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 Aug 7, 2020
I had to stop listening after he had a racist guest on. After hearing the lies from the trump mafia, it was just so horrible that its Pinocchio nose was coming out of my screen. Why would you have it as your guest? Sad!

 May 27, 2020

Steven in the sun
 Aug 27, 2018
love the podcast, keep it up!

A Podcast Republic user
 Jul 27, 2018

 Jul 22, 2018
thank you for all the insightful education


Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success. If you’re looking for get-rich-quick tips and tricks to investing, move on. Listeners dedicated to the craft of finance and a better life, subscribe! New podcasts released weekly!

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Mentor to Millions
One secret shared among successful entrepreneurs and the ultra-rich is that they have mentors and coaches on their teams.  In a time of global crisis due to COVID-19 and uncertainty in the stock markets, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, and family members are deeply concerned and anxious about the future state of their businesses, careers, and families. Today’s guests, Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm agree that the way to ensure that our professional and personal lives can thrive in a time of grave uncertainty and stress is to a mentor.  There are lots of different types of mentors, including investment, business, fitness, and personal mentors. Mentors are those who have experience and are more accomplished at doing the things you want to do. “The importance of having a mentor is simple—you are learning a great deal of knowledge (and life experiences) from someone who has already walked the walk, someone who knows a great deal about what you want to learn,” says Kevin Harrington.  Host Robert Kiyosaki is joined by original “shark” Kevin Harrington and serial entrepreneur Mark Timm to discuss what it takes why now more than any time in our history, entrepreneurs should look towards finding a mentor through times of crisis.  Website: Kevin Twitter: @HarringtonKevin Mark Twitter: @TheMarkTimm Kevin Facebook: @OfficialKevinHarrington Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 23, 2020
The Secret Manipulation of Gold
As gold keeps rising, and today is hovering around $2,000 per ounce, today’s guest says that this creates competition for the dollar as people move out of the dollar and into gold. This episode reveals how it is completely legal for the U.S. government to manipulate the price of gold to keep the competition for the dollar down.  To understand how the Fed can do this, you have to look back at The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 which was passed under President Franklin Roosevelt at the height of the Great Depression to stabilize the money supply in the U.S. It essentially transferred gold from private hands to the U.S. Treasury by requiring the Federal Reserve and all private persons and entities to remit gold over the value of $100 to the government.  Today’s guest Chris Powell, Director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee ( says, “The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 created the exchange stabilization fund which has the authority to not only intervene in the gold market, it has the authority to intervene on behalf of the U.S. government and any market in the world.”  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Chris Powell discuss how it is legal for the U.S. government to manipulate the price of gold and to do so secretly to deceive investors in other countries. Listen to find out what Chris Powell predicts for gold and the dollar over the next five years.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 16, 2020
“Macro Addict” Reveals His Prediction for Gold, Bitcoin, and the Economy
The discussion amongst economic experts is, “What is Warren Buffett trying to tell us?” with his latest moves into Barrick Gold. The reason why these moves have experts scratching their heads is because Buffett is notorious for considering gold to be worthless.  He’s quoted as saying, “[Gold] gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.”  Today’s guest and “macro addict”, George Gammon, reveals what he believes Warren Buffett’s move into gold is trying to tell us. He says, “Watch their actions, not what they’re saying.” With the uncertainty with the pandemic, the economy, George says, “You have two choices: one, you can be prepared, or two, you can be a victim.”  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest George Gammon discuss why regardless who wins during these current economic times, gold wins, and why you shouldn’t try to predict the future, but what you should be doing now.  Visit George Gammon’s website: Listen and watch his Podcast “The Rebel Capitalist” on his YouTube Channel: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2020
The Real Crash: What is Warren Buffett Trying to Tell Us?
Warren Buffett is quoted as saying “...I would say that gold would be way down on my list as a store of value…”  So what does Warren Buffett’s recent move to buy Barrick Gold mean?  In addition to making a move into a gold mining company, Buffett also quietly dumped airline and bank stocks back in April 2020.  Peter Schiff, the Chief Economist & Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, shares his perspective into why Warren Buffett is making these moves, what a crashing dollar will do to the average consumer, and he makes his predictions for whether the U.S. will see inflation or deflation. Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by Peter Schiff to discuss if these quiet moves Buffett is making are an indication something big is about to happen. Listen to find out what that is, and if your investments are at risk.  Listen to Peter Schiff’s podcast: Euro Pacific Capital: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2020
Economic Virus
Money flow is the only thing that can change the price of a stock—supply, and demand. Today’s guest advises if you are invested only in a 401(k) to “Run for the hills. You don’t want to be fully invested in the stock market.” Why does he say this?  As you are aware, the world’s economic system was on the brink of total collapse in March 2020. The Fed, over the last nine weeks, has had to inject more money than ever before to save the system from total collapse.  But is all this supply an indication that an economic depression is coming?  Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Bert Dohmen discuss his opinion about an impending depression, what is causing major changes in the stock market, and what is happening with the money supply.   Wellington Letter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 31, 2020
Super Bubble
According to our guests today we are in the biggest bubble in the history of the United States. What data is driving this prediction? Listen as they give their individual short-term and long-term views on what’s happening in the biggest cycle of our lifetime.   Harry Dent, the best-selling author of “Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage,” has been warning listeners about his predictions of the 90-year cycle, and he says his forecast indicates the greatest crash is knocking on the front door.  Stan Harley who publishes The HARLEY Market Letter shares his micro-view of the factors, like employment, that indicates we are headed for a 1929-like market crash.  Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Harry Dent and Stan Harley join the Rich Dad Radio Show to discuss how the greatest bubble in history is about to go bust.  Stan Harley: Harry Dent: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2020
Killing Capitalism: The U.S. is Suffering from Economic Martial Law
Who better to explain how the Fed is killing the economy and policymakers are killing capitalism than a former White House Budget Director for President Ronald Reagan?  In this episode, you’ll hear a very candid point of view about how the 12 people running the Fed are putting the economy on the brink of collapse and how keeping cities on lockdown is totally irresponsible.  Since March 12th the Fed has printed an unprecedented $3 trillion dollars. David Stockman, the publisher of Contra Corner, says, “If the Fed was doing its job the U.S. wouldn’t be in this mess.” Listen as he describes what he sees as the top three economic problems.  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest David Stockman discuss what he calls “Economic Martial Law” and just how close the U.S. is to total collapse.  Read David’s daily blog: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 19, 2020
Current State of the Union: A Candid View Inside Washington D.C.
There’s something going on behind the walls of “The People’s House” in Washington D.C. and as today’s guest describes, “It’s George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four coming to life.” George Orwell’s Nineteen Eight-Four “centers on the consequences of government over-reach, totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviors within society. More broadly, it examines the role of truth and facts within politics and their manipulation.” Today’s guest Jack Bergman, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, describes what’s happening in Washington D.C. as control. And he says, “The first way to control people is to cause fear.” Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Jack Bergman discuss why today, more than any time in history, exercising your right to vote is the most important thing you can do, and how he views the response from the government during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 12, 2020
Political Tactics: Taxation, Stagflation, Devaluation
The economy can be divided into two eras: Before Coronavirus (BC) and After Coronavirus (AC) and it all comes down to taxes. And as the United States faces a presidential election in less than 100 days, there’s a great debate as to which candidate’s policies are best for the taxpayers. If you earn your income on the left side of the quadrant—through ordinary income—the only tax break you have is to buy a bigger house and go into greater debt. But the rich have scores of tax breaks offered to them by the government to encourage investment and business development, which generates more jobs.  The big question is which candidate’s tax plan will benefit the job creators?  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by Rich Dad Tax Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, to discuss the political tactics being used to sway constituents this election cycle, and what entrepreneurs can start doing today to pay fewer taxes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 05, 2020
Family, Loyalty, Business: Eric Trump on Growing Up in the Trump Family
One might think that growing up with the last name Trump means you’ve been handed everything your whole life or things have been easy for you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Eric Trump joins the Rich Dad Radio show to discuss what life is like as the son of the 45th President of the United States and how his parents raised him and his siblings to work hard and understand the value of a dollar.  You’ll also hear Eric discuss: What he’s learned about business through these unprecedented times  How entrepreneurs who adapt will succeed during tough economic times What he sees as the biggest problem coming out of Washington D.C.  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Eric Trump discuss how discipline and respect shaped the way he does business and what the future holds for businesses across the U.S.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 03, 2020
Wolves of Wall Street
There are many reasons why public employee pension funds have grown so fast and one of them are promises. Governors and legislatures made pension promises to public employees but the problem was and still is that these governors and legislatures did not fund the pensions to match their promises. As a solution to the problem, in the 1980s, Wall Street began selling pension boards high risk “credit assets.”  The financially illiterate pension overseers blindly bought up these assets. To make matters worse, as public pensions failed to meet their overly optimistic return assumptions, Ted Siedle, Co-Author of Who Stole My Pension writes in his latest article in Forbes says, “Now the Department of Labor has paved the way for equity “wolves” to sell the highest cost, highest risk, most secretive investments ever devised by Wall Street to 401(k)s. As private equity is embraced, 401(k) costs will skyrocket, risk will dramatically increase and transparency will plummet.”  Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Ted Siedle and John MacGregor discuss how agencies charged with protecting investors and retirement plans are taking greater risks and charging greater fees with a newly proposed exemption by the Securities & Exchange Commission.  John MacGregor, Author of The Top 10 Reasons the Rich Go Broke: Ted Siedle, Co-Author Who Stole My Pension: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2020
On and Off the Field: One Athlete’s Philosophy on Giving Back 
True success does not come from money and opportunity but what you do with them. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki have talked for many years that one of the best reasons to become financially free is so that you can give.  Giving is important because they believe none of us become successful on our own. Today’s guest, Devon Kennard, knows this better than anyone.  On the field, Devon was drafted by the New York Giants in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft and is currently a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals. Devon has dedicated himself to becoming an advocate for youth mentorship, education, and literacy. His dedication to the younger generation led to the Detroit Lions nominating him as a 2019 Walter Payton Man of The Year nominee.  Off the field, Devon has over $1.5 million in assets under management which does not include his passive real estate portfolio where he operates as a limited partner in commercial deals across the country. Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Devon Kennard discuss why giving back and being a true leader in your community are so important, but also why financial education is imperative more today than ever before. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 22, 2020
Shadow Banking Scandal: Dollar Swap Lines
The most alarming interview you’ll listen to in 2020! Would you ever imagine that the American people are funding the cannibalism of our own industries? Thanks to something called dollar swap lines—which grants unlimited lines of credit to 15 central banks around the world—this is exactly what’s happening in the shadow banking system.  In this episode, you’ll learn: What are dollar swap lines, and why you should care about them Why the U.S. would give an unlimited line of credit to countries  Who approves the lines of credit Who is going to get screwed when these countries don’t pay back the loan And the most important lesson you’ll learn is if you own stock of a company that has assets in a country that didn't get a dollar swap line you might be facing the most risk of all.  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Marin Katusa, author of The New York Times bestseller, “The Colder War,” discuss the risks associated with dollar swap lines, how lending to these countries will affect commodities, and most important is what you shouldn’t be doing if you have gold bouillon.  For Rich Dad listeners ONLY…Get a full year of Marin Katusa’s PREMIUM research… for the lowest price you’ll ever see Marin has built one of the greatest investment track records in history (with wins of 1,852%, 1,050%, 1,450%, 2,400%… even 4,160%). But if his style of investing isn’t for you, you’ve got 30 days to get a full refund. Note: This offer will close without notice.  Follow this slink to take advantage of this offer => Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 15, 2020
Three Things Are Certain in Life:  Death, Taxes, and Bitcoin
Gold became money as determined by the free market because of its properties—scarcity. But with the invention of Bitcoin, we are now seeing a historical event that will never be repeated. What makes Bitcoin so special is that prior to Bitcoin there was no other form of money with its absolute limited supply. Bitcoin’s characteristics make it a direct competitor to the central banks because of its absolute scarcity, resistance to theft and confiscation, and the system that it’s built upon prevents it from being shut down.  Today’s guest, Robert Breedlove who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Parallax Digital, a digital asset hedge fund and digital securities advisory firm, says, “Central banking is a model based on socialism.” Whereas “Bitcoin is purely a capitalist technology and lives entirely in the free market.” So what is the endgame? Bitcoin separates money from State control. Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Robert Breedlove, CEO of Parallax Digital, discuss the history of money, why fiat currency is a pyramid scheme, and how Bitcoin is challenging the central banking system.   Website: An Open Letter to Ray Dalio: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 13, 2020
Crypto Expert Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit 100k: Making the Case for People’s Money
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now challenging the hegemony of the U.S. dollar and other fiat currencies. In May 2020, a historic event cut the daily incoming supply of Bitcoin from 1800 Bitcoin per day to 900 Bitcoin per day—a sort of quantitative hardening—opposite of what the Fed is doing by printing trillions of dollars. Central banks, in simplest terms, create money out of nothing. They create “fake money” and loan it to governments. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is completely decentralized meaning that nobody can manipulate the market and there is not any single point of failure. It will be interesting to see how long the Central Banks will tolerate the competition from cyber money before there is a showdown.  Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Anthony Pompliano examine the value of Bitcoin in the current economy and how it may create a quasi gold standard.  The Pomp Podcast: An Open Letter to Ray Dalio: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2020
How to Begin Writing Your Own Book—and Make Money!
In 1997, the book Rich Dad Poor Dad was self-published because every publisher Robert and Kim offered it to turned it down. Most publishers sent rejection letters stating, “We are not interested in your book at this time.” A few more honest publishers thought Robert’s ideas were ridiculous. As a result, Robert and Kim turned to self-publishing. Three years later, Rich Dad Poor Dad made the New York Times Best Sellers list, the only self-published book on the list at the time. Then Oprah Winfrey called, and the rest is history.  If you’ve ever had the idea to write your own book, this show is for you. Everyone has a great story living inside of them, it’s just a matter of getting that story to come to life, and even better make money doing so! Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Chandler Bolt discuss how now might be the best time to start writing your book, and why self-publishing can help you generate income even during a pandemic.  Website: Podcast: Follow on Facebook: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 01, 2020
Cutting America’s Dependence on China for Medicines
