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By Gary Vaynerchuk

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Nanna Sondrup
 Jul 22, 2018
The go-to podcast for entrepreneurs! Get you high on motivation and make you executive and do sh#t!


Welcome to The GaryVee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my DAILYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!

Episode Date
Growing A Following, Getting Your Hustle Back, Building a Business | The Top 5 Most Searched #AskGaryVee Questions

Not only are these clips the top viewed #AskGaryVee questions of all time, they're also clips that 100% embody everything that I'm about - Hope you love these <3

Aug 21, 2018
Emotional Intelligence, Situational Awareness & What Fires Me Up | Interview On The Stationary Astronauts Podcast

Really loved hanging out and chatting here - really talking about different angles & diving deep into a few topics that I don't dive into all that often. We really chopped it up about what it means to be a "real fan" vs a "fake fan" and how that relates to my brand, throwing in a Dave Matthews reference along the way -  really love this interview, hope u do too <3 


Catch Stationary Astronaut on Apple Podcasts & Spotify!

Aug 20, 2018
A Meeting With A New TeamGaryVee Resident - Chasing Your Dreams

Even though this is a short clip, it's one that I think will really have a lot of impact on a lot of you - I met with Dustin, a new video resident on our team to talk about his passions & how he can get ahead in chasing them ... not everyone's an entrepreneur and I think that it's a really important step in self awareness to realize that ... it'll help you decide your path. This was a really important piece that I think a lot of you should hear this weekend. <3 

Aug 19, 2018
The Key To Distribution In The Music Industry | Advice from Jewel, Logic, Gunna & More | A Mashup

As a lot of you know, I'm extremely excited by the music industry and massively passionate about what goes on in and around it - namely with content distribution. Distribution has been a sector that's changed MASSIVELY with the internet, allowing artists to independently release songs without needing a label to do so - here, I break it down with some help from talented artists to help you get your music out & start winning <3

Aug 18, 2018
How The Asian Market is Different | Success Resources 2018 Manilla, Philippines | A Keynote

This was the first of three fast paced keynotes I did while on my Asia tour a few weeks back, and I think these are all very different from the rest of the ones that I did - talking to a new audience, in a new market that I'm really focused on heavily now. I also talk really heavily on why you need to stop judging yourself based on other peoples' social media - you're only seeing what they're curating you to see.

Aug 17, 2018
Winning Instagram with the $1.80 Strategy | #TBT

This is a really, really important one for every one of you to hear. I sat down with Shane Nicolich, a fan who asked a very very good question at a keynote I gave that I invited to come hang out for a day at Vaynermedia. Shane has survived a traumatic brain injury, along with a host of other things, but has stayed positive throughout everything in his life. He's looking to further build his personal brand, so we sit down and charge right into his instagram, developing what I called the $1.80 strategy. Engagement is necessary in our world, so give this one a listen and start now. <3

Aug 16, 2018
Why Facebook Is a Good Buy & My Thoughts On Bezos | Interview on Bloomberg 2018

Really really loved doing this interview on Bloomberg, diving deeper into why I think Facebook is such a good, valuable buy and my thoughts on investing in it & talking about why I think Jeff Bezos & Amazon are going to be bigger than imaginable. 

Aug 15, 2018
#AskGaryVee 289 in London With Pro Footballer Daniel Williams

This special live episode of #askgaryvee was recorded LIVE in Vaynermedia's London office, with pro footballer Daniel Williams - Daniel and I chop it up and talk about football, how he broke out into his sport, why influencers should be choosy about brand deals, and a ton more -


Check out Daniel on Instagram at @chilliams23

Aug 14, 2018
6ix9ine's Trolling, Millennials, Fortnite and Dressing The Part | An Interview on the Cruz Show on Power 106 LA

Loved loved loved being on Power 106 on the Cruz show, spitting fire about manifesting what you want & backing it up with the work, why entitlement and growing up with entitlement is a hinderance, the Fortnite explosion & a ton more -  this was a FIRE segment <3


Check out The Cruz Show 

and Power106: @power_106

Aug 13, 2018
A Note To My 50 Year Old Self

Just because you're "middle aged" doesn't mean you're down and out... Of all times, now is probably the most practical time to start that business that you've always wanted to start; the kids are probably out of the house (or close) and you have so much extra time on your hands. Please understand that you still have half of your life in front of you.



Aug 12, 2018
The Habits of Winning Entrepreneurs / Why You Should Give Away More For Free

This section out of a business meeting I had with Hip Hop artist Racks really shows the value you get in return for giving away your best shit for free - pure exposure. I dive into why free is the gateway to reaching an even broader audience & why it makes up the habits of true winning entrepreneurs. 

Aug 11, 2018
#podSessions Ep 8 | Ty Dillon, Charly Caruso & Erik Jones

In this episode of #podsessions, NASCAR meets entrepreneurship meets wrestling - loved chopping it up with Charly, Ty and Erik and getting into culture, the debate of when kids should be introduced into technology & a complete blowout about sports, social media and more. This was a totally FIRE episode! 


Hit up Charly here:

Hit up Erik:

Hit up Ty:


Aug 10, 2018
The Beginning of UBER, Why Live TV is Declining & Talking Mobile Video | ICON 2016 #TBT

This keynote was one of the major ones that really put me on the map back in 2016 - serious fire here, talking about explaining the beginning of UBER to my dad's friends, and their reactions, the reason live TV is starting to decline & taking questions from the audience, notably talking about why people watch mobile video (facebook, etc) without sound. This is a really good one to go back and listen to, comparing 2016 to 2018 <3

Aug 09, 2018
A Fireside Chat With Vaynermedia NY Interns | 2018 Intern Meeting

I know you love these fireside chats with VM interns, because they really help to provide a different context into my content & thinking & there's some serious fire in this one - really really hope you enjoy and get immense value from it. 


Aug 08, 2018
#AskGaryVee 288 with Kyle Busch | NASCAR, How To Become A Driver & Homestead

REALLY loved this totally fire episode -  It was a treat to have Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 car stop by to hang out, chat and take some calls - we talk about how he got into NASCAR & started racing, take a call from someone looking to start a podcast, and help him figure out the best strategy to launch & talk to a little boy who also just wants to race. Hope everyone loves this one, I sure did !! 

Hit up Kyle!

Aug 07, 2018
The Knicks, Tom Brady & Jordan Sneakers | An Interview On Barstool's KFCRadio

This FIRE interview was a little different than my normal ones - loved sitting down with Kevin @KFCBarstool & @Feitelberg and really hashing it all out about the Knicks, Tom Brady and a ton more - this was a special interview ;)

Aug 06, 2018
Tips For Fitness Influencers

If you're in the fitness or athletic space, listen up - this one's for you. Whether you're established & wanting to now what the next move is, or just starting out and wondering about monetization, this mashup's one I'm super pumped about. The space is only getting bigger & more competitive & this mashup helps push out there what you should be focusing on - it's all in the work - you can't do 1000 pushups without training, just like you can't build a successful brand without time & patience. :)

Aug 05, 2018
How To Taste Wine

I haven't thrown it back to my wine days in a little while, so I wanted to give you a little activity this Sunday, following along with a guided wine tasting from Episode 42 of WineLibraryTV. Do you like content like this, mixing it up a bit from my typical motivational / business content? 

Aug 04, 2018
Meeting with Fitness Influencer Natalie Dau | Mental Health, Perspective & Not Judging Yourself

really loved sitting down with Natalie to jam out about how I feel my mental well being & stress management really helps me out in my fitness journey, why it was important and necessary for me to hire a full time personal trainer & how mental perspective is what is key to pushing yourself into a successful place. Really fired up about this meeting - hope you enjoy :) 

Aug 03, 2018
August Is The Month To Go All In | #TBT

It may not seem like it, but August is one of the most important months for an entrepreneur. Everyone else is sleeping or on vacation and just simply not on their A-Game. Now's the time to prepare. Now's the time to get your 4th quarter hustle up and running. <3

Aug 02, 2018
Diving Deep Into My Background & Beginnings | Interview On @DRAMA's Short Story Long Podcast

I know a lot of you are going to be super fired up about this interview I recently did on Chris "Drama" Pfaff's podcast, Short Story Long - we dive really deep into the very beginnings of my career, and my long term strategy behind buying the Jets -  this is a really fire interview!!



@Drama on IG

Aug 01, 2018
#podSessions Ep 7 | Erika Nardini, Reezy Resells & Alex Banayan

SUPER excited to be bringing #podSessions back into the mix, and there couldn't have been a better crew to do it with - Erika Nardini is the CEO of Barstool Sports, former CMO of AOL & all around complete badass - Reezy Resells is a young monster hustler following the Crush It! model, blowing up the Amazon Reseller game & Alex Banayan is absolutely killing it with his book, The Third Door, in which he interviews some of the worlds top innovators and business people. Complete fire on this episode, diving into yard sales, the best way to get close to your heros & a TON more. 


Check out my guests:

Erika Nardini -
Rough & Rowdy -

Reezy Resells -

Alex Banayan -
The Third Door -


Jul 31, 2018
Building Company Culture, Keeping Employees Happy & Why You Need To Be HR, CEO

This mashup contains a host of topics that I really believe in, that drive every single business I've built - especially Vaynermedia. When you're at the top of a company, you're responsible for every single thing that happens within your company, including the happiness of your employees - I hope this mashup brings you enormous value into the inner workings of how I think about running a business & how that translates down to employee happiness, and company culture. <3

Jul 30, 2018
Meeting With Xianlimm | Finding Happiness in Work & Life

You have to do what you love and find happiness in your work and life. If you're working to get rich and retire or to buy a nice watch so that you can hide your insecurities, you will lose. Happiness is the ultimate goal. If you're not happy, the rest doesn't matter. This meeting with Xianlimm is super interesting, because I talk a lot about how I transitioned from building a business, to building my brand and then combining the two, and figuring out the balance that you need in your life.

Jul 29, 2018
The Human Pursuit Of Happiness

Even the cheer at the end is slow and muted, it’s very and I mean very hard to understand the concept of loving the journey over the trophy. - It’s almost impossible when you don’t have the things that you want to understand that the chase of those things if you pick the right path will end up tasting sweeter than the items you amass. - When you want 100k followers, when you chase 10k likes a post, you don’t realize how empty it can feel when you get there and more importantly you don’t even know why, they just seem like the right numbers. - My friends, please try to start the process of understanding happiness, understanding why you feel the way you do, what makes you insecure and want a fancy car or house, why when you go through your feed you feel FOMO please understand that doing things you love will lead to the things you want even when they don’t pay you what you THINK you need to get what you THINK you want.



Jul 28, 2018
Basketball, How The Airplane Project Started & Perseverance V. Delusion | Interview On The ROOMMATES Podcast

LOVED hanging out with these young hustlers, talking culture, basketball, content & a whole lot more. The energy in this room was REAL & I broke it down about how I came up with the Airplane Project and what it stemmed from. Then we dive into perseverance vs delusion and how to figure out how to decide what to go after - self awareness here is key. This is a seriously fire interview, hope you enjoy <3 


Check out these guys here!

Jul 27, 2018
#AskGaryVee 287 With Ken Auletta | Frenemies, Thoughts Around Privacy in Social Media & What I'd Change In Marketing

Sitting down with this LEGEND led to a MASSIVELY good show, really flushing out a lot of details that I don't talk about often about the advertising industry and the past, present and future of where it's going. We chop it up and take calls talking to publications, and privacy and I talk more in-depth about what I'd do if I were in charge of a large brand. Super fire show here - hope u love it.


Get Ken's book, Frenemies here:

Jul 26, 2018
Why Becoming A Practitioner Is So Important

There's one way to be good at anything you want to do - just do it. This clip from an interview I did really elaborates on the best ways to become an expert on whatever you want, by doing. Want to be a podcaster? Do it. Want to start a vlog? Do it. Really important info here that everyone needs to hear. <3

Jul 25, 2018
Staying On The Offense | You Have To Know Yourself First | 2 FIRE Keynote Mash Ups

Super excited to start bringing you guys a more efficient version of these keynotes that I've been putting out because I know not all of you can listen to the entire thing, so we're getting straight into the meat. These two keynotes, one from the Dutch Bros talk and the other from my iconic Breakfast Club interview both push so heavily two pillars that I talk about a lot - that you need to know yourself through self awareness and that you need to stay on the offense to get to what you want - FIRE stuff here guys, hope you're loving them <3

Jul 24, 2018
My Thoughts On IGTV + Writing An Article

I think this is a super cool little piece of content - I sat down with my team to write and project my thoughts on Instagram's latest product, IGTV. Not only does this give my thoughts on IGTV, but I also talk about why I don't jump in and make predictions without experiencing new platforms and products. I think this also gives a really cool inside look at how I write my articles and arbitrage time to do so. 

Jul 23, 2018
The Downfall Of Entitlement | A Rant

Really really motivated by the idea that entitlement can absolutely hinder your ability to succeed. If you feel you're entitled to something without actually putting the work in, you're in for a big surprise down the line when you're not in that Lambo. Self awareness is the big play here to avoiding that negative mindset. Hope you all love this clip & have a great weekend. 

Jul 22, 2018
A Meeting with Drake Bell | Bypassing Labels, Managers & Taking Advantage Of The Music Industry

LOVED having Drake Bell come by to dive deep into something I talk a lot about - the massive advantage independent music artists have when distributing their music. I think this was a really different & interesting meeting because Drake's mindset and experience in the industry gives him a super interesting perspective on the industry. We talk about his come up, how he got both himself and his music on the TV show Drake & Josh and advice for pushing his career further. Really cool talk here for anyone that has roots or interest in producing music. Hope you enjoy! 

Jul 21, 2018
#AskGaryVee 286 | The Grill Dads - Staring A TV Series, Encouraging Your Kids & My Favorite Burger

This was an insanely fire episode of #AskGaryVee, with The Grill Dads, talking about their new show that's coming out Saturday July 21st; Comfort Food Tour. Loved loved loved having these guys on my the show - one of them, Ryan Fey is even a leader in Vaynermedia's LA office! We sit down and chop it up around the creation of the show, what makes it the most fire food show on TV, and then take some calls - We chat it up with callers about starting their own TV series, how you can encourage your kids to be active in creating content without pushing the barriers you set and even talk to a little girl who's on fire :). This was an all time show, and I really really hope you enjoy it!!!


Check out Comfort Food Tour, airing Saturdays at 8PM on the Food Network! 

Jul 20, 2018
Pushing Your Creativity Outside The "Box" & FIRE OG Advice | SBV, Patience, Hustle Content & Community & my BPP

This mashup is a combination of a conversation I had with my team, around getting more creative, less lazy and figuring out new ways to use older content to benefit my audience - A lot of you probably haven't heard this content from YEARS ago, and a lot of it still applies today. I talk patience, hustle, content & community, why I'm so happy and what the "simple business vacation" is. SERIOUSLY fire content here everyone, I hope you love these throwbacks <3

Jul 19, 2018
Why Alexa Skills Are The Next "iPhone Apps" | An Interview With Alexa Developers at Amazon

This is a SUPER important interview, for a lot of reasons, I go super in depth with Paul Cutsinger about what my views of the future of voice & Alexa are, and really lay out why the space is so important. If you're as focused on the voice space as I am (you should be), this is an all-timer for you. 

Curious about Alexa? Hit up their dev site:

Jul 18, 2018
The Best Content To Start With, Telling Your Truths & Pokemon Go | Backseat Answers in Seattle

I threw down some serious fire while Babin and I were in Seattle at Amazon a few weeks back, sourcing questions from Instagram to answer between meetings from the back of a car - I chopped it up on why telling your truth is the best content, and what that means, why you should start a podcast and a whole lot more. Really loving these backseat answers & I hope you do too.

Jul 17, 2018
What It's Like To Be The The CEO | A Rant

When you're the CEO, every single thing that's wrong with a business or company falls on you. It's your responsibility, it's your fault that it's not working or it is working - when you're at the top, it's lonely because you can't blame anybody but yourself. This rant expands on that.

Jul 16, 2018
Following Your Passion & Connecting With Your Heroes | A Meeting with illmind

Every single young music producer that's trying to break out needs to hear this meeting where grammy nominated music producer illmind and I chop it up around the music industry & working with your heroes. 

Jul 15, 2018
Why You Should Be on Snapchat & How To Win It | Motivational Mashup

I think Snapchat is about to make a massive comeback, so I'm going all in on the platform again and throwing out some fire content. Since I'm getting back on it, I wanted to throw together this mashup so you know why you need to be on it, along with some tips to win the platform. Hope u enjoy ;)

Jul 14, 2018
#AskGaryVee 285 with Former Home Depot CEO Frank Blake

Absolutely loved having Frank come on the show this week - Frank is the former CEO of The Home Depot and a non-executive chairman of Delta Airlines, among a host of other large achievements. We sat down and talked heavily about businesses at a macro level, as well as running a business internally - how and why 360 reviews aren't an efficient or effective method of reviews within a company. There's some really, really great segments here that I think you'll love.

Make sure you check out Crazy Good Turns, the Podcast about inspiring stories and people that Frank produces at

Jul 13, 2018
Thoughts Around Millenials, Advice To People In Their 20's, Defining Your Ambition | INTERVIEW ON ELVIS DURAN 2016 #TBT

This FIRE interview I did on my friend Elvis Duran's morning show here in NYC on Z100 was really an all-time interview. We chopped it up really hard, focusing heavily on why the older generation needs to stop categorizing millennials as all lazy, and advice for people in that generation.  Really a fire interview that I think you'll all like. 

Jul 12, 2018
What The Law Of Attraction Really Means

I talk a lot about the concept of "the law of attraction" and how it relates to achieving what you want to happen in life - this little snippet talks about what that all really means and how you can relate it to your own life. 

Jul 11, 2018
Fixing Your Perspective, Getting Value Out Of Me & Why You're Not Bragging | Breakfast W/ 10Copies Winners

For those of you that remember, a few months ago, at the launch of Crushing It!, I held a competition/raffle that if you bought 10 copies of Crushing It!, you had the chance to have breakfast with me at VaynerMedia in New York City - this is that meeting ;) I think that the vast majority of the emphasis in this video is placed on perspective, complaining, dwelling, etc... If you've been watching my content for a while and you still are in a place where you dwell on things that happened in the past or you don't truly understand how good we have it, I'm really hoping that this is the one that gets through to you..

Jul 10, 2018
Monday Motivational Mashup: Part Of The Equation

This mashup helps embody a ton of my beliefs and pillars of content into one powerful message that'll get you to crush this entire week.

Jul 09, 2018
Why A Number One Hit Is Terrifying, Creative Freedom & Being a Musical Pioneer | Meeting with LABRINTH

Was awesome to have Labrinth come through and play and hang at the VaynerX lounge in Cannes, France two weeks ago. Loved sitting down with him for this little impromptu interview, chatting about number one hits and creative freedom, he also does a live performance at the end ;)

Jul 08, 2018
Street Video, Social Growth, & Positive Takes On Negative Subjects | Meeting with Dose Of Society

Had a great time meeting with this duo that started the channel Dose of Society, where they travel to different cities to interview locals about their opinions on local topics. I review their content and give a few recommendations on what I think can help them grow in the long term, by formatting their style and implementing a few tactics.

Jul 07, 2018
Patience, Building An Audience & Pranks | An Interview With Ryan Hamilton [@HAMMY.TV]

LOVED sitting down to chat with Ryan & his girlfriend, two prank masters to talk about their build up, and strategies for them to utilize and their audience for a long term play. This was a really important meeting that a lot of you should hear - they're being patient and their reasoning will really apply to you. Great great stuff. Hope u enjoy <3 

Jul 06, 2018
Marketing Yourself As An Artist & Why You Should Release A New Song Everyday | #AGV265 With The Legend RUSS

This throwback is massively massively valuable for any music artist or creator that hasn't heard it - we talk about how Russ really put the work in during his come up (& still does), releasing music for completely free and how he thinks about patience & it's value. This is an ALL TIME episode you shouldn't miss.  ;)

Jul 05, 2018
How To Have Your Kids Win | A Mashup for Parents

Something that I touch on occasionally, but don't always go super into detail about are my thoughts around parenting are, so I wanted to release this little mashup that has a multitude of content around that thought. 

Jul 04, 2018
Building One37PM, Voice in Advertising & Independent Agencies | An Interview on Cheddar

This was a super cool interview that focused massively more on the Vaynermedia & VaynerX side of my life, expanding on why and how I built our new media property, One37PM - I also dive super deep into the future of voice in advertising,  and why Alexa, Google Home & similar platforms are the next thing to really look out for.

Jul 03, 2018
WHY YOU NEED TO LOVE LOSING | Monday Motivational Mashup

With this holiday week ahead, I wanted to bring you guys some serious fire. Losing is of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur, because no matter what, at some point you're going to take an L and be faced with a decision of what to do. Either you use it to push yourself harder or you wallow in sorrow. This mashup brings some heat on exactly what you should do.   

Jul 02, 2018
HUGE Advice For Advertising Creatives | Keynote & Q&A With Young Creatives at Cannes

I think everyone should listen to this due to the advice for general social media it gives, but ESPECIALLY creatives young and old in advertising because we dive deep into the old, new and changing landscapes of the advertising world. We talk about working with more traditional superiors, why you need to be thinking in tweets instead of TV spots and a ton more - this was an all time one.


Apologies that some of the questions were cut out - this was in a large hall and we weren't able to capture every question.

Jul 01, 2018
Life Is An Inside Game | A Fire Rant For Your Weekend

The only voice you need to hear is your own. Everything comes down to your mindset. If you're not optimistic and motivated, you need to find a new circle of friends and start becoming very in tune with yourself. Hope you really dig into this one this weekend and get ready to put complete FIRE into the upcoming week.

Jun 30, 2018
GDPR, Social Media & Technology - Impact on Society | A Fireside Chat: Drinking and Thinking With GaryVee at VM London

Really really loved getting down with this Q&A at VM London a few weeks back, jumping into my thoughts around different social platforms, the GDRP compliance, and how technology is shaping the way that we live, work and breathe. Really solid fireside chat and Q&A here, hope you really enjoy <3

Jun 29, 2018
The Most Downloaded #AskGaryVee of All Time | #AGV 242 With Tony Robbins

Besides being the most downloaded episode of all time, this was a super super cool collab, and I was really pumped to have my man Tony Robbins on the show. We chop it up big time around personal branding, gratitude, leverage and giving back. Total FIRE on this one.

Jun 28, 2018
How Businesses Should Think About Social Media | Business Meeting

I see too many companies putting effort into social solely for the purpose of doing social. If companies put more of an emphasis on brand and sales, I think that there would be a positive and dramatic shift in how that company thinks about and executes on social.

Jun 27, 2018
Health, Alexa & Supply and Demand of Skills with Dr. Oz

Loved being on my buddy Dr. Oz's podcast, The Dr. Oz Podcast to sit down and really dig into a few topics that I don't touch on a ton, including health as well as a few that I get deep into here, like supply and demand of talent, the how and why startups are excelling on social and reinforcing why voice is the next big thing. Great great interview here :) 

Check out his podcast here:

and hit him up on Twitter @droz & Instagram @dr_oz



Jun 26, 2018
Music Distribution, Summer Hits & Mindset with Yung Baby Tate

Loved loved loved meeting with this young up and coming artist to sit down and discuss the ways she can pop even bigger into the community. We chat music distribution, summer hits and the mindset while creating music. Great stuff here, I know you'll all love it.

