So Bad It's Good with Ryan Bailey

By Ryan Bailey

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An exploration of all the pop culture we love to hate, from the classic reality TV moments of the past and present, to the latest Daily Mail headlines and everything in between. We'll dive into all the infamous and notorious messes you can't stop watching-we're looking at you, Jax Taylor. Twitter: @sobaditsgood3, @ryanbailey25Instagram: @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey, @ryanbailey25Email us:

Episode Date
Episode 7: Real Close by Danielle Staub. Potpourri Episode with BravoCon, Housewives, Sarah Link Ferguson and her daughter Ellie, and an interview with Lara Van Nostrand about Kanye West


Our second FREE show of the week! Subscribe so you won’t miss out. Today's pod is what we like to call a potpourri, if you will, a smooth sexy show where Ryan talks about everything on the eve of BravoCon! We have an update about Noah Centineo, how do you say Giudice?, our first FEMALE douchebag of the week Ms. Danielle Staub (Beverly) from Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sexiest Man Alive John Legend, Ryan’s Horrible Story of the Week, Holiday Spirit, Kelly Dodd’s engaged, Kasey Musgraves, and Ryan meets his favorite Instagram baby Ellie! We also have The Bailey Mail (Ryan reads Daily Mail articles) and an interview with Laura Van Nostrand about Kanye West, his new album Jesus is King and his Sunday Service live performance at the Forum. Of course, we hit the Kardashian’s too.  Also, Ryan gives the real dirt on JoJo Siwa and so much more!!! I mean its 2 plus hours, folks! USE THE TIMESTAMPS if long pods aren't your thing!

:27-Real Close by Danielle Staub

11:10-Update/Correctons-How do you say Giudice/Noah Centineo


25:45-Douchebag of the Week-Danielle Staub

41:37 Hell Yeah Segment-Ryan meets Sarah Link Ferguson (insta-@catsandlacroix), her husband and his favorite Instagram baby Ellie! Plus Happy Birthday to Heather Haggar (Insta @hhaggar) who teaches Ryan about a live feed of an eagles nest! (

53:18-Ryan's Personal Stories-adventure at Macy's and 6th Grade Romance

1:17:00-BravoCon News, Kelly Dodd's engagement, RHOOC, Bravo TV Ratings,RHONJ Joe and Teresa, Southern Charm, The Royals, Matthew Perry

1:46:41-JoJo Siwa-YouTuber/Neighbor from Hell

1:54:43-The Bailey Mail-Human Ken Doll, Father arrests daughter for mushrooms, Penis surgery!

2:06:05-Kanye West-Jesus Is King-Sunday Service with Laura Van Nostrant (Insta:@lvn1005)

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Nov 15, 2019
Episode 6: Good as Gold with Brown Eyed Jewnicorn Hannah Brown PLUS Everything According to Vanderpump Rules, Ryan's Horrible Date, Jax Tweets of the Week and so much more!!!!


Reminder that the show will be releasing two episodes this week on Tuesday AND Friday!  Subscribe so you won’t miss out. Today's pod is heavily centered around Vanderpump Rules as Hannah Brown and i talk mad sh*t about the show we love the most! Plus Beau and Stassi's engagement, People's Choice Awards, Drake, Douchebag of the Week, Jax Tweets of the Week, Ryan hurting himself on a date, a tribute to Kris Jenner and literally so much more.  I mean its 3 plus hours, folks! USE THE TIMESTAMPS if long pods aren't your thing!

:27-Good as Gold 

4:18-Retractions/Corrections-Joe Giudice/Magic Underwear

13:33-Ryan’s Horrible Date Story

26:15-I Can’t Make You Love Me, Kris Jenner (congrats on your stupid wedding!)

31:15-Confidence and Way of Life App

36:20-Real Housewives of Orange County seating chart/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast

47:07-Vanderpump Forever with Brown-Eyed Jewnicorn Hannah Brown (Insta:hannahabrown)

2:02:20-Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Full Trailer

2:04.03-Hannah Brown Pt. 2

2:15:00-Vanderpump People’s Choice Awards/Beau and Stassi’s engagement party with Serah Murphy Belair (Insta:serahmargret)

2:48:00-Douchebag of the Week-Noah Centineo

2:57:18-Jax Taylor Tweets of the Week

3:06:50-Drake gets Hotline Boo’d

3:17:26-The Bailey Mail

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Nov 12, 2019
Episode 5:Grow UP by Milania Giudice with Special Guest Suzy Henschel PLUS Naked Beador, T.I.'s Ignorance, RHOD, and the return of RHONJ!!!

Second FREE Episode of the Week!

