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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive. Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.

Episode Date
Episode 284 - Robbie Brookside Part 2 (The King of the Punk/Wrestling Connection)
The King is back! Legendary wrestler & punk historian beyond reproach, ,Robbie Brookside makes his return to the show! Listen in as Damian sits down to further establish the power of the punk/ wrestling connection! Listen in as they discuss: Crass & Cave-In coming to the matches, hiding the Shitlickers 7" from the OG Black Tiger, being the old longhair at the Cock Sparer reunion & so much other goodness!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!! One of our longest episodes ever!!!! Also Touched On: Mom throwing out the Zine A squat gig to see AYS with Pete Stahl from Scream “BASH HIS HEAD IN!!!”: Crass hitting you up for wrestling tickets Music to scare your sister with Trying to put on a DIRT show Corpus, Society’s Problems and Clockwork destruction Hearing the Siege demo for the first time The legendary Planet X venue’s punk roots Anti Cimix and Toxic Reasons hanging in Liverpool bringing younger kids Deathmatches are the 7 Minutes of Nausea of wrestling Paco and Clint Chapman  Mike Clark and MCR UK This is the best life: Seeing Jawbreaker in a German Squat Two long hair and 800 men with no hair on the boarder : going to see Cock Sparrer   The Punk Wrestling connection: Cal from Discharge going to school with Klondyke Kate Defend Grind Core (from skinheads) The Fits staying at your parents place “He’s an animal!”: meeting Dave Grohl Wool: “Mainstream Scream” Cave In, the NME and Pro-Wrestling Hiding the Shitlickers 7” from Rollerball Rocco Roc “That’s just American bullshit this” Green Day infamous Christmas gig “Are you Larry Livermore?” Penpals with Green Day Funaki putting the whole looker room to sleep and so much more!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BE VANS
Sep 18, 2020
RIP Wade Allison
Wade Allison was a father, a friend & a legend. We will miss him forever. This is for Wade. So much love going to the Allison, Metz & Iron Age families. Photo by Corbin Hughes
Sep 15, 2020
Episode 283 - Barney Greenway (Napalm Death, Benediction, Extreme Noise Terror)
Today, we rip the punk right out of metal with one of the greatest to ever do it: Napalm Death's Barney Greenway! Join Damian as he sits down with the vocal god to discuss: the difference between extreme music in America and the UK, Motorhead being the ultimate punk band, why do Italians do it (hardcore) better and tons of other goodness! Not to be missed!!! And don't miss Napalm Death's AWESOME new "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism" out now!!! Also touched on: The Ruts GBH are the greatest Discharge The Mermaid Birmingham football hooligans showing up for Sham 69 The formative power of Ungovernable Force Dad loved the hard rock! Motorhead: Trve Pvnk Vocal heroes from Genesis to Gang Of Four “Oi could be tricky” not 100% fitting in with metal Tape trading Raw Power the American influence on UK Hardcore Burning Spirits  AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Sep 07, 2020
RIP Riley Gale
Riley Gale was family. We will love & miss him forever. This is for him. Our deepest condolences to Power Trip & everyone else that loved Riley.
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 282 - Derrick Green (Sepultura, Outface, Alpha Jerk)
METAL IS PUNK! This week on the show we celebrate punk's influence on metal with two of the greatest to ever do it! First off, Sepultura's DERRICK GREEN stops by the show. Join Damian as he sits down with one of his dream guest’s to talk about what lead him to his twenty plus year career fronting one of the worlds most important metal bands. Listen in as the two discuss: teenage jams with Jeff Buckley's future drummer, the early days of Integrity, going on the road with Quicksand and Inside Out, the legend of the Overfiend DEMO & more!  NOT TO BE MISSED!   Check out Sepultura's new Quadra album out on Nuclear Blast NOW! Also Touched On: Still being friends with all the kids that got you into it Cleveland’s lineage getting in to rock music Matt Johnson had cable, a drum set  and wound up playing with Jeff Buckley False Hope Knifedance Starvation Army Growing up with Dwid Integrity Hyper As Hell Face Value The division between Scat/St. Valentines scene and the hardcore scene the influence of the Faction, Stalag 13, Decendents and Dag Nasty on Outface Falling into singing The East and West side of Cleveland gathering at shows Connecting with Walter Schreifels Going on the Inside Out, Quicksand, Shelter tour The grunge era of Outface Going to Europe Opening fo Sheer Terror  Keelhaul being the favourite Cleveland band Alpha Jerk Moving to New York and forming Overfiend New York Hardest Vol.2  Toybox Records Mike Gitter and XXX Davide from Orange 9mm chooses a studio Auditioning for Sepultura Taking a book out from the library and trying to learn about Brazil Shooting crossbows in Brazil The origins of Integrity The Hostile Amish & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 24, 2020
Episode 281 - Jehnny Beth (Musician, Actor)
Jehnny Beth is one of the best front people in music as well as an accomplished actor. As such, Damian is beyond stoked to get to chat with Jehnny again for the first time in 7 years! Listen in as the two catch up & discuss: cars as instruments, the beauty & horror of mainstream alternative music in France, getting turned away from the post office, living for art & tons of other stuff!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!  Also, don't miss Jehnny's brand new amazing album: To Live Is To Love!!! Also Touched On:  Reconnecting after 7 years Is “I Put A Spell On You” the first punk song? Fugazi, Cassavettes and Art and Lifestyle being one  Film with stakes Learning about Jazz from a piano teacher Seeing Kim Gordon with a DJ Blonde Redhead Rule The glam band on the side of the road Microfilm Forming the Motels meeting Johnny playing the car in a grindcore band The Stinky Toys rule the controversy around Noir Desire Meeting Johnny The Luminaire: a venue and a home & SO MUCH MORE!!!! SPONSORED BY VANS 
Aug 19, 2020
Episode 280 - Butch Vig (Producer, Garbage, Spooner, Firetown, Smart Studios)
Get ready to hear some melody drawn out of the noise because today on the show, Damian sits down with producer extraordinaire BUTCH VIG!!! Listen in as the two discuss: the greatness of Mecht Mensch's Zombie, Kurt trying to Sabbath-up the Nevermind mix nearly making Spooner miss a show, trying to capture the Laughing Hyenas & how meeting Garbage impacted a young Damian! That's just the tip of the iceberg!  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Garbage being super cool to Damian and his friend in the 90’s WORT the inspiration of punk mom being a music teacher that loving Led Zeppelin and the Beatles  Merlin's  The Eclipse rehearsal tapes The University of Madison Spooner the Nerves Mentored by Gary from The Shoes Self-taught by punk Raspberries and Tom Petty covers  “Here’s a song by the Beatles” Playing with Spooner during the mixing of “Nevermind” pulling hooks out of noise The godly Appliances Playing in a Polka band Starting Boat Records   Touring with Steve Earl Flying home to work on Killdozer Feedtime Cosmic Psychos Swamp Thing The Fluid should have been stars! Genetic by Sonic Youth RULES! & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 10, 2020
Episode 279 - Omar Doom (Straight Razor, Inglourious Basterds, Deathproof, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood)
How could Damian have known that when, actor, DJ & Inglourious Basterd, Omar Doom came on show that they were going to wind up talking GG Allin & Breakdown? Listen in as the two discuss: opening for Biohazard & Killing Time, rolling with the Murder Junkies, being rechristened by Tarantino & lots of other goodness! This is why we do this thing!   Also Touched On: Having a lot of half pipes in your backyard Seeing the Ramones in a bar in PA  Driving in cars listing to the Dead Kennedys Repo Man Seeing G’N’R open for Aerosmith Metallica  The other Ordeal playing drums No one in school length Misfits cover band The Wear-A-Ramones-Shirt Gang Following the Ramones around like the Dead The Cro-Mags  Violence at shows Biohazard Moving to NY Down with the Murder Junkies' Gang The Bosstone of GG shit Joe Coleman at a party & So Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 04, 2020
Episode 278 - Kevin Gill (GCW, Striving For Togetherness Records, JCW)
The Juggalo/ Punk Connection is real! As we continue our journey into early 90's New York punk, today on the show Damian sits down with his friend and the connector of the hardcore, wrestling and Juggalo worlds: Kevin Gill! Listen in as the two discuss: learning that NY hardcore was about respect and courtesy early on, doing wrestling commentary with Lars from Rancid, getting into Insane Clown Posse's insular world and so much more! Also touched on: A long time in the works The punk wrestling connection Jackson Heights Trying to get Jimmy Gestapo to watch ECW Discipline  Beer in the air conditioner Going to see Sick Of It All hearing Gorilla Biscuits and a world opening up Public Enemy and Murphy’s Law No Redeeming Social Values talking in quotes Sheer Terror with Paul Barer in a thong Being scared of Agnostic Front at first Famous riot videos Striving for Togetherness   Madball Bond Street The Insane Clown Posse Connection A wrestling promotion with Lars Frederiksen  JCW and tons of other stuff! Brought to you by VANS!!!!!
Aug 02, 2020
Episode 277 - Simon Doom & Dave It Up Reunite!
It's 90's New York Week on the show with, not one but, THREE episodes! Starting it all off with the reunion of Turned Out A Punk contributor & NJ punk legend Dave "It Up" Ackerman & returning guest, Simon "Doom" O'Connor! Join Damian as these two friends reunite & relive the heady days of early 90's New York street punk. This is one of the the funniest episodes ever!  DO NOT MISS IT!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 29, 2020
Episode 276 - Sacha Jenkins (The 1865, Ego Trip, The Wu Tang Clan's "Of Mics To Men")
As we continue with the celebration of the band The 1865, Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes! Writer, director, producer, editor, musician & all around cultural force, Sacha Jenkins is on the show! Listen in as they talk everything from watching Bugout Society waste White Castle burgers, to dealing with Nazis while roadieing for Burn, to having to explain to Eminem that the joke wasn't on him & everything in between! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: The importance of Ego Trip to this podcast The influence of the New Breed Comp booklet Meeting Chaka Going to school with one of NY Hoods playing Leeway in tackle football Meeting Johnny Waste in class Quincy punk Lismore Lounge with Absolution, Pressure Release and Bugout Society the drug of the pit The class distinction in NYHC Meeting Lord Ezec in gym class on the road with Burn Dealing with Nazis The shift in the NY scene Cane River Sons and daughters of artists Identity and punk starting a zine PHASE 2 and IGT Soho Zat   Henry Chalfant’s apartment as a graffiti hub Meeting Daryl Jennifer White Mandingos Ego Trip as Black Flag ’81 to ’83 casting the White Rapper Show & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 24, 2020
Episode 275 - Honeychild Coleman (The 1865, Sistagrrl Riott Collective, Heavensbee, Badawi)
The 1865 are one of the best bands going and this week on the show we celebrate their awesomeness with, not one but two guests from the band! First, incomparable lead singer Honeychild Coleman joins Damian to discuss punk. Listen in as the two discuss going from seeing anti-Sex Pistols ads in the bible belt to helping start the Sista Grrrl's Riots to forming The 1865 and writing the amazing "Don't Tread On We!". NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on:  Reading the paper and discovering punk loving Surf and Classic rock Getting Blondie records from the bookmobile growing up around showbands Prince Green On Red at the Peppermint Lounge Seeing RuPaul’s punk band Basquiat: the DJ The difference between NY and every other scene Pre-celebrity culture Sonic Youth, Dadaism and inspiration Moving to the Bay Performing in the subway as a job Sista Grrrl Riots Roir Records and Tapes Re-meeting Sacha in the Subway forming The 1865 Chuck Treece AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Brought to you by Vans!
Jul 21, 2020
Episode 274 - Bubba Dupree (Void, Hater, Earth 18)
VOID WEEK CONTINUES!  On this episode Damian is joined by guitar god: BUBBA DUPREE! Listen in as the two discuss Bubba's journey into punk & hardcore. From developing the sound that changed hardcore to his criminally underrated 90's band Earth 18, this one is nuts! Also Touched On:  The Sex Pistols in Esquire Magazine  Buying “Never Mind the Bollocks” on 8-Track at K-Mart Being young in San Francisco  Seeing the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace  Brian James is the greatest punk guitarist Looking for something trippier than Discharge Joining Void Where does Bubba’s guitar sound come from? Ian McKaye in the studio the story behind the unreleased “Potion For Bad Dreams”  liking Rites Of Spring forming a band Johnny Reese from the Obsessed  Earth 18 with Graham from Negative Approach the Void logo transcends the band Kim and Ben from Soundgarden are Void fans & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 18, 2020
Episode 273 - Chris Stover (VOID)
This week on the the show, we're going to live by our rules! It's Void week on Turned Out A Punk and we're celebrating one of DCHC's greatest bands with two awesome episodes. First join Damian as he sits down with Void bassist Chris Stover as they talk: Ian and Henry regulating the Clash pit, how Void came to be, DCHC vs. a bunch of Rednecks, getting grounded from going to see Fear on SNL and lots of other goodness! NOT TO BE MISSED!  DCHC starting the pit at the Clash show Skateboarder Magazine and Action Now The Bollocks Seeing the Teen Idles and everything changing getting tapes from Bert from the Untouchables Going to see Devo Law And Order The Unheard Music Festival Wino and the Obsessed how Void came together “KILL THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” Void’s second show  Almost missing Fear on SNL because of a grounding Getting caught eating catering by Eddie Murphy and Garrett Morris Belushi hangin out with Ian McKaye: what the hell did they talk about? AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Brought to you by Vans
Jul 16, 2020
Episode 272 - Moby (Vatican Commandos, AWOL)
Here we are now going to the punk side! This week on the show Damian sits down with the legend & one time live collaborator, MOBY to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss: the legitimate fear at a FEAR show, Rick Rubin borrowing his amp, punk & stardom not mixing along loads more! Not to be missed & don’t miss Moby’s brand new, All Visible Objects record out on Mute Records now!  Also Touched On: Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video Sid Vicious’ My Way being conceived to Coltrane… maybe liking Led Zeppelin out of a need to fit in only Watching SNL at Brian Holstein’s house buying records at Johnny’s seeing Yes at MSG Seeing Fear at the Mud Club The birth of the Connecticut hardcore scene Moby on a moped  Rick Rubin needs to borrow and amp The Rob Zombie Connection Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law as the last show AWOL The little Ian MacKaye on your shoulder regrets & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 10, 2020
Episode 271 - Jon Ginoli (Pansy Division, The Outnumbered)
This is why we do this thing! On this episode Damian is joined by one of his heroes: Jon Ginoli of the LEGENDARY Pansy Division! Listen in as they not only discuss Pansy Division but also Jon's AMAZING other band The Outnumbered, his first wave punk zine and the risky business of putting on a Replacements show. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!   Also discussed: Wondering if the Ramones were supposed to be funny at first? Seeing an ad for the Pistols in Trouser Press Raw Power being too raw Getting into the British bands first Pere Ubu being a little weird Hearing Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith Starting a zine “Ugly bands are the next big thing!” meeting the Ramones at a burger joint Gizmos and Gulcher Writing to Bomp going to college for the radio station Booking the Replacements Not wanting to do another band unless it was a “gay band” having nothing to lose writing about stuff you had never heard in song before working with Donna Dresch  Tribe 8  Parkdale and the Mission Phone calls to Fat Bob from Hard Skin touring with Green Day signing to Lookout The Angus Soundtrack AND SO MIUCH MORE!!!!! Brought to you by Vans
Jul 06, 2020
Episode 270 - Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Retrovirus, 8 Eyed Spy)
This is what we live for! On this episode, Damian is joined by THE LEGEND LYDIA LUNCH to talk punk! Although Lydia doesn't identify or even really like punk, she certainly influenced a lot of it. Listen in to this NOT TO BE MISSED episode as Lydia talks about the difference between No Wave & Punk, working with Rowland S. Howard, collaborating with (the) Weirdos, Cinema Of Transgression & everything in between!   Did we mention it is not to be missed? Find  her podcast The Lydian Spin here: http://lydianspin.libsyn.com/ and find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LydiaLunch/ Also Touched On: No Wave, not punk clubs with “pillowrooms” the island of found souls Meeting Stiv Bators in ’73 Sonic Reducer Running away for the New York Dolls Rock Magazines the House of Guitars proto-punk Loving drugs and not going to sleep Goth when everybody was Glam dreaming of Rollerderby The rise of rap, punk and Trump being over Iggy and Bowie The Ramones being silly going to Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ first show Mink DeVille Union Carbine Suicide did not fit in Joe Coleman and the Steel Tips Mars was the first No Wave band having to go to Europe Playing with Generation X 13:13 Cinema Of Transgression and  No Wave: one movement & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY Vans!!!
Jun 28, 2020
Episode 269 - Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils, Lando's 45, Rat Patrol)
The doctor is in! This episode the Bollweevil's Dr. Daryl Wilson stops by to chat with massive fan Damian. Listen in as the two discuss the greatness of 90's Chicago Punk,  the problem of being a lead singer looking for a new band, playing "normal" shows vs punk shows and so much more! Not to be missed!!!!  Also touched on: Achtung Chicago Sitting in a carport hearing Lexicon Devil Moving to Chicago Watching punk versus playing in a punk band Naked Raygun inspiring you to play music  Being made angry by having to leave Michigan  going to St. Andrew’a Hall for shows the change in physical perspective that comes with age Don Giovani going to see Prince Boys On Skates: Bootleg Faction the massiveness of the Chicago DIY punk scene 88 Fingers Louie, Smokin’ Popes, Oblivion, Apocalypse Hoboken, Los Crudos, Vindictives, Screeching Weasel Naked Raygun, Effigies,  Articles Of Faith Scene Unity to Scene Break-up growing and having some regrets Slapstick, Tricky Dick the sounds of the factions Writing a letter to Naked Raygun and getting a first show opening for them the problem being a singer starting a new band Milo is the influence Bad Religion Darby Crash Lando’s 45 The Foundation All-Stars Rat Patrol  “Get off the stage man, we’re here to see the Bollweevils!" AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!
Jun 22, 2020
Episode 268 - Dean Spunt (No Age)
The fun continues!!! This time Damian is joined by his friend & the other half of No Age, Dean Spunt! Listen in as they talk straight edge, building a scene versus joining a scene, the gods CHOPPING BLOCK & so much more!! Not to be missed!!! Also check out "Goons Be Gone on Drag City now, IT RIPS! Also Touched On: Following in Dean’s footsteps Getting, borrowing or stealing a Ramones tape DJ Quick NWA Dead Kennedys  A sketchy looking tape “The Adolf Cents?” Luther Van Dross and Markie Mark at 6 Flags The Natural Fudge Cafe Guns and Spent Idols The Smell as an extension of the JabberJaw No Hardcore at the Smell after a while joining a scene vs building a scene booking Amps For Christ and Bastard Noise… together.  The Dystopia Riot Shows at Dean and Randy’s house! The No Age Chopping Block 7” Infest Teen Creeps Riverdales over Screeching Weasel   & MORE!!!!!
Jun 19, 2020
Episode 267 - Randy Randall (No Age)
In celebration of their fantastic new album "Goons Be Gone", it's a two part Turned Out A Punk/ No Age special! First Damian sits down with his friend Randy Randall to find out how skateboarding  and resisting mainstream punk led him to No Age. Come back tomorrow for Dean Spunt's side of the tale and in the meantime check out No Age's Goons Be Gone  on Drag City now! NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: Lamar pedestrian bridge the wildest show ever A difficult history with punk fuck the skull band shirt liking the noisy stuff Punk as Southern California Jock Rock Did the Count even have songs? Finding the Smell the older scarier scene Mika Miko Jim Smith's dedication having to surrender punk to the next generation and so much more!!!!
Jun 16, 2020
Episode 266 - Mark Arm (Mudhoney, Green River, Mr. Epp & The Calculations)
This episode is so hot it shines! One of the greatest front people of all time, Mark Arm stops by the show to talk punk! Listen in as Mark and Damian talk going from thinking Devo is a joke to Green River playing with Samhain to his lack of recollection of the Jerry A./Mick Harvey Beef and everything in between. Also touched on: Pictures on my walls See the freaky people on TV on a Saturday night The Damned: “Like a faster, better KISS” non-radio rock Getting sucked into Rush the Sweet record is a rager! A joke Devo record gift stops being  funny and starts being amazing The Forming of Mr. Epp And The Calculations A west coast Deep Wound Bob 1 smacking you on the head for touching his guitar Gang or 4  999 Fartz, Husker Du and the Dead Kennedys Blaine goes to Motorhead and makes it back in time for thew set That Fastbacks, The Living and the Silly Killers jamming to Van Halen and punk First hearing about Iggy Pop and being grossed out The Telepaths   The Tupperwares AN SO MUCH MORE!!!!! Brought to you by Vans
Jun 09, 2020
Episode 265 - Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Junkyard, Fake Names etc.)
“I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up!” This week, we bring you one of the most requested guests in TOAP history. BRIAN BAKER is on the show! Listen in as Damian has his mind blown with stories from the genesis of DC hardcore from a guy who lived it! After all these years, THIS ONE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.  Here’s to a little escape Also Touched On: Mutual respect Going to elementary school with Guy Picciotto & Micheal Hampton Moving to Detroit Moving home & everyone is punk! Everyone was into the Damned, Clash & the Viletones The importance of Skip - Yesterday & Today  Discharge & Crass Empire, Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus & the Church inform a sonic change Either Teen Idles & The Cramps or The Extorts on top of a record store Pussy Galore elementary school connection “I could have been seeing Doc Watson play a deli two times a month but I was too busy putting bandanas on my boots, hangin’ outside of 7-11 drinking cokes” Going to see Stiff Little Fingers with fake IDs & pencil shavings rubbed on your face The BAD BRAINS The early Minor Threat shows not really understanding the name The Violence No more fights The difference between DCHC & NYHC Getting a Canadian SIN Card Choosing SNL over playing at the GI DOA at Woodlawn High School Forming a Meatmen Forming Doggy Rock: “just a shit show” Dag Nasty: The California years “The Great Minor Threat Escape” Forming Samhain “We don’t need this MacKaye character, let’s get Glen!” Missing out on Bad Religion until “Recipe For Hate” & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 01, 2020
Episode 264 - Nick Woj Part #2
GET READY for a hardcore scientist masterclass! On this episode, Damian is joined by returning buddy, Cold World’s Nick Woj! Listen in as the two discuss, theorize, debate & philosophize on a variety of punk related topics including: the differences between east & west coast power violence, why the punk connection was more present in UK rave, why Jason Mewes got sober, how Toronto has altered rap & hardcore, the revisionist history behind modern Deadheads & other pressing topics.  NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On:   Beastie Boys, Spazz and Cold World the massive coastal difference in Power Violence fans Independent Wrestling and DIY Hardcore Burial Ground DJng in the back of Home Base The Wrestling/ Posi-Numbers connection Acid House and Post-Punk connection the motivation for forming Herman’s Hermits and Fugazi are probably pretty similar Normies  the 90’s Hardline Scott Biben  Chef G UK Drill Is the Lincoln/ Hoover split on iTunes? Portraits of the Past   Rap/ Hardcore: Toronto changes everything The Blood For Blood effect on Boston Right Brigade Demo Magnus: Where are they now? Why Jason Mewes got clean? The tragic Bane/ Only Crime show Deadheads: the real story & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
May 29, 2020
Episode 263 - Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (The Killers, Attaboy Skip, Fault)
"Somebody told me that you had a punk past". This week on the show Damian is joined by The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci for a deep dive into the early 90's Las Vegas punk scene. Join the two as they discuss going from NoFX shows in the desert to being in one of the biggest bands in the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also check out The Killers' "Imploding The Mirage" coming later in 2020. Also Touched On: Moving to Northern California from Vegas Parent’s friend Emily gives you a DK and a COC tape Seeing the Minutemen in skate videos Getting “Head on the Door” by the Cure Dad’s bitching van Going to see the Cadillac Tramps at the Huntrage Theatre  The Summer of Shows Vermin From Venus connection The Double Down Saloon… or Double Door? Sneaking into shows Meeting older kids at the heath food store John Castro and A Lesser Dog Seeing NoFX playing in the desert How did a desert show work? Fugazi: Vegas Style House of Blues changes the game Purple Dirt with Vegas’ Dave Navarro Meeting Elephant Stone and forming Attaboy Skip Fault Tennis Court shows When no one comes to the show, might as well play ska/punk? How the Killer came to be  & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 25, 2020
Episode 262 - Katie Harkin (Harkin, Sky Larkin, Sleater Kinney, Wild Beasts Courtney Barnett)
Get ready! This week on the show, Damian is joined by the god Katie Harkin! Listen in as the two discuss: the post industrial collectivism of Yorkshire punk, free hats from MF Doom, the damage done to a generation of rock dudes by the success of the Arctic Monkeys & so much more!  Don't miss it & don't miss Katie's new solo album Harkin!!!! Also Touched On: Growing up in Leeds A trip to Cyprus the influence of the Smashing Pumpkins Leeds over Reading! Feeling bad for MF Doom after his set and trying to offer him a kind word  Post Industrial Collectivism  the Arctic Monkeys change everything forming a band to get a 7” in Jumbo Records Getting thrown out of a band for suggesting not doing covers The Gossip blowing up in England The London music biz Wichita rules! “Would you want to be the next Lilly Allen?” Why is non-mainstream music more mainstream in the UK? Sleater Kinney Saturday Night Live & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 21, 2020
Episode 261 - Jami Morgan (Code Orange)
ARE YOU READY, cause we've got a KILLER one for you tonight! JAMI MORGAN of Code Orange is on the show! Listen in as Damian & Jami finally get a chance to catch up & talk everything from family ties to Dillinger Four to calling in the Heyman Hustle at the WWE. THIS EPISODE HAS EVERYTHING! Again, NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Punk adjacent parents Dad went to school with Billingsgate  the secret family rap history booking the first Code Orange show at 14 Grade 7 pop punk WAS HUGE! Selling tickets for your own shows Never being shown the ropes of genre The Ska demo that isn’t ska playing with Menzingers ad a house party at 14 Becoming a bitter ass band… at 15 The Pittsburgh goes apart The first tour Anti-Flag Finding your scene Booking a Circle Takes the Square tour and then asking them to hang The four way split and where it went Converge Touring with Bane “You guys fuck with ska?” Scott Vogal: people’s champ The Wicca Phase Wrestling Connection The WWE Jamming for just Triple H Paul Heyman, bootleg samples and the making the theme for Bray Wyatt & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 11, 2020
Footnotes Supershow #6: Pittsburgh Week With Dave Martin
In further celebration of Pittsburgh Week, Chris and Damian invite Pittsburgh rocker Dave Martin to nerd out about Pittsburgh and get lost in the weeds along the way.
May 08, 2020
Episode 260 - Jon Daly (Kroll Show, I’m Dying Up Here, Big Mouth, The Betas)
It's Pittsburgh week on Turned Out A Punk! Often on this podcast, we hear about older punk siblings being a gateway for their younger counterparts ... but not this time. Today on the show, Damian sits down with the hilarious JON DALY to discuss how having punk older brothers drove him away from the genre  for many years. Listen in as the two discuss the fear caused by Danzig videos, having to sneak around with Jimmy Buffet records & so much more!  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Mutual love Austin charges his hair, forms Cryptic Alliance and freaks poor little Jon out! punk spreads to the middle brother Matt Liking the Circle Jerks but not liking the name and also not understanding it Being into Jimmy Buffett Loving the Dead Milkmen Hard On Gang jamming in the basement Matt forms Hurl Parent’s with no other choice Becoming a Jock Being on the scene and getting into indie rock being 15 and getting drunk with Don Caballero  Connecting to the guys in Metallica  Pixes  Polvo Dub Narcotic  Not being able to skate Fuck Rusted Root! Andy Warhol was not a chill hang Degrassi Why is canadian TV so awesomely bad & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 06, 2020
Episode 259 - Zach Blair Part #2 (Technically A Part #5)
Drakulas’ week continues & Zach is back for another attack! That's right, Damian's good buddy (& one-time co-host) Zach Blair returns to the show for the fifth time in celebration of the brand new Drakulas' record Terminal Amusements, to finally record an actual Part #2! Join the two friends as they catch up & dive further into Zach's wild career in music. From Government Flu to Hagfish to Gwar to Only Crime to Rise Against to the Drakulas & everything in between!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!!!!
May 03, 2020
Episode 258 - Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers, Drakulas, High Tension Wires)
What makes a great front person? Well, on this episode Damian sits down with one of the best to ever do it, The Drakulas' Mike Wiebe! Find out what brought him to the microphone & listen in as the two discuss how the local Denton scene has kept producing so many amazing bands & the fight they had to go through to be seen.  Also, don't forget to check out the amazing new Drakulas' album "Terminal Amuesments" OUT NOW! Also Touched On: ChiPs and Quincy Punks a tape with the Dead Milkmen and the Misfits the silly version of punk being in your DNA Class Of 1984 Tough Turf Ramones in a Budweiser Ad Thrasher  Brutal Juice and the Denton Scene The Toadies blow up Craig Welch was terrifying  The Skeleton Kids The Reds become the Marked Men Parquet Courts continue the tradition The Dallas Scene vs. Denton The power of the Weekly in the before internet time Listening to Iron Maiden and being overtaken by the power of Neil Diamond & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!
Apr 29, 2020
Episode 257 - Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast)
In celebration of the fantastic new Best Coast record "Always Tomorrow": When Damian first started this podcast five years ago he asked his buddy Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast to be a guest but sometimes good things can take a while to happen. On this episode Beth and Damian finally sit down to talk punk. Listen in as as the two chat: turning hymns into pop-punk anthems, the amazingness of The Smell, forming Best Coast and everything in between!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also touched on: podcasts: a way to catch up with friends being obsessed with the dude with the dyed black hair and Social D shirt You can wear a Strung Out shirt to church?!? “This is the best shit ever!”: Discovering Hanson Mom drops you off at the Vandals and goes and gets a tattoo Youth group and Tooth And Nail Turning hymns into pop punk songs punk rock camouflage  the Omaha connection Trying to get hidden from the weed smoke at the 311 show Operation Ivy as the inspiration the brilliance of true pop-punk meeting Mika Miko Hello Operator: A Smell supergroup Lagwagon, the Ataris and Tony Hawk soundtrack Saddle Creek being confused  by Yellowcard The Locust and THREEONEG the Infamous Dystopia show Crowdsurfing through the kitchen at Dean and Randy’s going noise but not liking it Forming Beth Coast media bullshit AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Apr 23, 2020
Episode 256 - Joe Sib (22 Jacks, Wax, Frontline)
This is the type of episode this show was made for! SideOneDummy Records co-founder & Frontline/ Wax/ 22 Jacks vocalist, Joe Sib joins Damian & winds up connecting the dots between: Rancid, Swingin' Utters, America's Hardcore, The Faction, The Necros, Jackass & Weezer.  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: The brilliance of the Frontline 12” The thermals and shorts vibe The Sex Pistols on TV Dad finds a skate park, has to convince you to go and it changes your life Steve Caballero and the united punk entourage  Donald goes full punk Black Flag speaking to you Going to school before Johnny and Kevin from the Swingin’ Utters A group of friends “sharing” a Clash tape learning punk lyrics for catholic school Being the Factions’ Road Dawg Everyone had a band Minor Threat America’s Hardcore Forming Frontline Operation Ivy Signing to Caroline Records and them hating you having to play CMJ at CB’s at 3am Starting SideOneDummy Meeting Spike Jonze and getting him stitches  Loomis and the first Jackass stunt Johnny before Knoxville Metal dudes discover Wax and become Weezer MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Apr 20, 2020
Episode 255 - Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, James River Scratch)
Get stoked!!!! On the show today, one of the all-time most sought after guests, Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta stops by for a chat! Listen in as Damian celebrates all that is awesome with the thrash/ metal/ hardcore/ punk god. From Avail to AmRep to Power Violence & Phobia, all the bases are covered! Shout out Scotty Tankcrimes!!!!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also Touched On: This took a long time to happen loving the Beastie Boys Sneaking out to see DRI Danzig and Sacred Reich Pink Lincolns at the Blues Chair Reading MRR Beavis and Butt-head Christian punk and metal Seeing the first show on the Check Your Head tour Forming James River Scratch Jamming at the AMC theatre smoking weed and telling off the cops Beers with Face To Face MxPx 90s Beef Moving to LA and loosing a friend with to Phobia talking to Ryan about forming the Waste at a DRI show Touring with Jerome’s Dream and Tragedy “DRI’s playing tonight! Let’s just go there and play it!” “I remember Gord!” No one was doing it like this STABBED IN THE EYE  Scotty Tankcrimes & MUCH, MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 14, 2020
Episode 254 - Joey Sh*thead Keithley (DOA, The Skulls, City Councillor For Burnaby, BC)
We don't care what you say! This week on the show we have the OG road warrior of punk: DOA's JOEY KEITHLEY!!! Listen in as Damian sits down with a hero & one of the true pioneers of HARDCORE to talk punk, touring & cutting the trail that bands still follow to this day!  SERIOUSLY, NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also Touched On: Thank you Joey from every band that hopped in a van ever. Seeing the Damned’s literally Smash It Up on TV Going to see the Ramones at a free show The bikers hated the Lewd Winning over the toughest of crowds Captain Maniac, Buzz Constantly and Sparkling Apples Punk: freak magnet Moving to Toronto The origins of the “Fuck Bands” Nearly getting signed by Nash The Slash Making videos in Vancouver Disco sucks is a hit! (kinda) “Are all Canadians this stupid?” Pissing off the side of the stage and a legend is born Chuck jamming on the bongos the first “tour” the infamous DC high school tout getting the Dezerter lp out  Touring China Hearing the term “Hardcore” for the first time & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 09, 2020
Episode 253 - Amy Dumas (AKA Wrestling Legend, AKA Lita)
THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS THING! Wrestling Week concludes with one hell of a main event: Damian is joined by WWE Hall Of Famer & wrestling legend AMY DUMAS! Listen along as Amy talks going from 7 Seconds shows, dumpster dived donuts & playing in Fugazi side projects, to wrestling in front of millions of people on TV as LITA! The Punk/Wrestling Connection is real!  AGAIN, NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also Touched On: This took a long time to happen getting a mixtape from the girl at the bus stop 7 Seconds going to see the Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds at the Metroplex MRR Moving to DC loving Lookout Records Bay area bands’ scrappiness as inspiration for getting into wrestling wishing you knew other punk wrestling fans “I just need to listen to my people” - going emergency record shopping communicating with Robbie Brookside through record pressing info on the road with 15 robbing leftovers from Denny’s Moving to DC Dumpster divin’ for donuts playing in a Fugazi and Slant 6 side project “Did you hear I’m going to be a wrestler?”  going to Mexico and wandering around Mexico City looking for Lucha Kid Power! going to the WWE & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 05, 2020
Episode 252 - David Starr (RevPro, WXW, PWG)
Turned Out A Punk Maniaweek celebration continues! On this episode Damian sits down with one of the most talented & outspoken athletes in professional wrestling today: David Starr! Listen in as the two discuss punk, pop & David's pursuit of labour reforms in pro-wrestling!  Also Touched On: The CZW TOD Class of ’15 Loving the Ramones as a kid David’s connection to Rick Astley The lack of love for deathmatch wrestling is like the lack of understanding of punk Iggy Pop Ricky Shane Page Onita is the coolest guy... ever Smoking sucks… Vape gods of wrestling Labour and wrestling politics & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Apr 04, 2020
Episode 251 - Effy (GCW, Freelance Wrestling)
It's (Supposed to be) ManiaWeek! In celebration of what is usually the biggest week in wrestling, we will be releasing three episodes highlighting the most powerful force in the world: The Punk/Wrestling Connection! On this episode, Damian gets to sit down with one of the most dynamic personalities in independent wrestling: Effy! Listen in as the two discuss going from sneaking secular music into the house, to helping revolutionize pro-wrestling. Also, Effy teaches Damian about the Christian Gwar!  Also Touched On: Meeting 2 and a half years ago in Florida Growing up in a religious household Sneaking secular CDs from the library Grandson of a Grammy Award winner Raised by the kids of preachers Sending dad out t get the System Of The Down CD and him thinking he is bring Satan into the house.  The computer generation’s parents had no clue what we were up to? “Hey, this is not it. Is ti?” straying from the flock in youth group. Going to see the Christian Carmen Going Atlanta for a show with mom getting wrecked at the Warped Tour Getting sober and stopping music Church arena tours Grave Robber: the Christian Gwar Wrestling is for everybody & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 01, 2020
Episode 250 - Dale Crover (Melvins, Altamont, Fecal Matter)
It's episode 250! So why not celebrate with Damian as he sits down with one of his hero's Dale Crover?! Listen in as Dale and Damian discuss going from being a Kiss loving kid to joining a Melvin to becoming a Rock N Roll icon. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also touched on:  Everybody loves Dale Seeing Rock and Roll High school Growing up with Metal Church and the Lewd Kiss being people’s Beatles Seeing the Melvins for the first time Dale’s band’s accidental extreme on TV set Popular kid Krist Novoselic plays matchmaker “Nice Mentors’ shirt” “Special Forces” the heavy metal two piece The Facal Matter demo Meeting Kurt Cobain Going on tour with RKL but they don’t make it Recording the 1st 7” Alchemy Records: “he was our Andy Warhol” “You take Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground and that is what Olympia sounds like” Finding Dave Grohl a band Nirvana on Red Kross “Why are these guys so happy?!” AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Mar 28, 2020
Episode 249 - Anna Calvi
On this episode Damian is joined by one of his favourite artists, ANNA CALVI to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss a punk influence that goes beyond sonics & Anna's fight to create her own music. NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: Patti Smith’s Horses Grunge loving teen Lemonheads Dad teaching some Shadows songs on guitars Reading the music papers The lack of space for anyone that wasn't a white male in 90's UK music Forming Cheap Hotel The quest to get music when you had to buy it Manager making you watch tape of your show being forced to try a write a hit breaking free The Domino/Punk connection & MUCH, MUCH  MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 25, 2020
Episode 248 - Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids, The Spectres)
Right Now HaHaHaHa! On this episodes, Damian sits down & chats with one of THE ARCHITECTS of this whole damn movement: GLEN MATLOCK!!! Listen in as the two discuss the Sex Pistols, the Rich Kids & how a loose collection of ideas coalesced into PUNK ROCK! Don't miss it! Also Touched On: learning the word "punk" from a James Cagney movie The Nuggets compilations  John Inman and Caroline Coon brand the Sex Pistols Malcom goes to America and meets Sylvain Sylvain Getting a mixtape from Nick Kent going to east London with Bernard Rhodes to see Teenage Rebel  The pub rock scene Going to see the Faces at some fancy club and seeing the original line-up of the Dolls opening The Small Faces influence Duff notices the Motown sound on the bass getting records from the “White Goods Store” Jethro Tull’s “Living In the Past” is like Take Five with words  Midge Urge turns down the Pistols but sings for the Rich Kids Martin and Coulter   Slick The Rich Kids’ influence on Spandau Ballert and Duran Duran Cock Sparrer in the discos in Spain  The Spectres & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 23, 2020
Episode 247 - Whitmer Thomas (The Golden One, Glow, The Walking Dead)
WATCH WHITMER THOMAS' "THE GOLDEN ONE"! This HBO comedy special has quickly become one of Damian's favourite movies (EVER) and on this episode he gets to sit down with Whit himself and dissect the thing! Listen in as the two discuss Whit's journey from listening to Bro-Hymn in the car with him mom and brother to performing Dammit with Mark Hoppus and agonizing over Fugazi jokes. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also touched on:  Whit using Fucked Up as entrance music A mutual debt paid Mom teaching you to play Bro-Hymn The true emotion of Pennywise’s 1998 version of “Bro-Hymn” Mom loved new wave Finding demos with two different takes on growing up in the South   Alabama had no punk Going to Pensacola to see shows Seeing Against Me before they had real dreams This Bike Is Pipe Bomb “Pray to play”: Pretending to be Christian to get shows Quitting the band and ruining an adult’s life The Tooks can't make it in LA The impenetrable cool of the Smell The SF-Psych Revival The Fugazi joke  Fixing Danzig’s iMac in 2019 AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!
