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By Sarah Mackenzie

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 Jan 27, 2021
The Read Aloud Revival is an encouraging podcast for teachers and parents about the impact of reading and reading aloud. I would recommend it to all of my homeschooling mom friends and teacher friends.

 Jan 12, 2021
Such an excellent podcast. She inspires our family to be a reading family, working books into the rhythm of our life without a bit of guilt for not doing enough. She has many ideas for how to make our priorities achievable.

 Mar 26, 2019
This is a fantastic podcast about books!


Sarah Mackenzie will help your kids fall in love with books, and will help *you* fall in love with homeschooling.

Episode Date
RAR #214: Am I Doing Enough?
Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I doing enough?” I think we’ve all asked that question. If you’re homeschooling your kids, you might ask it every single day. It might even wake you up at night and feel like an elephant sitting on your chest. 🐘 Today, we’re going to talk about it. In this […]
Sep 29, 2022
RAR #213: Sweep: A Story You Don’t Want to Miss
It’s Victorian London in the late 1800’s… and it’s been five years since the Sweep disappeared. Orphaned and alone, Nan Sparrow has no other choice but to work for a ruthless chimney sweep named Wilkie Crudd. She spends her days doing dangerous work–sweeping out chimneys. The job is thankless, but with her wits and will, […]
Sep 15, 2022
RAR #212: The 10 Best Questions We Ever Got, Andrew Pudewa & Sarah Mackenzie
Have you ever REALLY worried about one of your kids? What should you do if you don’t feel like you read aloud well? What’s the point of poetry memorization? What would you tell a mom who is confused about all the different homeschooling philosophies and methods? How do I know that I’m doing enough? What […]
Sep 01, 2022
RAR #211: How We Made A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden
Last time on the Read-Aloud Revival, I told you about the inspiration for the creation of Waxwing Books and our first book,  A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden.  In this episode, I’ll take you on the rest of the adventure, from connecting with illustrator Breezy Brookshire to bringing on editor Michael Green, […]
Aug 18, 2022
Pre-orders are Open!
It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! 🥳 We are SO excited to open pre-orders for our first release at Waxwing Books.  It’s a story about seeing and being seen for readers who love Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney or The Library by Sarah Stewart and David Small. Every book comes with an audiobook, narrated by me and including those page […]
Aug 10, 2022
RAR#210: Introducing Waxwing Books: Our Brand New Publishing House
Way back in August 2018, I was fortunate to spend a morning with the author of The Penderwicks, Jeanne Birdsall. It was a glorious morning, truly, and something surprising came of it. A little idea popped into my head, and it just sort of… rooted itself. Actually… the idea that popped into my head didn’t […]
Aug 04, 2022
RAR #00: Welcome to the Read-Aloud Revival
When I ask experienced homeschool parents what they wish they had done more often or focused more on, they never–not ever–say anything academic. Nope. Reminiscing homeschool parents tell me something else entirely. And do you know what they say? Relationships. They always, always talk about something related to the relationships nurtured during their homeschooling years. […]
Jul 26, 2022
RAR Special Edition Revisited: Robert McCloskey Makes Way
Here at Read-Aloud Revival, we’re in the thick of getting a huge project together for you. We are launching our own publishing imprint, Waxwing Books. Our first release is a picture book, written by me, and illustrated by none other than the gorgeously talented artist, Breezy Brookshire. It’s called A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a […]
Jul 21, 2022
What’s coming next?
Last week, we held an RAR Premium Preview on Zoom. The Preview is our (very fun 😆) announcement of what’s coming next. I’m so glad so many of you were able to join us! For those who missed it, you can watch the replay or listen to it as a podcast below: Would you rather […]
Jul 19, 2022
RAR Special Edition Revisited: The Woman Who Gave us Miss Rumphius
Here at Read-Aloud Revival, we’re in the thick of getting a huge project together for you. We are launching our own publishing imprint, Waxwing Books. Our first release is a picture book, written by me, and illustrated by none other than the gorgeously talented artist, Breezy Brookshire. It’s called A Little More Beautiful: The Story […]
Jul 07, 2022
RAR#209: What Worked? What Didn’t? Looking Back on Homeschooling with my 20-Year-Old Daughter
Early on, pretty much everyone in my world told me we were making a huge mistake in homeschooling. It was weird, it was unknown to them, and of course, we are afraid of things that are weird and unknown. I actually didn’t know anyone in my personal life who was homeschooling. I read some blogs […]
Jun 23, 2022
RAR #208: Which Direction Should You Go? Determining Your Summer Compass
Summer is almost here. And probably, you have things you’d like to do this season. Maybe lots of things! (Perhaps … too many things? 😬) Not to fear! In this episode, the RAR Leadership Team is back to share an easy tool for determining your direction this summer. In this episode, you’ll hear: how setting […]
Jun 02, 2022
RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer
When I was a kid, I read voraciously. I could lose myself for hours in stacks and stacks of books. The reading wasn’t that high quality, mind you. I could usually be found reading The Babysitter’s Club or a Christian historical romance, though I also loved Roald Dahl and Lois Lowry (anyone else remember the […]
May 26, 2022
RAR#206: A Simple, Low-Pressure Approach to Teach Shakespeare
Do you want to teach your kids Shakespeare? Do you want to them to carry a love for The Bard in their hearts, and remember passages from the most famous plays ever written? Maybe your answer is YES! BUT … Shakespeare seems overwhelming. And adding it feels stressful. So today, RAR Community Director Kortney Garrison […]
May 19, 2022
RAR #205: Help! My Child Doesn’t Like Reading
When Mandy called in to ask about her daughter, who likes to be read to, but doesn’t really enjoy reading herself, I was all ears. If you can relate, consider: when your child was 2, 3, 4 … did he/she like being read to? Most small children LOVE being read to. They climb right into […]
May 12, 2022
RAR #204: How Do You Organize Books in Your Home Library?
We get many questions about how I organize books in my home library, and today we’re talking all about it. I’m going to break down my system and hopefully help spark ideas for how to best organize books at your house. Here’s the thing: Your home library should serve your family’s reading life. And that […]
May 05, 2022
RAR #203: What Do Your Kids Read for Fun in High School?
Do your kids read for fun in high school? According to Dr. Daniel Willingham in Raising Kids Who Read, the average high schooler reads 6 minutes per day for pleasure. What that really means, he explains, is that a few kids read for pleasure quite a lot… and most don’t read for pleasure at all. […]
Apr 28, 2022
RAR #202: For Kids Who Don’t Like Sad Stories
If you have a child who struggles with sad stories…a child who gets really uncomfortable when bad things happen and wants you to stop reading (or wants to stop reading themselves)… then this episode is for you. And actually, it’s for them, too! In fact, it’s an episode you might like to listen to with […]
Apr 21, 2022
RAR #201: The Surprising Value of Reading Fewer Books
Are you or your kids feeling overwhelmed by a long book list? Today I’m sharing how reading fewer books (yup!) can help our kids love books more. Yep. We’re going to talk about reading fewer books. What could it mean for your kids’ reading lives (and yours too!), to focus on reading fewer books and […]
Mar 08, 2022
Name What Matters in Your Homeschool This Spring
We’re just a little excited here at RAR this week. First, it’s our 200th episode! 🥳 And second, it’s March, which here in the northern hemisphere meets *melting*. It also means a new season, and it’s a great time to name what matters, and set some intentions for how we want to finish out this […]
Mar 02, 2022
RAR # 199: The Books that Won, and Few That Should Have (2022 Youth Media Awards)
Every year, our Read-Aloud Revival Team watches the American Library Association Youth Media Awards together. These are the official awards of ALA. Some you’ll recognize, like the Caldecott, the Newbery and the Coretta Scott King Awards. But others are not quite as well known … The ALA Youth Media Awards honor books that have been […]
Feb 23, 2022
RAR #198: Which Curriculum Should I Use? (and other questions with life-changing answers)
“Which curriculum should I use?” It’s the question I get asked most often. I suspect there’s another layer just underneath the surface of that question. A layer that sounds a bit like, “I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t want to screw this up. Can you just tell me which curriculum is the best, so I […]
Feb 16, 2022
RAR #197: Hey Mamas, Reading for Pleasure is Part of the Job!
If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to read more, but are struggling to do it as much as you’d like. It can be a real challenge to find time to read for pleasure in your already busy day. I get it! On today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, I’m sharing all my best […]
Feb 09, 2022
RAR #196: Teaching Literature Without Curriculum
Shouldn’t helping our kids love reading be the point of literature education? So why is it that most kids enjoy reading less and less, the further they get into their school years? And why do we insist on using literature curriculum when we know it doesn’t help our kids fall more in love with books? […]
Feb 02, 2022
RAR #195: “So Many Books, So Little Time!” How to Quell Overwhelm in Our Reading Lives
Stressed about getting to all the books you want to read? Wondering how you can possibly read as many books as you’d like to with your kids? On today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, I’m talking about that all-too-familiar feeling of “So many books, so little time!” If you’ve ever felt that way, this one […]
Jan 26, 2022
RAR #194: Let’s Talk About Loving Your Homeschool Life
It feels very January right now, doesn’t it? And let’s be clear: that is not a compliment to the month of January. Ahem. Don’t worry if January feels hard for you too – it’s actually pretty normal. So today, I’m sharing a little gift with you . . . In this episode, you’ll hear: a […]
Jan 19, 2022
Blessings Pressed Down, Shaken Together
If your inbox is anything like mine, you might be experiencing a little “you-need-to-buy-this-for-Christmas” fatigue. I always like to remind myself that Christmas will come and the Baby King will be born, no matter what I buy or don’t. No matter what I get checked off on my merry-making list . . . . . […]
Dec 08, 2021
RAR #193: A Relaxed, Read-Aloud Christmas
