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 Sep 17, 2019


Host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. So Money brings inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today's top business minds, authors and influencers. What was their financial journey and how do they master their money today? Hear from inspiring individuals and learn about their financial philosophies, wins, failures and habits. Plus, their secret guilty pleasures. On Fridays, tune in as Farnoosh answers your biggest questions about money, career, guests, you name it. Submit your question for Farnoosh at

Episode Date
1052: Black Wealth Matters: Minda Harts, Bestselling Author of The Memo
Continuing our Black Wealth Matters series with Minda Harts, founder of The Memo LLC, a career development company for women of color, and author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table. An Assistant Professor of Public Service of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, she is also a sought-after speaker on the topic of workplace diversity and inclusion. She lives in New York City. In The Memo, Minda provides a roadmap for women to not only navigate but change the system that they are working within. And she makes it clear that yes, the discrimination you are feeling, those microaggressions, they are real — and we need to acknowledge them so we can change our reality.
Jun 05, 2020
1051: Black Wealth Matters: Myleik Teele, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of curlBOX
Over the years many outstanding Black individuals who fought racism and oppression to achieve personal wealth and career success have graced my podcast. For the next 10 episodes - from today June 3rd through June 24 - I’ll be re-sharing and re-amplifying some of their voices and work, their stories of resilience, hard work and triumph. I’m calling this series BLACK WEALTH MATTERS.  I announced this on Instagram earlier in the week. It is my small way of contributing to this human rights issue of racial equality. It’s the quickest action I know to take that would hopefully have a meaningful get us to unlearn, re-evaluate and better understand what it means to be a Black person in this country while trying to establish personal wealth.  Thank you to everyone who responded to my announcement with guest recommendations for Black Wealth Matters. I’ve taken them all into account and keeping a folder and hoping to work my way to speaking to all of them - if not this month - in the coming months. Please keep the guest suggestions coming. Today -- We are revisiting my conversation with Myleik Teele from 2015. Myleik is the Atlanta-based founder and chief experience officer of Curlbox, the first exclusive monthly subscription box for naturally curly hair.  curlBOX has major partnerships with brands and distributors including Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Target, and Shea Moisture, and more.  A teacher at heart, her wildly popular, #MyTaughtYou podcast has become her global classroom where women from all walks of life tune in for guidance and a healthy dose of motivation to live life on their own terms.  You just heard at the top of this show - a moment from our conversation - when she candidly opens up about her relationship with money. Even as a wealthy woman, she is, as she says, cautious with her money, perhaps overly cautious. To learn more about Myleik visit:
Jun 03, 2020
1050: Stimulus Checks, Mortgage Forbearance and Rent Negotiation with Lauren Silbert of
From how to spend the stimulus check to mortgage forbearance and rent negotiations, Lauren Silbert, VP and General Manager of personal finance website shares some of the top searches on the site - and answers to people's biggest money questions. More about Lauren: She was named a “Corporate Champion” in Folio Magazine’s 2019 Top Women in Media Awards. She also appears in print, broadcast and streaming media as a personal finance and careers commentator and expert.  The Balance makes personal finance easy to understand. It is home to experts who provide clear, practical advice on managing your money. Whether you’re looking to invest, buy a home, save for retirement, or achieve another financial goal, The Balance will answer your questions with straightforward personal financial advice.
Jun 01, 2020
1049: Ask Farnoosh: Your Home Buyer Checklist
This week's Ask Farnoosh covers more real estate ground, as well as questions about investing for retirement. Farnoosh also shares her homebuyer checklist for anyone interested in purchasing a home this year.
May 29, 2020
1048: Behind-the-Scenes of Real Estate with Million Dollar Listing's Tracy Tutor
Sticking with the week's theme of real estate, Tracy Tutor, star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, joins the show with details of the behind-the-scenes housing activity in the Los Angeles area. Tracy is a mother, entrepreneur and Real Estate agent with over 15 years of experience. She can currently be seen on the 11th season of Million Dollar Listing LA - the first and only female in the cast! In her new book, Fear is a Four-Letter Word, provides a go-to manual for women who struggle to convince people they're in charge. She shares intimate details from her early years struggling to break into the cut-throat industry and a recent success that helped seal a deal that nobody thought could be won.
May 27, 2020
1047: ICYMI: All Things Real Estate with Ilyce Gslink
Real estate expert Ilyce Glink answers all of our top questions about buying and selling in the current market. How has the pandemic impacted housing prices and is now a good time to buy? This episode originally aired on May 6, 2020.
May 25, 2020
1046: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Change My Investments?
This week Farnoosh welcomes back financial advisor and founder of Modernist Financial Georgia Lee Hussey to answer listeners' questions including: Should I change my investments? What's the right price for a pre-nup? Should I ask for a raise? How can I move up in my career right now?
May 22, 2020
1045: Financial Survival in a Pandemic with Certified Financial Planner Tom Corley
For many, 2020 will be characterized as the year of survival. Our guest Tom Corley, CFP, offers financial advice to help us keep head above water as we navigate all the uncertainties. Tom Corley is CPA, CFP, holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation and is a bestselling/award-winning author. His books include: Rich Habits, Rich Kids, Change Your Habits Change Your Life, Rich Habits Poor Habits and Effort-Less Wealth - Smart Money Habits at Every Stage of Your Life. Tom has appeared on or in CBS Evening News, The Dave Ramsey Radio Show, CNN, MSN Money, USA Today, The Huffington Post, SUCCESS Magazine, Money Magazine, and many other media outlets and podcasts in the U.S. and 27 other countries. Tom is a frequent contributor to Business Insider and CNBC.
May 20, 2020
1044: Navigating Grief with Sarah Nannen, Author of Grief Unveiled
We are experiencing grief in all forms these days. Whether it's grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of connection with others or the loss of a job and financial grief...Navigating a tremendous loss is one of the hardest things in life. My guest Sarah Nannen helps us find our way through and offers a new way of thinking about grief that may leave us far more hopeful and at peace. Sarah Nannen is a transformation teacher and guide as well as an author, speaker and podcast host. She became a military widow and solo mother of four in 2014 when an aviation accident claimed her husband’s life. Her journey through grief informs her renegade work with those navigating painful life transitions who seek to live extraordinary lives. She’s devoted her career to teaching sustainable well-being and a new paradigm of deep, systemic integration of mind-body healing, with a specialization in grief and trauma support and recovery. Sarah is the founder and co-owner of Renkon Yoga Studio, a community-focused studio rooted in the power of human connection. Her expertise will be featured in two upcoming docu-series on the topics of trauma and conscious parenting; a collaborative production between Hay House,’s Urban Monk Productions and The Sacred Science, releasing in 2021. Sarah lives in central Illinois with her fiancé Brad, their four children and their rescue pit bull, Luna. 
May 18, 2020
1043: Ask Farnoosh: Should I Offer to Get Laid Off?
Should I offer to voluntarily quit my job right now? Should I save more or invest? And what are some good personal finance resources for teens? Farnoosh addresses listeners top money questions. 
May 15, 2020
1042: Gaining Financial Confidence with Author Lydia Fenet
LYDIA FENET knows how to drive a negotiation and ask for what she wants - something that may feel challenging to do right now. As Global Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships and Lead Benefit Auctioneer at Christie’s Auction House, Lydia has led auctions for more than six hundred organizations and raised over half a billion dollars for nonprofits globally. She was named one of New York’s most influential women by Gotham magazine and has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Crain’s, and has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Town & Country. She is the author fo the widely acclaimed book, ‘The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You.' Learn more about Lydia at
May 13, 2020
1041: The Future of College and Millennial Wealth with Scott Galloway, NYU Professor and Co-host of Pivot
Exploring the future of college and millennials, as well as the trickle-down impact of the $2 trillion stimulus on corporations, individuals and the economy. What will the college experience look like and how much will it cost? What is the opportunity for Millennials right now, as they grapple with how to add value and become financially secure in the years to come? Guest Scott Galloway is a Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. He is also the co-host of Pivot, a podcast produced by Recode and Vox Media. More about Scott: He was named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors” by Poets & Quants in 2012. He is the founder of Red Envelope, Prophet Brand Strategy, and L2 Inc., acquired by Gartner (NYSE: IT) in March 2017. Scott’s books The Four (Portfolio Penguin, 2017) and The Algebra of Happiness (Portfolio Penguin, 2019) debuted on The New York Times and Apple bestseller lists. Scott has served on boards of directors including The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT), Urban Outfitters (Nasdaq: URBN), and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He received a B.A. from UCLA and an M.B.A. from UC Berkeley. Follow Scott on Twitter @profgalloway
May 11, 2020
1040: Ask Farnoosh: Getting Divorced in a Pandemic. Help!
The latest questions from listeners include how to manage finances post-divorce (and during a pandemic), paying down student loans with varying interest rates and how to bring up the concept of a prenup to your partner. Plus, Farnoosh shares behind-the-scenes and insights into her latest experience buying a home and moving in these strange times.
May 08, 2020
1039: All Your Real Estate Questions Answered with Ilyce Gslink
ok How will the pandemic impact real estate? Is now a smart time to buy? Sell? Rent? What housing trends might we see in the wake of Covid 19? Real estate guru Ilyce Glink joins Farnoosh to share insights and reports from the latest real estate activity around the country. Ilyce is an award-winning, nationally-syndicated columnist, blogger, author, radio talk show host, TV reporter, and owner of Think Glink Media.
May 06, 2020
1038: Fighting Limiting Money Beliefs (Especially Now) with Erika Gerdes
Letting go of expectations - personal, professional and financial - is a great challenge for many of us right now. This podcast focuses on how to continue to create forward momentum for yourself, even as it may not feel like much is in our control right now. Guest Erika Gerdes is an authenticity advocate speaker, coach and writer. She is the designer of The Art of Undoing, which helps people undo their limiting beliefs and reactive patterns to unlock greater confidence, joy and impact. Erika is a former global business executive at Google, where she worked for 12 years before leaving at the height of her career, as a single mom, to pursue her mission for helping people live into their full range and amplify their impact. To download her free guide, visit
May 04, 2020
1037: Ask Farnoosh: Should I buy a house? Should I pay off my fiancé's debt? Is it safe to rollover my 401(k) right now?
Host Farnoosh Torabi addresses listeners' questions about home buying, managing money in a relationship and safely rolling over a 401(k) into an IRA. Plus, exciting news: So Money has been nominated for a 2020 Webby Award! You can vote here:
May 01, 2020
1036: The Pandemic's Impact on the Influencer Market with Instagram Star and Entrepreneur Katie Sturino
How has the pandemic influenced the influencer market? With the downturn in the economy many businesses have pressed PAUSE on marketing and our guest Katie Sturino, entrepreneur and social media influencer shares insights and personal experiences. How is she managing her personal finances and business in this market and what is her advice for business owners and brands as they turn to the internet for more exposure (and sales?) More about Katie: She is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, body positivity advocate and fierce animal activist. Through her personal platforms, @katiesturino and, she lends her voice and personal style to raise awareness for size inclusivity, empowering women of all sizes to find their confidence and celebrate their style. Her regular content series, #SuperSizeTheLook and #MakeMySize have gone viral, reaching millions of people and attracting global media attention. Katie is also the founder of MEGABABE, an innovative beauty brand offering non-toxic, solution-oriented products that allow people to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. Most recently, Katie launched BOOB SWEAT, a weekly podcast that tackles often “taboo” topics such as Dating in your 30s, Botox, and Divorce.
Apr 29, 2020
1035: Fitness Guru Shaun T on Building Wealth, Investing in People and Minding Your Health
Shaun T is a world-renowned health and fitness motivator, husband, father of twins, TV host and social media influencer (over 3 million followers). On today's episode Shaun T shares his financial experiences from childhood, how he built his fitness empire and his advice for staying motivated and focused on health in these challenging times. He is the creator of the best-selling fitness programs INSANITY, HIP HOP ABS, FOCUS T25, INSANITY MAX:30, CIZE, SHAUN WEEK and his new record breaking mega-hit, TRANSFORM :20. – a 20 minute dynamic step workout that will transform you physically and mentally. Through personal appearances, his SAFE SPACE online support group and academy, his podcast Trust and Believe with Shaun T, and his self-help memoir T IS FOR TRANSFORMATION, Shaun T is focused on affecting positive life changes in people around the world and proving that becoming the best version of yourself is attainable. Learn more about Shaun T on his website and be sure to check out Farnoosh's interview on his podcast, Trust and Believe, today.
Apr 27, 2020
1034: Ask Farnoosh: Should I still go to graduate school in the fall?
Listeners send in their most pressing financial questions amid the pandemic and economic slowdown. Will the 10% early withdrawal penalty be waived if I withdraw early from my pension? Can I negotiate my credit card payments? Should I continue plans to attend graduate school in the fall? Should I put my start-up plans on hold? Ask your questions for the Friday episodes via Direct Message on Instagram or clicking on Ask Farnoosh on the website.  
Apr 24, 2020
1033: Heather Chauvin on Life, Work and Money After Battling Stage 4 Cancer
Life throws us all curveballs - especially now. Guest Heather Chauvin shares how to handle them and emerge triumphant. Being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer was the kick in the pants that my guest today says she needed to prioritize her finances and build a richer life. With cancer treatments exceeding $1,000 a week, her family of five was barely able to make ends meet. Within a few years of Heather's diagnosis, she became a multi-six figure business on her way to a seven-figure year. Today she is cancer free and managed to pay off $60k in credit card debt along the way. More about Heather Chauvin: She is a leadership coach and strategic parenting expert who helps ambitious women become leaders at work and home. Drawing from her professional experience as a social worker and her life experience raising three boys, Heather created a signature approach to focus her clients on sustainability, profitability and ease in business and life. She is the host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast where she reveals her most vulnerable truths about womanhood, marriage, parenting, living through stage 4 cancer and running a successful business—without burning out. Heather has been featured as a TEDx speaker and on The OWN Network, CTV, and The Jenny McCarthy Show. She has also appeared in Entrepreneur and Real Simple.
Apr 22, 2020
1032: How One Small Business is Avoiding Layoffs, Gravity CEO Dan Price
As CEO of his company, Dan Price went from earning $1 million a year to $70,000 to now $0…as his business Gravity Payments struggles to stay afloat amidst the current economic crisis You may remember Dan who joined us on the show back in 2015 to share news of how he'd raised the minimum salary at his company to $70,000 and he, himself taking a massive pay cut to $70,000. Now, facing a 55% drop in revenue in a matter of weeks, Gravity Payments, like so many businesses, had to make quick financial decisions to avoid bankruptcy…rather than layoff his employees, as many businesses do and have done…Dan has managed to keep everyone on staff…with a unique strategy, he’s here to talk about…and something I think can be a lesson for many employers.
Apr 20, 2020
1031: Ask Farnoosh: Affording a Home, Repaying Student Loans and Retiring Early in a Recession
From home affordability to student loan repayment to retiring early, Farnoosh and special co-host Georgia Lee Hussey address the latest questions from So Money listeners, amidst the economic crisis. Georgia is Founder and CEO of Modernist Financial, which is on a mission to build a world where progressive people feel permission to enjoy today, while also investing in our common future. Georgia is a queer female founder who started her career as a writer and artist and then went on to spend a decade working in finance as a CFP. She was baffled by the industry’s lack of transparency and culture of conformity, which inspired her to launch a different kind of firm – one that truly centers individuality and self-efficacy. Modernist Financial has been named one of the largest LGBTQ+ owned businesses in Oregon and one of Portland’s largest wealth management firms. You can find more information at her company website:
Apr 17, 2020
1030: What's in the Stimulus Plan...Actually?
From expanded unemployment benefits to the stimulus check and the Paycheck Protection Plan, the federal government's $2.2 trillion stimulus plan or the C.A.R.E.S. Act is starting to make an impact on society, as consumers and business owners struggle to make ends meet in the pandemic. What's in the plan, specifically, and what will it mean for our personal finances? We welcome Certified Financial Planner and wealth manager Hilary Hendershott to help us break it all down. Hilary is the host of the Profit Boss Radio Podcast. She was recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and is known as "The Investor's Voice of Reason." Check out
Apr 15, 2020
1029: A Different Way to Save, Advice from BetterWealth Founder Caleb Guilliams
My guest today is a wealth manager who says despite the downturn in the market, his clients didn't lose any money. How is that possible? Caleb Guilliams is the founder and CEO of BetterWealth, a company committed to showing people how to have more efficiency and control over their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. At an early age, Caleb read every financial book he could get his hands on and was fascinated with the idea of ordinary people being able to achieve extraordinary wealth. While still in college, he was promoted to take over the entire investment division at a local community bank where he committed to finding a better way to wealth for his clients. He traveled across the country for over two years learning from top financial experts. He eventually discovered proven strategies and principles that can empower anyone to create and protect real wealth. More about Caleb: He is the author of The AND Asset, and host of the BetterWealth Podcast. Learn more about
Apr 13, 2020
1028: Ask Farnoosh: Taking on Debt to Survive the Pandemic
Is it OK to take out a student loan right now - even if you don't *need* it - to help cover living expenses in case the pandemic leads to more financial stress in your life? Also what is the best way to support the economy and local small businesses if savings is low or your job isn't secure? Host Farnoosh Torabi answers your latest money questions.
Apr 10, 2020
1027: The Audacity to Be Queen with Author Gina DeVee
Gina DeVee is a women’s empowerment and success coach with a new book coming out later this month called The Audacity to Be Queen. While the launch, she says, has been impacted by the health crisis, she’s finding that the content of her book is serving as a guide now more than ever - to help her work through the uncertainties and discover the gifts. In The Audacity to Be Queen, DeVee invites modern-day women to take ourselves off the back-burner financially, romantically, physically, and socially—and step into our greatness. Only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose, and in this pivotal moment, time is of the essence. The age of Queen, she says, is now. In our conversation we discuss:  How to have complete clarity on your big career moves Achieve goals with purpose and pleasure Make invest and enjoy money with fulfillment For more, visit:
Apr 08, 2020
1026: Regaining Control of Your Life with Susie Moore
In uncertain times, we grow even more uncertain about our choices, our self-worth, and direction in life. I wanted to invite back one of my best friends and mentors Susie Moore to share her wisdom and reflections on how we all can feel more in control during of our lives right now. Susie has a new book that is deeply relevant, considering all that we are experiencing right now. The book is called Stop Checking Your Likes — Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life. Visit where you can receive some bonuses if you purchase the book now through the end of April. On the show Susie and I discuss how to stop intentionally making life harder. We sometime do this (myself included) - whether it’s with work or parenting — because we think harder equals better, more worthy. It doesn’t. We discuss how to have a healthier relationship with social media and Susie’s own practices that allow her to overcome the social and economic challenges of her childhood and be in the driver’s seat of her own happiness. 
Apr 06, 2020
1025: Ask Farnoosh: I can't work due to Covid-19. What now?
Farnoosh address some of your latest money questions surrounding all the economic uncertainty and turmoil. From job loss to investing, refinancing a mortgage and more. What are the best money moves right now?
Apr 03, 2020
1024: Managing Financial Stress in Your Relationship with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin
Now more than ever, couples are faced with tough financial circumstances. Are you ready and willing to work through this with your partner? Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a biracial financial therapist, speaker, and author who is passionate about helping high-earning couples recommit to their relationships using shame-free money coaching. It's her mission to teach all her couples how to stand in their power by including money in their relationship. She and I discuss how we develop ideas around money as children, the importance of reframing unhelpful thoughts about money and the importance of creating SMART goals and thinking forward with your finances. Connect with Lindsay at and on Instagram: @mindmoneybalance
Apr 01, 2020
1023: Living in Italy, Financial Expert David Bach on Managing Your Mind and Money Right Now
We are in conversation with the one and only David Bach, financial expert and 10-time New York Times Bestselling author. I trust and appreciate David's advice and his perspectives SO MUCH, ever since he wrote his first book The Automatic Millionaire and saw him appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show. David has since become a friend, a mentor and a frequent guest on So Money. He has kindly stopped by this podcast a bunch of times and now more than ever, I'm excited to have him join to share his reflections on all that's happening amidst the Coronavirus. Did you know that David's been living in Italy for the past year? We discuss his day-to-day life with the entire country in quarantine, and how to keep our mind and money healthy during these challenging times. To learn more about David and his 5-day challenge, visit
Mar 30, 2020
1022: Ask Farnoosh: Your Latest Coronavirus Money Questions
How to continue to pay rent if I've lost my job? Can I afford to continue investing? Where is the market headed and how might it impact my job security? Farnoosh and special co-host Georgia Lee Hussey, CFP and Founder of Modernist Financial, join to answer your top financial questions right now. Plus, hear who won a free 15-minute money session with Farnoosh!
Mar 27, 2020
1021: The Trick to Knowing Your Worth with Kara Loewentheil
We’re discussing on the show today something that may feel completely unimaginable right now — how to earn MORE money in 2020. Many of us started the new year with ambitions to get a raise or increase business revenue. Now, we may have lost hope. My guest today is staying optimistic and has some interesting perspectives on how to frame your mind around earning your worth this year and any time. Kara Loewentheil is a Master Certified Coach with a B.A. from Yale and J.D. from Harvard Law. In the last three years after pivoting from a legal career, she has grown her life coaching business from 0 to 7 figures. She's the host of the iTunes top-rated self-help podcast Unf*ck Your Brain which has been downloaded over 5M times, and she has been featured in outlets like Marie Claire, Mind Body Green,, and The Huffington Post. Kara lives in New York City. Learn more at Link to Download // The Confidence Cheat Sheet: Kara's three ways to create self-confidence that *actually* work using cognitive-science-based techniques.
Mar 25, 2020
1020: Minding Your Personal Health and Wellness with Fitness Guru Tracy Campoli
Staying indoors is currently best for the public's health, but how can we be sure to take care of our personal health at the same time? Finding time to workout and eat healthy can feel especially challenging during these stressful and overwhelming times. And as the saying goes, health is wealth. Tracy Campoli offers some great advice for listeners, as well as her own journey to building her business. She is a lifestyle and wellness coach that helps women lose weight and get fit without dumb diets or boring boot camp workouts or burpees. Her YouTube channel has over 20 million views.
Mar 23, 2020
1019: Ask Farnoosh: How to Manage Your Money Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis
Farnoosh has been giving some counterintuitive advice lately related to our finances amidst the health crisis. And she's not apologizing! This week she answers more of your top questions including: Should I invest or pay down debt? Should I take money out of my house downpayment fund and place it in the stock market? How can I make money from home right now?
Mar 20, 2020
1018: Coronavirus & Your Money: Parenting While Working From Home with Pamela Pekerman
Many families will be home for weeks and months to come, attempting to work and parent under one roof. Our guest Pamela Pekerman is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Hustle Like a Mom, and a regular on local morning shows. She's been working from home for many years -- but the past week she's also been parenting at the same time. Hear her advice on how to create structure and sanity at home and how many workers can pivot to making money on the internet. To download Pamela's tips to navigate working from home, managing kids/schooling, and suggested "class" offerings that educate and entertain visit
Mar 18, 2020
1017: Coronavirus and Your Money: Earning More in a Recession with Business Coach Kimberly Lucht
Kimberly Lucht is a business coach who helps women make their first six figures doing what they love. Degree-trained in psychology, she previously directed and tripled the growth of a woman-focused non-profit. Now she’s committed to helping female entrepreneurs have their first six-figure year through in-person workshops, online programs, and one-on-one coaching.  One of the focal topics of the episode is how small business owners can attempt to earn more money this year with all the economic uncertainty right now. Kimberly's been featured in Money, Business Insider, Create & Cultivate, Well + Good, and Greatist and currently lives in New York City.
Mar 16, 2020
1016: Ask Farnoosh: Coronovirus Impact on Our Finances with Bankrate's Greg McBride
While it may not feel all that appropriate to talk about money at a time when human lives are at stake, the coronavirus is taking a toll on our finances...and fear hath taken over. The stock market suffered one of its worst declines this week and many of you have been writing in asking about how to manage your investments, as well as how to prepare for the likelihood of a recession. This episode is dedicated to answering some of your top concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on our finances. Joining to help steer the show is Greg McBride, CFA, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Analyst, for With nearly a quarter century of experience in personal finance, Greg is a subject matter expert that has the unique ability to provide both in-depth commentary and practical advice to consumers. Through's Money Makeover series, he has helped consumers plan for retirement, manage debt and develop appropriate investment allocations.
Mar 13, 2020
1015: How Trauma Impacts Financial Wellness with Psychotherapist Nicole Symcox
Our guest today is Nicole Symcox, a highly sought-after licensed psychotherapist who helps her clients deal with trauma and - in many cases - put them on the road to recovery to a happier, healthier financial relationship and financial life. It is true that psychological trauma impacts our finances. It’s complex. It impairs our ability to make healthy financial decisions and to feel connected to our money. This is where we start with Nicole. We go right at it to discover the root of this and how, if you have experienced trauma in your life, how that may be linked to your money struggles and how you can begin the journey to recovery.  Learn more about Nicole at
Mar 11, 2020
1014: Managing Money in Your Relationship with Dr. Joy Lere
Dr. Joy Lere is a psychologist who focuses on money and mindset. Through her work she has seen that lack of money knowledge combined with discomfort talking about money create a perfect storm for relational discord, underearning, overspending, lost investment opportunity, and crippling financial stress. But it really doesn’t have to be this way for any of us. I’m excited to welcome Joy to the show and hear how she helps clients to work through their mental money roadblocks.  Learn more about Joy on her website:
Mar 09, 2020
1013: Ask Farnoosh: What is Farnoosh Doing with Her Money Amidst Coronavirus Threats?
We begin today's Ask Farnoosh with a page out of Farnoosh's money journal where she shares personal thoughts and honest advice regarding the Coronavirus and its impact on our personal finances. A listener also asks whether or not it's wise to refinance a mortgage to a 15-year term, especially if the higher payments will prevent her from investing in the market.
Mar 06, 2020
1012: How to Avoid Working-Mom Burnout with Kari Clark, Founder of Uplift
Kari Clark founded Uplift out of her own experience. She has two kids (ages 6 and 4) who both made her better at her job and life. Post-kids, she made a significant career shift, saw improved performance reviews, lost 45 pounds and gave away half of her possessions. Life changes like having a baby are proven to be great times to adopt new habits. She wants to rewrite the script on what being a working mom means.
Mar 04, 2020
1011: Coronavirus' Impact on Our Finances with Investopedia's Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver
What kind of impact can we expect from the global spread of the Coronavirus on our personal finances? Guest Caleb Silver shares his perspectives. Caleb is the Editor in Chief of Investopedia, the world's leading source of financial content on the web, ranging from market news to retirement strategies to investing education. More about Caleb: He began his career producing wildlife documentaries in South America and the American southwest. His career in business news began at Bloomberg, where he worked as a senior television producer and was nominated for a 2003 Emmy Award. Caleb then joined CNN, serving as a Senior Producer for The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, as well as the Executive Producer of Caleb and his team at CNNMoney were nominated for an Emmy Award for New Approaches to Business & Financial Reporting. He then returned to CNN as the Director of US business news. Caleb left CNN in 2014 to form Frog Pond Productions, a digital production and consulting company, and then joined Investopedia in January 2016 as the VP of Content. He also serves as the treasurer of the executive board of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. Caleb is frequently featured as a markets, economic and consumer trends expert on NBC, MSNBC, ABC Radio, Marketplace Radio and Cheddar TV, in addition to markets commentary in his daily newsletters. 
Mar 02, 2020
1010: Ask Farnoosh: Is Spending Money on Storage Worth It?
On this week's Ask Farnoosh listeners want to know the cost-benefit of storing furniture and other household items. Also: the benefits of working with a financial planner.
Feb 28, 2020
1009: How Working Moms Can Achieve Career and Financial Fulfillment with Blessing Adesiyan
Guest Blessing Adesiyan is the founder of Mother Honestly, a platform that inspires, encourages and guides the modern ambitious woman to thrive in and beyond motherhood. Through online content, and offline activations, Mother Honestly empowers and elevates mothers to lead bigger, better and deeper lives. Learn more about Blessing and Mother Honestly at and on Instagram @MotherHonestly.
Feb 26, 2020
1008: Tapping Your Way to Financial Clarity with NYT Bestselling Author Nick Ortner
Tapping has become a fast-growing, simple way to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to add stress to our lives. Guest Nick Ortner is the CEO of The Tapping Solution, a company designed to bring the effective and simple healing method, Tapping, to the mainstream. On the podcast, Nick describes Tapping as a mix between the ancient practice of acupuncture and modern psychology. He takes listeners through a tapping exercise on the podcast and claims this can provide us with financial clarity. Learn more about Nick at and connect with him on Instagram @NickOrtner and on Facebook @nortner
Feb 24, 2020
1007: Ask Farnoosh: How to deal with a spouse's six-figure debt?
This week on Ask Farnoosh, special co-host Priya Malani, the founder and CEO of Stash Wealth joins to answer listener questions. From how to make money from what you KNOW to dealing with a partner's six-figure debt and saving for *something* when you don't know what that something is yet. To sign up for MoneyMASTERED™, the new video course from Stash Wealth, go to and use the code SOMONEY100 for $100 off.
Feb 21, 2020
1006: How to Get Paid to Speak with Grant Baldwin
Have you ever wondered how people become professional speakers and get paid to speak? My guest today is Grant Baldwin, author of the new book The Successful Speaker. He has spoken at over 500 events to over 500,000 people and teaches everyday people on how to build a speaking business from scratch - and rake in thousands doing what they love. More about Grant: He is a nationally known speaker, podcaster, and author who has helped thousands of people start and build their own speaking businesses through his Booked and Paid to Speak Training Course. Learn more about Grant on his website and connect with him on Twitter @GrantBaldwin, Facebook @GrantBaldwinFans, and Instagram @GBaldwin.
Feb 19, 2020
1005: How I paid off $111,000 in debt with Allison Baggerly of Inspired Budget
On her blog and popular Instagram account, Inspired Budget, Allison Baggerly teaches her budgeting method to thousands of followers. Her advice stems from her own personal journey to pay down $111,000 in debt in 4.5 years. Learn more about Allison on her website, And connect with her on Instagram @InspiredBudget
Feb 17, 2020
1004: Ask Farnoosh: The new FICO score, real estate investing and managing a cash windfall.
This week's Ask Farnoosh plucks questions from Farnoosh's Instagram followers related to managing a cash windfall, understanding how the new FICO score works and real estate investing for starters.
Feb 14, 2020
1003: Designing Your Financial Life with Entrepreneur Tobi Fairley
Are you being intentional about the DESIGN of your life? When we think of design...we think home interiors. We think of designing a website. But what about your life? Your business? While we it isn’t as simple as picking out fabrics or a color scheme, guest Tobi Fairley believes that we can all be in control of our life’s design to feel better about our interior...our money, our work and our relationships Tobi Fairley is known for her bold use of color in interior design, but she’s also one of the nation’s most progressive-thinking entrepreneurs. Tobi is passionate about her full-service interior design company and her consulting firm which are focused on helping clients design their homes, their businesses, and their lives, with a special interest in promoting wellness and balance for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and creatives. Tobi established her firm more than 19 years ago and her projects have spanned the nation and beyond. Her award-winning interior design, product design and ideas have been featured on television and in publications worldwide including House Beautiful, Veranda, Traditional Home, Huffington Post, HGTV, The Wall Street Journal, Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Coastal Living, Southern Cottages, Creative Live, the Chicago Tribune, and MSNBC. In 2017, Tobi was a columnist for Traditional Home magazine with a feature in each issue chronicling her own home renovation and reveal. Learn more about Tobi on her website and connect with her on Instagram @TobiFairley.
Feb 12, 2020
1002: Iranian American Journalist Farnoush Amiri on Immigration, Culture Shock and Building a So Money Life
I’m a first generation Iranian-American. And so the beginning of this year was especially worrisome when we learned that the our president had ordered the assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani, the leader of the Foreign Wing of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, raising already heightened tensions between Iran and the U.S. Like many I was really scared about a war erupting...and more lives being sacrificed over something that I honestly don’t think can be solved on the battlefield. Subsequent to this, Iran admitted to accidentally taking down the the Ukrainian jetliner that killed all 176 people on board. In its aftermath, as this is a financial podcast, I thought, what could I share here that was of relevance to us? Well, I recently came across an NPR interview with Farnoush Amiri, who is an Iran-born U.S. citizen, and thought she would be a fantastic guest. In the NPR interview she described a great secret that she and her family kept after a terrifying incident in their home in 2005. She shares this in our conversation, too, but the bigger takeaways from our discussion are her immigrant experiences - lessons both unique and universal, as well as her life today as a financially independent Millennial living in New York City. Listen to learn how she’s creating a SO MONEY life in the context of all that is happening between the two countries she knows and loves. More about Farnoush: She is Iranian American journalist at The Associated Press, based in New York City. She was born in Iran and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five, where she grew up in Orange County, California, with her parents and younger brother. Farnoush has reported from across the country and in Puerto Rico, where she covered the intensive aftermath of Hurricane Maria. She currently serves on the board of the South Asian Journalists Association.  Connect with her on Instagram @FarnooshAmiriNYC and on Twitter @FarnooshAmiri  
Feb 10, 2020
1001: Ask Farnoosh: Should I pay off my boyfriend's debt?
In the latest installment of Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh answers listeners questions related to helping pay down a significant other's student loans. Is it recommended? Also: renting versus buying and leaving your job before bonus season. Is there a way to make up for it?
Feb 07, 2020
1000: So Money Celebrates 1,000 Episodes
Today marks five years, 12 million downloads and 1,000 episodes. Farnoosh Torabi celebrates this major So Money milestone with a tribute to her dedicated listeners, reflections on some of the craziest never-before-told stories of producing the show and special cameos from her children who help answer listeners' questions. Plus, we hear from So Money fans from around the world and their financial triumphs. Prizes and charitable donations to boot!
Feb 05, 2020
999: How to Attend Grad School for Free with Danielle Forbes
Many of you have expressed interest in attending graduate school, so today's episode is all about how to go for FREE. My guest today is a listener who reached out and suggested that we focus on this topic. Daniel Forbes has a PhD in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. From that school, she also holds a Master’s in Education Policy Studies. She also has two bachelor’s degrees in English and African-American studies from Penn State. Clearly, Danielle is passionate about education. She's even more passionate about helping others get to school affordably within their means, possibly even for free. Daniel was able to attend graduate school for free, so she’s going to talk not just from her personal experience but also her research, and all the different ways that you can bank on going to college or graduate school for much less than the sticker price - from scholarships to fellowships and tuition waivers. 
Feb 03, 2020
998: Ask Farnoosh: How I negotiated to almost 10 times the initial offer.
I recently had an experience that was proof positive of all the advice shared on So Money about how to negotiate your worth.  The following episode offers the the play-by-play that happened over email and my notes to you. It's the actual script (with some omissions for privacy). Plus, answers to your money questions about building credit and making the most of a lump sum payment.
Jan 31, 2020
997: Creating Passive Cash Flow with Real Estate Pro Michelle Bosch
Michelle Bosch first became interested in real estate investing when her father suddenly passed away. She witnessed how a modest investment in real estate was able to keep her family afloat and provide her with some financial support in adulthood. With that appreciation for how powerful real estate investing can be, Michelle went on to build an eight-figure land investment and auction company. She started by flipping dirt, as she describes. Today she is the Co-Founder and CFO of Orbit Investments and a full-time real estate investor. She has bought and sold over 4,000 pieces of real estate and built the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the US. She is also the Co-Creator of the Land Profit Generator Program and Host of The In FLOW Podcast for Women. Learn more about Michelle on her website,
Jan 29, 2020
996: Owning Your Financial Edge with Harvard Professor Laura Huang
How can you get the obstacles and adversities that are working against actually work for you? My guest today is Laura Huang, a professor at Harvard Business School who has spent her career studying implicit bias in entrepreneurship and in the workplace. Her new book is called Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage. Laura describes EDGE as that elusive quality that gives you an upper hand and attracts attention and support. Some people seem to naturally have it.  But the rest of us can create our own from the challenges and biases we think hold us back, and turning them to work in our favor....including financial challenges. Learn more about Laura on her website and connect with her on Instagram @LauraHuangLA and Twitter @LauraHuangLA
Jan 27, 2020
995: Ask Farnoosh: Money and In-Laws, Timing Your Home Sale Right and Making Money in College
This Friday's Ask Farnoosh addresses some of the recent questions that have come through the pipelines from listeners. Questions related to whether or not to sell a home now or later, dealing with a tricky financial proposal from in-laws and ways to make money in college.
Jan 24, 2020
994: Gaining Financial Dominance with Author Lindsay Goldwert
We’ve talked at length on this show about financially empowering women: how to speak up at work, get paid what you deserve, and take control of your finances. But what if we've been communicating it all wrong? What if, instead, we should be seeking Power not Empowerment? My guest Lindsay Goldwert is a freelance writer, podcaster and stand-up comedian who is tackling the topic of financial dominance in her new book, Bow Down...and doing so in an unconventional way. She traveled the country shadowing women who are part of the BDSM subculture (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism) to learn the best ways to get what you want - and have your money serve you.  Learn more about Lindsay on her website: and connect with her on Twitter @LindsayGoldwert and LinkedIn.
Jan 22, 2020
993: The Man Who Solved the Market Author Gregory Zuckerman
When we think of extraordinary investors, names like Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Ray Dalio might come to mind. But how about Jim Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies? He's referred to as the greatest money maker in modern financial history, generating over $100 billion in profits....yet his life story has been a relative secret to many. In his new book, The Man Who Solved the Market, author Gregory Zuckerman looks into the world of Simons, who is now 81 years-old, and how his data-driven, algorithmic approach to investing has had unexpected, and far reaching implications on our world.  Zuckerman is a Senior Writer at The Wall Street Journal and a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb award. Learn more about Zuckerman on his website and connect with him on Twitter @GZuckerman.
Jan 20, 2020
992: Ask Farnoosh: What the heck is a Backdoor Roth IRA?
Special co-host Georgia Lee Hussey, financial planner and founder of Modernist Financial joins Farnoosh to answer your money questions related to saving, investing for retirement and managing credit card debt.
Jan 17, 2020
991: Financial Scarcity and Striking Out on Your Own with Entrepreneur Shanna Goodman
Our guest today shares an unexpected story about how a childhood growing up on a family ranch inspired her to get outside of her comfort zone and strike out on her own. It's a compelling and relatable story about trusting nobody but yourself to create financial security in your life. Shanna Goodman is the creator of AMP'D, which helps small businesses build million-dollar brands. AMP'D was developed with Shanna's 15 years of business development experience, including five years as a brand strategy agency owner. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, often learning business strategy at the dinner table as a child. She contributes regularly to Business Insider, is an influencer on, and is the mother of two very independent daughters.  To access Shanna's free resources for small business owners,
Jan 15, 2020
990: Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International
Zainab Salbi is the founder of Women for Women International. It is a grassroots organization that helps women in the most devastatingly damaged communities in the world. To fund this, the concept is simple: one woman here can sponsor one woman there to help her receive the business and life skills that will transform her family and community. This model has grown and they’ve been able to help over 478,000 marginalized women in eight conflict areas. For her work creating Women for Women and her global journalism, Zainab was recently awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Award.  Today, Zainab's work in journalism and media has led to the creation of several shows including: #MeToo, Now What? Original series on PBS (2018); The Zainab Salbi Project, original series on Huffington Post (2016); The Nidaa Show with TLC Arabic where she started with the historic first interview of Oprah Winfrey in the Arab world; and her latest Through Her Eyes with Zainab Salbi at Yahoo News. She frequently appears on MSNBC as a commentator on current news. Zainab is the author of several books including the national bestseller Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam, If You Knew Me You Would Care, and her latest, Freedom is an Inside Job. You can learn more about Zainab on her website and learn more about Women for Women at Connect with Women for Women on Instagram @womenforwomen, Facebook @womenforwomen, and Twitter @womenforwomen.
Jan 13, 2020
989: Ask Farnoosh: What are some smart ways to earn passive income?
Want to earn more money in 2020? Host Farnoosh Torabi provides answers to listeners top money questions...from top side hustles to maximizing retirement savings to finding a financial planner.
Jan 10, 2020
988: Setting a Date with Financial Destiny with Sigrun Gudjonsdottir
Iceland was the first country to have a female president, a democratically-elected female president who served for 16 years. Our guest today, Sigrun, remembers vividly what it felt like to grow up in Iceland and have that be her reality. And she says it is - no doubt- why she grew up to be the sort of woman who believes that anything is possible. As we kick off a new important year, 2020, Sigrun, a female advocate and business coach, stops by the show to lend us her vision so that we can get closer to achieving whatever we want this year. A little bit more about Sigrun:. For much of her career, she ran companies as the CEO. She even turned down the top role as CEO of Nisan, Sweden. She is now the CEO of her own company, a world renowned speaker, a podcast host, and she’s on a mission to help women and men turn their passion into profits.  Sigrun has a famous quote: “Put a date on your dreams. The rest is logistics.” I think I’m going to get that framed as my go to motivational poster for 2020.
Jan 08, 2020
987: Minda Harts: Financial and Career Equality for Women of Color
Minda Harts is the author of The Memo, a roadmap for women of color to not only navigate but change the system they are working within. The top-selling book is packed with strategic and tactical wisdom, including a chapter devoted to white readers and what they can do to actively create inclusive work environments. Learn more about Mind at and And connect with her and The Memo on Facebook, on Instagram @MindaHarts and on Twitter @MindaHarts.
Jan 06, 2020
986: Ask Farnoosh: Financial and Career Advice Before You Have Kids (Replay)
Special co-host Jamila Souffrant, founder of Journey to Launch, is back on the show, this time co-hosting and helping answer a wide range of questions from So Money listeners. Today's questions: Is it better to make an additional principal payment on a mortgage each month or invest in an index fund? What to do when you're in your 60s with no savings or retirement? What can a professional woman in her late 20's - who wants children one day - do to prepare best for the time and money constraints of parenthood? To learn more about Jamila, visit You can also follow her on Instagram. This episode aired originally on Sept 28, 2018.
Jan 03, 2020
985: Best of 2019: Farnoosh's Favorite Episodes
It's impossible to pick the "best" interviews of 2019, but these are the episodes that really struck a chord - on many levels - with host Farnoosh Torabi. Highlights from conversations with Karen Rinaldi, Eve Rodsky, Paul Ollingers and Busy Philipps.
Jan 01, 2020
984: Best of 2019: Money Advice for Millennials
They say that youth is wasted on the young but the younger guests I had on my podcast this year defied many of the negative stereotypes about Millennials and young adults we hear. From a woman who saved $100,000 by age 25 to a young man who - despite many odds - would become one of the top real estate brokers in his generation, there was MUCH to learn from some of my guests who were just starting out in the real world.
Dec 30, 2019
983: Ask Farnoosh: How to combine finances with my spouse? (Replay)
Replay from June 7, 2019 This Friday, lots of questions about best ways to invest for retirement and steps for co-mingling finances with a partner. I recently got married and we've been together for 10 years. We have built our lives together, but still have separate bank accounts. We are now talking about combining some money to create a household account. He uses a credit union, I use a bank. Is there a benefit to either? Does it matter? Special co-host is Catie Hogan is a financial planner with the women-owned Element Financial Group. She’s also the author of the humorous and informative book The Millennial’s Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together, and an accomplished humor writer and performer. Catie is on a mission to help young adults, particularly women and those in marginalized communities, become more financially literate and empowered. She does this using simple explanations of complex topics, personal anecdotes, and humorous relatability. Catie understands what it means to be a broke Millennial. She finished college with six-figures in student loan debt, worked entry-level jobs to make ends meet, and had no idea how or where to save and invest money. But after reading several personal finance books, she realized she was one of millions of young adults in this situation—and this became the catalyst for her current career. Catie is putting a fresh, new spin on the fundamentals of personal finance. She believes learning how to be a successful adult doesn't have to be so serious. Catie's book: Element Financial Group:
Dec 27, 2019
982: Best of 2019: Stories of Financial Triumph
This episode is dedicated to some of the best moments on So Money where guests revealed their financial challenges and how they triumphed from sometimes great tragedy. Theirs are stories of strength, resilience and determination. 
Dec 25, 2019
981: Best of 2019: Money and Relationships
We’re reflecting on some of the best conversations related to money and relationships, strategies and lessons from people who’ve worked through financial challenges with either a partner or a parent.
Dec 23, 2019
980: Ask Farnoosh: How much should we pay for housing?
This week, Farnoosh helps listeners with their questions related to buying a home in a high cost of living area, where to invest and how to negotiate when an investor offers you money for your business.
Dec 20, 2019
979: Tracy Litt, Certified Mindset Coach and Author
Tracy Litt is a certified mindset coach, best selling author, rapid transformational therapist, and awe-inspiring speaker. She is the founder of The Litt Factor, a personal growth and coaching company, and Worthy Human, an inspirational and empowering merchandise line. Learn more about Tracy on her website, and connect with her on Instagram @TheLittFactor and Facebook @TheLittFactor
Dec 18, 2019
978: Personal Finance for Creatives with Paco de Leon
My guest today is on a mission to make finance fun. Paco de Leon realized that she had a knack for understanding and explaining money in a way that was exciting and made people actually want to learn. After varied career experiences in banking, consulting, and the marijuana industry, she realized that what she was really good at was helping creative people understand their money. That realization led her to create The Hell Yeah Group and become the co-host of Refinery 29’s Money Diaries Podcast.  Learn more about Paco by visiting Connect with The Hell Yeah Group on Instagram @thehellyeahgroup, Facebook @thehellyeahgroup and Twitter @hellyeahgroup
Dec 16, 2019
977: Ask Farnoosh: Should I freeze my kids' credit?
This week, Farnoosh answers questions related to retirement savings, freezing credit reports and term life insurance. Plus, she selects a new reviewer to receive a free 15 minute money session.
Dec 13, 2019
976: Hitting Rock Middle with Author Sallie Holder
Sallie Holder is the author of the forthcoming book Hitting Rock Middle, a step-by-step plan to help you start creating the path to your greatest potential – a place that includes true fulfillment and success.
Dec 11, 2019
Bonus: Actress Busy Philipps on Earning Your Worth
The actress Busy Philipps is known for hit shows like NBC’s “Freaks and Geeks,” the WB’s “Dawson’s Creek,” and ABC’s “Cougar Town.” She is also a writer and a social media personality with 2 million followers on Instagram. I caught up with Philipps on her media tour with brand partner HotelTonight. (Philipps and HotelTonight ran a contest to give five “planners” last-minute spontaneous getaways.) And during our conversation, she mentioned yet another role. It’s one that isn’t as public-facing, but it is just as notable: fierce negotiator. In our quick convo, she opens up about her financial upbringing, the financial freedoms that come with having a popular social media platform, and the time she walked away from what would become a successful TV series … with no regrets.
Dec 10, 2019
975: Modern Manhood Author Cleo Stiller
Cleo Stiller has always liked to have conversations that other people don’t feel comfortable having. She hosted a show called “Sex Right Now with Cleo Stiller” and when the #MeToo movement started gaining mainstream attention, she was inundated from questions from male viewers. Questions like, “I’m a single guy and I don’t know how to approach women” and “I’m a new parent to a son and I don’t know how to raise a good man.” With these questions, she saw an opportunity: we as a society needed to have an open conversation where people could come together and feel safe asking these questions and getting answers. That didn’t exist, so she created it. Her new book, Modern Manhood dives into the complicated world of trying to be a good man today. Connect with Cleo Stiller on Twitter and Instagram @cleomsf.  
Dec 09, 2019
974: Ask Farnoosh: How to convince my company to offer paid family leave?
This week on Ask Farnoosh, how a health savings account can also be a retirement savings supplement, reasons why employers should offer maternity leave, the financial benefits of moving to a more affordable location and forming an investing club. Plus, Farnoosh selects a new reviewer for a free money consult.
Dec 06, 2019
973: Money Expert Tasha Cochran, Host of One Big Happy Life
Our guest today served in the military, then became a teenage mom, then went to Yale, got her law degree and now runs a multiple six figure business, Tasha Cochran is the founder of the website and YouTube channel, One Big Happy Life with her partner Joseph. Together, they share a ton of educational resources and the most personal details of their financial life, including how much they make and how they budget. Learn more about Tasha on her website, And connect with her on Youtube and on Instagram @onebighappylife
Dec 04, 2019
972: Rising the Ranks in Broadcast News with Nneka Faison
Nneka Faison has an impressive history of career achievements: Ivy league graduate, Anchor and Reporter, named "40 Under 40" Leader by Boston Business Journal, and most recently, becoming the Managing Editor of WCVB-TV's Award Winning News Magazine show, "Chronicle." From 2017 to 2018, Faison was a fellow at Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism where she completed course work and research on youth media consumption and journalism business models. She is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and received her BA degree from Princeton University. Connect with Nneka on Twitter @newsneka and at
Dec 02, 2019
971: Ask Farnoosh: First-Time Home Buying Tips
Got questions about real estate? Today’s episode has lots of answers! We have a very special themed episode and it’s all going to be about real estate. Many of you are in market or interested in buying. We’ve got you covered, and I couldn’t think of a better, more experienced person to co-host than Ilyce Glink, author of the real estate bible: 100 Questions Every First Time Homebuyer Should Ask. We’re also addressing questions from our audience, including: Trevor: I’m looking at getting a rental property. What’s a good base rate of return? Jonathon: Manhattan is oversaturated. Do you think it is better to buy rental properties over a property to live in? Natalie: What’s the lowest down payment a first time home buyer can put down? More about Ilyce Glink: She is an award-winning television and radio personality, a communications and media strategist, an innovator in content marketing and the founder of three Chicago-based companies. Her latest project, Best Money Moves, is a mobile-first employee benefit designed to help measure and dial down financial stress. She is a nationally-syndicated columnist, a regular contributor to WGN radio, a top blogger for CBS MoneyWatch and a best-selling author. Ilyce is the author of over a dozen books, including the best-selling 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask and Buy, Close, Move In!, and she has nearly 1 million books in print. Her latest ebook/webinar offering is Intentional Investor: How to be Wildly Successful in Real Estate. She is the publisher of, a site dedicated to helping consumers make the best decisions with their money.
Nov 29, 2019
970: U.S. CEO of Babbel, Julie Hansen
Julie Hansen knows how to build companies. She’s helped launch well-known websites like,,, and the number one website for golfers at Time Inc. And she took Silicon Valley Insider and turned it into Business Insider — one of the most well-known business sites around. Now Julie has embarked on a different challenge: take a thriving European company and help it find success in the US. For the past two years Julie has been the US CEO for Babbel, a language learning startup. Learn more about Babbel by visiting their website
Nov 27, 2019
969: Cheddar TV Anchor and Financial Journalist Hope King
Hope King is an anchor with Cheddar, where she leads the company's business, markets, technology, transportation, and telecom coverage. She began her journalism career five years ago after graduating from Columbia Journalism School with a Master of Science degree. She has previously worked for Business Insider and CNN. Hope is currently in the second act of her professional career -- the first being finance. Hope is a former Merrill Lynch executive who helped lead a $200 billion product group. 
Nov 25, 2019
968: Ask Farnoosh: How to manage social life when friends are much richer?
This week's questions concern feeling pressure to spend like well-off friends, ways to teach kids about money and affording 6 months of planned unemployment. Special co-host Alexandra Stockwell joins. Alexandra is a Relationship and Intimacy Expert, known as The Relationship Catalyst. She is the creator of the Conscious Partnership Program and the author of the forthcoming book “Uncompromising Intimacy”.
Nov 22, 2019
967: Raising Money for Your Start-Up with Karen Cahn, founder of iFundWomen
Karen Cahn is the Founder and CEO of iFundWomen, and has dedicated her career to closing the funding and the confidence gap for women entrepreneurs. Named on NASDAQ’s “10 Best Sources of Funding for Women Entrepreneurs”, iFundWomen is a startup funding platform providing female entrepreneurs access to capital, coaching, and connections critical to launching and growing their businesses. Karen is a pioneer in tech and media. She was an early Google Intrapreneur where she spent 10 years leading various monetization teams in search, display, and video. Most notably, Karen started the Branded Entertainment business at YouTube, when, back in the olden times of YouTube 2006, she and a rogue group of sales and product managers, made the connection between big consumer brands and video creators, thus creating the first native video ad experiences monetized on YouTube. Most recently, Karen spent three years as General Manager of AOL Original Video, and was responsible for business strategy and strategic partnerships. In this role, Karen built AOL’s female creative economy in video and as a result, nabbed AOL its first-ever Emmy nod. Karen is on the board of advisors of Girl Rising, an organization dedicated to girls education in developing countries. She is also on the Springboard Media Council and invests her “human capital” in their pipeline of high-growth, women-led companies.
Nov 20, 2019
Bonus: Smart Spending Ahead of the Holidays
This episode is brought to us thanks to So Money sponsor Chase. Have you begun your holiday shopping yet? To control the spend over the past few years, as our family has grown, my relatives and I like to participate in a Secret Santa. I have just two people to shop for, as opposed to twenty! And those gifts can be extra special. It's just one way I recommend making your own traditions around the holidays to both enjoy the festivities but also be mindful of your finances. Today’s episode has some advice for all of us, as we embark on the spending frenzy. As part of So Money’s partnership with Chase and as the financial education ambassador for Chase, we welcome BJ Mahoney, General Manager Chase Freedom to the show today. He shares some interesting research related to holiday spending, as well as seasonal savings tips. For more, check out
Nov 19, 2019
966: Patriarchy Stress Disorder with Dr. Valerie Rein
Have you ever hesitated to lean in and play and think big with money? My guest today knows why. Dr. Valerie Rein has spent years working with high achieving women, women who want to have it all and thrive. But what she found in these clients, and eventually in herself, is that often when we’re getting ready to soar, our nervous system will hold us back, signaling to ourselves that we’re not safe. She’s named this response PSD: Patriarchy Stress Disorder. And through her research and over 20,000 hours as a therapist and coach, she’s created a process and new book to help break through it. Learn more about Valerie by visiting her website,, downloading a free chapter of her book, or listening to her podcast, Her Success Radio. Connect with her on Instagram @drvalerierein.
Nov 18, 2019
965: Ask Farnoosh: How to get a job after a year of unemployment?
On this week's Ask Farnoosh, one listener wants to know how to get back in the workforce after taking one year off. What is the best way to do that? Also, when is it smart to take some of your savings and invest it in the market...and when is it OK to tap your emergency fund?
Nov 15, 2019
964: Package Your Genius with Amanda Miller Littlejohn
For many of us, the day we get cut off from our parents is a "money moment," right? Some of us may have had experience with this. For others, it’s completely foreign. Wherever you are in your financial life, I think you’re going to appreciate today’s interview with Amanda Miller Littlejohn, a top nationally recognized expert on personal branding. Amanda is also a podcast host and author of the book Package Your Genius. Amanda is an idea oven, a brand problem solver and creative power house who works at the intersection of public relations, journalism, marketing and social media. How and why she built her business is a very personal journey. And we connect all of the dots on today’s episode - from her experiences with money and her parents, to later in her marriage and the financial complexities that inspired her to finally take the reins in her financial life. Learn more about Amanda on her website: Check out her podcast, too, at Package Your Genius.
Nov 13, 2019
963: Cathy Heller, Author of Don't Keep Your Day Job
Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which was given the #1 spot on iTunes recommend list of shows for the New Year in 2018 and 2019. Cathy’s new book shares the title of her podcast [Don’t Keep Your Day job] and it's filled with inspirational stories from people within her own tribe who have decided to take control of their life’s journey. Her book goes into detail about how to find the work you were meant to do, how to grow your business, and level up your quality of life all around.  Learn more about Cathy at and And connect with her on Instagram @cathy.heller and on Facebook @dontkeepyourdayjob
Nov 11, 2019
962: Ask Farnoosh: The Best Tax Deductions and When to Hire (or Not Hire) a Career Coach
From tax deductions to starting your own retirement plan when you're self-employed, Farnoosh and co-host Crystal Lewis answer your biggest money questions of late. Co-host Crystal Lewis is a So Money listener and a Texas Certified Public Accountant with 20+ years of accounting experience. She is currently the Corporate Controller at International Risk Management Institute. She is also a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer and coach.  She also has great information for parents and young adults seeking financial education at 
Nov 08, 2019
961: MSNBC's Alicia Menendez, Author of The Likeability Trap
"I’m someone who cares very much about being well liked. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I can say that and own that because it feels lame to care as much as I do," says our guest Alicia Menendez, an award-winning journalist. Does that sound familiar? Can you relate to that? Menendez speaks about this personally on the show and now in a new book called The Likeability Trap. Her book observes this fundamental paradox and empowers readers to let go of old rules and reimagine leadership rather than reinventing themselves. Alicia is an MSNBC anchor and host of the Latina to Latina podcast. Dubbed Ms. Millennial by the Washington post, journalisms, new gladiator by Elle and a content queen by Marie Claire. Her interviews and reporting have appeared on ABC news, Bustle, PBS and Vice news. A native of Union City, New Jersey, Alicia is a graduate of Harvard College.   She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters.  For more about Alicia, visit:
Nov 07, 2019
960: Eve Rodsky, New York Times Bestselling Author of Fair Play
We are fortunate to have Eve Rodsky, author of the now New York Times bestseller Fair Play. For anyone who feels as though they have yet to really figure out domestic work in their relationships, to make it 'fair play,' Eve’s got the book, she’s got the game, she’s got the manual and she has the science. It is a fascinating conversation about how she arrived at this topic. How her work is impacting families in particular men, and simple steps that all of us can follow to have more peace on the home front. 
Nov 04, 2019
959: Ask Farnoosh: We earn six-figures but live paycheck to paycheck. Help!
Advice for one Silicon Valley household that's making over $100,000 a year, but still managing to live above their means. Farnoosh and special co-host Michael Reynolds, founder of Elevation Financial and the podcast Wealth Redefined answer your questions. Also on today's episode: how Roth 401ks work, paying down a mortgage, and smart budgeting advice. Listen to the end when Farnoosh reveals the winner of the 15 minute money session with her.
Nov 01, 2019
958: A New Career Track for Moms with Park Place Founder Samantha Ettus
Oct 30, 2019
957: Investing and the Recession with David Stein
Investing can give even the most confident a little anxiety. So when it comes to understanding how to invest, especially with talks of a recession - it helps to have a professional who can reassure and break things down. David Stein has managed billions of dollars as a professional advisor. Now, he shares his knowledge with the rest of us on his podcast and book, both entitled Money For The Rest of Us. You can learn more about David on his website: And connect with him on Instagram @JDStein on Twitter @JDStein
Oct 28, 2019
956: Ask Farnoosh: What is the best way to budget my money?
Farnoosh and special co-host (and listener) Madison Hopkins answer listeners' money questions, including how to properly budget to end the month without overdrafting. Also: how to save on medical expenses and whether it's a good idea to cash in on your company's stock to pay down debt? Madison Hopkins is the creator of Blissed-out Dollar Bills which is helping millennials get comfy with their personal finances. While working with one of the world's largest mutual fund companies, Madison gained the experience and knowledge that she's now using to help everyday women understand their money and investing. 
Oct 25, 2019
955: The Father of Financial Life Planning, George Kinder
My guest today is called the father of financial life planning. Harvard educated economist turned CPA, turned financial advisor, George Kinder was looking for a deeper way to connect his clients to their values and goals in life. Rather than asking the standard, “When do you want to retire?”, he developed a three-question framework to help clients find their path to freedom and live the life they want to live. He now runs the Kinder institute where he trains other financial planners to help their clients in the same way. What would life look like if we used money to support our goals and dreams? His books and trainings are all about freedom. In his new book, A Golden Civilization and The Map of Mindfulness, Kinder draws on 50 years as a mindfulness practitioner, over 30 years as a mindfulness teacher, and his experience training financial advisors globally to challenge the basic concepts of economics, our understanding of democracy, of space-time, and our own hearts. His objective is to bring greater levels of freedom everywhere. Learn more about George Kinder on his website Connect with him on Twitter @GeorgeDKinder and on Facebook @GeorgeDKinder.
Oct 23, 2019
954: Personal Finance for Grad Students with Emily Roberts
There’s personal finance advice out there tailored to pretty much every category you can think of. But what about graduate students and PhDs? Where can they turn for financial advice to help them not graduate with a mountain of debt after so many years in school? Our guest Emily Roberts graduated from college with $17,000 in student loan debt. She decided to continue her education and get her PhD but realized that she was facing a difficult financial situation: living on a small stipend from her university. Rather than continue to rack up more debt, she began to learn about personal finance. After she and her husband both spent over six years getting their PhDs, they finished their program with over $100k in net worth. Now Emily is determined to help other graduate students take control of their financial future, no matter what their income. 
Oct 21, 2019
953: Ask Farnoosh: I'm $25,000 in credit card debt. Is debt consolidation a smart move?
This Friday, Farnoosh Torabi and special co-host Priya Malani, a founding partner of Stash Wealth, help answer listeners' financial questions. Today's topics range from prenuptial agreements to debt consolidation, as well as advice for those seeking to pursue a career in finance and financial consulting. What is the future of the industry?
Oct 18, 2019
952: Diversity, Inclusion and the Will to Change with Jennifer Brown
How can companies thrive as the world evolves and the marketplace changes? Jennifer Brown is here and she's on a mission to help businesses become more inclusive by creating a workplace where employees can thrive by being who they are. She believes that when employees are able to bring their true self to work, they’re able to motivate and contribute in a way that will boost the bottom line. But it's not always so easy, right? Jennifer is the founder of Jennifer Brown Consulting. She's an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, diversity and inclusion consultant and author of the book Inclusion: Diversity, The Workplace & the Will to Change. 
Oct 16, 2019
951: Couples That “Work" with author Jennifer Petriglieri
Two-thirds of professionals today are dual-career couples, but the talent management within companies isn’t set up to support them. How do you make work work when you and your partner both have fulfilling careers? My guest today, Jennifer Petriglieri has spent years researching how individuals can craft and sustain their personal identities. In her book, Couples That Work, she shares how dual-career couples can manage their work-life journey together.
Connect with Jennifer on twitter @jenpetriglieri
Oct 14, 2019
950: Ask Farnoosh: What's the best way to start investing?
This week's Ask Farnoosh episode tackles your money questions related to investing, preparing for the cost of a baby, negotiating a starting salary and much more. Tune in for this week's winner for a free money session with Farnoosh. Plus, special co-host Chelsea Silveira Burgos, a SO MONEY listener, joins the mic.

