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Eddie Wretch (Nachshon Yosef)
 Sep 13, 2020
One of the greatest.

Ben Chamberlain
 Jun 9, 2019
Gilbert and Frank have a genuine love and frighteningly thorough knowledge of old television and movies; the eloquent amd highly organized Frank is a fantastic researcher, and Gilbert is hilarious and thoroughly charming. Incredible interview guests!

 Nov 26, 2018
My favorite Podcast. Very Entertaining

Rupert Stewart
 Oct 21, 2018

 Oct 15, 2018


Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried, a man Stephen King once called “a national treasure,” talks with the show business legends, icons and behind-the-scenes talents who shaped his childhood and influenced his comedy. Along with co-host and fellow pop culture fanatic Frank Santopadre, Gilbert is joined by comics, actors, musicians, talk show hosts, writers and other eyewitnesses to Hollywood history, including Bruce Dern, Chevy Chase, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Adam West, Steve Buscemi, Micky Dolenz, Jim Gaffigan, Judd Apatow and DOZENS more, for a funny, frenetic, fly-on-the-wall look at showbiz then and now (but mostly then.) Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast was named "Best Podcast of 2015" by the Village Voice and one of iTunes' "Best of 2014." It has been featured in Rolling Stone, Wired and the Los Angeles Times.

Episode Date
Malcolm McDowell: Part 1
Gilbert and Frank welcome a long sought-after guest, actor Malcolm McDowell, who weighs in on a number of topics, including the eccentricities of Stanley Kubrick, the birth of the Beatles, the intensity of James Cagney and the "friendship" of Danny Kaye and Laurence Olivier. Also, John Lennon enjoys a laugh, Ian Holm holds a grudge, Mick Jagger considers "A Clockwork Orange" and Gilbert and Malcolm send up Jack the Ripper. PLUS: The Liverpool Stomp! "Yankee Doodle Dandy"! The generosity of Albert Finney! The comedy of Derek and Clive! And Malcolm performs a "phallic monologue"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 14, 2020
Patton Oswalt Rerelease
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Sep 07, 2020
Jim Gaffigan Rerelease
Originally aired December 21, 2015 Gilbert and Frank return to the famed New York Friar's Club to chat with comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan, who weighs in on subjects ranging from the lost art of "ethnic comedy" to the healing powers of stand-up to the caste system of show business. Also, Jim "opens" for the Pope, treads the boards with Jackie Gleason's grandson, struggles to capture Manhattan on film and writes ads for Downy and Hardee's. PLUS: Myron Cohen! Nat Hiken! The hunchback makes out! The genius of Cloris Leachman! And the "biggest Goy in the world"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 31, 2020
Brian and Eddie Holland
Gilbert and Frank welcome Rock & Roll Hall of Fame songwriters Brian and Eddie Holland for an in-depth look at the history of Motown, their work with The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and The Four Tops and the creative process behind their dozens of hits, including "Heat Wave," "Baby Love," "I Hear a Symphony," and "You Keep Me Hangin' On." Also, Martha Reeves makes her move, Berry Gordy builds an empire, The Beatles cover "Please Mr. Postman" and Eddie co-writes "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." PLUS: The Funk Brothers! The genius of Lamont Dozier! Motown goes psychedelic! Brian praises Richard Pryor! And Eddie remembers the legendary Jackie Wilson! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 24, 2020
John Leguizamo
Emmy and Tony-winning writer-director-actor John Leguizamo joins Gilbert and Frank for a funny, energetic conversation about Latin history, defunct comedy clubs, the freedom of voice acting, the films of Barry Levinson and George Romero and the debacle of "Super Mario Bros." Also, Wesley Snipes plucks his eyebrows, Gilbert envies Raymond Burr, Lorne Michaels disses Steven Seagal and John runs afoul of Al Pacino, F. Murray Abraham and Patrick Swayze. PLUS: "House of Buggin'"! Saluting Mel Blanc (and Al Hirschfeld)! Remembering Tony Scott! Toulouse-Lautrec wows the ladies! And John "kills" Lee Strasberg! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 17, 2020
Bob Saget
GGACP friend and fan favorite Bob Saget returns to the show to talk about celebrity roasts, cancel culture, the perseverance of Rodney Dangerfield, the understated genius of Martin Mull and his new podcast, “Bob Saget’s Here For You.” Also, Norm Macdonald reads a joke book, Jack Warden plays it old school, Gilbert jams with Robin Williams and Bob sneaks into a taping of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” PLUS: Remembering Don Rickles! Johnny Carson babysits! The films of Larry Cohen! The return of “Dummy in the Window”! And Cesar Romero hits on Bob’s mom! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 10, 2020
Mac Davis
Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actor Mac Davis joins Gilbert and Frank for a fun, breezy conversation about 70s-era variety shows, sharing the screen with Jackie Gleason, sharing a bill with George Burns and Henny Youngman and penning hits for Elvis Presley ("Memories," "In the Ghetto," "A Little Less Conversation"). Also, Buddy Hackett pulls a gun, Buddy Holly plays a roller rink, Richard Nixon guest stars on "Laugh-In" and Mac crashes Sam Elliott's screen test. PLUS: Solomon Burke! The Memphis Mafia! "North Dallas Forty"! Remembering Kenny Rogers! Appreciating James Garner! And Colonel Parker "gifts" Mac with a velvet Elvis! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 03, 2020
Michael Lehmann
Gilbert and Frank talk with director and producer Michael Lehmann ("Heathers," "Airheads," "True Blood," "American Horror Story") about hotheaded producers, 70s paranoia thrillers, the artistry of Francis Ford Coppola, the effectiveness of "The Exorcist" and the reassessment and reevaluation of "Hudson Hawk." Also, Warren Beatty lends a shoulder, Ed Begley plays a giant insect, James Coburn adopts a chimp and Harold Ramis receives a hero's welcome. PLUS: William Conrad! "The Beaver Gets a Boner"! Appreciating Joe Mantegna! Michael directs Carl Reiner! And the boys sing the praises of "The Maltese Falcon" and "My Darling Clementine"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 27, 2020
Sitcom Writers Roundtable with Dave Hackel, John Markus, Bernie Orenstein and Bill Persky
Gilbert and Frank are joined by an all-star panel of TV comedy writers, including Dave Hackel ("Wings," "Becker"), John Markus ("The Cosby Show," "The Larry Sanders Show"), Bernie Orenstein ("Sanford & Son," "Love American Style") and Bill Persky ("The Dick Van Dyke Show," "That Girl") for a hilarious and informative conversation about failed pilots, troublesome actors, bad network notes, the versatility of Danny Kaye and the volatility of Buddy Hackett. Also, John writes for Bob Hope, Bill disses Joey Bishop, Bernie shows Bing Crosby the ropes and Dave spends a memorable day with Truman Capote. PLUS: "The Cheap Show"! The Jewish Tom Sawyer! The genius of Sheldon Leonard! Garry Shandling breaks in! Redd Foxx holds out! And the boys remember the late, great Saul Turteltaub! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 20, 2020
Adam Arkin and Alan Arkin
Gilbert and Frank are joined by Emmy-winning actor-director Adam Arkin and Oscar-winning actor-director Alan Arkin for a funny and fascinating conversation about portraying villains, directing dark comedies, working with children, the precision of the Coen brothers and the Cold War politics of "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming." Also, Pat McCormick hits the hard stuff, Groucho drops in on Second City, Stephen King praises "Wait Until Dark" and Alan (almost) directs "Blazing Saddles." PLUS: Captain Kangaroo! "Northern Exposure"! The brilliance of "The In-Laws"! Adam "reps" Chuck McCann! Alan records "The Banana Boat Song"! And Adam and Alan choose their favorite Arkin performances! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 13, 2020
Special Encore Episode: Carl Reiner
In a rebroadcast of a classic episode from 2017, Gilbert and Frank welcome one of their comedy heroes, writer-actor-director Carl Reiner, who looks back on his earliest years in the business, shares his admiration for Steve Allen, Sid Caesar and Dick Van Dyke and discusses his film collaborations ("The Jerk," "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid") with Steve Martin. Also, Gilbert and Carl roast Joan Rivers, Ruth Gordon torments George Segal, Queen Elizabeth praises "The 2000 Year Old Man," and Sheldon Leonard rescues "Head of the Family." PLUS: Iron Balls McGinty! Monty the Talking Dog! Mickey Rooney sends up Ben Turpin! And the legend of Le Petomane!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 06, 2020
Brad Garrett
In one of GGACP's funniest shows to date, comedian and Emmy-winning actor Brad Garrett visits with Gilbert and Frank to talk about the camaraderie of Golden Age comedians, the strange appeal of the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts," the comedic genius of Martin Mull and Fred Willard and the challenges of portraying his longtime hero, Jackie Gleason. Also, Sammy Davis buys a soda, Liza Minnelli sheds a tear, Gilbert plays the sitcom neighbor-from-Hell and Brad opens for the Chairman of the Board. PLUS: "Fargo"! Art Fern! In praise of Mr. Warmth! The generosity of...Jack Carter? The comedy stylings of "Greg Barrett"! And Brad remembers the late, great Peter Boyle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 29, 2020
Chris Lemmon and Charlie Matthau
To celebrate both Father's Day and the 100th anniversary of Walter Matthau's birth, Gilbert and Frank are joined by actor-musician Chris Lemmon and producer-director Charlie Matthau for a loving look at the lives and careers of one of cinema's legendary comedy teams, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Also: Jerry Lewis turns down "Some Like it Hot," Red Skelton passes on "The Sunshine Boys," Walter "compliments" Christopher Walken and Jack runs afoul of Virna Lisi's husband. PLUS: "The Fortune Cookie"! The Ukrainian Cary Grant! The music of Neal Hefti! The complexities of Blake Edwards! Walter rescues "The Odd Couple"! And VingRhames pays Jack an unforgettable tribute!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 22, 2020
Bob Balaban
Gilbert and Frank chat with Oscar- and Emmy-nominated producer, director and actor Bob Balaban about his family's history in the movie theater business, his affection for horror films, his transition from acting to directing and his admiration for colleagues Wes Anderson, Christopher Guest and Steven Spielberg. Also, Orson Welles inspires fear, Robert Altman tackles a whodunit, Bill Murray perfects his short game and Bob "apprentices" for Sidney Lumet. PLUS: "Brewster McCloud'! The Marx Brothers on stage! The brilliance of Eugene Levy! Uncle Miltie meets an extraterrestrial! And Bob remembers the late, great Fred Willard! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 15, 2020
"Airplane!" 40th Anniversary with Julie Hagerty and Robert Hays
"Airplane!" stars Julie Hagerty and Robert Hays join Gilbert and Frank to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary and to share backstage secrets and stories behind one of the most original and quotable movies of all time. Also, Lloyd Bridges goes for broke, Leslie Nielsen pranks the cast, Peter Graves frightens small children and Robert Stack does John Byner doing Robert Stack. PLUS: "Zero Hour!"! "Lost in America"! Remembering Art Carney! Miss Piggy directs! And Julie and Robert recall their favorite "Airplane!" gags! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 08, 2020
Barry Sonnenfeld
Gilbert and Frank welcome former cinematographer and award-winning director and producer Barry Sonnenfeld for an uncensored, laugh-filled conversation about directing temperamental actors, distrusting optimism, respecting movie audiences, helming "The Addams Family" and "Get Shorty" and writing his new memoir, "Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother." Also, George C. Scott pushes the envelope, Gene Hackman grows a goatee, Barry and Larry David compare neuroses and Michael Jackson cameos in "Men in Black II." PLUS: "Throw Momma from the Train"! In praise of Dennis Farina! The obsessiveness of Stanley Kubrick! The many conquests of James Caan! And Barry shares his rules for filming comedy scenes! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2020
Dennis DeYoung
Rock icon and former Styx frontman DENNIS DeYOUNG joins Gilbert and Frank from his home in Chicago to talk about the birth of the Beatles, the death of rock n' roll, opening for Stevie Wonder and Frank Zappa and teaming with Julian Lennon for his new album "26 East, Volume One." Also, Dean Martin mocks the Stones, Alice Cooper pulls out all the stops, Eric Cartman covers "Come Sail Away" and Dennis reveals the biggest downside of part of being a rock star. PLUS: Dr. Demento! In praise of Antony Newley! Bob Hope wears love beads! Slim Pickens joins a Styx tour! And Dennis serenades the boys with "Babe" and "Lady"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 25, 2020
Carol Kane
Emmy-winning actress Carol Kane joins Gilbert and Frank to talk about the cinema of the 1970s, Oscar acceptance speeches, the generosity of Jack Nicholson, the inventiveness of Andy Kaufman and her admiration for (and friendship with) the legendary Bette Davis. Also, Bill Murray takes a beating, Mike Nichols performs a magic trick, Gilbert kibitzes with Charles Durning and Carol takes a (career-changing) call from Gene Wilder. PLUS: Fritz Feld! Defending "Ishtar"! Saluting Hal Ashby! "Harry and Walter Go to New York"! And Carol Kane fills in for...Carole King?? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 18, 2020
Mario Cantone
It's Christmas in May as the multi-talented Mario Cantone joins the boys for a special quarantine episode and a wildly entertaining conversation about teen idols, classic game shows, favorite Hitchcock flicks, the versatility of Jack Lemmon and the difference between impressionists and comedian-impressionists. Also, "Mildred Pierce" turns 75, Julia Child fillets the Little Mermaid, Mario hops a flight with Kathleen Turner and Gilbert guest-stars in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." PLUS: "Burnt Offerings"! In praise of Alec Baldwin! The musical stylings of Jerry Dixon! The Ramones visit "Steampipe Alley"! And "Aladdin Meets the Harlem Globetrotters"!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 11, 2020
Amy Yasbeck
Actress and activist Amy Yasbeck visits the show to talk about golden age comedians, the directing style of Mel Brooks, working with Gilbert on "Wings" and the "Problem Child" franchise, and the playfulness and generosity of her husband, the late, great John Ritter. Also, Morey Amsterdam sings "Yuk-a-Puk," Gilbert gets nominated for a Razzie, Amy cuts the rug with Leslie Nielsen and Jack Warden changes accents in mid-movie. PLUS: Emil Sitka! "The New Love American Style"! Anne Bancroft plays Maria Ouspenskaya! John borrows shtick from Jerry Lewis! And 6-year-old Amy pitches the Easy-Bake Oven! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 04, 2020
Alan Zweibel
Gilbert and Frank welcome back Emmy-winning comedy writer Alan Zweibel for a freeform discussion about bad reviews, least-loved SNL hosts, feuding celebrity couples, unsung Catskills comedians and Alan's new memoir, "Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier." Also, Gilda Radner struggles with fame, Abe Vigoda plays an eskimo, Alan gets heckled by a young Bill Murray and Frank reveals his favorite "Saturday Night Live" sketch of all time. PLUS: "It's Garry Shandling's Show"! The craftsmanship of Alan King! The brilliance of Herb Sargent! The REAL Broadway Danny Rose! And Alan remembers his friend, the late, great Buck Henry! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 27, 2020
Jeffrey Tambor
"Hey now!" Gilbert and Frank welcome Emmy-winning actor Jeffrey Tambor for a hilarious (and heartfelt) conversation about finding joy, avoiding dailies, pursuing authenticity, befriending the late, great Garry Shandling and breathing life into some of television's most indelible characters. Also, Ernest Borgnine inspires, James Mason perspires, Jeffrey gets confused with Elliott Gould and Rod Steiger holds a grudge against Marlon Brando. PLUS: George C. Scott! "Radioland Murders"! Remembering Rip Torn! The generosity of Al Pacino! And Jeffrey and Gilbert co-star with a chimpanzee! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 20, 2020
Gilbert and Frank's Amazing Colossal 6th Anniversary Show: Part Two
GGACP celebrates its 6th anniversary and the recent release of Episode #300 with PART TWO of a live evening of story and song from New York City's Cutting Room with Mario Cantone, Marilu Henner, Richard Kind, Paul Shaffer and surprise guest performer David Yazbek  -- as well as special guests Susie Essman, Barbara Feldon, Tom Leopold, Jackie Martling, Jeff Ross and Alan Zweibel. Also in this episode: Gilbert and Jeff star in "CSI," David and Paul pay tribute to Ed McMahon, Tony Curtis puts the moves on Bette Davis and Richard and Mario (finally!) debate the merits of "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol." PLUS: Mason Reese! "Wait Until Dark"! The Island of Misfit Toys! The musical stylings of the Gilbert Gottfried Orchestra! And a Broadway icon drops by to join the fun! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 13, 2020
Gilbert and Frank's Amazing Colossal 6th Anniversary Show: Part One
Gilbert and Frank celebrate the podcast's 6th anniversary and the recent release of their 300th episode by welcoming returning guests MARIO CANTONE, MARILU HENNER, RICHARD KIND and PAUL SHAFFER (as well as several surprise guests!) for an evening of music and laughter at New York City's Cutting Room. Also in this episode: Forrest Tucker sinks a putt, Irwin Corey eulogizes Soupy Sales, Burt Reynolds throws Johnny Carson off his game and Gilbert "makes love" to Dolores del Rio. PLUS: "Lonesome" George Gobel! Remembering Tony Randall! Richard praises David Letterman! Marilu fills in for Bob Hope! And a screen legend pays the boys a surprise tribute! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2020
Jason Alexander
Tony-winning actor and director Jason Alexander joins Gilbert and Frank for an in-depth conversation about network interference, working with animals, classic "Twilight Zone" episodes, Woody Allen's influence on George Costanza and the impact of "Seinfeld" on popular culture. Also, Robert De Niro yuks it up, Liza Minnelli lends a hand, Jason and Martin Short perform "The Odd Couple" and Gilbert warbles a tune from "Duckman"! PLUS: Joe Besser! "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"! The genius of Jerry Stiller! The golden age of comedy albums! And Jason gets advice from William Shatner!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 30, 2020
Peter Noone
Gil and Frank welcome a long-sought guest, British Invasion icon Peter Noone for a loose and lighthearted conversation about rock and roll excess, the birth of the Beatles, entertaining the Queen Mum and rubbing shoulders with Bob Dylan, Keith Moon and Elvis Presley (among others). Also, Alice Cooper climbs the charts, Keith Richards lays down the law, Imelda Marcos requests a tune and Herman's Hermits perform "If I Were a Rich Man." PLUS: "The Pirates of Penzance"! Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders! Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars! The genius of Mickie Most! And Gilbert "sings" "I'm Into Something Good"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 23, 2020
Amy Ryan
Tony and Oscar-nominated actress (and lifelong Gilbert fan) Amy Ryan drops by the studio to talk about the mastery of Sidney Lumet, the brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman, discovering family secrets, perfecting regional accents and portraying Michael Scott's love interest on "The Office." Also, Hugh Hefner hits the town, Clint Eastwood keeps it moving, Albert Brooks stages a "one-man show" and Amy and Gilbert perform Hamlet's soliloquy! PLUS: Slovin & Allen! "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers"! The kindness of Henry Winkler! Neil Simon drops the ax! Gilbert plays a Mexican! And Amy brings her parents to the Academy Awards! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 16, 2020
Steven Van Zandt
Gilbert and Frank welcome actor, musician and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Steven Van Zandt for a fun, freewheeling conversation about beloved kiddie show hosts, the glory days of Top 40 radio, the mystique of gangster movies, the Beatles' impact on popular culture and the Rat Pack's "connection" to the E Street Band. Also, Darlene Love mounts a comeback, Little Richard officiates a wedding, Ol' Blue Eyes covers Simon & Garfunkel and Steven remembers his friend James Gandolfini. PLUS: The Singing Nun! "Angels with Dirty Faces"! The genius of William Castle! "Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine"! And Gilbert and Steven pay tribute to "The Nutty Professor"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 09, 2020
Drew Friedman
Gilbert and Frank welcome back award-winning illustrator and GGACP fan favorite DREW FRIEDMAN for a riveting conversation about well-endowed comedians, the last days of Mad magazine, the durability of "The Odd Couple" and Drew's latest book, "All the Presidents." Also, Yoko Ono meets the Little Rascals, Uncle Floyd auditions for "Minnie's Boys," Gilbert plays The Great Emancipator and Frank attends a Stooge funeral. PLUS: "Crazy Joe" Gallo! "The Haunted Strangler"! Praising Al Jaffee (and Mort Drucker)! Mutant Jerry Lewis! And Drew runs afoul of the Merchant of Venom! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 02, 2020
Amazing Colossal 300th Episode!
To celebrate the podcast's 300th episode, Frank, aided by questions from callers and an in-studio audience, interviews Gilbert about his 50-year career in the entertainment business, covering his early stand-up days, his brief stints on "Saturday Night Live" and "Thicke of the Night" and his memorable movie roles, including Iago, Sidney Bernstein, Igor Peabody and the unforgettable "Man on Porch." Also, Lorne Michaels gives props, Larry David clears the room, Ben Gazzara enjoys a laugh and Humphrey Bogart visits the post office. PLUS: "Meet Wally Sparks"! "The Horn Blows at Midnight"! Marty Allen disses Paul Lynde! Lou Costello stars in "Citizen Kane"! And Gilbert shares the screen with Ryan Gosling! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2020
Dick Cavett and Robert Bader
Gilbert and Frank welcome returning guests Dick Cavett and author-producer Robert Bader for a look back at Groucho Marx's memorable appearances on "The Dick Cavett Show" and a look ahead at the new Bader-directed HBO documentary, "Ali & Cavett: The Tale of the Tapes." Also, Johnny Carson disses Jerry Lewis, Zeppo misses Chico's wedding, Cary Grant romances Amelia Earhart and Danny Kaye zings the Duchess of Windsor. PLUS: Orson Welles meets the Fuhrer! The lost novel of Truman Capote! The triumphant return of Richard Loo! James Mason stars in "The Honeymooners"! And Dick reflects on his friendship with "The Greatest"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 17, 2020
Eric Roberts and Eliza Roberts
Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts and actress/casting director Eliza Roberts regale Gilbert and Frank with tales from their five decades in Hollywood, including stories about Bob Fosse, Tony Curtis, Rod Steiger, Sterling Hayden, Mickey Rourke and Shelly Winters (to name a few). Also, Roger Corman strikes a deal, Eric shares the screen with the King of Pop, Gilbert praises "The Pope of Greenwich Village" and Eliza appears in "National Lampoon's Animal House." PLUS: "Three Days of the Condor"! Saluting Sonny Fox! The legend of Larry Cohen! The Diceman sends up Sly Stallone! And Eric reveals the "shortcomings" of Marlon Brando! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2020
Howard Storm and Steve Stoliar
Gilbert and Frank welcome comedian and director Howard Storm (accompanied by writer Steve Stoliar) for a funny and fascinating conversation about the glory days of burlesque, the heyday of Jewish gangsters, the challenges of directing Redd Foxx, Don Rickles and Robin Williams and Howard's entertaining new memoir (co-authored by Steve), "The Imperfect Storm." Also, Desi Arnaz saves the day, Raquel Welch acts the diva, Harry Belafonte breaks Jack Rollins' heart and Howard crosses swords with Don Adams, Lucille Ball and Georgie Jessel (among others). PLUS: Wayland Flowers and Madame! Praising Valerie Harper! The genius of Bud Abbott! The return of "Dueling Grouchos"! And Howard recalls the making of "Broadway Danny Rose"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 03, 2020
In Memoriam 2019
Gilbert and Frank are once again joined by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Michael H. Weber for a fond look back at some of the unforgettable artists who left us in 2019, including Doris Day, Arte Johnson, Valerie Harper, Rene Auberjonois and Carol Channing. Also in this episode: Diahann Carroll takes a stand, Rip Torn takes on Norman Mailer, Albert Finney turns down "Lawrence of Arabia" and Peggy Lipton pens a Frank Sinatra standard. PLUS: "Defending Your Life"! "The Kid Stays in the Picture"! The man behind "The Monkees"! The original Sheriff Truman! The comic genius of Tim Conway!  And the boys bid farewell to the last of the Golden Age directors! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2020
Paul Reiser
Comedian, writer and Emmy-nominated actor Paul Reiser drops by the studio for a funny and intimate conversation about breaking into standup, shooting a (failed) pilot with Gilbert, working with longtime heroes Peter Falk and Alan Arkin and recreating the glory days of "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson." Also, Mel Brooks brings wine, George Carlin stays for breakfast, Michael Douglas transforms into Liberace and Jerry Lewis guest-stars on "Mad About You." PLUS: Freddie Roman! The Great Flydini! Tony Danza plays Fred de Cordova! Gilbert and Paul go to the movies! And the boys praise the many talents of Richard Kind! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2020
Ernie Kovacs Centennial Celebration with Josh Mills and Ben Model
To mark the centennial year of TV legend Ernie Kovacs, Gilbert and Frank welcome historian Josh Mills and Kovacs archivist Ben Model for a look back at the pioneering broadcaster's lasting impact and influence on David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Monty Python and The Kids in the Hall (among others). Also, Billy Wilder comes to dinner, Ernie shoots a pilot with Buster Keaton, Jack Lemmon joins the Nairobi Trio and Josh remembers his mom (and Kovacs' widow), Edie Adams. PLUS: Percy Dovetonsils! "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"! Josh meets Groucho Marx! Edie dates Peter Sellers! And Gilbert "inspires" a silent film score! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2020
Marilu Henner
Actress and best-selling author Marliu Henner joins Gilbert and Frank for a laugh-filled conversation about the sex appeal of Danny DeVito, the physical comedy of John Ritter, the star power of Burt Reynolds and the "gift" of her unusual (and uncanny) memory. Also, Larry David pens a love letter, Charles Durning teaches ballroom dancing, Gilbert flirts with Princess Leia and Marilu looks back on the films "L.A. Story," "Johnny Dangerously" and "Cannonball Run II." PLUS: Dom DeLuise! The legend of Andy Kaufman! Bob Costas' "Ed Ames moment"! Shirley MacLaine works the room! Ol' Blue Eyes plays the MDA telethon! And Marilu picks her favorite episodes of "Taxi"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 06, 2020
Kenny Loggins
Gilbert and Frank welcome Grammy and Emmy-winning singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins for a revealing conversation about the rewards of collaboration, the mystery of the creative process, the challenges of penning songs for movies like "Top Gun" and "Footloose" and his "accidental" partnership with writer-producer Jim Messina. Also, Kenny auditions for "Hair," mimics Bob Dylan (and Tina Turner!) steers clear of the disco era and teams with Richard Marx, Stevie Nicks and Michael McDonald. PLUS: Stealer's Wheel! The genius of Clive Davis! Rick Cowling sits in! Gilbert auditions for "Caddyshack II"! And Kenny (and Gilbert) guest star on "Family Guy"!
Dec 30, 2019
Actor-comedian Mario Cantone returns to help Gilbert and Frank usher in the holiday season with a spirited conversation about misleading movie titles, lecherous cartoon characters, politically correct Christmas carols, the genius of Paul Frees (and Frank Loesser) and the 80th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz." Also: Jack Cassidy teams with Jim Backus, Judy Garland locks horns with Busby Berkeley, Ricardo Montalban serenades Esther Williams and Gilbert gets accosted by Snow White. PLUS: Jan-Michael Vincent! The musical stylings of Lucille Ball! "Christmas on the Ponderosa"! Tony Curtis tells off Danny Kaye! And "Frosty the Snowman" turns 50!
Dec 23, 2019
"Blazing Saddles" 45th Anniversary Tribute with Andrew Bergman and Norman Steinberg
"Blazing Saddles" screenwriters ANDREW BERGMAN and NORMAN STEINBERG return to the podcast to commemorate the film's 45th anniversary and to regale Gilbert and Frank with behind-the-scenes stories of deleted scenes, writer's room antics, last-minute casting changes and characters who didn't make the cut. Also, Mel Brooks sends up Humphrey Bogart, Cleavon Little replaces James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor puts on a maid's uniform and John Carradine plays "John Carradine." PLUS: "Honeymoon in Vegas"! "My Favorite Year"! Marlon Brando mumbles! Stanley Kubrick tortures Slim Pickens! And the boys remember Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman and Gene Wilder! 
Dec 16, 2019
Artie Lange
Comedian and actor Artie Lange returns to the podcast for an off-the-wall conversation about Twitter outrage, miscast actors, superhero movie overkill, the cinema of Michael Mann and the kindness of Frankie Valli. Also, James Caan cracks a joke, Roger Moore turns on the charm, Jackie Gleason turns down "The French Connection" and Artie recites dialogue from "Elf," "The Sting" and "Smokey and the Bandit." PLUS: The legend of Mr. Baseball! "The Pope of Greenwich Village"! In praise of Walter Matthau! Abbott and Costello meet The Godfather! And Artie remembers the late, great Don Rickles!
Dec 09, 2019
Marsha Mason
Oscar-nominated actress-director Marsha Mason joins Gilbert and Frank to talk about the value of character actors, the importance of onscreen chemistry, the true story behind "Bogart Slept Here" and her memories of collaborating with (and living with) the legendary Neil Simon. Also, Peter Falk shares the spotlight, Dustin Hoffman inspires "The Goodbye Girl," Paul Newman introduces Marsha to auto racing and Gilbert sings the theme song from "Cinderella Liberty." PLUS: "Dark Shadows"! "The Cheap Detective"! The superstitions of Peter Sellers! The elusiveness of George Segal! And Marsha co-stars with Albert Finney, Anthony Hopkins and Jason Robards!
Dec 02, 2019
288. Marsha Mason

