The Right Time with Bomani Jones

By ESPN, Bomani Jones

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 Jun 23, 2020
Great Pod. Bo is thoughtful and always funny. Way more than just a sports podcast. I can see that turning some people off, but I really appreciate his perspectives.

I am not a Hater
 Jun 10, 2020
5 star host 5 star show

 Mar 4, 2020

 Oct 21, 2019
Love the podcast. It's informative and it also gives me some good laughs

Joseph Abraham Jr.
 Oct 18, 2019
Man Bomani is one of the most consistent people in the sports commentary game. And now with the interviews he does weekly, there's always something to be learned or something to make you think. Great show


Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.

Episode Date
Spencer Hall's musings on the 2020 College Football Season
Bomani and Spencer Hall discuss the difficulties in getting the 2020 CFB season off the mark (0:17), the Big Ten getting “bullied” into playing (9:21), the commitment of coach Deion Sanders at Jackson State (25:42), Southern University’s band and Spencer’s time playing in the Florida band (34:44) as well as revisiting the Jake Garcia high school transfer situation in Valdosta Georgia (38:14).
Sep 24, 2020
Help Me, Help You
Bomani calls another meeting for the support group of fans of “sorry teams” (0:55), shares why he doesn’t need to apologize for Anthony Davis’ success in the WCF (21:40) and wonders whether or not Michael Jordan is going to try and play cards with Bubba Wallace for his paycheck now that they are joining forces (35:40). Plus, an IYHH with feral pigs runnin’ wild around North America (41:48) and voicemails of the worst hot mic incidents that you have witnessed (53:51). IYHH Stories @DianeEPeters in @TheAtlantic on the billions of dollars in damage being caused by wild pigs: @MaryMeisenzahl on the acrylic helmet with HEPA filters from MicroClimate called Air: @ReedAlbergotti on the impact that wealth is having on health in a changing global climate:
Sep 22, 2020
Desus and Mero talk fame, friendship and new book 'GOD-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE DARTS: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE BRONX'
Bomani chats with friends Desus and Mero about the vacation they went on together to Amsterdam (1:42), cultural overlap with rap music knowledge (10:41), their new book “GOD-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE DARTS: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE BRONX” (16:40) as well as the perks of being with Showtime and how it differs from their previous work (38:07). Plus, their thoughts on the NBA bubble and the Clippers crashing out of it to the Nuggets (42:34). Be sure to check the guys out on the the rest of their virtual book tour, you can get tickets here:
Sep 17, 2020
Chain Snatchin'
Bomani Jones weighs in on Cam Newton’s debut with the Patriots, including him almost getting his “chain snatched” in a postgame scuffle (1:05). Bo turns up the heat on old quarterbacks across the NFL (15:17) and has a PSA for fans of "sorry" teams (29:15). Plus, an IYHH with orange skies up-and-down the west coast (42:07) and your voicemails from the time you got kicked out the paint like Daniel House in the NBA bubble (53:07). IYHH Stories @tanyachen on YouTube demonetizing influencers for encouraging people to ignore COVID safety: @sarakileywatson on how raging wildfires are creating a hellish red sky on the west coast: @erindonnelly on the Texas teacher who racked up miles virtually taking her students around the country:
Sep 15, 2020
Shannon Penn on the NFL's Return, Social Justice and Cam in New England
Bomani and former “The Right Time” producer Shannon Penn discuss the impact of the NFL playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” prior to games this season alongside the rise of black quarterbacks across the league (8:02), the state of Shannon’s misery surrounding the prospects for the Giants (26:07), how Cam Newton’s first season with the Patriots will turn out (42:30) and much more.
Sep 10, 2020
Different Strokes
Bomani Jones is here to remind you that football season is here (1:03)! Just because it doesn’t “feel like it”, doesn’t mean that there aren’t compelling storylines. Bo breaks them down for you, discusses how it will look different and addresses Kirk Herbstreit’s emotions from College Gameday. Anthony Davis has a battle on his hands with “can’t go back all-star” P.J. Tucker, who will bslink first (27:15)? Plus, Novak Djokovic can’t get out of his own way (39:20), an IYHH with the Heat being denied their request to have their arena used for voting (47:43) and your voicemails from the most egregious lie you’ve ever heard a la Jessica Krug (1:00:00). IYHH Stories @heatherkelly on the anxiety and exhaustion kids are dealing with at online school: @doug_hanks on Miami not having an NBA voting site after county picks Frost museum over AA arena: @DeMiciaValon on the GWU history department demanding the resignation of a professor who pretended to be Black:
Sep 08, 2020
Michael Smith on 'Brother From Another' & Social Justice in the NBA
Bomani Jones and Michael Smith discuss Michael’s new TV show “Brother From Another” that comes to Peacock later this month (2:40) and why the “stick to sports” moniker doesn’t work any longer, the role NBA owners play in the movement for social justice and how players can leverage their power (15:56), Steve Nash becoming the new Nets head coach (44:18) as well as much more. The Right Time Recommends "Political Instability may be a contributor in the coming decade" by Peter Turchin: "The NBA's Quiet Problem with Prison Exploitation" by David Dayen:
Sep 03, 2020
King In The Wilderness
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the polarized situation around the NBA players’ on-then-off-again strike and LeBron’s role in it (1:06), the legacy of Georgetown head coach John Thompson following his passing (35:34) as well as the “illusion of power” for college athletes covered in his recent piece for Vanity Fair (45:46). Plus, an IYHH including the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman (58:31) and your voicemails from how his film “Black Panther” impacted you when seen in theaters (1:16:08). The Right Time Recommends "King in the Wilderness" by HBO "Eyes on the Prize" by PBS IYHH Stories @CDFrancescani on the former pool attendant detailing an alleged relationship with Becki & Jerry Falwell Jr: @gordonshumway on controversy continuing over the SF restaurant serving $200 meals in private domes: @big_data_kane on actor Chadwick Boseman's passing at age 43 due to cancer:
Sep 01, 2020
Domonique Foxworth on Thom Brennaman, Racial Ambiguity and more
Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth weigh in on Reds announcer Thom Brennaman using a slur on a “hot mic” during a broadcast, leading to his suspension mid-game (1:23). They discuss the effect that is has on fans, and whether or not their agency can force change like the football team in Washington (28:23). It evolves into a conversation about racial ambiguity and Babe Ruth “being Black”, finishing with some light discussion on whether or not college football and the NFL will actually have a season (1:02:19).
Aug 20, 2020
Skepticism Required
Bomani dishes on the NBA Playoffs starting in the bubble and Luka Doncic comparisons to Larry Bird (1:09), why college students cannot be trusted to social distance (20:09) and neither can collegiate conferences to govern themselves (32:55), as well as why it is fair to be skeptical of new President of the Washington Football Team Jason Wright’s ability to succeed in a job he has not held previously (47:48). Plus, an IYHH including how diseased chicken could make its way to a menu near you (47:48) and your voicemails of the worst roommate you have ever had (58:14).
Aug 18, 2020
Cari & Jemele Stick To Sports
Bomani Jones welcomes Cari Champion and Jemele Hill to the show, who give insight into their new VICE show “Stick to Sports,” discuss the lessons they’ve learned in the shift of their careers, weigh in on the latest single WAP and much more.
Aug 13, 2020
It's A Wrap On CFB
Bomani Jones weighs in on college football- or lack thereof- and possible fights in the NBA bubble. Plus, Hard Knocks returns but does the city of Los Angeles know? Also, we recoup money in this week’s voicemails and discuss dogs that can smell the coronavirus in IYHH. 
Aug 11, 2020
Joel Anderson on Liberty University, #WeAreUnited and the history of Houston Football
Bomani and Joel Anderson of Slate discuss his story about the problems around Liberty University’s athletics program as it relates to Black athletes, including the school’s pursuit of Hugh Freeze, Ian McCaw and their plan for building the program (1:31). Plus, players from the Big Ten have now joined the Pac-12 group in demanding accountability from their respective conferences in order for them to return to the field (32:09), Gary Patterson apologizes for using the “N-word” at TCU (42:28) and a little history of the University of Houston’s football program (51:22).
Aug 06, 2020
We Are United
Bomani Jones dives deeper into his story about the Pac-12 players joining together under the banner #WeAreUnited in looking for safety from COVID-19, including the possibility of a boycott (1:05). He reacts to games officially picking up again for the NBA, shares why the entrance of families into the “bubble” could present some unforeseen yet hilarious issues (26:50) and why he doesn’t have a problem with players choosing to stand for the anthem (35:03). Plus, an IYHH including delays for the Postal Service (47:09) and a #StillInTheLeague NBA re-start edition (58:42). IYHH Stories @JennyJarvie takes you inside “Magic City”, and shares how a strip club operates during a pandemic: @MusicMesfin on the release of Beyonce’s “Black Is King”: @MatthewDalyWDC on the House panel calling on the new Postal Service chief to explain mail delays:
Aug 04, 2020
Taylor Rooks takes us inside the NBA 'bubble'
Bomani chats with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report about life inside the NBA’s “bubble” down in Orlando (1:11). Her and Bo laugh at the media’s coverage of Lou Williams’ famed trip to “Magic City” (9:51), which somehow leads them to discuss “little city gangsters” and their least favorite characters from “The Wire” (25:17). Plus, they wrap with what it’s like to cover the NBA’s version of summer camp up close and whether or not the idea it could happen again next season is viable from the players’ perspective (38:52). The Right Time Recommends... "Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men" by Caroline Criado-Perez
Jul 30, 2020
A Different Beat
Bomani weighs in on the outbreak of COVID-19 amongst the Marlins that has caused the cancellation of games, including why he thinks it is an indicator of troubled waters ahead for both the NFL and college football (1:03). Should Lou Williams have been put on blast for getting “Magic City” wings whilst outside of the bubble (21:31)? Why some NBA owners are taking out loans against their franchise's value (34:26) and more. Plus, an IYHH including a clandestine UFO sector within the government (42:29) and your voicemails of the biggest lie someone has told on your behalf (53:38). IYHH Stories @skippyd on the Pentagon having “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”: @hannah_denham1 on makeup for men finding a niche due to the rise in video calls: Man saw neighbor's garage in half due to property line dispute:
Jul 28, 2020
Vinnie Goodwill talks NBA finances and Dwight Howard going 'off script'
Bomani and Vinnie Goodwill discuss NBA owners protecting their own investment in the return to action and whether or not they will attempt to re-negotiate the collective bargaining agreement (13:13), assess Dwight Howard’s career in this moment after going off script in the bubble about COVID-19 precautions (25:58) and wonder whether or not the Bucks have what it takes to win the championship and re-sign Giannis (41:13). All that and much more!
Jul 23, 2020
The Great Equalizer
Bomani highlights health as the great equalizer for the difference of opinions and interests across the levels of labor in the NFL (1:02), shares the level of competition surrounding the barbershops built in the NBA bubble (23:12) and has a message regarding the passing of House Representative John Lewis (34:03). Plus, an IYHH including a Facebook community for people pretending to be ants (48:42) and your voicemails from awful talent shows (58:15). IYHH Stories @dshesgreen on the Trump administration dropping a rule barring foreign students from taking online-only classes: @travismandrews on nearly 2 million people on Facebook pretending to be ants: @theloniusly in @Vice on white, rich people getting their COVID-19 stimulus checks money faster than people of color:
Jul 21, 2020
Spencer Hall talks Daniel Snyder and SEC Political Connections
Bomani and Spencer Hall discuss the most important issues that we are facing in these times. Such as, which college football coaches don’t need a headset (1:01), why the noise around Washington’s football team is reminiscent of a college football message board (6:15), what Vice President Mike Pence thinks and/or understands about Ed Orgeron and “Louisiana weird” (26:43) as well as how Tommy Tuberville’s Senate race in Alabama reflects his former strategy on the field (45:29) .
Jul 16, 2020
Acknowledgement Of The Truth
Bomani weighs in on the news that Washington’s football team will officially be changing their name (1:04), shares why the NBA’s return should be treated with the level of scrutiny of a television show (29:49) as well as why he thinks there will not be any football this fall (41:47). Plus, IYHH including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as “the villain” (52:07) and your stories of an “entanglement” (1:04:08).
Jul 14, 2020
Howard Bryant on Uncertainty, Disorder & 'Why Now?' remains an Important Question
Bomani is Joined by Howard Bryant to discuss the effect that uncertainty and “disorder” have had on the country and corporations (2:01). Who is and is not assuming the risk in the sports leagues attempting to return to action as it relates to the future ramifications come with it? Plus, Howard dishes on his story about Bruce Maxwell, the former A’s catcher who was pushed out of MLB for kneeling during the national anthem back in 2017 (31:28) and 5-star hoops prospect Makur Maker choosing Howard over UCLA (48:30). The Right Time Recommends... Howard's story on Bruce Maxwell: "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins
Jul 09, 2020
Change The Name
Bomani addresses why “the money” was right for Washington’s football team and Cleveland’s baseball team to consider a name change (1:00), why he really hopes Cam Newton plays well with the Patriots (28:29) and why DeSean Jackson made a colossal error despite thinking he was putting us up “on game” (41:10). Plus, your voicemails from when you accidentally got caught up in a “rough” neighborhood you didn’t expect (51:57).
Jul 07, 2020
Chris Bosh spills stories from time with the Heat
Bomani Jones is joined by former Heat F Chris Bosh to introduce his newsletter "The Last Chip", which shares stories and lessons behind the scenes of the "Big 3's" last NBA Championship. He and Bomani cover his initial excitement in teaming up with friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (3:20), the assimilation process to his game (9:55), the peaks and valleys of each run to the NBA Finals (21:27), why Mario Chalmers puts himself on the same level as Jordan and Kobe (41:59) and much more. You can subscribe here:
Jun 30, 2020
Domonique Foxworth on Bubba Wallace & Race Relations in America
Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth do a postgame recap of Bo's debate with Will Cain on the radio, and expand the discussion about race relations in the United States (2:30). Bo shares why he thinks Bubba Wallace deserves props in the face of people calling hoax on him, and the guys discuss the attachment people have to symbols from a past that is just plain wrong (25:51). Plus, why Tom Brady thinks he's above social distancing (50:05) and story time from the worst neighborhood the guys can recall being in (53:10).
Jun 25, 2020
The Moment
Bomani Jones shares why NASCAR's history of antagonistic actions towards black people set the stage for the one of the biggest moments of sports history with Bubba Wallace (1:02). Which one of y'all wants to be the Ciara to his Russell Wilson? Dak Prescott just signed his franchise tender, so now Bo is trying to find him his Ciara too (31:21). Plus, Bo is encouraged by all of the players across CFB standing up for injustice after a push at Ole Miss to change the Mississippi state flag (38:01), an IYHH with AMC changing course on not requiring masks (52:10) and voicemails on a party you were gassed up for that turned out to be a dud (1:04:28).
Jun 23, 2020
Anonymous Snitching & Josh Levin of Slate on David Duke and the KKK from Slow Burn Season 4
Bomani Jones throws water on optimism regarding a potential return to the NFL for Colin Kaepernick (0:52) and shares which part of the NBA's vast rules for a return to play at Disney's Wide World of Sports bubble piqued his interest (9:35). Plus, Josh Levin of Slate stops by to discuss season 4 of the Slow Burn podcast from Slate which he is hosting, and centers around the political career of David Duke and his rise with the KKK (23:51). You can check that out here:
Jun 18, 2020
Benefit Of The Doubt
Bomani Jones is perplexed as to why we are giving Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy the benefit of the doubt regarding his decision to wear an "OAN" shirt and the subsequent forced apology from player Chuba Hubbard for reacting to it (0:58). Do Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard have the credibility with their fellow players to sway opinion against playing in Orlando (29:04)? Plus, Bo's thoughts on a former Wake Forest WR being the first Black male lead in ABC's "The Bachelor" (39:01), an IYHH including virtue signaling from celebs (49:36) and your stories from kids driving you mad while quarantined (58:54).
