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The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!

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Kettle & Fire Bone Broth for Skin, Gut, and Joint Health

This post is about the hunt for the best bone broth. I didn't even know I was looking and there it was, on my doorstep. Meet Kettle & Fire and the family behind it. 

Who doesn’t love a great soup? In this episode of Flipping 50 I introduce you to the founder of my favorite bone broth. I fell in love with the taste of Kettle & Fire before I knew the story behind it.

And now, frankly, I’m hooked. 

I don’t order a few at a time I order cases and sip it in the afternoon, and make soups with it. I steam my vegetables in it and I make cauliflower risotto with it.

I do understand the benefits and love them. I am the girl who will do things simply because they’re good for me, but I use Kettle & Fire because I love the taste.
My guest on this episode is Justin Mares is the founder and CEO of Kettle & Fire bone broth a company he founded after his brother suffered a serious knee injury. 

I asked Justin to elaborate more about the knee injury and the tie to bone broth.

How old were you when all of this happened?

And how old are you now?

Justin definitely has a story. It’s bigger than just bone broth.

Kettle & Fire is different. That’s what I wanted to talk about with Justin.

Here are some of the questions we dove into:

  • What's different about K & F?
  • You're young! What inspired you to take this career path? No one grows up saying, "I want to make bone broth?" 
  • Let's talk ABCs for listeners who aren't bone broth converts... what are the benefits of bone broth?
  • What is collagen and what does it do?
  • What specifically do amino acids and why were you so interested?
  • What do listeners who want health benefits need to know if they're grabbing a BB off the shelf (and it's not yours)? 
  • What else is coming? I know you're up to some new things now, can you share the details? What’s the scoop on the soup?
  • What’s your favorite K & F?

Things I love about Bone Broth:

  • High collagen content to support joint health, skin health, and gut health
  • Amino acids (that come from 1. Broth 2. Bone marrow 3. Organ meats)
  • Both above boost longevity, immunity
  • Amino acids dampen blood sugar impact (which otherwise will accelerate the aging process)

Things I love about Kettle & Fire:

  • Shelf-Stable without additives or preservatives (2 years due to heat process)
  • Made from only marrow bone, grass-fed (beef) or free-range (chicken)
  • Organic vegetables and spices
  • The sodium is not added but comes from bones themselves (if bone broth has a higher amount of sodium – without added sodium - you know it’s been cooked long enough)

But don’t take my word for it! Try it yourself. Kettle & Fire generously provided Flipping 50 listeners with 15% off all products and free shipping (US customers only) for 6 or more cartons (one per customer). CLICK the LINK Below to order!

Coupon code: DEBRA 

  • 15% off all products
  • free shipping on 6 cartons or more
  • (no min. purchase amount, limit of one per customer) 

We’re sorry that this is only available for US customer only at this time.

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Instagram: @kettleandfire

Twitter: @kettleandfire

Twitter for Justin Mares: @jwmares

Sep 11, 2018
Think Yourself Younger, Slimmer, Stronger

Think Yourself Younger, Slimmer, Stronger

Could you think yourself younger? In this post I’m exploring the question why can’t you lose weight from an angle I bring up from time to time. It’s popping up now because of several recent conversations I’ve had. I’m an exercise psychology expert in addition to a movement specialist and hormone-balancing exercise expert. A recent program, observations of students, and the interpretations of results prompted this episode.

Work In vs. Work Out

We mindfully create instances where we’ll exercise.

Then we mindlessly go about it.

We tack words on to it that are counter to making it fun, have to, should, ought to.

We call them workouts.

There’s little joy in them.

Yet they’ve become mandatory because the movement in our lives has dwindled to nothingness for many of us.

We don’t do chores in the morning, we don’t shovel (we use a snow blower), we don’t wash dishes we use a dishwasher, we don’t make food we use blenders or microwave pre-prepared meals or eat out. We don’t walk or ride bikes we commute and complain about the parking lot being too far from our building.

We put our washer and dryers in our master bedrooms so we don’t have to go up and downstairs.

We’ve made everything so convenient that we don’t have to move very much unless we choose it.

If you didn’t experience joy in movement early in your life, or you are self-conscious or in pain during movement now, you have some obstacles. 

Those obstacles are already there before you reach a starting point.

Then you question, what do I do?

You have a limited amount of time, or limited window of willpower or discipline and if you’re stuck with incongruent, conflicting messages about what works, the moment will pass without you having done anything.

Mindless exercise happens when you’re listening to music, you’re not even noticing the things along a path or you’re staring at a screen on a piece of cardio equipment. You’re purposefully dissociating from the moment. You finish without having ever really having connected any joy with the movement.

You may experience some endorphins and even some serotonin but you won’t enjoy the same benefits as a vacation as when you workin.

This is not yoga. Because yoga has become a brief pit-stop on a mat in Lululemons where we’re still comparing our poses to the next person or judging our own inability to balance in a pose. We go because we know we should. We don’t practice yoga, we do yoga. It’s so very different. It’s a means to an end. It’s a physical pursuit or task. Yes, it may be motivated by the need for flexibility, which is a means to an end, yet, yoga is so much more or can be.

Noticing is what we’re talking about. Noticing while you’re exercising for instance the difference between the way each repetition feels, or the way your right compared to your left side feels.

If you are a nightshift nurse on your feet caring for individuals and you’re suffering from adrenal exhaustion yet beating yourself up about not exercising regularly to help you get weight off, you have an opportunity. 

That is an active job. You’re doing what we call Non-Exercise Activity Time or N.E.A.T. and there is a possibility that if you shifted your thoughts from calling it work to calling it exercise you can physiologically change the results of the same activity. If you think of it as “work” rather than exercise it has a different physiological effect on you. It’s been proven.

It’s called the mind/body unity theory. Changing the way you think – the language you use- will change you physiologically.

I named our newest program STRONGER not by accident. It is meant to from the moment you register instill a feeling that you will become stronger, that you are already stronger, and make you think of yourself as stronger. Not, thinner, fitter, curvier, but stronger. Which serves you so well in every area of your life. Will it create a more thin, fit, healthy you? Likely, yes. But striving for thin is not necessarily going to make you strong. In fact, it’s likely to make you weak and obsessed.

Changing the way you think and what you want – that’s what I’m talking about. 

That serves you so much better than trying to exercise while your circadian rhythms are already causing fatigue. Learning to sleep when you can sleep, and to eat foods that serve you best on those days is a wise decision toward health and optimal weight.

If you’re pretending and you know you’re pretending, your body is going to be where your mind is.

Once you start something to improve yourself, you start weight training because you are going to get stronger, and improve your health and longevity, or you start drinking smoothies with protein and vegetables, and you believe you are healthier, you are.

It is called, and we know it works, the placebo. A lengthy article in Prevention magazine last year shared emerging research about it.

In so many trials the placebo effect in fact works as well as the drug. What is called the control group can do as well as the key subjects.

There are dozens of ways to exercise to improve health. There is no one right way. Cross fit, and I choose this one because of it’s controversy, but if you prefer you can choose long endurance running or Ironman distance triathlon. There are so many scientists, doctors, strength & conditioning experts and others who believe that these or one of these extreme types of exercise is not healthy. Yet, there are athletes in each and every one of them that are thriving examples of health and wellness. Not obsessed but love their activity and thrive with energy, strength, endurance, and fully function well – in fact so much better – than many who do far less.

Work vs. Play

I call this the “joy factor.” It’s the difference between work and play. And it’s the difference between sticking with it no matter what and having an obstacle, life event, or stress interrupt you in such a devastating way you fall off the bandwagon and get run over by it. 

Why can someone do Tabata intervals and someone else endurance running and both be in optimal shape? Why can someone eat a plant-based diet and someone else eat animal protein and both seemingly thrive? 

Why can someone whose had bacon and eggs for breakfast for decades and someone who has fasted regularly both be centenarians who still live independently?

In part, due to a commitment to what they believe is healthy.

That may be a moving target during your life. You may determine that the way your body is responding now to something that once you have sworn by isn’t working. So you go about finding a new fit… if you’re listening right now that may be exactly the case. 

In fact, you believed so hard for so long that something was the right thing that it can be hard to let go of. That, not your body, can be the biggest obstacle for finding your best fitness and energy after 50. Our science and the way we were conditioned and socialized was so very different than what will be true for today’s 20-somethings. At least that is my hope.

There is not necessarily one magic bullet that is the same for all of us. There is not necessarily one magic bullet the same for each of us our entire lives.

There is a sense of conviction and then mindful and conscious awareness about doing it, following it, and believing it that has to exist as we create health paths.

The College Experience

Between 1998 and approximately 2008 I was teaching a 200 level course for Kinesiology students. It consisted of a lab and lecture and the purpose was to teach them the physiology of exercise by having them self-test and experience the effects of conditioning. During both semesters for that decade I often taught two sections with about 25 students in each, or about 1000 students collectively.

This phenomena of work vs. play or workout vs. joy was evident in two ways among these primarily 19-to-22-year-olds.

First, they would show up and might have a two-mile walk/run in class, outdoors when weather permitted. These were students who wanted to be personal trainers, coaches, physical therapists, or athletic trainers and many of them had been high school athletes or exercised on their own. But they usually gave about 50% effort during the workouts. It was a chore, a have to, a satisfaction of the required course. Many of them would leave after class and head to the rec center for their “real workout.” 

They weren’t lazy. But when it was for a requirement, a course, an imposition, it was work.

The second thing I learned after about eight years of teaching without allowing any use of ipods (before phones had music) was how very devastating that was for them. Many of them were so used to using music to motivate –or to distract them – that they couldn’t perform the 1.5 mile run for pre and post assessments at the same level as they could if they were allowed the music.

They’d never learned to enjoy the activity. They’d learned to avoid paying attention to their body and to distract themselves from the unpleasant task of breathing harder, and increasing circulation. A few of them, the collegiate athletes in my courses, were used to the no-music rule. They were the high performers. The handful of those students I still hear from or connect with on social media are still active today.

You can begin choosing something that is a means to an end. But you’ll potentially not stick with that thing unless you love the thing. Collegiate gymnasts, swimmers, basketball and football players were among the student athletes that populated my courses. Beyond college many of those athletes don’t continue participation in their sport (and logically gymnastics or football are not conducive to it) – they also don’t participate in the conditioning activities that they were put through during college.

Running or lifting for conditioning was work. Unless an athlete truly falls in love with the activity, the means to an end is not enough to encourage them to continue.

Group fitness instructors are similar. Many of them started as students in the front row of classes. Once they begin teaching their own joy of the activity changes. Group fitness instructors often seek something else for their own pleasure. They become runners or practice yoga as a student to satisfy their own missing mindful way of exercising that disappears when you do it for someone else (or something else like a paycheck).

The Midlife Experience

Back to you… and midlife exercise and hormones. Up until a point what you think will work, will work. Up until a point, because physiological actions or inaction will affect your body and health. But your psychology – the way you think and believe about something will also change your physiology.

So if you believe in me for instance, if you believe that I have done my research and you can trust me or any fitness professional to have filtered information specific to you, then you will go through a program more fully believing that you feel stronger, more energy, that you will sleep better.

If you believe that eating less animal protein and eating plants primarily will improve your health, physiologically it will. At least to a point. Your physiological body will show you the specific results in the amount of lean muscle and fat you have. Your presence of frequent illness or injury will tell you that you’ve over or under done it eventually. 

How you feel never lies. It is always feedback for you. 

If your belief about aging is that it is natural to gain weight, get fat, and the likelihood of disease is most related to genetics and not to epigenetics (or what you do and your environment) then you will age in that way. 

If your belief about aging is that we are in a time when we have the power to change how we age by the application of how we move, what we eat, how we think and who we spend our time with, then you will age very differently.

If you’re interested in applying the power of your thoughts in combination with exercise and want to learn more about STRONGER, Flipping 50’s newest program, I’ll share the link to join us in the show notes. It’s and that’s where you’ll be first to know about the early, early bird registration within the next two weeks.

Wayne Dyer Knew It

This is really about creating what we want to be. What we want to be true.

If you’re more interested in asking, “how can I” do it, than asking, “can I” do it, then you’re a perfect candidate.

How we think about things changes things. I went – just this last weekend – home for a funeral. I threw the trip together in a day and wasn’t even there for 16 hours. I had so many expressions of sorrow and people sending condolences but it wasn’t that. Your thoughts change everything. Mine were gratitude for the ability to drop everything and go, for the time however short it was to be with family and express their importance in my life by being there. I felt good, not sadness after being there. The warmth of your thoughts and perspective around an event shapes the event.

There have been awful and tragic events happen in the last few years to my family members and I. But in the frame we put on things comes the way we deal with them.

Hormones and stress may have robbed you of the energy, the body, you had but some of the reasons have been good – family, career you’ve loved, choices you might not change – and it’s your belief about whether you can change the outcome that really will determine whether a program will work for you.

Even a program based on the physiology of hormone balance along with psychology of aging better, has to be something you are not pretending to believe but truly believe can help you.

For more details about STRONGER, join me here:

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Sep 04, 2018
What to Focus on When You’re Just Starting Exercise (or Restarting) After 50

When you’re just starting exercise after 50 or you’re recommitting after a summer there are a lot of sexy programs, beautiful celebrity trainers, and conflicting information. When you’re not sure where to start, what to do, or who to trust it can be overwhelming, or lead to frustration due to injury or lack of results.

That’s why I created this podcast (and I’m encouraging you to use the after 50 fitness formula checklist - to look at your hormone balancing exercise in peri-menopause, menopause, or long-after menopause). 

I’m breaking down the SEVEN key areas to focus on when you’re just starting exercise and these are absolutely critical for creating a successful exercise plan.

Are you a veteran exerciser? Don’t click away because this episode is for you, too. If hormone balancing has changed the game for you, or more illness or injury than you’d like is a challenge, I still use these same areas today after 34 years whether I’m trying to fit fitness into a busy business quarter, detoxing with no more than 20 minutes of exercise a day, or I’m training for an endurance event. I use these areas as a check-up list for my exercise planning regularly.

Here’s a quick look of what I’m covering in this episode:

First, there’s a quick intro of why hormone-balancing exercise after 50 is different than what you were taught and learned decades ago. Make no mistake if you’re 60 or 70 and thinking that ship has sailed. We all have hormones until death do-us-part. If women in their 70s and 80s can get breast or other cancers, or osteoporosis, and experience stress… you want to include them in your plan. Hormone assessment will become a staple in fitness consults. I’m going to see to it! (if you’re a fitness pro and want in formation on becoming a Flipping 50 Specialist, connect here)!

#1 Exercise

Hormone balancing exercise leads to:

  • Weight loss
  • Energy
  • Muscle tone
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer hot flashes and night sweats
  • Better skin 

It’s not the 3-5x a week cardio and 2-3 times a week strength training and flexibility most days a week… that you and I turned into 6 or 7 days of cardio, most days a week strength training IF we did it… or no strength training because of that nasty bulk we thought it would cause or the stretching we skipped because that didn't burn calories and we were short on time.


It’s about taking YOUR signs and symptoms and using them to create your best plan.

Because if you’re tired… really tired all the time… you’re really not fit. The two don’t operate in isolation. A truly fit individual is rested. She looks younger, has better skin, sleeps well, and she’s rarely sick or injured. When stressors happen in her life she’s more resilient. She’s neither obsessive nor nonchalant about her exercise. It’s definitely a part of her life she’s going to fit in because she’s more 100% her best self when she does it.

Hormone balancing is often about 1-2 cardio sessions a week, 2 strength training sessions a week. Often it’s about restorative yoga several times a week and a LOT of changes to caffeine, water, screen access, toxins and stressors …first.

Grabbing at what didn’t work years ago (or you wouldn’t be here, right?) won’t work now 10x. So instead of spinning your wheels or getting over tired instead of better grab that checklist (or retake it if you’ve done it before) and listen along.

#2 Nutrition

Turns old concepts of “healthy eating” habits upside down. What you think is healthy is not necessarily so.

Your gut changes… thanks to hormones, to stress (which effects hormones), exercise changes, foods you’ve eaten often, to illness, to medication, to environmental toxins.

You’ve got to test… and that isn’t always (or only) a lab. How you feel never lies. Your body will tell you by bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea that it isn’t happy.

If you do have a lab test, use it to confirm or pick up clues about your how-you-feel status. Don’t dismiss how you feel!

When you’re just starting exercise nutrition can be really important! If your bathroom habits are unpredictable or you’ve got embarrassing gas it not only doesn’t inspire you to be more active it may be a sign you’re not absorbing all the nutrients you need to have energy.

If you don’t know for sure about your nutrition, if you’re operating under 1980 or 90 guidelines or you’re just following an article, it’s probably time to look closer at a step-by-step way to determine YOUR best plan. 

#3 Sleep

Every decision you make during your waking hours determines how well you will sleep tonight. I know from talking with so many of you that you think of it as the other way around if you’re sleepless in hormone hell. But from the moment you wake up, you can positively change your bedtime tonight.

Every decision about how and when you exercise, how, when, and what you eat, and what you think, who or what you share a bed with … will positively or negatively impact your optimal body and brain by changing your sleep.

If you value your best body, your best energy, your best productivity and you’re skipping or skimping on sleep or pretending it isn’t up to you to improve it, you’re really missing a dreamy way to change your life for the better.

Two tricks… get up at the same time every day (unless you have adrenal fatigue – and I’ll link to some resources for that if you do). The only way you reset your clock to sleep better is by taking control of your wake up time. Get exposure to sunlight as early as possible in the day, but even if it doesn’t happen early, make sure it happens. 

When you’re just starting exercise sleep can kill your discipline. I’ve been exercising regularly for decades and even though I am committed if I have a sleepless night it’s a challenge to want to exercise. Hormones that help you get results are not even present if you don’t sleep well. So you want to master sleep!

#4 Rest & Recovery

We skip this. We so skip this. Most of us have to feel like we’re doing something and it’s pretty tied to our sense-of-self. So I realize while I say this that you won’t make fast changes. But it’s super important to start moving in the right direction no matter how much of a crawl that is for you.

Rest with no to-do list. Not an errand, a load of laundry, a list to make and not a cell phone you are compelled to check. Are you sweating? A lot of us are very attached to doing something. 

When just starting exercise after 50 you’re at an advantage. You haven’t put any bad habits in your routine so plan the rest as carefully as you possibly can. If you’ve got an attachment to exercise that’s so strong you can’t take a day off… it’s probably the one thing that will get you better results.

Rest and recovery from exercise comes in rest between sets, between workouts – even other stressors besides workouts on the same day, and nutrition that boosts recovery. You also have to realize that some exercise requires recovery and some exercise is recovery. Doing something I call the no-benefits-zone though will completely sabotage a women in need of hormone balance, and can cause hormone imbalance. 

#5 Stress

If your job, your kids, your home, your commute, your parents, your worry about any of those things is drawing on your reserves at a time when exposure to toxins and technology is at an all time high, then stress is going to interfere with fitness pursuits helping your hormone balance.

So many women will tell me that exercise is the way they negate their stress. However, if you have all the rest of stessor on your plate and you’re not adjusting your exercise to account for it you’ll overload yourself easily.

This is probably the biggest obstacle when just starting exercise or maybe it’s the reason you need to restart. Stressful times can flip your intentions. Creating a stress toolbox that includes exercise but also other things is really important.

#6 Hormones

Hormones leave clues. You’re not sure which hormones but you’re sure something has shifted. Nothing works like it used to: the exercise, nutrition, and habits you used to have don’t help you feel better or full of energy any more. You might be still having a period, sometimes… or not having one at all any more. Maybe you’re having phantom periods when you feel like you should or could but don’t. Your skin might be changing. If you’ve gained weight the places you’ve gained it have changed. If you can’t seem to put muscle on or see any tone that could be related to hormones as much as to your exercise and nutrition. 

In the After 50 Fitness Formula Women course (on sale during Labor Day weekend: laborday25) you can identify your hormones with your signs and symptoms in order to get a set of best fitness steps to take to change that.

#7 Whole-You Integration 

You can’t look at any one of those things in isolation any more than you can look at mind, body, or soul in isolation any more. So really pulling them together because one of them affects the others. You’re either exercising for better sleep or your exercise could disrupt sleep. You’re either sleeping in a way that supports your exercise (and results) or might sabotage them. It’s true of relationships with food and exercise, food and sleep or stress as well. Everything you do or don’t do influences something else. So that mysterious hormone balance is about identifying what your clues are telling you and pulling them together.

So there you have it. Those are the foundation on which I’ve built my own fitness for flipping 50 and you can too.

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Mentioned in today's episode:

You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women

Sep 02, 2018
How to Sleep Better During and After Menopause

Could You Sleep Better with Fasting?

Here's the cliff note on this podcast: I sleep better thanks to fasting. If you sleep better you're going to naturally be supporting balanced hormones. Get the details here!

As many of my followers and subscribers already know, I don’t advocate fasting for everyone. Many of the women I work with have a relationship with food that first has to improve overall so that we don’t set up a binge-purge cycle. I believe in a strong nutrition foundation first before beginning on a continuum of fasting. That continuum begins with at least 12 hours overnight and between meals. Many women are not doing that simple step to enhance hormone balance.

That is, after they’ve identified what their best dietary plan is right now. Before you manipulate when or if you eat, you need to make sure you’re eating what’s right for your body, and that you’re absorbing nutrients. Fasting is something you may do for a short time for a positive benefit but you’ve got to have a good foundation every day. You’ll create a stronger, healthier, vibrant body, with daily habits. 

Given my stance on fasting it may surprise you that I’ve tested the fasting mimicking diet developed at the Longevity Institute at USC. I’ve used it the last three months and because I don’t have significant weight to lose, or major concerns with health markers, my biggest reason for trying it was that I never recommend something I haven’t used. I am asked frequently about fasting, weight loss, health concerns, and the interaction with menopause symptoms. So I tested. 

I’ll use “fast” throughout this post to refer to the fasting mimicking diet. 

My sleep improved and it shocked me.

I’m a good sleeper to begin with. I know the value of sleep on physical performance and optimal weight and energy so I have good sleep habits. Since beginning a regular fasting program three months ago I’ve had even more restful sleep, waking less, and feeling more refreshed in the morning.

