Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast

By Kevin Kniery, Jason Bingham, John McClellan, Scott Steele

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 Jul 8, 2018


Behind the Knife is a podcast aimed for everyone interested in not only an in-depth look at the broad range of surgical topics, but a "behind the scenes" look at the interesting, controversial and humanistic side of surgery from some of the giants in the field. Come along with Kevin Kniery, Jason Bingham, John McClellan and Scott Steele on a journey that explores all the disciplines of General Surgery in this informal discussion and interview format. We feel that this is the perfect medium not only to cover important educational topics for all stages of your professional career, but allow you to listen to a first-hand account of not only where we have been from those that pioneered the way, but also an opportunity to explore where we are now and are headed in the not so distant future from surgical leaders.

Episode Date
Malpractice Series #3: Case Reports with Dan Cavett

Up next in our Malpractice Series, Dan Cavett from Cavvett & Fulton, P.C. ( joins us to provide real life cases he has defended and provide further advice on insurance and patient relations. This episode is full of scenarios relevant to our surgical sub-specialty colleagues, including Ob/Gyn and Neurosurgery, so we hope everyone learns something new!



Apr 22, 2019
Malpractice Series #2: Dr. Death with Laura Biel

Continuing in our Malpractice Series, we have Laura Biel (@LJBeil) on to talk about Dr. Death (@DrDeathWondery) and the lessons the podcast and case revealed about our healthcare system and physician peer reporting. If you haven't listened to the podcast, we strongly recommend listening to it prior to this episode ( An interesting read mentioned in this episode is the Dissenting Opinion, found here:

Apr 15, 2019
Malpractice Series #1: Q&A with Michelle Ator

Michelle Ator is a medical malpractice attorney in Arkansas. She joins us for the first installment of our malpractice series to explain the fundamentals of malpractice litigation. If you have any follow up questions for her, she can be reached at The Medscape report mentioned in the intro:

Apr 08, 2019
Annals of Surgery Journal Club #7: New Approaches to Pancreatic Necrosis
Join us for our 7th joint Journal Club with Annals of Surgery. This time our guest is Dr. Chad Ball, a hepatobiliary and acute care surgeon and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. 
He has pioneered a new single-stage approach for walled off pancreatic necrosis, "surgical transgastric necrosectomy," described in this Annals paper: 
Join us to learn more the range of approaches to this challenging problem and new, exciting techniques!
PS: For those interested, a video of laparoscopic transgastric necrosectomy can be found here:
Apr 01, 2019
#180: Dr. Charles Yeo discusses Whipple and much more

Dr. Charles Yeo, Chairman at SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, discusses pancreatic cancer and shares his pearls of wisdom of the performing a Mini-Whipple in this enjoyable and informative episode. 

Mar 25, 2019
#179: Dr. Rebecca Sippel discuss Endocrine Surgery

 Dr. Rebecca Sippel discusses a whole range of endocrine pathologies in this very educational episode! 

Dominate the day

Mar 18, 2019
#178: Dr. Jeffrey Marks on MIS, POEM, ERCP and more

Dr. Jeffrey Marks, President of SAGES, walks us through the past, present and future of Minimally Invasive Surgery. He is one of the internationally known surgeons who leads advancements in the field like POEM. He gives us his views on surgical residency education and his tips/tricks on ERCP. Enjoy!


Mar 04, 2019
Annals of Surgery: Leadership in American Surgery, Women are rising to the top
Join us for the 6th episode of our Journal Club with Annals of Surgery. This time we interview Dr. Susan Pories, of Harvard Medical School and Mt. Auburn Hospital, about her paper: Leadership in American Surgery: Women are Rising to the Top, coming out in Annals in February 2019. Coauthored with Drs. Patricia Turner, Caprice Greenberg, Maya Babu, and Sareh Parangi, the paper describes the rapid ascent of women surgeons to the highest leadership positions in American surgery.
BTK listeners can access their paper free of charge here: 
Join us as we discuss this exciting time for women in surgery, and what we need to do next to make surgical leadership as diverse and representative as possible.
Feb 25, 2019
BTK ABSITE #26: Pediatric Surgery

Jason, John, Meghana and Kevin bring you pediatric surgery review for the ABSITE. 

Jan 22, 2019

Recorded a few years ago for ABSITE and one of our first reviews, but these are truly your tips and tricks to get you those few extra points!


Thanks everyone for all the support through ABSITE season.

The hard part is over, now you just have to take the test.



Jan 20, 2019
BTK ABSITE #25: High Yield Image Review

Enjoy this video that was made with the help of Morgan Barron and Geb Black. 

It is also on YouTube which may be an easier platform to watch it on here. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Jan 20, 2019
BTK ABSITE #24: Surgical Potpourri

We review high-yield miscellaneous topics for the ABSITE, including: peritoneal dialysis catheters, sarcoma, and melanoma.

Jan 20, 2019
BTK ABSITE #23: Anesthesia

John and Jason cover high yield topics for Anesthesia for the ABSITE! 

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #22: Hernias

Quick hits for those ABSITE hernia questions.  Once again we apologize for the audio quality, but unfortunately we were recording 100s of miles apart!

One more great episode coming to get you warmed up to crush the test!

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #21: Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid/Base

Another great ABSITE Review!  Dr. Martin joins us once again to review Fluids, Electrolytes, and the terrifying Acid/Base!

Quick hits and tips to get you through these questions!

We do apologize for the overall audio quality!  We were spread out over a couple states and sometimes talk over one another.

Hernias are coming next!

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #20: Critical Care Part 2

Here we go again. Critical Care Part 2 with Dr. Matthew Martin.

Study hard and enjoy. 

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #19: Critical Care Part 1

Here we go two a week for the next 4 weeks to get ready for the ABSITE.


Give us an iTunes review if you are enjoying our work!



Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #18: Trauma Part 2

Here it is one more complete hour of us getting quizzed by Dr. Martin

on pertinent trauma topics on the ABSITE. 


-Pancreas, Vascular, Pelvis, Retroperitoneum, Pregnancy and Children + Quickfire


If you don't know Dr. Matthew Martin. He is a trauma and critical care surgeon in both Tacoma WA and Portland OR. He is the director of Madigan trauma and also a co-moderator of the EAST Traumacast. 

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #17: Trauma Part 1

Dr. Matthew Martin joins us today to take us head to toe in the trauma patient and highlights key testable points.

Be sure to join in next week for Part 2 where he takes us through a quick fire session to to sharpen your skills before the ABSITE.

Additionally we recorded a fantastic critical care review with him that we will be releasing next week. 

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #16: Hematology

This week back with out ABSITE review and give everyone our first basic science review.  Probably not every surgical resident's favorite topic to study, but we sort through the weeds to get you the highlights and most tested information!

A special thanks again to Dr. Nathan Aranson for joining us on the podcast to give his expertise and experience with this cumbersome topic!

Next week back with a clinical review!

Send us your suggestions!

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #15: Breast

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield breast topics for the ABSITE, including: nipple discharge, fibroadenoma, phyllodes tumor, radial scar, DCIS, LCIS, and breast cancer.

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Check out additional detailed review by our friends at


Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #14: Vascular Part 2

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and John McClellan review high-yield vascular topics for ABSITE, including: peripheral aneurysms, peripheral vascular disease, fasciotomies, diabetic foot infections, and venous disease. 


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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #13: Vascular Part 1

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and John McClellan review high-yield vascular topics for the ABSITE, including: carotid disease, vascular access, thoracic aorta, thoracic outlet, and acute mesenteric ischemia.

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #12: Colorectal Part 2

Review high-yield colorectal topics for the ABSITE, including: inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and anal squamous neoplasms.

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #11: Colorectal Part 1

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield colorectal topics for the ABSITE, including: anal fissures, anorectal abscesses, fistula-in-ano, diverticulitis, C. diff infection, colonic volvulus, Ogilvie's syndrome, and rectal prolapse.

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Review anorectal anatomy here:


Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #10: Pancreas

Everyone's back for this episode on high-yield pancreas topics.  We discuss everything from up to date management of pancreatitis, peri-pancreatic fluid collections, pancreatic tumors of all varieties and finally we give the usual quick hits. 

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #9: Adrenal

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery, John McClellan and Woo Do review high-yield adrenal topics for the ABSITE, including: hyperaldosteronism, Cushing syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, adrenal incidentaloma, adrenocortical carcinoma, pheochromocytoma.

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #8: Hepatobiliary Part 2

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield hepatobiliary topics for the ABSITE, including: choledochal cysts, hepatic cysts, hemangiomas, focal nodular hyperplasia, adenomas, hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, gallbladder cancer.

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #7: Hepatobiliary Part 1

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield hepatobiliary topics for the ABSITE, including: benign biliary disease, portal hypertension, and liver abscesses. Subscribe to our mailing list here:

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #6: Spleen

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield topics related to the spleen, to include: splenic trauma, hematologic disorders, splenic lesions, splenic artery aneurysms, and post-splenectomy infection. Subscribe to our mailing list here:

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #5: Stomach

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield topics related to the stomach, to include: hiatal hernias, gastroduodenal ulcer disease, GERD, post-gastrectomy syndromes, and gastric cancer. Subscribe to our mailing list here:

Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #4: Esophagus

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do review high-yield topics related to the esophagus, to include: esophageal perforation, motility disorders, diverticula, Barrett's esophagus, and esophageal cancer.

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #3: Parathyroid

Jason Bingham, Kevin Kniery and Woo Do discuss high-yield parathyroid topics, to include: PTH, calcitonin, hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism (primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary), and parathyroid cancer. 

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #2: Thyroid

We discuss high-yield thyroid topics, to include: hyperthyroidism, Grave's disease, toxic multinodular goiter, thyroiditis, workup of the palpable thyroid nodule, and thyroid cancer (papillary vs. follicular vs. medullary). 

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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE #1: Head and Neck
We discuss high-yield head and neck anatomy, squamous cell cancer, salivary gland tumors, melanoma, and the diagnostic dilemma of the unknown primary tumor with regional metastasis. 
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Dec 28, 2018
BTK ABSITE 2019 Introduction
Dec 28, 2018
#177: Surgical Education Mini-Series Part 2

In the second part of our education mini-series, we had Dr. Lau (@jnlau67) discuss his recent RISE article on medical student mistreatment.

Dec 20, 2018
#176: Surgical Education Mini-Series Part 1

As we wind down the year and gear up for ABSITE episodes, we wanted to end with tips on surgical education in our two-part mini-series. This first episode is with Dr. PJ Schenarts (@Schenartspj) on education during surgical crises.

Dec 20, 2018
#175: Controversies in Surgical Education with Dr. John Potts

Dr. Potts is a leader in surgical education, having taken on roles with the American Board of Surgery and currently with the ACGME. He is known to be open with his thoughts on surgical education, so we posed him some tough questions about 'Controversies in Surgical Education'. We hope you enjoy these stimulating topics!