Mar 19, 2020
Episode 246 - Slim Cessna (Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Blood Flower, The Denver Gentlemen)
This episode Damian explains that this podcast will remain a place people can come to unplug from the realities that they have to face the rest of the time in their lives. Then we turn out attention to, not one but, TWO amazing episodes to try and unplug a little with. In celebration Slim Cessna's Auto Club and the Bellrays tour. there are two Turned Out A Punks out today! First we take a trip to the the dark side of the Rocky Mountain State as Damian is joined by, Denver Gentlemen, Slim Cessna. Listen in as the two talk where this true gothic-occult-cult bend to Denver and surrounding cities punk may have come from and if this is what makes Denver punk so special. Not to be missed!!!  Also, DON'T MISS Lisa Kekaula's amazing episode!!!!! Also touched on: Devo on Saturday Night Live Taking the bus to Denver The Fluid The Frantix invented grunge the Junior T  Soul Merchants  The goth side of Colorado - religion meets subculture Your Funeral’s Jeri Rossi becomes a serial killer art dealer Moving to the Boston Feeding Frenzy Human Sexual Response/Auto Club Connection Verbal Assault: “That dude went to prom with my ex-wife” Psychic TV: Huge in Denver AND MORE!!!! THANKS VANS!
Mar 15, 2020
Episode 245 - Lisa Kekaula (The Bellrays, The Dangers, MC5)
This episode Damian explains that this podcast will remain a place people can come to unplug from the realities that they have to face the rest of the time in their lives. Then we turn out attention to, not one but, TWO amazing episodes to try and unplug a little with. In celebration of the Bellrays and Slim Cessna's Auto Club tour, there are two Turned Out A Punks out today! First Damian sits down with, one of the greatest vocalists of ALL-TIME, The Bellrays' Lisa Kekaula! Listen in as the two discuss: the pre-Coachella Scooter Rally Raves, Fishbone's awesomeness, why vocalists experience being in a band differently and more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also, DON'T MISS Slim Cessna's amazing episode!!!!! Also touched on:  Hearing X in passing AM radio going to see Fishbone for the first time Samba Hell Pop Defect Some much good music The Proto-Raves that were scooter rallies “Those are the dudes that run Coachella now.” Why Ska hit Riverside and Southern California Meeting Bob Forming the Rosethorns “I wish we had kept the name the Rosethorns” Playing with the Voodoo Glow Skulls Smokestacks: Sublime before Sublime White Flag becomes Roadwhore Fishbone spends year on the road and inspire the Rosethorns the become the Bellrays I Got A Right is the birth of punk. AND MORE!!!!! THANKS VANS!  
Mar 15, 2020
Episode 244 - Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Society Ills)
THIS IS A HUGE ONE! Bassgod Mike Watt joins Damian for a NOT TO BE MISSED conversation about all things punk & hardcore! Listen in as the two discuss Reactionaries, Minutemen, The Stooges & everyone in between. Plus, Damian nerds out about his road map into punk: "Ballhog Or Tugboat" on it's 25th anniversary with the cartographer himself!  Did we mention this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: We are all on the same team No Watt No Damian Readin’ in Creem Lang Bang’s Cousin Lester Meeting Nicky Beat “We didn’t where bell bottoms” Talking to Joey Shithead and Billy Bragg The Vaudeville side of punk “Ig said to Ronnie” being the little brother in the Stooges Going to see the Stooges at the Whiskey “I thought New Wave was a film movement in France” “What’s the Alternative to music? Silence!?!” “There was no guy on the back of the Circle Jerks record to try to dress up as!” People LOVED Tull and hated the Stooges “Ig had a weird gig where Ronny Beat his ass with a whip” “At first D.Boon wouldn’t make a punk band with me” “We jammed ‘I Wanna Be You Dog’ for 3 and a half hour” The Reactionaries  Playing with The Suburban Lawns “The Bass King Of Outer Space” The Minutemen were radical in music and organization Hey Taxi! Georgies other band BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 10, 2020
Episode 243 - Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee, PS Eliot, The Ackleys)
Let's hear it for gratitude & paying it forward! This episode Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield stops by to talk all things punk.  Listen in as Damian gets to sit down with one of his favourite songwriters only to find out about his own very small role in her punk journey! AGAIN, NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also, check out Waxahatchee's new album "Saint Cloud" coming March 27th on MERGE RECORDS. Also Touched On:  The joys of discovery in the Napster era  Growing up country  Loving the Velvet Underground and GBV Bikini Kill  The Raincoats Twin Powers The Birmingham Scene: a story in two parts  The difficulty finding a way into the punk scene “Everyone still wishes it was the Ackleys”  Hardcore message board toxicity    PS Eliot is born from rage “I’m a feminist because of the Bridge 9 Board” Sage words from Marley Fucked Up Doing it for the other people Fake Problems get big “We are going on tour now!” The end of MySpace Teenage Cool Kids Radiator Hospital & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 03, 2020
Episode 242 - Simon Doom (Spiral Heads, MGMT, Thulsa Doom)
Get ready! This week on the show Damian is joined by Spiral Heads & MGMT member, the great SIMON DOOM! Sit in as they discuss coming of age in the not so great era of NY punk & how that set him on the path for the rest of his life. NOT TO BE MISSED. Also Touched On: Nirvana as the gateway band Getting a Sub Pop comp and hearing the Dwarves’ “Drug Store” Parents meeting in Jessie Michaels’ dad’s class Bobcat Goldthwait, Chokebore Butthole Suffers and Nirvana  The loss of Kurt Cobain impacts a young kid buying bootleg Nirvana tapes off Merle Allin Drawing Lars’ tattoos on yourself and fooling Merle reading punk jackets Making a fake ID to get into CBGB’s “Are you a spy of something?” - cops find your fake ID “12 year old boy looking for band members” a personal ad  Spider sends a picture of him puking becoming friends with the skinhead goes terribly wrong  Social Disease The Murder Junkies were a terrifying gang without a messiah  Adults beefing with kids Thulsa Doom The grimy shityness of punk can be exhausting if it didn’t have the D-BEAT, i didn’t like it “This isn’t a metal venue!” Dave It Up and Stuart Schrader’s opinion mattered going indie & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 21, 2020
Episode 241 - Kevin Morby (The Babies, Woods)
This week on the show Damian reconnects with the godly Kevin Morby! Sit in as the two discuss the pivotal roll punk/ DIY played in his musical development and the glory that was the late 2000's Brooklyn DIY punk boom. NOT TO BE MISSED! Check out Kevin's latest album, "Oh My God", on Dead Oceans. Also touched on: Having to battle Blink 182 to get Green Day Matt Skiba joining Blink 182 and a 6 grade dream comes true Nirvana not being your gateway band And thus begins: “The Reality Era” of MTV Asian Man Records setting you on path No Music in the house No punks in the suburbs of Kansas City Dropping out of school Moving to New York Going to be a opening scene from Law And Order the 3rd wave of The BK Indie boom the Vivian Girls!!! The greatness of Cause Co-Motion: the Jonathan Fire Eater of the 3rd Wave NY 2000'S DIY AND MORE!!!!!
Feb 14, 2020
Episode 240 - Linda Ramone (Ramones Productions, Johnny Ramone Army)
Twenty-plus year ago, Damian had dinner with Linda and Johnny Ramone and it set the course for the rest of his life. Now all these years later he is reunited with Linda Ramone to talk about growing up before punk in New York, her late husband and the traveling the world with the greatest band of all-time: The Ramones! Also touched on: A brother that loved rock Black Sabbath Black Oak Arkansa  “I found a band for you” Dreaming of going to the city Heavenly and Starlet going to see the Dolls Seeing Grand Funk at Madison Square Gardens going to CBGBs every weekend Johnny little black books Fun with Vincent Gallo AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 07, 2020
Footnotes Supershow #5: Celebrating the music of Andy Gill, Josh Pappa, Reed Mullin and Vinny Value
After a tragic week of losses from the world of punk and hardcore, Chris O'toole, Dave It Up, Dave Martin and Damian discuss the musical impact of four people on the world of music.
Feb 03, 2020
Episode 239 - Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Vacant Andys)
Tonight we are doin' it for friendship & the scene, because on this episode Damian is joined by his new buddy, CHRIS CARRABBA AKA Dashboard Confessional! Listen in as the two discuss: Florida's isolation causing a music boom, coming to terms with being labeled "emo", playing on CNN in the middle of a news report & more!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!! Don't miss Dashboard Confessional's "Best Of The Best Ones", a career spanning compilation of Dashboard's greatest hits dropping on January 31 2020! Also Touched On: Moving to Florida Cars rides as punk school 120 Minutes Archers Of Loaf Pixies Dino Jr over everything Finding Post-Hardcore before punk Buzzcocks over the Pistols Liking Green Day they were Green Day Vacant Andy’s inspired by Jawbreaker Crimpshrine Jawbox The gap between Youth Of Today and Hatebreed NO ONE CAME TO SOUTH FLORIDA! Seeing Hot Water Music and falling instantly in love Building a scene Jon Riely from Morning Again Trevor from Fact To Face: “word if getting out” Fiddler Records No Idea Fueled By Ramen HWM and Less Than Jake pulling the south FLA bands north Hubble: favourite band that never recorded Being made to sing Chad from New Found Glory’s voice in Shai Hulud coming to terms with the term emo Reason To Believe rule & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 24, 2020
Episode 238 - Mikal Cronin (Party Fowl, Ty Segall Band, Charlie & The Moonhearts)
Get ready to set sail! Damian is joined on this episode by his former shipmate on the Bruise Cruise and one of his favourite songwriters: Mikal Cronin! Join the two as they discuss: all ages shows, the Toronto connection, the joy of getting your OWN record and so much more!!!! Also discussed: Growing up in a non-rock house Hearing Nirvana in a cool babysitter’s car When mom’s harp explodes… Pop-punk as a gateway the Warped Tour as a first show NoFX  Floggin’ Molly AFI  getting a full beer dumped down your cast So-Cal Record stores Finding the Smell the possibility of starting a band The concept of the Sensitive Side 7” blowing your mind Meeting Ty Segall  AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Jan 15, 2020
Episode 237 - Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, TNA, WWE)
Bow down because wrestling’s Zombie Princess is here! This week on the show Damian sits down with one of his favourite wrestlers: Jimmy Jacobs. Listen in as the two discuss Jimmy and his peers rise changing pro-wrestling and how it all comes back to punk. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: Damian is a fan of SCUM It never hurts when someone is a fan Jimmy hears the Misfits… “All rock is the same!” Rocking a devil lock in the 8th grade going by yourself to see Prince in the mid-90s Is the person or the character what came first? Shedding the conservatism you were raised with Cream Cheese And Bagels The second Undertaker reveal turning you off of wrestling “Here I am 20 years later, all because Stone Cold got popular” AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!
Jan 06, 2020
Episode 236 - James Alex Snyder (Beach Slang, Quiet Slang, Weston)
What a gift of the season?!? This episode Damian is joined on the show by Beach Slang's James Alex Snyder! Listen in as the two discuss how transformative punk is and how it helped shaped who he is as person in every aspect of life. Also fined out why Damian's brother is going to get hug piledrived on him. NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also touched on: Surprise and joy that people remember Hearing the Buzzcocks from your uncle who convinces you that it's his band Fooled into being a punk Friends of Verbal Assault Seeing the Ramones at Airport Music Hall the Original Sins: local heroes Meeting the guys in Weston and finding the people you need building a scene Going one tour with Lifetime Ari being the sweetest AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Dec 21, 2019
Limited Drop: HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!!!!! (Dino Jr. at Camp Fuzz)
In honour of J Masics's birthday, here is the Turned Out A Punk's Patreon exclusive interview with Dino Jr. at Camp Fuzz. This will disappear soon so DL now or regret forever!!!!
Dec 10, 2019
Episode 235 - Heather Gabel (HIDE)
If you want scream, scream with us! This episode, Damian sits down with one of his current favourite vocalists: HIDE's Heather Gabel. Listen in as the two discuss finding a late start through performing & the ongoing journey of punk. DON’T MISS IT!!! Also Touched On: “Punk” music NoFX Green Day a tape with Crass “How can all these bands be the same genre?”  ECONOCHRIST!!!!! Born Against Sam McPheeters is always on the list! Covering “well fed fuck” Finding a Rudimentary Peni Seeing Rancid before Lars was in the band Your boyfriend refusing to stand beside you at a Jawbreaker show Going to see the Cure and it being transformative I can’t believe that many people had heard of them! Hanging out with Robert Smith and it being the best ever Eric Z’s Grounds Coffee Shop Making patches for the Suicide Machines Going to see ICP Jax Ink and Dagger RULES!!!! being able to see Los Crudos whenever you want! living at the Underdog loft & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 28, 2019
Episode 234 - Jim Smallman (Progress Wrestling, NXTUK)
Let's talk about the role of punk played in the resurrection of UK wrestling as Damian sits down with the founder of Progress Wrestling Jim Smallman! Listen in as the two discuss the how and the why of rebirth of UK wrestling and Jim's journey from punk loving stand-up comic to wrestling booker. Also touched on: Daddy was a Northern Soul DJ? The Clash: “I’m not hacking you listen to music like that.” Standstill: a terrible cover band The Sex Pistols/ Clash divide Straight edge “Just Don’t Be A Dick” The formation of Progress: the anti-super indie Jimmy Havok and the hardest chair shot he ever gave the uk scene AND MORE!!!!!
Nov 18, 2019
Episode 233 - Colin McFaull (Cock Sparrer)
Hot damn! This episode Damian gets to sit down with one of the best to ever do it: Collin McFaull of Cock Sparrer! Listen in as the two discuss the realness of street rock and roll, the fakeness of punk and everything in between. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also touched on: being on tour with the Small Faces and hearing the Jam not buying into the whole punk thing “you gotta wear these clothes” Slaughter and The Dogs, Adam and the Ants and us Forming Cock Sparrer at 16 informed by Glam A potentially career ending reel to reel MC5 didn’t cross the pond Dr. Feelgood and pub rock From Motorhead of Mannfred Mann and the Earth Band Punk was a West London thing first AC/DC with Bon Scott was the best show EVER The meeting with Malcolm McLaren  Doc Martins and Jungle Greens “Some people bring you cupcakes and some people bring you cocaine” The Sex Pistols and The Clash were boy bands The second wave is when punk got real “We weren’t well liked” The ’92 comeback show the violence becomes too much AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Nov 11, 2019
Episode 232 - Johnny Peebucks Bonnel (Swingin' Utters, The Filthy Thieving Bastards)
YES!!! In this week’s episode, Damian is joined by one of his favourite vocalists ever: Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin' Utters!!! Listen in as they talk about going from reluctant street punk heroes to Fat Mike's favourite reluctant fight starting live band! Also Touched On: A cool older sister Trying to nail the Mic Jagar pose the club culture getting into shows for free the first version of the Swingin’ Utters The Santa Cruz skinhead fanbase Darius Joins and brings the songs “Can you play harmonica?” Going on tour with the Meatmen and Chaos UK “We aren’t going to play this one tonight, we are too hungover.” moving to SF what is street punk? MRR buzzband "Your fans suck!" "You are right." Fat Mike liked the fights and hated Streets Of San Francisco & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Nov 05, 2019
Footnote Supershow #4: Stage Dives & Contact Highs
Chris & Damian call on the Daves (Akerman & Martin) to come on the show! Talk some Everclear, Kanye & Morrissey, the guy with the initials that plays rock, new music they like & so much more!!
Oct 28, 2019
Episode 231 - Anthony Anzaldo Jr. (Ceremony, Ex Youth)
Get ready to celebrate friendship because on this episode Damian invites his long time friend Anthony Anzaldo from Ceremony back to the show and, oh boy, what a return it is! No wrestling talk this time around, as the two discuss creative growth, artistic integrity, the limitation of expectations and so much more. NOT TO BE MISSED!
Oct 25, 2019
Episode 230 - Brandon Williams (Chastity)
LET'S CELEBRATE FRIENDSHIP!!! This week on the show, Damian invites Brandon Williams from Chastity over for dinner and makes him podcast for his supper! Join the two friends and they discuss art, critique, heroes turned villains and punk in the suburbs. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also talked about:  liking metal the mystery of the band at the high school up the street Happy Goes Lucky becomes Protest The Hero Closet Monster Bombs Over Providence A babysitter crosses the street to avoid the punks The Underground Operations era Why are there no bands from Kingston? Bands named after the city are normally terrible Whitby: 10 Hockey Areas and no all-ages music venues No Much Music, No Simpsons: Growing up in a religious house The burnt CD era Making the skate video in grade 7 Seeing Alexisonfire’s first video on TV and it changing everything Meeting Dallas Green as a kid When your childhood heroes tell you to “Quit Your Life” Creating bands as a home for lyrics The greatness of MTV Live Canada AND SO MUCH MORE!!! 
Oct 11, 2019
Episode 229 - Dennis Lyxzén (Refused, Final Exit, International Noise Conspiracy)
This week on the show Dennis Lyxzén from Refused talks punk with Damian. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also discussed: The continuation of 2001 Quick Fanzine interview Exploited shows up out of nowhere in your record collection being into NY hardcore when everyone else in UK 77 87 the dead time for punk between the booms Puszone in Thrasher “You get it home and it’s mucky pup” Taller punk The Join let’s gather all the freaks in one place let’s build a scene isolation and boredom builds the biggest hardcore scene in the world no sick of it all show in Umea Doctor and The Crippens  Were you at the Shelter show? Step Forward: no one is going like this so let’s just go nuts be the guys that goes off Refused: “We knew the potential” The curse of recording LPs Meshaggah sounding like Anthrax playing to 4t people Skate punk made Asta Kasta the link between scenes Trallpunk David's death metal influence on Refused the regions of music learning about Empire and the Ruts from the gods of DC This is kinda cool but super sloppy becoming friends with manny from Race Traitor Peaking too early Final Exit The Path Of Resistance connection AND MORE!!!!!!!!
Oct 04, 2019
Episode 228 - Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell, The Color Wheel, Golden Exits)
Lights, Camera, Action! This week on the show we go to the movies as Damian sits down with director Alex Ross Parry to discuss how he applied what he learnt from basement show to making movies and lament the loss of video store culture. Also discussed:  Video store people unite!!! Green Day as first exposure becoming a Lookout kid Big band bringing cool bands on tour Blink opens for Bad Religion and then a few years later the inverse Local H opening for Stone Temple Pilots  Meeting the older kids in the basement a Propagandhi shirt the secret christian punk scene if you have played a show for less than 10 people you can make movies Making a soundtrack AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Sep 30, 2019
Episode 227 - Bif Naked (Gorilla Gorilla, Chrome Dog)
Get Psyched! CANADIAN MUSIC ICON, BIF NAKED IS ON THE SHOW! Join Damian & Bif as they sit down to discuss her crazy journey in music. From giggin' endlessly across Canada with Gorilla Gorilla, to trying to win over Life Of Agony fans in Europe, to ultimately changing the Canadian music landscape forever. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!!! Also Touched On: Making My Daddy’s Getting Married DRI plays NOT the Albert The Punk-Funk of Gorilla Gorilla Being in a touring band is not for everyone The double standard of being a woman in the touring punk scene Hockey Music Sugar Ray could have been a great punk band the East Coast VS the West Coast vibe Personality Crisis SNFU Flipping a coin for Toronto or Vancouver Pot & flannel  Chrome Dog was ahead of its time The Mighty Mighty Bosstones playing in Bad Religion in both bands The skater scene vs. the rocker scene Getting stoked about Jello rejection letter loving early Screeching Weasel covering Mastodon Touring with Chi Pig  & The Wrongs Having to learn to play with no monitors because the music industry sucks Opening for Life Of Agony & the audience didn't care that her daddy was getting married meeting Gail from Belly & getting into Straight Edge    & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 20, 2019
Episode 226 - Donita Sparks (L7)
Get ready!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by a legend: Donita Sparks of the gods L7 is on the show! Listen in as the two discuss not fitting in and having to create your own scene, punk as an attitude and the trials and tribulations of headlining the first Warped Tour. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also touched on: Sisters with great taste Hearing the Ramones and finding you band Learning guitar until hearing the  not liking bands that buy shit of the rack Punk or New Wave B-52s crazier than the Cramps The Dead were a deal breaker going to dance clubs in the Northside of Chicago hating hardcore The LA art punk scene gives rise to L7 opening for Bad Religion Redd Kross were true glam Not being a part of the hip LA scene Grunge up end rock meeting Sub Pop Writing Shove Covering Bloodstains and turning it into the Mencies Anthem  The Dick Dale influence The half-step  Suicidal’s dirge Everyones is opening for the riot AND MORE!!!!
Sep 10, 2019
Episode 225 - Matty Matheson (God of Cookery)
Rejoice!!! It's finally happened! After losing one episode to the unknown, Matty Matheson comes to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his buddy to talk about the good & the not so good times that led Matty to become one of the world’s most beloved chefs! Also, how punk & hardcore were paramount  to his journey. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!!!!  ALSO, don’t miss the return of Matty Fest with Decedents, Wu Tang and Danny Brown! Saturday September 7th at Echo Beach!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 05, 2019
Episode 224 - Alex Lichtenhauer (Control Top, Get Better Records)
Weather, technology & scheduling be damned! This week Alex Lichtenauer (Get Better Records and Control Top) is on the show! After months of trying, join Alex & Damian as they discuss scene building & affecting positive change through music. Don't miss this rain soaked all too short conversation!  Also Touched On:  A NOFX tape gets passed around The Decline is the peak Pikesville Teen Center scene The Baltimore Hardcore scene  Cult Classics Ramrod  Charm City Art Space and the fall out Moving to New Hampshire and scene building The Starving Artist Punk experiences it first The first decade of Get Better Records & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 02, 2019
Episode 223 - Ben Lee (Noise Addict)
DREAMS COME TRUE! This week Damian welcomes his childhood hero & dream guest to the show, BEN LEE!!! Listen in as the two get caught in the metaphysical weeds discussing moshing at a Hard-Ons show to collaborating with Tom Robbins on musicals. ANOTHER EPISODE THAT CANNOT BE MISSED!!!  Also Touched On: A long time in the making for Damian No one ever came The Sydney all-ages scene The Hard-Ons Hellman getting caught in the mosh at age 12 Rage: The TV program Lo-Fi is Punk “I thought it sounded like ‘Appetite For Destruction’” Tom Robbins as a punk collaborator  Dennis Tek opens for Rollins Nirvana and the Violent Femmes were the reason Television Personalities  The Vaselines  K Records Half A Cow Records Lemonheads Smudge Girling Fallaheen Records Not being able to open for Alex Chilton because it was a school night “Do I get paid for that?” the Bathing Ape collaboration artist run labels are a bad idea most of the times & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 29, 2019
Episode 222 - Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Bad Seeds, The Pink Monkey Birds)
What is "cool"? Well, around here Turned Out A Punk we think the very embodiment of the word cool is Kid Congo Powers and this podcast just got a hell of a lot cooler because he is guest on this episode! Join Damian as he sits down with the former Cramp, Gun Cluber, Bad Seed and Screamers propagandist to talk about how LA glam kids took over the world. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also touched on: Helping invent punk The Dogs and the Motels The Glam kids meet the rock kids meet the record collector kids Seeing Patti Smith and Ramones Zolar X: hilariously dedicated The faded glam of LA as an influence Learning from Rodney Th Quick: “Our Sparks” Backdoor Man Magazine was the Bible The birth of Zine culture Doing the first Ramones zine The odd crowd the Ramones attracted  16 and standing beside Dee Dee Thrift shopping with Blondie The Nerves, The Pop and the Zippers “Glad I was there for that”: life with The Screamers Pat Suzuki and Argento “You have to see this band the Cramps!” Took the bus from LA Going to New York and seeing the Contortions Befriending Brian Gregory and Nick Knox The Mumps come to LA The Student Teachers The Blessed “Those people were sick!” No Wave people were no fucking joke “Yeah I noticed” The shift from punk to hardcore Opening for the Circle Jerks with the Creeping Ritual “They Hated Us!” Here come the angry kids Going to see the Slits play in the UK Record shopping in Paris in ’77 Working at Bomp AND MORE!!!!!!
Aug 19, 2019
Episode 221 - Jay Bentley (Bad Religion, Wasted Youth etc.)
