Podcast - She Did It Her Way

By Amanda Boleyn: Business Consultant, Sales Trainer, and Leadership Development Speaker

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If you’re looking for a women’s perspective on starting or growing a company, look no further than She Did It Her Way. Every week we talk with a successful female entrepreneur who share the ups and downs of their journey to creating their own business. In the She Did It Her Way podcast, Amanda Boleyn is on a mission to help more women succeed and break into the entrepreneurial world. Back in May of 2012, Amanda took a leap of faith and left Corporate America to go out on her own and explore the world as a Solopreneur. Life has never been the same since. Since then she's worked with over 10,000 individuals shifting mindset and changing behaviors through sales training and leadership development programs, primarily in call centers. Amanda has worked with clients including AT&T, Intel, JP Morgan, Weight Watchers, and Goodcity Chicago. Now she is bringing her passion for helping female entrepreneurs to you with a podcast dedicated to featuring savvy, female business entrepreneurs from across the globe. These badass women share their insights and stories so others can do it their way too. She Did It Her Way is packed with the advice, tools, and examples that you need to design a business that reflects your unique style. Learn how to create a thriving business whether it be online or offline with marketing, product creation, and mindset training designed just for you the female entrepreneur. It’s time to build a life and a business that you can be proud of. Named as one of the "The 12 Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs” by Forbes magazine this podcast will give you the boost of inspiration and practical advice you need to go out and build your business your way! Click subscribe to get a new podcast every Monday.

Episode Date
SDH 288: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Podcast & Ways to Overcome Them with Amanda Boleyn
SDH 288 Amanda.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

If you are planning to start your own podcast, then this solocast is for you!

Let's dive into the process, steps and things to avoid when launching your own podcast. You could easily build a business just off the basis of starting a podcast. A podcast is essentially a medium which allows your business to share your message and to be an extension of your brand.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about She Did It Her Ways humble beginnings
  • Learn about the things to consider before starting a podcast
  • Get answers to the why and who
  • Tips and tricks when doing your podcast
  • Avoid the mistakes when launching your podcast

"Starting a podcast is not an easy undertaking, to do it right it takes a lot of time and energy... to plan, to launch and to sustain the podcast."

"Make sure to bring in the right guests for your audience."

Her Way Society
SDH 222: Finding your Definition of Success with Jenna Kutcher

Aug 20, 2018
SDH 287: Discover How to Get on the Otherside of Busy with Shunta Grant
SDH 287_ Discover How to Get on the Otherside of Busy with Shunta Grant.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Shunta Grant is the creator of Because of Zoe Designs, host of the Business, Life & Joy podcast, and business educator specializing in teaching women how to get on the other side of busy. Shunta teaches how to focus on less to accomplish more and how to take your grand ideas and break them down into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals through her Spring Forward workshop and signature training program, Peace, Pace, Progress. 

Having left the practice of law for full-time entrepreneurship, Shunta is an ardent advocate for enterprising women who want to take control of their lives by turning their talents and abilities into satisfying and profitable businesses. 

In this episode, you will...

  • Discover Shunta's background before starting her own business
  • Find out how Because of Zoe Designs came about
  • Hear Shunta's recommendation to get on the other side of busy
  • Discover the importance of prioritizing
  • Learn how to decide where to focus
  • Understand the benefit of consistency
  • Turn your passion into a profitable business

"The best piece of advice I've given myself is to exercise my power to change. You don't like something about yourself, your circumstance, your life--CHANGE IT. Don't whine, figure out what you can do to change it because that is our greatest natural superpower-- the power to change."

"What should scare us more than anything is not failure but being good at things that simply do not matter. "

"Never underestimate your power to change."

Shunta Grant
Because Of Zoe
Spring Forward Workshop Code: HERWAY


Aug 16, 2018
SDH 286: My All-Time Favorite 15 Time Saving Hacks with Amanda Boleyn
SDH 286 Solocast.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

How about getting more productive, more organized and getting things done smoothly? In today's solocast I'll be sharing, not just one... or five, but 15 time-saving hacks that will not only make you become productive but will also help you save more time and will help you finish your tasks in no time!

In this episode, you will...

  • Discover the things that slow you down
  • Find better ways to finish a task without distractions
  • Be more organized
  • Feel more relax while being productive
  • Avoid being overwhelmed and take charge with your time

"Don't reinvent the will, always go straight to the source."

Her Way Community

Aug 13, 2018
SDH 285: How to Leave a Job You Love for Entrepreneurship with Kate Boyd
SDH 285 Kate Boyd.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

After raising seven figures in revenue for a non-profit organization through powerful messaging, copywriting and marketing, Kate Boyd started her own business Cobblestone Creative Co. to focus on bringing more creativity and genuine connection to the digital marketing space. In the three years since, she has built three profitable online businesses and created live and automated marketing and sales experiences that convert up to five times the normal rates. 

Kate developed her signature system, Conversion with Compassion, to help solopreneurs use human-driven communication and behavior-based targeting to get the right message to the right people at the right time in order to create conversion opportunities. This method focuses on high conversion rates that can effectively leverage audiences large or small.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Kate's background before entrepreneurship
  • Find out Kate's transition from Corporate America to entrepreneurship
  • Discover how she created and managed three businesses in three years
  • Learn about human-driven, behavior-based marketing content 
  • Discover the importance of doing what you love

"Success isn't usually as complicated as we make it and the simpler we make our businesses, the faster we can refine and scale those things up for success."

"I loved my job, but I knew my impact was now elsewhere, so I left. It was rough at first, and I missed my people. But things happened, the business grew, I transitioned, and it's all happened from there!"

Cobblestone Creative Co.


Aug 09, 2018
SDH 284: 6 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Rut with Amanda Boleyn
SDH 284.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

I'm really excited for today's solocast! Today, we will go through the process of recognizing what a rut is like, the things that may trigger a rut and the ways to get out of a rut! A rut can be an emotion or a state of mind wherein you feel stuck, overwhelmed, defeated or lost, anything that doesn't make us feel good. It's usually because we are transferring our power and placing it into the hands of something that is external and outside of ourselves.

In this episode, you will:

  • Recognize what rut is like
  • Learn to avoid things that triggers rut
  • Avoid repeating past negative behaviors
  • Understand the thoughts you need to avoid
  • Discover the ways to get yourself out if you're stuck in a rut

"We need to remind ourselves that we do hold the power and the decisions and the choices... so no one thing or no one can make us feel a certain way unless we give it permission to do so."

"Remember your brain will follow the path of less resistance and will look for patterns."

Her Way Community

Aug 06, 2018
SDH 283: Grow Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Ariane Goldman
SDH 283.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Frustrated by the lack of stylish clothing options in the maternity market and following the birth of her daughter, our guest launched a business to serve as a trusted resource for women who want to feel beauty, confidence, and style during one of life’s most rewarding (yet also most challenging) periods. 

Today's guest, Ariane Goldman, is the founder and CEO of HATCH. HATCH is a collection of chic, timeless and comfortable wardrobe essentials to wear before, during and after pregnancy. A mother of two, Ariane formerly worked on Wall Street and is also the founder of a bridal clothing company. She believes in the power of clothing for before, during and after and that getting dressed should be simple and fun.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Ariane's background
  • Find out the idea behind creating HATCH 
  • Learn about the challenges that come with doing business on your own
  • Discover some tips before starting your own business
  • Find out how Ariane transitioned from her first business to the next

"People are the hardest part of the puzzle, and it's true."

"Just do it, don't get daunted."

HATCH Collection


Aug 02, 2018
SDH 282: The #1 Philosophy for Ultimate Personal Growth with Amanda Boleyn
SDH282.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Hey guys! Welcome to another solocast episode! Today we'll be changing things up a bit. Don't worry we are not making a big change, nothing is going away. I'm talking about reserving Monday episodes for what I like to call Results Coaching. Monday shows will be reserved for Results Coaching, where I review relevant strategies around productivity, personal development, and business that are proven practical and tactical. Showing you how tiny shifts can create massive positive change in your life.

Discover how making one small tweak in just under 5 minutes each day can help you create massive positive change in your life. The challenge begins on Monday, August 20th - Friday, August 25th

In this episode, you will...

  • Learn about the ultimate philosophy to live by
  • Find out what's stopping you from taking actions
  • Be inspired to step out of your comfort zone
  • Discover the importance of the way you look at things

"Our internal default is to protect ourselves from what we view as dangerous."

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."

5 Minute Mindset Reset Challenge
Her Way Community

Jul 30, 2018
SDH 281: Don't Look Back, Just Take the Leap with Ashley Freeborn
SDH281.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Today's guest, Ashley Freeborn, runs a mother-daughter-bestie team, a business that sprouted from their obsession with stylish sleepwear. Matching pajamas have been one of their favorite traditions on Christmas morning since they can remember. A few years of brainstorming, dreaming & serious fashion schooling later, Smash + Tess was born, finally bringing women the dreamwear they deserve.

Ashley is a loving wife and a new mama to her baby girl Francesca aka “Frankie.” Born and raised in Vancouver, she was an educator for the better part of a decade and made the leap to corporate training and culture when she was offered a dream job in sunny Los Angeles. Ashley graduated from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC with two Bachelor Degrees in English and Education, along with an M.Ed in Education. 

Although she loved her corporate training career dearly, she still felt the need for a fun and fresh creative outlet – enter Smash + Tess. After finding a void in the loungewear market, she attended the summer fashion program at Conde Nast in London, UK, and the rest is history!

In this episode, you will...

  • Discover the concept behind Ashley's business
  • Hear about the brainstorming behind Smash + Tess
  • Get a preview on the process behind Smash + Tess
  • Learn about Ashley's inventory and sales in the early stages of her business
  • Hear about Ashley's business model
  • Find out Ashley's recommendation for new business owners on starting out
  • Discover Ashley's mentor and role model

"Don't look back, just take the leap."

Smash + Tess
Instagram: @smashtess
Twitter: @smashtess

Jul 26, 2018
SDH 280: Avoid these Legal Potholes when Starting Your Business with Rachel Brenke
SDH280.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Are you ready to fully commit to your business? Have you thought about the legal stuff that comes with it? Is your business legally-protected? Do you want to grow your business and make sure it'll be here to last? 

Today's guest, Rachel Brenke, is a lawyer, a blogger, and business consultant. When she was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age, she made it a goal to grab life and do it in her own terms, and so she decided to become an entrepreneur to help others.

Starting out as an entrepreneur herself, Rachel has been through hoops like most of us! Now, Rachel is a licensed attorney in Virginia, Texas and the Supreme Court of the United States. Her focus is on small business law including contracts, business formation and intellectual property such as copyright and trademarks. With her MBA, she has invested over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs succeed. 

As a lawyer, MBA and entrepreneur herself – Rachel has the know-how to get you on the right track with your business!

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Rachel's entrepreneurial background
  • Find out how Rachel recognized her niches
  • Discover the importance of protecting your assets  
  • Prevent legal issues with your business
  • Learn about liability insurance

"There's a whole big checklist that an entrepreneur can go through when starting a business."

"If you aren't vigilant of getting these three things to protect your business; you can lose that and it can impact your personal life."

"You have to sacrifice a little in order to be able to do more later on."

"Get the legal foundation in order so that you can keep growing and be successful!"

Rachel Brenke


Jul 23, 2018
SDH 279: How to Engineer Your Brand with Ainsley Moir
SDH279_Ainsley Moir.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Today we'll spend some time talking about how to engineer your brand, lead up and transition with the Owner and Chief Brand Engineer of Engineer Your Brand, Ainsley Moir.

Our guest, Ainsley Moir is a global branding and marketing expert with more than 10+ years of experience working with both big companies and small to mid-size businesses. When she was studying, Coca-Cola for her was a dream brand because of its strong brand-love. It gave her a great framework to build something that lasts and connects with people. Today she talks about her passion for building brands, from taking something from scratch and being able to build something up or taking something that's there and being able to improve it!

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Ainsley's background 
  • Discover how Engineer Your Brand was born
  • Learn how to bring your vision to life
  • Realize the importance of building your brand
  • Learn more about how to improve your brand

"I don't believe that any great companies out there don't just happen, they are engineered."

"When you love what you're doing it never seems like work and it's so fun to help people to really bring their dreams to life."

"Progress is better than perfection."

Engineer Your Brand
Twitter: @AinsleyMoir
Twitter: @EngineerUrBrand  


Jul 19, 2018
SDH 278: From $40,000 in Student Loan Debt to Earning $100,000 a Month with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
SDH278.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the founder of Making Sense of Cents, a personal finance website that helps readers learn how to save more, earn money, and live more. She currently earns over $100,000 a month from her blogging business and shows no signs of slowing down. She currently travels full-time with her husband and two dogs in a sailboat. She used to have $40,000 in student loan debt and was struggling, living paycheck to paycheck. She paid off her student loan debt by the age of 24.

Michelle runs a personal finance website as well as an affiliate marketing course for bloggers. On her blog Making Sense of Cents, she talks about different ways to make extra money, the best ways to save money, achieving your dream life, travel, and more.

In this episode, you will...

  • Find out what made Michelle take the leap
  • Learn more about blogging
  • Hear about Michelle's strategy over the years
  • Find how to dedicate time to something you really love to do
  • Discover how her blogging and business evolved

"In the beginning it was more about making more income, increasing my subscribers and stuffs like that, but today it's more about trying to find ways to make the business more passive and just having a better work-life balance in general."

Making Sense of Cents
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Check out -> Six-Figure Blogger Course

(I found a ton of value from this course on how to create opt-ins and the strategy behind adding value to my people aka YOU!)


Affiliate Disclaimer: I am part of affiliate programs. That means you may click a link or make a purchase through that link from my website and I can earn a commission for that sale.  I cannot be held liable for any external links or purchases you make. Per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs, or otherwise. Any references to third party products, rates, or websites are subject to change without notice. Please do the appropriate research before participating in any third party offers.

Jul 16, 2018
SDH 277: How to Take Action When Starting Out with Jennie Baik
SDH277 (2).png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Today's guest is an avid consumer technology and next-generation retail strategist, Jennie Baik! Jennie currently serves as the CEO and Co-founder of Orchard Mile, a newly launched digital shopping experience that is the first and only fashion platform that allows women to shop the full assortment of their favorite contemporary and luxury brands' sites, updated daily, in one place, with the ease of one checkout. 

Jennie received her Master's degree from Harvard Business School in 2008 and also holds a BBA/BA in Business Honors and Plan II from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a frequent notable speaker at the annual Harvard Business School's annual Dynamic Women in Business and the Retail and Luxury Goods conference, as well as the Luxury Marketing Council's events in the New York area.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Jennie's background before Orchard Mile
  • Discover how she came up with the name for her business
  • Hear about how the idea of creating Orchard Mile came about
  • Learn about the actionable things she took to get started
  • Find out the importance of having a co-founder
  • Be inspired by her decisions in pursuing her ideas to build her own business


"Once you make the decision to go, you're just ready to go."

"The number reason I wanted to start a company is that I just thought it'd be fun to create a culture that focused on values that I value."

"For me, success personally just looks like... Is my team happy? Do they like working here? Are we helping them grow their career? It's about people and not about the dollar."

"Optionality is sexy."

Jennie Baik
Orchard Mille

Jul 12, 2018
SDH 276: Overcoming Fear and Making the Big Leap with Natanya Bravo
SDH276.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Have you ever thought about leaving everything behind and start a new life? Not just a new career but to live in a different place where you're currently at? A big risk most of us might say but today our guest is here to share with us about the experience of doing just that!

In this episode, our guest, Natanya  Bravo, is here to tell us what her journey was like when she finally decided to take the leap. Born in London and having lived in three countries by the age of six, Natanya Bravo’s love affair with travel was instilled from birth. Natanya spent the first part of her career living bi-coastal between New York and Los Angeles while leading international brand marketing and event campaigns in the entertainment industry. No stranger to being on a plane weekly for work and personal trips around the world, of the over 100 cities Natanya has visited to-date, Paris captured her heart!

In  February  2018,  Natanya listened to that internal voice and leaped into the unknown, leaving behind her successful career, she booked a one -way ticket to Paris to live her best life. Crafted through the lens of travel, her own journey of personal development, and real-life experiences, she created The  Bravo Life to inspire women around the world to realize and actualize their full potential, while living their best lives as their best selves.  

She is currently six months in her entrepreneurial journey, let's hear more about her experience and how she decided to leave all behind and start new!

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Natanya's interesting background story
  • Understand why she left her corporate job to start her own
  • Know when you think you should take the shift in your current situation
  • Discover more about The Bravo Life
  • Learn about the importance of taking a break 

"I really value experience over money." 
"Live your best as life as your best self."
"Just go,  you can always come back,  you can’t always go."

The Bravo Life

Jul 09, 2018
SDH 275: Why Sometimes You Need to Reinvent Your Business with Marie Wiese
SDH275.png listen via itunes listen via stitcher

Today's guest is a senior marketing executive and founder of Marketing CoPilot, an award-winning digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines, Marie Wiese.

Marie is an advisor with start-ups at innovation centers in Canada, a Canadian Executive Council Member of CompTIA, a global technology association and the author of the award-winning business book, You Can’t Be Everywhere: A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing for Any Business. Marie has worked in the B2B marketing sector for over 20 years and has been a driving voice for advancing women in the technology industry. On the topic of digital transformation of the marketing function, Marie has written and presented workbooks and workshops that help audience members create better results for their companies.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear how Marie started her own business
  • Learn about Marketing Copilot
  • Hear about Marie's 12-year entrepreneurial journey
  • Discover the importance of digital marketing
  • Learn about the benefit of reinventing
  • Learn the importance of online presence for your business

"I have to become a leader, I can't just be good at something anymore. I  have to lead others to help me build it!"

"Aim high, fall short."

Marketing Copilot
You Can’t Be Everywhere: A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing

Jul 05, 2018
SDH 274: How to Attract the Right Customers with Brand Storytelling with Amber Williams
SDH274.png Listen via itunes listen via stitcher

Do you feel like all your dots just don't connect? Are you still looking for that one thing that you really want to do in your life? What about discovering your passion and turning it into your own brand?

Today's guest, Amber Williams is a writer, master brand storyteller, and creator of Punkyflair, a brand story shop based in Washington, DC. She helps startups and CEOs understand their audience, communicate their vision, and sell with story. She's helped global brands like Camille Rose Heat Free Hair, and Shea Radiance create new messages that grab their customers' attention.

Using her Storycraft™ method, she's rebranded million-dollar businesses, named global beauty collections, and molded magnetic brand personalities for some of the leading beauty and technology companies in business today. She has the audacity to do it all alongside her three-year-old son Carter and her very opinionated one-year-old baby girl, Cayden

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about how Amber's Punkyflair started
  • Learn the importance of market research
  • Learn about brand storytelling
  • Discover Amber's Storycraft™ framework

"Get right upfront with what you have to offer and who it's for."

"You can't be all things to all people."

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. "

Amber Williams
Punky Flair
Customer Kamikaze

Jul 02, 2018
SDH 273: From Teacher to Top Etsy Seller and Educator with Jess Van Den
SDH273.png Listen via itunes listen via stitcher

What if you can run not just one, but two businesses at the same time? How about creating a business from your passion? Have you thought about leaving your job and pursuing your dream to make a living? 

Today's guest, Jess Van Den, followed her dream and stepped out of her corporate job to pursue what she's passionate about, crafting jewellery and DIY accessories. Jess is the founder of Create & Thrive, a website that helps turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business, and Epheriell which specializes in crafting sterling silver wedding rings for couples all over the world.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about Jess's background on starting her own business
  • Discover what inspired her to pursue her passion
  • Find out how Jess overcome the challenges when she was just starting
  • Learn about how Jess manages both her business

Tune in and find out more about Jess and why she calls herself an accidental entrepreneur! 


"I think you make life what you believe it is. I don't believe it's the purpose you discover but you decide what your purpose is and you work towards it."

"One thing that is so important is to have a website of your own."



@createandthrive (IG)


Jun 28, 2018
SDH 272: How to Turn Your Passion into A Business with KT Speetzen
SDH272 (1).png Listen via itunes Listen via stitcher

Today's guest, KT Speetzen is the CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy. She brings comedy storytelling into business training. She began her comedy career when she was 16 at a stand up in Los Angeles. KT also earned her Masters in Education from DePaul University and has taught at both the middle school and university level. Her love of comedy plays an essential role in connecting with her students.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear KT's background on how she started comedy
  • Hear how KT navigated at the beginning of her own business
  • Learn about KT's framework for her clients
  • Discover how comedy and storytelling can be used in your business
  • Hear tips from KT on how to create your own business storytelling
  • Hear about the software tools that KT uses


"Put up the good vibes, the universe will provide."

"I am a glass-half-full person."

"For those moments where you feel like this didn't work, just try to think of it as, this just didn't work today."




Jun 25, 2018
SDH 271: Taking the Leap from Finance to Photography with Elle Drouin
SDH271.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Are you tired of working for other people? Stressed-out and exhausted from the day to day grind? Have you thought of just moving away from the corporate stretch and do something you love and do something fun?

Our guest for today did just that! Meet today's guest, Elle Drouin, an NYC-based product stylist + photographer, marketing strategist, crazy dog mom, lover of all things pink and founder of Wonderfelle Media. Her business helps female entrepreneurs build hugely successful brands through drop-dead gorgeous photographs, marketing, and business strategy.

In this episode, you will...

  • Learn how to find the right target audience
  • Hear about Elle’s background in finance and how she transitioned
  • Hear about Elle's pet Instagram account that has thousands of followers!
  • Discover how she started and grow her Styled Stock Society membership
  • Learn about Elle's planning and how she keeps all her projects organized

Get inspired by Elle's entrepreneurial story and find out more about how she changed her life from corporate to owning her own successful business that she loves! 

"Having a flexible schedule is non-negotiable."
"Wearing lipstick even for an audio-only interview makes me feel polished."
"Do more of what works and less of what doesn't."

Elle Drouin
Style Stock Society


Jun 21, 2018
SDH 270: Multi-Million Dollar Revenue Business with Shannon Miles
SDH270.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher audio Block Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn more

Have you made a decision that you put a lot on the line? Have you reached a point where you think there's no next right step for you? You might take a path but that doesn't lead you in the right direction and you know you need to make a big change. 

Today's guest, Shannon Miles, founder of BELAY, a company that provides highly trained U.S. based remote bookkeepers, administrative assistants, webmasters, and content writers, together with her husband, Bryan had to deal with those challenges in transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship. They took the leap to transition from their own corporate jobs to fully managing their own company.

For some of their family and friends, the idea of them leaving both their jobs at the same time is a crazy and risky idea! But for Shannon and Bryan that place which felt stable and safe was no longer secure, fast forward to 18 months from them leaving, Shannon's company had laid off some of their employees and same goes with her husband. If they did not take the decision to leave and start on their own, they could have been one of them.

In this episode, you will...

  • How to transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship
  • Learn about the next steps after transitioning
  • Realize that some risks are not that risky at all
  • How to step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn how it's like for the first 6-12 months after taking the leap
  • Hear how trying out the service and product that truly sells help
  • Learn the benefit of outsourcing

"It doesn't matter what part of the journey you're on, any part of life you've always taken a calculated risk and get better along the way."

"When somebody experiences the benefits of getting help, they want to share it with other people, it's natural and kind of life transformational."

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

The Third Option

Jun 18, 2018
SDH 269: How to Cut Through the Noise & Drive Revenue in Your Business with Ashlyn Carter, Jocelyn Pearson and Shauna VanBogart
Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Today's episode is an audio of the panel from the She Did It Her Way Summit! We have Ashlyn Carter, Jocelyn Pearson, Shauna VanBogart who sat down and answered entrepreneurial questions from our guests on the summit.

Get insights on similar questions you might have right now as someone who plans to take the leap, already took the leap and is working on keeping your own business sustainable for more years to come!

In this episode, you will...

  • Learn 3 to 5 Steps from each of the guest's fields
  • Discover how to plan and strategies for the future of your business
  • Hear from our guests on how to cut through the noise and drive revenue to your business
  • Discover the importance of opt-ins, emails list and sending newsletters


"Invest before you need, otherwise you will be scrambling."

"If you wait until you need, you're too late."

"Don't let not having everything ready hold you back."



Jocelyn Pearson

Ashlyn Writes

Shauna VanBogart


Jun 14, 2018
SDH 268: Corporate America to Six-Figure Entrepreneur in Less than 4 Months with Julie Ciardi
SDH268_Julie.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Did you take the traditional path in life you’ve been told is the right one? This path probably includes some version of a 9-5 corporate job, a stable salary, a family; and everything that seems right on the outside, but feels wrong on the inside.

You aren't passionate about your work. You know there’s something else out there for you to create, a new role for you to fill; but you’re scared-- scared of changing your lifestyle, following a path that is different from what you’ve been taught is right.

You’re not alone.

These feelings are the start of your entrepreneurial journey and tend to sit along for the ride.

But it gets better.

And today’s guest, Julie Ciardi, started where you’re at; listening to the podcast,  hearing stories and surrounding herself with a community of women who took the leap and landed. Today, she joins us to share her first 3 months after taking the leap with her boutique that offers women clothes to hustle in style, while also raising her three kids.

Listen in and let her story help inspire yours.


  • See what a pivotal moment looked like for Julie
  • Understand how other people’s stories can help you to take action
  • Value the power of shifting your mindset
  • Know the key components to making financial projections for your business
  • Learn how to counter limiting beliefs
  • Uncover how she hit six figures in sales within four months of opening her business!



“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

“Sometimes you need to make these really bold moves in pursuit of your dreams.” Julie Ciardi

“Everything is figureoutable.” Marie Forleo


Haven The Boutique Website

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance” by Louis. V. Gerstner

Find Your Extraordinary” by Jessica DiLullo Herrin

You are a Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero

CODE: She20 @checkout to get 20% off purchase


Jun 11, 2018
SDH 267: How to Become 10X More Productive with Schedule Blocking with Amanda Boleyn
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Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of what my day to day looks like, how I structure on a daily and weekly basis, how schedule blocked has made me 10X more productive and rules I put in place to help myself stay on task.

What is schedule blocking? It is blocking out certain parts of your day/week to accomplish a certain task. Schedule blocking incorporates something called “Batching” where you do similar tasks in one sitting versus multiple sittings. An example of batching might be “outlining email copy for different campaigns in one sitting” “recording all audios for one month’s podcast in a 2 hour period” “responding to any and all emails in a designated time period”

Why is schedule blocking helpful? A couple of reasons...because it incorporates batching you save on mental energy and time from having to switch in between tasks and it lets you plan ahead.

In this episode you will...

  • Learn about schedule blocking
  • Discover the importance of schedule blocking
  • How to implement schedule blocking
  • Plan your time efficiently 
  • How to focus more on being productive
  • Get tips on how to maximize your daily schedule

Productive action helps you create clarity and alignment towards your goals. It helps you drive that direction.


"Busy work is noise, it is an energetic weight that holds us back from accelerating." 

"Reading can be a form of procrastination. It may feel productive at the moment but it is passive action because we’re not truly taking action."


She Did It Her Way Facebook

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She Did It Her Way Instagram

Jun 07, 2018
SDH 266: How to Build a Multiple 7-Figure Online Business with Amy Porterfield
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Do you feel like your small wins in entrepreneurship are sometimes hit with self-doubt? Maybe you feel like you’re putting in 100% and gaining traction but you’re still not getting rewarded, something isn’t aligning with your online business and you don’t know why?

Today’s guest, Amy Porterfield, felt these similar pain points on her entrepreneurial journey; but, she finally figured it out and even teaches others her secrets to building a time-leveraged, multiple 7-figure online business that doesn’t rely on 80 hour work weeks or a team of 40 to function.

In this episode you will…

  • Understand all of the unique stages of Amy’s lead up, leap and land

  • See why staying in an uncomfortable feeling is sometimes necessary to get to the next stage of your journey

  • Learn the importance of email list building versus social media list building

  • Uncover how doing what feels right helps you niche down

  • Discover methods for choosing a mentor

  • Know why you can and should experiment when building an online business



“The way your business looks today is likely going to look very different years from now. So, allow yourself to experiment and pivot and that’s the beauty of building an online business, you can change things as long as you stay the course and not jump from shiny thing to shiny thing.” Amy Porterfield

“The energy of your business is directly tied to the strength of your business list.” Amy Porterfield

“80% of being an entrepreneur is what you're thinking and only 20% has to do with the mechanics and strategy of such.” Tony Robins



Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Amy’s Website

“Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes



SDH 068

SDH 076

SDH 113


Jun 04, 2018
SDH 265: Go From Part-time Blogger to Full-time Business Owner with Natalie Bacon
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Have you started a side gig, while still in Corporate America? Maybe it was something that came from a place of scarcity, a problem you wanted to talk about or fix? When did you realize that this passion project could be something more serious and the first step would be the leap?

Today’s guest, Natalie Bacon, worked on a blog about debt as a side project, coming from her frustration with her staggering student debt. Now, she has worked harder and smarter to turn that blog into a business as an online entrepreneur. Tune in to hear her story.


  • Learn the mechanics of making a blog a full-time gig

  • Understand why cutting out noise is necessary for the first phases of starting a business

  • Discover the difference between passive and active actions

  • Know the two problems holding you back from having a six-figure online business

  • Hear how to work through fear and doubt

  • See why shifting from a “time economy” to a “value and results economy” is  beneficial



“I believe that value creates money, not time.” Natalie Bacon

“I’m a big fan of measuring based on results and what you’re producing and not based on time spent.” Natalie Bacon

“I think it’s really easy to cut out distractions that you view as distractions; I think it’s much harder to cut out things you view as important to you and recognize them as distractions.” Natalie Bacon



Natalie Bacon’s Website

Natalie Bacon’s Instagram

The Life Coach School Podcast

Six Figure Blogger

Convert Kit


Lead Pages

Opt-in Monster


School of Greatness

Lively Show

I Love Marketing

Russel Brunson Podcast

Knowledge for Men


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May 31, 2018
SDH 264: Transitioning out of Corporate America into Yogi and Meditation Leader with Alma Omeralovic
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At some point in our life,  we realize that we need to pause, pay attention to our mind, body, and soul. The constant things that we encounter every day might take away our focus in taking care of ourselves. It is then we realize we need to take a shift from our current life's situation.

Today's guest, Alma Omeralovic, whose passion is connecting with people, worked in corporate for 50+ hours a week and believe she had her life under control, shares her experience how she transitioned out of corporate America into being a Yogi and meditation leader.

Alma was having a number of panic attacks per day that led her to the hospital. Even the little things she experiences daily was causing too much stress and anxiety. It was until she got a package for one month of yoga and went to try it out. After her session, she felt amazing and thought she needed to learn more about the practice. Discovering the great things that this practice have brought to her, she decided to be more involved and went to a yoga retreat and became certified as a yoga teacher herself!

Changing her focus and listening more to healing her body, Alma wanted to share her experience and journey on how she overcome these obstacles, especially suffering from panic attacks and anxiety.


