Brant & Sherri Oddcast

By Brant Hansen

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Category: Christianity

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 May 6, 2019
Brant and Sherri always make me smile!


Brant Hansen is from small-town Illinois, and is a self-professed nerd, diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult. He's a fan of C.S. Lewis and toast. "Producer Sherri", also a radio veteran, is from Pittsburgh, has one of the world's great laughs, and demonstrates incredible patience with Brant. Both are believers in Jesus, but have difficulty fitting in with modern American church culture. Together they have a daily radio show that is syndicated across the country, with segments ranging from the latest animal news, to interactions with listeners, to discussions about how messy life can be, and how good God is. You can find articles written by Brant at, and you can follow him on Twitter: @branthansen

Episode Date
Episode 984 A Puppet Presentation Of Some Sort

Welcome to Adulthood, Worst Jobs, Depression, Candied Hot Dog Ice Cream, Meeting 10,000 People, Krispy Kreme and Resse’s, Anxiety, BONUS CONTENT: Religion vs. Relationship;


“Your appetites can destroy you.”

“Every indicator says if you draw back on social media you’re happier.”

“We don’t want the words ‘candied’ and ‘hot dog’ together.”

“I don’t mean to implicate all extroverts.”

Aug 19, 2019
Special Oddcast! Celebrities Losing Faith

Brant and Sherri talk about raising children, making friends, and Christian celebrities losing their faith.

Aug 16, 2019
Episode 982 Who Would Like A Frosty Dr. Snap?

Brant’s 3 Things, Knock-Off Brands, Brant’s Hair Cut, Elvis Auction, Kids and Technology, Do You Light Up, BONUS CONTENT: Men As Protectors;


“And the tension remains.”

“People who are content find meaning and joy in their job.”

“The enemy doesn’t want unity.”

Aug 15, 2019
Episode 981 The Orphaned Melon-Headed Whale

Parents and Napping, Hair Solidarity, Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Meaningless, Keeping It Real;


“Some of the worse ideas are listener ideas.”

“Being in real relationship means sacrificing freedom.”

“Why are church testimonies usually from stagecoach days.”

“I really struggle with saying ‘darn’”

Aug 14, 2019
Episode 980 Nah, I’m Good

Social Coach, Millennials and Friends, Hobbs and Shaw, Misfit Moment, Brant’s 3 Things, Gladiator of Knowledge, BONUS CONTENT: Race and Relationship;


“The point is to leave people spellbound and then walk off.”

“As we get more isolated as a culture anxiety is off the charts.”

“Life isn’t about me being happy every moment.”

“Finely curated entertainment for Bev’s enjoyment.”

Aug 13, 2019
Special Oddcast! Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North

Brant talks with Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North about his new book “Finding God’s Life For My Will”

Aug 08, 2019
Episode 978 News From The Front Of Romance

Shock Jock, Set Apart, Men and Facial Hair, God Exists With Us, Justifying, Women and Muscular Men, The Future City, You’re Welcome Here, The Guitar Hotel, Extrovert Worries, 5-Year Old Memories;


“He saw the Jetsons and had a vision.”

“I don’t care if the 5 year olds are offended.”

“It’s a good thing to be set a part.”

Aug 07, 2019
Episode 977 Domino

Nicknames, Welcome to Adulthood, Yard Sales, Heaven Reunions, Delivery Driver Requests, The Newest Thing, Save the Alien Planet, Brant’s 3 Things;


“You gotta love Domino”

“If I don’t commit to something I’m going to end up by myself and not flourish.”

“Jesus is not irrelevant. He’s too relevant.”

Aug 06, 2019
Episode 976 30 Bars Of Wet Soap

Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Nerd Cred, Highlight Culture, Welcome to Adulthood, Unplug, Think It Through, Inner Dialogue;


“Take your inner dialogue to God in prayer.”

“Before you follow your desires think it all the way through to the logical end.”

“Daily faithfulness is impressive.”

“On breaking animal news score one for the anchorman.”

Aug 05, 2019
Episode 975 Seattle J

Brant’s New Hair, Nicknames, You’re Welcome (The Eyebrow Song), Cable People Commitment, The Marry Me Bike Ride,The Bridal Hustle, BONUS CONTENT: Losing Your Faith;


“Is there anyone more scared of commitment than the cable people?”

“She’s still complaining about the nickname from the alien.”

Aug 02, 2019
Episode 974 Highway Repentance

Worst Job, Joke Spa, I Saw the Light, Brant’s 3 Things, Jury Duty, Brant’s New Hair;


“If this show isn’t anything it’s genuine.”

“It’s more like a ‘clever’ spa than a joke spa”

“Brant has a fetching new haircut.”

“All the beauty in the world if there’s no one to thank, that’s ultimately lonely.”

Aug 01, 2019
Episode 973 The Moon Stinks

Humility, Gladiator, Next Thing, History Segment, Worst Job, Wisdom, Cinderella Wedding, Prayer, Explaining the Cloud, Shock, Misfit Moment;


“Men are drawn to the idea of self-sacrifice and being strong.”

“We’re not going to find life if we look to ourselves for it.”

“People who think they are wise because they excel at something unrelated to wisdom are fools.”

“Field the question like you’ve never heard it before.”

Jul 31, 2019
Episode 972 Don’t Use The Word “Squeeze”

Doctor’s Listening, First Impressions, Vacation, Let’s Look at our Phones, Listener Uniforms, Jury Duty, Dependent on God, Misfit Moment, Repentance, No Vows, Unfriended, Baby at Starbucks, Breaking Animal News;


“I don’t know the big picture. I have to trust Him. And He’s good.”

“In spite of popular demand you will hear a song.”

“In confirms all my biases which is what I like from my news.”

Jul 30, 2019
Episode 971 The Commitment Of Gray Hair Ponytail Guy

Brant’s 3 Things, Wedding Decisions, BONUS MATERIAL: Brant’s Euro Look, The Culture and Cartoon Christians;


“God is not interested in what we’re accomplishing. He’s interested in what we’re becoming.”

“Any Ponytail Conversation is nuanced.”

“Memes aren’t brave or courageous.”

Jul 29, 2019
Episode 970 A Gelatinous Mass At Your Daughter’s Wedding

Brant’s 3 Things, The Wedding Dance, Guy Talk, No One Is Good, Misfit Moment, Breaking Animal News, Longest Yard Sale, Forgiveness;


“Laugh at the inherent silliness in everything.”

“Being grateful is an anecdote  to depression.”

“I need a little more metaphor.”

Jul 26, 2019
Episode 969 ENGAGEMENT!

Thank You to You, Worst Jobs, I Saw the Light, Face App, Joke Spa, Brant’s 3 Things, Shock Jock;


“Whatever you want small human. I am enamored of you.”

“You can get paid AND thanked. There’s meaning in what you do.”

“Now we have picture of you old.”

“We have steaming aloe vera plants.”

“The critique thing can’t happen with a narcissist.”

Jul 25, 2019
Episode 968 Hey, Name

Being a Good Person, Breaking Animal News, Women Talking Weight, Resentment, Don’t Know the Answer, NBA Brant Take, Anxious, History Segment, Pay Attention, Shock Jock, Misfit Moment;


“God believes you’re infinitely valuable.”

“At least you know a cat cares.”

“Radical Individualism can cause anxiety.”

“Security comes from knowing who you are, whose you are, and why you’re here.”

Jul 24, 2019
Episode 967 The ‘Elephant Have Chins’ People

Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Misfit Moment, Brant’s NBA Take, Resentment, Taste and See, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Men Quoting Movies,  Foot on the Plane;


“Realize how much God values you.”

“Resentment tastes sweet and it will kill you.”

“There’s a little bit of gang fighting amongst those of us interested in zoology.”

“In the mess of your life you can still humble yourself.”

Jul 23, 2019
Episode 966 The Modern Day Workin’ Man’s Song

Brant’s 3 Things, Doing Your Job Well, Door Dash, No Loud Laughter, Shock Jock, The Sectional, Welcome to the Show;


“Professionalism will ensue on this program.”

“Send in more sectionals.”

“Brant’s the heir apparent to Johnny Cash.”

“Waisting time with your kids is one of the most beautiful things you can do.”

Jul 22, 2019
Special Oddcast! Forgiveness and Pharisees

Brant and Sherri talk about forgiveness, Pharisees, and the stories we tell ourselves.

Jul 19, 2019
Episode 964 An Inspiring Quote About Nature From Nicholas Cage

Jesus’ Name, Worst Jobs, Humans and Chins, Brant’s 3 Things, Prize Wheel, Sharing Your Faith, National Make It Simple Day, Jury Duty, BONUS CONTENT Astrology Revisited;


“In our culture the prestigious jobs are the positions we could do without.”

“Jesus is constantly telling us we need change for our own survival.”

“You are invited by God Himself to call him your Dad.”

“I take a bold stand on this program.”

Jul 18, 2019
Episode 963 I Have Something To Tell You About Rick Astley

Church Nursery, Was That A Chicken?, #FakeChristianity, I Saw the Light, Astrology, Doing What You Know, Brant’s 3 Things, Joke Spa;


“Usually people who criticize Christianity are usually asking for more Christianity.”

“What I want for a radio show is less weirdness.”

“We have a drive for transcendence. You don’t fill it in with nothing,”

“We’re the show that blames the listener.”

Jul 17, 2019
Episode 962 Be Nice To New Jersey

How Awesome God Is, Breaking Animal News, Marketing Insecurity, Shock Jock, Worst Job, “My Girlfriend” Meal, Donkey Kong, The Real You;


“Contentment is so right and so freeing.”

“As a teenage guy Donkey Kong was very metaphorical.”

“I think the me I am when I’m praying is the real me.”

Jul 16, 2019
Episode 961 I Am On Fire, From A Broadcasting Perspective

Shock Jock, Brant’s 3 Things, Friends Ordering Food, Running with the Bulls, Crossed Vacation Feet, Being a Skeptic, Wimbledon;


“We’re so frail we can’t even explain ourselves.”

“It’s not too late to humble yourself today.”

“I’m not gonna get involved until they raise it to running with the robot bulls.”

Jul 15, 2019
Episode 960 One Eyebrow or Two?

Getting the Show Started, Party for the Custodian, Sci-Fi Question: $1 Million Dollar Job, Biggest Fear, Evangelism/Guilt, Good people and Twitter, People and Change, Brant’s 3 Things;


“People get chills when they see the kingdom in action.”

“You can throw some very old people in the football game, if you want.”

“Where you are today…server people.”

“Repentance is not a common thing.”

Jul 12, 2019
Episode 959 Thank You Random Listener Out There

Be Grateful, “Not” Scripted Calls, History Segment: Sony Walkman and Pagers, Biggest Fear, Brant’s 3 Things, Walking Fast;


“If you sense there’s someone to be thankful to, I say go with.”

“God’s got this. It’s not all on your shoulders. You get to sleep and HE’LL do the watching.”

“A beeper obligated you to begin the process of finding a phone that was affixed to the wall.” 

“Contentment, itself, is such a wonderful thing.”

Jul 11, 2019
Episode 958 A Challenge From Knuckles McCoy

Joke Spa, Shamelessly Persistent, The World Cup, Brant’s 3 Things, Welcome to the Show, Earthquakes, Misfit Moment, BONUS CONTENT: Job and His Friends;


“For some reason God is still interested in being around us.”

“I’m trying to be cool and it’s not working out.”

“Even if you get in the inner circle, there’s an inner circle in THAT inner circle.”

“Go boldly to God, not because you’re awesome, but because Jesus is awesome.”

Jul 10, 2019
Episode 957 May BOTH Peter Marshalls Rest In Peace

The Prize Wheel, Brant’s 3 Things, Misfit Moment, Spiderman Movie, 4th of July Actually Guy, Biggest Fear, The Brant Hansen Jingle;


“The first thing I wanted to do today is impugn the listener.”

“Don’t you dare touch my fear.”

“Leave it to the dude in the room to try and fix it.”

“We were made for community.”

“The bias towards self enhancement is more profound than any other bias we have.”

Jul 09, 2019
Episode 956 Candy Crush and Legalism

Wedding Vows, Listener Uniform Updates, Honesty Cafe, FB Couples,. The Jingle Personalized, Cute Babies, Talk to Your Emotions, What not to do at a Weddings;


“I’ve been instructed not to talk about the accidents with the listener uniforms.”

“There’s something deeply romantic about taking vows in front of a crowd of people. Vowing you won’t leave.”

“They were shocked in a very profoundly neutral way.”

Jul 05, 2019
Episode 955 Mentoring Darth Vader

Ruining a Show, A Selfie with Sly Stallone, I Saw the Light, Brant’s 3 Things, Knowing God, Lifestyle of Forgiveness, Joke Spa, Keep Going, The Happy Birthday Song;


“The music for Brant’s 3 Things is going to be astonishing.”

“Can you private message someone you disagree with on FB? Does it have to be public?”

“Remember how brutal the cross was? That was for me.”

“I don’t know that we need these goggles.”

Jul 04, 2019
Special Oddcast! Would Dietrich Bonhoeffer Do That?

Brant and Sherri talk about the latest tracking poll data regarding the show and also what to do when someone purposefully encroaches on your personal space.

Jul 03, 2019
Episode 953 The Continental Travels of Evelyn Woods

Listener Uniform Update, Being Busy, Weddings Gifts, The Coffee Diet, Wedding Invites, Wedding Dresses, Brant’s 3 Things;


“No one wants the boring Brant Hansen diet.”

“Here’s your blender.”

“Your wife should feel loved and protected. Period.”

“Most arguments don’t need to happen.”

Jul 02, 2019
Episode 952 Bring Back That Couch, Chip!

Misfit Moment, Tacking Poll, Sci-Fi Question: Home Fixer Upper vs. I.Q. Points, Being Grateful, Listener Uniform Update, God's Handiwork, Breaking Animal News, Brant's 3 Things;


“There’s something beautiful about the heart that keeps trying.”

“Jesus acknowledges our problem and then does something about it. He pays it all himself.”

“Look around. There’s a creator who is a real artist.”

Jul 01, 2019
Episode 951 Revenge Of The Flute Mummy

Joke Spa, Brant’s 3 Things, Pep Talk, Millennials & Deodorant , Misfit Moment, Universal Studios and Long Lines, Continual Conversation, Fife Guy;


“This is a spa that gives people something to think about.”

“We are a people set a part. Don’t assimilate.”

“We’re in a spiritual battle and we need to hear the truth.”

“I wouldn’t stand in line to see us.”

