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By Evan Crean, Megan Kearns, and David Riedel

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Boston film critics Evan Crean, Megan Kearns, and David Riedel help you decide what to watch by sharing spoiler-filled reviews of the latest blockbusters and independent films, across genres, including films by women, nonbinary, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC filmmakers. Opening music: "My Life as a God" by Augean Stables. Closing music: "Pants Party" by Oilhead. Show edited by Otto Klammer. Logo design by Rita Csizmadia.

Episode Date
Episode #464: "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse"

On this week's show we have one movie to talk about but boy is it a big one! We're reviewing SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE (1:44)! We have a couple more critiques than we did of the previous film in the franchise, but we have a lot to say about this excellent sequel from its styles of animation to its editing, pacing, score, new characters, and more. Plus, Evan shares a very special reason why the movie hit him in a way he wasn't expecting. Of course, in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we're talking about SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, since we've somehow never discussed it on a main episode! 

Jun 02, 2023
Episode #463: "The Little Mermaid," "Influencer," and "Days of Daisy"

Megan kicks off this week's show by offering her thoughts on Disney's new live-action adaptation of THE LITTLE MERMAID (2:18), which features a fantastic performance and amazing vocals from lead Halle Bailey. Next, we all discuss Kurtis David Harder's smart and entertaining horror movie INFLUENCER (9:50), which subverts expectations in a number of ways with its tale about a social media influencer (Emily Tennant) who makes a dangerous new friend (Cassandra Naud) while traveling in Thailand. After that, we cover Alexander Jefferey's indie rom-com DAYS OF DAISY (26:52), which has us pretty divided about its story of a 39-year-old librarian's (Jency Griffin Hogan) quest to find the right guy to start a family with. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our AAPI Heritage Month poll, Aneesh Chaganty's 2018 thriller SEARCHING starring John Cho and Debra Messing! 

May 26, 2023
Episode #462: "The Starling Girl" and "Consecration"

Evan is off this week, so Dave and Megan review CONSECRATION (3:18), Cristopher Smith's disappointing supernatural horror film, starring Jena Malone who investigates her brother's death at a convent. Then we discuss Laurel Parmet's excellent nuanced drama THE STARLING GIRL (24:42), starring Eliza Scanlen as a 17-year-old in a fundamentalist Christian community dealing with her faith when she falls for the youth pastor (Lewis Pullman). And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, since FAST X opens in theaters, we talk about Justin Lin's FAST FIVE (2011), starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker!

May 19, 2023
Episode #461: "The Mother" and "BlackBerry"

This week we start by reviewing Matt Johnson's tech bro dramedy BLACKBERRY (2:27), which stars Glenn Howerton, Jay Baruchel, and Johnson himself, and chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of the famous BlackBerry smartphone. Next, we cover Niki Caro's Netflix action film THE MOTHER (29:37), which stars Jennifer Lopez as a sniper and former arms dealer who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter from her ex-business associates (Gael Garcia Bernal and Joseph Fiennes) who are seeking revenge on her. And in our Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Martin Scorsese's MEAN STREETS in honor of its 50th anniversary this year!  

May 12, 2023
Episode #460: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" and "You Can Live Forever"

Evan starts this week by plugging his appearance on a long-time friend's podcast Seeing Read with Jim and Kelly, the show that answers the age-old millennial question: Was the book really better than the movie? He had a really fun time with them comparing M. Night Shyamalan's KNOCK AT THE CABIN to the book CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD! Evan and Megan then talk about Sarah Watts and Mark Slutsky's moving queer drama YOU CAN LIVE FOREVER (2:44), about a lesbian teen (Anwen O'Driscoll) who goes to live with her Jehovah's Witness relatives and falls hard for a member of the community (June Laporte). Next, Dave and Megan discuss the emotionally intense GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 (18:39), James Gunn's final film in his Marvel trilogy about the ragtag group of galaxy defenders. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we cover a Patron's choice: Andy Tennant's 1998 fairy tale EVER AFTER: A CINDERELLA STORY, starring Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott! 

May 05, 2023
Episode #459: "Sisu," "Judy Blume Forever," and "Polite Society"

Dave is back! But before we jump into this week's movies, he offers his own very different take on EVIL DEAD RISE (2:37)! Megan kicks off our reviews of new films with her thoughts on Nida Manzoor's delightful feminist action comedy POLITE SOCIETY (9:48). Then we all discuss Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok's timely and vital documentary JUDY BLUME FOREVER (15:17), which delves into the life and work of the trailblazing author Judy Blume through interviews with Blume herself and other YA authors influenced by her. We wrap up with Jalmari Helander's over-the-top Finnish action film SISU (33:43), which is about an ex-soldier in the waning days of WWII who engages in a bloody battle with Nazis who try to steal his gold. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our Michelle Yeoh movie poll, Ang Lee's 2000 action epic CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON

Apr 28, 2023
Episode #458: "Evil Dead Rise" and "Beau is Afraid"

Dave is on vacation this week, so Evan and Megan review this week's movies as a duo! We start off with Ari Aster's latest film BEAU IS AFRAID (2:56), which follows an anxiety-ridden man (Joaquin Phoenix) confronting an escalating series of terrifying situations as he embarks on a Kaufmanesque odyssey home to his mother. We have a LOT to say about this problematic, three-hour, envelope-pushing movie and almost none of it is positive. Next, we cover Lee Cronin's EVIL DEAD RISE (33:45), the newest entry in the EVIL DEAD franchise, which pits two estranged sisters against the famous flesh-possessing Deaddites. We have a LOT to say about this movie too, but almost all of it is positive! And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, in honor of the latest EVIL DEAD movie, we discuss Sam Raimi's 1992 entry in the franchise, ARMY OF DARKNESS, starring Bruce Campbell! 

Apr 21, 2023
Episode #457: "Mafia Mamma" and "Showing Up"

This week we're reviewing MAFIA MAMMA and SHOWING UP! We start by discussing Kelly Reichardt's dramedy SHOWING UP (3:22), which stars Michelle Williams as a sculptor trying to pursue her artistic work while contending with the struggles of daily life. Next, we cover Catherine Hardwicke's comedy MAFIA MAMMA (27:42), which stars Toni Collette as an American woman who inherits her grandfather's mafia empire in Italy and has to decide how she wants to run her crime family. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, in honor of its upcoming Amazon Prime Video adaptation, we're talking about David Cronenberg's 1988 thriller/horror film DEAD RINGERS starring Jeremy Irons! 

Apr 14, 2023
Episode #456: "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" and "Joyland"

We start the show this week by reviewing Saim Sadiq's heartbreaking Pakistani drama JOYLAND (2:58), which is about a man (Ali Junejo) from a patriarchal family who becomes a backup dancer at a burlesque club and falls for the strong-willed trans woman (Alina Khan) who runs the show. Next, we cover Daniel Goldhaber's tense environmental thriller HOW TO BLOW UP A PIPELINE (30:56), which follows a crew of environmental activists who execute a daring plan to disrupt an oil pipeline. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, in honor of its 30th anniversary, we talk about the 1993 sci-fi action film DEMOLITION MAN, starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock! 

Apr 07, 2023
Episode #455: "Tetris"

Megan is off this week, so Evan and Dave hit the mics to talk TETRIS, the surprisingly tense spy thriller (question mark?) about the fraught negotiations between the Soviet government, Nintendo, a couple crooked English billionaires, and Henk Rogers, a coder-turned-game-inventer-turned-game-company-founder. And yes, the KGB gets involved. Over on Patreon, Evan and Dave disagree about Brian De Palma's 1981 thriller BLOW OUT (indebted enormously to Hitchcock and Antonioni), and starring John Travolta and Nancy Allen.

Mar 31, 2023
Episode #454: "Rye Lane" and "Rodeo"

This week, we (Evan, Dave, and Megan) review RODEO (2:06), Lola Quivoron's emotionally-intense French drama, a fascinating character study starring Julie Ledru as a tough, independent dirt bike rider who becomes a part of a turbulent group of male bikers. Next, we discuss RYE LANE (25:36), Raine Allen-Miller's charming, witty, and vibrant British rom-com starring David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah as two twenty-somethings dealing with recent breakups and spending the day together in South London. We all recommend both films! And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, our women-directed genre films poll winner: Jill Gevargizian's 2020 horror film THE STYLIST, starring Najarra Townsend and Brea Grant!

Mar 24, 2023
Episode #453: "Boston Strangler," "Leave," and the 2023 Oscars

This week, we start by sharing our thoughts on the 2023 Oscars (2:47)! Then we review Alex Herron's intriguing, but not particularly scary horror film LEAVE (16:27), which follows a young woman (Alicia von Rittberg) trying to uncover her origins after she learns she was abandoned in a cemetery wrapped in a blanket with satanic symbols as an infant. Next, we discuss Matt Ruskin's true crime drama BOSTON STRANGLER (36:52), which follows Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley), the reporter who first connected the murders and broke the story of the Boston Strangler. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the 1999 teen rom-com SHE'S ALL THAT, starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr.! 

Mar 17, 2023
Episode #452: "Scream VI" and "Your Place or Mine"

To start this week, we discuss Aline Brosh McKenna's directorial debut, YOUR PLACE OR MINE (2:13). This Netflix rom-com, which divides us, stars Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher as long-distance best friends who figure out their romantic feelings for each other while she stays in his apartment in NYC for grad school and he takes care of her son back in LA. Next, we review Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett's SCREAM VI (30:40), the latest installment in the SCREAM franchise. We're also divided about this movie, but we can all agree that setting it in the Big Apple was a smart move. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Vittorio De Sica's Italian neo-realist drama BICYCLE THIEVES in honor of its 75th anniversary this year! 

Mar 10, 2023
Episode #451: "Creed III," "The Year Between," and "La Civil"

Dave leads off by reviewing Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut, CREED III (2:15), which isn't as strong as the other films in the CREED series but has a compelling antagonist played by Jonathan Majors. Next, we all discuss THE YEAR BETWEEN (13:45), writer/director/star Alex Heller's semi-autobiographical dramedy about a college student named Clemence, who moves in with her family after she's diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It lands with one of us, but two of us aren't big fans of it. Then we cover Teodora Mihai's ethically thorny drama LA CIVIL (34:38), which is about a mother (Arciela Ramírez), whose teenage daughter is kidnapped in Northern Mexico and decides to do whatever it takes to get her back. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Steven Spielberg's WWII drama SAVING PRIVATE RYAN in honor of its 25th anniversary this year! 


Mar 03, 2023
Episode #450: "Cocaine Bear," "Linoleum," and "The Quiet Girl"

Megan kicks things off this week with a review of the Elizabeth Banks-helmed COCAINE BEAR (2:54), a grisly and gory, dark comedy about a bear that accidentally ingests cocaine and goes on a murderous rampage. Then, Evan and Dave tackle Colin West's LINOLEUM (11:44), a frustrating sci-fi drama starring Jim Gaffigan as the host of a failed children's science show, whose life takes some unsettling turns after he witnesses a bizarre accident. We all wrap up with THE QUIET GIRL (30:42), Colm Bairéad's heartbreaking Irish drama about a withdrawn girl who thrives while living with relatives for the summer. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our February poll: Nijla Mumin's 2018 coming-of-age drama JINN


Feb 24, 2023
Episode #449: "Return to Seoul" and "Somebody I Used to Know"

We kick off the show this week by reviewing Dave Franco and Alison Brie's surprisingly nuanced romcom SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW (2:09). It tells the story of a reality show producer (Brie) who returns to her quaint hometown and reconnects with her ex Sean (Jay Ellis), who is engaged to a woman (Kiersey Clemons) that reminds her of the person she used to be. Then, we cover Davy Chou's RETURN TO SEOUL (25:50), a compelling and layered exploration of identity. It follows a French woman (Park Ji-min) who returns to Korea to experience the country and try to find her birth parents. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about a Patron's choice, the 1996 Mike Nichols queer comedy THE BIRDCAGE

Feb 17, 2023
Episode #448: "Magic Mike's Last Dance," "Attachment," and "The Outwaters"

This week we discuss Gabriel Bier Gislason's queer Jewish horror film ATTACHMENT (2:51), a smartly-told tale about a Danish woman (Josephine Park) who falls for a Jewish woman (Ellie Kendrick) but discovers some disturbing things after traveling back to London with her. Next, Megan and Dave cover MAGIC MIKE'S LAST DANCE (21: 47), Steven Soderbergh's mediocre final chapter in the MAGIC MIKE series. Then we review a movie that two of us have a very visceral reaction to THE OUTWATERS (39:16), Robbie Banfitch's found footage horror film about a group of friends who get terrorized in the Mojave desert. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we watch TO LESLIE to find out what all the Oscar fuss is about. 

Feb 10, 2023
Episode #447: "Shotgun Wedding" and "Erin's Guide to Kissing Girls"

After the past few weeks of watching movies that have made us want to tear our hair out, we finally get a respite. ERIN'S GUIDE TO KISSING GIRLS (3:44) is a sweet teen rom-com that we all found delightful, even if we thought there were some gaps in characterization and story, and some uneven performances. (That makes it sound like we didn't like it; we did.) Then it's onto SHOTGUN WEDDING, the number one (eek?) movie on Prime. J. Lo is great! But everything else? Hoo boy. And on the Patreon exclusive audio this week, we talk about the 1973 Bruce Lee classic ENTER THE DRAGON. Yay!


Feb 03, 2023
Episode #446: "Life Upside Down," "Blood," and 2023 Oscar Nominations

We kick off the show by discussing our reactions to the 2023 Oscar nominations (2:25), which dropped earlier in the week. Next, we review Brad Anderson's frustrating horror/thriller BLOOD (15:46), which stars Michelle Monaghan as a desperate mother trying to protect her son after he gets bitten by a dog and undergoes an unsettling transformation. Then we review Cecilia Miniucchi's disappointing COVID lockdown relationship comedy LIFE UPSIDE DOWN (34:55), a movie where Bob Odenkirk gives an uncharacteristically lousy performance. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our legacy sequels poll, TOP GUN: MAVERICK!

Jan 27, 2023
Episode #445: "Sick" and "The Son"

Welcome to a wacky week on Spoilerpiece. You're gonna hear hotter takes than usual when we discuss SICK (2:42), a new horror-thriller from producer and co-writer Kevin Williamson. Is it like SCREAM? Is it something new? Who's to say what's new in Earth's bizarre new cinematic landscape? The second movie is THE SON (25:26), starring Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern. We can't say with certainty - because it's only January - but this film may have afforded a couple Spoilerpiecers their most visceral reactions of the year. But like we said, it's January. Hearts and minds can change! Don't forget to check out this week's Patreon exclusive: We talk about the 1973 film PAPER MOON, starring Ryan and Tatum O'Neal.

Jan 20, 2023
Episode #444: "Skinamarink" and "Saint Omer"

This week we start by reviewing Alice Diop's emotionally compelling French courtroom drama SAINT OMER (3:11), which is about the trial of a Senegalese immigrant accused of killing her infant daughter. Then we cover Kyle Edward Ball's hyper-stylized indie horror flick SKINAMARINK (24:31), which has nothing to do with Sharon, Lois, or Bram. It's a movie about two kids who wake up in the middle of the night to discover that their father is gone, and all the windows in their house have disappeared. And because it's turning 50 this year, in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about George Roy Hill's THE STING starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Jan 13, 2023
Episode #443: "M3GAN," "White Noise," and "The Pale Blue Eye"

Evan is off this week, so it's the Dave and Megan show. But before the Dave and Megan show, Megan goes solo, covering M3GAN (3:01), the wild killer robot sci-fi horror movie, directed by Gerard Johnstone and starring Allison Williams. And - perfect timing - one of Dave's children interrupts and scares the crap out of him as he and Megan discuss said killer robot movie. Yeesh! Next, Megan and Dave talk about Noah Baumbach's absurdist comedy adaptation of Don DeLillo's unfilmable (question mark?) novel WHITE NOISE (17:41), starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig. They round things out with Scott Cooper's mystery thriller THE PALE BLUE EYE (36:02), starring Christian Bale and featuring Harry Melling as a young Edgar Allan Poe. Don't forget to check out this week's Patreon exclusive audio in which Megan and Dave talk about Nora Ephron's "Sleepless in Seattle."

Jan 06, 2023
Episode #442: Our Top 10 Films of 2022

It's our last episode of the year! So, as usual, we're revealing our BOFCA ballots as we discuss our respective Top 10 Films of 2022! Unfortunately, Dave couldn't make it this week, but we still share his top 10 before digging into each of our own. You can hear Dave's list starting at 2:55, Megan's at 14:36, and Evan's at 47:39. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we're talking about the winner of our NYE movie poll, Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron's 1989 rom-com, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY

Dec 30, 2022
Episode #441: "Women Talking" and "The Fabelmans"

We start by reviewing Steven Spielberg's autobiographical film THE FABELMANS (2:14), which explores his love of filmmaking, his parents' marriage, and the antisemitism he experienced growing up. They're themes we've seen him tackle before in his movies, but we're split on whether there's enough unique value that makes this movie worth watching. Next, we delve into Sarah Polley's WOMEN TALKING (33:34), a compelling chamber piece drama about women from a religious community who have been abused by the men in it, debating whether they should forgive them, stay and fight, or leave. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss a Patron's choice, the Hallmark movie HANUKKAH ON RYE!

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Dec 23, 2022
Episode #440: “Nelly & Nadine” and “The Apology”

Evan is off this week so Megan and Dave are a duo, and they're a doozy of a duo, because one movie they like, and one movie they really, really don't. They start things off with Nelly & Nadine (3:26), a documentary about an unlikely love story of two women falling in love on Christmas Eve, 1944, in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Then it's The Apology (27:47), a Christmas-set thriller about a missing child, her coming-to-terms-with-it mother, and the unannounced guest who shows up to pour sugar in everyone's figurative gas tanks. Bonus: Janeane Garofalo is in this one (along with stars Anna Gunn and Linus Roache)! Don't forget to check out this week's Patreon exclusive audio, where Megan and Dave talk about the holiday rom-com Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.

Dec 16, 2022
Episode #439: "Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio" and "The Banshees of Inisherin"

We start the show this week by reviewing Martin McDonagh's darkly comedic drama THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN (1:52) about two lifelong friends (Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson) who find themselves at odds when one of them abruptly ends their friendship. Next, we discuss GUILLERMO DEL TORO'S PINOCCHIO (28:12), a creepy, yet sweet stop-motion animated retelling of the Pinocchio tale. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Steve De Jarnatt's 1988 film MIRACLE MILE, starring Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham. 

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Dec 09, 2022
Episode #438: "Tár" and "Bros"

This week we start by reviewing Nicholas Stoller and Billy Eichner's BROS (2:25), a funny, acerbic queer rom-com where two gay men from very different backgrounds (Eichner and Luke Macfarlane) unexpectedly find love in New York City. Next, we dig into Todd Field's TÁR (24:17), a complex portrait of a problematic character—a world-renowned conductor at the height of her career, Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett), who has done awful things to those around her. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Steven Spielberg's directorial debut, the 1971 thriller DUEL starring Dennis Weaver!

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Dec 02, 2022
Episode #437: "Enola Holmes 2" and "The Good Nurse"

We start this week by reviewing Tobias Lindholm's true crime drama THE GOOD NURSE (1:54), about an ER nurse (Jessica Chastain) who discovers that her charming colleague (Eddie Redmayne) is secretly murdering their patients. The film misses some areas it could dig deeper into this real-life tragedy, but it's really well-acted and has a strong ensemble. Next, we cover Harry Bradbeer's ENOLA HOLMES 2 (22:17), a plainly named sequel that provides another engaging adventure for Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown). It's a delightful romp that's still a lot of fun even if it's not quite as brisk as the first film. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our Noirvember poll, Jane Campion's 2003 film IN THE CUT, starring Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo! For anyone who celebrated, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Nov 25, 2022
Episode #436: "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," "The Menu," and "The People We Hate at the Wedding"

We start the show this week by reviewing Claire Scanlon's impressively unfunny comedy THE PEOPLE WE HATE AT THE WEDDING (2:30), which is about dysfunctional siblings (Kristen Bell and Ben Platt) who reluctantly travel to the UK with their mom (Allison Janney) for their half-sister's wedding. Next, we delve into Mark Mylod's delicious social satire/horror film THE MENU (18:48), where a hyper-exclusive dining experience turns into a battle of wits between its mastermind chef (Ralph Fiennes) and an unexpected diner (Anya Taylor-Joy). Then we wrap up with Rian Johnson's wildly entertaining whodunnit GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY (42:10), the much-anticipated sequel to Johnson's murder mystery hit KNIVES OUT. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about a Patron's choice, Griffin Dunne's 1998 film PRACTICAL MAGIC, starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman! 

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Nov 18, 2022
Episode #435: "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" and "Something in the Dirt"

This week we start by reviewing Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's sci-fi, horror, buddy comedy mashup SOMETHING IN THE DIRT (3:46), which is about two friends (Benson and Moorhead) making a documentary about paranormal phenomenon in their apartment building. We wanted to like it so much more than we actually did, and we're pretty much on the same page about our issues with it. Next, we discuss Ryan Coogler's BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER (25:15), the highly-anticipated sequel to 2018's BLACK PANTHER, which mourns and celebrates the late Chadwick Boseman, while attempting to advance with the franchise. We have some disagreement about how well it does that, but we have a spirited and spoiler-filled discussion. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Jonathan Lynn's 1992 legal comedy MY COUSIN VINNY, starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei! 


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Nov 11, 2022
Episode #434: "The Wonder" and "Run Sweetheart Run"

This week we start by reviewing the surprising feminist horror film RUN SWEETHEART RUN (2:43), which involves much more than just a woman running for her life from a business dinner turned date that becomes violent. Then we cover Sebastián Lelio's eerie period thriller THE WONDER (25:27), which takes place in 1862, and stars Florence Pugh as an English nurse investigating an Irish girl who has supposedly survived for months without eating. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we honor the late Angela Lansbury by discussing John Frankenheimer's 1962 political thriller THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE!

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Nov 04, 2022
Episode #433: "Decision to Leave" and "V/H/S/99"

This week we have two movies for you. First, we review V/H/S/99 (1:56), the latest annoyingly mixed bag in the V/H/S horror anthology franchise. Somehow it's Shudder's most streamed movie of all-time?! Next, we delve into Park Chan-wook's intriguing, yet lengthy film noir-inspired romance and slow-burn thriller DECISION TO LEAVE (32:26). And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our zombie movie poll, Bruce McDonald's 2008 movie PONTYPOOL!

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Oct 28, 2022
Episode #432: "Halloween Ends" and "My Policeman"

We have two movies on the docket this week. First, we review Michael Grandage's disappointing queer drama MY POLICEMAN (3:26), a story told in flashback about a policeman (Harry Styles) who falls for an art curator (David Dawson) in the 1950s, but marries a woman (Emma Corrin) to conceal his sexuality. Next, we discuss HALLOWEEN ENDS (25:39) the frustrating final film in David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN trilogy. Since none of us had seen the second film in the series, HALLOWEEN KILLS, we lead with a review it before delving into the final chapter. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Mike Flanagan's 2013 horror film OCULUS

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Oct 21, 2022
Episode #431: "Stars at Noon" and "Do Revenge"

Dave is under the weather this week, so Evan and Megan fly duo to review the movies. First up is Jennifer Kaytin Robinson's candy coated homage to 90s teen films, DO REVENGE (2:18), which is about two high schoolers (Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke) who team up to get revenge on the classmates who wronged them. Then we discuss Claire Denis's low octane thriller STARS AT NOON (20:33), which is about an American and Brit (Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn) in Nicaragua who fall for each other and must immediately flee from the authorities. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about a Patron's choice: Warren Beatty's 1990 comic book film DICK TRACY!

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Oct 14, 2022
Episode #430: "God's Creatures" and "Hellraiser" (2022)

Hi Spoilerpeeps! Evan is off this week, so Megan and Dave cover the heavy Irish drama GOD'S CREATURES (3:55) (with a superb Emily Watson) and the HELLRAISER (28:16) reboot as a duo. Guess which one of them was on board with both films and guess which one of them wasn't? In fact, there may be enough vitriol surrounding one of this week's movies to fuel the next two episodes. (Hee-ya!) And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the 2013 Daniel Radcliffe/Zoe Kazan rom-com WHAT IF!

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Oct 07, 2022
Episode #429: "Sissy" and "Vesper"

We kick off the show this week by discussing Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper's VESPER (2:27), a slow, dense dystopian sci-fi film about a 13-year-old girl trying to survive in world where the Earth's ecosystem has collapsed. Next, we cover SISSY (27:47), Kane Senes and Hannah Barlow's problematic horror movie about a twentysomething who finds herself face-to-face with a childhood bully during a bachelorette weekend. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our true crime poll: David Fincher's 2007 film ZODIAC!

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Sep 30, 2022
Episode #428: "Blonde" and "The Justice of Bunny King"

This week we have two movies on the docket. We start with Gaysorn Thavat's THE JUSTICE OF BUNNY KING (3:53) a complex, emotionally challenging drama about a homeless mother (Essie Davis) struggling against New Zealand's social services system to win back custody of her children. Then we review Andrew Dominik's BLONDE (25:59) a disgusting, exploitative, and misogynist, fictionalized look at the life of Marilyn Monroe (Ana de Armas). We have A LOT to say about this infuriating film that wallows in trauma and insults Monroe's legacy—none of it is good. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Ron Clements and John Musker's 1989 Disney animated classic THE LITTLE MERMAID!

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Sep 23, 2022
Episode #427: "God's Country," "See How They Run," and "Pearl"

Dave starts the show by reviewing Ti West's PEARL (2:09), a prequel to his horror film X. It also stars Mia Goth, but is surprisingly different, in a good way. Next, we all discuss Tom George's 1950s whodunnit SEE HOW THEY RUN (11:01), a disappointing meta send-up to Agatha Christie that at least has fun performances by its leads Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan. Then we cover the Julian Higgins slow-burn thriller GOD'S COUNTRY (23:28), a layered, emotionally complex film about a professor (Thandiwe Newton) caught in an escalating battle with hunters who trespass on her property. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Steven Spielberg's 1977 sci-fi film CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND

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Sep 16, 2022
Episode #426: "Speak No Evil," "Don't Worry Darling," and "Saloum"

Megan kicks things off this week by going deep into spoiler territory for Olivia Wilde's much-discussed psychological thriller DON'T WORRY DARLING (2:33), which features Florence Pugh's superb performance and striking visuals, but falters in other areas. Next, we all discuss Jean Luc Herbulot's Senegalese horror film SALOUM (15:50), a genre mashup with great acting that's most effective when it leans into its Western elements. Then we cover Christian Tafdrup's Danish horror movie SPEAK NO EVIL (35:40), a disturbing tale about a Danish family and a Dutch family that we have varied reactions to. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Alfred Hitchcock's 1941 psychological thriller SUSPICION, starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine!

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Sep 09, 2022
Episode #425: "Burial" and "Who Invited Them"

We start this week by reviewing Duncan Birmingham's WHO INVITED THEM (3:32), an unsettling horror movie about a couple (Ryan Hansen and Melissa Tang) whose housewarming party takes an alarming turn after they realize some unexpected guests have crashed it. Then we review Ben Parker's BURIAL (23:45), a surprisingly tense World War II thriller about a group of Russian soldiers tasked with transporting Hitler's remains to Stalin. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review a Patron's choice, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 2004 French romance/mystery/war drama A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT, starring Audrey Tautou!

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Sep 02, 2022
Episode #424: "Orphan: First Kill," "Spin Me Round," and "Three Thousand Years of Longing"

Megan kicks things off with a quick review of George Miller's disappointing fantasy THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING (3:23), where a lonely scholar (Tilda Swinton) encounters a Djinn (Idris Elba) who offers to grant her three wishes. Next, we discuss Jeff Baena's zany comedy SPIN ME ROUND (11:43), starring Alison Brie as the manager of an Olive Garden-like restaurant on a company trip to Italy. Then we cover William Brent Bell's ORPHAN: FIRST KILL (30:15), a satisfying, fun prequel to the 2009 horror film ORPHAN, starring Isabelle Fuhrman reprising her role, that truly justifies its existence. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our summer-camp horror movie poll: YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER!

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Aug 26, 2022
Episode #423: "Glorious" and "The Legend of Molly Johnson"

We kick off this week's show by reviewing Leah Purcell's THE LEGEND OF MOLLY JOHNSON (2:09), a grim feminist Western about a bushwoman (Purcell) in Australia struggling to raise a family in the face of harsh elements and harsh people. We respect what it's going for but have a couple major criticisms of it. Next, we cover Rebekah McKendry's GLORIOUS (26:57), a horror film about a man (Ryan Kwanten) trapped in a rest stop bathroom with a mysterious figure in the stall next to him (J.K. Simmons). We like elements of the movie although we have major critiques of this one too. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi horror film THE THING

Aug 19, 2022
Episode #422: "Fall," "Emergency Declaration," and "Luck"

Dave is back from vacation, and he's excited to talk about movies! We start with LUCK (2:17), a poorly thought out Skydance animated film about a young woman (Eva Noblezada) with bad luck trying to turn things around for herself and her young friend with the help of a black cat (Simon Pegg). Next we dig into Jae-rim Han's ambitious Korean disaster movie EMERGENCY DECLARATION (20:40), which is long, yet features a great ensemble, compelling themes, and tense action scenes. We wrap up with Scott Mann's anxiety-inducing thriller FALL (38:23), about two friends trapped at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the 1989 neo noir GLEAMING THE CUBE, starring Christian Slater as a high school skateboarder investigating his adopted brother's murder.