  • Discover the benefits of surrounding your self with positive people
  • Realize the importance of listening to your intuition
  • Be more focus on taking care of your body
  • Learn about the benefit of yoga and meditation


"Self-care should feel good if it feels like an obligation then it's something else." -Alma Omeralovic

"Don't let something that you love to do become just another check mark on the list." -Alma Omeralovic

"I love to write things down, especially writing my planner for the week!" -Alma Omeralovic

Alma's Instagram

May 28, 2018
SDH 263: 5 Ways to Battle Overwhelm When Starting a Business with Amanda Boleyn
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In this solocast, we will talk about the 5 ways to battle overwhelm. Regardless if you are just starting out, or you are at any stage of entrepreneurship, we can all relate that overwhelm is present at any stage of our journey. 

In this episode you will...

  • Learn what causes overwhelm
  • Recognize the state that you are in
  • Discover how to avoid stress
  • Learn where to focus your energy

Watch out for the launch of Her Way Society at the end of June, it's an exclusive monthly membership for women who are looking to finally launch their own business! Make sure to sign up from June 27th to July 3rd,  it's just open for a 7-day window and get exclusive benefits for being one of the firsts to sign up. Don't miss it!

Learn more at http://shediditherwaypodcast.com/herwaysociety

May 24, 2018
SDH 262: The Importance of the Journey on the Way to Achievement with Lori Harder
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Have you felt like throwing in the towel lately? Well, entrepreneurship is a journey and most journeys have roadblocks, bumps, stops and gos. But what do you tap into when you face these challenges on the way to what you know you're able to achieve?

Today’s guest, Lori Harder, has faced challenges in her career as a leading expert in fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love—but that didn’t stop her from growing two multi-million dollar businesses as an entrepreneur and networking marketing professional.

So what’s stopping you?


  • Identify where to tap into when you feel like throwing in the towel

  • Why we need to demystify what the journey appears to be

  • Understand why entrepreneurs, especially, need a tribe

  • Discover where energy comes from and how to uplift it as an entrepreneur

  • Recognize why you should be grateful for your rock bottom

  • Hear examples of abundance mindset moments can change your life



“What we see now on social media and what we think the journey is supposed to look and feel like, completely different than what the journey actually is.” Lori Harder

“If we’re not actually trying to make the connections and relationships while making sure we are doing the things that are fulfilling to us; you exhaust yourself, because we’re not meant to do it on our own.” Lori Harder

“Instead of saying ‘that’s too expensive’ I’d say, ‘how can I get bigger than this problem.” Lori Harder

“For real, we can do anything that we want and the only limit is us.” Lori Harder




A Tribe Called Bliss” by Lori Harder

Lori’s Website



SDH 221: Secrets Behind Running Million Dollar Businesses with Amanda Goolsby

SDH 247: How to Unleash Your Unstoppable Success Money Mindset with Mandy Gibbons

SDH 260: How to Overcome Your Inner Critic with Amber Rae

May 21, 2018
SDH 261: 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Making The Leap from Full-time Corporate to Entrepreneurship with Amanda Boleyn
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Today's solocast is something near and dear to me, and I guess the same goes for you too! In this episode, we'll talk about the 6 Mistakes to avoid when making the leap from full-time Corporate to full-time Entrepreneurship. I want to shed some light on the experience before taking the leap and making the land.

In this episode you will...

  • Here about my entrepreneurial story
  • Learn about my corporate job before making the leap
  • Discover the importance of making connections
  • The importance of making a timeline
  • Learn the importance of identifying your target audience
  • Discover the benefits of market research

Tune in to hear more! Make sure to follow me on Instagram, which I'm super active or join the Her Way Community on Facebook.

Watch out for the launch of Her Way Society at the end of June, it's an exclusive monthly membership for women who are looking to finally launch their own business! Make sure to sign up from June 27th to July 3rd,  it's just open for a 7-day window and get exclusive benefits for being the one of the firsts to sign up. Don't miss it!

Learn more at http://shediditherwaypodcast.com/herwaysociety


May 17, 2018
SDH 260: How to Overcome Your Inner Critic with Amber Rae
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Have you noticed this inner nagging critic that just won’t shut up? Do you wonder where it comes from and why it won’t leave you alone? Maybe on the outside, your life and business seem to spell out success, but on the inside, you’re truly unhappy and your inner critic has control of the wheel?

Today’s guest, Amber Rae, noticed her nagging inner critic and one day realized she was done listening to her for good. Amber is an author, artist, and speaker whose work encourages you to live your truth, befriend your emotions and express your gifts. Hear how she stopped her inner critic, as well as share practices to take down emotional blocks holding you back.

In this episode you will...

  • Hear how she ended up as one of seven of Seth Godin’s team for his first publishing company
  • Realize the beauty of not having a plan sometimes
  • Understand why the emotional block is the biggest thing holding you back
  • Discover the difference between “toxic” and “useful” worry
  • Learn a practice on how to address worry
  • Know why we all have this fear of scarcity and not-enoughness and how to combat it



“The traditional path of success that I thought I was supposed to follow, that I thought everyone else wanted me to follow, wasn’t true for me.” -Amber Rae

“When we’ve landed on that right choice, there's still a little bit of fear of course, but there’s this opening, this expansiveness, this sense of life.” -Amber Rae

“Fear is actually love in disguise.” - Amber Rae



May 14, 2018
SDH 259: Learn How to Quit Your Job and Double Your Corporate Income in 30 Days with Abbey Ashley
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Do you have a service-based business and wonder the best ways to market? Where do you even start? Have you ever thought about creating an online course? Would you think about creating one if you could make 8k in one week?

Today’s Lady Boss, Abbey Ashley, took the leap and started her VA business in 2012 while on maternity leave. After feeling the fabulous freedom of entrepreneurship, she used her passion and skills as a VA to create the Virtual Savvy and help other VAs start their own business. Tune in as she answers some of these questions and provides even more savvy solutions.

In this episode you will...

  • Learn how to market your services

  • Discover how to use Pinterest in your marketing funnel

  • Understand why building an email list at the beginning is crucial

  • Know how to make a course

  • Hear what’s on her routine checklist

  • Value “niching down” and asking what your audience wants


“I wouldn’t wait until everything is perfect until you have a perfect idea, the perfect product to  start building an audience, because believe it or not people will just want to learn from you.”

“It’s amazing what will happen when you just start talking to the people you already know.”

“If you can get really specific and move them significantly from one point to another, then your course is a success.”



Meetup Website


Boss Mom Podcast

Systems Saved Me Podcast

The Femtrepreneur Podcast

“Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz

The Virtual Savvy Website

May 10, 2018
SDH 258: How to Own Your Mindset and Create Abundance with Molly Sapp
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Today’s guest Molly Sapp, is a mindset strategist who offers mindset advice and strategies to high-performance women—so they can break through blocks, ranging anywhere from health, and romance to client interactions. Listen in on her journey, while you gain the tools and tips to strengthen your mindset and business.



  • Discover how to become laser focused on a manifestation mindset

  • Hear 5 money blocks that stop you from going to the next level

  • Know the importance of creating space for receiving

  • Understand how to recognize triggers

  • Learn what a mindset coach does and the value from working with one

  • Uncover how to move past the fear of what others think



“You have to believe what you want and it’s all in your mind.” Molly Sapp

“Receiving is the finish line. It’s the state of going from broke to wealthy.” Molly Sapp

“It’s a hell of a lot easier for you to just give, it takes way more strength standing in the power of love to receive.” Molly Sapp



May 07, 2018
SDH 257: 5 Money Blocks Keeping You From Reaching Your Financial Goals with Amanda Boleyn
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Today we are talking about my experience in going through a money mindset boot camp. This solocast is one that is very personal and could be the most vulnerable one to date, since I will be talking about money. 

In this solocast I want to be completely honest and frank. When I first heard of the money mindset boot camp through a friend, I was a little turned off, which in the later part, turned out to be a belief that stemmed from the early days of my childhood. Since this friend, whom I respect and value her opinion, shared some of the great things about the boot camp, I knew it was worth keeping an open mind.

In this episode you will...

  • Hear about my early childhood
  • Learn what causes money-block 
  • Discover the factors that block abundance from coming in
  • Learn that your emotion and energy can affect your money flow

To some of us, discussing the topic about money might be a taboo thing. which in this episode I wanted to bring some things to light and share experiences in hopes that if it resonates with you that it can be helpful, even if this just piques your interest about wanting to learn more about your own money stories. I want to share this in a way that is encouraging for wherever you may be, when it comes to your relationship with money. Make sure you tune in for more!

May 03, 2018
SDH 256: Build Something You Believe In with Ariel Kaye
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Are you ready to build something you believe in? Was there a point in your corporate career when you knew you had to take the leap? Are you at that point now? You know it’s going to be an emotional journey, a tough transition, but you also know it’s what you need to make a bigger impact and fulfill your purpose.

You’re not alone, lady boss.

Today’s guest— Ariel Kaye—is the Founder and CEO of Parachute, a home essential brand based in Venice beach. Tune in to hear how she went from brand development and advertising in New York to fulfill consumers’ needs for high-quality bedding and a good night’s sleep with Parachute.


In this episode you will...

  • Discover the qualities of a successful brand

  • Know why understanding and growing with your consumer is key

  • Hear about the first three months after the leap

  • Understand the benefits of investing in a publicist

  • Learn about raising capital

  • Dive into three actionable items for new business owners



“You gotta put it all on the table because no one else is.” Ariel Kaye

“It’s important to follow your gut because the business is coming from you; so there’s going to be things that you know best.” Ariel Kaye

“Being positive, solution-minded and focusing on the big picture, is going to be helpful in order to move forward.” Ariel Kaye



Ariel’s Instagram

Parachute Website

Parachute Instagram

Parachute Facebook

Parachute Pinterest

Apr 30, 2018
SDH 255: How to Effectively Implement Profit First When Starting Out with Amanda Boleyn
SDH255_How to Effectively Implement Profit First When Starting Out.png Listen Via iTunes Listen Via Stitcher

Hi guys!

Today I am going to be diving into how to effectively implement Profit First when starting out.

Let's talk about the Profit First Method, Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine, a book written by Mike Michalowicz, this book completely changed the way I manage cash flow in my business. I wish I had this at the beginning of my business even as a freelancer.

When your income fluctuates so much from month to month, it's difficult to be able to manage that cash flow and create consistency within the business, so there are no surprises. The premise of it is to help you build profits in your business. 

Key things:

  1. Setting up different bank accounts for your business
  2. Using percentage to determine cash flow in your account
  3. Determine your monthly expenses
  4. Separate business from personal expenses
  5. Bookkeeping 

Tune in to hear more about how this book can help you with your cash flow, even if you are just starting up, in the middle of your new business, or even if you are a freelancer!


Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

Apr 26, 2018
SDH 254: How to Keep Your Business Simple with Summer Felix
SDH254_Summer Felix.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

What should you do in the early stages of your business to have successful growth? How much should you be launching? When should you outsource?

Today’s guest, Summer Felix, is the Founder of Draw Shop and shares her experience answering these questions as she built her business nine years ago. Draw Shop offers full-service animation videos ranging from motion stop to VR, and are known for their stellar whiteboard animation videos.

In this episode you will...

  • Dive into the early days of building a business

  • Understand the positives of launching often during the start of your business

  • See why keeping it simple works for your audience

  • Discover why scheduling and sticking to it helps you stay accountable to important tasks

  • Learn why trusting people to outsource is beneficial

  • Hear about segmenting and connecting with an audience


“You never stop learning and you never stop improving your processes.” Summer Felix

“I’ve never had something really good come from judging somebody else, but I’ve always had something good when I seek to understand.” Summer Felix

“We have expectations of something but it doesn’t always add up to exactly what you think it’s going to be, it might be something different and that’s OK.” Summer Felix



The Draw Shop Website

Summer's Website

Summer’s Facebook

Summer’s LinkedIn

Summer’s Twitter

Get Leverage

The Strategic Coach

High Performance Habits”by Brendon Burchard

Ask” by Ryan Levesque

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra

Four Agreements” by Don Miguel

Apr 23, 2018
SDH 253: 6 Ways to Enhance Your Morning Routine with Amanda Boleyn
SDH253 6 Ways to Enhance Your Morning Routine.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Hi guys!

In this episode, I am sharing the 6 Ways to Enhance Your Morning Routine.

Having a morning routine, which doesn't have to be an hour or 30 minutes long, it can even be just 5 minutes, is extremely important in priming for peak performance throughout your day!

Find out the best morning routine that works for you and enhance it by following these 6 simple steps. Tune in!

Apr 19, 2018
SDH 252: Overcoming Resistance When It's Time to Leap with Danielle Robay
SDH252 Danielle Robay.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

How far would you go to follow your dreams? Would you live in your grandparents’ friend’s garage for a bit? How do you put yourself out there and overcome fear to get what you want?

Today’s guest, Danielle Robay, has used her tenacity to not only follow her dreams but make them happen. She is a journalist, TV hostthe youngest in Chicagoand has even worked the red carpet in Los Angeles.

In today’s episode you will:

  • Identify moments of fear and how to overcome them

  • Hear the benefits of meeting people in person versus email

  • Understand the resistance met when it’s your decision to make the leap

  • Learn about nervous energy and ways to combat it

  • Know the importance of enjoying the day-to-day

  • Discover how to feel comfortable putting yourself out there



“You don’t lose by going for it… You either learn in the process or meet cool people that circle back at another time. You always win by just going for it.” Danielle Robay

“I’ve never let fear stop me from making a fool out of myself.” Danielle Robay

“I think reading is the key to life.” Danielle Robay

“It never ceases to amaze me we all love ourselves more than other people but care more about their opinion than our own” -Marcus Aurelius



-Danielle's Facebook

-Danielle's Website

-Danielle's Instagram

-Abraham Hicks

-Laura Sage Co-founder of Chill

- “Beauty Sick” Dr Renee Engeln

- “The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships” by Neil Strauss

Apr 16, 2018
SDH 251: 3 Foundational Things to Do When Starting Your Business with Lori and Elise Lefcourt
SDH251_Lori and Elise Lefcourt.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

What stage are you on your entrepreneurial journey? Have you taken the leap or are you still in corporate America? Do you have a business partner on a different stage of the journey as you? What are some important practices you can follow to ensure you’re heading your business in the right direction?

Today’s guests' combination is a first for the show-- two sisters and business partners on different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Elise and Lori Lefcourt created Unicreamer, a protein creamer to help busy women control hunger throughout the day as well as serve as an alternative to animal protein. Turn up the volume and listen to how their two unique stories merge into one natural, vegan business.

In this episode you will:

  • Hear sacrifices needed for entrepreneurship

  • Uncover three foundational things to do when starting your business

  • Know why you need to network

  • See what they learned about trust during the beginning of their business

  • Understand why working with family can be tricky and the best thing

  • Learn what they wish they could outsource



“I am one of those people that I was born to be an entrepreneur. I’ve had all these crazy ideas, I think have 50 ideas that go through my brain a day.” Lori

“I think one of the hardest things that people go through when starting a business is where do you even start?” Lori

“If you feel like you don’t know anything about how to run a business, obviously research is huge and possibly finding a free internship of a company that you can actually work for so you can see the inner workings of how a startup works...if you don’t have the time to go all day and sit behind somebody and watch, I’d say sacrifice that night time instead of watching movies and TV shows do some research and listen to podcast of people who already did it.” Lori

“It’s crazy how many people will actually help you when they see that you’re executing and actually doing something.” Lori

“When I jumped into this, I jumped in with not a whole lot of savings but with all the knowledge and connections I had with networking to make this a successful business and actually start.” Lori

“I think we believe in the product so much that we won’t let ourselves fail at this.” Elise

“When we first started it was kind of a mess, you just have to kind of fail forward and be all over the place-- it’s like a beautiful mess I guess and then it kind of all comes together” Lori

“Something I think has really worked for us is being authentic and putting out stuff that we actually like and love, especially on social media and Instagram there are so many people these days that are all kind of doing the same exact thing to get these followers, for us it was really about staying true to ourselves and our brand.” Elise

“Our original target market was millennials, and it still us, but we’re also learning there is an older crowd of women that are also very interested in our product; that we hadn’t considered before. We will definitely look into tailoring our business to them as well.” Elise

“I always practice gratitude, almost every single day whether it’s in my mind or before I go to bed.” Lori

“I make sure to make time also for the people that are important in my life, my friends, my family, make sure I give enough time for my dog.” Elise



Unicreamer Website

Unicreamer Instagram

Unicreamer Facebook

“You are a bad ass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero

Apr 12, 2018
SDH 250: 5 Ways I Work Through the Social Media Overwhelm with Amanda Boleyn
SDH250 Amanda.png Listen Via Itunes Listen Via Stitcher

Hi guys! 

In today's episode, I'm sharing the 5 ways I work through social media overwhelm. 

We’ve all been there. We open up any one of our social media apps, let’s take Instagram for example. We only plan to be on there for a few minutes but even within the few minutes we find ourselves consumed with other people’s content - content that makes us laugh inspires and truthfully sometimes can make us anxious.

Or maybe I’m the only one?

While social media is an amazing tool to help grow, connect and inspire others whether we’re a business brand or personal brand, it can get a little overwhelming at times. We tend to create these stories in our minds about how great and amazing someone else’s life/business is. “Look at her, she has it all together, everything is perfect.” “What is she doing that I’m not?” “Why isn’t my business “working?” “I should be further along.” “Oh shoot. Maybe I should be doing that technique on my platform as well.”

Tune into to hear 5 ways I work through social media overwhelm.

Apr 09, 2018
SDH 249: How to Generate Sales Through Authenticity with Amy Zitelman
Listen via itunes Listen via Stitcher

What's your biggest struggle with your business? Is it managing cash flow? Is it customer related? How do you educate customers about your product or service and what's the best way to communicate with them and get feedback to foster authentic relationships? Maybe it's a combination of these questions, and you want to make yourself known in the market.

Today's guest and Tahini queen Amy Zitelman is the VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of the certified women-owned brand Soom Foods. Soom Foods speaks to the versatility of tahini by offering unique products and recipes to make tahini a staple food product in America. Tune in to hear how three sisters and one boyfriend developed a brand of love for food, family, and community.

In this episode you will…

  • Hear how her understanding of market and customer changed over five years
  • Learn ways to educate customers when your product isn’t well-known
  • Know about metrics of returning customers
  • Uncover the benefits of working with resellers on Amazon
  • Discover different ways to manage cash flow
  • Find out ways to stay focused during the day


“I would say the lack of strategy created our strategy. Because once you go out there and realize what’s working and what’s not, it really helps define the strategy better than making these assumptions; because you have the product and it’s a real-life experience.” Amy Zitelman

“The challenge with selling to restaurants is you need several restaurants to want to buy your product or already be buying your product before a distributor will pick it up. That involves not only selling to the restaurant but delivering to it.” Amy Zitelman

“I’d say that was one of the biggest challenges at first, the operations and the supply chain, just doing it easier. It was not easy at first.” Amy Zitelman

“What we’ve been trying to prove for the past five years is that tahini is good for more than just hummus.” Amy Zitelman

“Restaurants influence retail these days.” Amy Zitelman

“What's amazing about the restaurant industry, and especially chefs these days, is that they’re celebrities and that kind of was  brought into a wider scope of just finding the influencer for your product.” Amy Zitelman

“At the end of the day the best thing that’s ever influenced our online sales has been traditional press.” Amy Zitelman

“Our main goal is to create sincere relationships with people...Our press has been organic and it really led to our success. It’s the only thing we have been able to see a significant return on investment from.” Amy Zitelman

“The best ways we’ve been able to generate sales is through authentic relationships.” Amy Zitelman

“What's really great about these resellers are these are people that really understand the algorithms and ways to make Amazon more successful for a company, much more than we could’ve by just having the product up and hoping people would search for it.” Amy Zitelman

“After the first three years we went back and we looked at where we were spending our money and we projected out our budget based on experience.” Amy Zitelman

“Take a deep look at what is the most important thing for you to do to get more business and invest in that heavily.” Amy Zitelman



Soom Foods Website

Soom Foods Facebook

Soom Foods Instagram

Soom Foods Twitter

Soom Foods Pinterest

Presence” by Amy Cuddy

Apr 05, 2018
Simply Be You. Personal Branding for Women Entrepreneurs with Jessica Zweig

Hey guys! Here we are back with another speaker spotlight and today I'm excited to share more with you about who Jessica Zweig is and what she'll be teaching us at the upcoming summit (pss....early bird ends April 16th so be sure to grab your ticket!)

Jessica Zweig is the CEO of The SimplyBe Agency, a premier personal branding firm based in Chicago and serving clients nationally. She was named one of the Top Digital Marketers to Watch in 2017 by INC. The SimplyBe Agency helps its clients, ranging from corporate executives to politicians to entrepreneurs to spiritual directors, in becoming an industry thought leaders. She speaks and facilitates workshops and masterminds, teaching the power of personal branding to corporations such as Heineken USA, Red Bull, Chicago Tribune, Virgin and BBMC Mortgage Bank. A serial entrepreneur, she founded CheekyChicago.com, Chicago’s leading lifestyle magazine for women for seven years strong, reaching 100,000 readers locally and partnered with over 100 national brands as clients. Jessica has been featured in Crains, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Suntimes, Refinery 29, Tasty Trade, BizTech Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, Michigan Avenue, NBC, ABC, FOX, WTTW, WCIU, CBS and more as a leading entrepreneur and personal branding expert. She has spoken on the stages of at Techweek, NEOCON, LinkedIn, The United Women in Business Foundation, 1871, Microsoft and more as an expert on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and personal branding.

During Jessica's session she'll be teaching us that no matter where you are in your career, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate soldier, a C-Level exec or an entry-level manager, you must realize no one does business with products, logos, or brands. We do business with people. The sooner you can identify what kind of person YOU are, the sooner other people will know who you are, what you do and how good you are at doing it. It is only then that you become the person everyone wants to hire, to meet with, to ask for advice, to connect with and to buy from. After all, you might not be your job title for the next 100 years, but you will definitely be you. In this workshop, we will uncover ways that you're subconsciously telling a story about yourself in your workplace, and give you the tools to intentionally manage your own narrative. We will provide the tools and tips to establish your corporate personal brand and uncover your "super power solution" to make you indispensable, teach you how to tell your brand story in the clothes you wear, how to convey your personal brand via email, how to use social media to enhance your message and much more.

I asked Jessica some questions when it comes to entrepreneurship and here's what she had to say...


What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Always start from a place of authenticity. It's the only way to make sure you end there as well.


What's the best investment you've made in your business? 

My team!


What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?



What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

Traction; Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook


There you have it! Don't forget to snag your early bird ticket at www.Shediditherwaysummit.com :) 

Apr 04, 2018
SDH 248: Listen, Learn and Leap with Eileen Gittins
SDH248_EileenGittins.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Is there a pain point or question that you’ve been meaning to solve with your business? What if there is competition around your idea? How do you succeed at marketing when your beginning budget isn’t big enough?

Today’s guest Eileen Gittins, Co-Founder, and CEO of BossyGrl learned the answer to these questions and more on her multilayered entrepreneurial journey. BossyGrl is a new groundbreaking platform enabling female entrepreneurs to create and grow real e-commerce businesses. Her team and she are on a mission to change the current state of gender inequality in the workplace by helping Gen Z girls develop real-world business skills, confidence, and experience. Did I mention that she’s founded multiple tech companies including the well-known self-publishing company Blurb?!

In today’s episode you will…

  • See why girls should participate on sports teams to learn about entrepreneurship

  • Discover why competition around your good idea isn’t a bad thing

  • Know when, to be honest with yourself and move on in your journey

  • Understand the difference between being competent at a job versus being the right person

  • Find out what to do when your starting marketing budget is low

  • Learn the value of communicating directly with customers



“There’s something in those life lessons learned early, not in an academic context, in a team and sports context.” Eileen Gittins

“I was in e-commerce at the very beginning and built tools that enabled marketers to understand who were coming to their websites and how they were behaving; it was sort of behavioral segmentation so they could do a better job of designing the web experience.” Eileen Gittins

“The whole idea behind Blurb started with personal pain.” Eileen Gittins

“When you have a good idea, an idea whose time has come, where it’s sort of the confluence of a lot of different things coming together to create a business or market opportunity, you’re probably not the only one who sees it...that’s not a reason to stop, in fact you can actually leverage that.” Eileen Gittins

“Honestly, I am an entrepreneur. I love creating things from nothing. I love seeing an opportunity that I am passionate about. I’m very mission-driven in that way and if it’s something that really captures my imagination, I am just itching to go and do another one.” Eileen Gittins

“I was itching to do something new, itching for another problem to solve. I got honest with myself and that’s very hard to do, especially having a long career and being CEO many times, was I actually the best person to be running Blurb at that time? Were my skill sets the best attuned to really scale the company operationally and make it more efficient?” Eileen Gittins

“When you’re decent at things you can do—a lot of things—it doesn’t mean you love them, it doesn’t mean you’re the best at it and it doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for your business.” Eileen Gittins

“In a world where you are starting a business and have no money for marketing, you have to become a chief storyteller, get your butt out there and figure out how you are going to drive media coverage. Your job is to get the word out leveraging all the channels you have.” Eileen Gittins

“Even though our place of business was digital people want to know who is behind the screen; the more you can humanize your business in that way, the more people become attached to your brand and they tell their friends about you.” Eileen Gittins

“Find ways to engage your customers and get them to share your story for you.” Eileen Gittins

“93% of all early-stage funding dollars in 2015 went to 100% male teams.” Eileen Gittins

“If we could get young girls and women to actually learn how to be an entrepreneur by being one, then by the time they enter the workforce they would be entering the workforce with a skillset, confidence and the language of business and that would make it harder for people to dismiss them.” Eileen Gittins



BossyGrl Website

Eileen’s Twitter

Eileen LinkedIn

“Made to Stick” by Chip Heath


Apr 02, 2018
SDH 247: How to Unleash Your Unstoppable Success Mindset with Mandy Gibbons
SDH247_MandyGibbons.png Listen Via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from getting what you want? Do you struggle to find alignment in your personal and professional life? Are you afraid of digging deep and transforming?

Today’s guest, Mandy Gibbons, is a mind and transformation coach for soul driven 6 and 7 figure influencers, visionary leaders, and changemakers ready for liberation. Not only does she help her clients solve some of these questions, but she has also overcome them on her own inspiring journey.

In this episode you will…

  • Uncover why Mandy is a Hell Yes Liberator

  • Know the power of manifestation

  • Hear why you should set an alarm to check your energy

  • Understand why alignment is important for yourself and business

  • See new ways to implement learning

  • Discover how to deal with what’s holding you back


“Any area where you find you’re having any struggles, to be able to have abundance and to feel incredible in all those areas means you're going to be a lot more successful, feel incredible and have a lot more holistic approach to business.” Mandy Gibbons

“The really soul aligned seven figure and seven figure plus earners just know themselves. They’re not afraid to transform internally in a really massive way.” Mandy Gibbons

“When you don’t feel right with what you’re doing, when you don’t feel alignment with what you’re doing, it causes havoc.” Mandy Gibbons

“If you’re telling yourself you don’t have anything holding you back, you’re in denial.” Mandy Gibbons

“Whatever it is that you want, you need to step into it right freaking now. Get very clear on where you want to be how you want to be feeling right now, think about you already being in that place and live it, breathe it every single day.” Mandy Gibbons

“We can convince ourselves of whatever we want to. If we choose to.” Mandy Gibbons

“I tap into people’s energy who are operating at a higher level frequency than I am, whether it’s their videos or their training, I sit there and download so much awesomeness from them. Whatever they’ve learned I just take it all in and absorb it.” Mandy Gibbons

“Anything new that I learn...I’ll usually implement it for a good month and then I’ll go ‘OK then, how do I times this by 100 and accelerate the process for myself and for my clients?” Mandy Gibbons

“When you are very much in alignment with your soul, what you want, and the direction you want to go in, everything falls into place when you’re operating at a frequency that you feel incredible about...if you tap into that then you know that you’re making the right decisions because you know what’s in alignment with you and you know what’s not. It’s as simple as that. If it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn't feel like it’s in alignment then you just don’t do it. On to the next thing.” Mandy Gibbons


Mandy's Website

Mandy's Facebook

Mandy’s Instagram

Marci Lock

Marisa Peer

Mar 29, 2018
Understand Your Customer Journey and Create a Highly Referable Business with Shauna VanBogart

Hi guys!

We are back with another speaker highlight, this time with Shauna VanBogart. 

Shauna VanBogart is a speaker, coach and founder of the leading online educational portal for image consultants, The Studio For Image Professionals. Aside from her work at The Studio, she works one-on-one with high-performing and growing business owners to refine their personal brands, optimize their business model, and jump to the next level of revenue. In addition, Shauna is regularly hired as a keynote and workshop speaker for topics like lifestyle management, personal branding, and other relevant business insight. She’s been named one of the top personal branding specialists in the world by Huffington Post, a top 40 under 40 award winner, and one of the most influential women in business in Charleston, SC. She has a Master of Arts degree form Gonzaga University in Communication and Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iowa in Communication Studies paired with an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the Tippie College of Business at Iowa.

Shauna is leading a VIP breakfast Friday morning of the She Did It Her Way Summit (early bird tickets extended to April 16th!). She is also leading a training prior to the summit for VIP goes around how to show up and feel good talking about your business, and is part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit where she'll be working exclusively with VIP ticket holders.

Let's get to know Shauna!


What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Stay in your own lane. Don't ask, "Is this right?" but instead, "Is this right for me?". Don't get distracted or off-course based on what you THINK you should be doing or what competitors or doing. Stay in your own lane - the right path is your OWN path.


What's the best investment you've made in your business?

This may sound cliche but it's hands down coaching. As a business owner, you are way too close to often see things clearly, especially when it comes time to bump to the next level. Having outside support who can help you get clear on the path forward and help you find the action steps to doing so is imperative to your success. Investing in coaches has helped me grow so much faster than I would in isolation.


What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?

I'm rather old school. I have one 600-page notebook I buy fresh at the start of every year. It goes with me everywhere and is my number tool. On my phone, the apps I use the most aside from the mainstream ones are Moment (a phone usage tracking app that helps me limit my screen time), Shipt (to have my groceries delivered so I can use that time more wisely in my business), Voxer (to chat with VIP clients which reduces emails and work colleagues) and UpWork (a freelancer website to make quick hires for projects and tasks).


What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

Busting Loose From the Money Game - Robert Schienfeld

Mar 28, 2018
SDH 246: Understand the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster with Ali Boone

Are you riding the exciting and terrifying roller coaster of entrepreneurship? Do you have end goals you want to achieve? Maybe you wonder what cash flow mindset is right for you?

Today’s guest, Ali Boone, is the founder of Hipster Investments where she buffers real estate investments and matches buyers and sellers. She also writes for a real estate investment website. Did I mention she started off as an aerospace engineer with a master's degree in spiritual psychology?