In honour of Bad Religion playing the Psycho Las Vegas Fest, Jay Bentley from Bad Religion is on the show! Tune in as Jay & Damian discuss finding punk, forming Bad Religion, the birth of Epitaph, leaving before the Unknown & coming back! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LISTEN! Also Touched On: Raw Power Fanzine  DIY? Are you High? What else was there 12,000 kids vs. Jay and Greg Going to LA to see shows The Stains and the car through the wall Mad Society the SUPER little kids “Well fuck this, we’re going to make our own.” The Circle Jerks like your tape “We are already on the radio?!?” Rodney On The ROQ Buying the Dickies and the Germs record store Making the first 7” making the first lp Smoke 7 comp Experimenting right into drugs Joining Wasted Youth The Clubs stop letting punk happen Citadel: Proto glam Do you be in the Circle Jerks? And winding up back in Bad Religion Into the Unknown and back & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BE VANS
Aug 15, 2019
Episode 220 - Riki Rachtman (Cathouse, Headbanger's Ball, WCW)
What do MTV, WCW & Darby Crash have in common? This week’s guest is RIKI  RACHTMAN!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the former WCW/Headbanger’s Ball & current Cathouse Hollywood Podcast host to talk about The Germs, Black Flag & the Adolescents: OH MY! Not to be missed!!! Also Touched On: The greatest Canadians Wearing Germs shirts on Headbangers Ball Blink 182 is old school now? Devo’s first record as gateway Rodney on ROQ Bloodstains Keith Morris rocking a Spiderman costume fronting the Black Flag Fear Not getting the Germs… at first X plays every show Meeting Darby The Adolescents Blue Album is one of the great albums EVER Rob and Darby Knowing more about Black Flag than Black Sabbath Going to Universal Studios with an Adam And The Ants superfan Auditions for the Angry Samoans Forming a hardcore band  “Hey Devo!” “Hey Meatloaf!” Meeting Lee Ving in the current day Metallica meets the Plimsouls   Battery Club could have been Green Day Trying to record and hang with Pantera WCW  On the road with Scott Steiner & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!  BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 07, 2019
Episode 219 - Chris Hannah Part 2 (Propagandhi)
Because the world demanded it, Damian welcomes back to the show one of his all time favourite lyricists & TOAP Guests: PROPAGANDHI’S CHRIS HANNAH!!! Get pumped for a pretty bleak discussion! The two reflect on the current state of things, where/when it all started to get much darker & of course, some punk rock talk too! Also Touched On:  The Prophecy Foretold: Chris Hannah Was Right!  1996 The record flopped: YAY! “Fuck these jokers!” Traveling with a mini-mall Greenroom as a bio-pic The punk and politics G-7 Records falls apart Consolidated rule  Hearing Randy for the first time Todd and Chris go crazy while record Today’s Empires Wanting to be more Los Crudos, Dropdead and Born Against Fuck The Border with a rap part as an I Spy song Jord: the voice of reason Trying to make everything sound like a sped up cassette tape. The terrifying prophecy of Propagandhi lyrics the moment we could have saved the world 9/11 changes everything You don’t own your cellphone  Falling-out with Fat Mike Changing views on Punk Voter & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 28, 2019
Episode 218 - Dan Panic (Screeching Weasel, Groovie Ghoulies, Pansy Division, Squirtgun, Ivy League)
Some 23 years ago a much younger Damian met Dan Panic at a show in Toronto & the positive impact on was immense. Now, two plus decades later, Damian gets to sit down & thank Dan the only way he knows how: by punishing him with questions about his musical past! Join D & D as they sit down to discuss playing drums in some of the most iconic pop punk bands.  Also Touched On: Damian meets Dan and it sets a standard Blondie as a gateway The Feds’ (pre-Smashing Pumpkins/ pre-Poster Children) fake tour booklet Ivy League forms in 10 minutes  Weedeater (pre Charles Bronson) and the new scene in the Western Suburbs The evolution of the Chicago scene The Los Crudos Screeching Weasel Connection An apology to Cedric The Riverdales VS Weasel Tony Molina RULES Listening to Mars Volta Playing with At The Drive-In  Joe does not like weed smoke from future rock gods Playing with Sons Of Ishmael  Opening for the first “last” Screeching Weasel show The influence of Ringo The nuns forcing you to write with your right hand Melody over everything The funny side of Born Against Quitting music for five years Touring with Pansy Division & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 23, 2019
Episode 217 - Jon Wurster Part 2 [or 4] (Superchunk, Bob Mould, The Best Show, Mountain Goats)
Whether you call it his second or his fourth time on the show, one of the greatest guests ever, JON WURSTER RETURNS! Either in the world of drumming or comedy, Jon truly is a GOAT! So sit back listen in as Damian & Jon go deep before he takes the stage with Bob Mould… Who also says one word on the show… So do we call that his Part 1? YOU DECIDE! Also Touched On: Going to Ohio to learn to record Missing Husker Du by one day Circle Of Shit The scum influence on Philadelphia music  Jon’s connection to Serial Killers Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has to follow Green Day… with the singer of Serial Killer  John Drewbaker: So punk the local magazine did an article on him titled The Punk The best show Superchunk ever played Not loving the cross-over thing… except COC the cool frats in Philly Joining Jack Wenberg Is there a drummer in the house?: Mike Joyce no shows the Buzzcocks  Brad from Finger plays with Keith Urbane going solo to see MDC on a Monday night in a college town when school out in 2019 The weirdness of Texas punk The weirdness of Philly punk The greatness of YDI live The best of the metal records Void rules ok! Going Country Why punk endures & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 13, 2019
Episode 216 - Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3, Minor Victories)
Tune in & gaze down because this week on the show RACHEL GOSWELL (Slowdive) joins Damian for a chat!!! Listen along as the two discuss going from being a first wave goth kid to finding out you accidentally created a genre!! Plus hear Damian fan out... Again.  Also Touched On: Punk through a brother Siouxie and The Banshees as inspiration  Tinderbox who invented goth? in the gig straight down to the front photos at gigs Christian Death Ghost Dance Neil is a prefect at school not into Indieschmindie stuff My Bloody Valentine unites them all meeting Alan Magee  Meeting the goths in College Being broke on Creation  Falling-out with Creation The Sony deal Getting asked to take Oasis on tour and saying no Never touring Pygmalion  Getting dropped the fourth Slowdive album becomes the first Mojave 3 signing to 4AD A starting afresh  Shoegaze as a genre: “Wot on earth?!”  & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 07, 2019
Episode 215 - Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Goth Boi Clique, Tigers Jaw)
Punk will never die! As if to illustrate this, founding member of Goth Boi Clique, Wicca Phase is on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former member of Tigers Jaw to talk about Emotrap being yet another mutation of punk & how they were brought together by wrestling podcasts. NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: Getting into Blink 182 but it not counting Tom from the Menzingers wins the talent show with a Rancid cover Typing Punk into napster    AFI & Anti-Flag & IN Calling into Hot 97 & getting put on air at 8 years old Going along to a Backstreet Boys show More a Frontyard Dancer than a Backyard Wrestler Then Amazingness of Crimpshrine  Scranton’s hot ska scene Leftover Crack & the Beach Boys over everything An invite only message board of obsessive music collectors Borrowing CDs from the library & finding the Smiths & Mount Eerie  Forming bands that were derivative of the Microphones & Conor Oberts Test Pattern  Forming Tigers Jaw Title Fight Hating the pop-punk scene Shout out to the Aarons! Lil Peep on wrestling  & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 24, 2019
Episode 214 - Billy Duffy (The Cult, Death Cult, The Nosebleeds)
Well, somethings in life are worth waiting for & this here is one of those things! BILLY DUFFY IS ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK! Listen in as the two start from the beginning & we learn just how this legendary guitarist found his way through punk to the metal explosion of the 80’s. YOU CANT MISS THIS ONE!!! CATCH BILLY ON TOUR WITH THE CULT THIS SUMMER! Check listings  Also Touched On: Coming of age in the summer of a punk Billy & Johnny: Best haircuts in town The better guitarists in the neighbourhood Football or Rock and Roll as the only ways out Free & Thin Lizzy Slaughter And The Dogs: Bowie freaks go punk How amazing the Buzzcocks were Seeing the Pistols for the first time at the 2nd Manchester gig Five school friends enter & three leave “All the heads were there” Guitar hers Raw Power was a massive band in Wigan Filling Vini Reilly’s shoes Bringing along Morrissey  Opening for The Magazines  Throwing out candy to the crowd The Nosebleeds  “The only reason they kept me around was because I was good at table tennis” “She actually sang on a Johnny Thunder’s record?!?” The Lonesome No More  Getting into gretch guitars rockabilly arrives nothing would have happened without punk & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 17, 2019
Episode 213 - Matt Freeman (Operation Ivy, Rancid, Charger) & John Joseph (NYHC Legend) Part 2.5
WHAT A MONSTER EPISODE!?!?!? First, BASS-GOD - MATT FREEMAN from Op Ivy & Rancid stops by for a quick chat! He has a new band called Charger with a new EP on Pirates Press Records. Join Matt & Damian as they discuss: life lessons from Wayne Kramer, MDC Punk bootcamp & lots more.  Also, JOHN JOSEPH MAKES HIS RETURN TO THE SHOW in celebration of '77 Montreal fest ON JULY 26 & IT’S KILLER! Listen as they discuss old New York, when hardcore in New York got hard, Cro-Mags vs. Everybody & why Mackie is the coolest person ever.  WHAT A WEEK ON TOAP!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 11, 2019
Episode 212 - Darby Allin (The Wrestlers, All Elite Wrestling, Evolve)
IT'S HERE!!!! Tonight, May 22nd on Viceland (in the US) at 10:00pm EST, Damian's show "The Wrestlers" premiers!!! What better way to celebrate than by having one of the stars of the first episode on the show: DARBY ALLIN!!! Listen in as Darby scares the crap out of Damian with stories that prove that everyone that said Jackass was bad for kids was right. *WARNING* THIS EPISODE IS INTENSE.  Please check out The Wrestlers for more intensity!!!!! Also Touched On: Going to see the Circle Jerks & a world opening up Seeing Turbonegro because of Jackass and Skate videos being drawn to darkside of humanity dropping out of amateur wrestling to be into punk A very old school definition of punk the jock before punk rock “If I could grow up and get paid to be an asshole..” The Jackass influence being obsessed with punk documentary Loving The Nuns Seeing Subhumans Loving Leftover Crack Booking the band that ways brings pig guts Moshing in the streets with Shane West Getting into straight edge through H2O and Minor Threat Preferring GG’s early stuff. The Murder Junkies were supposed to perform at the wedding Minister Dino Torturing DJZ as a thank you for DJing the wedding Going to film school in Arizona John Waters is real Liking things that aren’t fake finding wrestling Making movies Fighting in dog shit The awesomeness of Ethan Page CM Punk draws you back being on Ridiculousness There is no winner when Darby wants to do something nuts  “I’m in the mood to do something stupid” Working with Wicca Phase and Fury BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 22, 2019
Episode 211 - Milo Aukerman (Descendents)
SURPRISE EPISODE!!!! Scratch another one off the bucket list because, thanks to our friend’s at Punk Rock Bowling, MILO AUKERMAN OF THE DESCENDENTS IS ON THE SHOW!!!! Join Damian as he talks to one of his heroe’s to find out about going from a new wave lovin' nerd to one of the most iconic vocalists ever! YOU’VE GOTTA TO HEAR THIS!!!! Go see the Descendents play Punk Rock Bowling next weekend (with Damian) too!  Also Touched On: X opens for Devo Getting into LA punk Accidentally seeing Black Flag’s infamous park gig Listening to Rodney Dangerhouse Records Ramones are more standard  “I was a frickin’ nerd” Dressing new wave Bill Stevenson selling you a Decendents record The 60’s influence on the first 7” The Allycats influence Singing in musicals ripping off Dez Watching Black Flag practice The Last connection Joining the new wave club at school and the meeting getting invaded by the punkers The Blasters The Chiefs New Wave kids that liked a punk don’t turn around in the pit! The Germs show: people had gotten in with weapons The Minutemen Playing with Minor Threat The SST fans New Alliance Records Hearing “Milo Goes To College” for the first time… in college  Bill joins Black Flag but that was the end of it. Ray Cooper takes over vocals Bill’s congratulations card to Milo in the form of an album The albatross of the Milo head going to shows in San Diego TSOL Battalion Of Saints Singing on Loose Nut Seeing the Misfits on the last tour The drawbacks of a double life & MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 17, 2019
Episode 210 - Shawn & Mark Stern (Youth Brigade, Extremes, BYO Records)
Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival is but a week away! To celebrate, we have festival founders & Youth Brigadiers, Shawn & Mark Stern on the show for ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES EVER OF TOAP!!! Join Damian in his glee as the Sterns talk about all his favourite topics: From AA Records to Zolar X! OH, MY GAWD! Also Touched On: Going to see the Dickies for a first show A disagreement about Vom Tampon eating scares of some stoner buddies Robert Trower Getting into Devo Going to back to Toronto and catching the B-52s and the Beat People  Saskatoon Temp-hair dye disaster 100 Punk to rule the world: The Masque and the Canterbury The Go-Gos A different perspective on the invading beach punks Test Tube Records & Greg Heston Skinhead Manor Skin Swing Brigade Someone Gonna Get Their Head Kicked Matt Groening loves the comp getting Doug Moody into punk Bringing Aggression around to meet Doug Moody for a shakedown and it getting them signed Nearly winding up on the People’s Court AA Records French Oi Eskorbuto  Pure Hell & the Dead Boys Brendan Mullen’s ear AND SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 16, 2019
Episode 209 - John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats, The Extra Glenns)
Years in the making & two attempts at recording have been worth it!!! The King of the Mountain, G.O.A.T. John Darinelle is on the show this week! Listen along as John & Damian discuss going from getting messed with by members of Bad Religion & Christian Death, to finally understanding why Nick Cave would hate the bathroom being in the front of the club, but don't worry, there is lots of Ajax Records talk for all you teeny boppers out there! The Mountain Goats have an AWESOME new record out on MERGE called “In League With Dragons” Check it out now!!!!! Also Touched On: Some awesome music talk seen it in the LA times Mom ordered Never Mind The Bollocks to the library  When DIY came to punk Early college rock The Normal TVOD Being scared of punk Jay from Bad Religion and Rozz from Christian Death trying to mess with you in the neighbourhood  The bully that chases you toward guitar, literally Charlie Chase and the Folk Music centre  Running into your tormentors at Buttonhole Surfers shows “Finding someone that like The Velvet Underground was like a Wizard!” Man Is The Bastard on streaming services The Extra Glens Mighty Joe Young AntiSeen, Eyehategod and Obsessed Being a parent and trying to leave the house for a show Nick Cave just trying to use the bathroom Doing security for Fugazi Ian MacKaye makes a nice cup of tea Peter and Ajax Records “I can have an advance?!?” BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 10, 2019
Episode 208 - George Pettit Part 2 (Dead Tired, Alexisonfire, Bergenfield Four)
GEORGE IS BACK BABY! Once again TOAP shows up to prove that a sequel can equal or even top the original. George Pettit was one of the original guests on this podcast way back when & now he finally makes his triumphant return to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his good friend to catch up & bullshit about music, culture & how punk can micro change the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! George's band Dead Tired has an awesome new album, "Full Vol." His other band, Alexisonfire also put out some amazing new music as well.  Also Touched On:  A long time coming making this thing George tells Damian Alexisonfire is getting back together “What am I going to do now?” the post band question Wade gets it done Young Chris O’Toole working at the record store Niagara Falls: ghost town Sex Pistols Wax Figures shows that no one came to The kind of out of touch having a kid makes you kid run vs. the old people scene The end of alternative culture The brilliance of CityTV No New Bomb Turks on Much Music & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 03, 2019
Episode 207 - John Ross Bowie (Four Chords And A Gun, Big Bang Theory, Egghead)
Pick Up The Pieces!!! This week on the show, Damian sits down with John Ross Bowie! The Big Bang Theory star & author of the new play, FOUR CHORDS AND A GUN has an INSANE story to tell. You guys are gonna love this one! SO, HEY HO... Oh, forget it Also Touched On: A dance routine to Rockaway beach The String theory of cool NOW, I want to sniff some glue Buying Ramones records The Spin mags 10 year anniversary of punk issue The dramatic aspects of growing up in 80’s NY Spring 84 seeing The Go-Gos Putting an ad looking for a penpal A friend in Kitchener Asexuals Doughboys The Nunfuckers rule! Going to CBGB’s to see Breakdown The two different audiences for New York hardcore bands and cali punk in NY Murphy’s Law and the Dickies on halloween  A group of comedy people at Matador 21 Musical theatre meets punk The Mumps World Inferno Friendship Society Liking Let’s Wreck This Party Bad Religion’s Into The Unknown Greg Graffin coming to DJ on your radio show Bob Dylan for jocks Bugout Society are crazy underrated  Crucial Youth trolling MRR readers Damian’s dad loves Toy Dolls understanding why your parent feared punk when hardcore get reeeeaaallllyyyy hard Mutant Pop rocks!!! Sicko BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 23, 2019
Episode 206 - Johnny Marr (The Smiths, The Cribs, Modest Mouse)
Here's Johnny!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by one of the greatest guitarists in the history of British Rock & Roll: JOHNNY MARR!!! Johnny has an amazing new album, “Call The Comet” & has played in some of the most LEGENDARY bands ever but, as is par for the course with this show, the two spent most of the time talking about a band that only ever released one song on a compilation. CHECK THIS ONE OUT & don't forget THE TOAP PATREON!  👨‍🎨: Gray Abraham Also Touched On: The Sex Pistols’ legendary Lesser Free Trade Hall  Billy Duffy changes the next day Going to see Slaughter & The Dogs at age 12 Stooges, The Dolls & Dr Feelgood The glory days of working class rock & roll The first single Playing guitar  The GODLY Sister Ray! A freak show of a band A scary group of dudes A drummer with dreads in South Manchester in the late 70’s In a band with adults at age 14 Steven & Isaac got nothing on Clive. Clive says “If you are a intros band, you are going to need this…” Pete Shelley: the true radical for the time The differences between the london punks & the punks around the country that took up the flag The importance of Jon Savage’s book The importance of Magazine  Bowiefreaks The Suffragette City is the template for punk  The Robert Alman Punk Salon The White Dice Paris Valentino’s riff becomes Handsome Devils The Only Ones are gods! “Peter Perret is my Sid Barrett” Seeing Nick Lowe from the knees down The FBeat audition BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 14, 2019
Footnote Supershow #3 - Youtube Party Tonight!
The Turned Out A Punk Patreon is live! Head to patron.com/turnedoutapunk and check it out! Also, check out Chris, Dave It Up, Dave Martin and Damian as they talk about the best live bands they never saw, youtube clips and Dave It Up not liking the Cramps(!?!?!?!?!).
Apr 11, 2019
Episode 205 - Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux, Black Bananas)
When Damian sat down with Jennifer Herrema (Half of the legendary duo Royal Trux), he had no clue they would spend the whole time talking about first wave DC hardcore, but this is a perfect example of the power of punk & ultimately the point of this show. Join Damian in his stunned joy as they discuss how the noise & chaos of hardcore informed Jennifer’s musical sensibility & life in general. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Check out Royal Trux's godly new album, White Stuff on Fat Possum now!  Also Touched On: Shout Out To Tony Reitmen Hanging with Iron Cross at the age of 12 Olson’s Books and Records with Sab and Tesco Vee working the door Wandering through George Town and looking at fliers Anna and Cynthia Connolly Hanging out with Void Pussy Galore  Always against straight edge Dante and Sab were wild! Ian stands in his own truth 9353 Royal Trux starts in DC The results of an acid trip Moby and Neil as college buddies Going to Skynyrd for Kid Rock Gerard Cosloy is responsible for all of this Listening to GBH trying to figure it out The influence of Discharge Mike Fellows Chis Bald AND MORE!!!!!
Apr 08, 2019
Episode 204 - Mary Timony (EX HEX, Helium, Wild Flag)
This week on the show, one of the coolest (& one of the first performers your host Damian ever saw live), MARY TIMONY of the band EX HEX sits down for a chat. Listen in as the two talk about Mary going from a DC hardcore kid who didn't feel like she fit in, to finding a home in Boston Indie Rock, to touring world wide with the godly HELIUM. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED (ALSO, don't miss EX HEX’s FANTASTIC new album "It's Real” on Merge Records)!!!   Also touched on:  Damian’s first show Growing up down the road from the MacKayes Mary’s folks: “Have you heard of Ian’s band Minor Threat?” Alec’s leopard print hair Watching Friday Night Videos and finding New Wave Feeling different Learning to play guitar to stop dressing weird Seeing Rites Of Spring for a first show The positivity of the DC hardcore scene Revolution Summer and the changes begin “DON’T MOSH!!!” Combo sport team/ street gang Fire Party Christian Billotte Jamming Joe Satriani  HazMat becomes Autoclave A Rush loving drummer Autoclave Slant 6 Swiz Kingface Soulside Ignition Fugazi in the basement of St. Stephen’s (pre-Guy) The friend with the Bongos Moving to Indie Rock loving Boston The difference between DC and Boston “Way to DC for that!”: Major label find no one answering when they come knocking Signing to Matador Opening for Liz Phair at CBGB’s AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO
Apr 01, 2019
Episode 203 - Laura Ballance (Superchunk, Merge Records)
How often do you get to talk to the boss of your record label, bass player in one of your favourite bands & one of the first people to ever hire you in the music biz? Well, this once in a lifetime confluence happens to Damian this week when he welcomes LAURA BALLANCE OF MERGE RECORDS / SUPERCHUNK on to the show show!!! Listen in as the two discuss Laura’s journey, why MERGE gets it in a way some other label can't & the night in London twenty years ago when Damian had to work the merch table for Superchunk.  Also Touched On:  Big Sister’s record collection as a gateway Adam Ant on late night tv and a sexual awaking Was it Prince & The Revolution  on Purple Rain OR Bad Brains & Neon Christ for the first show? ATL Alternative Culture Unity The difference between Raleigh and Atlanta’s punk scenes the uniqueness of the various hardcore scenes in NC Learning to overcome stage fright Starting Merge Gerard’s stamp of approval Not being proud of the early stuff You can’t be discerning if you’re going to be prolific Erectus Monotone: pre- Double Negative not liking the bands that signed to major labels Jon Wurster: the punkest motherfucker you ever did see AND MORE!!!!!!
Mar 25, 2019
Footnotes Supershow #2 - Timelife's History Of RnR ep 9
The odd couple of punk podcasting are back! This time, Chris & Damian invite Damian's brother / show producer, Tristan on the show to discuss stuff he felt Damian & Jonah may have overlooked on Episode 200\. Before getting to that that, they discuss Johnny Rotten vs. Marky  Ramone, the new Punk doc series, getting starstruck as an adult, why Robbie Brookside is the ultimate vehicle to discuss the history of punk & so much more!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 21, 2019
Episode 202 - Jake Duzsik (HEALTH)
Almost 8 years ago, Damian, host of this show, & Jake Duzsik, of the awesome band HEALTH, had a hang so epic it left both men changed. Now, they are finally reunited & it was glorious! Listen in as the two discuss skateboarding, wrestling, success & how it all comes together: PUNK! Also Touched On: An Epic Hang A Couple A Few Years Back Hesher  Going With You Dad To See Nirvana At Age 11 Pearl Jam Being Amazing But Not Being That Into Them Butthole Surfers Go Mainstream Come As You Are & Our Band Could Be Your Life Dad Works With Kim Thayil Getting into peace punk and becoming snobbie  East Bay Ray can play! Not starting a band until your 20s Seeing Submission Hold How tiny DIY punk and hardcore ws in the 90s The Artier free jazz side of Crass Being the outliers of the Smell Scene Noise in Brooklyn vs. Noise in LA in the early 2000’s Not liking the Decendents The emotional playing of the Dead Milkmen loving the guitars first Listen to only Frankenchrist for a whole summer Jake Goes to College NOFX takes over Driving in cars with snowboarders singing Bro-Hymn The Punk side of skateboarding The Punk side of wrestling Wrestings VS Skateboarding: battle for punk & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 17, 2019
Episode 201 - Greg Attonito (Bouncing Souls)
WHAT AN INSANE WEEK!?!?!? This time on the show punk legend & Bouncing Souls frontperson, Greg Attonito stops by for a chat! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his heroe’s to talk about how punk would change his life, the importance of an anthemic chorus & why you never stop when you are opening for Green Day in Europe.  Also Touched On: Getting Into Punk Though Your Sister Meeting Brian & Going To Shows The Real Cool Guys Sis goes to the Smiths Seeing Bruce Springsteen in a stadium trying to be the ultimate sing along band “Man, we haven’t written anything close to Hungry Heart Playing together for 30 years Seeing the Kinks play on the pier Seeing The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in NY on Halloween vs. an off night in NJ Ramones Fishbone Seeing Ween’s first show They Might Be Giants AOD Sticks and Stones Getting on stage for the first time learning to be a vocalist Braindead: the very first Bouncing Souls song slinging your 7”s on the street “We’d just hang out and stuff would happen” Always being the weird band AND SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!!!!!!!!!
Mar 08, 2019
Episode 200 - Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) + Special Guests!!!!
OH CRAP, WE MADE IT!!! Episode 200 is here & what better way to celebrate than by turning the tables on Damian & putting him into the hot seat. Who better to serve as the interviewer, but the rhythm to Damian's heart, former guest, Jonah Falco (Career Suicide/ Fucked Up/ Game)! Listen in as Jonah forces Damian to answer the question: "How did you get into punk?" BUT, because this is a party, we have some other guests that have acted as influencers to do this podcast, including: Legendary "The Best Show" caller and music historian Charles R. Martin, "Post Wrestling"'s John Pollock & Wai Ting and "Heat Vision & Jack"'s & maybe Bad-Religion-show-goer Jack Black!!!!!!  This is the a MONSTER of a 200th episode!!!   THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE SHOW FOR THE PREVIOUS 199 EPISODES!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 28, 2019
Footnotes Supershow #1
This is the start of the new era for Turned Out A Punk! Footnotes Supershow is Chris & Damian hanging out & talking all things punk, wherever the conversation goes. What a better way to kick off the show than having not one, but TWO of Daves we know (we know, these are the Daves we know): Dave It Up & Dave Martin! Sit back & listen as they ask important questions like: -Have you ever actually heard Chinese Democracy? -Tragedy's "Vengeance" setting a bar. -The international record condition exchange rate. AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Feb 23, 2019
Footnote 198 & 199: Tony Molina and Better Oblivion Community Center
Cheree Cheree, Oh Nerdy. This week on the show Chris and Damian catch up about Damian's tour, get lost in a magazine and discuss Phoebe, Conor and Tony. What a great time?!?!
Feb 09, 2019
Episode 199 - Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers (Better Oblivion Community Center)
This week on Turned Out A Punk, it is a celebration as PHOEBE BRIDGERS & CONOR OBERST come on to celebrate the release of Better Oblivion Community Center! So sit back as Damian gets two different perspectives on a punk journey that ultimately led to the recording of this record. Can You Believe it? ONE FOR THE AGES!!! Also Touched On: Pick A Number Between 1 & 10 Clash Loving Big Brother As First Exposure Uncle Tupelo Woody Guthrie From Avril To X “It’s Not Punk To Call Yourself PUNK” Conor: PA For hire Doing Sound For Brainiac The Reason That The Omaha Sound Has No Sound Growing Up & Smelling The Smell Sloppy Jane: From Punk To Cave Core Girl Pusher: The Most Appropriate Named Band Ever Commander Venus Grass Records The Crap Shoot Of All Ages Bills Hating Piano Neil Young Is So Punk Nirvana Fan: Me But Greasy Feeling Like You Have To Sign To Other Labels Digital Sex Rules!!! Cursive Signs To Crank! Mousetrap 311 Leaves Town To Get Back You Have To Get The Music Out Of Omaha The Pressure Of Being A Super Young Musician In LA Phoebe & The He-Men Einstein’s Dirty Secret The Topanga Canyon The Fixie Era A Band Stays At Your Parents “Is This Chicken vegan?” Hearing About Emo For The First Time The Sunny Day Sound Pax Am “It’s Like Sheryl Crow!” Corporate Piggy “You Know What Would Be Good For Your Image…” Playing For The Violent Femme’s Fans: Not Fun “We Should Form A Band That Sounds Like The Replacements!” & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Brought to you by VANS
Jan 27, 2019
Episode 198 - Tony Molina (Ovens, Healer, Dystrophy)
What was your favourite record from last year? Well Damians was Tony Molina's "Kill The Lights" and this week he has Tony on the show! So get ready as the two old friends dive into the wonderland that is Bay Area Punk and Hardcore. The hot takes are a flying! This may very well be the longest and funnest episode yet!  Damian’s album of the Year Listening to rap The Chronic  Bay Area Rap Beau from Oven walks in and is like: I listen to rock music now. Weekend Warrior Metal Doobie Brothers and other rockers turned ops Dads with good taste in rock music Nirvana as entry to Fang and MDC Green Day explodes Mom does does not fuck with White boy rock Sublime VS Bloodhound Gang Phish VS Greatful Dead Riverdale VS Screeching Weasel Pansy Division dressed as the Donnas and nailing a Slayer cover Angus the Movie Seeing Tower Of Power for your first show TOP, WAR and the Melvins Deftones cover the Bad Brains Negative Tom AFI Getting the Year in 7”s Goin to the Gilman for the first time Skarhead at the Gilman All Bets Off RIP Sammy Being more 625 Groovie Ghoulies “You have you heard VOID?” What Happens Next and bandana thrash bring back the fun.  The Sex Kittens: Ramones and Donnas Worship Friends with Supercharger “You gotta get with Greg!” Going to Greg Lowry’s House Getting feedback from a garage legend Having to go to “real” punk school Fiesta Comes Alive vs Forever Changes Renting Gummo because Spazz is on soundtrack Trve Power Violence Why is the Infest cover art is so bad!?!?! Off The Disk The Jocks Sharp Knife seeing dbs at Mission Records Operation Makeout AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Jan 24, 2019
Footnote 197 - Julien Baker
Nerds run the streets tonight! This week on the show Chris and Damian talk MRR cancelling print, Lorna Doom's legacy AND the awesome Julien Baker episode!
Jan 19, 2019
Episode 197 - Julien Baker (boygenius)
The good times never stop here at TOAP… Wait, did we say “good”? Well, we should have said AMAZING because this week on the show, Damian is joined by, one of his favourite song writers & one third of the supergroup boygenius, JULIEN BAKER!!! Listen in as the two discuss using christian punk as a way to escape, the similarities between punk vs. religion & Pezz (TN) ruling! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!  Also Touched On: Punk still runs deep The burden of punk Taking a stand against hotels Betraying your genre Romanticizing punk Memphis is a unique Seeing Green Day on TV Someones playing guitar on tv and he looks vaguely effeminate and he disagrees with the president! When you get dissed by the Casualties fans and saved by a violent Santa Going to a show at the Skate park Poison the Well Silverstien Job For A Cowboy Bands stop going to Memphis Resource scarcity breed cooperation out of necessity The frat dude’s Led Zep band can play too even! Fifteen rule Wicker from Memphis, an anti-band Growing up with religion and find Using Christian hardcore as an escape to secular punk The double edge sword of faith based music Punk as religion Jawbreaker going to your first house show Hot Topic bands Truest of true punks Turnstile live is next level PEZ RULES!!!! & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 15, 2019
Footnote 196 - Danger Ehren (Jackass, Photographer)
Yes, yes Nerds are here again, but they didn't come to see your band! This week on the show, Chris & Damian talk more Danger Erhen! Also, grapple with the argument: What is art? BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 14, 2019
Episode 196 - “Danger Ehren” McGhehey (Jackass, Photographer)
THIS IS LEGIT, ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF TURNED OUT A PUNK YET! Damian is joined by Jackass star Danger Ehren for one of the funniest, most honest & dare we say it, touching episodes. Not to be missed!!! THEN, TOAP Footnotes co-host, Chris O’Toole joins him to talk favourites of 2018!  Also Touched On: Ehren who? Just a real dude Sleep opening for Neurosis getting into punk through Skateboarding and Snowboarding Videos Punk becoming the meaning of everything Going on snowmobile vacations Picking up bodies on the ways home from vacation the origins of snowboarding Jocks VS Punks Too much information Jackass as forebarer to the Doing something to be remembered Jackass Changing culture Content over quality Jackass for Youtube What porn was to the internet… Jackass as art How the band got together doing stupid shit in isolation the stuff that was too extreme doing Jackass shit before the world had seen Jackass Joined by being weird Performance art Knowing the Melvins for 20 years AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 07, 2019
TOAP 2018 Year End Wrap Up: "The Punk/Wrestling Connection Is Real!"
2018 wasn’t so hot for a ton of reasons, but there were some shining moments in a year of otherwise dark times. One such beacon, The Punk/Wrestling Connection!!! This year, the bonds of Wrestling & Punk continued to grow stronger. Nowhere was this connection better illustrated than at Turned Out A Punk’s first ever, “The Punk/Wrestling Connection Gathering”. Join Damian as he gathers UK wrestling God Robbie Brookside, Turnstile’s Pat McCrory, Punk God Lars Frederiksen, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, Ceremony’s Anthony Anzaldo, WWE/TNA/NJPW Champion MVP, Best Coast’s Bob Bruno & DJ/Vocalist/Wrestler Tuna Tardugno! The Punk/Wrestling Connection Is More Real Than Ever Going Into 2019! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 01, 2019
Turned Out A Punk FOOTNOTE Holiday Party
Chris & Damian throw the annual TOAP HOLIDAY STAFF PARTY w/ Dave Martin & Dave It Up. Listen in as the four hang out, open mail & TALK PUNK! Nevermind Talking To The Family, It's The Holidays! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 25, 2018
Footnote 195 - Mark McCoy & Barry Henssler
Are you hanging up the nerds on your wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? This week on the show, Chris & Damian talk two of the greatest, legendary smart-ass singers of all time! They also lay out the plans for the Footnotes holiday take over. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 21, 2018
Episode 195 - Barry Henssler (Necros, Big Chief, Motorbooty)
Alright, Alright, Alright! This week on the show, Damian gets to sit down with a hardcore legend & ZINE GOD: BARRY HENSSLER!!! A vocalist hero & Co-creator of one of the most expensive hardcore 7"s ever. Listen in as the two discuss Barry going from being a four year old seeing the Grateful Dead on their first tour, to being part of the first wave of hardcore punk in the godly NECROS. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: Alice Cooper as first exposure Sonic Youth loving Love It To Death Stooges hearing MC5 from a friend's older brother and the older sibling cool music connection The Vertigo Records New Wave comp Seeing Pink Floyd on the first tour post Syd at age 7 Seeing the Grateful Dead at age 4 in a backyard Alice Cooper and ZZ Top Starting a band without guidance Stooges Trying to cover the Clash’s 1977 buying Spiral Scratch, The Cramps, Suicide and Electric Eels Getting your licence and driving to Drome Records Pere Abu Pagens The Making of Smega Journals The reason the Necros have never been reissued Seeing the Ramones and Johnny had beard Joe Jackson Undertones blow David Johansen PIL in Detroit The Spys and The Dry Heaves Getting the Solger 7” Meeting the DC kids Seeing Minor Threat for the first time befriending the Circle Jerks seeing Black Flag for the first time The story of Sex Drive The Ohio music debate Negative App Devo Starvation Army Guided By Voices The early east coast hardcore scene Joey Shithead unconventional touring style Minor Threat solo Kings Of Punk is the last hardcore record Haram & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 18, 2018
Oil & Flowers Episode #20
We are here & we're now LEGALLY STONED! This is our 1st post legalisation show & this is also our Season 1 finale. So, how has legalization been going so far? It's a shit show basically. Listen up as we speak on how things are in Canada, as well as plans for the rest of the year (RE. Emerald cup in Cali). We will also be moving to our own channel in the coming new year, Finally! The art work is just about done & a whole NEW SEASON will be coming at you in 2019! Stay tuned!!!
Dec 06, 2018
Episode 194 - Mark McCoy (Charles Bronson, Youth Attack, Das Oath, Absolute Power etc.)
Break out the diet root beer & get ready to prank call the Bulldog Store, cause this week on the show, Charles Bronson’s vocalist turned Youth Attack tastemaker, MARK MCCOY!!! Join Damian as he sits down with a major influence of his & a 90's Chicago Hardcore Legend to talk about making art with a thesis. Also, the narrow atheistic boundaries within punk, records as artifacts & DAMN, so much more!!!! Also Touched On: Charles Bronson As A Huge Influence Growing Up Near A Naval Base “Yes, Very Fucking Hard!” Studying Hardcore Looking For A Third Minor Threat Tape “There Were So Many Fucking All Tapes” “What Is This Hardcore Thing? It Isn’t Sex Is It? NoFX Skate Videos A Document Of A Progressing Culture “Like Does Screeching Weasel Actually Fit Into Infest?” Going To Wax Trax Amazing Sleuthing To Track Done Todd Pre-FYP “Get SSD, But Not The Later SSD It Sucks” Meeting Dan From SPAZZ By Randomly Calling Sheep Squeeze Deep Wound & Siege To Infest & Crossed Out The Rejected: “Do You Guys Like Skacore?” Being On A Comp With 88 Fingers Louie Hearing Napalm Death & Laughing The Neos “This Is The Real Shit” We Weren’t Good Enough To Play It Going To See 7 Seconds & Tony Victory’s Only The Strong Seeing Crudos For The First Time Mk-Ultra Making Enemies Because It Was Funny Collecting Records As The Next Step From Cards & Comics Ebro’s Agressive Record Collecting Style Asshole Parade The Tour The Couldn’t Happen Playing Fiesta Grande… Badly Worshipping Despise You “We Were These Spoiled Brats.” When Eric Wood Says To Make A 20 Song LP You Make A 20 Song LP A Neighbour Is Going To Kick In Your Window Breaking Up Is Easy To Do Not Getting Something Going In NY Always Trying To Be Void United Mutations City Hunter Devoid Of Faith Das Oath’s Unknowing Alice Cooper Tribute Drawing The Faith Logo & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 04, 2018
Footnote 193 - John "Jughead" Pierson (Screeching Weasel) PLUS TOAP LIVE w/ Craig Setari (Sick Of It All), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise)
"You're Holding Onto Something We Can't Have, But Hands Still Circle You're Still Getting Old..." The week Chris & Damian breakdown the John Jughead Episode & the craziness that was TOAP LIVE w/ Craig & Fletcher.  BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 02, 2018
Episode 193 - John "Jughead" Pierson (Screeching Weasel) PLUS TOAP LIVE w/ Craig Setari (Sick Of It All), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise)
THIS ONE'S A MONSTER!!! First, founding member of one of Damian’s all time favourite bands, Screeching Weasel. JOHN "JUGHEAD" PIERSON is on the show!!! Listen in as the two discuss how a band that never really fit in anywhere would go on to become one of punk's most influential bands. ALSO, AS A BONUS - TOAP LIVE AT HOUSE OF VANS w/ FLETCHER DRAGGE from Pennywise & CRAIG SETARI from Sick Of It All. Check out some of THE WILDEST stories you have ever heard on the show WITH a cameo from JOHN JOSEPH!!! WHAT AN EPISODE!?!?!?!?!? Also Touched On: Hearing Should I Stay Or Should I Go On The Radio While Crafting Going To See Repo Man & The Shit Hitting The Fan Angry Samones AOD Meeting Ben Weasel The Ramones The Decendents Finding Melody The Ozzfish Spilt That Never Happened Signing To What Goes On Records Touring With Spongetunnel Getting Out Of Chicago Early Naked Raygun Driving To Berkeley For A Gig Meeting Jesse Michaels & Crimpshrine Sloppy Seconds & “I Want To Be A Homosexual” When “My Brain Hurts” Comes Out & Everything Changed The Mr. T Experience The AMAZING Roadkill Records Recording Punk House Brian Vermin’s Importance To The Band “We Got’Em”: Convincing Lookout To Sign You Watching Green Day EXPLODE Being Involved In Theatre Leaving Screeching Weasel & GOD, SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 27, 2018
Footnote 192 - Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, Ecstatic Peace Library, Thurston Moore Band, Even Worse etc.)
THAT’S MY NERD FREE PRIDE! This week on the show Chris & Damian TALK, TALK & TALK about what they both agree was one of the best episodes yet, THURSTON MOORE! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 24, 2018
Episode 192 - Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, Ecstatic Peace Library, Thurston Moore Band, Even Worse etc.)
This one is well worth the wait, cause this week Damian finally gets THURSTON MOORE on the show & it's a MONSTER!!! Kickback & listen in as the two talk about Thurston being at the ground zero of punk when his journey began. You may have heard other Thurston Moore interviews over the years, but NOTHING like this. All in celebration of the launch of Thurston’s Ecstatic Peace Library imprint with Omnibus Press. GET READY!!!!! Also Touched On: It's All For You Thurston Always Being A Punk Louie Louie Rock Mags Seeing Iggy Standing On Hands & Heads Trying To Turn Your 10-Year-Old Friend's Onto The Stooges Raunchy Rock The Fast Rule! “Patti Smith Is Playing, Let’s Go!” Talking Heads The Ramones With Johnny On Vocals & Joey On Drums “You’re Too Good To Hang Out With Us At The Friendly’s Now?!” Cutlers In New Haven To Buy X-Offender Buying Slaughter & The Dogs The Damned The Buzzcocks “Spiral Scratch” Seeing The Fast, The Planets & Suicide At Max’s Joey Was The Guy: Everything Cool About Punk Always CBGB’s Is Nirvana Richard Hell Licking His Stamp To Transfer It To Your Hand Blondie & The Mumps CB’s Burgers The Living Doll Bass Player Milk & Cookies When The Dead Boys Came To Town… The Stimulators The Blessed & The Younger Scene Student Teachers Connecting With Lee & Kim Through Art Going To Rat Cage The Early DC 7”s Darby’s Death Going To LA To See Kim’s Parents Never Seeing The Misfits NY’s Early More Rock Influenced Hardcore DC Comes In Like Buzzsaws Heart Attack Wanting To Be More Of A Hardcore Band Jesse Malin: “I Heard You Saw The Dead Boys?” Meeting The Singer Of Kaaos & Much, Much More!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 19, 2018
Footnote 191 - Jesse Brown & Chris Dodge
And Nerds looking for a Future, worlds their aim. This week on the show, Chris & Damian tackle not one, but two episodes talkin' Canadaland’s Jesse Brown & Power-Violence’s Chris Dodge! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 18, 2018
Episode 191 - Chris Dodge (Slap-A-Ham Records, SPAZZ, No Use For A Name, INFEST, Despise You etc.)