At 54, I have experienced minor and very infrequent hot flashes and night sweats. I attribute my good fortune so far to a good diet, good habits, and a dreamy bed. My Sleep Number bed with the Dual Temp layer has been a big part of buffing up my sleep in this last eight months. I would never have guessed a mattress would make so much difference but I do sleep better.

Hormone balance begins with sleep. A good mattress should be a prescription for women in peri-menopause! Fasting too may be a part of cracking your own code on hormone balance. If you sleep better you'll naturally have more balanced hormones.

During the fasting mimicking diet you’re eating an overall low calorie plant-based diet. You do actually get to eat three meals and snacks depending on the day. Your body is “tricked” into a fasting state where it begins to burn ketones, or fat, rather than sugar, for fuel.

The re-entry into healthy eating after the fast is when the magic happens. It’s so much like the workouts you do provide the opportunity for fitness and the rest between your sessions is when the fitness actually happens.

During the five days of the fast everyone’s experiences are reportedly different both daily and overall. My own three five-day fasts were each unique.

The first fast had novelty and I felt good and more energetic during the day and rested surprisingly well at night. I say surprisingly well because I enjoy good sleep most nights already. I wasn’t looking to sleep better but I got it. I was actually more ready to go to bed, though and woke more refreshed than usual.

The Science 

There’s not a ton of science connecting sleep and fasting. Some of the superficial information is basic. Having too large a dinner or skipping dinner both tend to disrupt sleep.

It turns out there is scientific evidence that fasting increases parasympathetic output – the part of the nervous system you need for quality sleep.

If you crash during the day and stare at the ceiling at night like many students before Flipping 50 programs you’ll love this: fasting can improve circadian rhythm, meaning you sleep better.

No surprise to my Flipping 50 fans who know me for hormone-balancing exercise and lifestyle habits, there are hormones involved in this fasting-sleep improvement phenomena. Serotonin is our feel good hormone – and more of it calms us down - and melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep. Melatonin production, you may remember from prior posts, is reduced with age. Fasting helps increase your body’s production of both those hormones that are key to sleep so you can get a better night. 

I found that though I had slightly different overall experiences during each of the three five-day fasts I did, I was able to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. I didn’t sleep longer as some of my clients have reported, but that was likely due to the fact I am by nature a long sleeper and regularly enjoy eight if not nine hours.

My Fast

I found the first fast easy. It was novel and interestingly enough I began it after a 12-hour fast for a blood test, which felt like a bit of momentum. My first meal that morning after I had the blood draw was a part of the fasting mimicking diet.

The second time through, a month later, the novelty had worn off. I knew what to expect and by day three and four - the toughest for me psychologically, not physically - I was over it. On day five it was nearly done and easy to finish. Mind you, I never felt it was “hard” to do physically. 

The third time I experienced the most psychological resistance. Though I knew I’d felt noticeably different during and long after the last two I was inconvenienced. I had to turn down some social opportunities. Lunch invitations with family members and dinner with out of state guests both came and I declined.

Would I do it again? I will though not soon. I’ve had noticeable results in addition to the sleep: I also reduced my coffee by 66%. If you’re sleeping better less coffee may happen naturally. I felt less bloating, though I wasn’t bothering me to begin with necessarily, you don’t know how good you can feel until you do! I’m also more keenly aware of the amount of food I was eating out of habit. I need less except when I’m exercising and I’m much more mindful about that now.

If you’re seeking some hormone support, naturally, and a sleep better aid with nothing but positive side effects, reach out for more information about the fasting mimicking diet or my Sleep Number bed and Dual Temp layer.



Aug 28, 2018
5 Secrets to Become a Regular Exerciser

This episode is all about how to become a regular exerciser. I’ve privately coached many men and women who wanted just that. They wanted to be the one who gets up every day and walks or who is a regular at the gym. They wanted to make time even when work-related social hours popped up and tempted them with cocktails. Our social media followers ask this quite often. So.. here it is. I thought hard about how I would lay out the steps to become a regular exerciser. This is my top five.

This episode is sponsored by the STRONGER program. It’s our newest program and it’s going to launch this fall. Right now we have 27 women in our beta group testing it for us and they’re seeing and feeling results. This is the start of week seven so they have this week and next in the beta program. Then we’ll share results. I can’t wait. If you want to be first in line for the launch of the full program then you want to join our subscribers and I’ll link to how to do that in the show notes.

How to Become a Regular Exerciser: I Did It and You Can Too

#1 I don’t make excuses. 

I grew up in a small town in the middle of the Midwest. I visit frequently. There is no “clean” food to be found. You’ve got to make your own.

I travel frequently. I take food with me, and often a blender. I stop for groceries. I ask about refrigerators in the room. I let my hosts know there are foods that don’t agree with me.

I will get up early before a speech, a travel day, following a golf tournament, or a conference to get fresh air and physical activity.

I was a single mom working two jobs, publishing a book, and training for triathlons. I spend hours upon hours following my son around golf courses, driving to out of state tournaments, and fielding phone calls from over 20 staff members and thousands of club members as a Personal Training director. Then responded to hundreds of students in my university courses. I understand obstacles. You can either look at them as excuses why not now or as reasons why now is absolutely the time.

#2 I take care of my own needs.

I’ll excuse myself early to go to bed because I’m a morning person and I know I can’t do both late and early and function at my best.

I let house guests know I wake early and might be making noise in the kitchen before dawn or out on a run when they get up and they can help themselves.

I respect others’ needs and expect the same.

If it makes someone uncomfortable or they don’t respect my needs I don’t spend a lot of time with someone. 

#3 I know the difference between opportunities and best for me.  

At conferences you can start your day earlier with breakfasts before the conference, do meetings at breaks, stay late after the party and it’s all in the name of connecting with people you love and want to collaborate with, but all of it is simply too much. I choose my priorities so I can keep the down time to recharge between activities. 

When I’m traveling to an Ironman race, there are opportunities to do swims, and rides, and shake out runs and others seemingly doing them all. I know I have to stick to my plan and not be caught up in the “opportunity” to do what others are doing.

I don’t join a lot of groups that ride or run or swim because then I would end up doing someone else’s workout instead of following my own plan. There are times when it’s a fit and there’s a reason to be with others who push you, but most often you need to plan your work (and workouts) and work the plan. A single coach may be better than a group fitness program with 90 classes available to you.

#4 I set goals.

Since I was 31 when I trained for my first marathon I’ve set big goals so that I train with purpose. I don’t train for toned arms or a flat belly. Those are benefits of focus on specific goals. First it was marathons, then short triathlons, then long ones. The difference in mindset is dramatic. “Exercise” is something random without a specific reason or deadline. 

Goals I set revolve around life experiences I want and often around people I want in my community. Become a regular exerciser by keeping yourself on the hook with a goal.

#5 I can relax without exercise.

I don’t rely on it. I don’t stress about it. I do feel better when I exercise regularly, but I also know the value of days off and I take them. That plays right back into the motivation to exercise. If you want to become a regular exerciser, regularly taking a break is key.

So often we get caught up in having to do it daily. The people I know who do this only miss because they’re sick, or they get burnt out and stop seeing results and quit because the attitude is, it doesn’t matter what I do… I don’t see progress. 

Join our subscriber community for the first chance at early bird (and special rates) for programs like STRONGER this fall:

Aug 21, 2018
6 Better Belly Secrets from Gut Health Expert Summer Bock


6 Better Belly Secrets from Gut Health Expert Summer Bock

Are you wishing for a better belly? Flatter, firmer, and less gas, bloating and distraction? 

Summer Bock is a leading gut health expert who coined the term “Gut Rebuilding.”  She integrates her traditional studies in herbalism with modern research and a background in microbiology. After resolving her own slew of health concerns naturally by focusing on the gut bioterrain, she started teaching others how to do the same.

She is certified in Integrative Nutrition through Columbia University and a three-time Good Food Award winner for her sauerkraut recipes. She is the founder of the Better Belly Project and CEO at Guts & Glory, an online business that offers live coaching and natural solutions for digestive problems. You can read her blog 

Summer’s response to Flipping 50’s recent health travel gut round up episodewhere I asked "what would you do for gut issues when traveling?"included the reason why it happens. She mentioned the collective impact of stress, changes in exercise habits, schedule change, and the fact your body likes routine. Her answer was so unique from other responses. We dig into that in this episode.

Summer mentioned six things to do during travel for a better belly/healthy gut and we spend time talking about those and fermented foods because I think of Summer as the gut health expert in this area, really THE expert on all things fermentation.

A quick refresh of Summer’s 6 better belly secrets for travel:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Bitters(liver lover, sweet & gentle)
  3. Magnesium
  4. Activated charcoal
  5. Baking soda
  6. Quercetin 

Questions Summer answered in this episode:

  1. What are bitters and how do they help? Are these the same as at the bar? 
  2. How does stress impact the gut? What do you recommend to your clients to help remedy the effects of stress? 
  3. How does exercise affect digestion?
  4. Fermented foods: What are they? Which are your favorite? Which to avoid? 

VISIT Gut health expert Summer Bock: 


[Where you can take Summer’s antibiotic damage quiz!]

Connect with Summer on social media:

Facebook Business Page:

Facebook: Join Summer's Guts & Glory Group


Summer's Better Belly project  last year was a huge hit featuring many holistic medicine experts. 

Aug 14, 2018
Is Detox Really Necessary? Why and How to Detox Naturally

Is Detox Really Necessary? Why would you consider detox? How to Detox Naturally. These three keys are the focus on this episode. 

Ever wondered how to detox… or why you should.. and if it’s just a trend, or fad? Your doctor, after all has probably never suggested it. Is it just a quick way to lose 5 lbs before the weekend? Or after hormones have had their way with you?

We answer these questions during this episode with a woman who had a front row seat to why detox is necessary and who also knows and teaches how to detox naturally. For her, it’s not a quick fix for the weekend. She’s been doing it for herself – and her familiy - for seven years.

You’ll hear how to detox naturally on this episode. Even if there are no signs of mold in your house, you’ll want to hear how your exposure in the past (before we knew better) and incidental exposure now may matter to you.

If you’re exercising, and eating “right,” and yet not reaping the rewards, it may not be hormones alone but something else acting on them. Toxins may be getting in the way of your weight loss, and your energy levels. 

My guest Bridgit Danner has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2004 and certified Functional Diagnostic practitioner since 2015. 

Her interest in natural health grew from an interest in protecting the environment. Even as a child, she was donating her allowance to Greenpeace and writing cosmetic companies to ask about their practices!

While busy running an integrative wellness center in Portland, Oregon, she developed an environmental illness due to toxic mold in her home. Already experienced in hormone management and nutrition, she became acutely aware of the powerful impact of the environment on her health. 

She and her family lost their house and everything in it to toxic mold, and they moved 1,000 miles to the Arizona desert to heal.

Bridgit now educates about toxins and detox through her online community, and coaches women on her functional natural approach to detox.

On this episode I play devil's advocate with Bridgit!

So if you’ve ever had doubts about detox being necessary or trendy and a fad that will fade… then this is for you!

Bridgit shares her story of mold toxicity so you can understand the severity and longevity that it can have.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • Doesn't the body naturally detox every day?
  • Everyone and her sister seems to have a detox. It seems like a giant fad, what's the difference between "good detox" and “bad fad” detox?
  • What are signs you need detox? Aren't these signs for a LOT of things?
  • How do toxins interfere with weight loss?
  • What are obesogens? How are you exposed?
  • I asked Bridgit, How often do you detox? 

Learn more about how to detox naturally and get Bridgit’s guide at:

Bridgit Danner Detox guide

Connect with Bridgit:

Aug 07, 2018
Healthy Eating that Feels Like Cheating

How would you like to lose weight eating Mexican food? If it sounds too good to be true and you’ve struggled with good food bad food or need to make peace with food, this is your episode.

“I discovered food can be my #1 tool if I can learn to use it right.”

My guest Maru Dávila is a celebrity weight loss coach, healthy chef and best-selling author of "The Mexican Food Diet™: Healthy Eating that Feels Like Cheating." She is also the creator of the revolutionary Flaca Forever™ Program ("Flaca" is a Spanish word for “fit” or "lean"), a fun and straightforward program that helps people get in the best shape of their life: physically, mentally and emotionally. 

“I treasure and value my health and wellness.”

She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and a frequent writer, speaker and TV guest on weight loss, empowerment, healthy eating and wellness topics. 

“I don’t like to be hungry at all.”

Questions Maru and I covered in this episode:

  • You struggled with your weight (up to 60 lbs. at one point) and various health issues for almost 30 years, what were the main reasons behind your weight and health struggles?
  • In your mid-forties, you touched bottom in all areas of your life, how did you get back in control?
  • How did you come up with the idea of The Mexican Food Diet?
  • Most people think about Mexican food as unhealthy and fattening, why does it have this reputation?
  • How did you discover you could actually lose weight and get healthier by eating Mexican food?
  • You are very passionate about detoxification as a key to staying healthy and fit, why and how did you discover it?
  • You have programs to help people get healthier and lose weight, what are the guiding principles behind healthy eating?
  • You travel a lot, how do you stay healthy and fit while traveling?

“Every bite I eat counts.”

Maru discovered Mexican food was packed with many ingredients that lend themselves to detox. Healthy eating has never been more delicious.

Two things you need during detox:

  1. nutrients to support liver cleanse
  2. nutrients to protect the liver as the free radicals are released

Visit: for 11 of Maru’s favorite recipes from her bestselling book

Connect with Maru:


Maru's Healthy Eating Travel tips:

Using 3oz. containers: divide your smoothie/shake, protein powder or almond milk, cooked or raw veggies, nuts & seeds, nut butter.

Jul 31, 2018
How to Exercise for Hormone Balance

Exercise for hormone balance? Yes. This podcast is all about four women, or maybe you, who represent women in my programs and private clients I’ve worked with for nearly three decades.

Before we dive in, this episode is brought to you my Flipping 50’s 28 Day Kickstart, and the last day to register is the day before the last Thursday of the month. It’s the perfect way to begin making exercise matter more with the Eat More Exercise Less method that improves sleep, decreases stress, and boosts your energy.

What exactlyishormone balance?

Before you get more hormone balance you obviously need clear definition of hormone balance!

If you’re not even sure what hormone balance is or if some of your recent frustration with a lack of your “you-ness” seems to describe hormoneimbalance, read on. This post is for you.

 If any of these describe you:

  • You’re putting on weight lately no matter what you do
  • You have belly fat even though you’re weight is OK
  • You have cellulite on your thighs, belly, bum, or on your upper arms
  • You can’t seem to develop any muscle tone in your legs
  • You’ve got a saggy bum in spite of so many lunges and squats you can’t sit down
  • You’ve turned up the exercise and eat carefully but still no results
  • You’ve got this crepey chest and neck skin


  • You have touchy joints from prior or current injuries
  • You have had breast cancer surgeries
  • You’ve had other invasive surgery or joint replacement
  • You have a chronic condition

And potentially:

  • You can’t sleep well
  • Even if you do sleep you don’t wake up refreshed
  • You have high levels of stress right now
  • You’ve tested your hormones and you’re “normal” but don’t feel it
  • You still don’t have any idea how to exercise “normal” or not
  • You have depression or anxiety
  • You’re taking medications for the above or other things with side effects
  • Your digestion is off (even if you thought that was “just me”)
  • You don’t poo every day at least once (more is better)
  • You have rabbits or pudding instead of snakes (link to podcast)
  • You have gas or bloating you just tolerate

And finally:

What you used to do doesn’t work any more.

Then this is definitely for you.

Exercise for hormone balance is not your textbook exercise. If the rules feel like they changed overnight and put you into imbalance you could notice a shift that quickly back into balance too.  You may not be quite so lucky to get it right immediately, but you can feel better. You’ll get signs you’re on the right path and you can lose weight or get the tone you’re after if you’re willing to make some changes. 

Hormone balance through exercise starts with these 3 steps:

  1. Assess what signs and symptoms you have from the list above.

Really, write them down. I’ll wait.

  1. Next to each sign or symptom write down what you’ve tried.

Make a column of signs and a column of what-I’ve-tried next to it with plenty of options for the solutions.

  1. Now get honest. Which things that you’ve tried have you actually tried systematically, one at a time, in a specific sequence? 

If you’ve tried things before, even if you don’t yet have results, you know a little more about what does and doesn’t work for hormone balance.

Or do you?

If you’ve said, “I’ve tried everything! Nothing works!”You may have tried things randomly or unknowingly sabotaged results of a good thing with the wrong type or timing of it. That’s where I want to jump in here with exercise for hormone balance.

I’ve written dozens of blogs, dozens more articles, and created still more videos about exercise for hormone balance. I touched on hormones and exercise after 50 in my first book and filled two more books with exercise for hormone balance research. There’s not a lack of information but there’s a lack of time.

When you want answers and youre frustrated you want them now, like yesterday.

So let me give you some very quick very easy to implement answers. There’s more where that came from, and more how-to do the exercise that will help you most, where this came from.

Always Tired Anna

Is this you?

If you’re tired in the morning even after a full night’s sleep…

You wake up not wanting to wake up…

You don’t have an appetite in the morning…

You may or may not have coffee but you really don’t want food, or exercise, pajamas would be good…

Your hormone tests show you don’t have any cortisol at all – even when you should

Your exercise for hormone balance:

Reduce your exercise. Leave the weights and the High Intensity Interval Training alone for a week. If you can get out for walks (or bike rides) and enjoy yourself – alone, with a friend, or a dog – then do that. Stick with a short duration (20-30 minutes most of the time. A longer time (45-60 minutes)– as long as you enjoy it – on the weekends or day when you have plenty of time and you’re not on the clock can be good. Plan activities you love that have nothing to do with calories and fat and minutes. You need a major reset. Fill up that hole and rest. Focus on sleep, rest, a massage, meditation, journaling, and learn what proper nutrition is for you today – it’s not the “healthy” you once thought.

Belly Fat Barb

Is this you?

  • You’re the right weight but your proportions have changed
  • You’ve got belly fat you never had before
  • You’re adamant about that coming off now!
  • You’re on bio-identical hormones and they’re still not helping
  • You skip meals or have them at different times all the time
  • You drink coffee to rev up and wine to unwind
  • You read every label, watch exactly what you put in your mouth, count pts, calories
  • You go to bed and wake at varying times

Your exercise for hormone balance:

Get short quick interval training sets in 1-2 times a week that last 20 or 30 minutes start to end. Get two weight training-to-fatigue days in (same day or alternate). Make these things happen in the morning. Then get outdoors and do something unplugged at least once a week. Hike: get lost for that matter. You need to let go. No minutes, calories, miles tracking. While you’re doing that get a plan for eating. Plan breakfast. Plan lunch. Plan dinner. If you’re over 50, you’re required by hormone law to do some adulting.

If everything you do elevates cortisol, everything you do deposits fat to your belly. Lack of regular meals, lack of regular bedtime and wake time, reliance on some supplement or prescription to do the work daily habits should do will backfire. You do the work, and they’ll take you the rest of the way.

Ellie Exerciser

Is this you?

  • You exercise almost every day
  • You spend hours in the gym (or at home) every week
  • You do a similar distance or duration every time you exercise
  • If you miss a day it drives you crazy
  • You do it all hard
  • You’re feeling flat during workouts lately
  • You don’t really look forward to workouts like you used to
  • You feel tired most of the time and think if you just got a good workout you’d feel better
  • You can’t sleep in spite of being tired

Your exercise for hormone balance:

Cut your exercise in half. Increase the intensity of some of those longer workouts (1-2 a week) if you like but keep them short. There’s very little evidence that more time results in more results. In 34 years, those people we observe in the gym for hours every day never really changed their body over time. Same shape, same complaints, same energy or less potentially as they aged. For hormone balance, that “hour of power” on the treadmill, is public enemy #1. Lifting weights for the cosmetic effect does little to change your body composition. Those “total body toning” classes can give you a boost of confidence but it’s some short, specific exercise sessions that really get results. If you’re addicted, but tired, and continue your routine you’ll soon be burnout.

Toneless Tanya

Is this you?

  • Do you exercise but struggle to get toned or add lean muscle?
  • Are you trying to watch what you eat so you can prevent more weight loss?
  • Do you have very little or next to no libido?
  • Do you have a hard time sleeping?
  • When you exercise do you typically keep it moderate and go for longer?
  • When you lift weights do you do about 15 repetitions or more?
  • Or do you finish 10-12 repetitions but know you could do more if you needed to? 

Your exercise for hormone balance:

Start lifting weights focused on major muscle groups. Even if you want to tone those arms, you want to start with major muscle groups. Stop long slow exercise sessions and long endurance activity. Increase your protein at every meal and eat regularly. Get to bed early and make sure you control your environment. If you love your wine or nightcap, you’ll want to stop that. All of these things kill testosterone, a key hormone for building lean tissue and libido. Testosterone gives you a kick of confidence too also important for libido. 

These are but a few scenarios of exercise changes you can make for more hormone balance. Each woman has a unique set of health history, physical status, signs and symptoms that make her unique. If you don’t see yourself here exactly take the one closest and start there.

Share yourbiggest hormone balance challenges below in the comments.

Do you want support determining what factors influence your hormone balance?  

Your best next step is Flipping 50’s 28 Day Kickstart, where I bring together the whole-istic whole-you approach to not just exercise, but exercise nutrition, the timing of them both and daily habits timing that matters for your hormone best. If you’ve started and stopped before, it’s a mindset shift and that’s a part of the process.

As both an exercise psychology and kinesiology expert and I can help you with what happens both above and below the shoulders for hormone balance.

Prefer private, accelerated coaching on your own time, a limited number of private coaching spots are available.

Click the link to schedule if you’re interested in private coaching below:

 Not moving yet and can’t seem to find time? Try these simple daily tips. 

Want to do all you can in the kitchen for hormone balance?

Get the Hormone Balancing Cookbook here


Jul 24, 2018
The Senior Games | Off The Scale and Onto a Starting Line

The thought of participating in the Senior Games as an athlete may have not even occurred to you, yet. That doesn't mean it's too late.

I’m forever telling clients to get off that scale. They nod and agree. Then the first thing that comes out of their mouths when we talk about status is about either losing a few pound – or gaining a few pounds – or the dreaded plateau.