More about Chelsea: She is a personal finance enthusiast pursing financial independence with her husband and 3 year old daughter. Chelsea and her family live in Central California. She and her husband own their home, save for retirement and college, and are working toward becoming debt free. Chelsea has her Master in Education and works with young children with developmental delays. Chelsea is an avid podcast listener, essential oil devotee, and the friend you DEFINITELY want at the party.
Oct 11, 2019
949: Finding the funny in finance with Paul Ollinger, host of Crazy Money
Paul Ollinger is a nationally-touring stand-up comedian, Ivy League MBA and former Facebook sales leader. He performs at comedy clubs and corporate events all over North America. He is also the author of You Should Totally Get an MBA: A Comedian’s Guide to Top U.S. Business Schools..  

Paul's is the host of the podcast Crazy Money, which promotes financial wisdom and better living through no-holds-barred conversations about the role of money in our lives.

Paul and I discuss the economics of stand-up comedy, how to make money in the business, the importance of financial runway when you're pursuing your passion and the power and controlling your content.

Learn more about Paul by visiting his website And connect with him on Twitter @Paul_Ollinger and Instagram @Paul_Ollinger
Oct 09, 2019
948: Ali Brown, World Leading Business Entrepreneur
Oct 07, 2019
947: Ask Farnoosh: I have $230,000 in student loans! Help!
How to make money from home; True costs to home ownership in NYC; And how to manage with a $230,000 student loan balance. Farnoosh also selects this week's REVIEWER for a 15-minute money session.
Oct 04, 2019
946: Career, Kids and Comebacks with Jennifer Gefsky and Stacey Delo
It is difficult to juggle parenthood with your career, that's an understatement, and find a path that works for both your ambitions and your family life. More than 15 million women find themselves on what they call the messy middle. My guest today, Jennifer Gefsky and Stacey Delo are behind the website Après, which helps women return or pivot in their careers.
Now they have a book to help their audience called Your Turn: Careers, Kids and Comebacks-- A Working Mother’s Guide. We talk about how to anticipate the financials of becoming a mother, a parent while working, how to re-enter the workforce as seamlessly as possible and much more. 

Oct 02, 2019
945: Ladies Get Paid Founder Claire Wasserman
Claire Wasserman is the founder of Laides Get Paid, a company that provides the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay and power in the workplace. She dreamed up the idea for Ladies Get Paid after a frustrating work trip.

Ladies Get Paid holds town halls and community meetups, provides training, and has an active online community. Join Claire Farnoosh and others on November 2nd in Brooklyn for the official conference Get Money Get Paid. Head to and use the promo code SOMONEY15 for 15% off your ticket.
Learn more about Ladies Get Paid on their website and connect with them on Instagram @LadiesGetPaid on Twitter @LadiesGetPaid and on Facebook @LadiesGetPaid

Sep 30, 2019
944: Ask Farnoosh: Selling a Timeshare, Charging People for Your Advice and Investing While Living Overseas
Tips for selling a timeshare, managing money before an international move and how to start charging for your advice! This Friday's Ask Farnoosh episode also announces one recent listener from the reviews page on iTunes to receive a free 15 minute money session with Farnoosh. 
Sep 27, 2019
Bonus: Ask Farnoosh: Marriage and Money, How to Have "The Talk" with Your Fiancé?
We’re in conversation with Gerry Weil who manages Schwab’s branch in Houston, Texas. We’re answering your money questions that have come through on Instagram about how to have the "money talk" with a fiancé, paying down a student loan through the Income Based Repayment program, paying off a mortgage early and investing in a 401(k) as a foreign national.

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses and it’s been a really great collaboration so far. I’m a Charles Schwab customer and have been for many years. So before we get started, just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping us get this financial education content to you.

To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab offers a range of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to invest on your own with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodic guidance from a professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at

Sep 26, 2019
943: Chana Ginelle Ewing, Author of An ABC of Equality
Words matter, and having the proper language to discuss money and our emotions related to money sometimes have the battle. My guest today believes we must start by teaching important words at a young age.  Chana Ginelle Ewing is an accomplished entrepreneur. She’s the founder and CEO of Geenie. It’s a self-development platform for black women. She’s also a recently published author having just released her first book, An ABC of Equality. The book aims to teach children and everyone of all ages about the world we live in and how to navigate our way through it by breaking down keywords, from ability, to gender, to multiculturalism. 
While the book doesn’t speak specifically about money, Chana and I had a very deep conversation around our early understandings of what money is, its constructs, its influences (for me, the all too economically charged school cafeteria growing up in Massachusetts) and so much more. 

Sep 25, 2019
942: Paula Rizzo, Author of Listful Living and Emmy-Award Winning Producer
Overwhelmed, over-worked, and feeling like you just can’t ever get enough done? According to today’s guest, the secret to solving that is to create lists. Paula Rizzo is an Emmy-award winning television producer and productivity powerhouse who helps people stop wasting their precious minutes each day by utilizing lists. She has created a formula for creating the perfect to-do list that can help beat stress and she’s sharing it in her new book, Listful Living.  Learn more about Paula on her website and on Connect with her on Twitter @ListProducer and on Instagram @listproducer.
Sep 23, 2019
941: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Planners vs Robo-Advisors
Farnoosh welcomes Tom Bonsaint, an avid listener and former college buddy to the show as co-host. Questions today regard how to take on a healthy amount of risk when investing, smartly managing the proceeds of a house sale and the pros and cons of robo investing. Plus, Farnoosh selects a recent reviewer to receive a free 15-minute money session.
Sep 20, 2019
940: Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, Author of That Will Never Work
What does it take to bring a world-changing idea to life? My guest today co-founded a company we all know, that fundamentally changed the way that we experience media. Marc Randolph is a veteran entrepreneur and investor who's best known for co-founding and serving as CEO of Netflix. I'm sure you've heard of Netflix.