Sometimes, it can seem like the holiday season is over before we even had a chance to truly celebrate. And so this year, we’re wishing you a relaxing read-aloud Christmas, full of plenty of cocoa, warm blankets, and snuggles with your favorite people. If all of that sounds like a dream – we’ve got what […]
Nov 23, 2021
RAR #192: Help! My Kids Hate Narration
When my kids were young, I tried narration in my homeschool. But instead of working how it was supposed to, it made my oldest daughter freeze with panic. She actually started hating books she had previously loved. Read-aloud time became fraught. And the quality of her education suffered for it. In today’s episode, I’m diving […]
Nov 08, 2021
RAR #191: Helping your ADHD or Dyslexic Child Love Reading
If you have a child with ADHD or dyslexia and want him/her to love reading, this episode is for you. I’m sharing tips and tricks to help kids with ADHD enjoy reading and read-alouds in this episode of The Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… audiobooks: help or hindrance? what worked for one of Sarah’s dyslexic kids […]
Oct 19, 2021
RAR #190: Sarah’s Favorite Stories About Christian Saints and Heroes
Looking for my favorite stories about Christian saints and heroes? You’re in the right place! That’s what I’m talking about in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. (Heads up, I’m Catholic, so a lot of these titles will be of special interest to Catholic listeners. 🥰) There are lots of wonderful stories of Christian […]
Oct 19, 2021
RAR #189: What if my kids always pick screens over books? 
Many of us worry about how screen time impacts our kids’ reading life. So how do we manage screens in a way that still makes it likely our kids will love to read? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… the case for helping kids engage with […]
Oct 12, 2021
RAR #188: My kids aren’t picking good books at the library. What do I do?
If you take your kids to the library and they consistently choose books you aren’t excited about them reading… what can you do? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… Sarah’s favorite places to check book reviews an alternate way to get library books dealing with silly […]
Sep 29, 2021
RAR #187: How to find books that engage both an 8- and a 4-year-old
How can we find books that engage both an 8- and a 4-year-old? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… why we shouldn’t leave picture books behind a tip for keeping kids engaged with longer books a few book suggestions! (naturally 😉) Books and links mentioned in […]
Sep 29, 2021
RAR #186: Should my kids’ reading correlate with their history studies?
Should my kids’ reading correlate with their history studies? Many of make it a point to make sure our reading lines up with the time period we’re learning about in history. Is that a good idea? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… what I wish I […]
Sep 29, 2021
RAR #185: Should I Use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons?
Should I use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… Yes, if it works for you. No, if it doesn’t. My own experience and my favorite alternatives A reminder: look for the easiest way to teach that also […]
Sep 14, 2021
RAR #184: What to do if your developing reader skips words when reading
What should you do if your developing reader skips words when reading? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… Actually, we all do skip words when reading, but… Sarah shares a simple tip (🐢 🐢🐢) An idea if your child does this too (🎧 + 📚) Books […]
Sep 14, 2021
RAR #183: Should We Avoid Abridged or Adapted Versions of the Classics?
Should we avoid abridged or adapted versions of classics? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You’ll hear… what abridged or adapted versions of the classics can offer what happened when Sarah’s daughter read an abridged version of Heidi how adapted books can lead to better, richer reading Links […]
Sep 14, 2021
RAR #182: 5 Books I want you to know about, and answers to your questions about reading a book a day
Today I’m sharing five books you’ll love, plans for RAR this fall (books clubs and writing and events you don’t want to miss!), and answers to your questions about reading a book a day. Wondering if including re-reading is a good idea, or how to stay awake while reading aloud? (You aren’t the only one! […]
Aug 31, 2021
RAR #181: Practical Tips for Reading a Book a Day
In this episode, we’re offering some tips and ideas to help you with the nitty gritty of reading more picture books. The whole RAR team is back, and we’re answering your questions about reading a picture book a day. In this episode, you’ll hear: the best way to create a picture book routine if reading […]
Aug 17, 2021
RAR #180: Reading A Book a Day with Older Kids and Teens
We’re all on board with reading picture books to our younger kids, but that has to stop at some point, right? Ohhhhhh no. No, it does not. What do our kids stand to gain… and how on earth can we read picture books with older kids and teens? A lot. Here at RAR, we’re always […]
Aug 03, 2021
RAR #179: Do You See What I See? How to Look Closely at a Picture Book
Last time on the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, we talked about what happens (and what our kids gain) when we read aloud a book a day. In this episode, we’re digging in to how to look closely at a picture book—how to see what we might otherwise miss. You may be surprised at how much is […]
Jul 20, 2021
RAR#178: Why read a book a Day? (Yep, You Can!)
What would happen if we read a book a day with our kids? That’s the idea we’re exploring today in a brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. And we’re also issuing a challenge: we dare you to read a picture book a day with your kids – for a week, a month… or […]
Jul 06, 2021
RAR Special Edition: Robert McCloskey Makes Way
In today’s Special Edition of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, you’ll meet the man behind Make Way for Ducklings. Robert McCloskey was the first to win two Caldecott Awards, and his books are arguably among the most celebrated picture books of all time. His most popular picture book wouldn’t stay on the page, either. His ducks […]
Jun 15, 2021
RAR #177: Teach Your Kids to Think Like a Scientist (with Books You Already Have)
Science is everywhere. It’s in everything we do, everything we see. And yes, everything we read. Books offer a delightful opportunity to talk about science, both through their illustrations and their text. We just need to know a few things to look for and a few questions to ask. Today we’ll find out how to […]
Apr 20, 2021
RAR #176: Homeschooling with Dyslexia
Is homeschooling with dyslexia a good idea? Can dyslexic students thrive, even if the parents aren’t specialists (or even certified teachers)? Let’s be clear: absolutely, yes. You can homeschool your dyslexic kids, and you’ll do a darn good job of it, too. Today on the podcast, Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia is back to […]
Apr 07, 2021
RAR #175: Is My Child Dyslexic?
Is my child dyslexic? And if so, what should I do about it? It’s one of the things we’re asked about most here at Read-Aloud Revival, and no wonder. When our kids struggle to learn to read, we worry. Dyslexia is extremely common, and is very often misunderstood. Today, we’re going to talk about the […]
Mar 23, 2021
RAR #174: The Books that Won (and a few that Should Have!)
Every year, the RAR team gathers to watch the American Library Association (ALA) Youth Media Awards. Once, we went in person (!) but the past two years, we’ve watched together from home and texted each other like mad the whole time. The awards have a way of bringing out BIG feelings. These are basically the […]
Mar 09, 2021
RAR #173: What Happens in Your Child’s Brain when You Read Aloud
Ready to dive into a little brain science? Today, we’re discovering what happens in your child’s brain when you read aloud. This is probably not a surprise, but… A LOT is happening. Dr. John Hutton of the Reading and Literacy Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is joining me to break this down. I love how […]
Feb 23, 2021
RAR #172: Helping Our Developing Readers Fall in Love with Books
Learning to read can be hard. And when our kids are still learning to read fluently and well, helping them fall in love with books can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to help your kids fall in love with stories, and […]
Feb 09, 2021
RAR #171: How to Introduce Your Kids to Shakespeare
The Bard. He can be a little intimidating, right? If you’ve ever wondered how to introduce your kids to Shakespeare, you are in a for a treat with this podcast episode. Many of us met Shakespeare in a way that didn’t set us up to love him or even understand him. But today, I’m joined […]
Jan 26, 2021
RAR #170: How to Read a Wordless Book
Do you ever feel lost when it comes to how to read a wordless book? I’m convinced that some of the very best picture books being published today are wordless. They invite us to slow down, predict what will come next, make connections, and linger over a good story, well-told. Today I’m excited to share […]
Jan 09, 2021
RAR #169: The Read-Aloud Challenge
Here at RAR, we can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year than to do it with books. That’s why we kick off every January with a challenge for your kids– to help them start their new year reading and reading and reading some more… and falling a little more in […]
Dec 28, 2020
RAR #168: Special Edition, Christmas Stories
Welcome to a very special Christmas episode of Read-Aloud Revival, featuring three audio Christmas stories from one of our very favorite storytellers: Jim Weiss. In this episode, 3 audio Christmas stories: The Nativity Story The Gift of the Magi The Nutcracker Exclusive coupons for RAR listeners:: Maestro Classics Coupon: Use RAR2020 to get 25% off […]
Dec 01, 2020
RAR #167 Christmas with Tomie dePaola and Winter at RAR
Do you feel it in the air? The seasons are a-changing…and it’s just about the best time of year for reading with a cup of cocoa, next to a crackling fire. (I suppose in the Southern Hemisphere it’s lemonade and beach reading… but there’s no bad season for reading, right?) We think you’re going to […]
Nov 16, 2020
RAR #166: What’s the deal with open-ended questions?
In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to talk with your kids about books. Specifically, we’re talking about open-ended questions, which you’ve probably heard us talk about before here at Read-Aloud Revival. Open-ended questions are key to having conversations with your kids about anything they read, and anything you read together. But what exactly qualifies […]
Nov 04, 2020
RAR #165: When reading starts to feel like school
It happens to all of us at one point or another: reading shifts in our kids’ lives from being principally about joy and delight into something that needs to be done for school. A lot of us notice a significant drop in how much our kids are reading for pleasure once the school year is […]
Oct 18, 2020
RAR # 164: Our Favorite Way to Read through History (and a new FREE resource)

History comes alive when you read aloud a picture book biography. This list organizes our favorites into time periods and categories.