Jun 16, 2020
Not So Fast & Story Time With Ahmad Rashad
Bomani shares why he's not about to "dap up" NASCAR after their decision to ban the confederate flag from events has been met with praise (1:17). Plus, he welcomes the legend Ahmad Rashad to talk about his football career (11:03), the reaction to his name change when he converted to Islam, his career transition to journalism and the success behind "NBA Inside Stuff" (23:34), his close relationship with Michael Jordan (32:41) and story time of hanging out with Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama, Prince, Nelson Mandela and Frank Sinatra (41:28).
Jun 11, 2020
Protect Ya Neck
Bomani Jones discusses Roger Goodell's video responding to George Floyd's murder and shares why there is an opportunity for him to repair his legacy should he choose to do it (1:16). Also, why Kirk Ferentz's lack of fame may have allowed some truly problematic issues to go under the radar at Iowa (22:06) and why nobody should have wanted to fight Bruce Lee after the 30 for 30 on his life "Be Water" has aired (38:49). To wrap things up an IYHH including Democrats wearing "Kente" cloth at Capitol Hill (47:29) and your voicemails from when someone went cheap on you like Virgil Abloh.
Jun 09, 2020
Up Out The Paint & Civil Rights Lawyer Carl E. Douglas
Bomani Jones weighs in on problematic words from Drew Brees' in an interview with Yahoo! Finance (1:15) and a misstep from Florida State head football coach Mike Norvell (20:05). He underscores how long the road is for both of them to maintain the trust of their teams. Plus, civil rights lawyer Carl E. Douglas joins the show (26:08) to discuss the country's history with policing and why George Floyd's murder has created this moment (26:23).
Jun 04, 2020
Listen to Me Now
Bomani Joins shares his thoughts on the effect that the killing of George Floyd has had on society (1:19). This includes why he sees hypocrisy in all of the statements released by professional sports teams (20:09) as well as why he has set aside Dabo Swinney for criticism specifically regarding his public comments (34:24). Plus, an IYHH including whether or not you need to wear a mask while running (48:18) and your voicemails of the wildest lie you have ever seen like Lance Armstrong in "Lance" (58:59).
Jun 02, 2020
Nick Wright of FS1 Re-Litigates NBA History
Bomani Jones welcomes his friend, FS1's Nick Wright to the show for the first time for a wide-ranging conversation. The guys discuss how much of the modern NBA post-1990 needs to be re-litigated when it comes to ranking the greatest players and competitive balance (1:03). Nick defends his LeBron James as "the greatest ever" take (22:21) and Bomani complains about group projects again (34:15). Plus, what is the tipping point for sports news coverage on social activism in light of the George Floyd tragedy (44:19).
May 28, 2020
Play It As It Lies
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on "the match", and why he can sympathize with Tom Brady as someone who is not very good at golf (2:42). Also, why he would like to see Michael Jordan compete next time, but is open to suggestions on who should join him. Plus, why Cam Newton still does not "have a job" (16:41) and what Bo found interesting about part one of "Lance" (26:04). IYHH returns, including "Karen" from Central Park (38:39) and your voicemails from when you got "run up on" like Earl Thomas (52:10).
May 26, 2020
Check to Check & Book Club Finale
Bomani Jones discusses the "funny money" implications of NBA owners and the possible return to action for the league, namely Tillman Fertitta in light of his recent visit to The White House (1:34). Plus, author and journalist Sam Smith joins for the final installment of The Right Time Book Club on his book "The Jordan Rules", including if he thought it would be controversial when he wrote it, the media's fascination with Michael Jordan, and Jordan's view of Horace Grant as "the snitch" when it came to the book's sourcing (13:48). All that and more!
May 21, 2020
Michael Smith recaps 'Last Dance'
Bomani Jones and Michael Smith share their takes on "The Last Dance" as a whole after the last two episodes have aired, including the lengths of Michael Jordan's motivation tactics, what episodes were their favorite, the challenges the doc faced with storytelling arc, Jordan's flex on the Kenny Lattimore "deep cut" and more (1:08). Plus, the guys take your voicemail questions on Jordan and the Bulls' Dynasty, such as what their favorite pair of J's are (39:20).
May 19, 2020
Bonus: When MJ was beaten in 1-1 at 'Flight School'
From The Right Time secret vault, former Princeton player, founder and CEO of the nation's largest minority run mutual fund John Rogers Jr. shares with Bomani Jones about the time he beat Michael Jordan at his "Flight School" camp in Las Vegas, which caused "his airness" to stop playing campers.
May 16, 2020
The Dotted Line & Book Club Part 4
Bomani Jones weighs in on comments from Blake Snell regarding health and financial concerns with re-starting the MLB season (1:07) as well as why Tom Brady's support of the Players Coalition letter on Ahmaud Arbery's death has gone under-the-radar (13:40). Plus, 3x NBA Champion Bulls G and Executive VP/Managing Executive of Wasserman agency basketball division B.J. Armstrong joins for the fourth installment of The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules", including how teammates viewed Michael Jordan's leadership style, what kind of effect Phil Jackson had on the team as well as how his POV has changed being involved on the business side of the game (25:01). All that and more!
May 14, 2020
Rare Air & Christian Dawkins from HBO's "The Scheme"
Bomani Jones weighs in on the events and themes discussed in "The Last Dance" Episodes 7 and 8, including Scottie Pippen "quitting" on his teammates during the '94 ECF, Michael Jordan deciding to retire after the Bulls' three-peat in '93 as well as whether or not his "bad teammate" imagery really matters in the end (1:43). Plus, agent Christian Dawkins from HBO's "The Scheme" discusses his ongoing battle with the NCAA, the hidden economy around amateur athletics and much more.
May 12, 2020
Time To Ride & Book Club Part 3
Bomani Jones shares how he received the Earl Thomas-TMZ story, including whether or not it is okay to laugh at and why you don't have to get ready if you "stay ready" (1:10). Plus, NBA Hall of Famer Joe Dumars joins for the third installment of The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules", including why he was Michael Jordan's "toughest defender", whether or not the reputation that the Pistons had back then mattered to him at all and when he thought the Bulls had caught them (17:34). All that and more!
May 07, 2020
Republicans Buy Sneakers Too & Scoop Jackson on 'The Last Dance'
Bomani Jones weighs in on the conversation around Michael Jordan's social activism or to some lack thereof as discussed in "The Last Dance" Episodes 5 and 6 (1:06). Plus, ESPN's Scoop Jackson joined to continue the discussion (17:43). They touch on whether or not Jordan was obligated to do more, how he and Chicago native Isiah Thomas connected with the city on different levels, whether or not they will ever "patch things up", and why Thomas got passed over for the 92' Olympic team.
May 05, 2020
This Ain't It & Book Club Part 2
Bomani Jones goes in on why the NCAA ruling that players can profit off of their own likeness still doesn't accomplish a victory for the players (1:42). Plus, Vinnie Goodwill joins for the second installment of The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules", including why the Pistons loomed so large for the Bulls in that time period, the team was able to survive Michael Jordan's wrath to unify and Scottie Pippen's greatness remains so difficult for a Detroit guy like Vinnie to recognize (21:43). All that and more!
Apr 30, 2020
True Superstar & Brian Koppelman on Season 5 of 'Billions'
Bomani Jones explains Isiah Thomas as the definitive NBA divider of public opinion and the oddity of Dennis Rodman as the connective tissue between the Pistons and Bulls in the aftermath of episodes 3 and 4 of "The Last Dance" (2:16). Plus, filmmaker Brian Koppelman returns to talk "Last Dance" and "Billions" season 5, including pacifying genius like in Michael Jordan, developing affections for characters as well as the difficulty in musically scoring documentaries and films (18:56).
Apr 28, 2020
24/7 Title & Book Club Part 1
Bomani Jones wonders when Rob Gronkowski will have to defend his 24/7 WWE championship now that he's joined Tom Brady on the Buccaneers and shares why he feels bad for Patriots fans for a reason you might not have noticed (1:15). Plus, J.A. Adande joins for the first installment of The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules", including why the 90-91 season was so pivotal for Michael Jordan's effect on the league and his will to prove doubters wrong (15:19). Could you win Michael's way? What was Phil Jackson chasing? All that and more!
Apr 23, 2020
Let's Dance & Ethan Sherwood Strauss on 'The Victory Machine'
Bomani Jones recaps the first set of episodes from "The Last Dance", including how the ability or lack thereof between Michael Jordan, Jerry Krause, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson to coexist like "a group project in school" hits differently for each of them (1:40). Bo also touches on why people are too hard on the NFL right now for trying to put on a virtual draft (32:15). Plus, Ethan Sherwood Strauss of The Athletic stops by to discuss his book "The Victory Machine: The Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty" (36:30).
Apr 21, 2020
Texas Story Time and more with Joel Anderson Of Slate
Bomani Jones and Joel Anderson of Slate get together for some Texas story time (1:40) and talk the integration of college sports (12:43), how Joel would've dealt with returning to school amid COVID-19 when he was a college athlete (19:41), the ability of athletic departments to survive economic downturns (25:52) as well as rappers on IG spreading misinformation (35:59). Plus, how the time machine on tweets compares to Kyle Larson (46:20) and the NFL draft (54:11).
Apr 16, 2020
Show Me The Money
Bomani Jones breaks down all angles of Christian McCaffery's record-breaking new contract with the Panthers, including why it takes a "want to" from the organization and whether or not he is worth it (2:45). Dak Prescott invited Ezekiel Elliot to a party with over 30 people (19:37) and NASCAR driver Kyle Larson running his mouth on iRacing reminded Bo of when he saw Django Unchained in theaters (29:07). Plus, an IYHH including a cross-country car race (38:51) and voicemails from when you did something "extra" to get your money back (52:47).
Apr 14, 2020
Follow The Leader, The Caddie Michael Collins talks Masters
Bomani Jones explains why he thinks college football is getting "exposed" right now with coaches like Mike Gundy and Dabo Swinney calling for a return at all costs (1:15). Plus, the caddie Michael Collins stops by (13:14). The guys discuss the "branding" of the Masters and why golf is so image conscious (22:53), how the golf calendar has been reset (40:40) and much more.
Apr 09, 2020
Under Pressure
Bomani Jones shares why he thinks the "well what about" pressure being placed on leagues to re-start their seasons isn't worth it (2:09) and why he's not as happy about Mike Leach finally getting caught up for his wildin' tweets as everyone might think (21:44). Plus he dishes on a 2018 plot by then Michigan G Duncan Robinson to boycott the Final Four "open practice" (30:02), an IYHH with the passing of soul music legend Bill Withers (36:15) and your voicemails of sneaking around the house during these COVID-19 times (48:48).
Apr 07, 2020
Roy Wood Jr. of The Daily Show
Bomani Jones and comedian Roy Wood Jr. from The Daily Show laugh about homeschooling kids (11:42), comedy and producer battles on IG (15:10), the cancellation of events like Essence Festival (20:06), being deprived of sports enough to watch the "simulation football channel" (23:44), story time from HBCU (32:14), Chris Cuomo vs. Andrew Cuomo (48:07) and avoiding the ramifications of refusing rent payment to your landlord (54:19).
Apr 02, 2020
Pass The Sticks
Bomani Jones discusses the announcement of the early release of ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" and follows it up with a special announcement for The Right Time (2:35). He weighs in on the NBA launching a 2k tournament with players only (19:04) and the viability of re-starting sports in quarantined world cup-style camps with empty arenas (27:21). Plus, an IYHH including a pit bull driving a high-speed chase vehicle (37:36) and your voicemails of what you've learned homeschooling your kids (48:05).
Mar 31, 2020
Shannon Penn talks home-schooling, Dak and Cam
Bomani Jones and former show producer Shannon Penn discuss the technical competency of teachers as they give virtual instruction to elementary school children (2:30), teams not giving back to COVID-19 support in proportion with their overall net worth (18:21), how the situation affects Dak Prescott's contract negotiations (27:12) and how underappreciated Cam Newton was during his time with the Panthers (32:50).
Mar 26, 2020
Hold Up
Bomani Jones wonders how the Olympic athletes will be able to stay fit in self-isolation with Tokyo 2020 getting postponed till 2021 (2:03). What does Seth Wickersham's piece on Tom Brady choosing to leave New England reveal about where it leaves the Patriots at QB (16:57) and how does the suspension of the NBA season affect the salary cap and in turn the players' wallets (27:51)? Plus, an IYHH including D-Nice running a club on his IG (34:28) and your voicemails from your worst haircuts (46:23).
Mar 24, 2020
Spencer Hall on football coach attire, NCAA Tournament & Brady to TB
Bomani Jones and Spencer Hall of SB Nation discuss the attire of head football coaches in light of people refusing to wear work clothes remotely (7:20), if anyone is missing the NCAA Tournament TV product and why linemen dancing should replace it (22:02) as well as how much colleges didn't want to cancel their spring games (35:54).
Mar 19, 2020
Not So Free, Agency
Bomani Jones shares why he's not necessarily a fan of this working from home situation, and you shouldn't be either despite what people say about enjoying "being alone" (1:54). Plus, Tom Brady and Cam Newton won't be returning to their respective teams (17:05) and the Texans trade DeAndre Hopkins (25:14). Plus, an IYHH with colleges shutting down amid Coronavirus (32:56) and your best voicemails on what made you "quit football" (43:17).
Mar 17, 2020
Domonique Foxworth on the NFL's CBA
Bomani and Domonique Foxworth discuss the negotiations for the NFL's next collective bargaining agreement. Is a seventeenth game worth it (4:28)? Foxworth looks back on the previous negotiations and how united (or not) the players are (15:47). How does this compare to labor in the other leagues (21:17) and what impression did have of the owners he worked alongside when he was NFLPA president (32:17)? Plus, why Foxworth continues to "stan" for Ozzie Newsome (48:22) and where is Tom Brady's next destination (57:19)?
Mar 12, 2020
Parental Advisory
Bomani Jones weighs in on how the Coronavirus is affecting the tail end of the season for the NBA and CBB (1:54), whether or not the "Nets culture" was actually conducive to superstar talent in the aftermath of the team parting ways with coach Kenny Atkinson (22:05) as well as why there may be no winners in the NFL's CBA negotiations (31:43). Plus, an IYHH including a female komodo dragon conceiving babies without a male partner (41:44) and your stories from the lengths of avoiding the Coronavirus (52:27).
Mar 10, 2020
All Knicks-ed Up, Stephon Marbury
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts about the diabolical situation with the Knicks, including James Dolan, Charles Oakley, Spike Lee and more (2:21). Plus, Former NBA G Stephon Marbury stops by to discuss the new documentary about his life "A Kid from Coney Island" (18:20). They touch on how playing with his brothers nurtured his talent as a prospect, why he loves Atlanta after spending only one year at Georgia Tech (28:02), fans misunderstanding his time in Minnesota (33:35), sharing his bout with depression via social media (38:04) as well as his time in China (44:50).
Mar 05, 2020
Funny Money
Bomani Jones weighs in on LeBron's relationship or lack thereof with Zion Williamson and what it says about his ascension in the league (1:16), how he would "fix" the NFL Combine (14:03), as well as how the NFL players are addressing their possible strike against the proposed collective bargaining agreement. (22:32). Plus, an IYHH including a man in Oregon getting caught trying to buy Girl Scout cookies with fake money (33:21) and your voicemails from when you got kicked out of your crew like Flava Flav and Public Enemy (46:50).
Mar 03, 2020
Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report talks "Take It There" Season 2
Bomani Jones and Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report chat about Season 2 of her show "Take It There" (3:10), including her latest episodes with Chris Paul (12:09) and Kevin Durant (26:40). Taylor and Bo talk about the last time they were nervous (19:39), burner accounts vs. lurk accounts on social (32:11), dealing with fame (43:50), what's coming next for her in her career (53:01) and much more.
Feb 27, 2020
Weight of the World
Bomani Jones weighs in on Deontay Wilder's loss to Tyson Fury and whether or not his excuse about the heavy pre-fight suit contributing to his TKO holds any water (3:51). Plus, Michael Jordan's display of emotion at Kobe and Gianna Bryant's celebration of life (14:35) and when hand size matters for NFL draft prospects at the QB position (25:42). Plus, an IYHH including tips for locking in cheaper airfares (33:58) and your voicemails from mixed race fight parties of years past or present (50:54).