When the coronavirus pandemic struck in the United States, the FDA was forced to closely monitor the medical product supply chain, including disruptions to supply or shortages of critical medical products in the U.S. because many of the components for those in-demand products are manufactured in China.  In a statement in February 2020, the FDA said, “Since January 24, the FDA has been in touch with more than 180 manufacturers of human drugs, not only to remind them of applicable legal requirements for notifying the FDA of any anticipated supply disruptions but also asking them to evaluate their entire supply chain, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (the main ingredient in the drug and part that produces the intended effects, e.g., acetaminophen) and other components manufactured in China. Also, as part of our efforts, the FDA has identified about 20 other drugs, which solely source their active pharmaceutical ingredients or finished drug products from China. We have been in contact with those firms to assess whether they face any drug shortage risks due to the outbreak. None of these firms have reported any shortage to date. Also, these drugs are considered non-critical drugs.” In the book, “China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine,” co-author, Rosemary Gibson, explains the dangers of relying on one country as a source of vital medicines.  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by Rosemary Gibson to discuss how the United States can get out from under the dependence of China for drugs.  Visit Rosemary Gibson’s website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 29, 2020
How to Become an Entrepreneur During a Crisis
Most people are trained to avoid mistakes. Rather, they always play it safe. Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad said, “Some of the biggest failures I know are people who have never failed.” His point was that because people try to play it safe, they never take any risks. And because they never take any risks, they never get ahead in life.  That is certainly not the case for today’s guest, the CEO, and Co-Found of Nekter Juice Bar, Steve Schulze. Prior to launching Nekter, Steve worked for consumer-based companies in various sales, marketing, and management capacities, including spending over 10 years in the infomercial industry.  Like many Americans, Steve found himself jobless after the financial crisis of 2008. This crisis provided Steve with a new perspective about what he wanted to do in the next chapter of his life—and so Nekter was born. From one single store in 2010 to now over 160 locations in 16 states nationwide, Nekter has become a clear leader in the elevated juice bar experience.  In this episode, hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Steve Schulze, discuss Nekter’s ups and downs, how they’ve become a leader in a $2.2 billion industry, his advice for entrepreneurs, and the three things to consider before becoming an entrepreneur. Follow Nekter on Instagram: @nekterjuicebar Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2020
The Original Internet Godfather: From FBI’s Most Wanted to Leading Security Expert
Online crime often succeeds because of failure across a variety of systems and as technology changes, cybersecurity becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain. Those that are committing online crime usually operate open source and somewhat freely exchange information. The result is a criminal community that is more educated and much quicker than the “good guys.”  Today’s guest, Brett Johnson, ran the first organized cybercrime community, Shadowcrew, but after finding himself on the United States Most Wanted List, he’s turned from bad guy to good guy. His background as the first Internet Godfather and current status as a leading security professional give Brett a unique insight and understanding of cybersecurity unavailable anywhere else.  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by cybercrime expert, Brett Johnson and VP of Operations at Rich Dad, Robb LeCount to discuss the latest trends in cybercrimes and what you can do to protect yourself from online security attacks.  Follow Brett on Twitter: @GOllumfun Visit Brett’s website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 17, 2020
How to Prepare for the Future and Avoid Being Caught in the Next Crash
As the global financial crisis spreads and the Fed prints more and more money to try to save the U.S. economy, the average person is wondering how can they avoid being caught in the next crash. First, you must understand that the mess the U.S. is in has been happening since 2008. Mortgage-backed securities were the pin that popped the bubble in 2008, and the pin today is the coronavirus—not the cause. The real cause of the economic problems is what 99.9% of the people can’t see—the structure of the economy itself. Guest George Gammon, American real estate investor and entrepreneur, says, “Whether it was mortgage-backed securities or Covid-19, it doesn’t matter, sooner or later, a system that is broken will finally break.” Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by guest George Gammon for an in-depth discussion on: The effects of the repo market on the economy Dollar swap lines An inflationary and deflationary economy How to position yourself for the next crash Twitter: @georgegammon Podcast: The Rebel Capitalist Show Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 15, 2020
Can the U.S. print its way out of financial disaster? 
The Fed has been printing trillions of dollars, and the amount of debt that has been added is insurmountable. America was already the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and in the last month they have added staggering amounts of debt and they continue to add more and they're printing more money.  Why? Today’s guest, one of the world’s most successful international investors, Jim Rogers, says “There's an election in November in the United States. None of those guys care about you and me or other people or young people like my kids. They care about the election. They want to print and spend and borrow as much money as they can to win the election.” But the U.S. isn’t in this mess alone, countries across the globe are in the same financial crisis.  Is there any good news? Yes!  Listen as host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jim Rogers discuss what effects the coronavirus is having across the globe, but more importantly, where in the world has the best opportunities for investment.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2020
Investing Outside the Central Bank
The Federal Reserve, the United States central bank, has “printed" more than $2 trillion since the global economic crisis began, and when the Fed prints money it makes the price of assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin go up. As Robert Kiyosaki says, central banks are run by the “controlling elite.” These elites do not like gold because central banks cannot print gold. Equally, central banks do not like Bitcoin and blockchain because what Robert calls people’s money, does not need central banks either. Today, billions of people are trapped in a central banking system owned by the mega-rich and are losing big time because they are saving money. Listen as host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jeff Wang, the host of and part of the avid investment group RocketFuel Team (, discuss how cryptocurrency is a hedge against the dying dollar and your opportunity to invest outside the central banking system.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2020
The Dollar Milkshake Theory: A Global Currency Crisis
Central banks have created a “milkshake” of different currencies and pushed liquidity into the global economy. As of 2016, the US started raising rates while the rest of the world was “mixing” the milkshake. As a result, raising rates acts as a straw that sucks the capital into the United States.  So what is the outlook in the post-coronavirus economy? Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, explains the “Dollar Milkshake Theory,” what impact the strong dollar will have on gold and Bitcoin, and why comparisons of currency strength are all relative. In addition, he explains that a strong dollar is good for the U.S., however, the global economy is not meant to support a strong dollar and could mean we will see a “reset” of currency.  Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Brent Johnson discuss what assets will perform in 2020 and how you can prepare for the future.  Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2020
Why You Should Plan to Retire Young, Retire Rich
“Investing is a plan.” In order for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki to retire young, they had to have a plan, a plan that started with nothing because they had nothing. The plan had an exit, and it also had a time limit. For many, however, the current financial crisis has disrupted the plans of millions of people to retire in the near future.  For the majority of baby boomers they’ve prepared for retirement by relying on a 401(k) and it’s how the majority of the US prepares, including probably you. But guest David Scranton, host of the financial TV Show “The Income Generation,” explains how those who are approaching retirement are in a critical time as they’ve seen their 401(k)s and pensions disappear since the coronavirus.  Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and David Scranton discuss how now is the time to take action because what worked before, will not work in today’s post-corona economy.  The Income Generation: Sound Income Strategies: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2020
Do You Have the DNA of a Wartime Leader?
Do You Have the DNA of a Wartime Leader? A peacetime leader takes the safe route. They follow the rules of: go to school, get a good job. They are worried about being perfect, but accept the bad. And make committee-based decisions. You might even be one. In contrast, wartime leaders bring peace of mind through strength and a sense of security. They are quick to make decisions and can lead during turbulent times.  A lot of people are facing a crisis right now. If you're one of those people, ask yourself: Will this crisis make you stronger, or weaker? Will you rise to the challenge, use your creativity and persistence to overcome hardship? Will you emerge as a wartime leader? In today’s episode, hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by guest Patrick Bet-David to discuss the difference between a wartime leader and a peacetime leader, and how to spot the person who will emerge from the current crisis as a hero.  Patrick Bet-David Website: Instagram: @patrickbetdavid Youtube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 20, 2020
How To Prepare For The New Depression
The Government is managing the economy through government debt and the Fed printing money. There's no better example of why they do this than when the Fed announced it would create limitless amounts of money in March 2020. Had the Government not printed money, the U.S. would have certainly fallen into a depression. The question you should be asking is, "How long can this go on before we spiral into a new depression?" To answer this question, you first must: 1. Understand the forces that drove the global economy and the financial markets before the Coronavirus struck. 2. Understand what the government must do now to prevent an unprecedented destruction of wealth and a new Great Depression. Listen as host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Richard Duncan, author of the international bestseller, "The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures," discuss how the current financial crisis started long before the coronavirus spread throughout the world and what you can do about it. ***FOR RICHDAD.COM*** Richard Duncan’s website: Use the code: rich to receive a 50% discount off a subscription to Macro Watch. Visit and hit the Subscribe Button, and, when prompted, use the discount coupon code:rich Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 18, 2020
The Age of Entrepreneurship: Guy’s Golden Touch
In today’s new world, there are only two options: increase your financial education and learn to create your own wealth, or become poorer and poorer and rely on the government and the rich to take care of you. We have now experienced a major turning point in the history of mankind. The days of going to school, getting a safe secure job, and investing for the long-term are long gone. We are in a new age—the age of entrepreneurship.  Today, the barrier to entry to entrepreneurship is almost non-existent. But to heed the opportunities available to everyone it requires a brand new mindset—the mindset of an entrepreneur. In fact, mindset most often is the dividing line between those who are successful in life and those who are not.  Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Guy Kawasaki discuss why now—a time of great change—is a time of great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the post-coronavirus economy.  ***FOR RICHDAD.COM*** Guy Kawasaki's Podcast: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 13, 2020
Pension Time Bombs: Part 7 - Autopsy of Dead Pensions
Many public or government pensions—including some of the largest—are not audited annually by independent certified public accountants. In fact, about 60 percent of all corporate pensions in the United States are not audited. Let’s call it another example of the “gross malpractice generally practiced” that pervades pension management. Pensions don’t just implode overnight. There are always warning signs or “red flags” that have been disregarded for decades. "Who Stole My Pension" co-author Ted Siedle, says, “Pension deaths are almost always foreseeable. Likewise, pension deaths are almost always preventable. If not foreseen and prevented, someone was not doing his or her job. However, autopsies almost never follow pension deaths. Indeed, the possibility of a forensic investigation into the causes of a pension death is rarely even discussed. The scope of such an investigation, as well as probable minimal cost, is rarely researched. Listen to hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guests Ted Siedle and U.S. Congressman Jack Bergman explain how there is no reason you should accept anything less than a true and complete audit of your pension to safeguard your retirement savings. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 06, 2020
Gold, Silver & Crypto: Insurance Against a Corrupt Federal Reserve
Throughout history, “money” has been many different things. Money has taken the form of seashells, colored beads, feathers, live animals, and large stones. Today, there are three types of modern money. Robert Kiyosaki says they are: 1. God’s money: Gold and silver 2. Government’s money: Dollars, Euros, pesos, etc. 3. People’s money: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Most are taught that saving money is smart but the truth is the dollar is worthless because the Fed is has been printing trillions of dollars ultimately make savers the biggest loser of all. So if saving money isn’t smart, what is? Get on your own gold standard, outside of the banks. Always remember gold and silver were here when the Earth was formed, and it will be here when we are all gone.  In this episode, host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Anthony Pompliano and Brien Lundin give listeners an in-depth look into how assets like gold, silver, and cryptocurrency are insurance against a dying dollar. —————————————————————————————————— FOR RICHDAD.COM Brien Lundin:  Anthony Pompliano: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 04, 2020
5 Pension Time Bombs: Part 6 - Kentucky Fried Pensions
States with the worst pension fund shortfalls include Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, and New Jersey which have less than half of the assets needed to pay promised benefits and another 17 states have less than two-thirds. The extent to which public pensions are underfunded has been obscured by governmental accounting rules, which allow pensions to eliminate their underfunding, no matter how large, simply by investing in risky assets. In fact, investing in riskier assets may allow a pension to raise investment assumptions, but it also increases the probability that existing underfunding will increase.   It’s anyone’s guess what will happen if and when a state pension in the United States runs out of money, but it’s indisputable that the amount of money that will be needed to bail out a single failed U.S. state pension will be in the tens of billions. All public pension stakeholders—American taxpayers and pensioners—need to get educated fast as to the causes of coming pension collapses and learn what they can do about it now.  Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and their guests Ted Siedle and Chris Tobe discuss how what’s happening in Kentucky can happen anywhere in the United States.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 29, 2020
5 Steps to Stay Healthy During a Pandemic
Everyone is worried about getting sick, but what about focusing on staying healthy? It seems that during times of panic and quarantine people forget to take care of themselves as they would do when life was "normal". Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle will give anyone an advantage during a pandemic.  Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by two of their own doctors, Dr. Nicole Srednicki and Dr. Josh Haggard to discuss the five things you can do to stay healthy every day—even while you are homebound—to avoid getting sick.  Listen for an in-depth discussion on: 1. Getting enough sunlight 2. Eating adequate servings of fruits and vegetables 3. Impacts of daily exercise 4. How many hours of sleep you should be getting 5. Staying hydrated Stay for the second half and listen to learn what the doctors say may have contributed to the spread of the coronavirus.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 22, 2020
Pension Time Bombs: Part 4 - The Cure to the Pension Crisis
As if the coronavirus hasn't caused enough damage, it also has investors feeling like they've been punched in the gut financially. Falling stock prices and interest rates have created a problem for both DB and DC pensions plans. The unfortunate thing about the coronavirus hitting at a time when most pensions are already underfunded, it almost certainly, will likely lead to more pension cuts as trouble grows in the economy.  So the question that Robert Kiyosaki and his guests will be answering is, "What can I do?" In today's episode of the "5 Pension Time Bombs" series, Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy, explains how investing in a cash-flowing asset, like real estate, can provide not only tax-free wealth but also a real nest-egg for retirement no matter which way the stock market goes—up, down, or sideways.  Listen as host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Ken McElroy and Ted Siedle discuss how financial education can lead to financial freedom even during uncertain times.  For Ken McElroy Instagram: @kenmcelroyofficial Ken McElroy Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2020
Pension Time Bombs: Part 5 - Funding Failing Pensions
Have you wondered why your property taxes are at record highs, water and sewage charges continue to grow, and local governments never seem to run out of ways to nickel and dime their constituents with fee after fee? Yet, the quality of services we depend on continue to decline. You might not think this pension crisis affects you, but as a taxpayer, you'll be shocked to find out exactly where your tax dollars are going. Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, has been the taxpayer's champion, pushing for pension reform, exposing waste and public unions finagling huge pay increases. This week he contributes to the "5 Pension Time Bombs" series with his perspective on the pension problem from within one of the largest cities in the United States. Listen as hosts Robert and Kim welcome guests Ted Siedle and Sal DiCiccio who give warnings to those whose tax dollars are funding failing pensions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2020
How to Survive the Main Street Crisis
The rules are changing quickly for entrepreneurs since confirmed coronavirus cases continue to exponentially grow around the world. As a result, the U.S. Federal Government sprung into action to try to alleviate further damage and destruction to the economy.  Last week, President Donald Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act into law, which initiated a $2 trillion stimulus package, the largest emergency relief bill in American history. Our guest today, Tom Wheelwright who is the Rich Dad Advisor on Taxes, and author of “Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes,” joins The Rich Dad Radio Show to discuss how this stimulus package will affect entrepreneurs.  For employees facing unemployment, layoffs, and furloughs, Robert and Kim suggest now might bet the best time to change your mindset about how you earn your money and learn to see opportunity rather than despair. Listen as Robert, Kim, and Tom discuss how financial education, not money, is the key to financial transformation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2020