In this episode you will:

  • Value time and figure out when to give work to someone else

  • Discover Ali’s Cash flow mindset

  • Know the dangers of an end goal mentality

  • Discover how experiments with your mind  take away stress

  • Understand the importance of the entrepreneur roller coaster

  • Hear the value of having a mentor



“From the cash flow perspective, I kind of still have that same mentality of I only look at the day to day, like what can I be doing today to help me tomorrow. If I look anywhere past today, I’ll end up stressed out to a point where I become dysfunctional.” Ali Boone

“I’ve had 173 business ideas and only one of them worked. And with this one,  the difference between that one and every other one that I said, is with those I already started with the end goals.” Ali Boone

“I don’t know how much money I am making this month or next month but all I can do is the absolute best I can do now and then evaluate later.” Ali Boone

“If you’re going to go the entrepreneur route, you will be tested.” Ali Boone

“We can observe our minds, we can watch ourselves, we can see what’s happening but there's also the times when our human psyche kicks in and it’s full blown panic. Even if I know what’s happening I can’t stop this, in those moments I think it’s so important to have somebody to bring you off a cliff.” Ali Boone

“I hear so many people who have a trade or a technical skill, or something and they want to make a business out of it and they don’t realize that being a business owner is a completely different skill set and task set than the technical thing they are providing.” Ali Boone


Hipster Investments

Ali Boone Linkedin

Crushing it” by Gary Vaynerchuk

The E-myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber

Mar 26, 2018
SDH 245: What to Do in the Pre-launch Phase Lindsey Andrews & Lara Crystal

Are you constantly thinking of new ideas with your entrepreneurial spirit? Did you finally find the one special idea that you knew you had to create? Maybe you’re ready to raise funds, build your foundation and get ready for a launch?

Today’s guests—yes we have double the lady boss power—are the founders of Minibar Delivery, Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal. They offer a better way to shop for wine, beer and liquor, connecting consumers to local liquor stores and vineyards with delivery of alcohol straight to their doorstep.

In this episode you will…

  • Understand why respect and trust is needed with a work partner

  • Gain important components when launching business at early stages

  • Hear about the process of raising funds

  • Learn the difference between ‘up’ and ‘down’ round

  • Know what to keep in mind during pre-launch phase

  • Discover the importance of a strong foundation



“Most of the new features we’ve launched, even since starting minibar delivery , have come from customer requests or customer research so that’s a super important component to launching a business at the early stages.”

“I think when we started we thought success in fundraising was getting the most money at the highest valuation and I think we know learned that’s not the best way to do it, instead you want to have a reasonable valuation to make sure you have a good exit for your investors as well as in subsequent rounds you can have up rounds and you’re not at risk for having a down round.”

“We really tried to be conservative at how much we’re raising at what valuations, and we’ve really tried to run a lean ship that could be a great long-term company that we’re not growing for growth sake, but growing smartly and rising.”

“You really have to understand your business and your vision and the right investors will follow.”

“What you think is what consumers want, isn't necessarily what consumer want and you really have to put it in their hands to learn where the issues are or what parts of it they absolutely love.”

“We had to get comfortable putting stuff out there that wasn’t perfect and learning, testing, breaking and fixing it and building it better.”

“We’re always learning on our feet, and that still happens today even four plus years in.”

“Do what you love because as fun as it is to create a startup, especially with your best friend, you’re in it for a long time.”



Minibar Delivery Website

Minibar Delivery Facebook

Minibar Delivery Twitter

Minibar Delivery Instagram

“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin

The Hard Things About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz

Civilization: The West and the Rest” by Niall Ferguson


Mar 22, 2018
SDH 244: Don't Make this Social Media Mistake with Stacey Harris

Did you turn your ‘hobby’ into a business? Have you battled with staying true to who you are while trying to make your brand successful? Are you overwhelmed with the white noise on social and want to break through it to reach your customers?

Today’s guest, Stacey Harris, is a social media strategist, teacher, podcast host and speaker who has faced these same challenges. Stacey focuses on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of social media, cutting through the noise and producing results. Tune in to hear how her ‘hobby’ turned into her social media brand and learn how to incorporate some of her savvy, social expertise into your business.

In this episode you will…

  • Know when to have a self-heart-to-heart if your business isn’t aligned with you
  • Discover the three questions to ask during any point of your social media journey
  • Hear the biggest social media mistake you don’t want to make
  • Uncover the answer to ‘when is the best time to post?’
  • Learn about trends in paid advertising
  • Understand the importance of a segmented audience


“It just kept growing, because I didn’t really put any sort of limits on it. I just kept getting new clients or expanding my clients’ packages or engagements with me.” Stacey Harris

“I had really come to embrace the freedom that having an actual structured business allowed me to have.” Stacey Harris

“I had built this really fantastic brand, that was doing quite well. I had a full client load. I was working a crazy amount. It was in every way successful on paper and I hated it...I decided to do something crazy, really shift my brand and be myself.” Stacey Harris

“I think where we see social going, I think this is evident even in content and the rise of podcast and video popularity, is acting like a human. Even if your brand is a company brand, and you’re not a personal brand, it has a personality. And I think showing up in a way that’s real to that and having actual conversations, not just one-way sales pitches, will differentiate you very quickly.” Stacey Harris

“It’s got to be key that you’re not just broadcasting to people anymore, you’re leading conversations, community growth, and engagement.” Stacey Harris

“When you’re trying to talk to everyone, everywhere and be everything for them, you tend to just contribute to the white noise of the news feed...whereas when you show up with a clear picture of who you’re talking to, what you’re saying and how you deliver content, you’re going to break through and connect with the right person.” Stacey Harris

“We all have the same job, to get our clients from problem to solution.” Stacey Harris

“The best way to figure out what’s going to work for you is to look at the data you already have. You know those Facebook insights and Google analytics, and all that stuff that’s available to you? Start reading those, because that will tell you the answer.” Stacey Harris

“For me, the big thing right now with paid advertising is it is really no longer optional. Especially with the Facebook algorithm change that just happened, some kind of budget has to be involved in your Facebook time. But also remember that Facebook isn’t always the best option.” Stacey Harris

“Figuring out what makes sense to you and then figuring out your budget is going to be really key. The really good news is it’s literally never been cheaper to run paid marketing.” Stacey Harris

“I think it’s going to be more important than ever in the next couple of years that we not just target the right audience, but also we pay attention to what we put in front of them.” Stacey Harris



Stacey Harris Website

Stacey Harris Twitter

Hit the Mic Backstage website

Tru Conversion

Lucky Orange


The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

Gary Vaynerchuk

Mar 19, 2018
SDH 243: How to Bounce Back with Only $400 in Your Business Account with Christina Stembel

Does growth sound like an exciting business goal? How about a little scary and overwhelming too? Do you need to raise capital to achieve this level of exponential growth? When do you reach that step and what are the hurdles you’re going to have to leap over?

Today’s guest, Christina Stembel, founder and CEO of Farmgirl Flowers is all about that 100% growth. Farmgirl Flowers is direct to consumer e-commerce flower company, offering designer quality arrangements at the same generic e-commerce prices. It achieves this price by providing a few curated flower options that reduce the choice for consumers and the amount of waste.

In this episode, you will…

  • Gain the tactical tools to reach the same level of exponential growth
  • Understand the benefits of focus groups
  • Hear how Christina bounced back from  $411 in her business account
  • Develop ways to remain authentic, while scaling your company
  •  Know why having culture is crucial for success
  • Learn why it’s hard for women to raise capital



“I was that person who drove everyone nuts with a different business idea every week, sometimes every day. I had an idea notebook with me at all times and I would really annoy all my friends and family. Every girls’ night would turn into a beta testing night.” Christina Stembel

“Look at what the market size is and see what your potential is within that market, how much share you can take from other people or grow a new category in something.” Christina Stembel

“Amazon, with their prime, is really changing the way consumers purchase online a lot, where they just assume shipping should be free...”Christina Stembel

“I’m very big into getting your minimum viable product out there. I knew I needed to stop talking about shipping and just do it.” Christina Stembel

“I think the worry of money, not having money and constantly the struggle of not running out of money actually made us healthier. Because I know every dime that we spend at the company; I still do. This is going to be the hardest point for me, to give up some control of, as we continue to grow.” Christina Stembel

“Financial knowledge, being really aware of what you’re spending money on, and your responsibility to your team is really big.” Christina Stembel

“Less than 2% of all capital goes to women-owned businesses. I love stats. I love numbers. I don’t think you can argue with numbers. People try and say ‘oh, it’s just because women aren’t starting businesses as often' that’s not true; over 50% of all new business are started by women.” Christina Stembel

“I pitched over 30 companies back then and all of my male counterpoints were able to get funding, pre revenue or with far less revenue numbers than us. And the only difference is that they had a pedigree and that they’re male.” Christina Stembel

“I was fighting hard to help save an industry that didn’t necessarily want to be saved by me.” Christina Stembel

“I’m getting beat up a lot in the flower industry right now for just stating what’s going on, but as a person I believe if you sweep things under the carpet, nothing is going to change. So I just want to be real about it, because I want to see change.”Christina Stembel

“I put a lot of thought into the company as far as what benefits are we providing, what’s our pay, how can we make sure we’re providing good jobs and I thought that was enough. But it wasn’t enough, because I didn’t put any energy into our culture and it hit a breaking point.” Christina Stembel



Farmgirl Flowers Pinterest

Farmgirl Flowers Facebook

Farmgirl Flowers Instagram

Farmgirl Flowers Website

Farmgirl Flowers Twitter

Netflix Culture Deck

Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Brené Brown

Braving the Wilderness Brené Brown


Mar 15, 2018
Building Your Customer Journey Roadmap with Shauna VanBogart
Shuana_Website (1).png

We are sooooo excited to have Shauna VanBogart back this year!

Shauna VanBogart is a speaker, coach and founder of the leading online educational portal for image consultants, The Studio For Image Professionals. Aside from her work at The Studio, she works one-on-one with high-performing and growing business owners to refine their personal brands, optimize their business model, and jump to the next level of revenue. In addition, Shauna is regularly hired as a keynote and workshop speaker for topics like lifestyle management, personal branding, and other relevant business insight. She’s been named one of the top personal branding specialists in the world by Huffington Post, a top 40 under 40 award winner, and one of the most influential women in business in Charleston, SC. She has a Master of Arts degree form Gonzaga University in Communication and Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iowa in Communication Studies paired with an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the Tippie College of Business at Iowa.

This year Shauna is leading the VIP breakfast on Friday morning where we are going to walk through How to Build Your Credibility Online. Understand what feeds into credibility, how to do it and implement some of the things that help build that credibility. 

Let's get to know Shauna more!

What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Stay in your own lane. Don't ask, "Is this right?" but instead, "Is this right for me?". Don't get distracted or off-course based on what you THINK you should be doing or what competitors or doing. Stay in your own lane - the right path is your OWN path.

What's the best investment you've made in your business?

This may sound cliche but it's hands down coaching. As a business owner, you are way too close to often see things clearly, especially when it comes time to bump to the next level. Having outside support who can help you get clear on the path forward and help you find the action steps to doing so is imperative to your success. Investing in coaches has helped me grow so much faster than I would in isolation.

What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?

I'm rather old school. I have one 600-page notebook I buy fresh at the start of every year. It goes with me everywhere and is my number tool. On my phone, the apps I use the most aside from the mainstream ones are Moment (a phone usage tracking app that helps me limit my screen time), Shipt (to have my groceries delivered so I can use that time more wisely in my business), Voxer (to chat with VIP clients which reduces emails and work colleagues) and UpWork (a freelancer website to make quick hires for projects and tasks).

What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

Busting Loose From the Money Game - Robert Schienfeld

To snag your ticket before early bird ends and to check out more information click, www.SheDidItHerWaySummit.com.

Mar 14, 2018
SDH 242: How to Keep it Simple When You Make the Leap with Natalie Ellis

Are you looking to build a community around your brand or product? Are you curious about creating a marketing strategy that you can monetize? Where do you even look to gain conversions online and what are the important factors to remember for its success?

Today’s lady boss is the CEO of Boss Babe. Boss Babe is a lifestyle brand that brings together a community of ambitious millennial business-minded women and teaches them how to take responsibility for their lives by putting their happiness first. Even before Boss Babe, Natalie's entrepreneurial journey already began. She founded her first company, Oh My Glow, at age 21 knowing that she would not find fulfillment in a corporation.

In this episode you will:

  • Know the importance of keeping it simple during your first leap

  • See why listening to your community’s feedback is important

  • Uncover the importance of consistency and transparency online for your brand or business

  • Find out what’s a huge converter for Boss Babe

  • Hear how content converts differently on different social platforms

  • Acquire advice for managing books


“I quickly realized being a female entrepreneur, just being an entrepreneur in generally can be the most lonely journey. It’s so terrifying you’re responsible for so much.” Natalie Ellis

“I would first make sure that your income stream is solid before you take any kind of leap because the worst mindset you can be in is panic mode and that is not going to grow your business.” Natalie Ellis

“If you can cut down your hours of working elsewhere do it. Don’t be chasing the money here, chase the main goal.” Natalie Ellis

“Even if you want to offer a ton of products or a ton of services, start with one and do that one thing really well and start to grow it from there.” Natalie Ellis

“When you let yourself burn out because you’re trying so hard often you get to a point where you feel like there’s no return and I feel like that’s such a huge issue in those first 18 months.” Natalie Ellis

“I made sure I never compromised our long-term success for those short-term games and that was really hard in the beginning. Because taking on a new project, you’re always super excited to dive in head first.” Natalie Ellis

“We combine Pinterest and Instagram to drive leads to our email list and we do most things via email. I find that to be a huge converter.” Natalie Ellis

“Our content has the ability to go viral if it’s in the right hands.” Natalie Ellis

“Don’t use the same content on each platform, maybe pick two or three platforms and drive them to one key place.” Natalie Ellis

“You need to know your money. You need to know what you can and can’t claim for because this is more money for you and your business. So I would get super clear on that and if you aren’t sure have a meeting with an accountant.” Natalie Ellis

“If you don’t live intentionally, how can you get so much done? How can you achieve your goals? How can you know what you’re working towards? Natalie Ellis


Boss Babe Twitter

Boss Babe Instagram

Natalie’s Instagram


Oh My Glow website

Brendon Burchard

The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferris

High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard

Now is Your Chance” by Niyc Pidgeon




Active Campaign


Zero Financial

Mar 12, 2018
SDH 241: Don't Let Fear Get in the Way of Living Big Dreams with Amanda Franz
SDH241 Amanda Franz.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

You have a passion. Maybe it started as a side hustle and leaped into a full-time gig. You may have had fears taking the leap and you probably have just as many fears continuing your journey, staying true to your passion. How do I stay organized? What do I need to know about digital and how people find my business online? Where do I look to stay inspired? How can my business and I be 'big'?

Today’s guest, Amanda Franz, addresses these fears. Amanda is the founder, creative director and owner of Wide Eyes Paper Co. Boutique, a stationery, brand, and design studio that she started in 2012. It specializes in custom wedding stationery, offering a variety of printing methods and innovation that separates Wide Eyes Paper Co in a saturated market.

In this episode you will…

  • Learn how to stand out in the digital world
  • Acquire systems that keep the creative brain focused
  • Understand why passion and success coexist
  • See the importance of community
  • Know what managing inventory and cash flow with a product-based business looks like
  • Hear milestone moments in business


“I really believe in sticking with what you’re good at, hiring people and outsourcing to do the rest. I strongly believe in collaboration and that’s how I run my business, especially when working with clients. I can’t stress it enough to them that I really want it to be a collaborative experience so we’re creating something together.” Amanda Franz

“I love being creative, but I also learned that I love being a businesswoman. I love numbers. I have a CPA, that’s one of the biggest things I’d recommend. It’s not a waste of money. It’s such a great investment.”  Amanda Franz

“I feel like I have more control over my business when I understand money in and money out and that concept.”  Amanda Franz

“I strategically think through ‘what’s going to be most important today?’ and lately, I’ve just not over-extended myself. Sometimes I try to do too much in one day and then I end up feeling drained and not as productive. I’m trying to tell myself, ‘hey, it’s OK that you only did these things today; that’s enough. And you also want to have space for the other amazing things in your life.”  Amanda Franz

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the most lonely and isolating places to be. You’re not plugged into any community right away when you own a business. You have to put yourself out there constantly and find the people that you connect with.”  Amanda Franz

“Passion and success coexist. If you have passion the success will eventually come. I am an example of it.”  Amanda Franz

“You just start with what you know and what you love doing and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks...I think fear holds people back.”  Amanda Franz

“My new mantra is, be courageous, try something new, what’s the worst that can happen?”  Amanda Franz

“My biggest lesson is to keep going, find new ways to be inspired; it doesn’t need to be directly in your field. Go outside. Do something different.”  Amanda Franz

“I’m sick of letting fear get in the way because I don’t want to live small. I want to show up in, whatever that looks like, and that means fighting for yourself everyday. DO the things that scare you.”  Amanda Franz

She Did It Her Way Summit Facebook_TicketsnowLIVE.png

This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Also, early bird tickets end on March 15th so don’t wait to snag your ticket!


-Second Street Creative

-Style Me Pretty


-Quick Books


Braving the Wilderness

High Performance Habits

How to Fight” by Thich Nhat Hanh

Wide Eyes Paper Co Instagram

Wide Eyes Paper Co Website

Mar 08, 2018
Productive & Profitable: How to Plan Your Best Week, Every Week with Steph Crowder

Today I'm excited to share more about Steph Crowder on who she is and how she helps female entrepreneurs. Steph and I first met a handful of years back when she was making the decision to leave her Corporate job for something a little more entrepreneurial. It has been amazing to see her grow and where she has taken her business.

I'm stoked to have her joining us in April for the She Did It Her Way Summit!

Steph Crowder helps people crack the code on what to work on, when. She's a business coach, strategist & host of the Courage & Clarity Podcast, a weekly show designed to inspire and instruct. She's also a co-host of The Fizzle Show, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make meaningful progress as Director of Member Success at Fizzle.co. When not nerding out over strategy & sales, you can find her chasing after her two-year-old and chowing down on Mexican food with her husband in Louisville, KY.

At the summit, she'll be walking us through a method that will help us stop wondering what to work on each week & start making real progress towards our dreams. Plan our entire work week once, and actually get meaningful stuff *done* this time. It's possible to supercharge our productivity WITHOUT breaking our neck to get it all done. In this hands-on session, we'll learn a repeatable system for highly productive weeks -- and it only takes 15 minutes, a notebook and a pen to make it happen.


What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Clarity comes from *action* -- not the other way around. So take one step, then the next one, then the next one..


What's the best investment you've made in your business? 

Spending 3 years of my career as an apprentice of a prominent, successful blogger & business owner. It shortened my learning curve to learn from people who've really done it -- and to get tons of experience coaching, managing revenue and problem solving the ins and outs of a real deal business.


What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?

My 15 minute planner method is the one thing I do EVERY week! I also like Freshbooks for keeping track of my time, invoices & expenses.



What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero;

You Squared by Price Pritchett (yes I know that's two! :) 


Well, there you have it! To find out more about the summit, visit www.shediditherwaysummit.com

Mar 07, 2018
SDH 240: How To Determine Which Social Media Outlet That's Right For Your Business with Rachel Hollis

Do you ever feel like you can’t and don’t know what to do next? Maybe you’re unsure of how to shift your business in a saturated market? Or you’ve listened to experts on how to solve problems but your gut is telling you otherwise?

Today’s guest—Founder and CEO of Chic Media and The Chic Site, mother and author— Rachel Hollis faced similar questions while transitioning from a high-end event planner to a profit-making blogger. Rachel creates content for the affordable yet chic shopper, the cool but not fancy creator, the delicious but achievable chef.

In this episode you will…

  • Gain traction in terms of profit, not just notice
  • Understand why having a clear brand voice is crucial
  • Manage the challenges of content creation
  • Know which media to choose from your target audience’s message
  • Discover the importance of using a search-friendly copy when posting on Youtube or Pinterest
  • Find out how to shift your business to a saturated market


“I always like to remind women especially that nobody, not even an expert in their field, gets to tell you how big your dreams can be.” Rachel Hollis

“If I had listened to every single person, who were the experts, that first book would still be sitting on my computer and I don’t know if I’d be an author today.” Rachel Hollis

“The resources that we have available on the internet for free are unparalleled when it comes to building a company, producing creative...” Rachel Hollis

“You can control what happens next. You can arm yourself with the resources and the knowledge, and you can make smart choices to get you to the next step.” Rachel Hollis

“Anytime your market gets saturated like that, the price for you goes down.” Rachel Hollis

“The goal is not how many jobs you can do, the goal is how much you can make on individual jobs.” Rachel Hollis

“One of the best lessons I have learned in the history of my career, I think this applies to everybody listening no matter what it is you’re doing or what stage you are in on your process, is having a really clear brand voice.” Rachel Hollis

“If you know your niche and you can speak to a very specific market, well there are brands and products that want access to that specific person.” Rachel Hollis

“Instagram is the new blog. I would say that social media in a lot of ways is way more relevant because we as a society don’t tend to go to websites. We consume our media inside of a news feed that we watch on social media.” Rachel Hollis

“At the end of the day, no matter what business you’re in, your goal should be to offer more value than anyone else.” Rachel Hollis

“Every single thing I know about business, writing, life, I learned in books, on podcasts and a Google search bar. So I’m super passionate about reading as an entrepreneur; because anytime I am unsure of something I find a book or ten books until I can arm myself with that knowledge…” Rachel Hollis

“I feel like knowledge is courage for me, so whenever I am feeling unsure I read a book.” Rachel Hollis



The Chic Site

The Chic Site Facebook

Rachel Hollis Instagram

Rachel Hollis Twitter

Rachel Hollis Pinterest

“80/20 Principle” by Richard Koch

“High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard

“The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential” by John C. Maxwell


Mar 05, 2018
SDH 239: What You Can Expect At This Year’s Summit with the Summit Speakers

Hey guys! Today’s episode I’m sitting down with the speakers to hear more about exactly what they’re covering at the summit and how it will provide value and be beneficial to you and your business.

Also, early bird tickets end on March 15th so don’t wait to snag your ticket!


Mar 01, 2018
5 Steps to Building a Profitable Online Funnel with Jocelyn Pearson
JocelynPearson_Website (1).png

We're back with another speaker highlight for She Did It Her Way Summit! I'm absolutely honored and thrilled to welcome Jocelyn Pearson to the stage. 

Jocelyn Paonita Pearson is a best-selling author and founder of The Scholarship System, an online program to teach families how to pay for college with scholarships and avoid student loan debt. While building her own online business, Jocelyn gained over 2.5 years of experience in creating profitable funnels using many different digital marketing strategies. Today, she continues to run this business while enjoying location-freedom, living on a small island in the Caribbean with her husband and their pleasantly plump dog.

Jocelyn's session is about building a profitable online funnel. "The money is in the email list!" is a message many entrepreneurs share. What exactly does that mean? We are going to cover the importance of email in building a profitable funnel, as well as how to create a funnel that can make you money while you sleep. You will leave this session with implementable strategies and real-life examples on how to collect thousands of valuable emails and convert them into your raving fans.


What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Surround yourself with others who are in a place you want to be in one day.


What's the best investment you've made in your business? 

My website support. At first, I was doing it all myself which distracted me from where I needed to focus, building my business. Then, I had the opportunity to hire someone at a more affordable rate but chose to go with the person with more experience. It has paid off multiple times over.


What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?

-Toggl to track time

-Zoom for meetings and interviews

-Loom for quick explainer videos

-Speed Controller Chrome Extension to speed up videos


What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

The One Thing - Gary W. Keller


Snag your ticket at by clicking here. Early-bird ends March 15th!

Feb 28, 2018
SDH 238: High Performance Habits Part II with Amanda Boleyn

Hey there!

Thanks for joining me again for another book review series of “High Performing Habits” by Brendon Burchard, a book on my 2018 reading list. Are you ready to discover the remaining three habits?

If you haven’t already unlocked the first three habits, or if you want a refresher, catch up on the first episode.

I’m SO pumped to continue this candid conversation on this important book. Plus, I have thrown in a little something extra towards the end of the show, the three biggest traps that prohibit you from being a high performer and how to NOT FALL INTO THEM.

Let’s embrace the struggle together.

In this episode you will:

  • Understand the #1 thing according to Brendon Burchard, that’s true for elevating your business and life

  • Know the importance of taking inventory of what you’re doing daily

  • Discover the definition of  PQO and why it’s one of the greatest breakthroughs you can have in your life and business

  • Learn why we fail to ask for what we want and what could happen if we actually did

  • Understand why you should find comfort in uncomfortable moments

  • See how embracing the struggle is essential to growth


“It’s not about the hours you spend. It’s about the harmony you feel while you are using those hours and the output you’re creating.” Amanda Boleyn

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” Amanda Boleyn

“No matter your personality, you can develop more influence in the world than you probably imagine. And one reason people struggle to gain influence in their personal and professional lives is that they simply don’t ask for what they want.” Amanda Boleyn

“High performers don’t shy away from asking because they assume the best case scenario, and they assume that other people want to help them.” Amanda Boleyn

“It’s universally agreed that leaders who ask questions and get those around them to brainstorm the path ahead are more effective than dictator leaders who just push their demands and requests on others.” Amanda Boleyn

“Part of developing influence is challenging others around you to grow.” Amanda Boleyn

“Influencers challenge others in three realms: character, connection, and contribution.” Amanda Boleyn

“There’s something magical that happens in life when we let all the drama go and ask how we can be role models again for other people.” Amanda Boleyn

“Part of demonstrating courage is honoring our struggle, sharing our truth and ambitions and finding someone to fight for other than yourself.” Amanda Boleyn

“When we’re in those moments of struggle, really honoring and acknowledging that the struggle is our contrast for showing us what we want and what we don’t want in our lives and in our business.” Amanda Boleyn

“You need no permission to be on that tingling of hope that is in your soul. So don’t let criticisms sway you from your convictions and what you’re after in your life and in your business.” Amanda Boleyn

“When we create superiority and think we’re better than people we lose leadership, clarity, that connectedness. We lose everything that we just talked about in the 6 high-performance habits.” Amanda Boleyn

“If we can’t send satisfaction at the moment than it is difficult to feel connected or grateful for the moment. Being satisfied does not mean settling. It simply means accepting and taking pleasure in what is.” Amanda Boleyn





Feb 26, 2018
SDH 237: How Shifting Your Mindset Can 14X Your Business with Jenn Scalia

Has there been a point in your business journey where you needed to shift your mindset? Maybe it hasn’t happened yet, but you’re ready to scale, make a bigger profit, launch something new? Do you have a savvy enough strategy for these changes?

Today’s guest, Jenn Scalia, is a visibility strategist and online business coach. She helps new and emerging entrepreneurs with the mindset and marketing to be authentically visible in business. Find out her smart strategies in our talk today.

In this episode you will…

  • Discover the difference between social media and marketing for a personal brand versus a business

  • Hear Jenn’s ‘Coming to Jesus Moment’ that led to her mindset shift

  • Gain tools to help grow your business and go all in

  • Understand how to find the right business coach

  • Learn how to scale

  • Find out new ways to prepare for a launch


“The very first thing that needed to happen was this huge mindset shift that it wasn’t about me, it was about the people I needed to serve, about this bigger vision that I had for myself, my family and what I wanted to do in the world.” Jenn Scalia

“I let go of this ego I had, that it was all about me, what would people think about me...that’s the shift I had to make and once I started shifting into these people need me and my help, I started to get inspired.” Jenn Scalia

“I really had to reflect on what’s going on here and ‘are you really committed to this?’ I decided to actually go all in, even though I had previously thought I was going all in, but I really had to evaluate what I was actually doing on a daily basis to really make this work.” Jenn Scalia

“I think the mindset is kind of a big word and a buzz word, especially now in an entrepreneur space, but it’s so important. What it meant for me was a belief, it was a total belief in myself, that I could do it  that I was worthy charging higher prices, making more money and also that I would know what to do with the money when I got it.” Jenn Scalia

“The experience of a group coaching, a lot of times is more impactful than one-on-one.” Jenn Scalia

“Finding the right team is crucial to be able to pick up those pieces as far as the back end stuff, the logistics, payments, failed payments, customer service, all that stuff you can’t do it by yourself.” Jenn Scalia

“Everything I do has to be complete, 100% inspired, the offers I come out with, when I launch them how I launch them, it has to feel good for me.” Jenn Scalia

“At the beginning of the year I kind of know what I want to launch, approximate dates I want to launch but I’m always open to things shifting and changing, and doing things a different way.” Jenn Scalia

“When I trust myself and when I just do things that feel really inspired, that’s when I get the best results, that’s when I get the most people signing up for my stuff.” Jenn Scalia

“Get the right mindset and the right mentor and you can accomplish anything.” Jenn Scalia

“I get really good response rates emails when I’m in the moment, and when I’m energetically aligned with the message that’s being sent.” Jenn Scalia

She Did It Her Way Summit Shownotes Insert.png

This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Be sure to sign up for the email list on the She Did It Her Way Summit website for exclusive updates and a code for 10% off your ticket.


Jenn Scalia Website

Jenn Scalia Facebook

Jenn Scalia Twitter

Jenn Scalia Instagram

Profit First”by Mike Michalowicz

“The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

Feb 22, 2018
Repurpose for Profit: How to Create a Content Calendar That Can Actually Make You Money with Think Creative Collective
TCC_Website (1).png

Okay, so we've got our systems in place to help manage our content but the next question is, how do we make it work for US? Like how do we have it create more profits in our business?

We invest a lot of time creating content for our tribe, how can we repurpose it for make it work for us?

Well, enter Abagail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective. These ladies have proven how to leverage existing content to grow their profits in their business.

These ladies are doing something right and they're showing us how to do it as well at She Did It Her Way Summit.

Abagail and Emylee founded Think Creative Collective just months after meeting each other online. What began as a conversation over wine on Abagail’s office floor transformed into building a community and business that had ridiculous goals, dreams and ideas. Together they built a multi-six-figure business in under 12-months by helping thousands of creative entrepreneurs build a soul-fulfilling and freaking profitable business.

At the summit, they're sharing their "Rinse & Repeat," method. How to repurpose content to grow your audience and make more money. They typically see so many people spend all their energy creating their content calendar for social media or blogging but feel like it's not serving a greater purpose. They are going to share how they take that same content and create products, services, opt-ins, offers, books, webinars, and more with it!

Let's get to know them a little bit better, shall we?!

What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

It doesn't matter how good you are at your talent if you don't know how to do the business part of being a business owner. Spend your time harnessing that, learning that, investing in that and you will succeed.

What's the best investment you've made in your business?

The 50% of our business that we give each other every single day, hahaha. But really, investing in deciding to partner was the absolute best thing we ever did.

What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?

What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

Abagail- Delivering Happiness

Emylee - Every Harry Potter book


Learn more about Abagile and Emylee along with other speakers at here.

Feb 21, 2018
SDH 236: Create Profits by Speaking to a Niche Audience with Maggie Lord

Have you struggled to find the confidence to take the leap? Or maybe you’ve stretched your legs out and finally jumped into the next stage of entrepreneurship? Either way fears and questions race through your mind.

How big should my audience be? Will I be able to keep up with all of the cultural and technological changes? How do I stay true to myself and audience? How do I monetize my brand as efficiently as possible?

