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Destiny News & More! The updates and information you need to stay ahead of the curve within the world of Bungie's Destiny!

Episode Date
#224 The Final Destiny The Show | DTS Podcast

The last 4.5 years of this show have been incredible and that is all thanks to you, the listeners, followers, & supporters. You gave us the chance to be a part of a community that was incredibly special. After 4.5 years of weekly Destiny podcasts, Ditty and I have decided to hang up the proverbial headphones and retire DTS. With the release of Destiny The Show 224 we will be concluding the Destiny The Show podcast.

Ditty and I began Destiny The Show back in June 2014 and have done a weekly news-focused show ever since. Over the years, our real life jobs have become more challenging, and require more time as well as effort. As a result, it has been tough to dedicate the time towards DTS each week & maintain real life responsibilities.The DTS Discord ( isn’t going anywhere. With over 1,300 awesome members strong, the Destiny The Show discord will continue to exist and provide a location for Destiny fans to team up, discuss, and become legend. The website and podcasts will remain up for the foreseeable future. I (bbkdragoon) will still be making YouTube content regularly.

We thank you all so so so much for the support over the years. This was an incredible experience for us, and you all made DTS extremely special. We wish you all the best and remember... Eyes up guardians

Oct 23, 2018
#223 Festival Of The Lost & Iron Banner | Destiny The Show

Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny with a new investigation to solve a mystery, on top of that a Double valor week into a triple valor weekend. Pair this with the return of the updated Iron Banner now with more powerful engrams and you have a busy few weeks for Destiny 2 players. Also Destiny 2 Expansion pass is now included with Forsaken purchases. We talk about the pros and cons of this move. This is also our second to last DTS ever. Thank you so much for all your support and have a great week.

Oct 16, 2018
#222 Festival Of The Lost, Black Armory Raid Lair, Malfeasance Tweaks | DTS Podcast

Festival of The Lost Returns, Black Armory Raid Lair will be the next raid activity coming to Destiny 2 with Last Wish having one difficulty this time around. Malfeasance tweaks to make quest acquisition easier with the peak curse cycle weak having the highest chance to spawn the boss mob for the quest. Additionally a Sleeper Simulant nerf is also coming as are buffs to swords and fusions in PvE. Destiny 2 Forsaken news to keep you up to date.

Oct 09, 2018
#221 Destiny 2: Masterwork Core Tweaks, New Exotic Info, Hidden Content, & Dungeons | DTS Podcast

Another massive week in Destiny 2 Forsaken, this week covering info straight from Bungie about the new exotics and their ultra low drop chances. Masterwork core economy tweaks are on the horizon and are also being renamed. More hidden content in the Dreaming City, plus the advent of Dungeons in Destiny 2. Thanks for listening to Destiny The Show, it has been an awesome 4 years and both Ditty and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of your support.

Oct 02, 2018
#220 New Gamemode Breakthrough & The Future Of DTS | Destiny The Show

Today we talk about the brand new gamemode coming to Destiny 2 this week, Breakthrough. We also at 21:00 discuss the future of the Destiny The Show podcast. Breakthrough is bringing with it 4 new maps alongside a 5th (for PlayStation players). We'll talk about how powerful rewards actually work, and remind you to grab your Bungie rewards before the month ends. Thanks for listening to Destiny The Show, it has been an awesome 4 years and both Ditty and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of your support.

Sep 25, 2018
#219 DESTINY 2: Sleeper Simulant Nerf? Last Wish Raid World First! | DTS Podcast

Is Forsaken leading up to be the best Destiny DLC Bungie has ever made? This week we recap The Last Wish Raid world first, congrats to clan Redeem for the epic accomplishment. Bungie has tweeted about the Sleeper Simulant's future in gambit, with nerfs likely in sight. Iron Banner returns for Season 4 with power advantages enabled. What are you thinking of Destiny 2 Forsaken so far? Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast.

Sep 18, 2018
#218 DESTINY 2: Secret Drops, Raid Chest Exploits, Early Bugged Reset & More | DTS Podcast

Destiny 2 Forsaken has been out for a week & chaos unfolded this weekend with folks breaking into the raid early and getting raid gear, secret drop farming methods that have now impacted drop rates for the next 2-3 weeks, an early bugged reset that occurred this weekend causing certain milestones to reset and many players not receiving powerful rewards for those milestones. Bungie has replied to all of the above listed events, we'll cover that in detail on todays show and discuss the first week of Destiny 2 Forsaken news! Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast.

Sep 11, 2018
#217 DESTINY 2: Forsaken Launch, Annual Pass Content, Year 4 Begins! | Destiny The Show

Welcome to Year 4 of Destiny, as Destiny 2 Forsaken launches we look ahead at the next year of Destiny. We now have details about the Destiny 2 Annual pass and each content drop ahead. First we have the Season of the Outlaw, followed by the Season of the Forge that brings with it The Black Armory. Then we have Season of the Drifter which brings with it the Joker's Wild content. Then next summer we have the Penumbra content drop. These content drops will bring with them new activities, gear, triumphs, raid lairs, and more. Enjoy week 1 of Destiny 2 Forsaken! As always thanks for your support for Destiny The Show, it is greatly appreciated.

Sep 04, 2018
#216 Destiny 2 Forsaken Pre-patch Launch, Gambit Free Weekend, New Weapon Slots! | Destiny The Show

The August 28 Destiny 2 Forsaken Pre-patch goes live today featuring the new weapon slot system overhaul, plus tons of class changes coming to warlocks, hunters, and titans. This includes the grenade changes. Plus we have details on the free gambit weekend coming to Destiny 2 for all players September 1. Cayde’s last stand cinematic was released and the escapees from the prison of elders are now out on the prowl. We are just one week away from the Destiny 2 Forsaken launch and we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks for listening to this week’s Destiny The Show!

Aug 28, 2018
#215 New Infamy Ranks, Redrix Broadsword, & S4 PvP Tuning | Destiny The Show

This week we talk, the new Infamy ranking system, glory rank tuning, valor rank tuning, competitive changes, the radar has been re-enabled in comp, control and clash added to the comp playlist, reconnection solutions, and even some updates to guided games. We’ll hit on the Redrix Broadsword controversy and the idea of exclusive rewards within Destiny 2. Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast.

Aug 21, 2018
#214 Destiny 2 Forsaken: Massive Economy Changes! | Destiny The Show

Massive economy changes are coming to Destiny 2 Forsaken! The investment loop is being refined, planetary materials are taking a front seat as the Token economy gets completely reworked. New sandbox changes that will drastically impact the PvP Meta and PvE meta are on the way and looking good. Eververse is getting bounties for bright dust, new strike playlists arrangement, a new take on Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine taking season 4 off as are Faction rallies, plus DOUBLE & TRIPLE Valor weekends ahead! Momentum is picking up quick as Forsaken is now less than a month away, are you ready? We'll talk too about what to do before Forsaken releases. Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast. Subscribe if you enjoyed

Aug 14, 2018
#213 Destiny 2: Solstice of Grind, Y1 Gear Retired, & Sandbox Stream | DTS Podcast

This week we talk about the Solstice of Heroes event and how the lengthy grind has reinvigorated the community in some very positive ways. In contrast with previous summers these types of lengthy activity pursuits offer players who are enjoying the game further engagement loops to sink their teeth into. Year 1 gear is being retired, well at least some of it, find out which gear you should try to collect before update 2.0 and Forsaken arrives. Plus the Bungie year 2 combat and sandbox stream is today showing off what the new balance changes for Year 2 will bring to Destiny PvP and more. Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast.

Aug 07, 2018
#212 Destiny 2: Forsaken - New Badge System, Random Rolls, Raid Changes | DTS Podcast

This week we talk about Destiny 2 Forsaken, the new badge system, collections, random rolls, raid changes, gambit gear, the new masterwork system, infusion and how it will work with year 1 gear, strike matchmaking and strike exclusive gear plus a whole lot more! Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast

Jul 31, 2018
#211 Destiny 2 Whisper Of The Worm & Solstice | DTS Podcast

This week we cover the Whisper of the Worm hidden mission that had the Destiny 2 community scrambling. We also have details on the Solstice of Heroes event which will be the final event of Destiny 2 Vanilla before the launch of Forsaken. What did you think of the Whisper of the Worm sniper and mission? Big shoutouts and thanks to Sassi for letting us use his footage from his Whisper of the Worm heroic runs check him out here: Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast. Subscribe if you enjoyed.

Jul 24, 2018
#210 Destiny 2: Update 1.2.3 - Bounties Quietly Return | DTS Podcast

Update 1.2.3 for Destiny 2 releases today bringing with it the return to 6v6 quickplay of Destiny 2 PvP, the permanent addition of Rumble to the crucible playlists, & more. Bounties quietly return to Destiny 2 but in a very similar fashion to how they existed in Destiny 1, leaving us wondering how & why Bungie opted not to expand and improve upon the daily incentive system. This week we also learned that Nathan Fillion did not voice Cayde-6 in Forsaken, leaving many questions unanswered. Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show podcast. Subscribe if you enjoyed.

Jul 17, 2018
#209 Tennocon 2018 Recap - Fortuna Expansion & Railjack Expansion (All Free!) | DTS Podcast

This week: Tennocon 2018 Recap, talking about the new Fortuna Expansion, a free open world expansion on Venus coming to Warframe this Autumn. Then we talk about the new Railjack expansion which brings to Warframe space vessels, crews, ship boarding & invasion, space ship to ship combat, and more. Our Railjack reaction was extremely positive, it looks fantastic! There are two new Warframes coming soon, Moa pets, and a whole lot more. There has never been a better time to get into Warframe, Tennocon 2018 was a huge success. We then talk about Destiny 2 Moments Of Triumph coming in just a few weeks leading into the Solstice of Heroes Event.

Jul 10, 2018
#208 DESTINY 2 The Turning Point, 6v6 PvP, Prestige Lairs | Destiny The Show

It's the 4 Year Anniversary of Destiny The Show! Destiny 2 The Turning Point as update 1.2.3 is in just a few weeks bringing with it a full time switch to 6v6 PvP in Quickplay, Rumble returning as a permanent playlist, Prestige Raid Lairs with the new Curated Loadout & Challenge System. On top of that we have the new Collections system and a whole lot more. Thanks for an amazing 4 years of Destiny The Show Listeners! We really appreciate your support over the last few years. Cheers!

Jul 03, 2018
#207 Destiny 2 Competition From Division 2 Free DLC & Raids | Destiny The Show

Destiny 2 sees competition from The Division 2 which will feature a full year of free DLC & multiple 8 player raids. Anthem right around the corner is also representing a director competitor to Destiny 2, competition breeds innovation! Destiny 2 Faction Rally returns this week plus new exotic armor changes. We'll talk about the Black Ops 4 Pass controversy which has direct overlap with the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. Thanks for listening to this week’s show. 

Jun 26, 2018
#206 DESTINY 2 Dark Story Turn, Gambit Impressions, & E3 2018 Wrap Up | DTS Podcast

Giant Destiny 2 story spoilers as the narrative takes a darker turn. Will this story of revenge deliver? Gambit game mode impressions and feedback. Black Ops 4 Season Pass has angered its community and very clearly has overlap with the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. Is Activision treading on thin ice with these decisions? We wrap up the final bits of E3 2018 including the Sony Conference with The Last of Us Part 2, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Ghosts of Tsushima, & much more. Thanks for listening to this week’s Destiny The Show.