What would shifting your goal to a starting line do for you? What if it weren't about weight loss at all or about what to eat or a forever search for the right workout? 

What if it were about getting better at a sport, performing optimally, and getting focused on something fun for you yet bigger than you? Enter my guest on this episode, Kyle Case of the Huntsman World Senior Games.

Huntsman World Senior Games:

The Huntsman World Senior Games is the largest annual multi-sport event in the world for athletes age 50 and better. Every October the Games welcomes more than 11,000 athletes from all around the world to St. George, Utah to compete in their choice of 30 different sports.The event was founded in 1987 and continues to strive to achieve its mission of fostering worldwide peace, health and friendship. 

Kyle M Case is the CEO of the Huntsman World Senior Games. He has managed sporting events for over 15 years and loves the life-changing impact that these events have on individuals. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • What is the history of the Games?
  • What is the international aspect of the senior games?
  • Do you have any inspiring stories about athletes?
  • How does one get involved in the games as an athlete? What are the requirements?
  • How can you get started (and I challenged you to share how you will!)
  • What are the oldest participants in the games?
  • Back in 1987, what were the 5 sports featured? (can you guess?)

Today you can participate in any of 30 sports at the Senior Games including racewalking, swimming, golf, basketball, swimming, and so many more you can learn about when you connect with Kyle.

Get Connected and inspired:



Twitter: @worldseniorgame

Instagram: @worldseniorgames


Jul 17, 2018
Skincare Tips from the Skin Whisperer

How would you like to talk to the skin whisperer? Identify how to care for your skin, reverse sun damage and feel more confident in your own skin. Skincare for the now in your life. 

Dr. Keirra Barr is a cutting edge Dermatologist, who is known as an innovative thinker. A dual-board certified dermatologist, Dr. Barr has shared her life-changing ideas in business, educational, health and professional seminars on how to rejuvenate and amplify skin health naturally; reverse sun damage, prevent and manage skin cancer and how to build confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and resilience.

Dr. Barr shares her expertise as a domain subject matter expert, advisor to numerous start-ups, an editor of leading medical journals and a researcher in ongoing clinical trials. As the Chief Wellness Officer of Resilient Health Institute (RHI), by embracing what is on the surface as well as what’s below it, she is redefining the delivery of skincare.

Questions we discuss in this episode:

  1. You had a personal reason to be interested in dermatology. Can you share the story of what led you down that path?
  2. In your book, The Skin Whisperer,you talk about learning to hear the messages your skin is communicating to you. Can you give us an example?
  3. You believe that it’s important for women in midlife to get comfortable with their naked bodies so they can be vigilant about their skin. Can you explain?
  4. For you, it’s not just about what goes on your skin, it’s the four pillars of “lifestyle, nutrition, movement, and mindset” that impact your skin as well. Can you talk about each of these and why it’s important to have all four for skincare?
  5. What are the most important things a woman can do to have healthier skin and better resiliency?
  6. Women in midlife have unique challenges with skin: wrinkles, sunspots, even acne. How should women be changing up their skincare regimen as they age?

Quotes and Insights you don’t want to miss from this episode:

  • Get Naked
  • Skin is your biggest cheerleader and your shittiest confidant
  • Gifts of maturity (what’s the regifting or return policy on this?)
  • Too much exercise accelerates aging of your skin
  • 3 Top recommendations for skin care
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen and topical retinal (SPF of 30 or higher: broad spectrum)
  • Washing in the am or pm? Which is more crucial for optimal skincare?

Get a free copy of The Skin Whispererat: website:

Connect with Keira about skincare at:



Jul 10, 2018
Solve Your Stress Symptoms Now and Avoid Disease Later

In this 10thand final episode of our summer energy series with Christy Mattoon of Mindrewire we talked about the difference between a band-aid and a permanent solution. If you can solve what’s causing your stress symptoms now you can avoid disease later.

Daily high levels of stress over time lead to disease. In fact over 80 diseases are tied directly to stress. Since it’s a personal perception each of us needs to find a personal way to recognize and deal with our stress symptoms.

Destressing on a daily basis is important for the health of your:

  • Subconscious mind
  • Gut

If you have more stress than the body can handle it could be interfering with your optimal energy, your optimal weight and the strategies you’re employing may be actually increasing your stress load. Some degree of stress is necessary! It’s not just unavoidable due to our meaningful lives: the people and things we love are the most likely to cause us stress! But in fact you, like a kite or violin, need a certain amount of tension to thrive. It’s not about trying to eliminate stress as much as trying to relieve it by adding joy to the equation. While you’re busy, while your building a career and caring for others, taking time to fill your own cup and find happiness and joy in every day will decrease stress symptoms.

Stress symptoms vary greatly from one individual to another but often include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Sleeplessness or desire to sleep more
  • Introversion/social retreat
  • Headache
  • Stomachache
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Moodiness
  • Argumentative nature
  • Inability to concentrate/focus
  • Skin issues: blemishes, conditions
  • Digestive issues

Stress is caused by or solved by:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest & recovery
  • Hormones
  • Sleep
  • Coping strategies 

Techniques and practices often effective for relieving stress symptoms:

  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Nature
  • Pets
  • Time alone
  • Social time
  • Unplugging
  • Adventure
  • Massage
  • Floating in water
  • Laughter
  • Socializing/venting

This series has been brought to Flipping 50 with my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at Christy@mindrewire.comto book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Fast, Easy, Effective Rewire Your Mind

Comprehensive Energy Psychologist

PSYCH-K Facilitator

Hands-on Healer

Link to prior episodes in this series: 

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Dump Stress

Stay Calm

Practice Makes Perfect  

Jul 06, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Practice makes perfect 9

You’ve heard this your whole life: practice makes perfect. You may have also heard the carefully corrected version: perfect practice makes perfect. You’re always practicing something and it’s either something you consciously choose taking you in a direction you consciously want to go or it’s a habit you’re repeating that keeps you from what you really want. 

Throughout this series and the eight episodes before this one you’ve been hearing about vibrational energy and whole brain state. You’ve heard exercises to help you dump stress and get into a place where you can respond instead of reacting to your surroundings. Today is about putting into practice more of the small things that will help you zero in on your most ideal state of energy.

Getting good at practicing the right things is a fast way to boost your energy. 

Key points in this episode:

Life, essentially is practice

You are always practicing something: Daily routines, Daily thought patterns

Its called practice not perfection

Something to think about:

If you hesitate to start a new habit because of confusion about options – which is easy to do with dietary advice and fitness advice – try this rethink: what if there was more than one right answer? The point is not to find a perfect absolute, but to find a consistent pattern of getting better. There are many people who exercise regularly. They don’t all do it the same. The beauty of the practice of a routine providing some benefits is the point. You need to commit to a path to be able to apply practice makes perfect.

You don’t however have to stay on that path. You can change your mind. You can take a right or left turn or a u-turn and practice another set of habits. As long as you are moving forward you’re able to apply practice makes perfect. Otherwise you’re simply practicing what you’re already got and attracting more of that to you.  

In our last episode 10 of this summer energy series we focus on how to solve the reason of the symptoms NOW and avoid disease later. It’s a two-for-one! 

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at Christy@mindrewire.comto book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Link to prior episodes in this series: 

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Dump Stress

Stay Calm


Jul 05, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Pray, Say, and Stay Calm

Last episode covered how to dump stress that’s likely to keep you wired and in reaction mode. Today it’s about how to Pray, Say, and Stay Calmso you can respond. There will be storms. Things will happen beyond your control and if you can stay calm and choose how you respond you’ll be more likely to maintain high energy in spite of your environment or situation.

Christy’s main points in this episode:

  • We were thought to prays with words
  • Words are powerful
  • Praying in fear + low neurochemicals
  • Effective praying word + feeling

Three components of prayer:

  • Confess
  • Fervent
  • Righteous

The key quote from today to control your ability to stay calm:

“Think your feeling.”

Next up in part nine of our summer energy series is practicing the right thing… we’re always practicing – is it the right thing?

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at Christy@mindrewire.comto book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

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Dump Stress

Jul 04, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Dump stress that’s robbing energy

In our last episode in this series, episode 6, Christy Mattoon talked about hydration and the importance of water for energy. Today is about how to dump stress. We’re looking to arrest the energy-robbing thieves you may not know exist. This is not the obvious stressors like a fight you had with someone or the nagging to-do list kind of stress.

How do you dump stress you don’t even know is there? Christy covers some concepts in this episode:

Every thought creates your future.

There are two ways to set up for more energy every day.

One is a PM dump. The other is an AM start. This goes back to episode 2 and it’s about asking what you want to feel. It’s about getting into that whole brain state.

As you get ready for bed think back through the day. What events happens along each hour, morning, afternoon, and night? Cross your ankles and wrists. You might fall asleep like this or just be at peace while you contemplate the day.

You’re about to dump stress by way of desynchronizing your system. In other words you’re able to block negative thoughts and replace them by consciously thinking through them and creating the whole brain state.

To dump stress in this way is a passive action. You’re simply thinking it through. You have the power to change your body’s energy with your thoughts. Whatever happened today happened but if you consciously want to keep it from negatively affecting you, it’s possible. You can also begin proactively in the morning to control what you want to happen and how you’ll respond to it today.

On the next episode we’re going to discuss almost the opposite of dumping stress: how to stay calm in the storm. When it’s dumping on you, what can you do?

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at Christy@mindrewire.comto book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Link to prior episodes in this series: 

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Boost Energy with Hydration


Jul 03, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Boost energy with hydration Part 6

It’s easy, economical and imperative that you boost energy with hydration. Your body and every cell in it requires water to function optimally. This is so simple yet, so many struggle with getting enough water in daily. They forget, or got busy, or worry about that creating a need to use a restroom being inconvenient to the busy lives we lead.

Today’s episode is about so much more than just hydration for the support of digestion, elimination, and perspiration. We’re diving into more than the need you have to replace lost water from urine, feces, and sweat. Those are there and no less important. But there is more, so much more.

  • Water holds energy
  • Water is a conductor – and not just for electricity
  • You can use your affirmations and pure water
  • Pure filtered water makes a difference
  • Incongruence in the brain and the body blocks energy – optimal hydration helps

I’m linking to a previous Flipping 50 episode that I did with Robyn Openshaw about her newest book, Vibe. Recall from Robyn’s podcast that everything is energy. What you eat and drink has an energetic property that can elevate or plummet your own energy. Water is included

Christy mentioned Dr. Masuru Emoto’s water experiment. There is proof there that everything is energy. Positive and negative emotions elicited different crystallization in water. What then could your positive and negative thoughts about water you drink have on you? The experiment also tested different types of water: holy water, distilled water, and found dramatic difference between them. Pure filtered water is the best way to boost energy with hydration. It matters. 

You have a vibration. Words have a vibration. Water has a vibration. Combine them in a positive way and again without lifting a finger you can raise your energy.

Resources mentioned:

The Water Experiment video 

Coming in part 7 of this energy series: hidden sources of stress that act as energy thieves

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at to book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Link to prior episodes in this series: 

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Reduce Anxiety Now

Jul 02, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Reduce Anxiety Now Part 5

Never before in history has there been so many cases of anxiety as right now. This episode is all about how to reduce anxiety now. Women are more susceptible than men.

Imagine a situation when you experienced anxiety. For many people that would be maybe a public speaking experience, or a presentation with an outcome riding on it. Maybe it was a relationship conflict that resulted in confrontation. Driving in significant traffic can bring on anxiety. Try to put yourself in the place where you experienced anxiety.

Change your word association with the feeling you have right now.

Go from “I’m nervous” to “I’m excited.”

The difference is significant in effect on your energy. Even changing the internal message you have can reduce anxiety now.

Notice where anxiety started. (Even as you imagine this and you’re not actually in the moment you can do this).

Christy discusses how to reduce anxiety now with:

  • Breath work
  • Recalling that superhero power
  • Catching it so that it can’t build up

Conscious breathing can impact the physical body and the brain both to reduce anxiety now. Natural reactions to the state of anxiety are tension and shallow breathing. Catch yourself doing in and use your breath to oxygenate the body fully with deep breathing, slow conscious inhales, a slight hold, and a steady exhale. You can fill the lower lobes of your lungs this way which provides more oxygen both to your brain and to the extremities so that you can relax. 

Christy has additional information about how to reduce anxiety now with practices you can use:

  • Morning routine
  • Every hour
  • Nighttime 

So that in 21 days it will be gone.

If you’ve tried the breathing exercise, drop a comment in the show notes and let us know if you felt an immediate difference.

On the next episode in this series: more reasons why water really is the easiest, most economical health practice

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at to book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Links to prior episodes in this series: 

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Stop Energy Sucking Habits

Jul 01, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | How to stop energy sucking habits Part 4

Stop your energy sucking habits for a fast track to more energy. While it’s easy to dwell on how to get more energy, some could be just waiting for you when you release the habits that rob you of energy that’s rightfully yours. We’re creatures of habit and we’re easily attracted to instant gratification that soothes us that can often backfire. Today we talk about how to stop energy sucking habits in a way that can both give you instant soothing and energy, andsustainable energy.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to become aware of both what you’re doing and not doing
  • Become aware of the thing and stop
  • Tap into your energy and assess how you feel
  • Assess a different way to do it
  • Find what you want: think it and see it
  • Get into your superhero pose

In doing this exercise to stop energy sucking habits you create a different chemical composition in your brain. Part of the reason you can get stuck in a cycle of negative habits is the brain chemistry you currently have is causing you to default.

If you’ve ever been injured or needed a physical therapist, you generally have to retrain your brain so your body will move differently. You’ve had a faulty pattern of movement that caused injury or you may find a faulty pattern due to pain. You have physical therapy so you can create a new pattern. 

Mentally changing the way you work is possible too. That’s what you’re doing in order to leave an old negative habit behind you and adopt a new positive health habit instead. When you change the way you feel about a habit, you’ll stop energy sucking habits. 

Try to substitute a positive behavior for a negative habit you may be trying to stop. Don’t allow a void. For instance, if you know dairy probably doesn’t agree with you but you continue to have creamer every day in your coffee, don’t just stop the creamer add coconut milk or cream instead. If you’re trying to quit coffee, try tea instead.

Tie a new habit to an existing one. If you’re trying to floss the obvious time is after you brush. If you’re trying to more consistently do core exercise, at the end of every walk or before every shower do a minute or two of core.

Coming up in the next episode: how to reduce your anxiety right now, and a simple practice to start today. 

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at to book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Link to prior episodes in this series:

Instant Energy

Cross Train Your Brain

Affirmations for Energy

Jun 30, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Affirmations for Energy Part 3

Could you use affirmations for energy? Could it really be that easy? Have you ever tried affirmations? By now you’ve likely had someone suggest positive affirmations to you, or you already use them. Do they work? That’s our topic today.

First things first, though! Have you identified your “what you want statement” and written it down? Share it in the show notes (yesterday’s episode). It reinforces your awareness, your commitment, and by writing it you get more clear on exactly what “it” is.

The spoiler alert for this episode is that you do want to say yes to affirmations for energy.

Christy dives into what makes an affirmation work and why they may have failed you in the past.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Why didn’t my affirmation work?
  • How to put your affirmations on steroids (make affirmations work!)

Affirmations for energy boosting remind you of who you are. Here’s the kicker, you’re already using affirmations whether you consciously think you are or not. Every thought you have every day is an affirmation. If you’re telling yourself something negative that is an affirmation. If you’re dwelling on your body in ways that shift you into negative thinking that is an affirmation blocking your ability to reach the place you really want. So affirmations for energy is in part like retraining the brain (part 2 of this series) for a more positive outcome. 

If a belief you have right now limits your ability to create the things you say you want. There’s a behavior change that has to happen in order to stop habits that interfere with your ability to move more, eat optimally for your body, and willingness to explore different strategies that you hadn’t considered until now. Before behavior, thoughts must change. If you’re internal message is counter to the new, you’ve got an obstacle.

But affirmations for energy put you in a place where it’s easier to go against a bit of resistance to change. With more energy you’re stronger. And you can create affirmations for energy – and strength – simply:

“I am strong.”

That’s the example Christy gives on the show. Say it any time, but pair it in combination with weight training or tackling a new physical challenge you’re trying to overcome.

Feel what it does when you say it. Like it’s impossible to feel bad when you smile because it’s incongruent with the posture, when you say I am strong, your body will assume that energy

Best affirmations are short, simple, and to the point.

Make it stronger

Put this together with the whole brain state from part two of this series. Cross your wrists, ankles, do a yoga pose (pretzel) with legs, ankles, and arms crossed.

Dara Tores said, “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast,” to keep herself focused on the important details of swimming her own race as she competed as a 40-something beside teenagers in the Olympics.

Create an affirmation of your own. Add it (or them) to the show notes.

Coming up next time: There are things robbing you of energy that you can easily reclaim.

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Episodes in this series:

Instant Energy

Retrain Your Brain

This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at Christy@mindrewire.comto book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.


Jun 29, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Retrain your brain for energy Part 2

If you can retrain your brain to think differently, you can feel differently, instantly. Christy Mattoon, Mindrewire expert, is sharing tips not only for more energy in part two of the summer energy series, but for better health habit adoption and dumping default habits just because they’ve been a pattern for so long. Change is hard. However, Christy’s solutions today may help you approach change easier than ever. 

In today’s Flipping 50 summer energy series episode:

  • What it a whole brain state
  • Why it is so effective in healing, removing stress, and treating trauma
  • How can you (physically) exercise to feel a whole brain difference

In this episode of the summer energy series we cover:

  • How can you retrain your brain for energy
  • Why it’s not just the brain
  • We’ve had the focus in the wrong area
  • The Gut and Energy
  • Production of neurons
  • Gut health promotes brain health
  • Best way to train the brain is to clean out the gut

Spoiler alert! This is the exercise for getting into whole brain state. (You may recognize these techniques in your exercise classes – good warm ups use these techniques- or from yoga poses- or from exercises you may have been taught as a speaker or actor to do prior to going on stage. You’re always “on” too, so they can help you retrain your brain and they require no additional effort or true exercise to do. 

Resource Christy mentioned:

Rob Williams video Psychology of Change

Pay attention to these two bullets:

  • Perception defines behavior.
  • Perception defines genes.

You’ve got homework! In the notes for this show add your “What you want statement.” You’ve got to identify it, instead of focusing on what you don’t want in order to attract it. This is going to be important tomorrow!

Coming in part three tomorrow: Your energy is higher, you’re feeling good- what more could you do to sustain or elevate your energy levels? Is there anything to the practice of affirmations?

Link to episode 1 of the summer energy series:

Instant Energy

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This series has been brought to you by Flipping 50 and my guest Christy Mattoon. Reach out to her at to book a 30-minute session with her if you want to go deeper.

Jun 28, 2018
10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Feel better fast

This episode is all about how to feel better fast. We get energy from food, exercise, and from our thoughts.

If you self-sabotage, though you have good intentions – or you truly want something and you’re following science-proven steps but not getting there - you may even be gaining or holding weight when you’ve tested, and trained and tracked but you’re stuck… or you simply want to pull everything you can into the light of summer to boost your energy and drop your stress level… then tune in here daily for the next 10 days. We’re releasing a short special segment every day so you can boost your energy and feel better fast. 

Feel better fast for instant energy with this short episode and exercise from Christy Mattoon.

What is energy?       

The science of ATP and mitochondria vs.Vibration of energy you feel

Ask, can I feel it?How do you feel? What is a low energy vs. high 

The exercise Christy uses for instant energy:

First, develop awareness:

What do you want to change?

What are you doing now?


  • What do you want to do about it?
  • What actions do you want to change?

Write it down.

Make a decision about what you want to keep, and what you want to change.

Imagine yourself more powerful:

Who is your superhero?

What’s your posture when you physically feel your superpowers?

Get instant energy:

Assuming a different posture, a powerful stance gives you an instant shot of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – all feel good hormones – that provide instant energy.

This posturing exercise works with athletes and performance. Swimmers using a superhero posture image hold their chest open and core strong making them better able to maintain a form in the water that enhances ability to go faster with less energy. It can work with you too for coping with every day stressors.

Coming up tomorrow in this series: we know what energy is- and that we can feel it- we’re exploring how can you use it to feel better and train it into your system.

Jun 27, 2018
How to Achieve Pain-free Exercise for Hormone Balancing Goals

Pain-free exercise would be my hope for everyone. You know you need to exercise. You have a desire to exercise – and definitely to feel better. If you’ve got chronic pain, this is your episode.

You don’t have to be an athlete for exercise to make you better: better at preventing disease, enjoying a full life pursuing your goals and passions without limits; a better mom, partner, friend, employee or boss, just, better. My guest today is a returning guest here to talk about pain and the brain.

Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT teaches you how to retrain your brain and body so you can live the joy-filled and pain-free life you deserve. He is a doctor of physical therapy, functional nutritionist, integrative pain expert and #1 bestselling author of Heal Your Pain Now.  He is known for integrating neuroscience, nutrition, psychology and movement into simple treatments for lasting pain relief. Dr. Joe’s mission is to quickly and compassionately heal your pain and reverse the global pain epidemic.

We’ve been talking about pain in the past month if you listen live, because it’s been Arthritis Awareness month. I’ve addressed this and it’s no accident it’s summer when so many of us are inspired to move more but not all of us can move as much as we’d like to… chronic pain is a reality for many of us.

As someone flipping 50, you may be juggling the needs of hormones and your chronic pain – or caring for loved ones who are. Today’s episode covers how we can do more pain-free exercise, and really, just do more... of what we love.

Questions for the pain-free exercise interview:

  • What does the brain have to do with pain?
  • What does emotion have to do with pain?
  • What if you’re scared to exercise?
  • Are there exercises to avoid?

Key points from this episode:

  • The importance of your reaction to a warning or contraindication about exercise
  • Why when you feel danger you’re more likely to be susceptible to pain
  • What sleep deprivation has to do with pain
  • 3 Questions that help you know if sleep disruption may be contributing to pain

My favorite “pain-free exercise” quotes from Joe:

“Slow and steady wins the race”

“You can still be sore and safe”


The natural solution most successful in treating depression and anxiety among:

  • Cognitive therapies
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-anxiety meds
  • Is… __________________. (Don’t miss this!)