How do you take an idea to rent movies over the internet and turn it into a company with some 150 million subscribers? Well, it takes grit, it takes gut instincts, it takes failure and determination. Marc's book, That Will Never Work, is out now. It's about taking a leap in business and in life to bring your ideas to market and change the world. Marc and I talk about the beginnings of Netflix, borrowing money from his mother and what happened in that meeting with Blockbuster all those years ago when they actually pitched Blockbuster to buy Netflix. 

Sep 18, 2019
939: Health and Wealth with Kelly Brogan, M.D.
Kelly Brogan is a holistic psychiatrist who has gone through a radical transformation in her career. When she began her career she was — as she says — great at prescribing drugs. But after an experience treating her own thyroid condition, she put down her prescription pad. In the nine years since then, she’s focused her work on treating and healing her patients with more natural solutions. In her new book, Own Your Self, Kelly shares how she believes people can become free from depression, anxiety, and fatigue and finally become their real selves.

Learn more about Kelly on her website and connect with her on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter @KellyBroganMD.

Sep 16, 2019
938: Ask Farnoosh: What's the deal with Roth IRAs?
From confusion around ROTH IRAs to investing in a 401k when you're not a U.S. resident, Farnoosh has answers to your money questions. Plus, tune into hear the TWO reviewers selected for a free money session.
Sep 13, 2019
937: Diane Harris, Award-Winning Personal Finance Journalist
Empathy, experience, and expertise; just a few of the reasons why our guest today is one of the leading personal finance authorities. Welcome to So Money, everybody. I'm your host, Farnoosh Torabi. Diane Harris was the first woman ever to be appointed editor-in-chief of Money Magazine. There, she helped the brand transition to the digital world with and brought important and sometimes taboo issues related to women and money to the forefront. After 22 years at Money, she is now one of the top editors at Newsweek. 

Her childhood made a significant impact on her desire to help others with their finances. We begin our conversation talking about a recent cover story for Newsweek that Diane wrote, the topic, the biggest myths about student loans. I was shocked. So much to discuss. 
Sep 11, 2019
936: Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers
Ever have an underwhelming experience ordering flowers online? I’ve had many and our guest today became committed to fixing that problem and has created a multimillion dollar business. Christina Stembel knew she always wanted to start a company, living in San Francisco where it seems like everyone has a successful startup. She was constantly brainstorming ways to disrupt old industries. 

Eventually, she found herself with a million-dollar idea. Flower delivery. It was a rough start, unable to raise any money, Christina bootstrapped her company, starting with $49,000 in savings. Thanks to her drive and determination, she was able to weather the trying times, and there were many, to grow Farmgirl Flowers into a 23-million-dollar business. That’s how much they made last year in revenue; $23 million from flowers and Christina has her sights set on growing this to a billion-dollar company. 
Sep 09, 2019
935: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Stress is Weighing on My Marriage. Help!
This Friday, Farnoosh answers your financial questions related to money and marriage. Specifically, how to work through the emotional stress that financial challenges create in your relationship. Also, how to ask for a raise when your company flat out rejects out and says they only give big raises for promotions? It's also 401(k) Day! Farnoosh shares her advice on investing in a workplace retirement account and how to best supplement retirement savings when your employer makes you wait 6 months until being able to participate in a 401(k) plan.  Plus, sharing both a positive and critical review from listeners.
Sep 06, 2019
934: The Illusion of Money with Kyle Cease
What if money didn’t matter? What would you do and how would you live your life differently?  Kyle Cease is a comedian and transformational speaker who is taking on the topic of money in his new book and documentary, The Illusion of Money. Kyle believes that your fear of money is keeping you from living the life of your dreams. He’s come to this career as a motivational speaker from an interesting starting place: a comedian. He spent his 20’s touring thousands of venues with his stand up routine and has done hundreds of TV and movie appearances. How did he go from a career in comedy to writing a book about money and living your fullest life? I’m happy to welcome Kyle Cease on the show today to share his story and more.
Learn more about Kyle on his website:  Connect with him on Twitter @kylecease and on Instagram @evolvingoutloud and on Youtube

Sep 04, 2019
933: Affording a Career Pause with Erika Parker Price, Host of Ready Pause Go Podcast
To all my parents out there listening you know that the juggle and struggle between career and family life is tough. It's so hard that 43% of mothers take a career break. But once that career break is over, getting back in the workforce is the new challenge. Our guest is Erica Parker Price, who knows all too well the difficulties of returning to work after a career pause. She spent the first 12 years of her career working in technology and negotiating multimillion-dollar projects. But after her second child was born, she decided to quit to raise her sons. 

Once she was ready to re-enter the workforce, her gap meant she struggled to find a job. She couldn't return to tech, and it took her years to find her ways into a new industry. Frustrated by the experience and wanting to help other career pausers along the way, she launched Ready Pause Go, a service and podcast coaching Women on had a transition back into the workforce.

Learn more about Erika on her website: and connect with her in the Ready Pause Go Facebook group or on Instagram @readypausego

Sep 02, 2019
932: Ask Farnoosh: How to negotiate my salary when switching industries?
This Friday, Farnoosh answers your questions related to salary negotiations, putting your teen on a budget and how to trust all the "success" stories we often hear about online entrepreneurs.
Aug 30, 2019
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: I'm 40, a freelancer and late to saving for retirement. Help!
Special co-host Julie Lambert from Charles Schwab and Farnoosh answer questions about planning for retirement when you're getting a little bit of a late start (and you're also a freelancer), as well as things to think about if you're looking to move to New York City and start a family.  

[Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with
Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or
its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.]
Aug 29, 2019
931: Securing your financial legacy with Natalie Elisha Gold
Are you making the right financial moves not just for yourself, but for your family, and your legacy, and the future? This is a passion topic for my guest today, Natalie Elisha Gold. She’s an attorney and wealth coach who helps women protect their legacies and future. She wants us all to talk about money, learn about money and get our financial and legal docs in a row right now. Time is of the essence.  She gives women the nudge they need to plan for things that aren’t pleasant to think about but are so important to do — like creating a will and guardianship documents. 
Natalie is a mother. She is an attorney. She is a wealth coach. She is the author of Money Momma: The Women’s Wealth Bible for the Digital Age. We discuss the importance of striking out on your own, but also the conservative steps that you need to take to be able to protect your ability to take on risks, to have a legacy, to provide for your family in the event of the unexpected.

Learn more about Natalie on her website and connect with her on Instagram @natalie_elisha_gold.

Aug 28, 2019
930: Career and financial success as an undocumented immigrant with Daniela Pierre-Bravo
Daniela Pierre-Bravo has a lengthy roster of accomplishments: She is a booking producer for MSNBC’s Morning Joe and recently co-authored a book with Mika Brzezinski, providing straight-talking advice for millennial women in the workforce, entitled Earn It!

But none of these opportunities were handed to her. Moving to the U.S. from Chile when she was a teenager, she found out she was an undocumented resident when applying for college...and, as a result, was unable to work, drive, or receive financial assistance for school.

Luckily, she became a Dream Act student, and from there, took the opportunity to side-hustle her way through school to graduate on-time and debt-free. That drive continued as she entered the workforce.
Follow Daniela on twitter @dpierrebravo and on the Know Your Value website:

Aug 26, 2019
929: Ask Farnoosh: Should I buy long-term care insurance? I'm 37.
This week, Farnoosh answers your money questions related to long-term care, whole life insurance and real estate. Is a cash-out refinance a smart way to leverage your home's equity to buy an investment property? Also, Farnoosh selects a recent reviewer on iTunes to receive a free 15-minute money session with her. 
Aug 23, 2019
928: Thriving as a female in tech and family breadwinner with Google's Bethanie Baynes
Bethanie Baynes is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Google and has been with the company for 15 years. She’s worked to overcome gender bias in tech and is a strong female advocate. She’s also a breadwinning woman and has, what she calls, a Flip Family. When her husband was laid off, it felt natural for him to become a stay-at-home dad. They soon realized that many of their friends and family saw it differently. In her efforts to create a community for fellow female breadwinners, Bethanie founded the Breadwinning Women at Google.

You can find Bethanie on her site

Aug 21, 2019
927: The Budget Mom (Kumiko Love)
If you’ve ever felt like budgeting just doesn’t work for you, my guest Kumiko Love can relate. Frustrated by traditional budgeting methods, she created her own technique to pay off almost $80,000 of debt in eight months. And this technique helped launch her business, The Budget Mom.

A few years ago Kumiko was struggling to pay down her debt. As a single mom, she knew that she needed to get out of the cycle of making minimum debt payments each month, but she had tried and failed to stick to a budget numerous times. So, she created a method that she could actually stick to. She calls this her Budget by Paycheck method and as she was using it to get out of debt, she started a blog to share her journey. That blog has now turned into a business that just launched its first physical product, the Budget by Paycheck Workbook™. 

You can learn more about Kumiko on her website and you can follow her on Instagram @thebudgetmom on Facebook @thebudgetmom
Aug 19, 2019
926: Ask Farnoosh: Should I refinance my mortgage?
Farnoosh answers your top money questions related to refinancing, as well as managing a past due personal loan with a relative and the impact the FIRE movement and more people retiring early may have on society. Farnoosh also selects a winner for a 15-minute money session.
Aug 16, 2019
925: From the Projects to the Penthouse with CURLS CEO Mahisha Dellinger
What does it take to go from growing up in poverty to running a multi-million dollar business and having a TV show on The Oprah Winfrey Network? Our guest today knows all about this.

Mahisha Dellinger had a very tough financial upbringing but she was determined to succeed. After college, she graduated and began working in marketing at Intel. While it seemed like a great job, the dream job, stable company with a lot of perks, a big part of her always wanted to strike out on her own. She got the idea to begin an eco-friendly line of hair products for naturally curly hair, and we'll talk about how she transitioned from corporate America to taking the leap to ultimately start CURLS. It was an idea that has in five years scaled BIG.

CURLS has now teamed up with Target to bring her products into their stores. Mahisha is also the author of the book Against All Odds: From The Projects to the Penthouse. Her business has even caught the eye of Oprah, and Mahisha has had the opportunity to have her own show on The Oprah Winfrey Network. Mahisha talks about not really being able to secure a small business loan, despite having good credit, despite having good sales, and why that served her well in the end.

Learn more about her business at and follow her on Instagram @mahisha_dellinger and twitter @mahishadelling1
Aug 14, 2019
924: The Equation for Financial Independence with the ChooseFi Founders
What is the equation for financial independence? Today we have the co-hosts of the very popular ChooseFI Podcast, Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett. Both of these friends come to the personal finance space with their own unique experiences. 
Brad and his partner saved a million dollars in just 11 years. Jonathan was able to pay down a $168,000 in student loans. In 2017, Jonathan and Brad saw the need to bring even more community to the FIRE Movement, Financial Independence Retire Early Movement. After meeting up a few times together, they decided to create that community with their podcast called ChooseFI. 

Today, ChooseFI is helping to spread the FIRE Movement. Their crowdsourced podcast is over 2,600 reviews and their Facebook group has over 48,000 members. Their message is spreading and their podcast is a big force in this movement. We talk about their histories with money, how they educate their audiences around financial independence and is there an equation for financial independence? There actually is one. I was curious to find out. 

Aug 12, 2019
923: Ask Farnoosh: My Identity Was Stolen. What Now? (A Replay)
**This podcast originally aired on August 10, 2018**

This week's #AskFarnoosh addresses a listener's concerns about identity theft, as well as investing in index funds, renting versus owning and a mother who refuses to learn about the household finances because "it isn't her job." Oof!

Special co-host Addy Adewusi, a listener, joins Farnoosh with some great perspective and advice.

For more, check out

Aug 09, 2019
922: Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran (A Replay)
**This episode originally aired on June 4, 2018**

Our guest today needs no introduction. She had 22 jobs by the age of 23. She built a $5 billion business with a $1,000 loan. She's a shark on ABC's Shark Tank and host of her new podcast called Business Unusual. We are in conversation with the one and only Barbara Corcoran.

I have had the privilege of interviewing Barbara many times over the years and every time, I get goosebumps. Every time I get a little nervous. I get butterflies in my stomach. That's why I think I love her. She's the real deal.

On our show today, she talks about childhood; goes down memory lane and talks about the impact that her mom had on her relationship with money today as an adult woman. She talks about why she felt lost the moment when she sold Corcoran Real Estate, her real estate empire for 66 million dollars.

If you listen to any show this week, make this the episode you definitely reserve.

Follow Barbara on Instagram and Twitter.

Aug 07, 2019
921: Paying Down $600k in Debt with Drs. Renée and Nii Darko (Replay)
**Originally aired on Jan. 31, 2018**

What would you do if you woke up with $662,000 of student loan debt?

Yes, you heard that right, $662,000 in just student loan debt.

Well, that’s what happened to Drs. Renée and Nii Darko. After meeting in medical school and completing rigorous surgical residencies, Renée and Nii woke up to see their total debt balance had ballooned to the high six figures after years of deferment and forbearance.

Stressed, confused, and not making any progress on actually paying down their principal, the Darko family decided to get serious. They cut out their pricey insurance policies, took on a significant amount of extra shifts at hospitals all over the country, and reprioritized everything. And by prioritize, I mean they only paid $200/month in groceries for 2.5 years!

The result of all this hard work and adhering to that strict budget was that they paid off all their debt in only 3 years!

Today, I’m talking to the couple about how they did it and the challenges they encountered along the way (like the three failed IVF rounds that they paid for in cash). You’ll also hear about how paying off their debt has given these two physicians financial independence, enabling them to pursue their passions and business pursuits, like Dr. Nii’s website and a podcast called Docs Outside the Box.

To visit the couple’s blog, head to

Renée runs Pre-med Strategies, a pre-med consultation business to help students overcome the challenges of getting into medical school. You can visit the website here:

To learn more about Dr. Nii Darko, please visit his website, Docs Outside the Box, at or find him on twitter @DocsOTB.

Equal Access Health is their locum tenens business, which you can learn more about here:

Aug 05, 2019
920: Ask Farnoosh: What Risks to Consider When Renting Out Home? (Replay)
**Originally aired on February 7, 2018**

My husband and I will be quitting our jobs later this year to travel globally for a year. Aside from savings and insurance, what should we consider?

My husband and I contribute to our retirement, savings and children's 529 plans. Should we be adding to these buckets or putting our money elsewhere?

What are risks to consider when renting out part of your home?

Answering these questions and more with co-host and marketing consultant Erica Gellerman.

To learn more about Erica visit or follow her on Twitter @ericagellerman.

Aug 02, 2019
919: Kari Skogland, Director The Handmaid's Tale (Replay)
**This podcast originally aired on April 25, 2018.**

Did you know only 7% of film directors in the U.S. are women? That gap is hopefully narrowing soon, as women in the movie industry (and everywhere) are demanding equal pay, equal treatment, and equal opportunities. Our next guest is a rising star - named by Hollywood Reporter as one of its “Ten Directors to Watch."

Today, we're welcoming Kari Skogland to the show. She's an award-winning director and producer known for her contributions to popular shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Walking Dead, The Americans AND House of Cards. Today, Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale premieres on Hulu.

Kari is a champion for women in the movie industry. She’s a big believer in sweat equity, taking risks, re-inventing yourself, and of course, being smart with your money. How does all of that actually play out? And what is the ONE big ticket purchase Kari’s saving up for these days?

You can learn more about Kari’s company, Mad Rabbit, here: and follow Kari's Twitter:  @KariSkogland.

Jul 31, 2019
918: Vicki Robin, Co-Author of Your Money or Your Life (Replay)
**This podcast originally aired on May 9, 2018.**

Which is more important: your money or your life? Over 25 years ago, our guest asked the world this fundamental question, and her book became an international sensation. Today, I’m honored to welcome Vicki Robin to the show.

Vicki is the co-author with the late Joe Dominguez  of the iconic book, Your Money or Your Life, which she recently revisited and updated for 2018 with a new forward by Mr. Money Mustache, who has been a guest on the show as well.

If you haven't heard of Vicki Robin before, she really began the Financial Independence movement before it was trendy. She realized the importance of living well on less quite early in her life, and she has spent the past few decades teaching this and other principles to people all over the world.

With over a million copies sold in a dozen languages, Your Money or Your Life remains one of the preeminent guides on personal finance in existence. Today, I’ll dig in and ask Vicki questions about her childhood, what made her write the book, and if she thinks our society has learned some of the lessons and the steps to financial independence that she teaches.

To learn more about Vicki, visit You can also follow her on Twitter @Vicki_Robin. The website for her iconic book is


Jul 29, 2019
917: Ask Farnoosh: What Financial Advice Would You Give Yourself in College?
In this episode of Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh answers listeners' questions about the best way to "put to work" an extra $2,000 a year, deciding between two internships, and financial advice the host would give herself if she could turn back time to when she was embarking on college.
Jul 26, 2019
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: Worth it to pay down my mortgage early?
We’re in conversation with Justin Sinnott who is a certified financial professional and financial consultant in Charles Schwab’s Seattle branch. We’re answering your money questions that have come through on Instagram and the website. We’ve got questions about whether or not to pay down a mortgage early, how to tackle family planning and buying a home at the same time...and how much is too much to save for retirement?

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses and it’s been a really great collaboration so far. I’m a Charles Schwab customer and have been for many years. So before we get started, just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping us get this financial education content to you.

To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab offers a range
of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to invest on your own
with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodic guidance from a
professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at
Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with
Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or
its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

Jul 25, 2019
916: Eric Chesin, SVP, Head of Strategy for Realogy
Interested in buying a home? This episode is for you! Our guest is Eric Chesin who leads strategy for Realogy, the leading provider of residential real estate services in the country.
You may have heard of some of their brands, which include Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's International Realty and many others.

Eric oversees the development and execution of Realogy’s corporate strategy, as well as their projects and partnerships. The company just announced in collaboration with Amazon, the launch of TurnKey, a new home buying program that simplifies the process of finding and settling into a new home. You can check out TurnKey at

With TurnKey, Realogy is matching home buyers with top agents and upon closing on their home, Amazon provides a Move In Benefit, connecting those buyers with services and experts in their area to help make their house a home. This includes a selection of Amazon Home Services like deep cleaning, a handyman who assembles furniture and mount a TV to a wall, a curated side of smart home products. All in all, the products and services are valued at 1,000 to $5,000.

Now, as a self-described real estate enthusiast (that’s me,) TurnKey actually reached out to me to help them spread the word and share the campaign so very grateful for this partnership. Eric and I discuss how TurnKey can benefit buyers who often experience overwhelm, timing your purchase right and Eric's very cool travel hack that I think I’ll be implementing soon.

Jul 24, 2019
915: Sara Dean, The Shameless Mom Academy Podcast
Are you a shameless mom? Our guest wants you to be. She believes that moms need to be a little more selfish with their time, prioritize themselves, and be shameless in their pursuit to live bigger, bolder, and braver, #everydamnday.

Sara Dean is the creator and host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, a top-rated podcast with nearly 2 million downloads.  She is also an entrepreneur to her core - having built and grown multiple businesses to multiple six figures. She is also among a small percentage of women who have sold a business in the US.  Sara’s biggest passion is helping women own their space.

When Sara Dean became a mom, she expected life to be rainbows and unicorns every day. She had gone through two years and nine rounds of fertility treatments to have her son. But soon after her son was born, she had an identity crisis. Eventually, she was able to use her background in psychology, health, and wellness to rebuild her identity one step at a time. Now, she helps other mom’s do the same through her podcast.

Learn more about Shameless Mom on Sara’s website: and on her podcast, Shameless Mom.

And find her on social media in her free Shameless Mom Facebook group and follow her on Instagram

Jul 22, 2019
914: Ask Farnoosh: How Much is "Enough to Save for Retirement?
Farnoosh and special co-host Annie LaCroix, founder of Brainy Boss, answer the latest questions from listeners...including how to invest in Socially Responsible Investments, how to improve one’s credit, how much is “enough” to save for retirement and what to do with millions of dollars earned through a settlement.
Jul 19, 2019
The True Story About the So Money Podcast: Interview with Farnoosh on the Go to Gal Podcast
Just as I was about to publish this bonus episode, a listener messaged me on Instagram to ask, "How did you start your podcast?" Perfect timing! And as this is a top question I receive, I thought it would be helpful to air this interview I did with Jaclyn Mellone, host of the Go to Gal podcast. In this episode we talk about how So Money was born, the secrets to growing the show (and any podcast) and the truth about making money with a podcast. It is possible, but you have to be realistic. 
Jul 18, 2019
913: Laena McCarthy and Ami Watkin, The Integrated Hustle
"One of the real challenges that ambitious women face is working a lot...this idea that work has to be kind of not just efficient but it has to be across expansive amounts of hours and without really allowing for pleasure.”
Raise your hand if you’re out there trying to kill it at work and at home and everywhere else in between. It can be a lot, right?

Our two guests are the co-founders of a program called Integrated Hustle, which helps women align their personal vision with their professional ambition.

This idea of achieving balance is something that we all know is impossible. But is there a way to achieve an Integrated Hustle? Through their program, Laena and Ami give their clients the tools the emotional support and a little bit of therapy to help them navigate both the personal and the professional with flying colors.

But to get there, there are certain mindsets and certain belief systems that we just have to release. And I discovered that I’m as much on this journey as everybody else. I was learning all the way through this interview...and hope you do, too.

You can learn more about Laena and Ami on their website:

And follow them on Instagram @integratedhustle

Jul 17, 2019
912: Andrea Pactor, Women’s Philanthropy Institute
"When people give, it’s not only about making the world a better place but we find that it makes us happier too. When we’re happier, our mental health is better and hopefully our financial health is better and our physical health is better. It’s a good thing for all of us.” 

You heard it here, giving can lead to happiness. We’re dedicating today’s show to the topic of philanthropy and in particular, the gender differences when it comes to giving. Our guest is Andrea Pactor who is the managing director of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University. The institute was created to provide research in giving to help create powerful female philanthropists.

A lot of questions on the show today about why are there gender differences when it comes to giving, what are those differences? Some really fascinating data, Andrea and her team found around how people give and the results of giving, you know? They say money doesn’t buy happiness but the research says that when we give, it can feel very rewarding and it can give us all the happy feels.

Andrea has also advice for us around how to actually construct a giving plan. Do you have a giving plan, what’s involved? How do you even start it? How can it actually be helpful to us as we decide how to give and how not to give as it may be.

Jul 15, 2019
911: Ask Farnoosh and Allison Task (Replay)
Co-host Allison Task, coach and author of Personal Revolution joins Farnoosh to answer your top money questions related to negotiating your salary during a career switch to the pros and cons of taking on a loan to support your growing business. Originally aired May 8, 2018.

Follow Allison on Instagram @AllisonTask
Jul 12, 2019
910: Kelli Bradley, Author of Always Her Daughter
"I was young, I was in my 30s when this started hitting me head on and none of my friends were going through this, nobody really understood. When’d say, you know, no, I really can’t do that tonight or I can’t attend this event or what have you. Many times, it was because I was busy taking care of my mom but often times it was because I was just exhausted.”

Did you know that one in four millennials is a caregiver? Nobody teaches us how to prepare for or how to care for our parents as they get older. But how do you have those discussions when you move from being their child to being their caregiver?

Our guest today is Kelli Bradley who is the founder of The Devoted Daughter that provides families with resources as they transition to becoming caregivers for aging family members. Kelli didn’t start her career in senior care. It wasn’t until her mother was diagnosed with diabetes that Kelly became her full time caregiver. It was only then that she realized that there weren’t many resources to turn to for support.

So, she created one of the leading in-home care companies, serving thousands of families, but she wanted to help even more people navigate this emotional period and that’s where her book Always Her Daughter  comes in. Also, she has a course called The Devoted Daughter Playbook.

In our conversation, we talk about how Kelly afforded not just the finances of taking care of her mother but the time. How do you balance managing your mother’s life and your own? How to assess assisted living facilities and nursing homes? And how to empower your siblings who may not be as helpful or cooperative as you to get on board and chip in?

Kelli's Book: Always Her Daughter. A memoir and professional guide based on her experience in senior care.

The Course: Playbook for aging parents. How to have the talk with your parents: how to take away the keys? When is it time to move? Step-by-step get your questions answered.  

Jul 10, 2019
909: Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, Authors of Quit Like a Millionaire
"When we actually retired and we didn’t actually buy a house, that was one of the reasons, because we were able to put our money into the stock market and actually invested and have it pay us money, rather than pay money into a mortgage. That’s just completely mind-blowing for people back. Even my parents were just absolutely disgusted by the fact that I didn’t buy a house, to the point where they’re like – I was like, “Oh, God. I hope they don’t disown me.”

We are back in conversation with Kristy Shen, as well as her husband Bryce Leung. Kristy was on So Money a few years back, as I was doing a week-long special on early retirees. Kristy is Canada's youngest retiree ever. She built a 1 million dollar portfolio by the age of 31, and then spent the next few years traveling the world.

She and her husband have a new book called Quit Like a Millionaire. In it, she documents her journey from childhood poverty in China to being fully financially independent and a millionaire in her 30s. Kristy and Bryce are part of the FIRE Movement. Heard of that? FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.

Their book is a bold contrarian guide to retiring at any age. They've got a formula to financial independence. No matter where you are, where you're living, how old you are, what your likes and dislikes are, I mean, personally, I don't want to leave New York City, so do they have a plan for me? They do.

Learn more about Krisy’s book at Visit her blog at Follow her on Twitter @Firecracker_Rev.

Jul 08, 2019
908: Ask Farnoosh: How to Ace a Job Interview
This Friday, Farnoosh answers your money questions related to high yield savings accounts, college savings plans, preparing well for a job interview and affording a home renovation with a home equity line of credit. To send your questions to Farnoosh direct message her on Instagram @FarnooshTorabi.
Jul 05, 2019
907: Debra Roberts, Author of The Relationship Protocol
If you told me that you had two people who knew that if they sit face to face, it’s too difficult because it’s intimidating and it makes them feel vulnerable or it makes them angry and emailing each other works for them, I would say, ‘more power to you.”

How do you talk money with your partner? If you are in the midst of a financial issue with your loved one or if money is a leading stress in your relationship, this episode’s for you. Our special guest today is Debra Roberts, a licensed certified social worker who has spent more than 20 years helping clients of her private practice, learn how to communicate more effectively with one another.  She’s worked with couples to improve communication at home, as well as business owners to help them improve engagement in the workplace. We focus a lot today on financial conversations, how to have difficult money talks with your partner and also how to have a better money relationship with yourself.

Debra's book is The Relationship Protocol: How to Talk, Diffuse and Build Healthier Relationships. Learn more at  
Jul 03, 2019
906: Samantha Razook, Founder of Curious Jane
In 2009 Samantha Razook was finishing a program in Industrial Design and searching for something her young daughters could do while she got a “real job”. While the economy was struggling, she decided to start a camp, initially just for her daughters and their friends. But that first camp turned into a business that has grown into Curious Jane, a summer camp and print magazine that has projects revolving around science, engineering, and design.
In 2014, Curious Jane was the recipient of the Chase’s Mission Small Business Grant — an unrestricted $250k awarded to 12 businesses from an applicant pool of over 35,000. Today, Curious Jane runs camps, classes, and workshops year-round; prints project books and a maker magazine for girls; and collaborates with like-minded organizations to share content with girls nationwide. Curious Jane has partnered with TheConfidence Code for Girls, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and LiveGirl, Inc.

Learn more about Curious Jane at their website:
And follow Curious Jane on Instagram and Facebook where they share fun project ideas. You can find Curious Jane on Instagram @curiousjane_fun and on Facebook

Jul 01, 2019
905: Ask Farnoosh: How to keep pushing for a raise?
In this week's Ask Farnoosh, host Farnoosh Torabi and So Money fan Anne Rocheleau, tackle your money questions including how to approach a boss who has been avoiding talking about your raise, finding affordable coaching support for a small business, and purchasing multiple homes.

More about Anne: She grew up in Massachusetts (in the same town as Farnoosh!) and moved to beautiful Portland, Oregon three years ago. She received a BS/MS in chemical engineering and a PhD in biomedical engineering. She works as a research scientist at a start-up company that is developing a diagnostic device for malaria and sickle cell disease. She became interested in personal finance after finishing grad school and feeling behind her peers in retirement savings. She is passionate about empowering women in personal finance as well as in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.
Jun 28, 2019
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: How to pay off debt while saving and paying bills?
In this bonus episode Farnoosh and her co-host tackle your latest money questions, including, how to pay off debt while trying to save, the differences between index funds, ETFs and mutual funds, how to benefit from employee stock purchase programs, and much more.

Special co-host is Tiffany Dolby. Tiffany manages Schwab’s branch in Winnetka, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. She has been with Schwab for almost eleven years and started her career right out of college. She received her bachelor’s degree in economics from Purdue University.

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial
literacy to the masses and it's been a really great collaboration so far. I'm a Charles Schwab
customer and have been for many years. Before we get started, I just want to thank Charles
Schwab for helping get this financial education content to you.

To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab offers
a range of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to invest
on your own with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodic
guidance from a professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at

Disclosure: Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated
with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab
Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.
Jun 27, 2019
904: Almost 30 Co-Hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik
We’ve signed up to be the guinea pigs for people to ask the stuff that could be embarrassing to say the things, whether we’re talking about finances, or relationships. We’re not afraid to go there and experience things, or feel things, or share things that others may be afraid to.”

What were you doing when you were almost 30, or what do you hope to do when you are almost 30? My guests today are using this period in their lives to create a media company and a community for people who want to learn about wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self- development and everything in between.

Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are social media influencers, bloggers and podcast co-hosts of the very popular Almost 30 podcast. They've got over 12 million downloads. They have fans in over 150 countries. It has become a community and a resource for a lot of people who are looking to become the best version of themselves and navigate career transitions.

The two of them know a little something about transitions. Both were feeling stuck in small towns and moved to the big city to pursue their dreams, along the way dealing with anxiety, in some cases depression and they fell upon this podcast more first as a way to just talk about all of the struggles and pains and questions that they had in these formative years in their lives. Along the way built a massive business that has positioned them now as leaders in their generation. Very excited to learn how they did it and so much more.

You can find Krista and her co-host Lindsey on their podcast Almost 30 at, and on Instagram @almost30podcast.  

Jun 26, 2019
903: Lou Anne Alexander, Group President of Payment Solutions for Early Warning
How do you send money to friends, family, and just about anyone else? The odds are you’re no longer putting a check in the mail. When was the last time you even used a check?

With so many of us abandoning our checkbooks and person to person payment services taking off, banks needed to change with the times or risk losing their customers.

That’s where my guest today Lou Anne Alexander enters the scene. She’s the Group President of Payment Solutions for Early Warning LLC, and led the launch of Zelle — the financial services' first real time payment network. Zelle was also the presenting partner of Stacks House in Los Angeles, the financial empowerment pop-up museum  She has spent the last few years on the road promoting Zelle to banking executives who weren’t always so eager to embrace change. And she’s done it successfully, with $39 billion sent through Zelle in the first quarter of this year. 

A banking veteran with years of success under her belt, I’m very excited to have Lou Anne Alexander joining us today. 

Jun 24, 2019
902: (Live!) Ask Farnoosh and Priya Malani
Today’s a special episode because we are continuing our conversation from Monday. If you listened to the episode on Monday, you know that I did an interview in front of a live audience with the CEO of Stash Wealth, Priya Malani. 
We did the live interview at Luminary, which is a collaboration hub for women here in New York City. I highly recommend it if you haven’t checked out Luminary. At the end of our interview, we opened up the floor to audience questions and this is where that live podcast continues. We have a number of questions from people in the audience from why financial advice seems to have forgotten the Gen Xers to establishing good financial habits and setting money goals. 

Jun 21, 2019
901: Georgia Lee Hussey, Founder of Modernist Financial
"The dominant culture is telling us a lot of things about what we’re supposed to do with our money and our resources. I like a broader definition of money as just, - what are our resources?"

Our guest today is Georgia Lee Hussey, Founder and CEO of Modernist Financial, which is on a mission to build a world where progressive people feel permission to enjoy today, while also investing in our common future.

Georgia is a queer female founder who started her career as a writer and artist and then went on to spend a decade working in finance as a CFP. She was baffled by the industry’s lack of transparency and culture of conformity, which inspired her to launch a different kind of firm – one that truly centers individuality and self-efficacy.

Modernist Financial has been named one of the largest LGBTQ+ owned businesses in Oregon and one of Portland's largest wealth management firms.

You can find more information at her company website:

Jun 19, 2019
900: (Live!) Priya Malani, CEO of Stash Wealth
I was just so shocked. I remember one time I was pulling together like a financial plan for a really wealthy client and I was like, wait, this is how we show investment data to a human?” – Priya Malani
Today’s episode is an interview with Priya Malani is an entrepreneur and founding partner at 
Stash Wealth, a financial planning firm for HENRY’s. which stands for High Earners, Not Rich Yet.  We recorded this interview in front of a live audience at Luminary, an incredible collaboration hub for women to develop, network and connect.Priya, who previously worked on Wall Street for 10 years, launched Stash Wealth after realizing how sorely underserved young professionals were in the financial services market.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Why Priya’s known as the Rebel of Wall Street.
  • Can Millennials really achieve financial freedom?
  • Priya’s financial upbringing and her biggest money mistake.
  • The “best” credit card on the market. Special thanks to our host, Cate Luzio and her team at Luminary, as well as our sponsors for the evening, 
Birchbox and O’Neill Vintners. Also thank you MouthMedia for making sure the podcast went on without a hitch!

Jun 17, 2019
899: Ask Farnoosh: Besides salary, what else is negotiable at work?
Negotiating a salary and other benefits, savings "rules" and finding a financial planner are among some of the question on the latest Ask Farnoosh.
Jun 14, 2019
898: Susan McPherson, Corporate Responsibility Expert
"There’s so many ethical questions and, you know, we're seeing this being being discussed at the top of all sorts of social platforms now, right? And then, you know, The New York Times this past weekend did that, you know, did their annual study showing what you know CEO compensation is as compared to the lowest paid workers, and it's atrocious."