Jun 19, 2018
#205 Anthem, The Division 2, Destiny 2 Forsaken, E3 2018 Recap! | DTS Podcast

This week we do our E3 2018 Recap with Anthem, The Division 2, Destiny 2 Forsaken, and plenty more! What were your favorites from the 2018 E3 Conference? We'll go into the Anthem Gameplay Reveal from E3, as well as The Division 2 e3 gameplay reveal. Both looking very promising. Then further info on Destiny 2 Forsaken. Also the new Warframe Sacrifice Quest is launching this week on PC! Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

Jun 12, 2018
#204 DESTINY 2: Year 2 Reveal & Bungie Working On New Franchise | Destiny The Show

This week we discuss the $100 Million invest from Netease into Bungie to help Bungie produce new franchises that they can self publish. This investment expands Bungie beyond just Destiny development as they work to build new titles targeted towards the Chinese market. Plus we talk about the Destiny 2 Year 2 Reveal, the new Faction Rally changes for Season 3, the Escalation Protocol nerfs, and Warframe Devstream 112 with info on the new Vlad Warframe and the Sacrifice Quest! Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

Jun 05, 2018
#203 Destiny 2 - Exotic Armor Changes, Anthem At E3, & Weapon Slot Revamp | Destiny The Show

This week we discuss the Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Changes coming in update 1.2.1. With the Weapon Slot Revamp coming this fall, should players have a chance to test or give feedback on these big weapon slot changes before they are pushed live in the Taken Queen? We recap the Iron Banner emote controversy and talk about the first 6v6 event of Warmind. Anthem E3 2018 has been confirmed, we'll discuss what we want to see from it and hopefully get some more (less scripted) Anthem gameplay. Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

May 29, 2018
#202 DESTINY 2 - Summer Event, E3 2018, & Investment Economy Review | DTS Podcast

This week we discuss the updated Road Map for Destiny 2 in 2018. A new summer event is coming to Destiny 2 plus prestige mode for both Eater of Worlds & Spire of Stars Raid Lairs. The TWAB gives a review of the investment economy in Warmind currently with some changes coming to Escalation Protocol item drop rates. E3 2018 is right around the corner, we'll review the games and content we hope to see there. The Black Ops 4 reveal event happened this last week, and in Warframe news Devstream 111 occurred. We are now just a little over a month away from Tennocon 2018. Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

May 22, 2018
#201 Warmind One Week Later, Is Destiny Back On Track? | Destiny The Show

This week we look at Destiny 2 Warming 1 week later, is Destiny back on track after the latest expansion? We'll talk about the incredible ARG secret the community solved that led to real world treasure, our impressions and feedback of the Warmind expansion, Spire of Stars difficulty, Escalation Protocol, the new Hellas Basin zone, the story, Ana Brae, the new lore regarding Ana's sister Elsie and the connection to the Exostranger. All that and more on today's Destiny The Show Podcast

May 15, 2018
#200 Destiny 2 Warmind - Prismatic Matrix & Heroic Changes | DTS Podcast

Destiny 2 Warmind has released and we have patch notes to discuss, the new Prismatic Matrix explained, plus big Heroic Modifier changes and even Nightfall modifier and Nightfall scoring changes. Season 3 of Destiny 2 has begun and with it brings the Exotic tuning pass, Crucible Ranks, and a whole lot more! Thanks so much for 200 amazing weeks of Destiny The Show. It has been awesome and we are very thankful for your support!

May 08, 2018
#199 Destiny 2 Ranks Explained, Warmind Content, Spire Of Stars Raid Lair | DTS Podcast

Destiny 2 Warmind content details with information on Ranked Crucible, the new Raid Lair Spire of Stars, Escalation Protocol, the new strikes, Ana Bray, new gear to collect and much more. Warmind is releasing May 8 so now is a perfect time to hop back in to catch up before the expansion launches next week. We'll also talk briefly about Elder Scrolls Online & its Summerset Expansion at the end of the program. Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

May 01, 2018
#198 Destiny 2 New Mode Escalation Protocol & Summit Follow Up | DTS Podcast

This week we talk about the Warmind reveal stream trailer with the new game mode Escalation Protocol. This new game mode in Destiny 2 could have a ton of potential if done correctly. We then recap the Bungie Community Summit, what are the impressions we are hearing from the folks that got to spend the weekend at Bungie sharing feedback on the state of Destiny 2. We close the show with a recap of the Kulve Taroth event in Monster Hunter World. Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

Apr 24, 2018
#197 Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion, Warframe New Mode, & Borderlands 3 | DTS Podcast

This week we talk about Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion as we now have the official release date of May 8. Rumors are flying about a new potential horde mode maybe akin to the Prison of Elders but hopefully much more robust and improved. Then we recap Warframe devstream 109 as it brought with it a new game mode Sanctuary Onslaught and a new warframe Khora. Finally we round the show out talking about Borderlands 3 release date windows according to Take Two investor earnings calls. Thanks for listening to this week’s show

Apr 17, 2018
#196 Destiny 2 Community Summit & DLC 2 Teases | DTS Podcast

Today we discuss the upcoming Destiny 2 community summit in which many community members and influencers will spend time at Bungie HQ to talk about the future of Destiny 2. Expansion 2 has been teased now twice online with Chris Barrett being at the center of each of these peaks under the curtain. We'll also review the Bungie Bounty Q&A stream as well as answers the devs gave. World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth releases August 14 2018 and we are excited! Plus the Spring Blossom festival is now live in Monster Hunter World for the next week. Don't miss out! Thanks for listening to this week’s show

Apr 10, 2018
#195 Fortnite Success Spook Activision Investors | DTS Podcast

Activision Blizzard Stock (ATVI) has dropped 11% since March 12 over investors growing concern that the massive popularity of Fortnite will pull players away from Activision Blizzard games. We discuss how agile developers like Epic Games are paving the way forward for more fast-paced, innovative, update philosophies that are surpassing the competition at every corner. Bungie’s slow paced update schedule is showing its age and become antiquated in 2018. The old style of development with major updates once every 6 months are just not cutting it anymore as younger studios are taking the market by storm. We will also cover our feedback of update 1.1.4 in regards to both PvE and PvP. Thanks for listening

Apr 03, 2018
#194 The Go Fast Patch & Sea Of Thieves An Unfinished Game | DTS

This week the Destiny 2 Go Fast Update is live with Patch 1.1.4. Bungie is also looking for a contract position that sounds like an endgame tester. Could this position be for The Taken Queen launch this fall/winter? Sea Of Thieves is out and we’ve had some hands on time with the game. It makes for a great initial 5 hour experience but feels like a very unfinished & shallow game past that point. Is the new games as a service model taking over the investment game genre? We’ll also briefly talk about Monster Hunter World & the new Deviljho patch feedback, plus Monster Hunter World is the best selling game in February for both consoles making it the best selling game of 2018 so far. Thanks for listening.

Mar 27, 2018
#193 The Division 2, Free MHW Update, & 5 Years Of Warframe | DTS

This week we cover the final faction rally of season 2 in Destiny 2. We then chat about Warframe's 5 year anniversary with free goodies for players to collect before March 26. The Division 2 was officially announced and we have some thoughts on the press release. Monster Hunter World is receiving a giant free title update in the next few days that looks awesome, and Battlefront 2 is bringing microtransactions back to the game. Thanks for listening!

Mar 19, 2018
#192 Update 1.1.4 Preview, No More Radar In Trials | Destiny The Show

This week its all about update 1.1.4 Preview, no more radar in trials and competitive moving forward. Buffs are coming to most weapons across the sandbox along with big movement speed changes across the board as well. Is this enough though to bring back lapsed players? Bungie has a tough road ahead between now and Expansion two. Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

Mar 13, 2018
#191 Update 1.1.4 Details & 6v6 Crucible Tuning | Destiny The Show

This week we go over more details of update 1.1.4 arriving in a few weeks. This update will bring sandbox tuning, rotational PvP playlists, and more. Iron Banner 6v6 will be introduced shortly after, which will be Control but with some game tuning adjustments with 6v6 in mind. Will 6v6 be chaotic on some of the smaller maps, and will the sandbox changes address the communities concerns with the TTK of Destiny 2 PvP? Nightfall scoring has been launched and of course cheese was discovered and utilized.  Thanks for listening to this week’s show.

Mar 06, 2018
#190 Mods 2.0 Delayed & New Emblem System Explained | Destiny The Show

This week we cover the new Nightfall Scoring Emblem system with Auras, score thresholds, emblem variants, and more! Mods 2.0 has been delayed beyond Expansion 2 unfortunately but there are some elements moving up in the development timeline such as Rumble. Rumble will be returning to Destiny late March but as a weekly rotational playlist. The Destiny community is left in an odd spot as Bungie shifts large scale improvements further back on the timeline. On the one hand we want to see these features implemented in an effective way, but on the other hand player's patience has run dry. Thanks for listening and have a great week guardians.

Feb 27, 2018
#189 Destiny 2: February Faction Rally & Consequences Of A Sequel | Destiny The Show

Should Destiny 2 have been a sequel? For months the community has been discussing the concept of Destiny  1 vs Destiny 2. This week we cover the february faction rally, the main changes coming to the event, new weapons and more. We'll also dive into a readers question that digs deep into the idea of the consequences of a sequel, and the expectations associated with them. Thanks for listening and have a great week guardians. Join the DTS Discord All the links and sources can be found at

Feb 20, 2018
#188 Nightfall Scoring & Curated Raids Explained | Destiny The Show

This week we break down the new Nightfall Scoring system coming to Destiny 2, complete with challenge modifier cards, new timing mechanics, emblems, auras, and more. We will also go into detail with curated raids explained. This new high end raid activity will each week bring forth a curated prestige mode raid with load out restrictions, modifiers, and tweaks to make the experience fresh more challenging and to keep players raiding. Whether it is a Raid Liar, the Leviathan Raid, or new raids this new activity sounds like a great idea. We’ll cover Crimson Days and the new crimson days rewards plus how they are earned. Finally we’ll close with the Activision Blizzard Q4 Investor earnings call which gave a lot more insight into the state of Destiny 2 than what listeners expected. Thanks for listening.

Feb 13, 2018
#187 Mods 2.0 Delayed To May | Destiny The Show

Mods 2.0 has been pushed back until May, as has the start of Season 3. We can assume as well that DLC 2 will be releasing in May alongside the launch of Season 3. Timelines are the focus of the discussion as the pace of Destiny 2 renovations are quite slow unfortunately. Prestige Eater of Worlds will also release in May which begs the question, did the second Raid Lair get delayed to sometime this summer? The ball is in Bungie’s court, hopefully they can find some ways to score soon.

Feb 05, 2018
#186 Epic Raid Reward Updates & Shader Changes Soon | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about the epic raid reward updates coming this week plus the new masterworks armor system. Honestly this is the best TWAB of Destiny 2. If Bungie can keep supplying updates and transparency like what was seen in this week’s blog post then the ship can be turned around for Destiny 2. Iron Banner returns this week with positive changes to the reward economy. The raid reward overhaul details not only positive changes but a fantastic long term pursuit for raiders to engage with the Leviathan and Eater of Worlds every single week. Bungie addresses the shader issue head on and concedes the point that the community wants unlimited use shaders back. Bungie talks about exploring methods in which we can achieve a better state of shaders, either with the return of unlimited use, or a kiosk that will help with the mass delete issues present currently. Anthem has been pushed back to 2019 in an attempt to polish the game further, and a CNBC article on Destiny 2 urges vigilance from investors in regards to Activision Blizzard due to Destiny 2’s recent community reception. Thanks for listening!

