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The only veterinarian/comedy podcast!!! Tune in every week to hear Dr. Lisa (seen on Dr. Oz) and comedian Richie Redding (from Katt Williams’ tour) talk to hilarious comics about the pets they love! Comics with pets talking to vets!!!

Episode Date
#68 - Michael Kosta

From The Daily Show, it's Michael Kosta!!! He realizes his first dog didn't go to "the farm" and tells us about his rescue dog Walter! Dr Lisa gives advice about dog on child aggression and scares Richie out of marriage yet again.

Aug 13, 2018
#67 - @AllThingsPups

She fixed Chloe!!! Celebrity trainer Kaelin Munkelwitz from @AllThingsPups taught us how to get Chloe to stop barking at us while we eat! Of course, @drlisalippman and @richieredding make fun of each other.

Aug 06, 2018
#66 - Monroe Martin

From Comedy Central and MTV its Monroe Martin! As a foster kid he had lots of foster pets. Now we hear about his furry girl London! Dr. Lisa talks wet food vs dry food. Richie talks smack.

Jul 30, 2018
#65 - Natalie Siebers

Pet photographer extraordinaire Natalie Siebers and her dog Sophie! Her life is shooting dogs, in a good way!! Hear about how Chloe ruined a road trip. Learn about flea and tick prevention from Dr. Lisa and Richie has a ton of weiner questions.

Jul 23, 2018
#64 - KC Arora

Our buddy KC Arora had a heck of a time rescuing his lil Chi-mix Bruce! He and Richie discuss the pros and cons of buying hamsters at Woolworth's. Dr. Lisa teaches us a thing or two about doggy dental care.

Jul 16, 2018
#63 - Nancy Hassel and Dana Humphrey

Fun talk with pet pros Nancy Hassel and Dana Humphrey aka The Pet Lady. Topics include rat rescue, pet psychics and CBD oil for frogs. Dr. Lisa teaches about dog laryngitis and Richie forbids pet rats in the house.

Jul 09, 2018
#62 - Mike Finoia

A very special episode with Tru TV's Mike Finoia. He's a great comic with a big heart...and he sure does love his dog Miss Stella Blue. We also learn about Hemangiosarcoma from Dr. Lisa.

Jul 02, 2018
#61 - Brian Fischler

Truly inspirational and funny! Brian is a blind comic and he get's thru life with the help of his AMAZING dog Nash! We learn a ton about how Nash helps him laugh at life.

Jun 25, 2018
#60 - Dr. Lauryn Benson, D.V.M.

Dogtism, lamprey circumcision, piranha fishing in the Amazon...just a few of the topics we covered with one of our favorite vets, Dr. Lauryn Benson. Dr. Lisa helps out with an epic rescue and Richie, of course, makes it weird.

Jun 18, 2018
#59 - Kristin Seltman

This comic/lawyer had a checkered dog past. But now she's got 2 awesome of whom is racist. We learn a bunch about DOG FLU in this eppy!

Jun 11, 2018
#58 - Tom Cotter and Kerri Louise

The comedy power couple talks about Tom competing against dogs on America's Got Talent. They have TONS of stories about their pets...and one story about a bad vasectomy!?!?

Jun 04, 2018
#57 - Mike Recine

Comedy Central's Mike Recine is in studio with his Shar-Pug Frankie Wrinkles! We Pet Shop Shame him and Deborah Brooks (for shopping and not adopting).They are trying to raise Frankie to NOT be like his cranky older brother Oliver.

May 28, 2018
#56 - Tony Jackson

High At The Vet - Tony Jackson got his Boston Terror, Bella, in the most scandalous way! Hear all about what an A-hole she is and why he loves her anyway. Killer story about taking a high dog to the vet while high.

May 21, 2018
#55 - Dog Spotting!