Is it possible for the business world, which is often characterized as being greedy, to care deeply about and act with social responsibility? Today's guest believes yes. And in today's world, she says, where consumers are looking to support corporations who specifically champion diversity and inclusion and philanthropy, it’s more important than ever for businesses to consider actively being part of the solution and forces of good in the world.

We have the great pleasure of inviting Susan McPherson on the show. She is a corporate responsibility expert who's worked with major brands like Kate Spade, Dell, Tiffany, J.C. Penney, and many more through her consulting company, McPherson Strategies. Through her work, she helps her clients create real change in the world and improve their businesses. At the same time. She's also an Angel investor who invests in women owned businesses, and she's a highly sought after speaker. Her articles and interviews have appeared in Forbes, The Cut, Harvard Business Review

Jun 12, 2019
897: Cameron Huddleston, Author of Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk
When’s the last time you sat your parents down and talked to them about their money? If you’re like most people, it probably hasn’t happened yet. And, I don’t blame you. Talking to your parents about their savings, their will, their hopes for what happens when they get older or after they die is unpleasant. But, as today’s guest will share, it’s absolutely necessary. Today, I’m interviewing Cameron Huddleston. She is an award-winning journalist with more than 17 years of experience.Cameron’s experience taking over her mother’s finances after her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease inspired her to write a book on how to to discuss finances with parents before it’s too late. It’s called Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations With Your Parents About Their Finances. Her articles have been published in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, Fortune, Huffington Post, Money, MSN, USA Today and more. She’s also the current Life + Money columnist for GOBankingRates. Follow Cameron on Twitter @CHLebedinsky and visit her website
Jun 10, 2019
896: Ask Farnoosh: How do I best combine finances with my spouse?
This Friday, lots of questions about best ways to invest for retirement and steps for co-mingling finances with a partner. I recently got married and we've been together for 10 years. We have built our lives together, but still have separate bank accounts. We are now talking about combining some money to create a household accountt. He uses a credit union, I use a bank. Is there a benefit to either? Does it matter?

Special co-host is Catie Hogan
is a financial planner with the women-owned Element Financial Group. She’s also the author of the humorous and informative book The Millennial’s Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together, and an accomplished humor writer and performer. Catie is on a mission to help young adults, particularly women and those in marginalized communities, become more financially literate and empowered. She does this using simple explanations of complex topics, personal anecdotes, and humorous relatability.
Catie understands what it means to be a broke Millennial. She finished college with six-figures in student loan debt, worked entry-level jobs to make ends meet, and had no idea how or where to save and invest money. But after reading several personal finance books, she realized she was one of millions of young adults in this situation—and this became the catalyst for her current career. Catie is putting a fresh, new spin on the fundamentals of personal finance. She believes learning how to be a successful adult doesn't have to be so serious.

Catie's book:
Element Financial Group:

Jun 07, 2019
895: Liz Dennery Sanders, Founder of SheBrand
Why do you love some of your favorite brands? Is it because of their funny commercials, the fact that they give back, or because they truly care about their customers?

And, what can companies - big or small - do to convey their brand accurately? How can they make sure their message is getting across? As an individual, what is YOUR personal brand?

Today’s guest is an expert on branding, especially for women. Liz Dennery is the founder of SheBrand, where she and her team support companies with their brand development and positioning. They also help with creative direction, website development, social media marketing, and celebrity and influencer outreach.

Liz has worked with brands like Escada, Hale Bob, Anastasia, Blue Cult, Bejeweled, Avia Spa, Paulina Maternity, The Tiger Woods Foundation, Elyse Walker, The Pink Party and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

She’s also a huge supporter of non-profits that help women like Girl Up!, WriteGirl, Step Up Women’s Network and Kiva.

Learn more about Liz at and follow her on social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Jun 05, 2019
894: Sophia Parsa, Entrepreneur and Founder of Mountain Gate
"My relationship with money is money comes and money goes. For me, it’s not the point of success. It’s important for me to be financially stable and it’s important for me to be making a lot of money, but it’s not what I consider personal success.” 

Sophia Parsa is a tech co-founder, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and a very accomplished entrepreneur. She co-founded the company Toot, which is an on-demand tutoring service after her tutor bailed on her the night before a big exam in college. The night before the test, she found a new tutor, thanks to the help of a professor, but then realized there's probably a better way to connect with tutors on-demand. The idea for Toot was born.

Later, Sophia launched a dinner club called Mountain Gate, where entrepreneurs gather for dinner. Through Mountain Gate, entrepreneurs can get advice, they can form business partnerships and just connect with people who are like-minded. Today, Sophia is the director of community at FabFitFun, which is occasionally a sponsor of this show.

FabFitFun is a subscription box that delivers a selection of full-size premium products to your front door. We discuss Sophia's transition to working for a company and why it was important for her professional development. We also dive deep into the growing pains of the early days of entrepreneurship, how to score some investment capital and what she plans to do with her money right now.

Follow her on Instagram @SophiaParsa and her business @Mountaingate.

Jun 03, 2019
893: Ask Farnoosh: Do student loans need to be paid off after the borrower passes away?
Financial expert Megan Gorman co-hosts with Farnoosh Torabi to provide answers to your latest money questions.

Do student loans need to be paid off after the borrower passes away? Any pros or cons to transferring debt to a lower rate loan?
How to manage money in your relationship?
How much stock exposure is safe for someone in their 60's?

May 31, 2019
Bonus Ask Farnoosh: Better to save for grad school or retirement?
This is a special bonus episode of Ask Farnoosh with co-host Joe Benvenuto, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) who manages two of Charles Schwab’s branches in the Bay Area--Menlo Park and Sunnyvale, California. Joe has been in the financial services industry for more than 10 years. Prior to that, he served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army.

Topics covered: retirement saving, grad school, auto-rebalancing your portfolio and managing a windfall. 

(Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.)
May 30, 2019
892: Karen Rinaldi, Author of (It's Great to) Suck at Something
"By sucking at surfing, I was able to get over my fear of public humiliation, right? Because when you surf, you are surfing where everyone can see you wipeout and miss waves. I got really used to being okay with that. Then I realized I could apply that to my writing. I started sharing my writing more as I got accustomed to that and thinking, “Well, the worst thing that happens is somebody sees my writing and they don't like it,” right? I mean, I’ll be okay with that." - Karen RinaldiWhat is something that you do in your life that you suck love it?  

For me, I'd say it's tennis. I don't suck at stand-up comedy, but it is something that I know is a constant work in progress...and, at the same time, is really exciting to me and hasn't, for some reason, discouraged me. It's actually inspired me and it led me to be better at other things, such as podcasting and thinking on my feet and not having a filter :) We are in conversation with Karen Rinaldi, a professional preacher of the gospel of suckitude. Before she found surfing, she sucked at plenty of things, among them skiing, horseback riding (which almost ended tragically), boxing (she doesn't want to talk about it), running, rollerblading, cycling (for which she boasts the least suckiness.) Along with her side hustle of suckitude, Rinaldi has spent 20+ years in publishing and is the publisher of Harper Wave, an imprint she founded in 2012. Her first novel, The End of Men, was the basis for the 2016 feature film Maggie’s Plan, directed by Rebecca Miller and starring Julianne Moore, Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke. Her book, [It's Great to] Suck at Something: The Unexpected Joy of Wiping Out and What It Can Teach Us About Patience, Resilience and the Stuff that Really Matters, is a non-fiction deep dive into the joys that sucking can bring. Rinaldi’s essays have appeared in The New York Times, TIME, Motto, LitHub, among others. 

 To learn more about Karen at Follow her on Instagram @suckatsomething.

May 29, 2019
891: Bola Sokunbi, Founder of Clever Girl Finance
"We downsized everything and we went from living in a five bedroom house into a tiny little apartment, we went from having multiple cars, to just one car.”

For many women, especially those who are women of color, access to financial education isn’t as readily available. But our guest today is trying to change that once and for all. Today we’re welcoming the founder of Clever Girl Finance, Bola Sokunbi. Bola received an early lesson in money when her father became ill and had to stop working unexpectedly. The problem with this was that he had used up all of his money to send her three brothers to college and didn’t have any money left over for Bola to further her education.
Luckily, it was her mother, who began as a home maker, who told her that she would pay for Bola’s schooling from the money that she'd set aside from her side hustles and entrepreneurial pursuits over the years. Because of her mother’s hard work, Bola was able to leave Nigeria, get an education and go on to found her own business, empowering women to be financially savvy.

Her company, Clever Girl Finance has helped thousands of women, over the years, receive coaching and financial education they need to advance their lives. Bola is also the author of the fourth coming book, Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money and Build Real Wealth. It will be available on June 25th.

Learn more about Bola at and follow her on Instagram @clevergirlfinance.. 

May 27, 2019
890: Ask Farnoosh: How to save up quickly for a summer vacation?
May 24, 2019
889: Ramona Ortega, Founder and CEO of My Money My Future
"Money has always been something that you struggle with, right? I always say, money wasn’t something that we managed in our home. It was something we didn’t have, right? When we talked about money, it was always for my deprivation on place. It was always about how do we get more? How do we hustle with what we have?” Our guest today is Ramona Ortega, Founder and CEO of My Money My Future, Mi Dinero Mi Futuro. It's a mission-driven financial technology company that empowers Latinas to manage their money with confidence and the company creates culturally-relevant financial content that connects their audience to curated financial products. One of the most important aspects of personal finance is that it's personal. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach and that's especially true when it comes to teaching different communities and cultures about personal finance. Ramona is making waves in the world of personal finance, by helping the Latino community gain access to important financial education. She built the company as a solution to an overarching problem in our community, which is the fact that the community doesn't have access to quality and trustworthy financial advice. Through her grit and determination, she built the company step-by-step fundraising, applying to accelerators, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. Ramona and I talked about as you just heard, her childhood, growing up poor, her role as a single mother and entrepreneur. How does she do it all? Tune in. 
May 22, 2019
Bonus: Preparing for Retirement with Teresa Hassara
Raise your hand if you have a 401k at work and wondering if you’re making the most of it? Or, if you’re not investing for retirement…yet…and wondering how to get started?

We have a special BONUS episode brought to us today by Mass Mutual. I’ve recently partnered with them to help spread literacy on the issues related to saving for retirement. We’re going to unpack a lot of learning today with Teresa Hassara, who leads the Workplace Solutions business at MassMutual, providing comprehensive financial wellness services, including retirement plans, to over 30,000 companies and about three million plan participants.

Teresa holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and earned her M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  She is a member of the Board of Directors for Jobs for the Future and an active supporter of a variety of organizations focused on mentorship for women and young people in under-resourced communities. She is also passionate about women’s leadership and investing.

To complement this interview, I also have a piece at on how women can financially secure their futures. For more check out

May 21, 2019
888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared
"The firemen broke down my door and my heart stopped in the ambulance. They took me to the hospital. They revived me and put me on life support and then called my family and said, “You need to come. She’s not going to wake up. Even if she does, she’s going to be permanently brain damaged for the rest of her life.”

Have you ever felt there's something more out there for you? Do you ever feel life is passing you by, or that you have regrets for a chance, or an opportunity that you just didn't take?  

We're having one of the most candid and intimate conversations I've ever had with a guest on this show. Her name is Ruth Soukup. She is the author of Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity and Create a Life You Love.

As you just read, she really experienced life at rock bottom, having almost died from multiple suicide attempts and an incredibly difficult entry into adulthood.

Now on the other side of things, Ruth runs a wonderfully successful business. She is a mother, wife and woman living her dreams. How she got here is a journey, to say the least. She has captured many of her deeply personal stories, as well as advice that she has extracted from her huge community of women. 

She is the founder of the Living Well Planner and Elite Blog Academy. She also blogs at Living Well, Spending Less. Ruth is one of my favorite people, and we talk about a lot of hard stuff on this show. We talk about the principles of courage, how to use your fears to fuel your motivation, your mobilization and why fear is totally normal.

May 20, 2019
887: Ask Farnoosh: How should I talk to my boyfriend about his finances?
How to talk money with your partner when you suspect he or she isn't managing their finances properly? How to build you own savings when you're supporting your parents? And where is the best place to start investing?
Answering your money questions this week with co-host, Kim Autore, an avid So Money listener.

More about Kim: She is a listener from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has followed SoMoney for the last two years while hustling to catch up on her personal financial literacy. Kim is a Registered Dietitian by trade but has worn many hats to “bring home the bacon."
Kim is naturally a go-getter. Since finishing grad school in 2013 she bought and renovated her first house, explored professional roles in several industries, got married, and picked up a couple adventurous hobbies along the way. Anyone else up for rock climbing?

She is determined to one day have a thriving business of her own and even write a book. Long-term, Kim wants to reach an audience of young women to spread messages of empowerment, independence, and teach women the skills to advocate for what they deserve.

May 17, 2019
Bonus: Live from Stacks House with Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz
Last week, I had the great honor of greeting Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz at Stacks House and interviewing her in front of a live audience. We're grateful to have Schwab as one our partners at Stacks House. Together we developed the Retirement Rodeo that houses our famous mechanical piggy bank. Our goal was to bring to life the importance of saving for retirement through an unmatched, memorable experience. Our bucking savings pig illustrates the ups and downs of the stock market and why it's important to hold on.

We were excited for Carrie's visit, not just so she could get a chance to experience Stacks House, but because she is such a leading advocate for financial literacy. She is one of America’s most trusted sources for financial advice and has devoted her career to helping men and women from all walks of life achieve financial security.

Carrie and I talk about her early days working for her father, the great Charle Schwab, the challenges women face when it comes to securing their futures and what we can do about it, as well as the biggest mistake she ever made with her money.

As many of you know, I’m also working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses and it's been a really great collaboration so far. I'm a Charles Schwab customer and have been for many years. Before we get started, I just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping get this financial education content to you.

To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab offers a range of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to invest on your own with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodic guidance from a professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at


Investing involves risk including loss of principal.  

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice. Where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, Schwab recommends consulting your tax advisor, CPA, or financial advisor.

Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

May 16, 2019
886: Ramit Sethi, Author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich
Ramit Sethi, author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has become a financial guru to millions of readers in their twenties, thirties, and forties.

After the massive success of his first book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, he's back - ten years later - with a second edition, updated and expanded for a new age.

In our latest conversation (Ramit was on previously - check it out), we discuss:

  • The additions and omissions he decided to make in the new version of his book - and why.
  • The untold realities of executing a prenup with your partner-to-be. Ramit shares details from his own experience.
  • The current attacks on financial experts who believe in personal accountability.Ramit started his website,, as a Stanford undergraduate in 2004, and he now hosts over a million readers per month on his blog, newsletter, and social media. Sethi grew up in Sacramento, the son of Indian immigrant parents who taught him the art of negotiating—his father once spent five days negotiating with a car dealer, only to walk away over a set of floor mats.

He wasn’t the smartest kid in his class, but he loved building systems, which ultimately earned him over $200,000 in scholarships, which he used to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in technology and psychology at Stanford.

His understanding of human behavior and money led to him creating innovative solutions in self development. Ramit and his team of dozens of employees build premium digital products about personal finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, careers, and personal development for top performers.

The IWT community includes 1 million monthly readers, 400,000 newsletter subscribers, and 35,000 premium customers.

Visit Ramit at for more information. Follow him on Twitter (@ramit) and Instagram (@ramit)

May 15, 2019
885: Ramin Setoodeh, Author of Ladies Who Punch
“When Barbara Walters was in her 30s and 40s, her father was a nightclub owner and he gambled away his family’s fortune on these investments and as a result of that, Barbara was always very conscious of money and always very afraid that her fortune could disappear one day.”

That’s Ramin Setoodeh, our guest today, talking about the one and only Barbara Walters, creator of The View.  Ramin is the author of Ladies Who Punch. It’s a brand-new book that takes a deep dive into the personalities behind The View. If anyone here listening is a fan of The View, or once upon a time watched it, this episode is for you.

Ramin’s book has become an instant New York Times bestseller, despite initially being rejected by publishers over 20 times. Can you believe that? You heard him talk a little bit about some of the financial fears that Barbara Walters harbors. Ramin went deep with this book looking at how The View came to be, the surprising rejection that The View received in the beginning of Barbara Walters’ pitch, as well as the behind the scenes of how some of the co-hosts handled the drama that ensued being on The View.

Ramin also provides his own personal experiences with money, growing up the son of immigrants and climbing up in the world of news. He is an award-winning journalist and the New York Bureau Chief for Variety. Ramin was formerly a senior writer at News Week and he’s also written for the Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and many other publications.

May 13, 2019
884: Ask Farnoosh: Passed Up for a Promotion on Maternity Leave. What now?
Answering listeners questions including: Navigating your job after being passed up for a promotion while on maternity leave. Should you stay and wait for the next opportunity to be promoted or leave? Also, is becoming a certified financial professional required if you want to be a money expert? Farnoosh speaks from her own experience!

May 10, 2019
883: Marc Lichtenfeld, Author of Get Rich With Dividends
Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist of The Oxford Club, a private club located in Washington, D.C. with over 157,000 members representing over 130 countries. Members of The Oxford Club are investors and entrepreneurs to work together to learn and share opportunities to grow and protect their wealth.

On this podcast, we often talk about long-term investing and investing in low fee index funds, not doing hand-picking stocks. But Marc has a great deal of experience investing in the stock market and particularly with dividend stocks. So this episode focuses on some of the ways to approach dividend investing and general smart practices for investing in the stock market. 

In addition to working with The Oxford Club, Marc is also a two-time author. His first book, Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Double-Digit Returns was awarded the 2016 Book of the Year by the Institute for Financial Literacy. Just recently, his second book, You Don't Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement earned the same honor.
May 08, 2019
882: Tamanna Roashan, Founder of DressYourFace
Tamanna Roashan is a superstar entrepreneur with two and a half million Instagram followers. If you love makeup and beauty, then you may have heard of Tamanna.

Her first job was as a wedding photographer when she was just 13 years old. Her artistic eye in photography training helps her help brides look stunning on their wedding days. This led to a love of makeup and a path to cosmetology school but that wasn’t the end of it. Tamanna’s parents urged her from an early age to become an entrepreneur. They encouraged her to build a life being her own boss.

She earned a marketing degree from there and led her to build a massive business around her artistry. She is the founder of the company called DressYourFace and she’s created the bestselling Tamanna pallet. She is a triple certified makeup artist and has built a social media empire as well as an online makeup school at Lots to learn from Tamanna, especially in particular, the importance of having an offline business and not just being an instant celebrity.

To learn more about Tamanna, visit or become one of her millions of followers on Instagram @DressYourFace.

May 06, 2019
881: Ask Farnoosh: Maximizing tax deductions, paying down student loans and evaluating stock options
This week: How to maximize tax deductions, paying down student loan debt and evaluating stock options.

Special co-host and listener Michael Reynolds, founder of Elevation Financial, joins the show.

Michael Reynolds (Principal of Elevation Financial) is passionate about entrepreneurship and financial education. He has founded/co-founded a number of successful businesses, including a training company, a software company and a virtual staffing firm. After 23 years as the co-founder/owner of SpinWeb, a digital marketing agency, he sold the agency in order to focus on what he loves — helping people improve their financial health and advising entrepreneurs.

Years ago Michael developed an itch to work in financial services. He became licensed to help people with investments and financial needs, purely as a passion project. His clientele grew organically and he developed a strong attachment to the process of managing money and helping others do the same — all while running his agency, starting new businesses, getting married and becoming a new dad.

In 2018, he founded Elevation Financial, an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) focused on helping entrepreneurs with financial planning and investi

May 03, 2019
880: Kate Snow: Anchor NBC Nightly News Sunday
We are in conversation with Kate Snow, one of the most accomplished television journalists. You've probably seen her on NBC News. She's the weekday anchor for MSNBC Live, as well as national correspondent for NBC News and anchor of NBC Nightly News Sunday editions. Kate has travelled extensively and built a reputation for stories that create change. 

She's covered politics throughout her career, including five presidential elections, the White House and Congress. She continues to cover developing news stories from the mass shootings in Newtown to conflict in the Middle East to allegations against Bill Cosby. She's currently hosting a series called The Drink with Kate snow, where she has a drink with incredibly interesting people from fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, to actress Kate Hudson, to NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson. 

On So Money, we dive into her career, how she arrived in her field as a journalist, as a top journalist for NBC, the stories that she's drawn to cover, including the financial ones, and Kate's role as breadwinner in her marriage and how she and her husband have successfully combined their finances over the years. 

May 01, 2019
879: David Bach, Author of The Latte Factor
David Bach is one of the most trusted financial experts and bestselling financial authors of our time. He has written nine consecutive New York Times bestsellers with over seven million copies in print, including two #1 New York Times bestsellers, The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late Finish Rich.

His latest book is THE LATTE FACTOR, Why you don’t need to be rich to live rich.  Visit his website on the book
In addition to his books, David has impacted millions of people over the past two decades through his seminars, speeches, newsletters, and thousands of media appearances. He is also the co-founder of AE Wealth Management, regarded as one of America’s fastest-growing financial planning firms, and the founder of FinishRich Media, a website dedicated to revolutionizing the way people learn about money. Learn more at

Apr 29, 2019
878: Ask Farnoosh: Which is more important, paying down student loans or investing?
This week on Ask Farnoosh, host Farnoosh Torabi answers you money questions related to retirement investing, student loans, controlling emotional spending and more.
Apr 26, 2019
Bonus: Ask Farnoosh: Roth IRAs, Saving for College and Preparing for a Market Downturn
For all your Ask Farnoosh fans out there, I'm releasing an advance bonus episode! Woohoo!!!

Our special co-host today is Joy Stephens, a Certified Financial Planner who manages Schwab’s branches in Arlington, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland. Joy has been with Schwab for almost 2 years and has been in the financial services industry for 15.  Joy received her bachelor’s degree in finance from Lehigh University and her MBA from Duke University.

Together we tackle your money questions related to Roth IRAs, saving for college and how to prepare for a possible correction in the market.

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses and it's been a really great collaboration so far. I'm a Charles Schwab customer and have been for many years. Before we get started, I just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping get this financial education content to you.

To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab offers a range of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to invest on your own with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodic guidance from a professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at


Investing involves risk including loss of principal.  

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice. Where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, Schwab recommends consulting your tax advisor, CPA, or financial advisor.

Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

Apr 25, 2019
877: Susan Hyatt: Author of BARE and certified master life coach
Our guest today says self-care is the key ingredient to actually overcoming your obstacles and pursuing your passions,  We are welcoming Susan Hyatt to the show, a certified master life coach and the creator of The BARE coaching program. Her book is called BARE: A Seven-Week Program to Transform your Body, Get more Energy, Feel Amazing and Become Unstoppable

In the book, Susan shares how she reached rock bottom, struggled with her weight and transformed the way that she felt about her body and herself. 

Susan runs an incredibly successful coaching business, helping other women do the same and you better believe we talk about money because money is such a source of emotion, right? It triggers a lot feelings of self-worth - or lack thereof -and all of that contributes to your self-esteem, your well- being, body image, all of it. 

Susan's website is She is on Instagram @SusanHyatt.

Apr 24, 2019
876: Tina Hay, Founder of Napkin Finance
How would you like to learn about money in 30 seconds or less? I would. Well, our guest today is the Founder and CEO of a company that's doing just that. Her name is Tina Hay and her company is called Napkin Finance. It's a multimedia platform, where readers can learn everything about money in 30 seconds or less. It's a platform for people of all ages to learn about money as well. It's super visual, very fun, very simple. Her company is in high demand right now as you can imagine. 

In fact, Napkin Finance has partnered with the White House from Michelle Obama's Better Make Room and Reach Higher initiatives, as well as numerous nonprofits, schools and universities. There's a book coming out later this year. Lots going on. Tina Hay is also a fascinating founder and woman. What led her to Napkin Finance and what are some financial concepts the company's yet to tackle? Tune in!

Apr 22, 2019
875: Ask Farnoosh: How to help my aging parents with money?
This week's Ask Farnoosh recorded from Los Angeles, amidst the launch of Stacks House in Los Angeles, the financial pop-up that Farnoosh co-founded. This week: Questions about financially supporting aging parents, investing versus paying down debt and credit score hacks. 
Apr 19, 2019
874: Tori Dunlap: Founder, Her First $100k
Tori Dunlap believes she was put on this planet for one reason and one reason only, to fight for wealth equality.   Tori She is the Founder of Her First $100k, a website and a movement. Tori created Her First $100k to educate women about money and to encourage them to join her on the journey to amass a $100,000 by 25. 

She teaches women how to negotiate, save, invest and she's a content creator, a speaker and a coach. She's only 24. I haven't been 24 in a while and I thought I was ambitious then and Tori definitely takes the prize. 

You can follow Tori on Instagram @HerFirst100K
Apr 17, 2019
873: Lindsey Pollak, Author of The Remix
Lindsey Pollak is a leading expert on the millennial generation and today’s multi-generational workplace. She’s often called a translator, advising organizations and individuals on how thrive in today’s unprecedented five generation workforce.

People are working longer and years ago, we thought by now, that the baby boomers would all be retired, but many of them are still at it and working. Lindsey’s book, The Remix: How to Lead and Success in Today's Multigenerational Workplace, discusses how companies can thrive with these different generations and h ow to find common ground.

Lindsay also discusses the financial transition she experienced growing up, her parents going from middle class to upper middle class, the perks that she experienced and the impact that had on her finances as an adult. Lindsey is a New York Times bestselling author of Becoming The Boss - New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders and Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the World.

She has spoken at Facebook, LinkedIn, Yale, Harvard, Wharton, Stanford. She’s been on The Today Show, The New York Times CNN NPR and now I’m proud to say, So Money. 

Apr 15, 2019
872: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Planning in Marriage
In this week's episode, host Farnoosh Torabi tackles listeners' questions about making money moves in a relationship, purchasing life insurance when you're single and have no kids and where to invest small amounts of money.
Apr 12, 2019
871: Erin Lowry, Broke Millennial Takes on Investing
Investing is not just for the wealthy. It is for broke millennials, too. We're welcoming back on the show my friend Erin Lowry, a personal finance expert. She started the crazy, popular blog called Broke Millennial years ago, as a way to share her own useful financial tips with her peers.

The blog blossomed into a book by the same name, Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together, which came out in 2017. After the success of that first book, Erin is now back this year with her second book called Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner’s Guide To Leveling Up Your Money. It just came out. 

In many ways, this book complements the first, which is all about helping millennials level up and realize that investing can be simple, it can be done, it's approachable, it's fun, all the things. Such a needed book, because I know a lot of you have questions about where to begin when it comes to investing; what stocks to pick, where to put your money, 401K versus IRA, Roth IRA versus traditional IRA. 

Erin's going to help us dissect all of this. PS, she's embarking on a multi-city book tour to promote this book. We're going to talk about where you might be able to meet her, including at Stacks House in Los Angeles. Very excited to welcome her back on the show. 

Apr 10, 2019
870: Alex Banayan, Author of The Third Door
Our guest today is Alex Banayan, who grew up in Southern California. The son of Iranian immigrants who had financial struggles and wished for Alex to experience a better life. And while he didn’t quite meet their initial expectations. (like many Iranian parents, he was encouraged to become a doctor, a lawyer, an academic), the 26-year-old has today accomplished more than many do in a lifetime.

Frustrated at school and tempted to venture on his own to discover the secrets to success, he dropped out and embarked on a quest to interview some of the most accomplished and most difficult people to reach, Bill Gates, Quincy Jones, Maya Angelou, many more. Their conversations and Alex’s own coming of age story and how he managed to score these interviews are in his book, The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched their Careers.

How did Alex land these interviews? What’s the meaning of the third door? And how did winning the price is right contribute to all of this? We’re in for a treat, I have a special cohost with me today, George Itzhak, who is a producer for NBC news, a friend of mine and an incredible human being who has been on this show as a guest before on So Money.

George actually found Alex for me, recommended him for this podcast, loved his idea and we all decided, let’s get together, we went to NBC studios and recorded this. One of the few times I actually left my apartment to record an interview. This is a special one. 

For more visit
Apr 08, 2019
869: Ask Farnoosh: Where to invest $50,000?
Guest co-host Lily Chen joins Farnoosh on this week's episode of Ask Farnoosh.
Lily is a medical doctor and podcast host from Sydney, Australia. She is also the host of How To Win Friends & Influenza, a quirky medical podcast that dispenses awesome life advice with minimal mention of Dale Carnegie.

Questions this week: How can I get my 401k rebalanced if I don't use a financial advisor? How to invest $50,000? And how to support my niece in college without making her financially dependent on me?
Apr 05, 2019
868: Kate Northrup, Author of Do Less
Who wants to hop off the I’m so busy train? It is possible to have a thriving career without feeling burnt out. It’s possible to raise your kids without feeling like you aren’t doing enough, according to our guest Kate Northrup who just released a book called Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms.
Kate was initially on this show about four years ago, discussing her first book, Money, A Love Story, which has been translated into five languages. Do Less is her second book and it’s really a reflection of all of the things that she has learned now as a business woman and as a mother to two children.
Her book offers women 14 experiments that they can try to eliminate their overwhelm and respond to the never-ending tasks and responsibilities that we face every day. We’re going to learn how to loosen the grip, surrender control and perfect the art of allowing.

To learn more about Kate, you can visit She’s also on Twitter and Instagram @katenorthrup .
Apr 03, 2019
867: Ida Rademacher, Vice President at The Aspen Institute
Ida Rademacher is the Vice President at the Aspen Institute, as well as the Executive Director of the Aspen Financial Security Program. The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC, Through Ida's work she tries to create nonpartisan solutions to improve financial challenges that are facing households in America. Ida is also in charge of shaping policy about ways to improve financial security and financial wellbeing.
We discuss the current state of student loans, how her programs are actually moving the needle when it comes to promoting financial wellness, and the financial lessons Ida learned riding horses.

Learn more about The Aspen Institute here 
Apr 01, 2019
866: Ask Farnoosh: How to juggle career and family when husband is out of town?
Guest host Christina Hamati joins Farnoosh to answer listeners' money questions. Christina is an avid listener. She works at a Fortune 100 financial firm as a consultant on various advanced financial planning concepts. She is in the midst of achieving her CFP designation.  Questions we tackle:
I've heard it's better to put money in your IRA than pay down your mortgage. What do you think?
Any advice for a 34-year-old who is just now taking her finances seriously? Tips? Books?
When is the best time to liquidate a mutual fund for a big purchase? Is 5 years to soon?
How to juggle career and family when husband is out of town?
Mar 29, 2019
865: Sarah Fallaw, The New Millionaire Next Door
Today’s guest is more familiar with The Millionaire Next Door than anyone else. She is Sarah Fallow, the daughter of the late Thomas Stanley, the book's author. Sarah is the Founder and President of DataPoints LLC, a company that provides scientifically validated, automated behavioral finance tools to the financial services industry. As the 20th anniversary of The Millionaire Next Door drew nearer, Sarah worked with her father to do research and development for an updated version of the book. With her psychology and data background and his extensive experience researching millionaires over his career, together they created an outline for what would become a book entitled The Next Millionaire Next Door. Today we’re going to talk to Sarah about her and her late father's findings. What’s changed when it comes to the behavior of millionaires and what can we learn from them? Also, what was it like growing up with Thomas Stanley and how does she hope to carry on his legacy?  To learn more about Sarah Fallow, please visit and follow her on Twitter @SarahFallaw. You can also purchase The Next Millionaire Next Door wherever books are sold. 

Mar 27, 2019
864: Stacks House Co-Founders, Kindra Meyer and Patience Ramsey
Do you want to come play with the money? We are in conversation with Stacks House co-founders Kindra Meyer and Patience Ramsey. Really excited to announce that tickets are on sale currently for our Los Angeles arrival. You can purchase tickets at and I have a special discount for SO MONEY listeners…Use SoMoneyStacksLa for 20% off your ticket. We’ll be opening doors on April 17th and we'll have a limited run in the City of Angels and the plan is to travel the country.

What better way to go behind the scenes of the why and the how and the what of Stacks House than to invite my cofounders Patience and Kindra to So Money.  I met these two ladies back in the summer of 2018. They invited me to come and learn about their plans to launch a major company called She Stacks, which is all about supporting women in their endeavors to become a financially independent and close the wealth gap. Stacks House is the first of many offerings from She Stacks.

If any of you ever been to the Museum of Ice Cream or Museum of Pizza, Color Factory, etc. you know that popups are a thing right now, right? People are lining up and can't get enough of them.  To leverage that popularity, we're doing our own version of a pop up, but with a purpose: to serve women on their journey to becoming financially free.

Coming up, learn how about my co-founders' storied past growing up with not a lot of money, and how that impacted their relationship with money as adults. Patience and Kindra are marketing mavens, each with 15+ years experience building brands, starting movements, utilizing talent and galvanizing communities. Patience is also a founding Executive at Good Counsel, Mastry Inc., and The Bloomberg Players Technology Summit. Kindra is former owner of McLeod Residence, a members-only lounge and art gallery. They’ve each come a long way from humble beginnings. Kindra was raised in a one room log cabin. Patience, the eldest of six children, talks about how her parents declared bankruptcy when she was young. How did all that influence their money mindset and their desire to support other women along the way?
Again, check out to reserve your spot.  Use the code: SoMoneyStacksLA for 20% off your ticket!
And follow us on Instagram @StacksHouse

Mar 25, 2019
863: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Stop Feeling Guilty When I Spend?
This week's episode tackles questions related to earning more money and managing guilt around spending. Check out for the transcript. You can always send me your money questions on Instagram @farnooshtorabi. 
Mar 22, 2019
862: Chanel Reynolds, Author of What Matters Most
If your partner died today, would you have your shit together? Today’s guest is Chanel Reynolds. She’s the author of the brand new book What Matters Most: The Get Your Shit Together Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance and Life’s “What-Ifs.” After Chanel’s husband passed away unexpectedly, she realized she had no idea how to access any of their financial documents. She didn’t know how to pay her mortgage. She didn’t even have the password to his phone. And, as she was in the middle of the worst moment of her life, she couldn’t help but think that there must be other people out there who were just as unprepared as she was.

