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An unofficial podcast for fans of Teenage Engineering featuring artists, news, tips and tricks, etc. Hosted by FLDPLN.

Episode Date
Small Operations 7 - "The Movement"

Background music by @hellaaight (Instagram)

Teenage Engineering User Community Initiative 
#teoperator: one tag to operate together

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John Richmond - Plastic Transistor
Julie Bandin
MJ Truong
Jake Fitzgerald
Dany Godoy

Tcxmasta “Hydra”  
@tcxmasta on Instagram

Rephazer  “Skeleton”
From album  A after Z (made with OP-Z)

Iwakiyumi “Untitled - from July 5th 2019”
uses OP-1 and PO-33 
@iwakiyumi on Instagram

Mayhue  “Cyberpunked”
Made with OP-Z
@mayhuemusic on Instagram

Lofi Moshpit “Remember Your Training”
from album “Rezin” made with OP-1
@lofi.moshpit on insta

Indian Run  “Jam #1”
using Critter & Guitarri Organelle, OP-1, PO-33 and OP-Z
@indianrunmusic on instagram

@op1andchill Interview
@yyyate @grumpysnorlax @brandonguerradrums

@Slomospeedboat on Instagram

Rumbelo “Mugen”
Made with OP-Z
@rumbelomusic on insta

psdnm3 “OP1 FingerSQ”
made with OP-1
@psdnm3 on Instagram

Afraid Of Everyone  “PO-33 OP-1 Sync Jam”
@Afraidofeveryone on Instagram

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Oct 07, 2019
Small Operations 6 - "A Rumble Within"

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Background set by PXPXJK
Instagram @pxpxjk_music
“OP-Z Sessions 1, 2 and 3”

Congrats to Heymun and Matt Ridgway on becoming teenage engineering Mentors! (scroll to bottom of the link/page)

Rumble Module review by shimmery.mp3
Instagram @shimmery.mp3

Building Beats with Synths After School Program - DJ Teach
Learn more and consider helping here!

Amenemo1010 (Luca Pellegrini) “20 Years Birthday Flat Eric by Mr. Oizo”
Instagram @lucantee

Shipwreckdetective “Movements 1-5: Above Sea Level” from album 11 Terrestrial Movements
Instagram @shipwreckdetective

Analog Cases OP-Z and OP-1 Case review
Instagram @analogcases

David Centioli Story
Instagram @dcentioli_art

Martin Yam Møller “Lo-Fi  / Hi-Fi”
Instagram @martinyammoller
Youtube Channel:

NitroDude “Midnight Rush”
Instagram @nitrodude_official

Wouter Visser  “Moneytron” from OP-1 EP

Plastic Transistor  “Remember Me”
OP Forums as JohnnyRichmo
Instagram @plastic_transistor

Dragonfly Bry Interview!
Instagram @dragonfly_bry
Mikromix Studio Youtube Channel:

Fraser “Harris Pilton”
Instagram @fraserhogg1

Duelling Ants “Space Travellers” from album Two Birds/One Seed
Instagram @duellingants
on Mars Melons label

Tensile “call-in” piece + “Rat Racist”
Instagram @tensile_conqueso

Kaichow Lau “20151002 CRPY 1”

A Bit Warmer  “Time And Space”
Instagram @a_bit_warmer

Grååskala “Brum

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Sep 23, 2019
Small Operations 5 - "Weird Toys"

Background Tracks by Lightfoot - @lightfootbeats on Instagram.

Xavier Bonfill  “Sketch #2” 

Greg Miles Lewis “Catching A Wave”
@gregmilesl on Instagram

Neil Ritchie Interview  The OP-1 Notebook
Please support Synthdawg by purchasing this inexpensive but fantastic OP-1 ebook!

Soulyft  “Ambient Take 2”   

Ale Fillman  “Our Own Type Of Slang”
@omg_itz_ale on Instagram

JohnnyBgood Interview
“Welcome To OP Wonderland” single take OP-1 performance
@johnnybgood89 on Instagram
JohnnyBgood Youtube Channel

BØLT  “Remembrance”
@bolt.wav on Instagram

Hainbach  “Homeward Bound”
@hainbach101 on Instagram
Hainbach Youtube Channel

Brad Tennant  “Jam 71”
@brad.tennant on Instagram
Brad Tennant Youtube Channel

Josh Johnz
@joshjohnz on Instagram
Josh Johnz on Apple Music

Suke-Rock “Re-Edit”
@Xiaotianzhexiao on Instagram

Small Operations is an un-official podcast, not affiliated with Teenage Engineering.  
Hosted by fan/TE fanboi FLDPLN.

