By Louise Scollay

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WoolWork is the new name for KnitBritish Join me on my journey of woolly discovery celebrating the unique characteristics of local wool, from sheep to skein, to finished object. You can visit woolwork.net and follow me on twitter and IG @_woolwork

Episode Date
Episode 130 : WoolWork was there
From 31st March I will have to stop using Ravelry. This leaves me angry and really sad. Please read the full show notes (without the crying) at http://www.woolwork.net/ep130
Mar 21, 2021
episode 129 - Spring, Smocks, Sewing, Popcorn & Crocodiles!
http://www.woolwork.net/ep129 Here I am feeling springlike, feeling great after my first covid jab! I've even finished some projects and started some sewing. There is also a giveaway this episode from Popcorn & Crocodiles, so come on in!
Mar 14, 2021
Episode 128 - walk it back a bit
The first podcast of 2021 and a shorter one for good reasons. Settle in and have a break from the day with me. I am taking about recent WIPs and some patterns that caught my eye recently. Full shownotes at http://www.woolwork.net/ep128
Feb 14, 2021
Episode... what is it now? One hundred and twenty-burble-burble-burble (127)
Shownotes: www.woolwork.net/ep127 - I'm talking about all the 'I haven't done that for a while' things which caused me some anxiety & soul-searching. I tell you about awesome new book Perspectives. There is finally Zwarbtles wool exploration too.
Dec 23, 2020
episode 126 On Drafts & Draughts
Blimey, this is something resembling a podcast! The urge came upon me to record today, poor recording set up et al! Today I'm talking about drafts and notes and your suggestions of wool for the bedroom. Full notes are at https://wp.me/s303nu-ep126
Oct 25, 2020
Episode 125 much to say
Procrastinating while we move house - I have some thoughts on a lot of the things that have been happening lately in our knitting communities and beyond. More at the WoolWork Website https://wp.me/p303nu-4Bh
Aug 01, 2020
Episode 124 Crafting in the time of corona; how's that going for you?
Just a quick check in and a few thoughts on what my creative habits are currently reduced to. A few wee notes at: https://wp.me/p303nu-4vF
May 07, 2020
episode 123 - Hebridean Charm
Full links and notes can be found at https://wp.me/p303nu-4sF Today is all about Hebridean Wool Exploration! It was quite hard to record the podcast today, but we could all use a small distraction from the Covid Scourge, right? Stay safe!
Apr 16, 2020
WoolWork Rewind: Jamiesons of Shetland Episode 30
I'm on hiatus but here is an episode from the back catalogue - visit the shownotes for more info: https://bit.ly/2Tq0oJS
Mar 01, 2020
Episode 122 - Festive, with air quotes
Last show of the year and we have #WoolExploration with Welsh Mountain wool group!. www.knitbritish.net/ep122
Dec 21, 2019
episode 121 a kind of magic
I talk to Esther Rutter whose book This Golden Fleece was recently published by Granta. There's chat about the TinCanKnitsAlong and I bring you a talk by Alice Underwood about the role of the Rare Breed Survival Trust www.knitbritish.net/ep121
Nov 29, 2019
Episode 120 Something new
Back for winter and with a new name! All shownotes and links at http://www.knitbritish.net/ep119 (no, the website hasn't changed yet!) You ca also find me on IG https://www.instagram.com/_woolwork/. Music is by David Mumford on FreeMusicArchive
Oct 26, 2019
Episode 119 - What's in a name?
A pretty bumper episode. There is a wee bit about my trip to woolness; our castilemilk moorit exploration and some news about WoolWork - the new name for the KB podcast. www.knitbritish.net/ep119
Aug 11, 2019
Episode 118 - Hand-making in Archives: Cleekit Gloves
A talk on archived letters related to cleekit gloves. This was a craft distinct from knitting and crochet! Read the full shownotes and see images at at https://www.knitbritish.net/ep118
Jun 30, 2019
Episode 117 - The wool that keeps on giving!
Today we have wool exploration with one of my favourites and it is just lovely to hear what our explorers think of Wensleydale. I also discuss the life (so far) of my Lush. I rant about visually inaccessible patterns too! Shownotes: knitbritish.net/ep117
May 25, 2019
Episode 116 You say shhheviutt and I say Cheeveeitt....
