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Colliers International | Wisconsin is proud to present MKE Forward, a podcast focused on our community. Our hope for MKE Forward is to showcase leaders in our community who are moving this city forward. This will not be a podcast about real estate. Rather, we hope to have open conversations with Milwaukeeans about what as a city we are doing right, and what more we can do to be good stewards of our community.

Episode Date
The MSO’s “Major” Impact on Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has been a Milwaukee institution for over 60 years. MKE Forward had the pleasure of sitting down with President and Executive Director, Mark Neihaus.  The excitement that Mark has for the MSO and its future is contagious. From newly appointed Musical Director Ken-David Masur, to construction being underway on the MSO’s future home, there was a lot to talk about. If that wasn’t enough, the passion that the symphony has for being active and a part of our community is apparent. With programming both in Milwaukee’s schools, and bringing the symphony out into the community, the impact of the MSO extends far beyond its last chord.

Sep 26, 2019
Open Office: A Complete Failure?

As companies and organizations look at their workplaces, more and more are looking at their space through a strategic lens, seeking to improve productivity, collaboration and even culture. As a result, the prevalence of open office concepts has increased across the globe. But, do they work? Are open workplaces increasing worker productivity and collaboration? Tune in to hear from Dr. Anthony Pennington-Cross and Andy Hunt from Marquette University’s Center for Real Estate, as they discuss the research and findings of renowned economists from around the world. 

Sep 12, 2019
The Intersection of Culture and Space

We’ve skimmed the topic, but never jumped in. On the latest episode of MKE Forward, the team sits down with Heather Turner Loth, workspace strategy guru. Heather spends her time helping companies integrate their culture with their physical space. The intersection of these two aspects of an organization is not straight forward and one size does not fit all, or even two.  Listen in as we discuss the impact both culture and space have on the success and future of an organization. 

Sep 05, 2019
Return on Community

Ryan Pattee is a Milwaukee-based developer whose approach to development is unique. Instead of solely focusing on ROI (Return on Investment) he places a heavy emphasis on ROC (Return on Community). Ryan aims to create community spaces that are both utilized by the local community and serve as a place for creative uses and tenants. In order to make a project financially feasible, Ryan and his partners get creative, leveraging financing tools used in more traditional development projects. On the latest episode of MKE Forward, the team delves into some of Ryan’s most notable projects and how he, as a community focused developer, aims to better our city. 

Aug 15, 2019
Fostering Tech & Community

As a continuation of Episode 7, where we discussed Milwaukee’s tech environment from the perspective of a start-up, on this episode of MKE Forward, the team welcomed James Hischke, Senior Director of Tech Advancement and Outreach at Northwestern Mutual (NM), to the studio to continue the conversation. James talks about NM’s commitment to grow the tech talent pool for the city and how the company can in turn grow their share of that talent. To NM, it is not just about investing in themselves, but embracing the Milwaukee community, investing in it and believing that they are better off when Milwaukee is thriving.

Jul 25, 2019
Let’s get TECHnical

On the latest episode of MKE Forward, the team welcomes Matt Cordio of Startup Milwaukee and Chris Widmayer, of Milwaukee based technology firm Penrod. Listen in to uncover the opportunity that awaits Milwaukee, from tech talent, to whether or not Milwaukee is a tech city, and how, as a community, we can continue to embrace technology and leverage it to drive our city forward. 

Jul 11, 2019
The Man Behind the Music

Festival season is finally here and the MKE Forward team celebrated by sitting down with Bob Babisch, Vice President of Entertainment at Milwaukee World Festival. Learn about what it takes to put on Milwaukee's festival of festivals, what is new this year and how bringing people together through music has and will continue to positively impact our city.

Jun 20, 2019
Milwaukee’s Soaring Downtown

Beth Weirick, champion and queen of downtown Milwaukee joins the team to discuss the momentum of downtown. Listen in to hear how downtown is just getting started.

Jun 06, 2019
A “Moderne” Take on Milwaukee

Rick Barrett of Barrett Lo Development and Matt Rinka of Rinka Architecture join the team to discuss their past successes and the role they have had in shaping the current and future skyline.  Find out how their pasts have informed why both returned to Milwaukee and learn about the status of their current joint undertaking, the Couture. 

May 16, 2019
Bucking the Milwaukee Mindset: How we got the DNC

The team snags Alex Lasry to discuss how he became a champion for the city and the journey to get the DNC in Milwaukee. Listen in as the team discusses how Milwaukee can embrace 2020 and avoid being caught on its heels.

May 16, 2019
Doing it all: Ultra-marathoner, CEO, addressing the education gap and seeking to redefine the political landscape

From All American swimmer to the White House and becoming the CEO of Husco International, Austin Ramirez has accomplished a lot, yet, he still finds time to give back to his community. In our latest episode, find out what drives Austin and how he works to turn his vision into reality. 

May 16, 2019
Commercial Real Estate: Where are all the Women?

In 2019, commercial real estate remains an industry that lacks diversity and remains dominated by men. Join Tammy Babisch, an industry veteran, and Maggie Blair, a young leader, as they hijack this episode to have an all-female conversation with Denise Thomas and Shar Borg.  Thirty minutes is not nearly enough time, but join us as we discuss the importance  of attracting diverse talent to the industry and how the industry and Milwaukee will be better because of it.

May 16, 2019
Why MKE Forward?

What heights can Milwaukee reach and what trajectory is our city on? How do we shift into high gear and continue the momentum? What more can we be doing? In this intro episode, join the Colliers Team to learn how throughout this podcast, we will seek to answer these questions. Steve Palec, Scott Welsh, and Lyle Landowski are industry veterans who have seen the impact real estate has had on this community and how one person can move the needle. Learn about what types of guests will join us as we delve into not only our community’s triumphs but also the issues that face our community. Steve, Scott and Lyle share their experiences and shed light on what we seek to accomplish through MKE Forward.

May 08, 2019