Aug 12, 2022
Episode #421: "Prey" and "Resurrection"

We take on two movies this week. The first is the Andrew Semans psychological thriller RESURRECTION (3:16), a tense and visually arresting movie featuring a powerhouse performance by Rebecca Hall, and an ambiguous ending that leaves us divided. The second movie we review is Dan Trachtenberg's PREY (25:08), an artful, authentic, and action-packed origin story in the PREDATOR franchise about a Comanche warrior (Amber Midthunder) who takes on a Predator in 1719. And in our Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Nicholas Meyer's 70s sci-film TIME AFTER TIME starring Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, and Mary Steenburgen. 

Aug 05, 2022
Episode #420: "Not Okay" and "Medusa"

This week we have two movies on the docket that we have some VERY strong opinions about. First, we cover Anita Rocha da Silveira's MEDUSA (1:57), a compelling neon-soaked feminist allegory about a militant young religious woman who experiences a world-shattering crisis of faith. It's hard to describe succinctly, but the extended summary on IMDb does a good job. Next, we review Quinn Shephard's NOT OKAY (25:56), a satire about a self-involved young woman (Zoey Deutch) who gains followers and fame by posing as the survivor of a terrorist attack, but experiences a spectacular fall from grace when her secret is discovered. Spoiler: It's a film that deeply divided us. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our 1984 movie poll: Wolfgang Peterson's fantasy epic THE NEVERENDING STORY

Jul 29, 2022
Episode #419: "Anything's Possible," "Nope," and "She Will"

This week, we kick things off with Jordan Peele's latest film NOPE (2:12), delving right into spoiler territory on this intriguing, masterfully-crafted sci-fi horror movie, starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun. Next, we tackle Charlotte Colbert's gorgeous horror film SHE WILL (16:35), which follows an actor (Alice Krige) who gains supernatural powers while recovering from cancer surgery in the Scottish countryside. We wrap up with Billy Porter's directorial debut, ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE (28:12), a joyous and moving rom-com about a trans teen (Eva Reign) navigating her senior year of high school. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the 1997 Robert Zemeckis sci-fi film CONTACT, starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey in honor of its 25th anniversary!

Jul 22, 2022
Episode 418: "Good Madam" and "Don't Make Me Go"

Dave is taking a few weeks off (and we'll miss him), so we're taking on this week's movies as a duo. First, we review Jenna Cato Bass's GOOD MADAM (2:13), a South African horror film on Shudder that we find pretty confusing. But we do think it has some interesting commentary on race and class underneath. Then we cover Hannah Marks's DON'T MAKE ME GO (25:00) an uneven Amazon drama mired by strange narrative choices. However, it features yet another amazing performance by John Cho. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Nathan Greno and Byron Howard's 2010 Disney animated film TANGLED, starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi!

Jul 15, 2022
Episode #417: "The Princess," "Thor: Love and Thunder," "The Summoned," and "On the 3rd Day"

We have a full slate to discuss this week! Dave starts by offering a brief review of Taika Waititi's THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER (2:40), the latest so-so entry in the MCU. Next, everyone discusses Daniel de la Vega's convoluted and frustratingly dubbed horror movie ON THE 3RD DAY (7:51). After that we cover Mark Meir's clumsy horror film THE SUMMONED (20:17), which involves therapy and contracts with the devil. We wrap up with Le-Van Kiet's delightful Hulu action film THE PRINCESS (35:15), which we all had a blast watching. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio we talk about Michael Anderson's 1976 sci-fi cult classic LOGAN'S RUN!

Jul 08, 2022
Episode #416: "Rubikon," "Spiderhead," and "The Forgiven"

Before the show this week we offer a PSA about Roe v. Wade being overturned. Then we delve into our first movie THE FORGIVEN (2:36), John Michael McDonagh's drama about a couple (Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain) who deal with the fallout of hitting and killing a young man with their car in Morocco. Next, we tackle Joseph Kosinski's SPIDERHEAD (21:11), a frustrating movie where the only good things we can say about it is that it has a great soundtrack and supporting performance by Chris Hemsworth. After that, we review Magdalena Lauritsch's RUBIKON (39:42), a disappointingly derivative sci-fi film about three astronauts caught in a moral dilemma after a climate disaster strikes Earth. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Michael Crichton's 1973 sci-fi film WESTWORLD

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Jul 01, 2022
Episode #415: "Mad God" and "Wildhood"

We have two movies to discuss this week! First, we cover Bretten Hannam's Two-Spirit Indigenous drama WILDHOOD (2:39), a road trip film coming to Hulu about two brothers, one of whom is searching for his long-lost birth mother. Along the way he finds himself by connecting with his heritage and comes out through a relationship with someone he meets along the way. Next is Phil Tippett's MAD GOD (22:52), an unsettling stop-motion-animated horror film on Shudder that's 30 years in the making. It's easy to describe visually, but hard to describe narratively. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our Pride Month poll, Robin Campillo's drama 120 BPM, which chronicles the work ACT UP Paris did in the early 90s to fight the AIDS epidemic.

Jun 24, 2022
Episode #414: "Cha Cha Real Smooth," "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande," and "Halftime"

We open this week with Amanda Micheli's HALFTIME (2:31), a moving Netflix documentary that follows Jennifer Lopez as she reflects on her career and starts to navigate the second half of it, leading up to her halftime performance at the 2020 Super Bowl. Next, we discuss Sophie Hyde's GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE (22:56), a poignant dramedy about a widow (Emma Thompson) who hires a sex worker (Daryl MacCormack) to help her expand her sexual horizons. We wrap up with Cooper Raiff's CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH (44:11), a charming dramedy about recent college grad who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a mother and her autistic daughter while he's working as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party starter. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our Studio Ghibli poll, Hayao Miyazaki's 1989 film KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE!

Jun 17, 2022
Episode #413: "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" and "The Found Footage Phenomenon"
We have two movies for you this week! First, we discuss Sarah Appleton and Phillip Escott's film THE FOUND FOOTAGE PHENOMENON (3:34), a Shudder documentary about found footage horror that contains some fascinating insights on the subgenre, but can also be tedious. Second, we review CHIP 'N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS (27:32), Akiva Schaffer's extremely disappointing Disney+ mashup of animation and live action starring Andy Samberg and John Mulaney. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Jonathan Demme's zany 1986 film SOMETHING WILD starring Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, and Ray Liotta! 
Jun 10, 2022
Episode #412: "Fire Island" and "Watcher"
We start this week by reviewing Chloe Okuno's WATCHER (3:36), a smart horror movie about gaslighting that focuses on a woman (Maika Munroe) living in a new country who is being stalked by a serial killer. Then we discuss Andrew Ahn's queer rom-com FIRE ISLAND (23:02), a joyous gay riff on Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice" starring Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Charles Laughton's 1955 film noir THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER starring Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters! 
Jun 03, 2022
Episode #411: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," "The Lost City," and "On the Count of Three"
We start this week by reviewing Jerrod Carmichael's directorial debut ON THE COUNT OF THREE (1:43), a dark comedy/drama about two best friends (Carmichael and Christopher Abbott) trying to make the most of the last day of their lives. Next, we cover Aaron and Adam Nee's goofy rom-com THE LOST CITY (19:43), which stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum as a romance novelist and her cover model who end up on a jungle adventure. We wrap up with Sam Raimi's DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS (32:19), a Marvel movie that's a frustrating mixed bag. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we're talking about David Cronenberg's 1981 sci-fi horror film SCANNERS, which is technically the runner up in our body horror poll. 
May 27, 2022
Episode #410: "Emergency," "Firestarter," and "Hold Your Fire"
Megan is back from vacation so the whole Spoilerpiece team is together again! She and Evan start by reviewing Keith Thomas's FIRESTARTER (3:35), a remake of Stephen King's famous story, which they both agree and disagree about. Next, everyone covers Stefan Forbes's HOLD YOUR FIRE (15:51), a disappointing documentary about a 1972 crisis in New York City that helped create modern hostage negotiation teams and techniques. They wrap up with Carey Williams's EMERGENCY (37:49), an engaging dark comedy that offers poignant social commentary as three college students of color weigh the pros and cons of calling the police when they encounter an unexpected emergency. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Garry Marshall's 1990 rom-com PRETTY WOMAN starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. 
May 20, 2022
Episode #409: "The Innocents" and "The Automat"

The pandemic ain't over folks. Dave has COVID and it sucks but he does his best to manage it in this week's episode. Megan's on vacation again, so he and Evan tackle two movies. First up is Lisa Hurwitz's documentary THE AUTOMAT (3:26), a short, but interesting chronicle of the once-popular restaurant chain in New York City and Philadelphia that offered fresh-cooked meals in a commissary-style eatery. Next, they discuss Eskil Vogt's disturbing horror film THE INNOCENTS (19:07), which is about a group of children who develop dark powers that they wield against each other and the adults around them. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, Evan and Dave talk about Elaine May's 1976 crime drama MIKEY AND NICKY, starring Peter Falk and John Cassavetes!

May 13, 2022
Episode #408: "Everything Everywhere All At Once" with Dan and Chris from Film Trace
Megan is on vacation this week so Evan and Dave are joined by Dan and Chris from the podcast Film Trace! They're only talking about one movie, but that's because there's a lot to say about the Daniels' latest film EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. They dig into this bonkers sci-fi action adventure comedy, discussing its hilarious absurdity, its incredible performances, its terrific editing, stunning special effects, and more. Plus, on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, which is open to everyone for one week, Chris and Dan join Evan and Dave to talk about Robert Aldrich's 1962 thriller WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford! 
May 06, 2022
Episode #407: "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent," "The Aviary," and "FireBird"

Hi gang! Evan is on vacation so Megan and Dave hold down the fort. They start things off with the Nicolas Cage comedy THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT (2:41), a very silly romp through a weekend in the star's fictionalized life. Then it's THE AVIARY (14:54), a tense psychological drama about two women trying to escape a cult. Finally, they talk about FIREBIRD (30:50), a based-on-a-true-story movie about a young soldier who embarks on a clandestine affair with a charismatic fighter pilot on a Soviet Air Force Base at the height of 1970s Communist rule. Over on the Patreon exclusive audio, Megan and Dave talk about the 1979 Disney cult classic (question mark?) THE BLACK HOLE. It's available for $5-and-above patrons, along with more than 200 other bonus episodes. And just a reminder: There's no April poll, but there will be TWO polls in May. 

Apr 29, 2022
Episode #406: "Spider-Man: No Way Home," "The Northman," and "Virus: 32"

Megan and Dave start this week by reviewing the Robert Eggers Viking revenge tale THE NORTHMAN (1:55), which they disagree about in a lot of places. They can at least agree Nicole Kidman is amazing in it. Next everyone discusses Gustavo Hernández's horror film VIRUS: 32 (23:31), which puts a very specific and interesting spin on its zombie narrative. Then we're excited to finally cover Jon Watts's SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (39:38), digging into everything that we love and everything we find annoying about it. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review the 1992 Penelope Spheeris comedy WAYNE'S WORLD, starring Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey, Tia Carrere, and Rob Lowe.

Apr 22, 2022
Episode #405: "We're All Going to the World's Fair," "Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off," and "The Tale of King Crab"

Evan kicks things off this week by reviewing Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis' THE TALE OF KING CRAB (2:57), an Italian adventure film split in two parts with one that's much more interesting than the other. Next, everyone reviews Sam Jones' HBO documentary TONY HAWK: UNTIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF (11:42), a comprehensive film about the life and career of skateboarder Tony Hawk, which has us split. We wrap up with Jane Schoenbrun's horror film WE'RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD'S FAIR (30:39), a spooky, ambiguous film about a teen who plays an online horror game and documents the strange changes she goes through afterward. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Gareth Evans' 2011 Indonesian action flick THE RAID aka THE RAID: REDEMPTION!

Apr 15, 2022
Episode #404: "All the Old Knives," "Mothering Sunday," and "Windfall"

We kick things off this week with Charlie McDowell's slow-burn character study WINDFALL (3:11), which is about a man (Jason Segel) who breaks into a tech billionaire's empty vacation home, but has to radically change his plans when the mogul and his wife (Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins) unexpectedly arrive. Next, we review Eva Husson's MOTHERING SUNDAY (21:31), a decades-spanning drama starring Odessa Young about grief and loss in the wake of WWI, which features a LOT of nude scenes. Then we cover Janus Metz's ALL THE OLD KNIVES (40:54), a messy spy thriller starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton whose title also happens to rhyme with a Blink 182 song. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review Christopher Winterbauer's 2022 HBO Max sci-fi rom-com MOONSHOT

Apr 08, 2022
Episode #403: "Death on the Nile," "Scream," "7 Days," and the 2022 Oscars

We start by discussing this year's Oscars, particularly the winners, the snubs, and our overall thoughts on the program. Then Dave and Evan review the Roshan Sethi's rom-com 7 DAYS (11:49), about a mismatched Indian-American couple (Karan Soni and Geraldine Viswanathan) who start out on a traditional pre-arranged date and have to shelter in place together once COVID spreads. Next, we all tackle the latest SCREAM movie (21:55), a meta horror flick that has us split. After that we cover Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the Agatha Christie murder mystery DEATH ON THE NILE (42:19), another film that has us divided. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our women-directed films poll, Susan Seidelman's 1985 dramedy, DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, starring Rosanna Arquette and Madonna!

Apr 01, 2022
Episode #402: Ti West's "X" with special guest Jason from Binge Movies

As promised, we're going to start featuring more guests on the show, so this week Jason from Binge Movies joins us! After he briefly shares what his podcast is all about, we all review Ti West's X (7:17), a horror movie about an adult film crew in 1970s rural Texas who are attacked by their elderly hosts, starring Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow, and more. A lot of critics have unabashedly praised this film, but we have both compliments and criticism in our robust, nuanced conversation of the well-crafted yet problematic film. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, Jason also joins us to discuss Robert Zemeckis' 2000 thriller WHAT LIES BENEATH starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford!  Get Your Spoilerpiece Merch Join Our Patreon

Mar 25, 2022
Episode #401: "Deep Water," "Turning Red," and "Measure of Revenge"

We're back to business as usual this week, starting with MEASURE OF REVENGE (3:02), an atrocious, amateurish thriller starring Melissa Leo as an unhinged stage actress seeking revenge for her son's murder. Then we review Domee Shi's moving Pixar film TURNING RED (18:49), which uses a Chinese Canadian girl's magical transformation to deftly explore the struggles of puberty. After that we cover Adrian Lyne's disappointing "erotic" thriller DEEP WATER (36:38), starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas as a vindictive, dysfunctional couple coming apart at the seams. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about RETURN OF THE JEDI

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Mar 18, 2022
Episode #400: A Very Special Episode with Guests Galore

It's our 400th episode of Spoilerpiece Theatre, so we've cooked up something extra special for you, Spoilerpeeps! After some thank yous and very special announcements (hello Spoilerpiece merch), original Spoilerpiece co-host Kris Jenson stops by (16:00) to talk about Fred Zinnemann's 1952 Western, HIGH NOON from the AFI Top 100 list! Then we have previous guests and friends of the show stop by to talk about spoilers in some of their favorite films. We chat with Max Covill from It's the Pictures (49:03), Andy Crump (56:32), Dede Crimmins (65:48), Charlie Nash from Almost Major (1:12:31), J.C. from Screen Fix (1:21:24), Kristen Halbert (1:34:44), and The Lady-Wan from ScreenRun (1:49:15). And if that wasn't enough, this week's Patreon bonus audio, where we talk about Robin Hardy's 1973 horror film THE WICKER MAN is available for everyone to hear!

Mar 11, 2022
Episode #399: "The Batman," "Fresh," and "The Desperate Hour"
This week we start with Mimi Cave's FRESH (2:39), a horror movie starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan that made one of us so queasy they had to turn it off. Next, we review THE DESPERATE HOUR (27:27), Philip Noyce's frustrating thriller about a mother (Naomi Watts) trying to resolve a hostage crisis at her son's school from her phone while she's running through the woods. We close with Matt Reeves' much anticipated movie THE BATMAN (37:55), a stylish film noir detective story worthy of its almost three-hour runtime. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Guillermo del Toro's 2006 dark fairytale, PAN'S LABYRINTH!  
Mar 04, 2022
Episode #398: "Kimi," "Studio 666," and "Hellbender"
It's a suspenseful week on Spoilerpiece with two horror films and a thriller. First up is John Adams, Zelda Adams, and Toby Poser's creepy family-made horror flick HELLBENDER (2:12), which is about a lonely teen uncovering her family's connection to witchcraft. Next is BJ McDonnell's STUDIO 666 (19:14), a horror comedy about the Foo Fighters trying to record their 10th album in a haunted mansion. Then we review Steven Soderbergh's thriller KIMI (39:25), starring Zoë Kravitz as an agoraphobic Big Tech employee who stumbles onto a conspiracy. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our poll, Gina Prince-Bythewood's 2000 romance LOVE & BASKETBALL, starring Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps!
Feb 25, 2022
Episode #397: "A Banquet," "Strawberry Mansion," and "The Sky is Everywhere"

This week we have strong opinions about all the movies we cover. First up, is Josephine Decker's THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE (1:43), a surreal romance none of us could stand about a teen coping with the death of her older sister. Next, we cover Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney's colorful sci-fi romance STRAWBERRY MANSION (19:08), a story that's stylized and smart, but becomes way too weird for one of us. Lastly, we review A BANQUET (30:50), Ruth Paxton's tense psychological horror film, which we all agree falters in one key area. And in honor of Black History Month, this week we talk about Spike Lee's biopic MALCOLM X starring Denzel Washington for our Patreon exclusive audio

Feb 18, 2022
Episode #396: "Marry Me," "Nightmare Alley," and "Encanto"
We start the show by offering our brief reactions to this year's Oscar nominations, which were released this week. After that we review Disney's ENCANTO (6:39), a heartwarming animated tale about a magical Colombian family, which features incredible songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Next, we dig into Guillermo del Toro's stylish, yet long film noir NIGHTMARE ALLEY (25:44), which has us split. Then we discuss Kat Coiro's delightful rom-com MARRY ME (40:09), a film about nice things happening to nice people, starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Greg Berlanti's 2018 queer teen rom-com, LOVE, SIMON!
Feb 11, 2022
Episode #395: "Book of Love," "A Grand Romantic Gesture," and "Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster"

This week it's documentary full of rom-coms! First up, is Thomas Hamilton's doc BORIS KARLOFF: THE MAN BEHIND THE MONSTER (2:22), which offers fascinating facts, but distractingly bad production values. Next, we cover a movie that has us split, Joan Carr-Wiggin's rom-com A GRAND ROMANTIC GESTURE (20:18), which is about a recently retired woman who falls for the man playing the Romeo to her Juliet in her drama class. Then we review another film that has us split, Analeine Cal y Mayor's rom-com BOOK OF LOVE (36:40), which is about two writers (Sam Claflin and Verónica Echegui) who connect with each other during a book tour in Mexico. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our January poll: the 2018 Claire Denis film HIGH LIFE, starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche!

Feb 04, 2022
Episode #394: Sundance Film Festival 2022

Hi, everyone! Buckle up because we have a lot of movies this week. Megan and Dave run through Sundance and just about every movie they saw. (Evan is off this week and will return next week.) There's so much to get to, we'll dispense with the descriptions here, give you the lead actor info, and get right to the timecodes. Both Megan and Dave saw LIVING (2:19) starring Bill Nighy; DUAL (8:31) starring Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul; YOU WON'T BE ALONE (13:00) starring Noomi Rapace; and MASTER (19:10) starring Regina Hall and Zoe Renee. The following three movies both Megan and Dave like a lot: A LOVE SONG (27:10), starring Dale Dickey; AM I OK? (36:23), starring Dakota Johnson; and AFTER YANG (48:38), starring Colin Farrell and Haley Lu Richardson. Finally, Dave gives short reviews of CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH (59:30), starring Cooper Raiff and Dakota Johnson; ALICE (1:01:24), starring Keke Palmer; SUMMERING (1:03:48), starring Lake Bell, Sarah Cooper and Megan Mullally; and WHEN YOU FINISH SAVING THE WORLD (1:05:15), starring Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard. Megan gives short reviews of NANNY (1:06:37), starring Anna Diop; GOD'S COUNTRY (1:07:45), starring Thandiwe Newton; and GIRL PICTURE (1:08:46), starring Oona Airola. There are more Sundance movies on the Patreon this week and we'll cover the January poll winner in the next episode.

Jan 28, 2022
Episode #393: "Eternals," "A Hero," and "Belle"

Evan and Megan start this week by reviewing Mamoru Hosoda's moving anime drama BELLE (2:06) about a shy young woman who escapes to a virtual reality world where she becomes a pop star. Next, everyone discusses Asghar Farhadi's heartbreaking drama A HERO (17:19), about a man on leave from debtor's prison trying everything he can to keep himself from going back. We wrap up with ETERNALS (33:33), Chloé Zhao's Marvel superhero epic about a group of ancient heroes, which feels both too long and too short at the same time. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Michael Curtiz and William Keighley's 1938 swashbuckler THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.

Jan 21, 2022
Episode #392: "Parallel Mothers," "Don't Look Up," and "See For Me"

We start this week by reviewing Adam McKay's hotly-debated Netflix climate change satire, DON'T LOOK UP (2:17), digging into the many ways it's ineffective, and the couple of ways it is. Then we cover Randall Okita's tense thriller SEE FOR ME (21:20), about a blind woman stuck inside a house full of crooks with nothing but an app and an army vet on the other side of it to guide her. We wrap up with Pedro Almodóvar's moving, complex drama PARALLEL MOTHERS (33:11), which is about two mothers who give birth on the same day, and oh so much more. We won't spoil it here, but we sure will in the episode. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we finally review the 1985 John Hughes classic, THE BREAKFAST CLUB

Jan 14, 2022
Episode #391: Our Top 10 Films of 2021
We didn't get a chance to share our top 10 films from 2021 last week, so we're doing it this week! We each dig into our individual top 10 films from our 2021 Boston Online Film Critics Association Awards ballots, discussing the overlap between our lists, and the unique films that made our respective ballots. First up, is Dave (2:47), whose ballot includes a documentary, comedies, and dramas. He's followed by Evan (33:20), whose list includes dramas, comedies, and horror. After that is Megan (47:09), whose list includes horror, dramas, and one comedy. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we decided to review a film with the number 10 in the title, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger! 
Jan 07, 2022
Episode #390: "The Matrix Resurrections"

We're taking the red pill for our last show of 2021 so we can discuss THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS! We had so much to say we felt that the movie deserved a whole episode worth of conversation. We delve deep into the film's themes, particularly its humorous meta commentary on its own existence, its continuation of the Matrix story as a trans allegory, and the many exciting ways it both builds on the Matrix mythology and takes a hammer to it. We also talk about how the movie fits into the context of the franchise as a whole and briefly talk about our experience revisiting the previous films as a primer for this one. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we go a completely different direction by talking about the winner of our Christmas heist movie poll, Daryl Duke's 1978 film THE SILENT PARTNER starring Elliott Gould and Christopher Plummer! 

Dec 31, 2021
Episode #389: "C'mon C'mon," "The Tender Bar," and "Red Rocket"

It’s movies-that-studios-are-pushing-for-awards week on Spoilerpiece! First up, Evan and Dave talk about Mike Mills’ C’MON C’MON (1:48), a funny drama starring Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny, who steps in to take care of his nephew Jesse (Woody Norman) while Jesse’s mother Viv (Gaby Hoffman) tends to her husband, Jesse’s father, who has bipolar disorder. That’s a clunky description, but don’t hold that against us because it’s a great conversation about a movie that’s firmly plugged into its emotional arc. Next, everyone saw THE TENDER BAR (22:03), director George Clooney’s latest, about JR (Daniel Ranieri as a kid and Tye Sheridan as a young adult), who moves with his mother (Lily Rabe) to her childhood home. Good news: Her brother, JR’s Uncle Charlie, is Ben Affleck. The bad news? Not enough Ben Affleck. Lastly, we talk about RED ROCKET (39:15), director Sean Baker’s latest. Mikey Saber (a terrific Simon Rex), a washed-up porn star, returns to his working class Texas hometown, crashing into his estranged wife’s life, and striking up a creepy romance with a 17-year-old (Suzanna Son) whom he’s trying to groom into a porn career that he hopes will restart his own. Over on our Patreon we talk about FARGO, the Coen brothers’ comedic thriller starring Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, and Steve Buscemi. If you join our $5 tier, you'll get immediate access to that conversation and more than 200 bonus episodes!

Dec 24, 2021
Episode #388: "The Power of the Dog," and "The Novice"

Megan is back from vacation, so she's excited to review this week's films! We start with Lauren Hadaway's unsettling psychological thriller THE NOVICE (2:24), about a college student's obsessive quest to make her school's varsity rowing team. Then we review Jane Campion's beautifully shot Western THE POWER OF THE DOG (21:42), starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Jesse Plemons. The Netflix film has been racking up awards from many film critics groups, including the Boston Online Film Critics Association, so we have a lot to say about it. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we change things up a bit by talking about our favorite movie car chases! 

Dec 17, 2021
Episode #387: "House of Gucci," "The Card Counter," and "West Side Story" with guest Charlie Nash

Frequent guest Charlie Nash stops by this week to fill in for Megan. He offers a quick plug for his new podcast, Almost Major, before he reviews Steven Spielberg's adaptation of WEST SIDE STORY (6:09), which despite his admitted bias against a particular actor in it, offers great spectacle and inspired tweaks to the original story. Next, we all discuss Paul Schrader's THE CARD COUNTER (16:30), an intense tale about trauma and guilt starring Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan, Tiffany Haddish, and Willem Dafoe. After that we delve into Ridley Scott's HOUSE OF GUCCI (39:28), a movie about wealth and manipulation that we have polarized reactions to. One thing we do agree on: Lady Gaga is great in it. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about a Patron's request, Ted Demme's 1994 dark Christmas comedy, THE REF, starring Denis Leary!

Dec 10, 2021
Episode #386: "Silent Night" and "Encounter" with special guest Kris Jenson

Megan's on vacation (and we miss her), so we invite a very special guest to join us this week: former Spoilerpiece co-host Kris Jenson! We're excited to have Kris back for an episode, but feel bad about the movies we made him watch. At least we have some great discussions about them! First up is Michael Pearce's muddled sci-fi film ENCOUNTER (4:26), starring Riz Ahmed as a father trying to protect his two sons from an alien invasion. Then we cover Camille Griffin's uneven mix of sci-fi and dark comedy, SILENT NIGHT (31:17), which is about old friends who get together on Christmas as one last hurrah before their imminent demise. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk with Kris about Paul Verhoeven's 1990 sci-fi action film TOTAL RECALL, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Dec 03, 2021
Episode #385: "King Richard, "Bruised," and "The Humans"

This week just in time for the holiday, we kick off our show with Stephen Karam's Thanksgiving family drama THE HUMANS (1:41), which underwhelms despite its stacked cast. Next we discuss Halle Berry's directorial debut BRUISED (16:32) a formulaic sports film about a down on her luck queer MMA fighter trying to find redemption. Then we review KING RICHARD (34:45), Reinaldo Marcus Green's engaging sports biopic, which looks at how Venus and Serena Williams' father Richard (Will Smith) propelled them into tennis superstardom from birth. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our November film noir poll, Robert Altman's 1973 film THE LONG GOODBYE, starring Elliott Gould!

Nov 25, 2021
Episode #384: "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings," "The Feast," and "Julia"

This week we picked two VERY different movies about food to discuss. First, we cover Julie Cohen and Betsy West's delightful documentary JULIA (2:12), about chef Julia Child, which is chock full of great interviews, insights, and shots of food. Next, we review Lee Haven Jones's Welsh folk horror film THE FEAST (15:12), which features some gruesome moments that we have varying reactions to. To completely change gears, we close with Destin Daniel Cretton's entertaining Marvel movie SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (35:40) in honor of its arrival on Disney+. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about David Fincher's 2002 home invasion thriller PANIC ROOM, starring Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, and Forest Whitaker. 

