The Elysium Project

By Natalie Van Sistine

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Category: Performing Arts

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Nothing in Emma Greyson's life has ever made sense, and it's only gotten weirder since she was injected with a mysterious substance that left her with telekinetic abilities. Somehow, it all seems to be tied back to her father's top secret job, and the escaped test subjects he experimented on... and something called "The Elysium Project". The Elysium Project is a cinematic, full cast audio drama written and produced by Natalie Van Sistine. Featured in the cast are Amber Lee Connors (Emma), Xander Mobus (Mirage), Justin Briner (Ian), Edward Bosco (Ben), and Matt Shipman (Nick). For full cast and crew credits, along with more information about the show, visit

Episode Date
Episode 1 – Escape
James Greyson attempts to leave the Elysium Project behind, but finds that leaving is more complicated than he anticipated. Meanwhile, the project’s human test subjects are on the run and James’ daughter Emma struggles to gain her own independence.
Jan 02, 2015
Episode 2 – Aftermath
The escaped test subjects find themselves in hiding and uncertain of where to turn next, while Bastios waits to make his next move. Emma and Nick are safe, thanks to the help of a stranger, but the reason for their attack remains unclear.
Mar 03, 2015
Episode 3 – Family
Emma struggles to find normalcy after the attack, but realizes that her situation may be more dangerous than it originally seemed. The escaped subjects plan their next moves, but Kate has doubts about what the future holds for them.
Jun 28, 2015
Episode 4 – Drift
Emma realizes that her father is unwilling to tell her the truth, even at the cost of her safety, while Nick tries to find out how to help her. Meanwhile, tension is brewing amount the escaped test subjects, and Ian begins to realize how little they have left to lose.
Jan 26, 2016
Mini-Episode 1 – [ Meyer, Evan ] Entry 1
From the personal audio logs of Dr. Evan Meyer, “Elysium Project” Phase 2. Zach Holzman as Evan Meyer
Jul 06, 2016
Mini-Episode 2 – [ Reese, Julia ] Notes on Final Interviews
Notes on Final Interviews with Subjects, “Elysium Project” Phase 2. Michelle Deco as Julia Reese  
Aug 25, 2016
Mini-Episode 3 – [ Meyer, Evan ] Selections from Entries 2-6
From the personal audio logs of Dr. Evan Meyer, “Elysium Project” Phase 2. Zach Holzman as Evan Meyer
Sep 23, 2016
Episode 5 – Crisis
Nick is swept up into the chaos of the UN peace talks, while Catherine is preparing for the worst. Ian and Emma are not far away, but neither is prepared for what is coming. Content Warning: This episode contains several loud explosions and references to death.
Oct 28, 2016
Mini-Episode 4 – [ Subject 3 ] Week 1
From Subject #3 audio logs, “Elysium Project” Phase 2. Natalie Van Sistine as Kate
Dec 29, 2016
Mini-Episode 5 – [ Meeting ] Grayson, Meyer – 001
From audio logs category “Meeting”, “Elysium Project” Phase 2. Russ Gold as James Zach Holzman as Evan Meyer
May 03, 2017
Mini-Episode 6 – [Meyer, Evan] Entry 14
From the personal audio logs of Dr. Evan Meyer, “Elysium Project” Phase 2. Zach Holzman as Evan Meyer Michelle Deco as Julia Reese
Jun 29, 2017
Episode 6 – Shatter
Kate’s attempt to create her own version of the formula takes a dramatic turn, as the rest of the escaped subjects begin to consider the road ahead. Emma realizes that her father is the only one capable of providing her with answers, while finding that her pool of allies is shrinking fast. Content Warning: This episode contains references to drug use and overdose.
Nov 13, 2017