The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine

By Mark Divine / The SEALFIT Network

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 Jun 19, 2019

Montana Couch Seal
 May 23, 2019
Great podcast! Provides a path to get the most out of your abilities.


Mark Divine is the founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind and the host of the Unbeatable Mind podcast. Mark is a Retired Navy SEAL Commander, NYT Best Selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. The podcast deals with a wide variety of subjects, from philosophical, emotional and meta-physical to self defense, fitness and elite physical performance. They all form a part of Mark's 5 mountain training path to develop your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self. Find out more at

Episode Date
Psychology and Meditation with Dan Brown

Dr. Brown is world-famous as an expert in melding Tibetan Buddhist philosophy with Western Psychology. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at the Harvard Medical School, and he has also translated a number of Tibetan texts on meditation. He is also one of Mark’s teachers of meditation and he talks today to the Commander about the impact meditation practices have on the physiology of the brain.  Listen in for a very detailed discussion of Eastern spirituality and Western psychology.

Apr 02, 2020
Mark shares strategies to Cope with this situation

Today, Mark talks to his tribe about how to use this crisis to face down your fear wolf and use this enforced isolation to work on yourself and come out of this stronger. Listen to hear how you can be using the 5 mountains to better deal with the way things are in this VUCA environment.

Learn about Mark’s COPE strategy –  Crisis, Opportunity, Plan and Execute

How Mark has used previous crises to transform himself and his business ventures.

It is important to recognize the “Middle Way,” so recognize that you can’t be too relaxed or too anxious  about the situation.

It’s important that you don’t let the understandable tension that you feel distract from the practices that you already have to starve the fear wolf

Mar 24, 2020
Neil Pasricha: Resiliency and Happiness

Neil Pasricha is an expert on human happiness and the author of several books, including “The Book of Awesome” and most recently “You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life.” Today he talks to Mark about how to live with greater intention and resilience.

  • Resiliency starts in the morning with preparing yourself for the day
  • Get a “real” break during the day where you completely disconnect from your work.
  • Having a weird hobby that’s completely unconnected to what you do will make you better at what you regularly do

Find out what practical measures you can take to make yourself feel more resilient and in a better mood all the time.

Mar 19, 2020
The Power of Grit - Angela Duckworth

Well-known academic expert on personal Grit, Angela Duckworth is a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and author of “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.” She talks with Commander Divine today about the importance of Grit for success.

Listen now to discover:

  • How your Grit can be a more important trait for success than your ability
  • How understanding your “why” is essential to make sure you are doing the right things
  • Why you need to make sure you are doing things that are innately interesting to you, rather than developing your perseverance first.

Listen to this episode to get more information and practical tips about how to become “grittier” in everyday life.

Mar 12, 2020
Staring Down the Wolf: Leadership to change yourself and the world

This is the final episode of Mark’s review of his new book, “Staring Down the Wolf.” He talks about how Damien Mander was able to make himself into a very unique leader in service to the good of the planet. He also summarizes the seven commitments that need to be made for effective leadership.

Hear what kind of leadership you can find out about when you get the new book. 

Mar 05, 2020
A Healthy Workplace with Bruce Daisley

In this weeks interview, Mark speak with Twitter VP Bruce Daisley about work culture and business leadership. Bruce is the author of “Eat Sleep Work Repeat: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Job” and the host of the “Eat, sleep, work, repeat” podcast.

When you listen to this podcast, you’ll learn several ways to create an exceptional work culture, including:

  • How to embrace technology without making it the main goal of what you do
  • How to better understand the culture of your workplace with neuroscience
  • How to make employees more productive by encouraging a “buzz state”
Feb 27, 2020
Getting Aligned: The 7th Leadership Commitment

Commander Divine reads from the final chapter of his soon to be released book, “Staring Down the Wolf” on the Leadership Commitment of Alignment. Getting aligned is of critical importance for an elite leader and team to make sure that their goals are aligned. 

When you listen to this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to have meetings that are productive and useful and don’t cause “deaths by meeting.”
  • How your team is a vehicle for your own growth as a leader
  • Why it’s so important that leader’s share information, responsibility and experiences with their team.
  • How to develop a “team of teams” approach that effectively uses communication to reach alignment.
Feb 20, 2020
Failing Forward with Ray “Cash” Care

Ray “Cash” Care is a former SEAL and a co-host of the podcast “Overcome and Conquer” as well as one of the founders of The LTD Project – a leadership training program for business people. Today he talks with Commander Divine about the importance of failing forward fast.

Hear how:

  • We’ve created a “zero defect society” where we use social media to display perfection, rather than dealing and progressing with faults
  • Every aspect of teamwork comes from Communication skills, making it the primary skill you need to learn to become a leader.
  • Effective listening is also a major part of communication
  • Properly dealing with and understanding failure will lead to your success
Feb 13, 2020
Overcoming with Eliot Marshall

Eliot Marshall is best known as a successful MMA fighter, but today he talks to the Commander about his business endeavours and the story behind his first  book “The Gospel of Fire: Strategies for Facing Your Fears, Confronting Your Demons, and Finding Your Purpose.” Eliot has repeatedly struggled with depression and anxiety and he tells us how our mind has the power to drive us to accomplish incredible achievements and to manage and prosper.

  • “The Obstacle is the Way” – use your challenges to learn new things and build yourself up.
  • The Unbeatable Mind and Eliot’s approach are very similar in a number of ways – including knowing your “why”
  • Using teamwork is essential to accomplishing your goals

Listen to this episode for a very practical example of how to turn difficulty into prosperity

Feb 06, 2020
Staring down the Wolf: Resiliency

Today Commander Divine has a solocast and continues to read from his soon to be released book, “Staring Down the Wolf.” Today he is talking about Resiliency and how to make that commitment as a part of your elite team.

Learn more about Resiliency

  • Adaptability – being able to make the most of the situation you’re in.
  • Persistence – ability to continue pursuing a goal in spite of obstacles
  • Learning – knowing how to get new information from problems that arise.

Listen in to get further insight into how to develop resiliency for elite team building

Jan 30, 2020
Kamal Ravikant and Loving Yourself

Kamal Ravikant is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author. His most recent book is a brand new edition of “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.” The original was first self-published in 2013. Kamal initially wrote the book as a response to his own personal disaster. 

Hear about:

  • How you can change the context of memories from bad to good
  • How you must recognize that Purpose is bigger than pain
  • Your inner life is what you really have

Listen to this episode to hear more about how you can learn how to love yourself and let success follow the inner work.

Jan 23, 2020
Clint Emerson and The Right Kind of Crazy

In the second part of Mark’s interview with Clint Emerson, retired SEAL, NSA operative, and expert in personal security and preparedness. Mark and Clint discuss his new book “The Right Kind of Crazy: My Life as a Navy SEAL, Covert Operative, and Boy Scout from Hell.”  Clint is the only SEAL ever inducted into the International Spy Museum and the real life Jason Bourne. 

Listen to this episode to find out more about how you can be prepared and the state of national security.

Jan 16, 2020
How To Always Be Prepared with Clint Emerson

Today we have the first part of Mark’s interview with Clint Emerson, retired SEAL and the author of “100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation.” Clint is an expert in personal security and preparedness. He is also the author of “The Right Kind of Crazy: My Life as a Navy SEAL, Covert Operative, and Boy Scout from Hell.”

Listen to this episode to learn more about SEALs and military service as well as the current military situation going on with Iran.

Jan 09, 2020
John Kim on changing your story

John Kim is known as “The Angry Therapist.” He is an author, therapist, entrepreneur and podcaster.  His book is “I Used to Be a Miserable F*ck: An Everyman's Guide to a Meaningful Life,” and today he talks with Mark about Therapy, coaching and parenting.

Hear about:

  • How John is dedicated to being authentic rather than simply being teaching things “at” his clients.
  • Life coaching is often a misnomer, and the term isn’t very specific.
  • Parenting is understanding that kids aren’t going to be “clones,” doing the exact right things that you think they should be doing all the time.

Listen to this episode to get a new perspective on coaching and therapy.

Jan 02, 2020
Best of 2019: Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson

For Christmas week, we’ll be re-airing the best episodes of 2019. Today we present Mark’s interview with Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson. In the new year, we’ll be starting with new episodes again. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 27, 2019
Best of 2019: Kelly Starrett

For Christmas week, we’ll be re-airing the best episodes of 2019. Today we present Mark’s interview with Kelly Starrett. In the new year, we’ll be starting with new episodes again. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 26, 2019
Best of 2019: Cal Newport

For Christmas week, we’ll be re-airing the best episodes of 2019. Today we present Mark’s interview with Cal Newport. In the new year, we’ll be starting with new episodes again. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2019
Best of 2019: Gabby Reece

For Christmas week, we’ll be re-airing the best episodes of 2019. Today we present Mark’s interview with Gabby Reece. In the new year, we’ll be starting with new episodes again. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2019
Best of 2019: Chris Waddell

For Christmas week, we’ll be re-airing the best episodes of 2019. Today we present Mark’s interview with Chris Waddell. In the new year, we’ll be starting with new episodes again. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2019
Kyle Carpenter, Courage and Recovery

Kyle Carpenter is the youngest ever recipient of the Medal of Honor. While fighting in Afghanistan, he was shielding a fellow marine from an enemy hand grenade blast and was severely injured and spent 3 years hospitalized.  He has since written a book called, “You Are Worth It: Building a Life Worth Fighting For.” Today, he talks to Commander Divine about how he was able to come back from the experience and his injuries.

Listen to this episode to learn insights into extraordinary courage. Kyle’s story of honor and courage inspires you beyond to feel like nothing can defeat you.

Dec 19, 2019
Staring down the Wolf: Excellence

Today commander Divine has a solocast and continues to read from his upcoming book, “Staring Down the Wolf.” In this episode, he talks about excellence and how to achieve that commitment for elite leadership.

Learn how:

  • There will always be tension between the protectors of traditional ways of doing things and the curious innovators.
  • Part of a good solution needs to be a focus on simplicity
  • Good use of the Eisenhower Matrix helps you make decisions and focus on the correct issues.

Get a preview of how to enhance your own leadership skills to foster excellence.

Dec 12, 2019
Robb Wolf on food, nutrition and farming

Robb Wolf (@dasrobbwolf), a former research biochemist, is the 2X New York Times/WSJ Best Selling author of "The Paleo Solution" and "Wired To Eat." He's well-known as an innovator and entrepreneur in the field of nutrition and diet.

Mark talks Robb at the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, about a new approach to food and farming to include:

  • Why traditional forms of farming are better for the environment, whether you're a vegetarian or not.
  • How humans have evolved to eat too much and live sedentary lifestyles (so it's not much of a surprise that we do)!
  • How emotional attachments around food can be a distraction from proper nutrition and farming.

Listen to this episode to understand that our diet is only the first step to a reform of your nutrition.

Dec 05, 2019
Josh Mantz: Trauma, the military and overcoming

This week we have a rebroadcast of our episode with Joshua Mantz. Josh is a retired Major who commanded in the Army for a decade and is on the board of The Courage Foundation.  In 2007 he was very seriously wounded by a sniper on the outskirts of Sadr City, and he actually died for 15 minutes, before being miraculously revived. Joshua has also recently authored the book “The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma through the Power of Human Connection.” He talks with Commander Divine about what the experience of dying was like, and the mental challenges of emotional trauma.  

Nov 28, 2019
Business and Personal Performance with Will Ahmed

Will Ahmed is the founder of the Whoop fitness system.  He talks to Mark about his business and personal experience with meditation, breathing and the importance of visualization in achieving your goals.  

Listen to this episode to get more info about how personal and business performance are connected.

Nov 21, 2019
Anthony Trucks and Dealing with Shift

 Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, currently a speaker, author and an entrepreneur. He talks today with Commander Divine from the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe. Anthony talks about his very difficult childhood, and how he has been able to manage the shifts in his own life.

Learn how:

  • We need to learn how to update our mental software
  • How we use the see-shift-sustain method to recognize our patterns and then make lasting change.
  • We need a coach to get our self-perception clear

Listen in to hear how to make change happen in your life and make it stick.

Nov 14, 2019
How to Break Free with Bizzie Gold

Bizzie Gold is a leader in the personal development and wellness field. Her past clients include Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others. She's also the founder and developer of Buti Yoga, which focuses on making yoga about both movement and self-development. From the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, Commander Divine talks to her about her BREAK method of psychotherapy and her Buti Yoga practice and business.

Listen now to discover how to understand your past and make it work for you.

Nov 07, 2019
Staring Down the Wolf: Growth

Commander Divine continues reading from his new book, “Staring Down the Wolf.”  In this section, Mark focuses on how imperative it is to always be growing and transforming if you want to become an elite leader.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why willingly accepting challenges is the key to growth
  • How mentorship teaches both skills and purpose
  • Why it’s not useful to train the same thing over and over again and why variety is essential.
Oct 31, 2019
How to be exceptional with Chris Waddell

Chris Waddell is a well-known U.S.A Paralympic champion.  Recently he biked up Mt. Kilimanjaro! And he was awarded the title of "Unsung Hero of Compassion" by the Dalai Lama in 2005.

Chris talks with Mark about overcoming your challenges as well as learning how to work with the challenges in others.

Listen now to discover:

  • Why our ability to manage what happens to us is more important than making plans
  • Why you should stop trying to be a Superman and take help when it's offered instead
  • How being an athlete can give you knowledge of how hard work and pain can actually feel good and be helpful
  • How teams are the real foundation of power
Oct 23, 2019
Whole foods, Supplements and ATP science

ATP Science head scientist Matt Legge and co-founder Jeff Doidge are two Australians revolutionizing the field of supplements.  They get into gut health and it being one of the most important aspects of nutrition, how nutrients need to be bio-available so the body can actually use them and how whole food is still the best way to get the nutrients you need.  Mark and the ATP Founders get into this and more from the Spartan races at Lake Tahoe.

Oct 16, 2019
How To Boost Your Performance With Better Sleep with Doctor Kirk Parsley

Mark talks to his good friend Doctor Parsley about the importance and physiology of sleep. Kirk Parsley is a former Navy SEAL, a doctor, author and entrepreneur. His book is called “Sleep to Win: How Navy SEALs and Other High Performers Stay on Top”.  Kirk also produces the Sleep Remedy, a mixture of supplements to help your body sleep properly.

Listen to this podcast to find out:

  • Why we often undervalue sleep, especially in the high performance community (HINT: Sleeping too little is often seen as a sign of toughness!)
  • How to stop being “woken up” by things that take up your attention
  • Why we should be teaching kids about sleep and their sleep needs
  • Why proper rest is so important to achieving peak performance
Oct 09, 2019
Ryan Holiday on Philosophy and Modern Life.

Ryan Holiday is a well-known author of several books about using Stoic philosophy in the modern world, including “Ego is the Enemy: The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent,” “The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph,” and “Stillness Is the Key” which has just been released. Commander Divine talks to Ryan Holiday about his books, his writing process and what he has learned through his study of the Stoics and other philosophers.

Hear how:

  • Life is as much about the things we DON’T do as it is about our actions and deeds.
  • Journaling is an essential component of understanding and reflecting on what we actually know and understand.
  • A huge difficulty in the modern world is making the time for the stillness that we need.

Listen to this episode for insights and greater understanding of ancient philosophy, and how it is essential for modern life.

Oct 02, 2019
Patrick Sweeney on How to Transform Fear into results

Patrick Sweeney is an expert in fear and how you can manage it to make better decisions. He is a former Olympic rower and the author of the book “Fear is Fuel.” Today he talks to Commander Divine about how he transformed fear into motivation rather than paralysis.

Hear how:

  • Every decision we make is made from either fear or opportunity
  • You must learn to get comfortable with fear so that it can’t be used against you.
  • Patrick has used breathing exercises as part of a complete approach to fear management

Listen to this episode to hear how you can turn fear to your advantage and make it work for you.

Sep 25, 2019
Staring Down the Wolf: Respect

In this solo episode, Commander Divine talks about Respect and the key to earning it from your own team as a leader.  Focusing on the three essential character traits for Respect:

  • Integrity-honestly and internal consistency backed by strong moral compass
  • Authenticity- being “I” and “We” vs “me” and “them"
  • Clarity- explicitly communicating what outcomes are expected and desirable

Don’t miss this episode to learn about how respect is essential to lead and how it can be earned.

Sep 18, 2019
Gabrielle Reece: Advice on Life and Finding Balance

Gabrielle Reece is a world-renowned athlete, TV personality, New York Times bestselling author, and model. Together with her husband Laird, they launched a new all-encompassing fitness program called XPT. Find out what she has to say on parenting as an athlete, training, business leadership and so much more.

Hear how.

  • Business leadership is about knowing and being willing to learn from others.
  • Gabby’s understanding of parenting is that kids can’t really be compelled to do things, even things that they’re good at.
  • As you get older, training is as much or more about maintaining physical ability as it is about elite performance

Listen to this episode to get an inside look at an elite, athletic life.

Sep 11, 2019
Embodied leadership with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Richard Strozzi-Heckler is a well-known expert in somatic (whole body) approaches to leadership, a psychologist, an author and has a seventh degree black-belt in Aikido. Commander Divine recently took one of his courses, and they talk today about embodied leadership and somatic psychology.

  • Bringing attention to the body is a fundamental step in developing mindful awareness of life.
  • Life follows attention – so paying attention is a very human and willful choice
  • Mindfulness needn’t be practiced in complete stillness

Listen to this episode to get an understanding of how the body and awareness of it can help to enhance leadership.

Sep 04, 2019
Mark Pattison: Making the next move

Mark Pattison is the first NFL player to attempt the “Seven Sisters,” summiting the highest mountains on each continent. He is also an author, podcaster and speaker. Today, he talks with the commander about his professional athletic career and his subsequent career in mountain climbing.

  • His initial football career was all about talent over work, and that needed to change, so it did.
  • Mountaineering became Mark’s “what’s next,” after he was done with football. Though he still had to work at finding it.
  • Everest is going to be his crowning achievement, but the process of getting there has been valuable, not just the result.

Hear how Mark was able to transition from one career to another by a clear understanding of himself and what he really wanted to do.

Aug 28, 2019
Ora Nadrich talks about different ways to be Mindful

Ora Nadrich is a Thought Coach and Mindfulness Meditation teacher, as well as the author of the books, “Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever” and “Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity.” She talks with Commander Divine today about how to use mindfulness, and what it can really mean to you.

Learn how:

  • Ora’s system is an extension of Jungian psychology.
  • It’s possible to mindful of simple things, like everyday tastes.
  • “Mindfulness” isn’t a competitive arena, where being more mindful means you have “won.”

Listen to this episode to hear more about how you can use mindfulness and authenticity for yourself.

Aug 21, 2019
Defying the Impossible with Chris Norton

Chris Norton was a talented 18 year old college football player with a promising future. Chris suffered a massive injury while playing football in College, that let him without any feeling from the neck down and being told that he would never walk again. Chris was determined to prove the doctors wrong, so he pushed himself through grueling daily workouts until four years later, he walked across the stage to receive his college diploma. He went on to find love and he and his wife have a new book just out called “The Seven Longest Yards.” The book is a message of resiliency and hope that will inspire you.

