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 Jul 17, 2018


ON TIME, ON TARGET: Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys in the community. Hosted by Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy and New York Festivals award winning radio producer Ian Scotto. As seen ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts government category.

Episode Date
Ep. 413 - CJ Ramone
If you read Brandon Webb's book "Mastering Fear," you may recall an awesome story from Ramones bass player and Marine, CJ Ramone. This is the interview that inspired that story. CJ joined us back on Episode 273, and we split that interview into two. The first half for SOFREP, second half for Brandon Webb's Power of Thought Podcast. So for the first time, here's that great interview in it's entirety. CJ was fresh off of a tour with The Aquabats as we recorded this and was ramping up to go off to the UK for another tour. The guys talk their mutual love of travel and some of the great sites they've seen around the world. CJ's music is what allows him to travel so much, and he has a true appreciation for it. You'll hear about the trial by fire when he was asked to replace the legendary Dee Dee Ramone for rambunctious crowds not exactly thrilled to see a new member of The Ramones. His biggest fear? Running out of time, and you'll hear why. He also just released a vinyl pressing of his "Christmas Lullabye," which I must say would make a pretty kick ass gift for the punk rocker in your life! Be sure to pick it up.
Dec 14, 2018
Ep. 412 - Jerry Yellin, WWII Fighter Pilot
Captain Jerry Yellin flew the final combat mission over Japan during WWII in the Battle of Iwo Jima. He flew the P-51 Mustang for the Army Air Forces (the branch's shortly lived name from the early to mid 1940's between being known as the Army Air Corps and the Air Force.) Yellin died this month a year ago, but just a couple of months prior, Brandon Webb had the honor to interview him on The Power of Thought Podcast. It very likely may have been the final interview of his life, and the last time he got to tell his incredible story. Some of you may have heard it, and some of you have not. So I wanted to celebrate the life of Yellin, his remarkable service, and the twist of fate when his son moved to Japan and married a woman he fell in love with there. Your legacy lives on Captain!
Dec 12, 2018
Ep. 411 - Company Wide Update from the Editors
Hurricane Group just held our end-of-year meeting for 2018 to brainstorm and discuss what we have coming up in the new year. It's all very exciting stuff, and I know that many of you, our listeners, have been with us for a long time and feel invested in what we do. So this episode is mainly for you guys, the diehards.  Nick Coffman joins us in studio who was just promoted to the Editor in Chief across all of our sites such as The Loadout Room, while Jack Murphy remains dedicated in his role to Editor in Chief solely at Newsrep. Back on board with the site as a staff writer is Jamie Read A.K.A. Jay, I know that many of you are familiar with this work over the years. Staff writer Alex Hollings will now also be handling our site devoted to military aviation Fighter Sweep, in addition to his work at Newsrep (the man stays kind of busy.) In addition to that, we currently have an amazing giveaway sponsored by Crate Club and The Loadout Room for an Axelson Precision Custom Elite 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Package at; and this you do not want to pass up on! Beyond that we followup with Nick on the aftermath of his amazing work covering Fred Galvin and the MARSOC 7 being exonerated a decade later after false accusations of war crimes. So dig in, and get the full scoop on all of this with us.
Dec 07, 2018
Ep. 410 - Thomas Pecora (CIA Security Officer)
For most Americans, the deadly attacks by Ansar al-Sharia on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi were their first exposure to anything relating to the CIA's Protective Operations Cadre. CIA Officer Thomas Pecora, however, was there during it's inception. With an incredibly impressive resume, he's been involved in Mogadishu, the resurgence of Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, and the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. We discuss the span of his career which will be covered in much greater detail when his book "Guardian: Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror" hits shelves on May 7th of next year. We highly recommend you pre-order what is sure to be a book breaking new ground in areas never written about prior to now. Beyond this exclusive in-depth interview, we discuss propaganda coming out of China, a tragic military death in Bahrain, and Marine combat veteran and Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. now facing charges in misusing $250K in campaign funds. All that and more on Episode 410!
Dec 06, 2018
Ep. 409 - Clint Emerson
Clint Emerson is a former Navy SEAL, best-selling author, the owner of a clothing line called Violent Nomad as well as a his security solutions company Escape the Wolf, and an undisputed favorite guest on SOFREP Radio. It's been a while since he's been on, so what has Clint been up to? Well besides the aforementioned, he has a new Deadly Skills Puzzle and Activity Book that many of you are sure to dig. It's fun, challenging, stimulates the brain, and beyond that was designed to be helpful for those with traumatic brain injury as well as post-traumatic stress. He goes into detail on the formula behind designing this new project. Many of you familiar with Clint by now may also know he grew up in Saudi Arabia as the result of his dad working in the oil industry. He is not fond of the culture or political corruption over there, and gets into how he reacted to the violent killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Also on this episode we pay our respects to three operators killed this week in Afghanistan from an IED blast.
Nov 30, 2018
Ep. 408 - Renee Nickell, Gold Star sister
Losing a family member in combat is an indescribably sad and tough experience, and each individual affected has to cope with the loss in their own way. For Renee Nickell, she decided to meet with some of the brave men who served with her brother, and self-publish a book that honors his legacy. Major Samuel Griffith served as a Marine Corps Officer & F-18 aviator, and was killed in late 2011 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Renee's book however, is not solely focused on her brother's tragic death, but the sibling bond they shared that was taken prematurely, and the many laughs that they enjoyed together. The book is "Always My Hero: The Road to Hope & Healing Following My Brother's Death in Afghanistan," and we hope that you give it a read. If you'd also like to cheer up a child of a service member killed in action for this Christmas and holiday season, Believe With Me is a great organization that Renee speaks highly of. This interview and more on Episode 408.
Nov 28, 2018
Ep. 407 - J.T. Patten
J.T. Patten is a former counterterrorism intelligence adviser, and his wealth of knowledge and experience is likely a major factor in the praise he's received as an author in the past several years. That praise has landed him a deal with our friends over at Kensington Publishing with "Buried in Black." It's the first of the Task Force Orange Novel series, and his first book to be picked up after previous self-publishing endeavors. You're gonna love this in-depth discussion, so dig in!  J.T. last joined us on Episode 199, still available in the archives at Hope all of you listeners enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and we salute any of you who had to sacrifice time away from your families to serve us.
Nov 23, 2018
Ep. 406 - Jim Morris, Green Beret
Post-Vietnam service, extraterrestrials, and UFO encounters? Sounds like a strange array of topics there, but Green Beret and author Jim Morris is quite a fascinating man of many interests. Jim was last on Episode 346, where we went pretty in-depth discussing his time in Vietnam among other things, so this episode we got into some different territory. "The Devil's Secret Name" is one of Jim's many books, and since Jack recently picked it up again, it was the catalyst for much of what we covered on here. Also on this episode we answer a thought-provoking question emailed to, and react to the charging of two Navy SEALs and two MARSOC Marines in the murder of Green Beret Logan Melgar. Last week we were also at the premiere for "I Am The Revolution" directed by Benedetta Argentieri. We both were very impressed and give our reactions to the film. With that, we wish ALL of you in our audience a very happy Thanksgiving Day. Especially those down range sacrificing time away from their families to protect us. Stay safe, and may God bless you all!
Nov 21, 2018
Ep. 405 - Ricky Poh (Army Combatives Instructor)
I first met Ricky as a regular at UFC Gym, and he was a guy that everyone knew, and for good reason. Poh has such a diverse background in his passion for fitness from being a physique competitor, Crossfit trainer, and Olympic weightlifter. I don't know how we got into it, but one day I learned in addition to all this he served in the Army as a drill sergeant and also worked his way up to being a Level 4 Combatives Instructor. Naturally, I asked him to come on the podcast a few times. It took some coaxing, but somehow a couple of years later as he also become a member of the NYPD, I convinced him to join us in studio...and you'll be glad I did. Ricky discusses with us why he joined the Army and why his background made for a natural transition to becoming a police officer. He also talks some of the difficulty in between that period of finding what career path he set to embark on. He also gets into how his Chinese ethnic background made for some interesting clashes from his career choice, to his interest in Japanese martial arts, which delivers some laughs. The guys also give their take on the first female to pass Special Forces assessment, and we read an email as well as a voice memo from our shipmate Gene Farnsworth sent to
Nov 16, 2018
Ep. 404 - Todd Opalski (Marine Scout Sniper)
Imagine setting out on a five day adventure trip to Costa Rica, engulfing yourself in a regimen of yoga, meditation, fitness training, and hiking with a former Marine Scout Sniper turned Special Missions Unit Assault Commander. It certainly sounds like quite a departure from the usual tactical training that's prevalent among guys retired from the special operations community, but it's exactly what Todd Opalski sets out to embark on with the Pathfinder Course. It's a part of his project, Zen Commando. We had Todd on with us four months back on Episode 365 to discuss this, and he's in studio again to tell us how the project is fleshing out. Quite honestly, it sounds incredible, and you may be itching to get a spot when Camp Zen Commando opens shop after hearing more. Also on Episode 404, we answer your emails sent to We love getting them as well as your voice memos, keep 'em coming. Plus, how could we not give our reaction to Lieutenant Commander, Navy SEAL, and now Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw making an appearance on Saturday Night Live? He delivered a swift verbal throat punch as well as a heartfelt message with comic Pete Davidson in a rare moment of Americans coming together. Enjoy our show? Then we ask you to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio, and please leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.
Nov 14, 2018
Ep. 403 - Jeffrey Wright & April Harris of "We Are Not Done Yet"
Jeffrey Wright is an A-List actor who's starred in films and shows like "The Hunger Games," "Boardwalk Empire," "Casino Royale," and "Westworld." He's won Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe awards for his masterful performances, but how did he get hooked up with a collective of veterans creating poetry to deal with issues like post-traumatic stress from combat and sexual assault in the military? You'll hear all about it on this episode where he joins us in studio, along with a 26-year veteran of the Army featured in "We Are Not Done Yet," April Harris. It premieres tonight on HBO @ 8 PM EST, so be sure to tune in right after you check this out. If you're hearing this after, check HBO for future showtimes. As you'll hear, Brandon Webb hosted this episode with me, and we dive into a lot of other major issues and controversies. We also give an update on some great things happening with Crate Club, and if you're not already a subscriber, now is the time to become one! If you're a new listener, be sure to subscribe to the podcast. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @SOFREPRadio, and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.
Nov 08, 2018
Ep. 402 - Andrew Wilkow
Andrew Wilkow is the host of "The Wilkow Majority" on Sirius XM Patriot, "Wilkow" on CRTV, and a long time good friend of ours at the podcast. It's now become tradition that every year at Emmett O'Lunney's in Times Square, New York City, he hosts a Veteran's Day event benefiting different grassroots charities in the community. This year, the money is going to Operation Chillout, Wishes for Warriors, Stop Soldier Suicide, Horses for Heroes, and American Warrior Initiative. You'll hear all about what each of them do on this episode. The way it works is that there is going to be a vet ride of bikers from Harley Davidson in Hope, NJ to the bar for the event. If you want to ride, you just need to give a $30 minimum donation which also gets you a shirt, and you can sign up right now for that through Eventbrite. For you non-bikers, be at the bar for the Voices of Veterans broadcast from 1-4 PM EST on November 11th, and long-sleeve shirts will be available there for a minimum $25 donation (that is if any are left by than!) Now, for those of you outside of the area, you can still donate and get a limited shirt through Andrew's webstore. Of course, we also get into some other talk while Andrew joins us in studio. We talk about the midterm elections, and the problems we see in today's mainstream media. We touch on a recent Newsrep article of some disturbing war crime allegations against the Navy SEALs by writer Stavros Atlamazoglou. Also, Andrew tells a great bar fight story about CJ Ramone from Chiller Theatre in New Jersey that you won't want to miss.
Nov 07, 2018
Ep. 401 - Jeff Depatie (JTF2 assaulter - Canada spec ops)
Here at SOFREP Radio we really pride ourselves on having on a diverse group of guys that are a part of the spec ops community from around the globe featured, and Jeff Depatie is the first guest of ours who served as a sniper/assaulter from Joint Task Force 2. That's right, the name may ring a bell as you might remember a member of the unit beating the record of longest sniper kill at a mind blowing 3,540 meters. You'll hear the info from him, from the selection process to the characteristics of the Canadian operators he served alongside. An interesting tidbit he gets into is the secrecy around Canada's spec ops community, and how it differs from the now more high profile Navy SEALs for example. Currently, Jeff is running The Special Forces Experience as the Chief Course Architect. What they are is a group of seasoned operators giving the ultimate experience of what it means to serve in high stress combat situations for those guys out there who are dying to get a taste of what it's really like. There's an excellent video on Vimeo giving a sample of what it is that they do. The men from Canada have been some of the toughest and most crucial in the War on Terror, and it's an honor to learn about that story first hand.
Nov 02, 2018
Ep. 400 - Dale Comstock & Jim West
What happens when you bring together long time friends and veterans of the Special Forces community, Dale Comstock and Jim West, to share some mind blowing fighting stories? Well, let me just say that Episode 400 does not disappoint. Jim West trained Dale in American Extension Fighting, and not only does Dale have a great respect for Jim's craft, he fesses up to having some fear of the guy early on. Can you blame him? Some of you may have seen an excerpt being circulated on Youtube from a much longer DVD of "Smokey" training Comstock in some lethal techniques. The guys bring you back in time to that era, and some of the real life brawls that inspired these deadly skills. These men are the real deal, and you'll hear why if you don't already know. It has truly been an honor working on this show on behalf of everyone involved for 400 episodes. It is incredible to us that we get to do this, and we owe it all to you, the listeners. We reflect on the past five years and what this show means to us. We also answer your emails sent to Have a Happy Halloween, and here's to 400 more!
Oct 31, 2018
Ep. 399 - P.W. Singer, co-author of Likewar
Social media's impact on issues ranging from the democratic process to terrorist recruitment is a subject we've covered in great detail on SOFREP Radio. That's why we were excited to bring on P.W. Singer, co-author of "LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media" written with Emerson T. Brooking, a best-selling book that goes in-depth on this very subject. Singer is also a strategist and senior fellow at New America. We get into Russia's hand in the election of Donald Trump through propaganda spread on Facebook, as well as the de-platforming of vocal figures in conspiracy theory movement. Much scarier than these issues however, is the future of technology that you'll hear us get into, where videos of fake events will become the norm much like the Photoshopping of images. There are no easy answers in this world of "fake news," which is why you'll hear some difference of opinion on the subject from us. If this is a topic you're interested in, we hope you pick up "Likewar."
Oct 26, 2018
Ep. 398 - Benedetta Argentieri
Benedetta Argentieri, who many of you know better by now as "Benni," is excited to discuss her new documentary as she joins us in studio. The film is called "I Am The Revolution" and it follows three females in the Middle East fighting for gender equality in very different ways. One of these women is a politician, one a commander in the Syrian Democratic Army, and another who runs shelters for abused women. This leads to a greater discussion on feminism at large, and what true progress in a society is defined by. The film premieres November 15th at Cinepolis Chelsea, and is a part of the Doc NYC film festival. We hope that you join us, as we'll all be in attendance along with nearly everyone involved in making the film. I'm excited to see the finished product! Benni also had the honor of giving a Ted Talk in Milan regarding the film, and she discusses the anxiety of speaking in front of such a large audience. We also read a reaction to the Dale Comstock episode which is getting a great response, and you can send any emails you'd like us to check out to We also get into the recent news out of Saudi Arabia and Turkey's response, as well as some news on military policy and Jack's perspective on it.