Jun 25, 2018
Impact of Family & Parenting on Human Behavior | Interview with Marcin Osman

This was a really neat interview I did for a Polish publication while I was in London, chatting about my new book and diving massively into what I see as Legacy and what legacy is what drives me so so far. We also get into the difference between the US and a lot of other countries, specifically the influence that family has over your career and lifestyle. Really cool points in this interview I think you'll find interesting. 

Jun 24, 2018
Business Expansion Strategy Conversation with Finnish Brand Kotipizza

I think this meeting is super interesting because it's different than my normal business meetings - it really focuses in on an international brand that's looking to launch a new part of their business and the ways they should be thinking about this big change. Great stuff here! 

Jun 23, 2018
A FIRE Interview on Beats1 with Travis Mills

This was a SUPER cool interview that I really enjoyed with Travis Mills on Apple's Beats1 Radio - we really talk about what goes on behind the scenes in my meetings with rappers, and the mutual value that goes both ways. We chat how I go from Madison Ave boardrooms to a studio in the hood, and how that transition come so natural to me, it's all about value and empathy. 


Check out Travis & His show on Beats1 Here

Twitter: @Beats1 @AppleMusic 
Instagram: @beats1official @applemusic 

Tune in/Live stream:

Show page/On Demand:


Jun 22, 2018
One Of My Most FIRE Keynotes | USC Biz School 2015

If you're new to my podcast, or my content in general, this is one piece that you 100 percent should not miss. It's one of my top performing pieces of content and an all time keynote that really resonates to this day. This one was interesting because I was speaking to an entrepreneurship class and I just don't think you can learn to be an entrepreneur which makes for an interesting dynamic ;) To be successful you need to be adapting but stay loyal to your strengths.  If you’re a true entrepreneur you understand the importance of taking your idea and running with it — there's no time to waste. You never know what tomorrow will bring and timing is massively important. These lessons don’t stop, no matter what stage of your career you're in.  Macro-patience vs. Micro-speed is everything. Don't dwell on your mistakes and just keep moving forward. Give this one a listen because you do not want to miss it.

Jun 21, 2018
An Interview with Anthony Fargo on iHeartRadio

The internet cut out all of the middlemen, which opens up the door to anybody and everybody that takes a shot.. In today's world where anybody can create content and put it on social with very little to no friction, you have to make the best content and be the best at distributing it...

Really enjoyed this interview with iHeartRadio, you can find them here:

Jun 20, 2018
A Q&A Panel With Finnish YouTubers | Tips For Influencers

This panel with a group of Finnish YouTubers, including Jarno Laasala [The Dudesons] was super cool, and we touched on a handful of topics that I don't talk about a ton, like how Logan Paul and Grape Story are linked, brand safety with influencers and the balance of selling out as an influencer that's putting on a brand. Awesome chat around tips for influencers here <3

Jun 19, 2018
A Keynote: NAC Philadelphia 2018

The 3rd Keynote in the NAC series, this was one for the books - I go in on people that talk about being an "expert" in something, just putting it in their bio instead of putting in the work to show that they're excelling in their field. This was a really really all-time keynote, I think you'll love it <3

Jun 18, 2018

This throwback is PERFECT for you to listen to this Sunday morning, there's a really simple way to make money - do shit. In this one, my brother in law Justin & spend the day going to garage sales to find stuff to flip - you should give it a try today :)

Jun 17, 2018
Building a Content Creation & Distribution Team Around Your Personal Brand

This clip from when I was in Helsinki is a really strong reminder of how I built my personal brand team - Team GaryVee and a great model to follow if you've hit the point in your personal brand development where you can bring some people on to exponentially grow the brand. I talk to an entrepreneur in Finland about the core players that I see as required on a team -  and the individual content they create, as well as scaling that team. 

Jun 16, 2018
A Keynote: NAC 2018 Denver

The massive, overarching theme of this keynote is practicality - useful knowledge to drive your goal. Once you've figured out what you want, and what you're trying to achieve , you need to put in the work and reverse engineer to match that goal. Some really great Q&A here too, chatting about OTT's and the way the landscape is changing.

Jun 15, 2018
A Keynote: Vistage 2015 |How Technology Is Exposing Us | #TBT

This keynote was super super cool and I think it's a great one to look back at, when Instagram and Snapchat were just starting to boom & social taking hold of our lives. I give some advice I think will help a lot of you - talking about how long you should be waiting until you see a return on your business or startup. Great stuff in this keynote, it'd mean the world to me if you listened <3 

Jun 14, 2018
Tips For Interns | A Mashup

Interning and working for cheap or free can be one of the most powerful tools & experiences you can have as a young entrepreneur & I always say that you should get close to those that you admire and strive to be. Here's a few more tips for interns that I think are super valuable to winning the long game.

Jun 13, 2018
A Fireside Chat With Jordan Palmer

Really happy I got to do this chat with my man Jordan Palmer, former Redskins QB, chatting social tactics - really focusing in on what you're trying to do on a platform, what your business goal is - sell? grow? Knowing this answer will help you define your social strategy. I also double down on why being the number 13 person at Facebook instead of the number one is so valuable & really put into perspective why enjoying what you do is such a game changer.

Jun 12, 2018
A Keynote: The National Achievers Congress Ft. Lauderdale 2018

This keynote from Ft. Lauderdale a few weeks back starts with me bringing the audience way back to when I started building Wine Library, doing email marketing & google adwords and moving into why losing and learning to love & accept losing really helps in the long term- it helps put into perspective their goals & I talk about passing on Uber twice relating to this. Great conference here & I hope u enjoy <3

Jun 11, 2018
2 Massive Pieces of Advice For Entrepreneurs In The Long Haul

These 2 clips from my recent trip to Helsinki push home the complete fact that building businesses from the ground up take time - Deciding whether your business is ready to expand into new geographic areas is a big undertaking and between these two clips, a common theme emerges which is to make sure you're not jumping the gun on what you're trying to do.

Great clips & advice here, hope u all enjoy <3

Jun 10, 2018
A Mashup: Tips On Monetizing Your Personal Brand or Business | The Best of #AskGaryVee

Hey guys I hope you really enjoy this mashup of content focused around the what, how, when and why to personalize your business or personal brand. You'll learn what you need to do to start, when to start and a whole lot more. Hope you love it, featuring Cha Tha God, Jason Calacanis, Kai Greene, Lauryn Evarts, Sara Dietschy, and Mason Plumlee.

Jun 09, 2018
How One Video Can Change Your Life | Meeting with Taylor from "Ultimate Advice Every 20 Year Old"

Really happy that I got to sit down with Taylor, that many of you know from "The Ultimate Advice For Every 20 Year Old", which was a snippet from an episode of #AskGaryVee that went viral. I really think that this video provides value that will be massively impactful for 98% of the 22 year olds to 30 year olds listening...

Jun 08, 2018
An ALL TIME Interview on Tom Bilyeu's Impact Theory | #TBT

This is easily one of my most ALL TIME interviews - being on my man Tom Bilyeu's show, Impact Theory. A lot of themes come up in this interview, including whether we've become soft as a culture, how I differentiate between fads and actual businesses and applying empathy to everyday life- understanding others' reactions and thoughts to play off your own. A SERIOUSLY all time interview here.


Check out Impact Theory right here:

Jun 07, 2018
A Keynote: Arctic15 In Helsinki, Finland

Really enjoyed doing this keynote with my friend Jan a week ago in Helsinki. This really was an all-time piece of content, where I focused very heavily on the futures of audio in a B2C world & how Amazon and other major players have such an opportunity to push hard in the space. We also take a bunch of startup focused Q&A and talk podcast audience values. Great stuff here! 

Jun 06, 2018
An Interview with Innovation & Tech Today

Super super super hyped about this interview I did a few weeks back, chatting heavy starting with what my "typical day" looks like & really dialing in on the type of work that I do, mixing people & human interaction with emails. A lot of you are always asking what my thoughts are on blockchain technology and certain cryptocurrencies, what I think about the future of voice, etc... I think that this interview with Innovation & Tech Today will answer a lot of your questions and concerns in terms of how I see them. Most of you probably know that I don't like to talk about things that I don't really understand or know enough about, so if I don't go as in-depth as you were hoping for, it's because I'd rather talk about what I know and be authentic than make stuff up...

Jun 05, 2018

LOVED doing this live show with Jarno Laasala from the Dudesons & Arctic15, answering questions from local entrepreneurs and creators in Finland.

Hit up Jarno: @jarnodudeson

Jun 04, 2018
Listen To This Before You Turn 30 | Calling a Fan From Facebook

Obviously this was a loaded question/situation, but I really want to put emphasis on the fact that being 28 years old means that you still have 60 more years of execution. So many people think that 28 is a good time to start playing it safe by buying a house, getting married, and settling down, when in actuality, you have so much time! Don't look at other people to get bearings on where you are in your life. Everyone has their own clock.

Jun 03, 2018
5 Tips For New Entrepreneurs |The Best Of #AskGaryVee

I think this mashup is really important because it answers a lot of questions that entrepreneurs who are brand new to the game have - and reinforces the beliefs of the older, more hardened folks. Some topics featured here are company name, brand recognition, practicality and funding. Great content that I know you'll get some value from :)

Jun 02, 2018
A Meeting with NBA Trainer Chris Brickley

Really enjoyed getting to sit down and jam with Chris Brickley who is an influencer and NBA trainer. If you guys were to takeaway one thing from this meeting, I'd hope that it's if you always speak your truth and never lie, everything can work out perfectly. Do what is true to you, not what you think will make you the most money in the short-term...

Jun 01, 2018
A CLASSIC Fire Keynote: MastermindTalks 2016 | #TBT

Some of you may recognize this as the keynote in a barn, but it's much more than that - it's one of my favorite keynotes of all time and there's so much value here. I chop it up heavy around self awareness, the vaynermedia machine, and really focusing and tripling down on your strengths to succeed. Great stuff here - hope u love it <3

May 31, 2018
5 Rules To Win The Day | QUICK TAKE

My 5 rules & pillars of success to winning as a human and entrepreneur ;) 

Do you like these quick takes, or prefer longer form content? Hit me up & let me know !!

May 30, 2018
The Opening Keynote from VOICECON2018

You may not have been able to make it to voicecon, but I'm really really glad we can share this keynote setting up this event, the area of voice and audio and take some Q&A from the audience around the types of platforms, the values of audio and the massive change that we're about to go through. This was a big one guys !!

May 29, 2018
A Fireside Chat with Tyra Banks at Stanford University

This is one of my favorite fireside chats in a while because the depth of the discussion around the good vs bad of social media , really got me fired up at Stanford Graduate School of Business. <3

May 28, 2018
ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT AS GLAMOROUS AS IT LOOKS - Fireside Chat with Rachel Tipograph | RAW AUDIO: Dailyvee 452

Really enjoyed getting to have this fireside chat with my good friend Rachel Tipograph, founder of MikMak because I think that it's a super important conversation that needs to be had regarding the current state of entrepreneurship and how gender plays a role in it.

May 27, 2018
A Mashup: THE BEST GUEST ADVICE CALL IN'S | The Best Of #AskGaryVee

Serious fire here coming from the #AskGaryVee show - these clips are from episodes with Hasan Minhaj, Jon Taffer, T-Paid, Russ & Tim Ferriss and are a combination of the most entertaining & the most influential call-in's with celeb guests on the show - definitely worth a listen ;)

May 26, 2018
Interview with EvolvDaily | The Only Thing That Will Stop Me

This is interview with EvolvDaily is a unique one. I was on a completely different high of positivity, explaining why my fuel is gratitude. Expanding on why I don’t burn out and become overwhelmed with anything. I add another perspective to help you guys understand why I love losing on the micro level and elaborate on the only thing that will ever stop me from keep going. I hope you enjoy…

May 25, 2018
An Interview: An Entrepreneur's Life, with Entrepreneur (2012) | #TBT

I really love this interview back from 2012, because it sets up so much of what's fallen into place today around my thoughts, beliefs and ideals - In this interview I start to talk about the content game, why community management, and engagement are SO important on social media - and give a few examples into people and ideals that I think were massive examples for marketing in this day and age, knowing that storytelling helps lead a customer to a purchase.

Hope you all enjoy this little throwback ;)

May 24, 2018
What To Do When You're Not Feeling It | A Meeting With Fitness Entrepreneur Amanda Bucci

Loved loved sitting down and chatting with Amanda Bucci about a number of topics, including the unfortunate trend of unhappiness in vanity metrics within the fitness world, "being" rather than doing things, and what to do when you want to change your professional focus. Some great points made in this talk that I think a lot of you that are personal-branding focused could take to heart.

Hit up Amanda right here:


May 23, 2018
#AskGaryVee 283 | Michael Ventura, Applied Empathy & Sub Rosa

Absolutely loved having my good friend Michael Ventura on the shoooooow today - Michael is the founder of Sub Rosa, a strategy & design shop that does some amazing work. We really chopped it up about one of my favorite beliefs & mindsets - empathy, in honor of his new book, Applied Empathy and took some calls to frame up what it means to be an empathic person - relating it to leadership, personality traits and more. This was a great show that we crossed a TON of great topics on - hope you enjoy !! 


Go buy Michael's book here:

Check out Sub Rosa:


May 22, 2018
An Interview on Haute Living

This was a really neat interview that I did for Haute Living, talking about how I run my day, Vaynermedia's move into Hudson Yards & Long Island City, how the "motivational speaker" part of my persona became a prominent part of my public appearance, and what the definition of a hustler & hard worker is. Great interview here that brings forward a number of things I don't talk a ton about. 

May 21, 2018
Another Q&A From Instagram In The Back Of A Car

Really enjoying doing these Q&A's in the little downtime I have while traveling, and I'm really happy with the questions that came in with this one. I talk about why I'm so fond about the idea behind "you've signed up for it, so you gotta eat it", door to door sales & more. 

May 20, 2018
Tips To Motivate & Engage With Employees | The Best of #AskGaryVee

A lot of you that consume my content know that I firmly that employees are first in your company, and that you work for them - This mashup includes some tips and viewpoints that'll hopefully help you help your employees to stay motived, happy and hard working ;) 

May 19, 2018
A Keynote: PRSM2018 in Nashville, Tennesee

This keynote I did recently in Nashville at PRSM2018 focusing on retail, restaurants and facilities I think made a massive impact on the audience that was there. I talked about watching social media take its turn from being just "a thing that college kids used" and turning into something so big it had to be regulated by the government, and gave some tactical tips on why & how to produce content within these industries, and close it out with a fire Q&A session.

May 18, 2018
An All-Time Keynote at Propellor Fest 2016 | #TBT

This is an ALL TIME keynote that got me really fired up, really going off on why you need to adjust to the market- you're only as good as your last at-bat, it doesn't matter what happened 8, 9 , 10 years ago. I also go on to get MASSIVELY fired up around when Facebook bought Instagram, and why I still stand by my statement that it was a super cheap buy. If there's one keynote this month you shouldn't miss- it's this ;) 

May 17, 2018
An Interview With Raz and Malik - Two Social Media Entrepreneurs in China

LOVED sitting down with legendary Chinese influencer & all around positive person Raz Gal-Or while he was in town to chat KOL's, the importance of family & more.

May 16, 2018
A Meeting with Tee Grizzley

Loved having this guy stop by the office last month to chop it up around positivity, surrounding yourself with good people and his new album Activated.

May 15, 2018

This one's for all the kids that are about to graduate from college...

May 14, 2018
Live Q&A In A Car In Boston | The How & Why Of Wine Library

Sometimes there's not enough time in a day to film a dailyvee, between meetings and confidential things that can't be shown, so we came up with the smart idea to source questions from Babin's instagram to do a live Q&A in the car while traveling in Boston. We talk about time distribution, how I balance between personal brand & running a business, and a bunch more. Great questions here - hope u all like this one. 

May 13, 2018
Advice to Every Teenager Struggling With Being Accepted |RAW AUDIO: Dailyvee 442

So many of you are struggling with being accepted and overvaluing other people's POV... If one person declines you, go to the market. Don't dwell on the fact that one person rejected you or your ideas. This entire Dailyvee reflects advice for you young people struggling with this point in your life.

May 12, 2018
#AskGaryVee 282 | Clay Shannon of Shannon Ridge Wines

If you're into wine & business, you really don't want to miss this episode of AskGaryVee where I sit down with my friend Clay Shannon of Shannon Ridge Wines and chop it up around the business behind selling, producing and everything around wines. I really think him and I have great chemistry, which is why I truly believe this was an all-time episode - we cover more than just wine, focusing heavily on small businesses trying to make a come up, and strategies for those businesses.

Check out Shannon Ridge Wines here:

and hit them up on Instagram:


May 11, 2018
An ALL TIME Keynote at SXSW 2016 | #TBT

This completely all-time keynote is one that really put me up.

May 10, 2018
An Interview With Sonya Karras & Sacha Kaluri on Parenting

This interview is really important to me, because I talk about a few things I don't touch on very often, diving deeply into parenting and the culture around raising kids - why there's a lot of failure because of parents judging other parents, without focusing more on having their children succeed. I also talk a lot about why I truly believe my mom is a reason that I forged my success so heavily. Great stuff here, I really hope you enjoy. 

Check out these ladies at and on Instagram at @sonyakarras and @sachakaluri & @PodcastOneau

Their podcasts:

Sex, Drugs and Relationships:

Secret Life of Teens:


May 09, 2018
Punching On Social & Growing Your Brand | Business Meeting with Big Baby

Really enjoyed having this conversation with Big Baby because I think that it gives a lot of you guys extra context on how you need to be authentic on social media in order to become more relatable and interesting to your audience. Telling your audience small things about you like what your favorite candy is will result in you getting a more involved/engaged audience. Also, pay attention to what I said about how to hack attention on Twitch... it's important ;)

May 08, 2018
How The Sausage Gets Made | Raw Strategy & Debates With Teamgaryvee

I know a lot of you have been asking for more under-the-hood interaction with my team, so this piece of content is easily the cream of the crop - I had a few members of teamgaryvee sit down and talk with me at Core Club NYC to review our strategy on a multitude of fronts - and it's all out there,  I know you'll get some value out of this.

May 07, 2018
People Only Hear What They Want To | Journalism & Hip Hop Conversation With Rob Markman

Really enjoyed getting to sit down with my man Rob Markman to discuss journalism in the hip hop industry and the industry as a whole... I think this video opens up a side to me that many of you haven't seen with respect to whether or not you should go all in on your passions or play it safe.

May 06, 2018
Overcoming Anxiety & Fear Of Losing | A Mashup

This compilation really hits home for me - Anxiety, fear of losing and a lack of self awareness are the key things that hold you back in life and in business. Once you double down on what you're good at, choose to think positively and realize that nobody gives a fuck about your losses, you'll start to win.

May 05, 2018
Tips & Strategies For Small Businesses | The Best of #AskGaryVee

As a lot of you know, I'm extremely passionate about small businesses - from helping grow my dad's wine & liquor store, to launching Vaynermedia as a small business I've lived and breathed this world, which is why I decided to jump in even further to #SmallBusinessWeek and give you some tips to help grow / start / ideate your business regardless of what stage you're in ;) 

May 04, 2018
An Interview on the Pat McAfee Show | GaryVee #TBT

Absolutely loved being on this show last year. Not only is Pat McAfee an extremely successful and retired, All-Pro NFL player, but he's found a way to hack culture and build a name for himself outside of his football career. On this one we cover all things social, building the foundation of a brand, and what it takes to get things to the next level when you're in the content game. This one was an absolute blast. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure to into Pat's show !!

May 03, 2018
A Fireside Chat With Build.Org | Q&A With High School & College Age Kids

loooved loved loved this Q&A fireside chat I did with and a group of students, and I was thrilled to be honored by this incredible organization.  We jump right into some great questions, like what my process is if things don't go my way - how I deal with that, whether I ever "bet it all" on one thing, the reason I'm such a good public speaker, and why i consider emotional intelligence skills like gratitude, empathy and kindness so so important. Great questions here - I know a lot of u will get some massive value from this one.

May 02, 2018
A Business Chat on Personal Branding and Investing in a Team With Brian Mazza

If you're in a position where you can make a serious investment into your personal brand, you should be putting as much content out as possible and investing in a team that will help you get to where you need to be. Content is the currency of the internet. Loved talking to Brian Mazza, founder of The Ainsworth restaurants about blowing up a personal brand, by producing content at scale.

Check out Brian here:


May 01, 2018
#AskGaryVee | Special Small Business Edition

Really psyched to be able to team up with Vaynermedia client Chase bank to put on this special episode of #AskGaryVee, where we had the owners of 3 small businesses around the New York area come into the office and ask Brent Reinhard, Marketing and Product Executive, Chase Business Banking and myself questions to take their business to the next level. Hope u enjoy! <3

Apr 30, 2018
A Business Meeting with @YG

Loved getting to sit down with YG to discuss what he has going on with all of his new projects - 4hunnid and Stay Dangerous. We dive deep into people giving value versus people who take take take and aren't able to give back, essentially creating only short-term growth.

Apr 29, 2018
7 Reasons I Give Away My Content For Free & Why U Should Too | A Mashup

If you're watching my content, you know that I give away my best advice for completely free. Nothing. No ebook, no sales pitch, it's right there on the internet, and here's why I 100% believe in what I'm doing with it. 

Apr 28, 2018
A LinkedIn AMA In The Back Of A Car

Did a quick "Ask Me Anything" on LinkedIn... if you feel like you missed out, make sure that you follow me so that you can be a part of one in the future ;)

Seriously loved this AMA, giving back to my LinkedIN Community. Great questions, ranging from the weapon I'd fight zombies with, to how easily I'm able to sleep at night, and a ton in between. Hope u enjoy :)

Apr 27, 2018
#TBT | #AskGaryVee 001

We're throwing it WAY back. For some of my new fans, you may have never hear this first episode of one of my most iconic shows, and I think it's super interesting to see how it's changed since then. we get into some nitty gritty about long-term business goals, Facebook dark-posts, and even non-profits. This is the beginning of a new era, my friends. Get ready!


Apr 26, 2018
A Business Meeting with Set Free

Really enjoyed getting to sit down with Set Free and have a meeting to talk about their new collectable toy coming out in April as well as my past with garage sailing. Let me know if you guys liked this meeting and if you did, what about it did you like?

Apr 25, 2018

Loved loved loved chatting with Ben Bowman, AKA professor Broman, diving deep into the Twitch scene which is absolutely blowing up. We chopped it up, talking about Twitch streaming, why eSports is booming to the point where kids are getting full ride college scholarships to play for schools, and of course the importance of Drake popping into Ninja's stream.

Check out Broman's Twitch channel:

and get ready for mine!


Apr 24, 2018
The Mission, The Motive, The Macro... The Dirt The Grind The Hustle | CLOUDS & DIRT

Special announcement...

Apr 23, 2018
An Interview on 11:FS Connection Interrupted | Building a Business, Sneakers & Public Speaking

Loved sitting down to chat again with 11FS, talking about having personal brand, while also building a $150 million dollar advertising agency, Vaynermedia. The interview was light hearted as well, chatting shoe game, keynote speaking and growing up in the 80's.

