Climate Connections

By Yale Center for Environmental Communication

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Category: Natural Sciences

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How is global warming shaping our lives? And what can we do about it? We connect the dots, from fossil fuels to extreme weather, clean energy to public health, and more. Join Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale University for a daily 90-second podcast about climate change, where we confront reality and share inspiring stories of hope.

Episode Date
Energy efficiency is paying off in Wisconsin

Every dollar spent by a utility-funded program results in more than $5 in benefits. Learn more at

May 24, 2019
Game demonstrates consequences of U.N. negotiations

‘Some participants respond rather emotionally.’ Learn more at

May 23, 2019
Self-driving cars could clog streets with traffic

So we need more electric cars and more ridesharing, says expert Dan Sperling. Learn more at

May 22, 2019
New England wildflowers slow to catch on to climate change

They’re losing a crucial period of sunlight that occurs before trees put out their leaves. Learn more at

May 21, 2019
Climate change threatens hunting and fishing

Warming rivers, worsening pests, and intensifying wildfires are harming fish and game habitat. Learn more at

May 20, 2019
Salt marshes help protect shorelines

Don’t underestimate these wetlands. Learn more at

May 17, 2019
Climate change could cause L.A. blackouts

Extreme heat adds stress to the electricity grid. Learn more at

May 16, 2019
Desert mangroves store vast amounts of carbon

‘They are one of the most important defenses against climate change.’ Learn more at

May 15, 2019
Tools help farmers adapt to changing conditions

They can help farmers and communities in the Northeast U.S. prepare for a warmer future. Learn more at

May 14, 2019
Chicago groups turn schoolyards into green spaces

New gardens, sports fields, and playgrounds absorb stormwater, so they reduce urban flooding. Learn more at

May 13, 2019
Oregon wineries salvage rejected grapes

They created new wines sold under the ‘Oregon Solidarity’ label. Learn more at

May 10, 2019
Twin Oaks residents share almost everything

It’s their way of reducing consumption. Learn more at

May 09, 2019
LED bulbs cost more in poor areas

That’s according to research conducted in the Detroit area. Learn more at

May 08, 2019
Norway is rapidly adopting electric vehicles

Last year, a third of new cars sold in the country were EVs. Learn more at

May 07, 2019
Innovative greenhouse stores heat underground

It enables Threefold Farm in Pennsylvania to harvest figs well into December. Learn more at

May 06, 2019
A.I. could track climate impacts

Algorithms can be used to monitor forest cover, water levels, and the distribution of animals. Learn more at

May 03, 2019
Why wildfires can lead to mudflows

Scorched ground and heavy rain make a dangerous combination. Learn more at

May 02, 2019
Energy efficiency could help world meet Paris goals

‘It’s a massive part of the solution.’ Learn more at

May 01, 2019
Rain plagues Pennsylvania farms

Too much rain washes away plantings, erodes soil, and promotes disease. Learn more at

Apr 30, 2019
Stone Age village could be lost

Storms and rising seas threaten 5,000-year-old archaeological sites. Learn more at

Apr 29, 2019
Why don’t more people buy sustainable products?

Making the eco-friendly choice can feel like a sacrifice. Learn more at

Apr 26, 2019
Future tropical forests may hold fewer big trees

If intense storms grow more common, trees could be killed before reaching full size. Learn more at

Apr 25, 2019
Leah Penniman reclaims a farming legacy

Many climate-friendly farming techniques were originally developed by people of color. Learn more at

Apr 24, 2019
Greensboro, N.C., invests in electric buses

‘We think it’s the future of the industry.’ Learn more at

Apr 23, 2019
Map shows your city’s hotter future

It reveals how climate change could transform your home. Learn more at

Apr 22, 2019
U.S. cities pledge to switch to renewables

It’s a response to citizen pressure. Learn more at

Apr 19, 2019
High-school students prepare for wind jobs

It’s an emerging industry. Learn more at

Apr 18, 2019
Could nuclear fusion solve our energy problems?

The technology would create abundant clean electricity, but deployment is still decades away. Learn more at

Apr 17, 2019
Climate change makes air pollution worse

Bad news for those of us who need to breathe. Learn more at

Apr 16, 2019
Advocate: Climate policy must also address inequality

‘Doing both is not a luxury. It's a necessity.’ Learn more at

Apr 15, 2019
Company wants to help Americans eat bugs

Their cricket-powder chips come in Sriracha, cheddar, and barbecue flavors. Learn more at

Apr 12, 2019
Bison ranch puts carbon into the soil

It starts with protecting the grass. Learn more at

Apr 11, 2019
Union leader: Every industry will need to change

So governments and businesses must make plans to protect vulnerable workers, she argues. Learn more at

Apr 10, 2019
How an island doubled its solar capacity

‘We can make a difference at the local level.’ Learn more at

Apr 09, 2019
Solar keeps lights on at Zimbabwe clinics

Reliable electricity ensures safe storage of medicines and vaccines. Learn more at

Apr 08, 2019
‘Telenovela’ plays teach about the environment

Star-crossed love, betrayal … and climate change? Learn more at

Apr 05, 2019
Armadillos are moving north

Another sign that the climate is changing. Learn more at

Apr 04, 2019
GOP mayor turns city into pedestrian paradise

The walkable downtown boasts green space, wide sidewalks, and bike paths. Learn more at

Apr 03, 2019
Researcher: Tackling climate will help protect economy

When extreme weather strikes, it costs big bucks. Learn more at

Apr 02, 2019
Tennessee family dramatically cuts carbon emissions

Before making changes, they actually were polluting more than average Americans. Learn more at

Apr 01, 2019
City slashes carbon emissions in one vote

The sweeping move makes clean energy the default. Learn more at

Mar 29, 2019
Australian attempts 100 marathons in 100 days

She ran in places around the world that face water shortages. Learn more at

Mar 28, 2019
California could see intense rains in the future

That’s good for the freshwater supply, but it’s a double-edged sword. Learn more at

Mar 27, 2019
Researcher suggests limiting fossil fuel production

Coal, oil, and gas companies are still exploring for new reserves. Learn more at

Mar 26, 2019
A pro-life Republican’s journey to energy advocacy

She had a life-changing conversation with her doctor. Learn more at

Mar 25, 2019
Microgrid system saves tribe $200,000 a year

The Blue Lake Rancheria’s solar-powered system makes the California tribe more self-sufficient. Learn more at

Mar 22, 2019
Indiana, spring break destination of the future?

The state’s tourist attractions may need to rebrand as temperatures rise. Learn more at

Mar 21, 2019
Poor? You probably pay more for electricity

Some low-income Atlanta residents spend more than 11 percent of their incomes on utilities. Learn more at

Mar 20, 2019
Farmers plant trees alongside crops

Known as agroforestry, the practice offers several advantages. Learn more at

Mar 19, 2019
Tiny solar cells harvest indoor light

They could be used in agriculture, health care, and building maintenance. Learn more at

Mar 18, 2019
TV journalist spreads the word about climate change

Telemundo’s Vanessa Hauc wants climate information to reach those who need it most. Learn more at

Mar 15, 2019
A startup is farming corals

The farmed corals will be sold to tourist destinations where reefs are ailing. Learn more at

Mar 14, 2019
How ambitious cities are cutting carbon pollution

A recent report highlights the most effective strategies. Learn more at

Mar 13, 2019
Researcher: Indigenous people are best forest stewards

One study found that granting forest property rights to indigenous inhabitants significantly reduced logging. Learn more at

Mar 12, 2019
Man advocates removing carbon from the air

Finding a way to do it at scale is a huge technological challenge. Learn more at

Mar 11, 2019
Oxfam director: Climate change is harming women

But she says women are also working together to adapt. Learn more at

Mar 08, 2019
Architects pledge to design carbon-neutral buildings

Right now, buildings account for almost 40 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Learn more at

Mar 07, 2019
U.S. businesses work toward Paris goals

“The U.S. may not be in the Paris accord, but we still are.”  Learn more at

Mar 06, 2019
Coffee roaster helps farmers adapt

Farmers are using options that work best in their own areas. Learn more at

Mar 05, 2019
Forest Service works with tribes to manage fire

More than a century after it instituted a zero-tolerance approach on controlled burns, the Forest Service is rethinking its policies. Learn more at

Mar 04, 2019
Hmong farmers face new challenges

Farmers in Minnesota are dealing with more downpours, disease, and pests. Learn more at

Mar 01, 2019
Intergenerational conversation: an antidote to climate despair

An organization brought young and old people together, with surprising results. Learn more at

Feb 28, 2019
What is the EPA endangerment finding?

