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The Gospel message Preached
 Aug 7, 2018
Platt delivers biblically sound messages that proclaim the Gospel. Sermons are saturated in scripture and uplift the work of Christ and highlight His mission for us as His church.


The latest sermons from teacher, author, and pastor David Platt—delivered weekly.

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The Mystery of Mercy
One of the most difficult aspects of suffering is the feeling that God is far from us. We assume that loneliness, cancer, the death of a loved one, and other forms of suffering are evidence of God’s indifference or anger. However, the book of Ruth reminds us of God’s faithful love in the midst of suffering. In this message from Ruth 1, David Platt encourages us to trust in the God who sovereignly works all things for the good of His people.
Aug 13, 2018
Why the Great Commission is Great
There is no better news than the message of God’s grace in the gospel. Followers of Christ rightly celebrate this as our greatest joy and our life. However, it’s all too easy to ignore one of the ways we should respond to this good news––by making it known to all the peoples of the world. In this message from 2 Corinthians 4:13–18 at The Gospel Coalition 2013 Missions Conference, David Platt urges churches and followers of Christ to make the gospel known, even in the midst of difficulties and suffering. While earthly trials are temporary, God promises His people eternal joy.
Aug 06, 2018
Biblical Church
Whether due to cultural opposition, sins and weaknesses within the body of Christ, or the routine, daily struggles that come with following Christ, it’s easy to forget the amazing privilege God has given to the church. No other institution or organization can claim to have Christ as its head. In this message from Ephesians 1:22–23, David Platt highlights the significance of the church’s relationship to Christ and its role in proclaiming His salvation. As we commit to Christ and to one another in the context of the local church, we put the glory of Christ on display.
Jul 30, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Mission
There are many ways churches can serve their own members and their communities, but we cannot forget the global scope of Christ’s mission. As David Platt explains from Romans 15–16, the church should be about spreading God’s praise among all the peoples. Whether by praying, giving, or going, every member should play a role in getting the gospel to those who have never heard. It is the church’s privilege and responsibility to proclaim the good news to our neighbors and to the hardest-to-reach people groups on the planet.
Jul 23, 2018
Relenting Wrath: The Role of Desperate Prayer in the Mystery of Divine Providence
If God has all power and knowledge, even over the future, then do our prayers really matter? And if they do, then what difference should that make in our lives and in our churches? In this message from Exodus 32–33 at Together for the Gospel 2014, David Platt urges believers to depend fully on the God who is sovereign over all things. God uses the prayers of His people to accomplish His purposes in the world.
Jul 16, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Worship
Many Christians recognize that the church’s weekly gathering is important, but they seem to give little thought as to why. Why should we gather regularly for corporate worship, and what should our priorities be when we gather? In this sermon from John 4:1–26, David Platt identifies the kind of worship that pleases God. We gather as God’s people, not to be entertained or to listen to the thoughts of men, but rather to worship God in spirit and in truth.
Jul 09, 2018
Faith and Freedom
Without realizing it, many followers of Christ have had their views of government shaped by political debates, the media, and popular culture. They give little thought to Scripture’s teaching on this important topic. In this sermon from 1 Peter 2:13–17, David Platt helps us think through a biblical view of government as well as the Christian’s responsibility to governing authorities. While we should pray for and submit to earthly rulers, our ultimate allegiance is to a heavenly King.
Jul 02, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Leadership
In order for a business, an organization, or a government to be effective, good leadership is essential. It’s no surprise, then, that bookstores are filled with advice on how to identify an effective leader. But what about the church––how do we know who is qualified to lead God’s people? In this message from 1 Timothy 3, David Platt points out the biblical qualifications for elders and deacons. In order to faithfully carry out its mission, the church should look to Scripture to find out what faithful leadership looks like.
Jun 25, 2018
The Bible in the Church (Part 2)
If we only listen to the competing voices in our culture, then we’re likely to ignore the most important realities in life––eternal realities. Where else will we hear about God, salvation, heaven, hell, and judgment, unless we are confronted with God’s Word on a weekly basis? In this sermon from Acts 20:25–38, David Platt urges pastors and all Christians to consider why God’s Word must be supreme in the church. Instead of focusing on the ideas of man, we desperately need to hear from the God who speaks to us in Scripture.
Jun 18, 2018
The Bible in the Church (Part 1)
Thankfully, when it comes to God’s design for the church and its mission, we’re not left to our own wisdom and creativity. God has graciously given us His Word, a perfect revelation of who He is and what He desires for His people. In this sermon from Acts 20:1–24, David Platt urges us to submit our lives and our churches to the authority of Scripture. God intends for His people to teach it, discuss it, obey it, visualize it, and then spread it to the ends of the earth.
