "No charges, Investigation is over." However, Russia is trying to interfere in our elections. Nothing new here. The quest for the Definitive with no smoking guns ...Watch BlazeTV for Free Now

May 29, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Chris & Emily Norton and Jason Buttrill | 5/29/19

Best of the Program | 5/29

- Climbing to Death? -h1

- From Safe & Rare to Shout? -h1

- The Seven Longest Yards (w/ Chris & Emily Norton) - h1

- China's Acts of War are Underway? (w/ Jason Buttrill) - h2 

- It's Finally Over? -h3

May 29, 2019
A Case of the Mondays? | Guest: Suzanne Grishman | 5/28/19

Hour 1 Drugs slipping out of butts while shooting testicles ...Pro-Trump art is all the craze and the Left is losing it. Pro-Trump artists live in hiding. Glenn unveils his newest Pro-Trump art  ...EU 'centrists' losing big while Brexit party surges 

Hour 2 American farmers are in crisis. Mending fences while building walls of order ...Holy 'sheep lightening' a Massive Tornado rips through Dayton Ohio and is on the ground to help. Give your help to 

Hour 3 Shaving while woke. Proud dad teaches daughter slash son how to shave ...Supreme court goes the good way on 'fetal remains'. Senator Mike Pence to the rescue on third trimester tragedies. Just a game of 'ovary billiards'

May 28, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Suzane Grishman | 5/28/19

Best of the Program | 5/28

- It's Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday? -h1

- Living in Hiding? -h1 

- On the Ground to Help? (w/ Suzanne Grishman) -h2 

- Shaving While Woke? - h3

- Going the good way? -h3

May 28, 2019
Best of the Glenn Beck Podcast | 5/27/19
May 27, 2019
Ep. 38 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Jocko Willink

Glenn talks with Jocko Willink who is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book "Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win", and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. Jocko spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, starting as an enlisted SEAL and rising through the ranks to become a SEAL officer. As commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the battle of Ramadi, he orchestrated SEAL operations that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the US Army’s First Armored Division bring stability to the violent, war-torn city. During his career, Jocko was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and numerous other personal and unit awards. In 2010, Jocko retired from the Navy and launched Echelon Front with Leif Babin where he teaches the leadership principles he learned on the battlefield to help others lead and win.

May 25, 2019
Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, Jeffy Fisher & Jason Buttrill | 5/24/19

Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, Jeffy Fisher & Jason Buttrill | 5/24/19

May 24, 2019
The Truth About The "American Taliban" | 5/24/19

Hour 1:

British Prime Minister Theresa May announces her impending resignation …What is the allure of a parliamentary system that can result in an election at any time of the year? … The New York Times is going to bat for “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh …The pre-9/11 political climate led some people to look the other way on the Taliban, but it was no secret that they were an oppressive terror regime …Jason Buttrill, who was part of the leading thrust of the American invasion of Afghanistan, joins the program to shed some light on who Lindh really is …Why have conservatives and liberals completely switched positions on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? …Perhaps the best thing for the pro-life movement would be President Trump giving the Left a taste of its own medicine.

Hour 2:

If you take a video clip of Nancy Pelosi and slow it down, it sounds like she’s drunk. But what if you play said clip at normal speed? …The Democrat field is essentially one big protected group, because if you disagree with them, you’re being racist …The rise and fall of Beto O’Rourke – How did his popularity wane so quickly? …There is no wiggle room on the Second Amendment, but that isn’t stopping Beto from proposing a ban on semi-automatic weapons sales …Bill de Blasio has entered the race for President – New Yorkers will tell you how much they hate his guts …Stu reveals that almost half of the Democrat field is currently getting zero percent of the vote.

Hour 3:

St. Thomas University of Minnesota is being kicked out of their Division III athletic conference for – wait for it – being too good …Competition isn’t about everyone getting a trophy, it’s about lifting everyone up through both winning and losing …Harvey Weinstein has settled a number of the cases in which he has been accused of sexual misconduct …Aladdin with Will Smith? Movie theaters with beds? Banks that are also cafes? … ‘Chernobyl’, the HBO mini-series, paints a grim and accurate picture of socialist society against the backdrop of the nuclear cataclysm in 1986 …Nuclear energy is not dangerous, nuclear energy being operated in a socialist state is.

May 24, 2019
Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere & Mark Levin | 5/23/19

Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere & Mark Levin | 5/23/19

May 23, 2019
What on Earth is a Flickering Pulse?! | Guest: Mark Levin | 5/23/19

Hour 1:

American citizen-turned-Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh is due to be released after spending seventeen years in prison …Are there certain crimes for which you should never get out of prison? …Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls those who took her claims about humanity's imminent peril due to climate change seriously as having “the social intelligence of a sea sponge” …Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer appeal to President Trump for $2 Trillion in infrastructure spending …Why are so many on the Left fighting for high-speed rail? …Stu says that, even on their best day, trains just can’t compete with planes.

Hour 2:

NPR updates its guidelines for talking about abortion …It’s all part of a larger effort to deny science by downplaying the significance of a fetal heartbeat …How often do “partial-birth abortions” actually happen? …Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) claims that the new abortion laws being implemented across the country “criminalize women for simply existing” ...“Pregnancy kills, abortion saves lives” – That’s not satire, that’s from The New York Times …Why has the Left been completely overcome by science denial? What on Earth is a “flickering pulse”?! …Caller asks why brain activity isn’t discussed in abortion debates – If someone is legally dead after it stops, why isn’t someone alive when it begins? …Many individuals who call themselves “pro-choice” have a stricter stance on abortion than Republican lawmakers.