Jun 28, 2019
Episode 950 Get Off My Lawn But I Love You

So God is Glorified, 60 Things to See, Brant and John Stamos, Brant’s 3 Things, Andrae 3000 and the Flute, OPNN, The Naming Kids Business, Favorite Veggies, Breaking Animal News, Miss Bev Birthday;


“I’ve got to listen. That’s what Jesus does.”

“As a man I want to offer protection. Not exploitation.”

“We salute the Queen of Awesome.”

Jun 27, 2019
Special Oddcast! Discouragement

Brant and Sherri talk about discouragement and the enemy as the accuser.

Jun 26, 2019
Episode 948 A King That Wants You At His Table

Honesty Cafe, Marvel at your Head, Dad’s Fixing Things, Survival School, Flight Attendant, The Misfit Moment, The “Universe”, Brant’s 3 Things, Save the Alien Planet;


“If you like the Muppet Show you’ll understand our show right a way.

“I’m amazed our head keeps pumping hair out.”

“When I play the flute around the airport then people want to call security.”

“You are secure in God so relax.”

Jun 25, 2019
Episode 947 I Don’t Want To Get Harried

I Don’t Want To Get Harried, Honesty Cafe, Listener Uniform, Brant’s 3 Things, Weddings, Smart People, Blueberry Man;


“Put the listener uniform on and the experience begins.”

“There are a lot of people like Sherri who throw cold water on idea.”

“Putting people on a pedal stool doesn’t help them and it doesn’t help you.”

“Smart people can be more wrong then others because they’re brilliant at justifying themselves.”

Jun 24, 2019
Episode 946 A Quote About Graduation From B.B. King

The Way We Want to Live, Prize Wheel, Stealing with a Duck, Garage Sales, The Library, Least Little Remembrance, Small Talk, Being a Follower, The Tracking Poll;


“The least little remembrance is pleasing to God.”

“All of us have a way we want to live. All of us don’t totally live that way.”

“My electric football game is worth more than $1”

“This is the planet I’ve been assigned.”

“By the world’s standards following is very rarely a cool thing to do.”

Jun 21, 2019
Episode 945 We Keep The Customers Breathing

After Father’s Day, Brant’s 3 Things, Shock Jock, Joke Spa, New Tracking Poll, Father’s Day Thermometer, Breaking Animal News, Fast and Furious Cartoon;


“Maybe we should have a medieval jingle.”

“Love is work.”

“Sometimes we have to live with yearnings that don’t get met.”

“I’m cashing all my chips in on this joke.”

“We don’t know if it was an emotional support baby possum. We just don’t know.”

Jun 20, 2019
Episode 944 Impugning Applebee’s

Good People/Bad People, Current TV Shows, What Dads Want, Processing Pitch, Brant’s 3 Things, 600 House Plant Species, No Big Idea, History Segment, Breaking Animal News;


“Everyday this show is a fresh adventure for Sherri.”

“There’s something really beautiful about daily faithfulness with what’s in front of you.”

“Some of the plants n my care don’t want to live.”

“Complaining crowds out gratitude.”

Jun 19, 2019
Special Oddcast! Brant and Sherri Interview

Brant and Sherri are interviewed by Rebie from WAYNATION about the goal of the show, the challenges of making it everyday, and about working together for the last 7 years and what they’ve learned through the process.

Jun 18, 2019
Episode 942 Everything Is Yours (The Work Fridge Song)

Parents and Smartphones, THIS Kind of Humor, Jury Duty, Bigger House and Happiness, Brant’s 3 Things, The Secret Lives of Dogs, BONUS CONTENT: What is the Kingdom of God?


“Sometimes we’re ignoring our kids for our phones.”

“When I saw the guitar I knew something special was going to happen.”

“My Enneagram has told me not to retreat into my own head. Where else am I supposed to go?” 

Jun 17, 2019
Episode 941 The Irony of a Dog Named Blue

Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Dads and Masculinity, God and Loneliness, The Jingle for Trevor, Samsung Fold Phone Desperation, Women and Their Looks, Worst Jobs;


“Sorry about the extra noise during our breaking animal news.”

“Being a believer doesn’t mean you won’t be lonely.”

“Don’t miss the chance to bless your kids.”

“Showing up for your family every day is one of the most masculine things you can do.”

Jun 14, 2019
Episode 940 Very Special Brains

A Word for Dads, Having a Big Platform, DIY Projects, Who Wants to be a Millionaire Comeback, Kawhi Leonard, Looking Too Intense, Millennials Fixing Things, Not Having a Big Dream, Taste and See, Thought She Was Nice;


“I have a default smile that I’ve worked on.”

“It’s ok not to have a BIG dream.”

“Things have turned personal very quickly.”

“My wife took the electric drill after the cupboard incident.”

Jun 13, 2019
Special Oddcast! We're Baaaaaackkkkk

Brant and Sherri are back and talking about raising money for CURE International, Praying for the President and how everyone you come across has a story.

Jun 11, 2019
Episode 938 The Geography Bee

Bad TV Series Endings, Not Sabotaging a Diet, Brant’s 3 Things, National Days, Tank America, Useless-Useful Advice, Your Job Matters, Feeling Like a Failure;


“We’re all yearning for life to have a redemptive ending.”

“Do you want to be well?”

“Sometimes we become addicted to our weaknesses and problems and we don’t want God’s help.”

“Don’t ask what the point of the tank is, just understand.”

May 29, 2019
Episode 937 Sunroof Worship

He’ll Never Leave You, God Agreeing With Us, Brant’s 3 Things, You Will Always Hate Me, Foster Parents, Uber Silence, Superstition and Science, Shock Jock;


“It’s weird that a culture that claims to only be about science is becoming more and more superstitious. 

“We get to opt in to the kingdom of God or choose our own kingdom.”

“That’s not your shocking fact is it? Do you have more?”

“What’s the level of garbage in your car that makes it illegal.”

May 28, 2019
Episode 936 In A Dark Gym…

Worst Jobs, Listener Uniforms, Being Like Your Parents, Social Coach, You’re Made to Work, Science and Snacks, Carry Cash, BONUS CONTENT Revisiting Preachers In Sneakers;


“This is a magnetic show.”

“People earn things enjoy them more.”

“Plan A is out now that I remember who I am.”

May 21, 2019
Episode 935 Humans Expect You To Look At Their Faces

Friendship, Not Knowing Car Stuff, Not Knowing How to Cook, Jesus and People on the Spectrum, Forgiveness, Movies and Bacteria, Anger, Puppets and Airline Safety, Breaking Animal News, Brant’s 3 Things;


“If you’re humble you have nothing to worry about.”

“Focus on the positive bacteria”

“Non-aspirational friendships are a good thing to have.”

“Regular guys won’t put the antifreeze in the gas tank.”

May 20, 2019
Episode 934 Did You Get A Bathroom Card?

Worship Experience, God’s Will, Breaking Animal News, Brant’s 3 Things, Folger’s Coffee Store, Tag on a Shirt, Sing to the Lord, Intelligence, I’m Sorry;


“Don’t clear your mind. Fill your mind with the stuff Jesus said.”

“Give us a dollar and get on outta here.”

“I didn’t know you had elevated flourishes.”

“God enjoys when we sing to Him and it’s probably really good for us.”

May 17, 2019
Episode 933 A Shock Jock Shocked

Head in a Case, Breaking Animal News, NBA Emotional Guy, Being Something “Big”, Mother’s/Father’s Day Breakfast, Brant’s 3 Things, Shock Jock, We’re All Sheep, Glamour Fremdschämen, Women and Jewelry;


“David never sought out to be a great king or soldier.”

“My job as a parent is not to give my skills it’s character.”

“We’re all sheep and we need a good shepherd.”

“There’s no need for Glamour Shots to contact their legal representation.”

“I always wanted to be bracelet guy but I just don’t have the work ethic.”

May 16, 2019
Episode 932 Networking in Romania

Jesus and Real Issues, Shock Jock, 84-Year Old Graduate, Slang, McDonald’s Nugget Ice Cream, Fear, Ads Online, Entrepreneurs, When Sherri and Brant Met, Disney and Avatar, Brant’s 3 Things;


“Are we allowed to have commentary on the shocking facts?”

“It’s not good enough to just be Brant.”

“We have metaphorical prizes.”

“It’s got to be me going after God and the experiences that come from that are just His blessings.”

May 15, 2019
Episode 931 The Tolkien Movie Review

One Person Makes a Difference, The Worst Job, National Days, BONUS CONTENT: The Tolkien Movie;


“I don’t want to look at my face.”

“Don’t underrate the ripple effects of making time for someone.”

“Who asked for more Avatar?”

“The basis of forgiveness is how God has forgiven you.”

May 14, 2019
Episode 930 Blankets and Fans…Clap Your Hands

GoT Coffee Cup, Crane Guy, Sci-Fi Question: Heat/AC vs. Internet, Parental Happiness Study, Brant’s 3 Things, A Younger Boss, The Sad Met Gala, BONUS CONTENT: We Need People;


“There are times people listening to the show have picked up on a train wreck.”

“Someday I could be crane man.”

“We were made to work.”

“Your job forces you to interact with people you would never chose as friends. It’s really good for our character.”

May 10, 2019
Episode 929 We Better Get Our Attitudes Together

Grumbling, Breaking Animal News, Honesty Cafe, Brant’s 3 Things, Kamikaze Karaoke, Hipper and Older, Wasting Money, Slang, Simple but Hard;


“God takes grumbling seriously.”

“We like teeny tiny birds.”

“Gratitude makes a huge difference in battling depression.”

“Accordions don’t crackle.”

May 09, 2019
Episode 928 Laughing At Brant’s Face

Joke Spa, Prayer and Persistence, Upscale Stores, Monday Song, God’s Plan vs. Your Plan, Shock Jock, Soul Check-up, Brant’s 3 Things, National Motorcycle Awareness Month;


“This is a next level spa. Steam is coming out of everywhere.”

“God writes a really good story.”

“Roses don’t smell as good as they used to. That’s a fact.”

“If I’m becoming more irritated, something’s up at the soul level.”

May 08, 2019
Episode 927 Dogs Starting Conversations

Gradual Drifting, Welcome to the Show, Great Things/Small Things, Brants 3 Things, Life’s Little Moments, Being Busy, Baby Pod, Worst Jobs;


“You don’t have to spend a lifetime making amends…just turn towards him and he’ll come running!”

“Do things without getting an emotional reward.”

“Start asking for wisdom now. Don’t wait.”

“Get yourself something that looks like a puppy.”

May 07, 2019
Special Oddcast! Black Church, The 10 Commandments & The Book of John

Sherri and Brant talk about the meaning behind the 10 commandments and answer listeners’ questions about attending a “black” church and the validity of the book of John.

May 06, 2019
Episode 925 I Can’t Afford the Sherri Lifestyle

What Not To Talk About, FOMO, Yet Another Dark Chocolate Study, National Day of Prayer, Breaking Animal News, Women Losing Weight, Grandparents and Finals, Real Life Spoilers, Pet Peeve List, Japan Emperor, Expensive Post-It Notes;


“Even if you haven’t prayed for a while, God WANTS to hear from you.”

“Would you be shocked if you found out I was a part of the Spy Whale Program?”

“Get rid of your pet peeves or as an older person you’ll be nothing but pet peeves.”

“When is the last time I lowered the comedic boom?”

May 03, 2019
Episode 924 The Lesser Known, Roiling with Jealousy Susan D. Anthony

Take Down That Photo of Me, Shock Jock, Peaceful, Glimpse of Heaven, Does God Challenge Us?, Brant’s 3 Things, State Farm and the Flute, BONUS CONTENT: Kanye's Church;


“I think we both can agree I don’t look like Fred Flintstone.”

“If I want to be at peace like Jesus I have to study Him and what He believed.”

“Looking at Jesus gives you an advance trailer of what heaven is going to look like.”

“If God doesn’t continue to challenge us and the way we think it’s probably not him.”

May 02, 2019
Episode 923 When Hamburglary Is Smiled Upon

Brant’s 3 Things, Avengers End Game Knowledge, Prize Wheel, Healthy vs. Sick, National Days, Peace, Stealing McDonald’s;


“There’s nothing weak about getting wise counsel.”

“Jesus is looking to do a total renovation on your personality.”

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

“Sherri’s sitting here waiting for me to say something interesting and it may not happen.”

May 01, 2019
Episode 922 I’m Not Responsible For What Happens To This Alien Planet

Brant’s 3 Things, What Not To Do When You Rent A Car, Angry and Worried, Widow at Dinner, Breaking Animal News, Reaping in Another Season, Save the Alien Planet;


“If you feel the desire to lose your keys to the rental car, don’t do it. It’s a big ‘ol hassle.”

“Worry spreads but peace does, too.”

“This show is like a salad.”

“I want to be pure of heart and trust God with my future.”

“Any thing important takes time to see result.”

Apr 30, 2019
Episode 921 I’m Sorry, Mercedes Benz

Just This Station, Blame Shifting, NFL Draft, National Days, Breaking Animal News, God’s Rock Solid Promises, Worst Jobs, Praying For Your Enemies, Household Chores, What God Looks Like, Loud on the Phone;


“Praying forces you to be honest and not shift blame.”

“Yesterday I focused exclusively on Mars.”

“You never know, it could be tonight that an elk crosses the river.”

“God’s promises are rock solid.”

Apr 29, 2019
Episode 920 Bugs In Your Eyelashes

Breaking Animal News, God’s Love and Puppies, Needing Coffee, Beards and Bugs, Politics and the Kingdom, Sherri’s Kids, Good Friday Forgiveness, Resurrection Kick-Off, Welcome to the Show, Avenger’s Movie, Joy and Freedom, How You Look, Doubting Your Doubts;


“This bit lost its bite.”

“For correct opinions come to the Brant Hansen Show.”

“There are things more eternal than politics.”

“This is a hypothetical list to make a point? That’s my favorite kind of list.”

Apr 25, 2019
Episode 919 New Feature: Brant’s 3 Things

People Can Change, New Cereal, Experts and Jesus, T-Rex Fossil for the Show, Breaking Animal News, Easter Pressure, When I Look In Your Eyes, BONUS CONTENT: Healing Services;


“Obedience helps people to change.”

“We can be known as the show with the T-Rex fossil.”

“What a sweet ending to an otherwise disturbing song.”

“It’s ok to ask God to help you grow up and mature.”

Apr 24, 2019
Episode 918 James Bond and Knock Knock Jokes

10 Billion Strands of DNA, Notre Dame Fire, Delta Recline, What IT People Think, Real Life Slogans, The Pommel Horse Routine, Good Friday, Welcome to the Show;


“So what we’re doing a show that people want to go to sleep to.”