Feb 25, 2020
Three-Time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen
Bomani and three-time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen discuss NBA storylines for the second half of the season. Can Houston's small-ball work in the postseason (3:02)? Which team will rise to the top in the East? Are the Bucks balanced enough (9:55) or will the leaders on the Sixers step it up (15:38)? How about the Lakers and Clippers out West (30:05)? Were the Warriors smart to pick up Andrew Wiggins (44:37)? Plus, what it was like guarding Rasheed Wallace and Vince Carter (58:43).
Feb 20, 2020
Perception Problem
Bomani Jones weighs in on the most entertaining bits from All-Star Weekend, including Kyrie Irving getting elected VP of the NPAPA, the changes to the format of the All-Star Game itself and controversy in the dunk contest scoring (1:57). Bo shares why player justice won't make the Astros apologize for the sign-stealing scandal (19:48). Can you ever remember a team soft-peddling like what is happening with John Beilein and the Cavs (36:52)? Plus, an IYHH including Millennials actually saving for their retirement (46:53) and your voicemails from a great idea you had that was stolen (53:55).
Feb 18, 2020
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Bomani Jones is joined by author Ta-Nehisi Coates to chat about how the issues presented in "Vick", the latest 30 for 30 documentary, are permeating through the culture right now. They discuss black quarterbacks in the league historically like Warren Moon and Randall Cunningham (2:24), bringing people from your childhood along with you professionally (12:06), the stigma behind dog fighting and Vick's rehabilitation (18:01), players utilizing the power they possess (35:22), code-switching (52:15) and more. Plus, what's next for him (55:29)?
Feb 13, 2020
For The Love Of The Game
Bomani Jones wonders what kind of following does the XFL need to break even despite fielding a league of "sorry" players (1:55). Why do we feel the need to speak Taysom Hill into existence as a franchise QB when you already have Teddy Bridgewater on your roster (15:53)? Dwyane Wade sets an example for all parents and Bo tells you why (29:42). Plus, an IYHH including a hydrogen-powered superyacht (39:28) and your "wrastlin" destruction voicemails (50:59).
Feb 11, 2020
Howard Bryant of ESPN on "Full Dissidence: Notes from an Uneven Playing Field"
Bomani and Howard Bryant discuss his newest book, "Full Dissidence: Notes from an Uneven Playing Field". They dish on the inspiration for the book (1:52), Jay-Z's relationship with the NFL (7:35), why some athletes avoid their "black-ness" and how it contributes to the segregation of locker rooms (17:05). Plus, paid patriotism in the NFL (31:51) as well as what role Colin Kaepernick has to play in our culture going forward (45:38).
Feb 06, 2020
Michael Vick: A Complex Path
After being named a captain in this year's Pro Bowl, Michael Vick faced a new wave of criticism. Animal advocates and football fans alike point to Vick being sent to federal prison for his involvement in dogfighting. Between Vick's initial NFL run, his time served and his return to football following that sentence, he has a complicated story. Ahead of tonight's "30 for 30" documentary, ESPN's Bomani Jones explores the context of Vick's career, his ongoing path to redemption and what his legacy will be.
Feb 06, 2020
Casualty Of Progress
Bomani doesn't take too much pleasure in being right most times, but in the case of Jimmy Garoppolo he does (1:56). He shares why the 49ers were a "casualty of progress" and covers Jay-Z's interview in the New York Times about his involvement with the NFL as well as problematic Super Bowl commercials (15:19). Plus, the role LeBron James played Friday night as Staples Center remembered Kobe Bryant (27:22), an IYHH including fare evasion in NYC's subway system (34:09) and a midseason version of #HesStillInTheLeague (45:05).
Feb 04, 2020
Vinnie Goodwill, Yahoo! Sports
Bomani and Vinnie Goodwill from Yahoo! Sports discuss Kobe Bryant's career after his passing (4:26). They look back on how his arc in the league compares with contemporaries Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal (22:09). Plus, the loyalty of the "Kobe-stan" (40:11), his relationship with other players in the league and much more (51:10).
Jan 30, 2020
Rest In Peace
In an emotional edition of the show, Bomani shares his thoughts on the loss of Lakers and basketball legend Kobe Bryant who passed away on Sunday along with his 13-year old daughter Gianna and 7 others in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles. He discusses the disbelief he felt in the aftermath of the news (1:24), why he means something different to every one of us (20:30) and how he won over his on-the-court detractors (36:18). Plus, an IYHH including a new level of security for Tinder users (50:24) and a few more of your Kobe voicemails (58:51).
Jan 28, 2020
Franchise Guy, Dan Wetzel on Netflix Aaron Hernandez Documentary
Bomani shares his takeaways from Zion Williamson's debut for the Pelicans (2:13) and why he doesn't think Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer in light of his retirement from football (9:07). Plus, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports joins to discuss the Netflix documentary he executive produced "Killer Inside: The Mind of Hernandez" (14:52). Together they delve into the scope of the doc including Aaron's motive for the murder of Odin Lloyd, what role the Patriots played in monitoring Hernandez's behavior and more.
Jan 23, 2020
A Family Affair
Bomani dishes on why he's stunned by Patrick Mahomes' quick ascension to the top of the AFC and quarterback play across the league (2:03), why the Niners are successful in spite of Jimmy Garoppolo and how Kyle Shanahan's success plays into the conversation about nepotism amongst NFL coaches (16:21 ). Plus, why people need to leave Bronny James alone (30:35), an IYHH including the ethical problems of 3D-printed skeletons (37:28) as well as Bo's words on how we can honor the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (50:07).
Jan 21, 2020
Spencer Hall of SB Nation
Bomani and Spencer Hall look back on the National Championship and examine just what a perfect storm LSU's miraculous season was (1:17). They also get into why what Clemson has accomplished is just as unique (17:29), Odell's $100 handshakes post-game (28:39), coach Ed Orgeron's ties with the Governor's office in Louisiana (37:05), the chances we'll see Bobby Petrino back in CFB (45:24) and more. Plus, why Eminem was the last person in the world to "get" the internet (1:02:02).
Jan 16, 2020
Cheating The Game
Bomani reacts to LSU's big win over Clemson in the National Championship, including just how far the program as well as coach Ed Orgeron have come to get here (1:24). Punishment has been handed down to the Astros for "stealing signs", Bo dishes on why "dorks" are hurting the game (16:57) as well as why Marshawn Lynch is a treasure to be celebrated (29:41). Plus, an edition of IYHH with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "stepping away" from "Royal" life (39:09) and your voicemails from when "the game was cheating" (52:20).
Jan 14, 2020
Domonique Foxworth of The Undefeated
Bomani and Domonique Foxworth discuss the effectiveness of the "Rooney Rule" in the aftermath of Joe Judge's hire in New York (3:38). They weigh in on why it shouldn't be up to people of color to "solve" the problem of the lack of minority head coached in the league and how that same prejudice extends to other positions on the field. Plus, they weigh in on the postseason (39:40), how lit Baltimore will be if Lamar Jackson delivers a Super Bowl (45:10) and why Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome's legacy will be everlasting (50:22).
Jan 09, 2020
Old People Playbook
Bomani weighs in on the hiring of Mike McCarthy by the Cowboys, including the reported night he spent over at Jerry Jones' house to seal the deal (1:57). Nobody wants to say Tom Brady is washed, but Bo will say it (14:02). Plus, enjoying the misfortune of Saints fans (26:37), the first IYHH of 2020 featuring millennials getting scammed on the internet (35:58) and your New Year's resolutions for athletes and celebs (51:03).
Jan 07, 2020
Shannon Penn on Giants and Knicks fan misery
Bomani is joined by former The Right Time producer Shannon Penn in the last episode of 2019 to chat about his sorry Giants (1:02), the parallels between Dave Gettleman and Tom Coughlin (12:07), if Philip Rivers is done (28:25) and the Super Bowl picture in the AFC (33:52). Plus, sizing up the QB's in the College Football Playoff (42:34), the misery of the Knicks (50:05) and much more!
Dec 19, 2019
Urban Dictionary
Bomani weighs in on the possibility that Urban Meyer may return to coaching in the NFL (0:38), controversy surrounding several cadets from College GameDay at Army-Navy (19:15) and radio host Tom Joyner's retirement as it relates to #BlackFamous (31:17). Plus, an IYHH with Kanye and Jay-Z reunited (46:09) as well as the final voicemail segment of 2019 with "why I quit football" stories (54:51).
Dec 17, 2019
Mina Kimes
Bomani and Mina Kimes break out the receipts on Lamar Jackson and discuss how predictable (or not) his rise has been (2:45) as well as how he compares to other QB's from that draft class in Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. Plus, how Joe Burrow fits the "Josh McCown Principle"(19:59), assessing Tom Brady's chances at making the Super Bowl this year (26:55) and whether or not Ryan Tannehill should be taken seriously (47:00).
Dec 12, 2019
Dedicated To Your...Kraft
Bomani weighs in on more accusations of spying by the Patriots and admires the dedication despite what it may mean for their legacy (0:38). He also shares why he can sympathize with Odell Beckham Jr. for wanting out of Cleveland (10:42) and why we may be about to fall off a cliff in the quality of QB play across the NFL (19:28). Plus, an IYHH with robocalls killing the art of the conversation (30:22) as well as your voicemails from the time you "caught an L" and lived to tell the tale (38:45).
Dec 10, 2019
Exploit My Outrage, Fat Joe
Bomani dishes on comments made by 49ers radio analyst Tim Ryan about Lamar Jackson's "blackness" (0:35) and LSU QB Joe Burrow's long goodbye to the student section since "he never really sees them" in class (16:12). Plus, Fat Joe joins the show to discuss his final album before retirement (22:25). What should you expect from "Family Ties?" They also get into how he's able to change up his style to fit the times as well as his love for the Knicks (38:12).
Dec 05, 2019
This Is the Standard
Bomani weighs in on why there's historical precedence at Alabama for coaches being on the hotseat despite legendary success in regards to Nick Saban as well as the situation for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan (0:40). Why Josh Shaw seems to have no idea when to lie and when to tell the truth (14:27) and Bo thinks the NBA needs to switch things up if they want to boost their TV ratings (26:17). Plus, an IYHH with robot dogs (38:03) and your Thanksgiving stories (50:11).
Dec 03, 2019
The Right Time x Banner Society Collab: Sideline
In a collaboration between Banner Society and The Right Time, Bomani is joined by Spencer Hall of Banner Society (5:38), Marcus Spears of ESPN (29:21), Steven Godfrey also of Banner Society (52:25) and Joel Anderson of Slate (1:23:25) for the first edition of the new series "Sideline: Boosters in CFB". They discuss who boosters are and how they exercise their power, the dark side of recruiting and what you are "agreeing to" when you take money from "bag men", who "bag men" are and what their impact is on the sport's economy at-large as well as how boosters factor into the hiring/firing of coaches.
Nov 26, 2019
ESPN's Howard Bryant
Howard Bryant shares with Bomani what his weekend in Atlanta for Colin Kaepernick's workout was like (0:30). What was the NFL's position and how did it conflict with Colin's? Howard spoke with the NFL Thursday morning to sift through the unknown (10:32). Who laid the ground work for the workout? Why haven't we heard from anybody about the quality of the workout? Plus, why questions about his t-shirt miss the point (28:27) as well as how it to connects to Howard's new book that drops in January "Full Dissidence: Notes from an Uneven Playing Field" (43:37).
Nov 21, 2019
Cruel Intentions, Sideline Pt.4
Bomani goes level-by-level on Kaepernick's workout in Atlanta, including the NFL's intentions and why we're running out of excuses as to why he can't play in the league (0:40). Why Carmelo Anthony deserves to finish with dignity in Portland (21:29) and remembering the "Malice in the Palace" 15 years after the fact (27:09). Plus, Bo wraps up our series on boosters in college football, "Sideline" with Joel Anderson of Slate (34:10). They discuss how boosters factor into the hiring/firing of coaches, the role that conference alignment plays and which schools have the "want to" when it comes to growing their program.
Nov 19, 2019
Lamar vs. Deshaun: Dual-Threat Duel
On Sunday, we will see one of the most anticipated match-ups of the NFL season - Deshaun Watson taking on Lamar Jackson. The last time these QBs faced off, they were in college. Watson on his way to winning a national championship with Clemson. Jackson at Louisville, about to win the Heisman Trophy. Now they are NFL MVP candidates. Domonique Foxworth joins Mina Kimes to breakdown the Sunday showdown that features two of the league's most exciting signal callers.
Nov 15, 2019
Prince memoir "The Beautiful Ones" Co-Author Dan Piepenbring
Author Dan Piepenbring shares how he got the job of helping Prince write his memoir "The Beautiful Ones" (1:00). Where did they begin (7:10)? He and Bomani discuss the way in which Prince wanted to address race as a theme in the book (13:54), what surprised him about writing the book (18:05), how difficult the process was (22:08), what they weren't able to get into in before his passing (26:45), their favorite Prince records (33:05), how he feels now that the book has been released (43:36) and more.
Nov 14, 2019
Hustlin' Backwards
Bomani dishes on why Ed Orgeron's postgame exploits and the beat down delivered to Alabama by LSU has reignited a rivalry of legendary proportions (0:37), why the NCAA is "hustlin' backwards" with James Wiseman at Memphis (12:13) also why Bo dominating in fantasy football in spite of not caring says something (25:20). Plus, an IYHH with "weight loss" THC (33:49) as well as "DJ" Mike Hitman on his Crimson Tide, Cowboys and Celtics (43:16).
Nov 12, 2019
DJ Premier
DJ Premier of Gang Starr joins Bomani to chat about his upbringing in Houston (0:30), moving to New York, meeting MC Guru and joining his group as the DJ (7:45), developing his own style as a producer (18:05), the working friendship he's developed with Dr. Dre (24:50) as well as how his sound has changed over the years (35:46). Plus, the new Gang Starr record "One of the Best Yet" (39:39) and what he's into these days musically (52:52).
Nov 07, 2019
Patience Is A Virtue, Sideline Pt. 3
Bomani dishes on the moment of no return for Lamar Jackson haters and why it cements the "year of the black quarterback" (0:36), as well as what remains suspect about Willie Taggart's firing from Florida State (16:34). Plus, Steven Godfrey of SB Nation's "Banner Society" joins Bomani for Part 3 of our series on boosters in college football called "Sideline" to chat about the "bag man" (32:28 ). They get into who these guys are, what their motivation is and what their impact is on the sport's economy at-large. Interested in the story from Steven that sparked the fire for this episode? Check it out here:
Nov 05, 2019
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson of Slate joins Bomani to chat about his new project "Slow Burn" Season 3: the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (0:29). They dish on episode one, which centers on the night that Tupac got shot five times in a New York recording studio. Also, where the rest of the series could end up and the problematic nature of that time in rap music. You can find it all here: Plus, Joel's TCU beat Bo's Texas, so that needed to be addressed (41:57).
Oct 31, 2019
Who's Got Jokes?
Bomani weighs in on saltiness from the Warriors with losing and Steve Kerr has it in him to coach a bad team (0:39), breaks down Anthony Davis telling LeBron to fix his hair piece and what it says about their relationship thus far (11:03) as well as John Gruden referring to Deshaun Watson's performance as "Michael Jordan-like" (24:48). Plus, an IYHH with Eminem's visit from the Secret Service (32:51) and Bo's review of "Jesus Is King" from Kanye West (42:55 ).
Oct 29, 2019
Vinnie Goodwill
Vinnie Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports joins Bo as the NBA season kicks off. Who's going to win it all this year (1:06)? Vinnie was at Celtics-Sixers Wednesday night and sizes up the both of their chances (6:34). Plus, breaking down the "steeze" of Tyler Herro and the credentials of this Heat team (13:40), if Giannis can take another leap this year (21:44), if Kyrie and Durant will mesh (29:43), what the Lakers need to do to contend for the title (37:19), whether or not Russell Westbrook's "cooked" (47:23) as well as much more.
Oct 24, 2019
Shock Value, Sideline Pt. 2
Bomani urges everyone to appreciate Zion Williamson for what he is following his surgery ahead of opening night (4:04), revels in Michael Jordan being petty about Steph Curry's Hall of Fame credentials (10:42) and calls out the Astros regarding a staffer's outburst on Roberto Osuna (22:35). Plus, Marcus Spears joins Bomani in Part 2 of "Sideline" to chat about his recruitment to and time at LSU (33:09). They get into what you are "agreeing to" when you take money from "bag men" and what the weirdest thing a booster ever asked him to do was.