Nov 19, 2021
Episode #383: "The Harder They Fall," "Night Raiders" and "Bukra Fil Mish-Mish" (BJFF)

This week we start by reviewing Tal Michael's BUKRA FIL MISH-MISH (3:59), a fascinating documentary playing at the Boston Jewish Film Festival about three Jewish brothers who were pioneers of Egyptian animation. Next, we discuss Danis Goulet's NIGHT RAIDERS (16:41), a smart Indigenous sci-fi film about a mother (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers) trying to rescue her daughter (Brooklyn Letexier-Hart) from a fascist state. After that we review Jeymes Samuel's THE HARDER THEY FALL (32:25), a bold Black Western with a stacked cast. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Lou Adler's 1982 film LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FABULOUS STAINS

Nov 12, 2021
Hanukkah Bonus: 2021 Boston Jewish Film Festival Shorts

Happy Hanukkah! This year the holiday is coming early in real life and on the show. Our gift to you is a bonus episode where Evan and his co-host in life, Shauna, review the shorts programs from the 2021 Boston Jewish Film Festival. First up is the FreshFlix block, where they concentrate on THE MOHEL (1:25), PARADISE (10:46), and THE BINDING OF ITZIK (17:42), with brief comments on DEVEK, GANEF, SCUM BOY, and IMMERSION. Next they discuss Shorts Made in Quarantine with a focus on TANGLED UP IN JEWS (27:13), LONG DISTANCE (29:15), and DIALOGUES AND MONOLOGUES (32:07), and brief nods to VOICES FROM THE BALCONIES and YOM KIPPUR IN LOCKDOWN. They wrap up with the In 32 Minutes or Less! block, engaging in discussions about NEVER AGAIN / PARA NADIE (39:11), BECOMING NAKUSET (47:55), MOM'S IN TOWN AND SHE DIDN'T TELL ME (47:55), and A JEW WALKS INTO A BAR (51:15), while briefly mentioning THE COLLECTION and ZAIDA. Hopefully these reviews inspire you to check out the shorts at the Boston Jewish Film Festival, which runs virtually through November 20, 2021.

Nov 10, 2021
Episode #382: "Finch," "Passing," and "Beans"

We get a good laugh about how the one-word titles we're reviewing form a sentence, but after that we get serious about this week's movies. First, we discuss Tracey Deer's BEANS (2:22), a layered coming-of-age drama set against the real-life 78-day standoff between the Mohawk community and government forces in 1990 Quebec. Next, we cover Rebecca Hall's PASSING (22:39), a compelling 1920s drama about race and class starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. Lastly, we review FINCH (42:21), Miguel Sapochnik's moving post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama about a man (Tom Hanks) who builds a robot that he must teach to take care of his dog. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Penny Marshall's 1992 baseball film A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN starring Geena Davis, Lori Petty, and Tom Hanks! 

Nov 05, 2021
Episode #381: IFFBoston Fall Focus, "Horror Noire," and "Chameleon Street"

Praise be that film festivals are back! To kick things off, Megan talks about IFFBoston's Fall Focus, and her experiences watching SPENCER (2:03), BELFAST (6:12), HAPPENING (8:32), and MEMORIA (10:31). Evan joins her to talk about PETITE MAMAN (14:21) and THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD (20:52). Then Evan (with an assist from Megan) takes everyone through Shudder's HORROR NOIRE (30:25), an anthology film with six horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters. Lastly, Dave and Evan review the 4K restoration of Wendell B. Harris Jr.'s CHAMELEON STREET (44:13), which won the 1990 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and has been hard to find since. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we feature the monthly poll winner - we asked you to choose from FRANKENSTEIN films and the winner is THE BRIDE, starring Sting and Jennifer Beals. We had a blast talking about it, so check it out and consider becoming a patron!

Oct 29, 2021
Episode #380: "Madres," "South of Heaven," and "The Manor"

Welcome to the Blumhouse isn't just a horror series on Amazon, it's also a song Dave is singing on this week's episode, because we're discussing two more films from the series. First, we review Axelle Carolyn's unsettling horror film THE MANOR (2:19), about an older woman (Barbara Hershey) who enters a nursing home, only to discover supernatural forces are killing off her fellow residents. Next, we cover Aharon Keshales's incredibly tense crime thriller SOUTH OF HEAVEN (15:56), starring Jason Sudeikis as a recently released ex-con trying to do right by his cancer-stricken girlfriend (Evangeline Lilly). After that we review Ryan Zaragoza's sharp and surprising horror film MADRES (33:08), about a Mexican-American couple (Ariana Guerra, Tenoch Huerta) expecting their first child, who find out terrifying things are happening to pregnant women in the town they just moved to. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Michael Dougherty's 2007 horror anthology TRICK 'R TREAT

Oct 22, 2021
Episode #379: "Dune," "Knocking," and "Till Death"

We start off this week with S.K. Dale's entertaining thriller TILL DEATH (2:37), which stars Megan Fox as a woman who must outwit two men trying to find her...while handcuffed to her dead husband. Next we discuss Frida Kempff's thriller KNOCKING (19:10), an effective commentary on gaslighting about a woman tortured by knocking sounds in her apartment. Finally, we review Denis Villeneuve's DUNE (30:25), the first part in a proposed two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's famous sci-fi novel. We dig its scope, its cast, and its take on the story. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Adam Wingard's YOU'RE NEXT, a home invasion horror film we all enjoy! 

Oct 15, 2021
Episode #378: "The Many Saints of Newark," "No Time to Die," "The Guilty," and "Bingo Hell"

To kick things off, Dave offers his brief take on Cary Joji Fukunaga's NO TIME TO DIE (2:30), Daniel Craig's satisfying final outing as James Bond. Next, we all review BINGO HELL (11:55), Gigi Saul Guerrero's brief, yet heavy-handed horror comedy that's part of Amazon's 2021 WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE series. After that we cover Antoine Fuqua's THE GUILTY (22:41), a frustrating and problematic thriller about a 911 operator played effectively by Jake Gyllenhaal. Finally, we dig into THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK (40:49), Alan Taylor's extremely disappointing Sopranos prequel about the rise of Tony Soprano. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we have a blast discussing Joe Cornish's 2011 sci-fi comedy ATTACK THE BLOCK, starring John Boyega and Jodie Whittaker. 


Oct 08, 2021
Episode #377: "V/H/S/94," "I'm Your Man," and "Nightbooks"

It's October, so of course we start off this week by reviewing NIGHTBOOKS (2:19), David Yarovesky's surprisingly enjoyable Netflix horror film, about a boy (Winslow Fegley) who must tell scary stories to survive after he's imprisoned by a witch (Krysten Ritter). Next, we discuss Maria Schrader's delightful and layered German sci-fi romance I'M YOUR MAN (21:40), starring Maren Eggert and Dan Stevens (yes, THAT Dan Stevens). Lastly, we cover V/H/S/94 (37:31), the uneven fourth film in the V/H/S horror anthology franchise. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our train movie poll, Sang-ho Yeon's 2016 horror film TRAIN TO BUSAN!

Oct 01, 2021
Episode #376: "Dear Evan Hansen," "Cry Macho," and "Small Engine Repair"

Megan is on vacation, so Dede Crimmins, the Alec Baldwin of Spoilerpiece, is back to fill in! Before we talk about this week's movies though, Dede has a bone to pick with Dave about MALIGNANT. After that we review John Pollono's gritty New England drama SMALL ENGINE REPAIR (6:32), about three lifelong friends (Pollono, Jon Bernthal, and Shea Whigham) faced with an ethical dilemma inside a small engine repair shop. Next, we discuss Clint Eastwood's slow period drama CRY MACHO (25:40), which follows an old cowboy who heads down to Mexico to retrieve his boss's son. Lastly, we dig into DEAR EVAN HANSEN (44:23), the big-screen adaptation of the Broadway musical that everyone's talking about. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we cover Clint Eastwood's 2008 drama GRAN TORINO

Sep 24, 2021
Episode #375: "Malignant," "Dating & New York," and "My Name is Pauli Murray"

We open the show by reviewing Julie Cohen and Betsy West's compelling documentary MY NAME IS PAULI MURRAY (2:01). The film celebrates the life of Pauli Murray, a non-binary lawyer, poet, and priest, who you've probably never heard of, but definitely should have because of their enormous impact on civil rights in the U.S. Next, we take on Jonah Feingold's DATING & NEW YORK (20:04), a disappointingly derivative rom-com that's neither rom nor com to any of us. Lastly, we cover James Wan's MALIGNANT (38:48), a bonkers film that we all had a blast watching, and have just as much fun spoiling, but has us arguing whether it qualifies as "horror" or a "psychological thriller." And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the 2009 Richard Curtis film PIRATE RADIO aka THE BOAT THAT ROCKED. 

Sep 17, 2021
Episode #374: "Everybody's Talking About Jamie," "Kate," and "Martyrs Lane"

We head over to MARTYRS LANE (2:14) to learn the meaning of the word "vicarage" and to discuss Ruth Platt's eerie and allegorical horror film (now on Shudder), about a girl who's visited nightly by another girl who slowly reveals shocking secrets about her family. Next, we delve into Cedric Nicolas-Troyan's bloody and entertaining Netflix action film KATE (18:25), which stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a poisoned assassin trying to get revenge on the gangsters who betrayed her before she dies. Lastly, we review Jonathan Butterell's charming and glamorous Amazon musical EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE (35:26), a queer coming-of-age tale about a teenager who wants to be a drag queen. And in this week's Patron exclusive audio, we cover Norman Jewison's 1987 rom-com MOONSTRUCK starring Cher and Nicolas Cage!

Sep 10, 2021
Episode #373: "We Need to Do Something," "Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed," and "On Broadway"

Two out of the three of us give our regards to Broadway as we review Oren Jacoby's ON BROADWAY (2:59), a talking head documentary about the history of Broadway, from its lowest point in the early 1970s through its revival and renaissance in the 80s and 90s to present day. Next, we discuss BOB ROSS: HAPPY ACCIDENTS, BETRAYAL & GREED (22:17), Joshua Rofe's salaciously titled documentary, which sweetly chronicles the life of beloved painter Bob Ross, through interviews which reveal how his son was unfairly cut out of his father's legacy. We wrap up with Sean King O'Grady's WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING (41:13), a frustrating and agonizing horror film about a family that gets trapped together after seeking shelter from a storm. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we're excited to talk about Ida Lupino's 1953 film noir THE HITCH-HIKER.

Sep 03, 2021
Episode #372: "Candyman (2021)," "The Green Knight," and "Reminiscence"

This week we start by discussing Lisa Joy's platitude-filled sci-fi noir REMINISCENCE (2:14), starring Hugh Jackman. One of us enjoyed it, one thought it was "meh," and one found it utterly insufferable. Next, we cover David Lowery's epic fantasy film THE GREEN KNIGHT (18:29), starring Dev Patel as Gawain from Arthurian legend. Overall, we dug this gorgeous film that both honors the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Next, we tackle Nia DaCosta's CANDYMAN (38:23), a sequel to the 1992 film, which features lots of visually stunning and unsettling moments, but two of us thought it didn't dig as deep into social commentary as it could have. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about the winner of our amusement park movie poll, Herk Harvey's 1962 horror film CARNIVAL OF SOULS.

Aug 27, 2021
Episode #371: "The Night House," "Demonic, and "Confetti"

We kick off this week's show by reviewing Neill Blomkamp's disappointing digital horror film DEMONIC (01:34), a movie that lacks a lot of things like cohesive story and mythology, but most surprisingly, it lacks his usual great production design and special effects. Next, we discuss CONFETTI (17:42), Ann Hu's moving yet ableist immigrant tale about a Chinese mother (Zhu Zhu) trying everything she can to give her daughter with dyslexia a proper education in the U.S. We wrap up with THE NIGHT HOUSE (33:43), David Bruckner's atmospheric horror movie about a wife (Rebecca Hall) haunted by the increasingly disturbing secrets she learns about her recently deceased husband. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 1950 showbiz drama ALL ABOUT EVE starring Bette Davis and Anne Baxter.

Aug 20, 2021
Episode #370: "Beckett," "The Suicide Squad," and "Vivo"

Get ready for a singing animated kinkajou, a ragtag group of antiheroes blowing up a fake Latin American country, and a clueless American getting the crap kicked out of him in Greece! We start this week with Brandon Jeffords and Kirk DeMicco's sweet but saccharine Netflix animated film VIVO (0:55), starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ynairaly Simo, Zoe Saldana, and Gloria Estefan. Next, we discuss James Gunn's THE SUICIDE SQUAD (15:36), not to be confused with that other awful DC movie about a task force of supervillains. Gunn's adaptation is much better, but still has us split. And lastly we review Ferdinando Cito Filomarino's Netflix thriller BECKETT (37:11) starring John David Washington, which has some strong action, yet weak writing. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Sam Raimi's 2009 horror film DRAG ME TO HELL

Aug 13, 2021
Episode #369: "Annette," "John and the Hole," and "Pray Away"

This week we start by discussing Kristine Stolakis's compelling Netflix documentary PRAY AWAY (1:33), which chronicles the "pray the gay away" movement and forces its former leaders to confront the damage it did to the LGBTQ+ community. Next, we cover Pascual Sisto's frustrating and listless film JOHN AND THE HOLE (21:14), about a boy who holds his family (Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Ehle, and Taissa Farmiga) captive in a hole. We wrap up with Leos Carax's bizarre and grating musical ANNETTE (35:14), starring Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, and Simon Helberg (or as two of us know him, that guy from THE BIG BANG THEORY). And in our Patreon exclusive audio, we travel back to 1941 to talk about the Preston Sturges comedy SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS, starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake! 

Aug 06, 2021
Episode #368: "Jungle Cruise," "Nine Days," and "Fear Street: Part Three - 1666"

What if souls had to interview to be born? That's the premise of the first film on our docket this week, Edson Oda's moving drama NINE DAYS (1:59), starring Winston Duke and Zazie Beetz. Next, we review FEAR STREET: Part Three - 1666 (16:14), the satisfying conclusion to Leigh Janiak's Netflix horror trilogy, which we've really enjoyed discussing over the past two episodes. We wrap up with Jaume Collet-Serra's JUNGLE CRUISE (37:18), the latest Disney ride turned movie starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson that borrows too heavily from other adventure films, including some of Disney's. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss the winner of our video game movie poll: the 2006 Christophe Gans film SILENT HILL

Jul 30, 2021
Episode #367: "Fear Street: Part Two - 1978," "Old," "Settlers," and "Gunpowder Milkshake"

Spoilerpiece celebrates its 7th anniversary this week! After we all offer a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, Megan leads off with a review of M. Night Shyamalan's OLD (5:52), a horror movie about people aging rapidly, which is exactly what we expected in the worst way. Next, we talk about Navot Papushado's GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE (17:44), a stylized Netflix action film with a stacked cast (Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Carla Gugino, Angela Bassett, and Michelle Yeoh), that isn't used to its fullest. After that, we dig into SETTLERS (33:47), Wyatt Rockefeller's brutal sci-fi Western that we struggled through. We wrap up with FEAR STREET: Part Two - 1978 (44:04), the second film in Leigh Janiak's Netflix horror trilogy, which we were all excited to see (it doesn't disappoint). And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Robert Luketic's 2001 rom-com LEGALLY BLONDE starring Reese Witherspoon! We have a blast talking about this movie, which recently marked its 20th anniversary.

Jul 23, 2021
Episode #366: "Fear Street: Part One - 1994," "No Ordinary Man," and "Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain"

Brace yourselves for moving documentaries and Netflix horror this week! First, we discuss NO ORDINARY MAN (2:14), Aisling Chin-Yee and Chase Joynt's emotional documentary about trans jazz musician Billy Tipton, which features insightful commentary about the trans experience, and seeks to reclaim Tipton's life story for the trans community. We continue on in documentary territory with Morgan Neville's ROADRUNNER: A FILM ABOUT ANTHONY BOURDAIN (18:57), a haunting examination of the famous chef/television host's life, addictions, and loneliness that also beautifully honors his legacy. Last but not least, we dig into FEAR STREET: PART ONE - 1994 (41:39), the fun first installment in Leigh Janiak's Netflix horror trilogy, which is based on R.L. Stine's famous book series and stars Kiana Medeira, Olivia Scott Welch, and Benjamin Flores Jr. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about Nora Ephron's 1998 rom-com YOU'VE GOT MAIL, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks!

Jul 16, 2021
Episode #365: "No Sudden Move," "False Positive," and "The Ice Road"

In this week's edition of "We Should Have Known Better," we cover Liam Neeson's latest action thriller, THE ICE ROAD (3:05), this year's early winner of the "It Wants to be 'The Wages of Fear' or even 'Sorcerer' but it's Really Just a Turd" award. Perhaps that's harsh, but as scary as Canadian ice roads are in April, even scarier is the prospect of a movie filled with half-baked ideas, crummy special effects, and a villain who has more lives than the Energizer bunny. It's just wretched. But man, was it fun to talk about! Next is FALSE POSITIVE (19:12), which star Ilana Glazer wrote with its director, John Lee. Who doesn't love pregnancy horror? In this case, two of us. (Actually, one of us loves pregnancy horror, but sadly, not this film.) As Dave puts it, this is a movie that offsets each good idea it has with a bad one. But one of us liked it! (And though he didn't mention it in the episode, Dave likes Pierce Brosnan's beard.) Lastly, it's NO SUDDEN MOVE (40:20), the new Steven Soderbergh noir thriller starring lots of his favorite people, including Don Cheadle and Benicio del Toro. It has a little bit of everything, and screenwriter Ed Solomon is a loooong way from Bill & Ted. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Mike Nichols' 1966 film, WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?, an adaptation of Edward Albee's play, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Jul 09, 2021
Episode #364: "Black Widow," "The Tomorrow War," and "The Forever Purge"

Kicking things off this week, we review Everardo Gout's THE FOREVER PURGE (5:58), the latest entry in the PURGE franchise! It stars Ana de la Reguera, Tenoch Huerta, and Josh Lucas. Megan and Dave discuss its relevance to recent American political events and why they really dug its political commentary. Next, we all talk about Chris McKay's long and disappointing sci-fi flick THE TOMORROW WAR (23:54), which has decent action, but a lot of bad writing and acting (especially from Chris Pratt). We wrap up with Cate Shortland's much anticipated movie BLACK WIDOW (40:48), starring Scarlett Johansson in the second female-led superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of us loved it, but two of us had some mixed feelings about its performances and pacing. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we tackle Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody's 2009 horror comedy JENNIFER'S BODY

Jul 02, 2021
Trailer: Welcome to Spoilerpiece Theatre

Hey Everybody! We're Dave Riedel, Megan Kearns, and Evan Crean, and we're Spoilerpiece Theatre: The weekly film podcast that doesn't give a shit about spoilers, we just wanna talk about the movies! Join us each week as we help you decide what to watch by reviewing movies without letting spoilers get in the way of our discussion. Let us spoilerpiece you into wanting to see the movies we love.

Find us wherever you get podcasts or at our website spoilerpiece.com.

Music: No Hook (Instrumental) by Pandaraps and Gregory David

Jul 01, 2021
Episode #363: "F9: The Fast Saga," "Werewolves Within," "I Carry You With Me," and "Zola"

This week we kick off by reviewing ZOLA (2:15), Janicza Bravo's crime drama and dark comedy starring Taylour Paige and Riley Keough, which is based on a series of Tweets. Next, we cover I CARRY YOU WITH ME (17:48), Heidi Ewing's queer hybrid narrative/documentary film about a chef who leaves his soulmate in Mexico for a better life in New York, but must make serious sacrifices along the way. Then we talk about F9: THE FAST SAGA (34:10), Justin Lin's latest entry in the FAST & FURIOUS franchise, which finally makes good on a long-running fan prediction. Finally we wrap up with WEREWOLVES WITHIN (49:02), Josh Ruben's horror comedy about wacky small town folks trying to figure out which one of them may be a werewolf. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about the winner of our LGBTQIA+ poll, Desiree Akhavan's 2018 film THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST!  

Jun 25, 2021
Episode #362: "Luca," "Les Notres," and "Plan B"

This week we review our second Natalie Morales film of the year, PLAN B (1:54), a hilarious road trip comedy on Hulu about best friends (Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles) trying to track down emergency contraception in middle America. Next, we discuss LES NOTRES (24:38), Jeanne Leblanc's difficult to watch French Canadian drama, which prompts us to issue a trigger warning about the sexual abuse depicted in the film. Then we cover Pixar's LUCA (45:55), Enrico Casarosa's animated Italian adventure on Disney+ about sea monsters (Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer) who enter the world of humans and find friendship along the way. As part of our conversation, we delve into whether we also feel like movie is a queer love story like others have interpreted. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Theodore Witcher's 1997 romance LOVE JONES in honor of Black Music Appreciation Month! 

Jun 18, 2021
Episode #361: "In the Heights," "Holler," "Caveat," and "The Mitchells vs. the Machines"

On this week's show we open with THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES (2:28), a wild animated movie featuring a regular ol' American family struggling to save humanity from a robot apocalypse. It's a hoot. Next up is CAVEAT (18:12), an Irish horror film that says, "Oh, you're not afraid of rabbits? Get a load of this shit" (Dave watched it in broad daylight if that tells you anything). Then there's HOLLER (34:36), written and directed by Nicole Riegel, about a high school senior (Jessica Barden) who joins a sleekly scummy scrap metal crew while trying to decide whether she's going to stay in her hit-by-hard-times Ohio hometown or go to college. Finally, we wrap up with IN THE HEIGHTS (45:28), the long-awaited adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes' musical, with a screenplay by Hudes directed by Jon M. Chu. One of us loved it, one of us enjoyed moments, and one of us was kind of "eh." Free scoop of ice cream if you guess correctly! And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about one of Megan's favorite sci-fi films, Douglas Trumbull's SILENT RUNNING, starring a young and super intense Bruce Dern. It's a first-timer for Evan and Dave.

Jun 11, 2021
Episode #360: "Army of the Dead," "Undine," "Changing the Game," and "The Amusement Park"

This week we open by discussing George Romero's recently restored long-lost film, THE AMUSEMENT PARK (2:21), an extremely unsettling commentary on aging and ageism. Next, we review CHANGING THE GAME (13:01), Michael Barnett's compelling Hulu documentary about trans athletes in the U.S. Then we dig into UNDINE (27:48), Christian Petzold's moving and tragic modern fairy tale. We wrap up with Zack Snyder's Netflix zombie heist flick ARMY OF THE DEAD (39:38), which offers us plenty of bones to pick. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about a Patron's choice, Milos Forman's 1996 film THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT! 

Jun 04, 2021
Episode #359: "Cruella," "Seance," "Riders of Justice," and "Skull: The Mask"

This week we start by reviewing Armando Fonseca and Kapel Furman's SKULL: THE MASK (2:09), a Brazilian slasher film that can't decide on its tone. Then we cover SEANCE (13:04), Simon Barrett's boarding school-set horror flick that has us split. Next, we discuss RIDERS OF JUSTICE (26:24), Anders Thomas Jensen's thoughtful and endearing action film starring Mads Mikkelsen, which Evan caught at IFFBoston. Finally, we wrap up with CRUELLA (40:46), Craig Gillespie's Disney villain origin story starring Emma Stone, which we have very different opinions about. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about the winner of our STAR WARS poll—the 2016 Gareth Edwards film ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY.

May 28, 2021
Episode #358: "The Dry," "Those Who Wish Me Dead," "The Woman in the Window," and "Psycho Goreman"

We start this week by reviewing Steven Kostanski's uneven horror comedy PSYCHO GOREMAN (2:08). Next, we cover Joe Wright's derivative and inert Netflix thriller THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (13:22), which wastes Amy Adams and a great supporting cast. Then we discuss Taylor Sheridan's THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD (28:43), an Angelina Jolie forest fire thriller that really divided us. Lastly, we review Robert Connolly's Australian murder mystery THE DRY (41:20) from IFFBoston 2021, which features a compelling lead performance by Eric Bana. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review Peyton Reed's 2000 cheerleading film BRING IT ON, starring Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, and Eliza Dushku.

May 21, 2021
Episode #357: "The Killing of Two Lovers," "The Djinn," and "The Reckoning"

This week Megan is on vacation so we're joined by guest Lady Wan from the Screen Run podcast! First, we review Neill Marshall's torturous period horror film THE RECKONING (2:24) about a woman falsely accused of being a witch. Next, we cover David Charbonier and Justin Powell's tense horror film THE DJINN (16:44), about a mute boy who asks a dark entity to grant his wish. Then, we wrap up with Robert Machoian's claustrophobic relationship drama THE KILLING OF TWO LOVERS (24:58), about a couple trying to work through their marriage. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review Alex Cox's 1984 cult classic REPO MAN

May 14, 2021
Episode #356: "Silo," "Golden Arm," and "Mortal Kombat"

Dave is off this week, so Megan and Evan talk about the movies. First, we review Marshall Burnette's sporadically intense thriller SILO (2:31) about the frantic attempt to rescue a teenager who's stuck in a grain silo. Then we discuss Maureen Bharoocha's charming comedy GOLDEN ARM (16:01), about a trucker (Betsy Sodaro) who trains her timid friend (Mary Holland) to compete in the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Tournament. Finally, we test our might with MORTAL KOMBAT (29:59), Simon McQuoid's adaptation of the famous video game, which we have very different opinions about. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss the 1991 unconventional Albert Brooks romcom DEFENDING YOUR LIFE.

May 07, 2021
Episode #355: "Tom Clancy's Without Remorse," "Limbo," "Four Good Days," and 2021 Oscars recap

This week we start by recapping our thoughts on the 2021 Oscars! We talk about the ceremony's format, the nominees we wished won, the winners we loved, and the heartfelt acceptance speeches that moved us. Next we discuss Rodrigo García's FOUR GOOD DAYS (22:47), a challenging mother/daughter drama about addiction, starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis. After that, we review LIMBO (37:11), Ben Sharrock's poignant and compelling drama about a Syrian refugee stuck in rural Scotland while he awaits his asylum request. We wrap up with TOM CLANCY'S WITHOUT REMORSE (49:37), Stefano Sollima's disappointing action flick starring Michael B. Jordan. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review the winner of our hair poll: Paddy Breathnach's 2001 film BLOW DRY.

Apr 30, 2021
Episode #354: "Together Together," "Concrete Cowboy," "The Banishing" and films from Wicked Queer, Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival

We start this week by covering films from Wicked Queer, Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival (1:46). Evan reviews the Israeli picture KISS ME KOSHER, and Megan offers quick takes on drama SEE YOU THEN, horror film BLOODTHIRSTY, and Taiwanese psychological thriller NINA WU. Then we all discuss Christopher Smith's horror film THE BANISHING (10:53), a disappointingly by-the-numbers haunted house story. Next, we talk about Ricky Staub's moving Netflix coming-of-age tale CONCRETE COWBOY (26:08) starring Caleb McLaughlin and Idris Elba. We wrap up with Nikole Beckwith's TOGETHER TOGETHER (42:29), a charming dramedy about platonic love and surrogacy starring Ed Helms and Patti Harrison. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review a patron's choice, Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz's 1973 horror film MESSIAH OF EVIL.

Apr 23, 2021
Episode #353: "Jakob's Wife," "Monday," "Voyagers," and "Tina"

We start the show this week with TINA (1:41), the comprehensive HBO Max documentary about music icon Tina Turner, who we all love, but one of us much more than the others. Next, we review VOYAGERS (16:07), Neil Burger's LORD OF THE FLIES on a spaceship, a sci-fi thriller that gets us all extremely riled up. Then we discuss MONDAY (31:23), the Argyris Papadimitropoulos romantic drama starring Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough, which two of us HATE and one of us likes. Lastly, we dig into JAKOB's WIFE (45:46), the delightful Travis Stevens horror comedy starring the always entertaining Barbara Crampton. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about Billy Wilder's quintessential film noir DOUBLE INDEMNITY.

Apr 16, 2021
Episode #352: "Moffie," "The Power," and "The Truffle Hunters"

This week, we kick off with THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS (1:39), a beautifully shot documentary about the quirky men and their beloved dogs who hunt rare white Alba truffles in Northern Italy. Next, we discuss THE POWER (15:45), Corinna Faith's predictable, yet compelling horror film about a rookie nurse in 1974 London, who encounters a terrifying spirit while working at a hospital during a planned blackout. After that, we review MOFFIE (36:02), Oliver Hermanus's moving and brutal period drama about a closeted South African soldier trying to survive his military service in the face of severe homophobia and racism. And for our Patreon bonus audio, we discuss the 1940 Howard Hawks screwball comedy HIS GIRL FRIDAY, starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.    

Apr 09, 2021
Episode #351: "Godzilla vs Kong," "Zack Snyder's Justice League," "Wolfwalkers," and "Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror"

Dave keeps knives in his microwave?! Find out why this week. We kick off our reviews with ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE (4:21), a four-hour cut of the 2017 superhero film, which for better and worse, represents its original director's vision. Next, we talk about the heartwarming Oscar-nominated animated tale WOLFWALKERS (20:04). After that, we cover the three-hour documentary WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED: A HISTORY OF FOLK HORROR (28:59), which is long but offers a fascinating dissection of folk horror films. Our main event is GODZILLA VS. KONG (43:00), a kaiju movie with some entertaining fights that's unfortunately lacking in many other departments. And for our Patreon exclusive audio, we follow up on our recent PRETTY IN PINK discussion by talking about the John Hughes film SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL

Apr 02, 2021
Episode #350: "Language Lessons," "Dear Mr. Brody," and "Sound of Violence" from SXSW 2021

This week we open with a statement in support of the Asian American community. Then we discuss some movies that played at this year's SXSW. Evan and Megan cover SOUND OF VIOLENCE (2:52), Alex Noyer's brutal horror film about a college student who finds herself chasing a synesthetic high at all costs. Next, we talk about Keith Maitland's uneven documentary DEAR MR. BRODY (14:30), which tells the story of Michael Brody Jr., an heir to a margarine fortune who publicly promised to give away his multi-million-dollar inheritance in 1970. Last, but certainly not least, we review the delightful Natalie Morales directorial debut, LANGUAGE LESSONS (27:37), which is about a Spanish teacher and her student who form an unexpected friendship during their remote lessons. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss this year's Oscar nominations, including our favorites and some films we wish had been nominated. 