“I said ‘whoa’ once.”

“There’s a bigger picture than we can ever imagine.”

“God sees the long term.”

“My intellectual objections are silenced at the cross.”

Apr 23, 2019
Episode 917 Jokey Smurf And Sin

Easter, The First Born Study, Less Offendable, The Brant Hansen Show Tax Deduction, Hope, Welcome to the Show, Autism Awareness Month, Easter Candy Corn, What Love Really Means, Eating Chocolate as a Job, BONUS CONTENT: Alexa Is Listening;


“We’re made out of about $2.50 of raw minerals

“I enjoyed ripping it to shreds scientifically.”

“Death itself isn’t the last word if you trust in God.”

“Love is a decision to will the best for someone else.”

Apr 22, 2019
Episode 916 Arguments With Dogs In the Afterlife

Listener Uniforms, Words Not Used in Hip-Hop, Good Friday, God as Father, Forgiveness, Palm Sunday, Brant Hansen: Master Chef, Weak Faith, 10 Billion Strands of DNA, Golf, Our Inventor;


“I’m not versed on all the hippity hoppity music.”

“As soon as you humble yourself and turn towards God he comes running towards you.”

“84 different kinds of milk and I’m a chef. A Master Chef.”

“Being thankful helps battle depression and more. It’s very helpful.”

Apr 19, 2019
Episode 915 Praying For Giant, Technicolored Squirrels

Brant at Coachella, Growing Towards Christ, Social Tip, Forgiveness, Finding Free Time, Making Changes, Breaking Animal News, The Better Than You Coffee Shop;


“Would they like puppets at Coachella.”

“You didn’t volley you spiked.”

“The essence of forgiveness is dropping resentment.”

“If you start to make changes spiritually in your life people may judge you. Don’t let it stop you.”

Apr 18, 2019
Episode 914 Pardon Our Dust

Social Tip, The Weather and Our Mood, Struggling, Being Happy and Joy, The Resurrection Party, The Masters, The Resurrection is a Big Deal, Sorry to Our Teachers, Keep Going Back To Facebook, New Glasses;


“I haven’t always been this verbally good.”

“The truth is the truth no matter what my mood is.”

“It’s gonna be an action packed hour.”

“The resurrection is the biggest event in human kind and it’s our hope forever.”

Apr 17, 2019
Episode 913 The Engelbert Humperdinck Fan Club

NCAA Championship, Shock Jock, Candy Corn Easter, Things We Love About Jesus, Trust and Obey, Seat-Fillers, Honesty Cafe, 10 Billion Strands of DNA;


“The bump and buzz takes sometime.”

“You’re not supposed to be the mortality jock.”

“It’s such a sucker punch when you get your dreams and then realize it’s all about relationship.”

“They took the candy that’s already not very good and enhanced to look like poison.”

“Jesus loves everybody, as individuals, in the moment.”

Apr 16, 2019
Episode 912 Occasionally A Jennifer Breaks Through

Brant’s Son, The Important People, Reverse Chores, Being Ready, Gio and the Boyzzz Challenge, Doing Something Dumb, Bring All of You, Trill;


“You didn’t perceive my rock solid lack of emotion.”

“Jesus told us to pay attention to the important people.”

“”Ready’ may never happen.”

“This show is like a lived in house. It’s comfortable.”

Apr 15, 2019
Episode 911 There Went The Joke

Godless America, Joke Spa, NCAA Championship, Leading and Following, Prayers for the Radio Show, Breaking Animal News, Mind Your Own Business, Prize Wheel, Praying on Your Job, BONUS CONTENT: Brant Hansen YouTube Channel;


“If you waste time playing games you’re amongst friends.”

“How about we become disciples instead of leaders.”

“I ask God to make the show influential as long as the kingdom of God is at the hear of this.”

“Cats know you’re calling them they just don’t care.”

Apr 12, 2019
Special Oddcast! Preachers In Sneakers and Cookie Monster Worship

Brant and Sherri talk about the response to the new Instagram account "Preachers In Sneakers." They also talk about hymns in the church and their theological relevance today.

Apr 11, 2019
Episode 909 The Time Capsule Organizational System

He’ll Never Leave You, The Beauty of Music, Avengers End Game, Brant Hansen Jingle, Hypocrites, Reward and Judgment, Honesty Cafe, Dub Step Mosquitoes, TGIFridays, Putting Things Off, Plants and Being Smarter, We’re All Sheep;


“He’ll never leave you. There’s nothing that can shake that.”

“There’s something about music that helps us say things that wouldn’t normally occur to us.”

“My ability to understand is increasing as I watch more of these action sequences.”

“I’m hyper-logical to the point of being annoying.”

Apr 10, 2019
Episode 908 Friends On The Margins and Coffee Soup

Breaking Animal News, Doubts, Shock Jock, What IT People Think, What Admins Think, Gym Judgement, The Soul, BONUS CONTENT: Calvary and Insecurity;


“USA Today said it and I believe it.”

“Sometimes questioning is good.”

“The idea that faith is blind and doubt is always honest is not necessarily true.”

“Everything Jesus tells us to do or not to do turns out it’s really good for us.”

Apr 09, 2019
Episode 907 Jake and The Visigoths

God’s Will, Confession, The Pommel Horse and the Flute, Who Is My Neighbor?, Police Chief Thief, New MLB Idea, Jesus and Science, Social Tip, The Apostle Matthew with Asperger’s, Listener Uniform Update;


“God’s will is not about what job you pick or where you live it’s about who you are becoming.”

“Confession helps you get rid of the shame.”

“Technically the NFL and NBA have ignored every one of my ideas.”

Apr 08, 2019
Episode 906 A Schnoodle Can’t Read Sheet Music

Dumbo, Little Faithful Decisions, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Being Kind, Being Anxious, Breaking Animal News, You’re Not in Control, Prayers Getting Answered, Instagram Influencer, Shock Jock, The Cost of Being a Believer, Weddings and Gifts;


“I don’t want another sad, baby elephant movie.”

“Little faithful decisions grow into a beautiful blossoming tree.”

“You actually flourish when you become about other people.”

 “There is a snoodle on this show.”

Apr 05, 2019
Episode 905 Take THAT, Chipotle!

They’re Ripping Off Our Program, April Fool’s Day, Jesus in Culture, The Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, Living in Your Means, First Born/Last Born, Save the Alien Planet, Pain & Healing, Trusting God, Honesty Cafe;


“I don’t have the executive function to pull off a prank.”

“If this list was on paper I would crumple it up right now but it is my computer and I can’t throw it away.”

“Some pain is the beginning of healing.”

“Sometimes feeling like you’ve bit off more than you can chew is a good place to be. It helps you rely on and trust God.”

Apr 04, 2019
Special Oddcast! Leggings and Hashtags

Brant and Sherri discuss a letter written by a mom decrying leggings and also the motivation behind our hashtag culture.

Apr 03, 2019
Episode 903 Gratitude and Grumbling

Fashion Regrets, Owning Jesus, Accidental Mullet, Matthew the Publican, Sci-Fi Question: IQ vs. Phone Charger, If There is a God, Advice Goats, BONUS CONTENT: Self-Care;


“When you went to bed last night you were mullet-less.”

“If it’s on your mind, God cares about it.”

“I continue to be amazed by who God chooses.”

“If you live a life if gratitude people are not going to understand it.”

“Gird yourself for something remarkable disappointing.”

Apr 02, 2019
Episode 902 Again With The Amy Grant Incident

Sin Hurts People, Prayer Requests, Breaking Animal News, Funny Jokes, Shock Jock, Brain-Swarming, Having the Answers, The People Annoyed by Jesus, Men as Protectors, Listener Uniforms, Heavenly Reunions;


“Sin always hurts someone. It doesn’t expand your world. It narrows it.”

“The ‘pray about it’ thing can be used as a dodge to avoid what we know is the right thing to do.”

“Just because I can’t figure something out doesn’t mean there isn’t a good answer for it.”

“If you’re gonna be like Jesus, you’re going to attract the people he attracted and you’re gonna annoy the people he annoyed.”

“We’ve been beta testing the listener uniforms for several years now.”

Apr 01, 2019
Episode 901 This Show Is Gucci

Church Attendance, Cheerful Brant, Slang, Methuselah Movies, Your Jog: Worship, Scotland Not Germany, Chocolate and Your Arteries, Breaking Animal News, Worship Experience, No One Is Good, Conner McGregor and Brant;


“It’s good to know what not to say.”

“Whatever job you have change the purpose and it can become an act of worship.”

“Scotland is very beautiful this time of year and these people should be very happy.”

“Thank you, Mars Company.”

Mar 29, 2019
Episode 900 Procured A Giant Scoreboard

In-Laws, Breaking Animal News, Friendship, Holy, “Now We’re Hugging”, Psalm 3, Apple Anger, Who Jesus Picks, Apple Contentment, God Loves You, Sci-Fi Question: Weight vs. Pay;


“Faith is confidence.”

“My music is like a child’s drawing of a chicken in space.”

What Jesus is looking for is faithfulness with the things in front of us.”

“He’s size medium. Who cares?”

Mar 28, 2019
Episode 899 That Quote Is Attributed to Morgan Freeman

Gym Judgment, Pleasing God, Shock Jock, Prize Wheel, Changing the World, 18ft Long hair, Jesus and Weirdos, Too Many Options, Actually Guys, Motivation, Amy Grant Resolution, Faith and Trust, What Makes You An Adult, Acting the News;


“How can I change the world? I can barely get the dog walked and have breakfast in the same day.”

“Be faithful with what God has put in front of you today and see what happens.”

“Sherri has a loud laugh and I’m dry. We’ve put all of this together on a show for you.”

“The level of satisfaction doesn’t go up with more choices.”

Mar 27, 2019
Episode 898 Community

The Tolkien Movie, Obeying God, Spring Shock Jock, Love and Suffering, The Flintstones and the HOA, Anger, BONUS CONTENT: Talking About Jesus;


“If I want to change, I have to obey. Then my heart changes.”

“If you want to protect yourself from suffering don’t love anything.”

Mar 25, 2019
Episode 897 SparkySuperCharge

God vs. Science, Robot Driver’s Ed Teacher, MySpace Loss, God Wants Us As Friends, Brant’s New Hair, Be of Good Cheer, Breaking Animal News, BONUS CONTENT: The Cost of Higher Learning;


“God and science are not mutually exclusive. They are not opposed to one another.”

“Someone go tell MySpace we’ve moved on.”

“God wants us as friends. It’s amazing but true.”

“You can keep one eye on your hair health and one eye on the rest of the world.”

Mar 22, 2019
Episode 896 #BasementMoose

Breaking Animal News, God Loves You, Texting, All Out in the Open, Swoveralls, National Awkward Day, People Going to Church, Tolkien Movie, Forgiveness BONUS CONTENT: When to Return Texts;


“I should have started out with God’s love and then the moose.”

“The creator of the universe loves me. How is that not the ONLY thing that matters?”

“Before you go to the doctor let’s  go online and check out the worse case scenario and get all worked up about it.”

“Swoveralls are a lot of fun.”

“Jesus is a magnet. It’s our stuff that isn’t always that interesting.”

Mar 21, 2019
Special Oddcast! A Big Fat Joyful YES!

Brant talks to a group of people about the work of CURE International and why he has put his life behind this ministry.

Mar 20, 2019
Special Oddcast! Rachel Hollis, Fame, and the Culture of the Midwest

Brant and Sherri talk about the culture of the Midwest, revisit the NBA and the dangers of fame, and discuss what to make of Rachel Hollis’ popularity.

Mar 19, 2019
Episode 893 It’s Not The Eternal Life House

Such Good Prep, Bad People/Good Outcome, Social Tip, God Is Dangerous, Jonah and the Whale, Busyness, The Beauty of Your Job, Sending a Telegram, Asking for Encouragement;


“I’m alarmed at how good the show is going to be.”

“It took me a long to time to learn to be cool.”

“God is dangerous to the proud and safe for the humble.”

“Broken doesn’t necessarily mean humble.”

Mar 14, 2019
Episode 892 Quick Question: How Do You Feel About Robert DeNiro?

Slick Hair Again, God Cares, Hipsters, Angry Daylight Savings Guy, 10-Seconds From Looking Dumb, What People Think of You, History Segment: DD Batteries, What Love Means, Struggling With God’s Love, Jesus on Twitter;


“It’s hard being a hipster.”

“There are few people as entertaining as Angry Daylight Savings Guy.”

“Love doesn’t mean I like or approve of everything you do.”

“I never doubt if God exists. The struggle for me is believing God loves me in this moment.”

Mar 13, 2019
Episode 891 Producer Fubsy

Daylight Saving Time, NBA Depression, Tearing License Plates in Half, The Blessing, Forgiveness, Slick Hair, No Prestige/No Power, Kindness, Words Leaving the Dictionary, Messy Car People;


“The more options you have can lead to isolation.”

“There are a lot of sheep just walking around and they’re looking for something really bad.”

“Forgiveness for other people is based on the love God has for us.”

“Jesus people are at their best when there’s no prestige and there’s no power.”

“Just 6 hours ago I was clean car guy but now look what happened.”

Mar 12, 2019
Episode 890 The Spices of Boise, Idaho

Compliment Offline, The Boring Story, Renaming Food, Imagining Hardship, Listener Uniform, The Boss is a Bully, Welcome to the Show, When to Keep Your Mouth Shut, As Seen On TV;

Mar 11, 2019
Episode 889 New Song: Gonna Get To The Front Of The Line

Mimetic Desires, Uneven Bars and the Flute, Family on One, Blessing/Curse, Content Fields, Morning Honesty, Sharing Your Faith, Grambo, Plow Your Jeep Into a Tree

Mar 08, 2019
Episode 888 How Can A Duck Waddle In A Wheelchair?

“Welcome to the Show, Brain Health Sherri Family Chaos, Unmet Desires, Bronchitis and Vicks VapoRub, Can You Trust God?, Noise Without Love, Breaking Animal News, Older Men Doing Bad Stuff;



“Lower your expectations and breathe a little.”

'There’s something really beautiful and sacrificial about obeying.”

“The things we think will satisfy just don’t work.”

“You should hear the sloshing going on in my brain after exercise.”

Mar 06, 2019
Special Oddcast! The Singles Mixer

Brant and Sherri talk with a listener about her experience with Brant's Singles' Mixer on Facebook.