Visit Read-Aloud Revival ® with Sarah Mackenzie

Oct 06, 2020
RAR #163: A Reader’s Guide to a More Tranquil Mind, Alan Jacobs
A tranquil mind. Any chance you want one of those? I know I do. Today on the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, we’re talking about how readers can give themselves the gift of a tranquil mind by reading old books. Wait, did I just say “by reading old books?” I did. And I have a feeling this […]
Sep 22, 2020
RAR #162: Why and How Reading Aloud Will Change Your Children’s Lives Forever (Mem Fox)

Need a boost of sunshine? Stop whatever you're doing and listen to this podcast. Mem Fox talks about the unique gift reading aloud offers our kids.

Visit Read-Aloud Revival ® with Sarah Mackenzie

Sep 07, 2020
RAR #161: Becoming Your Child’s Mentor and Awaking Wonder, Sally Clarkson
What would happen if you decided to be your child’s mentor, rather than their teacher? What if you awakened their wonder and curiosity, so that they became the kind of people who thirst for knowledge and understanding? What if you could fall in love with homeschooling your kids? In this episode, Sally Clarkson and I […]
Aug 20, 2020
RAR #160: Not Killing the Love of Reading (and the Fall Reveal!)
We need a drumroll today, because on the podcast we’re revealing all of our autumn picks for RAR Premium. I’m also answering podcast listener Corrie’s question about how to preserve her son’s love of reading. It’s easy to slip into schooly habits that kill our kids’ love of reading– so how can we help preserve […]
Aug 10, 2020
RAR # 159: 10 Homeschooling Mistakes I’ve Made (so you can avoid them)
Recently, I posted on social media about my oldest daughter becoming our first homeschool graduate. I’ll admit to being a proud mama. I think for a lot of us homeschooling our kids, we hear that it works, we are told colleges want homeschoolers– are actively seeking out homeschoolers– but we still are a little nervous. […]
Jul 25, 2020
RAR #158: Adventuring with Your Kids (yes, even now!)

Greta Eskridge and I discuss how books can be the conduit for adventuring with your kids, no matter your circumstances or your resources.

Visit Read-Aloud Revival ® with Sarah Mackenzie

Jul 10, 2020
RAR #157: Why Read Aloud to Kids Who Can Read Themselves?
Why read aloud to kids who can read themselves? It’s a fair question. Not many of us remember parents or teachers reading to us once we were old enough to read on our own. But the benefits of reading aloud to kids who are old enough to read themselves are numerous. That’s what we’re tackling […]
Jun 26, 2020
RAR #156: Answering Your Q’s About Audio Books for Kids
In today’s episode, I’m answering several of your questions about audio books for kids. Let’s talk favorite narrators, whether audio books hold you children back from learning to read on their own, and more. In this episode, you’ll hear: how to choose winning narrators whether it’s holding our kids back to let them listen to […]
Jun 15, 2020
RAR #155: Your Questions… and Library’s Most Wanted
In today’s episode, I’m answering your questions – from reading to separate age groups and how to make time for that (!), to what to do if summer reading programs make your kids want to read LESS… In this episode, you’ll hear: when summer reading programs aren’t useful how to handle a drop in comprehension […]
Jun 01, 2020
RAR #154: When Your Child Doesn’t Love Reading
We know that we want our kids to love to read. And it’s important (really important!) to give them the best chance fall in love with books. That’s why so many of us get worried when we have a child who doesn’t love reading. It’s a valid worry. What can be done about it? On […]
May 18, 2020
RAR #153: Jim Trelease’s Read-Aloud Handbook, 8th Edition
In today’s episode, I’m joined by the woman who recently faced the daunting challenge of updating Jim Trelease’s much beloved Read-Aloud Handbook. Cyndi Giorgis takes us behind the scenes of updating The Read-Aloud Handbook, and some of the interesting (and most surprising!) bits what she learned during the process. In this episode, you’ll hear: what’s […]
May 04, 2020
RAR #152: Finishing the School Year Doesn’t Need to Be a Slog
Being stuck at home is getting old fast, but finishing the school year doesn’t need to be a slog. We’ve heard you loud and clear: it’s really, really hard to concentrate on homeschooling right now. And we all want to finish the school year strong, right? On today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, I’m […]
Apr 20, 2020
RAR #151: It’s a Story… So What? Barb Rosenstock
When is a story worth telling? And why are the best stories in history seen through the lens of a single human being? We’re diving into those questions to day with one of the most talented and effervescent authors I know: Barb Rosenstock. I recommend every single one of Barb’s picture book biographies. Listen to […]
Apr 06, 2020
RAR #150: Water Your Bamboo—How to Focus on the Process (not the outcome) in your Homeschool
Did you know that when you plant bamboo, you will water it, protect it, nurture it…and nothing happens for 5 years? At least it looks like nothing is happening, because it’s all happening underground, where the bamboo is growing a complex root structure. But above ground? Nothin’. You’ve got to faithfully water and care for […]
Mar 24, 2020
RAR #149: Keeping Up with Advanced Readers, Colleen Kessler
If you have a gifted, twice-exceptional, or advanced reader, this episode is for you. Today I’m chatting with Colleen Kessler of Raising Lifelong Leaners. A gifted specialist and mother of her own gifted and twice-exceptional kids, Colleen understands the challenges of connecting advanced readers with books… … and the challenges that arise when your advanced […]
Mar 09, 2020
RAR #148: 3 Books I Adore, Reading Curriculum, and What We’re Reading Aloud this Spring
I’ve got a brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast for you, and it’s a good one. In this episode, you’ll hear: Which 3 books I’d bring with me to a desert island 🏝 (it was torture to answer this listener question!) Whether or not we use reading curriculum at our house 🤓 (and […]
Feb 25, 2020
RAR #147: Our Favorite Math Read-Alouds
Feb 11, 2020
RAR #146: The Astonishing Impact of Louisa May Alcott
In today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, you’ll get to know why Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, was such a wonder (and indeed, she was!). And who could be a better guest for this conversation than Jan Turnquist? Jan Turnquist is Executive Director of Orchard House, the home where Louisa wrote Little […]
Jan 28, 2020
RAR #145: The Importance of Reading at Whim and Developing Your Own Taste, Alan Jacobs

In this episode of the podcast, Alan Jacob invites us to read at whim, develop our own reading taste, and raise kids who do the same. Don't miss this one!

