Climate Connections

By Yale Center for Environmental Communication

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Category: Natural Sciences

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How is global warming shaping our lives? And what can we do about it? We connect the dots, from fossil fuels to extreme weather, clean energy to public health, and more. Join Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale University for a daily 90-second podcast about climate change, where we confront reality and share inspiring stories of hope.

Episode Date
Massachusetts DOT adds solar panels to stretch of highway noise barrier

The barrier near Lexington, which protects residents from the sound of traffic, will now also generate clean energy. Learn more at 

Sep 23, 2022
App helps California volunteers prevent food waste

California is starting to require grocery stores and restaurants to donate unsold food, but businesses need help getting it to hungry people. Learn more at 

Sep 22, 2022
Nonprofit trains women and gender-nonconforming people for green jobs

Energy and construction are historically male-dominated industries. Learn more at 

Sep 21, 2022
Community forest project brings together people who have been excluded from environmentalism

With a new $4.5 million grant, the Shelterwood Collective will manage the land using Indigenous methods. Learn more at 

Sep 20, 2022
New Orleans group helps families feed infants during emergencies

Birthmark Doula Collective trains first responders and distributes emergency feeding kits when disaster strikes. Learn more at 

Sep 19, 2022
70% of recent home buyers considered disaster risk in deciding where to live

So now shows the risk of wildfire for specific properties. Learn more at 

Sep 16, 2022
Almost half a million people have played this climate change card game

The game was created by Climate Fresk, a French organization, to make it easier for people to understand climate science. Learn more at 

Sep 15, 2022
Colorado program helps homeowners reduce wildfire risk

The Boulder County consultation program is free to participants. Learn more at 

Sep 14, 2022
How parks could help communities stay safe in extreme weather

Shady, tree-filled green spaces can help people stay cool during heat waves. Learn more at 

Sep 13, 2022
San Francisco restaurant turns food waste into pizza

From off-cuts of meat to spent-oats in the crust, food waste is used in all stages of pizza served at Shuggie’s Trash Pie. Learn more at 

Sep 12, 2022
Seattle utility aims to make electric vehicle charging more accessible

Seattle City Light plans to install 30 fast EV chargers on streets, giving priority to those near apartments, condos and mobile home parks. Learn more at 

Sep 09, 2022
The climate cost of space tourism

Rockets release pollutants that can persist in the upper atmosphere for two or more years. Learn more at 

Sep 08, 2022
New chief heat officer helps LA prepare for more heat waves

Marta Segura is working with the city to develop a plan to reduce heat-related hospitalizations and deaths. Learn more at 

Sep 07, 2022
Century-old church saves money by going solar

Lower energy bills have allowed the church to put more money into community outreach. Learn more at 

Sep 06, 2022
The Green Workers Alliance wants to make sure green jobs pay fairly

More than 3 million people work in clean energy, but wages and labor standards vary greatly. Learn more at 

Sep 05, 2022
California’s drought dries up steady work for farmworkers

Some workers are moving or taking up additional jobs. Learn more at

Sep 02, 2022
Connecticut public schools must now teach about climate change

A new state law is behind the curriculum requirement. Learn more at

Sep 01, 2022
Massachusetts neighborhood to get networked geothermal system

It will be the first community in the country to try the approach. Learn more at

Aug 31, 2022
Art therapy program helps Colorado wildfire victims process their experiences

Andrea Golod founded the program after a wildfire displaced thousands of people in her county. Learn more at

Aug 30, 2022
Philly high school adds AC after community push

Activism by students, staff, and parents helped cool the school. Learn more at 

Aug 29, 2022
How to stay safe in the heat at outdoor summer events

As global warming brings more hot days, the risk of heat-related illnesses is rising. Learn more at

Aug 26, 2022
Volunteers in Florida help people save energy and water

They’re helping low-income people reduce their bills and cut carbon pollution. Learn more at

Aug 25, 2022
How protecting public lands can help the climate

Conservation preserves forests, provides wildlife corridors, and protects water sources. Learn more at