Mar 05, 2019
Episode 886 Garbage In, Garbage Out

The Cardinals Hat, Make a Name for Yourself, Big Assignment,What Jesus Said Do, Welcome to the Show, The Pommel Horse and Honey, Blessings, Honesty Cafe, Imaging Future Hardship;


“You don’t get to misuse humans in the pursuit or under the guise of ‘ministry’”

“There are a lot of gangs that listen to this show.”

“Don’t give people things they can’t process.”

“We’ll keep you updated as sports events warrant.”

“A lot of people want a blessing from God." 

Feb 27, 2019
Episode 885 The “Creeping Out Amy Grant” Story, Again

Humility, Honesty Cafe, Middle-Aged Men and Push-ups, Imagining Future Hardships, Brant Overeating, The Content Fields;


“It’s not about good and bad people. It’s about humble and proud people.”

“I know who God is and it’s not me.”

“If I cared more I would exercise right before the show and it would be incredible.”

“Don’t stress about the things that haven’t even happened yet. They’ll take care of themselves when they come.”

Feb 26, 2019
Episode 884 Booker T. Washington, But Not Because Of Black History Month

Miami Boat Show The Love Decision, Doing What Jesus Sid Do, The Content Fields, The Sunk Cost Fallacy, Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, Jesus and Scripture, Valentine’s Day Ruined for Everybody, Honesty Cafe, BONUS CONTENT: The Fyre Festival


“What I was gonna say was going to be hard-hitting.”

“Love is wiling the best for someone else.”

“I want to actually do the stuff Jesus told me to do.”

“If you’re able to rethink your decisions, or repent, you’ll be better off instantly.”

“I don’t know that I’ve ever heard Kohl’s Cash and Booker T. Washington mentioned in the same sentence.”

Feb 25, 2019
Episode 883 Millennials Sharing Faith

The Kingdom, 27lb Mac and Cheese, Fantasy Football, Pull Brant Back, Jesus/Apprentice, Shock Jock, Love and Being Vulnerable, Save the Alien Planet, Breaking Animal News, Millennial Sharing Faith, Justin Bieber, Tolkien Movie;


“You need a cooling off period before you eat the mac n cheese.”

“Nothing qualifies me. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“It’s loving to tell people about Jesus. You’re telling people about water you know they’re thirsting for.”

Feb 21, 2019
Episode 882 Please Randa, Have A Heart

Honesty Cafe, These Things Won’t Be In Heaven, Obligation Chocolate, CURE International, BONUS CONTENT: Fear of the Lord;


“Love is supernatural.”

“That song was wordy to be praised.”

“I want the focus of Bozo."

Feb 20, 2019
Episode 881 #SinglesInChurch

Pommel Horse Worship, Despair, Brant and Johnny Cash, Kids and Valentine’s Day, Testimonial, Self-Checkout, Decadency, The Flintstones Theme Park;


“Depression doesn’t have to equal despair.”

“This is a challenging show.”

“The love of God cannot be moved.”

Feb 19, 2019
Episode 880 This Makes Me A Slightly Better Christian Than You Are

Licking the Top of The Salt Uniqueness, The Culture and Your Kids, Honesty Cafe, Kinsie and Chipotle, Breaking Animal News, Welcome to the Show, Chip Bits, You Don’t Have to Own It, Fearing Elections, Testimonial;


“It’s ok to stand between the cultural and your kids.”

“They have cable and fruit roll ups? That’s lifestyle of the rich and famous.”

“You can appreciate beauty without having to own it.”

Feb 18, 2019
Episode 879 Invidious

Annoyed at the Gym, Hurried vs. Busy, Gratitude, Night to Shine, Joke Spa, Singles Mixer, Why You Do What You Do;


“We have hot towels piled up around the room.”

“You thrive when you think of what you’re grateful for.”

“My producer was going to physically remove me off the air. For you.”

“Jesus was busy but never seemed hurried.”

Feb 15, 2019
Episode 878 The Rick Astle Joke Goes Awry

Sense of Humor, Don't Think Beyond Today, Introvert/Extrovert Text, Having Kids, The Golf Temper Tantrum, Super Bowl Halftime Critics, Marie Condo and Clutter, Be An Encourager, Mr. Peabody, Resentment, Singles Mixer, The Show is for Real, A Challenge From Biff, Shock Jock, Perfect Love and Fear;


“I didn’t know I was going to take that scope until I needed it rhetorically to win the argument.”

“Nobody expects me to be helpful but, BAM, I just was.”

“Please remember this joke like it worked.”

“We’re supposed to build each other up.”

Feb 14, 2019
Episode 877 The Donkey Was Crying

Shock Jock, Following Trendsetters, Save the Alien Planet, Pommel Horse Critique, Make Jesus Relevant, Contentment, Breaking Animal News, Religious People, Singles Mixer, Hitting the Button, Your Job is Missions, Aliens and Tech, Forgiving People;


“You know how many shows don’t even have a pommel horse?”

“The problem is Jesus is TOO relevant.”

“I had to pray before I clicked the button.”

“No matter what your job is, it’s missions.”

“I was thinking about robots and aliens today.”

Feb 13, 2019
Episode 876 America Needs Bob

Jesus Is Compelling, Shock Jock, Breaking Animal News, Worry, Respect Mail Carrier Day, Puppy Bowl, Super Duper Bowl, Respecting Standards, Being Threatening, BONUS CONTENT: Trendsetters and Puppets;



“Please buzz about us.”

“I don’t understand a lot of the trappings of Christian culture but I’m not walking away from Jesus.”

“We have a control center now?”

“We are unique among animals on the planet because we borrow trouble from tomorrow.”

Feb 12, 2019
Special Oddcast! The Needy Soul

Brant discusses a “Light Bulb” moment he had during a speaking engagement in Orlando.

Feb 11, 2019
Episode 874 Stev-o & The Firebird Gang

Breaking Animal News, Entering the Kingdom Like a Child, The Prize Wheel, No Snapchat, Stop Pulling Away, Limitations, Pommel Horse Challenge, Super Bowl Refs;


“Being humble is ultimately freeing.”

“We ignored it and it went away. That really is the best way to handle things.”

“A lot of the things that give you limits are things you can be thankful for.

Feb 08, 2019
Episode 873 Superb Owl Sunday At Your Church

Brant Hansen Dating App, Cold Is A Choice, Needing Proof, Dirty Steering Wheels, New Mercies Every Morning, Pommel Horse Request, Mordor Family Feud, You Don’t Have To Judge, Morning People Genes, Telling the Same Story, BONUS CONTENT: Tiger Woods, Hamilton, and Starbuck’s;


“Cold is a choice.”

“The key is agitation.”

“Please allow us to take judging everybody off your ‘to-do’ list.”

Feb 07, 2019
Episode 872 A Message From The Pie Counsel Of America

Swarm Behavior, Superb Owls, Don’t Trust Your Reasoning, THE Valentine’s Statement, Blessings and Complaints, It’s So Cold, Feeling Obligated, Shock Jock, Introverts and Topics, Singles Mixer;


“Many times our reasoning will follow what we wanted anyway.”

“Please begin to swarm this show and related products.”

“When I do research on superb owls it defaults to all this football news.”

“The basis of a lot of our complaints is that we have something good.”

Feb 06, 2019
Episode 871 New Brant Hansen Song: A Beautiful World (Just Do What I Say)

Jesus and Rest, Not So Sure of Yourself, Exercise Snack (The Pommel Horse), The Blessing of Being on the Spectrum, A Scripted Testimonial, Newsboys and Eyeliner, When There Is No Apology;


“It’s a song of hope on how the world could be organized.”

“There are seasons to life. It’s all right.”

“My own capacity to be sure of myself should be under suspicion.”

“This may be more than what most people want but it’s going to happen.”

“The Brant Hansen Show and its related books and products have changed my life.”

Feb 04, 2019
Episode 870 Tidying Up With Brant Hansen

Church Worship Services, Love Your Enemies, Feeling God, Frustrated with People, Free Bacon from McDonald’s, Shock Jock, Eating with Your Phone, The Picture of the Egg, BONUS CONTENT: The Widow’s Mite;

Feb 01, 2019
Episode 869 Business Cards Made Of Beef

Redeeming The Culture, Sherri and Glasses, Weeding Out Men, Breaking Animal News, A Star Is Born, Making New Friends, Cozy and Mr. Peabody, BONUS CONTENT: Old Guy Advice - Marriage;



“Sherri doesn’t care about your life. I want you to know that.”

“A man’s willingness to court for a long time is a signal that he is likely to be a good man.”

“You’re trying to make a dog running a concession stand sound silly.”

Jan 31, 2019
Episode 868 Two Minutes of Hate

1984, Listener Uniforms, A Song for Busy People, A Song for the Hard of Hearing, Desires and God, Shock Jock, Faithfulness, Save the Alien Planet, Repentance, NFL Trouble, Jesus Covers, BONUS CONTENT: Jesus Is Lord;


“It’s Sherri’s job to block the awesome.”

“The people in the gold suits aren’t even going to talk to you.”

“As a culture we tend to think if we have a desire we should get it.”

“There are a lot of shocking things going on here.”

Jan 29, 2019
Episode 867 Francis of Assisi and the Fellas on the Street

Shock Jock, Repetition in the Bible, Honesty Cafe, Dealing With Anger, The Weiner Mobile Spokesperson;


“I’m going to do something new to shock people.”

“Everyone is not a hater.”

“I could follow my heart but where is it leading?”

Jan 28, 2019
Episode 866 Too Much To Ask: The Turn Signal Song

Wisdom, The Good Samaritan, C.S. Lewis on Context, Puppy Warnings, Shock Jock, Masculinity, BONUS CONTENT: Conveying Hope;


“When I behave foolishly the ripple go out. It causes a lot of pain.”

“Life is a little more peaceful when we make wiser decisions.”

“What a swelling, hostile song.”

“Getting a puppy is like going into Mordor.”

“I don’t know that we want to be an alarming show.”

Jan 25, 2019
Episode 865 It’s Especially Important To Have Jokes On A Day Such As This

MLK Jr. Day, NFL Fans and Time, National Days, The Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, Autism and Being Misunderstood, BONUS CONTENT: The Forgiven Servant;


“My muscles were cramping after Do Nothing Day.”

“If you constantly feel misunderstood you should feel drawn to Jesus.”

Jan 24, 2019
Special Oddcast! Toxic Masculinity

Brant and Sherri talk about how unfair the passive aggressive silent treatment is. Also they discuss the Gillette “Toxic Masculinity” commercial.

Jan 23, 2019
Special Oddcast! Planning a Singles Mixer

Brant and Sherri consider another Singles’ Mixer. Also, Brant discusses the struggles of finishing his new book.

Jan 22, 2019
Episode 862 Forgiveness and Another Comedy Workshop
Brant and Sherri discuss a question they received on social media about forgiveness and John Branyan joins them again for a comedy workshop;


“Overwhelm your loved one with quantity.”

“I don’t care about you. Here’s table top billiards.”

“Look into the soul-less eyes of Needy the Owl and know that you’re loved.”

Jan 17, 2019
Special Oddcast! The Big Book of Questions

Brant and Sherri go back to The Big Book of Questions to talk about stealing, relative truth, changing as a person and the big orange head joke

Jan 15, 2019
Episode 860 We Think We’re Good Hosts, Too

New Today Show Hosts, Galaxies Colliding, Listener Uniforms, The Bread Bot, Needing Approval, Embrace the Boredom, You’re Welcome Here, 159 Thousand Texts, We Win in the End, The Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, 2019 CE, BONUS CONTENT: Persecution in China;


“Our galaxy is fixin’ to collide with another galaxy.”

“Ultimately you’re gonna look pretty big in the listener uniforms.”

“Not having everyone’s approval doesn’t mean you’re wrong.”

“If I know how this story ends the tension and stress disappears.”

Jan 14, 2019
Episode 859 Small Talk Is An Open Ended Exchange Of Personal Trivia

The World We Yearn For, Self-Righteousness, Heaven, Identifying with the Poor, Breaking Animal News, Deal Breaker: A Picture of Your Face on Social Media, Valuing the Wrong Thing, Listener Uniform, Social Puppy, The Story and the Struggle;


“We’re worse off air. Be thankful this is all you get.”

“I don’t want you walking off from this breaking animal news cast thinking disease.”

“It’s good to have just a little bit of spiritual maturity on this program.”

“Our culture values all the wrong stuff.”

“Small talk is classified as anything that makes me uncomfortable.”

“There’s no great story without struggle.”

Jan 11, 2019
Episode 858 This Is America’s Only Game Where The Audience Is In Peril

Brant at the Miami International Boat Show, Save the Alien Planet, James and Christmas Trees Are Falling from the Sky, Baby Boomers and Scooters, I’ve Got It Worse, Germs on the Menu, Disrespectful Jesus?, A Magical Price Hike, God Wants to Engage, Talking Politics, BONUS CONTENT: New Game - Animal Stampede;


“The Jesus of the Bible can seem disrespectful to some people.”

“At Disney you can throw money in the air and it magically evaporates into the sky.”

“God wants to interact with you.”

“Politics is important but there’s something greater.”

Jan 10, 2019
Episode 857 The Sunk Cost Fallacy

Loving Difficult People, Jesus and People Cutting in Line, Shock Jock, Christians in the Culture, Captain _____, The Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, Breaking Animal News, Walk Out of a Movie, Apologizing, 3-Million Dollar Blue Fin Tuna, The Meter Maid;


“Jesus honors desperation.”

“You can announce shock and then demand a buzz.”

“There’s always a trade off for a good laugh.”

“You can have the popcorn without the terrible movie.”

Jan 09, 2019
Episode 856 A Good, Fake Derisive Laugh

Ahoy!, Joke Spa, Jesus and Fickle People, Football and the Nobel Prize, Maria Condo, Repent, A Picture of a Check, BONUS CONTENT: JRR Tolkien and His Wife;


“God will not be reduced to a formula. He doesn’t operate that way.”

“We should get some kind of trophy with a brain on it.”

“Contentment comes out of gratitude.”

“Repent. Rethink. Humble yourself.”

Jan 08, 2019
Episode 855 The Puppet Ministry of Brant Hansen, Michael W. Smith and Skillet

Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness, Jesus and the Bible, Most Beautiful People, NYE Actually Guy, A challenge from Scar (not from the Lion King), Jesus Gives Freedom, The Puppet Bus, Make More Things, Jesus As Authority, BONUS CONTENT: Men On Christian Dating Websites;



“If I’m going to be like Jesus, the Bible is going to grow in importance.”

“Sometime Sherri lacks the big ministry impact vision.”

“Jesus doesn’t force or coerce people so we shouldn’t try to do it either.”

“This show is like a skeet shooting competition for Sherri.”

