Trivial Warfare - A Pub Quiz Style Trivia Game

By Jonathan Oakes

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Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben as they partner with guests just like you to battle for victory each week.

Episode Date
TW185: Norwegian Wood

Fantastic episode for you this week. It's the return of the OG Host Marc Demeter! He's asking asking the questions to the teams of Colonel Joe Magee teaming up with Carmela against Jonathan and Ben. Enjoy!

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Sep 16, 2018
TW184: God of Thunder

We are excited to be joined this week by newly minted Trivia Hall of Famer Paul Paquet. He teams up with Ben to go up against Chris and Jonathan with Carmela in the host's chair. Enjoy!

Sep 09, 2018
TWx27: Announcement

Jonathan talks about the future of the show and a massive change to the business model coming up in October.

Sep 04, 2018

This week we're joined by the one and only Matthew Stephens. Are we able to convince him to perform a live intro to Warm it up Chris? You'll have to listen to find out! It's Carmela and Matthew vs. Jonathan and Chris with Ben hosting. Enjoy!

Sep 02, 2018
TW182: Orange Cat ft. Dru Hill

This week's recording was done live in Richmond Virginia! I'm joined by Erin Barclay, John Welch, Kat Thompson and Jonathan Robbins for a super fun game. It's Erin & John vs. Kat and Robbins with Oakes hosting!

This week's show is sponsored by

Aug 26, 2018
TW181: Power, Nintendo Power

Jonathan was travelling this week, but once again we've got you covered with a full episode that was originally recorded as a bonus. This time it's an all video game episode featuring Rob Cotter, Max Meiners, and Mathew Laird in a triple threat match hosted by Doug Radcliffe and Josh Phillips. Enjoy!

Join the Trivial Warfare Army at


Aug 19, 2018
TW180: Jersey Boys

We recorded this episode on my recent trip to visit our awesome warheads in New Jersey. We crammed 5 guys in my hotel room and huddled around a single microphone to bring you this episode :-)

Today's show features Jeffrey Seguritan, Drew Buxbaum, Stephen Vedder, and Gentleman Jim all representing the great state of New Jersey.

Today's show is sponsored by!


Aug 12, 2018
TW179: A Licky Boom Boom Down

This week we are joined in studio by the father and daughter pairing of Tom and Megan Casserlie. They team up and go head to head against Jonathan with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy!

This week's show is brought to you by and also by



Aug 05, 2018
TW178: The Art of Art

Jonathan has been away at Podcast Movement over the last week and didn't have a chance to record an edit a new show. So it's a good thing we had one in the hopper ready to be edited in advance :-)

It's time to get artsy fartsy in the best sense of the phrase. This week's show is an All Art Bonus that has been promoted to the main feed. It features contestants Dustin Resch, Tara Whittle and Jeffrey Seguritan each of whom puts on an impressive display of knowledge about the world of art. The host and author of today's game is Nolan Werner! Enjoy!

Jul 29, 2018
TW177: Nicely Job

We're joined this week for the first time by the Founder and President of Team Chris, Pate Hogan! He teams up with Chris to take on Jonathan in a 2 on one showdown with Carmela asking the questions. Enjoy!

Today's show is sponsored by

Jul 22, 2018
TW176: Wait For It...

This week's episode is was an absolute blast to record. Even though we had technical difficulties it couldn't damper spirit of fun and humor that ran throughout the recording. We are joined this week by guests Kat Thompson, Trey Thomas and Will Dennison. It's the three of them against Chris and Jonathan with Trish back in the hosts chair. Enjoy!

This week's show is sponsored by!

Jul 15, 2018
TW175: That's How You Get Zombies

We're joined this week by the trio of Markkus Ellis, Josh Mullan and Brad Doyle who team up to take on Jonathan with Chris hosting. Enjoy!


6:14 - Warm It Up Chris

13:49 - The Game

Jul 08, 2018
TW174: End of an Era

This week's show marks the last show recorded in the apartment where Trivial Warfare started and grew into what it is today. In today's game we have Chris and Carmela teaming up against Rob Cotter and Todd Gianelloni with Jonathan manning the host's chair. Enjoy!

This week's show is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Go to and use the code TWA30 to get $30 off your first box!

Jul 01, 2018
TW173: Trivia Stank

Chris and Jonathan are joined this week by guests Nick John and Allen Brown. Jonathan is going back to his old ways playing a solo player against Chris and Allen with Nick taking over host duties.

Today's show is sponsored by GreenChef! You can get $50 off your first box at

Jun 24, 2018
TW172: Rocket Man

This week we have a fun and fast moving game for you. It's a 2 on 1 with Jonathan taking on the team of Tim Beggs and Rich Flegel with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy!


Jun 19, 2018
TW171: Scooby Dooium

Big Episode this week! We've got Carmela and Jonathan going up against David Livasy, Matt Chesnut and Anna Piper with Jeremy Cahnmann joining us as a special guest host!

We are sponsored this week by HIMS. Check out to learn more!

Jun 10, 2018
TW170: Is It Just Me, or...?

We're joined this week by Colonel Chris Hayth who teams up with Carmela to go up against Jonathan with big Ben in the hosts chair.

This week's episode is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Get $30 off your first week by going to and use the promo code twa30.


4:00 - Big Giveaway!

9:56 - Warm it Up Chris!

16:35 -The Game

Jun 03, 2018
TW169: In Da Club

This week Jonathan and Carmela team up again our guests Mary Randazzo and Drew Grant. Lots of laughs this week as Ben puts the teams through their paces. Enjoy!

This weeks show is sponsored by

May 27, 2018
TW168: Those Damn Halogens!

We have so much awesome for you in today's episode. Ben is in rare form as he joins forces with guests Marcus & Asha against Jonathan with Carmela hosting.

Today's show is brought to you by

May 20, 2018
TW167:The Trivialympics

This week's show features Ken, Matt, Neal and Jeff from Triviality, AJ Mass from Beat My Guest, and Andy Saunders from Complete the List.

Andy has been a TW supporter for a long time now and it was great to meet AJ and the Triviality crew in Boston earlier this year. I have had the idea for a big trivia podcast crossover brewing for a while but meeting everybody and getting to each other was the thing that pushed it over the top.

As Triviality, Beat My Guest and Complete the List have grown over the last year I've been excited about the expansion of our little niche. Each show has found it's audience and goes about things a little bit differently. I knew I wanted to highlight that when we did our first big crossover event. So that's exactly what we did.

Today's game features 4 different mini-games. Each one is a modified version of one of the podcasts represented. Each show will be competing with the others across the different formats to crown a winner of the first ever Trivialympics.


Today's show is sponsored by Hims. Go to to get a full month of hair loss prevention for just $5!

May 14, 2018
TW166: Bust A Move

We are joined in house this week by special guest Dustin Resch. It's a fabulous episode this week where Chris is the host and Carmela and Dustin team up against Ben and Jonathan. This one is so good that our patrons are going to get a special set of After Dark outtakes on Thursday that were too funny to edit out completely. Dustin also contributed this week's show art. I'm in LOVE with it!

This week's show is sponsored by HelloFresh! Head over to and use the promo code twa30 to get $30 off of your first box!

May 06, 2018
TW165: The Swedish Chef's

We are joined this week by the team in the great white north. Ashley and Eric Sutherland team up against Jonathan while Carmela hosts. We have a great time together in this episode that seems to fly by. Enjoy!

Today's show is sponsored by


4:45 - Warm It Up Chris

13:42 - The Game


Apr 29, 2018
TW164: Sleeper Cell

We have a full house this week. Ben, Carmela, Jonathan, and Chris are all here and we're welcoming our special guest host Mike Sleeper who came to visit us from Augusta, Georgia. The teams are Ben and Jonathan vs. Carmela and Chris as Mike puts us through our paces. Enjoy!

This week's show is sponsored by Water Cooler Trivia! Check them out at

Apr 22, 2018
TW163: Cuban Einstein

We have a great show for you this week. Ben and Carmela are in the house and we welcome in our guests April Calvarro and Andrew Thomas! Carmela teams up with April to take on Jonathan and Ben and Andrew got to try his hand at hosting. I think you'll agree that he did a fabulous job.

This week's show is sponsored by Hims. Check out for a full month trial for only 5 bucks!

Apr 15, 2018

We have the whole gang in house for the second week in a row. Ben takes another turn in the host's chair while Chris and Carmela team up against Jonathan and special guest teammate Brent Bollmeier. Enjoy!

00:00 - Intro - We make a hash of some sidekicks, Rambo does Rambo things and we introduce our guess Brent Bollmeier!

04:06 - WIUC - From Natalie Anderson asks us to name the city that different TV shows are set in.

13:16 - It's Time to Play The Game

Apr 08, 2018
TW161: Dumb & Dumber

We've got a full house this week with Ben hosting and Chris and Carmela teaming up against Jonathan and guest teammate Erika Johnson. Ton of fun today, hope you all enjoy it.


0:00        Intro - Chris talks about his recent cruise and then gets mad at Jonathan & Ben for teasing him.

10:55     Warm It Up Chris - City or Cheese?

21:14     It's Time to Play The Game


This week we are sponsored by and


Apr 01, 2018
TW160: I'm Too Old For This S#!T

We're joined this week by the inimitable Billy Webb who joins us from Indiana. He teams up with Carmela against Jonathan in a 2 on 1 match. Oh by the way, CHRIS is BACK and he's sitting in the host's chair!

Mar 25, 2018
TW159: Hold My Beer

We're joined for this week's episode by Drew Buxbaum and Mathew Laird! This is the first recording of TW after Geek Bowl and Jonathan and Carmela start the show by recapping some of the great moments of the week with Mathew and Drew! Then it's time to give away $100 to a lucky listener before getting into the game.

This week's game is Matt vs. the team of Carmela and Drew with Jonathan hosting. Enjoy!

Mar 18, 2018
TWx26: Oversell Wrestling Crossover

Back by popular request, this is our second All-Wrestling bonus episode! Today's game is hosted by Derick Schroeppel from The Oversell Podcast and features a triple threat match between Ben, Chris and Jonathan! Enjoy!

Mar 15, 2018
TW158: I Was Told There Would Be No Mathachusetts

One of the highlights of the recent trip to Boston for Geek Bowl was the chance to record an episode of Trivial Warfare with our housemates. Susannah and Paul were gracious hosts and invited us to the Massachusetts Statehouse for the recording. We had an amazing time together and I think that comes through in this game. Susannah and Paul shared hosting duties and we broke into teams of Liz & Jonathan, vs. David & Erin, vs. Carmela, Stacey, & Kezia.

We also welcome a new sponsor on board this week. Check out and be sure to use the promo code Trivial Warfare when you sign up for a year of awesome trivia for your office.

Mar 11, 2018
TW157: A Reasonable Amount of Thunder

We've got a great game for you this week. We're joined by special guest host Erin Barclay from Orange Cat Trivia. She'll be asking the questions as Carmela and Jonathan join forces against the team of Nikki Bates and Shara Hinkel. So much fun. Enjoy!

Mar 04, 2018
TW156: Who Run the World?

This week we're thrilled to present our first ever All-Woman episode in celebration of Woman's History Month. Carmela Smith, the first lady of Trivial Warfare, is in the host's chair this week. In house we have the team of Trish Leighton and Caro... I mean Lauren Carey. They are competing against the team of Katie Sekelsky and Caitlin Joyce. Enjoy!

Feb 25, 2018
TW155: The Stupid Fault in our Damn Stars

I'm super excited to get this episode published on time. When this comes out I'll still be in the air flying home from Boston after having a great time at Geek Bowl. I hope you've been following our shenanigans on Instagram!

This week Carmela does a fabulous job hosting as the game pits Ben and guest warhead David Raffetto against Jonathan. Hope you enjoy as much as we did making it!

Feb 18, 2018
TW154: Bye Felicia

We are celebrating Black History Month with our second annual BHM episode dedicated to African American history, Pop Culture, Music and more. This week we team Jennifer Wright and Kantad Svendsgaard against the team of Alex Baez and Sam Rodger with Ben in the hosts chair. Enjoy!

