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Interviews with leaders in U.S. Immigration

Episode Date
41: National Justice for Our Neighbors

I interview Rob Rutland-Brown is the Executive Director of the National Justice for Our Neighbors, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Springfield, VA just outside of Washington DC with satellite offices throughout the country. National Justice for Our Neighbors is a United Methodist ministry of hospitality that welcomes immigrants by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services for low-income immigrants, engaging in advocacy for immigrant rights, and offering education to communities of faith as well as the public.


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Dec 18, 2015
40: Spanish Coaching for Immigration Attorneys

Danny Kalman of LanguageBird discusses his experaince inlearning launges, what to do (and what not to do) and private spanish coaching for immigration attorneys


Show notes: 


Limited Time Offer: Danny is offering 25% of a monthly subscription of langage bird for those that contact him through the show notes page.



Jun 16, 2015
39: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Expansion with Mercer Cauley

*News Flash*

I'll be at the American Immigration Lawyers Association annual conference in DC in two weeks. More info below!


In today's episode we talk to Mercer Cauley of North Carolina about the expansion to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.


More info, show notes, and a way to contact Mercer to recive the offer mentioned on the podcast can be found at the link below.


Jun 02, 2015
38: Leveraging Your Voice

In this special bonus episode, I describe how Immigration Leaders can leverage the power of their voice to build their community

Since relaunching the show last week, and launching an open call to action for Leaders within the Immigration community to come on this show and our upcoming video panels, I have received a lot of questions that boil down to two categories.

  1. Why would I want to do this?
  2. How do I go about doing this?

I actually covered both of these, a much more, in an article I wrote for the EB-5 Investors Magazine. So I re-purposed that article, threw in some updates and bring it to you here.

Show notes for this episode



May 26, 2015
37: Welcome Back Immigration Nation!

Our new website


Join our core group of Immigration Leaders sharing great advise through written articles, audio interviews and video panel discussions

May 19, 2015
36: Russell Ford: Immigration in Higher Education

In this episode we talk to immigration attorney Russell Ford on immigration issues with higher education staff and educators as well as the different challenges for administrators and professors.


Show notes at:


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Feb 24, 2015
35: Jessica Stern: CRImmigration
Feb 10, 2015
34: Greg Siskind: Executive Actions on Business and Employment Immigration
Jan 27, 2015
33: Michael Cataliotti: Sports & Entertainment Immigration

Michael Cataliotti is a transactional attorney practicing primarily in the areas of business immigration, entertainment transactions, and corporate governance for U.S. start-ups or expansions. Michael advises clients from such industries as food & beverage, music, fashion, film, television, technology, and digital media, as well as countries across the globe. He represents musicians, artists, photographers, authors, directors, producers, screenwriters, and celebrity talent in a wide-array of immigration matters, and both corporate and entertainment transactions involving start-up and established companies related to their respective industries.

In this episode you will hear:

  • A more specific detail about Sports and Entertainment Immigration.
  • What makes Entertainment Immigration unique as it concerns a very specific handful of visa options.
  • Sample story that didn't work out when the Applicant submitted a fabricated video performance as evidence.
  • Effects of fabricating materials or falsifying evidence:
    • Will be under close introspection every time he/she applies thereafter.
    • No longer applicable to apply for Business Visa
  • Different visa options for Artists, Entertainers, Athletes and Performers
    • H1B - Temporary workers and trainees
    • O - Temporary Workers of Extraordinary ability
    • P - Athletes and Entertainers
    • Nuances such as itineraries and petitioning entity
  • Benefits and Ideal Persons for O Visa:
    • Also known as Elite Visa for Artists or Individuals with extra ordinary abilities
    • Anyone who gained a strong reputation, recognition or acclaimed from outside sources such as Journalists, Dentists
    • Dancers, Choreographers who have worked with number of different sources, have gained a strong reputation in their home country or anywhere.
    • The beneficiary is not seeking a permanent residency or Green Card
    • Not necessary to have plenty of money to apply.
    • With 3-5 pieces of independently published recognition
    • Maximum of 3 years duration of stay.
    • Not ideal for Young upstart Musician or Music Producer who is behind the scene.
  • Benefits and Ideal Persons for P Visa
    • Athletes, Entertainers or Individuals with significant international recognition in their industry.
    • Does not require much evidence to apply.
    • More or less 1 year duration of stay.
    • Athletes are allowed to stay longer than Artists.
    • Signed to a reputable company and with tour schedule.

