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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. We discuss ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

Episode Date
Fixing a Mistake in Your Podcast Episode

My last episode had a typo, and a mistake in the audio ( I said the deadline for June's question of the month was in February). Today we're going to talk about how to fix things when you make a mistake in your podcast.

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Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.

How to Fix a Mistake In Your Podcast

You publish an episode, and you're listening back to it in Apple Podcasts and then OH NO! You hear a mistake. What do you do?

Go back to the software you used to create the file and fix the mistake (re-record, eliminate silence, whatever the mistake was).

Then export the file using the exact same file name as the original.

Then replace the file on your media host (video below).

How to Fix A Typo in Your Podcast Show Notes

To fix a typo go to whatever tool you use to create your feed and remove the typo and save your changes. It will take up to 24 hours for the update to appear in the Apps.

What Happens if You Upload a Repaired Episode with a Different File Name?

If you upload your new "updated" file with a different file name, it will take up to 24 hours for Apple (and other apps) to update to see the new file (which means it won't work in the app).

Learn from Your Mistakes

Once you fix your mistake, don't just move on. Take a second and assess why this happened? Is there anything you can do to avoid this in the future.

I always listen to the episode (speeded up) before publishing it. Every time I don't - those are the episodes with the issues.

Do you have too much on your plate?

Are you trying to hit a self-inflicted deadline that may not be super important to your audience?

We all make mistakes, but smart people learn from their mistakes. REALLY SMART people learn from other people's mistakes.

Because of My Podcast - I Got to Meet Gary V

23:05 I've said in the past your podcast is not your business, but it can be your business card. Today Mike Simmons from Just Start Real Estate podcast explains how his podcast lead to him meeting Gary Vaynerchuck.

If you have a "Because of my podcast " story, I'd love to hear it.

Question of the Month

25:11 What guest would you LOVE to get on your show? (and Why).

Go to to answer by June 26th.

Don't forget to mention your show, and where we can find it (website).

The Truth About Transcripts

25:43 I've been saying that Transcripts are not the best solution for "show notes" as we don't talk like we write and we don't write like we talk. Yet some people preach how "more words equals more visitors." I was listening to the Marketing School show and Neil Patel (a SERIOUS SEO GURU) and Eric Siu (Major Marketer) explained how they paid to have really good transcriptions and it didn't do anything for their show. It's better to take the transcripts and work them into a blog.


27:23 ID3 tags are stored inside your mp3 file. People keep obsessing over them and the reason I've heard is they feel it affects their SEO. While apps are transcribing the content of the show for better search, to the best of my knowledge they are not looking at ID3 tags.

ID3 tags are only used if someone pulls a file out of the feed (for example they download your episode off your website and listen on their computer. ID3 tags used to have a much more significant place in podcasting, but this has diminished over the years. However, I still add ID3 tags to my files as it takes all of 10 seconds.

My Take on Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan got $100 Million. Good for Joe?

Joe is a content creator, and technically he's not a podcaster anymore (but the audience thinks he is...)

The big takeaway is Joe proved that GOOD content is valuable.

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Jun 01, 2020
The Power of a Mighty Network

Question of the Month: Focus Groups

01:43 Currently, I'm obsessed with focus groups. Why? Because every time I hear someone talking about growing their audience the absolute last thing they mention is their content. So I asked my audience if they had ever used a focus group and Max from Avaiant News talk and Sharon from God's Women both share how they had got some feedback and both feel they benefitted from it.

Recently I did some market research that had me way out of my comfort zone but the information I received was worth the discomfort.

02:26 Max from Aviation News Talk

04:34 Sharon From All God's Women

06:02 We All Benefit from Constructive Feedback

Facebook Vs Mighty Networks

On a previous episode, the hosts of the Wealth Without Wall Street were interviewed and mentioned how they had grown their overall revenue by 300%. One of its key ingredients was a Mighty Network. When I looked into this tool, I found it to be the swiss army knife of building communities (and if you want it - revenue). With Facebook losing15 million in the last two years source and trust getting lower and lower why not move a separate mobile-friendly location where YOU are in control of your community.

Jessica Shamora is the Head of Brand and Growth at Mighty Networks and came to answer my questions:

Jessica Shambora and talk about Mighty Networks and how you can use them to build community. We talk about why a Mighty Network is better than Facebook and more (see chapter markers for more details).

Check out Mighty Networks


Get Some Feedback on Your Show

Two experts with over 40 years of combined experience go over your podcast, your website, your goals, and help promote your show. Go to:

June Question of the Month

47:16 This month's question is "Who would be your #1 guest you want on your show?"

I need your answer by June 26th.

Go to

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May 25, 2020
Full Time Podcaster Daryl Grove of the Total Soccer Show

While many podcasters create content as a hobby, today we talk with Daryl Grove (who along with his cohost Taylor Rockwell) create the Toal Soccer Show. Today we talk with Daryl to go over how they make their show, how they interact with their audience, and how they developed the relationships with advertisers and their private membership.

01:35 Why is This Good?

I came across the trailer of the show Once upon a Gene and was floored by the emotions that bubbled up to the service. It makes you laugh, cry, and think. The vulnerability of the host sharing her thoughts sucks you in. Her courage to share her disappointments, I found it amazing. Check out the show at 

Also, Effie was on the latest episode of the Podcast Roundtable 
07:16 Introduction to Daryl Grove

Delivering Content You Can't Get Any Place Else to a Niche Audience

09:03 Interview with Daryl Grove


Before you go promoting your show, shouldn't you get some honest feedback on what is and what is not working with your show? When you order a podcast review you get TWO consultants with over 40 years of combined experience in radio and podcasting. We look at your episodes, audio quality, the flow of content, alignment fo content with your goals, your website, and more. You also appear on the Podcast Review show (for added exposure).

Get reviewed today at

42:33 Question of the Month

44:09Free "Ohio" Webinar Tonight at  7 PM ET

45:18 Your Podcast Website Webinar

Mentioned in This Episode  - Once upon a Gene

Podcast Roundtable 

Moonclerk Subscriptions

Podcast Review Show

The School of Podcasting

Total Soccer Show

Free "Ohio" Webinar Tonight at  7 PM ET

 Your Podcast Website Webinar

May 18, 2020
Using LinkedIn for Your Podcast

You hear alot about LinkedIn (and other social networks) and you may be wondering, should I be using LinkedIn to help grow my podcast? Today I talk with LinkedIn Guru Karen Yankovich who is also a podcaster. If you're new to LinkedIn here are some fun facts:

  1. LinkedIn started on May 5, 2003
  2. LinkedIn has 332 million members
  3. 2 new users join every second
  4. 42 million unique mobile visitors per month. This stat is up from 29 million a year before (This is a 45% increase in just 12 months )
  5. 107 million users are in the USA alone
  6. The average time a user spends on LinkedIn is 17 minutes per month
  7. 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day
  8. One in three professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn
  9. You can increase your LinkedIn views by 11 times by including a photo
  10. 41% of users visit Linkedin via mobile
  11. 56% of members are male
  12. 44% of members are female
  13. 30,000 long-form posts are published on Linkedin every week
  14. 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook account
  15. 59% of Linkedin users don’t visit Twitter
  16. LinkedIn users spend 26% of their time on LinkedIn using the mobile app 


Interview With Karen Yankovich

Karen built her multiple 6-figure businesses by learning how to blend high-touch relationship-based marketing with practical business online savvy, and she brings that success to her clients as well. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build highly profitable businesses doing what they love, all while making an impact.

Connect with Karen on LinkedIn

Check out her Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Check out her free training at

07:04 Karen Yankovich Interview

08:00 Facebook vs LinkedIn - The Difference?

09:00 Connect or Not Connect with Everyone?

11:01 Top LinkedIn Mistakes

13:24 What Can Podcasters Use LinkedIn For?

15:00 Your LinkedIn Profile

16:55 Articles Vs Posts

18:13 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

20:52 What Does LinkedIn Mean By Active?

21:25 How much time does it take to see results?

25:03 Who is Your Audience?

26:30 The benefits of clarity

28:35 What was the thing that stopped you from publishing?

29:19 Best Feedback from your podcast

30:18 Best LinkedIn Story

32:30 What Does Karen Offer?

38:03 Question of the Month

My Main Takeaways

Here again, we hear how Karen has a clear idea of WHO she is talking to and trying to reach. 

LinkedIn is not magic, but it helps you build relationships. Relationships can be magic

Don't just contact people and connect to make your numbers grow. You should have a plan. Start a conversation. 

Do your homework and know who you are contacting so that first impression is a little warmer. 

Get Some Honest Feedback on Your Podcast

Dave Jackson (15 years in podcasting) and Erik K. Johnson (30 Years in radio) will listen to your show, listen to the goals of your show, evaluated your website, audio quality, flow on content and let you know what you're doing right (so you can do more of that) and give you tips on how you can "polish" some parts of your podcast. 

For more information see  Check out previous shows in Apple and Google

We Are Podcast Online Event

Question of the Month

I'm becoming obsessed with focus groups thanks to watching the TV Show The Profit on CNBC. I see people who are starting to market their show (or wonder why it may not be growing as fast as they want) and it always appears there has been a lack of honest feedback from people you feed would enjoy your show (your target audience). For May the question is again somewhat open-ended. The topic? Focus groups. Did you assemble any feedback? Would you be interested in getting feedback on your show? If you were to start one, do you have any ideas or insights?

Send in your answer by May 22nd, 2020 at be sure to mention your podcast and website. 

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May 11, 2020
Get and Manage Interviews with Poddit - an Interview with Brent Besham

Last year I met Brent Besham and She Podcast Live and hear about Poddit.  In this interview, you'll learn what Poddit is, and how you can use it. 

Full show notes at

Time Table

03:03 Poddit Interview - Brent Basham

14:43 A Guest Questionnaire

22:11 What Podcasters Can Learn From Michael Jordan

24:22 Focus Groups Tips

27:47 Website Webinar May 20th

28:13 Descript is Pretty Cool

31:16 SOP Housekeeping

What is Poddit?

People are using email, they're using Google forms, and we're moving a direction to really try to solve that pain point for podcasters where they can push everything to our platform, use our platform. To coordinate and integrate, like the scheduling and all the different parts of it. It could be the central place for coordination of the interview and all the details and reminders, and there's a lot of things.

The Goal of Poddit?

Poddit wants to be the best way to connect for your next podcast interview. There's a lot of facets to that on each side of the mic and they are exploring and expanding on both sides. 


Poddit Preview Video

Click here to watch the Poddit Preview Video

Your Podcast Website Webinar

This free webinar will cover what you can do on your website, best practices, and some new tools you can use to create a great looking, highly functional website. 

Go to

Question of the Month 

Did you use any kind of focus group for your podcast? If you did what did you learn, if not why not? 

I need your answers by May 22nd, 2020. Be sure to mention your podcast and website (slowly) 


Mentioned In This Episode

Text Expander

The Ultimate Guide to Doing and Being Interviewed

Other Resources For Finding Guests from

Interview with Andrew from

School of Podcasting Poddit Page

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May 04, 2020
What Do You Use To Create Your Podcast?

Because of My Podcast

Kevin from the AP Professor

Check out Kevin's book "Pandemic Tracking: A survival Guide for College Faculty."

Check out Kevin on the Podcast Review Show


Arnie Chapman _ Football History Dude

Joan Wheeler - Culture Rich Podcast

Darwyn Dave - Dealing with My Grief

David Oliver Kling Sacramental Whine, and Midgard Interactive

Kris from Kris and Kristine

Clay Groves From Fish Nerds

Zoe and Sammy From the Daily Chicken Podcast

York From Poetic Earthlings 

Dennis Trumpy - Sleep To Healthy

Stephen Indrisano - Stephen King Boo! Club

Kim Newlove - The Pharmacists Voice

Timothy Kimo Brien - Create Art & Podwrecked

Mike Thomas - Innopsis Podcast

Links to All Items at the Website

Time Table

00:43 Because of my Podcast
05:09 What Do You Use to Make Your Podcast
06:07 Arnie Chapman Football History Dude
08:30 Joan Wheeler Culture Rich Podcast
12:09 Darwyn Dave Delling with My Grief
16:37 Dave - Sacimental Whine - MidGaurd Interactive
18:37 Kris - Kris and Kristine Show
21:04 Clay Groves - Fish Nerds
23:44 Zoe & Sammy The Daily Chicken
25:06 York - Poetic Earthlings
26:10 Dennis Trumpy - Sleep to Healthy
28:05 Steven Indrisano - Steven King Boo! Club
32:59 Kim Newlove - The Pharmacists Voice
39:46 Tim From Create Art
42:55 Mike Thomas - Innopsis Podcasts
46:19 Dave - School of Podcasting
50:41 May Question of the Month

Become a Paton

Apr 27, 2020
300 Percent Growth in Business Revenue - Wealth Without Wallstreet Interview

Podcasting Goes Over 1 Million Active Podcasts

According to the Site My Podcast Reviews, there are now over 1 million active podcasts. They define “active” as any podcast that has published at least one episode in the last 90 days, and “inactive” as any podcast that has not published any episode in that same time." So what does this mean?

  • Podcasting is not a fad
  • Podcasting works
  • Podcasting is continuing to grow

Does this mean you are too late. NO! Really podcasting is just getting warmed up. There is still 30% percent of the US that hasn't listened to a podcast yet.

Wealth Without Walstreet's Russ and Joey Discuss How Podcasting Boosted Their Business

Today we are joined by Russ Morgan and Joey Mure from Wealth Without Wallstreet. This interview was done during a pandemic, children were home from school so my guests Joey and Russ retreated to their closet and to their car to find a quiet place. You have to use what is available and if that is a phone line- that's what you use. This had some great takeaways

07:27 Starting with no real plan

08:44 The Original Community

10:14 Community Tools (Mighty Networks)

11:26 Podcasting Enhanced Their Services

13:03 Behind the Scenes of the Community

16:10 How their business has changed

17:58 Their Prospects are Better Educated

19:39 How do you know your podcast is good?

22:15 How Do They Choose Their Topics

25:57 Because of My Podcast

29:31 Things That Didn't Work

34:32 Special Deal from Russ and Joey

38:06 Question of the Month Reminder

39:31 Ready To Start You Podcast?

44:04 Bloopers

I love that they built a place for their community to find out what they needed (using Might Networks) and they invited their guests to do open Q&A and invited them into their community.

You can join their community and take charge of your finances by going to

Podcast Quick Launch Back Open

As I only allow so many people in the mentoring program at the same time, it was not available for a little while. Those people have gone through the program and it is not available.

Click HERE for more information.

This Month's Question

For April, “What do you use to create your podcast?” This could be hardware, software, business tracking, organizational if you use it in some capacity with the creation of your podcast.” We need your answer by April 24th, 2020. Go to

More Detailed Notes at

Apr 20, 2020
They Said, "Why Not" Now Look at Them!

As a podcast consultant and coach, my biggest struggle is not getting people to pick a name, or artwork, or finding the right gear. Those are all a walk in the park. My hardest part is getting people to start. First I need them to press record, and then I need them (after a few practice runs) to press publish. Then once I get them to publish, you have to be ready to pivot and tweak your podcast unless you think you got it 100% perfect on the very first try. 

Today I share stories and insights from

Danny Elfman

Kevin Smith

Jeff Dunham

Matthew Dicks

Bouncecast Software Review

See the video podcast review

Podcaster Happy Hour

Need a place to come hang out and chill. Looking for a place to come and just have some conversations and relax? Check out

Question of the Month

What do you use to create your show? Answer at

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Mentioned in this Episode

What was that like podcast with William Hung?

Storyworthy Book

Speak Up Story Telling Podcast

Jeff Dunham on WTF

Kevin Smith Interview

Danny Elfman Masterclass

The Podcaster Attitude – Your Biggest Tool For Success

Juggling the Podcaster Attitude

Overcoming with Imposter Syndrome

Apr 13, 2020
What podcasters can learn from the Tiger King

The Train Wreck That is the Tiger King is in the Top 10 of Netflix

After the fourth person had asked me if I had watched the Tiger King on Netflix I decided to give it a try. It's not good. I got about halfway through and only watched the second half looking for closure. It's bad people behaving badly. I was on a Zoom call with my family and my brother had not seen it yet, and as he put it "everybody is talking about it." The whole family said the same thing, "it's awful, its a waste of time." I'm pretty sure he's going to start watching it. Why? Well here are some things podcasters can gleam from Joe Exotic (i.e. The "Tiger King").

Table of Contents:

01:27 I'm in Facebook Jail

21:53 Focusrite Studio Makeover

23:17 Misty Phillip from Spark Christian Podcast Conference

37:23 Podcast Rodeo Show Promo

39:00 Consulting with Dave

39:45 Danny Pena Connects with His Audience

42:19 Question of the Month Promo

43:08 Get On the Podcast

44:32 Bloopers

Joe Exoctic is Unique

Joe lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. Even by "Florida Man" (home of bizarre behavior) standards Joe Exotic is very unique. I'm going to kind of spoil the show, so if you haven't watched and it and plan on doing so, now is the time to stop reading.

Joe is a gun-toting, country music singing, gay, polygamist, Youtuber, who likes to blow things up at his zoo where he has tigers, alligators, and other exotic animals while he manages his campaigns for President and Governor.

He is what some people might call "a character." I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

Joe Had a Unique Product That Solved a Problem

Joe would breed tigers and take the cubs on tours to small where people could pet them and get their picture taken. It's like Santa with claws and teeth. Much like Santa, Joe was taking in the cash because he was providing something you can't get anyplace else. Consequently, he was making some serious cash.

Joe Lost Sight of His Audience

Joe's arch-nemesis is Carol Baskins who is also "unique" in that her very rich husband disappeared a few years ago making her rich and they never found his body. Carol runs a large cat "Rescue" that looks a lot like a zoo. She has an army of volunteers who work for her. She is basically doing the same thing Joe is (has a large plot of land where people can see large Cats in cages) but Carol has a WHY. Some people become fans of what you do, other people become fans of people because of why they do it.

Carol helped Joe's mall tour get shut down. Instead of looking for another solution, another product, or another animal, Joe got distracted. Instead of talking to his audience and asking them what else they might want, he became 100% obsessed with competition.

Joe Started To Compare Himself to Others

Joe did some things right. He reached out to other large cat owners (who are also living "differently" than most people) and attempted to mimic their success. However, as time goes on you see Joe simply go from hating Carol Baskins, to obsessing over her. His only "TV Show" seemed to be him talking about Carol and what a bad person she was, and how she couldn't bring him down, etc. Joe forgot he was the Tiger King, and became the Carol Baskins King.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

The more Joe obsessed over what Carol was up to, the less he focused on his audience. You don't see him looking into adding creating better environments for the cats that might also get the audience closer to the cats. I once lead classes on Microsoft Office to the staff of the Akron Zoo. That is their whole purpose. Making an exhibit that made life enjoyable for the animals while getting the audience as close as possible and keeping both the animal and audience safe. Over the years their audience has grown and their prices have risen as well as you get a great experience and don't have to spend an hour driving to Cleveland.

Surround Yourself with Good People

The part of the story that tugged at my heart more than the Tigers, was one of Joe's husbands has lost most of his teeth due to a meth problem. He stuck around Joe because Joe bought him guns, trucks, and another thing (and he got to pet large cats). Joe treats his staff horribly, takes them for granted, and creates a revolving door of workers.

Things Do Not End Well

When you are deprived of joy and become frightened, angry, or any other emotion that is not calm and collected you can make bad decisions. Joe is the king of bad decisions. It turns out that Joe had actually killed some of his older cats, and if you want to watch more disturbing things on Netflix watch Don't F*ck with Cats.

Misty Phillip From the Spark Christian Podcast Conference

I was honored to speak at the Spark Christian Podcast Conference last year. It was an amazing event, and the mind-boggling part it was thrown together in very little time. In this interview with Misty Phillip (who also has a podcast), she gives some behind the scenes of how she pulled this off. Key points include:

  • She released control to someone who had experience (which is very hard as you only get once chance to make a first impression, and this was the first year of the event).
  • She was amazed at how many people said YES (so if you're afraid to start something - people you think will say no might say YES)
  • She did a Kickstarter to gauge the overall interest which helped her avoid getting in over her head financially
  • She has built a network over the years, and those people will want to support you.

Dany Peña Still Connecting With Audience During Pandemic

Hall of fame podcaster Danny Peña has been on the show before and is known for a man who is always building and servicing his community at Gamertag Radio. So how do you do that when everyone is ordered to stay indoors (Danny is in New York City)? You use the tools you have like Voicemail, Speakpipe, and Email. In the end, Danny said it's about the connection, not the quality of the content coming in from his listeners. Check ou Danny at

I'm in Facebook Jail -How Do I Get Out?

I haven't changed the way I've used Facebook in the many years I've used it, but now I'm in Facebook jail.

Here is the one of the messages that I put in my own private Facebook that got flagged as Spam ( )

If you know any tips or insights, or any connections to someone at Facebook, I'd love to hear from you. Currently, you can't link to the School of Podcasting on Facebook.

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Mentioned In This Episode

Netflix show Tiger King

Neflix show Don't F*ck with Cats.

Apr 06, 2020
Three Reasons Why Radio Personalities Should Be Podcasting

I thought it would be a good idea for Radio Personalities (DJs) to have a podcast. I know that they often lose their jobs due to the consolidation of stations, automation, genre changes, and more. However, I only thought it was a good idea. I didn't know because I only know to podcast, Erik K. Johnson is the Podcast Talent Coach and co-host of The Podcast Review show and he's been in radio 30 years and is a program director for iHeart Media. So I asked Erik for his opinion and he gave me three reasons radio personalities should have a podcast

Note: Most of this post was transcribed from the recording, so when you read "We" it's Erik and iHeart (not Erik and myself).

Three Reasons Radio DJs Should Have Their Own Podcast

  • Built-in Demo

  • Freedom To Talk About Whatever You Want

  • Develop a Deeper Brand

Be sure to read the contract and know what you're signing. 

Mentioned in this Episode

Thanks to:

Arnie from

Steve Stewart from

Brande Ushio from

Table of Contents

1:43 Focusrite Studio Makeover

3:46 Revisit Bad Audio

5:26 Three Reasons Radio Personalities Should Have a Podcast

17:07 Say No to Puke Voice

19:53 Question of the Month


Ready to Start Your Podcast



Mar 30, 2020
What Does Bad Audio Sound Like?

What do people mean when they say "Bad Audio" well I made some. You will hear where some strategies DO create bad audio and others (using your phone may not be horrible). 

SPONSOR: Focusrite

Focusrite is giving away a $2300 studio makeover. This includes the Scarlett 18i8, a Heil PR40, headphones, Hindenburg software, a deep discount on Squadcast, consulting and more (I wish I could enter). To enter the contest go to

Mentioned in this Episode

Samson Q2u

Childless by Choice

Sound Off Podcast

Podcast Rodeo Show

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Table of Contents

01:30 Focusrite Studio Makeover

03:31 Defining what Bad Audio Sounds Like

03:54 Built-in Camera Mic

04:42 Built-in Laptop Mic

05:36 Recording into Voicememo on My iPhone

06:12 Samson Q2U in the Bathroom

07:29 Using Blankets

08:09 Dave in His Closet

09:01 Blue Yeti in the Bathroom

10:34 Blue Yeti under Blankets

11:01 Blue Yeti in the Closet

12:26 Blue Yeti on a Desk

12:55 Q2U in the Closet

14:31 Trying to Clean Bad Audio

16:16 Do Portable Audio Booths Work?

20:15 Noise Gate Example

21:56 EQ Settings to Try

24:59 EQ Examples

26:38 Podcast Rewind

29:44 Some Light Reading

31:30 March Question of the Month


Mar 23, 2020
Emergency Podcasting For Teachers

The Corona Virus Closed My School and I Need a Podcast NOW

Across the US (and the world) schools are closed to try to reduce the number of people spreading the Carona Virus. This makes it very hard for teachers who still need to deliver lesson plans. With this in mind, I've made a video that shows you how to turn your lesson plans into a podcast. It's free, and the strategy uses free tools. 

Sponsor: Focusrite

Focusrite is giving away a $2300 studio makeover. This includes the Scarlett 18i8, a Heil PR40, headphones, Hindenburg software, a deep discount on Squadcast, consulting and more (I wish I could enter). To enter the contest go to

Free Video Set Up Your Podcast in 20 Minutes

Click HERE to get access to video

Wait, am I giving away the School of Podcasting stuff? No. Starting a podcast is easy. Starting a GOOD podcast is not. There is no "define your audience," and "define or why" or "check your band alignment" here, this is simply putting content (that may or may not sound great) on the internet for people to listen.

Tips for Working From Home

Avoid working in a room with a television.

I've got tips on staying focused in a previous episode.

In some cases, close the door to "block out" the rest of your home (to avoid distractions).

What Does The Caronoavirus Mean For Podcasting?

In some cases, your audience may be bored. They may find themselves with "Free time."

I believe in one of Michael Hyatt's books he says when situations like this arise look around and say "what does this enable me to do that I normally don't do."

  • Spend more time with your spouse and children.
  • Read a book (or listen to a podcast)
  • Clean your house (that's my plan this weekend)
  • See who can use the smallest amount of squares to wipe their butt.
  • Watch some cooking videos and cook from home. I made a dish last night called "Not Chipotle" that was chicken, rice, lettuce, cheese, and a bit of french salad dressing.
  • Create an online mastermind
  • Jump rope, push-ups, dust off the treadmill.
  • Watch Saturday Night Live (it's still on)
  • (or even better) Go to bed early.
  • Eat all those things in the fridge and freezer that you bought by accident (asparagus! what?). New food is exciting (and often freezer burnt).
  • There is a feature on your phone that if I understand this correctly you can "Call" (Whatever that is ) people and talk to them in real-time.

    When I was married and things would go left of center, my wife and I would look at each other and say "Well, this is going to be a fun adventure..."

    Remember where there is a shadow, there is a light. You'll be able to look back and say "I lived through that."

    Because of My Podcast: Jim Harold has Met a TON of Childhood Heroes

    Jim Harold has been on this show a few times. He is the man behind the Paranormal Podcast, and recently launch a podcast where he talks to other podcasters called "Podlords." In a recent episode he stated, "You know, I've done different podcasts over the years, some of them have, "caught on," and they are part of my business and I make money on them. There were other shows that haven't caught on as much, but we're just cool to do. Jim did a show called "The Great TV podcast" and it's still available. Jim loves classic  TV ( TV from the 60s and 70s).

    Jim did the Great TV Podcast and he got to talk to Ed Asner who Mary Tyler Moore Show. He got to talk to Marianne from Gilligan's Island. He got to talk to the late Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica. Oher interviews were Donnie Most from happy days ( he played Ralph M). Judy Norton from the Waltons.

    That is the power of podcasting as Jim put it, "If I had called up Ed as an agent and said, you know, I'd like to talk to Ed Asner for a half-hour about his career. I just think it would be cool. Well, that's not gonna happen. I've got a podcast. He has a new play coming out. Can I talk to him? I certainly know that is the opportunity. The people I've gotten to talk to who I would have never had a chance to get that alone aside from being my job has been a great reward. So, I mean, the opportunity, aside from money is tremendous."

    Jim has been podcasting since 2005 and podcasts full time at and does the paranormal podcast as well as other paranormal related shows. He also has many books featuring true ghost stories on

    Question of the Month

    For March, “If you have a podcast, have you surveyed your audience? If so what did you learn?”If you haven't surveyed your audience, why not? "

    Please (if you have one) mention the name of your show (be careful not to say it so fast I don't understand you) and your website (again, nice and clear). I need your answer by Match 27, 2020.

    Go to

    Audio Technica 2100X vs Samson Q2u

    Today I test the Audio Technica against a Samson Q2u, and AT2005 USB. I didn't hear much difference. Keep in mind, you can always tweak these with EQ (equalization) in post-production. Check out my Gear guide for more information.

    New (Better) Affiliate Program For the School of Podcasting

    If you have people asking about how to make a podcast, you can refer them to the School of Podcasting and get paid if they sign up. You also get paid for every month they stay signed up.

    For more information go to

    Mentioned In This Episode

    Jim Harold

    Happiness Lab

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Mar 16, 2020
Give Yourself Credit With Ronsley Vaz

Today I am recording from Podfest Multimedia Expo 2020 and I capture a conversation with Ronsley Vaz in the hallway after he shares an amazing story about listener loyalty. 

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. When we don't give ourselves credit, this belief limits our success.

Focusrite Studio Makeover

Focusrite wants to help remove any barriers to your creativity by outfitting your podcast studio with products from some of the best brands in content creation. We’ve partnered with them to award three podcasters with a complete studio makeover valued at over $2300 each and the chance for you and your podcast to be featured in a video project produced by Focusrite!

For more information and a list of prizes see

Enter the competition today!


00:00 Focusrite Giveaway

03:20 Table of Contents

04:33 Because of My Podcast Ronsley Vaz

17:22. Recorded Using an iPhone

18:17. Give Yourself Credit

Mentioned In this Episode

Book: Amplify: Raise Your Voice, Boost Your Brand and Grow Your Business

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Sarah Mikatel podcasting Step by Step

Podfest Multimedia Expo

Lou Mongello WDW Radio (Walt Disney World)

Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

Get Storyworthy for Free at Audible

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Mar 09, 2020
A First Look at Descript Software- Transcriptions and Audio Editor in One

Descript is software that transcribes your episode and then you can go to the transcript and when you removed it from your transcript, it removes it from the audio. You can fade in and cuts that are a little rough to smooth them out. You can mix in music, have multiple mics go into two different tracks so you can edit the "cough" out from person number two while person number one was talking. Enjoy the live demo of Descript in this episode 712 of the School of Podcasting.

Table of Contents

01:09 What is Descript?
08:16 Descript Demo
19:20 How Much Is It?
20:02 Descript vs
22:40 My Podcast Reviews Free Month Dela Extended
24:12 #podrevday March 8th
25:03 Because of My Podcast- Carey Green
30:29 Robin Chsitopherson loved the Glow Episode
33:07 March Podcasting Events
37:57 Bloopers

Descript Live Demo - Transcripts are more than just words

While many people take the lazy way to show descriptions by thinking transcripts are the golden ticket. In my opinion, transcripts are hard to read and I often click away (which means this is the opposite of what people were hoping for, and Google calls this "bouncing" coming to one page and leaving).

A transcript can speed up editing by making it easy to see the parts that definitely need edit,  and you will be able to see your crutch words. That is where descript has a very interesting feature. In this video, you see me right-click and erase 14 "ums." Were all the edits perfect? No, but you can use additional tools like fading into a word to smooth out and roughs edit. The price is $10 a month for up to 10 hours of transcription (which is lightning fast). We have a coupon code pec2020 through the end of March 2020 you can get 10% off a yearly subscription. Thanks to Steve Stewart and the Podcast Editors Club, and the Podcast Editors Conference for allowing us to borrow their coupon.

Watch Video


My Podcast Reviews - Get A Free Month Deal Extended


I interviewed Daniel J Lewis back on episode 709 talking about My Podcast Reviews which scans all of the apple stores and emails you copies of your reviews (or your competitors) where you can then share them, add them to your media kit, etc. Originally the offer of a free month was to end in February but the free month offer has been extended until March 7,2020. Go to to get your free month

Podcast Review Day March 8 #podrevday

24:12 Steph Fuccio has started a tradition of picking one day out of the month to review at least one podcast. You can join in on Twitter and Instagram by using #podrevday  -more information.

Because of My Podcast - Carey Green

Carey Green is a podcast editor (see and does a podcast about podcasting at but his show Morning Mindset has been growing very quickly, and he is having meetups with listeners, and now he is frequently receiving prayer requests. Carey is now doing one episode where it is Carey praying for multiple people on one episode. Think about the comfort and closeness one must feel to ask someone "Will you pray for me?" Check out Carey's Morning Mindset podcast at

Robin Christopherson loved the Glow Episode

Robin does a daily Dot to Dot show about Amazon skills. He has a large audience but was looking for a new way to monetize his show. He heard my interview with CEO and loved it. You can hear it at

If you want to check out my Glow page see

March Podcasting Events

March 3: Podcast Portland Meetup

March 4: The Publisher Podcast Awards

March 6-8: Podfest Multimedia Expo

March 6: Podcast Editors Club, Spots Podcon and others)

March 7: Podfest Cairo

March 9-11: New Media Summit

March 11: Podup Virtual Summit

March 16: Northeast Ohio Podcasters Meetup

March 17: California Podcasters Association (Oakland)

March 17 Virginia Podcasters Association Meetup

March 19-20 Become a Podcaster in One Day

March 19: Podcast Cracking the Code

March 19: Phoenix Podcast Club Social

March 31: Columbus Podcasters Meetup

For more information see

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Mar 02, 2020
15 Things Podcasters Can Learn from Joel Osteen

I was in Houston for the Spark Christian Podcast Conference where I was speaking. It was a great event for the first time out of the gate and I met some really cool people. My buddy Sunny from the IPN asked me if I wanted to go see Joel Osteen who runs the largest church in America and is also an author and someone I refer to as "Happy Jesus Man." Jole is incredibly successful (his church is the building where the Houston Rockets professional basketball team played. It's a stadium that holds 16,800 people).  I have listened to Joel on and off over the years. I went to feed my spiritually, but I was also there to observe and look for the clues of his success. You don't get this big without doing something right.

Time Codes

01:08 Spark Christian Podcast Conference Review

02:38 What Podcasters Can Learn from Joel Osteen

30:52 How did you get over your self Doubt?

41:10 Free Webinar on Equipment

42:19 Have you surveyed your audience?

Joel Started As A Geek

Joel was the technical person in his church working with his father. He was the lighting tech and worked for his Dad.

Joel Did Something Different

There is a style of preaching in the church known as "Hellfire and brimstone." This is where you explain to your audience that if you don't accept Jesus you are going to Hell where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Instead of peaching about the horrors of Hell, Joel went to the bible and found all sorts of scriptures that point out how God wants you to prosper. Some have deemed this the prosperity Gospel, and because it's different than what people previously did, this has its critics. This has not swayed Joel from his message. He is covering the bible the way he wants to.

He Makes it Easy for First Time Visitors

Sunny and I had walked into what appeared to be a side door, and weren't exactly sure where to go. It was easy to identify who the staff was and we just walked up and said, "Hi this is our first time here." The worker knew exactly what to do and before I could blink I was given to a person who was giving me a tour of the building and explaining that there was a book store and if I wanted to buy anything Joel would sign it at the end of the night. He then escorted us to fourth-row center stage seats. I felt lucky. I felt special. The sanctuary was beautiful. They had cool lights in the ceiling and an amazing backdrop behind the band, and a choir made of people of every shape, size, and color.

He Honored The Heritage of the Church and What They Believed in

He played clips of his father who started the church and acknowledged those who came before him. Oh, I'm sorry this isn't for you...

It's for the academy of podcasters. Let's move on.

It Was a Well Oiled Machine

There were no lags in the presentation. You didn't see the praise band ask, "He should we move on to the missing thing" and then someone says "Yeah, let's do the missing thing. Let's roll the mission intro." When the song was over, the mission people came out, the spoke about a conference that had just wrapped up. They introduced the video about how they were helping with Ebola in Africa and the video clip came on. Everyone knows what was next.

They Through in a Curve Ball

Their band did two praise songs (very upbeat - very easy to sing along) that engaged the audience. Then one of the soloists on the stage snuck into the audience at the end of the song. She then launched into an old Christian classic "Nothing but the blood" from the back of the auditorium so the people in the back now get the same view as those in the front. Most music performers pull this trick in concerts. They went back to singing more songs from the front of the stage.

Pacing and Anticipation

This is a great tip for those narrative style storytellers. They kept the service moving with the music, but about five songs into their performance their backdrop which looked like the galaxy with millions of stars started to reveal the word JESUS in big bright letters as the band hit a crescendo. The place erupts into applause, the band plays louder, hands are raised into the air and as the final notes of the song fade out Joel Osteen takes the stage and opens his message with prayer.

Everybody Knows and Does Their Part

The band multiple guitar players, keyboardists, and hundreds of backup singers, they all worked together to deliver the song in the best way that connects with the audience. The security for Joel was extensive. They were very good and kept him safe while allowing people to meet and greet him after the service. If you have a show with a host and a co-host someone is driving the show and someone is color commentary.

Know Your Point and Back It Up

Joel's message could be boiled down to this. "When you're in a bad situation you should still help others who are having problems." All of these scripture references helped illustrate his point. This is similar to the book I recommend Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power by Ken Davis.

Explain Things with a Personal Story

After sharing some examples from the bible, Joel explained a story about hos his Dad was trying to raise money for a new auditorium but heard about a smaller Spanish church had run out of money for their church and this "Half a church" was just sitting there gathering dust. Even though Joel's Dad needed the money for his project he gave it to the smaller church. Anytime you can make your point with a personal story, I recommend you do it. This gives your audience a chance to get to know you.

Joel Was Vulnerable

At the end of the story about Joel's father, Joel explained how he is still benefiting by the step his father took. In the middle of the sentence, he paused, tried to say the sentence again, and again he had to stop. His emotions were deep in his thought. He put his hands over his eyes and turned his back to the audience. He said, "I'm sorry yall, I cry to easy, and I cry too much. Nobody booed. Nobody shouted, "HOW UNPROFESSIONAL" and instead they cheered him on. He turned back around with his red eyes, and grabbed a tissue and wiped his eyes. I can't find another way to explain it besides saying this was a "real" moment, and instantly felt more connected with him.

Later in the service that I watched on Sunday (where he did the same service), he started one line and said, "Did I say that right? I'm going to say it again."

Joel Knows His Why and It Aligns with his Call To Action

Joel's goal is to get you to know Jesus and accept him. At the end of the service, he has a call to action to accept Jesus.

He Promotes Subscriptions and Makes it Easy

During the service and at the end, they put a link to their website on a giant screen with mentions of their podcast.

Joel is a Collaborator

I see on his website he is doing a service with Kanye West.

He SERVED His Audience

At the end of the night, he went through hundreds of people meeting them, signing books (or not) and treating each and every person like they were his favorite person in the whole world. He had his crew borrow their phone and snap pictures so they could share it on social media. So they could easily share what a great time they had a Lakewood church. By the time he had made it to me, there was talk he might shut down the line as it was long. He made it through. He was visibly tired. He had just performed a service and was probably feeling the dip as the adrenaline of preaching in front of thousands of people had left his body, but instead of instructing his team to send us home he waved us in knowing it would just add another 30 minutes or so to his evening. Whenever you have a chance to meet your audience to do it and say thank you.

How Did You Get Over Self- Doubt To Start Your Podcast?


Dan Kreiness of the Leader of Learning podcast uses himself as a target audience member. If it holds his attention, it probably holds someone else's attention as well. 

John DeRosa of the Classical Theism podcast likes the idea of having guests. If people didn't want to listen to you (they do) they might listen to your guests. 

Paul Cheall from Fighting through World War II change the question from nobody would listen to Would they? His downloads are getting a few downloads a day (it features memoirs from his Father). 

Holland Webb grom The Afterword podcasts didn't care about others opinions. They did it to have fun talking to each other and if other people want to listen - fine. 

Thomas from Novel Marketing had my favorite answer, "When you love your audience more than you care about your own pride you will take steps to publish your show."

Free Webinar: The Right Podcast Gear

Joing the free webinar on 2/26 at 7 PM to get all of your questions about gear answered. 


Question of the Month for March 2020


If you surveyed your audience, what was the biggest thing you learned? If you didn't survey your audience (or a focus group) why not?

Answer at


Feb 24, 2020
How Does Your Podcast Compete Against Giant Shows?

Table of Contents

01:29 How Do You Compete Against Large Networks?

06:44 25 People Vs 1

09:42 Two Things That Kill Podcasts

11:52 Buying an Audience

15:32 Life Without the School of Podcasting

17:01 So How Do You Compete?

19:24 Jet Ski vs Cruise Ship

21:53 Downloads are only ONE way of measuring Success

24:28 Free Webinar 2/26

25:01 Golden Mic Announcement

34:23 Where I Will Be

34:45 Question of the Month

I hear this question a lot:

How am I supposed to compete?  It'll be something like I've been podcasting for three years. There are these other podcasters who I'm pretty sure are buying their audience. They're spouting their numbers, and they're gigantic. How am I supposed to compete with somebody like that?

I totally understand that question. Here are some things to consider:

You Can't Compete

Because its a good visual. How would a seventeen-year-old boxer compete against the champion who has held the title for six years? You don't put that kid in the ring. He's going to get killed. The experience, the stamina, he just isn't ready. He is completely out of his league.

But I've Been Podcasting For Three Years

But Dave, I've been podcasting for three years. You say that in some cases, you know people who are really starting to make a difference with their podcast at three years mark. To this I say"Uh-huh," but here are some things that we need to think about. We never know what's going on behind the scenes with a podcast. You might have a job (or two) and a spouse and some kids. The other podcast may not have any of those. Can you imagine how much free time you would have to promote if you didn't have any other activities and could focus on your podcast 100% of the time?

So if you look at podcasters from the outside, there's a person with a podcast here, and another podcaster over there and you think they are the same and they are not. We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. They might have a background in selling and your background is in teaching.

Radiolab thanked 25 people at the end of their show. I am an army of one. Can I compete? In 2015ish I was up for a Podcast Movement Podcast Award and one of the shows in my category was Reply All.  I was competing against them. I've also had my Logical Weight Loss podcast compete against Jillian Michaels. Can we compete? Yes. The minute you turn on the microphone you are competing. Some of the things these teams of 25 use you don't need (original music?). While great production is like icing on a cupcake, if its all icing (and no cupcake) that doesn't work (see serial season two).

The Two Things That Kill a Podcast


Babies are so selfish. It's all about them. All they scream is feed me, wipe my butt, I want a nap. That can really get on your nerves (kidding).


When you say "how do I compete" at the hear you are comparing your show to others, and that can seriously do nasty things to your content. If you ever feel yourself comparing yourself - STOP.


You need three things to create good content:

Your attitude

Your health

The support of those around you

(see this episode for a deep dive into this subject).

There is no competition

I am a co-host on the Podcasters Roundtable with Daniel J. Lewis and Ray Ortega. Technically both of these people are my "competition" but they are not. Why? Because you can listen to me on Monday,  Daniel on Tuesday, and Ray on Wednesday. As long as you deliver value, you're safe and don't have to worry.

You Can't Buy An Audience

You can buy an opportunity for people to hear your show, but you can't pay them to listen. Your podcast needs to provide value so they will come back because they want more.

Holly Barey is beautiful. In 2004 they put her in a Catwoman suit, spent a million dollars to my $82 million (a loss of 18 million). On Rotten Tomatoes the movie has a ranking of 9 out of 100 with 197 people voting.

In 2009 Disney worked on a movie called John Carter based on a popular book. According to Wikipedia is the most expensive movie ever created. It was a super popular book. It's kind of a sci-fi fantasy thing. It had a young, hot actor from Friday Night Lights, which was a very popular TV show here in the States.  Yeah, they lost $200 million on that movie

You cannot buy an audience.

And upon the release,  it received a mixed critical reception. In other words, it wasn't any good. There are great visuals. It had a great soundtrack. It had great action sequences. But the biggest criticism was toward the characterization and this thing called the plot that movies have, and you kind of need a good plot, you need a story.

It's the content. It's delivering value. And apparently, this movie did not deliver value because it lost them $200 million.

And I remember seeing all the ads for this movie, that all the promotion.

Before You Start Spending Money to Grow Your Podcast

I see a lot of people who say, "I'm not getting enough downloads and they turned to Facebook ads or advertising an overcast or Spotify or Castro (all podcast listening apps). They are trying to get the word out about their show. You can buy eyeballs/earholes but you can't buy an audience because an audience is someone who comes back for more.

Do What Your Big Networks Can't

Answer every email (in my travels big shows don't do this)

Get your audience on the phone. In the book Superfans (and in the Colin Morgan Interview on Podcast Juinkes) Pat Flynn and Colin Morgan talk about reaching out to random members of their audience via the phone (you can get a free Google Voice number, or Podcast Voicemail to mask your real phone number). How do you provide great content? You know who your audience is. How do you know what they want? You talk to them.

You are a Jetski, they are a cruise ship. You can change your content in record time. They can't. You are much more flexible. They are not. You need to identify your weaknesses and your strengths. You also need to identify your "competition's" strengths and weaknesses and don't try to cover the same area whey they will unquestionably squash you.

Go to where they are. In some cases, if a show is so big they can't go out in public. You can, and while you're there you can get feedback on how to make your show better.

Be sure to poll your audience. This can be as simple as "what do you like about the show, what do you wish I would do differently?" If you want to ask, "How did you learn about the podcast" so you can do more of that.

There is More Than One Way To Measure Success

Keep in mind there are more ways to measure success than downloads. These includes:

  • Is your show successful (are you achieving your "why?"
  • Comments on your website
  • Email responses
  • Social marketing interactions
  • Business metrics (new customers)

The Right Podcast Equipment Webinar

On February 26th there is a free online webinar at where we will go over podcast equipment and the best option for you. If buying the right equipment has been a hurdle for you this will help you get over the hurdle. See

Life Without the School of Podcasting

Today I helped someone who randomly contacted me on Facebook. They hadn't purchased enough storage space for their show. They were exporting their files in the wrong format. They didn't know how to export in the proper format. They were using the wrong format for artwork. Podcasting can be fun and fulfilling when you don't have to band your head against a wall to release a simple episode. At the School of Podcasting,   we show you in videos how to export your show in the proper format. We show you how to order the right plan for your podcast so your media host matches your strategy. We help you podcast frustrating free. Join today at

The New Academy of Podcasting

Let's start off with the positive. Wondery, a company with 82 employees and revenues (according to of around 15 million per year organized a new "Academy of Podcasters" and will launch a Golden Mic awards in 2021. Per their website, "The Academy is professionally run by an Executive Director and an Account Manager.  These roles are overseen by a volunteer Board of Governors who set the strategic vision and goals of the organization. 17 Founding Members will establish the organization and guide its initial creation with a goal of 1) moving The Golden Mics into a key recognition position and 2) encouraging growth and networking of the Academy and the industry. Members are individuals in the podcast industry who are part of one of the Academy’s Peer Groups; each Peer Group will vote on its respective categories for The Golden Mics." 

So it's great that big companies with big budgets are going to be promoting podcasting. This is a good thing.

Someone Needs to Learn How to Google

The companies listed above need to learn how to do some Google searches. When you come in with a "We've arrived" mentality, you can easily offend those who have already been here working in the trenches. I mean who do you think you are the pilgrims?

The larger media companies keep saying things that seem to just ignore history. For example, an article that came out THIS WEEK stated that " Born in the halls of public radio, podcasting has emerged as one of the fastest-growing businesses in media over the past few years." Podcasting was NOT born in the halls of public radio. It was born in a hotel room where Dave Winer and Adam Curry met. In the past, I've just let them roll off m back, but I remember someone from one of these companies who stated there weren't any women podcasters in the early years (completely erasing people like Mignon Fogerty and Murr Raferty. Who can forget Steve Jobs referring to podcasting as "Amateur Hour."

So when I approached Hernan Lopez the founder and CEO of Wondery that there HAS BEEN a  “completely peer-based, not for profit, fully representative" awards show and I had won such an award he apologized.

I'm Not Saying Get Off My Lawn

Lopez was at an educational conference stating a lack of education. I'm not saying get off my lawn. I'm saying Marc Maron didn't invent podcasting (nor did Serial) and if you want me to greet you with open arms, it would be much easier if you would stop kicking me in the balls.

To the best of my knowledge, the Adamy of podcasters which controls the Hall of Fame is still in existence. It hasn't had a ceremony since 2018 due to a lack of sponsorship. This is sad. While some may feel this is just a bunch of friends slapping each other on the back, if you do some research that it's not just old white guys but women and people of color (granted the majority of the recipients is middle-aged white guys because when podcasting first started THOSE WERE THE PEOPLE WHO WERE PODCASTING.

So I look forward to seeing the spotlight the new academy will point at podcasting, and just ask them to quite saying things that make use feel invisible or worse, erase the past.

Speaking of the past, here is a link to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame

New Podcasters Academy

Question of the Month

How did you get past the "Nobody will listen to me?" see

Start Your Podcast Today

Go to and start your podcast worry-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee 


Feb 17, 2020
Podcast Reviews Automatically Delivered To Your Inbox
Feb 10, 2020
New Logo for the School of Podcasting

If you're listening to this it means you're a subscriber so thanks for being a subscriber. 

It's here the logo from

Tell Mark that Dave sent ya.

See you Monday.

Feb 07, 2020
Shaping Your Unique Voice with Eric Nuzum

Audience Engagement

In a previous episode about I talked about how hard it is to obtain an engaged audience and you might be lucky if you get 5% engagement. This week on the finale of The Good Place they mentioned the Podcast Radio Lab, and on a previous episode of Radio Lab they mentioned how 29,000 people are helping to pay for the production of the podcast. The interesting thing is due to their massive audience 29,000 is not even 1% of their audience. I bring this up not to depress you, but so we can all move forward making informed decisions.

Eric Nuzum

Eric Nuzum is the cofounder of Magnificent Noise and creator of iconic podcasts. Over the past 14 years, he has made podcasts that routinely top the charts, appear in yearly “best of” lists, win awards, and generate hundreds of millions of downloads. He started NPR’s podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained that effort’s chief creative and strategic force for the following decade, leading NPR to become the largest distributor of podcasts in the world. Eric developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, and continued that record of success during his tenure as Audible’s leader for short-form content and podcasting. In 2019, he co-founded Magnificent Noise, a podcast production and creative consulting company based in New York City. Eric’s book on audio and podcast creation, titled Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling.

Today we talk to Eric and talk about

03:56 Eric Nuzum Interview
15:39 How do you estimate the size of an audience
18:08 The 10 Word Challenge
25:57 How do Indies Compete with NPR?
29:32 Fixing a Flat Stats Issue
31:23 Lessons from Taylor Swift
33:22 The History of Podcasting

Mentioned in this Episode

Start your podcast at the School of Podcasting

The RIGHT Podcast Gear Free Webinar

Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling

Magnficant Noise

More About Eric Nuzum

Feb 03, 2020
Doing Something Different

Every month we have a "question of the month" and this month it's what are you going to do differently in 2020 with your podcast?

Because of My Podcast

Lee from the Covert Nerd podcast was trying to speak at a panel. He was sensing a little pushback until he mentioned he had a podcast ( and got the speaking gig). He also got some "street cred" from his kids who were impressed the "old guy" was doing something so hip as a podcast. 

What Are You Going to Different?

As 2020 is upon us what are you going to try? 

Thanks for 

The Author inside you

Talk about Talk Podcast

Radiant Fire Podcast

Gather Geeks Podcast

Repurpose Your Career

Uncommon Life

Kids Health 101

Brew Roots Podcast

Games From Folk Tales

What is Stopping You From Starting Your Podcast?

Nobody wants my opinion








Question of the Month

How did you overcome thinking "Nobody would listen to me" thinking or worrying about negative feedback?

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Glow Follow Up

Some of my audience had issues (but to their credit they fixed any issues. In the end, I had 1.06% of my audience went to

So this is why I say some people get UP TO 3% of their audience engaging with their content. 

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Table of Contents

00:01:19 Because of My Podcast
00:03:22 What are you going to do differently in 2020
00:04:33 Author Inside You
00:05:25 Talk about Talk
00:06:56 Radio Fire Radio
00:10:04 Gather Geeks Podcast
00:11:28 Repurpose Your Career Podcast
00:14:53 Uncommon Life
00:15:53 Kids Health !01
00:17:02 Brew Roots Podcasts
00:18:47 Games From Folk Tales
00:22:41 What is Stopping You From Starting a Podcast
00:31:06 Feb. Question of the Month
00:32:42 Where I Will Be
00:33:46 Glow .FM Follow Up
00:40:30 Bloopers

Jan 27, 2020 an EASY Way to Accept Money From Your Audience


00:00:58 Slow Down When You Talk About Yourself
00:03:08 Podcast Magazine
00:08:50 Interview
00:31:38 Fun with Math
00:42:28 Question of the Month
00:43:26 Podcasting Events

Different Ways of Accepting Money From Your Podcast

Today I talk with Amira Valliani the CEO of

If you can make it EASY for your audience to give you money in either a one time, monthly, or yearly format. You can provide suggested amounts but they can change it (if you let them). The key is you want to make it easy for people to sign up. The easier it is to give you money, the less value that needs to be present.
This is a website and app that allows you to create tiers of support. Think of it as a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter that keeps on going. You can also upload audio directly to Patreon and provide a private RSS feed for the use. If they cancel their subscription they lose access. Patreon 8% for their pro plan (does not include processing fees which are typically around 3%). This means the podcaster keeps 89%.
This is a website and custom app where you can have public and private information. You can set your podcast to have the latest (X amount) of episodes for free and then the older episodes you need to pay to hear. This is a "Set it and forget it" system. The podcaster keeps 70-80% based on the number of members you have.
For those who just want to accept donations/payments (one time, monthly, or yearly) you only pay the processing fees (as they use stripe that would be 2.9% + 30¢). If you want to have bonus content or private content, they charge .55 per user. If someone pays you $2 that means you keep 73%. Keep in mind the more people pay, the higher the percentage. For example, if someone pays $5 a month that means you keep 89%

Never Forget the Rule of 3%

While it would be great to get 50% or 30% or even 10% of your audience, most people find that 3% is based in reality with 5% being a really good example.