Hour 3:

Mark Levin, host of LevinTV, joins the program to discuss his new book ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ …There is almost no freedom of thought in newsrooms – The news cycle is nothing but groupthink …President Trump has not attempted to manipulate the press through abuses of power like Kennedy and Johnson did …Pat is tired of America being “the world’s policeman” and attempting to introduce democracy to people who don’t want it …Managing war is an exercise in central planning – Such exercises usually don’t work very well …Three cheers for Chick-fil-A and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott …Jeffy Fisher is living healthy in 2019, but the same can’t be said for another Blaze Media host …Kamala Harris continues to harp on the “gender pay gap” as part of her campaign, but she’s hiding something in that regard.

May 23, 2019
Robocallers, Scammers, and Spammers... OH MY! | Guest: Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

Hour 1: It seems like it's not okay for you to believe in life... No place for a pro-life person in the Democratic party... Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) wants to make sure women have basic civil rights when it comes to abortion... Mayor Pete says Roe V. Wade should be the framework for abortion... It seems like Kamala Harris is still trying to be relatable to the Millennial voters in a CNN 'Candidate Mixtape' segment... A clever way to get the left to save the unborn.

Hour 2: Tech companies tracking their customers... Robocalls, scammers, and spammers... oh my!... FCC on the move to keep these robocalls from calling you... Who are their targets?... We take calls to see the different ways these scammers catch their prey... Stu went to a rap concert and smoked cigars at 4am? 

Hour 3: Elizabeth Warren is sticking to her wealth tax... We go over more details from Robert Smith's decision to pay for the graduating classes student debt... Why are there rotting piles of garbage in Los Angeles?... Why can't people see that states who implement socialist ideas aren't doing so well?... It seemed like Ben Carson was a bit hungry while testifying before Congress... New internet challenge... kissing cows?

May 22, 2019
Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

Best of Glenn Beck | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeffy Fisher | 5/22/19

May 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/21/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/21/19

May 21, 2019
Pat Takes Revenge on the Metric System | 5/21/19

Hour 1:

None of the plethora of Democratic candidates will tolerate any limit on abortion – Pat finds that staggering …Is Alyssa Milano even a C-List celebrity? Jeffy says the answer is yes ...94-year-old WWII veteran will parachute into Normandy on anniversary of D-Day …ESPN President admits that sports fans tuned into his network don’t want to hear about divisive politics …How can a species be labeled as “functionally extinct”? Are one million species really on the verge of going extinct? …Caller asks what the solution to China’s unfair trade practices is if tariffs are off the table …Pat gets his revenge against the Metric System.

Hour 2:

In a recent study, over 40 percent of Americans polled said that socialism in this country would be a good thing …The age of the universe is up for debate – New research suggests that the established figure may be off by as much as a billion years …Of all the people that social media giants could target for “inciting hate”, why are they going after Candice Owens for stating facts about liberal oppression? …A Canadian listener says that the hysteria over climate change is much more extreme north of the border …Pat’s Box Office: Elton John biopic 'Rocketman' is controversial for all the wrong reasons.

Hour 3:

Millennial views on free speech are really something – a large percentage of young people don’t want their feelings hurt …What did older generations do to instill a culture of “everybody deserves to win” in their children? …Hollywood “conservative” bashes the GOP – How does the conversation go from taxes to racism in the blink of an eye? …Drake is a climate change activist – and has a new private jet …Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are in a virtual tie for the lead in Iowa …The candidate currently polling third is a surprise, though …The best way for a school to combat bullying against gay students is to…bring in drag queens?

May 21, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/20/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher | 5/20/19

May 21, 2019
The Right Continues to Strike Back | 5/20/19

Hour 1:

President Trump ramps up his rhetoric on potential conflict with Iran …British Admiral says that the U.S. would need one million troops to successfully pacify Iran …New abortion bill in Missouri places a cutoff of eight weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest …The Right has been reinvigorated on the abortion issue by the Left’s callous quest for late-term and after-birth abortions …Perhaps the GOP should be looking to address the disparity in cost between adopting a child and getting an abortion …How long will it be until big movies are only released on streaming services instead of in theaters?

Hour 2:

Bernie Sanders attempts to use the salaries of baseball players to push his agenda …Multi-billionaire announces that he will spend $40 million to pay off the student loan debt of Morehouse College's latest graduating class …A Starbucks coffee cup made it to the final cut of ‘Game of Thrones’ …Pat laments about how much he hated ‘The Last Jedi’ and reveals what he dreams the next Star Wars film will be like …Fort Worth, Texas kidnapping case solved by a video doorbell and social media …Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is buying into the Leftist fad of re-writing history.

Hour 3:

Phone companies may now be permitted to start blocking spam calls before they reach customers …Have you ever been sold something that you didn’t know you needed? …Maine passes law prohibiting all public schools and universities from using Native-American themed mascots like “Indians” or “Warriors” …The state legislature did this in spite of the fact that no schools statewide currently use those mascots …Former NBA player Lamar Odom reveals in upcoming tell-all book that he has been on a wild ride over the past few years.

May 20, 2019
Ep 37 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Mike Lee

This week, Glenn sits down with Senator Mike Lee of Utah who has spent his career defending the basic liberties of Americans and Utahns as a tireless advocate for our founding constitutional principles. Senator Lee acquired a deep respect for the Constitution early on. His father, Rex Lee, who served as the Solicitor General under President Ronald Reagan, would often discuss varied aspects of judicial and constitutional doctrine around the kitchen table, from Due Process to the uses of Executive Plenary Power. He attended most of his father's arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court, giving him a unique, hands-on experience and understanding of government up close. He serves on Judiciary, Commerce, and Energy Committees and is currently the Chair of the Joint Economic Committee. He is consistently one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate and also one of the nicest and most well-liked on both sides. He is also a New York Times Best-Selling author of 3 books including his latest, "Our Lost Declaration: America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State." They talk about everything from Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution all the way to John Roberts on the Supreme Court. 

May 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeffy Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 5/17/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 5/17/19

May 17, 2019
Put the TSA at the Border? | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 5/17/19

Hour 1: President Trump outlines his immigration reform plan – Says that a merit-based system is necessary if we want the best and brightest immigrants …The Democrats were essentially conservatives on immigration in the 1990s …The TSA at the Border? Will any agents volunteer to fill such a role? …The President’s approval rating in a non-Rasmussen poll stands at 51 percent …A caller defends family members immigrating via chain migration …How long will it take for prices to rise with tariffs on the way?

Hour 2: Bill O’Reilly joins the program and starts by describing how due process is thoroughly dead …Boycotts of media personalities should be called extortions, because that’s what they are …Bill isn’t all that surprised that Brett Kavanaugh is not taking a conservative stance on the Supreme Court …The Right is fighting back on the abortion issue to defend states’ rights as much as the lives of the unborn …Bill estimates that there is a 1-in-5 chance that the U.S. and Iran engage in some form of hostilities …It’s incredibly difficult to win a trade war with China because the government in Beijing doesn’t care about its people.

Hour 3: Students’ SAT scores may soon be weighted to compensate for one’s perceived advantages …Why should Harvard be attempting to even out the distribution of ethnicities on campus? Why shouldn’t they only be admitting the best and brightest students? …A man gave birth to a stillborn baby – Actually, no, a WOMAN did! …Trying calling Planned Parenthood about prenatal care and see where it gets you …A caller reiterates that it’s not one’s socioeconomic background that determines potential as a student, it’s the values instilled in them by their parents …Alyssa Milano claims that everyone is pro-life and no one wants to get an abortion – What is she doing as an “expert” on cable news?

May 17, 2019
Summer Fun with Glenn Beck Podcast | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

Hour 1 Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism with Kevin Freeman 

Hour 2 Best Selling Author, Peter Schweizer 

Hour 3 Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson sits down with Glenn 

May 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

May 16, 2019
It's Already Happening? | Guests: Rory Sutherland & Dr. Gad Saad | 5/15/19

Hour 1 Happy Hump Day with 'Glenn Beck Super Fan' Fred Mckostraff ...Beto continues to blow it while Biden says AOC needs to 'calm down' ...Don't know much about 'Adam Smith' with Charlie Munger ...Rashida Tlaib blames 'racist idiots' for her hatred of Jews ...Exercising our American muscle

Hour 2 Texas bartender, charged for serving killer before deadly shooting spree. Her attorney joins Glenn to discuss his personal outrage ...Teenage girl defends her controversial videos ...The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands with author Rory Sutherland. Brilliant capitalism is the The art of knowing what people want 

Hour 3 Jordan Peterson mentor and marketing professor, Dr. Gad Saad joins the show. Quality of Physicians is on a decline worldwide. The silent majority in academics does exist, but they need start speaking out. The importance of elevating conversations that actually have meaning

May 15, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Rory Sutherland & Dr. Gad Saad | 5/15/19

Best of the Program | 5/15

- Happy Hump Day with 'Glenn Beck Super' Fan Fred Mckostraff - h1

- Racist Idiots are to blame? - h1

- 'She's a hero'? -h2

- Dark Art & Curious Science (w/ Rory Sutherland) - h2

- God Bless Dr. Gad Saad? -h3

May 15, 2019
New World Order Renewed? | Guests: Michael Malice, Dan Ikenson, & Ami Horowitz | 5/14/19

Hour 1 Global warming to a recession. Farmers are losing patience with President Trump tariff war with China ...Bartenders are being blamed for drunk customers. Acts heroism are now criminal 

Hour 2 The New Right with author Michael Malice. A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics. Loosely connected group of individuals, dedicated to taking over the world. Conservative Jihadi's coming together as one ...China Tariff talk with CATO Institutes's Dan Ikenson 

Hour 3 Beneficiaries from a China US trade war. Apple App store monopoly continues to grow ...Senator Mike Lee discusses his relationship with President Trump. "I will be voting for him in 2020"...Finally, a 2020 Democratic candidate comes on the show with Glenn

May 14, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Michael Malice, Dan Ikenson & Ami Horowitz | 5/14/19

Best of the Programs | 5/14

- Warming To a Recession - h1 

- Acts of Heroism are Now Criminal - h1 

- The New Right (w/ Michael Malice) - h2

- China Tariff Talk (w/ Dan Ikenson) - h2

- First Time Ever (w/ Ami Horowitz) - h3 

May 14, 2019
Dangers of Dehumanizing | Guest: Dave Isay | 5/13/19

Hour 1 Breaking from Bette Midler sex. The actress Joins Sex Strike to Protest Georgia 'Heartbeat' Law ...Stu was just Yahoo'ed. Years of his emails we're just deleted ...Re branding Beto is underway and Pete Buttigieg is just a 'generational thing' ...The Media omits important details on most recent school shooting 

Hour 2 Barking at Iran. Tensions of war ramp up. President Trump is bankrupting Iran while calling out John Kerry ...Rashida Tlaib stands by Holocaust comments ...A Mother's Day Game of Thrones Stu Recap ...Are You Kidding Me News

Hour 3 Humanity over disagreement with StoryCorps, Dave Isay. Tensions are tightening on both sides, we are not seeing each other as 'human.' A father and son discussion for the ages ...Is Life Really That Bad in 2019. Poverty is down and people are living longer. Modern medicine miracles hit home for Glenn

May 13, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jason Buttrill & Dave Isay | 5/13/19

Best of the Program | 5/13

- No Sex Bet - h1

- Stu Got Yahoo'ed - h1

- War Drums Beating In Iran (w/ Jason Buttrill) -h2 

- Game of Thrones Stu Recap - h2

- Humanity Over Disagreement (w/ Dave Isay) - h3  

May 13, 2019
Ep. 36 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Andy Ionescu

Glenn sits down with Andy Ionescu, who survived 26 years of socialism in Ceausescu's Romania before legally immigrating to America in 1999. They discuss the differences between socialism and communism, as well as Venezuela's demise under socialism and President Nicolas Maduro, who Andy describes as "more violent than Ceausescu."

May 11, 2019
Where's The Beef? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Dan Andros | 5/10/19

Hour 1 Super Fan Fred Mckostraff saves the day ...Where's the beef with Pat Gray. Eating 'Impossible Burgers' with Glenn and Stu. Glenn's wife moving towards vegan diet. The Free market always wins in the end 

Hour 2 Big News with Bill O'Reilly. The Masses are Walking Away from most media coverage.Keep your eye on the Real Clear politics polling. "It's Biden's to lose". 'The United States of Trump - How The President Really Sees America'. Borders and tariffs the hard way. Cruise Through History with Glenn and Bill

Hour 3Proudly Made In America. Concepts are not so conceptual anymore ...The Impossible was Possible in faux meat eating. The art of the veggie burger has come a long way, Thanks to the Free Market System ...Trump tariff talk tightening with China ...Faithwire's Dan Andros joins to discuss why America is lacking moral courage

May 10, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Bill O'Reilly & Dan Andros | 5/10/19

Best of the Program | 5/10 

- Good Morning From Super Fan Fred Mckostraff - h1

- Where's the Beef with Pat Gray -h1 

- Big News with Bill O'Reilly - h2

- Lacking Moral Courage (w/ Dan Andros) -h3 

May 10, 2019
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely | Guests: John Douglas, Dave Rubin, & Blake J. Harris | 5/9/19

Hour 1 There are No police to run to in a world of Socialism ...HBO's Chernobyl is Stu's new favorite ...This is a crisis not an invasion. Health care for 1% of Honduras courtesy of the American taxpayer 

Hour 2 The Killer Across The Table with author John Douglas. Amazing stories and interviews with America's most notorious serial killers. Charismatic no bodies who wanna be somebody, who end up being serial killers. Americas fascination with killers explained ...Law and Order and a bunch of rapes 

Hour 3 The Rubin Report hits a million YouTube subscribers. Dave explains why both sides have to listen and talk to each other. Expecting the media to at least do a 'decent' job  ...The History of Our Future with author  Blake J. Harris. The endless Journey for the truth in media.

May 09, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: John Douglas, Dave Rubin & Blake J. Harris | 5/9/19

Best of the Program | 5/9

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely - h1

- A Crisis Not An Invasion - h1
- The Killer Across The Table (w/ John Douglas) -h2

- Hitting a Million (w/ Dave Rubin) -h3

- The History of Our Future (w/ Blake J. Harris) -h3


May 09, 2019
Fundamental Transformational Control | Guest: Patrick Courrielche | 5/8/19

Hour 1 Fundamental transformation of the United States is underway. Green Is The New Red Deal ...The Top Priorities for All ...Some of President Trump taxes released. Who cares because there is nothing new here ...Biden Bad Boys Deals of Ukraine go unearthed ...Fun with Fear mongering 

Hour 2  From Zero to Hero in New Jersey. Corey Booker is definitely not Spartacus ...AOC battles a garbage disposal ...When ones on a wine diet, one is surrounded by empty wine glasses ...Capsized and tipped over with the Rep. Hank Johnson. It never gets old 

Hour 3 Can Manufacturing Jobs come back to America. Red Pilled America' Patrick Courrielche joins to expand. Innovation is dying in America due to the lack of manufacturing skills  ...CNN guest "When a women is pregnant, that is not a human being inside her" ...All Polls say Joe Biden is Crushing Them All 

May 08, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Patrick Courrielche | 5/8/19

Best of the Program | 5/8

​- Fundamental transformation  underway - h1

- Top Priorities for All - h1

- From Zero to Hero - h2

​- Bringing Made In America Back (w/ Patrick Courrielche)  -h2

- Not Human In Side -h3

May 08, 2019
Build The Wall | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

Hour 1 It's really bad at the border. Mass rushes are coming, 1,000 a people a day are being taken into our American cities. The Lefts false sense of compassion and their long list of being on the wrong side of things ...Donald Trump will be re-elected in a 'landslide' 2020

Hour 2 Sex Trafficking on the Southern Border with OUR's Tim Ballard. Children by the hundreds are being sexually abused at the border. Christian churches urgently  need our help ...A whole new world of 'corporate socialism' is coming. Big Tech is praying to be regulated as a 'utility' 

Hour 3 Heal the struggling and suffering hearts along our American borders ...Crisis of Heart please help today ...Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn joins to discuss the Pro-Life Movement. ...What American Democrats really want is not being heard 

May 07, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

Best of the Program | 5/7

- It's Really, Really Bad - h1

- Donald Trump Will Be Re-Elected - h1

- Christian Churches Urgency - (w/ Tim Ballard) -h2

- Gold Star Mom's for America (w/ Karen Vaughn) -h3

May 07, 2019
Globalist Woke on Capitalism | Guest: Michael Rectenwald | 5/6/19

Hour 1 Israel fires back after Hamas goes to town ...Nancy Pelosi thinks the 2020 Democrats are overplaying their hand. ...The greatest movie of all time, was seen over the weekend ...Children in Philly Muslim society praise torture and the chopping off of heads 

Hour 2 Corporate socialism with retired NYU professor and author, Michael Rectenwald. We are in the midst of China's Woke capitalism. The Globalist art of eroding all nations states and embracing Leftist ideas. Ridding the world of families. Socialites and Monopolists unit to ruin Capitalism ...Border reality bites the Democrat Party 

Hour 3 Lucrative in Ukraine the media is finally starting to report on the Biden's business deal shenanigans ...The Al Gore, the Broadway musical that thank God never happened ...Man who lives as woman sings opera as man ...Make-up for Men is all the rage while eating maggot sausage 

May 06, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Michael Rectenwald | 5/6/19

Best of the Program | 5/6

- Israel Fires Back Justly - h1

- Fun with Torture -h1

- Corporate Socialism (w/ Michael Rectenwald) -h2

- Make-up for Men -h3

May 06, 2019
Ep. 35 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Félix Rodríguez

This week, Glenn talks with Former CIA operative Félix Rodríguez, who participated in the historic manhunt to capture Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Rodríguez who is a Cuban-American Vietnam veteran who fought in the Bay of Pigs invasion was recruited to train and lead a team to track down Guevara due to the fact that he had been instrumental in Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution. In this podcast, Felix gives a first-hand account of the capture and execution of the man whose image is still being appropriated as a counterculture fashion statement. He also provides great detail into the type of sick criminal that Guevara was as he not only killed many during his lifetime, but he greatly enjoyed it. 

May 04, 2019
The Purge Has Begun | Guests: Steven Crowder & Bill O'Reilly | 5/3/19

Hour 1 This is very scary. Facebook begins to purge. Will Glenn Beck be Next ...The Hour is growing late for Democrats ...Regulating the internet like a utility days are coming ...In Jeopardy with Steven Crowder. YouTube is about to remove him. Steven gets 'nerdy' 

Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly is back on Friday. Here come the purges, will Bill be next. The Fair Use Doctrine debated. Netflix is in bed with the Obama's. The Bill Barr madness and the Democrats Big, big problem. "It will be Biden and Abrams" 2020. Fun with Nancy Pelosi ...Glenn's Walter Cronkite story you gotta hear 

Hour 3 The Worst Presidential Draft...Ever and The Climate Change Nightmare. The Chick-fil candidate, the Oprah guru, the Yang-ster and the rest of the 'crap heap' ...Watch BlazeTV Now and This Weekend for Free

May 03, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steven Crowder & Bill O'Reilly | 5/3/19

Best of the Program | 5/3

- The Purge Has Begun? -h1

- They're coming for all of us (w/ Steven Crowder) -h1

- News of the Week (w/ Bill O'Reilly) 

- The Worst Presidential Draft Ever -h3

May 03, 2019
Best of the Program | 5/2/19

Best of the Program | 5/2 

- Kill Them Now or Kill Them Later - h1 

- Joe Biden's Hugs by the Numbers -h1

- Game of Thrones is Racist - h2

- Socialism is a death cult -h2 

- Green Mountain Care Fail - h3 

May 02, 2019
Let's Be For Stuff | 5/2/19

Hour 1 Kill Him Now or Kill Them Later ...Joe Biden's Hugs by the Numbers, the art of the hug. Please don't get out of New York City. Mass hugging all around, so get over it. Joe Biden's Hugs by the Numbers, the art of the hug ..."This is not going to be a country of white people" 

Hour 2 Now Game of Thrones is racist ...Venezuela coup Update. Guaido calls for a strike after clashes leave dozens dead. ...Being humble and fearless is a skill ...Socialism is a death cult. Watch  Socialism: 'A Warning From The Dead' for Free Now at BlazeTV

Hour 3 Bernie Sanders and his state of Vermont's Green Mountain Care. Optimal attempt as single payer socialist health failed once again ...New and improved words. Modern is the new word for progressive ...Counting 'shumways' and 'yaks' with Stu Bruguiere ...A Real spiritual awakening is needed now

May 02, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Jason Buttrill, Marion Smith & Justin Haskins | 5/1/19

Best the Program | 5/1/19

- US the Next Venezuela -h1 

- They Are Coming for Us All - h1

- Victims of Communism (w/ Marion Smith) -h2

- Getting The Word Out on Socialism (w/ Justin Haskins) -h3

May 01, 2019
Socialism: A Warning From The Dead | Guests: Marion Smith & Justin Haskins | 5/1/19

Hour 1 Is America ready to become Venezuela and give up our guns ...They are coming for all of us at the Blaze ...The Hero Generation is coming ...Suicide and our kids, they are being swept up by darkness ...Watch BlazeTV for Free Now 

Hour 2 Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Witness Project, with Executive Director Marion Smith joins. Marion has been in direct contact with many on the ground in Venezuela. Expecting a brutal Military coup ...Get  BlazeTV for Free

Hour 3 Getting the word out on Socialism with Justin Haskins, Executive Editor of The Heartland Institute. Justin is a millennial who is trying to help guide his generation away from the evils of socialism and The Green New Deal ...Help Save the BlazeTV and Watch it for free now

May 01, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Daniel Di Martino, John Solomon & Yael Eckstein | 4/30/19

Best of the Program | 4/30
- Too Old Joe is a Go - h1 - Maduro's Days are Numbered (w/ Daniel Di Martino) -h2- How Obama Engaged Ukraine (w/ John Solomon) -h2- Watch BlazeTV for Free -h2- Securing Synagogues (w/ Yael Eckstein) -h3

Apr 30, 2019
Too Old To Go | Guests: Daniel Di Martino, John Solomon, & Yael Eckstein | 4/30/19

Hour 1 Too old Joe announces his Presidential bid for 2020. Wilfred from Florida calls to give his opinion on lunch bucket Joe's bid for President ...Climate Change years are like dog years. Beto lowers the deadline for us all to 10 years

Hour 2 Are Maduro's days numbered in Venezuela. Daniel Di Martino from Young Voices joins to give an update. "It's too early to call this a success" ...How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost, John Solomon joins to explain

Hour 3 Stu lays into Joe Biden's lame apology to Anita Hill. Then there was Clarence Thomas ...Securing Synagogues with Yael Exksein, President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Apr 30, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Amy Holmes | 4/29/19

Best of the Program | 4/29

- A Jew with a gun saves the day -h1

-Socialism A Warning From The Dead -h1
- Top 10 Hopefuls -h2- It's a Medieval Walking Dead -h2

-On The Verge of a Party Take down (w/ Amy Holmes) -h3

Apr 29, 2019
Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out | Guest: Amy Holmes | 4/29/19

Hour 1

A Jew with a gun saves the day ...The NY Times defend their racist cartoon  ...Watch 'Socialism a Warning From The Dead' for Free on Blaze TV ...The Weekend movie opening that broke world records ...Have Christan movie makers finally hit their stride ...Scary situations at movie theaters continue all over the country 

Hour 2

The very, very long list of Democratic hopefuls continues. These are The Top 10 leaders. Basing qualifications on genitals is all the rage ...Stu reviews another episode of Game of Thrones. "It's a medieval Waking Dead" ...Watch Blaze TV for Free Now

Hour 3

Two Women on the Verge of a Party Take down with political anchor Amy Holmes. New Young Energy of the Democratic Left are trying to lead they way. AOC always seems to defend Islam no matter what ...Listener, Gary calls in to beg Glenn ...Watch Blaze TV for Free, to know what's coming next 

Apr 29, 2019
Ep. 34 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Kevin Freeman
Glenn sits down with Kevin Freeman who is one of the world's leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism. He has been a consultant for the CIA, FBI, the SEC, Homeland Security, the Justice Department, as well as several foreign governments. His research has played a major role in the Department of Defense's studies including the reports prepared for the Secretary of Defense. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and also the host of Blaze TV's Economic War Room. Today, they discuss Russian Interference, Chinese Hacking, Socialism, Surveillance Capitalism, The U.S. Economy, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and how to weaponize your money. 
If you're curious about where the world and our economy are headed and you're seeking some wisdom on how to navigate the choppy waters, you don't want to miss this podcast!
Want to see more of Kevin Freeman?
America faces a new war — new threats to your savings and your way of life. Put America and your investments first with the only financial news show to provide a war room for you to develop your personal financial battle plan. Subscribe to BlazeTV to catch Kevin Freeman on his show, "The Economic War Room."
Apr 27, 2019
A Failure To Participate | 4/26/19
Hour 1 
Get the popcorn they're eating their own ...They're coming for the cats ...Make sure you are keeping a journal ...Failing to participate. The militant Left is all about destroying you 
Hour 2
Welcome to the Club NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman. Never let a crisis go to waste. Talking up, is the kiss of death. ...Chaos and the X, Y, Z's ...How to Flip a Country in 3 years ...Blame Trump for all the cats
Hour 3
Glenn's 2019 NFL Draft results are in. Just horse shoes and hand grenades ...Ruling out all the options on the Notre Dame church fire. Cigarettes didn't start the fire ...Everyone is pissed about everything ...The early rise of llhan Omar
Apr 26, 2019
Best of the Program | 4/26/19
Best of the Program | 4/26 
- Get the popcorn, they're eating their own -h1
- Welcome to the Club NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman -h2
- Chaos and the X, Y, Z's -h2
- Glenn's 2019 NFL Draft results are in -h3 
Apr 26, 2019
The Burning Man of Politics | Guest: Senator Mike Lee | 4/25/19
Hour 1
Big Exciting News from JoeCoachella. The Burning Man of Politics is here. Race Baiter-in-Chief wanna be, will be taking Trump head on ...'Our Lost Declaration' with Senator Mike Lee. No one knows and no one cares 
Hour 2 
They Exist Because We Exist with Senator Mike Lee. The List of 2020 Democrats Mike thinks have a chance. America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State. "Cory Booker is a total complete fraud"
Hour 3 
Glenn takes on NFL Draft day head on. Which one is which. Knock off, girlie homeless but happy teams. The worse possible sports team names. "Sounds like a gym you go to once" ...Manipulating outcomes, fair and balanced
Apr 25, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Senator Mike Lee | 4/25/19
Best of the Program | 4/25
- Joe's A Go - h1
- Our Lost Declaration (w/ Senator Mike Lee) -h1 h2
- The Glenn Beck 2019 NFL Draft Picks -h3
Apr 25, 2019
This Just Ain't Gonna Last | Guest: Ari Hoffman | 4/24/19

Hour 1 

Running since 1987. Beware of the Biden’s and Kerry's ...Kamala and her past 'Reparations' ...Former Home Depot CEO fears Socialism? In America it's 1989 Soviet Union


Hour 2

Fat Sex Therapist compares fitness trainers to Nazis ...There's been some Breaking Nicolas Cage news ..The Kate Smith misplaced chaos continues and The New York Yankees racist past ...Will Cain courage needs to be contagious 


Hour 3

Seattle is Dying and it's become a concentration camp without barbed wire. Coming to a city near you. Seattle City Council candidate Ari Hoffman joins to explain ...'Trump' the new shiny city in Israel on the hill

Apr 24, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Ari Hoffman | 4/24/19
Best of the Program | 4/24
- Running Since 1987 - h1 
- Fat Sex Therapists are real - h2
- Will Cain Courage -h2
- Seattle is Dying (w/ Ari Hoffman) -h3
Apr 24, 2019
Waking Up Woke | Guests: Gov. Greg Abbott & Jeffy Fisher | 4/23/19
Hour 1
And the Woke list continues. More things to add to the 'what is racist' list? That's why darkies were born. ...Bernie Sanders thinks murders should be able to vote. Ex convict talks to Glenn, "I have paid my debit."
Hour 2
Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls into take Glenn's complaints. Property taxes are are skyrocketing out of control in a state that everyone is moving to. "We are going to hammer down the property taxes" ...America is being Fundamentally transformed right before our eyes? ...If it ain't broke AOC
Hour 3 
Jesus most likely was a Palestinian man? We are moving away from the MLK. Favoring groups by skin color is all the rage, again. Post modern deconstruction of American culture ...Time to play 'Is It David Duke or Amy Schumer' with Jeffy
Apr 23, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Governor Greg Abbott & Jeffy Fisher
Best of the Program | 4/23
- More things to add to the 'what is racist' list? That's  - h1
- Voting for Murder -h1
- Hammering Out Property Taxes (w/ Governor Greg Abbott) - h2
- David Duke or Amy Schumer (w/ Jeffy FIsher) -h3 
Apr 23, 2019
The Old Way is Busted? | Guest: Evan Todd | 4/22/19
Hour 1
An attack on Christianity in Sri Lanka, 9 Bombings in 1 day? The left media call us 'Easter Worshipers' and not Christians? "Christians are under attack all over the world and no seems to care?" ...Dramatic declines in all religions across the board? Christian Churches are in decline because " We don't live it"?
Hour 2 
Stu's thorough look at Game of Thrones and how it can only be talked about? Revelations and Spoilers, "everyone looks the same"? What's with the Game of Thrones 'font'? ...Since when is Satan so sheik? ...Ukraine elects a comedian in a blow out vote? Generation Game Show Host, Comedian and ping-pong?
Hour 3 
'After Columbine' with survivor Evan Todd? Evan was the first student shot in the library at student at Columbine High School? Evan who went face-to-face with the murders who decided not to kill him? ...The Front Runners, Maybes and Definitely No? Who's Seth Moulton? GB's money's on Buttigieg? AOC at age 8?
Apr 22, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Evan Todd | 4/22/19
Best of the Program | 4/22
- Those 'Easter Worshipers'? - h1
-  Revelations and Spoilers? - h2
- The Old Way is Busted? - h2
- 'After Columbine'? (w/ Evan Todd) -h3
Apr 22, 2019
Ep. 33 | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Phil Robertson
Glenn brings in the Original Duck Commander, Phil Robertson to have a conversation about the various things going on in our country as well as to talk about his story of coming to faith over 40 years ago.  In his own words, Phil Robertson who is a self-proclaimed "river rat" says he is the least likely person to have the type of platform and influence that he has now considering that he is a New York Times Best Selling author and even has his own Blaze TV series called "In The Woods with Phil."  
Want more from Phil Robertson?

To enjoy more of this Duck Dynasty star's 70 years of unfiltered wisdom and uncensored common sense, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.
Apr 20, 2019
It's Just Best To Move On? | Guest: Andy McCarthy | 4/19/19
Hour 1 
Has Glenn Beck has been indited? ...The Mueller Report, the day after? Denial is addicting? Does the report really change any body's mind? The people around Trump saved his day? "For those at home Scoring the Mueller Report?"
Hour 2
Puppy Clubbing parties? "I don't think President Trump has seen Rocky 4 or knows about Ivan Drago?" Trumps Economy is Booming and 51% of America think so too? ...Top Blaze Researcher and Mueller report reader, Jason Buttrill joins to pile on some more the play-by-play? ...Happy Easter from Glenn Beck 
Hour 3
The Redacted Mueller Report with Andy McCarthy. No obstruction but it's not wise for President Trump to brag about it, 'it's best to move on'? There we're Dark conspiracies against the President from the get go? The 3 Essential Elements of the Crime that Need Clearing?
Apr 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Andy McCarthy | 4/19/19
Best of the Program | 4/19 
- The Mueller Report, the day after? - h1
- Puppy Clubbing Parties and the Truth? -h2 
- Happy Easter from Glenn Beck? - h2
- The Redacted Mueller Report? (w/ Andy McCarthy) -h3
Apr 19, 2019
Best of the Program | Guest: Jason Buttrill | 4/18/19
Best of the Program | 4/18
- Stealing the cycles and narratives? - h1
- So What's In It? - h2
- The Democrats Top 18? - h3
Apr 18, 2019
Fill-In The Blank Narratives & Conclusions? | 4/18/19
Hour 1 
Stealing the cycles and narratives? Just Salacious texts and more? Bill Barr Releases Mueller report, takes reporters questions, goes on defense for President Trump? CD ROMS available? 
Hour 2 
So what was in it? Anything new to see here? All Parts of the report sound favorable to President Trump? Collusion is dead and Trump should feel  'exonerated'? Is there any red meat here for the Democrats? Conclusion, "this was all about Donald Trump"? 
Hour 3 
No Collusion, No Intrusion, over 100 pages of redaction's? ...The Democrats Top 18? It's not looking good for Cory Booker? Is Peter Buttigieg, "Just some boring gay white guy?" What about Beto O'Bore?
Apr 18, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Tim Ballard, Arthur Brooks & Andrew Heaton | 4/17/19
Best of the Program | 4/17 
- The Fastest Criminal Enterprise? (w/ Tim Ballard) - h1
- Pursuit In Loving Our Enemies? (w/ Arthur Brooks) -h1-h2
- The 'Lazy Media' strikes again? -h2
- Mistakes We're Made? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h3 
Apr 17, 2019
The Pursuit To Love Our Enemies? | Guests: Tim Ballard & Arthur Brooks | 4/17/19
Hour 1
"The fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet is human trafficking and the US is the number one demand for child sex"? Tim Ballard from 'Operation Underground Railroad', joins to explain? ...Loving our enemies with Arthur Brooks? "The Pursuit", a new documentary about how capitalism continues to lift people out of poverty all over the world?
Hour 2 
Focusing on the 'good things' with Arthur Brooks? Glenn Beck " is a Man with a revolutionary heart"? ...The 'lazy media' media once again takes what Glenn said out of context? ...Former NFL star, Tim Tebow joins BlazeTV Tonight?
Hour 3 
Mistakes were made and donuts make up for it? Andrew Heaton joins to explain why he's been upset with his boss? ...You Choose The News Headlines? 'Dog Owners Are Happier than Cat owners"?, Son Sues Parents Over His Porn Collection? ...President Trump issues his second 'veto', but what good will it do?
Apr 17, 2019
Gut Feelings Revisited? | Guests: Steve Katz & Ami Horowitz | 4/16/19
Hour 1
850 years of history burns before our eyes? Notre Dame is one of Frances Crown jewels? A sacred place for believers and non-believers?  Hero Priest saves the day (the Relics)? Was it just a coincidence, terrorism or just a bad accident? Christians are under attack all over the world? 
Hour 2 
The Biden boom is being blown up? Sweetheart deals all across the board and no one noticed? ...110 years later and they're all set? ...Update Controversies from  the movie  'Unplanned', with Executive Producer Steve Katz? Censorship to the core? "We must stop being afraid"? ..."Goatee Guy, Angry Elf, Blondie and Redhead"?
Hour 3 
What is the Conservative Republican agenda? Democrat candidate Buttigieg says "Most Americans Don't Want the Conservative agenda"? ...Campus sponsoring hate with Ami Horowitz? UNC and Duke sponsors Openly Anti-Semitic Conference and filmmaker Ami Horowitz joins to explain further?
Apr 16, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Steve Katz & Ami Horowitz | 4/16/19
Best of the Program | 4/16 
- 850 Years of History Burns? -h1 
- Censorship to the Core? (w/ Steve Katz) -h2
- Stu's Review 'Game of Thrones'? -h2
- Openly Anti-Semitic Campuses? (w/ Ami Horowitz) -h3
Apr 16, 2019
Truth and Disconnect? | 4/15/19
Hour 1 
Trolling Is a Spectator Sport? Glenn has the perfect idea for President Trump's Sanctuary Cities nightmare? A Sanctuary city nation wide tour? Chicago Mayor-Elect says "We want them (illegals) to come to Chicago"?  Donald Trump is a horse in a hospital? Ship them to Cambridge, Massachusetts? 
Hour 2
It's all in the family? More bad news for the bribery Bidens? ...The progressive Left are overplaying their arrogance? It's all just a game to them, a means to an end? Nancy Pelosi rips AOC? ...One Stu still hasn't watched? Record ratings expected for HBO's Game of Thrones? ...Star Wars and what should of been?
Hour 3 
Some on the Left are standing with President Trump and don't even know it?  Why are Cher and Cory Booker sporting MAGA hats?  'Wars are brewing' within the Democrat Party? Disconnection with Reality is beginning to settle in? Bill & Hillary Clinton fail once again? ...Are we really being "Taxed to death"?
Apr 15, 2019
Best of the Program | 4/15/19
Best of the Program | 4/15
- Trolling Is a Spectator Sport? -h1
- President Trump's Sanctuary City Tour? -h1
- It's All in the family? -h2 
- Taxed To Death? -h3 
Apr 15, 2019
Ep. 32 | Arthur Brooks | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn is joined by Arthur Brooks, a New York Times bestselling author of 11 books with topics like the Role of Government, Fairness, Economic Opportunity, Happiness, and the morality of Free Enterprise. Interestingly enough, Arthur Brooks spent 12 years of his life being a professional French Hornist playing with the Annapolis Brass Quintet as well as City Orchestra of Barcelona. He later went to teach Economics and Social Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University and has since then been serving as the President of the American Enterprise Institute, which is a nationally recognized think tank based in Washington, D.C., where he leads a community of scholars and supporters that are committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise for all Americans. He is actually about to leave that role as he will transition to a new role at Harvard where he will be a Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. 

Apr 13, 2019
Pounds By the Second? | Guests: Blake J. Harris & Brad Polumbo | 4/12/19
Hour 1
Thank God it's Donuts and Ice Cream Friday? ...Bernie Sanders Insurance Nightmare Plan for All? ...The Biden Bracket Results are in? Ted Stanley and Rock Rockwell tell us who the big winner was? Joe Biden's Most impressive  'Breastial" Snewbage' performances caught on film? 
Hour 2   
The History of The Future continued? Glenn once trusted Mark Zuckerberg but not any more? "Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution that swept virtual reality"? The guy that sold out to Zuckerberg? ...The Democrats that have Zero chance to win in 2020? In the end Where will Biden be? 
Hour 3 
Christians and LGBT advocates should come together to support Trump's fight against gay criminalization? Young Voices editor Brad Polumbo tells us how that needs to happen? Who knew Trump would be a champion for gays? ...Glenn discovers the most effortless workout of his life? ...The Dignity Gape with Arthur Brooks? 
Apr 12, 2019
Best of the Program | Guests: Blake J. Harris & Brad Polumbo | 4/12/19
Best of the Program | 4/12
- Donuts & Ice Cream? - h1
- The Biden Bracket Results Are In? -h1
- The History of The Future Continued? (w/ Blake J. Harris) -h2
- Christians and LGBT Advocates Come Together (w/ Brad Polumbo) -h3
Apr 12, 2019