Today’s guest, Maggie Lord, has answers to these questions based on her experience as founder and editor of Rustic Wedding Chic and Rustic Wedding Guide. Maggie created a website and tools for brides ten years ago, before Pinterest and Instagram inspiration was even a concept, to provide a space for ideas, inspiration, and resources for brides looking for similar things she needed when planning her own wedding. She has published five books and soon to be six.

In this episode you will…

  • Understand the importance of speaking to a niche audience
  • See how working with advertisers and brands has changed
  • Discover the different ways of monetizing your brand
  •  Master consistent methods for dealing with change
  • Hear about the power of flexibility within entrepreneurship
  • Acquire tips for yielding your biggest ROI


“We didn’t really have a formal business plan but I knew what we needed to do to make X, Y, and Z to replace my salary.” Maggie Lord

“It was only me. We didn’t have a team of people. I didn’t have tech specialists. I didn’t have anyone helping me with social media. I wore every single hat in the company and I was very glad that I did; because now that we are a little bigger, I know how to do everything. I understand each part of the company, why it’s important and why it needs to be done a certain way.” Maggie Lord

“Focus on your niche and focus on how to really connect the most amount of people within that niche who really cares about it. Because you want strong consumers. You want strong readers. You want strong investors.” Maggie Lord

“We work really hard with our advertising team to make sure we are bringing content we feel our reader should know about, is going to care about, is going to add something to their wedding planning process.” Maggie Lord

“Things change. Your Google ranking is going to change. Your social media following is going to change and you can’t rely on one source. You need to be diversifying how you bring in your money to your company, and you need to be able to always know where you are going to go next so that when there’s a shift in the industry you can still monetize your brand.” Maggie Lord

“No matter what stage your business is in you need to be able to treat it with this sort of feeling of it’s already a business, whether it’s bringing in money or not. And if you treat it like a business, it’s going to be a successful business.” Maggie Lord

She Did It Her Way Summit Shownotes Insert.png

This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Be sure to sign up for the email list on the She Did It Her Way Summit website for exclusive updates and a code for 10% off your ticket.


Coastal Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Maggie Lord’s Website

Rustic Wedding Chic Website

Rustic Wedding Chic Instagram

Rustic Wedding Chic Twitter

Rustic Wedding Chic Pinterest

Rustic Wedding Guide

Rustic Baby Chic

Style Me Pretty Website

Feb 19, 2018
SDH 235: Learn to Follow Your Intuition as a Business Owner with Karen Behnke

Where do you begin to create an industry? How do you convince mainstream retailers to take a chance on you? How do convince manufacturers to take a chance on you? Where does your uniqueness lie? 

Hey, She Did it Her Way Listeners! Today we get to meet Karen Behnke, the founder of Juice Beauty, an organic beauty product line! She started her first company in the fitness industry right out of college and has since become a serial wellness entrepreneur, with her business ventures spanning 20 years. But she said despite her submersion in the corporate health and wellness industry, like so many other women, she never paid attention to the ingredients that went into her beauty products. Her curiosity about her beauty product’s ingredients was peaked when she became pregnant for the first time in her 40’s. She said she was completely devastated by what was in the average beauty product. She saw ingredients like formaldehyde, and petroleum, and was shocked that she never noticed them before because she had worked with so many experts on quality ingredients in health and wellness products for so many years. Seven or eight years later, she bought the name Juice Beauty and took it upon herself to radically transform the chemistry of beauty. Since her collection has expanded to skin care and makeup, gained Gwyneth Paltrow as a creative director, has been picked up by retailers like Ulta Beauty, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales; and has been up and running for over 12 years!

To begin to surpass the conventional chemical standards of beauty products, she had to learn about its current state, so she brought in an in-house group of chemists and product development experts. She said they found that a lot of them start out with glycols, which are petroleum waste products that act as a hydrating ingredient as dense as Vaseline. They also found that natural products start out with water, meaning consumers are paying the top-notch price for a diluted product. Her concept was to start out with organic botanical juices, aloes, shea’s, grapeseed, and guavas; and pack all the products with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. As of a couple years ago, they also released a photo pigments makeup collection, which is plant derived with plant pigments, and no artificial colors or fragrances.

Though she was a seasoned entrepreneur when she launched Juice Beauty, she had never dived into the world of cosmetics, so she wasn’t exempt from the turbulence that is early entrepreneurship. She said she had forgotten how hard running a start-up was, and how much she’d have to be involved in every aspect of her business. She said she spent 75% of her time leading product development in the beginning, along with one chemist and analyzed every single ingredient to make sure it was clean and healthful for consumers and the planet. When it was time to bring in more people, she said she also struggled with attracting professionals in the organic beauty industry, because she was so new, and didn’t have the allure of big name brands. Once she became a household name and attracted teams of in-house experts and executives, she said had to learn to transition into a leader and teach her new staff how to convey her message and vision on a daily basis. 

One of her goals from day one was to make it hard for consumers to tell the difference between Juice Beauty and another big name commercial brand. She said she wanted her stem cellular CC cream that was made zinc (for SPF coverage), and coconut alkenes, and grapeseed (for beautiful slip and feel), from chemical sunscreen made with oxybenzone, or silicones, and dimethicones. It was very difficult in the beginning, and she said they had problems with their zinc being too heavy, and things turning blue. But through trial and error, trusting her women’s intuition, she navigated the choppy waters of early entrepreneurship, and was able to add Juice Beauty to her repertoire of successful businesses!

Get comfortable and enjoy today’s episode as you learn more about Karen and Juicy Beauty’s story! 

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to change and upgrade the standards of an industry
  • Be able to go after big commercial brands
  • See what it’s like to start over as the founder of a start-up if you already have an established business
  • Be able to define your company’s goal
  • Start to follow your instincts as a business owner
  • Learn the best way to land investors for your company, and invest in yourself


“It’s kind of a win-win-win. You win with high [ethics] skin care, and vibrant plant makeup. You win with what you’re putting on your skin is healthful, and for the people that care, you win with supporting a company that is really supporting organic farming, supporting the planet, and building a sustainable company from top to bottom.” -Karen Benkhe 

“If you have a wrong hire in a very small business, that can set you back a couple of years. Every single hire has to be right…and then sometimes you may have amazing people in the beginning, but they might not make it through with all the change. When it’s a great transition, it that’s wonderful. But when it’s a bad transition, that can really be hard.” -Karen Behnke

“I was the lead investor in Juice Beauty…but I’m still surprised when young entrepreneurs come in to talk to me, and they don’t want to put any of their money at risk, [but they] want everybody else to invest. I always say you’ve got to put your own money up…f you’re not going to risk it, nobody else is going to.” -Karen Behnke 

“Passion has fueled me. I love business, and I love mission-driven businesses, that’s what I’ve always done. I’ve never been not motivated to get up and go at it every day.” -Karen Behnke

She Did It Her Way Summit Facebook_TicketsnowLIVE.png

This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Be sure to sign up for the email list on the She Did It Her Way Summit website for exclusive updates and a code for 10% off your ticket.


Juice Beauty Website
Juice Beauty Facebook
Juice Beauty Instagram
Juice Beauty Twitter

Feb 15, 2018
Reach Your Audience Faster: Publish Twice As Much High-Value Content Using Processes & System with Maya Elious
MayaElious_Website (1).png

Hey girl hey! Did you check out last week's blog post with Ashlyn Carter, the copywriter wiz? If not, check that out first

Now on to the next!

Content, content, content. SO. Much. Content. 

Does anyone else get a little overwhelmed when it comes to managing and organizing content? Coming up with content to provide for their tribe?

If I can let you in on a little secret...even I at sometimes get a little cray cray when it comes to managing multiple platforms and content outlets. What I will tell you though is having proper systems in place to help manage it all and ensuring it aligns with the purpose of my business has helped tremendously. It has helped me stay on top of content calendars, reduce anxiety and overwhelm and produce MORE!

Which is why I'm pumped to have Maya Elious as one of our speakers at the She Did It Her Way Summit!

Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist that helps coaches and consultants create and launch a signature program online so they can expand their reach and earn passive income. She’s helped hundreds of students and clients launch digital content platforms like blogs, challenges, masterclasses, webinars, and courses so they could establish and monetize their expertise in the online space. As first-generation American who dropped out of college to break free from the traditional mold, she believes in the power of pursuing your purpose despite the nay-sayers. She enjoys encouraging women to use their voice, and share their message in the form of online content in order to reach more people. She does this by speaking, writing, coaching, and hosting workshops about branding, purpose, and content strategy. When she’s not helping her clients build their purpose empire, she can be found traveling, scrolling through Instagram, or binge-watching Hulu.

Maya's session is about helping you create a system so you can create and publish content more consistently.

Let's get to know Maya a little bit better!


What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Get a coach and inside a community of people smarter than you.

What's the best investment you've made in your business?

I invest in my business all the time. Maybe the very first course I invested in called Double Your Freelancing Rate and then my first mastermind investment called Godfidence.

What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?


What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

The power of the Subconscious by Joseph Murphy



Well, there you have it! To find out more about the summit, visit www.shediditherwaysummit.com

Feb 14, 2018
SDH 234: Reach Success by Breaking Old Rules with Eleanor Beaton

Does the fear of replacing a corporate income hinder you on your journey to solopreneurship? Are limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome holding you back? Would you like to know how some of the continent’s most successful women in business think?

Today’s fierce guest, Eleanor Beaton, is here to address these valid concerns, along with many more relevant topics. Eleanor is an award-winning journalist, speaker, and executive coach to powerful women varying from elected officials to leaders of major corporations. She even has her own podcast that aims to help women in leadership positions achieve unprecedented results with clarity, confidence, focus, and grace. Tune in as she shares a wealth of information from growing up in a household of strong women to the secrets behind  power and influence.

In this episode you will…

  • Discover why women struggle to replace a corporate income after the leap

  • Understand limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and how to erase them

  • Know the benefits of predictable revenue and how to generate it

  • Find out the truth about confidence and how to get it

  • Learn why women get into the trap of undercharging and how to break free from it

  • Uncover how eight, nine and ten figure business women really think


“...We can create success and we can do it by breaking old rules, inventing new ones and ultimately doing it our way.”  Eleanor Beaton

“That’s really what my mission and my team’s mission is to do—to really empower the world by bringing fierce, feminine wisdom to business and boardrooms all over the place.” Eleanor Beaton

“When you go out on your own, you have to eat what you kill.” Eleanor Beaton

“When I think about what it takes to build a successful business; I think about the triangle. One side is knowledge, the other point is effectively managing relationships and the third part is GSD.” Eleanor Beaton

“You really got to bring a sense of urgency to your business development and a real sense of focus, being able to focus on the money without letting yourself be overly controlled by money. I think that’s a dance. It can be a challenging balance.” Eleanor Beaton

“Find people who already model the kind of behavior you know is important to you and spend time with them.” Eleanor Beaton

“One of the number one challenges of very highly successful women is there are so few of them.” Eleanor Beaton

“So much of this is really practical and tactical..Influence and power love small rooms.”  Eleanor Beaton

“There is a definite choice and intentional bending of the rules in order to achieve the greater good or greater outcome in an effort to do what’s right.” Eleanor Beaton

“As women, often, we have a lot of social pressure to be perfect. We don’t want to 'go to school in public.' We want to be perfect before we make the offer, but we’ve got to get over that if we want to roll in the dough.” Eleanor Beaton

She Did It Her Way Summit Facebook_TicketsnowLIVE.png

This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Be sure to sign up for the email list on the She Did It Her Way Summit website for exclusive updates and a code for 10% off your ticket.



Eleanor Beaton Website

Eleanor Beaton Facebook

Eleanor Beaton Twitter

Eleanor Beaton Instagram

Eleanor Beaton Linkedin

“Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck

“Personal History” by Katharine Graham

“Predictable Revenue” by Aaron Ross

“High-Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard

Ellen Pompeo Article

Feb 12, 2018
SDH 233: Recognize When Your Life is Realigning, Not Falling Apart with Bri Seeley

Coming up with the right copy that speaks to the right people can be an overwhelming process but an important one that we must master in order to have a thriving business in the digital space.

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated with figuring out what to write on your site, marketing material or even words to say, then get excited!

That is why I am humbled and excited to welcome Ashlyn Carter to the stage for this years She Did It Her Way Summit!

Also, don’t forget that this Friday, February 9th you could get 40% off your She Did It Her Summit Ticket!

Here’s how it works the first 10 people to use promo code SUMMIT40 at checkout will receive 40% OFF their ticket (any ticket they wish!) All you have to do is be one of the first to use the code!

Code goes live Friday, February 9th at 8am CST

She Did It Her Way Summit Facebook_TicketsnowLIVE.png

Have you ever had moments where it seems like everything is crumbling? Does it seem like everything you’ve built is being washed away? What if life is just closing a chapter, and starting a grander one? 

What’s up listeners! On today’s episode, we speak to returning guest, Bri Seeley, an author, coach, and speaker, about that, and then some! Last time we spoke to Bri, she was the co-host of a podcast with her business partner, Thais, and was a life coach. However, since last January, a lot has shaken up in her career and life. After a trip to Bali, everything in her life seemed to be breaking apart at the seams. Her business partnership no longer felt right and their podcast ended, a 10-week training program she had been working on fell apart,  and her closest friendships dissolved. She said everything in 2016 that felt right and was working for her, had thrown itself in the garbage in 2017. While her storm seemed never-ending at the time, she said she realized that her life was doing nothing but realigning itself and making way for newer and bigger opportunities!

But this realization didn’t come easy. She said she felt betrayed by the universe, abandoned, and went into victim mode. After months of intense wallowing, she had enough of herself. By April, she had to just throw up her hands, and admit to herself that she’s human, and that life wasn’t going to cater to her every wish. She said she also realized that her business ventures didn’t align with her core truth of freedom. She had always dreamed of living a bicoastal life, and traveling the world, while still working for herself. But the careers she had already started chained her to LA and committed her to 5 events a month there. Once she saw the disconnect between her desires and lifestyle, she began to see how much the failure of her businesses was a blessing in disguise, and a release from a confinement she hadn’t realized she was in.  

So she made the decision to change her mindset, and accept her path for what it was, get back on her feet, and go after success once more. She started asking herself how she wanted her life to look, what experiences she wanted to be having and actively began moving towards achieving them. She also began focusing on improving her health and her heart, and the friends in her life that were supporting her, and the loyal clients that never left her even when her businesses went under. She also adopted a Sunday ritual of walking around her local farmer’s market, and stopping by a café to journal all the things that excited her that week, and the things she was thankful for.

This weekly practice ended up being the premise of her first book, Permission to Leap. She said the book came to her in January and asked her to write it. She never aspired to be an author, but as she went through her depression, writing became her release. When she finally sat down to write the outline in June, the content flowed out of her, and she finished it in an hour. She then flew to Seattle to hand write her book, and under three weeks, she had written 55,000 words, and returned to L.A with a manuscript. In the next four months, not only had she completed the editing, she completed marketing process, too! By the time she hit Amazon, she already had 100 reviews on her book, and within hours of its launch, she was #1, and is still a Best Seller nine weeks later!

Stay tuned and hear more of Bri’s wisdom on making it through dark times, all the details that go into publishing your own book, and what all of Bri’s new businesses look like!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to rebuild yourself after your business ventures fail
  • Be able to recognize when your life is realigning, not falling apart
  • Find your truth, and rearrange your life according
  • Figure out how to dissolve a business partnership
  • Learn to follow your intuition
  • Not allow yourself to stay in the victim mindset


“The biggest thing is being present with whatever is coming up in the moment, and not rationalizing…how I’m feeling. If my intuition is telling me something doesn’t feel right, I have to trust that...I think that’s really been my process across the board.” -Bri Seeley

“What the book writing process has given me is more clarity. I kind of knew before what my zone of genius was, and what I really, really did for women. And now I really know…Now I can say with complete confidence that I help women bring their vision to life.” -Bri Seeley

“I think the election kind of kicked a lot of women into high gear. I was unwilling to be victimized by the election, and it really lit a fire under me. I can’t pretend that I’m not here for something big anymore. I have to every single day go out of my way to make an impact, and create something in the world.” -Bri Seeley


Bri Seeley Website

Bri Seeley LinkedIn

Bri Seeley Facebook

Bri Seeley Instagram

Bri Seeley Twitter

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Alexi Panos Website

Tim Ferriss Podcast

Feb 08, 2018
How to Write Copy that Converts with Ashlyn Carter

Girl, let's talk. 

Let's have a heart to heart about the copy that we use for our website, communication, and email marketing. 

Coming up with the right copy that speaks to the right people can be an overwhelming process but an important one that we must master in order to have a thriving business in the digital space. 

That is why I am humbled and excited to welcome Ashlyn Carter to the stage for this years She Did It Her Way Summit!

Ashlyn writes well-appointed words for creative women as a copywriter & calligrapher. She left her job as a publicist to go full-time with her calligraphy biz for brides—and realized there were lots of creatives fumbling with their message and sales copy. Trading clients like Delta Air Lines and Chick-fil-A to write conversion website copy and launch copy for creative industry dreamies like Jenna Kutcher, Desiree Hartsock, Katelyn James, Hilary Rushford, Shay Cochrane, and Justin & Mary Marantz is just the bee's knees. Her calligraphy has been featured in Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, and The Knot. When not writing about herself in third person, she’s usually trying to scratch the ink off her fingernails or grabbing margs and tacos with her husband.

Ashlyn is dropping truth bombs and she'll be talking about how to Match Your Brand Voice and Write Copy that Converts


Umm, yes please!


To help get to know Ashlyn a little bit better, we asked her a few questions!

What's your number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

Look at your time as your most precious, non-renewable resource. You'll have to say no a zillion more times than you say yes as an entrepreneur, and that's ok. Stay focused.

What's the best investment you've made in your business?

Before leaving to go full time, I paid $4,000 for an in-person small retreat. At that conference, I met a client whom I've worked with ever since (I've lost track of how much we've made there!), my two business coaches, and formed a relationship that's lead to 3 paid speaking opportunities. In-person events are so important, and I invested in that before I knew how it'd all work out. I feel like creative entrepreneurs are terrified to spend money to start a business, but that's how it works! Trust your gut. Make wise investments. Magic happens at in-person events.

What are your favorite tools/apps that you use?

What is one of your favorite books you've read that has made an impact on you?

The One Thing by Gary Keller



Well, there you have it! To find out more about the summit, visit www.shediditherwaysummit.com

Feb 07, 2018
SDH 232: Not Waiting for Permission and Going for It with Alex Moresco

Ahhh Friends! I am so excited! The day is here and She Did It Her Way Summit tickets are LIVE. This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Be sure to sign up for the email list on the She Did It Her Way Summit website for exclusive updates and a code for 10% off your ticket.

I cannot WAIT! And I hope to see you there!

She Did It Her Way Summit Facebook_TicketsnowLIVE.png

How did you decide to start your own business? Did you ease into entrepreneurship, or was it a freeform leap off a cliff? Where did you allow that journey to take you? How have you and your business evolved since then?

Hey guys! Today we meet Alex Moresco, the founder of A Moresco PR + Content Creation, and star of season one of PR Girl, a reality web series about the fabulous (but mostly nitty gritty) world of entertainment PR! She refers to herself as an odd duck, and does everything from traditional PR, to press outreach, social media management and strategy, event planning, and non-profit work. While her broad range of services is different than most PR firms, she said she loves having her hand in everything; and experiencing all these different fields only gives her an edge on the competition and an individuality that helps her stand out among the rest! 

She said A Moresco’s creation started when she was a junior in college, but began as a fashion blog, that she created out of boredom, during her freshman year at DePaul. Once her blog gained traction, she started learning the basics of PR, like how to attract target audiences, build a media kit, and work with brands like Nike. After working with them for some time, she became part of launching their store, The Nike Training Club, and helped them research how to attract 18-25 year-olds, and planned events for the store as well. Unfortunately, the concept store closed when she was almost out of college, and she was faced with the decision of joining the corporate world or take a risk and do her own thing. After some contemplation, she knew she would get comfortable in the corporate world and would lose her drive to go for it on her own, so she took the jump!

What sealed the deal was when she was contacted be Hillary Sawchuk, from the podcast, A Drink With. Alex had interviewed  Hillary a couple years before, and she had caught wind of Alex’s  PR work with Nike, and invited her to help her with her PR during the Sundance Film Festival for a couple of weeks. After her work with Hillary, Alex knew PR was the profession for her and fell in love. When she returned to Chicago, she saw an opening to bring her passion and skillsets to the entertainment business, and A Moresco PR + Content Creation was born!

With her role in the new series PR Girl, she invites the world to see the reality of the different facets of entertainment PR and centers the show around women empowerment, unity, and positivity, rather than drama. She said she wants people to know that PR isn’t always glamorous and it can be a beast, but every once in a while you get to do something cool, and the wins you get along the way make it worthwhile!

Stay tuned and hear how Alex continued to expand her business and media reach!

In this episode you will…

  • Hear how Alex handled starting a business and learning she had Lyme disease
  • Start looking at every step of your career as a learning tool
  • Know how to set yourself up for success and organize your business and life
  • See how to create honest and  authentic relationships with clients
  • Figure out how to expand your media reach and platforms
  • Know how to personalize your pitch when getting your business out there


“I think when you own your own PR firm, everything falls back on you. There’s nobody else to point the finger at, and ultimately, if something goes really well, it’s because you’ve done a great job. But if something didn’t go well, it falls back on you, and you have to be a self-starter, and very self-motivated.” -Alex Moresco


“People do think PR is so glamorous, and you’re running around in Christian Louboutin heels, and meeting celebrities, and going to parties. But in reality, when you own your own firm, there are no boundaries. So it’s you getting up at like 6 o’clock because you’re stressed out...to then [working] all day until 11 or 10 o’clock at night, to look up and realize you haven’t eaten today…5% of the time you get to do something really cool…you have to make those wins you get along the way worth it.” -Alex Moresco

“I love that the whole premise of [PR Girl] is positivity, and women building up other women, and more focused on the career aspect, than the drama that you see in typical reality shows. And I thought it was smart from a PR standpoint. Everything is moving over to web…when you go to sell a TV show from a production standpoint, from an advertising standpoint, you’re hoping for YouTube Red, Facebook, or an online platform because it’s just digitally native, and it’s that much easier to go viral, and produce more views.” -Alex Moresco


A Moresco PR + Content Creation Website
A Moresco PR + Content Creation Instagram
A Moresco PR + Content Creation Twitter

Feb 07, 2018
SDH 231: Learn to Let Go Parts of Your Business and Outsource with Katie Doherty
SDH231_Katie Doherty.png Listen Via iTunes Listen Via Stitcher

Ahhh Friends! I am so excited! The day is here and She Did It Her Way Summit tickets are LIVE. This year’s summit is all about creating a profitable business in the digital age. We’re covering everything from the building an email funnel that converts, writing copy for your digital outlets that converts, how to streamline your content and what systems to use so you can create more of it, how to refurbish your content and more. All of this is so you can create a profitable business. Some of the speakers include Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes, Abigail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective, Maya Elious and others!

Two full days with a welcome kick off on Wednesday evening to get us started and a Friday closing celebration. We’re also offering a VIP ticket option this year where you get exclusive interaction with some of the speakers, coached by the speakers as part of the 4-week accelerator post the summit!

You can learn more about the speakers, ticket options and schedule of events at Shediditherwaysummit.com.

Be sure to sign up for the email list on the She Did It Her Way Summit website for exclusive updates and a code for 10% off your ticket.

I cannot WAIT! And I hope to see you there!

She Did It Her Way Summit Shownotes Insert.png

What do you do when the career you always thought you wanted, doesn’t work out? How do you begin to piece your new career path together? How do you know if you’re better off going off on your own?

Hey friends! Today we chat about that with Katie Doherty, who is the founder of La Rousse Shoppe, a resource for photographers to purchase decorative packaging and boxing materials, like La Rousse’s original product the Glass Photo Box! La Rousse originally started out as a platform for Katie to promote her wedding photography, but after not being able to find products to suit her brand’s style and aesthetic, she decided to make products of her own. Since La Rousse has continued to grow as an outlet for her creativity, and now features a blog that showcases customer’s use of their products, and a podcast that shines a light on other entrepreneurs across various industries!

Before Katie started La Rousse, was a third-grade elementary school teacher, and had grown up thinking that education and teaching was her calling. Unfortunately, once she started teaching, she became bogged down by the workload and frustrated with its lack of pay. She said she knew that those aspects were just part of what being a teacher meant, but she was surprised at how much it took over her life, and felt it had taken away her freedom and creativity.   

She wanted to feel like she was in control of her own life, and have an outlet for her artistic expression, so she decided to explore her side passion for photography. To dip her toes into professional photography, she started to teach herself how to use her DSLR camera through research and YouTube videos, began taking evening classes at a community college, and started being mentored by a friend in wedding photography. Once she felt comfortable enough in her skills, she launched her online portfolio and took the final leap of quitting her job, and moving in with her parents so she could save money, and focus on getting her business off the ground by booking wedding, travel, and child photography gigs.

As her portfolio started to grow, and she began taking her presentation more seriously, she started looking for little print boxes to give to couples after their wedding, and have for herself to present her work. As she scoured the internet for something modern, cute, and unique, she could only find clunky wooden, or linen boxes that just didn’t match her brand’s aesthetic. 

She then became inspired by entrepreneurs on the podcast, Money Pillow, who had come up with amazing ideas for products, and made their visions a reality by manufacturing and selling them. That’s when she came up with the idea for a glass photo box, and after searching high and low for a similar product, she decided to be the first one to create one! 

To get started, she first had to find a supplier and searched Alibaba, which is an e-commerce site that connects buyers to sellers from India and China. After sifting through the site for hours, she finally found a supplier that made a terrarium, which is a glass usually made for vases. He didn’t make the type of product that she needed, but he had the supplies, so she reached out to him with the dimensions of her box, and a sketch. A month later, she got a sample from him, and it was perfect! She proceeded to buy 50 more, and launched La Rousse using Shopify!

After a decent start with a few sales, her business began to sink, because she wasn’t sure how to market or reach her target audiences. So she decided to share her business and product with her friend, Phil, who was a fellow wedding photographer and he loved it. He eagerly wanted to hop on as a business partner, which Katie said helped take a lot of the pressure off of her and provided her with a confidant and mentor as she navigated through the rough waters of entrepreneurship. 

As orders start to increase, she had to move her inventory and work space to her parent’s garage, and hand packaged and detailed each order, and drove it to the post office. As business increased, even more, she had to hire some girls in her neighborhood to take over that aspect, despite her desire to oversee every little detail of the order. She had to relinquish even more control, as business continued to boom, and they had to hand their inventory over to a fulfillment center in Texas, which cut her out as a manufacturer and sent products straight to customers.

Since her brand and products have continued to skyrocket and have been featured in Allure Magazine, Lauren Conrad’s Holiday Gift Guide, as well as MSN’s 25 Holiday Gifts under $100!

Hear more of how La Rousse grew, and Katie’s story on this week’s episode!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to create the solution to your problem
  • Be able to find suppliers for your product
  • Learn to let go aspects of your business and outsource
  • Know what to consider when picking a new space for your business
  • Be able to choose the right overseas shipping company for your product
  • Figure out if you want to be a hands-off or hands-on CEO


“I think my dad was taken aback by the fact that I had spent all this money on student loans, to become a teacher, and two years later, I had completely changed my mind…[but] everyone I came across was really supportive, they never had any doubts.” -Katie Doherty

“I was talking with a friend…and I very casually brought up this product I was working on, and he thought it was amazing. He was like, ‘Katie, you need to sign me on as your business partner, I can take this to new heights!’ I [thought] a business partner would be a great idea. All of the weight wouldn’t be on my shoulders, I could always go to someone for a second opinion, our just anything really. We have a great open relationship. Ever since Phil started on with me, I’ve seen the business grow times 10, it’s been amazing.”- Katie Doherty

“I’m like kind of a crazy perfectionist. I want everything down to the sticker being straight on the packaging, I want it all to be as perfect as it can be. And I was kind of convinced that unless I did it myself, that it would never be perfect, because no one else would care as much as I did. And I really had to let go of that because I bet there are people who pay great attention to detail, so that was one important thing for us as we were looking for fulfillment centers. Who was going to be willing to do a bit of boutique packaging to fit our brand.” -Katie Doherty


Katie Doherty Website
La Rousse Shoppe Instagram
La Rousse Shoppe Facebook
Money Pillow by Sean Malarkey
Artifact Uprising
Alibaba Website

Feb 01, 2018
5 "Woo Woo" Practices I've Tried
5 _Woo Woo_ (1).png

A few weeks ago I was moderating a panel and one of the audience members asked us “What is the most quote un quote WOO WOO thing(s) you’ve done that has helped you in your life and business?”

Some of the things I’m about to share I don’t believe would be considered that ‘woo woo’ but everything is relative and none the less, has helped me break through some blocks and show up on a consistent basis.

So let’s dive in!

  1. Meditation

I’ll start with this one. By now most people have heard about meditation; what it is, the benefits of it and the different types of meditation a person can do. I use Headspace for my practice or even sometimes I’ll find some meditations on Spotify that are a bit more interactive versus sitting in silence for a certain amount of time. While sitting in silence may sound unbearable to some or boring, it is actually quite a lovely experience. You actually train your brain to just be and you open yourself up to the divine where you can receive messages or intuitive hits.


2. Journalling

Okay, so journaling may not be considered very ‘woo woo’ but I do still find the practice to be very therapeutic and some of the things I've journaled about could be considered woo woo. I don’t journal every day but I make it a practice 3-4 times a week. Journaling is good to set intentions, plan the future and release anxiety or stress.


3. Acupuncture

You know, that thing where they stick needles in you ;) In traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is linked to the belief that disease is caused by disruptions to the flow of energy, or qi, in the body. Based on your symptoms and pain is where the needles are placed on your body either lying face up or face down. Acupuncture also takes a look at your 7 chakras. A chakra is a center of energy and helps your body regulate them - the crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Acupuncture helps the energy flow more easily throughout your body and can dislodge stuck energy that maybe found in your chakras.

If you’re in Chicago definitely check out Dr. Amy Wolf, founder of Herb + Ohm, in the loop. She is amazing!


4. Reiki

Being as we’re on the topic of energy, let’s slide right into the topic of reiki. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that originates from Japan. I’ve known about reiki for a while and have some very close friends who have had reiki done to them but it wasn’t until May 2017 that I actually gave it a go myself. Reiki relies heavily on energy flow as well. It can be used to reduce stress, create relaxation, and the part that I believe that helped me the most was tapping into my subconscious mind to release previous traumas and beliefs that I was holding onto that no longer served me and my growth in this world.

Post my reiki session I experience noticeable differences. Even my husband will attest to this as well. Reiki was a sizable investment for the 90 minutes I was with my healer but certainly worth it as I was able to release some of the pain and suffering I was holding onto for so long.