Aug 24, 2022
Cow manure can be turned into renewable energy

Using systems called anaerobic digesters. Learn more at

Aug 23, 2022
Many prisons in Texas lack universal air conditioning

During heat waves, incarcerated people face dangerous conditions. Learn more at

Aug 22, 2022
Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood fights for clean air

The largely immigrant area is surrounded by pollution sources. Learn more at

Aug 19, 2022
Delivery company turns to ebikes in Manhattan

The company is saving money and cutting carbon pollution. Learn more at

Aug 18, 2022
Extreme drought cuts into Montana rancher’s profits

Summers in the state are expected to keep getting hotter and drier on average.  Learn more at 

Aug 17, 2022
Some cities reimburse residents for the costs of rain gardens or cisterns

But the programs can be difficult for low-income households to access. Learn more at

Aug 16, 2022
What if we named and ranked heat waves like hurricanes?

A California bill proposes to do just that. Learn more at

Aug 15, 2022
Wildfires could release radioactive particles from nuclear sites

And global warming is making wildfires more frequent and intense. Learn more at

Aug 12, 2022
Bill would provide relief to farmworkers in drought-stricken California

Thousands of farmworkers have lost jobs in a recent severe drought. Learn more at

Aug 11, 2022
When a coworker collapsed, this lifeguard knew exactly what to do

An Indiana lifeguard wants all lifeguards to receive thorough training on responding to heat-related illnesses. Learn more at

Aug 10, 2022
Smokey Bear still wants you to prevent accidental wildfires

Global warming has made unplanned fires even more dangerous. Learn more at

Aug 09, 2022
Violence increases in hot weather. “Cease-fire” days could help

During cease-fire events, community members call for a pause in violent conflicts. Learn more at

Aug 08, 2022
How whisky waste could fuel cars

A new production plant in Scotland is expected to convert whisky byproducts into butanol, which can be used in cars. Learn more at

Aug 05, 2022
Manufactured home residents often left out of energy-efficiency conversation

But a project called Clean Energy Resource Teams is changing that in Minnesota. Learn more at

Aug 04, 2022
Global warming puts emperor penguins on thin ice

If pollution continues rising at current rates, 98% of colonies could vanish by the end of this century. Learn more at

Aug 03, 2022
What homeowners can do to reduce flooding in their communities

Flooding is a growing problem because downpours are getting more frequent and intense. Learn more at

Aug 02, 2022
U.S. could create up to 10 million tons of solar panel waste by 2050

But over 80% of the material in solar panels — like copper, aluminum, glass and silicon — can be used again. Learn more at

Aug 01, 2022
Project captures stories from coal communities

An Ohio State team has interviewed miners, power plant employees, and community members. Learn more at

Jul 29, 2022
A new method for managing roadside forests could reduce power outages

A Connecticut research team is testing the idea. Learn more at

Jul 28, 2022
Tweaking cows’ diets can reduce climate-warming pollution

Optimizing their feed reduces a herd’s methane emissions by up to 40%, research suggests. Learn more at

Jul 27, 2022
The mustard seed that can fuel airplanes

Jet fuel made from carinata seeds has already been tested in commercial flights. Learn more at

Jul 26, 2022
Lush Utah garden makes the most of a small amount of rain

The garden on the campus of the University of Utah in Moab receives only about 9.5 inches of rain annually. Learn more at

Jul 25, 2022
Audubon Texas works to keep island bird sanctuaries from losing ground

Erosion, storm damage, and sea-level rise threaten tiny islands off the Texas Gulf Coast. Learn more at

Jul 22, 2022
Workshops help people figure out if rooftop solar is right for them

Participants learn how to calculate the costs and benefits of solar and come to an informed decision. Learn more at

Jul 21, 2022
Comedians will share climate knowledge with their jokes

During the Climate Comedy Cohort fellowship, a group of comedians is learning from climate scientists and performing live shows. Learn more at

Jul 20, 2022
Summer camp teaches kids about climate solutions

Many campers walk away feeling they can be leaders in their communities. Learn more at

Jul 19, 2022
Three-quarters of Montana farmers, ranchers anxious about climate change, survey finds