This is for sure an all-time interview, and I'd love if you'd listen <3

Definitely check out 11FS here: and hit them up on Twitter as well

Apr 23, 2018
Can I Ask A Simple Question? | Sunday Motivation Mashup

This is a simple question. Why are you looking back and focusing in on what could have been - what didn't happen, instead of laser focusing on what's right in front of you, what's coming next, what your next stride is? You have no choice in what happened yesterday- only what happens today, tomrrow, the next day. 

Apr 22, 2018
Attention is Worth More Than Money | A Business Meeting with Racks Hogan

I think that this meeting with Racks Hogan provides some really valuable insight regarding attention and monetization online. We jump into it to chat strategies of buying the Jets, and why it's so important to me that I really push forward the brand of kindness and empathy because of how it'll benefit me in the long run. 

Check out my man Racks here:

Apr 21, 2018
A Business Meeting with Jason Khalipa

This deep meeting I had with gym owner, fitness entrepreneur & influencer Jason Khalipa really pushes forward a lot of elements that I touch on - and Jason was absolutely someone I can relate to. We chat about the outside stigmas of a different work-life balance, the fast come-up's we both have, the backgrounds we come from and how they all relate. We talk heavy about growth strategies, and the big reasonings behind putting out content at scale.

Check out Jason here:


Apr 20, 2018
#TBT | A FIRE Keynote at Inbound 2012

This completely fire keynote I spoke at back in 2012 helped me demonstrate how social media & marketing are developing in today's world, and it's really cool to see how businesses have followed along, having to keep up with things that I mentioned here to stay relevant. Just like back then, I'm still MASSIVELY paying attention to what's going on. For example, I talk about the fact that people driving aren't looking at the road, much less at billboards, hinting towards the boom of audio.

What was your favorite part? Tweet me @garyvee and let me know.

Apr 19, 2018
An Interview On The Path To Mastery Podcast

It was great being on David Hill's podcast, the Path To Mastery, chopping it up about opinions on the futures of real estate and where the industry is headed, the essence of my newest book, Crushing It! and how every single industry is becoming affected by technology - how Uber and Amazon are in my opinion, just a preview of what's to come. 

Check out David's podcast here:

Apr 18, 2018
A Meeting with Sylvan LaCue

Loved chatting it up with this young up and coming artist, Sylvan LaCue.  We sat down and chopped it up hard about the importance of community, branding, and engagement with your fans. Some really good points here I think you'll all love.

Check out Sylvan here:

Apr 17, 2018
Monday Motivation: 4 FIRE Rants To Get You Started

Hope you're all doing amazing this Monday - these three classics are a combo that I think will get you fired up for this week, and pushing through whatever you're working on. Do you like these motivational mondays? By the way, do you like that new one at the end?

Hit me up and let me know <3

Apr 16, 2018
A Roundtable Chat at the Barnes And Noble Crushing It Brunch

Super thankful to everyone that supported the launch of my book, Crushing It!; especially to the ones that I was able to sit down and have brunch with given their extremely generous support. This chat with the 8 winners of my B&N Crushing It brunch contest was great - 2 hours of straight fire talking about self awareness, why you should utilize college to find your homies, and some key aspects kid entrepreneurs need to pay attention to, to be successful.

Apr 15, 2018
A Live Wine Tasting From The Wine Club | April

Here's a little something different for this Saturday, and if you're sitting down enjoying some wine you're going to love this. Here, I'm tasting the wines from April's wine of the month club diving back into my original roots. 

Check out my wine of the month club here!!:

Some of the wines I featured this month:


Apr 14, 2018
#podSessions Ep. 6 | Anastasia Ashley, Aubrey Marcus & Rob Pannell

This was a fire crew to have on podSessions this week. Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit, pro surfer Anastasia Ashley and Lacrosse player Rob Pannell joined me to sit down and talk culture, sports, social media, the culture around losing and a whole lot more. We dive into Aubrey's new book, the obstacles Rob faced on his way to becoming a pro lacrosse player, and Anastasia's surfing career stretching back to age 5. Hope you're all enjoying #podSessions!

Check out the guests here:





Apr 13, 2018
#TBT | The Keynote That Changed My Career - Web 2.0 2008

Guys, this keynote is THE piece of viral content that changed my career, as the internet was becoming what it's become so far today. Every thing your do right now, your great, great, great grandchildren will be able to watch, and that's something to keep in mind constantly.  I break down personal brand equity, and the necessity of not ignoring platforms to boost your influence. This is the one guys. An all-time talk. Hope you love it <3

Apr 12, 2018
Raw Audio: Dailyvee 435 | bad audio but GOOD emotions

Although the audio on this episode is a little blown out, there's some really, REALLY important information here for young entrepreneurs that you should really dig into, and I show my own version of this advice for myself talking to my trainer Jordan.

Apr 11, 2018
A Meeting With Yung Bans

Really enjoyed my meeting with Yung Bans where he told me that kids were getting suspended from school for playing his songs over the school intercom! Super hyped to see that he's already working on hacking attention and culture to set up a platform for himself to distribute his music.

Check out Yung Bans on Soundcloud:

Apr 10, 2018
Monday Motivation: Audit Your Inner Circle

It's nothing but a truth that once you start hanging out around people that are positive, confident and yearning for success that it'll affect you by association, just like if you're hanging out around people that complain all the time, you'll start falling into that hole. This mashup is about auditing your life, your circle and your relationships with people close to you to decide how adjusting those relationships can influence your life. Hope this one hits home for you <3 

Apr 09, 2018
You're Not Lost, Stop Complaining | 3 FIRE Rants For Your Sunday

These three original shorts my team put together put forward two pillars that I talk about a lot, and love to expand on. When you're just starting out, especially when you're young, tasting a lot of things and trying different careers, foods, lifestyles, everything is key to bringing out what you're going to excel at and shape into. I don't understand how you can complain while being a human on earth. So many of you just lack perspective. You've already won. You won the universe's lottery and managed to get lucky enough to live the life that you have right now. One life, act like it.

Check out the original films here:




Apr 08, 2018
A Business Meeting with Beau Casper Smart

Loved meeting with Beau, a top notch dancer, actor and all around good dude. We sat down and chopped it up heavy around content -why you should repost, and how it benefits both you and the person you're posting for, why Will Smith is winning the content game right now and a bunch more. All in all, a great meeting I know you'll enjoy <3 

Apr 07, 2018
A Meeting With Jake Paul

Awesome to have Jake Paul stop by my office and talk about where he's planning on taking Team 10, how he may use Twitch in the future, and what he can be doing to be tunnel visioned on growing his audience.

Apr 06, 2018
Thursday Throwback: The Future of Social Media in 2009 on CNN

Hope you enjoy this throwback to an interview on CNN back in 2009. It's really fun to go back and compare my thoughts and ideas back then and see how accurate they are today, as you can tell this social media thing really panned out ;)

Apr 05, 2018
Advice For Anyone Struggling With Expectations Of Themselves

Waiting until you're 25 to assess your life and try to figure yourself out is never a bad strategy. In some cases, many of you may have seen my "close your eyes until you're 29" rant, which essentially has the same underlying topic as this. Trust the process, put your head down and go for it. <3

Apr 04, 2018
A Business Meeting With Nicky Jam

Great to meet up with latin music star Nicky Jam to chop it up around staying true to your roots, building deals with brands - who and why you should, and diving into his background, his move to Colombia, his past struggles and more. This was a great chat - hope you enjoy <3

Hit up Nicky Jam on IG right here:


Apr 03, 2018
A Keynote: Business Squared Sydney, AUS

The few days that I had to jam in Australia gave me the opportunity to give some of the most powerful keynotes - 3 in two days - I've given. This keynote was focused around attention, and started off really pulling apart the reasons we focus on branding, and the importance of it. We then transition into talking about the importance of social media & smartphones in today's marketing world. Really important points in this one - hope you love it <3 Hit me up on Twitter and let me know your thoughts. 

& check out voicecon here:



Apr 02, 2018
A Rant: What Are You Looking For?
I'm making this challenge for one person in the hopes that it will help them look at things differently and seek out positivity instead of negativity...
Apr 01, 2018
A Mashup: My Thoughts On Mentorship

This is a topic I don't always talk a whole lot about, but when I do, there's a consistent theme to it. I've never had one, but that doesn't mean I don't encourage you to seek one out. Everyone has a different take on whether they can stay inside their own head or need guidance from others.

Full clips here:



Mar 31, 2018
A Keynote: Haste And Hustle Toronto 2018

Like last year's Haste & Hustle event, I was completely fired up for this talk in Toronto. I dove into my beliefs on why some young entrepreneurs are in over their head before they even start, not realizing how lonely it can be - there's nobody you else you can blame above you, no boss, no teacher, no parents... I also touch on the things you need to do if you're building a business, hint, get familiar with the marketing tools of today. Total fire here, you're going to love this one ;)  

Have you checked out Voicecon yet?


Mar 30, 2018
A Business Meeting: The Origins of Lyrical Lemonade

Super cool to get the opportunity to sit down with my man Cole Bennett and talk about his music promotion business, Lyrical Lemonade. I think that a lot of you can get some value out of this conversation with respect to how Cole and his team plan on making a transition within the brand into the beverage industry...

Mar 29, 2018
A Fireside Chat At SXSW With Bonin Bough and Michael Loeb

LOVED this panel I got to speak on with my good friend Bonin Bough and Michael Loeb. We speak on business operations and growth, ideas around parenting, and why I don't let anyone else tell me how to parent my kids, and hone in on the issues with the entrepreneurship boom today - there's lots of companies, but not a lot of them are making money. LOTS of good chat here, hope you love it <3

Mar 28, 2018
A Live Q&A At The K-Swiss London Popup

I absolutely loved getting to spend time in London and meet with a ton of my fans at the Crushing It! x K-Swiss Pop Up shop. I really hope that you guys can find some value in this episode, especially in the last conversation I had when leaving the Pop Up.

Mar 27, 2018
Surprising A Fan On Twitter With A Call

Super happy that I got to surprise a fan from Twitter! Calling fans in general is always a really good way to keep your community engaged and in-tune with whatever it is that you're doing. One of the main points that I really want to hit on again from this episode was the idea of working for free to build a reputation and credibility... If you don't have a degree or the experience that other people do have, you should be working for free for 5-10 clients and crush it for them so that you can build up a strong reputation moving forward.

Mar 26, 2018
A Keynote: Business Squared in Brisbane, Australia

Straight fire in this keynote I gave in Brisbane, Australia a few months ago - I really hone in on those who are squandering getting their business really up and going with social media, and focus on the importance of really focusing on what you're good at within that realm - if you're not great on camera, maybe you're great on audio. But the Q&A section is where the real fire comes out, there's a number of questions from the audience that involve things that I don't usually touch on. Hope u enjoy ;)

Mar 25, 2018
A Mashup: No Excuses

If you're unhappy, there's no excuses for sitting around and complaining that the world's not fair to you, or that you had a shitty upbringing or any other "excuses" that are preventing you from doing your thing. I'm empathetic to those issues from your past, but right now is the time to drop those and leave them where they were, and focus on what's in front of you. <3

Mar 24, 2018
An Interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra

Loved chopping it up with Reece Parkinson on BBC Radio 1Xtra last week diving deep into my thoughts around Will Smith's newly founded presence basketball and football/soccer and why I want to dominate that industry and Snapchat's new update and redesign. Really really really great content here - I focus real heavily on my happiness and why and how I don't let others' opinions about myself affect my own happiness and well being. <3

Watch the full ep here:

Mar 23, 2018
#AskGaryVee 280 | Restaurateur Danny Meyer

MASSIVE love to my friend and business mogul Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group which founded and runs many famous restaurants around New York and the country like Blue Smoke, Gramercy Tavern and Shake Shack. We take some calls from #firstinline and answer questions on hospitality, entrepreneurship, restaurant ownership and more. Total fire in this show.


Hit up Danny here:


Mar 22, 2018
A Keynote at IMG EXPO 2018 in New Orleans

This keynote focused around an audience of contractors was completely on fire when it came to the Q&A section. It kicks off with a massive focus on the fact that the internet and social media aren't ruining your life, they're not ruining our world-  they're exposing who we really are. I talk about the way I identify upcoming trends & nuances in the world, not necessarily always by trial and error. Some great topics & tactics in this keynote, hope you enjoy <3 

Mar 21, 2018
An Interview On The Brink Of Midnight Podcast

COMPLETE FIRE here on The Brink of Midnight Podcast. Great chatting about how my experiences being a D and F student with negative reinforcement in school shaped my entrepreneurial vision today - and why that was a huge driver in my life, and I tell a story about how overpaying for a baseball card table at age 13 was a major transformative moment in my life. There's a TON here that I think a lot haven't heard- would love if you listened <3 

And head over to John Brenkus' page here to check out more of this podcast:

Mar 20, 2018
#podSessions Ep. 5 | Rich Roll, Arabella S. Ruby & Gabe Anderson

Complete fire on this episodes of the #podSessions. I had my man Gabe Anderson of VaynerBeta, Ultra athlete and author Rich Roll and Instagram hit / pro actress Arabella S Ruby on the show this week to chop it up about business, culture, social media, and a TON more. Great, great stuff on this show. 

Check out all the guests here:

Rich Roll:

Rich's Podcast:

Rich's book:


Arabella S Ruby:

Gabe Anderson:


Mar 19, 2018
A Sunday Rant: Close Your Eyes Until You're 29

Listen up -  this is a MASSIVELY important topic that I touch on often. You have time. You're young. What the fuck are you in such a rush for? I see so many young people that are either just out of high school, in college, or just out of college that are spending so much time and energy evaluating their lives and seeing where they stand in comparison to the people around them; stop judging yourselves! Close your eyes until you're 29 and stop dwelling on the past. Be patient and be self-aware, but don't stress if you haven't "made it" while you're still in your 20s... You have so much time.

Hit me up on Twitter and let me know your thoughts. 


Mar 18, 2018
A Mashup: Why TWITCH Is Massively Important

As many of you probably saw, there was a huge shift and growth in Twitch's culture this week, and my predictions and thoughts are coming true that I've been saying for years ;) 

Mar 17, 2018
A Fireside Chat at Baron Davis' All Star Weekend

The internet changed everything... There are no more middlemen and you don't have to get the permission from some old white dude to do whatever it is that you need to do. Instead of coming up with dumb excuses as to why you can't.. look at all the reasons why you can. Hope u all enjoy this fireside chat I did at Baron Davis' Allstar weekend in LA. <3

Mar 16, 2018
#AskGaryVee 279 | Bethenny Frankel

This was a firey episode of #AskGaryVee with TV star, entrepreneur and all around badass Bethenny Frankel - Besides diving down into Bethenny's history and coming up story, we chat building the fastest growing alcohol brand, salad dressings, polo players and a TON more. Lots and lots and lots of laughs here :)

Hit up Bethenny and say hi:

Mar 15, 2018
An Interview On Entrepreneur's The Playbook with Dave Meltzer

Loved loved loved being a guest on Dave Meltzer's podcast, The Playbook. We get straight into it, talking about my "inner workings" and more than just what I put out. I go into what I mean when I talk about how I have no expectations from others, so nobody can every let me down, and really expand on why I care more about my legacy than what I'm thought of this second - comparing to Christopher Columbus. This was an all-time interview, that I'd love if you took a listen to <3


Watch the whole interview right here on Dave's YouTube channel:

Listen to more episodes of The Playbook here: 

Learn more about Dave Meltzer here:

Mar 14, 2018
An Interview On The Tom Ferry Show at Agent 2021

Totally fired up about being a guest on Tom's show at Agent2021 recent - we chopped it up talking about much more than just real estate, diving into what it's like touching on big, big brands that are pushing to stay relevant in today's social world - and how those brands are doing it. Another big topic we touch on is figuring out what kind of content creation and distribution you're good at - you may hate being on video but be an excellent podcaster, which is why you should be going all - in on your strengths. Some really, really good stuff here that I think you'd love <3 

Check out the full video on Tom's channel right here:

Mar 13, 2018
An Interview On The Bigger Pockets Podcast

Straight fire out of this interview from my friends over at BiggerPockets, talking about emotion in losing and how that's changed for me over the years (and how it fires me up to push harder), why I recommend buying filters & frames geotargeted towards college campuses for hiring interns & employees and finding deals through social media. Great great interview here - hope u enjoy !!

Check out the full show here:

Mar 12, 2018
A Rant: Don't Stay In A Job Just To "Help Your Resume"

This is an important topic that I don't think many people realize when they're unhappy at a job, especially right as you're stepped into a new role. If you're unhappy, don't just stay because of how you think it looks on paper. There's no sense in pushing through misery just to get another line in your resume - do what makes you happy. 

Mar 11, 2018
A Mashup: Finding Your Motivation & Passion

If you don't love what you're doing, change it. It's not all about the money & fame - but if you're spending every single day unhappy because you hate your job, then you need to start turning that around.

Check out the full clips from this mashup here:


Mar 10, 2018
Advice To A Young Man That Many Of You Need

I gave this advice to one great kid on growing his personal brand and social media influence .. I just wanted most of you to hear it too...

Mar 09, 2018
GaryVee & Ariana Huffington on Cheddar's The Point

This interview originally appeared on Cheddar's "The Point" -


I think you're all going to find the format of this interview that I did at Cheddar extremely interesting. Arianna Huffington and I chat with Cheddar founder Jon Steinberg on topics like work life balance, burnout, disconnecting from social media & technology and dive into how I was able to be held accountable for my fitness. Really interesting points of view here- hope u enjoy !!

Mar 08, 2018
A Keynote: Tampa Startup Week

Complete fire coming out of this keynote at Tampa Startup Week. I dive deep into the upcoming trend of entrepreneurship, and how my ambition with my message isn't necessarily to encourage every single person to go out there and start a business, but to go out there and do what you want to do. If you want to be a number 13 at a company you admire, it doesn't mean you need to build a company and be it's number 1 first, but if that's your ambition then that's great. Some serious Q&A in this one too - make sure you check it out. <3

Mar 07, 2018
An Interview On The Premium Pete Podcast

Loved chopping it up with my man Premium Pete, about growing up in New York City, the massive change in parenting and how where you grow up influences who you are. We dive deep into how and why I wanted to be cool with so many people throughout school by kindness, driven by the desire to sell and also chat about balancing work & private live. This was an all-time interview, and I'd love if you'd check it out.

Hit up Premium Pete here: 

Check out his podcast here:

Hit him up on Instagram:


Mar 06, 2018
An Interview On the Breaking Into Startups Podcast

Fiiiiiiire podcast incoming - chopping it up with these guys brought out some really important points that need to be brought out. The standards of school, parenting, success and business are changing and if you want to succeed, you've gotta get on board to realize what's going on. As everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, it's important to realize that not everybody's fit to be one - maybe you'd be great as a number 13, instead of a number 1 or 2. SO so so many good topics here- you've gotta check it out <3


Check out their podcast right here:


Mar 05, 2018
A Rant: How To Actually Make Money For Free

This is EXACTLY how you can make money for free! This video will literally change your life. The only thing that stops people from winning is education and the work ethic. I will no longer pander to the "I don't have money" excuse that so many of you use. It's over. Here's why! <3

Mar 04, 2018
A Mashup: Advice To Millennials

This compilation comes from the heart - many of your know my thoughts on the younger generation, and that my beliefs lie with the idea that technology isn't ruining our kids, it's enabling them to become who they are. This advice is aimed heavily at the millennials, the future business leaders of tomorrow, and I hope it can inspire a few of you to get fired up this Saturday. 


Full clips:

What Advice Would I Give 21 Year Old Me:

Being Patient and Grinding In Your Early 20's:

Advice to 16 Year Old Entrepreneurs:

What to Do After College:

Why I Love Millennials:

Mar 03, 2018
A Business Meeting With Rapper Ralo

Super happy that I got to sit down with Ralo and have a quick meeting on coming up in the rap game and creating opportunity for yourself. Was great expanding with him on why I put out my best content for free, at such a large scale - because I know that 90 percent of you aren't going to do anything about it.  ;)

Mar 02, 2018
#AskGaryVee 278 | How to Survive Going "All In" & Choosing Retirement Over Passion

If you're really trying to figure out how to go all in on your passion, this call-in #AskGaryVee is one you really, really can't miss. The two topics that the callers and I go heavily in-depth on are related to following a passion, but split off to whether you should be taking your parents opinion on your life, and how you need to think about taking a leap when there are kids involved. Deep, deep calls, and I'd really love if you'd hear them out <3 

Mar 01, 2018
An Interview at Tampa Startup Week

Loved this quick chat before my big talk at Tampa Startup Week, defining and going into my personal brand, it's reasons and how it came to be. We also touch on selling what you believe in, and it such an important factor in successful entrepreneurship. 

Feb 28, 2018
A Chat With Young Entrepreneurs in Tampa About Success, Patience & Value

This was a really cool clip from a pre-show event in Tampa where I talked to a group of young entrepreneurs about take the time to make sure that you're living by your own standards and not adhering to anyone else's idea of what your life should be. If you're chasing something solely because "society" wants you to, you have to stop and evaluate what you're doing to get to that place. Some really important lessons here that I think you should hear!

Feb 27, 2018
An Interview On The Front Row Entrepreneur's Podcast with Jen Lehner

Loved being on Jen Lehner's podcast - she's someone who reached out to me after hearing me on James Altucher's podcast, and started up her own podcast which she talks about the benefits about. We go into the value of kindness, and emotion when you're building a business & living the life of an entrepreneur. There is nothing more Niche than being the human being. Your Niche is being you. Over the past few days I have been emphasizing on Kindness as I believe that this is the only reason why things are working out for me the way they are. Hope you enjoy <3

Feb 26, 2018

This rant is for everybody that's being held down by other people and not taking control of their own life and destiny. When is it enough? When do you finally realize that this is your life and that you need to take control? When do you draw the line and say "enough"?!

Feb 25, 2018
A Mashup: 5 Reasons Positivity Is The Ultimate Key

Positivity. It's one of the single most powerful tools that you have to overcome any negativity in your life. If you're spitting positivity and looking at that cup half full, you are in such a better place than those losers that are pushing you down, spitting negativity. 


Check out the full clips:
Haste & Hustle-
#AskGaryVee218 with Fat Joe:
#AskGaryVee226 with Simon Sinek:
#AskGaryVee246 with Logic:

Music by

Feb 24, 2018
A LIVE #AskGaryVee With Ryan Serhant at Agent2021

If you're in real estate, this live AskGaryVee I did with my man Ryan Serhant is one that you absolutely cannot miss. 

Feb 23, 2018
A Meeting With Brooklyn Nets Player Nik Stauskas

Super awesome to get the opportunity to sit down with Nik Stauskas for this meeting. For those of you that don't know, Nik is a basketball player in the NBA and was also on the fourth episode of #podSessions. I think that this meeting helps clarify my definitions of patience and eating dirt for any of you that have been a little confused about what I'm trying to get at... 