Michael's parting thoughts:

For any beneficiaries,

  • Even if the trip is cheaper or easier and more convenient, it is NOT ideal to go to Canada or Mexico to have an interview due to a number of boarder crossing issues, unless you're a Canadian national or Mexican.
  • It is significantly easier and recommended to go elsewhere like Europe, East Asia, Middle East, South America, Costa Rica or England to have an interview.

       "Never give up hope. Always realize that there are options available in every scenario, it might not be the most ideal but there are solutions to every problem and we're here to figure them out with you."

Michael specializes in:

  • Sports and Entertainment Immigration working with International Athletes as well as Entertainers, Artists and Performers.
  • Providing the best visa solution to visa problem for Sports and Entertainment Industries.
  • Act as cheerleaders to Clients. Keeping in touch with Public Relations Companies or Marketers or TV Agents.
  • Collaborating with other Immigration Attorneys.


For a limited time, Michael is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation for anyone seeking his firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact him via our show notes page.

Jan 20, 2015
32: Layli Eskandari: Immigration Action Plan Announcement from President Obama

Immigration attorney Layli Eskandari shares the recent Immigration Action Plan Announcement from President Obama


Show Notes:

Reach out to Layli Eskandari and her Immigration team 



Nov 21, 2014
31: Part 2: How to Build a Better Business Plan to Support an Immigration Visa

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Nov 11, 2014
30: Part 1: How to Build a Better Business Plan to Support an Immigration Visa
Nov 04, 2014
29: Ugo Nwadike: Special Immigration Considerations for Internet Entrepreneurs

In this episode we talk to immigration attorney Ugo Nwadike about the special immigration considerations for internet entrepreneurs.  Elements that make online businesses attractive also pose additional immigration complexities.


Ugo Nwadike of Amin & Nwadike, PLLC in Miami, Florida. His firm focuses on immigration with a particular leaning towards the Startup Community and Young Entrepreneurs. He is a Miami native having received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the University of Miami and his law degree from St. Thomas University. Ugo has been practicing law for nearly 6 years practicing Real Estate and Commercial Litigation, but he is brand new to the immigration arena. As a newcomer, he's excited to conquer the challenges ahead and is open to learning from seasoned practitioners that have overcome those same challenges.


Show Notes located at:


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Oct 28, 2014
28: Jacob Sapochnick: Immigration Marketing through Social Media

In this episode we talk to immigration attorney Jacob Sapochnick about marketing an immigration law firm through social media and the impact of immigration on entrepreneurship


Visit our show notes page for more information:


Links to other great iOS resources disccused on our show:

Oct 21, 2014
27: Josh Brown: Franchising Insight for the Entrepreneurial Immigrant

Josh Brown is a practicing franchise attorney who has built a legal practice around helping entrepreneurs build businesses that scale and grow.  He loves helping entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisees and franchisors build profitable businesses that reflect the owners vision and provides value to customers.  He speaks, blogs, write articles, and is the creator and host of Franchise Euphoria, a top-rated podcast on iTunes.  He have been recognized as a rising star in the Indiana legal community on two separate occasions, and most recently, a Franchise Legal Eagle by The Franchise Times.