Oscar-nominated actress-director Marsha Mason joins Gilbert and Frank to talk about the value of character actors, the importance of onscreen chemistry, the true story behind "Bogart Slept Here" and her memories of collaborating with (and living with) the legendary Neil Simon. Also, Peter Falk shares the spotlight, Dustin Hoffman inspires "The Goodbye Girl," Paul Newman introduces Marsha to auto racing and Gilbert sings the theme song from "Cinderella Liberty." PLUS: "Dark Shadows"! "The Cheap Detective"! The superstitions of Peter Sellers! The elusiveness of George Segal! And Marsha co-stars with Albert Finney, Anthony Hopkins and Jason Robards!

Dec 02, 2019
Mini #244: Gilbert and Frank Give Thanks
This week: Gorillas gone wild! "Life with Lucy"! Miss Frances of "Ding Dong School"! Gilbert tangles with Jackie the Joke Man! And Frank thanks the (many) people behind the podcast!
Nov 28, 2019
Bob Bergen and Rob Paulsen
Gilbert and Frank talk to celebrated voice actors Bob Bergen (Porky Pig, Tweety, Marvin the Martian) and Rob Paulsen (Pinky, Yakko, Jimmy Neutron) about the loyalty of voice performers, giving back to fans, the generosity of Daws Butler and Casey Kasem and the voices behind Toucan Sam, Charlie the Tuna and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Also, Orson Welles hits the bottle, Mickey Rooney "inspires" Walt Disney, Rob hangs with Rip Taylor (and Jonathan Harris) and 14-year-old Bob cold-calls Mel Blanc. PLUS: "What's Opera Doc?" The genius of Randy Rogel! The outrageousness of Bob Ridgely! Remembering Marvin Kaplan! And Bob teaches Gilbert to do Porky Pig!
Nov 25, 2019
287. Bob Bergen and Rob Paulsen

Gilbert and Frank talk to celebrated voice actors Bob Bergen (Porky Pig, Tweety, Marvin the Martian) and Rob Paulsen (Pinky, Yakko, Jimmy Neutron) about the loyalty of voice performers, giving back to fans, the generosity of Daws Butler and Casey Kasem and the voices behind Toucan Sam, Charlie the Tuna and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Also, Orson Welles hits the bottle, Mickey Rooney "inspires" Walt Disney, Rob hangs with Rip Taylor (and Jonathan Harris) and 14-year-old Bob cold-calls Mel Blanc. PLUS: "What's Opera Doc?" The genius of Randy Rogel! The outrageousness of Bob Ridgely! Remembering Marvin Kaplan! And Bob teaches Gilbert to do Porky Pig!

Nov 25, 2019
Mini #243: Gilbert & Frank Read Patreon Questions
This week: Celebrating Dick Cavett! Right Said Fred! Billy Barty to the rescue! "The Incredible Melting Man" The Marxes sing "The Monkey Doodle-Do"! And Gilbert guest-stars in "Silk Stalkings"!
Nov 21, 2019
286. Stephen Bishop

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop joins Gilbert and Frank for an enormously entertaining conversation about secret song origins, Beatles trading cards, the glory days of Top 40, auditioning for Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson and chumming around with Burt Bacharach, John Belushi, Carrie Fisher and Harry Nilsson. Also, Bob Dylan hails a cab, Warren Beatty eats a bowl of chili, Gilbert swipes shampoo from Donald Fagen and Stephen and Linda Ronstadt cover "The Monster Mash." PLUS: Frank Sinatra Jr! Praising Randy Newman! (and Jimmy Webb)! "Sex Kittens Go to College"! And Stephen cameos in "Animal House," "The Blues Brothers" and "Kentucky Fried Movie"!

Nov 18, 2019
Mini #242: GGACP Memories with Frank Verderosa
This week: Uncle Junior sings! The generosity of Matthew Broderick! Nutmeg Post trivia! Joey Pants feuds with his family! And the boys remember the irrepressible Bill Macy!
Nov 14, 2019
285. Danny Huston

Gilbert and Frank chat with actor-director Danny Huston ("Wonder Woman," "The Aviator," "Hitchcock") about meeting Orson Welles, directing Robert Mitchum, getting inside the heads of big-screen bad guys and growing up with (and working with) his legendary father, John Huston. Also, Hal Roach cozies up to Mussolini, Katharine Hepburn makes like Eleanor Roosevelt, George Raft turns down the role of a lifetime and Danny reflects on the career of his grandfather, Oscar-winner Walter Huston. PLUS: "The Other Side of the Wind"! Remembering Robert Evans! The mystery of B. Traven! The punk rock cinema of Bernard Rose! And Danny and Gilbert reenact a scene from "Chinatown"!

Nov 11, 2019
Mini #241: Remembering Paul Lynde with author Cathy (Fitzgibbon) Rudolph
This week: "Bye Bye Birdie!" The Comedy of Alice Ghostley! The ageless Peter Marshall! And Gil and Frank pay "tribute" to "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special"!
Nov 07, 2019
284. Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski

Screenwriters and producers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski return to the podcast to talk about (among other topics) the 25th anniversary of "Ed Wood," the exuberance of Milos Forman, the bizarro cinema of Rudy Ray Moore and their new Eddie Murphy vehicle, "Dolemite is My Name." Also, Jim Carrey pranks Danny DeVito, Tim Burton befriends Vincent Price, Ray Walston "replaces" Peter Sellers and Scott and Larry remember the late, great Martin Landau. PLUS: Appreciating Robert Morse! The legacy of William Goldman! Mae West seduces 007! The Marx Brothers meet the Master of Disaster! And Scott and Larry pick their favorite big-screen biopics! 

Nov 04, 2019
Mini #240: Universal Horror Films with Author-Historian Gary Gerani. Part 2
This week: The monster takes a mate! Bela Lugosi's finest hour! The strange life of Edgar G. Ulmer! And the absurd brilliance of "The Black Cat"!
Oct 31, 2019
283. Rick Baker

For their annual Halloween episode, Gilbert and Frank welcome Emmy and Oscar-winning makeup master Rick Baker for a compelling conversation about horror hosts, gorilla suits, Aurora model kits, "Famous Monsters of Filmland" and the enduring influence of makeup legends Jack Pierce and Dick Smith. Also, Eddie Murphy ups his game, Milicent Patrick gets her due, Rick transforms Martin Landau into Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee dresses up as...Christopher Lee. PLUS: "The Thing with Two Heads"! In praise of Ray Harryhausen! The ingenuity of Lon Chaney! The guerilla cinema of Larry Cohen! And Rick accepts an Oscar from Vincent Price!

Oct 28, 2019
Mini #239: Universal Horror Films with Author-Historian Gary Gerani
This week: Directed by Roger Corman! The music of Billy Goldenberg! The trials of Colin Clive! Boris Karloff goes bowling! And King Tut inspires "The Mummy"!
Oct 24, 2019
282. Dennis Lambert

Gilbert and Frank chat with Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Dennis Lambert ("One Tin Soldier," "Nightshift," "Ain't No Woman Like the One I've Got") who talks about working the Catskills as a boy singer, shopping songs in the Brill Building era, producing hit records for the Four Tops and the Righteous Brothers and co-creating the much-maligned Starship hit, "We Built This City." Also, Neil Diamond hawks holiday tunes, Carole King demos "One Fine Day," Gilbert "covers" Glen Campbell and Dennis becomes a superstar in the Philippines. PLUS: Freddie and the Dreamers! The artistry of Levi Stubbs! The versatility of Steve Lawrence! "Billy Jack" gets a message from God! And Dennis breaks down the construction of a Top 10 hit!

Oct 21, 2019
Mini #238: Tales from "The Carson Podcast" with Mark Malkoff (and Phil Rosenthal)
This week: The flamboyance of Monti Rock! "The "magic" of Uri Geller! Johnny locks horns with "Saturday Night Live"! Mark (finally) lands Doc Severinsen! And Phil discovers the infamous "Jack Frost" sketch!
Oct 17, 2019
281. Phil Rosenthal

Emmy-winning comedy writer, food lover and raconteur Phil Rosenthal returns to the podcast for an in-depth conversation about New York-style pizza, celebrity PSAs, "non-ethnic" character actors, the cinema of Stanley Kubrick and the emotional resonance of "The Honeymooners." Also, Will Ferrell works the men's room, Peter Boyle turns down "The French Connection," Brad Garrett salutes The Merchant of Venom and Phil breaks bread with Steve Martin and Carl Reiner. PLUS: Nick Apollo Forte! "Ratatouille"! The timelessness of "Tootsie"! Appreciating Walter Matthau! Gilbert hangs at Larry David's place! And "Broadway Danny Rose" inspires the Amazing Colossal Podcast! 

Oct 14, 2019
Mini #237: TV Turkeys
This week: "Pink Lady and Jeff"! "Misfits of Science"! The follies of Fred Silverman! The humbling of Jackie Gleason! And the shortest-running sketch show of all time!
Oct 10, 2019
280. Treat Williams

Actor, writer and cinephile Treat Williams stops by the studio to talk about his 45 years in film, his admiration for Frank Capra and William Wyler, his love of old movie theaters and his memories of working with legendary directors Milos Forman, Sergio Leone and Steven Spielberg. Also, Vincent Price disses Alan Thicke, John Belushi auditions for "Hair," Gilbert hangs with Katharine Hepburn and Treat cameos in "The Empire Strikes Back"! PLUS: "The Phantom"! Praising Bob Balaban! The mastery of Sidney Lumet! Gene Hackman cuts to the check! And Treat remembers James Cagney, Martin Landau and Orson Welles!