The Financial Storm is Here
Some people say these most recent global events are part of a grand conspiracy, and that might well be. Some people say the events represent the struggle between capitalists, communists, and socialists, and that might be, too. But the only way out of this financial storm is to be prepared with financial education.   There were so many signals pointing to a market crash, and guest Bert Dohmen, the author of the Wellington Letter, looks behind the scenes of the global investment markets, analyzes cross-market relationships, global correlations, and especially credit market data which gives him superb clues as to what is likely to happen in various markets that are ignored by other analysts. Listen as Robert, Kim, and Bert discuss why the crash is coming, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself and protect your assets so you can stay on top, even when the economy is on the decline! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 01, 2020
Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event?
If you’ve been following your financial advisor’s advice of “invest for the long term” for the last several years you’ve been living fat, dumb and happy...until now. The sudden plunge in the stock market and the global spread of the coronavirus is making citizens across the globe more and more anxious as the days go by despite efforts by the Fed to pump in more money. The truth is the Feds can’t print their way out of this one.  Harry Dent, author of Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage, warns, “Markets will be brought down to reality and may not recover for 25-30 years—if ever.”  In this episode of The Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert Kiyosaki and Harry Dent discuss exactly what is happening in the stock market, the bond market, and the real estate market. You’ll find out what Harry says he’ll be doing and what you can do to survive these turbulent times.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2020
Pension Time Bombs: Part 3 - Ill, Dying, and Dead
Mark Greene, a 30-year veteran UPS driver from Upstate NY, found out that the pension he and his organization’s members were counting on for their retirement security was in financial crisis. As president of the Teamsters Alliance for Pension Protection (aka TAPP), a grassroots pension watchdog organization, he led efforts to raise funds to perform the first-ever forensic investigation of The New York State Teamsters Conference Pension & Retirement Fund.  The people running the pension had spent millions (money paid by workers’ retirement savings) for bad advice from so-called experts who ultimately ran the pension into the ground. Ted Siedle says “The New York State Teamsters Conference Pension and Retirement Fund did not have to collapse—gross mismanagement caused this crisis.”  Listen as Robert, Ted Siedle and Mark Greene give warning to those whose pensions are ill, dying, or dead.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 18, 2020
Surviving Coronavirus: Protect Your Health and Wealth
As cases continue to grow exponentially, the number of known global cases of COVID-19 passed 100,000 over the weekend. Just days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 105,586 confirmed cases across more than 100 countries and territories, and although the outbreak has been slowing in China, where it originated, the country still accounts for almost 80% of confirmed cases. Additionally, on Monday, March 9, the Dow Jones industrial average declined 2,014 points, or 7.8%, its biggest single-day loss since October 2008. While the total number of cases affecting individuals worldwide has yet to be known, there is much each of us can do to avoid becoming a victim ourselves. One thing is for sure, only you can protect yourself.  In this episode, experts Chris Martenson, PhD and Dr. Nicole Srednicki joined Robert Kiyosaki to give you solutions for protecting both your health and wealth! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2020
Pension Time Bombs: Part 2 - The Massive Worldwide Crisis
Part two of the 5 Pension Time Bombs series dives deep into how the fifty percent of Americans relying on a pension (DC or DB) are at risk of losing their wealth due to the gross mismanagement of their funds.  Those that are looting the pensions of public-school teachers, firefighters, police, as well as private-sector workers, can be found on Wall Street. The Wall Street casinos are charging high fees for gambling in risky hedge funds and other speculative investments, outrageous investment-industry conflicts of interest, and outright violations of the law. According to Ted Siedle, a former attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and America’s leading expert in pension looting, “In the decades to come, we will witness hundreds of millions of elders worldwide, including America’s Baby Boomers, slipping into poverty. Too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal” for many of the aged.” One thing is certain: Doing nothing―sitting back, confident your pension check is “in the mail” ―is not an option. It’s a risk you can’t afford to take. Listen as Robert and Kim are joined by Ted Siedle and Andy Tanner to discuss the massive crisis about to come crashing down on millions of Americans, but more importantly, what you can do about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2020
Pension Time Bombs: Part 1 - Looting of Our Wealth
The most important series you’ll listen to this year! It’s estimated that there are over 50 million pensioners―in the United States alone, and like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Germany and many other countries around the world are all in big trouble when it comes to the solvency of their pension funds. We are in the early stages of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of our nation and, indeed, the entire world. In this series, we’ll be answering how systemic corruption by local governments and financial institutions mismanaged the pension plans of tens of millions of people around the world—and how it will affect you, but more importantly, what you can do to protect yourself from this crisis.  Listen as Robert and Kim are joined by Ted Siedle and John MacGregor to discuss how the looting of our individual wealth is well underway and it isn’t going change anytime soon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 26, 2020
You Can't Be an Entrepreneur If You Don’t Have This Skill
Whether it’s a son of a friend who needs $250,000 to find a product and develop it, or an entrepreneur with a prospectus and alarm who needs $400k for 10 days, or a business with which you have a standing order, they all need one thing – to raise capital! Today’s guest is Damon John, one of the stars of ABC “Shark Tank”, who sees entrepreneurs pitch deals all day long. The founder and CEO of FUBU is the author of a new book called “Power Shift” that talks about how to transform any situation, close any deal, and achieve any outcomes. In this episode of Rich Dad podcast, Robert Kiyosaki and John dive into what goes through his mind when somebody is out of touch with the world of entrepreneurship and capital raising, what turns him on or off on the deal, what happens when people he has invested in fail. There's so much to learn! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2020
Why You Need To Do Exactly the OPPOSITE of What Everyone Else is Doing
Are you doing things your mom and dad told you to do? Do you have social mania and go off the cliff like everybody else in the herd?  Our guest, John Del Vecchio, says to you, “I would probably hold your hand and pray with you”. John is an In-House Stock Market Guru, a Forensic Accountant (somebody who looks for the lies, cheats, and steals) for Dent Research. He is also author of a brand new book called “Unbounded Wealth”, dedicated to the mom and pop investor. If you're doing what everybody else does, you'll get what everyone else gets - mediocre performance in the markets. You're not going to be in the top 1%. If you start to do the opposite, you have a better chance. Most people do the wrong thing at the wrong time, but John can help you to not get sucked in with the crowd!  Listen to this episode as we lay down how to break free and live a life on your own terms! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 12, 2020
How can you judge a book when it has no cover? A lesson in transparency with Paul Pagnato
Have you ever tried downloading an App on an App store and there is this super lengthy list of things about the rules, regulations, contracts and other boring stuff that makes us just want to click that “agree” button and move on from it? This and complicated contracts, sophisticated terms, privacy standards, digitization etc, play a huge part in the money world. In today’s episode of Rich Dad podcast, Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Pagnato talk about how transparency, or lack thereof, affects people’s trust and how some companies or personalities are doing things with transparency. Paul is named Barron's top financial adviser and Forbes tops wealth advisor and author of “Transparency Wave”. We will touch base on a wide array of subjects from Wall Street to Bitcoin, pension and student loans, Bernie Madoff, shadow banking system, and more. To find out what's really going on under the sheets, listen to today’s episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 05, 2020
Vontae Davis and Walking Away From $5 Million a Year
There’s a question that I like to ask people, and I want you to think about your answer for a minute. “What would you do if I paid you five million dollars per year?” Would you quit your job? Would you work more? How far would you be willing to go to get that money? If you’re former NFL player Vontae Davis, a five-million-a-year paycheck wasn’t enough to keep working. Not only did he get out of playing football, but he walked off the field in the middle of the game. Why? Because of his health. He knew that continuing to play would put himself in danger and that if he didn’t leave now, he could regret it for the rest of his life. Most people, I think, wouldn’t throw away that kind of money, even if they were in that situation. We only have to look at other football stars that continue to play to see how true that is. In this episode, we talk with Vontae about his decision to walk away from guaranteed millions and how that has impacted his life. Fortunately, he was already smart about his money beforehand, and he wasn’t living a lifestyle beyond his means. Vontae’s story can shed some light on the nature of money and what it takes to walk away from a seven-figure payday. If you’re experiencing a similar crossroads in your life, it’s worth it to make a change for the better. Listen now and see where Vontae’s decision led him.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 29, 2020
The Looming Pension Crisis: a Discussion with Ted Siedle
We are in the early stages of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of our nation and, indeed, the entire world. One thing is certain: doing nothing―sitting back, confident your pension check is “in the mail”―is not an option. That’s a risk you can’t afford to take. According to Edward "Ted" Siedle, a former attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and America’s leading expert in pension looting, “In the decades to come, we will witness hundreds of millions of elders worldwide, including America’s Baby Boomers, slipping into poverty. Too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal” for many of the aged.” In their book "Who Stole My Pension?", the authors focus on the most misunderstood and ignored cause of the pension crisis: mismanagement of pensions and investments. Robert and Ted recount a history of pension failures, inexperienced boards, gambling, looting, and other horror stories―with a focus on action steps workers and retirees can take to quickly determine if a pension is being mismanaged as well as the concrete steps they can take to end decades of pension mismanagement. They detail critical questions retirees can ask―and guidance regarding how to act on what they learn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 22, 2020
Pulling Back the Veil of the Modern World of Banking - Nomi Prins
For the last couple of years, if you heard the word collusion, chances are that you would imagine Russia helping the Trump administration win the 2016 election. While the world was focused on that, real collusion was happening between the Fed and world banks to create an economic crisis. This all started long before Trump took office, and the ramifications of it helped create the Great Recession, and we’re all still reeling from it. In today’s episode, we’re talking with Nomi Prins, author of the book Collusion. As a Wall Street insider, Nomi got a firsthand look at how the US and the Fed created a massive financial problem, both at home and abroad. We discuss the truth behind how world banks are facilitating this crisis and what average Americans can do to protect their money. If you want to find out what’s really going on behind the curtain, you need to listen to this episode.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2020
Learning How to Reduce Your Taxes, the Legal Way - Tom Wheelwright
At the beginning of a new year, everyone starts paying attention to their taxes. However, rather than looking ahead at their tax burden for the coming 12 months, the vast majority of people and business owners are looking at the previous year. Unfortunately, when it comes to saving money on taxes, taking that kind of approach is not going to do any good. Simply put, you can’t reduce your tax bill after the fact. In this episode, we’re talking with Tom Wheelwright, a professional tax advisor. If you’re anything like me, you hate giving any money to the government. It may sound surprising, but I don’t pay taxes. At first, you may think that I must be cheating or cooking my books, but the fact is that there are legitimate ways to reduce your tax bill to nothing or almost nothing. Tom and I discuss various ways to find these incentives that the government offers to businesses and entrepreneurs. That is, assuming that you want to pay less or nothing at all. Break the tax cycle and discover how in this episode of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Podcast.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 08, 2020
Finding and Harnessing Your Competitive Spirit
You can’t ignore the fact that the ‘competitive spirit’ is becoming more and more rare among men and women, both in this country and around the world. Not only is competitiveness in short supply, but many people even look down upon it, considering those who are competitive to be shallow, greedy and vain. However, here to explain why the world at large is not a zero sum game, and why truly competitive people are people who compete with themselves more than anyone is sports psychologist, motivational speaker and author of The MindSide Manifesto, Dr. Brett McCabe. Dr. Brett McCabe had a long history in sports, and it was there, under the guidance of his coach and military father, that he learned to cultivate the inner drive for success. And from that point on it was only a matter of time before he got it, training professional golfers and writing best sellers. With automation and globalization on the rise, it’s becoming difficult for many people to believe that they can utilize their individuality and make something of themselves in a world so crowded and seemingly governed by uncontrollable forces. Dr. McCabe, though, has spent years studying the human element behind achievement and has come to the realization that we alone are our own greatest resource, and an investment in oneself in the only way of unlocking our true potential.     
Jan 01, 2020
Doug Casey and the Search for Gold Investments
As an investor, you always have to be looking out for the next big thing. However, when it comes to long-term stable investments, the best new thing is actually the best old thing. In this episode, we talk about gold and why it should be part of your portfolio right now. To help us understand the value of gold, we turn to the infamous (or famous, depending on your perspective) Doug Casey - the Indiana Jones of the investment world. We discuss why gold is such a valuable commodity and why buying now is the smart move - not after the next crash. Some of the highlights we get into regarding gold include: Gold is not tied to any government body (unlike currencies) Gold can be traded anywhere in the world With a looming depression on the horizon, buying gold can protect your money better than almost any other asset Be sure to listen to the rest of the episode to find out more about the value of gold, both today and in the future. Being prepared is the best thing you can do as an investor, and Doug Casey knows a thing or two about that.
Dec 25, 2019
Standing Out in the Marketplace - featuring Amanda Miller Littlejohn
Despite being incredibly hard workers who execute flawlessly on the job, many high achievers are 'invisible'. We're not taking advantage of our strengths and we're not certainly not putting it out there to the public into the marketplace. But in the digital age, a great work product isn't enough anymore. In order to get the opportunities your skills have earned, you must do your part to share your story, your message and your skills with the world. You must build your most powerful personal brand. Amanda Miller Littlejohn, author of the book "Package Your Genius: 5 Steps to Build Your Most Powerful Personal Brand", is on a mission to help high achievers make themselves and their work visible in the digital age. Listen to find out more.
Dec 18, 2019
What, exactly, do I want for myself?
One of the main reasons why people find themselves stuck in a dead-end job and unfulfilling life is that they have not taken the time to ask, ‘What, exactly, do I want for myself.’ Here to discuss this issue is the multi-company CEO, real estate investor, and contributing author to Jack Canfield’s book Success Formula, Anne Marie Smith.  After a difficult separation with her ex-husband, Anne Marie Smith found herself broke and living with a family member about 22 years ago. Feeling hopeless and lost, she began reading books on business and self-improvement. It was then she decided to make a list of everything she wanted out of life, regardless of how ludicrous it seemed, how far away it all was, or what others would think. It was this simple task that gave her the motivation to launch her career, helping her achieve her personal and financial goals, and giving her the opportunities to provide inexpensive housing for disadvantaged families.  Today, she is going to talk about the difficulties she experienced, her journey up, and how having a clear vision of your goals is the first and most important step towards reaching them. 
Dec 11, 2019
Don't Keep Your Day Job - Featuring Cathy Heller
Do you dread going to work? Does your job leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled? Is there something more you should be doing with your life? In this episode, Kathy Heller (the author of Don’t Keep Your Day Job) reveals the secret to unlocking your talents and turning them into profit.  Listen to find out: The key to getting paid doing what you love. (Most people go about it backward and wind up with a hobby and not a business!) A simple exercise to uncover your true calling, and narrow your focus.  There are four types of successful entrepreneurs. Which type are you? Answer three specific questions to ensure your creative business will make money. Stop asking, “How will I find the time?” Creative and productive people rely on a quality that is infinitely more valuable than “free time.” When to quit and when NOT to quit your day job. The real reason people fail when they “follow their passion” and the simple shift that will allow the money to come. Leaving your job to pursue a career where you have meaning and purpose isn’t as difficult as people think it needs to be. Listen to find out more. 
Dec 04, 2019
The Good & Bad News About Real Estate Investing - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with special guests Robert Helms and Russ Gray