Listen to this episode to hear how Chris is able to overcome so that he can be successful in his and his wife’s new life.

Aug 14, 2019
Talking Meditation and compassion with Tim Desmond

Today Commander Divine talks to Tim Desmond about mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion. Tim is a psychotherapist, author, teacher and long time student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.  His most recent book, “How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World: Mindfulness Practices for Real Life,” shows us that by relating to life’s ever present pain with compassion, wisdom and joy we have a chance to experience happiness. Tim dives into ways to bridge the ancient tradition of mindfulness and the challenges of modern life.

Hear how:

  • We need to remember to pay attention to the things that are important enough to take up your life
  • People need to treat every moment like something that matters – don’t allow yourself to spend your time on unimportant things.
  • We may often think of providing compassion for others, but we often won’t give any to ourselves.

Listen in for an in-depth and very practical view of how mindfulness and meditation can work for you.

Aug 07, 2019
Solocast with Mark: Lessons from Spec Ops to improve your leadership ability

Commander Divine dives deep into his upcoming book, “Staring Down the Wolf: 7 Leadership Commitments That Forge Elite Teams.”  Mark discusses the differences between leadership in the Special Ops community and being leader in tin business. 

Hear how:

  • Commander Divine recounts his transition from the SEALs to the Business world
  • How teams in both realms require that you learn to manage your fear
  • How moral and spiritual character as well as authenticity are required beyond tactics

Listen to this episode to get deeper insight into how you can use lessons from Spec Ops to improve your leadership ability

Jul 31, 2019
Larry Hagner on the 5 Dimensions of Fatherhood

Larry Hagner is best known as the man behind “The Good Dad Project,” and the host of the podcast “The Dad Edge.” He is also the author of “The Dad's Edge: 9 Simple Ways to Have: Unlimited Patience, Improved Relationships, and Positive Lasting Memories.”

Learn how:

  • You need to be authentically yourself so that you can be good to your kids
  • You need to learn to recognize and avoid the “drift,” when you forget your core values, and just let “life” take over
  • As a father, you need to consider 5 factors – financial, health, marriage, connection with kids, and leadership

Listen to this podcast to hear more practical guidance on fatherhood, and how you can tap into other resources to learn more.

Jul 24, 2019
Cal Newport on minimalism and managing technology

Cal Newport is a well-known Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and researches cutting edge technologies so he can write about the impact of these innovations on society. Cal has numerous books including “Deep Work” and recently launched his latest book, “Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World.” In this episode, Cal talks to Commander Divine about how to make sure you’re using tech in the best way so that it is helping you toward your goals, rather than simply distracting you from them. 

Learn how:

  • We currently have an economy based around knowledge products, but very little consideration is given to how we make them. 
  • Addictive behavior is NOT fundamental to smart phones, social media has just enhanced and developed addiction to technology on our part
  • We should be much more selective about the technologies we adopt in our personal lives.

Listen to this episode to understand how to control your technology, and make it the tool rather than the goal of what you do.

Jul 17, 2019
Kelly Starrett talks about the importance of mobility

Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical trainer, author and speaker and is a co-founder of the website MobilityWOD. He’s worked with Olympic athletes, and was an Olympic competitor on the US canoeing and kayaking team. He has also been heavily involved in the Crossfit world. His book, “Becoming a Supple Leopard” is a bestseller and today he talks to Mark about the importance of just being mobile, whether it’s a regimen or just the way you live.

Learn how:

  • We weren’t designed to live the kind of sedentary life that we now have, so moving is important for everyone from elite athletes to office workers.
  • Set workouts are good, but having a mobile lifestyle for yourself is more beneficial.
  • Our bodies were designed to deal with some physical stress, and they start to deteriorate without any at all.

Listen in to hear what kind of things you can do to keep yourself mobile and healthy.

Jul 10, 2019
Resilience Parenting with Chris and Holly Santillo

Today, Commander Divine talks to Chris and Holly Santillo about parenting, taking months off to go travelling with their sons, and their book “Resilience Parenting.” They talk about how to prepare children to overcome obstacles and to be independent.

Learn how:

  • A parent’s job is to pass on their values and to both bring out what’s already in their kids.
  • Connection is part of independence – in order to be fully connected with someone else your kids also need to be independent
  • Martial arts practice was an early inspiration for Chris and Holly’s parenting style

Listen to this episode to hear more about how you can parent in a better way. 

Jul 03, 2019
“Staring down the Wolf”

Commander Divine reveals his newest book, "Staring Down the Wolf".   Many listeners will be familiar with the symbol of the Fear Wolf and the Courage Wolf. Mark has devoted an entire book for leaders to manage their Fear Wolf while they feed the Courage Wolf. 

Hear how:

  • The Courage and Fear Wolf are based off of a Native American analogy
  • Every plateau of development has its own value and its own shadow qualities that it brings with it.
  • Your own shadow might be invisible to you, but others can see it clearly

Listen to this episode to learn how “Staring down the wolf” is about confronting the inner limitations that you have that are holding you back.

Jun 26, 2019
Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey on Increasing Performance through Bio-Hacking

Dave Asprey is extremely well-known as one of the pioneers of biohacking and using technology to increase health and performance. He is the founder of Bulletproof and the inventor of Bulletproof coffee. Today, he and the commander talk about how to increase performance through biohacking. They also discuss two of his most recent books, “Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life” and the upcoming “Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever.”

Hear how:

  • Intermittent fasting is easy with nothing but a cup of coffee in the morning
  • 40 years of Zen initially came from neurofeedback practices
  • Successful people focus more on relationships, sleep and exercise than money or power

Listen to this episode to hear how you can manage your own biology to increase your performance and abilities.

Jun 19, 2019
Mariana Atencio talks about the importance of being real

Mariana Atencio is a well-known journalist, TED Speaker, influencer and award winning news reporter. Her book “Perfectly You: Embracing the Power of Being Real,” is a journey to discover why celebrating what makes us different becomes the most valuable lesson anyone can learn.

Hear how

  • Controlling the smaller things, helps deal with all those things that you can’t control
  • Why looking for humanity in others keeps you human
  • While covering a storm, her and her crew were given shelter by a local and why that experience has become a kind of touchstone for her

Listen to this episode to get an inside look at Mariana’s unique outlook and how to embrace the power of being real.

Jun 12, 2019
Robert Teschner: The Debrief in Business and Life

Robert Teschner was formerly an Air Force “Top Gun” jet pilot, instructor and commander, flying both the F-15 and the F-22. He’s also a consultant, speaker and the author of “Debrief to Win: How America's Top Guns Practice Accountable Leadership...and How You Can, Too!” Today he talks to Commander Divine today about the importance of the Debrief. Robert had an exceptional military career, and is also a survivor of colon cancer. He explains how if he’d been using the same kind of Debriefing technique with himself as he used regularly in the Air Force, he would have been able to manage and minimize cancer’s impact.

The Air Force Debrief is very intense and focuses on four main topics:

  • Intensive understanding and investigation of what actually happened
  • Root cause analysis and recognition that it might be leadership rather than just an individual mistake
  • Formulate a plan to succeed or correct
  • Memorializing your process – one page synopsis so that you can duplicate your process

Listen to this episode to hear how Debriefing can work both for business and personal success.

Jun 05, 2019
Athletic Lifestyle and Training with Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen

Lauren Fisher is well-known as a superb, young CrossFit competitor and athlete. Lauren started “GrownStrong,” a company dedicated to bringing out a different concept of women’s strength. With her partner Rasmus Andersen, who is a Danish CrossFit athlete, they operate “GrownStrong,” and they are both still major CrossFit contenders. Today, Mark talks with them about the athletic lifestyle involved in CrossFit and how they find balance with athleticism and other demands.

Learn how:

  • Athletic needs are more complex than just training – nutrition and recovery are absolutely essential as well.
  • A large part of both training and competition is as much or more a mental challenge as it is physical
  • Grown Strong comes from Lauren’s belief that we should be focusing more on strength for women, rather than appearances

Listen to this episode to get insight into how an athletic lifestyle works for these two competitors.

May 29, 2019
Dan Brulé: Mastering Breath work for Success

Dan Brulé is a master of the breath and world-renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork. When you control your breathing, you can control your state of well-being and level of performance. The importance of breathing is key to improving your life. The secrets behind everyone from Navy SEAL warriors, elite athletes and champion martial artists is all about controlling your outcomes and changing results by controlling your breath. Today they talk about the importance of proper breath for living and succeeding

Learn how:

  • Breath connects the mind to the body
  • We’re all breathing the same bubble of air and breathing gives people a felt experience of our connection
  • We can use the analogy of water to understand how breathing should work, as in still water runs deep

Experience significant insight into breathing as well as a directed exercise in breathing provided by Dan and Mark.

May 22, 2019
Gary John Bishop on Self-Development

Gary John Bishop is a Scottish development expert and author who has written two no-nonsense books about self-development called “Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life,” and “Stop Doing That Sh*t: End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back.” Today, he and Mark talk about the ins and outs of personal development and philosophy.

Hear how:

Gary promotes actions over attitudes

Doing something well for the first time will often involve doing things despite lack of confidence

Sometimes creating what you want will involve being “unrealistic” so that you can imagine yourself the way you’d like to be.

Listen to this episode to hear a frank discussion about the philosophy of how to improve yourself.

May 15, 2019
Don Mann and Extraordinary Goals and Accomplishments

Don Mann is an extraordinary adventurer, speaker and author. He is also a retired SEAL. His most recent book is “Reaching Beyond Boundaries: A Navy SEAL's Guide to Achieving Everything You've Ever Imagined.” Today, he and Mark talk about dealing with pain, setting goals, and the mindset necessary for extreme endeavour.

Hear about:

  • Don has learned to let the body rather than the mind deal with pain.
  • Focus on your goal rather than the pain you’re experiencing to get there.
  • Turn previous macro-goals into micro-goals for new macros

It’s valuable to set goals high so that you can “stretch” for them. Listen to this episode to get insight into how to manage pain effectively to get what you want.

May 08, 2019
Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship

Guy Kawasaki is famous as the original evangelist for the Apple Mac and today he talks with Mark about entrepreneurship, brand evangelism and design. He is the author of many books, but the most recent is “Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life.” From a long career in business, and the current evangelist for the Canva graphic design tool out of Australia, Guy shares his thinking about entrepreneurship.

Hear how

  • You actually need to build something that you want to use rather than building something exclusively for the market.
  • Every competitor will say that they have “the best” product, so you know that every investor has heard about “the best” product hundreds of times. Focus on your story instead.
  • It’s important for an entrepreneur to focus on getting customers before investors.

Listen to this episode to get clear about how entrepreneurship is a state of mind.

May 01, 2019
Leadership Killer with Bill Treasurer and Captain John Havlik

Mark talks with Bill Treasurer, globally renowned author and retired SEAL Captain and John Havlik on leadership and how to maintain it. Their impetus to write a book came from watching several leaders fall from grace when they were at the pinnacle of achievement. "The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance,” focuses on one of the main challenges for leaders; the ability to remain or become humble as a leader. They provide actionable strategies for becoming, and most importantly staying, a more effective, confident and humble leader.

Hear about:

  • How you should have genuine interest and appreciation for the people on your team
  • How to overcome the constant pressure to "be the best," on your own.
  • Doing something as simple as learning names can make a huge difference

Listen to this episode to learn how to be a more effective leader, by letting go of the hubris that often comes along with it.

Apr 24, 2019
From Streets to SEALs with Remi Adeleke

Remi Adeleke has had a journey through life that many of us would find hard to imagine. From Nigerian royalty to life in the Bronx, to the SEALs, to a career acting and writing. He and Mark talk about the importance of making the most of the things in front of you at all times.  Hear his story of transformation, determination and defying all odds with his new book “Transformed".

Hear how:

  • The importance of making the most of what is in front of you.
  • How the hard life he’d lived in the Bronx helped him for SEAL training.
  • What it takes for a person who barely graduated high school, swim, act or lead finds success in the areas and acquires those skills

Listen to this episode as someone going through times of intense struggle, pressure and failure can overcome all odds.

Apr 17, 2019
Developing Respect to Enhance Leadership

In this solocast, Mark talks about building respect for yourself as a leader so that you can enhance the performance of your team. His prime example of how to earn respect, is Captain O’Connell from his years in Iraq. Captain O’Connell was called out of retirement after 9/11 to help lead the new Special Operations command and Mark was able to see him work first-hand.

Learn the three main aspects of respect:

  • Clarity – it was always clear what was expected and what was needed, and so the team could always knew what it needed to do.
  • Authenticity – you are able to “walk the walk,” and be both transparent and accessible
  • Integrity – know how to communicate, so that what you’re saying is both useful and positive. Consider how what you say is going to land with others.

Listen to this episode for a stronger understanding of how respect plays into leadership skills and how you can work to develop them in your own team.

Apr 10, 2019
The 200th episode: The 5 mountains of self-development

In the 200th episode of his podcast, Mark revisits a number of interviews with various guests that all exemplify parts of the Unbeatable Mind, 5 Mountain system. You’ll hear clips from the David Goggins episode, Cal Newport, Christine Hassler, Sifu Singh and Damien Mander. Each interview is an example of one of the 5 mountains – the physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and Kokoro.

Listen to this special episode to get a better understanding of how the 5 mountains show up in a variety of circumstances and how you can manage them for your own Unbeatable Mind.

Apr 03, 2019
Jack Carr: Warrior and Author

Jack Carr is known as the best-selling author of the thriller “The Terminal List,” but before coming an author, he led special operations teams as a Team Leader, Platoon Commander, Troop Commander and Task Unit Commander. Jack spent 20 years in Naval Special Warfare and always had two goals in life - to be a SEAL and to write a book.  His newest book, “True Believer” is next to come out.

  • It’s important to know that you’re doing the right thing for yourself at the right time.
  • The important process of moving up through ranks to command rather than starting out on top
  • How being SEAL for 20 years helped him as an author

Listen to this episode and get a better understanding of how to make a radical career change.

Mar 27, 2019
Mark’s old friend and yoga master Gary Kraftsow talks about yoga

Gary Kraftsow is an old friend and mentor to Commander Divine. He is also the founder of the American Viniyoga Institute. Listen in as they discuss the current state of yoga in the US as well as the deeper meaning of yoga as a practice rather than simply an exercise.

Learn about:

  • Gary’s idea of the Yogi, the Bogi and the Rogi and the genuine teachings of yoga.
  • How yoga actually preceded any religious practice, including Hinduism
  • The importance of breath control as a first step to a focused mind

Listen to this episode to hear more about the ancient practice of Hinduism and yoga and to understand yoga as part of a “science of spirituality.”

Mar 20, 2019
Brian MacKenzie and Rob Wilson talk about breathing for performance

Brian MacKenzie is the founder of Power, Speed, Endurance and Rob Wilson a co-presenter on the new Art of Breath seminars. They talk with Commander Divine today about the importance of proper breathing and breath control for performance in both athletes and everyday life.

Learn how

  • The nose is specifically designed for breathing, so breathing through the nose is the right way to breath. Don’t be a “mouth-breather.”
  • Breath control is the basis of performance both as an athlete and everything else as well
  • Nasal breathing engages the parasympathetic nervous system so that you can be relaxed and focused at the same time.

Listen to this episode to get insight into the least recognized, but most important physical activity, namely breathing

Mar 13, 2019
Building trust in your team

For An elite team to function properly, the leader needs to be able to earn the trust of his team. Commander Divine discusses trust – how to earn and give it in your team.

Learn how:

  • An example of turning a major mistake into more trust for yourself through being forthright, taking responsibility, and then acting on those lessons to improve the risk situations.
  • Humility is the hallmark trait of a good leader

Listen to this episode to get a better understanding of trust in teams and the importance for success.

Mar 06, 2019
The Practice of Natural Movement with Erwan Le Corre

Erwan Le Corre is the creator of the world renowned fitness system MovNat and is on a mission to reintroduce natural movement to our modern lives. He is the author of “The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom.” He and Mark talk about the value of moving and will inspire you to build a naturally strong and flexible body and to form yourself anew into a mindful, skillful and physically capable human being.


Learn how:

  • Natural movement is an important learning opportunity for children and shouldn’t be taken away out of fear of risk
  • Breath control is an integral part of natural movement, as it is with all movement
  • Everyone is capable of natural movement, but only by being mindful does one become skilled

Listen to this episode to hear how we can reclaim natural movement for fitness and strength.

Feb 27, 2019
Scott Eastwood: Live Life Better

Scott Eastwood, actor and host of the Podcast “Live Life Better” sits down with Mark to talk acting, his latest project “The Outpost”, nutrition, business and the mental and emotional practices he used to become successful. 

Find out:

  • How too tight of a deadline can guarantee that you’ll move on too quickly
  • Nutrition and the key to staying focused even while on set
  • The importance of journaling and your daily learning

Don’t miss this episode and find out how techniques of an Unbeatable Mind will help in show business just as they do in every other kind of business.  

Feb 20, 2019
Neil Pasricha and his “Happiness Equation”

Neil Pasricha is an author and speaker who is a well-known expert on creating happiness for both yourself and in your organization. He has written several books, including “The Happiness Equation,” and, most recently, “How to Get Back Up: A Memoir of Failure & Resilience.” He is also a speaker, giving an extremely popular TED talk. Today, he talks to Mark about the formula for happiness.

  • Being a “big fish” can give you more freedom than being in a “big pond.”
  • Happiness is a prime goal – “How to get happy” is one of the most popular Google searches
  • Contentment is a part of happiness, but not the only ingredient

Listen to this episode to understand that happiness doesn’t come from success, it’s the other way around. Success comes from happiness.

Feb 13, 2019
Summit Panel: A Discussion on leadership from the Unbeatable Mind Summit

A panel discussion on leadership in a Volatile, Uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Listen to get insights on leadership from several experts, including Bob Schoultz, Christine Hassler, Brent Gleeson, and Jim Brault.

  • Hear ideas on how to manage a multi-generational workforce
  • Understand how and when money can fail or succeed as a motivator
  • Learn about the need for real presence and authenticity in a leader

Listen to this episode for more insights on leadership in an increasingly complicated world from this group of experts.

Feb 07, 2019
How to be courageous in understanding and fulfilling your Mission

In this solo episode, Mark talks about the importance of courage in both the military and in business. You need to understand the place for courage as the relentless attention to detail and how you can make fear work for you.

  • Courage involves training and preparation, rather than just diving in.
  • The opposite of fear is actually hubris, so fear can be a good thing.
  • You need to understand what you can and can’t control in a VUCA environment

Listen to this episode to learn how to be courageous in understanding and following your mission.

Jan 30, 2019
James Fell on epiphanies and making radical changes

James Fell is a well-known fitness and motivational expert. He has written in the LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, Men’s Health, The Guardian and TIME. He also runs and is most recently the author of “The Holy Sh!t Moment: How Lasting Change Can Happen in an Instant” He and Mark talk about epiphanies and making a radical change. He teaches how to go directly from intention to committed action

Listen to this episode to find out more about life-changing moments and how to change intention to action

Jan 23, 2019
Serious Negotiation with Chris Voss

Chris Voss is the founder of the Black Swan Group which provides negotiation training for everyone from businesses to law enforcement. Chris has had a long career in law enforcement including the FBI. He worked in the US and internationally as a hostage negotiator. He has also taught negotiation in MBA programs at Georgetown and USC Marshall. In addition, he is the author of the book “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.” Today, he and Mark talk about Chris’ long career as a negotiator and how to negotiate for business and other situations.