Jan 07, 2019
Episode 854 A Puppet Show Faithfully Rendering The Book Of Revelation

3-Hour Brain Study, Bot Marriage Counseling, New Christians/Not Knowing Stuff, Moms Praying, The Surprise Haircut, Dealing with In-laws, Why We Cry, Station Probation;


“I can only take one holiday battle at a time.”

“There are robots hinted at in the book of Revelation, but that’s not the point.”

“It’s not about how much Bible you know. It’s about your heart.”

“You’ll want to stay on the right side of the show.”

Jan 04, 2019
Episode 853 As Far As The Curse Is Found

Holiday Safe Place. Questioning, Jesus: The Dividing Line of History, Breaking Animal News, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, The Christmas Story and the Shepherds, NBA Suggestion, Scratch Off Success, Fake Social Media Sponsors, Shocking Christmas Facts;


“Tests of patience makes good memories.”

“It’s a kaleidoscope of a lot of things.”

“God came to the shepherds for a reason.”

Dec 25, 2018
Episode 852 Far Out Starbucks

102- Year Old Skydiver, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, The Power Of Our Words, 19-Hour Christmas Tree, No One Is Good, Breaking Animal News, Unoffendable and Hurt, 6 Ft of Hair;



“I don’t want to think about a 102 year old woman crashing through the clouds towards me.

“Whatever power I have I want to use it humbly.”

“Our tree was up for a glorious 19 hours.”

Dec 24, 2018
Episode 851 A Cowboy Christmas Campfire

Happiness and Gratitude, Don’t Get Tired, Jesus and Desperation, Brant Hansen: Nutrition Coach, Elf and Shelf, Toxic People, Shocking Christmas Facts, Brant’s New Facial Hair;


“Our culture constantly encourages us to be ungrateful and to not be content.”

“You can’t prove that cowboys didn’t have accordions.”

“We respect the people who are servants to people who are hard to take.”

“Jesus never turns you away as long as you’re desperate and humble.”

“Brant Hansen: The Lonely Nutrition Coach.”

“Grace is such a relief.”

Dec 21, 2018
Episode 850 Letters From A Chinese Prison

One Lone Caroler, Holiday Social Tips, Asperger’s, A Challenge from Betsy, The Shocking Christmas Story, The Gift of Stress, The Yelli, Figuring Out God, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, The 3 Magi Expectations;


“At first you see how Sherri was hostile but now we’re friends.”

“God still loves you even if your relationship with Him doesn’t look like everybody else’s.”

“They are such an incredibly accredited institution.”

“I’ve given you a gift all year long and that’s the gift of stress.”

“God does things in a way you don’t see coming.”

Dec 20, 2018
Episode 849 Apocalyptic Fashion and The Christmas Story

Baby Jesus Reactions, I Love You But…, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, Jesus as an Introvert, Studying Jesus, Settle Down, Make Up Touch Up, Apocalyptic Fashion and the Christmas Story, The Holiday Safe Place, You’re Welcome Here;


“Jesus is way more fascinating than just stopping at Christmas story.”

“You don’t want people figuring you out during the holiday.”

“You guys have had your fun now settle down.”

“We don’t need to be anxious because the light has come.”

Dec 19, 2018
Episode 848 Wolfgang The Christmas Wombat

The Christmas Prize Wheel, Honesty Cafe, The Avengers and Being Heroic, Christmas Gift Role Play, Christmas and Humility, Ancient Board Games, Bonus Content: The Pastor’s Wife and the Lamborghini;


“It’s like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with a twist.”

“I refused to connect to this story emotionally.”

“Being faithful and doing the right thing over and over is heroic.”

Dec 18, 2018
Episode 847 God Cares About The Adverbs

Get Out, A Quick Comeback, Christmas Debates, Comparison, Ice Cream and the Gym, A Challenge From Duke and the Gang, Holiday Coach, God and Adverbs;


“If you want to destroy joy in your life find yourself superior.”

“As our resolutions disappear so does the gym. It’s beautiful.”

“The last minute has been a complete waste of time and I own it. But watch this!”

Dec 17, 2018
Episode 846 I Love You Guys, But…

Solider of the Great War, Fluffies, Jesus and the Rules, Holiday Safe Place, Jesus and Healing, End of the Year Reflections, Sports and the Moon, Jesus: Introvert or Extrovert, Breaking Animal News, Baby Jesus and other Religions, A Holiday Party Social Tip;



“I’m only playing this to prove at least 3 people like us.”

“This nerdiness will pay off. I promise.”

“God love us more than He loves rules.”

“The mistakes on this show are a part of a grander design.”

“Jesus never turned away someone who humbled themselves.”

Dec 13, 2018
Episode 845 Sherri’s Never Heard “Blue Christmas”?

A Challenge from Tony and the Gang, Worthy of God’s Love, Serving Others, Everybody is Religious, Joke Spa, Addicted to Outrage, Sad Christmas, Your Job is Spiritual, Prize Wheel Not Obviously Evil, Leaving a Holiday Party;



“God has the final say on His love for you.”

“I have no reason to lie about Elvis.”

“The cure to outrage is radical humility.”

“I need you guys to settle down.”

Dec 12, 2018
Special Oddcast! Humility and Motives

Brant and Sherri talk about humility and analyzing the motives of others.

Dec 10, 2018
Special Oddcast! Sherri and WWI

Brant is elated that Sherri has a question about WWI.

Dec 07, 2018
Special Oddcast! The Big Book of Questions

Brant and Sherri go back to The Big Book of Questions and also discuss the continuing relevance of The Five Love Languages;


“Ayan Rand will fill a few podcasts.”

“Some people believe the most selfish thing you could is the best thing you could do.”

“You may try to correct me, but I’m right.”

“You’re not giving me a chance to express my love if you’re not giving me gifts.”

Dec 06, 2018
Episode 841 Caring About Maroon 5’s Feelings

Super Bowl Halftime Petition, Learning from Bears, A Christmas Shopping Spree, Grindy’s Shoppes, Puppy Life, Unoffend-a-copter, Breaking Animal News, A Challenge from El Hombre, BONUS CONTENT: The Seat of Honor;


“We can learn from bears. Hibernate.”

“Cows are concerned with their health. Super concerned.”

“I’m weighing the lawsuit that’s going to happen when I say this.”

“I love people who love the fabric stores.”

Dec 05, 2018
Episode 840 Hansen’s Holiday Helpline Headquarters Hotline

Humility, A Really Big Cow, Breaking Animal News, Kids and the Latest Tech for Christmas, Your Height/Weight/BP All at CVS, Not a Good Person, Awkward Christmas Party Questions, Christmas Sorrow;


“God wants us broken.”

“A really big cow is something we all should be alarmed about, you guys.”

“Are you the guy who uses the blood pressure machine at CVS?”

“Jesus tells us we’re not the best judge of ourselves.”

Dec 04, 2018
Episode 839 Christmas Trees Are Falling From The Sky

A Spiritual Enemy, Unoffend-a-copter, The Cabbage Patch Kid Riot, Where Do You Get Your Meaning?, Having Autism, The Rolling Stones Tour, A No-Gift Christmas;



“In light of what Christ has done for me, I choose not to uncover someones shame.”

“It was my talk show and I didn’t want to talk about Furbies.”

“Put your faith in something that’s going to last.”

“There’s a lot of energy that goes into being more social.”

Nov 29, 2018
Special Oddcast! Romans 14

Brant and Sherri discuss the practical application of Romans 14. They also go back to the Big Book of Questions.

Nov 28, 2018
Episode 837 Justin Bieber and Cabbage Patch Riots

Stories of Gratitude, Listener Uniforms, LotR and Men, What You Need to Know, Back to the Future Remake, $22 Christmas Dinner Cover Charge, BONUS CONTENT: The Story of Bacchus;


“I’ve got one shot to raise my kids. One shot.”

“Please be patient with us regarding the listener uniforms.”

“Being on mission together is good.”

Nov 27, 2018
Episode 836 The Lion and the Lamborghini

A Challenge From Axel, Jello Slime, Prize Wheel, Ending the Pumpkin Spice Debate, Cyber Monday Clicks, Joy and Peace, Puppy Day, Being on Mission, The Problem of Pride, Brant and Juan Show;



“The Great Pumpkin Spice Debate has ended. I have won.”

“Yada, yada, yada, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, yada, yada, yada.”

“Please don’t rain on this puppy parade.”

“The cure to boredom is being on mission.”

Nov 23, 2018
Episode 835 The Middle Age, Mostly White Guy, Problem

Honesty Cafe, Hang In There With Church Culture, Gwenth Paltrow Gift Giving List, You Can’t Control People, Why Golf?, Macy’s Day Parade, Thanksgiving Day Prize Wheel, Condelezza Rice and the NFL, Obnoxious Salting of Salad, When You Haven’t Prayed for a While;



“Jesus is so good he’s worth me hanging in there with church culture.”

“It’s so shocking how much freedom Jesus gives people.”

“If you pinned your boss with a cool wrestling move, they’d have to respect that.”

“I’m trying to redeem what I just said about hating the Macy’s Day Parade.”

Nov 21, 2018
Episode 834 The Odds on Spam and the Prom

Cloth Yourself, Joke Spa, Being An Encourager, Kids and Screen Time, Deal Breaker, Facebook Arguments, Phrases Not to Use, Can’t Say Stupid, Black Friday and TVs, Fake Band, BONUS CONTENT: Giving Tuesday;



“It’s the circle of encouragement.”

“Disheveled was not a deal breaker for Mrs. Hansen it was a deal MAKER.”

Nov 20, 2018
Episode 833 A Fact Behind The Question: Turkey Droppings

Serenity Prayer, Puppets at the Wedding, Save the Alien Planet, More Than Rules, National Days, Things to be Thankful For, Survival School, Unique God of Love, Social Tip, Christian Brains;


“The God of the Bible is unique because of His love.”

“As you may know, I am experienced in the Survival Arts.”

“There is a time for rules and there is a time for love and grace.”

“Being grateful helps with anxiety.”

“If people have bad attitudes there’s no hope.”

Nov 19, 2018
Episode 832 Another Original Song: Let’s Talk About Me

Who Gets to Correct Me, Introvert at a Call Center, Holiday Oreo Dunking Kit, End of Construction, We Need Reminded, Fearing the Right Things, Adam and Eve, Marriage Is Hard, Nutrition Advice for the Holiday, BONUS CONTENT: The Big Book of Questions;



“Sometimes I can’t help it. A song swept over me.”

“Is there a better way to put the Oreos in the milk?”

“If you hate us on the air your hatred would grow for us off the air.”

“We only have a limited time. Let’s be concerned about missing great chances to serve.”

“Every great drama is based on great sacrifice.”

Nov 16, 2018
Special Oddcast! A Comedy Workshop
Brant and Sherri bring in comedian John Branyan to help build a joke.


“I picked up a few Swedish children from IKEA and assembled them with an Allen Wrench.”

“I have, in fact, removed the log from my own eye.”

“I didn’t bring you here to judge me. I brought you here to organize this pyramid of skulls.”

“You can’t just slap eyeballs on a Reese Cup and say ‘look I’ve created life.’”

“Why did the Twinkie Guy have a rope? What was he rounding up?”

Nov 15, 2018
Episode 830 Don't Ask Brant About World War I. It's Too Late.

Morning News Angst, Black Friday Spending, Fear and Anxiety, Same People’s Choice Awards, Honesty Cafe, Labeling Your Emotions, The Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, BONUS CONTENT: Mary Shelley Movie;



“Start your day with big picture stuff because your brain resets overnight.”

“We experience so much pain from anticipating stuff that hasn’t happened.”

“It’s wonderful and freeing to know we are not our emotions.”

“No one has asked me about WWI in the last 4 years. I have all of this information.”

Nov 14, 2018
Episode 829 Hello? Milk Snakes Are Not Poisonous

Hanksgiving, Who Gets To Define You, Survival School, SNL & Grace, Veteran’s Day, Breaking Animal News, Honesty Cafe, What to Tell Your 18 Year Old Wife, Brant’s Business Ideas, Wanting To Control People;


“I will celebrate Tom Hanks’ brother the entomologist.”

“I’m grateful God doesn’t define us by our desires.”

“When grace happens everybody marvels. It’s remarkable.”

“The only way to enter the kingdom of God is like a child.”

Nov 13, 2018
Episode 828 Brant’s Little Shoulders

More You Than You, Brant Hansen Prize Wheel, Social Tip, Plans Thwarted, The Elite Kingdom Party, Pringles, Certified Show Puppy, Puppy Nightmare Stories, Jesus and Infuriating Grace, A Challenge From Eddie T, Radically Kind, Black Coffee Psychopaths, Deal Breaker, Church Potluck, Being Childlike, Listener Uniform, World War 1 Anniversary;



“Emotion has been sparked.”

“What if my plans thwarted actually freed me?”

“There’s a guy with a bowtie on the can of Pringles.”

“The puppy ate the siding right of the house.”

“Jesus is going to be frustrating if you want Him to appeal to your sense of fairness.”


“I have to show you that I love you more than I want to be right.”

Nov 12, 2018
Episode 827 A Dunkin' Donut Romantic Tale of Redemption

Men & Women Washing Hands, Politics and Unity, Spice Girls Reunion, A $3 Ticket to See Duran Duran, You’re On Your Phone Song, Elections and Anxiety, Breaking Animal News, Resentment vs. Gratitude, Being Childlike Election Day and a Cause, BONUS CONTENT: Riding Bikes and Dunkin' Donuts;


“Remember the Spice Girls? They were all different spices.”

“Duran Duran is out there. Do you want to see them?”

“Unity is remarkable.”

“You can see how anxiety increases the less we trust in who God really is.”

Nov 09, 2018
Episode 826 Significance

Enneagram Notes, Don’t Be Fearful, Pastor Appreciation Month, A Puppy in the Studio, Repentance, Selfies, Signs You’re Getting Older, You Being Evil, BONUS CONTENT: Significance;


“I can be deeply disturbed or a crackpot.”

“Jesus treats us like we need a doctor and He’s it.”

“America has football planned for the weekend.”

Nov 08, 2018
Episode 825 The Llamas We’re Protecting Him, Sherri.

The Toyota Pizza Truck Robot, Politics and your Dad, Social Tip, All God’s are the Same, Believing in Science, Never Getting to Puppy Day, Caring What People Think, Jesus the Disciples and the Fish, Breaking Animal News, Dogs in Charge, The Thai Cave Movie Awards, BONUS CONTENT: Things Fall Apart;


“It’s a giant robot truck that makes pizza. What could go wrong?”