5. Tapping

This technique I discovered during the most recent online bootcamp I was a part of - Money Mindset with Molly Sapp. Before her bootcamp I had never heard of “tapping.” Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once.  At first I was like wait a second, “How in the world does tapping points on you face make bring more financial abundance??” I’m a fairly open person so without judging (only curiosity) I thought, “Well, if it worked for others then there must be something to it.”

My first time I spent about 15 minutes tapping and nothing happened. 5 minutes later I was tapping and tears were rushing down my face. (<---- this is the part where you are release what is stuck and physically altering your brain and energy system).

Couple things about tapping:

  • If you’re not familiar with it and search a Youtube video on how to do it you most likely will be turned off by it (unless you find a really really good one that throuroughly explains why and how it can work for you)

  • You have to understand and believe that it will work for you otherwise your subconcious mind will prevent any shift from happening

  • If you’re going to give it a go I suggest finding someone you can study under but that is not to say you can’t just do it on your own either.


There you have it!


I’d love to learn more about what you’re up to and practices you've done that has helped you grow!


Please feel free to share :)

Jan 31, 2018
SDH 230: How to be Confident with Your Decisions with Perrin Kaplan

How do you define power? What equates to success? Is it by others standards or your own?

No fears SDIHW listeners, our guest gives us the scoop on that! Today we meet Perrin Kaplan, who is the co-founder of Zebra Partners; a female-run global marketing and PR firm! Due to their background at Nintendo, they specialize in helping companies in fields of emerging technology, entertainment, gaming, and virtual reality, connect with their customers, and create loyal and active communities! They work with clients from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, and their diversity reminded them of the stripes on a zebra, because their clients and their needs are never the same. With their broad range of clientele and services, Perrin and her two co-founders are up always up for the challenge, and are ready to share their expertise with companies so they can grow their businesses and become powerhouses!

The three co-founders started Zebra Partners 10 years ago after they launched the Wii console with Nintendo. Though Perrin was the head of communications and corporate affairs for 16 years, she felt that it was time to use her talents and skills to go into business for herself, and took her trusted colleagues with her. As a team, she said they always worked beautifully together, with each of their personalities balancing one another, and due to their deep respect and confidence in each other, they haven’t argued once since Zebra Partner’s launch.

She said one obstacle she struggled with in the beginning was redefining what success and power meant to her. She lived the visibly powerful life at Nintendo as the head of a major global company and enjoyed all the luxuries that came with it like authority, constant offers from other companies, and all the splurges that her salary could buy. But when her and her partners ventured out on their own, she had to become accustomed to doing business from her laptop at her dining room table, while in sweats munching on a Trader Joe’s salad.

All the superficial frills were gone, but she learned to see power and success in a different way. With her own business, she got to construct her own life, choose who she worked with, what projects she took on, built her own rules, and teach her clients and her coworkers something new every day. And even though she said she’s not making the big decisions anymore, her happiness and joy come from the multitude of small successes and the relationships she gets to nourish and build!

Get settled in and hear more of Perrin’s story on today’s episode!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to build a good team dynamic
  • Figure out what success and power means to you
  • Be confident in your own decisions and not look to others to feed your ego
  • Know how to train and develop your staff
  • Create an email schedule
  • Learn how to turn away clients


“In corporate, I had many successes, but my ego was being fed often. When you run your own business, you need to feed your own ego, but you have so much more control. They’re both fantastic journeys…but it’s all about being confident in yourself and loving yourself, and not defining your own success by other things and people around you.” -Perrin Kaplan

“If you’re having a blue moment, move your moment…That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur, you can make things be whatever you want...you can run things how you want to get to the successful feeling that you need.” -Perrin Kaplan

“Nobody wants to turn away business, but I think if you’re going to always be at your best, and produce the best for companies, it has to be a two-way street where your chemistry is very good…it has to be a relationship, or we have to pass…You have to love yourself enough to know that if you say no to this something better is going to be coming next, even if you have to dig hard to find it.” -Perrin Kaplan


Zebra Partners Website
Zebra Partners Facebook
Zebra Partners Twitter
Entrepreneur Website

Jan 29, 2018
SDH229: How to Find Your Flow That Produces Results with Helen Ficalora

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Where do you begin to start a jewelry line? How do you reach your customer? When is the time to build a brick and mortar?

Today we meet Helen Ficalora, the founder of Helen Ficalora Jewelry. Helen specializes in high quality, customizable, heirloom pieces that are made out of precious metals. She said her jewelry designs are meant to inspire beauty, love, and peace, and wanted to create something that was beautiful and meaningful for people to wear. 

She started jewelry making as a kid, but officially released her own designs in a boutique at her family’s beach resort in Olympia, Washington. She needed something to do other than run the hotel, and her jewelry line acted as a happy escape from her 9 to 5. She also wanted to be a part of a business that was booming all year, and when traffic at the hotel died down outside of summer, her jewelry business provided another revenue stream. 

To get her line off the ground, she began working on her brand’s PR, and met with magazines, and worked her connections in the fashion industry. What really gave her business wings, though, was the monogram trend. Completely unaware of the demand for monogram jewelry, she had created an alphabet charm collection and got featured as the must-have monogram piece in multiple fashion and lifestyle publications. She became flooded with orders, and was soon was able to open up her own store in New York, with its grand opening featured on the Martha Stewart show!

She said her business blew up overnight, and has since become a national brand with brick and mortar stores in Chicago, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, and Dallas!

Hear more about how she decided to open a brick and mortar, how she manages them, and Helen Ficalora Jewelry’s story!

In this episode you will…

  • Learn how to start a product line
  • Know the best time to open a brick and mortar store
  • Figure out the best place to open a brick and mortar store to be closer to your audience
  • Be able to choose the perfect managers for your stores
  • Find the perfect person to strategize with
  • Discover your flow


“There’s a lot of intuition being used in people who are successful entrepreneurs, and I feel [that’s] definitely part of my ability; to be able to trust my intuition. I’ve been called the trendsetter, and a lot of that comes from just knowing something’s coming…to be able to create things in front of them.” – Helen Ficalora

“I’m the ultimate multitasker. I plow through a million things, and prioritize as I’m moving through it…[I] pretty much just [put] my head down and I just go.” -Helen Ficalora   

“You can choose how you react to things in life, and how you react…affects how you do in business.” -Helen Ficalora

“I don’t think things have to be that complicated. I guess that’s maybe my motto. My jewelry is beautiful.  The complicated part of it is some of the designs…but it’s all flowing from a place of simplicity.” -Helen Ficalora

“If you love what you’re doing, it’s very easy to do it…it’s not a burden to you…it’s your pleasure.” -Helen Ficalora


Helen Ficalora Website
Helen Ficalora Facebook
Helen Ficalora Instagram
Helen Ficalora Twitter
The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder
Happiness is a Choice by Barry Kaufman
Son Rise: The Miracle Continues by Barry Kaufman
Gary Vaynerchuk Website

Jan 25, 2018
2 Software Tools You Need to Be Using in Your Business Right Now

These 2 software tools are the ones that I've been obsessing about as of late. I've been using them for quite some time but never to their full potential. Once I uncovered exactly what each of these software tools is capable of, they have drastically benefited me in my business in a number of ways:

  • Save me time - I don't have to reinvent the wheel each time, I can save templates and use them in the future
  • Organize my projects
  • Create a process for me, so I know exactly what I need to do each day
  • And more..

Find out which tools I'm gushing over...



I would say that most people I speak to are already familiar with Canva. If you’re not, Canva is an online tool that allows you to easily create graphics for just about ANY occasion. But what people may not know is the benefit to upgrading to a monthly paid plan. I have used Canva for a long time without paying for the upgrade because I wasn’t even aware of how it would benefit me...until a friend pointed out what you get…


1.Brand Kit

This is where you can save your fonts and select color palettes for your brand so that way when you’re working on a graphic and go to select a font or color, it is already stored for you making it easier and more efficient. It saves time and helps create consistency in your brand.


2. Templates

Having this feature has helped save me and my team so much time when it comes to creating graphics for podcast episodes, blog posts, Instagram posts, you name it. #worthit

Templates (1).png


3. Organize Your Photos with Folders

This helps with organization and easy access to photos and projects. Super helpful when you want to find something quick.



The second software tool that you need in your business is...



If you’ve been tuning in or following along for a bit a time now, you know how much I adore Asana. For a long time I struggled to get myself in the habit of using it and it wasn’t until I watched Megan Minn’s Youtube video - “How to Create a Content Calendar Using Asana” that I really started seeing the power of Asana that made me want to actually use it. That video was a game changer for me.

In addition to that video I also purchased Megan’s Asana HQ course. Best $97 investment you’ll make in your business - trust me.

Here are some of the things she teaches you in her course to implement in Asana:

1. How to truly make Asana the HQ of your business (and personal life if you want)

In her Asana HQ course she shows you exactly how she lays out her Asana HQ. I found this to be extremely helpful because with Asana I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Below you can see how it is broken down into teams and then within each team there are projects associated with that team.

EX: Marketing, Executive, Operations and Projects or Programs are teams. Podcast, Youtube, Blog Content, Email Marketing and PR are projects within Marketing.

Teams (1).png



2. She provides templates that you can use

One of the benefits of Asana itself is that you can create templates which is super handy if you’re doing something more than once - Youtube, blog posts, podcast episodes, launching a product or course. Let's take launching a course.

She provides multiple templates and “Products or Programs” is one of them. From there you can edit and customize to your liking. 

Products or programs.png



3. It is more than affordable

After I finished the course I found myself saying, “My goodness. She could have charged way more for that!” which tells you just how good it was. Implementing what she taught during the course will help you…

  • Stay organized - everything is in ONE location and helps create a peace of mind
  • Create templates - save time and energy allowing you to spend it on RGA (revenue generating activities)
  • Scale - by breaking down everything into a step and a process, all you need to do when you’re ready to start building a team is plug and play.

Absolutely worth the $97 investment.


Click here to purchase.

What are some of the tools you use in your business? I would love to know! Please share below. :) 


Hi friends! Wanted to let you know and be transparent. Affiliate links have been used in this blog post, meaning that if you purchase one of the products shared in this post I will receive a percentage of sales. I ONLY promote and share products that I personally use and love, never to just make a quick buck. 

Jan 24, 2018
SDH 228: High Performance Habits Part 1 with Amanda Boleyn

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Today's podcast episode is sponsored by LOLA. LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners. (Pssstt....the founders of LOLA came on the show back in April,  "How to Create a Lifestyle Change with Your Product.")

They started their company with a simple and seemingly obvious idea: women shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to feminine care products.

  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Easy to use interface and customizable to your needs
  • Subscription is super flexible too!

You MUST give it a go! LOLA is giving She Did It Her Way listeners 60% OFF your first order by using HERWAY at check out :)



Today I'm sharing the first 3 out of the 6 high-performance habits Brendan Burchard walks through in his book. It may sound familiar to you because I shared this book in a recent blog post, here

I’ve always been someone who has been obsessed with personal development, wanting to know how I could always get better, improve myself. This book is gold for anyone who wants to be a performer. 

I’m excited to do a 2 part solocast episode with you guys about the 6 high performing habits. I started reading this book mid-December and dove in head first. I promise you that I wouldn’t give something two episode spots if I didn’t think it warranted value for you all.

In this episode I’m going to do a deep dive into the first 3 high-performance habits but first a quote:

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted right. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle

Brendon’s team has done hours and hours of research as to what makes a high performer a high performer.

“To succeed, always remember that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”


Click here to take Brandon's High-Performance Indicator quiz.

The first 3 habits I'm diving into in depth are:

1. Seek Clarity

2. Generate Energy

3. Raise Necessity

I've already started implementing these habits and it has drastically changed my business and life for the better! (GAWD that sounded like a cheesy self-help comment....but that's okay because it was ttttrrruuueee! ;)


Jan 22, 2018
SDH227: How to Choose a Mastermind & How They Can Grow Your Business with Sara Christensen

What if you ran a series of successful businesses, and all of a sudden decided to switch your entire model and pursue just one? What has always been an underlying passion of yours that you never turned into a business? What if you’d be happier in that field?  

Look no further than today’s episode with Sara Christensen, the founder of Kickass Masterminds! At Kickass Masterminds, she organizes entrepreneurs into groups so they can network, brainstorm, and build friendships or gain mentors that can help them in their businesses! Her obsession with Mastermind groups started eight years ago, and she said having a group of business besties completely changed the way she looked at business and life, and how they worked together. It also changed how she did business, who she let in to help her, and how she let them help her. Being an entrepreneur of over 5 businesses herself, she wished she had Masterminds in those building stages, and couldn’t help thinking what they could’ve been if she had those groups. That’s when she decided to open her own Mastermind business, and create support systems for entrepreneurs so they don’t have to do it alone, and grow their businesses to be the best they can be!

Sara’s journey originally began in marketing, though, but she exited the corporate world when she found herself excelling faster than her positions. So she started her own marketing agency and quickly picked up big name clients, like New Balance. When her agency began to take off, it really showed her that she didn’t need the safety of corporate America, and her drive and potential would take her places that working for someone else couldn’t. She said she didn’t want to just make her own business, she wanted to make her own financial security, too and opened up more businesses. Her ventures ranged from a jewelry design studio to a wireless tech company, and while very different, they all had a marketing focus because it was still the industry she loved the most.

But once she began attending Mastermind groups, she completely rearranged her business structure and wanted to focus more on people interactions. Plus, the idea of starting a Mastermind group just wouldn’t leave her alone. She said it was constantly on her mind, people in grocery stores would talk to her about it, and she received a lot of encouragement from her business besties. She finally decided to sit down at her computer and gave herself an hour to begin pursuing it just to get it out of her head. Once she started, she couldn’t stop, and her passion began to flow out of her. After her hour, she had a 10-page business plan ready to go and realized that it was no longer a venture dream that she could ignore.

So she sold her previous businesses to work full time at Kickass because she said she has a soft spot for people at the emotional and mental stages she was at when she first started her businesses. She said she wants to be the mentor she never knew she needed to budding entrepreneurs, and give them all the resources, networks, and guidance they will need to become financially secure. Her family grew up really poor and lived off of welfare and food stamps, so she comes from a place of creating her own luck, and wants to give others the same opportunities, and confidence.

When choosing what Mastermind is best, she said you have to look at three things. The first is the mix of people. Finding the right group dynamic is critical, and Kickass uses a mixture and algorithms, and intuitiveness to match people based off of traits like their personalities, generation, attitude, and skills. The second is the structure and the process, essentially meaning how long is the group committed to being together, their meeting schedule, and relationships outside of Kickass. The final thing to look for is who is keeping track of everything, and making sure everyone is fulfilling their roles in the group. In other Masterminds, typically that is a leader or a coach, but at Kickass, it is someone of neutral group status who is responsible for handling the logistics of the group.

She also goes into how to ease into Mastermind groups, and set goals with your group so you can progress in your businesses, and be prepared for the major changes in their lives! Stay tuned to hear all of that and more!

In this episode you will…

  • Learn how to reevaluate your business structure
  • Know how to choose a mastermind group 
  • Be able to figure out what you want most out of your life in Mastermind groups
  • See how to get acclimated to your Mastermind group
  • Know if you work better with strangers in your Mastermind group or people you know
  • Find the right business model and sales process so you can continue to progress


“I have had several experiences in my life where messages have come to me very strongly…it was coming to me in every way, shape, or form that you can even imagine…it was surrounding me, and I was like fine, I just need to get it out so it will leave me alone…in the course of an hour, I had a 10-page business plan…[And] the more and more I sat with this…and really got quiet and listened to what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to serve at that point, the more I couldn’t ignore it.” -Sara Christensen

“The honest, good, juicy stuff comes when [people] aren’t impressing each other anymore, and getting really down and dirty, because let’s face it, we all learn our lessons from the mistakes and the failures. And when we can really dive into that, that’s where the good stuff is” -Sara Christensen

“You get better when you repeat things, you don’t get better when you’re creating something new every single time. It's sort of like training for a marathon…you do your drills…over and over and over again, and you get better, and better, and better again…So for us the way we structure business is very much iterative, and we have this feedback loop in every single thing that we do, and a lot of repeating, and getting better.” -Sara Christensen

Kickass Mastermind Facebook
Kickass Mastermind Instagram
Kickass Mastermind Twitter
DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson

Jan 18, 2018
5 Things I've Learned So Far About Being Sober in January
5ThingsI've Learned so Far about being sober in january.jpg

When this blog post publishes we’ll be over halfway through the month of January, the first month of 2018. My goodness.

First, let me explain why I decided to do dry January and what it is. Dry January is where you spend the month of January not drinking. It is a popular trend (rightfully so) because we spend most of the two months prior, November and December, socializing and celebrating the holidays which includes a lot of sugar, carbs, and alcohol. 

My decision to partake in dry January is no different being as I had travel quite extensively the month of November (two international trips) making it a wee bit hard to keep a routine including proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise, along with two holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving) that found us on the road for most of it. Lots of travel time.

If you’ve been tuning into the podcast then you know how much I thrive off of having my “anchors,” which include needing two out of the following three in order to feel somewhat grounded; 8 hours of sleep, proper nutrition (mainly paleo based diet and minimal alcohol) and exercise. Oh! And lots of hydration. There is also something else that happens when you eat properly, get enough sleep, hydrate, and exercise...your body is able to rid itself of toxins. Some may call it “dropping the kids off” others may refer to it as “I’m going to my office,” regardless it is extremely important to feel said normal.

A friend once told me that if someone is in a bad mood it is probably because they didn’t poop yet that day.

Can’t deny it. (<----Seriously can’t believe I just bought up poop in my blog post.) Anywho, moving on.

My closest family members and friends know that when I’m gone for too long and feel like I’m living out of a suitcase….I get antsy and my husband would probably add, irritable.

My husband and I spent New Year’s Eve with a group of friends at one of our friend’s farmhouse in Indiana. I was already having some anxiety about being away from home again being as November and December were a bit touch and go. I also knew that I was leaving for Vegas for 8 days on the 6th of January so I really wanted to spend time at home.

All of that to say though, on New Year’s Eve I got to a place where the way I felt created enough pain for me to decide, “That’s is. We’re going dry from here until the end of January.” I needed a reset. I had looked back on the past two months which don’t get me wrong, were a flipping blast. I went on a mini vacay with my mother-in-law as she joined me in Barcelona post my first trip at the beginning of November, followed by celebrating Thanksgiving and eating such great food to heading back to Spain the Sunday after where my close friend met me in Madrid halfway through my work trip and we decided to take an impromptu trip to Bordeaux, France where we visited the vineyards, ate unpasteurized cheese (so. good.) and ate more croissants in three days that I have eaten during the entire year of 2017. And of course, Christmas and New Year’s was no different - all a blast.

Declaring I was going dry New Year’s Eve Day could have been a bit gutsy...I mean come on! What are you supposed to do when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve?! Well, let me tell you. I have no clue because I was sleeping by 10:45 pm. Ha. Which I was completely okay with because in that moment my body needed sleep and rest and it was going to get it.

But in addition to that my 30th birthday took place in January (the 6th to be exact), I was spending a whole week in Vegas surrounded by 50 very outgoing, fun and social folks. Would I be tempted?

What was helpful is that I’ve done dry January in the past with the same events; birthday and Vegas, and did just fine so I knew I could do it again.

Part of the benefit of not drinking in Vegas is not compromising my immune system. There is nothing I hate more than being ill. And I know myself well enough that alcohol is the trigger. Because when I drink I don’t get good enough sleep, I tend to stay up later than I usually do which throws my sleep cycle off and in that moment I wanted to protect it.

The reason why I bring these up is that I want to create the context for what I’ve learned so far being 18 days into dry January.


Being all in is easier than being 50% in

It is much easier to be binary (all or nothing) vs partial. The reason being is because when you are partial you leave decisions up to that very moment when you need to make said decision. Sometimes you’re not in the right headspace or environment to make the decision that best serves you. By being all in, you don’t leave it up to chance. You already know your decision. It is made for you, by you.

Better sleep

I think this goes without saying that there’s no doubt a person gets better sleep when there is no alcohol running through their system. Especially if you’re someone like me who thrives on sleep, you don’t want to waste it or sabotage it. Where my 8-hour sleepers at?!

One less thing to manage

Alcohol influences our decisions, decisions to eat more, stay out later, be influenced by our surroundings. When you’re sober you making quicker and faster decisions. It also doesn't take up space in your brain wondering whether or not you're going to drink at dinner or not. 

When you really want to do something, you’ll do it

I’m a massive fan of Tony Robbin’s book, “Awaken the Giant Within.” There’s a part of why we as humans do what we do and usually, it is either to avoid pain or gain pleasure. My decision to not drink in January brought more pleasure than actually drinking; better sleep, better decision making, FEELING better. I also knew that I was only not drinking for 30 days and it’ll be there when I'm done. 

Your friends may be bummed, but they’ll get over it

While this didn’t happen to me as much, I’m sure it happens to other people when they go dry so I do want to acknowledge that the decision to go dry is YOUR decision. Know that you’re doing it for you and your benefit. While other’s may be bummed or disappointed, they’ll get over it and move on.

I suppose another thing I’ve learned so far is that I love Pellegrino with lime...in a wine glass ;) It helps to make me feel like I’m still involving myself in the social affair.

So what’s next?

I’ll finish out the rest of the month dry.

I’ll be more intentional when I drink and how much. Going dry helps bring awareness to my actions. Also, going dry shows you just exactly how good a person can feel. Similar to that if someone cuts out carbs and refined sugar for a month, you feel amazing! You now have that benchmark of knowing how good you can feel and how crappy you can feel when you put not so great foods in your body thus helping you make better choices that serve you in the future.

One thing that I’ve scaled back from doing is drinking wine during international flights. In the beginning, I’d do it to make myself sleepy but it made adjusting to the new time zone a nightmare. Now I usually stick to one glass or less, avoid drinking within the first 48 hours upon landing in order to let my body adjust.

I’m curious, have you ever done it? If so, I’d love for you to share your experience.


Jan 17, 2018
SDH226: Tapping Into Your Gifts and Living According to Your Purpose with Mary Shores

How did you figure out strengths in your personality? What were they? Did you begin to embrace them, and build them even more? Where did that take you in life? How did you grow?

Our guest today, Mary Shores, gets into that as we learn about her mission as a motivational speaker and a writer. Her first book, Conscious Communications, was born from her love of personal development, and she helps teach it from a place where science and spirituality meet. She believes that once you tap into your subconscious and harness your words, you have the ability to change your choices, behaviors and mind. From there, you will be able to bring areas of your life into alignment, begin to find yourself, and grow as an entrepreneur and a person. Her take on personal development really struck a chord with readers, and within six weeks of her book’s release, it became the number one Best Seller for Self Esteem, Communications, and Happiness on Amazon! 

Before she wrote her book, at 24 she became the youngest person to become a CEO in communication strategy in 1999. She also created her own strategy that’s been used in business, and the health care industry for over 10 years! She said ever since she was a little girl, she always had that entrepreneur bug. Instead of playing house, she played bank, and arranged tables in her garage, drew up her own money, and set up accounts for the neighborhood kids. She even had a drive thru so they could pull up in their tricycles to make deposits and withdrawals.  In middle school she also set up a beauty supply store in her Lutheran school’s bathroom, so she could buy a $55 swimsuit, but she was kicked out once school officials found out. 

Once her parents took note of her entrepreneurial drive, they allowed her to work at their collection agency when she was 13, and she got paid a dollar an hour to lick stamps, and envelopes. She eventually went on to work at a real bank, but was devastated when she was fired after her 90-day evaluation. She said it was the worst thing to happen to her in her young life, and it created a scar of unworthiness in her. She felt like she wasn’t good enough to get a job with anyone, so she thought the only way for her to make a living was if she started her own company. 

With a few clients from her mom, and her naivety and youthful confidence in tow, she opened the doors of her collection agency! She said she was willing to handle anything that came across her desk, and was determined to build a great reputation and prove to herself and others her potential. Once she accomplished becoming a successful entrepreneur, she became focused on spiritual growth and personal development. 

She went through an existential crisis because she wanted to reach concepts of enlightenment, and self actualization, but didn’t feel it fit into her career in debt collections. She said her profession wasn’t typically looked at as a positive thing, but she wanted people to look at paying off their debt as a release of a psychological burden. To her, it could become a foundation of shame and unworthiness, and keep people from starting their own businesses, applying for homes, or pursuing relationships. She wanted people to break down those barriers to live the life of their dreams, and have the freedom to tap into their authentic gifts to begin living according to their purposes.

She said to find those gifts, people can do simple things like taking the Myer Briggs personality test, or a Disc profile, so they can know their strongest traits and what their challenges may be. She suggests highlighting the positive traits, and begin actively applying them to your life. For her it was speaker and leader, and she started stepping heavily into those roles in her business and industry, and her mission of changing people’s viewpoint on debt expanded into changing the entire collections industry!

See how she did just that by listening to today’s episode!

In this episode you will…

  • Be able to find your authentic gifts
  • Know what your strongest personality traits are, and start applying them to your life
  • See how to inspire people within your industry to change their methods
  • Be able to change the public’s idea about your industry
  • Know how to create new neuropathways and understand your subconscious mind
  • Figure out the best mindset to approach self help events with


"Our mind is built up of all these neuro networks that drive our behaviors, choices, habits, fears. Everything is coming out of this subconscious, but the magic is it can be changed…the way you get from here to there, is you gotta get all these areas of your life in alignment, and moving in the direction that you want. If we can accept that infinite possibilities are available to us…[we begin to do] things we that will connect us more to the things that we want, and stop us from flowing in all the uncertainty, and negative circumstances that swallow us whole.” – Mary Shores

“I think we’re in this place where we love to get quick fixes. We love to go away to that weekend workshop that’s going to give us a transformation…What I’ve learned is that true transformation happens in small pivots over time…if I were to come to [an] event, I would pick out the things that I knew…and I would think, how can I apply these things to my life…At an event, you’re going to learn many concepts, and my goal is to come away with one…I don’t have this expectation hang-over anymore…[and] I’ve built myself into a lot of resiliency and strength, and the ability to even see how those concepts apply to my life.” -Mary Shores

“My mantra was, ‘I want to write a book, but I’m not a writer’. And the thing is words are like a mirror to your subconscious programming, and when I [said] the words, ‘I want to write a book’ it [was] like you were looking in and seeing it written on my soul like a purpose. But the problem is the words, ‘I’m not a writer’ are also a mirror to my subconscious and it’s revealing to me one of those blocks…and so what I needed to do to eliminate that was to invest in myself.” -Mary Shores


Mary Shores Website
Mary Shores Guide Book
Mary Shores Facebook
Mary Shores Instagram
Mary Shores Twitter
Conscious Communications by Mary Shores
Start with Why by Simon Sinek Website

Jan 15, 2018
SDH225: Creating Your Own Path and Pursuing Your Passion with Maureen Fan

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  


How do you know if your dream job is a practical career? How do you stand a chance in an industry with mammoth-sized competitors? What if you started your own industry? Where do you begin?

We hear Maureen Fan’s answers to those pressing questions on today’s episode! Maureen Fan is the COO and co-founder of Baobab Studios, a virtual reality animation company that makes animated shorts and films! She founded the company with Eric Darnell, the writer, and director of all four Madagascar films, and the movie Antz. Baobab’s third co-founder is Larry Cutler, who was the technical director for Toy Story 2 and Monster’s Inc. and was also the global head of character technologies for DreamWorks Studios. They all handle differently, but equal, parts of the company with Maureen managing the business aspect, Eric steering Baobab’s creative direction, and Larry representing technical. Together they have turned Baobab into the top VR animation studio, and won the 2017 Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Interactive” for their first animation, INVASION; which will soon become a feature film!

For Maureen, animation has been a love of hers for as long as she can remember. She even designed her own undergrad major for animation studies at Stanford called Art, Computer Science, and Psychology. Despite her passion for animation, she said her immigrant parents didn’t see it as a practical career path. So after college, she became a UI designer for eBay, and while she said she loved it, she still couldn’t shake her desire to become an animator. 
To continue to pursue her dream career, she began taking classes on nights and weekends at De Anza College, where a lot of George Lucas’ animators taught. She also started to save money so she could eventually apply for a masters program at a fine arts school. After five years, she was ready to finally apply but found that all the deadlines for the programs she wanted had passed. However, round three of business school was available at Harvard, and due to the pressures from her mother, she applied and got in. Before she completely gave up on animation, though, her boss at eBay told her to try out Hollywood and see what it would be like to work as an animator. So she quit her job and took on as many internships and jobs as she could out in L.A. 

She ended up landing positions as Zach Braff’s assistant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s talent manager. From those positions, and during her time in Hollywood, she learned that everything is a business no matter what you do, and decided to start at Harvard. In between her time at school, she took an internship at Pixar and ended up working on Toy Story 3. She said she learned that animation was a mature industry full of mature businesses, so a lot of emphasis was on decreasing costs in order to increase margins. But Maureen wanted to create something new because she knew it would be hard to compete against Pixar or Disney without a lot of money or unfair distribution advantages. 

That’s when she decided to join forces with Zenga, because it was still entertainment, but it was also a pioneer in an entirely  new industry focused on connecting the world through games. After six years with Zenga, she became VP of Games, and overlooked the Farmville franchise. Not able to keep her hands away from animation, though, she worked with art directors from Pixar on an a film called the Dam Keepers; which was nominated for an Oscar. She continued to find new ways to innovate the industry,  which eventually led to her venture into virtual reality.

She said the first time she put on a VR headset she hated it because of it’s low resolution and bad pixilation. It was when Zenga hacked into the headset with their games, that she was convinced that VR was the future of animation, because it allowed her to be transported into a fantasy world.  She said it also made sense business-wise because it was a new industry, and no one had an advantage. Naturally an introvert, she didn’t want to be a COO, but there weren’t any companies in VR to join. But she knew she had to be a part of the VR industry, and began to pave her own way through it!

Hear more of Baobab’s story, how she found the courage to pursue her dreams, and created her own system!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to have confidence in pursuing your dream career
  • Learn how to find the perfect co-founders
  • Be able to work your network to help you start your business
  • See how to educate men on the female experience in the work place
  • Get over what society deems as attractive in women at work
  • Figure out a way to come up with the perfect name for your company


“[Virtual reality] spoke to me creatively because the reason I love animation is it takes you to completely different worlds, and world’s that are only limited by the directors' imagination…and it makes you believe that the world is so real, you can reach out and touch it. And that’s also the definition of virtual reality.” – Maureen Fan

“Animation makes me feel like I’m 5 years old again when I believed I could do anything. And for VR, if it takes you totally to that world, it brings out that 5 year-old in me even more, and makes me feel like I’m invincible. Creatively it was like magic, and I knew I needed to do it.” -Maureen Fan

“It’s so great having co-founders, because starting a company is incredibly emotional and stressful. You have these moments [of] intense happiness, and incredible misery, and having the co-founders there, not only to share the load of work with you, but also there for you emotionally.” -Maureen Fan


Baobab Studios Website
Baobab Studios Facebook
Baobab Studios Instagram
Baobab Studios Twitter
Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss without Losing your Humanity by Kim Scott

Jan 11, 2018
Top 5 Downloaded Podcasts of 2017
Top5Downloaded Podcasts of 2017.png

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday :)

Today’s blog post is a recap of the top 5 most downloaded podcasts of 2017. So if you’re new to She Did It Her Way and wondering where to start, these are great ones to help get you going AND if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while but maybe missed these ones, then you definitely want to go back and listen.