Dec 16, 2018
#174 Dr. Bass on ACS, Surgical Simulation, and Breast Abscesses

Better late than never...we interviewed Dr. Bass (@ACSPastPrez98) prior to Clinical Congress and discussed her Presidency, the surgical simulation center she started at Houston Methodist, women in surgery, and breast abscesses.

Dec 12, 2018
Annals of Surgery Journal Club: Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Surgery with Dr. Mark Besselink
Join us for the 5th episode of our joint Journal Club series with Annals of Surgery. This time our guest is Dr. Mark Besselink, Professor at the University of Amsterdam and founder of the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Study Group. 
He led two new, practice-changing studies on laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy: 
1) DIPLOMA, an observational study of laparoscopic vs. open distal pancreatectomy for pancreatic cancer focusing on oncologic outcomes:
2) LEOPARD, a randomized controlled trial of laparoscopic vs. open distal pancreatectomy for any disease type: 
Join us as we discuss the findings of these studies, the learning curve for advanced surgical techniques, and why the Dutch are just so good at surgical clinical trials.
Dec 10, 2018
#173: Dr. Thomas White on Rib Fixation

Dr. Thomas White joins us on behalf of the Chest Wall Injury Society to discuss the newest recommendations for rib fixation after chest trauma and the studies that back these recommendations. You can hear more from him on the CWIS Ribcasts at

Dec 05, 2018
#172: Dr. Betsy Tuttle-Newhall on Abdominal Transplant

We have another great abdominal transplant episode with Dr. Betsy Tuttle (@tuttlejebetsy), chair of surgery at East Carolina University. She goes through the very basics of transplant surgery, from the immunosuppressive medications to the behind the scenes process of organ donation. We hope this helps as you rev up your ABSITE studying!

Dec 03, 2018
#171: Diverticulitis Grand Rounds with Dr. Sean Langenfeld

Continuing in our Grand Round series, we have a presentation by Dr. Langenfeld (@SeanLangenfeld) to discuss uncomplicated diverticulitis. Dr. Langenfeld is Chief of Colorectal Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Hope this helps as you rev up for ABSITE studying!

Nov 19, 2018
Annals of Surgery- Comprehensive Complication Index

Clavien-Diendo Classification is familiar to all of us! We have Dr. Clavien here discussing his most recent work, comprehensive complication index. 

Click on the link below to access the paper:

Nov 11, 2018
#170: Dr. Ferrada on Image-Based Resuscitation

In this episode, we interview Dr. Paula Ferrada (@pferrada1) and cover a wealth of topics pertinent to trauma/critical care and surgical education. Her passion and optimism shines through, and we hope this episode motivates you as much as it did us!

Oct 29, 2018
#169: Association for Women Surgeons 2018

Meghana and Shreya attended the Association for Women Surgeons 2018 annual conference and interviewed leaders of the organization- Dr. Celeste Hollands (@celestehollands), Dr. Sareh Parangi (@sarehparangiMD), and Dr. Sharon Stein (@slsteinMD1). We also spoke with Dr. Smita Sihag (@ssihag_msk) about her research and Professor Robert Bordone (@bobbordone) about the negotiation skills session he led. We apologize for the inconsistent audio quality in this episode.

Oct 22, 2018
Annals of Surgery Journal Club: Dr. Ron Maier

Continuing with our Annals of Surgery Journal Club series, episode #3 is with Dr. Ron Maier, who joins us to discuss his presidential address. We are excited to publish this episode as Dr. Maier officially takes over as ACS president this month! Here are links to his articles:



Oct 17, 2018
#168 Surgical Oncology- Dr. Jeremy Davis

Want to be a surgical oncologist? Want to be a surgeon-scientist? Are you a junior resident who wants to do research? Or just want to know what CDH-1 is?

Listen up to this informative episode featuring Dr. Jeremy Davis, Surgeon-in-Chief at National Institutes of Health, as he discusses all these topics and much more.

Fellowship in Surgical Oncology at NIH:



Oct 08, 2018
#167 Mock Orals: Colorectal

Just in time for oral boards, we have another episode of our Mock Orals series. Dr. Langenfeld (@seanlangenfeld) takes our guest residents Jon Abelson (@jabelsonmd) and Paul Johnson (@dr_johnson2012) through 6 colorectal board scenarios.

Oct 01, 2018
Most Common and Most Feared Oral Board Surgical Descriptions

We are two days before our oral boards, and this is what we are going to say for our surgical descriptions. We hope you find these helpful.

Big thanks to Geb Black, a Major in the US Army, and a trauma fellow at UT Southwestern.


Matt Smith a vascular surgery fellow at Cornell/Columbia combined fellowship in NYC.



Sep 30, 2018
#165 Grand Rounds: Melanoma with Dr. Jennifer LaFemina

Dr. Jennifer LaFemina leads our second grand rounds series with a wonderful update on the treatment and management of Melanoma.

Dr. LaFemina practices at UMass and is the Program Director of General Surgery as well as an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

As mentioned, if anyone has other great ideas for topics and guests to lead our Grand Rounds series please let us know!

Sep 26, 2018
#164 Dr. Tomoaki Kato on Multi-Visceral Transplant Surgery

Dr. Tomoaki Kato is a true pioneer in multi-visceral transplant surgery. In this episode he discusses everything from intestinal transplantation, to ex-vivo surgery, and tips on portal vein reconstruction. 





Sep 17, 2018
Annals of Surgery- Kaafarani et al.

This is the second episode of our journal club series with Annals of Surgery.  In this episode, Dr. Kaafarani will discuss his recent paper "Surgical Risk Is Not Linear: Derivation and Validation of a Novel, User-friendly, and Machine-learning-based Predictive OpTimal Trees in Emergency Surgery Risk (POTTER) Calculator," presented at the 2018 meeting of the American Surgical Association and recently published in Annals of Surgery. 

The full text is currently available online, free of charge for Behind the Knife listeners: 
Episode hosts: Shreya Gupta (@shrey3467), Meghana Kashyap (@pubMEG), Karan Chhabra (@krchhabra)

You can download the calculator following this link:





Sep 09, 2018
#163: Do No Harm

September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month, and we have an important episode on the topic featuring Robyn Symon and Dr. Pamela Wible to discuss the film Do No Harm ( Robyn Symon is the writer, producer, and director of Do No Harm. Dr. Wible is a family physician who is featured in the film for her commitment to physician suicide prevention. For tickets to the NY pre-screenings, go to: To schedule a screening at your institution, email: Dr. Wible is available 24/7 at: National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255 Dr. Wible's Keynote in Chicago referenced in the podcast: Previous Behind the Knife episodes addressing wellness and burnout with tips for surgeons are available: Dr. Taylor Riall on Burnout - Dr. Charles Brunicardi on Work-Life Balance - Dr. Rothenberger on Burnout -

Sep 03, 2018
The Unique World of Doctors without Borders with Dr. John Lawrence

Dr. John Lawrence is has lived an interesting medical career. Currently a Pediatric Surgeon practicing at Maimonides Medical Center in New York, Dr. Lawrence has been with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctors without Borders since 2009. He has visited the limits of the earth providing medical care abroad.

We discuss his background, his career with MSF, and most importantly his profound experiences. Dr. Lawrence also walks us through performing a Caesarian section as part of Tips and Tricks. Something that is foreign to many current General Surgeons.

Please join us for this interesting podcast and if you are interested in opportunities to help, follow the link below!!

Aug 27, 2018
Thyroid Disease: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Our last medical student and intern survival guide episode. I am sure this won't be the last you will hear of Dr. Georgoff and Dr. Nikolian on Behind The Knife. 

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian for their production of this episode.

You can contact them at:

or on Twitter 



Aug 16, 2018
#161: Cardiac Potpourri with Dr. Danny Chu

If your heart stops when you think about cardiac surgery, we hope to ease your anxiety in our first episode featuring a cardiac surgeon! Dr. Danny Chu is professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and Director of Cardiac Surgery at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh. Look out for a special re-appearance of Woo Do (@woosongdo)- he's back in this episode!

Aug 13, 2018
Vascular Surgery: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Two bonus episodes from our medical student and intern survival guide!

First up vascular surgery. 

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian for their production of this episode.

You can contact them at:

or on Twitter 



Aug 09, 2018
#160: Annals of Surgery Journal Club: Dr. Wolfgang

This is the first of a new collaboration between BTK and Annals of Surgery where we interview the lead author of an upcoming publication in Annals. Our guest host for this series is Karan Chhabra (@krchhabra).

In this episode, Dr. Christopher Wolfgang discusses his research on pancreatic cancer and using circulating tumor cells as a biomarker. The full text is currently available online, until November, at:

Aug 06, 2018
Managing a GI Bleed: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Our last "BTK Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide" Please reach out to the hosts of this mini series to thank them for all of their work.

A big thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Aug 01, 2018
Common and Critical Intern Dilemmas Part 2: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

A big thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan who are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Jul 23, 2018
Common and Critical Intern Dilemmas Part 1: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

A big thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan who are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Jul 16, 2018
#159: Mock Orals #9: Upper GI and Bariatrics with Dr. Arghavan Salles

Our 9th Mock Oral Episode. 

A big thanks to Dr. Salles who takes us through complicated upper GI and bariatric scenarios.

Dr. Salles is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis. She earned undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering and French at the University of Southern California. She completed medical school, surgical residency, and a PhD in Education at Stanford University. She has been at Washington University in St. Louis since 2015 when she arrived here for a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Dr. Salles specializes in bariatric surgery. Her research interests including research related to obesity as well as gender equity and physician well-being.

Jul 09, 2018
Pearls For Surgical Interns: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide


Intern year has started! Make sure you are prepared by listening to our pearls for surgical interns.

How are you liking our Med Student/Intern series? Please give us feedback and episode ideas on twitter and by email at

What topics do you want to hear?!

A big thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan who are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Jul 02, 2018
Hernias of All Varieties: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Hernias can be confusing as there are many anatomical details that help differentiate them. This episode will get you on the path to being a "herniologist"


How are you liking our Med Student/Intern series? Please give us feedback and episode ideas on twitter and by email at

What topics do you want to hear?!



A big thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan who are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Jun 25, 2018
Sepsis and Critical Care Intro: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

How are you liking our Med Student/Intern series? Please give us feedback and episode ideas on twitter and by email at


Enjoy this weeks episode which is an intro to managing septic patients!


A big thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan who are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Jun 18, 2018
Dr. Doug Smink on paraesophageal hernias and non-technical skills for surgeons

Dr. Doug Smink (Program Director of the General Surgery Residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital) discusses his approach to evaluating and repairing paraesophageal hernias, as well as his thoughts on non-technical skills (such as decision-making, situational awareness, teamwork, communication, and leadership) which distinguish the Master Surgeon.

Jun 07, 2018
Breast Disease: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Some people love it, some people hate it, but we all need to know it. Benign and malignant breast disease. Check out this weeks episode to refresh on it. 

Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter



Jun 04, 2018
Evaluating A Trauma Patient 2/2: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Part 2 of key knowledge needed to appropriately work up and treat a trauma patient from the surgeon's perspective.

Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian from the University of Michigan are the guests hosts for this mini-series.

Contact them at:

Or on Twitter 





May 21, 2018
Evaluating a Trauma Patient: Behind The Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide

Episode two of our medical student and intern survival series. Knowing how to evaluate a trauma patient is one of the most important skills you can learn, and will constantly be learning and adding to throughout your career. 

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian for putting this together. 

Contact them at:

or on Twitter 



May 16, 2018
Biliary Disease: Behind the Knife Medical Student and Intern Survival Guide Episode #1

Biliary disease basics for medical students and interns.

A big thanks to:

Dr. Patrick Georgoff and Dr. Vahagn Nikolian who can be contacted at and 

or on Twitter at



May 14, 2018
Dr. Julie Sosa on Leadership and Thyroid Cancer

Dr. Julie Sosa, new Chair of Surgery at UCSF discusses a variety of topics during this recent podcast. This includes leadership in surgery, resident burnout, thyroid cancer, and tips and tricks on central neck dissection.

May 08, 2018
#156: ASMBS President Dr. Mattar on Bariatric Myths

This week on BTK, we start off with Kevin giving you updates regarding the next steps in BTK future as well as our search for an adjunct member of our team.  Check out the application here!

Dr. Samer Mattar (current ASMBS President) discusses and refutes common bariatric myths that many practitioners fall for.  It's a great review on current bariatric literature and recommendations!

Additionally, we discuss many new "interventions" in the world of weight loss surgery.  Tune in to hear these options!

Apr 26, 2018
#155: Day 3, Trauma, Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery

Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery (TCCACS) 2018, Day 3 Lineup:

- Dr. Bellal Joseph and Dr. Chadwick Smith discuss TXA and TEG

- COL Jennifer Gurney, MD discusses current issues in military surgery and the joy of serving in uniform

This has been a great conference to attend and these were just a small portion of the highlights.  A special thanks to Dr. Mattox and Mary Allen for having us once again!

Apr 12, 2018
#154: Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery Day 2

Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery (TCCACS) 2018, Day 2 Lineup:

- Dr. Sydney J. Vail, Kids are Different - Damage Control Resuscitation

- Dr. Nicholas Namias, Kids are Different - Severe TBI

- Dr. Jay Johannigman, Navigating the Portal Triad

- Dr. Elizabeth Benjamin, GE Junction Injuries

Apr 10, 2018
#153: Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery: Behind the Scenes at the "Mattox Conference"

Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery (TCCACS) 2018, Day 1 Lineup:

- Dr. Kenji Inaba on C-spine clearance.

- Dr. Matthew Martin on REBOA battlefield lessons learned.

- Dr. Alison Wilson on tourniquets.

- Dr. Martin Schreiber on transfusion strategies.

- Dr. Chris Cribari on the difficult gallbladder.

- Dr. Lynette Scherer on orthopedic considerations for the trauma surgeon.

Apr 10, 2018
#152: How To Start a Surgical Practice and Excel with Dr. Guy Orangio

Dr. Guy Orangio takes us through how he managed a successful private practice colorectal surgery clinic for many years. He also discusses the pitfalls associated with running a private practice. 

Please check out O.R. Billing who sponsored this episode, if you are in private practice you will surely find this a great resource to help maximize your billing efficiency.

use code "knife2018" for free 6 months. You can all try it out for free for one month with no credit card. 


Apr 02, 2018
#151: Grand Rounds: Surgical Interventions For Acute Pancreatitis with Dr. Christian Jones

Dr. Christian Jones takes us step by step on surgical options for acute pancreatitis. 


Follow Dr. Jones on Twitter @jonessurgery or check him out here



Step Up Approach NEJM 2010

Mar 12, 2018
#150: Dr. David King on combat surgery, massive hemorrhage, and the Boston Marathon bombing

Dr. David King (trauma and acute care surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army) discusses:

- What combat surgery in an austere environment can look like.

- How his experiences in combat and stateside have driven research efforts to develop novel ways to attack massive hemorrhage, such as with ResQFoam.

- How the Boston Marathon bombing showed him that we don't need to convince good people to act and do good things.

- Thoughts on the applicability and limitations of REBOA.

Follow Dr. King on Twitter @GeococyxVelox

Feb 24, 2018
#149: Lifebox and Safe Surgery with Dr. Alex Haynes

Woo Do and Jason Bingham interview Dr. Alex Haynes (Director of the Safe Surgery Division at Ariadne Labs and a surgical oncologist at MGH) about the history of surgical checklists, Lifebox, and how sustainable global surgery is about strengthening systems.

To learn more, visit:


Feb 04, 2018
#148: Academic Surgical Congress 2018 (Day 3)

Jason Bingham and Woo Do interview leaders of surgical education at the 13th annual Academic Surgical Congress.

Day 3 Lineup:

- Rebecca Sippel (@rebecca_sippel): AAS President Experience, Re-defining Success

- Matthew Martin (@docmartin22): Trauma Resuscitation, TEG/ROTEM

- Joaquim Havens: Emergency General Surgery, Top Surf Spots

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Feb 02, 2018
#147: Academic Surgical Congress 2018 (Day 2)

Jason Bingham and Woo Do interview leaders of surgical education at the 13th annual Academic Surgical Congress.

Day 2 Lineup:

- Taylor Riall (@TaylorRiall): SUS President Experience, The Surgeon Scientist

- Jeff Matthews (@JBMatthews): A Chair's Perspective: Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing

- Heather Yeo (@heatheryeomd): Clinical Outcomes Research

- Herbert Chen (@herbchen): Changing Organization Culture

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Feb 01, 2018
#146: Academic Surgical Congress 2018

Jason Bingham and Woo Do interview leaders of surgical education at the 13th annual Academic Surgical Congress.

Day 1 Lineup:
- Jamie Coleman (@JJcolemanMD): social media to amplify your career
- Stefan Holubar (@HolubarStefan): artificial intelligence in the age of the electronic medical record
- Christian Jones (@jonessurgery): acute care surgery fellowship, AI, and social media
- Lillian Kao (@LillianKao1): fundraising for educational initiatives

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Jan 31, 2018
#128: Mock Orals #8: Breast and Melanoma with Dr. Michael Sabel (featuring Vahagn Nikolian)

Dr. Michael Sabel (Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at the University of Michigan and a world-renowned leader in breast cancer and melanoma) returns to BTK to take resident Vahagn Nikolian through three challenging breast and melanoma scenarios.

Dec 05, 2017
#127: Mock Orals with Dr. Christian Jones Round 2: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Dr. Christian Jones (@jonessurgery) takes Kevin and Woo through four challenging mock oral scenarios. 

This is a must listen for any residents with the oral boards in their future or for staff that train residents.

Dr. Jones focuses on keeping the pace that you will see during the boards, and approaches to scenarios that may not require operative intervention. 

Thank you Dr. Jones for your multiple fantastic contributions to Behind The Knife!

Nov 27, 2017
#126: REBOA: technical tips, clinical cases and lessons from early implementation

This episode is brought to you by Prytime Medical (, maker of the ER-REBOA catheter for Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta.

In our first-ever sponsored episode, Drs. Steve Smith (University of Florida) and Joseph Ibrahim (Orlando Health) discuss the lessons learned from building REBOA programs at their respective institutions.

The study of REBOA and traumatic brain injury referenced by Dr. Smith can be viewed here:

Nov 21, 2017
#125: Dr. Hasan Alam on QuickClot, the "Golden Hour", and EPR

This week on BTK we talk with Dr. Hasan Alam regarding his work in developing QuickClot, a field hemostatic agent.  We also discuss whether the "Golden Hour" needs to be revisited and revised, his experiences during the September 11th attacks on the Pentagon, and finally he talks us through his research in EPR (Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation).

Great talk from a well-known and experienced trauma surgeon!

And another reminder about our T-shirts on sale.  Follow the link below!  9 DAYS LEFT!



Nov 14, 2017
#124: Mythbusting Surgical Dogma with The Skeptical Scalpel

Click Here To Buy Your BTK Shirt!


The Skeptical Scalpel joins Behind The Knife as we examine surgical dogma.

Check out The Skeptical Scalpel at

or on Twitter at @SkepticScalpel



Sources for Mythbuster Episode


Bouffants vs Cloth Hats

University of Buffalo Neurosurgery Study

Dr. Rosen Study

ACS statement


Cephalosporins and Cross Reactivity with Pencilin Allergy

MGH Abx Study

Post Operative Fevers

Bowel Sounds and Return of Bowel Function




Nov 06, 2017
#123: ACS Clinical Congress highlights: Subtotal cholecystectomy with Dr. Sharmila Dissanaike (featuring Dominic Forte)

Behind the Knife coverage of the 2017 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress: Dr. Sharmila Dissanaike (Chair of Surgery at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center) takes Woo Do and Dominic Forte through her technique for a subtotal cholecystectomy.

Additionally, Kevin Kniery invites listeners to support BTK's mobile app development through this t-shirt fundraiser (

Oct 31, 2017
#122: Ovarian masses and torsion with Dr. Guntupalli (featuring Dominic Forte)

Behind the Knife coverage of the 2017 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress: Dr. Saketh Guntupalli (Gynecologic Oncology, University of Colorado) takes Woo Do and Dominic Forte through the workup and management of benign and malignant ovarian masses and offers surgical tips for ovarian torsion.

Oct 28, 2017
#121: Mock Orals #6: Thoracic Surgery with Dr. Kathleen Berfield

Dr. Kathleen Berfield, Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the Seattle VA, takes Woo Do and Kevin Kniery through 4 mock oral board scenarios. 

Oct 19, 2017
#120: The Future of Surgical Education with Drs. Amalia Cochran and Moshen Shabahang

The President of the Association for Surgical Education (Dr. Amalia Cochran) and Chair of the Committee on Graduate Surgical Education (Dr. Mo Shabahang) explore the future of surgical education (competency-based training that departs from traditional time-in-service models) and share their insights on helping struggling residents. 

Oct 10, 2017
#119: Dr. Douglas Wood - Thoracic Surgery, Central Lung Cancer, Hilar Bleeding, and Massive Hemoptysis

Dr. Douglas Wood, Chair of Surgery at the University of Washington, discusses thoracic surgery, carinal pneumonectomy (complete resection of a central tumor that would be deemed unresectable by traditional recommendations), bleeding from the hilum, and massive hemoptysis.

Sep 25, 2017
#118: Dr. Alex Eastman - Disaster Management, Active Shooters, and Trauma Surgery

Dr. Alex Eastman, Trauma Medical Director at Parkland, draws from his experience as a trauma surgeon and police officer to discuss how leaders can "bring calm to chaos" in the midst of disasters, active shooter scenarios, and challenging cases in the OR.


We also welcome guest interviewer George Edward (GEB) Black, chief resident at Madigan Army Medical Center and future trainee of Dr. Eastman at UT Southwestern's rigorous trauma fellowship.