Show Notes (and contact form to reach out to our featured guest):


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Oct 14, 2014
26: Jason Feldman: E-2, L-1A, and EB-5 Business Immigration Visa Comparisons

Jason Feldman is an immigration attorney at Feldman Feldman & Associates. He concentrates his practice in helping foreign nationals obtain permanent residency and nonimmigrant visas through business investments or employment. Jason is also a World champion Bridge player and has represented the United States in international competitions on numerous occasions. When not playing bridge or practicing immigration law, Jason loves to travel, surf, ski, and spend time with his wife and daughter.


Show Notes:

Sep 23, 2014
25: Anson Asbury: Disclosing Offshore Bank Accounts

Show Notes:

Sep 16, 2014
24: Courtney Creedon: Immigration Journalism
Sep 09, 2014
23: Ismael Fernandez: American Immigration has hit the EB-5 cap for the first time

Show Notes:

Sep 02, 2014
22: Heather Poole: LGBT Immigration Rights

Show Notes:


In this episode we talk to immigration attorney Heather Poole about the strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act and the impact on Immigration.


Heather is an experienced U.S. immigration attorney with 14 years of exclusively immigration law work, representing executives, professionals, individuals and families all over the world. She is frequent lecturer and trainer on immigration issues to national and regional bar associations, non-profit agencies, and private legal education providers. She is a published national author and attorney trainer on complex family and marriage-based immigration issues, holds a national liaison position for American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is current Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Southern California Chapter… which is the 3rd largest group of immigration attorneys in the US.


Aug 26, 2014
21: Michael Gibson: Helping Immigration Attorneys And Their Clients Pick The Best EB-5 Investment

In this episode we talk to Michael Gibson on how he helps immigration attorneys and their clients sort out and pick the best EB-5 investment.

 Michael Gibson has been the Managing Director of USAdvisors for almost 9 years. His firm provides due diligence, research and risk analysis on EB-5 visa projects for investors as well as assist developers raise funds through the EB-5 visa program. He has a degree in Economics and his previous work experience was with Citicorp where he worked in the Capital Markets and Investment Banking divisions as a, securities, foreign exchange, derivatives, money market, credit & debt analyst and portfolio risk manager.

Michael answers this listener submitted question:  "(what) advice for us as lawyers in helping clients choose among the many EB-5 Regional Centers out there.”

For a limited time, Michael is offering a free access to his premium resource at  To request access, please submit a request using the form on the show notes page.


Show Notes:


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Aug 19, 2014
20: Natasha Bell: Special Immigration Concerns for Private Placement Memorandums

Take this brief 5 question buiness immigration survey:


Show Notes:

In this episode we talk to business attorney Natasha Bell about Special Immigration Concerns for Private Placement Memorandums


Natasha is a graduate of Emory University and Duke University School of Law, Natasha is a partner of 360 Venture Law (Shmalo Turner), LLP, a specialized corporate law firm working with emerging growth companies, along with start-up and fast-growing entrepreneurial companies and their investors.  Before joining 360 Venture Law, Natasha was the founding member of The Bell Firm, LLC and an attorney with Morris, Manning, and Martin.  Prior to her legal career, Natasha was on the staff of a local government official.


In this episode you will hear:

  • What is a Private Placement Memorandum and what are they used for
  • What does it mean to offer a private security (either through debt or equity)
  • Why do you need at least one exception to offer a  debt or equity security privately
  • What is a material disclosure?
  • Why are disclosures of risk factors important
  • Various 504 regulations relevant to Immigration:

Regulation D: Domestic offer

Regulation S: International offer

Regulation C: Advertisement of offerings


Rebecca also shares with us:

  • Best Business Advice: Just Start, you will figure out the rest as you go.  “Leap and the net will appear”
  • Personal Success Habits:  Big read, great listener
  • Tool:  WiFi.  Tech Savvy firm loves to be digitally connected
  • Parting Thoughts: If you are in the exciting place in your business development where you need funds, congratulations.  She also offers her firm’s help.

For a limited time, Natasha is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her through the form below.