Oct 22, 2019
Gucci Mane
Rapper Gucci Mane joins Bomani to chat about his new album "Woptober II" which drops on October 18th. They dish on what led him to the rap game (4:05), who influenced him early on (14:00), the process behind writing his autobiography (17:38), who he worked with on the new album (20:29), what he's learned from the record industry and how he can pass it on to other rappers coming up (23:34).
Oct 17, 2019
Stand And Deliver
Bomani dishes on LeBron's comments regarding China and Daryl Morey (0:36), why the Panthers need to figure out if Cam Newton still has it before they turn the page (20:38) as well as why Baker Mayfield's "act" doesn't work when he is on the losing end (29:04). Plus, an IYHH with fish that can breathe on land (35:23) and a music AMA (43:22).
Oct 15, 2019
Bassey Ikpi, Author
Author Bassey Ikpi joins Bomani to chat about her new book "I'm Telling The Truth But I'm Lying", which is a collection of essays about her road to diagnosis for Bipolar II. She discusses the experiences that she chronicles in the book (4:45), awareness in society of mental health issues (13:15), the reaction that she's received publicly after sharing her story (24:19), how writing about family and friends has been received (44:53) as well as her next steps (52:00).
Oct 10, 2019
Tread Lightly, Sideline Pt. 1
Bomani recaps how the NBA's business relationship with China has become strained due to a tweet from Rockets GM Daryl Morey (0:42) and how Snoop Dog upset school officials with his "Midnight Madness" performance at Kansas University (19:22). Plus, Bo tips his cap to friend of the show Michael Smith on his new chapter (30:10) and Spencer Hall joins for part one of our series "Sideline" in conjunction with SB Nation's "Banner Society" about boosters in college football, including who boosters are as well as how they exercise their power (37:12).
Oct 08, 2019
Wendell Carter Jr., Bulls C
Bulls C Wendell Carter joins Bomani to chat about getting paid like a professional (2:25), his mom speaking out about his situation at Duke (6:02), what he's looking forward to this season (8:58) and the differences between playing for Jim Boylen and Coach K (11:17). Plus, growing up in Atlanta (15:40), when he thought he had a future in the NBA (20:13), the Gucci-Wakanda fit he wore for the NBA Draft (22:13), getting settled in Chicago with his parents around (24:32) and more.
Oct 03, 2019
Stay Ready
Bomani revels in the chickens finally coming home to roost for Kirk Cousins in Minnesota (0:34), wonders if Odell Beckham Jr. getting choked out by Marlon Humphrey tops the level of disrespect of "chain-snatching" (16:30) as well as if the league has finally caught up to Sean McVay and Jared Goff (26:37). Plus, flying spiders in a fresh edition IYHH (35:59) and now that the NBA is close to returning so has #StillInTheLeague (45:16).
Oct 01, 2019
Danny Brown
Rapper and entertainer extraordinaire Danny Brown chats with Bomani about getting started in rap (1:25), teaching inmates how to rap during the time he spent in prison (7:45), his new single "Best Life" from the forthcoming album "uknowhatimsayin?" as well as what it was like having Q-Tip executive produce it (13:16), the trend in the rap game right now of shorter album releases (20:40) and working with different producers over the years (29:53). Plus, his inspirations growing up (37:18), his show on Viceland "Danny's House" and his interest in comedy (44:46).
Sep 26, 2019
Flip The Script
Bomani throws shade at the Giants for trading away Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns in the spring despite wanting rookie Daniel Jones to be successful in light of his strong first start (0:35), how Washington has turned on their miserable football franchise (13:03) and adds why he'd want out of AB's "group chat" (20:40). Plus, an IYHH with Tekashi 6ix9ine's courtroom accusations (32:12) and voicemails of when someone showed up to hoop dressed like they were 'bout that life, only to prove to NOT be 'bout that life (49:35).
Sep 24, 2019
The Right Time Book Club: The Fierce Life Of An American Hero
Listener! Now that the Book Club on "Jim Brown: The Fierce Life of an American Hero" featuring Howard Bryant, Lonna O'Neal and author Mike Freeman has concluded, we wanted to share with those who may have missed it the collection in its entirety. Enjoy!
Sep 20, 2019
Michael Felder
Bomani and Michael Felder of Stadium dive deeper into the problematic nature of Tim Tebow's First Take comments on amateurism (2:59), including the misconceptions about the physical toll of college football (9:20) and where "coaches over players" fits into the debate (16:11). Plus, the anomaly of UCF (20:38), Jalen Hurts looking good at OU (24:52), the evolution of Nick Saban (32:52), what is disappointing about Texas to him (41:46) and why you need to pay attention to Chuba Hubbard from Oklahoma State (49:56).
Sep 19, 2019
Enough Is Enough
Bomani shares why those crying foul over the trend of NFL players requesting to be traded are off-base (0:34), the problem he has with Tim Tebow's comments that an education is "enough" compensation for college athletes (17:21) as well as why after being replaced as starter by Daniel Jones Eli Manning should just retire (35:27). Plus, an IYHH that includes comedian Shane Gillis being dropped from next season's SNL cast (41:22) as well as your voicemails of when heckling went "too far" (51:41).
Sep 17, 2019
Domonique Foxworth
Bomani and Domonique Foxworth chat about the Antonio Brown situation, including how it compares to Randy Moss' addition in New England and whether or not the "Commissioner's Exempt List" reaches its desired effect (3:14). Plus, which player on the Dolphins will "snap" first, why no amount of money should be enough to be "cool" with losing and much more (35:25).
Sep 12, 2019
Wildin' Out
Bomani silences claims that Antonio Brown is a victim (0:37), shares why the Dolphins' attempt to tank is "morally" wrong (16:03) as well as touches on a new bill in California that could change the game for college athletes regarding endorsement opportunities (27:30). Plus, an IYHH with an update on the Chevy Chase dog park and the inaugural event at the Chase Center in S.F. featuring Metallica (37:18) in addition to the funniest voicemails of listeners getting into fights wither their coaches/bosses a la A.B. (50:52).
Sep 10, 2019
Mina Kimes
Bomani and Mina Kimes discuss Ezekiel Elliot's new deal in the context of the league overall "paying running backs", including whether or not holding out is the right answer for every player seeking more money and how it connects with Andrew Luck's retirement (1:30). Plus, whether or not Jared Goff's contract is indicative of the level that he could reach among other QB's (26:24) and why Antonio Brown "isn't good" at social media (44:25).
Sep 05, 2019
The Baddest Man
Bomani dishes on the calamity of trades for the Texans and Bill O'Brien, including Jadeveon Clowney going out and Laremy Tunsil coming in (0:40). CFB has returned and Bo highlights why there's more than one interesting story with Hugh Freeze at Liberty (14:50) as well as why Danil Medvedev was the "baddest" man in tennis until Bo googled him (27:00). Plus, an expanded IYHH with citizens trying to ban "barking" at a dog park near D.C. and Jay-Z's "Inspire Change" NFL apparel line (37:08) as well as your outlandish invention story voicemails in honor of LeBron and "Taco Tuesday" (50:09).
Sep 03, 2019
Spencer Hall
Bomani and Spencer Hall of SB Nation dish on what intrigues them about the CFB season, including Georgia Tech transitioning off of the triple option offense (1:20), just how Clemson became a national power and remains as such (6:42), what it would take for Nick Saban to be on the hotseat (22:24), the future for Urban Meyer as it relates to USC/Notre Dame (30:09) as well as much more.
Aug 29, 2019
Calling It Quits, Book Club Finale
Bomani dishes on why you shouldn't have an issue with Andrew Luck's decision to retire (0:40) and if Dwight Howard's second chance with the Lakers will be a success (18:14). He also has a laugh at the fiction that is the rivalry between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova (29:12). Plus, in the finale of The Right Time Book Club, author Mike Freeman covers how the message of his book resonates today as well as the most interesting bit of information he came across during his research (41:23).
Aug 27, 2019
10th Anniversary: Dan, Mina, Bomani and Zach's Favorites
To help celebrate ten years of 30 for 30 films, we've invited some of our favorite other ESPN podcasters to give picks for their favorite films: Dan Le Batard, Mina Kimes, Bomani Jones, and Zach Lowe talk with Jody Avirgan. Subscribe to all their podcasts now! The entire 30 for 30 film archive is available exclusively on our streaming service ESPN+:
Aug 09, 2019
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson of Slate joins Bomani to talk about his claim that he was the "fastest 10-year old in America" in 1988 (3:30). Plus, their disdain for internet "lists" in the context of the "Top 50 Rappers" list that has set Twitter alight (8:57) as well as the NCAA's new rule change about the eligibility of agents that some are calling the "Rich Paul rule" (28:47).
Aug 08, 2019
Time To Say Goodbye
Bomani shares why he feels the media is turning a blind eye to messaging of racial injustice by Champ Bailey and Ed Reed during Hall of Fame weekend (0:38), discusses the likability of Baker Mayfield and this Browns team (22:28) as well as the validity in the selections of the "all-decade team" for the 2010's by (33:04). Plus, an IYHH with a wearable HVAC unit (39:33) and your stories of why you "quit football" (47:03).
Aug 06, 2019
Tim Anderson, White Sox SS
Bomani chats with White Sox SS Tim Anderson about the grind of a baseball season (0:46), pivoting to baseball after playing basketball growing up (1:44), his passion for the game (2:50), the goals he had growing up in Tuscaloosa (6:44), playing in the minor leagues (10:10), moving to Chicago (11:52), expressing himself on the field and inspiring young kids (12:44), what can MLB do to improve marketing/branding for MLB players (21:10), how he can improve his game (23:18) as well as his response to getting suspended back in May (25:27).
Aug 01, 2019
Book Club Part 2
Bomani explains why this is the optimal time for Ezekiel Elliott to hold out, but that he's only going to get his money if he's willing to miss games (0:46). In response to Jeremy Lin's emotional speech about hitting rock bottom, he comes to understand Lin's quest for respect within the NBA community (19:18). Plus, in Part 2 of The Right Time Book Club, Bomani and Lonnae O'Neal discuss the middle of Mike Freeman's book "Jim Brown: The Fierce Life of an American Hero", including Brown's complicated history with women (48:58).
Jul 30, 2019
Domonique Foxworth
Bomani and Domonique Foxworth of The Undefeated dish on reports of Adrian Peterson's recent financial woes (6:23), including stories of trusting financial advisors/agents as well as how much of a role the NFL Players Association should have in offering support to players across the league (11:13). Plus, Jalen Ramsey makes a scene at training camp over securing the deal he desires (22:00), why defensive players are "wired" differently (33:20) as well as whether or not it is okay to dunk on your children (43:15).
Jul 25, 2019
Bomani shares why he feels that it is all too convenient to forget just how good of a player Barry Bonds was when it comes time for Baseball's Hall of Fame inductions every year (0:43). In light of stars electing not to play for the US MBB team at the FIBA World Cup, he analyzes when the "thrill" in participating went away and how to fix (16:40). A story about Chris Paul trying to prevent players from going "broke" reminds him of a conversation he had with his TV producer Erik Rydholm regarding trust another with financial advice (28:24). Plus, a fresh IYHH involving the politician who might've been fired for being a "fan" of Tupac (43:48) and your voicemails of the craziest thing you've seen "heat" do (53:43).
Jul 23, 2019
Big K.R.I.T.
Bomani is joined by the rapper Big K.R.I.T. to dish on his new album "K.R.I.T. iz Here" which is available now. He dishes on operating separate as an artist from a label post his split with Def Jam (0:55), building his brand independently via "Multi Alumni" (7:45), the "nitty gritty" of producing others like Bun B (19:30), letting go of creative control on his own album (29:24), his passion for old-school vinyl records (38:29), what his next move is (41:37) and more.
Jul 18, 2019
Father Time
Bomani weighs in on the Russell Westbrook trade and recaps meeting Zion in Vegas (0:35). Plus, he dishes on whether or not it is fair to suggest "father time" is catching up with Serena Williams in wake of her loss to Simona Halep in the Wimbledon final (15:32) and Baxter Holmes' story about how the specialization of child athletes is causing serious health issues (26:20). An IYHH featuring a hoverboard flying over "Bastille Day" in Paris (37:10) and inspirational voicemails from listeners dealing with blackouts cap things off (49:19).
Jul 16, 2019
Shannon Penn
Bomani welcomes back former The Right Time producer Shannon Penn for a therapy session about the New York Knicks (0:45), including missing out on Durant/Kyrie to the Nets and how it changes the dynamic between the two fanbases. Is it time to jump ship if you love the Knicks? Plus, how Kawhi to the Clippers alters what is possible for the landscape of the NBA (33:26) and when it makes sense to speak up about your one-time claim to fame (49:26).
Jul 11, 2019
Kawhi-ser Soze
Bomani makes his triumphant return from vacation to unpack everything that happened in free agency, including Kawhi Leonard having the vision to choose the Clippers and bring Paul George with him (0:41) as well as just how balanced the league is now with stars pairing up (16:40). Plus, the sentiments around the USWNT's World Cup victory (29:41), a fresh IYHH including Bo's thoughts on the "Blue Bell Licker" (45:22) and your best 4th of July weekend cookout stories (58:42).
Jul 09, 2019
Book Club Part 1
It's that time of year again and The Right Time Book Club has returned for its second installment with Mike Freeman's "Jim Brown: The Fierce Life of an American Hero". In Part 1, Bomani and Howard Bryant discuss Jim Brown's upbringing, his years at Syracuse, meritocracy in sports, the effect of early quotas on the color barrier in the NFL and much more.
Jul 02, 2019
Setting The Table
After a no-show from today's guest, Bomani decides to set the table for free agency. He discusses the hilarity in Houston's pursuit of Jimmy Butler and why the Rockets would believe he wants to play for his hometown squad (3:35). Does the Kemba vs. Kyrie debate sound like a good idea to you? Not for Bo. The backlash to Kyrie when he returns to Boston is going to be something else (17:53). Plus, how it parallels to the situation with the Lakers (35:16).
Jun 27, 2019
The Right Time x The Hoop Collective Collab
In a collaboration between The Hoop Collective and The Right Time, Bomani is joined by ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst (2:48), NBA agent Bill Duffy (18:20), NBAPA Executive Director Michele Roberts (28:01) and ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks (41:17) for the first edition of the new series "Baseline: The Supermax". They discuss what the "super team" preventing CBA provision is, who it affects, why it has been or not been successful, the value of talent, the union's role in protecting that as well as how difficult it is to construct a roster around.
Jun 22, 2019
Vincent Goodwill
Bomani is joined by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports to expand upon his Rockets story, including whether or not Chris Paul is the only one that should be trying to leave Houston (7:26). Plus, the guys wonder who will go where in free agency (38:08) and discuss the Anthony Davis trade (49:29), but first have to talk about Vincent's "Bad Boys" t-shirt (0:55).
Jun 20, 2019
Hindsight Is 50/50
Bomani dives into every facet of Anthony Davis' trade from the Pelicans to the Lakers. Did Rob Pelinka not realize that the timing of the trade would mess up their salary cap situation? Are they the favorites in the west now (0:36)? Also, Bo thinks you should stop asking who "won" the trade in the context of the Pelicans (16:20). Has the new ESPN story about the Rockets' dysfunction made us forget how good they are (28:13)? Plus, in IYHH Bo and Greg Cote cover OJ's entrance to Twitter (40:00) and "DJ" Mike Hitman discusses the folly of the Celtics and more (51:47)
Jun 18, 2019
Marcus Thompson, The Athletic
Bomani is joined by Marcus Thompson of The Athletic to weigh in on the emotional response in and around the Warriors to Kevin Durant's injury (3:29) as well how the city of Oakland feels about the team leaving town (22:28). Plus, they have a conversation about the difficulties behind landing a job in the front office of an NBA team if you are a person of color (45:13).
Jun 13, 2019
How You Like Me Now?
