Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

By Kelly and Marsha: knitting, spinning, crocheting, weaving, dyeing, and playing with yarn.

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Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn.  Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves.  Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.

Episode Date
Ep 112: A Diversity of Designers

Celebrating member weaving projects and highlighting the work of designers who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. You’ll definitely add patterns to your queue after this episode! Doing our part for World Fleece! Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. Use email or contact us on our website.

Project Updates

Kelly is plugging away at  Koru by Aroha Knits using the Dragonfly Fibers Dance Rustic Silk. The patterned sections have become almost routine and she is approaching the length where she will begin armholes.

Kelly also finished a small shawlette/cowl out of handspun.  The project was started and finished in one weekend trip to San Francisco to see the musical Hamilton.

Marsha has cast on two projects. The first is a T-shirt called Lace Market by Marie Greene and she is using Schoppel El Linio (linen) in Indigo. She also cast on for her brother the pullover Cobblestone by Jared Flood using the New Lanark Mill DK she bought in Scotland last year.

Celebrating Weaving

The Two Ewes celebrate weaving with a review of member weaving projects. Lots of members are weavers and participated in the recently finished Winter Weave Along. Besides looking at the finished object thread the Ewes went to the Ravelry advanced search, selected the “projects” tab at the top, selected “weaving” as the craft in the filter boxes on the left, and selected “Groups” from the very last filter box with additional characteristics.  This allows you to select a Ravelry Group, for example Two Ewes Fiber Adventure. Once you do that you see a page of all the weaving projects by group members. Gorgeous and inspiring!

A Diversity of Designers

The Ewes highlighted patterns from the Designers of Color Bundle that was created by the Solidarity Swap Ravelry Group. Some of the patterns are:

Lesedi Shrug by Noma Ndlovu,

Mermaid Top by Rebecca McKenzie,

Summertime Tee by Toni Lipsey (crochet)

Inseparable Cowl and Shawls by Tami Gore

And many, many others (over 70 pages of patterns!) The Two Ewes dare you to look at this bundle and not add to your project queue!

Other ways to play with string...A Not Along (or is it Knot Along?)

Group member Jill contacted Kelly about punch needle rug hooking. Kelly has been planning a project for awhile, but hasn’t gotten started. Jill also wanted to do a punch needle project.  So the Two Ewes will be starting a challenge for fiber projects that are NOT knitting, crochet, or weaving. The NOT (or KNOT) Along will start on May 31, so think about what you want to be working on this summer that is NOT knitting, crochet, or weaving.


Kelly recommends  Fiber at the Speed of Life podcast by Erica (Weavolution) and Michele.  They just published their first episode.

Apr 07, 2019
Ep 111: Dyeing Techniques

The Ewes talk knitting and then have a discussion of dyeing techniques in answer to a listener question. A little Enzo and a little bee news round out the episode. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. is our email address or you click contact us on our website.

Project Updates

Marsha finished Mountain High by Heidi Kirrmaier using The Croft Shetland Tweed by West Yorkshire Spinners that she bought at the The Yarn Cake in Glasgow. The sweater fits beautifully and she’s happy with her modifications.

She is still looking for a pullover pattern for her brother using New Lanark Wool & Textiles DK that she bought at the mill in New Lanark, Scotland last March.

Kelly continues to work on Koru by Aroha Knits using the Dragonfly Fibers Dance Rustic Silk

She ripped out the mistake and is now making good progress. She also finished 5 hats from spirit yarn (destash yarn): Caron Simply soft Mardi Gray. Variegated gray with soft pink, yellow and green. Acrylic yarn, called Mardi Gray. It was a full bag of 4 balls, 150 yards in each ball.

Dyeing Techniques Discussion

The Ewes answer a dyeing questionMomdiggity/Jo Ann, who asked, “I would love to hear you talk about your fiber dying techniques.”

Kelly and Marsha talk about choosing and blending colors, the different techniques they’ve tried over the years and in particular under-dyeing and over-dyeing.  Kelly tells about her natural dyeing experiments and Marsha found two dyeing classes on Craftsy (now Bluprint) that she thinks she may try. Both are taught by Sarah Eyre.

Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home: dyeing solids, semi-solids speckled, and variegated. Discusses yarns, dyes, mordants, safety, gear and studio set up.

Next Steps in Dyeing: gradients, sock blanks, self-striping, hand-painted, dyeing fibers.

Twenty Stitches Notecard Giveaway

The Two Ewes are having a giveaway for notecards that they received as a promotion from the  Twenty Stitches booth at Stitches West. Twenty Stitches has beautiful cards, tags, gift boxes, and kits to make them. Here is an description of the product from the website.

Clear instructions, pre-cut and perfectly spaced embroidery holes, a #20 Chenille needle, and all the necessary thread and adhesives are included in our kits, making it easy to create perfectly embroidered notecards, tags, and giftboxes.  Our book artsinspired samplers are a fun way to practice or learn twenty embroidery stitches.

Head over to the Giveaway Thread in the Ravelry Group to see how to enter. The giveaway thread will be open until May 8 when we will draw a winner for a pack of notecards to embroider.

Winter Weave Along ends March 31. Don’t forget to enter your weaving projects in the FO thread. Next episode will be a celebration of weaving and a drawing for prizes.


Kelly: Xerces Society Pollinator friendly plant list


Mar 31, 2019
Ep 110: Whisky Tasting, Waltons, and What Have You

Whisky tasting, a trip to the Scottish Highlands, a knitting mishap, and podcasting in pajamas are some of the tangents this episode! Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. is our email address or you click contact us on our website.

Project Updates

Marsha has finished the body and one sleeve of a pullover Mountain High by Heidi Kirrmaier (again!) using The Croft Shetland Tweed by West Yorkshire Spinners that she bought at the The Yarn Cake in Glasgow.

She also swatched with New Lanark Wool & Textiles DK that she bought at the mill in New Lanark, Scotland last March. She is looking for a sweater pattern for her brother.

Kelly continues to work on Koru by Aroha Knits using the Dragonfly Fibers Dance Rustic Silk that she bought last year at Stitches. Somehow she began using the left chart on the right and the right chart on the left so there is about 2-3 inches that need to be ripped out.

The back and two fronts of the Sonny Bono jacket are done. Kelly will definitely need more yarn for the two sleeves and collar. There is about a skein and a half left and a call to Amazing Yarns is needed.

Gauntlet was thrown down by Heddicraft who finished a linen bath mitt from 2 retreats ago. So Kelly dug in her stash for NoCKRs spirit yarn with a goal to use something up before the retreat.  She is making hats from a variegated gray with soft pink, yellow and green. Acrylic yarn, called Mardi Gray. It was a full bag of 4 balls, 150 yards in each ball, so she plans at least 4 hats.

Thank You Patrons!

We have 21 Patrons at  Patrons help us buy prizes, pay for podcast hosting, and ship prizes.  Patrons sign up for a support level starting at $3 per month. Our patrons help us make the show available for free to everyone. This month we’re giving away two prize skeins of Studio Fingering from Neighborhood Fiber Company.           


The Winter Weave Along is ending March 31. Come chat with us about weaving in the We Sley thread on Ravelry and don’t forget to post your finished objects in the FO thread. Our first April episode will be a celebration of weaving!


Kelly recommends coming home from work and putting on your pajamas at 5:15! Also, she recommends two shows she has been watching on Amazon Prime video:

Unforgotten a British police drama about solving cold cases

Case Histories, also a crime drama. Based on stories by Kate Atkinson.

Mar 17, 2019
Ep 109: Skulls, Friends, and Fun Fur for Grown-Ups

A Stitches recap with a Two Ewes twist.  We’ll let the others tell you about the popular knits at Stitches West. We fell in love with skulls, knitted plants and animals, and furry jackets! Plus we met some great listeners. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. is our email address or you click contact us on our website.

What did we wear on the Stitches West carpet?

Marsha wore her cardigan Cloud Cover and her handspun combo spin sweater made with Simple Summer Tweed pattern. Both patterns are by Heidi Kirrmaier.

Kelly wore the  Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet and the Running Water cardigan by Claudia Eisenkolb.

What did we work on at Stitches West?

Marsha exclusively worked on a pullover Mountain High by Heidi Kirrmaier (again!) using The Croft Shetland Tweed by West Yorkshire Spinners that she bought at the The Yarn Cake in Glasgow.

Marsha has a finished object her Slack Tide Scarf by Poststitch for her brother

Kelly worked on Koru by Aroha Knits using the Dragonfly Fibers Dance Rustic Silk that she bought last year at Stitches. However, with three traveling stitch charts, it wasn’t the best choice for social knitting. Anticipating the need for a second project Kelly brought an in-progress Mother Bear and a kit of leftover yarns. She got one bear to the point of needing some stuffing and started a second bear.

What did we see at Stitches

Ellen’s Wooly Wonders has fabulous patterns including Daphne’s Skull

Amazing Yarns is where Kelly found her dream project. New cast on!

Lady Dye Yarns had great colors and her signature “BadA$$ Knitter,” Sheep Fro, and other bags.

Neighborhood Fiber Company is full of beautiful yarns as always. It’s one of our favorites.

At Bay Street Yarns, Anne, spent some time talking to us about her Fire Relief yarns.

Knitting on the Fringe had a wide variety of non-yarn products, including Fair Trade felted bags.

New friends from Stitches

The Two Ewes met some great new fiber friends including Rhonda Waipahu who came to Stitches all the way from Pennsylvania, Noelle in the double knit class who recognized Kelly’s voice, Drummer Girl Creations aka Drummergirlmakes aka Patricia was at the show with her two boys. Later the Ewes met Marisa Quiltotaku who came with their friend Marianne, and Pamela who they met briefly last year but got to talk with more this year. She came with their friend Alissa. They tried to talk the Ewes into going to the pajama party, but the Ewes couldn’t stay up that late!  They also met Sarah, Imagined Landscapes, gnome designer extraordinaire!

Madrona Fiber Arts

Marsha attended The Madrona Fiber Arts with her friend Kim. The show had a nice market. They stopped by the Brooklyn Tweed booth where Kim mentioned to Luigi Boccia that the sweater she made several years ago with Loft and developed holes. Luigi explained the company discovered the original Loft was too fragile and has reformulated yarn. He extended a discount to each of us to try the yarn again. So a huge thank you to Luigi for doing this and for those knitters and crocheters who may have had a similar experience, do give the yarn another try.


Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism by Safiya Umoja Noble. This book reads like a textbook and takes both concentration and familiarity with the academic language of social justice studies. Kelly is really enjoying this listen but has looked up words, used the repeat button, looked up phrases,, and bookmarked clips a lot!


We will be having a Thank You Patrons episode in March with patron appreciation drawings. To become a Patron go to We have several levels of support for those who are interested. Other ways to support the show: tell others, participate in the group, leave us feedback.

Mar 03, 2019
Ep 108: One Noise After Another

Despite the noises and interruptions the yarn talk continues! Through downpours, laundry, head shaving, a neighbor coming by and odd thumping in the background, the show goes on.  Hear the Ewes respond to the Fiberuary Challenge and Yarn Love Challenge prompts. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. is our email address or click contact us on our website.

Project Updates

Marsha finished her cardigan Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmaier and loves it.

Marsha double checked the label on her fleece and it is Wensleydale x Cormo x Merino fleece.

After our last episode Marsha ordered another skein of worsted yarn from Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool to have extra for dyeing for the colorwork pullover, Snowflower by Heidi Kirrmaier. She is still in the planning stage for dyeing the yarn. Plus she wants to take a colorwork class.

Marsha is almost done with Slack Tide Scarf by Poststitch that she is making for her brother and she cast on a scarf for herself called Shared Rib by Anne Hanson using Old Maiden Aunt Yarns fingering weight that she bought last March at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

She also cast on a pullover Mountain High by Heidi Kirrmaier (again!) using The Croft Shetland Tweed by West Yorkshire Spinners that she bought at the The Yarn Cake in Glasgow.

Kelly finished the  Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet.  It will be one of her Stitches garments if it gets blocked in time.

Kelly has started the Koru by Aroha Knits. She’s using Dance Rustic Silk from Dragonfly Fibers.


The Solidarity Swap on Ravelry is a pattern and/or yarn swap celebrating designers and dyers who are people of color or from underrepresented groups. The group has a designer bundle listing a variety of designers and  Indie dyers that you might not have seen before. Another resource for finding designers, dyers, and other makers of color is Jeanette Sloan’s site POC Designers and Crafters.

AllFreeKnitting has added the Two Ewes to its updated list of the top 10 knitting podcasts.

Upcoming Events

Stitches West

Northwest Regional Spinners Association

Whidbey Weavers Guild

Black Sheep Gathering

Feb 18, 2019
Ep 107: Rules? Ha!

A little knitting and a lot of permission to break spinning and knitting rules. Wait--there are no rules! The Ewes share anti-racism resources, plus, listener questions and feedback to round out the show. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. is our email address or you click contact us on our website.

Project Updates

Marsha continues to work on her  Cloud Cover cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier. She is almost done with the collar and then will weave in the ends and block.  She has been spinning her  Wensleydale x Cormo x Merino fleece. It has been slow but steady progress but Kelly gives her permission to break some rules!

Marsha is also planning her next project. She plans to use Imperial Ranch Columbia, a mulespun worsted weight yarn in the colorway Juniper Green. What is “mulespun”? Below are two links with for information:

She is also thinking about starting her Snowflower by Heidi Kirrmaier using worsted yarn from Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool.

Kelly is continuing the  Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet.  She made only a little progress in the last two weeks but still plans to finish by the February 14th deadline. She is dreaming of her next sweater, perhaps the Koru by Aroha Knits.

The Ewes share some anti-racism resources recommended through the discussion about racism in the yarn community.  

Although there was only a little knitting progress, listeners saved the day with some great questions and feedback. Momdiggity asked Marsha about how she splits braids for a combo spin so Marsha talks about that in the episode. The Ewes also had some feedback from the southern hemisphere. Leanne from South Africa shared with us about Knit-a-Square South Africa and the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day project. Aimee from New Zealand listens on her commute and was finishing up an epic project, her crocheted blanket.  Meanwhile, back on the California coast, Stella provided an interesting article by Jilian Moreno about how your knitting style affects your gauge.


We will be having a Thank You Patrons episode in March.  We have reached a milestone and we’ll have our second quarterly drawing, this time for two winners. Patreon terms of service don’t allow us to advertise drawings for patron levels on our Patreon page so that information will be revised on the page.  However, we’ll have quarterly Thank You episodes on the show and we can recognize our patrons there.

Other Events

Feb 03, 2019
Ep 106: Schemes and Dreams for 2019

Scheming and dreaming about all the yarn and fleece projects for 2019. Did you know Marsha and Kelly both love the smell of fleece? Have you heard about the woven ruana and the sheep tea cozy a few too many times? What does it mean to raise your default level? It’s all in this episode. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. Email us at We’d love to hear your 2019 Dreams and Schemes!

Project Updates

Marsha continues to work on Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmaier. It has an unusual construction. Knit yoke, then sleeves, then body, then collar. Marsha is hoping she doesn’t run out of yarn before that big shawl collar is done.

Marsha has carded a bunch of Wensleydale x Corriedale x Merino fleece and has been spinning it. This fleece is a gorgeous dark espresso color! More spinning is in Marsha’s plans for 2019.

Kelly has also been mostly monogamous on the knit front with the Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits.  She’s using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet and loving the feel of the yarn.  The shawl pattern is interesting and will result in a 3 color shawl in 5 weeks. No pictures of the full project because it’s a mystery!

2019 Dreams and Schemes

Kelly and Marsha are both training for distance walking this year.  Kelly will be walking the Big Sur 21-Miler in April with her Dad who will turn 79 in March. Marsha got a copy of her training schedule and plans to follow the training, but not do the event. Join in the Ravelry group discussion if you have a fitness goal for 2019 and want some structure and encouragement or want a place to brag!


Northwest Regional Spinners Association

Fleeber Farms

Twisted Straight Fibers

Whidbey Weavers Guild

Stitches West

Black Sheep Gathering

Jan 21, 2019
Ep 105: Ringing in the N-Ewe Year 2019

Ringing in the New Year with lace knitting, a vegetable terrine, lots of project planning, and a geographic survey of our listeners. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry  or email us with your thoughts. is our email address.  We’d love to hear from you!

Project Updates

Marsha continues to work on Slack Tide by Poststitch and is making steady progress. The yarn is Concentric by Hikoo, which is singles that are not pied. It’s very “splitty” and difficult to knit with especially on knit two together, but it’s beautiful fabric.

Marsha is waiting for a day to herself to work uninterrupted on Rabbit by Claire Garland Marsha is also knitting Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmaier. It has an unusual construction. Knit yoke, then sleeves, then body, then collar. Marsha has finished first sleeve and started second.

She’s still planning for SnowFlower by Heidi Kirrmaier  The natural yarn arrived and she’s been thinking about colors. The “snowflower” will be the natural color but the CC can be anything!

Marsha has carded a bunch of Wensleydale x Corriedale x Merino cross and has been spinning it. This fleece is a gorgeous dark espresso color!

Kelly joined in the Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits.  She’ll be using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet for a 3 color shawl in 5 weeks. She is also participating in the 2019 Herbert Niebling KAL and the Yarniacs Self Indulgent Knit Along with some Niebling lace patterns.  Her Glocklein is finished and she is planning for two more of these fun lace patterns.

2018 Statistics of Interest

Kelly: 31 projects including 8 pair of socks (4 argyles, 3 slipper socks) and 3 weaving projects

Marsha: 13 projects including 5 sweaters and 3 pair of socks.

Most popular podcast episodes of 2018:

Fiber Adventures in Scotland

Ep 86: Events, Knitting Tips, and Bee Talk

Ep 92: Sweaters and Blankets in Summer

Ep 89: Spirit Dress Forms and Uncanny Coincidences

Bonus! Argyle Socks and Edinburgh Sights

Ep 85: A Two-Ply of Joy and Sorrow

Ep 91: Project, Color, and Design Ideas from Listeners

Ep 90: Naughty Knits and Combo Spinning

Ep 93: Gathering Together


Most popular episodes from previous years

Ep 83: One Ewe's Year in Rev-EWE (12/31/17)

Ep 20 a: Textiles on My Travels series
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Ep 1: Who Are Ewe and What Are Ewe Doing Here? (2014)


Geographic location of listeners--top ten countries

United States


United Kingdom






New Zealand

Other interesting and surprising locations!

The Two Ewes have listeners in places around the world, including the Isle of Man, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Peru, Jamaica, South Africa, and Singapore.


Author Stephany Wilkes has a book event at Books Inc. in Berkeley, California on January 8, 2019 at 7 pm.  In February she will be speaking at the Treadles to Threads guild meeting February 27 in Contra Costa.

Stitches West! Thursday, February 21 through Sunday, February 24. Marsha and Kelly will be attending the meet-up hosted by Yarniacs and 2 Knit Lit Chicks on Saturday afternoon in the lobby bar area.

Madrona Fiber Arts Thursday, February 14 through Sunday, February 17 in Tacoma Washington. Marsha will be there with Kim aka KMDesigns.

Jan 06, 2019
Ep 104: Flurry of Finishing and Starting

Lots of finished knitting, a fleece processing and spinning project, and a new warp are all on the show this week. We also pull two winners for Stephany Wilkes’ book, Raw Material. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry and discuss the episode, or contact us with your thoughts. is our email address.  We’d love to hear from you.

Kelly finished the Unice Unicorn Hood for her grandniece.  She also finished a second pair of Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks. They are in one of the Western Sky Knits merino cashmere sport weight skeins that she has used for criss-cross colors in argyle socks.  This is a perfect gift knit!

The bulky-weight, 6-shaft weaving is finished, too.  It turned out a little too narrow to be a loom bench cushion so it is now out in the cat’s house as a warm and comfy sleeping pad. It was a great way to sample bulky weaving and the 6-shaft draft and to get used to the Macomber loom.

The argyle socks are almost finished.  The knitting is done and now the ends need to be woven in and the back of the leg and sides of the foot need to be seamed.

Kelly wound warp to make a new weaving project for the 4-shaft table loom.  The yarns are fairly thin and the sett will be 24 ends per inch.  She plans to use this to warp back to front for the first time as part of the Winter Weave Along. Join in the weaving fun in our weaving discussion on Ravelry. She made a video (click here for part 1 and here for part 2) showing her stash and selection process.

Marsha hasn’t made any progress on her scarf, Slack Tide -  Poststitch or her Rabbit - Claire Garland. But she has been busy working on her cardigan, Cloud Cover - Heidi Kirrmaier and her “vanilla” socks with Austerman Step with heels and toes in Knit Picks Stroll.

Marsha also pulled out a fleece she bought two years ago at the Black Sheep Gathering. It is a 6 pound Wensleydale x Corriedale x Merino cross she split with Kelly. The color is a beautiful dark chocolate espresso bean. Marsha talks about carding the fiber and using her diz for the first time.

Marsha also talks about her planning for her next sweater, SnowFlower, a pullover with colorwork and plans for dyeing the contrasting colors.

Kelly is planning to join in the Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits.  She’ll be using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet for a 3 color shawl in 5 weeks.

Stephany Wilkes has donated a copy of her book Raw Material: Working Wool in the West and the Ewes donated a second. We’ve chosen winners.  Check out the episode to see who won! Stephany has another book event at Books Inc. in Berkeley, California on January 8, 2019 at 7 pm.  In February she will be speaking at the Treadles to Threads guild meeting February 27 in Contra Costa.

Dec 21, 2018
Ep 103: Tired of/from Learning?

The Learn Along has people doing everything from brioche socks to knitting with a Shetland knitting belt. Marsha talks about learning agility and piano and Kelly is getting close to the end of a semester of learning.

Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of  our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry and discuss the episode, or contact us with your thoughts at

Kelly's Projects

Kelly finished the Running Water cardigan and has worn it three times.  The fit is great and it is so soft and warm.

Since the last episode she started and finished a pair of Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks. Two strands of fingering weight. From Cozy Up knits. Found out about it from the Cozy Up Knits youtube show. Four Canadian Prairie sisters who knit and design patterns.

Kelly has also started a gift knit. She’s making the Unice Unicorn Hood for her grandniece.  The hood is done, she is now putting on the fringe that makes the mane.  She is making it as a horse and not putting on the unicorn horn.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha has made very little progress on her existing projects.

Slack Tide -  Poststitch

Rabbit - Claire Garland

Cloud Cover - Heidi Kirrmaier

She is getting “back on the horse” by knitting a pair of “vanilla” socks with Austerman Step with heels and toes in Knit Picks Stroll. Both are spirit yarns from the NoCKRs detash room.

Learn Along

Catherine Knuttson, (smallbirdworkshop on Ravelry) has donated patterns. Her website is where she has yarn and patterns.  Her patterns are also available on Ravelry.  Marsha and I each were given a code for a pattern, too.  I’m looking hard at Blue Spruce, but haven’t made a decision yet. She has a collection of patterns that are good for variegated yarns.  Check out her pattern page on Ravelry.

To see all the wonderful learning that people did during the Learn Along, visit the FO thread in our Ravelry group. Listen to the show to see who won the drawing!

Patron Drawing

We randomly selected a Daring Adventurer to win the drawing! If you'd like to become a patron, visit

One of our patrons contacted us about the Weavolution online weaving guild and website.  Kelly joined but hasn’t had a chance to poke around on the website yet. They have groups and patterns and classes available for purchase.

Book Giveaway ends December 16.

Stephany Wilkes has donated a copy of her book Raw Material: Working Wool in the West.

Make a comment in the thread on our Two Ewes Ravelry Group to be entered. Stephany has another book event at Books Inc. in Berkeley, California on January 8, 2019 at 7 pm.  In February she will be speaking at the Treadles to Threads guild meeting February 27 in Contra Costa.

Marsha got to see Stephany in Seattle at the  Eileen Fisher Renew store for a reading of her book Raw Material: Working Wool in the West and a panel discussion.  Also on the panel was Kathy Hatori of Botanical Colors. Her dyes are used as overdyes for Renew. She has a studio located in Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. She sells natural dyes for designers and artists.

Eileen Fisher Renew  takes back clothes with a $5 credit. They repair, overdye, reconstruct and then resell the recycled clothing online and in stores.

Marsha also talked about the New York Times article about American Giant trying to make flannel in US.  The Annals of Flannel. And speaking of flannel and fabric. Kelly has sewing acquisitions! She purchased some Huston Textiles climate beneficial cloth (red), and some Vreseis brown cotton flannel.  She already has natural climate beneficial cloth.  A fabric stash is forming. Sally Fox, owner of Vreseis was recently interviewed on Yarn Stories Podcast  by Miriam Felton.  