Feb 11, 2018
TW153: I Think I'm Going to Portmandu

This week's show is so much fun. Everyone was on their A game. This week's competition is Carmela and guest Warhead Jeremy Gabbard vs. Jonathan with Ben in the host's chair. Enjoy!

Feb 04, 2018
TW152: Capital Punishment

This week's episode features a Texan and an Australian working together. It's William Travis and Steve Ellison vs. Jonathan and Ben with Carmela hosting. Enjoy!

Jan 28, 2018
TWx25: Disney Bonus

Wow - 25 bonus episodes. They really add up don't they!

This time we're bringing you an ALL DISNEY EPISODE! You've asked for it and now you have it.

We welcome in the teams of Hannah Gerbig and Jake Overman, Lauren Flynn and Megan Haines, and Danielle and Bill Fields. They go against each other in a 3 way match with Jonathan hosting.


Jan 25, 2018
TW151: How Bout Them Cowboys!

Trivial Warfare is built on great games of trivia and also on great friendships and moments that elicit peals of laughter between friends. This episode has all of that in more. It's been a long time since I've laughed as much as I did recording this. It's fantastic.

Join Jonathan, Chris, Trish, Wendy and Allen for a great time. Trish is the host and it's a 3 on 1 with everybody against Jonathan. Enjoy!

Jan 21, 2018
TW150: Don't Cry For Me Chile

We have a heck of a game for you this week. Chris and Jonathan get together for a rare team up opportunity against the 3 person team of Alistair Bell, Elizabeth Lepisto and Andrew Buxbaum with Lauren Carey in the hosts chair. There are a bunch of great moments in this week's show. Hope you enjoy!

Jan 14, 2018
TW149: I Has The Dumb

The show is a lot of fun this week! We have Ben in the hosts chair asking the questions for a 2 on 1 where Jonathan faces off against the team of Tom Sargent and Michael Turner. We had a great time together. See if Jonathan can pull off the handicap victory!

This week we are sponsored by Hello Fresh. For $30 off your first week of Hello Fresh visit and use the promo code TWA30

Jan 07, 2018
TW148: Tyler Periwinkle

We've got a great game for you this week. Colonel Matt Chestnut is in the house, he's teaming up with Jonathan against the team of Carmela and Chris with Ben hosting the game. Enjoy!

Be sure to head over to and use the coupon code TWA to take advantage of some free credits!

Dec 31, 2017
TW147: The Sinister Six

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! We've got a huge game for you this week. We're joined by all six members of the Sinister Six - Dan Lundberg, Phil Sanford, Scott Barber, Mike Cameron, Wesley Wells and Jeffrey Seguritan. I've broken them up into two teams and am pitting them up against each other to see which side will reign supreme. Chris joins me remotely to keep score and help wrangle this oversized episode. Enjoy!

Dec 24, 2017
TW146: Dan Sweatt Hates Macklemore

Great show for you this week. We're joined by Dan Sweatt and Rich Flegal who team up together to play against Jonathan and Ben with Carmela hosting.

Fun fact - Dan Sweatt hates Macklemore. You'll learn more about this and more in today's episode.

Be sure to head over to and use the coupon code TWA to see if you can profit from your trivial knowledge!

Dec 17, 2017
TW145: The Game of Palm

We have a HUGE game for you this week. The General David Livasy is hosting a 3, 2, 1 game. The first team of 3 is comprised of Ben Young, Adam Fried and Bryan Mravec. Jonathan and Carmela join forces as team number two and Ryan Kloefkorn Myers is the cheese who stands alone as a single player team.

On top of that I touch base with warhead Jeff Frank after the midpoint to talk about his success over at, and I take a minute at the end of the show to give you an update on the changes that Patreon made.

You don't want to miss this one. Enjoy!

Dec 10, 2017
TW144: FleetWit Showdown

We have a really cool game for you today. We're joined this week by David Metz - the CEO of FleetWit, and Brett Lazer - the Head of Trivia at FleetWit. For those of you who don't know, FleetWit is an online trivia game that lets you compete for real money playing trivia and other brain games that appeal to smarties like you.

in today's game David and Brett team up against Jonathan and Chris in a FleetWit v. Trivial Warfare showdown with Lauren Carey as our in house host.

One more piece of big news for you. David announced on this weeks show that TW listeners can get 20 free credits on FleetWit using the coupon code TWA. That's $5 worth of free credits. Head over to and enjoy yourself!

Dec 03, 2017
TW143: #BenLogic

We had so much fun recording this weeks episode. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording. Trish is in the house as the host this week. This week we're joined by Warheads Anna Piper from Hawaii and Robby Stewart from Southern California. They team up with Chris to go against the team of Jonathan and Ben.

Don't forget to get your favorite Pub Quizzes loaded to our new site!

Nov 26, 2017
TW142: Now I'm the Libertarian Doofus

We have a super fun game for you this week. Chris is back in the house and is joined by Elizabeth Vinson and Andrew Swift to do battle with Jonathan in a 3 on 1 handicap match! Ben is in the host's chair this week and will put us through our paces.


Nov 19, 2017
TW141: I Come From Math People

We're joined this week by the team of Justin Ehart and Rowan Rozanski! They are ready for their debut against the team of Jonathan and Lauren Carey with Carmela hosting.

This week we also introduce our new bumper to lead us into the game. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Love pub quizzes? Be sure to go to and add your favorite shows to our directory!

Nov 12, 2017
TW140: Connect The Dots

We have a heck of a match for you guys this week. Everyone's favorite bass Ben Young is back in the host's chair. He's put together a game where the team of Jonathan and Carmela take on warheads Rob Cotter and Brian Mack. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it!

Nov 05, 2017
TW139: Mayonnaise Brother

We have a super fun show for you guys this week. We're joined this week by Emilee and Cameron Hatfield-Sereno out on the west coast this week. This couple takes on Jonathan in a handicap match with Carmela in the host's chair.

Reminder for all you pub quiz players to be sure to get your game listed at It's a resource we're putting together for all trivia lovers everywhere!

Oct 29, 2017
TW138: Yakety Sax

We've got a team game for you this week. It's Chris and Carmela teaming up against Lt. Col. Josh Wennrich and Major Dr. Nick Weingartner. It's a heck of a contest and Jonathan enjoys the view from the host's chair.

Jonathan also makes an announcement after the midpoint about a new site he's developing called Be sure to listen and learn more about how you can help!

Oct 22, 2017
TW137: They're Good Dogs Brent

We're joined for the first time this week by the host of Complete the List and the #JeopardyLivePanel podcast, it's the Jeopardy Fan himself - Andy Saunders. We're also graced again with the participation of noted warhead Wesley Wells. They go head to head with Jonathan in a triple threat match with Carmela hosting. Enjoy!

You can check out more of Andy's work at

Oct 15, 2017
TW136: Little Black Book

Ben hosts a triple threat this week between Carmela, Jonathan and former Jeopardy contested Trevor Mahoney. This week's game features a set of challenging questions that will test you in multiple ways. There are some moments this week that I think are going to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

You can support us by checking out Hello Fresh at and using the TWA30 promo code if you sign up for one of their awesome meal kits.

You can also check out our friends over at for a unique DFS experience. Be sure to use the TWA promo code when you sign up so they know where you heard about them.

Oct 08, 2017
TW135: Come On Man!

We're back with another great episode for you. This week we are joined by Warheads Gabe Sebag and Josh Mullan who team up to take on Jonathan with our boy Chris hosting.

Also, big news for us. Last night we learned we won a 2017 Podcast Award in the Games and Hobbies category. We're all very excited. Thank you to all of you who helped us get there.

If you're a fantasy football fan be sure to check out our sponsor this week. Use the promo code TWA when you sign up so they know you heard about them from us. Enjoy!

Oct 01, 2017
TW134: Kiss The Monkey

Jonathan, Carmela and Trish are joined this week by British comedian Laura Lexx! I've looked forward to having Laura on for a while, she is the host of Cinemastermind, a trivia game associated with the Comedian's Cinema Club podcast. This week she teams up with Carmela against Jonathan with Trish asking the questions. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

By the way, our midpoint ad for is one of the funniest parts of the show. Don't miss Chris talking about underwear and be sure to use the promo code TWA to get 20% off of your order!

Also, if you love Fantasy Football like I do you should do yourself a favor and check out for an awesome daily fantasy experience! Use the promo code TWA there too!

Sep 24, 2017
TW133: I'm Gumby Dammit!

This week we're joined in studio by guest host Lauren Carey who put together an all Pop Culture episode for us! It's a triple threat match between Jonathan, Chris and TWA Captain Chris Mason. Chris H is the odds on favorite to take home the gold but it was fun to see if Chris Mason or Jonathan could knock the king off of the mountain.

We're sponsored by Mack Weldon this week. Go to and use the promo code TWA to get 20% off of your full purchase!

We're also sponsored by PlayDraft this week. Go to and use the promo code TWA to get a free entry into a draft this week.

Sep 17, 2017

We're getting hit with Hurricane Irma today but the show must go on! This week we have a battle between Jonathan and the team of Chris and Kris Eve. We recorded this in the evening and all of us are a little punch drunk. I think you're going to enjoy it.

Check out our sponsor Draft at and use the Promo Code TWA!

Sep 10, 2017
TW131: Lawyered

It's a big game today! Jonathan and Carmela join forces to take on the team of two lawyers and a dude - Stacey McPeek, Erin Barclay, and John Reeves. Great game all around.

Also, Jonathan is back from Podcast Movement 2017 and gives an update on how things went in Anaheim.

Last but not least, we have TWO sponsors this week and you should definitely check them out!

First up is Bombfell. Bombfell is an easier way for men to get better clothes! There's no up front fees, you only pay for what you keep and you have a personalized stylist who gets to know you and send you clothes that are right for you on a schedule of your choosing. Check them out at

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Sep 03, 2017
REPLAY - TW54: Black Don't Crack

Hey guys, I'm spending this week in California at Podcast Movement 2017. I'm speaking at the conference and TW is also up for an Academy of Podcasters award at the event. As a result, I'm not going to have the time to edit a new show for you this week. Instead, I'm running this replay of one of my favorite all time episodes. This came out about a year and a half ago and featured the team of Bryan and Nathan Orr going against Jonathan with Ben hosting. There are so many laugh out loud moments in this episode. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Aug 27, 2017
TW130: Gnarls Sharkley

You asked for it, you got it. We have Jonathan, Chris, Carmela, Ben and Trish all in house this week for the perfect storm. We're also joined this week by guest warhead Amy Thomas who teams up with Jonathan and Trish to take on the team of Chris and Carmela with Ben pulling hosting duties this week. Super fun episode!

Aug 20, 2017
TW129: Trivial Warfare Against the World

I'm proud to present TW129. It's our first episode of TW geared with questions intentionally designed to focus on our international listeners. To take it to the next level I arranged for international guests to team up against the US team of Jonathan and Carmela.

Our guests this week are Adam 'Addy' Lewis from Dumfries Scotland and Eduardo Miceli from Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Additionally, we are happy to welcome guest host Mathew Laird into the fold. Mathew prepared some really wonderful questions for us this week. I'm excited to share them with you.


Aug 13, 2017
TW128: The Sizzle

We have a great game for you this week. Jonathan and Chris are teaming up against the trio of Liz "The Sizzle" Hudson, David Livasy and Billy Webb. This one is going to come down to the very end. Carmela does a great job in the hosts chair this week and Jonathan makes a big announcement regarding Patreon Rewards at the Lieutenant tier. Don't miss it!

Want to Join the TWA? You can do it at

Aug 06, 2017
TW127: I'm a Luck Dragon Mofo

We're back with another great handicap match. This week we're joined by guest player Jessica Hayth who teams up with Carmela in a 2 on 1 against Jonathan. Ben Young hosts. This week also marks our second Big Prize drawing for our Captains and above in the Trivial Warfare army. We're joined by this quarter's winner.


Jul 30, 2017
TW126: Challenge of Champions

Today's show features one of the best collections of trivia players we've had on the show in a single game. We start with Colby Burnett. Colby is the first and only person to win both the Jeopardy Teachers Tournament and the following year's Tournament of Champions. Next up is Steve Bahnaman. Simply put, Steve is one of the best quizzers in the world and he proved in 2015 by winning more than $100K on the game show 500 Questions. And last but not least is our own 2016 Listener's Tournament champion and 2016 Geek Bowl Champion Russ Friedewald. Russ is humble, but don't let him fool you. In a pub quiz format he's one of the best players in the world.