Check out my man Nik here:

Feb 22, 2018
An Interview With Jay Shetty

Loved chopping it up with my man Jay Shetty, chatting about gratitude, empathy, self awareness and positivity and how the combination of all these things enable leverage in different scenarios. We dive in about how you need to learn to let things go, and not allow other peoples' negativity to push you down, even if someone's saying "you're ugly, you suck" on Instagram. The comments here are straight from the heart - hope you love it <3

You can find my man Jay over on Instagram at @JayShetty
and on YouTube

Feb 21, 2018
A Live Q&A In an IHOP In Minneapolis

There are a few key points that I really try to hit on during this Q&A session at iHop... I think that the college debt crisis is just around the corner, yet people that are already in debt are taking out loans to buy dumb shit to hide their insecurities. I really think that the NBA has a shot of going out of business as a result of players having all of the leverage and wanting to cut out the middleman. And lastly, once people realize how insane the opportunity is to work for someone like myself, like Mark Cuban, like Tim Ferriss, or like Jeff Bezos, people will actually pay to work for them because of what it does for their careers...

Feb 20, 2018
A Hip Hop Meeting With Tierra Whack

I really think that Tierra Whack has a solid shot of being a massive artist in this space. She has something that I don't see in many other artists, so I just think that this is going to really work out for her... Let me know what you guys thought the most insightful part of this meeting was! This meeting was easily one of the most powerful meetings I've had with a booming hip hop artist.


Check out Tierra Whack here:

Feb 19, 2018
A Rant: My Honest Opinion On Hard Work, Hustle, Rest & Sleep

If you're truly doing what you love, it won't feel like you're actually working... Even though I talk a lot about hard work and hustle, I still take some time off on the weekends to spend with my family, watch Jets games, and rest. Just because I put so much emphasis on working hard doesn't mean that I'm remotely trying to say that you shouldn't be sleeping or not resting... I'm trying to say that you should be using the time that you have while awake wisely and productively.

Feb 18, 2018
A Mashup: 6 Tips & Thoughts Around Starting & Growing A Youtube Channel

Guys, YouTube is a staple platform for my content as most of your know, and I think it's a super important place to be, as long as it's for YOU. If you're striving to be a vlogger, or other youtuber, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that you need to be constantly providing value and engaging your subscribers, making them want to come back, and you don't need any fancy equipment to get started- just your phone. Hope you enjoy these thoughts around YouTube & the community, let me know your thoughts !! 


Check out the full videos here:




Feb 17, 2018
A Business Meeting With Lions Linebacker Brandon Copeland

This meeting I had with Detroit Lions Linebacker Brandon Copeland showed off some great macro-focused points that I like to get across to athletes. We talk about leveraging the name of the brand that you play for to help get ahead in business, personal branding and any other entrepreneurial endeavors you may be chasing. Utilizing a brand that gives you leverage is a massive upside that once you start to realize how it works and how to use it, you'll win. <3

Feb 16, 2018
An Interview On Sara Dietschy's The Creative Exchange Podcast

I was honored to be on my good friend Sara Deitschy's FIRST guest on her brand new podcast, The Creative Exchange, I've been following her for a while and it was a blast chatting with her, talking about personal branding, Crushing It! and the future of voice and marketing. This chat was an amazing one - would mean a lot if you hit me up and let me know your thoughts, and check out Sara's new channel!


Go check out The Creative Exchange here: find Sara's YouTube channel here:


Feb 15, 2018
#podSessions Ep. 4 |!llmind, Hannah Bronfman & Nik Stauskas

#podSessions number 4 might be the best yet. These guests were completely on fire, and it was amazing chopping it up with each of them, focusing on their individual world. Flowing from music, to sports to health and beauty, the chat here was all-time. 


Hit up the guests here:
Hannah Bronfman:
Nik Stauskas:


Feb 14, 2018
An Interview on Ebro In The Morning on Hot 97

Hanging out with the crew at Hot 97's Ebro In the Morning was a BLAST. Loved chopping it up with this talented crew, and chatting everything from how I decided to "document over create" as early as Wine Library, staying quiet and under the radar from 2011 to 2014, how some music icons got their start by working for free and why I'm not afraid of emerging technology "always on listening". This was a FIRE chat that you really, REALLY shouldn't miss. Hope you enjoy <3



Check them out on Instagram here:

Feb 13, 2018
An Interview On The Lewis Howes School of Greatness

Always a pleasure to be on my man Lewis Howes' podcast and show, the School of Greatness where we got down and chopped it up about the side of being an entrepreneur and businessman that most people don't see. We chat about insecurity, my greatest challenge since I started VaynerX, what it was like starting a family while growing a business and a ton more. Hope you all love this <3 

Check out Lewis' Podcast & Show Notes here:

Feb 12, 2018
A Keynote at Agent 2021

I was fired up for this opening keynote that I gave at VaynerExperience's first major event, Agent2021 geared at the emerging and changing digital platforms that we as marketers and strategists have to adapt to. A big point that I try and get across here, is that content marketing is still the key point that you should be focusing on- especially if you fall into either the Auto sales, insurance sales, real estate or travel demographics that this conference was focused around - legacy industries that must change to meet new platforms. Hope you all enjoy this one <3

Feb 11, 2018
A Mashup: 5 Thoughts On College Alternatives & Whether Or Not You Should Go

If you're a big fan of my content, you know right off the bat that my views on college are mainly skewed towards life skills & personal skills, rather than actually gaining important knowledge, ESPECIALLY if you're working towards being an entrepreneur. Here, I'm joined by a few friends to help answer the really important question of "should I go to college", and what kinds of alternatives there are to attending higher education. There's some really good stuff in here if you're stuck in that spot - hope you enjoy <3 

Feb 10, 2018
#podSessions Ep. 3 | Jerry Ferrara, Danielle Snyder & Liz Eswein

Episode 3 of #podSessions is IN THE BOOKS! This was definitely an all time episode, featuring new and old friends actor Jerry Ferrara, fashionista Danielle Snyder & Instagram mastermind Liz Eswein. We chop it up about everything from typecasting, to the importance of jumping on the Alexa & voice movement (Jerry isn't as keep ;) ), to our thoughts and ideals behind the next generations' adoption of technology. You realllllly don't want to miss this episode ;)

Check out my guests:
Jerry Ferrara:
Danielle Snyder: &
Liz Eswein:

Feb 09, 2018
A Meeting With A TeamGaryVee Member | Learning How To Start A Franchise Business

Hope you all enjoy this chat with Justin, one of my Teamgaryvee guys where we chat about his ambitions and what he's looking for in the future. Starting a franchise business is a long and difficult path; it takes immense capital, time, and knowledge. My man Justin is going to have a long path in front of him, but you know what, I know that he's going to crush it as long as he puts in the time and work. <3 

Feb 08, 2018
An Interview on The Millennial Way Show at Agent 2021

This was a really cool interview to do, on a Facebook live based show at Agent2021- We focused insanely heavily on voice, audio and how it's the next generation of social interaction that's reducing friction for businesses and consumers at the same time. We go in-depth on not only the benefits of podcasting and podcast consumption, but also the idea behind my Monday to Monday playlist and close out chatting around being a role model for a new generation of entrepreneurs. Hope you enjoy this one ;)


Check out the full show right here:

and check out my Monday to Monday Spotify playlist here:

Feb 07, 2018
A Keynote: Live Your Legacy Hero Series at Draper University

TOTAL FIRE in this keynote I did in San Francisco at Draper University last week. Loved diving into this session focused on true entrepreneurship and tactics to grow both personal and professional brands, and finding your long tail goal within all of that. This era that we're in is truly amazing, because you can actually do what you really want to do - whether it's create a business or a personal brand with, because of the invention of the internet. There's really nothing like it. The Q&A session in this keynote rocked too, diving into AI and messenger bots, the future of ecommerce, and a ticketing business. Hope you really get something out of this -  there's a TON here ;)


Feb 06, 2018
A Fireside Chat With Ryan Serhant at Agent 2021

Agent2021 may have gone, but the chats, keynotes and Q&A's here were COMPLETE fire. I loved getting together with my man Ryan Serhant for a fireside chat to sit down and talk sales, personal branding and getting into the real estate game. Loved diving in to Ryan's background and origin story, and talking about our views on the "sales" game, something that we're both in coming from a client services realm, as well as the real estate game. Some serious fire towards the end of this chat too - comparing real estate to the sports agent game, and a ton more. This is an absolutely fire chat guys, I hope you enjoy <3


Check out Ryan here:

Feb 05, 2018
Being One of The First YouTubers, Viddler and Subscriber Dedication | An Interview on VideoInfluencers

This was a really cool interview I did a little while back which focused pretty heavily on becoming an influencer & starting in the video space when it first debuted. I chat about being one of the first on YouTube, and why I made the choice at the time to move to Viddler (and then back to YouTube), and chop it up about why subscriber dedication is much more important than a subscriber number (width vs depth). This is a great interview for anyone playing the video game and playing with growth on YouTube. Hope you give it a listen ;) 

Watch the full interview here:

Feb 04, 2018
A Mashup: 5 Thoughts On Why Alexa and IoT Is The Future

If you've consumed any of my content, you know that I'm extremely hot on voice, and podcasting. Voice in particular, I believe will massively impact the consumer market as it provides an insanely low friction point. Want to order some toothpaste? Alexa, Order toothpaste. It's just that easy. Here's some content demonstrating my love for the platform ;)

Feb 03, 2018
#podSessions Ep. 2 | Bobbi Brown, Anna Victoria & BALR/433 Co Founders

This one goes deep with legendary Bobbi Brown on how she built a cosmetics empire, Anna Victoria on her mission to bring more "body love" ;) and the co-founders of BALR. on how they built a thriving lifestyle business off the back of a media account with 16M followers. We dig into their obsessions in culture, how to live a better life, be authentic, share your flaws, own your struggles, and enjoy the ride. We talk tennis, following hashtags, documenting the real* you, and being smart on Snapchat! This one has it all. For those of you that don't know, #PodSessions is really the resurgence of my early silicon valley tech days where I would hang out with a lot of the web 2.0 investors and founders and talk through the state of the union in startups, business, media and more which has led me to recreate that energy though my podcast on The GaryVee Audio Experience. I hope u enjoy!


Check out the guests of this #podSessions:

Anna Victoria:

Bobbi Brown:



Feb 02, 2018
A Fireside Chat at General Assembly with Garyvee And Casey Neistat

This chat that I did with my good friend Casey Neistat has to be one of the best fireside style interviews ever. We go deep in this, and talk about why we both will leave money on the table to make sure we're staying true to ourselves & who we are, and how both Casey and I are all in on "attention" as a whole - we both understand that in a social first world, that's easily one of the most important things to focus on. We also chat about why technology and digital communication are positive, not negatives -  because they allow such open messaging between anybody. This was a great one, and I'd love if you heard it. ;)

Feb 01, 2018
A Meeting With Rapper Gunna

One of the best meetings I've ever had with a Rapper- loved chopping it up with Gunna, and I love what this guy is saying and how he's one of the most genuine lyricists in the game. He's up and coming, so we talk a ton about how the spot he's in right now is the toughest he's going to be in for a while. This is where the decisions count, and where the choices really really matter- because they affect the path he'll go down so heavily. This was a great meeting, hope you all enjoy !!

Jan 31, 2018
A Business Meeting With Jace Norman

I had a quick meeting with my man Jace Norman on how he could get a social media marketing business for influencers up and running. I think that there is a ton of value in this meeting for any of you that are interested in starting a marketing/management business of any sort. Was great chatting with Jace and helping him start thinking more about his own content & business ambitions - something I think a lot of you can relate to. <3

Jan 30, 2018
A Business Meeting With Fitness Entrepreneur Anna Victoria

Absolutely loved having PureWow Coterie member and Instagram fitness influencer Anna Victoria to chat building a personal brand, and how to build a team to help you do that - Once you hit a certain point, having a team to help you scale content production gains you a massive leg up on your personal brand growth, and that's something we dive really deep into here, as well as talking about who and how to hire. Some important points here for ANYBODY looking to scale their personal brand - hope you love it ;)

Jan 29, 2018
A Business Meeting with Mentalist Lior Suchard

Loved meeting with Mentalist Lior Suchard to chat illusions, mindfulness and the power of making decisions for yourself. I don't think that this is "magic", I just think that it's practical. I feel this and understand this more a lot more than I think most people do... I just think that I'm more sensitive to it which is why I believe it.

Check out the full video right here:

Jan 28, 2018
7 Reasons You Need A Personal Brand

I believe that establishing a strong personal brand is essential to success, and that they're going to replace the resume - something that's already starting. In this mashup I wanted to give you all some context around what personal branding entails, and a few tips and tricks to getting your own one started - no matter who u are. Hope you enjoy !!

Jan 27, 2018
A Rant: Short Term Dollars Vs Long Term Legacy

Make sure you're doing what you're doing for the right reason. So many of you are creating content, or building a personal brand to try and make a quick dollar, and that's OKAY, as long as it's what YOU want. My goal is to build a legacy, which is why I give all my content away for free- it helps to build that trust and personal value that lands me where I want to be. This is a good one guys, hope you take it to heart - there's a LOT of meaning to this rant <3

Jan 26, 2018
A Fireside Chat With Samsung NEXT at CES 2017

This fireside chat that I did with Samsung NEXT at CES dove hard into emerging tech, and how to plan 4 to 6 years out to best be able to take advantage of the next big thing. This is something massively important, especially in the advertising and content industry where you want to be able to catch EVERY single eyeball that's relevant,you can to distribute your message, content, or idea. Loved chopping it up about how technology isn't hindering our culture, rather it's exposing who we actually are- something massively important to understand <3

Jan 25, 2018
A Rant: Why You Should Take Your Health Seriously As An Entrepreneur

This rant brings out a thought that I learned a little bit later in life - take care of yourself & your physical health. If you're not staying healthy, you're not going to be in peak mental condition either which hinders results. That's why I made the commitment to a full time trainer, to keep me accountable for my own actions & fitness. Hope you guys take this one to heart :)

Jan 24, 2018
An Interview On The FinTech Insider Podcast

Loved this high energy interview I did with 11:FS, chopping it up to what it's like to run a company and what your mindset needs to be to be able to build both a personal and professional brand. We dive into a few questions that are asked often about Vaynermedia, like client expectations, scaling business and how companies become interested in working with Vaynermedia. I then talk about my mindset behind vlogging, and how it enables my team to capture & produce as much content as we're putting out on a daily basis - a very important correlation. Some straight fire here, hope you enjoy <3

Check them out here:

Jan 23, 2018
Chopping It Up with Cha Tha God On The Brilliant Idiots Podcast

LOVED chopping it up with my man Charlemagne as always,  getting down into culture & growing up the way we did. We get deep into how our upbringings and interest in culture shaped our success & drive to become who we are today, while always having the humility to step up and get your hands dirty no matter how successful you may be. That's a huge point that I don't think a lot of people get- that you have to love the grind and the process. Hope you all love this one <3

Make sure you check out The Brilliant Idiots podcast right here:

Jan 22, 2018
An Interview: Parental Influence on Business, Being an Immigrant and Leading a Company

This podcast interview that I did a few years back hits home on some things that I don't talk about all that often, and lets me deep dive into what it was like coming up as an immigrant from Belarus. Loved chopping it up & getting into what I see as my parents' influence on how I function & run my businesses, and why that's shaped me to be the leader that I am today. Some really really cool stuff in here, I'd love if you'd listen & give me your feedback <3

Jan 21, 2018
A Mashup: 5 Thoughts About Anxiety, Overthinking & Meditation

If you follow me, you know that I believe that strong mental health is integral to success - so I love these clips that focus on my point of view on meditation, anxiety & overthinking, three topics that I think mesh well together. I'd love if you take a listen, especially if you struggle with overthinking or anxiety. Hope u enjoy <3 


Check out the full clips here: 

How To Overcome Anxiety & Build Self Esteem:
How To Stop Overthinking Everything?:
Is The #AskGaryVee Show My Meditation?:
Developing Self-Awareness Through Meditation:
Just Another Day Of New York Execution | Dailyvee 167:
Jan 20, 2018
#podSessions Ep. 1 | @Girlwithnojob, Cipha Sounds & Saweetie

VaynerNation, This is serious. I'm starting a new podcast called #PodSessions where I bring in 3-4 unique guests to chop it up and talk about current culture. This is a podcast version of the "Jam Sessions" I used to have back at SXSW and all over where I would stay up late in a hotel room full of founders and cool people in silicon valley, tech, business, etc in order to talk about what's going on in our world. Whether that's cryptocurrency, music, wine, sports or "slime" it's all going to be here ;). This episode I'm joined by Instagram superstar Claudia Oshry Soffer aka @girlwithnojob, hip hop star Saweetie and renowned DJ & Comedian Cipha Sounds. Hope you all enjoy this <3


Go check out the amazing people on this episode:


Jan 19, 2018
Building An Agency, Speaking and Silicon Valley | An Interview With Saxis.DK

This interview that I did while in Denmark brings some insight to topics that I don't brush on all that often, starting out with my views on Silicon Valley and how to get into that area. We the pivot to chatting about what it was like building Vaynermedia, and a few things that I wish I had done differently while building the company - some really cool insight here. We also chop it up talking about the motivational speaking I do, and what it means to me. Some cool topics covered here, hope you enjoy !!

Jan 18, 2018
The Difference Between A Winning & Losing Mindset

I'm so hyped up by this fan made film that the Mulligan Brothers created. It knocks out of the park my ideas on what makes a person a true winner, and the mindset that sets one up for an advantage. Combined with the commentary from my team in the beginning, this is a powerful piece of content that I think everybody needs to hear. It comes from an episode of Impact Theory, made by my man Tom Bilyeu that I was - and it got DEEP. If you haven't watched or heard the entire episode, you should definitely check that out too.


Hope you all enjoy this one. <3


Check out the Mulligan Brother here:


Watch the full episode of Impact Theory:

Jan 17, 2018
An Fireside Chat With Chase Jarvis at Photoplus

This Fireside chat I did with my close friend Chase Jarvis laid out everything it takes to make it in a creative field. We chop it up and discuss things like valuing your work (and why there's two sides to every negotiation), how client services are similar whether you're a photographer or running a $150 million dollar full service agency, and a ton of personal branding. Serious fire here - hope you give it a listen & check out Chase's page over at

Jan 16, 2018
A Business Meeting With JEEZY | Buying Dying Brands to Flip for Millions

This meeting I took with hip hop legend Jeezy really puts out there what I'm trying to do with my companies and with my drive in general - build everything for leverage and legacy. We talk about how he got into the music game directly because of entrepreneurial tendencies. Then we chop it up into the main point of this episode, which is the reason I'm building and machine to buy and flip big brands, and how I think about it. This meeting is PURE gold and I think you'll really enjoy it ;)

Jan 15, 2018
Investing, Content Consumption & Behavior Watching | An Interview On Kelsey Humphreys's Show

This interview I did a little while back was really cool, and I think brought out a different perspective than what I usually give out - we dive into how I went from selling baseball cards to selling wine to collectors and how I gained my insight into human interaction by watching people, and deciphering what they do. I chop up why I keep my content free, and how that helps me really pull ahead in the long run. There's some really cool insights here that I'd love you to really get. Hope you enjoy <3

Jan 14, 2018
Staying Driven, Motivated & Focused | 5 FIRE Clips

What's the best way to stay focused as hell? Want it. Love it. Enjoy what you're doing and learn to look at the day/week/month/year/decade ahead of you as a positive grind. These clips chop up what keeps me going and on track, and I hope they'll inspire you to do the same.

Check these clips out here:


Jan 13, 2018
A FIRE Dinner Meeting with Anik Khan & Hasan Minhaj

This EPIC dinner meeting I had with legendary comic & Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj and Queens native rapper Anik Khan is on another planet. We planned this meeting back when Hasan was on the #AskGaryVee Show and pulled through to chop it up big time. If you have any interest in understanding the best content strategy for rappers, the truth behind social media exposing people, and how I play "the game", you have to listen to this <3

Jan 12, 2018
Raw Audio: What It's Like To Do What You Love | Dailyvee 364

Are you enjoying these Dailyvee's turned podcast? This one I think is really really excellent, because there was so much packed into this one day. From my podcast for Bestsellers with Lydia, to my keynote and meeting two young massively talented soccer players, along with a serious magician. There's so much value (and entertainment) in this entire day, that I hope you'll all love. ;)

Jan 11, 2018
Instagram Tips with Pro Footballer Divocki Origi

This meeting with Divocki Origi was absolutely phenomenal and I loved talking Instagram strategy with him - doing some direct comparison between the garyvee brand and his. We chop it up and get tactical, and chat about the differences and insights between the millennial generation versus life before smartphones. Some great content and tips here, let me know what you think! 

Jan 10, 2018
An Interview On The Chinese ETW Podcast

Loooved being on this China-based podcast chatting about my personal brand, and what it means internationally. I'm only beginning to breach growth in Asian markets, so exploring what that means was extremely eye opening. We chat KOL (influencers), and how they're affecting the worldwide markets and who I think the best communicators that I've met are, closing out my advice for international long term markets. Hope you like this one :)

Jan 09, 2018
Interview on New York City Pulse

LOVED being on this young entrepreneur's first podcast episode, especially because he pulled out some facts and points of view that a lot of people don't when they're interviewing me. We touched on some topics that I don't brush on all that much, like what it was like raising my siblings while my father was working, and how I was able to translate selling in retail & the wine business to a selling to fortune 500 clients. Great content here, hope you all enjoy <3 

Jan 08, 2018
A Business Meeting With NYC Rapper ANIK KHAN

LOVED sitting down with local Queens, NYC rapper Anik Khan to chat music, distribution and attention. I absolutely LOVE what this guy is putting out, which is why I've spent so much time watching & meeting with him. Here, Anik talks about the influences he uses to drive his music and relate to his neighborhood in Queens, and the keys he takes from his background. I dive into the best ways to be distributing music, and why it's so important to constantly be giving and putting music out for others to hear. Hope you love this one <3

Jan 07, 2018
5 Tips To Help Teachers and Professors

A lot of you know my thoughts on the education system, and that I'm not a huge fan of traditional college or education methods - so here's a few thoughts on what I think can help teachers reach their students, and help them learn in their own personal ways. <3

Jan 06, 2018
An Interview On The Swedish Bestsellers Podcast

Loved loved loved being on this podcast before my keynote at Bestseller in Stockholm, Sweden a few weeks back. This is a really unique piece of content, and I chop it up on some topics that I don't touch on much, like what I envision for my kids, the best ways to reach millennials and a whole lot more. This might be one of my best interviews to date, so you really should listen ;)

Jan 05, 2018
A Meeting With Hip Hop Legend REDMAN

Loved meeting with hip hop icon and mastermind, Redman to focus on what his next steps should be into the content world. It all boils down to creating content on whichever platform fits your audience - similar to how dj khaled dominates snapchat. This chat was great, and we did some good narrowing in on the types of content, music included that Red can be producing to blow his personal brand out of the water. Hope you enjoy this one ;)

Jan 04, 2018
RAW AUDIO: Motivated By Myself & Doing The Work | Dailyvee 230

Are you enjoying these raw, audio versions of some of my favorite dailyvee episodes? There's a lot of meat in here, including my a rant & chat with a #60secclub winner that gets deep & insightful. A big takeaway that I expand on for this episode, is to follow your heart when you feel you're losing focus on the end goal. Some real gems in here, hope it gets you fired up for today ;)

Jan 03, 2018
A Business Meeting: Why Pinterest And Facebook Are Important For Your Business

Loved this meeting I had with these two guys from Connecticut. We dive really, really deep into a bunch of topics, including the nature of Pinterest, and how important it is depending on your business's target demographic. If you're aiming towards people looking to have a baby shower, you should be focusing a massive amount of time and dedication towards Pinterest, just like you shouldn't be using Snapchat if your demo is a 54 year old banker. Know your demo, know where they live and thrive in that area. That's the key ;)

Jan 02, 2018
12 Fire Clips From The Top Podcast Episodes Of 2017

This year I got really serious about my podcast and I'm absolutely loving it. Here's a few total fire clips to get your new year started right ;) The clips here are from:

Wieden & Kennedy Talk

A Fireside Chat With Shark Tank's Daymond John

CBT Automotive Conference Chat

SXSW 2017 Q&A

Brand Minds Romania Keynote

AskGaryVee with Morgan Spurlock

Relentless 2017, A Keynote

A Fireside Chat With Vaynermedia NYC Summer Interns

A Chat with Nicholas Megalis

A Keynote At the Dutch Bros Leadership Conference

The Analyze Asia Podcast

AskGaryVee with Hasan Minhaj

Fired up for what's to come in 2018 <3

Jan 01, 2018
The Last Podcast You Should Listen To in 2017

As we close out 2017, I hope that i've inspired you to gl all- in on what you want to do, what makes you happy, what drives you to your success. In 2018, start becoming more self-aware, start doing more things for yourself and you'll start seeing positive results. This podcast hits home on every single point that I try and make, and I hope it gives you even more drive for 2018. Have a great new years everyone <3

Dec 31, 2017
A Mashup: 3 Completely FIRE Keynote-In-5's

I know you all are absolutely loving this new format, condensing hour and a half keynotes into 5 minutes of complete fire and capturing their best parts, so I wanted to try them out on the podcast to get your thoughts. I compiled the absolute best points from the all-time Haste & Hustle keynote with the on-fire Dutch Bros' Leadership conference and incorporated a meeting I had with a group of students that came into Vayner to chat. Hope you love these-  hit me up on twitter and let me know your thoughts  !!