Bomani lambasts those who questioned Kevin Durant's resolve in the lead up to Game 5 of the NBA Finals where he re-injured himself shortly after starting (0:37). Will the Warriors' supporting cast be able to step up in what could be their last game at Oracle (14:34)? Plus, Bo offers his balanced take on the basketball analytics community after Jalen Rose's interview with the New Yorker (24:36) and we get a fresh dose of IYHH (43:27) as well as your best Kawhi-related tall tales (52:44).
Jun 11, 2019
Johnny Sweet, Director of Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story
Bomani chats with documentarian Johnny Sweet about his film "Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story". They discuss Ron's upbringing in the Queensbridge projects of NYC (4:05), his development as a high school player (6:45), his time at St. John's (8:50), the brief point he worked for Circuit City (14:30), the story behind the "Malice at the Palace" (16:40), Artest's domestic violence arrest (25:50) and how he dealt with mental health issues (28:45). Plus, the part that music played in the film (39:22) and what didn't end up making it in that he wishes would have (45:35).
Jun 06, 2019
King In The North
Bomani Jones dishes on his trip up to Toronto for Game 2 of the NBA Finals and takes you inside the arena, as he assesses whether or not his Twitter beef with the city was warranted (0:38). Is it realistic to think Kawhi will stay (13:45)? We have new revelations from Kawhi's past at San Diego State that are hilarious (24:21) and Leonard has sued Nike over his logo (16:32). Plus, Bo marvels at Anthony Joshua's loss to Andy Ruiz (30:51), the cyborg's Jeopardy demise in IYHH (36:30) and the most extravagant lies you've heard via our voicemail line (45:46).
Jun 04, 2019
Taylor Rooks
Bomani welcomes Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report for a wide-ranging conversation including Uber etiquette (1:19), her show "Take It There" on the BR App (9:08) and the best interviews she's done for it (19:50), how she got started in the industry (12:17) as well as how Bomani offering up how he got started (27:59). Plus, dealing with negativity on social and realizing her "celebrity" (30:13) in addition to who they think their core audience is (38:28). Do Bo and Taylor have a "type"? They tell (49:32).
May 30, 2019
It's About To Go Down
Bomani Jones offers his preview of the NBA Finals, including if the Raptors have a chance against the Warriors (0:42), whether or not Drake is the new Spike Lee of the courtside game (11:28) as well as why KD should be worried that the Warriors are winning without him (14:54). Bo also takes you through his Twitter fight with the city of Toronto (17:45) and dishes on the most recent Lakers story characterizing Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka in a poor light (29:45). Plus, the city of Baltimore being held ransom by hackers in a new edition of IYHH (41:16) and voicemails from your "worst airplane experience" (51:44).
May 28, 2019
Bubba Wallace
Bomani is joined by NASCAR driver Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. to discuss driving for Richard Petty Motorsports No. 43 (:43), opening up about hard times (21:36), being the only relevant African American NASCAR driver at this time (30:00), his appreciation for heavy metal and playing the drums (40:23) and much more.
May 23, 2019
They Smile In Your Face.... Backstabbers
Bomani starts off by offering a full recap of the Magic Johnson experience on First Take, (:43) then discusses the New Orleans Pelicans getting the first pick in the draft lottery & how Zion seems to feel about it, (19:49) and a look back at the '94 Bulls-Knicks semifinal playoff series & how that would play out today on Twitter (28:37). Plus, a fresh dose of IYHH (40:55) and your Voicemails about the time you got "backstabbed" at work.
May 21, 2019
Bun B
Bomani welcomes Houston native and rapper Bun B to the show to chat about Houston sports (0:47), including the Rockets' tough loss to the Warriors. They discuss their friendship and how he's responded to a recent home invasion (7:20). Plus, they delve into his career musically, including UGK and beyond (12:30). Does he have anything left that he'd like to do in the game after playing in some of the biggest arenas with the biggest acts in the world? Also what it's like to be a grandfather now (42:54).
May 16, 2019
Crocodile Tears
Bomani piles on Joel Embiid's tears following a tough Game 7 loss to the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Semis (0:43) and calls out the Lakers for wasting LeBron's remaining years on behalf of the media and the rest of the league (20:09). Plus, his thoughts on the Wu-Tang documentary from Showtime (31:29) as well as a fresh dose of IYHH (50:00) and your own personal "catfish" voicemails in light of Bo's experience from last week (58:52).
May 14, 2019
Mina Kimes
Bomani welcomes Mina Kimes back for a special combo edition of The Right Time and The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny to dish on her Zion Williamson piece (0:57), including why he didn't play football (9:10). Plus, the complicating factors of how the NFL should handle Tyreek Hill (19:42) as well as Richard Sherman's comments on Nick Bosa's tweets (39:10). Mina and Bo take questions from her mailbag (51:17) and her dog Lenny asks Bo whether or not he gets paid to tweet (57:45).
May 09, 2019
Last Stand?
Bomani dishes on the Warriors struggling with the physicality of the Rockets. Are their hearts just not in it anymore (0:43)? Plus, is this the last of Kyrie in Boston (16:13) and why the media should be a little ashamed of their NCAA trial coverage (28:49). The potential removal of "likes" from Instagram and more in IYHH (36:51) as well as voicemails of when you "tried to show out and it didn't work out" like Steph's famous rim check (50:27).
May 07, 2019
Shannon Penn
Bomani welcomes former The Right Time producer and resident Giants fan Shannon Penn back to the program to recap of the issues with the franchise, including Odell, Eli, Landon Collins and Daniel Jones (2:08). Plus, excitement for the Knicks this upcoming offseason and how that plays into Kevin Durant's performance for the Warriors in the playoffs (26:47) as well as the ramifications of the Panthers drafting Will Grier (44:59) and much more.
May 02, 2019
Light A Fire
Bomani offers why he doesn't appreciate what the Rockets are about and how it is distracting from Kevin Durant's greatness (0:33), why he is impressed with Joel Embiid's ability to endure "itchy booty" against the Raptors (17:34) as well as why Josh Rosen got the better end of the deal ending up in Miami (28:41). Plus, a whale spy in the return of IYHH (37:07) and Bo's thoughts on the passing of filmmaker John Singleton (47:36).
Apr 30, 2019
ScHooolboy Q
Bomani welcomes rapper and L.A. native ScHoolboy Q to the show to discuss his new album that drops this week "CrasH Talk" (3:41), the passing of his friend and iconic local rapper Nipsey Hussle (9:00), the problematic nature of tribute records and social media stunting when someone passes away (11:49) as well as how fans factor into the purpose behind his music (16:30). Plus, how playing JUCO football (23:16) factored into when he got started rapping (29:14) as well as his friendship with the late Mac Miller (35:06).
Apr 25, 2019
Line Of Fire, Baseline Pt. 4
Bomani shares his thoughts on the criticisms of Russell Westbrook and his future with the Thunder (0:41), the problematic annual character "tear down" of a prospect ahead of the NFL draft as exemplified by Ed Oliver (17:41) and the cyborg who may never lose at Jeopardy (28:18). Plus, ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks joins Bo for the finale of our educational series "Baseline: The Supermax", to weigh in on the difficulties of building a team around the contract, including managing relationships, adding players on minimum contracts and paying the luxury tax (36:47). Plus, pitting two friends against one another in a hilarious edition of "UnblockmeBo" (54:52).
Apr 23, 2019
Bruce Bowen
Bomani welcomes ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen to weigh in on all of the foolishness from the NBA Playoffs, including Kevin Durant-Patrick Beverley (0:59), Russell Westbrook-Damian Lillard (17:20) and Joel Embiid-everybody among other Sixers topics (24:00). Plus, he discusses saltiness with players he defended in his career (11:14), issues with the Lakers (35:28), how the competitiveness of the Clippers affects their summer plans (40:55) and more.
Apr 18, 2019
We Back, Baseline Pt. 3
Bomani shares his thoughts on Tiger Woods "transcending greatness" after his win at the Masters over the weekend (0:38), Russell Wilson's "code-switching" in his new contract announcement on social media with Ciara (22:14) and Nick Bosa trying to cover up his Twitter history in view of getting drafted by the 49ers (32:49). Plus, NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts joins Bo for part three of "Baseline: The Supermax", including her office's relationship with the league, their response to the NBA's "cap smoothing" request in the CBA as well as the union's role in providing security for players of star quality and more (41:13).
Apr 16, 2019
Mega Hoops Playoff Podcast
Zach Lowe, Ryen Russillo, Brian Windhorst and Bomani Jones each take you through their playoff previews. Zach thinks Rockets-Jazz is going to be the most interesting first-round series. Russillo and Bomani talk about Warriors playoff fatigue, who can beat them in the west and more. Plus, Brian Windhorst and the Hoop Collective discuss Denver-San Antonio, OKC-Portland and many other playoff matchups.
Apr 12, 2019
Michael Collins & Roy Wood Jr.
The Right Time comes a day early, because, MAGIC. Bomani welcomes former comedy colleagues Roy Wood Jr. of Comedy Central and ESPN golf analyst Michael Collins to talk about Johnson's shock resignation as president of the Lakers (1:58), Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wades' final games before retirement (14:44) as well as this weekend's Masters tournament from Augusta National (22:25). Plus, Roy and Bo on which players do and don't deserve farewell tours in the NBA (39:55).
Apr 10, 2019
Fair & Square, Baseline Pt. 2
Bomani discusses the lack of elite talent in Monday's CBB National Championship (0:38), Jazz F Kyle Korver's piece in "The Players' Tribune" on white privilege and fan controversy in Utah (16:35) as well as a fascinating new NBA players' poll from "The Athletic" (29:23). Plus, NBA agent Bill Duffy joins Bo for the second edition of our new series "Baseline: The Supermax", including whether or not the players are earning what they should be (41:14) and thoughts on "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X in IYHH (52:33).
Apr 09, 2019
Bomani welcomes New Orleans native and rapper Juvenile to The Right Time. They discuss whether or not he's recovered from the Saints' loss in the NFC Championship (1:11), his favorite thing about New Orleans (2:37), his new project "Just Another Gangsta" with Birdman (4:55) and historic works of his (11:43) including "back that a** up" (19:14). Plus, the most surprising celebrity fans of his (24:15), what he grew up listening to (32:40) and what's to come in the future for him (40:40).
Apr 04, 2019
Full Carlton, Baseline Pt. 1
Bomani discusses Zion's exit from the NCAA Tournament (4:33), John Calipari finessing Kentucky for a lifetime contract (13:24) and what playoff scenarios would be ideal for "messiness" (22:24). Plus, ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst joins Bo for the first edition of our new series "Baseline: The Supermax", including what the supposed 'super team-preventing' collective bargaining agreement provision is, who is eligible for it and why the NBA's course has been altered by its unintended consequences (34:02).
Apr 02, 2019
Shareef Abdur-Rahim, G League President
Bomani is joined by G League President and former NBA forward Shareef Abdur-Rahim to discuss how he got involved in business (1:05), how much different the G League is from the NBA in operations and philosophy (11:13), the introduction of the "pro path" player development alternative to the NCAA (18:10) and growing their audience (25:17) which includes Bo's unsolicited advice for Shareef on a G League TV show. Plus, his being a part of the "greatest draft" in league history (32:51) and how his experience as a player shaped him (41:23).
Mar 28, 2019
Fraudulent Behavior
Bomani shares everything you need to know about Michael Avenatti trying to "shake down" Nike (1:40), dishes on the hypocrisy around Tom Izzo's chastising of a player mid-game (16:28) as well as Lonzo Ball's controversy with BBB (27:10). Plus, an IYHH including Dr. Dre celebrating his daughter getting into USC (33:39) and Bo's thoughts on the Elizabeth Holmes documentary "The Inventor" (47:26).
Mar 26, 2019
Vincent Goodwill
Bomani is joined by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports to survey the NBA landscape, including how close we are to the next "Malice in the Palace" (3:14), how a poor LeBron-Lakers' season has affected the rest of the teams in the Western Conference (23:58) as well as who is going to win the East (36:07). Plus, the guys talk life in NYC, such as the craziest thing they've ever seen on a subway train (48:26).
Mar 21, 2019
Con Job
Bomani shares why he thinks the NCAA Tournament has become a "worse product" over the years (0:35), dishes on Doc Rivers potentially coaching the Lakers next season (17:19) and adds a new word to your dictionary (Gettleman-ed) in light of the Giants fans' misery (29:07). Plus, a fresh dose of IYHH (42:59) and an #unblockmebo where history is made (55:02).
Mar 19, 2019
Brian Koppelman
Bomani welcomes the co-creator of Showtime's "Billions" Brian Koppelman back to the show ahead of the premiere of Season 4 on Sunday 3/17. They discuss how he's humanized the billionaire class, the range of casting in the show (15:39), how much he's enjoyed working on it (33:02) and whether or not either of them would change if they became "billionaires" (41:51).
Mar 14, 2019
Don't Hate
Bomani shares his thoughts on Russell Westbrook's altercation with a fan in Utah (0:34), Antonio Brown forcing his way to the Raiders (20:00) and how Duke has been able to change their "reputation" over the years (29:50). Plus, an IYHH to remember (43:47) and your stories of what you did when you got your first big check in light of NFL free agency (52:23).
Mar 12, 2019
2 Chainz
Bomani is joined by 2 Chainz to discuss the concept behind his recently released album "Rap or Go to the League". They cover his career path, including his self-belief (3:05), his sports background (5:20), LeBron James' A&R credit on the album (9:34), the reach and influence of his music (14:02), if there's anybody left that he would like to collaborate with (17:14), how he pulled off his re-brand (22:26) and more.
Mar 07, 2019
Downward Spiral
Bomani Jones assesses the downward spiral of the Lakers (:30) and Celtics (17:12) as well as shares his thoughts on the conversation around HBO's Michael Jackson documentary "Leaving Neverland" (28:13). Plus, a fresh dose of IYHH including some big changes that could be coming to Time Warner properties like TNT/HBO (42:25) and your AMA's that uncover a rare pair of shoes Bo's been eying (54:44).
Mar 05, 2019
Howard Bryant
Bomani is joined by Howard Bryant to discuss the polarizing subjects of Robert Kraft (0:35) and Colin Kaepernick (21:18). Is the public really aware of how serious the allegations made against Kraft are? Now that the dust has settled, they offer conclusions on Kaep's settlement and the credit Nike has incorrectly been given as it relates to him. Plus, how does the "love for the game" argument relate to MLB and NBA labor disagreements (45:08)?
Feb 28, 2019
It's About Principle
Bomani dishes on the highly concerning charges against Robert Kraft (0:40), why the people telling Zion Williamson he should sit out the rest of the season are wrong (17:22) and why the Ole Miss Anthem demonstration should be treated as a bigger story for different reasons (27:33). Plus, a fresh dose of IYHH (38:57) and your voicemails from a time the crowd turned on the performer at an event you attended (49:07).
Feb 26, 2019
Bruce Bowen
Bomani is joined by ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen to reflect on things post-deadline from the player's perspective, including dealing with trade rumors on a personal level (14:02) and what it is like to see your "role" on a team change for the worse (33:00). Plus, you know we had to hear his thoughts on Kawhi (1:16) as well as the Lakers' chances at making the playoffs (44:40)!
Feb 14, 2019
Hands Off
Bomani dishes on the Lakers' and President of Basketball Ops Magic Johnson's warpath to acquire a star, which includes Anthony Davis and potentially Ben Simmons (0:34) as well why the Celtics (who should be elated) are not taking advantage of the situation (20:11). Plus, people seem to be enjoying the new bootleg football League "AAF" (31:23), we get a fresh edition of IYHH (38:24) and your what caused you to "quit" your home team voicemails (45:56).
Feb 12, 2019
Anil Dash
Bomani is joined by the CEO of Glitch Anil Dash to talk tech. They discuss how his South Asian heritage has shaped his identity growing up the United States (2:02), the ethical issues plaguing companies like Google and Facebook (11:01) as well as the animosity on social media platforms like Twitter (27:44). Plus, he shares the wild story of his online friendship with Prince (55:12).