Mar 26, 2021
Episode #349: "The Courier," "Slaxx," "Ludi," and "Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal"

Dave and Megan kick off this week's episode by discussing LUDI (2:09), Edson Jean's drama about a Haitian nurse chasing the American Dream. Next, everyone reviews Chris Smith's Netflix documentary OPERATION VARSITY BLUES: THE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS SCANDAL (12:38), which delves into the notorious scheme by celebrities and wealthy individuals to sneak their kids into prestigious universities. Then, we cover SLAXX (22:58), Elza Kephart's horror-comedy about a killer pair of pants...yeah that's right, pants. We wrap up with THE COURIER (37:45), Dominic Cooke's Cold War thriller about a British spy (Benedict Cumberbatch) who works with a Russian source to help stop the Cuban Missile Crisis. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we talk about THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, the winner of our women-directed horror movies poll.

Mar 19, 2021
Episode #348: "Moxie," "Sophie Jones," "Jumbo," and films from the Boston Israeli Film Festival

Evan starts this week by recapping two feature-length films he saw from the Boston Israeli Film Festival (1:29). He talks about Nir Bergman's HERE WE ARE, a drama about a father's changing relationship with his autistic son, and Yohanan Weller's LOVE IN SUSPENDERS, a romcom about finding love again later in life. Then Megan and Dave review Zoe Wittock's JUMBO (13:04), romantic drama about a woman who falls in love with an amusement park ride. Next, we all discuss Jessie Barr's SOPHIE JONES (28:25), a coming-of-age story about a teenager processing the grief of her mother's death. Lastly, we cover Amy Poehler's MOXIE (44:52), a dramedy about a teenager who takes on sexism at her high school by starting a feminist zine. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of PRETTY IN PINK with an in-depth discussion about the Howard Deutch/John Hughes 80s classic. 

Mar 12, 2021
Episode #347: "Raya and the Last Dragon," "Lucky," "The United States vs. Billie Holiday," "Boogie," and shorts from The Boston Israeli Film Festival

This week Evan opens with a plug for the Boston Israeli Film Festival, where he briefly mentions some moving shorts he saw from it (1:56). Then, Dave shares quick thoughts about the ending of I CARE A LOT (3:57). Megan starts the new movies with BOOGIE (7:58), Eddie Huang's coming-of-age story about an Asian American basketball player. Next, everyone discusses the Lee Daniels' Hulu film THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY (17:16), a story about singer Billie Holiday's turbulent life (starring Andra Day) and the FBI's targeted campaign to harass her. After that we dig into LUCKY (31:35), Natasha Kermani and Brea Grant's horror film about a woman stalked by the same killer every night. We wrap up with Disney's RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON (47:36), an epic animated film starring Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina. For our Patreon bonus audio, we continue our James Cameron kick by digging into his 1984 film THE TERMINATOR

Mar 05, 2021
Episode #346: "Cherry," "I Care A Lot," "The Vigil," and "Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry"

Dave kicks off this week's episode with a brief review of R.J. Cutler's Apple TV+ documentary BILLIE EILISH: THE WORLD'S A LITTLE BLURRY (1:43), which examines the singer-songwriter's life on the road and at home while she creates her debut album. Next, everyone reviews J Blakeson's Netflix crime drama/dark comedy I CARE A LOT (8:20), starring Rosamund Pike as a legal guardian whose scheme to take advantage of her elderly wards hits a snag when one of her marks turns out to be more than she seems. Then we talk about Keith Thomas's unique Jewish horror film THE VIGIL (23:35), about a shomer who encounters a demon while providing overnight watch to a deceased member of his former Orthodox Jewish community. We wrap up with Joe and Anthony Russo's Apple TV+ drama CHERRY (37:04), where Tom Holland portrays a soldier suffering from PTSD who turns to bank robbing after his drug addiction puts him in serious debt. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about John Landis's 1988 Eddie Murphy film COMING TO AMERICA, in anticipation of its sequel, which comes out next week.

Feb 26, 2021
Episode #345: "Minari," "Framing Britney Spears," "Shook," and "Sator"

We kick off this week's show with SATOR (2:01), Jordan Graham's atmospheric horror film about a demon pursuing multiple generations of a forest-dwelling family. Then Megan and Evan review SHOOK (14:09), Jennifer Harrington's social-media-infused horror movie on Shudder. Next, everyone discusses the documentary FRAMING BRITNEY SPEARS (25:49), an episode of THE NEW YORK TIMES PRESENTS series that focuses on Britney Spears, the conservatorship that controls her life, and the misogyny in media that has impacted her life and career. We wrap up with Lee Isaac Chung's poignant drama MINARI (42:25), which follows a Korean American family's attempt to start a farm in 1980s Arkansas. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's choice, Walter Hill's 1979 action film THE WARRIORS

Feb 19, 2021
Episode #344: "Saint Maud," "Malcolm & Marie," "The Wanting Mare," and "A Nightmare Wakes"

This week Dave can't make it, so Dede Crimmins, the Alec Baldwin of Spoilerpiece, fills in! After discussing cats on Zoom, we dive into this week's movies. First up is Shudder's A NIGHTMARE WAKES (3:25), Nora Unkel's period horror flick which follows Mary Shelley as she writes Frankenstein. Next, we review THE WANTING MARE (13:00), Nicholas Ashe Bateman's surreal fantasy about dreams, longing, and yes, a mare. Then it's Netflix's MALCOLM & MARIE (26:43), Sam Levinson's movie about a couple's volatile night of arguments. Finally, we cover SAINT MAUD (46:38), Rose Glass's horror film about a pious nurse who becomes unhealthily obsessed with trying to save her patient's soul. And on this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss James Cameron's 1992 film TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY.  

Feb 12, 2021
Episode #343: Sundance 2021

SUNDANCE, SUNDANCE, SUNDANCE! We cover the Sundance Film Festival for the first time so we have a LOT of movies to discuss. We kick off with films we saw individually and would recommend: FIRST DATE (3:25), FLEE (6:14), and PASSING (9:21). Then we move on to movies at least two of us have seen like MARVELOUS AND THE BLACK HOLE (15:05), HOW IT ENDS (20:47), BRING YOUR OWN BRIGADE (27:24), and THE WORLD TO COME (37:46). We end with discussions of films all three of us have seen like STREET GANG: HOW WE GOT TO SESAME STREET (48:29), and CODA (59:07), a movie which takes places here in Massachusetts. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, it's even more Sundance. We cover all the other films we'd recommend, but couldn't squeeze into this episode.  

Feb 05, 2021
Episode #342: "The Little Things," "Supernova," and "The Queen of Black Magic"

This week we offer some thoughts on whipped cream before we get to the movies. First, Megan and Evan review Shudder's Indonesian horror flick THE QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC (3:29), which is about three friends who visit the orphanage where they grew up. Next, everyone discusses SUPERNOVA (17:05), a road trip film where Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth play a couple grappling with the fact that one of them has dementia. Then it's on to THE LITTLE THINGS (37:48), a 90s-set noir-ish crime drama starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto that's dropping on HBO Max. And in our Patreon exclusive audio this week we discuss RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, a movie two of us have loved since childhood. 

Jan 29, 2021
Episode #341: "The White Tiger," "Identifying Features," "Breaking Fast," and "Outside the Wire"

After a everyone talks a little bit about the inauguration and plugs recent guest appearances on the Screen Fix podcast, Evan and Megan review OUTSIDE THE WIRE (5:05), a Netflix sci-fi film starring Anthony Mackie. Next, Dave and Megan discuss the dramedy BREAKING FAST (18:18), Mike Mosallam's directorial debut about a gay Muslim man navigating romantic challenges during the month of Ramadan. Then, Megan and Evan dig into IDENTIFYING FEATURES (33:59), Fernanda Valadez's drama about a mother traveling across Mexico looking for her son, who authorities say died trying to cross into the U.S. Everyone wraps up with THE WHITE TIGER (53:06), Ramin Bahrani's Netflix drama about an Indian servant, trying to break free from his employers. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review a Patron's choice, the 1985 martial arts flick THE LAST DRAGON.  

Jan 22, 2021
Episode #340: "The Marksman," "Hunted," "Don't Tell a Soul," and "MLK/FBI"

Megan and Evan start this week's show with MLK/FBI (3:55), Sam Pollard's documentary about the FBI's campaign to intimidate and discredit Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement. Next, they cover Alex McAulay's DON'T TELL A SOUL (12:52), a crime drama about teen brothers (Fionn Whitehead and Jack Dylan Grazer) matching wits with a man at the bottom of the well (Rainn Wilson). Then everyone reviews Vincent Parronaud's HUNTED (26:44), a wild modern take on the Red Riding Hood tale. And lastly they wrap up with the latest Liam Neeson January action movie, THE MARKSMAN (45:16). This week's Patreon bonus audio, is a Patron's choice, Iain Softley's 1995 film HACKERS

Jan 15, 2021
Episode #339: "One Night in Miami," "Herself," and "Shadow in the Cloud"

Because we recorded this episode on January 6, 2021, we take a moment to acknowledge the day's events before we talk about any movies this week. After we do that, Megan kicks things off with SHADOW IN THE CLOUD (3:25), Roseanne Liang's WWII action/horror film starring Chloë Grace Moretz. Then everyone reviews HERSELF (14:18). This film tackles difficult content so we offer a trigger warning before discussing Phyllida Lloyd's drama about a single mother (Clare Dunne) who escapes an abusive ex and struggles to find a home for her children. We wrap up with ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI (33:19), Regina King's directorial debut about a fictional meeting between Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), Muhammad Ali (Eli Goree), Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr), and Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge). And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we pay tribute to the late Joan Micklin Silver by discussing her 1975 directorial debut HESTER STREET.

Jan 08, 2021
Episode #338: Our Top 10 Films of 2020

Happy New Year Spoilerpeeps! We say hello to 2021 by saying goodbye to 2020, a year that was terrible, but pretty great for movies, if you ask us. We have a blast sharing our respective top 10 films from the year. We also had fun discussing the similarities and differences between our lists. Tune in for Evan's list at 4:35, Megan's at 15:10, and Dave's at 36:23. Then hear us briefly touch on why we loved films like THE ASSISTANT, NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS, SHE DIES TOMORROW, FIRST COW, and so much more. And on this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss THE GODFATHER CODA: THE DEATH OF MICHAEL CORLEONE, France Ford Coppola's recently released new cut of THE GODFATHER PART III.

Jan 01, 2021
Episode #337: "Wonder Woman 1984," "Sylvie's Love," "Soul," and "Mank"

Merry Christmas Spoilerpeeps! This week we start off by discussing David Fincher's Netflix film MANK (3:18), which tells the story of how screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) wrote CITIZEN KANE. Then it's onward to SOUL (14:37), Pixar's latest movie about a musician (Jamie Foxx) who must help an infant soul (Tina Fey) learn about herself. Next, we discuss Eugene Ashe's period romance SYLVIE'S LOVE (27:59), which stars Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha. We close with WONDER WOMAN 1984 (41:43), Patty Jenkins's 1980s-based sequel to 2017's WONDER WOMAN, starring Gal Gadot. And in this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we discuss the winner of our December poll, Brian Henson's 1992 film THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL

Dec 25, 2020
Episode 336: "Promising Young Woman," "News of the World," "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," and "The Midnight Sky"

This week we open with the Netflix musical biopic MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM (3:34), starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman. Then we review George Clooney's post-apocalyptic Netflix sci-fi film THE MIDNIGHT SKY (15:18) with Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo. Next, we discuss the first-ever Tom Hanks Western NEWS OF THE WORLD (29:21) directed by Paul Greengrass. We wrap up with Emerald Fennell's darkly comedic revenge tale PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN (42:42) starring Carey Mulligan. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss the 2006 Nancy Meyers romcom THE HOLIDAY, because tis the season. 

Dec 18, 2020
Episode #335: "I'm Your Woman," "Nomadland," "Freaky," and "Lovers Rock"

Happy Hanukkah Spoilerpeeps! This week we start with NOMADLAND (3:43), Chloe Zhao's film starring Frances McDormand as a woman living in her van as a "modern-day nomad." Next is LOVERS ROCK (18:00), a slice-of-life film following a reggae house party from Steve McQueen's SMALL AXE series on Amazon. Then we review Christopher Landon's body swap horror comedy FREAKY (26:47), starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn. We wrap with Julia Hart's 70s crime drama I'M YOUR WOMAN (42:09), which stars Rachel Brosnahan. Our Patreon bonus audio for this week is a patron's choice, the 2003 Disney Channel sports-themed Hanukkah movie, FULL-COURT MIRACLE.

Dec 11, 2020
Episode #334: "Ammonite," "Anything for Jackson," and "Stardust"

We kick off this week's show with STARDUST (3:09), Gabriel Range's biopic that focuses on David Bowie's 1971 trip to the U.S., which inspired him to create his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Next, we talk about ANYTHING FOR JACKSON (13:31), a horror film where unwitting grandparents get much more than they bargained for when they try to resurrect their dead grandchild. And then, we discuss AMMONITE (29:27), Francis Lee's 1840s queer romance based on real women, which stars Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss a Patron's choice, Jing Wong's 1993 film CITY HUNTER, starring Jackie Chan. 

Dec 04, 2020
Episode #333: "Uncle Frank," "Princess of the Row," "Animals," and "The Mystery of D.B. Cooper"

We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Spoilerpeeps! This week we start with ANIMALS (3:13), a drama about hard partying friends struggling to grow up. Then it's the HBO documentary THE MYSTERY OF D.B. COOPER (14:53) about the infamous plane hijacker. Next, it's PRINCESS OF THE ROW (28:05), a drama about a teen struggling to care for her homeless, veteran father. Finally we discuss UNCLE FRANK (41:19), a 60s road trip film where a closeted uncle and his niece travel home for the funeral of their patriarch. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about the winner of our November poll, Chris Eyre's 1998 film SMOKE SIGNALS

Nov 27, 2020
Episode #332: "Happiest Season," "Time," "Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist," and "The Dark and the Wicked"

Dave and Megan lead off this week with the tense possession flick THE DARK AND THE WICKED (2:43). Appropriately, the next film on the docket is LEAP OF FAITH: WILLIAM FRIEDKIN ON THE EXORCIST (17:44), a fascinating documentary about the iconic possession film. Next they talk about TIME (32:34), a poignant documentary about a woman's fight to free her husband from prison. Finally, they discuss HAPPIEST SEASON (42:48), Clea DuVall's moving queer Christmas rom-com starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we have a blast covering James Cameron's sci-fi action flick ALIENS, which is Megan's all-time favorite movie.

Nov 20, 2020
Episode #331: The 2020 Boston Jewish Film Festival, "His House," and "Come Away"

This week we discuss the results of the election before the movies. We start with the 2020 Boston Jewish Film Festival at (7:32). Evan talks about the shorts, features, and documentaries he saw solo, before he and Megan dig into movies they've both seen like TAHARA (18:01), THE END OF LOVE (25:10), and SHIVA BABY (36:44). Then Megan and Dave discuss COME AWAY (43:48), a film that borrows from famous stories. And Evan and Megan wrap up with HIS HOUSE (53:07), a Netflix horror film about Sudanese refugees. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss a Patron's choice, the 2014 German horror film DER SAMURAI.

Nov 13, 2020
Episode #330: IFFBoston's Fall Focus and Nightstream

After a plug for The Boston Jewish Film Festival, the episode starts with Nightstream, a collaborative event put on in part by The Boston Underground Film Festival. We talk LUCKY (5:16), PELICAN BLOOD (6:34), DARKNESS (9:00), and BLACK BEAR (11:08). Then it's films everyone saw at IFFBoston's Fall Focus this year. We talk NIGHT OF THE KINGS (15:38), MLK/FBI (18:49), ZAPPA (23:01), MINARI (31:57), FAREWELL AMOR (36:31), FREELAND (39:26), UNDINE (42:05), LITTLE FISH (45:03), and SOUND OF METAL (52:44). In our Patreon bonus audio this week we discuss a Patron's choice, Frank Gwo's 2019 sci-fi action flick THE WANDERING EARTH.

Nov 06, 2020
BONUS: 2020 Boston Jewish Film Festival Preview

In this bonus episode, Evan chats on the phone with Ariana Cohen-Halberstam, Artistic Director of Boston Jewish Film. She reveals how the pandemic shaped this year's virtual Boston Jewish Film Festival and how her team is trying to go "beyond the screen" with classes and musical performances. She also talks about exciting filmmaker Q and As, important films in the lineup about Jews of color, and this year's Israeli TV binge, where viewers can watch an entire season of the show UNCHAINED.

Nov 03, 2020
Episode #329: "The Craft: Legacy," "Come Play," "Scare Me," and "Over the Moon"

We kick off this week with OVER THE MOON (4:00), a Dreamworks animated musical on Netflix about a Chinese girl who travels to the moon. Next, we discuss the horror film COME PLAY (17:03) about a creepy monster that can get you through your electronic devices. Then, we dig into SCARE ME (30:42), a Shudder horror flick about two writers telling each other scary stories. Finally, we tackle Zoe Lister-Jones's film, THE CRAFT: LEGACY (42:27), the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 cult classic THE CRAFT. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about our October poll winner, the 1986 horror film VAMP.

Oct 30, 2020
Episode #328: "The Trial of the Chicago 7," "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm," "Bad Hair," and "Synchronic"

Pepperidge Farm cookies are the latest topic of food debate this week. Dave leads off the movies with the Borat sequel, BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM (2:32), by covering about how it stacks up to the original. Then everyone talks about Aaron Sorkin's timely Netflix courtroom drama THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 (8:35). After that it's onward to the drug-fueled sci-fi drama SYNCHRONIC (29:10), starring Anthony Mackie. And things heat up while discussing Justin Simien's Hulu horror film BAD HAIR (40:04). In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's selection, the 1996 cult classic THE CRAFT

Oct 23, 2020
Episode #327: "Honest Thief," "Evil Eye," "Nocturne," and "The Mortuary Collection"

This week we start with Evan and Dave reviewing THE MORTUARY COLLECTION (1:08), a horror anthology available on Shudder. Next, Megan and Evan cover NOCTURNE (13:54), a film about music and sibling rivalry from Amazon's Welcome to the Blumhouse series. Then, Dave and Megan discuss HONEST THIEF (26:59), Liam Neeson's latest action flick about a robber trying to go legit. Lastly, we dig into EVIL EYE (37:49), a thriller about an Indian mother trying to protect her daughter, also from Amazon's Welcome to the Blumhouse. In this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review John Carl Buechler's 1986 film TROLL, by patron request.

Oct 16, 2020
Episode #326: "Possessor," "The Boys in the Band," "Black Box," and "The Lie" with guest Charlie Nash

Guest Charlie Nash returns for this week's show! The first films on the docket are BLACK BOX (3:36) and THE LIE (12:56), horrorish flicks from Amazon's Welcome to the Blumhouse series, which have varying success for each co-host. Next, everyone discusses the Netflix remake of the queer play/film THE BOYS IN THE BAND (26:31), by digging into its differences from the original, and debating whether its story is still vital. Then, they delve deep into POSSESSOR UNCUT (52:04), Brandon Cronenberg's graphic, psychological sci-fi horror. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss KINDERGARTEN COP, which Charlie had never seen. Hilarity ensues.

Oct 09, 2020
Episode #325: "Enola Holmes," "On the Rocks," and "A Call to Spy"

This week we ponder what to do in case of a pants emergency before the movies. Evan kicks things off with A CALL TO SPY (2:42), which is a true story about women who spied on the Nazis during WWII. Next, everyone discusses the Netflix movie ENOLA HOLMES (13:09), the Millie Bobby Brown vehicle where she plays Sherlock Holmes's talented and charming teenage sister. The main event is Sofia Coppola's ON THE ROCKS (28:51), about a daughter (Rashida Jones) and father (Bill Murray) who reconnect in NYC. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we cover the winner of our September poll, the 1967 film TO SIR, WITH LOVE.

Oct 02, 2020
Episode #324: "The Devil All The Time," "Kajillionaire," "Residue," and "Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles"

An old feminine hygiene commercial inspires a new band name before the movies this week. Megan and Evan lead with RESIDUE (2:48), a compelling commentary on racism and gentrification. Next, everyone discusses OTTOLENGHI AND THE CAKES OF VERSAILLES (15:18), a food documentary about a special project for The MET. Then they review THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME (29:23), a Netflix crime drama with Tom Holland. Lastly, they cover Miranda July's KAJILLIONAIRE (47:08), starring Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's selection, John Carpenter's 1995 horror film IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.

Sep 25, 2020
Episode #323: "The Nest," "The Way I See It," "Cuties," "Mr. Soul!," and "Spiral"

This week we ponder Werner Herzog's definition of a sandwich before the movies. Evan opens by spoilerpiecing the creepy queer horror film SPIRAL (3:20). Then he and Megan cover the enlightening documentary MR. SOUL! (13:09). Next, they delve into the controversial Netflix film CUTIES (21:59). After that Dave and Megan review the moving political documentary THE WAY I SEE IT (36:17). Megan and Evan close by discussing Sean Durkin's emotional family drama THE NEST (48:24), starring Jude Law and Carrie Coon. In our Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's choice, Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film ROPE.

Sep 18, 2020
Episode #322: "The Broken Hearts Gallery," "Mulan," "Rent-a-Pal," and "Robin's Wish"

This week's show opens with everyone discussing their thoughts on the new representation and inclusion standards the Academy has established for Best Picture eligibility. Evan leads the movies with ROBIN'S WISH (8:00) the doc about Robin Williams' struggle with Lewy body dementia. Then Megan talks about MULAN (12:52), Disney's epic new live-action remake. Next, she and Dave review the psychological horror film RENT-A-PAL (22:23). Finally, they cover THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY (37:50), an NYC-based romcom. In our Patreon bonus audio this week, we discuss one of our all-time favorite films, BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Sep 11, 2020
Episode #321: A Chadwick Boseman Tribute, "Bill & Ted Face the Music," "Class Action Park," and "Lingua Franca"

It's all office sounds before we get into the show. Megan opens by talking about her guest appearance on the Screen Fix podcast. Next, we pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman by celebrating his best performances. Then Megan and Evan discuss Lingua Franca (21:38), a timely drama about a Filipina trans woman who's undocumented. Afterward, everyone reviews the bonkers documentary CLASS ACTION PARK (36:33). They wrap up the show with their thoughts on the long-awaited sequel BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC (48:17). This week's Patreon bonus episode also honors Chadwick Boseman with a discussion about the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

Sep 04, 2020
Episode #320: Fantasia Festival, "Get Duked!," "Centigrade," and "You Cannot Kill David Arquette"

Dede Crimmins, the Alec Baldwin of Spoilerpiece, fills in for Dave this week, and a conversation about masks takes some unexpected turns. First, Dede recaps some of her favorite films from the Fantasia Festival so far (3:22). Then Evan and Megan join in to discuss the documentary YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE (18:06). After that they all review CENTIGRADE (37:37), a subzero survival tale. They wrap up with GET DUKED! (47:54), a comedy about teens being hunted in the Scottish Highlands. In this week's exclusive Patreon audio, they discuss the winner of the August poll, the surfing documentary THE ENDLESS SUMMER.

Aug 28, 2020
Episode #319: "Tesla," "Project Power," "Carmen Y Lola," "The Pale Door," and "Pretending I'm a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story"

This week we talk about the vibes we get from Teddie Peanut Butter before the movies. First, Evan reviews PRETENDING I'M A SUPERMAN: THE TONY HAWK VIDEO GAME STORY (3:09), a documentary about the Tony Hawk video game franchise. Then, Dave covers THE PALE DOOR (11:45), a Western with witches. Next Megan and Evan discuss CARMEN Y LOLA (23:27), a queer love story about two young Romani women. After that everyone covers the Netflix action flick PROJECT POWER (37:28). Finally, they dig into TESLA (50:52), a biopic about Nikola Tesla starring Ethan Hawke.

Aug 21, 2020
Episode #318: "An American Pickle," "Sputnik," "Random Acts of Violence," and "Before the Fire"

A karaoke conversation raises our ire for a specific 90s band this week. Megan and Dave start our movie reviews with the very timely pandemic tale BEFORE THE FIRE (3:10). After that everyone discusses the salty Seth Rogen HBO Max comedy AN AMERICAN PICKLE (17:44). Next, they cover the ultra-violent Jay Baruchel horror film RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE (27:38). Then they wrap up with the thought-provoking Russian sci-fi horror flick SPUTNIK (45:34). In this week's Patreon exclusive audio, they tackle one of their favorites, Joel Schumacher's 1987 film, THE LOST BOYS.

Aug 14, 2020
Episode #317: "Made In Italy," "La Llorona," "I Used to Go Here," "She Dies Tomorrow"

This week in COVIDville, we kick off the show with an email from one of our longtime listeners. She-Ra, anyone? Then it's off to the movies! Megan and Dave cover MADE IN ITALY (6:36), the Liam-Neeson-and-one-of-his-kids-starring flick about dealing with the death of a loved one. Then Megan and Evan discuss the Guatemalan horror film LA LLORONA (14:46), about, among other things, a former dictator on trial for genocide, ghosts, and a mysterious Indigenous housekeeper. The whole gang talks about I USED TO GO HERE (25:42), writer/director Kris Rey's feature about a maybe-failed novelist (Gillian Jacobs) revisiting her college and getting caught up in the lives of its students. Finally, it's Amy Seimetz's SHE DIES TOMORROW (38:25), a movie that defies categorization, starring Kate Lyn Sheil, Janes Adams, Chris Messina, and a blink-and-you'll-miss-her Michelle Rodriguez. Like what you hear here? Check out our Patreon page, throw us a few dollars a month and listen to exclusive audio, vote in polls, and even tell us which movies to watch. This week it's Brian Yuzna's Society, picked by one of our patrons. The movie ain't for the faint of heart, kids, but our conversation is for anyone who doesn't mind a few F-bombs.

Aug 07, 2020
Episode #316: "Summerland," "In Search of Darkness," "Around the Sun," and "Fatal Affair"

Dessert means war at the outset of this week's episode. Megan and Evan start by reviewing the Netflix thriller FATAL AFFAIR (2:30). Then they move on to the celestial romance AROUND THE SUN (11:42), which Dave might be a little bit biased about. Next, everyone tackles IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (25:48), the lengthy Shudder documentary about 80s horror films. Afterward they cover SUMMERLAND (46:47), a WWII era British queer romance, with some unexpected twists.

Jul 31, 2020
Episode #315: "The Rental," "Yes, God, Yes," "Radioactive," and "Impetigore"

This week a conversation about pizza takes an unexpected turn before we dig into the movies. Evan and Megan start with Joko Anwar's IMPETIGORE (2:08), a creepy, but confusing Indonesian horror film on Shudder. Then they cover RADIOACTIVE (13:45), Marjane Satrapi's surreal Marie Curie biopic starring Rosamund Pike. Next, Dave joins in to talk about YES, GOD, YES (29:38), Karen Maine's heartwarming early 00s coming-of-age flick. Lastly, they discuss THE RENTAL (44:10), Dave Franco's tense directorial debut.

Jul 24, 2020
Episode #314: "Palm Springs," "The Old Guard," "Lake of Death," and "The Painted Bird"

Happy 6th Birthday Spoilerpiece! We celebrate by discussing sexy Abraham Lincoln before the movies this week. First, Megan and Evan reveal why neither could finish the twisted, brutal film THE PAINTED BIRD (3:39). Next, they dissect Shudder's Norwegian horror flick LAKE OF DEATH (9:16). Then they share their differing opinions about the queer Netflix action movie (based on the comics) about immortals, starring Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne, THE OLD GUARD (19:00). Finally, everyone reviews the Andy Samberg / Cristin Milioti rom-com PALM SPRINGS (42:07), which they all very much enjoyed.

Jul 17, 2020
Episode #313: "Relic," "The Beach House," "We are LIttle Zombies," and "Hamilton"

This week it's Junkfoodpiece Theatre and who sucks before Megan excitedly reviews HAMILTON (2:55), a terrific filmed version of the musical.  Then Evan and Megan explore WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES (10:17), an in-your-face Japanese film that swings for the fences with mixed success. Next, everyone digs into THE BEACH HOUSE (21:05), an eco-horror flick with solid body horror that very much divides our hosts. Lastly, they all review RELIC (35:29) a movie with compelling physical and metaphorical horror.

Jul 10, 2020
Episode #312: "Homewrecker," "The Truth," "Mucho Mucho Amor," and "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga"

We have Michael McDonald on the brain before Evan briefly reviews EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA (3:10), a bloated comedy with fun music, but terrible jokes. Then Megan covers MUCHO MUCHO AMOR (10:13), a moving documentary about the genderbending astrologer Walter Mercado. Next, she and Evan tackle THE TRUTH (21:15), Hirokazu Koreeda's layered French drama with Catherine Deneuve. Lastly, everyone reviews HOMEWRECKER (34:32), a horror flick with good ideas that fails to capitalize on them.