How is Glow Different?

There are tools like Paypal that allow you to make branded landing pages see or$schoolofpodcasting With the you need to download an app and create an account. With Paypal you need to provide an email address to pay with a credit card (you can pay without having a paypal account). They all seem to take the same 3%.

With Glow after you pay a podcast it will ask you if you want to complete your setup (optional), but if you continue you choose a password and now you have a account. I could be missing something, but I'm not seeing a ton of difference except gives you a little more control over your brand (although I wish companies would tell you what size of the image to use instead of letting up guess).

Premium Plans

If you have a listener pay you $5/month you would

Keep $4.30 with (5 - (.55+.15))

Keep $4.45 with Patreon (5 - (.4+.15)

In doing the math, you don't make more money selling bonus/private content until you charge $13/month. In that instance, you would keep $11.36 with Glow, and $11.28 with Patreon.

Also, keep in mind with Patreon you can upload audio (and get ZERO stats on downloads). With you can use most media hosts to provide private feed for your bonus content.

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Podcast Magazine Launching in January

I will be appearing in the inaugural edition of Podcast Magazine. In having some email back and forth with Editor in Chief Seve Olsher he said there are three reasons for starting this magazine.

1) We are passionate about podcasting and want to do our part to support its growth.

Podcasting has, we believe, reached an important tipping point for either attaining critical mass or returning to its roots as a compelling tool for hobbyists. We are unabashedly committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that podcasting’s current status reflects its embryonic stages rather than the maturation of the medium.

2) We strive to serve podcast FANS, taking them ‘Beyond The Microphone’ and into the lives of today’s leading podcasters and the shows they love.

While there are several publications that do a wonderful job of covering podcasters and the industry at large, their focus is not on serving listeners. Our goal is to create the preeminent lifestyle publication that veraciously serves podcast fans while exploring the ever-evolving world of its culture.

3) And perhaps most importantly, we are committed to leveling the playing field for ALL podcasters.

As a podcaster since 2009 when we launched our first episode of Reinvention Radio, and continuing with Beyond 8 Figures (and, soon, the Podcast Magazine Podcast, of course!), I have witnessed firsthand the challenges of being a “mere mortal” without a huge platform who is unable to break onto the charts simply by “bouncing” existing fans and followers toward one’s new podcast.

Breaking into the ascending spiral of Apple’s, Spotify’s, or Stitcher’s (to name a few) charts is incredibly difficult. Podcasts that are popular rank in the charts; new listeners find these shows because they’re visible and subsequently download, rate, review, and subscribe to them. As a result, these podcasts continue their popularity ascent, making it nearly impossible for other shows to be discovered.

To aid in addressing this issue, each month, the 19 Podcast Magazine Category Directors highlight an “Under The Radar” show that podcast fans likely haven’t heard of, but should be listening to; select a personal favorite for “Off The Charts”, which showcases Podcast Magazine’s Top Podcast Picks of the Month, and…

Each month we release the industry’s only fan-driven chart:

Podcast Magazine’s Hot 50!

To make this happen, we need to hear from YOU.

What are YOUR favorite podcasts? What shows can’t you get enough of? What podcasts do you feel should receive more recognition?

You will be able to leave your input coming soon.

Each month, we’ll tally the results, and a new Podcast Magazine Hot 50 chart will be released. Will some of the more popular shows appear on our charts? Odds are, they will.

However, we also have strong confidence that a significant number of podcasts that aren’t among the current “usual suspects” will make it onto the Hot 50. And we very much look forward to introducing you to them.

In today’s divisive times, it is easier than ever to be a critic… and hard to be a creator.

Those who have the audacity to podcast are creators, and we will do everything we can to support them.

Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm and accompanying us on this journey.

Steve Olsher

For more information see

Slow Down When Talking About Your Podcast

On the latest version of the Podcast Review Show, we reviewed a podcast that spoke at a very fast rate when discussing those items that were repeated every episode. The problem is new listeners can't understand what you are saying it. You can get your show reviewed at

Podcasting Events This Week

1/20 Northeast Ohio Podcast Meetup

1/21 California Podcast Association – Oakland, California

1/22-25 Brooklyn Podcast Festival

1/23 Atlanta, "LIVE On-Stage Podcast Event with Audience and Networking"

1/24 The Voices of Dentistry -Scottsdale Arizona

1/24 Mass Media Podcast Online Event

1/24  Outlier Podcast Festival - Salt Lake City

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February 8th
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February 12-15th
Podcast Movement Evolutions
Los Angelas, Ca

February 21-22
Spark Christian Podcast Conference
Houston, TX

March 6-8
Podfest Multimedia Expo
Orlando, Fl

June 12-13
Utah Podcast Summit
Sandy, Utah

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Jan 20, 2020
What Makes This Podcast Great? Marc Maron Edition

Today we talk about creating great content that people will share, and take a slightly deeper dive into the topic by looking at WTF by Marc Maron.

When I reverse engineered the content I consumed, I noticed that no matter if its a book, magazine, TV show, or movie, whatever I'm consuming:

Made me laugh

Made me cry

Made me think

Made groan

Educated me

Entertained me.

Ingredients in a Good Podcast

When I look at other elements that make a good podcast they:

Allow you to see the vulnerable side of the host or guest.

Have a  host with great listening skills.

Include "Behind the Scenes" information that you can get anyplace else.

Include great follow up questions that reflect what the listener would ask.

Know your audience.

Create a focus group of listeners who will provide honest feedback.

The courage to say things that will draw them closer to their target while separating them from some.

Make me wonder what is going to happen next?

Table of Contents for Episode 705

00:00:45.775 Boston Reflections
00:02:23.525 Because of My Podcast
00:07:29.325 If You Content Is Shunned By the Media
00:15:35.900 Question of the Month
00:16:09.500 What Made This Episode Good?
00:25:49.150 Being Vulnerable
00:29:20.175 Adding A Tease
00:29:59.475 Sharing Stories
00:31:16.225 What Was That Like?
00:32:50.800 Raw Emotion is Moving
00:34:43.875 A Great First Question
00:37:20.550 Technology Issues
00:38:28.850 Why Did They Leave it In?
00:39:17.700 Podcasting Boost Your Confidence
00:39:57.783 Great Follow Up Questions
00:40:49.291 Know Your Guest - Know The Show
00:44:33.712 Bloopers

Because Of My Podcast: Fred Castenada

Fred from the Podcast Reporter podcast heard about with a military background and podcast and reached out. Because Fred has a podcast they've connected and found out they both served in the 82nd airborne.

Question Of the Month

What do you feel is stopping you from starting your podcast?

What are you going to do differently this year and why?
I need the answers in by January 24th, 2020.

Go to to leave your answer.

Mentioned In this Episode

Join the School of Podcasting

Erik K. Johnson's episode on creating a good tease.

Robbie Samuels On the Schmooze Podcast ( great first question)

Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. The episode with BRAD PITT & LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Ed Sullivan's Sonic Cupcake Audio Editing

The Cigar Authority Podcast. Which Dave uses to promote 2 Guys Cigars

Check out the Studio 21 Cafe where they record the podcast. AMAZING

Jan 13, 2020
Podcast Launch Reality Check

Every January I get people who want to start a podcast and I am glad to help them, but there are some people who have absolutely unrealistic expectations. Today I want to talk about what to expect. 

Every podcaster starts with the same two things: 

A) No audience

B) Integrity

I Can't Make the Podcast Filled with Lies

00:00:19.728 Podcast Piggy Bank

Can You Answer the Question?

00:02:52.782 The Scariest Podcast Question
00:04:51.045 Who Are You Talking To?
00:06:47.223 Targeting Your Audience

How Many Download Should I Expect When I launch?

I asked many different groups of podcasters and asked them how many downloads did they get for their first episode after one week. It wasn't 1000, or 500. It wasn't 100 or even 50. From what I've seen and heard very few people I talked to got more than twenty downloads to their first podcast after the first week. While you typically measure a podcast episode after a month of downloads, I wanted to let people know what to expect after a week.

00:09:58.450 How many downloads to episode 1?

How Can I Make the Most While Working the least?

00:12:53.681 First of the year problems
00:15:22.916 How long does it take to be profitable?
00:17:18.811 Why Businesses Fail
00:18:27.966 Do any businesses succeed?

If All You Can Aford is Free - You Have Other Issues That Need Your Attention

00:21:48.925 If Free is the Only Option - Then Pause is the Solution

Because of My Podcast

00:28:47.815 Paul explains how he got to meet one of his podcasting heroes. 

January Question of the Month

00:32:12.381 This month we have two versions of the question. If you don't have a podcast, what is holding you back? If you DO have a podcast, what do you plan on doing differently in 2020? Go to 

I need your answers by 1/24/20.

Where I Will Be


January 11th
National Speakers Association 
Waltham, MA

Ready to Get Your Message Out There?

I'm ready to help you and look forward to working with you. Go to

Mentioned in This Episode

Make Noise: A Creator's Guide To Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling

How long does it take to make money

Another example of how long it takes

Beyond Powerful Radio: Valerie Geller

Jan 06, 2020
My Favorite Podcast ( 2019 Edition)

Every year I ask my audience:

1. What is their favorite podcast

2. Why is it their favorite? 

I also want to know about their podcast if they have one, and where we can find these shows. 

Time Table:

This episode has been created with chapters. Your app may skip to the next chapter by clicking the right arrow button.

00:01:13 Focusrite Scarlet Interfaces
00:05:00 Emily Prokop
00:07:23 Scott Johnson
00:10:59 Randy Cantrell
00:12:23 Joan Wheeler
00:14:00 Arnie Chapman
00:15:52 Clayton Allen
00:18:06 Charles McFall
00:20:57 Ed Sullivan
00:22:00 Chris Curran
00:23:43 Clay Groves
00:25:31 Donald Winn
00:27:21 Fred Castenda
00:28:58 Terry Nords
00:32:13 Daniel J Lewis
00:35:57 Kim Kracji
00:38:47 Wayne Henderson
00:42:13 Jennifer Longworth
00:43:28 Jason Bryant
00:46:39 The Rafferties
00:47:55 Seth
00:50:25 York
00:51:38 Shane Whaley
00:53:33 Veronica Hugger
00:54:52 Steve Stewart
00:57:01 Timothy Brien
00:58:20 Troy Price
01:00:04 Dave Jackson's Favorite
01:01:50 Where am I going?
01:02:43 January Question of the Month
01:04:14 Bloopers
01:05:20 Easter Egg

Full links at

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Dec 30, 2019
Is it Too Late To Start a Podcast?

01:39 Because of My Podcast
06:33 Focusrite Scarlet USB Interfaces
08:35 Is it Too Late To Start a Podcast?
24:16 Great Podcasts Lead to Binge Listening
26:08 Question of the Month
28:09 Hindenburg Chapters Trick
30:45 The Importance of File Management
38:59 Bloopers

Full show notes at

Sponsor: Focusrite

Ready to Podcast?

Dec 23, 2019
Different Is Better Than Better

Today I take a lesson from my nine-year-old niece who goes crazy about a Christmas toy that makes absolutely no sense at all.

I also have a great conversation with Cole River of Podchaser to explain what it is, where it's going and how you can use it in your podcasting effort. See the School of Podcasting at

Here is my profile on Podchaser

Table of Contents:

00:01:11.850 Question of the Month
00:02:19.600 Focusrite USB Interfaces
00:04:13.957 Different is Better Than Better
00:13:13.993 Cole Raven From
00:35:01.521 How I Might Use Podchaser
00:36:56.585 Apple Podcasts Now on Alexa
00:41:09.000 Blooper

Mentioned in this Show

Sally Hogshead author of the book Fascinate

Your Podcast Consultant Podcast

Squdcast for Recording Interviews

Ready to Start and Grow Your Podcast?

Dec 16, 2019
Fifty Four Podcast Questions in Twenty Six Minutes - Episode 700

Today I spend a small amount of time remember the past 700 episodes. Then I launch into a "Lightning Round" if you're a new podcaster or seasoned veterans you should get something out of this show. 

Full show notes at

Dec 09, 2019
How Clay Groves the Fish Nerd Reeled in a Radio Job

Clay Groves is one of the nicest guys on the planet. I always smile when I see him at an event. I know I'm going to be smiling and laughing soon. He is the host of Fish Nerds, and over the years when I saw him in person he would tell me a "Because of My podcast" Story and when I heard his last one, I said, "I need to have you come on the show and share these stories.

In today's interview you will hear:

6:44 Clay sold some of these stories

12:11 Clay has been paid to speak

14:59 His relationships have lead to more and more opportunities

16:09 Clay launches a business doing fishing tours

20:28 What equipment does Clay use to record on a boat?

22:51 Clay builds a path to radio

28:54 Clay gets the call

39:20 Clay quits his day job.

43:24 Clay's 12-Year-old daughter is podcasting

Podcasting is Like Fishing


Question of the Month for December

I do this every year. Please record your response and include the following:

Your name and the name of your podcast
Your website where we can find your podcast
A brief synopsis of what your podcast is about (who it's for, and what to expect)
What is your favorite podcast from 2019?
Why is it your favorite?
What is the website of this podcast?
I need the answers in by December 27th, 2019 so it can be heard on December 30th.

Go to (I really need these in audio format)

Mentioned In This Episode

Fish Nerds Podcast

Clays Equipment:

Zoom H4n

ATR 2100 Microphone

93.5 WMVW

National Podcast Publishing Month

Join the School of Podcasting

Go to and get access to the courses, group coaching, and private network. Put your worries about getting the wrong equipment, sounding stupid, and shaping your show behind you. Join worry-free with a 30 day money-back guarantee

Dec 02, 2019
Tools To Clean Up Bad Audio

Today we are talking about Plugins. Plugins are things you add to your audio editing software to make it better, more efficient, etc. The best way to avoid buying these (or using these) is to record good audio in the first place. That is not always an option (especially with interview shows with guests) so there is a company that has a bundle on sale 72% off and I put it through some tests. Please note this is an affiliate link (but also note - some of these are not great). 

For videos and more information see

Videos and more at

Question of the Month


What is bugging you?

Brandy Henry from engaging on social media with Brandy Henry

Karrie Bond from the Keywest Perspective Podcast 

Jason Sacco from The Ankylosing Spondylitis Podcast

Libsyn and Spotify Changes

Spotify no longers makes a copy of your file and puts it on their website (they serve it directly from Libsyn). This makes it much easier to replace a file. This also means your stats are going to shift in the Libsyn dashboard. Instead of being in a separate section, the Spotify stats will go under the "normal" Libsyn stats (so don't panic). 

Question of the Month for December

I do this every year. Please record your response and include the following:

  1. Your name and the name of your podcast
  2. Your website where we can find your podcast
  3. A brief synopsis of what your podcast is about (who its for, and what to expect)
  4. What is your favorite podcast from 2019?
  5. Why is it your favorite?
  6. What is the website of this podcast? 

I need the answers in by December 27th, 2019 so it can be heard on December 30th. 

Mentioned In This Episode

First Things First (Book by Steven Covey) 

The Stephen R. Covey Interactive Reader - 4 Books in 1 (includes audio and video)

Audphonic Levelizing and Noise Removal Tool

Start Your Podcast - Grow Your Influence (and numbers)

Join the School of Podcasting and quit worrying about buying the right equipment, sounding stupid, unprofessional, etc. We take you from idea to influencer and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Nov 25, 2019
Behind the Scenes of Podcast Advertising

So many people jump to podcast advertising when they think of making money with their podcast. This may be partially due to listening to the radio which makes its money via advertising.

About Heather Osgood

She started her career in advertising sales and quickly learned the valuable lessons in what it meant to be a business owner. Additionally, she has served as a business coach to hundreds of small business owners. With a background in radio advertising and a love for podcasting, Heather was in a unique position to start an agency that could help both advertisers get better results as well as assist podcasters in finding sponsors. She founded True Native Media in January of 2016 with the hopes of helping everyone find a bigger piece of that advertising pie, and acquired j/k media agency in the fall of 2017 to further those goals.

Check out the Market Success with Podcast Advertising show.

Podcast Advertising Insights

In this episode with Heather Osgood we learn:

  • What expectations both the podcaster and advertiser should have in place.
  • How many downloads advertisers are looking for in a podcast.
  • The best stat to measure your podcast in regards to advertising.
  • What the current CPM rates are.
  • The different types of advertising.
  • How long you should run an advertisement
  • Why dynamic ad insertion may be a way to get enough downloads to meet the advertiser download requirements.

Key Points

Going forward it may be more important when someone listens instead of when the show was published (especially for evergreen content).

If you use programmatic advertising (which pays from what I've calculated .0017 cents per download) why would an advertiser agree to pay more when they know you will accept less?

Check out the Market Success with Podcast Advertising

[click_to_tweet tweet="Everything you wanted to know about podcast advertising" quote=" Everything you wanted to know about podcast advertising" theme="style3"]

Mentioned in This Podcast

Spark Christian Podcast Conference February 21-20, 2020 Houston Texas

Podcast Movement Evolutions February 12-15, 2020 Los Angelas, Ca

Book Me to Speak at Your Event. I'd love to hear from you

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Nov 18, 2019
Where Should I List My Podcast?

In the same way that kids on Halloween want candy, podcasters want downloads. How much? MORE is the only answer. 

Should your list your show in (insert directory name)? Well, will it help you potentially grow your audience? Then the answer is yes. Yes, Stitcher and Luminary both run ads in between your episodes (and you get none of that revenue), but for me the potential of more listeners outweighs it. Luminary has also burned through 100 million and has received another 30 million to burn through. 

Links Mentioned In This Episode

Social Subscribe and Follow Plugin


Text Expander

Karen Jackson A long look Slow Art

Your Podcast Consultant

School of Podcasting

Podcasting Resources

More Information

There are tutorials, videos, and links to directories at

Nov 11, 2019
8 Tools to Help You Generate Ideas For Your Podcast

How do I come up with an idea for episodes? This show just celebrated 14 years in podcasting, and I would be lying if I said it was easy to come up with ideas for an episode every week. I will say this. There are some episodes that I feel are great, and I get no feedback on, and others that I feel I took out of the oven a little early and maybe were not quite ready to go to the public, and I get tons of feedback. I've also had a few shows that finding new ideas for episodes took all the fun out of doing the podcast, and so I shut the showdown.

Think Twice When Setting Your Schedule

I always advise my clients to record a few episodes so they can make an educated decision. Once you see how long it takes to create an episode you can look at your current obligations and schedule and figure out where you are going to squeeze in your podcast. While you don't have to have a consistent schedule, I feel it really helps. Why? Because when you release on a predictable schedule, you become part of their routine.

How To Never Run Out of Ideas For Your Episode

You know I have to start with value. I can put out episodes every day and not have a problem if I don't care about delivering value. However, I deeply care about delivering value so it can be a struggle. Here are some ideas:

Facebook Groups

If there are Facebook groups around your genre, you can join these and just listen. By seeing what people are talking about you can create content that you know will resonate with your audience. How do you do this? Go to and in the search bar at the top of the Facebook screen type in whatever your show is about and see if there are any Facebook groups.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool where you put in a topic, it scours the web, and emails you links to stories with that word or phrase. It's not a bad idea to setup an alert for the name of your show so you can track if anyone is talking about you, or infringing on your trademark.

Subscribe to Blogs on Your Topic

You can use a tool like Feedly or InoReader so you can login to one place and see what is happening in your space.

Following Conversations on Twitter

Using Tweet Deck you can do a search for a topic and then take that search and add it as a column of information.

Consuming More Content

If you use Chrome there is an extension creatively named "Video Speed Controller" that allows you to watch videos faster.

New Releases on Amazon

You can go to Amazon and look at new releases in your category and then have that information sent to you in an RSS feed. (which you can use in Feedly or inoreader).

Search Engine Keyword/Idea Suggestion

Ubdersuggest is a free tool that has TONS of used, but it does have a Content Ideas tool where you enter a subject and it will spit out ideas, and show you how popular they are. Answer the Public is a very creative tool that you type in a subject and it gives you a list of questions that people may be searching for (that you can export as a CSV file). Both these tools are free.

What is Popular on YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine. You may have heard of it. With this in mind, you can search for your topic at YouTube. Find a channel that primarily covers your topic and then click on videos, and on the right-hand side click on Sort by > Most Popular. 

If you do this on my channel you will see my top videos are

How to record Skype the easy way Review Watch Before Using

Why you should NOT use Soundcloud as a media host

What is a podcast? Understanding the mechanics of podcasting.

The idea here is not to steal someone's content. The idea is to see what is popular and then see if you have an opinion, insight, or story about that topic. Maybe there are a couple of topics you could combine to create a new look on an old subject.

Resources For Interviews

Check out the Guest Booking resources at

What if Someone Else Has Already Talked About This Subject?

There are times when you may notice that your "competition" may have talked about a subject you want to talk about. Go ahead and talk about it here is why:

  • In the USA every night there are at a bare minimum of six different stations reporting on politics. People want to hear what YOU think about something.
  • You are assuming people listen to BOTH you and your "competition (and that may not be the case).

November Podcasting Events


For links and information see

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Nov 04, 2019
The Biggest Regret From Starting a Podcast

We har about the benefits of podcasting on this show, and I attempt to get people to start their podcast and often ask, "What is the worst thing that could happen?" I wanted to hear what was the worst thing that happened to you by starting a podcast, what was the biggest regret?

The Positive Side of Podcasting

Here are some of the things people have reported happening "Because of my podcast:"

I was able to get a dream trip to a Lambo field and watch my beloved Green Bay packers
I improved my conversational skills
I was asked to write a book
People went to an event to meet me
My face is on the cover of a comic book
I raced in the Baja 1000
I got free bottles of wine
I got a job
I now work in media communications for the Federal Government
I get to chat with my brothers on a weekly basis
I get passes to the college world series
They sent a Maserati to pick me up
I've got to meet people I have no business meeting
I have a new purpose in life
I have more customers

Biggest Podcast Regrets:

People have gone from obsessing over starting their podcast to obsessing over the next episode(s).

Dan from Podcasters Kit

Clay from Fish Nerds

Craig from Ingles Podcast is considering the time it takes to create a podcast

Jonathon from Weekly Awesome is concerned about the time it takes to create episodes.

Doug Payton from Consider This! podcast had some negative comments and a weird situation where someone sent an unpaid pizza to his house (spooky)

One person is regretful about not remember the names and faces of people they meet.

Question of the Month for November

In honor of my first CEO that I ever worked for ( Richard Jusseaume ) who would tack on the question, "What's bugging you?" on to the employee survey, I ask you, "What's bugging you?" Leave your answer at

Mentioned In This Podcast

Focus is more important than microphones

Podcast Review Show

Next Week:

8 Tools to Help You Generate Ideas For Your Podcast. Subscribe to the show and get access as soon as the episodes is available.

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Oct 28, 2019
Building Your Own Value Pyramid

Today we are going to take the phrase "Value Proposition" which is typically used in business and apply it to podcast. In the past few months, I've attended a fair amount of conferences and I ask people about their podcast. In most cases, people explain their show and I can see if I want to listen or not (or decide if I'm their target audience). I want to identify what people feel is valuable, and then help you shape that into your message. I learned about some of this in Tim Schmoyer's Video Creators course. The one that caught my eye was the Value Pyramid.

The Things That You Should Ensure You Are Doing Before Pressing Record On Your Podcast

I always say if you are not going to make your audience :

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Think
  • Groan

If you are not educating or entertaining them, then don't press record. There is no value. The value pyramid from Harvard Research takes it even deeper.

What is Value?

Value is when the benefit of consuming your content is worth the time and effort it takes to consume it.

This is Why It Needs to be EASY to Consume Your Content

If you make someone dig for your play button, or only put a subscribe button for Apple Podcasts and completely ignore the Android side of life, the android users are likely to say "Never mind" and give up trying to get your content on your phone. This always means that if you make it easy to consume your content, they might give you a "pass" with your content if they didn't have to dig to get the content.

Functional Value

Do you help your audience by making things easier? Do you save them time? Do you save them money? Does it provide a way for people to connect?

Emotional Value

How does your podcast make people feel? Does your podcast reduce anxiety? Do you reward your audience? Does the design tweak their emotions? Does it boost their wellness? Is there a badge people could wear to show their loyalty?

Life-Changing Value

These values promise a personal transformation of some kind. If you can provide life-changing value, your audience will LOVE your show. If you have a community where they can belong. Can you make them feel like they've achieved a goal? Can you motivate them? Can you provide hope?

Social Impact Value

Are you impacting more than your audience?

How Do You Tell People You Deliver Value?

A value proposition explains how your audience benefits from your show.

It may point out who your audience is.

Why you are a better fit than other podcasts.

How your podcast will help solve your audience's issues.

Different Pieces of a Value Proposition

Have a short but powerful headline that helps summarize a key aspect of your UVP (in less than 10 words).
Have a supporting sub-headline or short paragraph to help explain or clarify your UVP.
Have a short bulleted list of the benefits/advantages of using your product/service, with supporting visual imagery (for example, icons, badges, or a hero shot).
Show all of the elements above the page fold (the area that visitors can see initially without having to scroll).

Make It "No Thinking Involved" Clear

In one article it mentions how you need to make it CLEAR to the person hearing or reading it. Here are some examples:

Stripe: “Web and mobile payments, built for developers
Lyft: “Rides in Minutes”
Zapier: “Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows”

By looking at this, I understand what each company does.

Here are some more:

Stripe: “Web and mobile payments, built for developers”
Lyft: “Rides in Minutes”
Target: “Expect More, Pay Less”
Skillshare: “Learn a New Skill Each Day”
Evernote: “Remember Everything”
Zapier: “Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows”
Bitly - shorten, share, measure.
Spotify: “Music for Everyone”

What Value Do YOU Bring

Why should your ideal listener listen to YOU.

What do you do differently than other podcasts on your topic?

Not So Good Value Propositions

Epson says, “Where there’s business, there’s Epson.” - Very generic

HP says, “HP: everywhere you do business.” - Very generic

Time Warner Cable says, "Enjoy Better." - Vague.

Burger King: Be Your Way - Confusing.

This is an example of what some like to call blandvertising. It could mean anything, and sometimes its just keywords that are thrown together.

Confusing Podcasts

I looked in Apple podcasts to see if there were any shows that were confusing to me. Here is one I found:

the salvaged soul podcast: This podcast is a place for all things REAL. I want to help you live your best life by being true to yourself. I will share all the ups and downs of business, marriage, family and friends! The good, the bad, the ugly. The real way to reach happiness and financial freedom!

It Always Comes Back to Knowing Who Your Audience Is

When you know who your audience is, and what their pain points are you eliminate competition as fewer people will be doing what you do.

You want to use their verbiage so its easier to connect with them. In an Apple review, someone put "The best information and experience to learn the right way to podcast from the heart of a teacher" about this podcast. Look for phrases and points that you can use to help explain your value.

She Podcasts Live Revisited

34:44 Jaye From The Pot Stirrer Podcast shares her insights from attending She Podcasts Live

Question of the Month

I have a "Because of my podcast" segment that points out the benefits of podcasting. Do you have any negative side effects of podcasting for you? Be sure to mention your show and website when you go to

I need the answers by 10/25/19.

Mentioned in This Episode

Video Creators

My Stuttering Life

More on Value Propositions

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Oct 21, 2019
The Magic of Podcasting - She Podcasts Live 2019

I'm back from She Podcasts Live 2019 with some insights from an all women's podcast conference. It was great fun, great conversations and LOTS of laughs. Elise and Jess put on a great event, and everyone walked out with lots of actionable items to put into their podcast.

1:57 Because of My Podcast Jonathan Bloom from Weekly Awesome

3:00 Listeners WILL BINGE YOUR SHOW with Kimberly Sumpter from Sistahs Connect

5:41 You are NOT alone - with Jason from

7:59 Because of THIS podcast

11:54 Your Voice Can Make a Difference

16:41 Speakup Story Telling Podcast with Matthew Dicks  - Women need to speak up

19:51 She Podcasts Live was Safe for Women

27:05 NaPodPoMo - 30 podcasts in 30 days

32:25 question of the Month (answer here )

33:11 Book Update

33:47 DC Podfest - use the coupon code DJPALS


35:52 My favorite quote from She Podcasts Live

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Oct 15, 2019
Homework For Life - Storyworthy is a Book I Couldn't Stop Reading

I have added a new book to my "Must Read" list if you are a podcaster. The first one was Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. Why? Because he talks about making WOW content. My second must-read book is Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money by Patt Flynn. Why? Because it talks about making sure your product (or in this case a podcast) is going to connect with your audience. My now third must-read book is Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life Through the Power of Storytelling This seems somewhat obvious, but someone who is good at storytelling wrote a book that was hard to put down. That's like saying I couldn't stop eating cupcakes from the top cupcake baking chef. It's a book I want to read over and over until the skills in the book are as natural to me as breathing.


Full Show notes at

Oct 07, 2019
Help My Podcast is Stuck and Not Growing

Should I Even Start a Podcast?

Yes, and here is why. Americans spend over 60 billion dollars a year on diet books. Now you might say that is why people write books because people buy books - because each year more and more people are getting fat. How many people move to Los Angelas to become an actor or actress or to Nashville to be Musicians. You have your talent. You have your goals. You have your unique insights and they aren't going to help or entertain anyone sitting on your computer.

I'll Never Be Good As....

I've spoken about impostor syndrome in the past. Today I'm going to talk a bit about Tom Brady who some consider being the best Quarterback of all time in American football. Tom Brady decided to pursue football in college (he was good in multiple sports, but LOVED football). He went to Michigan in 1999. He didn't look at the top quarterbacks in 1999 and say, "I'll never be as good as Bret Farve, Troy Aikman, or Steve Young. Instead, he pursued football and used those quarterbacks as inspiration.

You may not be as good as someone, you may actually be better - because you can learn from their history.

When Your Podcast Is Stuck

Today we are going to talk about getting your show unstuck. Here is a typical podcast that I run into on a regular basis. Maybe this sounds like you:

  • Podcasting for five months
  • Averaging about 54 downloads per episode
  • Looking to grow your audience (we all area)
  • Looking to make some money with your podcast

It's hard to monetize a show with 50 downloads per episode. Many people don't realize that you're lucky if you get 5% of your audience to take action. That means three people will take action (if we round up).

Finding Motivation to Keep Going

You started your podcast cause you love your subject, and you want to talk about your subject, podcasting sounded fun, and you jumped in.

Scenario: You and your cousin love to talk about your favorite TV show. You start a weekly podcast and you talk about your favorite TV show.

Conclusion: This podcast is successful. You wanted to talk to your cousin about your favorite TV show with your cousin and you are. Now you want to earn some income. You changed your why.

Try this: Go to an episode from three months ago and measure how many downloads you got in the first week. Then measure how many downloads you received from one of your latest episodes. I did this for someone at Libsyn and his numbers were up 20%.

You Changed Your Why

Now you are stuck with a podcast about a TV show that is trying to make money. I said in my previous episode about making money with your podcast that the #1 BEST way to make money with your podcast is to have a product to sell your audience. You don't have one of those.

The second best way is through affiliate marketing. Aside from DVD's of the show, there may not be a ton of products related to the show that you can promote and earn a commission on the sale.

This leads you to crowdfunding with a  tool like Patreon. Patreon says you might get 5% (that's three people in your case) and the average donation is $7 so you might end up with $21 for the month. That should pay your monthly media hosting bill. At least your not losing money to enjoy your hobby. If you move to a platform that offers dynamic ad insertion (where you earn .0017 cents per download) you would earn an extra thirty four cents per month.

Did You Make a Mistake?

Some might say you didn't plan enough. You didn't think through your podcast enough, and I'm not sure you agree with that. You started your podcast and I run into people on a regular basis who have been planning their podcast for YEARS.

The six quarterbacks drafted before Brady combined to start 191 games and throw 246 touchdowns. Brady has won 201 games in his career — including four Super Bowls — and thrown 450 touchdowns ... and counting.

The Beatles were formed in 1960 (Harrison, Lennon, McCartney have been together since 1958). In 1962 they got a manager to make them a bit more professional, and a music producer to help shape their sound. They didn't have their famed appearance on the Ed Sullivan TV show until 1964. That means it took four to six years of practicing their craft, going through some lineup changes (Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe, Norman Chapman, Tommy Moore, and Jimmie Nicol). They were a bit like the band Spinal Tap when it came to drummers. Keep in mind that not everyone liked the Beatles Decca Records rejected the band with the comment "Guitar groups are on the way out, Mr. Epstein." So it's OK if not everyone likes you.

Who and Why?

I've talked about knowing who your audience is a lot of this website, as well as knowing your why. These are the two most important questions you need to answer. If someone had said I want to start a podcast about a TV show and I want to earn a living from it in five months I would've told them to not even bother. If they had told me five years, I would explain to that you need to come up with multiple streams of income.

I would also point out, that it is 100% OK to do a podcast as a hobby and enjoy yourself.

What Do One of a Kind People Do?

Tom Brady is a quarterback in the NFL. For my friends across the pond, forgive me as I say "Football." He is playing his 20th season this year.

Brady has played in nine Super Bowls, winning six of them, the most of any player in NFL history. Due to his numerous accomplishments, records, and accolades, he is considered by many sports analysts to be the greatest quarterback of all time. When you take the phrase Greatest Of All Time you get GOAT.

I did a deep dive into Brady (shout out to Monica Rivera for turning me on to Tom vs Time on Facebook). I was not surprised that a ton of his success is his attitude.

What Podcasters Can Learn From Tom Brady

He started as a child attending football camps. He has a genuine, insatiable love of the game of Football.

In high school, Brady was not good enough to start on the 0–8 JV team, which had not scored a touchdown all year.

He created highlight tapes and sent them to schools he considered attending. This led to strong interest from many football programs around the nation.

He joins the Michigan football team as their seventh quarterback. He had over 100 practices his first year not to mention the hundreds of hours of meetings to prepare him to play. He was a backup for two years. When he finally got to play in a game his pass was a 45-yard interception resulting in the other team getting a touchdown. He wasn't sure if the coach would ever put him in again.

At one point, Brady hired a sports psychologist to help him cope with frustration and anxiety and even considered transferring to California. He worked closely with assistant athletic director Greg Harden, who met with Brady every week to build his confidence and to maximize his performance on the field. This aided Tom in believing in himself.

In his first year at Michigan, he played one game with a rating of 63.7. He sought guidance on a weekly basis The next three years his rating was 137, 133, 138.

Brady was selected by the New England Patriots with the 199th overall pick in the sixth round of 2000 NFL Draft

Tom Brady realizes that there are many people that want his job, so he works year-round on his game. He realizes he is in a "What have you done for me? business."In investments, there is a line that states "Past performance does not guarantee future results. " He earns his position every day.

He cares deeply and has stated that losing super bowls is something he never forgets.

He LOVES the game. Why else with someone with an estimated $180 million dollar net worth be putting his body on the line.

He understands how to set priorities. He will say, My family is number one, and football is "One A." When its football time, he is all football. When it's family time, he is all in on his family.

He has evolved over the years and hires coaches and experts to help out. He is looking for any kind of improvement, even if it's only a one percent improvement.

The six quarterbacks drafted before Brady combined to start 191 games and throw 246 touchdowns. Brady has won 201 games in his career — including four Super Bowls — and thrown 450 touchdowns ... and counting.

Another saying from Brady is staying hungry- stay humble. He often gives back to the community.

Getting Your Podcast Unstuck

Tom Brady LOVES to evaluate his performance. He is looking for ANY way to improve his performance. You should do the same. I talked about evaluating your own show in the past. Go back to some old episodes and listen with fresh ears. I recently went back through some old email sequences and found some HORRIBLE mistakes. Go listen to your show with fresh ears.

Poll your audience. I just got a poll from the show Chapo House who is making $141,042 PER MONTH and their poll amounted to "What are we doing right, and what do you wish we would do less of." Do you have the courage to send out that survey?

If you're struggling with finding topics, then take some time and search for new blogs, youtube channels, podcasts, and other sources of information that you might want to comment on.

Take action to DO things that you can talk about first hand. Go to where your audience is and make friends and start relationships with people

Make sure your show is everywhere. I'll be talking about this on DC Podfest. I am saddened when someone signs up for the Podcast Review Show or Podcast Rodeo and I ask for a link to your show and they send a link to their episode in Apple. What if I was on android like 80% of people in Europe?

Start a Facebook group, or join a Facebook group around your topic. This may feed you with ideas, or introduce you to people you may want to interview.

What If I Change Direction?

If you change direction (and first, yes you can) you need to have the stomach for it. Why? Because not everyone is going to like your new direction and leave. Are you OK with that? You need to be because you need to realize that anyone who leaves is not your target audience. Then you need to realize that it is a bit like starting over, and it may take some time to get the attention of your target audience and get them to talk about you.

Take A Long Hard Look in the Mirror

It may be that you've run out of gas about your topic. Maybe you've said all you need to say. Very popular shows like Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Cheers, all came to an end, and eventually, all podcats will come to an end (unless you hand it off to a new host).

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Sep 30, 2019
Making the World a Better Place with Dr. Richard Shuster

Dr. Richard Shuster did spend thousands of dollars on his equipment when he started. He used what he had, and moved forward. Little did he know his podcast would stop someone from taking their own life. Richard has a clear goal and focus of the show, and it is that focus that ensures his show resonates with his audience. I can't wait for you to hear his story.

Sponsor: Focusrite


I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy use interfact that sounds great it's a great piece of equipment.

  • Scarlett, now in its 3rd Generation, is the world’s best-selling USB interface range with over 3 million units sold worldwide
  • Choose from 6 different interfaces with 1, 4, or 8 microphone inputs depending on the number of hosts and guests on your show
  • Superior sound quality makes sure you sound your best
  • Works with the recording software you’re already using
  • Works with any type of XLR microphone
  • Loopback on select units allows you to record Skype or Zoom calls directly into your recording software with no workarounds
  • New unique Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice

Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.

Dr. Richard Shuster Never Planned on This...


I want to thank Matthew Passey for turning me on to Dr. Richarh Shuster of the Daily Helping podcast who is a walking "Becuase of my Podcast story." He has a great background including:

Master’s Degree in Social Work

He's a licensed clinical psychologist

He worked at the Cleveland Clinic and assessed NFL players as part of the league’s concussion protocol

He has subspecialized training in forensic and neuropsychology and extensive experience working with physically and sexually abused children.

His mission is to make the world a better place.

His show’s growing movement strives to get a million people each day to commit acts of kindness for others and post it on their social media using #mydailyhelping®.

Check out his podcast at

Donate to his charity at

Bonus Content

34:51 Dr. Richard talks about his assessment tool is different than Myers Briggs.

What is PULSAR and how it helps with addiction?

Why he is putting people's lives over profits.

The P.O.W.E.R.S. assessment.

Check out

My Thoughts on Fincon and MICDC

35:54 I was asked to speak at Fincon and the Military Influencers Conference. Both conferences were in DC.  I had a great time and probably got more clients out of that week than I have at any other conference. Why? Because the people at Fincon had a budget to learn how to podcast (or they just hire Steve Stewart) and the Military people are disciplined, focused, and not afraid to march into areas and situations they have never been in before.

The interesting thing (and by that I mean hard) was these people having conversations I couldn't jump into. The financial people were talking Monte Carlo Simulations, and the military people had so many letters and numbers put together in ways I had never heard of I was always confused (when your A1 tried to get to the G7 before the protocol of WHAT?).

At Fincon there was a speakers dinner. Everyone I was looking at was a speaker. I got my food and moved as far away from the crowd as I could. I can talk to anybody at podcast movement about podcasting, but this was different. Then I thought, "If anyone is going to benefit from a podcast in this conference it's probably a speaker." I walked over and did my best to jump into conversations. These were nice people, and they would eventually try to pull me in, but you feel awkward just watching others talk. You feel like a kid trying to jump into a double dutch jump rope. You're looking for the best time to jump in, and you're scared you're going to trip and fall.

I say this to let you know that it's scary. I say this to let you know that it's a bit overwhelming to do something you've never done. The fear of the unknown is real. I was able to pull myself up, and I can help you to.

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Sep 23, 2019
8 Months Later Do I Still Like the Rodecaster Pro?

In a previous episode, three podcasters shared their opinion on the Rodecaster pro. We all liked it but wanted some more PRO options. Today I give you an update.

Because of My Podcast - I Got a Sponsor

Brandon/StudeeoB of the Beats to Inspire has received his first sponsor from a music-related software company.

These included

  • The ability to record separate tracks (both the computer and the SD card)
  • The ability to access the micro SD card without having to pull out the card
  • The ability to add more jingles to the jingle player
  • The ability to see how much time is left when playing a jingle (great for people talking up exit music)

I've had mine since January, and with the ability to do all the above (and more) if you want a device that will handle just about anything - this is it.

Where the Rodecaster Pro Shines

If you are having issues where your guest can't get to a computer and they want to connect via the phone (as in, well, the phone) this is the easiest way to do it).

While I would never do this, but to show off its versatility, I could have my co-host on skype via my computer. Then call the guest on the phone and everyone could hear each other. If I had a panel discussion I could connect to another person on Zoom on my tablet and again, everyone could hear themselves.

The only thing that I wish it did differently is it records a little lower than I normally would. HOWEVER, it records clean, and increasing the volume doesn't add any hiss.

Holy Cow You're an Influencer

I am very nervous today mentioning the Rodercaster Pro. Why? Because the last time I did someone with a Zoom H6 and a headphone amplifier bought one. While that setup does just about everything (minus the jingles and all the "Everyone hears everyone" features (the technical term is mix-minus). I say this because if you are doing any kind of reviews be careful and you might want to include to point out who this is a good fit (and when not to buy it)

Backpack Studio Reviews

StudeeoB shares his insights into Backpack Studio App for the iPhone that works as a jingle player, but also a full recording tool to do your podcast and upload it to your media host.

Josh Liston now uses an RE20 Microphone into an iRig Pre HD into the Backpack Studio App for iPhone/iPad

I use it as a jingle player, Josh is using it now for recording his comedy show.

Check out Josh at

Check out StudeeoB at and

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Sep 16, 2019
Here is Something Great, But First, THIS....

You have a great guest or you have a great story, and instead of getting to the thing that will inspire your audience to share your episode, you go to something else. This may be some sort of housekeeping or minor information that could easily be moved to later in the episode. You NEED to hook your listeners at the beginning of your show.

Because of My Podcast: I'm a Cover Girl


Danielle Daily from the Suddenly Single show explains how doing some creative marketing of her show caught the eye of some people who then went to her website, found her podcast, found her book Dear Self, I love you, Keep Going, and could see that Danielle had done a TEDx talk and asked her to be on the cover of her magazine.

A Very Special Guest


His name is Pete and works with Law Enforcement...

Shaping Better Podcast Questions on the Podcast Review Show

On episode 84 of the Podcast Review Show, we took a look at the Why Influence show and helped host Jeremy takes his good questions and make them better.

As people have asked me about creating questions in the past (which we did cover on the Ultimate Guide to Better Interviews) I thought I would bring some of the information from the podcast review show over here.

Podcast Review Prices are Going Up in October

If you've thought of getting your show reviewed, but had put if off the price is going up in October so move fast and go to

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Sep 09, 2019
What is the International Podcast Association?

The International Podcast Association was launched at Podcast Movement 2019. Today I talk with two members of the executive board Liz Covart of Ben Franklin's World and Glenn Hebert from the Horse Radio Network.

Because of Our Podcast - We Lost 100 lbs

Emily Prokop and John Jominzu of the Hate to Weight Podcast announced on a recent episode that together they have lost a combined weight of 100lbs. Both say the support form their private Facebook group who cheer them on when they do good, and lift them up when they have a bad week has been a determining force in their weight loss success. I love this clip for:

  • Showing the courage each week that reveals their success or failures
  • The honest tears of joy that can't be faked
  • The humble thanking of the group instead of taking credit for themselves.

Check out their show at

The International Podcast Association


We are joined by Liz and Glenn from the International Podcast Association who help explain:

  • What is it?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Who is shaping it?
  • What do they need from you?
  • What do you need from them?
  • How long will board members be active?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is their first order of business?
  • Why they chose to only use board members with no corporate ties at this point.

If you haven't already, please visit

22: 55 Why podcasters are better communicators

28:14 What about the podcast puppies?

29:42 No Question of the month in September

Podcast Review Show Prices are Going Up in October


If you want some honest feedback on every inch of your show, you need to move fast at as prices are going up in October.

Currently, you get:

  • Two on one consulting (two consultants Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting and Erik K Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach)
  • Review of your audio quality, your flow of content, your goals, your website, artwork, - everything
  • Exposure on the Podcast Review Show podcast
  • Exposure on the School of Podcasting YouTube Channel

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Sep 02, 2019
Why Do People Share Content?

Two reasons people might share things are that they are interesting and that they are useful. Emotions also play into why people share items. When you have something in common with the host it can boost the chance of us sharing the content.

Emotions such as laughter or anger. Marketing messages tend to focus on information. But many times information is not enough. They need something more. And that is where emotion
comes in. Rather than harping on features or facts, we need to focus on feelings; the underlying emotions that motivate people to action.

In the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonan Berger they mention six principles of social currency:

  1. Social Currency: How does it make people look to talk about a product or idea?
  2. Triggers: Peanut butter makes us think of jelly. If our content can harness trigger emotions, or tie into an environment.
  3. Emotion: Some emotions increate sharing and others decrease it. In some cases, negative emotions can be useful.
  4. Public: Making our ideas more public.
  5. Practical Value: If your podcast helps people, people love to be helpful and spread the word.
  6. Stories: People don't just share information and facts, they tell stories.

People prefer sharing things that make them seem entertaining rather than boring, clever rather than dumb, and hip rather than dull.

My audience member said she groups these into four categories:

  • Helpful
  • Social
  • Reciprosity
  • Ego

What Was The Last Thing You Shared and Why?

Adrea from the Talk about Talk Podcast

Steve Stewart gives some strategies of how he using sharing to grow your social media following to promote and upcoming event.

Steph Fuccio shared the Smarty Pants Podcast

New Media Show had some breaking news about Pandora

Tom Tinker Taylor Soldier Sponge Productions shared Shufflecasts cause it made him laugh

Paul from the Fighting Through Podcast (WWII) shared a photograph of the Queen Mary to his audience that had been updated to be in color.

Sarah Mikutel shared Food Heroes

Erik K John shared the School of Podcasting and the Audacity to Podcast as people wanted things a bit more technical than he was comfortable talking about.

September Question of the Month

How do you decide what's worth spending money on for your podcast? We all obviously have different budgets and needs but what's essential vs what do we aspire to have or use?

Go to

Mentioned On This Episode

Podcast Review Show (prices going up)

Aug 26, 2019
Podcast Movement 2019 Insights

I was at Podcast Movement last week. I've attended all six Podcast Movement eventss and it's been a blast to watch it grow. This year the venue was HUGE and it was weird as the number of people also grew so it was hard to tell just how much bigger it was compared to the previous year.

As always this is a class act all the way around. The checking procedure, swag, were all super professional. As a speaker, I would also say I LOVE the tool they use to track my session.

If I had one thing that I wish would change (and I say this every year) having loud, live music at a networking event doesn't work. Last year they had multiple rooms so those that wanted to dance could dance and drink. Those that wanted to drink and talk could go into another room. This year all the free beer was in the very loud room (it does seem wrong to complain about free beer).

It was a great year, and even over the loud music the networking was great, and from what I hear Tom Webster from Edison Research had one of the best/controversial sessions which showed that listeners don't seem to care if a "podcast" has an RSS feed or not.

Podcast Music Announcement

While Doug and the team at have taken a step getting sound exchange into the game, you can't play your favorite music - yet. It will take some time, but we are headed  (slowly) in the right directions.

Pandora to Pay Podcasters?

A representative fro Pandora stated that Pandora has planned on sharing revenue with Podcasters. This was said during the live taping of the New Media Show.

Question of the Month

What was the last thing you shared (that wasn't yours) and why did you share it? Be sure to mention your podcast and website. Go to

Mentioned In This Show

Join the School of Podcasting

Ask the Podcast Coach

The Average Guy Network

Podcast Rodeo Show 


Aug 19, 2019
Google Embraces Podcasting a Little Tighter

Last week an announcement from Google stated that podcast episodes will now appear in Google Search Results:

Starting today, when you’re searching for a podcast about a topic on Google, such as “podcasts about Awkwafina” or “Instant Pot recipe podcasts,” we’ll show you playable episodes in Search results alongside web pages, news, images and videos. We’ll surface these episodes based on Google’s understanding of what’s being talked about on a podcast, so you can find even more relevant information about a topic in audio form. Soon, you won’t necessarily need the term “podcast” in your search to see episodes, making podcast discovery simpler across Search.

Where Do You Think People Search More Apple of Google?

With Google adding episodes to search results we need to ask the question, where are people going to find my podcast?

According to a Jacobe media report, 70% of people find shows via word of mouth and only 11% search in an app.

Another study from Edison Research and prominent podcast producer WNYC Studios states that:

84% of WNYC Studios listeners report having recommended a podcast to a friend, while 78% overall report having recommended a podcast to a friend. And one in three WNYC Studios listeners share podcasts on social media, at 32%. Podcast listeners also report having discovered the medium in the following ways: 17% via their smartphone, 15% via public radio programming, and 13% from an article or program.

Getting a Grip on SEO

The minute I heard Google was taking podcasting more seriously, (and that the Apple search was not great) I started studying SEO. Here is my limited knowledge after a few months.

  1. Always write for humans. 
  2. You need to know where your site ranks
  3. Find some keywords that fit your audience, and your website ranks high enough to show up in search results. 
  4. Showing up for less popular keywords gets you more results in Google which can lead to higher rankings. 
  5. SEO is like Bowling or Golf, LOTS of moving pieces and trying to master it us exhausting. 

Some resources I've used:

SEO for Podcasters from Daniel J Lewis ( $199)

SEO Marketing from Juergen Berkesse of Polymash

Skillshare has two classes (and intro and advanced) by Rand Fishkin who started SEO MOZ (one of the top if not THE top sites on SEO)

Mangools is a Suite of Tools to help you determine the best keywords and track your progress (free/paid)

Ubersuggest from Neil Patel (a free tool that gives you tons of data). WPCRafter has a tutorial that walks you through it. 

Yoast SEO Plugin For Wordpress

Monster Insights Plugin For Wordpress (Google Analytics)

Because of My Podcast, I Got a Press Pass To Comicon

Seth/ZAndrex from Geekville Radio (who I just reviewed on the Podcast Rodeo Show) explains how his podcast was enough of a credential to get him a press pass to the Comicon event in Chicago. 

Check out his podcast at

For more "Because of My Podcast Stories, check out

Are You Making ANY Money With Your Podcast?

I'm working on the book "More Podcast Money" and conducting more interviews for the book. If you are making ANY money with your podcast, I'm trying to interview more podcasters to better identify strategies, and what is and is not working. If you'd like to be considered for the book please contact me

Question of the Month

What was the last thing you shared (that wasn't yours) and why did you share it? Be sure to mention your podcast and website. Go to

Aug 12, 2019
Personality, Creativity, and Diversity - Starting a Podcast With Kristen Meinzer

I was lucky enough to meet Kristen Meizner last year and the On-Air fest, and I heard her speak. I knew immediately I wanted to her come on the show. She was working on her new book So You Want to Start a Podcast: Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, and Building a Community That Will Listen (also available as an audiobook ). If you're new to audible you can get the book for free.

So You Want To Start a Podcast

When I started reading this book you might think, "Oh great, a radio person telling us how to podcast" but she even mentions in the book that we should be looking outside of radio for inspiration. We need to rev up our creativity and take advantage of the ability to make any format you want. The book is chock full of ideas to get you to think outside the box, and really fine-tune not just the first five minutes of your show but your entire show. I really liked this book a lot.

In today's interview, Kristen talks about

  • The right reason to start a podcast
  • The two questions every podcaster needs to answer
  • What she did for four months to get her format correct
  • Why movies are a topic and not a show
  • How one format idea fell flat on its face
  • You can grab the attention of a larger audience with diversity
  • How long a podcast should be
  • Her feelings toward holiday movies
  • The top thing that makes her tune out of a podcast
  • How introverts can overcome their shyness and reveal their personality
  • How she integrated a story into her podcast Buy the Book
  • Why you need to embrace feedback for your podcast
  • Working with a network
  • The importance of focus groups
  • What she feels is a good length for podcasting
  • How she uses scripts in her show
  • The importance of being yourself
  • How to go "outside the box" with an "Inspirational story" podcast
  • How a podcast is like going to a show where you don't know anyone

Contact Kristen Meinzer

Twitter: @kristenmeinzer

Instagram @k10meinzer

Buy the Book "So You Want to Start a Podcast"


Mentioned in This Episode

Buy the Book "So You Want to Start a Podcast"

Get the Book For Free on Audible

Work with Me

Work With Me

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Aug 05, 2019
Fine Tuning Your Content With Audience Surveys

I had not "take the temperature" of my audience in a while so I put together a quick survey. I use Google Forms, and did some number crunching in Excel, and made a report using Mail Merge in Microsoft word so I could easily consume the data.

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School

Be equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee.

Program Includes:
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    5. Certificate of Completion

Super Early Bird Specials Apply and prices WILL GO UP.