Here we go….

  1. Arielle Loren - How to Shift Your Energy to Change Your Reality

  2. Megan Minns - Putting in the Work to Make Your Dreams a Reality

  3. Jen Sincero (Author of “You are A Badass” - Your Fears and Feeling All the Feels

  4. Lauren Benbassat - Side Hustle to Full-time

  5. Ashlyn Carter - Turning Your Passion into a Paycheck


Also, I’m working behind the scenes for She Did It Her Way Summit coming this spring and guys! It is going to be amazing, I cannot wait. The speaker line-up is killer and the venue...Oh. M. G. it is beautiful.

I’ll be sending out my first email in the next few weeks with initial details about the event. Plus, I’ll be offering some exclusive deals to anyone who is on the list that you won’t want to miss. Trust me. So get on the list, my friend! You can sign up here.

Jan 10, 2018
SDH224: Following Your Gut and Taking a Chance with Vivian Kaye

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  


Where do you find support for your business? How do you speak to the customer with your personal brand and not your product? What was the response? How did it affect customer engagement? 

In today’s episode Vivian Kaye shares her insights on those matters and more as she tells us about KinkyCurlyYaki, a textured hair extension company for women of color! In her previous business as a wedding decorator, she said she needed something easier to do with her hair, but she wanted it to look authentic, and protect her hair at the same time. She began wearing wigs and other extensions, and tailoring them to look like her natural hair, and would be stopped by strangers who were in love with her hairstyles. Once they found out she was wearing a protective style, they were eager to buy it. She said that’s when her light bulb went off, and she decided to take on the hair industry herself, and launched in KinkyCurlyYaki in 2012!

She was hesitant to launch a second business at first though because she was so content with her wedding decorating career. But because she was initially trying to solve her own problem, her passion for the hair industry had already been planted. She said she was heavily engaged in forums and Facebook groups and was gaining feedback and knowledge on hair textures, and other aspects of the industry. So when wedding season wound down, she decided to go for it and gave her little side hustle a shot. 

Loaded up with five rubbermaid drawers of inventory in her apartment, and a website, she launched and notified her networks in forums and Facebook. Everyone was quick to support her because she had built such a following and personality through her chat rooms, and she was also one of the first businesses to tap into influencers on Instagram. She said she would ask some of her followers to test her products, and in turn, they would make reaction videos or a post, and she said her customer base grew from digital word-of-mouth. To her surprise, business began to flood in, and in 2016 she made her first million dollars and is now operating out of a 1,500 sq. foot warehouse with a shipment team! 

Stay tuned and hear more about how she learned how to market her business, hire her first staff member, and more about the elevation of Vivian Kaye!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to market through chat rooms and social media 
  • Be able to add a personal touch to your brand to edge out the competition
  • Learn how to figure out your price point and inventory according to a finicky market
  • See how to trust someone else with your business, and hire your first staff member
  • Know where to look for reassurance and guidance
  • Begin to trust your gut more


“What a lot of people fail to realize is that [customers] buy you, they’re not necessarily buying your product. When people ask me for advice now, I just say be yourself because people…want that personal touch, they want that human that had that same problem.” -Vivian Kaye

“At a certain point you just have to trust people, it took a while for me to hire my first person because I had to learn to let it go. I couldn’t grow my business, I couldn’t scale my business if I couldn’t trust anyone.” -Vivian Kaye

“You always think that you’re  alone in this journey, and being an entrepreneur is one of the loneliest things you can do…so I would seek out [entrepreneurs] online and meet up groups…it’s really reassured me that it’s not just me.” -Vivian Kaye

“A lot of people think they don’t know, but you do, but for some reason, you don’t trust yourself…I’m a big follower of listening to your gut…and we as women, we need to hone into to that, because that’s what it’s here for. It’s here to help us through all these decisions, and help us through the self-doubt, because we’re a pretty strong gender…and we need to rely on ourselves to bring ourselves together.” -Vivian Kaye


Vivian Kaye Instagram

KinkyCurlyYaki Instagram

KinkyCurlyYaki Facebook

KinkyCurlyYaki Twitter

Myleik Teele’s Podcast

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson

Jan 08, 2018
SDH223: How to Be Patient While Building Your Business with Jill Minton

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  


Does it seem like you’d have to give up everything to build your business? Are you scared people will look at you like your crazy if you uprooted your life for your dream? Despite the sacrifices, is your drive still there?

Today’s guest Jill Minton was that woman a few years ago as she and her husband built t. Loft, a gluten-free café, and she know those fears and questions all too well. She and her husband really had to grind it out to get t.Loft off the ground, but they believed in their dream, and stopped at nothing to make it a reality!

Her story begins in 2010, when she worked for KPMG as an IT consultant. She loved her job, but when she had kids it became hard to dedicate her life to such a constant work schedule. Her heath started to degrade, and she said she felt so depleted that during a family zoo trip, she had to keep putting her head on her child’s shoulder just to snatch a few seconds of rest. As her health continued to deteriorate, so did her sister’s, her daughter’s, and her dad’s. Her 5-year old daughter began waking up in the middle of the night because of headaches and stomach aches, and her sister began getting mouth sores and stomach cramps, and her dad had struggled with health problems his whole life.  She said they all started to realize that something may be seriously wrong, and her sister’s doctor suggested that they get tested for Celiac disease, which is an immune reaction to eating gluten. They all tested positive, and they learned that it could’ve been triggered by trauma to the immune system, or stressful situations. 

Now that they finally had answers, they started to change the way they were eating, and juicing became a huge part of their lives. They were so inflamed before, and juicing was the only way their bodies could get nutrients, and digest them easily. She said she became very passionate about eating right, healing, and wanted to make juicing and clean eating a part of her career. She decided to create a place that offered truly healthy food, but was fast and convenient, and wanted to create an environment that people wanted to hang out in, like a friend’s house. 

Before she completely jumped the corporate America ship, she tested out her concept at a farmer’s market on the weekends. She said she refers to that summer of 2012 as the summer from hell, because she would fly in on Friday, stay up all night prepping, and get to the market at 5am, and be there for 12 hours Saturday and Sunday. On the bright side, her and her husband were able to talk to interested people, get some feedback, and develop a following.

By the end of the summer, they had enough of a clientele to start looking at physical spaces, but faced some push back from developers. A lot of development companies didn’t look at her concept as a serious business, and didn’t want to take the risk of her idea failing, and her not being able to pay the rent. They finally found a space in a half empty strip center, with a rickety building next door, and were determined to make it work. Everything needed to be gutted and renovated, so to expand their budget, they sold their big house in the suburbs and moved to a tiny house in the city, and sold both of their cars to get a cheaper one to share. Jill had to leave her job as an IT consultant to run the store, but her husband kept his job; and after traveling 45 minutes to work and back, he would come to the shop to help with renovations until 2 or 3am. After 60 days of construction, the store was complete, and they were able to do it 50% under budget!

They opened their first location April of 2013, and just opened their 5th store last week! Since their official opening she said it’s been a rough and crazy ride, but the community has been amazingly supportive, and they’ve been fortunate to feed the Kansas City Royals during home games! 

Listen in and learn more about their grind to bring t.Loft to life! 

In this episode you will…

  • See what to sacrifice to make your business a reality
  • Gain the courage to build your business
  • Know how to deal with a perishable product if you’re in the food business
  • Figure out your inventory flow
  • Decide whether to keep your business private or turn it into a franchise
  • Start to pay attention to the things that inspire you
  • Learn to be patient with your process


“I can’t tell you how many times I called my sister crying [asking] if I’m doing the right thing… [But] I had gotten to the point where I told [my husband] I would rather live in a box than to not try…You’re never going to get another chance here on earth, why not try?” -Jill Minton

“If you want to do what most people don’t do, your life is going to different. You’re going to look weird. You are. You aren’t doing what society is doing, most people don’t get this opportunity, or they don’t take it…As crazy as it is, and as hard as it is, at least you tried!” -Jill Minton

“Pay attention to those things that inspire you. I get inspired when I go to another city, and go through other concepts, I get inspired by looking at beautiful designs online…all of those things inspire me. I think when I go back to that place I get re-inspired and reinvigorated, and just remembering that I got to take time to refuel, because if you’re always giving…you do just end up depleted…and you can’t be creative if you’re completely spent.” -Jill Minton


t. Loft Website
Jill Minton LinkedIn
t. Loft Facebook
t. Loft Instagram
t. Loft Twitter
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Jan 04, 2018
6 Habits I'm Working on in 2018
6habits I'm workingonin2018.png

Happy New Year friends! Welcome to 2018 :) Last month as I was thinking about the goals I wanted to set for 2018 I couldn’t help but want to include the habits I wanted to change as well being as our habits create the outcome. So for example if the goal is you want to get more sleep then what habit might you change in order to make that happen?


Here is a list of 6 habits that I am working on in 2018...


  1. Plugging my phone in a room that is isn’t my bedroom - My goal is to get better sleep. I’m fairly good at being disciplined when it comes to going to bed when I need to but I want to make the sleep even better.

  2. Placing water next to my nightstand before bed - I’ve always lacked in the hydration department and I know that when I’m fully hydrated I’m not as fatigued when I wake up (I can especially tell this when I workout during the day and don’t get enough water...my body the next morning is like dead weight.) I’ve started placing a glass of water next to my bed as a reminder to drink first thing in the AM.

  3. Turning my phone on airplane mode (more) - I have learned that turning my phone on silent isn’t enough because even the visual cue of the text message coming through is enough to distract me.

  4. Building in time for rest and recharging - Practicing looking at the month ahead and mapping out social activities, dinners, get-togethers and also mapping out downtime too.

  5. Building in chunks of time for education - Truly using Friday afternoons for purely educational purposes. I’ve created an Asana task to reoccur every Friday and during the week as I see things that I want to learn more about I can copy and paste the information into that specific task.

  6. Giving time between the ask and my decision // make it // then move on - Here’s what I mean...I am someone who lives in the moment and because of that, I can easily get caught up in the excitement that takes place in that moment causing me to make emotional decisions. I might be at an event, a one on one conversation, you name it. Someone asks me to do something and I immediately say "YASSSSSSSS!" because I'm either feeling the flow or I also don't want to offend that person. I’ve shared this habit of mine before on the podcast. I’m working on being allowing myself some time to let the emotional excitement settle to make an intentional decision by saying something close to, "That sounds amazing! Let me think about it and get back to you."


What are some of the habits you working on in 2018? Could be to change habits, make new ones? Share below!

Jan 03, 2018
SDH222: Finding your Definition of Success with Jenna Kutcher

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  


Do you know what your superpower is? Do you know how to channel your gifts into a business? How about making money from that business? Can you do that in yoga pants?

Look no further than Jenna Kutcher! Jenna has a podcast, is an educator, and a photographer. With her many platforms, she aims to inspire women to start profitable and sustainable businesses that they love, start living on their own terms, and capture their business freedom!  

Originally, Jenna thought she wanted to be a surgeon, and studied pre-med in college. She decided to reroute her career path when she saw how long she’d have to be in medical school, and decided to go the traditional corporate business route. As she sat down in her cubicle in her pencil skirt, though, she said she realized she hated every second of that world. She said when she sat down with her boss and discussed her future in business, she yearned for a life in yoga pants and a life full of success on her own terms.

Her exit ticket came in the form of a blog and a $300 camera from Craigslist, and she became a wedding photographer. Despite never taking a photography class, she booked 25 wedding gigs right out the gate, and after six successful years has shot 125 weddings. Even though she was happier as a photographer, she said the constant workload began to give her anxiety, and couldn’t seem to find time to disconnect from work. Her entire world revolved around her laptop, and her camera, and she had to make another change before she burnt out from exhaustion. 

After talking with her husband, she decided to cut her wedding workload and income in half to reclaim her life and peace of mind. With her new free time, she began exploring other passions, like painting, and calligraphy. As her mind welcomed clarity and balance, she said she realized her superpower was being able to start a profitable business in the arts and wanted to help starving artists do the same. So she started the Goal Digger podcast to help entrepreneurs find their definition of success, and start their careers!

Get cozy, and hear more about how Jenna got her start and created her resource hubs for aspiring entrepreneurs!

In this episode you will…

  • Know when to start to explore other passions
  • Learn to balance your peace of mind, creativity, and career
  • Learn how to ask for help and pass off duties to other people
  • Know what KPI’s to look at to keep track of your productivity and growth
  • Look at your price point as an equation, and separate it from your emotions
  • Find the best way to start your day so you will have a positive mindset and productive day


“We are just working on building and automation, and so looking at how can we serve people in the best way, while preserving my energy, my creativity, and letting me work on the pieces of my business where only I can serve. So that’s looked like building an actual team…and how I  prioritize my time so I can make the most of it. So truly seeking balance is something that we are working towards, while we continue to grow and expand the empire that we’ve built.” – Jenna Kutcher

“We protect the word ‘yes’ for the best ‘yes’s…I have learned over the last six years that it is best to bet on myself and to invest in myself. A lot of those ‘opportunities’ are truly to further other people’s brands and endeavors, and so you have to learn to put your head down just a little bit more. It’s been really awesome having almost a gatekeeper of my time, my calendar, and kind of seeing that overall picture of what are my biggest goals, and if this is in alignment, then say yes, and if it’s not…then it’s a very easy no.” -Jenna Kutcher

“Pricing is an equation it’s not an emotion. So often when we’re passionate about what we’re doing we get emotional about, it’s only natural. But that doesn’t come into play…when it comes to what you charge for your products or services…How much do you want or need to make for the year? How many hours are you committed to working towards that goal?...You have to run the numbers.” -Jenna Kutcher

“I think that our inner dialogues can say so much about us…if my inner dialogue was shared with the world, I’d be embarrassed about the things I say to myself everyday…I think that we all are struggling, [and] I think that there’s beauty in acknowledging that as human beings that we never figure it out…I don’t think we’re meant to feel complete on this earth, but what I think is so incredible about it is that we have the ability to shine light into those dark areas…and say I see you…but I’m not gonna give you power anymore.” -Jenna Kutcher 


Jenna Kutcher Website
Goal Digger Podcast
Jenna Kutcher Facebook
Jenna Kutcher Instagram
Jenna Kutcher Twitter


Jan 01, 2018
5 Things I'm Leaving Behind in 2017

2017 has been a great year. And I say a “great year” not because everything was positive, in fact, there were quite a bit learning moments. The moments that you have to go low in order to go high, points. Smell what I’m stepping in? ;)

It is in those low or tough moments that we find ourselves wishing to move through them as fast as we can. I remember telling a friend of mine earlier this year, “I feel like I’m trapped in a room. Everytime I open the door thinking it is a way out, it simply leads to another damn room. LIke, what the heck! I’m ready, I’ve learned my lesson. Can I. just. Get. out.” When in reality in order for me to move through and learn what I needed to, I needed to surrender and trust.

Anyone else experience this feeling?

I find that in those types of moments is when we learn and grow the most.

But there were definitely some major highlights to 2017 that happened like...getting married to my husband, Mike. Probably the BEST thing that happened. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. The kid is legit the happiest person I know, rarely (and I mean rarely) in a bad mood, he is also an entrepreneur (errr, well was technically. After 8 years of running his own digital agency with his partner they got acquired earlier this month. He’s suuuuppper excited.) I hosted my first in-person event, She Did It Her Way Summit. Attendees traveled from all across the country and my favorite part was that I got to meet some of the listeners! It was amazing! Mike and I also moved into a 1BR with a den so now I have my own workspace. Lastly, I attended a money mindset boot camp that really helped me uncover a lot of beliefs and blocks from stopping me performing at the level I desire.


Here is what I am leaving in 2017:


1. The act of not putting me (or my business first)

I truly believe that in order to be a good business owner, friend, spouse, mother, sister, you name it, we have to put ourselves first in order to show up 100% with those that we then choose to be around. We cannot serve the world with our gifts if we do not serve ourselves first.


2. Underlying Belief I’m Not Good Enough // Not loving myself

Woof. Where do I even begin? To give you some content I had always thought I “loved myself.” When people would talk about “Do you love yourself?” My answer always was “Yes, of course.” But I’ve learned (for me at least) that in order to love myself I have to believe I am enough. Truly believe I am enough. Peeling back the layers sent me on a journey of even deeper self-discovery.  Why did I believe I wasn’t enough? My act of projecting emotions onto others demonstrated that I a) didn’t fully love myself and b) proved that I didn’t believe I was enough. There is so much rooted in our subconscious, programming that has been impressed on our mind since we were children. This is something I still actively work on every day.


3. Apologizing when I don’t need to

Okay, first let me say, a good apology for the right reason goes a long way especially when one is warranted. I’m talking about over apologizing or apologizing in the first place when it doesn’t need to even be a thing.

A friend of mine once left me a message via Voxer and apologized because she was taking time for herself, creating space for herself and hadn’t been active for over a week so she apologized for being distant and right after she said that in my mind I was like “GUUURRRRLLL, what are you apologizing for? You do you.” Then, right after I thought in her voice message that she retracted her words and said, “Wait, why am I apologizing. Haha. Okay, I’m not sorry….”

I used to overly apologize when I felt like I had disappointed someone or let them down when ultimately I was saying NO to something they had offered because I needed to protect my energy and space and that is something we should never need to apologize for.  

The next point leads into why I would apologize so much.


4. Fear of disappointing or letting other people down

I realized that my need to be a people pleaser was really driven by the fear of disappointing people. I would make commitments that I truly never intended to keep, said yes to events because I felt like I should but ultimately overcrowded my scheduled and it made me feel overwhelmed. Which trust me, no one wants to be around me when I’m overwhelmed and stressed out.



I’ve learned that more clear you are with where you want to go, what you want to do, saying NO to opportunities become easier because you realize the benefit of missing out.


By putting ourselves first we can rest in knowing that we have clarity, FOMO is no longer the driving factor to our decisions, we move from a place of self-love and the disappointing and apologizing no longer dictate our decisions.


What are things you're leaving behind in 2017?


Dec 28, 2017
SDH221: Secrets Behind Running Million Dollar Businesses with Amanda Googsly

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  


How did you get serious about changing destructive behaviors? Who believed in you first? When did your intention match your actions and mindset?

Hey there guys! Amanda Googsly is our go-to girl today! Amanda is the owner of a coaching practice, Aligned Success, and just launched her own podcast 5 weeks ago. Amanda focuses on helping driven, and high achieving leaders create success in their health, career, and life. She started her practice only 5 months ago, after resigning from running the Portland region of Orange Theory Fitness. When she left her position, her franchises were pulling 20 million dollars in revenue a year! But her calling to help people was greater, and she knew her story would inspire others to push through their storms and believe there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Her journey began back in 2010. She was submerged in the world of fitness, studying exercise science at Washington State University, running her own fitness studio, and competing in bodybuilding competitions. Unfortunately, that summer she got her knee caught on a wave runner, and tore a ligament in her knee, and a main artery in her leg. She had to have an emergency vascular surgery to save her leg and spent two months in the hospital. During those two months, she dealt with complete muscle atrophy, causing her leg to turn into mush. The following 6 months, she was confined to a wheelchair and walker and gained 30 pounds in those months alone.  

She said she felt like her life and identity had been taken away from her, and started making poor life decisions in the coming 18 months. She found herself in an abusive relationship and began using and selling ecstasy in the Portland nightlife scene. She said she no longer could recognize the person she had become, and knew if she didn’t change she would end up dead or in prison. So she piled everything she could in her car and took off to Phoenix. She didn’t have a job, place to live or a plan. She just knew she had to create a different environment than the one she was in. 

When she got to Phoenix, she said it was easier for her to make a living selling drugs, and it took her about four months  to actually change her habits. She said the gumption to make a change came to her as she was doing a video blog. She said the day of the accident, was the day she stopped loving herself, and that is why she dove so deeply into sex, drugs, and destructive behaviors. She had to find her passion again, and knew helping people change their lives through fitness was where she found the most purpose and joy. 
She applied for a job at Orange Theory Fitness, and through that got a mentor who gave her a book on leadership. He taught her to recognize the resilience and grit that it took for her to overcome her obstacles, and see the potential she would have as a leader if she worked on her confidence. His belief in her gave her the final nudge she needed to transform herself mentally, and she started excelling at work, and getting raises! 

She said once she got her personal development into alignment, everything from her finances to her lifestyle was improving, and was addicted to succeeding. By 2014, she was traveling the country trying to open more franchises as a consultant for Orange Theory Fitness. In 2015, she became VP of two new franchises in Utah, and oversaw over 2 million dollars in revenue each year. By that fall, she was ready for something with more opportunity and responsibility, and decided to move back to Portland to open a franchise, and help other franchisees open their own  studios, too. 

Before she tackled that development process, she took a month leave to travel to Bali. She said she got a different level of clarity about where she wanted to go, and remembered her desire to coach people full time. She wanted to coach in 2014, but felt she wasn’t ready, even though she knew that was where her heart was. She said she was passionate about fitness, but realized that it was not her entire purpose in this world, and wanted to help people work through their pain in other aspects of their life. 

Through her business she has helped clients like burnt out executives and entrepreneurs create more efficient systems in their lives and careers so they have a moment to breath. Not only that, she helps them figure out whether the success they’ve been chasing is their true purpose, and how to begin to reroute their path, and achieve their career and personal dream!

Listen in and hear how she got the courage to leave Orange Theory Fitness, created her coaching practice, and grew as a leader and a person!

In this episode you will…

  • Find the motivation to change destructive habits
  • Get your personal development in alignment
  • Use your pain to help others through theirs
  • Learn how to run million dollar businesses
  • Figure out your best method of learning
  • Learn to invest in yourself


“I kind of became addicted to seeing myself perform at a higher level, and seeing the rewards that came from it. I was just improving in so many facets. My lifestyle was improving, my finances were improving. It was what I call the domino affect of I got my personal development into alignment. That was the thing I needed most in my life.” -Amanda Goolsby

“I really got a different level clarity about what I wanted…I thought, I did not go through all of that that I went through to then not give back and help humanity through that…I did not go through that [in] vain.” -Amanda Goolsby

“If you’re going to invest in something, you should invest in yourself because it multiplies…invest 10% of everything you make into yourself…I’ve seen the payoff already, if I stay the process, and keep going, this will pay off in the end.” -Amanda Goolsby

“What aligned success is all about is you can achieve success…but does it feel good in your life, or are you putting your ladder up the wrong building, climbing all the way to the top, and then realizing it’s not really where they want to be.” -Amanda Goolsby

“I believe energy is more important than intelligence, and if you don’t have a full, vibrant energy everyday, how are you going to accomplish any of your dreams at the level that is possible for you.” -Amanda Goolsby


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Dec 28, 2017
SDH220: Develop a Strategy that Profits with Julie Solomon

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  


What do you do in a pitch meeting as a blogger? Do you negotiate your rates or do you have pre-determined ones? How do you know your worth as an influencer, and communicate that to brands?

Well, look no further than influencer marketing strategist, Julie Solomon! Julie shares her tips and tricks with bloggers and other influencers on her blog, website, online courses, and new podcast, The Influencer! Through these multiple outlets, her audience is able to network, and load up on valuable resources that they’ll need to turn their online platforms into profitable businesses and grow their brands. 

Julie originally got her start in PR and worked at the publishing house, Thomas Nelson, now owned by Harper Collins. Though she progressed rapidly and loved working with people like Mike Hyatt and Dave Ramsey, she could not shake her need to innovate. So she left Harper Collins, and co-founded a PR-firm with her business partner, but was ready to move on after a couple of years. She began noticing a career pattern within herself, and said she was always ready for the next big step after doing something for around two years. She needed to find a profession that could keep up with her and became interested in the constantly evolving online influencer space. 

To get acclimated to the influencer world, she wanted to understand what it meant to be one and began lifestyle blogging for a couple of years. By experiencing their highs and lows, she figured out where the industry needed help the most, and began building a service list for her marketing business. 

One of her courses, Pitch it Perfect, was created from discussions with bloggers who couldn’t get their foot in the marketing door or had plateaued once they did. Since Julie had eight years of PR experience under her belt, she was able to come up with unique opportunities for others to offer brand collaborations with media outlets and established brands beyond the typical Instagram post. So she developed a strategy course that lets bloggers know what to say to brands,  and how to negotiate rates and deals. She said one of the biggest mistakes she sees bloggers make is giving their rates before they even have a deal, which causes them to lose all their negotiation power. By learning to finesse a negotiation, she helped bloggers make 2-3 times more than what they were initially offered! 

Tune in to hear more tips on how to grow as an influencer, how she grew her own brand, and so much more!

In this episode you will…

  • Create more "evergreen" or timeless content so you can repurpose it
  • Develop your services based on your clienteles need
  • Understand how to pitch to brands
  • Learn how to give genuine complimentary feedback to brands
  • Be able to build relationships with people through an email
  • See how to build an engaged audience


“When it comes to pitching or emailing anyone…you always want to come from a place that’s complimentary…really coming from a genuine place of saying look I’ve tried your product, I’ve tried your services, and I really love them, and this why… really give them a lot of genuine feedback…as to how their products or services are really benefitting you and the audience that you have.” -Julie Solomon

“A lot of bloggers or influencers will come across saying, ‘Hey this is who I am, this is how many followers I have, this what I want to do, and this is how much it’s going to cost.’…And that’s such a cold way to come across…so really you have to come at it as like how can I build a relationship with this person. There is an actual human being on the other end of that email…how can I  serve them in a way that’s going to be impactful, and really in a way that’s help their bottom line.” -Julie Solomon

“To me, it’s about the quality over the quantity…A falling number doesn’t really matter, because it’s really about how engaged is that community…I’d rather have 10 people who are super engaged in everything that I say, who are loyal members of my community, who are going to be there to offer constructive criticism, or whatever it may be, than to have 500 people who don’t give a crap, because that’s what’s really going to help me build long-term.” -Julie Solomon

"I really feel like passion, or your lack of passion is really like a spiritual condition...what joy are you not able to find because of this lack of? So for me when I go through these periods, I really try to get back to the basics of...what's my purpose?...I just try as much as I can to just stop...when I start to lose my passion, is when I try to do too much at once...I have to connect with nature...and where I can really be still...but if I can find those moments in that, that's where I can kind of seek out what the truer issue may be, and then try to figure out if I need to maybe be more flexible with my passions." -Julie Solomon 

"I always knew I wanted to help people [and] I wanted to connect at the end of the day...how I do that now is through podcasts, and course creations, and Instagram stories, and all these other things! And it's really about being flexible, you can still get to that passion at the end of the day, as long as you're flexible with the journey of getting there." -Julie Solomon


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Dec 25, 2017
SDH219: Learn How to Run a Business and Travel the World with The Bucketlist Bombshells

Learn to Podcast: If you have ever wanted to launch your own podcast but the thought of doing so seems daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone. That’s why I am launching “Learn to Podcast” a 30 day zero to launch strategy for anyone who is looking to make podcasting part of their brand. I’m sharing my exact processes and templates I use to produce my podcasts. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have your own strategy and systems in place to produce and launch yours. Head on to www.learntopodcastvirtualsummit.com for more information. The cart closes on January 5th and the live option is only available to a limited number of students.  



How do you build an online business? How do you run that business while traveling around the world? How do you handle a staff scattered across the nation?

Don’t fret because, in today’s episode, Cassie Torrecillas and Shay Brown have the answers! Cassie and Shay are the co-founders of The Bucketlist Bombshells; an online educational community that teaches Millennial women how to build online service-based businesses while traveling the world. The Bucketlist Bombshells consists of two skills courses that are open year-round, and their original business course, Work Online and Travel the World; which is available once a year in the spring. The year-round courses arm students with tech and design skills, while the spring course helps them find clients, build a website, manage their finances while traveling. Users must start with the two skills courses to become acclimated to the Bombshell community and gain the courage and support they may need to tackle their entrepreneurial dream. From the introductory courses, students have the confidence to withstand the lifestyle shakeup of Work Online and Travel the World and have the skills to start their online businesses. 

The two came up with the idea after a chance encounter at a coffee shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Though complete strangers, they had both bought one-way tickets to Mexico after graduating college for the same reason: to escape the fast-approaching corporate rut. They wanted to see the world, but also maintain a steady income, and came up with the idea to become “digital nomads”.  

They started by each building their own service-based businesses; with Cassie’s focusing on graphic design and social media management, and Shay’s on website design and social media management, too. To incorporate their passion for travel, they decided to simultaneously fulfill their travel bucket list. By tackling both passion projects at the same time, they gained experience in managing the business on the go and in different time zones, landing clients, and online marketing all while globetrotting. 

Whenever they came back home, they were bombarded with questions about how they could possibly travel full time and run their businesses. So at their kitchen table in Italy, they decided to create a resource hub for women to become educated on how to start online businesses, but maintain their freedom and live creatively. 

They began by pulling their skill sets together to build an online course from scratch. They went with Course Cats, a WordPress theme, and MemberPress, a membership plugin. They went on these platforms because they wanted to maintain control over customization, and student/visitor interaction with the course.  They also used Whistea to host the videos on their website. Around three to four months later, they had launched their first online course on Bucketlist Bombshells!

Stay tuned and hear more about how they managed a staff around the world, co-ran the company, and Bucketlist Bombshell’s evolution!

In this episode you will…

  • Learn how to run a business and travel around the world
  • Be able to bring your dream job to others
  • Know how to build an online teaching course
  • Figure out how to flow your courses
  • See how to manage a remote team
  • Know how to build a strong online community and inspire confidence


“There are not that many females in this space. We would love to bring more females into this area [and] have some more friends on the road…we ended up stopping to think, what if we created this amazing roadmap for others to do the same thing.” -Shay Brown

“It’s so crazy how you really tackle your dreams, and you sit down, and you start thinking what is that actually going to look like. We thought about meet-ups around the world, and different courses, and just so many different things, that we’ve now made a reality, and it’s really just like the best job in the world.”-Cassie Torrecillas

“Just because something doesn’t work out for your first launch does not mean you’re all of a sudden not cut out to be an entrepreneur. I think what really makes people successful entrepreneurs is they sit down, and take those things that didn’t feel right…they go back and re-talk with their audience, and that’s when you really make something amazing.” -Cassie Torrecillas

“We love the stuff that we work on. Everything we do throughout the day can get [us] in such a zone and where we’re so into what we’re doing that we need to really come with this mindset [of] we’re coming with our best foot forward with our community.” -Shay Brown


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Dec 21, 2017
3 Books I'm Looking Forward to Reading in 2018

I’ve already started crafting my book list for 2018. This past year I fell off the reading wagon. I used to be so good and routined about reading in the morning and evening before bed. Reading books just like listening to podcasts really inspire me and motivate me in my business to do and be better.

Everyone’s journey is different from one person’s to the next and the important thing is to figure out what is truly right for you. The past few years have been what I would consider a “plateau.” I didn’t feel any true growth like I had experienced in my mid-twenties. I felt like I had lost my zest for life and business. I questioned if I was destined to do something great. I struggled to make a decision for the fear of making the wrong decision.