We put these three trivia giants head to head in a triple threat match in a game written and hosted by Jonathan. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating this one.

This week's show is sponsored by Warby Parker. Be sure to head over to and check out their prescription glasses starting at $95. It's one of the best ways to support the show.

Jul 23, 2017
TWx24: Ring Rust Radio

It's another bonus episode!

For a year now, ever since we did the awesome Harry Potter episode, we've had one request come through louder and more frequently than any others.

You wanted a wrestling episode? You've got a WRESTLING EPISODE!

We've teamed up with the awesome guys from Ring Rust Radio to bring you a Trivial Warfare Wrestling Bonus.


Jul 20, 2017
TW125: Revenge of the Warheads

The Machine is back in the house. Jeffrey Seguritan was fresh off of a 2nd place finish at a regional trivia tournament when we recorded. And by fresh off, I mean he stopped at a Starbucks to get a Wi-Fi signal on his drive home. Unfortunately for Jeffrey we couldn't maintain a good connection inside the Starbucks so he recorded the majority of this episode from his car. Whatever it takes to get the job done!

Ben hosts this week's triple threat match between Jeffrey, Jonathan and Carmela. Truth be told, this one was all about the listener submitted questions. You guys are merciless!

If you want to join the TWA and support the show you can do so at

Jul 16, 2017
TW124: Dancing with the Stars

We had a great time recording this episode. It's laugh after laugh after laugh with this one.

To start off, we're introducing Trish, a new host, to the mix. Trish did a fabulous job this week. We also had two great guests participating this week, Shara Hinkle and Jeremy Gabbard! The game was a 3 on 2. Carmela teamed up with Shara and Jeremy against the team of Jonathan and Ben. This one goes right down to the wire.

If you love the show and want to do something cool for us be sure to head over to and nominate Trivial Warfare in both the People Choice and Games and Hobbies categories. Thanks for you support!

Jul 09, 2017
TWx23: Trivial Warfare After Dark

Well, we've finally done it. After multiple requests from multiple quarters we've recorded a episode of Trivial Warfare After Dark. TWAD involves more than a little drinking and more than the usual amount of swearing. We are joined by the General David Livasy as a sober partner while Jonathan, Ben and Carmela compete in a less than sober manner. The Rock God Of Podcasting Charles McFall joins us as the host.

Word to the wise - while this show will follow the normal pattern it is definitely not a normal show. If you are sensitive to pretty much anything I would recommend avoiding this episode. I'm providing plenty of warnings so I'm not going to have very open ears to anyone's complaints about being offended.

One last note - this one is not for the kiddies. Please don't listen with them.



Jul 06, 2017
Real Talk - My Best Friend

This is a real talk episode dedicated to Chris. After the review that called him out last week I wasn't happy with my own response and wanted to take a few minutes to say more.

There's no trivia in this weeks episode. Thanks.

Jul 04, 2017
TW123: Dogs & Cats Living Together

We stay on a roll this week with two former Jeopardy contestants competing in a triple threat match. Sean Cauley is joining us from Kentucky while Doug Behrend comes to us from the great state of Arkansas.  They are going to go head to head with Carmela with Jonathan hosting.

If you love Trivial Warfare be sure to nominate us for a 2017 Podcast Award at


Jul 02, 2017
TW122: The Legend of Milky Steve

Huge game for you this week. We are joined by Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant Bill Patschak and noted Warhead Scott Barber for an exciting triple threat match. Carmela joins as the host for this week's contest.

Head's up. Today's show includes more suggestive dialogue than usual. With that said, thanks for joining us and prepare your ears to learn more about the legend of Milky Steve.

If you want to earn your rank in the Trivial Warfare Army be sure to sign up at  Captains and above are eligible for a drawing during our recordings on 7/8 to determine the winner of this quarter's $400 prize.


Jun 25, 2017
TW121: Beat My Guest Showdown

We are joined this week by noted author and fantasy sports writer AJ Mass as well as the Black Viking himself Kantad Svendsgaard for a fantastic episode.

AJ is the creator and host of Beat My Guest, a new trivia podcast that is becoming very popular in the trivia community. Kantaad was one of his first contestants and together they are representing BMG against Jonathan and Carmela representing Trivial Warfare in a show vs. show showdown!

You won't want to miss the ending to this one folks.

Jun 18, 2017
TWx22: Zero Game

Jonathan, Carmela, and Chris got together after a recording last week and recorded this bonus episode. It's a non-standard episode where we have some fun with the board game called Zero.

Heads up parents, there is some swearing in this one so it's not the best choice to listen with your kids.


Jun 15, 2017
TW120: Lucky Penny

We experienced a huge first in today's episode. I think you'll be surprised when you learn what it is.

This weeks show is hosted by Warhead Patrick Smith in a guest appearance and is a triple threat match between Jonathan and the team of Chris and special guest Katie Sekelsky from Enjoy!

Jun 11, 2017
TW119: What's In a Name?

Jonathan and Chris are joined this week by warheads April Calvarro and Andrew Thomas. April and Andrew team up in a handicap match against Jonathan with Chris hosting. We had a lot of fun recording this game and April and Andrew made a great pairing.

This week TW is sponsored by Hello Fresh. You can save $30 of your first week's deliveries at using the promo code TWA30.


Jun 04, 2017
TW118: Patches O'Houlihan

We have a full house on this weeks show. All of the regular hosts are in studio and we are joined by guest player Briana Garton. It's Briana and Carmela vs. Jonathan and Ben with Chris in the hosts chair.

Word to the wise, you don't want to miss the outtake after the ending credits this week. It's epic.

Briana brought up the National MS Society at the end of the show today. If you want to support them you can find them at

If you want to support our work you can join the Trivial Warfare Army at


May 28, 2017
TW117: Fuggedaboudit

Great show for you this week! We are joined by a pair of podcasters that could not be more different. First up is Glenn "The Geek" Hebert. He's the founder of the Horse Radio Network and a good old Florida boy who knows more about horses than I know about anything. He's being paired up with Diane Daniels, host of the fantastic podcasts Weight Loss Nation and Medicare Nation! Diane is New York City through and through.

I think you'll find this week's show a little easier than our typical episodes. I'm also predicting that you laugh hard enough to lost track of time. You'll get to start off with the biggest Warm it up Chris fail I've ever accomplished (and that's saying something). Things get competitive after that and you aren't going to want to miss it. Ben joins us as the host.

Glenn The Geek -

Diane Daniels -

As always, you can join the Trivial Warfare Army at

Enjoy the Show!


May 21, 2017
TW116: Team Ginger

It's a fun episode this week as we welcome back Phil Sanford and Mike Cameron from North Carolina. This week they are working together in a team again the team of Carmela and new contestant Eric Sutherland. It's Team Ginger vs. Team Carolina with Jonathan hosting. Enjoy!


You can support the show and earn your rank in the Trivial Warfare Army at

May 14, 2017
TWx21: Pop Culture

Surprise! It's a pop culture bonus episode!

Parents, heads up, there's some material in this bonus that I would not consider suitable for children.

If this is the first time you're listening to Trivial Warfare please stop and go back a few days to the most recent Monday show. Those are our standard product.

For this bonus it's Jonathan and Carmela breaking open a box of 80's and 90's pop culture trivia for a little back and forth quiz action.


May 11, 2017
TW115: Mopey Emo

We're joined this week by Nicholas John and John Becker who join forces to form the team Nicholas John Becker. They go head to head in a handicap match against Jonathan with Carmela hosting.

You can support the show and join the Trivial Warfare Army at!

May 07, 2017
TW114: The Chase for the Tres

This week we joined by special guest contestant Harry Duran! Harry is the host of Podcast Junkies, a conversational show that gets to the truth of who your favorite podcasters really are. This week he teams up with Carmela to take on Jonathan with Ben in the hosts chair.

You can find Harry at

You can join the TWA at

And last but not least, you can join us on facebook at

Apr 30, 2017
TW113: Don't Mess With the Bull

This week we're joined by guests Jay Johnson and Brendan Crowley in a handicap match against Jonathan. Carmela is in control in the hosts chair.

Don't miss our ad for Warby Parker after the midpoint. Carmela talls you all about her experience with their free trial. You can do your own free trial at

And as always, if you think we've earned your financial support you can earn your rank at

Apr 23, 2017
TW112: Break Stuff!

You guys are in for a treat this week. We're joined this week by Jeopardy alums Sabrina Fritz and Sally Neumann in this weeks episode. I can say without reservation that this episode has already jumped into my top five. I think you're going to love it. It's Chris and Jonathan vs. Sabrina and Sally with Ben hosting.

This weeks episode also features our first big quarterly give away to a TWA Captain or above. So exciting! If you want to be eligible for it next quarter be sure to sign up as a Captain or higher at


Apr 16, 2017
TW111: Nobody Expects Tom Jones

Jonathan is joined by some of his Geek Bowl teammates for an intrasquad battle royal. It's the team of Lee DiGeorge and Ricky Young vs. Tara Whittle and Paul Boyer while Jonathan hosts. This week's show is full of surprises. Enjoy!

Support the show and earn your rank in the TWA at

Apr 09, 2017
TW110: Game Over Man

Great show for you today. It's a handicap match putting Jonathan up against the team of Chris and TWA Lt. Col. William Travis. Find out if Jonathan can break out of his recent doldrums to challenge for a victory or if he'll succumb once again to a superior team. We're joined by special guest host TWA Lt. Col. Chris Hayth.

Be sure to support your favorite host in our contest this April. To vote head over to iTunes and add a new review or edit your old one with #TeamCarmela, #TeamBen, #TeamChris or #TeamJonathan.

You can also support the show financially at

Apr 02, 2017
TW109: Mr Magorium's Trivia Emporium

We have a great episode for you today. First up, I announce a contest between our hosts to see who can get the most iTunes reviews featuring a #Team hashtags. Support your favorite hosts by updating your existing review or writing a new one that includes #TeamChris, #TeamBen, #Team Carmela or #TeamJonathan.

We also had a heck of a game this week. Lt. Colonel David Raffetto and Major Kyle McNevin team up against Ben and Carmela in a fun matchup. Make sure you head over to our Trivial Warfare Army facebook group to let us know how you would have done.

Also, don't forget to try your first box of food from our sponsor Hello Fresh. Go to and use the coupon code TWA to get $35 of your first weeks box. It's worth it!

Mar 26, 2017
TW108: Return of the Geek

Jonathan is back from his trip to Seattle for Geek Bowl. He recaps the highlights in the intro to today's episode before we hit the game. This weeks game is a slugfest between the team of Jonathan and Warhead Dan Sweatt and the team of Chris and Carmela. It's a heck of a game. Enjoy! Support the show at

Mar 19, 2017
TW107: Oh Canada

This week we have a fun battle for national pride. Canadian warheads Stacy McPeek and Greg Preece joined forces to take on Jonathan in a handicap match while Chris hosts. Enjoy! Want to support the show? You can do it at

Mar 12, 2017
TW106: Release The Kraken!