Oct 07, 2019
Mini #236: "Amazing Colossal PROGRESSIVE Listener Society” Mailbag
This week: "Heartbeeps!" "Polyester" in Odorama! James Bond plays Inspector Clouseau! Paul Raeburn presents the Justice League! And the boys reveal their favorite westerns (and gangster movies)!
Oct 03, 2019
279. Don Reo

Comedy writer, producer and showrunner Don Reo regales Gilbert and Frank with memorable anecdotes about Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Redd Foxx, Jackie Gleason and Bob Hope and shares behind-the-scenes stories from classic shows like "Rhoda," "Sanford and Son" and "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In." Also, Groucho takes a phone call, Tom Waits provides inspiration, Robert Altman cuts to the chase and Don joins forces with the legendary Slappy White. PLUS: Phil Spector Week! "The Rifleman" loses his cool! The return of "The Honeymooners"! The comedy stylings of Elton John! And Don remembers the late, great Clarence Clemons!

Sep 30, 2019
Mini #235: Amazing Colossal Trivia Call-in Show (with Rupert Holmes), Part 2
This week: Harpo speaks! Peter Falk gets hammered! Gary Lewis & the Playboys! The brilliance of "The Black Cat"! And Neil Young teams with the Monkees!
Sep 26, 2019
278. Amazing Colossal Trivia Call-in Show (with Rupert Holmes)

Gilbert and Frank are joined by special guest pop culture expert Rupert Holmes for the first-ever "Amazing Colossal Trivia Call-in Show." Also: Cesar Romero meets Sid Melton, Kirk Douglas inspires "Barney Miller," Jay Leno partners with Pat Morita and Frank Gorshin passes the torch to Jamie Farr. PLUS: "The Phantom of the Paradise"! "The Return of Doctor X"! James Bond's greatest nemesis! Rupert hangs with Charles Bronson! The curse of the Spinal Tap drummers! And the secret origin of "Escape (The Pina Colada Song")!

Sep 23, 2019
Mini #234: Stump the Hosts (Music Version) Part 2 with Kevin Dougherty and Darryl Mayeski
This week: The Velvet Fog! Illya Kuryakin rocks! Saluting Screem magazine! The versatility of Craig Bierko! And the boys remember the late, great James Karen!
Sep 19, 2019
277. Jackie Martling and Billy West 

Two of Gilbert and Frank's favorite guests, comedian Jackie Martling and voice actor Billy West return to the podcast for a no-holds-barred conversation about the cinema of George Pal, the versatility of Paul Frees, the uniqueness of Peter Sellers and the enduring legend of Joe Franklin. Also, Jonathan Winters disses Don Adams, Jack Carter guests on "Ren & Stimpy," Billy meets The Man from Uncle and Jackie weighs in on the Gilbert-Shecky Greene clash. PLUS: "Shock Theater"! "7 Faces of Dr. Lao"! The return of the Jackie puppet! Curly Howard takes a bullet! And George Jessel duets with...George Jessel?

Sep 16, 2019
Mini #233: Stump the Hosts (Music Version) with Kevin Dougherty and Darryl Mayeski
This week: The heartbreak of Rondo Hatton! The gospel of Esther Rolle! Burt Ward meets Frank Zappa! Jack Klugman covers Carly Simon! And John Mulaney teams with Richard Kind!
Sep 12, 2019
276. James Burrows

Emmy-winning director James Burrows talks about the importance of the "straight man," the influence of his legendary dad Abe Burrows, the societal impact of "Will & Grace" and the winning formulas behind "Taxi," "Cheers," "Friends" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Also, Andy Kaufman comes to dinner, Woody Harrelson changes the game, Norman Lear writes a fan letter and James meets John Steinbeck, Truman Capote and Groucho Marx. PLUS: Sydney Pollack! Remembering Ruth Gordon! The comedy of Patchett and Tarses! The generosity of Jay Sandrich! And James directs the "All in the Family" reboot!

This episode is brought to you by My Bookie (www.mybookie.AG code: gilbert).

Sep 09, 2019
Mini #232: Donnie Dunagan, Part 2
This week: Lionel Atwill! The generosity of Margaret Hamilton! Uncle Walt rolls out the red carpet! And Pearl Harbor delays the release of "Bambi"!
Sep 05, 2019
275. Jeff Abraham and Burt Kearns

Comedy historian Jeff Abraham and producer-filmmaker Burt Kearns discuss their new book, The Show Won't Go On and provide fascinating backstories on the untimely (and unusual) passings of Dick Shawn, Joe E. Ross, Al Kelly, Parkyakarkus and Karl Wallenda (among others). Also, Moe Howard wears a dress, Sid Caesar packs heat, Burt Reynolds gets a paint job and Paul Anka tears down Wayne Newton. PLUS: Carmen Miranda's final bow! The poetry of Buddy Hackett! The history of the "bullet catch"! The strange death of Washington Irving Bishop! And Jeff and Burt attend the Jerry Lewis auction!

This episode is brought to you by BlueChew ( code: GILBERT) and MyBookie (www.mybookie.AG).

Sep 02, 2019
Mini #231: "Son of Frankenstein" Actor Donnie Dunagan, Part 1
This week: Remembering Walter Brennan! "Mother's Carey's Chickens"! Bela Lugosi gets a nickname! And Donnie plays checkers with Boris Karloff!
Aug 29, 2019
274. Robert Wuhl Returns
Aug 26, 2019
Mini #230: Remembering Saturday Morning Cartoons with Mark McCray
This week: "Milton the Monster"! "A Man Called Flintstone"! The genius of Jack Urbont (and Hoyt Curtin)! Gilbert sings the "King Kong" theme! And the return of Jerry the Bellybutton Elf!
Aug 22, 2019
273. Larry “Ratso” Sloman
Aug 19, 2019
Mini #229: TV Theme Songs of 1969
This week: "Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman"! "Chiller Theater vs. Creature Features"! The mastery of Lalo Schifrin! Gilbert guests on "Sesame Street"! And Frank's dad hangs with Ben Casey!
Aug 15, 2019
272. Griffin Dunne
Aug 12, 2019
Mini #228: Dave & Dave's Record Collection (with Dave Millstein and Dave Seidel)
This week: 2 Live Crew! Burgess Meredith sings! Mad magazine on vinyl! The late, great Leon Redbone! Gilbert tries to name the podcast theme song! And Lon Chaney Jr. "pays homage" to Bobby "Boris" Pickett!
Aug 08, 2019
271. Ted Wass
Aug 05, 2019
Mini #227: Gilbert & Frank's Patreon Mailbag
This week: From the desk of Mel Blanc! Remembering Rip Torn! The comedy of Robert Schimmel! "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman"! And Gilbert Gottfried meets Gilbert O'Sullivan!
Jul 31, 2019
270. Neil Sedaka
Jul 29, 2019
Mini #226: Raybone's Record Collection
This week: McCartney & Lennon!? "Surfin' Bird"! "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"! Gilbert covers Cyrkle! And the not-quite-triumphant return of Zager and Evans!
Jul 25, 2019
269. "Twilight Zone" 60th Anniversary Panel with Gary Gerani, Nick Parisi and Anne Serling
Jul 22, 2019
Mini #225: Gilbert & Frank's Twitter Mailbag
This week: "The Paul Lynde Show"! Gilbert of the Apes! The secret of Superman's cape! Mike McPadden's "Teen Movie Hell"! And the triumphant return of Giggles Gazoo!
Jul 18, 2019
268. Beverly D’Angelo
Jul 15, 2019
Mini #224: Mr. Skin Returns!
This week: The cinema of Russ Meyer! The Golden Age of TV nudity! The scourge of body doubles! And Gilbert learns the meaning of a "Marty Feldman"!
Jul 11, 2019
267. Charles Fox
Jul 08, 2019
Mini #223: GGACP Listener Society Mailbag
This week: "Mad Dog and Glory"! A Quinn Martin Production! Appreciating Burt Bacharach! The gangster films of James Cagney! Frank reveals beloved bedtime stories! And the Irish-Catholic comedy of Gilbert Gottfried!
Jul 04, 2019
266. GGACP LIVE Singalong and Trivia Show
Jul 01, 2019
Mini #222: Dara's Mom's Record Collection
This week: J. Fred Muggs! "Blackboard Jungle"! The brilliance of Charles Fox! Krusty the Clown sings! And the gang bids a fond farewell to Doris Day!
Jun 27, 2019
Dara's Mom's Record Collection
Jun 27, 2019
265. Gavin MacLeod
Jun 24, 2019
Mini #221: Gino Salomone Returns! (Again)
This week: The Jill St. John story! Chico Marx stars in "Psycho"! Ron Jeremy meets a Munchkin! Gilbert is mistaken for Pat Morita! And Gino shares a hot tub with Mr. T!
Jun 20, 2019
264. Chip Kidd
Jun 17, 2019
Mini #220: "Teen Movie Hell" with Mike "McBeardo" McPadden
This week: "The Last American Virgin"! Mad Magazine (P)resents "Up the Academy"! John Hughes changes the game! Christopher Lee goes slumming! And Gilbert looks back at "USA Up All Night"!
Jun 13, 2019
263. Jeff Ross and Dave Attell
Jun 10, 2019
Mini #219: Remembering Tim Conway (with Arnie Kogen and Bill Persky)
This week: "The Tim Conway Show"! The legend of "Turn-On"! Tim teams with Ernie Anderson! Bill pens a "McHale's Navy" episode! And Arnie shares an office with Pat McCormick!
Jun 06, 2019
262. Ron Friedman Returns
Jun 03, 2019
Mini #218: The History of Drag with Frank DeCaro
This week: Tommy Velour! "Jethrine" Bodine! The artistry of Charles Pierce! The other side of Flip Wilson! Uncle Miltie's "meaty tuck"! And Herman Munster becomes a cocktail waitress!
May 30, 2019
261. Richard Marx
May 27, 2019
Mini #217: Dara's CD Collection
This week: The Jewish Elvis! The Divine Miss M! Cole Porter goes west! The cinema of Art Garfunkel! And Pat Benatar plays "Catch a Rising Star"!
May 23, 2019
260. John Davidson
May 20, 2019
Mini #216: Frank's Record Collection
This week: The poster boys of one-hit wonders! The genius of Jimmy Webb (and P.F. Sloan)! The musical stylings of David Soul! Gilbert opens for Buster Poindexter! And the tragic tale of Badfinger!
May 16, 2019
Introducing Life is Short with Justin Long
May 15, 2019
259. Irwin Winkler
May 13, 2019
Mini #215: Gilbert & Frank's Colossal Mailbag
This week: "The Groucho Letters"! Herman Munster gets frisky! Paul Lynde does community theater! The terrifying tales of Kliph Nesteroff! And the novelty records of Dickie Goodman!
May 09, 2019
258. Robert Wagner
May 06, 2019
Mini #214: REAL Bands of 1960s TV (with John Fotiadis)
This week: "Far Out Munsters"! Paul Revere & the Raiders! The Peppermint Trolley Company! Mannix meets the Buffalo Springfield! And Chad & Jeremy tangle with Catwoman!
May 02, 2019
257. Paul Sand
Apr 29, 2019
Mini #213: Fictional Bands of 1960s TV (with John Fotiadis)
This week: Introducing the Bedbugs! The Mosquitoes land on "Gilligan's Island"! Bob Hope dons a Beatle wig! Floyd the Barber goes electric! And Larry Storch unleashes the Sacred Cows!
Apr 25, 2019
256. J. Elvis Weinstein
Apr 22, 2019
Mini #212: TV History Hodgepodge
This week: "Fish Police"! "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo"! Fake Jan Brady! The horrors of "Life with Lucy"! In praise of William Shatner! And the boys remember the late, great Larry Cohen!
Apr 18, 2019
255. Marx Brothers Round Table with Robert S. Bader, Josh Frank and Bill Marx
Apr 15, 2019
Mini #211: Death Songs of the 1970s, Part 2
This week: The haunting of David Letterman! Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods! The brilliance of Jimmy Webb (and Gordon Lightfoot)! Arnold Stang meets Al Capone! And introducing...Gilbert O' Gottfried!
Apr 11, 2019
254. Nancy Allen
Apr 08, 2019
Mini #210: Death Songs of the 1970s
This week: Rod McKuen tops the charts! Bobby Goldsboro cuts his toe! The tragic tunes of David Geddes! Gilbert gets a very special birthday tribute! And the song that "inspired" the Casey Kasem meltdown!
Apr 04, 2019
253. Shep Gordon
Apr 01, 2019
Mini #209: "The Munsters" vs. "The Addams Family" (with Universal tour guide Chris DeRose)
This week: "The Incredible Melting Man"! "Munster, Go Home!" The genius of Nat Perrin! (and Vic Mizzy)! Butch Patrick sells Woof Woof dolls! And John Astin chooses the name "Gomez"!
Mar 28, 2019
252. Andrew Bergman
Mar 25, 2019
GGACP Weekend Bonus Episode: Alan Alda's M*A*S*H Reunion
Mar 22, 2019
Mini #208: Gilbert & Frank's Twitter Mailbag
This week: "Sullivan's Travels"! "Celebrity Bowling'! Paging Dr. Fred! Gilbert roasts/eulogizes Abe Vigoda! And Raybone gets a special gift from a fan!
Mar 21, 2019
251. Kliph Nesteroff
Mar 18, 2019
Mini #207: 250th Episode Call-in Show Spectacular (Part 2)
This week: "A Hard Day's Night"! Old Groucho returns! The brilliance of Gary Larson! Orson Welles directs Rich Little! And a caller shares the screen with Alan Ladd!
Mar 14, 2019
250. 250th Episode Call-in Show Spectacular!
Mar 11, 2019
Mini #206: The Best of Celebrity Meltdowns
This week: Sampling Casey Kasem! Gilbert covers Clarence Carter! Buddy Rich inspires Drew Friedman (and Jerry Seinfeld)! Al Pacino channels Paul Anka! And Charles Foster Kane pitches frozen peas!
Mar 07, 2019
249. David McCallum
Mar 04, 2019
Mini #205:Character Actors of Classic Cinema: (E thru H)
This week: The man who would be "Sneezy"! Fritz Feld gets "Lost in Space"! Kris Kringle battles giant ants! Dashiell Hammett inspires the Coen Brothers! And Mr. Rogers meets the Wicked Witch of the West!
Feb 28, 2019
248. Austin Pendleton
Feb 25, 2019
Mini #204: Gilbert and Frank's Twitter Mailbag
This week: Abe Vigoda! Naked vampires! "The General" turns 100! The legend of Alan Smithee! David Yazbek takes home a Grammy! And Gilbert and Frank salute the great Dick Miller!
Feb 21, 2019
247. John Astin
Feb 18, 2019
Mini #203: In Memoriam, 2018: Musicians
This week: "Schoolhouse Rock"! Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show! Charles Aznavour works Jewish! The Queen of Soul bids farewell! And Vic Damone turns down "The Godfather"!
Feb 14, 2019
246. Larry Charles
Feb 11, 2019
Mini #202: In Memoriam 2018: Writers and Directors (with Michael H. Weber)
This week: The influence of Neil Simon! The versatility of William Goldman! Harlan Ellison clashes with Ol' Blue Eyes! Milos Forman takes on sumo wrestling! And the most controversial sex scenes of all time!
Feb 07, 2019
245. In Memoriam 2018
Feb 04, 2019
Mini #201: HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky
This week: "The Sanford Arms"! "Chico and the Man: The Motion Picture!" Gilbert plays a bar mitzvah! The generosity of Richard Kind! And Scott quizzes the boys on super-tough movie trivia!
Jan 31, 2019
244. Dennis Muren
Jan 28, 2019
Mini #200: Character Actors of Classic Cinema (A thru D)
This week: Saluting Fritz Feld! "Duck Soup" turns 85! The Master of the Slow Burn! Frank Capra's favorite heavy! And Gilbert extols the virtues of "Tarantula”!
Jan 24, 2019
243. David Yazbek
Jan 21, 2019
Mini #199: Gilbert and Frank's Twitter Mailbag
This week: Saluting Steve Hannah! Landing (finally) John Astin! Remembering Bob Einstein! Gilbert gets a residual check! And the return of the Groovy Guru!
Jan 17, 2019
242. Joel Grey
Jan 14, 2019
Mini #198: Tales of Hollywood with Sandy Helberg
This week: Albert Einstein on ice! "Terror in the Wax Museum"! Broderick Crawford hits the sauce! Groucho crashes an improv class! And Gilbert and Sandy co-star in "Meet Wally Sparks"!
Jan 10, 2019
241. Dick Cavett
Jan 07, 2019
Mini #197: Thanking the GGACP On-Air Team
This week: Dracula Gottfried! "Q: The Winged Serpent"! The return of "Dummy in the Window"! John Beach channels Tommy James! And Gilbert hears the "Listener Mail" themes for the first time!
Jan 03, 2019
240. Sandy Hackett
Dec 31, 2018
Mini #196: Gilbert Opens Christmas Gifts from Listeners
This week: "Boris Karloff's Tales of Mystery"! The Johnny Gregory Orchestra! "Dr. Butcher: Medical Deviate"! And "The Gilbert Gottfried Munchausen by Proxy Telethon!"
Dec 27, 2018
239. Christmas Spectacular with Mario Cantone
Dec 24, 2018
Mini #195: Composing for Documentaries (and Podcasts) with Adam Dorn
This week: Loving Pat Cooper! Detesting Ferris Bueller! Celebrating Marvin Hamlisch (and Charlie Fox)! Mitch Miller fires up a doobie! And Adam evaluates Gilbert's "singing" voice!
Dec 20, 2018
238. Micky Dolenz
Dec 17, 2018
Mini #194: "Inside Jokes" with Neil Berkeley and Rosebud Baker
This week: "Citizen Kane" trivia! Colin Jost pays his dues! Gilbert stays up all night! Howie Mandel passes on the tortilla chips! And Neil remembers the late, great Arlene Gottfried!
Dec 13, 2018
237. Diane Ladd
Dec 10, 2018
Mini #193: Bad Ape Movies
This week: Ray "Crash" Corrigan! Gilbert breaks down "Old Dracula"! Raymond Burr turns into a gorilla! Jerry Lewis threatens to sue! And the strange proclivities of Lionel Atwill!
Dec 06, 2018
236. Alan Alda
Dec 03, 2018
Mini #192: Gilbert & Frank's Twitter (and Facebook) Mailbag
This week: Veruca Salt tells all! In praise of Bud Abbott! Rod Steiger plays Archie Bunker! Skelton Knaggs pets a cockatoo! And Gilbert hangs with Vincent Price (and Sam Kinison!)
Nov 29, 2018
235. Howie Mandel
Nov 26, 2018
Mini #191: Collecting TV Treasures with James Comisar, Part 2
This week: The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate! Superman works up a sweat! The true story behind Jeannie's bottle! Gilbert disses"Night Gallery"! And James rescues Carnac's turban!
Nov 22, 2018
234. Leonard Maltin Returns
Nov 19, 2018
Mini #190: Collecting TV Treasures with James Comisar
This week: Remembering Forrest Ackerman! Authenticating the Batmobile! Steven Spielberg buys Rosebud! Marty Krofft drives a hard bargain! And James tries to create a Museum of Television!
Nov 15, 2018
233. Ken Levine
Nov 12, 2018
Mini #189: Bad Werewolf Movies
This week: Bela Lugosi's last stand! "Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory"! In praise of Larry Cohen! David Janssen plays a lycanthrope! And George Zucco visits Ed Wood!
Nov 08, 2018
232. David Fantle and Tom Johnson
Nov 05, 2018
Mini #188: Gilbert & Frank's Golden Throats
This week: Telly Savalas tops the charts! Gomer Pyle destroys Stevie Wonder! Herve' Villechaize stars in "Scent of a Woman"! The discography of William Shatner! And the (arguably) worst sitcom of all time!
Nov 01, 2018
231. Tom Holland
Oct 29, 2018
Mini #187: The Worst Dracula Movies Ever Made
This week: Jose' Ferrer pays the rent! Cesar Romero dodges a bullet! Hedda Hopper meets the Count! Bela Lugosi meets Sammy Petrillo! And Brother Theodore teams with Yvonne De Carlo!
Oct 25, 2018
230. Peter Bonerz

Actor and director Peter Bonerz shares his views on the state of television comedy, the pros and cons of laugh tracks and the rights and wrongs of improvisational theater and looks back on his decades-long friendships with Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette. Also, Redd Foxx changes his tune, Carroll O'Connor cashes a check, Woody Allen brings down the house and Peter directs Gilbert in an episode of "Wings." PLUS: Rod Serling! Captain Kangaroo! The wit and wisdom of Buck Henry! Murphy Brown meets Walter Cronkite! And Peter remembers the late, great Bill Daily!