Check it out at

What My Audience Let Me Know


80% Male
20% Female

31-40 41%
41-50 41%
61-70 18%

How far they listen
7% Listen to at least 75%
93% listen to all of it

Do You Currently Have a Podcast?
Yes - 90%
No - 10%

Perfect Length of Podcast?
0-29 3%
30-45 59%
46-60 28%

Have you ever told a friend about the School of Podcasting?
Yes - 90%
No - 10%

What Do You Like About the Show:

  • Question of the month and your knowledge of podcasting
  • Learning the best ways to podcast
  • The up to date changes that would affect the day to day podcaster.
  • You consistently provide concise, actionable advice to help podcasters be successful.
  • Interviews with interesting podcasters  and how-to content
  • Multiple topics and specialized guests this way I can identify with other podcasters who’ve encountered the same trials & tribulations in connecting with their audience
  • I really like the real-world examples you cite of how people have made (or are making) their podcasts successful.
  • The high-quality production, how much you assuage my concerns about podcasting, identify speech patterns that drive me crazy, and overall the feeling that you're actually talking to me.
  • General updates on how and with what to create, manage, and grow your podcast and audience
  • I like your honesty and transparency most. The topics I enjoy are tips on creating content and marketing content.
  • Honest Information about growing audience and sponsors
  • I like the honesty, the fact you'll tell the truth and also aren't afraid to give your opinion. Specific sections, I like when you do anecdote, which is odd as I didn't when I first started listening. Just goes to show not to change your format.
  • The interviews, also gear talk when you have it.
  • Just listening to Dave talk with excitement about what's important to him.  I always enjoy the Because-Of-My-Podcast stories.
  • You think about the person who is just starting out and the people who have been at it a while. (so helps me learn as a newbie, but also stretches me to research other things). Love how you use sound effects. Think it captures attention well!
  • Expert interviews, and Last Five in Five (bring it back!)
  • The analogies, which helps anyone at any level understand the picture you are trying to paint (even the painting with peanut butter)
  • The interviews with industry personalities and gear/service reviews. But most of all, it's just your personality that keeps me listening.
  • Your humor,  varied topics, pace, transitions, and awesome ideas and content.
  • I love the end of episode bloopers.

What you'd Like to Change:

  • The same podcasters on all the time, how about some variety? For example, if the horse podcasting guy is on, I turn the show-off, sorry, but it's just not my thing. Other than that, I love everything else about the show!
  • Email responses seemed to shorten then stop altogether after a while. Keep emailing/engaging consistently.
  • While it doesn't bother me, I think too often you reference "old" movies, songs etc. and go with your "back in the day" quote which may not resonate with a younger audience.
  • For example, for me, I don’t need to hear all the steps of math to get to an hourly rate for $60,000 a year.  You could just tell me you did the math and give me the bottom line number.
  • Not this show, but your Rodeo - there is too much 'snide' comments. But hey, I was born British
  • I think that Podcast Rodeo Show is a disservice to your expertise and kindness. but that's another show.
  • Sometimes the sound effects get a little too morning zoo for me.
  • All the extra sound effects you’ve been adding (more in the last year or so? Maybe 6 months?). Also, I know you’re against dates on your blog posts, but I wish you had them. Context matters & if I know it’s several years old, that might impact how I approach something.
  • Sometimes there is so much repetition between this show, ask the podcast coach, podcasters round table, the feed, and new media show. I love all of them but fell a little disappointed when there’s too much overlap in topics. 
  • A lot of assumed knowledge from previous episodes or technologies or podcasting
  • I guess the only thing I worry about is I hear you on all of your other shows & know that you have a full-time job & do all of your school of podcasting stuff. I don't want you getting burned out! Take care of yourself, Dave!
  • The only thing I could think of is the occasional repetition (Anchor sucks - it's okay to NOT make money with your show - stop checking your stats)
  • Personally, I'm tired of "beginner" topics. I understand you make money helping people start, but I can imagine even a beginner would appreciate your expertise on more of the "improve" your podcast topics (which you do, but I want more of them).
  • I’m not a big fan of the easy listening/jazz music you use under your commercials. It does not command authority.
  • The occasional crass comment or innuendo is a bit annoying. I know it doesn't happen often, but when it does it makes me cringe.
  • I get that you need to share personal stuff occasionally, as we should all do, and provided it's kept in proportion then I'm fine with it. First and foremost I want you to be a teacher, not a chat show host.
  • For instance, when you did the 5 in 5 with the podcaster talking about atheism and I had to stop and pray for him and I was bummed that there are so many podcasts about people that are fallen away from the church.  So even the stuff I cringe at in your podcast, help me grow and give me a reason to pray.  I haven’t done my show in 5-6 years and yet, I still listen every week.  Keep up the zany antics and stellar content Dave
  • Not the biggest fan of most podcast intros.  I would prefer you to start talking IMMEDIATELY about the show by possibly asking a few questions...the state that we will get into it further in the show. Example: What mics should you use when walking around outside and recording?  What is the difference between condenser blah blah blah?  We will get into it today!!  I’m Dave Jackson, and I thank you for being here at the SCHOOL OF PODCASTING! Now, let's talk mics.


Pedro My Stuttering Life

Brandon from Florida Focus Podcast

Lee from We Have Cancer

Win from A Diary of Fashionista

Martha From Martha Runs the World

James from Where We Buy

Bill with the You With a Mission Podcast

Jas from Giving Up the Ghost

Steph from

Mike from Create Pod

Alex from Spirits and Lyrics

Lee from This is Rammy

Jeremy from Transmissions Podcast

Brandon from Seahawkers Podcast

Garret from Good Patron Podcast

Kelly Two Ewes Fiber Adventure

Oscar from Deep Listening

Laura from Reviews and Randomness

Scott from What was that Like Podcast

Steve Stewart Money Plan SOS

Matt from The Author Inside You

JD from Bookworm Banquet

Paul from the Fighting Through Podcast( WWII)

Tim from the Sled Dog Podcast

Lee from Covert Nerd

Darwyn from Dealing with My Grief

Steve Work Comp Pulse

Richard Grimshaw

Hershy Orenstein


Matt Simpson

Paul Capps


You need to know why you are doing a podcast, and who your audience is and what they want. If someone suggests something that doesn't' fit the audience or your goal. you need to ignore it - this show is not for them.

You can't please everyone.

Keep in mind the new listeners, and don't get bit by the "curse of knowledge" and leave them in the dark.

Your audience wants you to be honest and concise. They enjoy your personality (some followed me to other shows) so let your personality out.

Be willing to try new things if your audience wants them, and they fit your goals.

I hope you enjoyed episode 681. 

Question of the Month

What was the last thing your shared (that wasn't your content)? Why did you share it? Go to before August 23, 2019

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Jul 29, 2019
The Many Ways To Gauge Podcast Success -More Then Downloads And Money

From time to time I see people in Facebook groups announcing "Hey I got my first 1000 download episode!" or "I just got (insane amount of money)" for my podcast. When you are just starting out, or even if you've been podcasting for a while if you're just looking at downloads or dollars, the inspiration to keep going can be hard to come by. Today we are going to examine the other ways your podcast is a success.

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School

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Program Includes:
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Check it out at

Other Ways To Count Podcast Success

If your goal was to find like-minded people (cause your spouse said they would not participate in any more conversations around Batman) and you've found some people online to have the conversations you've been longing to have - your podcast is a success.

If you had no luck getting in touch with certain people - but the minute they said yes to being interviewed on your podcast - it was a success

If your goal was to be seen as an expert and someone sends you an email asking you for your opinion - your podcast is a success

If your goal was to "get the message out there" and your podcast has a number that is higher than zero - your podcast is a success.

If your goal was to get something off your chest, you want to put your thoughts out into the universe - so you don't feel so invisible - and someone hears it - you're not invisible.

Glenn the Geek has people write Christmas songs about his podcast at the 

Theracasts can be audio journals that can help you more than your audience in some cases, but they are much less expensive than therapy. Some might say you should do these in a private journal (and you can do that) but sometimes you need someone to hear you - even if its a complete stranger.

When someone in your audience chimes in on a conversation that helps you save money or time - that is a bonus to your life.

Binders Can Be a Good Thing

When I asked Uncle Google what blinders are, I see that blinder "attach to a horse's bridle or hood and prevent a horse from seeing behind and beside him." I mention this alot because its important. Comparing your show to another show is one of the worst things you can do. Blinder can stop you from looking at your past (cause there may be regrets) and they help you focus on your future. Your current value is not based on your mistakes of the past.  Keep focused on your audience and answer every email, tweet, etc and keep the conversation going (don't just answer the question).

It Might Take a Bit To Get Some Feedback

I started a show called Your Podcast Consultant ( small lessons with big value) for those who like a shorter podcast. I've been doing it for nine months, and finally just got some feedback.

The Power of Relationships

Jen Briney doest the Congressional Dish podcast that every American should be subscribed to and she recently did an episode on Suprise Medical Bills in America and did a touching tribute to a listener who died. Jen monetizes the show on the "Value for Value" model (meaning it is 100% listener supported) and Jen explains how listeners are a bit like pen pals. It really shows the kind of relationships you build online. Likewise, when I heard Jen cry on her show remembering her listener I wanted to crawl through my phone and give her a giant hug. Why? Because of the relationship, I feel I have with her as a listener.

While Jen will blow off and poke fun of herself for crying on the show, what it is - is courageous. She went 100% vulnerable on her show. This also helps build relationships with your audience.

The No Agenda Show with John C Dvorak and Adam Curry do a show they deconstruct the media. Their audience is so engaged they are doing meetups to talk about their subject(s). Their audience loves the subject to much they want to continue on the discussion. They even set up a website at and there are MANY websites maintained by their audience with the goal of helping to promote the show

Jim Collison is my cohost for Ask the Podcast Coach on Saturday mornings and host a show for his job at Gallop as well as Home Gadget Geeks. He just mentioned that he had started enjoying a cigar every now and then and he was contacted multiple times by his audience who wanted to send him their favorite cigar.

Question of the Month

This month I'm doing an audience survey (my first in YEARS) and I would love to know

1. What you like about the show

2. What you wish I'd change (I'm a big boy, be honest)

3. What would you like to hear in the future (guests, topics)

Please go to

and leave your response (there may be a prize for a random person who takes the online version AND leaves an audio version)

Last Five in Five

What were the last five podcasts you listened to?

Dan from the Thank God I'm an Atheist and the How to Heretic show

  1. God Awful Movies
  2. The Constant
  3. Scathing Atheist 
  4. Pod Save America
  5. The Allusionist

Mentioned on This Show

Dealing with My Grief

Congressional Dish

No Agenda Show

Home Gadget Geeks

Your Podcast Consultant

Todd Cochrane New Media Show

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Jul 22, 2019
School of Podcasting Audience Survey

Please go to


Thanks in advance

Jul 19, 2019
Getting Past "Depends" in Podcast Answers

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School

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Check it out at

What Do I Need To Start A Podcast?

I recently appeared at a local meetup for a group in Alabama. The question, "what do I need to start a podcast" came up. I've talked about this in the past and hit different aspects, and I'm going to try to hit all aspects in this episode.

Things Everyone Needs No Matter What

A Pop filter for your microphone. This could be a foam ball to put over the end, or a mesh shield that goes between you and the microphone. I'm a fan of the Nady SSPF-3 if you're using an ATR2100 or a Samson Q2U. If you are using something like an Electrovoice RE320 you might consider a foam shield with a shock mount or this "repop" filter only available at BSW

Your Topic

Your topic should be something that you can't help but talk about. You would be willing to talk about it for free for HOURS (cause you are). It's a topic that needs to hold the attention of your target audience and inspire them to tell a friend. It also needs to be in alignment with your goals for the podcast.

It Depends...

From there you get the most used answer in podcasting, "It depends." While this is true, you often don't get the pros and cons of your options so that is what I'm going to try to do here - make you away of your options.

What Microphone Should I Use for My Podcast?

Why it Depends:

Option 1: Traveling Podcaster

If you're going to be traveling alot and need something a little more durable, you might use the Audio Technica Atr2100 as it has a lifetime warranty.

Option 2: Stationary Podcaster

I like the sound of the SamsonQ2U a little better than the ATR2100. It doesn't have a lifetime warranty, but you're not moving it much.

Another option for the stationary podcaster on a semi-professional level is the mic I use the Electrovoice RE320

What Microphone Stand Should I Get for the Microphone?

If you are stationary (meaning you're using a room as your studio) check out the Samson MBA38 boom arm that can clamp on to a desk.

If you need to take down your gear or if you're traveling, check out the On Stage Combo Stand

Recording Co-Hosts or Interviews  What Do I Need?

Why it Depends:

If they are in the room with you

I like the Focusrite 2i2 for two people or the Focusrite 8i8 for four people. You could also purchase a Zoom H6 (and be able to record anywhere)

If you're on a budget, then see the Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD (for two people), or the UMC404HD for four people

Another option for recording up to four people in the room with you is the Rode Rodcaster pro

Shouldn't I Use a Mixer?

When it comes to mixer vs interface, a mixer allows you to adjust the audio (add bass, treble) where an interface you would do this in software later. Some people prefer interfaces as they are less confusing due to a generally smaller number of knobs.

If you want a mixer, one of the best values I feel is the Presonus AR8 USB 8 as it has up to four people, connects to your computer, AND it has a built-in recorder. If you are on a budget then you could check out Mackie PROFX8V2

Do I Need a Portable Recorder?

If you're traveling yes. My favorite is the Zoom H6 as it is super versatile. If all you need is a recording, you might check out the Zoom H1

I'm Going to Do All My Episodes on the Road

If you're traveling and only going to be recording you and a guest you might check out the Tascam DR-10X that you plug your microphone into. In this situation, you might look into the Rode Interview Microphone

My Guests/Co-hosts Are In Another Location

If you're on a budget you can use Skype and Ecam call recorder on the Mac, and Squadcast is my Favorite way of recording remote people no matter what the type of computer (you just have to use chrome).

Everyone is in the Same Room, but our guest is not...

Then you could use the Focusrite 2i2 and connect to the guest via Skype or Squadcast. If your co-host can join Squadcast as an individual (with their own computer) then make sure you and the co-host have even volume levels as you will be on the same channel.

How Much Storage Do I Need For My Media Host?

To figure out how much space you need, you need to know:

1. How often you will publish
2. How long your shows will be
3. What format

This short video tutorial helps you calculate any how much space you need

I did a podcast about different formats that explains stereo vs Mono vs 64 kbps vs 128 kbps at

For more information on file formats, go to

I've also created speadsheet that will calculate these for you.

Use the coupon code sopfree  to get a free month at

What Web Hosting Should I Use?

Here again, it depends. If all you need is a place for people to listen and subscribe to your show your media host often has a free website that will suffice.

Right now I'm a fan of Cooler Websites (My Goaddy Reseller) for many of my sites. Siteground starts at $4/month for their Wordpress hosting (which is $12/month after the first year)

Recording Podcasts on the Road

In this situation, it's best to understand the gear and what it does and then mix and match to create the system that suits you best

        • If you're traveling and only going to be recording you and a guest you might check out the Tascam DR-10X that you plug your microphone into. In this situation, you might look into the Rode Interview Microphone. This is great for the person who is trying to eliminate carrying around a lot of gear
        • If you want people on separate tracks, but don't want a ton of gear the Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit with Interface & 2 smartLav+ Microphones is great for iOs phone users.
        • The Zoom H6 is a sweet spot of not too large, and tons of versatility to record up to six people, and mix in sounds of an iPad if needed. No computer required. You would want to consider a headphone amplifier and headphones for everyone
        • The Rode Procaster is great for performing live shows and can be stored in a backpack or in one of the special cases.

Podcast Rewind: Podwrecked

I appeared on the Podwrecked show where I explained how I released an episode with a boo-boo, and what my options were to fix it. Podwrecked is about helping you and your podcast survive the ebb and flow of the podcast industry. Check it out at

Question of the Month: Audience Survey

Please go to

Then go to our Contact Page and upload your recording where you answer the questions:

  1. What do you like about this show?
  2. What do you wish I'd change?
  3. What topics would you like to see in the future?

Please submit your audio by 7/26/19

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Jul 15, 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Hosting and Guesting Podcast Interviews

I've performed over a hundred interviews, and I've been interviewed over 130 times on different podcasts. Today I wanted to make an episode to answer ALL the questions about podcast interviews. 

Free Podcast Interview Guide

There is SO MUCH information in this episode, I've combined it into a Free Interview Guide. Click Here to Get the Guide

For Full Show Notes go to

Topics Include:

3:15 Appreciating your audience

7:29 Don't get blinded by resumes

10:40 Connect the Dots

16:13 How to turn down someone who wants to be on your show

18:38 Where to find Guests

20:20 Interviewing Celebrities

21:20 The Ask

25:37 Pre-Interviews


32:11 Be Vulnerable

34:08 Tag Team Interviews

41:02 Setting Guest Expectations

44:12 Shaping the Interview Questions

46:36 The Day of the Interview

49:23 Introducing the Guest

50:36 Get them to tell stories

54:15 The NPR Formula

56:54 the Importance of Shutting Up

01:01:00 Gear for conducting interviews on the road face to face

01:06:47 Proper Mic Technique

01:07:16 Recording "in the studio"

01:08:14  Recording podcast interviews remotely

01:14:10 Controlling the Interview

01:17:25 The End of the Interview

01:18:15 Getting your guests to share your podcast

01:23:22 Editing the Interview

01:26:17 Being a guest on podcasts

01:27:13 Do the work

01:30:12 The Golden Rule Guest

If you'd like the full show notes for this episode you can get them as a PDF

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School

Be equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee.

Program Includes:
    1. LIVE Interactive Online Training
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Jul 08, 2019
Top Five Way to Make Money with your Podcast

I keep seeing statements like, "Well, I've done this podcast for 2 years and it's time to start monetizing." With this type of mindset, I can see many podcasters getting discouraged or even burned out. I played music in local bars from the age of 16 to 50. 34 years I played music, but I never fell delusional enough to think I would make the big time playing local bars in Northeast Ohio. If I wanted a career I would've had to move to a city like Los Angelas, Nashville, or anything that wasn't Akron, Ohio.

While it's commendable to commit to something for a long period, it's not the longevity that inspires people to share your episodes. It's the content. Nobody has ever said, "Hey Dave you have to listen to this show!" and when I ask why they say, "They've been podcasting since 2014!"

With that said, as I write the updated version to my book More Podcast Money, here are the ways you make money with podcasting.

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School

Be equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee.

Program Includes:
  • LIVE Interactive Online Training
  • Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran
  • Major Discounts on Software and Plugins
  • Lifetime Access to the PES closed community
  • Certificate of Completion

Super Early Bird Specials Apply and prices WILL GO UP.

Check it out at

[click_to_tweet tweet="The Top Five Ways to Make Money With a Podcast @davejackson " quote=" The Top Five Ways To Make Money With a Podcast" theme="style3"]

The Top Ways to Make Money With Your Podcast

Sell Your Own Products or Services

This is the top way to make money with your podcast. You harness the power of influence.

As you have lived and breathed in your target audience for a while, you should know what they need or want. I was amazed at a WordCamp I attended recently that the documentation for the new Gutenberg is sparse at best. Everyone hates it. Nobody understands it. That is one learning curve that needs to be flattened and if I had time I would dive into it myself.

Why some of your audience will buy from you is due to you bringing value on a consistent basis. This triggers the law of reciprocity. You've done something nice for them, and now your audience feels a need to do something nice for you. If you've shared a little about yourself then they probably like you (if they didn't they wouldn't be listening). If the information you provide is solid then they trust you. When you are known, liked, and trusted the buzz phrase for this is you are an "influencer."

When you launch a product or service you can influence them to purchase your product.

This could be a book, a course, a membership site, a crowdfunding campaign, a live webinar, etc. These products should fill a need in your space, or entertain them.

Sell Other People's Products or Services (affiliate sales)

Affiliate sales are when you sign up with a company to promote its products. You are given a link (or a code) that proves the traffic/customer came from you. If a sale is made, you earn a commission. When you match the right product with the right audience, you can make decent money. I once made hundreds of dollars a month promoting fitness cards on my weight loss show. The commission was $1.50 per deck. This product fit my audience.

I later would do the same when the Fitbit first came on the scene. I bought one and loved it. This is a great place to start. Find a product that you love that your audience ( a weight loss show in this case) would love. I was able to openly and honestly talk about how I loved my Fitbit and ever since I bought it I was more active. Again, I was earning hundreds of dollars per month when the commission was $9 per sale.

Pat Flynn makes a TON of money with Affiliate sales. He created a video tutorial showing how easy it was to install WordPress on a web hosting company. The video was short. It made building a website look super easy, and his affiliate link was right beneath the video.

Find the right product for the right audience and affiliate sales can be a nice source of income.

Crowdfunding / Donations

This form of income requires an extremely engaged audience. When people donate their motivation is one of two things typically

  1. They want you to continue to create content and have the freedom to keep going. They believe in your message/content
  2. They want additional information or content.

Adam Curry and John C Dvorak called the donation model "Value for Value" model. Their show the No Agenda Show dissects the media and helps you understand what is really going on in politics and in some cases society and culture. They produce two episodes a week that are roughly two hours long. They have a segment at the beginning thanking people who gave over $250. They have a segment in the middle to thank anyone who donated over $50, and they have a ceremony to "Knight" anyone who has donated over $1000 and welcome them to be a "Knight of the No Agenda Roundtable" and you also get a very nice ring (which of course people can wear, and have other people ask "where did you get that ring).

The No Agenda show is so engaged they are now holding meetups without the hosts. Adam and John provide any tools to their audience that they can use to promote the show.

Jennifer Bryney also does a show about politics called Congressional Dish. She started the show by reading every bill that went through the US Congress. Every American should listen to at least one episode of Congressional dish. Jen thanks all of her supporters at the end of the show.

Both of these shows provide information that you (sadly) can't get any place else. Both are done in an informative and yet entertaining fashion.

The No Agenda Show accepts checks and paypal. They have a jingle that promotes the website to go and donate ( ). Congressional Dish will take your support using whatever payment tool you want

The top reward people offer at Patreon (the top crowdfunding tool ) is additional content.

When is the best time to add a Patreon campaign? When a listener asks you to start one.

Host Read Ads

While currently, less than 10% of podcasts get 5000 downloads per episode (the metric advertisers are looking for, although some need 20,000 per episode) this doesn't mean you can't get a sponsor. I've had sponsors on this show that fit my audience. While some advertisers use an old way of advertising held over from radio where you pay a rate based on the number of downloads ( CPM price per thousands ) this doesn't' work with podcasts who have a smaller - but more engaged - audience. I charge per episode (not CPM). This is sometimes called a "flat rate."

When using the CPM model of (for example) $30 per thousand downloads and your show gets 200 downloads per episode that episode earned $6 (which is why CPM doesn't work for most podcasters). The more niche your audience, and the more niche the product the better the match. The better the match, the higher you can charge.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

While the technology behind dynamic ad insertion is not bad, currently podcasters who are using some services are getting the shaft in my opinion. For me, generic dynamic ad insertion is the equivalent of Podcast Welfare. One system I am checking is paying my .0017 (not a typo) per download. If we go back to that show that has 200 downloads per episode they are making 34 cents per episode.

When you see companies saying "You can make money from DAY ONE" this is what they are using. Yes, you will earn money. However, you might be better checking your couch cushions.

People That Make a Living With Podcast Have a Few Things In Common

I've noticed a few traits with those people who make a living from the income that was generated from podcasting activities.

  1. They have MULTIPLE income streams. They sell products, affiliate sales, ads, etc. They have a combination of the above. The people that JUST have ads HAVE HUMONGOUS audiences. That take DECADES to build.
  2. They often have a spouse/partner that has a decent job with health benefits (not all but many)
  3.  Had an audience before they started podcasting (not all, but many).

There are Other Ways To Measure Success

It's not all about downloads and its not all about money. In some cases, you get paid in confidence. You get paid in speaking gigs, or maybe even a permanent job. In some cases, you get paid in friendship, and peace of mind knowing you belong.

Quitting Your Day Job

There are tools online you can use to see how much money you need to have a certain take-home pay. I live in Ohio and using

I live in Ohio and in Ohio 60,000 will put you in a place where you don't have to worry about your bills. If I want to have a take-home pay of $60,000 a year I need to bring home $75,576.62 (as 20-30% of this is going to taxes). However, if you’re married with children you might be paying for health insurance via COSE (which can be around $1700 a month) which would mean you would need to have $98,192.92 in gross revenue to take home $60,000. Apparently, I'm also never going to retire (as I'm not putting any money away - just a thought).

Now if we break that down that is $1888.33 per week. Assuming you are working 40 hours a week that is $47.21/hour. There are some things to keep in mind. This means your calendar is booked from morning to night if you are doing consulting. This also means you’re never taking a vacation. Wait, you want two weeks of vacation? Then you need to make $101,969.58 in gross revenue (as we will assume you are not making money while you are on vacation. This then means your hourly rate is $49.02/hour and you are working 40 hours a week.

Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

In a post on their blog, Patreon mentions that only 1-5% of your audience will become Patrons. The average donation is $7. I checked mine, and it was $5, but we will stick with $7.

If I use the gross number from above of that would mean I need to make $8,182.74 a month. If the average Patron donats $7, I will need 1,169 Patrons. If only 5% of my audience becomes Patrons I need a total number of downloads of 23,379 per month so 5% of them will become patrons. While you could say that 23,379 a month is 5845 downloads per week, but that 23,379 should be unique listeners.

Question of the Month

What do you like about the show? What do you wish I'd change? What do you want to hear in the future? Upload/Leave your answer on the contact page

Please take the online survey (with a chance to win a price) at

Mentioned in this Show

More Podcast Money Book

More Podcast Money Podcast

Fast Pitch Softball

Useful Resources

Graphtreon (shows how much people are making on Patreon)

Patreon Crowd Funding

Work With Me

Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor

Jul 01, 2019
How Should You Celebrate Your Podcast Milestone?

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with an answer:

Melanie from the Beer with an Engineer show likes to throw a party for her listeners

Brad from the Cinema Guys loves milestone shows - loves where people take small clips from past shows (or breaking format to do something special)

Terry Noorda from the Discovering America podcast brought his family on the show

Brian from Engaging Missions hasn't really done any kind of special episodes

Kim from Toastmasters 101 is going to pass on anything special

Stuart from the Great Escape is going to have a special

Scott Johnson of the What was that like? show doesn't do anything special and prefers to focus on the audience

Seth from Geekville Radio has done clip shows.

Thomas from Multiverse Tonight made a special graphics and is changing his format

Because of My Podcast

Craig from Ingles Podcast did a study on podcasting and was able to present it at the largest event in his industry. Check out his show at

Question of the Month For July

Take the full survey at

I haven't taken the temperature of my audience in a while, and you should do that. So we are going to do this in audio format

What do you like about the show?

What do you fast forward through (dislike - I have thick skin)

What is your perfect length for an episode?

What would you like to hear in the future?

Use the tools at

Work With Me

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Jun 24, 2019
Overcoming Your Fears So You Can Start Your Podcast

I Have  A Fear of Heights
True or False: Starting a Podcast is Hard
Start a Podcast May Require Your To Overcome Fear
Hiking in Utah is Different than Hiking in Ohio
Get a Guide/Mentor To Help You Avoid Mistakes
Everything Was Cool Until the Last Hike
Getting Control of Your Mind
The View From the Top Was Amazing
The Confidence-Competence Loop

Mentioned In This Episode

Utah Podcast Summit

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Shirts That Provide UV Protection

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

3 Month Podcast Quick Start Package

Your Podcast Consultant

Ask the Podcast Coach

Podcast Review Show

Podcast Rodeo Show

Power of Podcasting Network

Spybrary, Tourpreneur, and Radio GDR


Full Show Notes at

Jun 17, 2019
How To Rebrand Your Podcast Without Losing Your Audience

You picked a name for your podcast (need help with picking a name, check out this episode of Your Podcast Consultant) and you've decided that maybe you went a little too "inside baseball" and you want to change the name of your podcast without losing your subscribers.

How To Change Your Podcast Name

Step one would be to let your audience know what is happening (you might even get them involved in voting for a new name). By letting them know ahead of time they don't freak out when they go to listen to your show and can't find it under the old name.

4:00 Rebranding your podcast is not that hard. In its most primitive steps you:

  • Change your artwork (making sure to use a different file name for your new artwork)
  • Change your categories (if you want to)
  • Change the email address (if you want to)
  • Change your website address (if you want to)
  • Change the author name (if you want to)

Keep in mind may take up to 24 hours for the changes to appear in the apps

In the steps are:

Go to Settings > edit show settings and here you can update your show name, website, and artwork (as well as the description for the Libsyn directory).

If you are uploading new artwork, make sure the file name is different than the current artwork ( for example, logo.jpg needs to be logo2.jpg ) and click save

Then go to destinations > edit > Libsyn classic feed and adjust your categories, summaries, owner/author/email information and click Save

With 24 hours any directories using your feed should update.

Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC

Your podcast is a recipe - not a statue. So similar to the time when the Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants changed their name to KFC (hoping people would forget their name had the word FRIED in the middle of their name). There might be a new coat of paint on the outside. There might be a new sign out front. Inside you have the same food (an in this case they added a new menu item that still fit in with the other items)

So when the audience went to the same location, they saw a new sign, a new menu item, but really nothing much changed

When a podcast listener fires up their app it goes to the same location (your feed) and sees a few new things, but really nothing much has changed. They don't have to do anything.

Because of My Podcast Kenn Blanchard

Kenn Blanchard of the Black Man with a Gun show has been asked to share 100 episodes for a new Black Podcast Project for the Society of American Archivists Journal. Check out at

Homework: Question of the Month

What ideas do you have for a podcaster celebrating a milestone episode (50, 100, 200, etc)?

Watch to Watch: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

The new season of David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction has two great examples of SHUTTING UP.

When he is interviewing Ellen Degenerous he gets to the subject of her stepfather who he describes as a bad man and then SHUTS UP. Ellen is uncomfortable and not sure if she should share, and he DIDN'T SAY A PEEP.

In a different episode, he is interviewing Tiffany Hadish who is explaining how good it felt to get her first suitcase so she didn't feel "like a piece of garbage." Here again, Dave SHUTS UP, and lets her share he insights and feelings. He doesn't chime in. He lets his guest share, and at the end, all he said was "Beautiful."

Remember when you're interviewing someone the goal is to make your guest comfortable, and free to share anything in a judge free zone. It's about THEM not you.

Apple Announcements: What It Means For You

Apple announced that they will be transcribing your episodes in the future and using that transcription to boost search. There isn't anything for you to do besides make great content.

They will be adding new categories and taking some away. This is good news, but not everyone will be happy (of course).  This will be coming "in the future" but no time frame. Once Apple announces their backend is ready then the podcast media hosts will update their backend to tap into these new categories. The bottom line is this won't be coming out for a little bit. I'm sure all the media hosts will announce when they are ready for those who want to update their category. Keep in mind that 70% of people find podcasts via word of mouth (but this might make it easier).

Work With Me

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Full show notes at

Jun 10, 2019
Don't Worry About Things You Can't Control

There are so many things that are changing in podcasting that can cause stress as you worry. Some things you have no control over. You may need to take some steps, but after that it is out of your control. 

Being Seen in Google Podcasts

If you've followed the directions to set up your website, or you are using a media host like or Blubrry you are good to go. From there, you just have to wait on Google. 

Being Found In Apps

I have had people contact me about Apple, Spotify, iHeart and sure its only a matter of time until gets added to the list. Search in these apps is poor at best. Apple searches the name of your show, the name of your episode and the author title. If you have your target words in those areas, that is all you can do. 

Having Google Put Play Buttons In Search Results

At this point, I've done some research, and it sounded like if your show was in Google Podcasts, our show should appear with play buttons if someone did a search for your show. This (at this point ) only works about 50% of the time for me. As Google is still somewhat new to podcasting and this is a new feature, there isn't much for us to do. 

Should I Change My Intro?

As people may be clicking play on any episodes that appear in search results I don't tink ANY podcaster will have the answer they are looking for at the very beginning of the show.

What you want your show to do is pull people in by letting people know what is coming. If they see where you are going, the audience is more likely to get on board. 

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Podcasters Roundtable

Giving Up the Ghost Podcast

Get Your Podcast Started


Jun 03, 2019
The Biggest Pain in Creating a Podcast

Starting a podcast is not hard. Starting a GOOD podcast takes time, dedication, talent, etc and today I asked my audience, "What is the biggest pain in starting and creating a podcast." Here is what they answered:

Your Biggest Pain in Podcasting

01:23 Thanks to everyone who contributed

Positioning My Podcast - from Timothy of

Running Out of Content - Chris Nesi from the House of Ed Tech

Scheduling - Todd from the Trucker Dump

The Abundance of Choice - Stephanie from the Virtual Ex-Pats

Mouth Noises - Moxie Your Brain On Facts

Thumbnails - Bandrew from the Bandrew Says

Show Notes - Matt from the Author Inside You 

Show Notes - Seth from Geekville Radio

Running Out of Content - Dave Logical Weight Loss

Question of the Month

How do you celebrate a milestone episode? I need your answer by June 22, 2019. Go to

Because of My Podcast I Was Hired For an Event


Jas from Giving Up The Ghost podcast was asked to do a live recording of Ghost Stories at an AKIA store for a private sleepover party after only four episodes!

Here is the description of their show:

Podcasting LIVE from one of the MOST haunted cities located DEAD center in North America - Winnipeg, MB Canada. Join us as we explore the unknown! Welcome to Giving Up The Ghost
Each week we will cover, explore and share our research of unexplained paranormal phenomena in Winnipeg and surrounding areas! Join your AudioCurators Jas and Sherrie as they discover the dark side of local history, Urban legends and their haunting origins as well as everything that goes bump in the night. Are you afraid of the dark? well, you should be.

For more information on Sherrie’s Art and Gallery please view her talent at
For more information on Jas’s publications and fiction writing, please visit her website and her FB page

The Memory of Creating a Podcast Will Be With You Forever


When you start a podcast it will change your life for better or worse, and you won't be able to take it away. I recently drove 12 hours in a car with my brother and sister-in-law to see my cousin's oldest child graduate from High School. Yes, 24 hours (round trip) in a car is not a great time, but it is a memory I have with my family that we will always have. To have that memory I had to say Yes to taking the trip.

Let Me Help You Start Your Podcast

Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor


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Episode 624 Is Anyone Reading Show Notes?

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Terry Gross book "All I Did Was Ask"

Howard Stern Comes Again Book


May 27, 2019
Does Your Podcast Name Need a Trademark?

Thinking Outside the Box

Today's talk about Podcast Trademarks was inspired by a Facebook post. As a tech support person for Libsyn I see a large number of podcasts on a weekly basis (get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree ). I always find it interesting when people are launching a NEW show and when I go to look up their account, I see that there is another show with the same name. One of my favorite examples is the name "Outside the box"

If only there was a tool where you could search the Internet to see if anyone is using the name?

Podcast Honeymoons

Sometimes we skip steps like this because we are so excited, and we just can't hide it, and we move forward without doing something like a quick Google Search or a search in Apple. This can also continue as you enter what I'm calling Podcast Honeymoon.

This about when you find someone to date, and HOLY COW they just check every box. You do fun things like celebrating your one-month anniversary. You celebrate the anniversary of anything and everything (your first email, phone call, first date, first kiss). You are what my mother use to call GAGA (way before Lady Gaga). You think about the time

Fast forward nine months later and that awesome accent that was so quaint is now like nails on a chalkboard. I recently went to watch my ex-step-son graduate from Perdue University with my ex-wife. My ex-wife is a person who must examine ALL options before making a decision and I was like, "Oh, I remember this as she tried to decide the t-shirt or hoodie, and black vs white."

What does this have to do with podcasting?

When you first start a podcast you may be thinking about it all the time. You may start to have issues at work. You may be working at your podcast at work (not recommended). You might be thinking about your podcast when you are with your family. I'm reading Howard Stern's new book Howard Stern Comes Again, and he talks about how he was obsessed with ratings and consequently, was not a great husband or father. I did the same thing. While both my ex-wife and I will admit "we probably shouldn't have got married in the first place" podcasting was a source of tension. I know of people who edit their podcast on the clock at their job.

I'm here to remind you that is not an option. If it has been a while since you did a job search. Before I worked at Libsyn, the last teaching job I got took a while to get hired even though I had decades of experience and a degree. It is easier said than done, but jumping off a cliff and building the plane on the way down may not be the best choice you've ever been

[click_to_tweet tweet="Everything you need to know about your podcast and Trademarks #davejackson" quote="Everything you need to know about your podcast and Trademarks" theme="style3"]

Talking Podcast Trademarks with Gordon Firemark

Gordon is the producer and host of Entertainment Law Update., a podcast for artists and professionals in the entertainment industries. His practice also covers intellectual property, cyberspace, new media and business/corporate matters for clients in the entertainment industry. He is the author of The Podcast, Blog and New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide.

Copyright vs Trademarks

Do I need one for my show?

How do they protect me?

How much do they cost?

Check out all things Gordon Firemark at

Check out his Podcast Law Book

Check out the Podcast Release Form


Mentioned In This Episode

Question of the Month: "What is your biggest pain in creating a podcast?" Deliver your answer via our contact page (don't forget to mention your show and website) 

Utah Podcast Summit (use coupon code sop )

Wordpress Kent

Podcast Baby Steps ( Brand New To Podcasting> Start here)

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May 20, 2019
Podcoin App Pays Listeners to Listen to Podcast

There is more money coming into Podcasting and Geoff and David Cook are hoping to get some of it by building a podcast app that focuses on helping you find new podcasts, integrate social ingredients (likes, etc), and pay you one podcoin (1-4 cents) for every 10 minutes.

I wanted to find out more about this app. Podcoin was created by David Cook who credited the idea to a speech his brother Geoff Cook gave to Princeton University in April 2018. It’s not the first time they’ve been business partners. David and Geoff previously co-founded myYearbook with their sister Catherine in 2005. The trio then sold the company to Quepasa for $100 million in 2011.

It's been around since January of 2019 and currently has 15 million users that are consuming 1,500,000+ Listening Minutes PER DAY

For more information see

Find the app on Apple and Android

Fixing Mistakes In Your Podcast

You are listening back to your podcast and there is a mistake you HAVE to fix. Here are your options when using Libsyn

Thank you for contacting Libsyn Support

It gets tricky with Spotify, and Google Play Music.

If you upload a file with the same file name, all the other directories and apps up EXCEPT the two above. There are two options

Strategy 1

If you go to content > previously published > edit the episode

Then click on the Scheduling Tab and go to the advanced sub-tab

You will see the destinations. Uncheck Spotify, Google Play Music and click Publish (which acts as a save button).

Then rename your episode file, go to content > add new episode

Then click on the Scheduling Tab and go to the advanced sub-tab

You will see the destinations. Make sure to UNCHECK ALL of the destinations EXCEPT Spotify, Google Play Music and click Publish (which acts as a save button).
This will create a version of that episode just for those destinations, and the original version never goes offline.

Strategy 2

Go to Content > Previously Published > Edit

Rename your original file and use the replace option and click Publish (which acts as a save button).

The current apps will have a small amount of time when the file will not play (as the apps update they will see the new file name, but there may be people who go to play the file and it won't work (as it's still looking at the old name).

This can take up to 24 hours.

But the episode will update on all platforms.

What If I'm Not Using Libsyn?

The bottom line is if you upload the new file with the same name, then it won't update on Spotify or Google Play Music because they make

Question of the Month

What is your biggest pain in podcasting?

Go to and upload your file or use the speakpipe button by 5/24/19

Start Your Podcast Today

May 13, 2019
Podcast Pre-Interviews - Ensuring Valuable Conversations

I came across Kent Convington's Fast Lane Podcast University Podcast and I liked the content I was hearing. I was lucky enough to have Kent ask me to be on his show. Then he did something only one other person has done. He asked for a pre-interview.

He started off by asking about any stories in my life and my career in podcasting. If I wasn't so long winded it would've lasted about 15 minutes, but because I rambled on a bit, it probably lasted 34. Kent was looking to craft a story. Not just have me rattle of stats. He was looking not just for facts and stories, but interesting stories.

This also got me thinking about what my "best material" is, and a few days later when we recorded the interview I was prepared.

Today I return the favor and ask Ken to "pull back the curtain" and explain what is going through his mind when he does a pre-interview.

Behind My Podcast Curtain

You will hear what little I do as a "Pre-interview" (something I may change in the future). I typically tell people who they are talking to, why I brought them on the show, and what I plan on asking them about. With Kent, there isn't much information about him online so I had to do some digging into his background to see how he got into podcasting.

How Kent Does a Pre-Interview

Kent is on the lookout for stories, and things to enable the audience to not only get to know the guest but to find entertaining stories.

He is looking for items that will help paint the mental image, the vivid pictures inside the "Theater of the Mind."

What are the biggest hurdles?

What is the most memorable moment?

Tell me about a time when _____ happened.

You are looking for the challenge and conflict.

Polishing the Stories using  The Ladder of Abstraction S. I. Hayakaw ( explanation )

When to do a Pre-Interview

Profile Interviews: Designed to help tell the story of the guest

Advice Podcasts: Where an expert is on to share tips and insights.

Across the Table Interview: You are looking for the truth. Less of a team approach.

So Many People Have a Podcast About _____

If you're worried about starting a podcast because "so and so" is "sooooo popular" and "owns" the niche. That is like telling the Quarterback in High School to quit because they will never be as good as Tom. Well if Tom quit because he would never be as good as Joe Montana, then we wouldn't have Tom Brady today.

Don't obsess over what other people are doing and instead focus on your audience. Realize we all have different strengths and different passions.

Mentioned in this Episode

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The Ladder of Abstraction

Chris Curran Podcast Engineering School

Natalie at Bizchix

Dan O Day

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May 06, 2019
Is It Possible to Air Check My Own Show?

Back on episode 655, we talked about how do you know if your show connects with your audience? That focused on making sure your content was great. Your podcast is a presentation of information. As someone who speaks at conferences, and use to teach in the corporate world there are always three presentations.

The presentation you planned

The presentation you delivered

The presentation you wish you had delivered.

The way to avoid those regrets is through planning, but also by learning from your past mistakes.

I was asked by Ed Ryan who is the Editor of the Podcast Business Journal to write an article address how to "Air Check" yourself (and can you?). Here is the article.

Podcast Air Check Tips:

My buddy Erik K Johnson of the Podcast Talent Coach podcast says, "Nobody is getting on a bus without knowing where it's going." If you stop your show at the 1-minute mark do you feel like you know enough to get on the bus? Do you know where it's going? We are assuming your headline is in great shape (if not see my free guide to help you write better episode titles).

Speaking of episode titles, does this title accurately reflect what is being covered in this episode?

If you stop your show at the three-minute mark are you into some content (or are you still in chit chat mode).

You know your crutch words. We all have them. How are they in his episode?

Do you have advertising on your show? You might have a "30-second" spot. Take out your phone and time how long your 30-second spot.

For me, I often find typos in my show notes when I read the post with a fresh set of eyes.

If You Are Doing Interviews

I have a cheat sheet that you can use for this. Looking back at your interview answer these questions:

What are the strengths of the guest? Why did you bring them on?

What did you get out of this interview? What were the takeaways?

Then listen to the interview and take out a notepad (or open your favorite note-taking app) and use two columns. In the first column label in questions and in the second column put "Answer."

When I listen to Harry Durran of Podcast Junkies, Harry does a great job of asking the questions I would ask if I was interviewing the guest. So as you listen to this episode, did you miss any opportunities for follow up questions?

Did you promote the guest’s website/products/services? If so, was it enough, too much, too little?

Did you find yourself repeating what the guest said (ME TOO!).  We heard it the first time.

Looking at why you brought the guest on, did you achieve what you set out to do? Did you get the expected takeaways? If so, what did you do to get to those answers? If not, what do you feel you could do differently next time.

Final Conclusions

  • What do you think you did well in this episode?
  • What was the best take away? ( maybe turn that into a social media post)
  • What lessons can be learned from this episode?
  • How was your call to action? Did you have ONE or twelve?

While a self-evaluation is hard to do (and just not as good as getting someone else’s opinion). If you do find yourself face to face with an actual listener, THIS IS HUGE. Ask them what they like (and they will tell you). Then ask you what they dislike (and often they will say nothing). Explain that you have thick skin and can take it, and then shut up. The awkward silence might nudge them to give you a pointer or two. If you really want to give them a “Safe” environment, when they start to give you notes state, “Do you care if I write this down?” and jot it down on paper or in your phone. This shows the person their opinion is important and might lead to more feedback.

Lastly, don’t get defensive and start explaining why you do something. JUST LISTEN and thank them for their feedback. Keep in mind, you are 100% in control and what you do with this feedback is entirely up to you.

Here Are Some Resources to Get Your Podcast Reviewed:

Podcast Review Show
The Podcast Whisperer
Podcast Rodeo show

If you know of others leave them in the comments below. As you might imagine if you Google the words podcast and reviews you get tons of articles about how to get reviews in Apple (which do nothing but provide social proof – they do not advance you up the charts or help you be found).

Question of the Month: Do You Pay For Any Part of Your Podcast Production?

Are you paying for any part of your podcast production, and if you are how much does it cost?

Thanks to Jonathan Bloom from Weekly Awesome

Fred from The Podcast Reporter

Robert from Happy Diabetic Podcast 

Steve Stewart who produces the Military Money Podcast and runs the Podcast Editors Club

Pedro from My Stuttering Life

John From Professor Slots

Moxie from Your Brain on Facts (Moxie on the Podcast Rodeo show )

Brandon  from Florida Focus Podcast

May Question of the month: What is your biggest pain point in podcasting?

Podcast Rewind

I appeared on the Project Egg show where we talked about podcasting, where I grew up, how I grew up, and I must say this was "not your typical" Dave Jackson podcast.

Because of My Podcast

We lost our job on the radio, and because of our podcast, we got a job back on the radio. Check out the Brendon and Kevin Podcast 

Where Will I Be? 

June 8th
Utah Podcast Summit
Sandy, Utah

June 15-16
WordCamp Kent
Kent, Ohio

August 13-16
Podcast Movement 
Orlando Florida

September 4-7
Fin 2019
Washington, DC

September 8-10
Military Influencer Conference
Washington DC

October 17 – 18
Youngstown Ohio.

Mentioned in This Episode

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Podcast Rodeo Show

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Apr 29, 2019
Focus Is More Important Than Microphones

Every podcaster has one thing in common: they all have 24 hours in the day. Today I'm going to share a ton of research and strategies to get your more productive. Last week I talked about five things that you think will grow your audience but don't. This is continuing on with that theme of determining what you want to do, and then getting it done. One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln is “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

If you have no focus, it doesn't matter what microphone you have if you can't get it together.

My Own Personal Struggles

Growing up I was what some might call "A weird little boy." I remember driving my Mom nuts as I would be in the kitchen talking on the phone. We had a bunch of 16 oz coke glasses that I would fill up with water and tune and then play as I was talking on the phone. I always described myself as "Creative" but I'm sure if I was in elementary school today that would pump me with enough Ritalin to put a Rhino to sleep. As an adult, I tried going on some medication but the more focus I achieved was washed away by the energy that was sucked out of me. With this in mind when I get my creative juices flowing, I can be hyper-focused and lose all sense of time. To me I define that as "fun," but when you look up at the clock and it's 3 AM, and you have a big presentation the next day that is a problem.

For the most part, much like many programs, admitting you have an issue is step one. I have a clear indicator and that is my desk. The more messy it is, the better the chance I need to pump the breaks.

Pumping the Breaks

Slowing down seems backward, but when you find yourself behind in tasks, etc and everything in your mind and body is saying "Push through" and you want to throw on your Superman or Wonder Woman outfit and start writing checks your body can cash. The result is you become more purposeful, focused, and you get more stuff done.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


Whatever the goal is, you need to know it. I would recommend writing it down (more tools later). Take some time to think about it. If you don't know where you want to go, how will you know when you get there? If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.

Setting Priorities

The book First Things First by Steven Covey he talks about Important VS Urgent

  • Important activities have an outcome that leads to us achieving our goals, whether these are professional or personal.
  • Urgent activities demand immediate attention and are usually associated with achieving someone else's goals. They are often the ones we concentrate on and they demand attention because the consequences of not dealing with them are immediate.

Something that is urgent and important is a crisis. It's pressing problems with deadlines. Something that is important but NOT urgent would be things such as exercise, relationship building, personal growth. If you ignore these important things, they later become important AND urgent.

Some things that are urgent but NOT important might be interruptions, phone calls (some of them), some email, some meetings

Some things that are not important and NOT urgent would be busy work, time wasters, some pleasant activities.

How to Know When To Delegate?


In episode 159 of the Resourceful Designer, Mark had some great questions you can use to make this simple. First, you have to identify all the things you do in your podcast/life. He suggests using post-it notes or an index card, but you're going to need a place for two piles. Then take each task and answer the following questions

  1. Go from task to task and ask yourself, Does this bring me joy or Do I like doing this one particular task?
  2. Am I good at this particular thing?

If you answered yes to BOTH questions, put it in pile number one. If you cannot respond yes to both questions, put it into pile number two. Separate your collection into these two piles.

Pile Number 1: Things that I like doing, and I'm good at

Look at the items in this pile and ask, If I continue doing this thing will it help my podcast grow? Will it help me achieve my goal?

Start two new piles. One will have all the items that will move you forward, and the pile of things you are good at and you like doing are things you are not saying no to, but not now.

Pile Number 2: Things that I don't like doing, or I'm not good at

Look at the items in this pile and ask, If I continue doing this thing will it help my podcast grow? Will it help me achieve my goal?

If the answer is yes, then these are the things you need to delegate.

Capturing and Organizing Your Thoughts


Brilliant ideas come at the most inconvenient times. I get great ideas in the shower. You NEED to capture these and organize them in a way so you can use them later. Here are some tools:

Evernote: I use this tool. It's free (there is a paid version at $7.99 a month). I have a folder called SOP Ideas. I have a folder called "Marketing Crap" that is filled with all those ebooks I get that I will read later. The thing I love about Evernote is I can use it on my phone, my tablet or computer and it all syncs together. They have a tool called "Web Clipper" that allows me to take a web page and save it in Evernote with a few clicks. They recently added a feature that makes it super easy to connect your gmail to your Evernote. See

OneNote: This is Microsoft's version of Evernote. It's not bad. It is also free. If you are paying for Microsoft Office you have it.. If you are a big Microsoft user (outlook, word, excel) you might play with this tool.

Trello: Trello is another free (or paid) version that is much more visual as instead of folders you have cards (think index cards). Trello premium is $12.50 a month

Common Features: Evernote, OneNote, and Trello all have the ability to have topics and subtopics. They all have the ability to share information (which is great for collaborating with co-hosts)

Whatever tool you want to use is fine. The bottom line is you need a tool. I've got a course on organizing your information that spotlights these tools.

Where Is Your Time Going?


Want to see how you spend your time?  Check out Rescue Time which helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.  Rescue Time is free. The Premium version is $9 a month and allows you to track your time off the computer as well.

Another way to do this is to set your alarm on your phone to go off in an hour. When it goes off write down (maybe in Evernote?) what you were doing. I know when I did this the first time many years ago I was surprised how much time I spent watching reruns of TV shows I had already seen.

My Favorite To Do List


While there are a number of Todo apps, my favorite is todoist. Much like Evernote, I can have Todoist on my phone, tablet or computer and they all sync together. Also like Evernote, I can take an email and turn it into a task.

You can organize your task into projects. You can assign due dates and be sent reminders. There is even a reward system. You can set how many tasks you want to accomplish a day and earn points. This somewhat makes your to-do list a game. If you've been using tasks in Google, this will sync with that system. It's very powerful.

The todist software is free and the premium is $3 a month.

Why You're Getting Frustrated

Studies show that every time you check email, a social feed, or respond to a notification, your mind requires 23 minutes of re-focus time to get back on task. People that multitask are actually  40% less productive.

Finding Focus To Knock Off Your To Do List

When it's time to record, here are some things you can do that might make things easier:

  1. Have a set time to record so your family knows not to interrupt.
  2. Put your phone on do not disturb and have it out of site.
  3. Have a distraction sheet. If you're working on something, and a distraction pops in your head, write it down and get back to your task.

You Can Stay Focused For 25 Minutes, Right?


Some times we need a boost. I've heard and tried the Pomodoro technique. Here it is in a nutshell

  1. Pick a task you need to accomplish.
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes and start working
  3. When the timer rings, take a 5-minute break
  4. Repeat steps 1-3
  5. Ever four cycles, take a 25-minute break.

Handling Distractions

  • Inform the other (distracting) party that you're working on something right now.
  • Negotiate a time when you can get back to them about the distracting issue in a timely manner.
  • Schedule that follow-up immediately.

Call back the other party when your pomodoro is complete and you're ready to tackle their issue.

If you find yourself thinking about something that just won't go away, have a sheet/note and write it down and get back to your task.

Why This Method is Working For Me

For me, it's only 25 minutes. It is not that whatever tangent I want to take is being put off forever, it's being put off for 25 minutes. By taking breaks, you keep yourself fresh. You avoid burnout. Studies show that people who work in distracting environments have more stress, a higher workload (cause you're not accomplishing as much), higher frustration, and it requires more effort. When you start to go down a rabbit hole, you can stop yourself and say, "I can do that in __ minutes."