Jun 26, 2018
The Power of Walking | How to Lose Your Age on the Trail

Have you experienced the power of walking? Amid the dozens of exercise options, trends, and fads have you forgotten the potential power of walking for transformation?

This Flipping 50 episode will remind you.

You may not know, I owe my fitness career to a walking habit the summer between high school graduation and my freshman year in college. I walked daily with my mom that summer until I began dipping my toe into jogging. It was easy and effortless to walk just a little further each week and it changed my life. Our first walks were up to the Methodist church and back. Then it was to the cemetery, and then around as the weeks passed. I hope you love this episode as much as I remember fondly the power of walking those streets of my small town beside my mom. 

Dami Roelse is certified life coach, writer and retired mental health provider. Born in Holland, Dami has traveled the world extensively, lived on different continents and has learned to use her travel as inspiration for living. Dami uses long distance hiking and backpacking as a means to deepen her connection with nature and the universe. Aside from trekking in the Himalayas and Morocco, walking and hiking in Europe, Dami has hiked more than 1500 miles of the Pacific Crest trail in the last 5 years. Dami writes about the benefits of walking, hiking and backpacking for women50plus.

Her book, "Walking Gone Wild, How to lose your age on the trail,” explores and explains walking, hiking, and backpacking as a means to re-invigorating life for women as they age. Interlaced with stories of real women who have built confidence through walking, it presents a new model of aging with vitality, grace, and a deepened connection to life. At age 71 Dami continues to go out for treks on the trail. She guides women50plus to hike and backpack to their ability, gain confidence and a new connection with living.

Dami blogs about transformational travel and hiking experiences on her website She is a regular contributor for Sixty and Me and TheTrek magazine.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • Why take up long distance hiking?
  • What age is too old for distance hiking?
  • Why did life coaching appeal to you?
  • Why the power of walking and not some other form of exercise?
  • What can women gain by taking up the walking life?
  • Where Dami walked? What’s a trip like for her?
  • What distinguishes a walk, a hike, and a trek?

Connect with Dami and learn more about the book:

Facebook: WalkingWomen50plus

Twitter: @dami97520 and

Instagram: @walkingwoman50plus.

Dami also hosts a Facebook group for women50+ interested in walking, hiking, and backpacking. 

Is it time for you to discover or rediscover the power of walking?

Do you walk? Would you like some support? We do a monthly challenge inside the Flipping 50 Cafe membership to connect you with other women who have the same goal. 

Jun 23, 2018
How Healthy Foods Could Be Interfering with Health!

Healthy foods are not all created equal for every body. You’re healthy foods could be sabotaging your good health. Flipping 50 guest today has an answer for finding your personal best foods right now, and later, for a lifestyle of good eating when you’re done with diets and ready to feel good all the time.

Active women with hormone fluctuations are no strangers to digestive issues or seemingly sudden weight gain. Exercise becomes less effective and you stop thriving if you’re not absorbing the right nutrients and digesting well.

Everywhere you look there’s a new diet. There’s a friend, relative, or co-worker sharing what she’s doing. There’s no lack of short-term, short-cuts that end up being dead-ends. A temporary change in diet canhelp your gut heal and Teri Cochrane is here to talk about it. She goes wild with us and shares the concepts that are in her new Wildatarian Diet book.

Teri is an internationally known health expert specializing in complex and chronic conditions, as well as bringing elite performers to their highest potential. She recently authored the Amazon #1 New Release book “The Wildataraian Diet: Living as Nature Intended”. Teri’s thriving practice is based in the Metro D.C. area.

Questions Teri and I discussed today:

  • What is the Wildatarian diet?
  • What makes it unique? 
  • The big 3: protein, sulfur, fat and what a problem with absorption might look like
  • How can the Wildatarian lifestyle help women over the age of 50 feel and look younger? 
  • How can certain "healthy" foods hurt you? 
  • Could kale, cabbage, and broccoli are king of healthy foods be keeping you from feeling younger?
  • Could you be sulfur sensitive?
  • You need protein, but what hidden things in certain proteins are sabotaging health?
  • Fat is good for our brains, tendons, and hormones. What if you aren’t processing “healthy” fats?
  • How you can go wild (and younger, more energetic) right now

Ready to find your best healthy foods? 

Take the quiz and get a free Chapter of the book and 5 Wild Recipes at

Follow Teri:



Additional Gut Health Flipping 50 episodes: 

7 expert tips on gut health


Jun 21, 2018
How to Relieve Bloating and Belly Issues Fast

Bloating and belly issues while you’re traveling are inconvenient at least. At worst, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other GI issues like Chrohn’s or colitis can really interrupt your routine. They not only keep you from exercise, they can keep you from life! This episode is all about everything from bloating and belly issues including IBS and natural solutions. Whether you have irritable bowel every day or you have or want to avoid bloating and belly issues when you’re traveling, better solutions are here.

Have you ever been on vacation, enjoying yourself and suddenly gotten hit with bloating, gas, or worse? Have you been told you have irritable bowel syndrome? I’ve been there too. Even after I thought I knew what to eat and avoid, and what habits to maintain to feel my best, I very recently had bloating and belly issues while I was traveling. Someone who typically avoids pills when possible, I was looking for solutions and found one from today’s guest.

Dr. Ken Brown received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical School, and completed his fellowship in gastroenterology in San Antonio, Texas.  He is a board certified gastroenterologist and has been in practice for over 15 years with a clinical focus on inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Brown declared that his mission is to bridge the gap between medical & natural science.

  For over a decade he has been conducting clinical research for various pharmacologic companies. Dr. Brown recognized an unmet need for something natural that could help his IBS patients find real relief.  After developing the only all-natural & clinically proven answer for IBS & bloating for over 6 years, ATRANTIL (ahh-tron-teel)launched in the summer of 2015.  Dr. Brown developed Atrantil to help those suffering from the symptoms of IBS which we now know are caused by bacterial overgrowth.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • What is the common cause of bloating and belly issues, and why have people struggled so long to find relief?
  • Is bloating related to IBS/SIBO/Colitis or other GI diseases?
  • What is Atrantil and why does it work?
  • Other than bloating and obvious GI issues, what other benefits do the polyphenols in Atrantil do?
  • Are there any specific diets or supplements that you recommend to take with Atrantil?
  • Atrantil is NSF certified for Sport, what does that mean?

Also in this episode:

  • Hear why I call Atrantil the “morning after” gut health pill (and why it’s so much more)
  • Listen to the geeky future of toilet paper Dr. Brown shares.

There is hope for irritable bowel syndrome – and for the occasional bloating and belly issues that show up now because you’re not tolerating the same kinds of foods you once thought were healthy for you. I know someone with irritable bowel syndrome and I’m betting you do too! We don’t talk about it but we should. It limits life, your activity level, and your ability to thrive with abundance health and energy.

If bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, or another gut-related issue cause you to miss out, feel like life is unpredictable or you can’t reach your full potential, keep seeking answers. The better your digestion the better your life.

Don’t miss the surprising key to good gut health Dr. Ken Brown shares at the very end.

Try Atrantil (for less with our special ATRANTIL offer):

Connect with Dr. Brown:

Twitter @atrantil

Twitter @kennethbrownmd

To connect with Dr. Brown directly:

Want more information on avoiding or dealing with bloating and belly issues?

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Jun 19, 2018
7 Simple Ways to Better Gut Health Every Trip

7 Simple Ways to Better Gut Health Every Trip

There are a lot of tips coming your way. You’ll find seven experts and each share more than one of their favorite better gut health tips! I link to every single one of our experts and the gut goodness they have  referred to in the show.

I found relief with Atrantil and I’ll circle back to that… but when you have the best of health and gut experts in your presence, you ask! 

JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutrition expert, Fitness Hall of Famer, and four-time NY Times best-selling author of titles including The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, JJ Virgin is Flipping 50 – fabulously - and she's constantly traveling herself.

Here’s what’s in JJ’s kit:

  1. Safety Net (enzymes)
  2. Shake and fiber
  3. Magnesium and vitamin C
  4. Probiotic formula
  5. Oil of oregano

Check out some of the gut supplements JJ mentioned.

Dr. Robyn Benson

Founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and pioneered the Self-Care Revolution. She’s the bestselling author of Travel With Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness.

Here’s what Robyn recommends:

  1. Gasalia Boron
  2. Oregano oil (ADP)
  3. Probiotic (Thrive)
  4. Triphala (for constipation)

Dr. Jolene Brighten is a licensed Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor, best selling author – who you’re going to be hearing so much more from and about, she’s a speaker, and mother who travels a lot herself.

  1. Gut Clear By Dr. Brighten
  2. Digest by Dr. Brighten
  3. Magnesium Citrate (for constipation

Learn more:

Teri Cochrane, author of The Wildatarian Diet, and founder of the Heal and Seal program – you guessed it..all about the gut-  is a nutritional counselor & integrative practitioner who often deals with the toughest cases – and who I send my family members to! You may remember Teri if you have the Flipping 50 Bone Health mini coursesharing her intel about best (and worst supplements for building bone).

Here’s what Teri recommended to better gut health:

  1. Baking soda tip (small amount) and 2 oz. water
  2. Charcoal to bind up toxins
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Chamomile tea

Take Teri’s quiz to learn more about optimal eating for you and your gut.

Dr. Doni Wilson is a bestselling author and creator of the best selling program The Stress Remedy 7 and 21-day programs. She specializes in leaky gut, food sensitivities, and digestive troubles as a part of her holistic approach

  1. herbs: peppermint and fennel (tea)
  2. digestive enzymes (enzymesupport available at

Take her quiz to see if adrenal stress could be the cause of your gut issues.

Summer Bock is a leading gut health expert who coined the term “Gut Rebuilding.”  She is the founder of the Better Belly Project and CEO at Guts & Glory.

Summer shared her digestive first-aid kit:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Bitters (liver lover, sweet & gentle)
  3. Magnesium
  4. Activated charcoal
  5. Baking soda
  6. Quercetin

Finally, my better gut health white horse road in, in the form of Dr. Ken Brown’s Antrantil.

After 6 years developing the only all-natural and clinically proven answer for IBS & bloating, ATRANTIL(ahh-tron-teel)launched in the summer of 2015.  Dr. Brown developed Atrantil to help those suffering from the symptoms of IBS which we now know are caused by bacterial overgrowth.

Learn more:

There you have a suitcase full of better gut health travel. In upcoming episodes I’ll be speaking with Dr. Ken Brown, Teri Cochrane, Summer Bock, and Dr. Doni Wilson, and Dr. Jolene Brighten to talk more about their unique programs and new books to better your health. Feel better to move more and… live better.

Thanks for your rating in iTunes!


Jun 12, 2018
How to ease your exercise aches with pain relief cream

How could pain relief make exercise more possible or simply your every day better? What if you could move more freely without pain?

What if you could dissolve discomfort from movements you love or do seasonally easily…And what if you could do it without a prescription or over the counter pills?

Let's face it, sometimes pain gets in the way of moving more. It interferes with exercise in a way that benefits health, with you doing daily activities of living, and even sleep. 

As you know may know – though I don’t like to make this about me.. I am training and blogging about endurance activity for the sake of showing how to decrease volume and increase intensity to continue to enjoy activities we who love endurance enjoy without trashing our hormones.

With that in mind, I still have to ride a bike for a few hours at a time – a definite downshift from 6 or 7, three hours riding in aerobars can still cause tension in already tight upper back and neck area for days!

I’ve been experimenting with a new pain relief cream I’m loving and sharing with my triathlon and endurance-loving friends. I’ve actually been using it before activity to prevent pain and the way I feel after a long ride is significantly better!

And my guest in this Flipping 50 podcast is here to share more with us about it.

Dr. TK Huynh talks with me about Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

TK grew up in Fresno CA working hard along side his parents even as a young boy.

He went to Pharmacy school and yet he’s hardly living the typical pharmaceutical prescription drug based career path. You have quite a story, and your wife too is a Pharmacist. This is really a family-based business.

TK tells a story about getting in trouble for helping a disabled man when he was young that is such a great illustration of “doing the right thing.”

Questions TK answers in this episode:

  • Why is the MBM Pain Relief Cream a better alternative to Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, or prescription opiates
  • Why is this cream different from BioFreeze, Icy Hot, or Tiger Balm
  • What are MBM missions?

Some details that matter to you and me:

It’s registered with the FDA.

You can join me in doing something really special for our Veterans:

TK, the MBM founder, is working with local VA to help Veterans reduce their pain without prescription medications. He's recognized the dangers of opiate addiction and has made it his mission to make an impact. For every 120 ml (4oz) purchased he is giving one to a Veteran to help them live painlessly and peacefully.


Facebook, Instagram, Youtube: @mindbodymatrix 


If you do order, I'd love to hear from you! Have you experienced the same kind of benefits I have?  


Jun 05, 2018
Your Virtual Spa Day to Reverse Aging

Your Virtual Spa Day to Reverse Aging

She had me at, Reverse aging naturally in one visit.

We’re taking you on a virtual visit to Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health.

I’m so excited! I’ve put on my robe and slippers… hearing water trickle off the little waterfall, sipping infused water, and I am ready for a spa day with Robyn Benson.

For 26 years, Robyn Benson, Dr. of Oriental medicine has applied her knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies, regenerative therapies and leading-edge energy medicine to help patients get out of pain and solve their most pressing health challenges. Dr. Robyn founded and built Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and pioneered the Self-Care Revolution and is the creator of Amplified Regenerative Therapies (ART). 

You may remember Robyn! She’s a returning Flipping 50 guest (because she reverses aging, who doesn’t love that?!) and bestselling author of  Travel With Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness.

To start our spa day Robyn is going to greet us at the door and we’re going to be enveloped in rejuvenating display of art as we go from treatment room to treatment room.

During our visit to the Sane Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health Robyn Benson Shares the intel on several treatments she offers and who and why you might want to consider them. They include:

  • O-Shot
  • P-Shot
  • Vampire Facial
  • Acupuncture
  • Food sensitivity testing

All to benefit common concerns of:

  • Incontinence
  • Low libido
  • Erectile disfunction
  • Aging skin
  • Sagging breasts
  • Digestive issues
  • Brown spots
  • Energy

My biggest take-away is that this is not your mother’s spa day, not even the spa day you had 10 years ago. Sure, you will come away rejuvenated and restored. But it’s a two-for-one in that you can also use a few hours to lose a few years off your face, body, and the stressors life has thrown at you.

Connect with Robyn and grab your free gift!

May 31, 2018
10 Ways to Get Fit and Avoid Self-Sabotage this Summer

Got plans to get fit this summer? It's a perfect time to do it! More hours of sunlight and easy, breezy ways to move without tons of layers and mittens may inspire you. But then there's the Moscow Mules and campfires, the wedding cakes, and long brunches. You can get fit without sabotaging yourself this summer with this simple 10 ways to get fit (and avoid sabotage). 

  1. Stock up on Protein and Fiber

Protein + fiber kill cravings. Fact. So include them both at every meal. In fact, if you missed my podcast with Dr. Gabrielle Lyons click here. You need more than most women are getting. The first place to look is breakfast. Don't skip and don't have that orange juice! Listen here. 

Special listener-only protein special will help you stock up with a clean protein free of ingredients (in many protein shakes) that actually make you store fat easier. Use: propod for 10% off your first order

But hurry, there's a limited number available!  

  1. Stock the refrigerator with fresh ready-to-eat veggies that can be enjoyed with hummus, or grilled or stir-fried in minutes.
  • asparagus spears
  • sliced zucchini and summer squash
  • fresh peppers
  1. Don’t buy junk

If you tend to binge on the “baked chips” the “bean chips” or the frozen coconut dessert pints, or popcorn that readily turns to sugar and stores itself on your thighs…don’t bring them into the house.

If you bring them in you intend to eat them. 

  1. Toss what junk there is out (are you really consciously saying to yourself that you’re going to go back to eating sugar and processed foods?)

Who needs it? Doesn't it cost more to eat it and zap you of energy than it does to discard? If you're really committed to get fit this summer they have to go. 

A "pantry raid" is key to the 28-Day Kickstart, the After 50 Fitness Course, and Fit-U programs.

  1. Get 3-4 made-in-advance meals done and in the freezer right now.

Cook once and eat many times. Grill 2 pounds of chicken breasts instead of one. Make a one-pot meal in the oven while you’re in the kitchen anyway and then freeze it all.

  1. Have 2-3 fast meals you can make that satisfy everyone (taco buffet, “pasta” buffet, pizza, bowls/grills) in your tribe. 

That said, don't let yourself get bored or stale. To apply these 10 ways to get fit this summer you're going to need variety! 

Include your freezer made-ahead- meals or consider a roasted chicken from the store occasionally. 

I love frozen cooked shrimp. Thaw in minutes for a cold shrimp salad, grill or stir-fry in 5 more minutes.

Pull out the beans, pre-cooked quinoa, and combine with your made-ahead taco meat or make an omelet occasionally.

  1. Tell the world you’re doing somethingfor 30 days and tell friends to ask you how it’s going when they see you. Share these 10 ways to get fit this summer with a friend or a co-worker. Then confide. Tell them your goal. It makes it real to you and the universe. 
  2. Reward yourself.

Most of us are terrible at following through with rewards for ourselves so it’s no wonder we’re terrible at following through! This is a self-worth thing. Deal with it.

  1. Pay for it.

Invest with your time, money, and energy. Otherwise it will not happen. All three are required.

  1. Get a friend who wants to do something equally important.

 The last of these 10 ways to get fit this summer is about accountability. Tell a friend. Better yet, get an acquaintance! Someone you know but barely know is a better accountability partner than someone who will love you even if you screw up! Make sure your buddy is dependent on you as well as you on her.

Coming up next this week on the podcast it's a special virtual Spa Day with Robyn Benson where she’s sharing the short and long -term benefits of the vampire facial, and explaining the O-shot, P-shot and other feel-younger practices you don’t want to miss!


May 29, 2018
Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Are you gettingenough protein for Flipping 50 with energy and vitality? Do you know now much is enough? While most adults know protein is important a large percent polled randomly while grocery shopping don’t know if they’re getting enough protein.

We’re diving into high quality protein needs for flipping 50 on this episode. So whether you’re a vegan or love meat, whether you’re struggling to see tone and lose fat, or you want to avoid becoming frail as you age (or help parents do the same), this episode is for you.

“Muscle is the organ of longevity.”~Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Flipping 50 guest, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a functional medicine physician specializing in Muscle-Centric Medicine. She leverages evidence-based medicine with emerging cutting-edge science to restore metabolism, balance hormones, and optimize body composition.

Questions about quality protein we answered in this episode:

  • What does it mean to be getting enough protein?
  • What is high quality protein?
  • What are Essential amino acids?
  • What are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)?
  • Is it high vs. what was once thought of as “high”?
  • How to shift from grams/kilogram to a grams per meal
  • Truth about Plant based diets and essential amino acids/BCAA
  • How to go beyond getting enough protein (quantity) and assess your protein quality:
  1. Does is run or fly?
  2. Does it swim?
  3. Does it feed plants?
  • Why getting enough protein is especially important as you age 

“When you’re younger your body is driven by hormones. When you’re older you’re driven by protein.”

~Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

 Quality Protein Need Facts we review/myths we bust:

  • RDAs were created in the 1940s based on 18-year old males
  • Collagen protein does not meet your muscle need for protein
  • Higher (or adequate) protein intake actually improves kidney function
  • Bone is made from protein

You’ll hear Dr. Gabrielle’s every-woman comment about the deeper value of muscle, protein, strength training, and inner strength:

“Leaning Into Resistance”

Connect with Dr. Grabrielle Lyon here:

Follow her on Instagram!

Flipping 50 Podcast listeners!!

Exclusive Protein Offer

Exclusive Podcast Listener's Promo Code: Propod

Take 10% off your first order of protein (Your Whey*, or Paleo Power, or Plant Power)

*the most concentrated source of Essential Amino Acids

For the best results, pair your high quality protein with strength training twice a week.

Need help with strength training that increases muscle without injury or hours?

Try The Whole Flip DVDS, or the online/digital You Still Got It, Girl 4-video series.


May 22, 2018
5 Fitness Myths That Sabotage your Hormone Balance Most

Fitness myths have been abundant since fitness was a "thing." For women in midlife dealing with hormone changes, some possible joint issues or conditions, and old thoughts and beliefs, they can really be the obstacle between feeling lousy and feeling amazing! 

I bust 5 of the most common fitness myths - that are of concern for women flipping 50 in this episode. 

  1. “I’ve always been told weight training should be done three days a week”

Twice a week is wise and three times a week for adults over 50 can be both over and under kill.

  • Over kill in that you are not allowing the optimal recovery. Imagine yourself doing a Monday, Wednesday, Friday strength training schedule. Fitness happens between sessions not.
  • Under kill in that if you know you’re doing it again… and this is also true of sets… which I’ll explain… you don’t really achieve the intensity or overload you need.

Here’s a perfect example you may be relate to: I’ve trained fitness clients for 34 years. I began training and teaching on a college campus in what we call the Exercise Clinic that serves faculty, staff, and community members on the University campus. Sixty percent of those participants were over 50 and many of the others were heading that direction in the near future. When I began 3 sets of 10 was enough.

What hasn’t changed is many older adults were students like me who learned this, kept teaching it and training their clients this way... and we’ve not  

  1. “The Best Time of Day to Exercise is whenever you’ll do it”

Hormone balance may dictate that working with your hormones – exercising high intensity early and doing calming exercise later in the day supports you best.

If you’re waking feeling hungover- without having had the fun… trying to exercise – or spending time feeling guilty about not exercise – can sabotage you. Exercise lightly and for short stints outdoors if possible. Restore and recharge your batteries before you can get stronger.

The weight you have been struggling may fall off you when you put down some stress and truly rest.

  1. “Do I have to continue to increase the weight or get to a maintenance spot?”

Reach a point of maintenance with the weight but then other variables have to change.

  • Tempo..
  • Sequence…
  • Variations …
  • Single leg exercise.. when heavier sets aren’t possible

Fitness myths sometimes cause a progam-hopping syndrome. You look for the program for you now. It’s hard to have progression when you do that frequently. You make lateral moves but don’t climb up to the next step.

  1. “Protein needs increase with activity and decrease with age.”

“High protein diets are for body builders and are hard on kidneys.”

Protein increase is not “high protein” it’s simply higher than you’ve been taking in. Your need for protein changes. You don’t synthesize protein as well as you did 20 and 10 years ago. You can overcome that. By changing the amount, the type, and the timing of protein.

You’re not doomed unless you keep doing what worked when you were 20 or 30. When your metabolism and body composition were governed more by hormones. Now that they’re (hormones) not doing the same kind of job has moved into the metabolism control spotlight.

Timing afterwards – 60-120 minutes. Bump to 30 grams per three meals. The

20-30 gram range is not intuitive. You need more if you are sedentary and less if you are active.

In regards to recovery or for slow-gainers, even more protein – 35-40 grams post exercise has been shown to boost lean muscle repair so that 70-year old men had results comparable to what happens in 20 year olds.

  1. “I exercise all the time, I’m doing more and working harder, and I can’t lose weight.”

The myth in this statement is the More exercise = more weight loss.

If you spike cortisol and flirt with adrenal fatigue, whether with long endurance exercise, high intensity exercise too frequently or both your efforts will backfire. In fact, you may gain weight and belly fat.

Less exercise, like restorative yoga, or walking can actually help you drop weight.

I get 5 emails or Flipping 50 TV applications a week from women who share a statement like this almost verbatim. What they don’t realize – or you don’t if you’re saying this – is exactly why you’re not losing weight. You’re causing the problem.

It’s quite unintuitive but this is one of the most common fitness myths.

It's Arthritis awareness month and we’re releasing the Knee-Friendly 5 Day Flip this month! Our subscribers are the first to get access and notifications. 

Join Us Here:

=>Contest going on right now with Nutribullet and we want to show off your inspiring pictures!

Exercise is all about what happens outside the gym… not about getting better at exercise.

We want to see your pictures…of cartwheels on the beach, ziplining in Costa Rica, running hometown races, standing on a podium…Or swinging a golf club or grandchildren!

Need help with Hormones and Testing? 

Join us for a special Flipping 50 webinar with Dr Alan Hopkins, anti-aging expert (I've yet to tell him we're PRO aging!)

Register HERE

May 15, 2018
The Cortisol and Adrenalin Connection to Weight Gain and Illness

Cortisol and adrenalin can cause illness and weight gain, even in the best of circumstances. 

With a great life, great career, family, and home, nothing made sense for Christy Mattoon. She was suffering and struggling with an autoimmune disease. She weighed 300 pounds. Here's how she went from getting sicker and sicker to healer. 

Cortisol and adrenalin were wreaking havoc in Christy's body even though her life was everything she'd wanted. Her past snuck up on her. 

Doctors couldn't solve Christy's problem. She was getting sicker and sicker. 

Questions Christy Answers:

  • What is the subconscious mind?
  • How does the past affect us?
  • What if I just have a feeling, but I don't know what it is?
  • What if a woman says, I do all kinds of things (affirmations, tapping, mantras, meditation, even therapy) and feel great but nothing seems like it ever sticks- why is that?

Tips Christy shared:

  • How to use your feelings to heal
  • How to get a minute ahead of a negative feeling
  • How to solve some mystery around why exercise and nutrition aren’t working for you
  • How your cells are important in your optimal energy, weight, and health

We're so familiar with cortisol and adrenalin as they relate to hormone changes, fatigue and overdoing it. In the Flipping 50 community it's a common subject. Today's episode is different. Cortisol and adrenalin from past emotional stress and trauma can still influence health outcomes now. You don't even have to be aware of it or conscious of prior emotional stress. 

If cortisol and adrenalin from current lifestyle or activity level don't make sense for you, Christy's message may offer hope. 

The best place to reach Christy:


Where you can: Book a 30-minute appointment with her

You’ll also find Christy’s books:

  • Change: Rewire Your Mind
  • How to Combat Autoimmune Disease and Win

Connect with Christy:

Facebook -






May 08, 2018
Your Money Mindset Link to Health and Weight

Do you have a money mindset holding you back? 

Deborah J. Fryer, PhD is a catalyst for change and a transformational coach and speaker. She works with creative, spiritual, high-achieving entrepreneurs to help them tap into greater confidence, creativity, productivity, prosperity and inner peace. 

She Tells Her Money Mindset Story:

Yes. Headlines are I quit my life as a filmmaker in my 40s to go to medical school. When I was 49 I lost everything. Lost 1/3 of our house to the flood, my dad dropped dead 2 weeks later, and the next day I was working in the Anatomy Lab and it was my job to take a human heart out of the body. That changed everything for me. I realized I already had everything I needed within me and I started teaching what I already knew. Holding a heart in hands was one of the most powerful experiences of my life an it informs everything I do, teach and live - expand/contract, receive/let go, inhale/exhale, work hard/rest hard, etc.  

Deborah’s Money Mindset concepts:

You have hidden in your body a specific blueprint that dictates exactly how much money you feel comfortable earning, spending, saving and contributing. This secret subconscious programming runs like an inner financial thermostat that keeps you comfortable within a VERY narrow range. When you decide you want to grow – you want to work less and make more money, be your own boss and have more free time, have more authority and contribute more generously – your nervous system goes haywire.  

You have a money storyand Deborah has news for you. 
Your money story is not YOURS.
It’s not YOUR money.  

And it’s just a STORY that you can rewrite it when you decide you want to.

Questions Deborah answers in this podcast:

  1. What is the role of the subconscious mind anyway? 
  2. How does your subconscious programming affect your life? 
  3. How do limiting beliefs affect our ability to achieve goals we have never done before? 
  4. How does a listener change her money mindset or money story?
  5. What does anatomy have to do with our money story? 

Quotes from this episode:

  • Money shame
  • Running your business backwards
  • The way you do anything is the way you do everything
  • Shift one thing you shift everything.

Amazing guests will join Deborah on the Money Mindset summit. One of my all-time favorite speakers, Dr. Sue Morter and 26 other doctors, thought leaders.

Energy, consciousness, neuroscience, your inner pharmacy,

Register Here for Master Your Money Mindset:

Connect with Deborah:

May 07, 2018
Five Fat Burning Research Studies for Women Over 50

Fat burning after 50. Possible? Yes. 

Trickier? Yes. 

How do you burn fat, and lose weight without increasing cortisol, making it all backfire on you anyway? 
Not in the traditional ways you've been taught for sure. 

Five fat burning studies I'm sharing here will give you hope. 

Fat burning studies I share with you today include:

  • two on the effects of phytochemical on fat oxidation, aka, fat burning
  • one on the effects of interval training (and some insider information about fat burning without burning out first!)
  • one on how to increase fat burning hormones and decrease fat storage hormones with responsible intermittent fasting (RIF)

Last, I share with you information about the how and why Fit-U was designed.

Seriously, if you're ready for a seriously good summer, register now and let's do it. I'd love to coach you this next two months. 

If you're on the fence about it and you're a show-it-to me girl, me too. I get that. I'd love for you to watch this webinar to get more clear on what you can do for fat burning after 50 and how you've got to dump your old ideas about it! 



May 01, 2018
Are Surprising Emotional Obstacles Hijacking Your Fitness?

Have you wondered why can’t you stick with exercise or diet changes? Could emotional obstacles be holding you back? 

In the pursuit weight loss or fitness at any time, but particularly in midlife, we bump into obstacles. It becomes pretty clear there are more obstacles that diet, exercise, and sleep. It may first be a matter of what to do, or what’s realistic to do that is required. When you do know what to do and you resist or default to prior behavior, even though you want to change, frustration sets in. You can’t stick with exercise or diet and then there’s another layer of frustration.

The answer may be somewhere you hadn’t thought to look. Dr. Joan Rosenberg shares insight about emotional obstacles that have nothing to do with the Girl Scout cookies in the freezer or the sore hips and knees bugging you.

Dr. Rosenberg has theory about strength - expressive strength - that could help you stick with exercise, diet, or lifestyle habits in your Flipping 50 future. Listen as we dive into emotional obstacles, how they show up, and what to do about them. Quickly.

Best-selling author, consultant, media host and master clinician, Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist known as an innovative thinker, acclaimed speaker and trainer.

She has been seen on CNN’s American Morning, the OWN network and PBS, as well as appearances and radio interviews in major metropolitan media markets. She hosts The MindStream Podcast, an influential and thought-provoking iTunes podcast. Dr. Rosenberg is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller 'Ease Your Anxiety' and of a forthcoming book describing her 90 Seconds approach to emotional strength and self-confidence. 

Talking points we cover in this emotional obstacles episode:

  1. Why Dr. Rosenberg doesn’t call it self-sabotage.
  2. Some of the common reasons people – women - are afraid to speak up.
  3. What is really going on behind “fear” of change.
  4. Joan’s unique approach for working with difficult feelings.
  5. The Fitness/wellness and speaking up connection.
  6. Action tips you can take to change a cycle of start and stop or get unstuck.

 Flips and Quotes from this episode (Joan-isms):

“Think the way you feel”

“Not negative, but unpleasant, feelings.”

“We get accustomed to being ourselves”


Get more of Joan at:   

For more support with emotional obstacles so you can stick with exercise and health changes, listen to her Tedx Talks:

Emotional Mastery: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings

Greif: A Pathway to Forgiveness

(Pst: this one on grief applies to any of us at any time not only to loss of a loved one)

Apr 24, 2018
What Is Your Body Composition and Why Does It Matter More Now?

What Is Your Body Composition and Why Does It Matter More Now?

Typical measures for fitness or diet programs include:

  • Weight
  • Inches
  • BMI
  • Body fat

What about Fat Matters:

  • Where it’s stored
  • Belly fat – visceral fat
  • Hips-thighs-butt-arms
  • Clues Your Risk
  • Clues how to Lose it

Diet Effect

Carbohydrates: Every 1 part carb store 3 parts water.

Reduce carbs… lose water weight

Do you keep it off?

Do you suffer with effort in movement activity?

You can switch your body’s preference for burning carbs for fuel to burning fat

  • Low level of exercise with low intake of carb
  • Gradually increasing intensity of exercise as comfort at higher intensity for longer periods becomes possible

Signs you’re not crossed over to fat burning … or you’re exercising too hard… you have to stop when you should be doing an endurance day… and it feels like an interval.

Fat Hormones Intel

Adiponectin >< Insulin

With a loss of muscle tissue you have a loss of metabolism. Body composition changes for the worse even while you're celebrating the scale. 

So if you burn 800 calories a day for your resting metabolism before a diet, and you lose muscle mass you may only burn 600 calories a day after the diet. You have to eat less and less to maintain a loss in weight.

And every signal in your body works to tell you you’re hungry or simply slows in i’s fuel burning so you don’t lose weight – and usually both – though some lose their appetite.

Unfortunately, loss of appetite is not a good sign, nor is being hungry and ignoring it.  That is what shuts hormone signaling off.


On average you can lose 4 pounds fat gain 3 pounds muscle in 4 weeks with traditional strength training. That's not a big change in the scale but it is a positive change in body composition.

That happens only with:

  • high quality protein intake
  • at the right time and frequency during the day
  • quality and quantity of sleep that improves hormones responsible for lean mass and decreases hormones that prevent fat loss
  • while you’re doing strength training with adequate overload
  • getting adequate rest and recovery between sessions

Without tracking body composition (fat weight and lean weight) you simply don’t know if your diet or exercise or both are hurting or helping your long term fitness and health.

After 50 you have a lot less time to be guessing. Gaining lean muscle requires a more focused program. You have less of the hormones that help you so you’ve got to optimize them. You have more opportunities for stress hormones that interfere.

Body Composition Optimization Summary:

  • Make the most of your exercise time.
  • Give it purpose.
  • Make your exercise nutrition help you burn more not store more.
  • Put simple daily habits to work for you.
  • Test, don’t guess your muscles mass and fat mass.
  • Stop the crazy online “research” when you get advice from a voice you trust: follow it.

 How to test:

  • Your bathroom scale (should include fat percent if it doesn’t!)
  • A fitness center or gym
  • Any private personal trainer
  • Your doctor or health clinic 

Need support?

The 28 Day Kickstart includes 4 live group coaching sessions.

Fit U program is for fat loss when you have over 20 pounds to lose. 


For either program, body composition prior is going to help you get the most out of it by setting the best goals. 

Please leave a rating in iTunes. Send me your screenshot of your rating and comment for a special coupon code for $10 off any to use in the Flipping 50 store.

Apr 23, 2018
How to Build Wealth and Health with Ann Sanfelippo

Wealth and health in midlife aren't mutually exclusive and it's not too late. 

Ann Sanfelippo wasn’t born with money, didn’t marry for money, and didn’t divorce for money. From her humble beginnings and second starts, she’s created both wealth and health in her life, and she shares how you can too.

International best-selling author, speaker, and mentor Ann Sanfelippo is the creator of the Wealth Attraction™ Academy. She helps individuals to attract wealth into their lives while keeping work - life balance using her proven formula and process created through her own experience and over 25 years of studying with or training for the most powerful influencers in the world. 

Ann Sanfelippo wasn’t born with money, didn’t marry for money, and didn’t divorce for money. From her humble beginnings and second starts, she’s created both wealth and health in her life, and she shares how you can too.

Questions we answer in today’s episode:

  1.  What was the turning point in Ann’s life when she realized that she needed to take back control?
  2.  What is the #1 key to building wealth?
  3.  With the goal being work - life balance...How do you help your clients with making healthy choices?
  4.  How do you believe wealth & health correlate as woman Flip 50?
  5.  What are some action steps that woman can take to bring building wealth and health into balance? 
  1. Ann’s final words of wisdom about building wealth and health.

 Tips Ann shares about building wealth and health:

  • How to delegate
  • How to afford it
  • How to make the right choices

Ann dropped several truth bombs about building wealth and health simultaneously in this episode:

  • You make excuses or create success. You can’t do both.
  • You eventually get sick and tired of getting sick and tired.
  • You’re not seeking to make money, you’re seeking assets. 

Learn why Ann said “I wasn’t coachable.”

Get a free copy of Ann’s #1 International Best selling Book - Wealth Attraction Formula: Manifest the life of your dreams! Right here:

Apr 17, 2018
Fat Loss and The Secret Life of Fat

Fat loss after 50, or at any age, is perplexing. The loss of fat signals the body to do everything it can to regain fat. The very thing you do to lose fat causes the body to readily store more. Syliva Tara discovered this in her personal journey of fat loss. Her biochemistry background led her to research the science and wrap it up in a book.

In her best-selling book, The Secret Life of Fat, she reveals the complex biology of fat, how it resists loss, and what it means for each of us.

Dr. Tara holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She was a consultant with McKinsey & Company and has worked at the world's largest biotechnology companies.

Questions we answer on this episode:

  1. Why did you decide to write this book?
  2. What was the most surprising thing you found out about fat?
  3. Why is fat so hard to lose?
  4. Why do some people have more difficulty losing weight than others? 
  5. What is the role of bacteria and viruses in obesity?
  6. Why do women gain weight easier than men?
  7. What is the future of obesity treatment? 


Sylvia shares discoveries she made through her personal journey that she included in her book on the show:

  • The bad side of fat loss
  • Ghrelin goes up and leptin goes down [two hormones that “piggy back” off of cortisol]
  • Adiponectin[a hormone often addressed in Flipping 50 programs] removes fat from the belly, stores fat more optimally in butt and thighs can be boosted with fasting
  • Brown fat burns calories and is stimulated with exercise and cold
  • Women have dichotomy thinking making it harder to get back on track when they fall off
  • Women need more support and coaching to recover and get back on track (coaching ladies!)
  • Fat loss makes your body do everything it can to encourage weight regain
  • Fat storage and fat loss tendencies can be due to bacteria and viral causes, as well as genetics

Reach Sylvia:

The book is available on Amazon.

Follow Sylvia on Facebook and Twitter: @SylviaTaraPhD

Apr 10, 2018
Self-care tips and tricks are a piece of cake with today's guest

Self-care expert and Flipping 50 guest Suzanne Choplin is a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, dancer, and yoga instructor with over 13 years experience in the field of movement and fitness. Her business is called C.A.K.E. What does C.A.K.E. Lifestyle and Personal Training stand for? Care and kindness every day.  

Suzanne's upcoming summit starts soon! It all launches April 6 through April 26! Register now:

I started my career as a dancer and performer, the pressure to perform can do a lot to a young woman, mentally and physically, I battled with body image, injuries, and mental health. I suffered a few bouts of “rock bottom” I worked really hard to find health and happiness within my own body, I learned exercises to strengthen my body where injury had weakened me, and I learned mindfulness to strengthen where self-doubt and fear had stopped me.

Once I was in the field of fitness I saw the body image problem was just as bad as the dance world, intensity was the name of the game, workouts were getting tougher, and extremes were becoming the status quo. I began to take a softer gentler approach, incorporating breathing, yoga, and mindfulness into my clients routines.

Around this time, my beautiful mother Lynn who battles Fibromyalgia, became part of the “squeeze” generation, caring for both for her ailing mother and becoming the primary childcare for my niece.

She was stressed and spiraling, her own health and fitness suffered, I encouraged her to seek out a personal trainer and set aside “me time” while she was able to make some strides, the “traditional fitness” model was not serving her. Intense workouts left her more exhausted and without the energy to serve the ones she loved.

 I saw the opportunity to help her and I began passing on the mindset and fitness tools I had learned, used on myself, and was beginning to employ with my stressed, overstretched clients. I began teaching mindset, safe and gentle fitness, and environmental shifting as the keys to self-care. My brand CAKE (Care and Kindness Everyday) was born. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

How do you define self-care?

Why is our environment so integral to self-care?

How do we begin to create a space for self-care?

What can we focus on in our bodies to create a sense of self-care?

Why is mindset and self-talk so important?

What else is inside: 

Hear what Suzanne calls the tea cup process.

Learn how to increase your awareness of negative self.

Hear how to remind yourself of your purpose.

Learn to stop getting “scattered” and start getting more focus.

Learn a 99cent investment that may help you be more successful.

Suzanne's summit creates a conversation around the many ways to approach self-care, and encourage women to find their own personal self-care strategies. I am hoping to reach women who find themselves in constant service of others (spouses, children, parents, clients, bosses) and feel like they never take care of themselves.

A few of the guests on this self-care event:

  • Debra Atkinson – yours truly!
  • Aeruvedic practitioners – the foods for your specific body type
  • Interior decorator – the impact of color

It all launches April 6 through April 26! Register now:


Apr 03, 2018
Ageless Moms Stay Young Naturally

How can you stay young and be the wisdom and the fun for your kids? 

Fatigue, bloating, or stress getting to you? Women who do so much for so many often don’t do enough for themselves or listen to the messages the body is constantly sending. 

Dr. Michelle Sands is a licensed Functional Medicine Physician and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine passionate about helping moms harness the power of nature so they impact their genetic expression and live vibrantly, not just by optimizing health physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She's got the secrets to stay young.

Questions we answer on today’s episode:

  • Why are so many women suffering from unfavorable symptoms even through their doctors say their blood work is fine?
  • Why do you call the conventional system of medicine a sick care system?
  • What is the difference between normal ranges and optimal ranges? 
  • When are the top three root causes of chronic conditions?
  • What are the most common nutrient deficiencies Dr. Sands sees?
  • What are 3 types of stress we need to distinguish?
  • Why is Vitamin D so crucial?
  • What is Michelle’s GLOW Protocol?

And she shares her upcoming Naturally Ageless Mom summit with us! If you're looking for realistic ways to stay young naturally, be sure to listen. She’s got experts focusing on women over 35. With a guest list that includes so many of my favorite experts and many friends, and the dish on meditation, cell phone use, longevity, sex & your libido and more.

All of the talks are specifically for women over the age of 35, with a focus on optimal aging.  All sessions have action steps that can be implemented right away.  We cover the sensitive topics that women really want to learn about and do it in a simply way.

My favorite nuggets from this episode:

"Hormones are chemical messengers"

“Feed it, train it, and believe in it”

Traditional medicine asks if you can be treated with a med or surgery

Functional asks Are you at optimal or somewhere between that and dead?

Get access to the Naturally Ageless Mom summit now right here

It all starts on March 28!

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Mar 27, 2018
Exercise for Hormone Balance | Progesterone Balancing Solutions

In the exercise for hormone balance scheme of things you are not a textbook exercise prescription. Progesterone is a trick to figure out sometimes. The signs can be similar to adrenal fatigue, premenstrual syndrome, or just the chronic fatigue you’ve learned to tolerate. This episode I dive into exercise for hormone balance and how it relates to progesterone.

What it is and what it does:

  • Anti-inflammaty hormone
  • Calming, soothing effect
  • Raises serotonin levels in the brain
  • Helps cope with depression and insomnia

Poor progesterone could be the forgotten hormone. Estrogen and testosterone and cortisol steal the attention. Because of that, this may be news to you. During menopause low progesterone levels can occur.

Estrogen dominance occurs when progesterone is low – since these two need to be on a balanced relationship.

Symptoms of low progesterone:

  • Tiredness
  • Irritation
  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Body not functioning well, more seriously, cancer
  • Spotting before your period should start. That can be caused by other things so you may want to check with a physician about the reason. 

Therapeutic solutions:

Progesterone therapy, pills or oil compounds

Taking your temperature daily can help if you’re still ovulating.

Progesterone rises after ovulation, and stays up until your next period (about 11-14 days). If your temperature doesn’t rise or stay up (a short phase), then you could have a progesterone deficiency.

In You Still Got It, Girl and the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women course you will chart your temperature (along with half a dozen other measures) for 30 days to check hormone fluctuations and thyroid function.

You can test using progesterone strips.

Reasons for low progesterone:

  • High estrogen
  • Lack of physical activity and unhealthy nutrition
  • Insulin resistance
  • Chronic stress
  • Medications - hormone therapies and steroids, oral contraceptives, and some other medications block production of progesterone.
  • Age – between 35 and 50 estrogen levels drop by 35 percent but progesterone levels plummet by as much as 75 percent.

Estrogen dominance can cause:

  • Stomach pains
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain 

Progesterone oils can be massaged into the skin, injected into muscle, or taken in pill form. Like most things, more is not better. Work with a doctor if you’re at the point lifestyle modifications haven’t helped to you have medical supervision.

Natural progesterone boosts

Eat more foods with zinc, selenium (brazil nuts), magnesium (details below)

Herbal remedies

Vitamin supplements – especially B and C

Rest to deal with stress - focus on yoga, restorative exercise to replace all or most of your high intensity training. Shorter and fewer bouts of HIIT and short but effective weight training along with nurturing walks, restorative yoga, and rest is best.

No foods contain progesterone but you can eat foods that help your body increase progesterone levels.

Eat foods that help reduce excess estrogen.

Reduce your stress levels and you naturally increase progesterone.

Body fat produces excess estrogen, so losing fat is a focus, but avoiding high stress means of doing it is key.

Potentially, the intuitive option of cutting calories, trying to exercise more may contribute to worsening symptoms as you increase cortisol and chronic stress on your body. It’s a collective measure of your mental, physical, and emotional stress that matters.

What I find works well for women who love to exercise is having a plan. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, or putting on belly fat and bloating, it is easier to accept that what you’re doing isn’t working. Surrender to a plan that supports you feeling better – filling that hole that’s been dug – so you can get your energy back by balancing your hormones.

Be sure your diet is rich in foods containing these micronutrients:

  • Magnesium: dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, fish (mackerel), brown rice, dark chocolate
  • Vitamin C: kiwi, dark green leafy veggies, yellow peppers, broccoli
  • B6: sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, fish, turkey
  • Zinc: cooked oysters, lean beef, pumpkin seeds, cashews
  • L-Arginine: turkey, chicken, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas
  • Vitamin E: almonds, sunflower seeds, shrimp, olive oil

Other things to consider:

The herb Chasteberry: Avoid if you’re taking hormonal birth control or trying to get pregnant

Progesterone cream: natural with no plant estrogens, Mexican yam cream or wild yam, and look for something enriched with vitamin E

Foods that increase estrogen dominance: (avoid these)

  • Sugars
  • Sweeteners
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial colorings
  • Plastics – including bottled water, plastic wrap on food, never microwave food in them or leave water bottles in the car exposed to sunlight and redrink, Just sitting for a long time plastics start to break down and the chemicals leech into foods. Store your foods in glass rather than plastic.
  • Hormone-laden meat Buy hormone-free meat and organic foods whenever you can. When something is “huge in size but very cheap and potentially if you’ve tried it, has very little flavor, it’s been treated with hormones and pesticides.

Another reason for fiber. The amount of time food has to pass through your body can influence how much excess estrogen you have.

The longer food sits in your bowel the more estrogen is re-absorbed into your body.

Your liver filters all the chemicals you might have eaten or are still eating. Help it by reducing chemicals and increasing foods that help the liver function:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Egg yolk
  • Spinach
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Lemons
  • Limes

Another reason to whine about wine

  • Alcohol impacts your estrogen metabolism. If you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, here is:
  • So does coffee.


Get into flow. Lose your sense of time. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) Stressors and stressful events are not going to go away. If however, you’re good at making them worse through worrying or making them all your business though they’re not, then this is where you need to spend time. You don’t have to sit and meditate. You don’t have to do yoga. You do have to identify what makes you truly lose your sense of time and do more of it. For some it is a hobby like knitting or scrapbooking.

Fat cells convert testosterone into excess estrogen

So yes, exercise, and eat right. Crash dieting or missing the valuable nutrients above though will worsen not help. Over exercising will also cause a downward spiral. 

Reducing cortisol and stress overall is part of a hormone balancing exercise reset. That means temporarily less – a lot less – is going to be your best friend. What you may also realize is to get back to the kind of shape you were once in you can’t do the kind of exercise you once did.


SAMPLE Week 1 of exercise for hormone balance:

  • Walk /hike
  • Yoga
  • Garden
  • Spring Clean your house (oddly- the act of doing this is exercise AND organizing your environment helps you reduce clutter mentally too)


Avoid & reduce:

  • Screens
  • Processed food, sugars, artificial sweeteners
  • Plastics 


Your bedtime routine

Take responsibility and plan your actions. Small weekly changes can make a big difference in your energy. 

Resources mentioned:

You Still Got It, Girl book

After 50 Fitness Formula for Women course

Progesterone test strips

RIGHT NOW... FIT U is 50% off 


Mar 20, 2018
Your Fitness Your Relationship After 50 | Stronger in Both

Are you flipping 50 looking for a new or a renewed relationship?

Nicole DiRocco shares steps to optimize relationships after 50. We’re skipping the dating do’s and don’ts and going for the real readiness tests today. This dimension of wellness is a crucial part of total health and it’s much more tied to your fitness than you might think at first glance.

Historically, data show that men or women in a relationship are healthier overall and have better self care habits. Which comes first? We dive into it today.

Nicole DiRocco, founder of, is devoted to helping executive women have the confidence and skills to attract a healthy, extraordinary loving relationship.

Questions we answer in today’s episode:

  1. It’s a challenge for midlife women looking for a relationship today while juggling work and family obligations. Eliminating obstacles is really important.


  1. Aside from logistic issues of time and limited opportunity to bump into someone there are other obstacles like self-confidence. It’s been potentially a long time since the dating game. How does a woman get herself back into the game?
  2. We can get a lot of self- identity from our work- and we all know how much time we spend there. How can a woman define herself beyond work?
  3. What are some of the challenges your clients (smart, successful executive and professional women) face in their love life and relationships? More importantly, how do they overcome them?
  1. How does a woman create more balance or better yet, prioritize caring for herself?
  2. How do you define extreme self-care and how does it relate to relationships? What do you mean by attracting love from the inside out?


Tips Nicole shares in this episode:

  • Keep your word to yourself
  • Ask yourself, Are you hiding behind work, or travel, or the kitchen remodel …
  • Act “As If”
  • The “great things about me” exercise
  • Paint the picture 

Reach Nicole at:

Where you can get her book: Up Close and Personal 

Leave a question at:

Please leave a rating at:


Mar 13, 2018
3 Pillars of Fitness & Metabolism After 50

Getting and keeping fitness & metabolism after 50 are challenging before you figure out the tools you were given in the last few decades don’t serve you anymore. There are three pillars, or balls you’ve got to juggle in order to make it all work for you. In this episode I share all three and give you examples of each pillar. They each play a big part in your metabolism after 50.

The 3 Pillars:

  • Hormone-Balancing exercise
  • Joint-friendly exercise
  • Mindset mastery

Hormone balancing exercise can look very different than the exercise you did in your 30s, or even the exercise you think you need to do now. Whether you’re exercising or you’re just wasting energy feeling guilty because you’re not exercising, this pillar is so crucial.

No two women going through peri-menopause, menopause, or post menopause need the exact same exercise. We’ve all got different sign and symptoms that leave the clues about what kind of exercise you specifically need and when you need it. You may be one of the women who need to stop exercising for a short hormone reset.

Your fitness and energy will respond positively if you’re listening to signs and symptoms. If you’re fighting your way through it instead of responding to your own needs you’ll potentially slow your metabolism. I share the hormones responsible for that inside the episode. Metabolism after 50 isn’t all about more exercise and less food, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Joint-friendly exercise is a must for most women (and men) flipping 50. Even if you have no major complaints right now you’re likely very aware that you want to stay active and pain-free. I share a list of joint-friendly favorites in the show that the metabolism after 50 whether you’re starting or an athlete. The thing is you’ve got to go through that list since there’s no one-size fits all.

Mindset is last but oh so important and not least! Mindset in fact, is likely the hardest thing you’ll tackle in changing your habits so that you can change your metabolism after 50 for the better.

 Resources mentioned:

Take the You Still Got It, Girl quiz

Watch the Flipping 50 TV episodes for joint-friendly exercise

If you’ve got more than 20 lbs to lose watch


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Mar 06, 2018
Digestion & Fitness | Get Moving to Get Moving

If your digestion is off you're not going to feel like moving your body more. Simple as that. Here's how to get moving if you're constipated, or get more regular if you're unpredictable, or reduce bloating and gas.

Digestion can go wrong a lot of ways. The biggest digestive issue for women in midlife is constipation. They aren't talking about it. Not with their doctors, their spouses, friends or trainers, but it's limiting their life. So if that's true for you, there's help. 

I'm sharing some popular content from a blog post last week for those of you who have more time to listen on the go than read. In the blog I share links to several products that I love, and those I share with you I receive a small commission if you use my link to try them yourself. 

You can find the links in the blog post here. 

#1 Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most frequent micronutrient deficiencies for women. It’s a powerhouse for health though! It helps you relax, and improves sleep. It aids a thriving metabolism and prevents headaches. It also helps with constipation. We’ve got an RDA of 400 mg but RDAs were designed to prevent disease, not necessarily to help you thrive in 2018. A number of things can also deplete you of magnesium, meaning you really need more all the way around.

Even if you’ve got a multivitamin with magnesium, an evening (with dinner) magnesium supplement can help you sleep and help elimination in the morning. If you start with 200 or 250 mg you can test that for a few days and double that for another three days to find your best spot. It’s a “to tolerance” kind of micronutrient.

If a bath in Epsom salt appeals to you more, that may work too. That method is probably best for sleep while getting into your gut will help more with digestion.

#2 Fiber

Pop Quiz:

  1. Do you know how many grams of fiber you should get daily?
  2. Do you know how many grams of fiber you get daily?

If your digestion isn't optimal, it’s not working. Let’s look at increasing. Start by knowing what your average intake is now. Then add 5 grams to that and stay there for a week. Then add 5 more to that and stay there for a week. 

You don’t want harsh fiber supplements that come from one source of fiber. Your body is used to eating a plate or bowl of food, getting fiber from a variety of sources. Flipping 50 Fiber Boost pulls fiber from cranberries, apples, flax and a total of 5 real food sources so it’s just like nature would do it.

But if you’re traveling, time crunched, your older parents are not preparing full meals for themselves, Fiber Boost is easy to stir into a smoothie, or a soup, or any drink for a quick fiber boost. A serving is 4 grams, or I’ll add a more generous scoop. My breakfast smoothie has between 15 and 20 grams of fiber alone!

The recommended is 21 grams for women over 50. The average American gets 15. Paleo/cavemen ate 135 grams a day. Shoot for 35-50 grams especially if you have significant weight to lose.

#3 Water

Fiber, Metamucil, laxitives… nothing is going to work without adequate water. So look at your water intake. A family member recently told me she was drinking 4-5 glasses a day. Not enough. Clearly. If you increase fiber you must increase water too!

My mom has a hard time drinking more water. I’ve got a few suggestions. Sparkling water with a little stevia or fruit added to make it more appealing. More soups. Then there’s one more secret weapon and that‘s bone broth.

Kettle & Fire bone broth has become a new passion of mine! I find myself drinking it because it takes so good! I’m sending my mom a care package! Especially in cooler months it’s a great addition to her afternoon or go-with item for a meal that also adds protein –something I’m sure she’s not getting enough of either!

#4 Digestive Enzyme

 Significant literature exists about the reduction of digestive enzymes as we age. By 75 there’s a theory that digestive enzymes are reduced to a very low percent of what we had in our 20s.

 If you’re eating under stress frequently, you also may not have the digestive enzymes that help you breakdown food beneficially even in your 50s.

 You’re probably going to want to target relief and getting regular first, then once you do help yourself avoid issues in the future and start absorbing all the goodness in foods you eat by giving your digestive enzymes a boost.

 Another is bone broth. Again, it’s a solution to Kettle & Fire is also more delicious, filling, and stops cravings dead. My favorite is Mushroom & Chicken.

#5 Probiotic

 Balance your good and bad gut bacteria by taking a probiotic. You can try yogurt with active cultures. I know it was recommended for my mom by her doctor. But we’d found that she did better without gluten, wheat, and dairy. A probiotic is another pill but you can also find it in powder form and it mixes into water easily.

 If you (or your parents) take prescription medications or over-the-counter meds regularly they can harm the good/bad bacteria balance in the gut. So a probiotic is probably a good idea.

#6 Fat

I’m going to take a stab and guess that many older generation adults don’t get adequate healthy fats as they age. Using a high quality oil can be a big help in lubricating from the inside out. Skin, hair, brain health and internal organs all need fat as we age.

Since olive oil is not all we think it is, and coconut oil is still a flavor favorite but missing monounsaturated fat, I’ve switched to avocado oil for 90% of my cooking.

I love the taste and go through a bottle every couple weeks! I’m a part of the avocado oil club! You can have your wine!

#7 Exercise

Then shall we address the obvious at this fitness site? I realize you may not feel like moving a lot if you feel “full” inside or bloated. Start one or two of these things already mentioned and start walking. Even that will help. Then target your core. Strong core muscles will help you move things through your system faster.

A few simple things to do in case you can’t do more vigorous core training:

  • Sit in a chair away from the back and move your knees as if you’re marching. Go slowly so you have to use your core to maintain your upright position.
  • Use an exercise band around your thighs just above knees. Sitting in the chair with feet together open and close your knees against resistance of the band.
  • Standing and side step with the band just above knees. Go 4 to one side and back the other way. Then try six, then eight.
  • If you can lie on the floor, try starting with stabilization exercises in this video. For a more progressive beginner, intermediate, and advanced set try The Flat Abs Better Back dvd.

You'll find all the resources mentioned today in the blog here.

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Feb 27, 2018
Hormone Balance Through Skin Care | Do This Don't Do That

Is your skin care making you fat? Hormone disruptors hide in a lot of beauty products, which isn't pretty at all. 

Eating and exercise are obvious ways to tackle the belly fat that hormone imbalance can cause. Sleep and stress are understandable. Are you sure about your skincare routine and those products you're putting on your skin by 9am most mornings? Abby Jean from Annmarie Skincare is my guest in this episode. 

Whether you're a minimalist or you love your girly products you're going to want to listen to the pearls Abby shared inside this episode. From fine lines to breakouts, a #youstillgotitgirl can have a number of needs and we talk about them all! 

Abby is a Licensed Esthetician, as well as Wholesale Account Manager for Annmarie Skin Care. Spoiler alert, Annmarie Skin care generously give a full size trio of products to our Flipping 50TV participants and I do get a small commission on products you buy with my link. I only share products I use and love with you though and I just want to be transparent about it. 

For women that often involves many products during the course of one day - already a dozen in the hour getting ready in the morning!

On average a woman uses 12-14 skin care products per day and up to 500 chemicals. Even if an ingredient is listed last on the label if you’re consuming it frequently it adds up to a negative cumulative effect on your body and health. 

  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Phthalates
  • Oxybenzone

How to Improve Your Skin Care

Start by flipping your most often used items or those that have the most coverage:

  • lotion
  • fragrance
  • cleanser
  • make up

Skin care questions we answer in this episode:

What are some harmful ingredients found in personal care products that can affect our hormones?

How do you care for skin that is suddenly both blemish-prone again and is experiencing signs of aging?

Oils are feared by many people with blemish-prone skin – and I have to admit I was one of them - why does Annmarie Skin Care have a primary focus on using oils for moisturizing the skin?

I want all our listeners to get outdoors as much as possible, to bike, walk, swim… and all those elements- can wreak havoc!

How do you calm the look of temporary redness or blotchiness that is caused by harsh elements, exercise, or even chlorine exposure? 

The answer to this question is:

Cold compresses – a drop or two of calming essential oils (chamomile, geranium, lavender). Heads up Flipping 50, listener, this is a really common question I'm asked. So if it's you, too, you're not alone!

Is there anything special you suggest for sun protection? Are there things to be cautious of or to seek?

Abby answers: look for zinc oxide as an ingredient, and reapply hourly if you’re in the sun, water, or sweating.

Because there are so many different skin needs Annmarie Skin Care offers different products to choose from: 

  • Anti-aging facial oil (Debra's favorite)
  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Sensitive (I thought I would need this: they're all pretty gentle!) 

Want to try something new to give your skin a boost and your hormone-balance a head start? 

Get your free gift (with shipping and handling) by choosing from the anti-aging, normal, oily, or sensitive skin options at:

You're going to love it and your skin. 

Resources mentioned on the show:

You can download right to your phone so when you’re shopping you know what you’re getting. 

You can enter a product to see it’s score and how it stacks up.

Got younger girls in the family? Share these apps and get them started right!

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Feb 20, 2018
Menopause can turn up the heat on anyone

Are you too struggling with hot flashes, night sweats, or menopause weight gain? Have you been told by a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist that it’s just age and a phase? My guest to day is Denise Stegall, Healthy Living Coach.

Denise has years of experience working in restaurants focused on nutrition and menu creation. She’s attended classed at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and the New Orleans Cooking Experience and most recently the professional plant-based cooking course through

The core of Denise’s health coaching is based on three principles: Eat Real Food, Make Good Choices, and Be Accountable.

Denise is almost Flipping 50 … here to share some nuggets and her own story… which is the reason she and I met. ..she reached out about a new project she had with this passion burning behind it… to help women struggling to find the answers for themselves … potentially also frustrated by the lack of real answers even in the overwhelming options – what I frequently call “infobesity.”

Denise created the Have It All Summit: Optimize Your Health, Find Balance and Love the Life You Live to help other women juggling it all and doing it all start enjoying it all. 

Some pieces of Denise's story:

  • She started getting hot flashes at age 37. She was told by a much older, male GYN that that my age it “just a phase”.
  • Looked on line and there was so much information, misinformation and lots of pill, potions, cream: You name it.
  • Fast forward 10 years and stiil on the pill, still taking Herbal Equilibrium, hot flashes getting worse, unexplained weight gain. Even with my knowledge and education I am often at a loss as to what I should do. So much more misinformation, “ pseudo experts and products that claim they have the answer. 

Let’s talk a little about the summit you’re doing and what led to the birth of that project?

Questions we answer:

  1. What is the “Have It All” Summit?
  2. What is its purpose?
  3. Why is this series important to you?
  4. Who do are some of the experts on the summit. What do you discuss wit them
  5. The tag line “Optimize Your Health, Find Balance and Love the Life You Live may seem out of reach to some of our listeners … hopefully not the Flipping 50 followers! Why do you think it’s possible?

Link for Have It All Summit 

I'd love to hear from you! And thanks for your rating in iTunes. 

Have you had a doctor told you to exercise more and eat less? Or a trainer told you to accept that you’re getting older, or possibly accuse you of eating more than you’re saying or not doing the exercise between sessions you said you are? Have you had a nutritionist tell you that based on your calories in and calories out you should be losing weight?

Register here: 

Some of the guests on the summit include:

Katie Mae of

Christie Miller of

LuAnn Buechler of

Feb 13, 2018
Motivation to Lose Fat and Get Fit After 50

Are you motivated? Do you think it takes discipline and willpower to get fit after 50? Do you think you simply don't have it?

Do you have clarity around these two things: 

1. what exactly you want/want to change

2. how to get it

Women notoriously have a challenge stopping to put themselves and their own wishes first. They say they want to but when they really have the chance it's hard! You've been ignoring or stifling what you want for too long! 

Then, even if you do resurrect those personal desires and have a vision of what you'd love life to look and feel like, do you have a clear path to get it? 

With infobesity and information overwhelm, it's a challenge to know who to follow and what path to take. If you know, like, and trust someone who can help you're way ahead! I'm honored if I'm one of those people. And yes, I can help you sort through real and real for you right now at midlife in the midst of hormones and stress. 

Then there are two other things to consider. 

How much energy do you have to carry out the tasks that if you find clarity on what to do, have to actually be done? You may not have the right chemistry to do it. You may need to commit to nutrition or sleep in order to take action. Action takers have energy, even before they begin to make changes. 

But it's just a matter of habits. No one is born with good habits. They acquire them one by one and so can you.

How urgent or necessary is this for you? Do you think it's really important or matters that you show up 100% for yourself, for your family or for work or someone else? If you don't you're going to have a hard time. 

If you want more clarity on what to do to burn fat after 50, I invite you to my free online webinar Fit-U:

I'll teach you:

  • how fat burning is unique later in life
  • what hormones and stress have to do with it
  • how you can lose fat at any age
  • what increases your fat storage
  • how old science has been replaced and what you think you're doing right may be hurting your fat loss

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Feb 06, 2018
Better Exercise Results Doesn't Mean More Exercise

Better Exercise Results Does Not Mean More Exercise  

Wouldn’t we all like better exercise results? Traditionally that meant more. More time, more repetitions, more sets, more speed, more something.

The question isn’t whether you’re exercising or not. It’s whether what you’re doing is really making a difference. 

It’s so much like running a business that I can’t help but compare business and fitness.

The question for a business owner isn’t whether your busy or not, it’s whether you’re spending your time in the best activities. Are you prioritizing your time optimally?

I’ve observed so many times – in myself – and in other managers and fitness professionals a lot of busy work. There are people who will work constantly and they’re working hard. The problem is that they don’t see clearly what their time should be spent doing to make them more productive, and not just busy.

I don’t believe in time management and… I’m betting you’re the same. By the time you reach midlife you realize that time doesn’t bow down to our management of it.

We can only manage the energy we have. We can manage the focus and ability to concentrate.

When I work with women entrepreneurs or admins we don’t focus on the list of things that has to get done. We focus on the biggest priority items – those that get move the needle the most. When we’ve got them defined then it’s a matter of defining the best time for focus, concentration, and uninterrupted attention on those tasks. 

Any of us can be busy. We can be well intentioned. But if we were just in action without a plan, if you weren’t the boss of your own business or department you’d probably be gone soon, right?

What if someone were paying you based on outcome and transformation? And at the end of the month, or quarter you hadn’t made any changes in the bottom line? (and maybe you’re exhausted!)

Sometimes that’s acceptable if… there is some evidence of prerequisite or actions that had to happen first before the big outcome in place.

So let’s look at your fitness activities and outcomes as if you were running the business of you. (you are)

What transformation do you want?

If I’m the business owner or an investor in a business, I’m concerned with the profit not just the total numbers.

Now, all that said, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. I’m going to go off on a little tangent here.… we’re only talking about businesses that have an important mission statement. There’s a need and there’s demand and the business is serving people in a way that changes the quality of life. That’s the goal of Flipping 50, so I want to be totally transparent here, I am running a business, and yes it’s because I have purpose and a mission that gets me up every day. I also have a family and responsibilities to them and a life to live that I love.

Bottom line is important. Profit margin is more important. I can’t be spending just as much as I’m making. That just isn’t sustainable. The more I make, the more good I can do with it by hiring other women, by supporting the fitness industry with conference presentations that remove me from being available in my business.