Jul 03, 2020
Episode #311: "Disclosure," "Miss Juneteenth," "You Should Have Left," "My Spy," and "Irresistible"

This week we stop briefly in Vegantown before Megan offers two quick reviews. First, MY SPY (2:32), a mediocre, but charming movie, and then IRRESISTIBLE (7:17), a disappointing Jon Stewart film. Next, Megan and Dave cover YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT (13:20), a terrible Kevin Bacon/Amanda Seyfried horror flick. Then, everyone applauds MISS JUNETEENTH (23:06), a heartwarming drama about a Black beauty pageant. Lastly, they praise DISCLOSURE (37:40), an incredible documentary on transgender representation in media. 

Jun 26, 2020
Episode #310: "Da 5 Bloods," "7500," and "Babyteeth"

This week we discuss Lance Reddick on THE WIRE before we review movies. We start with 7500 (3:01), a tense plane hijacking film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt that sadly runs out of steam partway through. Then we discuss BABYTEETH (11:11), a divisive drama about a family grappling with a teenager's terminal illness. Next, we delve deep into Spike Lee's film DA 5 BLOODS (30:00), an ambitious and haunting story about Black Vietnam War veterans with A LOT to unpack. On our Patreon bonus episode, we discuss Dee Rees' PARIAH.

Jun 19, 2020
Episode #309: "The King of Staten Island," "Premature," and "The Surrogate"

This week it’s a Bohemian Rootbeersity before the movies. To continue amplifying Black voices in film, we start by discussing PREMATURE (3:01), a recent compelling Harlem-set coming-of-age picture. Then we talk about THE SURROGATE (24:45), a challenging movie about a surrogate for her gay best friends who faces some thorny decisions. Lastly, we review THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND (49:30), Judd Apatow’s latest comedy, starring Pete Davidson in a very autobiographical story. On our Patreon bonus episode, we discuss Horace Jenkins' CANE RIVER.

Jun 12, 2020
Episode #308: Racial Justice Films, "Becky," and "Shirley"

Because we support Black Lives Matter, and we believe in amplifying Black voices, we open our show this week by discussing Coolidge Corner Theatre's anti-racist film list (5:44) and offering our own racial justice film recommendations. Then we talk about the brutally violent, wildly entertaining movie, BECKY (20:06), where Lulu Wilson fights a neo-Nazi played by Kevin James. Next, we cover the beautiful, psychological film SHIRLEY (39:33), where Elisabeth Moss plays a fictionalized version of writer Shirley Jackson. In our Patreon bonus audio, we review Takashi Miike's DEAD OR ALIVE, which caused one of us to turn it off after just 15 minutes.

Jun 05, 2020
Episode #307: "The High Note," "The Lovebirds," and "Lucky Grandma"

This week we discuss obnoxious drink orders before we delve into our three movies. First, is the disappointing Netflix romcom/murder mystery THE LOVEBIRDS (2:31), which squanders Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani’s chemistry. Next is the entertaining dark comedy LUCKY GRANDMA (16:49), about a hilarious chain-smoking Chinese grandma (Tsai Chin). Then, we cover the sprawling Dakota Johnson/Tracee Ellis Ross music industry drama, THE HIGH NOTE (33:56), which divides our co-hosts. Over on our Patreon exclusive audio we review Justin Lin’s BETTER LUCK TOMORROW in honor of Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. Both our main episode and Patreon segment were edited by Otto Klammer.

May 29, 2020
Episode #306: "The Trip to Greece," "The Painter and the Thief," and "Military Wives"

This week is Cerealpiece Theatre before we talk about movies! First up is MILITARY WIVES (5:15), a cozy, yet predictable film about sparring military spouses (Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan) trying to manage a choir when their husbands are deployed. Next is THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF (18:47), a moving documentary about a painter and a thief's fascinating relationship. Then, it's THE TRIP TO GREECE (38:40), the funny, but somber final film in The TRIP series with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. On our Patreon bonus episode we discuss the winner of our tearjerker poll: DEAD POETS SOCIETY.

May 22, 2020
Episode #305: "Blood Quantum," "Circus of Books" and "The Vast of Night"

Stay-at-home-piece Theatre opens this week with Megan and Evan discussing the Indigenous zombie flick BLOOD QUANTUM (2:42), which has satisfying, gore-filled action scenes. Next, everyone covers CIRCUS OF BOOKS (17:44), a slightly scattered, yet compelling documentary about a nice Jewish couple that ran a gay porn store. Lastly, they dissect THE VAST OF NIGHT (39:39), a sci-fi film that pays homage to THE TWILIGHT ZONE with very different degrees of success depending on which co-host you ask.

May 15, 2020
Episode #304: "How to Build a Girl," "The Half of It," and "Spaceship Earth"

Another week housebound, another week streaming! First up it’s HOW TO BUILD A GIRL (3:05), the Beanie Feldstein-starring coming-of-age tale about a young woman who’s trying to find herself amid shady parents, asshole colleagues, and her own bad decisions. Then it’s SPACESHIP EARTH (23:20) a documentary that is NOT about EPCOT Center or Buckminster Fuller (or Steve Bannon, though he makes an appearance), but about the are-they-wackos who designed and lived in Biosphere 2. Finally, it’s more coming-of-age with Alice Wu’s THE HALF OF IT (41:34)! This movie stands out for its Cyrano-de-Bergerac-with-a-queer-twist plot that met with three different opinions from Evan, Megan, and Dave. Over on Patreon, we talk about REC, the 2007 horror movie that feels waaaaaaay too timely.

May 08, 2020
Episode #303: "The Wretched," "Deerskin," "Bad Education," and "Beanpole"

Megan leads off this week's show with the beautifully made, but bleak post-war film BEANPOLE (3:50). Then she and Evan review the intriguing yet problematic Hugh Jackman/Allison Janney-led HBO picture BAD EDUCATION (17:15). Next, everyone covers DEERSKIN (34:35), a crazy French film with subtext that may or may not be intentional. Finally, they all discuss The WRETCHED (48:00), a horror movie that's strongest when it focuses on its creature and mythology.

May 01, 2020
Episode #302: "Sea Fever," "The Whistlers," and "True History of the Kelly Gang"

This week on StreamingPiece Theatre, we have three very different movies. First, Megan tells Evan and Dave about TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG (3:36), yet another movie about 19th century Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Then everyone saw THE WHISTLERS (21:16) and SEA FEVER (which, by the way, has many parallels to the current pandemic) (29:35). Which one was everyone on board with? And which one did everyone wish they hadn’t seen? All will be revealed! And this week over on our Patreon we talk about MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL.

Apr 24, 2020
Episode #301: "Selah and the Spades," "Tigertail," "Love Wedding Repeat," and "And Then We Danced"

This week on Social Distancing-piece Theatre Megan leads off with AND THEN WE DANCED (3:55), a moving tale of gay romance in Georgia (the country, not the state). Then she covers SELAH AND THE SPADES (15:58), a poignant, yet stylized high school flick about a gang leader and her crew. After that everyone reviews the abominable Netflix romcom LOVE WEDDING REPEAT (30:40). Lastly, they all discuss TIGERTAIL (42:25), the Netflix drama about love, loss, and The American Dream.

Apr 17, 2020
Episode #300: "The Other Lamb," "Saint Frances," "Never Rarely Sometimes Always," and "How to Fix a Drug Scandal"

It’s episode 300 on Spoilerpiece this week! And it’s a wacky week: The coronavirus pandemic continues to turn American and international life into something almost unrecognizable. With that in mind, we’re still social distancing and going through the streaming services to find the good stuff. And we have a special guest! Shauna Harris, an attorney (and Evan’s co-host in life), joins the gang this week. The first movie on the docket is THE OTHER LAMB (4:47), a story about an all-female cult and the lone man who leads it. Next is the entirely different (from THE OTHER LAMB) SAINT FRANCES (15:21), a comedy/drama about a woman who lands a job nannying the Frances of the title. NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS (33:48), a movie that will likely end up on some top ten lists, depicts a young woman forced to travel to New York to seek an abortion. And lastly, everyone watched Netflix’s HOW TO FIX A DRUG SCANDAL (46:40). The multi-episode limited series depicts the aforementioned scandal, which took place right here in Massachusetts, and the fallout that resulted. Shauna, who has direct experience as a lawyer with the case, lends her insight. We’re recording remotely again, so please forgive weirdo echoes and dropouts, especially when Dave drops out at about 1:15:25. Stay safe, folks. On the Patreon exclusive we talk about John Sayles’ THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET.

Apr 10, 2020
Episode #299: "Tiger King," "Bacurau," "Resistance," "There's Something in the Water," and "Uncorked"

We're still social distancing, but we've got tons of streaming titles to discuss. First, Evan delves into the salacious Netflix docuseries TIGER KING (4:20). Next, Megan covers BACURAU (15:00), a Brazilian film that sounds bonkers, in a good way. Then Evan reviews RESISTANCE (26:10), the Jesse Eisenberg film about Marcel Marceau. After that Megan and Dave tackle Ellen Page's doc THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE WATER (33:35). Everyone wraps with UNCORKED (46:40), a delightful drama about an aspiring sommelier.


Apr 03, 2020
Episode #298: "Jezebel," "Blood on Her Name," "Contagion," and "The Platform"

Welcome back to Coronapiece Theatre, everyone! Megan, Evan, and Dave are still sheltering in place so it's more streaming flicks! And there are lots of flicks to stream. This week the gang talks JEZEBEL (2:58), a story about - among other things - sex work; BLOOD ON HER NAME (10:35), a tale of what NOT to do when you're committing murder; CONTAGION (19:45), Steven Soderbergh's way-too-prescient bio-horror procedural about a virus that wipes out a whole lotta people; and THE PLATFORM (40:45), one of the most popular movies on Netflix this week. Does this prison flick deserve its place among the popular? The opinions vary! And on our Patreon exclusive, we talk EVE'S BAYOU, director Kasi Lemmons' debut feature.

Mar 27, 2020
Episode #297: "Lost Girls" and "Blow the Man Down"

It’s an odd week at Spoilerpiece. We all recorded remotely because we, in the spirit of being decent human beings, are practicing social distancing. (If you’re listening to this at a different time in history, the coronavirus pandemic exploded in the last week.) As you probably know, many movie releases have been pushed to as-yet-undetermined dates, and that means critics’ screenings are canceled. So this week, and for the foreseeable future, we’re focusing on streaming movies. First is LOST GIRLS (2:41), a good, if heartbreaking, story about a mother (Amy Ryan) trying to find out what happened to her disappeared daughter. Then it’s BLOW THE MAN DOWN (21:22), a noir-flavored drama (with occasionally singing, though this is not a musical) about two sisters who find themselves up to their eyeballs in murder and trouble in a tiny Maine town. On our Patreon this week we talk about Choose Your Own Adventure books and of course we yap about lots of different movies. Stay safe everyone. 

Mar 20, 2020
Episode #296: "Emma.," "Swallow," and "The Hunt"

Dave is back this week from his horse vacation! Is he rested? Neigh. First on the docket this week is EMMA. (4:16), director Autumn de Wilde’s take on Jane Austen's classic novel starring Anya Taylor-Joy. Next is SWALLOW (19:04), a movie that defies simple explanation but will definitely linger in your mind for a long time after you see it. Then THE HUNT (39:33) is finally out! Is it crummy? Or good? Or somewhere in between? Your questions will be answered! And over on Patreon this week, we talk John Carpenter’s ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in the exclusive audio segment.

Mar 13, 2020
Episode #295: "The Way Back," "The Lodge," "Onward," and Video Game Adaptations

Dave's on vaca one last week, so Kristen Halbert fills in to discuss a panel about video game to film adaptations (4:05) that she and Evan attended at PAX East. After they explore ideas for future adaptations, Megan reviews the new Pixar film ONWARD (21:23), a heartwarming family tale. Next she and Evan discuss THE LODGE (29:30), a creepy horror flick they're split on. Finally, everyone digs into THE WAY BACK (47:35), a Ben Affleck film about addiction that leaves one host feeling less than enthusiastic.

Mar 06, 2020
Episode #294: "The Assistant," "The Invisible Man," and "The Photograph"

Dave is still on vacation so friend of the show Charlie Nash fills in for him this week. First, Megan reviews THE PHOTOGRAPH (3:43), a delightful romance that celebrates black lives. Then she and Charlie delve into THE ASSISTANT (13:57), a timely, anger-inducing movie about a day in the life of a harassed Hollywood assistant. Lastly, everyone talks about THE INVISIBLE MAN (33:48), a horrifying film with a gripping lead performance that’s incredibly triggering for the way it sensationalizes abuse.

Feb 28, 2020
Episode #293: "Horse Girl," "Incitement," "Gretel & Hansel," and Women in Horror Month

Dave is on vacation so friend of the show Dede Crimmins returns as a guest this week! She starts off with her picks for Women in Horror Month: THE LODGE (6:47), PELICAN BLOOD (13:00), and DEAD DICKS (14:50). Then Evan reviews INCITEMENT (20:31), a tense thriller from the Boston Israeli Film Festival. Next Megan and Dede tackle GRETEL & HANSEL (30:35), a fun spin on the classic fairy tale. The gang wraps up with HORSE GIRL (45:05), the Netflix thriller starring Alison Brie that's annoyingly ambiguous.

Feb 21, 2020
Episode #292: "Portrait of a Lady on Fire," the Boston SciFi Film Festival, and the Boston Israeli Film Festival

Hanging chads, pepperoni, and things swingin’ are big topics of conversation this week. Plus, we have lots of movies. Megan talks about PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE (4:18), which is FINALLY coming out in the U.S. Then Evan spills the beans about the Boston Israeli Film Festival and the documentary BREAKING BREAD (15:50), the dark comedy FORGIVENESS (19:28), starring what Evan calls Israel’s Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, the documentary I WAS NOT BORN A MISTAKE (23:50), about an orthodox trans woman, and the dark comedy BORN IN JERUSALEM AND STILL ALIVE (31:00). Then it’s the Boston SciFi Film Festival, with PROXIMA (38:06) leading off the discussion, followed by THE LONG WALK (47:48), a horror/sci-fi movie featuring an older man and a ghost who helps him to travel through time, and the fallout that results from it. Finally it's AFTER WE LEAVE (55:10), a dystopian future flick that has some good elements and not so good elements

Feb 14, 2020
Episode #291: "Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)," "Les Misérables," and "Miss Americana"

It’s not a first, but it doesn’t happen often. We can recommend all the movies we watched this week! First up is the Netflix documentary MISS AMERICANA (4:45) starring Taylor Swift. Megan successfully spoilerpieces Dave and Evan into wanting to see it. Following is the French film LES MISÉRABLES (19:26), which is NOT a musical about a bunch of poor French people who stole loaves of bread and spent years in prison. Finally, Megan and Dave talk about BIRDS OF PREY (AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN) (36:30), a movie that is a vast improvement over its predecessor, SUICIDE SQUAD, which, not coincidentally, is the subject of this week’s exclusive audio content at patreon.com/spoilerpiece. And please make sure you watch our Oscars live stream on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020, at 8 PM ET. Download the FREE HotMic app for Apple or Android or at http://hotmic.io and use the promo code RIEDEL.

Feb 07, 2020
Episode #290: "The Rhythm Section" and "The Turning"

This week we have two movies on tap. First Megan reviews THE TURNING (2:35), a gothic horror film starring Mackenzie Davis, Finn Wolfhard, and Brooklynn Prince, which shocks you with brutal violence, sexist tropes, and a controversial twist. Second, everyone reviews THE RHYTHM SECTION (21:10), the Blake Lively action flick that’s raw and realistic, but it’s linear, predictable, and dumb. The whole thing leaves the gang listless, as they wander into tangents about ratings systems and Gloria Estefan.

Jan 31, 2020
Episode #289: Guy Ritchie's "The Gentlemen"

This week we have but one film - it’s the January dead zone, after all - Guy Ritchie’s THE GENTLEMEN. Are the men gentlemanly? Are there twists and turns? Are there lots of rhymes and non-sequiturs? If you’ve seen any of Ritchie’s gangster pictures, you’ll know what you’re getting and how much you like it depends on how much you like Ritchie’s other London crime underworld movies. We had a lot of fun with this one, and in addition to THE GENTLEMEN, we talk about getting old, Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN series, Clark Kent and Superman, WINTER SOLDIER, and Dave feeling dumb in school.

Jan 24, 2020
Episode #288: "Underwater," "The Wave," "The Grudge," and "Little Joe"

This week starts with a critique of how this year’s Oscar nominations (2:25) shamefully overlook women and people of color. Then Megan reviews three movies. First, LITTLE JOE (11:15), a sci-fi film with gorgeous cinematography. Second, UNDERWATER (21:25), a fantastic monster movie starring Kristen Stewart. Third, THE GRUDGE (32:45), a reboot that left her wanting more. Lastly, Dave and Evan take on THE WAVE (41:34), a convoluted sci-fi flick with Justin Long that never adds up.

Jan 17, 2020
Episode #287: "Just Mercy" and "1917"

It’s January, normally a moviegoing dead zone, but this week sees the wide releases of JUST MERCY (3:02), an anti-capital punishment picture starring Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and Jamie Foxx. Yay for prestige flicks opening for the masses! Then it’s 1917 (22:53), the much-written-about Sam Mendes pseudo one-shot movie sort-of based on his grandfather’s experiences fighting for England in WWI. And please check out our Patreon! (patreon.com/spoilerpiece) The exclusive audio content this week is on the much-beloved ROBOCOP, which one of our Selectpiece patrons chose for us.

Jan 10, 2020
Episode #286: Our Top 10 Films of 2019

Happy New Year! What better way to start 2020 than by reflecting on our favorite 2019 films? Evan kicks off (6:07) by focusing on movies he didn’t think got enough attention like LUCE, THE FAREWELL, and HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U. Next Megan discusses films (21:44) she thought were overlooked: HIGH LIFE, MICKEY AND THE BEAR, and THE MUSTANG. Finally, Dave raves (38:44) about BOOKSMART, 1917, and HONEYLAND. Love our picks? Hate em? Let us know by email (spoilerpiece@gmail.com) or by phone (862-21-PIECE)!

Jan 03, 2020
Episode #285: "Little Women," "Honey Boy," and "A Hidden Life"

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, joyous Festivus for the rest of youse, and all the other holidays! It’s the final Spoilerpiece of the year with three movies to check out after you've opened presents…or three movies you can see to hide out from the peeps you don’t want to see. We make no judgments; live your life. First, it’s HONEY BOY (2:34) starring (and written by!) Shia LaBeouf. He plays a version of his own abusive father! WHAT! Next it’s A HIDDEN LIFE (14:17), Terrence Malick’s latest, and his first movie with something resembling a story since THE NEW WORLD in 2005 (or THE TREE OF LIFE in 2011 depending on your point of view). Finally, everyone saw Great Gerwig’s adaptation of LITTLE WOMEN (28:05), and it’s a wonderful way to end the year - a sort-of Christmas movie on a sort-of Christmas episode. See you in 2020, everyone!

Dec 25, 2019
Episode #284: "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," "Cats," and "Black Christmas"

After an extensive discussion over whether soggy cereal is yay or nay proposition, Megan talks about the latest remake of BLACK CHRISTMAS (4:39). This one has a feminist bent that Megan welcomed. Then it’s CATS (19:54). No descriptions here - just listen. Finally, it’s STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (29:37), about which the gang has lots and lots and LOTS of things to say about the story and how it stacks up against THE LAST JEDI and the movies that came before it.

Dec 20, 2019
Episode #283: "Uncut Gems," "Bombshell," "Dark Waters" and "Queen & Slim" revisited

This week Evan briefly revisits QUEEN & SLIM (3:13) to share his reaction, as well other perspectives that got him thinking about it differently. Next he and Megan cover DARK WATERS (9:52), a legal drama with a story more interesting its acting and dialogue. Then it’s on to BOMBSHELL (23:37), a movie about sexual harassment that fails to treat its subject matter seriously enough. Everyone closes with UNCUT GEMS (39:29), a haunting, examination of addiction with a compelling performance by Adam Sandler.

Dec 13, 2019
Episode 282: "Atlantics," "Queen & Slim," and "Knives and Skin"

Before we get into tha main flix this week, we get into the various mispronunciations of each co-host’s last name. You know what never stops frosting your ass? GETTING YOUR NAME SAID INCORRECTLY YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Anyspray, after that series of gripes, Megan breaks down ATLANTICS (6:03), and QUEEN & SLIM (15:04). Finally, everyone saw KNIVES AND SKIN (33:00)…or, rather, two-thirds of the gang saw it. And one-third saw most it. Is KNIVES AND SKIN a shit show? What’s that saying about the pope and the woods?

Dec 06, 2019
Episode 281: "Marriage Story" and films from the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM)

Evan leads off this week with reviews of documentaries he saw at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM). First, it’s SPACE DOGS (4:15) and LOS REYES (6:10). Then IN THE NAME OF THE SCHEHERAZADE OR THE FIRST BEERGARDEN IN TEHRAN (8:15), AMUSSU (10:20), and THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER (12:30). He wraps up with NOMAD: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN (17:35), and nîpawistamâsowin: WE WILL STAND UP (21:51). For the main event, everyone digs into Noah Baumbach’s beautiful and heartbreaking film MARRIAGE STORY.

Nov 28, 2019
Episode #280: "Knives Out," "Frozen 2," "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," "21 Bridges," and "After Class"

This week Evan shares some of his favorite French film titles seen in Montreal before Megan reviews FROZEN 2 (4:30), a sequel with meaningful themes. Next Dave covers 21 BRIDGES (14:35) a predictable film far beneath its talented lead Chadwick Boseman. After that Megan discusses A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (23:55), the poignant movie about Mr. Rogers starring Tom Hanks. She and Evan have disagreements about the following film AFTER CLASS aka SAFE SPACES (37:58), although they still appreciate a lot of the same scenes. To wrap up, everyone chats about KNIVES OUT (49:02), a hilarious whodunit that could have been tighter and more loaded with twists.

Nov 22, 2019
Episode #279: "The Irishman" "Charlie's Angels," "The Good Liar," "Golda's Balcony," "My Polish Honeymoon," and "Flawless"

It’s a bountifully loaded week at Spoilerpiece! First, Megan talks about THE GOOD LIAR (3:00), starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen as two olds locked in a battle of rapidly aging wits. Is it good? Or is it just that Mirren and McKellen are good in an otherwise lackluster flick? Moving on to the Boston Jewish Film Festival, Evan talks briefly about the Tovah Feldshuh-starring GOLDA’S BALCONY (11:59). Then he and Megan share thoughts on MY POLISH HONEYMOON (14:40) and FLAWLESS (21:52). Finally, Megan and Dave deconstruct Elizabeth Banks’ CHARLIE’S ANGELS (29:29) reboot before getting into the Martin Scorsese opus THE IRISHMAN (41:03).

Nov 15, 2019
BONUS: A conversation with “Safe Spaces” writer/director Dan Schechter

In this bonus episode recorded at the Boston Jewish Film Festival, Evan chats with writer/director Dan Schechter about SAFE SPACES (now called AFTER CLASS), the festival’s opening night film. They discuss how the movie, which stars Justin Long, mines quasi-autobiographical material to deftly tackle emotionally complicated subject matter. They also cover Jewish themes in the story, his casting process, what he hopes viewers will take away from the movie, and most importantly, his bagel order.  

Nov 11, 2019
Episode #278: "Doctor Sleep," "Last Christmas," "Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound," "Waves," "The Truth," "Clemency," and "Portrait of a Lady on Fire"

This week we start off Catching up with Crean (TM) as he tells Megan and Dave about his experience watching PARASITE (2:52). Then Megan talks about several films IFFBoston’s Fall Focus, including WAVES (7:10), THE TRUTH  (9:48), CLEMENCY (11:29), and PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE (13:50). Then Megan talks about LAST CHRISTMAS (16:09) and Dave fills everyone in on Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP (29:00). Finally, everyone talks about MAKING WAVES: THE ART OF CINEMATIC SOUND (44:55), a documentary about - wait for it - how sound in movies is painstakingly put together.

Nov 08, 2019
Episode #277: "Terminator: Dark Fate," "Harriet," and "Motherless Brooklyn"

Before the movies this week Megan and Dave have some questions about an unusual item on Evan’s desk. With their curiosity satisfied, Megan reviews HARRIET (3:58), the epic Harriet Tubman biopic starring the very talented, yet slightly controversial Cynthia Erivo. Next she and Dave cover MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN (20:36), the Edward Norton noir with modern parallels that deserves a better director. Then they all have a blast discussing TERMINATOR: DARK FATE (40:02), the best film in the franchise since T2, because it finally gets what the others were missing: Linda Hamilton.

Nov 01, 2019
Episode #276: "Parasite," "Black and Blue," "Fractured," "Knock Down the House," and "Where's My Roy Cohn?"

Evan takes Megan and Dave down Thriller Lane (TM) this week to talk about FRACTURED (2:44), a Netflix movie starring Sam Worthington as a man whose family goes missing at a hospital, and BLACK AND BLUE (10:39), a cop flick about a rookie with conflicting loyalties. One Evan thinks was good, the other…not so good. Then Megan and Dave talk KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE (26:11), a Netflix documentary about the 2018 U.S. elections, featuring four politicians, one of whom happens to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Megan follows that up with another political doc, WHERE’S MY ROY COHN? (40:10), about guess who? Finally, Megan and Dave end on Bong Joon-ho's PARASITE (45:30), a movie that begins in one place and then goes to a very different (and dark!) place. Don’t forget to visit our Patreon page! This week’s exclusive audio is about THE OMEN!

Oct 25, 2019
Episode #275: "Zombieland: Double Tap," "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil," "Little Monsters," "The Lighthouse," "El Camino," and "Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh"

This week it’s all about the joys of vegan dairy products before a zombie-heavy meal. First Megan describes LITTLE MONSTERS (2:36), a charming zombie flick that deftly balances cuteness with dark humor. Then she reviews THE LIGHTHOUSE (11:10), an atmospheric period piece with surprising queer undertones. Next, Evan and Dave cover GARY GULMAN: THE GREAT DEPRESH (16:47), a hilarious HBO comedy special that also bravely discusses mental health. Megan and Evan follow that up with EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE (26:28), a shockingly captivating and tense film based on the AMC show. After that Dave and Megan gripe about the incredibly disappointing MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL (38:55). To wrap up, it’s back to the undead for ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP, a medium funny sequel that has opinions split between our fair co-hosts.

Oct 18, 2019
Episode #274: "Unbelievable," "Lucy in the Sky," "Memory: The Origins of Alien," and "The King of Comedy"

This week Megan blows Evan’s mind when she reveals some shocking new information to him about corn. Yes, corn. She and Dave kick off the show by reviewing the utterly disappointing MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN (3:35), a behind-the-scenes documentary that repeats all the same old stories about Ridley Scott’s beloved 1979 film. Then Evan and Dave cover Martin Scorsese’s often-overlooked gem THE KING OF COMEDY (14:38), detailing why JOKER is such an unsuccessful attempt to mimic it. Next Dave and Megan review LUCY IN THE SKY (23:42), a movie so frustrating they wish they didn’t have to talk about it. The one positive thing they can agree on though, is that Natalie Portman goes for broke with her performance. Lastly, all three of them delve into the Netflix mini-series UNBELIEVABLE (35:27), discussing why its first episode is so infuriating, while expounding upon why it’s such an important examination of trauma and a satisfying police procedural with tremendous performances by its leads Kaitlyn Dever, Merritt Wever, and Toni Collette.

Oct 11, 2019
Episode #273: "Joker," "5B," selections from the Boston Women's Film Festival, and welcome new co-host Megan Kearns!

It’s a new era of Spoilerpiece Theatre as new co-host Megan Kearns joins Evan and Dave! Megan kicks things off this week, talking about five films from the BOSTON WOMEN’S FILM FESTIVAL (5:15). (Of note: There are John Candy, Kevin Bacon, DEAD SNOW, and LAST OF US tangents. That’s right! Tangents return!) Evan talks about the Paul Haggis-Dan Krauss documentary 5B (34:05), and then Evan and Dave team up to talk about JOKER (40:55), the Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker origin story. Be sure to check out our Patreon page where we talk about some psycho stalker movies!

Oct 04, 2019
Episode #272: "Ad Astra," "Abominable," "Monos," and Kris's last episode!

Yes, you read that correctly - after five years as cohost, Kris is leaving the show, but not before he shares some memories of his wedding with Dave and Evan. Then it's on to the movies! First up, Kris recaps AD ASTRA (17:51), the James Gray film featuring Brad Pitt as an astronaut wrestling with his identity after discovering the true fate of his father. It's worth a watch, even if it's not your kind of movie, and may win you over with its great lead performance, excellent visuals, and good intentions. Then it's ABOMINABLE (29:13), a family movie about a yeti. It's good, and you won't hate yourself if you bring your child/niece/nephew/babysittee to kill a few hours. Dave and Evan close things out with MONOS (39:40), a brutal film about child soldiers that is well made, but fails to resonate beyond its fine performances and excellent score.