No, I Can't Stay Focused For 25 Minutes


If you're having a hard time staying focused then I have some additional apps, that are really keeping on track.

PomoDone App

PomoDone is the easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service. It ties in with just about every To Do List tool (Trello, Todoist, Evernote, Asana ) so you can track how much time you spent on a task. Once you realize how long something takes, you can better schedule it in the future. For example, I've put in 58 minutes on an article I'm working on for the Podcast Business Journal. At this point, I've got an hour and 20 minutes into this blog post (I haven't even got to press record yet).

By seeing how long you are spending on items, you can make much better decisions going forward.

Using the PomoDone Chrome extension, you can blacklist certain websites during the timer period. Once Timer is active (ticking), you will not be able to access the blocked websites. You can always turn this function on and off in the Extension's option, as well as configure the blacklist of the websites.

If you want to setup up times that differ from the25 standard time, you can do that ( I have times of 5, 25, 40).

Also if you're not using any other to do list tool, you can use this as your to-do list. The tool also works on iOs and Android.

As I almost exclusively use chrome, I use this app. Keep in mind if I want to jump on Firefox I can go to any site I want ( you can always turn off the blocking feature)

Tomato-Timer is a free tool if you want to take this idea for a test spin (or you can just set two timers on your phone. One for 25 minutes and one for 5).


33:08 is an app and website blocker for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Start sessions on-the-fly or sche­dule your Freedom time in adv­ance. Plan out sess­ions that recur daily or weekly. With Freedom, you'll make produc­tivity a habit.

This tool is a little more "hardcore." It blocks websites on both Chrome and Firefox, as well as on your phone. If you want to go "Super Hard Core" there is an option to lock your session (meaning you can cheat).  You can test run Freedom for five session then prices start at $6.99/month

Get Your Brain In Tune


I had heard about on a few podcasts. This is music that is designed to help you focus. For me (being a musician) I liked it. It was more or less musical noise that was just above really boring. The pricing starts at $6.95 a month

I didn't feel like another subscription so I checked out Spotify and they have a number of preset "focus" stations that more or less played the same thing.

Make It Easy On Yourself

In Adobe Audition you can make a template but I've always used the poor man's template. I would bring in my intro and outro music and save it with something like namofshow_blank. I then open that file and before I press record I rename the show to something like nameofshow_697. This has all my files in it and I don't have to look for them.

Listen faster when editing if possible. In Hindenburg Journalist, there is an option to listen faster as well as in Audacity. I spoke about this on Episode 327

One other thing to remember is more planning leads to less editing.

Podcast Rewind


I was on the Podcast Reporter (Live from the NAB show)

I was on the Launch Speed Podcast talking podcast Niches

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Apr 22, 2019
Five Things That WON'T Grow Your Audience

We only have so many hours in a day, and today I'm starting a two-part series on being more productive. The first thing you need to identify is activities that take up your time and provide no benefits. Today I have five.

Asking For Subscriptions Before You Deliver Value


The podcast audience may see this as a commitment. In the same way that I have test driven every car I've ever purchased, I think people need more than two minutes of your show before we start begging them to subscribe. Next week I'll be talking about some new software tools to help you be more productive and all of them have a free trial. They want you to see the value before asking you to spend any money.

When you start off a show asking people to subscribe before they hear any content of value, you are more than likely wasting your time. Have you ever subscribed to a show because the host asked you to? Not me. I subscribe when I get really good content.

Sending People to the Haystack That is Apple Podcasts


As a support person for ( get a free month using the coupon code sopfree ) I have people asking why their show doesn't come up in a search. Some of it is the fact that there are over (as I write this in April of 2019) 700,000 shows in Apple Podcasts. Another thing to keep in mind is that Apple appears to display somewhere between 100-300 results and if there already 300 golf podcasts, or real estate, your show may not appear for the term "Golf." In some cases, your show may not appear at all.

Example: The podcast "The Feed" by Libsyn doesn't show up when you type in the phrase "The feed" into Apple iTunes. The show does not appear. If you type Libsyn it does.

Most directories give you a link to your show on their platform. Instead of sending people to Apple (and now Spotify) send them to YOUR WEBSITE where instead of sifting through 700,000 podcasts they have one to choose from and the only choice is if they should

Asking for Reviews to “Help Us Be Found in Apple”

10:39 Reviews are social proof. That's it. They do not boost you in search results.

Obsessing Over Chart Position

11:05 One of the things that made me worry about when it came out is it would lead to people obsessing over chart position. It did. Instead of taking time to make WOW content, you're trying to figure out why you dropped two positions in the Brazilian charts. Focus on your audience, make great content, and make it easy to share and subscribe. Then do that consistently and you will end up on the charts.

Upgrading Your Podcast Equipment

13:41 If it ain't broke don't fix it. If your audio sounds OK, and your audience doesn't have to keep grabbing the volume knob, chances are your audio is OK. While some podcasters obsess over boosting certain frequencies and talking about gear, for upgrading equipment to boost your audience would mean your audio was so bad that people tuned out. Most of us are not in that situation. Here are some examples of what can lead to really bad audio:

  • Using the built-in microphone in your laptop
  • Incorrectly using a blue yeti microphone (not a bad mic, it is overpriced, and without using properly can lead to really bad audio)
  • Using one microphone to record multiple people.
  • Audio that causes people to keep grabbing the volume knob.

Check out My Gear Page

Podcast Rewind

21:17 I appeared on Podlords with Jim Harold and My Perfect Podcast with Ryan Jackson

Because of My Podcast

23:59 Brand from Florida Focus podcast shares how he used a voicemail from his Mother into his podcast that has now been shared with family and friends

NAB Reflections

I attended NAB last week with the team and podcasting has radio's attention. While I was there I picked up a Samson MBa38 boom stand. This is about half the price of a Heil PL2T and still less expensive than the Rode PSA1

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Apr 15, 2019
Saying More With Less - The Power of Editing Your Podcast

So many people fear they will sound stupid or unprofessional but this is not something you need to worry about as even a show that is recorded live can be edited before being sent to your audience. Today I share some examples of the theories I used to edit my show

Because of My Podcast: I'm Up For A Webby Award


Emily Prokop from The Story Behind podcast has been on the show before as she got a book deal "Because of her podcast" and how she has been nominated for a Webby award. PLEASE VOTE HERE

Editing Your Podcast Will Make it Better


Mount Rushmore was once a mountain built of rock. Then someone editing it, and it is now a national memorial. There are movie editors, newspaper editors, book editors, etc. For me, I believe every podcast can benefit from editing. Today I share some examples and theories behind my editing decisions.

Everything About Editing is An Opinion

Some people do no editing, and some people will "over edit." Today I talk about my philosophies which are:

Always remove low hanging fruit (and Um, or crutch word that isn't near any other words)

ALWAYS Listen through the ears of your audience and ask if whatever you are listening to delivers value.

Be careful about the curse of knowledge as it can leave your audience in the dark

Most of my editing is me shaping my rambling questions into something a bit more focused

In some cases, if a point is made late in the episode, you don't need it twice.

If I have to zoom in to a very, very, very magnified level to edit the audio ( I call this "busting out a scalpel) I let it go.

The goal of an interview is to make your guest sound good.

In some cases, a backstory is given that is not needed.

A pregnant pause can add additional emphasis to the communication

Nobody wants to know how the sausage was made

Editing Your Podcast Intro To Give You Clarity and Authority


Morgan Cole is a client of mine who does the Brightline Podcast. He gave me permission to let you listen to a call we did where we shaped his intro. You will hear where we shaved off quite of his into while still explaining what the show is about and who Morgan is (and why you should listen)

Check out his show at

Are you duplicating any content?

Is your purpose and description clear (and jargon-free)

You don't have to cram all of your details in the intro.

Run Everything Through Your Target Audience


My church wanted to have a slogan "where the word is important." I explain how I felt this didn't connect.

How Long Does it Take to Edit an Hour Long Episode?


I asked the Podcast Editors Club how long it would take to "De-Um" hour-long episodes. While it obviously depends based on how much a person um, says, um, and ya know, um, is an um machine. The quickest ranged from 90 minutes to three or four hours.

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Podcast Editors Club

She Podcast Kickstarter

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Apr 08, 2019
Listening, Talking, Planning, and Adjusting with Big Podcast Author David Hooper

David Hooper has a background in the music and entertainment business, the music business, and has spent the last four years writing the Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show. It's one of the best books I've read on podcasting (and I'm only about 50% of the way through the book).

David and I go back to 2006 when I was doing the Musicians Cyber Cooler podcast (later renamed the Marketing Musician) and he was doing Music Business Radio (a radio show syndicated across the nation that David turned into a podcast). I've been listening to updates about his book on his marketing podcast RED Podcast, as well as his Big Podcast show. Today it was great to talk to him now that the book is published.



Have a passion for podcasting? Attend the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show April 8-11, 2019 to meet, collaborate and strategize with the world's most renowned storytellers. Learn how to grow audiences and revenue, create captivating content and meet with those who can take your vision to new heights. Register today at with code VEGAS for a Free Exhibits Pass. Your story will never be the same.

A Talk With David Hooper Author of the Book Big Podcast

2:50 A fun conversation

4:55 Has Dave always been this curious? (Dave and David went to a very special location in Florida at Podfest)

8:13 The politics of getting guests

11:25 The power of the pre-interview

15:54 How do you get guests when you are new

17:22 How do you handle the "Dance in your head" when you are doing an interview

20:45 Dave recommends launching with 25 episodes, and I disagree

26:20 Are podcasters open to adjusting their show?

32:56 How long should my podcast be?

36:09 What was the thinking behind the RED Podcast? It's just so different...

39:07 Does he get flack for being so non-judgemental, or occasionally "Pushing the envelope."

41:03 Jeff Christy was a horrible TOP 40 DJ (hear his aircheck)

43:35 Media Training that Dave does with some television shows.

45:33 What other media training does Dave do? How to avoid the puke voice

50:00 The hardest and easiest parts of the book to write

52:00 The incestuous nature of podcasting

53:50 Did Dave have any imposter syndrome?

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Apr 01, 2019
The Top Podcasting Crutch Words and How To Stop Saying Them

What is Your Crutch Word - How Did You Get Rid of It?

Crutch words are we words we use when our brain can't come up with something to say. They are used to fill up silence that some feel is awkward. We all have them, and they are only an issue when they are used so much that it becomes distracting/annoying. Please realize that never having a crutch word may be impossible. Often we don't even hear them. So we have to start with identifying that we have a crutch word. When I asked you about your crutch words, here are the ones you are trying to avoid:

Craig from Ingles Podcast is "So" and has lots of examples of what to avoid.

Brad from The Cinema Guys podcast is "Like" as well as "So Anway..."

Brenda from the My Tech Toolbelt Podcast "Is a Big Fan of..." as well as "Right"

Darwin Dave from the Dealing with My Grief podcast "So"

Tim From the He Said She Said Movie Reviews Podcast

Arnie at the Football History Dude Podcast says "Dude..."

Nina from Farm Food Health has lots of ums...

Mark from the Resourceful Designer and Podcast Branding had a listener let him know he was saying Basically a ton.

Mel From Beer with an Engineer has lots of ums, and so.... but turned it into a drinking game.

Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk and Podcast Help Desk News crutch words is "Anyway...." and he's just been pausing instead.

Stephanie from the Expat Rewind has "soooo many..."

Lee from This is Rammy finds himself saying "Obviously"

Win from Ask Win finds herself saying "Like"

Kim Krajci from Toastmasters 101 has some tips on how to avoid crutch words.

SPONSOR: Alitu Web Based Podcast Maker

It's a web app, where people can log in on their web browser and then use it to edit and produce their podcast episodes. Mobile app coming soon too.

Podcasters record their show as normal, then upload their recordings to Alitu. Alitu then processes, levels, converts them all, pieces the clips together, adds your theme music automatically, and publishes the episode, direct to your podcast host. If you need to edit out any mistakes, then you can use Alitu's custom podcast editing tool to do just that, before creating your finished episode.
The idea behind Alitu is to make Podcasting and quick and simple as possible, removing a bunch of the tech barriers and to let you concentrate on the bit you do best – talking about something you love!
It can take an interview where each person records their side of the conversation, and it will combine them together (how cool is that?)
Check it out at check out this video

How To Get Rid of Crutch Words

  1. Identify them
  2. Monitor your use of them
  3. Practice NOT Using them. This may include getting use to silence (that you can edit out)
  4. Try to figure out what is going on when you use it. Try to determine why you chose to use that word at that time.

Next Month's Question:

Are you paying for any part of your podcast process? If so how much, and on what? (not so much who you are using).

I need your answers by 4/27/19 see my contact page for more information (you can upload pre-recorded files)

Mentioned in This Episode

Alitu web-based podcast Creator

You Wanna Do What Podcast "You Can't Read the Label from the Inside of the Bottle."

Where I Will Be

April 6-11
National Association of Broadcasters
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June 8th
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August 13-16
Podcast Movement 
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September 8-10
Military Influencer Conference
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October 17 – 18
Youngstown Ohio.

Other Events You Might Want to Check Out

She Podcasts Live: The Women's Podcasting Experience

Podcast MidAtlantic September 6-7

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Mar 25, 2019
What Does it Feel Like to Be a Podcaster?

I got an email from someone struggling to start their podcast, "The biggest issue I’m dealing with is psychological: the show is not coming together in the format that I really wanted—and at this point there seems to be nothing I can do about that— but that, combined with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and the inevitable self-comparisons to what others are doing as well as my own personal expectations has quite frankly got me a little bit paralyzed. It’s like I’m on the firing line, I’m locked and loaded and I’ve got a good site picture, but I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger because I’m afraid of the kickback." 

I've mentioned in the past how to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and the story of Monica Rivera, and today I want to talk about how it feels to podcast.

What Does it Feel Like to be a Podcaster?

By the possibilities

When computers decide to be, well, computers.

When you figure things out

As you are learning new things, and getting outside of your comfort zone.

When you publish your first episode

When you realize everyone can hear your show.

Humbled / Shocked
When we inspire someone or affect someone.

When you find out you’re not the only one who thinks this way.

Because you are surrounded by people similar to you

At the opportunities to that come your way, the people you get to speak

Mentioned in This Show

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Episode

Monica Rivera The Nudge You Need

Podcasting in America

The latest edition the Edison Research Infinite Dial was published. Here are some insights:

70%  are familiar with the word podcasting ( 197 Million people)

51% have listened to at least one podcast ( a 7% jump)

32% listen on a monthly basis (up from 26%)

22% listen on a weekly basis (up from 17%)

17 million more people are monthly listeners than last year.

14 million more podcast are listening

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Mar 18, 2019
My Weekend with Procasters: Start with the Story

Podcast Industry Leaders Gather in NYC

I attended the On Air Festival in NYC in New York City where what some might describe as "Procasters" were in attendance. When I went to talk to people instead of finding people who spoke into microphones I found:

  • Producers
  • Editors
  • Writers

and I was amazed to find that:

  • Some episodes of Radiolab take up to two years for ONE episode
  • Missing Richards Simmons took one year to produce
  • You can create an entire season of a podcast using 5% of the budget of a TV pilot.
  • Advertisers want more stats even though podcasting is providing more data than they've ever received.

Start With the Story

Dan from Sporkful had a great talk and explained how it took him nine years to make his podcast his full-time job.

Kristen Meinzer from By the Book podcast (which reviews self-help books) explained how she took a book review and worked a story into it.

Special thanks to Monica Rivera from the You Wanna Do What Podcast for being my tour guide

SPONSOR: Alitu Web Based Podcast Maker

It's a web app, where people can log in on their web browser and then use it to edit and produce their podcast episodes. Mobile app coming soon too.

Podcasters record their show as normal, then upload their recordings to Alitu. Alitu then processes, levels, converts them all, pieces the clips together, adds your theme music automatically, and publishes the episode, direct to your podcast host. If you need to edit out any mistakes, then you can use Alitu's custom podcast editing tool to do just that, before creating your finished episode.
The idea behind Alitu is to make Podcasting and quick and simple as possible, removing a bunch of the tech barriers and to let you concentrate on the bit you do best – talking about something you love!
It can take an interview where each person records their side of the conversation, and it will combine them together (how cool is that?)
Check it out at check out this video

Mp3 Chapter Marks

I mentioned how I started adding chapter marks in the mp3 file, and I wasn't sure if any apps even used these chapters. It turns out there are more software titles that recognize these than I originally thought Overcast used them (and not much else). It turns out that MP3 chapters can be displayed with InstacastOvercastDowncastPodcatPocket Casts and iCatcher!.

On Android you can use Podcast Addict, which supports chapters in all file formats (MP3, M4A/MP4, Opus, Ogg, etc.), uPod to display chapter marks with URLs and images in MP3 and MP4 files, the open source AntennaPod supports chapter titles with URLs in MP3, Opus and Ogg Vorbis files and Pocket Casts supports MP3 chapters.

Apple Has Too Much Power?

With Apple threatening (and then rescinding) to pull people from Apple podcasts some people were really upset and stated we should take steps to remove Apple of it's power.

I've been around long enough to remember podcasting before Apple added podcasts to iTunes, and that gave podcasting a boost in the arm. When they added the podcast app to be native to their operating system. Yahoo, Microsoft, Odeo, Google (multiple times) have created and deleted a podcast directory.

With Spotify spending a TON of money, I say if you want to "topple" Apple I have a two-word plan: STEP UP. Don't create software that doesn't have half the power of the current leading titles step up and provide all the current features AND THEN SOME. Create something that makes it easier for the listener (Which is what Apple did).

For those that think Apple has too much power, feel free to remove your show from their directory if you hate it so much. Apple is giving best practices on how to get the most out of their software and they are complaining. Back in 2012 some consultants came up with a "file for download only" strategy that was REALLY STUPID in 2012 (and just Hideous in today's terms) and Rob Walch from LIBSYN said, "This is a bad way to use LIBSYN," and some people didn't listen. Those are the people I am helping today and they say, "Wow, I didn't realize I was missing so much syndication...."

Apple is giving us suggestions on how to use their software, and some people are going to listen, and some people are not.

Question of the Month

What is your crutch word, and what did you do to get rid of it? Contact me and let me know (Preferably in audio format)

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Mar 11, 2019
Podcaster Burnout: Sources, Symptoms, Solutions

I was on the Podcasters roundtable with Ray, Bandrew talking burnout. We talk about

  • The Signs of Burnout
  • The Sources of Burnout
  • Solutions to Burnout

SPONSOR: Alitu Web Based Podcast Maker

It's a web app, where people can log in on their web browser and then use it to edit and produce their podcast episodes. Mobile app coming soon too. 

Podcasters record their show as normal, then upload their recordings to Alitu. Alitu then processes, levels, converts them all, pieces the clips together, adds your theme music automatically, and publishes the episode, direct to your podcast host. If you need to edit out any mistakes, then you can use Alitu's custom podcast editing tool to do just that, before creating your finished episode.
The idea behind Alitu is to make Podcasting and quick and simple as possible, removing a bunch of the tech barriers and to let you concentrate on the bit you do best - talking about something you love! 
Check it out at 
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Bandrew's YouTube Channel
Mar 04, 2019
SPECIAL UPDATE: Time to Double-Check Your iTunes Episode Titles


Apple is talking about episode numbers in the iTunes Title (not the title that is used by every other app).

You don't need to resubmit your show.

You need to clean up titles if you've been doing this. This is Apple's warning shot, and if you get removed it takes the better part of a week to get back in.

Here is a video that shows you how to update your information in bulk in Libsyn (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month in Libsyn)


Here is the  email from Apple:
Dear Podcast Provider, 

To improve your experience with Apple Podcasts, we want to share the following information and updates. 

Optimize Your Show’s Metadata 

The metadata of your show is your product packaging. It includes all of the details about your show — such as title, author name, description — that potential listeners will see on Apple Podcasts. High-quality metadata can help your show be discovered and grow your audience, as it ultimately determines whether it appears in relevant user searches. 

Conversely, poor-quality podcast metadata may affect new submissions as well as active shows to ensure our platform meets Apple’s quality standards. 

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Including placeholder text from your hosting provider. For example, descriptions such as “Podcast by [author name],” “New podcast weblog,” “Cover art photo provided by [name],” or “Description goes here.”
  • Verbatim repetition of the title or author name in the description. For example, “The Very Hungry Tourists by Dr. María Sánchez and John Appleseed.”
  • Incorporating irrelevant content or spam. For example, show titles like “The Very Hungry Tourists | Travel | Explore | Learn” or author names like “Dr. María Sánchez, coach and travel enthusiast.”
  • Adding episode numbers in titles. For example, show titles like “The Very Hungry Tourists Episode 01” or episode titles like “01 Broken Heirloom.”


Resubmit RSS Feeds in Podcasts Connect 

Users now have the ability to resubmit rejected feeds. 

Should your show fail our review process or be removed from our catalog for the reasons described above, review your RSS fields to ensure compliance. Then, revalidate the feed and resubmit it via Podcasts Connect.


Feb 28, 2019
Your TOP Podcast Peeves 2019 Edition

Podcast Pet Peeves 2019
A peeve is defined as "a source of annoyance or irritation." Today we are talking Podcasting Pet peeves, but not just pet peeves but your TOP pet peeves. When you listen to a podcast and you hear this you reach for the unsubscribe button.


Stephanie - Ex Pat Rewind at

Jonathan - Weekly Awesome

Scott McCarthy - Moving Forward Leadership

Bill from Youth with a Mission

Trish - Honest Nurse Podcast

Scott - What Was That Like?

Issa Fears and Desires

Brian - Conspiracy Theoryology

Emmanuel Laroche - Flavors Unknown

Anna Seawalt - Authentic Parenting Podcast

Marc - Resourceful Designer

Justin - Optimal Living Daily

Laura Reviews and Randomness

Matt - The Author Inside You

Scott – Code 3 Podcast

Moxie – Your Brain On Facts

Brian - Engaging Missions

Ryan - My Perfect Podcast

Win Charles - Ask Win

C.L. - Plantrama

Your Podcast Consultant - NEW SHOW

I launched a new show in January for those who want to learn about podcasting in bite-sized chunks. It's called "Your Podcast Consultant" and you can find it at you can subscribe to the show in Apple or Google, Spotify

Episodes include:

Why start a podcast

How long should my podcast be?

How to overcome your fear of technology

Starter Podcast Microphones

How do I pick my subject?

9 Strategies to get on other podcasts

Update on Anchor Advertisers

In the past when I created three test shows on Anchor, the only sponsor I was offered was Anchor (so what was described as a way for Anchor to make money, seemed to be yet another way for Anchor to lose more money). I mentioned this in an article and video I created.  When I logged into my Anchor Sucks (IMHO) show, I was surprised to see that Squarespace and the Black Tux wanted to sponsor a show that only had 70 downloads. Black Tux is .02 per downloads. Squarespace is .0175 per download and Anchor is .01 per download. If I included all three (which would mean a minute of 90 seconds of ads in my show) I would make almost .05 per download. Assuming an audience would sit through so many commercials. A show with 150 downloads would make $7.13 per episode.

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Feb 25, 2019
Finding Love in Podcasting - Being Found By Google

As valentines was this week so we have a special edition of "Because of My Podcast," and speaking of finding things, today we talk about some tools to help you be found in Google.

Because of My Podcast We Found Love:

John Bukenas from Audio Editing Solutions is dating Samantha from I Shake My Head With Lisa and Sam

Chris and Krissie from I Am Salt Lake share their story of dating, marriage, and BABIES!

Jeremy from Podcast We Listen To and Dina Marie from the Twisted Philly podcast

Podcast Rewind: Podcasts We Listen To

I appeared on the Podcast We Listen To podcast talking about my show and the early days of podcasting. This podcast also has a great Facebook group filled with podcast listeners, but it's NOT A PLACE TO PROMOTE YOUR SHOW (this group does that).

I Was Wrong About M4a Files


I published an article on the Podcasting Busines Journal website and mentioned how mp3 files are more reliable then m4a when it comes to pressing play. In the past, I've seen m4a files just spin and spin and not play in Apple Podcasts. When I went back to see if this is still true, it's not.

Free SEO Tools To Help You Be Found in Google


As the search in the podcasts app chokes on the huge amount of shows coming into the podcasting space, there are times when it seems you just can't be found. So if you've done all there is to do, another strategy is to make sure you can be found in this other tool that helps people be found called Google.

I've taken SEO For Podcasting by Daniel J Lewis

SEO Courses from Yoast

Podcast SEO Marketing from Ploymash (Juergen Berkessel )

Tools I've Added and Started Using

Monster Insights Wordpress Plugin that allows you to see Google Analytics in Wordpress.

Neil Patel's Ubersuggest

Domain Authority Checker

Another great suite of tools is Mongools SEO Suite

Question of the Month: What is your TOP Pet Peeve?

You can only pick one. Please send them in by 2/22/19

Alexacast For Sale


I've come to the conclusion that I can't continue (or in this case bring back) the Alexacast. This is a show about the Amazon world, and especially what is happening with Alexa. If you'd like to take this show over, please contact me. You'll need to pay for your media hosting and web hosting. I prefer you host it at 


Podcasting For Fun

34:00 Just a reminder you can podcast for fun. You do NOT have to make money with a podcast.

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Feb 18, 2019
Word of Mouth is Your Army

Spotify Buys the Best and Worst in Podcasting

Spotify bought Gimlet and Anchor. Does this have any effect on "Joe Independent podcaster?" not immediately, but it is a big company, with big pockets, who will spend money to promote podcasting (and that's is a good thing). As for Anchor, I will be making a video to explain the many things wrong with that system in the future. Spotify my want their money back.

She Almost Quit Her Podcast


For nearly two decades, Carolyn Cole was a Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 Senior Company Trial Attorney. In that role, she worked with over 10,000 clients, witnesses, and experts, for over 25,000 collective hours. Today, Carolyn make the case on behalf of your life, business or career dreams – happiness too.

A while ago Carolyn contacted me for some one on one coaching. She was ready to quit. She had heard that the way to have podcast success is to launch with a boatload of episodes, ask people for rating and reviews, and get into New and Noteworthy. She had followed the "recipe" but it hadn't worked and she was ready to quit. I told her not to quit, that podcasting takes time to build up her audience. It's a marathon - not a sprint. She didn't quit.

Check out her show at

In our talk you will hear:

How she almost missed an opportunity with Steve Harvey
How her show and tagline have changed since she started
How she used her podcast to boost her business
How networking with your local chamber of commerce can help you
How 250 Devoted people can work.
How "being small" allows you to do things "bigger" shows don't do.
Behind the scenes of working with larger companies
The Lessons of editing your own stuff
How her audience has changed over the years
Why Millenials should be podcasting
There is no such thing as a "small" podcast
The best and worst parts of podcasting
The book "How to be a Power Connector" help to change her life

Rode Is Giving Away 150,000 in Podcasting Prizes


Submit a 2-minute podcast and enter a chance to win 150,000 worth of podcast equipment. Check it out at

Question of the Month: What is Your TOP Podcasting Pet Peeve?

Record your answer and email it to Or go to my contact page (please put "February Question" in the subject line). I need your answer by February 22nd, 2019.

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Feb 11, 2019
Building Community The No BS Approach to 1000+ Members

Last week we spoke about making sure you have great content, today we have tips on building your community.

Because of My Podcast - I've Got press Passes to the On Air Festival

On-Air Fest is advancing the culture of audio. We bring together an expansive range of emerging and established voices to explore the creative possibilities of sound.

Across multiple spaces in Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel, over 100 talent will share innovative ideas and showcase new work. Join us for a weekend of intimate conversations, performances, art installations, listening parties and live podcasts.

FEB 28-MAR 3 2019

Building Community - Starts Slow, Takes Work, and Then You Have 1000 Members

Jeremy Enns is the Storyteller In Chief of podcast agency Counterweight Creative, fearless leader of the Cut The Bullshit Podcasting Community, and creator of the Podcast Power Pack. He loves the outdoors, long distance cycle touring, and will always look back on the day he finally saved up enough money to buy the Millennium Falcon Lego set as one of his proudest achievements.

Is there BS in the podcast Space?
How do you grow your community?
There hasn't been much moderation needed in his group
Set rules and ensure people follow them
He was working with Women's health world and noticed how well this niche networks together

Podcast Power Pack

A collection of 20_ contributors who are combining all their products and selling them at 90% off on February 25th - Friday, March 1

The Podcast Power Pack is a collection of some of the best online courses, eBooks, membership communities, digital products, and software.

The pack is designed to help you refine your process and grow your podcast in 4 key areas.

check it out at

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School of Podcasting Newsletter

Podfest Multimedia Export in March

Win 150,000 worth of Podcasting Gear From Rode See

This interview was recorded using Squadcast the best way to record remote interviews

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Feb 04, 2019
How Do You Know Your Podcast is Connecting With Your Audience?

Before you start promoting your show, how do you know if it's good? How do you know if it will connect with your audience?

Ready to Start Podcasting?

Imagine you want to start a lawn mowing business and the only way you know how to cut the grass is one blade at a time. That's how I felt about my podcast until the coaching session I had last night with Dave Jackson. I'm Zita Christian host of Ritual Recipes. A podcast filled with practical magic to nourish your inner life. 

I had a coaching session with Dave Jackson last night. He used a screen sharing technique to walk me through the problems I had with my podcast and with my gear and with my website. I am not technically savvy, and that's putting it mildly. But with Dave, that's not a problem. The man is a born teacher. His approach is clear. His attitude is always encouraging and above all, and at least for me, he's patient.

So I asked you do you want to start a podcast? Do you want to fix the one you have? If you answered yes to either one. Get the kind of help that will make a difference.

Work with Dave Jackson. Give your podcast a real chance to succeed.

Zita Christian
Ritual Recipes

How Do You Know Your Show is Good?

According to Jay Soderberg, great content contains the "Three E's" Entertain, Educate, and Emotional (leads to engagement). I've always said contact that you can't get any place else is always a boost (which I guess would fit in under educational)

I posed this question to a few people:


Jay "Podvader" Soderberg from Next Fan Up

Jayson Sacco: The Ankylosing Spondylitis Podcast

Lee Silverstein: We Have Cancer

Andrea Klunder: The Creative Impostor

Natalie Eckdahl: Biz Chix

Super Joe Pardo: Business with Super Joe Pardo

David Steele: Steele Empire

Gene Monterastelli: Tapping Q and A Podcast

Jeremy Ends: Podcast Powerpack

Darwyn Dave: Dealing with My Grief

You NEED to connect with your audience wherever they are. Quit staring at the Apple podcast charts and focus on your audience (which leads to you moving into the charts if done consistently).

Realize what works for one podcast does not mean this will work for your show, so you may need the courage to try something new. Natalie uses coaching calls as part of her show. Lee changed the name of his show from The Colon Cancer Podcast to "We Have podcast." 

Gene and Natalie have VERY SPECIFIC ideas of who they want listening, and how they will gauge success (and it has nothing to do with rankings and reviews). Jeremy has helped clients who are happy they tried surveys. Andrea helps people define who their target audience is. 

When you know who your target audience is, and you understand the goal of your show, you can start to chart a path between the two. 

Mentioned in this podcast

Google Forms

Type Form


Jan 28, 2019
The Podcast Launch Attitude

2019 Prediction

I see more and more people getting into podcasting who

  • Want to spend zero money
  • Spend very little time on creating content
  • Make large amounts of money - quickly

My prediction is 98% of the people who get into podcasting for the SOLE reason of making money fast will quit and say podcasting does not work. This episode is to educate you with knowledge so you can make an educated decision.

Keep mind, you DO NOT have to make money with your podcast. Many, many, many podcasters do it for the love of the topic.

Because of My Podcast: Emily Prokop Will Be on TV


Emily Prokop from The Story Behind Podcast and EPodcast Productions has had "Because of My Podcast" Stories in the past (as she got a book deal). Now because of her podcast (which brought her a book deal), she is going to be on Inside Edition. How cool is that? Congrats Emily

Update on Rode Rodecaster Pro


Last week we had three people share their insights into the Rode Rodecaster Pro, and I had not tied the unit into Skype yet. I agree when you use the phone, it sounds like, the phone. I had Jonathan Bloom from Weekly Awesome and Miss Ileane Smith join me on Ask the Podcast Coach via the wired TRRS cable, using Skype and out sounded much better. Johnathan was on Skype in his phone and Ileane was using an ATR2100 and sounded awesome.

The Potential Harm of Launching Your Podcast With a Patreon


While I realize that starting to promote a patreon account the minute you start podcasting may seem like a great idea, my worry is this is another criteria (like your download stats) to gauge your process. I'm not saying it's wrong, but I want you to go into this with your eyes wide open.

How Do We Get Sucked In?

There are people on patreon making thousands of dollars a month. In the same way, that ice skaters, musicians, comedians, and athletes make their craft look easy, so do these podcasters. You talk into a mic, ask people for money, and watch the cash roll in.

Nothing could be further from the truth

How Do You Feel About PBS Pledge Drives?

Think about how you feel when watching a PBS pledge drive. You’re enjoying the smooth tones of James Taylor as you reminisce about the first time you heard this song on the radio. The memories make you feel warm and then BOOM! We need some money.

If you don’t have a relationship with PBS, (and found this while channel surfing) I’m going to bet these interruptions are quite annoying. Without a relationship, pledge drives make you want to change the channel (at least for me it does).

So does this mean that your pledge drives in the early days of your podcast is a bad idea? I guess it all depends on how entertaining and creative you are in asking for support.

Things To Consider As a New Podcaster

While launching with a Patreon campaign allows you to practice your pitch, and gets your audience used to hearing your pledge drive in episodes, there are a few things to consider:

  • You may find yourself focusing more on your Patreon rewards instead of focusing on making great content that inspires your audience to tell a friend.
  • You can practice your pledge drive pitch in the basement.
  • You don’t have a relationship with these your audience and yet you're asking for a favor.
  • Unless you organized a focus group, you may not be delivering value (and yet you are asking for value in return). Your Mom is not a focus group.
  • If you are doing great you can expect 3% of your audience to join your campaign. If you have 100 listeners this means you MIGHT get 3.
  • According to in January of 2019: 704,041 creators received a total of $1,512,275. That's a little over $2 per patron.
  • The lack of patrons can damage your attitude and make you want to quit your podcast. If your sole reason for starting your podcast was for quickly getting money, you should stop.

The Pressure of Patreon


Jordan Harbinger gave up being a lawyer to do a podcast where he interviews people and talks about communications and social dynamics. On Friday he answers questions from his audience. One other thing, Jordan gets millions of downloads for this show. A listener of his was having a hard time finding the courage to launch his content. The person was already worried about the business side of his content, and he had been sitting on it for two years.

Jordan brings up a great point of the pressure of running your podcast as a business right out the door. That pressure could hinder your creativity, affect your attitude in a negative way and hinder you from creating a great show that will attract an audience. Keep in mind, no audience - no money.  With this added pressure, the podcast might not be fun. Also, keep in mind when you first start out you're not going to be as good as you will be in a few years.

He brought up a great point about how easily we can talk to people we would normally be attracted when we are in a relationship. Why? No pressure.

He explains that when he first started he just liked talking about it to his friends. That lead to him talking to others in bars, which lead to... being known as the Larry King of Podcasting.

You can't help, serve, or entertaining anyone with your files on your hard drive. Just launch.

Check out Jordan's Show at and check out his level one FREE Human Dynamics course. Check out my interviews with Jordan here and here.

But Shouldn't You Treat Your Podcast Like a Business?


I've had people who have businesses that sell ads in their show who treat their podcast as a business. They have to. While you are starting out, you may not be in this situation. It may be smart to plan ahead, but it is a bit like buying a crib for your future child when you are still a virgin.

Most businesses the podcast is not the business. It is the part of the marketing arm of the business to promote their products. When your product is Patreon, that is fine but realize that most podcasters who are doing it for a living have multiple streams of income (products, ads, affiliate sales, live events).

Also, if your podcast is not a business or promoting a business - it leads me to my next point.

Shut Up and Have Fun With Your Podcast

If you are doing a podcast for fun, and meet like-minded people or friend and family - then do that. Pay no attention to the podcasters chasing a buck. There are SO MANY WAYS to benefit from podcasting (see because of my podcast) and money is just ONE of them.

When you compare your podcast to another it - unless it someone doing the same exact show with the exact same background, it is NEVER a fair comparison.

Don't worry about the money, the downloads, new and noteworthy, Apple charts, and just HAVE FUN doing your podcast and see where it leads you.

Canva Vs Snappa

Graphics can help attract attention to show notes, your episodes, etc.

I was working on making a new image for my YouTube channel and found Snappa. I had heard about it. I have been using for a while. After banging my head against the wall to have my image show up correctly in YouTube, Snappa seemed to have the edge. They have more photos, and when making a YouTube channel artwork Snappa worked better. However, you typically make a YouTube Channel artwork once or twice a year. Other items I make weekly.

Canva has multiple folders you can create, they make copying and resizing images easier, and while you will still probably occasionally have to pay for an image even if you are paying for their $12 a month "business" package, I found it better thought out. You can crop images while you are using them. With Snappa, you had to crop it before bringing it into your graphic (how do I know how much I need to crop it if I haven't seen it with the other items?).

A Free Image Strategy,, and Adobe Spark all have free versions. If you're on a tight budget and don't mind taking more time to browse through multiple portals (along with places like pixabay) you might try signing up for a free account on all three. For me, I live Canva. The offer tutorials to help you get the most out of the service.

Work With Me

If you're ready to start your podcast, I have multiple plans for multiple budgets. I want to help you build a successful podcast. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I also have a podcast quick start program for those who are looking to get up and running quickly and then have a brief mentorship.

Jan 21, 2019
Three Opinions on the Rode Rodecaster Pro

The Rode Rodecaster Pro has caught the attention of many podcasters, and some have pulled the trigger. Jim Harold (Paranormal podcast) and Jeff Bradury from Teachercast have purchased the unit. I want to thank Rode for shipping me a unit to play with. Their first impression was amazing.

Is It Worth the Money?

If purchased a four channel mixer a popular mixer is the Behringer Q1202USB is $119

A Mackie Headphone Amplifier is $40

A Jingle pallet can cost you $10 (Backpack Studio on iOs) but you'll need a phone or a tablet

A portable recorder at its cheapest is $119 for a Zoom H1N

The Aphex processing would cost you $345.

Total Price: That would be $120+40+10+120+345 = $635

The Rodecaster Pro clocks in at $599 and you avoid all the cabling all over the place. You don't have to learn about "Gain staging" and if you're using a half decent microphone, you're going to sound great.

Spec Sheet PDF

Quick Start Guide

Jeff Bradbury of Teachercast

9:51 Jeff Bradbury from the Teachercast loves his Rodecaster Pro

Jeff had a situation where he needed to interview someone over the phone and it turned out great.

Jeff points out that if you're using something external for mix-minus, you might hit a snag

He also wishes it came with a Micro SD card. He has worked with it on Skype and Zoom. Jeff is using a Mac

If you're a teacher, check out everything Jeff has to offer at

Jim Harold From the Paranormal Podcast

14:21 Jim Harold has been podcasting since 2005 and produces the Paranormal Podcast, Campfire, Crime Scene along with being the author of many books (all available at )

Jim loves the ease of use and enjoys having a noise gate to cut out room noise when he's not talking.

He really loves the sound the unit is producing. At the time of the recording, Jim had used it for 4-6 new episodes.

Jim has used a Sound Devices Mixpre-3, and a Zoom L12, but really loves the sound he is producing with the Rodecaster.

Jim also records a show with his wife called Soulmate Stories and it makes it super easy to pull in people who want to share their stories check it out at

Jim also hopes in the future there is a way to access recording without having to take the micro SD card out.

Jim is also on a Mac.

Jim also feels that while he doesn't miss having separate tracks for each person, it would be nice to offer this option in the future.

Dave Jackson's Rodecaster Review

First of all, I was blown away by the package that was sent to me from the Rode people. This was my first interaction with this company, and I'm not sure I've experienced such a great first impression.

I love that you can configure this in minutes. You simply pair the unit with your phone and you're off and running. I used it on Saturday for a live show using Google Hangouts and also on a Group Coaching call using and while Rode says it's not set up for the USB to be "mix minus" it appears to work.

I like that you can reset the timer if you make a flub and want to start again without stopping the recording.

I love the built-in headphone amplifier (don't miss the 3.5mm on the front if you are flying solo). I have my headphones plugged into one, and my studio monitors into another.

I am having a slight playback issue (I'm the only one of the three using a new Windows machine).

I also hate the MicroSD Card and would love to drag and drop the files to my computer without having to take the card out.

I wish there was a pause button so if something goes wrong you could pause the recording. I also wish there was a pause on the jingle buttons so if you wanted to stop and comment on something and then resume your could.

In my tests using the TRRS cable made myself sound better to the caller, but decreased their volume. The blue tooth option made the caller louder, but I sounded "not as good" to the caller (but still usable)

While  Dave doesn't miss separate tracks (but admittedly he is interviewing podcasters who have decent audio quality) he does wish there was a tad more control over the tone.

A Weird Playback Issue on Windows

46:18 I had a weird playback issue that apparently does not go into the recording. It is somewhat like a "buzz" that only I hear (not the people on the call. As I just recently got my unit and started putting it through the paces I am the only person I know having these issues. I have contacted Rode support to see if there is something on my end. I have found that whatever program I'm using if I temporarily switch what I'm using for a microphone it goes away.

Microphone Shootout The Rode Procaster vs the Electrovoice RE320

52:54 The Rode Procaster has a very warm sound to it. While I didn't have a pop filter on it, but not talking directly into it I had no popping issues. The RE320 has a nice clear sound and really there is no bad choice here. For me, I've been using the RE320 for years. I enjoy the clarity, and the tone doesn't seem to change much if I get close to the mic. The Rode Procaster is $189. The Electrovoice RE320 is $299. If you are looking for the warmth of a Heil Pr40 without the $327 price tag, you might give it a shot. There is a WS2 Windscreen for the Procaster if you want one.

Best Uses Of the Rodecaster Pro

If you are doing a podcast where up to four people are in the room, and you want a very short learning curve through the technology, this is the unit for you. You just need to:

  • Do your best not to talk over each other (although channel one can be set as the "top dog" with a ducking feature which turns everyone down)
  • There is no way to tell how much time is left, or how long a jingle will be playing. With this in mind, don't have music you have to "talk up" and then have the music fade in. This would take some practice, or the music you are talking over has to be OBVIOUS when it's time to fade it back in.

With the above items, with a little planning ahead you can sound like an old radio pro in minutes.

So if you have a co-host(s) and occasionally have a guest who wants to call in via the phone - this is THE solution.

How I Managed Live Calls on the Ask the Podcast Coach Last Week

Last week I used the Rodcaster Pro to take phone calls on a live streaming program. I used Google Live (formerly Google Hangouts on Air) for my video. I if you just want audio you can use a tool such a to stream your audio to your audience, or which also will stream audio.

To create a call queue, I use I attached my phone to the Rodecaster Pro via Bluetooth, and called my host number at and gave out the phone number for the callers. I monitor the calls via and can add them to the call, or drop them if needed. They came through and sounded great.

Jan 14, 2019
Smarter Podcasting - Avoid These 7 Time Wasters

This is another episode where I share some of the "mistakes" that I see people are making in the podcasting space. We need to focus on our audience, not the technology. There are times when we focus on the technology because you are using the wrong tool. Here are things some thing that may be burning you out, wasting your time, and stopping your podcast from being successful.

Sometimes Obsess Over Details that Don't Effect Our Episode

As a tech support person, I see people obsess over details that will have little or no effect on their episode or podcast growth.

  • I want to know how many people listened in Mongolia on December 12, 2017. Unless you're going on tour, why?
  • The music in my add is of beat
  • The video on Facebook that NOBODY is watching more than 2 seconds.

Using The Wrong Software to Create Your Podcast

I often refer to this as painting with peanut butter. When you use the tool for the job, you make creating your podcast a hassle and you are likely to get burned out and quit.

If the tool you are using to create your audio doesn't allow you to create an mp3 - it's the wrong tool as you will have to use a different program.

I see people who use the wrong software go to Facebook groups trying, and trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole.

I recommend Hindenburg Journalist (I use Pro), Audacity, and Adobe Audition.

I'm not saying all video programs are bad, but they need to be able to export as an mp3.

If you need help turning a WAV or AAC file into an mp3 I've got a free tutorial for you.

Troubleshooting Trying to Get Something Bright and Shiny

For whatever reason, I could not use My computer would lock up. I had tried a couple of things, but it would always lock up. Again, this was not their problem, it was a problem with my machine.

I could have wiped my computer clean, and reloaded all my software, backed up all my files and spent a TON of time. This is where you need to ask FOR WHAT? Lower thirds on my video, and video switching. This is where you need to ask a question, has my audience asked for the feature I'm trying to add? Is this really something that is going to help me grow my audience?

Missing the Off-Ramp to Happy Town

There are times when you want technology to work, and it doesn't. Then someone alerts to a solution, but you don't like it. Instead, you decide to go back and bang your head against a wall.

Different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn change how they handle podcasts on a somewhat frequent basis. You want it to work one way, but it doesn't. You can manually post to any of these places taking the same steps. You found success - follow it.

Maybe you're trying to do something and it won't work with Safari, but it would work with chrome. Instead of using Chrome you decide to band your head against the wall using Safari. You just discovered a solution. You can move forward using a new tool, or troubleshoot Apple's product for free.

Working Outside Your Zone of Genius

I spent some time playing with the Divi WordPress theme on one of my sites, and I hit some issues that is probably with the Media host. It might be a problem with some plugins. I am working with the tech support team, but web design, in general, is not my best skill, and it might make more sense to let an actual web designer take over, and then let me maintain.

Confusing Activity with Productivity

I was spending hours listening to podcasts about podcasting that were not bad shows. However, I am blessed with my students, my audience, and lots of contacts in the podcasting space. With this in mind, I'm not learning anything from these show. For the investment in time, I'm not learning anything that I can share with you. Meanwhile, I'm reading books that have me thinking, and coming up with new ideas for episodes.

Creating Garbage Audio to be Cleaned Up Later

If you are doing a podcast with Interview is have the potential guest record something and send it to you. This will help separate the good from the not so good. If this is not a strategy you want to follow I would urge you to make sure the quality of the recording is the best you can get. Recently I've been having people with what we call "Popping P's" where they have the microphone positioned in the wrong place. If you have this situation,  stop the interview and have them reposition the microphone and save "Happy Peanut Butter" if they can do that without causing a pop (technically called a "Plosive") then you are good to go. It not, you or your editor has a long day in front of them.

Think Long Term

I realize that some of the things we mentioned today cost money. Everything in life will be paid for in one of two currencies: time or money. While I could take the time to brush up on the Web Design skills, it might be smarter to pay someone. It might take money (although Audacity is free) to buy the right software (or to buy a pop filter). Most of the ideas here are based on two things

Focus: Know the audience

Action: Take steps to serve them and deliver value.

My Favorite Podcast Is Rewind

I had two people Fred Castenada of the Podcast Reporter and Kim Krajci from Toastmasters 101 send in files for last week's My Favorite Podcast is.. episode that I do every year."

Fred loves the No Agenda show for information you can't get any place else and Kim loves Forking Bullshirt as it makes her laugh.

New Backpack Studio Replaces Bossjock Studio

Backpack Studio is a $10 app for iOs only that makes creating a podcast on your iPhone or iPad super easy. You can even add your image, and show notes and publish them to Libsyn using FTP (are you listening people).

  • A HUGE amount of slots for sounds for you to play (great for anyone looking for a jingle pallet
  • A nice help screen when you start the app
  • Ability to export in many formats
  • The audio while recording still has a weird echo, but this is not on the recording

Buy it in the Apple store

Mentioned in This Episode

Podfest in Orlando in March

Podcast Movement in August

Logical Weight Loss Podcast

Let Me Be Your Podcast Guide

Jan 07, 2019
My Favorite Podcast Is 2018 Edition

Sponsor: Focusrite


I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy to get your microphone into your computer (and have the option to have a co-host as well) without having to look at a TON of knobs, check out the Focusrite 2i2. As I'm on a PC, I downloaded a driver, plugged in the unit, and was ready to record. If you're on a Mac computer, you just plug it in.

If you want a backup copy of your recording, plug a cable into the monitor out and send the signal to your portable recorder.

It's built like a tank and is a lovely shade of red.

Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.

My Favorite Podcast Is 2018

CLICK HERE for a PDF featuring expanded descriptions and links to all the shows mentioned

Thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions. These are in no apparent order:

2:57 My Dad wrote a Porno - Sent in from Anna Seewald from Authentic Parenting - Parenting From the Heart

4:44 Assumptions Podcast (with an Atheist and Christian co-host a show ). Sent in from Alexander from Dear Subjects  (help Alexander build the new nation

5:32 Hardcore History Sent in from Arnie Chapman the Football History dude. Learn about the history of foot

6:57 Films on Trial (which has great debates, and is very unique) -Sent in from Brad of the Cinema Guys (they love movies!)

8:13 The Nolecast: Florida State football analysis - Sent in from of the Brandon of the Florida Focus Podcast ( A College Football Podcast)

9:26 The Art of ManlinessSent in from Chris Nesi of the House of Ed Tech Podcast (changing the way teachers teach )

10:43 Imaginary Worlds ( Sci-fi genre narrative ) Sent in from Dave of the DC Onscreen podcast (A podcast about the DC Universe, specifically on screen) 

11:49 Meet the Holifields ( a great, fun, entertaining behind the scenes of a married couple) Sent in from Eliquitie of the Travel Gluten Free Podcast (Enjoy Food, Enjoy Travel, Enjoy Life )

13:29 The Model Health Show  (variety topics in addition to fitness)- Sent in from Ernie of the Snooks and Lovey podcast (insights into a new married couple) 

15:10 Crime Writers On  (cause Haley just wanted more Serial talk) - Sent in from Haley Radke of the Adoptees On Podcast (Where Adoptees Discuss the Adoption Experience )

17:49 Cliff Ravenscraft Show Sent in from Josh of the Corner Cutters Podcast (all about Solving the Rubik's Cube in record time

19:04 Dave predicts Cliff will be a life coach back in 2014

20:00 The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg Sent in from Josh of the Saving Elephants Podcast ( conservative values with a mercifully modern twist ) 

21:39 Bill Bur's Monday Morning Podcast (it makes Josh laugh, best ad reads ) - Sent in from Josh Liston of the On the Bubble Podcast

23:39 Jody Mayberry Sent in from Josh Rivers of the Podcast Experiments Podcast

25:28 The Feed the Official Libyn Podcast -Sent in from Justin of the Optimal Living Daily (The Best Blogs Narrated for You Daily)

26:27  The Big Story ( In Depth look on Canada, in quick chunks) Sent from Mark Des Cotes of the Resourceful Designer Podcast (helping graphic artists/ web designers)

27:28 Uncivil Podcast ( an amazing mix of storytelling and conversation) Sent in from Mark Shapiro MD  of the Explore the Space Podcast (Examining the interface between healthcare & society)

28:52 The Newsworthy (a great short podcast with the latest news) Sent in from Matt Rafferty of The Author Inside You Podcast (encourage authors to write and publish their first book). Hear Erica on Podcast Junkies

29:58 Reply All (a show about the Internet) Sent in by Max Prescott from of the Aviation News Talk Podcast (General aviation podcast)

31:11 Free Field trainingSent in from Mike Wilkerson of the What Cops Watch Podcast (Go behind the badge).  Hear the review of What Cops Watch on the Podcast Review Show

32:40 The Bill Simmons Podcast - Recorded when Monica Rivera from the You Wanna Do What? (giving you the nudge you need) guest hosted on the Ask the Podcast Coach.

35:37 Philly Who? ( Amazing Interviews from Philadelphia People ) Sent in from Miss Ileane Smith of the Ms Ileane Speaks Podcast ( great social media tips) Ms Ilean might check out Twisted Philly

37:54 Online Marketing Made Easy (Amy Porterfield) Sent in from Natalie of the Unreserved Wine Talk

40:00 Without Fail Sent in from Randy Cantrell of the Grow Great (short business advice delivered daily)) and Leaning Towards Wisdom Podcasts. 

41:20 The Jeff Ruebin Jeff Ruebin show ( unique guests with great discussions) Sent in from Sandy of the Made in Museums Podcast (curious museums for curious minds)

43:05 Security Now Sent in from Garret of the Good Patron podcast (on supporting musicians) 

43:43 Case File (true crime) Sent in from Scott Johnson of the What was that like? Podcast (Real people in unreal situations)

46:08 Podcast Rodeo Show Sent in from Scott Orr of the Code 3 Podcast ( Firefighters Podcast) 

47:41 On BeingSent in from Gregory of the Collected Clan (conversational biographies of relatable people)

49:40 School of Podcasting (you'e looking at it) - Sent in from Stephen of the Mind Over Stress

50:33 Stacking Benjamins Sent in from Steve Stewart at

52:00 The Thomas Jefferson Hour (history podcast)  Sent in from Terry of the Discovering America

54:07 School of Podcasting - Sent in from Todd of the Keto Confidential (about the Ketogenic Diet)

56:13 You Wanna Do What? Sent in from Zack Demopoulos of the Rasing (pa) Rents (tips for Caregivers)

58:38 Speaking Your Brand - Sent From Zita of the Ritual Recipes

59:14 School of Podcasting - Win Charles

 Podcast Talent Coach - Sent From Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting

1:01:10 Broken Record (behind the scenes of music) submitted by Eric K Johnson from the Podcast Talent Coach show (helping you create engaging content)

Let Me Help You With Your Podcast

If you want to learn at your own pace, join the School of Podcasting

If you have specific questions or are looking for a Podcast Mentor check out

Dec 31, 2018
Turn Your Podcast Into a Book with Dave Chessen

Dave Chessen is known as the Kindlepreneur and is the host of the Book Marking Show and has turned his blog into a podcast. His show has a great format as he talks about a strategy in his show and then interviews someone who is using that strategy.