Great show for you this week. It's one of our tightest and most hotly contested in recent memory. We're joined by TWA General David Livasy who teamed up with Carmela to take on the team of Jonathan and Ben. Chris is in the driver's seat asking the questions. Buckle up for this one folks. You can support the show by signing up to be a member of the Trivial Warfare Army at

Mar 05, 2017

This weeks show is a tag team affair with Carmela playing the role of host. Team 1 is made up of TWA Lt. Col Wesley Wells and former Jeopardy Kids contestant Aria Gerson. They go head to head with the team of Jonathan and Ben. Enjoy the show! This weeks show is sponsored by Lootcrate. Head over to and use the TWA promo code for a discount off of your first month's box! You can also earn your rank in the TWA and support the show directly at

Feb 26, 2017
TW104: Pop Goes the Culture

We have a HUGE episode for you this week! We're joined by Sean and Amita from the Inside Pop podcast who go head to head with Ben and newcomer Shekeiva in an all Black Pop Culture episode. This episode is our celebration of Black History Month and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Enjoy! Our sponsor this week is Hello Fresh. Use the Promo Code "TWA" at for $35 off your first month of deliveries! You can also join the Trivial Warfare Army and support the show directly at

Feb 19, 2017
TWx20: Answers - Bonus Challenge 4
In today's short bonus episode I'm revealing the answers to the puzzle we shared on last weeks bonus episode titled TWx19: Bonus Challenge 4. Be sure to listen to that one before listening to this one. Big thanks to Lee DiGeorge for pulling this puzzle together and congrats to our winner Shea Zellweger!  
Feb 16, 2017
TW103: Hot & Bothered

We're excited to bring you a head to head matchup this week between TWA Captain Dan Lundberg and Jonathan. This wasn't a show that we could have done a few months ago but as we get to know you guys in the audience better we'll continue to experiment. I'm thrilled with how this matchup turned out. Don't forget that you can support the show by picking up some of the awesome new specialty boxes at You can also earn your spot in the Army by support the show at

Feb 12, 2017
TWx19: Bonus Challenge 4
Hey guys, Lee DiGeorge has put together a nice bonus challenge episode for you guys. Good luck! Be sure to send me your answers by the deadline if you want to be credited for them.
Feb 09, 2017
TW102: Send in the Clowns

This weeks show is a great matchup and is as competitive as it gets. It's this first time I can remember putting a first time guest up against two competitors in a handicap match, but that's exactly what we did here. Ben and Carmela are teaming up to take on TWA Major Kevin Kuschel and Jonathan takes over the host duties. Want to be a member of the TWA? You can sign up to support us over at Also, if you want to check out those new LootCrate boxes I was talking about today be sure to head over to

Feb 05, 2017

Jonathan is calling his shot in this one. Before the game even started Jonathan was guaranteeing a win. He's on a roll and he's going up against the team of Chris and Ben in this matchup. Let's see if he can put his money where his mouth is. Carmela hosts! Be sure to check out the great stuff over at and use TWA as a promo code to get a discount off of your first months box! Support the show at and earn your place in the army!

Jan 29, 2017
TWx18: Outtakes Part 4
Hey guys, it's a bonus episode! This is a collection of outtakes generated a little over a year ago that I'm finally getting a chance to release. It's not a normal show, but it's fun for a lark. Be sure to join us again on Monday when we release the next full show TW101. Enjoy! Support the show at!
Jan 26, 2017
TW100: Redemption Island

It's Episode 100! I'm so excited with what we've done on this week's episode. It is easily one of our best ever and truthfully I think it's the best. This week we have a fatal 4-way with Chris VS Jonathan VS Carmela VS Ben and there's a twist. All of the questions will be questions from our first 50 episodes that nobody got right. We're about to see just how much we've learned from doing the show. Scott Barber is our guest host and he did a fantastic job pulling together the questions as well as what we guessed the first time we got it wrong. Thanks to all of you guys who have been with us since the beginning and welcome aboard to all of our new listeners. If you enjoy this week's show as much as I do then you're in for a hell of a good time. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by LootCrate! Head over to and use the promo code TWA when you sign up for an awesome box! If you want to earn your rank in the TWA be sure to visit and check out your options Thanks everybody. Jonathan

Jan 22, 2017
TW99: We Don't Know JACK

I love it when we can all get together for a show. It's a full house today with the team of Carmela and Chris taking on the team of Jonathan and special guest, TWA Lieutenant Colonel Matt Laird. Ben is asking the questions in this far reaching game. You're going to enjoy the heck out of this one! Be sure to check out our new sponsor Hello Fresh at and use the Promo Code TWA to get $35 of your first week of meals!  

Jan 15, 2017
TW98: Jeopardy Showdown

I think most of us have played along with Jeopardy at one point or another and thoughtthat we would have won that game. Today we get to find out just what would happen if I got my wish. I'm joined today in a triple threat, head to head matchup by 2, count em, 2 former Jeopardy champions - Ricky Young and Vivek Ravishanker. Lee DiGeorge hosts this can't miss episode. Enjoy!

Jan 08, 2017

This episode was a ton of fun to record and features some moments that belong on some future montage episode of our greatest hits. It's a rare 1 on 1 episode. Jonathan takes on TWA Captain Lee DiGeorge to try and get some revenge for the team loss on episode TW84: Llama Fight. Ben is the host with the most and puts us through our paces. If you want to support the show be sure to head over to to earn your spot in the army!

Jan 01, 2017
TW96: Cheer Up Slugger

It's a handicap match in today's episode as Jonathan takes on the team of Ben and TWA Captain Josh Wennrich. This is a fun one! Chris hosts. Please forgive the echo on Josh's side in the first few minutes of the show this week. It clears up before long but might be a little off putting at first. Support the show at

Dec 25, 2016
TW95: Reggie Miller Sucks!

Ben is in the host's chair this week as we are joined by TWA member Tim Statts. It's a handicap match with Chris and Tim vs. Jonathan. Jonathan has been struggling lately, find out if he can stop his skid or if Chris and Tim are enough to neutralize him. Enjoy! Support the show at

Dec 18, 2016
TWx17: Bonus 3 Answers
In today's bonus episode I reveal the answers to Bonus Episode 3. Find out who this week's winners are and find out the answers to the questions that stumped you the most! Enjoy!
Dec 15, 2016

We were very excited this week to get a game going with the honorable Susannah Whipps Lee and the honorable Paul Mark from the Massachusetts state legislature. Most of you know my rabid dislike for all things related to Boston so you can imagine how much fun this was. Jonathan teams up with Carmela to take on Susannah and Paul as Chris hosts this week's game. Enjoy! Support the show at  

Dec 11, 2016
TW93: Lovable Losers

This week we welcome back friends of the show Nick Seuberling and Joel Sharpton. Nick and Joel have had the ignominious experience of losing multiple times on Trivial Warfare. This week is their shot at redemption! It's a triple threat match with Joel vs. Nick vs. Chris in our Lovable Losers episode. Jonathan hosts! Support our Warm it up Chris sponser at Support the show at Pick up your Trivial Warfare TeeShirt at  

Dec 04, 2016
TWx16: Bonus Challenge 3
Hey guys, we've got another bonus episode in the books for you. Listen to find out who our winners are from last week along with the answers to last week's questions. Then be sure to stick around for this week's questions and try your luck by sending your answers to Enjoy!
Dec 01, 2016

Hope everybody had an awesome thanksgiving! We're back this week with a great challenge for Jonathan with the team of Patrick and Carmela Smith joining forces against him. Ben is asking this week's questions which take on an unexpectedly feminine slant. Hope you guys enjoy it! Be sure to check out our Warm it up Chris sponsor Grab a Trivial Warfare T-Shirt at Support the show at

Nov 27, 2016
TWx15: Bonus Challenge 2
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We're glad to be able to put out another bonus episode for you. This week we reveal the answers to last weeks questions and name the folks who got them all right. Then I give you a new set of 10 questions to noodle on over the Thanksgiving holiday. Listening and trying the questions with your family is highly encouraged! Be sure to grab your new shirt at Support the show at
Nov 24, 2016
TW91: Quite Unusual

We're so happy to bring you this episode this week. We lost power right at the very end of the recording and thought we had lost the show. Due to the awesomeness of technology we were able to recover it. It's a good thing too, because this weeks show features my favorite Carmela moment - EVER. You won't want to miss it. It's Chris and Chris vs. Jonathan with Carmela hosting. Thinking about travelling soon? Check our our Warm it up Chris sponser They can help you get where you want to be. You can join the army and support the show at! And you can get your Trivial Warfare TeeShirts at  

Nov 20, 2016
TWx14: Bonus Challenge
It's another bonus episode coming your way from your friends here at Trivial Warfare. This week I reveal the answer to last weeks puzzle and tell you how to solve it. Then I present a set of 10 questions for you to try and answer to get credit as a winner in next week's bonus episode. Good Luck! Support the show at
Nov 17, 2016
TW90: Fight For Your Right!

It's a family affair this week as Jonathan's older brother Bob joins the show. He teams up with Carmela to see if he can take down his younger, smarter and better looking brother Jonathan (Ed Note: I've fact checked the previous statements and they hold up under scrutiny.) #TeamBen is in the house as the host this week. A big thank you to Warhead Briana Garton for writing a large portion of this week's questions. Should out to, they are the new sponsor of Warm It Up Chris. Be sure to check out their site and find out how they can make your next trip even more awesome. You can support the show at Peace!

Nov 13, 2016
TWx13: Planet Esoterica
Hey guys, we have puzzle for you in this weeks bonus episode. This week's puzzle was created and submitted by TWA Captain Lee DiGeorge. Give it your best shot. If you're one of the first 3 people to send me the correct answer you will be proclaimed one of the winners on next week's bonus episode! Want to support the show? You can do it at Thanks!
Nov 10, 2016
TW89: What You Know About Grass?

I'm super happy with this weeks episode. The trivia is as good as always, but from an entertainment perspective this one is hard to top. It's Carmela and Nick taking on Jonathan with Chris hosting. Enjoy it yourself and tell your friends! We're making a push for 500K downloads by the end of the year and we need your help! Want to support the show? Head over to to earn your official rank!  

Nov 06, 2016
TWx12: Outtakes Part 3
It's a bonus episode! This week you can hear just how dumb things can get behind the scenes here at Trivial Warfare. This is about 30 minutes worth of outtakes from earlier this year. Word to the wise, these outtakes are not edited to beep out swearing so this is probably not the best episode for you to listen to with the kiddies. Enjoy!
Nov 03, 2016
TW88: The Ballad of Dick Tugnuts

Team Ben and Team Carmela are "Cross-Pollinating"(!?) and joining forced to take on the evil empire (too much?). It's Ben and Carmela vs. Jonathan with Marc back in the hosts chair. Find out what Marc has been doing while he's been away from the show. By the way, you absolutely positively don't want to miss the outtake at the end of this one. Enjoy! Want to support the show? Head over to and sign up to be a member of the Trivial Warfare Army!

Oct 30, 2016
TW87: Yo Mama...

This is the first episode we recorded after the hurricane and we decided to take a little time doing something to put smiles on our faces. So our intro this week is a barrage of Yo Mama jokes. Bet you can't listen without cracking a smile! The game this week is Chris vs. Jonathan with Ben hosting. It's a good one. Support the show at

Oct 23, 2016
TW86: Vive la Revolution!

We welcome back TWA Captain "El Jefe" Jeffrey Seguritan to the show. Jeffrey teams up with Carmela to take on Jonathan. Ben is manning the hosts chair in todays episode. There are some high scores in today's show folks. See if you can top them! Support the show at

Oct 16, 2016
TW85: Rumble in the Jungle

This week we have a head to head competition for Trivia Podcast Dominance! We're joined by Kari and Shawn from Trivia Geeks. They team up to take on the team of Jonathan and Ben with Carmela asking the questions. Enjoy! Find more trivia geeks along with Kari and Shawn's other shows at Support Trivial Warfare at Find more Trivial Warfare at

Oct 09, 2016
TW84: LLama Fight!

It's a first for us this week. This week we welcome our first former Jeopardy contestant - Tara Whittle. She teams up with former Million Second Quiz contestant Lee DiGeorge to take on both Chris and Jonathan working together on the same team. It's a can't miss episode! Support the show at  

Oct 02, 2016
TWx11: International Podcast Day
We're celebrating International Podcast Day here at Trivial Warfare. It's our second annual IPD show. Last year we used the show as a behind the scenes look at the show and how it got started. We liked that so much we decided to do it again. This time we're talking about everything that's been happening in the last year. We talk about where the show is and how it's doing. We go into some surprising detail about how the advertising works and you also get to hear some heartfelt comments from Jonathan, Chris and Carmela. We hope you enjoy this show. Be sure to help us celebrate International Podcat Day by sharing your favorite TW episodes with your friends! You can support the show at
Sep 30, 2016
TW83: That's My Jam

This week we are joined by TWA Major Rick Little! Rick teams up with Chris to put Jonathan to the test. The first lady of Trivial Warfare Carmela is asking this questions this. You won't want to miss the finish to this episode. It's a doozy. Support the show at

Sep 25, 2016
TWx10: All-Music Bonus
It's another bonus episode! (I know, I can't believe it either). This time it's 100% focused on music. And you know what that means - Tons of BAD SINGING! That's right, the type of horrible singing you can only get on Trivial Warfare. You guys know how this works, we found ourselves an inexpensive box of music trivia questions and we go back and forth trying to answer them. This is one of the few shows we do where speed matters. Enjoy!
Sep 22, 2016
TW82: Bringing Sexy Back

This week is the second episode Jonathan recorded while visiting the North Carolina warheads a few weeks back. This time it's a triple threat match pitting Kevin Eakes, Phil Sanford, and Mike Cameron against each other. If last week was the hardcore trivia competition, this week is the comic relief. One of our best. Enjoy! Support the show by signing up to be a warhead at Be sure to get your free audiobook at

Sep 18, 2016
Real Talk - Suicide
I was compelled to record this message after reading about the suicide of a 9 year old boy. He hung himself in his bedroom. I wanted to talk to you guys about suicide. I wanted to share my own experiences and use this platform to share a message that I hope will be helpful for people. We'll return with our next normal trivia episode on Monday. Thanks.
Sep 15, 2016
TW81: Road Trip!