Learn about:

  • Three types of negotiator personalities: Fight, flight or friendly. The successful negotiator must be all three types at different times.
  • In Chris’ opinion, “yes” is a useless word. “No” opens up the possibility for learning something.
  • Language is very nuanced and subtle in negotiation.

Listen to this episode to hear about the seemingly small changes that can make negotiation successful or not.

Jan 16, 2019
Jamie Wheal talks about getting to a flow state

Jamie Wheal is an expert on the flow state, and is the Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and a leading expert on the neuro-physiology of human performance. He has also consulted with the military, Red Bull and professional sports teams, as well as Google and other companies. With Stephen Kotler, he co-authored the book “Stealing Fire:  How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.” Today he talks with Mark about achieving peak performance and flow state.

Learn how:

  • Aikido is one of the best martial arts for both philosophy and enlightenment
  • There is a difference between “symptomatic” – or “hacked” flow – and “causal” flow, which is a product of work
  • Flow is a process of neurobiology and neurochemistry

Hear how Jamie and the Flow Genome Project are working to make the flow state clear and accessible for all of us, so that we can all find a way to work at our peak abilities.

Jan 09, 2019
Climbing Everest with Brian Dickinson

Brian Dickinson has always been an adventurer, and was Air Rescue Swimmer in the Navy, and is now a very accomplished mountaineer. He’s written a book about his climb of Everest called “Blind Descent: Surviving Alone and Blind on Mount Everest.” Today he tells Mark about how he got into mountaineering after the Navy, and his harrowing adventures climbing Everest.

Hear how:

  • He lost his Sherpa to illness with about 1000 feet left to go to the summit
  • The day after summiting, he lost his ability to see, and had to make his way down without eyesight.
  • An oxygen tank that had malfunctioned earlier miraculously started working just in time for him to be able to breath

Understand how faith and determination allowed Brian to overcome one of the most difficult situations imaginable.

Jan 02, 2019
Willie Banks on the Olympics and the athletic spirit

Willie Banks is a well-known Olympian, having been a member of the US Olympic track team for Triple Jump in 1984 and 1988. Since then, he’s been an active member of the sport and Olympic community, serving as the President of the US Olympians Association and an organizer of the ANOC World Beach Games in San Diego in 2019. Mark and Willie talk about Willie’s experiences with the Olympics and his ongoing devotion to spreading interest in sports and track in particular.

Find out:

  • How Willie was able to use his resentment about the 1980 boycott of the Olympics to motivate him.
  • How you need to “switch on” when you come to the office.
  • How Willie used dreaming visualization for his competitions without even realizing it.

Hear how Willie has been able to turn his athletic career into spreading the word about sport and fitness.

Dec 19, 2018
Jimmy Choi on Overcoming Obstacles

Jimmy Choi was diagnosed with Parkinson's when he was 27.  And now, at 41, he has run 13 marathons, 88 half marathons and countless other races.  Most people know him as he competed in American Ninja Warriors and also part of Team Fox raising $250,000 for the Michael J Fox Foundation.  Mark talks to him today at the Spartan Race in Lake Tahoe about training, diet and mindset. He’s an inspiration to us all by living his life with a positive mindset, dedication to helping find a cure, and passion for everything he does.

Listen to this episode to understand better how we can all do better every day.

Dec 12, 2018
Mark answers the most asked Questions!

In this solo episode, Mark takes questions from the Unbeatable Mind tribe. Hear how you need to deal with and protect yourself from the negativity of a significant other and how to work on maintaining passion and focus for your end-game. Many of us can start things well, but need help with making sure we are able to finish them.

Learn about:

  • The need to have a burning “why” or a “hell, yes” to undertake a significant endeavor.
  • Pride may not be the best emotion, since pride comes at someone else’s expense. Courage is more positive than pride
  • Box Breathing is not the only staple, there are other types of breath work that the Commander uses and recommends.

Listen to this episode to hear insights from Mark on some of the most asked questions from his tribe!

Dec 05, 2018
Dr Lara Pence talks about the psychology of overcoming obstacles

Dr. Lara Pence has spent the last decade working with individuals as the peel back the layers of their outer shell, cast aside the unhealthy patterns that keep them stuck and unfulfilled, and begin to build a new, more resilient and adventurous sense of self.  She works with Olympic athletes, successful entrepreneurs to help them move away from comparison and self-loathing and towards connection and self investment. Dr Pence is also the Chief Mind Doctor for Spartan and host of "Spartan Mind” Podcast. 

Find out how:

  • Both crying and laughter are essentially both just huge releases of energy, which is why they often seem to be very close together.
  • Asking questions of her clients can often lead to learning more about her own integrity and how to stay inside it.
  • Lara hopes that her clients won’t become so “comfortable” with her, that they get themselves into another rut.

Listen to this podcast to learn when to exercise your “no” muscle and when you just need to say “yes” to what’s on offer.

Nov 28, 2018
Charlie Engle and the mindset behind extreme endurance running and beating addiction

Charlie Engle is a world renowned ultra-marathon runner who has endured some of the worlds most punishing long-distance foot races including his run across the Sahara Desert, documented in the film “Running the Sahara.” He is also a speaker and the author of the memoir called “Running Man.” In this wide-ranging discussion, he and the Commander talk about the personal difficulties with addiction that led to his career in running.

Find out:

  • How addiction manifests in different ways and doesn’t always have to be negative
  • At first, Charlie’s running was an attempt to “beat” the addict out of himself
  • About how Charlie became a kind of fitness coach for prison inmates

Listen to this episode to gain insight into the running lifestyle and how to be able to go to extremes to accomplish a task.

Nov 21, 2018
Misty Diaz talks about determination and being an adaptive athlete

This week Mark is at Lake Tahoe for the Spartan Race championships. He talks to Misty Diaz, who is well-known as an athlete and advocate for people with Spina Bifida. She has completed over 200 races herself, and she is both an advocate and an impressive athlete. IN spite of significant obstacles, she was eventually able to pursue her athletic ambitions.  

  • Misty endured much hardship on her way to becoming one of the top adaptive athletes, including 28 different surgeries.
  • She had to start taking morphine to deal with pain. She became addicted, and that was also a challenge that she had to overcome.
  • Though Misty has a fear of water, she is open to the idea of doing SEALFIT with some adaptations for her needs.

Listen to this episode to hear how Misty was able to overcome the very significant challenges she faced to pursue her calling in athletics.

Nov 14, 2018
Q and A with Mark Divine

In this new solocast, Commander Divine gives answers to questions coming directly from his Unbeatable Mind tribe.  Mark gets into the importance of thinking deeply so that you can make sure that you are “practicing” at doing the right things, and developing the right habits.

Other take aways:

  • To keep age out of your thought processes.
  • Emotional and intuitional development are harder to see. One thing you can look at is your skills in communication.
  • Competition needs to come from a world-centric perspective. Don’t focus on “win-lose,” but “co-opetition.”

This episode is like a mini Unbeatable Mind training session, so listen to this Q & A episode to get insight into what others are wondering about.

Nov 07, 2018
JR Martinez on overcoming and thriving

JR Martinez is a well-known speaker, author and media personality. In 2003, while serving with the Army in Iraq, he suffered extensive burn injuries after the Humvee he was driving hit an IED. With a great deal of humor, he and Mark talk his long process he went through to overcome his injuries—and the physical, mental and emotional steps he took to recovery.

Hear how:

  • JR is more than simply his military career. Many people start and end with his service, and while that is certainly significant, it’s not the whole story.
  • Learning how to be of service changed his outlook and approach to military service.
  • JR’s future musings on acting and voice acting specifically.

Listen to this episode to find out how you can learn to move past things that are holding you back with humor and humility.

Oct 31, 2018
Ryan Munsey talks about how to get over feelings to get good decisions

Ryan Munsey is well-known as an expert in the wellness and personal development space, and he was also one of the first participants in the SEALFIT 20X experience. He has recently written a book called “F*ck Your Feelings: Master Your Mind, Accomplish Anything and Become a More Significant Human.” He and Mark discuss how to control your emotions so that you can make better decisions.

Hear how:

  • Every feeling is biased. So while they have to be recognized, you shouldn’t let them run you.
  • Big decisions are the easy ones. But little decisions are harder and often make the difference.
  • It is the processes you engage in that get results. Not people.

Listen to this episode to get a better understanding of the mental and habitual “grooves” that we get into and how we can start to break free of them.

Oct 24, 2018
James Clear on the process of getting to your goals.

James Clear talks to Commander Divine today about his new book, “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones.” James is a weightlifter, writer and photographer who has spent a lifetime working to understand how to get where you’re wanting to go, and the differences between goals and processes.

Learn how:

  • Goals are where you are going. Systems are how you’re going to get there. You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.
  • Many habits are stymied by the fact that good habits often have long-term benefits, but short-term suffering. Bad habits are generally the exact opposite. You need to find ways to bring benefits into the present for good habits.
  • Little things—little frictions—can be enough to stop a habit that you’re trying to form.

Listen to this episode to get insights into how even seemingly trivial changes can add when you make the commitment.

Oct 17, 2018
Part 2: Dr. Huberman on the Function of the Brain and how we can improve our mental performance.

In Part two this fascinating interview, the Commander Divine talks more with Dr. Andrew Huberman, a respected neuroscientist at Stanford University. They get into the practical application of neuroscience, and the science behind breathing, visualization and more mental work that are a very important part of the SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind programs.

Dr. Andrew Huberman discusses how neuroplasticity for adults is a trainable skill. It is a great deal more work than when we are children, but it can be done with effort and skill. They also discuss the value of nootropics and the importance of breathing practices and visualization for adults to be able to focus and learn in the same way that children are able to. 

Listen to this episode to get a very in-depth look at the function of the brain and how we can work to improve our mental performance.

Oct 10, 2018
Dr. Andrew Huberman talks about the practical uses of neuroscience

In Part one of this fascinating interview, Dr. Andrew Huberman, a respected neuroscientist at Stanford University discusses the practical application of neuroscience, and the science behind breathing, visualization and other mental work that Mark has employed within Unbeatable Mind, the SEALs, and others.

Commander Divine and Dr. Huberman get in to how Eastern approaches often provide the practices themselves, while Western science is in the process of providing the evidence for mental practices. Insights into how your brain works and why these recommendations work, and how Dr. Huberman would like to see the language around neuroscience simplified so that the science can be used for guidance by more of the general public Title: Dr. Andrew Huberman talks about the practical uses of neuroscience 

Oct 03, 2018
Dr. Jason Fung on fasting and ketosis

Jason Fung is a well-known expert on nutrition, and is also the author of several books including the best sellers “The Obesity Code” and "The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting.” He talks with the Commander today about our misguided understandings of nutrition and gives us insights into the importance of timing and fasting in general.

Learn how:

  • There are eating “windows” where you should be eating, and times when you shouldn’t be.
  • You can either be storing fat, or burning it. Not both at the same time.
  • Only the brain uses ketones—all the other muscles can use fat directly

Dr. Fung’s approach is actually very straight-forward. What to eat. When to eat.

Sep 26, 2018
Olympian Scott Hamilton on the mindset of Winning

Many people will know Scott Hamilton as a champion figure skater and as a commentator for international figure skating competition with NBC. He’s also an author of several books, including the most recent book “Finish First: Winning Changes Everything.” He is also the founder of the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy. Hear how Scott has continued to overcome severe health issues to become a champion skater and a uniquely positive individual.

Learn how:

  • Scott has developed in every way that he can, especially spiritually, in order to overcome the obstacles in front of him.
  • You only learn by losing, so while winning is obviously the goal, losing needs to be valued as well.
  • We each have more inside us that we’ve ever given ourselves permission to recognize

Listen to this episode to get acquainted with the struggles of a superb athlete with an extremely unique and positive outlook on life.

Sep 20, 2018
Commander Divine explains his new Unbeatable Mind Operating System

After years of deep work and thought, Commander Divine has developed a model for the Unbeatable Mind Operating System. His system is derived partly from the AQAL integrative system that was developed by the philosopher Ken Wilber combined with his knowledge of Eastern philosophy. He stresses the importance of needing to upgrade our “Operating System,” to deal with the world as it currently challenges us.

Learn how:

  • He focuses on the four circles of Core, Commitments, Competencies and Capacity
  • We generally use our Mana or lower mind and our subject to material cravings because of that. We need to use our Buddhi or higher mind more effectively to focus on more important things.
  • We can develop our internal “witness,” so that we can understand ourselves and utilize the OODA loop to make decisions

With hard work and training, you can make all the circles of the “Operating System,” work for you.

Sep 12, 2018
Doctor Shefali on Conscious Parenting

Doctor Shefali on Conscious Parenting

Description: Doctor Shefali Tsabary, PhD is an expert on parenting, having written several books, and most recently the book “The Awakened Family: How to Raise Empowered, Resilient, and Conscious Children.” She has spent her life learning from both Eastern and Western philosophy about the relationships between parents and children. A world - renowned clinical psychologist, TEDx Speaker and one of Oprah’s featured guests. Today, she sits down with Commander Divine to talk about the importance of parents essentially working on themselves, rather than trying to work on their children. 

Learn how:

  • We need to start recognizing that our children are just as human as we are, and we therefore have less control of them than we think we should—which is as it should be
  • Both Western and Eastern philosophy, spirituality and psychology are needed to deal with the modern world
  • real learning, unfortunately, often comes from great emotional pain

Listen to this episode to understand how to parent effectively by learning more about yourself.

Aug 29, 2018
Daniel Coyle: The little book of talent and how to tap into your greatness

Daniel Coyle, New York Times bestselling author of Talent Code and most recently the Culture Code.  He has been a consultant for various organizations, including DEVGRU and is currently a consultant with the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Today, he and Commander Divine talk about developing talent as an individual and how to develop talent in your team.

Hear how: 

  • Learning and development take place in a loop of experience and then reflecting on the experience.
  • Great coaches and leaders are “Talent whisperers,” able to use their emotional skills to build ability in others
  • Coaching is actually emotional connection—it’s not just what they tell you but how they tell you. 

Learn how talent isn’t just something you’re born with, but something that you can actually build in yourself and your team.

Aug 22, 2018
The Morning Routine with Benjamin Spall

Benjamin Spall is the co-author of the book “My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired.” and also is the co-founder of the website, with accounts of various morning routines followed by a huge variety of people. He and the Commander talk about the importance of morning routine to start the day, from the casual routine to the more intense versions.

Learn how:

  • Even when people miss their routine, they often make it up later in the day
  • Sleeping enough is just as important as getting into a routine. So it’s better to have a shorter routine than to be getting up at 5 to fit it all in.
  • Morning rituals can be short and need to be tailored for yourself and your own schedule

Listen to this episode to hear how different but necessary the morning rituals are to get you ready to make the most of your day.

Aug 15, 2018
Mark shares the 3rd chapter of the new book he’s working on called “Launch.”

This is the second podcast in this series, where Commander Divine reads from his new book “Launch,” which was originally conceived as being for young adults. He realized that it was actually useful for anyone, young or old, at the point of launching a new career, a new project or heading off in a new direction of any kind. In the first episode, he read chapters 1 and 2, and today he reads from chapter 3.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to shape your passions into a defining purpose
  • Hear more about Mark’s personal journey to find his own purpose
  • Recognize that you need to complete projects that have already been started so that you can put all the pieces together for your new adventure.

Listen to this episode so that you can prepare to “Launch” into a new life

Aug 08, 2018
Developing leadership in Ranger groups with Damien Mander

Damien Mander had a military career with the Australian Royal Navy as a Clearance Diver and Special Operations sniper. In 2009, he completely cashed in and became the founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation in Africa. He was in DC recently to raise funds for his organization, and was able to give Commander Divine some time to talk about his work in Africa and how he is developing leaders amongst Rangers in several African countries.

Learn how

  • Damien recruits largely from the female population for his rangers lately for stronger connections to the communities affected by poaching
  • How his anti-poaching efforts came from going to Africa first, and gaining understanding later
  • It’s important to include the communities in his efforts, rather than just “declaring war” on both poaching and the communities

Listen to this episode for a fascinating conversation about courage, leadership and the importance of preserving the eco-system.

Aug 01, 2018
Training your body for better leadership with Amanda Blake

Amanda is a graduate of Stanford where she took her degree in Human Biology. She is also an author of the book “Your Body is Your Brain.” Somatics is the understanding that the whole body is a part of thinking. She has put her knowledge to use as a trainer of whole body learning in the service of business leadership.

Learn how:

  • The ways that you move affect the ways that you think and feel
  • Differences between kinds of dance affect the way that dancers behave
  • Changing your posture and stance can give you confidence and ability for the new job or stressful presentations

The Somatic approach that Amanda is taking is mirrored in the kind of approach that Commander Divine is taking in the Unbeatable Mind program.

Jul 25, 2018
Guiding others on how to be Resilient in challenging circumstances with Fred Krawchuk

Retired Colonel Fred T. Krawchuk, is a well-known and respected leadership teacher. He’s been a U.S. Army Special Forces officer and has led soldiers in a variety of infantry and special operations assignments in the United States, Europe and Latin America. A General MacArthur Leadership Award Winner and a graduate of West Point and Harvard University, he served as an Olmsted Scholar in Spain and as an Army Senior Fellow with the U.S. Department of State.

Find out:

  • The differences between the military/engineering approach to accomplishment versus softer approaches with different kinds of goals
  • How Aikido—the martial art—has made a huge difference in Fred’s understanding of leadership
  • How important trust is to being able to lead

Listen to this episode to get insights on leadership that completely jive with the Unbeatable Mind approach.

Jul 18, 2018
On the Art of Science and Self Mastery with Sifu Singh

Sifu Harinder Singh is a 23rd generation Kung Fu Master, trainer and author.  He and Commander Divine talk about the importance of martial arts and how we need to move beyond the idea of them as simply grappling or hitting. An essential aspect of the martial arts is the mentality and spirituality that it brings about. 

Learn about: 

  • How you need to be like water, flexible and ready to take any form necessary
  • How the west has been almost all Yang in the Yin and Yang pair
  • How Sifu and Mark both pursued the less obvious paths to get where they are now

Listen to this episode to learn how Awareness and an Unbeatable Mind precede every action.

Jul 11, 2018
Mark reads from his new book “Launch.”

Commander Divine just finished a rough draft of his new book “Launch,” which was originally conceived as being for young adults. He realized that it was actually useful for anyone, young or old, at the point of launching a new career, a new project or heading off in a new direction of any kind. Today, in this solo episode, he gives us a peek inside his process and his upcoming book.

Find out:

  • More about how your “Background of Obviousness” or BOO can shape your endeavors right off the bat
  • The importance of finding a mentor to help you get going in the right direction
  • How to connect to your inner witness to unravel all the stories that you think you “know” about yourself

Listen to this episode to hear Mark’s advice to teenagers and to everyone on the verge of starting something new.