She started writing about her experiences on her website aptly called Get Your Shit Together. What followed was tons of website visitors, mentions in the medias, and hundreds of stories from people who, much like her, were unprepared for life’s most brutal moments.
Although she never expected to be in this position, Chanel has used a tragedy and has used it as a tool to help others be more prepared than she was.

Learn more about Chanel at and
Mar 20, 2019
861: Chris Taylor, Senior Money Correspondent, Reuters Money
We are in conversation today with one of the top financial journalists in the country. We have Chris Taylor on the show. He’s an award-winning journalist, senior money correspondent at Reuters Money and contributor to Fortune and We’re talking about his money perspectives. This is his first podcast interview. I didn’t know this until we wrapped, pretty flattered, and the lessons he’s learned from interviewing some of the world’s biggest money minds.   We talk about why Chris considers Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard who recently passed away, to be one of the greatest financial role models of all time, as well as Chris’ dedication to writing handwritten thank you cards daily and the current state of financial journalism. Where’s the media world headed? 

Follow Chris on Twitter @christaylor_nyc
Mar 18, 2019
860: Ask Farnoosh: How to financially support parents in their retirement?
This week's question touch on ways to financially supporting parents in their retirement, how to set up a Roth IRA, deciding whether to take a lower paying job and factors that impact our credit scores.  Special co-host is Morgen Rochard, founder of Origin Wealth Advisers, an independent, fee-only practice dedicated to helping young families and professionals align their finances with their life goals. She is also the founder of Money Owners, a financial and executive coaching practice, helping clients create their mindsets around money, career and building businesses. In both her businesses, Morgen encourages clients to live how they want to live, be who they want to be, and achieve what they want to achieve with their money. Morgen is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Mar 15, 2019
859: Jonathan Walker, Executive Director of Elevate's Center for the New Middle Class
One of the most financially fragile demographics in this country is women who have none prime credit scores. They are a part of the new middle class and these are women who experience challenges unlike many other parts of the population because they are often mothers, caretakers to elderly relatives, and the people in charge of their households. Their financial wellness matters to many people in their families and in their communities.

 We’re tackling this important topic today and our guest is spearheading research to better understand and help these women and all members of the new middle class. Jonathan Walker is the Executive Director of Elevate's Center for the New Middle Class. There he conducts research to better understand the behaviors, the attitudes and challenges of America’s growing “new middle class”. We discuss what is the new middle class, what are the specific challenges that they have, and how is the new middle class forming and shaping our country’s economics.

Follow Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class on Twitter @NewMidClass and learn more here.
Mar 13, 2019
858: Kara Perez, Founder of Bravely
Our guest today discovered her love of money, courtesy of her quarter-life crisis. Kara Perez is the founder of Bravely, which she started in 2017. At that time, she was in the midst of what she calls a quarter-life crisis. She was broke, saddled with student loan debt, she had no career direction. She realized that what was holding her back was her lack of financial knowledge. She buckled down and paid over $25,000 worth of debt on a $30,000 salary.

Today, her online site Bravely shares hopeful financial steps. Kara also speaks across the country about personal finance. Kara and I discuss some of the steps that women and men and society need to take in order to achieve things like gender wage equality, financial literacy for all and how she herself managed to work her way to financial freedom.

Learn more about Kara Perez by visiting BravelyGo. Listen to her podcast and follow her on Instagram @ByKaraP.

Mar 11, 2019
857: Ask Farnoosh: All About That Roth IRA
On International Women's Day, Farnoosh invites financial expert Megan Gorman to co-host. Topping the list of questions: how to save for retirement and the benefits of the almighty Roth IRA.

More about Megan: She spent her entire career working with high net worth individuals and families on their entire financial picture.  An attorney by training, Megan’s passion about personal finance is all about the complex problem solving required to work with sophisticated clients especially in the areas of tax and estate planning.

To learn more about Megan, check out and be sure to follow her on Twitter: @wealthintersect and Instagram

Mar 08, 2019
856: Tonya Rapley, Founder of
Tonya Rapley is the millennial money expert and creator of the award-winning site, My Fab Finance. In 2014 she was deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine and featured as their cover subject.  A millennial herself, Tonya’s mission is to help millennials break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so that they can become financially free and do more of what they love. She is the creator of the #BanishTheBalance challenge, a debt elimination challenge that helped over 4,000 participants pay off more than $200,000 of debt in sixty days.

Selected by TV One as a modern day history maker, Tonya is a full-time entrepreneur and tours the country providing workshops for private and nonprofit clients. Her client list includes Fidelity Investments, Prudential, the National Endowment for Financial Education and FinCon ( the financial blogger's conference). Tonya has spoken at Bloomberg, Essence Fest, Millennial Week, PepsiCo, the Blogging While Brown Conference, BlogHer, Circle of Sisters and a host of colleges and universities.

You can learn more about Tonya at and Also, follow her on Instagram @Tonya.Rapley and @MyFabFinance.
Mar 06, 2019
855: Rachel Rodgers, Founder of
We're unpacking some of the real reasons, the real issues behind why women struggle to achieve financial independence. My guest today is the one and only Rachel Rodgers. She is as her bio describes, a woman of color, a mother of four and a seven-figure business owner in that order.

Rachel started her career working as a lawyer with nonprofits, federal judges and Hillary Clinton, when she realized that changing the world is easier when you have some cash in your bank account. She decided to build a million-dollar business and then teach other women how to do the same.

In fact, she talks about on the show today how you can't really be a feminist if you're broke. Rachel is also the creator of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast. Got to listen to that. Fasten your seatbelts, diving into motherhood, money and making it work, all while refusing to apologize.

Learn more about Rachel by visiting her website and follow her on Instagram @RachelRodgersEsq

Mar 04, 2019
854: Ask Farnoosh: Saving for a Home, Buying Life Insurance and Boosting Credit
Co-host Allison Task, coach and author of Personal Revolution joins Farnoosh to answer your top money questions related to real estate, life insurance, long-term care insurance, credit scores and starting a podcast. Note: Farnoosh misheard the listener's question related to long-term disability and thought she asked about long-term care, to clear any confusion.  
Mar 01, 2019
853: Dr. Anna Cabeca, Author of The Hormone Fix
Dr. Anna Cabeca is a triple board certified Ob/Gyn physician who found herself feeling exhausted, depressed, and diagnosed with early menopause as the young age of 38. Despite being a physician, she was unable to solve her own health problems, and colleagues didn’t offer viable solutions, either. So, she set out on a journey to discover how to recapture her health, and created a new, thriving business in the process.
As a menopause and hormone expert, Dr. Cabeca has changed the lives of women across the globe, connecting to others through humor, honesty and passion. She’s been featured in national media, has created her own line of products, and just recently published a book called The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat Naturally, Boost Energy, Sleep Better, and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green Way.

To learn more about Dr. Anna Cabeca, please visit or follow her on Twitter @AnnaCabeca.

Feb 27, 2019
852: Maria Aspan, Author of Startup Money Made Easy.
Thinking of starting a business? Wondering how much money you’ll need? Well, our guest today says it’s not as much as you might think. Our guest today is Maria Aspan. She’s an award winning business journalist and editor at large at Inc. Magazine where she writes about personal finance, startups, technology, finance, and gender.

Before working at Inc., Maria covered business and finance for the New York Times, American banker, where she was the national editor and coverage of the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath, which she says was a turning point in her career. She’s here to tell us about her new book, Startup Money Made Easy.  It is The Inc. Guide to Every Financial Question About Starting, Running, and Growing Your Business.

The book focuses on a lot of the commonly held beliefs that people have about raising capital to start their dream business and she debunks some of these mindsets. She also uses her years of experience, research, and conversations with successful CEO’s to demystify the startup money process for entrepreneurs to be. Plus, Maria dives into her own money and career journey, as she climbed the ranks of the news business. Today, she is an editor at top publications.

To learn more about Maria, visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @MariaAspan.
Feb 25, 2019
851: Ask Farnoosh: How to Financially Prepare for Baby?
How to financially prepare for a baby? Do I need to contribute to a Roth IRA if I have a 401(k)? How can I re-emerge in the workforce as a mom who took a few years off? Ask Farnoosh returns with great questions from listeners. 
Feb 22, 2019
850: Casanova Brooks, Real Estate Expert and Author
Our guest today is Casanova Brooks, a young man who battled cancer in his teens, lost his home, lost his job and experienced the death of his mother all within the span of one week. Hitting rock bottom, he says gave him the confidence to take on new challenges, take on a growth mindset and rebuild his life. Today is one of those episodes where you're just going to hear the most inspiring story of a man who persevered and now only at the ripe age of 31, has completely rebuilt his life. Casanova today is a successful real estate expert, having locked in 46 real estate deals in his first year as an agent. All this, working in a new city, where he had no family, no friends, no network. His outlook on life has awarded Casanova invitations to speak all over the world. He's also the author of the book Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners. We're going to talk about the steps he took after hitting rock bottom, his take on real estate these days and how to evaluate risk in your financial life.

Learn more about Casanova Brooks at, and on Instagram @Cassanova_Brooks.
Get a free copy of Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners. Just pay for shipping.
Feb 20, 2019
849: Casey Erin Clark, Vital Voice Training Co-Founder
What is the right way to speak? How and why can your voice be a mask to help you accomplish the goals you hope to achieve? Today we are chatting with Casey Erin Clark. She’s the cofounder of a business called Vital Voice Training, which is a voice and speech coaching company on a mission to empower women and change ideas around what women are supposed to sound like. What are we supposed to sound like, you know? We talk about this as well as vocal fry, what is it, do you have that and does it even matter? Casey’s business, by the way, was born from a career heartbreak. She grew up with a goal to be on Broadway and she had numerous career successes from being in a number of off Broadway musicals, she performed at the Oscars, she was a member of the Les Mis national tour but when she tried to get the part to perform Les Mis on Broadway after the tour, she didn’t get the part, and we’ll learn how she went from this huge heartbreak to a breakthrough, working as a singing coach and running Vital Voice Training with her cofounder.

Learn more about Casey at and follow her on Twitter @CaseyErinClark.
Feb 18, 2019
848: Ask Farnoosh: Help! My partner won't talk about our finances.
This week on Ask Farnoosh, listeners ask about how to manage money in your relationship when a partner doesn't like to talk about money, how to properly share your personal income with co-workers and how much risk should someone in their 20's take on in their retirement portfolio? Listener and personal finance enthusiast David Fox co-hosts with Farnoosh.   

Feb 15, 2019
847: Cate Luzio, Founder of Luminary
So often we hear about startups taking investor dollars, or venture capital, or taking on debt to start a business. Our show today highlights one woman, Cate Luzio, and how she, thanks to her consistent savings over the years, afforded her own way to launching her business and becoming an entrepreneur.

She just decided a year ago to launch Luminary; a new collaboration hub in New York dedicated to providing women with a beautiful and functional space to work and grow their network. Prior to forming Luminary, Cate was the Executive Vice President and Global Head of multinational corporate banking at HSBC. There, she was responsible for roughly $2 billion = in revenue and teams globally in 55 countries.

Cate and I discuss the impetus for her transition into entrepreneurship. We also talk about the reasons behind what seems to be a stagnant level of women in the workplace since the 1980s. Also, couldn’t let her go without asking her about some of the money memories from childhood that shaped her perspectives today.

To learn more about Cate and Luminary, please visit and follow her on Instagram @BeaLuminary.
Feb 13, 2019
846: David Burns, The Business Monk
We’re getting philosophical - financially philosophical - on the show today. Our guest is David Burns, founder of The Business Monk. Those are two words I never thought I’d say together, but David is convinced you can pursue business and have it become a path to spiritual awakening. 

Through his work as a coaching consultant, David helps entrepreneurs and CEOs learn to stop working themselves to death. He teaches his clients how to replace false beliefs, manifest money, stop repeating bad habits and pursue more depth in their personal relationships. Got to say we’re lucky, because we’re getting David all to ourselves to learn from his playbook here in the next 30 minutes.

Learn more about David Burns on
Follow him on Instagram: @business.monk
Feb 11, 2019
845: Ask Farnoosh: Is it OK to pause 401(k) to save for a home?
Lindsay Bryan-Podvin joins Farnoosh to co-host this week's Ask Farnoosh. Lindsey is a listener of the show and founder of She is a practicing financial therapist in the Midwest, with a background in mental health research and psychotherapy. 

Questions this week:  What do you think about not investing in my 401k to aggressively save for a down payment on a house? My investment portfolio has returned less than my savings account in the past year. What am I doing wrong?How do I monetize my podcast?

Feb 08, 2019
844: Susan Packard, Co-Founder HGTV and Author
We all know what emotional intelligence is for the most part, I think, but what about emotional fitness? We're talking to Susan Packard. She's the author of Fully Human: Steps to Grow Your Emotional Fitness in Work, Leadership, and Life. It comes out this month.

Susan is a pretty big deal. You may know her by the brands that she has built. Most notably, she helped to build TV brands like CNBC and the Food Network. She was the second employee and COO of HGTV, which is my favorite channel. Later, they sold HGTV for $15 billion in 2018.

Susan's career has now led her to thought leadership, speaking, writing. Her latest book again is called Fully Human. In it, she shares insights that she gained during her years at places like HGTV. Susan believes there's a gap between what we know about emotional intelligence and how we live. In this book, she offers invaluable tools that bridge that gap. We talk about her upbringing in Detroit, managing money in her marriage and navigating very male-dominated industries as a leader and executive.

To learn more about Susan, please visit You can follow her on Instagram @susanpackard and on Twitter @PackardSusan.

Feb 06, 2019
843: Todd Herman, Author of The Alter Ego Effect

Do you have a secret identity? Our guest today says you might want to consider adopting one. Today, I’m welcoming Todd Herman to the show. Todd is the author of The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. This book had close to 20 publishers fighting over it, just to give you a sense of how HOT this book is. You can get your copy tomorrow. 

Todd grew up on a farm in Alberta, Canada milking cows and taking care of chickens. Today he is a toughness and performance coach to professional and Olympic athletes. He’s also a leadership and performance advisor to billionaires and hundreds of entrepreneurs. And not to mention, the creator of the 90 Day Year™, a business achievement program designed for business owners to master the art of execution.

Todd is going to share why having an alter ego is critical to achieving your goals - whether they be to master your finances, climb in your career or anything. And how to identify your alter ego. We'll also explore the alter egos of some FAMOUS people - including Oprah. She’s actually mentioned how she channels a specific group of people. And finally, the incredible daily practice - that’s actually quite simple when you think about it - that has been the greatest way for Todd to build and nurture relationships.

To learn more about Todd Herman, please visit Also, check out his flagship program Follow Todd on Twitter @Todd_Herman and on Instagram @Todd_Herman.

Feb 04, 2019
842: Ask Farnoosh: Is a Master's Degree Worth It?
This week on Ask Farnoosh...You ask: How can I parlay my financial expertise into a freelance writing side gig? Do you have a strategy for paying off debt and saving at the same time? When is it worth to pursue a master's degree? Can I negotiate my salary via email? Guest co-host Betsy Wallace joins Farnoosh. Betsy is an Atlanta-based producer and co-host of the Dinner Sisters podcast, a weekly talk show taking on the nightly challenge of dinner.  

Feb 01, 2019
841: Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam, GoodEgg Investments
Our guests today are going to share some real estate secrets. The two of them are cofounders of Goodegg Investments, where they help everyday people invest in cash flowing real estate. What is this all about, how can we get involved, how risky is it?

Many of us are raised with this ideal around owning a home. Buying a home is the American dream and lately, I think that has been up for debate. But I think what is *still* very interesting is investing in real estate, finding the right markets, finding the right kinds of properties, turning these properties into investments and making them cash flow positive. But of course, all that comes with a lot of work, a lot of research. It’s a whole job!
Our guests today are trying to simplify this process, streamline this process and invite more people to participate in real estate investing. Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam cofounded a company named Goodegg Investments. They’re both working moms and experienced real estate investors who joined forces to find a way to help other busy people learn how to invest in cash-flowing real estate - without being a landlord.

To date, Goodegg Investments has co-syndicated over $400 million dollars of real estate assets. Annie and Julie are going to walk us through the behind-the-scenes of their business, how they identify good properties, how they more or less recession-proof their business and also, financial advice they were raised with that impacted their lives today.

Invest with Goodegg: up for Passive Real Estate Investor Academy: https://www.passiveinvestoracademy.comFollow them on Instagram: 

Jan 30, 2019
840: Melissa Leong, Author of Happy Go Money
Many people have studied the connection between money and happiness. A recent Purdue University study revealed that people making $200,000 are no happier than people earning $95,000 a year. What do we make of this information? Why is it important? Today’s guest is going to try to help us figure some of this out. Melissa Leong is a personal finance expert, writer, television personality, speaker and bestselling author. Her book Happy Go Money hit shelves earlier in January this year. The book aims to teach people how to derive the most happiness from their money. Melissa digs into psychology, personal finance and her own personal story to offer practical, easy to understand advice.

Melissa is very honest, as we’ll hear about her own personal struggles, from her decision to quit her job as a journalist to watching her husband battle extreme depression and how her firm grip on money helped her to overcome those obstacles and achieve happiness.

You can learn more about Melissa at and follow her on Twitter @MelissaLeong.
Jan 28, 2019
839: Ask Farnoosh: Best Way to Save for a House?
Special co-host Grant Sabatier, founder of Millennial Money and author of the forthcoming book Financial Freedom, joins Farnoosh to answer your biggest money questions. This week: how to afford a home, the best ways to save for retirement, discussing money with your partner, and the smartest ways to pay down debt.

Here's where you can purchase Grant's book.   
For people outside the US go here to find out where to buy.
Jan 25, 2019
838: Linda Davis Taylor: CEO, Clifford Swan Investment Counselors
Did you know over 70 percent of wealth doesn’t last beyond three generations? That means if you’re currently working hard to build wealth and create a financial legacy that will outlive you, you might want to think about sitting down with your family and making sure they know how to keep your investments growing.

Linda Davis Taylor is the CEO and Chairman of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors in Pasadena, California, and a champion for women’s economic independence and strength. Clifford Swan is the nation’s oldest investment advisory firm and has been in existence for over 100 years.

Linda is not only the leader of this firm. She’s also a frequent speaker on wealth transition, family governance, and philanthropy. Linda wrote the book called ‘The Business of Family’ to help educate families on multi-generational financial sustainability.

She believes that “Being rich means having a sense of purpose, knowing where you came from, defining your value systems, and questioning how you’re living.” And, if you want your wealth to last generations, it’s incredibly important to run your family like a business, where everyone is educated about how to handle money, how to save it, and how to grow it.

I’m excited to hear more about this philosophy today and learn from someone who has done so much to advance women in the financial industry.

To learn more about Linda, please visit and

"Note: All opinions expressed by Linda Davis Taylor are solely her opinions and do not reflect those of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors. You should not treat any opinion expressed by Ms. Taylor as a specific recommendation to make a particular investment. Ms. Taylors’ opinions are based upon information she considers reliable."

Jan 23, 2019
837: Dan Pink, Author of WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
When is your PEAK time of the day? Knowing this can make a huge impact on your finances, your health and so much more. Today I’m interviewing Daniel Pink, the author of several books including the New York Times bestsellers Drive, To Sell is Human, and A Whole New Mind. His books have won multiple awards and have been translated into 35 languages.

His most recent book is called WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. In the book, Dan shows us the essential keys to timing our decisions and actions so that we can thrive both personally and professionally. If you’re asking yourself questions like “When should I wake up every day?” “When should I work out?” "When should I ask my boss for a raise or quit my job?"  Dan Pink has the answers.
To learn more about Dan, please visit  You can also follow him on Twitter @DanielPink and on Facebook @DanielHPink.

Jan 21, 2019
836: Ask Farnoosh: Should I pause my 401(k) to pay for a matchmaker?
In today's Ask Farnoosh ... Slowing down retirement savings to better afford a matchmaker? What does Farnoosh think? Also, how to get kids excited about investing and what to do with an old pension from a previous employer? Let it sit or roll it over? 
Jan 18, 2019
835: Jaclyn Mellone, Host of Go To Gal podcast
It’s no surprise that our guest today and I became fast friends. She and I share a similar drive when it comes to our careers, but we also don’t want our careers to come at the expense of spending quality time with our family.

Our guest today is Jaclyn Mellone, who’s not only a friend, but a business partner, too. She and I run the So Money Podcast Accelerator, a 12 week group coaching program designed to help you launch your podcast – or GROW your existing podcast. We’re currently enrolling students.

Jaclyn is on a mission to help experts go from best kept secret, to becoming the Go-To Gal in their space. She is a personal branding coach, speaker, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast. I was actually on her podcast this past Monday. Check it out.

Jaclyn has been featured in Entrepreneur, Reader's Digest, Parents, Well + Good and in dozens of podcasts and radio appearances.

In this episode we discuss how Jaclyn helps female business owners take their brands and businesses to the next level, how positivity has been proven to be her #1 strength…and how, as a mom of two, torn between her desire to parent full-time and work full-time, Jaclyn came up with a brilliant strategy to do both, all while saving time and money. This is a financial hack for the books.

Jaclyn’s website is

Her podcast is The Go to Gal on iTunes and everywhere.

To learn more about our podcast program, click here.

Jan 16, 2019
834: Johnny Harris: Creator and Host of Borders on
Our guest Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist and known for his super famous Vox series "Borders." He and his wife Lizzie gave birth to their first child around the time they were graduating from college. With about $1,300 in the bank, they moved to Washington DC to pursue their careers. The'll learn on this episode. 

Johnny is currently still based in Washington DC where he makes web videos for He reports on interesting trends and stories, both domestically and around the world. His visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He has a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and a master's in international peace and conflict resolution from American University. 

He brings all of that background, as well as his filmmaking skills and journalism skills to his new series called Borders, which follows Johnny to 11 countries; from the North Pole to the northern shore of Africa to the Himalayas of Nepal, Johnny travels to these borders to tell their origin story, the human stories behind the lines on a map. Johnny shares candidly the beginnings of his career, how that $1,300 made do, the mistakes he made, the jobs he held and where he's headed next. 

Jan 14, 2019
833: Ask Farnoosh: How Do I Know if I'm Being Paid Fairly?
Joining Farnoosh this week is Megan Gorman, founder of Chequers Financial Management. She is a Forbes contributor and has her own blog, The Wealth Intersection, where she writes about the intersection of personal finance and daily life.
Together they tackle your questions, including:
  • Should I pay down student loans or invest?
  • Should we drain our 529 to pay for an emergency fund?
  • How do I know if I'm being paid fairly?
  • How can I optimize my savings?Follow Farnoosh on @
Instgram and send her your questions there!

Jan 11, 2019
832: Sharon Epperson, CNBC Senior Correspondent
Our guest today was suddenly stricken with a brain aneurysm in 2016, an occurrence that is typically fatal. But CNBC senior correspondent Sharon Epperson survived and is here on our show to share her journey through that experience and how key financial preparations helped her and her family avert a financial catastrophe.

I first interviewed Sharon back in 2015. She is a well-known financial expert who can be seen regularly on CNBC and other media platforms. As the network's senior personal finance correspondent, Sharon was named one of "12 to Watch in TV News" in 2018. When I interviewed her years ago, we talked about her career as a journalist and her upbringing, but today, we’re going to talk about her major health scare. Sharon is now healthy, back at work, and is now an advocate for raising awareness about brain aneurysms and raising money for research.

Jan 09, 2019
831: Veronica Dagher, Host of WSJ's Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast
In the next few decades, America will experience one of the biggest wealth transfers in history: $30 trillion dollars. Women will be the ones receiving most of that money. Are we going to be ready for it? Well, our guest today is dedicating her profession to helping everyone, men and women, become more financially empowered and admits that she, too, didn't always understand some of the basics of personal finance. 

Veronica Dagher is the host, co-creator and producer of The Wall Street Journal Podcast called Secrets of Wealthy Women. She interviews successful women who aren't afraid to charge what they're worth, pursue their ideas and build a life of fortune. Notable guests have included Gloria Steinem, Maria Sharapova, Mary Higgins Clark. I actually joined Veronica on her podcast on New Year's Day, along with some incredible women in personal finance; Jean Chatzky, Bobbi Rebell, Sharon Epperson and Deirdre Bolton.

Veronica's podcast is more than just a job for her, it's a passion. After losing her father early in life, she watched her mother struggled to learn how to just write a check during the worst moment of her life. That memory has stayed with Veronica, fueled her desire to manage not just her own finances, but to teach others how to also live a full life.  

Veronica is on Twitter and Instagram @VeronicaDagher.

Jan 07, 2019
830: Ask Farnoosh: My husband secretly racked up $65,000 in debt. What do I do?
Talking about financial infidelity on Ask Farnoosh today. A listener asks what she should do about her husband who secretly amassed $65,000 in debt...while they were supposed to be saving up to buy a house.

Joining Farnoosh is Emily Gershen, an avid So Money listener. When not binging on So Money, Emily Gershen is a designer, freelancer and entrepreneur. Formerly a New Yorker, she now spends her time in Grenada, West Indies.  Her company, Florecera Design is rooted in her loves for travel, indigenous textiles and intentional design.
Jan 04, 2019
829: Gemma Hartley: Author of Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward
Gemma Hartley is the author of the new book  Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward. The book was inspired by a viral article that Gemma wrote for Harper’s Bazaar called “Women Aren’t Nags - We’re just fed up.” It was read more than 2 billion times, so clearly it struck a cord and it definitely resonated with me. In our conversation Gemma pulls from her own life experiences as a mother and wife that I think we’ll find all-too familiar. We discuss how she defines emotional labor, how women often find themselves bearing the brunt of it...And what is the way forward to living a fuller and more satisfying life? To learn more about Gemma, visit and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Jan 02, 2019
828: Sara Bliss, Author of Take the Leap
Is this the year you’re going to go for it? It’s New Year’s eve and you might be on the precipice of a big change in 2019, but only if you really want it. Today’s guest is Sara Bliss. She is a New York Time’s bestselling author of 11 books. Today, she’s here to talk about her most recent, which is called Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life. It profiles over 60 people who radically changed their careers. If this is the year you want to try something completely different, make a shift, this interview is for you.

Sara believes you’re never quite stuck. You might feel that way, but it’s just a feeling. It’s not the reality. In her book, she showcases how 60 successful people transitioned to show readers that the life you want isn’t as unrealistic as you think.

Now she profiles some pretty high-profile people from Bobbi Brown, the makeup guru, to Barbara Corcoran and Barneys’ creative ambassador Simon Doonan, NFL athletes. Just want to say, don't be intimidated by the list of names in her book. Sara says she wants people to know that anyone can make a change, even if they're terrified of the process, even if they don't know how to get started. If you're in need of some career inspiration today, well I hope this episode will help.

To learn more about Sara Bliss, please visit You can also follow her on Instagram @SaraBlissNYC and on Twitter @SaraBlissNYC.
Dec 31, 2018
827: Ask Farnoosh: My friend's birthday dinner is pricey. What to do? (A replay)
EP 755 Replay: Farnoosh and co-host Kara Stevens, founder of The Frugal Feminista, discuss your biggest money questions including how to manage money with friends who like to spend more than you do ... as well as the best ways to save and invest and sell real estate.
Dec 28, 2018
826: Best of 2018 The Fire Movement
Ever dream of retiring early? Or just having enough in the bank so you can truly live a life on your terms? We’re looking back at the year and we had quite a few individuals on So Money in 2018 who are part of the so-called FIRE movement, have you heard of this? It stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. Now, just to be clear - because I know there is a bit of back and forth on what this actually entails- from my understanding and having interviewed so many people who are a part of this movement, retiring early does not mean quitting working, it just means you’re not tethered to your 9 to 5, you’re not working a job that you don’t love. You may be still making money even though - but you’re doing it on your terms.

One of our guests this year from episode 687 was Tanja Hester, who arrived on the podcast having just retired and she’s not even 40 years old. After saving half of her income for years, she and her husband finally reached financial independence at the end of 2017. They left their careers and currently are enjoying outdoor life in Lake Tahoe. Along the way Tanja started a blog called, Our Next Life, to document the couple’s journey and she does monetize this so herein is how she’s making her early retirement money. But here’s the beginning of our interview when Tanja shared the specifics behind how she arrived at early retirement. 

Also mentioned in this episode: Mrs. Frugalwoods, Vicki Robin and Andy Hill
Dec 26, 2018
825: Best of 2018 Health & Wealth
Today’s episode is dedicated to looking back at all of the great interviews we’ve had over the course of this year, related to health and wealth. All of the tremendous insights shared by guests on So Money that have to do with physical and mental well-being, and the positive impact that all can have on our finances.

We’re going to hear from a medical doctor, a meditation expert, a pelvic healer and an entrepreneur who recently detoxed her way out of a stressful divorce and a business.  And in each excerpt, my goal is to help us see the bigger picture of how health and wealth do intersect.
First up is Dan Harris, Episode 712. You may know Dan Harris as the co-anchor of ABC News Night Line and the weekend edition of Good Morning America. He’s also the bestselling author of 10% Happier and his most recent book is called Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. He’s been very vocal about once himself having a panic attack in front of millions of people while filling in on Good Morning America. 

It was that experience that set him off on a path to discover why he had a panic attack and he embarked on this journey of self-discovery, eventually leading to meditation. Now, Dan admits that he himself was an inspiration for his latest book. That he is that fidgety skeptic and despite that he learned how to meditate. In this clip, I ask Dan, ”How can meditation benefit our bottom lines?”  

Also featured in this episode: Dr. Habib Sadeghi, Petra Kolber, Isa Hererra and Cathryn Lavery, 

Dec 24, 2018
824: Ask Farnoosh & Broke Millennial Author Erin Lowry (Replay)
This episode originally aired on February 16, 2018.

Is my debt to income ratio too high to be considered for a mortgage?

What ways are good ways to payoff my mortgage faster?

My new job offers a 3% match for our 401K. What are my best options for my current 401k ($150K+)?  Do I rollover into the new plan? An IRA?

Answering these questions of yours and more on this week's Ask Farnoosh with co-host and former So Money guest Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial.

Dec 21, 2018
823: Best of 2018: Extreme Money Makeovers
I always thought there should be a reality show called Extreme Money Makeovers that follows a person or a couple on their journey to resuscitating their financial life…People who go for broke and then do the hard and creative work of rebuilding their balance sheets. I, of course, would be the host…If anyone’s listening who wants to film a pilot, you know where to find me! In today’s yearend wrap, we’re focusing on So Money guests who are financial warriors. These are people who went to battle with their finances and were victorious.  First up: Drs Renee and Nii Darko….EPISODE 685. What would you do if you woke up with $662,000 in student loans? You heard that right, over $650,000 in just student loan debt. That is the reality. That is what happened to Nii and Renée. After a meeting in medical school and completing really rigorous surgical residencies, the couple woke up to see their total debt balanced had ballooned to the high six figures after years of deferment and forbearance. They were stressed, they were confused, they weren’t making any progress on actually paying down their principal. They decided to get serious.
Dec 19, 2018
822: Best of 2018: Financial Feminism & Workplace Equality
It’s no doubt that 2018 will go down in history as a major turning point for women’s equality, particularly in the workplace. The #metoo and #timeout movements have led to more women’s voices being heard and more bad actors called out, penalized and in some cases prosecuted for their injustices towards women and men.  

I had the great privilege of speaking to a number of individuals this year who are helping to lead the financial feminist movement and get us to more equality and female empowerment in the workplace, in one’s financial life and everywhere. We are about to hear again some of the voices.. to highlight some their advice, personal stories and insights they generously shared…so as we head into the New Year we are reminded of ways we can all continue to succeed in our careers and financial lives. 

We’ll hear from money guru Suze Orman, Joanne Lipman, the author of That’s What She Said, Amy Nelson, founder of The Riveter, a co-working space designed to support female entrepreneurs. But first, we'll hear from Kate White, former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and author of the book, The Gutsy Girl Handbook…This is taken from Episode 775. And here we talk about the faux-pas she believes women STILL make in the workplace …also, how to avoid getting low-balled in a salary negotiation…
Dec 17, 2018
821: Ask Farnoosh: Why are Roth IRA's so great?
Addressing your money questions, including why (or why not) to invest in a Roth IRA, the best way to manage an inheritance and how to achieve an M.B.A affordably, but also get a great return on your investment.

Today’s co-host is Brandon Opre, a fellow Penn State graduate. He’s a financial advisor and the founder of TrustTree Financial.

What I love about Brandon is that he also gives back to his community. He was recognized in Fort Lauderdale Magazine as one of "The 40 Under 40" movers and shakers who are helping shape a better Fort Lauderdale. He started his own non-profit organization called A Prom to Remember, which creates an amazing prom experience for sick teenagers. He partners with hospitals to book luxury venues, provides evening wear for the children, and even provides luxury transportation, too.

Follow Brandon on Twitter @TrustTreeFin.

Additional resources from this episode:

U.S. News article about Roth IRAs

U.S. News article about online MBA programs.



Dec 14, 2018
820: Jenny Shih: Business & Productivity Coach
Jenny Shih is a top business coach who helps women optimize their business, time and productivity. Jenny, herself, works a 30 hour week and earns $650,000 a year. On top of it, she’s recovering from Lyme Disease.  How she managed to build her career amidst that diagnosis. She’s takes us behind the scenes, and offers advice for all of us on how to budget our time like we do our dollars...and for entrepreneurs, how to charge for your products and services and find your best clients.
To learn more about Jenny, please visit or follow her on Twitter @JennyShih.

Dec 12, 2018
819: Susie Carder: From Bootstrap to Big Time
Our guest today knows a thing or two about how to defy the odds, triumph in life despite economic challenges and grow a multimillion-dollar business. Susie Carder began her career as a hairdresser. Before that, she was raised in a very small home as one of nine children. She recalls the days of paying her mortgage with her credit card. As you just heard, raising her daughters as a single mom when a life-threatening accident takes place.
She also admits to losing 90% of her wealth in the Great Recession, just 10 years ago and she has risen from the ashes. Today, she teaches others how to build wealth. Her new book is called From Bootstrap to Big Time, how to take your company from $250,000 to 10 million, and emphasizes that profit and planning are essential parts of a business's overall success.

Susie also talks about in her life at least, how her faith has played a role in her success. By the way, she runs a nine-figure business and has helped people from Steve Harvey, to Lisa Nichols multiply their wealth, and also has supported big brands from Dell to Paul Mitchell scale their businesses.

To learn more about Susie Carder, please visit, and follow her on Instagram @SusieCarder.
Dec 10, 2018
818: Ask Farnoosh: Managing Money in Your Business
Brittney Castro is a Certified Financial Planner and she’s here to help us answer your money questions - AND spend a good bit of time talking about the finances of running a business. Brittney is the founder of Financially Wise Women, as I mentioned, and it’s something that she really built from the ground up in her 20’s. I know that for a lot of us listening, it’s important to us - especially as we look at the new year -to reassess our careers, maybe make that transition to starting a business or growing our existing business, I thought this would be a good time of year to give you some tips.  Brittney is a fellow Chase ambassador and she’s here on behalf of Chase Ink to share some insights into running that business successfully, and how to find the right mentors for growing your business. It’s important to find the right financial mentors and sponsors to help make the financial aspects of your business simpler. Also, how to manage the money in your business and in your personal life at the same time. This is a hot question, right? How do I create boundaries, how do I create systems, how do I not dip into my personal savings to fund my venture?

Of course, we also have your So Money questions, questions like how to afford supporting adult children? Yeah, it’s really hard to afford children like babies, childcare, it adds up and it’s really a lot for new parents but then, you know, the kids grow up and you find yourself still footing the bill even though they’re in their 20’s for things like school and graduate school. So we’re going to help a parent out on that end.  Also, how to retool your savings after paying down student loans? So if you’re somebody who is near the end of paying off student loans and you’re looking forward to it because you’re going to have better cash flow, what do you do with that cash flow now? How do you kind of reinvest that money and also, leveraging social media to promote your brand and your business.

Thanks to Chase Ink for sponsoring this episode. For more visit

Dec 07, 2018
817: Dr. Diana Burley, Cybersecurity Expert & Professor
We’re talking to one of the world’s most accomplished and active individuals in the world of cyber security: Dr. Diana Burley, named one of eight women to watch in IT security.

Dr. Burley is a full professor of Human and Organizational Learning at George Washington University. She’s an in -demand speaker and, prior to joining GW, Dr. Burley managed a multimillion dollar computer science education and research portfolio. She also led the Cyber Corps Program for the US National Science Foundation.

She has a terrific personal story of succeeding as a woman of color in a male-dominated field and how her family and professors helped to encourage and guide her. She and I also discussed all of the steps we can take to actively protect ourselves from the ongoing cyber threats. Well-known companies have had large breaches. And we are also targets as we shop furiously online this month. Hackers will be working nonstop to interfere. Dr. Burley has great advice on how we can stay safe.

To learn more about Dr. Diana Burley, follow her on twitter @DianaBurley.
Dec 05, 2018
816: Farnoosh Brock, Author of The Serving Mindset
What can I say? It kind of felt like I had my kindred spirit on the podcast, or my name twin at the very least. Farnoosh Brock, author of The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business, is on the show today sharing some deep insightful revelations about what it means to lead a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur.

Farnoosh left a career, a successful career in engineering to pursue a path in entrepreneurship. It wasn’t one that was met with a lot of support at the beginning, but she made it work. And how she made it work is truly, truly inspiring.

Farnoosh lives by the mantra: "Serving is your competitive advantage," and she believes that if entrepreneurs focus on serving, instead of selling, they can learn how to feel good about the whole selling process and even ask for more money from their clients and customers.

If you’re somebody who is looking at a start a business, or even a side hustle...and you want to be able to make the big bucks, Farnoosh has some really honest authentic advice.

Learn more about Farnoosh by visiting and and follow her on Twitter @ProlificLiving.

Dec 03, 2018
815: Ask Farnoosh: Home renovations, Investing $5k, and Money Books for Husbands Who Makes Less
Lots of great, important questions on Ask Farnoosh today pulled from Instagram and Farnoosh's website. Listeners want to know about recommendations for books for men whose wives who make more. Another fan wants to know whether it's better for your credit score to pay off a credit card balance once a month or paying purchases off as you go. Also: Tips for affording home renovation costs, and a college student listener has saved $5,000 and wants to know the best way to invest. To send Farnoosh questions, visit her on Instagram @FarnooshTorabi or send her a question at and click on "Ask Farnoosh."

Nov 30, 2018
814: Andy Hill, Founder of Marriage, Kids and Money
Today, we’re going to talk about something that doesn’t get mentioned much here: marriage counseling. Specifically, we’re going to talk about how pursuing financial independence actually put today’s guest and his wife in marriage counseling.
Today’s guest is Andy Hill. He’s the founder of the blog and the podcast, both called Marriage, Kids, and Money. I was just a guest on Andy’s podcast last month, so this is a treat to have him on my show today.
Now, to be clear, Andy is a big proponent of financial independence and retiring early. Over the past 8 years, Andy and his wife, Nicole, have paid off $48,000 worth of debt, paid off their home that’s worth $400,000, and they’ve increased their net worth from 0 to $750,000 in 8 years.
However, the journey to get to this point hasn’t been without its challenges. Because Andy’s blog and podcast focus on helping families become financially independent, he wants to cover all topics related to marriage and kids, including how beneficial marriage counseling has been to him and his wife...after reaching an impasse in their relationship.
I appreciate Andy coming on the show today to talk about the challenges when you’re paying off debt and growing your wealth but also how those challenges can make families stronger.

You can learn more about Andy by visiting You can also listen to the podcast by the same name and follow him on Twitter @AndyHillMKM.

Nov 28, 2018
813: Jen Roberts, Head of Chase Pay and Digital Products at JP Morgan Chase
Have you started holiday shopping yet? Today’s episode has some advice for you, as you embark on the spending frenzy. As part of So Money’s yearlong partnership with Chase Slate and as a brand partner for Chase, we have the honor of welcoming Jen Roberts to the show today. She is the head of Chase Pay and Digital Products at JP Morgan Chase.

Jen has decades worth of experience in the credit card industry. She has advice for us on how to have #onelessthing to worry about, as we make our way through the holiday shopping season, make the most of our finances and reduce the financial stress that is natural this time of year.

For more information, head to

Nov 26, 2018
812: Ask Farnoosh: Investing 101, Side Hustles and More
How to make the most of your side hustle income? What are some great books on investing? If you applied for a job and didn't get it...should you try again? Farnoosh answers your top money and career questions. To send her your questions be sure to visit and click on "Ask Farnoosh." You can also send her a message on Instagram @FarnooshTorabi
Nov 23, 2018
811: Amy Nelson, Founder of The Riveter
Like many moms, our guest today - Amy Nelson - did not want to quit her profession. But felt there were many forces at play keeping otherwise career-ambitious women at home after having children. One of those headwinds was the workplace, itself.

Upon announcing she was pregnant with her first child, Amy, who was an attorney at the time,  noticed she wasn’t getting as many interesting cases. Her workload diminished...and unfairly. She thought she was on track to become a partner, but wondered if that would ever happen given the corporate culture towards mothers.

Today, Amy is the founder and CEO of The Riveter, a female focused co-working space in Seattle. The company is growing fast. It has secured over $4 million in funding to expand to more locations. Amy has become quite the thought leader around all-things related to women, work, motherhood and feminism. I am a big fan and excited to share her work and ideas with all of you.

You can learn more about Amy’s business at and follow them on Twitter @TheRiveterCo.

Nov 21, 2018
810: Tim Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Nerdwallet
Today, we’re in conversation with Tim Chen, the founder and CEO of, who started the personal finance website out of a personal experience and need. Tim got laid off in the 2008 recession from a job on Wall Street. In that time frame, his sister came to him for some quick financial advice. She wanted to find the best credit card. His parents, around the same time, were seeking his advice for buying a mutual fund. His online search to answer these questions proved unfruitful and frustrating.  And it was then that Tim got inspired to create a well-designed, and unbiased destination for financial advice and products.

Tim started Nerdwallet with $800. Today it worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has over 300 employees. What is next for the company, for the world of personal finance products and services and what are some of Tim’s own rules when it comes to managing his own money.
To learn more about Tim’s company, please visit and follow them on Twitter @NerdWallet & Instagram @NerdWallet.

Nov 19, 2018
809: Ask Farnoosh: My husband left me. How can I protect my finances?
Co-host Barbara Sloan and Farnoosh address your big money questions, including managing your finances after a divorce,  the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage and ways to become a certified financial planner,

More about Barbara Sloan: She is the operations manager for Manhattan Renovations, bringing with her a wealth of financial and logistical experience.  Prior to Manhattan Renovations Barbara gained the majority of her ten years of experience in the field of contracting with a concentration in finance but also diversified with time on Wall Street, in real estate and property management.

To send in your questions for Farnoosh please visit and click on "Ask Farnoosh."

Nov 16, 2018
808: Dan Schawbel, Author of Back to Human
Today we’re welcoming back Dan Schawbel to the show. Some longtime listeners might remember Dan from way back in Episode 24. Dan is a friend of mine and a New York Times bestselling author of two career books. He’s also a Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace and the Founder of both Millennial Branding and
His third book, Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation, will be published on November 13th, 2018. In it, Dan shares the result of years of research to show why virtual communication actually makes people feel more isolated at work than ever before. And, he’ll give us some advice on what we can do about it.
To learn more about Dan, please visit Follow him on Instagram @DanSchawbel and on Twitter @DanSchawbel.
Nov 14, 2018
807: David Neagle: Founder, Life Is Now, Inc,
Making more is a matter of the mind, our next guest says. David Neagle is the founder of the multimillion-dollar global coaching company Life Is Now, Inc,. Through his work, David helps thousands of entrepreneurs gain confidence and improve their money mindset to reach radical financial success.
David is a high school drop-out who had a near-death experience early on in life...It was a wake-up call like none other that felt like a second chance at his own life and the opportunity to help others reach their greatest potential.   

To learn more about David Neagle, please visit, and follow him on Twitter @DavidNeagle.

Nov 12, 2018
806: Ask Farnoosh: I'm moving to NYC. How much should I save?
Pareasa Stewart, a So Money devotee, joins Farnoosh to discuss ways to save up for a big move to New York, how people can play catch up in their retirement savings and Roth IRAs versus 401(k)s.

More about Pareasa: She's been a huge fan of the show since its early days.  She is a Millennial and lives in Houston, Texas. She works in the mortgage industry and loves public speaking, real estate and her mom. Pareasa's mom is Persian (like me!) and together, the enjoy listening to So Money and reading When She Makes More, my latest book.
Nov 09, 2018
805: Joanne Lipman, Author of That's What She Said
“I was a 22-year-old Wall Street Journal reporter. One of my first stories, I went to go interview a businessman. He locked the door of his office and took of his clothes and stripped to his underwear.”

I promise, this episode does have something to do with money, a lot in fact. My guest today is Joanne Lipman, author of That's What She Said: What Men Need to Know (And Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together.

Joanne began her career as a Wall Street Journal intern and spent 20 years working there as a journalist. She's also a former editor-in-chief of USA Today. Her book is about workplace equality. For the first time, it is a book that encourages men to become an integral part of the conversation, instead of ostracizing them, or blaming them for the problems that we have today.

  • We'll talk about the genesis for this book (It happened on an airplane.)
  • Easy low-hanging fruit solutions how we can improve gender equality in the workplace.
  • Being raised by depression-era parents and hustling it in her early 20s as a journalist in New York City.More about Joanne: She is one of the nation’s leading journalists. She most recently was Chief Content Officer of Gannett and Editor-in-Chief of USA TODAY and the USA TODAY NETWORK, comprising the flagship publication plus 109 local newspapers including the Detroit Free Press, the Des Moines Register, and the Arizona Republic. In that role, she oversaw more than 3,000 journalists and led the organization to three Pulitzer prizes.



Nov 07, 2018
804: Sol Orwell, Co-Founder of
Our guest today is Sol Orwell and he’s an entrepreneur, world-traveler and philanthropist. Born Ahmed Farooq he decided to name himself after George Orwell...We discuss the roots of his unique philosophies on life, relationships, well as his personal identity. Also, the early lessons that have led him to financial success.   Sol is an immigrant. He moved with his family from Saudi Arabia to the West as a kid.  He retired in his mid-20’s, after achieving mega success with his website, a destination for learning about nutrition.
To learn more about Sol’s thoughts on entrepreneurship, visit  

Nov 05, 2018
803: Ask Farnoosh: Should I use an investing app like Stash?
Farnoosh and co-host Eric Roberge, a frequent So Money guest, Certified Financial Planner and founder of Beyond the Hammock, discuss your financial questions.

This week you want to know:

  • What are some smart ways to raise capital for a start-up?
  • Are the fees for using an investing app too high?
  • Where to park savings for a future home?
  • Can having multiple credit cards hurt your credit score?Remember, you can always leave me your questions by clicking on Ask Farnoosh in the corner, or DM me on 

Nov 02, 2018
802: Leah Gervais, Founder
How to know when your side-hustle deserves your fullest attention? And it’s time to give your day job your 2-weeks notice?

Our guest today, Leah Gervais, first came on the podcast last year, episode 602. She joined me for an Ask Farnoosh jam session and, at the time, she was a working professional in New York, and also blogging at her site for a creative outlet.
Today, she’s fully self-employed, has said buy-bye to her 9 to 5 and dedicating all her focus to her website.

When did she know she was ready?
How is she monetizing her platform?
What advice does she have for you, if you’re considering a side gig or in the midst of one...and wanting to make more of it.

Please visit Leah’s website at and follow her on instagram @Urban20Something.
Leah would like to share with us her free case study that describes how she went on to make thousands of dollars in her side hustle. It also comes with an interactive element so you can apply the differences to your business. It's at  

Oct 31, 2018
801: Sarah Jenks, Founder of Live More Weigh Less™
If you’ve ever struggled with your weight … you may have thought to yourself, "My life would be better if I was just thinner." Or, "Life is just 20 lbs away."

Today, I’m interviewing Sarah Jenks, She is an entrepreneur, Nutrition and Life coach, and the founder of Whole Woman, a monthly online membership for women seeking the answers to “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” She’s also the creator behind Live More Weigh Less™, the most popular online emotional eating program. 

After struggling with her own body issues her entire life, she decided to create a program to help other women overcome those same challenges. Sarah’s community is made up of over 100,000 women.
  • The similar triggers for overeating and overspending.
  • Sarah lives on a 23 acre farm. How the decision to move here after living an urban life was a bit of fate.
  • The triumphs and challenges of being the female breadwinner in her marriage.To learn more about Sarah Jenks, please visit Her newest program is available now: She’s also on Instagram @SarahJenks and Twitter @SarahEJenks.
Oct 29, 2018
800: Ask Farnoosh: Best Ways to Invest?
This week on Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh and special co-host Leyla Shams, an avid So Money listener, dive into your money questions including: "What are the best way to invest?" "Should I cancel my credit card?" and "Is it worth it to pay down my student loans if I'm starting a business at the same time?"

After earning her professional degree in architecture, co-host Leyla Shams spent several years traveling the well-worn path to becoming a licensed architect. But after being laid off during the 2007 recession, Leyla started exploring other options: instead of immediately looking for her next job, she began a number of independent ventures, most notably a language-learning podcast called "Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation". After the birth of her son in 2016, she left architecture completely, and has now made a career of her "side hustles." She encourages others to do the same.

Oct 26, 2018
799: Dr. Daniel Crosby: Author, The Behavioral Investor
When it comes to investing, you’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Buy what you know.’ Do you believe it? I’m asking because today’s guest believes that is “profoundly dumb advice.” 

II think that’s sort of good advice..."Buy what you know!" " Don’t get into something you know nothing about!" (ehem bitcoin). But today’s guest, Dr. Daniel Crosby, a New York Times bestselling author, psychologist, behavioral finance expert and asset manager, thinks that is not sound advice.

Daniel was last on the my show, you might remember on Episode 453 about two years ago. He’s back with a new book called the Behavioral Investor and in it, he examines the sociological, neurological and psychological factors that influence our investment choices. He believes that we should first understand human nature and our own tendencies before making investment decisions.

A little bit more about Daniel: He’s a sought after expert, frequent speaker and he was named one of Investment News’ 40 Under 40 and also, a "Financial Blogger You Should Be Reading," by AARP.

In this interview we’ll learn:

  • Daniel’s philosophies around how to invest well
  • How to curb our emotions and
  • How greedy are we this month? Daniel publishes an Irrationality Index, a measure of how much greed and fear is in the marketplace month to month. Learn more about Daniel Crosby at and follow him on Twitter @DanielCrosby.
Oct 24, 2018
798: Adeola Omole, 7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth
What if you had $70,000 worth of consumer debt and losing your job amidst all of that financial stress?
Today, I’m interviewing Adeola Omole on the show. She describes herself as a lawyer by trade and a money coach by choice. Her journey of achieving debt ZERO and building a community for women and money is the focus of our conversation today.
Raised by immigrants in a family of six children, Adeola watched her parents work hard but also pinch pennies. Seeing her parents’ financial struggles growing up, Adeola thought debt was a normal part of life. This led her to make her own money mistakes. By the time she was a young adult finishing her clerkship just out of law school, she had amassed $70,000 worth of consumer debt.

Fast-forward to today, Adeola and her husband are debt-free and building great wealth. They’ve even managed to pay off their mortgage. Adeola also has a new book: 7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth.

You can learn more about Adeola on her website, on Instagram at @adeolaomoleb, and on Twitter @AdeolaOmoleB. Her book is called 7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth.  And for her free 10-Point Checklist for Buying Stocks visit (scroll to the bottom to find it!)
Oct 22, 2018
797: Ask Farnoosh: When should I tell my employer that I'm expecting? 
Farnoosh is joined by So Money listener Reuben Subramaniam, founder of K2 Collaborators

Questions on today's episode include:

  • Advice for saving money on a very low salary in a currency *other* than dollars?
  • When is the appropriate time to tell my employer that I'm expecting? 
  • Is it OK to open up a credit card just for the immediate rewards?
Oct 19, 2018
796: Tracy Matthews, Founder of Flourish & Thrive Academy
Today’s guest is going to share how to recover - and thrive - after losing everything.
At one point, Tracy Matthews had a successful handmade jewelry business, earning over $1 million in annual revenue. You could find her jewelry in over 350 stores internationally and worn by celebrities like Halle Berry, Orlando Bloom, and Kate Hudson. But, Tracy grew the business fast and made mistakes. In 2009, she made the difficult decision to declare bankruptcy and close shop.
The story has a happy ending. Tracy once again has a thriving custom jewelry business. She’s learned from all her failures and now teaches other aspiring jewelry designers how to grow successful businesses through her Flourish & Thrive Academy.
On the show: How did she pick up the pieces after her bankruptcy? And how *does* a jewelry designer grow a business in today’s market?
To learn more about Tracy Matthews, visit, and follow the academy on Instagram @Flourish_Thrive.
Oct 17, 2018
795: Dr. Bonnie Koo, Physician and Founder MissBonnieMD
How does a six-figure income turn into six-figures of debt?

Our guest Bonnie Koo was making six-figures by age 23 working on Wall Street. A career pivot into medicine quickly changed all of that when she attended medical school and took on $200,000 in student loans. She also racked up about $20,000 in credit card debt.
Bonnie, now a dermatologist, is on the other side of that money story. She’s since taken control of her financial life, she’s paid down the debt and has launched a site helping other professional women and doctors master their money.

Bonnie blogs at She also co-hosts a podcast called Friends Talk Finance.

She shares the exact moment she decided to get serious about money. The book that helped her turn her financial life around...and a unique way to think about retirement planning that won’t make your head hurt.

To learn more about Dr. Bonnie Koo, please visit and follow her on Instagram @MissBonnieMD.
Oct 15, 2018
794: Ask Farnoosh: I have extra income. What should I do with it?
This week on Ask Farnoosh ....Weighing the costs of graduate school, finding money for a start-up, optimizing extra income, and financial advice for physicians.  So Money listener Lydia Benham joins the show to help Farnoosh answer your money questions. Lydia is an entrepreneur in the fintech/blockchain sector who's been investing since she was 25! 
Oct 12, 2018
793: Jenn Edden: Sugar Addiction Expert
Our guest today is in the midst of selling her belongings and packing her family of five into an RV, spending the next year traveling the country.

Today’s guest is Jenn Edden. She’s a sugar addiction expert, author and empowerment coach who helps female entrepreneurs learn how to increase their energy through proper nutrition. She is the author of Woman Unleashed: the highly sensitive woman's guide to radiant energy, unstoppable confidence and a 21 day plan to kick sugar's hold on you!

Lately, she’s become more interested in helping families and children overcome their sugar addictions and that is what sparked the big move.

Over the next year, Jenn, her husband and three children will be going from state to state to visit schools and universities to educate kids and young adults about healthy eating.

Jenn arrives at this major transition knowing a thing or two about being brave. She is a former medical school drop out and a survivor of a near-death home explosion.  She’s got her handle on her health AND her finances. Hear how she and her husband did the math to figure out if they really could just afford to travel the country for a year with their kids.

To learn more about Jenn, follow her on twitter @JennEdden and visit her website, Her book Woman Unleashed is available on Amazon.

Oct 10, 2018
792: Suze Orman, Author of Women & Money
Suze Orman is here!

This interview is probably one of my favorites for a lot of reasons. It was fascinating to hear Suze's views on women and money today and learn if they've changed over time. You may have thought Suze was enjoying retirement. Well, she's least, temporarily, inspired since the #MeToo movement to relaunch a new and improved edition of her best-selling book, Women & Money.

This is going to be a little bit of a different format than typical episodes on the podcast. You will hear from me, as well as Adam Auriemma, the editor-in-chief of Money Magazine, who invited us to join a panel with him to share our thoughts around women and money. For the full video ov, head over to

Check out more of Suze's work at  Her updated book Women & Money is available here.


Oct 08, 2018
791: Ask Farnoosh: Financial Planning for a Special-Needs Child
Farnoosh, what are your thoughts on 0% financing offers for new cars? Is hiring a financial advisor a waste of money? How best to plan for a child with special needs? 
Joe Saul-Sehy, host of Stacking Benjamins co-hosts. Joe is taking his show on the road and is in the midst of a 3-city tour. He'll be in Kansas City on October 9. Get the full tour schedule here:
Oct 05, 2018
790: Karen Bergreen: Stand-Up Comic
If you’ve been following me on Instagram or get my newsletter, you might know that I recently took stand up comedy classes here in NYC at Manhattan Comedy School. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It scared the heck out of naturally, I had to try it. My next performance is TONIGHT at Gotham Comedy Club at 7pm, actually.  And so I thought who better to have on So Money today than my comedy school teacher, comic Karen Bergreen.
Over the past decade, Karen has been keeping audiences laughing all across the country. She’s been on Comedy Central, the Oxygen Network, VH1, The View, and LIVE at Gotham.
She’s also an author of two fiction books, Perfect is Overrated and Following Polly: A Novel. She and I talk about the highs and lows of being a female stand up comic, growing up in New York City when people *didn’t* want to be labeled as “rich.”..and  Karen’s transition to comedy...She graduated from Harvard, and went on to law school. How and why she pivoted is where we begin the conversation...
To learn more about Karen, visit or find her on Twitter @KarenBergreen

Oct 03, 2018
789: Angela Duckworth, Author of Grit
Would you consider yourself gritty?

Grit is being able to pursue long term goals, even if that pursuits take years. Grit is when you view your life like a marathon, not a sprint. Grit is when you don’t consider a failure an end point. And, today’s podcast guest is the world’s foremost expert on grit, and she’s here to tell us how we can get more of it and why it’s so important.

Today, I’m welcoming Angela Duckworth to the show. She is the New York Times best selling author of the book Grit: The Power of Passion and in paperback. She’s a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her PhD, and she’s the Founder and CEO of Character Lab, a non-profit that helps use psychological science to help kids thrive.

Angela and I discuss how grit can be learned, her financial perspectives formed as the daughter of immigrant Chinese parents, Eastern versus Western parenting values...and we explore the plot of the hit book and movie Crazy Rich Asians.

You can learn more about Angela by visiting her website, and and follow her on Twitter @angeladuckw.
Oct 01, 2018
788: Ask Farnoosh: What should I do with my money and career BEFORE having kids?
Special co-host Jamila Souffrant, founder of Journey to Launch, is back on the show, this time co-hosting and helping answer a wide range of questions from So Money listeners.

Today's questions: Is it better to make an additional principal payment on a mortgage each month or invest in an index fund? What to do when you're in your 60s with no savings or retirement? What can a professional woman in her late 20's - who wants children one day - do to prepare best for the time and money constraints of parenthood?

To learn more about Jamila, visit You can also follow her on Instagram.

Sep 28, 2018
787: Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia
Ever wish there was someone at your company, whose job is to enhance your well-being, happiness and fulfillment at work?
Today I’m welcoming Claude Silver to the show. She is the Chief Heart Officer for Vayner Media, the powerhouse media company created by none other than Gary Vaynerchuk, who is also a bestselling author and by many accounts, one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the world.
As Chief Heart Officer, Claude she has a very special job, and is responsible for improving and inspiring Vayner Media’s 800+ employees. Her role is to help nurture the amazing culture at Vayner Media and ensure it’s a place where all employees feel at home. Don’t we wish more companies prioritized this?
Growing up, Claude wanted to either be a philanthropist or a movie director, but at the heart of it all, she just enjoys helping people. Today we’ll talk to this inspiring woman about how she landed this unique job title, the book that changed her life and how she tries to, as she says, "light people up at work each day."

You can follow VaynerMedia at and follow Claude on Twitter @claudesilver

Sep 26, 2018
786: Dr. Peter Kim, Founder of
In the Iranian culture, if your child becomes a doctor, this is the ULTIMATE trophy for a parent. And while being a doctor comes with a great deal of integrity and pride...building a solid financial life as a doctor is not as simple as it once was with the heaps of student loan debt many doctors today have.
And as our guest today will explain, many physicians are not equipped with the financial know-how of managing their money and growing wealth.
Peter Kim is our guest and he is an anesthesiologist AND real estate and passive income expert. Last I checked, being an anesthesiologist was one of the highest paid tracks in medicine. So, what motivated Peter to rethink his profession?
For years Peter blogged anonymously at about his exploration into real estate as a side hustle. He also runs the real estate company to help educate physicians about the homebuying process. Did you know there’s a thing called a physician’s home loan?
Peter recently lifted the veil on his site to share his name and more details about his personal life to the thousands of readers he’s cultivated over the past few years.
Today he is a physician by CHOICE, as well as an avid real estate investor.
You can learn more about Peter Kim by and Follow him on twitter @passiveincomemd.

Sep 24, 2018
785: Ask Farnoosh: Should I rent or buy?
This week's listener questions touch on home ownership, paying down student loans (versus investing in the stock market) and where to stash cash for a short-term goal? Co-host is Mary Grace Gardner, a So Money listener and founder of
Sep 21, 2018
784: Raj Jana, Founder of JavaPresse Coffee
How do you make or take your coffee? Does it spark joy?
Our guest Raj Jana has built a thriving business by turning the common experience of making coffee into kind of an art form and in the process has created a 6-figure per month business.
A little more about Raj: He was born to Indian parents who came to the U.S. with only a few dollars in their pockets. He previously worked at Chevron as an engineer until a life changing moment at work that made Raj reevaluate his life path.
Raj shares financial lessons learned from his upbringing, the changes he would try to make if he won the lottery and some high-level coffee talk. Like, what is a pour-over? And why is it Raj’s go-to coffee order?
To learn more about Raj’s company, Java Presse Coffee, visit and follow him on Instagram @JavaPresseCoff
Sep 19, 2018
783: Ryan Serhant, Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Star
If you watch Bravo TV or follow New York City real estate, you know all about our next guest. Ryan Serhant is a star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York and a top real estate broker in the City.

His story began as a shy, out of work hand model. He  entered the real estate business in 2008 - in some ways the WORST time to be an agent in the real estate market. Ryan shares how he rose to become one of the top realtors in the world, his parlay into reality TV and advice for first-time buyers.
His new book, Sell it Like Serhant comes out tomorrow, September 18. 

Also, Ryan and I will be at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, along with our friend Dan Schawbel, a NYT Bestselling author and millennial workplace expert. We'll be leading a discussion around Creating Human Connection in a Digital World. The event is on November 26 at 7pm. Reserve tickets at
Sep 17, 2018
782: Ask Farnoosh: What does my horoscope say about my finances?
Is there any relationship between our Zodiac signs and how we spend, save and make financial decisions?

In today's Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh and co-host Brittney Castro, founder and CEO of Financially Wise, tackle your money questions, as well as share some of the insights from a recent Chase Slate Credit Outlook Survey which looked at how our astrological signs impact our spending and credit habits.

Brittney, like Farnoosh, serves as a fellow Chase Slate Financial Education Ambassador.

Sep 14, 2018
Bonus: Nikki Arwood, Regional Market Executive, Charles Schwab
We’re going back to basics today in a special So Money bonus episode, talking about the best ways to start and execute financial goals.

Our guest is Nikki Arwood, Regional Market Executive at Charles Schwab. In her role, Nikki leads 36 branches and over 200 employees in the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. She has been in the financial services industry for 30 years, and has spent most of those years at Schwab. Nikki is a graduate of Georgetown University, where she majored in Sociology and was captain of the Women’s Basketball Team.

Nikki and I discuss goal setting, finding the motivation to stay the course with your financial plan and a 30-Day financial cleanse from which we can all benefit.


Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

The Charles Schwab Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, private foundation that is not part of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. or its parent company, The Charles Schwab Corporation.

Sep 13, 2018
781: Chanie WIlschanski: CEO of DiscoverED Consulting
Imagine being at the grocery checkout with little kids. You’re desperate to leave because one kid’s crying, the other is hungry. And then, your credit card gets denied. And the next credit card gets denied. And this is food you need to prepare dinner.
Our guest today experienced this and made two vows to herself when that happened. The first was to never run out of money again. The second: to never go grocery shopping again.
She’s managed to do both quite well.
I’m honored to welcome Chanie Wilschanski to the show. She’s a teacher turned entrepreneur, mom to four kids and the breadwinner in her marriage.
We discuss her turning points, managing money and responsibilities in her big family as the breadwinner and advice for women who may be unsure about simulatenously pursuing a career AND parenthood.

Chanie Wilschanski is an early childhood leadership coach and CEO of DiscoverED Consulting. You can learn more about Chanie on her website and follow her on Facebook

Sep 12, 2018
780: Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project
A life of uncertainty is one that is worth living. Welcome to So Money everybody, I’m your host, Farnoosh Torabi, thanks for joining. It may sound scary but our guest today offers some pretty profound insights and experiences around taking risks and dancing with your fears. It’s actually integral, he says, to living a good life.

Jonathan Fields is on the podcast today, he is a New York City dad, husband, award winning author, media producer and entrepreneur. His latest book is Uncertainty - Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance. Jonathan’s current focus is Good Life Project. It’s a media and education venture. Maybe you’ve heard the popular podcast. It’s also a global movement that empowers people to live more engaged and connected lives. 

He and I discuss how to go about living a good life, financially speaking. The importance of living a life of uncertainty and being in your career, and being in the unfortunate middle, and how to get out. 

To learn more about Jonathan Fields visit
Sep 10, 2018
779: Ask Farnoosh: What would you do if you won the lottery?
What would Farnoosh do if she scored $300 million playing the lottery? Can a spender become a saver? And what's the deal with credit cards? If we're not fans of debt, then what role do credit cards play? Co-host Meera Joshi is a fan of the show and has "an obsession for forecasting cash flows." By trade, she is a CPA and works in Private Equity Real Estate. 
Sep 07, 2018
778: Lindsey Stanberry, Money Diaries
Have you ever read someone’s diary? Come on, you know you have...or wanted to at least.

Today, we’re talking about Money Diaries: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your finances and everyone else’s. 

It’s a new book out by author Lindsey Stanberry, who is the Work and Money Director at Refinery29, one of my favorite websites for all things; female empowerment, career, money, lifestyle, trends.

Money Diaries started as a series on Refinery29, where Lindsey would share entries from millennial women all across the country, how they were spending every single dollar, every single cent. The book was inspired from that and it provides up close and juicy insights into how millennial women are handling their financial lives, or not handling their financial lives. We also will talk about Lindsey’s own financial journey to saving over a $100,000 to purchase her first home, how she is striking a balance between motherhood and her career.

You can learn more about the Money Diaries book by visiting and follow Lindsey Stanberry on Twitter @LeStanberry.

Sep 05, 2018
777: Kim Perell, The Execution Factor
From broke to millions, our guest today is a financial warrior.

Today, Kim Perell is the CEO of a digital marketing firm called Amobee, which has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars.
But Kim’s journey had difficult beginnings.

She landed what seemed to be a dream job in her 20’s working for a tech firm called XDrive, as the director of marketing. But then the dot-com bubble burst and she was left with the task of laying off several close friends and eventually, after the company went bankrupt, she was left unemployed.
But no sooner than three months later, with $10,000 borrowed from her grandmother and credit card bills mounting, Kim rebooted her career and started a new business. It was the first of a few businesses which have gone on to produce hundreds of millions of of dollars.
Her successes have led her to authoring a new book, The Execution Factor: The One Skill that Drives Success.
 To learn more about Kim, visit and follow her in Instagram @KimPerell.

Sep 03, 2018
776: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Retire Early?
Farnoosh and co-host Lisa Loperfido answer your money questions. Jaden asks how he can retire early by investing.  A real estate agent asks how she can leverage social media. And Liz wants to know if she and her live-in boyfriend should create a written agreement. Farnoosh references her Money article on the topic:
Aug 31, 2018
Bonus: Catherine Golladay, SVP, Charles Schwab Participant Services & Administration
What's your greatest financial concern? For many people the number one source of money stress stems from uncertainties around retirement. Specifically, we're worried we won't have enough saved or that we can't afford to retire.

Welcome to So Money. This is a special bonus episode, part of a four-part series we’re doing with Charles Schwab, where we’re doing deep dive conversations about really important financial topics.

If you've been following along this series you know that we kicked things off with Liz Ann Sonders, chief financial strategist at Charles Schwab, as she gave her perspectives on the stock market. Then we transitioned over to financial literacy and how to educate our young ones about money in a conversation with Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, President of the Charles Schwab Foundation.

Today we turn the focus to retirement and retiring well. For this, we welcome Catherine Golladay, a senior vice president of participant services and administration at Charles Schwab. Catherine has her ears to the ground and understands the issues and complexities surrounding our retirement concerns .

Catherine and I discuss the current retirement landscape. What does retirement look like today? How we can all catch up and prepare and what are the specific challenges facing Millennials?

For more, visit Schwab Savings Fundamentals


Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

Aug 30, 2018
775: Kate White, Former Cosmo Editor & Author of The Gutsy Girl Handbook
Forget lean in. How about be gutsy?

Our guest today is former Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief and media giant Kate White. She is a New York Times bestselling author of multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction. Her latest career guide is called The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success.

There are many career guides for women these days. I’ve read all of them. The Gutsy Girl Handbook by Kate White cuts right the matter of why some women succeed and others fall behind in their careers. It draws on research, and offers never-before told stories from Kate’s tenure as the editor-in-chief of Cosmo. In our conversation we learn why when we worry we give up our power. How to combat gender bias in the workplace and Kate’s own gutsiness that scored her the head role at one of the country’s leading magazines.

In our current world of mansplaining and the #MeToo movement, it seems like the perfect time for Kate to remind us again of why it’s so important to have confidence and ambition in our careers. Careers give us so much, including money. And if there’s one thing I’m reminded of more and more these days, it’s that if I want to have options, power and freedom in my, financial freedom it’s incredibly important. 

To learn more about Kate White, visit her website and follow her on twitter @KateMWhite

Aug 29, 2018
774: Jamila Souffrant, Founder of Journey to Launch
Our guest today hopes to retire early. Jamila Souffrant and her husband have saved $169,000. They live in New York City. They have 3 children and own two properties.
How does she do it?
Today, we’re in conversation with Jamila Souffrant, the creator of the Journey to Launch website and podcast. 
Even though Jamila lives in Brooklyn, one of the most expensive cities in the world, she has big plans to retire early at age 40.
In some ways, her financial independence journey began at age 22 when she bought her first condo in Brooklyn, which turned into a great investment property. But also as the daughter of a single, immigrant mother, Jamila’s ambitions were shaped at a young age.
She is now working hard on her personal brand and mission, Journey to Launch, where’s she documenting her journey towards early retirement.

Learn more about Jamila by visiting her website You can also listen to her podcast and follow her on instagram @journeytolaunch

Aug 27, 2018
773: Ask Farnoosh: A prospective employer wants to know my salary. Do I need to share?
Are prospective employers allowed to ask you how much you make? Do you have to tell them? How to avoid the topic without compromising the job offer? 

In today's Ask Farnoosh, special co-host Heather Horton joins. She is an avid listener and professional actor and comedian in Los Angeles at

Farnoosh and Heather also tackle questions like: Do you think it’s worth opening a Roth if I will soon be making too much to contribute to it? Is it too late to start a 529 plan for high school age kids? Any advice on how to negotiate salary during a promotion? 

For more check out
Aug 24, 2018
772: Jaclyn Johnson, Founder of Create and Cultivate
What do Gloria Steinem, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Chrissy Teigen all have in common?
Today, I’m interviewing Jaclyn Johnson, who turned a job layoff into an incredible career as an entrepreneur. Her business, Create and Cultivate, hosts the premier conference for female entrepreneurs.
Women love her conferences because she brings in female powerhouses as her keynote speakers including some of the women just mentioned. She creates an atmosphere of camaraderie that just can’t be beat.
Today, I’ll be talking to her about how she started her business, what it’s like to meet so many incredible celebrities, and her new project, an upcoming book and podcast called WorkParty.
To learn more about Jaclyn’s upcoming book and projects, visit You can also follow Jaclyn on Twitter and Instagram @jaclynrjohnson.

Aug 22, 2018
771: Mo Bunnell, Author of The Snowball System
For some entrepreneurs the idea of selling a product or service can feel like selling OUT or selling your soul. But our guest today has a technique for selling with integrity and winning every time. I’m welcoming Mo Bunnell to the show. Mo leads the Bunnell Idea Group whose trademarked GrowBIG® Integrated System helps companies grow their business faster, in the right way and helps professionals get focused and efficient in business development.  He has a new book out later in September 11 called The Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients into Raving Fans. We’ll talk about his Give to Get technique, some shorthand for calculating what your time is worth, as well as Mo’s So Money accomplishment...finally purchasing a horse farm near the heart of Atlanta, which was on his family bucket list for years.  You can learn more about Mo Bunnell by visiting Follow him on Twitter @MoBunnell and pre-order his book on Amazon.  For more, also check out and
Aug 20, 2018
770: Ask Farnoosh: I'm 32. Should I go back to college and get my degree?
Is working towards a Bachelor's worth it later in life? Should I take a loan from my 401(k) to pay off student loans? What are some good resources or ideas for starting to invest? Today's Ask Farnoosh is with co-host Leyla Novini, an avid So Money listener. Check out for more.
Aug 17, 2018
Bonus: Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, Chief Financial Strategist at Charles Schwab
How do we educate our kids when it comes to money? Welcome to So Money, everyone. I’m Farnoosh Torabi. Today is a special bonus episode, part of a four-part series we’re doing with Charles Schwab, where we’re doing deep dive conversations about really important financial topics.

Earlier this month we spoke with Liz Ann Sonders, chief financial strategist at Charles Schwab, about her perspectives on the stock market. Where are we headed? Also, important steps for first time investors. If you missed that episode, I encourage you to go back and take a listen.

Today we’re shifting gears to financial literacy, especially when it comes to our kids. Its’ no secret that, as a nation, we’re a little behind when it comes to knowing just the basics about how to manage money and how to budget.

Our guest today is Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, a CFP and president of the Charles Schwab Foundation. She and I will discuss ways to teach our kids about money throughout the ages. How to support financial literacy in schools and the money lessons she’s instilled in her three children.

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses, and it’s been a really great collaboration so far. I’m a Charles Schwab customer, have been for many years. So before we get started, I just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping get this financial education content to you.

For more, check out
Disclosure: Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

Aug 16, 2018
769: Brian Portnoy, Author, The Geometry of Wealth
Can money buy happiness? Really? Today, I’m interviewing behavioral finance expert and author Brian Portnoy. Brian’s new book, The Geometry of Wealth: How To Shape A Life Of Money And Meaning. In it he explains how money might not be the source of happiness...But money *can* fund contentment.
Brian is currently the Director of Investment Education at Virtus Investment Partners and has spent the last 25 years as an educator, investor, and strategist. He holds a doctorate from the University of Chicago...Coming up next:  his 3-step method for achieving true wealth...It involves shapes. And how much money is ENOUGH money? 
You can learn more about Brian Portnoy, his books, and more at You can also follow him on twitter @BrianPortnoy and purchase his new book, The Geometry of Wealth, wherever books are sold. 

Aug 15, 2018
768: Lauren McGoodwin, Founder of
It can be hard to find quality career advice these days. The work landscape is always changing. Millennials want more freedom and flexibility. For women, in particular, there's conflicting advice about how to strategize, communicate, think, act, perform. That’s why I invited Lauren McGoodwin, an expert in career development for women and founder of the popular website Career Contessa. 

Together with her talented team, Lauren provides advice, insight, and support for women who want to pursue their career goals. We’ll chat about her business, her financial failures, and the importance of having not just a career - but a life  that you love.

To learn more about Lauren’s business, please visit and follow the team on instagram @careercontessa.
Aug 13, 2018
767: Ask Farnoosh: My identity was stolen. What do I do?
This week's #AskFarnoosh addresses a listener's concerns about identity theft, as well as investing in index funds, renting versus owning and a mother who refuses to learn about the household finances because "it isn't her job." Oof!

Special co-host Addy Adewusi, a listener, joins Farnoosh with some great perspective and advice.

For more, check out
Aug 10, 2018
766: Srinivas Rao, Author of An Audience of One
What if we all just stopped trying to be the best… stopped trying to climb the ladder… stopped trying to get the corner office? What if we believed that true success existed outside of “the best”? 

Today’s guest is Srinivas Rao. He is an author, speaker, and podcast host of the hugely popular podcast called The Unmistakable Creative. After interviewing over 600 creatives, thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, and rebels, Srini believes that being unmistakable is actually far better than being the best at what you do.

We’ll talk about his upcoming third book, An Audience of One, why he got fired from so many jobs after graduating from business school, and why there's a really big difference with what we want to do for a living and what we want to do with our lives.

To learn more about Srinivas Rao, please visit

Aug 08, 2018
765: Petra Kolber, Author of The Perfection Detox
How many of you are perfectionists out there? Teacher’s pet? Relentless overachiever? Yep, you’re among friends here.
Petra Kolber believes that perfectionism actually holds us back. In fact she says that trying to be perfect = loss of joy. Based on decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, Petra now teaches people all over the world how to overcome unhealthy perfectionist tendencies.

She’s documented her top tips and strategies in her new book, The Perfection Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your Joy.

In addition to being an author, Petra is an international speaker with 25 years of experience speaking to groups and companies about finding joy. 

To learn more about Petra, please visit You can pre-order her book on Amazon.

Aug 06, 2018
764: Ask Farnoosh: How to Build My (DIY) Financial Plan?
We have a special theme for Ask Farnoosh this Friday: Prioritizing your financial goals.
Special co-host Eric Roberge is a certified financial planner and has found that people tend to get stuck on how to use their money... and many times, end up procrastinating to their own detriment because of it! They are trying to make the right decision when all they really need to do is avoid making a bad one.

We have a lot we want to accomplish with our money and know we need to save, invest wisely, and watch our cash flow... but we seem to struggle when it comes to (confidently) knowing which of our goals to focus on first -- or how to balance them if they're going to work on more than one thing at a time.
If you'd like to learn more about Eric visit or follow him on Twitter @BeyondFinances.

Aug 03, 2018
Bonus: Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab
In a special bonus episode of So Money, we're answering some of your biggest questions about investing and the stock market with Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist with Charles Schwab. Over the next two months, So Money and Charles Schwab are teaming up to bring you rich conversations and advice around important topics that are important to all of us.

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses and it's been a really great collaboration so far. I'm a Charles Schwab customer and have been for many years. Before we get started, I just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping get this financial education content to you.

[Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice. The investment strategies mentioned here may not be suitable for everyone. Each investor needs to review an investment strategy for his or her own particular situation before making any investment decision.

All expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice in reaction to shifting market or other conditions. Data contained herein from third-party providers is obtained from what are considered reliable sources. However, its accuracy, completeness or reliability cannot be guaranteed. The above mentioned companies should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and the opinions presented cannot be viewed as an indicator of future performance.

Diversification, Periodic investment plans (dollar‐cost‐averaging), and asset allocation strategies do not ensure a profit and cannot protect against losses in declining markets.

Rebalancing a portfolio cannot assure a profit or protect against a loss in any given market environment. Rebalancing may cause investors to incur transaction costs and, when rebalancing a non‐retirement account, taxable events may be created that may affect your tax liability.

Indexes are unmanaged, do not incur management fees, costs and expenses, and cannot be invested in directly.

The S&P 500 Index is a market-capitalization-weighted index comprising 500 widely traded stocks chosen for market size, liquidity and industry group representation.]

Aug 02, 2018
763: Alli Webb, DryBar Founder
Today we’re welcoming stay-at-home mom turned Entrepreneur & Founder, Alli Webb. About 10 years ago, Alli started a mobile blowout service where she’d drive around in her car in Los Angeles and give clients blowouts in their homes. She realized there was a ton of demand for this service and that women were willing to pay $40+ per blowout. From there she decided to create a salon just for blowouts and DryBar was born.
With the help of her brother, who came on as CEO, Alli Webb has grown her business into more than 100 locations with over $100 million in revenue. The secret, she says, is consistency.  

Alli and her brother also have a new podcast called  “Raising the Bar with Alli & Michael” which launched on July 25th. On the series, Alli and Michael speak to budding entrepreneurs, and share what it takes to risk everything on a great idea in hopes of turning it into a multi-million dollar business. 

Aug 01, 2018
761: Cristina Alger: Author of The Banker's Wife
Cristina Alger is a celebrated fiction writer who just came out with her third book, The Banker’s Wife, a financial thriller that unveils the personal lives of the financial world's movers and shakers.
Cristina is a former Goldman Sachs analyst and a former Manhattan corporate attorney who grew up in the city, attended some of the best schools in the nation, and sadly, lost her father - a well known finance executive - during the 9/11 terrorist attack.

We talk about her creative process for developing The Banker's Wife, how her personal life and experiences inspired and influenced the book and financial lessons learned growing up as the daughter of a top finance executive.

Jul 30, 2018
761: Ask Farnoosh: My 9-year-old has saved for a $370 LEGO. Should I let him buy it?
A career conundrum, student loan concerns and doubt about an extravagant Lego purchase. So Money listeners get their questions answered by Farnoosh and special co-host Chantl Martin, an avid listener and founder of Thrive Lounge.
Jul 27, 2018
760: Marissa Evans Alden, Co-Founder of Sawyer
Ever tried to enroll your child in like an art class, or soccer camp, only to find out that it's completely full, or maybe you just found out about a great swim program right by your house, but wish you'd known about it years before? Today's guest is an entrepreneur who noticed this particular parent pain point, and she's on a mission to fix it and help make parents lives a little bit easier and help make kids’ lives more fun. 

Today, we're welcoming Marissa Evans Alden to the show. She is a former Rent the Runway Executive, and now the co-founder of a website and mobile app called Sawyer. Sawyer is a marketplace for children's activities and adventures and it's currently available in the New York, Chicago and LA metro areas, but soon to a neighborhood near you. 

Full disclosure, my husband Tim joined the Sawyer team earlier this year as a developer, but even before he began working there, he and I were fans of the site as two busy parents who are constantly trying to take advantage of what the city has in store for kids, and also so that we can keep them occupied, if you know what I mean parents. 

Marissa takes us through her journey of entrepreneurship, how she impressively raised investment dollars while pregnant and advice for those of us contemplating leaving our jobs to dive into a business of our own, and lest you think Sawyer is child's play, the company has raised millions of dollars to date. 

Jul 25, 2018
759: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, Hosts of Being Boss
What do you get when you combine two business besties, 5 million podcast downloads and a brand new book? Today’s So Money guests, Co-Founders of the Being Boss Podcast: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.

When Emily and Kathleen were growing up, they watched their parents head to 9 to 5 jobs and bring home steady paychecks, but each one of them through a series of events became creative entrepreneurs, eventually setting aside their day jobs in favor of launching their own businesses. The two friends combined their creative forces and started a podcast called Being Boss, where they've interviewed leading experts, including Melissa Hartwig, who is the co- creator of the Whole30 diet. Remember I went on that? It was actually one of the best diets I've ever been on.

They’ve also interviewed me, although you will have to wait for that interview. It airs later in September, so really excited to bring on Emily and Kathleen to So Money ahead of that. Their podcast success has led to a book deal. It's called Being Boss and it just hit shelves a few months ago. 

Jul 23, 2018
758: Ask Farnoosh: How to Invest $100,000?
This week Farnoosh hosts the show solo (sniff sniff). Don't worry, there's lots of advice and strategy packed in this 30 minutes of Ask Farnoosh. Listeners ask about the best ways to invest $100,000 or more and how to best launch a blog. Plus, more details about Farnoosh's 12-week podcast accelerator program and how to apply.
Jul 20, 2018
757: Brad Deutser, Author of Leading Clarity: The Breakthrough Strategy to Unleash People, Profit and Performance
Are you searching for clarity in your life, either at work or at home? Have you been searching for one of those “Ah ha!” moments that will help you figure out your next step?
Our guest today says waiting for an “Ah ha” moment might not be the best approach. In fact, clarity is available to you right now whether you realize it or not.
Brad Deutser has gone from working for the Ringling Brothers to founding a top consulting firm called Deutser, where he helps businesses find clarity and manage major transitions.
His new book, Leading Clarity: The Breakthrough Strategy to Unleash People, Profit and Performance, tells why Brad is a huge fan of thinking inside the box notoutside the box, and he’s going to tell us why today.
If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to improve culture at your business or even if you’re an employee trying to find a way to engage more at work, this episode is for you.

Jul 18, 2018
756: Nick Saponaro, The Divi Project
Remember when Bitcoin surged to over $10,000 per coin? I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the hype. I don’t own any cryptocurrency and when people ask me for advice on the matter I usually will say that I consider it to be like any other alternative investment: Invest hat you can afford to lose. 

But I’m still open mined about the possibilities of a more crypto-focused financial system and our guest today is trying to make it more accessible to everyday people like you and me.
Today, I’m speaking with Nick Saponaro, who is the co-founder of a company that’s bringing cryptocurrency education, as well as a new cryptocurrency and blockchain to the market. Their company called The Divi Project. Nick and his team created a unique digital wallet to hold their Divi coin that’s easy to use and as convenient as PayPal. If you ever wanted to own digital currency or earn an income by using your computer as part of a blockchain, today’s episode is for you.
Nick is a fascinating individual. Outside of his work in crypto, he is an internationally sought-after DJ...I obviously had a lot of questions about this!

Jul 16, 2018
755: Ask Farnoosh: My friend's birthday dinner is pricey. What to do?
This week, Farnoosh and co-host Kara Stevens, founder of The Frugal Feminista, discuss your biggest money questions including how to manage money with friends who like to spend more than you do ... as well as the best ways to save and invest and sell real estate.
Jul 13, 2018
754: Adam Torabi (Dad!)
Back by popular demand…My Dad is on the show today with a lot of details surrounding his career comeback. About a year and half ago my dad got laid off from a technology company where he’d been working for over 5 years. As you may know, if you happened to hear my interview with my parents back in Episode TK, dad is a highly skilled director of engineering where he led a worldwide team of scientists. BUT after the lay off, he knew that regaining his job title and status would be next to impossible. How he spent the next year of his life led to a slight pivot in his career and many more job opportunities. He’s now gainfully re-employed…But how did he do it? Many of you have asked for this story and now… here’s Adam Torabi.

Jul 11, 2018
753: Kristin Wong, Author of Get Money
Our guest today grew up with a scarcity mindset, thinking it was bad to be rich. Flash forward to today, Kristin Wong is a New York Times published writer and financial journalist helping her readers achieve financial independence. Her book just debuted. It’s called  Get Money: Live the Life You Want, Not Just the Life You Can Afford. Kristin has also written about psychology, business, and travel for the New York Times, The Cut, and Glamour magazine. What she thinks other financial books get wrong when it comes to millennials and money…and how she, herself, managed to combat the negative mindset she had around money in her early days.  ou can learn more about her at and check out her book at
Jul 09, 2018
752: Ask Farnoosh: How many credit cards is TOO many?
How many accounts is considered too many or adverse when it comes to calculating your credit score?  What are the best books to teach little ones about money? Is there any compelling reason to open a 529 plan for myself knowing that the timeline to go to school is just 2 or 3 years?

Our special co-host today is listener and forensic accountant Jim Brown.
Jul 06, 2018
751: Christine Lahti, Oscar Winner & Author
From miming for money in Central Park to winning on Oscar, our guest today has experienced an incredible climb in her personal, professional and financial life.
I’m welcoming Christine Lahti to the show. You might know her from her roles in Chicago Hope, Running on Empty, Housekeeping, And Justice for All, Swing Shift, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, God of Carnage, and The Blacklist.
She’s also a new author, and we’ll be talking about her book True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness, where she shared personal stories from her childhood and acting career - many for the first time.
I’ll be chatting with Christine about what it was like to  grow up in the midwest in a traditional, patriarchal scraping together coins in the early days of her performing career. The intersection of money and feminism...and how to build a lasting career in the world of entertainment.  

Jul 04, 2018
750: Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, Founder of
How would you describe your relationship with money? If it’s anything less than harmonious, our guest today wants to help.  Today I’m interviewing Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, founder of The Fiscal Femme. Ashley is a life coach, money coach, and keynote speaker who has made it her life mission to help women cultivate harmonious relationships with money and achieve their financial goals.
A former investment banker, Ashley now spends her days an entrepreneur, working with women across the country to help them learn more about money. The key, she says, is to develop a positive mindset when it comes to your worth - and your wealth.
Learn more about Ashley at You can also follow her on Instagram @thefiscalfemme and also on twitter @thefiscalfemme.

Jul 02, 2018
749: Ask Farnoosh: We're taking care of my mom and it's expensive!
How can my husband and I plan for our financial future when helping my mom (which should have been temporary after her divorce) is looking permanent? 

We just bought a house and managed to keep payment $150 under what we budgeted. Should the rest go toward extra premium payment each month or elsewhere?
Lots of good questions on Ask Farnoosh this Friday. Special co-host Vera Gibbons, financial expert and founder of joins us to offer advice. 
Jun 29, 2018
748: Sidney Torres, Star of The Deed on CNBC
Is flipping real estate still a thing? Today, I’m interviewing Sidney Torres. You might know him as the star of CNBC’s show The Deed. Sidney is a self-described serial entrepreneur, a real estate expert, house flipper, and investor.
In the last 15 years, he has developed over $250 million in commercial and residential real estate. He got his start in his home city of New Orleans, where he made his first investment with a $40,000 loan from his grandmother and has grown his real estate empire ever since.

On the hit TV show The Deed, now in season 2, Sidney helps rescue other house flippers from financial ruin and continues to improve the beautiful city of New Orleans. We’ll talk about the time he asked his grandmother for that $40,000 loan, advice for first-time home buyers, the key to flipping a home successfully...and the new app that Sidney’s created to help reduce crime in Lousiana. 

You can watch the new season of The Deed on CNBC Wednesdays at 10pm and follow Sidney on Twitter @SidneyDTorresIV

Jun 27, 2018
747: Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Founder
Did you ever have an idea for a business, but the one thing you didn't have was the money, and so it fell to the wayside, or you lost momentum. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs will turn to investors, angel investors to fund their ideas to get their businesses off the ground. A lot of us think that we may not qualify for this, right? We're not contestants on Shark Tank, we're not the next Facebook or Airbnb, so we think. We give up on even that idea. 

Today's guest is Kelly Keenan Trumpbour and she is going to tell us how to earn some investor dollars. Like many industries, angel investing used to be dominated by men. It still is in some ways, but more and more women are becoming angel investors. These days 26%, about one in four angel investors are women and that's up from just 12% in 2011. In recent history, we've made quite in advance. Kelly is a successful female angel investor, she's the founder of a company called See Jane Invest, which is committed to helping women-led businesses find success. 

She talks about her portfolio, how she identifies businesses that are worth funding, how to get your business off the ground. Also, Kelly is a fascinating person. She's a mother, she's a business owner, she's a wife, she is the host of the podcast See Jane Invest, she's somebody who arrived in her career never imagining this is actually what it would look like. 

Jun 25, 2018
746: Ask Farnoosh: Can I afford to be a stay-at-home mom?
This week's Ask Farnoosh dives into  opting-out of the workforce to raise children, the pros and cons of a 401(k) loan, and ways to save while still enjoying your money. Special co-host is listener Noelia Arzola, Founder of N A Consulting. 
Jun 22, 2018
Bonus Ask Farnoosh with Terri Kallsen from Charles Schwab
In this special BONUS episode of Ask Farnoosh, we invite Terri Kallsen, Executive Vice President for Investor Services at Charles Schwab. She and Farnoosh discuss recent findings from Schwab's Modern Wealth Index, as well as answer listener questions about ways to plan ahead for big financial goals and managing money in your relationship and 

Note: Farnoosh has partnered with Charles Schwab to provide financial education. Farnoosh is not affiliated with Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or its affiliates
Jun 22, 2018
745: Laura Vanderkam, Time Management Expert and Author of Off the Clock
Today’s guest is going to teach us how to get more done and feel less busy - starting now.
Today I’m interviewing Laura Vanderkam. She’s one of the world’s leading experts on time management and productivity. She’s an author of four books, and her most recent book, Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done just hit the shelves. She’s also a podcast host, an avid reader (she’s already finished a whopping 75 books this year) and before you think this could never be possible for you, let me add that she is also a mother to not one, but four children.
Laura is going to walk us through how we can find more time in our day and be much more productive. The tricks she practices to be more productive at work and spend more quality time with her husband and kids (hint: It involves some dividing and conquering). Plus inexpensive ways to buy more time in your day. 

Jun 20, 2018
744: Sunny Lenarduzzi, YouTube Star and Entrepreneur
Have you ever wondered how people get their first 100 YouTube subscribers or even their first 100,000 YouTube subscribers? 
Do you hate being on camera for your business but want to get better? 
Today we have Sunny Lenarduzzi on the show. She’s a “marketing master” with a decade of experience creating brand strategies using social media and video marketing. 
Forbes named her one of the 20 must watch channels that will change your business. Entrepreneur named her one of the top 10 channels every entrepreneur should follow. And today, she’s here to share her knowledge with all of us. 
Learn about the incredible phone alert that she sends herself from time to time that keeps her in the right financial headspace. And why losing $10,000 was actually a helpful money lesson.
Jun 18, 2018
743: Ask Farnoosh with Co-Host Harry Campbell,
Should we invest in a pension if our company offers one? Or stick with the 401k? Should I take out student loans if I don't really *need* to? How to negotiate my starting salary? These questions and more on this week's AsK Farnoosh with special co-host, Harry Campbell, the founder of
Jun 15, 2018
742: Ashley Eckstein, Actress, Founder of Her Universe
We got a special treat for all the Star Wars fans out there today. Our guest is Ashley Eckstein. You might recognize her voice. She is the voice of the character Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars and she’s here today to talk about her career as an actress and entrepreneur but mostly as an activist, a thought leader and bestselling author.

Ashley has long been a fan of science fiction and fantasy, so she started her company, Her Universe, to change the perception that science fiction fantasy is just for boys. Her Universe has joined forces with some of the biggest names in the sci-fi fantasy world to create fan girl apparel and accessories for Star Wars, Dr. Who, Star Trek and Marvel.

She has her first book out, it’s called, It’s Your Universe which features iconic life lessons from well-known characters. If anyone out there thinks science fiction is just for boys, you are mistaken. Here is, Ashley Eckstein. 

Jun 13, 2018
741: Pete Chatmon, Producer, Director, Writer "Blackish"
We’re in conversation with Pete Chatmon. Pete started making films in high school and through a lot of hustle and persistence, he raised half $1 million for his first film, hit a thousand dollars of his own money in the bank at the time. Since then he's gone on to direct well-known shows, including Blackish. 
Pete and I talked about how he got his start in the film industry, how he keeps his integrity in an industry that is full of compromise, the grit required to make it in the industry and the financial realities of launching films.  For more, check out

Jun 11, 2018
740: Ask Farnoosh with Real Estate Guru Ilyce Gslink
We have a very special themed episode today at Ask Farnoosh. It’s all going to be about real estate. Many of you are in market or interested in buying someday. We've got you covered today on this show, and I couldn't think of a better, more experienced person. There is no other expert than Ilyce Glink when it comes to real estate. 

Jun 08, 2018
739: Mical Jeanlys, General Manager of Chase Slate
Mical Jeanlys is the General Manager of Chase Slate. Chase Slate is the financial services partner of this show, and I have the honor of being the brand's financial education partner. I've always wanted to talk to Mical about money deeply. She and I worked together, but this is the first time I've gotten the chance to really go there with her and talk about money and learn about her financial philosophy, her memories about money growing up and how she and her husband are paying it forward and teaching their three young boys about money.  For more, visit

Jun 06, 2018
738: Barbara Corcoran, Star of ABC's Shark Tank
Our guest today needs no introduction. She had 22 jobs by the age of 23, she built a 5 billion dollar business with a $1,000 loan, She's a shark on ABC's Shark Tank and she's the host of her new podcast called Business Unusual with the one and only, Barbara Corcoran. I have had the privilege of interviewing Barbara many times over the years and every time, I get goosebumps. Every time I get a little nervous, I get butterflies in my stomach. Is she going to like me? That's why I think I love her. She's the real deal. For more, visit

Jun 04, 2018
737: Ask Farnoosh: Does Leasing a Car Make Sense?
Do you think leasing a car ever makes financial sense? How can we cut costs on our wedding? How do we prioritize our saving and financial planning? Lots of smart questions this week, as usual. Farnoosh and co-host Randi Levin, a transitional life strategist, offer their best advice. For more, visit
Jun 01, 2018
736: Danielle Town, Author of Invested
Today’s guest is Danielle Town, a New York Times best selling author as of two months ago! The funny thing is Danielle’s best selling book is about investing, a topic she admits she actively avoided her entire life. Her father, Phil Town, is a highly sought after speaker about investing and a New York Times best selling author in his own right. He wrote the book, “Rule #1,” years ago which made him a household name in the world of investing
The interesting part is that Danielle was raised by one of America’s leading financial experts. But, it took her until adulthood to really want to master her finances and it’s when she realized that her Dad might have something important after all.
Today we’ll be discussing her new book, Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me to Master My Mind, My Emotions, and My Money (with a Little Help from My Dad)
A lot of you have been asking my recommendations for great books on investing. This is one of the newest and best to hit the market. 
Danielle and I explore her childhood. What was it about the friction between she and her dad that led to her avoidance of learning about investing? And what is she investing in now? It’s just ONE stock, I was shocked to learn. For more, check out

May 30, 2018
735: Aditi Shekar, Founder and CEO, Zeta
Today's guest is at the forefront of financial technology: Aditi Shekar.
Aditi is the CEO and founder of Zeta, a platform on a mission to help couples master their money. Full disclosure: I am an investor in Zeta. THAT’S how much I believe in this company and in Aditi. Before founding Zeta, Aditi worked at the education company General Assembly, where she got her first taste of helping couples with their money. Today, we’ll talk about her new platform, the biggest money problems and solutions in relationships, and the benefits of the imposter syndrome. Stay tuned if you want to join the platform. There is a wait list but Aditi gives us a special link where you can get priority access. For more, visit
May 28, 2018
734: Ask Farnoosh with Gretchen Caldwell, CFP
From managing an inheritance to bailing on a real estate purchase, we've got you covered on today's Ask Farnoosh. I'm tackling your biggest money questions with a So Money fan Gretchen Caldwell.  Gretchen is a financial planner and personal finance expert. After struggling through a health crisis that rocked her financial world she has dedicated her career to helping women navigate financial transitions. She loves to talk with women about career changes, the importance of having a financial plan at every age, and why she thinks being a financial advisor is a great career for working mothers.Gretchen has been featured in US News & World Report, the XY Planning Network and OnMogul.  
May 25, 2018
733: Matt Manero: You Need More Money Author
Have you ever thought, “If I can just make $100,000 a year, everything will be better.” Or, maybe you already earn six figures, and you feel like you need to double or triple your income because it still doesn’t feel like it’s "enough." According to our next guest, no matter how much you earn, whether you’re rich or struggling, You Need More Money.
Today’s guest is Matt Manero, a successful CEO of a company called Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc, which has funded over $1 billion in loans over the past 22 years. He’s also the author of the new book You Need More Money
Today, we’re going to talk about his family tragedy that led him to write his book, and Matt's reasoning behind his views on earning more. For more, visit

May 23, 2018
732: Scott Wapner, CNBC Host and Author
Five years ago, two billionaires named Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn duked it out on national TV and the clip went viral. They hurled accusations and insults at each other over a financial deal gone wrong, and our next guest, Scott Wapner, was the CNBC host who was right in the middle of the battle.
Scott is on the show today to discuss this TV battle that helped him make a name for himself as a journalist. And, he didn’t stop there. He recently published a book last month called WHEN THE WOLVES BITE: TWO BILLIONAIRES, ONE COMPANY, AND AN EPIC WALL STREET BATTLE.
This book gives the real story of this viral disagreement including unparalleled access to both men and where they stand now. We’ll talk not only about the book but about Scott Wapner’s career, how he got started, and of course, what makes him So Money.  Visit for more
May 21, 2018
731: Ask Farnoosh: I'm switching careers. How should I negotiate salary?
On this week's Ask Farnoosh, career and life coach and bestselling author Allison Task joins us to navigate your biggest money and career questions. From negotiating your salary during a career switch to the pros and cons of taking on a loan to support your growing business, we've got you covered. Allison is the recent author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Personal Revolution. For more visit

May 18, 2018
730: Savannah Sellers, NBC Journalist
Imagine for a second what it would be like to win an Emmy award at the young age of 24. Sounds like an impossible dream, right? Not for our next guest. Today, I’m interviewing Savannah Sellers. She is the co-host of Stay Tuned, a new, twice-daily news show on Snapchat’s Discover platform, created by NBC News. It receives over 25 mllion unique visitors over the course of a month.  Although Savannah is still in the early stages of her career, she has interviewed famous guests from Chris Pratt to Hillary Clinton. Most recently, she spent the past few months covering the issue of gun violence in America, getting exclusive interviews with several students and making a name for herself as a young, rising star in journalism.

May 16, 2018
729: Gaby Dunn, Host of Bad with Money
Have you been completely exasperated wondering, “Why am I so bad with money?”
Maybe it was because you overspent, depleted your savings account, or realized you were behind on your retirement saving. Well, the good news is friends, you’re not alone. And my guest today says her money situation is a MESS.
Welcome back to So Money, everyone. I’m your host, Farnoosh Torabi.
Today’s guest has made a successful career out of being Bad With Money. She is Gaby Dunn, the New York Times bestselling author, journalist, YouTuber, actress, and comedian. 
The YouTube channel she runs with her comedy partner, Allison Raskin, has over 750K subscribers and more than 120 million total views. Her podcast, Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn hit the Top 10 overall downloaded podcast charts in just seven days.
Her ability to be raw, relatable, and honest about money has helped her rise to podcast and YouTube stardom and she’s here today to share her best and worst money stories, the lessons she DIDNT learn about money from her parents, and the real economics of being a millennial in this country and why young people are struggling. It has nothing to do with the cost of avocado toast. 