Jan 30, 2018
#185 Faction Rally Recap & Mods 2.0 Soon | Destiny The Show

This week we recap the Faction Rally from this last week, token farming lockouts had a negative impact on the event in tandem with a new exotic ghost shell being sold for almost 3,000 silver dust from reverse that helped increase drop chances of faction consumables. Mods 2.0 is supposedly releasing in February, what could the system bring to the table and will it be a step back in the right direction? Thanks for listening!

Jan 23, 2018
#184 Fall 2018 To Get Back To Destiny 1? Dev Update Recap

This week we unpack the Bungie Dev Update. After the long winter break hiatus Bungie returns to detail the next steps they have planned for Destiny 2. It seems by the time we reach Fall 2018 a lot of positive changes will arrive. But the players have to ask themselves, is it too little too late? Most of these features returning are elements that existed in Destiny 1. Its going to be a long road just to get back to Destiny 1 standards. However these are the steps necessary to improve the game. Should Bungie have adopted an all hands on deck approach, was that even possible in the first place? Thanks for listening and have a great week guardians!

Jan 16, 2018
#183 Crimson Days Returning? | Destiny The Show

Is Crimson Days returning? Items in the database now show the small crimson days emblem, will this old valentines day event make a return? Bungie returns from their Holiday break, the community eagerly anticipates to hear what they have to say. The future of the franchise hangs in a balance and the next 2-3 months will be very indicative as to what the next few years have in store for the game, its player base, and the success of Destiny long term. Best of luck to Bungie, here’s to hoping that they can come up with some solid solutions quickly to the problems plaguing Destiny 2. Thanks for listening.

Jan 09, 2018
#182 Destiny 2 Needs A Makeover & Gods Of Mars Leak | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about how Destiny 2 needs a complete makeover akin to The Taken King & Age of Triumph during Destiny 1. Eververse costs skyrocket as community creators tabulate how much real world money it would cost a user to acquire all the items in the Eververse, simply put it is absurd how expensive these items are. The PlayStation Network showed a page detailing the alleged specifics regarding Destiny 2’s second expansion Gods of Mars. Will this release in March as the listing suggests and what does Bungie need to do between now and then to fix Destiny 2? Thanks for listening!

Jan 02, 2018
#181 Eververse Frustrations Grow | Destiny The Show

Eververse frustrations grow as the Dawning winter event delivers 50,000 silver dust worth of items just two weeks after Curse of Osiris placed 100 new items into the Eververse store. The community pushback has been swift regarding the negative effect Eververse is demonstrating on Destiny 2. Christopher Barrett of Bungie delivers some promising news though in regards to solid changes coming in 2018. Time will tell how the rest of Destiny 2 pans out but one thing is certain, if it continues in the direction of eververse priority than engagement will continue to fall. Thanks for listening

Dec 26, 2017
#180 The Dawning of Snowball Fights | Destiny The Show

The Dawning returns to Destiny for the 3rd time and brings with it Snowball Fights, Mayhem Crucible, and lots of Eververse loot boxes… Just weeks after the release of Curse of Osiris which already brought 100 items into eververse, we have yet another micro transaction fueled event. However this time you can purchase the armor you want outright with bright dust. Throw snowballs in strikes to stun and damage enemies or hop into Crucible to experience mayhem for the first time in Destiny 2 PvP. It does leave us wondering though, how long until we get rumble and playlist selection back into the game? Thanks for an amazing 2017 and for supporting DTS throughout the year. Have a great holiday and a fun week throwing snowballs.

Dec 19, 2017
#179 Bungie Update On Prestige Activities & Curse Of Osiris Feedback | Destiny The Show

Bungie Update On Prestige Activities & how Bungie plans on fixing the vanilla locked content. We detail our Curse of Osiris feedback and anticipate Update which brings with it masterworks weapons, quality of life changes, a nerf to the Prometheus Lens, and Bungie’s new activity changes regarding prestige and seasonal activities. The Infinite Forest dances with massive potential but unfortunately misses the mark. However some small changes could make the Infinite Forest a great endless Horde Mode if executed properly. Thanks for listening!

Dec 12, 2017
#178 The State Of Destiny 2 & Curse Of Osiris Release | Destiny The Show

The State of Destiny 2 Bungie blog post revealed a great deal about the future plans for Destiny 2 and acknowledged the poor communication Bungie has displayed since release. Are the changes outlined however enough to satisfy the community or are we just seeing a parade of old Destiny 1 features being brought back into Destiny 2? Ranked PvP is coming 2018 which was the biggest announcement out of the bunch. We’ll go over the Bungie podcast, the new Destiny 2 Free trial, how to get the mentor of light emblem, the release of Curse of Osiris, required hard drive space for the expansion and more. We have 3 new Destiny The Show clans, we heard your requests and have created new clans to help continue to grow and expand. Thanks for listening, have a great week!

Dec 04, 2017
#177 Bungie Caught Throttling XP | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about Bungie caught throttling XP gains in Destiny 2, in response Bungie has removed the XP cooldown but in the process has really slowed down acquisition of Bright Engrams. The community reaction has been strongly negative as it seems like Bungie only addressed the situation after getting caught. Additionally we talk about the Crucible Radio developer interview with Jon Weisnewski and Claude Jerome which gives clear insight into the segmented nature of Bungie development. We learn about the intentionality behind the decisions regarding fixed roll weapons, more simplistic class perk tress, and the decision to go 4v4 across the board. Thanks for listening and have a great week!

Nov 28, 2017
#176 Can Raid Lairs Actually Work? | Destiny The Show

Can Raid Lairs actually work in Destiny 2 or will this end up being another Crota's End, a very short raid more like a strike. The first Curse of Osiris reveal stream has concluded and things are looking alright, but it's hard not to get Dark Below vibes when IGN and PC Gamer have discussed the campaign length being only around 2-3 hours. The biggest question we have is what main quality of life changes are arriving in Season 2 and can the live team do enough to bring back the sea of lapsed players?

Nov 20, 2017
#175 Clarion Call, Guided Games Update, & Osiris Streams | Destiny The Show

This week we discuss the new reset time which has North American content creators excited. More details on the first Clarion Call of Destiny 2 that will allow you to grind up some more XP before Season 2 arrives. ME Chung from the social team gives an update on Guided Games and social features, most notably guided games will finally be available to full clans. The Curse of Osiris reveal streams begin this week. An Italian IGN interview sheds further light on the Infinite Forest, Mercury Social Space, and new patrol activity. Thanks for listening

Nov 14, 2017
#174 Level Cap Raise & New Max Power | Destiny The Show

This week we cover additional details coming out about The Curse Of Osiris expansion arriving December 5 for Destiny 2. We·ll talk more about Bungie·s first procedurally generated playspace the infinite forest, the new level cap and new power cap coming with Season 2. What does the phrase ·new raid content· actually mean, will the Leviathan be following us around for all of year 1 Destiny 2? The Faction Rally returns with some tweaks and its the first time PCplayers will get the chance to pledge to their choice of faction. Finally we·ll briefly cover the Activision Blizzard Q3 investors earnings call. Thanks for listening!

Nov 06, 2017
#173 Curse of Osiris & PC Launch Situation | Destiny The Show

The Curse or Osiris Expansion trailer was released yesterday and we have a ton to talk about. From the new Mercury playspace, the infinite garden which features a procedurally generated environment, to the new cinematic story missions featuring the mega lore character himself Osiris, this is looking to be an ambitious DLC. We’ll also cover the PC launch, the unfortunate Ban situation which was not handled smoothly by Bungie. Then Chris Barrett joins the TWAB for some awesome communication about what the team is working on. The quality of life improvements Chris shares bodes very well for the future of Destiny 2 and that type of transparency and communication from Bungie is what the community craves. Thanks for listening!

Oct 31, 2017
#172 PC Launch, The Dawning, & Update Roadmap | Destiny The Show

This week the Destiny 2 PC launch is finally here, welcome new PC guardians to the world of Destiny! Tons of great news happened this past week in the form of the Seasons announcement stream. The Destiny community learned about the new quarterly update system that brings with it a new season every 3 months. With these updates come new gear, quality of life changes, shaders, ships, sparrows, gear, The Dawning in Season 2, and a whole lot more. Finally we have a roadmap of an update schedule outside of the normal DLC launches which feels good as a player. Communication is key, and the more Bungie can share with the community openly and honestly the better. Thanks for listening to this week's Destiny The Show

Oct 24, 2017
#171 Baby Bumper Calus & Prestige Raid | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about Baby Bumper Calus, yes you can knock Calus off of his throne platform. The Prestige Raid has gone live, don’t do the Calus exploit however as it will nullify you for world first. Cosmo in this week at Bungie shares with us that the developers are reading our feedback on endgame but don’t have a plan in place yet for trying to improve it. SC Slayerage put out an amazing post regarding Destiny 2 feedback that we recommend all of our listeners read. Links on our website. Thanks for listening and have a great day!

Oct 17, 2017
#170 Endgame Lacks Depth & Prestige Raid Delayed | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about the Endgame controversy that was stirred up by the Friendgame comments at the end of the TWAB. The Destiny The Game subreddit began voicing criticism of Destiny 2’s current endgame progression loops (or lack there of). We’ll touch on the new Iron Banner which is live now. The Prestige Raid delayed due to a raid glitch in the Calus room that causes no enemy adds to spawn during the Calus fight. Bungie’s Christopher Barrett asked the community what they would like to see added in Destiny 2 ’s first expansion. The pillars of community sent back some great feedback and suggestions. Thanks for listening

Oct 10, 2017
#169 Can Guided Games Be Saved? | Destiny The Show

This week we explore the Prestige Raid gear, how it looks, and will ornaments return to Destiny 2 at some point? Jon Weisenewski Senior Designer at Bungie joins the TWAB to talk about the popularity of the Mida Multi Tool and what they are doing moving forward regarding balance. Ditty and Dragoon don’t think we’ll see any formal balance changes until November and December, we really hope they balance PC separate of console as well. Then we talk about guided games and how it has failed to deliver a positive experience for most users. What can Bungie do to salvage guided games, are there ways they can incentivize and fix the big problems? Thanks for listening!

Oct 02, 2017
#167 The Leviathan Raid: The LFG Destroyer - Beware Guided Games | Destiny The Show

We talk about The Leviathan Raid and how it is the LFG Destroyer. The Leviathan Raid is straight up epic, is this one of Bungie’s best raids? We’ll talk about the new Trials of the Nine gamemode, whats changed and what has remained the same. Competitive matchmaking tweaks are underway as Bungie changes matchmaking parameters and settings. Next week the new Faction Rally event begins, what lovely gear will it bring with it to Tower 2.0? All that and more in this week’s Destiny The Show, your Destiny News Podcast to keep you ahead of the curve in the world of Destiny. Thanks for listening guardians!