Jul 04, 2018
Artificial Intelligence and the Future with Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell is a prodigy, having started work with the Silicon Valley venture capital firm of Andreessen Horowitz at the age of 22. He talks with Commander Divine today about the future of AI and the importance of understanding how to correctly use technology as a tool.

Hear about:

  • How artificial intelligence is already involved in our use of online platforms like Facebook and Google
  • The possibility that because our intelligence is part of our body, artificial intelligence may also need to be “embodied”
  • The unique way that the founder of Bitcoin is anonymous and has stepped away from the project to let others continue with the development

Listen to this episode to hear a very unique take on the future of the economy and artificial intelligence.

Jun 27, 2018
Brad Thor: Fiction and the importance of mental strength

Brad Thor is a well-known novelist who has written 18 extremely successful thrillers. His main character is a SEAL and he’s immersed himself in the world of Special Operations to make sure that his books are accurate. Mark and Brad talk about the difficulties of writing, the value of Stoicism and a more optimistic approach to current politics.

Hear about:

  • Brad’s rituals to keep himself motivated to write the next book
  • Participation in the Red Cell to imagine upcoming threats to the United States
  • Making sure that you can put this political era in proper perspective so you can appreciate everything about America

Find out how Brad maintains an unbeatable attitude so that he can keep writing new books every year.

Jun 20, 2018
Understanding that the physical is an extension of your spiritual journey with Sanjay Rawal

Sanjay Rawal is an award winning Documentary film director with "Food Chains" and "Challenging Impossibility", with his most recent called “3100: Run and Become.” The film is about a 3100 mile race in Queens and the spiritual value of running. From Japan and Africa, Rawal points to various cultures that use running not simply as a form of exercise, but a way to reach enlightenment. He and Mark talk about the importance of understanding that the physical is an extension of your spiritual journey. 

Hear about: 

  • The monks of Mount Hendai in Japan and their 1000 mile running challenges
  • The Kalahari bushmen of Botswana and their form of hunting which involves chasing their prey for several days 
  • The ancient Long-Gom-Pa monks of Tibet, who had trained themselves to bound endlessly across the terrain

Listen to this episode to hear how many cultures use physical activity as a spiritual tool, exercise for your mind and spirit as well as your body.

Jun 13, 2018
Talking about the psychology of sports and performance with Dr. John Sullivan

Dr. John Sullivan is a well-known sports psychologist who currently works with NFL teams, has consulted with the NBA, Major League Soccer, and English Premier League as well as Olympians. He is also the author of the book “The Brain Always Wins: Improving Your Life Through Better Brain Management.” He talks with Mark today about the importance of emotions in performance since, as he says, “emotions run the show in sport and life.”

Find out how:

  • Exercise needs to be understood as medicine. It needs to be dosed correctly like anything else.
  • We’ve returned to a “hunter/gatherer” society as we have to pick through food at the supermarket and read carefully to find suitable nutrition in our grocery stores
  • Technology can enhance, but never trump human beings

Listen to this episode to hear how performance often comes before thought, so thinking about what we should do means that we’re often too late.

Jun 06, 2018
Robert Hamilton Owens talks about growing and getting stronger at every age

Preparing for the Spartan Race at Dodger Stadium Mark had a chance to talk with Robert Hamilton Owens. Robert is known as a speaker, athlete and adventurer. At the age of 65, he took on five endurance challenges, including Kokoro camp. He has completed 12 Ironman triathlons, the most recent being last year. He also loves being an inspiration and mentor for young people, helping candidates for the Air Force Pararescuemen or “PJs” with whom he served in Vietnam. He and Mark talk about the importance of mindset to overcome physical challenges.

Find out about:

  • Robert’s achievements and lessons from being the oldest man ever to complete the Kokoro camp
  • How in the most extreme endurance challenges, your physical strength is already exhausted, and it’s your mental strength that gets you to the finish
  • The differences between endurance and strength and how Robert had to make some changes to train for Kokoro

Listen to this episode to get some insight into the importance of always staying relevant and “in the game” no matter what your age.

May 30, 2018
The Way of the SEAL: Training and building an elite team

In the final episode of his special “The Way of the SEAL” podcasts, Mark talks about the final two principles in his book, Training for the Way of the SEAL, and building an elite team. Commander Divine goes through some of the exercises and tools that he uses for training the 5 mountains. He also talks about ways to make sure that the members of your team are all on the same page with you as you work to accomplish elite goals.

Hear about:

  • how to combine horizontal training—practical skills—with the vertical development you need to attain higher plateaus of consciousness
  • Remember that slow is smooth, smooth is fast. So, think more about being smooth than going quickly when you train
  • Understand how you will need to make sure that every member of your team is following the same ethos

Listen to this episode to get many insights about training the 5 mountains and developing your ability to lead according to the Unbeatable Mind and Way of the SEAL principles.

May 23, 2018
The Way of the SEAL: “Think Offense all the time.”

In this solo episode, Mark gives us more insights on the 5th anniversary edition of his book “The Way of the SEAL.” Today he talks extensively about the importance of staying alert and making sure you maintain an offensive mindset. He’s not necessarily aggressive, but he’s always ready to keep moving forward.

Hear about:

  • how you can Work on the mental biases and “BOO” that is keeping you reactive and inside the box
  • The difference between real confidence and just being sure of an outcome.
  • Find out how to use the Cooper color system to move from a Sheep to Sheepdog

Chapter 8 is packed with information about moving from a defensive mindset to being ready to move forward and seize opportunities.

May 16, 2018
Spartan Co-Founder Joe De Sena on Overcoming Obstacles and Spartan Race taking off around the world

Joe De Sena has always been an entrepreneur, but he is best known as the co-founder of the Spartan Races, and the host of the Spartan Up! podcast. With the sound of another Spartan Race being built at Dodger Stadium in the background, he talks with the Commander about the past few years spent in Southeast Asia and China spreading the Spartan brand and his own, personal fitness approach. He’s a legend and a master of forging ahead no matter the odds.

Find out about:

  • The importance of his mother’s yoga practices and spiritual beliefs to how he still thinks about fitness
  • The joy and freedom he felt in losing his smartphone
  • The extreme difficulty he has in sitting quietly to meditate.

Listen to this casual and friendly episode to hear how more about the journey of the Spartan Races from where they began to where they are now.

May 09, 2018
Stew Smith: Tactical Fitness and Sheepdog training

Stew Smith is a well-known fitness trainer and author. His latest book is “Tactical Fitness (40+) Foundation Rebuilding.” He and Commander Divine talk about SEAL training, and the important lessons learned about fitness, breathing and mental ability gained. He goes on to describe his work with the Sheepdog community, preparing police, firefighters as well as various branches of the military for service.

Hear how:

  • at least part of exceptional performance is learning to overcome your own brain
  • mindset is an important part of athleticism, especially functional fitness
  • Stew uses breathing to control stress

Listen to this episode to get a glimpse into the value and importance of tactical and functional fitness for powerful service.

May 02, 2018
The Way of the SEAL: “Build Your Intuition”

In this solo episode, Mark gives us more insights on the 5th anniversary edition of his book “The Way of the SEAL.” Today he talks extensively about the importance of building your intuition. It is largely a process of developing your perception so that you can observe more information and details about any scene or situation.

Hear how:

  • Intuition comes largely by thinking with your gut and your heart instead of just your head.
  • Spec Ops training includes a focus on opening up your perception so that you are able to “see” more.
  • you need to work on clearing out your Background of Obviousness (BOO) to clear away old stories and perceptions

Learn how to enhance your perception and intuition so that you are able to “see” with more than just your eyes.

Apr 25, 2018
JC Glick talks about leadership in the military and in business

JC Glick is a former Ranger and served 11 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s also an author, and he’s provided a very down-to-earth account of how to develop leadership called “A Light in the Darkness: Leadership Development for the Unknown.” He and Mark talk about leadership, the effect of PTSD on soldiers and how they might be able to counteract it.

Hear how:

  • JC has known Generals Petraeus and McChrystal but he still credits NCOs with teaching him the most about leadership
  • That “pushing to the edge” of you or your team’s capacity isn’t necessarily the best way to get the best performance
  • Remember that you’re allowed and, in fact, expected to make some mistakes on your way to success

Find out how JC is able to translate his knowledge of military leadership to leadership in general.

Apr 18, 2018
Fake News and Cyber security: James Scott talks to Commander Divine

James Scott is a writer who works in cyber-security, advising congress about cyber security. He is a co-founder of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and a fellow at the Center for Cyber-Influence Operations Studies. He gives us his insights into Fake News and how political parties, special interests and nation-states use Twitter, Facebook and other kinds of social media to spread views and influence others.

Learn how:

  • Large tech companies including Google and Facebook have their own agendas
  • Manipulation of social media is standard practice for national and special interests
  • Buying a crowd to protest something isn’t difficult

Learn how you need to make sure that your thoughts are actually your own.

Apr 11, 2018
Laird Hamilton on being a surfing legend and innovator: Part Two

In Part Two of this interview, Mark and Laird Hamilton get into more specifics about training, recovery and nutrition. They also talk about the importance of proper breathing and using imagery. How it is essential to imagine a destination before you can actually get there. Both Mark and Laird are “watermen,” and air is almost everything when you’re in the water, so naturally proper breathing techniques are important.

Hear how:

  • Laird credits a great deal of his fitness knowledge to Paul Chek
  • Laird was doing “Paleo” before it had a name.
  • While it is useful to have some fear, it is essential that positive and negative thoughts are mostly in balance but with positive always a little bit ahead

Listen to this episode to both get insights about both the psychology and physiological requirements of high performance.

Apr 04, 2018
Laird Hamilton on being a surfing legend and innovator: Part One

Laird Hamilton is well known in the surfing community and is the subject of the recent, award winning documentary “Take Every Wave.” He was one of the inventors of Tow-in surfing, which allowed surfers to catch bigger waves than they could by paddling themselves. It has been one of the most significant advancements in surfing. In this two part interview, Mark talks to him about surfing and more.

Hear how:

  • Laird was bullied as a minority which he thought of as actually being an advantage. Because he was already outside the tribe,  there was no point in seeking approval from anyone.
  • The Ocean can be tough, but it is an environment that rewards you for knowledge and understanding.
  • Laird believes that fear is a sign of intelligence. It’s managing your fear that is essential, rather than being “fearless.”

In this first part of the Commander’s interview with the surfing legend, find out how he’s been able to evolve himself from youth to maturity through surfing.

Mar 28, 2018
The Way of the SEAL: “Embrace the Suck”

In this solo episode, Mark dives deeper into the new version of his book “The Way of the SEAL” to focus on doing today what others won’t and forging mental toughness. “Do today what others won’t so you can do tomorrow what others can’t,” is the Smoke Jumper creed. Commander Divine applies the Smoke Jumpers creed to all aspects of life. He then provides some practical insights on how to foster mental toughness in yourself, so that you will be able to perform in an exceptional way more easily.

Hear how:

  • Commander Divine learned to “embrace the suck” in his SEAL training thanks to an “evil” instructor pushing him to his limits
  • Understand the difference between good and bad pain, so you’ll know when to push through, and when you need to rest
  • You can use very practical methods to engage in good “mind control” of yourself

Listen to this podcast to learn how you create Discipline, Drive and Determination to do more.

Mar 21, 2018
David Goggins talks about physical and mental toughness

David Goggins (@iamdavidgoggins) is extremely well known both for his military career and as an extreme athlete. In 2013 he set the record for pullups completed in 24 hours at 4025.He and the Commander talk about how he managed to evolve himself from a very difficult childhood by exercising his tremendous will. Learn how mental toughness is a lifestyle and how he does everything he doesn’t want to do to stay tough.

Hear about:

  • His first 100 mile running race and how it changed his life
  • How he went from the Air Force, to hunting cockroaches, to the SEALs by force of will
  • His latest plans are to become a “Smoke Jumper,” wildlands firefighters that parachute into remote areas to fight forest fires

Learn Goggins’ secrets to super-human determination in this podcast

Mar 14, 2018
A unique approach to life and business with the Engelharts

Matthew and Terces Engelhart have created a work environment unlike any other. This spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance of life has afforded them a life beyond their expectations.  Owners of the largest vegan restaurant in the US, They also have a very unique approach to business, based on the principles of “Sacred Commerce.”

They have a conversation with Commander Divine about the importance of understanding your own and employee roles in a very different way so that work can be an empowering and open place, rather than simply a chore.


  • The Engelharts perform a Clearing practice on the Commander and then describe what they did.
  • How you need to be aware and make sure that what you say is “landing” in the way that you intended
  • That you need to understand that it’s the story that surrounds a fact that causes grief rather than the fact itself.

This very special podcast will give you insights on how better to communicate with staff and understand a very different way to pursue commercial success.

Mar 07, 2018
Michael Gervais: Mindfulness and High Performance

Michael Gervais is a renowned expert in high-performance psychology, best known for his work with the Seattle Seahawks, the Red Bull Stratos team, and with several Olympic athletes as well. He understands the power of our minds to accomplish the extraordinary first hand. He talks to Commander Divine about the importance of mindset and especially mindfulness to creativity and high performance.

Learn about:

  • His new company with Football coach Pete Carroll in coaching for business called “Compete to Create.”
  • How he made sure to call mindfulness “training” rather than “meditation” for professional football clients
  • His outlook and insights on Luke Aikins of Red Bull skydiving without a parachute

Michael Gervias specializes in high performance mindset training and whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, a business exec, entrepreneur or a stay at home parent, listen to this interview to improve your performance in everything.

Feb 28, 2018
Commander Divine talks about bullet-proofing and front sight focus

In his solocast today, the Commander talks about Front Sight Focus and Bullet-proofing your mission, more principles from the Anniversary edition of his book “The Way of the SEAL.” In a previous podcast, he focused on how to define your goals, and in this episode he gives his attention to properly focusing and breaking your vision down into separate, achievable missions.

Learn about:

  • Front sight focus: Make sure the you are able to radically focus on the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason
  • The 80-20 rule. We spend 80% of our time on non-productive work, and 20% on doing things that are useful. Hear how we need to flip that ratio to get things done.
  • Bullet-proof your mission: hear about the SEAL practice of “dirt diving,” or practicing your mission, so that you can be prepared for whatever might happen.

The mind is where all goals and achievements get their start. So it is essential that you learn how to win in your mind before you ever enter the field.

Feb 21, 2018
Charlie Melton on being a sniper and a SEAL

Charlie Melton is well-known as the marksman who trained Chris Kelly and Marcus Lutrell among many others. Charlie and the Commander go through his career with the SEALs as both a trainer and a soldier. Charlie was always interested in shooting, and was determined to enter the military. The SEALs seemed to be the hardest outfit for acceptance, training and service so that’s what he chose to do.

Hear about:

  • After a very serious and tragic car accident that caused the death of his wife Chris was still able to come back to active duty with SEAL team 5.
  • How Chris Kelly was very good, but he was also at the right places at the right times
  • Charlie recently broke the 5000 yard (2.84 miles) record for shooting

Most recently, Charlie’s started his own business training shooting at his ranch in Texas. The website is at

Feb 14, 2018
Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman on being Sheepdog Strong

David Grossman is well known for teaching at West Point, as a trainer and for various law enforcement and Criminal Justice organizations, and as an extremely important author and thinker regarding the psychology of killing. He talks with Commander Divine about current violence in society and the importance of what soldiers and police do.

Learn how:

  • It is essential that we understand the difference between “stress” and “disorder.”
  • The idea of the Sheepdog comes from Lieutenant Colonel Grossman, and it still describes what he believes to be the true calling of the American citizen
  • The prime disorder in the modern world is sleep deprivation caused by technology and stress

Make sure to listen and hear how through technology we are teaching violence to our children and how to handle it.

Feb 07, 2018
Jason Silva and his addiction to cognitive ecstasy

Jason Silva is an Emmy award winning TV personality, film maker and public speaker. He’s also a self-confessed addict of cognitive ecstasy. What that means is that he’s an addict of the kind of joy brought by understanding of the world, whether through reading, technology or travel. He is known as the host of the National Geographic program “Brain Games,” and currently produces videos for his own series “Shots of Awe,” on YouTube, with over 100 million views. He and the Commander discuss the future and the present of being human and knowledge.

Hear how

  • Tools shape us as much as we shape them
  • The mind is a part of the body
  • New places and new environments form an essential part of new knowledge

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation about consciousness to get a better understanding of the philosophy and pushing the boundaries of cognition.

Jan 31, 2018
Jay Redman on Leadership and Bravery after Battle

Jay Redman is a decorated US Navy SEAL lieutenant. He was critically wounded in 2007 while leading a mission – his team was ambushed and he was struck by machine gun fire. He is the founder of the Combat Wounded Coalition and author of the memoir "The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Officer." In this inspiring interview you will hear how Jay has committed his life to inspiring and teaching people how to develop an antique of never giving up, no matter the circumstances.

Learn how

  • The unwillingness to quit either mentally or physically is the first rule in BUD/S and life.
  • SEAL training made Jay understand that neither war, training or any other aspect of life was fair.
  • Jay’s determination to help wounded veterans when they return home.

Listen to this episode for a very down-to-earth explanation of military work and leadership.

Jan 24, 2018
Naveen Jain: Entrepreneurship, and the Science of the Microbiome

Naveen Jain is a serial entrepreneur, his latest venture being “Viome” which examines gut health. His company provides testing to make sure that the microbiome in your gut is in balance which will improve overall health. Jain and the Commander discuss entrepreneurship, your imagination being your only limit and his plans for getting to the moon.

Find out how:

  • The point of entrepreneurship must be more than simply financial wealth
  • There is enough of the nervous system in the gut that it’s reasonable to wonder if the brain is really the center
  • It’s much more reasonable and manageable to plan a moon shot now than it was in 1969.

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation to get an insight into health, space travel and business.

Jan 17, 2018
Commander Divine talks about the principles of The Way of the SEAL

For the 5 year anniversary of The Way of the SEAL, Mark is putting out an updated version of the book for us. In 4 episodes, he’ll be going over the principles outlined in the book for the Unbeatable Mind podcast. He starts with an explanation of the “VUCA” world that we live in and then how important it is to understand your starting location or your ethos before you attempt to make good decisions as a leader.

Learn about:

  • The VUCA environment – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous
  • Ethos – understand that knowing what you stand for is essential to knowing how to lead and serve
  • How the Commander went from pursuing a business career to join the SEALs instead

Get a better understanding of the leadership principles and a sneak peak at Mark’s new version of The Way of the SEAL.

Jan 10, 2018
Dr. Kirk Parsley: The Vital Importance of Sleep for Performance and Health

Commander Divine talks to friend and former SEAL, Dr. Kirk Parsley, a physician who says getting enough rest at night is the single most effective performance - enhancing habit.  The doctor points out that the SEALs, entrepreneurs and other business people all approach sleep as a kind of “luxury” and that we’ve been brought up to think of sleep as merely an optional component of life.