They’re worried about potential consequences to their businesses. Learn more at

Jul 18, 2022
Energy-efficient homes often sell faster and for more money

According to Zillow data, homes with features like double-paned windows or electric vehicle chargers are more desirable than similar homes. Learn more at

Jul 15, 2022
Many community stormwater systems not prepared for climate change

Heavy downpours are getting more frequent and intense, overwhelming existing infrastructure. Learn more at

Jul 14, 2022
In Massachusetts, West Nile virus risk can increase during dry years

The mosquitoes that spread the virus thrive in drier conditions. Learn more at

Jul 13, 2022
Pittsburgh woman wants to inspire other Black women to bike

Monica Garrison is the founder of “Black Girls Do Bike,” with about 100 chapters nationwide. Learn more at

Jul 12, 2022
Meet the woman electrifying her Jeep Wrangler

To inspire other people to drive electric, Veronika Wright is documenting her process on YouTube. Learn more at

Jul 11, 2022
Apprenticeship program trains people for clean energy jobs

ReVision Energy, a New England-based solar company, wants to make it easier for people to become licensed electricians. Learn more at

Jul 08, 2022
Army Corps invests in natural solutions to reduce flooding

Recent projects include reestablishing dunes, giving rivers more room to flood, and more. Learn more at

Jul 07, 2022
The downside of corporate reforestation pledges

Poorly planned reforestation efforts could displace farms and rural communities. Learn more at

Jul 06, 2022
Electricity grids aren’t making the most of wind power

Contracts often guarantee coal plants a minimum level of production. Learn more at

Jul 05, 2022
Climate change complicates a precarious relationship between birds and farmers

New England songbirds often nest in farm fields, where they’re threatened by mowing and other farm equipment. Learn more at

Jul 04, 2022
Outdoor workers in South Florida campaign for heat safety

WeCount! advocates for access to cool water, shade and more rest breaks. Learn more at

Jul 01, 2022
Poet Sophia Naz grieves after a wildfire took her home

She processes the loss in her new book, “Open Zero.” Learn more at

Jun 30, 2022
Minnesotans help trees migrate north

People are gathering seeds from southern and central Minnesota and planting the saplings in the state’s northern forests. Learn more at

Jun 29, 2022
New manufacturing process stores carbon pollution in concrete

It can cut the carbon footprint of concrete by more than half. Learn more at

Jun 28, 2022
Oak pollen concentrations are increasing 5% a year in Atlanta

Climate change is contributing to longer and more severe allergy seasons. Learn more at

Jun 27, 2022
Free environmental justice courses available to middle, high school students

Course creator Sierra Generette says she hopes the trainings inspire students to become a voice for change. Learn more at

Jun 24, 2022
Dams, climate change threaten Missouri River cottonwood forests

Young cottonwoods survive only when the river is allowed to shift its path over time. Learn more at

Jun 23, 2022
Chicago’s vintage homes become more energy-efficient

Homeowners typically see a 30% reduction on their electric bill and a 50% reduction on their gas bill. Learn more at

Jun 22, 2022
How Georgia’s undeveloped barrier islands are adapting to sea-level rise

With few roads or buildings, the islands move naturally in response to storms and rising seas. Learn more at

Jun 21, 2022
Some people prepare for climate change with survival training

The Mountain Scout Survival school teaches primitive survival skills and urban emergency preparedness courses. Learn more at

Jun 20, 2022
Solar power keeps some Puerto Rico fire stations running during blackouts

The stations can continue providing services even when the electricity grid goes down. Learn more at

Jun 17, 2022
Climate change could dry up ideal Northern Plains duck habitat

So wetland conservation is more important than ever. Learn more at

Jun 16, 2022
As electric cars gain popularity, states will need to make up gas-tax revenue

Oregon already offers drivers an option to pay a per-mile charge instead of a gas tax.  Learn more at

Jun 15, 2022
Company helps incentivize forest protection in Ecuador

Whole Forest wants to make it economically viable to preserve the forest. Learn more at

Jun 14, 2022
A new climate-friendly housing development will be all-electric

The mixed-income development will include community gardens and homes with heat pumps and solar panels. Learn more at

Jun 13, 2022
How a pilot program in Michigan helped people afford energy-efficiency upgrades

It helped customers who made too much to qualify for federal weatherization programs, but not enough to qualify for traditional loans. Learn more at

Jun 10, 2022
Saving water also saves energy

Utilities and municipalities can cut carbon pollution by fixing leaks and encouraging water conservation. Learn more at

Jun 09, 2022
Projects restore natural water flow to parts of Great Dismal Swamp

European settlers drained portions of the forested wetland in Virginia and North Carolina. Learn more at

Jun 08, 2022
Massachusetts group works for diversity in the offshore wind industry

‘We have to make sure that we’re training people up and tooling them up to be ready.’ Learn more at

Jun 07, 2022
Bond program helps nonprofits afford solar

The upfront costs of solar panels are sometimes too high for small organizations. Learn more at

Jun 06, 2022
In silvopasture, cows and sheep coexist with trees

Adding trees to pasture helps keep livestock cool in summer. Learn more at

Jun 03, 2022
Australia lists koala as an endangered species across most of its range

Bushfires, deforestation, and development have caused koala populations to dwindle. Learn more at

Jun 02, 2022
Weatherization and efficiency upgrades can help mobile home residents save money

But many people who live in mobile or manufactured homes are unaware of programs that can help them afford upgrades. Learn more at

Jun 01, 2022
The U.S. needs more clean energy workers

A labor shortage could disrupt plans to transition to more wind and solar power. Learn more at

May 31, 2022
Rihanna’s nonprofit is giving $15 million to environmental justice

One of the Clara Lionel Foundation’s goals is to improve climate resilience in Rihanna’s home region, the Caribbean. Learn more at      

May 30, 2022
Over 1.7 billion city dwellers face multiple days of dangerous heat each year

High heat and humidity can make people sick. Learn more at

May 27, 2022
Army Corps project aims to protect low-lying marsh

Some marshes are at risk of ending up underwater as sea levels rise. Learn more at

May 26, 2022
Individual actions can add up to help the climate

Twenty-five to 30% of the pollution cuts needed to prevent dangerous climate change can happen at the individual and household level. Learn more at

May 25, 2022
Iconic Hawaiian bird faces possible extinction

The ‘i’iwi, or scarlet honeycreeper, is threatened by avian malaria. Learn more at

May 24, 2022
Composting with worms, a climate-friendly alternative to the landfill

Red wiggler worms can turn food scraps into compost. Learn more at

May 23, 2022
Public health expert promotes benefits of electric vehicles

The cars do not emit harmful tailpipe pollution. Learn more at

May 20, 2022
Climate change is increasing migration to U.S.

People crossing into the U.S. from Mexico face extreme heat and dehydration. Learn more at

May 19, 2022
Plants species can migrate to adapt to climate change

But populations of animals that disperse plant seeds are declining. Learn more at

May 18, 2022
New federal funding helps low-income households afford energy-efficiency upgrades

The improvements enable people to save money and protect the climate. Learn more at

May 17, 2022
Climate change has created a new workforce

With disasters occurring more frequently, more people are needed for clean-up and rebuilding. Learn more at

May 16, 2022
Grants help Wisconsin nonprofits purchase electric vehicles

The electric vehicles will help the organizations save money and protect the environment. Learn more at

May 13, 2022
Therapy dogs help wildland firefighters relieve stress

California-based First Responder Therapy Dogs brings trained therapy dogs to wildfire basecamps. Learn more at

May 12, 2022
Prairie Island Indian Community uses nuclear waste fund for net-zero carbon goal

The tribe plans to install solar panels, make energy efficiency upgrades, and retrofit buildings to run on electricity. Learn more at

May 11, 2022
Apartment building retrofits can help the climate

But the process can be expensive, so financial incentives could help ease the transition. Learn more at

May 10, 2022
Volunteer pilots rescue sea turtles stunned by cold water

Cold stunning is a growing problem as the climate changes. Learn more at

May 09, 2022
Moms push Massachusetts utilities to transition to renewable heat sources

Mothers Out Front wants customers to be able to heat their homes with renewable electricity and geothermal energy. Learn more at

May 06, 2022