A little short on creative energy but here is some wool exploration with Cheviot and a little wool news - full notes at http://www.knitbritish.net/ep116
May 04, 2019
episode 115 - My heart's wrapped up in wool
Just a woolly wittering about EYF 2019 and my visit to WYS with KnitNow and the winners of Knitter of the Year. A few more notes at http://www.knitbritish.net/ep115
Mar 30, 2019
episode 114 be an advocate
a recent talk I gave from NANSwool Conference - the message is be a wool ambassador and raise up wool biz and woolly people! There is a review of Turned Studio yarn bowls and there is EYF and #FieldworkMAL chat. Shownotes at www.knitbritish.net/ep114
Feb 28, 2019
Episode 113 - safe space
Starting as we mean to go on in 2019 - Inclusion, Shetland Wool Exploration, Fieldwork, EYF and more! Find full shownotes at http://www.knitbritish.net/ep-113
Feb 03, 2019
Wool Exploration: A Guide
See full notes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-we
Dec 30, 2018
Episode112 - What's the name of that yarn, Louise?
Bumper edition - our last of the year
Dec 14, 2018
Episode 111 - Machine Knitting Demystified
Mica Koehlmos invited me around to he machine knitting nook and we deep dive into the world of machine knitting. Spolier: Its not cheating. It is hand-made and it DOES require skill!
Nov 29, 2018
episode 110 - North Atlantic Sheep and Wool Conference
My trip to the North Atlantic Sheep and Wool Conference, in Uist
Nov 01, 2018
Episode 109 - a very quick catch up
hardly even an episode! Just a wee catch up
Oct 05, 2018
episode 108 Louise Spong & South Downs Yarn
full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-108
Aug 24, 2018
episode 107 I will never just stick to the knitting.
There's a wee rant then we get on with all the usual woolly fun!
Aug 01, 2018
episode 106 - cosy and tempting
Wool Exploration with Romney, Good Intentions, Natures Shades and more!
Jun 30, 2018
episode 105 - in fine fettle
Wool exploration with Teeswater and a visit to Fine Fettle Fibres. Visit www.knitbritish.net for shownotes
Jun 01, 2018
episode 104 - reasons to be cheerful books, books, books
Emotional and empowering books and a wool exploration where I have a gigglefit!
May 06, 2018
Meet the Shepherdess
A special instalment with some interviews at EYF's Meet The Shepherd event
Apr 09, 2018
Episode103 - Part B
Part 2 of this month's packed show
Mar 31, 2018
Episode 103 - Part A twisted together in a strong ply
This is part one of episode 103. Full notes at knitbritish.net/ep-103
Mar 31, 2018
episode 102 - yarn fume smoke signals
What's on my EYF list? check out knitbritish.net/ep-102
Mar 09, 2018
episode 101 - crunchy and grippy, soft and silky
this ep we have wool exploration with Gotland - see full show notes at knitbritish.net/ep-101
Feb 24, 2018
episode 100!
full shownotes are at www,knitbritish.net/ep-100
Jan 11, 2018
Episode 99 Our Great Muckers of 2017
full notes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-99
Dec 28, 2017
episode 98 Charles Dickens has a lot to answer for
Small gestues, Alpaca blend yarn and ballet dancing sheep!
Dec 15, 2017
episode 97 - all wool is yarn, but not all yarn is wool
see the full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-97
Nov 30, 2017
episode 96 the shape of things to come
see all shownotes at knitbritish.net
Nov 16, 2017
episode 95 Knitworthiness far exceeds hats for bottles
lots today, including a yarn review and a rant! see shownotes for details
Oct 19, 2017
episode 94 is paved with good intentions
Good intentions and some wool reviews
Oct 05, 2017
episode 93 - there is always something new to learn
The one with lots of reviews!
Sep 21, 2017
episode 92 - stitched together with good intentions
did I say last time this would be a shorter episode? Its even longer! see knitbritish.net/ep-92 for notes
Sep 07, 2017
Episode 91- She thought she wouldn't like it
(but she did!) All notes are at knitbritish.net/ep-91
Aug 24, 2017
episode 90 - wool geekery
Full show notes at knitbritish.net/ep-90
Aug 03, 2017
Episode 89 - Part Two - Uist Wool
second part of this special episode where i visit Uist Wool. Full shownotes at knitbritish.net
Jul 26, 2017
Episode 89 - Part 1 - Uist Wool
Special episode where I go to Uist Wool - visit www.knitbritish.net/ep-89 for full shownotes, images and links
Jul 26, 2017
episode 88 - The one with Shetlands, Romney, Alpaca, BFLs, Merino, Mules and silk!
see all the notes at www.knitbritish.net/88
Jul 20, 2017
episode 97 where there were 300 sheep
full notes at knitbritish.net/ep-87
Jul 06, 2017
episode 86 at the party yarn shop
I visit the Queen of Purls, our sponsor this episode
Jun 19, 2017
episode 85 - we partook of cake
I visited Leeds Woolfest!