Sep 19, 2017
#166 Faction Rally Event, Month 1 Calendar, & Destiny 2 Is Amazing | Destiny The Show

Destiny 2 is out and is amazing, the game has surpassed our expectations big time. The new Faction Rally event looms in the near future with the Leviathan Raid releasing this week. Trials goes live this friday and we have the full calendar of all of Destiny 2’s month 1 events, nightfalls, and other scheduled activities. This show will have campaign spoilers so this is your warning! Thanks so much guardians, we’d love to hear what you think of Destiny 2, so tweet us @destinytheshow with your feedback and impressions!

Sep 12, 2017
#165 Big Changes To Engrams & Gearing Up | Destiny The Show

Destiny 2 is making big changes to engrams and how engrams decrypt, this will have a massive impact on gearing up and moves the game in a very positive direction. Destiny 2 releases today!!! Have a great time with Destiny 2 guardians we hope the beginning of this new adventure is an amazing time for you and your friends. Thanks for listening to and supporting Destiny The Show for over 3 years. We are excited to embark on this new journey with you in Destiny 2. Kick Ghaul’s butt, have fun, try to avoid spoilers, good luck in the Destiny 2 Raid, and good luck in the new Trials of the Nine!

Sep 05, 2017
#164 Huge Destiny 2 Leaks: Raid Info, Prestige Difficulty, New Engrams, & 3rd SubClass Reveals! | Destiny The Show

Spoiler Alerts for this week’s show as massive leaks everywhere for Destiny 2 have surfaced. We have Raid Information, the new Prestige Difficulty, brand new Engrams and types of Engrams, 3rd subclass reveals, a boatload of new information about the European Dead Zone including new secret hidden areas. Public Event footage shows us that the hidden heroic mechanics are pretty darn cool. The Destiny 2 PC Beta goes live today and the full release of Destiny 2 on console is now just a week away. Thanks for listening guardians and have a great week!

Aug 28, 2017
#163 Destiny 2 Pre-Loading Has Begun! Gamescom & More | Destiny The Show

Pre-loading for Destiny 2 has begun on Xbox One and will begin on August 31 for Playstation players. We are now just three weeks away from the launch of Destiny 2 and the the hype is beginning to boil over. A new launch trailer reveals to us the fate of the Speaker, Bungie is in games com this week and will be dropping a few new tid bits of Destiny 2 info goodness. We revisit the Edge magazine article to highlight some very key aspects of the flow of the campaign, side quests, adventures, patrols, & hidden sectors. Thanks for listening and have a great week Guardians!

Aug 21, 2017
#162 Will Destiny 2 Only Appeal To Existing Fans? | Destiny The Show

Will Destiny 2 only appeal to existing Destiny fans? Is Bungie keeping concrete details about Destiny 2 hidden & secret to create a better sense of discovery during the initial few weeks of the game’s release? We learn about Destiny 2 having 50 cutscenes, as well as 80 Missions & activities for players to complete. Edge Magazine have played through the entire story mission campaign and share their feedback with the Destiny community. Is Destiny 2 finally the realization of the potential that Destiny has? All that and more on today’s Destiny The Show. Thanks for listening guardians!

Aug 15, 2017
#161 Bungie Fights Cheating At Streamers’ Expense | Destiny The Show

Bungie fights back against cheating at streamers’ expense, the restrictions placed on the upcoming Destiny 2 PC Beta and full release will make streaming Destiny 2 more challenging for streamers who don’t have a capture card or multiple PC setup. Our hope is that these restrictions do in fact help mitigate cheating in Destiny 2 on PC, but community members are not please about this decision, as it has left even experts at OBS & Xsplit confused. Thankfully the DLC for Destiny 2 on PC will not be delayed whatsoever and will release in unison with the console versions of the Destiny 2 Expansions. More Destiny 2 merchandise is coming to the market as the release date for Destiny 2 draws closer and closer. Thanks for listening this week to Destiny The Show!

Aug 07, 2017
#160 Pre-Orders, PC BETA Dates, & Recommended Specs | Destiny The Show

Today we talk about the crazy amount of Pre-Order Incentives going on for Destiny 2, including Fidget Spinners, The new cold heart exotic trace rifle, and the kill tracker ghost. There will be no theater coming to Destiny 2 unfortunately. But we now know the PC Beta release date of August 28 as well as the PC minimum and recommended requirements. Thanks for listening and have a great week guardians!

Aug 01, 2017
#159 Destiny 2 Cooldown Controversy, SBMM, & Beta Recap | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about the Destiny 2 Cooldown Controversy that dominated the talk of Destiny fans this last week. We recap our experience with the Destiny 2 beta talking about our impressions of PvE, PvP, & the Campaign mission. We’ll explore the things we liked and the things we didn’t like in the Destiny 2 beta. The Destiny 2 beta did have SBMM for all forms of PvP, yes even quickplay, & Bungie responded quickly to the frustrations with PvE timers and lack of heavy ammo. They addressed the ammo and grenade side of things, but not the ability timers. Thanks for listening and have a great week. 

Jul 25, 2017
#158 Destiny 2 Beta Week, Sentinel Titan, Mantling, & More! | Destiny The Show

The Destiny 2 Beta Week Is Here, plus we break down the brand new Sentinel Titan subclass in Destiny 2. It is looking like the most versatile subclass in Destiny 2 so far. We now know mantling is also in Destiny 2, is this a good or bad thing? The new Arcstrider Hunter has some new abilities we have learned about, the new Vostok PvP map revisits a familiar Destiny 1 location. We talk about the new Voidwalker Warlock with the updated doomsday Nova Bomb, plus we tour Endless Vale, the control map we’ll be playing throughout the beta this week. Thanks for listening!

Jul 18, 2017
#157 Harder Endgame, Locked Loadouts, Progression System & More | Destiny The Show

Destiny 2 is set to have a much more challenging endgame as Luke Smith discusses the new system of Locked Loadouts for certain activities. Destiny 2 will deliver a far better story and focuses on bringing in as many new players as possible. IGN’s month long coverage of Destiny 2 has shown us the New Control Game Mode, and demonstrates Bungie’s commitment to a better progression system in Destiny 2, one that rewards players better than Destiny 1. Both Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy have been sharing a ton of great Destiny 2 info the last week and with more to come and the beta next week it's a great time to be a Destiny fan! Thanks for listening

Jul 11, 2017
#156 Is No Random Perks On Guns In Destiny 2 A Bad Choice? | Destiny The Show

Destiny 2 will feature static rolls on all weapons, random perks on weapons are gone in Destiny 2. Will this have a negative impact on Destiny or does Bungie have something up their sleeve that will make this a beneficial change for the players? This week is also our 3 year anniversary of Destiny The Show, Ditty & Dragoon want to extend a massive thank you to the listeners for making Destiny The Show what it is! We’ll dive deep into the new Clan features and changes that are coming in Destiny 2 in preparation of the new Guided Games mode. Thanks for listening and have a great week!

Jul 04, 2017
#155 GuardianCon Changing Lives For An Amazing Cause! | Destiny The Show

This week we highlight the amazing marathon stream and event that is GuardianCon 2017! Benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital this amazing cause is back again to raise even more than last year with the marathon already past $550,000 at the time of recording. For those going to GuardianCon have a safe and amazing trip and for those who can’t make it consider supporting over at http// . We’ll discuss the legacy rewards for Destiny 1 veterans as we transition into Destiny 2 and we’ll also cover the fast approaching final dates for the end of the Age of Triumph shirt eligibility window. Thanks for listening and have a great day!

Jun 25, 2017
#154 Destiny 2: What's In The Beta | Destiny The Show

We talk about what will be in the Destiny 2 Beta coming July 17 for PS4 players who pre-ordered and the xbox one pre-order beta begins on July 18. We recap everything that we learned from E3 2017 about Destiny 2 including Flashpoints, PC release date, the arc strider, the remaining subclasses, and a whole lot more. Thanks for watching!

Jun 20, 2017
#153 Destiny 2 Polish & Finishing Touches | Destiny The Show

This week we recap the Bungie Podcast where we learn that Destiny 2 is now in the Polish and Finishing Touches stages of development. Teams at Bungie are moving onto the expansions and updates that are set for post launch. The relaxed atmosphere at the studio is a great counterpart to the rushed timeline of Destiny 1 production. E3 2017 is in full swing and with the Sony conference we will learn the official Beta release date for Destiny 2. Arcstrider gameplay and full subclass details have been found, the class is quite similar to the bladedancer it would seem. Thank you for listening and have a great week! Join the DTS Discord

Jun 12, 2017
#152 Scorpio & Arcstrider at E3, Clan Features, & Platforms | Destiny The Show

This week we discuss Destiny 2 at E3 2017, the arcstrider subclass will be shown off for the first time at E3 and player will get to capture PC gameplay of Destiny 2.With the big Scorpio reveal now just a week away how will Destiny 2 play on Xbox Scorpio? We’ll speculate about possible reveal trailers we may see at E3, and we’ll hopefully see more specifics about Destiny 2 like how many campaign missions, strikes, pvp maps, how many modes, and any new progression systems. We’ll close the show discussing clan features we’d like to see implemented in Destiny 2 to make managing clans a more realistic task. Thanks for listening!

Jun 06, 2017
#151 Dedicated Server Hybrid, Trials of the Nine, Strange Dust & More

This week we break down the Dedicate Server Hybrid system that will be used in Destiny 2. We’ll cover the Trials of the Nine leak, Strange Dust, the new VEIST weapon foundry, a fresh Mark Noseworthy interview & a whole lot more. Strange Dust is a new currency that will be used in trading & we learn a bit about how Bungie will combat PC cheating. Thanks for listening! 

May 29, 2017
#150 Destiny 2 What We Learned | Special Guest TheReachWay

Special guest TheReachWay joins DTS to share his hands on experience with Destiny 2 at the LA reveal event. We recap EVERYTHING from the reveal and talk about the new changes and features coming to Destiny 2 that will revolutionize player experiences. Massive week and massive show, lets do this! Thanks for listening

May 23, 2017
#149 Destiny 2 Here We Go | Destiny The Show

This Thursday the Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal will finally be here. WIll it answer all of our burning questions? Time will tell. Learn about awesome and easy ways to catch up with the Destiny Lore before Destiny 2 arrives. We conclude our Destiny 1 Review with The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Thanks for listening and enjoy the reveal this Thursday 

May 15, 2017
#148 One Week Until Destiny 2 Reveal | Destiny The Show

This week we go over the Activision Blizzard Earnings Call For Quarter 1. Details were shared about Activisions continued commitment to a better stream of content after the launch of Destiny 2 enlisting the help of two of their studios in regard to aiding Bungie's development. Will Xbox players ever see those Playstion Exclusive Maps and content. And we continue our Destiny 1 review with House of Wolves into The Taken King. Thanks for listening 

May 09, 2017
#147 A World Without Light | Destiny The Show

The invites have been sent out and the Destiny 2 live reveal will be conducted with tons of members of the community in attendance. Plus Destiny 2 will be playable at the event as both the PS4 and PC versions will be shown. Sounds like the Beta may be a whole lot closer than any of us expected for Destiny 2. We continue with our Destiny 1 favorite moments venturing forth this week into The Dark Below. Thanks for listening! 