Oct 24, 2018
Ep. 397 - Dale Comstock EXCLUSIVE interview on controversial combat ops in Yemen
Earlier this week we reported on highly controversial private combat ops ran in Yemen which were leaked to Buzzfeed by a former SEAL who was one of the men there. What went on was described in detail in the Aram Roston piece, "A Middle East Monarchy Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War." Contained in that article was a photo of four men in front of a United Arab Emirates Air Force plane, and one of them, even with his face blurred, was identified by many to be former Delta Force operator Dale Comstock. Dale had no reservations about coming forward and verifying that this is in fact him. Because of our friendship with the "American Badass" author, he wanted to come on with us exclusively and discuss what really went on in detail. Including his disgust with former Navy SEAL Isaac Gilmore talking to the press about this for what Comstock describes as Gilmore's own monetary gain. This is an explosive interview that you do not want to miss.
Oct 19, 2018
Ep. 396 - Stuart Steinberg, Army EOD
Stuart Steinberg is the author of "This Is What Hell Looks Like: Life as a Bomb Disposal Specialist During the Vietnam War." Not only was Stu an EOD, but following that he got his law degree, and became an attorney. Not just any attorney but he specialized in capital murder investigations. As if this wasn't enough, in 2009 Stu went to Afghanistan and served with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime as an adviser to the Afghan Police. There he trained personnel in counter-narcotics operations along the border with Iran. What drives someone to take on such dangerous positions? Stuart blames it on the adrenaline rush. You'll hear him go in-depth on all of this, which is detailed much further in his memoir, and we suggest that you pick it up. From there we get into a huge piece of news being circulated. BuzzFeed News Reporter Aram Roston released a piece yesterday morning titled "A Middle East Monarchy Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War." The piece discusses in detail former special operations veterans being hired in Yemen to take out political targets. One of the men shown in the piece has a blurred out face, but former Delta operator Dale Comstock has now publicly acknowledged that this is him. Dale is a friend to the show, and as many of you know, a student of Jim West. Because of this connection, we're excited to say that Dale will be on with us next episode, and you will not want to miss it.
Oct 17, 2018
Ep. 395 - Kyle Mills, best-selling author
When legendary thriller author Vince Flynn passed away in 2013, Kyle Mills was hand-chosen with the nearly impossible task of carrying on the Mitch Rapp series. Not only did Mills deliver with his first book in the series "The Survivor," but three years later and with three additional Rapp books under his belt, Mills has put out another #1 New York Times best-seller with 'Red War." Prior to carrying on where Flynn left off, Mills wrote some excellent novels, and with his father's background as an FBI Agent, it's no surprise that Mills continues coming up with scenarios for his counter-terrorism operative protagonist.  In this interview you'll hear Mills discuss the writing process along with what inspires him. "Red War" is heavily influenced by our current situation with Russia. The fictional Russian President in the book (heavily based around Vladimir Putin) is dying but grasping to power. The U.S. uses Mitch Rapp's expertise to exploit the situation in their favor. We hope that you pick it up, and be sure to visit Kyle online at You can also follow Kyle @KyleMillsAuthor.
Oct 12, 2018
Ep. 394 - Joseph LaFave
We're joined this episode by Joseph LaFave. Joseph is a journalist for with a focus on how conflict impacts the global marketplace. Joseph has a background as an EMT in Florida and also worked as an engineer for Lockheed Martin. On this episode we hit on several different topics LaFave's writing on which led to some interesting discussion. He has an upcoming multi-piece series in the works regarding a National Guard unit training for JRTC, the Army's premier combat training center. It's an interesting topic because I often get emails sent to regarding National Guard, and it's admittedly not something we focus on heavily. So it's great to get up to date on some of this awesome work. We then talk about some of Joseph's recent pieces including "Ebola continues to spread, threatens economies of the DRC and Uganda," and "Why are oil prices up? Several factors." The latter piece heavily focusing on how Iran sanctions have made a noticeable impact. Glad to be back on Youtube this episode for your viewing pleasure as well! Along with the new website, we are also now on Spotify, and have an app that will be out in the coming days. Follow Joseph on Twitter @LafaveJoseph, and look out for more great work from him on Newsrep.
Oct 10, 2018
Ep. 393 - Best of Navy SEALs
Our recent Best of Army Special Operations episode got a tremendous response, and because of that, I got a lot of you asking for a Best of Navy SEALs episode. Well here it is! In the history of this show we've had Navy SEALs of many different eras join us and tell us their story, so here are just a few favorites of mine from the past couple of years. Compiled for Episode 393 we have Brent Gleeson, Jack Carr, and Ryan Zinke making in studio appearances. Ryan Zinke's interview was especially cool because he was out with his co-author Scott McEwen promoting his memoir "American Commander." Just a couple of months following that book tour, Zinke became U.S. Secretary of the Interior. Also on this episode is a short clip of Frumentarius giving his take on the difficulty of BUDS VS the difficulty of actually serving as a SEAL. A lot of different perspectives on this one from several guys who wore the Trident. Be sure to check out our new website at
Oct 05, 2018
Ep. 392 - Cybersecurity & privacy
Our guest this episode is Justin Carroll, a former MARSOC operator with an impressive background in privacy and security operations with USSOCOM. In the modern age, cybersecurity and evaporating privacy are of huge concern for virtually everyone, and Justin gives us some expert analysis on what all people should be aware of, and what's coming down the pike. We talk about smartphones, social media, and even the future consequences of modern technology in the hands of a tyrannical government. Justin has written a great deal about these subjects, and his latest co-authored book titled "ComSec" is a must read. Justin also hosted on The Complete Privacy and Security Podcast, but tells us he's currently more focused on his latest venture, the Across the Peak Podcast. Beyond these pressing topics, you'll also get a look into Justin's time with MARSOC, and it's rare we get a guest on from the newest branch of special operations. We also respond to an email regarding China sent to, give our analysis on President Trump's recent comments of "falling in love" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and why we found them to be very disturbing. We also talk about the latest Medal of Honor Recipient Ron Shurer being in the fight for his life battling lung cancer.  Friends and family have set up a GoFundMe to help pay these costs for the Green Beret war hero, and we encourage you to give back. With that, we have just added a Facebook page for the podcast at Be on the lookout for a new website devoted to the show as well as a new app. GoFundMe for Ron @
Oct 03, 2018
Ep. 391 - Mike Lampe (CMSAF)
We are honored to be joined this episode by Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Mike Lampe, a man whom Jack Murphy describes as the grandfather of Air Force Special Operations. Mike’s military career began in the Army in 1968 during Vietnam, but not long after, he transferred to the Air Force where he spent the rest of his 30-years of decorated service. Mike has many accolades, awards, and served in many different capacities including his time as a Special Tactics Team Leader On this episode, we get into the first half of Mike’s military career, but we plan on extending an invitation to do a second part because there was too much history to cover in one episode. In the second half of Mike’s military career he crossed paths with another legend in the community and favorite of the podcast, Sergeant Major Mike Vining. We look forward to hearing all about that eventually. Mike is currently involved in helping with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. In addition to our featured interview, Jack Murphy reacts to a recent clip of Defense Secretary James Mattis giving a concise response regarding the concept of women in combat roles. Don’t miss this one!
Sep 28, 2018
Ep. 390 - Mark Giaconia, Green Beret
If you come to this podcast for war stories about operations that have never been heard before, you're in for an action packed listen on this one. Mark Giaconia is a former Green Beret with 20 years of service to his country. He has a new book out titled "One Green Beret" which focuses on his service from 1996-2011 in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq, serving alongside members of the Peshmerga as well as the Russian Spetsnaz. A focal point of the book is Mark serving in Operation Viking Hammer, an unconventional warfare operation with the mission of taking out Sunni Muslim insurgents known as the terrorist group Ansar al-Islam. He also speaks of the gruesome details of being exposed to suspected chemical weapons, having to take hair samples of dead terrorists, and gives a philosophical take on war from his own perspective. Mark has since made the transition from warfare to making a living in technology as the Senior Director of Radiant Solutions. He discusses how he started to make this transition while serving in the military. After you listen to this, be sure to pick up "One Green Beret" available now on Amazon. Also, follow Mark on Twitter and let him know what you thought of his appearance @GiaconiaMark. In addition to that, Jack Murphy discusses his latest article "Mattis: US Troops can remain in Syria to ensure stability." It is Jack's belief that Mattis is being pushed out for the more neo-conservative John Bolton. Listen to find out why Jack has made that inference. It's an episode with a lot of excitement and also reflection that you do not want to miss.
Sep 26, 2018
Ep. 389 - Mike "Bing" Crosby
Mike Crosby served as a Navy Commander, but his current fight is one of making veterans aware of prostate cancer. As a prostate cancer survivor, he saw some of the issues at the VA not taking the necessary steps in preventing this killer that is currently the #1 diagnosed cancer in the VA healthcare system. Veterans are in the high risk category for prostate cancer, and between screening, early detection, and alternatives to traditional surgery, there are a lot of components to fighting this cancer. Mike discusses with us the Veterans Choice Program and why it is something that veterans should absolutely be taking advantage of and enrolling in now. Mike currently is the founder & CEO of Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness.  Check out their website to learn more. Also on this episode we answer a listener email sent to regarding Indian special operations, and cover some of the latest news on Newsrep including an update on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 (this was the flight hit by a missile, not to be confused with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the disappearance that took place four months prior.) Jack also talks about a fake account that went by "Bagram Babe" on Twitter exposed to not be living in Bagram at all. Hear the full story on this episode.
Sep 21, 2018
Ep. 388 - Alex Hollings
We always enjoy bringing Alex Hollings on the show, and we constantly enter interesting territory. On this episode we get into some recent articles from the Marine Corps writer on Russian weapons technologies, the future of space exploration, and from there, we even get into some alien discussion. We also talk about the recent controversy of Elon Musk enjoying a marijuana laced blunt with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience, and the repercussions for this action. This leads to some talk on the recent bill to legalize marijuana in the state of New Jersey which could positively impact veterans, find out why. We of course also make sure to discuss Alex's book out now, "The Perception Wars," go pick it up. Also, we get a new voice memo courtesy of our friend Gene Farnsworth. He gives us his take on the recent episode with Sean Parnell. Jack and I get serious as well as we discuss the epidemic of combat veteran suicides. A lot to digest on Episode 388, and we hope it hits the spot for you. Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.
Sep 20, 2018
Ep. 387 - Sean Parnell
Many of you may know Sean Parnell from his first best-selling book, "Outlaw Platoon." That book details Sean's time in Afghanistan commanding the Army's 10th Mountain Division, and we get into some excellent stories about the brave men he served with as Sean joins us in studio for this hour. We talk about the disconnect between some of the leadership of the Army that is stationed in Bagram Air Base not seeing the level of combat as the boots on the ground experiencing the fight first hand. Sean has a new book out though, and it's actually a military thriller. It's called "Man of War," and it just hit shelves this week. We discuss the transition from fiction to nonfiction, and the inspiration behind the book's protagonist Eric Steele. "Man of War" has received high praise from the likes of Lee Child and more, we hope that you pick it up. Sean has also given back to the community with his charity American Warrior Initiative helping men and women who serve in combat with important transition tools like finding housing once they come back home. We enjoyed having him on, and only hit the surface, so hopefully there will be a return appearance in the near future.
Sep 14, 2018
Ep. 286 - 9/11 Memorial
Join us for this very special episode of SOFREP Radio as we pay tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11, as well as those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the years that have followed, fighting terror. Brandon Webb and I join New York City firefighter Tim Brown, who was present during the 9/11 attacks, as we tour the 9/11 Memorial Museum. This is a day of reflection for many of a day that impacted us all 17 years ago. I remember where I was on that day here in New York, and I’m sure that many of our listeners have stories as well. Hear the unique perspectives of a man who saw it all on that day and a man sent to war immediately after. You’ll hear about firefighters that Tim served with and what artifacts are on display. Additionally, you’ll hear reflections from family members of those who died on 9/11, which served as the inspiration for Brandon Webb’s “Among Heroes” audio book. One of those reflections you’ll hear is from a family friend of mine, the wife of Christopher Quackenbush, as she talks about how Chris would bring children out to Mets games. We hope this episode serves as a worthy dedication to these great folks. We urge you all to take a trip out and see the museum for yourselves.
Sep 11, 2018
Ep. 285 - Jackie Gray (Red Circle Foundation)
Jack Murphy is back in studio! He's been greatly missed by you guys in the audience, as well as myself. It got a little lonely without him, not gonna lie, but the Army Ranger, Green Beret, and editor in chief at Newsrep is back in the States. We get into the changes with the site, and we also get a recap of Jack's epic honeymoon and summer vacation. He visited Nepal with his wife and kid, followed by Italy, where Benni is still stuck in, you'll hear the story of why that is. He went hiking, and got to experience some new destinations that were on his bucket list for many years now. We discuss some hot topics including Colin Kaepernick being signed to Nike, as well as the New York Times op ed that some are calling treasonous, titled "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration." Our guest for this show is Jackie Gray. Jackie Gray is a former Army Medic who has more recently become the new Executive Director for Red Circle Foundation. We've discussed RCF on the show before, but it's been a while. So he fills us in on the great work that they are doing to help out members of the special operations community. Some of these guys have been severely injured in combat, and RCF is helping in a way that in some cases TRICARE can not. Be sure to donate to them, and help out these families. These guys Jackie talks about have sacrificed a lot for our country, and they are now in their time of need. Enjoy this episode guys, and with Jack back, feel free to shoot over your usual special operations related questions to
Sep 07, 2018
Ep. 384 - Best of Army Special Operations
It's hard to believe that we're already in September of this year, but as a I reflect on 2018 thus far, we've had some incredible guests on this podcast. When it comes to spec ops guys in the Army, we've had a wide array. So on this episode, I spotlight several of those guys from previous episodes in 2018. We start off with Nate Boyer. Nate's name is back in the news heavily with the recent signing of Colin Kaepernick to Nike, so we revisit Nate's open letter to Colin, followed by an in-person meeting which led to the now infamous kneeling during the National Anthem. Next is Todd Opalski, as he reflects on serving in both Marine Force Reconnaissance as well as Army Special Forces. That's followed by Special Missions Unit operator Rob Trivino on joining the Army and his time as an Army Ranger. Then is an excerpt from Delta Force operator Pat McNamara's first appearance on the show, with a great HALO jump story. We wrap up this special with our very own George Hand, another former Delta operator, getting into his origin story with us. Let me know how you liked this episode on Twitter or Instagram @SOFREPRadio or by email at, and maybe next special will be Navy SEALs.
Sep 05, 2018
Ep. 383 - Alex Hollings
Always a wide array of topics when former Marine and writer Alex Hollings joins the show, and you won't be disappointed by Episode 383. On here we discuss information operations, into how propaganda and urban legend can become cited as fact. We get into Europe, Asia, and The U.S. at length, as well as conflict in the Middle East. We hit on Russia's involvement in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, and their larger objective to create distrust among people in the U.S. with their own government. We then ask the question, in this day and age, can the average American truly one day become the President? Alex is in the process of releasing a book that dives into information operations more in-depth, it will be out September 10th, is self-published, and is titled "The Perception Wars." Alex also now has his own website with all of his work and everywhere else you can find him at  Be sure to check it out, and if you've been enjoying our shows, leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts. It take less than a minute, helps our ranking, and keeps us going strong.
Aug 31, 2018
Ep. 382 - Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan is back on SOFREP Radio, and earlier this month he released a new science fiction book titled, "The First Marauder." It will be the first in a trilogy from the former Army Ranger. If you're a fan of shows like "The Walking Dead," or books and movies like "World War Z," it fits in with that same end of the world genre, but with Luke's personal take drawing from his own real life experiences that you'll hear him discuss on here. Luke has a love for creating new fictional universes and characters within that universe, and he hopes that you give "The First Marauder" a read. On this episode we discuss much more though, including our reflections on the death of Senator John McCain. We get an update on the war in Afghanistan from Luke. Also, Luke goes in-depth with what is now happening in Myanmar/Burma, and the most recent condemnations from the U.N. I read an email sent to, and also give you a quick update on the future home of SOFREP Radio. Don't miss this one!