Jun 11, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Accountability and Discipline
We don’t normally think of words like accountability and discipline in a positive light, but in Scripture God gives us these things for our good. God’s people are called to care for one another in the context of the church, both in terms of teaching and encouraging one another and, if necessary, calling one another to repent of sin. In this sermon David Platt points us to accountability and discipline as marks of a biblical church. Beginning with Galatians 6:1 and then moving to other parts of the New Testament, we’ll see why churches that seek to glorify God and be faithful to the Great Commission should be marked by a concern for the spiritual welfare of every member.
Jun 04, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Fellowship
What counts as Christian fellowship? A group Bible study? What about praying with someone? Is it considered fellowship if we’re simply eating with or spending time with other believers? These are important questions. As David Platt explains in this sermon, Scripture makes fellowship among God’s people a top priority. Based on Romans 12, we’ll see how God’s mercy in the gospel grounds the fellowship that should exist in the church. As a family of faith, the church should partner together for the glory of God and for the good of one another.
May 28, 2018
Martyrdom and Mission: Why Reformers Died In Their Day, How We Must Live In Ours
Some truths are so important that they’re worth giving our lives for. The gospel certainly fits in this category, which is why the Reformers were willing to die to make sure that the good news of Christ was proclaimed faithfully according to God’s Word. In this message from Together for the Gospel 2016, David Platt urges us to learn from the example of the Reformers. Their deaths several centuries ago should give us an eternal perspective on how we live our lives today.
May 21, 2018
Biblical Womanhood
What is God’s design for women? Our culture offers a very distorted answer to that question, bombarding us with messages and images that miss God’s good design. Women are promised liberation, all the while being physically abused, sexually objectified, and even encouraged to ignore or change their God-given gender. And the problem isn’t just out there in the world—the church often misses God’s good design as well. The roles of wives and mothers are often devalued, as is the important role of single women in the church’s life and mission. In this message, David Platt addresses these distortions by providing an overview of biblical womanhood that begins with Genesis 1 and then draws from various passages of Scripture. Only as we listen to God’s Word and find our identity in His gospel will we see the goodness and the fruit of God’s design for women.
May 14, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Ordinances
Many churches rarely teach on the new covenant ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The biggest concern is how to fit them in without disrupting the weekly service. It’s little wonder, then, that baptism is viewed as optional by many Christians while the Lord’s Supper is either misunderstood or ignored. In this sermon David Platt explains the meaning of these two ordinances and answers the following questions: Why should I be baptized? How should I be baptized? Who should be baptized? When should I be baptized? Who should participate in the Lord’s Supper? Where should we have the Lord’s Supper? When should we have the Lord’s Supper? According to Scripture, baptizing believers and regularly taking the Lord’s Supper are crucial aspects of what it means to be a New Testament church.
May 07, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Membership
Sadly, it’s not uncommon today for those who claim to be followers of Christ to show half-hearted commitment to Christ’s bride, the church. Like consumers, many Christians shop around for the best church “experience.” Others merely attend for an hour each week without any desire to meet needs among God’s people or to be a part of the church’s mission. There are even those who attempt to follow Christ apart from regularly gathering with God’s people. But as David Platt points out in this sermon from 1 Corinthians 12:12–27, God has not designed us to be spiritual lone rangers. We are fellow members of Christ’s body. For the sake of our own souls and for the sake of Christ’s mission, every follower of Christ should be committed to a local church.
Apr 30, 2018
What Happens to People Who Never Hear about Jesus?
It’s one thing for someone to hear the gospel and reject it, but what about those who have never even heard of Jesus? Are they okay, spiritually speaking, as long as they live a good life and follow the light they’ve been given? What is their standing before God? In this sermon, David Platt addresses these eternally important questions based on Romans 15. Given the staggering number of people in the world with little or no access to the gospel, this issue is not merely theoretical. Getting the gospel to the unreached is urgent.
Apr 23, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Giving
Although we don’t always feel wealthy, evangelicals in America and in many parts of the West are some of the wealthiest people in world history. We have everything we need––food, clothes, houses, cars, jobs, education, savings accounts, vacations––and more. Yet, for many churches, God’s generosity toward us has not resulted in our generosity toward others. We have been content to stockpile God’s resources rather than use them for the spread of the gospel. In this message, David Platt highlights giving as one of twelve biblical traits of the church. Rather than listening to the culture, we should be listening to Scripture to see how God would have us use the resources He has entrusted to us.