Aug 12, 2014
19: Carmenza Gonzalez: Business Development Consulting for Immigrating Companies

show notes:


In this episode we talk to business import consultant Carmenza Gonzalez on business development consulting for companies inbound to the US market

CZA Inc., a Global Business Development Consulting firm headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, specialized in assisting foreign companies interested in entering the USA market. Also helps Florida companies export their products and services globally. She is a Certified Export Trade Specialist, a graduate of Leadership Orlando Class 60. She received her Executive MBA Certificate a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs from Rollins College. She travels abroad promoting her services, resulting on current projects in different industries such as software development, life sciences, aviation, and simulation.

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=""]

In this episode you will hear:

  • What is Business development consulting
  • Market Research inbound
  • Hand holding - invites
  • Points of failure, don't execute before you engage
  • Team members for success
    • Business Development Consultant
    • Immigration Attorney
    • Certified Public Accountant or International Taxation Attorney
    • A Banker that understand import/export transactions


Rebecca also shares with us:

  • Best Business Advice: Always do the right thing. Be very honest, be clear and be specific.
  • Personal Success Habits: Love what you do. Be organized. Balance personal life.
  • Most Vital tool to business: Phone for personal conversations.
  • Parting Thoughts: Build a team before you start marching


For a limited time, Carmenza is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her through the show notes page.

Aug 05, 2014
18: Ryan Barshop: From the front lines front lines at the Consulate in the Philippines

Show notes:


In this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney Ryan Barshop on how he supports Immigration on the front lines at the Consular office at the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines

Ryan Barshop, Esq., is a American national educated at Suffolk University (B.S. American History, Cum Laude) and Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Juris Doctor, Cum Laude). Originally from New York City, Ryan first arrived in the Philippines in 2003 as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer working with underprivileged youth through the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development in Tarlac City, Tarlac. After successfully completing Peace Corps, Ryan moved to Hong Kong where he spent two years working in education before entering law school. While in law school, Ryan was the receipt of several academic awards, served as an associate editor of law journal, and externed at the Superior Court of Guam where he drafted numerous Decisions and Orders for the court.

A member of the New York State Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Ryan is licensed to practice immigration law throughout the United States and federal territories. He serves as a U.S. Immigration and Consular Practice/ Direct Consular Processing Lawyer providing in-depth U.S. immigration services and consular processing advice to clients in the Philippines and abroad. He is well-versed and highly knowledgeable in the complex system that composes U.S. immigration law and consular processing at the US Embassy in Manila.


In this episode you will hear:

  • How the consulate office fits into the overall immigration process
  • What Consular officers look for in various petitions
  • Recent Changes to the Embassy in the Philippines 
  • How engaging a US Immigration Attorney at the consulate can strengthen an established immigration team

Ryan also shares with us:

  • Best Business Advice: It is called the practice of law for a reason - there is always room to learn
  • Personal Success Habits:  He is always available
  • Parting Thoughts: Feel free to reach out to him if you need help from the Philippines 


For a limited time, Ryan is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation for anyone seeking his firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact him through teh show notes page.

Jul 29, 2014
17: Mark Deal: Our First Two Months!

Host Mark Deal talks about the first two months of the podcast and new changes

No show notes today, but I'll use the time to make a long needed update to our About Page.


Jul 22, 2014
16: Rebecca Black: I-9 Compliance (and Consequences)

After 15 years in the restaurant business and 5 years doing outside sales for a light industrial temporary business, Rebecca realized she was destined to become an immigration attorney. With her MBA and business experience, she started working on business immigration cases and have since represented clients on family as well as business issues in front of the immigration service, prepared asylum cases and represented clients in deporation court.


In this episode you will hear:

  • The I-9 form can look deceptively simple
  • How a business employing legal workers still received a $40k fine
  • My own personal I-9 story
  • How I-9 enforcement has stepped up since 9/11/01
  • Types of verification documents accepted (A or B and C documents)
  • Common mistakes made on the I-9 form
  • Common 'red flags' that USICS looks for


Here are the government forms mentioned on this show.