If Turned Out A Punk were a galaxy, then this week's guest may very well be the sun: CHRIS DODGE! Not only as a member of "the Beastie Boys of the Underground" (Damian’s clunky analogy), Spazz, but also as the founder of the hugely important Slap-A-Ham Records! Chris has had a massive, indelible influence on hardcore & punk. Though Chis Dodge’s legendary run in underground music, we can connect: No Use For A Name, Melvins, Spazz, Infest, Faction, Kool Keith, The Gilman Scene, Fu Manchu, Sunn, etc. Sit back & relax as Chris & Damian connect the dots. ONE FOR THE AGES!!!!!!!  Also Touched On: Chris Dodge Is The Sun At The Centre Of The Turned Out A Punk Universe Fat Day As Repressed Memory Loving Hard Rock At The Age Of 22 Steve Papusos’ Older Sister Marries A Punk & Gets the records “No Way, No Band Is Better Than KISS!” The Cramps’ “Songs the Lord Has Taught Us” As First Exposure The Dickies Are The Fastest Band Ever! Listening To The Weirdos Over & Over Again Finding College Radio Hearing About Maximum Rocknroll and getting a postcard from Tim Dead Kennedys Missing Hardcore By 84 Forming Legion Of Doom Transitioning From The South Bay Scene To The Gilman Scene Youth Of Today, MDC, The Lookouts At The Gilman Scared Straight With A Performance Artist Opening The Gilman Scene Provided The Full Spectrum Of Punk Styles The Feederz Bum Everyone Out AOD Have To Go On After The Feederz Cover The Stage In Dead Animals Rabid Lassie Moshing To Performance Art Off The Disc Is Godly Slap-A-Ham Is Godly Getting Into Metal Putting Out Records That No One Else Would Neanderthal Was Supposed To Be A Picture Disc Putting Out Burning Witch 9/11 Ended Slap-A-Ham & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 10, 2018
Episode 190 - Jesse Brown (Journalist, Canadaland)
When your fearless host, Damian was young his counter cultural imagination was ignited by a small, short-lived, rebel, Toronto punk student newspaper called, Punch. Imagine Damian’s amazement when he found out the editor of said magazine was none other than, the venerable media powerhouse, Canadaland's founder, JESSE BROWN!!! Sit back as Damian hears all about the journey that brought Jesse from being a teenage journalist wunderkind, burnt out by success to fulfilling the promise of Punch all these years later.  Also Touched On: Damian’s Inspiration Liking Old Music Robert Johnston Sonic Youth Bad Brains Making Your First Real Friends Pearl Jam “Where Can I Get A Mudhoney Shirt?” Fishbone Living Color Is Part Of It Getting Into Hate & Eightball Rollin’s As Inspiration By Being... Not Good Getting Into Re//Search & Pranks Reading About Howard Stern, but Not Being Able To Hear It Creating A Column To Take The Piss Out Of The Whole High School Starting The Legendary Punch (CA) Not Wanting To Just: “Make Noise In The Basement.” Winning The Toronto Star Young Journalism Award The Fine Art Of Being A Disrupter… Or Just A Shit Disturber Getting Celebrated In The Real Media Burning Out On News Running Away To Montreal To Become an Artist Working At VICE... & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 01, 2018
Footnote 189 - Mike Haliechuk & Jerry A Part #2
Listen Nerds! Never Again! This week on the show, Chris & Damian have two huge episodes to discuss, but that doesn’t stop them from having a 20 minutes conversation about veggie burgers at now defunct fast food chains. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 28, 2018
Episode 189 - Jerry A Part #2
The greatest hardcore record of all time, Poison Idea’s Feel The Darkness, is getting reissued!!! To celebrate, the King of Punk himself, JERRY A returns to the show! In keeping with the tradition of Aliens & The GodFather Part II, this sequel may be better than the original?!?!? So listen in as Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes AGAIN & punish him about everything he forgot to ask the first time! Also Touched On:  Part #2 Hard To  Make Happen Ramones As Universal Language Music: If It’s Good, It’s Great  MRR Reviews Everything Inept Music Is PERFECT Jerry Loves Finnish Tom Loves Dutch Buying GISM & Not Getting It United Mutation The Beef With DC “It’s Time To Turn Up The Heat On Ian Again.” Tom Hates Henry What Is A "Superbeer"? A 1/5 Of Jim Bean & Touring With The Hard-Ons Drinking Where Belushi Did Making “Feel The Darkness” Writing Taken By Surprise For The Sub Pop Single Making Sub Pop Pay Up Pig’s Last Stand As Payback Alice In Chains Find Grunge Wanting To Go Out On A Good Note Metal Bands Getting Goth & Performance Art As Openers Punk Love Cow Brains I’m In A Hard Rock Band How Pantera Heard About Poison Idea… Having A Song On The Crow Soundtrack Being On Punk-O-Rama Never Getting A Statement From Epitaph The Unreleased Poison Idea Loving YDI Poison Idea Was Its Own World Record Collecting Touring Australia With The Hard-Ons Iggy Pop Sonic Youth  Beasts Of Bourbon Helmet Mudhoney Mick Harvey Almost Becomes Shark Bait & Much, Much MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 22, 2018
Episode 188 - Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up, Ruination, Smartboys, Walls Around Us, Where It Ends)
This week on the show, in celebration of the NEW FUCKED UP LP "DOSE YOUR DREAMS”, Damian is joined by one of the most requested guests ever on the show, MIKE HALIECHUK!!! Yes, it finally happened! AAAAAANNNNNDDDD Jonah Falco makes a cameo too!!!!! This is one they'll be talking about around the water cooler tomorrow!  Also Touched On: Mike Finally Makes An Appearances  Buying A Melvins, Sex Pistols & Maybe An L7 Tape TV Over Radio A Tie Dye Sex Pistols Shirts Green Day Or The Offspring: You Must Choose Mike & Damian Meet For The First Time At The Circle Jerks Opera House Show  “Stay Out Of Riverdale” / “East End Kids Are Poseurs” Freaking Out About Meeting Chris Colohan   Jay Hammer’s Shows Hardcore Is About Freedom: Ordering Pizza’s To Shows The Last Hockey Teeth Show… & Missing Hockey Teeth Random Killing The HMV Vinyl Section The Confine Release Show Daragh Hayes Is The NICEST! The Peter Pan Scene Of Toronto The AFI Riot Ignite Cancels On Toronto A Million Times How Where It Ends Formed… Booking The Jewish Community Centre Fastbreak Save The Day & 5 Knuckle Chuckle Mike Forms Ruination & Damian Gets Jealous Europe Breaks Mike How Fucked Up Forms Recording 7”s Making Hidden World  AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 17, 2018
Footnote 187 - Matt Murphy, TOAP 80's Toronto Hardcore Special, Aimee Interrupter & Kevin Bivona
Your Mindless Propaganda Be It Right Or Be It Wrong It's Just A Cheap Attempt To Prey On My Nerd Fears!!! This Week, Damian & Chris sit down & breakdown the last 3 episodes. It's what these guys do. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 11, 2018
Episode 187 - Aimee Interrupter & Kevin Bivona (The Interrupters, Transplants)
This week on the show, not one, but TWO amazing guests - THE INTERRUPTERS' Aimee & Kevin!!! Two people who couldn't have had more different paths that led them to the same band. THIS IS A GOOD ONE!!! Kickback & listen how Aimee had to go through the wringer from getting yelled at as a kid in smoke filled bars to then being thrown quickly into the majors before meeting Kevin, who was raised in punk. Together, they both realized their childhood dream's by forming THE INTERRUPTERS! IT PLAYS LIKE A MOVIE!!! Also Touched On: Kevin Getting Into The Late 90’s Ska Boom Alvin & Punkamunk Less Than Jake & The Aquabats Amy Gets A Bleach Hearing …And Out Come The Wolves & Feeling Less Alone. Bad Religion & NoFX AFI, Pennywise & The Warped Tour Era Joan Jett Punk From Before The Germs, To Bikini Kill, To Present Day Boys II Men Kevin Hears “Here Comes The Hot Stepper” As The First Exposure Snow - “Informer” Amy Finds Music Through Mom Kevin’s Grandfathers’ Music Frank Sinatra’s “One for My Baby One For The Road” Kevin For The Void The Cheap Punk CD Comp Green Day Save Farris & The Specials Go To Montana Government Cheese Opens For Strung Out Kill Radio Aimee Gets Into Jam Bands Kevin & His Brother Form The Telecasters Meeting On A Sugar Ray Tour Getting The Dream Gig In Transplants Meeting Tim Armstrong Touring With The Dropkick Murphy’s Touring With 7 Seconds & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 08, 2018
TOAP 80's Toronto Hardcore Special (Fran Grasso, Derek Emerson, Shawn Chirrey, Simon Harvey)
This week on the show we bring you a very special episode in celebration of the release of the incredible 80’s TOHC chronicle, Tomorrow Is Too Late! Damian is joined by the nucleus of the book's creation: Derek, Fran, Shawn & the often referenced on Turned Out A Punk: Simon Harvey! Sit back & enjoy a deep delving conversation about the under documented, but all the same amazing - 80’s Toronto Hardcore Punk scene. GET THIS BOOK!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 02, 2018
Episode 186 - Matt Murphy (Super Friendz, Black Pool, TUNS etc.) + LTRANTAS + TOAP LIVE WITH DINOSAUR JR!!!!
BOY, THIS IS ONE JAMMED PACKED EPISODE! First off, it’s an interview Damian has been trying to make happen for years, MATT MURPHY of the godly Super Friendz & TUNS is on the show! Hear about Matt growing up in Halifax & watching it quickly become the Canadian “next Seattle”. THEN, enjoy the debut of LISTEN TO RECORDS AND NEVER THINK ABOUT STOPPING (LTRANTAS), a brand new podcast featuring Damian & The Kids! They listen to & discus Damian's record collection. FINALLY, check out the birthday spectacular that was TOAP LIVE WITH DINOSAUR JR!!!  WHAT A WEEK?!?!?!?!? Also Touched On: Long Time Friends Working Together At VICE… Kinda Dressing Up As “PUNKS” To Go To The Mall The Let Down Of “The Great Rock & Roll Swindle” Hanging With Jay From Sloan At Old Dan’s Record Store “There Would Be No Scene Without Greg Clark” Nobody’s Heroes: Halifax’s Top Punk October Game: Sarah McLaughlin New Wave band Trashcanz Inspiration For The “Z” In Super Friendz Aggro: Hard New Wave Matt Form’s The Ink Stains… With A Kazoo Player Bo Diddley Plays Halifax Sneaking Into Zappa Not Liking Neil Young’s “Live Rust”  Black Pool: Pre-Sloan & Super Friendz Dinosaur Jr. Bubblegum Pop Killed By Death Fugazi Deep Wound  Minor Threat  & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 27, 2018
Footnote 185 - Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Foss, Antemasque, Anywhere, De Facto etc.)
Support can be a selfish thing. For nerds, I think it’s this way. Today on the show Chris & Damian sit down to talk about the incomparable Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Also, the importance of drummers. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 24, 2018
Episode 185 - Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Foss, Antemasque, Anywhere, De Facto etc.)
On anyone's list of all-time greatest front people in music, they would have to include this week's guest. CEDRIC BIXLER-ZAVALA HAS FINALLY COME ON THE SHOW!!! Join Damian as he gets to sit down with one of his favourite's to ever wield the microphone & talk about going from a gang affiliated drummer, to trashing the Jools Holland show! Also Touched On: One Of The Best To Ever Do It The Power Of Night Flight Watching Another State of Mind With Your Family The Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Is The Key Record  Uglord One Of The Wildest Bands Ever Ed Ivy From The Rhythm Pigs Starts Throwing Shows Omar & Sonny Meet Lux & Ivy Seeing Punk On TV & Putting Punk On TV The Misfits: A Lot To Love & Love Again The Jools Holland Show & What Went Wrong  Reenactment Scene In Punk  Distorted Silence: The First Band Joining Phantasma Gloria: The Bad Kid Band The Respect & The Hate That Comes From Being Feared Playing With Christ On A Crutch When Your Two Favourite Local Bands Have Beef Being A Cheerleader A One-Man-Pit In Your Parents House Bad Mothergoose & Sprawl & The Texas Funk Scene Everyone Wanted To Be Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Jane’s Addiction Joining the Three Blind Bats, The House Band For The North East Death Squad Gang The Spermbirds’ Influence On El Paso Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, Big Boys: Texas Punk Cherbs, Ed Hall & Trance Syndicate Records When Your New Band Beats Up Your Old Band The Acid Years The Dregtones: Trying To Do Something Really Uncool Meeting Foss & Beto Pretending To Be Rain Sanction  Booking No Empathy The Grunge Hangover Touring With FEIST Trench Mouth Looks Like A CULT! “No One Was Interested At All.” Dreaming Of Ebullition Records  Getting On Flipside  Face To Face Was Pissed! Dodging Full Cans Of Coke Whipped At Your Head  AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 19, 2018
Footnote 184 - Shawna Potter (War On Women, Avec, Fair Verona)
Nerds’ my thing, I keep on a hook. This week on the show Chris & Damian talk about the greatness of the Shawna Potter episode! Also, they gear up for the TOAP TORONTO LIVE SHOW WITH DINO JR! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 18, 2018
Episode 184 - Shawna Potter (War On Women, Avec, Fair Verona)
Get ready everyone! This week on the show, one of the best doing it today, War On Women’s, Shawna Potter! Join Damian as he gets to sit done & chat with another one of his favourite front-people! Shawna discusses going from being signed to a crooked indie label at age 16 to touring with Black Flag! Also Touched On: Was It The Sex Pistols Or Bikini Kill As First Exposure? Sonic Youth Is PUNK The Two People In North America That Never Got Into Fugazi The Washington DC/ Washington State Connection Growing Up With MTV The Judds Rocked NOT ALL WOMEN PLAYING PUNK ARE IN RIOT GRRL BANDS (Those Bands Rule Too Though) Forming Avec Helium Is AMAZING!!!! Playing In Fair Verona For 6 Years Is A Lifetime When You're In High School Getting Put Through The Record Industry Wringer As A Teenager Moving To Baltimore Playing To Black Flag Fans Touring, But No One Caring Jim Ward Is The NICEST Person In Music Brooks, Beto & The Fate Of The Free World RIP John Stabb Wizard Of Oz Connection Theatre Kids Make The Best Vocalists AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 12, 2018
Footnote 183 - Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano (HBO's ANIMALS)
NERDS! Here's another episode of Footnotes featuring Chris & Damian talkin' non-stop music & TV...& the Animals Episode  BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 10, 2018
Episode 183 - Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano (HBO's ANIMALS)
This week on the show Damian is joined by not one, but two great guests, the creators of HBO’s Animals, Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano! Check it out as they discuss how Animals was the pair’s ultimate statement about the DIY ethics & how music ultimately guides the show.  Also Touched On: Animals As A Punk Project Phil Finds Green Day, But Is Too Young To Read The Name Of The Album  Blink 182 Saves The Day Club Chrome Mike Finds His Way In Through Compilation CDs Kung Fu Records An Older Brother In Save the Day Emulating Tony Hawk Why Did The Show "Vinyl" Suck So Much New Found Glory American Football Cap'n Jazz Mighty Mighty Bosstones As Vocal Icon Finding Out The Composer From Your Show Was In Shudder To Think Moby, Punk Style Vatican Commandos  Flipper Titus Andronicus  The So So Glos The Men Doing The Theme Song Working With Bill Callaghan AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 04, 2018
Footnote 182 - Sami Zayn (WWE Superstar) With Special Guest - Wei Ting (Post Wrestling, Live Audio Wrestling)
Nerds! Killing it all, get the fuck out of our bingo halls! This week on the show, Chris & Damian realized that they needed some backup to take on the monumental Sami Zayn episode, so they invited Post Wrestling’s own, Wai Ting to help out! Join the trio as they discuss wrestling, punk & how Wai was nearly the co-host of Turned Out A Punk. CRAZY! Right? BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 02, 2018
Episode 182 - Sami Zayn (WWE Superstar, DDT, ROH, PWG, WXW, www.samiforsyria.com)
REJOICE!!!!!!!!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by one of his most dreamt about guests, WWE Superstar Sami Zayn! Listen in as they have a far reaching conversation about everything from punk, wrestling & the very real bond that connects their identities & subculture. THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, please visit www.samiforsyria.com & donate, if you can. Also Touched On: Third Attempt & Third Times A Charm The Reason For The Mystery Thank You Sami For Jesse Micheals Coming On The Show M Dogg & Brookside Are The Most Down Punk Rockers “Operation Ivy Is Perfect” Having To Live Up To Other People’s Ideal Version Of You The Idea Of Being A Different Person Outside The Ring The Different Approaches To Public Attention Green Day Happens Angelo Was Ahead Of The Game! Returning CD’s To HMV Trading Tom Jones For Punk In Drublic Out Comes the Wolves Is A Perfect Record The Clash Did You Pick Punk OR Did Punk Pick You? Lagwagon Hi-Standard Hearing Propagandhi & Not Being Ready For It Until Recently Falling In Love With The Beatles Getting Booked By Kevin Gill & Lars Frederiksen The Punk/Wrestling Connection!!!! Bon Jovi Is OVER In Montreal Dennis From Styx Is Also OVER In Montreal Going To Your First Indie Wrestling Show & Getting Hooked The Energy Of Indie Wrestling Is Like Going To A Punk Show Seeing Grimskunk At A Street Festival Against Me! Not Understanding Why People Get Concerned About Bands Selling Out Not Knowing BLITZ… Until Now "90% Of Punk & Wrestling Is Terrible" Going For Bon Jovi & Getting Less Than Jake Bob Dylan Is A Truly Unhinged Performer Kicking Ultra Mantis Black In Face As Hard As You Can Teaming With Brad From Pissed Jeans Sick Of It All Leatherface Chris Gethard, Aiden English & The Best Show Connection & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 28, 2018
Footnote 181 - Eric Davidson (The New Bomb Turks, Livids)
That’s just what nerds got to be! Can’t you see this is an emergency? This week Damian & Chris tackle the episode featuring their mutual rock/literary hero: Eric Davidson! They also try to get to the bottom of the Raise Your Voice Joyce Comp. GOOD TIMES!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 27, 2018
Episode 181 - Eric Davidson (The New Bomb Turks, Livids)
EVERYBODY JUMP UP, cause this week we've got ERIC DAVIDSON of THE NEW BOMB TURKS on the show! Listen in as Damian gets to sit down with, not just one of his favourite frontmen, but one of his favourite authors' as well! From seeing a news story about punk to writing a book identifying a hereto unknown subgenera of punk, the two cover Eric’s storey in-depth! Not to be missed!  Also Touched On: New Bomb Turks Is One Of The Best HC Bands From The 90's The Spaceshits’ Unique Style Danko Jones' First Show The Deadly Snakes The Dark & Starvation Army: Clevo Hardcore Death Of Samantha: Eric’s Fave Write Band Seeing Punk On The TV For The First Time  Brother Goes To See The Clash & Brings Back The Word Of God Getting A Tutorial Through Requests To The College Radio Station The Mainstream College Station Plays REM Kurtis Blow Seeing Clash On The Cut The Crap Album The Remnants Of Old Cleveland Seeing The Mirrors Watching Stiv Bators Pee Prisonshake Cleveland Doesn’t Suck Seeing Pagans A Scene Develops Free From The Curse Of Success Shows In A Junk Yard Seeing The Romantics With The Boys Brigade For Your First Show Peeing Beside The Bassist Of The Hoodoo Guru’s Shadow Of Fear & The Goth Vibe The Choir & Raspberries The Lizard: The Cop That Looked Like LUX Interior With A Cramps Patch On His Jacket Cleveland Is A Goth Town The New Bombs Turks & Integrity Played Together.. Maybe The Mice RULE! Gibson Brothers, TJSA & Skrawl Datapanik Records Mike Rep Rules New York Dolls The Electric Eels Moved To Columbus? True Aim Reluctant Hardcore Friends Gaunt Brothers In Arms The Release Of Killed By Death Really Red Pagans Crypt Records AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 20, 2018
This week on Footnotes Chris & Damian talk about the Montreal live episode. Also, eulogizing a Canadian legend: Randy Rampage (Randy Desmond Archibald) RIP BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 19, 2018
Episode 180 - TURNED OUT A PUNK LIVE AT 77' FEST (Zach Blair, Fay Fife, Spike Slawson, Don Letts)
This week on the show, Damian is LIVE IN MONTREAL FOR 77' FEST! Join him along with special guest co-host Zach Blair (Making his fourth appearance on the show!) as they welcome the returning Spike Slawson. Also, THE LEGENDS: Fay Fife & Don Letts!!! I know, I know: the live episode format sucks, but this one is INSANE! TRUST US! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 07, 2018
Footnote 179 - David Pajo & Paul McKenzie
Nerds are going to bring you back up, yeah one thing I can depend on! Chris & Damian talk not one, but TWO amazing guests: David Pajo & Paul McKenzie!!! Do a deep dive into these genre defining musicians & the amazing punk worlds they emerged from. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 06, 2018
Episode 179 - Paul McKenzie (The Real McKenzies, Enigmas)
HURRAY! This week on the show Damian gets to sit down with the singer of, not one, but two legendary Vancouver bands: PAUL MCKENZIE!!! Listen in as the two discuss his journey from being in one of Vancouver’s most feared bands, to forming Canada’s hardest partying band. Also, how to get dropped from your label while still recording your first record.  Also Touched On: Hearing The MC5 For The First Time In 1966 At Age 6 Years Old From Your Older Sister Gastown & 4th Ave: The Subversive Part Of Town Going To See Count Basie The UJ3RK5 & The Heralding Of A Scene Everyone’s Afraid Of The Enigmas Being A Braineater DOA, Subhumans & Dishrags Punk Before Punk MoMaMu Da Records The Wandering Years Forming the Real Mackenzies The Great IFA Records Sketching Out The Studio Getting Kicked Off A Label In Style Wimpy Roy Is A Nice Guy The Police Come To The Punk Scene & Much, Much More!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 02, 2018
Oil & Flowers Episode #19
Hello from somewhere in Canada!!! I know it’s been a while since the last show, but we're back with an episode we recorded at the start of June. We talk a lot about the recreational laws that have now been passed legalizing Cannabis by Oct 17 2018\. Grab an edible &/or some Live Resin & enjoy Ep. 19 of the show!
Aug 01, 2018
Episode 178 - David Pajo (Slint, Papa M, PAJO, Tortoise, Maurice, Solution Unknown, Zwan etc.)
"Ain't You Happy You Are Here With Me?" This week on the show Damian is joined by guitar hero, DAVID PAJO!!! Settle in & listen up as the two discuss everything from touring with Samhain as a teen to being the Louisville Utility Player to how Punishers at shows can be a good thing… Sometimes. It's a fun one filled with lots of twists & turns. After nearly three months in the making, HERE IT IS!!! Also Touched On: The Continuation Of A Conversation From Almost 20 Years Ago Punishers Are A Joy To Solo Musicians The Tortoise Hard Signal For Safety Metal vs. Punk/ New Wave Friggin In The Riggin & The Dead Kennedy’s As First Exposure Venom/ Slayer/ Merciful Fate & Metallica Everything Heavy Is An Import Metal Not Being Fast Enough Hardcore Is Where It Is At Minor Threat The One Million Songs On The First DRI EP Gang Green Hiding Your Metal Records Playing Guitar Has Value Being The Louisville Utility Player Being A Band Signed To A Talent Agency & Having To Play Top 40 Malignant Growth A Massive Influence On Slint’s Rhoda Maurice Ushers In Chaos & it Feels Like Home The Guy That Can Be Anything In Any Band Big Deal Were Great To Hang Out & Do Drugs With From Endtables To Endpoints: Why Louisville? Making Solution Unknown Joining Maurice The Tour With Samhain? What About All The GG’s That Didn’t Become Stars? & Much, Much More!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 25, 2018
Footnote 177 - JD Samson, Davey Havok & Dwid Hellion
Nerds are not capitalist industrialists, Nerds are not communists. Nerds are the one! This week on the show Chris & Damian have a ton of work to do as they have three incredible episodes to talk about, but that doesn’t stop them from having a long conversation about the best Warped Tour line up & Sublime... For some season? BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 21, 2018
Episode 177 - Dwid Hellion (Integrity)
Well Everyone, it finally happened, DWID HELLION FROM INTEGRITY is on the show this week & it's glorious! Listen to Damian nerd out LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Topics Touched On: Thrasher As First Exposure Find The Scene In Louisville Reading Graffiti On Pants & Jacket Going To Buy A Punk Record, But The Cops Take The Records Away Getting The Peace Comp & Finding Pushead Listening To Samhain Play Live From Your Bedroom Window Maurice: Pre-Kinghorse/ Slint Charlie’s Pizzeria: NO LAWS 13 Year Olds Having A Beer Bash Lyrical Influences The Friendship & Torment Of The Mighty Sphincter A Stepmother As An Artistic Influence Dada As An Influence On Punk Punk As A Space For The Left Out People When One Of The Best Hardcore Shows Happens In The Front Yard Meeting Confront & The Marvel Comics Connection The Skateboard Teams CIV The Integrity Filter Connection Buying Sheets Of Acid & Chilling With Trent Reznor The First One Up Of Integrity Comes Together Almost 15 MINUTES About Dark Empire! The Story Behind The “Joker” Sleeve Why You See The Confront 7” Around Bloodbook AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 176 - JD Samson (Le Tigre, Men) + Another Surprise Guest
Some weeks are good, some weeks are amazing, but THIS WEEK IS EXTRA AMAZING! First off, Damian sits down with music icon JD SAMSON! Listen in as the two discuss finding out about Tribe 8 in magazines & discovering a new world. Also, what it’s like going from being a filmmaker with stage fright to the spotlight with Le Tigre & finding your voice in the process. After, we have another SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST from the ’77 Montreal fest line up!! (Hint: This isn't his first appearance on the show)  Also Touched On:   Tribe 8 As First Exposure Reading The Magazines Team Drench  Growing Up In Ohio Going Chicago… the band The Smurfs Play Peabody’s With A Didgeridoo In A Bucket Having To  God Is My Co-Pilot Joining Le Tigre Hating The Mainstream-ification Of Music The United Outcasts Of East Cleveland Meeting Riot Girls Mustard Plug, The Toasters, Dancehall Crashers The Experience Of Going From Non-Performer To The Middle Of The Spotlight Managing To Change The World A Little The “New” Punk The Return To Tangible  Your First Show Playing Ever Is A Sold Out One In Front Of All Your Family Forcing Yourself To Get Over Your Stage Fright  “It Was All Fake” Coming To Terms With The Persona The Joy Of Teaching Everyone's A Freak & Cool Now & Much, Much More!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 09, 2018
Footnote 175 - Magnus Blixtberg (Satanic Surfers, Everyday Madness, Revenge)
Don't care what nerds may say. We got that attitude! This week on the show Chris & Damian are high on life getting to talk about Magnus Blixtberg! Also, discussed for some reason: d.b.s. & of course, Mailbag! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 08, 2018
Episode 175 - Magnus Blixtberg (Satanic Surfers, Everyday Madness, Revenge) + Surprise Guest
The '77 Montreal Festival fun continues as this week we welcome to the show Magnus Blixtberg of the Satanic Surfers! Join Damian as he sits down with a member of one of his favourite bands & discusses growing up punk in small town Sweden, government programs being a vital factor in the formation of some amazing bands & the punk trend that swept Sweden in general. ALSO, which Turned Out A Punk alumni will be the special guest co-host at the LIVE - TURNED OUT A PUNK EVENT HAPPENING IN MONTREAL TO KICK OFF ’77 FEST? You'll have to tune in until the end to FIND OUT!!! Also Touched On: Magnus & Damian’s mutual admiration Twin Punk Attack Rude Kids On The Radio? Hearing Mob 47 On A Standard Punk Mix Asta Kask Ebba Gron Imperiat Making Your Building's Basement Into A Jam Space The Amazing Swedish Subsidized Music Resources For Kids & The Benefits Of It. Playing A First Show With The Nitwits Do you Like The D-Beat? Meeting Satanic Surfers Getting Credit For, But Not Playing On Skate To Hell The Most Insane Festival Line Up Ever Offspring & Green Day Explode Denmark vs Sweden: A Punk Culture Shock The Eagles, The Carpenters, Genesis & The Satanic Surfers: Singing Drummers Touring Canada: The Highs & The Lows Touring Germany With Millencolin In '96 A Split With Ten Foot Pole Al From Trigger Happy From Break Ups To Make Ups Japan Rules! & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 03, 2018
Footnote 174 - Spike Slawson (Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Hairstorm 84, Re-Volts, Uke-Hunt)
We are nerds in our lab, looking through the microscope. This week on the show Chris & Damian talk about the Pittsburgh/Cali connection, all things Spike Slawson & crack open that MAILBAG! RIP STEVE SOTO!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 30, 2018
Episode 174 - Spike Slawson (Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Hairstorm 84, Re-Volts, Uke-Hunt)
We are happy announce that Turned Out A Punk is coming to Montreal as part of the awesome '77 Montreal Festival Pre-Party!!! To celebrate the occasion, we are talking to a bunch of guests from the ’77 Festival leading up to the show, starting with Me First & The Gimme Gimmes’ SPIKE SLAWSON! Tune in as Spike & Damian talk all about growing up punk in Pittsburgh, all the baggage and all the traumas - celebrated, nurtured & given by punk. THIS IS A GOOD ONE! Matt Wiener Loves Prog & The Dead Kennedys Pittsburgh In The Dark Times Joining Punk  & Feeling The Strength In Numbers Getting Shit For Dressing The Part Realizing How Shitty Your Bullies Had It The Intellectual Gentrification Of Pittsburgh Carsickness Go Psychedelic  The Bizarre History Of The Electric Banana  Keith Morris Learns Not To Fuck With Johnny Banana The Five It Took A While For Hardcore To Come To Pittsburgh When Metalheads Get Into Punk Stick Against Stone The Warhol Local Influence Black Flag & Saccharine Trust Broken Bones As Grateful Dead Savage Amused Knowing That You Weren’t In LA Never Playing In Bands Until The 90’s Moving To California Punk Protest Turns Punk Gathering Points BGK Going To The Farm With Christ On Parade & Neurosis When The Orange County Came To LA The Gilman Opens Doing A Cover Band With Psychotic Pineapple Fat Mike Seeing You Perform Fat Mike: Ambition & Implementation LA Drive vs SF Vibe Not Feeling The EpiFat Sound Thrashwomen The Mummies Untamed Youth The Dwarves The Swingin' Utters Sounding Like DOA? AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 26, 2018
Footnote 173 - FAT TONY (MC, Charge It To The Game)
Do you still keep nerd pictures in your frame? Cause nerds still shut down at the sound of your name! This week on the show Chris & Damian celebrate the announcement of the impending Canadian Cannabis legalization nation… Well, Damian does at least. They also gab about the fantastic Fat Tony episode, open the mailbag & celebrate friendship like only these two can! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 24, 2018
Episode 173 - FAT TONY (MC, Charge It To The Game)
Get ready!!! This week's episode is one of the best yet! Damian is joined by rapper & Host of Thrift Haul, Houston’s favourite son, FAT TONY! Listen in as the two discuss FAT TONY's quest in isolation to uncover punk & how it helped inform his career as a rapper.  NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On:  Meeting Through Ben All Corners Of Toronto Being Part Of The Post Kurt Cobain Generation Watching the Nirvana Destroy Gear & Trying It At Home Green Day “Welcome To Paradise”, Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated” & Nirvana ONLY From Blink 182 “Enema Of The State”, to Dino Jr. & The Decendent People In West Africa Loving Country Music A Cool Mom That Loves Music & Stealing Her Nirvana CD Mom Trying To Teach You How To Play Devo On Guitar Bonding With Dad Over Al Green King Sunny Ade Sega CD As A Gateway Kriss Kross  Whodini Is Slept On Rap & Punk Big Up The Youth Down With The King: Good OR Bad? Mom Picks You Up From School & Breaks The News Of The Passing Of Fat Pat Going To MF Doom As A First Show Growing Up In Third Ward Finally Meeting A Cool White Kid Rhymes Like Dimes  Doing An Ergs Show As Your First Punk Show Becoming Friends With The One Kid With A Mohawk At A Show Atmosphere & Murs On Warped Tour 30 Foot Fall: A Divide More Rites Of Spring Than What Was Happening    Hardcore Over Punk Roy & The Fatal Flying Guillotines Buying The Jawbreaker CD Because The Warped Tour Got Rain Out Tribe Called Quest  Trying To Channel The Beastie Boys Softball With Bikini Kill AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 19, 2018
Footnote 172 - Matt Jackson (Iron Age, Coptic Times, Bitter End, Jackson's Choppers) PART #2
Back again! Here Nerds come! Chris & Damian are back to talk more about the Matt Jackson episode! This time they've called in Matt’s good friend & the subject of his opening dis: Dave It Up!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 19, 2018
Footnote 172 - Matt Jackson (Iron Age, Coptic Times, Bitter End, Jackson's Choppers) PART #1
They got him down. It’s three on one. Ten nerds show, guess who won? The week on the show it is a two part epic! In PART ONE, Chris & Damian reflect on the passing of Anthony Bourdain & his involvement in music, the discuss Matt Jackson & Iron Age. That merely just sets the stage for PART TWO with Dave It Up showing up to address Matt’s labelling of him as a nerd! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 16, 2018
Episode 172 - Matt Jackson (Iron Age, Coptic Times, Bitter End, Jackson's Choppers)
Oh, what wonderful places you will go! This week on the show Damian catches up with his old friend, ex-IRON AGE bassist, Matt Jackson!!! The last time Matt & Damian hung out, they were both Straight Edge gigging together in their band's, but what a difference a few years makes?!?! Matt Jackson has gone on to become one of the most respected motorbike builders in America & a legit biker. Damian… Well, Damian smokes a lot of weed these days.  Listen in as the two discuss going from throwing footballs on a roof, to playing in one of the wildest hardcore bands of the era & it being pretty tame compared to the rest of your life.  Also Touched On: Dave it Up’s knowledge Growing up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Throwing a football on a roof Finding Sabbath in the record collection Austin keeps it weird driving an hour a half to go to the cd store buying Punk-O-Rama, the nitro comp and the Fat comps being raised by a cowboy Mom’s cool student buy you a Pantera shirt Going to see Green Day and Samiam because mom wants to Getting into Orange 9mm A satellite dish and a gateway to punk Cranberries are hard as fuck  moving to the city to play football going edge Emo’s in all its glory getting into Judge in a Earth Crisis world Bitter End and Far From Breaking Iron Age forms “It’s Texas” Going back to school It all starts with one bike & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 13, 2018
RIP Anthony Bourdain
Hey,  It’s Damian. Anthony Bourdain was someone that championed & celebrated punk & it’s influence. He was also someone that, for some unknown reason, championed the work that I do as well. When I told him about this podcast, he was super excited to get the chance to just talk about punk rock, the music he loved. Here is the conversation we had that day as well as my eulogy for one of my personal heroes.  RIP Tony. Thank you for everything
Jun 09, 2018
Footnote 171 - "Buzz" Osborne & Brian Walsby Part #2
Nerds Of America, Is Living In The Jungle! It's Fighting For Survival With The Wrong Place To Go! This last week has been a tough one, but Chris & Damian are back for some much needed distraction. The boys attempt to breakdown the immense BUZZ & BRIAN PART #2 & even manage to get to some MAILBAG. It Is Time We Rectify This Now! We've Got To Feel It Now….WHOA! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 09, 2018
Episode 171 - "Buzz" Osborne & Brian Walsby Part #2
REJOICE! REJOICE! This week on the show we have not one, but TWO Part #2's! Damian sits down with not only the person who's career tells the story of American Alternative music, Brian Walsby, but also, the king himself - the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne! Listen in as the three have a fun backstage chat about music, band life, longevity & one of the cruelest practical jokes ever pulled on one band member by another.  Also Touched On: The Way Brian’s Brain Works Redd Kross Rich Pratt On The Life Is A Great Comp Steve McDonald: An Awe Inspiring Life Shout Out To Tony Reitman  Straight Edge By Default Uniform Choice As Minor Threat Impression Not Seeing The Legendary LA Punk Gang Violence Sensationalism To Sell History “Let’s Follow Skanker!”: Looking Up To The Older Idiot “I Was A Goody-Goody" The Godly Wretched Maximum Rock & Roll: A Punk Consistency Scott Radinsky Playing With The Grim Mac & Brian Reunited  Wwax is Buzz’s Fave Brian Band The Davidians: A Good Band That Just Never Connected Balancing A Band & Life Is Hard A Buzz Walks In How The Melvins Tour The Melvins Are Weirded Out By Fucked Up Buzz & Brian Are Optimistic  Dale Gets Pranked By Buzz & It Is Terrifying!  Why Do Dale & Buzz Remain Together? Poison Idea Around The “Feel the Darkness” Era Is One Of The Most Underrated Bands Ever Alchemy Records Is So Awesome! “Bad Religion Is A 2nd Or 3rd LA Punk Band” The SST Store: One Or Two Sales A Day Saccharin Trust Rules!!! “I Can’t Handle The Rejection” Led Zeppelin The Stones, Aretha Franklin & The Melvins Weird Thoughts On Records… What Does Buzz Collect? The Grateful Dead & The Melvins Cult  Dale & Pinkus Make A Cameo & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 04, 2018
Footnote 170 - Chris Freeman (Pansy Division, Attachments)
Nerd! Come on & Nerd yourself. Nerds! Come on & Nerd yourself! This week on the show Chris & Damian follow in Kerrang’s (misstep) footsteps & map Canada’s most hardcore. Also, we celebrate the awesomeness of Chris Freeman, Pansy Division & Punk Rock! Some Mailbags were hurt in the making of this episode. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jun 02, 2018
Episode 170 - Chris Freeman (Pansy Division, Attachments)
How often do you get to thank someone for the kindness they showed you that helped shape your life? Well this week on the show, Damian gets to thank CHRIS FREEMAN FROM PANSY DIVISION for being so rad to his younger self & his friends. They also discuss Chris’ pre-Pansy Division career in Seattle’s Attachments & the bigotry of the music world that made him quit. Then joining Pansy Division & changing punk forever! Kick back, this is a good one!  Also Discussed: Pansy Division Sets The Tone In Damian’s Eyes For How A Band Should Treat Fans Rockstars Becoming Assholes… Probably The Drugs Moving Back To Seattle From Aberdeen Devo & The B-52s Seeing Cheap Trick Opening For Kiss Aerosmith Starting To Suck… Drugs Being Too Young To See U2 On Their First Tour Mr. Bill’s The Heats & The Cowboys: The Beatles & The Rolling Stones Iggy Pop Gets Banned For Nearly Killing All Some People The Pretenders   Mondo Veda & Red Dress Going To Rocky Horror Picture Show The Blackouts Leave Town Working With Bruce & Jon. Hearing The First SubPop 45s H-Hour: Pre-Tad Soundgarden A Marketing Company Tells You, "You Can’t Be Openly Gay" Getting A Band Together Music Dies In 86' Moving To San Francisco  Joining Pansy Division Based On An Ad Seeing Redd Cross, Faith No More, Green River etc. Meeting Lynn From Tribe 8 In & Out Of Work Pansy Division Started With A Drum Machine Signing To LOOKOUT RECORDS Hearin Kerplunk & Knowing It Will Be Huge Touring With Green Day GayC/DC And Much, Much More!!!! BROGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 29, 2018
Footnote 169 - Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)
Hardcore, We live it. We breath it. Nerds can’t stop what can’t be defeated! This week, Chris is called away on a last minute mission for the core, so Dave It Up steps up to take the mic & spit that hot fire in his absence. Listen as the two dissect Kerrang’s Hardcore Geography & of course the godly Sam Beam’s 90’s sludge/doom/Stonerrock/ connection.