Where I've Been: 2 Minute Tips Podcast


I was interviewed on the 2 Minute Tips podcast where we talk about my experience as a presenter and my 20 years as a corporate trainer and any tips on making good presentations. Check it out at

My Favorite Podcast Question of the Month


If you'd like some exposure for your show it's super easy. Send in your answer and give the following information

  1. You #1 favorite podcast (only 1)
  2. Where can I find it (website)
  3. Why is it your favorite
  4. Your podcast (if you have one)
  5. Where can we find your show?
  6. What is it about?


Deve Chessen Behind the Scenes of Launching a Book


I interviewed Dave Chessen for my More Podcast Money podcast, and in listening to the episode I felt you would appreciate it because:

  • Many podcasters at events have mentioned writing a book
  • There are plenty of strategies that align in both launching a podcast and launching a book

In this interview, you will hear:

  • Planning with the end in mind
  • Tips on getting good artwork/book cover on a budget
  • The importance of editing
  • How podcasting has helped his brand
  • How much you can expect to spend on launching a book

Check out Dave at  and his Book Marketing Show ( SELL MORE BOOKS WITH AMAZON BOOK ADS)

Kindle Keywords article

Great Podcast Starter Kit Q2U Podcast Pack


If you are looking to start a podcast, this is a great package. 

  • Cardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing noise and off-axis audio that can cause feedback.
  • Frequency response of 44.1 / 48 kHz, 16-bit resolution. Low-latency headphone monitoring w/ a level control.
  • XLR and USB outputs to record to Mac or Windows-based computer while at the same time connect to a mixer, preamplifier, or PA system.
  • On/Off switch controls both USB and XLR audio outputs. Microphone is plug and play requiring no driver installation.
  • Practical & necessary accessories like a mic boom arm that offers 28" of arms reach, a pop filter that softens explosive sounds, & more in the bundle.

All this for $105.

If you bought similar items

Samson Q2U Microphone $59

Boom Arm $54

Headphones $35

Windscreen $3

Pop Filter $10

Total would be $161 (You save $56)

Check it out

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

The Software on Dave's Computer


Podcast I Will Be Loading On My New computer


Long Tail Pro Software

Beaver Builder Software

Divi Theme

Free Baby Steps Podcast Course 

Jim Harold

Free Headline Tools

Work With Me

If you are ready to start a podcast

If you need a podcast mentor see me

Dec 24, 2018
Loyal Dax Shepard Fans Are Selling Out Theaters


Today we hear from Try Heinritz of the Blacklist Exposed reveal what it was like to see Dax Shepard record his podcast in a sold-out Chicago Theater.

Sponsor: Focusrite


I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy to get your microphone into your computer (and have the option to have a co-host as well) without having to look at a TON of knobs, check out the Focusrite 2i2. As I'm on a PC, I downloaded a driver, plugged in the unit, and was ready to record. If you're on a Mac computer, you just plug it in.

If you want a backup copy of your recording, plug a cable into the monitor out and send the signal to your portable recorder.

It's built like a tank and is a lovely shade of red.

Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.

Dax Shepard is Selling Out Theaters so People Can Watch Him Record His Podcast

Dax Shepard is the man behind the Arm Chair Expert podcast (voted best one of the best of in Apple Podcasts).  He has taken his show on the road.

Here is what it shows when you go to buy Dax Shepperd Tickets:

Hi, I'm Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories.

We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment.

What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human truths without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

His event in Los Angelas at The Theatre at Ace Hotel (1600 capacity) in January is also sold out.

Tips and insights from Troy


  • Start on time
  • Maybe have some sort of playbill so people know what to expect
  • The warm-up act was great
  • It was cool that the band customized the music basic on the location
  • Dax was uber-prepared and next lost control of the conversation
  • He provided a story that he told the audience he won't include in the podcast

You Could Do an Online Event With Two Simple Tools

Yes, people may not travel to come to your event, and for those people, you can do an online event using (up to 100 people for $15) and Eventbrite.

Eventbrite pricing is 2% + $0.79. If you want to be paid before your event, then the pricing is 3.5% + $1.59. If you want a free event, there are no charges (so if you wanted to sell 100 tickets you could do it for free).  Ticketleap is another option for ticketing

Holding a Local Event


David Hooper has a history in the music marketing business and held many events. I love both his Big Podcast and Red Podcast. He recently has stepped into the podcast world and has already held two events for podcasters (and has a 93,000-word book coming out in 2019). I've known Dave over a decade (and have appeared on his Music Business Radio show on the radio/podcast). Here are some tips from Dave

  • Early bird sales can boost sales
  • Make sure the event fits in with your brand especially when choosing a venue
  • Ask your network for suggestions on a venue
  • Some places you may get for free on off nights (like Tuesday)
  • You need an agenda. Don't "Wing it."
  • You will probably bring in a PA system sooner than you think.
  • Make sure there is plenty of time to give attendees a break (food, bathroom, etc) if its a full day event
  • People appreciate a slower pace than cramming too much content into the vent.
  • Behind the scenes of his Nashville event.

Lots of good bloopers at the end of the show from out talk

The Question of the Month: What is Your (ONE) Favorite Podcast And WHY?


I do this every year for the last episode of the year. It's a great way to discover new shows, and it also gives us insights into WHY people like podcasts. Please provide the following:

  1. The name of the show (ONLY ONE)
  2. The website of the show
  3. What it's about
  4. Why you like it 
  5. Then provide the same about your show (name, location, and what it's about).

I need the answer by 12/28/18. Go to the contact page. If you want to record and email it in, please put “December question: in the title


Work With Me


Dec 17, 2018
Dr. Ryan Gray Prescribes Value and Consistency Above All

Today we are joined from Dr. Ryan Gray from the Medical School Headquarters and he shares his philosophy of starting and growing his podcasts.

The question of the Month

What is your ONE favorite podcast for 2018? Why is it your favorite, and where can I find it (then tell us about your show and where we can find it)

For more information see

Dr. Ryan Gray of the Medical School Headquarters Podcast


Ryan is currently publishing seven different shows

6:55 Start a website with a positive vibe to help medical students

7:55 He was nervous about starting and waiting six months to launch

9:30 How by starting too broad he rebranded his show

11:00 What enabled him to transition from Doctor to Podcaster?

13:45 How he sought out companies that had content that fit his audience

15:28 How he goes about adding a show to his network

17:40 How his sales pitch is not a sales pitch

21:34 How many shows is he planning on launching

23:13 How much of the day to day stuff is he doing?

24:58 What are his first two employees are doing?

26:14 How he had made lifestyle choices to make this work

A family that podcasts together stays together

28:10 Ryan also has three books and he shares how he put them together and worked with Morgan James Publishing

30:10 Ryan's Advice to people wanting to follow in his footsteps but in their niche

32:00 Ryan's Experience with NFC Chips (Dave had found some on, there are programmable card on Amazon)

33:40 Promoting his podcast at events

35:50 His biggest success and his biggest failure

37:50 Biggest mistakes new podcasters make

How do you build an audience - one person at a time

39:25 Has he ever missed an episode?

Main Takeaways

He start by first providing value to his audience - not money, not downloads

He does things other people don't (engages people at his booth instead of staring at his phone)

His wife supports his plan, and now he is supporting hers. For more on this needing support see the "Three Things Every Podcaster Needs" episode

My WordPress Updated to 5.0 HELP!

43:20  If you're website updates automatically you can install a plugin called "Classic Editor"  that makes the new version of Wordpress look like the old version of your website

Work With Me

Join the School of PodcastingPodcast Mentorship Program

Dec 10, 2018
11 Steps To Grow Your Podcast Audience

Because of My Podcast: I Get to Talk to NFL Players


Chris Husby shares how his show devoted to discussing Special Teams topics and interviewing some of the biggest special teams names in the NFL and beyond! has allowed him to talk to some of his favorite NFL players. Check it out the 4th Down Experience

Sponsor: Focusrite


I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy to get your microphone into your computer (and have the option to have a co-host as well) without having to look at a TON of knobs, check out the Focusrite 2i2. As I'm on a PC, I downloaded a driver, plugged in the unit, and was ready to record. If you're on a Mac computer, you just plug it in.

If you want a backup copy of your recording, plug a cable into the monitor out and send the signal to your portable recorder.

It's built like a tank and is a lovely shade of red.

Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.

The Question of the Month: What is Your (ONE) Favorite Podcast And WHY?

I do this every year for the last episode of the year. It's a great way to discover new shows, and it also gives us insights into WHY people like podcasts. Please provide the following:

  1. The name of the show
  2. The website of the show
  3. What it's about
  4. Why you like it 
  5. Then provide the same about your show (name, location, and what it's about).

I need the answer by 12/28/18. Go to the contact page. If you want to record and email it in, please put "December question: in the title

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience

1. Give Your Audience What They Want


  • Know who your target audience.

Some things you’ll want to have to create your target client avatar are:

Brands They Use + Purchase From
What Kind Of Language They Use
Where They Spend Their Time
Their Pain Points
What They Hope To Achieve + Accomplish

STALK your target audience.

  • Participate in online groups to listen to what they are talking
  • Use something like Google Forms to create an audience survey (see this episode on creating surveys)
  • Get some constructive feedback from your show. This needs to come from someone who you feel is your target audience
  • Go to Amazon and look at books and see what is in the table of contents
  • Kindle Unlimited has access to magazines (see what the magazines are writing about)
  • Check your stats and look for trends
  • Have good audio quality. If you use a Yetti, make sure you are using it properly. Do not use the built-in microphone of your laptop

2. Make Your Titles Count


  • The titles of your episodes can boost the number of downloads. Do NOT name your show NAME OF PODCAST EPISODE 16
  • Try to have at least 300 words for your show notes
  • Make sure your listing in Apple podcasts has the proper link to your website

3. Get Your Podcast On Their Device


    • Have subscribed buttons for Apple and Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify
  • Have directions with a screenshot on how to subscribe
  • Show them how to subscribe on Facebook and YouTube
  • Get an app if your audience isn't too technical
  • I use the Subscribe and Follow Plugin for my Subscribe Page

4. Make It Easy To Share Your Show


  • My favorite plugin for this is Social Warfare
  • Click to tweet (free)
  • NFC Business Card ( from Moo $22 for 20). NFC Business Cards should work with most Android devices and newer iPhones. Digital Business Cards work with any NFC-enabled mobile device. Here is a video Sadly Apple aren’t playing ball right now. That’s not to say things won’t change in the future though – and we’ll certainly keep a spot warm for them on Team NFC!
  • Create Show notes worth Sharing

5 Get On Other Shows


  • Others shows have podcast listeners
  • Do your research
  • Do you bring value to their audience?
  • Be personal - no form letters
  • Help a Reporter Out
  • Be the guest you'd want to have on your show

6 Interview Other Similar Podcasts Hosts


  • Can they bring value to your audience?
  • Do a unique interview that inspires them to share
  • Do all the work for them so all they have to do is copy and share
  • Realize this may not boost downloads, but it boosts your network

7. Use Social Media


  • Ask your target audience what platforms they use
  • Promote on those platforms
  • Direct them to a page to listen and subscribe
  • Automate Your Sharing (Libsyn, Blubrry, IFTT)
  • Consider adding your show to youTube
  • Check out Recur Post (mentioned in episode 646 with Steph Taylor )

8 Pay For Exposure


  • Facebook ads
  • Spotify Ads
  • ads
  • Cheapest I've heard of $2 per subscriber (and often more like $4 per subscriber)
  • You might want to advertise on other shows

9 Always Be Promoting


  • Setup a signature in your email with a link to your website. If you use Gmail, you can set this up. For a slightly "fancy" email check out Wise Stamp
  • Use a system like Slick Text ( text  ' sop ' to 31996 and you will get two links to subscribe on Android or Apple )
  • You might consider giving out T-shirts or posters to put in the back seat windows of your car from Teepublic
  • Get business cards that promote your show (with or without your contact information). Cards from Moo are roughly 30 cents each. has even cheaper prices.

10 Go To Events


  • Go to Podcasting Events - not to grow your audience, but your network
  • More importantly, go to events in your niche
  • Check out

11. Build Your Promotion Team


Moving Forward:

You need to make it interesting:

Everything has been said before, but it’s never been said by you. Your point of view is what makes you interesting. — Jory MacKay You might ask yourself, "how can I cover this in a way that only I can?"

Sean MCabe had mentioned how there is are things you feel comfortable with, and there are things that nobody is talking about. Your content is where those two intersect.

Be Patient

It took Seth Godin four years to pull away from being "just another blogger" to being, well, Seth Godin.

It took Jerry Seinfeld 17 years to have his show (he appeared on the Tonight Show for nine years before getting his own show, which was almost canceled)

Mentioned in this Show

Emily Prokop and the Story Behind Podcast

10 Thousands Downloads Per Episode in Five Months Noah Tetzner Interview

Northeast Ohio Podcasters Meetup

FNC and Regular Business Cards From Moo

A Star is Born Video Clip

Recur Post (mentioned in episode 646 with Steph Taylor )

Teepublic for t-shirts

Moo for business cards

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Subscribe and Follow Plugin

Let Me Help You Start Your Podcast

Dec 03, 2018
Where Are All These Downloads Coming From? Steph Taylor on Tracking the Source of Your Listeners

SPONSOR: Focusrite USB Interfaces


I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy to get your microphone into your computer (and have the option to have a co-host as well) without having to look at a TON of knobs, check out the Focusrite 2i2. As I'm on a PC, I downloaded a driver, plugged in the unit, and was ready to record. If you're on a Mac computer, you just plug it in.

If you want a backup copy of your recording, plug a cable into the monitor out and send the signal to your portable recorder.

It's built like a tank and is a lovely shade of red.

Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website. Rolls Out Custom Tracking Codes

3:21 recently rolled out custom tracking codes for those on their advanced stats. This allows you to enter a code(s) for an episode so you can track where your podcast comes from. Most podcast hosting platforms give you access to geographic data, and insight into what apps people are using as well as the number of downloads. The good news is anybody can share your podcast. I've known people who had giant boosts in downloads by having a popular blog link to their website. If you had a tracking code for that episode on your website, you would get more than "A player" or "A browser" you would be able to see the source of your downloads. 

In doing a quick test I made a link for my newsletter, and more my website so I could see that yes, both of those sources had people listening to my episode. 

Get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree


What If I Don't Have a Libsyn Account?

You can use what are called UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) which is a format used by Google to track things. You can go to to create a campaign. Here is a link to a video that explains it (from Google)

Steph Taylor From the Socialite Podcast Sheds Some Light on UTMs


I met Steph at We Are Podcast 2018 in Melbourne Australia. She is awesome, and once saved me from a giant cockroach (a long story for another time). She's only been podcasting for around six months and is having huge success (thousands of downloads). Check out her show "Socialite" at

Much like the Libsyn Custom Link, you can use a UTM to track where your show is being heard (the source). 

Some other takeaways from my talk with Stephanie:

How to know what social media platform to use

The social network that you may not be using

She uses Recur Post to automate some of her postings

She uses a Pinterest template from Creative Market

How she uses to trim down her publishing stress

Because of her podcast, she got to speak at We Are Podcast 

Her strategy to maximize her launch

The Question of the Month: What is the Book You Refer to People the Most?


Jonathan Bloom from the Weekly Awesome Podcast- The Bible

Paul from the Fight Through Podcast like the Fighting Through Book (his Dad is the author)

Dennis Looney from the Gridlock MBA - All Marketers Are Liars By Seth Godin

Josh Liston On the Bubble Podcast - A Man Called Ove (Fiction), H is for Hawk (non Fiction), The Halo Effect (business)

Stephanie from the Virtual Ex Pat - Global Soul 

Todd Brant from the Why Urology podcast - Quiet the Power of Introverts 

Win from Ask Win - Big Magic  and her own book I, Win (about her journey with Cerebral Palsy) 

John Friedl (Professor Slots) - Persuasion (only 200 years old) and The Deed of Paksenarrion (fantasy literature trilogy)

The Question of the Month For December


For December it is time for your yearly tradition of answering the question, 

"What is the ONE podcast (if you can only pick one) podcast (your favorite). Where can we find it? And WHY is it your favorite. Lastly, where can we find your show and what is it about?

See (if you record and email it, please put "December question of the month)


Mentioned in this Episode

Link to Official Google Video on Google UTM and URL Builder ( )

Google Analytics Academy from Google

Recur Post (Automated posting)

Creative Market (Graphic Templates)

 Focusrite 2i2

Free Course on Google Analytics

Web Hosting and Domain Names

Get a free book at Audible

Sign Up To Be an Audible Affiliate

Ready To Start Your Podcast?

If you're looking for step by step self-paced tutorials go to (and start a monthly membership)

If you are looking for consulting or mentorship see

Nov 26, 2018
The Courage to Make Mediocre Things - Cathy Heller from Don't Keep Your Day Job


Cathy Heller is a talented musician. She's been signed by two major record labels, but unfortunately, she's also been dropped by two record labels. I've always told podcasters to go to their potential audience and find out what kind of content they need. That is exactly what Cathy did, and it worked. She found out what type of music was being licensed into commercials, TV, and movies. When she created the type of music her audience (producers) needed it worked to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. When things were going great, how did she pour gasoline on her success? She started a podcast (Don't Keep Your Day Job).

A Podcast Started in the Closet Now Has Three Million Downloads

Here are some points from my talk with Cathy Heller:

People are thirsty to hear what is really going on their life as social media shows a filtered view 

Cathy shares how as a musician she got a record deal twice and was dropped twice - how she pushed through

She was making a decent amount of cash working a job that didn't fit her purpose

She looked into what was working in the music business and the politely persistent 

She created 30 mediocre songs as she worked on making the type of music that would work in commercials, movie, TV, etc and threw them away.

The difference between a hobby and a business is when you think of doing something for other people. 

Everyone has to start off being mediocre. It takes time and courage to start mediocre and then work on polishing your craft.

Her success was in an area that she never planned on, but people starting asking, "How do I do this?"

She said, "What the heck, let's see what happens with this."

Her music leads to licenses which lead to her agency, which lead to her course, which leads to live events and all of these item fed each other.

She started her podcast 21 months ago in a close and now has over 3 million downloads

She had to do something that made her stand out. 

She did what she said she would do. 

For more information check out her website at

How To Go “All In” on your Dream Job

Tim Paige has done what many podcasters have dreamed of, he quit his day job. In a podcast on Facebook, he shared how he did it.

Some people feel that the one thing keeping them from “Making it” is this really inconvenient thing called their day job. Their “side hustle” is currently bringing in $34 a month, but for some reason they think that if they only quit their job the pressure of seeing your life's savings being caught on fire will inspire you to leap into action to find a way anyway to make a living “Doing what they love.” So I love this report from the front lines on how Tim actually quit his day job. Check out Tim at or

Here are some key points:
Don't quit your day job until it is costing you more money than keeping your day job. So if you turned down 40,000 worth of work because it conflicted with your 30,000 jobs, then it's time to quit your day job. This was the case for Tim.

Tim also has a TREMENDOUSLY SUPPORTIVE Spouse. For more on this check out my last episode, The Three Things Every Podcast Needs (positioning yourself for the long haul).

Tim got out of debt so that his expenses were minimal after quitting his job. He had three jobs doing anything he could to get out of debt and it took him three years.

For the first three years of his side hustle, he reinvested in his business.

Be open to opportunity. He didn't turn down jobs – even if he didn't want to do it. This makes him appreciate it when “dream jobs” come along.

Get your mind right. When he panics, finds himself envious of others, he is not doing his best work. This hurts his business.

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Nov 19, 2018
Positioning Your Podcast For the Long Haul (Three Things You Need 2018 Version)

How do I do so many podcasts? I get that question all the time. How do I stay consistent? How do I set my podcast up for the Long Haul? I'm fresh back from Speaking at DC Podfest, and I did a new version of the presentation called "3 Things Your Podcast Needs That Have Nothing With Microphones, Downloads, Or Hosting" and this is a revamped version of an episode I did years ago (with new information and new insights). 

2:45 How podcasting is like an iceberg, and today we are talking about the part of the iceberg that is under the water, but still important

Podcast Mentorship and Launching Pad

I have a mentoring program where I work with you, but as the new year is right around the corner I wanted to create a limited time program with limited access. Here are the details

We meet for six weeks to get your podcast up and running. These calls will be recorded.

I will help you research your topic to help ensure you contact impacts and inspires your audience

You will have clearly defined goals for your show 

You will have the best podcasting gear that fits your budget

You will have instant Access to me during this six weeks. With this in mind, I'm offering this to a very few people. 

Our coaching calls will be used to produce a new podcast spotlighting the making of your show, and giving your more promotion. 

You also get a year of membership at the School of Podcasting (which includes more group coaching, private Facebook group, and courses)

If you are interested, go to

Homework: Question of the Month


At the end of the month, I like to feature a podcast with your voice in it. I ask a question, and we all learn together. 

This month's question is "What is the book you refer the most?" I'd love to hear your answer. Go to 

and submit your answer (put "November Question" if you email me).  I need the answer by November 23rd, 2018

Also, if you have found love via podcasting, I am working on the question of the month for February. 

3 Things Your Podcast Needs That Have Nothing With Microphones, Downloads, Or Hosting (2018 Version)


The three things you need are


This is the "I think I can, I think I can." It does take some time to get your podcast momentum going (your podcast is a bit like a Locomotive - not a race car)

It's not all about downloads, and think about being in front of a room of "only 200" people

11:55 Why monthly download stats are crap (or at least misleading)

14:25 What podcasters can learn from Oprah

16:10 How to calculate how many downloads you should be getting


We are going to dig down, work longer, work harder, and go, go, go, and we end up burning ourselves out

21:05 Robby Tonins the great motivational speaker who loves to push you to sleep when you're dead

23:00 The suicide rate has risen 30% since 1999 in America. Podcasters/Entrepreneurs may be more prone to become depressed

25:15 There is no such thing as "multitasking."

26:20 Avoid the drive-through

26:50 Dave's new wife Alexa


28:30 Relationships can cause Stress

30:15 Marriage Advice from the Divorced Guy

31:05 Be sure you know what your partner is thinking instead of guessing

33:30 How much time do you have a day to devote to your podcast?

35:15 Generalities of Men and Women

37:05 The Crazy Cycle

38:20 How to respond to Zingers

39:18 Handling Stalemates

39:50 Date Night on Steroids

Final Thoughts

41:43 Fast food is Not Fast

43:05 I love Evernote

44:05 I love Todoist

44:30 Do not read your email first thing in the morning

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Nov 12, 2018
How to Start a Podcast Network: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

We all want more listeners. We feel we have tried everything (have we?) and one option that all the "big" shows seem to have in common is they are part of a Podcast Network. Many of these require large amounts of download that your show may not achieve. You may be thinking of starting your own Podcast Network. I've interviewed some friends of mine recently (and some over the years) about their networks and assembled all that information into this episode. If creating a podcast network is not for you (it is a lot of work) you may be thinking that joining a network is a better choice. I share some things you might consider before joining.

Sponsor: Focusrite

I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy to get your microphone into your computer (and have the option to have a co-host as well) without having to look at a TON of knobs, check out the Focusrite 2i2. As I'm on a PC, I downloaded a driver, plugged in the unit, and was ready to record. If you're on a Mac computer, you just plug it in.

If you want a backup copy of your recording, plug a cable into the monitor out and send the signal to your portable recorder.

It's built like a tank and is a lovely shade of red.

Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.


Podcast Network Interviews:

So You Want to Start Your Own Podcast Network


You need to be able to answer the question, "Why do you want to start a podcast"

There are two type of networks. One is run as a business, and the other is focused more on cross-promotion (or a mixture of both).

14: 40 A network where the shows are around a single niche (Horses, hiking, dancing, education, microbrews, etc) are easier to monetize, easier to optimize on the web.

Naming your network should be obvious. A cryptic name will slow the growth of your network.

16:17 Create two logos (square and rectangle) and keep it simple. Make sure it looks good small, or huge. Don't make the logo yourself unless you're a designer. Check out (tell them the School of Podcasting sent you) and there are other services like Kappa 99, 99 Designs, where many artists create your artwork and you select the best. I recently used Kappa99 for my Six Shooter podcast and used their "one time jobs"  (under the More menu) to have my artwork done for $49.

20: 40 Define what your podcast network's purpose is. Define what your network will do for the members of the network.

23:00 How to add a show to your network. Start off with a general show, and then expand out and niche out. Have your criteria in place to help you decide if a podcast fits. For example, Daniel J Lewis only wants clean shows on his network.

26:58 How to add hosts to your network. Glenn and Christopher audition their hosts by bringing them on the podcasts as a guest. Most hosts don't want to work with a brand new show as you are not bringing anything to the network ( they are looking for a win-win situation).

34:15 Create a contract between the network and the hosts. This defines what is expected, how people get paid, what will get you fired, and every other situation you can think of that may happen.  By having these (at times) awkward conversations you avoid really awkward conversations in the future. When people know what will happen if they want to leave, they can plan accordingly, and expectations are set, and you can go through that situation without sacrificing the personal relationship because the business relationship didn't work.

40:36 Paying hosts a percentage of the advertisement (in some cases based on downloads) is a nightmare you want to avoid. Glenn pays his hosts a flat rate. Daniel also bills primarily using a flate rate.

43:26 Glenn has it in his contract that he can edit a show if they say something offensive that does not fit the network's brand.

44:33 Another way to pay the hosts is through a profit sharing program which allows them to keep a larger amount of advertisements that they bring to the network.

46:50 The more shows you add, the more work is involved chasing advertisers, doing paperwork, editing shows.

48:30 If you have too diverse a set of shows, you won't be able to sell ads across your entire network.

50:30 How do you handle the website? Does each show have its own website? Are all the shows under one website? Who is in charge of updating it and managing the backend?

54:54 The positive side of having a network for building community, focusing efforts, and having sponsors that keep coming back.

57:55 Harnessing the power of your audience.

59:45 The benefit to the podcast listener

1:02:38 A Network can be as simple as a page that shows all of your podcasts (such as )

1:03:51 The Bolden theme from Second Line themes is built for a network. Marcus Couch of the Bulls Podcast uses it for his new Bulls network see He used the WP-all import plugin and has it automatically pulling in everyone’s show by checking the feeds every hour automated.

Should I Join a Podcast Network?


Here are Some Things to Consider When Pondering Joining a Podcast Network:

  • Is your show a good fit. In the same way that if you want to be a guest on a show YOU NEED TO DO SOME HOMEWORK
  • Are they taking submissions
  • Do you have to change media hosts?
    You might lose your stats...
  • Do you have to redirect your feed?
    Can you take your feed with you...
  • Find someone on the network and ask them about before and after numbers?
  • Ask them for the details if you bring a sponsor of your own.
  • Is part of the bonus an advertisement rotated on the site? Really?
  • Is the platform built on a non-free service?
  • Does being on a network help? When cross-promotion is done right sure. I know personally, I've heard or pre-rolls on other shows and never been inspired to check them out. If the host says something that proves they listen, and gives it a stamp of approval, I might.


Podcast networks that are run like a business are a lot of work

When all of the shows are of the same niche, it helps the network grow faster and may be easier to monetize

Get all the details, all the scenarios in writing takes some planning, and strategic thinking for the future, but can save you headaches down the line.

If your goal is sponsorship, you better brush up on your selling skills.

Don't create your own logo unless you are a graphic designer.

Make sure you have a good fit if you are bringing on a new host, or joining a new network.

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If this Then That

Divi Wordpress Theme/Plugin

Bolden Wordpress Podcast Network Theme

Focusrite 2i2 see their Website

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Nov 05, 2018
Do Audiograms Boost Podcast Podcast Discovery?

This week I'm going to give you some lessons I learned from Speaking at We Are Podcast 2018 in Brisbane Australia. We also talk about the effectiveness of Audiograms.

Get a Mentor - Ask For Help

I know a few people who love to travel. Monica Rivera from the You Wanna Do What? podcast gave me a great tip to download any episodes from Netflix to my iPad. George Hrab from the Geologic podcast (who gets to go to all sorts of cool stuff because of his podcast) gave me some heads up on a voltage converter.

It's Rarely as Bad as It Seems

When I heard the phrase "17 hours on a plane (along with some shorter flights for a total of 20 hours)" I thought it sounded like a horror story. I pictured some little punk behind me kicking my kidneys while their parents order another jack and coke from the flight attendant.

In the end, even in coach, I was able to stretch my legs. I had two seats between my fellow passenger in my row and slept off and on. There were probably 3-5 small children who would occasionally cry, but it was not the nightmare I had envisioned.

When I think of things that I have dreaded in the past, they are rarely as bad as you think you're going to be.

Erode Your Comfort Zone

I can be shy. When I go to a restaurant I'm not looking to think outside the box. When I was told that a large chunk of my schedule was planned for me, I got nervous. I didn't know where I was going, and except for a few people, I didn't know who I was with, what we were doing, and what I needed to be ready. We had assigned seats both days including assignments on who to go to lunch with. One day, Sean Desouza was going to cook authentic Indian food (I have never had Indian food).

The Know Like a Trust Factor

I talk about this all the time. When you create valuable content on a consistent basis, your audience trusts you and likes you. If you can share a bit of yourself, they get to know you. When people know, like, and trust you then you have influence.

I know Ronsley Vaz from his "Should I Start a Podcast" show. We may have bumped into each other. I finally got to talk to him at Social Media Marketing World where I was speaking. He asked me if I would speak at We Are Podcast. I said yes on the spot. Who doesn't want to go to Australia? I saved up my pennies (and busted out a charge card) and made it happen.

As I mentioned above, I was nervous. This was a new country, a new conference (for me), with new people. The first day was very good. I got to meet a lot of people. It was somewhat of the "warm up act" for the main event happening the next two days. Every speaker at this event was awesome.  Every person I met was super friendly and shared my love of podcasting. The hotel I stayed at was great.  By the end of day one, you could color me impressed, and I was ready for day two.

By the end of day two, I believe I had met about 95% of the people there including Jules from Hong Kong Confidential. By the end of day two, where I once felt uncomfortable I now felt relaxed.

The Speakers Retreat

When I realized that I was going to be living with a bunch of people I had never met, previously this would have put me way outside my comfort zone. By this point, Ronsley had not let me down and I just went with the flow. Here again, it was not as bad as it seemed and was actually kind of fun (in the end we just slept here, and all the speakers hung out at a second house).

I would start the day with some sort of healthy pancakes made from buckwheat and for toppings I had some sort of berries instead of maple syrup. Different? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely.

The conversations were awesome, and the jokes and laughing were endless.

More New Things

The following day I had Indian food for the first time. As I was told I was a "Picky Eater" growing up, I assumed I would not like this. I loved it. Sean is launching a course in the future to show people how to cook these types of meals quickly. I'm in.

I was scheduled for a session of Holographic Kinetics. I had no idea what it was, but I had heard that "it was a bit woo-woo." All I knew was Ronsley had selected a few people to do it, and I was one of them. I was not here to judge. I was all in.

Holographic Kinetics is an advanced Aboriginal healing technique based on an ancient understanding of Lore, the universal laws that govern the creation, and the knowledge that everything in nature is alive and can be communicated with.

Thoughts and emotions from difficult experiences in the past can become trapped in a person’s body to create realities.

When experienced in the past they affect the present, which in turn affects the future. Once trapped, these energies are carried through time, negatively affecting people’s lives. These trapped energies interact with the external world, and following the law of attraction, like attracts like, they will attract to themselves similar negative experiences. More Info

This was the first time I had ever tried it, and it did help me connect some dots from my past. If I'm a better, more confident person, I don't care how I got there.

My New Australian Family

For me, this was an experience that was truly hard to put into words. I rarely checked email, got almost no sleep, and just enjoyed the beauty of Australia, and the friendship of some truly great people.

Jordan Harbinger is hilarious and his wife Jen is a walking firecracker of energy. Check out Jordan's show ( I love feedback Friday) and I went through his level 1 (free) of his Human Dynamics course. Jordan is all about learning and he shares some great insights in his course.

Nicole Baldinu and Omar Zenhom are the team behind $100 MBA which I had heard of, and I had also heard of Webinar Ninja software. These two are the brains behind both those entities. I enjoyed talking books with them at breakfast one day and Omar's talk on building teams really opened my eyes

Steph Taylor creates the podcast Socialite. She is always smiling and with her accent its a bit like learning about Instagram from Mary Poppins. I LOVED her presentation on having a plan for your podcast launch.

Sean D'Souza - Sean is not a know it all, but yet, he seems to know everything (he is the man behind Psychotactics). His presentation on developing skills was very cool ( Energy + Confidence = Skill) and has me rethinking how I present things at the School of Podcasting. He has a podcast called Three Month Vacation. I can't wait to learn how to cook from this guy.

Leanne Hughes was the Co-MC of the event and has a smile that will light up the room. She was also my hero as the volunteered to take myself, Ally, and Pat to the airport at six AM. I wish I had more time to pick her brain as she is all about making great presentations. Check out her podcast First Time Facilitator

Byron Dempsey is another hero. I had plugged my iPad into to keep it as charged as possible and then forget to put it back in my book bag. Bryon was nice enough to ship it back to the States for me. Byron is a super talented videographer and helps people grow their brands with video.

Laura Peterson is someone I kind of knew as I listen to her Copy that Pops podcast. She was the trooper who had to deal with a presentation clicker that did not want to participate. She is super funny and if you are in front of her, please have her to her "California Girl" imitation. If you are thinking of writing a book, she's your gal.

Ange Henderson is a business consultant that is super friendly, outgoing, and was always there when we needed a food run. THANKS ANGE! She's worked with huge companies like Netflix and I could go on, but just know she's done it all.

Travis Chappell dropped knowledge bombs during his presentation on how to follow up without being a pest. He's one of those guys that doesn't say much, but when he does it is hilarious.

Carl Taylor seemed like a nice guy and was in a pretty good mood considering he had just had his wisdom teeth pulled. This mild-mannered guy had sold three businesses and wrote a #1 business book by the age of 25. Every time I hear the phrase Koala Bear, I will think of Carl who let me know Koala's are not bears. They are marsupials.

Allison Melody is someone I had met at other conferences, but just getting to chill with people builds that relationship deeper. Her presentation on monetizing you podcast had some new strategies I had not heard of. Check out her Food Heals Podcast.

Shannon Morrison is the head of operations at Amplify Media and the founder of Mighty Social World. A super nice guy, and always willing to help with anything and everything.

Jason Malouin is nuts. He has a great laugh and was the co-MC of the event. Jason was a great American to Aussie translator and stopped me from getting a sunburn that would've been on a whole new level. If you're in Australia and need a portrait photographer, he's your dude. Check out his Communicator podcast.

Harry Duran and Natalie Jenkins are my partners in crime at many conferences. They both make me laugh, and occasionally snort. I love them both very much. You know Harry from Podcast Junkies, and Natalie is often taking head shots at events you attend. If she can make me look good, she can make you look amazing. When I found out I was going into the Hall of Fame, Natalie was one of the first people I called to see if she would photograph it.

James Cridland is another person who has been on the show and his the host of the Podnews podcast (And newsletter which has more stories). James was the one who said, "I know a place where you can pet Koala's and Kangaroos" for which I will be eternally grateful. Check him out at 

Pat Flynn - I've had Pat on my show. I bump into him all the time at events, but never really got a chance to hang. Pat Flynn (much like Harry and Natalie) makes me laugh a lot. I'm here to tell you the guy is hilarious. He is super chill, and he turned the groups on to some great games such as Psyche! and SpaceTeam. Both games are a lot of fun. He has Smart Passive Income, his book Will it Fly is a MUST READ, his Smart Podcast Player, and he is now teaching people how to podcast with his Power Up Podcasting.

Shayde Furlong was the "Audio Engineer" for the whole week, and was cool enough to BRING A GUITAR! I enjoyed all out talks, super nice guy.

Ronsley Vaz - The man behind the whole thing. The man behind Amplify media. If I am the Gandalf of podcasting, you are the Jared Easley of Australia. EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU. Check out his Content Amplifier it's amazing (and it's free) as well as his podcast "Should I start a podcast" at

Rochelle Fernandes is always happy. How do you do that? Anytime we needed something, there she was. Amazing.

Katherine Maslen of Brisbane Natural Health - Thanks for sharing your team. Your passion for helping people lead healthy lives is amazing. You're a great Mum.

Quick Hits

Jackie Campbell of Breaking Business podcast had a great story that sometimes you have to STOP to start

Every author/artist has the same keyboard

Viral Sweep looks like a cool tool for growing your list if you have $49/month

UTM Links in Google Analytics allows you to track where your listeners are coming from (kind of)

Laura's link to her Show notes template

Check out his Content Amplifier

If you use Stripe for payment processing you won't believe the information you get from Profitwell (free)


Sometimes you have to stop gathering data and start with what you know

It's rarely going to be as bad as you think it is

Where I Will Be

November 5th Libsyn Podcasters Meetup 5-8 PM ET 

November 9-10 DC Podfest - Keynote Speaker

How Effective are Audiograms at Growing Your Audience?

Check out the previous episode where we discuss how to use an audiogram (Episode 616 )

Elikqitie from Travel Gluten Free - has not found shows through audiograms

Daniecae Next to Nothing Podcast (gaming Podcast)

Vanessa from Vanessa's View Podcast 

Garret Godfried - Good Patron

Emily Prokop from the Story Behind Podcast - and the Hate to Weight Podcast

Jonathon from Weekly Awesome 

Steve Stewart from mentioned Powtoons and Bobbi Rebell here is her tweet example

Bryan from 

Mentioned: Episode 616 on Three Audio Gram Tools

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Oct 29, 2018
11 Things Podcasters Can Learn From Netflix

Today on episode 641, I'm in Australia at a conference but I'm still here giving you ideas and insights to help you with your podcast. I've been spending a fair amount of time on Netflix, and I've noticed something.

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You Should Run Your Podcast Like Netflix


130 Million Worldwide
4.2 million are still shipping DVDs
Projected to pay 7 billion for content
11 Billion in Revenue in 2017
23% of Us adults stream daily
70% of users binge-watch shows
A user avoid 160 hours of ads per year 6.7 days

6:38 They make it easy to get to the content and skip how the sausage is made

9:30 Many of their episodes leave you wanting more, and tease the next episode (see Making Oprah )

9:53 They aren't doing typical content, and they are being creative

11:47 They changed their format to fit their audience and their business plan

14:08 You should watch your industry and niche and see if there is a place for your show

17:35 They seems to be easy to work, they aren't jerks, with which is attracting talented people

18:55  They monitor what their audience is viewing and make similar content (including a teenage tangent)

22:41 You can get Netflix on ANY device.

23:10 Don't hire pedophiles and alleged rapists

23: 20 It doesn't always work.

24:14 They put out content to see if it works

BONUS LESSON: They charge for their service. Media hosts like anchor are doomed to fail as bandwidth is not free.

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Oct 22, 2018
Don't Dump Your Podcast For Facebook Live Just Yet

Today on episode 640 of the School of Podcasting we are looking at Facebook Consumption and how it stacks up against YouTube and Podcasting. Paul Colligan has a new report and it's fascinating.

Because of his Podcast: Troy Heinritz had his name in the Blacklist TV Show

Heinritz Institute

Troy Heinritz has been mentioned on this show many times and today on episode 640 is another time. I was getting caught up on the Blacklist Television show on Netflix and in the "Nicholas T Moore" episode they are looking at the background of a "bad guy" and explain how at one point he had stayed at the Heinritz Psychiatric Center in Concord.  Troy also explain how they had mixed in a fan's name into an episode who had died of cancer.

If you have a "Because of my Podcast" Story, please go to and share it.


Sponsor: - Get More Guests -Be Featured on More Podcasts


Podcast Consumption Trounces YouTube and Facebook Consumption


Today we talk about a report that Paul Colligan (of the Podcast Report) did on consumption metrics comparing Facebook Live against YouTube and Podcasting.

In looking at a video he did live on Facebook he found that "The average watch time of my 11 minute and 37-second broadcast was only 22 seconds — just 3% of the video. " Later he put the exact same content on YouTube and "YouTube was 36% Facebook’s 3%. On YouTube, viewers tuned in over 11 times longer on average than they did on Facebook."  He again took the exact same content and put it out as an audio podcast. He checked his stats in Appel's Podcasts Connect and found, "On Apple Podcasts, the audience listened to a whopping average of 94% of the episode … more than 31 times the percentage on Facebook and slightly less than 3 times the percent on YouTube." 

While Facebook consumption was much lower than the other platforms, Paul is not saying Facebook is bad. It just may be that this is not the place where people go for long-form content. It seems like it is the place consumers go for "quick hit" information while they are waiting in line or taking a quick break. 

He approached other people and they all had similar results. Read the full story here. 

What Facebook is for Me

I know for me, I saw where Dan Klass was going to record an episode of the Bitterest Pill live. I was excited and had planned on watching it live. I forgot to write it down and listened to the content when it came out as his latest episode. I often start a video as I'm on Facebook, but as I scroll down it becomes distracting. I'm looking for quick updates from friends, family, and colleagues. 

In Conclusion

It is hard to argue with the data. Granted this is a very small sample, but enough data to spot some trends. If you have a large following on these platforms you need to look and see what your consumption analytics show. You may be very, very surprised.

How do You Find Facebook Stats?

To access Facebook video metrics, click Insights at the top of your Facebook Page and navigate to the Videos tab. The Video Views graph shows you the number of times people viewed videos for longer than 3 seconds (as shown below).  More information on understanding Facebook stats can be found here

How Do I See My Consumption Stats on Apple Podcasts?

Apple has a tutorial on this topic at

Podcast Rewind


I was featured on the Computer Tutor show on a special International Podcast Day episode (great podcasting 101 stuff and some stories I've never talked about) Listen Here

I was featured on a two-part interview on the Get Clients Now Podcast. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 at In part one, I talk about how having a podcast can help your business and part two is more focused on monetization strategies.

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Oct 15, 2018
Vicious Listener Comments That Were 100% True

Today I share the story of some pretty harsh criticism I received, and how I had to deal with the fact that my listener had a point. Welcome to episode 639 of the School of Podcasting


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Today I'm talking about branding, and I could've invited Greg Corey  (Corey says, I love to talk to audiences about how creating better branding for themselves and their products can skyrocket their sales).  It took all of three seconds to find Greg, and we know he's looking to get on podcasts. 

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Fat Fingers Can Cause More Them Embarrassment


In the last episode, I mentioned that I had brought up a controversial subject (Collin Kaepernick) and that people might tune out (the subject was controlling the conversation).

What is offending is not the episode but rather your poor grasp on basic spelling and grammar throughout many pages on this website.. By the way, if you want to sound like an authority, please learn basic spelling and grammar or hire someone (fiverr) to do it for you.. How do you have an education degree when this is how you write and communicate?

By the way, in the sub-title, “Freedom of Speach is Not Freedom from Consequences”- The word “speach” is spelled Speech. Any sixth grader knows that and certainly a g college graduate should know that as well.. It is not that hard. At least have your written copy proof read by someone who does know how to spell and write decently before publishing it to the world. Geez!
I think that is pretty basic..

How again can you confidently charge $200 an hour for consulting when you have such poor spelling and grammar skills in your written web copy?
You are a joke sir!

What college granted you a degree when you consistently cannot write legibly? and you are tying to sell yourself as an expert? Please! I will say again.. Please!

At least hire someone to cover your mistakes and not try to promote yourself as some sort of “expert” – You look like a damn fool sir

So I sent Mark Doyle and Email

Dear Mark,

Thanks for the comment. My Apologies for the typos. You're right I'm a damn fool and a joke of a human being...


Mark Sent Me a Reply

Mr. Jackson

I would like to take a moment and apologize for my comments and harsh criticisms.
It was unwarranted and uncalled for and not like me at all to post something like that

Please accept my apologies
Best of luck to you sir

Mark Made a Really Good Point in a Really Crappy Way

I hold no ill will toward Mark. Mark may have had a really bad day, and I have forgiven him. He did get me to check into why these typos got through (I was using two spell checkers, and Grammarly does a GREAT job). In a nutshell, I had logged out of Grammarly and it no longer was checking everything I typed. 

There is Probably More Than One Way To Fix Your Issue

I had typed my show notes about an hour before I published them. I did this to "flush out" ideas before I pressed record. Then I thought, would this not work a day or two (or a week) in advance so I could come and look at the copy with "Fresh eyes." Yes, this could be done. 

Another option would be to type shorter notes. This makes sense to a certain extent. I always want to have at least 300 words. I am currently at 1591. 

If I pushed thing back even further than a few days, I could hire someone to look over my posts. 

This is not an unsolvable issue. It just means I can't keep doing what I've always been doing. 

Your Podcast Is Your Brand

In looking up different items about what makes a good brand, I kept seeing things that I saw that I had dropped the ball on.

Neglecting Public Perception: The public’s perception of your brand might not be the rosiest, but instead of chalking it up to bad luck or pointing fingers, it’s time to get serious about turning that frown upside down. (source). 

Another article mentioned this as "Not providing great brand experience." Brand experience is not only about your stuff, but also your website experience and every other touch-point where customers come in contact with your brand. Another article stated, "Many savvy consumers judge credibility by grammar and attention to detail."

Why Branding Matters

The audience might feel:

  • You value quantity over quality when you get sloppy
  • You appear irresponsible
  • You appear uncaring
  • You think the audience stupid (as they won't notice)
  • You're not the most intelligent person on the planet. 

The Internet Writes in Ink

While many blunders appear on the news and are replaced by tomorrows new headlines, don't plan on everyone's short attention span. Just ask Louis C. K (Sex offender), Chi-Fil-a (homophobic), Uber (employee Harassment), Target, Facebook, and many others (data breach), as well as other companies that have had topics that left a black eye. 

It's Just a Podcast


You may be tempted to think, "It's just a podcast." That kind of talk will keep us in the "Minor Leagues" of content creators. 

We end up with a stereotype that sounds a lot like this video or this video where we are all giant nerds. 

Building Your Brand

You need to develop a brand strategy, and understand your business objectives and shift focus to that instead of designing a beautiful logo that won’t work. Also, realize your business strategy may be "THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS." With that in mind, you may want to blow off your brand. I would recommend you don't. 

When you launch your podcast you are creating your brand. In looking at a TON of articles about branding, here are some things to consider:


Pat Flynn talks about the Four P's. These are:
Places: You want to create your list of places where your target audience exists. This could be online or offline. I like to go to conferences, meetups, and events. My goal is to tell you the eye color of my target audience. It's not just in person, look at what publications they read (those kinds of things). 

People: Look at the people in your space who already have a following. You don't do this to rip them off, but to see what is working. You can see what they are covering.

Products: Make a list of all the products and their prices. 

Position: After you look at where they are, who they are following, and seeing the products, you can see if there is any place where you can take your unique perspective (where you explain things in a way that immediately obvious or cliche). 

I love the quote by Seth Godin, "Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” 

If you haven't read the book "Will it Fly" by Pat Flynn, you should. You can even listen to Pat Read it on Audible (you can get the book for free if you're a new customer) go to 

You need to research your competitors, look for points of differentiation, then define who you are, who your customers are and how to connect with them

The Podcast Brand Experience

Some 23% of consumers say they would stop using a brand after a bad experience. (source) In that report, they were talking about dealing with rude employees, etc. However, in podcasting what is part of the experience:

  • Your intro/outro 
  • Your audio quality
  • Your logo
  • Your voice (tone, accent)
  • Your grammar
  • How quickly you get to your topic
  • The relevancy of advertisements if you have them
  • Your volume levels
  • The quality of your content. Are you boring?
  • Your show notes (we did a whole episode on do people look at these?)

I'm Worried About This Post

As I write this in October of 2018, people are freaking out about the little things that often don't matter (what font on your artwork, what theme for their website) and while all of that is your brand, if you try to wait until everything is perfect you will NEVER start your podcast. Keep in mind you can change your brand (Dunkin Doughnuts is changing their brand to Dunkin, Starbucks used to have BOOBIES in their logo. BOOBIES!

What I Want You To Take Away

From time to time you may get some negative feedback. Some of it may be constructive, and some it may be cruel. Today my point is, no matter how feedback is provided you need to ask yourself, "Is it true? Do they have a point?" and in the case of Mark Doyle - he did and I thank him for that. 

Ideas For Adding Merchandise To Your Podcast

I have an interview with James from Tee Public from the last day of Podcast Movement (hence the lack of voice, and the loud background).

  • Ideas on how to integrate merchandise with your show
  • How to sell without being "salesy"
  • There are more products - not just t-shirts
  • Now with coverage in the UK
  • More features coming very soon.

Ready To Start Your Podcast?

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Oct 08, 2018
Your Spin Free Zone

Today on episode 638 I am talking about controlling a conversation from two different angles.

Bonus Content

Why Squadcast is the Best Tool for Recording Interviews

I speak with Zach Moreno one of the founders of Squadcast (save 50% off using the coupon code sopfans ) who explains

  • Why he (a programmer) and his brother (an audio engineer) started Squadcast
  • How they had an issue, but it has been solved and they may have their solution patented
  • What is coming in the future

Squadcast is super easy. You put in the email address, the date and time of the interview and it does everything else. The big key is your guest(s) need to use chrome to use the system. The system prompts them to use chrome if they are not. It records their side of the conversation locally to their computer and then QUICKLY uploads it when the conversation is done. If there were any glitches where the speaking was cut out during the call, the local recording does not have any of those glitches.

Squadcast is currently $20 a month. You get save 50% using the coupon code sopfans at

How To Ensure Everyone Knows Your Intent

I was watching Comedian in Cars Getting Coffe with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Bur. Bill voiced his fear of how people are having careers taken away becomes someone took something you said as a joke seriously and they are now TELLING YOU what YOUR intent was. As Bill put it, "You don't get to decide that you're in my head and you know my intent."

One example of a company who ensures you understand their intent is American Airlines who has a podcast called "Tell Me Why." For example, one episode an American Airline representative explains the changes in their policy regarding support animals. I think this is an awesome job as a lazy journalist (where people just Google a subject, do no research and copy and paste an answer - even it is entirely untrue). could easily spin this as "American Airlines hates all animals." The good news is American Airlines through their podcast has a DIRECT CONNECTION with their audience (their customers). They don't have to worry about anyone from the mainstream media putting a spin on it.

I personally found it strange when people began burning their own shoes in protest to Colin Kaepernick is a new spokesperson for Nike. So I did something people use to do called "Journalism." I listened to Colin's first press conference. It turns out. He doesn't hate the troops the flag, or the country. What he hates is the alarming rate of police brutality that he sees and hears about, and yet it is never covered on the news, and there seems to be no justice for the victims. In fact, the news just kept repeating how it was disrespectful for the troops and the flag. Even though in his press conference later he said, "People thought it was about the flag or the troops and it's not."

So when you go through the mainstream media, your message has a potential to get very distorted. This is why Colin Kaepernick needs his own podcast. Then people could go directly to the source and here what his intentions are, why he is doing what he is doing, and maybe get a better understanding. For me, I urge all white people who group up around white people (you're not racist, but it just so happens there were no black people in your neighborhood to watch the documentary movie 13th on Netflix

Freedom of Speach is Not Freedom from Consequences

Just because you can say it, doesn't mean there weren't be consequences. For example, I believe it is illegal to scream "FIRE" in a theater. You are free to say it, but you will go to jail. Keep this in mind that stating your intentions and opinion will exercise your right to free speech. It may also introduce you to the law of consequences. 

One A Side Note

There was a time when you were allowed to have a difference of opinion. You might actually have a "dialogue" so you and another person could examine both viewpoints to see if you agreed on anything, or might gain an new insight and expand your knowledge. It seems harder and harder to do that today. As I bring today's slight controversial topic, please note I don't support sexual predators, racists, or anyone spreading hate speech (cause racism is learned from your parents are friends - you are not born a racist). 

If this episode offended you I'm sorry. My goal is to show how you can get your unedited point across on your podcast and have it reach the world

Oct 01, 2018
Is Podcasting Frying Your Brain?

Because Of My Podcast - The Family Travel Podcast


He is on podcast number two, and this one is allowing him to make some money

Question of the Month: Where Are you With Podcasting?

6:28 Clay from the Fish Nerds Podcast is a 4

7:30 Paul from the Fighting Through Podcast is a 1

8:48 Andrea from Union Podcastera is a 1

12:18 Darwyn Dave from Dealing with My Grief is 1

13:59 Brad from The Cinema Guys is a 1

15:23 Jared from The Fire Rescue is a 3

16:52 Micah and Dustin from Tales From Bedlum -5

17:55   Jonathon Bloom from the Weekly Awesome Podcast- 1

19:07 Kim from Teachers Need Teachers  is a 1

23:21 Josh from the Corner Cutters Podcast (about the Rubik's cube) - 1

25:10 Ryan Nelson - Conspiracy Theoryology is a 1

27:27 Master Kuldryn's from Kuldryn's Krypt is a - 1

28:28 Seth from Geekville Radio, and Classic Wrestling Memories  is a 1

 31:01 Timothy was at a 5 and is now at a 3 

34:52 Vanessa from Vanessa's View is at a 1 (or UNO) 

39:41 Win Charles is a 6

Check Out Joe Today in Orlando

Tuesday (this coming Tuesday...September 25th)
The Improv Orlando Florida
Doors open at 6:30 - Show starts at 7:30

LOTS of people in the cast. We EVEN have an opening act, the awesome 15-minute long Popcorn Finance podcast (up for a personal finance Plutus Award for Best New Podcast in that space) at next week's award show.