This episode is brought to you by Robinhood (

Oct 22, 2018
Mini #186: The Worst Frankenstein Movies Ever Made
This week: William "One Shot" Beaudine! Boris Karloff pays the rent! Gilbert meets Samuel Z. Arkoff! James Lipton interviews Lon Chaney Jr! And the strange death of Al Adamson!
Oct 18, 2018
229. Ron Friedman

In one of their funniest episodes out of 200+, Gilbert and Frank chat with veteran comedy writer Ron Friedman ("Get Smart," "The Odd Couple," "All in the Family") who worked with everyone from Lucille Ball to Milton Berle to Danny Kaye to Orson Welles and has the war stories to show for it. Also, Herve Villechaize packs a rod, Sammy Davis meets Charlie's Angels, Ron writes "Murder Can Hurt You!" and Pat McCormick takes a..."dip" in Jonathan Winters' pool. PLUS: Vaughn Meader! Stump and Stumpy! Christmas carols for Jewish people! Forrest Tucker introduces "the General"! And Ron creates Paul Lynde's Uncle Arthur! 

This episode is brought to you by Ageless Male Max.

Oct 15, 2018
Mini #185: Gilbert & Frank's Twitter Mailbag
This week: Thanking Judd Apatow! Appreciating Rosanna Arquette! Gilbert teams with Arnold Stang! Baretta meets Captain Stubing! And Groucho performs "The Funniest Song in the World"!
Oct 11, 2018
228. Allan Arkush

Emmy-winning director and producer Allan Arkush entertains Gilbert and Frank with tales of working at the late, great Fillmore East, crossing paths with Ol' Blue Eyes (and Groucho!) apprenticing for the legendary Roger Corman and directing the cult classic "Rock 'n' Roll High School."  Also, Jackie Mason fails to connect, Malcolm McDowell talks to his crotch, Bruce Willis locks horns with Cybill Shepherd and "A Hard Day's Night" changes Allan's life forever. PLUS: P.J. Soles! "The Girl Can't Help It"! In praise of Alexander & Karaszewski! Zacherle introduces the Grateful Dead! And Allan (reluctantly) remembers "Caddyshack 2"!

This episode is brought to you by Ageless Male Max and BlueChew ( code: GILBERT).

Oct 08, 2018
Mini #184: "How Not to Cook" with Marilyn Michaels
Phil Silvers makes his move! Joan Crawford chews the scenery! Marilyn remembers her friend Will Jordan! And Maria von Trapp meets the Munchkins!
Oct 04, 2018
227. Paul Feig

Director, writer and actor Paul Feig ("Bridesmaids," "Ghostbusters," A Simple Favor") drops by the studio to share his thoughts on an eclectic mix of topics, including the appeal of "cringe" comedy, the influence of Mad magazine, the legacy of Charles M. Schulz and the untimely demise of "Freaks and Geeks." Also, Thurston Howell sings the blues, Jim Nabors sings "Ave Maria," George Lazenby tangles with Telly Savalas, and Gilbert introduces Paul to the "Jack Frost" sketch. PLUS: Serge Gainsbourg! In praise of Jill Clayburgh! The return of Crazy Guggenheim! "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions"! And the (arguably) funniest half-hour in sitcom history!

Oct 01, 2018
Mini #183: TV Themes with Secret Lyrics, Part Two
This week: Bill Daily does Bob Hope! James Arness blows off Kelsey Grammer! Jackie Gayle riffs on "Bonanza"! And Gilbert and Frank bid farewell to the great Will Jordan!
Sep 27, 2018
226. Rosanna Arquette

Gilbert and Frank are joined by actress and director Rosanna Arquette for an entertaining discussion about the vindictiveness of critics, the pros and cons of autograph shows, the vanishing haunts and hot spots of New York City and Rosanna's personal encounters with everyone from Bette Davis to Paul McCartney to Martin Luther King. Also, Bob Dylan goes electric, Martin Scorsese stifles a laugh, Johnny Carson rocks a tennis outfit and Rosanna shares the screen with the late, great David Bowie. PLUS: Charley Weaver! "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home"! The brilliance of Burt Bacharach! The edginess of "After Hours"! And Gilbert praises the work of his sister, Arlene Gottfried!

This episode is brought to you by PillPack (

Sep 24, 2018
Mini #182: Gino Salomone's Answering Machine Messages from the Stars!
This week: "Death to Smoochy"! The return of Timmie Rogers! Florence Henderson sends up Bogie! Gilbert ticks off Alan King! And Gino turns down a request from the Caped Crusader!
Sep 20, 2018
225. Alan Zweibel

Emmy-winning comedy writer and Thurber Prize-winning author Alan Zweibel returns to discuss (among other topics) the evolution of "SaturdayNight Live," the genius of Larry Gelbart and Neil Simon and the 2018 documentaries about his longtime friends and collaborators, Gilda Radnerand Garry Shandling. Also, Jay Leno offers sage advice, Buck Henry makes a bad investment, Gilbert makes like Willy Loman and LorneMichaels locks horns with Uncle Miltie. PLUS: Praising Kate McKinnon! Remembering Bruno Kirby (and Herb Sargent)! Mel Brooks comes to dinner! Desi Arnaz invents the sitcom! And Alan writes the Paul "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Simon Special!

This episode is brought to you by PillPack (

Sep 17, 2018
Mini #181: GGACP's Best Musical Moments (By Request!)
This week: A "greatest hits" compilation of Gilbert's best (and worst) musical duets, featuring GGACP guests Ron Dante, Tommy James, Tony Orlando, Paul Shaffer, Dick Van Dyke, Jimmy Webb...and John Byner! (earplugs strongly suggested)
Sep 13, 2018
224. Ron Delsener

Legendary concert promoter Ron Delsener regales Gilbert and Frank with stories about growing up in the era of Automats and bowling pin boys, his early days as a promoter of live events, inventing the free concert in Central Park and working with Woody Allen, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan, Lenny Bruce and The Beatles. Also, Arthur Godfrey lusts after Haleloke, Bruce Springsteen "opens" for Anne Murray, Ol' Blue Eyes boots Jimmy Roselli out of Vegas and Ron presents Groucho at Carnegie Hall. PLUS: Murray the K! The genius of David Bowie! The return of Swain's Rats & Cats! "Jimi Hendrix' Eclectic Thanksgiving"! And Ron sees Dean & Jerry's final show at the Copa! 

This episode is brought to you by PillPack ( and MyBookie ( []).

Sep 10, 2018
Mini #180: Gilbert and Frank's Twitter Mailbag
This week: Danny Thomas meets Columbo! Gilbert pranks Dick Cavett! Remembering Neil Simon! R.I.P., Charlotte Rae! And Jeff Ross roasts the Queen of Soul!
Sep 06, 2018
223. Jonathan Lynn

Gilbert and Frank welcome actor-writer-director Jonathan Lynn, who weighs in on a number of topics, including his collaborations with Jerome Robbins and Tennessee Williams, sharing the stage with future Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman and the challenges of directing the cult/classic comedies "Clue" and "My Cousin Vinny." Also, Ed Sullivan loses his cool, Zero Mostel cracks wise, Steve Martin takes a crack at "Bilko" and Jonathan fights (and wins) for Marisa Tomei. Plus: Fred Gwynne! In praise of Austin Pendleton! Chaplin comes to tea! Peter O'Toole goes Hollywood! And the truth behind the Orson Welles frozen peas ad!

This episode is brought to you by MyBookie ( code: GILBERT) and BlueChew ( code: GILBERT).

Sep 03, 2018
Mini #179: TV Themes with Secret Lyrics, Part One
This week: Richard Dawson sings! Sherwood Schwartz cashes in! Paul Anka inspires Al Pacino! Saluting Henry Mancini! And Mr. Bernstein goes to Mayberry!
Aug 30, 2018
222. Peter Riegert

One of Gilbert and Frank's favorite actors, Peter Riegert ("Animal House," "Local Hero") stops by the studio for an in-depth discussion about the fleeting nature of fame, the contrivances of romantic comedies, the randomness of on-screen chemistry and the profound influence of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers. Also, James Garner lays down the law, Burt Lancaster marches on Washington, MauriceMicklewhite becomes Michael Caine and Peter remembers the late, great James Gandolfini. PLUS: The Firesign Theater! "The Million Dollar Movie"! "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein"! Gilbert bonds with Chico's daughter! And Peter "kisses" Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Stewart! 

This episode is brought to you by MyBookie.

Aug 27, 2018
Mini #178: "Columbo" Guest Killers
This week: Bing Crosby declines! Gilbert mimics Donald Pleasence! Steven Spielberg impresses Peter Falk! Remembering Jack Cassidy! And the Man in Black bumps off Ida Lupino!
Aug 23, 2018
221. Richard Belzer

Gilbert and Frank welcome a return visit from an old friend -- comic, actor and author Richard Belzer (joined by former GGACP guests Tom Leopold and Paul Shaffer), for a hilarious round-table discussion of essential topics, including: the glory days of Catch a Rising Star, the Jackie Mason-Ed Sullivan feud, the infamous Chevy Chase roast and the war between Gallagher and "Gallagher Too."

Also, Señor Wences sells the act, Alan King lusts after Topo Gigio, Liza plays the Rhineland and Mick Jagger pays "The Belz" a rare compliment. PLUS: "Al Capone, the Musical"! The return of Dick & Stinky! The ballad of Perfecto Telles! Gilbert "louses" Harry Shearer! And Richard remembers his friend (and hero) Jerry Lewis.

Aug 20, 2018
Mini #177: Gilbert's Christmas in July
This week: Gilbert opens gifts from fans! Thanking Kirk Hammett! Loving Sid & Marty Krofft! Chico hangs with Laurel and Hardy! And the GGACP team bids farewell to Nutmeg!
Aug 16, 2018
220. Bruce Vilanch

Gilbert and Frank welcome an old friend, legendary comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, who looks back at the "golden age" of TV variety shows and specials, including "Donny & Marie," "The Brady Bunch Hour," "The Star Wars Holiday Special" and "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special." (all co-written by Brucehimself). Also, Margaret Hamilton makes her move, Robert Reed channels Carmen Miranda, Jack Benny does "The Match Bit" and Gilbert takes over "Hollywood Squares." PLUS: Jack Palance! Bob Hope's filing cabinet! "Wayne Newton at SeaWorld"! Bruce hangs with Tallulah Bankhead! And the Oscar joke that never made the air!

Aug 13, 2018
Mini #176: Six Degrees of Gilbert Gottfried
Sidney Poitier! "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle"! Kevin Bacon steals Steve Martin's cab! Johnny Carson turns down Martin Scorsese! And Lon Chaney Jr. meets the Monkees!
Aug 09, 2018
219. Don Murray

Gilbert and Frank track down Oscar-nominated actor Don Murray, who talks about the thrill of live television, the pros and cons of method acting, his lack of interest in "movie stardom" and the challenges of making his screen debut opposite the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Also, Don teases Otto Preminger, Keir Dullea lights up the screen, James Cagney dances between takes and Charles Laughton helms a filmnoir masterpiece. PLUS: Frankie Five Angels! "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes"! Don remembers Rod Steiger (and Rod Serling)! Jack Warden watches a stag reel! And the mysterious death of Albert Dekker!

This episode is brought to you by Nutrafol ( code: GILBERT).

Aug 06, 2018
Mini #175: Gilbert Sings!
This week: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass! The imagination of Paul Henning! Chasing Christopher Plummer! Praising "The Seven Per-Cent Solution"! And Gilbert Gottfried: Feminist Icon!"
Aug 02, 2018
218. Andrea Martin

Tony and Emmy-winning actress Andrea Martin drops by the studio to talk about the long-lost era of variety television, the strange world of Internet celebrity, the Martin Scorsese-directed "SCTV" reunion and the origin of classic characters Edith Prickley and Perini Scleroso. Also, Merv Griffin signs off, Bob Dylan overstays his welcome, Lee Grant crushes on Gilbert and Andrea remembers her friends John Candy and Harold Ramis. PLUS: Señor Wences! "Cannibal Girls"! Dueling Floyd the Barbers! The return of Rick Moranis! And Andrea tells the only joke she knows!

Jul 30, 2018
Mini #174: Beach Blanket Movies!
This week: Remembering Harvey Lembeck! Buster Keaton goes slumming! The expertise of Eddie Deezen! "The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini"! And Annette Funicello reveals her navel!
Jul 26, 2018
217. Carl Gottlieb

Gilbert and Frank celebrate Shark Week with the screenwriter of "Jaws," "Jaws 2" and "Jaws 3-D," Carl Gottlieb, who discusses the birth of the Hollywood blockbuster, the ingenuity of Steven Spielberg, the effectiveness of "unseen horror" and the challenge of bringing the original "Jaws" to the screen. Also, John Belushi spoofs Richard Dreyfuss, Groucho guest hosts "Music Scene," Ringo battles the Abominable Snowman and Carl and Steve Martin team up for "The Jerk." PLUS: "The Absent-Minded Waiter"! "Son of the Invisible Man"! The Smothers Brothers vs. CBS! Sterling Hayden vs. the I.R.S.! And "The Jaws Log: The Musical"!

Jul 23, 2018
Mini #173: Gilbert & Frank Read Facebook and Twitter Questions, Part 2
This week: "Eyes Wide Shut"! "Petticoat Junction"! Randy Quaid holds a press conference! The Undersea World of Jean Cocteau! And Gilbert meets the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!
Jul 19, 2018
216. Doug Benson

Gilbert and Frank are joined by comedian, podcaster and movie obsessive Doug Benson ("Doug Loves Movies") for an enjoyable conversation about bad sequels, booking dream guests, breaking into the business and the perils of meeting Hollywood heroes. Also, Harry Dean Stanton shuts it down, Doug messes with Harrison Ford, Peter Falk reunites with Alan Arkin and Gilbert (once again) rags on Ferris Bueller. PLUS: Foster Brooks! "Captain EO"! The Three Stooges in 3-D! "The Curse of the Pink Panther!" Praising Alexander Payne! And Doug reveals the truth behind the Mr. Belvedere mishap!

Jul 16, 2018
Mini #172: Gilbert & Frank Read Facebook and Twitter Questions
This week: Naked vampires! Fake Stymie! Rod Steiger plays W.C. Fields! Frank goes to a drive-in movie! And Gilbert explains how a joke works!
Jul 12, 2018
215. Sid and Marty Krofft

Legendary producers, puppeteers and showmen Sid and Marty Krofft join Gilbert and Frank for a fun-filled (and fact-filled) conversation about their unusual creative process, the origins of "H.R. Pufnstuf" and "Land of the Lost" and the failure of their indoor theme park, "The World of Sid and Marty Krofft." Also, Dean Martin drops the ax, Bette Davis drops an f-bomb, Walt Disney doles out advice and Liberace "dates" Sonja Henie. PLUS: Live, nude puppets! Sid Caesar to the rescue! The late, great Martha Raye! "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour"! And the Kroffts sue McDonald's -- and win!

Jul 09, 2018
Mini #171: Bill Macy Returns
This week: "Movers & Shakers"! Bill vs. Morty Seinfeld! Lee Strasberg gets steamed! And the mob "handles" Walter Matthau!
Jul 05, 2018
214. Tim Matheson

Gilbert and Frank celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Animal House" with actor Tim Matheson, who recalls his original audition for the role of Eric "Otter" Stratton, his onscreen chemistry with co-star Peter Riegert and his working relationship (and friendship) with the late, great John Belushi. Also, Tim takes a lesson from Henry Fonda, takes a call from Steven Spielberg, shares a bed with Mel Brooks and shares the screen with TimConway and Don Knotts. PLUS: "Johnny Quest"! Sam Kinison! In praise of Jack Warden! Dean Wormer meets Iron Man! And Tim tries (in vain) to save the National Lampoon!

Jul 02, 2018
Mini #170: Gilbert & Frank Read Listener Tweets
This week: Meeting Richard Kind! Paging Robert Morse! Remembering Adam West! Richard Donner directs Mr. Warmth! And the mysterious world of Dan Curtis!
Jun 28, 2018
213. Michael Giacchino

Gilbert and Frank are joined by Oscar, Emmy and Grammy-winning film composer Michael Giacchino for a fascinating conversation about the birth of film scores, the golden age of "contract musicians," and the influences of Dave Grusin, Henry Mancini, Lalo Schifrin and Max Steiner. Also, Don Knotts gets tough, Martin Scorsese picks pop songs, Jerry Goldsmith conducts in an ape mask and Michael teams with the legendary John Williams! PLUS: Randy Newman! The great Gonzo! The genius of Hoyt Curtin! Paul McCartney grooves to Dr. Strange! And Michael pays tribute to Japanese monster movies!

This episode is brought to you by BlueChew ( code: GILBERT).

Jun 25, 2018
Mini #169: Gilbert Sings!
This week: The Paul Raybone Band! Paging Gordon Lightfoot! Ed Sullivan blows the joke! And Bernie Taupin teams with Peter Lorre!
Jun 21, 2018
212. Peter Fonda

Actor, director, producer and counterculture hero Peter Fonda stops by the studio for a fascinating conversation about the making of "Easy Rider," his difficult relationship with his legendary dad and his encounters with Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau and Ernest Hemingway (among others). Also, Dennis Hopper holds a grudge, Elvis straps on a helmet, Jack Nicholson replaces Rip Torn and Victor Mature gives a bravura performance. PLUS: The genius of Terry Southern! In praise of Christopher Plummer! The Monkees foot the bill! The Beatles find inspiration! And Peter names his favorite Henry Fonda movie!

This episode is brought to you by BlueChew ( code: GILBERT).

Jun 18, 2018
Mini #168: TV Debuts of 1968: Part Two
This week: Remembering Nick Meglin! "It Takes a Thief"! The ballad of Barney Fife! Tom Jones does Jessel! And the fantastic world of Irwin Allen!
Jun 14, 2018
211. Arnie and Jay Kogen

In celebration of Father's Day, Gilbert and Frank welcome Emmy-winning comedy writers Arnie and Jay Kogen ("The Carol Burnett Show," "Newhart," "The Simpsons," "Frasier") for a hilarious conversation about failed pilots, cheesy variety shows, the outrageousness of Pat McCormick and the "unwritten rules" of writing for television. Also, Soupy Sales takes flight, Jackie Mason takes offense, Garry Shandling gripes about the sunset and the Kogens party with the Jackson 5. PLUS: "Monkey World"! The genius of James L. Brooks! "The World's Oldest Fireman"! Jay reinterprets "The Aristocrats"! And Gilbert and Arnie remember "Thicke of the Night"!