Visit Read-Aloud Revival ® with Sarah Mackenzie

Jan 14, 2020
RAR Special Edition: The Woman Who Gave us Miss Rumphius
I want to introduce you to a remarkable woman. She won two Caldecott Awards, illustrated more than 100 books during her career, raised four children, and lived life with unique zest and liveliness. You may recognize her illustrations in any of the following books, including my own favorite, Miss Rumphius, and one of her Caldecott […]
Jan 06, 2020
RAR #144: Take the 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge
January is one of the most exciting months of the year here at RAR. Why? Because it’s time for our 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge, our most popular event of all. The FREE 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge will nurture family relationships while helping your kids fall in love with books. Click the play button below: How does it work? Request […]
Dec 25, 2019
RAR #143: Kate DiCamillo is Back!
That’s right … Kate DiCamillo is back! And what she has to say is so good, you might find yourself listening more than once. In this new episode, Kate and I chat about her newest book, Beverly, Right Here, and we also discuss why parents and teachers so often try to quantify what our kids […]
Dec 09, 2019
RAR #142: What We’re Reading This Winter ❄️
In today’s brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, you’ll hear: should you let your kids read ahead of the family read-aloud? how many books can little kids keep up with at once? the simplest way to help your kids fall in love with books (and help *you* fall in love with homeschooling) I’m also […]
Nov 21, 2019
RAR #141: Why Re-Reading is Possibly the Best Reading
Why re-read? This is a question we get a lot at RAR, and I’m not going to beat around the bush…I’m convinced there is a lot to gain from rereading. Today, I’m going to tell you why. If you have a child who re-reads the same book over and over, we’re going to talk about […]
Nov 11, 2019
RAR #140: How to Fold Poetry into Your Routine, with Sally Thomas
Poetry is beautiful, captivating and (for a lot of us) a little intimidating, right? Our goal with this episode is to show you how simple and delightful sharing poetry with your kids can be. My guest today says we can’t force poetry, but we can share it naturally… and that just might be the key […]
Oct 28, 2019
RAR #139: Kindness Over Curiosity: Favorite Books Featuring Differently Abled Characters
Is there a better way to nurture empathy and compassion than through books? That’s the question we address in this episode with special guest, Courtney Westlake. Courtney’s daughter, Brenna, was born with a skin condition that makes her appear “different” to many people. On today’s show, Courtney shares not just her family’s experience, but also […]
Oct 15, 2019
RAR #138: How to Choose Books for Your Kids
Your local library or bookshop (if you’re lucky, both!) is likely filled with children’s books. Many are simply marvelous—the kind of books you don’t mind reading aloud over and over, and that you’re delighted to hand to your kids. Others? Not so much. So how do we decide which books to read with our kids? […]
Oct 01, 2019
RAR #137: Why Your Kids Love Graphic Novels (and which we like best!)
Graphic novels … they sometimes make us a little nervous, right? As parents, we worry if they have any value. In this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, I’m joined by the RAR Team, and we’re talking all things graphic novels. Do they count as real reading? Will they make our kids lazy readers? And […]
Sep 17, 2019
RAR #136: If You Want Your Kids to Love Reading, Try This
I would be willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you’re hoping to raise kids who love reading. Think back for a second. Were the books you were assigned in school the same books you stayed up reading under the covers, late at night with a flashlight? When you were done writing the book […]
Sep 03, 2019
RAR #135: What We’re Reading This Fall (and an invitation 💌)
Today, I’ve got a podcast episode and an invitation to RAR Premium for you. First: the podcast. In this newest episode, I”m sharing what we’re reading this fall at Read-Aloud Revival. We’ve looked high and low and found what we think are three spectacular picture books and a novel (okay, a series) for you to […]
Aug 19, 2019
RAR #134: Author Access with Sally Lloyd-Jones (author of The Jesus Storybook Bible)
In this very special episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, we’re sharing an Author Access with the wonderful Sally Lloyd Jones. This was an event celebrating her book Goldfish on Vacation, which we read together as a community in RAR Premium. Sally even reads aloud to us in this one (twice!) In this episode, you’ll hear: […]
Aug 06, 2019
RAR #133: Books Take You Places (and some favorite seaside titles)
Today we’re heading to the coast of Maine… at least in our imagination. I’m chatting with Amanda Dykes, author of the adult fiction novel, Whose Waves These Are, in a summer episode that celebrates seaside tales. In this episode, you’ll hear: how the books we read as children can impact us for life the unique […]
Jul 22, 2019
RAR #132: Books for Teens, and Why YA is a Genre (not a reading level)
If you’ve got teens (or kids who will be teens before you know it), this episode is for you. We’re talking about books for teens, and why the YA/teen section of your library or bookstore is not a reading level. In this episode, you’ll hear: what YA is and what it isn’t a few issues […]
Jul 08, 2019
RAR #131: Books About the Moon Landing
3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Blast off! 🚀🌒If you’re looking for picture books about the moon landing, you’re in the right place! July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar mission, and we’ve got the list of books to celebrate it! These books are for […]
Jun 24, 2019
RAR #130: Reading Aloud as an Obstinate Act of Love, with Meghan Cox Gurdon
In our culture today, is reading aloud an ‘obstinate act of love?’ Meghan Cox Gurdon, this week’s guest and author of The Enchanted Hour, believes so. Meghan is the Wall Street Journal’s children’s book reviewer and says her five kids were a built-in focus group. In this episode, you’ll hear: the power of reading books […]
Jun 10, 2019
RAR #129: Jim Weiss: Storytime with Jim Weiss (and how to read aloud better!)
In this episode we welcome back Jim Weiss, master storyteller and a voice so many of us recognize. This is a fantastic episode to enjoy with your kids, because Jim tells us two stories during the show: Stone Soup and a tale of Sherlock Holmes, The Mazarin Stone. Gather everyone ’round and enjoy! In this […]
May 27, 2019
RAR #128: Read with Us – The Secret Garden
Today I have a free gift for you. At Read-Aloud Revival Premium, we are reading The Secret Garden this summer, and we’d love for you to read along with us! Although our Family Book Club Guides are usually only for our Premium members, we really wanted to invite you along for this read-aloud summer. Grab […]
May 06, 2019
RAR #127: More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy: Introverting (and Extroverting) as a Mom
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? On this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, Jamie Martin from Simple Homeschool is here to chat about being an introverted mom. I’m an extrovert, so we’re comparing what fills us up, what depletes us, and how we can find more calm, less guilt, and quiet joy in […]
Apr 23, 2019
RAR #126: Creating a Book Club Culture at Home (Part 2)

You want your kids to read because they *love* to, not just because they *have* to. Here's how to make that happen...