Sep 27, 2019
Episode #271: "Tall Girl," "Her Smell," "Late Night," and "Raul Julia: The World's a Stage" with guest Charlie Nash

Kris is out on his mini-moon this week so guest Charlie Nash joins Dave and Evan to share his results for the meme “Your Gender Studies Thesis.” After they each get a good chuckle sharing the titles of their fictional papers, Evan reviews TALL GIRL (6:57), a Netflix movie about vertically advantaged high schooler that barely scratches the emotional surface of its main character’s life. Then Dave and Evan recount their experience watching RAÚL JULIÁ: THE WORLD’S A STAGE (18:18), a PBS documentary about the late actor that celebrates his talent, his authenticity, and his inspirational status to Latinx performers everywhere. Next Charlie and Dave delve into HER SMELL (28:50), Alex Ross Perry drama starring Elisabeth Moss that explores the life of a rock star in the throes of addiction. Lastly, Evan and Dave cover LATE NIGHT (44:20), the Mindy Kaling comedy that’s funny and poignant without being preachy.

Sep 20, 2019
Episode #270: "The Goldfinch," "Hustlers," "Vita & Virginia," and "Untouchable" with guest Megan Kearns!

Joining Evan and Dave while Kris prepares for his wedding is friend-of-Spoilerpiece Megan Kearns! She starts things off with a review of VITA & VIRGINIA (3:59), a love story about Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton) and Virginia Woolf (Elizabeth Debicki). Next up Dave and Megan tackle the new release THE GOLDFINCH (14:20), an adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning long-ass novel. Then Megan and Evan get to the J. Lo/Constance Wu movie HUSTLERS (40:54), and all three wrap up with UNTOUCHABLE (57:45), the new Hulu documentary about Harvey Weinstein.

Sep 13, 2019
Episode #269: "IT Chapter Two"

This week, we've got a deep dive on one movie and one movie only: IT CHAPTER TWO! The conclusion of 2017's smash hit based on the Stephen King novel is in theaters now, and there's a whole lot of it. Dave, Evan, and Kris look at the movie from a variety of angles, comparing it to its predecessor and weighing its strengths and weaknesses.

Sep 06, 2019
Episode #268: "Brittany Runs a Marathon" and "Fiddler: Miracle of Miracles"

This week the guys stumble upon an aggressive new business idea for the Wahlbergs, while discussing a recent event at Evan’s company. After that Kris and Evan briefly revisit three festival movies they reviewed many moons ago on the show (3:33) that are finally available to watch: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, LUCE, and TONE-DEAF. They quickly recap the reasons why each is worth watching before Evan delves into FIDDLER: MIRACLE OF MIRACLES (13:24), a delightful documentary about the iconic musical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. He effectively spoilerpieces Dave and Kris into wanting to see it by sharing its fascinating facts, poignant social commentary, and humorous interviews. Then Dave wraps things up with BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON (29:30), a funny, well-cast film starring Jillian Bell that he found thoroughly relatable as someone in the process of training for a marathon himself. For bonus commentary – sign up for the Spoilerpiece Patreon so you can hear the guys dissect HIGHLANDER and HIGHLANDER II in this week’s exclusive audio.

Aug 30, 2019

It’s a disparate movie line-up on Spoilerpiece this week. Dave starts things off with the music documentaries THE ROLLING STONES OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ!: A TRIP ACROSS LATIN AMERICA (4:51) and RUSH: CINEMA STRANGIATIO (11:54). Then Evan regales Kris and Dave with tales of ST. AGATHA (17:40), one of the grosser movies he’s seen in a while. Finally it’s Kris talking about the new release READY OR NOT (30:43).

Aug 23, 2019
Episode #266 with special guest Dede Crimmins: Fantasia roundup, "Luz," "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark," "Good Boys"

This week, returning guest/friend of the show/current Chicagoan Dede Crimmins returns via Skype to give us her top picks from this year's Fantasia Festival in Montreal (3:35). Following that is LUZ (18:30), the German surrealist exorcism/hypnotism flick that everyone should see.  Dede then runs us through SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (29:14), based on the series of books that scared you silly as a kid. And the good news is, this one is also pretty dang creepy! The episode then closes with our take on tween coming-of-age comedy GOOD BOYS (43:00).

Aug 16, 2019
Episode #265: "The Kitchen," "The Perfection," "Them That Follow," and "Midsommar" Revisited

This week Kris recounts the time he couldn’t go to Lenin’s Tomb because it was “closed for inventory,” leaving Evan and returning guest Megan Kearns completely confused. Megan leads off the episode by describing two films she saw recently THEM THAT FOLLOW (4:11), a somber film about religion and snake charming, and THE PERFECTION (10:00), a more engaging movie about classical musicians that takes some fascinating twists and turns before spiraling into body horror. Then Evan shares his experience watching Ari Aster’s MIDSOMMAR (14:05), which may or may not be “an Evan movie.” Lastly, all three of them dissect THE KITCHEN (28:50), a disappointing kitchen-sink crime drama chock full of critical themes about gender, race, and class that it only superficially addresses, and thinly drawn characters whose motivations don’t make any sense.

Aug 09, 2019
Episode #264: "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw," and Lynn Shelton's "Sword of Trust"

Stress balls, yay! Also, this week we’re talking SWORD OF TRUST (3:30), a laid back-ish comedy directed by Lynn Shelton, written by Shelton and Mike O’Brien, and starring Marc Maron as a pawn shop owner who happens upon a potentially big money maker. Then it’s the big fuggin’ movie of the week, FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW (18:30). Testosterone? You bet. Larfs? Sure. And, of course, kicks in the balls aplenty. Strap in.

Aug 02, 2019
Episode #263: "Secret Obsession," "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

This week, Evan's latest psycho stalker recap comes in the form of SECRET OBSESSION (3:43), now available on Netflix. And guess what, it sucks! Then it's Kris and Dave with Quentin Tarantino's latest, ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (19:36). And guess what, it's great!

Jul 26, 2019
Episode #262: "The Lion King," "This Changes Everything," and "Fighting with My Family"

This week Spoilerpiece celebrates 5 years of existence! Yay! And of course because it’s a special occasion, the guys hit some technical difficulties, which forced them to re-record the episode. Fortunately they don’t let it get in the way of a good time. Kris is up first to review THE LION KING (3:21), which he describes as more of a reenactment than a remake, mimicking jokes and set pieces without contributing anything new. Then Evan fills him in on FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY (19:20), a funny and charming movie directed by Stephen Merchant about a young British wrestler (Florence Pugh) trying to hack it in the WWE. Then Dave drops in remotely to cover THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING (30:55), a limited release documentary about gender discrimination in the film industry, that hits hard with statistics and interviews featuring just about every important woman in Hollywood (seriously, see it on July 22).

Jul 19, 2019
Episode #261: "Stuber," "Murder Mystery," "The Spy Who Dumped Me" and Ridley Scott's "Someone to Watch Over Me" (briefly), and Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief"

Good news, everyone! Evan watched the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston Netflix flick MURDER MYSTERY (6:03) so you don’t have to! And is it good? Well…it’s not terrible. That’s something. Kris caught the new Dave Bautista/Kumail Nanjiani vehicle (ha) STUBER (18:43), a comedy with better action scenes than comedy scenes. Then it’s time to keep up with the Jensons, as Kris re-watched THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME (30:15) and has some new insight into the opening 15 minutes that kind of drove all three guys nuts. Then in a sort-of Riedel’s recap, Dave talks about Ridley Scott’s SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (32:35), a forgotten thriller in the director’s canon. Finally, because it’s a slow new-release week, Evan, Kris, and Dave watched Alfred Hitchcock’s TO CATCH A THIEF (37:40), which none of them had seen before. Spoiler alert: Lesser Hitchcock is still pretty fun. Patrons! Thank you for your patronage and don't forget to vote in our poll!

Jul 12, 2019
Episode #260: Keanuthon 2019, "Spider-Man: Far From Home," and Riedel's Recaps ("The Babysitter, The Little Hours, "My Name is Nobody")

A whole lot of show for you this week! Kicking things off is Dave with his recaps of the forgettable THE BABYSITTER (3:31), the almost-good THE LITTLE HOURS (10:04), and fantastically cheesy Spaghetti Western MY NAME IS NOBODY (14:11). Then Kris and Dave recount their experience at Coolidge Corner Theatre's Keanuthon (19:42), six Keanu Reeves movies from midnight to noon, ranging from classics (POINT BREAK, SPEED), '90s time capsules (BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY, JOHNNY MNEMONIC), arthouse trips (A SCANNER DARKLY), and unexpected triumphs (CONSTANTINE). Closing out the episode, all three hosts give an overall solid recommendation for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME (43:10).

Jul 05, 2019
Episode #259: "Annabelle Comes Home," "Midsommar," and "Miami Vice"

Unclear restaurant hours can really throw a wrench in your morning, as Dave discovered this week. Once he finishes airing his grievances, he thanks Kris for his inspirational review of WAR AND PEACE from the previous episode, and proceeds to rip into Michael Mann’s MIAMI VICE (6:00), which takes the worst elements of the show and translates them into movie form. Next Kris breaks down MIDSOMMAR (15:11), the new film by Ari Aster, writer/director of HEREDITARY. According to Kris, this movie is very different, but also *not* very different from Aster’s previous work (i.e. he dug it). Lastly, everyone digs into ANNABELLE COMES HOME (39:45), a reasonably tense haunted house movie that throws several monsters at the wall to see what sticks. 

Jun 28, 2019
Episode #258: "Toy Story 4," "All That We Destroy," "Echo in the Canyon," and "War and Peace"

This week's episode starts with Evan recapping ALL THAT WE DESTROY (3:48), the latest entry in Bumhouse's INTO THE DARK anthology series. There have been some highs and lows in the series, but this one is unfortunately one of the lowest. Then it's Dave with ECHO IN THE CANYON (13:41), a fun and informative look at the origins of the Laurel Canyon music scene of the 1960s with interviews conducted by Jakob Dylan. Then it's Kris with his experience marathoning WAR AND PEACE (19:54) at the Brattle where he says "big" and "massive" a lot. The episode wraps up with TOY STORY 4 (37:30), which is way more fun, tearjerking, and overall effective than anyone might have expected.

Jun 21, 2019
Episode #257: "The Last Black Man in San Francisco," "Shaft," "I Am Mother," and "Always Be My Maybe"

After debating whether Janis Joplin wanted a pizza your heart, Kris, Evan, and Dave get down to the diverse slate of movies this week on Spoilerpiece. First up is festival-favorite THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO (3:50). Then it's SHAFT (16:12), which is not another reboot of SHAFT, but a sequel to SHAFT. Did that make sense? Yeah, SHAFT doesn't either. Then Dave and Evan get into I AM MOTHER (33:45), a new Netflix flick about a robot that may or may not be evil. Then it's ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE (45:48), with Ali Wong and Randall Park.

Jun 14, 2019
Episode #256: "Bed and Sofa (1927)," "American Woman," "Dark Phoenix"

On this week's episode, Kris sells Dave on BED AND SOFA (3:36) made in the USSR in 1927, and his favorite of his recent dive into classic Russian/Soviet film. It's often described as "scandalous" but it's so much more than that, and well worth your time whether or not you're familiar with the era. Then Dave recaps AMERICAN WOMAN (16:58), a film that can get mired in melodrama but is anchored by good direction from Jake Scott and a phenomenal performance by the underappreciated Sienna Miller. Kris wraps things up with DARK PHOENIX (31:09), which sucks.

Jun 07, 2019
Episode #255: "Non-Fiction," "Brightburn," "Meeting Gorbachev," and "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" with special guest Bob "MovieBob" Chipman!

On this week's episode, Dave and Kris are joined by our friend, colleague, and returning guest Bob "MovieBob" Chipman! Kicking things off, Dave recaps Olivier Assayas's new film, NON-FICTION (4:10), which if nothing else, is certainly French. Then Bob fills us in on BRIGHTBURN (14:46), the alternate take on superhero origin stories that imagines a Clark Kent-like character as a sociopath and killer. It's essentially a B movie with a big budget and star power, but is interesting enough to seek out. Next up is Kris with Werner Herzog's MEETING GORBACHEV (23:07), which is exactly what it sounds like, and is exactly why you should go see it. Closing out this episode is Bob and Kris barely containing their excitement for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (39:41), a drastic improvement on its predecessor that impresses in several ways -- visuals, sound, just the right amount of lore, and putting the focus back on the monsters themselves.

May 31, 2019
Episode #254: Olivia Wilde's "Booksmart," “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile," and the live-action "Aladdin"

(NOTE: This show opens with the music, so be warned that it's a little louder than usual.) Welcome to a diverse week of movies on Spoilerpiece! As Kris notes, there couldn’t be four more different flicks featured on the show. First, Kris talks a little about WHITE CROW (2:20), which Dave recently saw (and wanted to hear Kris’ opinion), then Dave dives into Olivia Wilde’s feature-directing debut BOOKSMART (7:16) and his interview with Wilde. Then Evan covers EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL, AND VILE (18:16), the Ted Bundy movie starring Zac Efron and directed by Joe Berlinger (and it features some serious stunt casting). Finally, Kris talks the Disney live-action remake of ALADDIN (32:30) and blue Will Smith. Why is 38 minutes longer than the animated version? Kris tells you why!

May 24, 2019
Episode #253: "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum" and Zhang Yimou's "Shadow"

Lots of action on the show this week. First up, Kris and Evan talk about Zhang Yimou’s latest, SHADOW (3:30). Plus, they both have tips on how to NOT watch certain types of movies (in this case, action). Then it’s the main event, JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 — PARABELLUM (16:30). First, Evan catches us up on the first two John Wicks (he watched them for the first time over the weekend), and then it’s talk of fightin’ and killin’ as Keanu Reeves more or less turns every assassin in the world into mincemeat. Plus, Kris breaks down whether the linguistics of JOHN WICK hold up.

May 17, 2019
Episode #252: "Pokémon Detective Pikachu," "The White Crow" and Additional Thoughts on "The Intruder"

This week Dave shares why he’s training for the New York Marathon and details his preparations for the big race. Next Evan shares his thoughts on THE INTRUDER (4:00), which he and Shauna watched based on Kris's recommendation. After they delve into nuances and plot holes from the movie, Dave jumps in to review THE WHITE CROW (13:05), a Ralph Fiennes film based on a true story he didn’t realize that he knew until halfway through. Following a JOHN WICK tangent, Kris and Evan tackle POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU (23:05) aka POKÉMON DETECTIVE, a movie neither thinks is good, but one of them found more egregious. Tune in to find out who and to hear Evan educate Dave and Kris about Pokémon.

May 10, 2019
Episode #251: "The Intruder," IFFBoston recap!

This week, Kris kicks things off with THE INTRUDER (3:40), a much-needed breath of trashy fresh air. He had a great time and thinks you might as well. Next up is our recap of IFFBoston, revisiting some of the highlights from Boston's biggest film festival. Included are LUCE (13:55), ASK DR. RUTH (24:43), THE DEATH OF DICK LONG (30:28), ERNIE & JOE (36:07), OFFICIAL SECRETS (44:14), THE NIGHTINGALE (content warning, 54:45), GUTTERBUG (1:02:40), and THE FAREWELL (1:09:19).

May 03, 2019
Episode #250!! "Avengers: Endgame" and Laura Steinel's "Family"

It’s Spoilerpiece episode #250! Yay! Thanks for being with us as we reach this sort of arbitrary but still cool milestone! On this week’s show there’s talk of Passover...and then movies! And all three guys have seen the movies on the docket. First, it’s writer-director Laura Steinel's Taylor Schilling-starring FAMILY (5:52), a comedy about a career-focused woman, her niece, and Juggalos. Then it's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (22:26), the final (?) movie in this phase of the Marvel cinematic universe. And yes, we spoil the ever-loving crap out of it. Stay tuned through the closing music to hear a special message from one of our listeners.

Apr 26, 2019
Episode #249: IFFBoston Preview w/ Nancy Campbell & Brian Tamm, "Little Woods," "Prince of Egypt" revisited

This week, Kris and Evan are joined by Nancy Campbell and Brian Tamm of the always spectacular IFFBoston ahead of the annual weeklong festival (April 4 through May 1).  They discuss some of the exciting films, panels, guest appearances, and events of the fest that takes over three of Boston's best theaters: Somerville, Brattle, and Coolidge. It's a celebration of film community, and Nancy and Brian highlight filmmakers from years past who have gone on to helm some of the biggest and best movies of the past decade. Later, we meet back up with Dave, who runs us through his thoughts on LITTLE WOODS (53:38), and we close with Evan's rewatching of THE PRINCE OF EGYPT (1:01:52) ahead of Passover.

Apr 19, 2019
Episode #248: "Little," "I'm Just F*cking with You," and "Amazing Grace"

Kris has a nasty case of the super plague so guest Kristen Halbert joins Evan and Dave in hating on kale before the movies this week. First Dave describes why watching the Aretha Franklin documentary AMAZING GRACE (3:51) is a spiritual experience. Then Kristen and Evan talk about why LITTLE (11:37) is absolutely hilarious and genuine despite the fact that it borrows from several films about adults turning into the child versions of themselves. Lastly, all three of them join forces for I’M JUST FUCKING WITH YOU (27:45), the latest in Hulu’s INTO THE DARK series, which has them looking for excuses to talk about literally anything else. Tangents ahoy! Also don’t forget to sign up for our Patreon, where you can hear exclusive audio, like this week’s clip of Evan and Dave discussing ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN.

Apr 12, 2019
Episode #247: "The Wind," "Shazam!"

Two new movies on this week's episode: atmospheric horror western THE WIND (3:37) and comedy-superhero flick SHAZAM! (14:21). The former is a bleak commentary on isolation and the fear of nothingness faced by women in the Old West, the latter is a gigglefest that continues DC's upward trend. Check it out!

Apr 05, 2019
Episode #246: Boston Underground Film Festival, "Dumbo," "The Hummingbird Project," and "Juanita,"

This week the guys gripe about the MBTA and the weird white cones that have popped up in Evan’s neighborhood – but not for long – because Dave is back in “the studio” and they have a ton of movies to talk about! First, Kris sneaks in a quick review of Tim Burton’s DUMBO (4:15) a movie that tries to tell you what’s fun and fails. Next, Dave and Evan cover JUANITA (7:20) the Netflix film that’s perfectly predictable and nice, although pretty mediocre. After that Dave reviews THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT (15:55), which he describes as two-thirds of a good movie with Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard. Finally, they arrive at the main event: this year’s coverage of the Boston Underground Film Festival aka BUFF (25:40). Kris and Evan share their thoughts on a plethora of entertaining films including the delightful documentary HAIL SATAN?, the Boomers vs Millennials horror flick TONE-DEAF, the coming-of-age war-musical KANARIE, the queer Giallo slasher KNIFE + HEART, the creepy ghost tale THE NIGHTSHIFTER, and the sex-positive 90s indie MARY JANE’S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE. They even talk about a few shorts in between like I OWE YOU ONE BANANA AND TWO BLACK EYES by friend of the show Jim McDonough!

Mar 30, 2019
Episode #245: Jordan Peele's "Us" and "Paddleton" with Ray Romano and Mark Duplass

What’s the most highly anticipated movie of the year thus far? Probably Jordan Peele’s US, which, luckily, Kris and Evan saw. Yay! (16:50) Plus, Evan and Dave talk about PADDLETON (4:57), a Netflix film starring Mark Duplass and Ray Romano as best friends who like to play a game they invented, eat pizza, and watch kung fu movies. Then one of them is diagnosed with an incurable illness. Our Patreon exclusive audio this week features Evan talking about AWAKENINGS and BREAKING IN, and then everyone gets into a conversation about bad movie poster tagline (maybe this is becoming a theme).

Mar 22, 2019
Episode #244: "Leaving Neverland," "Surviving R. Kelly," "After Life," and "Border"

We've been busy at Spoilerpiece! After doing a not-so-deep dive into the power of cocaine in 1980s rap-rock fusions, Evan, Kris, and Dave get down to what they saw this week. First is Dave with Ricky Gervais’ Netflix series “After Life” (2:32). (Note: Dave makes reference to Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST at about the 11:30 mark, but mistakenly calls it THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST which is Martin Scorsese’s hot take on whether Jesus was a hippie.) At 15:47, Evan covers SURVIVING R. KELLY and LEAVING NEVERLAND, two documentaries about accusations of abuse by R. Kelly (the answer’s in the title) and Michael Jackson. We’re not really a podcast for trigger warnings, but it’s heavy, heavy stuff. Lastly, Kris talks about BORDER (36:30), a Swedish movie about a customs agent who can smell fear, and that’s just the beginning. To end things, the guys have a quick discussion about how to tell non-critics whether to see a particular film (45:40).

Mar 15, 2019
Episode #243: "Captain Marvel" and "Lords of Chaos"

This week the guys wonder how the heck RoboCop ended up in a KFC commercial before they tackle the two movies on their docket. First, Kris and Evan review CAPTAIN MARVEL (4:35), the Brie Larson superhero flick that’s a pretty mixed bag. Really it’s no worse than any other mediocre Marvel movie, but they take the time to dissect the good things (like the chemistry between Larson and Samuel L. Jackson), as well as the bad things (like its heavy reliance on momentum-killing exposition). Next, Dave, joins in to cover LORDS OF CHAOS (28:57), an in-your-face film about the Norwegian black metal scene and the rise of the band Mayhem, which lived up to its name. That’s all for the regular show – but if you sign up to support us on our Patreon – you’ll also have the chance to hear exclusive audio of us discussing Evan’s double feature of THE FUGITIVE and U.S. MARSHALS, two very different entries in the same franchise.

Mar 08, 2019
Episode 242: Oscars roundup, "Climax," "Greta" with special guest Charlie Nash

Friend of the show Charlie Nash returns to Spoilerpiece! This week kicks off with the highs, lows, and low-lows of this year's Oscars (1:39). The show benefited from no host and some deserving folks got some trophies, but unfortunately ended with the worst Best Picture winner in at least a decade. Then, Charlie takes us through CLIMAX (22:15), a true spectacle from Gaspar Noé. It's everything you expect from the French boundary-pusher, condensed into his most compelling -- and least forgiving -- experiment yet. The gang wraps things up with GRETA (31:20), a campy, trashy good time from Neil Jordan starring the immortal Isabelle Huppert.

Mar 01, 2019
BONUS: Sam Jones and Lisa Downs talk about "Life After Flash"

In this very special bonus episode, Evan talks with Flash Gordon star Sam Jones and filmmaker Lisa Downs about their documentary LIFE AFTER FLASH, which opened the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. His conversation with Sam about the highs and lows of his career covers a range of topics including the value of forgiveness, what it was like opening himself up on camera, and even his preferred ways to workout. Next, his chat with Lisa covers how she met Sam and decided to do the documentary, the things she learned working on a feature-length doc, and how she snagged her memorable interview with Queen member Brian May. 

Feb 27, 2019
Episode #241: "Polar," "Down," "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World"

This week, Dave recaps POLAR (2:52), clarifying last week's confusion over ARCTIC. Very different films! Next, Evan and Dave recommend DOWN (17:15), an entry in Blumhouse's INTO THE DARK series on Hulu, full of lean, holiday-themed horror flicks. This one is a Valentine's Day creepfest that is well worth your time. Then, Evan and Kris talk HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD (23:28), a fine conclusion to a great family-friendly series.

Feb 22, 2019
Episode #240: Festival Roundup, "Alita: Battle Angel," "Arctic," "Happy Death Day 2U," "Russian Doll"

On this week's show, Evan runs us through his week in festivals: Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Boston Israeli Film Festival (3:43). Then Kris makes the case for why you should take ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL (10:25) seriously and see it this weekend -- prove the pundits wrong! Dave recaps ARCTIC (21:08), a strong film featuring Mads Mikkelsen in a grueling, survivalist role. Kris and Evan then wrap up with HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U and RUSSIAN DOLL (34:25), which arguably have similar plots but take them in radically different -- and both extremely entertaining -- directions.

Feb 15, 2019
Episode #239: "Lego Movie 2: The Second Part," "Velvet Buzzsaw," and "Killers Within"

This week Kris comes up with a compelling concept for a technologically-themed horror film before the guys dig into new releases. For the first movie, he and Evan construct their take on THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART (4:00), an animated sequel that operates the same way as its predecessor, with different degrees of success depending on which of them you ask. Next, Dave and Evan argue about KILLERS WITHIN (17:16), a home invasion horror flick playing at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, which they are very divided on. Finally, they all review Dan Gilroy’s Netflix feature VELVET BUZZSAW (29:55), a weird art-based horror movie that Evan seems to like for some reason, even though Dave and Kris don’t.  

Feb 08, 2019
Episode #238: The FYRE FESTIVAL documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, Adam McKay's VICE

Because everyone is talking about the Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix (FYRE) and Hulu (FYRE FRAUD), Kris, Dave, and Evan all dive headlong into the two competing flicks (5:14). Think there isn’t enough Fyre disaster to support two documentaries? Think again! Then it’s onto Adam McKay’s VICE starring Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. Why is it Kris’ nomination as the worst movie to ever receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination? Explanations begin at 26:11. On our exclusive Patreon audio segment this week, we have a chat about how much we love the late Bill Paxton, and whether it’s possible to get the clap in space.

Feb 01, 2019
Episode #237: Oscar Noms, "Stan & Ollie," "Destroyer"

This week's episode kicks off with, what else those effin Oscar nominations (2:17), recognizing outstanding achievement in male mediocrity. There are some deserving nominations -- BLACK PANTHER, CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?, BLACKKKLANSMAN -- but c'mon already. From there, Kris recaps STAN & OLLIE (11:55), a well-meaning film about Laurel and Hardy in the last year of their joint career. It has some great attributes but never gathers enough momentum to explore the more interesting or entertaining dimensions of its plot. Last up is DESTROYER (21:13), a meandering neo-noir that has some good things going for it but it could have done with a bit -- or a lot -- of streamlining.

Jan 25, 2019
Episode #236: "Last Laugh," "Glass," and Dave Riedel piece previews

This week, Dave fills us in on the two pieces that kept him busy last week: what he's most looking forward to in 2019, and a look at some Oscar-nominated performance in films that premiered at Sundance. Next, Dave and Evan tell us about the woefully unfunny and directionless LAST LAUGH (9:45). Wrapping things up is Evan and Kris with GLASS (26:50), which is not a total waste but fails to effectively channel what was good about either of its predecessors, UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT.

Jan 18, 2019
Episode #235: Films of Sean Baker, "Bandersnatch," "The Upside" with special guest Greg Vellante!

This week we're joined by friend of the show Greg Vellante! Greg kicks things off with a recap of Sean Baker's career. Best known for recent successes like TANGERINE and THE FLORIDA PROJECT, there are some real gems early in his filmography, in particular TAKE OUT (3:57). Stay tuned for Greg's piece in Spectrum Culture! Next up, all three guys spent some time with BANDERSNATCH (18:37), the standalone BLACK MIRROR film where the viewer decides what happens next -- or is it simply the illusion of choice?! Closing out the episode is THE UPSIDE (31:12), which is a very misleading name. There are no upsides to this movie.

Jan 11, 2019
Episode #234: "Bird Box," "The Favourite," and "If Beale Street Could Talk"

Happy New Year Spoilerpiece fans! This week the guys start out by revealing their unconventional New Year’s Eve plans. For films, there are three on the docket, and everyone has seen them, which makes for lively discussion! First, the guys review THE FAVOURITE (4:48), a period piece by Yorgos Lanthimos that Kris and Dave loved, but Evan couldn’t stand. Next they cover IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK (17:37), the beautiful Barry Jenkins movie they all agree is fantastic because the theme of love permeates it. Lastly, the guys take on the much-discussed Sandra Bullock Netflix original BIRD BOX (30:17), a tense horror flick with good performances that is stunted by numerous flaws. If all that's not enough, you can also hear exclusive audio of the guys discussing New Year’s Eve movies if you sign up and support them this week on Patreon.

Jan 04, 2019
Episode #233: Top 10 Films of 2018

Dave makes his Spoilerpiece return just in time for the last show of 2018! And it’s a fitting too because the guys use the episode to discuss their top 10 films of the year. Dave kicks things off by revealing his picks (5:10) – bold movies like FIRST REFORMED and BLACKKKLANSMAN, as well as documentary selections like WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? and DISTANT SKY - NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS LIVE IN COPENHAGEN. Next. Kris shares his top movies (22:35) – an eclectic mix of films like AT ETERNITY’S GATE, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, and HEREDITARY with a surprise underdog in his #10 slot. Finally, Evan wraps things up with his list (35:27), delving into meaningful stories about race like THE HATE U GIVE and MY NAME IS MYEISHA, in addition to technologically driven tales like SEARCHING and EIGHTH GRADE. For Patrons the guys also recorded a special mini episode on holiday movies, so if you want to hear it be sure to check out the Spoilerpiece Patreon and sign up to support the show!

Dec 28, 2018
Episode #232: "Aquaman," "First Blood," "Mary Poppins Returns"

Welcome! This week, Evan revisits FIRST BLOOD (6:30), a movie with more human tragedy and a societal message than its notoriously jingoistic it's remembered for. Next up, Kris runs us through MARY POPPINS RETURNS (12:31), an unnecessary but nonetheless enjoyable remake/sequel. Last up is AQUAMAN (25:06), the DC Extended Universe's first movie that's only okay.