Then I joined a Money Mindset Bootcamp at the end of this year. This boot camp did more than uncover mindset blocks around money, it also brought up some deep-rooted beliefs that I wasn’t even aware were impacting me and stunting my growth. Ending this boot camp has left me feeling empowered and motivated because I know that I am a different person than I was at the beginning of 2017 with different experiences, outlook, and mindset.

That being said, here are the 3 books that I’m looking forward to diving into in 2018 to help continue my personal development growth:

  1. High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

  2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

  3. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins


What are some of the books you're excited to read in 2018?

Dec 20, 2017
SDH218: Getting Comfortable with Being Loud and Putting Yourself Out There with Heather Havenwood

How do you progress professionally in a male-dominated industry as a female? How do you get comfortable with self-promotion?

Today Heather Havenwood tells you how in this episode! Heather wrote the book, Sexy Boss, which is about the emotional rollercoaster she faced while working in the information marketing business, between 1999 and 2001; a then male-dominated industry. She hadn’t written Sexy Boss with the intention of it becoming a New York Times Best Seller but just wanted one person to benefit from reading about her experiences. She hadn’t gone on a huge marketing and press junket for the book’s launch, but three years after it’s publication, it became number one on Amazon! To have that happen organically meant the world to her, and she’s glad her book empowered women to take control of their success, money, and sex lives!

Once her book took off in 2015, and the spotlight was on her, she was forced to learn how to get comfortable with self-promotion. She said that in general it’s easier for men to be self-promoting, and for women, it’s counterintuitive to talk about how great they are free. She also found it hard to ask media outlets to come on their platforms to speak about her and her book. She said that mindset stemmed from her mother’s Southern, Baptist philosophy of not inviting yourself to the “party”, but wait to be invited. But Heather realized that as an entrepreneur, you cannot wait for opportunities to present themselves, and she had to go after them herself. She got over her fear of telling people how great she was by starting out on podcasts. After writing her book Power Guesting, she has been on over 300 podcasts, TV, and radio interviews in the last two years!

She had also started her own podcast in 2013, titled after her book, but it never really took off. She assumed that podcasting wasn’t the great promotional platform that everyone made it out to be. However, after appearing on her friend’s podcast in 2015, she gained a client that paid her $5,000 to coach him on starting a business. That was the ‘aha’ moment that told her that while hosting her own podcast may not be in the cards, appearing on them could become a lucrative practice for her personal brand, and business ventures. She then made speaking platforms her go-to marketing tool!

Learn more about how Heather built her brand, and got comfortable just showing up to the party!

In this episode, you will…

  • Get comfortable with self-promotion
  • Take note of what media platforms are lucrative for you and your business
  • Learn to constantly stay on the media radar
  • Know how to sell hope and confidence
  • Find what you’re good at and build a business from it
  • Be able to sell your business


“I drive therefore I am… I’m a promoter… When I work with clients, the one thing I’m teaching them is how to drive their business…how to push it out there… And it’s uncomfortable for entrepreneurs…Entrepreneurs are usually selling themselves..their art…[I help] them un-collapse their baby…and then sell it.” -Heather Havenwood

“How do you expose your visibility and profitability with your baby…the feedback is usually [are people] buying or not…that’s pretty much what my elixir is: how do I help the entrepreneur sell their product and services, and not get all weird about it. And it’s definitely harder for women than it is for men.” -Heather Havenwood

“What actually are you selling? Are you selling hope? Are you selling strategy?...At the end of the day, that’s what most products are selling…What had you buy [something] was confidence. That product will give you the confidence to do x, y, and z. You have to remember why people buy…Hope and confidence are the number one and number two that people buy.” -Heather Havenwood


*3 FREE CHAPTERS OF SEXY BOSS LINK!* (askheatherann.com)
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Dec 18, 2017
SDH217: 5 Things I'm Doing in My Business Before 2018 Solocast with Amanda Boleyn
Listen via itunes listen via stitcher

As 2017 winds down, 2018 is just around the corner and here are 5 things I am doing before 2018 arrives to help kick off the new year and grow my business.

1. Forgive Myself

2. Get CLEAR on Who My Business Serves

3. Listen to Amy Porterfield’s episode 183 “How to Create Your Promotional Calendar

4. Identify What I'm Going to START doing and STOP Doing

5. Research Where I Want to Invest and How in My Business

In today's solocast I dive into each area and how it will set up 2018 for success.

What are things you are doing to set yourself up for success for 2018?

Dec 14, 2017
Find Out Which Planner of 2017 Made the Biggest Impact in My Business

Over the past year I’ve tested out multiple types of planners and as 2017 begins to wind down and 2018 is just around the corner I’m getting ready to purchase my next planner to kick off the new year.  Of the handful of planners, I tried this past year there was one that I found to suit my needs the best. 

I tried using the Simplified planner and Bullet Journalling. While I really fell in love with Bullet Journalling in the beginning (and may someday go back to it) I was still looking for something that incorporated setting goals and was action-oriented. 

Then I came across the SELF Planner.  The planner is outlined for a three-month increment or a quarterly increment rather and I found it to be perfect because not only do I like setting goals on a quarterly basis but it also had a bit of Bullet Journal feel to it. I say that because there are parts of the SELF Planner that you get to build out. 


Here are the 5 reasons why I love using the SELF Planner:

1. At the beginning of the journal it takes you through a series of prompts and helps you set actionable and achievable goals that later get broken down via your daily tasks

2. It incorporates a gratitude portion at the beginning of the day and before you go to bed. It is a similar practice to that of the “5 Minute Journal.”

3. There’s a place for your daily “Big 3” - the three things you want to accomplish in order to move your business forward and accomplish your quarterly goals that you’ve set out to do

4. Daily reflection - Lessons Learned and Wins for the day

5. My favorite part is the weekly/daily tracker. Every week you set daily habits that you want to work on.  Mine are usually mediation, workout, drink water, accomplish my big 3. Every day I keep track of those habits and every week at the end of the week I reflect on those daily habits along with rating how I felt my week went along with the progress I made towards my quarterly goal. When I look back I can definitely tell what causes me to rate my weeks lower or higher. With that information I can them make sure for future weeks to do more of what raises the weekly score and less of what lowers it overall increasing my productivity and progress. 

As you can tell I love the reflection aspect. It is important to track progress and reflect on your goals. 


What are your favorite planners?

Dec 13, 2017
SDH216: Choosing your Reality and Moving towards Abundance

In a need for a cloud accounting software that isn't overwhelming, simple and easy to use? have you tried Freshbooks? Because if not, you're missing out. Freshbooks is an accounting software with the freelance and service-based business in mind. Because of its friendly user design, you're able to customize invoices, draft, send, follow up, accept payment, track express, and work contracts all right in the portal.

Try Freshbooks today by visiting www.Freshbooks.com/She and enter She Did It Her Way in the "How did you hear about us?" box.

Happy tracking!


How do you allow success to flow to you? Do you start the day claiming positivity? Are you in control of your happiness?

We get to hear Amanda's take on these questions today as the roles are flipped and she becomes the interviewee! On this episode, Amanda is interviewed by Catherine Grace O’Connell and Kathy Kaehler of LA Talk Radio’s, Cat & Kaehler. During their talk, she shares with listeners her entrepreneurial story, and the mental journey she went on along the way! 

As SDIHW listeners know, Amanda left corporate America around 2012, and began working as an independent contractor in large corporations. Her role focused on sales training and development, as well as teaching sales marketing. It wasn’t until 2015 that she started SDIHW, because she saw a lack of the female perspective in the entrepreneurial world, and decided to start a podcast to share her experiences.

Originally starting as a hobby, SDIHW has since evolved into on offline support system of women in charge of their dreams; all eager to offer their help and advice to others trying to navigate the rough waters of entrepreneurship. This network was strengthened with the first in-person She Did it Her Way Summit this past October. At the Summit, SDIHW listeners were able to meet with female entrepreneurs across the country and learn from them, network, and build a community that will support them along their new career paths. 

This passion to bring people together has been a dream of Amanda’s since she was a little kid. She remembers wanting to be an actress or a singer, playing store with the neighbor kids using monopoly money, and running a lemonade stand when she was younger. She said she always imagined a career where she worked with people, and  felt a need to service them through resource and community building. She felt a strong desire to be her own boss and understood from an early age what entrepreneurship meant, and was eager to jump on the bandwagon.

But first, she had some mental reconfiguration to do. After she graduated college, like every graduate, she was bombarded with student loans. She said for five years, she used that as the reason she couldn’t save money to start her business and become financially stable. Her debt became a cloud over her energy; and with her frequency lowered, repressed childhood emotions, and other mental roadblocks regarding money and self-worth began to arise. 

After being in a stuck and negative place for a while, she decided to stop being a victim, and take control of her life. She looked at the philosophy of Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer and reframed how she looked at stressors. She took them as a learning experience so she could allow infinite abundance and positivity to enter her reality, and unload years of emotional baggage. She said she began to look at the negatives in her life in a more empowering light, like being thankful that she was able to go to graduate from college and have the money to pay off student loans herself. By changing her mindset, and allowing herself to be vulnerable through emotional coaching, she was able to vibrate at a higher energy frequency, and let success and fulfillment come to her!

Hear how she figured out where she wanted to channel her motivation and determination, released herself from a negative mindset, and began to actively pursue her passions!

In this episode you will…

  • Learn to remove the roadblocks in your mind to achieve success
  • Get rid of a victim mentality
  • Change how you look at the  stressors in your life
  • Start your day with affirmations
  • Avoid getting caught up in social media comparisons
  • Take control of your happiness and success


“We choose our reality, and we can`t be a victim of our circumstances, and that wherever we are is because we choose it…once we can recognize that we are actually subconsciously choosing to be where we are, that’s when we can start to move forward…and get to that abundance.” -Amanda Boleyn

“Everything that we do, and the energy that we put behind our actions will dramatically dictate the outcome of what we get…that shift of going from a victim to realizing we’re still in control of our circumstances, that takes work…it’s a constant choice in every situation to choose to be empowered.” -Amanda Boleyn

“When I find myself in this stuck mindset, I ask myself how can I change the perspective or way I’m looking at? Or what can I ask myself to shift this paradigm in my mind, because if we are all truly of our own reality, we can create whatever we want.” -Amanda Boleyn


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Dec 11, 2017
SDH215: The Higher the Risk, the Greater the Reward with Nicole Vasquez

In a need for a cloud accounting software that isn't overwhelming, simple and easy to use? have you tried Freshbooks? Because if not, you're missing out. Freshbooks is an accounting software with the freelance and service-based business in mind. Because of its friendly user design, you're able to customize invoices, draft, send, follow up, accept payment, track express, and work contracts all right in the portal.

Try Freshbooks today by visiting www.Freshbooks.com/She and enter She Did It Her Way in the "How did you hear about us?" box.

Happy tracking!


How do you expand your entrepreneurial sights? What markets do you want to enter? How would you juggle multiple businesses at once?

Well, we get to the bottom of all of that with Nicole Vasquez, the founder of The Shift, and Deskpass! After leaving her corporate job four years ago, Nicole started her first business which was a dinner party company centered around providing networking opportunities. A year later, it evolved into the co-working space, The Shift; a gathering place for people to exchange ideas, network, and work on projects. As of last year, Nicole has opened a second The Shift location, as well as her similar third online business, Deskpass!  

How was she able to get all this done within four years? Well, like most new entrepreneurs, she practically lived in her workspace, worked 80 hour weeks for the first two years of business, but also didn’t pay herself for a year. To cut down on traffic flow and make her business more manageable, she set up an exclusive membership program for The Shift. By adding this aspect to the business, she was able to be more hands-on in operational matters, and increase her face-to-face time with members. Her prime goal and business model was to keep members happy and provide a good work space and environment for them. To do so, she was constantly absorbing member feedback and channeled that into renovations that made The Shift better, like adding private workspaces for team meetings. 

She also connected with members by personally on-boarding them, getting to know the ins-and-outs of their projects, and even provided resources and connections for their projects as well. Members were thrilled with The Shift and felt like she was providing an excellent service to the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. They became eager for another location and were more than willing to invest in its expansion.

However, when member traffic picked up, and it came time to open her second location, she could no longer be as involved in all those steps. So when she needed to hire a staff, she made sure to hire mini versions of herself, and wanted them just as dedicated to customer fulfillment and engagement as she was. To her, there was only one person to run her The Second Shift, and that was Levi Johnson. She said he was the ideal partner because he completely embodied the mission and goals that she had, but executed them with his own spin.

As the Shift’s and Deskpass’s partners expand across the country, though,  she said she’s struggling to keep the personal touch and interaction with members, and her co-working space owners. As an entrepreneur of a rapidly growing brand and business model, she’s still learning how to communicate her businesses’ values without being physically present. But with the grand end goal of creating a network of co-working spaces across five major cities in the country, her hunger and determination for improvement will make her a pro at it in no time! 

Stay tuned and hear her plans for her brand’s future, how she faces her challenges head-on, and more!

In this episode you will…

  • Hear how to cut down on customer flow
  • Figure out what to focus on as an entrepreneur
  • Be able to find your next business venture
  • Learn to stay true to your business model
  • Hear ways to find investors
  • Assess your financial situation before you start a business, and come up with a game plan



“I guess my obsession and neurotic-ness, and my dedication and determination paid off. It’s never been a 9 to 5 type of commitment, it’s a 24/7…I would lay in bed thinking about the next day ahead. Is that sustainable? No…but I personally say, looking back now that’s what allowed me to accelerate and to succeed so quickly.” -Nicole Vasquez

“If there is a small business in your neighborhood….and you’re a fan of them…you never know if those people are looking to expand, or if they’ve even thought about. But if you believe they have a proven business model…who’s to say you can’t invest in [them]…if you think they can be successful.” -Nicole Vasquez

“[Investors] are just like a relationship. It should add, rather than detract, and it should make you even better than you were without them. So whether it’s investors, partners, or both, they need to be adding some type of positive impact, or supplying some knowledge or expertise that you don’t have. They should be like a puzzle piece.” -Nicole Vasquez


The Shift Chicago Website
Second Shift Chicago Website
Deskpass Website
Nicole Vasquez LinkedIn
Nicole Vasquez Facebook
Rework by Jason Freid

Dec 07, 2017
SDH214: How to Break Societal Norms and Do It Your Way with Lizzi Cutler

In a need of a cloud accounting software that isn't overwhelming, simple and easy to use? have you tried Freshbooks? Because if not, you're missing out. Freshbooks is an accounting software with the freelance and service based business in mind. Because of its friendly user design you're able to customize invoices, draft, send, follow up, accept payment, track express and work contracts all right in the portal.

Try Freshbooks today by visiting www.Freshbooks.com/She and enter She Did It Her Way in the "How did you hear about us?" box.

Happy tracking!


When was the last time that you did something for yourself? Where you went against what society told you was right, and did what you knew in your heart was best for you?

Today’s guest Lizzi Cutler, has made a business of helping people sort through those questions, and live the best life they can! Lizzi does so with various yoga, meditation, retreats, and an Energy Editing system that teaches clients to find themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. She helps clients release old and negative mindsets, and shift their belief systems and thoughts into a powerful space so they can become more productive, and strong individuals and leaders!

Lizzi’s path to her business was a little scattered, however. After she graduated college with a theater degree, she realized she didn’t want to stay in LA to pursue acting. So she moved to Chicago, and became a mortgage loan officer, even though she knew nothing about the field. However the market was booming, and she was very successful and bought a condo at the age of 23, but she was miserable. She was so miserable at her job that her boss pulled her aside, and told her she was too young to hate her job this much, and that she needed to quit. She then went on to work as a project manager for a custom home builder, and then as an executive assistant for a hedge fund. Through that position, she fell in love and followed him to Tokyo when his job relocated him. 

It was in Tokyo, that her love for meditation and yoga was formed. She began understanding the energy surrounding us, as it flows and decided she wanted to be a part of the field. When she returned back to Chicago, she started to notice the strengthening of her intuition but didn’t know what to do with her new gifts. After talking with a friend, she was referred to a psychic for an intuitive training session where she found out she was a healer. Since the psychic was retiring, she sent her to someone else who acted as her mentor as she followed her intuitive path. 

After 2-3 months, she began working with another channel and healer named Steph. For their first session, Lizzi found out she had clairvoyant audient gifts, as well, meaning she could obtain random drops of knowledge in another voice. So she began giving in to her clairvoyance and started having visions and listening to the voices that came to her when performing reiki on people. She started repeating what she was hearing and seeing them during these sessions, and found that a lot her intuitions were accurate!

As she further developed her brand, services, and gifts, she came up with her program Turn Left. The program targets people at huge crossroads in their lives, that know what their heart wants to do but are conflicted by what their mind, community, and teachings tell them to do; which is to play it safe. One way she helps people fight their fears and societal norms is by having them write on the back of a postcard when they “turned left” in the past, or where they see it happening in the future. She then encourages them to post it on social media, as a form of declaration of their strength and courage!

Tune in to hear more about Turn Left and its origin, and Lizzi’s path to understanding her talents!

In this episode you will…

  • Not let your fears over take your life
  • Have the courage to step away from situations that you’re heart is not invested in
  • Follow your intuitive instincts
  • Discover what your money blocks are
  • Be able to decide what type of woman and entrepreneur you want to be
  • Shift your mindset to bring in positive energy


“We all have these fears and these doubts that we face, and those fears are very real and very tangible…And they live in us [and] until you’re ready to face those fears, you’re just stuck…and it’s when we choose to face those fears that  a) our life opens up and b) you realize those fears are total bullshit.” -Lizzi Cutler

“Vulnerability is the source of connection…it really varies for each person. And I think for me, a lot of it was stemming from my power center…and it was a lot about feeling not enoughness…feeling like someone always knew more…all this bullshit that was keeping me really small [and preventing me from] presenting what I do. [But] I get such a charge and so much love back from watching my clients shift...it’s one of those beyond ‘aha’ moments.” -Lizzi Cutler

“It’s never about the actual dollar. It’s about whatever you want to be feeling that you’re afraid to feel, and how do we get you more comfortable with feeling that? By shifting the thing that’s keeping you stuck, and you do the work. I’m providing the space and showing you how, so you become your own healer. And that to me is more empowering than anything else.” -Lizzi Cutler


Lizzi’s Website
Lizzi’s Facebook
Lizzi’s Instagram
Lizzi’s LinkedIn
Energy Editing with Michelle Lowbridge

Dec 04, 2017
SDH213: Finding Your Tribe - A collection of mini Interviews with Female Entrepreneurs
SDH213_FindingYourTribe.png Listen via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

This podcast episode is sponsored by Hello Fresh. If you guys have not given Hello Fresh a try, you MUST. I love how simple and easy it is, it takes the guess work out of "what's for dinner" and it makes me feel like a boss outsourcing that part of my life :) Click here to order and receive $30 off (first-time customers only) by using HERWAY30 at check out.


How can you create a market catered to a niche audience? How do you begin to trust your choices and judgment as an entrepreneur? In what ways can you empower others with your brand?

We cover all those topics and more, as we get to listen to Jessica Zweig of SimplyBe Agency’s “tribal gathering” in today’s episode. Female entrepreneurs across the Chicago-area gathered at the event to support each other, as well as establish and strengthen their networks. We got to chat with four incredible women about their businesses, and got a snapshot of their journeys, and how their businesses came to be!

We'll start with Sarah Russo, who is a holistically trained chef. She works with clients in their homes and businesses to create healthier eating habits and also sets up meal plans for people with food allergies and restrictions. Recently, she has also created an organic popsicle called Yum Pops. They are dairy, gluten, and sugar-free cream-sickles that are coconut milk based, with their fruit pops made from local fruit vendors. Yum Pops currently are sold from a cart that is wheeled around Chicago during the summer, but by next year it will have its own store-front! Her goal is to be able to provide those who want to eat clean with food that fulfills their needs, follows their dietary restrictions, but is delicious, too. 

Next, we get to know Cat Aldana, who is the creator of Eat, Stretch, Nap. Her brand offers yoga retreats across the country to teach people how to relax and enjoy life outside of the workplace. Before she started Eat, Stretch, Nap, she was teaching yoga full time and was the Operations Director at Air Aerial Fitness. What made her take the leap to entrepreneurship was an opportunity that made her reflect on what she wanted next out of her career. She was offered the chance to open up her own aerial studio, which is what she thought was her dream. But she realized she didn’t want to solidify her future with her own studio, even though she loved everything about her job. She just knew that the best decision was to leave the company, or at least take a break until she figured out her next step.  

So she started Eat, Stretch, Nap as a blog to help give people perspective and awareness on tough choices since she was at the same crossroads with her career and life. One thing she’s still struggling with is trusting her choice, but she reminds herself to listen to her gut, and be okay with whatever experience it’ll bring. More importantly, she remembers that she can bounce back from that experience, and learn from it. After talking with students from her classes about Eat, Pray, Stretch’s philosophy, she was able to book teaching events across Chicago, which eventually turned her blog into a profitable brand capable of booking retreats.

Our next lady boss is Silviana Faveretto who is the founder of the Tulle Project. The Tulle Project is an e-commerce business that sells tulle skirts, with the personal mission of empowering women to stand out and be bold. She also has a YouTube channel where she interviews women about their challenges in life and aims to portray women in a realistic and relatable light to see the riches of womanhood. Originally a graphic designer, she created the Tulle Project as a side hustle a couple of years ago. She started out with an Instagram campaign, and made 100 skirts in 100 days, and styled different outfits with each skirt. She loved the attention she got on social media and on the streets with her fun and exciting outfits, but she also loved the smile her skirts brought to people’s faces. She wanted to continue the cycle of joy,  and that’s when she turned the Tulle Project into a store and a movement. 

Our last interviewee is Rev. Lola Wright, an author at the Bodhi Spiritual Center, which is a center for transformation and liberation. They are a nonreligious center that provides people with Sunday services, classes, workshops and special events. Their mission is to be a place that gives people a sense of community, without traditional religious teachings. Due to a rocky religious upbringing, and her parent’s divorce, she began to question the history of Christianity. She said that she felt like following a religion wasn’t right for her, but she still felt a connection to her spiritual nature. She felt as if there was a creative power in the universe for good that lives and moves in everyone. She knew that if she could align herself with it consciously her life would become easier, and she would stop living a life that society told her equated to success. As she officially began the search for a home for her spirit and career, she found Bodhi and has been with the church for over 12 years.

Stay tuned and hear more of each of their beautiful stories and inspirational wisdom!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to walk away from a job that you love to venture out on your own
  • Figure out how to make hard life choices
  • Learn to inspire confidence and spread joy to others with your brand
  • Be okay with venturing into the unknown, and take everything as a learning experience
  • Start to live the life you want to live and not the one you’re told to live
  • Stop trying to meet the expectations of others, and live according to you


“I have to remember, in part of making choices, it’s actually just leading me to something that will help me get to know myself better…if I’m not making choices I’m not learning about myself.”-Cat Aldana

“[Trust] that there is something in you to be listened to. For a lot of people that is a revolutionary concept to trust that you do have an intuitive knowing…and the more you listen to it, the easier it is for you to hear.” -Lola Wright

“People can be so conditioned to have a derogatory self-image…if you think about traditional religious paradigms; if you think about the notion that you’re an original sinner, that is so problematic. It affirms that you have something inherently wrong with you, and I have the unwillingness to subscribe to that. It’s just not the truth…you’re whole, you’re perfect, you’re complete.” -Lola Wright


This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes
The Art of Life by Ernest Holmes
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Nov 30, 2017
SDH212: Creating a Business From Solving Your Own Problems with Marisa Arredondo

In a need of a cloud accounting software that isn't overwhelming, simple and easy to use? have you tried Freshbooks? Because if not, you're missing out. Freshbooks is an accounting software with the freelance and service based business in mind. Because of its friendly user design you're able to customize invoices, draft, send, follow up, accept payment, track express and work contracts all right in the portal.

Try Freshbooks today by visiting www.Freshbooks.com/She and enter She Did It Her Way in the "How did you hear about us?" box.

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What is your edge on the competition as a new brand? Is it your story? Your passion?

For Marisa Arredondo, the founder of Phace Bioactive, it’s both! Phace Bioactive is the first pH-optimized skin care line with mildly acidic products, designed to match the natural pH of the outer layer of our skin, which has an acidic protective barrier. This barrier seals in moisture, protects the elasticity of our skin, and also protects from bacteria that can cause pimples. 

Marisa always knew she would start a skin care line geared towards helping people of all ages with their acne struggles because she grew up with heavy cystic acne herself. She battled inflammation, redness, and premature wrinkling in her teens, and tried everything from sulfur to benzoyl peroxide. She was eventually prescribed antibiotics and began having corticoid steroids injected into her cysts, but nothing seemed to be working. Her only success came from using Accutane, but her severe acne returned in her 20s. 

Fed up with her skin problems, she began working as a research analyst on Wall Street that invested in cosmetic and dermatology companies. Through that experience, she had access to the nation’s leading scientists, dermatologists, and product developers. From those relationships, she was taught the importance of pH balanced products to prevent aging, and treat and nourish skin in a healthy and long-lasting way.

She then attended Harvard Business School where she came up with the idea for Phace Bioactive. In 2011, she had enough money and contacts to pursue her product line full time and quit her corporate job. For four years, she built a team of passionate chemists with product and ingredient development experience; and together they traveled across the country conducting market research. It wasn’t until 2015 that Phace Bioactive launched on Marisa’s website, and by that fall they were being featured in Harper’s  Bazaar, W Magazine, and Vogue!

They eventually caught the attention of Saks Fifth Avenue, who carried their line in their Apothecary initiative; and are also carried by QVC! Marisa attributes their takeoff to her timing, their unique pH-focused angle, and her authentic story. Marisa said that due to women being more educated on ingredients in their beauty products, with the advent of the internet, Marisa’s target audience appreciates Phace Bioactive’s scientific and transparent approach. Mixed with her passion and personal connection to the product and her consumers, since she has been through the same skin trials, it’s no wonder she was able to defeat the competition and make her dream product a reality!

Hear more about how she gained the confidence to launch her product and work through her insecurities to put her story at the forefront of her brand!

In this episode you will….

  • Learn how to build a product based off of your struggles
  • See how to conduct proper research and development
  • Figure out how to build the perfect research and product development team
  • See the value of business relationships
  • Know where to invest your money first in a new business
  • Be able to make your product accessible to customers


“I always knew I wanted to do this. When you’ve suffered from really bad skin issues…the emotional scars are still very much there…So I always knew I wanted to solve my skin issues, and I always knew I would start a skincare line. The question was: How would I solve my issues? How could I create the best products for myself and for women everywhere? And how would I accumulate this capital? And when would I have the guts?” -Marisa Arredondo

“In building this business, what I decided at the outset was that I would do everything on my own because what it would do was it would educate me on every little facet of the business so that when I hire, and there’s a problem, I could help resolve that problem very quickly...it’s given me a level of control early on.” -Marisa Arredondo

“The beauty of chaos is that’s where real opportunity presents itself” -Marisa Arredondo

“Your business will run your life…if you don’t love what you do and you’re not totally passionate about what you’re selling and creating… don’t do it, because if you’re in it for the money, forget it. You’re not going to be a success. You’ve got to be really passionate about what you’re doing to be able to handle this.” -Marisa Arredondo


Marisa Arredondo LinkedIn

Phace Bioactive Website (Marisa@phacebioactive.com)

Phace Bioactive Facebook

Phace Bioactive Instagram (The Phace Life)

Phace Bioactive Twitter

Uncommon Service by Anne Morriss and Frances Frei

Nov 27, 2017
SDH211: 5 Key Takeaways From "You Are A Badass at Making Money" with Amanda Boleyn

Hi friends! Today's solocast I'm sharing my 5 key takeaways from "You Are a Badass at Making Money," with Jen Sincero. 

I've recently started to seek out content and information about the money mindset topic which leads me to pick up Jen Sincero’s "You Are A Badass at Making Money," book. If you haven’t read Jen’s other book, "You Are a Badass," or have listened to her interview on the podcast, you must do so asap. Click here to see the full episode.

One thing that kept popping up for me throughout reading the book is realizing the absolute importance of having a mindset coach in some capacity. We get life coaches, fitness coaches, development coaches but what about a mindset coach? Our mind impacts everything we do because our mind is what creates the thought that triggers an emotional reaction, that leads to a physical action producing a result.

Our subconscious has a lot of power and influence over our physical world and more often than not it is actually creating our reality without us knowing it. We could be subconsciously repelling abundance in our life, we could be repelling the business that we’ve always wanted to create because of what lives in our subconscious mind and it is important to identify and release those thoughts and memories.

Here are my 5 key takeaways:

1. Our words create our reality

This I’ve known to be true but after seeking out more information and getting deeper into energy exchange, universal law and closely watching my own words, this is a game changer. Once I started reading this book I started paying more attention to how I spoke about money. And ooh it was a bit uncomfortable recognizing how I was speaking about it. Imagine if money was a person because it is energy but just imagine if it was a person. Do you speak of that “person” highly or poorly?  In the book, Jen points out phrases that we use every day that are lacking and how we can replace them. 

“You have to want your dreams more than you want your drama.” 


2. It is okay if what you do comes easy to you, it doesn't have to be hard.

On the podcast, I pull a page straight out of her book and read it to you because to try and recap it would be a disservice to the entire message...


3. Know WHY you want the money (or abundance) you want to manifest  

I’ve done this before and I’ve heard other people say it to…." I want to make six figures next year!" but that’s where we usually stop. Instead, ask yourself "WHY do I want to make six figures next year?" or "WHY do I want to make 10,000 a month?" then go into "What am I going to use the money for?"

One thing I’ve learned is that it is harder to manifest money or energy to attract something when you don’t know why or how you’re going to apply. You have to be clear on what you’re going to do with the money. The next step after writing out exactly what you’re going to use it for writing down activities that you can do to help generate that amount. Don’t fixate yourself on the dollar amount. The universe already knows your goal, just focus on making more money.

The last part is trying to plan and map out exactly which way you’re going to make the money may set you up for failure because the universe may deliver in ways you’ve never imagined and you may be blocking yourself. Instead, when you do write ways that you could make the money you want, note that you realize that the universe could deliver in other ways and you’re open to it.

4. Focus

A lot of entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to (myself included) is that there is no lacking ideas or business that we can create. And if we’re not careful it could fragment our focus on what we’re actually trying to build. We have to make decisions and decide how we want to spend our time. The Latin roots of the word “decide” literally mean “to cut off.”

Something I’ve struggled with is meeting resistance around making decisions because I panic in fear that by deciding one thing I’m going to miss out on other cool things but in reality, I can’t do anything if I try to do everything.

“A firm decision (even to focus) sets everything in motion.”

5. Hurrying vs. Urgency

Hurrying is like running around with your hands waving in the air, shouting “I’ve to get this done! I’ve got to get this done!” without ever making massive headway. You’re gripping onto your to-do list so tight that the energy is stuck and it's more work and agony to get things done. Versus urgency. When things are urgent you vibrate at a higher energy frequency, it raises you up gives you focus and drive.