“Be patient with people. They’re trying to be smooth, too.”

“This show is just 2 friends goofing off.”

“We should at least consider we don’t everything we think we know.”

Nov 07, 2018
Episode 824 The Music They Play In The Ring Of Ideas

Rocket City Trash Pandas, Honesty Cafe, Halloween Candy Tariff, Guys and Shirt Colors, Netflix and Dogs, Liam Neeson Taken Again, Your Job as Ministry, The Answer for Hope, The Twitter Like Button, BONUS CONTENT: Talking to Animals;



“The Steelers makes no sense.”

“Candy is the price of doing business in this household.”

“Why can’t anything be face value with you, Brant Hansen?”

“Leave space for someone else that has a different viewpoint.”

“We need people being faithful with what God puts in front of them.”

Nov 06, 2018
Episode 823 Follow The Money?

Disappointed By Us, Deal Breaker: 5 FT Away, Follow the Money, BONUS CONTENT: Confident But Not Good

Nov 01, 2018
Episode 822 We're Going To Hollywood!

Peace, Pay-Per-View Golf, The Prize Wheel, Walking the Faith Alone, BONUS CONTENT: The Church of Satan and God’s Authority, The Show Is Headed to LA and Sacramento;


“We don’t have to live with fear all the time.”

“Who knew you could buy a prize wheel from IKEA?”

"The amount of freedom God gives us is disturbing."

"It's so rare for us to come to the end of ourselves."

"We're still gonna broadcast out of the same $5 studio."

Oct 31, 2018
Episode 821 iPhone Users vs. Android Users

Shock Jock, Having a Soft Heart, Candy Corn, The Pittsburgh Shooting, How to Approach God, When God Doesn’t Take Weakness, Not Listening, Prize Wheel, Fruit of the Spirit, Men and Women Differences, Moody and God’s Love, BONUS CONTENT: Halloween Decor Response;



“It’s a gift from God to be at peace.”

“You get one life to live. Do you really want to live it riled up at the news all the time?”

“Brant, spin that wheel.”

“God left heaven to dwell with filthy, messy us.”

“We’re giving you the opportunity to exercise grace and forgiveness.”

Oct 30, 2018
Episode 820 Greek Hero or Prescription Drug?

Walking the Faith Alone, Sci-Fi Question, Read About Jesus, A Challenge from Steve, God and Doubt, Mordor Family Feud, When Life is a Breeze, Talk People Make More, What People Think of Us, REPLAY: Colliding Neutron Stars and Avoiding Sin;


“I’m baffled how much God loves us.”

“After 39 our overreaction time gets quicker.”

“A statue of your dog PLUS all the life saving surgeries. You make the choice.”

Oct 29, 2018
Episode 819 A Chance To Speak Into The Lives Of Hamsters

Men’s Reaction Time, How God Loves Us, Christmas and Neiman Marcus, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, Jesus and Action, Yelling at the TV, Jesus Is Surprising, Mac and Cheese, Everything Is Fine, When the Focus Is on Me, How God Sees Us;


“I’d like to emote about the awkward jog of gratitude.”

“Everyone has words but Jesus actually had action and sacrifice.”

“Mac and Cheese is gonna be a thing soon.”

“To grow up is the goal.”

Oct 26, 2018
Episode 818 Leonardo da Vinci & Strabismus

Greek Hero or Prescription Drug, Introvert/Extrovert, Eugene Peterson, Jesus Being Annoying?, Jolene, Extra Three Hours of TV, Morbid Football News, Breaking Animal News, The Worlds Best Show, Museum of Disgusting Food, Obedience,  BONUS MATERIAL: God and the Fish;


“My cousin took tyclerimus and now he has no eyebrows. We don’t think it’s funny.”

“This football is morbid and sort of existential.”

“Everybody gets a passing verdict on everything you do. Welcome to 2018.”

“What makes obedience hard is we don’t want to listen wholeheartedly.”

Oct 25, 2018
Episode 817 Halloween and the HOA

Mr. Unoffendable, Sci-Fi Question: IQ vs Grocery Stores, Your Computer Password and Spirituality, Praying, Eugene Petersen, Reseting the Brain, BONUS MATERIAL: Sherri’s FB Live, CURE For Your Birthday;


“How does Brant even know my favorite grocery store?”

“Praying and walking in the morning helps me sense that I’m not alone.”

“We’re gonna have a salt and beef casserole.”

“You don’t need a PhD to understand the Kingdom of God. God doesn’t leave out the illiterate and uneducated.”

Oct 24, 2018
Episode 816 Tim Tebow and Night to Shine

I Am With You, Grouch Day, Neglecting the Spiritual, iPhones and Llamas, Studying Instead of Doing, Emailing the Wrong Person, How God Thinks of Us, Joke Spa, Breaking Animal News, We Need Reminded;


“Brant Hansen just wants to help people move up the ladder.”

“Calm down, guys!”

“What you think about you is not what God thinks about you.”

“God’s love is deeper than anything we can fathom.”

“We need to be reminded more than we need to be instructed.”

Oct 23, 2018
Episode 815 Emily Ratajkowski and the Hermes Himalayan Crocodile

Title with No Raise, Actually Guy, Feelings Follow Actions, Brant Hansen Jingle, Archaic Fruit of the Spirit, Breaking Animal News, The Patience of God, God & Sarcasm, The Lottery Bankruptcy;


“God’s patience is breathtaking.”

“God himself is saying ‘you don’t think like I do. You can’t’”

“I’ve walked through first class 10,000 times and I’m whisked to the back before I can even ask the people up there a question.”

“I bumped myself up to Captain of the show.”

Oct 19, 2018
Episode 814 Brant’s Getting A Puppy!

Soul Fatigue, The Royal Baby, Being Late and Optimism, 9 Productivity Mistakes, Jesus Throwbacks, Breaking Animal News, National Failure Day, The Sleep Study, Actually in Sunday School, The Fruit of the Spirit, Brant’s Basics;


‘“This breaking animal news is freeing for everyone.”

“If you profess Jesus you’re going to be in a family with a bunch of people that drive you crazy.”

“We can’t keep up with science. We’re throwing in the towel.”

“Exclamation points are reserved for the special moments in life, Sherri”

“You can’t fake the fruit of the Spirit long-term.”

Oct 18, 2018
Episode 813 Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation For A Squirrel

Mime the Movie, The Situation, The Bible Project, Jesus and Politics, Breaking Animal News, Discipline and Freedom, Awkward Conversation, Justification, I Love You (In Theory) Song, The Diet Pop Study, Spiritual Conversations, The Brant Hansen Jingle;


“Sherri do you want to sign up for mime school? There are things that aren’t revealed to lay people.”

“Jesus is remarkable for not bending to the politics of His days.”

“Discipline IS Freedom.”

Oct 17, 2018
Special Oddcast! Mike Donehey Interview

Brant interviews Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North about there new project titled Things We've Been Afraid to Say

Oct 16, 2018
Episode 811 Brant and Cardi B

Sci-Fi Question: Being Late, Hurricane Michael, Tiny House Agitation, Brant Hansen Jingle, Brant’s Basics, A Challenge to Brant, Social Media Strategy, Crabby Old People, Owning Your Mistakes, NBA Warning;


“You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you. Don’t you?”

“I get really agitated about the tiny house show.”

“When there isn’t a good attitude the jingle fizzles out.”

“Just because I don’t see the reason for something doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”

Oct 15, 2018
Episode 810 A Dog With Reindeer Ears

Unity and Politics, An Extrovert Question,  Pets and Costumes,  God and Mystery, A Confidence Boost, BONUS CONTENT: Being Like Jesus;


“We want to talk about something bigger than politics.”

“Unity is how people know who Jesus is.”

Oct 12, 2018
Episode 809 Accidentally Racist

How You Feel About the Way You Look, Sin Substitute, Breaking Animal News, What Introverts Like, 96 Year Old Job, The Space Cow, Brant’s Basics;


“I know I’m not a cow. I’m not crazy, guys.”

“Sin substitute reinforces selfishness and keeps you a baby”

“No one is talking about the Harding administration. No one is even fired up about it anymore.”

Oct 11, 2018
Episode 808 Tithing 10% Of Your Kohl’s Cash

Sci-Fi Question, God and Other Religions, BONUS CONTENT: Single Women Friends with Married Men;


“God is not a formula or a math equation.”

“Verna, here’s 5,000 dollars in cold, hard Kohl’s Cash”

Oct 10, 2018
Episode 807 What Brant Wants For His Birthday

Freaking People Out, Joke Spa, Social Media & Politics, The Vacation Survey Brant’s Basics, University of Illinois Wins, The 8 Year Old and the Viking Store, BONUS CONTENT: Innocence and Dogs;


“I tensed up during the silence.”

“God is the crafter of your spirit and relates to you spiritually.”

“Something sports happened this weekend.”

“Most people put their faith in their own rightness.”

Oct 09, 2018
Episode 806 A Cockateel Dares You To Move

WebMD, Loneliness, God and Culture, Brant’s Basics, Halloween and a T-Rex, The Devil, Breaking Animal News, The Meteor Phone Case, Welcome to the Show, Snakerson’s Revisited;


“Sin drives us away. “Devil” means divider.”

“If the God of the Bible is true wouldn’t it rub up against every culture on some level.”

“What God is actually looking for is humility.”

Oct 08, 2018
Episode 805 Marrying Captain America?

Group Think, Holiday Spending Already, Brant’s Basics: Anxiety, Breaking Animal News, Tips for a Get Together, Gossip, NBA Starting, God and the Spinning Earth, Being Pulled Apart, BONUS CONTENT: Phone/Computer Integration;



“When we’re anxious it’s probably because we don’t trust that God will solve the situation the way we think it should go.”

“As an anchor it’s my job to tell you what to think.”

“It takes a tremendous amount of pressure to change our first impression”

“I like to bore people with cognitive biases.”


“Give it up for Sherri Crunch.”

Oct 05, 2018
Episode 804 SNAKERSON’S Grocery Outlet

75,000/Night Hotel Room, Evangelism, Nobel Prize, Kids: It Goes So Fast, Repentance Endings Netflix, Traffic, NBA Starting, Brant’s Basics, Breaking Animal News;


“Sherri eliminated herself from the Nobel Peace Prize running.”

“Blessed are the Peace MAKERS not the peace lovers.”

“I’d like to see some shows end in a mushroom cloud.”

Oct 04, 2018
Episode 803 Not Man Enough For A Mustang

Brant’s New Gym, FB Down, The Truth Will Set you Free, Breaking Animal News, First Date/Take Your Phone, Walnut Cracking, Kids and Screens;


“I’m not man enough to drive a Mustang.”

“Don’t end up like me. That’s all I’m trying to say.”

“Jesus doesn’t just have the truth He IS the truth.”

Oct 02, 2018
Episode 802 Going Gray

God and Music, Confounding Bible, Thinking About God, Lil Xan, Cognitive Biases, New Glasses, BONUS CONTENT: Getting Older;


“Hopefully we get wiser with age and that’s compelling.”

“God will not be relegated to a formula.”

“I don’t want to be dark mustache guy.”

“I don’t know the rap game. I know that disappoints people.”

Oct 01, 2018
Episode 801 The Horrors of a Misplaced Punchline

Brant Hansen Jingle, Breaking Animal News, National Days, Just a Little Twist, Doctor’s Handwriting, Being Vulnerable, Brant’s Basics, Guys Going Bald, Dealing with Depression, Exit Door on a Plane, Christians & Hypocrisy, BONUS MATERIAL: Survivor and Comedy;


“Cats put up with us. They rule over us.”

“This show is David and Goliath. We’re David.”

“I have corners on the side of my head.”

“God is doing beautiful things when you look for it.”

Sep 28, 2018
Episode 800 Radio Where’s Waldo & The Rocket City Trash Pandas

Gritty and the Philadelphia Flyers, Asperger’s, Prayer, VR on the Airplane, Comfortable Shoes, Unoffendable, Breaking Animal News, Social Media and the Real You;


“Everything gets tabled on this show. Everything?”

“When people are buckled in and can’t leave, that’s my time to shine.”

“Everyday contact is more real than what’s on Twitter.”

Sep 27, 2018
Episode 799 Your Appendix for the Show

Gratitude, Jesus Resume, NFL Help, Married Guys Weight, Looking Back At Jesus, Caricature of yourself, Social Tip Controlling Drama, Traffic Family;


“Gratitude doesn’t sell.”

“You have one football and you buried it. What’s the good of that?”

“Those chips are for your safety and security.”

Sep 26, 2018
Episode 798 Are you a spiritual fraud?

Parents Talking to Kids, Shock Jock, Dairy and No Death, Old People and Sleep, Speeding with a Flute, BONUS CONTENT: Brant’s CMB Preview;


“I’m not prepared to talk about 2 Timothy at 5 am in the morning.”

“I don’t know if I’m popular or not.”

“It’s not about feelings. It’s about the opportunity to build someone up.”

“He’s the Good News.”

Sep 17, 2018
Episode 797 The Coffee Drones and Brant's Basics

Crossfire, Podcast Fast Forward, Jesus and Politics, Office Perks, Traffic and Forgiveness, Breaking Animal News, Liking the Mall, Fork to Chopstick, Brant Unoffendable, Holy Music in Stores, NFL Help;


“When you go through things you’ll find you become stronger and able to lift up others.”

“Our culture thinks politics is everything.”

“Other ants take the deceased ant to the ant grave yard.”

Sep 13, 2018
Episode 796 Negotiation Tactic: Keep the Keys

Being In Awe of God, Crossfit, Physical Fitness Test, God and Fasting, Precious Moments, Married and 95%, God and Checklists, History Segment, Hurricane Anxiety, Frustrated with Yourself, Brant Owes Sherri, Breaking Animal News;


“The president wanted to know how to embarrass school children.”

“Sherri’s job is to make people feel welcome. My job is to take things too seriously.”

“They teach you how to slant and bias and journalism school.”

Sep 12, 2018
Episode 795 Why the world is this way

WWI Celebration, Actually Loving People, Childlike in the Kingdom, Breaking Animal news, 3rd Person Effect, Sherri’s Family Pops In, Kids and Laser Clean-up, Grammar Jerks, The Distraction of Christian Industry, Brant and the NFL, Jesus in the Gospels;


“God’s not looking for the talk. He wants to love actual people.”

“I would bring you more of this animal playing he piano but Sherri would stop it.”

“We all yearn for God to make everything right.”

