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 Aug 8, 2019

 Jul 8, 2019
well done ids

 Jun 20, 2019
Insightful, charming, and funny commentary. A little rambling at times.

 Apr 25, 2019

Harry Saxon
 Apr 23, 2019


MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Pioneering the Harry Potter podcast phenomenon in August 2005, MuggleCast has continued to bring its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about J.K. Rowling's expanding universe. With each new episode we discuss everything Harry Potter: the latest news, the Potter books, Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, the theme parks, the video games, and more!

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#430: Did Dumbledore Attempt To Recreate Ariana?
Pottermore announces a new app - what can we expect? Micah and Andrew recap their time at Podcast Movement Andrew will be at Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis on August 31. If you see him, say hi! Micah and Eric will be at LeakyCon 2019 from October 11-13 in Boston - register today ( using code MUGGLE for $10 off! It's a mailbag episode full of exciting voicemails and listener emails! When the Weasley twins tossed snowballs at the back of Quirrell's head, was this foreshadowing on the part of J.K. Rowling? A Crackpot Theory blows us away: Did Dumbledore attempt to recreate Ariana and accidentally create Credence? Was hiding the Sorcerer's Stone an attempt by Dumbledore to see Harry's true heart? Given how fast the phoenix evolves at the end of Crimes of Grindelwald, could it be an illusion? One listener tells us that she originally had no idea that Harry Potter was a British book series! Emails cover Lily's protection, James' sacrifice, theme park expansion and more! And... Could the Deathly Hallows have been made from a thestral? Laura tells us about her time at a Harry Potter-themed AirBNB, and the panel comes up with ideas for their own rental property. Become a member of our community ( today on Patreon and receive awesome, magical benefits!
Aug 19, 2019
#429: Sidecar Joy
We're live from Orlando at Podcast Movement 2019! We're staying at the wrong hotel, but it's cool because there are a ton of inns and Unfoundables! Eric and Micah ride and review Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure The twists, the turns, the creatures and more! Why you should ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure even if you're not a roller coaster person We debate the motorbike vs. the sidecar -- Andrew has evolved on the debate How does this ride compare to Forbidden Journey and Escape from Gringotts? We rank the four Potter rides at Wizarding World Orlando! There's some new merch at the Wizarding World that Eric and Andrew want to get their hands on, like shirts that read "Hogwarts Alumni"! Universal announces a fourth theme park, Epic Worlds, and rumors surface about a Fantastic Beasts land. What would we like to see? Micah and Eric will be at LeakyCon 2019 from October 11-13 in Boston - register today ( using code MUGGLE for $10 off! Become a member of our community ( today on Patreon and receive awesome, magical benefits! This week's episode is brought to you by AWAY, the most excellent suitcase. Visit ( for $20 off your suitcase.
Aug 14, 2019
#428: Finishing Sorcerer's Stone, 13 Years Later
Join Andrew in Indy for a special Wizards Unite gathering over Labor Day Weekend! On a related note, we discuss our latest thoughts on the game. MuggleCasTBT takes us back to a dark Cursed Child prediction  Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces The last time we analyzed a chapter from Sorcerer's Stone was 2006! A lot has changed since then 7-Word Summary: Quirrell surprises Harry with Voldemort’s head attacheSurprise! It wasn't Snape!  We analyze Professor Quirrell as a character pre-Voldemort, with help from Pottermore What does it mean to have a "special gift" with trolls? Snape the Savior: should the debate about his loyalties have ended here?  How Harry's reliance on his intuition allowed him to defeat Quirrell Was there a confrontation between Dumbledore and Voldemort in the chamber? Should Dumbledore have confided the prophecy in a 11-year-old? Connecting the Threads with Deathly Hallows: Harry awakens to Dumbledore, death as a choice, James and Snape, and endings at King's Cross Notable Quotables, MVP of the Week and Rename the Chapter Quizzitch: What film actor, who appeared in Movie 1, has the same birthday as the character he portrays? Andrew, Micah and Eric will be hosting a meetup in Orlando on Thursday, August 15th! Can you make it? Let us know ( ! This week's episode is brought to you by ThirdLove: Visit for 15% off your first order!
Aug 05, 2019
#427: Connecting Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows
We're going to be in Orlando this August - if you're in the neighborhood, come say hi! Visit our site to fill out our brief survey. There's never been a better time to support the show! Become a Patron ( by July 31 and get this year's TWO physical gifts - signed album art and a MuggleCast tote bag! Our main discussion is The Secrets of Sorcerer's Stone: We expose the little things in the first book that ended up playing a larger role later in the series -- especially within Deathly Hallows. Does Dumbledore govern Harry's existence from the very beginning of the series? What protected Harry overnight on the Privet Drive stoop? #SecurityNightmare Did Rowling know the role Sirius would play in later books? Why are wizards so willing to risk exposing themselves following Voldemort's downfall? Why does Dumbledore think Harry's scar will come in handy? Does Dumbledore suspect a Horcrux connection exists this early on? We connect the MANY threads between Sorcerer's Stone and Deathly Hallows The importance of Gringotts and Griphook King's Cross and the Doorway Between Worlds Dumbledore's Chocolate Frog Card and what it means for Fantastic Beasts We discuss Centaurs, Harry's Magical Protection and Snape's Loyalties The Sorcerer's Stone, the Deathly Hallows and the Quest for Immortality  The Golden Snitch and Neville's bravery Patrons question the "Lost 24 Hours" between Voldemort killing Harry's parents and Harry's arrival at Privet Drive, Dudley's tail, and school attendance
Jul 29, 2019
#426: Discovering Sorcerer's Stone
Do the people behind Wizards Unite listen to MuggleCast? Some new game features would suggest so! Eric announces the MuggleNet Caption Contest ( is back! #MuggleCasTBT takes us back to a bold prediction made about Nicolas Flamel and his "safe house" in Crimes of Grindelwald We take listener feedback on last week's Dark Mark tattoo debate Our Main Discussion focuses on The Beginning of Harry Potter Did Sorcerer's Stone launch a generation of readers? Harry Potter's biggest ally may have been the Internet! How did all of the hosts get started on the Potter series? We discuss J.K. Rowling's struggles behind getting published, including being a woman Did you know Rowling didn't even have a middle name until Sorcerer's Stone was published? We revisit our Episode 200 interview ( with Harry Potter producer David Heyman, who talks about how he found Harry Was it really necessary to change Book 1's name to Sorcerer's Stone in the United States? We read interesting comments from Scholastic's Editor at the time, Arthur Levine. The hosts share what moments in Sorcerer's Stone really resonated with them and name their favorite chapter Quizzitch: What time does the Hogwarts Express depart from platform 9¾? There's never been a better time to support the show! Become a Patron ( by July 31 and get this year's physical gifts - signed album art and a MuggleCast tote bag!
Jul 22, 2019
#425: Half-Blood Prince in Review
Fire at Leavesden Studios! Did it impact the Studio Tour at all?  Almost all of the hosts have been leveling up in Wizards Unite! We'll be in Orlando this August for Podcast Movement and want to meet up with YOU at CityWalk! MuggleCasTBT takes us all the way back to 2006 for a final battle prediction! We tie up loose ends with our Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book-in-review episode! 14-Word Summary: Harry Potter and Dumbledore discover the secret about Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes from the memories The hosts Rename the Book with some interesting titles and hand out their MVP of the Book awards Was Half-Blood Prince anyone's favorite book? Least favorite book? Patrons weigh in with their thoughts! From The Cave to the fake horcrux discovery, the hosts give their favorite and least favorite moments of Half-Blood Prince Horace Slughorn and Rufus Scrimgeour headline our most notable new characters What were the Top 7 Moments of Half-Blood Prince? We discuss several book-to-movie comparisons as well as Jim Broadbent's portrayal of Slughorn What lies ahead now that Half-Blood Prince is a wrap? Emails cover Elphias Doge, Ginny and Grindelwald's reaction to Dumbledore's death Voicemails include Dumbledore's movie tribute, Snape being labeled a coward and Death Eater tattoos Quizzitch: Which Harry Potter books do not have a chapter with the same name as their title? Send us your odds and ends thoughts from Sorcerer's Stone! Use the contact form, our voicemail line, or e-mail directly This episode is brought to you by Thirdlove: Go to to find your perfect bra and get 15% off your first purchase!
Jul 15, 2019
#424: Sad Woodstock (HBP 30, The White Tomb)
Fakes News! There is no Potter television series is in the works...for now... Puffs is coming to Chicago! MuggleCasTBT takes us back to the ultimate Cursed Child prediction! Chapter-by-Chapter concludes with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 30 - The White Tomb Our final Half-Blood Prince 7-Word Summary: Harry feels really bad about breaking Dumbledore The Wizarding World pays tribute to Dumbledore Despite everything that has happened, why can't Ginny make amends with Fleur? Told ya so, Harry! Hermione's found out the truth about Eileen Prince! Harry likens Snape to Voldemort. Is this a fair comparison? How bad is Harry's guilt in having trusted the Half-Blood Prince all year long? Harry pities Malfoy - will this play into future Deathly Hallows scenes? Who is the man giving Dumbledore's eulogy? Why don't we get more context to Dumbledore's earlier years? Was this being saved for Deathly Hallows? Fantastic Beasts? WHY is Umbridge there? Are there others in attendance who are not mentioned we may have known? Is Dumbledore's body bursting into flames typical for wizard funerals or just Dumbledore? The honeymoon is over...Harry and Ginny break up! Despite Scrimgeour's insensitive timing, should Harry have tried to work with the Ministry? What would have happened if Harry came across Snape in his quest for the Horcruxes? Deathly Hallows teasers: Privet Drive, Bill & Fleur's Wedding and Godric's Hollow The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename the Chapter Introducing our 2019 Patron Gift: The MuggleCast tote bag! Perfect for carrying Harry Potter books or jars of pickles around town. Pledge at the Dumbledore's Army level or above by July 31st to receive your own! Quizzitch: Which book ends with "And together they walked back through the gateway to the Muggle world"? We share some exciting news on what's ahead for MuggleCast!
Jul 08, 2019
#423: 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' review
Introducing MuggleCasTBT! Each week on the show and on social media, we'll be sharing a clip from an old episode in which we make a prediction about Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts. In our first clip, Micah correctly predicts that Dumbledore will be a crucial part of the Fantastic Beasts film series when we still had no idea that he would even be in it. The MuggleCasters review Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the highly-anticipated game from the creators of Pokemon GO! What are our overall impressions of the game? Is it living up to expectations? What are we liking and hating most about Wizards Unite? Elements like graphics, mechanics, spell points, and desolate areas are discussed. Does Laura enjoy playing it in the bathroom, or is she just going to the bathroom while recording? Has it inspired us to get up and move around more? Why is it not as popular as Pokemon GO? The first official Wizards Unite event is happening in Indianapolis, and Andrew's thinking about going. In Bonus MuggleCast, available exclusively on Patreon, we talk about what Harry Potter video games we would kill to see next. Quizzitch: What material do Fred and George wear to DD’s funeral? Reminder: Next week is our analysis of the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
Jul 01, 2019
#422: Fawkes Unites (HBP 29, The Phoenix Lament)
Welcome Slug Club member Chloe! Wizards Unite is out and we discuss what we like about the game so far! Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is dealing with some launch pains Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 29 The Phoenix Lament 7-Word Summary: After Dumbledore's death, Harry regroups with friends Harry breaks the news of Dumbledore's death and reveals the truth about Snape and Draco Lupin's loses control when learning of Dumbledore's death in a way Harry has never seen. Is this because of everything Dumbledore has done for Lupin? We discuss the healing impact of Fawkes' phoenix song on the Order Why did Lupin or Sirius never tell Harry about Snape and Lily? Given Harry had been right about Draco all year, if you were Ron and Hermione, how would you feel? The Vanishing Cabinet and Hand of Glory have strong threads connecting them back to Chamber of Secrets When Flitwick comes to get Snape and is mysteriously unconscious, why aren't Hermione and Luna quicker on the uptake? Shouldn't the fact that Snape didn't kill Flitwick tell us that more is happening than meets the eye? Does Snape actually save Luna and Hermione's lives? With Death Eaters in Hogwarts, do we think Snape is trying to act as quickly as possible to prevent them from harming the students/? Why didn't the Order stop Snape and Malfoy? Why didn't they alert the Ministry? Much like in Goblet of Fire, why didn't the Dark Mark trigger an immediate Ministry response? We react to Fleur's response to Bill's condition and Tonks' big reveal about Lupin Is Harry not trusting in McGonagall about the Horcruxes a mistake? Should Hogwarts remain open? The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter Quizzitch: In the final chapter of Half-Blood Prince, who is sitting in Snape's seat in the Great Hall? This week's episode is sponsored by the Eaglemoss' Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts figurine collections! Get figurines of Harry and Hermione, plus free shipping, for just $9.95 by going to!
Jun 24, 2019
#421: Sidecar Blues (Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Ride Review)
Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter has just opened its latest coaster, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, and we review it! We're joined by The Insider's Kirsten Acuna, who rode the Motorbike Adventure with Andrew. Check out Kirsten's review of the ride ( and her report on the queue's easter eggs ( ! And here's Andrew's review ( on Hypable. The ride's queue is intriguing: It's the ruins of Hogwarts, with inscriptions and art from students over the decades. It's here where Hagrid also birthed a Blast-Ended Skrewt. Soooo about this Blast-Ended Skrewt: What large hole is spraying us while we're on the Motorbike Adventure???  Andrew and Kirsten review the ride, which is a thrilling technological marvel. And riding it at night is a whole different experience!  The fandom has a new debate on their hands: Is the Motorbike or Sidecar the better vehicle to ride in? We take questions from Patreon supporters: How does this ride compare to the others? How intense is it? In this week's Bonus MuggleCast ( , available exclusively on Patreon, we analyze the connection between Fawkes and Dumbledore, and what makes it so special. This week's episode is sponsored by HelloFresh (For $80 off your first month, go to and use promo code MuggleCast80) and the Harry Potter Figurine Collection (Visit to get two figurines for $9.95, and free shipping).
Jun 17, 2019
#420: Really Loose Pockets (HBP 28, Flight of the Prince)
Unplug your Alexa's: Our Slug Club guest this week had her name stolen from Amazon! Vans' new line of Harry Potter shoes is causing some ripples amongst fans -- how'd Hufflepuff gets the short end of the stick? Andrew is in Orlando for the opening of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Follow us on Instagram to get looks at the new ride! MuggleMail: What would've happened if the Death Eaters weren't waiting for Dumbledore back at Hogwarts? And the best DVD/Blu-ray collection question gets answered. Chapter by Chapter: Half-Blood Prince Chapter 28, Flight of the Prince. Have we ever felt like Harry did in the opening of this scene, as if we're hurling through space because of a life-changing event? Hogwarts Is A Security Nightmare Example #9134891: Kids running around while hearing ruckus. Where's the lock-down? Warning: Never light Laura's house is on fire while her dog is inside. She will be enraged. Harry has to remind Hagrid to put out his burning home. He ALSO has to remind him how to conjure one of earth's core elements: WTF? Even while working for the Greater Good, Snape still takes the opportunity to besmirch James. Why so mean? The Half-Blood Prince is revealed, and Snape can't stand being called a coward. What's going through his mind in this moment? The movie version of this chapter is different to say the least. We compare and contrast. Dumbledore's pockets are now available for everyone to peruse, and the locket presents itself. Uh oh. Quizzitch: From whom does Lupin learn that Dumbledore has died? Thank you to this week's sponsors: The Harry Potter Figurine Collection (, Scentbird ( for 50% off), and ThirdLove ( for 15% off). Support the show by supporting supporting our advertisers!
Jun 10, 2019
#419: Snape Loves Dumbledore (HBP 27, The Lightning Struck Tower)
We're joined by Slug Club member Alicia, who wants to know: How does Ollivander's stay in business? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to Canada -- it's the sixth production! MuggleMail: Horcruxes probably can't be made via assisted suicide; what's the best DVD/Blu-ray set available?; thank goodness the Trio didn't have to go into The Cave; in defense of Harry Potter. We've passed 1,000 Patrons, an amazing milestone! Thank you to everyone for their support. Chapter by Chapter: Half-Blood Prince Chapter 27, The Lightning Struck Tower. Harry has to face one of the worst situations for a child to be in. Dumbledore once again experiences The Surge: He's damn good on a broom. Dumbledore speaks to Draco in a way that's reminiscent of how he'd speak to Tom. Harry needs a cloak that deflects spells -- he's been frozen under the cloak twice in one book. Why is Draco incapable of killing Dumbledore? Would this have been a different situation if Draco were a few years older? Severus... Please: This line was an amazing bit of work from Rowling. Snape's Avada Kedavra isn't written like the Killing Curse typically is. Is it because Snape was also trying to A) Prove he meant it, and B) move the body away from further harm? To say goodbye to Dumbledore, we read Patrons' favorite Dumbledore lines in Dumbledore (and Micah) voices. In light of analyzing this scene, we revisit Andrew's Astronomy Tower of Terror ride idea. This time it has exciting new twists! Quizzitch: Who did Draco mistake for being dead? This week's episode is brought to you by The Wizarding World Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Hero Collector (get two figurines for the price of one, plus free shipping, at and OpenFit (text MuggleCast to 303030 for a FREE month trial)!