Where do you come in? If I can transition back out of this tangent…

Well, first if you’re in a business, or starting one, you need to embrace the power of the good you can do if you’re doing well and wise in your business.

Second, your body is your business.

Your energy and well being are your profit. The confidence you gain if you look and feel your best are your profit.

Women – in general – not all, have a hard time with this profit. Just like money isn’t bad when it’s used for good, feeling good – looking good- spending time to care for yourself isn’t bad if it’s used for good!

 Weight though is not your real bottom line. Your body composition and your energy, ability to focus, concentrate, and physically do all the things you both need and want to do are a better profit margin. Signs and symptoms of good health now and for your future include

  • the quality and quantity of your sleep
  • your digestion – a lack of gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea
  • ability to handle stress
  • energy to do all you want to do
  • lack of cravings
  • a good appetite and good satiety
  • glowing skin
  • muscle tone and definition
  • you’re at your ideal size and weight
  • lack of medications
  • no addictions – sugar, caffeine, exercise, alcohol

 Take the quiz… of healthy habits of women who’ve flipped 50 successfully… it’s on the home page at

It’s simple pdf… not interactive and electronic… but for you to do now… then take again after a few weeks when you’ve begun to focus on those items 

The reason you do something may not be at all the reason you think you do something.

What are you really hungry for?

Emotional eating…

Instead of a real desire for sugar

Craving social engagement …

Instead of addicted to some particular food

Recreating a memory….

Instead of really enjoying a particular food


Weight training with biggest muscle groups:


Chest muscles

Back muscles

Compound exercises:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Ball bridges and ball hamstring curls
  • Instead of isolated exercises

Machine weights are good – but not all of them

  • Seated chest press
  • Seated row
  • Lat pulldown
  • Squat or leg press

Free weights – demonstrated in all of the Flipping 50 videos

  • Chest Press
  • Bent Over Row
  • Bent Arm Pullover
  • Squats
  • Lunges

What’s not going to help your metabolism, or help you go sleeveless –

Going right for the arm exercises if you’re not eating well, sleeping well, and first doing major muscle group exercises 

So at the end of this episode, I want to challenge you.

  1. to be sure you’re comfortable with your own health profit margin
  2. to spend time only where it moves the needle most for you right now… and if you don’t know what that is… it’s time to find out.

If you’re exhausted and can’t lose weight… it may be that you need a special program temporarily targeting your adrenals and getting you back on your feet

 If you want to change your body composition to lose belly fat… you don’t want to lose weight… did you know that most of the very things we do to lose weight backfire and put more weight (more fat weight) on us. 

So I want you to go to the quiz first and foremost! Take that and determine if you need to make changes to put the business of your body first.

Then if you’re a fast –action taker… and you’re listening to this before Feb 1 2018 you can still get the After 50 fitness formula for women, my signature course and the bonus Bone Health mini course for a savings of $50 …. The rate on this combo goes up Feb 1- and believe me it’s worth every penny of the new rate… but my mission is to help as many women as possible.

 If you’re not able to do private coaching- which would be the most amazing direct way to your goals and your highest priority exercise, exercise nutrition, and lifestyle habits, then this is the next best thing.

I’ll put a link to the course in the show notes.

I’ll also add a link about coaching in the notes so if it is right for you – you’re a busy business woman who wants to focus on breaking through old habits and understand the best way to reach fitness goals after 50 .. you can see how it works, who I am, and apply for a coaching spot.


The Quiz

The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women Course

Jan 30, 2018
What Your Body Wants to Tell You About Fat Loss

In this episode my guest is your body, sharing information about fat loss.

  • I really am lazy and I don’t like carrying this extra fat around any more than you do
  • It’s not what you burn during exercise that matters for fat loss
  • When you exercise more and eat less I get confused
  • When I’m confused I’m going to protect you by storing fat
  • When I need to shed weight under stress I shed muscle, fat, and water
  • I can’t function very well without consuming fat
  • I definitely can’t function without water so one of the things I have to shut down right away is your metabolism
  • Those processed chemicals confuse me and prevent fat loss
  • Every diet trick you ever learned about losing weight was wrong (like eat for volume – not for nutrients, like calories in calories out is what matters, like if you’re hungry it means you’re losing weight, like salads are best for weight loss, like cutting out carbs will result in rapid fat loss, like the scale showing weight loss means success)
  • I am so resilient that I can get by on nearly no food for days and still not lose fat
  • It’s true I lose muscle with age which makes me fatter even if I don’t gain fat … but only if you don’t do anything to prevent it: lift weights twice a week, eat more protein for two first steps – that will help a lot!
  • I really don’t process protein very well so keep it coming
  • The less active I am the more you need protein
  • I prefer to move every day all day instead of exercising so hard for an hour – I really can’t do both so if you exhaust me in the gym it probably will backfire on you and your fat loss goals
  • Hours of weight training don’t really make me any more fit or more lean than reaching fatigue with a few sets in a few minutes
  • It cracks me up when you think you can tone your arms after not paying attention to my major muscle groups for years
  • If I don’t tell you I’m hungry beginning maybe at 3 or more hours after and for sure around 4-5 hours after my last meal, something’s wrong
  • When I’m hungry, feed me good food
  • When I’m thirsty you waited too long to give me pure unfiltered water
  • When I’m tired I need to rest better
  • I love a challenge and respond by getting stronger, faster, and having more endurance… if you give me the food and rest I need to do it
  • Any of those other models of aging you see that have put on fat with age is just because they didn’t have the right information…
  • If you start to take better care of me right now no matter how old I am I will respond positively with more energy, better mood, better sleep and ultimately with fat loss so we can have a good time.

 If you’re struggling with fat loss listeners to this episode can take advantage of Fit-U at 50% off the regular rate right now during the Flip Your New Year special


After 50, you have less wiggle room. Before fat loss can happen you need to lose old thoughts about dieting and exercise. You may need to lose toxins stored in your fat, and reduce inflammation.

I walk you through all of it and how to exercise optimally for fat loss not just tired and sore; how to spare muscles loss, and feel better so you can sleep well, be more resilient, and have more stable energy. When you start caring for yourself you get on the path to permanent weight loss with lifestyle changes not a diet.

Foods you used to think are “healthy” may be causing your fat storage and preventing your fat burning. While you’ll give up a handful of them temporarily… you’ll have the opportunity to experience four different recipe books full of foods that are easy to prepare, simple to find, and taste wonderful. Plus, I’ll be there every week live with you responding to questions in the private Facebook group – and during the week jumping in daily to respond to questions. 

Weight and fat loss results are unique to every individual going through the program. Decades-long habits and thoughts that have increased inflammation and toxic storage won’t change overnight but you will experience more energy, more clear thinking, and better sleep (if you need to improve it) within weeks.

You also will resist. Change is hard! I don’t ignore that – I coach you through it so that you can experience fat loss. 

Let’s talk specifics so you can start some fat loss enhancing habits and stop some fat loss inhibiting habits today!

5 FLIPS That Boost fat loss: 

  • Matcha (before exercise = most, and any time)
  • Intervals 1-2 times a week
  • Weight training 2 times a week to fatigue
  • More activity all day
  • Appropriate Exercise nutrition (not eating before low and slow/carb before intervals) 

6 FLIPS That Stop fat storage:

  • Hydrate
  • Sleep quality, then quantity if you’re short on need
  • Sugar Elimination – natural and artificial
  • Avoid wine/alcohol on an empty stomach (and temporarily altogether)
  • Eat carbs in the right amount at the right time
  • Reduce your overall stress load (sauna, toxic exposure, exercise, unprocessed diet)

Resources and Links from today’s show:

GET A FREE COPY of HOT, NOT BOTHERED in your inbox in minutes:

Secure your Fit-U registration for 50% off at in this LIMITED TIME OFFER.

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Jan 23, 2018
Two Women’s Wellness Coaches On Their Personal Wellness Habits

Kim Acedo, MS, CHWC works exclusively with women in midlife who have been putting their health and self-care on the back burner for most of their lives and now in their midlife years say “It’s MY turn to take care of ME!”

Through her virtual coaching programs, Kim empowers her clients to build confidence, resilience, hope, self-motivation, and make lasting changes to their health and well‐being.

She partners with her clients to get “unstuck” and discover goals and strategies based on their core values and motivators in order to bring about the healthy lifestyle they desire.

Kim has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching.

Kim and I had a conversation and we invite you eavesdrop on us. We have a lot in common and some distinguishing factors as well. Kim, similar to me, was a personal trainer for 15 years (most of her clients were women in midlife) before becoming a virtual health and self-care coach.

She doesn't prescribe exercise to her current clients. In fact, she doesn't prescribe anything to her clients like she did when she was a trainer (meal plans, workouts, etc.). Unlike me, who actively coaches private clients above and below the shoulders.

We both have roots in the physical and yet recognize that the above the shoulders conditioning…what I call the most important 6-inches to get in shape – is the most important part and start of change.

Kim and I compare and contrast our personal habits. We’re giving a behind-the-scenes peek at coaches.

This is wake-up-to-bedtime with two women’s wellness coaches. What’s a healthy work day-in-the-life, and what are our challenges? We dive into habits we love and hate for ourselves, and how we have adopted them or work we know we still personally have to do.

We both readily acknowledge that knowing science of fitness, and the psychology of change, we’re still both very much in the boat with you.

What’s working:

  • Boundaries on most productive/creative time
  • Rituals and habits that create structure = freedom

What’s not:

  • Not scheduling exercise
  • One-more-thing syndrome instead of a hard stop
  • Self-worth by accomplishments and productivity

How about you?

  • What’s a must for you?
  • What’s off limits/out of bounds?
  • When does exercise happen for you? Is that ideal?
  • What’s your morning routine?
  • What’s your nighttime routine?

Connect with Kim:


Social media: 

Facebook page:

Facebook group:

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If you’d like to be a guest on Flipping 50 as either an expert or to get coaching contact Debra.


Jan 16, 2018
A Toxin-Free Diet For the New Year

Diets about food are abundant! What about detoxing from all the chemicals and pollutants that confuse your hormones, slow your metabolism, and make you feel like it's your fault? You're exercising after all and eating "healthy" but nothing, nada, no progress? Well, never fear, it doesn't take less food, more exercise, in fact quite the opposite though it does take paying attention to some other things. 

The hot topics this time of year are health and fitness. Most often there's a buzz about a diet of some kind. You most likely found me and are here too find answers to fitness after 50. The right nutrition for right now, not a diet is a part of the answer for that. Since I’m a believer I’m preaching to the choir with this Flipping 50 community, I just wanted to post a gentle reminder that toxins are everywhere, not just in our food and water.

If we don’t weed them out, like a garden, the fitness you’re working for may not have a chance to flower.

Here are six areas you can focus on during this health-focused time of year (I’m not including people – that’s up to you!) that either contribute to your health or to your stress.

Pantry Raid

  1. Tossing expired items
  2. Organizing new recipes
  3. Stocking up on every day dry goods and travel items

My favorite skin care items come in sample sizes and travel-friendly sizes. I love two lines for travel: AnnMarie Skincare and The Spa Dr  - 

they both help me fight off the dry, stale air in hotels, airplanes, airports and deal with changes in climate.

  1. Supplement stock up (mentioned on the show: Multivitamin, Omega 3with D3, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Magnesium)
  2. Protein restock (for smoothies and beyond – still time to get this success kit for 20% off this month)
  3. I didn’t mention this on the episode - If you’re really going all-in on this toxin-free diet, have your water tested. Know what your heavy metal levels are and whether you have fluoride or other toxins that can damage your hormone balance.

The six other areas of a toxin-free diet lifestyle I mentioned on this super short episode that I suggest you tackle one a week are:

A Tech Cleanse

  1. Set boundaries on being online vs. being productive
  2. Set purpose: research, writing, posting, community
  3. Cautious contact – if it’s on your body, in your pocket, or up to your ear, it’s too close.
  4. Overnight success – unplug electronics surrounding your head. Remove them from the bedroom completely is even better.
  5. Midnight to midnight cleanse once a week – it may cause withdrawals but you can do it! This one will really be reminiscent of a diet in the true sense! A toxin-free diet is really tough when it comes to tech. We’re addicted.

 Skin Products

  1. Toss old products – just like the kitchen you can have expired products here that just need to go!
  2. Stock up on Plant-based oils and toxin-free skin care products 
  3. Cover your home, gym bag, and travel needs so it’s easy to be ready and less stressed if you frequently pick up and go to get ready somewhere else.

Closest Cleaning

  1. Donate items you haven’t worn in two years
  2. Store items you haven’t worn in a year
  3. Shop post-holiday sales: PJs, exercise clothes, outerwear if you need them

 Clothing Care

  1. Spare the wear and tear.
  2. Minimize the water use by truly evaluating a need to wash clothes.
  3. Clean cleaning products.
  4. Dryer care – toss your toxic dryer sheets full of fragrance and move to something better.

Cleaning and Air Care

  1. Essential oil blends rather than your fragranced candles and room scents.
  2. Fragrance and chemical-free environmentally friendly cleaning products or essential oil blends for that too!
  3. Diffuser/humidifier for a dry winter air solution

Share your favorite ways to clean and purify. Using essential oils? Making your own soaps and lotions? 

Please leave rating in iTunes! We really appreciate you!

Jan 09, 2018
Instantly Upgrade Your After 50 Workout

Wake up your workout and your results with these four simple ways to increase the intensity. You can change speed or weight, properly, depending on your body and goals. 

If you're a beginner or restarting your workout, set your foundation again first. Then you can look at adding one or more of these in a couple weeks. Women over 50 lifting weights are setting themselves up for a higher metabolism and optimal hormone balance. Ultimately, that's stronger, fitter, faster. 

Weight training workouts can change the shape of your body like aerobic exercise cannot. You can change proportions and add definition in ways not possible with aerobic only workouts. 

You can get a lot more done in a lot less time with a lot less injury risk too. 

I share four key ways to change your workout results. 

1. Add Power

Once you've been lifting slow and controlled for a foundation building that guarantees your joints, ligaments, and connective tissue are ready for more, try reducing your weight slightly and adding a little speed on the lift. Stay in control and always lower with care.

2. Lift Heavier

If you've let yourself settle into a routine with the same weights and same reps chances are you're ready for heavier weight to get better results. Choose this one for joints you have no problems with and leave your injury-prone joints alone. 

3. Slow Down

The more time your muscles are under tension, the more results you'll get. So if #2 and increasing the weight isn't possible, or makes you feel vulnerable, try slowing down. Take 3-4 seconds to lift instead of 1-2. Take 6-8 seconds to lower instead of 3-4. 

Consider adding time to the end points too. A tempo can go like this: lift 4- hold 2- lower 4- hold 2. That will make the same weight feel much heavier. 

4. Rest Longer

Take longer rest between exercises that tax the same muscle groups. A little more recovery has been shown to improve muscle adaptations. That might mean more definition a little faster. 



Jan 02, 2018
Prevent Holiday-Related Stress From Sabotaging You

Lorna McLaren, bestselling author of Before it Hits the Fan:Quick Communication Tips to Help You Resolve Conflict and Reduce Stress shares secrets for business that can help you reduce holiday stress before it starts too.

She’s a corporate trainer and international speaker on effective communication, conflict resolution, and stress reduction. That is the perfect trilogy for emotionally charged holidays or any time of year if you’re a woman in midlife more susceptible to the negative effects of stress thanks to hormones.

It’s no secret that over 80 diseases are directly tied to stress. We’re taught to exercise, eat healthy, and yet we aren’t given extensive tools to deal with stress. Our environment may have conditioned us to respond certain ways that are dysfunctional. If it’s your norm you don’t even realize that you’re doing it. Leave this episode with a new awareness of what triggers you, how you might trigger others, and with a bag of tools to protect you and them!

How listening can help you:

  • Reduce year-end work-related stress
  • Reduce family conflicts at holiday gatherings
  • Reduce your interval argument over treats, sweets, and cocktails
  • Learn how to reduce your stress in the heat of the moment

Lorna shares how positive words can influence your brain and your emotions dramatically. Interestingly enough some words you might think of as positive really can give us a negative emotional reaction. Time to check in with yourself on this one! One of the examples she gives reveals just how much we devalue self-care.

Join this conversation by listening. Change years of conditioning by creating awareness of where you’re sabotaging yourself or possibly others unintentionally. Are you the victim of stress at the office or causing stress, or both? Find out!

Sample chapter titles from Lorna’s book:

  • Conflict Happens
  • It’s Smart to Know When You’re Stupid
  • Stop and Stall
  • The B.I.T.C.H Perspective
  • Focus your F.E.A.R.
  • People Rarely Argue with their Own Information
  • Just do Your Best and Flush the Rest

Get Lorna’s Book: 

In addition to your free digital copy of Before It Hits the Fan you’ll also get bonus links to reduce stress

Interested in having Lorna for a content-rich keynote or for corporate training?

Dec 19, 2017
Lasting Weight Loss After 50

Dr. Deb Butler utilizes a blend of brain science, nutrition, physiology, life coaching and life lessons, teaching REAL weight loss — lasting weight loss — starts from the inside out. Inside your BRAIN.

At 50 years old, when she started her latest round of dieting at Weight Watchers (so she could lose the same 30 pounds for the 100th time), she had one big NEW problem... the weight wasn’t coming off like it used to. She was depressed and not sleeping. Her doctor said, “Welcome to menopause.”

She KNEW there had to be a better way.

Connect with Dr. Deb Butler at her podcast, Thinner Peace in Menopause and Beyond,

Dr. Butler’s special offer for Flipping 50 listeners is a 30-minute: add Flipping 50 in the subject line

Other links mentioned in this episode:

Dexter Yeats podcast 

Favorite Quotes from this episode:

 “we love depending on things outside ourselves for information about ourselves”

Are you counting calories, points, and steps in hopes of lasting weight loss? Then comparing them to some superficial bar? You’ll want to listen to our discussion of where the real answers for lasting weight loss are.

“we think….”

Do you have beliefs about lasting weight loss that you’ve had for so long that you’ve come to think of them as truths? What if you doubted those thoughts and reconsidered?

“We realize what works for us and what doesn’t work for us”

Why is now the perfect time to focus on you and finally have lasting weight loss? You’ve collected data for decades. Shouldn’t it be worth something? 

“we have to be fed up”

Lasting weight loss happens. But you have to be ready for change. You have to be more uncomfortable where you are than going through the discomfort of change.

 “The sooner you connect into your body…”

Are you avoiding mirrors, buying clothes so you fade into the background waiting until you have lasting weight loss? Instead of disconnecting and disowning what if you stepped into it and all the emotions that come with it right now?

Dec 12, 2017
How to Build a Better Brain and Stop Brain Drain

Bestselling author Dr. Steven Masley shares tips about what to do and what to avoid to prevent memory loss, and improve concentration and brain function. His newest book The Better Brain Solution comes out in January and he's here to talk about his recommendations for supplements, food, activity and more. 


It's not just genetics. There's plenty that you can control. Maybe you have started to misplace your keys more frequently. Or you often mix up names of acquaintances. You may enter rooms and immediately forget why. Or perhaps you worry about more serious memory loss in yourself or a loved one.  

Maybe you blame these symptoms on the “natural” aging process. Or maybe you chalk it up to being busy and stressed at work.

But the truth is, none of these are “natural” or “normal.”

Take the Better Brain Quiz

This quiz was developed by my friend Dr. Steven Masley – leading physician, nutritionist, trained chef, author, and creator of the #1 health program for Public Television. It’s an easy and quick tool to help you determine how serious your symptoms are, and it will provide personal insight into how your brain is functioning. 

5 Supplements recommended by Dr. Steven Masley for a Better Brain:

  1. Omega 3 through diet or supplements

DHA + EPA combined 1000/mg daily

  1. Vitamin D 2000 – 5000/day depending on your needs
  2. B12 100 mgm- 500 mgm
  3. Magnesium – at least 400 mg.

best options glycinate, malate, chelat, theronate (avoid oxide)

  1. Probiotic – 10-12 different types, if you’ve taken an antibiotic recently that wipes them out 25-55 billion a day for months to rebuild them, dietary solutions can include yogurt or kefir if you tolerate dairy and aren’t avoiding it, komboucha, miso, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

What foods can boost your brain? 

 Eating just 1 cup of greens a day makes a brain 11 yeas younger than not eating those greens.

Your brain by weight is 40% fish oil and 60% fat. So, avoiding fat will shrink your brain.

Inactivity>elevated blood sugar, depression, cardiovascular risk factors…all influence brain health but the pivotal component is inactivity.

Carbs with pigment and fiber for good brain health and gut health.

Dec 05, 2017
Ironman Dexter Yeats About Being 72, Unstoppable, and Unique

Dexter isn't a typical name for a woman who's 72. Then again, Dexter Yeats isn't a typical 72-year old and probably hasn't been typical ever. That, is probably a good thing. She shares about training, recovery, and a little about life. 

Follow Dexter: 

Learn more about ASEA:


Nov 28, 2017
Older, Faster, Stronger Author talks about aging better

Margaret Webb, author of Older, Faster, Stronger about her super fit year when she turned 50 in 2014. As she did throughout the book, she shares the hope-inspiring research, both personal and published. Learn more about running and aging, and it’s worth the listen even if running isn’t your activity. Exercise of all kinds offer similar benefits Margaret and I dish about in this episode. 

Just a few of the benefits of running mentioned in Margaret’s book and our chat:

Mitochondra, your energy powerhouse, once thought to decrease in production naturally with age now we know can remain as young as a 20 year old’s with the right training.

Telemeres, markers of aging, are longer in runners. That means the longevity of most runners is better. Living longer, healthier, is the goal.

Knees of runners, contrary to popular belief, are often better than those who don’t run – and who carry more weight.

 Brain function, including memory, appears to improve with exercise and be optimal compared to non-exercisers. 

Confidence, you’ve heard here before is the real thing that gets you hooked. Getting sweaty, looking better in your jeans, those are nice, but the empowered feeling you have is what will keep you doing it.

 If you’re wondering if it’s too late, tune into this episode. Women who began at 50 or older are experiencing amazing results and living life fully mentally and physically. If you can’t run or it’s not your thing, listen anyway! This is not only about running.