Sep 11, 2018
Episode 794 Quit Saying These Things

Taking Jesus Seriously, The Outlets, Your Job Matters, A Word to Apple People, Look at the Real Jesus, Breaking Animal News, Prayer Time, Social Tip, Gratifying Day at the Job, Imposter Syndrome, Power of Your Words;


“One cent savings? Thank you outlet malls for what you have done for us!”

“If you decide to follow Jesus you will have to join a band of stragglers.”

“The buck stops with Sherri.”

Sep 07, 2018
Episode 793 George Clooney vs. The Rock

September, Traveling the World, Settling, More Rock Sympathy, NFL Help: The Penalty Band, Chronic Lateness, Detached Analysis, Sean Connery, The Ladder to Heaven, Making Things Complex;


“It’s ok if you’re not gathering experiences for Instagram.”

“Sometimes we settle for things we think are the ultimate and they’re not. It’s tragic.”

“Chronic lateness has now been diagnosed as a medical condition.”

“When you realize you’re not good enough you have to throw yourself at the mercy of God which is right where he wants us.”

Sep 06, 2018
Episode 792 Psalm 37 and Politics

Writing and Procrastination, Prayer Walk, Feeling God Around, Pumpkin Spice Hot Take, Steps and Fitness, Praying for Other People, Breaking Animal News, Stick with the Show, NFL Help: The Family Play, Instant Judgment Text;


“This is a percolating show.”

“There may be reasons God isn’t giving you the emotional reward you want.”

“Because I’m in broadcasting I have to drain everything of reason.”

“A small swiss study is corrects.”

“Sherri’s heart did not melt.”

“No politics on this show. There’s no left or right hook.”

Sep 05, 2018
Episode 791 Y’all In the Bible

Welcome to the Show, Mordor Family Feud, Being for Someone, Mad at God, Online Play Acting, Teens and Bad Music, Taking Advice, Falling Apart, We Need Y’all, Breaking Animal News, Immortality and Coffee;


“We don’t have prizes. That’s why we’ve drummed up and contrived all this other stuff.”

“God is the end. Not the thing your praying for. HIM. He’s the end.”

“My flute playing is saving lives.”

“There’s no understanding of being a Jesus follower that is by yourself.”

Sep 03, 2018
Episode 790 The Lord Your God is One…

The Show IS Getting Better, NFL: Captain Sabotage, NFL: Grandma Coaching, When You’re Right, The Owl Mailing Label, Messy Desk People, Breaking Animal News, How to Married for 30 Years, Welcome Misfits;


“I like sheep, goats, and robots.”

“A messy desk equals greatness”

“You gain your life when you lose it through serving others.”

Aug 31, 2018
Episode 789 Every player gets a shovel…

NFL: Every Player Gets a Shovel, Pumpkin Spice Latte, NFL Fans and Weight, Welcome to the Show, Fear of the Right Thing, Wisdom, Following Our Impulses Mordor Family Feud, Words That Make You Happy, Check Please!, Procrastination, BONUS CONTENT: Church Entertainment;


“Dogs aren’t asking for it and they’re doing it anyway.”

“If you know any Cleveland Browns fans check on them and make sure they’re OK.”

“When you’re communicating with people, if you don’t love them you’re just noise.”

“We’ve got plenty of smart people we need more wise people.”

Aug 30, 2018
Episode 788 A Messy House with Kids says…

Jesus and Kids, Kids and Research Confident Your’e Right, Shock Jock, Honesty Cafe, Back to School and Your Words, God Is A Refuge, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pull-ups, National Days, BONUS CONTENT: Cognitive Biases and the Good News;


“Maybe we should go before God with a little less arrogance.”

“Brant is a soccer hooligan.”

“Our words are incredibly powerful.”

Aug 29, 2018
Episode 787 They all have a football

Pumpkin Spice Latte, Church Scandals, Bad Imitations, John McCain, NFL, Linguistics and Marriage, Self Righteous Bonding, Joke Spa, 84 year old Pole Vault, BONUS CONTENT: Scandals;



“Stick to it…even if it’s proven to be ridiculous.”

“You got played.”

“This show is popping with ideas. I’m snapping right now.”

“Temporary stuff is temporary.”

Aug 28, 2018
Episode 786 What To Have In The Utility Belt of Friendship

Humble vs. Proud, The Rock Movie, Take Care of Today, Breaking Animal News, Fall To-Do List, Falling Sheep, Pumpkin Spice Salad, Women and Shoes, Social Tip, 30,000 Ft Fall, Neuros Pizza;


“Again, the Rock can’t catch a break.”

“When you don’t have a budget you have to expand the dramatic stakes.”

“This is important to have in your utility belt of friendship."

Aug 27, 2018
Episode 785 She took the midnight train

My Hair Hates Me, Regrets, Listener Uniform Update, Technology and Patience, Breaking Animal News, Politics, Sin, Revisiting Journey;



“We were made to work.”

“I just like saying vicissitudes.”

“Jesus threatens politics.”

“We want to be the place that talks about a different kingdom.”



Aug 24, 2018
Episode 784 A Rebuttal to Vicki McMinn

Psalm 1, Middle School, The Enneagram Test, Lowest Grossing Movie, Shock Jock, Being an Encourager, National Radio Day, BONUS CONTENT: Do You Want to be Healed?



“There was some Brut or Old Spice around.”

“Alliances are formed for self-protection in PE.”

“Trusting God will change you.”

“You can be a surprise jock instead of a shock jock. Carve your own path.”

“If you’re insecure you won’t be an encourager.”

Aug 23, 2018
Episode 783 And then he met a black pastor…

Uganda Trip, Aretha Franklin, Why We Go Through Things, Being Vulnerable, Saying I’m Sorry, Mom’s Right, Righteous Anger, Text/Sleep, The Hope of a New School Year, Surfacing Recommendations for Sherri’s Book, A Brush with Greatness, Coffee News, BONUS CONTENT: The Movie Whiplash;



“Relationship makes all the difference. That’s what changes people.”

“I owned the room, too. Just like Aretha.”

“Now is the time to pay more attention to World War I”

“The rest of your life is just a sequence of finding out you were wrong.”

Aug 22, 2018
Special Oddcast! Cognitive Biases

Whitney Houston Documentary, Cognitive Biases, OUTTAKES!

Aug 20, 2018
Special Oddcast! Race and Self Righteousness

Race and Self-Righteousness, Covered in the Blood, OUTTAKES!

Aug 17, 2018
Episode 780 How much more can The Rock take?

Sharing Your Faith and Anger, Re-think/Repent, Wisconsin Cheese Board, Being in Control, Gratitude, The Rock, Tattoo on the Face, Helping Keith Urban at WaWa, Thinking We’re God, Breaking Animal News, CURE Miracles;



“They don’t want the spotlight on Dumplin’.

God’s fingerprints are all over good things if you look for it.

“Meeting hostility with hostility never works.”

Aug 13, 2018
Episode 779 Should cows get the credit?

National Days, The Future Me, People of Hope, Save the Alien Planet, Brant Gets a Text, Your True Identity, We’re No Experts, Breaking Animal News, The Arizona Cardinal Sandwich, Being in Control;



“We really like our present self more than our past self.”

“We’re NOT going to be dull and boring.”

“The cows arrested a fugitive.”

“You are not what you do. Your true identity is in Christ.”’

“Sherri, so YOU believe the cows should get no credit for this.

Aug 10, 2018
Episode 778 Sharing your faith…In Anger?

Marriage Counsel, The Nursing Home Accordion, What Not to Say on a Resume, Sharing Faith in Anger, Working for a Narcissist, Alien Planet, Being Absent Minded, Crossfit, Sci-Fi Question: Mission Impossible vs. A Ferrari, Breaking Animal News;



“Getting counsel is a GOOD thing.”

“The podcast will attract people into your home when you’re not there.”

“The correct way to spell loser is LOSER.”

“If you work for a narcissist: Get Out!”

“A horse plays a keyboard with its face, coming up.”

“Sherri wins the show.”

Aug 09, 2018
Episode 777 Let’s talk cognitive biases

Have You Found Jesus, Breaking Animal News,Mom Guilt,  Sci-Fi: 10 Beavers vs. 1 Million Dollars, Forgiving Yourself, National Speaker’s Day, Men Lonely for Friends, The National Comedy Center;


“It’s not humble to not forgive yourself. God already has.”

“When will we pay speakers more attention?”

“Relationship is the only way people start to let truth in the door.”

“My own producer is undermining my point. I’m just gonna call it out.”

Aug 08, 2018
Episode 776 100 Mystery Goats and Prophecy

Ready for the NFL, Made for Mission, Not Feeling God, Being Vulnerable, Joke Spa, Not a Moving Target, Breaking Animal News, BONUS CONTENT: Thoughts on the Brain;



“There is a reason we’re yearning for God, because we’re here on earth.”

“Some of the loneliest people are married.”

Aug 07, 2018
Episode 775 The Minister of Loneliness

Your Job Matters, Anxiety, When You’re Mocked, The Rock, Our Love For Each Other, A Challenge from Andrew, Wedding Gifts in Space, Minister of Loneliness, Breaking Animal News;



“Your job is an awesome opportunity to serve people.”

“God is looking for faithfulness.”

“Love is commitment through conflict.”

“The Rock should know he’s every bit as good as Tom Cruise.”

Aug 06, 2018
Episode 774 The air of comedy has been taken from our lungs

Breaking Animal News, Comedy, Happy People, Crossfit, Behind the Scenes Prep, The Way Women Dress, Forgiveness, WWI Anger, Sci-Fi: Jane Austin vs. The Avengers, Race ad LotR, God’s Kingdom, BONUS CONTENT: Comedy and Offense;


“You never know what’s going to happen on this show.”

“If you refuse to forgive there’s something very beautiful you’re missing out on.”

“Nobody wants my info.”

“Lord of the Rings is making us all come together and understand what God wants.”

Aug 03, 2018
Episode 773 Would a cow call another cow a ‘seeing eye cow?'

Who Jesus Says He Is, Brant’s Smile and Hate, Unbelievers and Forgiveness and Grace, Being a Good Person, Tea and Sympathy Store, Brant’s Laptop, Breaking Animal News, Jesus vs. Religious Leaders, Fat Zoning, Pilots Fighting, Social Media Groups, The Perfect Day;



“Now that I see you smiling let me seize this opportunity to let you know how much I hate the both of you.”

“You start Crybabies Incorporated.”

“Jesus runs towards suffering with His arms wide open.”

Aug 02, 2018
July 31st, 2018 Oddcast!

Flattery and Negotiation, Breaking Animal News, Borrowing Trouble, Politics and News Channels, A Written Life Plan, Importance of Dads, Prayer, Messy Desk People, Meditation vs. Prayer, Brant’s Lost Laptop;


“Sherri was determined to sabotage the role play.”

“We need a zebra and we need it now.”

“Jesus told us not to borrow trouble from tomorrow. It’s so deeply kind for Him to tell us that.”

“If I take Jesus perspective on things anxiety starts to disappear.”

Aug 01, 2018
July 24th, 2018 Oddcast!

Not So Good Content, Mordor Family Feud, Miracles, Breaking Animal News, Please Go See the Rock, Check Please!, Work Is Good, God Loves Us, Gratitude, Be Encouraging, Chick-fila, Struggling with Faith;




“This is Mordor Family Feud, Sherri. Be realistic.”

“Please just accept this breaking animal news story at face value.”

“When you work you’re adding value for people.”

“God didn’t just give us a book. He gave us a person. He gave us Jesus.”

“It’s pretty amazing how blessed we are.”

Jul 25, 2018
July 23rd, 2018 Oddcast!

Social Tip, Sci-Fi Question: Going Back in Time, The Church, The Saddest Tweet, Books About Aspergers, Being Childlike, Greatest Golf Story?, Your Work is Important, Check Please!, End of the World, Mice Not Aging;



“I want to continue to role play. I have other things to say.”

“There’s something about all of us coming to the cross in desperation.”

“Your Sci-Fi question had too much “sci” and not enough “fi”.

“We’re trying to avoid the obvious stuff Jesus said do.”

“There’s always a tension when sense meets nonsense.”

Jul 24, 2018
July 20th, 2018 Oddcast!

Forgiveness, Breaking Animal News, Church Hurt, Twins Running for Office, Punishing the Listener, Don’t Worry, Dr. Eric Abrahamsson, Karma and Jesus, A Challenge from Shawn, First Impressions, The Lemon Video, BONUS CONTENT: The Man Flu Twitter Battle;



“Forgiveness is excruciating and we have no choice.”

“Disqualify the people. Not the camels, you guys.”

“Jesus is the antidote to karma.”

Jul 23, 2018
July 19th, 2018 Oddcast!

Using the Poor, Self-Righteousness, Being Monotone, Marrying Up, Breaking Animal News, We Think We’re Good, Listener Uniform, Gift of Grace, Alien Planet, Men and the Flu;


“When dating people typically fall for people that are out of their league.”

“You don’t know whether I’ve been placed in this job as a ninja for a Japanese interest.”

“You have to be humble to understand grace.”

“You can’t accept anything when your hands are full.”

Jul 20, 2018
July 18th, 2018 Oddcast!

Phone Numbers Memorized, Just Say It, Let Down the Rock, Don’t Worry, IKEA Game, Jesus and Masculinity, No Politics, Breaking Animal News, BONUS CONTENT: OUTTAKE-Ice Cream Trucks and Horror Movies;



“We all owe The Rock an apology.”

“Jesus gave us the option to NOT worry.”

Jul 19, 2018
July 17th, 2018 Oddcast!

Loneliness, Try and Name Thant Tune, No Politics, Losing Twitter Followers, We Think We’re Good, Social Tip, Smart Mirror, The Man With Long Nails in Time Square;



“Don’t give us another show when were dying for relationship.”

“You have to shoehorn your topic in for social interaction.”

“Guys don’t want you to point out your flaws to them.”

“God is willing to throw your shortcomings behind you in the sea of forgetfulness.”

Jul 18, 2018
July 16th, 2018 Oddcast!

Getting Your Nails Done, Being Real with God, The Montgomery Biscuits Millennial Night, Love Your Enemies, Accept or Reject Jesus, Top Gourmet Restaurants, Who Jesus Says He Is, Breaking Animal News, Moral Failure, Check Please!, Affirmation From God, Build a Bear, BONUS CONTENT: The Skate Bus




“Everyone walks away edified. THIS is the Brant Hansen Show.”

“You don’t want to be outwitted by the biscuits front office.”

“Don’t give up on loving people.”

“You have to accept or reject Jesus on His own terms. There’s no in between there.”

“Gourmet is french for absurd.”