May 26, 2018
Oil & Flowers Episode #18
"Back in your ears for the month of May. So much to unpack in this show, BC releasing the new regulations for rec as well as the recent YouTube purge. We also speak on 420 2018 & the price game that the LP's will be creating in this new market. It's unsettling how this new legal era is shaping up. I mean, they are going to have Canadian Weed Cops! where are the Beer Cops?! SMH. We end the show with an interview, MC @Nephaomega from Vancouver Hip Hop group ALPHA OMEGA!  Squash some buds or roll them up & enjoy another edition of Oil & Flowers!
May 23, 2018
Episode 169 - Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)
WHO'D OF THUNK IT, Turned Out A Punk Meets Iron & Wine!?! That's right, this week Damian sits down with South Carolina's own, Sam Beam. Listen in as Sam tells of his journey from humble skateboarder to indie rock superhero. This one is full of surprises, SO GET READY! Also Touched On: Where Your Music Ends Up Getting Into Punk Through Skateboarding Trading Tapes COC Getting Into The Ramones Fugazi Plays Richmond & The City Shuts Down REM Claimed As Local Heroes Hüsker Dü Nirvana Pixes Sex Pistols Playing South Carolina Singing About Reagan The Infotainment Era EYEHATEGOD Lays Waste! Being Roommates With Erik From Avail Opening For Unsane Forming A Band With People From Cavity Sam’s Great Sludge Record Waiting To Come Out AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 21, 2018
Footnote 168 - Thomas Anselmi (Slow, Mirror, Copyright)
Yesterday I needed Punk, today I need some hate, but I know who was always there, now baby it's too late! Chris & Damian are back to breakdown this week's Thomas Anselmi Episode! News, Analysis & a little MAILBAG for good measure. IT'S ALL IN HERE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 18, 2018
Episode 168 - Thomas Anselmi (Slow, Mirror, Copyright)
WHAT A WEEK!!! Damian gets to sit down with Canadian Alternative music legend, Slow’s Thomas Anselmi! Listen in as the two discuss Vancouver’s punk scene from all sides: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of it. Also, interesting discussion on the role of singers, the importance of the the barrier between the audience & the band.  Also Touched On: The Sex Pistols Vomit In The Airport & An Otherwise Progressive Stepdad Is Aghast Going To Quintessence Records The Greatness Of The Early Vancouver Scene Slow Mixing The Music That Got You Beat Up With The Music Of Those Doing The Beating The Idea That Community Ruined Punk Subhumans Play Your High School The Squamish 5 A Scene Divided Starting A Band: Psychotic Dick Bites East Van Halen: The Band That Invented Grunge  The Effect Of Clifford Olson On The Young Punks No Exit Auditioning For Black Flag, In The Middle Of Their Show, Unbeknownst To Them Nick Moves To LA, Forms Painted Willie & Tries To Break Into Show Biz With An Island On His Head DOA Kinda Invented DIY Hardcore Organizing A Field Trip At Boarding School To See  The Subhumans & X Forming Slow The Making Of A Confrontational Front Person Drugs In The Vancouver Punk Scene Why Singing In A Band Sucks Expo Hurts Everyone AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 16, 2018
Footnote 167 - Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Big Rig, Classics Of Love, Common Rider)
Indie sucks, Hardline sucks, Emo sucks, Nerds sucks! This week Chris & Damian have to call in some backup for an episode of this magnitude, so Pittsburgh's favourite son Dave Martin joins the show. Laugh & learn along as the power trio discuss the Jesse Michaels Episode, the mailbag & more!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 14, 2018
Episode 167 - Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Big Rig, Classics Of Love, Common Rider)
THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS THING! This week on the show, we are joined by the legendary JESSE MICHAELS of Operation Ivy & Common Rider fame! Sit back & listen as Damian gets to talk to one of the most influential punk vocalist ever! From the Bay to the Burgh & back again, THIS EPISODE IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: June 1978 As First Contact In Via Mad Magazines Looking In NYC Bookstores While On Vacation With Dad Finding A Punk Textbook From Comics & Horror Movies Colombo Style Interrogating Your Dad’s Students About Punk B-52’s Rule!!!! Re-meeting Aaron Cometbus Hearing The Sex Pistols For The First Time The Older Brother Plug Decline Of Western Civilization Going On Punk Missions With Aaron Meeting Dave From Neurosis & Noah From Christ On Parade On One Of Those Punk Missions Going To The Infamous Eastern Front With DOA, FLIPPER, LEWD, SICK PLEASURE, 7 Seconds, HUSKER DU, THE FIX Negative Approach Never Seeing Black Flag Seeing One Or Two Songs By A Band Before You Had To Go Home Who Threw A Bottle At Wasted Youth? Reading Flipside Cover To Cover Gilman brings the bands together Seeing Minor Threat With DRI & MDC Moving to Pittsburg Half-Life Would Play Every Show Seeing Agnostic Front Liking SSD How We Rock The Notorious Fuck-Ups The All-Girl DMR Gang Aaron & Jesse Form A Flipper Worship Band “If We Couldn’t Find A Punk Kid, We Would Make One” Jeff Ott & A Different Journey Shirt For Everyday Of The Week Meeting Spike In Pittsburg Playing In Out Lash Necropolis (Pittsburg) Aggressor: Acid, Black Sabbath & Riff For Neurosis & Christ On Parade Venom: They Are Like Punk, But Really Really Creepy Slayer Metallica Loving Filth Seeing Dance Craze & Hearing Ska For The First Time Being The Crimpshrine Groupie Trve Cvlt Pvnk Soup: Pre-Samiam & Sweet Baby New Method Crucifix Tripping On Acid & Writing On Walls Mid-Tempo Melodic Punk ONLY The Adverts AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 07, 2018
Footnote 166 - Jasamine White-Gluz (No Joy, Bad Flirt)
Cramping styles is the plan, Nerds got up in the palm of their baby hands. This week on the show, it’s records & bullshit records & more bullshit. Chris & Damian go further on the topic of the PI’s Record Collectors & nerd out. They also dive in the RAD Jasmine episode & of course grapple with the MAILBAG!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 05, 2018
Episode 166 - Jasamine White-Gluz (No Joy, Bad Flirt)
It’s a family thing this week on Turned Out A Punk! Damian welcomes his good bud & modern indie rock god Jasamine White-Gluz on the show who’s band No Joy formerly featured Damian’s Cousin on drums. This episode also marks the first appearance by a sibling on TOAP! Sit back & enjoy as the two discuss going from the folly of renting a van from a band sending random emails about tours to working with your heroes all while cutting your own path. Also Touched On: Jasmine, Around The World & Into The Dingiest Backstage The Legendary Horseshoe L7 & Babes In Toyland Civ, Vandals, No Doubt As A First Show Cool Parents! First Siblings On The Show Ramones Records Laying Around The Muscle Memory Of Turning To Music Channels Montreal Rock Radio: Prog & Nu-Metal When The Hometown Hero Joins Hole Glueleg, Age of Electric, Limblifter Sloan Is The Best Band Of The Era Starting A Fake Blog To Get To Shows For Free Interviewing My Chemical Romance In A Bathroom Braid Blink 182’s Picks: Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eats World & Fugazi Walter From Quicksand Is The BEST!!!! A Girl, Guitar & A Four-track In A See Of Completely Unhelpful Sea Of Dudes Opening For Onelinedrawing Bad Flirt Starts Going To Springbreak & Booking A Tour Of It DON’T BY A VAN!!!! Being Named Laura Lloyd’s Legal Guardian For Touring Purposes DON’T SHARE A VAN WITH A BAND YOU DON’T KNOW! Alone In LA Gives No Joy Opening For Grant Hart The Smell: Best Coast, Miko Miko, Abe Vigoda and No Age With Age Comes Understanding How The Music Business Damian’s Cousin Garland: The Real Musical Talent In The Family AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 30, 2018
Footnote 165 - Jerry A (Poison Idea, Gift)
Nerds want it, nerds need it, nerds steal it, ALRIGHT! This week Chris & Damian are in good moods: they get to talk about the GODLY JERRY A & the hometown sports team, The Leafs Lost!!! HAPPY DAYS! Also discussed, a mailbag & of course tons of other bullshit & party!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 28, 2018
Episode 165 - Jerry A (Poison Idea, Gift)
He has listened to him forever, covered him, collected him, emulated him & eventually even played with him, but only now does he FINALLY get the chance to interview him! That's right, This week Damian sits down with one of his biggest inspirations, JERRY A from the godly POISON IDEA!!! Listen in as Damian & Jerry talk about his path from seeing Journey to being Kurt Cobain’s art critic and yes, also forming the GREATEST HARDCORE BAND EVER along the way! THIS ONE IS INSANE!!! Also Touched On: Damian Meets His Sinatra Ramones As First Contact Seeing Three Dog Night For His First Show Alice Cooper Is The First One That Connects Kiss Rock & Roll Forever &… It’s Over Picking The Ramones Over Everything Ramones: Children Can Relate To That Stuff The Melvins Getting You Back Into It Reading About Negative Trend In Rockscene Losing Friends Overnight Journey In The Fill In Band ZZ Top, BOC, BTO & ELO Seeing Parliament Venus & The Razorblades: “This Is Horrible” Seeing The Very First Wipers With Ice 9 Punk Is Clique Too Covering The Yardbirds & Punks Don’t Get It The Germs Could Actually Play Portland Fix Joe Carducci (From SST) Plays The Hits & Has A Store That Just A Box Of Records In An Office Selling Your Leather Jacket In 79' The Pre-Neo Boys Band Covers The Germs Hardcore Changes Everything Always Expecting Fred Cole To Be There Beauregarde Bull Ramos Smokes Weed Forming An Industrial Band With A Stolen Bass Trying To Join Smegma With A Crass Song For An Audition Canadian Subhumans vs. English Subhumans Merging Bands With Imperialist Pigs PI Cover Circle Jerks & Gacy’s Place The Mentors Were REALLY Bad When They Were In Seattle Money Changes Everything Red Tape With Darby’s lyrics & Motorhead’s Power Japanese Hardcore The Stalin State Children Flexi Pig Champion Going To Find The Fix Single As It Came Out The Smiths Cause A Divide In Poison Idea Kurt & The Melvins Like Shitty KISS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 23, 2018
FOOTNOTE 164 - Chris Baker AKA Chris No. 2 (Anti-Flag, Wharf Rats, Whatever It Takes)
Took Nerds sometime to understand the man. He is a fist in the back of my brain! This week on the show, Chris and Damian get down to it & talk Damian’s appearance on the Opposition, more weird theoretical BYO splits & of course the AWESOME Chris #2\. &  M……a…….i……l…..b…..a…..g!!!
Apr 22, 2018
Oil & Flowers Episode #17
HAPPY 420 EVERYONE!!!  Our Guest This Week Is Freddy Pritchard “DaWeedKing”
Apr 20, 2018
Episode 164 - Chris Barker AKA Chris No. 2 (Anti-Flag, Wharf Rats, Whatever It Takes)
First is the worst & second is the BEST, cause on this week's episode it's all about #2… Chris No. 2, aka Anti-Flag’s Chris Barker! Listen in as Chris & Damian discuss Chris’ journey from Anti-Flag superfan to actual member of the band & how that was just the beginning of the journey. DON'T MISS THIS! Also Touched On: Damian Forces Chris To Talk Wrestling Eric Young Is A Secret Punk?!?!… Damian's Mind Is Blown Robbie Brookside Mention!!! Getting A Tape From The Man That Left Your Cousin At The Alter That Changes Your Mind Cringer  Bad Religion An Uncle With A Guitar & A Love For Elvis Getting Die For the Government From A Kid At School Ads For Zines During Shows Getting The Hook From Ian MacKaye God Squad + Pressgang + Aus Rotten + Andy Flag = Human Investment Pleasure Heads Coming Home With The Plan To Join Anti-Flag Stay Away From 16-Year Old Chris With The Box Wine The Unseen Touring New Kind Of Army… To No One Sometimes Pete From The Bouncing Souls Passes The Record To Fat Mike “Fuck California, Fuck the Bro-Network” Humbling Fat Mike Weston Plow United I-Farm Hooks Up Go-Kart Paying For The Menzingers Album… Without Knowing OBS Covers “Drink, Drank, Punk” Justin Nearly Dies From Carbon  Touring With Rage Against The Machine Zach Picks At The Drive-In, Tom Picks Anti-Flag  Thinking Your Life Is Set “Selling Out” To Avoid Getting Ripped Off Not Fitting In On Fat At First Strung Out, Good Riddance & No Use for A Name Rise Against & Against Me! Change The Label AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 16, 2018
Footnote 163 - Autry Fulbright II (And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Vanishing Life)
And the Nerds better watchout for the razors in the night! This week on the show Chris and Damian talk Westlemania’s surprise punk cameo before diving into the Autry episode! Also MMMMMAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLBBBBBBAAAAAGGGGG BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 14, 2018
Episode 163 - Autry Fulbright II (And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Vanishing Life)
And you will know us by the trail of our good time, cause this week on the show Damian is joined by his friend and basslord Autry Fulbright. Sit back and enjoy as Autry and Damian discuss growing up in a religious family that supported a punk rebellion and how it led him to play with one of his favourite bands as well as far reaching conversations about music, art and the power of punk. Also Touched On: Nothing off the record The scary things talked about on the podcast Hearing punk on 80’s radio Crimpshrine Liberal leaning Jehovah Witnesses: progression in a conservative framework Getting into SST Records Discovering the power of the Minutemen Moving from LA to the suburbs of Georgia: a different world Finding gold at the pawnshop Why we choose the music we choose Getting into labels Fucked Up And You Will Know By The Trail of Dead Trance Syndicate Records: Cherbs Butthole Surfers Let the past live in the past Roky Erickson Quicksand Calling Ian MacKaye Bad Religion Basquiat Gold Standard Labs Le Shock Going to see h2o and your dad going too Touring with Youth Of Today, Trash Talk, American Nightmare Walter’s stage moves while playing bass Stage diving on onto one person Going to see Jethro Tull play there first show MC5 and the flute Unwritten Law Shelter’s ska period Matador goes rap Kira and Mike Watt’s Dos Flag and the gnarliness “I’m going to be in Vanishing Life.” Zach nails Suburban Home NoFX’s I Heard They Suck Live is amazing Lou Barlow is a genius Which version of Crucified is the best? War On Drugs Seeing J around the world AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 09, 2018
Footnote 162 - Abdullah Saeed (High Maintenance, Bong Appetit, Great Moments In Weed History)
NA-NA-NA-NA-Nerds. This week Chris and Damian talk about the Abdullah episode from two completely different perspectives on the issue of cannabis but shared love for the Abdullah. Also talked about: greatest hardcore love songs of all time.
Apr 06, 2018
Episode 162 - Abdullah Saeed (High Maintenance, Bong Appetit, Great Moments In Weed History)
Pass The Podcast To The Left Hand Side! This week, Damian has friend & one of America’s most beloved stoners, Abdullah Saeed on the show! Sit back a RREEEEEELLLLLAAAAAAXXXXXX as the two cannabis advocates sit down & discuss Abdullah’s journey from Alien Workshop loving kid to touring punk drummer & of course, lots of weed talk.  Also Touched On: Cars & Weed Moving To America At 13 The Popularity Of Alien Workshop In Thailand Playing Drums Green Day Primus Mike Does Not Give A FUCK … but Mike Likes Pop Punk Not Liking Blink 182 Starting A Band Dead Kennedys: The Most Intellectual Anarcho Punk Exploited Black Flag Getting Your Brother’s Old Turntables Smoking Weed With EL-P MC Paul Barman Breeze Bruin The Kominas: Living Free In Spite Of Everyone Growing Up In America As A Brown Person Post 9/11 Was Not Fun Forming The Fascist Police A Knack For Naming Things Loving Weed More Than Other People The Art Of Paradox Meets PoPo Can Cannabis Change The Machine? & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 02, 2018
Footnote 161 - Jack Black (Actor, Comedian, Musician, Tenacious D, Mr. Show, High Fidelity, Kung Fu Panda...EVERYTHING)
Early to finish, nerds were late to start! This week on the show, Chris & Damian sit down to discuss the awesomeness of the Jack Black episode including a discussion of the greatest non-punk sounding punk supergroups. Also, a little mailbag & a little bit of weed talk too. BROUGH TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 31, 2018
Episode 161 - Jack Black (Actor, Comedian, Musician, Tenacious D, Mr. Show, High Fidelity, Kung Fu Panda...EVERYTHING)
Never make the mistake of trying to hide your punk rock past from Turned Out A Punk. Eight years ago while their band's were touring Australia, Jack Black made the error in judgement of denying his punk past to your humble host, Damian Abraham. Now, all these years later, that lie caught up with him. Please, sit back & enjoy as Damian presents his evidence to Jack & finds out quickly how punk very much did play a part in young Jack’s life. Learn how an early encounter with DEVO would lead Jack to co-front one of the great punk super groups: Tenacious D… & be a massive film and TV star… That too. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: Damian Is Going Present The Case Jack’s Brother Inventing The Whip Sound On “Whip It” Going To See The Freedom Of Choice Tour At Age 11 Is DEVO Punk? Jack Thinks Damian Is Lying About Punk History Eraserhead & DEVO Visual Similarity Damian Thinks Jack Is Lying About Rock History DEVO WAS RIGHT!!!!! Robot Wisdom The Valuable Worthless Artifact From Journey to Ozzy Getting Into The Minutemen & Finding fIREHOSE Mustard & S.O.S. The Meat Puppets The Pixies & The Fat Awesomeness Of Frank Black Keith Morris Remembering Jack From When He Was A Kid Making Videos For OFF! Steve McDonald & Redd Kross Milo Goes To College Is The Best Record Ever Meeting Bill Stevenson & Singing Him Descendents Getting To The Bottom Of The “Jack Black Moshing” Photo Visual Discrimination Is Not A Sketchy Band Violence In The Pit The Vandals' Warren Fitzgerald’s Amazing Physical Skill Mr Show & David Cross: Punks Helping Punks Jack’s First Movie… Staring As A Punk Singer Going To School With Brett Morgan Yo Gabba Gabba & punk AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 26, 2018
Footnote 160 - Peter Perrett (The Only Ones, England's Glory, The One)
A Commitment, That Will Remain Inside, Just Something Nerds Will Never Forget. This week on the show, Chris and Damian sit down and discuss the Peter Perrett episode as well as memorializing 7 Seconds on the announcement of their retirement. Also MMMMMAAAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLLLLBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAGGGGGGG BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 24, 2018
Oil & Flowers Episode #16
This week @VaderOG from @oceangrowseeds is on the podcast! Again, we're bringing you another great interview from the 2017 Emerald Cup. We speak on more of the newly released laws, including Ontario's plan to allow lounges for consumption. Also, some new travel tales. SET YOUR TIMER & GET READY TO DAB WITH US!
Mar 21, 2018
Episode 160 - Peter Perrett (The Only Ones, England's Glory, The One)
Who are the greatest ever British songwriters? Well, if your list doesn’t include Peter Perrett, it's not the same as Damian’s. This week on the show, Damian gets to sit down & chat with one of the best of all time: Peter Perrett!!! Kick back as they chat all about life before during & after punk's first hit. Also, The Only Ones & Lou Reed being perfectly creepy & exactly what the world needed at the time Also Touched On: Meeting Malcolm McLearn At Let It Rock The Many Meanings Of Punk Forming England’s Glory Music As The Only Escape For Teenagers Back Then Being Through Punk By The Time Punk Finally Happened Rebelling Against Rebellion Lyrics Are Paramount Being Put Off By The Music Industry Early Making 25 Copies There Isn’t Enough Room For One Lou Reed In The Music Industry. Fooling Nick Kent Into Thinking He Was Hearing Unreleased Velvets Getting Into The Velvet Underground Lou Reed Wants To “Eat” Not Liking The New York Dolls “Hi, I’m Johnny Thunders & I Love Your Voice.” Playing Max’s In The 80's With Johnny For The Last Time In Walks Mike Kellie & Fires Your Other Drummer Starting Vengeance Records Seeing The First Sex Pistols Shows In 1975 The Heartbreakers The Split With Sham 69 & MUCH, MUCH MMMMMOOOOOORRRRREEEEEE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 19, 2018
Footnote 159 - John "Speedo" Reis (Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, The Night Marchers, Swami Records)
Nerds Wait For The Blackout, The Light Is Too Bright. This week on Footnotes, Chris & Damian take a deep dive into the John Reis Episode to talk Pushead, Nemesis Records & Rocket From The Crypt. Also, a disaster of a news segment & the mailbag toooooooooooooooooooo! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 17, 2018
Episode 159 - John "Speedo" Reis (Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, The Night Marchers, Swami Records)
WHAT A WEEK?!?! Damian & his kid's are very proud to have Yo Gabba Gabba’s own JOHN REIS ON THE PODCAST! John of course plays the music loving Swami on the show & also plays in a few bands as well… THAT’S RIGHT, THE SWAMI HIMSELF, A.K.A. SPEEDO FROM RFTC, HOT SNAKES, PITCHFORK & DRIVE LIKE JEHU IS ON THE SHOW!!! THIS ONE RULES!!!  Also Touched On: A White Whale Guest Growing Up A Theatre Kid Ian Brings A Dictaphone Black Flag Over The Sex Pistols Listening To Kiss Like Audio Comic Books Hearing The Saints Battalion Of Saints RFTC: Keeping The Flame Going For Vinyl Seeing The Jackson 5 Live Seeing Kiss Seeing Black Flag In 84' Coatis Interruptis Becomes Conservative Itch Cops Bust Parties The Origins Of The Legendary Casbah Going To LA To Escape The Violence Of San Diego  TFM: Totally Fast Music DRI Discharge Being Into Strumming Really Fast SPEEDO DROPS SONS OF ISHMAEL!!!! What Was Wrong With Chicago? The Origins Of Che Cafe No All Punk Band Gigs Forming Pitchfork The Origins Of The Name & How Rocket From The Tombs Was Even On The Radar  No Fitting In With The Jock Scene Smoking Pot Straight Edge Drive Like Jehu Forms Cargo and Headhunter Start The LEGEND Of O Forming Rocket From The Crypt Getting Into The Damned Retroactively  Not Liking Grunge Music & Wanting To Be The Opposite Not Being Into Nation Of Ulysses, But Still Loving Them California Shaping Your Sound Touring Japan With Long Gone John and Pushead Meeting Sakevi From GISM Why Touring Japan Is The Best Dealing With Majors AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 12, 2018
Footnote 158 - Michael Ian Black (Comedian, Author, Director, The State, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, Another Period)
It takes sometime to fix it up, but that’s something Nerds do. This week on the show Chris & Damian discuss the amazing hardcore kid past of Michael Ian Black as well as everyone's shared love of Hüsker Dü. Also: MAILBAG BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 09, 2018
Episode 158 - Michael Ian Black (Comedian, Author, Director, The State, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, Another Period)
"Time Heals, Time Goes On & Time Really Flies." THIS WEEK WE HAVE MICHAEL IAN BLACK ON THE SHOW!!! Listen in as Damain & Michael discuss everything from City Gardens to 10,000 Maniacs to who was his most feared New York Hardcore band. This one goes even deeper than we could have expected, so kickback & get ready!!! Also Touched On: Growing Up In The Wilds Of Hillsborough, New Jersey Reading The Candy Apple Grey Review “Oh, They Sold Me A Bum Cassette” Why Would There Be Static On A Tape? Liking Pop & MTV There Must Be More Than Wham! & Duran Duran Out There. "Candy Apple Grey Was My Sgt. Peppers" Going to Princeton Record Exchange To Find Things That Scared, Shocked & Were Funny. 10,000 Manics Is Way Too Nutty Of A Band Name For A Tame Band Princeton Record Exchange Employees Forming A Band With Tim Shaw (Ensign) "The Pleased" Fear Of Sick Of It All Mosh & Die Violence In The Scene Going To City Gardens A Whirlwind Of Change Hating Metal An Intense Discussion On The Effect Of GNR & Jane’s Addiction Sounding Like A Bunch Of Suburbanite 16 Year Old Hardcore Kids Getting The Growl Playing CBGBs Joining The State Kari Kenney’s Cake Like The Music Scene In New York Going To Shows By Yourself & Much, Much More…. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 05, 2018
Footnote 157 - Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm, Ghost Decibels)
Positive hardcore is what nerd claim. Open minded music is our game. This week Chris & Damian sit down to talk about the awesome Chaka Malik & nerd out about all things NYHC and punk. BROUGHT TO YOU BY #Vans
Mar 02, 2018
Episode 157 - Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm, Ghost Decibels)
We aren’t here for a long time, but this week come join us for an amazing time cause NEW YORK HARDCORE LEGEND CHAKA MALIK IS ON THE SHOW!!! Join Damian as he sits down with Chaka to find out about the path that took him to becoming one of the genres all time greatest front people. Again, this isn’t a super long episode, BUT it more than makes up for it with awesomeness. Sit back & hear some stories - Punk, Hardcore, GRAFFITI, mosh pits, hugs and more!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 26, 2018
Footnote 156 - Patty Schemel (Author, Hole, Death Valley Girls, Kill Sybill, The Circuit Side, Upset)
THEY CALLED IT THE NERD PACK, WE CALLED IT UNITED NERDS!!! This week on the show Chris & Damian talk about how awesome Patty is, ask where Kiss was most popular & take a deep dive into the K discography! THIS IS LIVING!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 23, 2018
Episode 156 - Patty Schemel (Author, Hole, Death Valley Girls, Kill Sybill, The Circuit Side, Upset)
What An Episode!!! This week, Hits So Hard author (https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/titles/patty-schemel/hit-so-hard/9780306825088/) & Hole/Upset/ Death Valley Girls etc. drummer, Patty Schemel is on the show! Join us as Patty sits down with Damian to talk about growing up punk in small town Washington & how her hometown scene would up changing the world of music forever. Seriously, this one made the TOAP Hall Of Fame. DON'T MISS IT!!! Also Touched On: Mutual Love & Respect Patti Smith On SNL As First Contact Nowhere To Buy Punk Records Canada Has SCTV & SCTV Has The Plasmatics & Rough Trade Time Square’s Amazing Soundtrack Going To The Comic Book Store To Buy Rock Scene Buying Leave Home On 8 Track The Pacific Northwest Obsession With KISS Being Cursed For Life  Carol Pope Is A Pioneer Brave New Waves Was THE BEST!!! Asexuals Invented Pop Punk  Early 54-40 Is Super Underrated The Secret Punk History Of Platinum Blonde Pointed Sticks Moral Lepers Seeing The Ramones At The Hippadrome Footloose In Reallife  Circle Jerks’ Terrible Fanbase Duff Comes Back To Town… With His New Friends, But The Violent Femmes Were Playing In The Other Room Soundgarden, Melvins & Husker Du All On One Show The Fastbacks & DOA At Gorilla Gardens… But Getting Arrested Before DOA Played Forming The Milkbones & Playing With The Accused The Deep Six Comp Bruce Pavitt’s Record Collection Dropping Acid & Listening To Spaceman 3 The Archetype Of 90’s Indie Record Label Ownership Kill Sybill & Much, Much More... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 19, 2018
Episode 155 - Rocky Romero (New Japan Pro-Wrestling, ROH, Lucha Libre USA)
This week on Turned Out A Punk we are celebrating the announcement of "Turned Out A Punk Live in LA: The Punk/Wrestling Connection" (on February 25th) and what better way to celebrate than by having LA wrestling hero Rocky Romero? So sit down and enjoy as Damian gets to talk to one of his favourite wrestler's and a secret punk kid about the journey to training with Antonio Anoki and becoming a star in Japan. Also touched on: Listening to Sublime “Check this band out, it’s a little harder than what you are you to” Operation Ivy The Misfits Loving horror movies Video Store Culture Independent film in the 90s the problem(s) with Tarantino the state of wrestling Anoki and music and wrestling Union 13 The adventures of going to your first show The early days of the internet “What happens is they turn off the internet?” printing out binders of information Wu-Tangs one off record as a model Is the WWE the ultimate custom match company Starting a band & MUCH, MUCH MORE… BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 12, 2018
Oil & Flowers Episode #15
On this episode we have @_thevillage who are one half of @symbioticgenetics. We talk about mimosa & purple punch, 2 of California's biggest cultivars. I also break down my 2017 Emerald Cup experience. It was my first time & possibly the last time going, as it's currently known. We also talk more on Canada and all the new rules and regs that are coming out fast & furiously. Enjoy this fresh & toasted episode of OIL & FLOWERS!
Feb 08, 2018
Episode 154 - RIP Cheryl Hastings
A few days ago my brother and I lost our mother. She was an amazing person that tried to help the people around her and brought joy to all that knew her. This episode is dedicated to her. I love you forever mom. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 05, 2018
Footnote 153 - Jim Cuddy (The HiFi's, Blue Rodeo)
Nerds not against you, nerds not against me, nerd only want reality! This week on the show Damian is out of commission so Chris springs into action and calls on the two Daves to step in and make sure your hearing people talk about punk quota is filled. And what a hell of a show they giving you!!! Warning: The Daves audio sounds a little weird and well… punk but we are working for it for next week.
Feb 04, 2018
Episode 153 - Jim Cuddy (The HiFi's, Blue Rodeo)
This week on Turned Out A Punk, one of the greatest Canadian songwriters of all-time (He’s in the Hall Of Fame for it): Jim Cuddy!! Jim has a fantastic new album called Constellation (In stores now!), but for the purposes of our show we take Jim back to his early days as a power popper in the HiFi’s to see how punk helped & hindered his journey to Blue Rodeo, ultimately changing Canadian music forever…. and of course the DOA, The BFG’s & Canadian bands in Alphabet City. THIS IS A MONSTER OF AN EPISODE!!!!  Also Touched On: Diodes and Demics were THE bands Forming the HiFi’s Beatlesqe Randy (not Rampage) and DOA Power Pop Elvis Costello The appeal of punk Punk grows up Steve Koch Hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time Why was there no first wave punk from Kingston? Chris Speeding “You guys wanna rumble, you know, for like money?” Cabana Room BFGs Meeting bitterness from the music scene upon success but not from the musicians The passing of Handsome Ned and how it changed Toronto The arrival go heroine “The elegant junkie” myth No interest in being “An Event Band” Ready Records courting Blue Peter Picking Colin Newman Getting on the radio Dave Booth a Rockabilly manager with a great ear The Spoons and Ceramic Hello No fitting in with Synth and getting out of town Post HiFi recording The 70’s were competitive in music Going to New York Anyone can get a gig in CBGBs Cowboy Junkies living in Alphabet City Getting “Charlie Brown’d” the the record biz The **_*_** Wives: the most controversial band in the city The difference between Vancouver and Toronto’s scene Chris Huston: the link & MUCH, MUCH MORE... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 29, 2018
Episode 152 - Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets To Brazil, Forgetters, Thorns Of Life)
THE WORLD IS AN OYSTER & WE'VE GOT BLAKE SCHWARZENBACH ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!! Right on the heels of Jawbreaker's recent show announcements, Blake took sometime out of the practice schedule to sit down & talk everything from The Wipers to Ratt to Econochrist. This one is so much fun, so kickback, relax & get ready…I GOT IT!!! Also Touched On: Blake Is stoked To Meet Damon From Blur Playing With Radiohead, Oasis & NO DOUBT Middle School In Portland An AMAZING First Grip Of Singles: The Wipers, Sado Nation and Echo & The Bunnymen Getting The Forgetters Sound Loving Post-Punk Guitars Growing Up A Music Kid Dad’s New Wave Girlfriend Pat Benatar & Loverboy Van Halen The Kinks Loving Palm Muted Guitar The Beat & Power Pop Moving To LA Going To The Palladium To See The Adolescents Meeting The New Romantics Getting Into The Paisley Underground: Where The Cool Kids Go Dream Syndicate: The Days Of Wine & Roses Seeing the Go-Go’s Give The Drummer Some: Starting In Music On Forming Red Harvest: The Surf Goth Power Trio E Minor C Progression: The Best Magnolia Thunderpussy SST Records Covering Bad Religion Boinker Music: New Wave Crap Renouncing Punk & Getting Into Metal Loving Sludgey Stuff… & Ratt Being Too Angry For Santa Cruz Getting Kicked Out Of College For Arson Going to NYU Reaching Synthesis Learning About East Coast Hardcore Loving The DC Scene Too Much Male Bravado In The CB’s Scene Flower: The Pre-Cell Band Live Skull Embrace Jawbreaker: The Result Of A Happy Failure Dramarama: The Root Of So Much Sending A Tape To MRR The First Show With The Post Three O’Clock Band At Club 88 The Partitions Of LA Government Issue At The AntiClub To LA Meeting Econochrist & Having A Firework Battle Bitchmagnet: An Amazing Band With A Terrible Name Getting On Boner Records… They Were Pretty Dark & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 22, 2018
Footnote 151 - Brody King
I called the Nerds, up in the mornin’! This week on the show Chris and Damian settle back into the normal format for the first time in months!!!! And what a week to do so?!?! The Gruesome Twosome discuss the Brody King episode including the HIGHLY controversial Rev VS Victory debate. ALSO THE RETURN OF THE MAILBAG! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 20, 2018
Episode 151 - Brody King (God's Hate, Defy, MLW, PCW)
How many hardcore front people are 6’7” & can fly like a luchador? BRODY KING CAN! This week on the show, Brody sits down with Damian to talk about the juggling act of being the singer of God’s Hate & an in-demand wrestling talent on the scene. So listen up as the two talk beat down hardcore to beating dudes down in the ring. Also Touched On: Brandon From The Neighbourhood & His Punk-O-Rama CD Going To Warehouse Music For “Skateboard Music” “Stranger Than Fiction” Being The First Record You Ever Bought Hating Green Day The Shocking Nature Of A Bad Religion Shirt Slipknot (Not The REV One) Skate Punk & Nu-Metal Goth Unity Korn Is THE Band Of Bakersfield Not Getting Into Pantera & Slayer Because The Nazi Kids Liked Them The Filthy McNasty: Local Punk Hero Prison Mark & Blood Stands Still Getting Into Hatebreed Unknowing Of Hardcore Hard Pitting Goes Mainstream SOMEONE ELSE WHO BELIEVES EARLY VICTORY BEATS OUT EARLY REV!!!! Lars & The Bastards Twitching Tongues Seeing Throwdown & Going Straight Edge Japanese Hardcore Warhead Clown: Japan’s Realest Band Slapdown: The Smackdown Logo’d Beatdown Down Wrestling In Japan Main Eventing VS. Singing At A Soldout Hardcore Show Getting Kicked Out Of Your First Real Band Starting God’s Hate Terror’s Scott & Jordon: This Generation’s Odd Couple Andy Williams: Hard mosh Buried Alive Dave Crist & The Hardcore Having To Choose Music Or Wrestling Robbie Brookside (Of Course) The Difference Between Going To A Show As A Person In A Band VS. Going To A Show As A Wrestler MVP (Of Course) Learning To Respect Juggalos Kevin Gill: The Juggalo/ HC Connection AND MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 15, 2018
Footnote 150 - Drew Carolan & Jamie Stewart
Screaming Nerds! Screaming Nerds! Screaming Nerds! This week things on the show things start getting back to normal, so to celebrate Chris has come over to Damian’s house to record a rare IN-PERSON SHOW!!!! What a better way to celebrate than by talking about how awesome Jamie Stewart is? Well, how about also talking about how awesome Drew Carolan is too!!! OH, HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 13, 2018
Episode 150 - Jamie Stewart (XIU XIU, Ten In The Swear Jar, IBOPA, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Blue Water White Death, Former Ghosts, Hexa, Teen Plaque, XXL)
"I Know, I Know, I Know, IT'S OVER!" This week we've got JAMIE STEWART on the show! That's right, Jamie jumped on the TOAP Bat Phone to gab all about Punk, New Wave & everything outside & in-between. This one is seriously awesome & has tons of stuff squished into just over an hour! Stop What You're Doing & LISTEN TO THIS! Also Touched On: A Round About Way Into Punk Punk Not Allowed In The House Due To A Lack Of Musical Objectiveness But, There Was Some New Wave Allowed In Missing Warped Tour Stuff Gratefully Getting In A Band With PUNK LEGENDS For Your First Gigging Experience Playing A Fretless Ibanez Bass In The Greatest Named Band Ever: BRUTUS ATE A TACO Bebop Records Seeing An Early Jane’s Addiction At A Record Store Seeing David Bowie & Siouxsie & The Banshees Going To Reggae Shows & Wearing A Tam The Longest Running High School Band: One Gig A Year Musician Wanted For A Band That Sounds Like Free Jazz Era Coltrane & NIN Barry & The Rehearsal Studio The Drum Club: The Most LA Music Industry Thing You Will Ever Hear TECHNOPRIMAL: Electronic Drums, Alternative Tuned Bass & A Christian Rock Guitar Player Live Nude Psychics: Misspelt Getting Schooled By The Greats Borrowing NoFX’s Amps Josie Cotton & Geza X Paul Roessler A Forced On Stage Blues Jam Session With GG Allin Seeing Babyland & Nearly Getting Smashed In The Face By A Flying Wrench Recording Raggedy Anne (The Pre-Donnas Riot Grrrl Band On A Protools Proto-Type) & MUCH, MUCH MORE… BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 08, 2018
Footnote 135-147: The End Of The Year Mixtape Vol. 2, Side B
Continued from Side A... The nerds are back in town! This week on the return of Footnotes, Damian and Chris get together to reflect on the last bunch of episodes. Dave Martin & Dave It Up also join in on the fun, BUUUUUTTTTT things really heat up when then idea is hatch’d for the Turned Out A Punk Hall Of Fame!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 04, 2018
Footnote 135-147: The End Of The Year Mixtape Vol. 2, Side A
The nerds are back in town! This week on the return of Footnotes, Damian and Chris get together to reflect on the last bunch of episodes. Dave Martin & Dave It Up also join in on the fun, BUUUUUTTTTT things really heat up when then idea is hatch’d for the Turned Out A Punk Hall Of Fame!!!!!! Continued on Side B... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 04, 2018
Episode 149 - Drew Carolan (Photographer)
Thirty-Five years ago a young photographer set up a mobile studio on the Bowery & spent the next few years documenting the young punks that made up the early CBGB's hardcore scene. Last year, this photo project was released as a book called Matinee & now that photographer, Drew Carolan, is on Turned Out A Punk! Join Damian as he and Drew chat about finding punk before the term was coined in mid 70's Long Island. Also, how it led him to Matt Dillion, Harley, Mark Ryan & documenting hardcore shows to making videos for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Living Color. Also Discussed: Growing Up In Long Island Going To Hot Dog Beach For The Laughing Dogs The Shirts In All Their Glory Seeing Patti Smith In All Her Spitting Glory Getting Into The MC5 & The Stooges NYC Record Stores The Fugs GFR At MSG Seeing The Ramones For The First Time Getting Into Photography Enter Harley: Seeing The Stimulators For The First Time In 1979 Stumbling On To The CBGB’s New Scene Setting Up A Mobile Studio On The Bowery “Some Of Them Thought I Was A Cop” Meeting Tony Dust Mike Judge: “I Ain’t Going Over There. That Guy’s A Cop.” Seeing Agnostic Front & Being Blown Away Jerry’s Kids & FUs Crucifix MDC “It’s Crack Yo”: The Rise Of Drugs The End Of The Project The Changing Of The Scene Meeting Cooch Making Music Videos & MUCH MUCH MORE.... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 31, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #14
Guest This Week: @ninjaOG We are back before the end of 2017 with the last show of the year with wha we called somewhat of an emergency episode. In this instalment, we talk about a lot of the new regulations coming down from Health Canada in the last month & how they appear to open the door for craft & small cannabis producers. We also talk about our recent travels, as always. Also, at the Emerald cup in Northern California earlier this month (Dec 2017) I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the breeders of "Ocean Grown Seeds" (@NinjaOG). It's just one of the few interviews you'll be hearing coming up from the Emerald cup 2017 in 2018. So if you're on vacation, curled up by the fire with your mushrooms drying in your socks over the fireplace. Heat up the torch & enjoy this year end episode of the Oil & Flowers Podcast!