Jun 03, 2019
#418: Wizarding World Gold
* We're live from Andrew's living room in Chicago! * The new website (sort of) goes live and we get our official passports! * Question is… what do we do with them? * Wizarding World Gold: what is it and how much is it going to cost fans? * Following Crimes of Grindelwald and a Fantastic Beasts 3 delay, is this news breaking at the wrong time? * What benefits would we like to see from a premium Wizarding World service? * Muggle Mail covers where people listen, politics, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore, security at Hogwarts and "good" Horcruxes * Why did Voldemort put so little protection around his other Horcruxes? * Did Dumbledore experience a "surge" before his inevitable fate on the Lightening-Struck Tower? * Why didn't we talk more about the fact that Draco was crying when Harry found him in the bathroom? * Did Snape create Sectumsempra for James Potter and Sirius Black? * Quizzitch: Where do Harry and Dumbledore apparate to upon their return from The Cave? * We're off next week! * Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon): What if… Dumbledore had told Harry the truth about Snape in that moment of hesitation? * This week's episode is brought to you by Scentbird (visit and use code MUGGLECAST for perfume or cologne for $7.50!) and ThirdLove (visit for 15% off your first purchase!)
May 20, 2019
#417: Next Level Magic (HBP 26, The Cave)
* Welcome Slug Club member Natalie! * News: we get our first look at animatronic Hagrid and discuss the changes coming to Pottermore! * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Chapter 26, The Cave * 7-Word Summary: Together they enter the mysterious boat ride * The perfect breaststroke: what do we make of Dumbledore's new-found agility? Is it pure adrenaline? His eagerness to find the Horcrux? * Next level magic: it leaves traces and can be felt! Might J.K. Rowling explain this further in the Fantastic Beasts series? * Why does this Horcrux have the highest level of protection? Is it because it once belonged to Voldemort's mother?   * Has Voldemort visited the cave since he placed the Horcrux here?  * Why is Harry's blood more valuable upon entering the cave but not for exiting? * The simple approach: even in the most dangerous of situations, Dumbledore is still teaching Harry * Is it possible that because part of Voldemort resides within Harry, that the magic within the cave is mistaking him for Voldemort? * Magical weight vs. human weight and how Voldemort's tends to overlook those he considers to be "less than himself" * Does Dumbledore's reaction to the bodies in the lake reflect the fact that he's resigned himself to his fate? * What do we think Dumbledore is seeing when he drinks the potion? We recall we didn't have the context of Ariana when we first theorized about this in 2005! * Dumbledore's Ring of Fire: what spell does he cast to ward off the Inferi? * Despite her absence Laura does an amazing job Connecting The Threads (and planning the discussion)! * The hosts reveal their Horcrux Hidey Hole, MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter! * Quizzitch: Which Death Eater calls Dumbledore "Dumby"?  * We've finally got @mugglecast on Instagram! Thanks for the help, Amy and Amanda! * This week's episode is sponsored by AWAY. Get $20 off a suitcase by going to and using promo code MUGGLECAST20.
May 13, 2019
#416: Not Sorry (HBP 25, The Seer Overheard)
* For the first time in five years, J.K. Rowling stays quiet on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts * Fantastic Beasts 3 filming is delayed until 2021! How will this impact the fandom? Will people lose interest in the series? * This Week in MuggleCast History returns! * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 25 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Seer Overheard * 7-Word Summary: Harry discovers who listened to the prophecy * Harry and Ginny: why did Rowling gloss over some of the happiest moments of Harry's life? * Hermione begins to unravel the identity of the Half-Blood Prince... and Harry "just knows" it isn't a woman! Is he being sexist? * Why is Harry still so defensive of the Half-Blood Prince? Truth is, we've seen him behave this way before! * The Room of Requirement: easier to access than previously thought - you just need to be drunk! * Why has Dumbledore been so reluctant to see Trelawney lately? * Harry learns Snape was the one who overheard the prophecy! Would Dumbledore have ever told him? * What does it say about Snape's character that despite playing a role in Harry's father's death, he still continues to insult James? * Is Albus and Aberforth's relationship as contentious as we're led to believe in Deathly Hallows? * Lax security: is there any reason to think the school will be safe with Harry and Dumbledore headed to The Cave? * The hosts Rename The Chapter and give their MVPs of the Week * Quizzitch: What is the first spell Harry casts at the Inferi? * Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon): what if Hermione had discovered the identity of the Half-Blood Prince in this chapter? Would it have been too much for Harry to deal with?
May 06, 2019
#415: The Worst at Everything He Does (HBP 24, Sectumsempra)
* Which character, if any, will JKR pay tribute to on May 2? * MuggleMail covers the power of love, Felix Felicis and interesting listening locations * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 24 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Sectumsempra * 7-Word Summary: Harry almost gets discovered by Snape bathroom * Breakup Central: Ron and Lavender and Dean and Ginny are splitsville! * Charms Class and Quidditch: we reflect on how Harry's time at Hogwarts is coming to an end * Katie Bell has finally returned and Harry remains convinced Draco was behind her attack * Harry is hung up on Felix Felicis and Hermione draws an interesting conclusion about the effects on the potion * Ravenclaws and Gryffindors: how Quidditch championship matches bring out their wild side! * Let's go to the bathroom… because it's where all the important shi*t happens in the Potter series * Sectumsempra: Why would Harry use a spell on Draco when he has no clue of its effect? * Why doesn't Harry argue that he was defending himself against an Unforgivable Curse? * Was Snape also keeping tabs on Draco? Was Moaning Myrtle assisting him? * Should a professor be able to use Legilimency on a student to find out the truth? * Does Harry's punishment fit the crime? Shouldn't it have been more severe? * The Room of Requirement: we get brief glimpses of the Vanishing Cabinet and the Diadem Horcrux * The Half-Blood Prince's book has done a lot of good for Harry and he lets Hermione know it! * Ginny rushes to Harry's defense and SLAMS Hermione not once, but twice! * Snape detention has an interesting twist to it!The hosts believe it's important that Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup without Harry * Harry and Ginny: did it feel rushed? Forced? Or about damn time?!?! * We Rename The Chapter and give our MVPs of the Week! * Quizzitch: What unlikely companion does Harry find outside the Room of Requirement? * This week's episode is brought to you by OpenFit! Text MuggleCast to 303030 to receive full access to all the workouts and nutrition info for a month! * In Bonus MuggleCast, available exclusively on Patreon, we discuss what would have happened if Draco had died as a result of the Sectumsempra attack! [podcoin]
Apr 29, 2019
#414: Secrets Discovered (HBP 23, Horcruxes)
* Universal reveals the beasts we can expect to see on Hagrid's motorbike adventure including one never seen in the films! * We take voicemails in defense of Slughorn, on the Room of Requirement, Harry's daydreaming and Hufflepuffs ability to find things * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 23 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Horcruxes * 7-Word Summary: Secrets are discovered inside the Slughorn office * Compromised security: what's up with the Fat Lady denying Harry entrance to Gryffindor Tower? Could Felix have still been at work? * Dumbledore is initially shocked that Harry has acquired the memory. Did he really think Harry could do it? * Do we actually know where Tom first learned about Horcruxes? * We contrast Tom and Harry's approach to extracting information from Slughorn * Wizards of a certain caliber have always been drawn to Horcruxes... really?!?! Like who? * We learn Dumbledore is particularly fierce about Horcruxes. Why is that? Could Grindelwald have made one? * Horcrux Breakdown: the diary, the ring, the locket, the cup, Nagini and something of either Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's * Did part of Dumbledore's prophecy explanation reveal that Harry is a Horcrux? * Can Voldemort feel when one of his Horcruxes is destroyed? Not in the books, but it works in the films! * Does Dumbledore's rant about tyrants creating self-fulfilling prophecies mean even more now that we know more about Grindelwald? * The hosts rename the chapter and give their MVPs * Quizzitch: How long does it take to make Felix Felicis? * In celebration of recording on 4/20, we offer thoughts on which characters in the wizarding world like the ganga!
Apr 22, 2019
#413: Horcrux Hangover (HBP 22, After the Burial)
* Slug Club member Sara joins the show! * Muggle Mail covers Bunty The Spy, Snape The Protector and Snape The Bully * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 22 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, After The Burial * 7-Word Summary: Aragog causes Harry no issues with Slughorn * Despite its dark undertones, is this one of the funniest chapters of the series? * Eric tells us why Hagrid's letter defined his Potter reading experience * Aragog is one of our biggest (literally) connecting threads between Half-Blood Prince and Chamber of Secrets * Will we see Aragog make an appearance in the Fantastic Beasts series? * Thanks to Ron... it's time for Harry to GET LUCKY! * Thoughts of Ginny... are they romantic or a bit disgusting? * If the placebo Felix Felicis effect worked on Ron, do we think it could have done the same for Harry? * Is Slughorn so elusive because he considered Harry would eventually use Felix Felicis? * Venomous tentacula, acromantula venom, unicorn hair... Slughorn has a side-hussle! * House-Elves as poison taste-testers! What does this reveal about Slughorn's character? * I Will Remember You: our patrons pay tribute to Aragog * Let's get drunk! Is this becoming a recurring theme in Half-Blood Prince? * Does Slughorn feel guilty, maybe even responsible, for what happened to Lily? * Francis The Fish is possibly the best addition the filmmakers made to the series * Rename The Chapter and MVP of the Week * Quizzitch: Who tells Nearly-Headless Nick about Dumbledore's whereabouts?
Apr 15, 2019
#412: Determinedly (HBP 21, The Unknowable Room)
* The latest on JKR's assistant's credit card fraud * Quidditch Through The Ages is getting an illustrated edition! * Team StarKid is turning 10 and they're planning an event in LA! * Muggle Mail covers the cursed DADA position, Dumbledore lecturing Harry and the powers of Hufflepuff's Cup * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 21 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Unknowable Room * 7-Word Summary: Harry searches for Draco unsuccessfully but determinedly * JKR drops yet another subtle hint to the identity of the Half-Blood Prince * Dobby and Kreacher report back their findings on Malfoy!  * Despite the result, should Harry have been more explicit with his instructions? * Why does Harry never consider that Draco could be entering the Room of Requirement? * What combination of words would we use to try and enter the room? * Given her persistence, should Hermione have offered Harry suggestions on how to acquire the Slughorn's memory? * Snape is having a really bad day (again), but should he be taking it out on his students? * Why was Tonks in this chapter? What did she need to see Dumbledore about? * We draw connections between Moaning Myrtle, Draco and Tom Riddle * The hosts Rename The Chapter and give their MVPs of the Week! * Quizzitch: When Professor Slughorn gets plant leaves from Professor Sprout, what group of students does he say they are for? * In Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon): The creators of the amazing graphic art within the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series visit Chicago, and Eric recaps their event. * Don't forget to follow @MuggleCastPod on Instagram! * This week's episode is brought to you by Robinhood, the easiest way to invest in stocks, ETFs, cryptos and more. Get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint at!
Apr 08, 2019
#411: RiddleGin (HBP 20, Lord Voldemort's Request)
* We're now on Instagram! Follow us: @MuggleCastPod! * A first edition Potter book sells for $90,000! Have any hosts ever been tempted to buy a rare piece of Potter memorabilia? * Patreon update: Get ready! Signed album art and our 2019 gift are coming! Pledge now to become eligible to receive the goods. * We take feedback on last week's J.K. Rowling discussion * Voicemails cover a listener who doesn't like JKR (but is nice about it), Fawkes, Horcruxes and Cursed Child San Francisco * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 20 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Lord Voldemort's Request * 7-Word Summary: Voldemort tries again to obtain Dumbledore’s allowance * Just how is Draco getting the "ingredients" he needs for Polyjuice Potion? * Hogwarts staffing problem: what's the deal with Trelawney and Firenze? * Dumbledore calmly shames Harry for not retrieving Slughorn's memory. Have we ever experienced anything like this in real life? * Given everything Harry has been through recently, is this a fair request? Why doesn't Dumbledore get off his ass and do it himself? * How might the course of history have changed if Tom Riddle had been allowed to teach at Hogwarts? * Hepzibah, Hokey and Horcruxes * What was Voldemort truly after in Dumbledore's office? * It is clear Dumbledore had inside information on Voldemort early on. Why didn't he do more to stop him? * From tour guide to caretaker, the hosts give Voldemort a job at Hogwarts! * Rename The Chapter and MVP of the Week return!  * We make several connections between this chapter and Order of the Phoenix * Quizzitch: How many points does Harry lose for being later to DADA class? * This week's episode is brought to you by OpenFit! Work out from the comfort of your own home and see great results -- text 'MUGGLECAST' to 303030 to receive a special extended 30-day trial!
Apr 01, 2019
#410: What Happened To This Fandom?
- Welcome Slug Club member Kayla! - The cover for Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition is here -- could it be the best one yet? - Micah may've discovered a Cursed Child reference on the cover.... - Details concerning Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure are revealed. Micah was on the scene for an event. - What mysterious beast will we encounter that never made it into the films? - The man behind Fantastic Beasts is out at Warner Brothers -- will JKR say anything? - Main Discussion: J.K. Rowling and The Fans Who Now Attack Her - The hosts react to the recent misleading headlines about Dumbledore and Grindelwald's "intense sexual" relationship - How far apart are the headlines from what J.K. Rowling actually said?  - Do fans of the Potter series owe it to themselves to fact check before reacting? - The Complex History of JKR and Controversy: outing Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione's relationship, Cursed Child, Native Americans and more - Is there a very real possibility that we have burned our bridge to JKR as a fandom? - The hosts and patrons share what they would like to see from JKR in the future. Everyone's responses are available to read on Patreon. - Quizzitch: In her first memory, what time does Tom Riddle come calling for Hepzibah Smith? - Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon): we discuss the latest news on the upcoming iOS and Android game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!
Mar 25, 2019
#409: 'Crimes of Grindelwald' Commentary Track
Join the MuggleCasters as they watch Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald together! This is a commentary track in which we watch the entire movie and discuss everything that's going on. Don't stop once the credits start rolling -- we end up talking all the way through them, and after. We're those people in the theater who refuse to leave! This is a movie commentary track meant to be played in sync with your own copy of the film. This commentary is designed to work with American DVDs (which are in NTSC format) and all digital and Blu-ray copies of the movie. At the beginning of the commentary we help you sync up with us. ENJOY!
Mar 18, 2019
#408: Ron Is Relevant? (HBP 19, Elf Tales)
* News on Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is coming!  * MuggleMail covers the Goldstein last name, Accio-ing bullfrogs and the Deathly Hallows * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 19 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Elf Tales * 7-Word Summary: Quidditch takes a backseat to Draco’s activities * Horace Slughorn: Death Eater or Target? Is Dumbledore being reckless again? * Hermione's voice of reason: is anyone listening? * Harry has saved most of the Weasley family. Where was he when Fred needed him most? * Hagrid's conversation with Harry and Hermione has strong ties to Chamber of Secrets * Why is Dumbledore angry with Snape? * Hagrid displays a side of him we haven't seen before!  * What does it say about Ron that more people aren't concerned about what happened to him? * A "rogue" bludger lands Harry in the hospital... sounds familiar! * Harry takes his stalking of Draco to a new level with Kreacher and Dobby * Connecting The Threads, Rename The Chapter and MVP of the Week * Voicemails cover Fawkes, Newt as an Animagus, Dumbledore and more * Quizzitch: Who was the DADA teacher when Lord Voldemort was at Hogwarts? * Our Crimes of Grindelwald commentary is headed your way next week! * This week's episode is brought to you by AMC Shudder (Visit and use promo code 'mugglecast' for a free 30-day trial) and Robinhood (visit for a free stock!)
Mar 11, 2019
#407: G.O.A.T. (HBP 18, Birthday Surprises)
* News: WB CEO speaks out on the Crimes of Grindelwald  * Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be released this summer! * JKR returns to Twitter… sort of… * MuggleMail: One listener surprises her daughter in a very cool way on her 9 3/4 birthday * Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Chapter 18 of Half-Blood Prince, Birthday Surprises * 7-Word Summary: Ron doesn't really love Romilda Vane wholeheartedly  * Harry must juggle telling Ron and Hermione about Dumbledore's task * Why aren't more questions about Horcruxes being asked? * Harry once again masters Potions Class: is it foretelling of what's to come later in the chapter? * JKR drops another subtle hint that Snape is the Half-Blood Prince * Do we feel bad that Hermione is working her butt off while Harry is essentially cheating his way through Potions? * Harry and his mother: A deep discussion about Lily, Snape, Potions and Slughorn * Would the Internet have helped Hermione's Horcrux search? * The hosts debate which mode of transport is better: flying or Apparition * Maraudering Malfoy: Is Harry borderline stalking Draco at this point? * How do all of these tainted/poisoned items continue to get into Hogwarts? * Patreon Question of the Week: Should anyone in Lavender’s situation forgive Ron due to the love potion? Is it an excuse? Or does it destroy a relationship? * Connecting The Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: Who is the “big Hufflepuff” player that gets the Quaffle from Ginny during Quizzitch? * In Bonus MuggleCast, the gang work together to play BuzzFeed's viral "How many Harry Potter characters can you name?" quiz. We won't spoil how well we did, but we were pretty pleased with our results. * This week's episode is brought to you by CHEGG (visit and use promo code MuggleCast for $5 off) and OpenFit (Text MuggleCast to 30-30-30 for a free 30-day trial)!