May 02, 2017
#146 Destiny 2 Needs Raid Matchmaking | Destiny The Show

GameStop will be receiving new press materials for Destiny 2 this Tuesday with the CoD WWII reveal on Wednesday. The next Activision Blizzard earnings call takes place May 4 and will undoubtedly bring with it new Destiny 2 information ahead of the gameplay reveal. We review Destiny 1 & talk about how matchmaking is an absolute must in Destiny 2 for endgame PvE activities. Destiny is all about the community so the more tools Bungie can put inside of the game to cultivate that community, the better! 

Apr 24, 2017
#145 Could PS4 Get The Beta Earlier Than X1 & PC? | Destiny The Show

Learn about the next hotfix that arrives before the end of the month. We revisit the original Destiny 1 Alpha and Beta to talk about timelines, exclusivity, stats, and more. Could we see the PS4 beta getting early access like last time? Learn about charity initiatives that could land you a studio tour of Bungie or lunch with the Devs. We also talk about Crossplay while answering a listeners question. Thanks for listening! 

Apr 18, 2017
#144 Destiny 2 A Fresh Start | Destiny The Show

This week we discuss Destiny 2 being hosted through Steam (just a rumor for now). We recapt the important details and timelines upcoming for both Destiny 2 & 1. A new Saladin bobblehead is available for preorder. And finally we discuss the success of the featured raid activities. Thanks for listening! 

Apr 11, 2017
#143 Expansion Release Dates Leak For Destiny 2 | Destiny The Show

Today we focus in on the Destiny 2 reveal trailer going shot by shot with analysis outlining some easter eggs that you may have missed and details revealed through the press release text. Additional we dive deep into the release dates of expansion 1 and 2 which have now been officially leaked through gamestop store manager briefing papers. Crota's End Challenge Mode went over extremely well and we have VoG coming this week, its a great time to be a Destiny Community member! 

Apr 04, 2017
#142 Destiny 2 Reveal & Leaks | Destiny The Show

Bungie officially announces Destiny 2 and the leaks are everywhere. Preorders for PC limited editions, new images, a Cayde 6 action figure as a preorder bonus, Playstion exclusives continue it looks like, leaked posters and a whole lot more. It's moving fast everyone, get ready, this is going to be an amazing year for Destiny players. Thanks for listening

Mar 27, 2017
#141 Elementals & Blue Flames Are Back! | Destiny The Show

A full recap of Bungie's latest stream detailing the new activities returning in Age of Triumph. Elemental Primaries are back with ornaments for 7 weapons including Nechrochasm and Mythoclast. The Blue Flames for the Nightfall are back as is the xp buff and more. This event is turning out great, plus the 12 crucible playlists will be reduced to 6 for faster matchmaking times. Thanks for listening

Mar 20, 2017
#140 Daybreak Strikes, Mayhem Nightfalls? | Destiny The Show

Deej hints at Mayhem Nightfalls being added to our new weekly rotations of activities during Age of Triumph. Will we see an update Prison of Elders in addition to the Raid Updates? We also talk about Quantity over Quality, and seeing more end game content, will it become a more common trend moving forward? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Mar 13, 2017
#139 Every Raid Updated! | Age Of Triumph Breakdown

We break down all the details of Destiny 1's final event Age of Triumph. Every raid is returning, new challenge modes, new gear, new ornaments, current light level raids for Vault of Glass, Crota's End, Kings Fall, and even an update to Wrath of the Machine. This is looking to be the best update ever for Destiny Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Mar 09, 2017
#138 Sidearm Fixes & NLB Nerfs | Destiny The Show

More pvp balance changes to go into effect soon including a Nerf to No Land Beyond's flinch, Sidearms will now spawn with a small set of base ammo and not preserve ammo pick ups between spawns, Truth receives a rocket back into its back pack, & more. Players find the location of the Vex DLC cutscene screenshot and its in the skybox above the citadel, however players found this a long time ago. Thanks for listening

Feb 28, 2017
#137 Vex Cutscenes & Regen Rollbacks | Destiny The Show

This week we talk about the new McFarlane Destiny Toys, 59 pieces of concept art released by Bungie, Vex cinematics from the company that creates all of Destiny's cinematics, plus the health regen rollbacks and changes to address issues with 

Feb 21, 2017
#136 The One About Patch | Destiny The Show

Today is all about the new weapon balance pass Hotfix It brings with it some great changes, some weird changes, and some unintended consequences that are buried in the code. The hungering blade changes made waves across a lot of health regen properties which we'll dive into. Also a new infinite super glitch should be avoided by players to not get in trouble with ol Sheriff Bungie. Thanks for listening!

Feb 15, 2017
#135 The Endgame Challenge - Keeping Players Engaged | Destiny The Show

Patch goes live Feb 14 with a livestream this week showing off the balance changes. Activision Blizzard work with ex-Mattel executive to help develop "consumer goods," coming soon. We talk about Datto's video regarding Max Light losing all of its meaning. How can endgame be improved and how can more rewards be given to players who invest in their characters. Is there steps beyond light level 400 that could keep players engaged?

Feb 07, 2017
#134 The Most Important Patch of Year 3 | Destiny The Show

We are getting our next weapon balance pass mid-february and Bungie shares with us their objectives. The real question is what will get nerfed and what will get buffed. We've been on the same balance patch since Rise of Iron, the changes in this upcoming balance pass will have a profound impact on the game and the PvP community. Class tweaks, special ammo, exotics, and more are all on the table for changes. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Jan 31, 2017
#133 Bungie Hiring New Senior Designers | Destiny The Show

Vicarious Visions posts over 20 new job listings for Destiny including a Senior PvP Designer position & Senior World Designer. Is Bungie returning to year 1’s DLC model and delegating that production to Vicarious Visions? Crimson Days is not returning and the next update from the live team will arrive in the Spring. A weapon balance update is being worked on but no further information on a launch date yet. Can the PvP community survive the Clever Dragons until we one day get this weapon patch? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Jan 24, 2017
#132 Dream Game Modes? Gun Game & Timewalking | Destiny The Show

Iron Banner Clash returns & Bungie Bounty Days begins. A new twist on the Bungie Bounty that runs for almost a month and give players more opportunities to earn that exclusive emblem. We talk about what our dream game modes would be if Destiny could add new activities. Gun Game with multiple variants as well as Timewalking Raids/Dungeons were our favorites, what are your dream game modes? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Jan 17, 2017
#131 How To Survive Content Drought | Destiny The Show

Iron Banner most likely returns in the next week or two as Bungie starts to return to the studio and get 2017 rolling. We have some suggestions for players looking to survive the content drought of 2017. Best to take breaks from the game rather than burn out, but there still may be ways to find fresh experiences that you haven't completed in Destiny.

Jan 10, 2017
#130 Destroy To Rebuild - D2 Fortunes | Destiny The Show

Thanks for making DTS one of Podbean's Top 10 Gaming & Hobbies Podcasts of 2016! Second year in a row we've made it into the top 10 and we appreciate your support, thanks for helping this podcast grow! Destiny 2 foreshadowing begins as Bungie gives players a paper fortune with hints to the future. New narrative director job postings and live narrative director listings appear on Bungie's career pages. The new year is here and 2017 is going to be a big one.

Jan 02, 2017
#129 D2 "Outposts & Towns" | Destiny The Show

Dive deep into the NeoGaf post from an Activision insider who reveals a ton of details about Destiny 2's overhaul from D1. All unconfirmed of course but some truths provide validity to these rumors. Towns, Outposts, Playspaces larger than everything in D1 one combine are just a taste of what's in store for Destiny 2. The overhauled Engine will forever change the way Destiny is played. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Dec 26, 2016
#128 Sequel Speculation | Destiny The Show

Today we talk about your hopes for Destiny 2, you sent us a ton of tweets about what you want in Destiny 2, time to explore your thoughts. We learn about a weapon balance pass that will arrive in 2017 & this year at Bungie ends 2016 on a high note. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Dec 20, 2016
#127 New Studios Help Bungie | Destiny The Show

The Dawning is here and it brings with it new content & activities. Vicarious Visions and Highmoons Studios officially announce their partnership working with Bungie. Skeleton Key Drop Rates are increased and 1 guaranteed per account per week for the first nightfall completion. We have some good SRL tips and more information about the patch. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Dec 13, 2016
#126 Strike Scoring & Siva Strikes | Destiny The Show

The Dawning is the newest Destiny Live Event and it brings with it so many great things. New weapons, gear, year 3 Icebreaker, Strike Scoring, 3 remixed Siva Strikes, New record book, SRL returns with 2 new tracks, and the racing suits are infusible this year. New kiosks and you can finally purchase the ornaments that you actually want. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Dec 06, 2016
#125 Winter Event & PSX | Destiny The Show

SRL will be larger this year and will likely include more than just racing according to the Director of Bungie's live team. It's a quiet week so we look back at year 1 as well as looking forward to the future. Old interviews with Deej resurface about carrying characters forward into Destiny 2 & some amazing 3d character renders blow our minds. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Nov 28, 2016
#124 SRL Returns Soon | Destiny The Show

SRL is returning in just a few short weeks with the announcement ocurring December 3. We recap the awesome Raid Ride Along for the Wrath of the Machine raid. This Week At Bungie shed some light on Skill Based Matchmaking and stirred up a lot of discussion within the community. Join us for this and more! Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Nov 28, 2016
#123 Bungie Studies Player Choices | Destiny The Show

We review Iron Banner Control as it brought with it a TON of great gear and solid rolls. Bungie is rolling out an awesome new Twitch integration for their site. A player behaviour study is analyzing Destiny Player Choices in attempts to create a gear recommender. Playstation Experience is December 3 and 4, it will bring with it the next set of Destiny news. We Return To Crota's End on December 9 of this year, learn about this special DTS event on this week's show. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Nov 15, 2016
#122 Microtransactions Here To Stay | Destiny The Show
  Activision Blizzard earned almost $1 Billion From In Game Transactions During Quarter 3 alone, meaning microtransactions are massively successful for them and aren't going away anytime soon. The investor earnings call had some more insights about Destiny 2's steady stream of content and again stated a 2017 release, when next year though? Primary weapon balance is in the PvP community spotlight as players like mtashed and sirdemetrious hope for primary kill times closer to Year 1. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow
Nov 08, 2016
#121 Raid Refresh In December? | Destiny The Show
Could The December Event bring with it a Refresh of the Old Raids? Challenge Modes are next on the schedule but will we see another Raid before Destiny 2? Festival of the Lost microtransaction system caused disappointment across the scene, how can it be adjusted to be better? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow
Nov 01, 2016
#120 Festival Returns, But Is It Better? | Destiny The Show

Festival of the Lost is here with tons of great new masks, consumable, a sparrow, great shaders, emblems, a ghost ghost & more. But from a gameplay perspective is it a bit shallow? Heroic Mode comes and goes with changes & world first timing controversies. Challenge modes are right around the corner. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow

Oct 25, 2016
#119 Wrath Of The Heroic Mode | Destiny The Show
Gearing up is getting a lot easier in Patch 2.4.1 which is live now. Artifacts and ghosts will be dropping a lot more. The Heroic mode of Wrath of the Machine is now here, good luck to you brave guardians battling against the Siva this week. Festival of the Lost is about a week away most likely and 2.4.1 has more than economy changes up its sleeves. We also rate Destiny's story, has it improved? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow
Oct 18, 2016
#118 Festival of the Lost Soon! | Destiny The Show
Hard Mode Starts October 18, with Festival of the Lost starting most likely the week after. The new Iron Banner has come and gone, the clever dragon pulse rifle is the grasp archaetype & pretty awesome. Is silver dust economy too harsh? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow
Oct 11, 2016
#117 Best Destiny Puzzle Ever! | Destiny The Show
The community solves the Outbreak Prime riddle and discovers the best Destiny quest and puzzle ever, one of the best puzzles in a game to date. Kotaku leaks a rumor that Destiny 2 will be on PC as well as a Fresh Start and overhaul to Destiny's mechanics. The New Iron Banner is Here! Trials rewards are fantastic & the heroic raid ornaments look amazing. Join our Discord! 
Oct 04, 2016
#116 Big Things Coming to Year 3 | Destiny The Show
Learn about what's next for Rise of Iron and Destiny Year 3, "bigger" events have been confirmed, old raids getting revived, timed exotic daily quests, a new Iron Banner, and a fresh Trials of Osiris this weekend. We talk about our week 1 experiences with Rise of Iron and the Wrath of the Machine Raid.
Sep 27, 2016
#115 Rise of Iron Begins! | Destiny The Show
Rise of Iron has launched and we cover ALL the big changes from the Patch Notes with NO Spoilers. Become an Iron Lord and ascend Felwinter's Peak as Bungie take the next step with Rise of Iron. We are super hyped and hope you are too!
Sep 20, 2016
#114 Siva Are Here! | Destiny The Show
Patch 2.4 is live and just one week left until Rise of Iron's Release. A new area has been found and SIVA infestions have been found in the Saber strike. Learn about the new exotic weapon changes and the secret Titan changes (nerfs to skating). Have an awesome last week before Rise of Iron Guardians! Join Our Discord!
Sep 13, 2016
#113 Pre Patch Event! | Destiny The Show
Deej Confirms a Pre Patch Event for Rise of Iron is almost here! Destiny receives a new game update this Thursday Sept 8. Sterling Treasure is being replaced soon with Radiant Treasure and the new Silver Dust currency is absolutely awesome! Learn what Xur will sell for this “Silver Dust”. We also got to see Archon's Forge gameplay and it looks like the penalties for dying are.... creative. Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow
Sep 06, 2016
#112 New Raid Philosophies | Destiny The Show
Lots of details about Bungie's raid development team & Wrath of the Machine design choices. Destiny streamers raise over $500k for charity before DCC & no Destiny isn't going Free to Play, at least not yet. JOIN OUR DISCORD
Aug 30, 2016
#111 Bungie Fixing The Engine ! | Destiny The Show
The most honest and important info since the launch of Vanilla Destiny. We get official word behind the production troubles at Bungie. Destiny 2 WAS delayed, something that RARELY happens with Activision. It looks like the CEO stepdown was a result of this delay. We now have a dedicated Engine team who's sole purpose is to improve the engine and tools that make Destiny! JOIN OUR DISCORD
Aug 23, 2016
#110 Private Matches! | Destiny The Show
Private Matches shown! New Exotics, weapons, ornaments, wrath of the machine raid and tons more! The new Vi-Doc shows off a new clan roster and a competitive license. Finally everyone! Private Matches. Welcome back returning guardians as well!
Aug 16, 2016
#109 Destiny 2 In Full Production | Destiny The Show
Gameinformer Infosplosion full of a million details about Rise of Iron, we also hear from Eric Herschberg about Destiny 2 and how the majority of Bungie as a studio is working on it. Lots to talk about today!
Aug 09, 2016
#108 Destiny Collection Found on Amazon? | Destiny The Show
A new Amazon listing for a Destiny Collection is found then quickly removed. Legacy consoles have received their final patch. A Destiny Emote Wheel concept is so good we had to share. Class Items will be affected by shaders once again. Will Rise of Iron bring back the Destiny Population?
Aug 02, 2016
#107 Iron Gjallarwing Is Real! | Destiny The Show
The Cosmodrome winter reveal stream showed us the Siva, the Iron Gjallarwing, & tons of new areas to explore. We'll hear about PvP at gamescom, the rumor is Private Matches are arriving (FINALLY!) And Destiny themed drinks!? We're in!
Jul 26, 2016
#106 When Will The Drought End? | Destiny The Show
Mash puts out a brutally scathing yet funny parody of Destiny Year 2. Content Drought is fatiguing the playerbase, will Rise of Iron streams help reignite the passion of the fans? Discord.Me/DestinyTheShow
Jul 19, 2016
#105 Class Identity Crisis | Destiny The Show
What does it mean to be a Hunter, Warlock, or Titan. Do the classes characteristics from a top down perspective match that of their personalities in game currently? SBMM is being reduced in Control and is met with a lot of anger towards SBMM on the Bungie Forums. We also talk about Raid length and size, is Kings Fall too large to work on Peer To Peer connections? The lag we experience would suggest so.
Jul 12, 2016
#104 Two Years of DTS | Destiny The Show
It's our two year anniversary of DTS. Thank you all so much for an amazing two years and we can't wait for what's ahead. Today we reveal our new DTS merchandise, talk about Year 2 Moments of Triumph, We talk about a possible Exo Stranger Time Walking PvE Event, and was Plague of Darkness really Rise of Iron in disguise!?
Jul 05, 2016
#103 Is Y3 All Live Team? | Destiny The Show
Official info from Bungie on why old Raids haven't been upgraded as well as why SRL hasn't returned yet. Full details of how to upgrade from a Legacy consoles, those on PS4 & Xbox One will have to perform an account import as well. Iron Banner Clash returns today and tons of info about Rise of Iron
Jun 28, 2016
#102 Going Beyond The Wall | Destiny The Show
2.3 Brings with it a lot of glitches, enough to get Iron Banner cancelled. Sounds like our patrols are getting a lot larger with Rise of Iron, and SGA returns with Sassi dropping knowledge bombs on the Class & Weapon Changes.
Jun 21, 2016
#101 New Raid & Next Gen Only! | Destiny The Show
Rise of Iron is dropping this September and it's for next gen only! A new raid, story, pvp modes and features, strikes, and more. Plus Weapon Patch 2.3
Jun 14, 2016
#100 Looking Back | Destiny The Show
Today we look back at 2 years of Destiny, from the Beta, into Vanilla, Dark Below & House of Wolves, and of course Year 2. Thanks to everyone for their support on DTS, it has been a fantastic ride and we can't wait for what is next!
Jun 07, 2016
#99 Crucible Ride Along Recap | Destiny The Show
Iron Banner & Trials return after hotfix, Crucible Ride Along Recap, Destiny's Initial Development Insights, Where are Custom Games, & Can the hype train return before E3?
May 31, 2016
#98 Rise of Iron Leak | Destiny The Show
Kotaku leaking tons of info about this fall's expansion, the Rise of Iron. Luke Smith is now the lead of Destiny 2 and it looks like we'll be fighting the Fallen in an upcoming Raid.
May 24, 2016
#97 Companion App LFG | Destiny The Show
Companion App getting LFG update. We address the fact that there are vocal minorities across every activity within Destiny. How to creat long term and rewarding achievements for players?
May 17, 2016
#96 Activision Confirms Future Changes | Destiny The Show
A lot to talk about with brand new Bungie streams showing off some dev build tools. We also recap the Activision Blizzard Q1 investor earnings call which confirms fall expansion (not just an update). It also explains that Activision isn't pleased with the content drought of year 2 and that they are working closely with Bungie to deliver more consistent content in the future to players.
May 10, 2016
#95 Rezyl Azzir Leaks Fall Release Date? | Destiny The Show
This week we recap an excellent Iron Banner, we talk about Rezyl Azzir leaking a September 20 2016 release date for a Fall Expansion. A Melee fix patch is on its way and we take it to twitter to hear your responses regarding Healers and Tanks.
May 03, 2016
#94 The One About Raids | Destiny The Show
Iron Banner is back with Clash this week and a refined reward system. We talk about improving Raids, sharpening the PvE sector of Destiny. Finally should Destiny add Tank & Healing Classes, we think so.
Apr 26, 2016
#93 Fall Expansion or Update? | Destiny The Show
This Week At Bungie drops some info about the Fall Update, will it be an expansion or just an update? Ditty and I leaning towards the Kotaku articles rumors about a Fall Expansion. We also share our feedback across the board regarding the newly launched Spring Update.
Apr 19, 2016
#92 Spring Update Is Here | Destiny The Show
Learn about the PvP revive, special, & heavy ammo changes. New Weapon balancing for PvP & Warlock subclass changes that are causing some controversy. Enjoy the Spring Update!
Apr 11, 2016
#91 Chroma & Sterling Treasure | Destiny The Show
New Desolute and Spektar Armor sets, Chroma for armor and weapons, some Year 1 Legendaries getting upgraded to Y2 (and some Y1 exotics as well). Sterling Treasure is causing some controversy and HUD opacity settings inbound.
Apr 04, 2016
#90 Challenge Of The Elders | Destiny The Show
Challenge of the Elders details, new activity with score modifiers to help you reach Light Level 335. CoO 335 Artifacts, Kings Fall HM 330. We talk about improving player retention and some thoughts regarding the Live Team moving forward.
Mar 27, 2016
#89 Taken POE & April Update Details | Destiny The Show
The Spring Update releases April 12, bringing with it a lot of new things. Possibly updated Prison of Elders, Shader Hackers data-mined, New Strike, & Marty O'Donnell speaks out for the first time after his legal battle with Bungie.
Mar 22, 2016
#88 Audio Stream & ViDoc | Destiny The Show
The new ViDoc was epic, we recap the detailed audio stream with some details about the future of the Queen. The idea of a training mode is discussed and we talk about the Division.
Mar 13, 2016
#87 Spring Update Prep | Destiny The Show
Recap of the Dreadnaught ride along stream that had some negative backlash from the community. New Vi-Doc this Wednesday for the audio team stream. IB & Control MM settings going into effect in all playlists has us a bit worried. Spring Update prep and more.
Mar 08, 2016
#86 Population VS Engagement | Destiny The Show
The next 3 weeks will be full of Bungie streams, get the full details and schedule in this week's show. Destinycon 2016 was announced and Iron Banner Clash brought with it the new tuned Control Matchmaking settings. Learn about all the different ways Activision hasn't announced total copies sold of Destiny and concurrent population numbers.
Feb 29, 2016
#85 Twitch Studio & Division Beta | Destiny The Show
Bungie has constructed a full time twitch studio for weekly broadcasts starting in March. We talk about how devs communicate with the players is changing. And we wrap up by discussing some features in the Division beta that would be awesome for Destiny to implement.
Feb 23, 2016
#84 Expansion & Destiny 2 Confirmed | Destiny The Show
Bungie officially confirms a Spring Update to the cap with an increase in the light level cap as well as new PvE challenges. This fall a large expansion will be releasing similar to TTK. Then in 2017 we have official word about Destiny 2! We discuss how the special ammo changes may have backfired and the Crimson Days event.
Feb 16, 2016
#83 Freelance Playlists! | Destiny The Show
Freelance Playlists Arrive (YES!!!), Special Ammo Changes in 3v3 playlists. Damage Referee tweaks, Oryx Challenge Mode Fixes, Connection emphasized matchmaking enabled in control, skirmish, rumble, & trials of osiris. Conspiracy theories around a possible Destiny 2 delay.
Feb 09, 2016
#82 New CEO at Bungie | Destiny The Show
Bungie's Harold Ryan steps down and Pete Parsons takes over the role of CEO. We got the full details on how the Crimson Doubles gametype will work and the available rewards & emotes. The Division Beta has some great ideas we think could work in Destiny. Learn about the matchmaking changes Bungie deployed in IB Rift to help connections.
Feb 01, 2016
#81 Crimson Doubles & Matchmaking | Destiny The Show
Learn about the Crimson Doubles February event. The SBMM Matchmaking controversy gets even more complicated and highlights a problem with Bungie's internal communication. Luckily Iron Banner Rift is going to be featuring a new matchmaking algorithm that will prioritize connection more than our standard matchmaking. If successful it may be implemented into the other playlists to try and improve connections. 
Jan 26, 2016
#80 Is PvP Falling Behind? | Destiny The Show
It's all about PvP and refinements that our needed to bring Crucible up into 2016 standards. What will the weekly update bring to the table as it returns this week after a month of radio silence from Bungie.
Jan 19, 2016
#79 The Dawning Event Speculation | Destiny The Show
We speculate about The Dawning Event which is having some info emerge from the good ol data miners. Is Bungie's social media dropping hints for updated Raids? If so what do we expect from Bungie when they do update Vault of Glass and Crota's End? 
Jan 12, 2016
#78 Best PvP Class Stats | Destiny The Show
Crucible Radio Recap from Planet Destiny, The BungiePlz List, & MLG sold to Activision Blizzard for $46 Million.