Our email address is   We’d love to hear from you!

Dec 08, 2018
Ep 102: Hat Tricks and Knitting Tips

Finished socks, an almost finished sweater and lots of knitting tips in this episode!  Full notes with photos and links are in the podcast section of our shop  Join the community on Ravelry and be part of the conversation!

Kelly has been working to finish the Running Water cardigan. The sleeves are almost finished and then it will be finished! She hopes to have it finished by the time this episode is published.

Kelly raves about the Sockhead Cowl she made out of Tassie Merino from Carrie at Handmade Travels. The scrumptiously soft yarn is sourced from White Gum Wool in Australia. It was made in summer but she just started wearing it.  Kelly  discovered she could twist the cowl in the middle and fold it into a hat!

Another rave is for the Mama Stamberg cranberry relish (with onion and horseradish) that Kelly will be making for Thanksgiving. It’s been a staple on her Thanksgiving table for about 20 years.

Kelly has also joined the Jane Stafford Online Weaving Guild and is excited to get back to the loom.  The guild has an annual membership that gives weavers access to previous seasons of videos and also the current season of videos as they come out. At $75 Canadian it is a great value! The price will be increasing to $99 on December 7th so if you’ve been waffling about joining, now is the time!  The Weave podcast had a really interesting interview with Jane Stafford about the online guild and how it works.

Marsha finished the afterthought socks. She is not a fan of the method of afterthought everything, but they are done and she learned a lot.  She cast on a pair of her standard socks using destash Austermann Step yarn from the NoCKRs retreat.  

She also cast on Cloud Cover, an open front cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier.

Marsha also talked about her new yarn from a local indie dyer Little Fish Stitches from Aberdeen, Washington.

Tips!  While talking about Cloud Cover, Marsha shares some tips for avoiding gauge issues between flat knitting and knitting in the round.  She also shares a tip for casting on in the round. Knit a few rows first, and then join in the round. Sew up the gap later. This helps to avoid twisting when joining and also alleviates some of the awkwardness of trying to join in the round with small needles and small stitches.  She’s doing it with a sock she just started.

The Learn Along ends November 30.  Book Giveaway ends December 16.

There are now TWO Seattle book events for Raw Material: Working Wool in the West. Stephany will be at the Seward Park branch of Third Place Books for an author event on November 28 at 7 pm and on November 29 from 5-7 pm she will be at the Eileen Fisher Renew Store for a panel discussion and book signing  including Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors. Kelly first heard about Kathy’s work on the Weave podcast.

Join the conversation about this episode in our Ravelry Group, or contact us with your thoughts. Our email address is  We’d love to hear from you.

Nov 25, 2018
Ep 101: With Author and Sheep Shearer Stephany Wilkes

Joined by guest co-host Stephany Wilkes, sheep shearer, wool classer, and author of the fantastic new book Raw Material: Working Wool in the West.  Order it at your local bookstore or online.  Stephany is also president of the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative. She chats with the Ewes about her projects and then we discuss her book and her life as a shearer.  Stephany can be found on Instagram as @ladysheepshearer.

Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of  our shop website:  Join the community on Ravelry where we will give away a copy of the book Raw Material: Working Wool in the West.

Kelly’s Argyle adventure continues. The socks are roughly based on the pattern Men’s Argyle socks #5710. She’s not really using pattern that much, but she used it to create a Stitch Fiddle chart for the colorwork.

Also active this week are the Humble Bee socks. The pattern was a gift from Sara Bauer (sarapomegranate on Ravelry and host of the Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast).

Kelly has also joined the Jane Stafford Online Weaving Guild and is excited to get back to the loom.  The guild has an annual membership that gives weavers access to previous seasons of videos and also the current season of videos as they come out. At $75 Canadian it is a great value! The price will be increasing to $99 in December so check it out.

Stephany is just about to bind off yet another Purl Soho Boyfriend hat, a free pattern from Purl Soho, in Lani’s Lana Rambouillet twist, a black and white wool twist, undyed. It makes the PERFECT marled hat. Highly recommend it for gift and travel knitting, a simple k1, p1 rib all the way around.

Yesterday, she cast on the Anna Vest by Karen Templer of Fringe Association, and she has about 3” of the back piece done. I’m knitting it up in a heavy worsted, black, Shetland and alpaca blend. Her thoughts on this pattern? “I love it. Easy pattern to memorize, and I know I will get a ton of wear out of this vest in our coastal climate.”

Marsha continues to work on the afterthought socks. The long stockinette tube is finished and she is ready to do the steeking.  Meanwhile, she has started on Rabbit, a pattern by Claire Garland. The rabbit is beginning to take shape!

After project updates the three have a wide ranging conversation. Stephany shares her journey from a knitter looking for local yarn in a California yarn shop to the sheep shearing jobs she does across the state.  Topics include “urban hubris,” imposter syndrome, and the value of agricultural work; carbon farming and its potential to combat climate change; and the overlooked job opportunities in the world of sheep. For those in the Seattle area, Stephany will be at the Seward Park branch of Third Place Books for an author event on November 28 at 7 pm.

Join the conversation about this episode in our Ravelry Group, or contact us with your thoughts. is our email address.  We’d love to hear from you.


Nov 15, 2018
Ep 100: A Long Stockinette Tube

Creativity, productivity, and community are three big benefits we've gained from 4 years of podcasting.  In our 100th episode we have our usual project updates and then we spend some time reflecting on the experience of the last four years.  Come join the community on Ravelry!

Marsha's Update:

I have a lot to say about my Afterthought Socks! It's a looooooooong stockinette tube and I'll be putting on cuffs, toes, and heels. We had quite a discussion about how to measure the spot for the heel. I'm sure some of our listeners can set us straight. Leave a comment here or join in the discussion in our Ravelry group.

My other active project over the past two weeks is the Slacktide Scarf. It has a nice interesting stitch--the perfect antidote to a long, boring stockinette tube. I'm also planning for the Rabbit by Claire Garland and have ordered the yarn called for in the pattern.

Kelly's Update:

I'm running out of yarn on the Running Water cardigan. I'm almost done with the collar band and then will start the sleeves. Meanwhile, I've started two new pairs of socks. One pair is using the Humble Bee pattern by Sara Bauer of the Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast. The other pair is variegated argyle socks using the chart I created on Stitch Fiddle.  Start with row 71 to get 2 diamonds on the leg (one front and one back) and one diamond on the instep.  All three projects are right at a part where I have to pay attention so I'm not able to knit at all during this recording.

A HUGE thank you to all our listeners! We never would have arrived at Episode 100 without you. You're feedback, encouragement, compliments, and suggestions have been so important to us.  You have enabled us to create a wonderful community.

Visit the Two Ewes Shop featuring locally produced yarns, from soil to skein. Small-batch, overdyed Romney and Shetland yarns grown and processed on the west coast, and the climate beneficial Replenish Rambouillet from Bare Ranch, a northern California ranch using carbon farming practices

Oct 28, 2018
Ep 99: Just Say No to Pumpkin-Spice Bourbon

Lambtown Sheep and Wool Festival, two sweaters, some weaving, the Fibonacci sequence, and some dog talk round out the topics for this episode. All this knitting has left us wishing fiber crafts were more aerobic!  Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: Come join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

Marsha finished her Iba cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns, well sort of finished. She discovered after blocking the sleeves now need be shortened by about an inch. Marsha loves the cardigan! It fits well and the Rambouillet yarn is so soft, silky, and plump. Marsha is also working on the picot bind off of her Elinya shawl by Ambah O'Brien.

Marsha started a scarf named Slack Tide for her brother with Concentric by HiKoo by Skacel. She purchased the yarn at a great new shop in Seabrook, WA call String Theory Yarns and Fiber. The owner, Jean Chambers, is focusing on local yarns. Marsha also bought two skeins of Lina Fine Yarns and Textiles from Montesano, WA. Marsha also started her after thought heel socks as part of our Learn Along.

Kelly was at Lambtown over the weekend. Sheep shearing, sheepdog demos, sheep to shawl competition, fiber friends and a great marketplace made for a fantastic time. She also took a class on combing wool and spinning for luster from Stephenie Gaustad.

Her knitting continues to be monogamous, with all knitting energy going to the Running Water cardigan. She is using the Fibonacci sequence for the striping on the sweater.  The sweater has a tubular bind off at the hem.

The big loom has also been warped and Kelly is doing a long narrow sampler which will make a good loom bench cushion.

The Two Ewes Shop has small-batch Romney and Shetland yarns, and  the climate beneficial Replenish Rambouillet, with some new fall colors. Kelly's favorite is a color called "Just Say No to Pumpkin Spice Bourbon."

Oct 14, 2018
Ep 98: Sloshing the Pickle Jar

A nasty fall has Marsha under the weather, but the knits, crochet, and weaving talk goes on. Besides a sweater project for each, the Two Ewes talk about future fiber plans, the Learn Along, and some new fall colors in the shop.

No full show notes this week, but do check out The Small Bird Workshop pattern page on Ravelry.  Catherine has generously donated five patterns as prizes for the Learn Along. Her patterns are great. Take a look!

Keep on Learning!



Sep 25, 2018
Ep 97: Wool Wows and Woes

Marsha's knitting project has some woes, but the Wool Auction and Shop News are a big WOW! There's a Two Ewes Shop update with an exciting new Replenish Rambouillet yarn, produced with climate beneficial practices. Support the podcast AND the planet with these new fingering weight yarns. 

Kelly has no knitting projects on the needles and she has finished her first Papel Picado in filet crochet. It still needs to be washed and blocked, but it turned out great! There will be at least a few more of these finished before Halloween this year.

Marsha had a set back with her cardigan Iba by Bonne Marie Burns. The skeins of yarn looked the same but when she started the sleeves she realized there was a difference. The hard lesson learned is this is what happens when you are so impatient to start knitting that you don't alternate skeins.  Remember, no one ever regretted alternating skeins.Marsha unravelled the entire sweater and has started over, making good progress.

The Monterey Fair and Wool Auction was a complete success and Kelly ended up with some nice fleeces. Six of them, in fact! Besides fleece and fair food, there was the most interesting chicken at the fair this year! See the full show notes.

Sep 09, 2018
Ep 96: School Days Learn Along!

Marsha is knitting, Kelly is swatching crochet techniques, and the Ewes are planning a Learn Along that will last through November. For full show notes with pictures, visit the Two Ewes website.

Marsha is working along on her Iba by Bonne Marie Burns.  She's using textured Rambouillet yarn from the same batch that is in the Two Ewes Shop.  She loves the feel of the wool and the fit of the pattern. 

She also has the Elinya shawl on the needles for social knitting. 

Kelly has no knitting or crochet in progress, but she is swatching and practicing filet crochet in order to make Papel Picado. The real papel picado is a traditional Mexican decoration for Dia de los Muertos.  Kelly found a pattern for a crochet lace version and has visions of making enough to string across an entire room. 

She is also looking for a sweater pattern for some coned cashmere fingering and some Chickadee sport weight to combine into one cardigan.  A listener suggested Brise, a cute sweater designed for linen yarn.  Another one the is in consideration is Running Water.  

One of Kelly's projects from last year was entered in the Monterey County Fair and won Best in Show!  If you are coming to the fair, August 30-September 3, look for the Cowichan Sweater in the Wool Room. 

The Two Ewes are starting a "School Days Learn Along" that will last until November 30. To join, just participate in the chat thread in the Two Ewes Ravelry group and post your finished objects in the FO thread. All finished objects should be things for which you had to learn something to complete them. For example, Kelly will be learning some crochet techniques for the papel picado and Marsha will be taking a colorwork class so she can make a tea cosy that isn't too tight to fit over her teapot! Knit, crochet, weave, spin--all of those are eligible!

Marsha ends the episode with a quote from Kyoko  Mori's book Yarn: Remembering the Way Home

Aug 26, 2018
Ep 96: School Days Learn Along!

Marsha is knitting, Kelly is swatching crochet techniques, and the Ewes are planning a Learn Along that will last through November. For full show notes with pictures, visit the Two Ewes website.

Marsha is working along on her Iba by Bonne Marie Burns.  She's using textured Rambouillet yarn from the same batch that is in the Two Ewes Shop.  She loves the feel of the wool and the fit of the pattern. 

She also has the Elinya shawl on the needles for social knitting. 

Kelly has no knitting or crochet in progress, but she is swatching and practicing filet crochet in order to make Papel Picado. The real papel picado is a traditional Mexican decoration for Dia de los Muertos.  Kelly found a pattern for a crochet lace version and has visions of making enough to string across an entire room. 

She is also looking for a sweater pattern for some coned cashmere fingering and some Chickadee sport weight to combine into one cardigan.  A listener suggested Brise, a cute sweater designed for linen yarn.  Another one the is in consideration is Running Water.  

One of Kelly's projects from last year was entered in the Monterey County Fair and won Best in Show!  If you are coming to the fair, August 30-September 3, look for the Cowichan Sweater in the Wool Room. 

The Two Ewes are starting a "School Days Learn Along" that will last until November 30. To join, just participate in the chat thread in the Two Ewes Ravelry group and post your finished objects in the FO thread. All finished objects should be things for which you had to learn something to complete them. For example, Kelly will be learning some crochet techniques for the papel picado and Marsha will be taking a colorwork class so she can make a tea cosy that isn't too tight to fit over her teapot! Knit, crochet, weave, spin--all of those are eligible!

Marsha ends the episode with a quote from Kyoko  Mori's book Yarn: Remembering the Way Home

Aug 26, 2018
Bonus! Wool Auction Sneak Peek!

A bonus episode with a sneak preview of 100 fleeces that will be at the 2018 Monterey County Fair Wool Auction on September 3.

Kelly talks about the auction, how it works and what to expect.  She also describes the beautiful fleeces, talks about the judge's comments, and shares which fleeces are her favorites.  

Here is an article from shearer Stephany Wilkes about canary staining.

Here is an article from Montana State that has a chart that compares the 3 grading systems.

Here is a website from Wildfibres that shows the grades of wool by breeds. 

The auction starts at 11:30 at the Livestock Pavillion near Gate 6 of the Monterey County Fairgrounds.  Viewing starts around 9 am and wool buyers can get into the fair for free with a copy of a flyer.  You can get a copy from me by emailing or by going to the Two Ewes website and using the contact form.  Check out the Anne's Web Ravelry group.  The Anne's Web guild is the hosting guild for the wool show and auction.

Aug 19, 2018
Ep 95: Alaska, Socks, and Fresh Starts

Knitting and weaving, plus Alaska, sock recipes, and fresh starts in this longer-than-usual episode. For full show notes, including all pictures and links visit the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures website. 

Kelly has finished almost all her works in progress (WIPs) and is contemplating a clean slate on her Ravelry project page.  She finished the woven blankets, using over 4400 meters of yarn in the process.  She also finished the Sockhead Cowl that she had been working on last episode.  She still has one Sockhead Cowl on the needles and plans to finish it by the end of the weekend before classes start on Monday. The yarn is Tassie Merino from Handmade Travels and it is so nice to knit with. 

Kelly plans to rip out the socks she's making from a sock blank and give that yarn a chance to be something that will better show off the long gradient. She also contemplates ripping out the small start she has on the Coloresque Wrap. But that will have to wait until she can find it.  The yarn for that project has gone AWOL, perhaps because it really wants to be something else! The pattern is still intriguing, but she'll plan it with a different yarn combination.

Marsha finished her Summer Fjord T-shirt by Trin-Annelie knit with Fibra Natura Flax. The top fit beautifully and the 100% linen is cool and comfortable.

Marsha started a new cardigan, Iba by Bonne Marie Burns. She is using the textured Raucus Rambouillet yarn from the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop and loves knitting with it.

If you'd like to support the show make a contribution at our Patreon page  or purchase something from our shop. Thanks so much for listening and supporting the show!

Aug 12, 2018
Ep 94: Sweater Math Resources and More

Sweater fit, math for pattern modifications, and a way to help sheep farmers impacted by California wildfires add to the usual project updates in this episode.  Join the Ewes for all this and more! For full show notes with links and pictures, go to

Marsha's projects are her combo spin and a linen tee.  The combo spin is almost finished and the yarn is really beautiful. She has selected a simple cardigan pattern and will talk more about that when she is ready to cast on.  The yarn has a significant amount of silk in it and the feel is really luscious.

The Summer Fjord linen tee is being bound off during the show.  It is knit from Fibra Natura 100% linen yarn.  Marsha had a mistake that she repaired by dropping about 5-6 stitches back a few inches and then reknitting only those stitches from the row. She has photos of the repair process on her project page in Ravelry. 

 Kelly has three finished projects, including the Bobble Sheep pillow that she finished awhile ago, but forgot to talk about.

A more recently finished pillow is the Clover, Bee, and Revery pattern.  It has a fabric backing sewn on and two wooden bee buttons as a pillow back closure.  This pillow has inspired her to make the Such is the Quality of Bees blanket out of the same yarn and using a doubleknit technique so that the front and back of the blanket both have the bee and rabbit pattern on them. 

Kelly also finished another pair of argyle socks.  The yarn is sport weight, but knit up at the same stitch gauge as the socks she made from fingering weight yarn before. 

Marsha discusses a listener question about the math required to change a pattern when using a different gauge yarn.  Another listener recommended Ann Budd's book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and The Knitter's Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters.  Marsha also recommended the Craftsy class by Amy Herzog, Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit.  There are additional Craftsy classes on yarn substitution and sweater fit by Kellie Nuss  and Sally Melville that look interesting.  Marsha is also interested in taking a class called Sizing Knitwear Patterns by Faina Golberstein, who is also a math professor. 

Kelly discussed the impact of the California wildfires on sheep farmers and ranchers.  One farm in particular--owned by Sally Fox, creator of Foxfibre colored cotton--was threatened by the County Fire.  Her property escaped damage, but she shared the story of evacuation on Instagram and that made Kelly think about the financial impact even when the property is spared.  Sally's company is Vreseis and it is dedicated to sustainable cotton production. She sells cotton yarn and fiber, merino yarn and fiber, cloth, and wheat flour--all from her farm.  With a purchase from her shop or a click of her donation button you can assist with the additional expenses of the recent fire threat and do your part for World Fleece!  Take some time to look at her website and read the story of her cotton-growing journey.

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Jul 28, 2018
Ep 93: Gathering Together

The Two Ewes are back home after a fun weekend at The Black Sheep Gathering. This year the festival was held in Albany, Oregon June 29th - July 1st. Kelly and Marsha discuss the highlights of festival.

Marsha had twelve hours of knitting on the round-trip train ride from Seattle plus knitting time the festival. She is almost ready to start the ribbing and short row shaping on her Summer Fjord tee by Trin-Annelie.

At the BSG Marsha fed her addiction with more braids for a combo spin in, this time in red. She also bought two braids to go with a white, grey, and yellow braid she bought a year ago. She is not sure how she plans to spin these braids. Will it be her Combo Spin 5? 

Marsha gave into temptation and bought a beautiful Corriedale x Romeldale fleece in steel gray.  Kelly also bought a Corriedale x Romeldale fleece, this one is white. And she succumbed to a beautiful steel gray Romney fleece that was for sale in the non-judged market. Her purchases at the BSG were restrained because after the Gathering she picked up a Great Wheel style wheel that she was buying from a fellow adventurer. The wheel was made by Bill Wyatt in 2001.

In addition to exciting additions to the spinning wheel flock, Kelly was able to make great progress on two projects. The Argyle socks are coming along nicely and the Clover, Bee, and Revery Pillow is almost done! For full show notes, including pictures and all the links, go to

Jul 10, 2018
Ep 92: Sweaters and Blankets in Summer

Spinning and weaving projects are working down Kelly's stash, while Marsha finished a cardigan.  The Ewes also discuss linen, based on a listener question.  They're also in planning mode, thinking ahead to the trip to Black Sheep Gathering and projects that will work for that trip.

Contact Marsha and Kelly here if you have a topic you'd like discussed, if you're interested in the Black Sheep Gathering Meet-up, or to provide feedback.  

Marsha has finished her Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnson.  She knit it using Neighborhood Fiber Company yarn that she got at Stitches West in February. She made some sleeve modifications that are detailed in her project page.

Now she's working on Summer Fjord using a Fibra Natura Linen.  Her yarn is in a heavier weight than called for in the pattern so there has been some adjusting of the pattern.

Kelly and Marsha have both been wearing their Wool and Wire Jewelry from Never Not Knitting shop in Atascadero, California.  Kelly has also discovered, that like her bees, she rarely travels outside of a 5 mile radius.  Find out if you travel outside a radius by using the Radius Around a Point mapping tool.

All the staying at home has led Kelly to use lots of yardage already this summer.  She finished many yards of plying, spun a braid of fiber into a nice 3-ply skein, has a blanket weaving project on the loom, and has started her colorwork bee pillow.  The pillow is a pattern by Mona Zillah called Clover, Bee, and Revery. There is a matching blanket that is also in Kelly's distant future plans.

Speaking of blankets, the Karoo Vintage Mystery Crochet Along caught Kelly's eye.  She has the pattern at the top of her queue and is thinking about yarn choices.  Two pattern clues are out so far and more will be released between now and the end of summer.  The project will be a SloCro according to the designer, Jen Tyler, and is meant to be crocheted over the long term. She has additional information on her Hooks 'n' Tales website.

A listener asked about the biasing that occurs when knitting with linen.  Marsha and Kelly talk about knitting with linen and share some information they gathered.  Here are some links

Linen and Hemp Lovers group on Ravelry

Microscopic photos of different fibers

Kelly and Marsha will be attending the Black Sheep Gathering held in Albany, Oregon on June 29 - July 1. We will have an Open House meet up on June 30 around 4:30 p.m. at Kelly's SF Giants themed trailer. Stop by and say hi!

Jun 24, 2018
Ep 91: Project, Color, and Design Ideas from Listeners

The combo spin discussion last week prompted some great discussion about color, design, knitting, and spinning. So after the project updates, the Ewes talk about some of the ideas shared by listeners and the inspiration they provided. For full show notes with pictures visit our show notes blog

Kelly has done a lot of finishing!  Not saving the best for last, she finished the Lime Green and Pink Argyle socks.  They are so much fun that she's already cast on for the next pair of Argyles. The pattern she uses is adapted from this vintage sock pattern on

She also finished two summer tops.  The first is Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie and is really happy with the results. The second is Sommer Sleeveless Top by Mari Chiba.  These will make a great summer tops if the weather on the coast ever warms up!

Kelly also urges all California shepherds to enter fleeces into the Monterey County Fair Fleece Show and Auction.  Entries are due July 31 and entry instructions can be found here on the Monterey County Fair website. The fleece judging is on August 11 by Shelia January and the auction will be held on September 3. For more information you can contact Kelly:

Marsha is almost done with her Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston but discovered the sleeves are too big and too long. She has unraveled the first sleeve and is knitting it again adding more decreases. Check out her project page for an explanation of the math she used.

The pattern modifications continue with Marsha's Summer Fjord T-shirt and there is a discussion of changing the straight body to an A-line.

In our last episode The Ewes answered a listener's question about Combo Spin yarn. Several listeners posted pictures of their combo spin techniques and finished projects.

"Infryq" had very different fibers she was working with and decided to card six pieces together and and then spin the rolags. Check our her finished yarn on her project page . Gorgeous!

"StaciDSL" wove with her combo spin. "Meemacox" made two different sweaters with one combo spin project. 

Just a reminder that Kelly and Marsha will be attending the Black Sheep Gathering held in Albany, Oregon on June 29 - July 1. We will again have a meet up around 4:30 p.m. at Kelly's trailer. Stop by and say hi! 

Jun 09, 2018
Ep 90: Naughty Knits and Combo Spinning

The knitting has been naughty, but the Ewes have plenty to say about potential new projects and combo spinning. For photos of the Combo Spin sweaters that Marsha has made, check out our full show notes with pictures here

Marsha has been working on her Little Wave cardigan and is almost finished.  The pattern is by Gudrun Johnston.  Although Marsha has known how to read for a long time, (and has a degree in Literature) her reading skills failed her at times on this pattern.  Who hasn't had that problem! 

Marsha's other active project, a Summer Fjord in DK weight, is requiring calculations and modifications since the original pattern calls for fingering weight yarn.  So this project spent some time in the knitting bag due to complications.

Kelly is making a Summer Fjord, too (in lace weight). She has finished the bottom ribbing. Now its at the point of picking up sleeves--not the most relaxing part of the project so it also sits in its bag.  The pattern is by Trin-Annelie.  