Jun 08, 2017
episode 84 - clearer labelling and bumper festivities
full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-84
May 25, 2017
episode 83 - what you love about the indiestry
We talk about our shared love of indies and why we love them - full shownotes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-83
May 18, 2017
episode 82 - strength and significance / community and traditions
Ganseys, communities, Zen Variations et al - Full info at knitbritish.net/ep-82
Apr 27, 2017
episode 81 - we can make anything
Picking back up on the topic of value. Full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-81
Apr 17, 2017
episode 80 Why don’t you? Couldn’t you just…? You should…!
full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-80 soon
Apr 17, 2017
episode 79 unpacking EYF2017
no shownotes but a very long meander through the EYF 2017 - all chatter
Apr 17, 2017
episode 78 - British Stash Invasion
EYF excitement levels are high!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 77 - heart ♥
episode 77 - heart ♥
Apr 17, 2017
episode 76 - all views expressed are my own
Let's play nice! Wool aplenty this week and a giveaway too. full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-76
Apr 17, 2017
episode 75 The Indiestry
Today I've two interviews for you which show a portrait of the incredible people making incredible wool. Full shownotes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-75
Apr 17, 2017
episode 74 Let's Make a Podcast
packed with news about EYF! Full notes at knitbritish.net/ep-74
Apr 17, 2017
episode 73 - the last show of 2016
the last show of 2016
Apr 17, 2017
episode 72 - the worth in knitworthy
today I talk about charity knitting and have a Blacker Yarns Podcast Lounge announcement!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 71 - the value of what you do
Don't think just cos we knit we will make you all the things! Today's episode is about remembering that as a knitter you have a valued and valuable skill. full shownotes at knitbritish.net/ep-71
Apr 17, 2017
episode 70 - join the club
Full show notes at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 69 (dudes) The EYF 2017 Scoop
An interview with Mica and Jo from Edinburgh Yarn Festival and we get some INCREDIBLE news! all info at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 68 - no substitute
I talk about Shetland Wool Week, a recent sheep and goat cuddling mission to Yorkshire and loving original designs!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 67 - sixes and sevens
see full shownotes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-67
Apr 17, 2017
episode 66 (clickety click)
Show sponsor The Knitting Goddess comes over to chat about an exciting collaboration with Blacker Yarns - full shownote will be at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 65 - K2tog
hap winners, highland holiday - oh and I got married. full notes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-65
Apr 17, 2017
episode 64 - worsted deliciousness
a review of the J&S Heritage Naturals and much more, including the first Fair Isle i've knit, that I feel happy wearing in public!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 63 - a little bit of balance
haps, meaningful knits, WIPs of Doom and the #bigwiprip - please visit website for longer notes and links
Apr 17, 2017
episode 62 a visit to The Border Mill
Come on a tour of this small scale fibre mill, in the Scottish Borders. All shownotes, links and images at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 61 inspirations and stories
Phileas Yarns and Karie Westermann are on today's show - see www,knitbritish.net/ep-61 for more details
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 60 a hobby that got a bit out of hand
Joy, The Knitting Goddess, joins me for a chat. Full show notes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-60
Apr 17, 2017
episode 59 - back it up!
There is a yarn review and cracking giveaway from The Knitting Goddess and lots more - see full shownotes at www.knitbritish.net/ep-59
Apr 17, 2017
episode 58 Fluph - skeins n cakes n balls n things
I visit Dundee and the premier yarny destination there - Fluph! visit www.knitbritish.net for full shownotes and links
Apr 17, 2017
episode 57 that pensive pocket of time
This week I have a book review of Coffee with CC and lots of winners and prizes! Full shownotes with links at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 56 - EYF over Breakfast with Felix
This week is a VERY laidback episode in my kitchen talking about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival with Felix Ford, aka KNITSONIK. Visit main page at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 55 Work it or Rip it
Let's assess those WIPs and decide which stays and which goes. Aslo a review of Wool Tribe and excitement ahead of next week;s EYF! Visit full shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 54 Your one month klaxon
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 53 Reacquainting
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 52 going wild for nature's shades
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 51 Momentum
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 50 the one with the dancing sheep
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 49 Spilling Edinburgh Yarn Festival Beans!
