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By David Lombardo (LO)

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Modern, engaging, and unique, Aviation LO Down is the official podcast of David Lombardo, also known by his operating initials, LO. Full of the passion, humor, and the famous improvisational style found on many of his past social media projects, Aviation LO Down features fascinating interviews and soundbites from across the industry in an exciting and energy-fueled format anyone can enjoy. A podcast that explores not just flying, but the art and science of what makes people in aviation tick. Whether it's a teen flight student playing a flight simulator, an air traffic controller working at an understaffed facility, a flight attendant on her 7th flight of the day, or a 25,000-hour airline captain on the brink of retirement, there really is something for everyone on the Aviation LO Down. Welcome aboard!

Episode Date
When Departing VFR for IFR Is a Bad Idea, FAA Academy Chaos, and a Swiss ATCer Who Pays a Fine

On this episode: One of the most intense chunks of real ATC audio I have heard in a long time. We talk about why a pilot would do such a 'crazy' thing, and whether or not it should be recognized and permitted. Housing provider at the FAA Academy, Isola Bella, sends out a rather startling notification to their residents, and a Swiss air traffic controller is sentenced for his role in a 2013 operational error (or "deal") involving two airliners. Be sure to subscribe!

Jul 11, 2019
LO Altitude and Season 2 of Aviation LO Down!

In the past few weeks, I have had some major changes to some of the social media pages that I was a part of. Now, I am able to finally integrate many of my social media channels, such as the one on Instagram, to Aviation LO Down!

On this episode, I simply discuss some of the bigger topics that have been brought up over the past few weeks, and address the changes that my pages have gone through.

Please follow my page on Instagram at @LOaltitude, and @aviationLOdown.

This summer, we have some VERY exciting special guests for you. Stay tuned, you don't want to miss any of them!

Jul 02, 2019
Captain Joe: How One FaceTime Video Became One Million YouTube Subscribers

Cultivating a YouTube following of over 1 MILLION subscribers, Captain Joe is without a doubt one of the most watched and influential aviators today. From his detailed oriented, friendly, and extremely informative videos, to his creative vision and world-wide travel experiences, Captain Joe is undeniably one of the most inspiring pilots within the realm of aviation.

Join me, LO, as I talk to Captain Joe to learn about his story and his channel. From his first flight in a biplane, to being invited to aviation events all over the world, Joe is full of real positive and infectious energy that is hard to ignore. As someone who is well spoken and down-to-earth, Joe not only makes a perfect role model for those interested in aviation, but a role model for those looking to live all of life in a true, artistic, and authentic way.

YouTube: Captain Joe

May 2019

Jun 01, 2019
Laura Laban: CEO & Co-Founder of Infinite Flight

Ever since I was a kid, I've played flight simulators. The earliest versions of them that I remember were 256-color simulations that ran on your desktop computer, and if you're like most people who grew up in the 90s, this meant your family's only computer was completely occupied so you could fly your Cessna out of Meigs Field in Chicago. In 2019, this is no longer the case. In fact, many families don't even have desktop computers anymore. And Meigs Field is gone (for now).

Today, more and more people are accessing nearly everything online via mobile devices. From communications and entertainment, to education and tools, it seems everything today is available on your smartphone or tablet.

But what about flight simulation?

Infinite Flight is a flight simulation app that runs on the mobile platforms. And yes, it is incredible. From detailed flight models, to breathtaking scenery and realism, not to mention multiplayer experiences, playing Infinite Flight is truly something that must be experienced for anyone with any level of interest in aviation.

Today, I sit down with Laura Laban, CEO and Co-Founder of Infinite Flight. We talk about the story of Infinite Flight: how it started, what went into it's development, what unique challenges and engineering went into it, and how it's constantly evolving. 

We also discuss the Infinite Flight Community, which is one of the most interactive simulation communities today.

Finally, we talk about the future of Infinite Flight, and some ideas that could perhaps eventually come down the airway....and of course, we discuss Laura's favorite plane.

Infinite Flight has shown the world that mobile devices don't just offer games, they offer entire experiences. 

You don't want to be miss this episode. 