Find out:

  • How Dr. Parsley’s initial investigation of adrenal fatigue led him to focus on sleep
  • How lack of sleep can hamper even the most physically fit individuals from performing optimally
  • The importance of getting proper sleep for both physical and mental ability

Hear about Dr. Parsley’s new Sleep Remedy and how it can help you get the proper sleep that you need.

Jan 03, 2018
Tony Sentmanat: How to be Ready to be a Sheepdog

Commander Divine saw Tony online and knew that he had to have him on the podcast. Tony Sentmanat is a former Marine and a long-time veteran of the Miami police force on the
SWAT team. He owns and operates Real World Tactical, which is a training center devoted to giving clients the real-world knowledge and training that they need in order to effectively take care of themselves and others.

Find out:

  • How Tony used disassociation and humor in some situations as a police officer
  • How he uses breathing techniques to be able to function well under pressure
  • How it’s important to prepare and train yourself to be Sheepdog

Listen to this episode to find out more about police work and staying prepared in an uncertain world.

Dec 20, 2017
Andy Stumpf on SEALs, wingsuit flying and dangerous hobbies

This week Commander Divine talks to old friend Andy Stumpf at the Unbeatable Mind Summit this year. They have a frank discussion about the military and provide us with insights on the state of the US after 9/11. They also talk about Andy’s other pursuits, not least his wingsuit experiences and flying 18 miles in a wingsuit to break the world record for distance. 

Find out:

  • When 9/11 happened, much of the US military was still mentally stuck in Vietnam
  • Andy does amazing things humbly
  • What “Cleared Hot” means and why Andy chose it for the name of his podcast

Don’t miss this frank discussion of the military and other things between two former SEALs.

Dec 13, 2017
Scott Kelly: “Endurance” and his year in space

Astronaut Scott Kelly, the first NASA astronaut embarked on a historic mission…he blasted into orbit and began his record-setting 340 day mission to help study the effects of long-term space flight on the human body. Kelly talks about his long career as a Navy pilot, space exploration, his year on the space station and his most recent endeavor -his new book “Endurance: A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery.”

Find out how:

  • Reading “The Right Stuff” put Scott on track to a career in space
  • The value of diversity in a major project
  • the importance of Scott’s stay on the Space Station to future space trips, including possible trips to Mars

Kelly is an inspiration going from a below average student to commanding the Space Shuttle! 

Dec 06, 2017
Commander Divine gives us a new introductory chapter to “The Way of the SEAL”

In this episode, the Commander reads the new introductory chapter for his book “The Way of the SEAL.” In the new chapter called, “Leading in Accelerating Times,” he describes how to manage and lead and deal with the rapidly evolving challenges of the modern world. From this episode, learn about:

  • The VUCA environment—Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and how a leader deals with that challenge
  • How to keep using the OODA loop (observe, orient, decide and act) to make decisions even when it’s hard
  • The principles brought forward in the rest of the book about how to lead in business, including how to lead Millennials and how to use Rapid Planning Models

Listen in as Mark provides us with an insight to the new edition with a focus on how to lead in a changing world.

Nov 29, 2017
Christine Hassler: recognizing and managing the stories we tell ourselves

Christine Hassler is a coach, speaker, podcaster and author. Her most recent book is called “Expectation Hangover: Free Yourself from Your Past, Change Your Present and Get What You Really Want.” She talks to Commander Divine today about how to control our stories, so that we aren’t controlled by them in negative ways.

Hear them talk about:

  • The confluence of Spiritual Psychology and the Unbeatable Mind approach, especially in the recognition and management of our stories
  • Exploring options around the use of anti-depressants, including not using them at all
  • The difference between healthy anger and just allowing yourself to be discontented without a release

Listen to this episode to get an insight into another approach to the psychological issues that the Unbeatable Mind deals with as well.

Nov 15, 2017
Commander Divine talks to vets about PTS, the Courage Foundation and the “300” march

As many will already know, with the Courage Foundation, Commander Divine led a long hike from Sparta to Thermopylae in September to emulate and commemorate King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan warriors. He talks with two of the vets who were with him on that journey, Ilya Verler and Eric Colburn. The vets talk about their experiences with war, after the war and on the long march from Sparta with Mark.

Hear how:

  • They were both deeply affected by the 300 march
  • Mark’s Courage Foundation was established to help a number of people, but with vets suffering from PTS as its first priority
  • You will be able to help with future charity events

Go to the site at to find out more about this organization and how you can help them with their mission

Nov 08, 2017
Commander Divine on philosophy and breathing

Commander Divine takes us through the second and last part of his discussion of “The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.” Once again, he pulls sections from the book to provide us with inspiration on how Stoic philosophy can help us lead our lives correctly.

He then also talks to JD Hixson in Japan about breath work and the importance of making the value of breath-work and proper breathing obvious in North America.

In this episode, hear how:

  • The importance and value of living for the moment explained by Marcus Aurelius
  • Box Breathing is a “Trojan Horse,” leading to better habits in a variety of ways
  • Mark encountered breath-work initially as just an extension of his Zen and martial arts training

This special episode successfully combines teaching about the Commander’s approach to both breathing and philosophy.

Nov 01, 2017
Mark Sisson: Ketosis and working to be a fat-burner

Mark Sisson is essentially one of the earliest and foremost advocates of the paleo movement through his Primal approach and his website “Mark’s Daily Apple.” He is an avid experimenter and often uses himself to try out new ideas. He has always been interested in ketogenesis and so he recently did the work to make himself ketogenic. He also has recently written a new book called “The Keto Reset Diet,” that summarizes his extensive knowledge of the keto way of life.

  • Learn more about ketones and how the brain and muscles learn to use them for fuel
  • Hear how the vast majority of us, including most bodybuilders and other very fit people, still don’t train themselves to burn fat, relying instead on sugar and glycogen for fuel
  • Understand that you need to do the work to develop the metabolic machinery to burn ketones. Everyone is capable of making them, but only a few have trained their bodies to use them.

In this episode, get insight into the advantages of burning fat and using ketones to fuel your brain and your muscles.

Oct 25, 2017
Dr Pompa talks about the importance of true detoxification

Dr Daniel Pompa is a well-known medical trainer on detoxification and is the author of “The Cellular Healing Diet.” His approach is to ensure that while “detox” has become a kind of vogue term, to make it meaningful, it needs to involve detoxification of the cells themselves. Most “detox” programs and supplements are shallow and don’t involve helping the cells detoxify themselves.

  • Learn how the slow accumulation of heavy metals might be poisoning you
  • Learn about safe and responsible dentistry for the removal of old, silver fillings
  • Hear how one of the products common in farming and sprayed on almost everything you eat could be toxic


Listen to this very informative episode to get a better insight on how to rid your body of toxins.

Oct 18, 2017
Commander Divine talks about the practical value of Stoic philosophy

Commander Divine has always had an attachment to Marcus Aurelius, though it was only later in life that he realized how influential his teachings would be in laying the groundwork for Unbeatable Mind program.  Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor who was a devotee of the Greek philosophy of Stoicism, which is a very practical approach to wisdom and knowledge. He wrote a large set of “Meditations” where he described his learning and knowledge while he was on military campaigns and elsewhere. Mark reads these short pieces of wisdom and explains them as they relate to the modern world. Learn how Stoicism is related to the Unbeatable Mind philosophy and how you can use the Stoic teachings of Marcus Aurelius in everyday life. 

Oct 11, 2017
Brian MacKenzie and Phil White: being an unplugged athlete

In this episode, Mark talks with Brian MacKenzie and Phil White about their new book “Unplugged: Evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness.” Brian is an athletic and conditioning expert, and a NYT Bestselling author. Phil is an athlete and an Emmy-nominated writer and together with Dr. Andy Galpin, they’ve collaborated to write “Unplugged.” Hear how the mania for “plugging-in” for fitness is self-defeating. The authors are hoping that we can move beyond the tech back to an understanding of our own bodies. Listen to hear how by minimizing our technical dependence, we will enjoy fitness more.

Oct 04, 2017
John Assaraf: Unlocking your brain's full potential

John Assaraf (@johnassaraf) is a speaker, a NYT bestselling author of books including “The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life” and “Having It All” and a successful entrepreneur with several million dollar companies.  John has learned from his own experiences and he and Mark discuss everything from the importance of mindset and having control over your emotions to achieve success to the importance of mentors and of being ready to be guided. Listen to this episode to hear how John overcame a difficult youth to achieve huge entrepreneurial success, set and achieve your goal and build your confidence.

Sep 27, 2017
Lori Harder on mindfulness and how she overcame challenges to develop an Unbeatable Mind

Lori Harder is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, self love and mindfulness. She’s a fitness model, speaker and podcaster as the host of the podcast “Earn Your Happy.” Mark and Lori find many commonalities between the kind of mental exercises that she does and his integrated approach. Listen to this episode and hear how you can use Unbeatable Mind techniques in different ways and places.

Sep 20, 2017
Gretchen Rubin tells us about the Four Tendencies for motivation

Gretchen Rubin (@gretchenrubin) is a Three-time #1 New York Times bestselling including "The Happiness Project” and most recently, the just released book "The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People's Lives Better, Too).” She also hosts a podcast called “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.” Listen in as she and Mark talk about the four tendencies that she’s identified and how they affect our Unbeatable Mind. Learn how to use your own tendency to make it easier to motivate yourself.

Sep 13, 2017
Tom Bilyeu tells us about mindset and his entrepreneurial journey

Tom Bilyeu is the host and co-founder of the new show “Impact Theory” exploring how different entrepreneurs are making an impact on society and culture. He was also a co-founder and partner in Quest Nutrition, the enormously successful brand for nutrition that grew 57,000% in its first 3 years. He is a huge advocate of “mindsets” and the recognition that a person successes are shaped by effort rather than talent.  Listen to this episode to get further insight into the psychology of mindsets and Tom’s own journey to success.

Sep 06, 2017
Brent Gleeson on his SEAL career and his work as an entrepreneur

Brent Gleeson is a former SEAL and a prominent entrepreneur. He’s been very successful as a digital marketer and real estate.  He’s also a well known speaker merging his leadership lessons from the SEALs and how to apply them to business. Most recently, he’s also an author of the book “Taking Point: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail-safe Principles for Leading Through Change.” Mark and Brent talk about his work and his principles of leadership. Listen to this episode to gain insight on how an Unbeatable Mind is necessary both in the military and the business world.

Aug 30, 2017
Commander Divine talks to us about his Leadership Archetypes and leading in an uncertain world

As a leader, whether in the military or the corporate world, you step into various archetypal roles to achieve your goals. In this solo episode, Mark tells us about the archetypes that leaders must be able to utilize, from the “Warrior” and “Scholar” to the international, world-centric “Sage” role. He also discusses the “Joker,” who can show up wherever he needs to be as a kind of “morale officer” for your team. Listen to this solocast to get further insights into the kinds of tasks and roles that a leader will need to play in our increasingly chaotic world.

Aug 23, 2017
Tim Larkin and the psychology of self-protection

Tim Larkin is the founder of Target Focus Training and one of the world's foremost experts in self-protection.  Tim and Mark go back a long way, and Tim was formerly an intelligence officer with the Navy. He’s trained various branches of the Spec Ops community on close combat. Tim is also the author of several books, including, most recently, “When Violence Is the Answer: Learning How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is at Stake.” Tim teaches that it helps to focus on the similarities that every human body shares, so that we can learn the ways that all people will be vulnerable. This podcast is both informative and very counter-intuitive.  Listen to this episode to get an insight into how we avoid thinking about violence instead of learning it and where it fits in. 

Aug 16, 2017
Dean Karnazes on ultra-endurance and determination

Dean Karnazes has run most of the toughest endurance races in existence. He has completed 50 marathons in 50 days, won the Badwater race in Death Valley and ran 350 miles in just over 80 hours…without stopping.  Time Magazine named him one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.”

He’s also a NYT Bestselling author. Among his books, Dean’s most recent is “Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner.” He’s also written a book called “The Road to Sparta” regarding Dean’s faithful re-creation of the run that the Athenian Pheidippides took from Athens to Sparta in 490 BCE. Mark and Dean  discuss the upcoming “300” ruck that Mark will do in September from Sparta to Thermopylae and get into the importance of mental toughness in ultra-endurance sports, and the preparation that goes into one of Dean’s feats of endurance.  We all need to welcome greatness and use obstacles for our greatest successes.  Listen in to understand Dean’s determination and mindset, and to be inspired.

Aug 09, 2017
Jordan Harbinger on building social capital both personally and professionally

Jordan Harbinger, an authority on social interactions, has traveled places in the world that most people have never gone and that many people wouldn’t dream of. He tells us hair-raising stories about being in the former Yugoslavia as it disintegrated and his time in North Korea. As he describes his kidnapping, you get an idea of how he is able to use his communication skills to talk his way out of what were literally life and death situations. Now he’s the co-founder of the internationally recognized “The Art of Charm” podcast and consulting with business and individuals on developing networking and communication skills. Listen to this episode to hear some quick tips on communication and networking for entrepreneurs.

Aug 02, 2017
Unlocking your brain’s full potential and optimizing performance with Dr. Chao

This week’s episode features Dr. Daniel Chao, with a degree in biochemistry, MS in neuroscience and a medical degree from Stanford University.  He explains the science behind neurostimulation. Dr. Chao has developed HALO Sport which uses proprietary technology called Neuropriming to improve the brain’s response to training and drive accelerated performance gains. 

 This type of “hyper-learning” allows you to learn and become comfortable with new kinds of movement much more quickly than you can through regular training. In effect, it is able to make training more effective through stimulation of specific parts of the brain. They talk about the science, how the military is undergoing the ultimate testing with the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group and how he is trying to inspire and train not just athletes, but pilots, musicians, surgeons and even stroke victims.  We all want to improve our lives and unlock our brains full potential. Don’t miss this interview. 


In order to encourage the Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT tribe to take advantage of the Halo system, Dr. Chao has made the system available to podcast listeners at a discounted price. Go to and use the code “unbeatablemind125” on checkout to get $125 off the regular price of the Halo sport.  

Jul 26, 2017
Jim Rome tells us about determination and being a sportscaster

Jim Rome is a legendary sportscaster and media personality. He shares with us the trials and challenges he faced in becoming what he always wanted to be. He and Commander Divine discuss mental and emotional toughness and how Jim inadvertently was working on developing an Unbeatable Mind in order to succeed as a broadcaster.  He and Mark also talk about how they are trying to raise children in light of the changed and very competitive world in which we live. Find out how Jim has worked on mental toughness, and the determination he was able to use to succeed in his career.

Jul 19, 2017
Joshua Mantz on trauma, the military and his experience of nearly dying

Joshua Mantz is a retired Major who commanded in the Army for a decade.  Joshua has also recently authored the book to be released in August: “The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma Through the Power of Human Connection.” In 2007 he was very seriously wounded by a sniper on the outskirts of Sadr City, and he actually died for 15 minutes. He talks with Commander Divine about what the experience of dying was like, and the mental challenges of emotional trauma.  Find out how you can help with his mission and how he has dealt with the kind of very serious trauma that he has faced.

Jul 12, 2017
How to overcome Fear and Anxiety

In this episode, Commander Divine discusses the different aspects of fear and anxiety. They are based on false expectations or perceptions, and are solely based on thinking either in the future or the past. When we are experiencing the present-moment directly, we can overcome fear. How can we use that energy to fuel ourselves for peak performance in the present?  Don't miss this solocast.

Jul 05, 2017
Sean Esbjorn-Hargens discusses integrative thinking and the new leadership

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens is the founder of The MetaIntegral Foundation and is a champion of the kind of integral philosophy best known through Ken Wilber. He has a PhD in integral theory and has worked extensively in helping coach leaders to be effective in the chaotic, and endlessly changeable modern world. He and Commander Divine talk about the philosophy of meta-integration and the importance of integral theory for business leadership. Learn how you’re will need to pull together understandings of different areas to make yourself more effective as a leader.

Jun 28, 2017
Erik Weihenmayer on doing the impossible

Erik Weihenmayer is the only blind person to climb the seven summits.  He also solo kayaked 277 miles of the Grand Canyon. He has done all of this and more, blind.  Weihenmayer, who lost his sight at 13, suffers from a genetic disease that eventually took his vision. He talks about what it takes to mentally and emotionally overcome his challenges and what motivates him to engage in adventuring that many sighted people would find near impossible.  Erik’s book about kayaking is called “No Barriers,” and is a must read.  Commander Divine and Erik get into what it takes to take the first steps to live a life of risk and adventure. Keep listening after the interview for a brief out-take regarding Erik’s upcoming trip to the Himalayas and Mark’s Spartan 300 march in Greece.

Jun 21, 2017
Dr. Andrew Hill tells us about mapping the brain and peak performance

Dr. Hill is the founder of The Peak Brain Institute where the Commander and Ben Greenfield spent some time recently experiencing brain mapping with the Q EEG. By using the Q EEG brain scan, Dr. Hill is able to look more closely at the brain to see what might be going on. His institute uses neurofeedback, scanning and meditation in conjunction to help you develop your cognitive capacity and help treat people with TBI or other cognitive dysfunction. Find out more about his work and the kind of training that they offer.

Jun 14, 2017
Wim Hof talks about using cold temperatures and breath to increase performance

Wim Hof is the holder of 26 world records for his feats withstanding cold temperatures using breath-work. He is now devoted to spreading the message of how to use his methods of breathing to maximize people’s physical potential.  Most recently, he is the author of “The Way of the Iceman,” which is about his own exploits and how anyone will be able to use his methods. Anyone familiar with Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT will also be familiar with the importance of breath-work. Find out how you can use Wim’s breath methods to up your game.

Jun 07, 2017
Steven Kotler talks about the psychology and physiology of the flow state

Steven Kotler is co-author of the book “Stealing Fire” with his friend Jamie Wheal. He is an expert on flow state, and has deep insight into the physical and emotional aspects of flow. No doubt, everyone is interested in how this kind of effortless perfection or “Shibumi” works. He talks with Commander Divine about flow, and both he and Mark are able to give us some clues as to how we will be able to access this state. Listen to the episode to learn more and  be able increase your performance.

May 31, 2017
Chris Ring on SEAL training, mental toughness and swimming the Mississippi river

Chris Ring is a former SEAL who was the first American to swim the entire Mississippi river to raise awareness of military casualties and their families.  Oddly, for a SEAL, he’s not really that fond of swimming, but swimming the Mississippi seemed like the right thing to do, so he did it. Hear how about his SEAL training, deployment, and the Mississippi swim. Find out how he was able to use mental toughness and an Unbeatable Mind to endure and overcome challenges.  

May 24, 2017
Joshua Cooper Ramo on current politics and the “Seventh Sense”

Joshua Cooper Ramo (@jramo) is the co-CEO of Kissinger Associates, a geopolitical consultancy and author of the new book “The Seventh Sense,” about the importance of recognizing and using new global networks effectively. He has also been a pilot and a competitive aerobatic flyer. Commander Mark Divine and Joshua discuss the importance of nature and networks to an understanding of the modern world. The conversation veers from politics to spirituality.  Learn how to use your Unbeatable Mind to understand our complicated world.  