Update on Michael Stelzner and Social Media Marketing World

In episode 635 (Logic and Emotion) I had mentioned how Social Media Marketing World has pulled their podcasting track. I wanted to clarify while Leo Laporte at one point had said "podcasting is dead" and then later took it back, Michael Stelzner never said podcasting is dead. He simply said his statistics show that his socials media crowd that attends his audience is less interested in the subject of podcasting. Michael still uses podcasting to promote Social Media Marketing world. If you can't afford the trip, some of the top experts are speaking at this event, and you can purchase a virtual ticket

I just got done binging on Michael's YouTube series "The Journey" as the second season has just started (so I have to binge the first episode) and this once again proves that "behind the scenes" information is often "not boring." Check it out at

Sue Jennett
Your chat about choosing words that evoke emotion was interesting for me, as I like to choose my words carefully for both my podcasts and my blog. I hadn’t before thought about trying to evoke any emotion, but more to inform in an easy-to-listen-to manner. As often happens when I hear your podcasts, I’m at that time working on something to which I can apply your advice. I was, last night, ready to record my speaking portions and edit a podcast about the sacrament of communion for those on a ggluten-freediet. Earlier in the evening ,I chaired a meeting of our local celiac support group, and out of the blue, someone stopped me before I left to ask if I knew any solutions for this exact problem. She didn’t know I had researched it, and spoken to a guest about it. I felt good that I could impart some useful information to her, but what was more impactful on me was her emotional investment in the issue.
I left the meeting and came home to “infuse” my podcast with small tugs on the emotional fabric of my listeners. I also used the same strategy to write my social media for today. Small changes, small words, strategically placed to evoke emotion, when the subject is suitable is something I now have in my arsenal of podcasting tools.
Thanks Dave – BTW my social posts are getting more comments and interaction than I have ever had on any particular podcast – and guess what – they are mostly emotionally driven!
PS – I started a second podcast over the summer on gluten free weight loss/management so you’ll soon see my comments on your Logical Weight Loss Podcast, as I’ve binged on it for a few months now.

Ready to Start a Podcast? I'd Love to Help You!

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Sep 24, 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Podcast

You want to launch a podcast, and in the past, I've talked about how there are 27 steps to launch a podcast (you might want to read that first). Today I want to cover this episode from a new angle and address some of the mistakes I am seeing on episode 636 of the School of Podcasting. If you missed the previous list it was

Step 1: Pick Your Topic
Step 2: Decide if you're podcasting solo or with cohost(s).
Step 3: Pick how you will podcast.
Step 4: Pick where will you podcast?
Step 5: Pick a name.
Step 6. Buy the Hardware
Step 7. Buy Software
Step 8 is purchasing web hosting
Step 9 is installing WordPress
Step 10 is to get your WordPress installation ready to podcast
Step 11 is making your website look good.
12. Domain Name
13. Graphics
14. Intro Music. (optional)
15.  Media Hosting (for your mp3 files)
16. Organize Your Content
17. Record Your Content
18. Edit Your Content
19.  Assemble Your Episode
20. Add ID3 Tags
21. Upload your media
22. Write Your Show Notes
23. Copy the Media URL and Paste It Into Your Post (optional)
24. Click Publish
25. Set Up Tags for iTunes
26> Make Sure your Feed is Valid
27. Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts

What is the Goal of Your Podcast?

You need to know this. How will know if it's successful? Is it a certain number of downloads? Is it a certain number of sales? Is it to position you as an expert?

Does Your Podcast Move You Toward Your Goal?

So if the goal of your show is to help build an email list, did you remember to tell people about your list. If it's to build your consulting clients, did you mention you are available for consulting?

Has Someone Who Is Your Target Audience Given You Honest Feedback?

Have You Checked to See If You Are Unique?

There are at least five shows named "outside the box", and six shows named, "The Feed." If you name your show identical to another show, not only may you be opening the door to legal action, but these people have a head start and you will have a hard time ranking for that phrase.

What you NEED to Launch a Podcast

    1. Artwork: The artwork is SQUARE with a minimum dimension of 1400X1400 and a maximum dimension of 3000X3000. The FILE SIZE needs to be less than 500 kb. Failure to meet these specifications can get you rejected, and cause your show not to update, and in some cases get removed from Apple.
    2. A Valid RSS feed. That feed will have a description of your show. Along with the author/hosts(s) of the show, categories, and an email address. This is typically entered into your media host (more on that later) or whatever tool you are using to create an RSS feed
    3. A media host. I was a Libsyn customer for 10 years before being a customer, but I feel is the best. For other thoughts on podcast media hosting see this post A quick note: Stay away from Anchor or any other free media hosts. I've seen multiple attempts at free media hosting over the years and it always ends badly
    4. One published episode. You can't upload a bunch of episodes as drafts, submit your show to Apple and other directories, and the flip a switch.  While many people will tell you to launch with 3, 4, 10, 30 episodes, I'm here to tell you that you can launch with as many as you want (please note they DO NOT automatically download when someone subscribes, your audience needs to manually download them) but you only NEED one.

The Podcast Launch Schedule

I see so many people picking a launch date and then trying to fit their podcast into it. This is like picking a time for Thanksgiving dinner and you've never cooked a turkey before. You need to have a knowledge of how long it takes to cook the bird, and likewise, you wouldn't call everyone to the table if the meal wasn't done. They would all come running to the table and ask, "Hey, where's the food?"

I spent last week with Rob Walch the VP of Podcaster Relations at (the oldest, largest podcast media hosting company - get a free month using the coupon code sopfree ) and he recommended to start submitting your show to directories ONE MONTH in advance and I agree and here is why:

  1. While it may take 3-5 days to be listed in Apple, in some cases it takes a few extra days for the artwork to show up (after you've been approved) and in some cases even more, time before you are shown in the results of a search
  2. You want to have your show listed in as many apps as possible. Right now I recommend Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, and if it's still alive Google Play Music. As I write this in September of 2018, Google Play Music is on a respirator and I would worry about it last. The reason for this is people get comfortable with their apps and devices. I use Overcast on my iPhone. If someone wants me to listen to their podcast and it's only available in Stitcher, there is a very strong chance I will never hear their episode. It costs nothing but a few minutes to submit your show to these places. I've got tutorials on how to do all of this at the School of Podcasting

Once Your Ready Pick Your Date

Once you are listed in the directories, then you can pick your date and start building the buzz (OK, you can start building the buzz when you submit to the directories).  A musician is not going to plan a CD release party (remember those), or an author won't setup a book reading and autograph session until they have their products in their hand. With this in mind, I strongly suggest you do NOT pick your date until you are listed in all the directories.

Teach Your Audience How To Subscribe

Don't just tell your audience, "I'm in Apple podcasts." SHOW THEM how to subscribe. You can take screenshots on your phone (on an iPhone hold down the button on the right side of the phone and press the home button). If you have an android phone just press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time, hold them for a second, and your phone will take a screenshot. You want to guide your audience into being subscribers. This is the difference between a clerk at Home Depot answer the question "Where are the plastic tarps?" by saying "Isle 8" or taking me to aisle 8 and putting one in my hand.  In that scenario, the clerk knows I'm walking out of the store with a plastic tarp. You want your audience walking out with a subscription. If you want you can use a video I made that explains how to subscribe to a podcast in Apple podcasts at

One thing I should mention here, while I'm assuming you have episode(s) recorded is I also assume you have a domain name. Do you have your own website? That's up to you ( I recommend it) but at least have a domain name so your website is

Did You Know Siri Can Help You Subscribe to podcasts?

Get on Facebook live and ask Siri on your iPhone to subscribe to your podcast. Most of the time she gets it right.

Get Your Social Media Ready To Go

Make sure you have your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc ready to go with graphics, etc. There is a tool called which enabled you to work with your friends so you can post a tweet on their account and so your message goes out to a huge group of people at the same time. As I write this is having issues with their website (and may have gone out of business). With this in mind, supply your group of friends with a pre-written tweet that they can retweet, etc.

Get Your Attitude in Check

If you want your podcast to be a business eventually, then you better write a business plan on how you're going to be different, better, and more successful than your competition. I will say that it takes YEARS to generate a sizeable income. In the book "beyond powerful radio" by Valerie Geller she points out that it takes three years to build an audience on radio. Wil Schroter is the Founder + CEO @ say that it takes at least 4 years just to get pointed toward a real business. According to a post on Amazon started in July 1994. They reported their first profit in Jan. 2004 for the last quarter of 2003.

With this in mind, get ready for the long haul. This is not a sprint. It is a marathon.

How Many Downloads Should My Podcast Get?

I have said the equation for downloads is

Total Value in the Episode

Multiplied by

The total amount of intelligent promotion

= Total Number of Downloads

Also, keep in mind, it's not all downloads. You can see so many benefits of podcasting. I spotlight them in this podcast as a "Because of My Podcast" segment


Make sure your show is good. Get your target audience to give you feedback

You only need one episode to launch, but many people launch with three.

Use the right tools, and make sure you are following image guidelines.

Don't start promoting your show until you are listed in the top directories

Get everyone to SUBSCRIBE to your show when it launches

Realize it will take time to grow your audience

Common Podcast Launch Mistakes

Using the wrong tool for the job. Podcaster who host their media on a web host (instead of a media host), free media hosts, companies that minor in podcast (Squarespace, Soundcloud)

Only promoting Apple. In May 2018, 54.4 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers were using a Google Android device. Apple was the second most popular smartphone operating system with a 44.3 percent market share. source

Picking a launch date a few days from today (and not knowing the time frame it takes)

Horrible titles of episodes ( putting the name of the show in the title along with the episode number)

Overthinking everything and Underthinking the process

Not checking to see if the podcast name is already in place.

Not knowing how to use their equipment (bad mic technique, and bad microphones like the Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, that are not bad, but you need to know how to use them)

Thinking a "Big launch" equals a big success. This is like saying a big wedding will lead to a happy marriage.

Worrying about Apple charts, and new and noteworthy. Focus on your audience, and make it easier to interact with you instead. The charts do not deliver much of a boost, and their validity is under suspicion at the moment.

Rating and Reviews are nice to have, but SUBSCRIBERS are the better thing to cultivate (which is why you want to lead them)

People are spamming their name. So if I had "School of Podcasting" |make money podcasting, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas that would be spam. Apple hasn't given any 

Mentioned on this show

Dave on the Podcasting for Radio Dummies Show

Slick Text

Podcast Review Show

Bond Fire Studio

Idea for International Podcast Day (9/30) See Video

Want Some Help Launching Your Podcast?

I would love to sit down with you and help you plan your launch strategy. Go to to schedule some one on one time, or Join the School of Podcasting


Sep 17, 2018
Logic and Emotion in Your Podcast

Podcast Question Of the Month

If there is a slider between 1 I LOVE PODCASTING and 10 is I HATE Podcasting, where are you? Are you feeling like a three? Seven? Lets us know and WHY you are feeling the way you are. If you want to record something and attach it be sure to put September question in the subject line and send it to dave “at” (trying to avoid spam with the spelling), or go to our Contact page for more options. I need your answer by 9/21/18

Slick Text Update


In a previous episode, I talked about testing Slick Text. This is a texting tool that creates an autoresponder. So when you text " sop " to 31996 you get an autoresponder from me with a link to my show in Apple Podcasts as well as a link to my show on Google Podcasts. I did a presentation for an "intimate" group at Podcast Midatlantic (probably 80 people) and I had five people sign up on the spot. With a month behind me, I've had 38 people sign up. You can try their free program, or upgrade to their $29 plan and save 15% off when you sign up for a paid plan using the coupon sop15.  For more information check out


What is LibsynPro is a great solution for the independent podcasters (with pricing starting at $5 per month, with the most popular plans being $15 or $20 a month). This week I spent time at Content Marketing World (an event with 4000+ attendees) where most of the clients were companies (not individuals) who were looking for enterprise solutions (and in some cases used by marketing agencies or networks). Here are some of the features of LibsynPro.

  1. You can have different levels of access for multiple users.
  2. Stats per show or for your whole NetWork
  3. A higher monthly fee and you pay for your bandwidth (see VP of Podcaster Relations at
  4. Dynamic ad insertion

Addition Podcast Configurations

You can also have a private podcast. This means you can set up a podcast for your company, add the users, and have an app created for your podcast. This also gives you the ability to see if your employees are listening to episodes, and in the event, you terminate an employee you can remove their access to any files. 

Social Media Marketing World Dumps Podcasting Due to Slow Growth


Recently Tom Webster wrote an article on Medium what podcasting needs to spur more growth. Michael Stelzner replied to the post and stated, "Great read Tom. Your data seems to backup what I have noticed over the last 6 years since I have been in podcasting. I was very excited and there was pretty nice growth about 5 or 6 years ago. Then I noticed a shift that started maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I noticed the NPR style shows coming on the scene, in force. And of course Gimlet. My first concern was that people who already listened to “other” podcasts would go over to the high production shows and slow their listening of shows “like ours.” I was concerned it would send a signal to new podcasters that “you have be like those guys if you wanna get in this space, forget about it!” I also noticed a significant number of podcasting evangelists starting to “podfade,” and no one filled the gap. I started to notice my own numbers stop growing (but still be very healthy and stay that way for years) despite my other media properties growing. I started to notice less interest in podcasting sessions at my conference, less interest in podcasting articles on my site, etc. So all the data came together and made it very clear. Podcasting was not growing. We made the strategic decision to eliminate the podcasting track from Social Media Marketing World a few months ago. So what I saw happening through my lens in my industry is also happening in the entire podcasting industry it seems. And I am not sure it’s a language issue (as you suggested towards the 52). I actually think it’s a social media issue. People spend a ton of time consuming content with audio. It’s called video. And I’m sure you have access to data that shows video consumption is way up, especially on social networks. The times, they are a changing. Just my two cents. Thoughts??"

While Michael has his opinion based on his stats this does bring up one question:

Who are the Podcast Evangelists? ( I know both Cliff Ravenscraft and John Lee Dumas pivoted their marketing to reach a wider audience) but what is a significant number of podcast evangelists?

Keep in mind, this is through Michael's Lens.podcasting was dead Which will be different than YOUR Lens. It reminds me a bit of when Leo Laporte had said Podcasting wasn't' growing, it was too hard, and that lead to people saying Leo Laporte said that podcasting was dead  ( see ). If you talk to Rob Walch, Todd Cochran or Rob Greenlee, I think they will report that podcast consumption is up (it may not be up in Michael's Niche). 


Trends in Newspapers

Trends of Radio in the Car

Insights from Podcast MidAtlantic 2018


I just came back from Podcast MidAtlantic 2018. Were around 100 podcasters got together for a few days to talk podcasting. I met some great folks who will be guests in the future. Matthew Passey did a cool presentation about promoting your show and turned me on to Blip Billboards where you can get your show on an electronic billboard for $10 a day. A blip is anywhere from 7.5 to 10 seconds on a rotating billboard. The cost depends on the locations and times you choose. Any budget is fair game.

Content Marketing Is Content Marketing

I was listening to Tim Schmoyer's Video Creator's Podcast and let me summarize some of the concepts I heard:

  • Know who your audience is.
  • Focus on making great content
  • Don't focus on the YouTube Algorithm
  • Write good titles
  • Be yourself and don't blatantly rip off other shows
  • Be consistent in quality and schedule
  • Connect/Engage with your audience
  • It takes time to build and audience

I've been investigating the Twitch video platform so I listened to a few Twitch podcasts and heard

  • Know who your audience is
  • Focus on making a good show
  • Follower counts don't matter
  • Don't do spammy "follow for follow" exchanges
  • Be Yourself and don't rip off other shows.
  • Be consistent in quality and schedule
  • It Takes Time

Sadly almost all of the Twitch podcasters are using horrible media hosts like Soundcloud and Anchor

When I was at Podcast Midatlantic I heard similar themes

  • Know who your audience is
  • Focus on making a good show
  • Reviews don't move you up the charts
  • Don't do spammy review swaps
  • Be Yourself and don't rip off other shows.
  • Be consistent in quality and schedule
  • It Takes Time

Combining Logic with Emotions In Your Podcast


Words are fun. Picking the right words can trigger emotions in your audience. When you combine logic with emotions, it may inspire your audience to tell their friends. Today I play with words to show how different words can trigger more emotions. 

If you get emotional, your audience LIKES YOU and give you grief. See this video of Vince Gill singing at the funeral of George Jones. At the end, the audience (lead by Garth Brooks) stands to show their support as Vince starts to slowly lose the ability to sing. Watch the video and see how you feel at the end of the song. 

Notice the audience was rooting for him, so if you share something personal your audience is pulling for you. 

Keep in mind, the Internet writes in Ink. While you have freedom of speech, you do not have freedom of consequences. Sometimes we say things when we are emotional that can get us in trouble ( so it's a fine dance). Here are some examples:

What is more likely to trigger your audience? The phrase, "the 44th President of the United States," or the phrase "Barack Obama" or even more, "The First Black President."

What is better, "A Unique Situation" or "You're not going to believe this." Another example is "A Historic book," or "Based on a true story?"

Don't forget to use images on your show notes as those can trigger emotions as well.


Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income 

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Sep 10, 2018
10 Thousands Downloads Per Episode in Five Months

Today I talk with Noah Tetzner who starts the History of Vikings five months ago, and when the average podcaster is getting a little under 2,000 downloads per episodes, Noah is getting 10,000 downloads per episodes. I wanted to know what he's doing to grow his audience so fast. 

Noah Tetzner Wanted a Show About Vikings But Couldn't Fine One He Liked


Like many podcasters, Noah found some podcasts that weren't bad, but they didn't really fit 100% of what he was looking for. What did Noah do? He started one of his own. Is he a big tech nerd? No. Did he come with a pre-made audience? No. He found guests that had more than a heartbeat (like some shows) he found guests who could bring value. In this interview you will also hear how:

  • Noah is buying ads on other history shows to promote his show
  • How much Noah is spending per show
  • How reviews seem to be boosting his chart position, but may not do much for downloads
  • How he appears on shows as a guest even if they are not about history
  • He is building relationships with fellow podcasters and his audience
  • His strategy is to do your research and be genuine
  • Not everything he tried worked
  • How he overcame Imposter Syndrome to start his show
  • How he is now pursuing monetization
  • His main priority is growing his audience.

Check out his show at 


Podcast Rewind: Where Has Dave Been?


Big Podcast: Podcast Longevity, Failures, And How To Know If You'll Make It In Podcasting

Podcast Envy: Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting, on Impostor Syndrome and Podcasters Hall of Fame

Unstructured Podcast: Dave Jackson


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What I Learned From My Podcast Focus Group


I am in a "Mastermind" with a graphics person, a lawyer, audio editors, and more. We are all podcasters and share our opinions on how to grow each other's podcast. It's free (you don't need to spend 5,000 a day to be in a mastermind - start one today). 

Here are some of the things I learned:

  • I don't expand enough on what people get so they see the value
  • My bullet points were out of order and I put the best bullet point at the bottom of the list
  • You're not really saying what people are getting
  • I had too many options to choose from
  • I need to take my testimonials and sprinkle them through the sales copy

So What's This Have to Do With Your Show?

Sometimes you need an OUTSIDE opinion to find things that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. 

We Need To Talk: Setting Your Podcast Expectations


There are people with 10 downloads who want to monetize their show

There are people with five episodes that want to quit their day job. 

Here is another way to think about this and set expectations

A musician has written their first five songs. Can they make a living?

An actor has gone on five auditions and might have a lead on a commercial. Can they make a living acting?

An author has five manuscripts and an agent. Can they make a living as an author?

The answer? It depends. The odds are not in your favor, but it's going to take TIME. Many "overnight successes" took YEARS to get their big break.

If your sole reason is to make QUICK MONEY, and you are bringing NO AUDIENCE, the odds are stacked against you.


So many people hear crowdfunding and focus on the funding, and forget that step is one is create a crowd. They put the cart before the horse.

How do you build your audience?

In a nutshell, it boils down to this.

1. Identify who your audience is
2. Listen to them and determine what content they want to hear.
3. Create content that will inspire them to tell a friend (in other words, its good). I refer to this is "deliver value."
4. Go to where your target audience is
5. Make friends with them, and bring value to every conversation, listen for ideas for future episodes.
6. Then tell them about your show

Step 7 would be repeat steps 2-6

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Sep 03, 2018
Danny Peña Is On a Mission For Additional Listeners

In episode  633 of the School of Podcasting, we are looking at Podcasting Events and asking, "is it worth attending?" We also touch base with Danny Peña who has created a movie about his story and his show Gamer tag Radio (that is now winning awards at Movie Festivals) to help introduce people to podcasting and to his show. Danny can point to one thing for his success, "Community." We first spoke with Danny back on episode 506 (definitely check it out)

Sponsor: Podcast Engineering School


Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information

Today I did a quick search on for “podcast engineer” and saw quite a few options

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

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Certificate of Completion


Danny Peña is a Walking Make a Wish Foundation for His Fans


Danny first appeared on the School of Podcasting back on episode 506 and he has ALWAYs been about his audience and building community (he still is).  I drove down to Columbus to Ohio to hang out with him (along with Daniel J Lewis from the Audacity to Podcast). Danny met some of his audience and brought them backstage at the event and introduced them to some of their favorite gamers. Think about how huge that is for the audience members. Think about going backstage at the Super Bowl to meet Tom Brady. In this conversation you will hear:

  • Danny put together an award-winning movie about his story and the rise of Gamertag Radio using iMovie.
  • How he taking steps to embrace those who are not currently listening to podcasts and to help them understand how to start listening ( is something I put together)
  • Danny has multiple revenue streams in addition to his sponsors
  • His relationships lead him to leave CBS Radio when things got a little shaky.

For more information see

Mentioned: Edison Research 

Danny's first appearance on the School of Podcasting on episode 506

Daniel J Lewis from


Are Podcast Conferences Worth It?


I asked you, "Are podcasting conferences worth it?" and today I play answers from

Ed Ryan from Podcasting For Radio Dummies is starting a magazine for podcasters, was inspired to start TWO podcasts and has already received a three-figure boost of support for his Beach talk Radio show that he does with his wife

33:22 Emily from The Story Behind and E Podcast Productions (check out her Book)

40:54 Marco from got to meet all sort of people at PM18, and has been inspired to start THREE new podcasts

42:58 Jennifer from Podcast With Jennifer as a podcast editor she has picked up clients and boosted relationships

44:10 Win Charles will attend when she can finance it. She looks forward to having the loving support of the community

45:13 Michael Delany from Caregiving for Dementia got direction and focus for his show, and met a lot of great people. Hear his appearance on the Podcast Review Show

47:50 Hilda from Wise Traditions Podcast has attended two events and came away with practical tips, and relationships. It's super encouraging.

50:03 My thoughts on podcast events

51:13 I got a shout out on the Podcasting For Radio Dummies (Thanks Ed!)

Question of the Month


If there is a slider between 1 I LOVE PODCASTING and 10 is I HATE Podcasting, where are you? Are you feeling like a three? Seven? Lets us know and WHY you are feeling the way you are. If you want to record something and attach it be sure to put September question in the subject line and send it to dave "at" (trying to avoid spam with the spelling), or go to our Contact page for more options. I need your answer by 9/21/18

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Aug 27, 2018
Starting a Podcast With a Sponsor - How Marcus Couch Got To Yes

Today we are looking at not taking no for an answer. We are looking at trying new strategies for old problems. My friend Marcus Couch heard "No" multiple times every year when he tried to start a Chicago Bulls fan cast. He didn't give up. He tried and tried again. We hear his story of asking a sponsor to help. We all want more subscribers, will using a text tool like help by putting your subscription one click away? Speaking of new strategies, should you put together a focus group to see if your show is headed in the right direction? All of this is covered in this episode 632 of the School of Podcasting

Sponsor: Podcast Engineering School


Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information

Today I did a quick search on for “podcast engineer” and saw quite a few options

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

Major Discounts on Software and Plugins

Lifetime Access to the PES closed community

Certificate of Completion


I'm Playing with Slick Text To Grow My Subscriber List


They even have a whole tutorial on growing your list via text

I can try it, or revert back to a free account (and I don't have to worry about codes in an episode years later)

I can capture email addresses (and birthdays)

I can upgrade to a paid program and my un-used messages roll over to the next month

You can upgrade and downgrade any time you like

Your listeners can unsubscribe from your message by texting " stop "


Only works in the US and Canada (for me that is 76% of my audience based on my Libsyn stats)

Some people listen in the car (or other activities) can't text immediately.

See Slick Text In Action

Text  " sop " to 31996 to get links to follow me in Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. Then when a new episode is published it will be available in those apps. Here is a video of the backend of Slick Text

For more information see


Marcus Couch Heard "NO" 20 Times But Didn't Give Up

This is a conversation that I had on my Ask the Podcast Coach show which I do with co-host Jim Collison of 


I've known Marcus Couch since 2005 back when he lived in Chicago. He now lives in California where writes, coaches, and podcasts (see Marcus ). Marcus wanted to do THE OFFICIAL FAN podcast for the Chicago Bulls. He's had the domain for years. He asked the team, and they said "No." He asked the next year and the year after that. This went on a while. Marcus reached out to one of the Bulls Sponsors. Marcus was now part of the Sponsor's package. 

He turned a No, into a yes. He saw where one way was blocked, and kept looking for another path. 

He also used the strategy that bands do when trying to find a band member, he went to YouTube and found someone who had an audience on YouTube talking about the bulls. 

Marcus had the podcasting knowledge, a sponsor, and a passion, and his co-host Wyse Black had an audience. The two worked out a deal and now have launched the podcast with a sponsor, fan giveaways, and an audience. 

Check it out at 

Check out Marcus on his other podcasts:

WordPress Plugins A to Z

WordPress Weekly

Industry Night

Question of the Month


Have you attended a podcasting event? Was it worth it? I need the answer by 8/24 Go to if you use email, please use the subject line, "August Question." 

Why Your Podcast Needs a Focus Group


Rob Walch often uses this story of Marketing your podcast and how marketing will not save bad content (The Lone Ranger vs The Sixth Sense movies). So I decided to dig in deeper.

Dave's equation for more listeners is

The value in an episode multiplied by the amount of smart promotion = Total Downloads
In a nutshell, it boils down to this.

1. Identify who your audience is
2. Determine what content they want to hear.
3. Create content that will inspire them to tell a friend (in other words, its good)
4. Go to where your target audience is
5. Make friends with them, and bring value to every conversation, listen for ideas for future episodes.
6. Then tell them about your show

My advice before you start promoting it is to get someone who is not named Mom to listen to your show. These should be your target audience. You need people who will tell you if it’s good, or it’s not.

The best marketing won’t save bad content (Think American Idol winners, think The Lone Ranger movie with Johnny Depp).

The Lone Ranger According to Wikipedia,
“The film grossed $260.5 million worldwide against an estimated $225–250 million production budget and an additional $150 million marketing costs. That means it lost approximately $10 million.
On the other hand, great content will inspire word of mouth (Think the Sixth Sense).

The Sixth Sense - per Wikipedia
The film had a production budget of approximately $40 million (plus $25 million for prints and advertising). It grossed $26.6 million in its opening weekend and spent five weeks as the No. 1 film at the U.S. box office. It earned $293,506,292 in the United States and a worldwide gross of $672,806,292, ranking it 35th on the list of box-office money earners in the U.S. as of April 2010. Box Office Mojo estimates that the film sold over 57.5 million tickets in the US. In the United Kingdom, it was given at first a limited release at 9 screens and entered at No. 8 before climbing up to No. 1 the next week with 430 theaters playing the film.

Why was this so successful?

Because everyone who saw the Sixth sense told someone about it. They said, "You Must See This move." People who saw the Lone Ranger (myself included in this one) told their friends to NOT go see that movie.

Before you go promoting it, you might want to make sure your content is going to resonate with your audience. Promoting a show that brings no value will only allow the world to know how your show should be avoided sooner than later.

Get Some Coaching

If you want an unbiased opinion, I have two options. I can go over your show into on the Podcast Rodeo Show, or myself and Erik K Johnson an go over your entire podcast on the Podcast Review Show. If you're looking for private mentoring, I 've got packages for that at



Aug 20, 2018
How Podcasting is Like Shoe Shopping

In the past, I've talked about transcriptions. The fun part of transcriptions is you still have to end up with something that is easy to read and brings value. I've mentioned and but the one thing I didn't think about is how you can use it as an editing tool

But What if Things Go Wrong?

I drove to Nashville this week to attend two events. One was the Nashville podcasters meetup, and the other was the launch party of Without Warning by Sheila Wysocki which had a room full of private investigators who are thinking about starting a podcast, and music business people looking to start podcasts.

When I first thought about it, I went to and did a search for cheap hotels. I normally don't look at reviews, but as I was choosing the cheapest hotel I could find, I saw some reviews with words like "bed bugs," "Drug Deals," and  "Cockroaches." It made me very nervous. I thought of getting bed bugs into my luggage and bringing them home. I thought of my last trip to Nashville where I ended up hitting a dear on the way home and totaled my car.

But What if Things Go Right?

I met some great people and strengthened the relationships I already had. I was interviewed, and it turns out that the Ramada Hotel I stayed at was the same one I chose the last time I was in Franklin Tenessee.  By the time I left many more people knew who I was, what I do, and how to contact me.

What I Learned

  • If you get a bunch of private investigators together they are just as talkative as podcasters. Why? Becuase much like podcasters, the only people who understand what it's like to be a Private Investigator are other private investigators.
  • My comfort zone is 7 hours in a car, but if I'm driving home I can go 8.5 and be wide awake at 3 AM.
  • You can use transcriptions to help with editing. The two I mentioned are and
  • More and more people are assembling teams to create a podcast (and I'm not sure people know there is an alternative)
  • People often follow the guidelines based on their environment (so people in Nashville think you need to go to a professional studio to record - you don't)
  • Danny Ozment of Emerald City Productions ( speaking of studios) has a great mixing room, and David Hooper of Big Podcast and Red Podcast converted his walk-in closet into a studio

How Podcasting Is Like Show Shopping

I was so excited to go to Podcast Movement I forgot my shoes and I realized this when I was about 4 hours into the 7-hour drive. I stopped and bought a new pair. There are all sorts of dress shoes with colors, materials, heals, souls, etc. Some are shiny, and some have a texture. In the end, you need shoes to protect and provide comfort for your feet. With this in mind, it doesn't matter what they look like, the texture, etc. Fashion is what dictates those types of guidelines and those are not really NEED, but more WANTS.

For me I needed a black pair, that didn't pinch my feet, let my feet breathe, and had a soul that wasn't' going to have me sliding. I looked around, found a few that fit the criteria, and then bought the pair that fit my budget. I could've looked a lot longer, but I found shoes that fit what I needed, and I moved on and continued driving to Philadelphia. Sometimes you just need to decide, put on the shoes and go. Usually the first day, your f00t need to kind of get used to the shoe, but over time the show adapts to the foot and all is well.

So Man Varieties of Show Openings

Jeff Brown from Lead to Read will be coming on the show in the future to discuss this further (as we did a talk on this at Podcast Movement), but we share the opinion that the show should let people know what the show is about, what the episode is about, why we should listen to you, and then get to the content. We will dive into that deeper in the future.

The Perfect Podcast Intro

I'm going to play samples of podcast intros from many shows today and let you know that you don't HAVE to do an intro like mine if you don't want to. Don't want music? Don't need it. Like shoes, podcast intros come in many shapes and sizes.

Mentioned in this show

New Media Show

Big Podcast

A Very Fatal Murder

Oprah Super Soul

This American Life

What Was It Like

Chad Michael 

Story Podcast

Ready To Start Your Podcast? Ready To Grow Your Podcast?

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Question of the Month

Have you ever attended any Podcast Event? Was it worth it? (I need the answer by 8/24/18) 


Aug 13, 2018
Should My Podcast Have an Email List?

In the age of social media is email still relvant? If so, how do you grow your list? What makes a good lead magnet? Do I need a lead magnet? This is all discussed in episode 630 of the School of Podcasting

Sponsor: Podcast Engineering School


Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information

Today I did a quick search on for “podcast engineer” and saw quite a few options

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

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What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?


Thanks to Win Charles from the Ask Win show, Matt Rafferty from the Author Inside You podcast, and Jerry Williams from the FBI Retired podcast for contributing

Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer defines a lead magnet as “a small chunk of value that solves a specific problem for a specific market that is offered in exchange for an opt-in. My buddy (and co-host of the Podcast Review Show) Erik K Johnston did a whole episode about lead magnets. Today we talk about email lists and why you might want to start using one. 

OptinMonster (which is a great tool/plugin for capturing leads) breaks it into seven parts:

Solves a real problem – if your lead magnet doesn’t solve a real problem that your customer avatar has, or if it doesn’t give them something they really want, it won’t work at all.
Promises one quick win – your lead magnet should promise (and deliver) one quick win for your avatar. In other words, it should help them to easily achieve something.
Super specific – don’t create a lead magnet about something general. The more specific you are about the benefit of your lead magnet, the better it will convert leads.
Quick to digest – PDF checklists tend to convert really well because they are so quick and easy to digest. eBooks or lengthy reports may make your prospects feel overwhelmed.
High value – your lead magnet should have both high perceived value and high actual value.
Instantly accessible – your lead magnet will work best if it is something that can be delivered right away. People love instant gratification.
Demonstrates your expertise or Universal Value Proposition – when someone consumes your lead magnet, it should demonstrate your expertise or your unique value proposition. This helps turn leads into customers down the road.

Here is a list of 69 effective lead magnets (no email required)

Advantages of an Email List?


The biggest advantage of an email list is you are one click away from your desired call to action, and more than likely you have someone's undivided attention. Most people (hopefully) are not reading their email while driving, etc.

You can email your list directly and not have the information appear on your website.

You are in contact with your engaged audience.

2000 Facebook followers is not the same as 2000 email subscribers

According to a 2015 study, 3.57% is the average open rate. So if you have 1000 subscribers, 35 will open your email

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers sent his latest post to his email list and his twitter account

Here are the results he got:

  • 50 people clicked on his link from Twitter
  • 1,200 people clicked on his link from his email list

His email list might be twice as large as his Twitter following but it still generated about 24 times more clicks.

Even your grandma has email.

Where To Start?


Mailchimp is many times the place you start. Why? It' starts free (but if your list grows can be expensive).

There are many, many companies out there. I've used Aweber before moving to Convert kit.

Aweber is $19/month for 500 subscribers or .038 cents per subscribers

Convert kit is $29/month up to 1000 subscribers or  .029 cents per subscriber

MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers but limits the number of emails sent out in the month to 12,000. If you have 1000 subscribers and wanted unlimited emails per month it would be $15 a month at Mailchimp 

Do I NEED an Email List?

Do you need an email list when you starting a podcast, no. But, I hear time and time again that someone in year three pivots their show in a new direction and really, really wishes they had started an email list.

Be Very Careful With Affiliate Links

Both Amazon Associates (amazon's affiliate program) and Mailchimp have it in their terms of service that sending email with affiliate links is against the rules.

Take the Time To Learn Your Email System

One of the things you should do upon signing up for an email service is to take the time to go through whatever tutorials they have. For example, I use Convert kit and to make a long story short I'm not using half of the features. When I was at Podcast Movement, I went to their booth, explained my situation and the rep show the features I could be using, and show how easy it is to use. With this in mind, I still need to take the time to learn the system. There is no sense spending money on a system that sits dormant. 

Example of Podcast Lead Magnets

Erik K Johnson has 17 Ultimate Podcast Interview Questions

David Hooper of Big Podcast has 25 podcast episode templates (bottom of the page)

Daniel J Lewis has 20 things you should do before recording every podcast episode (right sidebar) He also has an email list devoted to pointing out great deals at

I have a resource to help you write better Podcast Episodes titles at

I also have a video series for those thinking of getting into podcasting that walks you through the first few steps at

The Question of the Month


If you've attended any podcast event, was it worth it? If so, why? If not, why not? Please send those in by 8/24/18 go to if you are emailing them in please put "August Question" in the subject line. (and don't forget to mention your show). 

Also Mentioned in This Episode

Without warning Podcast at

Nashville Podcaster Meetup 

Get a Free Month of Media Hosting at using the coupon code sopfree

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Aug 06, 2018
13 Years of Proof That Podcasting Works

Sponsor: Podcast Engineering School


Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information

Today I did a quick search on for "podcast engineer" and saw quite a few options

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

Major Discounts on Software and Plugins

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Certificate of Completion


My Induction Into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame

This past week I was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. I am honored to be in such good company, and deeply grateful for all the kind words. In looking back at my 13 years I noticed a pattern:

How Podcasting Works

Valuable content leads to relationships that lead to opportunities. The key word is VALUABLE content. Then you have to work at relationships, and you need to take advantage of every opportunity. Look back I see how:

6:00 Who are Dave's influences? Dave Barry, David Letterman, and Dan Klass

7:59 Thank God I was bullied?

9:25 Hope for all the introverts

10:05 You learn from all your failures 

11:00 Content - Relationships - Opportunities

12:50 Dave's first podcast attracts Marcus Couch

14:45 Dave gets to go on the radio to explain podcasting to Music Business Radio

16:30 Marcus Couch invites me to get involved with Podshow. The Internet's first free podcast media hosting

17:25 Why it's not the tech

17:55 Dave tries to sound like Scott Fletcher of Podcheck Review

20:33 Why free media hosting drives me nuts

Podshow/Mevio 8/2005 – 4/2014 (116 months – 38.8 million dollars spent)
Podango 9/2006 – 12/2008 (27 Months) 7/2006 – 7/2009 (36 months) 2007 – 2011 (estimated 48 months) 11/ 2012 – 8/2014 (21 months before being purchased by panoply and taken off the market).
Opinion Podcasting 11/2015-10/2017 (23 months)

The average is 45 months. Take Podshow and the 38 million out of the picture and that drops to 31 (which is close to my typical answer of three years or 36 months) was started in August of 2015. If they make it 45 months that is May of 2019. If they go 31 months that would be May of 2018. So far Anchor has burned through 14.4 M already (see )

24:00 How I got the job as the director of the New Media Expo

25:57 Podcasters Roundtable shows embracing your competition

26:30 Podcasters Roundtable leads to me interviewing Jordan Harbinger

27:11 My relationship with Daniel J Lewis leads to me getting involved with the Membership Guys

27:48 Talking to Mike Morrison leads to me speaking at Social Media Marketing World

30:11 Podcast Movement and Steve Stewart leads to me meeting Glenn the Geek Hebert

32:50 Glenn invites me to speak at Podfest

34:22 Jared Easley introduces me to Danny Pena

36:16 My second trip to Podfest leads to me being interviewed

37:10 My interview, leads to me being featured in the Messengers a Podcast Documentary

38:16 My speaking resume made it easier to get more speaking gigs

39:20 Podcasting is like farming. You plant, fertilize, and harvest. 

38:50 It's not all about downloads. How my audience helped me through tough times.

42:48 Are you ready to work with Dave?

44:45 The one memory that bugs me from PM18

46:50 Daniel J Lewis from the Audacity to Podcast and Podcasters Society inducts Dave Jackson into the Podcaster's Hall of Fame

53:20 Dave Jackson's acceptance speech.

Jul 30, 2018
Are You Making These Podcast Mistakes Part II

Becuase of My Podcast: 


Haley Radke from shares how the only people who can understand what it's like to be adopted, and more importantly how to deal with a reunion with your biological parents. Nobody knows what that is like except those who have lived it. You might feel alone, but by creating her podcasts she is how building a community and actually had a meetup when she was traveling. People able came from out of state to come to meet her, and to be part of the community

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School


Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

Major Discounts on Software and Plugins

Lifetime Access to the PES closed community

Certificate of Completion

If you're looking to start your own audio editing service, or just want to make your show sound better. This course is for you.


Imposter Syndrom Continued


Last week we looked at what is Imposter syndrome, and how to overcome it. I was listening to the Dennis Miller Option and he shared some insights into how he feels when he is at a party with "celebrities." If you are new to Dennis Miller, here are some facts from his Wikipedia page.

Dennis Miller:

Saturday Night Live 1985 to 1991

Dennis Miller show (last seven month ) in 1992

Dennis Miller Show Live 1995- 2002 winning five Emmys for HBO

Hosted three-hour radio show on westwood one from 2007 to 2015

He also had shows on CNBC, and has done featured spots on many television shows.

He is listed as #21 on the great comedians of all time top 100 chart from Comedy Central

This is paraphrased from this show, " As far as being a celebrity, I'm complete "wobbliness." The moment I'm with some people who are famous I can do my little patter. I can make them laugh, and we can have the exchange that they want to have and I want to have. At the end (of the night), if they say, "Here is my number call me," when I get home and I'm alone, I don't tare it up, I keep them and think I'll call them someday.

I NEVER get to those calls. I just think they didn't mean it. I would feel like I was cold calling them to sell them encyclopedias. It's a weird thing. "

More Common Podcasting Mistakes


Are you ONLY putting a "jukebox" or "show player" for your podcast? 

This is where you have one page with all your episodes. For an example see


  1. This makes it easy to go to one page and click listen and let it play all of your episodes.


  1. Ther are now show notes on your page. Any shows notes that appear are actually on your media hosts website (and the player is served in what is called an iframe, so technically while this appears on your site, it's like someone cut a hole in your site and you are looking through to the original site).
  2. It makes it very hard to share the episode

Do You Have Extra Words In Your Podcast Name That Are Not Needed in Apple?

In this example, I'm not talking about the title of your episodes but the title of your show. Try to avoid having people "Search for the show in Apple podcasts." If you do, you need to tell them EXACTLY what to search for.


The kookcast is a podcast with a very unique name. I would deeply doubt there are two shows with that name. If you go to Apple podcasts and search for kookcast it comes right up. However, if you enter "The kookcast" even with its SUPER UNIQUE name it does not appear in the top 300 results.

From what I can see when you add "The" your show is ranked against all the other shows that have the word "the" in the title and it doesn't appear. So in your case you might need to have them search for your name instead of the name of your show. This assumes you are listed as the author of your show.

Is Your Podcast Created by Unkown?

If you search for your show in Apple podcasts and it shows the author as "unknown" you can easily fix this by going to the system you use to make your show (for example in you can go to destinations > edit > Libsyn classic feed and add the author information along with owner, email, categories) and enter the missing information. The listing in apple should updated in about 24 hours.

Do You Not Care About Your Android Audience?

This one confuses me, but I see it all the time. I go to a podcast website, I see the show. I can click play. When I go to subscribe there is one and only one option. Apple Podcasts. If you are on android, you are out of luck, I hope you figure something out.

Check out this article. It shows a map with android being one color and iOs another color. Europe is entirely android. see according to an article at statscounter, android currently has 74% of the market in Europe. see

Jul 23, 2018
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Seventy percent of people have impostor syndrome. While an interesting stat, that doesn't really help people who have impostor syndrome get over it. Today I have 12 strategies to help overcome Impostor syndrome

Because of My Podcast: I Got A Custom Wrestling Mat


Jason Bryan of shares the story how one of the top manufacturers of wrestling mats made a custom wrestling mat with Jason's Logo and microphone. HOW COOL IS THAT? You can hear more about how Jason is now doing podcasting as a career at

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School

Podcast Engineering School - next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

Major Discounts on Software and Plugins

Lifetime Access to the PES closed community

Certificate of Completion


We All Feed Like Imposters

Seth Godin wrote in The Icarus Deception that after a dozen bestsellers he still feels like a fraud all the time

"The beauty of the impostor syndrome is you vacillate between extreme egomania and a complete feeling of: 'I'm a fraud! Oh God, they're on to me! I'm a fraud!' So you just try to ride the egomania when it comes and enjoy it, and then slide through the idea of fraud." – Tina Fey

"Sometimes I wake up in the morning before going off to a shoot, and I think, I can't do this. I'm a fraud." – Kate Winslett

"I have written eleven books, but each time I think, 'uh oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody, and they're going to find me out.' " – Maya Angelou

Jodie Foster was interviewed for the television show ‘60 Minutes’ she revealed how she feared she'd have to give back her Oscar after being voted best actor for her role in ‘The Accused’. “I thought it was a fluke,” she said in the interview. “I thought everybody would find out and they'd take the Oscar back. They'd come to my house, knocking on the door, ‘Excuse me, we meant to give that to someone else. That was going to Meryl Streep.'”

Ken Burns interviewed Meryl Streep, the most frequently nominated Academy Award and Golden Globe actor in history, she revealed her own insecurities "You think, ‘Why would anyone want to see me again in a movie? And I don't know how to act anyway, so why am I doing this?’”

If We are All Imposters - Than None of Us Are Imposters

I had a niece who for a while started to dress in a "Goth" style. The idea was she didn't want to look like everyone else. The problem was, "Goth" started to be cool. Soon, everybody started dressing Goth, and the result of "standing out" no longer was a byproduct of dressing Goth. If you are sitting there thinking, "I could never be like _____," guess what? That person is sitting there thinking the same thing too.

The only thing that separates you from anyone else in the world is time and effort. Anything that anyone else can do, you can do. It’s impossible to feel like an impostor once you accept that everyone else is an impostor too.

Imposter Syndrome Cycle

In the book, The Imposter Syndrome Remedy Dr. Estcio talks about an Imposter Syndrom Cycle. This cycle shows often that imposter syndrome leads to two responses:

  1. Crippling Fear
  2. Overworking

You are either crippled by fear which leads you to procrastinate. The second possibility is you are driven by fear of failure and you overwork. When you complete the task it may bring temporary relief. However, when it is time to evaluate performance, limiting beliefs associated with Imposter Syndrome may arise: If procrastination led to a successful outcome, then success is considered a fluke (“I was lucky things worked out in the end!”). If over-preparation led to success, then it reinforces the belief that working extra hard is needed, otherwise, there is no chance of success (“I’m not good at this. I just worked really hard.”). Thus, successful outcomes do not bring satisfaction. It only increases self-doubt, worry, and anxiety, with the thought that when either “luck” or “excessive hard work” wears off, they will finally be exposed as the incompetent fraud that they really are. And then, the cycle repeats itself. See The Imposter Syndrome Remedy by Dr E V Estacio.

Strategies to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  1. You feel like a fraud because of this huge opportunity that has been put in your lap. Maybe, it's not quite as important as you think. It's important to you, but you're not curing AIDS. It doesn't have to be perfect
  2. You have had some successes in the past. You've done hard things in the past. Think of the hardest thing you have to overcome. You did it. You're still here. Don't ignore your successes.
  3. DO NOT compare yourself to THAT person. There are always people "better" than you and people worse. You are never as good as your best review or as bad as your worst.
  4. You are not defined by your mistakes. The "I must not fail mentality" can be crippling.
  5. There is one person who really needs your message
  6. Not everyone will like you, and that is OK.
  7. Credentials don't always mean what you think they do.
  8. Find one person you know and trust and let them know you feel like a fraud
  9. Instead of saying, "I don't know anything" say, "I don’t know everything...yet. I’m still learning."
  10. Yes, there is luck and timing, but there is also talent, dedication, and charisma.
  11. While your feelings are real, this does not mean they are accurate.
  12. Quit focusing on you, and instead focus on your audience and how you will deliver value.


I'm Not Ready

I do not have children, but I know many people who do and in some cases, they got pregnant before "they were ready." Some got pregnant when the thought they were ready, but found out later they were nowhere near ready. Yet, their kids are fine. You’re never going to be ready. Act anyway. Acting before you are ready is like a penicillin shot for Impostor Syndrome. It helps you build up immunity against the Syndrome. The more you act before you’re ready, the more you’ll realize that you’re never really ready for anything. But neither is anyone else.

I Wonder What That Tastes Like

Maybe you are trying the new Keto diet. You see a keto recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. It looks good. You see the ingredients and you have them. There is only one way to know if this recipe tastes good. You have to make the recipe.

The only way to really see something is to do it. You have to experience it. Reading about other people’s failures and successes only go so far. Sooner or later you have to start succeeding and failing first-first hand.

I'm Not That Good At It

So you record your first podcast and listen back and thinking, "Ugh, I'm not that good." You know what? You're not as bad as you think, but you are right there is room for improvement. There is always room for improvement.  Instead of saying to yourself, "I'm not that good. I shouldn't do this." Try, "I am not very good at this yet, but I will continue to learn and adapt as I go."

I Need to Know More Before I Get Started

You do NOT need to know everything. You probably have more than enough knowledge to get going. Instead of saying, "I don't know enough," say "I don't know everything but I will use what I know to learn more as I go." With that said, know this: Don't use,, (for a media host), or a Blue Yeti (there are better, less expensive options).

But I'm Scared

Being afraid has times when it's very handy. Fear is good when you are face to face with a bear. Fear is good when you are on the edge of a cliff. Ask yourself, "What is the worst thing that could happen?"

You might answer:

"I will be embarrassed." To this, I say nobody is listening to your show when you first start out. The odds of running into someone you are not related to that has actually heard your show are minimal. When I looked up the definition of embarrassed it said to be disconcerted. When I looked up disconcerted it said "ruffled." I hear to get don't get ruffled. I have said things in my podcasts that I'm really surprised did not have negative side effects, but they didn't.

I was scared my first day of JR High, of SR. High, but I walked through the doors anyway. So say to yourself "Yes, I’m scared, but I’ll get on with it anyway."

The Bright Side of Failure

Failure is fun. Think of it that way. If you’re failing, you’re doing it. You’re real. You can’t be fake and fail at the same time. And failure will eventually lead to victory. Failure is the only way to get to victory and it’s the only way to enjoy it because you can only enjoy something once you’ve tasted the opposite.

I leave near an amusement park called Cedar Point. It has tons of super spooky roller coasters. Some people refuse to get on them as they are often the tallest, fastest, spookiest coaster in the US if not the world. To ride these, you have to stand in line. This is often a long line. Some people get bored and leave the line. Other tough it out, and they get on the ride, strap themselves in and after waiting an hour (or more) in line, the ride lasts 30 seconds and you get off the ride thinking, "It was OK."  You make a mental note, and you know to the only ride that ride if the line is short.

With podcasting you are either going to have some positive outcomes or a story (which is also a positive outcome)

Just because you failed, doesn’t mean that you are a fraud. It only means that you are willing to do something, even if it means risking failure.

Another great book I read was Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Proven strategies for building confidence and finally feeling ‘good enough.

What will happen if you never change?

Podcasting leads to relationships which lead to opportunities. If you have a message, and a drive to reach people, you are missing at an opportunity to invest in yourself. There is NO WAY you start a podcast without learning something about yourself. Granted, one of the things you may learn is you hate podcasting, but I doubt it.

Update on Radio Public

Last week I talked about Radio Public. This is an app that pays you $20 per 1000 downloads as well as a $1 bonus for people who start to use their app. You can see what their player looks like and more at I received an update:

"Thanks for the follow-up and for highlighting RadioPublic in your latest episode.

That's correct, right now only listens within the RadioPublic apps count toward Paid Listens. We’ll eventually include web listens down the road. The web presents some tough fraud detection problems we aren’t yet ready to address.

You raised a great point on being able to combine earnings across podcasters or within networks for multiple shows. I shared this with Matt MacDonald our Chief Product Officer to see what's possible.

We also recently expanded the guidelines of the program for shows to have their own sponsorships and still participate. The language on the site will likely be updated in the coming weeks but for now I at least wanted to pass along the update knowing there was a concern you brought up about one of your episodes including a midroll spot.

Let me know if any other questions come up. Paid Listens is just the first step in our efforts to transform the podcast marketplace, making it much easier for podcasters to make money for their work. We’re currently prototyping ways for listeners to directly support the podcasters they love. Would you be interested in talking with Matt about this?

We’ve updated our FAQ to address some of the questions and concerns discussed during the episode. Thank you for taking such a deep dive test run and pointing these out!
We don’t touch the audio files by inserting ads into an episode, rather we place the ad spot before and/or after an episode - bookending it. (Updated here in our FAQ)
The Loyal Listener bonus is a part of the Paid Listens payout, so with only 24 Loyal Listeners a podcaster would be eligible for the $25 minimum threshold for payout. (We updated this FAQ with clearer language around this as well as the math to get a podcaster to that understanding.)
We also updated our “How do I get paid?” FAQ with clarification on what a podcaster can expect once their show is ready for a payout.

Hopefully we’ll get the chance to meet in a couple weeks at Podcast Movement.

Joshua Rae

July Question of the Month

Do you have an email list, if so how big is it? What do you use? What strategies? If you send an email, please record something and attach it  (And use JULY QUESTION) as the headline. You can also call in your answer 888-563-3228 (don't forget to mention your show and website) The deadline is 7/27/18

Mentioned In This Podcast

Podcast Envy

Food Craftsmen

The Imposter Syndrome Remedy

Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Proven strategies for building confidence and finally feeling ‘good enough


Ready to Start a Podcast?