This episode is brought to you by Leesa (

Jun 11, 2018
Mini #167: TV Debuts of 1968
This week: "Journey to the Unknown"! The strange history of Jack Chick! Lou Costello in "Citizen Kane"! Remembering Gene Tierney! And Allen & Rossi sing again!
Jun 07, 2018
210. Willie Tyler & Lester

Gilbert and Frank welcome a favorite performer (sorry...performers!), legendary ventriloquist Willie Tyler and his longtime partner, Lester, for an entertaining conversation about the history of the "Chitlin Circuit," ventriloquism-themed horror movies, the mob's influence in Vegas and and the golden age of "the Motown Sound." Also: Steve Rossi teams with Slappy White, George Kirby channels Pearl Bailey, Edgar Bergen offers sage advice and Willie opens for Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. PLUS: Jules Podell! Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop! Don Rickles takes a front seat! Lester meets George Jefferson! And the many talents of Paul Winchell! 

Jun 04, 2018
Mini #166: Gilbert & Frank Read Listener Tweets
This week: "Celebrity Bowling"! "The Glass Bottom Boat"! Thanking Patton Oswalt! Gilbert appears on the Jumbotron! And Bob Hope teams with Emmanuel Lewis!
May 31, 2018
209. Kirk Hammett

Metallica guitarist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Kirk Hammett visits the studio to discuss his lifelong love affair with horror films, his priceless collection of movie memorabilia, his sympathy for "misunderstood" monsters and the shared connection between horror fans and metal heads. Also, Karloff goes digital, Kirk meets Robert Crumb, Forrest Ackerman drives a hard bargain and Gilbert pens a fan letter to Lon Chaney Jr! PLUS: "White Zombie"! "It Conquered the World"! Maria Ouspenskaya returns! The art of Basil Gogos! And Horrible Herman, the Asiatic Insect!

May 28, 2018
Mini #165: Producer of the Month: The Cinema of Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor
This week: The Nairobi Trio! "Last Tango in Paris"! "The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings"! Gilbert impersonates Colonel Kurtz! And Jack Klugman makes a shocking discovery!
May 24, 2018
208. Keith Carradine

Gilbert and Frank welcome one of their favorite performers, Academy Award winner Keith Carradine, for a fond look back at his frequent collaborations with mentor Robert Altman, his friendships with co-stars Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Robert Mitchum, and the life and career of his dad, horror legend John Carradine. Also, Harvey Keitel loosens up, Jerry Lewis shoots hoops, Rod Steiger pays a surprise visit and Jessica Tandy lights up the stage. PLUS: "Love American Style"! Sam Fuller eats a stogie! Kwai Chang Caine hosts SNL! Deconstructing "The Aristocrats"! And Keith wins an Oscar for Best Original Song!

May 21, 2018
Mini #164: Remembering Chuck McCann
This week: "Cool McCool"! Rootie Kazootie! Stan Laurel comes to America! "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"! And Chuck founds The Sons of the Desert!
May 17, 2018
207. Richard Donner

Gilbert and Frank are thrilled to welcome producer-director Richard Donner ("Superman," "The Omen," "Lethal Weapon"), who discusses the importance of teamwork, the eccentricities of Marlon Brando, the joys of collaborating with Rod Serling and the challenge of (faithfully) adapting the Man of Steel for the big screen. Also, Gregory Peck cashes in, Gene Hackman plays hardball, Jackie Gleason bends the elbow and Richard recalls working with Hollywood's greatest character actors. PLUS: Miguelito Loveless! "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"! Celebrating Don Rickles! Gilbert auditions for "Scrooged"! And Richard remembers his friend Christopher Reeve!

May 14, 2018
Mini #163: Celebrating "The Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone" with Gary Gerani
This week: Civil War trading cards! Charlton Heston holds out! Praising "The Horror of Dracula"! Rod Serling inspires "The X-Files"! And Bill Bixby feuds with Lou Ferrigno!
May 10, 2018
206. M. Emmet Walsh

Legendary character actor M. Emmet Walsh ("Blade Runner," "Fletch," "The Jerk") joins Gilbert and Frank for a fascinating conversation about acing auditions, stealing scenes, disappearing into roles, reinventing characters and humanizing heavies and bad guys. Also, Laurence Oliver gets "the wish," Henry Fonda rallies the troops, Lauren Bacall reads the riot act and the Coen Brothers pay in cash. PLUS: The Stanton-Walsh rule! J. Carrol Naish! Loving Lee Grant! Deconstructing "Blood Simple"! And Emmet plays "tennis" with Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Harrison Ford! 

May 07, 2018
Mini #162: Trading Card Confidential with Gary Gerani
This week: Mars Attacks! Monsters to Laugh With! Saluting Norm Saunders! The birth of action figures! And the golden age of Wacky Packages!
May 03, 2018
205. Patton Oswalt
Apr 30, 2018
Mini #161: Remembering Mister Kelly’s with David Marienthal and Adam Carston
This week: Tim & Tom! Woody Allen salutes Miles Davis! Shecky Greene throws a haymaker! Redd Foxx teams with Slappy White! And the golden age of comedy albums!
Apr 26, 2018
204. Billy West Returns

In one of the funniest GGACP shows to date, comedian, musician and voice actor Billy West returns to weigh in on a number of topics, including the legend of "Grandpa" Al Lewis, the genius of June Foray, the uselessness of "Curly Joe" DeRita and the magnificence of the Buddy Rich and Paul Anka rants. Also, Larry Fine plays Stanley Kowalski, Lou Jacobi inspires Dr. Zoidberg, Jay Leno messes with James Mason's head and Jerry Lewis meets SpongeBob SquarePants. PLUS: El Brendel! The Mad Russian! The strange death of Ted Healy! The return of the Jackie Puppet! And Gilbert and Frank recall the long-lost Irwin Corey episode!

Apr 23, 2018
Mini #160: Remembering Mister Kelly's with David Marienthal and Adam Carston
This week: Bob Newhart vs. the mob! Lenny Bruce takes on the church! The radicalization of Richard Pryor! Gilbert channels Jackie Vernon! And Shelley Berman shares the bill with Maya Angelou!
Apr 19, 2018
203. Tony Sandler

Gilbert and Frank track down one of their favorite performers, singer and recording artist Tony Sandler, who looks back on his turbulent childhood in Nazi-occupied Europe, his wild times in mob-run Las Vegas, his glory days as one half of "Sandler & Young" and his friendships with Sid Caesar, Sammy Davis Jr., Vincent Price and Phil Silvers (among others). Also, Louis Prima plays the Sands, Lauren Bacall makes her move, Elvis chases chorus girls and Sonny & Cher "entertain" the royal family. PLUS: Les Brown and His Band of Renown! Uncle Miltie lays down the law! Robert Goulet misses the boat! Dino does the boys a solid! And the poetry of Buddy Hackett! 

Apr 16, 2018
Mini #159: Celebrating 200 Episodes with the GGACP Listener Society (Part 2)
This week: "Blame It on Rio"! Alan Arkin's "Fire Sale"! Praise for Gilbert's Peter Lorre! Paul Lynde lusts after Carol Wayne! And Red Buttons parts the Red Sea!
Apr 12, 2018
202. Ed Begley Jr.

Veteran character actor Ed Begley Jr. joins Gilbert and Frank for a loving look at the glory days of the Troubadour, the timelessness of "The In-Laws," the absurdity of Hollywood urban legends and the career of his Oscar-winning dad, Ed Begley. Also, Forrest Tucker takes a nip, Steve Allen checks into "St. Elsewhere," Harry Belafonte shuts down Rodney Dangerfield and Ed hits the rink with Charlie's Angels. PLUS: Wheeler & Woolsey! "Amazon Women on the Moon"! Mr. Warmth lowers the boom! Ed remembers his friend Peter Falk! And the unsolved death of John "Stumpy" Pepys! 

Apr 09, 2018
Mini #158: Celebrating 200 Episodes with the GGACP Listener Society (Part 1)
This week: Discovering Harpo's wig! Sonny Fox turns on the waterworks! Gilbert "rescues" Chevy Chase! The riskiest movie ever made! And the Shecky Greene flaming monkey story!
Apr 05, 2018
201. Marion Ross

Gilbert and Frank welcome "Mrs. C" herself, Emmy-nominated actress Marion Ross, who recalls her early days as a studio contract player, her struggles to find her footing in Hollywood, her curious methods of getting into character and her working relationships with Claudette Colbert, Noel Coward, Kirk Douglas and Charlton Heston. Also, Marion crushes on Clark Gable, confides in Cary Grant, sets sail with Tony Curtis and pays a call on Bogie and Bacall. PLUS: Marlene Dietrich eats lunch! Jose Ferrer makes his move! Ginger Rogers robs the cradle! And Marion remembers colleagues Tom Bosley, Pat Morita and Garry Marshall! 

This episode is brought to you by Leesa (

Apr 02, 2018
Mini #157: Gilbert Sings!
This week: Mantan Moreland! The 1910 Fruitgum Company! John Ritter has a wardrobe malfunction! And Gilbert hangs with Cuba Gooding Jr.!
Mar 29, 2018
200. Drew Friedman, Rupert Holmes, Richard Kind

Gilbert and Frank celebrate their 200th (!) episode by welcoming frequent guests (and friends) Drew Friedman, Rupert Holmes and Richard Kind for a loose, laugh-filled (and frequently lewd) discussion of essential topics, including: the cinema of Fred Gwynne, the unpredictability of Jerry Lewis, the long-lost child of Uncle Miltie, and the risks and rewards of meeting one's heroes. Also, Drew puts Groucho to bed, Rupert lunches with Frank Capra, Richard lives up to his name and the panel recalls the movie that changed their lives. PLUS: The Olivia de Havilland of monster movies! In praise of Dan Castellaneta! Gilbert disses (the original) "Casino Royale"! Merv Griffin co-stars with a gorilla! And the boys rank the best Richard Kind impressions!

This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: GILBERT) and Harold Ramis Film School.

Mar 26, 2018
Mini #156: A (Short) History of National Lampoon with "Mr. Mike" author Dennis Perrin
This week: The life and death of Doug Kenney! "Planet of the Cheap Special Effects"! Randy Quaid subs for Sam Kinison! And Gilbert stars in Foto Funnies!
Mar 22, 2018
199. Eddie Deezen

Actor Eddie Deezen ("Grease," "1941," "The Polar Express") joins Gilbert and Frank for a look back at his memorable roles in iconic '70s and '80s movies, his early days as a stand-up comic and his unforgettable encounters with Andy Griffith, John Belushi, Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rooney. Also, Eddie loses his lunch, Jack Nicholson loses his cool, Morgan Fairchild turns on the charm and Count Dracula shares the screen with "Weezie" Jefferson. PLUS: Remembering Marvin Kaplan! The return of Fake Shemp! The cinema of Fred Olen Ray! Steven Spielberg presents the Beatles! And Gilbert sings the theme from "Zapped!"

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Mar 19, 2018
Mini #155: Entertainment reporter Gino Salomone
This week: Grandpa Munster lays down the law! The Munchkins go to Pittsburgh! Florence Henderson plays Gino's mom! And Sandra Bullock declares her love for Gilbert!
Mar 15, 2018
198. George Shapiro

Legendary talent manager and Emmy-winning producer George Shapiro joins Gilbert and Frank to reminisce about the glory days of the Borscht Belt and the golden age of variety television and to discuss his personal and professional relationships with Steve Allen, Jimmy Durante, Carl Reiner and Jerry Seinfeld. Also, Elvis praises Andy Kaufman, Richard Belzer inspires Tony Clifton, "Dem Bums" visit "The Martha Raye Show" and George explains his lifelong love affair with comedy (and comedians). PLUS: Marty Feldman! Buddy Holly and the Crickets! Nichols and May bring down the house! Richard Pryor plays God! And Danny DeVito plays...George Shapiro?

Mar 12, 2018
Mini #154: "Modern Day Philosophers" with Danny Lobell
This week: Gilbert does Kierkegaard! Remembering Joe Franklin! Jackie Mason tangles with Rodney Dangerfield! And Pat Cooper weighs in on Marcus Aurelius!
Mar 08, 2018
197. Dave Thomas

Gilbert and Frank check in with one of their favorite performers, actor-writer-director DAVE THOMAS, who talks about his years with Second City (and SCTV), his transition to dramatic series writing, his admiration for Bob Hope and his working relationships with Dan Aykroyd, Eugene Levy, Tom Poston and Martin Short. Also, Richard Harris gets rough, Buck Henry storms out, Gilbert dances with John Travolta and Mel Blanc plays Dave's dad. PLUS: "The New Show"! The origin of Bob and Doug McKenzie! Yasser Arafat hits the links! Dave praises Al Jaffee! And the comedy stylings of Max von Sydow!

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Mar 05, 2018
Mini #153: Oscar Injustices
This week: Sidney Falco gets snubbed! The return of Sacheen Littlefeather! "The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu"! Oscar winners that stood the test of time! And Gilbert addresses the (alleged) Brando-Pryor affair!
Mar 01, 2018
196. Michael H. Weber

Oscar-nominated screenwriter ("The Disaster Artist," "500 Days of Summer") and GGACPsuperfan MICHAEL H. WEBER joins Gilbert and Frank to talk about the studio development process, the eccentricities of Marlon Brando (and Tommy Wiseau), the cinema of Richard Curtis and the importance of truth in storytelling. Also, Jane Fonda takes a seat, Bill Murray thanks Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman pursues Hannibal Lecter and the boys list their favorite romantic comedies (and romantic comedy cliches). PLUS: Evel Knievel! "The Knack...and How to Get It"! Gilbert hangs with Paul Rudd! Praising "Jerry Maguire"! And Michael swaps punchlines with Steve Martin! 

This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: GILBERT).

Feb 26, 2018
Mini #152: Gilbert & Frank Read Listener Tweets
This week: Stanley Myron Handelman! The indestructible Bill Macy! "Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?" James Mason hawks Thunderbird! And the return of the Alan Ladd story!
Feb 22, 2018
195. Craig Bierko

Tony-nominated actor and singer (and friend of GGACP) Craig Bierko returns to weigh in on a wide range of topics, including: the lost era of "Clubhouse TV," the importance of a showbiz "hook," the generosity of Alan Alda and Carol Burnett and the similarities between Yiddish theatre and "Guys & Dolls." Also, Jack Paar gets intimate, Steve Martin plays to the cheap seats, Richard Dreyfuss "inhabits" Spencer Tracy and Ted Danson borrows from Dick Van Dyke. PLUS: Peter Tork! In praise of Richard Kind! Craig wows Stephen Sondheim! Gilbert teams with Larry David! And Nathan Lane pays tribute to...EVERYONE!

This episode is brought to you by Leesa ( and SeatGeek (download SeatGeek app and enter promo code: GILBERT).

Feb 19, 2018
Mini #151: Movies about Movies with screenwriter Michael H. Weber
This week: "The Bad and the Beautiful"! Lorenzo Semple Jr.! In praise of "Silent Movie"! Gilbert changes the subject (repeatedly)! And "Ed Wood" inspires "The Disaster Artist"!
Feb 15, 2018
194. Gino Conforti

Gilbert and Frank reach out to one of their favorite performers, actor Gino Conforti ("Three's Company," "Man of La Mancha") who discusses the life of a "journeyman" actor and looks back on his working relationships with Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr., Zero Mostel, Debbie Reynolds and Orson Welles. Also, Sophia Loren takes a spill, Jerome Robbins takes a powder, Jonathan Winters comes to dinner and Gilbert and Gino remember the late, great John Ritter. PLUS: "Bungle Abbey"! Uncle Carl Laemmle! In praise of Tom Hanks! Gino "befriends" Sally Field! And the Golden Helmet of Mambrino!

This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: GILBERT) and Just For Men ( code: Regrowth25).

Feb 12, 2018
Mini #150: Oscar-nominated Screenwriter Michael H. Weber
This week: Writing "The Disaster Artist"! "Mom and Dad Save the World"! The generosity of Harvey Keitel! Gilbert lands on the cutting room floor! And Michael curates the Robert De Niro archive!
Feb 08, 2018
193. Barbara Barrie

Oscar and Emmy-nominated actress Barbara Barrie ("Barney Miller," "Breaking Away") sits down with Gilbert and Frank for a look back at her early days in live television and shares her recollections of working with everyone from Tony Randall and Jack Klugman to James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. Also, Jack Weston gets fresh, Madeline Kahn toughs it out, Richard Mulligan saves the day and Barbara and Art Carney bomb in Chicago. PLUS: "Shock Corridor"! The original Alice Kramden! The comic genius of Danny Arnold! Robert Duvall enters "The Twilight Zone"! And Gilbert (once again) roasts the late, great Abe Vigoda!

This episode is brought to you by Leesa ( and SeatGeek (Download SeatGeek app and enter promo code: GILBERT).

Feb 05, 2018
Mini #149: Cheesy Action Movie Lines
This week: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper! "The Last Action Hero"! The "cinema" of Rainier Wolfcastle! And Gilbert and Frank salute the late, great Roger Moore!
Feb 01, 2018
192. Phil Rosenthal

Emmy-winning writer-producer-actor Phil Rosenthal chats with Gilbert and Frank about a number of compelling topics, including the "sex appeal" of comedians, the vulgarity of network sitcoms, the ingeniousness of "Tootsie" (and "The Swimmer") and the realism and relatability of "The Honeymooners." Also, Lucy loses a ring, George Burns nabs an Oscar, Robert Mitchum dons an apron and Phil remembers his dear friend Peter Boyle. PLUS: The artistry of Alan Arkin! The wonder of Walter Matthau! Jerry Lewis plays the big room! Phil hangs with Peter O'Toole! And the most politically incorrect movie ever made!

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Jan 29, 2018
Mini #148: Actors Who Directed ONCE
This week: In praise of Richard Widmark! In search of Tuesday Weld! Boris Badenov directs! And Gary Cooper turns down "Night of the Hunter"!
Jan 25, 2018
191. Mark Evanier

Writer, producer and showbiz historian Mark Evanier joins Gilbert and Frank for a loose and lively conversation about the lasciviousness of Herve Villechaize, the eccentricities of Paul Winchell, the multiple talents of Howard Morris (and Allan Melvin!) and the artistry of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Also, Red Skelton works blue, Vincent Price disses Danny Kaye, Billy Barty meets the Bay City Rollers and Groucho visits the set of "Welcome Back, Kotter." PLUS: Sergio Aragones! "Who's Minding the Mint?"! Jack Benny goes to the movies! Gilbert breaks bread with Rob Petrie! And Frank sings the "Banana Splits" theme with Joe Barbera!

This episode is brought to you by SeatGeek and Leesa (

Jan 22, 2018
Mini #147: In Memoriam 2017: Music
This week: The White Knight of Soul! "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour"! The Wrecking Crew meets The Partridge Family! Gilbert sings "Centerfold"! And Frank's mom dances with Louis Prima!
Jan 18, 2018
190. In Memoriam 2017

Gilbert and Frank take a loving look back at some of the unforgettable talents who left us in 2017, including Jim Nabors, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Gregory, George Romero and Martin Landau. Also in this episode: Harry Dean Stanton breaks out, Gilbert hangs with Tobe Hooper, John Hurt presides over The Last Supper and Rose Marie inspires a generation of funny women. PLUS: Hymie the Robot! The First Lady of Voice Acting! The artistry of Jonathan Demme! The brilliance of Chuck Barris! And the boys remember their VERY FIRST podcast guest!