Holy cow, there's a secret society of Dog Spotters all around us! Our new friend Ruth Wollman is an admin for the 1 million member group and she gives us the scoop on all their CRAZY rules!​

May 17, 2018
#54 - Juicy Dog Gossip!
Comic Katie Haller, creator of "Dog Mom Anthem" is a professional dog meme maker and viral video creator. We go behind the scenes on some viral vids and how she got Men's Wearhouse to give Mister Griff some suits! Also, she tells us who we HAVE to follow to be in the doggo know!!!
May 14, 2018
#53 - Is my dog well hung?

From Animal Planet and TLC, it's celeb dog groomer Jorge Bendersky! He's like The Zohan for dogs and absolutely hilarious. Hear about his most outrageous client requests. He and Dr. Lisa trade tales of close encounters with Neuticles. Richie invents dog vajazzling!

May 07, 2018
#52 - Neutered In A Van

Warm up comic from The Daily Show, Angelo Lozada! He tours the world with Trevor Noah and is crazy about his cat Murray!! He grew up in a crazy house full of chickens and ducks?!?! Dr. Lisa talks cat bites and Richie makes rooster jokes.

Apr 30, 2018
#51 - Pup With No Job!

Our girl Claudia Oshry, aka Girl With No Job!!! One of Dr. Lisa's favorite patients THEO! He's the best King Charles Cavalier puppy...with a bad habit.  Of course, Richie makes it weird. Super funny episode!

Apr 23, 2018
#50 - Stoners and Cats
Dr. Lisa's hot take: Don't blow pot smoke in your cats face! Our buddy Mike Cannon kills it! We discuss having Furries as neighbors crying at Old Yeller, and his dog being attacked by a French douche's dog.
Apr 16, 2018
#49 - Mugged by a monkey?

Storyteller Adam Selbst lives in a hippy commune with a "lungey" pitbull. Dr. Ezat Yomtovian is a veterinary acupuncturist. They've both been bitten by monkeys but for very different reasons! Richie brings up when Dr. Lisa's face made Chloe puke.

Apr 09, 2018
#48 - Bug On Broadway!

Broadway/TV Actor Carlos Lopez and his 12 lbs of love, his best bud, rescue Chi-corgie mix BUG!!! We discuss reverse sneezes, trachea holes and the joy of being a straight man in musical theatre.

Apr 02, 2018
#47 - Pawty Girls

Blogger chicas Antoinette and Amanda are raising AJ & Nocci...with a mission to get other 20 somethings to get a frickin' dog! They take the Millenial Pet Quiz, we play How Gay Is Richie, and discuss putting water buffalo Neuticles on a Shiba Inu. Plus, rare behavioral advice from Dr. Lisa...and how to yell at strangers at the dog park!

Mar 26, 2018
#46 - Morning After Bone?

Comic Francis Ellis grew up in Maine with TONS of pets! Hilarious stories about guinea pigs, rabbits and 16 DOGS!!! Him and Richie get weird with talk of non-consensual dog sex. Dr. Lisa goes off about United Airlines killing a poor puppy.

Mar 19, 2018
#45 - A frickin' monkey!!!

Lucky duck Tamer Kattan grew up in Cairo with a frickin monkey!!! As an only child he has special animal powers. He's now co-parenting Gary Shandling, a cat with a killer dad bod. Dr. Lisa gives tips on getting cats on a plane...and we talk about when Xanax goes WRONG!

Mar 12, 2018
#44 - Sasha The Street Cat

Comedian Harris Stanton rescued a mouse-killing cat from the mean streets of Brooklyn. Dr. Lisa helps him with litter box issues and tells him about pet supplies they don’t have at the bodega.

Mar 05, 2018
#43 - Shaka Zuwatie

Our guest Rodney Daniels tells us about Shaka, the dog he got for Kwanzaa! We also hear all about Gia, his rescued Min-Pin/Pom that took a nasty fall. Listen to the end to hear Dr. Lisa get grossed out by Richie's impression of a tortoise humping a soccer ball!