Jul 17, 2018
Special Oddcast! When Brant Met Sherri

Brant and Sherri answer questions about how they first met and also talk about what the Bible says about politics.

Jul 13, 2018
July 10th, 2018 Oddcast!

Friend to an Aspie, Being Vulnerable, Our Divided Nature, Breaking Animal News, FAQ About the Show, Talking to Your Car, Personality Types, BONUS CONTENT: Self-Righteousness;



“Anger is not masculine.”

“I guess I was shaking my little fists.”

“If I can’t say mup-load you can’t say salty.”

“You can’t do this Christian life alone, there are too many ‘one anothers’ in Scripture.”

Jul 11, 2018
July 9th, 2018 Oddcast!

Brant Hansen Opening Song, Anger, Words Not to Use, One Another, Proverbs 17:14, The Artisanal Show, Having a Bad Day, Zipper Merge, Big Brother and Friends, BONUS CONTEN: Jesus and Social Justice;



“Jesus is constantly reciting scripture and regarding authoritatively.”

“We put a lot of thought into this show and then we wing it.”

Jul 10, 2018
July 6th, 2018 Oddcast!

Check Please!, Guilty Pleasure, Rooting for People, History Segment, Peace Lovers and Jesus, Planter Cheese Balls, Honesty Cafe, People with Moxie, BONUS CONTENT: Top Animated Films;


“Love’s dream is rooting for mercy and grace for people.”

“I’m doing a huge fireworks display inside the house on August 2nd.”

“Planter’s Cheese Balls are looking to help us with our obesity.”

Jul 09, 2018
July 5th, 2018 Oddcast!

Hot Dog Eating Contest, Seeing the Goodness of God, Breaking Animal News, Giving Up Your Seat, July 4th Safety Tip, Anger Management, Brant and the NBA, Alien Planet, We Don’t Know Who We Are, BONUS CONTENT: Anger and Sherri’s Book;


“I don’t know how I can focus on and appreciate the goodness of God when I’m checking a device a thousand times a day.”

“I’m saying I’m all about safety.”

“The Bible doesn’t tell us to manage anger it says get rid of it now.”

“If I can’t play for the Lakers, I refuse to play in the NBA next season.”

Jul 06, 2018
July 3rd, 2018 Oddcast!

Being A Good Person, 4th of July Joke, Boa Constrictor Insurance, Just Try and Name That Tune, Unsophisticated Jesus, Check Please!, Breaking Animal News, The Bible’s Relevancy, Joy, Being a Skeptic, BONUS CONTENT: What Can We Watch;




“I didn’t even tell you about his denim jacket and his half mesh shirt.”

“Jesus is the key that fits the lock for our entire existence”

“The Bible tells us how to aliens and strangers in our own culture.”

“The motto of all the news organizations is: ‘Let’s freak out old people.’”

Jul 04, 2018
July 2nd, 2018 Oddcast!

Being a Jerk All the Time, Indiana Jones Movie, Honesty Cafe, Kids & Narcissism, Joke Spa, Americans and Anxiety, Bob and Sherri, Describe the Show, Stuck in my Crawl, BONUS CONTENT: Recovery;



“Jesus allows us to be childlike.”

“With my kids I have on shot to raise them with character.”

“I’ve told you to let Bob go.”

“Because of Adam and Eve this break will never work.”

“Every church should be a recovery church.”

Jul 03, 2018
June 29th, 2018 Oddcast!

Accordion Cafe, Being A Good Person, First Date, Famous vs. Successful, Bug Zapper, The Worst Tweet, A Challenge from Danny, BONUS CONTENT: Luke Cage and Anger

Jul 02, 2018
June 27th, 2018 Oddcast!

Bob & Sherri, World Cup Brant, Elon Musk Nap, Social Media Is Not You, Road Rage, The 82 Chihuahua Show, Too Much Guilt, God Knows you, Prayer, Humans Are Broken;




“I look like everybody on the Iranian soccer team.”

“It’s time for Elon Musk to take a nap.”

“What you tweet or post is not necessarily who you are.”

“If we’re guilty all the time something is wrong. We haven’t really internalized Calvary.”

Jun 28, 2018
June 26th, 2018 Oddcast!

Crying Out to God, Rapture Prediction, Breaking Animal News, Honesty Cafe, Venmo Anxiety, Challenge From Rocco, Prayer and the Real You, How to Operate in Culture, Social Coach, Sunglasses, Accordion Theft;



“Anyone can maul anyone.”

“Don’t challenge me Rocco, you’ll walk away with a limp.”

“Prayer is when we are our truest self.”

“Root for the people around you because you know how much God loves them.”

“I don’t deserve sunglasses.”

“People should be allowed to be not so great at the accordion without being prosecuted.”

Jun 27, 2018
June 25th, 2018 Oddcast!

Joke Spa/Labor, Social Media Jerks, Save the Alien Planet, Jesus in Culture, Prayer Persistence, National Days, Self-Righteousness, A Fake Dad, Check Please!, BONUS CONTENT:  Pre-Order Sherri’s Book;


“Look what Facebook made me say.”

“Somebody is hiding all the cows.”

“The Jesus thing won’t work if you want the culture to like you.”

“I’m not going to stop praying. God has always provided before.”

Jun 26, 2018
June 22nd, 2018 Oddcast!

Your Calling in Life, Scent Alarm Clock, Listener Uniform, Jurassic Park, Jesus and Pharisee, A Challenge from Biff, Story Time with Uncle Brant, Love and Freedom, Brant Wants a Dog, BONUS CONTENT: Brant on Focus on the Family;


“Whatever your job is it’s a calling because you’re bringing God into something.”

“No one took my wake up system “ceiling cobra” seriously.”

“Are you interested in reprising ‘howdy’ culturally?”

“If you’re skeptical about Christianity, please be skeptical about the alternatives, too.”

Jun 25, 2018
June 21st, 2018 Oddcast!

Jesus and Crazy People, Chris Pratt Speech, Down on Yourself, First Day of Summer, Being Faked Out, Social Tip, When You Change, Zipper Merge, Cannon Ball Run Reboot, Repentance, Alien Planet;



“Jesus doesn’t want us sorta on the fence with Him. You either hurl yourself in adoration at him or you don’t understand who he it.”

“When we’re not being mature we’re susceptible to the ebbs and flows of our self-esteem.”

“The social tip works if the people aren’t prickly.”

“The Zipper Merge song is evocative and comes from my heart.”

Jun 22, 2018
June 20th, 2018 Oddcast!

A Challenge from Spike (Jeff), Jesus and Self-Righteousness, K-WRATH, Grover and Quirky People, Breaking Animal News, Miming the News, When Your Beliefs are Mocked, Sci-Fi Question: Uncle Same Suit, History Segment, BONUS CONTENT: CURE International;



“Self-Righteousness will eventually lead to death.”

“I’m not gonna search my heart.”

“The cat people will scratch your eyes out.”

“Silence please, I’m miming.”

“We have to return hatred and superiority complexes with love.”

Jun 21, 2018
June 19th, 2018 Oddcast!

When God Says No, Honesty Cafe, Meditation and Prayer, A Challenge from Steve, A Challenge from Eddie, Accordion Awareness Month, The Incredibles, Monday Self Care Day, BONUS CONTENT: Scared vs. Excited;




“There’s a thin line between refreshing and annoying.”

“There’s a difference between meditation and prayer. Meditation is about me. Prayer is about God.”

“I don’t want to grapple. Everything is grapple, grapple, grapple.”

“It’s self-care Eve.”

“Fake Eddie was right on the money.”

Jun 20, 2018
June 18th, 2018 Oddcast!

What About Bob, Gratitude Before Bed, God and Affluence, Crash at the Hansen House, Why My Kid Is Crying, Brant Is Angry with the Listeners, History Segment, Great Dog Tweet, Survival School, Bonus Content: When Do You Have Your Life Together?




“It helps thinking about what your grateful for.”

“Most of the things people laugh about I didn’t mean for it to be funny.”

“You might want to call the police back and let them know it was just my shampoo.”

“God really makes sense when you start to explore the alternatives.”

“If a dog’s got a point, then a dog’s got a point.”

Jun 19, 2018
June 15th, 2018 Oddcast!

Breaking Animal News, Anxiety, Brant Hansen Jingle, Skeptics, Wise Counsel, Fleaves, BONUS MATERIAL: Friends and Relationship;



“Humility is a great way to live.”

“None of us are happy with what just happened.”

“We don’t have a big budget. We can be doing crazy stuff.”

“At least take the time to wrestle with who Jesus said He is.”

Jun 18, 2018
June 14th, 2018 Oddcast!

IHOB, Mordor Family Feud, God is my Defender, Mixed Motives, Breaking Animal News, Buying a Ghost Town, Mr. Rogers, Introverts & Energy, Honesty Cafe, Traffic Obituary, Father’s Day Spending BONUS MATERIAL Depression/Suicide Rate;




“I like Grimace.”

“We’re all a mixed bag of motives.”

“As a man you should not see kindness as weakness.”

“Look at how Jesus was with children.”

Jun 15, 2018
June 13th, 2018 Oddcast!

Being a Dad, Marriage, Alien Planet, News Fatigue, Dealbreaker, Rhubarb, Unoffendable Teen Section;



“Don’t expect your spouse to meet all your needs.”

“Sherri would rather the planet blow up and us save a couple bucks on car payments.”

Jun 14, 2018
June 12th, 2018 Oddcast!

Prodigal Son Story and Father’s Day, Hansen’s Helpful Household Hints, IHOB, Anxiety, Sci-Fi Question: $500 Coffee Privilege, Self-Righteousness, Tennis and Striving, The Pygmy Goat Surprise;




“Sherri’s laugh is not fake and yes, I am this odd.”

“Trying to be morally superior is an endless treadmill.”

“Losing coffee is apocalyptic scenario for some of us.”

“Is there no one that will make us a burger? Thank you IHOB.”

Jun 13, 2018
June 11th, 2018 Oddcast!

Brant Hansen Jingle, Where’s Lebron Going?, Celebrity Culture, Social Tim, What Makes People Happy, Men’s Health Month, Isolation, Joke Spa, Zipper Merge Traffic and the Round-a-bout, BONUS MATERIAL Analyzing the Podcast Listener;




“We’ve been inundated with message.”

“This is how the friendship starts, lady.”

“I’m going to become very flabby over the next 2 weeks.”

“Isolation is not ok. We were made for each other.”

Jun 12, 2018
June 8th, 2018 Oddcast!

Father’s Day, The Good Samaritan Selfie, Arby’s, Your House on the Sand, Texting at the Green Light, Your Favorite Dinosaur, Feeling Fragile, Christian Celebrities, Breaking Animal News, Persistent Prayer, BONUS CONTENT: Sherri’s Book;



“The Feral Peacocks is an awesome name for a band.”

“Jesus encourages to keep coming back in prayer.”

“Once you get a certain age no one even asks you what your favorite dinosaur is anymore.”

Jun 11, 2018
June 7th, 2018 Oddcast!

Breaking Animal News, How to Change, God of Reunion, Self-Righteousness, T-Rex Traffic Guy, Listener Uniforms, The Kingdom of God, Mordor Family Feud, Confabulation, Glitch w/o Coffee, Airpods;



“Comments on the blog ruin the blog.”

“Here’s where I think you’ll be interested and not antagonized.”

“Just when you think your last chapter is bad God adds another one that restores everything.”

“I think you’ll enjoy your new flying suit.”

“The kingdom of God is more real than what we’re experiencing right now.”

Jun 08, 2018
June 6th, 2018 Oddcast!

Your Work as Worship, Sunday Scaries, Father’s Day, Sharing Jesus, Alien Planet, First Date Budget, Forgiveness, Baby Sea Turtles, Welcome to the Show, Top Gun 2 Movie, BONUS CONTENT: Race and Respect;


“Worship really means work that shows God’s worthiness.”

“You need to have a repertoire of animal noises as a Dad.”

“The alien dads got it the worst.”

“This is my second baby turtle story in the last 2 weeks.”

Jun 07, 2018
June 5th, 2018 Oddcast!

Honorary Doctorate, Food Ordered/Spider Killed, Rules People, Brant’s Island, Sherri’s Encouraging Travel Text, Listener Uniform Update, We’re Not Good, Angry at Christians, Night Owls;


“Sometimes people think my ideas are sort of brilliant but also far fetched and silly.”

“We pray for wisdom because most situations don’t have hard and fast rules.”

“There was sarcasm dripping from each word of my text.”

Jun 06, 2018
June 1st, 2018 Oddcast!

We're Not Preaching at You, First Date Texts, Controlling People, Your Mom and Science, Electrodes and Movies, When You Don't Deserve It, Breaking Animal News, Loving Difficult People, The "Rock" Shoe, Magical Thinking, Listener Uniforms, Working Unto the Lord;



“There’s great reason to be thankful for everything you have even if you worked hard for it.”

“I guess sending 65,000 texts after a first date is too much.”

“How do you know the dog was in shock?”

Jun 04, 2018
May 31st, 2018 Oddcast!

Man Saves Kid, Men in Community, The Televangelist and the Plane, Little Brother Annoying Advice, Needy People, Accordion Treat, The Caffeine Study, Freedom from God, Dealbreaker;


“I challenge little brothers to perfect annoying your older siblings.”

“Men need community.”

“You did all of this so you could sing Don’t Stop Believing.”

Jun 01, 2018
May 30th, 2018 Oddcast!

NBA Finals, Serving Others, Honesty Cafe, Yelp Review Suing, The Jesus Question, Epic Spelling Bee, BONUS CONTENT: Talking About Races;


“That’s much funnier when you’re Pentecostal.”

“I want danger in my Spelling Bee.”

“We’ve re-created Jesus in our own image.”

“And behold I saw a giant pie chart unfurled from the heavens.”

May 31, 2018
May 29th, 2018 Oddcast!

Marriage, Solo Movie, Joke Sa, Diet Tips, Sharing Your Faith;



“I don’t need to make myself discontent.”

“Please don’t start a nerd fight, please.”

“I get worked up about Star Wars and coin collectors.”

“Marriage is about serving. 100% serving.”

May 30, 2018
May 25th, 2018 Oddcast!

Hip Hop Abs, Low Grade Guilt, Bugs in Groceries, Be Still and Know, National Days, Proverbs 16, Social Tip, Our Intent, IPhone X, The Bible Is Relevant, Royal Weddings, BONUS CONTENT Sherri’s Book and Facebook;


“Some news is best left untouched.”

“I will teach you how to be…if not the life of the party, at least someone who is allowed to continue to be there.”

“No one says the word “calamity” enough.”

May 28, 2018