It's time for a road trip! Jonathan hit the road this week and visited some of our favorite listeners up in North Carolina for a national trivia tournament. He made it a point to bring his recording equipment to show everybody just how good the competition is up in the queen city of Charlotte. It's Suhas Pai and Adam Martin taking on Dan Lundberg and Mike Cameron. Enjoy!   Join the TWA and support the show at You can sign up for a Lootcrate subscription at Don't forget to use the TWA coupon code!

Sep 11, 2016
TWx9: Rob Has a Trivia Game

We're joined this week by podcasting superstar Rob Cesternino - the host of Rob Has a Podcast and Post Show Recaps. We put Rob to the test by challenging him to a trivia competition about the shows that he covers in his podcasts. He goes head to head against warheads Kurt Popp and Greg Preece in this All-Television bonus episode. Enjoy! You can support the show on Patreon at

Sep 08, 2016
TW80: Should We Go WW1?

Wer'e thrilled to be joined by TWA Lieutenant and real world Captain Cait Suttie this week. She teams up with Carmela, the first lady of Trivial Warfare to take on Jonathan. This episode was really pushing Jonathan's buttons. Can you say meltdown?? Chris is hosting! Support the show by signing up at Sign up to get your awesome September Loot Crate at Take advantage of our deal with Audible to get a free audio book at  

Sep 04, 2016
TW79: Giant Size Trivia Team Up

We're very excited to welcome Brian Ibbott and Charles McFall to the show this week. Brian is the host of the multi-time award winning podcasts Coverville and The Morning Stream. Charles is the host of the Breaking the Panel and the Pokemon Go Podcasts. These two podcasting giants team up to try and take down listener tournament champions Russ Friedewald. Jonathan hosts! Support the Show Go get yourself a great deal on audiobooks at our audible link Support the show and earn your TWA rank by donating at  

Aug 28, 2016
TW78: Curious Minds

We are thrilled to be joined this week by the host of the Curious Minds podcast Ran Levi. Ran teams up with Chris to go head to head against Jonathan in a handicap match. Carmela hosts the show with her usual flair. Be sure to check out Ran's show at Ways to Support the Show Support us directly on Patreon at Join the TWA, get your rank and earn your reward! Get a free audiobook at This week's recommendation is Marvel Comics the Untold Story! Don't forget to join hundreds of other warheads by signing up for your Lootcrate subscription at It's a geek's best friend.

Aug 21, 2016
TW77: So Much Better Cool

It's girls vs. boys in a shirts and skins episode of Trivial Warfare! Ok, that was a blatant lie. It's not shirts and skins, but it is girls vs boys! Carmela teams up with guest Carolyn Broughton to show off just how good girl nerds can be at trivia. On the other end Jonathan is anxious to right the ship. Chris hosts today's game, enjoy! SPONSORS! Sign up for a free trial of Audible at You won't regret it! Sign up for a Lootcrate subscription to get awesome surprise nerdy stuff delivered to your door each month. Go to and use the coupon code TWA! Want to support the show financially and join the Trivial Warfare Army? You can do it at  

Aug 14, 2016
TW76: You're Killing Me Smalls!

Jonathan goes up against the team of Chris and TWA Captain Briana Garton while Carmela hosts. We had a blast recording this week's episode. It is one of our most enjoyable to date. The alternate title for this weeks episode is There is No Dana, Only Hiccups. Word to the wise - this week's episode is a little more PG13 than usual You can support the show by using the links below: Audible - Sign up for an audible subscription at Lootcrate - Sign up for a lootcrate subscription at This month's theme is the Anti-Hero Patreon - Want to earn your rank in the TWA? Support the show at

Aug 07, 2016
TW75: Harry Potter Trivia Challenge!

We are thrilled to be joined this week by The Real Weird Sisters for a Harry Potter Trivia Challenge episode! Alice and Martha are legitimate Harry Potter experts and you can find them at This week we pair up Chris and Carmela on team RavenPuff and pit them against team SlytherDor made up of Daniel and Jennifer Richardson and team GriffinClaw made up of Alice and Martha. Can the experts hold their ground or will one of our house teams pull off the upset? Enjoy! Support us by taking advantage of our deal with our sponsor Audible at! OR support us by signing up for a Lootcrate subscription at One last way you can support us is by joining the Trivial Warfare Army at By the way, if you're not a member of our Facebook Group at then you are really missing out!  

Jul 31, 2016
TW74: The British Invasion

We have a fabulous episode this week. It's a 2 on 1 handicap match with Jonathan going up against a British science teacher - James Reid and a British doctor - Josh Storton. There was so much goodness in this episode that it ended up being a supersized episode. Margaret Court would approve. Ben hosts our show this week, enjoy! Todays' show is sponsored by Audible. You can get a free audio book and one month free by signing up at Our recommended book of the week is The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold If you want to support the show financially be sure to visit our page at

Jul 24, 2016
TW73: I'm a Man! I'm 40!

We have a great show for you this week. This week features Jonathan in a match against Ben and Jeff in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Jeff comes to us as a guest from the Generally Trivial Podcast. Scott Barber is hosting the show this week. It's his first time hosting after his strong performance in the listener tournament. I think you're going to love this weeks questions. Good Luck! Want to support us financially? You can do it over at Interested in picking up a lootcrate subscription so you can let your nerd flag fly? Use the link and the coupon code TWA for a few dollars off your first box.  

Jul 17, 2016
TW72: Revenge of the Moops

It's a battle of the sexes! Jonathan goes head to head against the team of Carmela and Maria who are determined to show just what the fairer sex can do. In a twist this week we have Russ Friedewald joining us as a visiting host. Can Jonathan come out on top or do the girls have his number? Listen and find out. DON'T FORGET - This week is the last week that you can buy our new T-Shirts. You can find them at Get it now so you don't regret missing out later! If you want to support the show financially please check out our Patreon page at Lastly, don't forget to check out the boxes over at if you want to sign up for a lootcrate subscription. The coupon code TWA will get you $3 off your first month's box.

Jul 10, 2016
TW71: When In Rome?

Our 2016 Listener Tournament Champion Russ Friedewald is back in the house. Does he have what it takes to beat Jonathan and Carmela working as a team? It's a 2 on 1 matchup with Russ defending his crown and both Jonathan and Carmela hungry for revenge. Jeffery Seguritan hosts! Don't miss it! Interested in grabbing a Trivial Warfare T-Shirt? Head over to Interested in supporting the show? Head over to Interested in signing up for an awesome Lootcrate? Head over to

Jul 03, 2016
TW70: Carmela's Revenge

Carmela was not a fan of that last game. Nope, not one bit. So this week when she was scheduled to host she decided to show everybody else how it felt. Will Chris or Jonathan be able to get past 50 points? There's only one way to find out! Have you checked out our patreon page yet over at ? That's the website that you can use to make it easy to support us financially and also score some pretty sweet benefits for yourself. Ever wanted to appear in a game? This is the most surefire way to make that happen! Do you love geek and gamer gear? Be sure to head over to our sponsor LootCrate at to sign up for an awesome monthly box subscription.

Jun 26, 2016
TW69: 3 Guys, a Girl and a Trivia Game

It's a triple threat match between Chris, Carmela and Jonathan. You won't want to miss what Carmela really thinks of Ryan Reynolds and find out how many Beeps she can work into a single sentence. This one comes down to the wire. Join us as Marc hosts. Today's episode is sponsored by Lootcrate. Interested in Lootcrate? Head over to and use the coupon code TWA after you sign up for your favorite box. We had a lot of TWA promotions this week. Want to join for yourself? Please check out our signup page over at

Jun 19, 2016
TW68: That Girl is Poison

This isn't the first time that Jonathan is taking on more than one contestant at a time. But 3 players at once? It's possible that he's lost his mind. In fact, it's certain that he's lost his mind. It will be interesting to see if he can pull it off. Carmela hosts this weeks show. Thanks for all of your votes for the 2016 Podcast Awards over the last 2 weeks. We'll find out if we won on June 26. Win or lose, you guys had our back and we can't say thank you enough. If you're interested in putting up a little green to help support the show please head over to to look through some options. And don't forget, if you're interested in signing up for Lootcrate be sure to use the link and use TWA in the coupon code. THANKS!

Jun 12, 2016
TWx8: Wolfpack Ninjas Bonus
It's BONUS episode time! This week we are joined by the Wolfpack Ninjas from the American Ninja Warrior TV show! The ninjas have been broken into teams to see who will come out on top in a game of Trivial Warfare. This is the second half of the episode. You can find the first half of the show in the Wolfpack Ninja podcast released on 6/7. Be sure to download that one and then come back for this one! You can find out more about the ninjas over at DON'T FORGET - we are down to the last few days of voting for the 2016 podcast awards. Your support will be the difference between winning and losing. Be sure to head over to and vote for Trivial Warfare in the Games and Hobbies category. Thanks!
Jun 09, 2016
TW67: Revolver Ocelot

In this week's episode Carmela teams up with Kyle Appleyard, the star of the Dopple Avenue Hurt podcast, to face off against Jonathan. This week Jeff Bimm, a special guest trivia host from Chicago, puts us through our paces. Be sure to vote for Trivial Warfare in the Games and Hobbies category over at We have 1 week left and we need you to vote once a day to give us the best chance at winning. If you are interested in supporting the show financially please check out our Patreon page at Last but not least, keep your eyes open for a special bonus episode this Thursday!

Jun 05, 2016
TWx7: Star Wars Bonus Box
What better way to thank our fans for making us a finalist for a 2016 Podcast Award than to hook you guys up with a bonus episode! Chris, Carmela and Jonathan go full nerd in this Star Wars focused bonus. It's a little different than our usual episodes. Speed matters! Hope you guys enjoy. I think you'll get a good laugh out of it. Heads up to your parents out there. This episode includes some mild swearing. Don't forget to vote over at We're a finalist in the Games and Hobbies category. Every single vote could be the one that puts us over the top. You can vote once a day until voting closes on 6/12. Thanks for your support!
Jun 03, 2016
TW66: The Gods are @$$holes

It's Carmela, Chris and Jonathan back at on this weeks episode. The First Lady is the the hosts chair this week with Jonathan and Chris competing head to head. Jonathan's been on quite a losing streak lately and Chris is bound and determined to keep it going for another week. Will he be successful or will Jonathan find a way to come out on top. Listen and Enjoy! In other news, we have some BIG NEWS this week. Trivial Warfare is a finalized for a 2016 Podcast Award in the Games and Hobbies category. The voting will be hopen for the next two weeks. You can vote once per day per email address. I hope you'll support us by voting regularly. You can vote at Thanks! Also remember, if you want to support the show financially you can always do that at

May 29, 2016
TW65: Shall We Play A Game?

This week Chris and Ben take on Jonathan in a TW handicap match. Chris and Ben's strengths compliment each other very well. Will it be enough to take down Jonathan and extend his losing streak or can Jonathan get back to his winning ways and dispatch the challengers with his usual style. Don't miss the competition as Nick Seuberling hosts! If you'd want to help us by supporting the show financially you can do so easily at Every dollar helps!