Feb 26, 2018
#42 - The Dating App For Dog People!

We have our friend Leigh Isaacson, the co-founder of Dig, the dating app for dog peeps! Topics: How do you spot a fake dog lover? Dogs on molly. Horse nipple trivia. How to introduce two dogs.

Feb 19, 2018
#41 - Beavis The Bulldog!

Comic Nick Whitmer has a Frenchie name Beavis...and he's a real butt head! He's a grunting, snoring, muscle-bound bundle of joy. Dr. Lisa gets flowers from Richie and goes off on pet stores. Yuck! Question of the day: Can vets be allergic to dogs?

Feb 12, 2018
#40 - ‘Roid Rage…for cats?

Comic Brian Gray tells us all about Cuda The Cat. She’s a Bengal beaut with a GIANT HAMSTER WHEEL that Richie is obsessed with. Dr. Lisa does a deep dive on cat asthma and we learn los of stuff.

Feb 05, 2018
#39 - My Cat Clock Was Ticking

Comic/producer at MTV and full-on cat lady Chelsea White! She's raising 2 cats Tanooki and Miranda Hobbes. We discuss fostering kitties...and the sheer joy of texting guys from Tinder to tell them they might have ringworm. Dr. Lisa drops knowledge about dietary needs of diabetic cats. Richie remains convinced that cats kill babies.

Jan 29, 2018
#38 – Ocean Rescue…A Parrot?

Funny man Gabe Dorado talks about growing up in a Cuban household FULL OF PETS. This one got weird quick!