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 48 Kitsmas Clubs
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 47 and I Knit Socks Now
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 46 and the meaningful knits
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 45 I want to cast on all the things
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 44 STOP PRESS: Edin
see shownotes at www.knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 43 WOOL is WONDROUS!
see shownotes at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 42 #Breedswatchalong: all the details
see full shownotes at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 41 Shetland Wool Week preview
see shownotes at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 40 Tea Collection Party
see shownotes at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 39 yarny celebration
see shownotes at knitbritish.net
Apr 17, 2017
episode 38 Back in the loop
see shownotes for full info
Apr 17, 2017
episode 37 gusset-fantasticness and Tardis proportions
see shownotes for full info
Apr 17, 2017
episode 36: woolly journey with Romney Marsh Wools
see shownotes for full info
Apr 17, 2017
episode 35 Kiss my British Wool
see shownotes for full info
Apr 17, 2017
episode 34: clap along if you know what hap-piness is to you
see shownotes for full info
Apr 17, 2017
episode 33 Scollay KAL
see shownotes for full info
Apr 17, 2017
episode 32 BritYarn
Meet show sponsor BritYarn! Also Make It Fit, Idie Burgh Yarn Crawl and More!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 31
woolly news; sheep adoption and more!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 30 Jamieson's of Shetland
I talk to Garry Jamieson, fifth generation of the Jamieson family to helm Jamieson and Smith, knitwear co and woollen mill
Apr 17, 2017
episode 29 baby princess woollen watch
news about BritYarn, MakeitFit and all the hap chat!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 28 Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl news
Yarn crawl news, a review of the new Blacker yarn and I have been spinning!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 27 in the lounge with Karie Westermann
a special show recorded live at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival
Apr 17, 2017
episode 26 hap-py
it's hap cast on day!
Apr 17, 2017
Part 2: The EYF unwinding continues
more relaxed chat
Apr 17, 2017
episode 25: Edinburgh Yarn Festival Unwinding part one
first meander back through the wonderful EYF
Apr 17, 2017
episode 24 Knitmastery and a preview of EYF
the new knitmastery app and all your EYF needs!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 23 giveaways reviews and haps oh my
bletchley review and giveaway & Ginger twist studio review and giveaway!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 22 knitting communities
I have been thinking a lot about the different knitting communities I belong to and how we are tied together in different ways with sticks and string. This week I am also looking at Podcast Lounge news, a hap KAL and tea inspired knit
Apr 17, 2017
episode 21 with EYF Podcast Lounge news
ticket GIVE-AWAY, Podcast lounge news, yarn review and taking up the blacker challenge!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 20 and the podiversary
birthday celebrations and a yarn review from Coach House Yarns too
Apr 17, 2017
episode 19 vision and vendors
I reveal the vendor and exhibitor list for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 18 in conversation with Karie Westermann
Looking back at 2014 and towards all the fun of 2015 with Karie Westermann
Apr 17, 2017
episode 17 Season's Greetings
book review of Traditional Dutch Ganseys, by Stella Ruhe and more!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 16 and the small gestures
Festive doings and small gesturings
Apr 17, 2017
episode 15 life is too short to knit things you don't like
wool & book reviews and bah humbug
Apr 17, 2017
episode 14 remember it's WOVEMBER
Brand new British yarn club, Wovember, Blacker wool preview and MORE!
Apr 17, 2017
episode 13 IS lucky for some
wool week and a lack of wipcrackingaway
Apr 17, 2017
episode 12 and the yarndale hangover
it's just yarndale musings.
Apr 17, 2017
episode 11 is slightly out of step, but on the right track
Apr 17, 2017
episode 10 and the double figures
Edinburgh Yarn Festival news, Carol Meldrum interview and yarn reviews
Apr 17, 2017
episode 9 normal service has resumed
yarn reviews, LushKAL, give away and more!
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 8.5 Collaborations
News from Clare Devine & Ginger Twist hand dyed! Also there's a KAL approaching
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 8 and all the woolly people are so so lovely
interview with Yarn Garden
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 7: Twitterpation
aka "I digress" and the unofficial Tin Can Knits love-in and a
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 6 and the FOMO
I have knit festival FOMO
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 5 grab your oars
I visit Ginger Twist Studio in Edinburgh
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 4 and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival Exclusive
Hot off the press news on the EYF 2015
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 3 the one without the creeping finger
Fair Isle, Colour consuming and squishy yarn
Apr 17, 2017
Episode 2 and the very blustery day
welcome to episode two
Apr 17, 2017
Knit British Episode 1
The first tentative steps into podcasting!
Apr 17, 2017