Hear the latest trends about real estate, and find out if we’re in a bubble. Robert &Kim are joined by Robert Helms & Russ Gray.

Nov 27, 2019
The Case Against Education - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki and guest Bryan Caplan

An insider’s look at how the education system rips off taxpayers and under serves students. Bryan Caplan joins Robert with a revealing look into the college system.

Nov 20, 2019
How to Build Trust - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with special guest Joel Peterson

Creating a culture of trust within a business is vital to success. Joel Peterson joins Robert & Kim to discuss how businesses successfully build and maintain trust.

Nov 13, 2019
How Money Became Dangerous - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki and guest Chris Varelas
Banks around the world have made money adversarial. Chris Varelas joins Robert &Kim to discuss the perils of modern-day money, and how you can protect your wealth.
Nov 06, 2019
The Biggest Mistake In Banking History Is Happening Today - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with guest Bert Dohmen

Negative interest rate policy is pushing markets into never-before-seen territory.Bert Dohmen joins Robert to discuss the risks of this policy, and how you can navigate these uncharted waters.

Oct 30, 2019
How Shadow Banking Threatens Your Wealth - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with guest Brian Reynolds

Find out how pensions are leveraging the credit market via the shadow banking system. Brian Reynolds joins Robert to discuss how we’re likely in another boom-and-bust cycle driven by shadow banking.

Oct 23, 2019
Find Out What the Next Monetary Policy Will Be - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with guest Richard Duncan

Central banks cut interest rates, then they printed money. What will they do next to keep global economies from imploding? Richard Duncan joins Robert & Kim to discuss the next moves that central banks are prepared to implement.

Oct 16, 2019
WHY YOU SHOULD SELL STOCKS & BUY BONDS & GOLD Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with special guest Dennis Gartman

Dennis Gartman joins Robert and warns about the effects of Trump’s trade wars.Middle America is struggling and global markets are taking notice. Find out how to navigate these uncertain times

Oct 09, 2019
STILLNESS EQUALS SUCCESS - Featuring Robert Kiyosaki with guest Ryan Holiday

Achieving a still mind allows us to make our best decisions. Yet everyday we are bombarded with distractions from technology, work & relationships. Ryan Holiday joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into stillness, and how you can learn how to become still in order to make your best decisions.

Oct 02, 2019
LEARN HOW TO SELL OR RESORT TO STEALING - Robert Kiyosaki featuring Brian Rose

We live in an “attention economy.” If your business is not top-of-mind, it’s almost impossible to make sales. Brian Rose joins Robert & Kim to discuss his work helping businesses gain attention and succeed.

Sep 25, 2019
WHY THE RICH GO BROKE - Robert Kiyosaki featuring John MacGregor and JW Wilson

Acquiring wealth doesn’t guarantee that you will remain rich. John MacGregor & JWWilson join Robert & Kim to discuss their research into why people lose fortunes.The lessons apply to rich people as well as middle class people.GUESTS: John McGregor, JW Wilson

Sep 19, 2019
HOW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS SABOTAGES SUCCESS — Robert Kiyosaki featuring David Goggins and Josh Lannon

Navigating the PC culture not only presents ever-changing obstacles to business owners, it threatens success. David Goggins joins Robert to discuss his war against political correctness.WARNING: This episode contains adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

Sep 11, 2019

Big Tech is quickly changing the landscape of real-estate investing. Ken McElroy joins Robert to discuss the opportunities and risks technology presents to the investor.

Sep 06, 2019
THE RESILIENT ENTREPRENEUR — Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Mike Lindell

Successful entrepreneurs demonstrate grit & resilience. Mike Lindell joins Robert & Kim to discuss his remarkable journey inventing My Pillow. This is a story of drugs, theft, betrayal, and ultimately, dreams being fulfilled.

Aug 28, 2019
HOW TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS VIBRANT & COMPETITIVE—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Safi Bahcall

Focus on the structure of your business to neutralize office politics and maximize production. Safi Bahcall joins Robert & Kim to discuss his experience in creating business structures that reward creativity and results instead of rank.

Aug 21, 2019
HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS LATER IN LIFE – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Rich Karlgaard

The school system & helicopter parents create a culture that values early success and discourages late bloomers. Rich Karlgaard joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into a flawed system that rewards early achievement and discourages later accomplishments. This is a must-listen episode for parents.

Aug 14, 2019

Assisted living is a growing and top-performing investment. Victor Menasce joins Robert & Kim to offer a detailed look into his lucrative career investing in the assisted living sector.

Aug 07, 2019
FIND OUT WHY YOUR #1 ASSET IS THE CUSTOMER—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Horst Schulze

Acquiring customers requires time and money. Successful businesses know how to acquire AND retain customers to maximize profits.  Horst Schulze, the founder of Ritz Carlton Hotels, joins Robert & Kim to discuss his systems for acquiring and retaining customers, and ultimately succeeding in a very competitive environment.

Jul 31, 2019
HOW SMART INVESTORS PROTECT THEIR ASSETS—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Jim Rickards

The increasing intersection of geopolitics and economics presents new challenges to investors. Jim Rickards joins Robert & Kim to discuss his latest work into predictive analytics. Find out the real risks to your wealth and separate the hype from what’s important.

Jul 24, 2019
WHY GOLD LOVES CHEAP MONEY—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Dana Samuelson, Brien Lundin

Investing in gold & silver is an insurance policy against a collapse of the financial system. Robert & Kim speak to Dana Samuelson and Brien Lundin about their work in the precious metals sector. Find out what economic risks lurk in these uncertain times, and what role gold & silver holds in the global marketplace.

Jul 17, 2019
WHY A GLOBAL RECESSION IS UNLIKELY – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian joins Robert & Kim with analysis of global markets and economic trends. Find out why El-Erian is optimistic about the US economy and more concerned about Europe’s economy.

Jul 10, 2019
HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH A PRODUCT – Kim Kiyosaki featuring Jules Pieri

Creating a product is only the first step to building a business. In this episode Kim speaks with Jules Pieri about how creators take a product to market and build a thriving business. Kim & Jules discuss real-world examples of the pitfalls and successes of several developers.

Jun 26, 2019

Trump’s showdown with China is causing anxiety in markets across the world. Asian-based economist Richard Duncan joins Robert to offer his view of how China is responding to Trump. Find out why bond yields are crashing, and how China is choosing to isolate itself from the U.S.

Jun 19, 2019

The leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is from medical costs. Big Pharma is front-and-center to this problem. Robin Feldman joins Robert & Kim to discuss her research into how Big Pharma oftentimes secretly works to keep drug prices high and thwart free-market competition. Find out why U.S. citizens subsidize drug prices around the world. Robin offers tips on how you can protect yourself from medical bankruptcy.

Jun 12, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MANAGE RISK—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Allison Schrager

Investments aren’t risky, the investor is risky. The more financially educated you are, the less risk you take on. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak to Allison Schrager about risk management in the financial world. Find out what you can do to reduce your financial risk.

Jun 05, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO PROTECT YOUR DATA FROM CYBER THIEVES—Robert Kiyosaki featuring Rob Embers & Robb LeCount

Data is the new oil. State-sponsored hackers and personal hackers are a daily threat to your personal & businesses’ data. Rob Embers & Robb LeCount join Robert to discuss how they work everyday to secure people and businesses from cyber threats.

May 29, 2019
FIND OUT HOW CENTRAL BANKS ERODE YOUR WEALTH—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Kevin DeMeritt

Investing in gold & silver can protect your wealth against paper money. Kevin DeMeritt joins Robert & Kim to discuss the role gold & silver plays in investment strategies and how it has historically performed remarkable well.

May 22, 2019
FIND OUT WHY SELF-HELP IS AN ILLUSION – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Mark Manson

We have more material wealth and convenience. We’re living longer and traveling more. So why are we so unhappy? What’s with all the anxiety? Mark Manson joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into the illusion of traditional self-help and what you need to do to grow and prosper.

May 15, 2019
HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MARKET YOUR BUSINESS WITH INSTAGRAM—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Zach Benson, Shane Caniglia

Social media constantly evolves as a marketing tool. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Zach Benson of Assistagram about his work helping businesses successfully gain value via the Instagram platform.

May 08, 2019

Public pensions are unsustainable in many cities, states and counties. Instead of honestly addressing the problem, the very people who are causing the crisis are purposely making it worse. A big-city councilman joins Robert to give an insider’s account of this corruption crisis and how it impacts your future.

May 01, 2019
GOING SMALL MAY BE THE PATH TO SUCCESS—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Paul Jarvis

Go big or go home. We’ve all heard this is the way to build a successful business. But bigger isn’t always better. Paul Jarvis joins Robert & Kim to discuss his experience in building businesses that question growth, and most importantly redefine what the definition of success is.

Apr 24, 2019
PERSONAL & FINANCIAL SPRING CLEANING - Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Gretchen Rubin

Clutter steals time. Disorganization thwarts productivity. Messiness impedes happiness. Gretchen Rubin joins Robert & Kim to discuss her research into “cleaning up” your life and business. Find out how less truly can be more.

Apr 19, 2019
HEAR AN INSIDER’S VIEW OF TRUMP’S ECONOMIC POLICIES—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring David Stockman

Unemployment is down & the stock market is up. Is the U.S. economy strong, as Donald Trump says? David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, joins Robert & Kim with his analysis of the good & bad of Trump’s economic policies.

Apr 10, 2019
FIND OUT THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE IN BUSINESS—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Stanley McChrystal

Great leaders are often portrayed in mythological terms. But examining leadership through humanistic terms is much more valuable to anyone aspiring to lead. Four-star general Stanley McChrystal joins Robert & Kim to discuss successful leadership learned on and off the battlefield.

Apr 03, 2019

Public pensions are often compared to the real estate bubble and student loan crisis. Robert talks to Ted Siedle, a pension investigator, who reveals systemic risks in many public pensions ranging from incompetence to fraud. Find out which public pensions are ready to fail, and what you can do to protect yourself. This is a vital episode for anyone enrolled in a public pension.

Mar 27, 2019
HOW TO PROFIT FROM A CRASHING STOCK MARKET—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Alexander Elder

The best time to make money in the stock market is when markets plummet. Alexander Elder joins Robert & Kim to discuss the techniques he uses to profit during down markets.

Mar 20, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO NAVIGATE THE RISKS OF BIG TECH – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Roger McNamee & Shane Caniglia

Facebook, Google, Apple & Amazon operate business models that can be risky for its users. Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook, joins Robert & Kim to discuss how Big Tech purposely tilts the playing field in their favor, oftentimes at the expense of its customers.

Mar 13, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO GET RICH DURING THE NEXT CRASH—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Harry Dent

Most people fear a crash of the stock and real estate markets, but a downturn can be a great opportunity to prosper. Economic forecaster Harry Dent joins Robert & Kim to discuss strategies that may help you benefit from market crashes.

Mar 06, 2019
FIND OUT ABOUT THE NEXT WAVE OF ENTREPRENEURISM – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featruing Steve Case & Craig Fuller

AOL co-founder Steve Case joins Robert & Kim to discuss where the next wave of successful entrepreneurs is located.  By focusing outside of Silicon Valley and New York, Case has tapped into under-served entrepreneurs who are thriving in the heartland of America. This is a valuable show for aspiring start-ups as well as VC players.

Feb 27, 2019

Many elected politicians want socialism in a country founded on capitalism. Congressman Jack Bergman joins Robert to offer an inside look at our political climate. Bergman is a retired three-star general who speaks candidly about his colleagues in Congress, and offers solutions for citizens yearning for improved leadership.

Feb 20, 2019

Income inequality has mushroomed into a political and social problem. Nomi Prins joins Robert & Kim to discuss how Central Banking policies have fueled income inequality. Prins gives an insider’s view of how the elites around the world view and deal with income inequality, and how it may impact you.

Feb 13, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO SAVE MONEY UNDER THE NEW TAX CODE—Robert Kiyosaki featuring Tom Wheelwright

Trump’s new tax code will be reflected in this year’s returns. Tom Wheelwright joins Robert to discuss the changes in the tax code, and how you can make more money and pay less taxes. Tom also discusses the questions everyone should be asking their CPAs.

Feb 06, 2019

The stock market has drastically dipped and risen over the past few months. What’s driving these swings? Bert Dohmen joins Robert to discuss his research into the markets and offers analysis of what to expect in 2019.

Jan 30, 2019

Quantitative Easing. Quantitative Tightening. Rising interest rates. Declining interest rates. Does The Fed know what it’s doing? Michael Pento joins Robert & Kim to discuss how The Fed’s policies may be leading us into recession.

Jan 23, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO FINISH & SUCCEED – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Jon Acuff

Overwhelmingly, people are motivated to start a business, a New-Year’s resolution or a self-improvement goal, but very few finish their goal. Jon Acuff joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into what it takes to finish your goal and succeed.

Jan 16, 2019

Success isn’t built on ideas alone. The journey from idea to action requires several specific steps, and then additional steps are required to turn action into success. Marie Forleo joins Kim to share how she guides people everyday to go from good idea to successful business.

Jan 09, 2019
FIND OUT WHAT THE #1 FINANCIAL CRISIS IS – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring John MacGregor

Public pensions & 401(k) plans are a crisis looming. John MacGregor joins Robert & Kim to discuss how these programs are unsustainable, and how they pose huge financial turmoil for the majority of the globe’s population. This program is a must-listen for anybody relying on or participating in a public pension.

Jan 02, 2019
FIND OUT HOW TO ELIMINATE SELF-SABOTAGE – Robert Kiyosaki featuring Josh Lannon

In business, your greatest enemy is oftentimes yourself. Rich Dad Advisor Josh Lannon joins Robert to discuss how humans self-sabotage. Find out how to identify the elements of self-sabotage and navigate your way around them.

Dec 26, 2018

Businesses finally figured out how to deal with The Millennials, and now the next generation has arrived. In this episode find out who Gen Z is, what kind of employees they are, what kind of consumers they are, and most importantly, how they integrate into the business community.