Dec 27, 2017
Episode 148 - Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene, K.C. Accidental, Kevin Drew & Co.)
IT'S FINALLY HERE! KEVIN DREW IS ON TURNED OUT A PUNK! Several years in the making and now just in time for the holidays!!! It is a post Hanukkah Miracle!!! Listen in as Damian sits down with one of his best friend's in music, Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene to talk about how he isn’t a punk but ultimately he really is and it is awesome! Also Discussed: Damian’s Barbwire Bat Kevin’s Dad’s Records Hearing The Sex Pistols Based On Colour Scheme The Dads & The Who Connection Wasting A Life Chasing A Dream Getting Jaded Quoting Farris Buller Being Scared Of Dark Side Of The Moon New Order Kids VS Depeche Mode Kids The Clash Walkmen Child Sex Makes You Lose Your Memory Kevin Writing & Staring In A Play Meeting Amy From Stars Project 9 13 Engines Nancy Despot Orange Alert The 8th Rib: The Pre-Deadly Snakes and Taking Speed To See One Step Beyond: The Pre-New Deal Band “It’s Called Ritalin. Have One.” The Cult At The Skydome Rage Against The Machine Seeing The Tragically Hip For The First Time Getting Into Sonic Youth & 7Seconds Meeting Greg Dick At 10 Years Old Going To See Dinosaur Jr. Getting Into Pavement Damian & Kevin’s Craziest Hang's All Over The Place Kevin’s First Band: Quicksand…. No, Not That One Crowd Surfing Parties In Kevin’s Room Explosion In The Sky: Best People Frightened Bread: Kevin Just Runs Around On Stage… On Drugs Kevin Spits In Bradford Cox’s Mouth & MUCH, MUCH MORE... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 23, 2017
Episode 147 - Freddy Alva (Author, New Breed Comp, Wardance Records, Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore)
The week on the show we blow the whole hardcore/graffiti connection wide open with guest and author of the new book Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore, Freddy Alva! Sit back as the two discuss Freddy’s journey coming to & growing up in NYC with early rap, graffiti, hardcore and how it led him to documenting the connection between these worlds. This is a monster episode for all the fans of PUNK history and cultural studies! Also Touched On… Killing Joke On The Radio Freestyle vs. Breakdancing Meeting Writers Mackie & The Style Wars Connection Frontline: The Graffiti Hardcore Connection Bad Brains Come To New York & Changes Everything Graffiti & NYHC Logo Meeting An Armed Citizen In Jr. High Anthony Comunale Going To See Dayglo Abortion & Raw Power At CBGBs With A New Wave Friend Violence In HC Cro-Mags At The Ritz ABC No Rio & The "New" New York Scene Sane’s Of Sane Smith’s Punk Connection The Pyramid Club Some Records FTW & Zine Culture In New York Making The New Breed Comp Wanting To Document Absolution Divergent Politics Co-existing In NYHC Noise Rock: A Scene Unto Itself Noiseville Records Inside Out NY: More Obscure Then Than They Are now Time for Living: Beastie Boys Covering Frontline Tony Reitman Rules! Stimulated Dummies: The First Two Singers Of Frontline Filthy Sex: The MOST Obscure Graffiti/Punk Band Cooch Knows Punk In Peru & Much, Much More!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 16, 2017
Episode 146 - Matt Cross (Lucha Underground, Ring Of Honor, Chikara)
The Wrestle Punk Revolution Is Real!!!! This week on Turned Out Of Punk Damian is joined by the proud punk and independent wrestling pioneer M-Dogg 20 aka Son Of Havoc aka Matthew Capiccioni! Join Damian and Matt (and Jake the Ref and Mr. Pickles the Cat) as they sit down at Damian’s Kitchen table to discuss the journey from stumbling into a Face to Face show to singing with Integrity in Japan and the entire Wrestling/Punk Connection! Also Touched On: Matt (and Jake) come to Damian’s house What if Wrestlers sang in bands? Wanting to put together a straight edge supergroup Not a lot of edge breakers in wrestling Music not being your thing Beach Boys and Roy Orbison LIVE Going to Industrial shows Going Buzzardfest ’95 for Moby but coming face to face with Face To Face “You don’t like it. It’s punk.” The Ramones and the Sex Pistols in 1996 Hearing Op Ivy and everything else dying the Swinging Utters being criminally underrated White Noise: poor choice for a band name Earth Crisis, Path Of Resistance and the allure of gang culture to young straight edge kids Missing your prom to see Path Finding out about the One Life Crew… in Cleveland Earth Crisis almost killing your friend getting a ride home from Josh Prohibition Meeting Integrity in Japan Misfits cover band ECW was the Punk of wrestling… and WWE is U2 Bringing the aggressive audience interaction to pro wrestling Pro-Wrestling: the punkest sport Wrestling has it’s punk moment The Wrestling/Punk convention AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 09, 2017
Episode 145 - Dan Vapid (Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, The Methadones, Dan Vapid & The Cheats)
"DANNY VAPID OF THE METHADONES, 1, 2, 3, 4!!!" This week we're joined by non other than POP PUNK / HARDCORE HERO, DAN VAPID! Dan jumped on a call with Damian to take a quick trip down memory lane and man, his metal/punk roots go deep. Get ready for a fun one!!! Also Touched On: Getting Into Metal & Punk In Des Plaines, IL Fast & Loud On Saturday Nights. Hearing The Offenders - I Hate Myself Articles Of Faith, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, The Misfits Made The Biggest Impact Going With His Brother To The Death Strike Audition Dan's Brother Playing In Abomination The Mission To Get Records At Wax Tracks First Show: The Descendents & Seven Seconds Los Crudos & Martin Going To See Out Of Order, Life Sentence Starting A Band At 15 - STP Joining Generation Waste & Playing With The Exploited, Adolescents, Corrosion of Conformity Bhopal Stiffs, ID Under, No Empathy, GEAR Seeing Shows In Palatine, IL Embracing The Ramones & Early Punk In Your Late Teens Hearing Screeching Weasel For The First Tim & Thinking The Lyrics Were Too Stupid until "American Suicide" Recording Punk House & Unlimited Potential Joining Weasel & Being Forced On Bass Borrowing All The Equipment On The First SW Tour The Impact Of The Bay Area, Maximum RNR & 924 Gilman St Playing A Show With Green Day At Larry Livermore's Place Meeting Joe Queer & Much, Much More... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 02, 2017
Episode 144 - Tony Rettman Part #2 (Author)
IT'S A TONY RETTMAN PART #2!!! That's right, this week we are joined by punk rock author force of nature, Tony Rettman! Tony originally came out for the New York Live Show (Episode 115 - TURNED OUT A PUNK IN NYC), but talk about a guest more deserving of a stand alone episode. Tony can nerd out with the best of em and that's just what these two get up to. Get ready for a TOAP / FOOTNOTE HYBRID!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 28, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #13
Back again after a long pause, but no worries. We have a great interview this week with Youtube host Crazy Dego joining us. We also talk about smoking in the Congo or the lack there of as well as more legalization talk. Sit back and get lit with us!
Nov 23, 2017
Episode 143 - Vic Bondi (Articles Of Faith, Alloy, Eidolon, Jones Very, Report Suspicious Activity, Dead Ending)
WE'RE BACK WITH VIC BONDI!! The Chicago punk/hardcore legend sat down with Damian to talk about everything from The Accüsed to Steely Dan. There's so much to go over here that they barely scratch the surface, but in TOAP fashion, a Part #2 has already been planned. Bet Your Bottom Dollar You'll Loose The Blues! Also Touched On: Growing Up In Pensacola, Florida Getting A Radio & Discovering Soul Music & Classic Rock Reading About Punk In Rolling Stone Elvis Costello On SNL Hearing Never Mind The Bollocks Give Em Enough Rope Safe European Home Changed Everything Seeing The Clash At The Aragon Ballroom Identifying With Punk Rock "In The Shadow Of The 60's" Forming Direct Drive The Effigies, Strike Under, Naked Raygun, Trail By Fire, DVA & 1st Wave Chicago Punk DeKalb, IL & The Subverts Moving To Chicago Getting Your Body Bag Single Signed & Getting Back "Biafra Punks Fuck Off" Going To Shows In DC & Catching The Bad Brains In 81' The Birth Of Articles Of Faith & Building A Scene Booking Shows At The Central American Social Club Big Boys, Personality Crisis, Young Lions & MDC The Accüsed Orthodoxy In Punk Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young Punks Always Considered "Beyond The Pale" Never Stop Seeking Out New Music The Internet Killed The Independent Punk Star Recording What We Want Is Free From 2:00AM Until 8:00AM For $500.00 Dead Ending & Jones Very The Mixed Blessing Of Modern Music & Technology Working On Weatherman With Tom Morello The Clash vs. The Pistols (Again) Seeing Elvis Costello & Steely Dan Give Yourself Completely To The Live Show Or Don't Bother. Don't Half Step! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 15, 2017
Episode 142 - Walter Schreifels Part #3 (Dead Heavens, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits etc.)
THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S A PART #3! Damian once again gets the chance to sit down with the bonafide Hardcore Legend, WALTER SCHREIFELS! More of a shooting-of-shit than a formal interview, Walter carved out an hour prior to the Dead Heavens set in Toronto to catch up & go over... Pretty much everything. We owe Walter a commemorative jacket or something after this one. You're In For A Serious TOAP Treat! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Nov 03, 2017
Episode 141 - Jord Samolesky (Propagandhi)
JORD SAMOLESKY IS FINALLY ON THE SHOW! A very long time in the making, but it finally happened. Kick back and listen as Damian & Jord discuss how 2 kids from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba were able to change the landscape of Canadian Punk & influence a whole generation. Also Touched On: Getting into Metal, Mullets & Maiden Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind Tour At 13 Meeting Chris & The Introduction To Celtic Frost & Venom Records On Wheels & It's Importance D.O.A. Gig On A Whim In Port Douglas & How It Changed Everything Beach Mutants MRR Record Reviews & Mail Order Seeing The Doughboys & Government Issue Moving To Winnipeg In 88' Going To The Royal Albert Constantly Summer Of 85' Seeing Corrosion Of Conformity (COC) Independent Grassroots Culture vs. Everything Else Stretch Marks Show At The Wellington Underage BFGs Kicking Nazi Ass Across The Nation In The Early 90's "I Remember" - MDC Politicizing Through Music Home Health Care & The Introduction To Noam Chomsky Book Tables At Shows In 95' The Shift In Crowds Throughout the 90's Chris' Has Always Been An INSANE Guitarist The Dayglo's & The Northern Pikes - Canadian Institutions Chris' Zine - Jord Gave S&M Airlines a 3/10 UK vs. Canadian Subhumans Fat Wreck Chords & How It Happened Recording How To Clean Everything Opening For Jawbreaker In South Dakota Bus Touring With NOFX In Europe Homogenization Of Punk Early Punk - Authentic In It's Urgency & Much Much More.... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 26, 2017
Footnote 129-134: Epic Summer Mixtape Vol. 1, Side B
Continued From Side A... THE NERDS OF SUMMER ARE BACK!!! Chris & Damian join forces again to bring you The Longest Footnote Episode Ever! Recorded in 3 different counties and spanning over 4 months, these guys cover the bases & catch up on all things TOAP related. Get Ready For All The Footnotes You've Been Missing!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 25, 2017
Footnote 129-134: Epic Summer Mixtape Vol. 1, Side A
THE NERDS OF SUMMER ARE BACK!!! Chris & Damian join forces again to bring you The Longest Footnote Episode Ever! Recorded in 3 different counties and spanning over 4 months, these guys cover the bases & catch up on all things TOAP related. Get Ready For All The Footnotes You've Been Missing!!! Continued on Side B... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 25, 2017
Episode 140 - Brendan Kelly Part #2 (Slapstick, Broadways, The Falcon, The Lawrence Arms)
WE'RE BACK AGAIN!! This week Damian gets a second chance to sit down with the amazing BRENDAN KELLY (First appeared in Episode 131)! Listen in as Brendan takes us through his ska beginnings up until... Well, they don't really get that far, but it's a great listen! GLAD TO BE BACK AT IT! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Oct 06, 2017
Episode 139 - Chris Colohan Part #2 (LFD, The Swarm, Cursed, Burning Love, Sect)
FINALLY, here's the long awaited Part #2 with Canadian Punk / Hardcore Legend, Chris Colohan! Damian takes no time to jump right back into it from where they left off last time in Episode 16. Like a couple of old friends piecing together the past, there's lots to cover here, so kick back and soak it in. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Sep 11, 2017
Episode 138 - Dave Crist (OI4K, OVE, CHIKARA, ROH, CZW, JCW, GFW)
WE'RE BACK!!! This week Damian sits down Ohio's own, DAVE CRIST. These two met in Japan & Damian quickly discovered that Dave goes way deeper than just wrestling & The Misfits. Not going to lie, this is a heavy one with lots of twists & turns, but my god... Dave has some stories to tell. Also Touched On: Two Gaijin Hangin' In Japan Hearing The Misfits As Intermission Music & Aren't We All 138? Hearing Guns N Roses While Recovering From Being Stabbed 23rd Chapter The Hierarchy of the Dayton Punk Scene “Don’t Be Those Guys, Don’t Be Straight Edge” Becoming Straight Edge Rolling With The Crew Being A 12 Year Old Fight Starter Starting A Band Nearly Going To The X-Games: Being An In-Line Skater Filling In For Battleground Having A Legit Teenage Breakdown Living On The Streets Having To Get A Job To Make Rent Building Ramps With The Stoner Next Door Hardcore Sucks Now? Getting Into Backyard Wrestling & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 31, 2017
Episode 137 - John Doe (X, The Randoms, Black Randy & The Metrosquad, The Knitters)
THIS WEEK WE HAVE JOHN DOE!!! X came through Toronto recently & Damian ran down to the show to have a quick, but amazing chat with John. The two go over everything from Darby Crash to Dick Clark. It's a fun one, so hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did recording it. Also Touched On: Punk Through John Waters Films In Baltimore, MA Punk Is Not A Sound, It's An Ethos Seeing The Patti Smith Group, The Damned, The Ramones, Blondie & Television In A Short Period Of Time The Whiskey Bertha's In Baltimore Moving To LA In 76' Zolar X Living In The Same Building As Exene Seeing The Motels, The Pop, The Dogs DIY Ethic Madame Wong's West vs. Hong Kong Cafe The Mask At The Whiskey Sex Pistols Helped & Hurt DICK CLARK WAS A FAN! Danger House / Slash Records Under The Big Black Sun: A Personal History Of LA Punk Bands Broadly Labelled With The "Punk" Moniker Jack Grisham Darby Crash "No New York" What Makes A Scene? Under Appreciated LA Bands Recording 2 Singles In 1 Day The Randoms & Black Randy & The Metrosquad A Reason To Leave Baltimore & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 17, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #12
We have returned to entertain you my friends. This Episode we dive deep into the subject of paid scripts and the world of cannabis license middle men. Next, we speak on the realities of being a patient in a soon to be regulated cannabis Canada and the hurdles / loop holes it seems to be creating. Lastly, we end with an interview with one of the MMJ Cream creators (@MrCookie). Spin something up and hit play!
Aug 14, 2017
Episode 136 - Live At House Of Vans Chicago With Cap'n Jazz, Atiba & Ako Jefferson
Konnichiwa! This week on Turned Out A Punk the fine sponsors of this podcast, Vans flew Damian down for another hour of TOAP in Chicago! This time he gets to sit down with Tim Kinsella from Cap'n Jazz, Joan Of Arc, Make Believe, Owls etc. to discuss growing up in Chicago and the birth of the local 90’s scene. Also, The Blackouts (aka Atiba and Ako Jefferson) to discuss how two kids from Colorado Springs managed to live out their dream's through Skateboarding & punk! An amazing time with three of the best to ever do it! Thank you Vans!!!! Also Touched On... Tim: a little too late to see the Smiths and Minor threat The passage of time when you are young Getting the Sky Goes Out at age 11 The definition of Modernism Buying tapes Cap N Jazz: aiming for power violence… and Shudder To Think Toe Jam: the band Chicago in the 90s The Achtung Chicago comp predicting punks future Still not getting accepted into the Chicago music scene NYHC X Donahue The Ramones: “1993 is our year” Atiba and Ako dressing the same… by accident Mom had great taste in music! Hearing the Bad Brains in a record store Mike Koski gives the ultimate punk starter pack FUEL RULES!!!!! Green Day, Offspring, Neurosis, Lungfish et all play the Skatepark in your hometown Nirvana opens for Dinosaur Jr. Pegboy, All, Pharcyde, Fluf, De La Soul all play together. one sees Nirvana, the other sees the Dead becoming a photographer to be Peter Parker Driving to California to work at 7-11 Staring at the album art & Much Much More BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 12, 2017
Episode 135 - Roger Miret (Agnostic Front, Lady Luck, Madball, UXB, Roger Miret & The Disasters, My Riot: Agnostic Front, Grit, Guts & Glory)
HUGE ONE THIS WEEK - IT'S ROGER FROM AF! That's right, Roger Miret is on the show this week & we're all pretty excited about it. Listen up as Roger takes us through his life in music & talks of how the city that birthed New York Hardcore has changed so much over the years. MY RIOT: AGNOSTIC FRONT, GRIT, GUTS & GLORY IS OUT AUGUST 29 Also Touched On... Damian Gushing Growing Up In Passaic, New Jersey Being Introduced To The Clash, Blondie & The Ramones Going To Shows At Max's Noise The Show / Oi The Show - Pirate Radio Seeing The Beastie Boys & Bad Brains Loving The Misfits New York vs. New Jersey Mother Records Psychos Distorted Youth Raybeez The Stimulators / Dirty Looks / The Mad / The Blessed The Mud Club & The Peppermint Lounge Jerry Lee Williams (Jay Dublee) R.I.P. The Misfits At Hitville 81' Chronic Sick Loving "Bad Punk Rock" Mark Truth & The Liars Genöcide The Fuck Ups Walking Out Of The Clash Show Before The Who Came On & Regretting it SEX PISTOLS ALL THE WAY! Picking Up Records On St Marks Place "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Scum" Gorilla Biscuits Demo Tape Roger's Record Collection Is Insane & Yes, He Has Held Onto Everything New Yor vs. Boston Overhype SS Decontrol Springa & Roger Daltrey Huge Influences NO EDGE Playing With The Latin Force Becoming A Singer By Circumstance The Rules - No Girlfriends & Shaved heads Hardcore vs. Punk The Victim In Pain Shift & The Pivotal Show At The Rock Hotel Kraut & AF Crucifix & AF Roger's T-shirt Collection Is Also Insane & Yes, He's Held Onto Everything Matthew Barney's Film MY RIOT: AGNOSTIC FRONT, GRIT, GUTS & GLORY OUT AUGUST 29 Record Sellers Remorse & Much Much More BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Aug 03, 2017
Episode 134 - Cory McCallum (Noah Fence, Five Knuckle Chuckle, Olde)
This week it's Cory McCallum!!! Join Damian for a stroll down memory lane with his old buddy Cory. Listen in as the two catch up on what's been going on over the last 20 years. This one has been a long time in the making, so kick back & enjoy! Also Touched On... Growing Up In Orangeville & The Introduction To Punk & Metal The Dead Milkmen 80's Nerds vs. Millennial Nerds A&A Records & Taped GNR Aren't Even That Metal The Raw Energy Christmas Party Paul Livingstone Painting His Own Shirts Discovering Bad Brains HR's Lyrics Punk Elitism Being Introduced To NOFX & Minor Threat Orangeville's Broad Taste In Fast Music Trying To Write Songs Like Bad Religion The Best Band Ever From Orangeville, "GASP" Queen St. Punk Tree People Seeing Hockey Teeth At Classic Studios Touring With Trigger Happy The Birth Of Five Knuckle Chuckle & The Death Of Noah Fence Sno Jam Watching Wrestling At The CNE Bob Backlund & Being Fiercely WWF / WWE Watching Edge's (Adam Copeland) First WWE Match BEANO Comic Annuals Recording Charlier Horse In 3 Days With Simon Head Goggles Of Doom Tour With Bender Guttermouth Ripping Off "Bad Skater" Sandy Miranda Was & Is The Best! Better Days Video The Genius Of Gob's CanCon Strategy d.b.s. Piss Bombing Bikers & Leaving Five Knuckle Chuckle To Answer For It Much Music Loved Little Kids Playing Punk Rock Recording All Hammed Up Sons Of Ismael & MSI Lying To Your Parent's For Punk The End Of FKC Propagandhi Tour 97' UR In Trouble & Damian Meeting Cory The Need For Speed In Rock Underworld In Montreal R.I.P. RANDY & Much Much More BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 28, 2017
Episode 133 - Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum)
THIS WEEK WE HAVE DAVE PIRNER!!! Damian sits down for a quick chat with a true Minneapolis Punk Pioneer. From his beginnings drumming in Loud Fast Rules, to the huge success of Soul Asylum in the 90's, lots of ground is covered here in a very short amount of time. Also Touched On... Hearing The Ramones For The First Time Watching Bands At The Walker Art Center Loring Park - Band & A Movie The Suburbs The Suicide Commandos & Chris Osgood Seeing Husker Du For The First Time Getting Beat Up For A Gabba Gabba Hey Pin By The Hockey Team Husker Veggies & Moshing Otto's Chemical Lounge The Business Of Independent Music Touring In The 90's Mike Watt Is An Example To Us All & Much More!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 20, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #11
We are back! Sorry for the long delay, we both have been busy navigating the country. Now we're here to recap the last couple of months adventures and new developments in the Canadian cannabis world. This week, we also speak Witt Craig from the popular YouTube show Expert Joints (@expertjoints), recorded earlier this year. Now get that 15 second torch tech going and LET'S GET IT!!!
Jul 15, 2017
Episode 132 - Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine)
HOLY MOLY, this week we have J-E-L-L-O!!! Damian gets a chance to gab with an absolute legend of Punk, Hardcore & Pop Culture In General, Jello Biafra! Nerd out as the two discuss everything from Blue Oyster Cult to Zolar X. THIS EPISODE IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS, LIKE A PART #1 & PART #2 COMBINED!!! Also Touched On: The Origin Story Of The Jello Biafra Name Growing Up In Boulder, Colorado Discovering BOC & The Love Of Record Collecting Trade A Tape Records Steppenwolf & Bob Seger Paul Revere & The Raiders Not Getting Enough Credit Pretty Things & Sniffing Glue The Astronauts Wax Tracks & The Importance Of Independent Record Stores The Ramones & The Ravers At Ebbets Field In Denver Being A Roadie For The Ravers 70's Hair Metal vs. Punk The Avengers The Talking Heads At UCSC Moving To San Francisco Negative Trend, The Nuns & CRIME Dills, Mutants, Sleepers & UXA Picking The Openers After Learning A Lesson DC & It's Importance Black Flag & DOA DOA Playing Ian's High School With Minor Threat, SOA, Scream & Government Issue Henry Rollins Yesterday & Today Records Let The Eat Jelly Beans Will Never Be Repressed Cannabis Legalization What Happened To Canada's Asylum Laws? Zolar X & MORE.... BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 12, 2017
Episode 131 - Live At House Of Vans Chicago With The Lawrence Arms & Dillinger Four
IT'S A DOUBLEHEADER TODAY! Recorded live at the House Of Vans Chicago on June 22nd, Damian sits down with The Lawrence Arms (Brendan Kelly, Chris McCaughan & Neil Hennessy) & members of Dillinger Four (Erik Funk & Patty Costello). Tour stories, Chicago & East Bay punk, Victory Records, 7-inch compilations, it's all covered here. Kickback & let all your trouble's wash away with #TOAPXHOV BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jul 05, 2017
Episode 130 - Spencer Pollard (Stop At Nothing, Trash Talk)
BIG ONE TODAY, it's Spencer from TRASH TALK! Kickback and listen in as the two discuss discovering the love of music through Jimmi Hendrix and the journey from MXPX skate punk to Hardcore. Deciding to ditch sports for Powerviolence, Spencer takes us down the rabbit hole. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS Also Touched On: Trash Talk touring with Fucked Up Jimmi Hendrix Punk Pass Football Quarterback To Hardcore Singer KORN in Bakersfield Jonathan Davis Is Actually A Cool Guy, Jared Leto Is Not Soundwave Festival High School Sports To Punk Scott Radinsky Shows At Jerry's Pizza Tooth & Nail Records Injuries Lead To Music Fulltime Meeting Lee & Gareth Shark Attack & No Justice Ceremony & Trash Talk Connection AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Jun 22, 2017
Footnote 128 - Jake Fogelnest, Joanna Angel & Jimmy Havoc
Can you see the sunset from the Southside? You can see it from the eastside too. Nerds are alone!!! Footnotes is BACK AGAIN!! This week Damian & Chris get on the phone to discuss the triple combo that was, Jake Fogelnest, Joanna Angel & Jimmy Havoc ALL IN THE SAME SHOW!!! The two catch up on the goings-on in this crazy worldwind of punk, news, records, work & podcasting that we call LIFE.
Jun 15, 2017
Episode 129 - Dave Hause (Paint It Black, The Loved Ones) + TOAP LIVE IN KINGSTON
IT’S A SUPER SHOW!!!!! This week Damian sits down with THE GREAT Dave Hause> Listen in as the two discuss the evolution of Philly hardcore and growing up with it, as well as the deluge of amazing music he's been involved with over the years. BUT THERE IS MORE!!!! Also on the show this week, it’s TOAP LIVE AT THE KINSTON FILMFEST! Featuring friends of the show DJ NDN (A Tribe Called Red), Chris Colohan (SECT, Cursed, The Swarm, Left For Dead) and Chris O’toole (TOAPFootnotes) and making his debut on the show Matt Johnston from Vice's Nirvana The Band The Show! WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN?!?!?!
Jun 10, 2017
Episode 128 - Jimmy Havoc (PROGRESS, ICW)
A Day Late & A Dollar Short, WE'RE BACK!! This week Damian sits down with the former & longest reigning Progress World Wrestling Champion, JIMMY HAVOC! Listen in as the two discuss gettin' into punk, gettin' into wrestling & "Blading" with whatever you can find. ALSO TOUCHED ON: Mutual respect for MVP and Alex Loving AFI so much that it was a naming Davey Havoc > Taylor Swift The Offspring Guns and Roses Giving up in high school Getting forced to listen to stuff The music teacher at school the driving force towards punk Going Reading Music Festival “That’s your shoe!” Staying once at Reading and never again A terrifying story about the Download Music Festival Daniel P. Carter and A Loving a bands evolution getting into wresting Knowing only WWF loving Mick Foley and Sabu Dreaming of going through a tape “Blading” with a fork Meeting Jim Smallman Forming Progress and so much more!!!!
May 28, 2017
Episode 127 - Joanna Angel (Burning Angel)
Hello friends! Damian is still out living a wrestling fans dream come true, BUT is still bringing you another conversation with someone amazing from the world of Punk. This week is no exception as Damian gets to chat with Adult Film Star and owner of Burning Angel - Joanna Angel. Listen as the two discuss Joanna’s love of all types of DIY punk, putting on basement shows and writing Fanzines in the wilds of New Jersey as well as the violence that made her step back. THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!. AlSO TOUCHED ON: Shout out to Dave It Up for making this happen Watching 120 minutes loving grunge and indie Not wanting to listen to what’s on the radio trying to put the pieces together getting invited to sit with the three punk people in your high school at lunch… FINALLY!!! Going to see Sonic Youth still searching for your scene Trying to find Avail Going with Ivan and the punks to see Rancid Hating Rocket from the Crypt… AT FIRST Feeling like you belong Going to the VFW to see Less Than Jake and becoming obsessed Going to Craig’s house to see the Casualties Meeting punk friend in chat rooms… it was a different time ABC No Rio going to college and finding hardcore Being embarrassed of the drunk punk scene past Tear It Up Doing a Zine Seeing Refused Refusing to go to “concerts” Asking Geoff Rickly on a date to see Elliot Smith Being a “scene-floater” because you love ALL punk music Going to every single Kid Dynamite show on the East Coast Pretending to know about Lifetime Going to shows every night! Against Me! playing your basement the day you launch Burning Angel Feeling privileged to get to be a part of it Youth Code A concert was a show in hall or a rec-centre the singer of Endeavour War On Women Loving the music but hating most of dudes Getting aware of porn in college “What’s a porn star?” The asexual nature of Hardcore Getting an internship at the nerve.com finding sex positivity Ian Mackay and porn Handing out flyers for your Pornsite deciding to step back from punk falling in love over a Rocket From the Crypt tattoo AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
May 19, 2017
Episode 126 - Jake Fogelnest (The Fogelnest Files, Girlboss, Difficult People, Squirt TV)
Some episodes are worth the wait... This week Damian sits down with writer/comedian JAKE FOGELNEST to talk about his journey from starting a public access TV show out of his childhood bedroom to the force he's become in pop culture today. Sit back & NERD OUT! ALSO COVERED: Being in Wet Hot American Rocky Horror Picture Show They Might Be Giant A brief history of the movie Time Square One hell of a soundtrack Alan Moyle: Arguably the most important Canadian Film Director to the history of music Night Flight Getting into Devo Growing up in New York City Going to see REO Speedwagon and meeting Cheap Trick Seeing Micheal Jackson on the victory in the front row Having cool parents Going to the premier Kids “Yo, I fucking bodyslam kids like you.” Squirt TV When Thurston Moore The brilliance of New York City public access TV Getting into John Waters at a young age talking to John Waters on the phone…. at eight Jon Spencer gives the best gifts Matador Records 90’s New York is no joke Other Music (RIP) 90’s Zine Culture influence “Is it hard to be the only person in the room that understands Punk culture.” GG Allin Legs McNeil When Joey Ramone gets into your car… “We Got The Neutron Bomb” the book Rolling with Julie Klausner on the Manson Family Bus Tour Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
May 12, 2017
Footnote 125 - Leah Archambault (UTI)
I’ve got a safety pin stuck in my heart for nerds! This week Damian and Chris return to talk about Leah, UTI and the quest to find one's punk. Also a little light mailbag and some good ol’cathing up.
May 11, 2017
Episode 125 - Leah Archambault (UTI)
As technology continues to fail Damian and travel looms it's head again, he still manages to turn in an episode (Very late). This time with one of his best bud's and FAVOURITE vocalists ever: Leah Archambault! Join the two as the they sit down and discuss being a vocalist, dance as inspiration and Leah's journey through punk to find the sound that she identified with. ALSO TOUCHED ON!!!! Mutual inspiration Pump Up The Volume and the for Pirate Radio CKCU and Beamo and Mr. Happy Grunge as first exposure Babes In Toyland Partyin’ at the Pit Mr. Bungle and the love of art school kids Kids into clowning Too real: A kid shits on the floor at a party a trend of wearing you underwear on your head Going to 5 Arlington Moving to Montreal Dance before death metal Breakout Summer: Brutal Knights, Career Suicide and Fucked Up Finding your hardcore Living at the Rehearsal Factory Sloan practicing one by one Kos knocks on the door… A school project becomes a band Finding your voice Sam from the Explosion producing the demo Siesta Neoneux The G-Man Armed And Hammered Endless Blockade Endless Darkness Bad Skin and the Bad Skin House Shows at Annie’s Dance influencing performance
May 04, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #10
Back like it's 1st time! Yes, it's been a min but, we here. Sorry for the delay, but we have both been busy on tour and traveling for our respective job's. With that out the way, we wanna say Thanks for joining us on this 420 edition of the podcast! Alot to talk about including the recent cannabis legalization bill as well as everything that surrounding it. We also have a great interview with Matt Baron (@greatgardener) of The Great Gardener. So get the torch ready and sit back with your 420 podcast soundtrack!