Rebecca also shares with us:

  • Best Business Advice: Always check the most recent regulations
  • Personal Success Habits: Great work ethic coupled with a lot of energy
  • Parting Thoughts: She encourages support for Immigration reform and gives reasons why


For a limited time, Rebecca is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation for anyone seeking her firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her through our show notes page linked below.

Jul 18, 2014
15: Guillermo Wasserman: International Business Practice Opportunities, Best Practices and Legal Challenges


Guillermo Wasserman: International Business Practice Opportunities, Best Practices and Legal Challenges.


Guillermo is a seasoned international lawyer, fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, trained in both civil and common law legal systems, with significant experience in international business transactions, particularly with respect to Latin American markets.  He regularly assists his clients to bridge business, legal and cultural gaps in international business transactions involving a wide-range of industries and business sectors in the U.S., Latin America and beyond. He is admitted to practice law in Georgia, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jul 15, 2014
14: Teri Simmons: E-2 Visa Requirements, Pitfalls, and Best Practices

In this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney Teri Simmons about the E-2 Visa requirements, some pitfalls, and insightful best practices


Teri Simmons is a partner at Arnall Golden Gregory in Atlanta, Georgia, where she has practiced for over 23 years. She currently directs the International and Immigration Practice Group and also serves as Co-Chair of the German Business Practice. She has represented companies as large as the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, for which she managed visa processing for thousands, as well as middle-sized companies and individual foreign national Investors.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Basic E-2 Requirements
  • Some countries that are NOT eligible for the E-2 visa
  • What a 'substantial' investment really means
  • What constitutes a 'commitment' of funds
  • Spouse work authorization for E-2 visa holders
  • The difficulty of tracing E-2 top level ownership
  • Why some E-2 visas only get approval for a year or two
  • What independent sources of documents help build the strongest petition possible
  • International tax advantages of E-2 visa holders
  • Paths to other visas


Teri also shares with us:

  • Personal Success Habits: Multitask orientated, but with a strong sense of urgency and priority
  • Parting Thoughts: Feel free to reach out to Teri (She also thanks me for the work I do in this space, what does my firm do in the E-2 space? Well for one, we give out this checklist for free).


For a limited time, Teri is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation for anyone seeking her firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her through the linke below


Jul 11, 2014
13: Adel Elmankabady: Working with EB-5 Regional Centers

Show Notes:

Leave us an honest review:


Adel has twenty years of sales, managing, marketing, and real estate teaching experience in the USA and the Middle East markets.  He is a Real Estate Investment Specialist with unsurpassed level of marketplace knowledge in our local Atlanta Market.  He is also been part of six EB-5 Investment Projects in Georgia.


In this episode you will hear:

  • The increasing number of EB-5 Regional Centers
  • The four documents needed to create n EB-5 Regional Centers 
    • Private Placement Memorandum
    • Subscription Agreement
    • Limited Partnership Agreement
    • Escrow Agreement
  • The advantages of working with an established Regional Center for your EB-5 project
    • Leverage preexisting approval by USICS (saves time)
    • Leverage Marketing scope of the EB-5 Regional Centers
  • How to approach an EB-5 Regional Centers for your EB-5 program proposal
    • Experience of business owner
    • Personal Equity of business owner (and other domestic source of funds)
    • The EB-5 fund raise target
    • The total amount of project funding
    • Direct Job creation
  • Indirect Job creation by a third party (such as EB-5 Economist like Dr. Fernandez from Ep. 7)
  • The risks and pitfalls of EB-5 projects

Adel also shares with us:

  • The best advice he has ever received:  Do you homework and do the steps in order
  • His personal habits that attributes to his success: Exercise (give the brain a break and work out the body) 
  • Parting Thoughts:  There are no short cuts and producing real value is not inexpensive

Additional Resource:

We touched on the payback of EB-5 investors, but not how.  