Dec 21, 2018
Episode #231: "Mortal Engines," "Monsters and Men," "Incredibles 2," "Bathtubs Over Broadway," "Support the Girls," and Dave's take on "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"

Lots to cover on this week's show as award season races toward the finish line for BOFCA! First up, we hear from Dave who calls in with his thoughts on BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS (2:00). Then Kris makes a hard case for SUPPORT THE GIRLS (8:25), which was a hit on the festival circuit but ought to be way more widely seen. Evan then walks us through MONSTERS AND MEN (19:07), a pretty good take on a story that has nonetheless been covered in more interesting and absorbing ways by other films this year. Kris saw BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY (28:56), a delightful story about one of the oddest phenomena in American entertainment: the industrial musical. Evan saw INCREDIBLES 2 (35:23) -- surprise surprise, it's good -- and Kris wraps things up with MORTAL ENGINES (41:57) -- surprise surprise, it's not.

Dec 14, 2018
Episode #230: "Green Book," "Suspiria," "Assassination Nation," and "Vox Lux" with guest Robyn Bahr!

This week, we're joined by BOFCA member and Hollywood Reporter contributor Robyn Bahr! She and Evan kick things off with GREEN BOOK (4:06), a not-terrible but treacly and episodic look at racial tension containing nothing new (especially in a year with so many strong offerings tackling the same material). Then, Kris and Evan examine SUSPIRIA (15:24) and marvel at how not-fun they managed to make dance-school witches by bogging things down with extraneous characters and a go-nowhere sideplot. Then it's ASSASSINATION NATION (34:52), a powerhouse of a film with style to spare that'll leave you energized and hopefully optimistic. Last up, the crew is divided on VOX LUX (42:06), a brutal examination of what it means to be a pop star in the world we currently inhabit. Is it good? Listen to find out!

Dec 07, 2018
Episode #229: "Can You Ever Forgive Me?", "At Eternity's Gate," Crewind, and an Update from Dave!

Kris recounts a bizarre run-in he had some naked bike riders in college before he and Evan put on their critic hats this week. Dave is still on paternity leave, but he didn’t let that stop him from recording a special update about what he has been doing and the movies he has been watching. Buckle up for some “Riedel’s Recaps” baby! Kris leads off the main show with a half review of AT ETERNITY’S GATE (8:55), the Willem Dafoe Vincent Van Gogh picture that he was really getting into before recording the show. Then Evan serves up a “Crewind” where he talks about CRAZY RICH ASIANS (17:20), which he liked a lot, and A STAR IS BORN (20:43), which he absolutely hated. After he and Kris spend some time dissecting exactly why he hated it, they tackle this week’s main film, CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? (27:53), an entertaining Melissa McCarthy drama based on a true story. Its direction is terrific, McCarthy is fantastic, and the unusual friendship at the movie’s center is a joy to watch.

Nov 30, 2018
Episode #228: "Creed II," "The Outlaw King," and "Simon and Theodore"

Kris laments the dangers of tweeting niche puns and searching for yourself on Twitter with Evan and special guest Sean Burns before they dig into this week’s movies. They kick things off with a “Crewind,” where Sean finally satisfies his curiosity about whether Paul Schrader’s FIRST REFORMED (3:30) really is an “Evan movie” or not. Then he and Kris describe the utterly dull OUTLAW KING (13:00), a forgettable movie that covers similar cinematic material to BRAVEHEART without any of its showmanship. Next Evan wraps up his coverage of the Boston Jewish Film Festival (21:00) by reviewing their entertaining Israeli TV binge and the cute French film SIMON & THÉODORE. And finally, by the time the bell sounds for this week’s main event CREED II (32:00), one of the guys finds himself on a different side of the ring than the other two, and who it is might surprise you.

Nov 23, 2018
Episode #227: Boston Jewish Film Festival & RIDM roundups, "Bram Stoker's Dracula," "Roma," "The Front Runner"

This week, Kris kicks things off with his recent rewatch of BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA (5:03) directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It's wacky and well worth your eyeballs. Meanwhile, Evan's been busy! He recaps some highlights from the Boston Jewish Film Festival (13:47), everything from documentaries to found footage horror flicks. Then it's back to Kris for ROMA (22:30) from Alfonso Cuarón, his best film in years. See it in theaters if you can, Netflix if you must. Then Evan runs us through his favorites from Montreal International Documentary Festival (32:36), highlighting a trilogy focusing on the judicial system in Brazil. Kris closes out the show with THE FRONT RUNNER (46:10), which has a couple of interesting ideas buried way too deep beneath intolerable self-satisfaction.

Nov 16, 2018
Episode #226: "Private Life," "Life Without Basketball," "Salem's Lot," "The Other Side of the Wind," "Boy Erased," and "Widows" with special guest Megan Kearns!

This week, our friend Megan Kearns returns to the show! She kicks things off with PRIVATE LIFE (3:02), a frank and moving depiction of a couple's attempts to conceive. Next is Evan with LIFE WITHOUT BASKETBALL (7:37), a documentary about a Muslim American woman who faces discriminatory rules regarding dress, preventing her from advancing her basketball career. Then, Kris runs us through SALEM'S LOT (11:31), the classic spooky miniseries based on the Stephen King story, as well as Orson Welles's THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND (15:33), a film forty years in the making. It's a true masterpiece, argues Kris, and you should all see it on Netflix now. Then, Kris and Evan look at BOY ERASED (21:48), Joel Edgerton's film about  gay conversion therapy, with some good qualities but an unfortunate amount of overlap with THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST. Last up, all three get less and less enthusiastic about Steve McQueen's WIDOWS (40:11).

Nov 09, 2018
Mini Episode: 2018 Boston Jewish Film Festival Preview

In this special mini episode Evan talks with Boston Jewish Film Festival (now Boston Jewish Film) Artistic Director Ariana Cohen-Halberstam about the festival's exciting plans for this year (its 30th). Ariana teases their Israeli film festival coming in 2019, as well as their Israeli TV show binge at the festival, which features SHABABNIKIM, SLEEPING BEARS, and YOUR HONOR. She also promotes notable films paired with performances like SHALOM BOLLYWOOD, SATAN & ADAM, and SAMMY DAVIS JR.: I GOTTA BE ME. Be sure to check out the festival, which runs November 7 - November 19. Learn more at http://www.bostonjfilm.org/.

Nov 07, 2018
Episode #225: "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" and "A Private War"

This week Kris proposes a new tactic for disposing of excess Halloween candy that involves a door-to-door Australian accent. Dave is still on paternity leave so Kris and Evan ride duo for this episode, but they keep a chair open in Dave’s honor. Before they get into the movies, Evan gives his quick impressions of the 80s musical ROCK OF AGES (4:34), discussing differences between the current tour and the 2012 film. Then Kris reviews THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS (8:31), the miniseries turned anthology film by the Coen Brothers, which lets you know that everything is on the table with its funny, violent, and tragic short stories. Kris is so captivated by them that he barely even spoils them, encouraging you to take everything in for yourself when the film hits Netflix soon. After that both Kris and Evan cover A PRIVATE WAR (26:46), a compelling drama about real-life war correspondent Marie Colvin played by the incredible Rosamund Pike. The film directed by documentarian Matthew Heineman makes a compelling case for the value of journalism by embedding you with Colvin and exploring the impact of PTSD on journalists like her who report on the horrors of war.    

Nov 02, 2018
Episode #224: "Bohemian Rhapsody," "mid90s," "Hold the Dark"

This week, Megan Kearns joins us for discussions of HOLD THE DARK (1:57), MID90S (11:34), and BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (31:21). Thanks, and enjoy!

Oct 26, 2018
Episode #223: "Halloween" & the series up to now, "Rosemary's Baby," "The Stepford Wives" with special guest Sean Burns!

This week, Sean Burns returns to the Spoilerpiece guest chair! First up, Evan continues his adventure through film classics with ROSEMARY'S BABY (3:25) and THE STEPFORD WIVES (8:09) -- both coincidentally based on Ira Levin novels. Then it's on to HALLOWEEN (11:10)! Sean has been working his way through many of the series entries ahead of the new film by David Gordon Green (!!), so we pick his brain about what the hell that was all about before zeroing in on the surprisingly effective entry that is worthy of its title.

Oct 19, 2018
Episode #222: "The Hate U Give," "First Man," "The Oath," and "Jolly Fellows"

First things first: Congratulations to Dave and Joan on the birth of their son Teddy! Guest Kristen Halbert sits in for Dave this week, and thankfully Kris and Evan have their own microphones this time. After they all have a good laugh about the technical difficulties during Kristen’s last visit, Kris leads off with JOLLY FELLOWS (3:10), an absurdly joyful Russian film from the 30s. Then Kristen covers THE OATH (8:55) a social satire from Ike Barinholtz that attempts to emulate GET OUT, but ends up more like SCARY MOVIE 4. Next Kris reviews FIRST MAN (15:20), the Damien Chazelle drama about Neil Armstrong that inspires him to make space puns left, right, and center. Lastly, everyone discusses THE HATE U GIVE (29:38), a gripping, layered drama that tactfully tackles issues of race, class, and police brutality through one brave young woman’s experience.  

Oct 12, 2018
Episode #221: "A Star is Born," "Bad Times at the El Royale," "The Sisters Brothers," "Walking the Streets of Moscow," "North by Northwest," "Citizen Kane" with special guest Sam Cohen!

This week, we welcome our old friend Sam Cohen back on the show! Things kick off with two Crewinds: NORTH BY NORTHWEST (4:09) and CITIZEN KANE (7:23), both of which Evan saw on Filmstruck. If you have classic films that have been on your watchlist for years, FilmStruck is here to help (not a sponsored message, we just dig the service). Next up, Kris (pardon his scratchy post-illness voice) catches up with an old Soviet classic WALKING THE STREETS OF MOSCOW (12:30), a film by Georgiy Daneliya that brings the heart and soul of the French New Wave to 1960s Russia. Sam then talks BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE (21:16), bad times that were unfortunately had by the audience as well. Kris gets everyone excited for A STAR IS BORN (31:41) which is going to win a whole bunch of Oscars and that's okay. Evan then finishes things off with THE SISTERS BROTHERS (44:20), the latest stark, brutal Western about the lawlessness of the early American Frontier.

Oct 05, 2018
Episode #220: "Nappily Ever After" and "Night School"

It’s Dave’s last week on Spoilerpiece for a while, as his family is about to expand by one person and he’s preparing for massive sleep deprivation. Kris couldn’t make the show (because he had to attend a screening) and Dave couldn’t do a late show, so the excellent Shauna Harris sits in. She and Evan saw all of NAPPILY EVER AFTER (3:52) and Dave saw half of it. The entire gang saw NIGHT SCHOOL (27:59), the new Kevin Hart vehicle. One movie everyone is on board with, and one movie everyone is not. Be sure to check our Patreon for extra audio at patreon.com/spoilerpiece.

Sep 28, 2018
Episode #219: "Mandy," "Lizzie," "The House with a Clock in its Walls," "Predator (1987)," "Grey's Anatomy"

Welcome to Episode 219! This week: the unnaturally watchable GREY'S ANATOMY (4:03); the immortal PREDATOR (1987) (12:35); the surprisingly charming THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS (20:30); the slowest ax murderer movie ever made in LIZZIE (32:13); and the gorgeously gruesome yet respectful MANDY (42:24).

Sep 21, 2018
Episode #218: "The Predator" and "The Wife"

Two new big releases on the show this week. After Dave corrects a mistake he made in last week’s episode (re: whether TRESPASS by Genesis was released in 1970 or 1971), they get into THE WIFE (3:30), which features a fine performance by Jonathan Pryce and an EPIC Glenn Close performance. Kris and Dave disagree on how good it is (and Kris gets in a good dig at Dave at about 14:30), but they’re definitely on the same page about Close’s performance (also, Dave mixed up his pronouns at 20:59 and should have said, “He takes that from her,” not the other way around). Then it’s Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR (30:04), which everyone saw. Two-thirds of the guys hated it and one-third liked it. If you are a Patreon member (patreon.com/spoilerpiece), you’ll find THREE pieces of extra audio on the Patreon page over the next few days.

Sep 14, 2018
Episode #217: "The Nun," "Searching," "Mom and Dad," "Sorcerer," "Point Break," and "The Age of Innocence"

Somehow DMX comes up again in conversation this week, but this time it’s in the context of an animated show! Kris kicks off the episode’s movies by talking about POINT BREAK (3:40), which he and his fiancé accidentally watched on Keanu Reeves’ birthday. After the guys gush about Kathryn Bigelow’s directing and Reeves’ general awesomeness, Kris moves on to MOM AND DAD (11:38), Brian Taylor’s madcap thriller where Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair play homicidal parental units. Next, Dave covers SORCERER (21:00), one of the all-time great movies with one of the all-time most confusing titles, and THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (28:00), a Scorsese period piece that Dave forgot is really funny, yet also really sad. Evan jumps in to rave about SEARCHING (30:43), a smart, tense thriller starring John Cho as a father searching (see what they did there?) for his missing daughter. And finally to wrap everything up, the guys review THE NUN (42:00), a toothless, glacially paced horror movie brimming with bizarre accents and equally bizarre plot choices.

Sep 07, 2018
Episode #216: "Kin," "Operation Finale," "The Boy," "Wayne's World"

This week, Kris kicks things off with one of his favorite movies from childhood, WAYNE'S WORLD (5:35). Sometimes revisiting films you loved in your youth is disappointing, but Kris found new appreciation for the subtler moments and supporting characters, and the authenticity of Penelope Spheeris's direction. Then he segues into THE BOY (13:56), which is one huge letdown and a misuse of of good design, fine performances, and terrific cinematography. Then it's on to new releases: OPERATION FINALE (23:05), which follows the abduction of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann by Mossad to face justice. Unfortunately, they bent the worthwhile history lesson to fit a hokey template, devaluing both the story its potential impact. Last up is KIN (41:33), which is either instantly forgettable or utterly enraging; either way, its lack of coherent vision and overreliance on one specific pop culture reference means we certainly can't recommend it.

Aug 31, 2018
Episode #215: "The Miseducation of Cameron Post," "Boyz n the Hood," "Papillon (1973)," and listener reviews ("Ant Man & The Wasp," "Cabin in the Woods")

This week on Spoilerpiece Theatre: All the way from Ireland, we thank listener and friend of the show Rory for his takes on ANT MAN & THE WASP (4:15) and CABIN IN THE WOODS (5:35)! (If you want our take on a film you saw, listen to the end of the show for the best way to reach us!) From there, it's Crewind with the bold, stylish, and heart-wrenching BOYZ N THE HOOD (8:57). Then, Dave runs us through what makes Steve McQueen in PAPILLON (1973) (20:35) worth a revisit. Closing out the show, Kris recaps THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST (36:10), a movie about one of the worst abominations against developing minds that continues to be legal: so-called "gay conversion therapy."

Aug 24, 2018
Episode #214: "Alpha," "Crazy Rich Asians," "Mile 22," "Never Goin' Back," "Skate Kitchen" and Crewind

Aerosmith has a Las Vegas residency and the guys have thoughts about it before they brainstorm more old-man-injury-themed bands. Evan opens with a Crewind where he recaps his epic double feature of MENACE II SOCIETY and CITY OF GOD (3:12), two excellent movies that make similar statements about the cyclical nature of poverty, crime and corruption. Then Kris takes over to discuss ALPHA (11:18), a film about the first human/canine companionship that he really wishes was better. Next Dave reviews CRAZY RICH ASIANS (26:11), a romantic comedy that largely fits the genre mold aside from the fact that the whole cast is Asian and the male lead is boring. After that Evan quickly covers NEVER GOIN’ BACK and SKATE KITCHEN (39:55), two films written and directed by women (yay) about high school girls cutting loose. Last, and certainly least, Dave and Kris wrap up with MILE 22 (44:47), the choppily edited Mark Walhberg/Peter Berg vehicle that’s too timid to identify the countries it maligns.

Aug 17, 2018
Episode #213: "BlacKkKlansman," "The Meg," "Blindspotting," "Like Father," "Set It Up" and recaps

It's a whole heaping helping of Spoilerpiece this week! First up is Dave who catches us up on BLINDSPOTTING (2:51), which you absolutely must see before it leaves theaters. Next up, Evan describes his first time watching two very different movies: PSYCHO (10:59) and RATRACE (16:39). Dave and Evan checked out two of the biggest Netflix exclusive flicks of the moment, LIKE FATHER and SET IT UP (22:55). Then it's on to the new releases, as Kris reviews THE MEG (35:42), where Jason Statham fights an ancient, gigantic shark (you know what you're getting into). Closing out the episode is Dave with BLACKkKLANSMAN (50:18), based on an incredible but true story that connects America's current racial tensions to the past it refuses to acknowledge (even if you know the story, you have no idea what you're getting into).

Aug 10, 2018
Episode #212: "The Spy Who Dumped Me"

Hey, gang! Short show this week because we all had a lot of stuff to do outside the podcast. After a brief discussion of the merits of DMX, we get right into our one movie: THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME, starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. Let’s put it this way: Our reactions may surprise you (in a good way?)! And we all saw it! Yay!

Aug 03, 2018
Episode #211: "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," "Fools Rush In," "Notting Hill," "sex, lies, and videotape," "Beautiful Girls"

This week, Dave kicks things off with a palate cleansing Riedel's Recaps after last week's weedfest: the overlong yet charming NOTTING HILL (6:57), the award-winning sex, lies, and videotape (12:29), and the par creepy, part interesting, thoroughly '90s BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (13:32). Next, Evan revisits romantic comedy, FOOLS RUSH IN (20:55) starring the then-newly famous Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry, which boasts some unexpected layers in its treatment of race, culture, and romantic independence. Then it's on to the main event, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT (26:05). Full of terrific action but weighed down by twist after twist after twist, it's still well worth your time.

Jul 27, 2018
Episode #210: "The Equalizer 2," "Unfriended: The Dark Web," "Maktub," "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and pot movies galore

Just how old was the PEZ that Evan ate recently? Find out on this week’s episode! After the guys chomp through the answer, Evan and Kris share their most triumphant experience watching the Slaughterhouse Movie Club’s burlesque show and presentation of BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (5:15) on the big screen. Next Dave fills them in on his not-so-hazy adventure tracing the evolution pot films (8:37), where he saw cannabis classics like REEFER MADNESS, MARIHUANA, SHE SHOULD HAVE SAID NO, EASY RIDER, and 9 TO 5. Once the smoke clears, Evan digs into MAKTUB (20:46), the adorable Israeli film about two mobsters who attempt reform by granting people’s wishes…in their own way. Unfortunately following his glowing review, Dave must reveal why UNFRIENDED: THE DARK WEB (31:00), a movie Evan and Kris hoped to see, is a terrible sequel to its smart predecessor. Finally, Kris and Dave wrap things up with THE EQUALIZER 2, another sequel that doesn’t measure up, mainly because, as they point out, it doesn’t feel nearly as dangerous, and lacks cohesiveness with its pacing and plot.

Jul 20, 2018
Episode #209 - "Leave No Trace," "Skyscraper," "Ant-Man and the Wasp," Documentary Round-Up and Recaps galore!

HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY TO SPOILERPIECE! We forgot to mention it until the end, so we thought we'd mention it here up front. Kris is out of town so we're joined by special guest Sean Burns. On the docket: Riedel's Recaps with SNEAKERS (3:00) and ANT-MAN AND THE WASP (7:18). Then it's a documentary download with RBG (10:54), WHITNEY (15:55), and THE KING (18:30). Then Evan hits us up with SKYSCRAPER (21:38). Everyone recaps CHEECH & CHONG'S UP IN SMOKE (32:30) before getting to Debra Granik's excellent LEAVE NO TRACE (40:10). Don't forget our Patreon! patreon.com/spoilerpiece

Jul 13, 2018
Episode #208 - "The First Purge," "Sorry to Bother You," and recaps with Dave & Evan

With Evan is back from his Florida honeymoon (!!), the guys have some catching up to do. First Dave gives us his take on ANNIHILATION (3:25), then it's a whole heaping helping of Creancaps (7:42): CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, DR. STRANGE, PATTI CAKE$, and COCO. Then it's on to this week's new releases, both of which are surprisingly radical: THE FIRST PURGE (17:30), which exceeds all possible expectations, and SORRY TO BOTHER YOU (38:27), which complete laughs at the entire notions of expectations. Both are worth your time!

Jul 06, 2018
Episode #207 - "Sicario: Day of the Soldado," "Damsel," and "Nancy" with special guest Andy Crump!

It’s another week of weddings (sort of) on Spoilerpiece, as Kris shares some big news. Then Kris and Dave are joined by Andy Crump of way-too-many-outlets-to-list as discusses NANCY (3:42) starring Andrea Riseborough. He and Dave take on the Zellners’ DAMSEL (14:57) after that, and then Kris and Dave hoot and holler about SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO (33:45), the sequel no one asked for from a franchise that doesn’t need one. Ho ho! Hot takes abound on Spoilerpiece, just as they do in this description page! Don’t forget to check out our Patreon page (patreon.com/spoilerpiece)!

Jun 29, 2018
Episode #206 - "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," "Annihilation," "Justice League," and "The Purge: Election Year"

Let's get a technical glitch out of the way before we forget: We recorded at a different location from our usual spot because - wait for it! - Evan got married! Yay! But he's on his honeymoon and his pad isn't available and we recorded at Kris' place and we forgot to unplug the refrigerator. That means you can hear it buzzing from about the 9:00-minute mark to about 26:15. Totes sorry, peeps. As for movies, Kris tackles ANNIHILATION (3:25) in a new "Keeping Up with the Jensons" segment. Then Dave has a few words about THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR (14:20) for "Riedel's Recaps." JUSTICE LEAGUE (19:20) gets the heretofore unheard of "Riedel's Up with the Jensons" treatment, as both Kris and Dave tackle this weirdo what-the-eff-is-this movie. The new release this week is JURASSIC PARK: FALLEN KINGDOM (31:50). Don't forget to check out our Patreon page, and to borrow a line from the Bartles & Jaymes guys: Thank you for your support!

Jun 22, 2018
Episode #205 - "Hereditary" (for real this time!), "Tag," "American Animals," and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"

Evan is getting married this weekend! Before his brief break from the show for his honeymoon, he shares his thoughts on watching SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (6:10) for the dozenth time, a movie that does not lose anything on repeat viewings. Next, Dave gets everyone unexpectedly excited about AMERICAN ANIMALS (8:21), revealing that it's not just another cool-guy heist movie but an examination of the formation, execution, and consequences of a monumentally bad idea. Next, Kris and Dave talk about how much TAG sucks. (18:37) Finally, the moment all (okay, some) have been waiting for, the full Spoilerpiecing of HEREDITARY (37:08). Kris thinks it's a modern classic, Dave thinks it's short of that but still very impressive in some ways, particularly the performances and an exceptional turn by Toni Collette.

Jun 15, 2018
Episode #204 - "Ocean's 8," "Total Recall," "Heat," and (not) "Hereditary"

This week, Kris teases with some tasty tidbits about HEREDITARY (2:58) that don't give anything away, tabling that conversation for when all of the hosts have seen it. (Do see it yourself before then, though!) Then, Evan and Dave revisit old favorites: TOTAL RECALL (7:15) and HEAT (18:14) respectively, delivering some choice observations that come from repeat viewings. Was it all a dream in TOTAL RECALL? What exactly is this "cowboy" business all about in HEAT? Listen to find out! Then it's on to the main event: OCEAN'S 8 (29:45), a totally fun heist flick full of terrific stars doing what they do best. Though technically a sequel to the OCEAN'S movies of yesterdecade, it charts its own path and will charm its way into your good graces thanks to its dedicated cast and solid screenplay. Could it have benefitted from Soderbergh's direction? Maybe! Is it a blast anyway? Hell yeah!

Jun 08, 2018
Episode #203 - "Won't You Be My Neighbor," "Adrift," "Dead Calm" (briefly), and "Upgrade"

This week kicks off with a special edition of Riedel's Crewind, as Dave and Evan talk WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR (4:12), the Mr. Rogers documentary that has been charming critics and audiences the world over. Next up, Kris talks ADRIFT (14:18), a true story starring Shailene Woodley as a young woman left to fend for herself and her injured partner after a hurricane destroys their boat. It's a tad uneven, but the sheer physicality of Woodley's performance and the fascinating focus on just how taxing survival can be. This leads Dave to quickly recap DEAD CALM (25:08), before Dave and Evan wrap things up with gritty, violent, and inventive sci-fi flick UPGRADE (31:02).

Jun 01, 2018
Episode #202 - "First Reformed," "On Chesil Beach," "Bye Bye Germany," Michael Mann's "Thief" and Keeping Up with the Jensons ("Solo: A Star Wars Story")

We RARELY make mistakes on Spoilerpiece, but when we do, we don’t cower or deny it. WE OWN IT, MAN. So we start off episode 202 with a correction (2:59) regarding our DEADPOOL 2 segment from episode 201. Then it’s “Keeping Up with the Jensons” because Kris saw SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (4:39)! Next it’s new movie time. Dave fills Kris and Evan in on Paul Schrader’s FIRST REFORMED (7:25), Evan gives everyone the skinny on BYE BYE GERMANY (17:05), and Dave spoilerpieces one of the saddest movies he’s ever seen, ON CHESIL BEACH (26:53). Finally, Kris and Dave talk about Michael Mann’s THIEF (37:20), which they both saw for the first time. And if you love the show, don’t forget to join our Patreon! Go to the Patreon website and search for “Spoilerpiece.” Kisses!

May 25, 2018
Episode #201 - "Solo: A Star Wars Story," "Deadpool 2," Disobedience," and "Gentleman's Agreement"

Here we are at episode 201, kids! We made it! Evan kicks the show off with a Crewind of GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT (3:04), a 1947 film about anti-Semitism starring Gregory Peck. Kris follows up with DEADPOOL 2 (11:14), a movie that Kris feels differently about from most critics. Then Dave and Evan go into DISOBEDIENCE (26:19), director Sebastian Lelio’s English-language debut starring Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, and Alessandro Nivola, about, as New Order might say, a bizarre love triangle. Finally, Evan and Dave get into SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (36:07). Who liked it? Who didn’t? By the way, there are tangents aplenty in this episode.

May 18, 2018
Episode 200! "Life of the Party," "Breaking In," Lu Over the Wall" and "Keeping Up with the Jensons"

Hey everybody! It’s the 200th episode of Spoilerpiece Theatre! You may have noticed some different music at the opening to commemorate it. We also recorded on Kris’s birthday, so the opening muzak is doubly significant! We kick things off with an episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE JENSONS covering THE LOST BOYS (3:20). Following a spirited discussion of whether garlic works on these vampires a brief recap of Jason Patrick movies, the guys move on to BREAKING IN (13:00), a.k.a. GABRIELLE UNION KILLS SOME DUDES WHO THREATEN HER CHILDREN, which only Dave saw. (Note: This movie is super violent, and notice how Dave gets all the violent movies?) Next is Evan with LU OVER THE WALL (25:37), a weird mermaid tale that he struggled to watch (and Kris takes a detour to Tangent Street so he can talk about THE LURE, another mermaid movie). Finally, all three hosts saw the Melissa McCarthy vehicle LIFE OF THE PARTY (36:15).

May 11, 2018
Episode #199: "Tully" and IFFBoston Roundup

This week, Evan runs us through his experiences with the best of IFFBoston (4:18) -- EIGHTH GRADE, WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?, many great docs. But it's the not-so-best -- THIRD MURDER -- that intrigues Kris with its strange premise and stranger name. Kris then gushes about his experience hosting the Q and A for the new Agnostic Front documentary THE GODFATHERS OF HARDCORE (22:57). Then Dave and Kris try and fail to run out of nice things to say about TULLY (29:38) which is a damn good movie. This Diablo Cody-Jason Reitman team-up starring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis is making news for its controversial depiction of mental health, but as a mature yet funny statement about reconciling your past self with your present reality, especially after having children.

May 04, 2018
Episode #198: "Avengers: Infinity War," Super Troopers 2," "You Were Never Really Here," "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and "Marathon Man"

It’s a hot week o’ movies over at Spoilerpiece. First we head into a Crewind segment, and Evan fills Kris and Dave in on his recent viewings of INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (3:58), which he’s seen a million times, and MARATHON MAN (6:33), which is his first viewing. Then we keep up with the Jensons for a brief talk about SUPER TROOPERS 2 (14:41), and Riedel has a recap with the Joaquin Phoenix thriller YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE (20:07). Question: Is the title of this Phoenix movie a reference to I’M NOT HERE? Let us know! Finally, Kris and Dave fill Evan in on the big new release of the week: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (28:56). How does it stack up against other recent Marvel movies? Don’t forget to check out our Patreon where you can get all kinds of goodies for being a totes rad patron.

Apr 27, 2018
Episode #197: IFFBoston Preview with Nancy Campbell

On this week's episode, Kris and Evan are joined by Nancy Campbell, Program Director for IFFBoston and staff manager for the legendary Coolidge Corner Theatre. IFFBoston begins next week (!!), so after a brief discussion of a repertory series inspired by R. Lee Ermey, the three discuss the fest's history, highlights, and much, much more. If you're familiar with IFFBoston, get a behind the scenes glimpse at one of Boston's greatest gatherings of cinephiles. If this is the first you're hearing about it, give a listen and learn more at iffboston.org.