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Apr 08, 2019
RAR #125: Master Class, Creating a Book Club Culture at Home (part 1)
In today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast, I’m sharing a master class straight out of Read-Aloud Revival Premium about how to create a book club culture in your home. For most of us, the books we read for school growing up were not the same books we read under our covers with a flashlight […]
Mar 25, 2019
RAR #124: Camille Andros on Being a Mom AND a Writer
Today I want to introduce you to the author of some of my new favorite picture books, Camille Andros. Camille is a writer, a traveler, a former EMT, and a mom of six. Yep, six. (So obviously, we’re kindred spirits, since I have six, too.) 😉 In this episode, you’ll hear: about her writing process […]
Mar 12, 2019
RAR #123: A Family Story for Easter, with Special Guest: Arnold Ytreeide
Today, I am excited to introduce you to my favorite read-aloud for Lent and Easter. Amon’s Adventure is a wonderful adventure story that will leave your kids begging for just one more chapter. Amon is a 13 year-old boy during the time of Christ’s persecution, and in this fictional tale, his father has been accused […]
Feb 25, 2019
RAR #122: Picture Book Biographies We Love
What’s the best way to introduce your kids to the lives and ideas of those who’ve gone before? In this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, the RAR Team is talking about using picture book biographies with kids of all ages. Update: we’ve created an updated, better-than-ever list of picture book biographies for you, organized […]
Feb 12, 2019
RAR #121: Kate DiCamillo on Reading Aloud for Connection
I ‘ve got a new favorite episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. It’s no wonder, because in this episode, I’m having a conversation with Kate DiCamillo on reading aloud for connection. There is so much packed into this conversation. In this episode, you’ll hear: what Kate really thinks when we ask our kids “what did the author mean?” […]
Jan 29, 2019
For Narnia and for Aslan! C.S. Lewis’s stepson, Douglas Gresham
Today I’ve got a bonus episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast—a conversation with Douglas Gresham. Douglas is the stepson of C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia. In this episode, you’ll hear: what C.S. Lewis was really trying to do with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe what he wishes more people knew about […]
Jan 23, 2019
RAR #120: Focus on What Matters Most (psst, that’s your relationships with your kids)
I ‘m willing to bet you’re like me, and relationships with your kids matter more to you than just about anything else. But we’re all pulled in a million directions. We’re all short on time. You know what, though? I think it’s easier than we think to focus on what matters most. Today I am […]
Jan 15, 2019
Read with us: Snowflake Bentley
Reading books together as a family is the best way to connect. We connect with each other, with the books we read, and with the big ideas we encounter there. In fact, there are four steps I like best when it comes to sharing books with our kids: Read aloud Share an experience around the […]
Jan 08, 2019
RAR #119: Delighting in Your Own Reading Life, with Anne Bogel
Would you like to read more in the new year? I don’t mean reading to your kids. I mean reading for you. Many of us want to read more, but we’re not sure how to make that happen. We feel like we can’t fit it in, or maybe we even feel guilty when we sit down […]
Dec 31, 2018
Announcing the 2019 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge
January is one of the most exciting months of the year here at RAR. Why? Because it’s time for our 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge, our most popular event of all. Participants tell us that this simple challenge transforms their kids’ relationships with reading. I know. That sounds like an exaggeration. But…well…see for yourself! It’s kind of hard to […]
Dec 17, 2018
RAR #118: A’s to Your Q’s
In today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, I’m answering your questions. In this episode, you’ll hear: What to read after the Little House on the Prairie books My teen daughters’ favorite books Whether re-reading/re-listening is OK How to make sure younger kids don’t miss out on childhood classics Tips for sharing books with Dads How […]
Nov 27, 2018
RAR #117: Christmas Novels to Read Aloud with the Whole Family
You’ve been asking for one, and this year, we made it for you: a booklist of Christmas novels to read aloud. If you’re looking for stories that will shape and form your Advent and Christmas season, you’re in exactly the right place. On this brand new podcast episode, I’m sharing my favorite Christmas novels (and […]
Nov 20, 2018
RAR #116: Reading Aloud to Babies, Connection Parenting, and Getting Books into the Hands of Every Child
We say it often here at the Read-Aloud Revival: sharing books with our kids is all about connection. This is true for all ages, but today we’re especially going to talk about the importance of reading aloud to babies. Our guest today goes so far as to say that our effectiveness as parents is in direct […]
Nov 13, 2018
Audio Book Deals Not to Miss
I wasn’t planning on putting up a post today, but.. I had to! This weekend, I found over 100 fantastic audio book deals for kids. They’re all under $5 and some are as low as 82 cents. We never know how long they are going to stay this price, so I wanted you to know about […]
Nov 11, 2018
RAR #115: Are you Making this Mistake When you Read Aloud With Your Kids?
There’s a common mistake that most of us make while reading aloud. The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to fix! There’s one very simple thing you can do right away that will make your read-alouds better. Not only will it help your kids understand books better, it will also make you enjoy […]
Nov 06, 2018
RAR #114: Writing the Book You Needed as a Child, a conversation with Susan Tan
I met author, Susan Tan, face to face on my summer trip to Boston. Her middle-grade books about Cilla Lee-Jenkins have become favorites of mine to recommend, and she was every bit as fun as I thought she’d be! She’s also incredibly smart, and she’s writing wonderful books for our kids. On today’s Read-Aloud Revival […]
Oct 30, 2018
RAR #113: Why Reading Aloud to a Wide Range of Ages is Difficult (and How to Do It Without Losing Your Mind)
We picture all of our darling children curled around us, listening happily as we share a story together… BUT … What if we have toddlers and teens? Or just lots of kids with strong opinions?! Is there ANYTHING we can do? YES! Today’s episode is all about finding the read-aloud sweet spot when you have a […]
Oct 20, 2018
RAR #112: How an Audio Book is Made, with audio book narrator and producer, Lyssa Browne
You might have heard us say this before, but here at The Read-Aloud Revival, we believe that audio books count. Today we’re going behind the scenes to talk about how an audio book is made. In fact, we often prefer reading books on audio. Listening to a good book, well-read, is a wonderful way to fill your […]
Oct 13, 2018
RAR #111: When You’re Constantly Interrupted during Read-Alouds
Do your kids ever interrupt during read-aloud time? No? Just mine? 😉 Today we’re talking all about how to handle interruptions– whether they’re coming from the phone, the doorbell, the 2-year-old, or the chatty middle schooler. We’ll consider what’s really causing those interruptions in the first place, as well as how to set ourselves up for […]
Oct 09, 2018
RAR #110: S.D. Smith Live
You might know S.D. Smith as the author of the Green Ember series of books. He also happens to be hilarious – which makes this episode so much fun! At all five Great Homeschool Conventions in 2018, Sarah Mackenzie interviewed S.D. Smith live on stage. At one point, he flipped the whole thing on its […]
Oct 02, 2018
RAR #109: How to Take Your Kids Around the World through Picture Books
Most of us can’t travel the world with our kids. But that shouldn’t keep up us from traveling the world with them through books. Today on the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast, Rea Berg and I are talking about how to take your kids (of all ages) around the world through picture books. In this episode, you’ll hear: […]
Aug 28, 2018
RAR #108: Favorite Picture Books for Ancient History
If you’re looking to read books for ancient history studies with your kids this year, this booklist is for you. It’s a short list of delightful picture book read-alouds for the whole family. Why only picture books? Well… because picture books are worthwhile for everyone. Your high schooler is likely to enjoy these books every bit […]
Aug 21, 2018
RAR #107: Dr. Michael Gurian on The Minds of Girls
Dr. Michael Gurian is back! You may remember him from Episode 82 of the podcast, when he joined us to talk about the minds of boys (and why fidgeting is a good sign!). But today he is here to chat with us about the minds of girls. In this episode, you’ll hear: the unique learning […]
Aug 14, 2018
RAR #106: Connection, Community, and Confidence: What your homeschool needs this fall
At the start of a new school year, we’re all full of hopes for a year that means something. We want our kids to encounter big ideas, learn new skills, read wonderful books, and come out the other side of the school year richer than they were going in. That’s why infusing your home with […]
Aug 08, 2018
RAR# 105: Favorite Early Reader Books (for kids who are learning to read)
Do you remember struggling through early reader books back when you were learning to read? Was it all Dick and Jane? Was it … boring? Think about this: nobody asks you now, as a grownup, how old you were when you became a fluent reader. Know why? Because nobody cares. What age your child is […]
Jul 29, 2018
RAR #104: Put Those Books Face OUT!
I ‘m coming to you today with a simple tip that could make a HUGE difference in how often your kids pick up books for fun. In fact, it may seem *too* simple at first, so you’re going to have to try it for yourself! What is it? Put the books OUT. Face-out, I mean. […]
Jul 17, 2018
RAR # 103: Excellent Nonfiction Picture Books, Gail Gibbons
I ‘m willing to bet that you are familiar with Gail Gibbons’s work. Not only is she incredibly prolific, she is just one of those authors who becomes our go-to when it comes to learning with our kids.  Gail Gibbons is the author of more than 170 books for kids. Primarily a non-fiction author, her […]
Jul 14, 2018
RAR #102: What Kids Really Need (and Want), with Dr. Meg Meeker
When I talk to and meet with other moms, I get a sense that we all want the same thing. We all long to connect with our kids. And, of course, we also want to stay connected – even in the teen years. Well, today’s guest knows all about that, and she’s here to give us some […]
Jul 09, 2018
RAR #101: 3 Steps to Connecting with Your Kids this Summer
I don’t know about you, but I want to make some really awesome memories with my kids this summer. I don’t want the whole season to pass in a whirlwind of swimming lessons, camping trips, and sticky popsicle juice without getting a chance to look into my kids’ eyes, get to know them  better, and […]
May 30, 2018
RAR #100: Jeanne Birdsall, The Penderwicks, and over 4 Million Downloads
Can you believe it? It’s Episode 100!  And amazingly, we just crossed over a pretty huge milestone here at The Read-Aloud Revival: over 4 million downloads of the podcast. You know, I couldn’t have picked a better guest for this week’s 100th episode celebration. In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Jeanne Birdsall, author of the […]
May 14, 2018
RAR #99: Meet Lola Dutch (she is just too much!)
Lola Dutch is a little bit … much. And yet, she’s also like so many of us. I think you’re just going to love her! Today, I’m thrilled to be joined by Lola Dutch creators Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright. In this episode, you’ll hear: How Lola came to be Why so many of us seem […]
Apr 30, 2018
RAR #98: Introducing Kids to Foreign Language through Reading Aloud
Many of us want to help our children learn a second language, but where do we start? And what if we only speak one language ourselves? Anne Guarnera of Language Learning at Home is joining us today to walk us through it. Although it isn’t her first language, she speaks Spanish in her home and […]
Apr 23, 2018
RAR #97: The Lowdown on Reading Aloud with Teens
Last week we talked about reading aloud to kids who can read on their own,  but today we’re taking that a step further and talking about reading aloud with teens.  You know the most important thing about reading aloud with teens, right? Surprise! It’s not their literary value or whether your teen knows how to […]
Apr 16, 2018
RAR #96: The Lowdown on Reading Aloud to 8 – 12 Year Olds
If there is one thing I hope you take away from this episode – it’s this: keep reading to your 8-12 year olds.  Kids ages 8-12 are so fun to share books with, and you can have such wonderful conversations with this age group. Plus, you are continuing to make memories and associate reading with […]
Apr 09, 2018
RAR #95: The Lowdown on Reading Aloud to 4-7 Year Olds
Kids who are 4-7 years old often love stories and can even begin to enjoy chapter books. Reading aloud to kids this age can be such a delight! You’re also able to have great conversations about what you’re reading together. There’s a whole chapter in The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your […]
Apr 02, 2018
RAR #94: The Lowdown on Reading Aloud to 0-3 Year Olds
Guess what? The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids is now available everywhere! In this episode, I’m thrilled to share a little from the book about reading aloud to your 0-3 years olds. And of course, I’ll make a couple of book suggestions … Of course. In this episode, you’ll hear: the most […]
Mar 21, 2018
RAR #93: How to Create a Book Club Culture at Home
Today I get to share a chapter from my new book, The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids. This is chapter 6 (one of my favorites!), where I talk about how we can create a book club culture at home, and thereby raise kids who read for the love it. This […]
Mar 19, 2018
RAR #92: Books Boys Love (that aren’t just books for boys)
Sometimes it can be tricky to find books for boys. It’s not so much that they need different books than girls do, but… well… …at some point, you may find it’s difficult to match your boys up with books they love. You know what I mean, right? The kind of books they’ll stay up late […]
Mar 13, 2018
RAR #91: Sharing A Wrinkle in Time with Your Family
A Wrinkle in Time is one of my favorite books to share with kids, and it’s featured as one of my top picks for read-alouds in chapter 15 of one of the brand new book, The Read-Aloud Family.  The movie’s release later this week offers families a wonderful opportunity to experience the book together and have […]
Mar 04, 2018
RAR #90: Easter Basket Ideas for Young Readers
Need a few Easter basket ideas for your young readers? We’ve got you covered! In this episode we’re bringing you books and bookish ideas for kids infant-teen. In this episode, you’ll hear: favorite children’s bibles and Easter books fiction books that your kids will love to find in their baskets this year Click the play […]
Feb 26, 2018
RAR #89: Andrew Pudewa is back!
It could be said that if not for a slightly impulsive email to Andrew Pudewa, the Read-Aloud Revival might not exist. That’s right – today I am welcoming back Andrew Pudewa from the Institute for Excellence in Writing – who was also the very first guest on the podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear: why reading […]
Feb 21, 2018
RAR #88: Don’t Miss This Book: The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
Are you looking for the episode with Dr. Michael Gurian? That one is actually episode 82: Why Fidgeting is a Good Sign (and what brain science has to say about reading aloud), Dr. Michael Gurian Today I’m sharing one of the best books I read last year. The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street is uniquely wonderful– a […]
Feb 12, 2018
RAR #87: Books to Celebrate Your Adopted Child, Brooke Cooney
In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re sharing books about adoption. Some are picture books, some are YA– and we’ve got a little something for everyone in between. These are books that will help your family celebrate the adopted children in your life. Brooke Cooney has made it her mission to share books about orphaned children, […]
Feb 06, 2018
RAR #86: 5 Authors and Illustrators You Might Not Know About (But Probably Want To!)
Today, I’m hoping to tell you about some authors/illustrators you may not have heard about before! These aren’t necessarily new authors, but they may be new to you. In this episode, you’ll hear: picture books, middle grade books and even books for your tweens and teens – I’m covering ALL the bases! graphic novel suggestions […]
Jan 29, 2018
RAR #85: Reading “Messy” Books About Hard Topics with Kids
I think this is one of the best conversations we’ve had so far at The Read-Aloud Revival. Today we’re talking “messy” books. Parents – you probably know just what I mean. Messy books are those books that tackle hard topics. Or maybe they just have stuff in the background that makes us a little nervous […]
Jan 23, 2018
RAR #84: Books for Kids Who Don’t Love Reading (Yet)
What can we do about our kids who don’t love reading? Today I’m sharing a few ideas, as well as a few books that just might turn your reluctant reader into a reader who stays up past bedtime, sneaking books under the covers with a flashlight. In this episode, you’ll hear: what’s more important than […]
Jan 15, 2018
RAR #83: Why Read Picture Books with Older Kids?
Do you read picture books with older kids? Could this be a picture book year for your family? Today, the whole RAR crew is chatting picture books – and why it’s a great idea to read them with your bigger kids too! In today’s episode, you’ll hear: Kortney’s simple and systematic approach to reading picture […]
Jan 08, 2018
RAR #82: Why Fidgeting is a Good Sign (and what brain science has to say about reading aloud), Dr. Michael Gurian
Parents of wiggly kids – the proof is here. In this episode with author Dr. Michael Gurian, you’ll hear scientific evidence demonstrates that many kids not only need to move while being read to, they actually retain information better when they are allowed to do so. In this episode, you’ll hear: why boys might prefer to […]
Nov 28, 2017
RAR #81: Eavesdropping on the Soul, a conversation with Katherine Paterson
I think it’s fair to say this is my favorite episode of the podcast we’ve ever done.  You probably know Katherine Paterson as the author of books like Bridge to Terabithia, Jacob Have I Loved and the Great Gilly Hopkins, but if you’re not familiar with her essays about writing for children, you’re about to […]
Nov 21, 2017
RAR #80: Fantastic Gifts for Young Readers
What do you give as gifts for young readers? (Besides books, of course!) Here’s a whole list of gift ideas for the young readers in your life. In this episode, you’ll hear Great gift ideas for babies through teens Ideas beyond books – games, book accessories, puzzles, posters, shirts and more Ways to help kids […]
Nov 13, 2017
RAR #79: Qualities of Great Books for Kids, with Sarita Holzmann of Sonlight Curriculum
What should we look for when we’re choosing books for our children?It’s as easy at 7 points, as you’ll hear in this episode with Sarita Holzmann of Sonlight Curriculum. Sarita is a veteran homeschool mom and book lover. In this episode, you’ll hear: how her son went from struggling reader to Valedictorian all about her […]
Nov 06, 2017
RAR #78: Favorite Picture Book Treasuries
Once upon a time, I said we didn’t love treasuries at our house. Welllll … its time to eat some crow. Lately, we’ve been reading lots of picture book treasuries, and we are LOVING THEM. They are perfect for longer reading sessions,  for taking on errands when you know you’ll be sitting in waiting rooms, […]
Oct 30, 2017
RAR #77: What the Scholastic Reading Report Means for You, Andrea Pinkney
Scholastic’s Kids and Family Reading Report is a national survey of children ages 6–17 and their parents that explores attitudes and behaviors around books and reading. In this episode, I’m joined by author, Vice President, and Editor-at-Large at Scholastic, Andrea Davis Pinkney. We talk about what the most recent report means for us as parents– […]
Oct 23, 2017
RAR #76: How to make reading aloud the best part of the day
What do you do when reading aloud doesn’t work out exactly how you hoped? Maybe your kids are arguing or you’re falling asleep … But you know how valuable it is to read aloud, so what can you do? In this episode, you’ll hear: 5 ways to make reading aloud enjoyable for everyone (even you! […]
Oct 16, 2017
RAR #75: Delightful, Simple Reading Journals for Kids
It can be challenging to keep track of the books our kids read, right? But if we want to grow a family of readers, we kind of need to have a system that actually works! So today I’m sharing about our simple reading journals. In this episode, you’ll hear: how to create a treasured list […]
Oct 09, 2017
RAR # 74: One thing you won’t regret
This might be our shortest-ever episode, but also one of the most important. It’s all about what matters most. Today I’m talking about how we can make a simple choice that will make a *huge* impact on our kids and families. In this episode, you’ll hear: how to figure out what matters most, even when […]
Sep 27, 2017
RAR #73: What your kids can do while you read aloud (they’ll probably listen better than ever)
Does your read-aloud time ever devolve into chaos? Do you spend just as much time asking your kids to sit still as you do actually reading? In this episode, I’m talking about how we can modify our expectations just a bit to make read-aloud time more successful. Many kids listen better when they’re doing something […]
Sep 25, 2017
RAR #72: How to Save a Bad Day
Bad days – we all have them, right? We can’t really avoid that, but we can have a strategy tucked into our pocket- a simple strategy that will help us save a bad day. As a mama of 6 kids – preschool through high school – I sure do. So today, I’m talking how to save those […]
Sep 13, 2017
RAR #71: The Research and Inspiration Behind Fascinating Historical Fiction, Caroline Starr Rose
Caroline Starr Rose is back, and she’s joining me today to talk about her historical fiction, plus she’s sharing inspiration for young authors and tips for introducing novels in verse to our kids. In this episode, you’ll hear: the picture book she wrote about the wetlands after Hurricane Katrina what research looks like for a historical […]
Sep 11, 2017
RAR #70: How to Find Time to Read as a Busy Mom
Today I’m addressing a question I get ALL THE TIME – how to find time to read. How do we cultivate a reading life in the midst of parenting, life, and other general busyness? In this episode I’m addressing the best ways I have found to fit more reading into my life. I’m sharing my […]
Sep 04, 2017
RAR #69: Helen Oxenbury, Behind the Scenes with an Award-Winning Illustrator
This is one of the most delightful conversations we’ve ever had on the Read-Aloud Revival podcast! I’m talking today with Helen Oxenbury, author and illustrator, about creating picture books – from where she gets her ideas, to the supplies she uses to draw animals (and the cutest darn babies around) and more. In this episode, […]
Aug 28, 2017
RAR #68: 5 Books to Read Aloud with Teens
Are you unsure of what to read aloud with teens? Do you ever get a little overwhelmed looking through the YA section at your local bookstore or library? Not to worry. I’m here today with 5 (OK, plus one more!) books to read with your teens. In this episode, you’ll hear: a book that helped […]
Aug 21, 2017
RAR #67: Reading for the Bigger Story, Jonathan Rogers
Hold on to your hats everyone – I am sharing one of my very favorite middle grade series in this episode. I’m chatting with both my daughter Allison and someone who just might be my favorite living author, Jonathan Rogers. Jonathan is author of the fantastic Winderking series, which has been described as a cross […]
Aug 14, 2017
RAR #66: Do Audio Books Count as Read-Alouds?
Here at the Read-Aloud Revival, we are BIG FANS of audio books, but we get asked all the time: “Do audio books count as real read alouds?” In today’s brand new episode of the podcast, I’m answering that question. In this episode, you’ll hear: whether or not audio books count as real reading where and how to […]
Aug 07, 2017
RAR #65: How to Best Use and Support Your Local Library
Do you make the best use of the resources available to you at your local library? Or do you even know all of what your library can do for you? You’re not alone if the answer to either of those questions is “no.” Today I’m talking to Amy Commers, a Youth Services Librarian in Minnesota, about […]
Jul 31, 2017
Special Edition: An Exclusive Interview with Jeanne Birdsall & N.D. Wilson
Today you’re in for a treat… I’ve got an exclusive interview between New York Times bestselling author, Jeanne Birdsall (The Penderwicks series) and best-selling author, N.D. Wilson (100 Cupboards, Outlaws of Time, and others). Jeanne and N.D. are good friends, and in this interview held at Anderson Bookshop in Illinois, they talk about: why their books […]
Jul 10, 2017
RAR #64: Helping Resistant Readers Fall in Love with Books, Laura Martin
Before Laura Martin ever authored her amazing Edge of Extinction series, she was a middle school language arts teacher. And her specialty was helping kids resistant to reading fall in love with books. In this episode, you’ll hear: some of her favorite tips to get your kids not just reading more, but really loving books ideas […]
May 07, 2017
RAR #63: Introducing Kids to Chesterton, Nancy Carpentier Brown
The first time Nancy Carpentier Brown read G.K. Chesterton’s work, she didn’t just hate it – she actually burned the book! But things certainly changed. Nancy now not only works with the American Chesterton Society, she is a leading expert on Frances Chesterton, and a much-requested speaker on both Gilbert and Frances Chesterton. She’s also […]
Apr 24, 2017
RAR #62: Inspiring a Love of Nature Through Books, Greta Eskridge
Take a peek at Greta Eskridge’s Instagram account, and you might just see her shin-deep in a tide pool with her kids, or hanging out on top of a mountain. It’s clear that Greta adores nature. But as a child, believe it or not, Greta didn’t spend a lot of time in nature. What did she […]
Apr 10, 2017
RAR #61: Highlights from Read-Aloud Revival Author Access
I know this about you: you want to make meaningful and lasting connections with your kids. As a busy homeschooling mom of six, I completely understand that when the house is a mess and the laundry pile is overflowing and life feels just plain crazy, spending a few minutes reading aloud with my kids- even […]
Mar 27, 2017
RAR #60: Your Job is to Plant the Seed, a conversation with Sally Lloyd Jones
So many of us know Sally Lloyd Jones best as the author of the beloved Jesus Storybook Bible. Now you’re going to just love hearing her insightful thoughts about sharing stories with our kids. This is a sweet, but powerful episode that might catch you off guard- Sally is such a joy to listen to, and […]
Mar 12, 2017
RAR #59: Books to Make the Whole Family Howl, Maryrose Wood
Awoooooooo! Get ready for some pure delight in this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. We’re joined by the wonderful and witty author of the spunky and endearing Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series. In this episode, you’ll hear: where the idea of a governess caring for children raised by wolves came from (it turns out […]
Feb 27, 2017
RAR #58: History, Heroes and Henty, with Jim Hodges
Are you and your kids familiar with books by G.A Henty? You’re certainly going to want to spend some time with him after hearing this episode. Jim Hodges, audio actor, former homeschooling dad, and creator of Jim Hodges Audio Books is talking with Sarah in this episode about how to bring Henty, and history, to life. In […]
Feb 14, 2017
RAR #57: How Stories Shaped an Out-of-the-Box Kid, Sally & Nathan Clarkson
Nathan Clarkson grew up as an out-of-the-box kid living with ADHD, mental illness, and (thankfully) a very loving mother, Sally. The two have recently published their story in the book Different, which details how stories helped to shape Nathan, and how his mom came to decide that what other people thought about their parenting and educational […]
Jan 31, 2017
RAR Bonus Episode: Some of the Best Books by Living Authors
If you are unsure which books being published today are worth your time (or if they’re worth your time at all)… then this brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast- all about some of the best books by living authors- is for you. We’re launching season 10 of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast with an episode dedicated to […]
Jan 24, 2017
How to Make Meaningful Connections with Your Kids in the Coming Year
If you want to make more meaningful and lasting connections with your kids through books in the coming year, then I have a tip for you: Don’t try to read aloud every day. Not what you thought I would say? Well, then. You’d better listen to the rest. This episode of the podcast is the shortest […]
Dec 28, 2016
RAR #56: What’s at Stake and Why Stories Matter, Jonathan Auxier
Jonathan Auxier has been a writer for a very long time, but he says he never really felt like he had found his place until he began writing children’s literature. Thank goodness he did! The New York Times best-selling author of what he calls “strange stories for strange children,” his books include Peter Nimble and His Fantastic […]
Nov 29, 2016
RAR #55: Best Thanksgiving Books – Cultivating a Spirit of Gratitude
What happens when you get three book-loving ladies together to chat gratitude and the best Thanksgiving books? In this episode, you’ll hear: there’s just a bit of excitement so Sarah orders a book on air! (We love it when she does that!) and then we end up with a big list of great books like […]
Nov 13, 2016
RAR #54: Sharing Experiences through Stories, James Daniels
James Daniels is passionate about many things – his family, his church, good food, gardening and education. He’s also driven to make sense of educational philosophy in a way that’s helpful for others. In this episode, you’ll hear: about sharing enthusiasm for books with our kids how our excitement about a book matters much more than […]
Nov 03, 2016
RAR #53: Can a Children’s Book Change the World? Linda Sue Park
Linda Sue Park is the author of more than 20 books- including Newbery Award winning A Single Shard (an astounding book and every bit deserving of the Newbery) and the world-changer, A Long Walk to Water. When we were drumming up ideas for who to have on the podcast this season, I knew one thing for sure: […]
Oct 30, 2016
RAR Bonus Episode: Melissa Sweet on the One and Only E.B. White
Although Melissa Sweet didn’t grow up a reader, she has always had a love and passion for creating, which shows in the beautiful drawings, paintings and collages she has used to illustrate numerous picture books. She also an accomplished author, and her most recent book is about the one and only E.B. White- the ma […]
Oct 11, 2016
RAR #52: Bonding Through Books, Tricia Goyer
Tricia Goyer is the well-known author of more than 50 encouraging books for women, moms and teens. She’s also a homeschooling mama of 10, and 7 of her children came to her family through adoption. In this episode, you’ll hear: how reading aloud helped her to bond with her adoptive children how although she grew up in a […]
Oct 03, 2016
RAR #51: The Golden Age of Children’s Books
Reading aloud is a treat, and Carole Joy Seid wants us to remember that every time we pick up a book to share with our kids. In this episode, she is joining us again to talk about the Golden Age of Children’s Literature. Some of these books may be new to you, and some you may have […]
Sep 20, 2016
RAR #50: How Books Spark Easy Projects & Play
When it comes to activities for your preschoolers, do you often feel overwhelmed? I do. I’ve overcomplicated it in the past, and that’s left me a bit tired when it comes to creating a warm and rich learning environment for my youngest kids. Jennifer Pepito has re-inspired my enthusiasm, however. In this episode, you’ll hear: focus on […]
Sep 06, 2016
RAR #49: Why We Should All Be Reading Aloud to Children
When I first saw Rebecca Bellingham’s TedX talk, Why We Should All Be Reading Aloud to Children, I was so moved that I watched it twice in a row. Then I shot a note off to the Read-Aloud Revival podcast manager: “can we get her on the podcast?” And we did. :) You’re in for a […]
Aug 22, 2016
The Most Important Part of Teaching Kids to Read
A whole lot of us get this completely and utterly wrong. Schools do it. Teachers do it. Moms do it. Well-meaning adults make an epic mistake in the education of our children: we make teaching a child to read our top priority. When it comes to our kids and books, our top priority is not to teach our […]
Jul 26, 2016
RAR #48: Give Your Child the World, Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time– Jamie Martin
We’re a whole week early! We couldn’t hold onto this podcast episode for another day without sharing it with you. Jamie Martin’s brand new book, Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time releases today, and she came onto the show to talk about what it looks like to give […]
Jun 07, 2016
RAR #47: How to Read the Classics with Kids (even if you’ve never read them before)
If you didn’t read a whole lot of classics growing up, chances are you’re feeling a little worried about how to read them with your own children. If so, then this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast is for you. In this episode, you’ll hear: keeping your wits about you at the library studying history chronologically […]
May 31, 2016
RAR # 46: Assigned Versus Free Reading
In this brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, we tackle one of the most frequently asked questions we get at the Read-Aloud Revival… “How much reading should I assign?” I’m chatting with Mystie Winckler about just that, and I think you’re going to get a nice deeeep breath after hearing what Mystie has to […]
May 17, 2016
RAR #45: Our Favorite Picture Books
Picture books aren’t just for young kids…They’re companions for our children, and they’re powerful tools that we can use to connect with our kids. In this new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, the whole RAR team gathers to chat up our favorite picture books (and how we use them). In this episode, you’ll hear: more giggling […]
May 03, 2016
RAR #44: Magic and Fear in Children’s Books, N.D. Wilson
 Do your kids like creepy stories? Some of mine do, and I’ve been curious about the role of both magic and fear in my children’s reading life. There’s no one better to talk to about this than the much loved and celebrated Christian author of the (fantastically creepy) 100 Cupboards series, N.D. Wilson. It’s a great […]
Apr 19, 2016
RAR #43: Raising Kids Who Read, Daniel Willingham
If you want to raise kids who read not because they can, but because they love to… you’re in the right place. On this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, Daniel Willingham and I discuss: what cognitive science tells us that will help our kids fall in love with books. (It’s easier than you think!) a new […]
Apr 04, 2016
RAR #42: Inspiring Parents in Children’s Literature: A Conversation with Greta Eskridge
What inspires you to be a better parent? When Greta Eskridge wants inspiration in her mothering, she doesn’t usually turn to parenting manuals. She turns to her favorite children’s book classics, instead. In this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, Greta describes how reading books like The Yearling, Little Women, Caddie Woodlawn, and even Danny, Champion of the World […]
Mar 08, 2016
RAR # 41: Navigating Fantasy: A Guide for Christian Parents, Carolyn Leiloglou
Do you struggle when choosing fantasy books for kids? I am convinced that fantasy is a critically important part of nourishing my children’s imaginations, helping them to see and know the truth better than they could if they didn’t read it. And yet. I struggle. I never read much fantasy as a child, myself, and as an […]
Feb 23, 2016
RAR #40 Behind the Scenes at the Read-Aloud Revival
We’re pulling back the curtain…Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes here at the Read-Aloud Revival? In this episode, you’ll hear: How we decide who to have on the podcast and which master classes to create What needs to happen in order to book an author for the membership Author Access events And […]
Feb 09, 2016
RAR #39: Reading to Kids with Special Needs, Cheryl Swope
What’s a parent of a special needs child to do about reading aloud? How do you choose books to read with a child who is developing at a different rate than his or her peers? Cheryl Swope, author of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child and mama to special needs twins, gives us […]
Jan 26, 2016
RAR #38: On Dads, Boys & the Importance of Building a Family Culture Around Books, Martin Cothran
What might a dad’s role be in a read-aloud home? And how can books shape our boys into the men we hope they’ll become? On today’s show, Martin Cothran from Memoria Press chats with me about just that. Scroll down to listen. In this episode, you’ll hear: advice for homeschool dads his standards for choosing books […]
Jan 12, 2016
RAR #37: Cultivating a Reading Life, Anne Bogel
We want to model a love of reading for our kids, but honestly- who’s got the time? Anne Bogel does. Otherwise known as Modern Mrs. Darcy, she’s the best person I know to talk about how to fit more reading into your life. In this episode, you’ll hear: where to find good books how to fit […]
Dec 29, 2015
RAR #36: Christmas and Advent Read-Alouds with Elizabeth Foss
It’s the hap-happiest read-aloud time of the year!  I don’t know anyone who lives this out better than my good friend, Elizabeth Foss, so I invited her onto the show to chat up Christmas and Advent read-alouds. We’re so excited about this episode of the podcast, we’re publishing a whole week early. In this episode; […]
Dec 01, 2015
RAR #35: Reading Aloud with Toddlers (and other littles) underfoot
It’s a question we hear a lot around here… how on earth is it possible to read aloud to the big kids when there are toddlers mucking about? And reading with those toddlers themselves- well, that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Girl, I hear you. I have six kids, and three of them are […]
Nov 24, 2015
RAR #34: Reading Aloud around a Traditional School Schedule
How does a family that follows a traditional school schedule make reading aloud a priority? We’re talking about it on today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival! Whether your kids are in school all day, or you homeschool but you feel very pressed for time, reading aloud can happen! In this episode, you’ll hear: practical ideas simple […]
Nov 10, 2015
RAR #33: The Research Behind Reading Aloud, Dr. Joseph Price
It doesn’t take long after starting a read-aloud habit to realize that there are a LOT of good things happening when you are snuggled up on the couch, lost in a good book with your family. But sometimes things get rough. And when that happens, it helps to get a bit more logical about the […]
Oct 27, 2015
RAR #32: Q&A with Sarah and Kortney
In today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, Kortney and I chat up the questions you’re asking most. In this episode, you’ll hear: our favorite religious book recommendations how to keep your kids from getting distracted on your iPad when they’re “supposed” to be listening to an audio book what it’s like to be working and homeschooling, […]
Oct 13, 2015
RAR #31: Reading Aloud for History, Rea Berg
This may be one of the most delightful conversations we’ve had yet on the Read-Aloud Revival. If you haven’t met Rea Berg yet… you’re going to love me for introducing you to her. :) And if you know who she is, you don’t need me to blab on here -you just want to cut right […]
Sep 29, 2015
RAR #30: Reading Aloud with Boys, Cindy Rollins
Boys. Here at the Read-Aloud Revival, we get asked about the nitty gritty of reading with boys more than anything else. And who better to answer those questions than a mother of eight boys? She also happens to be one of my very favorite people, so this episode is a goodie. In this episode, you’ll […]
Sep 15, 2015
RAR #29: Getting Back in the Saddle with Reading Aloud
Have you fallen out of the read-aloud habit? It’s okay – I understand. I’ve been there 100 times! In fact, I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things myself. Getting back in the saddle is quite likely easier than you think, though. In this episode, you’ll hear: a handful of tips and tricks to make […]
Sep 01, 2015
RAR #27 Summer Reading: Making memories (& having fun)
We all want our kids to read over the summer, right? But how can make that summer reading both memorable and fun – a treasured childhood memory rather than another thing to do and check off our lists? For today’s show, I talked to one of my very favorite people on the whole planet- Pam […]
Jun 08, 2015
RAR #26: How Illustrations Nourish the Imagination, Zach Franzen
If you’ve listened to the Read-Aloud Revival podcast much, you probably know I’m a huge fan of The Green Ember. I think it’s the best book my kids and I read together all year long. You’ll understand, then, why I was so excited to chat with Zach Franzen, the illustrator of The Green Ember for today’s show. […]
May 19, 2015
RAR #25: When Kids are Whiny (and other questions you’re asking)
On today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, we’re answering YOUR questions! These Q and A podcasts are listener favorites, so grab some laundry, pop in your earbuds, and let’s go! In this episode, you’ll hear: what I do when kids are whiny and don’t want to listen to a read-aloud what to try when teens aren’t interested […]
May 05, 2015
RAR #24: From Picture Books to Chapter Books and Novels
I ‘m trying something new for this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast. Instead of interviewing a guest, I’m chatting with you one-on-one. Something I hear about a lot is the struggle it can be to make the transition from picture books to chapter books and novels during read-aloud time. It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past, as well, […]
Apr 21, 2015
RAR #22 Read Good Books. The End. -Carole Joy Seid
This isn’t rocket science, Carole Joy Seid tells us in today’s episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. It’s really very simple – read good books. The end. :) In this episode, you’ll hear: fabulous book recommendations simple, practical strategies to help us make reading aloud a pillar of family life calming encouragement from a mom who has […]
Mar 24, 2015
RAR #21: Finding Allies in Imagination: S.D. Smith and The Green Ember
If you read nothing else to your kids this year, read The Green Ember. This is a book that will steep your family’s imagination in the good, true, and beautiful. The characters encounter tremendous difficulty and face them with indomitable courage. You will laugh, cry, and find your heart racing. You will wonder if you could possibly live […]
Mar 10, 2015
RAR #19 Reading Aloud to Toddlers- the Why and How
We know we should start reading aloud to toddlers when they are still small, but somehow the logistics of doing just that are really difficult!  Today I’d like you to meet Haley and Sarah from Aslan’s Library– a blog I love. Haley and Sarah focus most of their blog writing about beautiful and true theological books […]
Feb 10, 2015
On Living a Storyformed Life, RAR #17
If you only listen to one episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, let this one be it. This episode is the humdinger of them all, if I do say so myself. ;) I have been dying to talk to Sarah Clarkson since the Read-Aloud Revival was born! She’s a busy student at Oxford, though, and it […]
Jan 12, 2015
RAR #16: Start a Reading Streak!
I never do this- record a podcast episode on the fly just because I’m so excited I can’t help myself. :) But today is the last day of 2014 and I want to make sure we head into 2015 and make it count by forming deep and meaningful connections with our kids. In this episode, […]
Dec 31, 2014
RAR #15 Poetry Read-Alouds for Parents Who Are Intimidated by Poetry
Caroline Starr Rose has written entire books in verse. Now don’t be intimidated. Her book, May B, has been described as part Hatchet, part Little House on the Prairie, and part Out of the Dust. In this episode, you’ll hear: her books, of course! how to get started with poetry even if it’s as intimidating […]
Nov 17, 2014
RAR #14: For Parents Who Don’t Like Reading Aloud
Do you enjoy reading aloud? I know a whole lot of people who don’t. But just because you don’t enjoy reading aloud doesn’t mean you can’t build your family culture around books. Today on the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, I chat with Mystie Winckler about how audio books can make a huge difference in your family’s […]
Nov 03, 2014
RAR #13: Learning to Read- What to Do With Your Struggling Reader
Reading aloud plays a major role in a child’s life as he or she is learning to read- especially if he or she is struggling to learn to read! In this episode, you’ll hear: how often to read aloud how much to prioritize it and which books are best for struggling readers Click that play […]
Oct 20, 2014
RAR #12: The Reading Promise
Alice Ozma is the author of The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared. If you read nothing else this year, read this book. I mean it. I swallowed it and immediately knew I had to have Alice on the show. The book is moving, funny, heart-wrenching, and is a big huge kick in […]
Sep 29, 2014
RAR #11: Using the Library Without Losing Your Mind, Jamie Martin
What keeps you from making the best use of your local library? For me, it’s the likelihood of losing my sanity. :) On this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, Jamie Martin- editor of Simple Homeschool and blogger at Steady Mom– shares a perspective that we can use the library in any way that fits our family […]
Sep 13, 2014
RAR #10: The Art of Choosing Books (and starting a book club!) with Heidi Scovel
Heidi Scovel admits that she isn’t a read-aloud superstar. Reading aloud can be hard to fit in when you’re a busy mother of four! But she does know how to choose great books and has had a lot of success starting a book club for her kids called the Book Detectives. In this episode, you’ll hear: her […]
Sep 02, 2014
RAR #09: A University Professor’s Perspective on Reading Aloud, Dr. Catherine Pakaluk
What can a university professor say about the value of reading aloud for future academic and relational success? A lot, actually. If that professor is also a mother of many, she’ll lend a perspective on fitting read-aloud time into busy family life, and the value of even five minutes a day spent diving into a story with […]
Aug 16, 2014
RAR #08: Every Book is a Mystery, Lawrence Goldstone
Did you know that every book is a mystery, and all readers are detectives? In this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast, I chat with Lawrence Goldstone, author of Deconstructing Penguins: Parents, Kids, and the Bond of Reading. In this episode, you’ll hear: why you become a sleuth when you pick any book of the shelf […]
Jul 28, 2014
RAR #07: A Lifestyle of Reading Aloud, Melissa Wiley
When I think of someone who fully embraces a family culture built around books, Melissa Wiley comes to mind right away. As a mother of six and author of several children’s books, she has managed to make reading aloud a central part of family life in her home. In this episode, you’ll hear: what creating a […]
Jul 16, 2014
RAR #06: How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, a Conversation with Ken Ludwig
Are you intimidated by Shakespeare? Do you wonder how you can introduce the bard’s work to your kids if you aren’t all that familiar with it yourself? Ah yes. You’ve come to the right place. :) I am a huge (HUGE!) fan of Ken Ludwig‘s book, How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare (now available in paperback!) and I […]
Jul 01, 2014
RAR #05: The Importance of Reading Aloud Imperfectly
We got to hear from Jim Weiss about tips and tricks for character voices and how to be skilled storytellers in episode 4 of the podcast. Now listen in as he tells us that it doesn’t need to be done perfectly (and why we shouldn’t even try to make it so). I was rather caught off guard by how inspiring […]
Jun 22, 2014
RAR #04: Tips and Tricks for Reading Aloud, a Conversation with Jim Weiss
You very likely know and love him already, so listen in while I chat with Jim Weiss about tips and tricks for reading aloud. This was such an awesome conversation that I split it into two episodes! In this episode, you’ll hear: gives the scoop on creating great character voices to engage your kids shares how […]
Jun 06, 2014
RAR #03: “Reading Aloud is Like Comfort Food”- a Conversation with Tsh Oxenreider
I ‘m really excited about today’s podcast! I got to chat with Tsh Oxenreider from The Art of Simple. Reading plays a major role in Tsh’s family life, and she has a down-to- earth perspective on life and books to share with us. In this episode, you’ll hear: the ebb and flow of family life […]
May 22, 2014
RAR #02: Engaging Conversations- How to Talk to Your Kids About Books, a Conversation with Adam Andrews
Are you hesitant to talk to your kids about books because you don’t know how to do it? In this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, I chat with Adam Andrews from the Center for Lit. He gives us some simple tools to help us have better, more engaging conversations with our children about the books […]
May 09, 2014
RAR #01: Reading Aloud to Older Kids, a Conversation with Andrew Pudewa
Welcome to the first episode of the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast! You’ll find all of the Read-Aloud Revival episodes right here. In this very first episode of the podcast, I talk with Andrew Pudewa from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. In this episode, you’ll hear: why reading aloud to kids who are old enough to […]
Apr 27, 2014