May 24, 2019
@fitaviatorsclub - The Man Who's Helping Pilots Stay In Shape

As a man dedicated to not only taking to the skies, but keeping himself and others in awesome shape, Fernando Contreras, a.k.a. @fitaviatorsclub, knows a thing or two about balancing different passions in life. As someone who I would consider to be 'pretty freakin' ripped', Fernando talks to me, LO, about his theory and practice of keeping healthy and fit, despite the notoriously unhealthy lifestyles that are sometimes associated with people who are constantly traveling. From what to do when first arriving at your hotel room, to how to prep for days on the road, anyone can learn from this episode, pilot or not. For more information, visit @fitaviatorsclub on Instagram, or check out his website at http://www.fitaviatorsclub.com. Sure, you're flying a plane, and that's cool, but why not be in the best shape of your life while doing it? Fernando can help you get there. Follow him today! @fitaviatorsclub

May 21, 2019
I'm Back! My Insane Airline Journey To and From San Diego

Hello all! It's been a while since I have posted a new episode of Aviation LO Down because I recently moved! I also was just in San Diego, and had quite the interesting flying experience during that trip. In this episode, I'll explain to you what happened to me on that trip, and invite you to share your opinions of modern airline travel. From delays, to cancellations, to weather, what is an airline actually responsible for? Stay tuned, as Aviation LO Down is FINALLY back to it's normally scheduled episodes! More to come later this week! 

May 13, 2019
Spread Aviation with Matt and Rob: Flight Instruction and Safety

After a few weeks off, I'm back! Today I sit down with my friends Matt and Rob who run the aviation podcast Spread Aviation! As they put it, 'find out what happens when you cross a talk-show format with in-flight pilot training and a hefty dose of irreverence for practically everything, including gravitational forces.' I have known Matt and Rob for quite some time, and this episode features us discussing out time at SUN 'n FUN, aviation safety, what it's like to be an instructor and student duo, marketing in the modern social-media driven world, and why going to flight school in Florida might not be the worst idea. You don't want to miss this one!

Apr 18, 2019
@newyorkskypirate - Aviation, Music, Friendship

Today, I sit down with one of my best friends, @newyorkskypirate. Learn about his love of aviation from an early age, how he found a mentor, and what his life is like today. We also share stories of him being a musician, making prank phone calls, and one of the most famous diners in Upstate NY. @newyorkskypirate is one of the most passionate people I have ever met in aviation, and since the early days of our teenage years plane spotting and playing in bands, he also happens to be one of my best friends. You don't want to miss this episode.

Mar 25, 2019
The Future: Software, Automation and Aviation?

Computers can calculate huge amounts of data much more efficiently than a human brain. But, can they make decisions? Are they intelligent? Are they creative? Perhaps most intriguing, do they have a conscious? With the recent crashes of the two Boeing 737 MAX airliners, the discussion of whether or not industries like aviation have become too automated and complex has once again resurfaced. With President Donald Trump tweeting that airplanes have "become far too complex to fly" a very real debate has re-energized: is automation and complex software changing the industry for the better, or for the worse? Join me, LO, as I explore some of the basics behind why some people feel that computers and software lie at the heart of the two recent 737 MAX crashes, among others. I will also dive in to difficult, almost existential questions, such as, at what point does a computer go from being a programmable logic machine, to one that has a conscious, and is able to be aware of itself; to make intuitive decisions? While this discussion can quickly get way out of the scope of The Aviation LO Down/ATC Memes, Books such as Gödel, Escher, Bach have attempted to tie it all together, with the idea being that systems of consciousness and recursion can emerge from seemingly meaningless components, and I encourage anyone interested in chewing on the idea of real artificial intelligence to explore that book.  I'll also dive into some of the people from the past who have also echoed their concerns on automation and machines; some of them may surprise you! From Karl Marx, to Will Smith, to Donald Trump, this episode will get your thinking caps on, and your autopilot systems off.

Mar 14, 2019
Radar and ADS-B: Stories From The Past, Thoughts For The Future

Radar technology has been the foundation of air traffic control for more than 80 years. However, newer technology, such as ADS-B, promises to change that. In this episode, I take a break from the interviews to expand upon a 'Instagram Live' discussion that occurred last week on @atcmemes. I talk about a brief history of radar systems, how GPS was made available to the public, and what ADS-B means for pilots. I also talk about some potential security issues related to the newer technologies, such as ADS-B. What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion on some of these topics. E-mail me at LO@aviationLOdown.com!