Dec 19, 2018
FIND OUT HOW TO CUT THE BULL FROM YOUR BUSINESS—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Jon Taffer

Businesses fail because leaders fail. Leaders fail because they B.S. themselves. Jon Taffer joins Robert & Kim to discuss his hands-on experience in saving hundreds of failing businesses. Jon shares how he cuts through the B.S. to resuscitate businesses.

Dec 12, 2018
FIND OUT THE FINANCIAL RISK OF CODDLING YOUR CHILDREN—Robert Kiyosaki featuring Greg Lukianoff & Bob Turner

Young adults and children are being coddled by their parents & teachers. This can impact their ability to think critically and overcome obstacles. Greg Lukianoff joins Robert to discuss how an entire generation may be headed for failure.

Dec 05, 2018
FIND OUT IF REAL ESTATE WILL REPEAT THE 2007 CRASH – Robert and Kim Kiyosaki featuring Ken McElroy

Real estate markets are approaching 2007 prices; in some places even exceeding prices from a decade ago. Does this mean we’re headed for a crash? Rich Dad advisor Ken McElroy joins Robert & Kim to offer insight into both the residential and commercial markets.

Nov 28, 2018

Mass migration, the rise of anti-establishment politicians, and global cynicism can all be linked directly to The Great Recession of 2008. Nomi Prins joins Robert & Kim to discuss how central banks have rigged the economic system, and potentially made things worse ten years after the last financial crisis.

Nov 21, 2018
FIND OUT THE 3 BIGGEST THREATS TO THE ECONOMY—Robert and Kim Kiyosaki featuring Richard Duncan

There are three economic developments currently at play that likely will dramatically impact the global economy and your wealth. Asian-based economist Richard Duncan joins Robert & Kim to reveal these three developments, and more importantly, what you can do to navigate the inevitable disruption that will come from these threats.

Nov 14, 2018
FIND OUT WHY “THE SWAMP” WILL NEVER BE DRAINED—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring David Stockman

Corruption and mismanagement by government and business elites will never be stopped. In fact, it will only get worse and cost you more of your savings. David Stockman, a Washington DC insider, joins Robert & Kim to discuss “The Swamp,” and how citizens around the globe are headed for choppy financial times unless they begin planning a defense strategy today.

Nov 07, 2018
FIND OUT WHAT CHINA THINKS OF TRUMP’S TRADE WAR—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Kevin Massengill

You likely know what the U.S. government’s position is on trade wars with China, but what does China’s government think? In this episode, Kevin Massengill joins Robert & Kim to discuss China’s perspective. Massengill’s research offers insight that will aid anyone seeking information on this vital economic issue.

Oct 31, 2018
FIND OUT HOW TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE – Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Steven Pressfield

Most people aspire to live life with passion, but purpose, rather than passion, is the key to a successful life. Steven Pressfield joins Robert & Kim to discuss the value of a purpose-driven life. Find out why purpose is harder than passion, but ultimately more rewarding.

Oct 24, 2018
FIND OUT HOW CHINA IMPACTS AMERICA’S ECONOMY – Robert Kiyosaki featuring Richard Duncan

Why is Trump starting a trade war with China? Economist Richard Duncan joins Robert from Asia to discuss China’s strategy to combat Trump and what it means for Americans. From Wal-Mart shoppers to 401k investors, what happens in China impacts all Americans.

Oct 17, 2018
FIND OUT HOW BONDS IMPACT TRUMP’S TRADE WARS—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, featuring Mohamed El-Erian

The U.S. is threatening trade wars around the globe. What impact will it have on your wealth, your job & your retirement? Mohamed El-Erian joins Robert & Kim to discuss the importance of bonds in this global jousting and how you can prepare yourself if there are trade wars.

Oct 10, 2018
FIND OUT WHAT TO DO AFTER A FINANCIAL COLLAPSE—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki featuring Ron Paul

Ron Paul joins Robert & Kim, and predicts the next financial downturn will be a collapse, not a crash. Find out what a financial collapse looks like and what you can do to survive it.

Oct 03, 2018
FIND OUT HOW THE BANKING SYSTEM RIPS YOU OFF—Robert & Kim Kiyosaki with Tom Wright

Wall Street supposedly cleaned up its act after the Great Recession. How then could the biggest banking fraud ever unfold in the years after 2008? Tom Wright, author of “Billion Dollar Whale,” joins Robert & Kim to discuss a bank fraud that resembles a Hollywood thriller, except it’s true, and still unfolding.

Sep 26, 2018

Stocks are at all-time highs. Will they continue to rise? In this episode, legendary investor Bert Dohmen joins Robert & Kim to explain what’s driving the markets, and what likely is on the horizon. Dohmen brings over 40-years of experience analyzing and investing in stocks, and present’s a sober picture of the U.S. and global economies.

Sep 19, 2018
FIND OUT HOW ENTREPRENEURS SUCCEED - Robert Kiyosaki, JT Marino & Aaron Pool

Robert & Kim speak with two founders of start-up companies that are thriving. Hear how each entrepreneur created a business, overcame enormous obstacles and succeeded. This is a must-listen episode for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sep 12, 2018
FIND OUT HOW TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS TEAM - Robert Kiyosaki, Andy Tanner & Garrett Sutton

Business is a team sport. Going it alone limits your capacity to grow and succeed. In this episode Robert & Kim talk to two of their team members and share their experiences of building a successful business team.

Sep 05, 2018

Secret societies are not just subjects of Hollywood movies; they exist in the real world. G. Edward Griffin joins Robert & Kim to discuss the most influential secret societies.  Find out how they work, how they influence your lives and how you can protect yourself from them.

Aug 29, 2018

Trump’s new tax code is impacting people around the globe. In this episode, Robert speaks with Tom Wheelwright, his personal tax advisor. Find out how the changes affect you, and what you can do to pay less taxes.

Aug 22, 2018

Robert always says that dealing with people is the hardest part of entrepreneurship. In this episode, Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Four Tendencies,” joins Robert & Kim to discuss the hard-wired personality traits of all people. Find out who you are, and just as importantly, how to build a team with complimentary characteristics.

Aug 15, 2018
FIND OUT WHAT’S FAKE & WHAT’S REAL – Robert Kiyosaki, Brien Lundin, Chris Blasi

We all know about fake news, but there’s so much more. In this episode, Robert explores “deep fake,” what it is and how it affects your life. Find out how your wealth, investments and financial future may be manipulated without your knowledge, and what you can do about it.



Aug 08, 2018

Iconoclastic entrepreneur Ken Langone joins Robert & Kim to discuss the rise of socialism in the U.S., and its threat to capitalism.  If young people lose confidence in capitalism, what effect will it have on the U.S.? Langone shares insights on founding Home Depot, and as a result, helping over 3,000 employees become millionaires.

Aug 01, 2018
FIND OUT WHAT TO TEACH YOUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY—Robert Kiyosaki, Andy, Marcy, Zach & David Tanner

Schools refuse to teach financial education. As a result, it’s incumbent upon parents to teach their kids about money. In this episode, Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner brings his entire family into the studio to discuss how he and his wife educate their kids, navigate the public schools and deal with parents who are financially ignorant.

Jul 25, 2018

The U.S. has started trade wars with China, Europe and Canada. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Alexander Elder about Trump’s strategy. Find out what the intended and unintended consequences of these trade wars will have on your investing, your business and your retirement.

Jul 18, 2018

The rich are getting richer, and the middle class is getting poorer. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Steven Brill about the causes of income inequality. Find out how severe income disparity impacts you and how you can protect yourself from its pitfalls.

Jul 11, 2018
FIND OUT HOW FINANCIAL EDUCATION SETS YOU FREE- Robert Kiyosaki, Len and Leanna Giancola, Will Little

It’s never too early or too late to become free through financial education. In this episode Robert speaks to a teenager who is already earning income through entrepreneurial endeavors. Robert also speaks to a man who became financially free while in jail.

Jul 04, 2018

The spirit of giving makes good business sense. In this episode, Robert speaks with John Ruhlin about effective gift giving as a marketing and sales tool. Find out why giving away coffee mugs with your company logo may be hurting sales.

Jun 27, 2018
FIND OUT HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS-Kim Kiyosaki, Sangeeta Badal

Building a successful business starts with knowing what kind of builder you are. In this episode Kim speaks with Sangeeta Badal of Gallup about her research into what drives entrepreneurial success. Find out why some entrepreneurs are good builders, and some are not.

Jun 20, 2018

The Great Recession triggered central banks to collude and print massive amounts of money. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Wall Street insider Nomi Prins and find out exactly how banks are rigging the global economy. Once you understand how un-checked massive money printing works, you may want to reassess your investing strategy.

Jun 13, 2018

Entrepreneurs must be able to persuade and inspire. In this episode, Robert & Kim talk to Carmine Gallo about effective communication techniques needed in today’s age of over communication.

Jun 06, 2018
FIND OUT WHO’S LYING TO YOU-Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Floyd

The truth is becoming harder to detect in this age of fake news, deception and technology. In this episode, Robert & Kim talk to Michael Floyd, ex-CIA officer, who specializes in detecting deception. If the truth can set you free, then lies can keep you shackled to unproductive business practices and relationships. Find out how you can learn how to uncover liars and align yourself with the truth.

May 30, 2018

Business and wealth could drastically change with the advent of bitcoin and blockchain. In this episode, Robert talks with Landon Thorne about the dramatic changes “people’s money” will bring. Find out which businesses will be positively and negatively impacted, and how you can plan to successfully adapt to this new way of doing business.

May 23, 2018
HOW TO FIND TRUTH IN AN AGE OF FAKE NEWS & FAKE TEACHERS, Featuring: Robert Kiyosaki and Ryan Holiday

Financial education is more challenging than ever today. Who do you trust? Where do you find authentic information? In this episode, Robert & Kim talk to Ryan Holiday, author of “Trust Me, I’m Lying” & “Conspiracy.” Find out how you can successfully continue your financial education and bypass the fake news.

May 16, 2018

Your personal and business details are valuable and under threat. In this episode Robert & Kim talk to Jennifer Granick, author of “American Spies,” about who is stealing your privacy, how they’re doing it, and what you can do to fight back.

May 09, 2018
Stocking Up

The direction of the stock market effects a lot more than just stock investors. If you’ve got retirement plans or pensions you should be very focused on what the stock market is doing. If you think you’re going to be playing golf in your twilight years you better think again. This week we talk with Dr. Alexander Elder (Come Into My Trading Room) about why education in the stock market isn’t just for traders.

May 07, 2018
FIND OUT HOW TO PREDICT THE FUTURE—Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards joins Robert & Kim in studio for a special show about economic forecasting. Find out how to determine business trends based on Rickard’s years of experience working on Wall Street and with the CIA and Pentagon.

May 02, 2018
LEARN THE LANGUAGE OF MONEY & RAISE CAPITAL with Robert Kiyosaki, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Krista Morgan

Successful entrepreneurs must raise capital, and that means understanding how to talk about money. In this episode, Kim talks to Kathleen Burns Kingsbury about building financial confidence.  Krista Morgan also joins Kim to discuss how she raised millions of dollars to propel her business P2Binvestor.

Apr 25, 2018

Robert says no entrepreneur will succeed without learning how to communicate effectively. In this episode, Robert Cialdini discusses his ground-breaking research into persuasion and influence. Find out how you can apply it to your business and life and better achieve your goals.

Apr 18, 2018
FIND OUT HOW BLOCKCHAIN IS CHANGING THE WORLD – Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Wang, Joel Flint, Rob LeCount

Everyone is talking about Blockchain but what does it all mean? How does it work? In this episode, Robert talks with Jeff Wang of RocketFuel, and Rob LeCount and Joel Flint of The Rich Dad Company. Find out how this new technology is revolutionizing so many of the industries that touch your life.

Apr 11, 2018

Big business creators use specific skills that differentiate them from small business owners. In this episode, Robert speaks with Greg McKeown about his research on the behavior of successful big business owners. Find out what the leaders of Southwest Airlines do to keep them at the top of the pack, and why going from small to big starts with saying no.

Apr 04, 2018

Real estate is unlike any other investment. It requires specific skills and focus. In this episode Robert & Kim talk to their personal real estate partner, Ken McElroy. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and why real estate is Robert’s favorite investment.

Mar 28, 2018
A Higher Standard

With terrorism and the stock market at an all time high, is it time for gold again? Gold has been the stable anchor of currency for as long as we can remember and with times as uncertain as they are it may be time to return to that stable base.This week we talk with James Rickards (Author: The New Case For Gold) about the past, present and future of the most venerable currency standard in human history.

Mar 26, 2018

Finding the best people to help your business starts with building the right culture. In this episode, Kim talks with Sallie Krawcheck, who spent years working at the highest levels of corporate business before walking away to start her own business. Kim & Sallie share hard-earned wisdom about the rapidly changing work landscape and what pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

Twitter: @SallieKrawcheck & @Ellevest

Mar 21, 2018
FIND OUT WHY MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU RICH – Robert Kiyosaki, Rod Smith, Ryan Broyles & Chris Redman

A common mistake entrepreneurs make is believing that money makes them rich. Robert says that without financial education, money will actually create more problems. In this episode, Robert talks to three men who earned big money early in life, and had to continually build their financial IQ in order to preserve and grow their wealth. This episode offers hard-earned wisdom valuable for anyone who plans to make money.

Mar 14, 2018

Economies run in bubbles, they expand and then burst. Is our current economy about to burst? In this episode, Robert & Kim talk to Doug Casey, a contrarian investor with decades of experience building wealth during times of crisis. Find out what you can do to protect your wealth and even build wealth in uncertain times.

Mar 07, 2018

Taxes are often your biggest expense, unless you educate yourself. The historic new tax code means a whole new round of financial education is required. In this episode, Robert and Kim talk to their tax advisor, Tom Wheelwright, and tax law specialist Ed McCaffery. Find out how the new tax code impacts you, and what changes you must make to legally pay fewer taxes.

Feb 28, 2018

The science of timing applies to all aspects of life, including business. When is the best time to be creative? When is the best time to negotiate? When is the best time to hire or fire an employee? In this episode, Robert and Kim talk to Daniel Pink about understanding timing and using it to gain a financial advantage.

Daniel Pink. Twitter: @danielpink

Feb 21, 2018

We are entering unprecedented economic times. Stocks are at all-time highs, but markets are jumpy. Interest rates are rising, which may impact bonds in ways he haven’t seen for a generation. Find out the best way to navigate this landscape in this episode with Bert Dohmen, Robert & Kim.