Mar 04, 2019
#406: Crimes of Grindelwald Deleted Scenes Analysis
* Slug Club member Jac joins the show all the way from Australia! * Fantastic Beasts 3 is seemingly delayed! When can we expect it in theaters? * Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is set to open this June! * We dive deep in the Crimes of Grindelwald deleted scenes & featurettes * Credence and Nagini: why was their budding romance left on the cutting room floor? * There was a completely different opening to this film and we discuss why it would have worked!  * Dumbledore reveals the truth behind why he sent Newt to New York! * Who is the man Grindelwald fears above all others? Is it truly Dumbledore? * The Romance That Will Never Be: Dumbledore & McGonagall * Hello, Yaxley! * Leta's mysterious ballroom dance: Can she hear other people's thoughts just like Queenie? What does “her brother will lead us from the shadows…” mean? * Newt's Basement gives us more Augurey screen time and another look at those Baby Nifflers * We geek out with Ezra & Evanna as they watch select scenes from Crimes of Grindelwald * It's clear Dumbledore knows something about Credence, but Ezra can't divulge! * J.K. Rowling: A World Revealed includes her feelings on the differences between the first two films, Heyman's analysis of Grindelwald vs. Voldemort and a great Yates' hero quote! * JKR makes it clear that the line between good and bad is not as defined in this series: "Good guys cross over, bad guys are redeemed!" * What?!? "Make no assumptions. Whatever you think you know at the end of the movie may not be the case when you get to the end of the third movie." * Quizzitch: What prop did the art department make 100 copies of to place in the French Ministry of Magic? * This week's episode is brought to you by the new podcast [One Plus One](! The show tells the story of some of the world’s most legendary creative unions like Beyonce & Jay-Z, Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and Lorne Michaels and the first cast of Saturday Night Live. * Bonus MuggleCast, available on Distinctly Dumbledore - we discuss some notable revelations, including that Jude Law now knows everything Rowling does about Dumbledore and that there was, in fact, a sexual component to the Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship.
Feb 25, 2019
#405: Through and Through (HBP 17, A Sluggish Memory)
* News covers Cursed Child in San Fran, Fantastic Worlds and Crimes of Grindelwald * Uh oh! Dan Fogler says Fantastic Beasts 3 is bigger than the first two films combined! * Voicemails cover a furry little correction, mother in-laws and unbreakable vows  * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with A Sluggish Memory * 7-Word Summary: Young wizards can make Horcruxes from murders * What is the Fat Lady getting at by making the common room password “abstinence”? * Is Hermione too harsh to Ron when she returns, ignoring his existence entirely? * Is it time for Hermione to put a little more stock in Harry's theory about Draco? * Harry is Dumbledore's man through and through. Based on the headmaster's reaction, is this his final happy moment? * Were we surprised by Dumbledore’s reaction to Harry’s story about Snape & Draco? Is it fair for him to tell Harry to just cast his thoughts aside?  * Is it impressive how advanced Tom Riddle is at this young age? Given his ability to change the memory of his uncle Morfin? * Tom’s good looks are noted multiple times in this chapter. Is it a coincidence that both he and Harry are said to look like their fathers? * When did Slughorn alter his memory? * Why doesn't Harry ask what Horcruxes are? * Connecting The Threads to Chapter 17 of Chamber of Secrets - The Heir of Slytherin * The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename of the Chapter * Quizzitch: What is the name of the Apparition instructor? * In Bonus MuggleCast, we dive deeper into the motley crue that Tom surrounded himself with at Hogwarts. Why didn't Dumbledore keep a closer eye on them? What other teachers did Tom charm? * This week's episode is brought to you by Care/Of (Visit and use code MuggleCast50 for 50% off!) and Robinhood (Get a free stock at!
Feb 11, 2019
#404: Furry Little Problems (HBP 16, A Very Frosty Christmas)
* What’s up with JKR’s Twitter? * Larry Potter gets nixed from the latest LEGO movie * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with A Very Frosty Christmas * 7-Word Summary: Rufus tries to convince Harry by persuasion * Do the words unbreakable vow finally make Ron a believer? * Harry’s Draco argument has been rejected so many times he can hear Hermione’s response to the latest development in his head * Arrests for the sake of arrests. Perception vs. reality. We dive deep into the Ministry under Rufus Scrimgeour. * Does Lupin’s current state make him more sympathetic to Snape? * Lupin may unknowingly provide some hints to the identity of the Half-Blood Prince * How is Lupin able to go undercover without other werewolves knowing who he is? * Could the Ministry take a page out of Voldemort’s book - playing to the underserved and underrepresented? * We discuss how Scrimgeour goes about his conversation with Harry all wrong. * Why, why would the Minister use Umbridge’s name to try and strengthen any argument he made? * Is it fair Harry takes out all of his frustration towards the Ministry on Scrimgeour? * Could Harry and Dumbledore have benefited from working with the Ministry? * Connecting the Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename the Chapter * Quizzitch: How much does it cost to take Apparition lessons? * This week's episode is brought to you by [Away Travel]( (Get $20 off your suitcase by using promo code MuggleCast) and [AMC Shudder]( (Use promo code MuggleCast for a free 30-day trial)!
Feb 04, 2019
#403: Partygood (HBP 15, The Unbreakable Vow)
* Welcome Slug Club member Kristy to the show! * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with The Unbreakable Vow  * 7-Word Summary: Harry parties hard when with Luna Partygood * Harry has taken to secret passageways to avoid his admirers - is he overreacting? * Ron's behavior toward Hermione: toxic masculinity or teenage immaturity? * Hermione cautions Harry about being a target for Love Potions. Are Fred and George creating a security risk at Hogwarts? * Argus Filch and Madam Pince? OTP or a casual Harry joke? What would Mrs. Norris say? * Why Luna is a better friend to Hermione and Harry than we may realize * Why does Harry immediately regret asking her? Why didn't he ask Hermione? Why didn't he go stag? * Hermione announcing her date for all to hear - over-the-top or perfectly justified? * Slughorn's Christmas party: vampires, drunk seers and the Rotfang Conspiracy * The hosts and patrons take a crack at titling Harry's biography * Draco gatecrashes and we discuss why Snape shows a hint of fear * Should Draco take Snape up on his offer to help? * Connecting The Threads: Harry The Auror. What other professions could he have pursued? * MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Voicemails cover Tom Riddle The Obscurus, old Illustrated Edition predictions, Cursed Child Australia and more * Quizzitch: What Christmas gift does Harry receive from Kreacher? * This week's episode is brought to you by OpenFit! Text MUGGLECAST to 303030 for a free 30-day trial. * Bonus MuggleCast: Is Ginny a Mary Sue? Available at
Jan 28, 2019
#402: Snogging (HBP 14, Felix Felicis)
* Wizard dogs! Anna joins the show to talk about her Internet famous pup and how she taught Remus all of those spells! * What can we expect in the Crimes of Grindelwald Extended Edition arriving in March? * Our thoughts on why Fantastic Beasts 3 production has been delayed until Fall 2019 * Will this impact the release date in 2020? * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Felix Felicis * 7-Word Summary: Ron hates being left out of snogging * LOTS OF TEENAGE ANGST! * Harry, for the first time, acknowledges the possibility of a Ron-Hermione relationship * What if… Ron and Hermione did get together and then broke up? What if… they became like Bill and Fleur? * We explore Harry's feelings to seeing Ginny with Dean. Sorry Harry, it's more than you just being like a big brother! * Ginny OWNS Ron in an epic sibling duel! * The Slug Club & snogging: Is Ron just upset that he's always the one who gets left out? * Eric makes an important observation about the "girl" with the toadspawn in the seventh floor corridor * Harry fakes putting Felix Felicis into Ron's pumpkin juice and calls out Hermione on her Confundus Charm! * How hypocritical in his reaction to Hermione when he learns that there was no Felix Felicis? * Would Ron have snogged Lavender if he wasn't treated so poorly throughout the chapter? * Connecting the Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: In Chapter 15 of Half-Blood Prince, what is the title of the book that Harry is assigned to read for Charms class?
Jan 21, 2019
#401: Old Testament Dumbledore (HBP 13, The Secret Riddle)
- News covers a Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition release date and a Cursed Child cast change - Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Chapter 13 of Half-Blood Prince: The Secret Riddle- 7-Word Summary: Tom is very disturbed by Albus’ presence  - Exactly what does Dumbledore know about the necklace situation? Is he aware Draco is responsible? - How was Harry able to watch Caractacus Burke on the surface of the Pensieve? - How do we feel about Dumbledore confunding Ms. Cole and then getting her drunk? - Do Hogwarts professors normally make house calls to witches or wizards headed to Hogwarts? Or were Harry and Tom the exceptions because of their situations? - When we first meet young Tom Riddle in this memory, is he beyond saving? - Why does Dumbledore let Tom believe the lie that his mother couldn’t have been a witch? - We realize Dumbledore visits Tom's orphanage during the Fantastic Beasts timeline! Was he the only one? - If Tom hadn’t been left to fester in an orphanage for his first 11 years, would he have turned out differently?  - Collecting trophies: Dumbledore drops a major Horcrux clue at the end of the chapter! - From Harry entering a memory about Tom Riddle to Dumbledore's auburn hair, we connect the threads to Chapter 13 of Chamber of Secrets: The Very Secret Diary - MVP of The Week and Rename The Chapter are back! - Quizzitch: At what time is the first Gryffindor quidditch practice without Katie Bell held?
Jan 14, 2019
#400: Evanesco!
* Laura returns as we hit 400 episodes! * What Potter gifts did the hosts get for the holidays? Does Andrew have to return his to NJ Transit? See a photo of the gift on []( * Our patrons put Laura on the hot seat as she answers some tough Potter questions * Pottermore's #NationalTriviaDay tweet creates a real sh*t storm by saying Hogwarts didn't have bathrooms pre-18th Century * So… did they really just do their business wherever they stood? * Who teaches younger students how to wipe up after themselves? * Why bother adding bathrooms to Hogwarts at all? * Did wizards never see a need for a private place for them to relieve themselves? * We dig deep into our MuggleMail bag and retrieve some vintage emails just for Laura * After six years, Laura finally becomes Lady Geek of the Week, learns she correctly predicted Neville's head on fire and has a best friend named Eve * Voicemails cover a Kowalski descendant, Newt's expulsion, Queenie's mental state, a Leta horcrux and more * The Dueling Club is back featuring characters from The Crimes of Grindelwald * Quizzitch: Which Slytherin student prevented the Chamber of Secrets from being discovered? * Chicken Soup comes all the way from Pakistan! * And the hosts entertain this Crackpot Theory: Is Aurelius Dumbledore a homunculus? * In Bonus MuggleCast, [available on Patreon](, we discuss a strange Harry Potter book, Crimes of Grindelwald's prophecy, and Hermione's actions in Half-Blood Prince.
Jan 07, 2019
#399: 2018 Review, 2019 Preview
* Our final episode of 2018 & our last of the 300s. We count down our Top 7 Potter Moments of 2018! * 7\. A great year for us at MuggleCast * 6\. The New Wizarding World logo (Seriously!!) * 5\. Hogwarts Mystery * 4\. Harry Potter RPG trailer leaks * 3\. From Nagini to Aurelius Dumbledore, 2018 was full of canon additions * 2\. Cursed Child opens on Broadway * 1\. Crimes of Grindelwald hits theaters worldwide * What can we look forward to in 2019? * Harry Potter Wizards Unite? A new Wizarding World theme park attraction? * Will we learn the title of Fantastic Beasts 3 and get our first promo? * When will Goblet of Fire: Illustrated Edition hit store shelves? * Quizzitch: Graduates of the magic school Uagadou are particularly skilled in these subjects: Self-Transfiguration, Astronomy, and ???
Dec 23, 2018
#398: Order Of The Zouwu
* This week’s episode is brought to you by Wondery’s [Imagined Life podcast]( — listen to their Fantastic Beasts episode! It’s also brought to you by Care/Of, makers of monthly vitamin and supplement subscriptions. Visit and use code ‘MuggleCast’ for 25% off your first month. * Laura is back and gives us her thoughts on the Crimes of Grindelwald! Plus, we share an exciting announcement about the future of the show. * Cursed Child is a go in San Francisco * Main Discussion: Predicting Fantastic Beasts 3 (it's never too early!) * Are we headed to Rio? Austria? Both? We examine JKR's tweets. * Laura gives us a World War II history lesson * Will Castelobruxo make an appearance? Ilvermorny? * What amount of time will pass between Movies 2 & 3? * What Harry Potter-era character will make his or her debut? * Are we about to see the original Order of the Phoenix? * Each host has an interesting take on Movie 3's opening scene * Will McGonagall actually have a bigger role, like the actress' publicist says? * Will Queenie be revealed as a double agent? * Where is Yusuf Kama and does his Unbreakable Vow still apply? * Is Leta alive? * Will Newt finally stand up to Dumbledore? * Will Dumbledore destroy the Blood Pact? * Can we expect a Dumbledore / Grindelwald confrontation? * Will Dumbledore open up about his relationship with Grindelwald? * Will Eulalie Hicks save the day? * Quizzitch: Which Castelobruxo alum is/was Captain of the world-renowned Quidditch team… the Tarapoto Tree- Skimmers?
Dec 17, 2018
#397: Blue Fire Toasted
- Zoe Kravitz tells Dan Fogler that Leta getting "Blue Fired Toasted" may've been a "last minute change" -- What does that mean? - Fantastic Beasts 2 raised a lot of questions, but what about the questions the first movie raised? We revisit the first movie to see what FB2 didn't answer. Including.... - What's going on with that Obscurus in Newt's suitcase? - Where is the real Graves? - WHO is taking care of Jacob's bakery? - Which bad memories were erased by the Swooping Evil? - Why was Newt expelled? - Inconsistencies between FB1 and FB2: MACUSA, Credence's haircut, Queenie, and Accio - Voicemails address a theory on Voldemort making Nagini a Horcrux, McGonagall and Time Turners, and why Credence must go 'freely' to Grindelwald. - Quizzitch: What historical accuser of witches, later among the accused herself, is name dropped by Tina Goldstein and is also a character in Arthur Miller’s ‘the Crucible?’ - This week's episode of MuggleCast is brought to you by [Robinhood](! Start investing today and receive a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint.
Dec 10, 2018
#396: Aurelius Dumbledore Theories
- Welcome Slug Club member Jamima! - Crimes of Grindelwald continues to struggle at the box office - what can they do to improve future numbers? - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite releases their first official trailer - Andrew speaks with Universal Orlando's Manager of Entertainment Creative Development, Lora Sauls, to discuss the Wizarding World's holiday plans - Main Discussion: Aurelius Dumbledore Theories - Does Ariana's obscurus live within Credence? - Is Grindelwald speaking to the obscurus or Credence at the end of the film? - Could it be possible Dumbledore is unaware of his brother's existence? - Are Ariana and Aurelius twins? - Why was Aurelius never mentioned by Aberforth? Unearthed by Rita Skeeter? - Why was Aurelius being shipped off to the United States? - Is there still a chance that Credence is Corvus Lestrange Jr.? - Could Credence be Ariana? - One patron provides an alchemy theory and another asks if Dumbledore and Grindelwald created Credence through their blood pact? - Did the fandom misjudge how old Professor McGonagall actually is? - Could Queenie be a double agent? - Quizzitch: What does Yusuf Kama say upon awakening in Nicolas Flamel's home?
Dec 03, 2018
#395: What We Noticed In 'Grindelwald' The Second Time
* We check our initial predictions - who got the opening weekend box office total right? * Eric and Andrew give their thoughts after seeing the movie for a second time * Could an elusive iceberg creature have caused the Atlantic shipwreck? * What's up with the Deathly Hallows being carved into a Hogwarts desk? * How did Dumbledore know to warn Theseus about Grindelwald's rally? Did he tip off Nicolas Flamel as well? * Mirror of Erised: Is Dumbledore's greatest desire now undoing the blood pact? * Andrew and Micah dive deep into the Crimes of Grindelwald script book * Do a few initially missed moments suggest Grindelwald is leading Credence on? * We analyze Dumbeldore's description of an obscurus and The Predictions of Tycho Dodonus * Did we miss an early clue when Leta says to Dumbledore: "not unless you had a brother who died too"? * Dumbledore was in the Room of Requirement when he looks into the Mirror of Erised * Was Leta's death intentionally ambiguous? If both her and Corvus Jr. are gone, how does the Lestrange bloodline continue on? * JKR has been hinting at Aurelius for over two years on her website! * Voicemails cover calls from inside the theater, Queenie's allegiance, Tina, Leta, Nagini and more! * A great email analysis on Aurelius, Credence, Corvus and the raven/phoenix chick * Listeners call in live with their thoughts and questions! * Quizzitch: According to the “Crimes of Grindelwald” screenplay / film, what is Travers' official position at the Ministry of Magic? * This week's sponsors are (enter code 'MuggleCast' for a four-week trial plus postage) and Bombas (visit and use code 'MuggleCast' to get 20% off your first order)
Nov 20, 2018
#394: 'Crimes of Grindelwald' SPOILER Review!
- [Hypable's]( Danielle joins the show as we review The Crimes of Grindelwald! - What better place to start than with THAT ending! - Is Grindelwald lying to Credence about who he really is? - What we know (or think we know) about the Dumbledore family - The blood pact: what happens if you attempt to break it?   - Who initially turned Credence on to trying to discover his family history?   - The Lestrange red herring: were Leta and Yusuf even necessary? - Why was Yusuf still beholden to an Unbreakable Vow given... - ...that night on the boat in the middle of the ocean - Most talked about pre-release spoilers: Nagini and McGonagall   - Going back to Hogwarts! - Newt and Dumbledore: was their relationship well established? - Jacob and Queenie: were we surprised by the sides they chose? - Who exactly did the Prophecy implicate?   - Nicolas Flamel, Abernathy, Spielman and Grimson - Favorites: New Beast & Scene - What exactly are the Crimes of Grindelwald? - Quizzitch: What is the Crimes of Grindelwald's Opening Weekend U.S. box office total?