Jan 21, 2018
#37 – Hank For The Win!
Cort McCown takes us down memory lane thru his life full of Labs. From breeding pups in Oklahoma to his best friend Hank, who had a sweet tooth for cat...
Jan 15, 2018
#36 – Chi Chi To The Rescue!
A quick special episode about the amazingly inspirational rescue dog Chi Chi! Her parents Richard and Elizabeth make it clear: she’s no victim…she’s a survivor! Chi Chi is a quadruple...
Jan 12, 2018
#35 – Coach To The Rescue!
Married comics Vicky Kuperman and Max Cohen rescued their fur baby Coach from a kill shelter…and they’re nuts for him! Hear about how he got his forever home by turning...
Jan 08, 2018
#34 – Mange Or Nah?
Funny man Jason Andors is the WORST pet owner (but we still love him). Funny eppy, in which we learn why you shouldn’t buy a pit bull from a drug dealer in...
Jan 01, 2018
#33 – Pasta The Cat
Comic Liz Miele is a full-blown crazy cat lady (think Elmyra from Tiny Toons)! She was raised by two vets in a house full of animals!!!
Dec 25, 2017
#32 – The Fabulous Jackie O!!!
Hilarious playwright Kevin Hammonds and his Yorkie-Poo Jackie O!!! He has a past full of pets, from Sugar in Texas to Mizz O herself. She has a thing for white...
Dec 18, 2017
#31 – The Indestructible Dog
Its Bryan Yang​ with his dog Peggy The ASPCA Wonder Mutt. Shes a Shih Tzu, Chihuahua Dachshund Brussels Terrier mix! She eats cigarettes, ibuprofen and grapes… so we wonder how...
Dec 12, 2017
30 – Bull Penis? No…Bull-Peis!!!
Funnyman Luke Thayer has had a TON of pets. Hear about his Midwestern menagerie of Westies, goldfish and hamsters. Now, he’s got two NYC Bull-Peis, Sherlock and Watson and they...
Dec 04, 2017
29 – Bizzee The Smooshie Pug!!!
Josh Gondelman from Conan, Comedy Central and Last Week Tonight has the smooshiest pug in the world. We love that he rescued her at 8 years old…and try to talk...
Nov 28, 2017
#28 – Puppy Pooped A Worm??
Our good friend Matt Richards, from Fuse Network’s Trivial Takedown and MTV!!! Matt bought a very sick lil puppy named Thor on Craigslist…and Dr. Lisa is on the scene! We...
Nov 21, 2017
27 – The Corgi Whisperer
Eric Ho is like a crazy cat lady…but a dude and Corgis. He’s OBSESSED! We talk thick Corgi butts, Rear Gear and he takes the Corgi Quiz.
Nov 14, 2017
#26 – Ty Loves Coco
Ty Barnett (from Last Comic Standing and Comedy Central) went from having a Dobie named Mike on the South Side of Chicago to a tiny Chihuahua in Los Angeles. She’s...
Nov 06, 2017
#25 – Howl-o-ween Warnings!!!
Host of @littlethingsUSA it’s @mikejanela! He gets to play with sloths at work?  Richie wants to eat a moose? We have a Rabbit quiz of Mike vs Dr. Lisa. The...
Nov 01, 2017
#23 – Gifts With Airholes
Comic/dog nut Kenny Ortega comes by for hilarious talk. We play Guess That Breed…profiling people by what breed of dog they have. Dr. Lisa teaches s about reverse sneezes and...
Oct 23, 2017
#23 – Purebred or Inbred?
Comedian Pat Burtscher hangs out to discuss Sylvester the farting cat, cats on leases, and feline diabetes.
Oct 17, 2017
#22 – Dog Poop Hero!
Comedian Kenny Garcia, comic/dog walker extraordinaire tells us why he’ll never get his boy Blue neutered. We discuss how to get cats on your sleep schedule and how he got...
Oct 10, 2017
#21 – Heckled By A Dog
Live from the Hoboken Comedy Fest! Dan Frigolette gets yelled at about why Cesar Milan sucks! Harry Terjanian brings his dog Brownie to Dr. Lisa to get a mass on...
Oct 04, 2017
#20 – From The Dog Pound To The Daily Show
Comedian Rory Albanese (former exec producer of The Daily Show and The Nightly show) tells us about rescuing his little lab mix Parker! We talk about the awesome dog culture...
Sep 25, 2017
#19 – Layla The Squirrell Hound!!!
Comedian Jay Nog, from Paid or Pain on Sirius XM tells us about his perfect little lady Layla…who has a taste for squirrell. Topics include alcoholic monkeys, reverse sneezes, awful...
Sep 18, 2017
#18 – Puppy Tooth Necklace
Comedian Jason Burke with Dr. Lisa’s patient Dolly the Aussie Sheperd! He rescued his lil girl from a kill shelter with help from @inourhandsrescue! We discuss fixing “Dollyrhea” and using...
Sep 11, 2017
#17 – Need Neuticles?
Hilarious @VetTechComplains calls in to b***h about stuff he hates. He can’t stand cat breeders and dogs named Brady but he HATES Neuticles. Never heard of them? Just wait!