May 22, 2016
TW64: We're Going Timber!

Today's contestants have been on a collision course since February. That's right, it's the prize fight you've been waiting for. Our 2016 Listener Tournament Champion Russ Friedewald goes head to head against Chris and Jonathan in a triple threat match. Does he have what it takes to be the king of the mountain or is he wearing a crown of fools gold? Marc hosts as we discover the answer. As if that weren't enough this week features what might be the funniest moment in show history. No joke! Last note - we've opened a patreon page for listeners who are interested in supporting the show financially. You can check it out at

May 15, 2016
TW63: Jonathan and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

It's a big show this week! Ben hosts while Jonathan, Chris and the team of Carmela and Marc duke it out for trivia supremacy. Can Carmela consolidate her gains after last weeks win or will Jonathan be dominant once again. Speaking of Jonathan, he manages a full on epic meltdown on one of today's questions. There's no way that you want to miss that! Enjoy the show, and remember, if you want to support us you can do so while still getting some awesome geeky surprises in a LootCrate box by subscribing at the link and using the coupon code TWA.

May 08, 2016
TW62: The Full Monty

We've got a full crew on this week's show. Marc hosts a triple threat match between Jonathan, Chris and Carmela. That's right, Carmela is standing on her own two feet in a triple threat match. She thinks it's time she had her chance to go head to head against the big boys in something other than a history show. How do you think she'll do? There's only one way to find out. Download and enjoy! Want to support the show while getting some awesome gear? Be sure to check out our link at and use the TWA coupon code to get a discount off your first month's order.

May 01, 2016
TW61: Dawn of Trivia

What an episode! Heads up parents, there are quite a few beeps in this one. Carmela is hosting with Chris and Jonathan going head to head. We start off with some fun trying to figure out what 80's movies made the most money. Then the competition begins in earnest. Can Chris climb the mountain and take home the trophy? Why is Jonathan so frustrated with modern science? (SCIENCE!) Finally? Who da real MVP? Tune in and find out! Interested in picking up our free guide to improving your trivia score? Grab it here - Want to sign up for a Loot Create? Use this link -

Apr 24, 2016
TW60: Party in Granny's Panties

The listener's tournament is over and we're back to what we do best - answering questions and acting silly. TW60 was an absolute blast to record and it comes through in the show. It's the first time Chris, Carmela and Jonathan are back in the same room to record a show since the beginning of the year! The energy is palpable, the competition is there, the bad jokes are there. This episode has it all. Enjoy!  

Apr 17, 2016
TWx6: BONUS - Marvel Trivia Box
What do you call it when you get something that you weren't expecting? BONUS! (Or gravy... it really depends on how cool you are, but I digress). A few weeks ago after recording a show Carmela, Chris and Jonathan stuck around and opened a Marvel Trivia Box that Jonathan found at the grocery store for a few bucks. This is a lot less structured than our normal episodes. We were blurting out the answers as fast as we thought of them. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy! Quick note - there is some naughty language in this one, so I'd advise against listening to it with the kids.  
Apr 14, 2016
TW59: Trivia Tournament Finals!

After two months of contests we've reached the end of our Listener's Tournament. This week Scott Barber takes on Russ Friedewald in a epic matchup. Both players have faced a tough road through the tournament to get to this point. There can only be one winner. Will it be Russ or Scott? Listen and find out! This week's show is sponsored by Loot Crate. Want to support the show? Head over to and sign up for a monthly loot crate subscription.

Apr 10, 2016
TW58: Pop Culture Grudge Match w/ Anna Lind Thomas and Kelly Manno!

We've got an awesome show this week but a quick heads up, it's a little more PG13 than usual. You've been warned ;-) We've got two awesome guests on today's show going head to head in a Pop Culture showdown! In one corner we have Anna Lind Thomas, the founder of and host of the Hahas for HooHas podcast. In the other corner we have Kelly Manno. She's the host of the Kelly Manno Show podcast and all around crazy lady. When these two get together it's destined to be a great time! After you enjoy the show be sure to head over the iTunes and subscribe to their shows. They've got what it takes to tickle your funny bone.

Apr 03, 2016
TW57: Trivia Tournament Final Four!

It's the Final Four of our Listener's Trivia Tournament. These competitors have each won two games to get this far and the prize is in reach. We start with Scott Barber vs. Amy Ningen. Scott was tested early against Nick Seuberling and then squeaked out a win against Jeffrey Seguritan in one of the best matches in the entire tournament to get here. Amy won her first match against Chris Daly in a runaway and then subjected Jeff Revilla to the same treatment in her quarterfinal match. In the second matchup we have Russ Friedewald facing off against Kris Eve. Russ started the competition with a stiff matchup but managed to win running away and then did it again against Bob Oakes in the quarterfinals to earn his spot in the Final Four. Meanwhile Kris survived his match with John Spahr in Round 1 before shocking many of us by dispatching my normal co-host Chris Hollister with relative ease in the Quarterfinals. Who stands and delivers and who falls to the wayside? You'll have to listen to find out.

Mar 27, 2016
TW56: Trivia Tournament - Quarterfinals 3&4

In this last quarterfinal episode we've got Scott Barber going head to head against Jeffrey Seguritan in the first matchup and then follow up with Bob Oakes challenging Russ Friedewald in the second. The winners of this week's matchups will head to the Semifinals to face Kris Eve and Amy Ningen. This week we shared a recommendation for the Curious Minds Podcast. This a great show that digs deep into interesting topics like the Malware that attacked the Iranian Nuclear program and the creation of LSD. You can check them at at Also, this week's show is sponsored by Lootcrate. You can support the show by signing up for Lootcrate's monthly service at

Mar 21, 2016
TW55: Trivia Tournament Quarterfinal 1&2

This week's show is the first of our quarterfinal matchups. We've got 3 episodes left before the finals of our tournament. Today's show features our very own Chris Hollister facing off against Kris Eve to see who is the best Chris/Kris! The second matchup on this week's episode features Jeff Revilla vs. Amy Ningen. Don't miss it, those two were extremely entertaining. Find out who survives and advances to the semifinals with wins this week!  

Mar 13, 2016
TW54: Black Don't Crack

We take a break from our listener tournament this week to enjoy a great episode featuring Bryan and Nathan Orr. We're also glad to welcome Ben Young back into the hosts chair. All in all this is one of our funniest episodes ever. Be sure to tune back in next week to catch up on the Listener Tournament. We have 3 shows to go before the championship!  

Mar 06, 2016
TW53: Trivia Tournament Round 1d

This week features that last two first round matchups in our Trivial Warfare Listener's Tournament. The winners will join Amy Ningen, Jeffrey Seguritan, Chris Hollister, Bob Oakes, Kris Eve and Scott Barber in the Quarterfinals! The first matchup features Jeff Revilla, the host of Stuff I Never Knew, facing off against world traveller Jeff Jones. Two Jeffs enter, only one leaves. The last matchup of the first round is one that everybody has been waiting for. It's Carmela Smith, the First Lady of Trivial Warfare, squaring up against the Trivia Workshop guru and recent GeeksWhoDrink champ Russ Friedewald!

Feb 28, 2016
TWX5: Movie Trivia w/ Joanna Langfield, Neil Rosen &

We're sharing this special All-Movie Trivia show right on time for the Academy Awards! We're joined by two professional movie critics and two movie loving podcasters and we're pitting them against each other to see who really knows more about movies. On the movie critic team we have Emmy Award winning movie critic Neil Rosen (Sitting Around Talking Movies) and internationally syndicated movie critic Joanna Langfield (The Movie Minute). The podcaster team features Jonathan Maas and Kyle Appleyard, two up and coming talents from Shark Dropper Studios. Their Dopple Avenue Hurt podcast is a quirky and enjoyable mix of film noir and intelligent humor. It comes highly recommended! Enjoy the show. It's one of our best yet!

Feb 25, 2016
TW52: Trivia Tournament Round 1c

This week features the 3rd set of matches in our Listener Tournament! Only 1 more first round episode after this before we move into the Quarterfinals! The first matchup this week is a battle between California and the UK. It's Amy Ningen (rhymes with singin) vs Chris Daly! This second matchup this week is one of our most anticipated. It's Jeffrey Seguritan vs. Tyler Lendt. These are two of our most active users on the Trivial Warfare Army Facebook group and everybody is wondering who will come out on top. Only two listeners will move on to the Quarterfinals!

Feb 21, 2016
TW51: Trivia Tournament - Round 1b

This is the second round of matchups from the first round of our listeners tournament. Bob and Chris won their matchups last week to advance. Who will join them this week? The first matchup features the host of the Cincinnati Bengals podcast "Inside the Jungle", Nick Seuberling going toe to toe with Scott Barber. Scott is a member of a championship winning Trivia team and is a fan of both TW and ItJ. The second matchup features John Spahr - the head man at the radio station WTTF in Tiffin Ohio going up against long time Warhead Kris Eve.

Feb 14, 2016
TW50: Trivia Tournament - Round 1a

This week we kick off the Trivial Warfare Listener's Tournament! This week's show features two first round matchups. The first matchup is our very own Chris Hollister vs Always Listening's Joel Sharpton. Chris is trying to defend the home turf while Joel is trying to avoid being the only person to lose 4 guest appearances. In the second game we have my brother Bob vs. the Sports Gal Pal Ramona Rice. Ramona is determined to have a better showing after her teams collapse in the All Sports Crossover last summer while Bob needs to win to prevent his younger brother (i.e. me) from mocking him mercilessly until the end of his days. This episode is filled with a lot of fun and a ton of laughs. Let me know what you think at JO

Feb 07, 2016
TW49: Always Listening Grudge Match

Josh and Joel from Always Listening stopped by the Trivial Warfare studios this week with one thing on their mind - settling once and for all who knew more useless crap. It's the hopeless optimist vs. a ruthless sandbagger and one of them is gonna get murdelated! This episode could not be more fun. Need More? Today we discover that Delaware is still a state and discuss whether or not Rhode Island is getting too big for its britches. Enjoy!

Jan 31, 2016

In this week's episode Jonathan takes on both Chris and Daniel in a handicap match. We'll see if he can maintain his composure with the odds stacked against him. Carmela hosts and really brings the pain with a very challenging set of questions. Enjoy!

Jan 24, 2016
TW47: At The Movies

Really excited about this week's show. We've done theme shows before. This week we're riding the pop culture train again and doing an ALL MOVIES SHOW! This is the first episode we recorded after watching the Force Awakens so the first 10 minutes or so is dedicated to our review of the movie. Frankly, we go a little against the mainstream. After that we bring the TRIVIA! Chris goes head to head against Daniel. Chris knows more pop culture than anyone I know while Daniel specializes in movies, being a moviephile and someone who has spent countless hours working in the old blockbuster chains. We also announce the first ever Trivial Warfare Listener Tournament. Be sure to check out the show over at or our facebook group over at Who has what it takes to win the day? There's only one way to find out.

Jan 17, 2016
TW46: Carmela Explains It All

This week is an episode focused exclusively on American History. Why? Because 'Murica! Uncle Chip, our resident history expert is hosting and Carmela joins Chris and Jonathan in the contestant chairs as a solo player for the first time. Out of the three of us there was one person who significantly underperformed their expectations. Want to know who? You'll have to listen!

Jan 10, 2016
TW45: Waterloo

Jonathan has vowed revenge after last week's defeat at the hands of Carmela and Chris. This week Jonathan is joined by Marc (who is participating as a contestant for the first time) to take on Chris and his Uncle Chip.  Carmela asks the questions in this grudge match. NOTE: If you are a parent listening with young kids you may want to skip the intro where we talk about Santa Claus.

Jan 03, 2016
TW44: We're Going Streaking!

We've got a huge crew together for this show. Mark is back in the host chair while Chris and Jonathan see if they have what it takes to lead their teams to victory. Chris is partnered with the lovely and talented Carmela while Jonathan pairs up with Uncle Chip for an epic throwdown. Which teams has what it takes to bring home the win? Only one way to find out!