Here is a popular article I wrote last year on 10 Payback Strategies for EB-5 Investors


For a limited time, Adel is offering a free, 30 minute consultation for anyone seeking his firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact him through the form on our show notes page.

Show Notes:

Leave a review for our show:

Jul 08, 2014
12: Joseph Rosen: The History of US Immigration – July 4th Special!


Joseph Rosen is the managing attorney for Joseph H. Rosen, Immigration Law Group.  Mr. Rosen began practicing Immigration Law in June 2011 after retiring from the US Government where he spent 20 years as a Special Agent for the FBI and US Customs.  His law enforcement career includes 10 years of working on or near the US / Mexico border.  He teaches and immigration law class and is a Clinical Director at the JMLS Immigration Clinic located at Catholic Charities   Atlanta.


In this episode you will hear:

  • His view on the security of the US / Mexican boarder
  • How discrimination has driven Immigration law development
  • Chinese Exclusion acts
  • How Congress developed power over immigration (and what the courts can and can’t do)
  • Other interesting turning points in US Immigration 
  • Where Immigration may be heading in the near future



Joe also shares with us:

  • Business Advice: Treat your clients well and be responsive
  • His personal habits that attributes to his success: Working hard and perseverance
  • Parting Thoughts: Immigrants often display the highest degree of US Nationalism


Bonus content:

  • A short excerpt from President Obama’s announcement to take executive action on Immigration
  • “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Chase Holfelder

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More show notes:

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Jul 04, 2014
11: Josh Adams: Immigration iOS app for INA, CFR, Practice Manuals and more

Josh AdamsIn this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney Josh Adams about the Immigration iOS app he developed for INA, CFR, Practice Manuals and more. 


 Josh grew up in New England. At age 9, he began creating computer software.  During Josh's undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College, he studied computer science but majored in anthropology.  After college, Josh worked as a software engineer for five years and through a series of leveraged opportunities and continuous development, he later became an immigration attorney.  Based on his experience as both an immigration lawyer and software developer, Josh created an iPhone/iPad app for specifically immigration lawyers.


In this episode you will hear:



Resources discussed on this episode: 




Josh also shares with us:




For a limited time, Josh has reduced the price of his app to less than half, you can download here



Jul 01, 2014
10: Mona Shah: EB5 difference between Regional Centers and Direct Investments

Mona ShahIn this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney Mona Shah on the difference between Regional Center and Direct investments with regard to the actual EB-5 immigration petition


Mona is the managing partner of Mona Shah and Associates located on Broadway in New York City.  She has over 19 years of legal experience, with more than 15 years concentrated in U.S. immigration and litigation. Mona has hands-on experience setting up, working with and establishing EB-5 Regional Centers nationwide, as well as an impressive track record of many years handling complex immigration matters, including private non-regional center investor cases.


In this episode you will hear:


  • A compassion of the EB-5 Direct investments vs. Regional Centers from an Immigration standpoint
  • How Regional Centers make use of 'indirect' jobs
  • The indirect job risk of the 'last investor'
  • How different EB-5 models may work better for various industries (i.e. Hotels vs. Restaurant franchises)
  • How the paperwork may be reduced for 'self directed' EB-5 investments, but the importance of the business plan is increased.  (shameless plug for my firm's free  'Matter of Ho' business plan checklist.)



Mona also shares with us:


  • Business Advice: The KISS principle:  Keep it Simple Savvy Investor (I may have fudged that last part)
  • His personal habits that attributes to his success: She contentiously reads books not just to expand her professional knowledge, but also to increase her cultural understanding and empathy
  • Parting Thoughts: She thanks me for my show!  (ahhh... I'm flattered)


For a limited time, Mona is offering a free, 30 minute consultation for anyone seeking her firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her throughour website



Jun 27, 2014
9: Michael Im: Insight in E-2 renewals without an Immigration Attorney

In this episode we talk to Michael Im on what it is like to work on his own E-2 visa renewal without an immigration attorney.