May 14, 2018
728: Ask Farnoosh: What's the best way to track my expenses?
What's the best way to track my expenses? How do you get any work done with 2 little kids?
This Friday, Farnoosh and co-host Kimmie Greene, head of communications for Quickbooks, tackle your biggest money questions. 

May 11, 2018
727: Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life Author
Which is more important: your money or your life? Over 25 years ago, our next guest asked the world this fundamental question, and her book became an international sensation. Today, I’m honored to welcome Vicki Robin to the show.
Vicki is the co-author with the late Joe Dominguez  of the iconic book, Your Money or Your Life, which she recently revisited and updated for 2018 with a new forward by Mr. Money Mustache, who has been a guest on the show as well.
If you haven't heard of Vicki Robin before, she really began the Financial Independence movement before it was trendy. She realized the importance of living well on less quite early in her life, and she has spent the past few decades teaching this and other principles to people all over the world.
With over a million copies sold in a dozen languages, Your Money or Your Life remains one of the preeminent guides on personal finance in existence. Today, I’ll dig in and ask Vicki questions about her childhood, what made her write the book, and if she thinks our society has learned some of the lessons and the steps to financial independence that she teaches.

For more, visit
May 09, 2018
726: Cousins Maine Lobster, Shark Tank Winners
Have you ever had one too many drinks with friends and come up with an absolutely brilliant business idea that you then launch and six years later becomes an international, $20 million dollar brand? You think I’m kidding. Today I’m interviewing two of the most famous cousins in the business world, Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis, co-founders of Cousins Maine Lobster. You may know them from one of the early episodes of Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran ended up taking a stake in their then 2-month old business. Since then they started franchising, opening brick & mortar restaurants, and now they’ve published a book called Cousins Maine Lobster: How One Food Truck Became a Multi-Million Dollar Business
Sabin and Jim grew up together in Maine eating lobster off paper plates all throughout their childhoods. They went to college and started separate careers in different states and went a few years without much interaction. However, that all changed when Jim flew to LA where Sabin lived and asked him if he wanted to go out to eat dinner to catch up. That infamous dinner - which inlcuded more than a few drinks - was when they hatched the idea for their business.
We discuss how they prepared for Shark Tank, their biggest money mistakes and the big-ticket item they’re both saving up for now. 

Visit for more.

May 07, 2018
725: Ask Farnoosh: I quit my job. Should I cash out my investments?
This Friday, Farnoosh and co-host Catherine Alford, family finances expert, tackle your biggest money questions. We have questions related to real estate investing, paying down your mortgage and cashing out your investments after quitting your job. Also can you open a Roth IRA for an unborn child? Visit for more.
May 04, 2018
724: Natalie Bacon, Ex-Lawyer & Online Entrepreneur
Imagine having $200,000 in law school debt only to realize years later that you don’t actually want to be a lawyer. Natalie Bacon switched careers and took a 50% pay cut to become a financial planner. Now, she’s calling her own shots an an online entrepreneur and blogger.
How did she manage all these transitions and her finances?
Natalie will give us all the details, including how she managed to go from being, as she describes it, “financially ignorant” to a financial expert. She also shares the economics of side hustles, when to know you are ready to leave your day job and turn the side hustle into a full-time pursuit. Plus, how to really value your worth at a company...a strategy that involves thinking about the iPhone. More to come. Here’s NatalieBacon.
To learn more about Natalie, visit You can also follow her on instagram @NatalieRBacon and twitter @NatalieRBacon.

May 02, 2018
723: Kara Stevens, Founder of
Would you marry someone if they told you they had thousands of dollars worth of debt and a really bad credit score...all things you had NO idea about? 
Our guest today, Kara Stevens is the founder of and has spent a lifetime overcoming the negative money lessons she learned in childhood to become a happy, successful, and wealthy woman today.
Born to a mother who immigrated to the U.S. from Antigua, Kara learned from an early age that money was scarce and she should never trust men - ever. So how does this play into her relationship with her husband today? What did Kara do when, for example, she discovered prior to getting married that her fiance had $19,000 of debt and a 550 credit score?
Kara is remarkable. She paid off $40,000 of debt in two years. She’s the creator of the super popular, Five Day Financial Reset challenge, where she had led over 10,000 women through resetting their financial life. She is the author of Heal Your Relationship with Money: Understand your "why," let go of past financial dysfunction, and make peace with your money in just 28 days.

You can learn more about Kara at her blog, and connect with her @FrugalFeminista on Twitter and Instagram. Kara is also offering our community a free gift called The 5-Day Financial Reset Plan, which you can access here: See her latest book, Heal Your Relationship with Money, on Amazon.
Apr 30, 2018
722: Ask Farnoosh with Sandra Grahame: What's the best way to invest $1,000?
For more information visit www.somoneypodcast.comI’ve got baby fever really, really bad. I’ve been thinking that after we finish paying off our credit card debt, we can start trying to expand our family while working on building our savings up. Is that practical or are we being irresponsible? Can you talk more about income producing assets, that you can start with $1,000 or less and scale up? Answer these and more questions with special guest co-host Sandra Grahame, co-founder of Smart Cookies
Visit for your free guide.

Apr 27, 2018
721: Kari Skogland, Director, The Handmaid's Tale
Did you know only 7% of film directors in the U.S. are women? That gap is hopefully narrowing soon, as women in the movie industry (and everywhere) are demanding equal pay, equal treatment, and equal opportunities. Our next guest is a rising star - named by Hollywood Reporter as one of its “Ten Directors to Watch."

Today, we're welcoming Kari Skogland to the show. She's an award-winning director and producer known for her contributions to popular shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Walking Dead, The Americans AND House of Cards. Today, Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale premieres on Hulu.

Kari is a champion for women in the movie industry. She’s a big believer in sweat equity, taking risks, re-inventing yourself, and of course, being smart with your money. How does all of that actually play out? And what is the ONE big ticket purchase Kari’s saving up for these days?

You can learn more about Kari’s company, Mad Rabbit, here: and follow Kari on Twitter: @KariSkogland.

For more visit
Apr 25, 2018
720: Libby Leffler, VP of Membership at SoFi
Our guest today negotiated with the tooth fairy as a kid. So, you can only imagine her success now as an adult.

Libby Leffler is our guest today. After driving a hard bargain with the tooth fairy, she went on to become a founding member of and work closely with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Libby later got her MBA from Harvard Business School where she was co-class President. She is a Forbes "30 Under 30" alum and was also featured by Business Insider as one of the "Most Important Women in Tech Under 30."

Today, Libby is Vice President of Membership at Social Finance or SoFi, a company that offers innovative products and tools for lending, wealth management and more. There, Libby oversees the company’s member community to help them achieve their financial and career goals through events across the country.

You can learn more about SoFi at and @SoFi on Twitter. Follow Libby’s personal twitter @LibbyLH.

For more visit
Apr 23, 2018
719: Ask Farnoosh, Help! I'm terrible at trying to save money and prepare for the future.
Help! I'm terrible at trying to save money and prepare for the future.

As a female entrepreneur considering marriage, what are the basics I need to know about pre-nuptials, how do you approach it?

Can you explain the difference between credit (FICO) and "auto credit score" or "car credit score"?

Answering these questions of yours and more with co-host Leanne Wong.

Learn more about Leanne by visiting or follow her on Twitter @leanneawong.

For more or to share a question for an upcoming Friday episode visit
Apr 20, 2018
718: Tami Halton Pardee, Real Estate Mogul
Our guest today has sold over $3 billion worth of real estate, so if you're thinking about buying or selling or doing anything with property (as I know many of you are), this episode is for YOU."

We have the CEO and founder of Los Angeles’ #1 real estate company, Tami Pardee. We’ll discuss the best real estate moves to make in 2018, how she built her multi-million dollar company from scratch, some important money lessons learned from her childhood, and how she balances her real estate empire with running a household with four kids.

You can learn more about Tami Halton Pardee by visiting Follow her business instagram @haltonpardee and her personal account @tamihaltonpardee.

For more visit
Apr 18, 2018
717: Fran Hauser, The Myth of the Nice Girl Author
Are you a nice person? And do you feel this is an asset or a liability when it comes to climbing in your career or business? If you’re too nice, do you run the risk of some people not taking you seriously or thinking that you’re weak? On the other hand, if you’re mean or unkind, how can people really respect you?

Today we’re hearing from Fran Hauser who is tackling this issue head on with her new book: The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate. The book is out tomorrow and teaches how women - and everyone - can lead with kindness and strength.

Fran, who was the first person in her family to graduate college, has held leadership roles at some of the biggest media companies. Most notably she helped grow from 3 million to 30 million unique monthly visitors. She’s now a venture capitalist who is on a mission to help female founded companies grow and thrive.

To learn more about Fran’s upcoming book, please visit You can also follow her @Fran_Hauser on Twitter and on Instagram.

For more visit
Apr 16, 2018
716: Ask Farnoosh, I have no kids... how should I budget?
My self-employed husband spends 33-35% of his gross income on business expenses. Is this a lot?

What is the priority ranking for a double income no kids (DINK) household?

When I was growing up, my parents barely had enough money to pay the bills. Now I find myself repeating that pattern. How do I get out of it?

Answering your questions and more with co-host and former So Money guest Belinda Rosenblum of

Ever wish someone would give you the STEP-BY-STEP PLAN to get your money in order? Belinda will as she kicks off her brand-new Enjoy Extra Cash Every Month free online workshop. Join now at:

Belinda connected with So Money listener Jen Radueg and shared her story on how she overcame shame and fear around money to having an extra $2000 every month AND meeting her soulmate. You can watch the full story here.
For more or to share a question of your own for an upcoming Friday episode, visit
Apr 13, 2018
715: Emellie O'Brien, Founder of Earth Angel
Today’s guest is no stranger to film and TV. Emellie O’Brien has worked on The Amazing Spiderman 2, Showtime’s Billions, and the CBS drama Madam Secretary. She saves production teams tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more, with a unique job: eco supervisor. Let’s just say that you won’t find any plastic water bottles on Emellie’s sets.

Emilie O’Brien is making waves in the film industry with her company, Earth Angel. After receiving a film degree at the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she started to notice many film crews were anything but eco-friendly on set.

She began her business as a way to educate and inform producers and crew members how to be sustainable, from starting recycling and composing programs to donating unused food to charity.

Today, we’ll talk about how Emellie first began supporting herself as a teenager, including paying her way through college and how she built her business from scratch.

For more visit
Apr 11, 2018
714: Kara Swisher, Tech Journalist and Co-Founder of Recode
Today we’re in conversation with Silicon Valley’s “most feared and liked journalist,” according to New York Magazine. Kara Swisher, technology journalist and co-founder of Recode, is here. She is an outspoken, straight-shooting reporter who, for two decades, has been working non-stop to keep Silicon Valley and the tech world accountable.

Kara is the host of the popular podcast Recode/Decode. She began her career at The Washington Post and later, The Wall Street Journal before launching her own tech media empire.

We kick off the interview with her take on Facebook amidst the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and the social network’s tumbling stock price. Then we hear about Kara’s childhood and experiencing the loss of her father at a young age. She takes us to a very specific moment in her career when she asked for a raise. How she earned her worth. Also, I ask her: what tech giants will be gone in 10 years time. Snapchat? Twitter? You might be surprised to hear Kara’s predictions.

You can learn more about Kara Swisher by visting her company’s website, or become one of her 1.31 million twitter followers @karaswisher.

For more visit
Apr 09, 2018
713: Ask Farnoosh, How do you stop yourself from being a compulsive shopper and start saving money?
How do you tackle finances with your fiance when your boyfriend makes half of what you make?

How do you stop yourself from being a compulsive shopper and start saving money?

Taking your Investopedia course and I'm at the savings module. Should my husband and I save for our son's college education in a 529 account or a high interest savings account?

Answering these questions of yours and more on this week's Ask Farnoosh with co-host Jennifer Whitehurst.

For more or to share a question for an upcoming Friday Ask Farnoosh episode, visit
Apr 06, 2018
712: Dan Harris, Co-Anchor ABC News & Author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics
Can meditation improve our finances and career? I’ve never tried it but our guest today says, in some ways, yes.  You may know Dan Harris as the co-anchor of ABC News' "Nightline" and the weekend edition of "Good Morning America.” He’s also the bestselling author of 10% Happier and the newly released Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.

He’s been very vocal about once having a panic attack in front of millions of people. It was that experience ten years ago that set Dan on a path to find out why he had a panic attack, and begin his path to self-discovery and eventually, meditation.

Now, Dan admits he was the title of his book. He was the fidgety skeptic who learned how to meditate. What’s his practice like? How did it transform his life and how can meditation benefit our bottom lines?

To learn more about Dan, you can listen to his podcast 10% Happier, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @DanBHarris.

For more visit
Apr 04, 2018
711: Carol Roth, Founder of FutureFile
If something happened to you today, would your family know your last wishes? Would they even know your computer password? Today’s guest, Carol Roth, is working hard to make sure they do. Carol created FutureFile, a comprehensive legacy planning system that allows you to put all your important documents and wishes in one place. Of course, this is just one of many projects Carol is working on.

She is a highly successful entrepreneur, investor, TV personality, New York Times best selling author, and recovering investment banker. She’s even got her own action-figure. I’ll talk to Carol about her multi-faceted career, as well as what we all need to know about creating a legacy plan.

To learn more about Carol, visit or follow her on Twitter @CarolJSRoth.

For more visit
Apr 02, 2018
710: Ask Farnoosh, How can I use inheritance to improve my credit score?
I received an inheritance. Back in my mid-20's I missed some student loan payments, which lowered my credit score. How can I use the inheritance to improve my score?

Where's the best place to park extra money for retirement?

Any recommendations for financing a cross country move?

Answering these questions of yours and more with co-host Michele Baci. Follow her on Twitter @michelebaci.

For more visit
Mar 30, 2018
709: Geneen Roth, This Messy Magnificent Life Author
Imagine losing all of your life savings? And the cause? Bernie Madoff. You know that crook who lost over $50 billion of his clients’ investments in a Ponzi scheme? He’s serving 150 years in federal prison, but our guest today had to pick up the pieces and renew her financial life.

We’re in conversation with New York Times bestselling author, Geneen Roth. Her most recent book, This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide,has just come out and it offers inspiring, personal, and often spiritual reflections on how we can find peace, make wise choices and practice everyday joy. And if Geneen Roth can do it, there’s hope for all of us.

To learn more about Geneen Roth, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @GeneenRoth.

For more visit
Mar 28, 2018
708: Marla Mattenson, Relationship Expert
It would normally cost you six-figures to work with this relationship coach. Her clients include millionaire entrepreneurs, academy award winning actors, and grammy winning stars.  But I’ve convinced her to join us on So Money to give us her best advice on how to succeed in your relationship, especially when it comes to financial challenges of all sorts.

Marla Mattenson is a relationship and intimacy expert who specializes in coaching entrepreneurial couples. But what makes her advice so effective is that it’s data-driven. She uses her neuroscience and math background to help clients transform their negative habitual patterns. And get this: If you’re wondering why it’s so hard to be in a relationship, Marla says it’s because as humans, we are sort of hard-wired to sabotage them. But she’s got some good news, too, including simple and effective ways to find peace with your money differences.

To learn more about Marla, visit her website at or find her on Instagram @marla_mattenson. To read her Dear Marla column for Entrepreneur and submit a questions click here.

For more visit
Mar 26, 2018
707: Ask Farnoosh, Is the "for grads" So Money course for me?
My employer is providing me with non-qualified stock options but I don't know what the implications are. Any advice on what I should do?

What secured credit card would you recommend?

Is the "for grads" So Money course for me?
Answering these questions of yours and more on this week's Ask Farnoosh with co-host Jennifer, founder of

For more visit
Mar 23, 2018
706: Libby Moore, Former Chief of Staff for Oprah Winfrey
Imagine working day-to-day, side-by-side with Oprah. That was our guest’s life for 11 years. Libby Moore, Oprah Winfrey’s former Chief of Staff, joins us today.

For over 10 years, she managed a team of Oprah’s personal assistants, accompanied the talk show queen as she traveled, and managed hundreds of emails for Oprah every day. After leaving her job at HARPO, Libby decided to embark on what she called, “The Libby Moore Gypsy Tour.”  She spent 365-days adventuring and seeing where life would take her. What emerged was a fulfilling career as an executive coach and international speaker.

I had so many questions! Starting with: What was it like being interviewed by Oprah for a job? The rest, you'll have to tune in to find out.

To learn more about Libby, please visit

For more visit
Mar 21, 2018
705: Katherine Power, CEO of Clique
Katherine Power caught the business bug as a young child, working on her parent’s horse farm and her grandmother’s clothing store. She’s now running a fast-growing media, marketing and consumer empire. Our guest today is also a recent Fortune 40 Under 40 honoree. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Clique whose platforms include Who What Wear, Byrdie and MyDomaine

Take a listen in as Katherine connects the dots from childhood to present day, reveals the big expense she’s saving up for today and that time she appeared on Project Runway.
For more visit
Mar 19, 2018
704: Ask Farnoosh, I'm sick of paying rent... how can I prepare to buy my first home?
I'm tired of paying rent and bad landlords. How can I get ready to buy my first home or apartment in an expensive city?

Can I invest in an index fund or should I wait until my student loans are fully paid off?

My parents get stressed when I ask them about investing. Can you share any advice?

Answering these questions of yours and more on today's Ask Farnoosh with special co-host George Itzhak, NBC Nightly News Producer. Follow him on Twitter @GeorgeItzhak.

For more or to share your own question for an upcoming Friday show visit
Mar 16, 2018
703: Dr. Habib Sadeghi, The Clarity Cleanse Author
Do you think that everything in life happens for a reason? Our guest today thinks so...especially when reflecting upon his own life. Dr. Habib Sadeghi is the co-founder of the Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center in Los Angeles. He’s known as the Healer to the Stars and has helped celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin improve their emotional well-being. 

To say he’s unstoppable is an understatement. He arrived at his success despite many odds. He was a burn victim at the age of 6 with over a third of his body suffering from third-degree burns. At 21 years old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and given just a 30% chance to live. And he is one of the most giving, positive and enlightened people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. 

His new book, The Clarity Cleanse, has just been released, which captures Dr. Sadeghi’s 12-step guide to working through the emotional issues that hold us back all while increasing our physical health and energy. And he is living proof of it. 

To learn more about Dr. Sadeghi you can visit and He’s also on Twitter @DrHabibSadeghi.

For more visit
Mar 14, 2018
702: Cathryn Lavery, Co-Founder BestSelf Co.
How many of you use a physical journal to track your goals or just share how your day went? Journaling is a total art and our guest today, Cathryn Lavery, has found a way to make this old school past time new and fresh again. In fact, she’s built an 8-figure empire called BestSelf Co., selling paper journals and other organizational tools for productivity and focus.

But 2017, Cathryn says, was the hardest year of her life. It included a divorce and total burn out. Cat comes to the show on the heels of a retreat in Thailand where she unplugged from social media, did a complete detox and walked away with some new perspectives on life and work.

We also go back in time to explore the money principals learned as a young girl growing up in Belfast and the hard life lesson she learned as soon as she arrived in New York to start her job.

Cathryn is also a genius at Kickstarter. If anyone listening wants to run a fund-raising campaign and master that space, she has some advice.

To learn more about Cathryn visit + or follow her on Twitter @CathrynLavery.

For more visit
Mar 12, 2018
701: Ask Farnoosh, How much should my accountant be charging me to prepare my taxes?
I can't bring myself to spend my money on material items, even though my financial life is in good shape. Help!

What is a reasonable price to pay an accountant who is preparing your taxes?

Should I first invest in retirement or index funds?

Answering these questions of yours and more with special co-host Danielle Robinson, Executive Director, Jackson Charitable Foundation.

To learn more about Danielle follow her on Twitter @doinggood365. Other links mentioned in this episode
Mar 09, 2018
700: Peter Shankman, Founder of HARO and Author of Faster Than Normal
This episode is probably my quickest interview yet...but it should come as no surprise, as today’s guest is the one and only Peter Shankman, author of Faster Than Normal. Indeed, this interview was fast…and anything but normal. And that’s why I think you’ll love it. Peter, as he describes in his bio, is a "spectacular example of what happens when you merge the power of pure creativity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a dose of adventure, and make it work to your advantage."

Peter is an author, entrepreneur and corporate keynote speaker. He is famous for founding HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out. It is the most popular sourcing service in the English-speaking world, connecting journalists and bloggers with relevant expert sources to meet journalists’ demanding deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories.  He built and sold this fast-growing website in 2.5 years. Again, faster than normal.

Peter has some unconventional beliefs around money. For example, if you want to make more money, you have to first spend it. He offers some specific examples. Plus where to invest your money this year? It involves a four-letter word :)

Peter’s book is Faster Than Normal. For more visit He is on Twitter @PeterShankman.

For more visit
Mar 07, 2018
699: Adam Auriemma, Editor-in-Chief of Money Magazine
Today’s show is a little bit of a throwback for me because it involves going down memory lane. I’ve not only been a subscriber of this magazine, but you might know I was also an employee, an intern in fact, in the past. It’s where I got my first start in the biz and in journalism.

Joining me on today's show is the new editor-in-chief of Money Magazine, Adam Auriemma. Since taking on this prominent role, Adam’s helped lead to more than 10 million unique visitors – an all time record! Prior to working for Money, Adam was at Fusion and also the Wall Street Journal.

Adam and I talk about some of the more hidden satires when it comes to personal finance. What does he think are some of the under reported topics? We also talk about how he got into the money space as someone whose first job was working in a grocery store earning $6 an hour. Plus, why he calls himself an aggressive saver – it’s not just a coincidence.

For more visit
Mar 05, 2018
698: Ask Farnoosh, What are risks to consider when renting out part of your home?
My husband and I will be quitting our jobs later this year to travel globally for a year. Aside from savings and insurance, what should we consider?

My husband and I contribute to our retirement, savings and children's 529 plans. Should we be adding to these buckets or putting our money elsewhere?

What are risks to consider when renting out part of your home?

Answering these questions and more with co-host and marketing consultant Erica Gellerman.

To learn more about Erica visit or follow her on Twitter @ericagellerman.

For more visit
Mar 02, 2018
697: Mitch Cohen, Author of "The Self-Made Billionaire Effect"
I have a question for you: What would it be like to have a bank balance with 9 zeros? A billion dollars? What does it take to reach that amount? Our guest today, Mitch Cohen, co-wrote a book answering that question. It’s called The Self-Made Billionaire Effect.
There are more billionaires walking the planet today than ever before. Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sara Blakely. According to Forbes, 2017 was a record year with the number of billionaires climbing 13% to 2,043. And 56 of them are under the age of 40!
But there are only about 800 or so self-made billionaires, according to Mitch. He shares some of the characteristics of these wealthy individuals including an empathetic imagination and patient urgency (sounds conflicting, right?)
Mitch has spent over 30 years in the financial industry. He is a retired Vice-Chairman at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he served as a partner for over 20 years. It was there that he got the opportunity to meet and analyze the work and mindsets of some of the richest people.
I also want to highlight that Mitch is a fellow Penn State alumni and he and I both serve on the Board of Visitors at the Smeal College of Business there. 
Fun Fact: Mitch was a Human of New York profile...You know, those incredibly candid portraits of New Yorkers doing random things with some of the most captivating and moving captions. He shares that experience as well.

To learn more visit
Feb 28, 2018
696: Shannah Compton Game, Millennial Money Expert
If you like financial podcasts then I think you’re going to be happy to know that today we are featuring a very successful top female financial podcast host and certified financial professional, Shannah Compton Game.

She’s the host of Millennial Money. It’s a daily podcast catering to millennials and young adults, boasting over three and half million downloads since launching about three years ago. She and I are doing crossover interviews today. So, if you check out her podcast you can hear her interview me. It's really wonderful to connect with a fellow female podcaster in this space.

Shannah and I go deep. We right away began talking about the financial lessons she learned from her divorce, the most surprising thing that she learned about millennials and money in doing her podcast and the number one piece of advice that she has for women.

To learn more about Shannah visit or follow her on Twitter @shannahgame.

To learn more visit
Feb 26, 2018
695: Ask Farnoosh, What's your advice regarding the stock market?
What's your advice regarding the stock market? How do I protect my gains from the last 7-8 years?

What’s your advice on asking for a raise while working for a non-profit?

How do I continue my salary negotiations when I’ve already had the conversation about 10 times and I keep hearing “yes, you’re in line once the budget frees up?

Answering these questions of yours and more with co-host and CFP Amy Irvine.

To learn more visit
Feb 23, 2018
694: Josh Robbins, Chief Strategy Officer of America’s Best 401k
How much are you paying in 401(k) fees?

A lot of us listening to this show, we have 401(k), or 403(b)’s and the like. These are retirement plans typically offered through our employers. Have you really ever taken the time to figure out how much you’re being charged in fees to invest to these portfolios?

Today’s guest is Josh Jenkins-Robbins. His mission in his career, and in his life really, is to pull back the veil on all the excessive fees he claims these 401(k) plans charge. He is the Chief Strategy Officer at America’s Best 401(k). There, they try to save investors up to 40% in fees.

On the show, we talk about why the 401(k) market needs disrupting and how we can all reduce our fees, and maybe even play some catch up in our retirement accounts if we feel behind. It’s worth mentioning that Josh is also Tony Robbins’ adopted son. As we know, Tony is the number one life and business strategist in the country. He was also my very first guest on So Money. I had to ask Josh what it was like growing up with Tony as head of the household and how their relationship influenced his money mindset.

To learn more visit
Feb 21, 2018
693: Abby Walker, Author of "Strap On A Pair" + Founder of Vivian Lou Insolia®
Do you feel like you’re quarter-assing your way through life and work?

Our guest today is Abby Lou Walker, a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur. Her pivot came as she discovered she was unfulfilled at work and taking her stress and disappointment home to her family where she was the mom of two young children...and as she described, quarter-assing her way through work and life. Never feeling like she was really successful in either realm.

So, Abby turned to a creative outlet for some release - blogging about shoes for just 1 hour per week. While blogging, she made a chance discovery about an untapped market and the rest is history.

Today Abby Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou, a 7-figure company that creates comfortable insoles for high heeled shoes. She is also the author of the new book Strap on a Pair: A Middle-Aged, Middle-Management, Middle-Class Mom's Quest for Something More.

Abby shares how she overcame some of her personal limiting beliefs around earning money, why she equated being rich to being an absent parent and the financial benefits of a practice called EFT.

To learn more about Abby visit or follow her on Twitter @iheartvivianlou.

To learn more visit
Feb 19, 2018
692: Ask Farnoosh, Is my debt to income ratio too high to be considered for a mortgage?
Is my debt to income ratio too high to be considered for a mortgage?

What ways are good ways to payoff my mortgage faster?

My new job offers a 3% match for our 401K. What are my best options for my current 401k ($150K+)?  Do I rollover into the new plan? An IRA?

Answering these questions of yours and more on this week's Ask Farnoosh with co-host and former So Money guest Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial.

To learn more or share your own question for an upcoming Ask Farnoosh visit
Feb 16, 2018
691: Jennifer Hemphill, Author of "Her Money Matters"
I’m excited to welcome back today’s guest, Jennifer Hemphill, who is a friend of the So Money show. You can listen to her first episode, #117, but today she’s back because she has some exciting news: Her book, Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths From Traditional Money Advice, launched on February 13.    For those of you who didn’t hear her first episode, here’s a little bit about Jen: She’s an accredited financial counselor, blogger, podcaster, military wife, mother of two, and now, author.
One thing that sets Jen apart is that she gets to the root of how our emotions and upbringing affect our money stories. Today we’ll be talking about:
  • Forgiveness. Why and how to forgive yourself when it comes to your financial setbacks.
  • Whether or not budgeting is necessary - Plus, a critical piece about budgeting few talk about.
  • Why most of us are only getting 10% of our financial life right.To learn more visit
Feb 14, 2018
690: Elaine Pofeldt, Author of "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business"
Are you someone who aspires to earn a million dollars a year or more as an entrepreneur? Or, maybe you’re already making this much money. Today’s guest has some incredible insights for all of us.

Elaine Pofeldt is the author of the new popular book, The Million Dollar One Person Business. It’s about entrepreneurs who earn more than a million dollars a year on their own without any staff employees. Elaine began her career as a senior editor for Fortune Small Business magazine. She’s been nominated for numerous awards and she’s been a freelance journalist for over 10 years now. Her latest research involves speaking with, interviewing dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs across the country, who’ve hit the one million dollar revenue mark. She discovered what makes them tick, how they reinvest their income and how much are they really taking home.

We talked about margins as I think that’s one of the big important aspects of making money as how much do you actually pocket. Elaine is a self-employed journalist and mom of four kids. I want to know... how does she manage her time? She’s got a surprising answer as well for the one expense that makes her life easier and better.

If you'd like to learn more about Elaine visit her website or follow her on Twitter @ElainePofeldt.

To learn more visit
Feb 12, 2018
689: Ask Farnoosh, How do I get a book published?
Will you talk more about the strategy to save a million dollars to retire? What type of savings account should I use if this is my goal?

Should my wife and I continue to rent or does it make more sense for us to buy a home?

Any guidance on how to get a book published?

Answering these questions of yours and more with co-host Apryl Pope of Apryl Pope Financial.

To learn more or share a question for an upcoming show please visit

Feb 09, 2018
688: Mrs. Frugalwoods, Author of "Meet The Frugalwoods"
Today, I’m excited to welcome back a former So Money guest, Liz Thames, also known as Mrs. Frugalwoods. I always love having former guests back on the show so we can catch up and share what they’ve been up to.

I introduced you to Mrs. Frugalwoods, the blogger behind, way back in episode 239 when she was pursuing retirement, hoping to achieve financial independence by 33 years-old. She did it! She’s 33 years-old now and has officially reached that goal. She and her husband, now parents to a 2-year-old with another baby on the way, have left their day jobs and have more or less “retired.” They’ve moved away from city life to a beautiful homestead in Vermont that’s nestled on 66 acres of woods.

She no longer anonymous. Liz is out and about, now that she’s achieved financial independence with her husband. In fact she’s written a tell-all called Meet The Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living, which is due out on March 6.

We discuss how she and her husband are sticking to their frugal ways as parents, the financial benefits of living in the woods and where she sees herself in her 50’s and 60’s. What has she got planned for the next 3 decades and will her savings last?

For more about Liz Thames aka Mrs. Frugalwoods, visit She is on Twitter @Frugalwoods.

To learn more visit
Feb 07, 2018
687: Tanja Hester, Early Retiree + Founder of Our Next Life Blog
Today, I’m interviewing Tanja Hester, who has been retired now for just a couple months. Here’s the thing, though, she’s only 38 years old.

Tanja and her husband both worked as political consultants making six figures each. Both of them loved their work and found it fulfilling. However, after watching her father lose his mobility early in his life due to a degenerative neuromuscular disability, Tanja realized she could have the same fate.

So, she decided to spend her able bodied years hiking, traveling, and enjoying all the world had to offer --- away from the office. After years of saving half their income, Tanja and her husband finally reached financial independence. At the end of 2017, they left their careers and are currently enjoying outdoor life where they live in Lake Tahoe.

Along the way, Tanja started a blog called Our Next Life to document her journey. It now gets over 150,000 page views every month and even earned her the 2017 Plutus Award, the top honor in the personal finance community, for one of the best blog.

We’ll talk about her journey, her blog, and how someone who is NOT naturally a saver or naturally frugal she says to retire before 38 and not have to work another day in your life.

You can visit Tanja at or follow along on Twitter @our_nextlife.

To learn more visit
Feb 05, 2018
686: Ask Farnoosh, What are your thoughts about investing in cryptocurrency?
What are your thoughts about investing in cryptocurrency?

Once you have an idea to start a business, how do you get started? Should you research, write a business plan? What are practical first steps?

I'm leaving a job where I recently combined my 403b and annuities in one place. Should I leave the money there or take it to the new job?

Answering these questions of yours and more with co-host and So Money listener Amy Saruwatari.

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Feb 02, 2018
685: Drs. Renée and Nii Darko, Paid off 6 Figures of Debt in 3 Years
What would you do if you woke up with $662,000 of student loan debt?

Yes, you heard that right, $662,000 in just student loan debt.

Well, that’s what happened to Drs. Renée and Nii Darko. After meeting in medical school and completing rigorous surgical residencies, Renée and Nii woke up to see their total debt balance had ballooned to the high six figures after years of deferment and forbearance.

Stressed, confused, and not making any progress on actually paying down their principal, the Darko family decided to get serious. They cut out their pricey insurance policies, took on a significant amount of extra shifts at hospitals all over the country, and reprioritized everything. And by prioritize, I mean they only paid $200/month in groceries for 2.5 years!

The result of all this hard work and adhering to that strict budget was that they paid off all their debt in only 3 years!

Today, I’m talking to the couple about how they did it and the challenges they encountered along the way (like the three failed IVF rounds that they paid for in cash.) You’ll also hear about how paying off their debt has given these two physicians financial independence, enabling them to pursue their passions and business pursuits, like Dr. Nii’s website and a podcast called Docs Outside the Box.

To visit the couple’s blog, head to

Renée runs Pre-med Strategies, a pre-med consultation business to help students overcome the challenges of getting into medical school. You can visit the website here:

To learn more about Dr. Nii Darko, please visit his website, Docs Outside the Box, at or find him on twitter @DocsOTB.

Equal Access Health is their locum tenens business, which you can learn more about here:

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Jan 31, 2018
684: Mary Wheeler, Founder of Abundant Wealth Solutions