Apr 20, 2018
Episode #196: "Rampage," "Truth or Dare" (HORROR!), "Lean on Pete," rapid-fire recaps of "The Death of Stalin," "Creep 2," and "Happy Death Day"

This week's episode begins with another installment of Keepin' Up with the Jensons (2:43), in which Kris dives into his cinematic weekend with three very different movies that he recommends nonetheless: THE DEATH OF STALIN, CREEP 2, and HAPPY DEATH DAY. Then it's Dave with LEAN ON PETE (16:51), a very well made sad-animal-sad-people saga about a runaway teen with nothing but his horse. Then it's back to Kris with RAMPAGE (27:40), another movie about the bond between beast and man, this time between a monster gorilla and The Rock as they battle obstinate military men, evil corporations, and the other monsters they produced. It's as good as this movie can conceivably be, and really, what else can you ask for? Closing out this episode is TRUTH OR DARE (43:20), yet another risky endeavor from Blumhouse that capitalizes on a clever story and terrific cast to make its flaws of secondary concern so the audience can just focus on having a good time.

Apr 13, 2018
Episode #195: "A Quiet Place" (HORROR!), "Finding Your Feet," and "The Insult

On this week's show, three good movies with nary a stinker among them! First up is Dave with FINDING YOUR FEET (3:31), a totally predictable, utterly cliche English comedy-drama that will nonetheless reel you in with its sincerity. Next up, Dave and Kris dig into THE INSULT (19:26), this year's Best Picture nominee from Lebanon, a film in which a minor dispute between a Christian mechanic and a Palestinian engineer in Beirut threatens to reopen wounds of the Civil War. It boasts phenomenal performances and a raw emotional core that carry it past some conventional narrative choices. Last up is A QUIET PLACE (37:58), John Krasinski's new horror film in which a family's only hope of survival is to remain completely silent among monsters who hunt by sound. It's tense from the very first moments, genuinely inventive with its premise, and utterly gripping.

Apr 06, 2018
Episode #194: "Ready Player One," "Pandas," and lots of movies from the Boston Underground Film Festival

There’s a lot of show this week on Spoilerpiece. First, Dave updates everyone on CHRONOLOGICAL COENS (4:05). Then Kris and Evan share their experiences covering lots of movies at the Boston Underground Film Festival (5:58), beginning with MY NAME IS MYEISHA (9:00), and followed by PIN CUSHION (13:36), THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD (15:30), LET THE CORPSES TAN (18:32), THE RANGER (21:58), TOP KNOT DETECTIVE (27:47), MEXMAN (28:40), REVENGE (30:05),  TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID (30:54), and BAD MANNERS (31:49), the only movie Kris and Evan reeeeeeeally disagree on. Dave gives a quick rundown of the new IMAX movies PANDAS (35:00). Finally, it’s Steven Spielberg’s big-ass adaptation of READY PLAYER ONE (36:33). There’s serious ‘80s regression during this section, kids. Thanks to our patrons! Some exclusive audio from this episode will be out by Saturday!

Mar 30, 2018
Episode #193: "Pacific Rim Uprising" and "Unsane" with a smidgen of Boston Underground Film Festival preview!

Hey gang! It’s a big week on Spoilerpiece! Before our awesome theme music kicks in, Evan, Kris, and Dave have a big announcement about the new Spoilerpiece Patreon! (Cue music…) But before launching into this week’s flicks, Dave asks that you please please PRETTY GODDAMN PLEASE go to his Twitter page and vote for “Chronological Coens” or “Chronological Cronenberg” (3:37). And yes, that means he’ll watch the Coen brothers’ movies from BLOOD SIMPLE to HAIL CAESAR! or STEREO to MAPS OF THE STARS, depending on which you choose, dear listeners. Poll closes at roughly 5 p.m. ET Friday, March 23, 2018. As for the big movies this week, it’s Steven Soderbergh’s UNSANE (9:38), which Kris and Dave more or less agree on with one important difference. Then everyone talks PACIFIC RIM UPRISING (35:03), the next chapter in the PACIFIC RIM series. Plus, Kris and Evan talk a little bit about the upcoming Boston Underground Film Festival (31:06)! Stay tuned after the closing music for (very) brief silliness.

Mar 23, 2018
Episode #192: "Tomb Raider," "Veronica," (HORROR!) and "7 Days in Entebbe"

Hello from snowy Boston, MA! This week's show begins with the very solid VERONICA (3:40), a horror movie from Paco Plaza, director of REC. It's on Netflix now and people are buzzing about its atmosphere and terrifying set pieces. They're mostly right, according to Kris, except that the scares stop halfway through once you become invested in the story in its own right. Next up, Dave saw 7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE (21:54), a new thriller based on a true story involving Israel, Uganda, and a hijacked plane. Despite a few interesting side characters, there's nothing keeping ENTEBBE in the air. Last up is TOMB RAIDER (33:08), starring Alicia Vikander in the role of Lara Croft. She's great, as are other members of the cast, but the movie around her is not for its go-nowhere plot, strange self-contradictions, and pointlessly preposterous twist.

Mar 16, 2018
Episode #191: The Oscars and "A Wrinkle in Time" with guest Kristen Halbert

Things are a bit different this week at Spoilerpiece as technical glitches force us to employ some improvised recording methods, so please excuse any changes in pacing/audio quality! Dave couldn't be here, so Evan and Kris are joined by special guest critic Kristen Halbert of Forces of Geek, who describes some rather unique experiences at Comic-Con. Kris fell short of his goal to watch everything nominated for an Oscar in every category -- 51 out of 59 films -- and gives his thoughts on some of the categories he felt were a bit off (5:23). Then it's on to the main event, A WRINKLE IN TIME (14:02), Ava DuVernay's valiant and heartfelt attempt to adapt the unadaptable and beloved novel by Madeleine L'Engle. All three hosts were touched in some way, and though it occasionally suffers from odd pacing and other issues, it can be quite dazzling and powerful when it works. A definite see!

Mar 09, 2018
Episode #190: "Red Sparrow," "Mute," and "Roman J. Israel, Esq."

After some discussion of weather, moods, and major singing in the cold open, the guys get down to tha movies. ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. is the focus of this week’s installment of “Keeping Up with the Jensons” (3:59). (Kris is trying to see all the Oscar nominees before Academy Awards ceremony.) Then Evan regales everyone with his breakdown of MUTE (12:39), Duncan Jones’ new weirdo flick starring Alexander Skarsgård as a mute guy trying to find his girlfriend. Note: Paul Rudd is the heavy in this one. Lastly, Kris and Dave talk about RED SPARROW (27:30), the new Jennifer Lawrence/Francis Lawrence collaboration with an ending you should see coming, but the preview audience was totes surprised.

Mar 02, 2018
Episode #189: "Game Night," "Pacific Heights," "The Leisure Seeker," and "The Boss Baby/Loving Vincent"

Hello there! On this week's episode, Evan and Dave run us through quintessential early '90s psycho stalker flick PACIFIC HEIGHTS (5:04) that lets Keaton be Keaton. Next up, Dave unleashes his disdain for the pointless and needlessly infuriating THE LEISURE SEEKER (17:19), which thankfully no one is going to see anyway. Then it's on to Kris, who watched two films nominated for Best Animated Feature, THE BOSS BABY (24:41) and LOVING VINCENT (30:48). He hated one and tolerated the other. Guess which is which -- then flip that guess, and that's the correct answer. Last up is the main event, GAME NIGHT (33:55), which has massively undersold just how funny and exciting it is through awful, horrendous trailers. It's the rarest of all movies: an action-thriller-comedy where all three components work!

Feb 23, 2018
Episode #188: "Black Panther" and sports movies with special guest Matt Goisman!

It's a one-movie show this week, but boy what a movie! The guys are joined by Cape Cod Times sportswriter and lifelong comics enthusiast Matt Goisman, who gives his view of what makes a worthwhile sports movie before they all jump into the main event. BLACK PANTHER (13:15), Ryan Coogler's mighty impressive statement on the long-term effects of colonialism that asks if it is possible for utopia to exist, should it? And oh yeah, it's a superhero movie to boot. With amazing visuals, rich performances, and thoughtful subtext wrapped in an entertaining package, BLACK PANTHER is one to see whether you're into Marvel movies or not.

Feb 16, 2018
Episode #187: "Fifty Shades Freed" and "The 15:17 to Paris"

This week starts with the guys yakking about the READY PLAYER ONE trailer, since Dave and Evan were forced to watch it twice in one sitting. The rest is about two new pictures coming to theaters. First, Kris reviews FIFTY SHADES FREED (3:41), the final chapter in the franchise, which he says redefines the term “captive audience.” Kris laughs at its batty kidnapping plot and explains how it connects to FIFTY SHADES DARKER, a movie that recently made him subscribe to HBO, just so he didn’t have to buy it on Amazon. Next, Evan and Dave take on Clint Eastwood’s THE 15:17 TO PARIS (29:22), a film so bad it actually makes Evan jealous of Kris. They rail against Eastwood’s decision to use real people instead of actors, its terrible dialogue, and its boring focus on minutiae.

Feb 09, 2018
Episode #186: "Bilal: A New Breed of Hero," "Private Benjamin," and "The Last of the Mohicans"

After wondering what kind of person show up to a movie 15 minutes late, the guys get into an oldie-but-goodie kinda week on Spoilerpiece. Evan breaks down PRIVATE BENJAMIN (3:25), a funny feminist-ish Army-ish comedy starring Goldie Hawn as a woman who joins up because she really doesn’t have anything else to do. Then Dave gets into THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (13:27), the Michael Mann-directed Daniel Day-Lewis-starring French and Indian War epic. Technically, BILAL: A NEW BREED OF HERO (23:27) is new to the United States, but it’s been out overseas quite a while. Kris and Evan discuss its flaws (many) and virtues (also many), and how it features stories outside the normal American purview.

Feb 02, 2018
Episode #185: "Maze Runner: The Death Cure," "Hostiles," "Mudbound," "My Left Foot," and "Moonstruck"

Lotsa movies on this week's episode! First up is Dave with MY LEFT FOOT (4:21), the film that arguably sealed Daniel Day-Lewis's reputation as the world's most committed screen actor. Next, Evan runs us through MOONSTRUCK (12:45), a romantic romp with folks who just can't stop getting hit in the eye by amore. Dave then perseveres through his disdain for the MAZE RUNNER series by explaining how it limps along into its third installment, THE DEATH CURE (20:25). Dave and Evan then dive into Academy Award-nominated MUDBOUND (33:08), before Kris and Dave wrap things up with HOSTILES (47:09), two very different movies that confront America's inability to confront its own history of racism and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jan 26, 2018
Episode #184: "First They Killed My Father" (Angelina Jolie), "My Beautiful Laundrette" (Stephen Frears with Daniel Day-Lewis), and "Doctor Zhivago" (book vs. adaptation)

This week's episode starts with Dave fresh off of MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE (6:30), which he saw as part of Coolidge Corner Theatre's series dedicated to Daniel Day-Lewis, "I'm Finished!" It's all over the place with a million plot threads and an impossibly large cast, but boasts a terrific grit and excellent performances. Next up is Kris, who just finished reading Boris Pasternak's DOCTOR ZHIVAGO and rewatched David Lean's adaptation starring Omar Sharif (21:17). Kris wishes he were more impressed with the film after reading the novel, but is he breaking his own rule of separating films from source material by lowering his opinion of a movie he enjoyed? Maybe, and he's the first to admit it. The episode then close things out with a recap of FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER (36:42), Angelina Jolie's film about life under the Khmer Rouge. The guys are split -- Dave and Kris enthusiastically in favor, with Evan on the fence as to whether it's a success in its own terms.

Jan 19, 2018
Episode #183: "The Phantom Thread" (Paul Thomas Anderson), and Liam Neeson in "The Commuter"

Evan is sunning himself on a beach somewhere - or maybe not. But he’s in Florida, which means he’s warmer than Kris and Dave. And that means there’s a special guest filling in, friend-of-the-show Greg Vellante! After a brief discussion about why Greg works seven full days a week, he breaks down the latest Liam-Neeson-kills-people-in-January movie THE COMMUTER (6:03). Kris lets everyone know how’s he’s doing with his Letterboxd account, and then they’re into tha main event: Paul Thomas Anderson’s PHANTOM THREAD, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps. One word of advice: See it on film if you have the opportunity.

Jan 12, 2018
Episode #182: HORROR! "Insidious: The Last Key" and other stuff (Tarantino rumors, the TRUTH OR DARE trailer, yada yada)

After discussing the trailer for the upcoming TRUTH OR DARE and a rumored long-lost Clint Eastwood movie, Evan, Kris, and Dave get down to answering some questions posed by a listener about Quentin Tarantino and rumors of his possible attachment to a new STAR TREK movie (5:00). Then they answer more questions and Kris fills the guys in on his return to letterboxd.com (15:45). Finally, it’s off to the main event, the new Leigh Whannel-written INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (18:30), and what the hell it all means in the context of the INSIDIOUS series. Stay warm, New England.

Jan 05, 2018
Episode #181: Our Top 10 Films of 2017

Happy almost New Year dear listeners! This week, after Kris reveals the very painful way he thinks Dave can fix a messed up shoulder, Dave agrees with Charlie Nash’s commentary on MOLLY’S GAME (5:26) from the previous episode. Next the guys talk about holiday films (7:35) they watched like A CHRISTMAS STORY, MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS and CASABLANCA. Then they move onto their main event (16:00), a deep dive into their ballots for the Boston Online Film Critics Association’s annual awards. The guys each share their top 10 films from the year, while also debating the merits of their favorite performances, directors, screenplays, editing, cinematography and scores, which include work in movies never-before discussed on the show.

Dec 29, 2017
Episode #180: "Molly's Game," "Call Me By Your Name," and "The Post" with special guest Charlie Nash!

This week, friend of the show (and the hosts!) Charlie Nash returns to the guest seat in Dave's absence. The first review of the night is Evan and Charlie with MOLLY'S GAME (3:38), Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut. The famed writer of A FEW GOOD MEN, THE WEST WING, and THE SOCIAL NETWORK, known for his tight and layered dialogue, would have benefited from applying the same discipline to his camerawork and pacing, as a worthwhile story with good performances gets buried under its own weight (and penchant for mansplaining). Next up is Charlie with a captivating recap of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (28:15), Luca Guadagnino's coming of age tale love story starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. It boasts lush visuals and a deep exploration of discovering sides of ourselves we neither understand how to express nor contain. Wrapping things up is THE POST (48:44), Steven Spielberg's latest masterpiece -- yes, it really is -- about the publishing of the Pentagon Papers. With a top-notch cast and a clear understanding of the stakes, it's a must-see for history buffs or anyone who cares about valuing truth  and accountability above comfort and stability.

Dec 22, 2017
Episode #179: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI and I, TONYA with special guest Tim Estiloz!

This week Kris, Evan, and Dave are joined by their good friend and fellow BOFCA member Tim Estiloz for a spirited discussion of I, TONYA (5:52), the Tonya Harding biopic with Margot Robbie as figure skater Harding. Tim, a former professional ice skater and current news/film reporter-type, brings a unique perspective to the discussion and offers some insight on the real Harding’s skills. Then the guys get into STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (38:12). Yes, we give everything away (like always), but THE LAST JEDI is so much fun no spoilers could actually spoil it.

Dec 15, 2017
Episode #178: "The Shape of Water," "The Darkest Hour," and Crewind ("Logan," "Battle of the Sexes," "Last Flag Flying")

We kick off this week's Spoilerpiece with a Crewind -- also known as Evan Can Wait and God Save the Crean -- in which Evan recaps his experiences with LOGAN (eh), BATTLE OF THE SEXES (good), and LAST FLAG FLYING (wow) (4:02, 9:30, 15:29 respectively). Next up is Dave with THE DARKEST HOUR (20:11), in which Gary Oldman portrays Winston Churchill in the earliest days of Britain's involvement in World War II. It's a bit of a recitation of well-established facts, but Oldman doing anything can never be totally boring, making this a mixed bag. Last up is all three guys with Guillermo del Toro's THE SHAPE OF WATER (32:11). If you like del Toro, you know what to expect. If you don't, well, you also know what to expect, only moreso.

Dec 08, 2017
Episode #177: “The Disaster Artist" (and "The Room" by extension), "The Florida Project" and lots of other stuff

After Evan tells Kris and Dave about his exploding sofa cushions, they delve into the week’s movies. First there’s THE DISASTER ARTIST (6:30), the absolutely wonderful making-of-THE-ROOM movie directed by James Franco and starring Franco as Tommy Wiseau and his brother Dave Franco as Greg Sestero. Then there’s Sean Baker’s THE FLORIDA PROJECT (22:07), which all three guys saw and have lots of opinions about.

Dec 01, 2017
Episode #176: “Roman J. Israel, Esq.,” “Coco,” and "Keepin' Up with the Jensons: The Killing of a Sacred Deer"

On this week's episode, Dave and Kris are still in the process of recovering from various plagues (Apologies for the occasional coughing!), but that doesn't slow them down from getting to the bottom of this week's releases. First up is Kris with an installment of Keepin' Up with the Jensons, revisiting THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER (4:50). Rather than rehash the plot, Kris ponders the point of it all, with some unsatisfying conclusions. Next up, Evan walks through ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. (9:24), the new film from NIGHTCRAWLER director Dan Gilroy featuring Denzel Washington and Colin Farrell. It's not necessarily a bad film and it boasts some fine performances, but it ultimately suffers from a terminal case of not having a firm grasp on its own point, leading to an uneven tone and baffling plot twists. Last up is Dave and Kris with COCO (30:09), the new Pixar film guaranteed to make you cry. It's a delight to behold that is gorgeous and heartfelt despite some issues of predictability, and is a welcome addition to the Pixar tradition of finding worthwhile, emotional stories all around us.

Nov 24, 2017
Episode #175: “Justice League,” “Last Flag Flying,” “In Between,” “Keep the Change,” and special guest Sean Burns!

This week our good friend and co-host Kristofer Jenson is sidelined by the plague, so honorary fourth member Sean Burns fills in. He gets things started off (3:40) with a special guest segment, “Burned Out with Sean Burns,” in which he tells Dave and Evan what he thinks of THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI. Evan follows things up with IN BETWEEN and KEEP THE CHANGE (8:50), which are showing at the Boston Jewish Film Festival. Then Sean and Dave weigh in on Richard Linklater’s LAST FLAG FLYING (18:00), the spiritual sequel to THE LAST DETAIL. Finally, it’s superhero time as Evan and Dave discuss JUSTICE LEAGUE (28:55) and Sean more or less correctly guesses the plot even though he hasn’t seen it.

Nov 17, 2017
Episode #174: "Lady Bird," "Murder on the Orient Express," "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri," and "Winter Hunt" at the Boston Jewish Film Festival

Big week at Spoilerpiece! Lotsa movies. Evan fills us in on the Boston Jewish Film Festival (3:45) with the four shorts (JOIN THE CLUB with Ari Graynor, WIG SHOP with Emily Mortimer, BLACK SWELL with Richard Kind, and THE CHOP, about a Jewish butcher who gets a job in halal shop), and one feature (WINTER HUNT) he watched in anticipation of the festival’s run from November 8-20. Dave follows at 17:20 with Frances McDormand in THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, which he characterizes as one of the best films of 2017. Next up is Kris and Dave with Kenneth Branagh’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS at 30:00. Lastly, all three guys saw Greta Gerwig’s masterful LADY BIRD and take turns gushing about how much they love it.

Nov 10, 2017
Episode #173: Halloween Horror Round-Up, "The Killing of a Sacred Deer," "LBJ," "Thor: Ragnarok"

This week starts with Dave's recap of the all-night Halloween Marathon at Brookline's Coolidge Corner Theatre (2:30) featuring some of the best in classic zombie flicks. Next up, Kris recounts his spooky double feature, LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH and MESSIAH OF EVIL (16:09), both of which are great slices in 1970s weirdness. Dave runs us through THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER (28:32) and does not buy into the hype. Dave and Evan team up for LBJ (34:39), the latest take on the president with a complicated legacy. Last up, all three talk about the surprisingly delightful THOR: RAGNAROK (44:37) from Taika Waititi.

Nov 03, 2017
Episode #172: "Suburbicon," "Too Funny to Fail," and "G.I. Jane"

This week the guys reminisce about long-gone insults of yesteryear before Kris offers a unique barb of his own design. For the movies, Evan delivers a “Crewind” of G.I. JANE (5:00), the Ridley Scott picture where Demi Moore is a badass Navy SEAL in training trapped in a story that gets a little muddled with conspiracy plots. Next Dave covers TOO FUNNY TO FAIL (17:17), a rollicking documentary on Hulu about the short-lived DANA CARVEY SHOW that explains that the inspiration for some of the show’s best sketches while reflecting on its failure. Then the guys take on SUBURBICON (28:35), a George Clooney film that borrows an old Coen Brothers script, but fails to imitate them effectively. While they chide it for being too heavy-handed and trying to cover too much narrative ground, they can all agree that Oscar Isaac injects much-needed vitality into his brief scenes.  

Oct 27, 2017
Episode #171: "Big Mouth," "They Look Like People," and "Only The Brave"

This episode begins with epic tales of Dave's film school smoking habits, which were quite epic. Then it's on to the main event, where Kris tells of his recent Netflix adventures with BIG MOUTH (5:45), the new animated show featuring Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, and a host of guest stars. It cuts deep with the preadolescent awkwardness, but it's worth your time. Next up is THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE (11:35), an atmospheric, psychological horror film about two friends: one who is having a slow psychotic break where he can't trust anything he sees or hears, and the other whose entire existence is a facade erected to protect his insecurity. It's great, and Kris convinces Dave and Evan to see it right away. Last up is ONLY THE BRAVE (32:37) a true-ish story about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, whose heroism deserves a much more thoughtful, intelligent, and coherent movie than the one they got.

Oct 20, 2017
Episode #170: "Marshall," "Lucky," "Raw" and "The Lego Batman Movie"

Evan, Kris, and Dave are joined by special guest (and Evan's fiancee) Shauna Harris! As a practicing attorney, she sits in to expound on MARSHALL (34:06), the new biopic about the first African-American Supreme Court justice (before he was on the Supreme Court) Thurgood Marshall. Before that, Evan and Shauna Crewind to RAW (18:15), the 2016 flick about French-Belgian cannibals, which, we're not ashamed to say, leads to "Cannibalismpiece Theatre" at 31:09, when the gang names a bunch of let's-eat-people movies. But to kick things off, Kris relays his feelings about THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (4:23) in a fresh segment of "Keeping up with the Jensons," and Dave waxes philosophic (not really) about LUCKY (9:48), the last movie Harry Dean Stanton appeared in before his death in September.



Oct 13, 2017
Episode #169: "Blade Runner 2049," "Gerald's Game," "Dune" and the Online New England Film Festival

This week Dave reveals something he feels like he has done right as a parent before any movies are discussed. Since Kris caught VICTORIA AND ABDUL (3:09), he leads off by explaining why Dave is right about it, before expressing some insights of his own. After that, Evan covers the Online New England Film Festival (6:02) by sharing the festival’s award winners and some of his favorite shorts. Next, Dave talks about David Lynch’s DUNE (13:52), raising several questions, including, ‘Who thought it was a good idea to let Toto do the score?’ Following this “Riedel’s Recap,” Kris spoilerpieces the Netflix film GERALD’S GAME (23:08), getting into grisly detail about why it made him want to throw up. Finally, Dave and Evan review the week’s big movie BLADE RUNNER 2049 (44:35) by discussing its atmosphere, aesthetic, and length in comparison to Ridley Scott’s original.

Oct 06, 2017
Episode #168: "The Dark Crystal," Tom Cruise Triple Feature ("Rain Man," "Days of Thunder, "American Made")," "Victoria & Abdul," and "Battle of the Sexes"

This week begins with a discussion of bad movies, and why video game adaptations are particularly egregious. Evan then kicks things off with a recap of his experience at Somerville Theatre's 70mm Festival, featuring THE DARK CRYSTAL (4:47). The Crewind continues with Evan's "Triple Cruise" where he watched two classics -- RAIN MAN (11:30) and the under-recognized DAYS OF THUNDER (15:17), before being joined by Dave to dissect AMERICAN MADE (21:55). The short version: it's awesome. Dave then Spoilerpieces no one into wanting to see VICTORIA & ABDUL (37:35), the latest example that director Stephen Frears should take it easy on the aristocracy for a while. It's finely made with a great turn by Eddie Izzard, but totally familiar. Last up, Dave and Kris are excited to talk about the many victories of BATTLE OF THE SEXES (42:02), both in the narrative and the filmmaking. It's good, funny, thoughtful, and entirely necessary.

Sep 29, 2017
Episode #167: "Stronger," "Mother!" and "Year by the Sea"

This week the guys talk about the wacky world of Colorado marijuana dispensaries before they delve into three very different movies. Dave and Kris lead off with STRONGER (3:18), the David Gordon Green/Jake Gyllenhaal film about one man’s struggle to overcome the trauma of losing his legs in the Boston Marathon Bombing, while he deals with the pressure of living in the public eye. Then Evan reviews YEAR BY THE SEA (30:38), a tale about an older woman who finds herself by moving to Cape Cod. And last, but certainly not least, all three guys discuss MOTHER! (42:49), the polarizing Darren Aronofsky picture that they have completely different opinions about.  

Sep 22, 2017
Episode #166: "American Assassin," "Rebel in the Rye," "The Women's Balcony," "Memino," "Bright Lights, Big City," and "The Hunt for Red October"

We have a bumper crop of movies on this week's show (have we used that description before?)! First, it's a bout of RIEDEL'S RECAPS, with James Bridges' BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY (3:57) and John McTiernan's THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (10:03). Then we're KEEPING UP WITH THE JENSON's and his take on MEMINO (14:32) (not to be confused with MEMENTO or former Boston mayor Tom Menino). Evan takes one for the team and watches REBEL IN THE RYE, which is NOT about Rebel Wilson, but J.D. Salinger (27:00). Then it's THE WOMEN'S BALCONY (36:02), an Israeli film that Evan missed at the Boston Jewish Film Festival but is making up for it now. Lastly, it's AMERICAN ASSASSIN (42:33), which Kris and Dave saw together against their better judgment (Evan took a pass - kudos to him).

Sep 15, 2017
Episode #165: "IT," "The Trip to Spain," and "Good Burger"

This week the guys marvel at technology’s ability to be accidentally stupid before they discuss movies. Kris starts off the show with a segment of “Keepin’ Up with the Jensons” where he describes his experience watching TWIN PEAKS (3:06), before he reviews GOOD BURGER (7:46), a super 90s movie starring Kenan (Thompson) and Kel (Mitchell), he found charming, funny, and very inoffensive. Next, Dave reviews THE TRIP TO SPAIN (19:50), the third installment in Michael Winterbottom’s travel-themed series, which has a lot fewer impressions and very confusing ending. Then the guys arrive at their main event, IT (30:05), the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel that’s creative and creepy with a great cast and special effects, even if it does have some flaws. Stay tuned after the credits for a bonus conversation from this week.

Sep 08, 2017
Episode #164: "Crown Heights," "I Do...Until I Don't," "The Friends of Eddie Coyle," and "Real Genius"

This week the guys explore ideas for new expletives that are safe to use around children before they dig into the movies. Since it’s the end of August, there aren't as many to discuss, although they do have a couple of recaps and two new releases, as well as some fun tangents in between. First, Dave recaps THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE (3:32), a Boston gangster movie from the 70s with Robert Mitchum that was actually shot in the city. Following a tangent on another Boston movie, THE DEPARTED, Evan Crewinds everyone to the 80s with REAL GENIUS (15:08), a cute comedy that causes the guys to wish Val Kilmer could be their college roommate too. Then all three guys review I DO…UNTIL I DON’T (24:36), the disappointing sophomore effort by Lake Bell, which has some sweet moments, and some misguided ideas about documentaries. Lastly, Evan and Dave spoilerpiece CROWN HEIGHTS (43:09), a wrongful conviction film that showcases great performances and makes excellent points about the American criminal justice system, but feels much longer than it should due to its shifting perspectives.

Sep 01, 2017
Episode #163: "Head," "Glory," "The Producers," "Some Freaks," "Logan Lucky," and "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power"

It’s late August at Spoilerpiece! Hells yeah! Even though it’s the g.d. dog days of summer and there’s jack in the way of new releases, we did a new episode and we even found a new movie! Yay! But first, we step into RIEDEL’S RECAPS. Dave takes on the Monkees in HEAD (2:56) and then Edward Zwick’s GLORY (7:15), which spends a lot of time with the white cast members even though it’s about the first black soldiers fighting in the American Civil War. Evan takes over for an installment of CREWIND, featuring his take on the 2005 version of Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS (11:00). We get to a new release with KRIS spoilerpiecing SOME FREAKS (17:25), which is On Demand right now. (Demand it!) Evan and Dave then get into Steven Soderbergh’s feature film return, the glorious LOGAN LUCKY (37:15), which they enjoyed the hell out of. Finally, Kris and Dave hit up AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER (51:24), which is a movie.

Aug 25, 2017