Jan 05, 2016
#77 Secret January Rewards | Destiny The Show
The final DTS of 2015! Learn about the secret rewards we are receiving in January as well as 15 motes & coins. The Bungie Weekly Update is going on hiatus until Jan 21st, we wonder why? Login and play Destiny between Dec 7-10 to get a free yet to be revealed emblem. We talk to new players joining the Destiny family with tips to help with the journey.
Dec 29, 2015
#76 Level Boosts & Iron Banana | A DTS Christmas!
It's our annual Holiday show! Thank you for an amazing 2015, Ditty and I are both very appreciative to you all for the support. Today we'll talk about SRL coming to an end, the SRL film festival, Iron Banner's return (it has a shotgun!). And of course we'll talk about the overpriced level 25 class boosts.
Dec 22, 2015
#75 Year 2 Content & Patch Error | Destiny The Show
Sparrow Racing League has been here for a week, how is it shaping up? Urk fills us in on some vague details of Year 2 content, more events and something bigger on the way. SRL Feedback, spoiler we think it's fun but the microtransactions are far overpriced.
Dec 15, 2015
#74 Sparrow Racing & Sunbreaker Nerfs | Destiny The Show
Sparrow Racing League arrives December 8th! Big Titan class changes, Sunbreakers are receiving some nerfs, and Strikers are getting some serious buffs. The big December update is right around the corner!
Dec 07, 2015
#73 Best of DTS & Challenge Modes | Destiny The Show
Challenge Modes arrive, PSX DLC announcement possible? We revisit our favorite moments and memories from the last year and half of Destiny The Show. You all rock, thanks for supporting the show, Ditty and Dragoon appreciate you.
Dec 01, 2015
#72 Pulse Rifle Nerfs | Destiny The Show
The December Weapon Balance Patch is changing A LOT, most notably pretty big pulse rifle nerfs. Many exotics are getting a year 2 version including Mida Multi-tool, No Land Beyond, Plan-C, & more. New Titan exotic allows a mid-air dodge.
Nov 24, 2015
#71 Iron Banner Clash | Destiny The Show
New Refer A Friend program going live soon, December brings a big weapon update that addresses everything, and Iron Banner is now Clash. Also what Ditty and Dragoon want to see from Destiny 2 at release.
Nov 17, 2015
#70 Destiny Has 25 Million Registered Players! | Destiny The Show
Activision earnings report shows 25 Million Registered Destiny Players, also their publishing CEO had a controversial comment on DLC & Microtransactions existing together in Year 2. Content Drought has returned, we talk about the wild & tons of really interesting things from Blizzard Activision that have connections to Destiny.
Nov 10, 2015
#69 Raid Challenge Modes Soon! | Destiny The Show
Festival of the Lost Halloween Event is Awesome! Year 2 Trials is here, does the new matchmaking system work? Learn about the new Trials bounties and rewards as well. Luke Smith confirms that Raid Challenge Modes are coming very soon.
Nov 03, 2015
#68 Destinys Bumpy Development | Destiny The Show
Hard Mode has arrived, what changed & who got World First? Nightfall Rewards have been improved & Trials is coming Oct 30. We talk in depth about the mega Kotaku article about Destiny's Troubled Development just a year before release.
Oct 26, 2015
#67 Hard Mode Announced & Trials Delay | Destiny The Show
The Shadowshot Glitch Delays Trials, Hard Mode Arrives Friday Oct 23, Iron Banner's first event in Year 2 concludes and leaves a bit to be desired, 330 Attack Weapons have been added to the database, & Glass Needles is a new consumable from Xur.
Oct 20, 2015
#66 DLC Before Year 3? | Destiny The Show
Sleeper Simulant Quest & Balancing Timed Content. Shot Package being removed from all shotguns, Iron Banner & Trials are back. Will there be any DLC before Year 3 of Destiny? How is Tess impacted the DLC & content model for Destiny. DestinyTheShow
Oct 13, 2015
#65 Tess Returns with Microtransactions | Destiny The Show
Is the DLC model for Destiny changing? Tess is returning to the tower with emotes and sparrow shaders to sell to players. Iron Banner & Trials are returning as well!
Oct 06, 2015
#64 Sunbreaker Super Glitch & Secret Quests | Destiny The Show
Sunbreakers have a crazy button glitch for throwing WAY too many hammers, we have a mega interview with Luke Smith from Kotaku, & Black Spindle isn't the only Secret Quest and Mission inside The Taken King.
Sep 29, 2015
#63 Kings Fall Raid & TTK Week 1 | Destiny The Show
TTK is here and is amazing! Learn about Xur changes & 3 of coins farming. Light Level tips for getting ready for the Kings Fall Raid, & our Taken King reactions & raid reactions - No Spoilers
Sep 21, 2015
#62 The Taken King Arrives | Destiny The Show
This week learn about the new Raid Gear & Weapons as well as raid Challenges and the new consumables. The Taken King Exotic list is out and some of them are EPIC. The Taken King has arrived Guardians, are you ready?
Sep 14, 2015
#62 The Taken King Arrives | Destiny The Show
This week learn about the new Raid Gear & Weapons as well as raid Challenges and the new consumables. The Taken King Exotic list is out and some of them are EPIC. The Taken King has arrived Guardians, are you ready?
Sep 14, 2015
#61 Court of Oryx & O'Donnell Lawsuit | Destiny The Show
Court of Oryx recap with exotic swords & more. Marty O'Donnell wins his lawsuit against Bungie revealing juicy Activision drama. Update 2.0 goes live and its 18gb of fresh awesome!
Sep 08, 2015
#60 Shield Brothers Strike Recap | Destiny The Show
We recap the Shield Brothers Strike Stream, talk about the new heavy weapon the sword. Learn about the HUGE nightfall and heroic strike changes that are coming in The Taken King. Update 2.0 is releasing 1 week before the launch of The Taken King.
Sep 01, 2015
#59 Vault Space Doubled & Gear Changes | Destiny The Show
We recap Bungie's MEGA news stream for the Taken King. Year 2 gear, new attack levels, exotic kiosks, doubled vault space, new year 2 exotics, and a whole lot more.
Aug 24, 2015
#58 Gjally Sold & New Crucible Maps | Destiny The Show
Xur sold Gjallarhorn! Game Informer gives their first impressions of The Taken King and we have 8 new Crucible Maps coming in The Taken King that look absolutely awesome.
Aug 18, 2015
#57 The New Gjallarhorn & Gamescom Recap | Destiny The Show
Level 40 the new max level. no more Peter Dinklage and Shader/Emblem Storage. Year One Legendary Info For Year Two. The Sleeper Simulant, is it the new Gjallarhorn?
Aug 11, 2015
#56 Dreadnaught Details & Subscription Future? | Destiny The Show
We get the full details on the new Dreadnaught space, its full of secrets and new mechanics that will change Patrols forever. Also Destiny will be at Gamescom this week with a new build. Finally a leaked document reveals interesting info about the potential for a subscription future in Destiny 2
Aug 04, 2015
#55 Weapon Foundries Take Over | Destiny The Show
Weapon Foundries Arrive, New Weapon Perk Philosophies from Bungie, Pre-Order Bonuses (Suros Arsenal Pack), and House of Wolves lacks sustaining maintanence.
Jul 28, 2015
#54 Massive Weapon Patch 2.0 | Destiny The Show
Patch 2.0 is the largest update to the Destiny experience to date. Today we explore all the changes and their potential impacts on the sandbox. Thorn, TLW, Gjally Nerfs, Buffs, Changes, and more. This is a huge patch, things are about to change
Jul 21, 2015
#53 Overhauled UI & Quests | Destiny The Show
Brand new UI for quests, bounties, & progress. Everything has been "questified". New Taken King footage shown in Conversations with Creators video. Trials of Osiris shortcomings, what can be changed to resolve issues.
Jul 14, 2015
#52 Bungie Day & DTS 1 Year Anniversary | Destiny The Show
It's the 1 Year Anniversary of Destiny The Show! Thank you listeners for your support. Learn about Bungie Day. Weapon Tuning will be addressed before The Taken King. Redbull Code Scammers are scamming a ton of codes, and our favorite memories from Year One of Destiny
Jul 07, 2015
#51 Taken King Story More Like Halo | Destiny The Show
Two part weekly update from Deej that contains Luke Smith's apology, the new pricing for CE items, and Year One rewards with pictures. Polygon played The Taken King and think its more like Halo. Destiny's Activision Problem, Revenue Streams, and the pricing conflict.
Jun 30, 2015
#50 New Raid & PvP Modes | Destiny The Show
Everything we know about TTK thus far. The new raid, the Leviathan, New PvP modes Rift & Mayhem. Skippable Cutscenes fully voice acted and Taken enemies have new abilities, & the controversial price model
Jun 23, 2015
#49 The Taken King E3 Reveal Trailer! | Destiny The Show
The Taken King Reveal Trailer, New Subclasses, New Raid, New Story, New Gear, New Strikes, New Everything! Destiny The Taken King is looking absolutely amazing catch up on all the Taken King reveal info. Learn about the Skolas changes as well that are now live on servers.
Jun 16, 2015
#48 The Taken King Leaked & Cheaters Banned | Destiny The Show
The Taken King Leaked (9/15/15 Release Date, New Raid, 3 New Subclasses, $40 Price), Cheaters Are Banned & Gear Locked, Is Thorn Overpowered, & Over $1 Million Raised For Nepal Relief.
Jun 09, 2015
#47 Improved Iron Banner & Treasure Key Patch | Destiny The Show
Iron Banner is back with some great new updates & etheric light. Bungie is working on a Treasure Key Patch that address many other House of Wolves issues. We ask if Trials & Prison of Elders is too hard? Reddit is going wild with this question and we give our opinions.
Jun 02, 2015
#46 House of Wolves Is Awesome | Destiny The Show
House of Wolves is live and delivers big. We talk about our epic first week experiences with Destiny's new Expansion. Level 35 Prison of Elders & Trials of Osiris were the highlights. Learn about the Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty & Planet Destiny's new Reforging Guide.
May 26, 2015
#45 House of Wolves Starter Guide | Destiny The Show
Your House of Wolves Starter Guide. How to get geared, easy etheric light, & best strategies to give you a head start in this new expansion. We talk Prison of Elders & Trials of Osiris plus Story Missions.
May 18, 2015
#44 Prison of Elders & New Weapon Type | Destiny The Show
All HoW Vendor Weapons Leaked (Incredible!), 3 Man VoG Screen & New Weapon Type (Sidearm), Prison Of Elders full recap details & can it fill the gap of no raid? It Came From Twitter as well!
May 12, 2015
#43 Trials of Osiris & Ascending Gear | Destiny The Show
Ascending & Reforging Guide, Patch 1.2.0 Coming Before HoW (Crucible Changes & Details),
Trials of Osiris – What it is, how it works, and why you’ll want to play.
May 05, 2015
#42 Reef Reveal Recap & New Upgrade System
Total recap of everything shown on the Reef Reveal Stream, New NPCS, New Vendors, New Currencies, New Reps, & New Factions, Trials of Osiris, New Gear, New Exotics, & New Upgrade System.
Apr 28, 2015
#41 Trials of Osiris & Prison of Elders | Destiny The Show
Patch 1.1.2 Notes, Trials of Osiris details, Prison of Elders Lore and what the zone will probably be. Big ammo changes have occurred in the Crucible and this Wednesday we will see the Reef and learn about the upcoming gear changes for House of Wolves
Apr 21, 2015
#40 House of Wolves Release Date & No Raid | Destiny The Show
House of Wolves Releasing May 19, No Raid, New Gamemode (Prison of Elders). Patch 1.1.2 Live Now, Special Ammo Changes, Helmets in the tower. PvE Discussion, why we want more replayability. 
Apr 14, 2015
#39 Idlers Get Punished, New Crucible Modes & Improvements (Ideas)
1.1.2 releases in under 2 weeks, Idlers are finally getting punished for their behaviour, strike changes, raid fixes, and how the crucible could improve massively with the addition of a few new game modes.
Apr 07, 2015
#38 Vault Space & Comet Explained | Destiny The Show
More vault space confirmed, Destiny Comet explained, & why House of Wolves will benefit from a strong launch. Thanks for listening
Mar 31, 2015
#37 Is Iron Banner Getting Old? Visual and Audio Settings Confirmed | Destiny The Show
Today Bungie confirms that Visual and Audio settings are coming in 1.1.2! We ask if Iron Banner is getting a bit stale and what can be done to refresh it. We also explore the idea of Destiny being a Premium Beta in The Tower Talk.
Mar 24, 2015
#36 Vault Space Soon, Arena Raid, Best Farming Methods | Destiny The Show
More Vault Space is coming soon (most likely), learn about the Arena Raid, & the best farming methods for engrams, coins, weapons, exotics and more.
Mar 17, 2015
#35 Patch 1.1.2 & Best Weapons Post Patch | Destiny The Show
Patch 1.1.2 is inbound, what are the best weapons now post patch (lots of changes), and Destiny What If (an awesome video that shows off some amazing Destiny Quality of Life changes that we want!).
Mar 10, 2015
#34 Epic Companion App Update & 1.1.1 | Destiny The Show
The mobile app receives an incredible update this week making a huge quality of life improvement for players. Patch 1.1.1 is out, time to find out how different the gunplay is. It came from twitter and more on today's show.
Mar 03, 2015
#33 The Sleeping Giant | Destiny The Show
This week Patch 1.1.1 goes live! Heroic Strikes will be Matchmade and Destiny The Sleeping Giant. We discuss Potential, Expectations, & Reality. We read your Tweets and answer your emails!
Feb 24, 2015
#32 The Wild & UI Changes | Destiny The Show
The Wild, what is it, and how it could forever change Destiny. In game Reputation Counter Added, and Strike changes are coming soon. Patch 1.1.1 is starting to look like an awesome refresher for the game.
Feb 17, 2015
#31 Massive Weapon Changes & Leaked HoW Gear | Destiny The Show
House of Wolves confirmed quarter 2 (april, may, or june). Massive weapon changes coming in patch 1.1.1 (February release date). And House of Wolves gear leaked through Japanese copy of the game.
Feb 10, 2015
#30 More Classes & New Loot Cave | Destiny The Show
Destiny needs additional classes & a new loot cave has been found. Heavy Ammo Glitch is being worked on and Crota's End Strats to help your team.
Feb 03, 2015
#29 Review of Crota's End Hard Mode | Destiny The Show
So how is hard mode? Destiny was the best selling PS4 digital title of 2014, even more than GTAV! A doubles skirmish playlist has been added and it came from twitter, solid week!
Jan 27, 2015
#28 House Of Wolves Content Discovered | Destiny The Show
Today we talk about the new House of Wolves Content and potential release date. Hard mode comes to Crota's End on Jan 21, and discuss the pros and cons of a trading system. Learn which exotic bounties you should go after in Sassi's super good advice. Have a great week!
Jan 20, 2015
#27 Better Bosses? & Crota Fixes | Destiny The Show
This week we are talking about Boss Design. Iron Banner is back, Crucible map pool is changing, & Crota has received a ton of fixes. The cheese is over, time to do it the real way!
Jan 13, 2015
#26 Comet DLC Leak | Destiny The Show
A screenshot leak has broken the news of Comet, the next large scale expansion coming to Destiny, we also will be getting a Vex and Cabal expansion further down the road. Learn all the details in today's show!
Jan 06, 2015
#25 Happy New Year Guardians! | Destiny The Show
It's the last show of 2014 and we are finishing out the year in STYLE! Don't miss out as we recap our favorite moments from Destiny's first year, and speculate as to the future of Destiny in 2015. Find out the top 10 exotics from our expert from down under Sassi in a new Sassi's Super Good Advice. Thanks for your support in 2014 and here is to 2015!
Dec 30, 2014
#24 The Christmas Show! | Destiny The Show
It's Christmas and we are ready to celebrate with you! Thanks for an amazing year, and here is to more adventures in 2015! Today we discuss the Alt Character Culture that has emerged during the Dark Below.
Dec 23, 2014
#23 Crota's End and Dark Below Week 1 Experiences | Destiny The Show
Brand new segment today with Sassi talking about Crota's End Raid. We also discuss our Dark Below Week 1 Experiences and Impressions.
Dec 14, 2014
#22 We Beat The Raid and Dark Below Pre Show | Destiny The Show
You are getting 2 shows this week in celebration of the Dark Below! We beat the raid and talk about our experiences with it. So hyped for Dark Below, are you ready!?
Dec 07, 2014
#21 Patch 1.1 and DB Quests | Destiny The Show
Patch 1.1 Exotic Changes, DB Quests, And a new era for Destiny begins
Dec 02, 2014
#20 Dark Below Hype Trailers | Destiny the Show
Epic Opening Letter from Reddit User TheRealCrota, a lot of new Dark Below footage, gear, raid items, upgrades and more.
Nov 25, 2014
#19 Iron Banner 2.0 Is Here! | Destiny The Show
Iron Banner 2.0 is Here and its awesome, Voice Chat has been added to all matchmade activities, and Dark Below Assets are being added right now!
Nov 18, 2014
#18 New Features Confirmed | Destiny The Show
Today, New Features Confirmed in the Bungie Update and new areas are being added in preparation for the Dark Below DLC
Nov 11, 2014
#17 Dark Below DLC Details | Destiny the Show
Today we look in detail at the Dark Below DLC, whats included, and the release date.
Nov 04, 2014
#16 Weapon Reforging & Huge Iron Banner Updates | Destiny the Show
Amazing Iron Banner Updates, Weapon Reforging Is On Its Way, and Level 28 Strikes?
Oct 28, 2014
#15 Mythoclast Buff and Baby Bumper Atheon | Destiny the Show
Vex Mythoclast getting a PvE Buff, Baby Bumper Atheon Hotfix Inbound, & PvP Planet Could be Amazing.
Oct 21, 2014
#14 Iron Banner Drama & Scout Rifle BUFF | Destiny the Show
Iron Banner Drama, Weapon Balance Patch is Live, & 3.2 Million Daily Players.
Oct 14, 2014
#13 Raid Matchmaking? | Destiny The Show
Raid Matchmaking Being Discussed, Private Matches Coming Soon, Iron Banner is Live & More!
Oct 07, 2014
#12 Engram Patch Inbound | Destiny The Show
Loot System Changes On the Way, Weapon Balancing Inbound, & Patch 1.0.2 Preview & Overview
Sep 30, 2014
#11 Secrets Behind The Glass | Destiny The Show
The Queen's Wrath is here with harder missions, new bounties, and sexy gear, Trials of Osiris Secret PvP Playlist Discovered only for the best of the best, & More of the Tower Unlocked!
Sep 23, 2014
New Weekly Events Coming to Destiny Launch Week. The Highs & the Lows. How to Go Beyond Level 20
Sep 16, 2014
#9 Launch Day! Lets Begin Our Adventure | Destiny The Show