May 17, 2017
John Lee Dumas talks about entrepreneurship and the military

John Lee Dumas (@johnleedumas) is the creator and host of the podcast “EOfire” (Entrepreneur on Fire) which went, in just a few years, from an idea of how to fill a gap in the podcast landscape, to what is now a multi-million dollar business. John talks to Commander Divine about his own style of entrepreneurship, finding value in his work and the importance of his military experiences in his growth as an entrepreneur. What did he learn from interviewing over 1500 top entrepreneurs? Listen in as they discuss the important approach to business and mindset.

May 10, 2017
Mo Gawdat tells us about his scientific and engineering approach to happiness

Mo Gawdat (@solveforhappy) is the Chief Business Officer for Google X—the division of Google responsible for moonshots like the self-driving car and worldwide WiFi delivered by balloon. The unexpected death of his son, Ali, led him to further investigate an algorithm for happiness that he and his son had been working on. The result is his book “Solve for Happy,” where he lets us in on his equation for happiness and how he was able to use it in the wake of his son’s death. Listen in as Commander Divine and Mo discuss meaning, happiness and science.

May 03, 2017
Actor Barry Sloane on his role as a Navy SEAL on the TV show “Six"

Actor Barry Sloane (@barrypaulsloane), formerly from the show “Revenge" plays the leader of SEAL team six (Naval Special Warfare Development Group) on the History television show “Six." Barry and the rest of the cast were trained and prepared for their roles at SEALfit under Commander Divine. Barry and the Commander talk about his work as an actor and the long-term value that he has gotten from his SEALfit training and the importance of getting it right and being accurate in the details while making “Six.” Find out how the brotherhood and mindset developed in their training has infused the cast and crew.

Apr 26, 2017
Commander Divine reads the 2nd chapter of his new book, “Unbeatable Leader" for us

Once again, Commander Divine is on his own this week, to bring us a reading of the 2nd chapter of his upcoming book. “Unbeatable Leader” will be about tapping into the flow state, so that you can maximize performance both for yourself and for the people you lead in business or anything else by being able to tap into the flow state at will. The 2nd chapter is heady stuff, and he describes “5 plateaus” of enlightenment that different leaders will be at and how to work to communicate effectively with all your team members. Hear what the Commander is currently working on, and get a look into his process as he writes. Get Mark’s insights into the importance of communication and how to be an Unbeatable, enlightened leader

Apr 19, 2017
Shawn Stevenson shares his knowledge about fitness, nutrition and sleep

Shawn Stevenson is a podcaster with his own story of recovery from a debilitating spinal cord disease that was supposed to be incurable. With his focus on diet especially, he was able to turn back the clock on what doctors had called his 80 year-old spine, and he is now a very successful fitness coach and podcaster. He and Commander Divine talk about the various parts of integrated training, and especially the often neglected aspect of sleep. Getting good sleep is central to fitness, and listen in as Shawn and Mark talk about ways that you can improve both.

Apr 12, 2017
Jimmy Chin on pushing the limits, cheating death and his work as a film-maker

One of the world’s greatest adventure and award winning photographers Jimmy Chin (@jimkchin) talks to Commander Divine for his 100th episode!  Jimmy has had a very interesting path to his adventures in climbing and in film-making. He has crossed the Chang Tang Peninsula of northwestern Tibet on foot and skied from the summit of Everest. He also claimed the first ascent on the central pillar of Mt. Meru in India, known as “The Shark’s Fin,” which is the subject of his latest and critically-acclaimed film “Meru” co-directed with his wife.  Find out his stories as he captures athletes and adventurers who are pushing the absolute limits. 

Apr 05, 2017
JP Sears, the YouTube sensation, on ego and spirituality

Mark talks to the one and only Ultra Spiritual JP Sears (@JP Sears). He’s a YouTube sensation with over 100 million hits with his videos where he humorously pokes fun at ways that spiritual is often used in a egotistical way.  While JP’s work is humorous and comedic, it also has a serious goal. He struggled himself with the way that ego tried to take over his own spiritual journey. Commander Divine is a fan of the videos, and he and JP talk about the value of humor as a communication tool and the importance of separating spirituality from ego. Plus, we have some laughs along the way.

Mar 29, 2017
Robb Wolf on how to rewire your body to lose weight

Robb Wolf is an expert on fueling and nutrition and his previous book, “The Paleo Solution” was a New York Times bestseller. Commander Divine and Robb dive into his background and his approach to nutrition. After having a kind of revelation around his mother’s illness, and making himself very sick with vegan experiments in college, Robb became an advocate of nutrition based not on agriculture, but the paleolithic lifestyle of the hunter/gatherer. His new book, “Wired to Eat.” tackles how to turn off cravings and determining what foods are right for your body. 

Mar 22, 2017
Mark offers a sneak peak at Chapter 1 of his new book, “Unbeatable Leader"

This week, Commander Divine is on his own, reading the first draft of his upcoming book “Unbeatable Leader.” His book is about tapping into the flow state, so that you can maximize performance both for yourself and for the people you lead in business or anything else by being able to tap into the flow state at will. This dovetails with Mark’s in the Unbeatable Mind program, martial arts and spiritual practices. Hear what the Commander is currently working on, and get a look into his process as he writes.  Get Mark’s insights into flow and peak states at the same time.

Mar 15, 2017
JJ Virgin talks about positivity, resiliency and mindset

JJ Virgin is an expert in nutrition and fitness. She is the author of several New York Times bestselling books, and most recently she wrote the book “Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, and Life’s Hardest Lessons.” The book is about her mindset in dealing with the serious and life-threatening injury dealt to her son by a hit-and-run driver.  There wasn’t a great deal of hope that her son would live, let alone recover, but JJ wasn’t willing to give up, and she describes the ways in which she maintained her hope when faced with the unthinkable.  

Mar 08, 2017
Tony Blauer and his SPEAR system for self-defense

Tony Blauer and Commander Divine are old friends, and he has been on the podcast before. Tony is an expert in self-defense, especially the psychological and emotional side of fighting. He has trained various clients, including the Special Forces and the police in awareness and close combat. He explains where his interest comes from, and the major difference between the realities of actual fighting versus the disciplines used in the martial arts or MMA. He traces his system back to the origins of human hunting and fighting 80,000 years ago. Find out about Tony’s SPEAR system and get more understanding of the value of our natural instincts and reactions in self-defense.

Mar 01, 2017
Mike Bledsoe of “Barbell Shrugged” on spirituality, entrepreneurship and altered states

Mike Bledsoe and Commander Divine talk about a huge variety of different things in this wide ranging podcast. Mike is a very successful entrepreneur, podcaster and all around “Renaissance Man.” In one episode, these two old friends repeatedly digress to talk about politics, business, spirituality, iowaska and Crossfit. Their insights span from the theoretical to the practical and everything in between. Listen to this episode to be able to get a huge variety of knowledge on different topics.

Feb 22, 2017
Jamie Wheal talks about the flow state

Jamie Wheal @Flowgenome is a leading expert on the neurophysiology of human performance and has been researching and investigating the flow state for more than a decade. He recently wrote a book called “Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, The Navy SEALs and Maverick Scientists are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work,” with co-author Steven Kotler. He and Commander Divine talk both about the high-tech methods that are being used, and how ancient wisdom and techniques are making a resurgence. Find out what you can learn from him about peak performance and the flow state.

Feb 15, 2017
Brian Johnson on philosophy and business

Brian Johnson talks about his career as a philosopher or “lover of wisdom,” an author and as an entrepreneur.  He and Commander Mark Divine talk about his journey, his latest venture with “” and creating a facility for people to discover and be at their best. We all want to live with virtue and excellence.  Discover what you can learn from Brian’s career and his approach to philosophy and personal performance.

Feb 08, 2017
Commander Divine gives you some insights on how to keep New Year’s resolutions in this solo episode

This is the time of year when our resolutions are already starting to get difficult, so Commander Mark Divine is giving us some pointers on developing a few, specific skills to enhance our mental toughness so we can follow through on the commitments we’ve made. He also focuses specifically on one of the most common resolutions which surrounds diet, nutrition and weight loss. Find out what you can learn and put into practice to help yourself achieve your goals in 2017.

Feb 01, 2017
The Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence, talks about how he was able to do 50 triathlons in 50 days

Commander Mark Divine interviews the Iron Cowboy about his work as an ultra-endurance athlete. James Lawrence holds various Guinness World Records for triathlon, and recently completed the "50-50-50" challenge: completing 50 Ironman distance triathlons in 50 states in 50 days. Hear how James was able to foster the mental, emotional and physical strength required to complete it and what you can learn from his efforts to overcome extraordinary challenges and apply it to your life.

Jan 25, 2017
Greg McKeown describes how to live an “Essentialist” lifestyle

Commander Divine talks to best-selling author, businessman and speaker Greg McKeown about his book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.” Greg dives into his philosophy and Mark points out the similarities between the Essentialist outlook and the kind of mindset that he fosters in Unbeatable Mind. Essentialism is ultimately focused on setting a priority and doing the right things, rather than trying to do everything that comes at you. Listen to this episode to get insights into how to understand your goals and, most importantly, how to make them in the first place.

Jan 18, 2017
Doctor Belisa Vranich gives pointers on breathing properly

Dr. Belisa made the move from clinical psychology to focusing exclusively on teaching people to breathe correctly. She has been on various talk shows and most recently, she is the author of the book “Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health.” How we breathe can have a large impact on both our physical health and our emotional and psychological well-being. So naturally, as Commander Divine has talked about before, it is essential that we learn proper breathing technique, even though many of us will think of breathing as just being an automatic action that our body does unconsciously. See if you recognize yourself in the breathing issues that Dr. Belisa describes.

Jan 11, 2017
Greg Amundson describes how he got started with CrossFit and how he became a “Firebreather”

It’s been a long time coming, but Commander Divine and Greg Amundson talk about the origins of CrossFit, how Greg originally got involved and the lessons about leadership and life that Greg has learned along the way. Greg is known by his peers as the "Original Crossfit Firebreather" He describes his experience at the Kokoro camp and talks about his new book, “Firebreather Fitness.” The two friends have a far-reaching conversation about leadership, spirituality and self-mastery. Listen in to hear the valuable lessons that they are able to bring to you as well.

Jan 04, 2017
Commander Divine tells you how to Power Up and Emit Excellence in this solocast

Commander Mark Divine talks about the difference between force and power in this podcast, and tells us how we can make the right kind of mental moves in order to be able to Power Up our mind. In addition, he is always in favor of achieving excellence, and he helps us toward that goal. He talks about how we often don’t seem to have the time to achieve what we’d like to, and how to manage time in ways that help, instead of hindering your goals. Hear how you can benefit from the information the Commander is bringing to you in this solocast.

Dec 21, 2016
Rich Roll talks about veganism and his ultra-endurance feats

Rich Roll has had a varied career, starting with being an entertainment lawyer, an ultra-endurance athlete and now a podcaster and author. He previously suffered from alcoholism, but after a revelatory moment he was able to stop drinking. After that, he threw himself into his career as a lawyer, and another revelation caused him to change his workaholic ways to run the Ultraman race in Hawaii, and the Epic 5, which is 5 Ironmans in a week. Inspired by David Goggins, the former Navy SEAL, he became an ultra-endurance athlete and at the same time, became a vegan. Commander Divine and Rich talk about the psychology and spirituality of endurance and the value of following a plant-based diet.

Dec 14, 2016
Diana Nyad and the determination to see things through

Diana Nyad is probably best known for her marathon swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys. Her pursuit at a lifelong dream came true after her 5th attempt.  Diana was able to become the first person to make the swim without a shark cage at the age of 64. Since then, she’s started the walking community at “Everwalk” to both challenge and encourage the average American to walk. She is the author of several books, including her latest “Find a Way. “ She and Commander Divine talk about swimming, life on the ocean and the importance for people to have a compelling “why” or purpose. Hear how Diana’s determination and perseverance has served her well.  Her determination to never give up will inspire you.

Dec 07, 2016
Kyle Maynard and taking determination to new heights

Kyle Maynard is an ESPY Award winning mixed martial arts athlete, a MMA fighter, owner of a Crossfit gym and world speaker.  He is also known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics. He was born a “congenital amputee,” which means that neither his legs nor arms developed. Kyle shares with us the mindset and philosophy that allow him to achieve in spite of his challenges. In fact, he achieves, at least in part, because of physical challenges. In a free-ranging discussion with Commander Divine he tells us how his unique childhood and approach have helped him achieve results that would make him extraordinary under any circumstances, let alone with the kind of extreme physical challenges that he faces.  He's a true inspiration, and you don't want to miss this interview.

Nov 30, 2016
Jenna Wolfe and the importance of taking risks in life

Jenna Wolfe was the first fitness and lifestyle correspondent on the Today Show, but recently left to start her own live-streaming show on Facebook called The Jenna Wolfe Show. She is also the author of the book “Thinner in 30: Small changes that add up to big weight loss in just 30 days.” When she left the Today Show, it was unexpected and she talks with Commander Divine about the value of the left turn and making unexpected changes. Timing is often not right but the value of keeping your goal in mind even when it’s not the right time for a change is crucial.   Find out how you can focus on your goals and move on even when it’s hard. 

Nov 23, 2016
What is neuro-hacking and how can you improve your quality of life? Daniel Schmachtenberger on mental and emotional evolution.

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a member of the Neurohacker Collective and founder of the Emergence Project. He talks with Commander Divine about how our technology has outstripped our ability to use it properly. In other words, we need to step up our game to be able to use our technology effectively. As a result, Daniel is dedicated to finding ways to enhance people’s cognitive ability so that they will be able to make better decisions about technology and life in general.

The Neurohacker Collective has recently come out with Qualia, an extensively researched nootropic that combines natural ingredients with the best synthetic ingredients to maximize our capacity to think effectively. It is the “Lamborghini” of nootropics, having been researched and held to higher standards than most new nootropics are.

Nov 16, 2016
Nathan Fletcher–Veterans Day Special: Former Marine and politician Nathan Fletcher on PTSD and Helping Veterans

In this podcast, Commander Divine talks to Nathan Fletcher, a USMC combat Vet, American politician, businessman and professor who served two terms in the California State Assembly. He talks to Nathan about his time in the Marines and most recently, his work helping vets with PTSD to find help. He is founder of the Three Wise Men Veterans Foundation, which is dedicated to helping veterans who fought for us… it’s our turn to help fight for them. Hear about their latest event in conjunction with Crossfit, a special WOD on the Midway on the 11th.  Find out how you can participate in the special event.

Nov 09, 2016
Ben Greenfield talks to Mark about training and biohacking

Ben Greenfield is a well-known athlete and biohacker, as well as being an old friend of Commander Mark Divine. They discuss Ben’s background, his approach to training, and his latest finds in the realm of biohacking. Ben will be one of the speakers at the Unbeatable Mind Retreat, December 2-4, and he shares some of his insights with us. What will you be able to take from Ben’s knowledge about fitness and technology?

Nov 02, 2016
Commander Mark Divine on Recovery and Integrated Training

In the third and final podcast of the series, Mark talks about the crucial importance of recovery, sleep and integrated training. He points out that we can’t just train without learning to rest properly in between workouts. He also shows us that our best performance is connected to the 5 mountains of Kokoro. Will you be able to re-adjust your thinking about rest and connect your training into other parts of your whole person?

Oct 26, 2016
Former NFL Player and CEO of Power Athlete John Welbourn

Commander Divine has a lengthy and frank discussion with John Welbourn about his opinions of the NFL, how athletic training really can and should work, and where professional football really should fit into the media and entertainment industries. John was an offensive tackle and a guard with the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 to 2003 and the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004 to 2007. Since leaving the NFL, he started Crossfit Football and Power Athlete HQ. From the state of training, football and politics, Mark and John have a wide-ranging discussion with no holds barred. Entertaining and insightful, don’t miss this podcast.

Oct 19, 2016
Kute Blackson shares his ideas about transformation and living the real you

This week Commander Divine talks with Kute Blackson about the remarkable way that his parents met and his childhood in Ghana and London. Kute’s father was a spiritual leader in the West African nation. With a great deal of hesitation, and even though it was expected, Kute decided not to follow in his father’s footsteps and instead he is living his own mission by helping people find their path and purpose in life. Kute is based out of Los Angeles and has recently written a book called “You. Are. The. One.” What insights will you be able to take from his discussion with Mark?

Oct 12, 2016
Jeremy McGhee talks about resiliency, positive attitude and mental toughness

A very serious motorcycle accident left Jeremy McGhee paralyzed from the waist down. He wasn’t willing to let that stop him, however, he’s still a surfer, skier and adaptive athlete. Recently, the documentary “Drop In” was produced about his ascent and skiing the “bloody couloir,” a challenge for anyone. He talks to Commander Divine about how he approaches life, his adventures and what the future holds for him. What will you be able to learn from Jeremy’s attitude and resilience? Find out by listening to this very special podcast.

Oct 05, 2016
Andy Walshe on Sport, Technology and Creativity

Andy Walshe talks with Commander Divine about the future of sport, technology and the importance of creativity in truly great performers. Andy started off coaching surfers in Australia and is currently the Director of High Performance at Red Bull. He has a variety of insights to share on the evolution of extreme sport and the increasing place for technology. In his opinion, the difference between good and exceptional in performance is the human factor, and technology just frees us up to enhance our passionate pursuit of our goals. From technology, he and Mark move into the future of spirituality as well.  How will you be able to bring his insights into your own training and practices? 

Sep 29, 2016
Ashley Horner on using her determination and success for the good of all women

 Ashley Horner discusses her evolution from her childhood on a ranch in Oklahoma to becoming a fitness model for, the owner of several of her own businesses and how she’s been able to use her business sense and determination for various charitable organizations, including starting her own “Unbroken Movement Foundation,” in the service of battered and abused women. What will you be able to take away from her success and the very clear sense of purpose or “why” that drives her?

Sep 21, 2016
Ryan Holiday shares his outlook on marketing and Stoic philosophy

Ryan Holiday got his start helping Tucker Max and now runs Brass Check marketing, which has helped a huge number of clients, including Google and Tony Robbins, market their products. He talks today with Commander Mark Divine about his own books and the Stoic philosophy that underpins them. He also shares his thoughts about marketing and especially book marketing. What will you be able to take from Ryan’s insights, and how you will you be able to use them for yourself?

Sep 14, 2016
Commander Mark Divine talks about breathing and hydration

This is the second of Mark’s solocasts about fueling and The Three Pillars of Longevity. This week, he talks about breathing and hydration, and the importance of learning how to breathe properly and making sure you’re adequately hydrated. He emphasizes that macronutrients are not the only part of fueling. Would you like to learn more about different aspects of fueling so that you can get the most from yourself in every way?

Sep 07, 2016
Mitch Hall on Special Ops, SEALs and the transition to civilian life

Commander Mark Divine talks with former SEAL Mitch Hall about the role he’s played in the SEAL teams, their current role in Special Operations, and how he was able to effectively make the transition from military service to become a highly successful technical consultant in the entertainment industry. In his 21 year career with the SEALs, Mitch was deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, and various other locations. He has since consulted on the Hollywood hit “Zero Dark Thirty” and is currently consulting in the production of the series “Six” about SEAL team 6. What is his insight into current issues and how can you learn from his determination and his career as a SEAL?

Aug 31, 2016
Dr. Sanjiv Chopra talks about the 5 simple things you can be doing to live a longer life

Many have heard of his brother, Deepak, but Dr. Sanjiv Chopra is an accomplished medical professional as well. He is a professor at Harvard Medical School, and is an expert on the GI tract and the liver. He is also an author, and today he talks with Commander Mark Divine about his most recent book, “The Big Five: Five Simple Things That You Can Do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life.” Are they really that simple? And how can you start using his tips in your own life?

Aug 24, 2016
Former NFL player Olaniyi Sobomehin on how he has used mental discipline to achieve his goals

This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Olaniyi Sobomehin about how to foster mental toughness. Olaniyi is a former NFL player, and has just left firefighting to focus on his business and his podcast, “I’m not you.” What are the mental and emotional strategies that he’s used to foster mental discipline in his sons, his athletes and himself? How will you be able to apply them to your own life?

Enjoy the podcast, and check out the gift that he’s put together for Unbeatable Mind listeners at

Aug 17, 2016
Calvin Newport tells us how to focus and how we can make sure that we’re working on the right things

Cal Newport has his doctorate from MIT, and is a professor at Georgetown University in computer science. He is also the author of several books for students and businesspeople to maximize their potential. He has written books including, “How to Win in College,” “So Good They Can’t Ignore You,” and his most recent book is “Deep Work.” Commander Mark Divine and Cal discuss his concept of “Deep Work,” and how to make sure that despite all our distractions, we give our time and attention to the important tasks.

Aug 10, 2016
Commander Mark Divine and his approach to fueling and nutrition

This week we have the first part of a series of solo casts called The Three Pillars of Longevity. The first pillar is fueling, which includes macro-nutrients, hydration and breathing. How we fuel is an essential part of our overall health. Do you want to know how to optimize your eating so you can enjoy training, work and time with family? Don’t miss this podcast.

Aug 03, 2016
Dr. Sue Sisley shares the challenges she’s faced in researching cannabis as a treatment for PTSD

This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Dr. Sue Sisley about her work with marijuana as a treatment for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In April 2016, Dr. Sisley received approval from the DEA to conduct the first study to test how marijuana interacts with veterans with severe PTSD. She explains why the process took nearly seven years, and how she, along with the veteran community, were tenacious and determined to overcome the obstacles

Jul 27, 2016
The Hendels, father and son, talk about Crossfit and their upcoming competition at the Crossfit games

In this casual podcast, Commander Mark Divine catches up with Spencer and Andy Hendel about the evolution of Crossfit, the games versus the open, and the difference between Andy’s Masters competition and the regular competition that Spencer will be participating in. Andy specifically talks about his approach and the rewards he gets out of being an athlete over fifty. They both talk about the challenges that they’ve faced and the determination that they’ve shown to overcome them.

Jul 20, 2016
Mark Erwin on unleashing the extraordinary power you never knew you had

This week Commander Mark Divine has a conversation with Mark Erwin, former United States ambassador and successful businessman about his book “The Powers: 12 Principles to Transform Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary,” and the role that discipline and positive thinking have played in his life. From a very challenging adolescence, to becoming a millionaire and then on to United States ambassador, Mark Erwin shares the key powers that have made him successful both financially and personally.

Jul 13, 2016
Tony Wrighton and the importance of internal and external dialogue to keep you in the right frame of mind

This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Tony Wrighton from the UK. Tony is a presenter on Sky Sports TV, and has also devoted himself to NLP or neurolinguistic programming as a sideline. He is the author of several books, including “Confidence in a Minute,” “Relax in a Minute,” and “Persuade in a Minute.” He is also the host of the podcast “Zestology.” He and Mark talk about the British exit from the EU or “Brexit,” neurolinguistic programming and the importance of being able to using positive language to improve the mindset of both yourself and others. Learn about the importance of internal and external dialogue to keep yourself and other people in the right frame of mind.

Jul 06, 2016
Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen on making your brain all that it can be

The Amens talk to Commander Mark Divine about their work with brain health. They have both authored several of books, and they are both New York Times bestselling authors.  By using SPECT scans, they have been able to identify issues in their patients’ brains. They are then able to help people work on and fix their health issues through the use of nutrition, exercise and meditative practices, as well as more radical measures like hyperbaric oxygen and transcranial magnetic stimulation. They take a warrior’s approach to brain health, and they have two books coming out in the fall about being a Brain Warrior. They share their approach to brain health with Mark in this podcast.

Jun 29, 2016
Inside the prison system with Warden Shelith Hansbro of the Decatur Correctional Institution

Commander Mark Divine talks to Warden Shelith Hansbro who has run the Decatur Correctional Institution for the past 6 years. This podcast gets into how a prison warden can have an Unbeatable Mind, in the midst of an environment that often brings despair, crime, hopelessness—but can also sometimes bring restoration, hope and change for the better. After spending time there with the team, Shelith Hansbro shares her perspective on how prison works, ought to work and describes a number of innovative programs she has developed for offenders, including a program to keep pregnant mothers with their new-born children in prison.

Jun 22, 2016
Bob Schoultz on leadership, heroism and the current atmosphere for the SEALs

Two old friends, Captain Bob Schoultz and Commander Mark Divine talk about how recent publicity has impacted the SEALs. Bob Schoultz is an expert in leadership, and he’s both a speaker and guest at the Unbeatable Mind retreat. He’s taught leadership ethics in both in business and the military at the graduate level. In this wide ranging conversation, Bob and Mark touch on the importance and meaning of the SEAL ethos, the value of leadership and the different meanings of heroism. All of these subjects are essential for both the military leader and for understanding leadership in business.

Jun 08, 2016
Wesley Chapman and how to help kids succeed and achieve

Commander Mark Divine interviews Wesley Chapman. Wesley started his entrepreneurial career during a troubled childhood by selling flowers at the age of eight. He’s had many successes since then, and now he is the founder of “A Human Project” and devotes himself to speaking and helping children find their way through often difficult circumstances so that they can find purpose and happiness. He shares his story with us, and tells us how he has come to embrace his mission of helping children succeed.  

Jun 01, 2016
Lewis Howes talks about surviving, thriving and “The School of Greatness”

This week, Commander Mark Divine interviews Lewis Howes, former football player, currently on the US Olympic handball team and an entrepreneur, speaker and author of the bestselling book based on his own podcast “The School of Greatness.” Lewis has been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 by the president, and has been featured in Forbes, Men’s Health and The New York Times. Mark and Lewis speak frankly about the role that adversity can play in success in addition to determination and an underlying dedication to principle and gratitude.

May 25, 2016
Jesse Itzler shares his approach on how to do it all and then do some more

Jesse Itzler has had a musical career as a rapper, is owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks and is also an endurance athlete, having run 100 mile races. He’s done it all with a sense of adventure and determination. Most recently, he spent a month living with a former SEAL in order to better understand the kind of mental toughness that they have. In this podcast, he talks frankly with Commander Mark Divine about his unconventional path and his unique approach to life and work.

May 18, 2016
Mitch Horowitz tells us about origins and philosophy of positive thinking in America

In this podcast, Commander Mark Divine talks to Mitch Horowitz, author of One Simple Idea: How the Lessons of Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Life about how the practice and philosophy of positive thinking have had a massive impact both on individual people and America as a whole. In this far ranging discussion, they touch on meditation, yoga, Ghandi and Napoleon Hill.

May 11, 2016
Dr. Kirk Parsley tells how to supercharge your sleep in this rebroadcast of a podcast from 2014

Commander Mark Divine talks with Dr. Kirk Parsley about sleep and how to make sure that you are getting enough good quality sleep. Former Navy SEAL, Dr. Parsley has helped military and civilian employees that battle sleep deprivation and chronic problems alike achieve better rest and a better life.  Learn how you can too in this episode.

May 04, 2016
Commander Mark Divine provides insights into how to keep yourself on track and the value of knowing when to say “no.”

In this solo podcast, Commander Mark Divine talks about his recent visits to the prison system in New England, ponders the current relationship between politicians and the military and gives us insights about how to keep ourselves and our time directed and organized. He talks about the book “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown. He describes how it is important to be aware of what your goals are and the “why” of what you are doing so that you can choose what you need to do to get there and say “no” with confidence. Knowing the “why” of what you’re doing is a part of knowing yourself and being connected to your passion, purpose and principles.

Apr 27, 2016
Governor Gary Johnson: Could he be our next President? Learn all about likely Libertarian party presidential hopeful in this exciting podcast

 In this special podcast, Commander Mark Divine talks to Gary Johnson about how he’s managed to successfully combine a political career, personal life and his dedication to fitness. You will learn about the challenges of being a third party candidate. Governor Johnson demonstrates how his mental toughness has allowed him to survive near death events, climbing the seven highest peaks in the world and excel in politics all by putting one foot in front of the other.

Apr 20, 2016
Steve Weatherford, voted several times as the fittest man in the NFL, shares his struggles to get to the top

In this podcast, Commander Mark Divine talks with Steve Weatherford about his ADHD and OCD.  Not only was he able to overcome these obstacles but use them to his advantage  to become a successful pro athlete in the NFL. You will hear how his mother was at the cutting edge of nutrition and fitness and enacted holistic tools and techniques to keep her son focused and progressing. You will cheer for Steve and his accomplishments and his ZERO to HERO story! 

Apr 13, 2016
Chris Jericho, professional wrestler and rock star has realized his dreams by being True To Self

This week welcome Chris Jericho to the Unbeatable Mind podcast.  A highly successful professional wrestler, a rock star, and he keeps it all centered with his yoga practice, believe it or not.  As we crescendo towards the release of Mark and Catherine Divines KOKORO YOGA book release on the 14th, we think you will enjoy this podcast that captures the never quit, dream big, stay true yourself, and fearless mentality that adheres to our own five mountain training and development.  Chris and Mark discuss staying the course of your dreams with hard work and being open to all the possibilities that present themselves within this pursuit.

Apr 06, 2016
Crossfit superhero Josh Bridges shares his secrets to success with Commander Mark Divine

Will he be crowned the world fittest man after 11 years of competition? Listen in to this intriguing podcast and decide for yourself.  Has Josh grown and developed into a Crossfit Champion? We believe he will make it happen this year.  He has ended his career as a SEAL and opened up the path for the serious training it takes to persevere.  Find out his training schedule, mental tips, and his background in badness that has gotten him where he is now. 

Mar 30, 2016
In this Podcast, Commander Mark Divine and Catherine Divine tell us what sets KOKORO Yoga apart from other forms of Yoga as they introduce their new book KOKORO Yoga

KOKORO Yoga is different from the rest and in this podcast you will learn why. Catherine Divine is an instructor at Sealfit and is also the co-author with Commander Mark Divine of the new book “Kokoro Yoga.” While yoga isn’t necessarily thought of as a warrior discipline, they let us in on how the self-mastery of yoga fits perfectly with the warrior mindset. Kokoro yoga brings out the best in you and that’s exactly what a warrior needs in any situation. Catherine speaks to what it means to be a  warrior and how all warriors will be able to use the clarity and inspiration that yoga provides.

Mar 23, 2016
SEALFITTER and SuperIntendent Dr. Patrick Martin defuses a potential catastrophic school shooting and tells the story in this podcast

In this podcast you will learn the fundamentals of being Sheepdog Strong from Commander Mark Divine. Be ready in a state of passive alertness at all times like Mark's guest and SEALFITTER KOKORO participant, Dr. Patrick Martin, was when he was called on to act in order to save lives at a Missouri high school recently.  Prepare to be inspired and motivated by this amazing podcast.

Mar 16, 2016
Ryan Michler talks with Commander Mark Divine about manhood and Ryan’s Order of Man organization

Today Commander Mark Divine has Ryan Michler with him to talk about the importance of manly virtues. They talk about the need for men to figure out how to say no, fulfilling your commitments and how to live with integrity.

Mar 09, 2016
Commander Mark Divine Gives Great Advice to CrossFit Competitors

The CrossFit Open competition has just gotten started, and Commander Mark Divine has a personal story of how the concept of the courage wolf helped him in his own CrossFit competition. He lets us in on how he was able to use the Unbeatable Mind concepts to overcome the challenges that CrossFit competition presented to him.

Mar 02, 2016
Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman of the UFC joins Commander Mark Divine in this podcast

The Spaniard, Charlie Brenneman, straight out of Pennsylvania gives it to us straight on his wrestling background that led him from a teaching career into the MMA world of fighting.  As one of the best fighters in the world, you will learn how much money he made as a novice,his training rituals, and even the surprise and awe he encountered when some  fans turned on him.  Mark and Charlie talk about the mental game involved and how Charlie entered the ring an empty vessel of power.

Feb 24, 2016
Mark Sisson talks about his new book and becoming a fat burning machine

Commander Mark Divine speaks with author, athlete and primal lifestyle-guru Mark Sisson about how to train slower to go faster, burn fat in your diet instead of a constant supply of carbs, and, most importantly, how to make sure that being active and athletic is fun rather than being a chore.

Feb 17, 2016
Former SEAL, WWF Wrestling superstar, Actor, Biker, and Politician talks with Commander Mark Divine Part 2

Part 2: This episode will uncover one side of the Chris Kyle Controversy and leave you with resources to form your own opinion. More politics, more show biz, and stories of a man trying to stay off the grid of our fast moving technological life. How does he do it and will he run for President? Find out in this podcast!

Feb 05, 2016
Former SEAL, WWF Wrestling superstar, Actor, Biker, and Politician talks with Commander Mark Divine Part 1

Part 1: DO NOT MISS this captivating interview with one of the most interesting SEALs of all time. This episode will give you a glimpse into the fascinating life of a man hell bent on creating positive change in this country and the world. From his humble military upbringing to life in the spotlight to the SEAL team controversy you have all been waiting to hear, this episode has it all.

Feb 05, 2016
Warrior Yoga Part 3

In this episode you will gain useful tools to help you achieve your inner peace and balance.  You will learn why EVERYONE is cut out for warrior yoga, even if you lack flexibility.  Step into a better training model that is sure to help you achieve massive gains in every area of your life.

Jan 20, 2016
Larry Hagner, the author of The Good Dad Project, tackle the fatherhood mountain in this podcast!

This informative and inspirational podcast will leave you with tips and resources to be a better father, husband, wife, mother, woman or man in under 30 minutes!  Commander Divine and Hagner hashout the obstacles and winning mindset it takes to make the most of your family time and continue to develop into the best version of yourself.  It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman listening, you are in for a great experience and tools to make your family life in 2016 better than ever!

Dec 30, 2015
Don't Miss Commander Divine's Emotional Power Series Conclusion Focusing on The Absence Of Self Love

Commander Divine blows the lid off this final  podcast of the Emotional Power series with this insidious emotional demon, Lack of Self Love. If you have followed along and have found yourself feeling like you need to work on your anger, arrogance, or level of anxiety, you may need to start with this demon.  So often we lack self-compassion and love leaving ourselves vulnerable. This allows a space for the other demons to take hold.  In this podcast you will learn ways to stop undermining yourself and be grateful for the person you are no matter what. 

Dec 16, 2015
Matthew Reeve and Jon Atwater join Commander Divine in a conversation about spinal injury and recovery

This podcast will open your eyes to the incredible journey of paralysis, the technology that is making advancements, and the people helping to make a difference.  If you have been touched by someone with paralysis or not, this podcast will leave you informed, motivated, and moved  by the hard road behind and hope for the future of these individuals that face this reality daily.

Nov 19, 2015
Tom Bilyeu, co-founder and president of Quest Nutrition joins Commander Divine. Find out how he made it BIG!

Think you've got what it takes? Prepare to be inspired by Tom Bilyeu, as he explains how to FREE YOURSELF FROM THE MATRIX in this fascinating and informative Podcast. Using many of Commander Divine's principals of mental fortitude as well as a desire to live within his own purpose, Tom has created a multi-billion dollar enterprise based on the foundation of brotherhood and comradery!!!  DO NOT MISS THIS PODCAST!! It will give you lessons and tools to apply to your own life right now.

Nov 18, 2015
Commander Divine delves into the 3rd Emotional Demon Arrogance in this episode

Mark has talked about Anger and Anxiety but what is equally insidious and corrosive to our wellness and integrity is arrogance.  In this episode Commander Divine will shed some light on the roots of arrogance and how we can cope with this ego mutating emotion.  Mark's discussion of pride, confidence and arrogance will leave you empowered and with a new self-awareness around your own state of self-respect.

Nov 04, 2015
Thomas Shea, the author of Unbreakable, shares the inspiration behind his book and comeradery as a SEAL teammate with Commander Divine in this week's podcast

Wonder what it takes to live up to your full potential in life or on the teams?  Thom gives major props to his relationship with his "Spartan" wife Stacy.  Thom delves into the depth of support necessary of both his HOME Team and SEAL Team in order to be clear,focused, and excel at his goals.  This podcast truly gives the listeners a slice of the reality of combat and how soldiers must process and shoulder the responsibilities of such a career.  This podcast will shine a surprisingly deep look at the love that drives us all to be our best.

Senior Chief Thom Shea has served twenty-three years with distinguished valor. During his career, he toured three wars, ultimately leading a team of SEALs into Afghanistan. Shea earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star for valor, and multiple commendation medals for valor. He was selected to lead the famed SEAL sniper course and was principal leader of research and development for the SEALs. Shea has retired from the SEALs and lives in South Carolina, with his Spartan-wife, Stacy and their children.

Oct 21, 2015
Commander Divine Tackles the 2nd Emotional Demon or Anxiety in this Podcast

Are you nervous? Well you shouldn't be!  This podcast is packed full of helpful tips and tools to get yourself calm and keep you that way.  If you are finding yourself stressed out over the little things or having full blown panic attacks, this is the podcast that can get your emotional anxiety under wraps.  We all become anxious now and then , why not learn some tools to harness that energy and make it useful to you.  Enjoy!

Oct 07, 2015
Derrick Van Orden speaking about 16 Years in the SEAL Teams and his new book THE BOOK OF MAN

Derrick shares his book The Book Of Man, A Navy SEALS Guide to the Lost Art Of Manhood and more great lessons from the knowledge gained as a SEAL  in this episode.  We welcome Derrick Van Orden, Author, Farmer, family man, and of course 16  year SEAL and 20 year veteran!  You will grab some important nuggets of life one of those being having just the simple awareness to know that you CAN do anything.  Derrick also talks about  following through on whatever he says he'll do and the importance of keeping your word. You will get to hear some great stories of the teams and how Derrick came to write his book .  I'll give you a hint: 5 team guys didn't know how to start a fire!  Don't miss this fun and educational podcast. Did we mention that Derrick was featured  in the movie Act of Valor?

Sep 23, 2015
The dark side of ANGER

If you have ever had an issue with anger or know someone who has, listen and learn to live with more peace.  It is time to get honest with yourself and live in the solution. Commander Divine brings a practical and integrated approach to dealing with this precarious emotional state that can turn a good day to disaster in the blink of an eye. Stop Anger in it's tracks.

Sep 09, 2015
Eric Grietens, Ex SEAL, Author and Humanitarian.