Michael Im is Korean National and multiple business owner in the United States. He has worked successful with an immigration attorney in the past, but this time has decided to do it all himself.   In this episode you will hear:


His personal immigration story

  • His initial impressions of his original attorney
  • What drove him to work on his own visa renewal
  • Business Advice: Be positive and act positively
  • His personal habits that attributes to his success: Encourages others around him to also be positive
  • Parting Thoughts: An immigration attorney is certainly the right choice if you are struggling with immigration issues 


Here is a link to download a free checklist to strengthen your E-2 Visa petition with a business plan cover letter written specially to address USCIS’s E-2 concerns.

Jun 24, 2014
8: John Gezelius: Proving the Source of US Investment Funds for Foreign Entrepreneur and Investor Visas (E-2 & EB-5)


John GezeliusIn this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney John Gezelius onProving the Source of EB-5 Funds


John Gezelius is an attorney in the Los Angeles suburb of Tustin, California. He is a 1978 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and attended law school at the McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, where he received both a Juris Doctor degree and then later a Master of Law in transnational business and law. He has a transactional practice and his focus is on investment related immigration.


 In this episode you will hear:


  • A high level description of the EB-5 Visa
  • Why it is important to fully document the source of investment funds
  • How his background as a US Air Force Intelligence Officer gave him a unique opportunity to detect fraud
  • How Money Laundering and Fraud detection is the inverse of proving the source of funds
  • The three key sources for fund documentation:
    • Payment
    • Deposit
    • Taxes 
  • Why having a trusting and forthcoming relationship with an investor client is key to your mutual success



John also shares with us:


  • Immigration Services offered: EB-5 visa representation and source of funds documentation
  • Business Advice: Paint a legal picture so that the only answer will be "of course"
  • His personal habits that attributes to his success: I'm always afraid of screwing something up, so I often over prepare (and make it easy to find what I have done in the petition).
  • Parting Thoughts: I wish I had started sooner, the businesses are fascinating and the relationships are great... I'd have more friends (and contacts) if I had.

Jun 20, 2014
7: Ismael Fernandez: EB-5 Targeted Employment Area Designations using GATES


In this episode we talk to Economist Ismael Fernandez, PhD on EB-5 Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Designations using Geographical Alignment of Tract Employment Statistics (GATES) Analysis



For a limited time, Ismael is offering a free Targeted Employment Area feasibility study.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact him through his show notes page below

Jun 17, 2014
6: Layli Eskandari: H-1B and Remote Workers


In this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney Layli Eskandari on H-1B visas and the challenge of proving Remote Workers are not from staffing Agencies



Layli Eskandari is a founding partner of the Atlanta law firm Levine & Eskandar. Layli’s practice concentrates on business immigration, including temporary employment visas and permanent residence for professionals, international transfers, investors, researchers, and nurses.  She has served on the Executive Committee of the Georgia-Alabama Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has been a Super Lawyers since 2012




In this episode you will hear:


The requirements of the H-1B visa

Family impact of the H-1B process

The changeling with proving a nurse needs a degree (and therefor an H-1B)

Why Staffing Agencies can not apply for H-1B worker Visas

The changeling with proving a remote worker is not a form of ‘Staffed Agent’



Layli also shares with us:


Her 13 year Journey in Immigration law and her experiences at a large firm differ from opening her own law.

Business Advice: Treat clients well, the repeat business and referrals will follow

His personal habits that attributes to his success: Her proficient use of an Immigration database and case management system

Parting Thoughts: Immigration is about people

For a limited time, Layli is offering a free, 30 minute consultation for anyone seeking her firm’s immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her throughour website.