Contact and follow Margaret:



Get your copy of Older, Faster, Stronger 

Add your comments at

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Margaret Webb has written a great book where she serves as the guinea pig, making it very personal. Then she weaves research thickly throughout every page in a reader-friendly way. Then at the end she has conversations with some of the movers and shakers in women’s running about their own journeys and their contribution to women’s health. It’s a must read.

Special thanks to Margaret for her words of encouragement and coaching at the end of our talk. 

Nov 23, 2017
8 Ironmans in 4 Years and Going Strong at 65

Susan McNamee is doing her 8th Ironman Sunday November 26, 2017. She's 65. A little over three years ago she had done one just a few months before. She's been busy and she's thriving on the triathlon lifestyle. Hear her #nevertoolate story. Prepared to be inspired. She's definitely still got it!

Want to connect and follow Susan?

Nov 21, 2017
How Your Poop Can Help You Lose Toxic Fat

Dr. Grace Liu PharmD, the Princess of Poo, shares the poop on health, weight loss, fiber, and probiotics. Don’t miss as we dish on coffee! What scale should be using to measure your health? 

Mentioned on the show:

Bristol Stool Scale

Get your Complimentary Gift eBook "Magic In Your Microbiome"

Connect with Dr. Lui:

Follow @Gut_Goddess Twitter & Instagram

Follow The Gut Institute Facebook 

For some of the additional gut support, Dr Lui mentioned:

Probiotics for fat loss:

--Bifido|Maximus (contains Bifidobacteria longum)

--UltraFlora Control

Nov 14, 2017
Bone Density & Osteoporosis Prevention Supplement Safety

Bone health and osteoporosis should be on everyone’s mind. As we age better and longer, bone health requires some specific attention. It’s not just about getting exercise, calcium, or even lifting weights. It’s in the how, what, and when that you observe lifestyle habits that make you more or less vulnerable to bone loss. My guest today is Teri Cochrane. 

Teri received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Florida, she is a graduate of the Huntington College of Health Sciences, The National Institute of Nutritional Education, the National Leadership Institute, and the Upledger Institute. Teri is a Certified Nutritionist and a member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners and National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She also has certifications and extensive experience in holistic medicinal practices.

Teri reinforces myth busting in alignment with Flipping 50. Bless her heart! There’s no if this, then that rule that says if you’re a certain age, then you can expect this! If there is… you can start changing your expectations and get different results.

If you’re currently supplementing or considering supplementing for bone density you’ll want to listen to this episode. Remember that with supplements there is always the balance of pros and cons. You want to look not only at what you eat or take, but also how well it’s absorbed. What is the bioavailability of the foods and nutrients you ingest?

Teri shares the biggest secret of all. Don’t miss it. It wasn’t about the risk of bone density supplements that are being used today. It wasn’t about the new one and research on it that she and I discussed.

The biggest truth Teri shares is that we need:

  1. to become more aware of what we don’t know
  2. and then do something about it when we know it 

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Nov 07, 2017
Avoid Falling Off the Bandwagon (and Getting Run Over By It)

The holidays are coming. It's not impossible to stay on track, love the season, and yourself after. A little pre-festivity planning will carry you through. for a special month of support now until your session starts, plus with the bonuses that you can start using right now. $15 coupon to every class participant winners who successfully navigate December without weight gain. 

Holiday success kit for cravings, easy breakfasts, and satisfying fiber fix for traveling feeling your optimal best. 

Oct 31, 2017
Myths, Causes, and Solutions for Back Pain with Dr Stuart McGill

Prevent, end, or reduce your back pain with tips from renowned back pain expert Dr Stuart McGill. Hear his methods and means for finding the problem and the solution. Are you believing any myths about back pain? 

Resources from the podcast:

The Book: Back Mechanic


Oct 24, 2017
1 Question, 3 Problems, and 6 Lies Midlife Women Must Recognize

What Have Yoga, Triathlon, and Rebranding Midlife Got In Common? My guest today, Juju Hook, that's what. She too walked away from a "job" in her late 40s to go online and do bigger things. Our discussion of her new book and her why tease the premise of the question, problems, and lies so you can live your best life now. 

Get Juju's book Right Here! 

I can't wait to get my hands on it and I know you'll love it to! 

Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis--The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime.

Oct 17, 2017
A Better Way Than Counting Calories to Measure Food and Health

How can you be happier, thinner, and have better relationships? Raise your vibe. Robyn Openshaw is the author of 15 books, including bestsellers The Green Smoothies Diet and 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Her latest book, Vibe: Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love & Success, will be released by Simon & Schuster in October 2017.

Get your free book by October 31!

Oct 10, 2017
Stop Sit Ups, Save Your Spine, Flatten Your Belly

Crunches and sit ups are not the best way to get a strong core. This popular topic is an evergreen source of controversy. The statistics are clear, however. It's easy to feel immune before you're hurt. Here are the tips and the supporting research, both personal and academic.

Oct 03, 2017
Get the Greatest and Most Rapid Strength Training Results

Secrets of strength training revealed today. Studies for Flipping 50 listeners who are 50, 60, 70 and want to keep their lean muscle mass or gain more. Boost metabolism, improve body composition and enjoy life more. How often, how much, how many and more all inside.

Join our next program starting soon! Reset your hormones, get a nutrition plan and an exercise schedule for supporting better hormone balance in 28 days. Better not tired.

Sep 26, 2017
9 Ways to Make a Basic Workout Better

Bored with your exercise routine? Can't go heavier without risking injury? Here's how to get better results with the same basics that get the highest ratings for making you Hot, Not Bothered. Tip #77 from the new book! 

Available for pre-order now on

Sep 20, 2017
Prevent cancer, boost your immune system and boost weight loss

Could a tea habit prevent cancer? Maria Uspenski is the founder of The Tea Spot, where her mission is to advance healthier living through the everyday enjoyment of whole leaf tea. Her message is simple and powerful - tea in its freshest form is sustainable, and renders exceptional flavor and unmatched health benefits. Maria was recognized as the “Top Tea Health Advocate” at the 2017 World Tea Expo.

For more information about The Tea Spot and Maria's book Cancer Hates Tea visit:

Twitter @uspenksi


Sep 12, 2017
Makeover Your Fitness, Makeover Your Image! Stylist Wardrobe Tips!

Working on fitness, attitude and health requires confidence as much as it instills confidence. That's why two Flipping 50 winners get a virtual makeover from Sandra Veum of as they're shifting gears and making changes in their health, wellness, and lives.

Connect with Sandra at or find her on Pinterest at SandraVeum

First up is Michele.  



Next is Cally. 


For the full show notes and images please visit episode published September 5, 2017. 

Sep 05, 2017
Feeding the Muscles You’ve Got or Want After 50: How Much Protein?

Exercise alone can't create the lean muscles you want or need to boost metabolism. The right amount of overall nutrition and specifically, protein, is a critical part. Less exercise (with more purpose) and more food (also with more purpose) make over 50 fitness achievable! 

Freebie about muscle loss:



It takes Leucine: American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism Published 1 August 2006 Vol. 291 no. 2, E381-E387 DOI:10.1152/ajpendo.00488.2005


Aug 29, 2017
Bone Density, Osteoporosis, and Exercise After 50

Build bone density and reduce risk of falls and fractures with the right exercise. For energy and vitality to flip 50 you need to know how to protect bones with the best exercise to keep you safe, strong, and doing the activities you love. I answer these questions:

  • Can you increase bone density after menopause?
  • What 4 types of exercise support better bones and reduced risk of fractures? 
  • What is the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis exercise?
  • What's the science behind best exercise for bone density?
  • What's the best exercise to strengthen your hips?

It's never too soon to start building better bones. 

Get the Flipping 50 news and be the first to get the Osteoporosis mini course. 

Other resource mentioned: The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women

Aug 22, 2017
Why YOU are a Health Hero and 5 Pillars for Changing You and the World

Dr. Partha Nandi M.D. is a practicing physician and host of the Emmy award­winning internationally syndicated medical lifestyle show "Ask Dr. Nandi". Known as the UnDiet Doctor, Dr. Nandi travels the globe speaking about his no nonsense approach to food & fitness, how he combines Eastern & Western philosophies and the science behind the amazing health benefits of spirituality, mindfulness and community.

In this special edition podcast I ...can't keep a secret! This message is too big and too important. If you chase exercise, chase healthy diets, and yet you miss some surprising and important components of real true to the core health, you may leave something on the table. 

resources mentioned on the show:

The book:

(available for pre-order now...sshh, how many days til Christmas?)

and then grab Dr. Nandi's Superfoods cookbook right here~right now and start eating your way to health



Aug 18, 2017
Eat Carbs and Lose Weight? The Over 50 Dream? #404

You're awake! Yes, carbs can be your answer to weight loss. The connection to serotonin and relaxation is one to explore if you've jumped on the low carb bandwagon to find you can't stick to it, you're depressed, have no energy, and thus, can't lose weight. But there's one other big reason to include carbs if you're a woman over 50 and I cover it here. Plus, learn about a new way to track your measure of mood, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and more! 

Resources from today's show:

 Helo Tracker (username Flipping50)

28 Day Kickstart

The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women (DIY course) 



Aug 15, 2017
Could Clothes Confidence Increase Your Weight Loss Success? #403

Feeling good means looking good and looking good means feeling good. Commitment to health habits and self care often comes down to self worth and self image. The sage advice to "get dressed and groom" no matter what the day brings is a challenge though if you don't know what looks good. Stylist Sandra Veum is here to share tips for dressing for your body type. Connect with Sandra at my and to be considered for one of three lucky women we'll select for a Style-over, follow the steps below (we'll keep your identity confidential!) 

Steps 1-2-3: 

  1. download, fill out the Q, save, and send back to 
  2. Include your #1 challenge right now (an event? A look good now while not yet at your end goal?)
  3. Send a picture or two of you that shows your form and body type

(We can block out your face and use just your first name to keep your identify anonymous)


Aug 08, 2017
Weight Loss Success Under Stress with Dr Sharon Melnick

Self-sabotaging? What’s that really all about? Stress won’t disappear long enough for you to lose weight or establish that fitness routine without distraction. How can you work through the stress to get the foundation you need for weight loss, worksite, or family success? Sharon Melnick, PhD. shares her keys to building the confidence to reach goals when stress is high.

Resource for finding your Horizon Point mentioned in the show:

For other juicy bits of information from Dr. Melnick (or a perfect speaker for your next conference)

Aug 01, 2017
6 Signs Your Exercise is Optimal For Fat Loss After 50

Exercise is important! The right exercise can enhance your fat burning and body composition while it increases your energy and life. The wrong exercise can slow your metabolism and disrupt sleep and increase sleep. You don't want to confuse the two! Listen while I share 6 signs and symptoms for the right and for the wrong exercise so you've got a dozen ways to get it right! 

Need more support? Two programs for two different needs begin soon:

Flipping 50's Fit U (you've got more than 20 pounds to lose) 

Flipping 50's 28 Day Kickstart

Jul 25, 2017
Weight Loss, Aging, and Attracting the Whispers |Summer Inspire Series

Today's guest knows they'll stare. She's going to make it worth their while. A Flipping 50 program rockstar joins me today and shares what motivated her to be ready. What does aging well look like to her? What obstacles does she have and what difference does her environment make in her success? Find out inside! 

Learn more about the Fit-U program Ruth did and request to be put on the wait list for the August start.

Jul 18, 2017
My Crazy Menopause Hormone & Exercise Ride

Getting or staying fit as a woman juggling work and family during hormone changes requires constant adjusting. The old exercise and nutrition don't work. New recovery needs dictate the level of fitness you can achieve. Here's my personal reveal for a training experience I'm beginning right. Hormone testing, and my personal treatment choices are all going to be revealed. Good or bad, you can come along and follow it.

Jul 11, 2017
How a Healthy, Happy, 67-Year-Old Online Magazine Founder Does It

With a list of goals and a daily agenda that includes inspiring women to be their best in their prime, Dorthy Miller Shore is the summer inspire series guest today. At 67 she is running Prime Women online magazine, writing a book that's part of a series, and surrounding herself with women without limits on aging. Hear the health habits and mindset that make that happen. 



Jul 04, 2017
The Wrong Exercise | The Right Exercise After 50

Fitness made easy. Bring all the components you need into one place: address those achey joints, prevent injury, avoid exercise that makes you tired in favor of exercise that makes you better. Pull in the cardio, the strength, and the mobility that keeps you active for decades. That's the goal and it requires a plan. Here's how I plan my own and my clients exercise programs to do all of this and prevent obstacles from getting in the way. Overcome time, traveling, commuting, and boredom, or exercise that is off the direct path to goals. You DO still got it, girl.

Find out more about The Whole Flip (right now it's $10 off PLUS you get some juicy support created to help you get the MOST out of this program). 

Jun 29, 2017
Women, Water, Running, and Recovery Tips for Injury-free Exercise

If you think water exercise is for wimps, this ultra-distance and marathon runner may convince you otherwise. Vicki Hunter shares her personal and professional (she's a trainer, running drills and skills coach) experience with recovery and running into her second half of life feeling as good as ever. We talk about the psychology of running, recovery, and never being sore! 

Connect with Vicki Hunter: 

Resources we discussed on the show: 

See Vicki’s profile at RallySport Boulder

Visit Foundation training: find a trainer

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Jun 27, 2017
This business owner lost 50 lbs at 62 | The health difference it's making

You're too busy to exercise? Or eat right? What if you owned and operated 7 businesses, with 320+ employees, commuted at least 2 hours daily, and ate every meal except breakfast at a restaurant? That's hitting a few obstacles. Add to that being hit by a car 20 years ago while jogging. Today's guest has overcome some obstacles showing you - and maybe men in your life - that you can too. Hear why he's literally "hard-wired" for success. 

If you have a question for Tom, leave them below the show at and I'll see that we relay the answers! Between 7 businesses, two brand new locations opening in the next 6 weeks (as we release), and trying to get in the exercise and sleep that make all that happen, he's a little busy! 

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Jun 25, 2017
75 lb loss at age 64: Weight Gain, Loss, Regain to Healthy

Stronger, faster, slimmer and just overall better. Life is good for Jennifer Long who struggled with weight in the upper 200's, losing 100 pounds and gaining it back. She's now 64 down 75 pounds most recently and is feeling stronger and better than she ever did. 

Link to a previous episode with Jennifer:

Watch Jennifer's race pictures as she goes weekend to weekend doing 5Ks and more this summer on 

Got a question, comment, or want to send Jennifer good wishes for her journey? Add them to the comments at (June 20, 2017)

Jun 20, 2017
Over 100 pound weight loss in two years at 58 Inspiration

Exercise, nutrition, and flirting with fasting, Tracey returns to Flipping 50 to update us on her progress this summer. One day at a time to permanent weight loss. In two years, she's lost over 100 pounds with consistent habits. Tracey is proof that you can do it, too and you can flip 50 well past 50.

Tracey was a guest on the show over a year ago and she wowed us then with her weight loss. She updated me along the way when she was at an 85 pound loss. She's here to share:

what role did exercise play in your weight loss?

what role did dietary changes play in your weight loss? 

what were the toughest challenges for you? 

how old do you feel?

what do you think about aging? 

Please leave a rating in iTunes if you loved the show as much as I love sharing our guest's message with you. 

Keep coming back for the Flipping 50 summer inspire series! 

If you have a question you wish I would have asked Tracey, please leave it below the show link! She stops by and I'll be sure to reach out and ask her!

Jun 13, 2017
Bad fat, good fat, and what you need to know to lose fat

Should you eat fat or avoid it? Why can't you lose fat? Which fats are healthy? Flipping 50 guest Steven Masley MD is a physician, nutritionist, trained-chef, author, and the creator of the #1 health program for Public Television. His research focuses on the impact of lifestyle choices - like fat in your diet - on heart health, brain function, and aging. Connect with him:

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Jun 06, 2017
Getting Started with Weight Training for Weight Loss After 50

Weight training for metabolism boosting and muscle loss sparing is a key part of looking good and feeling great in your second half. In this get-started special post I cover the things you need and the ones you don't to get started. Learn how to choose equipment, how to start and to progress. For additional resources:

Get the Muscles in Minutes guide at

Start with a Muscles in Minutes simple series of videos that take less than 12 minutes each. 

Jun 05, 2017
Losing 5-lbs vs 50-lbs After 50: The Difference

Weight loss, specifically fat loss, after 50 gets challenging. It doesn't have to be impossible, you just need to get it right. Is there a difference in the best approach if you have 5 vs 50 lbs to lose? I answer that in terms of exercise, diet, and lifestyle habits for you. Warning: plan a longer walk for this one, there is a lot to cover! 


May 23, 2017
Lose Pain and Move with Ease

Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT teaches you how to retrain your brain and body so you can live the joy-filled and pain-free life you deserve. He is a doctor of physical therapy, nutritionist, functional pain science expert and #1 bestselling author of Heal Your Pain Now.  He is known for integrating brain science, broccoli, mindset, emotions and movement into easily implemented treatments for lasting pain relief.

The Healer:

The Pain Quiz:

The Healing Pain Podcast:

The Program:

May 16, 2017
How Toxins Increase Fatigue and Interfere with Weight Loss

Toxins could be robbing you of energy and causing your fatigue. How do you stop this stress and detox? What mistakes are we making when we detox? Dr Brad Gorski shares his experience and the facts on how to know if you need to detox, and how to do it correctly. 

For more information:

May 09, 2017
Fix Your Chronic Fatigue with Dr Evan Hirsch

If you're ready to fix your fatigue, change your diet and optimize hormones to feel good again, the doctor is in the house. Learn how women in menopause can optimize hormones, diet and more to feel better. Dr Evan Hirsch overcame his own chronic fatigue with his Fix Your Fatigue program and you can too.

Learn more or reach Dr Evan at: 



May 02, 2017
What's Behind Your Cravings with Dr. Stephen Cabral

PMS, stress, sleepless nights can cause cravings. What do they mean? Does your salt craving mean something different than a sugar craving? Is it in your head or a physiological need for something? Dr. Stephen Cabral shares his insights and his personal story of healing from a life-altering illness. 

Connect with Dr. Cabral:

Apr 25, 2017
Making the Best of Major Life Changes at Midlife

Sheree Clark knows about needing a change, and life decisions that bring you to the fork in the road. So much she's named her coaching business after it. She shares her own life-shifting flip with me and the reason she's hosting a summit of experts with the same thing in mind: helping you. You want to be here. Attitude, edge, facts and real truths with my life-loving guest today.

Register for this edgy, info-rich, over-the-fence tele summit

Apr 18, 2017
Cut the Cord Attached to Diets, Calorie Counting, and Food

If weight loss freedom sounds good to you, and dieting, calorie counting, constant focus on foods to eat and to avoid plague your thoughts, tune in. This special podcast highlights an upcoming summit and introduces the founder, Lisa Tyhulski. She's done it. She lost a significant amount of weight in her 40s. She's changed her life, become a trainer, and coaches other women to make permanent changes too. 

If you've thought, "it's too late" or "it's too hard" listen to this and if you want the whole summit you can register here. 

Leave your comments below at 

Apr 16, 2017
Stress Awareness Month with the Soulful Nutritionist

Trish M. Ward is the Soulful Nutritionist. If you have special needs, or have a child who does, you want a custom path to symptom-free, abundant energy, stamina and joy. Today's guest addresses it all with us and we share some resources for you on the show you'll love! 

Connect with Trish at

Resources mentioned on the show:

The Calm App

Dr. Joan Rosenberg Ted Talk

Apr 11, 2017
If Eating Paleo Beat MS, Should You Consider It, Too?

Could eating more vegetables save your life? Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa. She is the author of The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine and the cookbook The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions. You can learn more about her work from her website,

Two studies in Bastyr University that are asking patients with MS or Parkinson’s disease about whether they are following the Wahls diet.

The links to our Nations MS Society funded research:

Apr 04, 2017
Middle-Age 31 Pound Weight Loss Success Story

Unlike any other health coach you’ll meet… Christie Miller had successful careers as a Financial Analyst, Corporate Attorney, Interior Designer, and LA County Sheriff before discovering her true passion: motivating and coaching people to make meaningful changes in their lives.

She's got a new mission and a new summit. Join us both there! 

Register for the Summit

Mar 28, 2017
Do You Want Hormone Balance Right Now? Two Answers

Get spring off to a Kickstart with my 28 Day Kickstart! Then celebrate my birthday with me by becoming a Cafe member of our community for a year long trip around the globe with for 85% off the regular rate.  

28 Day Kickstart with me!  this April!

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Mar 24, 2017
Sexy Brain: Sizzling Intimacy and Balanced Hormones

Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson connects the dots of science, informing the public about emerging health issues and then recommending safe, natural answers. She pioneered the concept the unappreciated role of hormones and intimacy with the gut. She shares with Flipping 50 the good and bad estrogen, talks soy or not to soy, and her brand new book Sexy Brain. 

Learn more about Dr. Berkson and her new book:

Reach here at

 Resource we mentioned:

Natural Answers for Women’s Health (available on Dr Berkson’s website)

Mar 21, 2017
Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Pain with a Gut Cleanse

Your gut is your gateway to excellent health. “Happy Gut—The Cleansing Program To Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Pain” author Dr Vincent M Pedre to helps people resolve their gut-related health issues. His new book is out March 13, 2017. 

Dr. Vincent M. Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and Founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness, Medical Advisor to two health-tech start-ups, MBODY360 and Fullscript, in private practice in New York City since 2004. He is a Clinical Instructor in Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, also certified in yoga and Medical Acupuncture.

Get your gift from Dr Pedre here:

Mar 14, 2017
Could Essential Oils Be A Key That Unlocks Weight Loss? With Dr Mariza Snyder

Through functional medicine, whole foods and self-care practices Dr Mariza Snyder was able to heal her adrenal dysregulation, fatigue and chronic migraines related to hormone imbalance.

Dr. Mariza Snyder is a passionate wellness practitioner and public speaker with over 8 years of experience focusing on women's hormone and menopause health.  Dr. Mariza leads a community of women who educate about nutrition, detox programs, self-care rituals and essential oils. She graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in 2008. She has a background in biochemistry and certifications in nutrition and aromatherapy. 

Get her brand new book now! The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils plus bonuses! Right Now!

Mar 07, 2017