Apr 27, 2017
Footnote 124 - Jonah Ray (Hidden America, The Nerdist Podcast, Mystery Science Theater 3000)
When it's versus nerds, it's a global unity!! This week Chris and Damian catch it all up!
Apr 14, 2017
Episode 124 - Jonah Ray (Hidden America, The Nerdist Podcast, Mystery Science Theater 3000)
It may be late, but it is right on time with awesome! This week on the show Damian is joined by his buddy Jonah Ray! Sit back and enjoy the two chatting about growing up punk in Hawaii, the transition to the world of comedy and being a tour guide to youth crew legends. Also touched on: Meeting for the first time over getting some free stuff! Hanging with SXSW and watching NoFX the Jugglos of the punk world Brian Posehn will pay you money to risk your life The best of SXSW ever? Black Flag from Nirvana Metallica goes to Hawaii Strife comes to town Civ plays but it’s not all ages :( Grapefruit Unit 101 punk: An all ages neverland “There’s two different scenes for that?!?” Hawaii: Who would want to leave once you are there? Jonah’s pop punk band: YourOuts Jonah’s punk band: God Our Dictator Jonah’s hardcore band: 36 Chambers Jonah’s post hardcore band: Quarterhead “You will use everything you ever learnt” The realities of being a Hawaiian diy band Ray Cappo stays over and isses your record collection the Fat Wreck Chords of hardcore Comedy people: not always the best taste music AND MORE!!!!
Apr 07, 2017
Episode 123 - Brad Fry (Pissed Jeans, The Ultimate Warriors, The Grate Crashers)
Well, it may not be timely, but it is godly! This week on the show Damian sits down with a Pissed Jeaned Ultimate Gatecrasher Warrior and all around hell of a guy: Brad Fry! Join the two as they sit down to discuss Brad’s journey into punk, his brief duel life a wrestler in Chikara Pro and the art of making great music while not talking it too seriously, but also super seriously. RECORD COLLECTING TALK TOO!!!!!! Also touched on: Two years in the making Getting in to punk through metal Motley Crue covering the Sex Pistols Getting to Guns N Roses listening to DEICIDE on family vacation Getting THE tape and getting into hardcore working at a screen printing shop with the guitar player of Weston 91.7 FM’s Hardcore show The mix bag shows of the 90’s A scene of pop-punkers and tough guys Playing in bands with Randy for 24 years straight Forming the Ultimate Warriors Being the goofy band playing with Orchid The IDEA of touring seems great getting into Pro-Wrestling Hating wrestling “WE WANT RAVEN’S BLOOD” Getting into ECW in ’95 UW gaining musical ability and wrestling knowledge at the same time. Buying a wrestling ring listening to Robby Brookside talk about GISM deciding to start wrestling training selling all your record to pay for school The importance of Double Decker Records Bovine records RULES!!! Moo Cow Records Getting the first piece of vinyl you play on World Finest Hardcore Vol. 1 Forming the Gatecrashers RECORD COLLECTING!!!!!!! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 26, 2017
Episode 122 - John Joseph (Cro-Mags, Bloodclot)
This week on the show: JOHN JOSEPH!!!!!!!! That’s right, the LEGENDARY frontman, author of The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon sits down to talk with Damian & it ruled! Also touched on: The importance of the book in punk and beyond A kid nicknamed Bowie loving Parliament Hearing the Stooges and it changing everything Hanging with the Ramones at Rockaway Beach Going to Max’x and getting jumped by Johnny Thunders’ Crew Crazy Dave Dolan and Dugs in New York Seeing the Ramones at CBs in ’76 Liking London punk more than the New York stuff Joining the military and moving to Virginia Insect Surfers Meeting a New Wave Girlfriend at the Navy club loving New Wave Seeing DCHC for the first time Sex Pistols Scamming free airfare Going to Fear on Saturday Night Live Going to the Mudd Club The story behind “Egg Raid On Mojo”… kinda The difference between New York Hardcore and everywhere else The arrival of of the DC kids to NYC “Boston didn’t own shit” The beef between DC and NYC at SNL Bad Brains go to Beantown: Going to Boston and clearing the dancefloor Loving Void Rites of Spring The Misfits bring the football players and they get kicked in the face Bloodclot Jack Rabid’s Cro Mags The Donahue Era: Cro Mags vs Most of New York Hardcore Living what you write “Getting asses kicked and catching feelings” Doing vocals Antidote watching Agnostic Front become good The Bad Brains the greatest of all time Meeting Lemmy and Motorhead Having to talk to GBH about drugs “We did some shit to people who were dicks”
Mar 18, 2017
Episode 121 - Al Nolan (Trigger Happy, Hardcore Logo Live, Deep End)
What a week! Damian is currently on the road, but still manages to send in a great conversation with Toronto punk legend Al Nolan! Join in as Al talks about growing up in the east end of Toronto and the start of scene there that would produce some of Canada’s most important punk and metal bands. Also touched on: Knowing each other since Damian was a boy with hair Seeing Sex Pistols on morning TV Seeing Kiss before there was Star Wars The importance of the New Music Teenage Kicks Toronto’s Original teen punks The Beatles are hard! The Ska Revival Shaun: the first punk in Pickering Vans shoes comes to town Metallica opening for WASP Brian Taylor and AggRock Meeting James Cavalluzzo of Malhavoc in art class It’s not the band I hate it’s the man: Punk’s liking Ted Nudgent Descendents: David Lynch-esq Weirdos Shaving your head The lead singer genes Nigel cuts off his finger making an upside down cross Venom: THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS THING I HAD EVER SEEN Best band name: Charlie Brown’s Wang Lee Brian moves to town Missing Link The closing of the DMZ Smoking hash in the BFG’s gasmask The depreciation of Time Glen and Dave’s Metallic Assault Forming Elephant and becoming 5 Foot Nothing Replaced by Matt White Missing Link booking with All 7 Seconds, MSI, 5 Foot Nothing: the biggest show of the era Degenerate Youth Collecting shoes Having to fire the guy you are replacing The story of Epidemic Records pre-Monster Voodoo Machine Brampton’s Beyond Montreal’s Rise
Mar 13, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #9
Always better to be late than never right? We are back with another episode! This week we speak on the recent reports of LPs using chemicals that are banned by Health Canada. We touch on new methods and bills being passed to screen drivers curb side for cannabis. Our interview this week is a good one. Although recorded a while ago, our guest recently had an incident with the RCMP only a few blocks away from his home. If you have not seen it, check his FB. That's right, we have johny B aka John Berfelo (@420weedmaster). Well known medtainer Rep for Canada, as well as a cannabis activist and MMAR Grower. He speaks on researching Cannabis and it's relationship with pain relief for his neck and back pain he suffered after a horrible accident. We sat down and had a great conversation about the leaf and his journey. So now stop what your doing and drop a glob.
Mar 07, 2017
Episode 120 - Craig Finn (Lifter Puller, No Pun Intended, The Hold Steady)
The genius is in brevity and this week proves it! Join Damian as he sits down for a brief, but awesome chat with the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. Listen in as the two discuss hanging’ with the Blind Approach Crew, putting out 45s and guitar lessons with greatness. Also touched on: Being on Skene and AmRep The Rock ’80 Comp Playing tennis with a friend of the Replacements Going into the city Orfolkjokeopus become Treehouse going to see the Violent Femmes Going to the “TIM” release show Getting lessons from Chris… from the Suicide Commandos “Make A Record” Soul Asylum: a tale of two bands Outcry Blind Approach: pre-Madball St. Paul spikey punk Libido Boys: on stage with pogoballs The GBH comes to town with the Cro-Mags and it changes everything Craig’s first band No Pun Intended Boston’s pit’s way more violent Getting out of it and getting into AmRep Halo Of Flies and Tom Hazelmyer Drinking with Tom Dillinger Four: one of the best bands ever Buddy’s with Buddy from Assrash Youth Of Today/ Misery / Blind Approach Releasing your own record AND MORE!!!!!!
Mar 04, 2017
Footnote 119 - Brad Logan (F-Minus, Leftöver Crack, Exploding Fuck Dolls, Equus, ASBO Youth)
Who Nerds supposed to be: Cookie? This week on the show Chris and Damian tear the Brad Logan episode open and enjoy! There is a ton to get into, but they still fit in a lil' bit of the ol’ mailbag!
Mar 03, 2017
Episode 119 - Brad Logan (F-Minus, Leftöver Crack, Exploding Fuck Dolls, Equus, ASBO Youth)
This week on the show, it’s one of Damian's favourite type of episodes! Sit back and enjoy as he sits down with F-Minus and Leftover Crack's Brad Logan! Then, marvel along with Damian as the show takes a completely different turn as Brad details his pre-recorded music history in early LA punk and hardcore. Not to be missed! Also touched on: A mother’s work is never done: mom buys you a Black Sabbath record Ramones on the record store turntable Hearing the Pistols and it being off to the races Elton John is hard! Seeing Van Halen “Sky Diving” Seeing Kiss’ legendary show and not even knowing it Discovering Rodney on The Roq Before punk comes to Huntington Beach When Van Halen’s roadie moves to town Being Rock Nerds Seeing the Weirdos in ’78 Seeing the Ramones on Christmas Day Suicide Comandos Dead Boys The Shock The focus of youth Meeting the Alva Brothers! Friend of Potatohead: The guy in the PiL Shirt on the cover of Group Sex Getting your long head dyed blue by Mark Alva Getting “DEVO” yelled at you by Jocks Hanging with at the Oxford House Twisted Roots Meeting Ray Gange and seeing a shaved head for the first time Going full on into punk The Osce Hairs Playing your first show on mushrooms: not a good idea Rehearsing in SST on Black Flags gear Castration Squad UXA Going on tour Touring with the Misfits The Misfits, Big Boys, NOTA in Austin Playing with Husker Du The Butthole Surfers at a Pizza Parlour Joining Rik L. Rik’s band Meeting Duane Peters in Jail joining the Exploding Fuckdolls and living in the Chaos The California Surfware Punk Scene The Epitaph Summer Nationals Seeing Rancid for the first time and having it chance your life
Feb 25, 2017
Footnote 118 - Bobb Bruno (Best Coast, The For Carnation, Uphill Gardeners)
Tonight, nerds want to lay it all at your feet! This week on the show Chris and Damian talk about one hell of a deep musichead: Bobb Bruno of Best Coast. Also the two talk mailbag and good times!
Feb 24, 2017
MAIL CALL!!! The last few weeks at TOAP HQ have been a little hectic and so the mailbag was neglected. Chris and Damian have called on the #TwoDaves (Martin and It Up) to come round and help them sort the whole mess out! Join in the fun!!!
Feb 22, 2017
Episode 118 - Bobb Bruno (Best Coast, The For Carnation, Uphill Gardeners)
Welcome dear listener to another amazing episode! Why is it amazing? Because you get to hear the GREAT Bobb Bruno of Best Coast talk about his journey in music! Sit back and enjoy as the two discuss Bobb’s taste that had him seeing The Dickies during the LA Riots, Steve Aoki with Farside and Beck jamming with the dude from the Bats (CT). Also touched on: The Black Flag tape in grade 4 Punk Violence and The B-52’s? Buying Target videos from Tower The Mentors Mystic Value Pack Punk taste informed by Metallica’s shirts Loving DRI’s 22 tracks! Going to see Kiss just to see Anthrax Seeing Slayer with opener Danzig Convincing you Seeing the Dickies on the night of the LA Riots…. with Yesterday’ s Tear Electric Love Hogs: The Pre-Goldfinger metal band Seeing Mansona: Japanese Noise comes to LA Forming the Uphill Gardeners The LA indie scene Revelation Records goes West Steve Aoki sings with Farside The For Carnation Not even being that into Slint Jamming with Mario Rubalcaba Being into everything Heart’s Get Crushed I don’t gig on Fridays!:Going to see John Bryan play every Friday Making ONE exception to play with Unwound Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple and Beck’s Jam sessions blow up the spot Getting to jam with John The Bats (US) and Gustav Records PLUS MUCH MORE!!!
Feb 17, 2017
Footnote 117 - Wes Eisold (American Nightmare, Cold Cave, Some Girls)
All Nerds Breakin' Loose! This week on the show Chris and Damian dive into the fantastic Wes episode and talk about his importance in punk & hardcore. They also tackle the mailbag and Damian get distracted: CLASSIC STUFF!
Feb 16, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #8
On this Episode of the show we talk cannabis as per and have a great interview with the Urban Grower, Remo and his wife Sandra. We learned a lot from Remo and after this, you will too. Well, do you know what time it is? Thats right, time to listen to the show and smoke a doobie!
Feb 14, 2017
Episode 117 - Wes Eisold (American Nightmare, Cold Cave, Some Girls)
It took a minute to happen, but it was worth it! This week on the show, Damian sits down and grabs a drink with Wes Eisold. Listen in as the two discuss Wes’s journey to get to American Nightmare as well as depression, gossip, projection and punk. Also discussed: Dead Kennedys Tape as first exposure Dead Milkmen, Swirllies and the Liliys as a first show a band covering a cover version Grindle: stagedives and a mohawk United by being weird Ordering shit from Session thanks to the US military Callin' 1-900 numbers to hear records Moving Targets and Lemonheads Moving to Maine Not being into a Youth Of Today because they looked like jocks Bruisers Sam Black Church Seeing 10 Yard Fight and finding the show you wanted Wes in Germany starts Hybrid Moments. Being happy enough just going to shows. The end to TYF Right Brigade is THE band. “AN never has the intention of being a local band.” Loosing $400 on a sold out show: “Everyone gets in for free” …except this guy The “woah” part that could have killed AN the importance of Lifetime the jump from album 1-2 Unbroken Breaking edge and not being an edge band Blazing a trail without knowing it Coke Gossip-Hysteria AND MORE!!!!!!
Feb 10, 2017
Footnote 116 - Kool A.D. (Party Animal, Das Racist)
And Nerds are buying the Stairway to Heaven. This week on the show Chris and Damian return to duo form and talk Kool AD’s awesomeness! Also the Mailbag returns and Chris cuts a PROMO on Led Zeppelin!
Feb 10, 2017
Episode 116 - Kool A.D. (Party Animal, Das Racist)
And now, back to the format with a big one! Rapper Kool A.D. sits down to talk with Damian! Listen in as the two discuss how Kool A.D. went from a rap and power violence lovin' drummer to being on the cover of Spin as well as art, politics and tons more! Also touched on: Rap name or real name Warren brings Misfit’s Static Age over and the gates open Joe Franky and Axis Reocrds Gilman: The Misfits of Bay Area The last Spazz Show Dorkastra becomes Vlad and The Impalers Seeing the spike punk Monster Squad Dr. Bombay’s music store getting the drums A musical household “I don’t kick it at the merchtable no more” Todays world is a punk conversation from the 90’s Sammy from All Bets Off (RIP) Orlando and Special Forces The history of skinheads When the musicians you love are the worst… Reclaiming art and symbols Why you make art Being drawn to art with no rules Bay Area Rap and Punk Art making money off art The various takes of Chuck D AND MORE!!!
Feb 05, 2017
I’m not calling Nerds! This week on the show Chris and Damian are joined by the returning Daves for the final TOAP LIVE Footnote party! This is take two of trying to record this episode and, like the second DYS lp, it's better than the first!
Feb 03, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #7
This week on the show we take you through the steps to apply for your ACMPR. If you are a Canadian resident and think your in line to apply, then this show is for you. We also speak on the recent rash of robberies in Toronto and the stark reality and difference in approach to security in the cannabis industry in the US and here in Canada. We end the show with BC Dry sift king, (@D420k). We speak on how he began his quest for the full melt resin head and some of his techniques. Another informative show for the noise and pro alike.
Jan 30, 2017
New York’s ALRIGHT, if you like podcasts! This week on the show Damian and Chris bring the TOAP touring machine into the heart of the big city,(well Brooklyn), for the final TOAP Live show, but what a way to finish!?!?! Join Damian as he welcomes: punk history author extraordinaire Tony Rettman, his best bud/bully Vice's Andy Capper, Walter from GB and Quicksand, singer/ MTV host Meredith Graves and the Best Show’s Tom Scharpling!!!!! As well as Footnotes contributor Dave Martin!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jan 29, 2017
Open up your eyes, time to realize, everything nerds say was just another lie. This week on the show Chris and the triple “D" attack of Damian, Dave and Dave talk the Philly Live episode! Sit back as the four yammer on about all things punk including a little mailbag!
Jan 26, 2017
Let’s do it Philly Style as the Turned Out A Punk Live tour rolls into Hostile City USA! Join Damian and Chris as they chat with Jeff Cannonball (back for a part 2!), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black, Dark Blue), Jay Goldberg (Bad Luck #13, Eat The Turnbuckle), Dan Yemin (Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Paint It Black) AND Jackyl form YDI, oh my!!!! AND IF THE WASN’T ENOUGH: a LEGAND checks in to kick off the show! This is ANOTHER MONSTER!!!
Jan 21, 2017
Possessions never meant anything to me, Nerds aren’t crazy. This week in celebration of the GREATNESS of the LIVE IN DC episode, Chris and Damian have called upon their brother's Dave Martin and Dave It Up to join the party and help the two unpack their DC experience. Very little mailbag is consumed to make way for the main course of DC FUN and HEATED EXCHANGES!
Jan 18, 2017
It’s day two of the Turned Out A Punk Live tour!!! Join Damian and TOAPFootnote co-host Chris O’Toole as they hit the stage of the legendary Black Cat in DC and chat with members of Faith, Ignition, Iron Cross, Give, Frodus, Battery, Grey Matter, etc AKA John, Dante, Alec and Jason (back for a part 2!!!!) THIS IS A MONSTER!!!!!!
Jan 15, 2017
Beverly Hills, Century City, where all the nerds look nice and pretty. This week Chris and Damian meet up in person at the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park Hotel to celebrate the glory that was the TOAP Boston episode! They’re also joined by the GREAT Dave It Up, because for this one: they need backup!
Jan 13, 2017
Oil & Flowers Episode #6
Happy New Year World & we are back with Ep 6! No shortage of topics on this weeks show. We talk about the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization & Regulation's report, which was surprisingly positive & pro patient. The report gives the path for Government to legislate cannabis in Canada, but they are only suggestions at this point . Buddah talks about fedexing medicine to yourself & how far we've come in 2016. In the same breath, we speak on how far Quebec has to go with the opening (& closing within 24 hours) of 8 Cannabis culture shops in Montreal & the greater area. Finally, we start the year with a great guest, Jim From Roji Concentrates. Someone we've been following for a while & it was great to hear him speak on his journey with the leaf to his current distillate & PHO tech. Now grab your favorite dabs or spliff & enjoy the 1st podcast of 2017
Jan 10, 2017
Welcome to the first day of the Turned Out A Punk Live tour!!! Join Damian and TOAPFootnote co-host Chris O’Toole as they hit the stage of legendary Boston (Allston) venue Great Scott and chat (one at a time.. most of the time) with members of Mental, Converge, Magic Circle, M.F.P., Doomriders, Mind Eraser, Jesuit, Righteous Jams and the organist for the Red Sox! (aka Greg Wilmott, Nate Newton (3x CLUB!), Chris Corry, Chris Minicucci and Josh Kantor) This is one hell of a great episode!
Jan 08, 2017
Footnote 111 - Terre T (WFMU: Cherry Blossom Clinic With Terre T)
Got to stick together! Got to stick together! Like Nerds! This week on the show Chris and Damian try to catch up on the mailbag and make serious headway before giving up to talk the awesomeness of Terre T! Listen and enjoy the record, Mutha and GG talk!
Jan 06, 2017
Episode 111 - Terre T (WFMU: Cherry Blossom Clinic With Terre T)
Welcome to a late but amazing episode everyone! This week on the show Damian sits down with the GODLY Terre T of WFMU’s Cherry Blossom Clinic. Join the two as they talk Terre’s growing up in the New York area punk/ hardcore scene and one incredible disturbing encounter with GG Allin. Also covered: The Sex Pistols and Grease: a one two punch of music introduction Don’t tell mom the babysitters classic rock sucks Hearing the B-52s Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer Seeing the Dead Kennedys for a first show Drinking at a bar as a13 year old SSD and fights New York Hardcore and the pit Working at the record store Getting your ears blowing out by Husker Du GG Talk The wildest GG Allin story EVER! Heckling Nirvana during the MTV Unplugged set When did punk start? Punk and comedy Tom Scharpling AND MORE!!!!!
Jan 03, 2017
Footnote 110 - Gerard Cosloy Part #2 (Matador Records)
Even the reds are going to be a Sex Pistol for the day. This week join Chris and Damian as they spend their holiday discussing the return of Gerard Cosloy to the show! No mailbag this week but they do manage to talk until the puking starts all the same!
Dec 29, 2016
Episode 110 - Gerard Cosloy Part #2 (Matador Records)
This time comes but once a year spreading joy and punk rock cheer! This year's wrap up episode for the holiday season is part two with the genius behind Matador Records: Gerard Cosloy! Join Damian as Gerard delights him with tales of Courneys, Kurts and GGs, as they talk about a time before a band named Nirvana would change everything. Also touched on: The second or third appearance on the show Gerard moves to NY living with Rob Zombie The LESNYC… a scum rock paradise Pussy Galore comes to town… Sonic Youth Some Records New York Hardcore adjacent A music fan’s music fan is the one one at the show not being and being in the music industry at the same time: the worst of both worlds The rise of the Pig Fuck scene Forced Exposure, Ugly American, Away From the Pulse and the 90’s zine scene The falling out with Dinosaur Jr Big Dipper leaving for Epic Bg Black leaves for Touch And Go SST Records: The fall of the kings of the underground If late era SST were release today on a limited edition boutique label The power of Pavement BEING IN A BAND WITH WITH GG ALLIN! GG Allin and the All-Stars recording for ROIR GG leaves it all on the stage Signing GG and and other band decisions GG is only one degree from John Lennon The Frogs: more hated than GG Courtney tagging your name Nearly working with Nirvana “Can we hear it first?” The Fall gets offered the opening slot AND MORE!!!!
Dec 23, 2016
Footnote 109 - Lars Frederiksen Part 2
Nerds are the road crew! This week on the show Chris and Damian are on the road but that won’t stop them from talking about the Lars part 2 episode! Join them as they drive down the open road and talk about the impact Rancid had and a ton of other stuff… like hanging at the Dischord house!
Dec 18, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 07 (Bobb Bruno)
This week Tom and Damian are joined for a little wrestling discussion with the AMAZING Bobb Bruno from Best Coast. In addition to being part of an amazing band, Bobb is also a lifelong wrestling fan that knows his stuff. They set out trying to talk about new japan but get lost in a generally amazing wrestling conversation
Dec 12, 2016
Episode 109 - Lars Frederiksen Part #2 (Rancid, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, The Old Firm Casuals, UK Subs)
How many sequels are truly better than the originals? Well like Alien and Godfather, this may somehow be better than Part #1. Lars returns to the show to talk about how he joined Rancid, almost robbing a 7-11 and poop stories. Also touched on: TOUR DATES/ Two charter boxes back again Respecting Op Ivy South Bay versus North Bay Nothing to do as kids Berkeley: Fugazitown Recording with a John Bradburry from the Specials.. who was wasted. Opening for the three piece Rancid Ben Zanidito was on there waiting for Lars to check out Rancid Meeting Brett Reed when the UK Subs didn’t show up. “If you don’t join this band, I’m going to beat the fucking shit out” hating Emo An Econochrist debate Special Forces Loving Grimple “He’s talking shit on you!” The Berkeley Naked Dude is in the pit: you’ve made it The second time meeting Brett Gurewitz The first tour Davey Havok rules Meeting Sick Of It All for the first time NYHC: The Original American Skinheads West Coast Punk meets East Coast Hardcore Sick Of It All has some amazing backstage entertainment!!!!!!! “Hey I’m goin’ throw you a Birthday Rope!” Fugazi Critique From GBH, to Bikini Kill to Bad Religion to Sick Of It All to The Frumpies: Rancid had some range of friends! John Henry West RULES! Tim Yo hating you When things started changing The story of Salvation Tourng with the Offspring Dealing with Majors Writing on the road How things would have been different if out come the wolves had been written on a major label “You didn’t really know” Meeting the Swingin’ Utters and almost robbing a 7-11 Having to turn down heroes Lars’ amazing run of records he produced AND MORE!!!!
Dec 09, 2016
Footnote 108 - Tony Erba Part #2 (H100s, 9 Shocks Terror, GSMF, FYPM, etc.)
Do you wanna nerd under the moonlight? Pretty baby, all though the night! Today on Footnotes Chris and Damian discuss the return of Tony Erba to TOAP! Also, a complete rundown of the up coming Turned Out A Punk Live Tour . Also tackled, THE MAILBAG!
Dec 07, 2016
Oil & Flowers - Episode #5
This episode of Oil & Flowers is all America. Recorded in Toronto the day after the American election, it was hard not to speak on all of the positive initiatives in the states for partial medical, medical or full on recreational. We also speak to Greg "Marijuana Man" Williams from the Vancouver seed bank, host of "From Behind The Sea Desk" on pot TVs YouTube channel every Wednesday at 4:07 Western. He is a pioneer in the webcast field of cannabis, we're talking about show broadcasting on dial up here. Which for most is unfathomable. So roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it and listen to this episode #five.
Dec 05, 2016
Episode 108 - Tony Erba Part #2 (H100s, 9 Shocks Terror, GSMF, FYPM, etc)
The path to the Turned Out A Punk Live Tour continues! This week Damian welcomes Tony Erba back to the show! Join the Cleveland legend as he sits down with Damian to talk Gordon Solie Motherfuckers’ bladejobs, joy and regrets. Also touched on: The first part 2! Tony will behave this time… How Gordon Solie Motherfuckers came together A connoisseur of trash culture the secret cult of 90s wrestling Watching Annihilation Time become something the antics at GSMF shows Bischof sucks GSMF: loser leaves town Ruination: the supergroup Mike Woodford: “Purveyor Of Fine Filth” The Step Sister experiment AntiSeen: “Reckon, we’ll watch shot interviews all day” A pcp-fueled nightmare the Propagandhi/ Face Value tour hang comes up again NoFX show up to stay with Dwid and Tony one night… Cheap Tragedies come together “We want the more Face Value Tony Erba” “You can either love what I do or not” Why did Upstab have to end?!? The curse of being anchored to your stuff The awesomeness of Scotty Tankcrimes How Fuck You Pay Me Come Together Nemesis Records rules! Playing with Foghat Boom and Legion Of Doom: Throwing meat and fighting Youth Of Today “Dwid’s in jail, I’m his brother Jim” AND MORE!!!
Dec 03, 2016
Footnote 107 - Sound On Sound Fest with Dave It Up (Tear It Up) / Dave Kelling (Culture Abuse) / Chris Slorach (METZ) / MVP
Nerds got him down it’s 3 on 1. Ten of us show, Guess who won? For something as epic as the first live TOAP, a super team had to be assembled for Footnotes. So, Chris and Damian put up the TOAP signal and are joined once again by friends and contributors Dave Martin and Dave Ackerman! Sit back and get ready!
Dec 01, 2016
Episode 107 - Sound On Sound Fest with Dave It Up (Tear It Up) / Dave Kelling (Culture Abuse) / Chris Slorach (Metz) / MVP
OH ME, OH MY, IT’S TURNED OUT A PUNK LIVE! That’s right, the first ever live TOAP recorded at Sound On Sound in Austin. Listen in as Damian is joined by former guest turned guest Footnote co-host Dave It Up (Tear It Up), as well as Dave Kelling (Culture Abuse) Chris Slorach (Metz) and TOAP’s favourite wrestler MVP! Talking everything from Root Beer bottles and cymbal stands in the face to Rancid at the arcade to prison punk! This is one not to be missed!!! Also head to DAMIANABRAHAM.COM and pick up tickets to the Turned Out A Punk Live Tour!!!!!!
Nov 26, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 06 (Colt Cabana)
This is a huge week for not only this show but ALL of Turned Out A Punk! This week on the show Tom and Damian are joined by the inspiration for TOAP: COLT CABANA. Join the Three as they discuss the change Colt help bring about in the wrestling landscape. Also, Tom and Damian talk about: NXT Takeover, Lucha Underground, and Jericho
Nov 25, 2016
Footnote 106 - Neil McLennan "Mackie" (BLITZ, Epic Problem)
Civilizations dying and nerds are realizing the potential of pain stuck inside a gun. This week Chris and Damian are apart again, but take comfort in the fact that they get to talk about the Mackie episode! Also, they lay waste to the mailbag and talk TOAP TOUR!!!!
Nov 24, 2016
Episode 106 - Neil McLennan "Mackie" (BLITZ, Epic Problem)
This is a big one for Damian! A LEGIT legend joins Turned Out A Punk this week as Mackie from Blitz and now Epic Problem sits down for a conversation! Sit in and listen as the two discuss Mackie’s journey through punk's early days, helping birth Oi and then walking away from music only to return to it 20 years later. Also covered: A email from a fan of the podcast that made Damian’s day! People in Binbags: Seeing a punk seeing Slade live: “There was only really Slade” Being a Bootboy Hearing the Ramones record Seeing the Clash live Zines Going to the original Factory Club and fearing for your life Blitz: “Hicks from the Sticks: one scene but not friendly
Nov 19, 2016
Footnote 105 - Jeff Cannonball (CZW, Altered Boys, Black Kites)
The release of Vice’s Bloodlust celebrations keep coming around here! This week to talk and celebrate the amazingness of Jeff Cannonball and his episode, Chris and Damian meet up in person for the first time ever (for this podcast)!!!!! Listen in as the two talk about the show, read the mailbag and tackle the new all while sitting face to face… in a car, in the parking lot of a waterpark!
Nov 18, 2016
Oil & Flowers - Episode #4
Cannabis culture around the world is as diverse as the cultivators that work within it. Budda(h)Blaze & Damian Abraham speak on their experience's around the world about the access or lack thereof of cannabis. They also speak on recreational cannabis and how America is positioning itself as the leader in the up coming legal markets emerging in Canada and Mexico. Lastly, we sit down With @StormyEnt and speak on their experience with embracing the leaf to help with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and working In the cannabis industry on the cusp of Canada federally passing recreational Cannabis. Set your timers and waste it to taste it.
Nov 16, 2016
Episode 105 - Jeff Cannonball (CZW, Altered Boys, Black Kites)
In celebration of the release of Bloodlust: Tournament of Death over at Vice.com (Release Date: Nov 15), Damian sits down with one of the movies most memorable characters: Jeff Cannonball. But as Damian learned while making the doc, Jeff is no mere wrestler, Jeff is a basement playing, on the floor sleeping, front seat of the van riding, kid of the hardcore. Listen in as the two discuss going from playing Ieper fest to wrestling New Jack. Also touched on: Brought together by a Plastic Bomb “It is very weird being called an Athlete” Just two Friends of Tom hanging out Finding punk from your rock dad A Thin Line Fading: pre-Tear It Up and Reign Supreme First show at a skate park Asking about the cover song and discovering the CroMags Q: “Are you into Punk?” “I don’t know” Being made fun of for liking Unbroken Black Coffee becomes Scared To Death Loving Tear It Up Seeing Blind Society Getting into Wrestling before you could talk Dad and the 2am Wrestling TV show DON’T WEAR BRET THE HITBEAR’S GLASSES! Be it the Ultimate Warrior or music: Loud Fast Rules! Punk or Wrestling? The death of Eddie Guerrero XFilesX is super underrated The importance of Mental Mind Eraser What’s worse breaking straight edge or Vegan? UltraMantis Black Pissed Jeans and Chikara Tournament of Death as Wrestlemania A Tear It Up t-shirt flip ieperfest “Moshing to Strife” A Myspace post for destiny: Getting into wrestling Punk or Wrestling: the choice is yours forming Altered Boys “A full circle of weird violence” Kevin Gill: the hardcore/wrestling connection punk and juggalos Homies is killer! Mike McCarthy from For The Worse goes so deep Gordon Solie Motherfuckers: a perfect band THE BEST SHOW An inside account of the Kenzan and more!!!!!!
Nov 12, 2016
Footnote 104 - Jonah Falco (Smartboys, Career Suicide, Fucked Up)
Somewhere out there could be better, and nerds aren’t just talking about weather. This week on the show, escape with Chris and Damian as they deconstruct mutual friend Jonah Falco's episode and get into Career Suicide's history. Also, a TOAPLive recaps and mailbag returns!!!
Nov 10, 2016
Episode 104 - 2 Year Anniversary Special With Jonah Falco (Smartboys, Career Suicide, Fucked Up)
The good times and sad times, they’ll be on your side for ever more! That’s what Jonah is for! This week on the show, Damian welcomes his tour roommate and best bud: Jonah Falco from Career Suicide and tons of other stuff!!!! Sit back and listen as we find out what it's like to be a stuck in a room with Damian for 10 years and how Jonah and Martin stole Career Suicide from the OG members! Also covered: Jonah loses control of Damian The Fucked Up plan Damian and Jonah talk Mike Damian’s brother Tristan exposes punk to Jonah Loving Soundgarden and grunge going to Ottawa and coming back with orange hair, a chain necklace and Sex Pistols tape Jonah’s family: not really into the whole punk vibe. Jonah’s Uncle ”knows a guy” that can find Black Flag CDs No Doubt with the Vandals and Civ The Feederz and animals Punks tipping point “I’m getting into Hip-Hop” getting a free bag of CDs Ska-Ska-Oi: a right of passage Jonah Da SHARP skin Jonah takes down his boots Local bands Going to Who’s Emma? loving Madball Toronto falls in love with The Swarm the huge influence of Chris Colohan “Johnny New York and The Stinkbombs” Louanne and Full Blast is the BEST Chris Harper: the nice one Jonah’s first show weird ass show Martin from Career Suicide: a very different kid Jonah and Martin’s punk Jackets Trial: the band Bored Of Eduction demo: The worst thing to ever come out of Toronto? As One becomes Scare Tactic Jonah falls in love with AOD The rise of early ’00s TOHC Scare Tactic VS Haymaker Catharsis And more!!!!!!
Nov 05, 2016
Footnote 103 - Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Misfits)
Fighting technical problems, jet lag and exhaustion, Chris and Damian say fuck the mailbag and talk about one of music’s coolest couples and all sorts of other fun stuff.
Nov 03, 2016
Oil & Flowers - Episode #3
Budda(h)Blaze and cohost Damian Abraham return during Toronto's Karma Cup weekend to talk about just that. They discuss the events positive and negative over the weekend at the cup. First starting off with their recent experiences in Colorado as recreational consumers as opposed to the access medical has in that state. Ending the podcast with an great interview from Vancouver's Al The Alchemist and his beginnings in cannabis. All recorded in Toronto during The Karma Cup
Nov 01, 2016
Episode 103 - Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Misfits)
What an awesome episode!! This week Damian is joined by one of punk and metals coolest of couplings: Alissa and Doyle! Listen in as Damian gets to talk how going to local Montreal punk shows led to fronting one of Sweden’s leading death metal bands and being groomed from a young age to be a Misfit. Also touched on: the Fucked Up - No Joy - Arch Enemy - Misfits connection Alissa and Jasmine have the coolest mom! Hole cover bands Ripcordz No Doubt "I walked out into my yard and saw Glenn and Doyle practising the Misfits" “Static Age is the best Misfits records” “I like that Misfit” but not a fan of the band Getting in the Misfits Being groomed to be in the band The iconic Misfit: DOYLE The classical Danzig record over the first three “You are smaller than I thought you would be” “What did it feel like to play with those guys again?” Being blown away by your own band Life of Agony Rues! Micheal Allago “Why the fuck would I come up here for?”
Oct 28, 2016
Footnote 102 - Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations, No Devotion)
I’m only 10 years old, dressed up like a red, cause my daddy told me so dressed up like a nerd. This week Chris and Damian fight desperately to get to all the juicy info in the Geoff Rickly episode before time runs out! They must also fight a mailbag and a LONG convo on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame first.