Nov 16, 2018
#393: Final 'Crimes of Grindelwald' Predictions
* Welcome back Patrick, and Slug Club member Shannon joins the show! * News: a shifty JKR assistant and several new Crimes of Grindelwald promos! * MuggleMail covers Dumbledore understanding parseltongue and nonverbal spells * The hosts give their official Crimes of Grindelwald predictions! * What characters will be Team Grindelwald by the end of the movie? * What will be the big shock about Credence that JKR mentioned? * Will we learn where Fantastic Beasts 3 is set by the end of the film? * Will Nagini be more than Credence's emotional friend? * How will Jacob remember Queenie? * What other Potter characters will be name-checked? * How explicit will the Grindelwald/Dumbledore relationship be? * Why can Dumbledore not move against Grindelwald? * What does it mean that Leta is implicated by prophecy? * Who will be the unsuspecting hero of the movie? * Will the core four make it through the film? Who else likely won't? * Will we see Jacob's bakery? Nurmengard? * We reveal our Most Anticipated New Character and Most Anticipated New Beast! * Quizzitch: What are the names of Newt’s three pet Kneazles? * Next week: Our Crimes of Grindelwald spoiler-FILLED review! Call or e-mail us after you see the movie with your own thoughts! * This week's episode is sponsored by Casper (Visit []( and use code 'MuggleCast' at checkout) and Robinhood (Visit []( for a free stock!)
Nov 12, 2018
#392: #ProtectTheSecrets
- Laura's back! - #ProtecttheSecrets! Some fans have gotten to see Crimes of Grindelwald early! We speak to Lucas, one of the lucky few. - JKR all but reveals that Rio will be the location for Fantastic Beasts 3! - HQ Trivia - Harry Potter Edition is coming November 14! If we can't win this one, we've got issues. - Voicemails cover Hermione confunding Cormac, Potter Halloween costumes, Potter pickup lines, Dumbledore and parseltongue and a theory on Draco's real father - Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Silver and Opals - 7-Word Summary: Draco is trying out poisoned necklaces hooray! - Harry continues to test spells from the Half-Blood Prince. Is this safe to be doing on fellow students? Filch? Ron? - How do we think wizards create spells? - Clues abound over Snape being the Half-Blood Prince! - Why does Hermione take a liking to the Slug Club meetings? - Harry and Dung square off in Hogsmeade - How good is Draco's plan to get the cursed necklace to Dumbledore? - Where's the security to prevent all of this Imperius-ing in Hogsmeade? - Is Draco being given orders or coming up with these plans on his own? - Should Harry put more trust in McGonagall? - The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter - Quizzitch: To date, the Wizarding World film series has won ONE Academy Award. In what category was the award?
Nov 05, 2018
#391: Sluggybear
* Slug Club member Nicole joins the show! * Claudia Kim weighs in on the Nagini controversy  * The hosts predict the U.S. opening weekend box office total for The Crimes of Grindelwald  * MuggleMail covers obsessive love and Care of Magical Creatures * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Hermione’s Helping Hand * 7-Word Summary: Harry tries to prune Buckbeak’s big lunch * Hermione reveals why Harry is so appealing... and it definitely bothers Ron! * Did people think this provided a window for Harry and Hermione? Or was it always Hermione and Ron? * Stan Shunpike's comments land him in Azkaban. What does this tell us about the current state of wizarding affairs? * Gryffindor tryouts - whose vetting these people?!?! * Why is Hagrid letting Buckbeak just chill outside his hut? Couldn't he be recognized? * Shouldn't Hagrid be more mature in his initial reactions to the Trio? * Time Turners: were they really all destroyed? Cursed Child begs to differ! * Did Hermione confunding Cormac help along the Ron/Lavender relationship? * Is Harry to blame at all for not replacing Ron with Cormac after he found out the truth? * Connecting The Threads: The Evening Prophet, Stan Shunpike & Aragog * The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: Who delivers the message to Harry about Dumbledore's second lesson?
Oct 29, 2018
#390: Falling Softly
* Welcome Slug Club member Sam! * News: JKR shares why everyone is headed to Paris… Credence! * Voicemails cover Book 1 and 7 connections, Hogwarts professors, Leta Lestrange and more * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with 'The House of Gaunt' * 7 Word Summary: A memory comes before another big reveal * Sam shares why this chapter is one of her favorite in the series * Why can't Hermione accept following alternate directions? * Does Slughorn remember Snape as a student? * Do Trelawney's mumblings shed insight on future Pensieve memories? * Stepping inside Bob Ogden's memory * Pureblood mania is alive and well inside the House of Gaunt * Merope is part of a horrible family dynamic with Marvolo and Morfin. Is her family lineage at all to blame for her actions? * Do we blame Tom Riddle Sr. for abandoning his son? What if he didn't? * Horcrux alert: the ring and the locket * As readers, what are we to make of all this guesswork by Dumbledore? * Who is the worst character in this chapter? Merope? Marvolo? Morfin? * Connecting the Threads: Parseltongue, snakes on doors and Bob Ogden * The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: How old is Stan Shunpike? * In Bonus MuggleCast, [available exclusively on Patreon]( for Dumbledore's Army members and above, we discuss news on Yusuf Kama, Queenie & Grindelwald, the Chupacabra and the French Ministry escape
Oct 22, 2018
#389: Quirky Walrus
* This week's episode is brought to you by [ZipRecruiter]( and [Bombas](!  * News covers Harry Potter: A History of Magic in NYC, Beedle The Bard Illustrated Edition and a cool Funko Advent Calendar * The hosts try and guess the official runtime of the Crimes of Grindelwald and analyze recently released photos and posters * Fans can see Crimes of Grindelwald early at your their AMC! * We take voicemails on Nagini, Moody, Cursed Child, Hogwarts Mystery and more * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with 'The Half-Blood Prince' * 7 Word Summary: Potions is taught by a quirky walrus * Harry is still trying to convince his friends Draco is a Death Eater * Is Hagrid even qualified to teach a N.E.W.T. level course? * Why do teachers accept certain O.W.L.s for N.E.W.T. level courses but others don't? * Snape is again the focal point of the chapter. Are there any clues in this chapter to suggest that he is the Half-Blood Prince? * What do we think of Snape's remodeling of the DADA classroom? * The importance of non-verbal spells * Do we think Hermione's DADA comparison of Snape and Harry is a fair one? * Potions Class: should Harry really be using a mysterious book with mysterious handwriting? * What if Ron had gotten the book instead? * Patrons joint he hosts in sharing their MVPs of the Week and Rename the Chapter * Quizzitch: What is the topic of Hermione's essay in Chapter 10? * In Bonus MuggleCast, available exclusively on Patreon: Johnny Depp finally talks Fantastic Beasts
Oct 15, 2018
#388: Grudge Victorious
* This week's sponsor is BeachBody OnDemand! Text 'MuggleCast' to 303030 to try it for free! * Welcome Slug Club member Lottie! * Our first glimpse at the new ride coming to Wizarding World Orlando!  * Is a new open world Harry Potter video game on the way? We discuss the recently leaked trailer! * Lethal White is headed to the BBC in a four-part series! * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Snape Victorious * One listener writes in to reveal Slughorn's full name * 7 Word Summary: Harry feels really frustrated by Snape's attitude * Connecting The Threads: Late arrival to Hogwarts and a confrontation with Snape * Tonks finds Harry on the train; much like the movie, would we have preferred Luna? * Why aren't alarms going off and an official manhunt underway if Harry is missing? * The security measures in place set a much darker tone at Hogwarts * We discuss Snape's behavior towards Tonks, Harry and as a professor overall * Did Dumbledore appointing Snape DADA professor seal his own fate? * Why does Ron think Moody was a professor - does he not know the truth about Barty? * Why won't Ron still not believe Harry about Draco being a Death Eater? * Grawp's New Mountain Home - could it play a role in Fantastic Beasts? * We give our MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: What is Snape's first DADA arts lesson about?
Oct 08, 2018
#387: Evil Pickett
* We take listener feedback and voicemails on the latest Crimes of Grindelwald trailer * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with The Slug Club * 7 Word Summary goes off the rails: The tasty pheasant boards scrumptiously Belby’s mouth * Connecting the Threads: this isn't the first time Harry has suspected Malfoy of something very serious! * Why do Ron and Hermione have such a hard time believing Draco could be a Death Eater? Is his age a legitimate concern? * Why does Arthur Weasley not take Harry seriously? * Crushes and The Cool Kid's Table: the hosts share their experiences * Harry acknowledges that Neville could have been The Chosen One * Hugh "H.E.F." Slughorn... what does the E.F. in his name stand for? * What are our initial impressions of the Slug Club? Elitist or a chance for house unity? * If Draco were a true Death Eater, why didn't he just off Harry in the train compartment? * We give our MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: Who comes to Harry’s rescue when he finds himself locked out of Hogwarts?
Oct 01, 2018
#386: That's Newt, Man (Final FB2 Trailer Discussion!)
* Welcome Slug Club member Laura! * Andrew and Eric recap their trivia party * The final Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is released! * Our reactions to the big Nagini reveal! * Will this change how we think about Nagini in the Potter series? * Why is she on Voldemort's side in later years?  * Is it possible she's our first thread between Grindelwald and Voldemort? * Could Credence be helping her try to control her power much like himself? * Why is Nagini at Circus Arcanus? Is it by choice? Or is she being held captive? * Do we really believe JKR has been keeping this secret for 20 years? * Jamie Campbell Bower & Toby Regbo reprise their roles as young Grindelwald & Dumbledore * What does this mean for future films? Will their relationship finally be explored? * Why can't Dumbledore move against Grindelwald? Convenient excuse or something more magical? * Is Nicolas Flamel's home the "safe house" Dumbledore tells Newt about? * What's Tina doing in the Parisian sewer system? * What's draping all of the buildings in Paris? * New beasts, bomber jets, cool portkeys, Newt's basement and more!
Sep 26, 2018
#385: Half-Blood Prince Movie Commentary
You asked, we answered: Our latest movie commentary is for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! This audio file features our commentary on the sixth Potter movie as we all watch it. The beginning of the file offers instructions on how to sync up with us so that you can watch along! (The movie's audio is not included in this commentary track.) Patrons were able to join us as we recorded the commentary, and we incorporate their feedback throughout the episode. Enjoy!
Sep 19, 2018
#384: Nobody Screams For Ice Cream
* Special guest Kamilah joins the show! * A plug for Alanna Bennett's [excellent piece]( on what a Black Hermione represents * Evanna Lynch is Dancing With The Stars! Eric has all of the info. * Lethal White hits store shelves next week! * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Draco's Detour * Our seven word summary makes a little more sense this week: Diagon Alley looks really sad and desolate * End of the Innocence: they kidnapped the ice cream guy and the wandmaker! * JKR provides some insight on Fortescue‘s intended role * Quidditch Captain = preferred bathroom access * Why has Molly's perspective on security changed in one chapter? * How is Hagrid a viable security guard? * Harry and Narcissa face off in Madam Malkin's * Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes provides some much needed levity in an otherwise dark chapter * We’re all impressed by the twins’ level of magic * Inside Borgin and Burkes: Vanishing cabinets, necklaces, dark marks and more * Why does Hermione take such a uncalculated risk? * The hosts given their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter * Quizzitch: Who is in the first train compartment that the trio run into on the Hogwarts Express?
Sep 17, 2018
#383: She Existed
* News: Back to Hogwarts featurette, JKR's old website returns and just when was SS released in the US? * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 5 of Half-Blood Prince * We rename the chapter to... the best of our ability: Fleur was entering Harry’s room and existed * Harry and Dumbledore arrived to The Burrow sooner than expected. What else did the Headmaster have up his sleeve to pursue Slughorn? * What business does Dumbledore have with the Minister? * Why is Tonks so visibly upset? * Slughorn taught Molly and Arthur. Could there be a Fantastic Beasts cameo in the works? * We discuss the themes of security, comedy and xenophobia  * Harry lets Ron and Hermione in on the fact that he will be having lessons with Dumbledore and the truth about the prophecy * OWL mayhem  * Quizzitch returns! What classic childrens' game gets a magical upgrade in Chapter 6, Draco's Detour?
Sep 10, 2018
#382: Mail Cats
* This week's episode is sponsored by Puffs the Play! Receive [a special discount on tickets]( see Puffs at New York City's New World Stages. * Slug Club member Matt joins the show! * Back to Hogwarts: Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law surprise fans at King's Cross * Potter movies return to theaters this September * Get your velvet Slytherin bath robe! Pottery Barn releases an amazing new line up of Potter stuff! * It's the 20th anniversary of Sorcerer's Stone - the hosts and patrons share their memories of picking up the first book! * Main Discussion: Crimes of Grindelwald Set Report (spoiler alert) * We explore Paris' version of Diagon Alley... and their sewer system! * Credence has drawn everyone to Paris and is himself in search of someone important * Grindelwald escapes! Who will he be able to rally to his cause? Will we see Nurmengard? * Magic lungs, ministerial hearing parchments and sorcerer's stones * What interesting information could be found inside the French Ministry's Ancestral Archives? * New Beasts are revealed as we are introduced to the Matagot, Zouwu, Firedrake and Leucrotta * The latest on Yusuf Kama and the Maledictus, plus several of Grindelwald’s supporters have familiar names * Voicemails cover owls, wizarding jobs and trivia night in Chicago * Introducing our new Chapter by Chapter archive! * Quizzitch and Chapter-by-Chapter return next week!
Sep 03, 2018
#381: Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow
* Pat joins the show and shares his Wizarding World experience and why he still plays Hogwarts Mystery * The hosts review two recent interviews with Eddie Redmayne and David Heyman * Newt's apartment, his relationship with Theseus, Dumbledore's manipulation and more * Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 4 of Half-Blood Prince * The hosts recap the chapter in 7 words with a new Group Summary game! * Harry is allowed to use magic outside of school, but is it his first time truly Apparating? * We learn that Voldemort is now on the defensive (against Harry's mind) * Dumbledore continues to put his final plan in motion by recruiting Slughorn * References two and three - what's up with Dumbledore's blackened hand? * Why does Harry never check that Dumbledore... is in fact Dumbledore? * How does Dumbledore know where Slughorn is living - has he been tracking him? * Does Slughorn recognize what's truly happened to Dumbledore's hand? * Is Horace correct that he would be better off/safer not at Hogwarts? * The Master Collector: why does Dumbledore want Harry to become a member of the Slug Club?  * Harry will receive private lessons this year - about time! * The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename the Chapter * We receive an email on the recent Crimes of Grindelwald trailer specific to Leta Lestrange's Hogwarts house * Quizzitch: The night Harry arrives at the Burrow, which characters does he spot who aren't in the film adaptation, and which characters does he NOT interact with that he does in the movie?
Aug 27, 2018
Episode #380: Privet Drive Payoff
- []( writer Kendra joins the show! - Eric recaps a great LeakyCon weekend in Dallas! - We meet a brand-new Fantastic Beast - the chupacabra - and get our first glimpse at baby nifflers - Newt is headed to Paris to "track" Credence, but how does he even know he's alive? - Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 3 of Half-Blood Prince - Are the media headlines meant to make readers and the wizarding community feel safe despite Voldemort's known return to power? - Why has Dumbledore been reinstated as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot? - Our first (passing) mention of Inferi - Is Harry's lack of trust in Dumbledore showing up at Privet Drive a result of their relationship from Order of the Phoenix? - Why didn't Harry tell the Dursleys that Dumbledore would be visiting? How would they have reacted if he did? - We discuss Dumbledore and Petunia's prior correspondence. Was Dumbledore ready to play that hand if necessary? - Privet Drive Payoff: Dumbledore puts the Dursleys in their rightful place! - Are we seeing a Grindelwald-era Dumbledore based on the way he intimidates the Dursleys or is he just setting affairs in order? - Dumbledore's hand, mead, Grimmauld Place, Kreacher and more! - We learn that Harry must return to Privet Drive one more time - The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename the Chapter; plus a great Crackpot Theory on Felix Felicis - Quizzitch: Who gave Ambrosius Flume his first job, thanks to Slughorn?
Aug 20, 2018
Episode #379: Baby Micah
* … Did that work? Is he listening to this episode? * With Micah gone this week, we're joined by two of our listeners, Alex and Stefanie, who do their best impressions of the NY News Anchor. * Patrons in the U.S. have received their mugs, but we need to know if they arrived okay! And if yours arrived broken (rare but possible), let us know. * This week's episode is [sponsored by Puffs the Play](! Receive a special discount on tickets to see Puffs at New York City's New World Stages. * Chapter by Chapter continues with Chapter 2 of Half-Blood Prince: Spinner's End. * The brilliance of this chapter is how Snape is playing Bellatrix and Naricissa simultaneously but in different ways. * How much does Voldemort know about Dumbledore's injury? He can't know about the Horcrux… right? * Does one line from Bellatrix help make Delphi's existence canon? * Why would Bellatrix have such a hard time trusting Snape's word when Voldemort is content with his reasoning? And what should she do if she had ever learned the truth? * Who is the MVP of the chapter? Those poor elves… * We rename the chapter to reflect what really happens. * Crackpot Theory: Has Bellatrix made an unbreakable vow before? * Have questions or comments about HBP Chapter 3? E-mail, or use the voicemail line or feedback form on our website!
Aug 06, 2018
Episode #378: Worst to Better
* Happy Birthday Harry & Jo! * We rank Harry's birthdays from worst to best * MuggleCast turns 13 years old on August 7! * We break down the details of two new Crimes of Grindelwald posters * ZouWu? JKR reveals the mysterious beast in the recent Crimes of Grindelwald trailer! * Ezra Miller talks about Credence's character development * The biggest Harry Potter LEGO set ever hits store shelves August 15 * Patrons share their thoughts and questions on the latest trailer * Does Dumbledore see Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised because he desires him to be captured? * What role exactly will Nicolas Flamel play in The Crimes of Grindelwald? * How will Jacob find himself with Newt? * Will Credence be reunited with his true family? Will he ever get the chance to go to wizarding school? * Was Abernathy working for Grindelwald the whole time? Did he help him capture Graves? * We compare Grindewald's populist movement and Dumbledore's timid response to that of the U.S. in the 1930s * Voicemails cover the Deathly Hallows, splitting the films into five parts, Johnny Depp and more * Chicken Soup For The MuggleCast Soul returns * Don't forget: Cormoran Strike is back in Lethal White on September 18 * Quizzitch: What floor is Vernon Dursley's office on at Grunnings?
Jul 30, 2018
Episode #377: Sockers (Crimes of Grindelwald trailer discussion!)
* Andrew and Eric reminisce on their latest trivia night battle, which leaves Andrew and friends with a huge prize. * The new Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is here and we go scene-by-scene! * There is some mixed reaction to Dumbledore's DADA lesson with Newt * What interests Credence so much about Circus Arcanus? * Who is Grindelwald addressing when he says hiding in the shadows serves us no longer? * A flying black curtain - is this a new obscurial effect or perhaps a Lethifold? * Dumbledore's deepest desire is not socks - he sees Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised! * Newt, Tina and Leta team up to escape the French Ministry of Magic! * The Niffler is back! What's up with those cats? And is Newt trying to rescue the Oni Oni? * Is Leta referring to herself when she tells Newt he never met a monster he couldn't love? * Could Grindelwald be referring to his own failed relationship with Dumbledore when he asks Newt if Dumbledore will mourn for him? Could it be a reference to Ariana? * Does Abernathy help Grindelwald escape from prison? * What are Newt and Jacob up to in Nicolas Flamel's home? * The hosts react to Johnny Depp's in-character appearance at Comic-Con * Patrons weigh in with their thoughts on the new trailer * Quizzitch: On what historic date was the actor who plays Grimmson born?
Jul 22, 2018
Episode #376: Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 1
* Slug Club member Chris joins the show * David Heyman says Grindelwald is scarier than Voldemort! * Why is Dumbledore teaching a young Newt Defense Against the Dark Arts? * "After all this time," Chapter-by-Chapter returns! And just in time for HBP's birthday! * We analyze the chapter that had been brewing in JKR's mind for more than 13 years * Would The Other Minister have worked earlier in the series? * Where's Harry? Our first Potter book that doesn't begin with the boy wizard! * Voldemort is on the rise and its clear the tone of the series has shifted * Fireplace entrances, shady portraits, secret staff - do wizards have a superiority complex? * Should the Ministry have considered lifting the International Statute of Secrecy?  * Does Fudge ever consider enlisting the help of the Muggle Prime Minister? * Do other heads of state have similar relationships with their Muggle counterparts? * Rufus Scrimgeour: our thoughts on the new Minister and do we have cause to trust him? * Kingsley Shacklebolt "Undercover Secretary" * Whatever came of the Ministry's inquiry into the death of Sirius Black? * How much control do magical governments have over their Muggle counterparts? * Two new segments debut with Character MVP and Rename The Chapter!  * Patrons weigh in with their thoughts on the first chapter of Half-Blood Prince! * Quizzitch: What is the name of the bridge that gets destroyed by Death Eaters?
Jul 16, 2018
Episode #375: 13 Years Later
* Cursed Child is coming to two new cities... San Francisco (2019) and Hamburg, Germany (2020). Could a Midwest location be next? * Chamber of Secrets turns 20 years old! * We begin our Half-Blood Prince discussion looking back at some popular fan theories * Patrons share their midnight release party memories! * We discuss how parts of Half-Blood Prince were originally written for Chamber of Secrets and that it was Book 2’s working title * The hosts revisit some of MuggleCast’s theories following the release of the sixth book * Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Harry? Voldemort? Felix Felicis? * We dive deep into The Underground Lake, one of MuggleNet’s notorious series of editorials * What did Dumbledore mean by Remember My Last, Petunia? * Who will take over the DADA vacancy? * Why does Dumbledore trust Snape? * Voicemails cover a Deathly Hallows symbol in Goblet of Fire, deluminators, Cho Chang and more! * Quizzitch: What two Order members does Harry bump into (in order) in the HBP chapter, "Silver and Opals"?
Jul 09, 2018
Episode #374: The Department of Mysteries
* Slug Club member Sarah joins the show! * Warner Brothers cracks down on unofficial fan events * Main Discussion: The Department of Mysteries & The Prophecy * Who are The Unspeakables? * The Brain Room: just what are they studying in there? * What does each of us think is beyond The Veil? * Does the Veil have magical properties to draw one in? * Was the Ministry built around the amphitheater that houses the Veil? * How is security so lax around such a dangerous room? * The Love Room: why is it locked? * The Planet Room: what can you do in here that makes it worthy of the Department of Mysteries?  * Are there alien wizards? * The Time Room: do we believe this is where Time Turners were invented? * The Hall of Prophecies: why are they kept locked away?  * Should who the Prophecy concerns be able to hold onto the prophecy? * Do we forgive Dumbledore for withholding this information until now? * Patreon Question of the Week: What other rooms could be within the Department of Mysteries? * Quizzitch: What is the spell that Hermione uses to mark the doors in the revolving room? * Coming this July... chapter-by-chapter for Half-Blood Prince!
Jun 25, 2018
Episode #373: Burned By Goblet
* Slug Club member Karen joins the show * Listeners share their Order of the Phoenix release party memories * Cursed Child cleans up at the Tony Awards * Universal Orlando adds Harry Potter to their nighttime water show * Main Discussion: Major Events of the Phoenix * Grimmauld Place: Was this truly the safest place for the Order to be headquartered? * Do Sirius and the Order underestimate the threats within the Black Family home? * Ministry Interference at Hogwarts: What are Umbridge's credentials for becoming DADA professor? * Was it always Fudge's intention for Umbridge to become Headmistress? * Do the Educational Decrees expose weaknesses in Dumbledore's leadership? * The Formation of Dumbledore's Army: we discuss the Hog's Head, the Room of Requirement and the importance of unifying (almost) all of the Houses * Welcome to St. Mungo's: why was it cut from the film? * Augusta Longbottom, Neville's parents, Lockhart and Harry's connection to Nagini * We reminisce on those gum wrapper theories! * Patrons share their top 5 moments from Order of the Phoenix * Don't worry, we'll spend Episode 374 inside the Department of Mysteries and discussing The Prophecy * Quizzitch: Who was the last member of the Dumbledore's Army to sign up in the Hog's Head? * Bonus MuggleCast ([available on Patreon]( includes memorable lines from the fifth book and Crimes of Grindelwald trailer speculation
Jun 18, 2018
Episode #372: Faces Of The Phoenix
* Paris, London, New York: Pottermore offers fans the chance to attend the Fantastic Beasts 2 premieres for charity * Cursed Child is up for 10 Tony Awards * Main Discussion: Fresh Faces of the Phoenix * What would have happened to Harry without the support of Luna and her father? * We discuss Bellatrix exposing Harry's ignorance and her unwavering loyalty to Voldemort * Does Tonks make the Order of the Phoenix cool? * Dolores Umbridge has one redeeming quality - she's the reason for Dumbledore's Army! * Do we overlook the importance of Ms. Figg? Was she best equipped to keep Harry safe? * What's up with the relationship between Squibs and cats? * Mundungus Fletcher... enough said! * What if these characters were introduced earlier in the series? What if they never were? * This episode's lone voicemail asks about a Hermione-based movie with Emma Watson * Quizzitch: Who did JKR say would win in a fight: Crookshanks or Mrs. Norris? * MuggleCast Vault: [Luna Lovegood]( and [Dolores Umbridge]( character discussions
Jun 11, 2018
Episode #371: Nancy Figg?
* Slug Club member Amy joins the show! * The Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay cover is revealed... * And we analyze every beast, symbol and little detail * Did Alan Rickman feel Snape was an underutilized character in the films? * JKR reveals her next project will be a children's book! * We start June off with our first Order of the Phoenix discussion * What were the biggest theories prior to Order of the Phoenix being released?  * Like: What exactly is the Order of the Phoenix? Will Snape ever teach DADA? Is he a spy? Is Lupin really James Potter in disguise? What is the gleam of triumph and what does it mean? What's up with Ms. Figg? Which character(s) won't make it through Book 5? * Quizzitch: A witch or wizard who is gifted at reading minds is called a what?
Jun 04, 2018
Episode #370: Origins
* Summer is here - we reflect on some favorite Potter memories * J.K. Rowling reveals the toughest chapter for her to write in the Potter series * Main Discussion: Whose origin story would we like to see brought to life on the big screen? * Aren't Potter fans already getting that with Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts? * Quirrell, McGonagall, Slughorn, Hagrid… who has the best backstory and who would end up on Lifetime? * Patrons give their top choices: Helena & Rowena Ravenclaw, Molly Weasley, Tom Riddle, Remus Lupin and Kingsley Shacklebolt * Voicemails cover Cursed Child, Percy being sorted into Gryffindor and the hosts roles at MuggleNet and in the fan community overall * We'll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Order of the Phoenix in June with some Book 5-themed discussions * And don't forget we'll see you in Dallas this summer for LeakyCon 2018! * Quizzitch: What is the form of Kingsley Shacklebolt’s Patronus? * Bonus MuggleCast, [available on Patreon]( The Elder Wand's Allegiance in Fantastic Beasts
May 28, 2018
Episode #369: The Battle of Hogwarts
- With Micah out for the week, MuggleCast welcomes our friend Nasim and one of our Patreon supporters Andy to the show! - The MuggleCast community lost a listener and friend this week. Hug your loved ones. - The Beedle the Bard Illustrated Edition covers are out now, and they're gorgeous! - We forgot to discuss Tonks on last week's Mother's Day episode, so this week we share some thoughts about her decision to head to the Battle of Hogwarts as newborn Teddy stayed at home. - Annnd that leads perfectly into our main discussion this week: The Battle of Hogwarts turns 20 (fictional) years old! - We share our feelings reading the iconic scenes again 11 years after it was originally published. Do our feelings on it change now that we're adults? - Was it responsible to allow students who were 'of age' to fight? What role would we have taken in defending the school? What GOOD came out of the battle (besides Voldemort's downfall)? - Eric quizzes us on the Battle of Hogwarts. And of course, Quizzitch wraps up the show.
May 21, 2018
Episode #368: Growin' Up
* Slug Club member and mom Cherise returns for a Mother's Day discussion * How would raising a young witch/wizard differ from raising a child in the Muggle world? * What would be the most difficult part of parenting? * No schooling until Hogwarts? What do working parents do? * What happens when your child begins exhibiting signs of magic? * Would you be comfortable sending your child off to boarding school? * We discuss notable mothers and mother-like figures in the Potter series * From Lily and Molly to Narcissa and Petunia * Patrons vote on who they think is the best mother in the wizarding world * Listeners tweet their thoughts on the biggest parenting challenges * Quizzitch: Which mother in the Harry Potter series is named after a Roman Catholic saint, whose Feast Day is famously preceded by a gathering of Witches?
May 14, 2018
Episode #367: Sorry, Dobby
* Cursed Child wrap up: Andrew sees it again, Hogwarts merch and Tony nominations * JKR confirms Jessica Williams will play Ilvermorny professor Eulalie Hicks * What's up with Dumbledore teaching DADA in a recent Crimes of Grindelwald clip? * On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, JKR apologies for killing Dobby * Main Discussion: Hogwarts Mystery * The hosts give their initial reactions to the new Potter mobile game * How far have we each advanced? Are we sold on the story? * Do stories differ depending on which House your were sorted into? * Is Merula the antagonist even if you were sorted into Slytherin? * Time and energy issues! Patrons shared their mixed reactions to the game. * Voicemails cover Hogwarts memorials, Teddy Lupin in Cursed Child, Puffs The Movie and more * Quizzitch: In the trio's third year, what is the Care of Magical Creatures exam?
May 07, 2018
Episode #366: Cursed Child on Broadway Review
Moments after seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, Andrew, Micah, and Eric are back in their hotel room to share their thoughts on the show. Have Micah and Eric changed their stances on Cursed Child? Did Andrew notice anything different? Did Micah buy an owl? This and more is discussed in this week's episode!
Apr 30, 2018
Episode #365: Predicting The Cursed Child
* Slug Club member Molly joins the show! * The votes are in for the most evil character in the Potter series (besides Voldemort)! * Main Discussion: Predicting Cursed Child * JKR checks out the newly refurbished Lyric Theatre * What character are the hosts most looking forward to seeing? What scene? * Will Part 1 or Part 2 be better? * How much will be spent on merchandise? * Will we keep an open mind about seeing the show despite our thoughts on the plot? * Check out Episodes 295, 298 and 299 for prior Cursed Child discussions * If there were to be an eighth Potter story, what would we want it to be about? * Quizzitch: Where in Britain is the Railview Hotel? * Don't forget Hogwarts Mystery hits your mobile phones this week! * We'll be live on Patreon from NYC this Wednesday with our initial thoughts on Cursed Child!
Apr 23, 2018
Episode #364: Goblet / Of Fire
* Slug Club member Stephen joins the show * The Quidditch World Cup is underway in Round Rock, Texas * The hosts share their Quidditch World Cup experiences  * We get our first look at the Tales of Beedle the Bard Illustrated Edition * The [Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition]( won't hit bookstores until 2019\. Can we expect it to be published in two parts? * The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Edition covers get mixed reactions from the hosts * Cursed Child sets a Broadway sales record * Main Discussion: Who, besides Voldemort, is the most evil character in the series? * Each host makes and defends their pick: Rita Skeeter, Bellatrix, Umbridge or Fudge? * Patrons weigh in with their thoughts from the Dursleys to Peter Pettigrew to Salazar Slytherin * MuggleMail covers wand allegiance and Voldemort and Bellatrix's relationship * Quizzitch: What is Professor Quirrell's first name?
Apr 16, 2018
Episode #363: Muggle Mail Bag
* Welcome Slug Club member Laura! * Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Warwick Davis lend voices to Hogwarts Mystery * Main Discussion: Did Dumbledore & Grindelwald make an unbreakable vow? * Since Voldemort is incapable of love, how was he able to father a child? * Does Moody know what a boggart looks like because of his magical eye? * How do wizards watch Quidditch matches? * Do all the professors have permanent residences at Hogwarts? What about their families? * Did the Shrieking Shack exists prior to Remus Lupin coming to school? * How come Hermione's parents are cool with her never being home for the holidays? * How did Voldemort acquire a rudimentary body? * What happened to the chambers connected to Fluffy's bedroom? * Did Credence ever get an Ilvermorny acceptance letter? * Plus, plenty more emails, voicemails and text messages * PO BOX Update! * Quizzitch: For Harry's 17th birthday, what color did Hermione turn the leaves of the Weasley's crabapple tree?
Apr 09, 2018
Episode #362: An interview with the Harry Potter Film Concert Series Team
* With Micah and Eric both out for the weekend, Andrew welcomes Hypable writer Nasim to the show! * Andrew's April Fools Day article hits a little too close to home for some readers. * Andrew visited The Cursed Child NYC giftshop and spent a little too much money. * We discuss Nasim's recent article "The Problem With Pottermore" * What would we like to see Pottermore become? * Micah and Eric interview the team behind the Harry Potter Film Concert Series * Voicemails address the Pottermore news, the Fantastic Beasts trailer, and the new Wizarding World logo. * Quizzitch: What does Imposter Moody make Lavender Brown do under the Imperius Curse, in the classroom scene from Goblet of Fire?
Apr 02, 2018
Episode #361: Uncle Yusuf
* Pottermore makes some staffing changes- Scholastic confirms release of Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay * The mystery behind Hogwarts Mystery is revealed! * Main Discussion: Crimes of Grindewald trailer roundup * We breakdown the Lestrange family tree in more detail * What does it mean that Leta and Credence are half-siblings? Will this test allegiances? * Who is Yusuf Kama? Could it have been him staring at the family tree? * Listeners fact check us on the Minister for Magic, DADA professor and headmaster during the late 1920s * Did Dumbledore's comment about Newt not following directions mean Newt really isn't supposed to be in Paris? * Could Grindelwald been standing before a group of peers presenting his crimes? * Could the dance Leta attended be her own wedding or engagement party? * What role does Leta have in all of this? Is she a casual observer to the unfolding events or does she pick a side? * J.K. Rowling Sez covers Lethal White, Newt & Kennilworthy Whisp's friendship and 85-year-old grandmothers * We respond to tweets on Grindelwald's cell, Dumbledore's put-outer, the DADA classroom and the history of transport to Hogwarts * Quizzitch: In Chamber of Secrets, what three nonsense spells does Harry aim at the bush before Dudley calls for his mother?
Mar 26, 2018
Episode #360: More Crimes of Grindelwald Secrets Reveal
* Trailer recap: is Credence able to separate himself from the Obscurus now? * Why is the circus scene outdoors? Are the French more lackadaisical with secrecy? * Andrew hates on Hedwig's Theme (really) * Voicemails touch on ground pounds, Apparition at Hogwarts, Jacob's memory, Corvus Lestrange, and why nobody's dressed like a wizard! * The hosts pick a favorite trailer moment * Main Discussion: JK Rowling's Wizarding World gets a dedicated logo for the first time! * Whose wands are represented in this 'book' design? * Is JK Rowling being removed from the equation? * We play Quizzitch and thank our Patrons for helping us reach the 777 Challenge!
Mar 19, 2018
Episode #359: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald trailer analysis
* The first Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is here! * The hosts give their initial thoughts and break things down scene-by-scene * It's good to see you again, Hogwarts * You can apparate on the grounds of Hogwarts? * Our first look at Jude Law as Dumbledore. Is he never not having run-ins with the Ministry? * Why was Dumbledore being confronted in the DADA classroom? * DumbleDAYUMMMMM * Why did he send Newt to Paris? * Grindelwald and Rosier: who are they speaking to? * Credence and the Maledictus: how did he learn to channel his inner obscurus? * Inside the French Ministry of Magic: what's with all the beasts on the ceiling? * Ride that Kelpie, Newt! * Just who is checking out cryptic messages on walls in underground rooms? * Credence and Leta... long lost siblings? * The circus is finally in town! Is this how Credence made his way from New York to Paris? * Grindelwald's escape - did LEGO spoil a major plot point? * Why can't Dumbledore move again Grindelwald? Why does it have to be Newt? * The brothers Scamander battle in a graveyard
Mar 14, 2018
Episode #358: Are Voldemort, Snape, Harry The Three Brothers?
* Slug Club member Alex joins the show * Cursed Child surprises fans with preview tickets - can we expect more of this in the future? * Andrew shares a letter from his 11-year-old self * The 777 Challenge is officially underway through March 31! * Main Discussion: Were Harry, Snape & Voldemort modern-day versions of The Three Brothers?  * Did Dumbledore represent Death? JKR likes this theory! * We break down Voldemort as Antioch (the one who died for power), Snape as Cadmus (the one who died for love) and Harry as Ignotus (the one who greeted Death as an old friend) * Does Dumbledore actually fit better as the second brother? Or could he be representative of all three brothers at different stages of his life? We discuss. * Did we ever consider these possibilities after reading Deathly Hallows? * Patrons share their thoughts * Owl Post covers potion regulations, boggarts and video games * Quizzitch: What is the name of the goblin (besides Griphook) that Harry encounters with the Potterwatch crew? * Bonus MuggleCast: Crookshanks and The Potters
Mar 12, 2018
Episode #357: Potions
* Slug Club member Greg joins the show all the way from Singapore * A new Hogwarts Mystery trailer has been released * Cursed Child announces their Friday Forty program * We reveal our plans for the 777 Challenge! Learn more and see the mug design at * Main Discussion: Potions in the Wizarding World * We react to JKR stating that muggles can't properly brew potions * From Ageing Potions to the Elixir of Life to Mandrake Draught we run down the list of different types of potions  * Would the hosts be good at making them? Are we patient enough? Careful with instructions? * Which potion does each host wish they could have in real life? * Is there a time we wish we could have used Veritaserum? Felix Felicis? * Over/under: How many times will Polyjuice Potion be used in Fantastic Beasts? * The hosts create their own potions (assuming we're wizards of course) * Patreon Question of the Week: If you could take Polyjuice Potion for an hour, who would you turn into and why? * Voicemails cover Cedric Diggory, Mrs. Black, and feedback on our Fudge episode * Quizzitch: Name the members of The Advance Guard that come to Privet Drive to pick up Harry in Order of the Phoenix  * Bonus MuggleCast: We explore the theory that the Dursleys' feelings towards Harry were magnified by the presence of a horcrux!
Mar 05, 2018
Episode #356: The Potter Collector
* We will be at LeakyCon 2018 this summer in Dallas, TX! * The Studio Tour is adding a Goblet of Fire special beginning March 30 * Cursed Child producer believes fans would want a Part 3... what?!? * We interview The Potter Collector who enlightens us on his more than 1,000 books! * How did he first get into the Potter series? * Does he have a favorite translated edition? * What's his most prized possession? Is there anything he still needs to get his hands on? * Does he collect Fantastic Beasts? Cursed Child? Or anything movie related? * What kind of precautions does he take to protect his collection? * Is he aware of other Potter collectors? How does his collection stack up? * Fans should be on the lookout for #HarryPotterCollector Day on March 5 * Voicemails ask about post-Potter film roles, a little Scabbers foreshadowing, and bad Harry Potter TV show ideas. * Chicken Soup from Mexico City * Quizzitch: What is the core of Fleur Delacour’s wand, and the story surrounding it?
Feb 26, 2018
Episode #355: Fudged
* Eric is back! * News covers John Williams, Cursed Child, Digital Illustrated Editions and Allison Sudol * A new segment called The Pensieve debuts, as we look back at parts of the Potter series now that we're older! * Our first discussion centers around Cornelius Fudge and his denial of Voldemort's return * Fudge refuses to believe credible sources such as Dumbledore and Harry * Comparisons are made to present-day politics  * For more discussion on Potter Politics, be sure to check out Episode 162 * Main Discussion: How many editions of the Potter series is too many? * The hosts share how many versions of each book they currently own * Patrons weigh in with their thoughts, including one listener who has more than 200 copies! * Owl Post covers Ebbingdales, Jacob in Paris and a new Quidditch film series * We have a big Patreon announcement and share plans for 2018 * Quizzitch: What famous Quidditch player died after encountering a Chimera, and has a wing in St. Mungo's Hospital named after him? Bonus: What's the specialty of the wing? * We'll see you in two weeks!
Feb 12, 2018
Episode #354: Yates On Mute
* Eric...? Eric...? * Slug Club member Ken joins the show * Guessing Game: How many books has the Harry Potter series sold to date? How many do we think are duplicate copies? * Eric...? Eric...? * We respond to David Yates' recent comments about how Dumbledore's sexuality will play into Fantastic Beasts 2 * Saying that "all fans are aware of that" has not sat well with...well...the fans * JKR and the Wizarding World preach inclusion and acceptance but have shied away from embracing LGBTQ characters * That said, Dumbledore still needs to be introduced in the Fantastic Beasts series and fans need to learn about his history with Grindelwald's * We haven't seen Jude Law's portrayal of Dumbledore and we know he spent time learning about the character from Rowling * Rowling is the screenwriter, she's the one who knows the backstory and she has four films to tell it * Eric...? Eric...? * In honor of Groundhog's Day we each create a weather-predicting fantastic beast * Southern Hagrid makes an appearance * Owl Post covers last weekend's Celebration of Harry Potter * Voicemails return! * Quizzitch: In Chapter 10 of Half-Blood Prince, "The House of Gaunt," Hermione is seen working on an essay entitled what? * Eric...? Eric...?
Feb 05, 2018
Episode #353: Globus Mundi
* Micah and Andrew attend A Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando * We try Butterbeer tequila at Antojitos in Universal CityWalk * Cast Q&A with Natalia Tena (Tonks), Stanislav Ianevski (Krum), James & Oliver Phelps (Weasley twins) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny) * Pottermore announces a new Quidditch Through The Ages audiobook * Harry Potter: The Exhibition is headed to Milan in May * Guests were treated to a great performance from the first four films by the Orlando Philharmonic * The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle debut at the Wizarding World * Micah tries hot Butterbeer… and Dragon Scale ale… and Hog's Head Brew * On Saturday we hit the expo floor to check out all of the vendors * The original Goblet of Fire and the Hogwarts letter spitter were among the special effects on display from the Studio Tour in London * We caught up with MinaLima, the graphic designers of the Harry Potter films, demoed the new Hogwarts Mystery mobile game and got a virtual reality tour of Newt's suitcase * Scholastic gave us a glimpse at some concept art for the 20th anniversary editions as well as let us step inside a life-size version of Sorcerer's Stone * Just what in the world is Globus Mundi? Andrew hopes to be a trendsetter this November! * We touch on how we think the celebration can be improved in future years, including more Fantastic Beasts integration * Be sure to check out our newest sponsor for an amazing offer
Jan 28, 2018
#352: Non–MagiqueCast
- Slug Club member Alex joins the show - Scholastic announces 20th anniversary editions for all seven Potter books, but they're kinda disappointing. - Eddie Redmayne talks Crimes of Grindelwald bringing us closer to the Potter series - Our thoughts on the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery video game trailer - Main Discussion: Book Covers - We compare the U.S. and UK book covers from Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows. Which of each is better? - The hosts name their top 3 original Potter book covers and give one honorable mention - Check out our interview with U.S. illustrator Mary Grandpre back on Episode 172 - Patreon Question of the Week: Which Potter title would you change and why? - Owl Post covers This Week in MuggleCast History, an interesting Fantastic Beasts quote from JKR and last week's discussion on Merope Gaunt - Quizzitch: Which character was chosen by all four Ilvermorny houses? - Andrew and Micah are headed to Orlando for A Celebration of Harry Potter (keep an eye out for meetup info) In Bonus MuggleCast, available on Patreon, we discuss which cover should have completely gone back to the drawing board, and which cover best depicts Harry at his current age?
Jan 22, 2018
Episode #351: Wear and Tear
- Slug Club member Ashley joins the show - Jude Law sits down with JKR to learn about Dumbledore's character - Chamber of Secrets gets the House Edition treatment (and so will the rest of the series) - Nighttime shows are coming to Wizarding World Orlando while Cursed Child rehearsals begin on Broadway - Dan Radcliffe weighs in on the Johnny Depp/Grindelwald debate - Ashley has her own discussion ready for the show and wants to know how Jacob will get his memory back? - She breaks down what we know about memory charms to date and characters who've experienced them - How exactly can a memory charm be broken? How much does Jacob remember by the end of Fantastic Beasts? - Since the Swooping Evil venom is supposed to erase bad memories, is there a chance Jacob's memory wasn't fully erased? - Will Jacob regain his memory in full? Will it be over time through a series of flashbacks through Fantastic Beasts 2? - Did the murtlap bite somehow prevent him from losing his full memory? - Could JKR offer further education on memory charms via Pottermore to prepare us? - Main Discussion: The Gaunt Family - Given Voldemort's recent birthday, we take a look at his family: Merope, Morfin and Marvolo - Is there anything we actually like about these characters? - Andrew gets incestuous asking if the other hosts would ever marry their cousins - Could we ever love somebody after we found out they had us under a spell? - Should Tom Riddle Sr. have sought out his son and tried to raise him? - We discuss the distinction between Tom Riddle Jr. and Voldemort being able to love - Do we see the Gaunt family playing a role in future Fantastic Beasts films? - Email and text messages cover the Wizarding World's third expansion and the Potter films moving to HBO - This Week in MuggleCast history looks at Episodes 72, 128, 168 and 189 - Quizzitch: To whom, in the Harry Potter universe, is Mark Evans related?
Jan 15, 2018
Episode #350: Year 13? Don't Rise
- We recap our New Years in Chicago - Photos, Cards Against Humanity, bowling and more - A special guest joins us for our landmark 350th episode - Dumbledore gives his Top 14 New Years Resolutions To Make Hogwarts Safer - A few Fantastic Beasts stills were released during the holidays - Where's Dumbledore sitting? Who sent Newt that postcard? What's Grindelwald staring at? - Harry Potter Weekends on Freeform are no more as the series moves to HBO! - Now that they are all on demand, patrons share which movie they would watch first - JKR releases a statement on why she blocked a fan and the hosts have mixed reactions - Harry Potter: A History of Magic in NYC dates are announced - One listener shares a very interesting theory on the Chinese beast alluded to in Crimes of Grindelwald - Quizzitch
Jan 09, 2018
Episode #349: Back to Hogwarts
- Welcome Slug Club member Hayden! - JKR found inspiration for the Hogwarts Houses in the most unlikely of places - Another new Harry Potter video game is coming that's been in development for two years! - It's set in the 1980s with an open world concept - Plus, you can be a Hogwarts student and go through all seven years - We discuss David Heyman's comments about the role of beasts in The Crimes of Grindelwald - Eddie Redmayne confirms the Niffler and Pickett are back! - We theorize on the formidable Chinese beast: Chinese Fireball, Phoenix, Re'em or other? - Many actors have officially wrapped filming The Crimes of Grindelwald - Christmas and New Year's in the Wizarding World - where would we spend the holidays? - Does Santa exist? Andrew thinks Hagrid would have made the perfect Father Christmas! - What do Potter fans have to look forward to in 2018? - A new ride in Orlando, Cursed Child on Broadway, The Crimes of Grindelwald and more! - The last Quizzitch question of 2017 targets Goblet of Fire! - Thank you for a great year in Potter! We'll see you all in 2018! - Bonus MuggleCast: We read from the latest Potter novel - Harry Potter and What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash
Dec 18, 2017
Episode #348: J.K. Rowling Responds
- Resistance Radio host and Hypable writer Donya joins the show! - We react to J.K. Rowling’s statement on Johnny Depp - What finally prompted her to comment? - Many fans plan to boycott. How will this impact future Fantastic Beasts films? - Will this even be a topic of discuss a year from now when the movie premieres? - We call Laura to get her thoughts and she shares an interesting idea - Two new Crimes of Grindelwald stills are released by Entertainment Weekly - Text messages focus on Christmas and religion in the Wizarding World - Eric goes international for our next Quizzitch question
Dec 11, 2017
Episode #347: Christmas Comes To Hogwarts
- Andrew and Eric's trivia night adventures continue! - There's an odd mistake in the Bloomsbury House Editions pulled from a fake JKR tweet! - We react to David Yates' defense of casting Johnny Depp - Could Colin Farrell have been recast as Grindelwald? - Is Johnny Depp influencing our perspective of Grindelwald? Souring our expectations of his story? - One listener thinks it's simple... TRUST IN JO! - Eric and Andrew chat with Michael Aiello, Sr. Director of Creative Development at Universal Orlando Resort about Christmas at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Emails tackle Queenie's potential allegiance with Grindelwald - Text messages: metaphorical beasts, the Elder Wand's allegiance and Jacob's brute force - Quizzitch returns!
Dec 04, 2017
Episode #346: Beast Mode
- Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald... we give our initial reactions! - Will most of the film focus on Grindelwald's past crimes and rise to power? - Or can we expect new crimes committed during this movie? - How does this impact screen time for Newt? The beasts? - Lots of references to the Deathly Hallows (and alchemy?) in the title screen - The new cast photo gives us several first looks, including Jude Law as Dumbledore - What's up with Jacob and Queenie staring directly at Grindelwald? - Credence is cozied up with a new character! What exactly is a Maledictus? - Leta is engaged to Newt's brother! What does that mean for the brothers Scamander? - We've got a pretty good theory about when the first trailer is coming! - Andrew reports live from Orlando for Holidays at Hogwarts - Listener tweets, emails, voicemails and quizzitch! - We'll see you after the Thanksgiving holiday!
Nov 19, 2017
Episode #345: Harry Potter, I Choose You!
- Welcome Slug Club member Nicki - PO Box Update: some Halloween and British surprises! - A Pokemon GO style Harry Potter game is in the works from Niantic! - Our initial thoughts on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Portkey Games - What does the title suggest? Will it focus on Fantastic Beasts at all or only Harry Potter? - What other Potter video games would we like to see? - Which old classics do we want remade? - Our Main Discussion focuses on the brand-new Fantastic Beasts Illustrated Edition - The foreword answers that question we had about Obscurus Books - We get educated on the history of what defines a beast and how they're concealed from Muggles - Is it coincidence that Newt includes the story of a jarvey in the introduction? - Which beasts caught our attention? Which ones would we like to see in Fantastic Beasts 2? - We run through some interesting notes Micah took while reading the book - Getting high on billywigs, erumpent mating habits, killer bowtruckles and more - We asked our patrons what dream features they'd like from this new Harry Potter app? - Emails, voicemails and text messages - Quizzitch Question of the Week has a Half-Blood twist!
Nov 15, 2017
Episode #344: Baby Voldemort
- Pottermore continues to troll Andrew about Lavender Brown - An adoption agency in Orlando is sorting dogs into Hogwarts Houses - Evanna Lynch has launched her brand-new podcast - check it out! - Main Discussion: Newt's Book Release Party in Fantastic Beasts 2 - Flourish and Blotts and Diagon Alley will feature in the next film - What will 1920s Diagon Alley look like? - The perfect excuse to bring the fearsome foursome back together - Will Theseus make an appearance? Dumbledore? Credence? - Is it just coincidence that we had another notable book release in the second Potter film? - What's the deal with Obscurus Books? Is Newt a self-publisher? - With the book release taking place in March 1927, the Dark Lord has now been born - Emails, voicemails and text messages! - Quizzitch returns Order of the Phoenix style!
Nov 06, 2017
Episode #343: Fantastic Beasts And The Not 2
- Slug Club member Kate joins the show! - Andrew and Eric share their Halloween costumes - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is headed to Australia! What country will be next? - Coming soon: the title for next Fantastic Beasts film! Does that mean a trailer is not far behind? - Listeners share their Fantastic Beasts 2 movie title suggestions - Main Discussion: Halloween & Harry Potter - We talk about the key events that have happened on October 31 in the Potter series - That night in Godric's Hollow, Troll in the Dungeon, the Triwizard Tournament selection and more - Did JKR always intend for Halloween to play a pivotal role in each book? Why did she choose it? - Is there a reason it stopped being so important after Goblet of Fire? - No Halloween discussion is complete without ghosts! - The hosts profile the Hogwarts House ghosts, Professor Binns, Moaning Myrtle and Peeves - We ask listeners which House they would join if they had to choose based on the House ghost! - Quizzitch!
Oct 30, 2017
Episode #342: A History of Magic
- Welcome Slug Club member Irvin! - Cursed Child tickets go on sale and we're left in the dust! - Until Katy (and her husband) come to the rescue! - We discuss ticket prices - why were no special offers made for people buying both Parts 1 & 2? - Listeners share their Cursed Child ticket buying experiences - We review Harry Potter: A Journey Through A History of Magic - The book details the exhibition currently at the British Library - It feels like touring a museum (in a good way) - We explore the original synopsis JKR sent to Bloomsbury - The Harry Potter world owes a lot to then 8-year-old Alice Newton - Ghost panels, statues, a selection committee of professors - the Sorting Hat that almost wasn't! - Fudge and Vernon Dursely were originally going to be coworkers? WHAT?! - We look at JKR's early list of Hogwarts professors: Enid Pettigrew, Oakden Hernshaw, Mopsus? - Harry and Ron almost met the merpeople in Chamber of Sercrets! - Steve Kloves shares his story and how judging a book by its cover almost cost him the films - Quizzitch: In Prisoner of Azkaban, what does Snape task students with in their year-end lesson? - Voicemails on Grindelwald and Wizarding World theme park
Oct 23, 2017
Episode #341: The Niffler and the Stone
- Slug Club member Bethany joins the show - Eric gives us a Trivia Night update - Cursed Child Broadway tickets on sale this week! Who will make the cut? - The Cormoran Strike series is headed to Cinemax - Chris Riddell set to illustrate The Tales of Beedle the Bard for Bloomsbury - Listener Rebuttals focus on the latest Fantastic Beasts casting news - Will we find out what Nicolas Flamel and Dumbledore discovered? - We receive some Death Eater clarification - Will Dumbledore take away Grindelwald's powers out of love? - Taking a look at the entire cast, where do we think Fantastic Beasts 2 is headed? - Can beasts even fit into a story with this many characters? - Is there a chance FB 2 focuses on one beast that’s integral to the plot? - How much time do we think we will spend looking back as opposed to present-day? - We review casting to date, including one we have overlooked (who is Krall)? - Patrons share their overwhelming support for more Seraphina Pcquery screen time - Quizzitch and text messages return!
Oct 16, 2017
Episode #340: Verified Jerk
- Eric and Andrew gear up for another trivia night - Cursed Child's Broadway registration is now closed! - We review the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition - Our main discussion centers around the new Fantastic Beasts casting news - We question if there is any relation between Eric and Spielman? - Andrew explains the relationship between Jessica Williams and JKR - Travers and Rosier: we discuss the two known Death Eaters - Nicolas Flamel will appear in Fantastic Beasts 2! In present-day form or in a flashback? - Could Grindelwald be in search of the Sorcerer's Stone? Is that story too familiar? - Will Flamel assist Newt in his latest journey? - Carmen Ejogo is back as Seraphina Picquery. Will her appearance be short-lived? - Andrew attempts the sequel to HP Encyclopedia: The Musical - Emails and voicemails return, with a text message thrown in the middle - In Bonus MuggleCast -- available on Patreon -- We discuss the prank Sirius and James played on Snape. What was going through Sirius' mind? Does it affect our view of him?
Oct 09, 2017
Episode #339: Of Course
- Cursed Child is open for registration! - Eric and Micah share their Ticketmaster experiences while Andrew registers on air - JKR won't pander to the fandom: is it the Encyclopedia or Marauder's story that's in jeopardy? - Could Cursed Child have run for a week? Would fans have gone to see all five parts? - Our thoughts on JKR's comments on the collaborative nature of Cursed Child - JKR has given fans a lot since the release of Deathly Hallows - should we want more? - The difference between giving fans too much and giving them what they want - We tackle last week's Quizzitch question - E-mail-bag: Maybe a Game of Thrones style Marauders story isn't all that bad after all - The Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition hits store shelves this week!
Oct 02, 2017
Episode #338: Quizzitch
- Slug Club member and Hogwarts Professor Kyle joins the show - Eric and Andrew recap their Potter trivia night in Chicago - Kyle talks about his Potter classroom and how it went viral - How have his students reacted? Have more of them started to read Potter? - What's been the response from the school? Teachers around the world? - We learn about how Kyle incorporates Potter into his daily curriculum - And he has a few tough questions for us: Does the Harry Potter series have a narrator? - Should Squibs be allowed to take courses at Hogwarts? - Episode 337 Rewind: Patrons share the courses they would teach at Hogwarts - Healing, Magical Artifacts, Journalism, Music and more! - The hosts tell which courses they would most like to teach... and play hooky from! - Emails cover Newt's wand, The Cursed Child & a Horcrux-Obscurus theory!
Sep 25, 2017
Episode #337: Dumblescruff
- Slug Club member Robert joins the show - New Potter merchandise hits the market - Jude Law shows off his Dumbledore scruff - Episode 336 Rewind: Listeners share their favorite modes of magical transportation - We break down the Hogwarts Courses in our latest main discussion - Where do Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms and Herbology rank on our list? - Do Divination, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic even matter? - How important is Flying? - Bonus MuggleCast tackles Muggle Studies, Potions and Transfiguration - If we were to make our own Hogwarts class schedule, what subjects would make our Top 5? - Pop Quiz of the Week debuts!
Sep 18, 2017
Episode #336: Two Sickles A Scoop
- We look back on September 1 - Cursed Child gets some real estate in Times Square - Warwick Davis greets fans at King's Cross - Listeners share how they spent #19YearsLater - Eric reveals he forgot to share one very important piece of PO Box mail - The author of the notorious fan fiction My Immortal is revealed - We share listener rebuttals on our Wizarding World residence discussion - Our main discussion this week... Magical Transportation - We analyze everything from the Hogwarts Express to Broomsticks to Flying Cars - Do we prefer Floo Powder, Portkeys, Apparition or Flying Beasts? - The hosts share their top picks for how they'd get around the wizarding world - Voicemails return!
Sep 11, 2017
Episode #335: Live From Orlando
Andrew, Micah, and Eric cap off MuggleNet Live with a discussion on "19 Years Later" and alternate Epilogue ending lines. Stick around after the live recording for a post-mortem that the three recorded the morning after.
Sep 05, 2017
Episode #334: Back To Hogwarts?
- Welcome Slug Club member Neva to the show! - What is The Cursed Child planning for 19 years later? - Did JKR's tweet confirm filming at Hogwarts this week? - Main Discussion: Residences in the Wizarding World - We talk about the pros and cons of some notable magical abodes - The Burrow, Malfoy Manor and Grimmauld Place - How about a room at the Leaky Cauldron? - Godric's Hollow and Hogsmeade? Where do they rank high on our list? - Could you live at Hogwarts even if you really, really wanted to? - Listeners weigh in with where they'd like to live! - Favorites: Theme Park Memory - We'll see you on September 1 in Orlando for MuggleNet Live!
Aug 29, 2017
Episode #333: Book Snobs
Andrew and Eric are joined by longtime listener and Hypable writer Katie. How to you convert someone who isn't a Harry Potter fan into a big one? We discuss various options after being inspired by a Pottermore article. Later, we take lots of great voicemails as well as an e-mail responding to one of our recent discussions.
Aug 21, 2017
Episode #332: The Hollow Goblet
- JKR is the highest paid author of 2017... but should she be? - We celebrate 12 years of podcasting with a special PO Box update - Main Discussion: What has Potter changed about pop culture? - We talk about how Potter normalized nerd culture and made reading "cool" - Is Harry Potter a gateway fandom? - How Harry Potter rode the wave of the Internet - Fansites, podcasts, FRAPR maps, fan listings, phpBB forums and more - The evolution of JKR's website - Book release dates, book titles, trailers exclusives and major announcements all happened via the Internet - Having the ability to interact directly with the author, cast and crew - Making friends through the internet - When Jo tweets... it's international news - If you were to create a fansite today, what would it be? - We'll see you in a few weeks for MuggleNet Live in Orlando
Aug 14, 2017
Episode #331: Projections
- Slug Club member Cherise joins the show - We remember actor Robert Hardy who played Cornelius Fudge - The original cast of Cursed Child is headed to Broadway... including the owl? - Cursed Child's Jack Thorne is set to pen Star Wars: Episode IX - Andrew breaks down the differences between the Cursed Child rehearsal and final editions - Our main discussion centers around consumerism and Harry Potter - Take a guess at what percentage of Harry Potter's $21 billion empire merchandising accounted for! - Harry Potter grapes & Coca-Cola bottles: have we ever seen something we thought was too much? - Do all of the spinoff books for the movies cheapen the series written by J.K. Rowling? - Should publishers keep releasing different editions of the core books? - Each host provides two good ideas for new pieces of Potter merchandise - some are NSFW! - We share our favorite piece of non-book/movie Harry Potter merchandise that we each own - We'll see you on September 1 at MuggleNet Live in Orlando
Aug 07, 2017
Episode #330: Constant
- Slug Club member Justin joins the show - Eric is celebrating J.K. Rowling and Harry's birthday this year in a different set of robes - Don't forget to check out our Fantastic Beasts commentary - We reveal and discuss the big surprise from JKR's interview with CNN - Fans celebrate the 10th anniversary of Deathly Hallows - Devil's Advocate: Micah and Justin defend the encyclopedia STILL not being released - Wizarding World expansion is coming! We discuss the latest and share your tweets! - Credence will have a growing role in Fantastic Beasts 2 - what exactly does that mean? - Illustrated editions get animated for Amazon Kindle! - Mailbag: Circus Arcanus, Nurmengard, stripping magical powers and more! - Voicemails are "mostly" sober this week and include a theory on how Grindelwald will escape! - One month until we will be in Orlando for MuggleNet Live!
Jul 31, 2017
Episode #329: Fantastic Beasts Movie Commentary
Join Andrew, Eric, Micah, and Jeanna as they watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them from start to finish! You'll need to bring your own copy of the movie to the party, and we tell you when to hit play on your DVD/Blu-ray/Digital copy. Throughout our viewing of the whole film we discuss specific scenes, offer theories, and complain about the number of endings. Enjoy!
Jul 24, 2017
Episode #328: Beedle the Ba(r)d
- We reflect on the 10-year anniversary of Deathly Hallows, which is this Friday! - And give our top 10 (or so) moments since 2007 - The conversation gets heated over Beedle The Bard - Pottermore: then and now - JKR revealing Dumbledore is gay was the first big post-Potter revelation - The Wizarding World and Studio Tour open and expand - The Casual Vacancy and Robert Galbraith hit bookshelves - Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts revive the fandom - Alan RIckman and John Hurt remembered - The first Fantastic Beasts film did in fact tease Circus Arcanus - Disney announces a Star Wars hotel. Will Universal respond? - We'll be at MuggleNet Live in Orlando on September 1!
Jul 18, 2017
Episode #327: Center Of The Ring
- Slug Club member Cullen joins the show - We discuss the latest Fantastic Beasts filming news - We're headed to the circus! - Circus Arcanus: Museum of Human Oddities will play a key role in Fantastic Beasts 2 - Our thoughts on the film taking place in NYC, Paris and London - How will Grindelwald break out of prison? Who will aid in his escape? - Will he hide out with the circus before it departs for Europe? Will he rally the circus wizards to his cause? Could he attack the circus since it's a public event? - Why is Albus Dumbledore joining this fight so early? It's still roughly 20 years before he "defeats" him. - Who are these new characters: Grimmson, Yusuf Kama, Skender? - Theseus is confirmed with Credence, Leta and Abernathy returning! Abernathy?!? Really? - Is there a connection between Newt and Grindelwald much like Harry and Voldemort? - Will J.K. Rowling reveal big news in her upcoming interview with CNN? - Make The Connection - We'll be at MuggleNet Live this September in Orlando!
Jul 10, 2017
Episode #326: Newt, with Evanna Lynch
- Evanna Lynch joins the show! - See Evanna on London's West End in "Disco Pigs" - She gives her thoughts on The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts - So... how is J.K. Rowling doing? - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander - Eric talks about what it means to have a Hufflepuff take centerstage - Newt's strong connection to creatures; what are his ethics towards them?- Newt and Leta: we explore the very little of what's known of their relationship - What makes Dumbledore so fond of Newt? Does it have to do with Arianna? - Did Newt give Fawkes to Dumbledore? Aragog to Hagrid? - How will Newt bring down Grindelwald a second time with beasts? Are they a vulnerability? - Make The Connection returns! - We'll be at MuggleNet Live! on September 1 in Orlando!
Jun 26, 2017
Episode #325: Fleurble The Fake
- Happy Father's Day and congrats Mikey B! - We acknowledge several of the dads and father figures in the Potter series! - Pottemore continues to troll Andrew - Who the eff is Fleurble Laffalo? - We review the new 20th Anniversary editions of Philosopher's Stone - has some questionable shipping methods - Can we expect future anniversary editions of other Potter books? What special content would they feature? - We discuss some of the notable members of each of the Hogwarts houses - Flitwick the dueling champion, Draco the occlumens and Lockhart the momma's boy! - Snape was the only Death Eater able to produce a patronus - Eric takes issue! - Listeners share what they would change about Sorcerer's Stone - Next week we conclude our Fantastic Beasts character discussion with Newt Scamander and a very special guest!
Jun 19, 2017
Episode #324: The Barebones
- We discuss the latest Fantastic Beasts casting news - Young Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Newt & Leta - are we headed back to Hogwarts & Godric's Hollow? - And we theorize on Sebastian? Who is he? A sibling? A goat? A likely casualty? - What about Aberforth and Ariana? - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: The Barebones Family - Rowling draws parallels to institutional orphanages - Do Mary Lou and Grindelwald share a similar objective in exposing the wizard community? - Did she know the truth about Credence? - Who, if anyone, will continue her cause? - This Week in MuggleCast History - Voicemails cover Grindelwald, House sortings and a new Potter fan film
Jun 11, 2017
Episode #323: Credence
- Welcome Slug Club member Juliana! - It's been 13 years since the release of Prisoner of Azkaban in theaters! We reminisce. - The 20th anniversary editions of Philosopher's Stone have shipped! - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Credence Barebone - How much is there still to learn about him? Who was his mother? Could his father still be alive? - Can Credence control his powers? He's very targeted in his attacks, but his actions sometimes have unintended consequences (Chastity). - Is it odd given how powerful Grindelwald is that he couldn't figure out Credence was the obscurial? - Does the obscurial mask its own identity? - We discuss Credence's relationship with Graves/Grindelwald - Will Dumbledore extend a helping hand to Credence given what happened to Arianna? - The Barebone name origin conversation takes an inappropriate turn - What's next for Credence? Did he really make it onto the boat? - Voicemails: Ron, Queenie, Grindelwald, Puffs and more!
Jun 05, 2017
Episode #322: "Graves"
- Welcome Slug Club Member Clara - The original cast of Cursed Child close the show on an interesting note - We'll be at MuggleNet Live in Orlando this September! - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Percival Graves (Grindelwald) - We discuss his name origin and other notable Percivals in the Potter series - What truly happened to Graves? - Was the Graves/Grindelwald story all a little bit too Mad-Eye Moody? We consult the Twitter poll! - When did Graves return from his overseas travel? How closely was he working with Theseus Scamander? - Can we expect to see Graves in future films? Was he detained? Imprisoned? Killed? - Grindelwald's masterful job of impersonation and manipulation - What does it say about MACUSA that NOBODY suspected him? - David Heyman describes Grindelwald as both "seductive" and a "rock star" - Does his treatment of Credence shine a light on his relationship with Dumbledore?