Sep 11, 2017
#117: The Boss of Shock Trauma, Dr. Thomas Scalea

Dr. Thomas Scalea, Physician-in-Chief of the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, describes what makes Shock a unique institution, relates his frustrations with recurrent violence in Baltimore, regales us with tales of maximally invasive surgery, walks us through the management of retrohepatic vena caval injuries, and reveals which injury patterns still raise his sphincter tone.

Violence Intervention Program:

Aug 31, 2017
#116: BTK Updates + Dr. Mattox Rewind

Welcome Woo Do to the podcast! We are very lucky to have him as part of the team.

Woo is a general surgery resident on his research year and he will be joining BTK this upcoming year. He will be the go to for scheduling and interviewing.

Connect with us on Twitter (@behindtheknife) and



Aug 15, 2017
#115: Must Know Urology for The General Surgeon w/ Dr. Ponsky and Dr. Cherullo

Dr. Edward Cherullo and Dr. Lee Ponsky are urologists at Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio. 

In this episode they discuss their approach to:

-Testicular Torsion

-Urologic Trauma

-Urinary Retention

-Ureteral injuries and more


Aug 01, 2017
#114: NOTES: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? with Dr. John Romanelli

Dr. Romanelli is an Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Massachusetts Medical School; and is a general surgeon who is an expert in minimally invasive surgery and is pushing the boundaries with Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery.

He joins us on Behind The Knife to discuss the future of NOTES and how we got to where we are.

He additionally gives us his insights into how surgical quality metrics will change our profession.

For Tips and Tricks he discusses how to choose the right patient for a laparoscopic ventral hernia repair. 


Jul 17, 2017
#113: The AIS Channel and more with Professor Antonio Lacy

Professor (Dr.) Antonio Lacy joins BTK this week to discuss his innovative AIS Channel (link below). The AIS Channel is an amazing tool for all levels of surgeons offering a collaboration to learn and discuss new cutting edge surgical techniques.

Dr. Lacy certainly has a unique way of approaching the training of current and future surgeons. We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did!

Jul 03, 2017
#112: MSLT-II - Journal Club From the Author - Sentinel Nodes in Melanoma

Dr. Faries of John Wayne Cancer Institute discusses the evolution and results of a melanoma trial he led that was 12 years in the making.

Do we need to do lymph node dissections in all melanoma patients with positive sentinel nodes?


Our first of many upcoming journal clubs. Send us your ideas of any recent practice challenging journal articles you would like to hear on the podcast. 

Jun 28, 2017
#111: ASCRS Meeting 2017 Highlights - Seattle

This week we sit down with Dr. Eric Johnson and Dr. Anjali Kumar and discuss the most recent Tripartite ASCRS Meeting in Seattle, WA. 

Dr. Kumar served at this years Program Co-Chair and Symposium Director and Dr. Johnson will be serving as next year's Program Chair in Nashville, TN.  

In the podcast, we discuss the many highlights from the conference including everything from those highly debated topics to symposiums on new, developing procedures in colorectal surgery.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Kumar encourage everyone to get involved and by joining you will have access to the slides and lectures in the near future (free for residents!).  

We can't make all the conferences, but this is definitely a great way to stay informed!



Jun 20, 2017
#110: Plastic Surgery Principles and Reanimation with Dr. Phuong Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Nguyen completed his graduate studies at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, followed by full general surgery training at the New York University Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital in New York City where he served as the academic chief resident.  Following this, he completed a plastic surgery residency at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center working with famed craniofacial surgeon Dr. Henry Kawamoto, and subsequently trained at the renowned Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada in pediatric craniofacial surgery.

Dr. Nguyen primarily is interested in all aspects of pediatric plastic surgery, with a practice focusing on facial palsy, facial trauma, vascular anomalies, microtia and ear anomalies, and congenital lesions.  

Dr. Nguyen is also highly active in international mission work, focusing on cleft lips and palates.  He frequently volunteers with Operation Smile as well as other humanitarian organizations, and has traveled to Vietnam, Nepal, India, Peru, and Guatemala, amongst others.  

Jun 13, 2017
#109: CODA Trial with Dr. David Flum

In this episode of BTK we discuss the ongoing Comparative Outcomes of Drugs and Appendectomy (CODA).  Dr. David Flum heading this multicenter study with aims to truly determine the appropriate use of antibiotics in the treatment of appendicitis.  

This is an often discussed topic, so get back up to date on the current literature and current works in this controversial field of study!

Great overview and hoping for a look at some of the prelim data soon!

CODA Website Below

Jun 07, 2017
#108: Mock Orals #5 Upper GI with Dr. Andrew Wright

Dr. Andrew Wright from the University of Washington takes 3 chief residents from the University of Toronto through four different scenarios.

Elliot Wakeam, Chethan Sathya, and Ricky Jrearz knock these scenarios out of the park!



Esophageal Perforation


Refractory Peptic Ulcer

May 22, 2017
#107: Mock Orals #4: Breast Cancer with Dr. Michael Sabel

Dr. Michael Sabel is the Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at the University of Michigan and a world renowned leader in breast cancer and melanoma. Who better to take us through the nuances of breast cancer scenarios.

We are also joined by Justin Huntington a Chief Resident at The Ohio State University, future pediatric surgeon. 

Side note Ohio State has gone above and beyond to support these mock orals, so thank you!


May 09, 2017
#106: Financial Tips for Physicians with The White Coat Investor, Dr. Jim Dahle

This week on BTK we sit down with Jim Dahle, ER physician and founder of the popular website and book "The White Coat Investor".  Dr. Dahle walks us through an important and often overwhelming part of every physician's life - investing, insurance, and financial planning.  Dr. Dahle breaks down the important points that all physicians will encounter throughout their career.  We learned a lot and I'm sure you all will as well!

This podcast is only a small taste of the of the world of financial planning for physicians so we do recommend checking out The White Coat Investor website below and if you are in for a good read, check out The White Coat Investor book!


Apr 21, 2017
#105: Combat Surgery Cases from The US Joint Trauma System

Dr. Jennifer Gurney brings you to the combat hospitals of Iraq and Afghanistan. An expert panel of trauma surgeons both civilian and military retrospectively evaluate trauma cases and discuss the complexities of making war time surgical decisions.

This is a series normally featured on the EAST Traumacast podcast. There are multiple other episodes of cases from the JTS on that podcast so please go check it out!



Apr 12, 2017
#104: Dr. George Peoples, The Ultimate Surgeon Scientist

COL (ret) George E. Peoples, MD, FACS recently retired from 30 years of active duty as a surgeon and research scientist in the military. He is the Founder and Director of Cancer Insight as well as the Cancer Vaccine Development Program (CVDP).

On this podcast we talk with Dr. Peoples after giving grand rounds to discuss his past and current work in cancer vaccines development.  He explains his research in way so the new medical student to a veteran researcher can understand.  He also gives great advice in getting research started and overcoming the inherent barriers to research.

Apr 06, 2017
#103: Dr. Gerard Doherty Discusses Leadership and Career Transitions along with Neuroendocrine Tumors

Dr. Gerard Doherty is the new Chair of Department of Surgery at Brigham and Women's Health Care. He is an acclaimed endocrine surgeon who has been a leader and surgeon at many of the nations top institutions. 

On the podcast he discusses his transition from Boston Medical Center to the Brigham and the challenges he faces. He also discusses some of his leadership philosophies to best connect with a new institution. 

We then pick his brain about his subspecialty of endocrine surgery. We dive into neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas and then discuss the difficult adrenal dissection.




Mar 22, 2017
#102: Dr. Taylor Riall Tackles Burnout and Importance of Coaching Surgeons

Dr. Taylor Riall is the Acting Chair of Surgery at Arizona and is a surgical oncologist who trained under John Cameron and focuses on pancreatic cancer and hepatobiliary disease. She is internationally known for her work in comparative effectiveness and patient-centered cancer outcomes.

In this episode we dive into her experience with burnout and how she was able to rebound and use her experience to better the lives of surgeons throughout the country.


Mar 15, 2017
#101: Dr. Jeffrey Lee from MD Anderson on Melanoma Research and Everything Adrenal

Dr. Jeffrey Lee from MD Anderson joins BTK this week!

Department Chair, Department of Surgical Oncology, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

We talk about Dr. Lee's research in melanoma, work up of adrenal masses and then discuss the specifics of multiple approaches to perform adrenalectomies.  Dr. Lee gives a great rundown of a laparoscopic retroperitoneal adrenalectomy!  We are working to get a video to place on our website to allow listeners to follow along!

We appreciate all of the suggestions/recommendations that we receive.  Thank you all for your support!

Mar 09, 2017
#100: Dr. Mark Welton - Life After Trauma: Lessons in Leadership and Life

Dr. Mark Welton, Chief of Colorectal Surgery at Stanford Medical Center shares his experiences after a severely traumatic accident and how it changed himself as a surgeon, leader and family man. This is a must listen.

Feb 21, 2017
#96: ABSITE - Colorectal w/ Dr. Scott Steele

Here are some high yield colorectal points for the ABSITE

I apologize for the poor audio quality we were without our standard equipment for the recording of this episode, but the content is still very high yield.



Jan 23, 2017
#95: ABSITE Review: Stomach

In this episode we are reviewing the “Stomach”. Joined by another guest and fellow resident Rowan Sheldon, Jason and John take on a topic that’s not only highly tested, but also very relevant to every day practice.

Enjoy! We are going to knock out a few more out in the near future as the ABSITE is closing in!

Jan 19, 2017
#94: ABSITE Mix and Match: Bariatrics, Spleen, Pancreatitis

Dr. Martin joins us once again (we think he just enjoys pimping us) to go over three important topics.  Bariatrics is becoming more common on the ABSITE every year and as always spleen and pancreas are also very common!

We will be publishing a few more in the next weeks to come to really cram it in before the ABSITE!

Once again, thanks again to Dr. Martin to taking time out of his busy schedule to join us for review.  Please take time to check out the EAST TRAUMACAST available on iTunes to really drive these trauma points home.

Jan 12, 2017
#88: Vascular Surgery ABSITE review w/ Dr. Aranson

Dr. Nathan Aranson a vascular surgeon at Virginia Mason in Seattle helps us break down some of the high yield questions you can expect to see regarding vascular surgery on the ABSITE.

If you have ABSITE tips feel free to send them our way. (

Up next will be some of our basic science topics. 

Dec 05, 2016
#87: ABSITE Review: Esophagus

Finally getting started with our Absite Review Series!  We plan to hit on many of the highly tested topics for each system.  Not a comprehensive review, but should certainly get you a few more points come test day!

Starting off with the Esophagus!!

Send us what you want to hear since we don't have any particular order to our review series!  Also if you have recommendations regarding the format of our review, please also send them our way as well!

Nov 22, 2016
#86: American Board of Surgery Dispels Myths of Certification and Oral Boards

The American Board of Surgery (the people who give the exam) heard all of the hype around our mock oral episodes, and offered to join us on the podcast to answer any of our questions.

Tweet us more questions if you have them and we will get them answered. 