Dec 30, 2017
A Rant: I'm Acting That Way

This rant comes from a seriously deep place, where I talk about why I am the way I am, in personality, positivity and self awareness. Looking at different things in a positive mindset will never make a situation worse, because you're not blinded by the negativity. Some people this doesn't come natural to, and they have to work to gain a positive perspective and I'm so incredibly grateful to be born the way I was, and raised this way so that my perspective can always take the high road. Hope you are all having a happy holiday. Enjoy this one <3

Dec 29, 2017
A Keynote: Hjärntillskott Stockholm Executive Days Sweden 2017

This keynote is complete fire, where I focus heavily on business strategies and tactics starting out with exactly why you need to not pass up on social media if you want your business to succeed. I dive into why the most successful brands of our time are they way they are, utilizing the platforms that warranted the most attention at the time to get ahead of their competition. This is one you 100 percent should not miss. Let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 28, 2017
A Rant: Eating Dirt & Being A Number 2 in A Company

Love love love this little rant that came off the dome while chatting with Tyler my assistant - Sometimes being a number 1 in a company is over glorified and it takes a different perspective to realize that all these big meetings I'm having with these big names is really eating the dirt to set myself up for an even bigger success in the end. I'm grinding, just like all of you to place myself where I want to end up - long term goals. This rant/ exchange is something you should all listen to as you're setting up for 2018.

Dec 27, 2017

Loved loved loved having my good friend and head of VaynerExperience, Kim Garcia drop by to chat about this brand new offering in the VaynerMedia world and how our first big conference - Agent2021 came to be. I'm hyped up for this conference, and the call-in questions were phenomenal - chatting about how to scale a small real estate business in a rural town, building up a growing music festival and running a small-town auto shop. Hope you all enjoy this one, and if you haven't yet, check out Agent2021's offerings- I'd love to see you there <3

Dec 26, 2017
A Keynote: Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Summit

I was completely in the zone for this talk at Rabobank, focusing on the Food & Agribusiness world. It's not "everything is changing", it's "everything has already changed." There is such a massive disconnect between people and what's already going on... AI, VR, AR, mobile, digital, voice, etc. already are ruling our lives. I will be and already am successful because I am seeing this and noticing that this is where the attention is... I am day trading people's attention.

Dec 25, 2017
Inside My Heart, Brain & Soul

This rant / mashup puts it all out there, my beliefs, thoughts, ideals, business ideals and motivation. It embodies empathy, gratitude, hustle, speed and patience. I hope this gets you absolutely FIRED UP as we head into 2018, and that you're ready to kill it this year. <3 

Dec 24, 2017
The Top 10 Moments From #AskGaryVee in 2017

The #AskGaryVee show is one of my staple pieces of content, and one of my favorites, after doing almost 300 episodes in the last few years. 2017's highlights include my father Sasha Vaynerchuk, all-time comedian and Daily Show Correspondent Hasan Minhaj, Bar Rescue star Jon Taffer, musician Jewel, my man Tim Ferriss, world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr, TV star Richard Rawlings, my buddy Tony Robbins, and all time rappers Logic and T-Pain. The content, call in's and chats between all these eps are completely all-time and you should check each out individually, right here on the Garyvee Audio Experience. 

Dec 23, 2017
My 2 Cents On Hustle & Balance

I've been seeing a lot of feedback lately of people trying to demonize or put down hustle and hard work as a whole, so I wanted to dive in and give my 2 cents on what this really mean. I just want to make it clear that this is my own point of view, and that the entire meaning is subjective to the person who's intaking it. If you're happy defining your "hustle" has 16 hours a week, that's great for you - if it's 3, and it makes you happy, that's perfect to. It's about being self-aware and identifying what makes you tick. Have a great new year guys, hope you love this <3

Dec 22, 2017
A Business Meeting With Rapper GoldLink

Extremely humbled to have 2018 Grammy Nominee and up and coming rap superstar, GoldLink stop by my office the other day. Huge take away that I discuss with GoldLink in this video is that even when you feel like you've "made it", if you stay patient for even just a little bit longer, you will "make it" so much more. Get as much attention as possible, eat shit, and really put in the work - the payoff will be massive.

Check out my man GoldLink here:

Dec 21, 2017
A VIP Lunch With Auto Dealers

This lunch I had after speaking in Toronto with a gathering of auto dealers was about more than just the auto industry. We do talk about the industry, and how dealer branding should be the focus rather than the brands that are sold, because that can change at the drop of a pin. Then we dive into some deep down topics like work-life balance, the future of parenting and I talk about my biggest "misses" thus far. This would be a great one for you to hear to gain a bunch of insights. Hope you enjoy <3 

Dec 20, 2017
A Rant: Think LEGACY, not DOLLARS

This rant is the absolute definition of what I mean when I say that I think long term - and you should too. When you stop worrying about what your bank account will look like in 1 or 3 or 7 years, you start moving yourself forward to be massively successful in the long term. Start looking at every single move you make as an impact to your legacy, and decide whether it'll impact positively or negatively. It's your choice, it's your time in the end game. Get it? Hope you enjoy <3

Dec 19, 2017
A Meeting With Big K.R.I.T | What Hip Hop Is All About

This is easily one of the more interesting meetings that I've had in a while and it was with the amazing Big K.R.I.T. I think there are some really interesting pointers in here if you pay close attention, where we dive into hip hop culture and Big K.R.I.T's backstory. We chat being an independent artist versus being locked into a single label, how thinking the market is always right dictates your next move, and a ton more. Hope you love this one !!

Dec 18, 2017
A Rant: Document Vs Create

Document, don't create. This is one of my all-time theses, because it's the foundation that I built my brand on. I wasn't "creating" wine library TV, I was documenting myself. I'm documenting every day, between Dailyvee, my podcast and every one of my channels because it so accurately displays my passions, my strengths, my life, and my ideals. This is a powerful one, don't skip it ;)

Dec 17, 2017
5 Of My Thoughts On College

Many of you who listen to my content have heard me talk about what my thoughts are around going to college and the after college experience once you've attended. Here, I talk about my experiences, my thoughts, my wishes and what I think college is both good and not good for. This different for everyone, but there's something here that anyone can and should take away. Hope you enjoy, have a great weekend <3 

Dec 16, 2017
A Call With A Marketing Class

Loved loved loved this call I had with a marketing class, which asked some very insightful questions. I started this call with a brief introduction to the state of attention, focusing in on making the point that attention is living in a digital world, but that nobody is clicking on banner ads, or reading emails thoroughly.  I also jump into what I look at as being the best person to work at Vaynermedia, leaning into honesty & confidence. This is a GREAT one guys, give it a listen and let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 15, 2017
A Rant: Hacking Attention For Acquisition

This clip elaborates on my idea of subtle attention hacking with the goal of acquisition. I dive into a few recent examples, like why my Natty Light sweater choice while courtside at the Knicks game was a good idea and how it got me social attention and influence without having to do any action, as well as the reasoning behind putting my agency cards up for a few minutes before each talk I do. Some good insights here !!

Dec 14, 2017
An Interview On The Influence Podcast at Influence MTL

This interview I did after speaking at the Influence MTL conference was fired up. This conference was focused around influencers & how they bring value to an industry, and we jump right into influencers (and basketball) here. We also chat about who the "Rick" is whenever I say the name ;). 

Dec 13, 2017
A Keynote: Session 2 of Copenhagen Elevate 2017

The first session I did at Copenhagen Elevate was good, but this one is even better. I go deep into the reasons behind why audio is becoming such a prominent form of content now, one of which directly correlates to the amount of multitasking and attention grabbing we're doing today. With voice, you're able to essentially watch an entire keynote, via voice while driving, or hear your daily briefings while you get ready. I also dive into a Q&A session, elaborating on the importance of empathy, one of my core values, and the true meaning of what having a "passive income" means. There's some really important business insights and life teachings here - give it a listen and let me know your thoughts <3 

Dec 12, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 12 - The Power of G&G

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 11 - Deep Respect To The End

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 10 - Why 99% Of Things Don't Matter

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 9 - No Expectations Other Than Me

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 8 - Ambition Aspirations

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 7 -The History Of Hate

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 6 - Parents... Please Understand

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 5 - The Modern Scale Of Giving

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 4 - The Power Of Pulling From Both Sides

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 3 - The Flaw of Judgement In A Social World

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 2 - My Current Mindset

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Track 1 - An Intro To The Airplane Project

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
The Airplane Project: Prologue

The airplane project is a series of in-depth thoughts, streaming straight from my brain on a flight from Sweden To New York, encompassing a massively wide range of topics that I feel incredibly strongly about. As you listen to these 11 tracks, I hope you take their true meaning & insight to heart, and use what’s most valuable to you every single day of your life. Sorry about the quality of the audio - there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, and straight into my iPhone. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 11, 2017
GaryVee on The No Jumper Podcast

This podcast has me fired up !! I loved hanging with my man Adam Grandmaison aka Adam22, hanging out chatting hip hop, basketball, and not caring what anybody else thinks. This chat was all-time, and we spat fire on everything, chatting about what we think of new internet fandom and fame, and not judging people on what they look like on the outside, especially if they're winning with their subcultures. This talk gets deep. It's one you should really check out. <3

Dec 10, 2017
Top 5 Thoughts On Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the cheapest attention arbitrages right now, and I truly believe that it's one of the most effective ways of advertising a brand right now as well, along with Facebook ads. Since influencers have such a wide reach & there are many up and coming people, they're able to genuinely and effectively present a product or service in a way that affects the audience consuming their content. Here's a few of my thoughts around why you should be utilizing this strategy, and examples of how I'd utilize it in difference scenarios. 

Dec 09, 2017

Are you guys enjoying these raw cuts of Dailyvee's? Really happy that I got to discuss social media marketing and social media strategy in my keynote today while directing it towards a car-industry which is an audience I typically don't directly address. Although, I think the majority of the value in this video will come from the very beginning and near the end during the talk I had at the table. Innovation is key - never be afraid to test new things. Hope you enjoy these :)

Dec 08, 2017
A Keynote: Elevate 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark | Session 1

Loved loved this keynote in Denmark, focused heavily on making sure you're aiming for where the lowest priced attention is to get your message out - putting your messages in social media, instead of TV commercials. Some great Q&A here too, elaborating why every company that's advertising on social should be thinking of themselves as an entertainment company, putting out content at scale and driving customer interaction with that. Give this keynote a deep listen, because there's some fire here. <3

Dec 07, 2017
#AskGaryVee 275 | Ray Dalio, Principles, The Evolution Of Bridgewater Associates & Meditation

LOVED having my man, and renowned investor Ray Dalio on #AskGaryVee this week. I discuss the formula for success with billionaire investor Ray Dalio regarding the principles and ideas which define our work and life. We dissect the core concepts Ray used to build the world's most successful hedge fund along with my principles for building VaynerMedia and my personal brand. This is one of the best AskGaryVee episodes of all time. Leave a comment with your personal principles below!

Dec 06, 2017
A FIRE Interview On Good Day New York

Loved the debate in this interview about the status of how smartphones and emerging tech are grabbing out attention, and whether or not it's affecting us in a negative or positive way. I absolutely loved debating this topic with the hosts live, and am so excited to share it with you guys. What do you think? 

Dec 05, 2017
#AskGaryVee 274 | Hasan Minhaj

My man Hasan Minhaj isn't just a fire comedian and correspondent on the Daily Show, he's also one of the best guests ever on the AskGaryVee show. This all-time episode is one you really, REALLY don't want to miss. I'm incredibly impressed by this man and his knowledge of the Garyvee brand, and truly loved chatting with him. We dove into his literal origin story as a first generation immigrant, with him speaking about the come-up and milestones in his career, before hitting Daily Show fame. The call ins shine here, with comedy related, life related and career related questions and a massive amout of humor. This is an all-time episode, and you really don't want to miss this. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts <3

Dec 04, 2017
2 FIRE Rants For Your Sunday | You Have Permission & How WeWork Is Winning

This is it guys, the only person that can make it happen for you, is you. The permission is there, stop wishing you could do something and take that first step to actually making it happen. I'm giving you permission to win. Another topic I dive into here, is how WeWork developed a product for a market that wasn't 100 percent created, and absolutely blew it up. Get fired up this weekend, and start NOW. <3

Dec 03, 2017
The Top 5 GaryVIP Hustler's Digest Clips

Are you subscribed to my newsletter? Here's a little taste of the exclusive content that I put out there, ranging from business tactics & strategy to social media tips and pointers. You'll get exclusive content, not available anywhere else. I also do occasional giveaways & you'll get firsthand announcements straight to your inbox. Head over to and sign up now <3 

Dec 02, 2017
#AskGaryVee 273 | ROY JONES JR.

LOVED having hall of fame legend and heavyweight champion boxer Roy Jones Jr stop by and join me on the show today. We chatted about how he got started in boxing after trying a number of other sports, his career, and took some FIRE calls from fans. We chat about the boxers Roy still strives to fight, answer questions about improving your skills at your craft, whether it's boxing or anything else, and take a call from a sports marketing agency owner, asking what the best solution is when you fall on hard times on the brink of massive success. This all-time episode is a must-listen, and I know you're gonna love it. <3

Dec 01, 2017
A Q&A at The Capitalism Conference

Some great notes in this Q&A, starting off with the difference between working hard, working smart and building a life that you want to live, instead of following directly in someone's footsteps. We also jump into testing and trying new things vs going for what's tried, true and proven- with the example being Facebook ads, as well as my opinion on risk, something involved in almost every move that one can make towards building a business. Some great tactical questions here that I know you'll love <3

Nov 30, 2017
A Keynote, Q&A and Fireside Chat: Oslo Business Forum 2017

Complete FIRE coming out of this keynote and Q&A at Oslo Business Forum. This event started out with a Keynote, leading into a Fireside chat, eventually finishing with a live audience Q&A straight through. We discuss why and how the traditional ad world interfaces with the largest companies in the world, using old ad sales methods that they make massive margins on (TV, programatic ads), and the dive into where my confidence, business strengths and insight comes from. Seriously fire Q&A section here - you guys are going to love this one <3

Nov 29, 2017
How To Win With The $1.80 Strategy For Instagram | A Meeting With Author Shane Nicolich

This is a really, really important one for every one of you to hear. I sat down with Shane Nicolich, a fan who asked a very very good question at a keynote I gave that I invited to come hang out for a day at Vaynermedia. Shane has survived a traumatic brain injury, along with a host of other things, but has stayed positive throughout everything in his life. He's looking to further build his personal brand, so we sit down and charge right into his instagram, developing what I called the $1.80 strategy. Engagement is necessary in our world, so give this one a listen and start now. <3

Nov 28, 2017
An Original Rant: Start Living The Life You Want To Live, NOW

Hey everyone, I hope this weekend was a great one for you and you got to spend time with loved ones. This rant comes off a talk I had with my mother, with her realizing that she's going to live for another 30 plus years she told me that my thoughts around patience had a huge effect on her, and I wanted to turn this around on why you should start thinking of yourself and driving to becoming who you want to be, instead of sitting there and just wishing it to happen - progress isn't going to happen without action. Please, please start deploying patience and motivation and start making those moves towards where you want to be. If you heard this, and are taking that action, hit me up on Twitter @Garyvee, I want to hear from you. <3

Nov 27, 2017
An Interview on THE BREAKFAST CLUB | KSwiss, Mindset & Michael Jordan

This is the THIRD time I've been on The Breakfast Club, easily on of my favorite groups in the world to hang with. Cha tha god and the rest of the crew always make the show total fire, and I loved jumping into this one. Some serious fire in here- jumping between keeping a young mindset (feeling 24, when you're 42), the idea, creation and launch behind my K-Swiss sneaker and why I'll never do business with Michael Jordan ;). LOVED this one, and I hope you will too <3

Nov 26, 2017
A Rant Connecting Entrepreneurship, Self Awareness, Hard Work and Empathy

Being an entrepreneur is about more than just selling shit, and it's not something that just anyone can become at will. It requires hard work, empathy, self awareness and dedication to work through the highs and lows that come with it. I love these two rants because they connect a lot of those thoughts, and bring deep value and insight into what it feels like when you break through the barriers and face the challenges that come with entrepreneurship. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving, and are ready to jump right back into the grind !!

Nov 25, 2017
A Keynote: Freedom Fast Lane Live

Another great keynote here, spitting some fire for the capitalism conference. Here, I dive into the reasoning why I invested in Twitter, why I think it succeeded and the value of the platform. I also dive into self awareness, and how to scale things that you're good at, investing in your own strengths. I also expand on why I like to call myself a fire fighter with regards to Vaynermedia, which I thrive on. Hope you enjoy <3 

Nov 24, 2017
GaryVee on Hacking The Holidays | An eCommerce Mini Series

What do cool kicks, cricket protein and eCommerce have in common? Props from serial entrepreneur and CEO/Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk. In this special episode (shot on Gary’s birthday), VaynerMedia’s SVP of eCommerce, Sabir Semerkant, and Partner Manager for Shopify Plus, Mac King, learn how the launch of Gary Vee’s KSwiss Signature Shoes broke the internet. Speaking from the heart, Gary covers his love for win-win situations (i.e. success through failure), hacking emerging trends, and trading in excuses for action. To help fellow entrepreneurs and brands up their eCommerce game, he also shares tips to break through the noise with little to no budget. Rounding out the episode, Gary drills into the competitive advantage of Instagram and Snapchat for underpriced attention, and reiterates the power of leveraging influencers, rankings and hashtags to sell, sell, sell.

Nov 23, 2017
RAW AUDIO: Dailyvee 339: A Special Night At Hunt & Fish Club

Guys, this is a new format that I'm going to test out and am really interested to see the results of. This is the full, uncut audio from Dailyvee 339 last week, when I was at the Puerto Rico fundraiser at Hunt & Fish club. Do you like listening to the raw audio from Dailyvee? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know! 

Nov 22, 2017
A Keynote: Brandminds Asia 2017 | Singapore

Another complete fire keynote at Brandminds Asia in Singapore. Loved diving into how the constantly changing communication landscape is redeveloping the way we market to our customers. The Q&A section is what really shines here, discussing international expansion, how  selling a piece of a company can lead to having to invest more time into investor meetings, board meetings and prepping for these, and what documenting your journey really means. This keynote got tactical and down into the nitty gritty of running a business. Let me know what you thought about these - hit me up on Twitter ;)

Nov 21, 2017
#AskGaryVee 272 | T-PAIN

This may be the MOST FIRE episode of the AskGaryVee show we've ever had. Besides the call-in's, the dynamic between T-pain and I was on another planet. Hearing him talk about both his highs and lows in life this far is something I think we can all take something away from, knowing that being on the top is just as possible as being on the bottom. We took calls from some hugely energetic fans, including a former dancer for T-pain, and ended up on one of the best calls yet, a entrepreneurial house cleaner from the midwest. You're not going to want to miss this AskGaryVee episode, because it may just be the best yet !!

Nov 20, 2017
A Keynote: AREAA

Even though this keynote is a little more niche than I typically go, I loved diving into the Q&A's here. We chat about crypocurrencies, the blockchain, real estate and a ton more. One point that I like to emphasize here is that a lot of you have never experienced the market when it was running low - once you experience that, you'll understand the tough points of being an entrepreneur. Hope you love this one, we get down and dirty in it. Enjoy ;)

Nov 19, 2017
5 Tips For Hacking Productivity & Efficiency

Whether it's 5 minute meetings, leveraging time on the go with phone calls or over text or simply taking the short time to make meetings while walking or traveling somewhere, I'm all about hacking news ways to get as much done as possible in as little amount of time. You see it every day- I'm taking 5 minute meetings that others would take 30, by just making decisions and realizing where the fat can be cut. Hope you get some massive value out of this <3

Nov 18, 2017
#AskGaryVee 271 | Tim Ferriss

LOVED having author, businessman and my good friend Tim Ferriss on the show to chat about his new book, scaling personal brand and business, and whether or not you should REALLY be an entrepreneur. This was an all-time show, and I was thrilled to be able to answer some fire call-in's with Tim. We dove into them, answering questions about when to scale a small business, how hip hop has influenced us, and how to think about becoming an entrepreneur from the bottom up, especially as an international student. Amazing episode here, I know you'll love it <3

Nov 17, 2017
A Meeting With Mets Draft Pick Justin Dunn

It was great jumping in and chopping it up with New York Mets draft pick Justin Dunn and his family, really diving deep into how you should be thinking when you have leverage on different situations. Once there's an opportunity in front of you, you need to grab it and make the absolute most of it. Hope you guys love the message I'm putting out with this one. Enjoy <3

Nov 16, 2017
An Interview on Personal Brand, Traditional Print & Knowing When to Give & Take

This Q&A interview I did in Singapore touched on a lot of great points, jumping out of the gate with exactly how I define the word I use so often "hustle". We then talk about personal branding & how to know when to give and take on skillset, eventually diving into e-sports and chatting about traditional print ads, written papers and more. This was a GREAT chat - hope you enjoy <3 

Nov 15, 2017

This completely FIRE keynote that went along with my sneaker pre launch at ComplexCon covers so many topics and crushes it so hard. The Q&A portion of this keynote was where the real meat is, where I dove into my thoughts and predictions for the future of bitcoin and the blockchain, answering a young influencer's questions about subscriber count and partnerships, and talked to an fan about when, how and why to start monetizing your content. So much fire content in here, I hope you all love it and give it a listen <3

Nov 14, 2017
A FIRE Q&A In Singapore on Meditation, Education and Feeling Out A Career

This was an absolute fire Q&A that I did on my fast-paced trip to Singapore a few weeks ago, sitting down with some entrepreneurs to go over an and all questions they had. We started right up with whether or not I've ever felt lost in my career path (this is a great one), to what my view on meditation is for entrepreneurs & why patience is so pertinent, and then went into how education should be though of in today's society. Hope you all love this one !!