Jun 13, 2014
5: Phillip Yadidian: Immigration Case Management with eImmigration


In this episode we talk to Phillip Yadidian on Immigration Case Management with eImmigration

Jun 10, 2014
4: Karol Brown: L-1B visas and intercompany experts


In this episode we talk to Immigration Attorney Karol Brown on L-1B visas and supporting the Specialized Knowledge Experts of Multinational Businesses. 


Karol Brown is the Managing Partner of Karol Brown, Attorneys at Law based in Seattle Washington and has been practicing businesses and family immigration law for 14 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University and a law degree from Yale. She has taught Immigration Law at the University of Washington and has founded the Center for Human Rights and Justice at the both the University of Washington and Seattle University law schools.


In this episode you will hear:


The requirements of the L-1B visa

How this visa type compares to L-1A, H-1B and O-1 Visas

The 3 important factors of the L-1B and how to support them in the petition

Microsoft's strategy to leverage the blanket L-1B process by opening a center in Canada

How another company had challenges proving the L-1B visas for two engineers (even after the L-1A executive was working in the US) 

Immigration Reform... Immigration reform, immigration reform. Contact your congressman to tell them you want it too



Karol shares with us:


Her firm does L-1Bs... but also so much more (business, employment and family immigration law)

Business Advice: Follow your heart (then work will not seem like work)

His personal habits that attributes to his success: Treat people how you want to be treated

Parting Thoughts: Immigration can be 'ridiculously' complicated.  Seek an immigration attorney 



For a limited time, Karol is offering a free, 30 minute consultation for anyone seeking her firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact her through our show notes page.

Jun 06, 2014
3: 'Caroline' and the $40k E-2 visa


In this episode we talk to “Caroline” about her bootstrapped E-2, Immigration Attorney selection and the importance of a business plan.


On this episode we have “Caroline” as she discusses:


  • How a $40k start up investment was approved for an E-2 visa
  • How she selected her immigration attorney (out of 6)
  • Immigration concerns: Complexity & Scary
  • The importance of immigration representation that “believes in you and your story”
    • Her Business plan development
    • Outsourced to a firm that didn’t engage with her on the specifics of her business
    • She then recreated the written elements of the plan to align with her story and “vision”
    • Engaged  Foreign Investor Resource Group to recast the financial projections
    • She then understood and supported her business plan during her immigration interview

I usually asks our guests to offer our audience a discount on their product or services.  Since “Caroline” wishes to remain anonymous and we did touch on business plans for E-2 visas, I want to link to Foreign Investor Resource Group‘s free resources.


A full sample business plan written for immigration visas


E-2 visa petition business plan cover letter with checklist

Jun 03, 2014
2: Roy Watson: L-1A visas, RFEs, and the 'Matter of Z'

Roy J. Watson, Jr. is a graduate of Brandies University (B.A. Economics), Boston College School of Law (J.D.), and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (M.P.A). Roy has been assisting businesses and individuals solve complex business immigration questions for almost 40 years. He focuses on employment-based non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions for companies of all sizes, including hospitals, high tech / bio tech, architects, CPAs and Attorneys. Roy is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Boston Bar Association, and the American Bar Association.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What the immigration landscape was like almost 40 years ago
  • Roy’s passion and how puts that to use for his clients
  • L-1As Visa requirements (and what is not required)
  • L-1A Request for Evidence rate (hint: it is more than you think)
  • ‘Matter of Z’, setting a precedent to standardize what Immigration needs for an L-1A visa petition 
  • The double edged sword of premium processing 

Roy shares with us:

  • His involvement with the Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Business Advice: Never be afraid to buy file cabinets.  
  • His personal habits that attributes to his success: Thorough Preparation
  • Parting Thoughts: Immigration Reform needs to happen and it will happen.
May 30, 2014
1: Scott Lifer: Direct EB-5 investing with ACG

In this episode we talk to Scott Lifer about making direct investments in the US through EB-5

May 27, 2014