May 29, 2017
Episode #321: Seraphina
- "You've never heard of midnight release parties?" - Wizarding World Hollywood is getting a nighttime show - The original cast of Cursed Child calls it a wrap - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Seraphina Picquery - What does Seraphina being selected by all four Ilvemorny Houses tell us about her? - Sorting Hat vs. Gordian Knot - it's on! - Picquery's term as President (1920-1928) - how exactly did it come to an end? - Seraphina's wand was made by Violetta Beauvais - we discuss the implications! - How does her leadership compare to Cornelius Fudge & Rufus Scrimgeour? - Her relationship with Tina - Listeners share their thoughts on the President of MACUSA - And a few more first-time Potter stories are shared
May 22, 2017
Episode #320: Tina
- Slug Club member Katy joins the show! - Andrew visits a Thunderbolt.. ThunderBIRD restaurant in middle-of-nowhere Utah - Pottermore launches a Harry Potter book club... been there, done that - Cursed Child sets its opening date on Broadway. We make plans to attend - Andrew steals the Potter prequel - We take listener rebuttals on last week's Jacob discussion - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Porpetina Esther Goldstein - Katy gives us a breakdown of Tina's name origin - Was her character written to just not be all that interesting... initially? - Could the Goldsteins face religious persecution in future films? - Tina is the most straight-laced of the quartet but is not without her quirks or passions - What does the reasoning behind her demotion at MACUSA tell us about her character? - The Tina-Credence connection - Voicemails return with some entertaining messages... and threats
May 16, 2017
Episode #319: Jacob
- It's a two-man show with Andrew traversing the country - But he does make a pit-stop at a very interesting restaurant - Listeners give their feedback on last week's Queenie discussion - The Cursed Child has been filmed! It's not what you think... - On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, JKR apologizes for another character death! - Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Jacob Kowalski - The heart of the film and our first major, non-magical character - What is Jacob's role in the Quartet? - We discuss how he humanizes Newt and his relationship with Queenie - Why take Jacob on a ride of a lifetime only to have it taken away at the end of the movie? - What does he truly remember? - How will Jacob factor into the next film? Is he vulnerable? Can he be used against Newt? - Dueling Club: No-Maj edition
May 08, 2017
Episode #318: Queenie
- Jude Law responds to being cast as Dumbledore - Listeners give their thoughts on Theseus Scamander - We begin our first Fantastic Beasts character discussion: Queenie Goldstein - Queenie's Legilimency does not appear to be common knowledge - How her abilities could be used for both good and evil in future films - Was she forced to repress her Legilimency growing up? - Is she intentionally keeping the truth from MACUSA? - How Queenie's Legilimency differs from that of Snape - Why does she reveal so quickly to Jacob and Newt that she can read minds? - JKR: While Queenie could read your mind right now, she doesn’t always draw the right conclusions from what she’s reading. What are the implications of this statement? - Make The Music Connection returns with an interesting twist - Sage schools us on the latest Wizard Rock
May 01, 2017
Episode #317: One Wish
- Happy Birthday Eric! - Callum Turner cast as Theseus Scamander - What do we know about Newt's older brother besides a brief mention in Fantastic Beasts? - We analyze the letter between brothers that never made the final cut. Would it have put too much emphasis on Grindelwald early on? - What kind of relationship do the two brothers share? Micah and Eric have differing opinions. - Isn't it a bit ironic that Theseus is tasked to track down Grindelwald and its Newt who catches him? How will Theseus react? - Theseus and Graves worked together - how close did Grindelwald get to Theseus without him knowing? - Is Theseus even still alive? Could he possibly be a Grindelwald supporter? - Will the two brothers work together when Grindelwald inevitably escapes? - Will Theseus die tragically like the Greek hero for which he is named? - We share some more first Potter memories!
Apr 24, 2017
Episode #316: Shaping The World
Slug Club member James joins the show as we discuss some of the best special features on the Fantastic Beasts DVD / Blu-ray (and Digital)! - The Wizarding World theme park is getting decked out for Christmas! - What other holidays/celebrations would listeners like to see? - Our main discussion: The Fantastic Beast Creature & Design Features - It's not all green screens and CGI - "Honey, what did you do today?" "Oh I dressed up as an erumpant and traded mating calls with Eddie Redmayne!" - Dougal the Demiguise is JKR's favorite - "If you don't like the Niffler, there is something wrong with you!" - JKR wanted to have one thing that was "quintessentially" American - Frank the Thunderbird - Which begs the question - where were the other American beasts? - Shaping The World of Fantastic Beasts - Rebuilding New York City, inside MACUSA, The Newtcase, The Blind Pig & more - What special features were missing that we would have liked to see? - Voicemails - Get your MuggleCast t-shirt while supplies last!
Apr 17, 2017
Episode #315: Youngledore
- This week's episode of MuggleCast is brought to you by Puffs the Play! Save 10% on your tickets by using code MugglePuffs at checkout - Grindelwald's line at the end of Fantastic Beasts gets an explanation (kind of) - Cursed Child cleans up at the Olivier Awards. Did they deserve it? - The super duper deluxe awesome edition of Cursed Child is coming (in paperback), and Micah isn't impressed - Jude Law has been cast as Dumbledore! - We're headed back to Hogwarts! - What other characters can we expect to see? - Beard or no beard? - Listeners share their thoughts on the news of Jude Law's casting - How deep will the movies dive into the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald? - Celebrating 20 years of Potter, listeners share their Favorite Memories - Voicemails - And a new segment that will rival The Voice
Apr 13, 2017
Episode #314: Mustard
- We're back to weekly episodes and patron Sophia joins the show! - Andrew is live from Orlando - The Fantastic Beasts DVD/Blu-ray is out and we talk deleted scenes and special features - Graves, Tina & that awkward mustard moment - Jacob & Mildred - The neutered runespoor - What happened to Credence boarding a boat? - Which of the 11 deleted scenes would we like to see make the final cut? - Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins - JKR says Fantastic Beasts is why she's always said "never say never" - Heyman, Yates, Kloves, Craig & Jo - the band is back together again - Yates was initially hesitant to return to the Potter world - Casting A Quartet: what does this mean for the foursome moving forward? - The cast discuss Yates' unique directing style - The responsibility of continuing Potter - Keep sending in your voicemails: 920-3-MUGGLE - Next week: Fantastic Beast Feature Discussion: Characters, Creatures & Design
Apr 05, 2017
Episode #313: Cha-Ching
- Andrew is back and talks about his time in London! - A controversial statement (of sorts) about the Harry Potter Studio Tour - How did the studio tour compare to Andrew's set visits back in the day? - Another Illustrated Edition is on the way (and it's probably not the one you think) - Patreon Question: What book from the Wizarding World would you like JKR to write next? - Our main discussion focuses on the newly released Fantastic Beasts book - Newt was a spy for Dumbledore (according to Rita Skeeter) - Dumbledore's relationship with Newt was "more than a schoolteacher" - Six new beasts make the cut and one goes missing - A key word in Newt's foreword is changed - Our voicemail line is now open and Micah gets generous with our first callers - Bonus MuggleCast: New theme park expansion - See you in April for weekly episodes and our review of the Fantastic Beasts Blu-ray
Mar 24, 2017
Episode #312: Choranaptyxic
- MuggleCast will be returning to weekly format in April! Thanks, Patrons! - An unprepared/underwhelming Oscars acceptance speech - Fantastic Beasts now on digital release - new clips abound! - The Studio tour is expanding again! - Audiobooks, new words and theater nominations for Cursed Child. - Listener question: What is your earliest Harry Potter memory? - Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition cover is revealed! Is Ernie Prang related to Dumbledore? - The colors remind us of Goosebumps books. Listeners also weigh in. - One more early HP experience to note
Mar 10, 2017
Episode #311: 311
- Andrew's worlds collide when The Boss' Harry Potter song finally surfaces! - Cursed Child auditions are underway - we're all too tall! - Dumbledore casting update - Fantastic Beasts is nominated for two Oscars - we're not holding our breath! - Our main discussion takes listener questions on the Fantastic Beasts core four - How will Newt factor in to the larger wizarding war and the Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald battle? - How much does Jacob truly remember? Will he make it out alive? Will he be more than the silly sidekick? - Did Jacob and Queenie have a family? Quentin Kowalski would seem to suggest so. - What will Tina's new role be? Will she take Graves' position? And possibly lead U.S. magical forces against the growing threat in Europe? - What was the relationship between Tina and the real Graves like? - Can Queenie turn off her powerful legilimancy abilities? How does she handle all of that information? What other talents can wizards and witches be born with? - How can Queenie use her powers in the war to come? - We announce The Slug Club - a brand-new level for patrons! - PO Box update (thank you to everyone who sent us mail) and our voicemail line is returning!
Feb 26, 2017
Episode #310: Snowplowicus
- We review the new House editions of Sorcerer's Stone from Bloomsbury - Andrew reveals his true allegiance(s) - Kreacher has passed on at age 666 - What tweet about a popular Fantastic Beasts theory did J.K. Rowling like three times? - Zoe Kravitz talks Newt and Leta - Fantastic Beasts Mailbag - We theorize a bit more on why Newt left Hogwarts - Was Dumbledore a target of Grindelwald's from the onset? - Will Dumbledore be portrayed in a less than positive light in future films? Will his relationship with Grindelwald be showcased at all? - Chances we get a Tom Riddle cameo? What other families/characters can we expect to run into? - What will happen to Credence in the next film? - The creepy Death Cell inside MACUSA - What exactly happens to witches and wizards born to No-Majs in the U.S.? - The Dueling Club and Make The Connection return!
Feb 11, 2017
Episode #309: Signed Sealed Delivered
- We pay tribute to the late John Hurt - The truth behind Never Sever Us - The Rubbish Bin on JKR's site returns... with a Cursed Child focus - Follow The Spiders - what does it mean? - The Fantastics Beasts DVD/Blu-ray gets a release date! - We listen to the deleted scene featuring the Ilvermorny house song! - Eddie Redmayne will read the new Fantastic Beasts audiobook - We revisit Fantastic Beasts: Jeanna compares the screening in Chicago to the final product - Jacob's fiancee - How the big Grindelwald reveal went down - Theme park expansion rumors abound in Bonus MuggleCast
Jan 30, 2017
Episode #308: Published
- Andrew's now a published author! - ...and has tasted hot Butterbeer! - ...and has traded houses to become a Slytherin! - What does it mean that Grindelwald was a seer? - The new Fantastic Beasts covers have been revealed! - We dive deep into the launch of JKR's new website (which definitely has a nostalgic feel) - Jo answers some FAQs about Fantastic Beasts and we analyze - Why couldn't Newt just apparate to the USA? Why did he go through No-Maj customs? Why couldn't Newt 'accio' all of his beasts safely back to his briefcase? - Why isn't Veritaserum used in interrogations? - Why did 'revelio' undo the effects of the Polyjuice Potion? - Why didn't Harry Potter develop an Obscurus? - Twitter Question: What uncommon element(s) from the HP books or films do you want to see become important in the FB series?
Jan 16, 2017
Episode #307: Thank You, Cursed Child
It's our final episode of 2016! To send out an amazing year, we recap our latest trip around the sun, discuss recent news, and more. We're joined by's Danielle Zimmerman, a longtime listener making her on-air debut. - Scorbus may be real after all - Cursed Child tops Amazon's Best-Selling Books of 2016 - Our Main Discussion centers around Newt's expulsion from Hogwarts - New info surrounding Newt and Leta is found in the Case of Beasts! - Parallels to Hagrid and Aragog - did Newt's situation set a precedent? It's clear Newt took the blame for Leta, but why? - The beast in question is revealed: what is a Jarvey? - Patrons weigh in with their thoughts on Newt and Leta's relationship - We take a look back on the Year in Potter, including Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, Ilvermorny, The Patronus Quiz and Alan Rickman - Twitter Question: What more would you want to learn about the American Wizarding World? - Thanks to Renee for the Christmas card!
Dec 21, 2016
Episode #306: Ariana the Obscurus
- Lin-Manuel Miranda sparks Half-Blood Prince/Deathly Hallows debate - Hot Butterbeer has arrived at the Wizarding World in Los Angeles - A new spider honors a Hogwarts founder and his sorting hat - Main Discussion: Was Ariana Dumbledore an Obscurus? - We analyze the evidence from Credence and Aberforth Dumbledore - How will her death play into future Fantastic Beasts films? - Did Grindelwald's interest in Ariana as an obscurus lead to his falling out with Albus? - Pottermore releases new writing on Ariana just weeks after Fantastics Beasts - coincidence? - Obscurus Books... the official publisher of Fantastic Beasts actually exists in Diagon Alley! - What Fantastic Beasts creature are you? Find out! - Email: Was the death of Credence not properly handled?
Dec 13, 2016
Episode #305: Fantastic Beasts Movie Review (SPOILERS!)
- Our spoiler-filled review of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! - Those opening credits! We're back in the wizarding world (with no expectations) and it's massively refreshing! - Our initial thoughts on Newt, Tina, Jacob, Queenie, Graves and Creedence - Another wizarding family gets name-dropped (and its not the Dumbledores) - Obscurus: say what? And why this may not be the first time we've encountered one! - Inside the Newtcase: will the beasts be used to fight in the future? - Even thought we're leaving New York, have we seen the end of certain characters? - We breakdown the clues leading up to the big reveal! - We anticipate Nifflers and Bowtruckles will top fan holiday wish lists
Nov 18, 2016
Episode #304: Fantastically Spoiler Free
– The gang is all together in NYC for a special charity screening of Fantastic Beasts – We’re recording in-person for the first time in 9 years – There may or may not be some hand-holding – We discuss the recent casting of Johnny Depp and the news of the series spanning 19 years – Our initial reactions to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, all presented in a spoiler-free manner – Returning to the Wizarding World five years after the release of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – Characters, beasts, 1920s New York – it’s all on the table for discussion (with Eric’s sorta-working microphone) – Our full spoiler episode coming later this week! – Congrats to our Halloween Contest winners
Nov 14, 2016
Episode #303: Fantastic Five
We review what we’ve been up to and fandom and discuss the MAJOR news about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! – Andrew reminisces about LeakyCon while Eric reviews Sorcerer’s Stone in IMAX – Does the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack offer huge insights into what we can expect to see in the film? – We review what we know about the Fantastic Beasts mobile game… – And Micah thinks Warner Bros is missing a big opportunity in NYC! – Celebrating 20 Years of Magic! Make sure to get your copy of Newsweek today! – Main Discussion: Fantastic Beasts is now a five-part movie series! – Will all five films be focused on beasts? Or is it this all building toward the First Wizarding War? What’s Newt’s connection to Grindelwald? And could we be headed to other wizarding institutions around the world? – We discuss what will determine the overall success of the series. – David Yates addresses whether this is all just a money-grab… and name drops a major Potter character for the Fantastic Beast sequel. – Listener Feedback: mixed reaction to the announcement by JKR – In this week’s Bonus MuggleCast available on Patreon, we discuss how five movies will affect fandom, and if we can analyze this new movie like we would any J.K. Rowling / Harry Potter book.
Oct 26, 2016
Episode #302: Andrew's Party
Lots of news to discuss in our first episode of October! Hypable’s Hype podcast host Pamela joins us to discuss all of the latest and greatest news. Expecto Patronum! The long-awaited quiz is finally here and the hosts reveal their Patronuses! Listeners share Patronus quiz results and if they’re happy with the outcome Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition hits store shelves and we have some questions! Why are their less illustrations? How will the length of future books impact the number of illustrations? Do these editions take away from the imaginations of younger readers? What’s up with Dobby’s bare ass? The final Fantastic Beasts trailer is released… with the mention of a very familiar dark wizard! Will Dumbledore help Newt fight Grindelwald? Will Newt be the only one capturing beasts? Whose side is Graves really on? Get your tickets! All 8 Harry Potter movies are returning to theaters for one week only! A great opportunity to see the earlier films. The main theme for Fantastic Beasts is revealed and it sounds awfully familiar… Harry Potter merch is making a comeback! Party in the Park – don’t miss out on an exclusive event at LeakyCon in Los Angeles (and after-party on Andrew’s rooftop)! Bonus MuggleCast: The History of MACUSA (Coming to Patreon later in October)
Oct 09, 2016
Episode #301: A Fantastic Visit
We discuss recent news, MuggleNet’s visit to the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and more! Andrew’s elusive quest for the vibrating broomstick continues An exciting Patreon announcement: it’s never been easier to listen to our bonus content! A Patronus quiz? We’re skeptical. Listeners share other quizzes they’d like to see on Pottermore. Cormoran Strike has been cast! We discuss adapting the book series to television. Halloween is coming to the Wizarding World theme park in Japan! Is the Orlando park missing a huge opportunity? Next stop for Harry Potter: The Exhibition… The Netherlands! Hopefully, they allow photos now. LEGO Harry Potter gets a makeover (and some very cool additions)! Here is the interview with Arthur Parsons, and here is Jonathan Smith on LEGO HP 1-4. We speak with MuggleNet’s Jessica Jordan, who visited the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! Full set report and interviews. Mailbag: Our thoughts on good adaptations vs. good movies, the most shocking plot point of The Cursed Child and… Mandrakes! Eric has a few PO Box updates, but sadly no live goats… yet…
Sep 20, 2016
Episode #300: Wamp Wamp
The 300th installment of MuggleCast has arrived! Thank you to our Patreon supporters, who helped us unlock Mega MuggleCast, bringing many of our old friends back on the show! The band is back together… Laura, Matt, Elysa & Mikey B return to celebrate this milestone! You can find Laura, Matt, Elysa, and Andrew on #Millennial podcast. Meanwhile, Mikey hosts Hypable’s Resistance Radio. And a special guest appearance by everyone’s favorite Brit! WAMP WAMP! We learn which Ilvermorny house each host was sorted into! The Cursed Child gets mixed reviews from the larger panel. Who said it?! A Cursed Child character or Original Story character (or Laura)? You might be surprised! The expansion of the Wizarding World: what would we like to see next? Has it gone too far already? Is Pottermore becoming the clearinghouse for all things Potter? Ilvermorny House controversy! We thought those drawings looked awfully familiar! NOT SAFE FOR WORK! We discuss things that definitely happened in the Potter series but JKR didn’t include because they were “kid” novels. Aberforth and his clean goat Severus Scabbers saw quite a bit of Weasley in his day Love potions… as date rape drugs? The prefect’s bathroom… an all-out orgy! Plus Bertha Jorkins & Peter Pettigrew, Polyjuice & puberty, Gilderoy Lockhart and vibrating brooms!
Sep 04, 2016
Episode #299: The Cursed Child, Part 2
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Episode #295: #Wormtaily (SPOILER review)
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Episode #293: The Final Countdown
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MuggleCast #250: J.K. Rowling's New Testament
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MuggleCast #244: Deathly Hallows - Part 2 DVD Commentary!
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MuggleCast #235: Exclusive Interviews with David Yates and Oliver Phelps
Jul 29, 2011
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