Feb 07, 2019
Soulless Bowl
Bomani shares his thoughts on the Patriots' Super Bowl LIII victory over the Rams, including the relationship between McVay-Goff and the diabolical brain of Bill Belichick (0:37) as well as his experience down in Atlanta amongst the people (14:48). Plus, the Anthony Davis-Lakers poker game is heating up (34:18), we get a fresh edition of IYHH (44:24) and your worst experience at a sporting event voicemails (56:59).
Feb 05, 2019
Michael Smith
Bomani welcomes Michael Smith back to the show to discuss their high-school athletic careers (0:32), their former fandom for the Saints and Falcons (13:29) as well as the effect that the winter "squall" is having on Bomani's enjoyment of living in NYC (32:35). They were supposed to talk Super Bowl, but ended up talking about Kung-Fu and Canada Goose jackets, that should tell you everything you need to know.
Jan 31, 2019
Exert Your Power
Bomani shares his thoughts on Anthony Davis' request to be traded from the Pelicans (0:36), including why LeBron can't be blamed for exerting the influence that we praise him for (22:37) as well as what it says about the league that it overshadowed Super Bowl media night (33:09). Plus, a fresh IYHH with sympathies for robots (42:48) and DJ Mike Hitman takes your calls on the most aggravating fanbases (56:19).
Jan 29, 2019
Roy Wood Jr.
Bomani welcomes comedian Roy Wood Jr. to the show to discuss the demographics of crowds at different sporting events (1:02) and his Comedy Central special coming this weekend "No One Loves You" (19:32), including knowing when to "separate the art from the artist" (27:31), what celebrities can and can't "send for you" (38:08) as well as the difficulties of landing sensitive jokes in the modern climate (50:04).
Jan 24, 2019
King Petty
Bomani Jones gloats over the Saints for not making it to the Super Bowl, including addressing the backlash he's received for a successful narrative in the lead up to the game (1:53). Plus, the Patriots return to the Super Bowl (22:21), Boogie Cousins returns to the Warriors (34:44), a fresh IYHH with Fyre Festival doc reactions (42:30) and some thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (58:42).
Jan 22, 2019
Mina Kimes
Bomani is joined by Mina Kimes to discuss the Conference Championships coming this weekend in the NFL Playoffs, including the comical "underdog" story of the Patriots (6:25). Bo makes his final plea for the Rams to spare us a Super Bowl in Atlanta with the Saints representing the NFC (26:29) and they close with a nuanced conversation about problematic names that you just don't hear anymore (52:03).
Jan 17, 2019
The Choice Is Yours
Bomani shares his thoughts on the cultural explosion that was Clemson's swift visit to The White House post-National Championship victory (0:38), Kyler Murray's decision between football and baseball (23:30) as well as why Marcus Peters is the only person who can save Atlanta from Saints fans (34:15). Plus, IYHH (41:25) and a midseason edition of #StillInTheLeague NBA (54:57).
Jan 15, 2019
Domonique Foxworth
Bomani and Domonique Foxworth of The Undefeated dish on "the tipping point" for restaurants, brands and neighborhoods with people of color and how it relates to dress code rules for keeping people out of clubs (4:47). Plus, the latest trend of hiring young white NFL head coaches and what remains problematic about it (16:56) as well as whether or not Clemson's Trevor Lawrence could make the jump to the NFL at age 19 (47:05).
Jan 10, 2019
Beaten Down
Bomani reacts to the tsunami that was Clemson in their CFP National Championship victory over Alabama (0:36), the cruelty towards Cody Parkey after missing a kick to send the Bears to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs over the Eagles (20:55) and Enes Kanter's decision not to accompany the Knicks to their game against the Wizards in London (30:38). Plus, thoughts on "Surviving R. Kelly" in IYHH (40:29) and your New Year's Resolutions for celebs (57:34).
Jan 08, 2019
Adam Silver
Bomani is joined by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to discuss his excitement with this season (0:31), including parity in the league structure and the effect of CBA changes (2:42), the possibility of a minimum age change in the near future (12:55) as well as his "dap" handshake skills with players when he greets them at the draft or at ring ceremonies (18:41). Plus, to put a bow on 2018, LeBron's pull on Anthony Davis looms next year, how will this end (38:30)?
Dec 20, 2018
Amateur Hour
Bomani Jones cracks up about Ian O'Connor's revealing story on Knicks owner James Dolan (0:38) as well as the on-then-off-then-on again Trevor Ariza trade from the weekend (22:07). Plus, his thoughts on the new normal of college football players skipping bowl games (30:32), a new IYHH (38:09) and Jody Avirgan of 30 for 30 podcasts discusses their new season of shows (51:12).
Dec 18, 2018
Domonique Foxworth
Bomani chats with The Undefeated' s Domonique Foxworth about a wide range of NFL topics including Patrick Mahomes (40:15), the Bills & Josh Allen and question what "fitting into an offensive system" really means. Plus, Domonique recalls covering Randy Moss (20:00).
Dec 13, 2018
No Fun Zone?
Bomani shares his thoughts on why we need to appreciate the "fun-ness" that is Patrick Mahomes (0:36), the friendship that changed the face of the NBA in LeBron-Wade (16:54) as well as the controversy engulfing the Chicago Bulls (26:55). Plus, a fresh round of IYHH (44:36) and we share the results of The Right Time show survey (55:32).
Dec 11, 2018
Spencer Hall
Bo is joined by friend of the show Spencer Hall of SB Nation. They share their thoughts on Mike Judge's "Tales From the Tour Bus" (0:54), including which NBA or CFB stories should have their own cartoon animation (12:50) like Kliff Kingsbury going to USC (28:57). Plus, the Urban Meyer situation at Ohio State and what kind of an effect it may have on Jim Harbaugh's future at Michigan (42:04).
Dec 06, 2018
The Rules Are Clear
Bomani offers his take on Kareem Hunt being released from the Chiefs after video evidence of domestic violence is released, Kobe opening a sports academy ( 40:03), questions if anyone still cares about the Heisman (25:00) and more. Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" and your Voicemails.
Dec 04, 2018
David West
Bomani is joined by 2x NBA champion with the Warriors and COO of the brand new "Historic Basketball League" David West. He delves into the plan for the league (1:39), including the current issues he sees with the development of players from college to the NBA (7:05). Plus, he dishes on his own background (36:20) and the last stops of his career in San Antonio (43:57) and Golden State (48:50).
Nov 29, 2018
Bomani breaks down the awkwardness between Browns QB Baker Mayfield and former HC Hue Jackson (0:35) as well as who really won in the LSU-Texas A&M postgame brawl (15:42). Plus, Reuben Foster gets cut from the 49ers after another arrest (25:36), a fresh edition of IYHH (38:00) and an eye-opening music AMA with Bo (49:39).
Nov 27, 2018
Sign of the Times?
Bomani weighs in on the offensive explosion that was last night's MNF victory for the Rams over the Chiefs (0:58), the negative backlash to Condoleezza Rice being linked with the Browns' head coaching job (21:51) and just how deep the dysfunction for the Wizards runs (32:22). Plus, IYHH (45:11) and your best thanksgiving craziness stories (54:58).
Nov 20, 2018
Bruce Bowen
Bomani welcomes former Spurs F Bruce Bowen to the show to weigh in on the beef between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant as well as what the Warriors need to do to get right and continue on their dominant path (1:40). Plus, if the Sixers will experience growing pains in trying to integrate Jimmy Butler (28:39) and if "game recognizes game" when it comes to flopping (39:55).
Nov 15, 2018
Time to Say Goodbye?
Bomani discusses the implications of Jimmy Butler's arrival in Philadelphia (0:38) as well as Carmelo Anthony's impending departure in Houston (16:43). Plus, saying goodbye to the "Peter Man" (28:21), more of your Pros vs. Joes stories (36:55) and looking back on "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" and "Midnight Marauders" at their 25-year anniversaries (46:15).
Nov 13, 2018
Dan Wetzel
Bomani is joined by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports to discuss college hoops and amateurism now that the season has tipped off. They discuss the NCAA trial and why fans don't seem to care about it anymore (0:38), if the reaction to it by the media would have been different years ago (16:03) and whether or not players like Zion Williamson benefit from spending a year in school to boost their brand before heading to the NBA (34:17).
Nov 08, 2018
Watch Closely
Bomani Jones dishes on the blame game for the Lakers and if Luke Walton is long for the job (0:37), how Bill Belichick not wearing "salute to service" gear became a story (17:18) as well as why TD celebrations becoming choreographed raises serious questions (29:14). Plus, IYHH (43:14) and listener stories of playing future pros and "taking an L" (52:34). They DO NOT disappoint!
Nov 06, 2018
Stan Van Gundy
Bomani is joined by new ESPN NBA contributor Stan Van Gundy! They discuss a variety of NBA topics, such as the Lakers and their defensive apathy (2:00), the Rockets and their struggle to get Carmelo Anthony integrated (17:58), the Sixers and the year-to-year improvement of their young stars (39:43) and more.
Nov 01, 2018
Here's The Door
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the craziest developments from the weekend, including the Browns cleaning house (0:40), Jameis Winston getting benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick again (17:55) as well as Ty Lue getting fired by the Cavaliers (33:02). Plus, IYHH (39:12) and listener stories of when a celebrity tried to "swoop your girl"(52:21).
Oct 30, 2018
Vincent Goodwill
Bomani is joined by NBA writer at Yahoo! Sports Vincent Goodwill to bounce around the Association. They discuss how well the pieces fit together with LeBron on the Lakers (2:35), dissect the top of the Eastern Conference (22:48) and break down where the Warriors stand in the historical context of all-time great teams (42:30) with a whole lot else along the way.
Oct 25, 2018
Stand Off
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the pre-game altercation between Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins (0:37) and the Lakers-Rockets fight (17:42). Plus, what the reactions to the fight say about where the league is at today (28:19). Also, IYHH (41:58) and another edition of "Unblock Me Bo!"(51:47).
Oct 23, 2018
Mina Kimes
Bomani is joined by Mina Kimes to talk all things NFL, including the Bills' decision to start Derek Anderson with Josh Allen out via injury (8:47), if defenses getting continuously torched by offenses across the league is the new normal (31:50) and whether or not the Chargers will ever make waves out in Los Angeles (55:01).
Oct 18, 2018
The Right Time Book Club: Friday Night Lights
Listener! Now that the Book Club on Friday Night Lights featuring Domonique Foxworth, Pablo Torre, Howard Bryant and author Buzz Bissinger has concluded, we wanted to share with those who may have missed it the collection in its entirety. Enjoy!
Oct 12, 2018
Michael Felder
Bomani is joined by friend of the show Michael Felder of Stadium to dish on the Jimmy Butler situation and infighting amongst teammates across sports (3:22), which team could get left out of the College Football Playoff (17:37) as well as if the dream of Texas being "back" has actually come true (44:44).
Oct 11, 2018
Talk Is Cheap
Bomani shares his thoughts on the McGregor-Khabib post-fight fiasco in the UFC (0:37), Odell Beckham Jr.'s harsh but true words in an interview with ESPN's Josina Anderson (18:47) and his Texas Longhorns besting Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry (34:45). Plus, a fresh edition of IYHH (39:10) and a voicemail AMA with the listeners of the show (50:57).
Oct 09, 2018
Tom Haberstroh
Bomani is joined by friend of the show Tom Haberstroh of Bleacher Report to discuss his new piece on NBA player phone addiction and why front offices are turning to artificial intelligence firms to try and slow it down (0:48). Plus, they bounce around league headlines from the preseason (37:35).
Oct 04, 2018
Pushing Back
Bomani delves into the frustration shown by Earl Thomas when he flipped the bird to the Seahawks' sideline (0:35), discusses Eric Reid's return to the NFL with the Panthers (14:48) and Jimbo Fisher's physical altercation with a player on the Texas A&M sideline (27:24). Plus, the always enlightening IYHH (39:28) and looking back on Outkast's "Aquemini" 20 years later (51:47).
Oct 02, 2018
Shannon Penn
Bomani is joined by friend of the show Shannon Penn to discuss the latest in the NFL including Khalil Mack's incredible athleticism (8:35), the Lakers domination of the NBA headlines (21:00) and the Kelly Bryant drama (48:00).
Sep 27, 2018
Book Club Finale
Bomani dishes on Tiger being back (or not) (0:41), how Gronk, Earl Thomas and Le'Veon Bell are all connected (17:34) as well as LeBron discounting the Lakers' chances this year (31:45). Plus, author of "Friday Night Lights" Buzz Bissinger joins the show for the finale of The Right Time Book Club (39:00).
Sep 25, 2018
Michael Collins
Bomani welcomes "The Caddie" Michael Collins to break down the Twitter beef between the Wiggins brothers and Stephen Jackson (2:47), his Eagles fandom amidst Carson Wentz's return (19:31) as well as Tiger's role in the Tour Championship coming up this weekend (33:46).
Sep 20, 2018
Is Quitting Underrated?
Bomani lets loose on Vontae Davis retiring mid-game (:39) as well as the Browns giving up on Josh Gordon and sending him to New England (17:29). Plus, kicking the 0-2 teams while they're down (31:14), a fresh edition of IYHH (44:22) and your stories of when you "quit" your job mid-shift just like our man Vontae (55:38).
Sep 18, 2018
Michael Smith
Bomani is joined by friend of the show Michael Smith to catch up and talk some football. They get into Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley's connected futures (4:47) while digressing on the benching of the "Peter Man" (18:06), cover the unrest in the locker room in Detroit (28:10) as well as Antonio Brown's anger at an article in The Undefeated (43:43).
Sep 13, 2018
Double Standard
Bomani shares his thoughts on Serena's controversial loss to Osaka in the U.S. Open Women's Final (0:35), Darnold's big MNF performance as well as other QB's around the NFL from Week 1 (26:52) and Jason Garrett's job security in Big D (42:06). Plus, If you Haven't Heard (47:46) and another advice line with DJ Mike Hitman (55:35).
Sep 11, 2018
Domonique Foxworth
Bomani is joined by regular The Right Time contributor Domonique Foxworth to dish on the public criticisms of Le'Veon Bell's holdout by his Pittsburgh teammates (1:15), why Bo thinks Josh Allen would be better off as a QB if he was black and other related topics that will have you in stitches (14:28), as well as Nike's newly released advertisement with Colin Kaepernick (33:57).
Sep 06, 2018
'Just Do It' & Book Club Part III
Bomani shares his thoughts on Nike utilizing Colin Kaepernick as the spokesperson for their "Just Do It" 30-year anniversary campaign (:38) and the Raiders' questionable decision to trade star pass-rusher Khalil Mack to the Bears (20:58). Plus, you won't want to miss him lay into Tom Herman for the 'Horns dropping their opener (30:08) and Howard Bryant stopping by for the third installment of #TheRightTimeBookClub (38:39)!
Sep 04, 2018
Money Talks
Bomani weighs in on the effect Odell Beckham Jr.'s new contract will have on others trying to get paid (0:36), Jerry Jones' desire for an 18-game NFL season (14:32) and the WNBA players' push for fair pay (24:09). Plus, time to be afraid of the future in a new IYHH (40:50) and your "worst date ever" voicemails (51:31).
Aug 29, 2018
Spencer Hall
Bomani is joined by Spencer Hall of SB Nation to preview the CFB season, including trying to find a weakness with Alabama (4:17), wondering how Oklahoma will fare sans Baker Mayfield (14:09), what to make of an interesting collection of head coaches out in the Pac-12 (27:40) and much more.
Aug 21, 2018
Pablo Torre
Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre discuss Tiger's big weekend at the PGA and why we care despite not "liking the dude" (:31). Plus, odd training camp stories in the NFL such as the Miami Police Union urging members to boycott the Dolphins (14:35) and Jalen Ramsey getting suspended for beefing with the local media (31:07).
Aug 14, 2018
Lack of Awareness
Bomani Jones weighs in on Urban Meyer's accountability and what may keep Ohio State from making the right call (:34), the Giants' disrespect when it comes to Odell Beckham Jr.'s talent (18:06) as well as why we didn't get offered PE Jordans from the players at UNC (25:19). Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (31:18) and the second edition of mean tweets on the podcast (44:00).