The Argyle socks have also been naughty.  The criss-cross lines aren't matching up with the corners and centers of the diamonds.  They will have to be ripped back to a point where they can be fixed. Meanwhile, the Two at a Time socks aren't much fun, and a LOT of conference and travel knitting time left Kelly feeling tired of knitting on the Sommer Sleeveless Top. GASP!!  

All this knitting misbehavior has led to thoughts of new projects.  Kelly is planning a sweater and talks about Melaine by Julie Partie, Bloom by Anne B. Hanssen, and the Koru Cardigan by Francoise Danoy.

Nevertheless, the Ewes find plenty to talk about with a listener question from Leona on Combo Spinning. Marsha is working on her third combo spin yarn and Kelly is in the process of preparing some Lincoln roving for a combo spin.  

There is a lot of information about Combo Spinning and some great pictures in the Spin-Off Ravelry discussion group.  There was a Spin-Along-Knit-Along in 2017 that was kicked off by an article by Debbie Held in the winter 2017 Spin Off magazine.  The Passioknit Spinners Podcast also has some great information about Combo Spinning and an informative discussion on the her Ravelry group.


May 29, 2018
Ep 89: Spirit Dress Forms and Uncanny Coincidences

The Ewes are back to regular episodes with prize drawings, weaving, a couple stories and, of course, our knitting. 

The weave along ended with some prizes.  One of the prizes is a Sweetheart Loom from Hazel Rose Looms. The Sheep Thrills KAL prize was also drawn in this episode.

Marsha made good progress on her Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. She has knit the body up to the armholes and has finished the first sleeve. When the second sleeve is completed both will be attached to the body and the yoke and saddle shoulders worked. This is the first sweater Marsha has made with this technique.

Marsha cast on for the Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie. This is the same Tee Kelly is making and like Kelly, Masha is using a different weight of yarn. She is going up to DK with Fibra Natura Flax (100% linen) and Kelly is going down with lace weight Sincere Sheep Linen. Lots of swatching, washing, measuring, and math went into the decision of sizes to make. There was pronounced biasing on Marsha's swatch so the Summer Fjord seemed a good choice with the different stitch patterns breaking up the stockinette.  Kelly's Summer Fjord has the body finished and is waiting for some work on the neckline and sleeve caps to be finished.

Kelly has been a little slow on her projects, although she did finish the Christmas dishtowels that she recently put on the LeClerc floor loom.  The towels are all variations of Swiss Twill from the Marguerite P. Davison weaving book.  

Kelly has also cast on the Sommer tank by Mari Chiba.  The yarn is some of her oldest stash, purchased in 2007 for a tank top shown in a magazine in May of that year. That sweater never got made and the yarn has narrowly escaped destash for a few years.  Once again some math and pattern adjustment was required since the gauge of the pattern isn't the gauge Kelly got in her swatch. She is "test knitting" this for a friend who might also want to make it. 

Marsha's has completed three skeins of her Combo Spin #3. Kelly and Marsha have a discussion on the math required to determine the final percentages of fiber in the finished yarn from the various fibers that were used.

Marsha was unusually restrained in the destash room at the NoCKRs retreat in April with the exception of a large "friend" that drove home with Marsha. Kelly and Marsha tell the story of  "Blithe Spirit" and her impact when was discovered napping at the NoCKRs retreat. 

Marsha tells the story of a very strange coincidence. Her son's girlfriend needed a bookcase so Ben and her dad went to the ReStore to look for recycled materials to build a bookcase. They came back with a chest that unbelievably had belonged to Marsha's mother Podie! The chest had been left in the house by the previous owners and Podie had used it in her sewing room for notions for over 50 years. They added the bookcase to the top, painted it green, and added the bead board to the back. Marsha had given the chest to the Goodwill over a year ago and the universe sent it back for Ben's girlfriend!

Events on the horizon:

Spinning at the Winery, Retzlaff Winery in Livermore, May 19 from 10-4

Black Sheep Gathering in Albany Oregon, June 29-July 1.  Listener meet-up on Saturday, June 30.

Monterey County Fair Fleece Judging, August 11 at 9 am with meet-up event after (Wool show information on page 58 of link)

May 06, 2018
Ep 88: Two Ewes Unplugged

Lots of knitting to talk about and then we're off to the NoCKRs retreat.  An unedited episode to catch you all up on our adventures before we rush off to another fun time.

Visit our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop. 

Apr 15, 2018
Fiber Adventures in Scotland

The intrepid fiber adventurers have filed a few more foreign correspondent dispatches. And this time there's yarn!  Also whisky, department store gin, interesting food, sheep, and castles.  Join Marsha and Kim on this yarn lover's journey.

Apr 03, 2018
Bonus! Argyle Socks and Edinburgh Sights

Kelly answers a few listener questions about the Argyle socks and then there are two dispatches from our foreign correspondent Marsha and her partner in travel, Kim. They see the sights, drink great Whisky, and eat wonderful food. And the Yarn Fest hasn't even begun!

Here is a link to Kelly's Argyle chart for a 72 stitch sock. If you have a Stitch Fiddle account you should be able to download and edit your own version of this chart.

Here is the link to the free vintage knitting patterns.


Mar 18, 2018
Ep 87: Argyle is the New Combo-Spin

No show notes this time. We talk about what we finished to wear at Stitches West and then we talk about our fun weekend. Since this is late getting out to listeners, we are dispensing with show notes to just get this episode out!

Mar 12, 2018
Ep 86: Events, Knitting Tips, and Bee Talk

A little knitting and a lot of planning for upcoming events on today's show.  Plus a couple of knitting tips, the perfect spirit buttons, and some bee talk.  To see these show notes with photos, go to our website.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha started her second combo spin sweater so she'd have something going when the Opteka is finished.  She is quite close to finishing Opteka.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly continues to work on the Indigo Frost poncho.  Another careless moment led to a mistake. Instead of ripping back 8 rows of over 300 stitches, she attempted to rip out and re-knit only the section of 66 stitches that contained the mistake.  It worked really well and the poncho is back on track.

Since the poncho had a mistake that needed to be repaired in a quiet time period, Kelly pulled the linen Summer Fjord top back out and put about an inch on it.  It has a few inches to go before the bottom ribbing and will be finished in time for warmer weather.

Kelly also found the perfect buttons for her Curious Cardigan.  They are buttons from Marsha's mother's button tin and they'll be perfect!

Bee Update

Kelly and Marsha talk about the bees.  Kelly did some honey harvesting since the bees aren't going to need their honey for the quickly retreating California winter.  Kelly also suggested that people who want to plant for the bees consider trees, or at least shrubs for their concentrated volume of nectar or pollen.  Xerces society has plant lists for different areas of the country if you are interested.


Feb 13, 2018
Ep 85: A Two-Ply of Joy and Sorrow

Knitting and spinning are so therapeutic for the difficult times in life. They also bring joy and a community that enhances the good times. Join the Ewes in this episode that includes a little of each.  Plus, they talk about the Two Ewes Shop and some of their learning experiences with this labor of love connecting local shepherds, mills, and small-batch yarns to knitters and crocheters.

If you read these show notes on your podcast app and want to see pictures, go to our complete show notes here

Kelly has two finished projects.  She finished the Aztec Cupcake socks made with beautiful Duren Dyeworks yarn using the Slip and Swirl Socks pattern by Kristi of the In a Sknit podcast.  The pattern and yarn are a perfect pairing and created this great design.

 She also finished the black Molly hat for her sister using spirit yarn from Marsha's stash.  That leaves her with only one active knitting project, the Indigo Frost poncho.

Marsha is also down to one active project.  She's almost finished with her Opteka sweater.  This is a pattern by Isabell Kraemer and it has an interesting hem detail that was fun to knit.  

The odd line in the photo is the demarcation between the part that was washed and blocked and the new knitting that has been done since then.  Marsha washed and blocked the partially completed sweater to double check that she was getting the same gauge as her washed swatch.

Both Marsha and Kelly are thinking about next projects.  Kelly is swatching with some deep stash to see if it will work for the Knit it Down sweater.  Marsha is thinking about either Vintersol or Snowflower for her next sweater knit. 

The Ewes are excited about some upcoming events.  They will both be at Stitches West, Feb 22-25. Kelly is taking an Argyle class and they will both be spending plenty of time in the market. They will be attending the meet-up in the lobby of the Hyatt (conference center hotel) on Saturday starting at about 2 pm.  

Marsha is visiting Scotland for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival March 15-17, plus some "fringe events" on Sunday, March 18.  There is a podcaster lounge and she'll spend some time there as well as with the enticing vendor exhibits.  

In April Marsha will return to California for the annual Northern California Knitting Retreat, hosted by the two podcasts the Yarniacs and The 2 Knit Lit Chicks.

Jan 28, 2018
Winter Weave Along 2

This weaving lesson episode is audio. Winter Weave Along 3 will be an accompanying pdf. If your podcast app doesn't deliver the pdf, visit the Weave Along thread in the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Group on Ravelry.

The episode was recorded "on location" in Marsha's weaving studio (aka dining room) in Seattle. The Ewes talk about Marsha's first weaving project from start to finish. As a beginner, Marsha asks questions and provides insights into the experience.

Jan 20, 2018
Ep 84: Fiber Friends and Sweater Study

The Two Ewes are both in Seattle!  Assembling spinning wheels, meeting listeners, weaving, knitting, and comparing notes on sweaters are just some of the activities from their fun week.

Project Updates

Marsha is knitting a new project since the last episode.  The pattern is Opteka by Isabell Kraemer and the yarn is Imperial Yarn Tracie Too.  This is Marsha's second long-sleeved pullover.  She is wearing her Combo Spin sweater so much she decided to make another sweater with similar characteristics.

Marsha has also finished a project already this year.  In fact, it was finished in two days!  Her first weaving project was a huge success.  There will be more information about this in the next Winter Weave Along episode. 

Kelly is almost exclusively working on the  Indigo Frost by Isabell Kraemer.  The Ewes are definitely enjoying her patterns these days! Kelly's version is a vivid spring green cormo yarn from Sincere Sheep in the Virid colorway.  The color work portion is being done with handspun left over from her Funky Grandpa cardigan.  This will guarantee that she will stand out in a crowd!

She also has weaving as her first finished project of 2018.  The woven pouch is finished, sporting one of her favorite buttons from the button stash.   The directions for the woven pouch can be found in the first Winter Weave Along lesson. 

Fiber Adventures

Marsha's new/old Ashford Traditional got a good spin at the Spin-In.  Many interesting wheels were there, including an interesting Dutch Moswalt wheel and an antique Norwegian Wheel with matching spinning chair that was for sale.

The Ewes also made fiber purchases from a variety of fun vendors.  Huckleberry Knits, Fleebers Farm, Sauked In Farm, and Homestead Hobbyist all got added to the stash. 

Fiber in the Wild

Kelly was delighted to find that a new mill with spinning capability has opened in California.  Valley Oak Wool and Fiber Mill in Yolo County is now the only mill in the state that spins yarn.  This article details the story of the mill's owner and its recent opening.  Stay tuned for more about this exciting development!

Marsha shares a video in which Fairy Little knits a sweater in one day using time lapse video. Amazing!

Jan 14, 2018
Ep 83: One Ewe's Year in Rev-EWE

Kelly looks back over the year 2017 and shares her best projects, the most popular podcast episodes, and interesting facts about the listener base. Marsha has a bad cold with a cough, not a good mix with podcasting.

The shop is back open after a short break for the Christmas holiday.

Upcoming Events
January 6, 2018:  The St. Distaff Day Spin-In at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, from 10 am until 4 pm.

January 7, 2018: Seattle Crafternoon starting at 1 pm.
Contact us on Ravelry or email us here for location information.

February 22-25: Stitches West in Santa Clara.  On Saturday afternoon the Yarniacs and 2 Knit Lit Chicks meet-up will be in the hotel lobby of the conference hotel.

March 15-18: Edinburgh Yarn Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Marsha will be attending and is hoping to meet some of our UK listeners!

Kelly's project year ended up with 23 finished projects and 5 of them are adult sweaters!  A 6th should be finished by the time we ring in the new year. 
The Handspun Cowichan was finished in time for the camping trip and it was so nice and warm--the perfect camp sweater. This was  The Orca Run by Beth Brown-Reinsel. Kelly's camping trip knitting was the blue crochet cardigan that she stalled out on some time ago.  The pattern is The Curious Case of the Crazy-Stitch Cardigan by Michele DuNaier .  She made great progress and hopes to have a finished sweater by New Year's Day. Other camping knitting included a charity hat out of some alpaca spirit yarn.  It will be really warm. 
Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 31, 2017
Ep 82: Finished, Finished, and Nearly Finished

Two finished projects and an almost finished project are the big knitting topics this week. Marsha continues to combo spin and Kelly starts a weaving project.  Thanks to all who visited the Two Ewes Shop during the Shop Small sale and supported the making of this podcast!

Marsha's Projects 

Marsha has finished her second  Among the Shadows Shawl by Kelene Kinnersly. The yarn is Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy, made from mill ends.  

Marsha has also finished her Beeline Compost Spin pullover using the Beeline pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier.

Marsha's second combo spin is underway.  She thinks the skeins look similar to her last one even though her color planning was very different.  These skeins will have a variety of fibers, including silk, and the yarn is quite lustrous.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly is almost finished with her Handspun Cowichan sweater.  It is the Orca Run by Beth Brown-Reinsel.  She is adding an applied i-cord edging to the fronts to give the sweater a little more room, provide a neat zipper placket, and give the whale snouts a little more room.

Winter Weave Along

Marsha has her yarn ready to go, but realized there is no reed in her loom.  She'll be using worsted weight yarn so a 10-dent reed is the best choice.  Kelly will be visiting soon and the Ewes will get Marsha started on her weaving. Meanwhile Kelly has wound warp for green and red dishtowels.

Kelly has found a Ravelry Group that does a year-long weave along using the Marguerite P. Davidson book, A Handweaver's Pattern Book.  The group chooses chapters from the book and then within each chapter, weave structures to experiment with.  

Meet the Ewes!

Marsha and Kelly will be attending the St. Distaff Day Spin-In on January 6, 2918, at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington from 10 am until 4 pm. Here is a link with further information

On the next day, Sunday January 7, The Ewes will be holding a Crafternoon starting at 1 pm.  Refreshments, a spirit yarn table, and other surprises will make for a fun afternoon! Bring your knitting, crochet, or spinning and join the adventure. Contact us on Ravelry (1hundredprojects or betterinmotion) or email us at for location information. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!



Dec 17, 2017
Ep 81: Compost Bins and Combo Spins

Monogamous sweater knitting, a little yarn dyeing for the Two Ewes Shop, and some weaving homework for Marsha are all featured this episode. Click here for complete show notes with photos.

Marsha's projects

Marsha is now obsessed with knitting with her combo spin yarn. She is knitting Beeline by Heidi Kirrmaier.  She has renamed the project Compost Spin after listener GloriaMcC from Michigan reported that she had been hearing this project as the Compost Bin project.  Combo Spin... Compost Bin.  Guess it's a good thing we have show notes so people can see what we're saying!

Kelly's projects

Kelly is back to working on the Handspun Cowichan sweater.  She has the body done and is ready to work the sleeves and collar.  Like Marsha, she has been focused only on this knitting project over the last two weeks. 

Kelly has also been doing some dyeing.  Right after Thanksgiving new colors were added to the shop and new items for spinners are coming in the upcoming week. The shopsmall2017 discount code is good for free shipping until December 10.  One of our listeners has created a beautiful shawl from our textured Raucous Rambouillet yarn.  It's a great example of pattern and yarn pairing.  She used the the Among the Shadows pattern that Marsha has used twice now and created the Blueberry & Cream Shawl


Kelly and Marsha talk a little about how Marsha can prepare for her Winter Weave Along project.  Marsha will be selecting yarns that she wants to use to make a sampler on her 4-harness table loom.


If you are in the Seattle area, save the date for the Two Ewes Seattle Crafternoon on January 6, 2018. 

One of our spinning friends from the Spinning With Friends Ravelry Group, Eileen aka Leprkon on Ravelry, had a severe stroke in September and her community is having a fundraiser.  If you'd like to contribute, check out the flyer in our show notes for this episode.

Dec 03, 2017
Ep 80: Shop Small Flocks--special episode

Visit the Two Ewes Shop, between November 24 and December 10.  Use the promo code shopsmall2017 to get free shipping on all orders of $20 or more.  The shop will be updated throughout the promotional period with additional items. 

Nov 21, 2017
Ep 79: Busy as Bees in November

The Ewes are busy and so are the bees! Knitting with yarn from the Two Ewes Shop, combo-spin mania continues, charity hats, camping trips and a host of other topics make for a bonus-sized episode.

Marsha's project updates

Marsha finished her Recoleta by Joji Locatelli made with Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Worsted. Marsha loves this sweater!

After testing several hat patterns for our Single Shot contest, in the end Marsha made up her own hat pattern using Two Ewes Raucous Rambouillet from the shop.

Marsha is obsessed with combo spinning. She cast on Beeline by Heidi Kirrmaier with her first combo spin. She is loving knitting with her yarn and seeing the colors change.

Marsha started her second combo spin with rovings she bought from vendors at Fiber Fusion Northwest. At Fiber Fusion she also bought a breed study sampler pack of 32 fibers from Fleeber Fibers.

Kelly's project updates

Kelly has been knitting charity hats and cowls. So far five hats are finished, all using very old spirit yarn. Another hat and cowl are in progress. A fun long weekend camping trip was the place for three hats to be finished.An upcoming conference will allow for finishing the cowl.

Kelly has some sweater plans. One is an old pattern from a 2007 magazine. She got rid of old knitting magazines, but did save some of the patterns that she had marked as potential so long ago. Knit it Down is one of those patterns. An Elizabeth Doherty pattern also caught her eye as a MUST KNIT! The pattern is Bodie, a textured cardigan with a long, almost coat-like, silhouette.

The Handspun Cowichan sweater is moving quickly but hasn't been worked on in almost two weeks. The colorwork is giving Kelly a challenge (3 strands, 2 hands!), so she is being selective about when to work on it.

Bee update:

What's happening with bees in November? One the California Central Coast they're still busy as bees! Bringing in pollen and nectar and going strong. Well, two of the hives are still going strong at least. There have been late summer/early fall losses.

Wishing all the US listeners a Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for all of our listeners. You have been so supportive and we're happy to you join us each episode for knitting, spinning, and fiber talk. Thank You!

Nov 18, 2017
Ep 78: The House Cleaning Episode

Marsha and Kelly have been off the airwaves for about a month.  Marsha was cleaning house when we last recorded and Kelly did some housecleaning instead of editing this episode.  Thus the two week time warp. Wait, what?  Cleaning house?  Instead of podcasting?  Who are these podcasters and what have you done with our regular hosts?????

No further show notes this time since it is just time to GET THIS PUBLISHED! Join us on Instagram @1hundredprojects and @betterinmotion and chat on our Ravelry Group to hear more about our current projects.

To get some of our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures yarn, go to the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop.

Nov 05, 2017
Ep 77: Well, They Have No Choice!

Combo-spin mania has overtaken Marsha and meanwhile, Kelly is weaving again.   There's also some knitting.  In the pet arena, Marsha and Enzo have earned their Canine Good Citizen Award and Kelly has a stray cat that seems to have adopted her family.

 Marsha's Projects

Marsha continues working on the Recoleta by Joji Locateli and she is having no difficulty following the pattern.  It isn't social knitting, but it isn't as hard as she first thought. 

Her Among the Shadows by Kelene Kinnersley continues to get a little work as well, but most of her time is being taken up by Combo Spin Mania!  She has completed two skeins of 3-ply yarn and is beginning a third.  

The Two Ewes talk about all the variations on the theme of the combo-spin, including using only warm colors or only cool colors, or randomly selecting not only colors, but different fibers.  

This reminds Kelly of an artist, Amanda Salm, who wove many different variations of horsehair baskets while they were in weaving class together.  Amanda's work explored seemingly endless variations in the types of vessels possible with horse mane and tail hair as the medium.  Here is a link to her work.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has a mistake in the Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie that has to be ripped back before she can go any further.

Meanwhile she has finished some woven dishtowels in preparation for the Winter Weave Along. It is so fun in weaving that a change in weft yarn will make a big difference in the finished projects. 

Kelly also gushes about the Leg Warmers/ Boot Toppers that she's making with the Shetland yarn available in the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop.  They are 2x2 rib tubes that will be folded down to make cozy cuffs to go with her red/orange boots.  The yarn is silky and softer than she thought. This project is a quick one for the Single Shot KAL that is going on for the month of October.  There is a thread in the Ravelry Group where listeners can chat and participate and a winner will be drawn on November 1 from that thread. 

Aunt Betty is also making a Single Shot project from yarn in the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop.  She chose the merino and it is a beautiful, soft yarn in gray and pink.  She made a cowl and has almost half the skein left.

Besides the Single Shot KAL, the Two Ewes also have a long-term Winter Weave Along.  The weave along will be a 6 month experience that will include pdf lessons that will be delivered via the podcast app if you are subscribed, or by clicking the direct download link in the Winter Weave Along episodes on the show's libsyn website.  Last week's lesson included weaving vocabulary and instructions for weaving a pouch on a cardboard loom. Next week's lesson will have more vocabulary and discuss yarn selection for weaving projects. There is a Ravelry thread for the weave along where participants can chat, ask questions and show off their projects.  There will be a Finished Object thread from which the Two Ewes will select winners.  The Weave Along goes from October 1 through March 31.

Oct 09, 2017
Winter Weave Along 1

Our first pdf lesson has vocabulary for beginning weavers. It also contains instructions for making a cardboard loom and weaving a pouch with it.

Oct 01, 2017
Ep 76: Raw and Unfiltered

An unedited episode full of knitting, dyeing, spinning, weaving, and future escapades! Enjoy! Click here to visit the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop where you can support the show and get beautifully sheepy yarn at the same time.


Kelly is almost done with the body of the linen Summer Fjord. The pattern has a drop shoulder and no sleeves. She is thinking about picking up stitches and adding a sleeve.

She has also been working on charity hats. One hat, Molly, has been finished. It's a simple textured stitch background with one large cable going up the hat. The second hat is her own pattern started flat and then joined in the round after doing a button tab brim. Both hats are made from leftovers in the stash.

Weaving off a cotton dishtowel warp that's been on table loom for almost 10 years.

Marsha has made good progress on her Recoleta by Joji Locatelli and has starting the waist shaping.

Marsha has been sidetracked knitting by her new obsession: combo spinning. She did not have any dyed braids but had 24 ounces of roving in her stash that she dyed. She then divided the roving equally by color and put in bags. Each bag is filling a bobbin with a bit of fiber left over. Very interesting project. So interesting, that not much is getting done around the house!


The Two Ewes are planning a Winter Weave Along!

It will be a 6 month learning adventure with weaving. It starts on October 1 and will go through March 31. It will include weaving instruction for beginners. Weaving information will start at the beginning so don't worry if you are new to the craft. Marsha is a beginner so she will be learning along, too. Handouts in pdf form will be delivered through the podcast feed to all the podcast subscribers. (If you aren't already subscribed there are links to subscribe on the sidebar of the shownotes. Or use your favorite podcatcher app.) The Ewes are also planning some short video tutorial. There will be a project discussion thread with weaving help and community.

Any kind of loom will work, rigid heddle, floor, table, potholder loom, cardboard loom, loom made with wallboard and nail, etc. An FO thread will be available later in the year and there will be a giveaway at the end.

There is also a Single Shot project along! Quick and satisfying like a single shot. This is for that small project around 200 yards or less. The perfect fun and done project for a palette cleanser. Knit or crochet something quick and satisfying. Prize thread in Ravelry group. starts now ends Nov 1.


While Marsha dyed roving, Kelly dyed Shetland yarn for a project and put some extra in the shop. Check it out at!

Here is a link the article about natural dyeing in Mexico from the 9/19/17 issue of The New York Times.

Future Escapades

Kelly will be going to Lambtown in Dixon, CA October 7-8.

Marsha will be traveling to Scotland for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March 2018. She is looking forward to meeting any UK listeners who will be going, too.

And of course, the Two Ewes will be at Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA in late February.

Sep 24, 2017
Ep 75: Advent-ewes in Learning

Advent-ewes in teaching kids to knit, updates on finished projects (Kelly has two very exciting finished projects!), the Monterey County Fair Wool Auction, a visit to a mill, and some yarn shops in Washington.

Kelly attended the Monterey Wool Auction and spun all week at the County Fair. Such fun!

There were also some finished projects. Kelly finished the Octopus! The pattern is so lifelike you have to check it out. It is Opus the Octopus by Cate Carter-Evans. Kelly's version is named Orson. Also finished is the very interesting Wolkig cowl. It was a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern, with the ripples in the fabric enhancing the shine of the yarn.

One finished project was done by Kelly's husband, but is no less exciting: toilet installation. Now all toilets in the house are in working condition (with the 4th purple one still disconnected and in need of retrofitting).

Still on the Kelly's needles in active status is the Summer Fjord tee in Sincere Sheep Linen.

Marsha finished her Twice Born shawl by Magdalena Lorentz and has made good progress on the Among the Shadows shaw by Kelen Kindersley. She also discusses the challenges of starting the sweater Recoleto by Joji Locatelli using worsted weight yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Company.

Marsha visited two yarn shops and a mill on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Kitty Purls in Langley, Washington

Whidbey Isle Yarns and Gifts in Coupville, Washington

Abundant Earth Fiber Mill in Clinton, Washington

Marsha also discusses the fun day she had teaching Sarah, Aaliyah, and Crystal to knit.

Sep 14, 2017
Ep 74: Sharing About Our Shop

A little knitting, a lot of knitting planning, and details about the scrumptious yarn and fiber in the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures shop.  

Kelly has taken a break from the Summer Fjord tee by Trin-Annelie  She had made great progress, but then found a new fun project.  Wolkig is a really interesting and EASY cowl by Martina Behm.  It's a perfect pairing yarn and pattern.  The yarn is a super shiny yak/silk blend handspun. 

Marsha is continuing to work on her two shawls, Twice Born by Magdalena Lorentz and Among the Shadows by Kelene Kinnersly.  Meanwhile, she has swatched for three different sweaters so there will be a new project on the needles soon.  

The Two Ewes talk about the process of having yarn made from their fleeces and they describe each of the yarns that is available in the shop.  There are three different gray yarns, a Merino, a Romney, and a Shetland.  All are available in gray and also in beautifully overdyed colors.

There are two white yarns that are available in hand-dyed skeins, a soft, fluffy, and textured rambouillet is available in a worsted weight.  A more rare variety, a Border Leicester/Corriedale cross, is available in about a sport weight.  

The rambouillet wool is also available in carded batts.  The batts are a blend of the wool, mohair, and silk noil.

In appreciation for Two Ewes listeners, one lucky listener was selected to win an item from the shop.



Aug 26, 2017
Ep 73: Summer of Sweaters

More sweater knitting for the end of summer. Two kinds of linen and a cotton/llama blend--we're trying all the fibers! We also talk about organizing strategies for the transition into the school year.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha has started a new shawl with her Stonehedge Crazy! The yarn is fabulous.The shawl is the Among the Shadows and she is making it for the second time.

Marsha has also finished her sweater using the pattern 221 Summer Cardigan by Diane Soucy. And since she has finished one sweater, she is ready to cast on another using the linen that she has been swatching. After swatching the linen biased so she is looking for a pattern that will mitigate the tendency to bias.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has finished very little. One Mother Bear and one swatch of handspun are all she has to show for two weeks. The swatch will be submitted along with her county fair entries. It is a precursor to the Orca Run sweater that she has planned once the fair is over in September.

She has started a new linen tee since the last episode. She is making the Summer Fjord and the construction is really interesting.


The Two Ewes have a new website with a shop!  The blog and shownotes will be on the new site as well as a shop with yarns and fibers from their fiber adventures.  More details in the next episode! Join in our adventures with new producers and mills.  Support the podcast and get something in return!

The Two Ewes also talk organization. Kelly celebrates New Year when school starts in the fall and gets structure and organization back into her life.  Calendars and steno pads are her main supplies for organization.

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Aug 12, 2017
Ep 72: Swatching and Washing Linen

Planning and swatching for linen sweaters, a round-up of Tour de Fleece spinning, and our listener appreciation drawing winners are the main topics of this episode.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly's Tour de Fleece was successful and she will be entering a skein of Santa Cruz Island yarn in the Monterey County Wool Show. She also made progress on two different weights of California Variegated Mutant yarn and now has a sweater quantity (or close) of each.

Her other finished projects for this episode are bears for the Mother Bear Project. She has crocheted 4 bears and knitted 1 bear.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha has made good progress on her Summer Cardigan and her goal is to finish it by next episode.

She continues progress on her Twice Born Shawl and is enjoying the knitting.

As part of the Tour de Fleece Marsha tried to spin every day. She didn't finish spinning the Targhee roving but made good progress.

Marsha swatched the Done Roving Yarns DK Sweater Pack with #4, #5, #6 needles. Marsha wanted to make the cardigan called Cloud Cover, but thinks the yarn may too springy for the cardigan that needs a yarn that drapes. More planning is necessary!

Linen Sweater Swatching

The Two Ewes are both swatching for linen sweaters. Marsha is using Fibra Natura Flax yarn in Tarragon. Kelly is using a couple of truly golden skeins of Sincere Sheep Linen lace weight yarn that is no longer available.

While swatching, both found that the linen stitches don't make a very nice fabric. Once washed, the stitches relax and are nicely shaped, even at the larger gauge. The fabric also feels much better after being machine washed and dried. The swatches originally had the feel of a kitchen scrubby! Kelly also found shrinkage with her swatch so will expect her sweater to appear too large during the knitting process. These swatches will be an important reminder during the sweater knitting process.

Upcoming Events

Want to see some wool judging? Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 12. The Monterey County Wool Show judging will be held at the Monterey County Fairgrounds starting at 9 am. If you are attending and want more information, contact us at

If you see a fleece you want to buy, the wool auction will be held during the fair on September 4, 2017.

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Jul 30, 2017
Ep 71: Spinning Our Wheels

Kelly and Marsha talk spinning! Plus they give updates on current projects and news about upcoming events.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha doesn't have any finished projects to report but has made steady progress on her Twice Born shawl and Summer Cardigan.

Marsha had a fun day with lunch and a visit to All Wound up in Edmonds, Washington with "laterknitter" and "jchant". Look how happy we are to be together surrounded by gorgeous yarn!

Marsha had a fun day with lunch and a visit to All Wound up in Edmonds, Washington with "laterknitter" and "jchant". Look how happy we are to be together surrounded by gorgeous yarn!

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has finally finished the Playground Shawl! This pattern caused her a lot of trouble, not because it is difficult, but because of her combination of slippery yarn and slippery needles. The only other active project is the Striped CoBaSi Socks.

Oh wait! There's an octopus that needs to be stuffed and seamed up.

Tour de Fleece

Marsha has been spinning every day as time allows. Here is a link to to her Tour de Fleece project page for more photos.

Kelly has also committed to spinning every day, along with a few other spinning related goals. Her Tour de Fleece 2017 page has a list of the goals and photos of the spinning projects. The first finished spinning of the tour is the Loop Bump that she plied with silk thread from the Black Sheep Gathering.

Upcoming Events

Kelly will be presenting to the Santa Cruz Knitting Guild for their July program. The title of the presentation is How Ply Structure Affects Knitting. Presentation will be July 20, 10:15-12:15 at the Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz.

Want to see some wool judging? Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 12 at 9 am. This is the date of the fleece judging for the Monterey County Wool Show. The show is in conjunction with the Monterey County Fair and the auction is held on the last day of the fair which is Labor Day in September. But the fleeces are judged ahead of time and the Ann's Web Guild holds a potluck lunch for attendees of the judging. If you are attending and want more information, contact us at


Kelly had an aspiring beekeeper come over to watch her recent bee inspection. Four of the five colonies are doing well. They were able to see a couple queens and they had the chance to eat honey comb right out of the hive.

Join us for Morning Coffee!

It's a chat thread on our Ravelry group that has been really fun. Come join the conversation. And if you're not a member of our Ravelry group, please join. Marsha and Kelly will be doing a member appreciation giveaway during our next episode.


Jul 16, 2017
Ep 70: That Old Black (Sheep) Magic

The Black Sheep Gathering 2017 was so wonderful the Two Ewes can't stop talking about it!  The wool judge was Judith MacKenzie so of course it was such a learning experience.  There are also a few finished knits, some new fiber, yarn, and, you guessed it, FLEECE!

Kelly arrived in Eugene after a long hot drive through the northern California heatwave.  Marsha and Kim came down from Seattle on the train.  They met and prepared for the opening of the show the next day.  Marsha and Kelly spent Saturday in the fleece judging, soaking up all the information that Judith MacKenzie so generously shared with the audience. 

On Saturday, there was a side trip to two Eugene yarn shops.  Cozy is a newly opened shop in the old downtown area near the train station.  Youthful and spacious, this shop really showed off the many indie-dyed striped and speckled  yarns in its stock.  It also had a good stock of Flax by Fibra Natura and Marsha snagged some for a linen tee.  Then on to Soft Horizons Fibre.  This shop is in an old house filled with yarn.  The attraction for the Two Ewes and their friend Kim was the Stone Hedge Fiber Crazy yarn.  It has the largest selection of this yarn of any yarn shop in the northwest. 

Back at the fleece barn, Kelly found a gem of a fleece had gone unsold so she bought it. She also found some interesting breed blends at the Homestead Hobbyist booth.  Both Marsha and Kelly found plying silk on wood bobbins and Marsha also found some batts that she loved. 

At the Jorstadt Creek booth, they both bought cashmere laceweight in support of The Great Steppe Fiber Project.  Maddy from Jorstadt is going to Mongolia to teach spinning and help to provide women there with the skills to have a fiber company.  To help pay for the trip and learn more, visit the gofundme page.

As for the knitting, Marsha made good progress on her Twice Born shawl by Magdalena Lorentz.  Friends helped her determine that the Easy Folded Poncho is finished and doesn't need the cowl neck. 

Kelly worked on an OLD project, her Playground Shawl, a pattern by Justyna Lorkowska.  Started in August 2015, this shawl has been in hibernation since early last spring.  Now it is back out and on its way to being finished.

Jul 03, 2017
Ep 69: Come See My Vacation Slides

Are you old enough to remember vacation slides?  Did you ever go to someone's house for dinner and see their vacation slides?  If so, you know exactly what you're in for in this episode.  If not, don't worry, once you've listened you'll understand exactly what the experience was like!

Marsha and Kelly were both on vacation.  So, in addition to sharing their current projects, they share some information about their vacations.  Kelly was in in the Texarkana area, visiting cemeteries in Red Lick, Texas and Lockesburg, Arkansas to see Robert's family graves.  She also visited Civil War sites and stayed in an antebellum home in Vicksburg, MS. Marsha spent some time on the Washington coast with her brother and Enzo. 

To see Kelly's vacation photos, visit the show notes blog for episode 69. 

Jun 21, 2017
Ep 68: Experiment in Time Travel

This episode is an experiment in time travel. Because Kelly's Dead Relatives Tour conflicted with the recording schedule, the Two Ewes prerecorded this episode.

Marsha shares her experiences of the shops she visited on the Puget Sound LYS Tour.

Mad Cow Yarns in Lake Forest Park

Wild Fibers in Mount Vernon

Great Yarns in Everett

Pinch Knitter Yarns in Stanwood

All Wound Up in Edmonds.

The two patterns Marsha bought are a poncho called Stone Point by Courtney Kelly and a cardigan called Harebell by Amy Christophers.

She bought a skein of Madelinetosh Twist Light call Void to pair with her Apple Fiber Studio MacIntosh in the color way Moss on a Rock. She also purchased a giant, luscious skein of Done Roving Yarns DK Frolicking Feet Sweater pack. The skein is 1500 yards and weights over two pounds!

You'll all hear more about Kelly's Dead Relatives Tour in Episode 69. Stay tuned!

Jun 10, 2017
Ep 67: Real, Fantasy, and Travel Knitting

It's been a wild week, but some real knitting,  a little fantasy knitting, and lots of travel-knitting planning are all in this episode.

Kelly finished the Havannah.  This pattern by Heidimarie Kaiser is a great casual tee.  Put in the beads that are called for in the pattern, or replace them with yarn overs for a more lacy style.

Marsha is on track to finish the Easy Folded Poncho in time to wear it for Black Sheep Gathering at the end of June.  It is knit in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool that she found at the Goodwill. 

She also finished the Meret Beret  but this one might be frogged because the yarn and pattern don't seem to be a good match.

The two pairs of socks that have been discussed in past episodes will also need to be frogged and restarted.  Neither the striped socks out of CoBaSi, nor the short socks on 9-inch circulars actually fit.  Oh well.  It's not sock failure, its a learning experience!

Kelly's fantasy knitting and trip planning leads to a trip through her Ravelry queue.  Most likely to be cast on are the Lavender Honey tee from an interesting cotton yarn in red and gray and a Mohair Bias Loop from two Habu yarns in red and eggplant.

She is also thinking about the Huntertwasser Neptunia shawl, the Cancun Boxy Lace Top, the Icarus tank, the Sea Glass cardigan, and the crocheted Camelia Chameleon

May 28, 2017
Ep 66: Projects and Plans

This episode is all about the knitting projects and the plans.  Kelly continues to work on two summer sweaters and has cast on a couple new small projects.  Marsha finished a small project while keeping up progress on her stockinette rectangle!

Marsha's Projects

The Easy Folded Poncho project continues, but meanwhile Marsha started an finished the Greenery Beret by Melissa LaBarre.  She is having difficulty getting project pictures without someone to take photos of her during the daylight hours.  She is planning the next sweater and has been swatching, but so far hasn't made a decision.

Kelly's Projects

A conference and a weekend with Dad means that Kelly has made good progress on both Edie and the Havannah tee shirts.  Meanwhile, she started a pair of socks with the turquoise and orange CoBaSi yarn that came from Maker's Mercantile.  The stripes have a small slip stitch detail and the colors are fabulous together.

While recording, Kelly cast on another one of the In Threes baby sweaters using the last of her Colorando yarn.  


Kelly visited Yarnitudes in Sebastopol when she picked up the bee packages.  The yarn shop was conveniently just down the street from Bee Kind.  While there she picked up cotton blend yarns for more baby sweaters. 

Despite multiple signs saying "Yarn," a customer came in and wanted to know where the antiques were.  Trudy, the proprietress, said it happens all the time! 

Marsha had another call from the GoodWill and she left the shop with Madeleine Tosh and some Buffalo Wool.  The Tosh was what she used for the hat and she is considering some options with the Buffalo Wool.  It is a Canadian unspun wool yarn used for Cowichan-style sweaters.

Upcoming Events

Marsha and Kelly will be at the Black Sheep Gathering June 23-25, and there will be a Two Ewes meet-up on Saturday, June 24.  No trailer this year, but we will definitely have a get-together with our fellow fiber adventurers.  More details in the Ravelry Group and on the podcast as the event gets closer.



May 13, 2017
Ep 65bee: Best Bee Weekend Ever.

This bonus episode is all about bees.  Our regular knitting, spinning, and fiber adventures episode will be published in Episode 66 on the weekend of May 12/13. 

Kelly picked up two packages of treatment free bees to add to her apiary.  They rode home in the car and were successfully installed the same day.  She is so happy with the improvement of her beekeeping skills since 2015.  Click here for video of the package installation.

The next day the existing hive that had been cut out of a drain pipe and had been progressing well swarmed.  She saw the swarm from start to finish and describes the incredible experience.    Click here for video of the swarm experience.

These are my first attempts to create YouTube videos.  We won't be changing the podcast to video, but it was fun to document the experience for a YouTube supplement.

May 06, 2017
Ep 65: Edie Tee Redux Times Two

The Ewes have been busy as bees outside of knitting, but still there's a finished top, one almost finished, some dyeing, and a couple things on the needles.  A bee shawl is on the maybe list, and Kelly is headed to pick up some real bees.  Join us for our adventures.

Marsha has finished her Edie tee!  The Edie pattern is by Isabel Kramer and the yarn she used is Hempathy.  This is her second Edie in Hempathy so no swatching needed.  Now that's incentive to repeat a project!  She doesn't yet have a finished project photo and that leads to a discussion of project pages and the Finished Object Radar feature of Ravelry.  While talking about the Finished Object Radar on Ravelry, Marsha saw the Hollywood Flare Tunic by Vera Sanen and was intrigued. 

Kelly is almost finished with her Edie.  This is also her second time with the project, but with a different yarn.  The yarn is Linen Concerto, a variegated linen, rayon, cotton blend.

Kelly's other project, Havannah by Heidimarie Kaiser, is making slow progress, but progress nonetheless. 

Marsha has been making progress on the Easy Folded Poncho and swatching for some sweaters. Meanwhile, Kelly is intrigued by two crochet shawls.  Archangel by Katya Novikova is a pretty lace shawl with a Victorian feel.  Hotel of Bees by Christina Hadderingh is a striped shawl with color and texture changes related to bees.  The pattern was inspired by the book All the Light We Cannot See.

This weekend Kelly is headed to pick up two packages of bees at BeeKind in Sebastopol, California.  Each package holds about 10,000 bees who will be installed into two empty hives.  During the discussion she mentions Les Crowder, an interesting and informative beekeeper who is a proponent of treatment free beekeeping. 

Apr 30, 2017
Ep 64: We're on a Dye-It!

A fabulous yarny time at the retreat and then a trip to a fiber mill and more time playing with newly milled yarn and dye pots. The Two Ewes are on a Spring Break adventure!

Kelly's Projects

Kelly is making great progress on the Edie tee-shirt that she is making with Linen Concerto yarn she bought at Stitches West. She is also moving along on the Havannah tee that she is making with Dragon Fly Fibers Rustic Silk Dance yarn.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha brought a shawl and her Edie tee as retreat and vacation knitting.

The shawl is Among the Shadows by Kelene Kinnersly. She is using a very recent purchase of Feederbrook Farm yarn that she got during her post Stitches trip to SF.

Advent "ewes"

First there was the wonderful weekend at NoCKRs, the Northern California Knitters Retreat, held by the Yarniacs and 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcasts.  Held at the St. Francis Retreat Center, it was a relaxing and fun time catching up with friends and meeting new friends.  Lots of knitting and food and drink and laughing!

Then we visited Ranch of the Oaks to pick up Kelly's yarn order. On the way we had to stop at Yarns at the Adobe, the yarn shop across from the mission in San Luis Obispo.

Finally, we spent the last few days of the visit dyeing the yarn that had just been milled. So much fun!


Apr 15, 2017
Ep 63: Finished Except...

I'm finished knitting except I still have to...Have you ever said that about a project?  The Ewes have projects in various stages of completion, but many things OFF the needles!  Just like our projects, this episode is finished, except for the shownotes! We may not have photos in the show notes this week, but take a look at our project pages! 

Kelly's project page.   

Marsha's project page.

We hope to be back on track with normal show notes by Episode 64.  Thanks for listening!


Mar 27, 2017
Ep 62: The Ewes do Stitches West

Knitting projects get finished and then the ewes are off on and adventure to Stitches West.  Wearing ponchos and taking names! 

Marsha arrived on Wednesday and was able to hang out in the sun room finishing her NoCKRs shawl. It is Good Vibes by Nadia Cretin Lechen.  Kelly finished her Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry and her Funky Grandpa by Maison Rilillie, and was able to wear both at Stitches West. 

Yarn, patterns for punch needle rug hooking, knitting needles for lace, and more yarn all came home with the Ewes.  We loved meeting fiber friends and getting to know listeners we hadn't met yet. 

Then Marsha left to go to SF for the second half of her California adventure. 

Mar 05, 2017
Ep 61: Trains are great for binding off!

A completed poncho, a train adventure, a handspun sweater, and an amazing beekeeping experience are on this week's show. 

Marsha's Projects

Marsha finished her Rodeo Drive Poncho.  Marsha is really happy with this pattern by Staci Perry.  She has also worked on her Good Vibes shawl. Even the Pismo Beach socks (yarn from the yarn crawl in our very first podcast) got a little knitting during her adventurous train trip!

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has finished 4 more Pussy Hats.  She also finally got on the ball and knitted the button band the on Funky Grandpa Cardigan.  This is a pattern by La Maison Rililie.  The button band has an i-cord bind off and Kelly isn't sure whether it will lay flat or not.  If, after blocking, it still isn't laying flat, she will need to experiment with needles that are either larger or smaller.  She isn't sure which direction will solve the issue.

Kelly has also been working on her poncho and is past the halfway point!  She is using Andrea Mowry's Om Shawl pattern.


Marsha had quite the train adventure trying to get to Spokane to visit friends.  Hours of delay had her almost hysterical!  On the positive side, it gave her plenty of time to finish her Rodeo Drive Poncho.


She had planned to visit a couple of Spokane yarn shops.  One was closed while she was there.  Another that she saw from the train, The Knitting Factory, turned out to be a music concert venue and nightclub.  The third was a charm, Sew E-Z Too is a knitting and quilting shop and she was able to visit. 

Upcoming Events

Marsha and Kelly will be at Stitches West on February 25-26.  Come say hi to us if you see us.  Also, we will be attending the meet-up organized by the Yarniacs and 2 Knit Lit Chicks.  The meet-up is in the lobby bar area of the Hyatt (host hotel) and will start at around 1 pm.  We can't wait!!!


Kelly had a great bee adventure last weekend. A small beehive was found in a drainage pipe where her husband works.  The area is slated for some construction and the hive had to be removed so Kelly went in on Saturday to remove it and bring it home to her yard.  The experience was AMAZING!  She was able to cut down the combs and wedge them between rubber bands in frames that then went into her bee box.  Overnight almost all the bees went into the box (because the queen and all their brood was in there).  Next morning she closed them in and took them home. Such an interesting process!  So far they seem to be doing very well.  They are a small hive, but busy bringing in pollen. 

What would you like to hear us talk about?

Many of our listeners have commented on the topic of compost and would like to know more. So next episode we will discuss composting and maybe a little gardening along with the knitting.  What else would you like to hear more about?  Leave a comment in the shownotes, email us at, or come talk to us in the Two EwesRavelry Group. Meanwhile, here is a funny video about urban farmers like Marsha and me.

Feb 14, 2017
Ep 60: The Power of Clicking Needles

The Women's March website and the Indivisible Guide website are both mentioned in this episode.    Marsha and Kelly both attended marches and they talk about the experience.  So many knitters made so many Pussyhats! 

The Ewes have also been thinking about 2017 goals, and the political realm, along with some personal challenges of the past year, have played a part in that thought process. 

If you are a new listener, you might want to listen to a different episode first.  This one is not typical of the podcast, but we thought it was an important discussion to share with you.


Jan 29, 2017
Ep 59: Completion, Compost, and Climate Change

We review our 2016 achievements and have a Fibershed segment where our minds are blown by discovering that compost can help mitigate climate change. 

Marsha is almost finished with her #PussyHatProject hat for the Women's March that will be held in Seattle.  Other than that, she has been working exclusively on her Great Poncho Adventure project.  She is making the Rodeo Drive poncho from Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn.  It is getting close to finished!

Kelly's Great Poncho Adventure is moving along after a mistake in the colorwork meant she had to rip back about 4 inches of work.  It was painful, but worth the effort.  She has adapted the Om Shawl to three colors and is working this out of three different gray yarns from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Kelly has also been spinning.  She finished plying two skeins of the endless 3-ply CVM.  When combined with the bulky CVM singles she has spun, there is a total of 2.5 lbs (of the 6 lbs) that has been spun from this fiber.  She also spun and plied some longwool fiber from deep in the stash (circa 2002?). 

She finished 6 #PussyHatProject hats and sent them (along with 4 more of her Aunt's hats) to Washington DC for the Women's March on Washington.  There are 3 more to finish for the San Francisco march that she will be attending. 

Kelly was excited to share some work being done by Jeff Creque, the Marin Carbon Project and the Carbon Cycle Institute.  She describes research done by Ryals, et al. in a paper entitled, "Impacts of organic matter amendments on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in grassland soils." 

If you would like to hear more about Carbon Farming and other ideas presented at the Fibershed Wool Symposium, the videos are available on the Fibershed site.  If you are interested in purchasing the Climate Beneficial Cloth or making a donation for application of a cubic yard of compost, click here for more information.

Marsha and Kelly will be at Stitches West on February 25 and 26.  We will attend the meet-up organized by the Yarniacs and the 2 Knit Lit Chicks starting at about 1 pm on Saturday in the bar of the host hotel.  We hope to see you there!

If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to subscribe and share it with your friends on Ravelry, facebook, Instagram, or elsewhere!



Jan 15, 2017
Ep 58b: The Ewes Knit Seattle

Seattle!  The Two Ewes are together in the Emerald City.  Knitting hats, hitting the yarn shops, and having a great start to 2017! 

Kelly arrived on January 5 to a partly snowy Seattle.  It was a quick, three-day trip, and they managed to see three yarn shops.  Hear about the visit in this short episode with the ewes recording together. 

Some highlights of the trip were the felted chair at Maker's Mercantile and additions to Kelly's linens and button stashes. 

The lowlight of the trip was that Tolt Yarn and Wool was closed for inventory (with no notification on the website).  Alas, we were disappointed. 

But we perked right up by visiting Quintessential Knits only ten miles away.  We also had the opportunity to visit Fiber Gallery one day while Enzo was getting groomed.  

It was wonderful to start 2017 with a visit!  Our next time together will be Stitches West on Saturday, February 25 for the podcast meet-up in the afternoon and Sunday, February 26 for the Marketplace. We hope to see you there!

Jan 08, 2017
Ep 58: Plying Solo

In Episode 47 Kelly talked about handspun singles.  In this episode she talks about plying handspun yarn and the properties of plied yarn for knitters who are buying commercial yarn.

She talks about 

  • what plying is and how it works, 
  • why spinners might ply yarn, and 
  • the number of plies and their effect on yarn.

She also gives tips for yarn buyers and tips for handspinners. 

The pictures in the show notes show a skein of yarn, rather than a piece of plied yarn, but the three pictures illustrate how the individual fibers look in a plied yarn that is over-plied, balanced, and under-plied.  Pretend each strand of yarn is a fiber in a plied yarn and you will see that in a balanced yarn, the fibers are parallel with the direction of the yarn. 

Here is Kelly's project page for her Swirl Sweater. 

Here is Marsha's project page for her Swirl Sweater


Jan 01, 2017
Ep 57: Percolators, Ponchos, and Pendleton Woolens

Podcasting about percolators, ponchos, and Pendleton woolens. Plus, we have two giveaway winners!

Marsha's Projects

Marsha is making good progress on the Rodeo Drive poncho by Staci Perry. She has been focused on this one project and is making good progress. This despite a cabling accident caused by "knitting while podcasting" two weeks ago.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly is continuing with the Curious Case of the Crazy Stitch Cardigan by Michele DuNaier. She can't figure out why it seems to have two sides (since it is crocheted similar to the way garter stitch is knitted, doing the same thing on each side), but she thinks she now has it back on track.

Kelly has also been doing a small amount of spinning while sitting in the living room enjoying the Christmas tree.


Marsha visited the Pendleton Woolen Mill in Pendleton, Oregon. She tells us all about the history of the company and the tour she had of the facility.

The wool that Pendleton uses is scoured in Texas--probably at the same facility that scoured the wool for the fabric in the fabric CSA that Kelly has purchased. Here is a link to the scouring company and here is an article about the expansion of their scouring operation.

Marsha took lots of pictures of the Pendleton Woolen Mill and the milling process.

Marsha also discovered that the Beach Boys wore Pendleton shirts and called themselves the PendleTones. Marsha's brother Mark splurged and bought a Pendleton blanket.

Marsha was able to visit the mill because she was spending the weekend in Walla Walla, Washington, where she and Kelly attended Whitman College together. She and Kelly reminisce about some of the familiar places and their college days.


Two winners were drawn. One lucky winner will be getting a skein of Countess Ablaze yarn and a totebag that the Countess was kind enough to throw in with Kelly's order. The other will take home three skeins of Blacker Yarns from the Woolly Thistle Shop. These skeins were contributed by Claire of the Woolly Thistle and the New Hampshire Knits podcast.

Upcoming Events

Kelly and Marsha will be attending Stitches West! It starts on February 23, 2017 and that is also the deadline for the Great Poncho Adventure.

Share Us!

If you enjoy the podcast, please share it with a friend! Just tell them! On the blog, the white box below the post has little buttons for sharing by mail or social media. If you are reading shownotes from your podcast app, use the podcast sharing button. Thanks!


Dec 18, 2016
Ep 56: Consumption is Complicated

A little knitting and crochet progress, and a lot of discussion about the complicated topic of consumption.  Climate beneficial wool cloth, thrift store finds, supporting local farmers and small dyers, and (gasp!) knitting from stash for a year are all part of the conversation.

Marsha has many things in progress (remember when she was a monogamous knitter?) but has been working exclusively on her Rodeo Drive Poncho.  She loves the Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn and is enjoying the simple but elegant construction of the pattern by Staci Perry. 

Kelly worked on socks while recording, but other than that the only other project has been some negative crochet.  Ugh!  Due to a mistake that she still needs to figure out, she did the second half of the back panel and the second front both inside out. The shell pattern is markedly different on these new pieces of the cardigan--until you turn them over and look at the back.  But no one wants a sweater with two right fronts!  Ripping out has occurred so the offending pieces can be redone.  The sweater is her Curious Cobalt Cardigan, made using a Michele DuNaier pattern.

The closest Kelly has come to a Poncho Adventure is to wind one of her three skeins.  Stay tuned--she hopes to have more poncho progress for next episode.

Kelly talks about her experience at the Fibershed Wool Symposium 2016.  There is enough material for a regular segment on the podcast for quite a few more episodes. 

The mission of Fibershed is to "develop regional fiber systems that build soil and protect the health of our biosphere."  The Symposium followed a "soil to skin" framework and had panels of speakers from shepherds to clothing designers.  

One of the current projects is the climate beneficial wool Fabric CSA.  The wool is grown in CA, woven in CA by Huston Textile Co., and being offered for pre-sale.  Kelly bought some and will be receiving it in April.  She will have to do the wet finishing of the cloth since that part of the supply chain isn't available in the state. That makes her a "prosumer" of the cloth, participating in the production, as well as purchasing the product.

The project is one of three farm-to-fabric projects that Fibershed has completed in their work to identify supply chains for a local textile economy.

The conversation led the Two Ewes to a discussion about consumption,  consumer culture, the "buy local" movement, and a group of San Francisco residents that several years ago decided to give up purchases (other than food and other necessities) for a year.   The verdict?  It's complicated!

At Fibershed Kelly found out about an interesting KAL that they are hosting.  The pattern is Radiata by Emily Cunetto.  It is designed to be knit in any gauge of yarn that is local to the knitter, in other words, from their fibershed.  

Another event coming next weekend (Dec. 11, 2016) is a natural dyeing workshop using mycopigments from mycoflora.  That's mushrooms! The teacher is Alissa Allen and it is being held in Santa Cruz, CA in conjunction with the Santa Cruz Mycoflora Foray. 

Kelly's family got an additional dog on the day after Thanksgiving.  Nash is a yellow lab whose owner died.  He is 10 years old and is very well mannered.  He is fitting into the household very well. 

Marsha shopped for a rain jacket for Enzo so she could continue to take long walks with him in the Northwest rain. 


Dec 03, 2016
Ep 55: The Great Poncho Adventure

New projects this time for both Marsha and Kelly. Also lots of poncho talk and information about The Great Poncho Adventure.  The Ewes are making ponchos!  There are also two yarn giveaways announced this episode.

For photos and to subscribe to the podcast, visit the shownotes on our blog.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha has started her shawl with the NoCKRs yarns she got from Duren Dyeworks last year in commemoration of the retreat.   The pattern is Good Vibes by Nadia Crétin-Léchenn.  

She was ready to start her poncho with some Spirit Yarn, but decided that it was not the right yarn for the pattern.  Instead she is going to find some yarn that is better suited.  Late breaking news!  Marsha got some yarn for the poncho! The pattern she is using is The Rodeo Drive Poncho by Staci Perry.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has made some progress on the crocheted Crazy Stitch Cardigan. It's a pattern by Michelle DuNaier.  She has started on the shoulder and is almost ready to start the second side of the sweater. 

She also had a project that was both started and finished since the last episode!  She made two pair of Helmikuu Boot Toppers (by Sunshine Ravioli) while on a camping trip.  The yarn was leftovers of Rowan Soft Tweed.  Each topper took less than a skein, so about 75 yards per topper.  It was great to use up these leftover skeins.

Yarn Giveaway

The Two Ewes have two giveaways this episode!  Thanks to Claire from The Woolly Thistle, (and the New Hampshire Knits podcast) we have three skeins of Blacker Yarns to give away:  Blacker Classic, Westcountry Tweed, and Blacker Swan.  All are DK weight, 50 g balls of yarn.  Go to the Ravelry group and answer the question in the Woolly Thistle Giveaway thread to be entered to win.  Thank you, Claire for supporting the podcast with these three skeins to give away to listeners!  Here are the skeins that will be given to one lucky winner!

The second giveaway is one of three GORGEOUS hand-dyed skeins Kelly bought from Countess Ablaze in England.  Kelly told The Countess that she was going to use one of the skeins for a podcast prize, so she included a free tote bag in the order.  So the lucky winner will win a skein of The Blue-Faced Baron fingering weight yarn in the color "This Ain't a Scene"  and a black Countess Ablaze tote.


 The Great Poncho Adventure has started!  It's a poncho-a-long.  Details are in the episode and in the Ravelry group.  Make a poncho, a ruana, a buttoned wrap or a cloak.  Start a new one or finish a work in progress.  If you post on Instagram use #ponchoadventure

Nov 22, 2016
Ep 54: A Spirited Finish!

Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan is finished and the Two Ewes are celebrating!  Project planning has begun for Marsha's next blanket and Kelly is once again making progress on the handspun Funky Grandpa cardigan. Join us for a fun episode full of fiber adventures!

Marsha's Projects

The epic blanket is finished!  Marsha finished Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan and it is fantastic!  The pattern is Garter Squish by Stephen West although it was made to be bigger than the pattern.  Finished measurements are 6'8" x 5'7" and it weighs 5 pounds, 8 ounces.  This blanket contains the memories of her father Frank.  It was made from yarn that she used to make him a sweater many years ago.  It also contains the Spirit Yarn from destashes, the Goodwill, and yarns from friends (including our listener HockeyRachel).  This blanket is filled with good karma!

During the podcast we had another live bind-off.  Marsha finished another washcloth or dishcloth.  This one was the Atomic Washcloth pattern and she edged it with crochet while we were talking.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly is back to working on her Handspun Charlotte Cardigan.  She is using the Funky Grandpa pattern and knitting with early handspun from a sheep named Charlotte. She is now working on the second sleeve and is almost done.  Next is picking up the button band and selecting buttons from her button stash. Kelly talks about the joys of knitting with handspun and the importance of not waiting until your yarn is perfect or you have found the perfect pattern.

Kelly has also made progress on the blue crocheted cardigan that she is making.  The Curious Case of the Crazy Stitch Cardigan by Michele DuNaier.  The interesting construction is more curious than the stitch! 


Kelly purchased yarn from The Woolly Thistle St. Kilda Lace by Blacker Yarns is a blend of Soay and Boreray wool.  Yarn from sheep she had never heard of was just too much of a temptation!  For those interested in the two primitive breeds, here is a link:

Sheep of St. Kilda.  

Soay and Boreray Sheep Society

Claire of New Hampshire Knits podcast and owner of The Woolly Thistle interviewed a US shepherd at Rhinebeck who has Soay sheep in her episode number 52

While in the Woolly Thistle shop, she also found Manx and Hebridean yarns, both with mohair.  They are sock yarns (a bit on the heavy side of fingering weight) and will probably be part of some argyle socks for Robert.

Next episode check in to hear about a giveaway of some other varieties of yarn provided by the Woolly Thistle for Two Ewes listeners!

Marsha had another call from the Goodwill. (No, not on her phone, she just has a "spidey sense" about these things!)  It resulted in the purchase of 22 skeins of one type of yarn and several other skeins of a couple other brands.  Plus, she found some cones of wool and a cone of cotton/linen that she sent to Kelly.  Wow!

If you enjoy the podcast, share it with a fiber friend, or two!  Send them to the website or share the podcast link with them!  Help spread the word about the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures!

Nov 07, 2016
Ep 53: Long Project Blues

There is knitting in the show, but we spend the first 15 minutes in non-fiber chit chat. Does that tell you how we feel about our knitting right now? We are both in a project low right now with long term projects and projects in transition phases. Finishing these items and the excitement of new cast-ons will come in time, but for right now we battle the long project blues.


Marsha continues to work on the Stephen West Garter Squish afghan she is calling Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan. She is working color twelve of fourteen and is ready to be done. It is hard to work on because it is getting so big and heavy. Definitely not portable! Marsha has been highly distracted by her new addiction...wash cloths! She as made WAHMingIt by Amber Perry, Spa Day Facecloth by Anne Mancine, Atomic Washcloth by Nanette Cormack, and is working on Ballband Washcloth by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. * As I was writing the show notes I realized that I made the Atomic Washcloth completely wrong. The peach color should be stockinette and the blue garter stitch. Oh well. It's a design feature. :-)

Marsha is planning for her next project. She is looking at shawl patterns to use the Duren Dyeworks yarn she purchased at the NoCKR's retreat. Javala by Cailliau Berangere and Asunder by Lisa Mutch are under consideration. Marsha is also inspired the the poncho discussion and thinks the universe is sending her a message because she found eight skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in navy at the Goodwill. Two possible poncho patterns are Easy Folded Poncho by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas and Mesa by Yumiko Alexander.

Kelly has finished the knitting on the octopus and decided to wash and block before stuffing and sewing. Sewing will be a loooooooong project with eight tentacles longer than sleeves, plus the underbelly. The NoCKRs shawl came back out long enough for Kelly to make a mistake and then proceed for two more rows. Now it is back in the bag awaiting a little tinking. Ugh! She did successfully start a new pair of socks just for knitting during the recording. So now there are two pairs on the needles--both from yarns she bought this month at Lambtown. The green, yellow and orange pair are Invictus Yarns and the red, gray, and yellow pair are Duren Dyeworks.


Marsha wants to learn more about crochet. She loves Kelly's sweater Latticework Cardigan by Michelle DuNair. She also loves Irene Floral Lace Cardigan by Vicky Chan and Cairo Jacket by Doris Chan. There is an afghan call Modern Blanket of Flowers that is gorgeous, plus an intriguing shawl by Esther Sandorf called Stash Buster Blarf.

Kelly will be attending the Fibershed 2016 Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium on November 19. The event has an interesting mix of talks-from fiber producers at one end of the fiber pipeline, to artisans and retailers on the other.

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Oct 30, 2016
Ep 52: Public Pledges

Knitting a blanket, an octopus, and some wash cloths have been keeping the Two Ewes in stitches these days.  Fleeces, yarn, and fiber friends were in abundance at Lambtown last weekend.  In addition, two public pledges will keep the Two Ewes accountable for some future projects!  For photos to go with the links, see our blog!

Marsha's Projects

Marsha  continues to work steadily on her Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan but found she needed to take a break from it. She discovered washcloths!! She has made two from the pattern All Washed Up by Jill Arnusch and is almost done with Diagonal Knit Dishcloth by Jana Trent. Both are free patterns.

Kelly's Projects

All octopus, all the time!  Kelly has more than half of the tentacles finished and has been working mostly on this project.

She did finally get back to the Mesa poncho by Yumiko Alexander so she could finish it in time for her sister's birthday.  Finding buttons from the stash will finish it up!

There has also been some casting on/hooking on!  The Curious Case crochet sweater by Michelle DuNair and a new pair of striping socks. were both started during the weekend away.  The yarn for the socks is from Invictus Yarns and was purchased at Lambtown.


Lambtown in Dixon, California was great fun!  Quite a few Northern California fiber friends were also attending and Kelly talks about the fun they had, including watching the fleece judging and selecting fleeces.  The judge for the day was Maria Rooney, a Romney breeder at Silver Creek Lambscapes in Oregon. 

Kelly bought a skein of green and yellow striping yarn from Invictus Yarns, a skein of red, yellow and gray striping sock yarn and a skein of blue gray to finish the NoCKRs Shawl from Duren Dyeworks.  She also bought a smaller gauge punch needle for punch needle rug hooking from Wooly Walkers.  This will join some other equipment and supplies she got at Stitches 2015 and Kelly has publicly pledged to start a punch needle rug project before the end of November. 

Bees and Dogs

They are taking a lot of sugar water since they are a small foraging force and the food sources at this time of year are limited.  Kelly hoped to be able to take video of the weekend inspection, but the sun was too hot and the phone camera kept shutting off.  Maybe next time!

Marsha talked about how nice it would be to have video of her training to help her see mistakes more easily. Marsha and Enzo are learning a lot in their training classes.  Marsha is learning that she needs to practice more between classes!  She has also publicly pledged to do so!

Oct 09, 2016
Ep 51: Full On Poncho Attitude

Beautiful Autumn days, ongoing projects, an Enzo the Poodle update, and some of our listeners' knitting are the topics of this episode.  Marsha is coming to you from Seattle, as usual.  Kelly is coming to you from a tin can somewhere on the Central Coast of California.  :-)  She forgot to plug in her microphone and was recorded through the not-so-good computer microphone.  Sorry for this rookie podcasting error!

Shortly after the last episode Kelly started to work on Opus the Octopus.  He was the perfect project for her conference knitting.  One sleeve of the Handspun Funky Grandpa was finished so that the needles could be re-purposed for the octopus, but that was the only other project she touched in the last two weeks. 

Marsha continues to work on Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan and has passed the halfway point. She'll be starting the ninth color of thirteen.  She gives her hands a break by working on her Havasu Falls Shawl

The Ewes share information about listeners' projects (including a beautiful shawl, a great poncho, a sweater,  sock yarn scrap pajama pants, a knit dress and others) and they talk about future knitting plans.  Kelly plans a second Edie tee shirt if she can find the yarn. A crochet sweater by Michele DuNaier is on deck next.  It is The Curious Case of the Crazy-Stitch Cardigan.  She'll be using a cobalt blue bamboo and cotton blend yarn, Valley Yarns Southwick from Webs. Kelly's final project in the planning stages is the Om Shawl, which is really a form of poncho! There are three colors of Neighborhood Fiber Company gray that will go into this poncho.

Upcoming Events:  Kelly will be attending Lambtown in Dixon, California on October 1-2, 2016. 

Sep 25, 2016
Ep 50: Knitters are Like Astronauts

Our monogamous knitting continues, but the wool fleece auction, bees, and planning for upcoming fiber events has kept life interesting!

Project Updates

Marsha continues to work on Frank's Spirt Yarn Afghan using the pattern from Stephen West called Garter Squish. She loves how the afghan keeps changing with each additional color. The afghan currently is about six feet wide and about 36" long. The afghan is no longer very portable, so Marsha is back working on the Havasu Falls shawl by Alison LoCicero. It's pretty good social knitting right now.

Marsha also washed the black Wensleydale-Cormo-Merino cross fleece she bought at The Black Sheep Gathering.

Kelly continues for work on her Funky Grandpa cardigan that she is calling Handspun Charlotte Cardigan because she is using handspun from a sheep named Charlotte. She reports on her experience of redoing one of the sleeves.

Kelly also discusses dyeing yarn for the her next project, Opus the Octopus by Cate Carter-Evans. She is motivated by the need to have a project for to work on while attending a conference. (Since recording Kelly has been on work conference travel and has made some good progress on the octopus!)


Kelly attended the Monterey County Fair and the wool auction. She sat in on the fleece judging, volunteer with set up, and attended the auction. She exercised extreme self-control and purchased only one fleece, but it is a beauty...a Santa Cruz Island fleece from Blue Oak Canyon Ranch! Here is a link to an article about these sheep to understand why we are so intrigued.

Marsha will be attending some events this fall and wanted to remind people about the terrific website called Knitter's Review that lists world wide fiber events. Nice to read about the events and dream. :-)


Kelly is so happy to report that she had a bee swarm in her garden! Check out her Instagram account at 1hundredprojects to see videos of the swarm and how Kelly got the swarm into the hive. So interesting. Kelly highly recommends the book Honeybee Democracy by Thomas Seeley and you can see a discussion of the book here. If you want to see a presentation of the research that was in the book, here is a really interesting video.



Sep 14, 2016
Ep 49: Yikes! Project Monogamy

Knitting monogamy and the fall semester have combined to reduce the yarn crafting of the Two Ewes this episode. Both are making progress on their Epic Adventures, though. View photos, and subscribe to the podcast at our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures blog!

Kelly has finished all the squares needed for the quilt that she started over 30 years ago. Now on to the sewing together!

Kelly also started a new sock project for meeting knitting. The Angler's Loop socks have an interesting cable pattern along the back of the sock. The pattern is designed by Andrea Mules.

Marsha has been moving along on Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan. The pattern is the Garter Squish by Stephen West. She is on the third color now and, at the moment, is knitting on this project exclusively.

 Marsha did something she never thought she would do. She bought a tie-dyed skirt! This is not your grandfather's tie-dye. She talked with the dyer about the technique (which includes dye removal as well as overdyeing) and is inspired to try some tie-dye.

Kelly attended the fleece judging for the Monterey County Fair Wool Show. The judge this year was Richard Jacobsen of Jacobsen Ranch. The fleeces in the show were spectacular, as usual! A "chrome" silver merino fleece caught everyone's imagination.

There are a few unusual entries this year. The most exciting was a Santa Cruz Island fleece.

This is a rare, heritage breed that had been feral on Santa Cruz Island. The Livestock Conservancy page links to a detailed and interesting article on the history of the breed by Lynn Moody. I don't know if she is the source of the fleece at the show. Here is an excerpt from the article.

"Jim and I acquired our starter flock of Santa Cruz Island sheep from Marion Stanley in July 2010. As an avid (though not particularly skilled) handspinner and knitter and beginning weaver, I was looking for a hardy, self-sufficient and fuss-free breed with nice wool, marketable to crafters and artists, and that were “endangered” and needed preservation and promotion. That these sheep were nearly indigenous in my adopted state of California, had an interesting history, and came from an environment similar to that of our ranch, were added attractions. I began this study wondering when exactly sheep were first brought to Santa Cruz Island–there seemed to be some conflicting accounts-and what kinds of sheep made up the ancestry of these unique and fascinating animals."

There were also Montadale and Oxford fleeces, not often seen at shows, and two Shetland fleeces. Although Shetland's aren't rare at wool shows, I haven't ever seen Shetland fleeces at the Monterey show.

The auction will take place on Labor Day, September 5, 2016. The fair opens at noon, but the wool area is open for pre-auction viewing starting at about 9 am.

If you have questions or comments and would like to email us, we are available at Or you can find us on Ravelry as "1hundredprojects" and "betterinmotion."



Aug 28, 2016
Ep 48: Epic Projects and She Should've Worn Camo Underpants

Civil War Socks, two epic projects, and a few rants from the Two Ewes are on the episode this week!

Finished and Started

Kelly finished the Civil War Socks (pattern by Karin Timour) and they fit her husband perfectly. The choices of yarn color were made as a result of reading this Civil War discussion board post.

Marsha finished prepping the yarn for Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan and she has cast on. This will be a long-term project.

She is also continuing work on the Havasu Falls Shawl that she is making from a Freia gradient yarn.

Kelly has started working on her long-term project, too. It is a quilt top that she started while in high school. Since the last episode she has made progress on this quilt, which she is planning to use as a queen-sized bedspread. It is a hand pieced quilt in the "Split Rail" design and is made from sewing project scraps from her childhood and teen years. For example, one of the fabrics is from the "Swirl Skirt" that Kelly had in the 1970s.

Kelly has also started a Mesa poncho for her sister. She discusses the yarn structure and how that is affecting the knitting in an interesting way.

Fiber in the Wild

Marsha discusses an article about the resurgence of sewing from the New York Times (August 2, 2016). The article led her to the pattern for the Walk Away Dress.

Another NY Times article details the use of the crystals on the leotards of the US Gymnastics Team. This led Marsha to a rant about women's athletic uniforms in the Olympics, but don't worry, Kelly derailed her before she started in on the Beach Volleyball uniforms!



Aug 13, 2016
Ep 47: Knitting with Handspun Singles

Spinning, dyeing moth-proof yarn, crocheting bears, and knitting handspun singles are adventures in this episode.  Kelly gives an extensive review of knitting with handspun singles so that spinners will know how to use their yarn without always plying it.  Marsha has been researching the meaning of the old-fashioned "moth-proofing" that was done to her spirit yarn.  We hope that both topics are interesting and helpful to you!

For show notes with pictures, see

Marsha's projects

Marsha has not done too much knitting recently but she has made some progress on the Havasu Falls Shawl by Allison LoCicero and completed spinning 10 ounces of golden Shetland roving that she got at the Black Sheep Gathering. 

She has also been doing a little more over-dyeing in preparation for the the afghan project she is making with spirit yarn.  Detailed information about the preparations for this project (including the math that we discussed in the previous episode) is in the Project Page for Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan.  One of the colors came out lime green, as planned.  The other skein was meant to be coral but turned out gold.  The yarn was labeled as "moth-proofed" and Marsha has done some research about what that means.  The process includes treating the wool with a pesticide called Mitin ff, and may be the reason that the dye didn't adhere properly.   

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has started back up on the second of the Civil War Socks for Robert.  She has put a few more sections on the NoCKRs shawl, too, but it is now time to figure out how much yarn she will need to do the final repeats.  She has modified the New Beginnings pattern by Boo Knits in order to use two colors and wants to use all 800 yards, if possible.  Kelly has also continued in her addiction to crocheting bears for the Mother Bear Project!  She now has 13 bears to enter into the Knit/Crochet Along that the 2 Knit Lit Chicks are hosting on their Ravelry group.  To see pictures of the bears with the children in African countries take a look at the Mother Bear gallery!


Kelly has been doing a study of knitting with handspun singles.  She used a variety of handspun yarns and swatched them with a variety of needle sizes, documenting the process along the way.  She has posted her article, complete with pictures, here on the Two Ewes blog dated July 31, 2016.

Fiber in the Wild

Marsha's ears perked up when she heard NPR commentators say that Hillary Clinton should "stick to her knitting" as a strategy for her acceptance speech.  The Two Ewes weren't sure what that meant and speculated that it must be an old saying.  After recording, they found this link that helps to explain the meaning!

Jul 31, 2016
Ep 46: Fun with Math, Color, and Sheep Labor

Math, over-dyeing, color theory, and an interesting discussion of the Faroe Islands join knitting and spinning in the topics of this episode.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has won the battle with the first of the Civil War socks. Several adjustments for fit were needed, but the finished sock is now perfect and it is on to the second one.

The only other knitting has been on the NoCKRs shawl. The desire to use as much yarn as possible of both colors has led to some pattern modification experiments.

Kelly has been doing a lot of spinning with two different wool/angora blends. One is a dyed gray and the other is a natural white. She also continues working on the CVM fleece with both a fingering/sport 3-ply and a bulky singles yarns on the wheels.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha was doing really well on her Fairfield Cardigan by Michele Wang but discovered she knit past the point where she should begin decreasing for the shoulders. Ugh! She now needs to do some ripping back.

She started a shawl call Havasu Falls by Allison LoCicero using Freia Handpaints Ombre Lace in the color way Ice Queen.

Since the last episode's discussion of the Tour de Fleece, Marsha has been focusing on spinning. She has one skein done and three bobbins waiting to be plied of the golden Shetland roving she purchased last month at the Black Sheep Gathering. When that project is done she plans to start spinning a big ball of unknown wool roving from Pendleton Woolen Mills.

The Two Ewes have a discussion on the planning Marsha is doing to make the Garter Squish afghan by Stephen West. There is lots of talk of math including the golden ratio!

The Garter Squish afghan is knit using two balls of worsted weight yarn. One in a main color and the second in ever changing contrast colors. For the main color Marsha will use the repurposed blue spirit yarn from the giant sweater she made for her father. For the contrasting colors she will use odds and ends from her stash. She didn't love some of the colors which leads to a Fiber in the Wild adventure.

Fiber in the Wild

Kelly and Marsha met Maddy Wallace (appledappy) at the Jorstadt Creek Dye Studio booth at the Black Sheep gathering. Maddy invited them to Over Dye Saturday held at the studio in Olympia, Washington. Marsha was able to attend and over dyed some of her thrift shop yarn that she will use in her Garter Squish afghan. Over Dye Saturdays supports Click for Babies who educate new parents on preventing shaken baby syndrome.

Jorstadt Creek Dye Studio is owned by Kerry Graber (jorstadtcreek) and she is focusing on fiber from local producers featuring Icelandic, Finn, and Gotland wools all grown in the Olympia area. Her yarns are sold at Bazaar Girls in Port Townsend, WA and Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, WA. An Etsy shop is coming soon. Kerry is also part of a design group call the BK Collective featuring Jorstadt yarns. Marsha met two of the designers, Kaia Petersen (cayennepepper) and Jann Hoppler (jmhknits) at the studio. They have some lovely patterns. A couple of Marsha's favorites are....

Traslov Hat by Kerry Graber

Garrison Street Scarf and Cowl by Kaia Petersen

Ebb and Flow Shawl by Jann Hoppler

A huge thank you to everyone at Jorstadt Creek. Marsha had a blast! Here are some pictures from the day or visit her project page, Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan, for more photos.

And finally, Marsha talks about a story she heard on the BBC World Service about sheep being used to map the Faroe Islands. Here are links discussed.

Faroe Islands

Sheep View 360

Free Faroese Sweater Pattern

Free Sarah Lund Faroese Sweater Pattern

For photos check out our blog.


Jul 17, 2016
Winners and a Wooly Road Trip! Episode 45

Show notes coming soon.

Jul 08, 2016
Tangents Galore in Ep 44

Knitting, spinning and preparing for the Black Sheep Gathering has Marsha and Kelly so excited that they can't stay on topic!  Lots of interesting (we hope!) tangents in this episode.

Marsha has finished her Ricky for All Seasons by Vera Sanon.  She loves the look and the fit and recommends the pattern. 

She is still working on her Spirit-Yarn-a-Long project, a shawl called Sunny Delight by Brian Smith.  This will be great train knitting for her train trip to Eugene for the Black Sheep Gathering. 

Kelly cast on and finished a Spirit Yarn project.  The Bethel Tank has been in her queue for about two years. She used some coned cotton that she and Marsha had dyed a couple summers ago in a dyeing experiment.  Along with the cotton she carried along a strand of rough-spun linen coned yarn.

The Spirit Yarn Along will continue until June 30 in the Ravelry Group.  Winners will be chosen randomly from the discussion participants.  Share your projects and Spirit Yarn stories. While discussing the projects Marsha speculated that there was probably a podcast about buying storage units.  Indeed there is!  Kelly found this podcast about buying storage units.   Storage Auction Shogun's Podcast. 

Kelly is also working on Civil War era socks for her husband from a 19th century pattern.  The toes, cuffs, and heels will be her handspun.  It is a 3-ply mohair and merino blend fiber from Sincere Sheep.  The leg and foot of the socks will be Invictus Yarn BFL sock in an indigo color.

Going to the Black Sheep Gathering  in Eugene, Oregon?  If so, we have a meet-up planned for the evening of Saturday, June 25.  We hope you can join us.  Listen to the show and check out the Ravelry Group for more details.

Jun 19, 2016
Ep 43: One Ewe for You

In this episode you will only hear one half of the Two Ewes. Kelly finished up the school year with a cold and wasn't able to record. We didn't want to miss reaching out to everyone so it is short episode with Marsha. Well, Kelly does make a short appearance at the end of the podcast since at editing time she had a little better voice!

Kelly has finished two projects!  She decided that a good day to bind off the I Love My Husband scarf was their 32nd anniversary.  It was one of the projects that she brought on the camping trip they went on.  She also finished the Edie tee by Isabel Kramer.  She decided not to add the neckline edging, but she did add a moss stitch edging to the hem and sleeves.  The yarn fabric washed up nicely in a cold water machine wash and a trip through the dryer. The hem and sleeve edges are rolling up, so it will need a bit of ironing there.

She continues work on the Latticework Cardigan and hopes to finish before the Black Sheep Gathering.  Breaking News!  The sweater is finished! 

The end of the semester prevented her from selecting a spirit yarn project (although Pi Baby from last episode was made from spirit yarn).  Now that school is over and the grading is done, she will be searching through stash for a good candidate.

Marsha has not picked up her Fairfield Cardigan by Michele Wang for weeks since she has been working on other projects.

She is almost to the bottom edge of her Ricky for All Seasons by Vera Sanon. She want the T-shirt to be a little longer than the pattern is written. She plans to put the bottom edge on waste yarn, finish the neck and sleeves and see how much yarn she has to make the Tee longer.

Yarnia in Portland, Oregon was awesome and sent her 2 ounces more yarn to finished her Striped Study Shawl. Thank you so much Yarnia!

Marsha is still working on her Spirit-Yarn-a-Long project, a shawl called Sunny Delight by Brian Smith.

She has been spinning and carding the Merino fleece she bought last year at the Black Sheep Gathering. Marsha promised herself she cannot by more fleece at this year's gathering until she spins what she bought last year!

Fiber in the Wild:

Marsha visited just two yarn shops, Tolt and Quintessential Knits, during the LYS Tour of shops in the Seattle area. At Tolt she bought baa ram ewe Dovestone DK from Yorkshire, in a light grey/blue call Brambly Bath . The yarn is 50% Blueface Leicester, 25% Wensleydale, and 25% Masham. Marsha had not heard of Masham so had to buy the yarn!

We have a discussion thread in the Ravelry Group for the Spirit Yarn Along. Use your spirit yarn (whether de-stash or DEEP stash) to make something between now and June 30. Talk about it, show us pictures, and share the creativity. Winners will be selected randomly from the thread.

Kelly attended the Spinning at the Winery on June 4, held by the Treadles to Threads Guild at the Retzlaff winery in Livermore.  What a fun event!  In addition to spinning a braid from Woolgatherings, there was much spinning encouragement going on.  Dagmar got going with her new wheel and Jennai actually won a wheel in the raffle!  Woohoo!  What a great day!

Going to the Black Sheep Gathering?  If so, we have a meet-up planned for the afternoon/evening of Saturday, June 25.  We hope you can join us.  Listen to the show and check out the Ravelry Group for more details.

There is a little Bee Talk at the end of the podcast.    For photos check out our blog at

Jun 05, 2016
Ep 42: Further Adventures in Spirit Yarn

Kelly and Marsha have been busy with non-fiber responsibilities but still made progress on various projects and even started a few.

Kelly finished a crochet gift for a first-time-father-to-be. Since it was a math department colleague, she made Pi Guy for the new baby.

She is currently working on the scarf for her husband, the Edie tee and the crochet Latticework Cardigan that she cast on for the Spring Fever Knit/Crochet Along.

Marsha continues to work on her Fairfield Cardigan by Michele Wang, but progress has slowed because she has started new projects. (What was she thinking!) She has finished the deceases for the armhole and will soon start the shoulder and neck shaping.

She is making good progress on her Ricky for All Seasons by Vera Sanon and is about to start the shaping decreases for the body.

In Episode 41 Marsha discussed her plans for a shawl using the Spirt Yarn from the NoCKR's detash room. She took home with her a skein each of Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lana D'Oro (multi), Knit Pics Capra (brown), and Ranch of the Oaks Alpaca (grey). She purchased a beautiful skein of The Fiber Company Acadia (cream) that coordinates beautifully with the Spirit Yarns. She cast on the shawl Sunny Delight MK2 by Brian Smith.

Marsha also has a self-imposed deadline to spin all, or at least part of, the two fleeces she purchased last year at the Black Sheep Gathering before she attends this year's festival in June.

Kelly discusses some Fiber in the Wild.

We have a discussion thread in the Ravelry Group for the Spirit Yarn Along. Use your spirit yarn (whether de-stash or DEEP stash) to make something between now and June 30. Talk about it, show us pictures, and share the creativity. Winners will be selected randomly from the thread.

Kelly is looking forward to Spinning at the Winery on June 4, held by the Treadles to Threads Guild at the Retzlaff winery in Livermore.

Going to the Black Sheep Gathering? If so, we have a meet-up planned for the afternoon/evening of Saturday, June 25. We hope you can join us. Listen to the show and check out the Ravelry Group for more details.


May 25, 2016
Ep 41: Sitting is the New Smoking

We did it! Kelly and Marsha completed the Big Sur 21-Miler walk on Sunday, April 24th and in this episode the talk about the experience. We also give updates on projects and announce the the winners of our Spring Fever Free-for-All.

Kelly finished all her Star Wars Amigurumi! They were sent to her brother-in-law just in time for "May the Fourth be With You." He really loved them.  Check out Kelly's project page to see all the fun she had posing them with each other for pictures. There are still more of them that she might make but for now the Star Wars toys are done!

Kelly is currently working most on the shawl out of the NoCKRs 2016 yarn from Duren Dyeworks.

She decided to reuse the New Beginnings pattern by Boo Knits. She has one shawl from this pattern that she loves and she decided she could make some adjustments so that it will work with the two colors and use up all the yarn.

Kelly has swatched for the Edie t-shirt out of the Queensland Collection Savannah.  This is the yarn that Marsha and Kelly both bought right before the retreat.  It is a linen and silk blend.

Marsha has made good progress on her Fairfield Cardigan by Michele Wang. She has finished the decreases for the armholes.

She has cast on for a T-shirt called Ricky for All Seasons by Vera Sanon. She is using Queensland Collection Savanna a silk and linen blend. The sweater is designed for short, 3/4 length, or long sleeves, in either cotton or wool blends. Truly a pattern for all seasons.

Marsha also talks about wanting to cast on a project using Spirit Yarn from the NoCKRs retreat destash room. She brought home some beautiful alpaca and cashmere and wants to cast on a social knitting shawl. Keeping in the spirit of Spirit Yarn, she is looking for a free pattern and will use the free needles she got from the destash room. She doesn't have enough yarn so plans to purchase a fourth color from her LYS where she has a gift certificate.

Spirit Yarn Patterns:

Outdoors - Maanel

Livezey House Wrap - Jocelyn Tunney

Pradera Wrap - Jocelyn Tunney

Our Spring Fever Free-for-All is now done and we have drawn the names of the winners which are announced in the podcast. The discussion thread has been so popular we are keeping the thread open even though the contest is finished. Keep posting!

We will have a new discussion thread in the Ravelry Group for the Spirit Yarn along. Use your spirit yarn (whether de-stash or DEEP stash) to make something between now and June 30. Talk about it , show us pictures, and share the creativity. Winners will be selected randomly from the thread.

Going to the Black Sheep Gathering?  If so, we have a meet-up planned for the afternoon/evening of Saturday, June 25.  We hope you can join us.  Listen to the show and check our Ravelry Group for more details.



May 09, 2016
Ep 40: Spirit Yarn

The Two Ewes record together this week since Marsha is visiting Kelly for the NoCKRs retreat (last weekend) and the Big Sur 21-miler (coming up this weekend).  You'll hear about what inspired us at the retreat, the progress we've made on our current projects, and our plans to meet more listeners.  We also talk about the idea of Spirit Yarn.

The retreat was a great way for Kelly to get miles of spinning done! She worked on more of the yarn for her mother's Shibui Axis vest.  Two large bobbins were filled and that should end up being 4-5 ounces of yarn once it is plied.  Kelly also knitted on the Funky Grandpa cardigan that she is making out of handspun.  Both of these projects turned out to be great social projects.  Marsha worked on her Fairfield Cardigan by Michele Wang.  She also started the Shetland Crescent shawl by Kieran Foley, but made better progress on the sweater. 

The projects at the retreat were so fabulous that Kelly was inspired to immediately queue the Mesa by Yumiko Alexander.  It is a versatile garment that can be worn as a cape or as a shawl or as a poncho.   She is also planning to make the Cancun by Erin Kate Archer.  This boxy sweater is essentially a lace sampler.  The version at the retreat was tunic length and very flattering!

Marsha was inspired by the colors at the retreat.  California knitters seem to use more colorful yarns than knitters in the Pacific Northwest. One item in particular caught her eye.  It was a beautiful version of the Stephen West shawl Exploration Station.   She was also inspired to one day take a trip with Kelly to Rhinebeck,  aka New York State Sheep and Wool Festival.

All that inspiration has led to some big plans!  Kelly plans to make the Edie Tee since Marsha's finished project looked so fantastic on her.  Kelly bought yarn that would be suitable while visiting the Continental Stitch in Morgan Hill just before the retreat to take advantage of the discount that they were offering NoCKRs participants.  Marsha has plans to make Ricky for All Seasons by Vera Sanon

Both of the Two Ewes purchased the custom dyed retreat yarn from Duren Dye Works. Kelly is thinking of making the two-color shawl Sjø by Katja Löffler.  Marsha is considering the Daydreamer Shawl by Janina Kallio.   

Marsha and Kelly enjoyed the de-stash room at the retreat and came home with lots of Spirit Yarn. These are yarns that have been loved at one time, but now need good homes.  They contain such spirit and potential that just looking at them provides so much inspiration for projects to come.

Going to the Black Sheep Gathering?  If so, we have a meet-up planned for the afternoon/evening of Saturday, June 25.  We hope you can join us.  Listen to the show for more details.

Apr 22, 2016
Ep 39: Lace has Holes and other Revelations

Our adventures continue. Marsha has a revelation about lace and another about her mama bear ferocity. :-) Listen to us discuss current projects, bees, a puppy, and some "Fiber in the Wild"!

Kelly continues the Star Wars crochet saga and has finished Luke, Han, Leia, and Jabba.

Creating tea cosies would be a similar sculptural activity and Kelly recommends a look at the work of Loani Prior , an Australian knitter who is also on Instagram as @queenoftheteacosies.

She has also finished the Wensleydale yarn she is making for her Aunt Betty to use for a Simply Garter Vest. The yarn is loosely spun and plied--a good way to make sure that the longer, courser wools don't end up feeling like wire. In fact, the yarn is shiny, silky, and very spongy in the skein.

For the Spring Fever Free-for-All Kelly has "chained up" the Latticework Cardigan by Michele DuNaier. At this point she is almost ready to separate the sleeves. The crocheting is fun and fast. It would be even faster for an experienced crocheter. This is Kelly's first crochet garment, so learning the construction and fitting methods has been interesting.

Marsha finished the knitting of her Edie Tee by Isabel Kraemer. Next is weaving in the ends and washing. The Two Ewes discuss the sweater's short rows and Kelly recommends the free Craftsy class by Carol Feller.

Marsha hasn't had time to spin more of her Shetland fleece but she did spend some time carding.

Marsha contacted Michele Wang, the designer of the Fairfield Cardigan, after she got stuck on the double yarn over. Michele was so kind to send photos of the how to work the stitch and now Marsha is back on track.

Marsha discusses two books she is reading by Clara Parkes. The Yarn Whisperer: My Unexpected Life in Knitting and Knitlandia: A Knitter Sees the World.

She also talks about two articles she recently read in the New York Times. "The Sock Queen of Alabama" is about an "artisan" sock manufacturer in Fort Payne, Alabama with two sock lines called Zkano and Little River Sock Mill. As more and more manufacturing is moved offshore, it is interesting to learn how one mill is thriving.

The second article, "A New Breed of Opera Diva: Sheep", is about the staging of Louis Andriessen's "De Materie", a Dutch avant-garde work that features a flock of 100 sheep! We cannot find a video of the sheep but here is an audio of the opera.

Click here to go to the blog, or here to go to the Ravelry group for the much discussed picture of Gary wearing undergarments crocheted by a co-worker. Don't worry! The picture is work safe. :-) You may remember Gary from the Kilt Hose interview in Episode 5.

The Two Ewes Spring Fever Free-for-All is underway. You are encouraged to cast on a project for spring but casting on is not required to play. (But really, why would you pass up an opportunity to cast on?) The project can be anything that feels like spring to you. Maybe a Tee or lightweight sweater, spring colors or maybe you want to learn a new technique for a new season. It can be knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving--or just talking about the above. Finishing is DEFINITELY NOT required! Isn't spring fever the urge to be irresponsible? ;-) We have a discussion thread called Spring Fever Free-for-All on Ravelry. The winners will be selected by random number generator, so the more you participate the more chances you have of winning. If you're on Instagram we're using the hashtag #twoewesspringfever. Contest ends at midnight on May 4th.

Marsha plans to cast on a shawl for the Spring Fever Free-for-All with Friea in the colorway Melon. Here are some of the patterns she's considering. A couple of them she would need to combine with a complementary yarn.


Shetland Crescent - Kieran Foley

Hanami Stole - Melanie Gibbons

Non Troppo - Asa Tricosa

Merlin - Kieran Foley

Havasu Falls - Alison LoCicero

Windward - Heidi Kirrmaier



Apr 10, 2016
Ep 38: Spring Fever Free-for-All

What's new with the Two Ewes? Well, not much knitting, but lots of other things have been going on. Both Kelly and Marsha are participating in the"Leave It" Division of the  Caithness Craft Un-Knit-Along (UnKAL).  There is also a chat thread for this UnKAL in the Twinset Designs Ravelry Group.  Marsha has put her Striped Study Shawl in the closet and Kelly has sent her Playground Shawl out to recess. :-) 

Meanwhile Kelly continues crocheting on the Starwars amigurumi. She has four done, Jabba on the hook and is planning at least ten more for the May the Fourth Be With You deadline!  The designer's (Lucy Collin) Flickr page has even more ideas than the book that came with the kit!

The Easter Bunny came out so cute and was so fun, Kelly decided to make a toy for both the "grands." The Purple Bunny was a free Drops Designs pattern with a few modifications that can be found in my project page.  The purple mohair brushed up really nicely to make a slightly furry bunny. The companion toy was Marshall from Paw Patrol, a pattern by Melissa's Crochet Patterns.  

Bee-sides the toys, Kelly has created a nucleus hive.  See this blog post for more information.   She has seen the queen bee for the first time.  Very exciting!  Here is a photo of a queen bee from the Bee Informed website.  Maybe someday Kelly will be able to take photos of her own bees.

Marsha continues to work on her Edie Tee by Isabell Kraemer. She has about another 5" to knit and then will begin short rows to shape the bottom edge.

Marsha has stalled out on her Fairfield Cardigan by Michele Wang because she doesn't understand a specific stitch. She plans to contact the designer for help because she wants to work on it while visiting Kelly in April.

In January Marsha set the goal of spinning the Shetland and Merino fleeces she purchased last June at the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. She plans to attend again this year and promised herself she could not buy anymore fleeces until she spun what she already has! She's spun about half of the Shetland so far.  Here is a link to information about cabled and crepe yarn.  Kelly and Marsha discuss this variation of plying.

Enzo is now a little over three months old and weighs 29 pounds. Kelly and Marsha had a good chuckle over some the the crazy looks for poodles that are on the internet. (Photos from Drue Johnson's Pinterest Board, Ridiculous Poodle Cuts.)  Some of these looks seem borderline animal cruelty and Marsha promises she will never do this to sweet Enzo (unless he is a very naughty dog). ;-)

We're having another contest with prizes! You are encouraged to cast on a project for spring but casting on is not required to play. (But really, why would you pass up an opportunity to cast on?)  The project can be anything that feels like spring to you. Maybe a Tee or lightweight sweater, spring colors or maybe you want to learn a new technique for a new season.  It can be knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving--or just talking about the above. Finishing is DEFINITELY NOT required!  Isn't spring fever the urge to be irresponsible? ;-) We have a discussion thread called Spring Fever Free-for-All on Ravelry. The winners will be selected by random number generator, so the more you participate the more chances you have of winning. Contest ends at midnight on May 4th.

For photos, go to the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures blog.

Mar 28, 2016
Ep 37: March Meanderings

Marsha and Kelly start off talking about Kelly's beautiful commute down the Salinas Valley (aka John Steinbeck's Long Valley).  She hasn't stopped to take photos, but here is an example of what she sees two days a week.

As she commutes, she has been listening to podcasts--many of them non-knitting related.  One that she discovered and just had to try because it sounded so unusual is the Chameleon Breeder Podcast . The topic of raising chameleons led to the topic of raising bugs and this week's episode is about stick and leaf insects.

Even more fascinating is the discovery that there is such a thing as the  Ovogram insect egg swap service. Insect breeders use it the same way knitters use a mini-skein swap!

The guest on this week's Chameleon episode owns the  Full Throttle Feeders bug supply company. Kelly is now addicted to this informational podcast!  On her commute today she also listened to True Crime Garage. Another fun (but totally irreverent) true crime podcast is White Wine, True Crime.

Marsha fills us in on the The Seattle explosion that leveled businesses across the street from the Fiber Gallery. 

Marsha finished spinning our Two Ewes premium CVM and mohair that Kelly sent her to test. It's beautiful and the mohair reflects the light to give the yarn a luster. Marsha has about 200 yards.

Marsha continues to work on her Edie T-shirt by Isabell Kraemer in Hempathy. She's making good progress in spite of the puppy responsibilities. ;-)

Kelly has finished Darth Vader in her Star Wars Amigurumi project.  She also finished the Bourbon Socks.  Sweet Georgia yarn is scrumptious!  She has finished about half of the yarn for her mom and has more ready to ply.  

Not much else has been touched in terms of projects.  However, she is looking forward to participating in the  Division One, Leave It Un-KAL that is being hosted on Ravelry by the Caithness Craft Podcast and the Twinset Designs Podcast.  Marsha may have to join in, too!

Marsha's puppy, Enzo, is doing well and getting BIG...over 24 pounds! Marsha talks about puppy class and Enzo's progress. If you want to see more pictures of Enzo check out his Instagram feed  @enzo_fuesel or Marsha's  @mfuesel.

The Two Ewes are excited to offer batts, as well as the handspun mini-skeins made from them, as premiums for any listeners who would like to support the podcast!  There is a limited amount of CVM and mohair still available for premiums of either batts or mini-skeins.  There is also the gray fleece from Charlotte (that Kelly is using for the Funky Grandpa) that has also been blended with mohair.  Any contribution of $15 or more will qualify for the premiums.  Kelly will contact you to determine whether to send fiber (two approximately 1-ounce batts) or mini-skeins (two approximately 80-yard minis).  If you are interested, please click the donate button at the show notes!

Mar 12, 2016
Ep 36b: B is for bonus!

In this episode Kelly and Marsha give updates on projects and the goals we set for ourselves that was suppose to be two weeks but ended up being a month. Kelly has been walking but Marsha hasn't, but she has a great excuse! :-) It has been raining like crazy in Seattle and she is on puppy duty. Enzo is now almost twelve weeks old and can be crated for 2-3 hours, so Marsha has no more excuses!

Kelly finished a Storm Trooper and is now waiting for more safety eyes in order to continue with other characters. First on the list is Darth Vader! The pattern designer, Lucy Collin, has a great Flickr page with photos of all her Star Wars creations (including some that aren't in the pattern book).  She also has a blog post where she talks about the pattern book project and another where she lists all the yarn colors she used.

Kelly has been spinning like crazy on her mother's Pebble Substitute.  The Bourbon Socks got some work over the Stitches West weekend and are close to finished.  (Got finished between recording and publishing the podcast!)  The stitch pattern is something I made up in order to show off the variegation.  See my project notes to get the stitch pattern for your own variegated socks!  Progress on the I Love My Husband (#ILMH) scarf is steady but slow.

Marsha has not been knitting very much, but did start the Edie T-shirt by Isabell Kraemer. She is using Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in a light blue called Ionic Blue.

Marsha tells about finding at the Goodwill twenty balls (100 yards each) of 100% mercerized cotton fingering weight yarn. Marsha got to wondering what "mercerized" means and tells what she found out on Wikipedia. Here is the article. Kelly and Marsha discussed having a dye-a-thon with the cotton during Marsha's visit in April.

At the end of the episode, Kelly podcasts from the trail during her 12-mile training walk the day before she went to Stitches West.  She shares distance training strategy and some of the ways she tricks herself into putting in the mileage.  Trails in her area are beautiful, the one below included a view of Moss Landing and the Monterey Bay (if you look closely in the photo, you can see the Moss Landing towers).  Here is a link to some walking training schedules that she has used.







Mar 05, 2016
Ep 36: Hipsters, Knitterati, Friends, and the Allure of Gray

Kelly and Marsha talk about Kelly's recent weekend at Stitches West!  One of the year's biggest West Coast yarn events was more than a shopping trip, it was a chance to meet listeners, podcasters, and other yarny friends.  The conversation ranges from the items on the sales floor to tattoos, from purchases to civil war era yarn, and from starstruck silliness to the appeal of the collaborative business model. No show notes for this special episode.  Links and photos will be included in show notes for our next regular episode, due out soon.

Feb 27, 2016
Ep 35: The Cutest Excuse

Marsha and Kelly catch you up on all the things that have been going on with them over that last month.  New projects, new goals, new items in the Ravelry queue, new excuses pets family members, and new realizations about time management!  Press play and listen as we talk about our fiber adventures! 

Kelly has one newly finished project,  Toddler hats that she made for Robert's co-worker's daughter.  One is plain stockinette with some embroidered flowers and the other has a texture pattern.  Neither was made using a pattern, but information about them is on Kelly's Ravelry page.

She also has a newly started project.  She made Yoda from the Star Wars Crochet kit.  The designer is Lucy Collin and between her blog and the Flickr account she has with all the different Star Wars figures (some not in the kit) there are enough ideas for an entire galaxy of figures!

Two other projects got significant activity over the last month. The Sheep to sweater project and the Big Sur Bourbon Socks

Speaking of Big Sur, Kelly met her two-week goals with respect to walking.  She repeated the same goal for the next two weeks and will check in again.  The training for the Big Sur 21 Miler is going well.  The other two-week goal, finishing three skeins of the yarn for her mom, was not so successful.  She has finished one skein.

The Two Ewes blog can now be found using the url or  Also, you can now find Two Ewes Fiber Adventures on facebook.  The new episodes will be published there in addition to this blog, iTunes, and Stitcher.  If you enjoy listening, please join us at our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Ravelry Group.

Marsha and Kelly discuss spinning the batts of California variegated mutant (CVM)  that Kelly has made and is sharing with listeners. The breed is often  available at the Monterey County wool auction, but is classified as critical by the Livestock Conservancy.  The wool and mohair blend is spinning up easily, but does have some vegetable matter.  It makes a nice, lofty, woolen-spun yarn, but has some sheen due to the mohair.

Marsha finished her Mystery Wool Cardigan made from coned wool she found at the Goodwill. The pattern is #241 Neck Down V-Neck Shaped Cardigan by Diane Soucy from Knitting Pure & Simple. She loves the fit! Marsha talks about the process of washing the finished cardigan.

She continues to work on her Striped Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki. She is worried she won't have enough yarn to finish the pumpkin stripes.

Marsha's BIG news is she got a standard poodle puppy named Sovereign's Formula One or "Enzo". He was born December 5, 2015 and joined our family January 29, 2016. Marsha is looking forward to long walks with Enzo. A new puppy is a huge undertaking so Marsha has not met her goal of walking three times a week.

Kelly recommended the dog training book by the Monks of New Skete. A terrific book!   

The Two Ewes are excited to offer CVM and mohair blend batts, as well as the handspun mini-skeins made from them, as premiums for any listeners who would like to support the podcast! Visit our blog at and click the donate button to contribute.

Feb 15, 2016
Ep 34: What's New with Ewe?

Knitting, some spinning, lots of yarn project planning, and some fiber processing are the highlights of this episode. Kelly and Marsha do some goal setting with two-week goals and discussion of long-term projects.

Kelly happily finished two projects that have been on the needles 9 months or more. First, the Hoarfrost sock pattern by Louise Tillbrook was used to make the Frosty Mint Julep socks.

Second, Kelly finished the Niebling Doily Herbert Niebling lace patterns have an Arts and Crafts era style that is very distinctive. The Doily Head blog has a great collection of Niebling eye candy for your enjoyment! Kelly started her doily on Christmas day 2014 and finished it just over a year later. It was a fun and challenging project and there will definitely be another Niebling on the needles at some point.

Most of Marsha's projects have not seen much progress since she has been working almost exclusively on her Mystery Wool Cardigan (#241 Neck Down V Neck Shaped Cardigan) by Diane Soucy. The body is almost finished.

She is also considering three T-shirt patterns for her next project.  Edie by Isabell Kraemer, Brandilyn Top by Quenna Lee, and Ricky for All Seasons by Veera Sanon.

Marsha made two goals between now and the next Two Ewes episode. She will walk three times a week and add her training schedule to her calendar. Big Sur 21-Miler, here we come!

Her long term project goal is to complete the Garter Squish afghan by Stephen West. This means unraveling the sweater she made for her father years ago to use as the main color. She has been collecting various colors of worsted yarn, plus some blank yarn to dye, to use for the second color.

Kelly has two new projects on the needles. She is making a stockinette scarf for her husband. It is being made with a LUSCIOUS merino and silk laceweight yarn from Bumblebirch. Good thing the yarn is nice, because the project is on size 3 needles!

She also started a sweater using deep stash handspun!  The Funky Grandpa cardigan, by Maison Rililie Designs, will be a perfect pattern for this handspun yarn in both natural gray and overdyed colors.

Kelly's two week goal is to walk the correct mileage during the next two weeks. No cheating on the training schedule. She will also finish spinning 3 skeins of the Corriedale yarn that she is making for her Mom as a substitute for Shibui Pebble. Long-term, Kelly will be working on putting together the quilt that she started in high school over 30 years ago!

Join our Two Ewes Ravelry Group to become part of the wonderful and supportive Two Ewes community and participate in knit or crochet alongs. Contribute to the continued running of the podcast and get batts or mini skeins by clicking the donate button on the right side bar of the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures blog and making a contribution of $15 or more.


Jan 18, 2016
Ep 33: Happy nEWE Year!

Marsha and Kelly celebrate New Year's Eve with some finished projects, some newly started projects and by announcing the winners of the Two Ewes Crochet Along! 

Due to the quick turnaround of this episode, there are few show notes.  However, there are two important items:

Information and and links for Syllabub can be found at Kelly's old blog

The Johnny Cash song that Marsha was thinking of can be found on YouTube here.  And the song that Kelly was talking about was Hurt.

Have a Happy 2016 everyone!

Jan 01, 2016
Ep 32: Happy B-Day to Ewe!

In this episode Kelly takes over the beginning of the podcast to throw Marsha a surprise virtual birthday party!  After some fiber adventuring friends send along Birthday wishes, the episode resumes with our knitting, spinning and yarny adventures, including finished objects, current projects, and a fun trip to Portland for Marsha. 

Additional show notes and pictures will follow soon at our show notes blog

Dec 19, 2015
Ep 31: Frozen Fingers, Goodwill Confessions, and Eggnog

This week Kelly has two finished projects! She finished her Crochet-Along project, the Happy Hippopotamus by Heidi Bears. This was an excellent pattern and the finished hippo is soooooooo darling!

Also finished (but not yet blocked or worn) is the Color Affection, a shawl designed by Veera Valimaki. Kelly had a skein of heavy fingering and 4 skeins of DK and used them all, creating a shawl that is ENORMOUS! It will be a challenge to figure out how to wear it or where to put it once out of the cold :-) The colors are great together and it used some 5+ year old stash, so it is a clear win!

Kelly's current projects all require some knitting repair, so let's not talk about those. ;-)

Marsha isn't finished with her Lanata Cardigan, but she is close. Once sleeve cuffs are on, it's done. She is very happy with the sweater's design (by Amy Christoffers) and with the fabric she got from the German yarn that she used. She also continues to work on her brother Mark's Crazy Scarf from the Stonehedge Crazy yarn.

She is also close to finishing her Stripe Study Shawl, another one of the designs from Veera Valimaki.

In the spinning arena, Kelly is carding a lot! She has challenged herself to make significant progress in processing fleeces that are 5 or more years old. Since this is the last month of the challenge, she has put on the speed! No finished weight estimates yet, but her fiber stash was over 50 lbs at the start of this quarter.

Marsha has been on a learning curve for spinning Lincoln. As a long wool, it is different from what she has spun before. Also, she is hand processing it and spinning from the lock. She is thinking of using it for a blanket, but will wait until the yarn is finished to determine a use. Lincoln is an excellent fleece for rugs, bags and other high wear uses that don't require "next-to-skin softness," but do require a stable and "unbouncy" yarn. Here are examples of some (pre-Ravelry) projects that Kelly has made with Lincoln and Lincoln crosses over the years. Leftovers from these projects are destined to be used in a punch-needle rug hooking project one day soon.

Marsha was a finisher in the frigid Seattle Marathon the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Despite the cold and some challenges to her training in the month before the event she finished! Hurray!!!

Kelly talks a little about the Locke family eggnog recipe and the revised version that can be made in a kitchen bowl rather than a bathtub!


Dec 06, 2015
Ep 30: Talkin' Turkey

Welcome new listeners from the Shorty's Sutures and Libsyn Feed podcasts! Welcome also to our listeners from outside the US (including Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, and Norway)!

Marsha and Kelly announce the winners in the Front Range Bags giveaway.  Thanks again to Nancy for offering one of her bags for a prize!  If you aren't the winner, don't despair.  She has generously offered a coupon code for 15% off to Two Ewes listeners!  Listen to the podcast or visit our Ravelry Group for details.  Then go shop for a Front Range Bag!

Marsha had quite a bit of knitting time while at the hospital with her son.  Ben had a bad bicycle accident, but is now doing much better.  While at the trauma center she made lots of progress on the Mark's Crazy Scarf out of Stonehedge Crazy (mill ends).  She has also been working on the Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki.  She is using the yarn she created at Yarnia in Portland.  Despite all the knitting time, she has no finished projects this time.

Kelly is still working on her Color Affection (also by Veera Valimaki).  She has used most of two skeins of the peacock blue, most of the large skein of spring green, and has just started on the second skein of brown yarn.  She made some modifications to the color pattern so that she could see more color interactions and use more yarn.  All that is left is a large band of solid brown at the bottom of the shawl, but it has become so large that each row takes soooooo loooooong.  

During a Veteran's Day camping trip in The Clubhouse, Kelly also made progress on the Hippo (pattern by Heidi Bears).  Alas, not enough progress to be able to claim a finished project!  She also brought the drum carder so she could continue her fleece processing obsession.  The most recent batts are natural colored California Variegated Mutant blended with hand-dyed mohair locks.  Both are from very deep stash.

The Indie Designer Gift-Along starts on Thursday, November 19.  Over 5,000 independent designers have their patterns available for 25% off.  Knitters and crocheters who have purchased these patterns can participate in a 6-week Gift-Along between November 19 and December 31.  See the Indie Gift Along group on Ravelry to check out the pattern bundles and the GAL threads.  

A few crochet patterns that Kelly is considering are:

Etheria cowl by Julia Trice

True Love shawl and Latticework Cardigan by Michele DuNaier

Geisha's Finest stole by Tanja Osswald

Both our CAL and the GAL end on New Year's Eve so there is definitely some double dipping potential here!





Nov 22, 2015
Ep 29: Motorcycle Nightmares, Wool, and Weaving

The Two Ewes continue to shine a spotlight on Front Range Bags by Nancy Totten.  Nancy has generously offered a project bag from her shop to a lucky Two Ewes listener.  Kelly has one of her bags in SF Giants fabric and it's great!  High quality, nice and roomy, and lots of handy features. It was the perfect bag for the Crackerjack Cowl project during baseball season. To enter, take a look in the Front Range Bags shop and report back to the contest thread in the Ravelry group.  Tell us which bag you like best (exclusive of the custom orders) and let us know about your favorite features in the project bags you use. A winner will randomly selected during our podcast episode 30.  Thank you Nancy!  We appreciate the opportunity to spotlight your bags and your shop!

This week Marsha and Kelly record separately due to busy schedules.  Marsha has finished her Crochet-Along project, the Virus Shawl.  Marsha also finished her son's Tricolor Socks made of her handspun from last winter.  He turned 18 earlier this month so she finished the socks for his birthday.  He bought himself a birthday present that is every mother's nightmare!  A motorcycle, which he is using to transport his bicycle!

Marsha is currently working on a scarf for her brother from the Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy that she bought in Portland.  She is also using the yarn that she created at Yarnia in Portland.  She is making the Stripe Study Shawl by Vera Valimaki.

Kelly has no finished projects and very little knit or crochet progress. The one project that got some time was the crochet hippo that she is making for our Crochet-Along.  She has been doing lots of fiber work, though.  She is spinning Wensleydale for her Aunt's vest.  She is finally able to spin on the Salish Spinner and has been using it to spin a bulky yarn from the CVM fleece.  She is also carding a very old, gray fleece of medium weight from a sheep named Charlotte.  All of this fiber activity is a result of cleaning up and organizing her large fleece stash.  

At the end of the episode we talk BOOKS!  Marsha reviews three books that she has added to her fiber reference library.  The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook and the Field Guide to Fleece, both by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson and Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece by Gail Callahan.

Kelly reviews a book that was generously sent to her by Interweave/F+W. 
Simple Woven Garments: 20+ Projects to Weave & Wear (Interweave/F+W; $26.99; May 2015).  "This book is a pattern and idea book for creating uncomplicated woven shapes and turning them into highly wearable, everyday fashions."

Nov 09, 2015
Ep 28: Brain Like a Shaken Snow Globe--Again!

The Two Ewes want to shine a spotlight on Front Range Bags by Nancy Totten.

Nancy has generously offered a project bag from her shop to a lucky Two Ewes listener. Kelly has one of her bags in SF Giants fabric and it's great! High quality, nice and roomy, and lots of handy features. It was the perfect bag for the Crackerjack Cowl project during baseball season. To enter, take a look in the Front Range Bags shop and report back to the contest thread in the Ravelry group. Tell us which bag you like best (exclusive of the custom orders) and let us know about your favorite features in the project bags you use. A winner will randomly selected during our podcast episode 30. Thank you Nancy! We appreciate the opportunity to spotlight your bags and your shop!

Marsha finished her Antarktis Shawl by Janina Kallio. The color is brighter than any photo can show!

Marsha continues to work on her Lanata Cardigan by Amy Christoffers and her Virus Shawl for the Two Ewes Crochet Along.

Kelly is continuing her crochet along project which she is calling Hippopotamine. She is using the Happypotamus pattern by Heidi Bears. She is also obsessed with finishing A Bigger Affection using the Color Affection pattern by Veera Valimaki.

A big oops! on the Crazy Vest needs to be repaired with surgery. It's the Mielie pattern by Hilary Smith Callis.

Kelly's only finished project is a swatch of 2-ply, handspun Wensleydale for the Knit British Breed Swatch Along. Here is a link to the Knit British podcast episode and blog talking about the Swatch Along. Kelly's swatch is also a sample of yarn she is now making for her Aunt Betty for a vest from the Wensleydale.

Marsha had a few "advent-ewes," one of which was Fiber Fusion, where she watched the fleece judging and succumbed to wool fumes and bought two more fleeces! One is a silver Gotland and the other is Romeldale in a variegated color.

On the second day of Fiber Fusion, Marsha attended a class on how to select a fleece. The class was taught by Judith McKenzie (a national treasure if ever there was one!). Marsha also visited Yarnia in Portland. At Yarnia customers create yarn by combining strands from multiple cones into one one-of-a-kind yarn.

Kelly had an "advent-ewe" of her own at the Pacific International Quilt Fest. This included a giant exhibit of mind-blowing textile art! A photo gallery will be posted in a separate blog post. Meanwhile, here is a link to this year's competition winners!


Oct 30, 2015
Ep 27b: Fiber Myth Busting Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode Marsha and Kelly talk about fleece washing.  Kelly runs through the steps she uses and does a little myth busting about the delicacy of wool fleece and fabric.

Here are some links that you may find useful;

Spinderella's Fiber Mill washing instructions

U.S. GSA Technical Procedures for Historic Preservation:  Types of Cleaning Detergents

A method that doesn't use the washing machine

Oct 21, 2015
Ep 27: Swept Away by Crochet

In this episode Kelly and Marsha have lots to talk about! So much, in fact, that part of it won't be heard here, but will be released as a bonus episode about fiber myth busting later this week.

The Two Ewes Crochet-a-Long started October 1st and ends December 31st. To view the rules, check out our Ravelry Group thread. We are thrilled that our listener Wendy of Knitty Kitty Bags has donated a project bag as a prize. Check out her shop to see her beautiful stock. Contact us if you would also like to add to the prize list!

Kelly talks about her crochet project, Happypotamus by Heidi Bears. Marsha reports on her beginning crochet class and her project, Virus Shawl.

Both Kelly and Marsha finished their Crackerjack Cowls by Stacy Simpson Duke. 

Kelly has also started a Color Affection that she is calling A Bigger Affection since she is modifying it (of course!) to use DK yarn and be as big as possible to use up some very old stash. The peacock blue and the acid green have been waiting in stash to be used together for about 5 years!

Marsha continues to work on her Lanata Cardigan by Amy Christoffers and her Antarktis Shawl by Janina Kallio.  Marsha also tells about the fabulous yarn she found at the Goodwill.

Kelly will be attending the Pacific International Quilt Show in San Jose on October 17th and 18th. Marsha will be attending the Fiber Fusion in Monroe, Washington on October 17th and 18th.


Oct 17, 2015
Ep 26: Year in Rev-"Ewe"

Kelly and Marsha are knitters and spinners who are celebrating the first anniversary of the podcast! To celebrate they first talk about all their knitting, spinning, and crochet projects and plans. Then they have a conversation about the podcast and the past year.

Kelly finished her Cotton/Linen Featherweight making a few modifications to the beloved pattern by Hannah Fettig.  This is her fourth completed sweater from coned yarns from the rescued weaving stash!  Last year she made the Acorn Trail cardigan and the Gala Tunic from coned wool yarns. This year she made the Featherweight and Cherry Vanilla cardigans.

Work continues on the Mielie Vest, a pattern by Hillary Smith Callis. This one will be finished soon and has some modifications that can be found on the project page.

Marsha continues to work on the Lanata cardigan by Amy Christoffers. Since she returned home from California, she caught up on her Mariner Crackerjack Cowl, and has continued working on the bright green Antarktis.

During the last year of podcasting, the Two Ewes have both seen their fiber art and their thinking grow and change. The podcast has also grown, and the Two Ewes talk about some of the interesting podcast and blog statistics over the last year.

Listeners on iOS are warned that the upgrade to iOS 9 has caused the podcast app to fail on some devices. Users with an especially large library of podcast subscriptions are most susceptible to this problem.

Finally, as a way to celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30, the Two Ewes urge all listeners to leave a rating or review for your favorite podcast. It helps the knitting podcasts rise above all those other hobby podcasts.

To see photos and the full show notes visit our blog.


Sep 27, 2015
Ep 25: What's in Marsha's Suitcase?

In Episode 25 we discuss the purpose of Marsha's visit to Kelly....The Monterey County Fair Wool Auction!  This is a great destination for all knitters, spinners, and wool lovers!



Kelly discusses attending the judging that occurred the week prior to the auction. She explains the history of the wool auction, the judging categories and the criteria that the judge used. She also talks about how the wool is classified-the Bradford (or spinning count) system, the American blood system, and micron measurement.


Marsha and Kelly discuss what they were looking for in fleeces, how they decided what to bid on, and the stress and strategies of a live auction!


If you are interested in an upcoming wool judging, Lambtown in Dixon, California will have their judging at 10:00 on Saturday, October 3, 2015.  Mark Eidman is the judge there, too.


Don't forget about the Crochet-Along that starts on October 1.  Information is in the Ravelry group.


Sep 21, 2015
Ep 24: Listen Responsibly

We don't always record together, but when we do, we prefer giggles.  Please listen responsibly.

Marsha visited Kelly over the Labor Day Weekend, and the Two Ewes have so much to discuss that this episode comes to you in two parts. This episode is ready for listening and Part 2 (Episode 25) will be uploaded in a few days.

In Part 1 we announce our first ever Crochet-A-Long! The CAL starts October 1st and ends December 31st. Projects can be of any size or number. Kelly is planning to make Happypotamus the Happy Hippo by Heidi Bears that she has had in her queue for awhile now. Marsha is planning to make Virus Shawl by Julia Marquardt. Marsha has never crocheted before so is planning to take a class at her LYS to get started.

During their visit Marsha completed her Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart using Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy. Thank you to our listener and Ravelry group member "kimbuktu7" for the recommendation. This is the first shawl Marsha has made that is crescent shaped and she loves the way the ends curl. A very wearable shawl, plus the colors look good with so many outfits.

Kelly also has a project going with Stonehedge Crazy yarn.  She is making a Wild and Crazy version of the Mielie vest by Hillary Smith Callis using two skeins of Crazy, along with a large skein of purple fingering weight that she has dyed.  This is a great pattern and is knitting up so quickly that it is addicting!

Marsha made good progress on her Lanata Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. This is a bottom up raglan sleeve cardigan. Marsha completed the body up to the armholes while visiting Kelly. It was now time to start the sleeves and in the podcast Marsha and Kelly discuss how she modified the sleeves. Kelly searched her button stash and found buttons for the cardigan.

Marsha started a new shawl called Antarktis by Janina Kallio. She is using Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in the color Zombie Apocalypse.

Marsha brought some of her washed Merino and Shetland fiber that she purchased at the Black Sheep Gathering. She had some trouble carding and spinning the fiber and in the podcast we discuss how Kelly troubleshooted (troubleshot?) the problem. Marsha discusses her experience using Kelly's drum carder and Kelly gives carding tips. (Perhaps a video would be a better medium for explaining the carding tips! There was lots of handwaving during the recording of this part!)

The other project that Kelly worked on while Marsha was visiting was the Playground Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska, using Alexandra's Crafts Merino/Tencel and a lone ball of Frogtree coral-colored alpaca.    Besides her two new projects, Kelly has plans for a large three-color shawl.

Sep 14, 2015
One Little Ewe off the Grid, One Little Ewe Stayed Home

Lot's of knitting happening here!  

Kelly was away in the wilderness camping for two weeks and finished the Dorthelia tank by Corrina Ferguson (from her book Warm Days, Cool Knits).  She also made great progress on the endless cotton/linen Featherweight Cardigan and the Niebling lace doily.

Marsha finished her Wispy Willow Cardigan by Cheryl Beckerich made with HiKoo CoBaSi. This is Marsha's first project with this yarn and the ewes talk about the differences and challenges in knitting with non-animal yarns.

Marsha continues work on her Lanata cardigan by Amy Christoffers and has completed about 10" of the body.

Plus progress is being made each game day on Marsha's Crackerjack Cowl. Go Mariners!

Marsha is planning her next projects. She has sweater quantities of two yarns and is looking for suggestion of cardigans to make. The first is Imperial Yarn Tracie Too in Autumn Rust. This is a sport weight yarn and Marsha has 1,580 yards.

The other yarn is from Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Company. It is worsted weight in sage green and Marsha has 1,200.

She has two skeins, or 460 yards of Stonehenge Fiber Mill in Crazy. This yarn is made with mill ends, so no two skeins are alike. Marsha would like to make a scarf/shawl and is thinking of making Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West, Be Simple Shawl by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank, or 504 King West by The Knit Cafe Toronto.

Kelly and Marsha will be attending the Monterey Fleece Auction at the Monterey County Fair on September 7th. Give us a shout if you will be there!  Kelly will also be at the fleece judging on August 22, 9-4.

Aug 21, 2015
Ep 22: Town Ewe and Country Ewe

 Kelly is camping in her newly painted trailer known as "The Clubhouse." It is a 10.5 foot, 1967 trailer that has been decorated in a San Francisco Giants theme.  They have camped in The Clubhouse for 3 summers, but this is the first trip after it got the new paint job, had some water damage repaired, and had the interior re-paneled. This episode includes an audio field trip to the Mt. Madonna Campground in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Watsonville and Gilroy. It is a beautiful "on location" recording studio!



In the background you may hear Steller's Jays and Acorn Woodpeckers. The Acorn Woodpeckers make holes in trees and store their acorns in them like a winter pantry. They often take one tree and completely cover it with holes. On the visit here last November all the holes in the trees near the restroom were filled with acorns from the Tan Bark Oaks. On this trip all the holes were empty.



While on the camping trip, Kelly is knitting on two projects: the Dorthelia tank by Corrina Ferguson from the book that the Two Ewes reviewed last episode and the Featherweight Cardigan pattern by Hannah Fettig. The tank top is knit from red Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn and the Featherweight is being knit with three cones of thread (two linen, one cotton) in blue, cream and mint green. Progress on the tank is fast, progress on the cardigan is slow!



The cardigan is a project from Kelly's rescued stash of coned weaving yarn. This project started with swatching during the Yarniacs Q1 Love the Yarn You Own challenge. (Link to Yarniacs episode 92.)  It was supposed to be finished in Q2, but that didn't happen. A couple of other stash projects that were more portable got in the way. This cardigan will be finished in Q3. Also started during the Q1 challenge are a set of dishtowels with turquoise as the main warp color and a Herbert Niebling doily in the Frosted Ferns pattern. (The name in English is not very accurate since the pattern is actually oak leaves and acorns.)


Both of these projects hit the rocks with mistakes, but have been righted and are now in full swing again for Q3. The challenge has been a great way to focus on using the stash of coned yarns that Kelly was itching to find a use for!



In our last episode Marsha was blocking her Blue Juno Cardigan by yellowcosmo made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silky Victoria. The fit is perfect! Marsha highly recommends the pattern and the yarn. Marsha continues to work on the Wispy Willow Cardigan by Cheryl Beckenrich made with HiKoo CoBaSi.


She cast on for a cardigan called Lanata by Amy Christoffers using StahlSche Wolle Limbo Superwash that was a destash yarn from a friend. The cardigan has raglan sleeves and is knit from the bottom up featuring lace panels that look like vines trailing up the front and back of the sweater.


Marsha talks about washing some of the Shetland fleece she bought last month at the Black Sheep Gathering. Since recording the episode she bought hand carders and has carded and started spinning the Shetland.


Marsha had an "advent-ewe" to Chicago the home of "Cloud Gate," or as the locals call it, "The Bean."



She had time to visit a few yarn shops and did a little stash enhancing. She saw:



  • A lovely shop named Loopy Yarns. She bought a skein of HPKY Regina Louise Lace in Shamrock.





Her last stop was a crazy shop called Chicago Fabric Yarn and Button.


The Chicago Yarn Crawl will take place from August 1-9. If you're in the area be sure to check it out!



Marsha loves old houses and had time to visit three. She highly recommends visiting:


The Driehaus Museum


Henry B. Clarke House


John J. Glessner House Museum


Jul 28, 2015
Ep 21: Cool Knits and Big Wins!

Marsha and Kelly both finished knitting their sweaters and both are big wins!  (At recording time we both had a little left to go, but now that the episode is published we are finished).  Marsha's Blue Juno sweater fits even better than she thought it would.

Kelly's Purple Cherry Vanilla sweater is the perfect sweatshirt alternative and used yarn from her extensive stash of rescued weaving cones.  Double win!

Marsha is planning to finish her son's tricolor socks before the month of July is over.  Inspired by others in the Warmth of Summer KAL, Marsha has started a Wispy Willow Cardigan using a spring green CoBaSi yarn from Hi-Koo.  She has also been busy spinning some of the CVM fleece that Kelly gave her to try, and is making plans to wash and card the fleece that she got from The Black Sheep Gathering.

Kelly has also been spinning a bit since returning from her trip and has some plans for Tour de Fleece. But mostly she has been finishing up current projects that she brought with her--a Rikke hat, for example.

Kelly also explains why her decision to start beekeeping with foundationless frames has made the steep beekeeping learning curve even more steep. 

The Two Ewes review a wonderful first book by designer Corrina Ferguson.  Review copies were kindly provided by the publisher, Interweave/F+W. Interweave also provided this information about the book:

Knitting is not just for cold and snowy climates! For anyone who has ever stopped to wonder what knitters in the South are wearing—and knitting—for the changing seasons, Florida designer Corrina Ferguson has set out to show us in her new book, Warm Days, Cool Knits: Lighter Designs for Every Season (Interweave/F+W; $24.99; June 2015).

“In the South we love to knit. And we want to knit pretty wearable things, not just accessories and household decorations,” explains Corrina. “That’s why I created this collection of patterns to showcase the knitted seasons of the South, with projects that are fitting for any climate.”

  Marsha and Kelly had almost an identical list of favorites from the book, including the tank shown on the book's cover.  Kelly has started swatching already for one of the other tops in the book.  Another big win!  This book is full of great knitting patterns for warmer coastal climates like the Salinas and Seattle areas--not just the south.

A copy of this wonderful book is awarded as one of the two prizes for the Warmth of Summer Knit Along that just ended. Check the episode to hear the winners.

Jul 14, 2015
Ep 20b Brain Like a Shaken Snow Globe

In the episode Marsha  contributes the B side, or flip side, to Kelly's A side of our podcast. So much has been going on that Marsha feels her brain is a shaken snow globe with all her information, stories, and ideas spinning around. Marsha gives an update on her current projects and reports on her two recent advent-ewes. The first was a weekend in Bellingham, WA where she visited local yarn shops. The second was her fabulous weekend at the annual Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon.  HEAVEN for a new spinner (or any spinner, really)!  There is knitting, spinning, fleece, yarn and all kinds of fibery goodness.  it's enough to swirl your brain!

As with the 20a series this episode is unedited, due to Kelly's Washington, DC travel constraints. We recommend listening to the 20a series first and then this episode 20b. Also, new listeners might want to start with one of our more typical episodes.  Happy listening!

Don't forget to visit our blog at

Jun 25, 2015
Ep 20a3: Textiles in My Travels (part 3)

This is the third of three parts detailing Kelly's fiber adventures while she is in DC as an E. Kika de la Garza Fellow with the USDA.  She talks about what she is knitting during her travels, and she reviews the the current exhibit at the Textile Museum associated with The George Washington University.  She also talks about textiles at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  Due to length restrictions of Garageband for iPad, her portion of the episode is broken into three parts--20a1, 20a2, and 20a3.  Marsha was also traveling for fiber adventures this week and the Two Ewes hope to be able to post "the B side" of episode 20 as well!  

This series is brought to you raw and uneditied because we couldn't wait until we got home to share our adventures with you!  So if you are a new listener, first of all, welcome!  But also you may want to start with a more typical episode. Also, be sure to listen to these segments in order, starting with 20a1.  Don't forget to visit our blog at

Jun 23, 2015
Ep 20a2: Textiles on My Travels (part 2)

This is the second of three parts detailing Kelly's fiber adventures while she is in DC as an E. Kika de la Garza Fellow with the USDA.  She talks about what she is knitting during her travels, and she reviews the the current exhibit at the Textile Museum associated with The George Washington University.  She also talks about textiles at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  Due to length restrictions of Garageband for iPad, her portion of the episode is broken into three parts--20a1, 20a2, and 20a3.  Marsha was also traveling for fiber adventures this week and the Two Ewes hope to be able to post "the B side" of episode 20 as well!  

This series is brought to you raw and uneditied because we couldn't wait until we got home to share our adventures with you!  So if you are a new listener, first of all, welcome!  But also you may want to start with a more typical episode. Also, be sure to listen to these segments in order, starting with 20a1.  Don't forget to visit our blog at

Jun 23, 2015
Ep 20a1: Textiles on My Travels (part 1)

This is the first of three parts detailing Kelly's fiber adventures while she is in DC as an E. Kika de la Garza Fellow with the USDA.  She talks about what she is knitting during her travels, and she reviews the the current exhibit at the Textile Museum associated with The George Washington University.  She also talks about textiles at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  Due to length restrictions of Garageband for iPad, her portion of the episode is broken into three parts--20a1, 20a2, and 20a3.  Marsha was also traveling for fiber adventures this week and the Two Ewes hope to be able to post "the B side" of episode 20 as well!  

This series is brought to you raw and uneditied because we couldn't wait until we got home to share our adventures with you!  So if you are a new listener, first of all, welcome!  But also you may want to start with a more typical episode. Also, be sure to listen to these segments in order, starting with 20a1.  Don't forget to visit our blog at

Jun 23, 2015
Ep 19: The Two Ewes are Busy Bees

In this episode Kelly and Marsha give updates on finished knitting projects, ongoing knitting projects, and other fiber projects that are in the the planning stages. They also talk about Marsha's spinning class, crochet, Kelly's new beekeeping adventure, and her upcoming fellowship in Washington DC.

Kelly has one sleeve done and the other moving along on the purple sweater she is making.  The project uses the Cherry Vanilla pattern by Thea Colman.  She battled the sleeve slog by starting a new project!  The Ava Tunic by Jade Fletcher is a chevron striped dress or top for a little girl, size 18 mos. to toddler.  She is knitting it in Spud and Chloe Sweater in teal and yellow. 

Marsha finished her Neskowin Shell by Kay Hopkins that she made as part of our Warmth of Summer KAL.  She finished the body of her Juno Cardigan by yellowcosmo and started the first sleeve. Marsha is concerned the sweater may not have as much positive ease as she had hoped, but she was limited by the amount of yarn she had. Blocking will probably relax fabric the the sweater may be perfect. The continuing mystery of fit!

Marsha is thinking of next knitting the Wispy Willow Cardigan by Cheryl Beckerich using the coned blue yarn she picked up at the NoCKRs Retreat. "middleagepearl" made this darling cardigan for our Warmth of Summer KAL. Or she is thinking of making Lanata, a pretty lace cardigan by Amy Christoffers using Limbo that a friend gave her.


Marsha reports on the first half of an introductory spinning classes she is taking.


And then we talk about bees!  It is swarm season and Kelly talks about the public perception of a swarm vs. the reality of a swarm.  Here are a couples websites that provides more information about swarms.  Habitat for Honeybees and the Seattle Urban Bee Project.  If you want to get even more scientific, check out Honeybee Democracy by Thomas Seeley of the Cornell department of neurobiology and behavior or read this shorter article on the topic (the article has a great picture of a swarm).  Fascinating!  If everyone had this information, no bee swarms would ever face extermination! 

The documentary about bees that Marsha mentions is More Than Honey (2012) by Markus Imhoof.

Here are some others that Marsha has not watched but sound interesting.

Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? (2010) by Tagger Siegel

Vanishing of the Bees (2009) by George Langworthy and Maryam Henein

Who Killed the Honey Bees? (2009) by James Erskine

The Last Beekeeper (2008) by Jeremy Simmons

If you are interested in bees and pollinators other than honeybees and some information on "bee-positive" plants and gardening, check out the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab.

And finally, if you're wondering why Marsha was at Steven's Pass for six hours, click here to see why. For obvious reasons she will only watch his videos when he is home safe.  Don't watch if you don't want to hear a teenage boy swear. ;-)

Jun 08, 2015
Ep 18: Crawling Through Western Washington

Marsha participated in the large Pacific Northwest LYS Tour 2015 .  The tour was five days and 26 yarn shops from Bellingham to Kent.  Marsha had limited time so picked four shops she had never visited.

Her first day she visited Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation. This shop specializes in local yarns. Marsha bought Tracie Too in Autumn Rust from Imperial Yarn and a worsted yarn in sage green from Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Co.  She also went to Quintessential Knits in Duvall. 

The second day she went to The Knittery in Renton and Maker's Mercantile in Kent.

Kelly is continuing her work on her Grape Vanilla sweater (using the Cherry Vanilla pattern by Thea Coleman .  There are also a couple of pairs of socks that get an occasional row.  Speaking of occasional rows, her SF Giants cowl, I Don't Care if I Never Get Back, is looking great!  Two rows get added after each game so this is a fun way to commemorate the season.  This project uses the Crackerjack cowl recipe by Stacey Simpson Duke.

Kelly's bees have been in the hive for about a month.  What an obsession they have become!

We had a winner in our giveaway of the book Wanderlust: 46 Modern Knits for Bohemian Style, by Tanis Gray, published by Interweave/F+W.  Listen to find out who the winner was! Thanks to all who entered the contest in our Ravelry Group!

Some other links that came up in our conversation:  KnitSpinFarm Podcast by Joanna Spring who has Clun Forest sheep.  These are one of the breeds of sheep that Marsha spoke about.  Nuno Felt is the name of the felting that is done with fabric.  Here is a tutorial website with lots of photos of projects.  

For photos visit our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures blog!

May 24, 2015
Ep 17: What I'm Not Knitting

Subscribe on iTunes here, on Stitcher Radio here.  

In this episode we give an update on the projects we are working on, or in Kelly's case, projects she is not working on. Keep reading to learn why. We also review the new pattern book Wanderlust: 46 Modern Knits for Bohemian Style  by Tanis Gray, published in March 2015 by Interweave Press.  The book retails for $18.99 US and $20.99 Canadian.  Kelly's Aunt Betty (efisher930 on Ravelry) joins us for the review discussion.  Check out the Ravelry group for information about a giveaway!  The Two Ewes will be giving away an e-copy of the book thanks to Interweave Press.

Kelly has been very busy at work and caring for her new chicks who are now teenagers and have been moved to the garden and into their new home "The Egg Plant."  She has also been busy with her latest project--bees! She is "1hundredprojects" after all. :-)

 Kelly's ongoing projects have been languishing due to grading exams, moving the chicks, and starting the bees.  However, there was the urge to start a project that couldn't be denied! First a super-quick cowl with size 50 needles! No pattern, just moss stitch until the yarn ran out.

 Then one of the patterns from the Wanderlust book, the Brubaker Cowl by Mindy Wilkes.

Marsha continues to work on her Neskowin Shell by Kay Hopkins that she is making as part of our Warmth of Summer KAL. She has completed the first half of the shell and has used 3 1/4 balls of her yarn, Debbie Bliss Juliet. She is keeping track because she has replaced the drop stitch pattern with stockinette She thinks she will need one more ball.  Marsha finished the yoke of her cardigan Juno by Connie Peng. She is using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silky Victoria.

She joined Kelly in making a Crackerjack Cowl by Stacy Simpson Duke for her team, the Seattle Mariners. This has been a fun project and is making Marsha into a baseball fan despite the fact that previously she has been a mediocre fan at best. :-)  Marsha may need to get a Mariner's project bag from Front Range Bags Etsy shop where Kelly got her fabulous, new SF Giants project bag!

Marsha also talks about the swatching she has done with with yarn from the Northern California Knitters Retreat "Destash" room. The first is with Pernelle Insouciance in a soft blue. Marsha estimates she has 936 yards. 

In previous podcast episodes Kelly has talked about knitting two to three different yarns together and she is currently making a Featherweight Cardigan using three yarns. Kelly inspired Marsha so when she saw a cone mystery blue yarn with about 1,400 yards at the retreat she knew it was for her!  She swatched with three yarns from Kelly's stash. In the picture, the top is with white cotton, the middle with a beige wool, and the blue with a light blue linen. Kelly also has discussed that plant fibers benefit from being handled roughly and even put int the dryer. Marsha gave the swatches a good thrashing and they are beautifully soft!

There is still lots of time to join our Warmth of Summer KAL. Details are on our Ravelry group's discussion boards.

We also talked about Shoes of Prey where you can design your own shoes.

May 11, 2015
Ep 16: Fiber Friends and Feathered Co-Hosts

In this episode Marsha and Kelly talk about the the Northern California Knitters Retreat (#NoCKRs on Instagram for more photos). The FABULOUS and FUN retreat was held at the St. Francis Retreat Center.  We had such a great time!  Thanks to the organizers and to Duren Dyeworks and Kicks and Giggles for donating the door prizes that we won.  Thanks also to Dizzy Blonde Studios, Miss Babs,

Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting, Buffy Ann Designs, and Gnome Acres for all the goodies in our NoCKRs bags.

We had fun knitting and meeting new friends. We also found treasures in the destash room and made some stitch markers.

The charity for the retreat was Knitted Knockers.  Participants donated over 90 of them for women who have had mastectomies.

There was a show and tell of knitwear that led us to yet another discussion of fit!  We know we said we wouldn't discuss it again for awhile, but we learned some interesting things by looking at all those sweaters. 

After the retreat we enjoyed fabulous burgers at JJ's in San Juan Bautista.

After our  conversation about the retreat, I podcast with some feathered co-hosts about some of my upcoming adventures.  Subscribe in iTunes.

Find us on Stitcher.

Apr 25, 2015
Ep 15: Fits about Fit

In this episode Marsha and Kelly have a phone conversation about Marsha's finished knitting projects, both of their current knitting projects,  Marsha's new interest in baseball, and the ever-perplexing topic of the fit of a knit garment.  The Custom Fit patterns are a huge breakthrough and are teaching knitters a lot, but there are other components of how a sweater fits.  For example, the texture of the yarn and what the wearer is comfortable with.

Apr 11, 2015
Ep 14: The Warmth of Summer--it's coming!

Join Marsha and Kelly as the Two Ewes Ravelry group has its first Knit Along!  We will be knitting summery items between April 1 and July 1, 2015.  More details can be found in the Ravelry Group,
Meanwhile, the two talk together about their recently finished and recently started projects and Kelly provides information about wet finishing for weaving that just might help when you knit with linen or cotton. It also might be helpful for knitters who have just started weaving with a rigid heddle loom.

Mar 29, 2015
Ep 13: Live From Portland!

Kelly and Marsha met up in Portland, Oregon for the Rose City Yarn Crawl from March 5-8. Can you believe there are fifteen yarn shops in the Portland area? We didn't have time to visit each shop but sure gave it a try. In this episode we discuss our experience of the yarn crawl, talk about Marsha's woolen spinning in the hotel room, and share information about three indie dyers we met during the crawl.  We hold off discussing project updates until the next episode. It was so much fun to put this podcast together while we were actually in the same room!

Mar 14, 2015
Ep 12: Let the Yarn Season Begin!

Marsha and Kelly provide an update on their fiber projects--finished, current, and planned.  In addition to knitting, dyeing, and spinning, Marsha has an upcoming sewing adventure.  Kelly went to Stitches West and tells all about that adventure.  Stitches is the beginning of the Two Ewes' Yarn Season, with the Rose City Yarn Crawl next weekend and the Northern California Knitters Retreat in April.  Want to see show notes or find out about our Ravelry Group?

Mar 02, 2015
Ep 11: How to Boil a Frog

Listeners have asked us about our distance walking so in this podcast we talk about our walking adventures and, not to worry, we also talk about fiber, including knitting, spinning and some weaving.

We are excited that we found a way to record our phone conversation! It's almost like we are in the same room and not separated by a state! Together we discuss how we each came to the sport of distance walking, how we train, and some of the challenges and pleasures we each find in training.

Feb 08, 2015
Ep 10: Adventures Abound in 2015

Marsha and Kelly talk about their Cast On Five challenge and all the knitting and weaving that has and hasn't happened yet!  Kelly talks about knitting lace and the progress of her Niebling piece.  Marsha talks about her spinning and the handspun and hand-dyed yarn that she has been knitting with.  The Two Ewes announce contest winners, and Marsha talks about her adventures outside of the fiber world.

Jan 25, 2015
Ep 9: Promisc-Ewe-ous Knitting

In this episode Marsha and Kelly start the New Year off right by each starting FIVE NEW PROJECTS!  Stepping out of the comfort zone is a good thing for the New Year, right?  There is also a bit of spinning and a short segment about weaving.  There is a new contest and giveaway going on in the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Ravelry group. Win a prize! 

Jan 11, 2015
Ep 8: Pre and Post Christmas Wrap

In this episode, recorded partly before Christmas and partly after, Kelly and Marsha don't have a theme, but instead just talk about finished sweaters and the projects they are currently working on.  It is a good way to wrap up the year!

Dec 28, 2014
Ep. 7: #knittedmemories

Kelly and Marsha both talk about knitted items and gifts that have special memories for them.  Marsha talks about her finished custom-fit cardigan, The St. John Cardigan and the skeins of handspun and hand-dyed yarn that she has made since getting her new spinning wheel.  The Two Ewes also announce a contest for listeners to post photos of knit or crocheted items with the theme #knittedmemories.

Dec 07, 2014
Ep. 6: Here's to New Advent-ewes!

Marsha and Kelly talk about their current knitting projects, Marsha talks about an EXCITING new addition to her fiber life, and they both share food ideas and thanks in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

Nov 24, 2014
Ep. 5: What's Under the Kilt? Kilt Hose of Course!

Marsha and Kelly talk about socks and sock knitting.  Their approaches to sock knitting reveal a surprising amount about each of their personalities.  Then Marsha interviews her friend Gary and her brother Mark about kilt hose. 

Nov 12, 2014
Ep. 4: And Thus Began Our Adventures

In addition to talking about current and recently finished projects, Marsha and Kelly talk about how they started knitting, spinning, weaving, and loving the fiber arts. 

Oct 25, 2014
Ep 3: Two Ewes, One Sweater

Kelly and Marsha talk at length about their experience knitting the Acorn Trail sweater as a Custom Fit pattern.  They gush about how great the Custom Fit process is and they rave about their sweaters and the experience!  Marsha also shares a couple of tasty recipes she has recently made.  Join us!

Oct 11, 2014
Ep 2: 5 Yarn Shops, 2 Adobes, and a Trailer named Clyde

Marsha and Kelly talk about the SLO Yarn Crawl and their trip to San Luis Obispo.It was a great fiber adventure!  Kelly talks about what knitting patterns she has on her queue, some of them that are coming soon and some that are "fantasy" knits.  No spinning on this episode. 

Oct 03, 2014
Ep. 1: Who Are Ewe and What Are Ewe Doing Here?

Who are we and why are we podcasting? We are Kelly and Marsha.  We came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but we both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn.  Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves.  Fiber is one of the many interests we share after over 30 years of friendship.  On this episode, hear about us, our recently completed projects, including Marsha's account of a recent dyeing project, and our plans for the podcast.

Sep 27, 2014