Nov 04, 2016
#85: The Shouldice Clinic & The Hernia Repair with Dr. Burul

The Shouldice Hernia clinic is a world famous hospital near Toronto Canada that only performs hernia surgery. We dive in deep to the specifics of their clinic, their hernia repair and how they have such great outcomes with their chief of surgery Dr. Claude Burul. 

Here is a video of Shouldice repair, though not performed at the Shouldice clinic so there are slightly different techniques seen here than you will hear described in the podcast.

Oct 27, 2016
#84: Mock Orals #3 with Dr. Drew Shirley

On this episode of BTK we put new residents under the knife with Dr. Drew Shirley proctoring.  

Dr. Shirley is an Assistant Professor of the Division Surgical Oncology at THE Ohio State University.

He is joined by Dr. Kara Rossfeldt an R4 at Ohio State and also Dr. Amy Gore an R4 at Rutgers.  Thanks again to our brave volunteers and also Dr. Shirley for taking time out of his busy schedule to help present a few great scenarios!

Listen to see if you can conquer the scenario!

Oct 20, 2016
#83: Small Stitches and Prophylactic Mesh For Laparotomy Closure- The Experts Weigh In

Dr. Shirin Towfigh is a renowned hernia surgeon in Los Angeles and is currently the president of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center. 

Check out a great resource for patients with hernias


Dr. William Hope is the current president of the Americas Hernia Society and an Associate Professor at UNC Wilmington. 

Oct 04, 2016
#82: Mock Orals #2 w/ Dr. Christian Jones, Trauma & Acute Care Surgery

Dr. Christian Jones walks two brave surgery residents, Sarah Bryczkowski and David Strosberg, through mock oral scenarios on trauma and acute care surgery. 

If you are a brave resident and want to volunteer tweet at us or email us. 

Sep 27, 2016
#81: How to Dominate Oral Boards? Oral Board Scenarios with the BTK Team

Oral Boards Part Deux!  

This week on BTK we sit down again with Dr. Blatnik and run through some realistic oral board scenarios.  We take our shot at two unique scenarios each and then Dr. Blatnik gives his excellent analysis afterwards.

Next week we plan to have two additional scenarios (maybe some guest residents??) to help listeners through the daunting process and allow them to become familiar with this important milestone in their surgical career. 

Stay Tuned!

Disclaimer:  These scenarios are not associated with ABS and the oral board exam.  We received permission from the ABS to do this specific podcast.  Please email us with any questions!

Sep 21, 2016
#80: How To Dominate Oral Boards with Dr. Blatnik

Dr. Blatnik from Washington University in St. Louis breaks down his approach to dominating the oral boards.

Sep 14, 2016
#79: Management of Thyroid Nodules: Dr. Emad Kandil

Dr. Emad Kandil breaks down the management of thyroid nodules, from diagnosis to surgical management. He also discusses his path in becoming a US surgeon after being a foreign medical graduate. Additionally he discusses his experience in pushing the technology of robotic thyroid surgery in the US. 



Sep 06, 2016
#78: How To Match An Integrated (Vascular, Thoracic, Plastics) Residency

Matt Chia takes us through the specifics on matching into an integrated residency.

Aug 31, 2016
#77: Dual Physician Marriage Part 1 with Drs. Sandip and Pauravi Vasavada

In Part 1 of our discussion on dual physician marriages, these two married, medical professionals describe the ups and down, ins and outs, and give us recommendations regarding how to navigate the often chaotic world of a dual physician (or dual professional) relationship.  

Please join us on this unique podcast discussing a topic that is not commonly discussed despite being an important aspect of many medical professionals!

Sandip Vasavada, MD, serves as the Urologic Director, Center for Female Urology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery, at Cleveland Clinic within the Glickman Urological Institute.

Pauravi Vasavada, MD serves as the Assistant Professor of Radiology at CWRU School of Medicine University Hospitals and Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital Cleveland an she is also the Division Head of Pediatric radiology.

Our next episode on this topic will be released soon!

Aug 26, 2016
#76: Dr. Steven Curley Discusses Nanoparticle Research, Colorectal Liver Mets, and his "1 Hour Hepatectomy"

This week on BTK, we sit down with guest Dr. Steven Curley and return guest (and prior fellow of Dr. Curley's) Dr. Vance Sohn to discuss another interesting topic in the world of surgical oncology.  Dr. Steven Curley is an exceptional surgeon and academic resulting in an excellent interview.  

In this podcast he discusses his research in nanoparticles and radio-frequency devices.  He then dives into a discussion on management of colorectal liver metastasis and finally he walks us through his "1 Hour Hepatectomy."  

A few more upcoming surgical oncology topics coming your way in the near future!  Send us any ideas that you have!

Aug 19, 2016
#75: From the Program Directors' Mouths - How To Match a Surgery Residency or Fellowship

All you need to know apply and interview well for a residency or fellowship.

Dr. Howard Ross a general surgery program director from Temple University and Dr. Bradley Champagne a colorectal fellowship director from Case Western Reserve University discuss the keys to matching into a residency or fellowship. 

Aug 11, 2016
#74: How to Match Into Surgery - From First Year to Rank Lists

Karan Chhabra joins us to break down how to match into a top general surgery program.

Next week we will discuss how to match into an integrated program.

The following week we will discuss how to interview and match into fellowship.

Aug 03, 2016
#73: Fetal Surgery with Dr. Darrell Cass

This week on BTK we are joined by Dr. Darrell Cass from Texas Children's Hospital.  We dive into an unfamiliar and very interesting topic on fetal surgery to include Dr. Cass' experiences with conjoined twins and "everyday" intrauterine surgery.  Dr. Cass not only describes this topic in great detail, but does so in a way that allows listeners to truly understand the technical, ethical, and social aspects of the procedure!  We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did recording it!

Also, we are consolidating all of the episode recommendations we have been receiving and starting to work through them one by one.  Keep sending them our way!!

Jul 27, 2016
#72: Dr. Charles Brunicardi: Surgeon, Songwriter, Performer

Repeat guest, accomplished surgeon and Pulitzer prize nominee Dr. Charles Brunicardi joins BTK once again to discuss his exceptional background.  Dr. Brunicardi talks on how he balanced the world of medicine and still pursued his other passion of musical art and acting!

He dives into his current research on genomics, tips and tricks on pancreatic mass enucleation, and how music still changes his life.

Dr. Brunicardi is an intriguing man and great speaker.  We hope you enjoy!

Jul 14, 2016
#71: Global Surgery in a Civil War Zone with Doctors Without Borders, Dr. James Peck

Check out the ACS website on operation give back!

Download Legends of Surgery


Jul 05, 2016
#70: Global Surgery Part II with Dr. Robert Riviello

This is our second podcast on the topic of Global Surgery.  During this episode, we talk with Dr. Robert Riviello from Brigham and Women's hospital on his experiences with global surgery and even more specifically Dr. Riviello's dedication to the specialty, which also, indirectly, includes his family.  We are sure you will be impressed with him just as much as we were while interviewing!

Send your suggestions our way if you have them!

Jun 27, 2016
#69: Global Surgery with Dr. John Meara and Dr. Mark Shrime

A long awaited episode this week on Global Surgery.  World renown global surgeons John Meara and Mark Shrime join us to talk about the evolving world of Global Surgery including its past, present and future!  This new and evolving specialty is taking hold in the General Surgery world and these gentlemen and leading the cause.

Listen to the end because Dr. Meara then gives a great outline on the Lancet Commission and the "Bellweather Procedures" that everyone interested in Global Surgery should know!

We have one other global surgery episode with Dr. Reviello that we will publish in the near future and hopefully more to come!

Keep sending your suggestions our way!!

Jun 16, 2016
#68: Dr. Flum discusses SCOAP and Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Flum is a board-certified general surgeon whose areas of particular expertise include surgical management of gastrointestinal disorders; advanced laparoscopy; biliary tract disorders; complex abdominal wall hernias; and bariatric surgery for the treatment of diabetes. He is also an Associate Chair of Research and the Director of the Surgical Outcomes Research Center (SORCE).

Jun 09, 2016
#67: Dr. Peter Marcello of the Lahey Clinic Discusses Public Speaking, Laparoendoscopic Surgery, COST Trial, and Diverticulitis

Dr. Marcello is a leader in colorectal surgery. He had a large part in advancing laparoscopic surgery and is now advancing the field of laparoendoscopic surgery. He gives a very practical interview that is entertaining, and inspiring. Enjoy!

Please welcome guest host Avery Walker, who is about to start a fellowship at Ochsner Clinic in colorectal surgery. 

Dr. Peter Marcello is an Assistant Professor of Surgery, Tufts University School of Medicine and a Staff Surgeon at the Lahey Clinic, Burlington, Massachusetts. Peter was born in Boston, Massachusetts and received an M.D. degree from the Boston University School of Medicine. His general surgery training was conducted at the Deaconess–Harvard Surgical Service in Boston. This included a 1-year research fellowship at Lahey Clinic. His clinical fellowship in colon and rectal surgery was also performed at the Lahey Hitchcock Clinic, and this was followed by a 1-year Pelvic Floor Research Fellowship at Lahey. He then joined the colon and rectal surgery staff at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. After 2 years at Cleveland, Peter returned to the Colon and Rectal Surgery Department at Lahey. He is board certified in General Surgery and Colon and Rectal Surgery.



Jun 03, 2016
#66: Rural Surgery Perspectives Part 2 with Dr. Gary Timmerman

Rural Surgery Perspectives Part 2:  Dr. Gary Timmerman

Experienced rural/academic surgeon Dr. Gary Timmerman joins us for the second half of our podcast on rural surgery.  He discusses how he got involved with rural surgery and why he is still in love with surgery today.  He also touches on some great points on why its important to emphasize rural surgery in medical training as well as how we make sure these smaller hospital centers can provide equivalent care to the large hospital centers around the country.

Enjoy and send any other suggestions our way!

May 27, 2016
#65: Rural Surgery Perspectives Part 1 with Dr. Tyler Hughes

Rural Surgery Perspectives Part 1:  Dr. Tyler Hughes

Our goal for this two part episode on rural surgery is to give listeners insight into the practice of surgery in rural setting.  Many find this area of surgery foreign as many medical schools don't emphasize rural surgery in their curriculum and many academic teaching facilities are focused in urban areas with little exposure to this world. 

Dr. Tyler Hughes walks us through his career from moving from a metro area to small town USA and why he decided to stick around.  More importantly, we also discuss the need for rural surgeons and the advantages/disadvantages of practicing in this environment.

We hope it is as eye opening for you as it was for us! 

Next week we will talk with Dr. Gary Timmerman on his experiences in rural surgery. Enjoy!

May 19, 2016
#64: Lessons and Insight on Wartime Surgery with Dr. Al Beekley

Dr. As Beekley is currently a Trauma/Bariatric surgeon (yes, thats correct) at Thomas Jefferson University. He is a military trained surgeon and deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan.  In this interview, Dr. Beekley walks us through some of his most memorable experiences including taking care of one high-profile patient.

He then discusses with us how these experiences have changed and altered his practice during his time in the military and moving forward to civilian life.