Aug 07, 2018
Book Club Part II
Bomani Jones discusses why the "America's Team" moniker for the Dallas Cowboys is sounding more fitting every day (0:36) and why despite being in awe of LeBron's grace it is concerning that he has to be the one to do it (12:55). Plus, Bo and Pablo go to the "Overwatch" final in NYC (21:16) and Pablo joins for the second installment of #TheRightTimeBookClub on Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger (33:22).
Jul 31, 2018
Dusty Baker
Bomani Jones welcomes former MLB manager and All-Star catcher Dusty Baker to chat about being there for his son who is making his way in the game (0:47), how he got into coaching (10:38), his close relationship with Hank Aaron (17:33) and how he's seen the role of the manager evolve (26:17). Plus, he shares his wide-ranging affinity for music (29:51).
Jul 26, 2018
Applause? Please
Bomani Jones weighs in on the infatuation that we have with Tiger Woods after his close Open Championship finish (:36), how the applause heard around the world for Josh Hader of the Brewers relates to the NFL and their battle over the National Anthem (11:51) as well as if Kawhi Leonard will stay in Toronto long-term (26:03). Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (37:16) and some summertime #fanfiction (46:38).
Jul 24, 2018
Michael Vick
Bomani Jones is joined by the legend Michael Vick to discuss playing in the American Flag Football League (0:54), how his skillset would fit in the modern game (7:17), the difficulties when he returned to the NFL and found himself become a starter again (10:51) as well as the insights he has on young QB's like Lamar Jackson (14:34). Plus, his reply when people think they can beat him in a footrace and more (24:35)!
Jul 19, 2018
We Are The World
Bomani Jones dishes on controversies coming out of the World Cup Final, including the racial make-up of the France squad and pitch invaders (0:41). Plus, is the Pro Football Hall of Fame doing T.O. a favor by not honoring him (14:08) and Papa John's time as Papa John is finally up (23:19). Plus, IYHH (34:28) and your #StayReady All-Stars (44:23).
Jul 17, 2018
Freddie Gibbs
Musician Freddie Gibbs joins Bomani to discuss his recently released self-titled mixtape "Freddie" (4:18). Plus, they discuss navigating the lifestyle with a daughter (15:30), what it's like having NFL HOF'er Eric Dickerson as his father-in-law (19:25), overcoming legal troubles (24:20), finding success in the modern music business (29:48) and how LeBron's arrival to L.A. affects his Lakers fandom (33:02).
Jul 12, 2018
Bomani Jones returns from vacation to share his thoughts on LeBron's move out west (0:40) as well as reports of his sour relationship with Kyrie in Cleveland (16:59). Plus, Bo's not here for re-seeding the NBA postseason (23:02), he dishes on #PlaneBae and Instagram imposters (31:28) and we hear your best cookout stories (44:56).
Jul 10, 2018
Lakeith Stanfield
Bomani Jones is joined by Lakeith Stanfield of "Atlanta" on FX fame to discuss his new movie "Sorry to Bother You" which hits theaters Friday, July 6th. They discuss the differences in his role between the two projects (3:08) and working with non-traditional film/tv people (10:29). Plus, does he enjoy being in the limelight (14:04)?
Jul 02, 2018
Tobe Nwigwe
Bomani Jones is joined by rapper and former football player at University of North Texas Tobe Nwigwe. They discuss being a college athlete (2:06), getting started in music (6:10), how his parents feel about him being in the business (14:57), deciding to start a non-profit after college (22:51), the unique nature of his multimedia production (26:11) and much more.
Jun 28, 2018
The Right Time Book Club Episode 1
Bomani Jones previews free agency in the NBA and shares what it would take for him to be wooed to a team (0:42), as well as what his awards would be for the season (15:52). Plus, his thoughts on the situation surrounding Jameis Winston (23:41) and Domonique Foxworth joins for the debut of "The Right Time Book Club"(33:09)!
Jun 26, 2018
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Bomani Jones is joined by rapper and Seattle native Sir Mix-A-Lot. They talk Seattle sports (1:25), how he got his start (5:09), how the game has changed (19:08), what he's up to these days (31:44), being around people with way more money than you (40:16) and more.
Jun 21, 2018
Is Jay-Z Still Cool?
Bomani Jones gives an update on Kawhi Leonard's status...You there Kawhi (0:35)? Jay-Z is taking over Puma basketball, and Bo delves into what that says about the sneaker game right now (16:22). Plus, lots of World Cup stories, we tell you the ones you need to hear (24:21), as well as "If You Haven't Heard" (34:39) and the second podcast edition of #UnBlockMeBo (44:19)!
Jun 19, 2018
Brian Koppelman
Bomani Jones welcomes friend and co-creator of the TV show "Billions" on Showtime Brian Koppelman for a wide-ranging conversation about the show. They discuss writing for TV vs. film (1:03), why people root for "bad" dudes as well as how we define that (6:56), quantifying billionaires (16:17), the use of music in shows (41:51) and more.
Jun 14, 2018
Shuffle The Deck
Bomani Jones dishes on the Warriors' attempts to keep things together despite the world trying to tear them apart (0:40), LeBron James' free agent decision (13:57) and how James stacks up against Kobe in the recent legacy debate (28:15). Plus, If You Haven't Heard (37:04) and reviewing the summer works of Kanye West (44:57).
Jun 12, 2018
The Uninvited
Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre weigh in on the Eagles' White House invitation being rescinded, Steven Adams' social media faux pas, Steph Curry's tangle with Kendrick Perkins and much more.
Jun 05, 2018
High Noon: The Debut
High Noon is here! In the debut, Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre weigh in on Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Sixers' probe into Bryan Colangelo, Serena Williams' weekend and more.
Jun 04, 2018
Pablo Torre
Bomani Jones welcomes ESPN's Pablo Torre to delve into the social media controversy that has surrounded Sixers executive Bryan Colangelo (1:33) and the public beefing between rappers Pusha T and Drake (20:45). Plus, they shed light on their new TV show High Noon (9AM Pacific) which debuts on June 4th (34:09).
May 31, 2018
We're Not Worthy
Bomani Jones weighs in on the Rockets flaming out and James Harden escaping blame (0:39), LeBron James sticking up for his sorry (not sorry) teammates (14:27) as well as what intrigue we can find in Season IV of the Cavs-Warriors drama (26:28). Plus, If You Haven't Heard (31:17) and a special music edition of AMA (41:28).
May 29, 2018
Anthem, Stephen Jackson & Jody Avirgan
The NFL appears to have changed the rules regarding the National Anthem, so you know Bomani Jones would have some thoughts on its effect. He leads off the show with that (0:33) and then welcomes former NBA swingman Stephen Jackson to talk conference finals, bad coaching as well as the Bucks' response on Sterling Brown (14:39). Plus, Jody Avirgan of 30 for 30 podcasts tells us about their recently launched season 3 (43:55).
May 24, 2018
Bomani Jones weighs in on taunting in the current NBA landscape as it relates to Rockets-Warriors and the Pippen-Ewing dunk anniversary (0:34). Plus, why Brad Stevens is more in competition with LeBron than he is Ty Lue (15:04) and why NBA teams need to look out for their players better (24:36). We finish off with "If You Haven't Heard" (34:31) and advice with "DJ Mike Hitman" (43:30).
May 22, 2018
Wyatt Cenac & Tom Haberstroh
Bomani Jones welcomes comedian Wyatt Cenac (0:44) to discuss his new HBO show "Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas", including covering heavy topics (9:10), whether or not he likes being famous (18:26) and the connection that he and Bo have to Texas (22:59). Plus, Bleacher Report's Tom Haberstroh joins to discuss the impact of gambling on the future of the NBA (32:48) and cover the conference finals (43:54).
May 17, 2018
Clear Conscience?
Bomani Jones discusses the legalization of sports gambling on a state-by-state basis (0:34), as well as the resurfacing of "dirty" Chris Paul in the WCF (15:19) and a Freudian slip from LeBron James in the ECF (25:19). Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (34:16) and the first edition of "Mean Tweets" on The Right Time (43:28).
May 15, 2018
Howard Bryant
Bomani Jones is joined by ESPN's Howard Bryant to discuss his new book, "The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism" (0:44). It delves into how the sports world has politicized since 9/11 and what role athletes have or should have in the community. Plus, Bo previews the conference championships in the NBA (30:14).
May 10, 2018
Bomani Jones dishes on the elimination of the Raptors at the hands of LeBron (0:37), the 76ers' survival (7:50) and why the NFL thinks you don't care about several problematic stories (23:26). Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (36:01) and only the very best stories of when you "tried" to take on your old man (45:31).
May 08, 2018
CJ McCollum
Bomani Jones is joined by Trail Blazers G CJ McCollum to dish on a wide variety of topics, such as the relationship between NBA players and the media (4:08), dealing with trade rumors (8:56), his past as a "short guy"(16:44), coming out of Lehigh (19:23), this postseason (23:53) and much more. Plus, Bo updates the peculiar situation with Kawhi Leonard (33:07).
May 03, 2018
Bomani Jones weighs in on Sixers-Celtics and wonders who will throw the first punch between the two teams as the place in the game for fighting hides in the shadows (0:43). Is LeBron James turning into John Henry (12:01)? Just how much of what's wrong with the Thunder is what is wrong with Russell Westbrook (16:52)? Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (29:46) and an AMA with #TheRightTime faithful (40:07).
May 01, 2018
Spencer Hall
With the NFL draft now upon us, Bomani Jones and old friend Spencer Hall of SB Nation take a look at the management and evaluation of QB's taken/to be taken at the top of the first round (0:35). What's the point of sitting around waiting for the phone to ring in the green room? Getting to dap up Goodell (25:27)? Plus, the NFL didn't want their "secret" meeting to become public, so it did (39:23).
Apr 26, 2018
Me Against You
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on feuds between Russell Westbrook and the world (0:40) as well as LeBron James and Lance Stephenson (12:26). What is the NFL to do with their domestic violence policy (20:43)? Two stories put it to the test. Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (35:09) and saying goodbye again to Prince (46:14).
Apr 24, 2018
Amin & Shannon
Bomani Jones welcomes ESPN NBA analyst Amin Elhassan to talk NBA playoffs and beyond, including LeBron's emotional on-air reaction to the passing of Gregg Popovich's wife (2:25), Donovan Mitchell's strong play against the Thunder (13:44) as well as the search for next Knicks coach (21:07). Plus, former Right Time producer Shannon Penn stops by to review Kobe's ESPN+ show (30:23) and more.
Apr 19, 2018
Father Prime
Bomani Jones is sticking with the Cavs and LeBron James until the bitter end (0:46) and wonders if he's missing his banana boat brother Dwyane Wade right about now (12:34). The Spurs are sinking like the Titanic (23:18) and Adidas is trying to score points without actually committing to Kaepernick (28:27). Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" (33:56) and a special edition of #UnBlockMeBo (43:20).
Apr 17, 2018
Rasheed Wallace
Bomani Jones welcomes 4x NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace to the show to cover a variety of topics, including his three-point prowess as a big man (1:36), generational differences in the game of basketball (3:20) as well as career stops in Portland (9:05), Detroit (17:24) and Washington (28:17). Plus, his time at UNC (30:06), why he played in Air Force 1's (36:15) and why he won't give up his 90's hip-hop (36:22).
Apr 12, 2018
The Fresh Prince
Bomani Jones addresses Ben Simmons' ROY candidacy and wonders how long the Sixers will be the darlings of the NBA (:36). How big of a deal can Shohei Ohtani be to those outside of MLB (9:15)? Plus, new revelations about LeBron's time in Miami (18:11), "If You Haven't Heard" (26:34) and a special visit from DJ Mike Hitman (38:36).
Apr 10, 2018
Domonique Foxworth
Bomani Jones and The Undefeated's Domonique Foxworth air their frustrations with NFL draft evaluations, notably those of Lamar Jackson (4:25) and Josh Rosen (20:20). Is asking too many questions an issue in the locker room (22:37)? Plus, the silence of Kawhi Leonard (30:42), the recent behavior of Kevin Durant (39:15) and why Bo is still Team M.J. over Team LeBron (42:06).
Apr 05, 2018
Guess Who's Back?
In the debut of his podcast, Bomani Jones reacts to Villanova winning the National Championship (1:00), criticisms of NFL prospect Josh Rosen (12:22) and Tiger returning to The Masters (22:26). Plus, a new version of "If You Haven't Heard" (29:16) and some fresh "why I quit football" stories (39:53).
Apr 03, 2018
Episode 0
In Episode 0, we asked for help from fans of The Right Time to speak on what the best of the show was and it should be as it makes its return in podcast form. Your wish is our command. Bi-weekly episodes will launch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on April 3rd, so stay tuned!
Mar 30, 2018
Hour 1 - This is the XFL
In for Bomani, Jeff Dickerson and Jonathan Hood talk about a league that failed (XFL), and a league that will probably never get started (Lavar Ball).
Dec 22, 2017
Hour 2 - Football Talk
Talking NFL w/ Dan Graziano. Plus, should Baker Mayfield play in the Senior Bowl?
Dec 22, 2017
Hour 3 - NFL Week 16
Jeff and Jonathan finish off the their XFL discussion, and begin previewing the slate of NFL games on Saturday and Sunday.
Dec 22, 2017
HOUR 1: Referees have egos too
Doug Kezirian and Myron Medcalf filled in for Bomani Jones, and they discussed the growing angst between NBA players and officials.
Dec 21, 2017
Is Grant Hill a Basketball Hall of Famer?
Doug Kezirian and Myron Medcalf filled in for Bomani and they discussed Hill's hall of fame candidacy and Chicago's winning streak behind the strong play of Nikola Mirotic.
Dec 21, 2017
Would Markelle Fultz still be your top pick?
Doug Kezirian and Myron Medcalf filled in for Bomani and they discussed the solid start several NBA rookies are having this season.
Dec 21, 2017
Hour One: LaVar League, CFB signing, and Mayweather MMA?
Doug Kezirian and Myron Medcalf hosting. Can LaVar build a league? The early CFB signing period. Plus, Floyd Mayweather interested in the MMA?
Dec 20, 2017
Hour Two: Brady trainer banned and Bad look for Kiffin
Doug Kezirian and Myron Medcalf hosting. The Patriots ban the personal trainer of Tom Brady. ESPN NFL Damien Woody and a bad look for Lane Kiffin.
Dec 20, 2017
Hour Three: Cam Newton on Jerry Richardson
Doug Kezirian and Myron Medcalf hosting. Cam Newton defends Jerry Richardson. Plus, Ezekiel Elliott will not answer questions about his time away from the Cowboys.
Dec 20, 2017
Hour 1: You can't hate on Kobe, can you?
In hour one Bomani discusses Kobe Bryant's retirement, plus Bruce Bowen and Dominique Foxworth join the show for one last time.
Dec 19, 2017
Hour 2: Surprise you all get unblocked.
In hour two Bomani talks to Pablo Torre about what their upcoming show might be, plus we hear your stories and a few lucky twitter followers get unblocked.
Dec 19, 2017
Hour 3: It's not goodbye.
In hour three Bomani talks to Amin Elhassan about Kobe Bryant, plus we keep taking your calls about that time you decided to quit football.
Dec 19, 2017
Hopefully we've provided a voice for those not often heard
With the show transitioning to a podcast only format, Bomani wanted to say thank you to those who've listened and supported the show through the years.
Dec 19, 2017
Hour 1: What's next for the Panthers?
In hour one Bomani discusses the Jerry Richardson investigation and talks about what's next for the Panthers and the NFL, plus Diddy wants to buy the Panthers.
Dec 18, 2017
Hour 2: NFL officials were back at it again.
In hour two Bomani discusses the end of the Steelers & Pats game and who should be blamed, plus an official uses an index card. Also Ryan Clark joins the show.
Dec 18, 2017
Hour 3: What's up with the Seahawks?
In hour three Bomani discusses the discord between some members of the Seahawks and wonders when will the wheels fall off?
Dec 18, 2017
Richardson's name permanently sullied
Bomani discussed Jerry Richardson's plans to sell the Panthers amid workplace misconduct allegations, Diddy's interests in buying Carolina, and LA retiring Kobe's jerseys.
Dec 18, 2017
Christmas Special
The fathers of NBA standouts Karl Anthony Towns and Hassan Whiteside, Karl Towns Sr. and Hasson Abubakar, share some great stories with Bomani about their sons and offer some info we may not know about them.