Jan 15, 2018
Mini #146: Bad Movie Musicals, Part 2
This week: "Moose Murders" flops! "Popeye" sinks! Bacharach and David call it quits! Remembering Richard Mulligan! And the musical stylings of Charles Durning!?
Jan 11, 2018
189. Felix Cavaliere

Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer Felix Cavaliere joins Gilbert and Frank for a look back at the creative and cultural revolutions of the 1960s as well as his six-decade career as a singer, songwriter and founding member of the platinum-selling pop group, The Rascals. Also, Wilson Pickett blows his stack, Tom Jones covers Sophie Tucker, Sammy Davis does the boys a solid and Felix shares his recollections of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the four lads from Liverpool. PLUS: Myron Cohen! Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer! Laura Nyro stands her ground! Gilbert sings "The Mouse"! The genius of Arif Mardin! And Felix boards a rowboat with Der Bingle!

Jan 08, 2018
Mini #145: Gilbert Sings!
Gilbert does Karloff (and Anthony Newley)! Remembering Thelma Ritter! Darlene Love backs up Lon Chaney Jr! And Paul Lynde covers The 5th Dimension!
Jan 04, 2018
188. Larry Cohen

Gilbert and Frank welcome (finally!) oft-discussed maverick filmmaker Larry Cohen ("It's Alive," "The Stuff," "Hell Up in Harlem"), who talks about his early days as a standup comic, his friendship with Alfred Hitchcock, the risks and rewards of "guerrilla moviemaking" and the new documentary about his life and career, "King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen." Also, Chuck Connors blows the whistle, Robert De Niro dons a yarmulke, Bette Davis stages a "comeback" and John Belushi babysits Broderick Crawford. PLUS: "Q, the Winged Serpent"! Revisiting "Coronet Blue"! John Wayne tosses out the script! The Coen Brothers pay "tribute" to "Branded"! And Larry remembers the legendary Samuel Z. Arkoff!

Jan 01, 2018
Mini #144: Gilbert & Frank Read Listener Tweets, Part 2
Maurice Chevalier! Sandler and Young! Saluting Rutger Hauer! Dining with Dick Van Dyke! And Jimmy Fallon nails a Gilbert impression!
Dec 28, 2017
187. Mario Cantone

Fan favorite and GGACP holiday fixture Mario Cantone drops by the studio to chime in on everything from the infamous Bette Davis-Joan Crawford feud to the not-so-special effects of "Mighty Joe Young" to the strange predilections of Frosty the Snowman. Also, Dracula plays heavy metal, Carol Kane plays Gilbert's wife, Mario learns the Perfecto Telles story (!) and the co-hosts rank the best (and worst) adaptations of "A Christmas Carol." PLUS: Dueling Dylans! "The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas"! The genius of Alan Menken! In praise of Leonard Maltin! And the (triumphant) return of Carol Channing and Herve' Villechaize!

Dec 25, 2017
Mini #143: Obscure Christmas Movies
This week: Grizzly Adams to the rescue! Gilbert dons a Santa suit! Frank Capra cries plagiarism! Rod Serling meets Charles Dickens! And the squirrel that saved Christmas!
Dec 21, 2017
186. Art Metrano

Another of Gilbert and Frank's favorite funnymen, actor and comedian Art Metrano looks back on his 50+ year career in film and television, his friendships with performers like Cornel Wilde, Elliott Gould and Robert Mitchum and his miraculous (and inspirational) recovery from a life-threatening injury. Also, Johnny Carson cracks up, Huntz Hall measures up, Buddy Hackett lays even money and Art parties with Lenny Bruce (and Clint Eastwood). PLUS: Jim Brown! "Night of the Hunter"! Raymond Burr goes it alone! The suavity of Dean Martin! The strangeness of Merv Griffin! And Art remembers the late, great Marvin Kaplan!

Dec 18, 2017
Mini #142: Gilbert & Frank Read Listener Tweets
This week: Peter Lorre groupies! The last surviving Munchkin! In praise of Rupert Holmes (and Joyce Van Patten)! Vincent Price gets lucky! And Gilbert defends Lon Chaney Jr!
Dec 14, 2017
185. Billy Saluga

Gilbert and Frank track down one of their favorite performers, comedian and variety show mainstay Bill (Raymond J. Johnson Jr.) Saluga, who recalls his years in the sketch group The Ace Trucking Company and reminisces about working with everyone from Redd Foxx to Billy Barty to John Lennon. Also, Bill rooms with John Byner, David Frye hits on the ladies, Dick Shawn roasts Uncle Miltie and Bob Dylan pays tribute to Ray J. Johnson. PLUS: Gypsy Boots! "The Steve Allen Comedy Hour"! Bill improvises with Bobby Darin! RFK sings "Wild Thing"! And Pat McCormick meets the Master of Suspense!

Dec 11, 2017
Mini #141: J.J. Wall: Part 2
This week: Clint Eastwood writes a check! Bob Newhart rights a wrong! Rodney Dangerfield throws in the towel! The comic genius of Patrick Warburton! And the glory years of Catch a Rising Star!
Dec 07, 2017
184. Ed. Weinberger

Gilbert and Frank are joined by veteran comedy writer and producer Ed. Weinberger, who looks back on six decades' worth of career highlights, including touring Vietnam with Bob Hope, penning jokes for Johnny Carson, firing Tony Clifton (but not Andy Kaufman) and befriending the late, great Dick Gregory. Also, Dino hits the sauce, Vaughn Meader hits the skids, George C. Scott hits the roof and Ed. remembers the infamous Harry Crane. PLUS: When Orangutans Attack! "Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School"! Ol' Blue Eyes places a bet! Gilbert makes like Lenny Bruce! And Ed. auditions to play...himself?

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Dec 04, 2017
Mini #140: Writer-comedian J.J. Wall: Part 1
This week: Gilbert minds the store! J.J. impersonates Robocop! Jackie Gleason trashes the script! Tom Arnold hits the john! And Quake gets a macho makeover!
Nov 30, 2017
183. Rupert Holmes Returns

GGACP fan (and host) favorite, songwriter-composer-dramatist Rupert Holmes returns to discuss (among other essential topics) the brilliance of Bernard Herrmann, the lesser-known films of Boris Karloff and the fine art of "cracking" celebrity impressions. Also, Frank Gorshin channels George Burns, Gilbert channels Sydney Greenstreet, Bob Hope goes psychedelic and Rupert remembers childhood hero Jerry Lewis. PLUS: "House of Wax"! The Great Gildersleeve! Grandpa Munster rocks out! Rupert"collaborates" with Mickey Rooney! And the boys pay tribute to "Old Dark House" movies!

Nov 27, 2017
Mini #139: Movie Sequels That Surpass the Original
"Jaws 3, People 0"! The secret origin of Garbage Pail Kids! Praising "The Godfather Part II"! Gloria Swanson goes ape! And Gilbert seduces Mr. Magoo!
Nov 23, 2017
182. David Zucker

Writer-director-producer David Zucker ("Airplane!," "The Naked Gun," "Kentucky Fried Movie") sits down with Gilbert and Frank for a fascinating, hour-plus conversation about the rules of comedy, the challenges of parody, the uniqueness of "Who's on First?" and the greatest hits (and misses) of the Marx Brothers. Also, Peter Graves takes offense, Vincent Price takes a pass, Woody Allen boxes a kangaroo and "ZAZ" lifts a plot from Charles Bronson. PLUS: "Top Secret!" "A Fistful of Yen"! In praise of Chevy Chase! John Byner sends up Robert Stack! And David remembers his old friend Leslie Nielsen.

Nov 20, 2017
Mini #138: Jackie Martling Returns: Part 2
Al Lewis stops the show! Groucho packs Carnegie Hall! Miguelito Loveless strikes out! And Jackie explains "Stump the Jokeman"!
Nov 16, 2017
181. Joyce Van Patten

Gilbert and Frank welcome veteran stage, film and television actress Joyce Van Patten, who shares fond memories of working with some of Hollywood's most iconic figures, including Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Danny Kaye, Dean Martin and Peter Sellers (to name a few). Also, Joyce dines with Vincent Price, tours with Tony Randall, treads the boards with Al Shean and remembers the late, great Herb Edelman. PLUS: Mr. Big converts! Rod Serling stops by the set! Joyce praises Martin Balsam! Andy Griffith hates on Jack Lord! And Bob Denver adopts a monkey! 

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Nov 13, 2017
Mini #137: Jackie Martling Returns: Part 1
This week: Louis Nye holds court! Mae West wigs out! Rodney Dangerfield sings "The Rainbow Connection"! And Jackie meets The King of All Media!
Nov 09, 2017
180. Rick Overton

Comedian, actor and Emmy-winning writer Rick Overton ("Willow," Groundhog Day," "Seinfeld") joins Gilbert and Frank for a free form discussion of everything from incidental sitcom music to the Beatles' animated series to the underrated mimicry of Frank Gorshin. Also, Barney Fife screws up his courage, Ian McKellen prank calls Patrick Stewart, Rick hangs with Kurt Vonnegut and Captain Nemo meets the Prince of *$#@* Darkness! PLUS: Burns & Carlin! "Million Dollar Mystery"! Otis the Drunk cleans up! The return of the Lee Marvin story! And Rick remembers his friend Jonathan Winters!

Nov 06, 2017
Mini #136: Inside the "Gilbert" Documentary with filmmaker Neil Berkeley
This week: Wally Cox breaks the ice! Lewis Black busts a gut! Gilbert meets war re-enactors! And the many talents of Arlene Gottfried!
Nov 02, 2017
179. Rich Koz aka Svengoolie

Gilbert and Frank usher in Halloween 2017 with one of the last remaining TV horror hosts, Rich Koz, AKA "Svengoolie," who remembers some of his famous predecessors (Ghoulardi, Zacherle, Chilly Billy) and praises the stylishness and symbolism of the original Universal horror classics. Also, Fritz Feld gets hitched, Eddie Munster goes wild, Vampira takes Elvira to court and Mister Rogers meets the Wicked Witch of the West. PLUS: Count Floyd! "The Mummy's Curse"! Bela Lugosi gets hypnotized! Gilbert chokes the chicken! And the (arguably) craziest horror film ever made!

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Oct 30, 2017
Mini #135: Producer of the Month: "Movie Cliches"
This week: Roscoe Lee Browne! Blake Edwards' "The Party"! Gilbert takes down "Midnight Express"! And the Principle of Evil Marksmanship!
Oct 26, 2017
178. Mick Garris

Writer, director and producer Mick Garris ("The Stand," "Psycho IV," "Stephen King's The Shining") joins Gilbert and Frank to weigh in on a host of horror-related topics, including the cordiality of Vincent Price, the bravado of Christopher Lee, the generosity of Forrest J. Ackerman and the "ampleness" of Lon Chaney Jr.  Also, Stanley Kubrick ditches the script, Martin Scorsese clears the set, Gilbert hangs with Tobe Hooper and Mick remembers the late, great William Schallert. PLUS: "Rod Serling's Night Gallery"! "Exorcist II: The Heretic"! Bea Arthur meets R2-D2! Mick wins over Norman Bates! And the golden age of horror anthologies!

Oct 23, 2017
Mini #134: "Stump the Hosts! Part 3" with Kevin Dougherty and Drew Friedman
This week: Anthony Newley! The REAL Fred Flintstone! "How to Murder Your Wife"! Gilbert bombs in New Delhi! And "Harvey Korman" guests on the podcast!
Oct 19, 2017
177. Drew Friedman

Gilbert and Frank welcome back one of their favorite guests, cartoonist and illustrator extraordinaire Drew Friedman, who discusses his newest book, "Drew Friedman's Chosen People," and joins the boys for a rollicking hour of rumors, innuendo, half-truths and outright lies. Also, Drew puts Groucho to bed, Frank meets a real, live Stooge, Fred McMurray inspires Captain Marvel and Sammy Petrillo takes credit for "The Munsters." PLUS: The Uncle Miltie puppet! The MAD genius of Don Martin! The return of Perfecto Telles! Jerry Lewis "kills" Peter Lorre! And Mr. Warmth plays Felix Ungar! 

This episode is brought to you by Leesa ( and ZipRecruiter (

Oct 16, 2017
Mini #133: "The History of the Improv" with author Tripp Whetsell
This week: Bette Midler breaks out! Richard Pryor drops trou! Robin Williams does Gilbert a solid! Rodney Dangerfield vs. Joe E. Ross! And the true story behind Budd Friedman's monocle!
Oct 12, 2017
176. Dee Wallace

Veteran actress Dee Wallace ("E.T.," "Cujo," "The Howling") joins Gilbert and Frank for an informative and inspiring conversation about the power of intuition, the challenges of sudden fame, the generosity of Harold Prince and the precision of Steven Spielberg. Also, John Carradine soldiers on, Dudley Moore replaces George Segal, Harrison Ford ends up on the cutting room floor and Dee embraces the term "scream queen." PLUS: Blake Edwards! "The Frighteners"! Dee praises Cloris Leachman! Slim Pickens holds court! And Gilbert and Larry David go to the movies!

Oct 09, 2017
Mini #132: The Cinema of Gilbert Gottfried, Part II
This week: "The Beastmaster"! "Aladdin on Ice"! J.Lo becomes Chuck Norris! Renny Harlin gives Gilbert the brush-off! And we salute the GGACP Listener Society!
Oct 05, 2017
175. Frank Conniff

"Push the button, Frank!" Writer, comedian and actor Frank Conniff ("Mystery Science Theater 3000") stops by the studio to share selections from his new book of MST3K-related essays and to weigh in on topics ranging from Superman's Jewish roots to the outsized cinema of Bert I. Gordon to the meta-comedy of ArtMetrano. Also, Jack Webb directs, Pia Zadora meets Kris Kringle, Frank defends Ed Wood and Gilbert hangs with Sid Melton. PLUS: Richard "Jaws" Kiel! The Rip Taylor Trio! "Monster a Go-Go!" Billy Wilder teams with the Marx Brothers!? And the worst musical ever made!

This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter ( and Harold Ramis Film School (

Oct 02, 2017
Mini #131: The Cinema of Gilbert Gottfried
This week: Pimpin' with James Lipton! Dreaming of Alan Arkin! Dice Clay skips "My Cousin Vinny"! And Gilbert gets lucky in Madrid!
Sep 28, 2017
174. Richard Lewis

Comedian and actor Richard Lewis joins Gilbert and Frank to promote the new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and to reminisce about his 45 years in comedy, his history of "nightmare gigs" and his relationships with Don Rickles, Jerry Lewis, Rodney Dangerfield and Jonathan Winters. Also, Larry David goes to camp, David Brenner buys a stapler, the Juggalos heckle Lionel Atwill, and Richard joins the mile-high club (sort of). PLUS: John Cassavetes! Fred de Cordova! "The Island of Dr. Moreau"! Richard plays Carnegie Hall! And Gilbert plays Queen Elizabeth! 

Sep 25, 2017
Mini #130: Gilbert Sings Your Requests, Vol. 2
This week: Allan Sherman hangs with Harpo! Frank turns down Snoop Dogg! Gilbert "salutes" Alan Thicke! And Hervé Villechaize tears down the Wall of Sound!
Sep 21, 2017
173. Rob Paulsen

Gilbert and Frank dial up legendary voice actor Rob Paulsen ("Animaniacs," "The Tick," "Pinky and the Brain") for a compelling discussion of essential topics, including the generosity of Mel Blanc, the meticulousness of Steven Spielberg, the versatility of Mark Hamill and the professionalism of June Foray. Also, Roddy McDowall holds court, Orson Welles hits the sauce, Sir John Gielgud cuts to the check and Rob stars in a $500,000 "in-joke." PLUS: Lorenzo Music! Robert Ridgely! The man behind The Brain! Gilbert tangles with the Ninja Turtles! And Paul Williams "meets" Michael Caine!

Sep 18, 2017
Mini #129: Time Travel Movies with Richard Kind
This week: Whit Bissell! The beauty of Yvette Mimieux! The genius of Nicholas Meyer! Richard praises "It's a Wonderful Life"! And "the Professor" meets John Wilkes Booth!
Sep 14, 2017
172. Bill Macy

In one of their funniest episodes to date, Gilbert and Frank are joined by veteran actor Bill Macy ("Maude," "The Jerk," "My Favorite Year") for a highly entertaining look back at his seven-decade career and his collaborations with everyone from Bea Arthur to Norman Lear to Steve Martin. Also, Bill praises Carl Reiner, understudies Walter Matthau, ticks off Tony Curtis and shares the screen with Art Carney (and Lily Tomlin). PLUS: "Oh! Calcutta!" Remembering Joe Bologna! Gilbert plays a Spaniard! William H. Macy changes his name! And Bill convicts Bialystock and Bloom!

Sep 11, 2017
Mini #128: "The History of the Playboy Clubs" with author Patty Farmer
This week: Jim, Jake and Joan! Charlie Callas hops a flight! Hef goes to bat for Dick Gregory! And Gilbert visits the Playboy Mansion!
Sep 07, 2017
171. Tommy James

Rock 'n' roll legend Tommy James serenades Gilbert and Frank with some of his biggest hits ("I Think We're Alone Now," "Crystal Blue Persuasion") and discusses his troubled, decades-long relationship with notorious music mogul/mob associate Morris Levy. Also, "Sgt. Pepper" changes the game, Gene Krupa hits hard times, Hubert Humphrey calls in a favor and Tommy reveals the strange origin of "Mony Mony." PLUS: Alan Freed! Vincent "The Chin" Gigante! "Hanky Panky" tops the charts! Tommy pens "Tighter, Tighter"! And Ed Sullivan presents "Tony Jones and the Spondells"!

Photos: Charles Eshelman

This episode is brought to you by Littleton Coin Co. (, Harold Ramis Film School (, and Leesa (

Sep 04, 2017
Special Bonus Re-Release: Remembering Jay Thomas
Sep 01, 2017
Mini Ep #127: Bad 70s/80s Superhero Shows (with Dylan Brody)
This week: Little Dot! Desi Arnaz, Jr! "The Man from Atlantis"! Carl Reiner sings again! And Gilbert disses "Night Gallery"!
Aug 31, 2017
170. Buck Henry

Gilbert and Frank welcome one of their favorite funnymen, legendary writer-actor-director Buck Henry, who looks back on his 50+ year career and shares hilarious anecdotes about Orson Welles, James Mason, John Belushi and Jonathan Winters (among others). Also: Buck adapts "Catch-22," praises Richard Benjamin, invents the Cone of Silence, co-directs "Heaven Can Wait" and confirms the Pat McCormick helicopter story. PLUS: "Captain Nice"! "Samurai Delicatessen"! Claude Rains speaks! The hoaxes of Alan Abel! And Buck remembers "That Was the Week That Was"!

This episode is brought to you by Littleton Coin Co. (, Leesa (, and ZipRecruiter (

Aug 28, 2017
Mini Ep #126: The History of the Muppets, Part 2 with Craig Shemin
This week: Burns and Schreiber! Patchett and Tarses! The "ventriloquism" of Edgar Bergen! Vincent Price covers Carole King! And Gilbert wins a date with Kermit!
Aug 24, 2017
169. Tony Lo Bianco

Gilbert and Frank are joined by veteran stage and screen actor Tony Lo Bianco ("The French Connection," "The Seven-Ups," "The Honeymoon Killers") for an absorbing discussion of the art of acting, the importance of self-starting, the inventiveness of Larry Cohen and the eccentricities of Rod Steiger. Also: Tony channels Fiorello La Guardia, treads the boards with Uncle Miltie, teaches Mama Cass (and Frankie Lymon) and stares down the immortal Sandy Koufax. PLUS: Franco Zeffirelli! Remembering Roy Scheider! Tony "scouts" for the Dodgers! William Friedkin pursues Jackie Gleason! And Leonard Kastle replaces Martin Scorsese!