Dec 28, 2015
TW43: Bench! Please

We're back after our two week break. We'll be revealing the answer to last week's trivia puzzle and walking through how to find it. In addition, friend of the show Nick Seuberling is on the show as a guest competitor. Nick barely lost to Jonathan in episode TW33: A Midnight Summer's Dream and has been angling for a rematch. Does Nick have what it takes to put the champ on his back? Listen and find out. Chris hosts as these two trivia heavyweights go head to head

Dec 20, 2015
TWX4: Riddle Me This
Hey guys, We're still officially on break this week but I've created this puzzle episode for you to play with before we return with a new episode next week. Can you figure out what I'm looking for based on 5 audio clips, 2 numbers and 1 two word question? The first three people to send in a right answer to will get their names announced as the winner on next weeks show. Only one answer submission will be accepted. Good Luck! Jonathan
Dec 13, 2015
TWX3: Outtakes Part Deux (Explicit)
Some of the funniest and wierdest moments when we've recorded our episodes have had to be edited out of the show for one reason or another. Sometimes they needed to be cut for time, sometimes it was becuase it was a little too vulgar for the normal show and sometimes it was because the segment was just too wierd. This is a compilation of those outtakes curated for you in short bursts. Enjoy!
Nov 29, 2015
TW42: Spaceballs the Trivia Podcast!

It was a sad day in the Oakes household after episode 41. Chris took Jonathan down for the first time since July. Can he win again and start a streak of his own or will Jonathan put a stop to this and start a new streak of his own. Find out in todays' show. Carmela hosts and challenges the guys with questions about things like dwarf planets and the world cup. Also, take a guess at what movie Carmela hasn't seen in way too long!

Nov 22, 2015
TW41: There's No Crying In Trivia

Jonathan's been on an unprecedented winning streak, winning every show he's played for over two months. Is this the week that Chris can break the streak. Also, find out what question made Jonathan so mad that he had to walk away from the microphone to cool off. Enjoy this and more on this week's episode of Trivial Warfare!

Nov 15, 2015
TWX2: Outtakes Part 1 (Explicit)
This week is a fun week. We share outtakes that have been collected from the first 40 episodes. Hope you guys get a couple of laughs. We certainly did!
Nov 08, 2015

Things are getting bad for Mr. Hollister. Jonathan hasn't lost a game in months. Is this the week Chris puts it all together or is going to be another win for Jonathan? There's only one way to find out. Join us as Mark hosts!

Nov 01, 2015
TW39: Halloween Special!

Daniel hosts this weeks Halloween episode and created all of the questions himself. Chris and Jonathan expected some spooky content, maybe a few sweet questions and a little bit of trick or treat. However, the trick was on us as Daniel turned the difficulty all the way up to 11. In this week's show all of the questions will have a connection to Halloween. We have questions about the holiday itself as well as questions about candy, costumes and plenty of scary movies. Turn out the lights, get your popcorn out and settle in for this spine chilling edition of Trivial Warfare.  

Oct 25, 2015
TW38: Only Champions Bet Zero

Daniel is back in the hosts chair and he brings some staggeringly hard questions to start the show, but Jonathan and Chris eventually settle in and get on track. Don't miss the moment that Jonathan puts hit cat on the line in a wager over who is right. Enjoy! JO

Oct 18, 2015
TW37: Where's the Beef?

Chris, Ben and Jonathan are back together for another show. Play along with the boys as they try to identify "world capitals" in the Warm it up Chris segment. Determine whether or not you think something is wrong with the boys as they continue to miss 3.2.1. questions after breaking the seal last week. Also, find out if Chris can finally beat Jonathan and end his winning streak! Enjoy!

Oct 11, 2015
TW36: Cheaters Never Win

In this week's episode Ben is back in the host's chair pitting Jonathan and Chris head to head against each other. Today's episode is just as awesome as ever but near the end of the show we had our first accusation of possible cheating! I know, can you believe it? Who did the cheating? Was it really cheating or just a joke? Did they get caught?! There's only one way to find out. Join us for this episode of Trivial Warfare where it's not just trivia, It's WAR!

Oct 04, 2015
TWX1 - International Podcast Day
This is a special episode for release on International Podcast Day. This isn't a normal trivia episode. Instead Chris and I took some time to talk about the show in more detail than you've ever heard before. We talk about our false starts. We talk about why and how parts of the show came about and we also talk about what its been like since we got things started. Its just a nice long form conversation about where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Jonathan
Sep 30, 2015
TW35: Video Game Showdown!

I'm really honored to welcome my guests Jon Harrison and Chris Kohler to the show this week. I met Jon at Podcast Movement 2015. His field of expertise is easy to appreciate for game lovers. His book and his talks are focused on how the things that you learned while playing video games is the same stuff that you need to know to succeed in life and in business. You can find his podcast called Classically Trained at and you can check out his book Mastering the Game at I’ve never met Chris in person but I feel like I know him very well. He’s one of the gang over at This is one of my favorite podcasts and was actually the show that inspired me to start Trivial Warfare. He’s also part of the crew over at and is the host of their Game|Life Podcast which you can find here You can find his book Power Up here - The two of them have forgotten more video game trivia than I’ve ever known. When I saw the opportunity to have them go head to head in a Trivial Warfare Video Game showdown episode I jumped at the opportunity. Both guys were class acts and did a great job. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Sep 27, 2015
TW34: Be Awesome!

Chris is back in the house! It was great to get him going on today's show. We had a great time recording this weeks show together and it comes through in the recording. It helps that we had Carmela back in the house as well. The hostess with the mostest was on fire this week. This is one of our snarkier shows which added to the humor. There were a ton of outtakes to choose from for the end of the show, be sure to listen to the end to hear the one I picked. In today's show we kick those nasty thoughts and explore what happens when you call 1-900-MixALot as well as 867-5309. We explore the world of Quentin Tarantino and try and guess at his favorite fictional cigarettes and find out what Billy Ripken had written on his bat that got his baseball card recalled.  

Sep 20, 2015
TW33: A Midnight Summer's Dream

Hey Warheads! Marc is back for another week in the hosting chair and we have a special guest contestant Nick Seuberling from Inside the Jungle and Podcaster's Group Therapy. Nick brought his A+ game to the show, but was it enough to beat Jonathan in a head to head match? Only one way to find out! Today's show features questions about Children's games, NHL Hockey, Marzipan (seriously, Marzipan), and The Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Waterboy. Thanks for listening! JO

Sep 13, 2015
TW32: The Right Stuff

Joel Sharpton from the Always Listening: Podcast Reviews podcast is a guest contestant this week filling in for Chris while he recovered from his wedding and honeymoon. We didn't take it easy on Joel and he did a great job

We're also happy to welcome Marc back into the hosts chair! Summer proved to be a difficult time for Marc to make it in to the recording sessions and we're thrilled that he's back in the host rotation.

Make sure to listen for Marc and Joel falling on their faces in the Warm it up Chris segment and also for the love shared for bad early 80's bands and bad movies.

Make sure you listen to the end of the show this week as we make a major announcement about the show moving forward!

Thanks - JO

Sep 06, 2015
TW31: Trivial Warfare Challenge

When I was in Fort Worth for Podcast Movement 2015 I created something that I called the Trivial Warfare Challenge. The challenge is a simple 5 question test of your trivia knowledge. It was very successful with over 25 different podcasters taking the challenge. Some of them were nervous, some were hesitatant but everyone did a great job.

We also included a little bit about each person's show. I encourage you to pick the people that you think sound cool and check out their shows. There are some amazing picks to choose from here!

Here's the list of Podcasters who participated:

  • Ramona Rice - The Sports Gal Pal
  • Steve Trister - The Spirit Warrior
  • Tyson Hollis
  • Scot Singpiel - The Scope Health Services Radio Podcasts
  • Dinah from the Immigration Diaries
  • Julie Ruth - Los Alamos National Labratory New Mexico
  • Maximus Groves - Comcastro
  • Claire Tanner - The Filmback Podcast
  • Jennifer Crawford & Thor - The Jellyvision Podcast
  • Tony Woodall - The Goal Getting Podcast
  • Mark Asquith - Excellence Expected and The DC Universe Podcast
  • Matthew Lovell -
  • New Seuberling - Inside the Jungle
  • Meron Baraket - Inspiring Innovation
  • Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income & Ask Pat
  • Dave Jackson - The School of Podcasting
  • Jon Harrison - Classically Trained
  • John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Joel Sharpton - Always Listening & What Makes Me Wierd
  • Bryan Orr - Mantastic Voyage
  • Zack Kulzer - The Brookings Cafeteria
  • Dax Stokes - The Vampire Historian
  • JD & Josh - NthCast
  • Ellory & Ashley Wells - Occassionally Explicit & The Empowered Podcast
  • Joe Saul-Sehy - Stacking Benjamins
  • Colin Gray - The Podcraft Podcast
Aug 30, 2015
TW30: Sports Podcaster Showdown

Hey Warheads! Thanks for checking out episode 30. You're in for a fun ride with this one. I'm joined by Nick Seuberling, Ramona Rice, Jay Soderberg and Corey Fineran for an All-Sports Showdown. These are 4 of the best sports podcasters in the business throwing down in a little 2 on 2 action this week on Trivial Warfare.

Don't worry if you don't know a lot about sports, I think you'll find yourself laughing and relating to the teams very quickly as you listen to the show. Let me know what you think by shooting me an email at Thanks! - JO

Aug 23, 2015
TW29: Old School!

We're going old school on episode 29 of Trivial Warfare! That's right, it's a head to head match, mano y mano between Chris and Jonathan. No host, no gimmicks, just gold old fashioned trivia and let the best man win!

Be sure to check out our website over at to sign up to be a Warhead and to check out the full show notes. Enjoy!

Aug 16, 2015
TW28: All-Comics Crossover

We're back with another huge crossover episode. This time we're letting our inner nerds out to play and doing an episode focused exclusively on comic books, writers, artists and movies. In order to do it right we've partnered with our friends Mark and Lev from the DC Universe Podcast. You can check them out at

One of the funnest parts of reading comics is discussing them with your friends. So we invited a few others over and ended up with a 3 team brawl featuring our friends John and Daniel along with my brother Bob to round things out.

I hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think at Remember, if you love comics like we do this is the episode to share with your friends!

Aug 09, 2015
TW27: How I learned to stop worrying and love the trivia

Let's start with this - Episode 27 is awesome. We have our friend Daniel hosting for the first time and I think you'll appreciate his sense of humor and dry wit, I know I did.

Unfortunately this is not the All-Comics episode that we promised last week. We had a miscommunication and so that's going to have to be delayed for a week. In the meantime this is a classic head to head between me and Chris. The only thing better than the trivia is the laughs.



Aug 04, 2015
Eli's Story

This episode is not our normal game show. This is a special episode focusing on the event Black Tie for Eli that we are sponsoring here at Trivial Warfare. Eli was 4 year old little boy who was fighting valiantly against the illnesses that were threatening his life.

Eli passed away last week, roughly a week after I recorded this interview with his father. My original intention was to cut this interview into poignant moments that could be used to build drama and include them in our upcoming shows to motivate people to help the family out.

When Eli passed away it broke my heart. I was no longer comfortable going about it in that manner. Still, I think this is a powerful interview and I hope that people will listen to it and decide to try and help the family out in their time of grief.

If you're interested in donating you can do so at the website

Thanks - Jonathan

Jul 29, 2015
TW26: Making It Rain!

Thanks for checking out episode 26 - Making It Rain! This weeks episode pits Jonathan against Chris with Ben hosting. As Chris so disgustingly put it, we're going to drip knowledge all over you.

We get started this week with a couple of listener questions and then feature Wierd Al Yankovic in our Warm It Up Chris segment.  The questions this week come from the Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Question and Answer book.

So sit back, put your thinking cap on and enjoy the game.

Jul 26, 2015
TW25: Sherry Bobbins

Thanks for checking out episode 25! Ben is hosting once again and keeping us on our toes. We had a ton of fun recording today's episode and I think it comes through wonderfully. You can check out the show notes at to go even deeper into our silliness.

In today's episode Chris starts us off by throwing Rotten Tomatoes at us. Then we explore the land of steady habits and the sound of music before visiting Belgium and and watching the Cosby Show.

In the middle of todays episode you'll hear about our sponsorship of Black Tie for Eli, an event coming up that I feel passionate about. You can check out their website at to find out more.

Enjoy the show!