Feb 14, 2018

Individual pursuits limit your success. Team pursuits allow you to achieve larger goals. As Robert always says, business is a team sport. In this episode, find out how to go from small potential to big potential.


GUEST: Shawn Achor. Twitter: @shawnachor

Feb 07, 2018
BLOCKCHAIN WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING IN BUSINESS - Robert Kiyosaki, Landon Thorne, Shane Caniglia

Bitcoin is all the rage, but blockchain is what you should be focused on. What is blockchain, and how is it being applied? In this episode, Robert & Kim discuss blockchain, bitcoin and the rapid changes in business fueled by technology.

Learn more from Landon Thorn at:

Jan 31, 2018

What does 2018 hold for investors? In this episode, Robert & Kim are joined by Dennis Gartman, publisher of The Gartman Letter. Gartman has been actively investing and publishing for over 40 years, and oftentimes offers a contrarian’s view. Find out what his projections are for gold, stocks and commodities.

Jan 24, 2018
Hear Why The Path To Wealth Starts With Giving – Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Weeks, Frank Hopkins, Jr.

Give and you shall receive. Maybe you learned that in Sunday school or public school. Turns out it may be the key to building wealth. In this episode, Robert discusses how every successful entrepreneur must embrace the spirit of giving. Find out how Robert learned to give and why he says it’s essential to financial success.

Jan 17, 2018

Robert says there are three kids of money: God’s money, government money, and people’s money. Find out what the value of each of these monies is, and more importantly, how to use each money to build wealth. In this episode, you will hear why a penny saved is not a penny earned.

Jan 10, 2018

Taxes greatly impact your wealth. With the new tax plan, changes are coming that will affect you, your business, and your family. In this timely episode, Robert talks to one of Donald Trump’s economic advisors and his personal tax advisor. Hear what you can do to benefit from the new tax plan.

Jan 03, 2018

Hiring, firing, listening, bargaining, partnering: Running a successful business means learning the skill of dealing with people. . .all kinds of people. In this episode, Robert discusses the skills he’s developed over a lifetime of entrepreneurship. Robert also says his formative years in the U.S. Marines laid the groundwork for leadership that served him in his business career.

Dec 27, 2017
BITCOIN: Find Out What It Is, Why It’s So Popular & If You Should Invest In It – Kim Kiyosaki.

The world is buzzing about bitcoin. Is it a bubble? Is it the next big thing? In this episode, Kim talks to Adam Draper, and early investor in crypto currencies. Find out what a block chain is and how it is applied to crypto currencies. Hear what’s driving the surge in pricing, and if crypto currencies are a fad or the next disruptive force that will change the way we live, work & play.

Dec 20, 2017
THE COLD, HARD TRUTH ABOUT MONEY FROM MR. WONDERFUL – Robert Kiyosaki & Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary

Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, star of “Shark Tank,” joins Robert and Kim to discuss his unvarnished approach to succeeding in business. Find out why most people can’t handle the truth about dollars and sense, and what you can do to navigate around these business saboteurs.  Kevin, Robert & Kim also share hard-earned wisdom from the world of entrepreneurship.

Dec 13, 2017

The more things change, the more they stay the same. High-income earners and the middle class are still getting hammered with taxes.  In this episode, Robert talks to David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, and looks inside the new proposed tax plan. As usual, it’s all smoke-and-mirrors. The good news is if you’re financially educated you have a chance position yourself for prosperity.

Dec 06, 2017
HOW TO BECOME A MASTER—Robert Kiyosaki & Robert Greene

Beyond professionalism is mastery: The highest level of skill and technique. In this episode Robert talks to author Robert Greene about what it takes to become a master in business, sales and entrepreneurship. Find out what Henry Ford, Buckminster Fuller and Thomas Edison all had in common, and how you can apply the techniques of these masters to your life.

Nov 29, 2017

Robert says savers are losers; paper money around the world is losing value everyday. In this episode, find out why paper currencies are losing value, why certain elites want you to save money, and what you can do to hedge against the devaluation of fiat currencies.

Nov 22, 2017

Are you stuck in the rat race? Do you want to move from the middle class to wealthy class? In this episode, Robert talks to Rich Dad advisor Ken McElroy, and TV-star-turned-entrepreneur Clayton Morris. Find out how Clayton quit his high-profile job thanks to the Rich Dad philosophy, and how you can do it too.

Nov 15, 2017

Bad advice will pollute your brain. So if you’re trying to build a successful business or invest to win wouldn’t you want to hear from people who have done it and succeeded? Legendary investor Jim Rogers joins Robert to discuss the best investment opportunities available today.

Nov 08, 2017

Robert always says successful entrepreneurs must constantly strive for self-improvement. In this episode, Robert & Kim talk to a researcher about the importance of rituals and routines. Done right, they can lead to greater success in business. Robert & Kim also talk to an educator who teaches people how to improve their brains. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Nov 01, 2017

Find out from mega-successful entrepreneurs how they grow and preserve wealth. Building a successful business requires skills that are different from preserving wealth. The rich have different opportunities and different investment strategies. In this episode, Robert  & Kim talk to Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder of Tiger 21, an investment community for wealthy entrepreneurs.

Oct 25, 2017

Stocks are at an all-time high. Real estate is surging again. Global currencies are still flooding the market. What does it all mean? Robert and Kim speak to Jim Rickards who dives deep into the financial mechanisms that influence the cycles of boom and bust. If you own cash, or stocks, or real estate, and want to preserve your wealth then this episode is a must listen.

Oct 18, 2017

Taxes are your largest expense, yet most people do not educate themselves on the tax code. Legendary economist Art Laffer joins Robert, Kim & Rich Dad tax advisor Tom Wheelwright in this enlightening conversation about how taxes make some people rich, and others poor. Laffer offers the very latest information on Trump’s proposed tax changes.

Oct 11, 2017

Imagine business without competition. If that sounds counter-intuitive, then listen to Robert and Kim speak with Renee Mauborgne of Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. Find out how to build businesses that open new, unique markets, and leave cutthroat tactics in the dust.

GUEST: Renee Mauborgne

Oct 04, 2017

Habits can propel you to success and happiness or contribute to failure and misery. In this episode, Robert and Kim speak to Charles Duhigg who studies the science of habit. Find out how habits are created, and how to reform bad habits. Robert and Kim also share some of the habits that lead them to financial success.

Sep 27, 2017

Robert says true intelligence comes when you can see all sides of an issue. Robert explores the topics of cancer treatment and the environment with guests who offer non-mainstream experiences.

Sep 20, 2017
Big Fish

Playing big at business requires certain skills. In this episode, Kim talks to an entrepreneur who has created and sold companies for over $1 billion. Hear what decisions are necessary from the start-up phase to ensure you’re not stuck playing in the minor leagues of business. Kim also explores what it means to be a badass in business.

Sep 13, 2017

The next recession will be financially and emotionally difficult for most, and thrilling and profitable for the rest. Find out how you can position yourself to thrive during uncertain economic times. Robert and Kim share their strategies and real-life examples from past economic downturns.

Sep 06, 2017

A single conversation can make or break your business, your marriage, your future. Just talking, though, isn’t enough; it’s HOW you talk. Fierce conversations propel you and your business. Susan Scott, CEO of Fierce Inc., joins Kim in this candid episode and explains what fierce conversations are and how they differ from the corporate speak so prevalent in today’s workplace.

Aug 30, 2017

Robert says demography is destiny. If you know who your customers are, where your customers are, and if your customers are growing or shrinking, it gives you the greatest chance to succeed. The next step is positioning your product. Find out how to analyze your customers, and market to them when Ken Gronbach and Laura Ries join Robert and Kim.

Aug 23, 2017

The white working class has emerged as the most influential and misunderstood block of voters in America, and possibly the world. They elected Trump and ushered in Brexit. What drives them? What do they want? And why do they infuriate the elites?  Robert speaks with Joan Williams, author of “White Working Class,” and uncovers the ugly truth of class conflict in the U.S. and around the world.

Aug 16, 2017

Is the world facing a crisis of corruption? Robert talks to two insiders who expose how public and private institutions build, nurture and profit from corruption. Find out how this tainted system works against anyone playing by the rules, and what you can do to stay afloat in the swamp of corruption.

Aug 09, 2017

Hit songs, best sellers, viral videos: They don’t happen by luck, hit making is a science. Robert talks with Derek Thompson, author of “Hitmakers,” about the DNA of making a hit. Any entrepreneur will want to hear why some products sell millions, and others are duds. Robert also explains why “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is the all-time best-selling personal finance book; and the reason may surprise you.

Aug 02, 2017

The iconic American mall is shuttering. Iconic brands like Sears, Macy’s & Nordstrom are struggling to survive. Why is retail changing? Is it is as simple as the evolution of Amazon? Find out how this massive shift in retail impacts jobs, investing, urban development and even personal identity.

Jul 26, 2017

There is success and then there is enduring success. Why is the movie “Star Wars” still popular? Why is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” still a bestseller? Robert is joined by marketer and writer Ryan Holiday who studies success that lasts. . . for generations, and even centuries. Find out why enduring success is no accident, and what you can do today to plan for a legacy of success.

Jul 16, 2017

Robert always says savers are losers. Find out what happens when governments around the world boundlessly print money. Robert is joined by two precious metals experts who share historic, current and future views on the value of money. If you have money in the bank, or a 401k plan this show may save you from financial peril.

Jul 12, 2017

We all know entrepreneurs are wired differently. In this episode, Robert speaks to a scientist who explains the physical reasons entrepreneurs are different from employees. Find out why a certain lifestyle is not only important to entrepreneurial success, but the key to a fulfilled life. Robert also speaks to Rich Dad advisor Josh Lannon about social entrepreneurship, and why serving others is the blueprint to business success.

Jul 05, 2017

Robert assembles young and old to discuss what money, wealth and financial education mean to each generation.  In this revealing show, find out why fake news is ripping you off, twitter could be your worst enemy, and reading books may make you rich.

Jun 28, 2017

Banking is rapidly changing at the hands of financial technology. FinTech is opening new ways to borrow money, transfer money & secure money. Chris Skinner, author of “Digital Bank,” joins Robert, Kim and Ken McElroy to discuss this cutting-edge sector, which may lead to the end of ATMs and your local bank branch. Chris offers insights into how entrepreneurs can leverage FinTech to succeed in business.

Jun 21, 2017

An insider reveals how Apple grew from start-up to the world’s most-valuable company. Guy Kawasaki worked closely with Steve Jobs in the early days of Apple. focusing on the Macintosh computer. Guy offers valuable lessons for today’s entrepreneurs, and those with ambitions to start their own business.

Jun 14, 2017

Daymond John, founder of FUBU and host of “Shark Tank,” joins Robert and Kim for a raw look at entrepreneurship. Find out why being broke is the best tool any entrepreneur can have. Hear how John built a global brand from the kitchen of his mother’s house in New York. John also reveals the differences between a winning and losing pitch on “Shark Tank.”

Jun 07, 2017

Why do so many people endure jobs they hate? What holds back so many people from their dreams? Robert and Kim are joined by a teacher and scientist who shares her research on what behaviors lead to success as an entrepreneur. In the second part of the show, Robert and Kim discuss Generation Z, the up-and-coming demographic that will enter the workforce and compete with the sniveling Millennials.

May 31, 2017

Find out what central bankers and politicians plan to do after the next financial crash. Jim Rickards, author of “The Road to Ruin,” joins Robert and Kim and offers a clear-eyed view of how the next collapse will unfold and what you can do to preserve your wealth. Rickards has worked inside Wall St. and consulted at the highest levels of government. His insights are illuminating and rooted in social science and economic history.

May 24, 2017

Health care is the #1 cause for personal bankruptcy in the U.S. and the most profitable business in the U.S. Find out why so many Americans are fighting mad at insurers, doctors, pharmacists and health administrators. And let’s not get started with the politicians. Robert talks to Elisabeth Rosenthal, a doctor-turned-writer, who exposes the rotten health-care system and offers practical steps for anyone trying to navigate health care.

May 17, 2017

Robert talks to a whistle blower who exposed the world’s largest tax fraud. Find out how criminals inside and outside of the Swiss banking system operate. Hear stunning insights into how the most powerful banks work hand-in-hand with governments and institutional elites to cheat law-abiding taxpayers. This program is educational, stunning and infuriating.

May 10, 2017

Robert talks to the FBI’s former lead hostage negotiator. Find out how talking to a terrorist can translate to success in business. Simple tools like voice pitch can impact the outcome of a deal. Robert always says the #1 skill of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to sell. This show delves into the psychology, preparation and emotions of various types of negotiations, from buying a car to asking for araise.

May 03, 2017

Income inequality is a natural by-product of capitalism. So why is everybody so mad? Robert examines the history of American business with historian Benjamin Waterhouse. Then economic futurist Jason Schenker tells Robert what to expect in the next decade. This program offers valuable insight into why so many people are fighting-mad about their economic lot in life, and what they can do about it.

Apr 26, 2017

Find out how Robert uses debt to build wealth, and why debt is such a burden for the poor and middle class. Robert says there is good debt and bad debt, and explains why one builds wealth, and one sucks wealth. Rich Dad real estate advisor Ken McElroy offers techniques that he uses to leverage debt for cash flow.

Apr 19, 2017

Stars are not born, they are made. Shep Gordon, legendary manager to countless rock-n-roll, Hollywood & food stars joins Robert and Kim to discuss how to make and brand a star. Shep shares a lifetime of hard-earned wisdom that may help anyone trying to build a brand or become a star.

Apr 12, 2017

Robert exposes how local, federal and foreign governments rip off taxpayers. It’s all perfectly legal, and politicians get away with it because the public is mostly ignorant. A local politician and a former social security employee join Robert and share how this kleptocracy works.

Apr 03, 2017

Ever screw up? Make a mistake? Flub? Setbacks are a regular occurrence for entrepreneurs. Find out how successful business owners overcome these setbacks and learn to thrive. Two entrepreneurs share their hard-earned wisdom of mastering the comeback.

Mar 29, 2017

Find out why the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Tom Wheelwright joins Robert, and they dissect why income disparity is the world’s greatest moral hazard. Find out what causes income disparity and what you can do to avoid being poor or middle class.

Mar 21, 2017

Robert explains why rich people do not save money. Or participate in a 401(k). Or avoid debt. A Federal Bank insider and Wall Street insider join Robert to reveal how these institutions’ policies are often abusive to the financially uneducated, but can be lucrative for those with financial education.

Mar 14, 2017

An inside look at the Rich Dad Company culture. Employees don’t receive 401(k)s, but get something far more valuable. Hear from Robert’s staff about what they are doing to become successful entrepreneurs and investors while still holding down a day job. These real-life stories from both budding and successful entrepreneurs offer valuable tips to anyone yearning to get of a 9-to-5 job.