This scientific review is the basis for standards that protect the climate. Learn more at

Feb 27, 2019
Company converts carbon dioxide into building material

A new terminal at the San Francisco airport was built using concrete from this process. Learn more at

Feb 26, 2019
Hybrid facility captures sun and wind energy

That means it can reliably produce renewable electricity year-round. Learn more at

Feb 25, 2019
Climate Music Project turns data into concerts

They’re translating climate information into a more universal language. Learn more at

Feb 22, 2019
Retired doctor fights climate change

He’s still trying to help people stay healthy. Learn more at

Feb 21, 2019
Realtor worries about rising seas — and costs

“Obtaining flood insurance … becomes cost-prohibitive.” Learn more at

Feb 20, 2019
Schools are key to reshaping food economy

A nonprofit helps large institutions — including public schools — change their purchasing habits. Learn more at

Feb 19, 2019
Climate change could screw up homicide probes

Specifically, how time of death is sometimes determined. Learn more at

Feb 18, 2019
Orlando gives away composting kits

The goal is to keep food waste out of the landfill. Learn more at

Feb 15, 2019
Ice loss threatens indigenous way of life

“Climate change is happening now and it is changing lives.” Learn more at

Feb 14, 2019
UN Foundation CEO: Climate is a feminist issue

“We just can’t ignore the fact that this is not gender-neutral.” Learn more at

Feb 13, 2019
VR app helps you ‘visit’ ancient cliff dwellings

The app educates users on how climate change is endangering the park. Learn more at

Feb 12, 2019
In ‘Buddhist Economics,’ sustainability trumps GDP

Economics professor Clair Brown says the approach can work for anyone who cares about people and the Earth. Learn more at

Feb 11, 2019
Edmonton Declaration asks cities to lead

Don Iveson, mayor of Edmonton, Canada, says cities are bearing the costs of climate change. Learn more at

Feb 08, 2019
Maker of Tabasco sauce preps for floods

The company has already constructed a 20-foot levee around its factory in coastal Louisiana. Learn more at

Feb 07, 2019
Saltwater invades rice fields, damages crops

Rice is a staple for more than half of the world’s population. Learn more at

Feb 06, 2019
Richmond teens design shade projects

Last year, they planted peach trees. Learn more at

Feb 05, 2019
How an evangelical group engages skeptics

He says we all agree that we’re to care for creation. Learn more at

Feb 04, 2019
Tech incubator links clean energy to capital

Founder Emily Kirsch launched Oakland-based Powerhouse while still in her 20s. Learn more at

Feb 01, 2019
States work toward Paris goals

They want to keep the U.S. moving forward on climate commitments. Learn more at

Jan 31, 2019
Clean cookstoves help vulnerable women

They also offer benefits to the climate. Learn more at

Jan 30, 2019
Reagan-loving Republican worries about the climate

He says there are fiscally conservative solutions. Learn more at

Jan 29, 2019
Why an activist became an investment manager

He decided to work for a healthier climate in a different way. Learn more at

Jan 28, 2019
Atlanta airport prepares for more storms, droughts

Changes at the airport could help protect communities downstream. Learn more at

Jan 25, 2019
Controlled burns could reduce severe wildfires

Carefully managed fires burn up some of the fuel. Learn more at

Jan 24, 2019
Ohio hospitals embrace energy efficiency

They can put the money they save into caring for patients. Learn more at

Jan 23, 2019
App shows future sea-level rise

“What we’re trying to do is create the real, visceral experience.” Learn more at

Jan 22, 2019
L.A. community fights freeway expansion

“It’s a people’s victory.” Learn more at

Jan 21, 2019
Little Haiti sits on prime high ground

As seas rise, wealthy people and developers are moving in. Learn more at

Jan 18, 2019
Kaiser Permanente is worried about the climate

“We see increased cases of asthma, other respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease.” Learn more at

Jan 17, 2019
Mangroves help protect us from climate impacts

But they’re in danger. Learn more at

Jan 16, 2019
Young farmers face new climate challenges

Extreme weather is increasing the financial risks of farming. Learn more at

Jan 15, 2019
Improving climate education in Mississippi

Dominika Parry developed a new curriculum for middle-school students. Learn more at

Jan 14, 2019
Orlando offers free trees to all

A tree sapling is delivered right to the door. Learn more at

Jan 11, 2019
Bank won’t lend to fossil fuel projects

The bank is also increasing financing for renewables and energy efficiency. Learn more at

Jan 10, 2019
Gina McCarthy says climate change hurts kids

“We care about our kids way more than we care about polar bears.” Learn more at

Jan 09, 2019
New book: Nuclear worth another look

The authors say coal is a bigger threat. Learn more at

Jan 08, 2019
Georgia farmer abandons his father’s methods

He took a big risk. Learn more at

Jan 07, 2019