As a bonus, Dr. Beekley walks us through his version of a trauma laparotomy!

Almost like a story unfolding, this podcast is certainly unique to our show!  Enjoy!

May 12, 2016
#63: ASCRS 2016 Highlights with Drs. Kyle Cologne, Anjali Kumar, and Josh Bleier

Small mistake on the last podcast.....editing error and I guess we can call that a near-miss!  It is has been corrected!

Unfortunately the full BTK team was unable to make it down to LA this year for the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons meeting, but we were able to track down a few people to talk to who not only attended the conference, but also had a hand in planning!

We are first joined by Drs. Kyle Cologne from USC and Anjali Kumar from Virginia Mason to discuss the social media presence at the conference, research awards, and finally some of the conference highlights.   Then we are joined by own Dr. Scott Steele and Dr. Josh Bleier from UPenn to talk about the popular Rectal Ca panel!

Just a reminder, the app for the ASCRS 2016 meeting can be found on iTunes, which includes the entire program and most of the slides from the talks.  On the website, they will also have links to the narrated slide shows from the meeting.  ASCRS also has an online education module called CREST (ColoRectal Education System Template) which is available to members.  Check it out!!

May 05, 2016
#62: Dr. Frank Veith on The Past, Present, and Future of Vascular Surgery

Dr. Frank Veith pioneered the way for endovascular surgery in the US. We are lucky enough to discuss with him the past, present and future of vascular surgery. 

As you will learn Dr. Veith does not mince his words, and let's his opinions be known.


Below are the papers referenced in the podcast.

His presidential address to the SVS 1996 titled "Charles Darwin and Vascular Surgery"


Collected World and Single Center Experience With Endovascular Treatment of Ruptured Endovascular Treatment of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Apr 27, 2016
#61: Dr. Timothy Eberlein from Wash U. SOM

This week on BTK Dr. Timothy Eberlein (Chairman of Surgery at Wash U. SOM) first discusses with us the history and his current role as editor of Journal of American College of Surgeons and then we move to an in depth discussion on the future of surgical training.  Dr. Eberlein gives us his opinion and insight into this currently highly debated topic!

In addition, we also hear Dr. Eberlein's tips and tricks on performing an axillary dissection!

We do apologize for some persistent feedback during this episode, but hope you don't notice!

Apr 20, 2016
#60: Managing Sepsis 15 Years After "Rivers et al." With Dr. Jones and Dr. Exline

This week Dr. Christian Jones and Dr. Matthew Exline take us step by step on the current management of sepsis 15 years after the publication of the most influential article on sepsis ever published: Rivers et al. "Early Goal Directed Therapy In The Treatment of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock" 

Dr. Christian Jones is a trauma and acute care surgeon at Johns Hopkins.

Connect with him on twitter @jonessurgery

Dr. Matthew Exline is a critical care physician at Ohio State University

Check out the Ultrasound App from Ohio State

Please go on iTunes and give us a rating!

Apr 12, 2016
#59: A Discussion on Palliative Care with Dr. Zara Cooper

This week on BTK we discuss the often difficult topic of palliative care.  Dr. Zara Cooper is a acute care surgeon, trauma surgeon, and surgical intensivist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  Her research is centered around end-of-life and palliative care.  

Today she discusses all aspects of palliative care including how to initiate and lead these discussions with the patient and their family.  In addition, Dr. Cooper also gives us tips and tricks on managing malignant bowel obstructions!


Apr 05, 2016
#58: TCCACS Day 3 with Dr. Demetriades

We are in the beautiful Las Vegas joined by EAST Traumacast covering the Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery conference headed by Dr. Mattox who invited us to come down and talk to faculty, attendees, and highlight the day's events.

During the last day of the conference we, first, had the opportunity to sit down with the great Dr. Demetrios Demetriades to discuss the management of the open abdomen.  Certainly don't want to miss this discussion!

In addition, we speak with Drs. Alexander Eastman, Andrew Bernard, and R. Todd Maxson about the new Hartford Consensus, narcotic management in our trauma patients, and massive transfusion in pediatrics.  Really great overview!


Mar 23, 2016
#57: Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery Conference 2016: Day 2

We are in the beautiful Las Vegas joined by EAST Traumacast covering the Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery conference headed by Dr. Mattox who invited us to come down and talk to faculty, attendees, and highlight the day's events.

On Day 2/3 we have two more great group discussions.  In the first discussion with leading surgeons Carlos Brown and Alison Wilson we discuss NSTIs and necrotizing pancreatitis and important tips and tricks for dealing with these often complicated scenarios.

In the second group we have Richard Sidwell, Bellal Joseph, and return guest Martin Schreiber discussing controversial trauma topics such as EFAST, TEG, and finally the future of stem cell use in trauma.  

Day 3 tomorrow!!  Send your questions our way!

Mar 22, 2016
#56: Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery 2016 in Vegas: Day 1

We are in the beautiful Las Vegas joined by EAST Traumacast covering the Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery conference headed by Dr. Mattox who invited us to come down and talk to faculty, attendees, and highlight the day's events.

On Day 1, we start off strong with Dr. Mattox himself discussing the conference and it's continued success.  We continue with a group panel including return guests Matthew Martin, Martin Schreiber, Ali Salim, and Kenii Inaba discussing current hot topics in trauma.

In addition, we have another great panel of guests to reviewing critical techniques in trauma in their respective specialties.  These guests include our own Scott "Dominate the Day" Steele, Michael Sise, and Raul Coimbre.

We have two more days left with many more great interviews!  Stayed Tuned!

Mar 21, 2016
#55: Kenji Inaba Part 2: Neck Trauma

Part 2/2 with Dr. Kenji Inaba discussing the difficult topic of neck trauma.  Dr. Inaba walks two lackadaisical residents (Donald Moe and John McClellan) through the evaluation of neck trauma and then Dr. Matthew Martin returns for a further in depth discussion on the debated topics surrounding penetrating neck injuries.  We haven't heard a better description about this topic yet!

BTK will be also attending the Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery conference in Las Vegas on March 21-23 giving you daily updates and interviewing prominent surgeons!  Send us your specific trauma questions to ask the faculty!

Mar 15, 2016
#54: Trauma Surgeon Kenji Inaba talks REBOA, becoming an LAPD officer, and RCTs

In Part 1/2, Trauma Surgeon Dr. Kenji Inaba from USC (The Keck School of Medicine) talks with us regarding his experience with REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta), becoming an LAPD officer, and the overwhelming world of organizing RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials).

Joined by return guest Trauma Surgeon Dr. Matthew Martin and new guest (but long time listener) Dr. Donald Moe who is currently in his PGY3 research year at Madigan Army Medicine Center.

Next week, in Part 2, we have an awesome Tips and Tricks segment on penetrating neck trauma with Dr. Inaba and Dr. Martin warming up for their debate at the Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery conference in Vegas, March 21-23.  BTK will be there covering daily highlights and interviewing prominent surgeons!

Mar 08, 2016
#53: Orthopedic Surgery You Should Know with Dr. John Devine

Dr. John Devine Chief of Spine Surgery at Medical College of Georgia highlights the most critical aspects of orthopedics that all general surgeons should know.

He also discusses his experience jumping into a combat zone with the US Army.

Exciting episodes coming up in March.

-Debate on Carotid Artery Stenting vs Endarterectomy

-Update on Sepsis

-Kenji Inaba discusses trauma

-Frank Veith discusses future of Vascular Surgery

Feb 25, 2016
#52: "Failing Forward: A Poor Career Decision...and How I Recovered"

"Failing Forward" was a recently presented panel discussion at the Academic Surgical Congress.  Dr. Justin Dimick and Dr. Dorry Segev moderate this excellent panel  of top surgeons (listed below) who discuss a specific example of failure and how they recovered through persistence and dedication.

Any surgeon, junior or senior, will appreciate this candid look how today's successful surgeons thrived in the face of diversity.  Very inspiring and motivating!  

Panel members in order of presentation:  Drs. Timothy Pawlik, Michael Englesbe, Melina Kibbe, Mary Hawn, Keith Lillemoe, and Carla Pugh.

Enjoy and thank you to everyone for allowing us to publish this great talk!


Feb 19, 2016
#51: Combo episode with Drs. Craig Kent and Michael Englesbe

At the Academic Surgical Congress last week we were fortunate enough to sit down with Dr. Craig Kent from University of Wisconsin and Dr. Michael Englesbe from University of Michigan for longer sessions.  So we combined them into one large, diverse, and awesome podcast for everyone to enjoy!

Dr. Kent talks with us about academic medicine and his research in vascular surgery (specifically molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying vascular disease) and then Dr. Englesbe gives us a great rundown of preoperative optimization (MSHOP project) and gives us tips and tricks on dealing with cirrhotics in General Surgery.

Two great talks from two great physicians!!

Feb 12, 2016
#50: ASC Day 3 Leading Off With Dr. Adil Haider

During our third and final day at the ASC we once again had some great interviews. To start off, we sat down with Dr. Adil Haider to talk about the conference as well as his research on racial disparities in trauma. We continue with interviews of well-known surgeons Dr. Timothy Pawlik from John's Hopkins and Dr. Andrew Hill from Auckland, New Zealand.

Enjoy! Unfortunately no mustache tips and tricks today….

Feb 04, 2016
#49: Academic Surgical Congress Day 2 featuring Dr. Justin Dimick and Dr. Dorry Segev

We are now in our second day of the Academic Surgical Congress and it has been going great thus far!  We start off with Dr. Dimick and Dr. Segev giving us a great rundown after cohosting the popular event "Failing Forward", which we hope to air in the near future.  In addition we are joined with well known surgeons Dr. Gene Moore, Dr. Michael Zinner, and Dr. Kevin Staveley-O'Carroll.  They all discuss the conference as well give medical tidbits to make all better surgeons.  Learn from the best!!

Don't miss Dr. Moore's advice on how to care for your mustache right after he tells us how to properly perform an ED thoracotomy!

Enjoy!! We'll have Day 3 for you tomorrow!

Feb 03, 2016
#48: Dr. Justin B. Dimick AAS Presidential Address: "The Rookie Advantage"

Dr. Justin B. Dimick president of the Association of Academic Surgeons gives his presidential address at the ASC discussing how to embrace "The Rookie Advantage" to excel in academic medicine.  Certainly a highlight the ASC conference!!

Feb 03, 2016
#47: Academic Surgical Congress Day 1 including FIRST Trial Results with Dr. Bilimoria

BTK has live coverage of the Academic Surgical Congress 2016 in Jacksonville!  We sit down with prominent staff and cover meeting highlights as well as mix in multiple Dissection of the Days and Tips and Tricks.  Also, Dr. Bilimoria sits down with us and discusses the recently published FIRST Trial results in the NEJM.

Featured in the Podcast:

Taylor Riall, Brian Zuckerbraun, Karl Bilimoria, Melanie Morris, Daniel Chu, Jake Greenberg, and finally repeat guest Lillian Kao!

Great rundown of the happenings at ASC.  More to follow tomorrow!!