Jul 19, 2015
TW24: U Can't Touch This

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare! Please don't worry that we might quit, it turns out that we're actually too legit and as a result we can't.

Ben is back with us for another show bringing his own distinct Barry White flair to the show. This week Chris and I were challenged by what felt like a particularly tough set of questions. We got schooled about instant replay, learned about Stanley Burrell and explored the acronyms TPP and EGOT.

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy making it. Don't forget to visit the show notes over at!

Jul 12, 2015
TW23: Everybody Hates Chris!

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare! This week we welcome our friend Ben to the show. He steps in to host and does a great job while managing to sound like Barry White. This week we learn Ponce de Leon's first name, get a blast from the past with a question about WKRP and get a double dose of Shakespeare.

Be sure to step by for this week's show notes. You'll find classic clips from Ally McBeal and Friday along with fun scenes from the Simpsons and Major league. While you're there you can get our new Android App and sign up to be a Warhead!

Thanks as always,


Jul 05, 2015

Welcome back to Trivial Warfare! We're going old school with Episode 22 and getting back to basics with a simple head to head matchup. Chris and I had a great time recording this episode and you'll find some fun surprises from Warner Bros and Monty Python in this week's show.

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Jun 28, 2015
TW21: All-Sports Crossover

Welcome back to Trivial Warfare! Thanks for joining us for our first all-sports episode. Today features special guest host Ramona Rice of Sports Gal Pal Fame. This is actually our first themed episode of any sort. We hope you love it. For those of you who may not be into sports, never fear, you'll probably still feel superior to Jonathan as he misses question after question.

As with any sports trivia game you can expect the usual questions about Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Olympics, etc. But only on Trivial Warfare do you get a sprinkling of history and movies with your sports questions. We didn't manage to work any science into this episode. That will be something we have to shoot for next time.
Enjoy the show and then head over to the Sports Gal Pal show and check it out too!


Jun 21, 2015
EP20: Don't Panic

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare. Chris is back in his rightful chair and anxious to put me in my place after I won the two handicap matches we held while he was away.

Carmela is in the host's chair again and challenged us with some really tough questions to start the game. Don't Panic though, it will be ok in the end!

I hope you enjoy the show!

Jun 14, 2015
EP19: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Thanks for checking out Episode 19 of Trivial Warfare! Chris won't be with us this week but we have some awesome replacements. This is the second episode featuring the team of Chip, Carmela and Kel. These guys did a great job picking up the slack and I think the fun we had recording the show comes through in the results. We think you'll enjoy this crazy episode featuring Deep Throat, the Stink Palm and Jane's Addiction.

Be sure to check out the show notes at to go a little bit deeper and see the handpicked pictures and videos that are related to this week's show.

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Jun 07, 2015
EP18: We're Gay About Trivia!

This is one of the two episodes that we had to record without Chris because he was off gallivanting around the country. To try and replace him we brought in three friends - Carmela, Chip and Kellum. I decided to set it up as a handicap match becasue that feels just about right in terms of trying to replace someone like Chris. Oddly enough, this was actually the second episode we recorded. You'll hear the first next week as episode 19.

In this episode we learn about the Mothman, get a lesson on birthstones and hear about Marc's struggle living the Brony life. Sith back and enjoy, then head over to iTunes and share a quick blurb about how much you love us :-)

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May 31, 2015
EP17: There and Back Again

This week we introduce our friend Carmela on the show. She's stepping in to do some guest hosting for us and at the same time to "bring a little class to the joint," as Chris would say. Speaking of Chris, be sure to listen for his epic meltdown near the end of the show. It's a thing of beauty.

Don't forget to head over to and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army to get in on the show news for insiders. This week's show notes will be a little late but they should be up by mid-week. Don't fret, I'm working on them. I just didn't get a chance to get them done early this week with my Canadian excursion.

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May 25, 2015
Episode 16: You're So Money

Thanks for checking out Episode 16! We've been doing the show for about 4 months now and like a fine wine we're getting better with age. After listening to today's show be sure to chime in with your opinion about the Great Animal House Debate of 2015. You can also try to figure out Chris' obsession with my rear end and relive a painful scene from the move that prompted this week's title.

Be sure to head over to to check out this week's show notes and sign up for the TWA. The first newsletter went out this week and if you really like the show you aren't going to want to miss out.

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May 17, 2015
Episode 15: Got You All In Check!

Welcome to Trivial Warfare Episode 15! I have to be honest, trying to summarize this episode is like trying to sweep the beach, it's all over the place. Happily for us, I think you'll agree that this is a good thing. Let's start here - this is easily one of our funnier shows. There's a moment early in the game that almost made me choke when I was editing the show because I had forgotten about it.

The constant with our shows is high quality trivia. We hit up the normal categories like History and Movies but also take some detours into unique categories like N-Words. If you want to get the full show experience make sure to go to and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army as well as checking out the show notes that are loaded with pics and clips from the topics that we explore.

Have a great week!


May 11, 2015
Episode 14: I Coulda Been A Contender!

It’s the Episode 14 release party! You’re all invited. The party will be held in a 3x3 foot space that is centered on the point directly beneath you and extends roughly 7 feet upwards. The party starts as soon as you start the show and ends when it’s over. Don’t say we never gave you anything!

Thanks for sticking with us while we took a week to get our bandwidth issues straightened out. The increase in downloads convinced me to spend some extra money to upgrade our hosting service.

This week’s episode is chock full of awesome trivia and goofy shenanigans. We tackle questions about the OJ Simpson Trial, California and alcohol. Watch out for the trick question! Don’t forget our iTunes review policy. You drop a nice review on us and we’ll be happy to give you a shout out!

  Enjoy! – JO

May 04, 2015
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Articles: I've always been a writer at heart. Check out some of the non-show content linked below:

Trivial Warfare - The Beginning

Episode 6: The Lost Episode

NMX & Vegas Week - The most popular article on the site.

My Interview with the Podbrother

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Apr 28, 2015
Episode 13: Down the Crapper

Hey guys, thanks for checking out Episode 13: Down the Crapper. Marc is back with us this week and Chris and I both start slow and then come back with a vengeance.

Today’s episode features questions about foreign leaders, 70’s Mascot Fashion and the Ballcock. The episode runs a little longer than usual because I felt like we had a good flow going and I didn’t want to cut out the conversations. Let me know what you think at

Also don’t forget, if you do a review for the show on iTunes we’ll give you a shout out on the air. Here’s the link - If you want to personalize your shout out just send me an email and we’ll say what you want (even about your product or service).

Enjoy the show!

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 12: Show Me That Smile

Thanks for checking out our show! If you love trivia you’ll love the show. If you love laughing you’ll love the show. If you love people making fools of themselves you’ll love the show. If you’re breathing you’ll love the show. I think that just about covers it.

We jump right into it in Episode 12 with a question about Family Ties that is one of the funniest things we’ve ever done. At least, it’s funny to me. During the editing process I kept going back to listen to it because it was guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

Hope you guys love it as much as we do. Reach out to us at and let us know what you think.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 11: Passion, Sex, and Revenge

Thanks for joining us for Episode 11. We’re back to our normal format for the next two shows but that doesn’t mean you’re getting any less of what we promise. This episode is jam packed with great trivia, big laughs and bad singing!

I had a hard time choosing this week’s title. I always focus on the show to determine a catchy line and this week I had more than a couple to choose from. It came down to a choice between “Passion, Sex, and Revenge” and “The Search for Spaceballs 2”. Listen to the show to find out why.

This week we hit normal categories like Shakespeare and History but also hit some uncommon categories like Star Wars and Comic Strips. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 10: The Fire Down Below

Before we get started I want to let you know how fun recording the last few episodes has been. I think you can really hear it in this one. The jokes about trumpet butt and fire down below really had us laughing. Marc is back for his second week asking questions and keeping us on our toes.

We start the episode with some warm up questions that really tickled our funny bones and then moved on the main event. This week’s midpoint question focuses on the Stanley Cup while the final tests your knowledge of well-known numbers. In the middle you’ll enjoy questions about music, alcohol, science (SCIENCE!), and others.

We hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoy making it!

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 9: That Question Hella Sucked!

We changed things up a little bit in episode 9. Our friend Marc was gracious enough to join us to act as the host of the show and he brought his own question. Marc is our favorite local trivia host and did a great job. We look forward to his participation whenever he’s available.

What was also great about Marc pulling the questions is that it allowed  Chris and I too operate on a level playing field, each getting the same question as the other. I noticed that this brought out the competitiveness in both of us. I think it’s a great change and I hope you will as well.

We start the show today with the 1992 Dream Team and end it with lead singers. On the way we tackled questions about OJ Simpson, Movie Storylines and even had to figure out an anagram. Play along with the show yourself and tell us how you did!

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 8: Like a Fart in the Wind

Trivial Warfare Episode #8 is now available for your aural pleasure. Put simply, if awesome made a sound this is what it would sound like. In this episode we turn everything to 11!

This was easily the most fun we had making an episode. Every round was chock-full of a great trivia and big laughs. You should tune in if for no other reason than to hear where this week’s episode title came from.

In this episode we talk about the battle of the sexes, Superman’s parents, and what would happen if we saw a rat. Also, don’t forget to listen all the way through to the outtakes at the back or you might miss our funniest outtake yet.


Apr 28, 2015
Episode 7: Istanbul or Constantinople?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to Episode 7 of the Trivial Warfare Podcast. We’re excited for you to dig in to this week’s episode. Chris and I agree that this is the best show we’ve done so far.

Great Trivia? Check!
Lots of Laughs? Check!
Bad Singing? Check!
Musical Interlude? Check! (Seriously, CHECK!)

Listen to Chris predict the right answer to a question and still get it wrong! Listen to Jonathan use logic to reach his own correct answer and just to do a 180 and blow it.

As if that’s not enough, be sure the listen all the way to the end to catch some outtakes from the show. There was a plethora to choose from this week.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 5: 50 Shades of Trivia

Rejoice! Chris and Jonathan are back with more bad jokes and more awful singing! Most importantly, Episode 5 is chock full of awesome trivia. This week we touch on topics like Frozen, the Thrilla in Manilla, and Soviet spacecraft.

On this episode Chris struggles with the rivers of the underworlds but shows off his knowledge of American lit and politics. On the other hand Jonathan completely misses obvious clues in questions to make life harder for himself but makes up for it with his knowledge of the NFL.

Category of the week: God liked it so much he put a ring on it.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 4: Swizzle Sticks!

Welcome back to Trivial Warfare Episode #4.

We have a great show for you this week. In episode 4 Chris stumps Jonathan with a Jamaica Mistaica and Chris faces a spelling quiz focused on the governator.

On the positive side, Jonathan shows off his knowledge of elements and Chris refuses to lose when it comes to modern world politics questions.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 3: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

This week on Trivial Warfare you’ll get a kick out of my lack of musical knowledge about the Beach Boys…or is that the Beatles? Jonathan talks turkey about the NFL and poor animated animals getting electrocuted.

Chris puts the kibosh on a river adventure, admits that he thinks Tommy Lee Jones looks good in a dress, and calls out airlines for their lack of comfortable seats.

Oh, of course there is plenty of trivia and bad singing. Enjoy the show!

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 2: Bonnie Blue Flag

Episode 2 of Trivial Warfare featured some great questions. We started with a question about Donald Duck’s family and ended with a question about Presidential families.

In the middle we learned about the contribution that German beer drinkers made to the English language, about a woman who is the epitome of bling bling, and what the Lone Ranger has to do with Classical music.

And of course, there will be more terrible singing for your...umm, entertainment (kind of)?

Anyway, check out episode 2 now on any major podcasting service and don't be shy about writing up a quick review! Thanks.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 1: In The Beginning

Episode 1 was a ton of fun to make. Of course, it wasn't our first try. It was actually our third try to start this thing. I still have the old files. Maybe some day I'll brush them off and share them.

Anyway, I think that we were both on top of our game here, not necessarily in terms of knowing all of the answers, but definitely in terms of having fun. We were both in a good mood and it showed.

I think my favorite moment was when I realized that I received a question about James Cook directly after answering a question about James Kirk. That was a complete accident which is why it was brilliant.

Apr 28, 2015