Again, if you haven’t read any of Jen’s books I highly recommend it.

Also, in the podcast, I talk about the Money Mindset Bootcamp that I'm in run by Molly Sapp. I'm halfway through the six-week course and have learned more in the past 3 weeks about money, mindset, and energy than I have the past 11 months combined. I recommend joining Molly’s Facebook Group for High Performing Females.


Now for some goodies and exciting announcements:

I’ve thought about the next phase of She Did It Her Way and how it can continue to serve you all and grow. I’m looking for 15-17 people who want to and can contribute at least 1 article a month on various topics for She Did It Her Way. The commitment is for 6 months and to be considered all you have to do is apply online. Submissions are open from now until December 15th.

Apply Here


The next She Did It Her Way Summit is in April 2018, Chicago, IL. I am SO SO excited. The first one was an absolute blast and I’m so excited to for the next one. Details are still being worked out  There is a call for speakers going on right now until the end of December. If you know of anyone or you want to recommend someone, head on over to the website to submit!

Apply Here


Lastly! Starting today you can purchase the virtual summit and get 30% off your order! If you’re thinking about it, don’t wait. Take advantage of the 30% off because I don’t know how long it will go for.

Click Here
Nov 23, 2017
SDH 210: Making your Hobby a Business with Abby Walker
SDH210_AbbyWalker2.png Listen Via iTunes Listen Via Stitcher

Is your hobby the only thing that makes you feel like you? How do you transform that hobby into a successful business?

We hear all about that with Abby Walker who is the CEO and worldwide distributor of Vivian Lou! Vivian Lou sells insoles for heels that help women wear them longer without the pain that we all know too well. Always loving heels herself, she immediately latched on to the product when she came across the company in early 2014. Vivian Lou offers two versions of the insoles, classic or couture, and they slightly rotate the heel bone up and back. This shifts your weight off the front of your feet to your heel and stops your foot from slipping which reduces the pain and pressure usually put on women’s forefoot. Abby said that in a standard three-inch heel, 75% of the body’s weight is put on the forefoot, and by using Vivian Lou’s insoles, that weight is equally distributed across the foot and makes it feel as if you’re walking in a flat rather than a heel. Another plus is that they are invisible and can be put in anything from a strappy sandal to open-toed shoes! They also come in four different sizes that range from US size 4-12, so any woman can wear them. 

Before Abby began working for Vivian Lou, she worked in corporate marketing and communications for 15 years. After having her second child, she felt like she had lost herself in her career, and decided to start a blog as a side hobby because it helped her feel like herself again. Her blog was called Mama’s Shoes and was her place to gush about how much she loved high heels to her whopping 36 followers. As she was gearing up to write a blog post about foot sprays that helped with pain and inflammation, she found out they contained lidocaine, which is a numbing agent that dentists used. She said she felt that she could come up with a less drastic solution to help with foot pain, and decided to create her own foot spray with all organic and natural ingredients. She hired a chemical herbalist and naturopathic doctor, and together they made a fantastic product that worked better than their competitors. The only problem was since it was natural ingredients, they could only produce it in small batches. Since it couldn’t be mass-produced, the product line fell apart, and her ticket out of the corporate world vanished.

As luck would have it, she soon ran across an online forum with two women discussing a great product called Insolia. Surprised she had never heard of it before due to her in-depth knowledge of the shoe industry, she called the chairman of the company to see where they may have gone wrong with their marketing and promotion. The chairman admitted that the company was run by a bunch of male MIT engineers who were struggling to understand and attract the attention of female audiences, and didn’t know how to get it off the ground. Seeing the potential in the product and company, Abby offered to handle their marketing in exchange for an increment of their sales, but the chairman came back with a different offer. He and his team were no longer interested in manufacturing the product and asked Abby if she wanted to become their exclusive distributor. Since she has gotten the brand to appear on platforms such as HSN, Amazon, and O, The Oprah Magazine! 

It was slow takeoff for Vivian Lou, though, and Abby said she blames it on her mindset. When she started working for Insolia and launched Vivian Lou in late 2014, she was still working a full-time corporate job, and referred to Vivian Lou as her “hobby business”. After doing some self-discovery, she said she realized she didn’t feel like she was worthy of running a successful company. She knew immediately after launching that something internally was holding her back, and after speaking with an old coworker, she referred her to an emotional freedom practitioner. Her life has since been changed, and her practice has helped her uncover self-doubts stemming from her childhood and her uneasiness with money. She then hired a sales coach who enrolled her in a sales camp that made her more comfortable looking at her numbers and helped her fill out projection worksheets. She began projecting out $100,000 and $500,000, and it motivated her to drive her business, and grow it into the success that it is today!

Hear more of Abby’s story in today’s episode!

In this episode you will…

  • See how to grow your hobby into a business
  • Adjust your mindset to that of a serious entrepreneur
  • Be able to eliminate internal obstacles to become a better business owner
  • Learn to clear negative memories to create positive energies
  • Know how to bounce back after your business hits a rough patch
  • Find the best platforms to sell and market your product and business

She Did It Her Way listeners will get a 20% OFF Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles at www.vivianlou.com. Also, get Abby's book here!


“Picking up the phone and talking to people was not something that I liked to do…but I was like…I’m just going to…ask the question. And that was part one of me stepping outside of my comfort zone…[and] that just led to a series of other events…that landed me on HSN, that got me into Oprah magazine [and] opened several opportunities for the brand which has been phenomenal.” -Abby Walker

“When you call your side hustles, or your dreams, or what you want to do-if you keep calling them a hobby, the universe will treat them as a hobby.” -Abby Walker

“Once you clear your stagnant memories that are holding you back, it allows the universe to provide so much more for you. You’re creating a bigger cup for yourself when you clear out these blocked energies, and silly memories.” -Abby Walker

“My main mission as a business owner is I never want my business to run me, I want to run my business.” -Abby Walker

“You live and learn, you make mistakes, you’ll fail. I feel as a business owner, the more you welcome failure as a learning versus fearing failure, the quicker you’ll grow.” -Abby Walker


Abigail Walker LinkedIn
Vivian Lou Website
Vivian Lou Insolia Shimmer
Vivian Lou Facebook
Vivian Lou Instagram
Vivian Lou Twitter
Strap on a Pair by Abby Walker
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Nov 20, 2017
SDH209: Making Yourself the Center of Your Universe with Pandora Paloma
SDH209_PandoraPaloma.png Listen Via iTunes Listen via Stitcher

In a need of a cloud accounting software that isn't overwhelming, simple and easy to use? have you tried Freshbooks? Because if not, you're missing out. Freshbooks is an accounting software with the freelance and service based business in mind. Because of its friendly user design you're able to customize invoices, draft, send, follow up, accept payment, track express and work contracts all right in the portal.

Try Freshbooks today by visiting www.Freshbooks.com/She and enter She Did It Her Way in the "How did you hear about us?" box.

Happy tracking!


Is there an aspect of your life that you’re not satisfied with? Is it nutritional? Is it with your career? Is it an aspect within yourself?

We introduce Pandora Paloma, creator of Rooted London, which helps with all of those questions! Pandora is a holistic nutritionist and a life coach, who specializes in self-love empowerment, and intuitive living and eating. Struggling with body image issues growing up, she dealt with eating disorders and rollercoaster diets that negatively affected her health and confidence. At 27 she was ready for a life change and began training as a nutritionist and a yoga teacher. She wanted to become more in-tune with her body so it could guide her in life, and teach people to be able to do the same.

Before she entered into the world of health and wellness, she was a director at a high-level PR firm. Though she worked hard to earn that title, she realized she had lost the love she once had for PR. She took a look at her life and felt like she wasn’t living her truth. She wanted to have a career doing something that brought her joy again and began looking closely at her other interests to see what she could build a career from. Already working in the beauty and wellness sector of PR, she decided to expand on that field and become a player in the industry herself. 

She saw that the industry was very trend led, and no one was talking about what was going on in the body. So she entered into health and wellness with supper clubs because she loved food, and wanted to introduce people to plant-based meals and diets. She also did catering, too. Once she entered the market, she found her niche in women who needed help with weight loss and gain and treating diseases. In her consultations with them, she also began asking how they were doing emotionally. A lot of her clients would burst into tears, or uncover emotional wounds. She knew that she had to do more with her practice and help her clients become healthy nutritionally and mentally. 

That’s when life coaching became a service of her practice. She wanted to be involved in every aspect of her clients' life change, and really get them on track to becoming better and healthier people. Most of her clients deal with dissatisfaction with their careers or lives and have feelings of anxiety and stress. She tries to help them by reframing their minds to think positively, which begins to change their attitude, and subsequently their behaviors. 

Pandora also explores people’s connections with food and finds that a lot of people coping with stress or anxiety look to food as a treat or a tool for satisfaction. She teaches them that they have to find satisfaction in other areas of their lives, because food is temporary, and they’ll probably feel worse about themselves later for indulging. She gets them to find joy in the everyday things in life, like washing dishes or their sex life, and make sure they take care of their own happiness before they try to take care of others. 

It was then that she added the intuitive eating program to her practice, which combines messages of self-love, body acceptance, and everything else that Pandora stands for as a nutritionist.  She offers the program in the form of a live webinar and offers coaching over the phone to her clients. 

While she never sees herself going fully digital, because she likes the personal connection with people during consultations, she knows that her field calls for emotional protection. In order to help her clients to the best of her ability, she needs to keep her mind and spirit positive. So she does reiki to nurture her energy, or she imagines she’s putting on an impenetrable cloak of positivity and strength.

In the end, she was able to find a career that nurtures her soul, as well as others, and has been able to touch people in a way that brightens their day and lives. 

Stay tuned for more of Pandora’s story and the lessons she’s learned along the way!

In this episode you will…

  • Figure out how to develop services and products for your business
  • Find joy in the little things in life
  • Stop defining your happiness by other people’s standards
  • Figure out healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Begin doing what you want to do, not what you should do
  • Come up with ways to connect with your customers


“I can help feed your body, and nourish you, but we need to start nourishing your mind because of your frame of mind isn’t in the right place right now. We need to get you thinking more positively and reframing some of these negative associations with food or your life in general. That’s when the life coaching came in. I wanted to feel like I was really able to be there for people from the foods that they were eating, to how they were thinking” – Pandora Paloma

“I’ve got to look after myself first, in order to look after [others] better. If my glass is half empty, where’s my power to support [others]…you are the center of your universe…do what you want to do.” -Pandora Paloma

“You can’t have regrets in business…you have to fail sometimes to know what went wrong, and then to know not to do it again in the future…if nothing bad ever happened, we’d never learn, and in business there’s always going to be a curve ball…and you have to be in a situation where you feel mentally and physically, ready and prepared to deal with that.” -Pandora Paloma


Rooted London Website
Rooted London LinkedIn
Rooted London Facebook
Rooted London Instagram
Rooted London Twitter
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D.
Women Who Run with Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Nov 16, 2017
SDH208: How to Develop Your Mindset & Determine Your Path with Candy Nelson

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How do you develop a dream if no one ever told you to have one? Where did your drive originate? When did your calling come to you?

We dive into Candy Nelson’s answers to those questions in today's episode! Candy is the founder of Volunteer CEO, a life coaching business, and a nonprofit organization, Animal Friends Sanctuary, along with several other businesses. Her non-profit rescues abandoned animals and give them a home, it also provides a safe place for kids who have been sexually and physically abused, and kids in the foster care system. At Animal Friends Sanctuary, at-risk youth get to hear the stories of the animals in their shelter and play with them. Through that connection Candy wants to give the kids hope and a sense of relief from their own hardships in life.

Candy came from humble beginnings herself and grew up in a trailer home with two teen parents. With her father working as a mechanic, and her mother as a maid, they grinded to give Candy a better life than they had, and eventually was able to send her to private school. But at private school, Candy felt that her creativity, aspirations, and education on the world was being stifled. There were no counselors in the school, and she felt like she had no one to talk to. She knew in her gut that the environment was wrong for her, but she wasn’t sure in what way and how to even remedy her internal conflict. 

It wasn’t until she was 15 years old that she began to dream bigger, and began to aspire to goals outside of what her environment presented her with. The big motivator behind her epiphany was a none other than Tony Robbins. While watching T.V at 3 am on her couch, she came across his Personal Power infomercial. She said because she never had any structured beliefs, she was more receptive to his messages about empowering people to change their lives, and not allowing themselves to be products of their surroundings.  She was determined to soak up as much of his guidance as she could. After failing to get her dad to pay for his cassette tapes, she managed to get a credit card, and got the entire set. 

While listening to the tapes, she started to brainstorm and write down her personal goals that she wanted to complete by 30, which she ended up accomplishing by 23. A couple of her goals were to graduate high school and go to college. She got a scholarship to Ohio State University and studied Criminology because she thought she could make a difference in the world. However, being trapped in a classroom all day made her feel like she was wasting her potential. 
She had gumption and drive, but no idea where to channel it. After talking with her dad about her crossroads, he suggested she start a business and took out a second mortgage on their house. In 1999, when she was only 19, she built her Platinum Salon & Spa and was determined to make her business a success since so much was at stake. Thanks to the love and support from her community, her first business was a hit!

Since her spa and salon was such a success, she didn’t want to lose her momentum. So at 23, she decided to get into real-estate. She began buying some commercial and residential buildings around her shop to flip and hold in order to gain some extra income and expertise. One building she bought sat around for a year because she didn’t know what to do with it. As she drove past it one night, she heard a strong inner voice tell her to put her animal shelter there. She had no experience with non-profits or a clue about the legal hoops she’d need to jump through. What she did know was that she had a deep love and passion for helping animals. After reaching out to her network, help began flooding in, and they were able to take an abandoned building into a facility that has saved the lives of over 3,000 animals!

Get comfy and listen to more about Candy’s businesses, life story, and how she continues to expand her business ventures!
In this episode you will…

  • Learn to find the motivation to aspire to bigger goals and take action
  • Find ways to channel your drive
  • Be able to utilize leverage in your life and turn it into motivation
  • Turn negative criticism into determination
  • See how to venture into other industries after you successfully start your first business
  • Become more attentive to the guiding voice in your head 


“We have all of the answers inside of us. Everything that you want to accomplish, your purpose, your mission, your passion in life is inside of us. But we are so bombarded with the noise of…who we are supposed to be…that sometimes, just in those moments when it’s just you and those thoughts, and your soul, that you’re actually able to hear exactly what it is you’re supposed to do.”-Candy Nelson

“When you have enough leverage in life to do something spectacular, no matter what it is, you will perform…failure'snot an option.” -Candy Nelson

“The mindset to me is so immensely important. If you rip away every other talent or skill that somebody has, and you give them the right mindset…to me that will accomplish more in your lifetime than any other degree, talent or skill you can possibly develop because you will always find a way, and you will always make a way.” -Candy Nelson

“When someone says  you can’t, that becomes fuel to say I will.” -Candy Nelson

“Always have a set of something that you’re working on. It doesn’t have to be financial, it could be contribution, generosity, becoming the best mom or daughter…[have] something you’re always working for, because what I have found is that when you’re foot is on the gas, and when you finally get there…you start to coast." -Candy Nelson

“When you are so decisive and clear on what you want to accomplish, the universe conspires to make it happen. And I know that’s a corny quote but my life is literally a proof of that.” -Candy Nelson
Candy Nelson LinkedIn

Animal Friends Sanctuary

Volunteer CEO

Platinum Salon & Spa

Candy Nelson Instagram

Brendon Burchard

High Performance Habit by Brendon Burchard


Nov 13, 2017
SDH207: How to Transition from Entrepreneur to CEO with Farissa Knox
SDH207_FarissaKnox.png Listen Via iTunes Listen Via Stitcher

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How do you come up with new content for your business? What steps will you have to take to get it off the ground?

She Did it Her Way listeners, let’s welcome back Farissa Knox, the second guest on SDIHW two years ago! She is the founder of two businesses, RLM Media and WhatRUWearing. RLM Media is an advertising agency that does media planning and buying for clients across the country, while WhatRUWearing exemplifies her love for all things fashion and style. WRUW is a digital publishing house that features daily editorials, videos, and their podcast, Fast Fashion. Recently WRUW has also launched a new reality web series, PR Girl, which follows the life of Chicago entertainment publicist, Alexandra Moresco.

The idea for PR Girl came to her after studying the habits of her audience to find a new way for WRUW to further capture their interest. She knew whatever she did would have to be video-based, since she said that 18-34 year-old women that love fashion, beauty, and style primarily gravitated towards that medium. She then thought about what professions or industries that demographic aspired to the most, and which of those could be documented in a stimulating video. She felt that the PR industry fit the bill, and wanted the web series to center on a 20-something female, that lived a similar dream life as the girls of the pop culture influences Sex and the City and The Hills. She wanted that life to be tangible for her audience, and show them the reality of what that life can bring; good or bad. She wanted the show to be about female empowerment, and less about the negative drama that typical reality shows promoted. The goal was to highlight positive, young, talent and show women that a fabulous career is possible and educate them on the field of PR.

She started by reaching out to the producer behind RLM’s home page video, Joe Knee, to see if there were any holes in her idea, and if it was even a good idea because he had experience pitching reality shows in LA. He loved the idea immediately and wanted to be a part of the production process.

After that, it was all about finding the girl. She knew she wanted the girl to be Chicago-based, in order to make the filming and connecting process easier, and dived into her network. Out of the handful of girls she contacted, her communication and connection with Alexandra were the most genuine and never-ending. Alexandra jumped at the opportunity to work with Farissa, and once Farissa got production and the star in place, PR Girl was almost ready for takeoff.

The last step was promotion and marketing. She wanted to partner with another organization to help with the press outreach and expand their platform. Already a fan and follower of PR Couture, started by Crosby Noricks, she reached out to them first via email. Later that day Crosby responded, and after learning about each other as women and brands through a week-long email thread, Farissa hopped on a plane to San Diego to meet Crosby to talk about their partnership. Over lunch, they discussed their roles in the show, with Farissa being the creator, and Crosby being the marketing and brand developing partner.

From there PR Girl was a go and launched in the early part of October! Listen in for more of the story, how Farissa started RLM nine years ago, and her growth as an entrepreneur and CEO!

In this episode you will...

  • See how to conduct market research and brainstorm on new content for your business
  • Learn how you may grow throughout the years as an entrepreneur
  • Know what it takes to transform from an entrepreneur to a CEO
  • Figure out a possible end goal or retirement plan for your business and yourself
  • Find different ways to measure the success of your business
  • See how to balance your personal and work life



“In the first three years, you’re making decisions on things that will be the foundation of your company… And you don’t know that yet...you just think I’m trying to make it towards tomorrow or next week…and get clients…but it’s more than just getting clients and getting money. You’re laying the foundation of your future success and reputation.” –Farissa Knox

“We’ve been doing this long enough where no one questions whether we’re good at it anymore. When you say nine years…the reputation is there, the value is there, the length of time is there…now I’m getting clients and partners sent my way…I’m really proud of that” –Farissa Knox

“Now approaching year nine, my fears and my concerns have completely shifted. I’m no longer concerned about how are we going to make payroll because the money is coming, the clients are there. It’s more about managing the money and growing the company. And now I can start thinking like the owner of a company.” –Farissa Knox



PR Girl Series


RLM Media

PR Couture

Farissa Knox LinkedIn

Farissa Knox Facebook

Farissa Knox Instagram

Farissa Knox Twitter

A Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Nov 09, 2017
SDH206: Being Patient, but Persistent with Your Dream

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If you’re starting podcast what equipment do you need? How do you set up your systems? How soon will you have to monetize it and how? Where and how do you start to build your audience?

Today’s episode is set up a little different, and we get to listen in on Brandon T. Adams’ podcast with Amanda Boleyn as the guest! On Brandon’s podcast, Amanda shares her entrepreneurial story with four aspiring entrepreneurs: Christina, Rob, Mandy, and Nicole. For the most part, they have all recently quit their jobs and have begun pursuing various projects. Mandy has begun the process of launching her own podcast in about four weeks, and Nicole and Rob are working on filming a documentary and turning it into a podcast as well. Mandy plans to interview young thought leaders and non-profits on how they incorporate generosity into their businesses and lives, and Nicole and Rob want to interview people in foster care across America. Christina aims to help entrepreneurs build physical products, and sell them through brick and mortar stores, as well as Amazon and other direct consumer services. She’s also working on launching a book, and two product courses. Through their conversation, Amanda arms them with all the tips and tricks they need, plus advice on saving money, keeping themselves organized, and staying strong while pushing through the rough patches as they embark on their transitional period.

Amanda’s story began once she left her comfy job at Target and started working for Wells Fargo through a third party agency. Wells Fargo offered very little stability, PTO, benefits, or retirement plan at the time, so the jump was a huge risk for her. She was ready to shake things up, though, and branch out on her own. It was at the company that she met a guy named Chad, who owned a business centered on sales training, leadership development, and employee engagement within other companies. He soon offered her a job doing sales training at AT&T, and from there she started working on behavior change projects with independent contractors like JP Morgan, and Weight Watchers. From there she began working for a staffing company that does high-level technical staffing for large tech companies, such as Intel. It was here that she began doing tech shows about marketing, branding, and messaging technologies.

She and another employee started out staging highly interactive 3-day training seminars that got people reflecting on their attitudes and thoughts at work and got them connecting with each other in order to break down the barriers of miscommunication. She would also help them work on methods of self-improvement. Now she works with Intel to learn their technologies, shares that message at tradeshows, like the Consumer Electronics Show and GSMA Mobile World Congress, where she spoke about Intel’s autonomous driving. Through this job, she has been able to travel across America, and other countries like Asia, and Spain.

The opportunity to travel and network with people like Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, is Amanda’s career dream, but she felt needed to share her wisdom and experience with others so she could help them avoid the obstacles that she did. Always loving podcasts, she set out on the mission to create one herself but found that there wasn’t any that explained a female’s perspective down the bumpy entrepreneurial road. Deciding that would be her niche, she turned to her friend who had a successful podcast of his own, and he helped her get She Did it Her Way (SDIHW) off the ground. The podcast started with two other girls, but after nine months Amanda was the last one standing.

Now that SDIHW has been up and running for a while, she has been able to hire on two other contractors to outsource certain aspects of the company. This is an important step for entrepreneurs because it allows them to clear their mind and save them time on processes that may be repetitive, time-consuming, and take away from aspects of the company that needs their personalized attention.

Once an entrepreneur has gotten to the point of having a small team, or even if it’s just them, Amanda recommends developing a highly organized system and schedule, and shares how using Asana has revolutionized her project management. It has saved hours of her time, as well as her virtual assistant and producer’s time, and has helped increase their productivity through reminders, and letting everyone know where they are at with the tasks and episodes assigned to them.

For recording episodes, she suggests batch recording, especially for entrepreneurs starting out. She told Mandy that recording 6-8 episodes before she launches will help her work out any technical or interview-style kinks, and also let her know if her target interviewees will be responsive and reliable.

When reaching out to interviewees, she tells all of them to be persistence and to not be intimidated by potential interviewees. Sometimes all they will have to do is ask, and find that people are more than willing to help them and their podcast. She also tells them to set up a strong referral system via networking, and how that can be stronger than the status of their business and themselves. The biggest tip is not to get discouraged. People are busy, and sometimes following-up is a good reminder for them. If that doesn’t work, it’s okay to move on.

For Amanda, the connections and the networks she’s built through SDIHW has been the most rewarding and meaningful outcome for her. The women that she’s inspired keeps her striving for more and expanding SDIHW’s brand. Her end goal is to have SDIHW be a seven-figure business that offers monthly content like webinars and podcasts. 

Hear more of Amanda’s advice and story in today’s episode!
In this episode, you will… 

  • Learn the financial and personal investments needed to start and grow a successful podcast 
  • Know what programs to invest in to record your podcast 
  • Hear different ways to set up your interview schedule 
  • See how to obtain guests on your podcast 
  • Figure out ways to monetize your podcast 
  • Find ways to streamline your system



“In order for us to move and to get to where we want to go, we have to break down the behaviors, and [see] what is the behavior that I’m doing that’s going to lead me to where I want to go.”-Amanda Boleyn

 “It’s the whole outsourcing process of entrepreneurship. Figuring out what are the things that you’re doing on a daily basis that is repetitive, and can, therefore, be outsourced to other people, and what are the things that you need to be doing that you can’t necessarily outsource, and then also generating revenue at the same time so that you can outsource by moving it forward.” –Amanda Boleyn

 “Whatever you do, things take time to really hit that point where they start building. It’s [about] being patient and persistent at the same time because it’s so easy to jump ship on whatever we want to do [when] we’re not seeing results…the waves when you look at an ocean may not be doing a whole lot, but the underlying current [is] what most people don’t see…there’s a current moving in the direction of what you wanted to do because you’re doing the activities to get you somewhere.” –Amanda Boleyn

 “If you’re disengaged and you want to be engaged, how do you become inspired, and how do you change the story to get it to a place where you can start taking action to get it done.” –Amanda Boleyn

 “As an entrepreneur…if you want to excel, you cannot excel having the mindset of a victim. I played the victim a fair amount…[and then] you start uncovering and unpacking and realizing that whatever thing you feel bad for doesn’t matter if you want to grow and you want to kick ass in life…You need to let go of that and work through it.” –Amanda Boleyn



Brandon T. Adams Website

Brandon T. Adams Facebook

Brandon T. Adams Instagram

Brandon T. Adams Twitter



Acuity Scheduling

SELF Journal

Nov 06, 2017
SDH205: How to Grow Your Dream Business with Cordova Pleasants
SDH205_Cordova Pleasants.png Listen Via Itunes Listen Via Stitcher

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How are you expanding your brand’s experience? How are you introducing your followers to exciting new worlds and adventures?

Well, Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle gives you all of that along with unique, stylish, and cozy clothing! If you’ve been a She Did It Her Way listener for a while, that name may ring a bell.  That’s because Resolute was the passion project of Cordova Pleasants, the star of our six-episode series earlier this year! The series gave us a behind-the-scenes look at her road to opening her first e-commerce boutique, which features apparel and jewelry from tradeshows and vendors across the country. However, the grand goal for Resolute is to able to send loyal customers, aka Resolute Babes, on group trips around her home-state of Alaska. During these girl’s trips, she wants her customers to be able to be pampered while being engulfed in the beauty that Alaska has to offer and give back to communities and the environment as well.  

So far, Cordova has taken her Resolute Babes out only for a one-week long trip, which was to Cape Decision Lighthouse; the last lighthouse built in Alaska since the 1920s. Their goal was to restore the lighthouse, which was beaten up by the harsh weather of Alaska. There are no lighthouse keepers so most of the lighthouses in Alaska are adopted by nonprofit organizations, like the United States Lighthouse Society. So she and five other travelers from across America boarded a beaver float plane to a cabin in Port Alexander, where they cooked dinner and got to know each other better. From there they chartered a boat to the lighthouse where they spent the next four days painting the inside of the hallways, tearing down old lumber from the 90’s, and building platforms within the lighthouse.

On the last day, they had a full-on glamour photoshoot, with pieces from a vendor in Florida, and were dolled up head-to-toe. She was also able to get sponsored by Amalga Distillery, and they were able to enjoy free gin and tonics the entire trip. In Cordova’s words, the trip was magical and set the bar high for Resolute trips in the future. For the next one, she is planning on renting a house in Palm Springs between late February and early March. Currently, she’s deciding between working with an animal shelter there, the Joshua Tree National Park, or working to improve the Salton Sea’s air pollution and biodiversity.

She has also been exploring new marketing and advertising techniques with Resolute via social media. She took an online course called Instagram Intention through Dean Street Society, which was about doubling your followers. Following the course, she was able to do just that and brought her 500 followers for Resolute to close to 1,000! For Facebook, she follows an 80/20 Rule where 80% of her posts are about travel, style, and food. The remaining 20% is about Resolute product. This tactic yields her highest conversion, and even though she only has 600 followers, she is able to turn the most profit by nurturing that platform.

One channel she’s seen the most progress in is Pinterest, where she has grown Resolute’s page to over 100,000 impressions a month! In addition, she has landed in the top 12% of the most visited stores on Shopify, out of the stores that launched the same week she did in December of 2016.

Another way she has continued to promote Resolute is with pop-up shops and trunk shows in her hometown of Juneau, Alaska. Her last one proved to be the biggest success because it took place during tourist season, and she held it in a location where it would attract the attention of close to a million cruise ship passengers. With this prime location and timing, she beat her previous trunk show’s sales by 30%! But what made it the most memorable was her interaction with a tourist from Florida. When the customer entered, she recognized Cordova and said she had shopped on Resolute before. To Cordova, this showed the power of having an e-commerce site, and the reach of social media marketing. This encounter also pushed her to want to put Resolute out there more, and continue to build the brand’s future. Resolute’s customer base also spans seven other states in the US, and a few in Canada, with her furthest Resolute Babe in Bangkok, Thailand.

In Resolute’s future, she sees herself possibly opening a seasonal shop, after seeing how well her pop-ups went during the summer. While the financial burden would be around $50,000 due to a full year’s lease, not to mention the cost of staff, she said the payoff would be worth it. She could continue to get invaluable face-to-face time with clientele, and she said with her pop-up she made $3,000 in one day so the monetary gain could be significant.

Hear more about Cordova’s progress in the last nine months since we spoke, and how she continues to build her brand and the adventures she hopes to offer her Resolute Babes!

In this episode you will… 

  • Learn how to benefit from different social media platforms
  • Figure out how to grow your brand and expand the customer experience
  • Be able to improve and create new avenues for business
  • Find out the best schedule for your social media postings
  • See how to create quality content for blogs and social media
  • Learn how to push and tailor your product online


 “My goal is the bigger picture…find people [who] you want to be in your tribe that you don’t know, because that’s the most exciting part for me, and that’s why I also love travel because…you get to build these relationships across the globe.”- Cordova Pleasants

 “Spend the time to research the hell out of whatever you are going to do… I took almost a full year to research social media marketing and I really spent the time creating a business plan…create a solid plan of what you really want to be doing in 10 years, 5 years… then set goals to accomplish what is on that timeline.” –Cordova Pleasants

 “If you’re going to enter the online world, just dive in head first and see who is out there, who the players are, and see what kind of audience they’re attracting, and how you can get in on it…”-Cordova Pleasants

 “If you love what you do just do it, and like at this point…you will have to fight me to the death before I give up the Resolute. I am so deep into it and so in love with it, and all these different challenges and the freedom that it brings. I don’t mind hard work, and I love it, and it’s no way you cannot make me do [this] anymore.” –Cordova Pleasants

 “For me, my sights are so much on the long-term, [and] I’ve finally found my groove, and I’m gonna stick with it. To give it up after a full year, I feel like you’re shooting yourself in the foot and you’re giving up too early…you have to be patient, and that’s the hard part. You have to find a way to stick it out.” –Cordova Pleasants


Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle Website

Resolute Boutique She Did it Her Way Landing Page

Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle Facebook

Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle Instagram

Resolute Boutique and Lifestyle Pinterest

Cordova Pleasants Linked In

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Nov 02, 2017