Nov 13, 2017
5 Examples Why You Should Work For Free

If you've listened to my content, you know that I'm a massive supporter of paying your dues to get ahead in the long run - as most of my team has and work for free or little money. Especially when you're young or straight out of college and can afford to. One of the best ways to dive into what you want to do, whether it's building your portfolio or providing value to strive to work with someone that you want to is to show firsthand what you can do, and that you're motivated to work, and these 5 examples are spot on what I mean. 

Nov 12, 2017
A Saturday Rant: 5 Minutes To Do

Test, learn, produce, document, just fucking DO! This is one of my favorite rants, because it puts every single thing that I talk about into one single message. There's no bullshit stopping you from taking that step into doing what you want to do. It just takes the effort. <3

Nov 11, 2017
The Future Of Voice: A Keynote and Q&A

They keynote in Seattle exemplifies exactly why I'm so forward towards the world of audio and the direction that it's headed in. I loved answering questions for this Techstars group, and diving into the nitty gritty behind Alexa, voice, future AI, and podcasting - everything future of audio related. Really hope that you guys like this talk - as many of you know, I really do think that voice (Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Home, etc.) is going to be huge because of how much time it saves in our lives. Enjoy <3

Nov 10, 2017
An Interview During Brand Minds Asia 2017

Loved doing this 1:1 interview right before my keynote at Brand Minds Asia. We jumped into what my views on the future of advertising are, focusing on some of the pain points of the present- that so much money is being diverted to traditional reach that isn't where the current state of attention is, and why "case studies" and "market studies" aren't always as accurate as they claim to me. Check this one out, it's great :)

Nov 09, 2017
A Q&A At Samsung 837's Fall Discovery Series

Really enjoyed doing this keynote and Q&A at Samsung's 837 space in downtown Manhattan. We went over my guiding light and mentor in life, which isn't who you'd think, reverse engineering the market to accurately and usefully provide value and drive results and touched on why I chose to help out in the family business, building Wine Library to where it is today, even though I have no physical stake in the business. This was a really great one, I hope you enjoy ;)

Nov 08, 2017
A Keynote at Animoto | The Battle For Attention

This was a really cool keynote I did at Animoto's marketing summit last week. I dive into the current state of what we're all battling for - attention. Every single time you post anything on social media, you're battling every other person posting for the attention of your followers & community you're posting in. I also take one question, asking what I would do differently.  Hope you enjoy this one ;)

Nov 07, 2017
An Interview With Larry King

This is easily one of my most ALL TIME interviews. We started this one off going into a topic that I touch on a lot-  that every generation is beginning to learn faster and faster and keep up more with technology. I dove into the value of Instagram & social networks with Larry, explaining how the "Jab jab jab, right hook" mentality fits in and works within content promotion. Then we dive into what I see as the top emerging platforms, what to look out for any why. Hope you all enjoy this one, it's easily one of my favorites. Hit me up <3

Nov 06, 2017

Loved chatting with my man Pedro Earp, Cheif Disruptive Growth Officer ay AB inBed, diving into his new company, ZX Ventures, how companies can stay ahead of the innovation & distribution curve no matter what the industry & what sets the craft beer sector apart from traditional beverage sales. Some great questions here too, expanding on working for a big business vs small, marketing and distributing content for craft beverage sales and many more. Enjoy ;)

Nov 05, 2017
A Business Meeting with Rapper NIPSEY HUSSLE

This meeting I had with my man Nipsey Hussel was complete fire - loved chatting with this dude and diving deep into the music industry, sports, why pushing out content at scale is key and much, MUCH more. There's SO much in this one meeting that I know you will all love <3 

Nov 04, 2017
An Interview: Analyse Asia Podcast

If you're looking to learn a little about my views on the Asian markets and my understanding of the Chinese KOL / Influencer market and how it relates between countries. I also jammed about the startup market, and young companies raising their A or B rounds, and why that's so attractive to younger entrepreneurs. This interview is a great one, and you really won't want to miss it. Enjoy <3

Nov 03, 2017
A Business Meeting: Exactly Why You Don't Need Fancy Shit

This meeting I took before heading to Singapore really brought out the best example and reasoning of why you need to focus on long term success and happiness instead of buying flashy watches & fast cars right now. A great example I give here, is that if you saved that $10,000 you'd spend on things you really don't need every year, in just a few years you'd have enough to dive in and start your own small business. These 17 minutes contain some of the most important points in entrepreneurship and I hope you take it all to heart <3

Nov 02, 2017
A Keynote: VidSummit 2017 Keynote and Q&A with Shonduras

This Keynote that I did with a few popular YouTubers is STRAIGHT FIRE. YouTube has been a huge part of my content strategy for years, so being able to give my 2 cents on the best ways to grow, engage and prosper on YouTube was great and the Q&A section was no exception. If you're even remotely into YouTube and video creation, you need to hear this. <3 

Nov 01, 2017
An Interview On Suiting Up with Paul Rabil

Loved sitting down with my man, pro-lacrosse legend Paul Rabil to chat about why we're programmed the way that we are, how family & upbringing sets you up for success and why the dynamic between the traditional sports agency and it's players is a broken system. We also jump into my public speaking strategy, which is much different that it looks - I'm not just talking at a room, i'm reading the room to decide what to say next. This was a FIRE interview that I did for Paul's podcast, and I know you'll enjoy it. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know your thoughts ;)

Oct 31, 2017
A Meeting With Hip Hop Artist ROWLAN

Loved loved loved sitting down with my man Rowlan in LA to chat distribution, music creation and staying humble and true. Through this chat, I can really tell that he's going all in on what he's doing- growing up and starting in Cape Cod, and moving to LA because he knows that's a better place to be for his industry - And staying not fancy along the way. The advice given here is top notch, and applies to so many of you, whether you're an up and coming artist, or pushing ahead in pretty much any other industry. It comes down to creation & distribution. Hope you enjoy :)

Oct 30, 2017
A Meeting With A Group Of YouTubers | Carter & Stephen Sharer, JHouseVlogs, And More

Getting to sit down with my friends & YouTubers Stephen and Carter Sharer, Derral Eves, Jhousevlogs & Shonduras to talk social strategies, youtube ideas and the overall status of marketing was great. I got to sit down with each of of them for a few minutes and dive into their craft & answer their questions. This is a good one guys - let me know your thoughts on Twitter :)

Oct 29, 2017
Why Winners Win & How I Make Decisions | Two Saturday Rants

I'm pumped to be able to continue to bring these quick little chats that I have with Colin, the writer on my team. In these I dive into the thinking behind two of the articles that we wrote together and expand on just how I make decisions & talk about what I really believe makes a winner a winner. Do you like these fast little chats? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know! 

Oct 28, 2017
#AskGaryVee 269 | Wendy Sachs

This episode of AskGaryVee with Wendy Sachs got real - I have massive respect for her both as an author and person and loved getting into her background and the many many jobs she's held throughout the course of her career. You all know how I always say that trying things is the best way to discover what you want to do- and Wendy is a prime example of how that works out. She's held positions on Capitol Hill, as an Emmy award winning TV news producer, an on-air spokesperson for TripAdvisor, and many more, so this was a fascinating chat with some fascinating callers as well. Hope you all love this one ;)

Oct 27, 2017
An Interview on "Success, How I Did It" by Business Insider

This totally FIRE interview dives deeper than a lot of my other more recent interviews. I sat down with Biz Insider and took some time to expand on the conversation with Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook's 2008 IPO, the process behind early investing in now-huge tech companies like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and a VERY deep dive into the massive growth I provided at Wine Library. This is a really, REALLY big one guys - I know you're going to love it. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts !!

Oct 26, 2017
A Fireside Chat: Bloomberg Cornell Tech Series 2017

This fireside chat I did with Cornell Tech & Bloomberg wasn't my typical keynote. I dove into a few topics that I don't normally touch on as much, like Vaynersports, my brother AJ, the investing world, but also jumped into how I decide what platforms to be completely in and active on at any given time - hint, it's all of them :) You never know what's going to ebb and flow, and taking advantage of new features is a massive arbitrage. This chat is 100 percent worth the listen, and I know you guys are going to love it. Hope you enjoy! Let me know your thoughts and hit me up on Twitter @garyvee !!

Oct 25, 2017

Loved loved loved having my good friend Bob Safian, editor of Fast Company join me for a show last week. Besides chatting with a fan currently in a dentists's chair, we answered a bunch of questions related to the journalism industry & gave some advice to a young entrepreneur trying to start his own online & print publication. Great Q&A and back and forth chat here. Don's miss it ;)

Oct 24, 2017
An ALL TIME Keynote and Q&A With Dutch Bros Coffee

It's crazy how quickly we take things for granted - just one of the point I touched on in this completely fire and HUGE keynote and Q&A in Oregon for the Dutch Bros Coffee Leadership event. This ENTIRE talk is gold. The Q&A portion is fire too. Loved loved loved these questions, and one that really stood out was the question about how I'm able to be so positive while cursing so much- which leads straight to my passion for the game. You should hear every. single. second of this talk because there's definitely something in it that applies to every single one of you. I hope you enjoy <3

Oct 23, 2017
A Meeting With YouTuber WeeklyChris

Loved meeting with YouTuber WeeklyChris after my VidSummit keynote a few weeks ago. This man knows how to maximize on his skills and content abilities, and is really beginning to take it to the next level. Chatting with Chris was great, touching on how to start thinking of making multimillions on content rather than just that first on adsense, and staying true to what you're doing and yourself. This was a meeting I really enjoyed, so I hope you'll love it.

Oct 22, 2017
A Mashup: 5 Motivational Clips For Your Sunday

This mashup of fire motivation and inspiration comes from a contest my team had a few weeks back, where they all created mashups for Facebook. Each one of these fire clips has its own theme, whether it's to challenge yourself, live your life to the absolute fullest, tripling down on what you're good at, or making sure that you're not taking what's going on around you for granted to stand out from society. Hope you guys enjoy this, and hit me up on Twitter to tell me what you thought <3

Oct 21, 2017
Tips For Giving Speeches & Mitigating Stress: An Interview On the Dutch Bro's Red Couch

Loved loved loved being on the dutch bro's red couch, talking tactics behind speaking on stage, how I read an audience's expressions and let that drive the direction the keynote or chat is going, and how pressure effects the day to day process. We also dove into how I manage my own stress, when fires are happening both in the office and outside. I know you guys are gonna love this one, so please take a listen <3 

Oct 20, 2017
A Q&A At Success Global Media Salt Lake City

The Q&A that came from the fire keynote in SLC a few weeks ago gets in deep and dirty across a massive variety of topics. We touched on work life balance and why I never question my parenting strategy to the ultimate goal that I want to see come from my fans & followers. We also dipped into the best current platforms for the written word, and how much choosing a partner that can match your intensity. Some really great content and Q&A in here my friends, I know you'll love it !!

Oct 19, 2017

I think you all know this man. He's the mastermind behind the "rapping for a job at vaynermedia" music video that went viral on reddit and around the internet. His story's all time, so I know you'll all appreciate it ;)

Oct 18, 2017
The Story Behind The Wine Library Super Tasting & A Live Tasting

I'm really happy to be able to bring you the speech and wine tasting I gave the other night at the Wine Library Super Tasting. The super tasting's been around for a few years, but this is the first time I've done a sit down tasting like this at it.  The story I tell about my best friend Brandon is unbelievable, as it came at an incredibly trying time for New York specifically. Are you enjoying these wine tastings? Hit me up on Twitter & let me know! 

Oct 17, 2017
A Keynote For Your Commute: Success Global Media Salt Lake City 2017

Another totally fire keynote in the books here. There's a great conversation that went on here about going to conferences to hear people speak versus sitting down, eating shit and doing the work that you hear everybody preaching about. There are no shortcuts in success, sometimes all it takes is motivation and work to drive the success. Enjoy <3

Oct 16, 2017
A Wine Tasting From My Monthly Wine Club

Trying something a little different here to see what you guys think. This clip includes the tasting notes from the first ever month of my monthly wine club, so for all you wine lovers out there, you're gonna love it ;)

Oct 15, 2017
The Top 5 Call In Questions From #AskGaryVee

Want some ALL TIME call-in questions from the #askgaryvee shoooooow? These are the ones from the past shows you seriously can't miss - from the best advice for every 20 year old, to a business that focuses on turning human remains into ceramic gifts, it's all here. Tony Conrad, Logic, Linda Cohn and Jon Taffer guest star on these calls and they're completely FIRE. Hope you Enjoy ;)

Oct 14, 2017
An Interview for Huffington Post

This was a great interview with Huffington Post that dove into my experience on Planet Of The Apps and why exploded. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know your thoughts ;)

Oct 13, 2017
A Message To My Team | Saving Time With VOICE

This clip is exactly what I mean when I say that audio and voice are MASSIVE time savers. When I wanted to send a pretty lengthy message out to my team to debate our YouTube strategy, I could have typed it out on my phone, but instead utilized the voice recording function to say what I wanted to say. It may not seem like a lot of time saved, but once you start compiling and compounding these choices, it adds up and you can get so much more done <3

Oct 12, 2017
A Rant: Selling & Accountability

I've been throwing some serious right hooks lately, which is the opposite of what I've been doing. Between the wine clubs, the Q&A conference, and few others I've been demonstrating the hunger in my nature for sales. This is something that a lot of you need to hear from me, that it's completely fine to throw that right hook & sell - especially if you believe in what you're selling. If you have no faith in the product or service on your end, why would somebody else - which is where accountability kicks in. Hope you take this to heart and learn from it <3

Oct 11, 2017
A Private Keynote: In Amsterdam

This was a fire keynote that I gave in Amsterdam a few weeks back to the crowd. One of the main themes here is why you should always keep Dying on your own sword in the back of your mind. As long as you keep this theme constantly in mind, and are doing this for yourself it keeps you at the top of the crowd. Another big theme here is practicality. If you're too far behind on emerging platforms and networks, you're not practical because you're not taking advantage of the massive potential there is to grab onto new audiences. I loved this one, and I hope you do too ;)

Oct 10, 2017
A Rant To Get Your Monday Morning Fired Up

If you're still looking at Monday morning as a chore, and dreading it on Sunday night, your shit is BROKEN. These clips will help push you over that barrier and start getting you fired up for Monday, and to stop living for Friday. Get ready, because here it comes :)

Oct 09, 2017
A Rant: How To Tell A Story On Social Media

So psyched to be able to share these quick chats around my thoughts on business that I have, chatting with my team writer Colin Campbell. Here I expand on my thoughts behind storytelling on social media - why it's key to be genuine and what good storytelling and engagement leads to, touching on where the best places to spend ad money on, focusing on ROI. Hope this one brings some massive value to you <3 

Oct 08, 2017
A Mashup: 5 FIRE Clips From September | Russ, Tony Conrad, Nicholas Megalis & the Atlanta Keynote

If you've missed ANY of my September podcast, you're gonna love these 5 clips that embody exactly what I'm about and why I'm so fired up after August. Whether you're curious about what Russ and I wish we would've thought about before getting big, to some business advice from entrepreneur founder Tony Conrad, it's all here. I know you're gonna love this one ;)

Oct 07, 2017
A Rant: 6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years Of Your Life

This rant is for everyone, whether they're 26 or 60. Maybe you weren't born in a time that it was logistically possible to gain traction on your entrepreneurial tendencies, or you simply have been positioned in a way that doesn't set you up for success. No matter what stage of life you're in there's time to turn around and refocus to be doing exactly what you want to be. Everyone should give this a listen, hope you love it !!

Oct 06, 2017
A Business Meeting on Tactics & Strategy With Quincy Avery

Loved talking to my man Quincy Avery and a small agency looking to dive into sports marketing & content creation. This is an incredibly tactical and strategic meeting revolving around content creation, distribution, marketing and patience. Hope you love this one :)

Oct 05, 2017

There's some fire here in this amazing AGV with my man Richard Rawlings from Discovery's Gas Monkey Garage. This was an all time show, and the questions were right on point. We talked creativity in the workplace, how we keep company culture in a positive light, and how to provide value to the influencers or celebrities that you look up to. Seriously fire questions here guys, hope you love it! 

Oct 04, 2017
Stop Storytelling Like It's 2007 | A Keynote: 99U

It's all about finding a way to tell your story while finding a way to respect your users' time. Just remember that this time around it's more about CONTEXT than CONTENT. This can boil down to creating platform specific content, or simply respecting and engaging the way that a specific platform requires. This is one of my favorite keynotes, hope you enjoy ;) 

Oct 03, 2017
Why Giving Away Content Works So Well | A Meeting With AllThingsPup

This meeting I had with a popular San Diego dog trainer, Kaelin Munkelwitz, founder of AllThingsPup perfectly embodies why giving away your content for free ultimately drives a business in the long run. By beginning to produce content and information, she became a trusted resource in her space, driving more clients to send inquired to her. If you're having some trouble wrapping your head around giving away content for long term growth, this is the one to listen to <3

Oct 02, 2017
An Interview With INC. | 3 Ways To Succeed On Social Media

Even though this interview is a few years old, the points we touch on mean that it's still massively accurate. First off, social listening and discovering where you can jump into conversations is just as important as blasting out content - it helps let you know what kind of content to be producing, gives you tons of info about your customer base and influences where your target demo should be. Twitter is a HUGELY important platform for this. I also touch on being first on emerging platforms, and why it's almost always in your best interest to get on them as fast as possible. Hope this one brings you a ton of value !!

Oct 01, 2017
The Top 5 Reasons Bartering Is So Valuable Right Now

Bartering has been around since the beginning of mankind, but that doesn't mean it's outdated - it's still a massively powerful way to trade goods and services, getting rid of what you don't want for what you do - one way or another. Hope you really enjoy these clips pushing my belief and dedication to the bartering system ;)

Sep 30, 2017
A Meeting With A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie | Becoming Successful In Hip Hop

Fired up about this meeting with hip hop artist A Boogie. I respect this man for his come up, and I've really enjoyed getting to know him and talking about the direction of the hip-hop scene these days. You know my feelings on hip hop - that it starts so many of the trends and culture that we have today - and that's a big point that I focused on here. It all comes down to whether or not you're going to invest your time into the area the attention is in. <3

Sep 29, 2017
A FIRE Keynote: ClickFunnels In Boise, Idaho | Audio & Being First & Measuring ROI Of Social Marketing

This entire keynote in Idaho was on FIRE. Besides a funny interaction with a couple fans, the content here is absolutely incredible. So much love and inspiration in this room, and dove deep into a number of topics, including why audio is so important, how important it is to be first in emerging platforms (because you'll never know what's going to skyrocket) and how to measure ROI with influencer marketing. You're not gonna want to miss this one, trust me. Shoot me a note on Twitter and let me know what you thought ;)

Sep 28, 2017
A High Energy Keynote: Nordic Business Forum 2016

This keynote got me completely FIRED UP. The energy and fire in this room during this huge keynote were unrivaled. This keynote touches on multiple facets - ranging from why you need to be testing platforms for your business (instead of just reading the headlines about them) to advice for those who are little more timid, shy or introverted. AND, I try a popular Finnish spirit, right on stage. Give this a listen, you won't regret it, and get ready to be fired up. ;)

Sep 27, 2017
A Chat With A 60 Sec Club Winner | What You Should Be Doing In And Following College

Had a great chat with this amazing young woman who came in after winning my Instagram 60 sec club contest. This talk is a prime example of exactly what you should be doing in, and out of college: Networking using social media and new technologies, pushing your self awareness to figure out your personal boundaries and limits, and one of the most important, trying new things. There's some great content right here, so give it a listen! Hope you enjoy !!

Sep 26, 2017
A Business Meeting With THE Backpack Kid | Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

Loved taking this meeting with viral dancer Russell Horning, aka the Backpack kid who blew up and then was featured with Katy Perry on SNL. This kid is brilliant, and we dove deep into some questions that were massively important for anyone that's young and grinding. One MASSIVE point, is that while you're young, you need to taste EVERYTHING you possibly you can. Try new things and figure out what you like and what makes you tick. You're not gonna want to miss this meeting ;)

Sep 25, 2017
Thoughts On Being An Intrepreneur Within An Organization

This little clip from Dailyvee can be massively important to all of you that don't necessarily want to dive all in on your own company - my man Pat Givens that I interview here & talk with grew his own department within Vaynermedia, called VaynerSmart dedicated to Alexa, IoT and similar, and it's quickly become one of the hottest spaces. He's a one man team that's bringing immense value to the org. Let me know what you think ;)

Sep 24, 2017
The Top 5 Ways Explaining The Importance Of Audio

Guys, you know my stance on audio, but I wanted to sum it all up in a few clips to really drive that point home. The importance of getting ahead of the curve on platforms that are starting to boom is immensely important to your business or brand's success. Whether it's podcasts, alexa voice, social apps like Anchor or another emerging platform - start to think of how to get ahead. <3

Sep 23, 2017
A Meeting With A Fan Who Bartered His Way Into A Meeting

This meeting with a hustler who ended up bartering his way into a meeting with me is definitely one that you've GOTTA hear. It exemplifies exactly why bartering and trading still play a MASSIVE place in business and are an excellent way to move in on what you want. Totally love this guy's hustle, you've gotta hear this ;)

Sep 22, 2017
A Rant: Exactly what "Micro SPEED" Means

This quick conversation that I had with Colin, the writer on my team is the exact epitome of what I mean when I say micro speed. He snuck in between meetings to interview me for an article that he's writing for my Medium page, and I went off expanding on what "Macro Patience, Micro Speed" really means. Total fire here, give it a listen <3

Sep 21, 2017
GaryVee On The Creator Lab Podcast with Bilal Zaidi

Absolutely loved being on my man Bilal Zaidi's podcast, Creator Lab last week. We spent some time and dove deep into some subjects and topics that I don't often talk about, ranging from some previously unheard childhood stories, to the ideas behind trading attention & navigating self doubt & self awareness to make sure that you're ALWAYS doing the right thing - ending on building a business that lives without you and leaving a legacy that you created. This fire clip was originally posted on his podcast at, so definitely check him out as well for the full show notes. Hope you all really enjoy this, let me know your thoughts !!

Sep 20, 2017
#AskGaryVee 266 | Cy Wakeman

LOVED having my good friend and constant positive vibe emitter Cy Wakeman on the show to talk HR reform, authorship, entrepreneurship and good mental processes. Cy helps businesses get rid of drama in the workplace, helping to boost efficiency and engagement and push down negativity - something I try and do for Vaynermedia as well. Can't wait for you to hear these call - in's too, so so relevant to the theme of the episode, talking about how to not take sides of employees when there's an issue, leadership within restaurants and why millennials are NOT the enemy. Enjoy <3 

Sep 19, 2017
A Q&A From The 4D's On Branding, Organic vs Paid & The Best Content Creators To Hire

I'm LOVING these 4D's intimate Q&A sessions we've been doing. This one's got some heavy topics in it that has something focused for everyone. Starting out with my thoughts on work life balance and then moving quickly into what separates my ideology behind Vaynermedia and other agencies. Gave my thoughts on the types of people that brands should be hiring for their content creation needs, and then dove right into converting organic growth into paid right hooks. Hope you all love this one !!

Sep 18, 2017
A Rant: The New World Eating The Old World | My Thoughts On Amazon & Whole Foods

This quick little snipped I recorded the day that Amazon bought Whole Foods is about more than just that transaction, it's about what's changing across the biggest companies in the world, and who's moving in and up versus who's moving out. Enjoy :)

Sep 17, 2017
My Top 5 Tactical Tips For Marketing Businesses

Sometimes you need a big dose of tactical knowledge to blast straight into your weekend hustle. From Instagram strategies and tactics straight to cold calling, and influencer marketing these are some of my favorite tips to get fired up. <3

Sep 16, 2017
#AskGaryVee 265 | Hip Hop Legend RUSS

I know you've ALL been waiting for this one. My man, the hustler, the hip hop legend Russ stops by to dive into his background, the music industry, and why putting out content at scale really does work. I admire this man's hustle and really know this is an episode you can't miss, call-in questions included <3 

Sep 15, 2017
Daymond John, DJ Clue and Joe Anderson | Brown Paper Bags Ep. 2

This. Is. It. Guys! I'm loving this format of bringing guests on to hang out, and talk - all while drinking wine out of brown paper bags, so nobody knows the type. We go through Joe's amazing background story, DJ Clue gives us a kickoff to who's up and coming and Daymond dives into the inner workings of Shark Tank (And more!) Hope you all LOVE this one, and I can't wait to keep em coming ;)

*** DISCLAIMER: We had some audio equipment issues which is why you'll hear it a little different throughout the episode. 


Sep 14, 2017
#AskGaryVee 264 | Tony Conrad, Agricultural Industry, Irrigation Business and Puddings

Loved loved loved having my man and OG entrepreneur Tony Conrad stop by to talk business, answer call-ins and hang out. The call-in questions here are completely unrivaled and out of left field, ranging from a tomato farmer wanting to invest in hydroponics, the creator of a business that takes human remains and converts them into ceramic mugs, and other insanely personal memorabilia and a dive into a new agricultural technology. You're not gonna want to miss this ;)

Sep 13, 2017
A FIRE Interview for Haste and Hustle | The Winning Formula vs The Losing Formula

This is the one. I may have been out for August, but this interview I did with the Haste and Hustle crew brought straight fire back to me. Loved diving into the difference between what I consider macro failures and micro failures, and stretching one of my top beliefs - that you need to make sure you're doing what YOU want. Focusing on doing things with yourself in mind is going to get you so far ahead, because it lets you leave the losers in the dust. It doesn't matter what happened in the past, only what you're gonna do about it. <3 

Sep 12, 2017
A FIRE Q&A With Young Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

We got DEEP in this large Q&A with some students & young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, diving into content strategies, what my current favorite platforms are, and how I utilize my personal Garyvee brand to experiment with content that drips down to Vaynermedia, it's clients and companies that I'm personally invested in. Tonnnns of meat in this one that I know you'll love <3

Sep 11, 2017
A Business Meeting with A NY Giants Punter

Loved sitting down and chatting with a punter from the NY Giants, even though I'm a Jets fan ;). We dove right into one of the most popular questions that face pro athletes, creating their own personal brand and dealing with sponsorships, endorsements and more. This chat really gives the inside scoop on what it's like starting with an NFL team and my perspectives on branding athletes. Hope you enjoy !!

Sep 10, 2017
A Mashup: The Top 5 Times I Get PISSED OFF

Looking for some FIRE to get your weekend rolling? You're gonna love these new mashups I've got coming to you ;) Hope you all LOVE these top 5 times that I get completely FIRED UP and pissed off. Hit me up on Twitter with your favorite ;) 

Sep 09, 2017

Totally FIRED up for this AskGaryVee with country music star Dustin Lynch. Loved having Dustin by - we dove into his journey and what boosted him into the spotlight, drawing inspiration from Garth Brooks. His fame didn't happen overnight, and it was amazing to hear the story behind every milestone and step in his journey, plus some seriously good calls ranging from the tactics behind touring, writing music and what draws entrepreneurs to small town living. I know you'll love this one <3

Sep 08, 2017
A Keynote: Success Global Media Atlanta | The Best Advice For When You're Not Happy

There's never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, and that theme shines straight through in this totally fire keynote. If you're completely happy in what you're doing professionally, then you're good, but if you're not you NEED to give this one a listen !!

Sep 07, 2017
An Interview on Grape Nation with Sam Benrubi

Want to hear me dive into some serious wine talk? Being on my good friend Sam Benrubi's podcast, Grape Nation was one of my favorite things ever. I LOVED sitting down and talking wine, outlooks and business and hope you love it too :)

Sep 06, 2017
A Meeting About Personal Branding with Musician and Vine star NICHOLAS MEGALIS

Loved loved loved hanging with my man Nicholas Megalis and getting REALLY in depth about personal branding, how to manage and balance audiences across multiple social platforms, and what it takes to revamp a personal brand. I even give Nick a challenge to make music and content every. single. day. Hope you love it !!

Sep 05, 2017
A Rant: What To Do If You've Found Your Purpose

This business meeting couldn't possibly instill one of my core beliefs stronger if it tried. If you find something you're good at, passionate at and excel at, do it for free and the money will come. There's nothing wrong with being a fast second - but being first to a new game is even better ;)

Sep 04, 2017
A Business Meeting With VaynerProductions | Expanding What Vaynermedia Is Built On

Building Vaynermedia, the culture within the company always came to being one of the most important parts of the business - By giving employees security & room to grow, you get exceptional work and a drive to do good, and this business meeting that I had with the heads of our production arm, Vaynerproduction reinforces that idea perfectly. Anyone building a business needs to hear this one,  because if you instill this culture in your company it benefits everyone.

Sep 03, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 8/28/2017

Another totally loaded week full of complete fire... Between the meeting with Biz Insider where I go DEEP into my roots in Wine Library & Investing to a meeting I took with a very young hustler, this week was one of those you shouldn't miss. Take a listen, have a great weekend and enjoy ;)

Sep 02, 2017
An Interview on Cheddar: Tech Talk, Snap vs Instagram Outlooks, Amazon Buying Whole Foods &

Snap vs Instagram stories is still one of the big outlooks in the social media game and this fire interview I did with the folks at Cheddar gives some great insight into where my mind is between the two photo sharing giants. We also dive into why and how Amazon is completely winning by buying Whole Foods, and my outlook of the current tech landscape. Enjoy ;)

Sep 01, 2017
An Interview on Business Insider | Dinner with Zuckerberg, Setting up My 30's and Building Wine Lib

This totally FIRE interview dives deeper than a lot of my other more recent interviews. I sat down with Biz Insider and took some time to expand on the conversation with Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook's 2008 IPO, the process behind early investing in now-huge tech companies like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and a VERY deep dive into the massive growth I provided at Wine Library. This is a really, REALLY big one guys - I know you're going to love it. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts !!

Aug 31, 2017
An Interview with KTLA : The Side Hustle, Generation K & Planet Of The Apps

Loved this interview I did when I was in LA for the Generation K launch! We dove right into everything from the story behind K-swiss, Planet of The Apps and we get straight into the reasoning about "THE SIDE HUSTLE IS REAL". Enjoy ;)

Aug 30, 2017

As I've made it very clear, the world shuts down during August and this last week of August is no different, but it's when creative entrepreneurs like myself are scheming and getting ready to head in full-force. Here's a little sneak peek of what I've got coming for you in September ;)

Aug 29, 2017
A Business Meeting | Advice to VERY Young Hustlers

LOVED this meeting with a very young hustler, and helping to dive into his story to give him guidance. This advice isn't only for the young, but totally adaptable for anyone. Once you figure out what you enjoy, and what works - go ALL IN on that. ENJOY ;)

Aug 28, 2017
A Business Meeting | Why I'm Terrified of Nice Watches & Ferraris

The meeting I took with this guy perfectly embodies exactly why I only put out completely genuine stuff, and expands right on it. He sold his business, and is looking for new ways to dive from millions to HUNDREDS of millions, while developing and building a personal brand that will take him even futher. The advice here is simple and powerful - being genuine always wins. Hope you really enjoy & hit me up on Twitter to let me know your thoughts !!

Aug 27, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 8/21/2017

In case you couldn't tell, this week's big theme was POSITIVITY and the massively good impact that spreading it can have on your life, ambitions, business and overall well being. Hope you loved every single clip this week, and if you missed any of them -  you're really gonna want to go back and check them out :)

Aug 26, 2017
A Compilation: 5 Reasons That Positivity ALWAYS Wins

No matter what, positivity ALWAYS trumps negativity in any scenario - the more you practice that, the more you're just going to continue to win. Don't hate the haters though, find a way to step around them and overtake them. Enjoy ;)

Aug 25, 2017
A Chat with Vayersports Summer Interns

Loved sitting down and talking to these two Vaynersports summer interns about their experiences working for the company. These kids were serious hustlers, and they had some great questions about how we plan to grow Vaynersports, and what I'll do when I'm the onwer of the Jets. Hope you really enjoy this one :)

Aug 24, 2017
A Rant: Triple Down on POSITIVITY

There's absolutely no excuse to not have positivity in your offensive arsenal. If you're putting out purely positive, excited, motivated vibes, there's nothing that can stop you. I love equating it to the early days of a lot of startups where everything was positive and that's exactly what drove those companies to success and booming business. If you're positive, you'll come out above all. ;)

Aug 23, 2017
A Rant: When You Get To Do What You Want To Do, You've Won

It's no secret that money doesn't necessarily bring immediate happiness, and it's fully something I believe. When your work and hustle doesn't feel like a chore or burden anymore, that's how you know you've truly won. This message is something that needs to be much clearer to a lot of you - would you rather make $100,000 doing something you don't enjoy, or $80,000 enjoying it? 

Aug 22, 2017
A Business Meeting With Legendary Producer iLLMIND

This completely fire meeting I had with my man iLLMIND is one that you really can't miss. Loved chatting wit this guy about everything music industry, hip hop and business while we were both in LA - let me know what you think of it & hit him up at @illmindproducer on Instagram. <3

Aug 21, 2017

Ready for Biz Dev Sunday to come back? Now it's here, exclusively on the Garyvee Audio Experience podcast. You know all about my dad's wine store in Springfield, NJ and that it's where I got my start, but take a listen here and I'll tell you exactly how retail wine is changing and what our strategy for it is. ENJOY <3

Aug 20, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 8/14/17

Hope you loved all the content this week :), I sure did. Loved having the two meetings with VM interns - these guys asked some great questions. If there's anything you missed this week, here's some highlights to get you rolling, but I'd be humbled if you gave them all a listen (especially the completely fire Q&A in Hong Kong) ENJOY !!

Aug 19, 2017
A Meeting With A VM Intern | How To Provide Value To Large Companies

This was a great chat with one of the Vaynermedia summer interns, Jake who raised a great question about how to prove you can provide value to larger companies. Taking the risk and asking with CLASS is what's key to picking somebody's interest, and then adding in a massive dose of patience. Every single intern or student should give this one a listen - it's really important !!

Aug 18, 2017
A Rant: Losing The Micro Battle To Win The War

This is a point that I drive across constantly but really can't say enough. If you're ONLY looking at the MICRO view, you're going to lose the macro. This message is one that needs to be realized by anyone trying to build a business or brand -  because it's just what's true. Nothing happens in a day, it takes time. <3

Aug 17, 2017
A Meeting With A VM Intern | Utilizing the 5 Percent of Free Time as A Student

Loved meeting with Vaynermedia intern Leo to chat about his time at Vayner, where his head was at and his aspirations for where he wants to go. He brought up an amazing question about how to best utilize the tiny percentage of time that's not already taken up by attending Law school, and I know you'll all benefit from this answer. Hope you enjoy ;)

By the way, love the new intro? The song used in it is "Legendary" by Welshly Arms.

Aug 16, 2017
A HUGE Fireside Q&A at Startup Grind HONG KONG

This keynote was a MASSIVELY good source of insight into my thinking and life. Loved expanding on my first thoughts when diving into the Chinese market, how I think when it comes to family & business and my ideas on humility, empathy and more. Complete fire in this one, including the Q&A. I know you'll LOVE this one :)

Aug 15, 2017
A Keynote: COMPLY2016

From producing content at scale to expanding on the challenges of building out a massive wine retail & ecomm business in New Jersey, this was a great keynote that I focused heavily towards marketing & compliance. We dove deep into branding and the ideas that make a customer buy a product, as well as why and how to dive into emerging platforms to test ideas.  Hope you all enjoy this one. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts <3

Aug 14, 2017
A Rant: Having Confidence In Yourself is NECESSARY

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, what you're trying to accomplish or what you think is possible... If you have complete faith in what you're doing and striving towards and the blueprint to make that thing possible, you're way more likely to succeed. Take this one completely seriously, because it's 100 percent true !!

Aug 13, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 8/7/17

This week was packed full yet again and at 100 percent. If you've missed anything this week, here's a few highlights to get you caught up. I released my interview with CNBC Life Hacks from the Rise conference in Hong Kong, did a completely fire interview on ESPN SportsNation, and had my man Ryan Holiday on the show for a completely sick interview. If you missed any of this, definitely hit up that content ;)

Aug 12, 2017
An Interview: What's Next Conference in Brussels 2017

What made things fall in place for me? Everything from WLTV to Planet of the Apps has been part of many things that failed or did not work out. Nobody really remembers the losses of those days of just putting your head down and grinding, and that's what this interview is full of. ENJOY <3

Aug 11, 2017
#AskGaryVee 262 | Ryan Holiday

Author, Marketing Master and my man Ryan Holiday stopped by for the #AGV show, and it couldn't of been a more fire episode. Loved talking emerging platforms, attention grabbing, and why the whole "You're Gonna Die" mentality is so damn CORRECT. The call ins were great here too - influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, growing a personal brand as an artist. This one was amazing guys - hit me up and let me know your thoughts <3

Aug 10, 2017
An Interview on ESPN SportsNation

Complete fire hanging with the ESPN SportsNation crew! You all know that I WILL be the owner of the New York Jets, it's just a matter of time, so talking football and sports with this crew was amazing. Loved chatting about athlete branding, marketing and NBA with these guys. Hope you really enjoy this one ;)

Aug 09, 2017
An Interview: Q&A With CNBC Life Hacks LIVE at RISE Conference

LOVED doing this rapid-fire, live interview style chat with CNBC while at the RISE Conference in Hong Kong. We covered everything from what I think I could have done more effectively in the past, to my current morning and life routines (when and how I consume my network's content), the most valuable skills that you need in life and a handful more. There's A LOT of amazing Q&A in here, so definitely give it a listen. I know you'll love it ;)

Aug 08, 2017
An Interview: Gary Vaynerchuk on Leveraging Your Strengths to Win - with Lewis Howes

Absolutely loved being on my man Lewis Howes' show to chat about everything that comes with success and entrepreneurship. We dove right into dealing with an extreme work life balance situation, why you need to be leveraging what you know to win in life, and Lewis and I talk about how we utilize current attention trends to produce results. Love this one, and hope you do too :)

Aug 07, 2017
A Rant: Instilling Confidence

When you're at your lowest, or off your high peak, or tripped up and made a mistake there's no other option than to get back up on your horse and go - and that's one of the key lessons off this FIRE IG live I did in Aspen, CO last week. When, and if that setback happens, you've gotta re evaluate and really stop being fancy. Getting accustomed to a certain lifestyle is easy, and letting go of it isn't. The message here is clear as crystal and I hope you love it ;) 

Aug 06, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 7/31/2017

Another week of complete fire in the books! These clips from the #AskGaryVee with sports marketing legend & claimed inventor of the everything bagel Brandon Steiner, an in-depth chat with the Vaynermedia 2017 summer and the August video are just a little sample of what went on this week. Make sure you check out the rest! Enjoy <3

Aug 05, 2017
A Fireside Chat with Vaynermedia Summer Interns in NYC

You all know my stance on interning and what you should be striving for when doing an internship ANYWHERE. This chat reaffirms that massively. I loved chatting with the summer interns here at VM, and I think you all will really enjoy this. If you're interning this summer, or are about to start in the fall make sure you're connecting with as many people in the company or location you're at. That's key ;) 

Aug 04, 2017
A Rant: I Don't Want The Most Followers, I Want The Largest Impact & Legacy

It's a classic case of quality vs quantity, mixed with self-awareness. Maybe you ARE focused on having the most followers, and that's fine, but my goal here isn't numbers - it's impact. Hope you take this one to heart <3

Aug 03, 2017

Loved having sports marketing legend and good friend Brandon Steiner stop by the #AskGaryVee show this past week. Brandon built a one of a kind business and is one of the few that were able to partner up with the New York Yankees (and claims to be the inventor of the Everything Bagel). This guy moves just as fast as I do and is absolutely killing it. The stories and call-in questions in here are complete fire - I know you'll love it. ;) 

Aug 02, 2017
Why August Is The Month To Go All In

It may not seem like it, but August is one of the most important months for an entrepreneur. Everyone else is sleeping or on vacation and just simply not on their A-Game. Now's the time to prepare. Now's the time to get your 4th quarter hustle up and running. <3

Aug 01, 2017
A Fireside Chat with USC's Football Team

At the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, talking to their football team about understanding the bigger picture. When you are at the prime of your career, you have the leverage. This generation of athletes is being smart about branding and entrepreneurship and the time after they retire around 30 years of age. Share this with someone that needs to understand where the bigger picture in life stands <3

Jul 31, 2017
A Business Meeting with Author Aija Mayrock

Loved taking this meeting with Aija to discuss the mechanics around monetizing as a non-profit, why having a podcast and/or vlog is completely vital to any entrepreneur at this time, and transitioning from different pillars of content and themes to maximize social reach. This is a really great one guys, hope you love it :)

Jul 30, 2017
This Week in Highlights | 7/24/17

Between #AskGaryVee with Linda Cohn, talking business, branding and the future with Aija Mayrock and an in-depth fireside chat I had with the Vaynermedia LA summer interns, this week was nothing short of spectacular. Loved having Linda on the show, because she brought so much energy and passion to the table which got me fired up. You REALLY don't want to miss anything from this week especially. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what your thoughts are! Enjoy ;)

Jul 29, 2017
#AskGaryVee 260 | The Curse of Linda Cohn and Her Amazing Journey to ESPN

This episode was FIRE all around. Loved loved loved having Linda Cohn - one of ESPN's Sportscenter top anchors talk about the way she got to where she is. Her story's similar to mind in that she literally put in 7 days a week, and worked for free to break through into the massive success she is today. You really don't want to miss this one. The calls are good ;)

Jul 28, 2017
A Rant: My $.02 on Work Ethic and Work Life Balance

I'm constantly asked about my thoughts on work life balance, hustle culture and work ethic and I hope this one will answer some of those questions for you. There needs to be a conversation that your amount of hustle and grind is directly correlated to how happy or unhappy you are. If you're unhappy, you need to work and strive as hard as you can to change that. You're the only person who's able to change at that level so it's completely up to YOU to make it happen. Hope you enjoy these thoughts- hit me up on Anchor for more like this :)

Jul 27, 2017
After The App: Aaron Batalion & Ryan Hoover

On this episode of After The App, I sit down with Lightspeed Ventures partner Aaron Batalion and Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover to talk about their backgrounds in coding and development, how entrepreneurship is blending together into tech culture, and our thoughts on emerging cryptocurrency.

Jul 26, 2017

This message is SO important, because it goes right back down to the core basics of what to do. Even if you're only starting out, as long as you're doing SOMETHING it's better than sitting idly by and doing nothing to push yourself and your message. Please please take this message to heart and run with it. Big thanks to Anthony M. for this read (IG: Beerswme). Enjoy <3

Jul 25, 2017
A Fireside Chat with Vaynermedia LA Summer Interns

These fireside chats I get to do are some of my favorites, and I love when they consist of people under my own company. There's some fire questions in here, and I loved sitting down with the summer interns at VMLA to chat and expand the knowledge on both sides. We talked smart devices, where voice is starting and heading, and a ton more. I know you'll enjoy this - let me know your thoughts ;)

Jul 24, 2017
An Interview: Behind The Brand with Bryan Elliot

One of the big reasons that I'm obsessed with "hustle" and "grind" and just plain putting in the work is because that's the ONE variable that everyone can put in to change the outcome of their lives. And that comes out extremely clear and strong in this interview. Just because you failed at one thing doesn't mean you give up. Learn and get back up and go. Hope you enjoy this ;)

Jul 23, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 7/17/17

Another completely fire week in the books, starting with my brand new Podcast, #BrownPaperBags. Definitely make sure you give this one a listen - I sit down and do a blind wine tasting with Victoria's Secret Supermodel Erin Heatherton, Editor in Cheif of PureWow, Mary Kate McGrath and award winning winemaker and sommelier Andre Mack and things get wild. If you haven't heard this one you're missing out. Loved kicking off the first selection of Vaynernation reads, and of course throwing back to my overnight success video. Hope you guys love this one ;)

Jul 22, 2017
#AskGaryVee 259 | Doing Business in China, Answering "What Should I Do?" & Mobile Payments Industry

Loved this Q&A we did from my hotel room on a recent visit to Hong Kong. The questions these students asked were great, ranging from defining what's the most promising opportunities in biology are, to my thoughts behind what online shopping will be like in the future, advice for AI startups and ideas about why the US often lags behind other markets. This is a really good one, hope you enjoy ;) 

Jul 21, 2017
A Rant: Overnight Success

It may look like I came out of nowhere in a matter of years, but in reality my success was YEARS in the making. I didn't just flip a switch and all of a sudden get on Conan O'Brien, I spent every. single. weekend from when I was 14 working, learning, listening; This rant is the story behind all that. I'd love if you'd pass this on to someone who needs it, or just needs a little push. It's all time. Enjoy <3

Jul 20, 2017
#BrownPaperBags Ep. 1 | Andre Mack, Erin Heatherton & Mary Kate McGrath

What do Sommelier Andre Mack, Victoria's Secret Angel Erin Heatherton, PureWow Editor In Chief Mary Kate McGrath and I have in common? We love wine. So, we sat down and did a blind tasting, with wines sent over from Wine Library and man did this episode blow up. If you're not a wine fan, don't worry- is may still be one of the most FIRE episodes ever - we dove deep into evvvverything. Can't wait to do another one of these, so let me know your thoughts on this format! <3 

Jul 19, 2017
A Keynote: HR Techworld 2017 | Understanding Your Company Better Using Social Media

Every single person that works within a human resources or CFO role NEEDS to give this keynote a listen. There's content in here that will not only improve your company culture, but give you a better understanding of your employee landscape. One big thing that you need to understand is that happiness isn't solely linked to title and money, but much much more. Once you start taking a look at what your employees are saying about the company on social media, you'll be armed with info to be able to make a massive positive change. Please please please listen closely to his one, I know you'll love it !!

Jul 18, 2017
A Keynote: RISE Conference 2017

This Keynote was definitely one for the books. I gave this keynote to the Rise conference in Hong Kong last week, for a group of entrepreneurs, and there's some great content in here. I touched on topics focused around staying ahead of platforms that are constantly changing, but that remain within the same basic framework of what communication will remain to be, what happens to attention when large companies spend a ton of money to advertise and where you can slip in, and mapping your actions to match your drive to entrepreneurship. Hope you enjoy this one! Let me know your thoughts ;)

Jul 17, 2017
The Hack: Having a Media Company Mentality | VAYNERNATION Reads

Acting like a media company isn't just a good suggestion right now, it's mission critical. There's no excuse for not pumping out as much content and distributing it as far and wide as humanly possible - that's just the game.  I'm trying something brand new here and having the Vaynernation read out the articles I've been pumping out on Medium. If you want to read an article, hit me up! Shoutout to Matthew Bonelli (IG: @matthewjbonelli) for this read. 

Jul 16, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 7/10/17

Another total fire week in the books. If you missed ANY content this week, definitely make sure to go back and check it out. Love putting out these quick recaps so to keep you all update. This week was jam packed with an AskGaryVee with the President and CMO of K-Swiss that had some big news, my recently released chat with Black Enterprises, a catch-up with my college roommate, and that's just getting started. If you haven't checked out my brand new Alexa skill, definitely make sure you give it a listen too - Garyvee 365. Have a great weekend, get pumped for Monday ;)

Jul 15, 2017
A Chat With My College Roommate

Have you ever wondered exactly what I did while I was in college? Loved meeting up & chatting with one of my roommates and buddies from Mount Ida. This one's worth a listen just for the laughs and stories <3

Jul 14, 2017
A Fireside Chat With Black Enterprises

Loved loved loved sitting down with this group of minority entrepreneurs to chat business and help them figure out the best direct for their work. We chatted everything from hip-hop culture's influence on entrepreneurship, to hacking growth within a business to lead it to success. This one is GREAT and I'd be humbled if you'd give it a listen <3

Jul 13, 2017
After The App: Zane Lowe

On this episode of After The App, I sit down with the host of the show, Zane Lowe to talk about the development of the Planet of The Apps series, what it was like working with Apple Music Exec and renowned producer Jimmy Iovine, up and coming hip hop culture and Zane’s journey as a successful DJ and Beats1 Radio host.

Jul 12, 2017

This is a HUGE one. Having the guys from K-Swiss on the show was spectacular and I'm so humbled to be a part of their new launch that's breathing life back into the brand (a long with a very secret announcement coming later <3). The call-in's were unrivaled. We took questions about how the brand is planning on revamping itself, what the availability of the new sneaker line is going to be, starting a sneaker reselling business, and the mechanics around staying in a small town to build yourself up versus moving to a big city. Hope you all love this one, I sure did. And hit me up at ;)

Jul 11, 2017
A Compilation: My Thoughts on College

Hope you all enjoy this mashup that my thoughts on college are defined from. I'm not saying that there's no benefit in pursuing further education, just that the system isn't running at what it should be. The amount of knowledge I gained going to college, and school for that matter wasn't related to learning about business, but it was learning about people. ;)

Jul 10, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 7/3/17

Another total fire week In the books. This week I spent some time on AskGaryVee with my man Jon Taffer, re-shared and interview with YouTuber Drawing With Jazza on how to monetize yourself as an artist, and had my third visit to the Breakfast Club here in NYC. If you missed ANY of this, give this one a listen. Can't wait to hear your thoughts ;)

Jul 09, 2017
An Interview: CEO of Anchor, Michael Mignano

You all know my complete infatuation with audio and spoken word, and that's why I LOVED doing this interview with Michael, the CEO of the app Anchor which lets anyone create their very own "public radio" station, and super easily publish a podcast. We talked about what it's like to launch an app, and how it's nearly impossible to survive on just a launch, what it was like growing a business from the very beginning and what's going on the audio space. Let me know what you think of this one, and follow me on ANCHOR! ;)

Jul 08, 2017
A Rant: My Thoughts on The Cycle of Innovation

If you want to survive the cycle of innovation there is only one thing you need to know. You have to understand that if you remain romantic, you are going to lose. One of the reason’s I have been so successful in my career is because I followed consumer attention. I didn’t hold on to what got me here. Yesterday it was ‘91 cabernet sauvignon and now it’s rosé. Yesterday it was the six second video app Vine, and today it’s Instagram. The fact of the matter is, “The Cycle of Innovation” is nothing more than a bundle of fancy words. In reality the term means nothing. Listen to this podcast to hear more about what I think!

Jul 07, 2017
An Interview: Garyvee on The Breakfast Club | Why Social Media and Networking are Important Tools for Success

Loved being back on The Breakfast Club last week with my man Charlemagne and the rest of the crew. Hope this chat helped everyone who's trying to build up their business. Everyone has a different motivation in building, but the end goal is largely the same - to be the absolute best in your field, and for that you've gotta understand what you're doing. Enjoy ;) 

Jul 06, 2017
An Interview: How to Turn Your Art Into A Business w/ Drawing With Jazza

Turning art, music or any other sort of creative practice into a lucrative business isn't easy, which is why I loved this interview I did with popular YouTuber Josiah Brooks of Drawing with Jazza! There's a lot of really important touch points here, beyond just art like how to monetize your creative profession when the lens is currently focused on vlogging and video content, how to recognize when you should be working for free to boost exposure in the long run, and finding the balance between what the market wants and your own creative passions. This is an AMAZING one, enjoy it !!

Jul 05, 2017
An Interview: One to One with Steve Adubato

This interview went in deep. It was great chatting with Steve on his PBS show, One to One and diving into why I am the way I am, and why I believe that I was raised with confidence, conviction and the ability to really squeeze out the BS, while being able to provide value to others. Hope you enjoy it, hit me up on Twitter and let me know your thoughts !! 

Jul 04, 2017
A Keynote: Relentless 2017

This keynote was total FIRE. Loved being at Danny Morel's "Relentless" talk, chatting about everything from Real Estate to figuring out exactly where your attention should be focused to get the most out of your marketing. The Q&A section here was great, and a lot of the questions were relatable on every level. Once you start doing things for yourself, the path you need to take becomes real clear - then it's just up to you to execute. Enjoy ;)

Jul 03, 2017
#AskGaryVee 257 | Jon Taffer

This is hands down one of the best episodes ever. The energy between Jon and I was completely unmatched, and the call-in questions were on point. Besides being the host of the massively successful show Bar Rescue, Jon is an entrepreneur through and through. We talked and took questions about how to expand your reach to your restaurant, diving deep into the nitty gritty of a BBQ spot in Kentucky, and monetizing personal content. This one was seriously FIRE and I can't wait for you to hear it. Let me know what you thought !!!

Jul 02, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 6/26/17

Really really hope nobody missed a single second this week, but in case you did - here's the highlights. Between releasing the full three hours of the completely FIRE Washington Sq Park meetup I did, to hosting back to back #AskGaryVee's with Morgan Spurlock and my man Jon Taffer, the content here is diverse and totally sick. Let me know what you thought of this week ;)

Jul 01, 2017

Friday's are complete BS. There's no reason you should be striving for the weekend, because that means you're not doing something right. Family time is important, and being with the ones you love is important but shouldn't be running away from what you do towards the weekend. I used to do this, so TRUST me, you need to change this before it gets too far. Take this rant to heart because EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to hear this. Share it with a friend that really needs it !!

Jun 30, 2017

LOVED having my man Morgan Spurlock on the show. If you don't know him, he's the mastermind behind the popular documentary Supersize Me. We sat down and chatted about how he came up in the entertainment biz, starting out with some seriously fun stories as a production assistant, and then answered questions like when you should start looking for a business partner, what you should be taking advantage of when studying in another country, and how to start monetizing your own personal brand and social content. Check this out, it's a great one ;) 

Jun 29, 2017
After The App: Damon Wayans Jr. and Kris Jones

On this episode of "After The App", I chat with the creators of the app "Special Guest", Damon Wayans Jr. and Kris Jones. We talk about what it was like venturing into the app world from Damon's acting background, exactly what went on behind the scenes in the Developers Lounge, and they give some insightful tips on entrepreneurship and app development. Enjoying these behind the scenes podcasts? hit me up on Twitter and let me know !!

Jun 28, 2017

Cannes was great, but i LOVED hanging out with my man Black Coffee and doing this #askgaryvee LIVE on the VaynerX yacht. We talked about what how he got started in the music industry, trying out a few things before landing on what he's doing now. The questions here were great, answering questions about how to balance work and life, how to appropriately deal with rejection, and inspiration vs motivation. Hope you enjoy this one !! 

Jun 27, 2017
An Interview: Gary Vaynerchuk on the Jim Rome Show

LOVED loved loved being on my man Jim Rome's show. I talked about exactly when my desire to buy the New York Jets started, when I think that'll happen, and what my idea of the media landscape will be in 20 years. Keep an eye on Augmented and Mixed reality, because as technology gets smaller and more efficient, these two areas will start to matter a whole lot more... Just keep in mind that as you're hustling, it's not about the money or fame - it's about not complaining. If you're complaining, you're definitely not hustling your way to a better life. Really enjoyed this talk guys, let me know what you thought ;)

Jun 26, 2017

This one was HUGE. Easily one of my best meetups, and I loved talked to everyone that came out. Seriously, enjoy this one because every single person has a different question and story and it's FULL of gold. Hit me up and let me know what you think of these longer ones ;)

Jun 25, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 6/19/17

Another FIRE week in the books. Hope everyone enjoyed this week, and if you missed ANYTHING at all (which you really won't want to), give this one a listen. Between the throwback to my talk at google, and the advice that EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to hear about starting over in their careers, there's a ton. We dropped the first episode of After The App this week too, where I talked to Ben Silverman & Howard Owens about their experience producing Planet Of The Apps. Give this one a listen, and make sure to catch up on anything you missed. Can't wait for next week ;)

Jun 24, 2017
A Reddit AMA From The Back Of A Moving Car

This is IT guys. We took full advantage of time here, and did a Reddit AMA fully from the back of a moving car, traveling through Manhattan. There's some great questions in here that spread far and wide - from reverse engineering yourself to figure out what content you should be producing, to my sleeping habits, and how brick and mortar shops should be thinking to stay ahead of the game. If you couldn't tell, I love doing these AMA's. Can't wait for the next one. Let me know your thoughts ;) 

Jun 23, 2017
A Keynote: A Talk at GOOGLE On The Growth of Wine Library

If you like wine (and business), you're going to love this one. This is a throwback to a talk I did at Google about growing wine library, all while doing a live wine tasting and Q&A. The questions here are a perfect mix of wine and business, throwing straight back to building the business that started it all. Give this one a listen and let me know what you thought <3

Jun 22, 2017
After The App: Executive Producers Ben Silverman and Howard Owens | EP. 1

In this episode of After The App, I sit down with the Executive Producers of Planet Of The Apps, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens to discuss their insight into the show, we talk about the very first day of filming, and the biggest surprises they encountered while producing Apple's first venture into TV.

Jun 21, 2017
A Rant: How To Make $20,170 in 2017

Know those hundreds of hours you spend doing absolutely nothing? Stop using them to binge watch House of Cards and start hustling to make some money. Check this one out because we're halfway through the year, and that means we're halfway through the #2017FlipChallenge - but its literally never too late to start. Watch eBay, watch Craigslist, and start hopping on Facebook Marketplace and all those new flipping apps. Shoot me a DM and let me know where you're at :)

Jun 20, 2017
A Rant: YOU HAVE TIME - Advice For Starting Over

This rant is for every single person that thinks they're "too old to start over", or that they're stuck in a job they hate instead of pursuing what they really want to do. At 31 I was a wine merchant buying and selling wine, and now I'm leading Vaynermedia. The INTERNET is what's enabling you to do a complete 180 and aim for what you really want. It doesn't matter if you're 25, 26 or even 54. This 100 percent applies to you, and you NEED to hear this one. Hit me up on twitter and let me know you heard this and understood !! 

Jun 19, 2017
A Phone Call With My Dad

This intimate episode consists of calling my dad, Sasha Vaynerchuk. I hope you enjoy it, and I wish a happy fathers day to you and your father <3.

Jun 18, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 6-12-2017

Want to make sure you didn't miss a SINGLE beat this week? These are the most FIRE highlights that stood out this week on the Garyvee Audio Experience. Dive in, get hyped and push hard this weekend. Make sure you take a listen to the phone call I had with the father of a nine year old who stood up to a bully and turned the situation around. The advice in here isn't limited to anyone. I also talked about exactly where the social landscape is heading, and where it came FROM. Hope you loved this week's content, let me know what you thought ;) ;)

Jun 17, 2017
A Keynote: INC 500 Seminar

This keynote I gave at the INC 500 seminar holds some KEY points to your small biz marketing. Content is King. The way you advertise, the way you market and show your product is so insanely important, but giving CONTEXT around what you’re doing is what matters. Because we’re living in a more fragmented world, your content and context around have to be as attention grabbing and eye catching as possible. Let me know your thoughts and give this one a listen ;)

Jun 16, 2017
An Interview with Pro Boxer & CEO Mike Rashid

Loved having my man Mike Rashid stop by and chat. We spent some time on ideas behind building an audience - why you shouldn't only focus on avenues that have the highest reach, but will have the highest impact. One HUGE point we made here toward the fitness industry was having the self-awarness to not just pedal products for a quick buck. Do you really want to be selling things that you don't believe in to your friends and family? Leaving a legacy is what the goal is here. In everything I do, I want to leave behind a MASSIVE legacy of myself and what I created. Focus on the number of people that will come to your funeral, not on the number in the bank. Give this a listen - let me know what you thought :)

Jun 15, 2017
From My Inbox: How A 9 Year Old Overcame Bullying

Thad reached out to me via email, explaining how his daughter, 9 year old Olivia was getting bullied in school. But she didn't just let it happen. After hearing my "For All The Haters" video, she stood up to the bully, and told her teachers, later converting the former bully into a friend and going to her birthday party. I was so touched by this message that I called up Thad and Olivia to talk to them about exactly what of my content inspired Olivia. Thad, Olivia and myself would LOVE if you'd take a listen to this one. It really means the world & please check out "For All The Haters" if you haven't already seen it. <3 <3

Jun 14, 2017
A Keynote: SALT Conference 2017

Everyone is fast forwarding TV ads and clicking away from banner and popup ads. I ate shit when I started Vaynermedia until it grew to what I wanted it to be. The three ways we’re going to consume something - Visual, Audio and Written word. Podcasting and sound is about to blow up. By becoming the media company in their organization and grabbing that industry attention at a level that’s open they will win. Start focusing on where the attention is cheapest and in the highest volume, and grab it. Hope you enjoyed this talk <3

Jun 13, 2017
Advice To A Young Man That Everyone Should Hear

This chat I have with this young man applied to SO many of you. Make sure you really, REALLY listen in here because this one gets deep. When you're grinding and kicking, make sure you're thinking of why you're really there. Do things with the intent of people showing up to you funeral, rather than filling your bank account. Trust me here, the bank account will come. This is one of my most insightful pieces of content, so please please give it a listen; I'd be so humbled. Let me know what you think about it and hit me up on Twitter. <3

Jun 12, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 6-5-17

Missed anything this week? You don't want to! This week was packed. Between a biz meeting with Christian Navarro, giving a keynote to the kids from Philly that called into the #AGV show, and a few HOT keynotes, this week was on fire. Catch what you missed, or refresh your mind and let me know what you thought ;)

Jun 11, 2017
An Interview with YAHOO On the Status Of the American Dream and Entrepreneurship

It was great talking with Yahoo about my ideas and past. We chatted about my thoughts on what the status of the American dream is today -  Everyone is a founder and entrepreneur these days, and that means a lot in the world of investments. Being an entrepreneur is more than just throwing it in your social media profiles, and there's some really important points here around both entrepreneurship and some current trends I'm noticing (hint hint, VR). Hope you enjoy! DM me and let me know your thoughts ;)

Jun 10, 2017
A Personal Branding Meeting with 13 Reasons Why Actor Christian Lee Navarro

Loved having actor Christian Lee Navarro come by the office and chat about personal branding, the landscape and direction of social media and what matters in more traditional media.  The internet is what's driving the structure of traditional television and media down as apps and social media programming are on the rise. Hope you really enjoy this one, I sure did! :)

Jun 09, 2017
EXCLUSIVE: What's the ROI Of A Smile?

Coming at you all straight from the plane back from my recent trip with Pencils of Promise in Ghana. Experiencing an entire different world & perspective while Planet of the Apps launched completely fired my mind up; pulling from two complete opposites. I really focus in here on what one of the most important qualities you can have to show people your true self; your smile. I'd love if you gave this one a deep listen. <3 <3 

Jun 08, 2017
A Keynote: THINK Conference

This keynote was complete fire. One of the most important things I express in my organization is that the people that you employ need to bring positivity and influence into the culture and heart of the company, and that's a theme I really wanted to drive home here. Give it a listen and hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you thought! <3

Jun 07, 2017
EXCLUSIVE INTRO & A Q&A With Inner City High School Kids from Philly

This is an important one, so please please check it out. Remember Mr. Reynolds, the caller from the #AskGaryVee show with Adam Braun? He rolled through with the students he teaches from inner city Philadelphia, to hang out with me at Vaynermedia and talk about life after high school. All of these kids have different things going on and it as an absolute pleasure having them come by. The energy and positivity in this is complete fire and I KNOW you're going to love this. <3 

Jun 06, 2017
A Keynote: The Vaynermedia 4D Daily Digital Deep Dive

Loved doing this Q&A keynote with the most recent Vaynermedia 4D's crew. These questions were completely on point. We talked about things like why you need to research and pick the most appropriate platform for your industry & business, how trust and confidence will boost you to the forefront of your industry and a ton more. Give this one a listen guys, I'd be completely humbled. There's lots of really important lessons in here you'll love. And if you want to be a part of the next VM 4D's crew, shoot us a line at Thanks <3

Jun 05, 2017
An Interview: Gary Vaynerchuk on Tom Bilyeu's IMPACT THEORY

A HUGE thanks to my man, Tom Bilyeu for having me on his show. Loved loved loved chatting with him about why positivity, optimism are the complete keys to success, the success and boom of services like Uber over car purchases, and why the time and world we're living in now - the age where the internet and online presences are completely dominating - is the most important shift in our society in years. It all comes down to your perspective, and how you execute. We get DEEP in this one. Don't miss it, and make sure to check out Tom's show, Impact Theory on YouTube and hit him up @TomBilyeu! ;)

Jun 04, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 5/29/17

If you missed ANYTHING this week, you're going to want to listen to this. Between the most FIRE Reddit AMA I've ever done (there's more coming too ;)  and a keynote in Romania that I completely ripped through, don't miss a second of this week. Catchup with these clips, including an exclusive chat with the ghost writer of my next book. Hope you enjoy, can't wait for you to see what's in the lineup for next week <3. Oh, and share this with ONE friend that you KNOW will benefit from my content. I'd be so humbled. 

Jun 03, 2017
A Keynote: Sales Machine

You’re only as good as your last at-bat. The way you made your money yesterday is the last thing you should care about. The landscape of sales in our society has changed fundamentally over the last few years.  Utilizing social media to directly contact key individuals in B2B companies is KEY to helping drive your sales strategy. Identify them, contact them, and provide them value. There’s a story in here DIRECTLY related to this strategy, converting them into a paying client. Lots of good Q&A in here - give it a listen 😉. Whether you’re loving or hating my podcast, I’d LOVE if you could give it a rating on iTunes. THANK YOU !!

Jun 02, 2017
A Conversation of Social Thoughts With My Ghost Writer

Guys, I wanted to bring this clip to the podcast exclusively. In this episode I'm talking with my ghost writer for my next book, "Crushed It!" chatting about everything from my thoughts on the direction and value of Musically, to how and why social networks change over time, to how Twitter's sustained its most useful aspect. At the end of the day, if you're a beggar, meaning you're not happy with your current situation but you want to win, then you must be willing to do whatever it takes. Give this one a listen because so many of you need to hear it - I'm turning my podcast game WAY up. Can't wait to be bringing more exclusive content your way ;)

Jun 01, 2017
A Keynote: Brand Minds in Romania

When I'm on, I'm on. Last week in Bucharest, Romania was one for the books. The guys at Brand Minds really know how to turn it on and boy was there some energy in that room. It doesn't matter about what ISN'T a play, or what you wish could be happening in your field - all you can do is react to what the best play or network or tactic is actually relevant in your field. That's all. If you're strapped for time, at least make sure you tune into the Q&A. I talk about how I trade my attention, how I push my teams to think outside the box of what their clients think is the correct move, and how I boost positivity and optimism in my companies. Enjoy this one guys because it's HUGE.

May 31, 2017

TOTAL FIRE. That's the only way to describe this AMA. Your questions were on point and I was hyped up to answer them. Dive right into this one, especially if you missed it online. It's an entirely different experience ;). I answered what I regret from my teens and 20's, why my ultimate vision is, the words that I live by and SO much more. Give this a listen and let me know exactly what you thought. I'll be doing a lot more like this so get your questions ready :)

May 30, 2017
A Compilation: Embrace Negative Comments

Hope you all really enjoy this mashup from the other day. There's some great lessons in it. Most of all, you need to stop doubting yourself and overthinking things. Start DOING instead of sitting there and wondering "should I?" - Execute and things will happen. There's no reason to think of process as a constraint in your life. You need to break out of it and start making things happen. In this mashup I also talk about my thoughts on where Universities are headed, how to think about starting to grow an audience and following, why you need to not dismiss negative comments - use them to GROW. Enjoy this one!!

May 29, 2017
A Compilation: Why SELF AWARENESS Is The Most Important Thing

I'd love if you gave this one a listen, because it's SUPER important. Being self aware is something I truly believe you need to embrace and find if you want to be as successful as possible. Knowing both your strengths and weaknesses will help you get way ahead of any blockers and hiccups that come your way and there's a lot of work, time and thought that goes into figuring out yourself. Take this one to heart and embrace it. Thanks for giving it a listen <3

May 28, 2017
This Week In Highlights | 5/22/17

This week was another one for the books. Between #AskGaryVee with my dad, Sasha Vaynerchuk - which by the way shows EXACTLY where my work ethic and family business beliefs came from, my Facebook and Instagram LIVE Q&A sessions and a fire talk at Stanford with the one and only Tyra Banks, the content this week was amazing. Oh, and don't forget my Reddit AMA... ;) Give it a listen and let me know what you want to hear. Can't wait for what's in store next week <3

May 27, 2017

Loved loved loved having my DAD, Sasha Vaynerchuk on the show this week. Anyone that's in a family business NEEDS to hear this one. There's a lot of really, really important topics here, and the call-in questions were even deeper. We go back and forth about topics like what to do when you feel you're underpaid in a family (or any) business, talk to a father-son business pair about when and how to start trusting your children to lead and take over a business, and you get an EXTREMELY in-depth look at where my work ethic and practices came from. Don't miss this one, and let me know what you thought. P.S. There's a few really great stories in here ;)

May 26, 2017
A Keynote: Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW with Jack & Suzy Welch