Feb 03, 2016
#46: What To Study The Night Before The ABSITE

Jason and Kevin attempt to do a quick review of topics that they see every year on the ABSITE but can never remember.


USMLE Boot Camp website for GI Hormones

Jan 26, 2016
#45: Association for Academic Surgery 50th Birthday!

This year marks the 50th birthday of the Association for Academic Surgery!  We interview key surgeons in this week's episode to learn about the rise of the AAS and the current and future goals of the society.  We are joined by current president Dr. Justin Dimick and past presidents, Dr. Charles Brunicardi and Dr. Lillian Kao.

A great listen that not only touches on the association itself, but also the ever-changing world of research.

Also, BTK will be covering the Academic Surgical Congress in Jacksonville from February 2-4, 2016! We will be giving live daily updates of the large conference that combines both the AAS and SUS (Society of University Surgeons).  Going to be a good ride!

Jan 20, 2016
#44: Dr. Heidi Nelson of the Mayo Clinic discusses COST Trial, Microbiome, and Recurrent Rectal Cancer

Dr. Heidi Nelson of the Mayo Clinic joins us on this weeks episode.

Dr. Nelson is the Fred C. Andersen Professor of Surgery and Chair, division of surgery research, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, and Program Director of the Alliance/ACS Clinical Research Program.

She discusses:

Leading the COST trial

Future of Microbiome and medicine

Leadership and advice for young surgeons

Recurrent Rectal Cancer 

How to operate in the re-operative abdomen/pelvis

Jan 13, 2016
#43: Dr. Ali Salim discusses his current research and penetrating abdominal trauma

This week on BTK, Dr. Ali Salim, Division Chief of Trauma, Burns, and Surgical Critical Care at Brigham and Women's hospital and Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, is joined by return guest moderator Dr. Matthew Martin to discuss Dr. Salim's research on racial disparities in organ donation.

In addition, Dr. Salim gives us Tips and Tricks on how he (and his team) manage penetrating abdominal trauma.  Specifically, we discuss the situations where management is not so cut and dry (pun intended!).  There isn't a better way to discuss this topic than with two experienced trauma surgeons!!

A great listen!

Jan 07, 2016
#42: Bridging The Microscopic Divide: Professor Quirke Discusses The Controversies in Rectal Cancer Staging and Management

Dr. Philip Quirke is a Professor of Pathology at Leeds University in the UK. He is one of the world experts in rectal pathology.

On the podcast he discusses how screening for colorectal cancer differs between the US and Europe. Then he goes into detail about what makes a good surgical specimen and the nuances of pathologic staging rectal cancer, and why it is important for surgeons to have an understanding of this process. 

Dec 30, 2015
#41: We All Could Learn A Lot From Dr. Julie Freischlag

This week on Behind the Knife we bring you well-known surgeon Dr. Freischlag who currently is the Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine at UC Davis and previously served as professor, Chair of the Surgery Department and Surgeon-in-chief at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Freischlag walks us from beginning to end her career in medicine and teaches us how resiliency and persistence are two of the most important factors that an aspiring surgeon must have.

Happy Holidays to all!!

Dec 23, 2015
#40: Burn Care, Vietnam War Surgery, and The Journal of Trauma with Dr. Basil Pruitt

Dr. Pruitt is a true surgery legend. With experience as a combat hospital commander in Vietnam and with over 40 years of experience treating burn patients, and advancing the science of burns. He was also the editor of the Journal of Trauma for 18 years. This episode is packed full of insight from a surgeon who has impacted the lives of many.

Dec 16, 2015
#39: Highlights from Obesity Week 2015 in LA

This week on BTK we give our listens we present interviews from leaders in bariatric surgery at the recent Obesity Week held in LA this past November.  For those unable to attend, the conference was filled with new innovative techniques and presented research from around the world.  Also, this year there were multiple live surgeries performed.

We interview Drs. Aurora Pryor, Phillip Schauer, Natan Zundel, Daniel Jones, Andrea Pakula, and finally Dr. Harvey Sugerman.  They all give their unique take on the conference and the can't miss events!  

BTK will also be covering the Academic Surgical Congress in February and the Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery conference in March!  We plan to bring you live updates from both of these!

Dec 09, 2015
#38: Dr. Ernest Moore on Trauma Coagulopathy and The Journal of Trauma

Dr. Ernest "Gene" Moore the editor of The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery discusses how he approaches the coagulopathic trauma patient and his experience with splenic salvage.

Nov 28, 2015
#37: Dr. Jeff Hardacre from CWRU discusses Cholangiocarcinoma

Dr. Jeff Hardacre at CWRU and trained under Dr. Cameron at Hopkins, discusses the often confusing topic of cholangiocarcinoma.  

He gives us a great rundown of the work-up, disease process, and approach to treatment. Finally, Dr. Hardacre shares some tips that could help almost all of us intraoperatively.

Such a great discussion!!!

Nov 18, 2015
#36: Dr. Fleshman Talks The ACOSOG Z6051 RCT Trial

Dr. James Fleshman gives a in-depth author's perspective on the newly published trial in JAMA titled..

"Effect of Laparoscopic-Assisted Resection vs Open Resection of Stage II or III Rectal Cancer on Pathologic Outcomes.  The ACOSOG Z6051 Randomized Clinical Trial."

Not a better way to review an article than to hear it directly from the author himself!


Nov 11, 2015
#35: Acute Limb Ischemia with Dr. John Eidt

Dr. Eidt a vascular surgeon of Baylor takes us through his workup and surgical management of acute limb ischemia.



Nov 04, 2015
#34: What the Blue Angels Can Teach Us About Training Surgeons w/ Dr. John Eidt

Dr. John Eidt a vascular surgeon talks about how to improve surgical education.

Tune in in a few weeks when we will publish the rest of Dr. Eidt's interview where he walks us through the surgical management of peripheral artery disease.

Check out his YouTube!

How to do a gracilis flap by Dr. John Eidt

Oct 28, 2015
#33: A Tribute to Dr. Carolyn Kaelin

This special episode is dedicated to the late Dr. Carolyn Kaelin.  Dr. Kaelin was a surgical oncologist in the Women's Cancers Program at Dana-Farber and director of the Breast Clinic at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH).

Please join Dr. Andrea Merrill and BTK in honoring Dr. Kaelin through multiple testaments from previous coworkers and friends.  In order of interview on the podcast:

Mehra Golshan, MD

Mary Knust Graichen, NP

Esther Rhei, MD

Michael Zinner, MD

Oct 22, 2015
#32: Dr. Velmahos discusses the Boston Marathon Bombings and Critical Care Tips

Dr. George Velmahos at MGH discusses his account of the Boston marathon bombings and how that day's events has changed today's mass casualty response in Boston.

In addition, Dr. Velmahos touches on surgical nutrition, ventilator and long-term airway management, and gives us excellent tips and tricks on penetrating neck injuries!

A very interesting podcast interviewing an amazing surgeon!!

Oct 21, 2015
#31: Improving Trauma Care and Designing Trauma Systems with Dr. William Long

Dr. William B. Long specializes in trauma surgery. He is the father of Oregon’s state-wide system of trauma and the ACS/COT-designated level 1 Trauma Center at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, in Portland, Oregon, where he served until recently as Trauma Medical Director for nearly 35 years. 

Trained in general and cardiovascular surgery at the University of Maryland and the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, Dr. Long revolutionized trauma care on the west coast of the United States by establishing an infrastructure that would support technically advanced ways of restoring function. He has also pioneered numerous surgical innovations.

Oct 14, 2015
#30: ACS Clinical Congress 2015 Updates

This week we bring you a special episode to track the current ACS Clinical Congress in Chicago.  We (Kevin, Jason, and John) couldn't attend, but Dr. Steele is in attendance and gave up us some highlights thus far.  He also got us hooked up with Dr. Ali Salim who discussed the conference and gave us some potentially practice changing updates!  

Finally, we welcome Dr. Luke Selby who gave us a resident's perspective on the conference as well as new thoughts at the conference on resident training.

Enjoy!.....especially if you couldn't make it like us!


Oct 07, 2015
#29: Dr. Hunter Discusses Surgical Treatment of GERD

Dr. John Hunter who is the Chair of Surgery at OHSU discusses a topic familiar to all General Surgeons, the surgical management of GERD.  We go in depth into the surgical options and Dr. Hunter gives some tips to deal with every surgeon's fear, mediastinal bleeding!

In addition, our opening shot is great review that focuses on the management of GERD and even includes newer treatment options!  

You'll enjoy it! We promise!

Sep 29, 2015
#28: Lessons From The Modern Battlefield with Dr. Matthew Martin

Dr. Matthew Martin is a leading trauma surgeon who has served multiple deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In this week's episode he reflects back on his deployments over the past 10 years and what medical advances we have seen move from the war zone to the civilian sector. 

The focus on the episode is on prehospital care and initial resuscitation strategies.

Sep 22, 2015
#27: The Art of Publishing with Dr. Melina Kibbe

Dr. Melina Kibbe of Northwestern University and Editor-in-Chief of JAMA Surgery gives an excellent in-depth discussion into the art and process of publishing.  

This is a must listen for any and all residents and staff interested in academic medicine.  Coming directly from a surgeon who reads and reviews your submissions, Dr. Kibbe discusses everything on how to write manuscripts to finally submitting and responding to the reviewers comments.

We learned so much just in interviewing Dr. Kibbe and excited to share it with you all!

Sep 16, 2015
#26: Parathyroid Disease with Dr. Herbert Chen of UW

Dr. Herbert Chen of University of Wisconsin tackles the tricky topic of parathyroid disease 

-He also discusses what it was like to train under the greats Drs. Sabiston and Cameron

-His experience editing for the Annals of Surgery

-His tips on handling a reoperative neck, avoiding injury to the RLN, and managing the intrathoracic goiter

Sep 09, 2015
#25: Dr. Steven Wexner talks Fecal Incontinence

We are honored to have expert Dr. Steven Wexner from Cleveland Clinic join us to discuss his career, thoughts on fecal incontinence (including the origins of the Wexner score!) and he gives us insight on getting that pesky left colon to reach in dire situations.

In addition, Behind the Knife discussed the treatment and management of Ulcerative Colitis!

Definitely a can't miss from a man whos essentially published more articles and chapters than days I've been a resident!

Sep 01, 2015
#24: Dissecting Social Media with Today's Trending Surgeons

Join us again this week where we dive into another hot topic in surgery...the social surgeon.  We asked Dr. Ed Livingston (@ehlJAMA), Dr. Amalia Cochran (@AmaliaCochran), Dr. Scott Regenbogen (@scottregenbogen), and Dr. Lillian Kao (@LillianKao1) to give us insight into how social media plays a role in today's practice. 

These surgeons know the ins and outs of social media and discuss their own personal stories and tips for navigating the often intimidating world of popular social media platforms!


Aug 25, 2015
#23: #ILookLikeASurgeon: Thoughts on diversity in medicine from leading surgeons

#ilooklikeasurgeon has swept the nation as surgeons of all backgrounds, race, and gender raise awareness to support diversity in not only surgery, but all of medicine!