This podcast is not to be missed!  Eric Grietians is a very rare human indeed.  His experience within the realms of hands on charity work (,to his great abilities to communicate through his writing the trials of fellow SEALs ( RESILIENCE), Eric is a powerhouse of positivity and service to mankind.  Commander Divine leads us through the life path of Eric and some of the amazing moments that have shaped and formed such an exceptional warrior.  Listen in as Mark and Eric speak about helping folks find purpose and making the ultimate stand for humanity by serving our country as Navy SEALs.

Aug 26, 2015
Commander Divine dives deeper into Emotional Power

Commander Divine lays out a 4 steps to emotional power plan in this episode. You will gain great benefits from highly applicable techniques revealed within this podcast. Do not miss this one if you are working on your emotional control and striving for a better emotional life. Don't forget to take on this 60 day Challenge described at the end!

Aug 12, 2015
Eric Bhelm, Best Selling Author of FEARLESS

Commander Divine takes a tour with Eric as he elaborates on his best selling books based on the actual lives of Military heroes of this country. Eric's truth in story telling and journalistic approach will wrench your heart and inspire you to go beyond the average and pursue extraordinary achievements just as the heroes in his books. Eric isn't just a writer here to make a buck, but a guy trying to honor and remember the men and woman who serve our country in life and death. Eric's selfless approach to capturing these stories is evident in this podcast. Enjoy and HOOYAH

Jul 29, 2015
Strengthen Your Emotional Mountain - Commander Divine

In this Podcast Commander Divine will introduce you to some of the toughest,most destructive emotional states to control.  You will learn why we have them, how to assess your current power, and much more.  This series is a real life changer and will help you no matter who you are.  Come join Mark in tackling what just might be the hardest mountain to climb.

 This is Part 1 of the Emotional Power Series.

Jul 15, 2015
Craig Sawyer, Patriotic Priorities & Becoming A SEAL.

Commander Divine and Craig Sawyer discuss crossing paths of goals and action in many areas of life in this podcast. You will hear a few keys to a success passage through HELLWEEK and why CMDR Divine says “Warriors choose the severest school to forge their character.” Craig will educate with one simple tool to help you succeed through adverse conditions. You will get a peek inside what makes this SEAL turned federal law enforcer, turned private contractor, turned Hollywood star succeed in everything he does. Look forward to our sheepdog  and hard target training collaboration here at SEALFIT HQ in the near future.

Jul 01, 2015
Warrior Yoga Part 2

In This episode you will hear how Commander Divine turned his life around from The East Coast island( Manhattan) and Wall Street to the West Coast Island( Coronado) and BUDs training. How Commander Divine realized his life purpose and made this switch through the influence of Warrior Yoga Development and how you can too.  This podcast will give you some journaling advice to help discover your "WHY"  and start on the path to writing your own personal Ethos.  Become the best form of YOU possible!

Jun 17, 2015
Becca Voigt, CrossFit Athlete and 7 time 'Games' Competitor Joins Commander Divine in this Episode.

This week we are bringing you a top notch interview with one of my favorite guests and 7 time Crossfit games Athlete, Rebecca Voight.  She has once again qualified for the 8th year in a row for the Crossfit Games. Not to mention, in one of the most (if not the most) competitive region of competition. Learn what this KOKORO 30 grads training style, meal plan, and what she does after competitions - that may surprise you.

Jun 03, 2015
Warrior Yoga Part 1

Think Yoga's for Sissies? Think again! Commander Divine uncovers the martial arts roots to yoga training and why warrior yoga should be a staple of our everyday existence.   CMDR Divine introduces the 8 primary practices  that form the foundation of yoga. Only one of those includes the poses that we are custom to in our society. Don't miss this quick but important podcast that will pave the way for a better day, a better practice, and a ultimately a better life.

May 27, 2015
Breaking Down Controversial Hacks

If you are familiar with Bullet Proof Exec's Dave Asprey, you will get an opportunity to delve a little deeper into some of his new experiments and discoveries in this episode.  Some of Dave's methods can raise an eyebrow for some, but not Commander Divine who doesn't pull any punches asking the questions that are on all of our minds .  In this episode you will find out how Dave's past journeys have lead into his approach of top cellular function.  He has built upon this basis to support his mental and physical strength and his own self mastery. Dave gives great advice on how to remove the useless obstacles in your life by knowing your own personal Kryptonite. Dave's research and passion fit hand in hand with CMR Divine's  5 mountain training .  Listen in to find out how Mark and Dave's self mastery techniques intersect.

Bio: Dave Asprey, founder of The Bulletproof Executive, is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent 15 years and over $300,000 to hack his own biology.

May 20, 2015
Commander Divine's Dare to be someone special Part 4

Commander Divine reveals tools and techniques to being BOLD in your life. You will learn how to train your boldness and go bolder than you ever imagined.  Then, Commander Divine  will give you his seven steps to overcoming mediocrity .  You will find that the work it takes to do uncommon things is easier than being mediocre. This podcast will prepare you  to have what it takes to turn your life in a new direction and achieve your goals. Are you ready?7

May 13, 2015
Don Mann, The Most Powerful Weapon as a SEAL and Entrepreneur


Don Mann and Commander Divine discuss their  Most Powerful Weapon as a SEAL and Entrepreneur - Their Mind!

If you ever had a question of what is more important Brute or Brains, These two extraordinary SEALS will give you the reason why your brains are the answer to any physical feat you wish to accomplish.  You will hear a very rare insider story of the battle of Mazar-I Sharif , Afghanistan and the rescue attempt of  Michael Span of the CIA.  You will learn more about working through the pain, embracing the suck, and what the difference is between temporary pain and permanent pain.  Don delivers many surprising bits of information on his past as a SEAL and Adventure racer to his current role as the founder of the mainstream adventure race platforms.  Hooyah.

Don Mann: Don Mann’s impressive military biography includes being a decorated combat veteran; Corpsman; SEAL Special Operations Technician; jungle survival, desert survival, and arctic survival instructor; small arms weapons instructor, foreign weapons instructor, armed and unarmed defense tactics, advanced hand-to-hand combat instructor; and Survival, Evade, Resistance and Escape Instructor; in addition to other credentials.

Don Mann has over 35 years (1,000+ races) worth of competitive racing experience, and was once ranked 38th in the world as a triathlete.

Mann is the author of the autobiography Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors and the founder of the Frog Battle Racing Series.

Mann received a Masters in Management from Troy State University, in Troy, AL, a B.S. in International Relations & Criminal Justice, from Florida State University, in Tallahassee, FL, and a B.S. in Liberal Science, from State University of New York. He lives in Williamsburg, VA.

May 06, 2015
Tripp Lanier, Getting out of the way of Fear

This Podcast might be the most helpful yet to date.  You will get expert tactics and exercises to help you find out your purpose, focus on it and work on it daily.  Is your WHY Unknown, Not clear, or even wrong? Tripp and Commander Divine will advise on how to stop waiting for things to happen that will expose your purpose and get in the action of life to help you figure your best path.  Ever feel like your life is filled with challenge after challenge and you never have a rest?  Tune in and learn that your not alone and there are ways to handle this constant barrage. 

Tripp Lanier is... The host of The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp. He coaches entrepreneurs around the world to redefine success, create offerings that actually make a difference, and do the thing they were put on this Earth to do.

Over the years he’s designed several businesses to support a simple lifestyle focused on freedom, ease, and fun. He coaches extraordinary people all around the world to break out of confining conventions and do (3) basic things: create amazing relationships, focus on what matters, and do what makes a difference.

Apr 29, 2015
Brian Mackenzie, Crossfit Endurance Founder takes on big training challenges

Commander Divine and Brian get to the root of Endurance and crucible training in this unique podcast.  You will hear how both men have used crucible training to achieve better physical and mental performance and enhance there lives.  If you love Ocean and swim training you will enjoy hearing about Commander Divines BUDs pool camp with Dr. Evil and Brian's big wave training with Laird Hamilton.  This podcast will get you thinking outside of the box and looking for a new way to enhance your training.

Bio: Brian Mackenzie is a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach and the innovator of the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm. He has studied altitude and hypoxic training for over 10 years, and ran over 30 ultra marathons including Western States 100 and is a finisher of the Angeles Crest 100-mile endurance run. He created CrossFit Endurance (, which specializes in movement with an emphasis in running, cycling, and swimming mechanics.

Apr 22, 2015
Dan Brule, Change your breathing, Change your life

Commander Divine and Dan Brule may seem to come from opposite ends of the spectrum but you will learn how these two yoga and breath masters have changed their lives through the development of breathing. Not only have they found self fulfillment but they have been able to change and, in some cases, save others lives with the primal function of breathing. You will hear about research being done in Russia and how the international world is embracing breath as therapy and even medicine.This fascinating journey with Mark and Dan will leave you... with a steady and calming breathe. 


Dan Brulé is a modern day teacher and healer—an innovative, unorthodox, irreverent, creative, game-changing entrepreneur. He is a master of Prana Yoga (the Hindu Science of Breath), and of Chi Kung/Qigong (Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises).

Dan is a world-renown pioneer in the field of Breathwork, and leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing Movement, He is one of the originators of Breath Therapy, and was among the first group of Internationally Certified Rebirthers.

More than 80,000 people in over 40 countries now apply Dan’s breathing exercises and techniques in their work and in their lives. Among them are Olympic champions and elite martial artists, leading psychotherapists and medical experts; monks, meditators, hospice workers, yoga teachers, performing artists, personal trainers, substance abuse and pastoral counselors, health practitioners, life coaches, and business executives.

Apr 15, 2015
Dare to be someone special Part 3

In This episode we get to experience Commander Divine's  first mentor and how he uses his teachings to influence his life still. Mentor ship is a lasting relationship that can guide you through life , feeding that good wolf and stoking your inner fire.  Mark delves into finding courage in your darkest moments of fear and then sustaining your courage to keep you progressing through your situation.  You will learn more tips about turning your hard situations into victories starting in your mind. Lastly, Commander Divine get's down and GRITTY discussing why GRIT is the key to success and survival. How Grit is a skill to be developed and not something we are all born with.  Enjoy this extraordinary podcast.

Apr 08, 2015
One of the Greatest Thinkers of All Time

You are in for an incredible life changing treat today with the great Ken Wilbur and his genius thoughts. Ken has been grouped in with the great and influential minds of Nietzsche , Jung, and Freud. He will take you on a journey through INTEGRAL THEORY and why this school of thought is essential to our world development and Worldcentric  future. We will hear how the work that Mark Divine and his 5 mountain training is on the cutting edge of Integral theory and why Ken and Mark have come to believe in this holistic view. If growth and development are part of your current path , this is not to be missed. Never has Eastern meditation and enlightenment practices met with the Western "Growing up Model" of thought until now. We have been Training broken humans for our entire history. Now is the time to merge paths and continue human development by the way of UNBEATABLE MIND Training and Integral theory.

Bio: Kenneth Earl "Ken" Wilber II is an American writer, philosopher and public speaker. He has written and lectured about mysticism, philosophy, ecology, and developmental psychology. His work formulates what he calls Integral Theory.In 1998 he founded the Integral Institute.

Apr 01, 2015
Stig Severinsen, Breath as the Million Dollar Solution

Breath Expert and World Record Holder Stig Severinsen Talks about breath as the million dollar solution

This episode will leave you gasping for air and with a new appreciation for the free gift of breath.  Commander Divine and Stig  speak about their common beliefs of the healing, fueling, and focusing benfits of breath.  You will go through a simple yet effective breathing exercise that will prove to be as good a boost as a cup of coffee. You will be taken on a fascinating and comical journey along the path of one mans dream and natural born gift of breathe control and the fulfillment  of his dreams in aiding others along his path .  You will breath over 25,000 time today, learn to make them count!

Stig Severinsen  is a four-time world champion freediver and holder of multiple Guinness World Records. He wrote Træk Vejret – mere energi, mindre stress (2009), published in English in 2010 as Breatheology – The Art of Conscious Breathing. Severinsen has a degree in biology and a Ph.D. in medicine. He began experimenting with holding his breath as a child at the bottom of his parents' pool. He started swimming at the age of 6 and was awarded National Champion four years in a row at 9, 10, 11 and 12


Mar 25, 2015
Joe Stumpf, How principals of SEALFIT Benefit Business

Commander Divine meets up with real estate and business development guru Joe Stumpf. As the owner of BY REFERAL ONLY, Joe has earned many credits and kudos as well as success as an inventive and dynamic business man. When Joe decided to dedicate himself to superior health and fitness , Mark was there to lead him on his path. You will enjoy hearing the adventure of one man's baby steps all the way to completing SEALFITs toughest event, KOKORO Camp, and finally competing in the CROSSFIT GAMES. This successful business man has used many SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind training tools and lessons in the development and transformation of his business and life. Joe will turn the tables on Mark as he takes Mark down his path to the core essence of Honor.

Joe also generously offers to contribute half of the proceeds from the sale of the next 3 months from his book, WILLING WARRIOR (available at to a scholarship fund for KOKORO driven SEALFITTERS. Joe and Mark require a written letter explaining why you think you should receive this sponsorship sent to: SEALFIT 849 Second Street, Encinitas, CA 92024 Attn: Melanie.

Bio: Joe Stumpf has been in and around the real estate coaching and training business since 1977. In 1981, he started his training and coaching company, which has grown to be one of the largest coaching companies in North America.

Mar 18, 2015
Dare to be someone special Part 2


In this podcast Commander Mark Divine speaks about moving out of the safe zone and into an extraordinary life .  Mark delves into how to find  your unique purpose and unique self. Learn about finding  and making your stand through honor, courage, and commitment .  Mark will lead you step by step helping you to discover your stand.  Lastly, Mark will share with you how he met his mentor that helped guide him to the way of the SEAL.

Mar 11, 2015
Congressman Ryan Zinke, Being A SEAL And Politician

Commander Divine meets up with his former BUDS instructor and Congressman RYan Zinke. In this riveting head to head episode, the two discuss changing rules of engagement in the military and how important having strong leadership is to the success of a nation. They ponder the "what if's", and "what could be's" of the past Iraq war, the current Isis situation , and our nation in 10 years from now. If you miss this one you will miss the opportunity to hear two brave , creative, and risk taking opinions. Ryan Zinke is the first SEAL to be a member of the House of representatives. Listen in on how his SEAL Background makes him an expert and insightful politician.

Zinke bio:  Ryan Zinke (born November 1, 1961) is an American politician and member of the Republican Party who served as a member of the Montana State Senate, representing Senate District 2 from 2009 to 2011. He is the Republican congressman for Montana's at-large congressional district having won in the 2014 election.Zinke served as a U.S. Navy SEAL from 1985 to 2008, retiring at the rank of Commander. During his career as a SEAL, he served as a member of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group from 1990-1993 and again from 1996-1999.[3] He was awarded two Bronze Stars for combat and four Meritorious Service Medals.

Mar 04, 2015
Dare to be someone special Part 1

Mark introduces the first of 10 principals to being better. This episode focuses on uncovering your purpose and defining your passion. Mark explains the OODA loop process and how he traveled from an average vision-less young adult to being someone special.

Feb 25, 2015
Jesse Lawler, Cutting Edge of Neuroscience in Today's Civilization


In this episode Commander DIvine and Jesse Lawler discuss the pursuit to discover Truth. You will hear startling observations of what the world may look like in the path of nano and higher brain function development. Will you choose to stay enjoying the humanism as we currently favor and trust or will the on coming virtual world be the new norm leaving many customs and possessions on the chopping block? Once radical ideas are now on the doorstep of nano, bio, and nuclear developments. Don't miss this brain teasing and twisting podcast of two great minds,

Feb 18, 2015
Joe Desana, The Resilient Tree of Ethics, Commitments and Drive

In this episode Commander Divine and Spartan Race founder, Joe Desana, speak on the importance of work ethic, commitment and drive. Joe discusses his biggest challenge in life and building a business. An interesting discussion ensues around culture and the rapidly changing structure of the American society. Joe talks about the strength and flexibility involved in being a strong yet sustaining tree of this world. Commander Divine discloses his toughest KOKORO and the training coach's ‘identity.' We also learn what we can look forward to from Spartan Race!

Feb 11, 2015
Short Cuts For a Better Life

Commander Divine and Dave Asprey deliver an intriguing discussion  on HACKING or shortcutting your way to better fueling through the "Bulletproof diet".  How to control your emotional state and taking years of the therapy train with Sympathetic Nervous System manipulation tools and techniques. Retraining your brain to function at a higher level and improve your IQ in weeks. THIS PODCAST IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Jan 28, 2015
Captain Bob Shoultz, A Personal Ethos

Mark and Bob hash out being perceived. as different in the SEAL teams, how to create and recreate your Personal , Professional, and Communal Ethos, and forming Elite Executive leadership by focusing on Tribe. enjoy Bob's rare vision and views as only a SEAL with a Degree in Philosophy can expound!

Jan 21, 2015
Robb Wolf, Beyond Paleo and Primal Diets

You probably eat pretty healthy and train hard, right? Well, there’s another level of performance possible for you — and renown Paleo author, Robb Wolf…along with special guest Dr. Kirk Parsley…together join Commander Divine to discuss how to get you there. You’ll get cutting edge info as it pertains to nutrition, training, sleep and more. Learn how to be your own guinea pig, how to know when something is working (and when you’re hurting yourself), Crossfit insights, energy management, the latest on ketogenic diets, goals and more!

Dec 23, 2014
Mark Sisson, Peak ‘Primal’ Performance

You can live naturally AND leverage scientific breakthroughs to revolutionize your health and fitness. Renown author, blogger, speaker, educator and endurance athlete (4th in Iron Man), Mark Sisson talks to Commander Mark Divine about turning back the clock of time and anti-aging. He also shares his “primal blue print” and simple template for living an awesome life. We were born to burn fat, and you’ll learn how both science and nature can help you get your best body.

Dec 23, 2014
Ben Greenfield, Only the Strong Survive

Ready to reach ‘superhuman’ levels of performance? Listen to Commander Mark Divine chat with renown ironman, fitness guru and biohacker Ben Greenfield, as they discuss training, 20X performance, mental toughness, the world's toughest 48-hour challenge (KOKORO) and tons more. Learn how Ben uses qualitative and quantitative measurements to fine tune his results.

Dec 23, 2014
A Life Worth Living

Learn how to make your ‘dent’ in the Universe and create the legacy that will define your life. Leverage computing, your entrepreneurial spirit and game-changing technologies to get more done in less time, while making the world a better place for you and your family.  Listen to Commander Mark Divine and Charles discuss how old thought processes are being replaced by radical new paradigms that will transform your life.

Dec 23, 2014
Dr. Kirk Parsley, Supercharging Your Sleep

How rested and recharged do you feel when you wake up? If it’s anything below an ‘8’ on a 10-point scale, you owe it to yourself to listen to retired Navy SEAL, Dr. Kirk Parsley, discuss the secret science of sleep with Commander Mark Divine. Dr. Parsley has specialized in sleep, recovery, and nutrition for decades and will cover everything you need to maximize the health, longevity and performance upside good sleep can give you.

Dec 23, 2014