Aug 29, 2018
Ep. 381 - Kurt Troter
Kurt Troter served as a Marine, and later went on to volunteer fighting with the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. He's a favorite of the show, and today I get him on to discuss two of his most recent articles. "The Crumbling Skeleton of the Islamic State rattles on for now" gets into the dwindling cash flow of ISIS after losing oil fields they controlled, and losing significant numbers particularly in Afghanistan and Libya. There are however still 20-30 thousand members in Iraq and Syria, along with reserves estimated in the low hundreds of millions in cash, so the fight is not over. "Turkish State run media leaks classified information on US military bases in Syria" discusses continued strained relations between the U.S. and Turkey, and Turkey's attempts to sabotage U.S. forces. As usual with Kurt Troter, we do get into some other fun topics as well. We also read a great and complimentary email sent to, keep the questions and comments there coming.
Aug 24, 2018
Ep. 380 - Ernest Emerson
Three-Hundred and Eighty episodes deep? It's hard to believe myself! As always, I greatly appreciate you guys, the listeners, loyally checking out what we're up to week after week. Well, this is a good one, as promised, both Jim West and Ernie Emerson join me for an epic discussion. Both of these gentlemen, Ernest Emerson (the founder and CEO of Emerson Knives) and Army Green Beret and favorite of the show, Jim West, have an extensive background in martial arts dating back to the 1960's. They're also one year apart in age, so as you'll hear, there's a lot of overlap in their backgrounds. We dig into their introductions to fighting, through publications like Black Belt Magazine, and studying the greats like Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis. From there we also discuss knife fighting. Both guys are very candid and call out some of the bullshit in the industry. You don't want to miss this one. Emerson is currently doing his own podcast which we you hope you check out, simply titled The Ernest Emerson Podcast. Emerson Knives always has some excellent product, some of which has been featured in our premium tier Crate Club, and you can check them out at Jim's personal site is Enjoy, and we ask that you follow us to keep up with the latest through our feeds on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio. Ian is on Twitter @IanScotto. Also, be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.
Aug 22, 2018
Ep. 379 - L. Christian Bussler (USMC)
Every job in the military has it's negatives, but even with the high risk involved, many civilians look back on their lives wishing they'd served their country in some capacity. They often glamorize titles like Sniper or Medic, but I don't think anyone would envy the title of Mortuary Affairs Marine. However, that is the job that was given to L. Christian Bussler, and many of the horrors serving in that position followed him after his military career, leading him to drink, and desiring a permanent end to his life. Needing a therapeutic outlet, at the advice of an older combat veteran, Chris started writing, eventually leading to his self-published memoir last year, "No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor." The book documents Chris being raised in a military household, pursuing a career in the Marines, and the unexpected turn of events when the country went to war during his service. A lot of tragedy endures as you could imagine, but as you hear him speak about in this interview, through the honor he had for the job, he finds a way to pay tribute to fellow service members that has continued to live on. A portion of the proceeds for the book and audio book go to benefit great charities like EOD Warrior Foundation, Semper Fi Fund, and WWIA.
Aug 17, 2018
Ep. 378 - Royce Gracie
It would be a fair statement that there is no name more synonymous with mixed martial arts than Royce Gracie, and no family with the impact on the sport than the Gracie family. The Gracie family created Brazilian jiu-jitsu, were integral in starting the competition among different forms of self-defense now known as mixed martial arts, and Royce fought in all of the early major UFC events. The Gracie's continues to introduce fighters to the sport, now including a 4th generation member of the family, Neiman Gracie who is fighting in Bellator. Well, who better to conduct this interview with me than fan favorite Jim West? We get into Royce's thoughts on watching the sport evolve, and it's deep history including a challenge to Royce from kickboxer Benny "The Jet" Urquidez that never went down. We also hear about Royce's attendance at SHOT Show in recent years with the company Pack'n Heat Products. Gracie currently does a lot of events which you can keep up to date with at In addition to that we discuss the re-brand of SOFREP over to NEWSREP. Jim is working on a new book, and also still selling his signature weapons over at his website American Extension Fighting. These weapons include The Talon, and on that note, we have a great video up on Instagram of Jim demonstrating what it can do. We hope that you enjoy, and as always please leave a review at Apple Podcasts. We want to continue to raise our visibility and bring on A-list guests like Royce Gracie along with our kick ass staff of writers at NEWSREP.
Aug 15, 2018
Ep. 377 - Mastering Fear
CEO of Hurricane Group Brandon Webb has been long overdue for an appearance on the show. Now that's he's wrapped up The Power of Thought podcast, and is out promoting "Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL's Guide," his latest book which came out this week, I was able to get some time out of him for us. We start off the show addressing a recent controversy with Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf, and why Webb declined an invitation on his podcast. We then talk the oncoming name change of to NEWSREP, the reasoning behind it, and how it will impact SOFREP Radio. From there, we get into "Mastering Fear." You'll even hear a great excerpt from the book. "Mastering Fear" includes some excellent stories from interviews Brandon's conducted and stories of colleagues. Included in these stories are Kamal Ravikant, C.J. Ramone, James Powell, and Captain Jerry Yellin. If you are looking to conquer a challenge in your life and crush new goals, you need to pick up this latest work.
Aug 10, 2018
Ep. 376 - CJ Woodruff
CJ Woodruff is best known as a fitness content creator, and he has some impressive credentials at that. Between creating The Fitness Trainer Academy, being a personal trainer himself, competing as a bodybuilder, and most recently becoming a spokesman for supplement company Primeval Labs, he knows the industry well. Prior to that however, he served as a Marine in combat, and it was there that he discovered fitness as an outlet which kept him in a positive mind frame. He discusses all of this with me, as well as topics like which muscle building supplements are effective, and some more personal issues like his divorce and custody battle, and how this is rampant in the veteran community. Beyond fitness content however, he has a veteran podcast that is putting out some killer work. CJ along with G (G, best known for creating the popular veteran run apparel brand Zero Foxtrot,) host Zero Bunker. The guys have had some stellar guests on including our own John Stryker Meyer. Be sure to subscribe to CJ's own Youtube channel, and you can find all of his social media on his website, I also give an update on SOFREP's transition over to NEWSREP, and how it will effect the podcast, so don't miss it.
Aug 08, 2018
Ep. 375 - Metal Talk with Shawn the Butcher & Pat McNamara
The last time Pat McNamara was on the show, he gave the most passionate review of his experience seeing Judas Priest play NYCB Live/Nassau Coliseum. Ever since than, I knew we had to get the former Army operator and current shooting instructor back on to talk metal a little more in-depth. Well, who better to bring on for that discussion than my friend Shawn the Butcher? Shawn's the voice of Ozzy's Boneyard, and a host on Liquid Metal, both on Sirius XM Radio. I got him to walk over from their studios to Hurricane Group's headquarters, and have a really fun discussion that we hope you'll be entertained by. We get into topics like the recent death of legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, our favorite concerts, and some of the reasons why Metallica continues to reign supreme after over 35 years in the music business. So, this is a break from our usual special operations and foreign policy discussion, but if you're a metalhead, you'll dig it! I know a lot of operators can attest to metal being the soundtrack for war. Be sure to listen to Shawn over at Sirius XM, follow him on all platforms @ShawnTheButcher, and check out his site, Hails From the Crypt. As for Pat, he's always staying busy. You can visit him over at, and sign up for shooting instruction from the best in the business. Pat's also very active on Instagram @TMacsInc. So crank it up, and rock out!
Aug 03, 2018
Ep. 374 - Inside the Team Room: Intel preview
If you heard the last episode with Sam Faddis, than you know we've started rolling out the Intelligence field edition of Inside the Team Room on The Spec Ops Channel. Sam's featured on that along with several other of our other authors who have worked in intel. Well, just because I'm such a nice guy, I'm going to give you all a preview of some of that great audio. This is just a few minutes of the hours of footage that members can see. Some truly great discussions you won't get anywhere else with these veterans of the field. On this preview you'll hear about the obstacles of living a compartmentalized lifestyle, and habits from working in intelligence that become hard to break. After you check this out, take advantage of a limited time offer to join The Spec Ops Channel for only $4.99 a month. Along with these great Inside the Team Rooms such as our Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Special Forces series, you'll also get content you won't find anywhere else like our premiere show Training Cell.
Aug 01, 2018
Ep. 373 - Sam Faddis (CIA)
Charles "Sam" Faddis is a former CIA operations officer and national security commentator with extensive experience on the ground in the Near East and South Asia. He's also one of the guys you'll see on the intelligence edition of Inside the Team Room which we're currently rolling out in segments on The Spec Ops Channel. Since Sam has written for the site, but hasn't been on the podcast, I figured no better time than now to have him on. On this episode we get into some of the recent diplomatic relations happening with the U.S. and hostile nations. Sam's analysis of President Trump's strategies in dealing with Russia and North Korea are very insightful. It's also interesting hearing Sam discuss these topics with the background he has, and how he certainly doesn't echo a lot of the talking heads and so-called "experts" you'll see on TV. Sam is also starting work on a book about where the U.S. stands in a post-9/11 world in preventing homeland terrorism. We get into that topic, and you'll hear why he's very cynical about our current homeland security strategies.  Sam has both authored and co-authored several books including "Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA," and his next book which is finished and will be out soon deals with the invasion of Iraq. Visit him at and follow him on Twitter @RealSamFaddis, let him know how you liked his interview. In addition, we hope you check him out along with some other great SOFREP personalities on the Inside the Team Room available on The Spec Ops Channel. If you're not already a member, we encourage you to become one. It's up now, and if you're enjoying the series, let us know. I also check your emails being sent to on this episode; and as always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio.
Jul 27, 2018
Ep. 372 - Revisiting Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370
Back in March of 2014, Sean Spoonts wrote an excellent article for SOFREP that gained a great deal of traction titled, "Alright, Goodnight - Does Malaysia Want to Know What Happened to Flight MH-370?" As some of you may remember, a great deal of conspiracy theory immediately surrounded what happened to that infamous flight, and it has not gone away due to the lack of any sufficient evidence that we can draw much of a conclusion from. For example, Fox News contributor and former Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, who has a history of making outrageous claims, spoke of the plane likely landing in Pakistan with nothing to back up that assertion. The great mystery of where this plane was, sparked the idea for Sean to get together with two experts and refute some of the speculation out there using facts. To this day, the piece holds up. Fast forward to now, the Malaysian government plans to release a new report on the flight this coming Monday. With good reason, Sean is skeptical. So, since Sean was in town to work on some upcoming promotion for Brandon Webb's next book "Mastering Fear," I got him in studio to lay out all of the facts. For those unfamiliar, Sean's been a friend of the site since it's very inception, and his military background is with the Navy as an anti-submarine warfare operator and search and rescue Aircrewman. Sean and I also talk some current events, which includes the disgraceful destruction of a memorial to fallen Navy SEAL Michael Murphy on Long Island, New York. SOFREP is holding a raffle to benefit the Lt Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation due to this. We hope that you partake, and in the process possibly win some kick ass gear from Crate Club.
Jul 25, 2018
Ep. 371 - Scott McEwen
In this current age of political correctness, there are not a lot of novels out there for young adults with pro-American and pro-military values. As a patriot, Scott McEwen decided to fill this niche in releasing his latest book "Camp Valor" with Hof Williams. McEwen, best known for co-writing the best-selling memoir turned Hollywood blockbuster "American Sniper," has been releasing a lot of work as of late.  This includes the "Sniper Elite" books and co-authoring Ryan Zinke's memoir "American Commander," which he last joined us on Episode 226 to discuss with Zinke, shortly prior to Zinke becoming Secretary of the Interior. Scott joins us in studio again, and we talk about the shift in American values and political correctness, as well as his close relationship to Ryan Zinke, and his memories with Chris Kyle. In addition to that, we continue with what we are now calling out "Woketard of the Week" segment. Also, Jack Murphy is taking a long vacation to Europe, so we say bye for now. I'll be here though, and we plan on bringing you plenty of great guests until Murph is back in September.
Jul 20, 2018
Ep. 370 - Jack Carr, Navy SEAL
We always keep a versatile list of spec ops guests, but we actually haven't had a Navy SEAL on the program in quite a few months. So it was a treat to have Jack Carr join us in studio. We actually shot this full episode for Youtube as well, in the new studio, and hope to do this on a regular basis. So please subscribe to the SOFREP channel on there for much more content to come. While there are quite a few Navy SEALs out there authoring memoirs (many of whom are friends of the show,) Carr is taking a different path. "The Terminal List" is his first thriller novel and it's received the praise of everyone from Brad Thor to Chuck Norris. We discuss the inspiration behind the book, and fulfilling a childhood dream to write. Carr also has an incredible resume serving 20 years in the Navy on multiple SEAL Teams, as well as serving in Special Boat Team Twelve near the end of his military career. We get some great BUD/S stories out of Jack in this episode. So crank it up and enjoy! Be sure to pick up the book, and visit the website at That links to all of his social media, so hit him up and let him know how you liked the episode.
Jul 18, 2018
Ep. 369 - Nate Boyer, Green Beret
Nate Boyer is a combat veteran and a patriot who bravely served with 1st Special Forces Group, 10th Special Forces Group, and 3rd Special Forces Group in Iraq and Afghanistan. Beyond that though, he's also a man of great compassion, and you'll hear that emphasized throughout this in-depth discussion. These traits of patriotism, bravery, and compassion, along with a short stint in the NFL, are why it made sense for him to meet with former NFL star Colin Kaepernick in the midst of a great deal of anger throughout the country. After penning an open letter for Army Times to the quarterback who made it a point to sit during the National Anthem, Kaepernick asked to meet with Boyer, and you may be surprised at some of the understanding that took place among these two men of very different backgrounds and core principles. Kaepernick kneeling from there on as opposed to sitting was actually the result of that face to face discussion. This was a very intriguing conversation about how we view the world through very different lenses based on our own origin. We also discussed Nate's military background of course. Nate now does a lot of charity work with the organization he co-founded, MVP (Merging Vets & Players.) Let him know what you thought of the show, his website is, and he's on Twitter & Instagram @NateBoyer37. We went over two hours for this one, and really appreciate him taking the time. If you liked it, also be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts.
Jul 13, 2018
Ep. 368 - Luke Ryan, Army Ranger
SOFREP writer and editor Luke Ryan makes his second appearance on the podcast as we dive into some very important topics. Luke's been speaking with former employee of Veterans Affairs and a veteran himself, Dan Martin, who's been strong-armed to stop talking after working to expose VA corruption. Luke has been writing about this, and we discuss getting to the bottom of the many issues veterans have experienced with their care. Is it the fault of the leadership at the top, or a culture of corruption at the VA as a whole? We get Luke's take. Next we discuss the future of the war in Afghanistan. Luke has seen a lot of articles asking the same question of why we're still there, but very few solutions. So we go more in-depth of what we can infer may happen in the coming years. I also Throat Punch a CNN contributor, and check our emails being sent to If you've been enjoying recent podcasts, please, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. We read them all, we love the feedback, and we work hard to get more listeners every show with the versatile guests we bring on.
Jul 11, 2018
Ep. 367 - Kurt Troter
SOFREP writer Kurt Troter is truly an all-around great dude, and we had a lot of fun recording this episode. For the uninitiated, Kurt's a former Marine who spent some time in Kurdistan volunteering with the Peshmerga. This show, we hear what Kurt's been covering on the site, and talk Turkey (no pun intended) and Iraq. We discuss the Philippines, and their president Rodrigo Duterte in particular, as well. Topics we get into from there include networking as a fighter or a journalist in foreign countries versus the U.S. We then  get into some domestic stuff like our government's out of touch understanding of current technology, and the vocal minority of veterans opposed to shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July. We wrap up the show with Jack's daughter, giving us a review of "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," and introduce a new listener suggested segment that may or may not become a mainstay called "#SoWoke." Enjoy, and as always leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. Email the show at with any comments or questions, and keep them concise! Last, may I shamelessly plug that I penned my first ever full-length article for the site? It's titled "The mind-muscle connection (unplugging and escaping through exercise)." It's getting some great feedback thus far which excites me, and I hope you give it a read.
Jul 06, 2018
Ep. 366 - Brad Thor
There is no disputing that the top dog of the military thriller genre today is Brad Thor, and it's an honor to have him back on the show. Brad comes by to not only celebrate American independence with us, but also the amazing feat of releasing his 18th book, and the latest of the Scot Harvath series, "Spymaster." We ask how he's manages to keep readers entertained pumping out a new book every single year that always lands at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. As Thor puts it, his boss is not the publisher, but the readers themselves, and he takes their feedback very seriously with each new release.  "Spymaster" is heavily influenced by the current extreme tension between the U.S. and Russia, and Russia's invasion of Crimea. As we discuss this, we dive into some other hot topics such as the attempted democratization of other nations by the U.S., mainstream media fear-mongering, entitlement benefits in the U.S. versus European countries, and of course Thor's open criticism of President Donald Trump from a conservative standpoint. I ask Thor about his supposed campaign to unseat Trump in 2020, and if he was for real when he announced it...find out what he says. We also get into the origin of the hilarious photo of Governor Chris Christie reading Thor's last book "Use of Force" on the beach with his family when he shut the state's beaches down to the mere peasants of New Jersey. If you're listening to July 4th, as Brad Thor states, being the son of a Marine, he understands the sacrifice of our military, and this day is very special to him. We hope you are enjoying it as well wherever you are, as you check out this in-depth interview with one of the greats.
Jul 04, 2018
Ep. 365 - Todd Opalski (Marine Force Recon)
Doing this show, we meet some guys with incredibly interesting backgrounds. Todd Opalski's history is particularly unique though, making the transition from serving in the Marine Corps as an Officer, a Marine Scout Sniper, and a part of Force Reconnaissance, to then going into the Army and being an Assault Commander in the Special Missions Unit. Prior to that, Todd was also a natural bodybuilder. After leaving the military, Todd transitioned to the tech world in Silicon Valley. So, you may wonder, where does one go from there? Todd has a pretty awesome plan for 2019 to open Camp Zen Commando in Costa Rica. Zen Commando plans on instructing people in a wide array of skills from self-defense to yoga. Todd's even looking for some people to help him on this journey which he gets into with us. Enjoy this great in-studio interview, and be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts when you're done with it.
Jun 30, 2018
Ep. 364 - Craig Grossi, author of "Craig & Fred"
While doing intelligence work for the Marine Corps in Afghanistan during 2010, Craig Grossi came across a dog that changed his life. They sparked an immediate connection when Craig fed the dog and the dog wagged his tail in response. Deciding to keep him while he continued his service, and eventually giving him a new home in America, it's safe to say Craig also changed that dog's life. The story is the catalyst for the critically acclaimed book "Craig & Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other." Craig joins me this episode to go into detail on rescuing Fred, and the philosophy of "stubborn positivity" as Grossi puts it, that Fred taught him. We also get into the subjects of Guantanamo Bay (where Craig spent his first four years in the Corps working as a prison guard), and why veterans should be encouraged to write and share what they've gone through, good or bad. Grossi has such a feel good story in a world where there's a lot of bad news out there, and I'm happy to have him on to tell our audience all about it. If you're a dog lover, you'll be moved. If you have a child in your life that loves dogs and the military, there's also a young readers' edition available. Tell us what you think on our Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio, or shoot us an email at You can follow Craig & Fred as well @FredTheAfghan. Be sure to also leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.
Jun 27, 2018
Ep. 363 - Exposing the #WokeVets of Task & Purpose
SOFREP Radio is normally a spotlight interview show highlighting some amazing things happening with individuals in the veteran community, and telling their stories. This show however, is not that. There's been a surge of left wing activists in the veteran populace, many of whom attended Jack's alma mater Columbia University, and many of which also write for Task & Purpose. These #WokeVets or social justice warriors as we'll refer to them as, have attacked Jack Murphy and SOFREP in the past, and Jack decided to give a well researched exposé response in the form of this podcast.  Some of the major issues tackled here are Task & Purpose CEO Zach Iscol's ties to the Clinton family, which explains their glowing coverage of Hillary. We also get into comments made in a leaked private chat log by Alexander McCoy and other writers from Task & Purpose. As Jack puts it this episode, he is by no means the PC police, nor is he politically correct, but if you're going to posture as being such, you'd better be consistent. Strap in for this one!
Jun 22, 2018
Ep. 362 - Rob Trivino
Rob Trivino has had a highly decorated military career from serving in the Special Missions Unit under the Army's Special Operations Command, serving in the Army's 18th Airborne Corps, as well as the 75th Ranger Regiment. We're honored to have him join us, and hear him open up about his history including being there at the inception of the war in Afghanistan. We also get into Rob's experience with General Stanley McChrystal while serving, who he could not speak more highly of. He details all of this in his book "A Warrior's Path: Lessons in Leadership." It's a great read, we suggest you pick it up. Currently, Rob is the founder and head instructor of Evergreen Mountain, LLC. Evergreen Mountain offers tactical classes of many varieties which you can see on their website at If you are in the New Mexico or Colorado Springs area and want to learn from one of the best, check them out. Also on Episode 362 we check our email, keep those coming to Plus, we react to the announcement of an upcoming Space Force. Not much is known yet, but the response has been interesting.
Jun 20, 2018
Ep. 361 - Old Man Fitness
Alex Hollings's "Old Man Fitness" column here on SOFREP has truly gained a sizable following, and we often get asked when he'll be back on with us to discuss, and so we delivered. We talk personal fitness goals, but as usual with Alex, we dive into a whole lot more. We talk about a breaking controversial story of Australian SASR soldiers flying a Swastika flag. That gets us into another recent story of a National Guard officer stealing an armored personnel carrier, driving it off base, and leading police on a two-hour chase. We talk about disaster preparedness, and in particular how urban environments would respond VS rural areas. We react to Trump saluting a North Korean general (a huge topic of conversation as this week ends.) Plus, we also get into some social justice warrior talk. Needless to say, a lot is covered, and we had a lot of fun on this two-hour hang. We hope you enjoy.
Jun 15, 2018
Ep. 360 - Jack Devine/Dr. Leonard Wong
Watching The President of the United States shake the hand of North Korea's dictator early this week was truly a sight to see.  I believe it is something that will be remembered for decades to come regardless of where things progress from here. For over three decades serving in the CIA, Jack Devine held the prestigious positions of both Acting Director and Associate Director of operations outside the U.S. He's been on with us twice before, is a wealth of knowledge, and I really couldn't think of anyone better to react to this major world event. Devine also wrote further on the subject which you can read in his Spring/Summer Intelligence Report for his LLC, The Arkin Group. Also joining us is Dr. Leonard Wong. You may remember "Lenny" from Episode 327 on with us discussing a culture of lying in the military due in part to a great deal of monotonous paperwork and courses required for soldiers. Well, in some positive news, the military has taken steps to reduce this, and we feel it is in great part due to the study he co-authored, "Lying to Ourselves: Dishonesty in the Army Profession." We follow up with him to discuss. Last, you'll hear about some new material we shot over the weekend for the latest "Inside the Team Room" series. That will be up on The Spec Ops Channel, which you can subscribe to now for only $4.99 a month if you're not already a Team Room member. Some really awesome content is on the horizon!
Jun 13, 2018
Ep. 359 - Andy Grant, UK Royal Marine
Andy Grant served as a Royal Marine for the U.K., something that he had always dreamed of. The dream however became a nightmare when he received a life changing injury at the hands of The Taliban in Afghanistan to his right leg that he electively amputated because of it's severity. This is his story which he documents in his new book release "You'll Never Walk." The title may seem obvious, but it's actually a reference to his "You'll Never Walk Alone" tattoo (paying homage to the song that became the battle cry of The Liverpool Football Club) ironically losing the last word of the phrase during his amputation surgery. As you'll hear, he laughs about it now, but it took a great deal of willpower to carry on and inspire others the way that he has. Running became therapeutic for him with the ultimate goal of becoming a record holder. He now is, holding the record for the fastest 10K with one leg. We hope that you pick up the book, and you can follow Andy on Twitter and Instagram @AndyGBootneck.  Let him know what you thought of the interview!
Jun 08, 2018
Ep. 358 - Matthew Betley, USMC vet & author
Matthew Betley served ten years in the Marine Corps as an officer, and is now fulfilling his dream and what he describes as his life's purpose as a military thriller writer. He's now three books into the Logan West series, the latest of which is "Field of Valor." He hopes to see the Logan West series receive similar critical acclaim to Brad Thor's Scot Harvath series as he keeps putting out quality books each year. You'll hear how the character of West is inspired by some of Betley's own life, and what inspired Betley to pick up a pen in the first place. Matthew also talks about his own personal battle with alcohol addiction, and the joy of now living life sober and as a family man. Matthew will also be on the road the rest of this month signing books and meeting readers, so check out those dates at Get the latest book autographed, and be sure to tell Matthew what you thought of the interview! Also on the episode we have an in-depth discussion on the Satmar sect of Hasidic Jews protesting Israel this past weekend in New York City, which leads to a talk about religious cults. We later have a conversation about the size and scope of government, and political ideology. To top it off, we answer your emails sent to, and give a Throat Punch for the week.
Jun 06, 2018
Ep. 357 - Brad Thor, A.J. Tata, Anderson Harp
2017-2018 thus far has marked some excellent in-studio appearances on SOFREP Radio by some of America's best known military thriller writers. So we figured we'd spotlight some of these on this special episode. Clips on here include: - Brad Thor telling us the inspiration behind Scot Harvath, the protagonist of his novels. Also, his origin story and what drove him to become a writer - A.J. Tata getting into the creation of Jake Mahegan, the protagonist of his own series. - Anderson Harp on North Korean leadership from Kim Jong-il to Kim Jong-un, and a tragic story from 9/11 All of these episodes are available in their entirety at - we hope you enjoy these highlights. As always, send us your emails to, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio.
Jun 01, 2018
Ep. 356 - Daniel Ford
In 1964, journalist and Army veteran Daniel Ford embedded himself with the Green Berets in Vietnam, and in the process met some remarkable men. One of the men who stood out was military interpreter Philippe Drouin, best known as “Cowboy,” who was the inspiration for Daniel’s latest book. We discuss Ford’s experience with Cowboy, the story of Cowboy’s life, the influence of John Wayne to his persona, and his untimely death. “Cowboy: The Interpreter Who Became a Solider, a Warlord, and One More Casualty of Our War in Vietnam” came out last month and is available now. Daniel has written dozens of other great books documenting conflicts all over the globe, and you can check out all of his work at Also on this episode: we get a listener reaction from Israel sent to in regards to our show with Dan Gordon. We react to top North Korean official Kim Yong-chol coming to New York, which was going on right as we recorded. Of course, we also recap Memorial Day and the first ever Verses and Curses tour stop here in New York City at the unofficial flagship bar of ours, Emmett O’Lunney’s.
May 30, 2018
Ep. 355 - Leo Jenkins
There's a lot of laughs to be had this episode, and that's likely because we're joined by the often times hilarious Leo Jenkins. From serving as an Army Ranger medic, participating and sometimes competing in a wide array of athletics, and travelling around the country and even internationally in a van, to say Leo Jenkins stays active would be a massive understatement. His latest undertaking though is the Verses and Curses Tour where he'll be joined by two other combat vets, touring the country and reading poetry. This all starts Memorial Day at Emmett O'Lunney's in Midtown Manhattan and continues throughout the East Coast, and you can see those stops over at Leo's latest book is in fact his own works of poetry called "With a Pen" which you'll hear all about. Leo also gets into earning his "blood wings" in Airborne School, and his new life as a father.  On this episode you'll also hear about Lt. Gen. Austin "Scott" Miller being named the next commander for our forces in Afghanistan, as well as the news of President Trump pulling out of meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Once again, if you're on the East Coast, go out an support the boys on the Verses And Curses Tour. I'll be at the New York stop hanging with the guys including Jack Murphy and Jim West who plan to read. We hope to see you there!
May 25, 2018
Ep. 354 - Dan Gordon
Dan Gordon is no doubt a favorite guest on the show. We receive a great response every time he joins us, but it's been 2 years since he was last on the podcast. An appearance from the IDF Captain and Hollywood screenwriter was long overdue, but most especially because he's still active in working with the IDF, and just got back from Gaza. Dan was there in the thick of the action, and gives us a very detailed report of what actually went down, and what he views as a great deal of horribly inaccurate and one-sided media reporting. He gets into names and backgrounds of terrorists killed who attacked Israel on the day of the Embassy moving to Jerusalem, as well as the controversy of a baby killed amid the protests. There's also some levity though, as Dan tells us a hilarious story of a violent confrontation with Clint Eastwood during the filming of Dan's movie "Passenger 57." As some of you already know, Dan wrote a great two-book fiction series based upon terrorist attacks utilizing tunnels called "Day of the Dead," and he more recently partnered with Sam Sorbo (the wife of "Hercules" actor Kevin Sorbo) on a project. "Let There Be Light" is both a film and book that they worked together on about one man's journey to faith, some of which is based loosely around Dan's life which he gets into with us. Be sure to check those out. Also on this episode we react to Tim Kennedy's recent comments on The Joe Rogan Experience about Army recruitment, and Special Forces recruitment in particular, being drastically low. You'll also hear Jack's enthusiasm (being sarcastic here folks) to the prestigious Royal Wedding. All that and more on SOFREP Radio Episode 354.
May 23, 2018
Ep. 353 - Eeben Barlow
You'd be hard pressed to find someone more well versed on African national security than Eeben Barlow. We've covered Barlow's history on this site for years, and now for the first time get the chance to speak with him on this two-hour episode. As a former South African Defense Force Lieutenant-Colonel, co-founder of private military company Executive Outcomes, and an expert author, Barlow has been there and done that. On this show with Barlow we cover the history of foreign intervention in the region, accusations of racism regarding the men who fought for South Africa, and why African sources need to be better trusted to deal with their own national security than foreign governments from Eeben's perspective.  This leads us to to more recent failures of U.S. involvement in the region like the Benghazi attack, and the Niger ambush. Barlow has written several books, some of which are now out of print, but we're excited to hear that "Executive Outcomes: Against All Odds" has just been re-printed as a revised edition. This new edition of "Executive Outcomes" along with "Composite Warfare: The Conduct of Successful Ground Force Operations in Africa" are currently available through Bush War Books who ships internationally, and these are definitely suggested reading by Jack Murphy. Along with this discussion, we read your emails sent to Keep those coming, as well as those much appreciated five star written reviews on Apple Podcasts. Let us know what you think of this episode on our Twitter @SOFREPRadio. We'd love to have Eeben back, because even at this length we've just scratched the surface.
May 18, 2018
Ep. 352 - Ernest Emerson
Emerson Knives is a brand that's trusted by everyone from Navy SEALs to NASA astronauts, and that's why you've seen their products in the Crate Club and receiving rave reviews on The Loadout Room. The story of how the company's founder Ernest Emerson got into crafting these knives is fascinating, and you won't want to miss it. Ernie is also a skilled martial artist, and was there when mixed martial arts first got it's start in America. You'll hear all about this along with some emotional stories of Emerson knives being a literal lifesaver in dire situations. Also on Episode 252 we report on the situation on the ground in Israel with the announcement of the U.S. embassy being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jack also discusses the recent DOD video recreating what went wrong in the Niger ambush of our Special Forces. We discuss Benghazi and Extortion 17 from there. We love reading your emails, and check out what's being sent to, and a listener inspires a Throat Punch of the Week.
May 16, 2018
Ep. 351 - Can ecstasy cure PTSD?
The title of this episode may have some of you puzzled, wondering if we've gone off the deep end. However, there is some surprising research being done using MDMA (ecstasy) therapy on combat veterans, and it's in the early stages of proving to be very effective. Pulitzer prize winning writer on veterans affairs David Philipps recently put out a piece titled "Ecstasy as a Remedy for PTSD? You Probably Have Some Questions" for The New York Times. Dave joins us to get into the findings of studies being done, who is funding them, and where he sees this going. I can promise you'll learn something new after listening. We also tackle the crucial foreign policy news of the past week. This includes the freeing of three American detainees being held in North Korea, and them meeting with President Trump, as well as the crushing of the Iran nuclear deal. We also discuss the strong possibility of Gina Haspel becoming the first female CIA director, and the strong praise she's received from the likes of Jack Devine, a SOFREP Radio favorite, in his piece for NBC News.  That piece is titled "Gina Haspel says CIA won't restart its torture program. Congress should believe - and confirm - her."
May 11, 2018
Ep. 350 - John Robb
John Robb is a former Air Force Special Operations pilot and author. What many know him best for though, is his expertise on technological trends. We go very in-depth this interview regarding social media's impact on major world events since it's existence, especially in recent years. These events include things like the Arab Spring, the #MeToo movement, and of course the election of President Donald Trump. We also talk about the real world impact from technological innovations like facial recognition and data collecting. John is a fascinating guy, and you'll want to read his work if you haven't already. The site John pens is called Global Guerrillas, and you can follow him on Twitter @JohnRobb. As always, let us know what you think of the interview by writing us a review on Apple Podcasts, or shooting us an email at Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio for all of the latest with the show.
May 09, 2018
Ep. 349 - John Stryker Meyer
John Stryker Meyer was most recently on with us back in July of last year, and he has since put out another new book titled "SOG Chronicles: Volume One." The book details the story of him and the Special Forces teammates of his who served as MACV-SOG in Vietnam. As John says, he hopes to keep writing more of these books, and this first one in the series is getting a tremendous response. John also continues to fight for the often times forgotten issue of POWs from his era, and the lack of action on this matter in recent decades has been frankly embarrassing.  Jack Murphy and I also get into some other topics. These include feminism, gender, "toxic masculinity," and the effects of technological advancement on the entertainment industry. I also share a bizarre dream I had, most likely sparked by the latest interview with Paul Scharre on the podcast. Pick up John's book, and also be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.
May 04, 2018
Ep. 348 - The Future of War
Paul Scharre served in combat beside Jack Murphy in the Army's 3rd Ranger Battalion, and he has just put out a truly thought provoking book that will leave you questioning how far the capability of weaponized machines will go in years to come. It's titled "Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War," and it's available now. We dive into questions that include, will there be a future where machines make decisions of war and are unmanned entirely? We give some examples from the past when computers got it wrong, and you won't want to miss this fascinating discussion. Paul currently works as the senior fellow and director of the technology and national security program at the Center for a New American Security. He also recently co-authored a piece about the dangers of brain injury for soldiers in combat, and steps that should be taken to effectively curb this problem with major implications. Be sure to visit Paul at and follow him on Twitter @Paul_Scharre. Let him know your thoughts on the interview. As always, also be sure to leave us a review over at Apple Podcasts. We read all the feedback and your reviews on there allow us to keep putting out shows for you twice every week with the guests you want to hear.
May 02, 2018
Ep. 347 - news stories this week
Switching it up this episode, Jack Murphy along with myself (Ian Scotto) took a dive into some news stories of the week, and livestreamed this one with you the fans, answering any questions on your mind.  We cover the death of a Vietnam veteran Special Forces legend, Michael Healy.  As we often say, we're losing more of these guys each week, so we must cherish the time we have with them.  We talk about Ronny Jackson withdrawing his name for VA secretary.  We get into the Army cutting mandatory training programs, which ties into our discussion on Episode 327 with Dr. Leonard Wong.  We discuss Iraq beginning airstrikes in Syria, this was covered in a recent article by our writer Kurt T.  Also, the Washington Times piece "Inside the Ring: China using students as spies," a subject Jack was covering on the site three years ago.  Enjoy, and be sure to leave a review for us on Apple Podcasts.
Apr 27, 2018
Ep. 346 - Jim Morris, Vietnam veteran Green Beret
This one is a truly in-depth interview with more subject matter covered than I can list. Jim Morris tells us about being a Green Beret during an era where it wasn't looked at with the reverence that it is today. He shares stories of the Tet Offensive, seen by the men he served with as a great victory, and portrayed in the opposite light by the media. Jim talks coming home, and transitioning to media himself working for publications like "Soldier of Fortune" and writing eight books including his best known title "War Story." Morris also discusses dealing with the horrors of war as he transitioned to civilian life, and taking an unconventional route in healing from combat as he delved deep into the study of Tolec Shamanism, completing two rigorous apprenticeships.  Jim's website is . We also take the time to answer a lot of emails. We're glad to be getting so many great questions and if you keep sending them, we'll continue addressing them. Anything you'd like us to address on-air, it's We've really enjoyed digging into the origin stories of the men from this generation in some recent episodes, and Jim Morris did not disappoint.
Apr 25, 2018
Ep. 345 - Amber Smith, combat helicopter pilot
We're excited to bring on Amber Smith for this episode, not only a former Army helicopter pilot who served in Iraq and Afghanistan flying the Kiowa Warrior, but also former Deputy Assistant for Outreach to none of than General Mattis, and we get into all of that.  We also get Smith's take on fellow pilot Tammie Jo Shults emergency one engine landing on Southwest Airlines this past week.  Though it resulted in a tragic death and several injuries, Smith contends that the repercussions could have been far worse without the cool-headed Navy veteran in the cockpit.  Amber's book "Danger Close" details her combat missions, and Jack noticed in reading the memoir that they served in Tal Afar, Iraq around the same time.  Other topics covered with Amber include the civilian/military divide (something she's addressed while working for the D.O.D.) and what the future holds for the possibility of women in spec ops. We cover the news of Raul Castro stepping down as leader of Cuba, as well as our disgust over 7th Special Forces Group veteran William Mrozek being arrested for heinous sexual crimes on children.  We answer your emails sent to, which leads to an interesting discussion on Turkey as well.  Also, be sure to check out our raffle on benefiting The Special Children's Center in NYC, providing services to families of 450 children with developmental disabilities.  Our mission here at Hurricane Group has always involved helping those in need through charity, and we hope to see you get involved, and in the process try to win some great gear, along with an excellent book from our very own John Stryker Meyer.
Apr 20, 2018
Ep. 344 - Curtis Albers
We begin this episode with the most important topic at hand right now, last week's bombings of Syria.  Jack comes from an interesting perspective on this because as some of you may remember, two years back he was invited along with a group of select journalists to sit down with President Assad in Syria and have a discussion which we covered.  We also cover two recent articles on by Jack Murphy, "When a Marine Recon patrol got into a firefight with an American Viet Cong" detailing the bizarre and secretive story of former Marine Bob Garwood, and "The Philippines stands up a true Special Operations Command for the first time," a long standing dream of General Pamonag who Jack got to sit down with in the Philippines last year. We welcome back Curtis Albers to hear how he hopes to progress on getting his story out, detailed on Episode 311, growing up an abused foster kid, becoming an Army Ranger, and some of the demons that continued to follow him.  We also talk race relations in special operations, and have some laughs.  We end the podcast paying our respects to the great R. Lee Ermey, not just a man who played a Marine in "Full Metal Jacket," but lived it in real life.  He will be missed.
Apr 18, 2018
Ep. 343 - David Rairdan, Air Force EOD
On June 25th, 1996 the terrorist organization Hezbollah Al-Hejaz, translated to English as "Party of God" perpetrated a bombing on Air Force personnel stationed at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.  The truck bomb detonation killed 19 service members, a Saudi local, and resulted in 498 injuries as well.  One of the men stationed with the Air Force in Saudi Arabia at that time was Air Force EOD David Rairdan, and he joins us to recall the full timeline of what happened that night.    Also featured on this episode, we answer your emails, keep them coming, it's  Jack gives a rebuttal to a New York Times article unfairly linking the history of Rhodesian war veterans as a whole to white supremacy.  This includes the smearing by The Times of former Delta Force operator Larry Vickers.  Some great content this show, it was an honor to have another member of the EOD community on, and we think this made for a great historical account of a day that must not go forgotten.
Apr 14, 2018
Ep. 342 - Mike Vining returns!
Episode 322 with SGM Mike Vining was one of our most well-received shows to date, and we promised a part two that many of you have been anticipating heavily.  As promised, we delivered, and went very in-depth with one of the true pioneers of Army special operations.  We pick up right where we left off and dive into SGM Vining's military career after Vietnam.  We cover operations Mike was a part of in Grenada, Beirut, Haiti, Iran, and Kuwait.  Some heroic stories of guys he served with, as well as some tragic stories, and Mike's take on the rise of IEDs being used to kill our warriors in combat.  You'll also get a few laughs as well though, when you hear about Mike's childhood background that was sure to lead to a career as an EOD technician. Mike is currently travelling the country with his wife and enjoying some great outdoor adventures.  He does some excellent work with the National EOD Association and EOD Warrior Foundation.  We're also excited to hear that SGM Vining will be inducted into the U.S. Army Ordnance Hall of Fame in Fort Lee, Virginia on May 1st, 2018.  The following Saturday, May 5th this year marks National EOD Day, and Mike is pleased to announce that there will be no new names added to their memorial this time.
Apr 11, 2018
Ep. 341 - George Hand
We've recorded some awesome shows with SOFREP writer George Hand discussing his heroic work in combating human trafficking (you can check those out on episodes 302 and 334.)  However, as we hinted at on his last appearance, it's about damn time we got him to talk about his years with 1st Special Forces Group and Delta Force.  After all, a 20 year military career is a hell of a lot more than just a footnote.  Get ready to hear some stories from George's deployments, as well as some other interesting pieces of info like George's hobbies with woodworking and photography, and his experience in beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese at 13, which came in handy years later. Also on this episode, we react to the recent shooting at Youtube headquarters.  We talk some recent military news including the two Marine aircrafts crashing, and the Afghani Air Force airstrike on a madrasa.  Jack Murphy also gets into some of the work that goes into writing a memoir.  If you're someone who's thought of writing a book of any kind, he drops some wisdom for you on the process that you'll find helpful.  On that note, we hope you preorder that book, "Murphy's Law" drops in October and is on sale now on
Apr 07, 2018
Ep. 340 - Luke Ryan
Every special operations veteran has a unique path that led them to pursue their time in the community.  SOFREP writer Luke Ryan is no different, and his origin story is one that you won't want to miss.  What's of particular interest, is Luke's experience growing up in Pakistan as a kid.  His dad worked as an ophthalmologist in Gilgit running his own eye clinic.  Seeing some of the global conflicts there that took place pre-9/11, and the huge change in attitude towards Westerners after the towers fell, is a behind the scenes look that very few can discuss from experience.  What was really a game changer though, was Luke finding himself in the heat of a school shooting years later, and his instinct to stay calm really stood out. Also on this episode we discuss two new appointments to the Trump administration, Dr. Ronny Jackson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and John Bolton to National Security Advisor.  We talk foreign policy, and also check out the emails you're sending us to  Also of note, Jack Murphy's memoir "Murphy's Law" is now up for pre-order.  I expect it to be an intense read!  Enjoy, and leave us a five star review when you're done on Apple Podcasts.
Apr 04, 2018
Ep. 339 - Stories of Valor
We've teamed up with our friends at Harley Davidson this episode in compiling some of our best moments from the show.  If you love hearing some thrilling combat stories, you're in for some action with this one.  We even kick it off with some never before heard audio from Robert O'Neill, best known as the UBL shooter from SEAL Team 6.  You'll hear why Harley Davidson is such a highly regarded brand in the special operations community.  When guys come home from deployment, often times getting on that motorcycle is the true taste of freedom for them. Along with Rob this episode are several of our favorite segments from our biggest guests.  These include Nick Irving talking about Army Sniper School and Ranger Battalion, Mike Vining on serving as an EOD tech during Vietnam, and "Tanto" Kris Paronto on the Benghazi terror attack he survived and testifying before Congress.  We wrap with the remarkable story of Green Beret Ivan Castro losing his eye and eyesight in combat, and continuing to serve, as well as run marathons.  Ivan was even there during the attack on the Boston Marathon believe it or not.  These are inspiring stories that you don't want to miss, so check it out.  Be sure to also check out our Instagram because I've been putting up some of our show highlights on there.  As always leave a review on Apple Podcasts, it's quick and easy, and keep your questions for the show coming to .
Mar 30, 2018
Ep. 338 - Hugh Slatter
Hugh Slatter has a story that you may not have heard before, but we feel you need to.  That's why he's our feature guest here on Episode 338.  Serving in Zimbabwe's Air Force and earning the rank of Air Vice Marshal, Slatter saw the tyrannical governments in Africa in a light that few ever have, and none would ever wish to.  He details his story of imprisonment and torture with us, and eventually his move to the U.S.  Slatter's book discusses all of this at length, and all proceeds for the memoir go toward veteran causes.  It's called "Pilot, Prisoner, Patriot: One Man's Triumph over Torture & Tragedy" available exclusively on, and you can get it signed there as well. Jack Murphy also recaps going to the NYC March for Our Lives, and interviewing attendees for a future short documentary airing on The Spec Ops Channel.  ...I admit that I realized after we recorded, that we also should have gotten into the appointment of John Bolton to National Security Advisor!  I will make note that we need to hit that next time.  We also read your emails sent to  Don't forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, it's quick, and it helps us continue to pump out kick ass content for you twice each week.
Mar 28, 2018
Ep. 337 - The Odyssean
*Note: This episode was previously released in May to our members.* For several years now, we’ve heard the outcry from SOFREP members to add a second show a week, and we have finally delivered!  This one does not disappoint.  SOFREP writer The Odyssean, who served doing intelligence for the Army, and went on to do data collection and analysis in the private sector working in countries like Japan, breaks down some of the conflict in the region right now.  He joins Drew Dwyerand me to give a great in-depth perspective from a guy who’s there been on the ground. We dig into his article “Japanese government issues citizens DEFCON warning because of North Korea,” and also have some fun talking about the documentary, “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang.”  While we’re taping, a very special guest makes an unscheduled appearance in the studio that you will not want to miss.
Mar 23, 2018
Ep. 336 - Pat McNamara
Never in the history of SOFREP Radio has there been a more requested guest in my experience than Pat McNamara.  We were glad to deliver.  On this episode, the former Delta Force operator and tactical shooting Youtube sensation gets down and dirty.  We get some stories out of him including a HALO jump right before his retirement where a woman crossed his line and Pat was not happy about it; as well as training in some boxing with fellow Delta Force operator George Hand.  Pat also talks shooting and training tactics, and why he is not a particular fan of knife fighting.  Pat's also a metalhead, and just a few nights ago he got to catch Judas Priest on tour at Nassau Coliseum in NY.  Pat gives a pretty epic recap of it that you won't want to miss. Pat's company is TMACS Inc. and if you want to learn some truly effective firearms skills, he's the man to take a course from.  You can see a schedule of where he's teaching on his website ( store, and you can also grab a signed copy of his book "Sentinel."  You can also follow Pat on Instagram @TMacsInc which he is very active on.  The man's even got his own line of Invader Coffee through Rogue American Apparel.  A real treat hearing some intense words from a legend in the SOF community, we know you'll enjoy it.
Mar 21, 2018
Ep. 335 - Benedetta Argentieri
Benni and Jack make for an interesting couple I have to say.  I mean, how many couples do you know where both parties voluntarily go into the most dangerous of war zones in the world to document and report on what's going on?  One piece of news many of you will be excited to hear here, Argentieri's directorial debut, "Our War" is now available on Amazon, and it's even free to view for Amazon Prime members.  The film documents three Westerners who volunteered to fight alongside the Kurds in Northern Syria.  After you watch, be sure to leave a review there, and also let Benni know your feedback.  She's on Twitter @benargentieri. Argentieri's next film "I am the Revolution" from PossibileFilm is in post-production, and this one focuses on the female fighters on the ground fighting terrorism.  We hope to see it come out real soon.  We discuss the Middle East at large on this show, and what the future holds.  We also get into who poses a bigger threat to the U.S. between Russia and China, a subject Jack and Benni are not in agreement on.  You'll also get their take on President Trump planning to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Visit Benedetta Argentieri online at, and check out PossibileFilm at
Mar 17, 2018
Ep. 334 - Human trafficking
Former Delta Force operator George E. Hand IV has become a favorite of SOFREP readers.  Truly a wealth of knowledge, hearing George share his current work in helping law enforcement to fight human trafficking is not only interesting, but informative in a way that you the listener may find yourself helpful in joining the fight.  He lays out some of the signs he sees from the tattoos these women have, to small details he'll notice in photos posted as ads by these traffickers for erotic services.   The overbearing theme George stresses comes down to what he labels as unnatural behavior.  These operations are happening all over, and likely near your own town.  It is by no means a victim-less crime, and you'll learn why on this episode.  Jack and I also cover some news, and one particular comment that we felt needed to be heard by the father of a Green Beret killed in action.  You can follow George on Twitter @GeorgeEHandIV.  He's also written some stellar articles over the years that we hope you're inspired to dig through if you haven't done so already.
Mar 15, 2018
Ep. 333 - Alex Hollings
The first time Jack and I met Alex in person was earlier this year at SHOT Show, and we haven't had him on in a while, so an update from the Marine staff writer was in order.  SHOT Show 2018 was Alex's first rodeo if you will, so we hear his account of the trade show.  We get into the interesting subject of the Department of Defense allocating money into the studying of UFOs.  We also talk China's space program forging ahead, and if this is a possible threat to the future of Russia and the U.S. in such endeavors.  This then brings us to some Star Trek talk, and Alex and Jack nerd out pretty hard. Alex has also gained quite a following with his weekly "Old Man Fitness" column.  He gives some great tips to those getting back in the game, and trying to get in shape.  Hollings also tells what his goal is when writing about fitness, and some of the nonsense on social media he aims to debunk that inspires his writings in this field.  As always, we appreciate the support, follow us @SOFREPRadio if you've yet to, and keep the 5 star reviews on Apple Podcasts coming.  We love to read what you have to say.
Mar 09, 2018
Ep. 332 - Phil Labonte of All That Remains
We start off the podcast with editor-in-chief Jack Murphy discussing both some of the criticism and praise we've received over posting footage of the killing of Green Berets in Niger by ISIS. This controversy is by no means something that we take lightly, and Jack wanted to be frank with the audience of why this decision was made. More can be read on this in Jack's post "Why we published the Niger video." Our special guest this show is none other than All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte. ATR is celebrating their 20th year as a band, and many of you loved their video for the song "Madness" featuring Kris Paronto which raised awareness for post-traumatic stress related issues in combat veterans as well as soldier suicide. Phil shares some great stories of coming up touring with bands like Five Finger Death Punch (who he's filled in for on vocals) and Motograter (a name you may remember if you were into the nu-metal scene about 15 years back.) Not only is Phil an accomplished musician though, he's also a former Marine and a gun store owner. He was even at SHOT Show which we discuss, and he recently got some attention for the video on his Youtube channel talking the issue of gun control after the Florida school shooting. After wrapping with Phil we pay our respects to WWII fighter pilot Jerry Yellin, who flew the last combat mission over Japan. We just recently found out of his passing at 93. Brandon Webb however did have the fortune of interviewing Jerry just recently on The Power of Thought (Episode 13) which is very worth checking out. Then, we give out a Throat Punch of the Week for the first time in a while. We appreciate all the well thought out feedback in these past few days, and those that are having a respectful discussion about some very serious issues, we encourage that.
Mar 07, 2018
Ep. 331 - Steve Balestrieri
Ten shows back on Episode 321, our friend Steve Balestrieri who's the head writer and editor at told us about his work interviewing combat veterans from some of the older wars.  I wanted to bring him on for an update on that.  I've always loved getting older vets on tell their stories whether it's Jerry Yellin who joined Brandon on The Power of Thought podcast, or Jim Downing who recently left us.  They're all unfortunately leaving us as the years go by, so getting them to open up with their heroic stories on film is something that Steve and the rest of us at Hurricane Group greatly appreciate. for those that don't know is Hurricane Group's site covering the history of our operators.  Steve has been writing some excellent pieces over there that we hope you check out.  These include "Operation Halyard, one of the great rescue stories of WWII," "On this day in 2016, Navy SEAL Edward Byers Awarded Medal of Honor," and "Operation Anaconda, began on this date, March 2-10, 2002 in Afghanistan."  So, head over to that site, and learn your roots! I'd also urge you to head over to The Power of Thought podcast hosted by Brandon Webb to get your audio fix.  We just posted a killer interview with none other than Robert O'Neill, the UBL shooter from DEVGRU/SEAL Team 6.
Mar 02, 2018
Ep. 330 - Duane Evans (CIA/SF)
Joining us for Episode 330 is the author of "Foxtrot in Kandahar," Duane Evans.  This book is great because not much has been written from a perspective like this on the Southern region of Afghanistan.  Not to mention, Duane has a damn impressive resume serving as a Special Forces Officer, and going on to serve in the CIA with tours of duty in four continents.  One of those of course being the Middle East region of Asia, specifically, Afghanistan, during the inception of the war.  He's got a unique first hand view and shares some in-depth info with us. Jack Murphy also talks about his latest investigative piece "TigerSwan: Former Delta Operator sought to incite violence at the Dakota Access Pipeline."  It's getting plenty of attention, and a lot of scrutiny put onto the private security contractor about dubious happenings during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.  We also respond to an e-mail reacting to our previous episode talking gun control with Kurt Troter.  Anything you want us to hear, shoot it over to
Feb 28, 2018
Ep. 329 - The gun control debate
SOFREP writer Kurt Troter is a man who knows his firearms, and he had a few things he wanted to say about the ongoing debate centered on gun control.  He gives a few solutions, and I even bring up Navy SEAL Mike Ritland's take that maybe K9s in the classroom could be the most sensible approach that very few are talking about.  Kurt is also working on a memoir that is sure to be action-packed from the former Marine turned volunteer with the Peshmerga. If you're still hungry for more content after this episode, I'd highly recommend the latest Power of Thought podcast.  Brandon Webb had an outstanding interview with performance coach Jairek Robbins.  He's the son of the great Tony Robbins, but you'll see he brings his own unique perspective on achieving your goals.  As always, leave a review for us on Apple Podcasts if you haven't already, and be sure to check out the latest with SOFREP TV, and stay prepared with Crate Club.
Feb 24, 2018
Ep. 328 - Brent Gleeson (Navy SEAL)
Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson joins us in studio for the podcast, which we livestreamed.  He has a new book out next week, it's called "TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL's 10 Fail-Safe Principles for Leading Through Change."  Be sure to pre-order it.  The book gets into some of the takeaways Brent was able to deliver to the business world, and we hear all about it.  You might remember seeing Gleeson on NBC's "Stars Earn Stripes" as a veteran cast member alongside Dale Comstock and the legend Chris Kyle.  Brent also writes a regular column for both Forbes and Inc. that we hope you check out.  We of course also get into Brent's combat deployment history, getting into the SEALs pre-9/11, and the chaos the ensued.   I also feel it's important to mention that recent guest of the podcast, Lt. Jim Downing, has passed away.  At the time when we interviewed him, Downing was the second oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor.  Feel free to re-live Jim's story from Episode 246.  What a true hero and a patriot.  I know that he will be revered by both myself and this audience.
Feb 21, 2018
Ep. 327 - Dr. Leonard Wong
Most importantly, we start off this show with the events that occurred this past week in Parkland, Florida.  We hope that we spoke on this respectably, and wanted to articulate our condolences.  Of course, as we all know, this shooting has led to another national discussion on gun control which we tackle as well.  We don't have all the answers, but we're all about an open dialogue on a very complex and troubling problem in America. Our special guest this show is Dr. Leonard Wong, a research professor at the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College.  Wong is a retired Army Officer who has taught at West Point and served as an analyst for the Chief of Staff of the Army.  Wong co-authored a study titled "Lying to Ourselves: Dishonesty in the Army Profession."  It takes a hard look at what's become accepted in the Army in terms of lying on documents.  Is the problem that of bureaucracy?  Dr. Wong and Jack Murphy give their take based on what they've seen.
Feb 16, 2018
Ep. 326 - Jack Devine
Jack Devine's first appearance on SOFREP Radio was full of amazing insight from the former Acting Director and Associate Director of the CIA's operations outside the U.S.  For that, we had to meet him in person, and it was an honor to do so for Episode 326.  Jack did not disappoint.  We get into government intervention (particularly in Afghanistan,) and the concept of nation building at large.  Jack is a proponent of intervention and defends the U.S. going into Afghanistan, but takes issue with the occupation that followed.   Jack's three decades at the CIA also included the fight against international communism, which he reveals will be included in his next book.  We also talk about Russia's interfering with the 2018 U.S. Presidential election and he seems to have a different take than previous guests on the podcast.  Jack's book out now is "Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story" and people including our own Jack Murphy are very impressed by the content of it, so be sure to pick it up.  Jack Devine is currently the President of The Arkin Group, and you can follow him on Twitter @JackDevine_TAG.  Be sure to let him know what you thought of his appearance here on SOFREP Radio.
Feb 14, 2018
Ep. 325 - North Korea discussion
We had to start off Episode 325 with our Marine Corps veteran writer Nick Coffman after hearing the news on the MARSOC 7.  For the past couple of years, Nick's been working hard to get out the truth behind the story of alleged war crimes at the hands of MARSOC in Afghanistan that we now know never happened.  Nick interviewed the guys that were there, and on this podcast, we even interviewed Maj Fred Galvin and LtCol Steve Morgan.  Well, Nick is excited to say that these men are now exonerated thanks to the work of Congressman Walter Jones and some other key players, but more work needs to be done which Nick outlines with us.  Be sure to check out his work on SOFREP as well as The Loadout Room. Our featured guest we follow that with is Shannon Miller.  A friend of SOFREP writer James Powell, Shannon has over ten years of experience in the security and intelligence industries as a government contractor, diplomat, trainer, and analyst.  Shannon now works as the CEO of her own security company, Lock Down Your Life.  She's very astute on the happenings in Korea, and with the current Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, it made for a perfect time to hear Shannon's analysis on the region at large.  We talk Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, the threat of nuclear war, and yes folks, I couldn't help myself but to talk some Dennis Rodman as I often do when we get on this subject.  We hope you enjoy, and if you do, we ask that you leave a five star review on Apple Podcasts, we read them all and love hearing your feedback.  It's very simple to do right on the app.
Feb 09, 2018
Ep. 324 - Kurt Troter (USMC/Peshmerga)
A lot of keyboard commandos talk about flying over to Iraq and bringing the fight to ISIS, but SOFREP writer Kurt Troter on the other hand is the real deal.  A former Marine, Kurt volunteered in fighting with the Peshmerga, and the group seems to be getting a taste of some long awaited recognition for their efforts.  Just recently, Norway lawmaker Himanshu Gulati nominated the group for a Nobel Peace Prize, which would be well deserved if they win.  We hear the latest on the Syria/Iraq region from Kurt, and him and Jack also discuss some of the funnier cultural divides they picked up on while over there.  Kurt is now a full time writer with the site, and has been pumping out some tremendous work for us.  You may also remember him from "Inside the Team Room: Peshmerga," which is available now for subscribers of SOFREP TV to check out. - Jack Murphy also touches on some hard truth regarding the supposed trade of terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl back in 2014, which he believes to have been a disinformation campaign that not many are talking about.  You will not want to miss it.  We also check your emails sent to, keep 'em coming.
Feb 07, 2018
Ep. 323 - Buck Sexton
Buck has been a friend to the website at large since around it's inception, but we've never brought him on for a full episode in studio, just the occasional quick update.  So it was cool to sit down with him and get into some interesting subject matter ranging from where the mainstream media gets things wrong, some of his heated debate moments over the years (on CNN in particular,) and also the major problem largely being ignored of the impact of Mexican drug cartels on the U.S.  Sexton's former job was working as a CIA analyst, so he also gives an interesting perspective on what makes a true subject matter expert. You can hear "The Buck Sexton Show" live from 6-9 PM EST through iHeartRadio, and it is also available through podcast.  Buck's newest side venture though, is his podcast "Shields High" detailing the battles that saved Western civilization.  As a history buff, Buck was inspired by the popularity of podcasts like "Dan Carlin's Hardcore History" to explore this same realm, but to give it some more attitude and flair.  We hope you give it a listen.  Be sure to check out, and follow Buck on Twitter @BuckSexton.
Feb 02, 2018
Ep. 322 - SGM Mike Vining, Delta Force legend
SGM Mike Vining is a man who has been there, done that, and lived to tell about it.  From attending OTC Class #1 (the first ever Operators Training Course for Army Delta Force) to being a part of the failed Iran hostage rescue mission Operation Eagle Claw, Desert One which resulted in the death of eight Air Force and Marine Corps crewmen, Vining has some very rich history that operators of today have benefited from tremendously.  We also get into Vining's job as a bomb disposal technician during Vietnam, and the story of him watching the demise of his teammate Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Foster in his heroic attempt to defuse a bomb during a rally featuring then Vice Presidential candidate Bob Dole at a rally taking place at an Illinois high school.  These stories may be heartbreaking, but it's great to see that Vining is in great condition himself and in good spirits.  He currently does work for the National EOD Association as well as the EOD Warrior Foundation, and enjoys traveling across the country with his wife. On this episode we also check your emails sent to, and answer an interesting question from an Australian listener about secrecy (or lack thereof) in the SOF community.  We also Throat Punch an idiot by the name of Gregory Salcido, as he used the platform he holds as a high school teacher as his soapbox to disgrace the U.S. military.  You'll also hear Jack's recap of SHOT Show, as well as the Women's March, and you won't want to miss that.
Jan 31, 2018
Ep. 321 - Steve Balestrieri (Special Forces)
Steve Balestrieri, former Green Beret, and the editor/head writer of Hurricane Media site joins us for the first time on SOFREP Radio.  Steve's been listening to the show a while, so it's long overdue that we bring him on.  As a self-described military history buff, he's really excited to be working on a current project filming veterans of WWII, The Korean War, and Vietnam.  It's important to him because we're losing a lot of these guys and many of them never told their story, including Steve's own father which he discusses.  If you or someone you know is a veteran of these wars and would like to take part in this project, he hopes to hear from you, email him at Steve also writes for, so of course I had to let him boast about the upcoming Super Bowl.  Plus, on that note, Steve wrote an excellent piece titled, "The NFL, The National Anthem, and The President Make an Explosive Mix" about the kneeling protests from the unique perspective of both a veteran and an NFL sports writer.  It received some backlash, but as we discuss, that's to be expected when covering such a divisive issue in the media right now.  We also hear from friend of the show Gene Farnsworth.  So check it out, and enjoy!
Jan 27, 2018
Ep. 320 - SHOT Show 2018
Ian Scotto here back from Las Vegas, and let me tell you, the Hurricane Group house was packed with a lot of names familiar to you the listeners, and shit did indeed get rowdy.  From the SOFREP end of things we had Jack Murphy, James Powell, The Odyssean, Kurt Troter, and Alex Hollings.  And our friends from The Loadout Room and The Arms Guide there were Travis Pike, Erik Meisner, Rex Nanorum, Mark Miller, and Scott Witner.  Even more familiar names came out for the annual Team Room/Crate Club event including Frumentarius and Christian Prosser who you'll hear from. I start off sitting down at the house with Kurt, Travis, Erik, Mark, Scott, and Jens (A.K.A. Rex) and hearing about about their experiences at media range day.  You'll hear which firearms really impressed the guys, and some of the big names in attendance to the exclusive event including James Yeager, Instructor Zero, and regular on the podcast, Kris "Tanto" Paronto.  I'm then off to the Team Room event at Sierra Gold that couldn't have been more awesome.  What an experience meeting all of you who loyally listen to the podcast, I'm always humbled and impressed by our audience.  Be sure to keep your eyes on and especially for more great content as SHOT Show 2018 continues on.
Jan 24, 2018
Ep. 319 - Danielle Bizier (DIA)
The first time that Danielle Bizier joined us on the podcast was in July as someone who regularly read the site, but we're proud to say that Danielle has now come on board as a full time writer and has been kicking ass and taking names.  Her experience working as a Counterintelligence Officer and Instructor with the DIA, and her educational background in East Asian Studies and Security Policy adds a unique perspective to the site.  You guys, the readers, seem to be greatly enjoying her work. On this episode we get into Danielle's article on CIA Officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee arrested on charges of unlawful possession of classified information, as well as her piece on the upcoming Olympics in Korea, "Dear Leader's Cheerleaders."  In domestic news, we also talk about the frightening false emergency text alert sent to the people of Hawaii.  Danielle has also been a proud member of Crate Club for some time, and talks about some cool stuff she's up to at Hurricane Media's gear review site, The Loadout Room.  If you missed the livestream and have some questions for Danielle, she'll be hosting the next upcoming Q&A for our Team Room members.  As for those making it out this year, will indeed have a presence at SHOT Show in just a few days, so we'll see ya there!
Jan 20, 2018
Ep. 318 - Andrew Wilkow
Andrew Wilkow, host of The Wilkow Majority on Sirius XM, has not only been a friend to from it's inception, he's actually the reason I'm here producing and on-air for this podcast on some level.  We get into that, but more importantly, Andrew is here to promote his newest venture, that being his upcoming show on CRTV.  We break down the rising popularity of new media outlets like this one, as well as those he's a part of.  We talk about Andrew's Veterans Day Ride 2017, and his continued work to help the veteran community, as well as some of the under-reported stories related to the shady past of the Clintons.  Judging by the fact that he lost track of time shooting the breeze with us as you'll hear, we think he enjoyed coming on in studio for the first time. We announce the paywall coming down and what this means for  Jack also urges you to check out his latest "12 Strong" article.  We livestreamed this episode which you can check out on our Facebook and Youtube pages, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @SOFREPRadio for some behind the scenes stuff.
Jan 18, 2018
Ep. 317 - James Powell
One of the favorite writers of the site, James Powell stopped by the studio this episode, and we got into some hot topics.  For the newer listeners, James's background is as a former Marine and CIA intelligence officer, which he talked about more in depth the last time he was on for Episode 284.  We begin with the controversy surrounding former Navy SEAL and current Missouri Governor Eric Greitens's affair and alleged blackmail.  We then get in-depth about the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics taking place next month in PyeongChang, South Korea.  It's no doubt an interesting time to be having the biggest world sporting event in a region that the globe has their eyes on amid reckless statements by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  We then discuss some recent severed ties between the U.S. and supposed ally Pakistan. I should also let you all know that Mr. Powell will be at SOFREP's 2018 Las Vegas party.  So if you're a Team Room member or Premium Crate Club member on the West Coast, we hope to see you there.  Sign up now however if you haven't yet, because RSVP is only open until Sunday (link is up at  As always, any questions or comments, send them over to  We're getting great feedback, but please help us where it counts the most, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts so we can continue to get our visibility up.  Thanks for your continued support.
Jan 12, 2018
Ep. 316 - Dan Crenshaw
We often hear that there aren't nearly enough special operations vets or combat veterans running for political office, and if you're one of the many who feels that way, Dan Crenshaw is a guy you may want to get behind.  A Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander who lost his eye during an IED blast in Afghanistan, and still continued to serve, Dan truly is battle hardened.  Beyond that, he earned his Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and went on to do some work in DC to prepare him to hopefully represent the people of the 2nd district of Texas.  We get into some of his policy positions, and what he thinks makes a leader in Washington. Jack Murphy also gets into his highly controversial latest investigative piece, "Dic Pic Six: The 7th Special Forces Group sex and blackmail network."  We read an e-mail sent to (we'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions you want read on air, keep it concise,) Throat Punch some of the people seeking political office in the upcoming midterm elections, and also wonder if Oprah is who we really need as the next person in The White House.  We're also gearing up for SHOT Show in Las Vegas and hope to see some of you Team Room members and premium Crate Club members at our annual event.
Jan 10, 2018
Ep. 315 - The truth behind Extortion 17
It's been a long Fall season without him, but Jack Murphy is back in his regular seat, fresh off of the release of episode 1 of "Tesla's Death Ray: A Murder Declassified."  The show stars Jack, and it premiered on Discovery this past Tuesday.  We recap some major special operations stories, talk the reality of pushing the nuclear button (a piece Alex Hollings did a great job with for the site,) and Jack working on his memoir, officially being titled "Murphy's Law." Our special guest is Ed Darack, and he has a lot of thought provoking things to say on this episode.  Ed's a photographer and the author of "Victory Point: Operation Red Wings and Whalers - The Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom in Afghanistan," as well as his latest, "The Final Mission of Extortion 17: Special Ops, Helicopter Support, SEAL Team Six, and the Deadliest Day of the U.S. War in Afghanistan."  We discuss both of these books, and some of what's out there regarding these two major events that Ed dismisses as conspiracy.  For example, Ed gets into sources that led him to very strongly believe the ambush in Sawtalo Sar, Afghanistan described by Marcus Luttrell was at the hands of 7 guys, and not the 400 stated by the Navy SEAL.  We will let you be the judge of what went down after hearing Ed's rebuttal.  Ed also has written some recent great pieces for SOFREP including "The Objective Ginosa strike" which we highly recommend you check out.
Jan 05, 2018
Ep. 314 - Nick Coffman & Derek Gannon
*Note: This episode was previously released in May to our members.* We pack a lot of great content into the third installment of our exclusive members podcast as Jack Murphy hosts in studio, and we are joined by Marine Corps network operator Nick Coffman, as well as Green Beret Derek Gannon. We start off with your email sent to, and talk about the protests against President Erdogan of Turkey visiting the White House and erupting in violence by members of Turkey’s secret service against peaceful protesters. This gets into an interesting discussion about diplomatic immunity. Derek Gannon jumps on with us for a live hit from SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) telling us all the latest innovations in special operations combat technology. The most prominent of which seems to be the Tactical Assault Light Operator suit (TALOS) which Derek describes as the real life “Iron Man suit” you’ve seen in the Marvel comics film starring Robert Downey Jr. With the TALOS suit weighing 400 lbs though, along with other major restrictions Derek gets into, it begs the question, will this really be effective in combat? Also on for his first appearance is Marine Nick Coffman who tells his story of faith and enlisting beside his childhood friend Sean Pinckney who served as an EOD Marine. Although this is Nick’s first appearance on the show, you may be familiar with his work that we get into. Those contributions include getting us the interviews we did with Marine Corps Major and first commanding officer of MARSOC Fred Galvin who was accused of war crimes. He gives us an update on that story along with future stories in the works.
Jan 03, 2018
Ep. 313 - Jared Ross of Rockwell Tactical Group
If you're a gear guy, you'll dig this one.  Jared Ross served as a Green Beret Weapons Sergeant, and currently runs Rockwell Tactical Group as the founder and head instructor, passing on his knowledge to those in the Central Pennsylvania region.  He started the company after his wife found herself in an emergency situation, and managed to not panic, utilizing the skills Jared taught her.  It made Jared realize that there was a high demand for this style of training from someone with his background.  Ross's most recent deployment was to Jordan which he gets into, and he also gives us an action-packed war story from his time serving in Iraq.
Dec 29, 2017
Ep. 312 - A.J. Tata
Brigadier General A.J. Tata came back in studio with us, and is releasing yet another novel for 2017 as this year comes to an end.  It's called "Direct Fire" and it's the fourth installment in Tony's Jake Mahegan series.  It's a stand alone novel, so feel free to start with this latest one.  He tells us all about the concept this time around, and he drew some inspiration for it from the hacking field.  That's a subject many of our readers are familiar with.  Tata talks about fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a fiction author, and the challenge of getting in the head of his characters as he writes.  Be sure to pick "Direct Fire" up, and there's even a link you'll see when you go to to gift the book to the men and women stationed overseas fighting on behalf of the U.S. As a former General, Tata's expertise lies in much more than just fiction writing of course.  So we also get his view on the latest with Iran and North Korea.  We talk about China handing down it's harshest sentence to date as well, giving eight years to a prominent human rights activist.  You'll also hear some pretty intense stories from Tata's days in the Army.  So strap in, and enjoy.  We look forward to having Tony back in studio, hopefully with Nick Irving, in May as they release their joint project "Reaper: Ghost Target."
Dec 27, 2017
Ep. 311 - Curtis Albers, Army Ranger
Last month, SOFREP writer Luke Ryan wrote a heart tugging piece titled, "The American Dream in a foster kid turned Ranger" about the story of Curtis Albers.  It was a well received article, though shorter, so it was great to be able to speak more in-depth with Curtis on his life's story, it's a must listen.  Curtis talks about the abuse, racism, and unnecessary drugs he was prescribed, while being circulated from one foster home to another as a youth with his sister.  He then talks about becoming a Ranger, and while deployed, having to hear about the rape of his sister that occurred.  Curtis's story however does reveal some light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and it looks like it may be a story that will be brought to the big screen at some point. Jason and myself also read some rather critical emails sent to, and address them head on.  We also talk about the current administration's national security strategy that was laid out, as well as the recent attack in Melbourne.  We went really long this one, and we hope you get something out of it!  With that, we wish a very Merry Christmas to all of our listeners, especially those stationed overseas.  We've got your six.
Dec 23, 2017
Ep. 310 - Liz Carmouche (UFC/USMC)
Liz Carmouche (also known as Girl-Rilla) is not only a women's UFC fighter, but also served as a Marine aviation electrician with three tours of duty to the Middle East.  You'll hear Liz get into her background, her early experiences as a young athlete, and how growing up in Japan led to her motivation to serve in the Corps.  We also discuss her ventures with 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in California.  Liz tells us about her drive to succeed, why she chooses not to be a trash-talker, and why she wasn't surprised with Ronda Rousey stepping away from the sport.  For those who don't know, Carmouche fought Rousey nearly five years ago at UFC 157 in Anaheim, California for the first ever women's UFC fight.  Jim West who hosts this episode with me also recaps his first ever street fighting class and seminar that was exclusively for Crate Club members, and also gets into his son having now left home for the U.S. Air Force.  We also discuss the benefits of fitness in general, both of us being guys who work out frequently.  Any questions?  Send them over to You can follow Liz Carmouche on Twitter and Instagram @IAmGirlrilla.  We hope to have her back on soon!
Dec 20, 2017
Ep. 309 - Jack Devine (CIA)
I just have got to say it, this may be one of the most interesting guests to ever come on the podcast.  When it comes to taking part in CIA operations that have truly influenced the course of modern day American history, and world history at large, few have the experience of Mr. Jack Devine.  Starting his career with the Agency from the late 60's and into the 90's, Jack was there for major global events like Iran-Contra, the fall of Chile's President, and the fight to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan.  Jack was also a close personal friend of Charlie Wilson who he describes as a patriot, and labels the film "Charlie Wilson's War" to be much more a work of fiction than most would have you believe. We get Devine's take on current events and figures like Edward Snowden, the investigation of former FBI director Robert Mueller, as well as the Iran nuclear deal and the dangers of a nuclear capable North Korea.  Devine is currently the President of The Arkin Group, and his latest book is "Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story."  You'll hear the shift Jack has seen of former CIA veterans going public, as well as the scary trend of guys with phony credentials claiming CIA and being given major platforms in the media.  Strap in, because you're about to learn a whole lot from this man.
Dec 15, 2017
Ep. 308 - Donny O'Malley
There have been some guys in the veteran community who have made a really successful transition out of the military and into doing comedy that plays on their service.  Mat Best comes to mind of course, and so does this guest, former Marine Infantry Officer, Donny O'Malley.  Donny is not only a YouTube sensation, but he authored the book "Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant."  We hear about his time captaining a wounded warrior battalion after college, as well as a hilarious anecdote from his failed attempt at being a teacher.  Donny talks about his initial vision getting into comedy, and where it is now with his own company and subscription service, Vet TV.  Donny's website is, and you can follow him on all social media platforms @DonnyOMalley. Jason and I also talk about the Alabama Senate race of Roy Moore VS Doug Jones (you'll hear whose prediction was correct as we recorded this the night of the election,) Dennis Rodman asking President Trump for a formal role as North Korea envoy (you know I like to seize on any opportunity to talk about The Worm,) and of course the failed terrorist attack on Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.  We also see what e-mails are coming through to  As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio for the latest happenings.
Dec 13, 2017
Ep. 307 - Drew Wallace of SOFREP TV
SOFREP TV executive producer Drew Wallace was in town for the Hurricane Group holiday party, and it made for the perfect opportunity to finally get him on the podcast.  We get the inside scoop on what's in store for the network in 2018, and it's a lot to be excited for.  Since we live streamed this episode, we also got a chance to answer your SOFREP TV related questions. Drew has an awesome background operating himself, serving in 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment for 3 years with 4 deployments prior to transitioning to a career in film.  We get really in-depth with the Ranger School experience, and you'll learn a lot this episode from a guy who's been there and done that.  Drew also partook in the Best Ranger Competition which he gives some insight on. Now is truly the time to subscribe to SOFREP TV with a discounted membership of $4.99 a month, so we suggest you get on that.  Drew's working really hard to give you all some kick ass programming with shows like "Training Cell" that you will not get anywhere else.  Be sure to follow what the network is up to @SOFREPTV on Instagram and Twitter.
Dec 08, 2017
Ep. 306 - Scott Huesing (USMC Major)
Echo Company Commander, Marine Corps Major Scott Huesing has a new book that comes out early next year, and we hear all about what inspired it.  "Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq's Deadliest City" comes out February 20th, and it details Scott's account of Ramadi from the period of 2006-2007.  Huesing, now retired, served for over 24 years with 10 deployments commanding special operations capable units.  He tells us the qualities he sees fit to make a great leader, and for him, it's not always about combat experience.  He also talks about his passion for volunteer work and giving back.  Be sure to pre-order the book, it's guaranteed to give some insight into a specific time in recent warfare that hasn't been tackled yet from this angle. Jason and I also give a huge shout out to Wes Whitlock, CEO of Rogue American Apparel for his high praise of the last episode with his pal Steve Ralston.  We discuss entrepreneurship in the military community.  Also, we give a Throat Punch of the Week that we'd love to hear your opinion on.  Email us at Scott wanted to dedicate his appearance on this show to Corporal Dustin Libby (USMC.)
Dec 06, 2017
Ep. 305 - Steve Ralston (Navy SEAL)
Going back to Steve Ralston's commentary for SOFREP TV's "Inside the Team Room: Cut from the Same Cloth" up to his more recent appearance on Episode 300, you guys have wanted to hear more wisdom from Ralston, and we delivered.  For the first time, Steve gets into some extremely disturbing details of a very unconventional childhood and adolescence leading up to his time in the SEALs.  The story is one that he lived in fear of coming to light for many years.  Steve's story however is one of triumph and overcoming adversity, and you do not want to miss it.  It may just be that inspirational kick in the ass you need to conquer your own demons.  You can follow Steve on Instagram @RalstonSte and stare in awe at the incredible New York City skyline view from his bedroom. We also check our email sent to, and talk some recent happenings in the special operations community.  Namely the lowering of standards in the Green Berets written at length for the free piece on, "Careerism, cronyism, and malfeasance in the Special Warfare Center."  Steve also addresses some of the criticism his colleagues in the Teams have received for writing books and starting successful business ventures.  We're looking forward to having Steve back on again soon.