Mar 07, 2019
@madinkaclairec - Aviation, Tennis, and Travel

From photos of Athens, Greece, to photos of the 737 Max flight deck, the Instagram account of Madina K (@madinkaclairec) is hard to ignore. As a skilled tennis player originally from Moscow, Russia and now studying in the United States, Madina takes the time to explain what it's like being obsessed with aviation in both the United States and in Russia. Join us on episode 6 of the Aviation LO Down as we discuss a cheering A380, being stuck on a plane for 20 hours, what it's like flying in aircraft with a glass nose, and how Sully wasn't really the first person to land an airliner on a river. We also discuss Russian vodka, and how you should never walk down Bourbon St, New Orleans, without beads around your head.

Feb 27, 2019
@pilotemilie - The Fit, Traveling, Adventuring Pilot From Canada

With an Instagram following of over 30,000 fans and growing, @pilotemilie inspires and motivates her followers from both the flight deck as well as from the gym. As a Canadian pilot with an unmistakable smile, Emilie has an eclectic taste for fitness, colorful Instagram photos, and setting her goals high, in both aviation and in life! Join me, LO, as I talk to Emilie about how she got into aviation, what challenges it presents for her fitness goals, and how being occasionally uncertain of what life has to offer can sometimes be a good thing. She also goes into some details of how Canada differs from the United States when it comes to social media and filming the flight deck. From taking her career from that of a massage therapist to one as a pilot flying in Africa, then back to Canada, Emilie is someone who sets her goals high, and makes them happen.

Feb 20, 2019
steveo1kinevo - Aviation Stories From Behind The Scenes

As a pilot well known for his detailed, informative, and friendly aviation videos, steveo1kinevo has cultivated a loyal following of over a quarter million subscribers on YouTube. From his intricate flying lessons to his gorgeous videos of flights in Florida, The Bahamas, and beyond, Steve's unique 'POV' style transports the viewer into an experience that few pilots on YouTube have been able to recreate. Join me, LO, on episode 4 of the Aviation LO Down as we get to know the man behind the steveo1kinevo name, explore what inspired him to make his channel, and hear some downright legendary stories involving flying in our heavily social media based world; many of which have never been heard before. 

Feb 15, 2019
Nicole - A Girl Who Really "Waves The Wands"

Today, I'm talking to a 21 year old girl from Chicago named Nicole who directs air traffic. Now, she doesn't work in a tall control tower, or a dark TRACON/ARTCC radar room, but she knows how to direct aircraft, and how to direct them well. She wears a bright orange 'high vis' vest, and yes, she waves the bright orange wands. She also knows a few things when it comes to customer service, like how to defend yourself against customers throwing water bottles at you, and how to detect passengers who try to sneak handguns onto planes in their handbags. She also explains how pilots have hit on her while she was pushing their planes back from the gate, and what she would do if she had to choose between a pilot or a controller. Ever wonder what type of training goes into being a wand waver? She explains that, too. Join me on this episode as I learn what it's like to be a true wand waver, working on the ramp of a major airline and FBO!

Feb 10, 2019
Captain Roger Victor - The Pilot Who's a Puppet.

As the chief (and only) pilot of Speedtape Airlines, Captain Roger Victor has cultivated a whole new generation of loyal fans via social media, thanks to his world-class videos and memes exploring his life as a pilot on and off the job. As an aviation professional who also happens to...be a puppet, Captain Roger Victor is truly a one of a kind character in the fast paced world of aviation social media. Join LO as he gets to know Roger, his story, as well as the man who constantly has his hand 'up Roger's ass': his creator. Also featuring Louie, who works for Speedtape Airlines, and gets angered rather easily. Come join us and get a hold clearance at the FUPME intersection today!

Feb 05, 2019
Welcome to Aviation LO Down!

Aviation Lo Down is a podcast hosted by David "LO" Lombardo from ATC Memes. In this first episode (recorded in a frigid car on a remote recorder), I simply take a few minutes to explain to my listeners what this podcast is all about. What makes aviation so passionate? Why did some people get into aviation? And why is it -49F degrees in Alaska? 
Join us on this journey. This will be Aviation LO Down.

Jan 31, 2019