Mar 01, 2017

Robots are coming for your job. They don’t take sick days, don’t need coffee breaks, and don’t ask for raises. Robert talks to futurist Martin Ford, who predicts what a robot revolution means for the global economy. Find out what employers are doing to integrate robots into their businesses, and hear advice on how to navigate the future disruption robots pose to the workforce. Oren Cass, an economic policy expert, talks to Robert about the possibility that governments may turn to socialism in response to the rise of robots.

Feb 21, 2017

Obama Care is coming to the financial services industry. New rules and regulations take effect this year, and your 401k & IRA will likely be impacted. Robert & Kim talk to industry veterans who explain what the new rules are, and what you can do to prepare for these sweeping changes. 

Feb 14, 2017

Donald Trump is shaking up the world order.  With so much change, find out how to navigate your investments, your business and your retirement. Bert Dohmen joins Robert and offers the viewpoint of an investor and researcher with over 40 years of experience. Bert’s insights are often contrarian and accurate. Be sure to hear his prediction of how Trump will ultimately fail.

Feb 07, 2017

Donald Trump is challenging many of the globe’s institutions and norms. What does all this uncertainty mean to you, your business and your financial future? Economist Richard Duncan joins Robert and Kim and offers his insights and advice, which many may find alarming. Duncan is based in Thailand, and has worked for the IMF and World Bank, two of the institutions Trump is challenging.

Jan 31, 2017

Your identity is an asset. What are you doing to protect it in this age of hacking? Robert is joined by one of the world’s leading cyber-security experts, who shares strategies to protect yourself and your business against hackers. Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton also explains why basic asset protection must now include cyber-security insurance.

Jan 25, 2017

What would you do if you could predict the future? Robert speaks to a technical analyst who has correctly predicted the last four market crashes. Hear what Sandy Jadeja forecasts for 2017, and what it may mean for your pension, retirement, savings, and even your mental health. Robert is also joined by Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner, who offers tips on how to thrive in an unpredictable stock market.

Jan 18, 2017

Robert says the most important skill any entrepreneur must master is the ability to sell. How do you persuade someone to buy your product? To see your point of view? To lend you money for a start-up? One of the world’s leading researchers on influence joins Robert and Kim, and offers practical advice to anyone seeking better sales.

Jan 11, 2017

What will Trump’s surprising win mean for your wealth? Robert asks Rich Dad advisors Garrett Sutton & Andy Tanner what changes they see coming in the areas of asset protection and stock investing. This show offers listeners vital financial education in uncertain times.

Jan 04, 2017

Robert says the biggest expense we incur during our lifetime is healthcare. Healthcare is also the #1 leading cause of bankruptcy. In this podcast, Robert & Kim’s personal doctors and health professionals offer insight on how to stay healthy while navigating the myriad of options in the U.S. health system.

Dec 27, 2016

Why are you participating in a 401(k)? Why do you have a financial advisor? Why are you saving money? Robert and Kim scrutinize the sacred cows of our financial industry, peeling back the risk and reward you face doing business with them. Robert & Kim also offer alternative ways to think about investing and retirement.

Dec 21, 2016

Trump. Brexit. Negative interest rates. Money printing. The world is not just changing, the changes are unusual.  Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, joins Robert & Kim to discuss the improbable events of 2016 and how these events affect you. Find out why technology is accelerating change at a pace unseen in history, and why your best financial strategy lies in resilience and agility.

Dec 13, 2016

Every dream, every venture, every goal faces a defeating force. Find out what that force is and how successful entrepreneurs and investors beat it. Best-selling author Steven Pressfield joins Robert & Kim, and they all offer personal accounts of overcoming resistance.

Dec 06, 2016

Hear what the establishment institutions are doing to enrich the elites and put your money at risk. James Rickards joins Robert & Kim and explains why your hard-earned savings and investments are in peril. More importantly Robert, Kim & Rickards offer their personal strategies to protect wealth.

Nov 21, 2016

Trump stuns the world to become the president-elect. What impact will this have on your investments, your business, your healthcare? Former presidential candidate Ron Paul joins Robert & Kim with an insider’s view of this historic election. Plus a former Fed insider tells us why Trump’s win may spell the end of central banking. And Robert offers his personal insights on Trump, whom Robert collaborated with on two books.

Nov 17, 2016

Two successful entrepreneurs tell Robert the key to their success is constantly pivoting. 5-year plans, sales goals & product development no longer are the blueprint to achieving business success. Instead, smaller, more frequent pivots are more efficient. Soledad O’Brien, CEO of Starfish Media Group, & Jenny Blake, author of “Pivot,” offer detailed tips on how to pivot your way to success.

Nov 09, 2016

Bubbles, money printing, bailouts. . .Are you prepared if the economy suddenly turns? Robert discusses what he’s doing in the event of an economic meltdown. Hear from three guests who offer a variety of strategies to protect you and your family from financial doom, and even better, may set you on the path to financial freedom.

Nov 03, 2016

Why are Americans so ignorant about taxes? Why is debt a four-letter word? Robert speaks with his personal tax advisor & real estate advisor and makes a compelling case that true wealth can only be achieved by understanding taxes and debt. Robert also offers valuable advice for those wishing to achieve education on taxes and debt.

Oct 27, 2016

Think the election is about Trump & Hillary? Robert talks to White House- and Wall Street-insider, David Stockman. Stockman makes the case that the election has little to do with the two candidates. Drawing from his years serving Ronald Reagan, and also working for Solomon Bros, Stockman says politicians and bankers have driven people in Middle America to the brink of revolt.  Crony capitalism & corrupt politicians must go, or we’re doomed to continue on a collision course with economic tumult.

 GUEST: David Stockman

Air Date: Oct. 15, 2016

Oct 19, 2016

Robert talks to a Fed insider who explains how the sausage is made. In this case, the sausage is your money. Hear how the elites in The Fed protect big banks and hang you out to dry. Most importantly, find out what you can do to protect your wealth.

Oct 12, 2016

Robots, iPhones, drones. . .all this technology may actually be stagnating the economy. Robert talks to one of the world’s foremost economists who explains why economic growth is a thing of the past. Also, Robert speaks to a futurist who lists all the jobs that are being replaced by robots.

Oct 05, 2016

Legendary auto executive Bob Lutz joins Robert and Kim. Lutz explains why Tesla is a cult, and Elon Musk is no Steve Jobs. Find out why your car will be useless in 15 years. And hear how absolutely nuts some of America’s best-known leaders are. Lutz also offers candid tips for aspiring business leaders.

Sep 28, 2016

Successful investing today requires updated skills. Do you have them? Robert speaks with Dr. Alexander Elder & Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner about what you need to adapt to market trends. Technology is speeding everything up, and what you relied on yesterday, may not work today. Robert, Elder & Tanner offer practical and accessible tips to investors of all levels.

Sep 20, 2016

Is gold a smart investment or a hedge against a volatile US dollar?  Robert talks to two of the gold industry’s best minds to find out if gold is the right investment for you. Find out why China and India are buying so much physical gold, and what it means for your 401k. As Robert always says, those who own the gold make the rules.




Sep 16, 2016

Find out why the best health insurance is free. Robert talks to his personal physician about Eastern medicine and Western medicine, and how each approach can keep you out of the hospital.  As Robert always says, the only thing more valuable than money is health.

Sep 07, 2016

What does it take to go from college intern, to start-up entrepreneur, to national brand to public company? Hear the valuable story of Angie’s List founder, Angie Hicks. Angie’s candid conversation with Robert and Kim offers vital tips for any entrepreneur, and is an inspiration to any listener.

Aug 31, 2016

Trapped in your job? Unhappy with the amount of money you make? Do you worry that you’ll never be able to retire? There’s a reason why, and it all starts in kindergarten. JW Wilson, founder of The Advanced Learning Institute, joins Robert and Kim to discuss the life-long risks a public school education poses to your future. Find out what you can do to avoid these risks and find success in your life.

Aug 24, 2016

Every successful entrepreneur must address these 3 ingredients: solve a problem, reach customers, scale your product. This week Kim chats with entrepreneurs who have earned their battle scars and trophies. Hear from Amy Jo Martin, founder of Digital Royalty, and Felena Hanson of Hera Hub. Both Amy Jo and Felena share tips on how you can SCALE, MARKET & SOLVE.

Aug 17, 2016

Who gives you advice? Can you tell if it’s good or bad advice? If your answer is “NO” or “MAYBE” then listen to what Robert, Kim, and Rich Dad advisors Tom Wheelwright and Garrett Sutton have to say about recognizing good and bad advice. Without financial education, any investor can fall prey to predators. Don’t be a victim.

Aug 10, 2016
The Broken Rule of 72

What did you learn about money in school? Did any of you get any useful information on the thing that controls all of our lives? Have you ever wondered why the school system avoids this subject like the plague? This week we’ll Russel and Ross Brunson about how to use funnels to create entrepreneurship opportunities. We’ll also talk to Rich Martinez to hash out the reality of today’s financial world and how you’ll need to learn outside school if you want to survive.

Aug 03, 2016
Three Sides of The Coin

If you know anything about Robert and Rich Dad, you know that we LOVE GOLD. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm on both sides of the gold debate. This week we’ve got two very smart men, who simply don’t agree. Listen in to hear Harry Dent (The Demographic Cliff) and James Rickards (Currency Wars) give opposite sides of the gold coin. Your job is to listen to all the info and decide on which side the coin lands for you.

Jul 27, 2016
Business Battlefield

The military is the ideal training ground for entrepreneurs. MBA’s are clueless when it comes to having the guts and gumption you need to fight it out on the battle field of real business. You want to play with numbers? Get and MBA. You want to conquer and build an empire? Join the military. This week we talk with Jen & Eli Crane ( about how SEAL training can make a better business person.

Jul 20, 2016
No Crystal Ball

We don’t have a crystal ball so we need to be able to read the shifts in the world to prepare financially. This week we talk with Jim Rogers (Investment Biker) about how to interpret the world’s emotional reactions to financial issues. From regional violence in the Middle East to the ramifications of Brexit, you’ll see that the best way to survive in this larger world is the explore and live in it.

Jul 13, 2016
The Northwest Spiral

The United Kingdom has just voted to leave the European Union, what does this mean for the world at large and the U.S. in specific.

Buckminster Fuller said that the world was heading in a “Northwest Spiral” but what does that mean and how is it tied to the world economy? This week we talk with show favorite Richard Duncan as well as special guest Anja Manuel (This Brave New World) about the elliptical path of world economics and why you should be concerned about a swing through Asia.

Jul 06, 2016
Failure Is The Path

Mistakes are how we learn, Mistakes are how we get better, Mistakes are how we innovate. Meanwhile in school if you make a mistake you fail and failing can ruin everything. The most innovative and world changing minds in history were those that leaned into failure. So why are we trained as children to fear and stifle the most powerful tool for growth we have? This week we’ll talk personally about our own failures and how they’ve shaped the path we take and the successes we enjoy.

Jun 29, 2016
The Five Year Plan

If you knew you’d be out of work in five years, what would you do today? There’s more going on behind the scene that you can imagine. The U.S. dollar is poised to collapse. Why aren’t we educating ourselves? Why do we put our head in the sand? This week we talk to Matt Kerkhoff (Dow Theory) and Jerry Robinson (Follow the Money Weekly) about how we can prepare for the currency collapse on the horizon.

Jun 22, 2016
Makers and Takers

Do you really think your financial planner cares about you? Do you REALLY think the people handling your money are on your side? Regardless of the current growth in our economy, you’re unlikely to see many benefits of it. Why? Where is the money going? The answer is NOWHERE. This week we talk with Rana Foroohar (Author: Makers and Takers) about how/why your dollars go into the finance system and never come out.

Jun 15, 2016
The T-Junction

What is happening to the middle class? What is really happening to the economy? This week we talk to Mohamed El-Erian (When Markets Collide) about his thoughts on the stock market, the U.S. economy and the “T-Junction”. The road ahead of us is not yet set, we are not predestined to succeed or fail. Learn what the future may hold for you and how you can prepare for uncertainty.

Jun 08, 2016
Two Balloons

There’s a term; “GLOBAL WARMING” and the two sides of our political system have diametrically opposed positions on it. Those invested in fossil fuels say it’s an overblown concept, those worried about the environment say we’re not doing enough to stop it. What’s the actual truth and how does it effect you?

Jun 01, 2016
Doing WELL By Doing GOOD

Everyone has a million dollar idea, but 99% do nothing with it. This week we’ll be talking to a couple folks who are not only making their vision a reality, people who are not only doing well, but also doing good. What does it mean to be a spiritual entrepreneur? We’ll hear from Tom Landis (Howdy Homemade Ice-cream) who employs special needs kids and gives them real jobs instead of just lip-service. We’ll also talk to Phoenix’s Larry White (LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles) who went from spending time behind bars to building up a cult culinary following and a Phoenix institution.

May 25, 2016

There’s a very good chance you’re a genius and don’t know it. You might have ideas that could change the world, but you’ll never know because of fear. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule. This week we talk with Adam Grant (Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World) about making the moves to create real change. Learn how the truly successful find the courage and will to break away from the pack.

May 11, 2016

“Was There Really a RICH DAD?” Enough online speculation, after decades of questions, this week we’ll talk with the son of the ACTUAL RICH DAD. If it wasn’t for RICH DAD Robert wouldn’t be changing lives today. Learn how Robert went from surfing and flunking out of school to the financial force of nature he is today.

May 04, 2016
International Errorism

What is really going on with the U.S. Dollar, Saudi Arabia, 9/11, President Obama and the World Economy? If you really believe what you hear on Fox and CNN you have NO IDEA WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON! This week we talk with Bert Dohmen of Dohmen Capital for an inner circle insight into the real status of international relations and military motivation.

Apr 27, 2016
Getting Sidelined

The myth of the wealthy athlete still persists. Meanwhile, 78% of NFL players are declared bankrupt within eighteen months of leaving the organization. On top of that the average NFL career is only three years (Some as short as one month). This week we’ll talk with financial planner John MacGregor and Detroit Lions Rookie of the Year Ryan Broyles about making moves early in life to create security for the future. Learn about making hay while the sun is shining.

Apr 20, 2016
The Quick and The Dead

If you’re not agile in today’s economy, you’re going to get trampled. Today’s show is all about the ability to change direction as the speed of money. From 2000 to 2010 we saw the three biggest crashes in history, do you really think that’s the end of it. We’ll talk with Chris Martinson and Adam Taggart (Authors: PROSPER) about preparing for an uncertain future.