Thanks for listening!  <3

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Sep 09, 2019
Small Operations 4 - "Embrace The Chaos"

Background music by  Samplik Prost
“Live Set 2x PO-33 / PO-32”
Youtube Channel:
@samplikprost on insta

12 Operator piece “XIIOP” (OP Forums Collab)
artists that contributed:

Johnnybgood89 “Take It All”
Youtube Channel:
@johnnybgood89  insta

“Ghost Station” from album Electric Town
@rgarrell insta

Jordan Fitzman  “Space Lounge #002”

Reddit OP-1 Tip  by @Jagawarrrrr

A Pocket Operator “Pocket Operator Jam 001”
@a_pocket_operator  insta

James William Redou III  “August 5 2019” and “Keep On”
@Jredoudesign insta


Bizimana “Wait...Holup”
OP-Z Sketches Collection

Dragonfly Bry “Lonely Heart (Remix)”
Mikromix Studio Youtube Channel 
@dragonfly_bry  insta

Grumpy Snorlax “OP1 Synth Lofi Hiphop/Boombap Performance”
May 2018  @grumpysnorlax insta
@grumpysnorlax  insta

Gar Hoover “Pursuit”
From“Sketches” album
Youtube Channel:
@garhoover_music  insta

Small Operations is an un-official podcast, not affiliated with Teenage Engineering.  
Hosted by fan/TE fanboi FLDPLN.

Thanks for listening!  <3

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Aug 26, 2019
Small Operations 3 - "First Conversation"

Small Operations - Episode 3

Music and segments -

Steeezo  “April 6th 2018”   and “Jan 2nd HPNY”  from #Jamuary2019
Follow @steeezo_946  on Instagram  “EEE”

Squarepulse  (Dev_a_f) -  “Au Naturale”
Follow @dev_a_f  on Instagram
Youtube channel

Rolling Stone article best synths under $200  PO-35 is #1

SynthDawg - OP-1 Notebook

Golden Temples  - “Ancient Relics”   
From Sentient Beings EP available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc…

  • Q: How many of you are using the OP-Z’s visual components like Photomatic or the Videolab/Unity integration?   Write in and let me know or tag me on Instagram and I'll share your creations!

Ciutadellla  (three “L”s) -  “July 27th 2019 Underwater”

Interview with Jeremy Blake (Red Means Recording)

Interview features the following Jeremy Blake tracks:
“I Need You”
“OP-Z: The First Seven Days”

InstantJuggler from OP-Forums feature

Heymun “Dance Ambience”
@heymunmusic on Instagram
Heymun’s Youtube Channel

Blumquist  “Cyberklops”  from album Blumtwist
Mastered by Ric Simon

Nosirah - “OP1 + PO32 + Tape Loop” on Instagram

Perplex On -  “OP-Zs First Warm Sunbeams”
@perplex_on on instagram

All other background tracks written and performed by FLDPLN using the OP-Z.
Small Operations theme song "Classic Airboats" written and performed by FLDPLN using the OP-1.

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Aug 12, 2019
Small Operations 2 - "It Begins"

Episode #2 of Small Operations!  An unofficial podcast about all things Teenage Engineering featuring music, news, tips/tricks, reviews and more.

Episode #2 features music by the following artists... Please support them by following and purchasing or streaming their music and spreading the word!

Ëlectrafa  "Live Set v2019.03"

Son Wu "Miami 80s Beat"
Son Wu - Art Of Raw Vol 1 EP

Missing Reels “Canopy"

Missing Reels “Recorded At Hawk Bridge” (PO-32)

Missing Reels Youtube Channel - Batteries, Beats and the Great Outdoors

Xtfr - “Camp Running Bear”

Echo Opera “Forever Floating”

Shout out to OP Forums!
Lying Dalai
Andrew Burke

FLDPLN's music -

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Aug 04, 2019
Small Operations 1 - "Manifesto"

The very first Small Operations, an unofficial Teenage Engineering fan/user community podcast!  In this short episode, FLDPLN describes what the podcast will be about and what's planned for the future of the show. Become a subscriber, join in and maybe have your music featured in future episodes.  Future episodes will have reviews news, featured artists, tips and tricks and more.  Thanks for listening! 
Contact Small Operations on Twitter (@smalloperations) 
and on Instagram (@smalloperations)
This episode's background music in order:
"Classic Airboats" (Small Operations Theme) by FLDPLN
"She Rolled Around In Paint" by FLDPLN
"Building Whisperer" by FLDPLN
"God And Pool" by FLDPLN
"An Ocean Of Leg Room" by FLDPLN
"Aliso Lane" by FLDPLN
"Untitled" by FLDPLN

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Jul 29, 2019