Staff physicians Dr. Amalia Cochran, Dr. Sharon Stein, and Dr. Patricia Turner join General Surgery resident and founder of #illooklikeasurgeon Dr. Heather Logghe as well as General Surgery resident Dr. Lauren Nosanov in discussing not only women in surgery, but the importance and need for diversity in medicine!

Aug 18, 2015
#22: Dr. Matthews of University of Chicago on Chronic Pancreatitis, Social Media, and Music

Dr. Jeffrey Matthews
The University of Chicago

We first talk chronic pancreatitis up to surgical options of this disease and then Dr. Matthews give us a great rundown of his surgical approach.  He also discusses social media and its effect on his career in medicine.  In addition, we get great insight on how Dr. Mathews relaxes with his love for music!

Aug 11, 2015
#21: Hernias, Abdominal Wall Recon, and Quality Collaboratives: Dr. Michael Rosen

Dr. Michael Rosen is the director of the Cleveland Clinic hernia center. 


On the podcast he discusses:

Purpose and role of the hernia surgical quality collaborative

Discusses his approach to the inguinal hernia

Also takes us through his reconstructive ladder when it comes to large abdominal wall hernias.


Aug 04, 2015
#20: Dealing with Complications and Burnout: Dr. Rothenberger Tackles Difficult Issues No One Likes To Talk About

Dr. Rothenberger Chair of Surgery at University of Minnesota discusses how to manage complications and avoid burnout. 

He also takes us through managing difficult pelvic bleeding. 


Send us your topics and guests you would like us to interview.

We are also looking for debate topics, oral board topics, and journal articles to review.


Help us out and give us an iTunes ranking

Jul 28, 2015
#19: Primary Anastomosis in Complicated Diverticulitis? The Debate, Ross vs. Hyman

Dr. Howard Ross from Temple University and Dr. Neil Hyman from University of Chicago debate a very common and difficult medical decision of whether to perform a primary anastomosis in complicated diverticulitis or to play it safe and divert.  A question that many physicians debate on a daily basis today.  Hear it from the experts!

On this podcast they first discuss primary anastomosis surrounding multiple scenarios and, second, the role of laparoscopic lavage!

Jul 21, 2015
#18: Future of Surgical Training and Pancreatic Cysts with Chair of RRC Dr. Steven Stain

Dr. Steven Stain Chair of Surgery at Albany Medical Center


-Future of surgical training

-Future of accredidation

-Managing pancreatic cysts

-Tips to performing a distal pancreatectomy

Jul 14, 2015
17: The Mattox Maneuver and Much More with Dr. Kenneth Mattox

Dr. Kenneth Mattox a US legend in Trauma surgery, discusses retroperitoneal hematomas and the ever changing field of surgery. He is a Distinguished Professor at Baylor University and Surgeon-in-Chief at Ben Taub Hospital.


Jul 07, 2015
#16: Breast Cancer and Managing the Axilla with Dr. Kelly Hunt

Dr. Kelly Hunt Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology at MD Anderson.


On the podcast she discusses

-Current therapies and management strategies for complex breast cancer patients

-The newest updates in regards to managing patients with axillary disease

-Managing breast cancer in the pregnant patient

-And more!

Jun 30, 2015
#15: Stuff Surgery Interns Should Know

Intern basics episode!

Thanks to Andrea Merrill, Stewart Morrison and Sarwat Ahmad for their advice. 

Check back to our website where we will links to all our resources mentioned in the episode at


Jun 23, 2015
#14: Appendicitis a Surgical Disease? The Debate

Dr. Andrew Wright and Dr. Matthew Martin debate the nuances the recent study published in JAMA on antibiotics vs surgery for acute uncomplicated appendicitis. 

Check out this podcast highlighting the history of appendicitis

Give us a review or rating 

Jun 22, 2015
#13: How To Transplant a Liver and a Kidney .... Drs. McKenna, Paramesh and Dor

Give us a rating!


Dr. McKenna Baylor abdominal transplant surgeon

-Managing the incarcerated umbilical hernia in the cirrhotic patient

-Step by Step how to do a liver transplant


Dr. Paramesh Tulane abdominal transplant surgeon

-Step by Step on how to perform a living donor kidney transplant


Dr. Dor abdominal transplant surgeon at Erasmus University, Netherlands. 

-Managing the difficult donor kidney

-How to reimplant the ureter

Jun 15, 2015
#12: American Transplant Congress: Drs. Kirk, Segev and Dor

Episode 1 of 2 from the American Transplant Congress 2015 in Philadelphia

Dr. Kirk is a surgeon/scientist and Chair of the  Department of Surgery at Duke, he is also the editor of the American Journal of Transplant.

He discusess being a surgeon scientist, choosing transplant as a career, and basics of anti-rejection medications.

Dr. Segev is a transplant surgeon at Johns Hopkins and a leader in the field of living donor kidney chains. He has brought his talents to Capitol Hill and pushed through two very important transplant bills that he talks about on the podcast. 

Dr. Dor is a transplant surgeon at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is a leader in living donor kidney transplants in Europe. He discusses the differences in the logistics of transplant surgery between Europe and the US and how to successfully implement a living donor program.

Don't miss episode 2 where we explore the technical aspects of transplant surgery with Drs. McKenna, Paramesh and Dor.


Jun 09, 2015
#11: Diana Farmer M.D. UC Davis, Women in Surgery, Fetal Surgery, Hirschsprung's

Diana Farmer M.D. FACS Chair and Pearl Stamps Stewart Professor, Department of Surgery Surgeon-in Chief

Renowned fetal and pediatric surgeon. 

On the podcast she discusses:

Women in Surgery

Hirschsprung's Disease

Tips and Tricks: The pyloromyotomy

Jun 02, 2015
#10: Stanley Goldberg, M.D. U Minnesota, History of Colorectal, Perianal Fistulas and Rectal Prolapse

Episode 10


Dr. Stanley Goldberg is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Minnesota. He is considered a living legend in the field of colorectal surgery. He lived through and played a large part in advancing the field through the enormous changes that have occurred in the past 50 years. 


On the podcast he discusses

-History and evolution of colorectal surgery

-Managing perianal fistulas

-Diagnosing and surgical options for rectal prolapse


-Discusses the utility of the prone position

May 25, 2015
#9: John Weigelt, M.D. MCW: SESAP 15, Anticoagulation and Reversal in Trauma Pt, Duodenal Trauma

Episode 9 


Dr. John Weigelt is a Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Trauma and Critical Care at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He is also the coordinating editor for Practical Reviews in General Surgery, and the medical director for SESAP 15 sponsored by the American College of Surgeons.


On the podcast he discusses

-How SESAP is made

-Anticoagulation and Reversal in the Trauma Patient

-Managing duodenal trauma

May 19, 2015
#8: Kenneth Azarow, M.D. OHSU Tracheoesophageal Fistulas and Malrotation - OHSU

Episode 8


Dr. Kenneth Azarow former Army surgeon, now Surgeon-in-Chief for Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Professor of Surgery at OHSU. 


On the Podcast he discusses

-Future of surgical training

-Detailed management and operative description of Tracheoesophageal Fistula


-Malrotation identification and surgical management for the general surgeon

May 12, 2015
#7: John B. Holcomb M.D. UT Houston, Blood Product Resuscitation

Episode 7

Dr. John Holcomb former Army surgeon, now  Professor of Surgery at UT Houston where he also serves as Chief of Acute Care Surgery, and Director of  Center for Translational Injury Research.


On the Podcast he discusses (All Things Trauma)

-Taking care of soldier in Mogadishu, during the Blackhawk down incident

-Being lead author of PROPPR trial, and what we can really take away from this 

-Massive resuscitation with blood products


-Using thromboelastography to guide resuscitation

May 04, 2015
#6: Thomas Read, M.D. Lahey Clinic, Rectal Cancer

Episode 6

Dr. Thomas E. Read colorectal surgeon and Professor of Surgery at Tufts University. Dr. Read is a co-editor for Diseases of the Colon & Rectum. 

Opening Shot: We discuss the evolving management and current guidelines for treating rectal cancer. 
On The Podcast He Discusses 
- His approach to complex rectal cancer patients
- Controversies with: TME, neoadjuvant therapy, local excision, minimally invasive approaches
- Tips and tricks on avoiding injury to the ureters 

Apr 27, 2015
#5: Keith Lillemoe, M.D. Harvard, Bile Duct Injuries & Biliary Reconstruction

Episode 5

Dr. Keith Lillemoe is Surgeon-in-Chief and Chief of the Department of Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the W Gerald Austen Professor of Surgery at the Harvard Medical School. Additionally he is Editor-In-Chief of Annals of Surgery and editor of Greenfield's Surgical Text.

On The Podcast He Discusses
-Journey to becoming Chief of Surgery at MGH
-Experience editing the top surgical journal and textbook
-Walk us through managing bile duct injuries and reconstructive options
-Tips and Tricks: Common Bile Duct Exploration

Apr 21, 2015
#4: John Cameron, M.D. Johns Hopkins, Pancreas Cancer and the Whipple

Episode 4.   Dr. John Cameron served as the Chief of Surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital for nearly 20 years and is also the Alfred Blalock Distinguished Service Professor of Surgery at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has a long-standing interest in pancreatic cancer, and during his career has operated on more patients with pancreatic cancer and done more Whipple resections (>2000)  than any other surgeon in the world.


-His tenure at Johns Hopkins

-Surgical Training

-Discusses all aspects of managing pancreatic cancer

-Tips and tricks for managing pancreatic fistulas

Apr 14, 2015
#3: Carlos Pellegrini, M.D. : The American College of Surgeons and Esophageal Disease

Episode 3
We are extremely proud to start this podcast off with Dr. Carlos Pellegrini MD, FACS. 
Professor of Surgery and Chairman of Surgery at University of Washington.
World Renown Expert in Esophageal Disease
Past President of the American College of Surgeons

On The Podcast He Discusses:
-Role of ACS in a surgeon's career
-Workup and surgical management of esophageal cancer
-Tips and Tricks: Treating an esophageal perforation
-Random Fact of The Day: Origin of Boerhaaves

Apr 02, 2015
#2: Benjamin Starnes, M.D. : Military Surgery, Future of Vascular Surgery Training and Blunt Vascular Injury

Episode 2
We are honored to have Dr. Benjamin Starnes MD, FACS as one of our first interviews
Professor of Surgery and Chief of Vascular Surgery Division at University of Washington
Pioneer in treating ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms with endovascular grafts.

On The Podcast He Discusses:
-Stories from his multiple combat deployments
-Future of vascular surgery training
-Treatment of blunt aortic injury
-Tips and Tricks: Managing penetrating vascular injury to the groin

Apr 01, 2015
#1: Introduction to Behind The Knife: Controversies in Surgical Management of Diverticular Disease

Episode 1: Introduction to our new surgery podcast. Will discuss diverticular disease with Dr. Scott Steele.

Apr 01, 2015