Dec 02, 2017
Ep. 304 - Rob O'Neill (SEAL Team 6/DEVGRU)
It was a real blast having Rob O'Neill in studio again, this time with Jason Delgado to cover an array of issues, and even answer some questions from viewers as we streamed live.  We also dived deeper into Rob's best-selling book "The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior."  We hear the current Fox News contributor's take on North Korea, Bowe Bergdahl, and the recent verdict on terrorist Abu Khattala.   You can see Rob's happenings on his website,, and also be sure to check out his charity focusing on operator transition to civilian life called Your Grateful Nation.  He's very active on social media @McHooyah on Twitter and Instagram.  Most recently, he also made a pretty epic appearance starring in "Hillbilly Rich," the music video from country artist Tim Montana.
Nov 30, 2017
Ep. 303 - Terry Schappert, Green Beret
*Note: This episode was previously released in May to our members.  You can check out our full archive at* Not only is Terry Schappert a recently retired Green Beret Master Sergeant, but he’s also a trained actor and a fan of Hollywood action movies.  That’s why he’s a natural fit on the Outdoor Channel‘s show “Hollywood Weapons” where the sniper re-creates famous shots in movies in full costume, and he’s even sure to get his lines right just how it happened in the movies.  The show is the brainchild of famous actor/producer Joe Mantegna who Shappert describes as a patriot, gun enthusiast, and all around great guy. Terry gets into the whole experience with us, but also in studio co-hosting with me is Jack Murphy, who just got back from South Korea and the Philippines and we hear all about that exciting trip.  Jack talks about what it was like exploring the tunnels, the food, and the overall attitude of the population in the regions.  We talk about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, as well as President Assad who as you may remember Jack got to meet with, one on one during his trip to Syria.  We cover a lot of bases on this episode with two highly educated Green Berets and you’re going to like their takes on what’s going on all around the world!
Nov 24, 2017
Ep. 302 - George Hand, Delta operator
*Note: This episode was previously released in May to our members. You can check out our full archive at* We get deep and also dark in this nearly two hour episode of the podcast. SOFREP writer George E. Hand IV is not only a former Army Master Sergeant who served with Delta, but he now does work combating human trafficking, namely with a group called DeliverFund. Just recently he was a part of an operation reeling in four network players leading to the biggest bust in the field of human trafficking in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s history. He tells Jack Murphy and me all about this, and gets into the amazing but very scary work he does combating this crisis. Jack also expands on his trip to the Philippines, including his lively meeting with Philippine Marine Corps General Juancho Sabban. We also give our thoughts on the Netflix documentary, “Get Me Roger Stone,” a biopic on a past guest to the show. Keep the feedback coming. Follow us on Instagram @SOFREPRadio to get an inside look of where we record and what goes on at Hurricane Group‘s office and studio.
Nov 23, 2017
Ep. 301 - The Odyssean
01:26:15 managing editor, former Army intelligence analyst, and our resident go-to guy to talk Asia, The Odyssean hops on with us for Episode 301.  We hear about some mysterious kidnappings and deaths in the region that the media has not touched on.  We also get into an in-depth discussion on martial arts. Jason Delgado and I also shoot off on the current widespread issue of sexual assault allegations throughout politics and Hollywood.  We read an e-mail from a listener, and we love hearing from all of you.  So shoot us your questions, comments, and voice memos to  Also, be sure to leave us a review on iTunes, we read them all, and greatly appreciate your help in rising in the ranks, most recently ranking above Bernie Sanders podcast in our category.  Let's keep the momentum going.
Nov 18, 2017
Ep. 300 - Joel Ortega (USMC sniper)
Can you believe it?  Episode 300.  I can't thank all of you enough who have taken this journey with us over the past five years.  It's been an honor and a privilege having so many awesome voices come on here, as well as meeting the listeners over the years.  All of us, Brandon, Jack, Jason, myself, and everyone else involved greatly appreciates all of you.  This episode does not disappoint, as we bring on Marine Jon Schneider, Marine Scout Sniper Joel Ortega, and wrap up with a special in studio guest and a long time friend to some of the the guys on the site, Navy SEAL Steve Ralston. Jason Delgado and I start off giving a recap of Andrew Wilkow's Vet Ride 2017, a very successful fundraiser that was broadcast on Sirius XM with over $20,000 raised in house for The Red Circle Foundation, Horses for Heroes, Wishes for Warriors, and Operation Chillout.  On the other side of the pond, SOFREP TV held our second annual Remembrance Rumble of U.S. Marines squaring off against Brtish S.A.S., one of those Marines being Jon Schneider.  Jon joins us to talk about the event, and more importantly the atmosphere of pride and thankfulness of the British people as they celebrated Remembrance Day/Veterans Day in the U.K. Special guest Joel Ortega comes on from there, live from Puerto Rico.  We hear the situation on the ground, get into some war stories, and hear about Joel's affinity for legendary sniper Chuck Mawhinney.  Joel is currently a woodworker and has started a speakeasy bar in Puerto Rico called Timber and Blues. Last, we cover the disturbing advancements in the death of Logan Melgar allegedly by the hands of two members of SEAL Team 6, and the recent story about this in The Daily Beast.  We hear the take of former SEAL, Steve Ralston as he joins us.  Let us know your feedback on anything by emailing us at, and leave us a review on iTunes.
Nov 15, 2017
Ep. 299 - History of U.S. embedded in Africa
SOFREP writer, Green Beret Derek Gannon is back on the show in full force, and you guys are in for a real deep dive into some serious special operations military history.  Derek breaks down the involvement of Special Forces being embedded in Africa for the past 50 years.  We talk about the sudden media attention on the region after four Green Berets were killed in Niger, as well as the travel ban which includes some suspicious reasoning behind the country of Chad being on that list which you have not heard before.  It involves some of the history of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  You also need to check out the petition Derek has started at titled "Stop issuance of the Green Beret to the U.S. Army 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade."  Now standing at 88,000 signatures, it has gotten the attention of some higher ups in the chain of command which Derek gets into with us. We give out a Throat Punch of the Week as well, and cover a lot more in this 2+ hour show.  As always, we love hearing from you, send any e-mails to, and leave us a 5 star review on iTunes!  Who's excited for Episode 300?
Nov 10, 2017
Ep. 298 - Jesse Davenport (USMC & SF)
On this episode, we get into some war stories that are certainly not for the faint of heart.  Jesse is a Marine Scout Sniper who served with Jason Delgado, and is one of the names featured in his memoir "Bounty Hunter 4/3."  Jesse also served in the Army with Special Forces, though he seems to look more highly upon his years as a Marine, and he talks about why. We also speak on the massacre in Texas, and the hero of the situation, Stephen Willeford who stopped the shooter in his tracks.  SOFREP has been doing a stellar job covering the situation, and we read from one of the articles on the site digging deeper into the situation written by Green Beret Mark Miller.  We love hearing from our audience, so shoot over any emails to  Your input is always much appreciated.
Nov 09, 2017
Ep. 297 - Benghazi hero Kris Paronto reacts to key militant capture
We always love hearing from great friend to the show Kris Paronto, but we especially were interested in hearing what he had to say about the capturing of Mustafa al-Imam by special operations forces and FBI agents earlier this week.  al-Imam is being called one of the key militants in the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack that Kris survived.  You'll hear the way that Kris would handle the situation, and if this news gives him any real sense of closure.  Kris has also launched a firearms tactical training company with fellow Benghazi survivor Dave "Boon" Benton, called Battleline Tactical, and they are going all around the country giving their expertise for anyone interested in learning from two experienced veterans and former contractors. Also, to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the United States Marine Corps, Jason will be at his tattoo shop, Black Attic Tattoo, signing copies of his book "Bounty Hunter 4/3."  He hopes to see some SOFREP supporters come out and hang.  Keep your e-mails coming to, and leave a review for us on iTunes.
Nov 03, 2017
Ep. 296 - Nick "The Reaper" Irving, Army sniper
It is safe to call former Army Ranger sniper Nick Irving a very busy man.  He in fact has another book hitting shelves next year co-authored by former Army General and fiction writer A.J. Tata who's joined us before on SOFREP Radio.  "Reaper: Ghost Target" is set to be the first in a series of sniper novels based around protagonist Vick Harwood who may (or my not) be based around a certain sniper you're all familiar with.  Nick also tells us the future of The Reaper TV series we first heard about a couple of years back, and last year learned would be produced by Jay-Z.  You will not want to miss this exclusive announcement he shares with our audience. Nick also dives into sniper mentality, Ranger stories, and putting the past away to start anew.  We also cover some hard-hitting stories in the spec ops world including the killing of Green Beret Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar allegedly by two suspected members of SEAL Team 6, as well as the story of Astafa al-Imam, one of the alleged perpetrators of the attack on the Benghazi consulate being captured by U.S. special operations forces and FBI agents in Libya.  Wrapping things up, we give a Jack Murphy approved Throat Punch of the Week.
Nov 01, 2017
Ep. 295 - Major Show Announcement!
Brandon Webb comes on Episode 295 in studio to make a major announcement about SOFREP Radio.  What is this announcement?  You'll have to check out the episode and listen.   Beyond this, we talk about some great upcoming stuff happening at Hurricane Group.  Brandon is working with our design artist Jason Kenitzer on the ultimate tactical travel bag, you'll hear more about that; we also have The Remembrance Rumble coming up.  The Remembrance Rumble of course takes place on Veterans Day/Remembrance Day in The U.K. at York Hall in London, it's U.S. mil VS U.K. mil and tickets are still available on Eventbrite.  You will not want to miss it, and it will also be streamed live on our social media platforms.  For those in the U.S., particularly in New York, our friend Andrew Wilkow will also be holding it down for Veterans Day at Emmett O'Lunney's - 210 West 50th St. in the heart of Times Square for his 2017 Veterans Day Ride.  Money will be donated to some great veterans charities including The Red Circle Foundation and Horses for Heroes, so come out and hang. This is a shorter episode, but we wanted to formerly announce some big changes.  When you're finished, go check out the latest interview with Tim Kennedy on The Power of Thought podcast, and as always be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.
Oct 27, 2017
Ep. 294 - Alex Hollings (USMC)
"I didn't get a job as an internet writer to wear pants."   You'll hear this among some other great words of wisdom on this episode from former Marine and current full-time SOFREP writer Alex Hollings as he talks "Old Man Fitness."  That's the column he's been doing every few days, though I do have to ask Alex as we discuss the articles, why the title as an extremely active and young 32-year-old man?  We hear about him attending a screening of the movie "Thank You for Your Service" which he just reviewed, as well as sitting down with writer/director Jason Hall, the film's star Miles Teller, and Adam Schumann, the man who Teller portrayed in the film.  From there, we have an honest conversation about market saturation of military books and films that we'd love to hear your feedback on.  We also get into the JFK assassination files scheduled to become declassified later this month, and check our e-mails sent to  Stay tuned next episode for a major announcement regarding the future of the podcast!
Oct 25, 2017
Ep. 293 - Remembering Glen Doherty
Americans hear the name Glen Doherty and know him as one of the brave Navy SEALs killed while contracting in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012.  To Sean Lake and Brandon though, they remember their great friend who was an avid skier and put a smile on everyone's face.  Sean, an experienced snowboarder, lived with Glen from 2010 on and acted as the executive to Glen's estate when he was killed, and on this episode we hear the story of both Brandon and Sean's reaction when they heard the devastating news of what happened to their friend that night.  Sean let this tragic event become the catalyst for making change however, when he helped to start the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation with a simple philosophy in mind borrowed from Glen's way of life, to work hard and play hard.  Glen "Bub" Doherty also became the inspiration for Bub's Naturals, a new company created by Sean that produces their own collagen protein powder.  Sean discusses the benefits of collagen, how it appeals to him as an athlete, and why it's something he could have seen Glen and himself benefiting from during their CrossFit days.  Most importantly, 10% of every sale of Bub's Naturals goes to the Glen Doherty Memoral Foundation. We also talk about the future of Hurricane Group, including charitable work we've done and what we have in the works on that end.  We also let you know what's in store for Crate Club members that you will not want to miss, and look back on the premium crate EDC med kit we did last year that was inspired by Glen.  Last, Brandon and I throat punch Drew Murray again this show for stealing Jack Murphy's work.  As always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio, e-mail your questions to, and with us going back to a free format, we need your help, please leave a five star review for us on Apple Podcasts.
Oct 20, 2017
Ep. 292 - Jeff Gonzales, Navy SEAL & shooting instructor
Jason Delgado hangs with me for this episode, as we not only celebrate his birthday, but also interview special guest Jeff Gonzales.  We hear from Jason about what goes into promoting a brand new book, which includes doing a plethora of media interviews, as well as putting together two kick ass release parties that he recaps for us.  Jason talks about the importance of glorifying the men he served with in the Marines Corps, and not being interested in whether or not he was one of the best at his job. Special guest is Jeff Gonzales, a guy we haven't heard from since back at SHOT Show 2015, so it was nice to catch up with an old favorite to our audience.  Jeff is a former SEAL and runs his own firearms training facility, Trident Concepts.  We hear from him, as well as Jason, as to what makes a great shooting instructor, and what he looks for in his guys.  We talk disaster preparedness, and also of course have to ask him about what it was like to shoot with the infamous Alex Jones after he posted a picture with him on Instagram at the range. As always, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio, shoot over your questions to, and now that we're back to a free format for a wider audience, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.  We want to see our ranking go up in order to provide you with as much kick ass content as possible.
Oct 18, 2017
Ep. 291 - The Odyssean
This week marked the annual meetings for Hurricane Group in NYC, discussing the future of the company, and our individual goals with what we do.  One big change I wanted to let you all know about, and that many of you will be happy to hear, we will continue to do two shows each week in their entirety with SOFREP Radio, as well as Brandon Webb's The Power of Thought podcast, but these will now be free to hear immediately on the SOFREP app as well as Apple Podcasts and elsewhere.  We decided on this change for many reasons, but we want to continue to expand on the listener base that we have.  For those who signed up as members of the podcast as we experimented with this format over the past half year, we greatly appreciate it.  I would encourage those of you in that camp to become full fledged Team Room members and check out all of the great content that the guys you hear on SOFREP Radio regularly are working on.  If not, we hope you continue to listen, and if you run into any issues with your current membership, feel free to e-mail me personally at, and I'll be sure to forward you over to the right place now that we have an incredible customer service team at the company.  With that, our new managing editor, a man of mystery, The Odyssean joined me in studio while he was in town for the meetings.  And believe it or not, we live streamed, which you can check out, but he was sure to keep his identity concealed.  For those not in the know, The Odyssean has worked in Army intelligence, as well as on the private side doing work in Japan for many years.  For this show we discuss how important music can be to the operator working in an unfamiliar environment.  We also hear a story of T.O. creating a go-bag for a friend, and the importance of being prepared.  That's something we always stress to our Crate Club members.
Oct 15, 2017
Ep. 290 - Big Mountain Heroes premiere
This past winter, a group of veterans along with two filmmakers and an avid skier, set out on a journey to ski and snowboard the alps of Europe. This was not just an expedition for fun, but served the purpose of illustrating the concept of “thrills before pills” to combat the prevalence of prescription drug abuse among combat veterans. Brandon Webb wrangled this crew of guys together to set out on the time of their lives, and also create an educational and entertaining documentary that both the veteran and civilian community will really dig. Tonight, these guys are here in New York City to catch the premiere, and see the product of their work for the first time. Director of Media at Hurricane Group Nick Cahill joins us for the whole show as we speak to Leo Jenkins (Army Ranger medic,) Isaiah Burkhart (Army Ranger sniper,) Nick Betts (Army sniper,) Benn Whitney (Skier,) and Matt Hardy (cinematographer.) Each guy joins us for a few minutes at a time and gives us their unique take on “Big Mountain Heroes.” For those who donated on Kickstarter, we’re excited to get out to you the materials for your pledges, and for the rest of you, stay on the lookout for a wider release.
Oct 14, 2017