Oct 26, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 05 (Jason Robinson)
Live and together for the first time in the podcast’s history, Tom and Damian meet up in Richmond Va. to talk Goldberg and some other Pro-Wrestling… and of course they also wind up talking music, politics and other fun stuff. They are also joined by filmmaker, professor and Wrestling fan Jason Robinson!
Oct 24, 2016
Episode 102 - Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations, No Devotion)
Get ready for a good one! This week on the show Damian is joined by Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly. Listen in as Geoff tells Damian about pre-teen punk shows and the violence and awesomeness of early 90’s New York. Also discussed: Being a kindergarten Goth Seeing the Replacements at 6 Going to Slayer and Bad Brains with your mom and dad Robert Smith, Goeff’s mom and paparazzi A friend stealing a Monster Magnet tape and ruining the record store relationship Going to smart kid school getting in Fugazi Heckle’s Garage Not being into silly punk Getting stabbed for $3 in NY The miracle TV Going to Coney Island High and seeing VOD. Madball and Crown Of Thronz Roger from Agnostic Front gives Thursday their first show Playing in a band opening for X for two shows Going on a family vacation and winding up in Green Apple Quickstep Deadguy changes there sound booking the “most hated band in New Jersey”: Ink & Dagger Getting a house to book shows forming Thursday making sure you keep your early set Eyeball Record: The NJ launching pad Reversal Of Man breaks up in your basements Benny from Gaslight Anthem Almost breaking up “Hey! We signed to Victory!” “You are fucked”
Oct 21, 2016
Footnote 101 - Zach Bair (Rise Against, Hagfish) & MVP (Wrestler - WWE, NJPW): THE LOST CHAPTER
Why can’t you say you talked to nerds? You’re already thinking of someone else. This week on the show Chris and Damian talk about the journey of friendship that Zach Blair and MVP took us on. They also review their respective weekend of shows and tackle the mailbag with a vengeance!
Oct 20, 2016
Oil & Flowers - Episode #2
Welcome to episode Two of Oil & Flowers.. This week Host DJ BuddaBlaze & Co Host Damian Abraman talk about Buddah's entry into the Cannabis world as well going through Canada's new Medical Cannabis Program the ACMPR and how it compares to the former MMPR. We also sit down with Nina Parks from San Francisco's Mirage Medicinal to talk about her experience with oils & flowers. She was recently featured on Vices TV's "Weediquette -Going Legit". Heat the nail up or turn on the Sub, sit back and enjoy this episode of Oil & Flowers
Oct 18, 2016
Episode 101 - Zach Bair (Rise Against, Hagfish) & MVP (Wrestler - WWE, NJPW): THE LOST CHAPTER
THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE YET! Zach Blair is the internationally famous guitarist of Rise Against who grew up in a small town in Texas. MVP is an international wrestling superstar that has been at the top of the card for almost every major wrestling company in the world. When they were teenagers the two would have a chance meeting one night in a local park and in spite of their differences, connect over a mutual love of punk while MVP was in Texas trying to escape the violence that surrounded him back home. The two would have a major impact on each others lives, but over time lost touch. Now for the first time in 20 years the two reconnect to talk about meeting, the shared love of punk, why MVP disappeared one night and having to calm down the Macho Man. Also touched on: Thesis of the whole show summed up in a episode Damian Abraham: punk matchmaker Zach growing up metal in Sherman Texas Zach and three outcast metalheads hanging out in the park “Cosmic, on multiple levels.” MVP getting out of Miami to get away from the violence MVP tagging up the park bonded together by a love of metal and punk A gangbanger becomes the muscle for the outcast metalheads: “NOW WE CAN DEFEND OURSELVES” Getting in fights with the normals The Burnouts VS. The Skatekids MVP’s long term memory is INSANE Teenage MVP vs The Rodeo Rider: Champion VS Champion Zach and Donny learning to stand up for themselves MVP sings the Toadies Metalheads in the garage “Don’t you say a word against Priest, Jack!” MVP has to leave town quick!: One HELL of a night! There is life outside of this town! Zach plays MVP Voivod The Jam at the Dam The skinny bald white guy in a “Badass” shirt walks into a bar. Macho Man shows up at a Gwar/Misfits shows The Punk/Wrestling Connection! Dave Brockie Stories Fishbone AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Oct 14, 2016
Footnote 100 - Cheryl Hastings and Graham Abraham (Damian's Mom & Dad)
God Save the Nerds, we mean it man. This week on the show Chris and Damian turn it into an Episode 100 party! In celebration they are joined by two regular mailbag contributors and friends of the show: Dave Ackerman (Former guest on Episode 72 and Tear It Up singer) and Dave Martin (Future guest). Listen in as they all get nerdy and talk the first 100 TOAPs!
Oct 13, 2016
Episode 100 - Cheryl Hastings and Graham Abraham (Damian's Mom and Dad)
Millstone of milestones, we have made it to episode 100!! To celebrate, Damian does what every cool person does when they throw a party: call his parents! Sit back and enjoy two conversations with two people that had to deal with Damian’s youthful follies. So much embarrassing shit happens in this episode to summarize here! And if that wasn’t enough, Damian is joined for a special intermission by his Footnotes co-host Chris O’toole! Breaking down some of their favourite past episodes from the first 100. WHAT A SHOW?!?!?!
Oct 07, 2016
Footnote 99 - Lance Bangs (Director / Producer / Cinematographer)
The Nerd is almost gone, give it a break and stop the press. This week on the show Chris and Damian delve into the Lost Lance Bangs Episode! Join the two as they uncover one of the first episodes Damian ever recorded as well as fighting a vicious fight with the mailbag!
Oct 05, 2016
Oil & Flowers - Episode #1
Welcome to Oil & Flowers, A podcast looking at all things Cannabis. Each episode, host DJ BuddaBlaze along with Damian Abraham, both medicinal cannabis patients, dive into various topics surrounding the plant as well as chatting with guests about how they fit in to the cannabis world. This episode, Budda(h) asks Damian about his come-to-cannabis moment and the two discuss the current state of legalization in Toronto Canada. Budda(h) also sits down in Toronto to talk with friend and Musician/director Narcy. Stop, drop and glob with us!!
Oct 03, 2016
Episode 99 - Lance Bangs (Director / Producer / Cinematographer)
What once was lost now is found! This week on the show, one of the very first Turned Out A Punks ever recorded!!! Now you can finally hear Damian (In a state of caffeine soaked exhaustion) sit down with one of the raddest people on the planet:Lance Bangs! Recorded way back in 2014, it was sealed in a vault once Damian heard how out there he sounded, but it is an episode too good to meet that fate! Also covered: Growing up an army brat Damian’s horrible memory laps Punk on morning shows Patti Smith as an elementary school teachers “What is happening?” Seeing Debbie Harry on the Muppet Show Clash or the Sex Pistols The music culture on the Army base Pink Floyd the final cut Hating “adult culture” Moving up to New Jersey The awesomeness of City Gardens Film as survival The curse of Bon Jon Jovi in NJ Cinema of Transgression Moving to Athens Learning under James Herbert Porn Orchard The Elephant Six Collective Touring with Pavement Five Eight Documenting bands for no other reason then you feel you should The Importance of Nirvana Wanting the alternative boom to happen Hating Pearl Jam Ian MacKaye lecturing you about working for the Smashing Pumpkins On tour with Mercury Rev listening to Team Drench in the Jackass van Skaters Explaining Odd Future to Ian
Sep 30, 2016
Footnote 98 - Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts, Teen Crud Combo)
Nerds aren’t the first, Nerds aren’t the last, another day another crash. This week on the show, Chris and Damian discuss the fantastic Allyson Baker episode as well as waging war on the mailbag and getting distracted by TONS of stuff!!
Sep 27, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 04 (Danko Jones)
Like ECW on SyFy, WE ARE BACK! This week on the show Tom and Damian start off talking the wrapping up of the Cruiser Weight Classic and CM Punk’s UFC debut. Then, in the main event, the two sit down with 80’s wrestling superfan DANKO JONES! Listen in as the three talk: AWA, NWA, Maple Leaf Wrestling and Danko’s Wrestling Role Playing Game!
Sep 25, 2016
Episode 98 - Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts, Teen Crud Combo)
The greatest of great news! This week on the show Damian is joined by a person who almost single handily made Toronto punk cool again: Allyson Baker! That’s right, this week on Turned Out A Punk we’re joined by the Dirty Ghost & Teen Crud Combo guitarist for one hell of a conversation about being set on a path, from your first show onwards. Also touched on: The Deadhead babysitter Searching to subculture Rock Variety is still open! The Doors: not quite it Hating Nirvana until it clicks and having it change your life Kurt talking about Flipper. Alison’s Drake connection Listening to Sex Bomb in Forest Hill Daddy was a jazz drummer “Duran Duran was my New Kids On The Block” Going to see Flipper The greatest first punk show story EVER!!!! Emergency Melba Toast A night that changed a life Getting in to the local music scene Grasshopper hangin’ with the smoking kids hangin’ with Project 9 Meeting Jamie Towns: The spike haired kid at the Suckerpunch show Forming a band with Rob From Hockey Teeth The Shuttlecocks Random Killing Dirty Bird Armed And Hammered Dissed by the punx “Where did you get the shirt!?!?!”: Finding Rotate This Becoming a great Guitarists getting thrown of Rivioli “Those are those girls!” JC and the Mods ’N’ Rockers Connection Jamie joins AntiFlag and Alison joins Armed’N’Hammered Teen Crud Combo forms The influence of Moorhead Zeke WAS AWESOME! Jamie reuturns and TCC becomes awesome!
Sep 23, 2016
Footnote 97 - Geoff Rowley (Skateboard Legend)
The nerds are coming after me, their son's are BMXers. This week on the show, Chris and Damian discuss the closest thing they have to a shared sports hero: Skateboarding Legend Geoff Rowley. Join the two as they talk skateboarding and punk and trying to wrestle control of the show away from the mailbag.
Sep 22, 2016
Episode 97 - Geoff Rowley (Skateboard Legend)
Whether it’s IRL or in video game form, many people grew up wanting to be this guest. This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Skateboarding legend Geoff Rowley. Join the two as they discuss, not only how punk affected Geoff’s career but how skateboarding as a whole was influenced by the genre. Also covered: Loving football Seeing the punks with the Skateboards Probe Records: a subcultural outpost the smell of punk skate a deck with no griptape with mismatched backwards trucks the little kid with with older punks The “art” of skateboard art music in skate videos The reverberations of punk in youth culture seeing punk on tv and the streets Too young to get in “The Planet” going to Fugazi Skating over shows Robbie Reed from Jailcell Recipes getting crapped on by the older Straight Edge Skaters The origins of skating in Liverpool “Why would they make a park out of that?!?” Liverpool: a city of diverse skating and music influences Liverpool: a city of punk skateboarders Liverpool: a city of the old skaters Liverpool: a city of immense civic pride Seeing the skate video Savannah Slamma for the first time seeing tricks for the first time Mofo from Thasher Falling in love with Motorhead Meeting Lemmy and talking Beatles Being The Beatles in 60’s Liverpool Getting into Lungfish The influence of Ed Templeton Searching for a new genre the effects of music listening on skatevideos Black Mountain and the Skate
Sep 17, 2016
Footnote 96 - Craig Ferguson (Comedian, Celebrity Name Game, The Drew Carry Show, The Late Late Show)
We can’t win! Nerds are everywhere! Got to fight back! This week on the show Chris and Damian manage to get distracted even BEFORE they start in on the mailbag! Then it’s on to said mailbag before they talk about Craig Ferguson’s amazing band run and what is it about punk drummers and fame?!?!
Sep 15, 2016
Episode 96 - Craig Ferguson (Comedian, Celebrity Name Game, The Drew Carry Show, The Late Late Show)
This week on the show we have: a comedian, a late night host, an actor and, at one point, one of the early Glasgow punk scene’s most prolific drummers. Join Damian as he sits down with Craig Ferguson to discuss finding “wholesome” punk at a time of rotten culture, getting an ominous warning from Nico, his great run of punk bands and tons more! Also covered: The last interview Craig will ever do? Getting into Glam Is that a few cup: Hearing the Damned for the first time Music that felt like a fight Steve Jones not believing that you saw them Taking the bus with a Peter Capaldi… and a dead guy Seeing the Clash, Sex Pistols, the Damned, Siouxsie and Banshees Marijuana is a hippy drug. So it’s speed, glue and booze. The cultural shift in England that was punk. Scotland looks better today Punk was the most wholesome and honest form of entertainment to emerge out of England in getting “Punk’d Up” Having to pick a side hating the fantasy of music Not being the biggest Keith Moon fan. Queen: the best players but “still shit” Seeing Hawkwind at the age of 13 Drum influence: hating the band but loving the drummers Seeing Johnny and Self Abusers (pre-Simple Minds) Just getting into Zeppelin Seeing the Stranglers the amazing Scottish scene the Rock Garden: Scotland’s Whiskey-A-Go-Go Joining the Dream Boys with Peter Capaldi Exposure: Craig as Adam Eternal Dressed up like a priest for a recording Getting into Comedy with Peter inbetween bands “It’s the DNA of everything” Liking the first half of Stop Making Sense Quitting late night Ana Hausen: the session that ended the gig the rise of English post-punk Alternative comedy. Comedy: no lugging drums, no cleaning up and no band members Drummers and Punk: the amazing connection Drummers need to shut the fuck up Working the door at the world famous Save The Robots in NY Drumming for Nico “You remind me of Iggy. You will die soon.” Iggy: the last one standing Knocking out a heckler: Violence and comedy don’t mix Getting drunk with the Clash Lars from Rancid: Therapist to those that got famous after being into punk and TONS MORE!!!!!
Sep 09, 2016
Footnote 95 - David Cross (Comedian, Mr. Show, Arrested Development)
"Nerds’ll be all right, Nerds’ll be all right, Nerds’ll be all right, Nerds’ll be all right!" This week on Footnotes, Chris and Damian spend the better part of an hour dealing with the mailbag THEN they spend another hour gushing about the various projects this week's guest, David Cross, has been involved in and the enduring legacy of the American 90’s alternative magazine scene.
Sep 08, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 03 (Scott Kelly)
The last few weeks in the WWE have been fascinating and worthy of much discussion. To help your host’s Tom and Damian with this momentous task is SCOTT KELLY! That’s right, Neurosis' punk/metal/music legend joins the crew this week to discuss Kevin Owens’ win, Miz’s promo, Orton/Brock and all points in between. I FUCKING LOVE WRESTLING!!!!!
Sep 04, 2016
Episode 95 - David Cross (Comedian, Mr. Show, Arrested Development)
Shut up you, Punking baby! This week on the show, it’s David Cross! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his favourite comedians to discuss the connection of music and comedy, how punk served as a gateway to alternative culture and why the "American Authors" suck. Also touched on: David gives Damian some podcast tips A super boring itunes story Elvis Costello in Saturday Night Live Seeing coverage of the scary Sex Pistols Class Of 1984: and amazing piece of punxploitation Indie rock in 2016: kinda sucks a takedown of American Authors Mad and Cracked over superhero books Re/Search Film Threat Answer Me!: “If you are 40 and love Answer Me, you have some issues.” Fear on Saturday Night Live Thin Lizzy on TV subverts it all going to art school being bullied getting to be so close to Athens The need to validated by people in music Why music and comedies kinship The greatness of the diversity in Atlanta’s punk scene. Getting in to 688 Pylon Now Explosion Getting in REM Jason and Scorchers David’s public access show Loving Andy Kaufman Moving to Boston Mixing music and comedy The Cavedogs The Prime Movers Finding out about Rock, Rot and Rule David nearly dies from a bee sting Finding Tom, Jon and The Best Show AND MORE!!!!!!!
Sep 01, 2016
Footnote 94 - Sarde Hardie & Greg Benedetto (Not Dead Yet Fest [and S.H.I.T.])
And maybe if nerds had a lifetime to waste, maybe nerds could share your faith. This week on Footnotes, Damian and Chris tackle a mailbag that just won’t quit and talk Greg and Sarde and PUNK
Aug 31, 2016
Episode 94 -Sarde Hardie and Greg Benedetto (Not Dead Yet Fest [ and S.H.I.T.])
Get ready for not one, but two of the key voices in the current wave of punk in Toronto: Sarde and Greg! Between putting on Toronto’s coolest fest, putting out records, helping drive bands and playing in them, they each put more effort into helping the Toronto punk scene than most people do at an actual job. Get ready as Damian sits down with two people that are making sure that Punk and Hardcore isn’t just a nostalgia trip. Also covered: Mouse doesn’t like Damian Sarde out ranks Greg Just a couple Juno nominees hanging out punk comps at the mall: CHEAP AND PLENTIFUL! Sastchwan punk DFA Junto Decontrol: a dollar bin prairie gem Liberty spikes in a small town Unknowingly being at Christian Hardcore shows Wishing you could drive Greg goes to see 10 Speed Hero Moneen: The Band of Brampton Dylan Dog: Brampton and the Prairies: similar vibes Book distro Guess who doesn’t like Propagandhi!?!?!? Weakerthans: The band of Winnipeg The Royal Albert Greg’s gushing defence of Propagandhi Gism Weird awesome 90’s comps G-Money: Brampton legend The Amazingness of Winnipeg Comeback Kid Under Pressure: he best Japanese punk band from outside Japan Winnipeg is for diehards: “I couldn’t hack it.” If you are in this long enough someone’s going to shit. The return of Drugs Matt LaForge’s hardcore theory Wash ’N' Slosh: a Laundromat/ bar Radical Attack THERE IS A DEAD RAVER IN THE WALL!!!! Nazis get their car flipped Prune gets naked at a show Bars and All-ages show forming S.H.I.T. Sarde: Future HC Simon Cowell and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 2016
Footnote 93 - Brix Smith-Start (The Fall, Adult Net, Brix and The Extricated)
Nerds aren’t in it to lose, OH YEAH! This week Chris and Damian get bested by the mailbag and Damian”s need to gab and give the world a 2 plus hours talking Brix episode.
Aug 25, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 02 (With Nicky From Nothing)
This week Tom and Damian deliver slightly late analysis of the weekends pay-per-views and then in the MAIN EVENT: the two are joined by Domenic “Nicky” Palermo from the band Nothing for an AMAZING conversation about growing up an ECW kid and other hilarity!
Aug 22, 2016
Episode 93 - Brix Smith-Start (The Fall, Adult Net, Brix and The Extricated)
There are the good ones and there are the better ones and this is even better than that! This week Damian is joined by legend Brix Smith-Start to talk about life before the Fall as well as Adult Net and her fantastic new book! Also covered: Having Punk Parties after school Not being allowed to go se the Runaways and Ramones Susan Hoff and Brix go to Rodney’s… little intense Queen: The best live band EVER Not ascribing to a tribe a passion for fashion the Clash and The Stray Cats The UK Post Punk Selling your fancy clothes to get music The Carpenters RULES The Vocals Change: Aerosmith to Discharge Seeing U2 on their first tour Hard Edge New Wave Knowing you would wind up in England A step-father goes looking for a Vivian Westwood Pirate outfit. Nice guys do make Rock N Roll: Meeting the Ramones in highschool Being bad a kid in the big bad city of New York. Murdered classmates Puking on Heroin on Joey Ramone Going to A7… ONCE Bad Brains Black Flag Touring with Gun Club Building a Scene: Sugar Cubes, The Bad Seeds, Pussy Galore, Swans Neibaten Marcia Schofield: the wild one Being the one that keeps the wheels on the road in all senses Giving Nirvana your rider Everything changes The model breaks Martin Mills: the enduring force John Robb: the best ad for Straight Edge Vegan Life Forming a band Banda Dratsing Bret Easton Ellis: was he punk? and so much more!!!!
Aug 20, 2016
Footnote 92 - Nikola Sarcevic & Fredrik Larzon (Millencolin)
Nerds Is A Bunch of Motherfuckers! This week on the show THE MAILBAG threatens to consume the whole episode but fear not as Chris and Damian valiantly fight through it so they can discuss the hardcore roots of Nikola and Fredrik, the awesomeness of Millencolin and Swedish Punk’s ability to have an impact in North America.
Aug 17, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 01 (GERARD COSLOY)
This week the Clobbering’ Time really starts as Tom and Damian sit down and discuss a few of their wrestling highlights of the week before being joined by Matador Record co-founder Gerard Cosloy! While many are probably familiar with Gerard from music few know that he is a wrestling SUPERFAN. Sit back and enjoy one for the age a Gerard talks going to Wrestlemania i, discovering ECW on late night tv, business deals with Paul Heyman and a recent Progress Wrestling show!!! Get ready for the indie rock wrestling connection.
Aug 13, 2016
Episode 92 - Nikola Sarcevic & Fredrik Larzon (Millencolin)
Formats are for weak, cause this week on the show we have not one, but two members of Millencolin! Join Damian as he sits down with Fredrik and Nikola (and Mike) to discuss Swedish hardcore and how the rise of “US Hardcore” helped inform the Swedish Melodic Punk Scene! ! Also covered: Millencolin comes over for a hang The problems with this podcast and multiple subjects Fredrik finds metal and hardrock Hearing Asta Kask in a cafeteria Seeing Afghan Whigs Crust: a scene unto itself Nikola doesn’t dig the crust Rosvette: Sweden’s Sweden love metal, Nikola loves rap Skateboarding The Accidents “I can’t play like that!” Europe (the band): everyone was there The amazingness of Sweden’s art’s funding Building a scene the punk and skate connection Kung Pung Sideman Nikola goes to his first show Going to see Seigmenn Songs about people you hate hating jocks and the KKK “US Hardcore”: Going California Punk The OTHER Seigmenn crashing with Fredrik “drummer auditions”: Show up with a gallon of win puking on snoos LOVING Bad Religion Bad Religion’s No Control: “Sounds like country on 45” Superdong: THE BEST MELODIC HARDCORE BAND EVER? No Fun At All, Randy, Satanic Surfers and Millencolin: bands that created a genre Ordering Asta Kasta and getting Protes Bengt Burning Heart: Not love at first listen AND MORE!!!!!
Aug 12, 2016
Footnote 91 - Stephen McBean (Pink Mountaintops, Black Mountain)
I hate nerds; I hate their gut's and the people down here don't like them too. This week on the show Chris and Damian try and fight the mailbag and the mailbag wins. Also, the two discuss the UNREAL Stephen McBean episode and how this guy is the penultimate Footnote subject. Also Chris contends with Damian trying to organize his own life.
Aug 09, 2016
Clobbering' Time EP. 00
Welcome to Clobbering’ Time! Each week Tom Breihan and Damian Abraham will talk wrestling and invite guests from the world of music at large to come and talk wrestling too. This week they mainly talk about themselves and wrestling. This is the origin issue.
Aug 07, 2016
Episode 91 - Stephen McBean (Pink Mountaintops, Black Mountain)
“The type of guest a podcast like this was invented for,” few other people earn that distinction more than Steve McBean. Before he scaled the Black Mountain to get to those Pink Mountaintops he was hangin'’ in the Jerk Ward. Hear about how Steve went from prototypical Hardcore kid to punk rock adult! Also touched on: Punk in Mclean’s Going to Victoria Punk Records at the PNE Move Out West Young Pre-Teen Hearing the Neo’s for the first time and it changing your world forming Jerk Ward Discovering Tim Crow’s Youth Plague Zine Stalking the Neo’s Going to the “Sweatbox” Ordering the Deep Wound 7” International Hardcore The proto-hardcore kids Doing Verbals Assault zine America’s Hardcore One man’s trash is Damian’s Holy Grail Dino Jr.: “Hey, these guys are ex-Deep Wound?” Meeting a member of Anti-Cimex at show in the present day. Hearing Negative Approach for the first time Missing Black Flag for the first time due age Seeing Nig Heist Seeing the Accused BEFORE Blaine! The BYO Canadian Connection Joining Red Tide Sludge Confrontations LPs at the post office Jerk Ward becomes Mission To Christ “That’s Not Jerk Ward!” Mission To Christ: nearly signs to Alchemy Imagine getting $500 a night “Uh, I’m 14” Being excited for the stylistic shifts of bands BLASPHAMY Obliterations: “Can we just start a punk band?” Knowing how to do it now Pink Mountaintops and Discharge AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Aug 05, 2016
Footnote 90 - FLAG IIII
You believe in violence? Well Nerds do too! This week on the show Chris and Damian celebrate the Flag podcast by talking about it for twice as long as the thing was i the first place. Also: mailbag and bullshit!
Aug 02, 2016
Episode 90 - FLAG IIII
This week on the show: FLAG!!!! That is right, Damian is sitting down with the LEGENDARY ex-members OF Black Flag to discuss a ton of topics. Sit back for a wild one! Some of the topics covered include: Ted Nugent impressions and when did he start to suck? Coffee with a Stern Bro. “How old are you?” NoFX’s Birds Of Fire Metallic K.O. is the greatest live record ever! Louie Louie over Femme Fatal: the first conflict “I’m not Greg Ginn’s Puppet” Keith meeting Bill as a little kid Meeting the Red Cross kids The floorplan of the Black Flag house RonAndDez: the inseparable pair he would gum that steak down The Last and the Alleycats: the only bands with creativity Rhino 39: from the southern tip of the Southbay The Quick and going to Altamont Rodney plays the hits! The Saints the Stingers: LA Family band How Dez found Flag Robo tales Living next door to the Screamers The Suburban problem Dez getting asked to join Flag The falling out between Ron and Dez David Bowie comes to see Black Flag Chuck watching Vox Pop recording their first single. VOM sucked live AND MORE!!!!!!!
Jul 29, 2016
Footnote 89 - Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Oldfirm Casuals, Lars & The Bastards)
10 nerds show, guess who won? This week on the show Damian and Chris get into the Lars episode DEEP with TONS of Rancid talk as well as a mailbag segment almost as long as the episode.
Jul 27, 2016
Episode 89 - Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, Lars & The Bastards)
This week it's hangin’ out with Lars down on a podcast street cause this week’s guest on Turned Out A Punk is Lars Frederiksen! Join Damian as he sits down with a punk legend to talk about going from seeing DOA and Black Flag at 10 to playing in the UK Subs and fucking it up, to changing the face of popular music forever. THIS IS ONE FOR THE AGES! -This one is a big deal for Damian -Getting into KISS -Sean the punk move to town -Falling in love British music first -Meeting Social Distortion -They Live and breathing fire -Uncleared samples: Rancid’s original intro to “Avenues and Alleyways” -“Where is Lars’ Wrestlemania moment!?!?” -CM Punk talk -Going to see Black Flag and DOA at 10 and getting jumped by your own brother -How much more protective we are today. -Following Dennis Denell around a club and then Social Distortion coming over for frozen burgers -Lars’ was super cool to Damian’s younger brother -Fame as an escape from poverty -Grifting the import section Tower Records -WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO PCP: How Lars bought Strength Thu Oi! and went to Juvy -Lars HATES Blitz’s Telecommunication -Why comps rule! -The Faction -Getting banned from family holidays -Being raised in a European family in America -Seeing Camper Van Beethoven with the DKs -The differences between the the Bay and LA back in the day -Why boneheads can should never be called skinheads -Getting initiated by the UK Subs: “YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR SCOTTISH PASSPORT?!?” -Get In The Drum Kit: The Necro’s story -Learning to play guitar -A guitar lesson from a fucked up Mike Ness -Making Simon Woodstock’s brothers guitar infamous -Fighting Simon Woodstock before Mike Muir -The Nowhere Men: Lar’s first band -Playing with the Melvins, JFA AND Bl’AST -Getting asked to join the UK Subs -Charlie Harper’s Campbell, California years -Moving to England -Getting booted from the Subs -AND MORE!!!!!
Jul 21, 2016
Footnote 88 - Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, Bossy, The Babies)
Nerds were born, so now nerds suffer! This week Damian and Chris are in the mood to CHAT so the show is almost an hour before they even start talking about the awesome Cassie Ramone episode. SO MUCH MAILBAG!
Jul 19, 2016
Episode 88 - Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, Bossy, The Babies)
It may not be a long episode but it is packed with awesome! Damian sits down with his friend and indie royalty Cassie Ramone to talk Weezer in NJ, The Killed By Ridgewood High lp and bad bands being good for the scene.. Also touched on: The hot guy with the Op Ivy shirt and NoFX at Camp NoFX CDs at Hot Topis Lovin’ the soft rock till you found out it wasn’t cool Losing your Baby-backpack in the moshpit for No Doubt Ozma On the Kung Fu Records Street Name “Even the Skaband was good”: The Real Estate’s Ska past (again) The popularity of Weezer in suburban NJ high schools K Record The Carpenters are awesome! Paul Williams runs my union Killed By Ridgewood Matt and Kim got big! The bliss of the DIY boom of the early-mid-2000’s Brooklyn The better the bands, the worse the scene Bossy breaks up Vivian Girls were born The hype Touring with Punkinpie
Jul 15, 2016
Footnote 87 - Arish Khan (King Khan)
Nerds’re running a race, Nerds’ll never win. This week Chris and Damian have an amazing time talking about the Spaceshits and some other stuff in celebration of the great King Khan episode. MAILBAG!!!!!!!
Jul 14, 2016
Episode 87 - Arish Khan (King Khan & The Shrines, King Khan & BBQ, Spaceshits)
This is the type of guest you have a podcast like this for! This week on the show Damian is in the presence of Rock Royalty: King Khan is the guest on this weeks Turned Out A Punk!!! This is one of the great ones with someone that has carved his own path in music and life. From Tarot cards with Jodorowsky, to pasta, to Anti Flag stealing his credit card as straight edge revenge... THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!!!!! Also covered: -The most intimidating live performer on earth -Sharting on stage -The Epileptics: Pre-Clone Defects -Musique Plus plus the Ramones and it all begins -Hearing “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and “Maggie You C*nt" at lunch at school -Having a good teacher -Understanding family drug addiction through William Burroughs -The origins of the goddess Kali -54-40 are awesome!!! In one of our options -Getting a fake ID from the government! -New Bomb Turks for a first show -Meeting the Spits -Long Gone John calls up -The Tricky Woo beef unfolding in Vice -Having a Wu name -A cooking show with Bobby Seale -Meeting Captain Sensible -Snorting metal dust -Taking the Deadly Snakes on tour and it changed everyones lives -AntiFlag stealing your credit card -“What’s wrong with flags?” -TO Punks snitching -Robotripping with Max Danger carrying around a briefcase full of rocks -Finding a painting and it leading to marriage -Meeting Jodorowsky and a mentor -Reading tarot cards -Discovering Spiritual Jazz -The importance of Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 11, 2016
Footnote 86 - Jon Wurster (The Best Show, Bob Mould Band, Superchunk)
I JUST WANT SOME NERDS! I JUST WANT SOME NERDS! Sorry it is late, it has been a bit of a week but just like Ten Yard Fight, we are BACK ON TRACK. Chris and Damian talk about the Jon Wurster episode and all its greatness.
Jul 09, 2016
Episode 86 - Jon Wurster (The Best Show, Bob Mould Band, Superchunk)
With his drumming, comedy, and IMMENSE punk knowledge; this week’s guest is the definition of a Turned Out A Punk triple threat. This week Damian sits down with the great Jon Wurster to talk about his incredible journey through punk and music. Also covered (but not at all limited to) -The naturalness of the phone line -The Sex Pistols on the nightly news: exciting and scary -Growing up in the mennonite farmlands outside Philadelphia -Hearing the Ramones for the first time -Rock World -Hearing Train In Vain on the radio -Trying to buy London Calling but it had a “Parental Warning” sticker -The awesomeness of Soul Asylum -The Carpenters live -The Osmonds go rock -Randy Johnston: The world’s most famous white Jimi Hendrix impersonator. -Seeing the Ramones live -The A’s and The Reds: Philly LOVES sports in music -Robert Hazard and Girls Just Want To Have Fun -Hooters: Live Aid’s darkest story -Going to see the Dead Kennedys -Autistic Behaviour -Toxic Reasons -Love Hall -DREAM BILL: Superchunk playing with RKL and The Zero Boys -Seeing the Circle Jerks live -Leaving before Minor Threat played and regretting forever -YDI -Long March Jazz Academy -The Obsessed -Iron Cross: amazing live -Learning to play the drums at ten -Meeting Gram Parker years later -Meeting the Dead Milkmen and their importance -Forming Psychotic Norman -Joining The Right Profile -A Freakonomics author’s rock past -Hootie And Blowfish -The amazingness of Tommy Keene -Seeing Mac pre-Superchunk in NJ -The WORST tour across America -Good news, bad news. The good news: you get to see Dread Zeppelin -Washing Mac’s windows -AntiSeen -The greatest breakdown of the Ramones’ drummers ever -Lou Barlow and Evan Dando sing Glue -Matt Watt like the effort -and TONS more!!!!!
Jul 01, 2016
Episode 85 - Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits)
This week Walter from Dead Heavens, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits, World’s Fastest Car, Civ, Warzone, Project X, Vanishing Life, Walking Concert, Moondog, and Youth Of Today is on the show. And it’s all core talk all the time. Which includes: -Walter being the one that got away -Seeing a Kids Are All Right and Rock & Roll High School -The cool uncle -Finding End Of The Century -Moving to Queens and seeing Kraut Stickers -Kraut on MTV -“Is the band Closer or Joy Division?” -Being into music is hard work! -The sickness of the early REM -Searching for something -Going to high school and getting the best 7” collection ever for free -Hearing Minor Threat 7” -“This is happening now?!?” -“That whole squad dipped”: Hardcore first wave ends in 1984 -Husker Du -The Hardcore kids hanging outside the Con Edison building -Getting a job and meeting Arthur -Right place, wrong time -Going to Webster Hall for big shows -GBH -Dead Kennedy's -Not finding what you are hungry for different -Having the Urban Waste test press -The Outsiders breakdown of New York Hardcore -Ditto from Major Conflict -Finding out about Youth Of Today -“We can work with this!” -Straight Ahead -Seeing Timmy Chunks at the DK’s show -7 Seconds -Uniform Choice -Revelation Records hits the suburbs -Angel Dust Vibe -Youth Of Today: Gentrifying NYHC -Getting into playing music -Almost going ska -Joining Warzone -Watching the new scene being born -Altercation: “They were scary dude” -Rev-effect -The New Breed -Feeling at home at ABC No Rio -Touring changes you -Empire Records -and so much more!!!!!!
Jun 25, 2016
Episode 84 - Priya Panda (Diemonds/ She-Demons)
This week on Turned Out A Punk, we go punk ROCK as Damian is joined by modern day Rock Queen Priya Panda. Sit in as they talk about Priya's journey from hearing a Misfits mixtape to working with Jerry Only and the darkside of partying. Also discussed: -Meeting Megan -Going to see I Mother Earth at Tower Records -The inadequacy of being only the singer -A french class decision to head down the lead signer -A kid in the bodymod community -“Supernova”ing: the battle of the bands scene -The Anti-Warped Tour Pin Up -Cheerleader 666: pre Crystal Castles -Robin Black as glam gateway -Toilet Boys -The Sinisters -Going to the Bovine -Being 15 and hanging at the after-hours clubs -She-Fits -Getting a job at MTV and moving to New York -Ratt hits No Warning like a bomb. -Heroes becoming peers -The On-Going History of New Music -Building a scene -A city with two scenes -“There is music and then there is the lifestyle” -The problem with Motley Crue’s The Dirt -Slaughter vs Slaughter -Playing with Slash -and more!!!!!
Jun 16, 2016
Episode 83 - Casey Watson (The Old Firm Casuals, Cro-Mags)
Few can challenge this weeks guest when it come to the range of hardcore bands they have played in. Casey Watson has played in a ton of amazing bands many of which happen to rate quite highly with Damian. Join the two friend to discuss Casey's incredible journey in and OUT of music. -Born in Santa Cruz and Raisin’ Hell -A Jock dropout -“There is Led Zeppelin and then, in Santa Cruz, there is B’LAST” -Seeing Suicidal Tendencies in ’92 and it being SCARED -Meeting Noah Levine and finding a way of life -Fury 66 -Blackout the post-B’last Band -State Of Grace pre-Good Riddance and Fury 66 -Good Riddance -The most violent show: Pennywise and Blink -Undertow -Unbroken: legendary if not always the most popular band in the Bay -Staple: