Voices of VR Podcast – Designing for Virtual Reality

By Kent Bye

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Designing for Virtual Reality

Episode Date
#686: Panel: VR & Blockchain + Architecting the Decentralized Metaverse
I facilitated a panel discussion at the Decentralized Web Summit that brought together some of the leading virtual reality creators who have been integrating blockchain
Aug 14, 2018
#685: Otoy’s Render Token, AI rendering, & Digital Lightfield Holodeck Walls
Jules Urbach wants to create a photorealistic metaverse. He’s been working on rending technologies to render digital lightfields, and Otoy’s Octane renderer is used everywhere
Aug 14, 2018
#684: Insight Engineering: Data Portability, Identity, VR, & The IoT Edge
Samantha Matthews Chase calls GDPR – General Data Portability Regulations rather than data protection. GDPR has forced many companies to make over a decade’s worth
Aug 14, 2018
#683: Mesh Networks, Distributed Metaverse Protocols, & Archiving Event Spaces
Janus VR has been implementing an IPFS distributed file system option for creators for the past couple of years. I talk to “Taco Dog” who
Aug 14, 2018
#682: IPFS Distributed File Storage & the Decentralized Metaverse
The decentralized metaverse will require the transferring of A LOT of data. Distributed, peer-to-peer file systems like IPFS could provide the backbone of the decentralized
Aug 14, 2018
#681: Decentraland: Updates on the Virtual Real Estate Experiment
Decentraland is a grand experiment of bringing together decentralized blockchain technologies and virtual worlds. Decentraland ICO raised over 26 million dollars, but it wasn’t without
Aug 14, 2018
#680: ICOs are Disrupting VC Funding & Ethereum Coopetition is Challenging VC Unicorn Dynamics
ICOs are disrupting late stage venture capital. Shawn Cheng was working at the Vayner/RSE VC, but now he’s working with Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin’s Consensys
Aug 14, 2018
#679: A Cryptocurrency Gift Economy Experiment to Foster Collaborative Ecosystems
The threat of forking a blockchain project is a catalyst for cooperation, which means that there are many parallels between the blockchain and open source
Aug 14, 2018
#678: VR Blockchain Alliance on Identity, Currency, & Ownership
High Fidelity and Janus VR announced in March that they were creating a Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance in order to determine the protocols for the
Aug 14, 2018
#677: Cory Doctorow on the Risks of Permanent Regulatory Dominance
Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, a co-editor for Boing Boing, and consultant to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He’s been closely tracking the relationship
Aug 14, 2018
#676: ACLU’s Jennifer Granick on Surveillance, Privacy, & Free Speech
There’s a tension on the web today between creating a safe space to be online versions the costs to censorship and free speech. Spam, bots,
Aug 14, 2018
#675: Internet Archive’s Brewster Kahle on the Future of the Decentralized Web
Brewster Kahle told me that the average of a web page on the Internet is 100 days before it either changes or disappears completely. Kahle
Aug 14, 2018
#674: Tech, Law, Culture, & Markets: A Holistic Look at the Decentralized Web Summit
In “Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace,” Lawrence Lessig wrote about four socioeconomic regulators of society as being the law, cultural norms, economic markets, and
Aug 14, 2018
#673: “Pixel Ripped 1989:” The Sound Design of a 2D Game within a VR Game
Pixel Ripped 1989 is one of the most ambitious and innovative VR experiences I’ve seen. It’s a multi-dimensional experience with 2D game within a VR
Aug 09, 2018
#672: “TribeXR DJ School” Virtual Apprenticeships & Immersive Education
Each of the founders of TribeXR wanted to learn how to become a DJ, but they never got around to it. So they all went
Aug 08, 2018
#671: “Electronauts” Democratizes Remix DJing & Musical Improvisation
Electronauts is a cross between a simplified DJ simulator and improvisational music tool from Survios that is launching today. It’s releasing with over 40 electronic
Aug 07, 2018
#670: A Primer on Self-Sovereign Identity Standards with Kaliya Young
Kaliya Young (aka Identity Woman) has been working on digital identities for the past 15 years including helping facilitate the twice-a-year Internet Identity Workshop. These
Aug 07, 2018
#669: Internet Co-Inventor Vint Cerf on Decentralized Internet Challenges
Vint Cerf is a co-inventor of the Internet, and he’s currently working as a Vice President at Google at their Chief Internet Evangelist. With all
Aug 03, 2018
#668: Guns, Money, & Morals: A Debate on the Ethics of VR Simulation, Capitalism, & the Limits of Decentralized Techno-Utopianism
Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades (aka H3) is an open-ended sandbox VR experience where you can play with a variety of exotic firearms. It’s a
Jul 31, 2018
#667: JanusVR’s Vesta Hub is the Beginnings of the Decentralized Metaverse
There is a lot of promise of a decentralized metaverse built on top of the open web, but the idealism of that promise isn’t yet
Jul 27, 2018
#666: Updates on YouTube VR, VR180 Livestreaming Cameras, & Social VR
The YouTube VR application just released some social viewing features as well as finally released a version for Gear VR, although there isn’t any specific
Jul 26, 2018
#665: Using VR for Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Social Science Research
One of the recurring themes that was coming up at the IEEE VR academic conference was how VR is starting to catalyze interdisciplinary collaborations between
Jul 23, 2018
#664: VR in China: Taoist & Buddhist Insights into the Yin Archetypal Story
I gave a talk about Metaphors of Presence at the Sandbox Immersive Festival in Qingdao, China where I talked about how Chinese Philosophy insights about
Jul 04, 2018
#663: VR in China: Wireless VR with TPCast
TPCast is a Chinese company that was one of the first in the world to provide a wireless VR peripheral solution that could viably eliminate
Jul 04, 2018
#662: VR in China: 360 Video Distribuion with Visbit
Visbit is a B2B, 360-video streaming distribution company based out of Silicon Valley, and co-founder and CEO CY Zhou is originally from China. I caught
Jul 04, 2018
#661: VR in China: Nolo VR’s 6DoF Hardware Accessory
The VR hardware ecosystem in China is fairly self-contained, and Nolo VR ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring 6DoF hand tracking to mobile VR
Jul 04, 2018
#660: VR in China: Nordic Trolls Game Development Studio
The Nordic Trolls is a VR development company based in Beijing, China. I had a chance to catch up with the CEO Thorbjørn Olsen (originally
Jul 04, 2018
#659: VR in China: Bridging the East & West with LumiereVR’s Jenny Guo
LumièreVR’s Jenny Guo is building bridges between the East and West through virtual reality. She’s producing 360 content for the Netflix of China, & she’s
Jul 04, 2018
#658: VR in China: Storytelling & Sandbox Immersive Festival
Eddie Lou is the founder of Sandman Studios in Beijing, and he is also the founder of the Sandbox Immersive Festival that took place in
Jul 04, 2018
#657: Using Neuroscience Theory for Experiential Design + The Nature of Consciousness
Danielle Perszyk is a cognitive scientist, and co-founder and lead scientist at Oscillations who is using neuroscience theory of synchrony in order to make predictions
Jun 23, 2018
#656: Racial Justice: Using AR to Reclaim History with Site-Specific Context
Our stores of the past shape our future. There is a growing movement to use augmented reality technologies to reclaim suppressed histories by creating site-specific
Jun 18, 2018
#655: Orpheus Technodelics is Publishing Consciousness Hacking VR Experiences
Sound Self developer Robin Arnott is starting a publishing label named Orpheus Technodelics to curate and distribute consciousness hacking VR experiences. “Technodelics” are digital psychedelics
Jun 11, 2018
#654: Indigenous Futurism & Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace with Jason Edward Lewis
I talk with Jason Edward Lewis about the Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace initiative, as well as the two 2167 Indigenous Storytelling in VR that he
Jun 08, 2018
#653: Indian Philosophy Insights into VR Presence: The Five Koshas
LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE OF THE VOICES OF VR PODCAST This is a listener-supported podcast through the Voices of VR Patreon. Music: Fatality Support Voices
May 23, 2018
#652: Design Principles for Embodiment
LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE OF THE VOICES OF VR PODCAST This is a listener-supported podcast through the Voices of VR Patreon. Music: Fatality Support Voices
May 23, 2018
#651: Anime-Inspired, Embodied Game Design & the Spectacle of VR eSports with “Light Strike Array”
LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE OF THE VOICES OF VR PODCAST Here’s a bit more information on the game mechanics of Light Strike Array: https://twitter.com/i/moments/942110609348337664 This
May 23, 2018
#650: Flow Artist Swan on Stylized Embodiment: The Story Behind Beat Saber’s Viral Videos
I talk with flow artist Swan about the story of behind the Beat Saber viral videos, and what it means to add style to VR
May 23, 2018
#649: LIV’s Mixed Reality Shows the Nuances of Human Movement in VR
I talked with Cix Liv, the CEO of Liv, about their mixed reality hardware and software solutions. Mixed reality shows what it feels like to
May 23, 2018
#648: New ARCore Features, Google I/O Highlights, & Open Questions about Ethics & Privacy
Google announced some new features for ARCore at Google I/O last week including Sceneform to help Java developers integrated 3D content into apps, augmented images
May 19, 2018
#647: Merging IRL events with VR via SVVR’s Reality Portals & Metaverse Intiative
May 16th is the five-year anniversary for Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup, and founder Karl Krantz is announcing a couple of new initiatives as SVVR
May 16, 2018
#646: Immersive Education with Google Expeditions, AR, & Virtual Tours
Google’s mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” and so it’s a natural fit that they’d be
May 14, 2018
#645: Oculus Go + Open Questions Around Facebook, Privacy, Free Speech, & Virtual Governance
The Oculus Go was released on Tuesday, May 1st at the Facebook F8 developer conference, and it is a self-contained, 3-DoF mobile VR HMD with
May 07, 2018
#644: Beat Saber Lets You Become the Music Through Puzzles Your Body Solves
Beat Saber is a rhythm game that is like an embodied puzzle game that creates a visceral connection to 10 custom music tracks. It’s similar
May 01, 2018
#643: Matt Miesnieks on the State of the AR Ecosystem
Matt Miesnieks is creating an AR cloud with 6D.AI, which aims to “synchronize 3D computer vision data across devices, time and space” in order to
May 01, 2018
#642: Experiential Design Insights from Chinese Philosophy & Natural Philosophy
One of the things that inspires me to do the Voices of VR podcast is being able to talk with hundreds of people listening for
Apr 25, 2018
#641: Oculus’ Privacy Architects on their Open-Ended Privacy Policy & Biometric Data
Oculus will be releasing a new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service tomorrow that will go into effect on May 20th, just five days before
Apr 19, 2018
#640: John Root on VRLA, AR, Privacy, & eSports in VR
John Root co-founded VRLA with Cosmo Scharf in 2014, and it has organically grown into a thriving VR event with over 10,000 attendees in the
Apr 14, 2018
#639: AR as the Democratization of Architecture, Hands-On Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD
Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the vice president of design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion. Matsuda is probably the most
Apr 09, 2018
#638: Updates on the Decentralized Metaverse: WebVR, A-Frame, & Supermedium VR
The open metaverse is going to be built on web standards like the WebXR Device API (formly WebVR), but the larger community of web developers
Apr 06, 2018
#637: The Yang and the Yin of Immersive Storytelling with Oculus’ Yelena Rachitsky
The future of VR storytelling will be immersive and interactive. Yelena Rachitsky is an executive producer of experiences at Oculus, and she’s been inspired by
Apr 03, 2018
#636: VRChat is the Closest VR Experience to the OASIS in Ready Player One
Ready Player One was released on March 29th, and the current VR experience that comes the closest to realizing the vision of the OASIS depicted
Mar 31, 2018
#635: Candid Assessment of the VR Industry from a Leading Indie Developer
What is happening with the VR industry? Is the adoption and growth still on target to support a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of independent VR
Mar 27, 2018
#634: VR Porn Livestreaming & Emotional Intimacy with CAM4VR
Ela Darling calls herself the “Queen of VR porn” as she co-founded CAM4 and became the first virtual reality cam girl from VR tech integrations
Mar 19, 2018
#633: Julie Heyde on Using VR for Consensual Trolling & Personal Pain Management
The VR Unicorns use a rapid iteration, game jamming approach to VR development, and co-founder Julie Heyde does daily playtesting and quality assurance gathering feedback
Mar 15, 2018
#632: Bringing VR to Underprivileged Communities with The Glover Center
Darryll Starr is a former game developer who now teaching underprivileged youth how to create VR experiences with Unity at the David E Glover Education
Mar 12, 2018
#631: Using AI to Drive Conversations, Create Culture, & Foster Understanding
The Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab had a design research project at Sundance that is exploring new models of cooperative storytelling and collaborative sensemaking, but it
Mar 09, 2018
#630: A Live Musical Graphic Novel Lecture: Cory McAbee’s Mixed Modality Performance
Each year, the Sundance New Frontier features VR experiences, films, and live performances that push the boundaries of storytelling. Cory McAbee did live performance of
Mar 08, 2018
#629: Embodied Storytelling Innovations from Sundance 2018 with Shari Frilot
The Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier Program featured over 20 different VR, AR, and AI experiences that were pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling. After
Mar 07, 2018
#628: VR 2025: Current & Future State of VR & AR Industry
Tony Parisi is the Head of AR & VR strategy at Unity so he has an insider’s perspective of not only where the VR and
Mar 02, 2018
#627: VirtualSelf Full Body Tracking in Cloudgate Studios’ “Island 359″
The full release of CloudGate Studios’ VR survival game Island 359 is now available, and there’s some special embodiment features for anyone who has 1-3
Feb 28, 2018
#626: Exploring Space & Experiential Modulation of Time with Felix & Paul Studios
Felix & Paul Studios had two experiences at Sundance this year. One featured the training of NASA astronauts in Space Explorers, and the other was
Feb 24, 2018
#625: Decentralizing Identity in VR with Holonet & Self-Sovereign Identity
Holonet is an open source project that implements the Decentralized Identity Specifications for open web VR platforms like WebXR. A self-sovereign identity system could enable
Feb 21, 2018
#624: Exploring Near-Future Moral Quandaries with INVAR Studios
Rose Colored by INVAR Studios & Adam Cosco won the award for best live-acton VR experience at the Advanced Imaging Society’s Lumiere Awards on February
Feb 19, 2018
#623: Training AI & Robots in VR with NVIDIA’s Project Holodeck
At SIGGRAPH 2017, NVIDIA was showing off their Isaac Robot that had been trained to play dominos within a virtual world environment of NVIDIA’s Project
Feb 14, 2018
#622: The Making of “Sun Ladies VR:” Former ISIS Sex Slaves Create an All-Female Fighting Unit
The Sun Ladies VR is an amazing story about a group of Yazidi women from the Northern Iraq community of Sinjar, who escaped as sex
Feb 09, 2018
#621: Balancing Player Control & Authorial Control with “Virtual Virtual Reality”
Tender Claws‘ Virtual Virtual Reality is a Daydream-exclusive interactive story that won the best VR experience at the 2017 Google Play Awards VR, and it’s
Feb 05, 2018
#620: AR & AI Storytelling Innovations from Tender Claws’ “TendAR”
Tender Claws, the creators of the award-winning interactive VR narrative Virtual Virtual Reality, premiered a new, site-specific, interactive AR narrative experience at the Sundance New
Feb 03, 2018
#619: Grabbing Virtual Objects with the HaptX Glove (Formerly AxonVR)
The HaptX Glove that was showed at Sundance was one of the most convincing haptics experiences that I’ve had in VR. While it was still
Feb 01, 2018
#618: “Dinner Party” is a Symbolic Exploration of Alien Abduction & Race in America
Dinner Party is an immersive exploration of Betty and Barney Hill’s alien abduction story that premiered at the Sundance New Frontier. Rather than using normal
Feb 01, 2018
#617: Journey into a Black Hole with “SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime”
Sundance New Frontier had a solid line-up of VR experiences this year with a number of immersive storytelling innovations including SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime, which
Jan 30, 2018
#616: Jeremy Bailenson’s Academic Journey in VR with “Experience on Demand”
Jeremy Bailenson founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and his latest book Experience on Demand traces his academic journey through virtual reality.
Jan 29, 2018
#615: LARPing: The Future of Live-Action Role Playing in Immersive Entertainment
Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) is something that emerged out of table top games like Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s driven by a desire
Jan 26, 2018
#614: Designing Around Disruptive Audience Members for Interactive Narratives
Tommy Honton is an experiential designer in the immersive theater space, and he’s helped to design interactive narratives that can handle a range of different
Jan 24, 2018
#613: Storytelling in VR from a Depth Psychological & Mythological Perspective
John Bucher wrote a book titled “Storytelling for Virtual Reality: Methods and Principles for Crafting Immersive Narratives” where he includes interviews with dozens of VR
Jan 18, 2018
#612: Capturing Group Dynamics with Felix & Paul’s “Miyubi”
Miyubi is Felix & Paul Studios’ first scripted narrative piece that is 40 minutes in length, and it transports you to the early 1980s as
Jan 15, 2018
#611: “Sleep No More” Creative Producer on Blurring the Lines of Reality with Punchdrunk’s Immersive Theater
Punchdrunk’s immersive theater piece of Sleep No More opened in March 2011, and it’s inspired countless experiential designers of immersive theater, and virtual and augmented
Jan 09, 2018
#610: Designing Escape Rooms with Laura E Hall
The Immersive Design Summit brought together over 150 of the top experiential designers from around the world, mostly from the performance community of immersive theater
Jan 09, 2018
#609: Collaborative Storytelling Guidelines from Columbia University’s Digital Storytelling Lab
The Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab has been conducting interactive storytelling experiments to create guidelines, rules, and structures for facilitating emergent
Jan 05, 2018
#608: Live Streaming VR on Twitch with Zimtok5
VRChat is becoming one of the top streamed VR game as different Twitch personalities like pokelawls, dyrus, greekgodx, and LIRIK and YouTube personalities Jameskii &
Jan 03, 2018
#607: Principles of Immersive Sound Design with Sally Kellaway
OSSIC’s Jason Riggs told me at CES last year that the future of music is going to be immersive and interactive. Interactive sound design where
Dec 29, 2017
#606: Workflow for Interactive Narratives with Spatial Stories Toolset
Emilie Joly says that the rules of interaction are the stories within interactive narratives, and Apelab is creating the Spatial Stories plug-in and toolset in
Dec 21, 2017
#605: Future of Mixed Reality Lightfields with Otoy
Otoy is a rendering company that pushing the limits of digital light fields and physically-based rendering. Now that Otoy’s Octane Renderer has shipped in Unity,
Dec 18, 2017
#604: Danny Bittman’s Journey to Full-Time VR Artist
Over the past couple of years, Danny Bittman has logged over 1800 hours in programs like Tiltbrush & Google Blocks on his way to becoming
Dec 15, 2017
#603: Soundboxing: VR Exercise, Capturing Embodiment, & Virtual Economy Architecture
Soundboxing is a VR rhythm game that has found a community of people who use it for exercising in VR, with some people reporting that
Dec 13, 2017
#602: Funding Landscape for Cinematic VR with Kaleidoscope VR
After talking to a lot of independent VR storytellers, Kaleidoscope VR’s René Pinnell identified that funding was one of the biggest blockers for continued experimentation.
Dec 12, 2017
#601: VR in the 90s: Bootstrapping the Commercial VR Industry
Linda Jacobson got into VR when she helped organize the 1990 CyberArts International gathering of artists and technologists who were using virtual reality technologies. She
Dec 08, 2017
#600: Jaron Lanier’s Journey into VR: “Dawn of the New Everything”
Jaron Lanier is a pioneer of the first commercially-available virtual reality systems with his VPL Research Inc startup that was founded in 1984. He has
Dec 05, 2017
#599: Visualizing Bardo States from the Tibetan Book of the Dead in VR
Every culture around the world has their own beliefs around what happens to us after we die, and virtual reality may be a great medium
Dec 01, 2017
#598: Cinema of Attractions: What VR Can Learn from the Early Days of Film
In 1978, a number of film scholars gathered at a conference in Brighton to re-evaluate the early days of film in terms of a developing
Nov 28, 2017
#597: ‘Becoming Homeless’: Stanford’s Empathy Experiment in Embodied Perspective-Taking
Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) premiered an experience called Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. It was an
Nov 23, 2017
#596: Researching Empathy in VR with Cognitive Science & Phenomenology
Cognitive scientist and phenomenologist Lynda Joy Gerry got into virtual reality after seeing the body swap experiments by Machine to Be Another as well as
Nov 20, 2017
#595: The Neuroscience of VR Training with STRIVR’s Michael Casale
STRIVR started as a VR training platform for elite athletes for college and professional quarterbacks, but they’ve been recently expanding into corporate training for Walmart.
Nov 17, 2017
#594: Maps for Understanding VR & Reality: Kent Bye’s ITC Keynote
I recently gave the keynote at the Immersive Technology Conference in Houston, TX where I talked about the many different maps that I use to
Nov 16, 2017
#593: AUTO: A Future Realistic 360-video on the Human Impact of Technology
Auto is a 360-video and morality tale available on Jaunt that takes a near-future look at the human impact of automation and emerging technology. It’s
Nov 10, 2017
#592: Can VR Help Firefighting Training Needs?
Patrick Hagan is a technical specialist for the Houston Fire Department who had an opportunity to try out a VR demo by HTX Labs featuring
Nov 09, 2017
#591: Flow: Unlocking Peak Performance
Ravé Mehta talks about how he was able to deal with recovering from a health condition through achieving progressively deeper, longer, and more consistent levels
Nov 07, 2017
#590: Designing The Future through Sci-Fi World Building
VR represents a shift from telling stories to building story worlds that people experience and interact with. There is a process of world building and
Nov 03, 2017
#589: Dark Corner Creates New Distribution Channel for Immersive Horror
The Dark Corner app is creating a new distribution channel for immersive horror experiences and 360-degree videos. Guy Shelmerdine and Teal Greyhavens are hoping that
Oct 31, 2017
#588: Being in Two Worlds at Once with ‘UTURN’: Parallel Stories & Quad Binaural Audio Mix
UTURN is a 360-degree video that seamlessly blends together two 180-degree hemisphere worlds containing parallel storylines of two different perspectives at a tech start up.
Oct 30, 2017
#587: Samsung’s VR Strategy with Tom Harding, Director of Immersive Products
Without explicitly announcing a new specific product, Samsung quietly implied that they may be developing a new standalone mobile VR HMD during a session during
Oct 25, 2017