Sep 07, 2017
#16 – A Pro Dog Rater?
@WeRateDogs has 3.3 million followers. His FULL TIME JOB is rating dogs all day and it’s even cooler than you think it is! We hear about his Goldie named Zoey...
Sep 04, 2017
#15 – 3 Pounds/2 Teeth
Chloe Kardoggian! The notoriously flirtatious chihuahua and her hilarious mom Dorie! We discuss her famous tongue and what’s going on with her pretty eyes!
Aug 28, 2017
#014 – Milo & Otis MURDERED?!
Comic Nick Turner and Lyra Smith come by with the sassy Cheetah! They talk about their lil girl’s cough and a horrible rumor…
Aug 22, 2017
#013 – I Fell in Love with Both of Them!
GRAMMY AWARD WINNING IAN AXEL and his wife Lina tell us about life with hyper/sensitive pooch Cali and baby boy Bowie! Hilarious tale of Dr. Lisa’s first housecall!!!
Aug 14, 2017
#013 – A Husky Saved My life!
Comedian/attorney Vince August tells us how a husky saved his life! We discuss how pets are viewed in the eyes of the law AND how his world revolves around a...
Aug 07, 2017
#012 – Nasty A$$ Randall Honey Badger!!!
Randall Honey Badger (@Randallsaimals) talks about saving pigeons, crack squirrels and why you should NEVER DECLAW YOUR CATS!!! THIS EPISODE WAS SPONSORED BY AUDIBLE! Get your free audiobook by going...
Jul 31, 2017
#011 – #NeverGiveDogsRaisins
THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY AUDIBLE For a free audiobook and a 30-day free trial: It’s @Brendan_Fitz and his wonder mutt Willoughby! We discuss doggy DNA testing, silly dog names and...
Jul 27, 2017
#010 – Tortoises and Vibrators
Corrine Fischer from “Guys We F***d” brings her panty eating puppy, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. We discuss crazy foreign bodies and vibrators for tortoises. Plus, Dr Lisa gives us a crash...
Jul 24, 2017
#009 – Hazel Has Herpes?!
Pat Barker from Comedy Central and Any Given Wednesday had an amazing year…too bad his cat Hazel has herpes. We discuss how he’s going to introduce his pregnancy predicting cat...
Jul 19, 2017
#008 – We LOVE Puppy Parties NYC!
Who plans Dog Weddings and Doodle Pool Parties in the Hamptons?! Hayley at Puppy Parties, NYC, and her life is better than yours!
Jul 12, 2017
#007 – Is Lena Dunham a Butthole?
The controversy of Lena Dunham un-adopting her dog! Dr Lisa put’s our guest from Elite Daily, Rosebud Baker’s crazy-ass pit mix Alabama on Prozac!!
Jul 10, 2017
#006 – Barkmitzvah’s at the Barkbox
Lucky duck comic Katie Haller takes us inside Bark Box…and its more fun than we thought it would be! We discuss what to wear to a Bark Mitzvah and find...
Jul 04, 2017
Mini Episode #003: Pinups for Pitbulls!
From the World Dog Expo, a super fun interview with Deirdre from Pinups and Pitbulls! We learn all about her fantastic organization and Richie learns a thing or two about...
Jul 03, 2017
Mini Episode #002: Lindsay Condefer & Lentil!
From the World Dog Expo, the world famous LENTIL!!!! We meet Lindsay Condefer the heroic dog mom of Lentil. We hear one special pup’s amazing story and Lindsay’s beautiful and...
Jul 02, 2017
Mini Episode #001: Shorty Rossi
At the World Dog Expo we met up with The Pit Boss himself, the one and only Mr. Shorty Rossi! We hear about how he and his pack of pitbulls...
Jul 02, 2017
#005 – Cat Training and Puppy Breath!
Richie’s comic buddy Andy Fiori sits down for a hilarious conversation and he’s full of questions. He’s a great stand up comic and host of Raw Report on Sirius XM....
Jun 26, 2017
#004 – Frickin TOXO!!!
From Comedy Central and The Late Late Show its comedian Joe Devito! We discuss his childhood pets and his love of cats. How exactly did he get a cat named...
Jun 19, 2017
#003 – Frisky The Cat!!
The hysterical Rob Stapleton and his brilliant wife Chastity come by for a great conversation about their cat Frisky. From HBO and Comedy Central, Rob is one of Richie’s mentors and favorite performers. We...
Jun 12, 2017
#002 – Baby Dog!!!
Our hilarious friend Nathan Macintosh, who has been seen on Conan is also a great doggy daddy to Baby Dog! Hear about how Baby Dog came to him in the most...
Jun 05, 2017
#001 – Ohhhh, Mijo!
We are joined by newlywed comedians Aaron Berg and Christine Meehan who talk about their adorable and highly allergic little Chihuahua, Mijo.  It turns hilarious quickly!  Aaron can be seen every week on In...
May 29, 2017