Apr 17, 2018
The Idolatry of Comfort and the Glory of Christ
We are taught from a young age to “be safe” in whatever we do. This isn’t bad advice for the everyday tasks God has given us to do, but when it comes to following Jesus, we can wrongly assume that God would never call us to something costly or dangerous. Our time, effort, and resources are spent on maximizing our comfort. However, Jesus said that following Him would mean forsaking everything. And while we aren’t to seek out suffering, we know that proclaiming the gospel in many areas of the world requires taking risks. In this sermon from Philippians 1:12–30, David Platt reminds us not to let comfort become an idol, but instead to pursue faithfulness to Christ, even if it costs us our lives. Being with Christ is infinitely better than any temporary security this world offers.
Apr 10, 2018
Stories of Hope
We live in a day where people are made uncomfortable by any claim of truth. Jesus taught that He Himself was “The Truth” and the only way to God. As He breathed His last on the cross, it seemed like He would be written off as a fraud. Easter Sunday serves as a reminder that God cashes in on all of His promises. In this sermon, David Platt encourages us from John 20 with testimonies to the resurrection. Through Christ being raised from the dead, our eyes have been opened to the truth and we now live in the hope of the resurrection, trusting that we will one day be with Him forever.
Apr 02, 2018
Why is Good Friday Good?
Our culture questions the very idea of truth. The fact that anyone would claim to know something, particularly as it relates to eternity, can sound arrogant. Yet in John 14:6 Jesus claims to be the “the way, and the truth and the life.” But what if we are accountable to God? And what if Jesus is who He says He is? If He actually died on the cross and rose from the dead, then His claim to be the way to God is not arrogant but the best news in the world. In this Good Friday message, David Platt urges us to consider and respond to the claims of Jesus Christ.
Mar 30, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Prayer
Our culture constantly tells us to look to our own abilities to find strength and success. Tragically, many churches in our day have taken that advice. In this sermon, David Platt shows us why this self-reliant attitude is contrary to what we see throughout the book of Acts as the gospel spreads across geographic and cultural borders. If the church is to carry out God’s mission, then it must rely on God’s power. Making disciples of all nations requires desperate prayer.
Mar 26, 2018
Holy Week: An 8-Day Journey
Holy Week is the time when Christians around the world remember the days leading to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Beginning on Palm Sunday, we’re going to dive into God’s Word each day to put ourselves in the shoes of those who walked with Jesus on the road to the cross. We'll see how these days affected their lives, even as we reflect on how they affect ours. Subscribe to Pray the Word: www.radical.net/praytheword
Mar 25, 2018
Christ’s Prayer and the Church’s Mission
In John 17, we find what people have often called the “High Priestly Prayer” as Jesus prayed to the Father before His betrayal and crucifixion. What does this prayer have to do with us? In this sermon, David Platt gives three exhortations from John 17 concerning how we can leverage our lives in obedience to the Great Commission.
Mar 18, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Discipleship
Discipleship is a common word used among Christians today, but it often is used without clarity. Why must the church be committed to helping Christians live every day in light of the final day? In this sermon, David Platt looks to God’s Word in order to explain what biblical discipleship is and how it is vital for the church.
Mar 12, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Evangelism
What makes a church a church? After all, many religious groups meet regularly to talk about their common values and their common mission. Is there something unique about the gathering of Christ’s followers? In this sermon on Matthew 16:13–28, David Platt looks at the importance of biblical evangelism. We’ll see how the church’s identity is tied to believing and proclaiming the gospel.
Mar 05, 2018
12 Traits of a Biblical Church: Preaching and Teaching
Different pastors and church leaders in our day continue to offer their opinions on what the church should be about. As a result, churches are often left wondering whose preferences to follow and whose authority to listen to. In this sermon from 2 Timothy 3:10–4:8, David Platt points us away from the preferences of man to the church’s ultimate authority––God speaking through His Word. In this first of twelve traits of a biblical church, Biblical Preaching and Teaching, we’ll see why the faithful proclamation of Scripture shapes everything about the church’s life and mission.
Feb 26, 2018
Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions
A pastor who believes that God is sovereign over all things will lead his people to be a death defying missional people. Our sovereign God holds the destiny of the world in the palm of his hand. Therefore, his shepherds should lead their people to pray confidently, give sacrificially, go intentionally and die willingly for the spread of the gospel message to those who have never heard.