Photos © Charles Eshelman.

Aug 21, 2017
Mini Ep #125: The History of the Muppets, Part 1 with Craig Shemin
This week: The legendary Caroll Spinney! Uncle Miltie holds court! The Muppets join the cast of SNL! And Gilbert sings with Miss Piggy (and Kermit)!
Aug 17, 2017
168. Ronnie Schell

One of the podcast's most popular guests, actor and comedian Ronnie Schell returns to entertain Gilbert and Frank with classic stories about co-stars and contemporaries Harvey Korman, Don Rickles, Mickey Rooney, Don Knotts, and of course, Pat McCormick. Also: Ol' Blue Eyes takes a punch, Lee Marvin comes up short, Bob Newhart plays the Sahara and Ronnie writes a check to the mob. PLUS: Jesse White! "The Devil and Max Devlin"! The brilliance of Jack Riley! The madness of Marty Ingels! And Gilbert meets Sid Melton (and his dog)! 

Aug 14, 2017
Mini Ep #124: Gilbert Sings Your Requests
This week: "Dream Weaver" inspires Wes Craven! Bob Dylan meets Floyd the Barber! Gilbert hugs Anthony Quinn! And MORE unsubstantiated showbiz rumors!
Aug 10, 2017
167. Larry Kenney

Radio personality, actor and voice artist Larry Kenney (Lion-O, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird) stops by the studio to trot out his array of impressions (Richard Nixon, Paul Lynde, George S. Patton, et al.) and to talk about some of the industry's legendary voice talents, including Mel Blanc, Paul Frees, Bob McFadden, June Foray and Paul Winchell. Also, Larry hosts "Bowling for Dollars," Don Imus clashes with Howard Stern, Peter Lorre tries to sound like Peter Lorre and William Conrad cleans up the Old West. PLUS: Jerry the Bellybutton Elf! Vaughn Meader returns! "The Great American Dream Machine"! Lauren Bacall praises Larry's Bogie! And Count Chocula meets Dracula Gottfried!

Aug 07, 2017
Mini Ep #123: "Sharknado Mania!" with director Anthony C. Ferrante
This week: Saluting Robbie Rist! The virtuosity of Warren Zevon! Gilbert goes to Stonehenge! And Anthony remembers John Heard!
Aug 03, 2017
166. Clint Howard

One of the most recognizable character actors of the last half-century, Clint Howard, joins Gilbert and Frank for a highly entertaining look back at his eclectic (and prolific) career, covering everything from his films with B-movie mogul Roger Corman ("Carnosaur," "Rock 'n' Roll High School") to early roles on classic TV programs like "The Fugitive," "Star Trek" and "The Andy Griffith Show." Also, Clint meets Richard Nixon, dines with Dennis Weaver, cuts the rug with Janet Leigh and turns down a part in "The Flintstones." PLUS: "Gentle Ben"! "The Baileys of Balboa"! Ron Howard nabs a Grammy! Clint remembers Jack Elam! And the undersea world of Ivan Tors!

This episode is brought to you by Casper Mattresses (

Jul 31, 2017
Mini Ep #122: Producer of the Month: Disaster Movies of the 1970s
This week: "The Glass Inferno"! Remembering George Romero and Martin Landau! Charo boards the Concorde! And Gilbert sings "The Morning After"!
Jul 27, 2017
165. Tom Bergeron

TV personality, comedian and game show host Tom Bergeron drops by the studio to share his thoughts on a variety of topics, including the unpredictability of live television, the genius of Marcel Marceau, the benefits of transcendental meditation and the rise and fall of the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Also, Tom interviews Moe Howard (and Larry Fine), Sid Caesar speaks German, Bob Hope moves down the couch and Mel Brooks mimics Bill Cullen. PLUS: Bob the Puppet! The Lawrence Welk singers! Arnold Schwarzenegger "brings funny!" Henry Winkler pulls a fast one! And Tom and Gilbert remember John Ritter! 

Jul 24, 2017
Mini Ep #121: John Amos Returns
This week: Lauding Norman Lear! Tom Hanks sings a TV jingle! Gilbert writes a Superboy comic! And John remembers Mary Tyler Moore!
Jul 20, 2017
164. Bobcat Goldthwait

Gilbert and Frank welcome comedian, actor, writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait, who discusses his transition from performing to directing, his love of Universal horror films, his delight in making audiences feel "awkward" and his decades-long friendship with the late, great Robin Williams. Also: Bob wrestles with Arsenio, runs afoul of Nickelback, writes a "Billy Jack" movie and raves about Gilbert's new documentary. PLUS: John Lennon doodles! Robert De Niro watches "Problem Child"! In praise of Barry Crimmins! In defense of Ed Wood! And Bobcat and Gilbert remember "Hot to Trot"!

This episode is brought to you by Phil ( and Bombfell (

Jul 17, 2017
Mini Ep #120: "Borscht Belt Memories" with Marisa Scheinfeld
This week: Appreciating Al Jaffee! Revisiting "The Swimmer"! Gilbert plays the Nevele! And Jackie Mason to the rescue!
Jul 13, 2017
163. Wink Martindale

Disc jockey, recording artist, radio/TV personality and longtime game show host Wink Martindale shares six decades of show business memories, including performing for Ed Sullivan, interviewing Jan and Dean, cutting a Top Ten single ("Deck of Cards") and befriending the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Also, Dickie Dawson laughs it up, Bobby Darin orders off the menu, Sam Cooke experiences technical difficulties and Wink pitches a show to Merv Griffin. PLUS: Sam Phillips! Barry & Enright stage a comeback! Paul Lynde brings down the house! Gilbert sings "Mack the Knife"! And Wink remembers Chuck Barris!

Jul 10, 2017
Mini Ep #119: Gilbert & Frank Read Listener Tweets
This week: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"! The legend of Le Petomane! Nehemiah Persoff boards the Titanic! And Gilbert does Reginald Van Gleason!
Jul 06, 2017
162. Norman Lear
Jul 03, 2017
Mini Ep #118: Remembering Bill Dana
This week: Byron Glick! "The Las Vegas Show"! Archie Bunker meets Sammy Davis Jr.! Bill's brother composes the "Get Smart" theme! And NASA salutes Jose Jimenez!
Jun 29, 2017
161. Peter Asher

Grammy-winning producer, British Invasion rocker and former Apple Records exec Peter Asher joins Gilbert and Frank for a fascinating discussion about (among other topics) the genius of James Taylor, the profound influence of the Everly Brothers, the rivalry between the Beach Boys and the Fab Four and the 50th anniversary of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Also, John Lennon meets Yoko Ono, Peter "inspires" Austin Powers, Linda Ronstadt teams with Nelson Riddle and Peter and Gordon play the '64 World's Fair. PLUS: Spike Milligan! Del Shannon! Jackie Gleason acts out! Chad & Jeremy meet the Caped Crusaders! And a "rejected" Beatles tune lands Peter at the top of the charts!

Photo by © Charles Eshelman |

Jun 26, 2017
Mini Ep #117: Bad Movie Musicals
This week: Burt Reynolds sings! Gene Kelly skates! Carol Channing covers the Beatles! And Gilbert meets Mr. Baseball!
Jun 22, 2017
160. Richard Benjamin
Gilbert and Frank welcome actor-director Richard Benjamin for an enlightening and thoroughly entertaining discussion about his six-decade career in Hollywood as well as his memories of working with Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Clint Eastwood, Mike Nichols and Orson Welles. Also, James Mason pulls a fast one, Walter Matthau plays the ponies, Johnny Guitar meets Lawrence of Arabia and Richard helms a comedy classic ("My Favorite Year"). PLUS: The genius of Michael Crichton! The brilliance of Buck Henry! George Burns orders soup! Richard pursues Albert Finney! And Gilbert sings the theme from "Goodbye Columbus"!
Jun 19, 2017
Mini-Episode #116: Remembering Adam West
This week: Uma Thurman does the Batusi! Adam teams with the Three Stooges! The genius of Neal Hefti! And the unsung brilliance of "Lookwell."
Jun 15, 2017
159. Rupert Holmes
Man of a thousand talents -- singer, songwriter, record producer, playwright and novelist Rupert Holmes joins Gilbert and Frank to discuss the lost art of "story songs," the visual allure of Hammer films, the mimicry gifts of Peter Bogdanovich and the unsung musicianship of the Wrecking Crew. Also, Rupert lunches with Groucho (and Frank Capra!), pens tunes for Barbra Streisand, joins forces with Jerry Lewis and reveals the origin of "The Pina Colada Song." PLUS: "The Indestructible Man"! The magic of Orson Welles! Gene Pitney makes a note! Darren McGavin takes a steam! And Rupert hangs with the Jackson 5!
Jun 12, 2017
Mini-Episode #115: Bob Hope Revisited (with Danny Deraney)
This week: "The Road to Hong Kong"! Edna Babish meets Al Jolson! Jerry Colonna goes to an orgy! And Gilbert sings (sort of) "Build Me Up Buttercup"!
Jun 08, 2017
158. Bob Burns
Actor, film historian, memorabilia collector and self-described "Monster Kid" Bob Burns regales Gilbert and Frank with stories about meeting Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, George Pal and William Castle, among others. Also, Bob mentors Rick Baker, tours with Eddie Munster, brings Lon Chaney Jr. to tears, and visits the set of "Plan 9 from Outer Space." PLUS: "Shock Theater"! Ray "Crash" Corrigan! "Invasion of the Saucer Men"! Tor Johnson goes to the movies! And Bob confirms the "legend" of Forrest Tucker! This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter (
Jun 05, 2017
Mini-Episode #114: Remembering Johnny Carson, Part 2 with Mark Malkoff
This week: Chevy Chase vs. Gallagher! The Legendary Peter Lasally! Johnny "tests" Uri Geller! And the King of Late Night's final curtain!
Jun 01, 2017
157. Ron Dante
Pop vocalist, record producer and "Sugar Sugar" singer Ron Dante joins Gilbert and Frank for an engaging and enjoyable conversation about the history of the legendary Brill Building, the birth of The Archies, the magic touch of Don Kirshner (and Barry Manilow) and the lost art of commercial jingles. Also, Ron mimics Donovan, Larry Fine throws in the towel, Paul Shaffer goes deep-sea fishing and Carole King's babysitter tops the charts. PLUS: "Leader of the Laundromat"! The fabulous Toni Wine! The 1910 Fruitgum Company! "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan"! And the return of "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep"!
May 29, 2017
Mini-Episode #113: Remembering Johnny Carson, Part 1 with Mark Malkoff
This week: Mel Brooks takes on Tony Bennett! Ed Ames performs a "bris." The mystery of the Zsa Zsa Gabor story! And Johnny turns down "The King of Comedy"!
May 25, 2017
156. Carl Reiner
Gilbert and Frank welcome one of their personal heroes to the show, iconic writer-actor-director Carl Reiner, who recalls his earliest years in the business, shares his admiration for Steve Allen, Sid Caesar and Dick Van Dyke and looks back on his feature film collaborations ("The Jerk," "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid") with Steve Martin. Also, Gilbert and Carl roast Joan Rivers, Ruth Gordon bites George Segal's tush, Queen Elizabeth praises "The 2000 Year Old Man," and Sheldon Leonard rescues "Head of the Family." PLUS: Iron Balls McGinty! Monty the Talking Dog! The late, great Edith Head! Mickey Rooney sends up Ben Turpin! And the legend of Le Petomane! This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter (
May 22, 2017
Mini-Episode #112: One-Hit Wonders from Other Media
This week: Bob & Doug McKenzie! "The Last of Sheila"! Mel Brooks raps! And "The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings"!
May 18, 2017
155. Robert Bader
Gilbert and Frank talk with producer, archivist and fellow Marx Brothers fanatic Robert S. Bader about his lifelong obsession with the boys as well as his fascinating (and meticulously researched) new book, "Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers On Stage." Also: Gummo goes to war, Harpo "courts" Amelia Earhart, Grouchocashes in on "Skidoo" and Gilbert hangs with Chico's daughter. PLUS: Swain's Rats & Cats! The real-life Sunshine Boys! BugsySiegel buys the farm! Dennis Hopper plays Napoleon! And the mystery of the disappearing Marx Brother! This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh ( code: GOTTFRIED30) and ZipRecruiter (
May 15, 2017
Mini-Episode #111: One-Hit Wonders from Other Media
This week: Edd "Kookie" Byrnes! Gary Lewis & the Playboys! Revisiting Jimmy Webb! And Moms Mabley covers Barry Manilow!
May 11, 2017
154. Barry Levinson - Recorded Live at TriBeCa Film Festival
In a special live episode (in association with the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival), Gilbert and Frank welcome Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson, who recalls his early days as a sketch performer, his collaborations with comedy icons Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks and Tim Conway, and the experience of directing Dustin Hoffman to an Oscar in "Rain Man." Also, Warren Beatty breaks Gilbert's heart, Jackie Gayle riffs on "Bonanza," Rodney Dangerfield runs afoul of the law and "Diner" influences future generations of filmmakers. PLUS: The curse of The Mummy! The brilliance of Bruno Kirby! The "magic" of Art Metrano! Jack Riley salutes Jack Benny! And Barry remembers the dynamic Robin Williams! This episode is brought to you by BullGoose Shaving ( code: GILBERT) and The Rant is Due with Lewis Black (
May 08, 2017
Mini-Episode #110: Gilbert and Frank Read Listener Tweets
This week: Clu Gulager! Blossom "Grandmama" Rock! Farewell, Sheriff Pepper! And Dick Van Patten plays a vampire dentist!
May 04, 2017
153. Steven Wright
In one of the most offbeat episodes to date, comedian, writer and actor Steven Wright drops by the studio to talk about his love of surrealism, his admiration for Don Rickles, his childhood obsession with "The Tonight Show" and the absurdity of telling jokes for a living. Also, Steven discovers Hal Ashby (and Cat Stevens), Gilbert chats up Norman Fell, Randy Quaid holds a press conference and Brooke Shields goes to a podiatrist. PLUS: "Summer of '42"! Humphrey Bogart orders stamps! Steven nabs an Oscar! The return of Jack Frost! And Ben Gazzara enjoys the Ben Gazzara bit! This episode is brought to you by BullGoose Shaving ( code: GILBERT).
May 01, 2017
Mini-Episode #109: One-Hit Wonders, 1973
This week: Norman "Hurricane" Smith! The many talents of Loudon Wainwright III! The return of John Fred & His Playboy Band! And the strange origin of "Dancing in the Moonlight"!
Apr 27, 2017
152. Jimmy Webb
Gilbert and Frank are joined by legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb ("Wichita Lineman," "Up, Up and Away"), who shares an entire career's worth of memories and anecdotes, including meeting Elvis, playing baccarat with Ol' Blue Eyes, turning down 40K a week to play Vegas and and sitting in on a recording session of the "White Album." Also, Jimmy parties with Paul Williams, crosses swords with Harry Nilsson, joins John Lennon on his "lost weekend" and pens megahits for longtime friend/collaborator Glen Campbell. PLUS: Father Guido Sarducci! The Nelson Riddle Orchestra! David Geffen offers advice! The musical genius of Johnny Rivers! And Jimmy plays "MacArthur Park" in...MacArthur Park! This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter ( and The Rant Is Due with Lewis Black (
Apr 24, 2017
Mini-Episode #108: One Hit Wonders, 1972
"Popcorn"! Buffy Sainte-Marie! "The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart"! The real Don Draper? And Jerry Lewis covers Mouth & MacNeal!
Apr 20, 2017
151. Tony Roberts
Veteran Broadway, TV and film actor Tony Roberts stops by the studio to hold court on a wide range of topics, including the intensity of Al Pacino, the minimalism of Robert Mitchum, the eccentricities of Jerome Robbins and the professionalism of Sidney Lumet. Also: Tony runs lines with Edward G. Robinson, takes flight with Mary Poppins, plays the ponies with Mickey Rooney and treads the boards with Abe Vigoda! PLUS: Everett Sloane! "Amityville 3-D"! Woody Allen hits the beach! Tony's mom dates Uncle Miltie! And Sydney Greenstreet meets...Sydney Greenstreet!
Apr 17, 2017
Mini-Episode #107: Farewell, Mr. Warmth
This week: "The Pride and the Passion"! Rickles and Newhart see the world! Don zings the commander in chief! And Fambino Bambazzo buys the farm!
Apr 13, 2017
150. Billy J. Kramer
Liverpool-born rocker Billy J. Kramer, a member of the British Invasion and a friend/collaborator of the Beatles, joins Gilbert and Frank to explain the origin of Skiffle, the unusual appeal of the Cavern Club, the subculture known as "Teddy Boys" and Pete Best's exodus from the Fab Four. Also, Billy signs with Brian Epstein, teams with the Bee Gees, locks horns with George Martin, and covers Neil Diamond and Harry Nilsson. PLUS: "Jukebox Jury"! Billy goes glam! Gilbert salutes Gene Pitney! John Lennon records in the loo! And James Brown upstages the Stones!
Apr 10, 2017
Mini-Episode #106: "Best Boy" and "Murder on the Orient Express"
"Life Animated"! The artistry of Albert Finney! The collaborations of Sidney Lumet and Sean Connery! And Gilbert stars in his own documentary!
Apr 06, 2017
149. Richard Kind
Gilbert and Frank welcome back actor, raconteur and GGACP superfan Richard Kind, who waxes nostalgic about everything from "Soldier in the Rain" to "My Favorite Martian" to working alongside Robert Conrad, Charles Grodin, Martin Short and the Coen Brothers. Also, Frank Gorshin turns on the charm, Slappy White teams with Steve Rossi, Gilbert drops a dime on Eugene Pallette and Richard defends "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol." PLUS: Nick Apollo Forte! "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage"! Uncle Goopy reveals all! Praising M. Emmett Walsh! And Phil Collins meets Henry Mancini!
Apr 03, 2017
Mini-Episode #105: Remembering Robert Osborne
"Murder He Says"! Joseph Cotten comes to dinner! Burt Lancaster takes a dip! And Gilbert gets a Robert Osborne bobblehead!
Mar 30, 2017
148. Bernie Kopell
One of the funniest and most beloved character actors of his generation, Bernie Kopell joins Gilbert and Frank to reminisce about his six decades in show business, working with legends Steve Allen, Jack Benny and Phil Slivers and his signature roles on Get Smart, When Things Were Rotten and The Love Boat. Also, Charles Boyer apologizes, Raymond Burr takes a seat, Harvey Korman peddles encyclopedias and Bernie remembers his old pal Dick Gautier. PLUS: The world's slowest agent! Louis Armstrong hails a cab! Jonathan Winters lays down the law! In praise of Dick Van Dyke (and Mary Tyler Moore)! And a surprise guest calls in to the show!
Mar 27, 2017
Mini-Episode #104: Listener Mail - Amazing Colossal Listener Society Edition
This week: "Uncle Croc's Block"! "Murder on the Orient Express"! Peter Lorre does yellowface! Arnold Stang plays Felix Ungar! And Gilbert wins a date with Kermit the Frog!
Mar 23, 2017
147. Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Clip Show!
Mar 20, 2017
Mini-Ep #103: Marx Brothers Blu-ray Review with Steve Stoliar
This week: Zeppo opts out! Groucho holds a grudge! Woody Allen offers advice! And the "genius" of Irving Thalberg!
Mar 16, 2017
146. Jamie Farr
Gilbert and Frank chat with veteran character actor Jamie Farr, who looks back on 60+ years of showbiz memories, including sharing the big and small screen with legends Bob Hope, Doris Day, Sidney Poitier, Danny Kaye and Ed Wynn. Also, Jamie tours with Red Skelton, takes a class with Clint Eastwood, runs afoul of Joey Bishop and borrows a frock from Ginger Rogers. PLUS: "Murder Can Hurt You"! "Who's Minding the Mint?"! The mad genius of Chuck Barris! Lenny Bruce inspires Klinger!  And the greatest prime-time lineup in TV history!
Mar 13, 2017
Mini-Ep #102: Horror Movie Tag Lines Part 2 with Mike McPadden
"Suspiria"! Zombies in Brooklyn! The versatility of Angus Scrimm! And Gilbert and Mike remember lost movie theaters!
Mar 09, 2017
145. Bill Persky
Emmy-winning writer-director Bill Persky returns to weigh in on topics not covered in his previous appearances, including the physicality of Tim Conway, the irritability of Joey Bishop, the professionalism of Don Ameche and the star power of Sandy Koufax. Also, Jack Palance tells a joke, Harvey Korman treads the boards, Joe Namath turns heads and George Carlin takes a powder. PLUS: Burt Mustin! Gene Kelly unmasked! Super Dave goes to Tahiti! Remembering Garry Marshall! And Eva Gabor replaces Sgt. Bilko!
Mar 06, 2017
Mini-Ep #101: Horror Movie Tag Lines with Mike McPadden
Marjoe Gortner! "Humanoids from the Deep"! Henry Fonda goes slumming! And Elvis' favorite Christmas flick!
Mar 02, 2017
144. Tom Scharpling
Comedian, TV writer and host of the popular Internet show/podcast "The Best Show," Tom Scharpling stops by the studio to hold court on a wide range of topics, including the comic genius of Martin Short (and Charles Grodin), the self-importance of Jerry Lewis, the body count of "Death Wish 3" and the forgotten history of "Saturday Night Live." Also: Jimmie Walker breaks out, Harry Shearer holds out, Tom feuds with Chuck Woolery and Hitler puts a hit out on the Three Stooges. PLUS: Gilbert O'Sullivan! "The Day the Clown Cried"! Alex P. Keaton goes to Japan! Tom meets Lisa Simpson! And the creepiest song ever written!
Feb 27, 2017
Mini-Ep #100: Listener Tweets!
Gilbert and Frank Read Listener Tweets Naked Walter Matthau! Munchkins gone wild! "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing"! The Alan Ladd story gets a theme song! And the strange death of Professor Backwards!
Feb 23, 2017
143. Dick Guttman
Renowned Hollywood publicist Dick Guttman talks to Gilbert and Frank about his 60+ years as a Hollywood "flack," promoting the careers of stars like Warren Beatty, Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor (among hundreds of others). Also, Dick praises Gene Hackman, pranks James Mason, parties with Marlon Brando and pens a joke for Uncle Miltie. PLUS: "The Sweet Smell of Success"! Harpo speaks! Laurence Olivier hams it up! Cary Grant shares the spotlight! And the greatest year in movie history!
Feb 20, 2017
Mini-Ep #99: Forgotten Game Shows with Dick DeBartolo
"The Wizard of Odds"! "Don Adams' Screen Test"! Bouncing Bobby Van! And the rise (and fall) of Allan Sherman!
Feb 16, 2017
142. Tippi Hedren
Gilbert and Frank talk to screen icon and animal activist Tippi Hedren about her absorbing new memoir ("Tippi"), her collaborations with co-stars Marlon Brando and Rod Taylor, her turbulent relationship with Alfred Hitchcock and her fifty-year mission to rescue and protect wild cats. Also, Cary Grant pays a visit, Sean Connery pays a compliment, JFK makes his move and Tippi befriends a raven from "The Birds." PLUS: "The Harrad Experiment"! The legendary Edith Head! Charlie Chaplin saves the day! Young Gilbert checks out "Marnie"! And the (arguably) most dangerous movie ever made!
Feb 13, 2017
Mini-Ep #98: Game Show Confidential with Dick DeBartolo
This week: Allan Sherman branches out! Ethel Merman buys in! Richard Dawson jumps ship! And the versatility of Bert Convy!
Feb 09, 2017
141. Howard Kaylan 
Musician and vocalist Howard Kaylan (The Turtles, The Mothers of Invention, Flo & Eddie) joins Gilbert and Frank for a funny, freewheeling discussion of a host of topics, including the virtuosity of Harry Nilsson, the "free love" of the 1960s, the nostalgic appeal of "That Thing You Do!" and the underrated artistry of The Zombies. Also: Howard disses Lulu, parties with Soupy Sales, runs afoul of Jimi Hendrix and meets his personal "Louis Prima." PLUS: Kate Smith! "Don McNeill's Breakfast Club!" Donald Fagen buys a suit! John Lennon feuds with Frank Zappa! And the Turtles invade the White House!
Feb 06, 2017
Mini-Ep #97: Remembering Mary Tyler Moore (with Bill Persky)
"Coast to Coast Big Mouth"! "Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman"! And Mary discovers Sammy's Roumanian
Feb 02, 2017
140. Ronnie Schell
Comedian and actor Ronnie Schell has shared the stage and screen with virtually everyone in show business, including Andy Griffith, Carl Reiner, Redd Foxx, Rodney Dangerfield, Goldie Hawn, George Carlin and even Groucho Marx. Gilbert and Frank track down Ronnie at his LA home to talk about his early days on the nightclub circuit, his decades-long friendships with legendary funnymen Bill Dana, Pat McCormick and Harvey Korman and his memorable role as Gomer Pyle's bunkmate, Duke Slater. PLUS: Billy De Wolfe! The Kingston Trio! The reclusive Jack Burns! Sinatra drops by the Blue Angel! And the prodigious talents of Theodore Bikel!
Jan 30, 2017
Mini-Ep #96: In Memoriam 2016: Music
This week: The REAL Fifth Beatle! Gilbert "salutes" Leon Russell! Jerry Lewis' "Space Oddity"! And the magnificent talents of Marni Nixon!
Jan 26, 2017
139. In Memoriam 2016
Gilbert and Frank pay loving tribute to some of the outstanding talents who passed away in 2016, including Robert Vaughn, George Kennedy, Carrie Fisher, Patty Duke and Garry Shandling. Also in this episode: Carol Brady pitches Cheerios, Garry Marshall defends Wayne Newton, William Schallert tangles with Tribbles and Steve Allen presents Guido Panzini. PLUS: The Godfather of Gore! The Slow Talkers of America! Jack Riley's doomsday cult! Gilbert hangs with Lois Lane! And we bid farewell to the Green Hornet (and Cato).
Jan 23, 2017
Mini-Ep #95: Listener Mail - Facebook Edition
This week: The films of Victor Mature! The conquests of Kirk Douglas! The musical stylings of Johnny Mandel! And Klinger and Father Mulcahy take it on the road!
Jan 19, 2017
138. Ira Glass
Radio and podcast personality (and lifelong Gilbert fan) Ira Glass drops by the studio to share his love of, among other things, old-school entertainment, classic comedy albums, the Frank Sinatra songbook and the grand spectacle of "The Poseidon Adventure." Also, Sammy Davis Jr. finds religion, Davy Jones finds inspiration, Ruth Buzzi hangs (or doesn't) with Orson Welles and Ira crashes the set of a legendary sitcom. PLUS: "The Komodo Dragon Expert"! Red Buttons' sister! The mercurial Zero Mostel! Yoko Ono improvises! And "The Incredible Mr. Limpet!" This episode is brought to you Harold Ramis Film School.
Jan 16, 2017
Mini-Ep #94: ”Harper" and "The Friends of Eddie Coyle"
This week: James Wong Howe! Movie tag lines! The cinema of Peter Yates! And the Coen brothers send up Raymond Chandler!
Jan 12, 2017
137. Rich Little
The "Man of a Thousand Voices," comedian and impressionist Rich Little joins Gilbert and Frank for an hour of memories and anecdotes about his legendary showbiz pals and co-stars, including Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Don Rickles, Frank Sinatra and Jack Benny (to name but a few). Also, Rich dubs Ernest Borgnine, George Burns takes a phone call, Johnny Carson takes his revenge and David Frye lays down the law. PLUS: The Velvet Fog! "The Caine Mutiny"! Carnac the Magnificent! Ed Sullivan introduces Little Richard! And Gilbert "dances for Fred Astaire"!
Jan 09, 2017
Mini-Ep #93: Born in 1916 (Happy Birthday, Kirk Douglas!)
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures.  This week: Sterling Hayden! "The Story of Mankind"! Gene Hackman dodges a bullet! And Snow White serenades Gilbert!
Jan 05, 2017
136. 2016 in Review
Gilbert and Frank take a look back at some of the best moments of an unforgettable year, featuring a lineup of memorable guests, including Dick Van Dyke, Michael McKean, Lee Grant, Bob "Super Dave" Einstein and Matthew Broderick, to name a few. Also, Pat Cooper rants, Bruce Dern praises Gilbert, Peter Bogdanovich classes up the joint and George Takei spanks William Shatner. PLUS: Dueling Paul Williams! Uncle Junior sings! Dick Cavett strips! The wonder of Bob Hope's "Joys"! And the fascinating journey of Al Jaffee!
Jan 02, 2017
Mini-Ep #92: 2016 Wrap-Up/Listener Tweets
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers, discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Paging Don Gordon! Pursuing Tim Conway! Praising Tony Orlando! Remembering Alan Thicke! And Gilbert sings "Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)"!
Dec 29, 2016
135. Burt Ward
50 years ago, ABC's "Batman" series debuted, launching "Batmania" and introducing the world to a 21-year-old actor named Burt Ward. Burt joins Gilbert and Frank for a look back at one of the most popular and enduring shows in TV history, sharing his memories of co-star/mentor Adam West, Frank Gorshin, Vincent Price and yes, Cesar Romero. Also, Burt spars with Bruce Lee, Adam makes like Moses, Shelley Winters works her charms and Ol' Blue Eyes lobbies for the role of The Joker. PLUS: Lesley Gore! Lorenzo Semple Jr! "Legends of the Superheroes"! Batman meets "The Ghost of Frankenstein"! And Burt and Adam go to a nudist colony!
Dec 26, 2016
Mini-Ep #91: The Grinch Turns 50!
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Boris Karloff's 'busy season'! In praise of Chuck Jones! Gilbert takes over the Tiki Room! And the astonishing talents of Thurl Ravenscroft!
Dec 22, 2016
134. Mario Cantone
Gilbert and Frank usher in the holidays with actor, comedian, singer and Christmas enthusiast Mario Cantone, who discusses his friendship with the legendary Jules Bass, channels Shelley Winters and Barbara Stanwyck and explains the sexual subtext of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Also, Mario praises Andy Williams, Gilbert reinterprets Mr. Magoo, Buddy Hackett voices a groundhog and Judy Garland disses the Munchkins. PLUS: Charles Nelson Reilly! The many talents of Paul Frees! "The Honeymooners Christmas Special"! "The Claudine Longet Ski Invitational"! And the return of Carol Channing and Herve Villechaize! Give a Squatty Potty to somebody special this year for the holidays and they can experience a perfect elimination year round! Go to and use code GILBERT and save 25% off your entire order.
Dec 19, 2016
Mini-Ep #90: Christmas Novelty Songs with Mario Cantone
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Dueling Dylans! Dominick the Donkey! Gilbert gets a Christmas tree! And the return of Bob Hope's 'Jack Frost'! Give a Squatty Potty to somebody special this year for the holidays and they can experience a perfect elimination year round! Go to and use code GILBERT and save 25% off your entire order.
Dec 15, 2016
133. Will Jordan
Dec 12, 2016
Mini-Ep #89: Gilbert and Frank Read Listener Tweets
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Paging Donnie Dunagan! "The Island of Dr. Moreau"! The villainy of John Vernon! And the cult of Weng Weng! Give a Squatty Potty to somebody special this year for the holidays and they can experience a perfect elimination year round! Go to and use code GILBERT and save 25% off your entire order.
Dec 08, 2016
132. Whoopi Goldberg LIVE @ Caroline's
In a special live episode recorded at Caroline's on Broadway (in association with the 2016 New York Comedy Festival), Gilbert and Frank are joined by Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy-winner Whoopi Goldberg for a lively discussion of horror movie tropes, Hollywood stereotypes, onscreen sex appeal and the significance of Moms Mabley.  Also, Whoopi credits Mike Nichols, salutes Sonny Fox, defends Charlton Heston and shows off for Charles M. Schulz. PLUS: Totie Fields! Jay Silverheels! "Playboy After Dark"! Gilbert praises "The Omen"! And Steven Spielberg references Boo Radley! Give a Squatty Potty to somebody special this year for the holidays and they can experience a perfect elimination year round! Go to and use code GILBERT and save 25% off your entire order. Go to and use code GILBERT at checkout for 50% off just about any item. You’ll also receive 3 FREE adult DVDs plus a FREE mystery gift and FREE shipping on your entire order.
Dec 05, 2016
Mini-Ep #88: James Bond Knockoffs
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: "Come Spy with Me"! "A Man Called Flintstone"! Gilbert covers the Lovin' Spoonful! And Vincent Price flirts with Jacqueline Bisset! Give a Squatty Potty to somebody special this year for the holidays and they can experience a perfect elimination year round! Go to and use code GILBERT and save 25% off your entire order.
Dec 01, 2016
131. Norman Steinberg
Emmy-winning writer and producer Norman Steinberg stops by the studio to talk about his friendships with Mel Brooks, Harvey Korman and Madeline Kahn, collaborating with Richard Pryor and George Carlin and co-scripting the (arguably) funniest movie of all time, "Blazing Saddles." Also, Norman remembers Peter O'Toole, praises Flip Wilson, accepts an award from Jimmy Durante and ends Luciano Pavarotti's film career. PLUS: "My Favorite Year"! "When Things Were Rotten"! James Mason goes bowling! Gilbert brings back vaudeville! And the strange life of David Frye! MeUndies is offering you TWENTY PERCENT off your first order at That’s a special offer just for GGACP listeners. Make sure you go to to get twenty percent off your first order of underwear in tons of styles and colors. Give a Squatty Potty to somebody special this year for the holidays and they can experience a perfect elimination year round! Go to and use code GILBERT and save 25% off your entire order.
Nov 28, 2016
Mini-Ep #87: James Bond Movies
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: R.I.P. Napoleon Solo! Sammy Davis Jr's lost cameo! Six Degrees of Yaphet Kotto! And Gilbert sings "License to Kill"!
Nov 24, 2016
130. Hal Linden
Emmy and Tony-winning actor and singer Hal Linden has done everything there is to do in show business, including sitcoms, movies, Broadway, nightclubs and even dubbing foreign language films. Hal joins Gilbert and Frank for a look back at his long and varied career and reveals why "Barney Miller" was considered the most authentic of all cop shows. Also, Hal covers Benny Goodman, backs up Perry Como, shares the screen with Harry Morgan and cuts the rug with Donald O'Connor. PLUS: Cab Calloway! Eddie "The Old Philosopher" Lawrence! "Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster"! The Chinese Bing Crosby! And Hal salutes the late, great Abe Vigoda!
Nov 21, 2016
Mini-Ep #86: Forgotten Late Night Talk Shows (with Kliph Nesteroff)
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: "Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde"! "The Les Crane Show"! Danny Kaye upstages Shelley Berman! And Jerry Lewis observes a moment of silence!
Nov 17, 2016
129. John Amos
"Good Times" and "Roots" star John Amos stops by the studio to reminisce about everything from his days as a struggling comic to his breakthrough role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to working with Eddie Murphy and James Earl Jones in the film "Coming to America." Also, John remembers Ted Knight, cuts up with Tim Conway, shares the screen with Lena Horne and moves into Archie Bunker's old house. PLUS: Yaphet Kotto! Famous Amos! "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"! Praising Ernest Borgnine! And the mystery of the misheard theme song! Go to and use code GILBERT at checkout for 50% off just about any item. You’ll also receive 3 FREE adult DVDs plus a FREE mystery gift and FREE shipping on your entire order.
Nov 14, 2016
Mini-Ep #85: "Stump the Hosts, Part 2" with Kevin Dougherty
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Art Metrano! "Bonfire of the Vanities"! The golden age of TV Guide! And GGACP guests who won Oscars!  MeUndies is offering you TWENTY PERCENT off your first order at That’s a special offer just for GGACP listeners. Make sure you go to to get twenty percent off your first order of underwear in tons of styles and colors.
Nov 10, 2016
128. Steve Binder
Emmy-winning producer-director Steve Binder joins Gilbert and Frank to talk about his long and successful career in variety television and shares recollections of working with legendary performers Steve Allen, Soupy Sales, Lucille Ball and most notably, Elvis Presley. Also, Steve clashes with Danny Kaye, discovers Shields and Yarnell, turns down Uncle Miltie and makes TV history with Petula Clark and Harry Belafonte. PLUS: Colonel Parker! "The T.A.M.I. Show"! "Aladdin on Ice"! Gabe Dell does Dracula! And Bob Denver dates a Wookiee! Go to and use code GILBERT at checkout for 50% off just about any item. You’ll also receive 3 FREE adult DVDs plus a FREE mystery gift and FREE shipping on your entire order.
Nov 07, 2016
Mini-Ep #84: "Stump the Hosts" with Kevin Dougherty
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their admiration for lesser-known films, underappreciated TV shows and criminally underrated performers -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Paging Dabney Coleman! Praising Bob Einstein! The OTHER Ted Knight Show! And "Night Falls on Manhattan"!
Nov 03, 2016
127. Tom Savini
Gilbert and Frank celebrate Halloween with the "King of Splatter," makeup effects wizard Tom Savini, who reveals the secret of onscreen suspense, shares his admiration for legendary makeup artists Dick Smith and Jack Pierce and explains how "Midnight Cowboy" changed his life. Also, Tom praises George Clooney, defends Jerry Lewis, laughs it up with Tony Curtis and shakes hands with the Three Stooges. PLUS: Joe Spinell! "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors"! Christoper Lee makes an entrance! Tyrone Power battles Basil Rathbone! And the Cary Grant movie that brings Tom to tears!
Oct 31, 2016
Mini-Ep #83: Horror Movies of the 1970s
Each week, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and comedy writer Frank Santopadre share their appreciation of lesser-known films, underrated TV shows and hopelessly obscure character actors -- discussing, dissecting and (occasionally) defending their handpicked guilty pleasures and buried treasures. This week: Marjoe Gortner! "Empire of the Ants"! Ernest Borgnine buys the farm! Gilbert reads Classics Illustrated! And the return of Maria Ouspenskaya!
Oct 27, 2016
126. Dana Gould
Comedian, writer, actor and dedicated film buff Dana Gould drops by the studio to chat about everything from Hollywood "fixers" to werewolf transformations and to regale Gilbert and Frank with stories about everyone from Dwight Frye to Mark Hamill. Also, Dana meets Merv Griffin, mimics Adam West, befriends Vampira and remembers Roddy McDowall. PLUS: "Mars Attacks!" The genius of Dan Curtis! The sexism of James Bond! Gregory Peck meets Gopher! And the mysterious death of Albert Dekker!