Dec 18, 2017
It's time to start paying attention to the Rockets
Bomani Jones discussed Houston owning the NBA's best record, Paul George getting booed in Indianapolis, and LeBron James to Los Angeles rumors.
Dec 15, 2017
Hour 1: 12/15/17
Bomani previewed the Steelers & Patriots big game this weekend and talked about Brock Osweiler. Plus, Domonique Foxworth & Cam Stewart
Dec 15, 2017
Hour 2: 12/15/17
Bomani talked about LeBron and Lonzo Ball's secret conversation and took calls on why people quit playing football. Plus, Damien Woody
Dec 15, 2017
Hour 3: 12/15/17
Bomani talked about the big nfl games this weekend and all the bowl games in college. Plus, Michael Lee from The Vertical
Dec 15, 2017
Does Antonio Brown have a legitimate shot to win MVP?
Bomani discussed the Patriots' recent dominance over Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown's MVP chances, and "Kung Fu Kyrie" debuting his new sneakers.
Dec 15, 2017
Hour 1: PG booed in Indiana
In hour one Bomani discusses Paul George's return to Indiana, plus are the Rockets the best team in the NBA?
Dec 14, 2017
Hour 2: The Russell Wilson conundrum.
In hour two Bomani discusses how good of a fit would Lebron James be with Lonzo Ball and the Lakers? Also the Russell Wilson conundrum is real.
Dec 14, 2017
Hour 3: As the Cavs turn.
In hour three Bomani talks to Brian Windhorst about the Cavs season so far, plus Adam Schefter joins the show to go around the league.
Dec 14, 2017
Hour 1: Will LaVar tone it down?
Jeff Rickard and Jonathan Hood are in for Bomani and in hour one they discuss the Lakers request for LaVar Ball to tone it down, plus Paul George returns to Indiana tonight.
Dec 13, 2017
George was a reluctant superstar with Pacers
Jeff Rickard and Jonathan Hood filled in for Bomani and they discussed Paul George's return to Indianapolis, and LaVar Ball's public criticism of Luke Walton. reluctant
Dec 13, 2017
Hour 1: 12/12/17
Bomani talked about the Patriots loss to the Dolphins on MNF and how bad New England looked and what the future holds for Jay Gruden. Plus, Aaron Schatz
Dec 12, 2017
Hour 2: 12/12/17
Bomani talked about the LiAngelo & LaMelo Ball heading overseas to play basketball & Jerry Jones not giving up. Plus, Ramona Shelburne
Dec 12, 2017
Hour 3: 12/12/17
Bomani talked with Jonathan Givony about the Balls heading overseas. Plus, Michael Collins
Dec 12, 2017
Gruden not the problem in Washington
Bomani discussed Washington's disappointing season, Tom Brady's offensive struggles versus Miami, and the Ball brothers heading to Lithuania.
Dec 12, 2017
Hour 1: In Foles we trust?
In hour one Bomani discusses Carson Wentz's season ending injury and asks the question how much faith do Eagle fans have in Nick Foles? Also Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee.
Dec 11, 2017
Hour 2: Did the NFL fail Savage?
In hour two Bomani discusses the incident between the Seahawks and Jags and asks the question should Michael Bennett be suspended for his actions?
Dec 11, 2017
Hour 3: Is it over for Philly?
In hour three Bomani discusses the Carson Wentz injury with Sal Paolantonio and what the future holds for the Eagles without Wentz.
Dec 11, 2017
Can't imagine how frustrating losing Wentz is for Philly fans
Bomani discussed the Eagles turning to Nick Foles after losing Carson Wentz for the remainder of the season, and Giancarlo Stanton officially becoming a Yankee.
Dec 11, 2017
When The Saints Fans Go Marching In
Bomani roasts the Saints, and the Saints fans go marching in. Anita Marks from ESPN NY and Cam Stewart from Fantasy Sports Network join.
Dec 08, 2017
Hour 2: Stay Mad
Bomani talks about Boogie Cousins staying mad, that time you shouldn't have broken up a fight, and Jonathan Jones from Sports Illustrated joins.
Dec 08, 2017
Hour 3: Coach Kobe
Bomani talks Week 14 of the NFL, Coach Kobe, and Bobby Marks joins to take us inside the NBA.
Dec 08, 2017
Where you at Saint fans?
Bomani takes pleasure in Saint fans misery, Boogie Cousins was looking for Kevin Durant after their skirmish, plus coach Kobe is out here teaching the triangle.
Dec 08, 2017
Hour 1: Best Rivalry in the NFL.
In hour one Bomani discusses the Saints/Falcons game and says it's the best rivalry in the NFL, plus Cian Fahey joins the show.
Dec 07, 2017
Hour 2: At what age are you grown?
In hour two Bomani discusses the news that LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball have signed with an agent and asks the question at what age are you grown?
Dec 07, 2017
Hour 3: Are we taking Lebron for granted?
In hour three Bomani asks the question are we taking Lebron James for granted? Also did Tennessee finally get it right?
Dec 07, 2017
Saints v. Falcons is best rivalry in the NFL today
Bomani explains why the game between New Orleans and Atlanta means much more than what happens on the field, and Stephen Jackson shares his first experience playing abroad.
Dec 07, 2017
When I Quit Playing Football
Caller Blake in Louisiana tells Bomani when he decided to quit playing football. Hint, it involved Marcus Spears.
Dec 06, 2017
Hour One: The NFL considers a targeting rule
How will a targeting rule change the play in the NFL? Plus, Pablo Torre on the new contract of Roger Goodell.
Dec 06, 2017
Hour Two: CFB Coaching changes and NFL suspensions
Mark Emmert does not understand what LaVar Ball is doing. Plus, Bleacher Report Michael Felder on CFB coaches and ESPN Damien Woody on NFL suspensions.
Dec 06, 2017
Hour 3: LaVar Ball not happy with Lakers
LaVar Ball avoids Magic Johnson while criticizing Lakers. Plus, Aaron Schatz on the Chiefs chances in the AFC West.
Dec 06, 2017
Brutality part of NFL's intrigue
Bomani discussed the potential of the NFL adopting college football's targeting rule, and the effect such a rule would have on the professional game.
Dec 06, 2017
Hour 1: Does JuJu deserve his suspension?
In hour one Bomani discusses the fallout from the Steelers and Bengals game and asks the question, did JuJu deserve to get suspended?
Dec 05, 2017
Hour 2: The marriage is over.
In hour two Bomani discusses Lavar Ball pulling his son LiAngelo from UCLA and why he might not be at fault.
Dec 05, 2017
Hour 3: Should the Warriors be worried?
In hour three Bomani asks the question, should the Warriors be more worried about Steph Curry's ankle or Kevin Durant being ejected from games?
Dec 05, 2017
You won't lose your job for hitting people too hard
Bomani discussed the NFL suspending JuJu Smith-Schuster one game for his hit on Vontaz Burfict, and why LiAngleo Ball leaving UCLA is the best case scenario for both sides.
Dec 05, 2017
Hour 1: Giants fire McAdoo and Reese
In hour one Bomani discusses the Giants firing their HC Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese after starting the season 2010. Plus did Ohio State get hosed?
Dec 04, 2017
Hour 2: Gronk gets one game.
In hour two Bomani discusses Rob Gronkowski's one game suspension for his hit and asks the question was one game enough? Plus Ryan Clark joins the show to talk NFL.
Dec 04, 2017
Hour 3: Jimbo lands in College Station
In hour three Bomani discusses the big time contracts Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn just received but reminds you there is no money for the players.
Dec 04, 2017
True college football champion doesn't exist
Bomani discussed the Giants firing Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese, and Ohio State not making it into the college football playoff.
Dec 04, 2017
Hour 1: Jimbo to A&M
In hour one Bomani discusses Jimbo Fisher's choice to leave FSU and head to Texas A&M and asks the question what should be the expectation for Jimbo at A&M?
Dec 01, 2017
Hour 2: Malcolm Jenkins will stop protesting.
In hour two Bomani discusses Malcolm Jenkins decision to stop protesting after the NFL owners decision to pledge $89million to social justice causes.
Dec 01, 2017
Hour 3: How many wins does $75million buy?
In hour three Bomani asks the question, how many wins does $75 million dollars buy when it comes to Jimbo and A&M?
Dec 01, 2017
How many wins does $75 million buy?
Bomani discussed Jimbo Fisher taking the Texas A&M job, and why the expectations will be unrealistically high.
Dec 01, 2017
Hour 1: Is it over for Jimbo and FSU?
In hour one Bomani talks about how it might be over for Jimbo Fisher and FSU and why FSU might be the best job in Florida, plus no one really wants the Tennessee job.
Nov 30, 2017
Hour 2: NFL owners to donate $89million
In hour two Bomani discusses the 89 million dollar donation the NFL owners have pledged to social causes and why we shouldn't just look at the amount they are pledging.
Nov 30, 2017
Hour 3: Say it ain't so Jimbo?
In hour three Bomani discusses the likelihood that Jimbo Fisher leaves FSU for Texas A&M, plus the Thunder continue to struggle. Also Pablo Torre joins the show.
Nov 30, 2017
Tennessee needs to stay low and build
Bomani discussed Tennessee shifting their attention to Kevin Sumlin after Dave Doeren chose to remain at NC State, and Jimbo Fisher's tenure at FSU may be winding down.
Nov 30, 2017
Hour 1: Giants dealing with the aftermath
In hour one Bomani discusses the backlash the Giants are receiving for benching Eli Manning, plus ASU is interested in Herm Edwards.
Nov 29, 2017
Hour 2: Chain Snatchin' on the PGA tour?
In hour two Bomani talks to Michael Collins about chain snatchin' on the PGA tour, plus is Eli Manning a HOF?
Nov 29, 2017
Hour 3: Do you want Eli?
In hour three Bomani talks to Antrel Rolle about Eli Manning's benching, plus would you want Eli Manning as your QB? Also Ryan McGee joins the show to talk Tennessee.
Nov 29, 2017
The Giants became the Jets right before our eyes
Bomani discussed Eli Manning's benching and explained why the Giants made the right decision, but went about it the wrong way.
Nov 29, 2017
Hour 1: Eli Manning is benched
Clinton Yates is in for Bomani and in hour one he discusses the breaking news that Eli Manning has been benched by the Giants. Fmr Giant Geoff Schwartz joins the show.
Nov 28, 2017
Hour 2: Giants bench Eli Manning
Clinton Yates is in for Bomani and in hour two he discusses the Giants benching Eli Manning, plus Fred Smoot joins the show to talk about the great Sean Taylor.
Nov 28, 2017
Hour 3: Is it over for Eli in NY?
Clinton Yates is in for Bomani and in hour three he discusses Eli Manning's benching, plus Kevin Durant wonders how he would be viewed if he wasn't an NBA player.
Nov 28, 2017
Giants rebuild has officially begun with benching of Eli
Clinton Yates filled in for Bomani Jones and he discussed the Giants benching Manning and whether you could still win a championship with Eli as your starting quarterback.
Nov 28, 2017
Hour 1: What was Tennessee thinking?
In hour one Bomani discusses the events surrounding Greg Schiano and Tennessee and why this marriage was never going to work.
Nov 27, 2017
Hour 2: Chain Snatchin' the Sequel
In hour two Bomani discusses Chain Snatchin' the Sequel and why we should all have expected it, also has Ryan Clark ever had his chain snatch?
Nov 27, 2017
Hour 3: All jokes aside the Tennessee job is actually a good job
In hour three Bomani discusses the Tennessee job opening and points out that all jokes aside it's one of the better jobs in the Country.
Nov 27, 2017
Tennessee bungled head coaching hire
Bomani discussed Tennessee backing out of hiring Greg Schiano, and Aqib Talib snatching Michael Crabtree's chain for a second time.
Nov 27, 2017
What impact does Miami's loss have on the playoffs?
Jeff Dickerson is in for Bo & on the show he breaks down Miami's loss with Trevor Matich, plus Dan Graziano, Kevin Seifert & Eric Williams join the show to talk NFL.
Nov 24, 2017
Turkey Day NFL
Jeff Dickerson in for Bomani today. Jeff talks about the Vikings big win in the early game. Plus, a new idea on how Thursday Night Football should be scheduled.
Nov 23, 2017
Hour 1: NFL on Thanksgiving
Bomani previews the three Thanksgiving games, talks with Cam Stewart and then brings in Chris Haynes to talk NBA and more.
Nov 22, 2017
Hour 2: Is Chip Kelly Back?
Bomani talks about the potential return of Chip Kelly, Darrelle Revis getting signed by the Chiefs and then talks with Dan Graziano and more.
Nov 22, 2017
Thanksgiving Games
Bomani previews the Thanksgiving NFL games, talk about Chip Kelly's head coaching options and then talks about Joel Embiid's trash talk and more.
Nov 22, 2017
Hour 3: Joel Embiid
Bomani talks about the NFL games on Thanksgiving, Joel Embiid's trash talking and then talk to Cian Fahey and more.
Nov 22, 2017
Hour 1: Chromo like Google?
In hour one Bomani discusses LaVar Ball's TV appearance and how we should just all sit back and enjoy it, plus Domonique Foxworth joins the show.
Nov 21, 2017
Hour 2:Embiid keeps clowing people.
In hour two Bomani discusses the Celtics pushing their win streak to 16, plus Joel Embiid continues to clown people on the court.
Nov 21, 2017
Hour 3: Jerry vs. the NFL
In hour three Bomani discusses how Jason Garrett is the biggest winner in the Jerry Jones versus NFL beef, plus Ken Shamrock joins the show.
Nov 21, 2017
LaVar Ball: Chromo, like Google?
Bomani discussed Ball's CNN interview with Chris Cuomo, Kyrie leading Boston to 16 straight wins, and why Joel Embiid's trash talk may become a problem for the young big man.
Nov 21, 2017
Hour 1: Everyone gets an interception
In hour one Bomani discusses the Peter-man throwing interceptions to all the Chargers, plus is it over for the Cowboys? Also Bill Barnwell joins the show.
Nov 20, 2017
Hour 2: Mayfield won't start
In hour two Bomani discusses Oklahoma's decision not to start Baker Mayfield after his most recent antics this weekend, plus Ryan Clark joins the show.
Nov 20, 2017
Hour 3: Chip Kelly to Florida?
In hour three Bomani discusses the possibility of Chip Kelly going to Florida and is it worth it for Chip to take that job, plus Russ vs. Future.
Nov 20, 2017
Mayfield becoming the new Johnning Manziel
Bomani discussed Baker Mayfield grabbing his crotch and yelling obscenities at Kansas, and Nathan Peterman throwing five picks versus the Chargers.
Nov 20, 2017
Hour 1: Jerry vs. Roger
In hour one Bomani discusses the NFL investigating the allegation against Jameis Winston and asks the question do you trust the NFL to get an investigation right?
Nov 17, 2017
Hour 2: Dak vs. Wentz
In hour two Bomani talks Cowboys versus Eagles and how fun Dak vs. Wentz should be. Also Don Van Natta Jr. and Herm Edwards join the show.
Nov 17, 2017
Do you trust that the NFL will get it right?
Bomani discussed the groping allegation involving Jameis Winston, and the uncertainty of how the NFL will handle this situation.
Nov 17, 2017
Hour 3:Kyrie MVP?
In hour three bomani talks about the Celtics winning their 14th straight game in a row and while that's exciting people need to stop talking about Kyrie as the MVP.
Nov 17, 2017
Hour 2: Jerry Jones is Taking it to the Streets
Bomani talks about Jerry Jones' bullyish approach to Goodell's contract extension, Dhantay Jones talks Cavs, and callers on the time they were scared to face their parents.
Nov 16, 2017
Hour 3: All Stories from West Virginia End The Same
Bomani talks about tonight's Celtics v. Warriors game, Nick Saban's West Virginia-ness showing as he laughed over ripped Jeans, and the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn joins.
Nov 16, 2017
Joel Embiid is the evolution of the big man
Bomani discussed Embiid's dominant performance against the Lakers, the 76ers years of losing paying off, and Jerry Jones' ongoing beef with Roger Goodell.
Nov 16, 2017