I would love to work with you. Please visit

Jul 16, 2018
Oops I Forgot Something

The Podcast Awards Are Open

You can nominate the School of Podcasting in the Technology category at the Podcast Awards

I won last year, and it would be cool to start a streak. If I have ever entertained you, helped you, inspired you, saved you money or headaches, I would DEEPLY appreciate your nomination for the School of Podcasting in the Technology category

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School Early Bird Pricing

Podcast Engineering School start September 18th. What is Podcast Engineering School? This is an online course created in 2016 by Chris Curran who has TONS of experience as an audio engineer and has worked on some famous albums that you would recognize. Now he is bringing that experience to podcasting. The class is for those who want their show to sound more professional, but also for those who want to make money as a podcast editor and producer.

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

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Lifetime Access to the PES closed community

Certificate of Completion

The "Super Early Bird Pricing" is in effect NOW see

Where Do I Put the "Good Stuff" in My Podcast?

In the recent episode of the Podcast Review Show that I do with Erik K Johnson of we discuss how long you should make a person wait to get to the "good stuff" and where you should put "the good stuff." check out the full review at

Jul 11, 2018
My First Impression of Radio Public

My First Test of Radio Public

You can get your podcast on the Radio Public platform at Once you’ve been approved at Radio Public, they send a weekly email summary to your email with details about your Paid Listens activity on RadioPublic. Once your podcast earns $25 it will be eligible for payout, and we’ll send an email with information about how to configure the payment step

Earnings are a combination of your Paid Listens (at a rate of $20 per 1000 listens of your episodes in the RadioPublicapp) and for every new listener that hears three episodes of your show in the RadioPublic app, you’ll earn a Loyal Listener bonus of an additional (one-time) $1 - and yes, this bonus layers on top of your Paid Listens rate.

What Is the Criteria For a Listen?

We define a Paid Listen as a listener hearing at least 60% or 30 minutes of an episode, whichever is shorter. For now, only listens in the native RadioPublic mobile apps for iOS and Android count. Multiple listens to a given episode by the same user’s device/account will count as a single listen.

Also, it is important to understand that a download does not necessarily equal a listen. On all podcast apps, including RadioPublic, a given episode's audio file might be downloaded multiple times: the user could have deleted it before listening; a user’s local network error can occur and the file needs to be downloaded again; a podcast hosting provider can have an issue that initiates another download, etc.RadioPublic measures when an episode is actually heard, so you should not always expect a 1:1 download to listen ratio in your hosting provider’s metrics or dashboard.

What to Do If Your Episode Already Has Ads?

Depending on your current approach to ads, you have a few options for providing ad-free episodes to RadioPublic:

  • Remove the ads from your older episodes in your existing RSS feed by reuploading newly edited audio files to your podcast host. 
  • Create another RSS feed that contains ad-free episodes and provide that feed to RadioPublic.
  • Contact your ad sales team and podcast hosting company, as they may have the ability to turn off dynamically inserted ads when episodes are requested from RadioPublic.


Where Do The Ads Go?

RadioPublic will place audio ads before and/or after episodes participating in Paid Listens, and the ads will be clearly demarcated with audio and visual cues as distinct from your show, not part of it.

Where's the Catch?

The catch is to get credit for the play it HAS to be in the Radio Public app. You will need 1250 downloads (the amount you need to make $25) to get paid on their app.  While they supply a player, it does not count that download as one to be paid for. You get $1 bonus if you get a new person to try the app and listen to three of your episodes.

For me, I'm not sure I can look at my audience and say, "Please go listen on this app where I can better advertise to you."

Patreon Vs Radio Public

Last month on Ask the Podcast Coach I had 3, 852 downloads. If we play in fantasy land and says EVERYBODY heard it on Radio Public, I would make $76. What I do on that show is I do an extra 30 minutes of show with my co-host Jim Collison from and put it behind a paywall using Patreon. Last month I'm made $398 (as someone took the option to pay $125/month and receive an hour of one on one coaching) if we removed that (as that slot is not always full that would be $248. (or 3.2 times the amount of money from Radio Public).

Pennies Make Dollars

If you're trying to do podcasting full time, you need multiple streams of income. As with other services I've used that inserted ads paid $1.5 for 1000 listens, Radio Public is a much better solution. But as the average podcaster get around 1500 downloads per episode ( I'm not going to retire on the $30 (again that would be if EVERY SINGLE ONE of your listeners was using the Radio Public app)

Improvements Needed

With the short time I tested Radio Public, they need to be able to group podcasts together. I would get to the $25 a month payout fee if all my shows were listed under one account. From what I've seen they are not. So now every show would have to get 1250 downloads (the amount you need to make $25) instead of all of my shows working together. That would make for more payouts, and make it worth my while.

John Bukenas of on the show that he tried to import his shows, and the app crashed. 

Social Subscribe and Follow Plugin

I had gone to the Internet along with using the branding assets of some apps and went through the joy of resizing them, and then having some with a black background and some with a white background and it looked like this: (see )


I know Daniel J. Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast. He is a friend of mine and I use his My Podcast Reviews service (which a great) so I decided to check out his Subscribe and Follow plugin and it just makes things so much easier. You can adjust the buttons to match your site. They are all up to date and are using the proper branding. He has everything you'd want to link to covered, and it's super easy to set it up. Check it out at

$25 a year and $24 sign up  for Five Sites

$40.00 / year and a $39.00 sign-up fee for 10 sites

$75.00 / year and a $74.00 sign-up fee for unlimited sites

 You can see my new subscribe page at


Pipa Billing Plans Change

My Criteria for Podcast Media Hosting

1. Don't mess with my file. What I upload is what I want people to download.
2. Give me the ability to have an unlimited back catalog (unlimited storage)
3. Don't limit my audience size (unlimited bandwidth)
4. Don't control my feed, and make it easy to leave if I choose to do so. I need to be able to put in an iTunes redirect script.
5. Give me support.
6. Charge me for your service so you can stay in business
7. Give me stats so I can see what's working. It would be nice if they were accurate.
8. Don't own my content, control my links, or block my access to distribution or stats (like Anchor).

Pippa Launched in October of 2017. With a goal of making it easy to start a podcast, and making it easy to monetize. They have done some questionable marketing (by scraping email addresses from the iTunes Database and accusing their competition of inflating their numbers). I've tested their service with The History of Six Shooter podcast. Their interface is simple, and they do offer free transcriptions. I tested their transcription service and it was only 70% accurate (so plan on spending a fair amount of time tweaking your transcription).

Originally they adopted the Soundcloud business plan which enables unlimited uploads and unlimited downloads (And lost 100 million dollars).  Recently they updated their pricing. They STILL allow you to upload as many files as you want, but they limit the size of your audience (the more expensive the package, the more downloads you are allowed). For this show that gets over 20,000 downloads a month, I would be on the $50 a month plan. I currently use the $20/month plan at (use the coupon code sopfree for a free month).

As they limit your number of downloads (when other companies like and do not) they are just not a good choice in my opinion. I know people who have received thousands of downloads by being mentioned on an influencer's blog. For me, I'd take a pass on

For more information on media hosting, see

Ready to Plan, Launch or Grow Your Podcast?

I would LOVE to work with you. I have multiple plans (starting at $1 for bonus content, all the way up to a four-figure mentoring plan). I would love to help you with your podcast. See

Jul 09, 2018
Creating Actionable, Empowering Content with Kyle Gray

Today we have a conversation with Kyle Gray author of the book The Story Engine: An entrepreneur's guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing. He has helped hundreds of startups and small businesses create scalable content marketing strategies. His book The Story Engine outlines his process for making content marketing and brand storytelling easy and effective.

Because Of My Podcast: I'm Working with NPR


Monica Rivera hosts the "You Wanna Do What" podcast (giving you the nudge you need) and she recently celebrated her one year anniversary and shared how she was selected to take part in an NPR program where she will go to Seattle to work side by side with NPR on a story. The best part of Monica's story is her attitude and how she took the negative of rejection and turned it around and used it for success. Check out her one-year "13 Lessons Learned" anniversary show.

Kyle Gray Gives You Action Steps to Make Great Content


In today's conversation, Kyles shares some of his favorite tools to create content and explains strategies to identify problems and create actionable content with lead magnets to grow your list, enhance your network, and move forward toward building your business. Kyle has worked with many well-known brands and businesses like AdEspresso, Advance Your Reach, WP Curve and Self-Publishing School.

5:23 What is Good Content?

09:08 What are realistic expectations for traffic?

12:50 How long does it take to make great content.

16:20 How important are keywords?

19:55 What examples can you share of covering a problem from multiple angles?

21:05 If you could only pick three tools to help with your content, what would you pick?

Key Take Aways

You need consistency

He was talking about blog posts, and we are talking about podcasts but we still have nuggets. In the end, we are all content creators. So you heard in this interview where he is not winging it; there is planning. He does things other people may not be doing like finding graphics to go with the episode.

He said that even if you spend hours on your content, it may take months before you start seeing any measurable traffic. So if you're looking to get rich in six weeks, this is not for you.

I love that good content helps your audience. You may think that all of this discussion is for business, but if you're doing a comedy podcast your audience's problem may be that they just watched the news or had a bad day at work, and it's your job to find a way to make them smile.

He talked about identifying some key problems for your audience and making a lead magnet to give away that helps solve them. This is a great strategy that not everyone does, but that's because it takes time.

A cool graphic could be a picture of your guest with a quote you pulled from the interview.

Focus on the relationships. It is these relationships that help on the way up, and also if things go the other way. Jordan Harbinger utilized to rebuild his show with his network.

Check out the Story Engine on Audible at

July Question of the Month


Do you have an email list, if so how big is it, and how did you grow it? I need your answers (preferably in audio) by July 27th. See and if you send email, please use "July question" as the subject line

Top Five Questions About the New Google Podcasts App


How do I know if my podcast in the Google Podcast App?
Go to and enter your RSS feed

What If I'm Not in the App?

Then see this post

Do I Need to Be In Both Google Podcasts and Google Play Music?
Yes. I personally don't see Google Play Music makes it to 2019. I have no information, but it's just a feeling.

What Kind of Features are in the App?
Almost none. You can speed up and slow down, and that is it for now. It doesn't even automatically download the episodes

Castbox.FM Makes Duplicate Feed for Shaky Reasons


I wrote a post about this on my blog at

Ready to Start a Podcast or Grow One You've Already Launched?

I've got multiple resources for multiple budgets (with pricing starting as low as $5 to $1299 for a full mentorship program. See


Jul 02, 2018
Is Anyone Reading Your Podcast Show Notes?

I received 360 responses to this question, and if you do read show notes (better known as a description of what is in the podcast) what are you looking for.

Comments? 888-563-32228

Because of My Podcast I Got to Appear on TV

1:45  Edward Schmitz from was featured on a TV show in Brazil.

Make Money as a School of Podcasting Affiliate

4:30 Kim Kraji ( from ) explains why she became a School of Podcating Affiliate (and I set up for her to send her traffic). If someone signs up she earns a commission for every month they stay subscribed. Go to and sign up today.

[spp-tweet tweet="Only 38 percent of people may be reading podcast show notes"]

Your Podcast Show Notes: What To Include, How Long, and is Anybody Reading Them?

6:35 I put up some polls and ask you to send in your responses to and here is what I got

Out of 360 responses,  136 (38%) look at show notes, and 224 (62% fo not

8:33 Carey Green of feels show notes are important. He is surprised how many people don't put their social links in their show notes.

12:22 John from the Hate to Weight Show ( ) also wants social links and links to anything (like a video) mentioned in the episode.

14:38 Eliquite from the Travel Gluten Free Podcast ( ) is looking for resources. She hates show notes with one giant paragraph.

17:11 John from (a podcast about how to win at gambling) also looks at show notes and is deeply disappointed when you say you will put it in the show notes and you don't.

18:34 Win Charles from Ask Win hates it when you put a link to your website. She loves the show notes from

19:55 Shawn from Stories For Starters ( ) is looking for things that he wants to follow up (links, etc)

22:58 (Live from Books a Million ) Jill From likes show notes to go back and review

24:49 The host of the new podcast actually would rather read than listen

25:53 Kim from will read the show notes when they are emailed to her.

27:26 Tim from the doesn't really look at them, but when he does he's looking links

28:49 Lee from loves to use show notes for a resource.

30:34 James from www.podnews.not does NOT look at show notes. I interviewed James a few episodes ago.

James wrote a great article called How podcast show notes display in 19 different apps )

In that article he recommends:

  • Always show links with the URL visible. These links will be clickable in Apple Podcasts and will be visible - if not clickable - in every app. Using word links won't always work.
  • Formatting, like using of the strong tag, may be ignored by many podcast apps. Ensure your show notes don't require this to be faithfully shown.
  • Be aware that accented characters may not display correctly.


  • The name of the person/guest
  • Links to the guest site
  • ANY website mentioned
  • Links to videos or any resources mentioned
  • Social Media Links for people to connect with you
  • Readability (use subheadings to break up lots of texts)

July Question of the Month: Email List and Tools

41:50 Do you have an email list? If so how big is it? What system/tools do you use? Any tricks on growing your list.

Go to and use "July Question" if you want to record something and send it in via email (I do prefer audio over email)

The Importance of Your Episode Title / Headline

42:31 I read an article that said 8 out of 10 people will actually read your headline, but only two out of 10 will read the article (this was about blogs), but it goes to show you how important your headlines are. In podcasting, the title of your blog post or your episode is your headline. There is a cool tool called Fresh Title. I have video demonstration at there is also a cool plugin from Thrive themes that you put in multiple headlines and it tests and uses the best headline.

Where Does the Apple iTunes Summary Appear?

44:26 The Apple iTunes summary is just a few sentences that appear above the player. It is NOT a case where it is either the iTunes Summary or the Description BOTH appear. When making your Headline and Title for Appel Podcasts, do NOT put the episode number of the name of your show in the title (they just want the TITLE in the title). Put the episode number in the episode number field.


Pipa Transcriptions are 70% Accurate

47: 10 As we are talking about show notes, some of you may be thinking about transcripts. It appears that transcripts are "You get what you pay for." I recently tested the transcriptions and found that the one from the media host pipa was 70% accurate.  See

Mentioned in This Episode # 624

Northeast Ohio Podcasters 

Podcast Rodeo Show

Headline Resources at Podcast Media Hosting. Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at

SEO Expert Training

Dave's Voicemail 888-563-3228 (courtesy of )

The School of Podcasting Newsletter

Transcription Accuracy test

Kyle Gray book The Story Engine: An entrepreneur's guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing

Follow Dave


Ready to Podcast?

I have mutliple ways you can work with me. See starting at $5

Jun 25, 2018
When in Doubt, Ask Your Audience: Cody Gough Interview

Comments? 888-563-3228

Today on episode 623 we talk with Cody Gough of the Curiosity podcast. Cody had a podcast that was successful, and based on the goals of the podcast decided to make a radical change to their publishing schedule. 

Because of My Podcast 


Brenda from My Tech Toolbelt shares the story of being able to score media passes for one of the top educational events that would've cost her $650 but she's going for free Because of her podcast. 

Sponsorship Update


Every month we have one episode based on listener feedback, and somehow Todd's from the Trucker Dump podcast ( ) went to spam. Todd shares an idea he may be turning into a podcast, and how he was able to get some sponsors for his podcast.

Perfect is the Enemy of Good


I can't think of anything that was perfect right out of the gate. Yet, people will not start a podcast because it is "not right." In a recent interview on the "My guest needs no introduction" Howard Stern talks about how he has changed over the years because he went to therapy, and isn't as insecure as he used to be. He states, "I think that bad radio is when you don't somehow change it up constantly." In another interview, Jerry Seinfeld interview David Letterman and he explained how Johnny Carson had all sorts of stipulations on how Dave could do his show, and as Dave put it, "I picked up the crumbs and try to make something out of it." That lead to Dave being super creative, and doing something you couldn't find on the TV anyplace and brought him a super loyal audience. So what can you do with your podcast if you took away some of the segments, some of the format, and had to come up with something new?

How Do You Know Your Audience Hates Something if You Don't Let Them Taste It


  • Cody shares how he got a gig on LinkedIn to produce a podcast
  • He inherited a huge audience from
  • How he had to set expectations with his boss on what to expect in regards to production
  • Their show was weekly for a year before deciding to change the format
  • His audience gave him feedback when he switched formats
  • He lost a small amount of his audience before he downloads starting growing
  • As his content is evergreen, his back catalog is still getting downloaded
  • He shares some podcast promotion ideas ( ) and now is focusing on email and the Amazon Briefing
  • His Amazon Briefing is different than most "standard" briefings
  • How the assets at the company are changing with the new format
  • How advertisers are more interested in the US audience in some cases
  • A great story about he had a HUGE guest on his show and his audience could not have been less interested


  • How he got a huge guest on his show (it was super easy)


  • Tips for creating a daily show


  • How often he checks stats, and takes the temperature of the audience


  • The only way to know what your audience wants


  • Who he is using for sponsors

What If There Was No Social Media?


I was listening to the New Media Show and Todd Cohran brought up an interesting question, "What is there wasn't social media, how would you promote your show? That may be something we think about, and start doing. We can easily rely on promoting ourselves sitting in front of a computer screen, but there are other strategies that require you to get out from behind the desk.

Ready To Start Your Podcast?


I look forward to working with you

Jun 18, 2018
The Power of Your Knowing Your Why

Because of My Podcast: Free Tickets


Brad from the Cinema Guys ( ) explains how he was approached by a small local Cinema Chain who listens to his podcast. Brad worked a deal that enables him to get tickets to movies. Brad (being the cool guy he is) is using them as a give away for his audience. He has also worked to do a screening of Brad's all-time favorite horror movie, "John Carpenter's The Thing." They get to introduce the movie and then do a Q&A afterward.

Earn Money Referring People to the School of Podcasting


As a podcaster, people may approach you about how you started your show. You may be thinking of creating an online course, or an ebook. Instead of spending all that time and resources, you can signup to be a School of Podcasting affiliate and earn a commission when they subscribe and also for every month when they stay subscribed. For more information go to

Why Knowing Your Why Matters


It keeps you focused. You are no longer distracted by things that don't help you achieve your goal.

If you know why you're doing something, you can see the results clearer. This enables you to spot the small victories that then motivate you to keep going.

It is then the motivation that enables you to try again.

When another small victory comes along, you get another dose of motivation, and a pinch of this thing called confidence.

How My "Why" Gave Me Super Powers

I had been wanting to lose weight, and over the last year, I have been going up and down. I would get down to maybe 218 lbs, and then go up to 221 or 222. I wanted to get up and go to the gym in the morning. I knew to drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. I knew what to do. However, when I listed my priorities I wrote down things like rewriting my book More Podcast Money, I needed to update some tutorials at the School of Podcasting, and take a class on SEO. Nowhere in there is anything about my health. That's when I realized why I wasn't losing weight. It simply was not a priority.

I got a call from letting me know that I was being inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. The minute I hung up the phone, I said out loud, "Well somebody's getting up early tomorrow." While it is somewhat weird, as I normally try not to care what people think of me, I knew there would be lots of pictures. I even hired a photographer to take pictures during my presentation. Suddenly,  like a light switch, I had willpower. I had focus. I had a purpose. No longer did I need to watch TV. I realized that most of the taped TV shows I use to watch rarely delivered any real value. I could take that time and use it at the gym, or walk around, or cook healthy food, and THAT would deliver value to my goal of losing weight.

When You Know Your Why You Can Make it Through the How

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why you were born.– Mark Twain

Apple Podcasts hits 550,000 Podcasts

I listened to my first episode, and in it, I mention in April of 2005, there were maybe "4000" podcasts. This article says in 2005 there were 3000 podcats, now there are 550,000 and according to this TechCrunch article, there have been Fifty billion episodes have been streamed/downloaded since launch. The new numbers include 18.5 million individual episodes representing 155 countries, in more than 100 languages.

So in 2005 when I was explaining to people how cool podcasting was, and how awesome it was that you could "teel the software to watch this site" (better known today as a subscription) and that you didn't ' need a Mac, and you didn't need an iPod to listen. IT WAS PAINFUL as many people just didn't get it (it took a while for me to get it). But I knew the potential power of podcasting, and I had quit listening to radio, and I wanted people to experience the same joy I had found. It didn't seem hard because if I helped ONE person understand and start listening to podcasts, and I had ONE more person to talk about Dawn and Drew with, it was worth my time and effort.

When you know you're why the "work" doesn't seem like work. It just seems like something you do. When I first started playing the guitar it was BRUTALLY PAINFUL, but I knew I wanted to play. I wanted to be like my brother (who played) and so the pain wasn't so bad. I knew it was temporary, and I could make it through the how.

My "Whys"

  1. I get to help people (my background is in training. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education specializing in Technical Education from the University of Akron)
  2. It's creative (my hobbies are music, writing, photography, poetry).
  3. It's geeky (I get to play with software to build websites, track downloads, and more)
  4. I get to leave a very small fingerprint on the planet. Neither of my marriages produced any children. The word "Legacy" seems a bit much, but you get my point.
  5. I am meeting and creating great friends.
  6. It's helping me to pay off my student loans
  7. If I lost my job today, I would have a cushion of money coming to tie me over (and in reality, I would probably be able to the School of Podcasting Ful time)
  8. I'm not sure what I would do with my free time if I didn't.

Your Why's Might Be:

  • Share your knowledge
  • Get your message out out
  • Promote a business
  • Stay connected to friends and family
  • Be seen as an expert
  • Open the door to possibilities
  • Find like-minded people
  • Inner office company communication
  • Educate
  • Entertain

Getting the Motivation To Start

I just listened to a great episode of the You Wanna Do What? Podcast by Monica Rivera where she interviewed Jeff Haden about motivation. It was a really good interview and had some great insights into motivation. Including:

You only need enough motivation to start. If you set small achievable goals, those "little wins" give you the motivation to try again and keep moving. So some examples of small achievable goals my be

  • Buying your equipment
  • Plugging everything in and making your first recording
  • Getting your artwork
  • Publishing your first episode
  • Syndicating to Apple, Stitcher, etc
  • Getting 10 downloads for an episode
  • Getting 50 downloads an episode

When accomplishing these little milestones, it feeds your motivation to keep going.


Brenda from My Tech Toolbelt explain how her kids are grown, and while she is thankful for her job, it can be kind of boring, and she is podcasting because she enjoys learning. Yes, there is a lot to learn but as she put it, "It's fun. It's exciting, and I've already got two press passes (to be continued)" 


Jim Collison from The Average Guy Network (and my Co-host for Ask the Podcast Coach) is a lot like me. We both love being around people, we both love helping people. We both like to talk and to influence people to help them do things. 


The #1 Killer of Motivation and Why Podcasting is Like Golf


There is a reason that employees at companies are strongly urged not to share their income amount with other employees. If two people share that information, one person is leaving that meeting upset. So when people share how many downloads they get in a Facebook group, and their numbers are three times as many as you, ignore it and instead of focusing on their numbers, focus on your audience and how you can serve them.

If two golfers shared their scores, someone is going to think, "WHAT?! How is that person better than me? Well, there are a number of factors:

  • Better equipment
  • More experience
  • Better coaching
  • Better attitude
  • More athletic
  • More time to practice

So if you came to me and said, "I can't believe they are better than me! And I answered:

  • Your sound quality is very distracting
  • You have half as many episodes
  • They have a completely different niche
  • They have more time to promote their show
  • They have a budget to market your show and you don't
  • They have no children and you have five
  • They went to the School of Podcasting and you watched outdated YouTube Videos

Wouldn't you be able to see why someone might be getting more downloads than you (and keep in mind, there are more ways to measure podcast success than downloads).

So unless you want to detail your podcast DON'T COMPARE YOUR SHOW TO OTHER PODCASTS.

Heli PR77D Microphone Shootout



The Heil PR77D is basically a Heil PR40 with a bass roll-off switch, and something that will look very cool in any videos. It comes in black and purple and retails for $249 where the Heil PR40 is $308. You will hear these with my mic preamp the DBX 286 $199 off during the shootout.

In today's shootout, I compare it to an

Electrovoice RE320 $299  

Audio Technica AT2005 $79,

Audio Technica BP40 $349,

Blue Yeti $129

The Heil PR77D has that traditional warm Heil Sound. When I switched it voice mode (which cuts out frequencies below 120Hz) it seems a little too clear for my voice). It comes with a nice black velvet bag to keep it in. It's a very sturdy microphone, and I love the retro look.

Of the microphones above, the only one I steer people away from is the Blue Yeti unless you PROMISE to read the manual, buy an over-priced pop filter, and use it on a boom arm. I personally use the Electrovoice RE320but I liked the warmth of all the Heil Microphones and I need to play with it a little more to see how the proximity effect is (if it has more bass when you get close to it). The rear rejection seemed about as good as the other microphones.

Where Will I Be?


Catch me speaking at Podcast Movement July 23-26 in Philadelphia PA (and being inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame ) 

I will also be speaking at Podcast Midatlantic in September in Philadelphia PA

Ready to Start a Podcast?

  • One on one consulting
  • Podcast Reviews
  • Online Courses
  • Mentoring Programs

The Question of the Month

As a podcast listener, do you look at Show notes? If so, what do you want to see in show notes? I need your answers by 6/22 go to 

if you email me from that page, please put "June Question" in the title of the email. You can also call 888-563-3228 (be sure to mention your podcast)

Jun 11, 2018
Consistently Creating a Great Show: James Cridland from

Have you ever thought, "Oh someone is already doing a podcast about my subject." If so you need to listen to today's show with James Cridland of who saw there were other sites and newsletters featuring podcast news, but he thought they were missing something. He had been doing newsletters and working in the radio industry for years, so he decided to start a newsletter (that became a podcast, and an Amazon Flash Briefing) and has really come out ahead of the pack. Today James peels back the curtain on what planning went into the show, and what tools he's using to pull off a daily show.

Because of My Podcast: I'm Going to be Inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame


I got a call last week from Gary Leland was surprised to hear that my peers have selected me to be inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. I am humbled, honored, and a whole lot of other emotions that I can't quite digest yet.

Become a School of Podcasting Affiliate and Earn Money Referring People


You can earn money referring people to the School of podcasting and earn commissions each month they stay subscribed Go to

James Cridland Shares What it Takes to Make A Daily Show That Knocks it Out of the Park


I brought James on as he is just crushing it with his newsletter on Podcasting. He seemed to just appear and is just crushing it. So in this interview, we hear:

  • His planning and how he practiced first before launching
  • He realized his environment changes as he travels and he needed to be able to produce it from any computer
  • How he emersed himself in his niche as step one, and he uses as his freed reader (tutorial on inoreader)
  • How does he choose which stories to spotlight
  • How he uses newsletter analytics to understand his audience
  • What stories are the most popular
  • He codes his own website and uses Sendy to manage the email list
  • What advice does he have for someone wanting to be an expert in their field
  • As a person with a radio background, what do you think radio feels about podcasting?
  • His thoughts on people buying their way up the Apple Rankings
  • Marketing your podcast, and explaining it to future listeners
  • What percentage of his downloads come from his Amazon Daily Briefing
  • His thoughts on editing and the optimum length of a podcast
  • He loves to listen to Death in Ice Valley, Hamish, and Andy, Reasons to be Cheerful

Check out James Daily Podcast News Show at

[click_to_tweet tweet="I knew consistency would win in the end" quote="I knew consistency would win in the end"]

Isn't Email Dead?


But wait, isn't email dead? According to some studies, email is four times more effective at reaching your audience than Facebook. (source) If you are looking for outreach, that may be social, if you're looking to boost sales, or get your audience to click on Something than email is still the king. An article that just came out a few days ago explains how 58% of people "check their email first in the morning vs 11% Facebook and 2% Twitter. 2.6 billion people have email vs 1.7 billion for Facebook. The article states that "It turns out that 77% of consumers prefer email over social media for permission-based promotional messages." (source). The only problem I have with the article is that it's from option monster who helps you get email sign-ups.

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?


The best lead magnet ideas typically come from your audience. It's a question someone asks, and it's a really good question. What problems can you help them solve? What would lessen their stress, save them time, or help them reach a goal?

Here are some Lead Magnet ideas

You could make many of these with free tools such a Google Docs and then Save it as a PDF.

What Email Service to Use?


Many people start out with Mailchimp as it's free. As James said in this episode, if things start taking off it can get expensive quickly. Keep an eye on your subscribers. I'm currently using Convertkit, but to be honest I never used any of the cool marketing tools they have. I should have stuck with Aweber. With that said, as I look into using marketing tools, I've heard a lot of good things about Active Campaign which seems powerful.

Ready To Get Your Podcast Going?


I would love to work with you to get your podcast going. If it's already going, I'd love to help you grow your audience. I have many ways I can help you

go to and let's start moving your forward today

Jun 04, 2018
How Did You Get Your Podcast Sponsor?

Two Podcast Growth Strategies and Dynamic Podcast Sponsorship with Ad Insertion

Today in episode 620 you will learn two strategies to grow your audience and your subscriptions and you will learn how other podcasters got podcast sponsor. Keep in mind, if you are doing a show for fun, you can do a podcast with no intention of making money and that is 100% fine. I see podcasters who are now choosing media hosts based on their host's ability to get them paid. New media hosts are popping up selling Dynamic Ad Insertion. This is not where you do a host read advertisement. This is where you have ads that that sponsor often had recorded, and then insert them into your show (you pick where they appear). In my example, the recorded ad was at a much lower volume.

Growing Your Podcast Through Print

1:50 Mark Miller from the Repurpose Your Career shares how his podcast was featured in an actual paper Magazine, but not only a Magazine AARP. Now one might think that podcast listeners are not reading AARP but it turns out some of them are and now his numbers have taken a sizable jump. So the lesson here is you never know what will bring you more listeners.

Today's Podcast Sponsor:


A great way to grow your audience is to be interviewed on other podcasts (as they have podcast listeners).

Many podcasters love to boost their network by doing an interview show, but maybe you're having a hard time finding guests. helps you find guests for your podcasts for free will feature your podcast to its more than 4,000 users to find qualified guests that meet your requirements helps you become featured on other shows and helps you find guests for your show.

Tim “Kimo” Brien from

Growing Your Podcast with Face to Face Meetings

5:15 Way back on episode 474 of the School of Podcasting Glenn "the Geek" Hebert (of the Horse Radio Network ) made his first appearance and explained how he had gone to trade shows.

Elikqitie from the Travel Gluten Free podcast tried this, and while she didn't get the booth for free (she did get it at a reduced rate). She had tons of interviews and grew her network. One company emailed her after the conference and reached out to be interviewed.

Another boost came when someone she met at the event shared an image of them on Instagram and she could see where this was adding to the number of downloads for that episode.

Then another contact from the event asked her to host a webinar they are running.

Siri Can Subscribe You Audience to Your Podcast

16: 02 Did you know if you have an iPhone you can say, "Hey Siri, Subscribe to the (name of your show ) podcast" and she will ask you to confirm your decision and the subscribe to your show in the Apple Podcasts app. You can do this on Facebook live and share it with your audience.

Question(s) of the Month

16:58 This month I asked, If you got a sponsor how did you get it? I also asked, Do you planned on launching a new show this year?" Here are the answers"

Win Charles from "Ask Win" does plan on starting a podcast after she graduates from College in 2019.

20:47 She did have a sponsor who found her.

21:50 Cale Nelson from the Modern Christian Men podcast had a sponsor for his Ham Radio 360 show before he even had one episode published. He got a second sponsor who approached him. He does plan on launching two new shows both involving members of his family (Sistercast, and Our Podcast )

25:34 Tim “Kimo” Brien from will plan on releasing a new show Gray Heroes soon (July)

2734 Luke from the Triangle Tactical Podcast (about competitive shooting). His first sponsor fit his niche and sells bullets for competitive shooting. He got them as a sponsor by reaching out and asking, "Would you like to be a sponsor of my show?" and they did. The second sponsor came to Luke and asked to be a sponsor. They have a competitive shooting related business.

29:55 Matt Rafferty from the Author Inside You podcast (where he interviews first-time authors) and he kept getting approached by a book agent who wanted to have his clients interviewed. Matt worked with the agent to sponsor the show, and now interviews his authors.

31:14 Hilda from the  Wise Traditions podcast a podcast for the Weston A. Price Foundation and its Wise Traditions diet and principles. Hilda is looking to create a health-related show in Spanish. She needs a Spanish speaking editor (I suggest Niel Guilarte from Wildstyle Media) . She thought she had a slam dunk as the Wise Foundation already has a publication and Hilda thought the sponsors of the print version would be an easy slam dunk for the digital version, and so far that has not been the case.

35:23 I don't plan on adding more shows (I just added the History of Six SHooter), and I may be retiring the Alexacast (as Amazon fired me from the associate's program). If you are looking for sponsorship and you aren't getting the 5,000 download per episode, try contacting True Native Media who found a few sponsors for me. My latest sponsor approached me directly. I've been taking sponsors as I'm working up an updated version of the Book More Podcast Money.

Beware of Moving to a Media Host who Promises Your Podcast Sponsors


Most sponsors want at least 5000 downloads per episode after 30 days (monthly stats are worthless). Only about 10% of most podcasters get these kinds of numbers. A new trend is Dynamic Advertisement or Dynamic Ad Insertion. This is where you can go in and have ads inserted at the beginning of your show (pre-roll) at the end of your show (post-roll) and somewhere in the episode (midroll). When I take to people who had non-dynamic ads, they are getting paid somewhere between $20-$50 for one thousand downloads (known as CPM).

With Dynamic Ad Insertion, it is much muss less. With one company I had 53 ads shown and made .0164 that means I'm making .000309 per download or .31 per 1000 downloads.

I tried a new service and I had 1824 ads and earned $.280 that is .00154 per download or $1.54 per thousand downloads. While $1.54 is much better than .31, it is still hideous. In past, I had a podcast that had a flat rate of $90 per episode. I would have to have 58,441 downloads to equal $90. So while people that sell dynamic ad insertion will tell you that you make money selling you back catalog forever, it might just take forever to make the same amount of money that you do where you are paid for your value.

While some people may think that getting some pay (no matter how little) is better than no pay. I understand that, but I think there are other ways to get paid for your show (I cover other strategies in my book More Podcast Money, and I'm working on a new revision which will walk about Patreon )

Start Your Podcast Today

I would love to work with you to help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast.

For the available options and pricing see

May 28, 2018
Treating His Guests Like an Opportunity Instead of Transactions - Harry Duran Interview

Today I talk with Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies. I've known Harry for quite some time (hear my interview on his show). He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. I love to be around people who make me laugh. At last years Podfest, myself Harry, Michael Oneil, and Natalie Jenkins had a blast. Throw in Dr. Ryan Gray and Jennifer Briney, and Master Kuldrin, and you've got memories to last a lifetime. I started listening to Podcast Junkies thinking it was going to be yet another  "Podcast About Podcasting" but Harry is Different. He talks a little about the guests' show and then peels down the layers to find their best stories.

Comments? 888-563-3228

Sponsor: Podcast Guests


A great way to grow your audience is to be interviewed on other podcasts (as they have podcast listeners).

Many podcasters love to boost their network by doing an interview show, but maybe you're having a hard time finding guests. helps you find guests for your podcasts for free will feature your podcast to its more than 4,000 users to find qualified guests that meet your requirements helps you become featured on other shows and helps you find guests for your show.

The First Ever School of Podcasting LIGHTNING ROUND

4:10 I'm going to play questions from Harry interview with Travis Chappel and you figure out what do all these questions do?

Behind the Scenes of a how the lead Podcast Junky Harry Duran Performs an Interview


I interviewed Harry a few months ago, but I hadn't cracked the code. I kept asking myself, "Why do I listen to Harry's show?" Here are some reasons

  • I know most of his guests (and learn things about them I didn't know)
  • He always asks the questions I would ask
  • He gets great stories out of his guests.

So then I wanted to know HOW does Harry do this? How does he shape his show? So I was listening to Harry interview Travis Chappell. Now I don't know Travis, but I still listened to the whole interview. So again, I reversed engineered it. I went about halfway through the episode and shifted my focus from Travis to Harry. Then the light bulb came on. It's not really earth-shattering, but Harry asked questions that left the door WIDE OPEN for a story. He also LISTENS and asks great follow up questions.

One great example, the first question to Travis was, to sum up, his podcast experience in three words. Travis answered, "Amazing, Hard, Unexpected." To this Harry then asked him to dig in deeper into what is hard. It's not rocket science. But losing weight is simple as well. You eat less and exercise more. Simple it is. Easy it is not, and doing interviews is very similar. It's simple but not easy. Today we find out

  • How he selected his guests
  • How he prepares for the interview
  • How he chooses his next question
  • As a podcaster and listener, what are some of the common mistakes podcaster make?
  • How nervous he was interviewing Marc Maron's producer
  • How the same "recipe" for good content is the same recipe he used to launch Fullcast his podcast production company
  • His philosophy on handling guests
  • Behind the scenes of his retention hashtag
  • Why he now outsources his editing
  • His history of making a six-figure income in the "corporate world" and why he left.
  • What are the common mistakes podcasters make?

You can check out Harry's show Podcast Junkies at and his production company at


Podcasting News

In an article by Audio Boom may be having serious financial issues as they had to call off their acquisition of Triton Digital. In the article, it states, “In announcing the withdrawal, Audioboom said it only has enough working capital to continue operations for four weeks. Shares in Audioboom remain suspended on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) pending further fundraising.”

If you are looking for a new media host, check out my favorite media host use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month (and we will import your files from Audioboom for free). I like Libsyn so much I became an employee two years ago.

Latest School of Podcasting Affiliate

Thanks to Arnie Chapman from for becoming a School of Podcasting Affiliate. This means Arnie can now earn a commission by referring people to use the School of Podcasting to Plan, Launch, and Grow their podcast. If you'd like to earn money referring people see

Ready to Start Your Podcast? Work With Dave

I can help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast. Do you need a single one on one coaching session? Want a three-month podcast launch mentorship? It's all in one place


May 21, 2018
Jordan Harbinger - How to Avoid Being Fired From Your Own Podcast



Becuase of My Podcast, I'm Married

1:26 Jordan Harbinger explains how his podcast lead to him meeting his wife.

Sponsor: Podcast Guests


A great way to grow your audience is to be interviewed on other podcasts (as they have podcast listeners).

Many podcasters love to boost their network by doing an interview show, but maybe you're having a hard time finding guests. helps you find guests for your podcasts for free will feature your podcast to its more than 4,000 users to find qualified guests that meet your requirements helps you become featured on other shows and helps you find guests for your show.

Sign up at 

Who is Jordan Harbinger?


He is the host of the Jordan Harbinger show. He is a podcast veteran (been around more than 11 years) and I like Jordan because of the "three I's"


A former Wall Street attorney, Jordan speaks five languages and spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war zones, and been kidnapped -- twice. He'll tell you the only reason he's still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any type of situation.


Jordan will call BS on anybody. I once saw him correct a person who was introducing him at an event, and I've heard him ask some tough questions on his podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show


At Social Media Marketing World I saw Jordan speak (I HIGHLY recommend seeing him if you get a chance) and when he got done and greeting some people (like most people do) about 90% of the room followed him into the hall. I don't see this with other speakers.

I originally interviewed Jordan back in 2014 when things were going great (he had his podcast and was also on Satelite radio) fast forward to 2018, and Jordan was removed from a podcast he co-founded. What impressed me the most when I met Jordan in San Diego was his attitude. He was looking at the bright side. Instead of "why did this happen to me?" he had a "What does this all me to do differently that I couldn't do before" attitude. He is a guy that puts in the work, and when the rug was pulled out from under him, it was his network of friends that he had built for 11 years that have come to help the world know he is back and better than ever at and Advanced Human Dynamics

In this episode we learn:

6:38 What happened - a deeper explanation.
8:55 An example of how his old brand was holding him back
11:08 How his new events will differ from the past
12:16 Who his target audience is for the events
14:24How he handles tough questions from his audience
16:35 Why its worth "Doing the work."
19:45 How he finds the time to do all his research.
22:08 How did he find out he was fired?
24:16 How his wife and listeners helped him cope with the situation.
25:25 What's the difference between the "old" and "new" Jordan Harbinger?
26:45 How do you balancing work/life/wife?
28:33 How do you avoid this scenario in the future for new podcasters?
35:10 Do you consider your podcast topic broad or niche?
36:35 How do I attend your event?

For more information about Jordan check out and Advanced Human Dynamics or email Jordan at

Check out his show in Apple Podcasts or on Castbox on Android (other options available at his website)

Grading Your Own Interview


As my background is in training (20 years as a corporate trainer). Here is an exercise you can do to grade your interview. Go back and write down all the questions you asked (see above). Then look for:

  • Yes/No Questions (and see if there is a way to ask them in a more open format that would lead to a story).
  • Are these the questions your audience would ask?
  • Are there any questions and answers that can be deleted.

Welcome New Supporters


I'd like to welcome the newest Affiliate for the School of Podcasting Shawn Washburn of the Stories for Starters podcast

If you would like to earn money by referring people the school of podcasting go to 

Also, welcome to Wayne Henderson of and the Packers Fan Podcast as the newest Patron.

The History of Six Shooter


I have launched a new podcast to play with some different podcasting tools. The podcast is at where you can hear the stories and drama of being in a Country band in 1995. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts and other apps, or Binge listen at

Question of the Month for May

45:45  We need your answers by 5/25/18

1. Are you planning on starting a new show, if so what is it?

2. If you've had sponsors on your show, how did you get it? Did they approach you? Did you approach them? Did they come from your media host?

Please put May 2018 Question when you answer using your favorite method on our contact page

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Transcript of Jordan Harbinger Interview School of Podcasting Episode 618

May 14, 2018
Transcribing Your Podcast Is Better Than What?

Feedback From Previous Show

Randal Black is an educator and heard our episode where we revealed some things that didn't go quite right. Randall has a saying that he learned from a Fortune Cookie, "Failure is feedback, and feedback is the breakfast of champions."Check out Randall at

Sponsor: Podcasts Guests

A great way to grow your audience is to be interviewed on other podcasts (as they have podcast listeners). 

Many podcasters love to boost their network by doing an interview show, but maybe you're having a hard time finding guests. helps you find guests for your podcasts for free will feature your podcast to its more than 4,000 users to find qualified guests that meet your requirements helps you be featured on other shows and helps you find guests for your show.

Podcast SEO with Transcripts

Many people feel that if they put a transcript of your show as your blog you have found the easy way to create "show notes." This is often spurred on by a John Mueller (John Mueller - Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst - Google ) stating, "So having some kind of textual information on that page helps us as well, so that we can actually rank that page appropriately. Then when someone brought up transcripts he said, "If you have a transcription of the podcast, that’s even better, because then all of that information is available for us to actually index." Source.

An article on Seach Engine People's website stated that "After transcribing all their audio content, the radio show This American Life (TAL) found that 6.68% of search traffic is attributable to transcripts"

So who do they do this? Each transcript is published on a separate web page that is linked to the main episode page (see example). Read full report

If transcripts are hard to read, then this can increase your bounce rate. A bounce rate is when someone comes to one page on your site and then leaves. Google can see this and (it was thought) to hurt your Google Rankings. However, in an article from Search Engine Journal from Gillam Hunter, it stated, "Don’t worry, despite the “professional opinion” of many SEO cowboys, bounce rate isn’t part of Google’s algorithm.No, having a low bounce rate won’t give you “ranking benefits.” In that same article, it stats that one way to boost your rankings is through better copywriting. So the question is a transcript better copywriting? I guess it depends on your current copy.

For me, we don't write like we talk and we don't talk like we write so when I start to read a word for word transcription my mind gets stressed and I leave. What do you do in that situation? I've love to hear 888-563-3228

If you want to have transcriptions on your site, but somewhat put that "backstage" there is a cool plugin called Simple Podcast Press that allows you to copy and paste your transcripts and yet have then only appear when a website visitors clicks on them. He refers to them as Clutter-Free Transcripts, and if I was going to implement the transcripts, I would probably use this plugin. I already use it on my Ask the Podcast Coach website

Transcriptions Tools

If you don't mind paying $1/monute has great quality (a human is doing the transcription service)

Temi is $6 an hour (or 10 cents a minute) and for a robot, not half bad. I've used it, and if you have the time to proof it a bit it's cool. I liked that you can enter the name of the speakers, and export as a word doc. You can also listen back at faster speeds. is an interesting twist. They sync the transcript and the audio. When you delete the word out the transcript it deletes it out of the audio. This works for REALLY obvious mistakes, but not for micro edits that need a surgeon's hands. For four hours of work, you are looking at over $53. You can test it for free. When I downloaded the text file, the formatting was pretty bad for time stamps.

For me (as you can see) I write a blog post for my podcast (So I don't really need a transcript). But I had zero show notes and wanted a way to make them, Temi would be an economical way (assuming I had the time to tweak it) to get show notes.


There is a podcast even in Utah Next Month (Utah Podcast Summit)

Google's "NEW" podcast feature is old.  You may need to add some code to your site to make sure you're ready Read this post from Libsyn

Need Help With Your Podcast?

  • One on one consulting
  • Technical Questions
  • Equipment Suggestions
  • Growing Your Audience
  • Choosing a topic
  • Your Podcast Launch

I can help you with all of this

Click here and choose the best way to get on track

May 07, 2018
Three Audio Sharing Tools Reviewed

Becuase of My Podcast Twin Spin with Aaron Peterson


Aaron does a number of podcast including the Blacklist Exposed, Remake the Movie Right, Smirk, and the Hollywood Outsider

Becuase of his podcast(s) Aaron was asked to Officiate the wedding of two listeners who met through the Hollywood Outsider podcast. 


Aaron and his co-host Troy Heinritz (from the Black List Exposed) were one of six media companies asked to attend the 100th episode of the Black List Exposed. 

Wavve, Audiogram and Sparemin Reviewed


There are tools that you can use to make a snippet of your podcast. These tools turn them into a video file to paste on social sites like Twiter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is not the first tool to be based on sharing audio snippets. Clammr was a tool intended for you to be able to easily create a clip and those clips were then easy to share. Clammr lasted about three years (2014-2017).  I had a lot of great press,  and was mentioned on a regular basis. Now a year later, other companies have come to fill the void.

My scenario: I looked at the services for what I would use. I want four episode each with a different design. 

 Click Here to get a free video on how to use these tools
Headliner (Sparemin)
This is a free tool that allows you to make a video out of audio. In theory it can transcribe your audio. The few times I tried the transcription, it was pretty awful. It does give you the ability to have more than one image, as well as text. You can easily make a copy of a project and edit it to be new. There is an image search tool so you can find images to use in your video. BE SURE to read the terms of service as one of the services is Getty Images (who will take you to court for using their images if you didn't obtain a license. You can't beat the price (free). There are videos along the way to help you through the learning curve.


I liked that Audiogram actually gives you a live animated preview of your finished file. You didn't have to compile it and think, "Oh wait, I don't like that." You can see it before you turn it into a video. They have a bunch of premade designs. You have much more control over things like titles and positions of animations. You can even load an existing design from a previous movie to save time. Audiogram also shows your social sites (if you want) at the end of the video. These are not clickable. When you are done creating your video. you can download it or email it to your phone for easy sharing on Instagram. For me to do four videos a month would be $19. I can do two videos for free.
Wavve the most set of elaborate tools. You can drag and drop exactly where you want things to appear. You have more fonts, etc. When you are done you can post your video to Facebook and Twitter right from your account (and like the others send the video to your phone for Instagram). Wavve does give the ability to do a few free videos per month (depending on the length). They have some video tutorials to walk you through the system. If you are looking to make super cool looking graphics, this is the tool. For my scenerio, it would cost $18/month


If you're looking for free, Sparemin/Headliner is free. While not as versatilscenarioll give you something to share.
Again for my scenario (4 shows a month, each video with a new design), Audiogram is $19 a month, and Wavve is $18

Different Features

Audiogram has the ability to save your design choices and use them over and over.
Wavve has the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter right from your Wavve account
Sparemin has an image search capability (again, check their TOS)
You will see that you can turn these into a giant time suck choosing the right font, the right etc.
If you have access to something that makes trackable links (pretty Link for Wordpress) you may want to use a special link with your Audiogram to see if it generates more clicks.
The one thing missing (in my opinion) is stats on how many times the file was played.

What You Should Do Even If You Don't Use These Services

What I like about these services is it makes you think. It makes you ask yourself, "What is THEY key clip that will make people want to hear more? What clip can I create to motivate people to come and listen."

What I Didn't Get To Accomplish In Q1 of 2018


19:36 Bill Hutchison from YWAM podcast (and ) wanted to be a bit more consistent (but did get some things done)

21:49 Brad from We Are the Cinema Guys wanted to work on his calls to action

24:25 Sarah from the Podcastcard Academy wants to be a bit more organized (and now is using Asana, Dave loves

26:08 Max from Aviation News Talk meant to contact a conference but hasn't gotten around to it yet (but he will NOW)

27:42 Win Charles from Ask the Win meant to start a new podcast, but she did find an editor.

31:32 Zach from Rasing Rents (as in PArents) needs to get season two going.

35:29 Dave needs to get his inbox under control, and started off the year super focused, but has slid back to old habits.

Question of the Month for May

39:15 We need your answers by 5/25/18 

1. Are you planning on starting a new show, if so what is it? 

2. If you've had sponsors on your show, how did you get it. Did they approach you? Did you approach them? Did they come from your media host?

Please put May 2018 Question when you answer using your favorite method on our contact page

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Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Emily Prokop Podcast Editing

Drew from Sleep with Me on Podcast Junkies

Chris from Kid Friendly Joke of the Day

The Head of Marvel on WDW Radio

Computer Tutor Florida 

Work With Dave

I'd love to work with you. You can join my patreon group for additional tutorials, one on one consulting, join the School of Podcasting, or sign up for my podcast mentorship program.

It's all at

Apr 30, 2018
Don't Quit Your Day Job



My Week On The Road

I spent Wednesday with the Cincinnati Podcasters meetup which was a great time of sharing information about what is and isn't working in podcasting. If you are in the Cincinnati area, you should make the trip. From there I went to Nashville for the first ever Podfecta event which was organized by my friend David Hooper. This event used my favorite format which is one track, one room, so all participants get the same information. It's a great way to build community. Then I went to Craft Content Nashville which was an "unconference" (much like the old days of Podcamps). This had over 50 speakers with TONS of tracks. while not all the sessions I attended were stellar, I did walk away with some great info, and got to network and answer some questions. Both events brought in food which made networking very easy.

What is a Valuable Show?

Jennifer Briney does the congressional dish podcast and did a presentation and the put up a slide that asked, "What is a Valuable Show?" and for Jennifer, it is "An Impressive display of public Entertainment that is useful or important.

So Good They Can't Ignore You

I listened to the Book "So Good They Can't Ignore Your (Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love) and he goes hard against the strategy of "Following your passion and the money will come." It's a very interesting book and I agree with some of it. He talks about to move forward you need to develop skills that are rare and valuable. This leads to more jobs where you start to control more of your destiny. He also points out and gives many different illustrations on how few (if any) people can say exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Most people talk small steps (doing rare and valuable work) which leads to more opportunities that lead to you having more control over your life (when you are rare and valuable, you control and call more of the shots).

The Law of Remarkability:

The law of an idea remarkability. Your podcast inspires people to remark about it and if it has the ability to be spread in a venue that supports these remarks. He also talks about having a goal of acquiring skills that are rare and valuable. I want to take this idea and use it as criteria for your podcast. Jennifer Brinery read a bill going through Congress that was over 2000 pages. I'm pretty sure it's rare that anybody would read that (the Senators receive a summary that was four pages) and in regards to really getting a good picture of what is going on in Congress, Jennifer provides a ton of value.

Podcast Monetization

I got to meet in person Jeff Sanders who is the author of the 5 AM Miracle and The Free-Time Formula (Hear my interview with Jeff Here) did a great job of giving some great insights into having advertising on your show (for the 10% that have enough downloads to support CPM models) and Jennifer Briney of Congressional Dish (hear my interview with Jen)provided a stellar presentation on creating a podcast that is 100% listener supported. In both presentations, Jeff and Jennifer pointed out that it took YEARS to build the audience big enough to be able to do this full time.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

We have seen people who are super successful. Their pitch goes something like this, "I can show you how to make a million dollars and not pay taxes. Step one, give me a million dollars." In his book So Good They Can't Ignore You author Cal Newport tells the story of a young blogger who was "fed up with living the conventional life working nine to five for the man with little or no time and little money to pursue my true passions so I've embarked on a crusade to show you and the rest of the world how an avergae Joe can build a business from scratch to support a life devoted to living the dream. The business he referenced (as is the case with most Lifestyle designers) is his blog about being a lifestyle designer. In other words, his only product is his enthusiasm for not having a normal life. "

Enthusiasm alone is not rare or valuable and therefore is not worth much.

I Couldn't Believe My Ears

In talking with a brand new podcaster, I was shocked to hear they had QUIT THE MARKETING JOB that they had been doing for years to start a podcast that didn't scream "EASY TO MONETIZE." Jennifer mentioned how she had taken a part-time job as a waitress so she could still do Congressional Dish and pay the bills until the show was built up enough to jump to full time.

We think it's courageous, we think if we don't jump now we never will, and so we jump.

When we see people jump from building to building we can't believe what we see

It's one thing to jump over a mud puddle. It's a totally different story to jump over a lake.

As my mother used to say, "just because Johny Johnson jumps off a bridge doesn't mean you should" (disturbing)

A Reporter Hears Your Latest Episode, What Is Your Headline?