Feb 19, 2018
The Church's Goal: ". . . Among All Nations"
It’s so easy for churches to become self-focused. Our own comforts and concerns slowly begin to swallow up our time, energy, and resources. But Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations should compel us to move out with the gospel to a world in need. This is the church’s mission. In this third sermon in a three-part series on Matthew 28:16–30, David Platt encourages the church to make disciples and to multiply churches, both in our own neighborhoods and among unreached peoples across the globe.
Feb 13, 2018
The Church's Mission: "By Making Disciples and Multiplying Churches . . ."
There is no shortage of books, conferences, and consultants in our day offering to help churches find their mission. It’s as if God’s people have been left in the dark as to what we should be about. But what if Jesus has already given us our marching orders? In this sermon, David Platt directs our attention to Christ’s words in Matthew 28:16–20 in order to help us identify the church’s mission.
Feb 05, 2018
The Church's Vision: "We Glorify God . . ."
Churches often put their time, resources, and efforts into many doing good things, all the while failing to ask what their primary focus should be. Thankfully, God hasn’t left us in the dark when it comes to the church’s mission. In this sermon from Matthew 28:16–20, David Platt begins a three-part sermon series unpacking the vision, mission, and goal of the church. In this sermon we’ll see why glorifying God has to be the starting point for all that we do.
Jan 29, 2018
Praying and Working for Justice: Abortion
Depending on who you’re talking to, the issue of abortion brings up feelings of anger, guilt, or despair. Even many Christians view it primarily as a political issue. However, before abortion is a political or any other type of issue, we need to recognize it for what it is––a God issue. In this sermon on Psalm 139, David Platt urges Christians to take a God-centered perspective on abortion. This will involve both repentance and the pursuit of biblical justice on behalf those who are the most vulnerable. Thankfully, God’s grace in the gospel is sufficient to cover abortion and every other sin we commit against Him.
Jan 22, 2018
Praying and Working for Justice: Racialization
The topics of race and social justice often elicit strong emotions, which is why many pastors and churches tend to stay silent on these issues. However, David Platt argues that these are not topics the church can ignore. Our worship of God is integrally connected to the way we treat our neighbor, including those who don’t look like us. Based on Amos 5:21–24, this sermon exhorts us to consider our role in perpetuating racism, often without realizing it. Every follower of Christ should pray and work for justice in the culture around us.
Jan 15, 2018
The Word and the World
If you want to grow a church and see the gospel spread, there is no shortage of strategies being offered today. Sadly, few of these strategies revolve around the power and authority of God’s Word. In today’s sermon from 2 Timothy, David Platt challenges us to rely on God’s Word to do God’s work. Not only do we need this life-changing Word in our own lives and churches, but also—there’s a world out there that has no hope without it.
Jan 08, 2018
Sharing Your Faith Without Fear
There’s nothing greater, nothing more significant we can share with others than the message of the gospel. And yet, if we’re honest, we often fail to speak about this good news to unbelievers God has put in our lives. We’re silent about the hope of eternal life because we’re worried about what others will think. In this sermon based on Acts 18:1–17, David Platt encourages us to share the gospel without fear. Even though opposition is inevitable, God’s power and His mission are unstoppable.
Jan 01, 2018
Behold His Faithfulness
Keeping your word seems to matter very little in our culture. Politicians unashamedly break promises, the covenant of marriage is trivialized, and, if we’re honest, each of us is tempted in a thousand little ways to distort the truth in our own lives. But, according to Psalm 98, we serve a God who is always faithful. In this sermon, David Platt encourages us to behold the God who shows steadfast love to His undeserving people. Such faithfulness should continually elicit our praise.
Dec 25, 2017
Behold His Grace
Many followers of Christ cringe when the topic of giving comes up. Even when we do give, we’re often motivated more by guilt than gratitude. But this is not how Scripture motivates us to give. In this sermon on Psalm 86, David Platt points us to several biblical motives for our giving. We give in response to God’s infinite grace so that others might see His glory.
Dec 18, 2017
Behold His Love
Sadly, some professing Christians find very little joy in their relationship with God. Trusting and obeying Him is a duty, not a delight. However, Psalm 63 reminds us that God’s great love ought to draw out deep affection from God’s people. In this sermon David Platt urges us to set aside lukewarm thoughts toward God and instead pursue Him as our all-consuming passion.
Dec 11, 2017
The Mercy of God in the Movement of the Peoples
The scale of the current refugee crisis is massive, and it can seem like events are spinning out of control. But what if God is using these tragedies to accomplish His global purposes? In this sermon on Acts 17:26–27, David Platt encourages us to view the movements of refugees around the world through the lens of God’s sovereignty and His redemptive purposes. The nations may be closer than you think.
Dec 03, 2017
How Do I Find God’s Will for My Life?
Christians use many different strategies to find an answer to that all-important question, “What is God’s will for my life?” But what if God’s will isn’t lost? And what if He actually works in us so that we might walk in His will? David Platt encourages us to align our lives with God’s larger purposes in the world in this sermon from Acts 16.
Nov 27, 2017
Proclaiming Jesus for the Joy of All People
The claim that Jesus is the only Savior, that anyone who doesn’t believe in Him will face God’s eternal judgment, sounds narrow-minded and arrogant to most people. But if Jesus is who He says He is, and if He has died, risen, and been raised to God’s right hand as Lord of all, then proclaiming the gospel is the most loving thing we can do. This gospel was the reason for Paul’s mission in Acts 13:13–52, and, as David Platt reminds us in this sermon, it is the very message that should define our lives and the church’s mission today.
Nov 20, 2017
Behold His Jealousy
No one wants to be described as jealous. In fact, Scripture warns us against an ungrateful heart that longs for what God has not given us. But, according to Psalm 79, jealousy is a good thing if we’re talking about God’s jealousy. Unlike us, God is jealous for His own glory, and this is good news for His people. In this sermon, David Platt helps us see why God’s jealousy should lead the believer to greater comfort, hope, and worship.
Nov 13, 2017
Behold His Wrath
It’s not popular to talk about the wrath of God. Even in Christian circles, we want a God who is like us and who makes us feel good about ourselves. However, if God is holy and just––as Scripture teaches––then it is only reasonable that He would punish sin and judge those who rebel against Him. In this sermon from Psalm 78, David Platt reminds us that God’s wrath is one of His many perfections. The good news of the gospel is that God has sent His own Son to take the wrath that we deserve by dying on the cross.
Nov 06, 2017
Behold His Eternality
Our culture is obsessed with temporal things. We want instant gratification. We don’t want to be bothered with the future, much less eternity. However, as David Platt reminds us from Psalm 90, we serve a God who is eternal. His perfections––His justice, His love, His wrath, His faithfulness, His grace––had no beginning, and they will have no end. These biblical realities should help us live for that which truly matters. Sin is more serious than we ever realized, but God’s grace is greater than we ever imagined. Our God is unchanging, and this is good news for those who have trusted in His Son.
Oct 30, 2017
The Church that Changed the World
Can one local church be used for the spread of the gospel among all nations? This is precisely what God did with the church at Antioch in Acts 13:1–12. In this message, David Platt points out five characteristics of the church at Antioch that should inform the mission of every local church. The spread of the gospel by God’s people is ultimately dependent on His power.
Oct 23, 2017
Taking on the World
Many Christians in our culture enjoy the blessings of God without ever asking why they have been blessed. Could it be that God has blessed us, both spiritually and physically, for a greater purpose than our own comfort? Based on Psalm 67, David Platt helps us connect God’s blessings with His mission in the world, a theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation.
Oct 16, 2017
Behold His Glory
We have a dangerous tendency to treat God lightly in worship, preferring instead various activities and gimmicks that hold our attention. However, as Psalm 95 reminds us, our God is worthy of our worship and our deepest reverence. In this message David Platt encourages us to let God’s character and greatness shape our worship. We should respond to God with humility, joy, gratefulness, trust, and obedience.
Oct 09, 2017
The Leader of the Church
Churches need leaders who are faithful to the gospel, but we can’t forget who the church’s actual leader is––Jesus Christ. When we pause to reflect on who Jesus is, then it only makes sense that we would want to submit to His plan and trust in His power to carry out the church’s mission. Based on Matthew 4:18–22, David Platt encourages the church to look to Christ and His gospel as we seek to make disciples of all nations.
Oct 02, 2017
For Such a Time is This
It’s easy to get so caught up in our own little worlds that we miss the urgent needs right around us, not to mention the spiritual and physical needs of billions around the world. But have you considered what God, in His sovereignty, might have for His church today as He accomplishes His purposes in the world? Drawing on Esther 4:13–17, David Platt urges the church to seize the opportunities God has provided for us as we make His gospel known around the world.
Sep 25, 2017
Tremble at His Word
It is deceptively easy for us to talk about God, sing to God, and even claim to be serving God, all while ignoring His Word. In this new message from Isaiah 66 and Romans 8, David Platt reminds us that God’s Word should cause us to stand in awe. We ought to respond to Scripture by submitting to and delighting in the One who is sovereign over us.