Apr 13, 2016

You’re not suppose to get jealous of other people’s success, but when I see twenty year old kids starting billion dollar businesses it’s hard not to be resentful. If you’ve ever thought “I have a million dollar idea” but you can’t turn it into real money, this is the show for you. This week we talk with online entrepreneurship expert Brad DeGraw and the rich dad company’s own Greg Arthur. Learn how to leverage the internet for more than cat videos.

Mar 29, 2016
Smoke and Mirrors

Are we safe financially? Have our leaders fixed the economic crisis or have they made it worse? Obama says he fixed the economy and China isn’t a threat anymore, do you believe that? How did none of the “experts” see the last crash coming? This week we talk with Dr. Barry Eichengreen (Author: Hall Of Mirrors) about the shift in how we view the recessions and depressions of the past as well as how we predict the crashes on the financial horizon.

Mar 23, 2016
Buy, Borrow, Die

People assume the rich this country are cheating on their taxes. The reality is that the poor and middle class and BEING CHEATED because they don’t understand the tax code. The fact is the tax code is confusing on purpose and you need a savvy accountant to take advantage of the rules in place that help the rich pay less taxes than they would without financial knowledge. In this episode we’ll learn the strategies the rich use to get their money back from the government from Tom Wheelwirght (Rich Dad Tax Advisor, Author of TAX FREE WEALTH) and Edward McCaffery (CNN contributor, Author of FAIR NOT FLAT: How to Make the Tax System Better and Simpler).

Mar 16, 2016
The Landslide

Are we in a death spiral; is the next great depression about to hit? In 2016 what happens if China’s bubble economy finally crashes? What are some of the things you can do to keep your self off financial suicide watch? This week we talk with Richard Duncan (The New Depression) about asset prices, the stock market and why it’s all coming off the rails. Meanwhile the Chinese government is trying to convince the world it can stabilize it’s quick eroding economy. Will we ALL be buried in china’s landslide?

Mar 09, 2016
Passionate Politics

This week we’re talking about politics. Around the world, other countries are laughing at how we run or elections. The question is, just how stupid is the American voter? This is no longer politics are we know it. People are not educating themselves about the people they’re about to put in charge of the most powerful country on earth. This week we discuss the power of passion, perception and positioning with Rick Shenkman (History News Network, Political Animals) and Laura Ries (Battlecry).

Mar 02, 2016
The Wall Street Hijack

If you’re looking forward to retirement, we’ve got some bad news. Many of you might be working until the day you die because you haven’t taken correct actions to secure your future. This week we have financial planner John McGregor and Bobby Monks (Author of UNINVESTED) to talk about the possibility of retirement in America and how Wall Street is hijacking your money.

Feb 23, 2016
Broker Than You

The market is poised for a fall, are you going to be buried in the rubble? Years ago I predicted 2016 would be an era of unprecedented financial crashes in America. So what can you do to prepare for the coming crash? This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisors Garrett Sutton and Andy Tanner. Now is not the time to sit back and hope, now is the time to prepare and take action. Learn why your broker may be advising you all the way to the poor house.

Feb 16, 2016
I’m Offended!

Are we raising a generation of wimps? Why has America shifted from the land of excellence to the land of participation trophies and “Safe Spaces”. What is happening on our college campuses these days that is fostering this idea that we need to coddle an entire generation of students. This week we talk with Eugene Volokh (UCLA School of Law), Dr. Everett Piper (President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University) and speaker Jason Dorsey ( about the direction of millenials, their opinions and what it means for the future of American discourse.



Feb 10, 2016
Dr. Rahda Gopalan

What’s really more important to you, your health or your wealth? If you knew today what was eventually going to kill you, what would you do about it? This week we talk with Dr. Rahda Golpalan (Author of: SECOND OPINION) about leveraging both eastern and western medicine to take control of your health while you still have control of destiny. 

Feb 03, 2016
Evaporation Nation

It’s 2016! This is the year I predicted the worst of the worst of coming. So what happens if we go into a worldwide collapse? What if you lose your job? What if currency become worthless? What if your stocks evaporate overnight? This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisors Shane Caniglia, Tom Wheelwright and Ken McElroy about what to do in 2016 to prepare for the coming storm.

Jan 26, 2016
Debate and Switch

This week we talk with Frank Luntz (What Americans Really Want Really) about the secret to Donald Trump’s political success and what might be his Achilles heal. We’ll also discuss why more than half of Americans believe that the American Dream is dead. Learn why what you say is not nearly as important as what people hear.

Jan 18, 2016
A Deformed Democracy

Is this economic crisis a hoax? Are we in the midst of the next great government rip-off? This week we talk with David Stockman (Reagan era Director of the Office of Management and Budget, writer of THE GREAT DEFORMATION) about some of the biggest scams in U.S. history, including the ones that are just beginning. If you think we still live in a Democracy, listen in this week.

Jan 13, 2016
BONUS: THE QUAD POD - Phoenix Comic Con

Jillian Squires (Phoenix Comic Con) joins us to talk:

  • The task of managing 75,000 attendees
  • Leveraging enthusiastic volunteers
  • Negotiations with Actors, Vendors and The City of Phoenix
  • The non-stop planning of an event this size
  • Setting up appearances years in advance
  • Managing growth vs. reducing user experience
  • Maintaining reliability with vendors
  • The ABSOLUTE need to be accessible to your audience, meaning… GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!
  • The management of literally HUNDERED OF TONS of product on a daily basis
  • Big mistakes at this year’s convention and how that’s a GOOD thing
  • Software and Systems, finding them, adjusting them and knowing when they need to be replaced
  • How Jimmy Johns used a horrible situation to generate lifelong customers
  • Accommodating talent requests, travel, limos and a cold diet coke at the snap of a finger
  • The benefits of having a CIA agent on staff
  • PS: Leonard Nimoy was apparently awesome
Jan 05, 2016
The Greed Of The Poor

Poor people with a poor mindset have convinced themselves that the rich get that way by being greedy. The truth is that the most successful and wealthy people on earth got there by having a generous spirit. This week we’ll talk with Josh and Lisa Lannon (The Social Capitalist) about having a generous spirit, building wealth by doing good and the greed of those with a poor mindset.

Dec 24, 2015
What Are You Gonna Do?

2016 Has the potential to be the greatest crash in the history of the world. We’ve endured three crashed in recent history and if we don’t prepare we’ll all be in peril. So what are you gonna do? We’ll talk with Bert Dohmen (Prelude To A Meltdown) about all the things the media isn’t talking about that could help you avoid the coming crash.

Dec 24, 2015
Fighting Our Fear

There’s a lot being said about being muslim these days. Some politicians are leveraging these uncertain times to their advantage because the public is scared. So what do you do to ensure your safety without giving in to irrational fear or xenophobia and discrimination. This week we talk to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser about how we can fight ISIS without giving in to fear and hate.

Dec 15, 2015

Most companies have policies on the books that you can’t “moonlight”, meaning you can’t have another job on the side. Corporations are terrified that you’ll have any source of income besides them because it takes away their power over you. This week we talk with three members of the Rich Dad team about how our company does things just a little bit different.

Dec 07, 2015
The Coal Miner Next Door

Even today there are people locked into the idea of treating their hard earned money with a scarcity driven mindset. This week we talk with Garret Gunderson (Wealth Factory, Killing Sacred Cows, The Jack Rabbit Factory) about overcoming financial myths, evolving your approach to wealth and finding your own path to true entrepreneurship.

Nov 30, 2015
The New Kleptocracy

How many of you distrust our government? Do you ever get the feelings we’re being screwed and that it’s all part of a bigger plan? This week we talk with G. Edward Griffin (The Creature From Jekyll Island) about America’s transition from Democracy to Kleptocracy. Learn WHY the gap between the rich and poor keeps growing and why even your heroes turn out to be scumbags if you turn over too many rocks.

Nov 23, 2015
Profit From Paradox

If you’re working a 9-to-5 job, even one that you like, we have a question. WHY? You’re still tethered to the success of someone else. Did you know more suicides take place on Mondays? You do now. This week we talk with Dr. Barry Schwartz (TED, Practical Wisdom: The right way to do the right thing) about the link between economics and psychology and how choice factors into your personal success.

Nov 17, 2015
Code Invasion

Having your home broken into is an upsetting violation. We put locks on our doors, set up cameras, hire security guards. Meanwhile the real danger is something to German Shepard can scare off, it’s theft. Hackers can sneak in from anywhere in the world at any time and steal your most valuable assets without you even knowing it. This week we’ll talk with Ken McElroy and Robert Siciliano about cyber security and why you’re not doing enough to protect yourself.

Nov 10, 2015
Protect Yourself

People set themselves up to be losers by not using the tax and legal system to their advantage. The average person sees a news story about businesses filing bankruptcy and assume that means failure. This couldn’t be more wrong. This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton about protecting yourself and your assets from legal action. Don’t wait until you’re rich to protect what you have, take steps NOW!

Nov 03, 2015
The Fast and The Furious

People often ask why we love real estate so much. "People make tons of money in long term investments, right?”. This week we talk with Ken McElroy ( and Koran Messina (Rich Dad Coaching) about how High Frequency Trading, new legislation and the Chinese government are all conspiring against the uneducated investor.

Oct 27, 2015
Agility vs. Tranquility

Longterm investing is all well and good until the market crashes. You can’t make long term decisions in a crisis. This week we talk with Dr. Alexander Elder (author; Trading For A Living, Come Into My Trading Room) about the contrast between trading and long term investment. If the crash is coming, you need to know how to make moves fast, not sit on your hands.

Oct 21, 2015
Trading Places

If you’re a real investor you don’t care if the market is going up or down. People like to play around in the stock market without knowing what they’re doing. Stocks are like fire, if you know what you’re doing you’ll stay warm and cozy, if you don’t you’re begging to get burned. This week we’ve got Matt Kerkhoff (Dow Theory Letters) and Rich Dad Advisor Andy Tanner (401Kaos, talking about how to make money no matter what the market does.

Oct 14, 2015
The Bubble Is Back

These days things are more out of control than they were before the banking crash. More derivatives are in the market, more risky trading is being done and no one is paying attention. Meanwhile China has built a housing prison for themselves by over-speculating on housing, resulting in “ghost-cities”. This week we talk to Chris Martensen about China, the coming crash and water, yes… water.

Sep 30, 2015
When Giants Stumble

These days we’re constantly hearing about China as an economic giant. Lately however, that giant is stumbling. America has been worried that China’s prosperity could mean an erosion of our own Super-Power status, that may be the least of our worries. Richard Duncan talks with us about the horror’s unleashed in by China’s failure.

Sep 22, 2015
Financial Flatline


Are you ready to go bankrupt? That word strikes fear in the hearts of most people. But you’ve got a good job and you’re caught up on your bills, so you don’t have to worry right? Think again. Healthcare in this country is so broken that a quarter-inch cut on my finger cost me $35,000. If that happened to you, how would you recover? We talk with Tom Wheelwright about Obama-care, insurance and surviving the after-effects of an ER visit.

Sep 16, 2015
Believe It And Be It


We all have the ability to transform ourselves into any self we choose. The key to transformation is rooted in inspiration and visualization. If you truly want to be rich, you need to be able to visualize yourself being rich. This week we’re joined by Gail Goodwin (Inspire Me Today) and Sarah McLean (McLean Meditation) about the transformative power of meditation and visualization and how it can open the door to greater success.

Sep 08, 2015
Unmade In China


China’s market is crashing because they leveraged themselves to the hilt and their average investor didn’t bother to educate themselves at all on how the market works. China’s rise is quickly being revealed as a ponzi scheme and the collapse is just around the corner.This week we talk with Bert Dohmen about the state of the world economy and why China’s hubris and inability to learn from the mistakes of others will be their undoing.

Aug 31, 2015
Do Androids Dream of Electric Paychecks?


Worried your job is going to be replaced by a machine in ten years? That’s ridiculous, it’ll be five years tops. This week we talk with Oren Etzioni (Entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence) and Miles Brundage (School for the Future of Innovation in Society) about the future of AI and automation in our society. If you’re still clinging to the dogma of holding a job you better be constantly evolving or you’re doomed.

Aug 24, 2015
Drug Dealing For Fun and Profit


This week’s we’ve got the author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef, Tim Ferriss. Tim tells us about the path to bootstrapping a business, the key to not only doing your job in less time, but doing more with each hour of the day. Greg and Shannon from the RICHDAD family join to talk about their personal experience with Tim’s books and strategies. This show is all about testing, questioning and breaking the cycle of traditional education.

Aug 17, 2015
Icarus Syndrome


Think Apple is stock market gold? Think China is the new economic superpower? You thought wrong. In the years since losing Steve Jobs, Apple has failed to innovate while engaging in unparalleled corporate arrogance. China meanwhile is leveraged to the hilt at the same time their government is criminalizing liquidation. We’ll talk with Bert Dohmen ( about these economic threats and why everyone is ignoring them.

Aug 10, 2015
The R-Team


When we’re young we’re told; “stand alone”, “be an individual”. Most poor people insist on doing things themselves. Rich people know, collaboration and teamwork is the path to true success. This week we meet the team Kim and Robert collaborate with to produce real success. We’ll talk with RichDad Advisors Blair Singer, Tom Wheelwright and Andy Tanner about team work and how it breeds success.

Aug 06, 2015
Change Yourself, Change The World


Why is it so difficult to change the world? Because we can’t even change ourselves. We struggle our entire lives to find a place of balance and happiness. Why is it all so hard? What steps can we take to find personal happiness so we’re able to improve the world we live in? This week we talk with Hal Elrod (The Miracle Morning) about the Not-So-Obvious tactics you can use to change your outlook, mindset and life.

Jul 27, 2015
How, What, Where and Y


The baby boomers lived on excess, handshake deals and college connections. The millennial live on crowd sourcing, SEO and innovation. If you think you can run your business like “the good old days” you’re in for sour news. This week we talk with Jason Dorsey (Y-Size Your Business) and Greg Arthur (Rich Dad) about evolving your business to a post-boomer, post-GEN-X environment.

Jul 20, 2015
Land Of The Free Indeed


Is America a communist state, or are we still capitalists? Our rights as Americans are being eroded daily as more and more personal activity is being criminalized in the interest of National Security. Simon Black ( joins us to discuss the reasons for our quickly disappearing rights and why kids running a lemonade stand are such a threat to our government.

Jul 07, 2015
The U.S. Dollar's Death


The problem is the U.S. Economy is the U.S. Dollar. Since the 1970’s our country has functioned based on a fiat currency with nothing but perception holding it up. Our faith in the dollar may be our undoing. This week we talk with Richard Duncan (The Dollar Crisis, The New Depression) about spotting the signs of the upcoming collapse and how you can make more money than ever before in the worst of times.

Jul 01, 2015