In Nashville, I did a live version of the Podcast Rodeo show. I pointed out that most of the content I consume does one of the following:

  • Makes me Laugh
  • Makes me Cry
  • Makes me Think
  • Makes me Groan
  • Educates me
  • Entertains me

If the episode you are going to record does none of the above.

Question of the Month

As I record this it is April 1. The first quarter of 2018 is over. What had you planned on doing in that first quarter that didn't, and what are you going to do differently to make it happen in this quarter. You can leave your answer using the options on the contact page

I need your answer by April 26th

Because Of My Podcast - I Can't Believe I Got to Meet....

Leslie Eiler Thompson produces The Rogue Ones podcast and explains how she got to me at a super cool person in her niche 

Question of the Month

As I record this it is April 1. The first quarter of 2018 is over. What had you planned on doing in that first quarter that didn't, and what are you going to do differently to make it happen in this quarter. You can leave your answer using the options on the contact page

I need your answer by April 26th

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Glenn Hebert Interview (on getting sponsors)

The Rogue Ones

Jon from

Podcast Rodeo Show

Apr 23, 2018
The Question Most Podcasters Forget to Ask Before Starting - And They Wish They Had

Comments? 888-563-3228

Today is episode 614 of the School of podcasting and we are talking about the most important question a new podcaster should answer before they start. We also have a cool resource for royalty free music. I also share my thought in podcast sponsor markets. 

The Three Questions I Ask Every Podcast Client


Tyler Primavera asked me, "I discovered your SOP and ATPC shows and I really appreciate them! I'm slowly working my way through them, sorry to hear about Bernie the cat.

I really want to start a podcast in veterinary school (starting in the fall), but I'm afraid of the time commitment. I really think podcasting is a great idea (I wrote in depth about it here at my blog, but I'm afraid of the commitment.

How do I decide to podcast or not?

Thank you for your time,

1. Why Do You Want to Podcast?

If you can't answer this, then don't spend a dime on any equipment. To this Tyler says

Through my podcast, I hope to speak (and live) the message that personal well-being is an absolute must during veterinary school, and that no vet student is ever truly alone.

He also says:

I want my podcast to improve the lives of veterinary students first, and the veterinary field second. I want to do my little part in tackling the big problem of veterinary mental maladies.

2. How Will You Know if It is Successful?

While I realize this can change. By answering this question as a consultant I can steer the podcast in the right direction. I can shape the call to action, etc. I can also see if the topic is in alignment with the goal of the show (cause that is not always the case).

3. What are You Going to Quit Doing to Make Time For Your Podcast?

This is my main point of this episode. Unless you have a large budget and are farming this out, your podcast s going take more time than you think. While I normally say use a four to one rule (a one hour podcast will take four hours to create start to finish), that number could easily be five to one when you're new. With this in mind, unless you have a time machine there are still only 24 hours in a day. Most of us do not start a podcast because we are sitting around watching Dr. Phil and being bored. It is typically quite the opposite.

In the article Tyler says this, "Right now, I have plenty of time to make a podcast, because I am not in veterinary school. How will I be able to attend school for 40 hours a week, study, workout, maintain a long distance relationship, and do a podcast? I have no idea. But supposedly, if there is a will, there is a way."

This is not always true

Chances are you are going to be likely giving up something.  Will it be:
Video games
Family time
other hobbies
If you have no margin in your life, then you are going to have to stop doing something to make time for podcasting. This is not an opinion, it is a fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.
The Three Things You Need to Podcast
I've mentioned this before. You need your attitude, your health, and support of your family. When you stop sleeping, you health fails which may lead to a bad attitude. If you don't have the support of your family, then that also kills your attitude (and the stress can lead to health issues). If you don't have the right attitude, it may come across the microphone, and overall kill the motivation to put out great content.
With this in mind, what are you going to give up to podcast? When I was in my 20's I was on a few bowling leagues. I gave up time watching TV (but I was with my family). When I was in a band, I gave up time with my family to go to practice. Being in a band also made me give up sleep as I often didn't get home until 3 am. Podcasting is no different, so when you are excited to start a podcast you need to look at the amount of margin in your life and see if you have the time to create a podcast, or the budget to farm it out.

Where I Will Be This Week


Cincinnati Podcasters Meetup on 4/18

Podfecta Podcasting Event 4/20 - Nashville Tennessee 

Craft Content  4/21 Nashville Tennessee 

Cool Resource For Royalty Free Music


Thanks to Steve Stewart for turning me on to this in his Podcast Editors Club Facebook Group who told me about  where the music is about $10 a track and you can go back into the track you purchased and have it generate a longer/shorter version of the music. 

Dave What Do You Think of Podmosphere?


Caine Dorr asked me about my thoughts on Podmosphere. So here it is

I've never heard of podmosphere, and when I look at their site it looks like the same site I've seen over and over again. Here is the concept.

You sign up your show and list your approximate downloads per episode. You list what your fee in CPM which stands for Price Per Thousand Downloads. Most of these sites have an example like this (straight from the podomosphere website)

"Podcasters sign up their account. They type in info about their podcast as genre, language the podcast is in, what country the podcast has a majority of their listeners from, CPM($/1000 listener), amount of listeners(last 3 episodes amount of listeners added up and divided by 3. Example podcast A has 1500 listeners on their last episode and 2000, and 1000 on the two episodes before. This means that 1500+2000+1000=4500/3=1500 is their average amount of listeners), upload a image with their statistics of amount of listeners(a photo of the statistics page that clearly shows how many listeners the podcast had on their last 3 episodes). When Podmosphere then verifies the podcast if the numbers are correct, the podcast shows up in the search engine."

When I pasted that paragraph, my Grammarly went nuts (upload a image....). Podmosphere takes 25% of if you are charging $30 per episode, and you get 300 downloads here is the math

$30*.75 is $22.5 for your CPM after Podmosphere takes their cut. That calculates to $22.5/1000 = .0225 per download

.0225 X 300 downloads = $6.75 per episode.

I've seen some of these before, if you go to sponsororama you will see a message:

"Thanks for visiting
The Sponsorama sponsorship marketplace shutdown in September 2017"

Cast.Market is a Ghost to Me

This is a company that spends money on branding (I often see their items in a swag bad, but I've never met them in person at ANY podcasting events). On their website (and I'm not making this up) it states: is a free service. We don't charge podcasters anything. Through the campaign, creator businesses can pay podcasters directly to sponsor their show. Our credit card processor charges 2.9% + .30 cents for this. adds an additional 7.1%

So its free except for the 7.1% of the income you are taking.

Here is What is Wrong With These Podcast Advertising Marketplaces

  1. They are based on CPM, and the more niche your show is the more you should charge. However, so far it doesn't seem to be working.
  2. There is one BIG thing missing from these marketplaces: sponsors.

Sure it sounds like a good idea, but in the end, if there are no sponsors it doesn't work. Why is there no email saying, "He this month we paid out X amount of money to podcasters? Also be sure to notice things when you go to and look at their news section and see the latest update is from April 14 of 2017. So there has been nothing newsworthy for a year?

For the most part CPM pricing does not work for 92% of podcasters (unless you're happy making $27 a month and adding another hour of time for the paperwork). I have not looked into Podbean's offerings and marketplace yet.

As the one thing these services are missing are advertisers, if the rules of supply and demand are in effect it may be worth looking into advertising your show on another show.  It's an idea.

Question of the Month


As I record this it is April 1. The first quarter of 2018 is over. What had you planned on doing in that first quarter that didn't, and what are you going to do differently to make it happen in this quarter. You can leave your answer using the options on the contact page

I need your answer by April 26th

Podcast Rewind: Should I Start a Podcast Episode 97


I appeared on episode 97 of should I start a podcast talking about THE COMMON PODCASTING MISTAKES YOU NEED TO AVOID

Podcast Rodeo


The podcast rodeo show is where we grab a random podcast and see how long we can hang on. If you're looking for an honest first impression of your show, it's only $5 at for a full review of your entire show see 

What Should I Use -14 or 16 Lufs? 

Spotify and Amazon want your files to be exported at 14 lufs. Many podcasters were exporting at -16. Apparently -14 is louder. How much louder? Is it a big deal? When I took a wave file and exported the same original file in the different formats, it was about 2 db louder (here is a screenshot where you can see the -14 lufs is louder. 


For me, I was riding my bike this week and some podcasts I had to strain to hear over the traffic. I'm going with the louder setting.

Power Podcast Interviews Workshop

This is something my co-host from the Podcast Review Show is doing (Erik is the host of the Podcast Talent Coach and has 30+ years in radio, and this is a STEAL for a five-week (every Thursday night). Check it out. It is limited to 24 people so hurry before it's completely sold out. The first session is 4/19. MORE INFO

Work With Me

I would love to help you with your podcast. I have different options for different budgets starting at $1 a month go to

Mentioned in this Show 

Free Guide to Better Headlines



Apr 16, 2018
Giving You The Nudge You Need to Create Episode 1 Of Your Podcast With Monica Rivera

Question of the Month

As I record this it is April 1. The first quarter of 2018 is over. What had you planned on doing in that first quarter that didn't, and what are you going to do differently to make it happen in this quarter. You can leave your answer using the options on the contact page

Because of My Podcast: I've overcome the fear of failure, perfection, and I'm Growing a Community - Brodie Sharpe

Brodie Sharp from Everyday  Running Legends interviews everyday average runners to inspire other runners. Becuase of his podcast he has overcome the fear of failure. He read in the book The Success  Principles by Jack Canfield and in it, he quotes Oliver Wendell Holmes who said, "Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out." Brodie said his podcast has helped him overcome the fear of perfection. His brother (who is a life coach) said, "All you need to start is produce B minus content. If you strive for A+ it will never be good enough and it will never be done." Also, because of my podcast, I've been able to build a community. Check out Brodie at

Before they know it time runs out

Today I want to dedicate this effort to my Aunt Shirley Steinmetz. She died of lung Cancer on 4/7/18. What is weird about this is my Dad died on April 5th, 2014. Hist sister Sandra died on April 6th 2016. Then yesterday on April 7th, another sister (Aunt Shirley) joined them. I say this not to bring you down or look for sympathy, but to just remind you that our time here is limited, and our time here is short. Don't die with a great podcast inside of you.

Speaking of time running out...

I was on Episode 105 of the Dealing with My Grief Podcast with Darwyn Dave talking about Unresolved Grief. Check it out at

You Don't Have to Worry About These Things in Your Podcast

I might sound bad. Podcasting is not live. You only release it when you're done with it.

I'm afraid of technology. You said that about the fax machine and the VCR, and your smartphone. If you've ever attached a picture to Facebook or email, then you can upload a file to (using coupon code sopfree). If you ever pressed record on a VCR then you can press record on Audacity. If you've ever lowered the radio in the car so you can talk on the phone, then you know how to mix volume levels.

I'm afraid of buying the wrong equipment. - Join the School of podcasting or set up a consulting call.

I'm worried nobody will listen. I recently interviewed JJ virgin who is a hall of fame fitness trainer and nutritionist. In her book The Miracle Mindset, she explains her insecurities. Yet she has been on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz. Rachel Ray, the Doctors and been a New York Times bestselling author feels the same way. As a tech support person at, I often get people who send in a support ticket because their podcast is having a surge in downloads, and they can't believe it when people actually do listen.

I Don't Have Two Thousand Dollars to Spend on Equipment - Most people can launch a podcast for around $300, and then a monthly fee of around $30. Please don't spend two thousand dollars on equipment.

I'm Afraid Of Negative Reviews - Most podcasters don't get a lot of bad reviews. You will get them eventually, but many podcasters don't feel you are a real podcaster until you get your first one-star review in Apple Podcasts. You can't please everyone, and people who do make very bland content.


Monica Rivera Helps Give You The Nudge You Need

Monica River is the host of the You Wanna Do What? Podcast.  I've met her at two events, and started listening to her show. Like we've heard over and over on this show, when someone finds a show they like they often download the entire back catalog and that is exactly what I did. the further back into her catalog I got I could then understand the growth that she has gone through in seven months of podcasting. She is wise beyond her years, and her podcast is filled with interesting stories. She still hasn't figured out if she wants to monetize, and if she does how she will do it, but she knew the first step was starting and so she did. In this interview you will hear:

  • Her "hot mess" that is episode one
  • How she got rid of the reverb in her recordings
  • The different microphones she has used (she now uses an ATR2100 )
  • The feedback she is getting from her listeners
  • How her approached has changed
  • How long it takes her to create an episode.
  • What she has learned going to different events. 

Check out her show at as well as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify

Work With Dave Jackson

Do you need help starting a podcast? Growing your podcast? Choosing Equipment? Troubleshooting? Check out

Apr 09, 2018
Dealing With Your Ego - How to Stay In Your Lane

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Question of the Month

As I record this it is April 1. The first quarter of 2018 is over. What had you planned on doing in that first quarter that didn't, and what are you going to do differently to make it happen in this quarter. You can leave your answer using the options on the contact page

I need your answer by April 26th.

Defining Ego: The Good Side of Ego

The Freudian definition of “ego” is simply, according to Wiktionary, “the most central part of the mind, which mediates with one’s surroundings.” So many people think that if you have an Ego, you're a narcissist. If you have an ego than you are conceited. You think you are better than others.  Ego literally means a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-worth. Doing anything new, like starting a podcast, or going against the norm, is directly proportional to how confident you are of yourselves and your abilities. As long as you are in control of your ego, it will work for you. But as soon as your ego starts controlling you, it will hurt you. When ego controls you, it can make the truth look false and the false look true.

How To Identify Negative Sides of Your Ego

When you are overwhelmed by your ego, you will say words you will regret, take actions you will repent later on, and hurt the people you love most. Your inflated ego can also make people lose trust and respect for you

There is a quote by Deepak Chopra to sum it up –

“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. It’s very important to be aware of them every time they come up.”

If you find yourself defending yourself, this may be due to a couple of reasons. You may actually be right (and you're trying to educate someone about your point of view) or your wrong and you are defending yourself as you are afraid of the ramifications if it is found out you are wrong.

There is the old saying, you can be right or you can be married. I found this to be true. My ex-wife (note the ex) here are and I would battle for days because one wouldn't drop it, and the other wouldn't admit when they were wrong. The opposite of defensiveness is openness, and that means being open to new ideas. When you're not willing to even ponder another point of view, you may want to check yourself.

If you do a solo show, you may want to take all of the adulations but that's just not true. Case in point, I record, edit, and post this show. I am the producer, host, editor, web designer, graphic designer. I do this show by myself. That appears true (it is), but I get feedback in the form of emails, speakpipe messages, Facebook likes, etc that help me steer this podcast in a direction that allows it to connect DEEPER with the people who find it. Thanks to my audience who when they hear someone talking podcasting say, "You need to listen to the School of Podcasting, " or "You need to join the School of Podcasting." I would be a fool to say the success of this show is 100% because of me.

What Can Happen When You Put Your Ego Aside

This episode was inspired by my going to a Michael Schenker concert. Who is Michael Shenker? Well, unless you are a guitar player of 30 you've probably never heard the name. To give you something to frame this in you probably have heard of Metallica (one of the most popular Heavy Metal bands of all time) their guitar player went 100% "Fanboy" upon meeting him and pulled strings (no pun intended) to play with him (see video).  

Michael is touring under the name Michael Schenker Fest. Why? Because he is touring with four different singers. To all of you nonmusicians, there is a disease in music called LSD. It stands for Lead Singers Disease. As I look back at my 30 years of playing in (I started when I was 15) I can say the best singers also has the largest egos. Not sure if those are connected, but that's what I saw. The singers are Gary Barden (age 62), Graham Bonnet (age 70) Robin MCauley (age 65) Doogie White (age 50). Michael himself is 63 years old (so maybe some wisdom has come with the age). 

Gary Barden was on the first three Michael Schenker albums and as you age (if you haven't taken care of yourself the best you can) you just can't reach some of those high notes. On one song (Attack of the Max Axe Man for those of you keep track at home) I didn't think Gary sounded great when he was young, and now has no hope of hitting these notes. I about fell over as they did this song as Robin came out to sing the high parts as Gary sang a lower harmony. When you can't get Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar in the same room, this is like seeing a unicorn on stage. Later all four singers would assume different roles as they all ended up singing backup singer to each other. I'm not sure how I can express how rare this is. It would be like Donald Trump giving Hilary Clinton a compliment. 

So by leaving their egos at the door, I got to see a one of a kind show. It was amazing (seeing Graham Bonnet at age 70 gives me hope in my 50's). They didn't let their egos get the best of them, and in return are probably making more money than they would if they stayed separate. In an even more mind-boggling twist, they even recorded some songs together on his latest record. This is like seeing a mermaid ride a unicorn into the land of Oz. 

The Dick, the Doll, and the Dork

In morning radio, there's a philosophy called the Dick, the Doll in the Dork. It's a three-person morning show and everybody has their role. So the Dork is typically the main leader of the show. The dork is the affable one who is a little bit quirky and he's the guy everybody loves and he's the AW shucks guy. And then there's the Dick, he's just the jackass who says stuff he shouldn't be saying. He rubs people a little bit the wrong way. You want to like him, but he's just a little irritating. And the Dork usually says, "oh, don't say that," and kind of puts him in his place. Those two roles kind of bounce off each other. They're the opposites. And then the doll, she's usually the brains of the organization.

The Doll is the smart one that comes in and kind of puts everybody in their place. And she's the voice of reason. So everybody kind of has their lane. So if we're talking about, oh, we got this letter today from a listener named Kim. And she found another woman's number into her man's cell phone and she wants to know what she should do about it. And the dick is going to go, "What's the big deal? You know, it's just another chick." The Dorks is going to go, "No, you know what you need to hold on a second. You don't know what it's all about." He's going to be kind of in the middle. The doll is going to say, "Kick that guy to the curb. There's plenty more fish out there, right?" 

So that sort of triangle and everybody has their role. You have to know your role and you have to stay in your role because that's what people expect of you. If they change their roles it messes with their chemistry. If the Dork starts saying everything the Dick does, well then we have one too many people sharing that opinion and someone is not needed. 

Doogie White Won't Stay In His Lane

This was evident in my concert. When Doogie White came out to sing he was annoying. The event is called MICHAEL SHENKER FEST, and it's MICHAEL'S picture on the backdrop. Yes everytime Michel went to play a guitar solo Doogie decided it was time for him to get the audience to clap along, or try to get them to sing "HEY, HEY, HEY" together. Meanwhile, ALL EYES are on Michael, and his vocals were walking over the guitar solo that everyone came to hear. Doogie kept getting out of his lane and messing up the chemistry and the experience.

Mentioned In This Show

Erik K Johnson - Podcast Talent Coach

Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Want More Podcasting Insights?

Check out and become an awesome Patron.

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Apr 02, 2018
The Best Sounding Audio For Your Budget

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Today we talk about file formats. We also talk about getting good skype recordings.

Becuase Of My Podcast: Jim Harold

1:15  Jim Harold has been on one of the top syndicated radio shows (Coast to Coast AM) in America 8 times. This show is syndicated to over 600 radio stations. Check out Jim's shows at he's THE GUY for paranormal podcasting (listen with the lights on) check out his podcasts and books at

Understanding Audio Formats

What is stereo? What is Mono. What is kbps mean? What bitrate should I use? Here are some things to know

To figure out how much space you need, you need to know:

1. How often you will publish
2. How long your shows will be
3. What format

The formats have some general numbers you can use. For example:

If you publish at 128 kbps stereo, your file will take up (roughly) 1M minute
If you publish at 64 kbps mono, your file will take up (roughly) .5 M a minute (and sound the "same" but won't have stereo separation).

So if you do a weekly show that is 30 minutes long that is 30 minutes multiplied by four weeks. So monthly you create 120 minutes of content.

At 128 kbps Stereo, you would need 120 Megabytes per month. If you went 64 kbps mono you would need 64 megabytes per month (roughly on all of these estimates).

In today's show, we listen to files encoded both ways as well as mp3 files encoded using the LAME encoder and the Fraunhofer and see if there truly is a difference?

Need a Media Host? Check out and get a free month using the coupon code sopfree

Don't Buy a Bette Skype Recorder - Upgrade Your Internet

Thanks to Tory from and

Skype Requirements

Your processor (on a PC) needs to be at least 1 Ghz with 512 MB (so double both of those at least) See More

Your process on a Mac needs to be at least 1 Ghz (core 2 duo) and at least 1 GB of Ram

How much Bandwidth does Skype need?


I currently use Spectrum and I have 162 Mbps down, and 23.78 Mbps Up. I rarely have a serious skype issue. It' is typically myself and one other person, but I have been on chats with five people and no issues.

What About,, and all the other options?

While it's true these devices record local, so if there is a weird audio glitch, in theory, they don't record the glitch. Something

Zencastr states you need at least 1.5 Down, but recommend 5 mbps see more

For the record, I've use Zencasr and Squadcast and never had an issue with either. I've also used Ringr which is a cool app for your phone

Free Tips For Making Your Guests Sound Good On Skype

This comes from Kim from who explains if someone is going to use their built-in microphone on a laptop, she will have them download skype to their phone and use it over wi-fi. I like this idea, and here is a twist to make it easier. All it takes to create a free Skype account is an email address. You can create a free Gmail account, sign up at and make a second account. You provide the login and password to your guest, now they don't have to create a skype account. You don't have to ask for their skype ID (as it's yours). Afte the conversation have your guest

I Need to Move if I Want Free TV

I tried using a digital over the air antenna to receive free channels. I've tried three different versions of these. Most of them you sparking pictures of TV stations that are involved with shopping and/or Jesus. Couldn't I get NBC? Why because I live in Akron (about 50-60 miles from the nearest NBC signal). So any solution that starts with, "get an HDTV Antanea isn't going to work because of where I live. So Skype may not work for you because you Internet blows. Swapping to a new system (much like switch antennas for me) didn't help.

Michael Delaney from Baby Mountain Radio (Care Giving for Dementia)  let me know about Silicon Dust about the HD Home Run ($66) but it requires an  HDTV Antanea and then allows you to stream that signal to any device. It's cool, and inexpensive (you can have a DVR for something like $35/year) at least from what I've seen I still need an HDTV Antanea. Stargate Pioneer told me about Tablo DUAL OTA DVR for Cord Cutters - 64 GB with WiFi - For use with HDTV Antennas that again requires an HDTV Antanea (they do make Outdoor HDTV Antenna), but living in an apartment, I didn't want to go there)

How I Saved MySelf $44 and Got Faster Internet

Want to see a popular topic? Start talking about cutting off your cable television, or "cord cutting." Oofah! I just mentioned it on a live podcast that hasn't been released and I got two replies (with really good information.

I was spending at one point over $200 on cable but got it down to around $176, but I don't watch a ton of TV. So I contacted my Cable Company (Formerly Time Warner Cable - Now Spectrum) and found out that while I was on TWC fastest internet there was faster Cable available. So I downgraded my cable to $109 which now includes a much faster Internet. But I lose the ability to record anything (and you know us podcasters we love to time shift). After some comparisons of YouTube Live, Sling, and Hulu, I went with Hulu with the Live TV streaming for $44. So my now faster cable and channels is $153. This week I'm going to shut off my basic channels (and cut the cable tv completely) which should make my total expense $133. So I went from $176 to $133. I come down and ask Alexa to play Hulu which fires up my TV and tunes it to Hulu.

This is going to be a fun space to watch as different companies (Googe is now rolling out YouTube Live).

Mar 26, 2018
Strategies For Creating a T-Shirt That Sells

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Today we have insights from Diana McCallum from the Talk From Super Heroes show, Lou Mongello from WDW Radio and Gordo from Those Conspiracy Guys on how they are designing T-Shirts that actually sell. Neil then shares some insights into what he's doing to create a show that allows him to do podcasting full time, and how insights into his Patreon Account.

Jim Harold from the Paranormal Podcast has a "Just a Podcaster" T-shirt on Amazon

Marc from the Resourceful Designer podcast has quite a few cool shirts for sale on Amazon

I created a store and a t-shirt in about 10 minutes at

You can hire a designer at the site

SPONSOR: Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

– Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

– The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's July 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

Access and Exclusivity: The Power of Patreon

Neil Rochford explains how he is working with his audience using Patreon to go deeper with his Super Fans. This includes:

Live video chats

Extra content

Early content

Behind the scenes "What is happening in my life" content.

Patreon has the ability to have an RSS feed for each person (so if they leave they lose access)

Butt Stuff

Neil is working on a trip to the US via a Crowdfunding Goal

He wants to come to the US to interview the people instead of using Google.

The goal is to film the trip and turn the trip into a dozen documentary type segments


Where I'm Heading

I'll be at Podfecta in Nashville on April 20th

Nashville Craft Content Event on April 21st

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Work with me, I have multiple options to support many budgets


Mar 19, 2018
Podcast Icing To Bring Your Audience Back

Got a Comment? Call it in


Social Media Marketing World Reflections

Looking back on social media marketing world, I wanted to share my thoughts as this was the first time I was there and there are some things we can learn from this mammoth event.

The first impression was WOA. I walked in and got my badge and as they started to hand me a swag bag (you know the thing you throw on your bed, leaf through once and then ditch) and they asked what gift I would like. One was a cool cable organizer, and the other was a battery backup pack to charge my phone or tablet. This wasn't a cheap bottom of the food chain device. For me, this was awesome as I was going to buy one at Best Buy before leaving and ran out of time. To me, this shows they know their audience. Either gift was valuable.

Becuase Of My Podcast

Becuase of my podcast, I know Paul Colligan, and Paul Colligan knows JJ Virgin who is now coming on my weight loss show (and I got to sample some cool stuff)

SPONSOR: Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

– Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

– The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's July 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

Look at All The Icing

At first glance, one might say that the major draw of SMMW is icing. For example, the opening night you have a networking event on an aircraft carrier. This is not something I had ever done. It made the event unique. Now, you might say, but in the end, you still have a bunch of people talking, drinking, and networking.  I see that point of view, but every corner had a sense of adventure. I toured the top of the ship with Ray Ortega and Lou Mongello. If this had been in a restaurant back room, I was still hanging out with Ray and Lou. If I was doing this at another conference, it would be an event. I great event, but throw in that we are talking to a veteran about planes and now this is not only an event - it's an experience. It is a stronger memory than hanging out in the hotel bar.

The second networking event was at a club that had a live band playing Karaoke. It was very loud, but I was walking in with somewhat of a "What am I walking into? experience." I was with Ray so we ventured further into the club and found ourselves on what looked like an outdoor patio except we were inside. This again brought on kind of a "What is this place?" feeling. We then walked through a hallway of white Chrismas lights into a room with booths lit up with neon green. We picked up some awesome cake in a cup and enjoyed our sugar rush. We walked over to one station where they were making some sort of dessert that was part ice cream cone meets cinnamon roll, meets strawberries and chocolate, meets, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING. You could even walk into the giant vault. Did we need an exotic building? No, but did it add to the experience? Sure, as now Ray and I felt like we were in a live dungeons and dragons game waiting to see what the next room would bring.

Their networking room was categorized by subject. There were three tables for podcasters, more tables for YouTubers, etc. It made it very easy to meet your tribe, and then introduce yourself to a new one. The one that was really above an beyond, I was in the speaker's room (a lovely quiet place to go with refreshments and snacks). When the crew I was sitting with mentioned walking over to the place where you could pick up your lunch, a staff member took our order and brought it over to us. This wasn't necessary, but as this was day two anyone had put a few miles in their shoes and this was a super nice touch.

Don't Write Off Icing - It's Important.

According to Betty Crocker's Website, 2 tablespoons of chocolate icing is 130 calories and 95 grams ug sugar. According to the Fat Secret website, a cupcake without icing has 105 calories. With this in mind, 55% of the calories come from the icing, but I'm pretty sure the part of the cupcake that gets people drolling is 100% the icing. This got me thinking about the phrase, "Icing on the cake" and I did some googling as to items that draw people's attention. Here is what I found.

  • Physical need. When we’re hungry and we see food, we pay attention. We wake up in the night when we need to go to the bathroom.
  • Self-made choice. We decided to buy a new BMW 325 and suddenly see them everywhere. This effect is also called priming.
  • Your name. We notice the name dearest to us.
  • Emotion. If something evokes an emotion in us, they have our attention. Ask anyone about the show this is us.
  • Contrast. We pay more attention to things that are in contrast to other things.
  • Novelty. The brain pays more attention to things in the environment that are new to a person’s experience. (see)
  • Another website stated:
  • 3) You can't understand it: Do you remember the last time you were searching for some information online? Do you remember when you stopped? Most probably you stopped when you got your answers. The things that we don't understand quickly grab our attention and force us to think about them even more.
  • 4) Because you want to run away: Sometimes things catch our attention because we want to run away from the current moment. Nostalgia is a great example where something pleasant that happened from the past quickly grabs our attention and forces us to indulge in thoughts about the beautiful past
  • 5) Because it's cute: You might wonder what does cuteness have to do with attention-grabbing but in fact, studies have shown that we are wired to get distracted by cute little things. Whether it's a small cat or a beautiful baby the algorithm in our brains gets us hooked quickly when we encounter cuteness (See also 7 psychological reasons cats are so popular on the internet)

A Cupcake Without Icing is a Muffin

Although cupcakes and muffins are strikingly similar in appearance, the taste and texture of the two are quite different. Cupcakes are a small, individual cake. They are lighter, cake-like and sweeter. Muffins are defined as a quick bread, usually denser. Another difference between cupcakes and muffins is that cupcakes are almost always topped with frosting and muffins are not.

What Kind of Icing Can Podcasters Provide to Their Show?

Keep them Informed

One of the things at SMMW is I never wondered what was going on. They had an app for your phone and an army of volunteers. I knew when buses were leaving and coming back. I knew where to go, etc. I listen toa lott of podcasts and many of them are like a bus. My friend Erik K Johnson from podcast talent coach says it's like getting on a bus with no name on the front. You have no idea where it's going (so you probably wouldn't get on), and if it took off with you on it you might be a little nervous. At SMMW I felt taken care of. When Emily Prokop of the Story Behind to a Hiatus to have a baby, it was well planned out, and here audience was aware of what was happening. She has some shows in the can to carry us over, and we knew there would be a small break.

Get Your Audience Involved

I know you are probably saying, "I would love to get my audience involved but I haven't got a single bit of feedback." End your show with a question, and ask them to respond. MAKE SURE you have an EASY way to leave feedback. Did you know that in some apps if you put your voicemail number (say from ) your audience can often click it and it will dial your number? If you do get feedback, RESPOND. If possible play it on the show. For the person that hear's their name on a show, it is a mountain of icing. I was listening to Podcast Junkies with Harry Durran and they ended up saying my name three times before the show was over. Did you notice I counted? Do you know why? Icing. Did you notice what else happened? I just mentioned his show.

How is the Subscription Experience?

Contrary to popular belief, rating and reviews are great social proof, but don't do much for really building your show or boosting you up the rankings of Apple. The muffin, in this case, is "Find me in Apple Podcasts." The icing is having an EASY TO FIND subscribe page with step by step instructions on how to subscribe or do it live on Facebook and embed the video. Guide your audience by the hand.

Give Them What They Need

My gift from SMMW was something I needed. It was so cool, and it made a great first impression. How did this happen? This was their sixth year doing this conference. I have a few conversations with Michael Stelzner and he's no dummy. He doesn't rest on his reputation and tries to make each year better than the last. Keep in mind this means when you first start your podcast it may not be hitting a home run, but work with your audience and you can create a podcast they start telling their friends about.

Do What Other People Don't

Jordan Harbinger has a popular show. His interviews are great. Jordon does something that most people don't. Some call it, "the work." For example, if Jordan is interviewing an author, he may put the episode out of few weeks so he can read the author's book. What does this do? First, it is going to be OBVIOUS to the author that Jordan read the book. This will make Jordan stand out in a sea of podcasts hosts who want to do as little as possible in hopes that said author will share their show on twitter. This also leads to better questions and a better interview. Now put yourself in the author's shoes. Which podcast do you want to promote to your audience the one where the host read the book, or the other guy? Who has a better chance of building a relationship with that author? When the author has a new book out in a few years, which podcast is he going to want to appear on. Why? Icing.

Go One More Level Deeper

I sat in Jason Van Orden's session on how to grow your email list. Jason used a word that really hit home for me. The word resonates. You want your content to resonate with your audience. How do I know his talk resonated with me? Well, I'm telling you aren't I? Exactly. He said when it comes to your content you need to know the following

  • Why does it matter to you
  • Why does it matter to your audience?
  • Why does it matter to the world?

When you know WHY it matters to your audience it shows you really know your audience.

Mentioned In Episode 609

Alive Inside Documentary Official Website

Jason Van Orden

Jordan Harbinger

Emily Prokop

Podcast Talent Coach

The Feed Libsyn Podcast

Podfecta Nashville Conference

Craft Content Nashville

Paul Colligan - the Podcast Report

Gary Leland

Mar 12, 2018
Tips on Choosing and Working with Co-Hosts

We are joined by Glenn "The Geek" Hebert from the Horse Radio Network. Glenn has appeared on the show many times and always brings gold. Today he is sharing insights into choosing and working with co-hosts. He also talks about a new podcast he is working on and how he is getting to do TONS of free adventures for free - because of his podcast.

Because of His Podcast - He Went on a Cruise

Glenn was able to get enough of his audience to join him on a cruise. He thought it would be hard with everyone trying to talk to him, but they had a great time networking together. He used one of his guests to help others who had never gone on a cruise (and she got a free ticket). In addition to that free ticket, Glenn had two additional free tickets.

Glenn shares some tips on having a cruise with your audience.

5:00 Glenn also was also asked to do a presentation for media people

They Never Asked About His Downloads and He Got Free Hotels and Passes

7:50 Gleen is doing a new show called Finding Florida 

  • 9:30 They asked for press passes and got a whole lot more.
  • Tourist bureaus are arranging everything - he just needs to show up
  • They use a Tascam DR-40 to record and use an app on their Android phone called hi-q recorder for his android phone

Choosing and Working With Co-Hosts

  • 15:30 Glenn had a co-host leave for a better job
  • 17:45 You have to like each other
  • Get someone better than you
  • 23:40 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
  • But don't prepare too much
  • 26:25 Compromise is not a dirty word
  • 27:00 Don't be afraid to try new things
  • 28:30 If you're not excited to work with them, it's time for them to go. The Wake-Up Test...
  • 31:30 Glenn's most targeted audience is also his most profitable

Why You Shouldn't Always Put a Ton of Emphasis on Stats

Danica Patrick did not finish (wreck?) in 16% of her races

She was in 191 races and won 0

She only lead any of her races .12 percent of the time

Best finish was 24th in 2016 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

She has a strong fan base and has been voted the IndyCar Series Most Popular Driver from 2005 to 2010, and the NASCAR Nationwide Series Most Popular Driver in 2012

Patrick was voted the Favorite Female Athlete at the Kids Choice Award in 2008, 2012 and 2013.

One more thing....

#3 Top earning female athletes in 2017 coming in at 9.2 million

Mentioned in This Show

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Natalie Jennings Photography

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John Lee Dumas -

Kare Erickson

Finding Florida 

Horse Radio Network


Mar 05, 2018
Three Powerful Words: You're Not Alone - an interview with Chris and Steven from Is This Adulting?

Got comments? Call them in at 888-563-3228

The School of Podcasting is Now Available as an Amazon Skill

Just ask Alexa "Enable School of Podcasting." I got this through (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month). To hear what you need to do to get your own Amazon Skill listen to this episode of the feed (go to this post - it starts at the 48:00 mark)

My Opinion On The New

Yes they are adding more features

Yes, they still make it way too easy to add your show to Apple under their login and password (BOO+++!!!)

Their business model is not a business model. It's free 100% unlimited hosting.

There is a name for companies that use that business model: CLOSED - stay away using this for your "main" podcast.

See my full insights into this

Is This Adulting? My Interview with Chris and Steven

I love that this show is unlike any other show. they combine discussion on mental illness with comedy. I love that they put some time and effort into the show and both come to the microphones with ideas (and not just "turn on the microphone and wing it). Today we talk about:

  • Their struggles with mental illness and why they started a podcast to debunk the stigma's
  • What goes into an episode - combining  mental illness and comedy
  • Why they call their listener base is "Best Friends"
  • Who is Karen?
  • How starting a podcast has affected their life
  • How the podcast has affected their listener's lives.
  • How their podcast enables them to see their progress
  • Their podcast is saving lives
  • How being vulnerable is powerful to the audience
  • What are the biggest stigmas?
  • Have they ever gone too far?
  • Why Steve walked away from his job to do the podcast
  • Who they use for merch (
  • Advice for new podcasters
  • Dealing with Haters


SPONSOR: Podcast Movement

 Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

– Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

– The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's July 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration


Feb 26, 2018
Should I Talk About My Personal Life?

Do you have comments on this episode? Call them in and we will play them on the show (unless you specify not to).

Call 888-563-3228 (courtesy of )

Great Content To Consume

Capturing the ears and hearts of hundreds of thousands of monthly podcast listeners doesn't happen overnight. But once you know Danny Peña's story, you'll understand it was inevitable. Sunday, 2/25 is going to be an important day for the Gamertag Team. Gamertag Radio turns 13 years old AND Twitch is going to feature my first film on the front page for the world premiere. The first event of its kind on Twitch's front page. Watch it live and help them make history.

If you listened to the podcast Startup, the first season was all About Alex Blumberg and quest to start a podcast company. That has now been made into a TV show on ABC called, "Alex Inc.  It stars Zach Braff who you might know from the scrubs TV show. He is also the executive producer. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th at 8:30|7:30c on ABC! Set you DVRs as hopefully, this will get more people asking, "What is this thing called podcasting?"

Podcasting Is Grooming People For the Big Time

In a recent article on mediapost, it stated that "Oxygen sourced Missing Maura Murray, the true crime podcast, for a six-episode television series, which featured the podcast’s hosts. In Britain, No Such Thing As A Fish, a fun talk-show podcast, was made into a BBC Television show. Lore, the podcast that explores frightening history folklore, became an Amazon original series, and Gimlet media’s Homecoming is also being developed into an Amazon TV show for Amazon.
This trend isn’t just exclusive to television, says the report. Blink Publishing in the UK turned Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder podcast into a book. Los Angeles talent management agencies are getting involved in podcasting, and are helping podcasters break into TV and publishing, says the report." I've already reported on Emily Prokop wh does the story behind podcast getting a book deal.

Quick Lesson on Apple Earbuds

I had an audio technica plugged into a Zoom H1 using a special cable and it sounded fine. To make a long story short, I ran it through which always seems to fix everything, but it still sounded bad. The issue? I was plugging my Apple earbuds into the laptop and Apple earbuds should not cause an issue, but either the laptop didn't like the earbuds or vice versa, but in my ears the audio was unreleasable. It turns out it was fine. The bottom line is you need to use the right tool for the job and monitor through a "regular" set of headphones. - Recording Great Sounding Interviews

This is a tool that records you and your guest (up to three people total) and gives you a recording of each person that you can then stitch together in your software (which makes it easy to mute the dog barking on one track). It's $20/month for unlimited recording (it's BETA - brand new so use at your own risk). 

The interface is super simple, and it records in WAV Format (Sample rage 48 khz 32 bt). 

When someone joins your call they are prompted to pick their microphone to connect the service to the microphone they have plugged in, and then connect the system to their headphones. It's super simple. 

They have a calendar that you can choose to pick a time (although I was bummed I couldn't manually pick a time like 10:45, I only had 10:00 or 10:30). At first, I had a hard time to getting back into a previous session, but when you first login it prompts you to start a new session, and you can choose to go back to an older session from that screen (and then get access to the previous session)

Squadcast can dominate this area by doing one very simple thing: JUST WORK. Tools like and have had some issues over time. Podcasters are not very forgiving, so all you have to do is make a system that we count on and it just works. 

This system is in beta, so you might need an extra amount of patience. I had zero problems with the small amount time I spent testing it. 

Check it out at

Special Thanks to My Podcast Buddies

David Hooper from and the new Podcast event in April in Nashville 

John is from Audio Editing Solutions

How Much Should I Share About My Personal Life?

I got an email from a listener who recently had a spouse die. He needs to take care of his child who has special needs. He can't go back to his old job working 50 hours a week. 

How do I turn it into a business so I can take care of my child?

When it comes to making money with a podcast you

  1. Sell your stuff
  2. Sell other people's stuff (affiliates)
  3. Donations
  4. Crowdfunding (Patreon)
  5. Sponsors

The bad news is to build an audience that can truly support a full time takes years (typically, your mileage may very). 

"If I mention this on the show I'm afraid people will feel I am cashing in on my tragedy..." Your audience wants to help you as there is no spam in podcasting, and they know you and will know you are NOT trying to capitalize on your situation (there may be someone who feels you are, ignore that person, they know you, and probably have a negative disposition). 

Using Personal Stories

I like to use personal stories to make a point. It allows my audience to get to know me while making a point to help educate them on a point. 

It's Your Podcast - Not Your Family's

A person I met at Podfest is starting a show about sex. I told her she better check with her husband as if she talks about her own sex life, she is (I'm assuming) talking about her husband as well. Be careful with what you share as the Internet writes in ink. I've pulled some episodes in the past, but someone has those episodes. 

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Podcast Engineering School

Building a Better Dave - Grief is Like a Website

Is This Adulting

You Wanna Do What?

Audio Editing Solutions 

Feb 19, 2018
Live From the Floor of Podfest

So this week I spent some time this week at the Podfest Multimedia expo in Orlando Florida. This was a fantastic event. Today we hear:

A Podcast One Year After Launch

Carol from explains what life has been like after starting her podcast at last years Podfest 2017.

The first 6-12 months are really tough due to lack of feedback.

While the podcast numbers are growing slowly, the engagement in her community is going up

Because of my Podcast: Kyle from Merchants of Dirt and Gagglepod explained how he landed as a speaker at Podfest.

Rent Before Your Buy Podcast Microphones

Dave interviews Stephen Arruda from

This is an interesting service that could be used to help you test a microphone for less than $100 and avoid making a $300-$500 mistake.

Sponsor: Podcast Movement

50% of what you paid to rent the mic will be used if you decide to buy one.

Use the coupon code rent15 to save on your rental

 Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

– Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

– The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's Jule 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

Mentioned In This Episode

Podcasters Survivor Guide

Feb 13, 2018
Getting Focused with Jeff Sanders

Welcome to episode 604 of the School of Podcasting Listen here

Update on the PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer

The last episode I explained how I had purchased at PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer. It's not cheap ($499) but there is an AR8 that is $150 ($350) less. The problem I had was when I record to the built-in SD card, there was a very faint (but noticeable) high pitch whine. In working with tech support that has been resolved and after updating the driver, it seems to have quit freezing up the audio on my computer. All in all, I'm happy with it. This is partially due to me having a DBX 286 which adds extra gain. I am using an Electrovice RE320, and it just seemed odd that I needed to really turn every (almost) all the way up to get things to peak. The fact that these units have built-in SD records can save you from buying a Zoom H1 (or any portable recorder) to get the recording off the computer. The Zoom H1 is typically around $100. Look for the price of the Zoom H1 to go down (more on that later) as they just announced a new Zoom H1n which will be available soon (that unit is geared a bit more towards musicians)

Sponsor: Podcast Movement

I am so looking forward to Podcast Movement. This is the largest Podcast Event that is solely geared toward podcasting. Being face to face with people is the best way to grow your network, and take advantage of all the opportunities. Starting a podcast is a great way to build your network, and coming to an event is like building your network on steroids. I got to talk to Marc Maron a couple of years ago. He just showed up to one of the networking parties, and I said hello and started talking. I can't do that sitting in my chair in my office.

- Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

- Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

- The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

- The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's Jule 23 - 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

Getting Productive With Jess Sanders

I've been listening to The 5 AM Miracle by Jeff Sanders and I'm already taking steps to get more things done. Jeff is been nominated five times for a podcast award and comes highly recommended by some friends. I started listening to his podcast and soon bought his book the 5 AM Miracle on Audible (also available on Amazon)

  • How long did it take him to get his sponsor
  • The difference between his blog audience vs his podcast audience
  • What goes into making an episode
  • How does he pick his subjects
  • Does he make more money selling his own products or sponsorship?
  • Jeff shares how his podcast brought him a book publisher - TWICE
  • Does Jeff have any radio experience?
  • How Jeff inspired his mail carrier who is now a giant fan of his show
  • Why he decided to kill his first podcast
  • What got him hooked on his subject
  • Does he really get up at 5 AM?
  • Jeff's Tips on Getting Focused
  • A simple tip for starting your day in the right direction
  • What is the difference between his first book the 5 AM Miracle and his new Book The Free Time Formula
  • How does he achieve work/life balance?
  • What if you don't have time to write all this stuff down?
  • How do you make yourself go to bed?
  • Jeff has been using wavve to share his podcast, but that's not the thing that's been delivering more listeners
  • How did he approach popular websites to get his show mentioned?
  • Jeff has a TON of bonus content for those that pre-order his book at his website
  • His membership portal is built in Digital Access Pass and Learn Dash
  • What is his favorite Todo List Task Manage?

Why Getting Organized is Important

It only makes sense to go fast when you are headed in the right direction. For me, being somewhat A.D.D. I get new ideas all the time. If you walk into my kitchen, you will find the cabinets open as I have moved on to my next task (eating ) without completing the last 1% of the previous project (closing) so I'm taking some of this year to get more focused, identify what is important to me, and then put the gas pedal down so I'm going fast, in the right direction.

My favorite tools are Todist and Evernote. I'm currently taking a class on getting the most out of Todoist and Evernote. Check out Carl Pullein's channel on YouTube For learning how to use these tools. How did I learn about his channel and content? I told someone I was listening to Jeff's book, and he had been watching Carl's videos. Tell people what you are up to, they may have some great insights.

My favorite example of Todoist is I can read an email and turn it into a to an item. For example, we previously had an episode with Clay Groves from on the show and he was talking about doing appearances. Another listener (who asked to be nameless) wrote in that "When I was in radio, the standard appearance rate was $250 an hour and you couldn't book talent for less than 2 hours. When I got my first speaking contract (for a very large health company) it was $750 for a half day, $1350 for a full day, with expenses and transportation covered. These rates are about 5 years old and may not apply to everyone.. but in case you were wondering.. that's one perspective." I've had that as a "to do" item and when I went into Todoist, I clicked a link and it took me to the actual email in Gmail. 

Great Advice on Growing Your Podcast Audience and Community

Danny Pena has been on this show (amazing interview). He has a documentary coming out in February as he celebrates 13 years in podcast. He appeared on one my favorite shows about podcasting called the New Media Show with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee. It's definitely worth a listen

Mentioned In this Podcast

Jeff Sanders Website

Red Podcast

The 5 AM Miracle Book and 5 AM Miracle Podcast

Free Time Formula

wavve  audio sharing tool

Todist and Evernote

New Media Show


Feb 05, 2018
Your Podcast Website

Last week we talk about media hosts, this week we are talking about your Web Host, and what to do if you hate yours.

Sponsor: Podcast Movement

I am so looking forward to Podcast Movement. This is the largest Podcast Event that is solely geared toward podcasting. Being face to face with people is the best way to grow your network, and take advantage of all the opportunities. Starting a podcast is a great way to build your network, and coming to an event is like building your network on steroids. I got to talk to Marc Maron a couple of years ago. He just showed up to one of the networking parties, and I said hello and started talking. I can't do that sitting in my chair in my office.

- Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

- Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

- The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

- The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's Jule 23 - 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at

Do You Need a Podcast Website?

After all, can't I just use a media host and a Facebook page? To this I say, would you buy a car from a person selling them out of a tent? If you ever plan on telling people where to find something, you NEED a website. Case in point, if you do a real estate podcast and say "Find me in Apple Podcasts" you have a very good chance of not being found. Not because the search tools bad (it could be improved) but because there are so many real estate shows. The same goes for Entrepreneur shows.  The solution is instead of saying "Find me in (whatever) app" is to say go to and I've got a tutorial that will walk you through the process.

You Can Get A Website For Free

Of the media hosts I recommend (,, they all have a basic website that comes with your plan. How basic is basic? You can listen and have people subscribe to your show. If you're looking to add products, newsletters, scripts to see what they click on, etc, then you need your own website. You can do some of that with their basic site. For example, while you can't put a MailChimp sign up form on a site that doesn't' allows javascript, you can use the link they provide to link to your sign up form that mailchimp provides. With this in mind, there are ways to work around some of the things that are out of bounds.

What Do You Need On Your Podcast Website?

  1. A Play button.
  2. An About page
  3. A Contact page
  4. A subscribe page

A Play Button

You need a play button because asking someone to subscribe to a show they've never heard is like asking someone to pay for a sandwich they've never eaten. Your play button is like the person at the mall who gives out samples of chicken at the food court. They give you a sample and hope your purchase. With podcasts, you make it easy to play and hope they subscribe. One other note, there are still some people who do not have smartphones.

An About Page

Your About page should explain how your audience is going to benefit from listening to your show. Think of your target listener looking at your listing. What are you going to say to convince them? I recently look at my description of the School of Podcasting and it needs work. In the first sentence, I mention that I've been podcasting since 2005. I often introduce myself that way is it speaks to my experience, but I'm not sure that is the first thing to lead with. In general, most people don't' care how the sausage is made. Explain what they are going to get, how they are going to benefit or fell upon listening to your show.  The beauty of this is you can always change it late

The tough part is some consultants have a website for their consulting, and then add a podcast. Do you have a paragraph for the show or for the host? The answer is both. The harder question is which one is first? If your goal is to get hired as a consultant, then put your paragraph first. If you are hoping to use your podcast to build that relationship that leads to more consulting, then maybe you put the podcast paragraph first.

Your Contact Page

I put every way you can contact me on my contact page. Email, voicemail, social media, etc. This way if someone wants to contact me, they only need to look in one place. If you are using some sort of form, be sure to use the form yourself and make sure you get the message.

A Subscribe Page

As more and more podcasts are added to different directories, telling people to find you is becoming less and less of a good thing to say. As more NEW podcast listeners get involved with podcasting telling them to subscribe may fall on deaf ears. Instead, make a page that shows people how to subscribe to your show with links directly to your show on the top platforms. Currently, in 2018 I recommend Apple Podcasts/iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Google Play Music (I have tutorials for all of these inside the School of Podcasting)

Web Hosting Has a New Breed

In past, I've used Hostgator (and was even a reseller), and BlueHost (I've never had great luck with them), Godaddy (I am a reseller at Recently I new breed of websites came on board and these were geared to host sites built on Wordpress. I tried a few using Godaddy as a platform and thought I saw some increase in speed. Then I put a Wordpress website on what I will now call "Traditional" hosting, and can say the difference is notable. The fees are typically a little higher (A few dollars more a month), but the speed is higher. That's the good news. The bad news is most of these Wordpress Hosting Packages come with email addresses. This was the case when I hosted a WP Engine. I solved this by getting email through Google at the price of $5 a month per email. WP Engine is a fine company, but to make a long story short, if you get any kind of traffic you pay through the nose (At one point I was paying between 50-70 a month). This is why I liked Godaddy's Wordpress Hosting as it was around $10 a month for 400,000 visitors. I've been using them (again my reseller is but then I heard about Siteground.

Siteground has Wordpress Designed packages, and they offer your email addresses as well. I moved some sites to their platform to test, and again noticed a speed increase with my pages loading. I finally chose to move the School of Podcasting to their platform (from WP Engine) and again saw an increase, plus I got as many email addresses as I want. Their support is AWESOME And I couldn't be happier. Oh yea, the price? $11.95 a month.  I am very happy to be saving some cash each month and getting more services.

How Do You Move Your Site?

The good news is most web hosts will move your site for free. Siteground did the School of Podcasting for free. However, I wanted to move more sites. They charge $30 to move your site over. So here is how I did it. I used ManageWP. I love this service. I installed a free plugin to my site, and paid $2 to back it up. I then installed WordPress with a few click on Siteground and updated my domain name to point at my blank site.

Here is a video that shows the power of Managewp

I know, there are all sort of ways to do this without having your site go offline, but this is a way to do it without having to go into a cpanel, use ftp, etc

I put a message on the front of the website saying we are moving and we would be going temporarily offline. I would refresh my screen every five minutes, and the minute I saw the deal Wordpress screen, I went into ManageWP and had them restore website from my backup. It worked flawlessly. So instead of paying $30, I paid $2. If I had used their service, they probably could do it without the site going offline, but you can choose your own path.

How Many Sites Can You Have on One Site Ground Plan?

(images at )

Currently, on their biggest plan I loaded the following sites:

As you can see on the left, I've got some room to grow. Most of these sites are fairly dead. You can see this information by going into the cpanel and looking on the left-hand side of the screen.

Wherever you host your website, be sure to have a backup, keep your themes and plugins up to date, and remove any plugins and themes you are not using (don't just deactivate them).



Adding Apple Podcasts Episode Numbers How

Last year Apple added the ability to add episode numbers to your show. These may come in handy later with different apps. Currently, you can now ask Siri to subscribe to your show. That makes it easy. In the future, there is speculation that you will be able to request an episode number if it is in place. There is also speculation that this field may be used by Amazon in skills for your podcast.

What if you already have a bunch of episodes?

If you're on Libsyn, currently ask Rob Walch ( ) to send you the secret link (as it's not public) and he will send you a link that makes it super easy to add your episodes to your entire back catalog in minutes.

If you're using Blubrry, you can edit your episode to enter the information


In terms of where do you start?