Sep 18, 2017
God's Word in A Turbulent World
With areas of the southern United States facing potentially one of the worst storms of our generation head-on, that following the severe flooding in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey… and even beyond the U.S., the strongest earthquake in a century hitting Mexico this week, severe flooding in India affecting 40 million people, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children fleeing Myanmar, North Korea testing missiles and threatening nuclear war—and all this in addition to personal struggles and afflictions in our personal lives. With all that’s going on in the world today, what exactly does God’s Word bring to bear on our turbulent world?
Sep 11, 2017
Four Simple Reasons for the Church to Pray
It can be tempting to try and live your life in your own strength—devoid of God’s Spirit. However, the Bible urges you to not walk into the days ahead with dependence upon yourself, but rather with desperation for God’s Spirit. That’s what prayer is all about, and that’s what today’s sermon from Exodus 33 is all about.
Sep 04, 2017
Because He Lives
"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9).” The first step toward following God is to trust in the truth of Jesus. In today’s new sermon, David Platt identifies four truths that ought to be the natural outworking of a believer’s life… from the very outset of trusting in Jesus, to the day-in and day-out of facing life without fear.
Aug 28, 2017
Anchors In The Storm
All followers of Christ will face the storms of life. However, we have anchors in these storms, truths on which we can bank our lives and our eternities. Based on Acts 27 (and several other passages), David Platt identifies five anchors for the believer’s soul in the midst of life’s trials. The God who is sovereign over all things cares for us deeply and is working all things according to His good purposes.
Aug 21, 2017
The Sovereignty of Christ In Our Lives
The object of our faith matters more than the measure or circumstances of our faith.
Aug 14, 2017
Radical Restoration: Deacons - Leading Servants of the Church
While elders are servant leaders in the church, the Bible identifies deacons as leading servants in the church. According to Acts 6:1–7 and 1 Timothy 3:8–13, deacons have three responsibilities: meet needs according to the Word, support the ministry of the Word, and unify the body around the Word. This kind of ministry may not be flashy, or even visible, but it is crucial to the church’s health and growth.
Aug 07, 2017
Radical Restoration: Elders - Servant Leaders of the Church
A biblical model of church leadership is critical for a church that aims to display the glory of Christ. In this sermon, David Platt turn our attention to Acts 20:17–31 as a helpful guide for elders, or pastors. As servant leaders, these men ought to lead under the authority of Christ, care for the body of christ, teach the Word of Christ, and model the character of Christ. Churches should appoint and follow such men.
Jul 31, 2017
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Jul 24, 2017
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Jul 10, 2017
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Jul 03, 2017
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Mar 30, 2016
Cross-Culture: God's Story, Our Story
Mar 28, 2016
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Feb 02, 2016
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Repentance and Resolutions Pt. 1
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Dec 21, 2015
A Conversation with David Platt
Dec 17, 2015
Love That Captivates Pt. 1
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Nehemiah And The Call To Mission Pt. 1
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Don't Waste Your Life Pt. 3
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Don't Waste Your Life Pt. 1
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The Children Yet Unborn Pt. 2
Aug 03, 2015
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Jul 27, 2015
The Future of SBC Missions in North America and the Nations
Jul 13, 2015
The Indescribable Christ and His Indestructible Kingdom
Jun 29, 2015
How the Gospel Will Spread to the Ends of the Earth Pt. 2
Jun 15, 2015
How the Gospel Will Spread to the Ends of the Earth Pt. 1
Jun 01, 2015
To The Church at Brook Hills
May 18, 2015
A Christ-Compelled Response to Nepal
May 04, 2015
Fasting From Food to Feast On God
Apr 20, 2015
Countering Culture
Apr 06, 2015
Reap and Pray
Mar 23, 2015
The Reward that's Found in the Word Pt. 2
Mar 09, 2015
The Reward that's Found in the Word Pt. 1
Feb 23, 2015
Relenting Wrath: The Role Of Desperate Prayer In The Mystery Of Divine Providence
Feb 09, 2015
The Privilege of Prayer Pt. 2
Jan 26, 2015
The Privilege of Prayer Pt. 1
Jan 12, 2015
A Humbling Start To A New Year
Dec 29, 2014
Missions in Matthew 2
Dec 15, 2014
Missions in Matthew 1
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Dec 01, 2014
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Why a Radical Together Podcast?
Nov 03, 2014