On Today's Show, Its Finally Here, Destiny is HERE, Time To Begin Our Adventure!

Sep 09, 2014
#8 ONE WEEK FROM RELEASE! | Destiny The Show
We are almost there guardians! Get ready to become legends as we prep for the release of Destiny. We couldn't be more excited here, so lets go, lets do this. Its time to start our adventure!
Sep 02, 2014
#7 Size Does Matter, Support Does Matter | Destiny The Show

Companion Wipe Inbound, Long Term Support & Epic Metric Monitoring from the Bungie Base. We talk Hand Cannon Buffs and How big Destiny will be. Cannot wait for Sept. 9. Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening and we will see you all soon!

Aug 23, 2014
#6 Multiplayer Modes Revealed | Destiny the Show
Gamescom Recap, we talk multiplayer modes and details regarding each gametype. The release is nearing closer with every week, catch up with this week's Destiny the Show!
Aug 14, 2014
#5 Level 20 Is Not the Cap | Destiny The Show
Last week's rumors turn out to be false as Destiny appears to have far more content than predicted. We discuss that level 20 is not the cap and how to enjoy Destiny's golden launch year. Its all about attitude this week as we dive deep into another DTS, relax & enjoy!
Aug 06, 2014
#4 The Good The Bad & The Moon | Destiny The Show
Will Destiny Be Too Small At Launch? The Beta is officially over, its time to discuss our feedback. Things we loved, things we dislike, and concerns for the full release. Sept. 9 is a long time off, so sit back relax and enjoy this week's Destiny The Show!
Jul 29, 2014
#3 BETA Report Card | Destiny The Show
Detailed BETA feedback, info, & tips. Halfway through the beta its time to tear into the nitty gritty. How the Iron Banner works. Crucible Maps, Gameplay, & Gear. Destiny Characters Will Work Cross Generation.
Jul 22, 2014
#2 THE BETA IS HERE! | Destiny the Show
Beta Progress Could Carry Over!? 16 Hour Raids! Destiny Companion App is Out What Species Should You Play All this and more. For every link mentioned check out the show notes on our website,
Jul 16, 2014
#1 Your BETA GUIDE | Destiny the Show
for every link mentioned check out the show notes on our website,
Jul 10, 2014