There is so much happening that we couldn't get it done with one episode this week.  Subscribe and tell your friends.  Ryan celebrates the return of Real Housewives of New Jersey with close friend Suzy Henschel of the soon to be podcast Perpetual Crisis.  They also cover Real Housewives of Dallas, d*ck pics, using Uber as a dating app and so much more. Ryan also coves David Beador's nude fetish, T.I.'s idiocy, BravoCon, Jax Tweets, and so much more!!Q

:27-Grow Up Milania (Giudice)

2:50- Go Listen to Sexy Unique Podcast for the new Vanderpump Rules Trailer

4:50-HELL YEAH Segment! Congrats and Happy Birthdays!

6:20-Jax Tweet/Block of the Week

11:00-More Meghan and Jim Edmunds Drama

17:00-T.I. Hymen Checks

23:40-David Beador Naked in the Woods 

31:20-All About BravoCon!!!!

42:30-Listen to Reality Life with Kate Casey-Welcome To Plathville

43:42-Ryan Horrible Story of the Week 

50:00- Special Guest Suzy Henschel-RHONJ Premiere, RHOD Leann’s Wedding!!

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Nov 08, 2019
Episode 4: Unwritten with Jackie Johnson PLUS Top 5 The Hills Moments and Carole Radziwill's sexy spon con!!!


Reminder that the show will be releasing two episodes this week on Tuesday AND Friday!  Subscribe so you won’t miss out. Today is a blast from the past where we highlight a show near and dear to all of our hearts MTV’s THE HILLS!!  And more importantly a show so bad it’s good THE HILLS: NEW BEGINNINGS!!  We have the host of the podcast Natch Beaut, the insanely talented Jackie Johnson, to lead us thru the Hills: New Beginnings but we also cover personal new beginnings, cassette tapes, Hyde lounge, Howard Stern, Raya dating app and so much more.  We also salute Rudy Boesch from Survivor, Housewives sponsored posts (my god Carole Radziwill), The Bailey Mail, Jax Tweets of the Week, Kardashian’s Halloween, and the top 5 Hills Moments with Kellee Vopelak! Also a reminder that Justin Bobby is human trash!

:27-Unwritten Remix

5:25-Unsolicited D*ck Pics

11:30-Apology for Tamra Barney erotic dream

17:01-RIP Surivor’s Rudy Boesch 

21:20-So Bad It’s Good Vol.1 Playlist on Spotify!

22:06-Houswives Sponsored Posts-Carole Radziwill pleasure necklace/RHOC Terminator Commercial

33:00-Ryan's Horrible Date

43:00-1:52:39-Jackie Johnson!

1:53:53-The Bailey Mail (The Daily Mail)

1:59:00-Jax Tweet of the Week

2:06:29-Kardahsian’s Halloween

2:13:11-Top 5 Moment of The Hills-Superfan Kellee Vopelak (@kellee_v)

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Nov 05, 2019
Episode 3: Dreamcatcher with Lara Marie Schoenhals PLUS my nephew Watermelon and Joe and Teresa Unlocked!!!

Another Super Sized Episode!!

Starting next Tuesday we will be going to two times a week because there is too much bad stuff that's good out there!  But that's next week. This week we have an incredible show with our special guest the one, the only, the host of SUP, Babe?, and Saving Sex and the City 3, Ms. Lara Marie Schoenhals (  They cover everything from Kanye West, Vanderpump Rules so bad it's good songs, and even recap the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. We, also, have a special housewives halloween song, douchebag of the week: Mr. Jim Edmonds, Ryan's first high school date story, Jax Tweets of the Week, Joe and Teresa Unlocked and we even welcome our first sponsor Ester's Wine Bar in Santa Monica where Tug Coker and Kathryn Weil Coker (hosts of the Long Finish podcast) Introduce Ryan to real wine instead of his Trader Joe's boxed wine.

(SUPER SIZED EPISODE so we are providing time stamps below!)

Housewives Thriller 00:28

Ryan’s First Date Story-Halloween Edition 11:40

Hard Hitting Interview with Ryan's nephew Watermelon 30:30

Lara Marie Schoenhals 47:40-2:24:32

Jax Tweets of the Week 2:25:32

Douchebag of the Week-2:31:20-Jim Edmunds

Joe and Teresa Unlocked Ryan Unhinged 2:43;23

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Oct 29, 2019
Episode 2: Always Remember Us This Way with Danny Pellegrino PLUS Tim and Darcey from 90 Day Fiance!

RISE AND SHINE! This week Ryan talks with special guest/icon Danny Pellegrino from the podcast Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino! They cover everything from Dr. Paul Nassif singing to his new wife, his new book Fancy AF Cocktails with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix to Lisa Rinna's makeup line and everything in between. Ryan, also, realizes a dream and gets to talk with Tim and Darcey from 90 Day Fiance and SO MUCH MORE! 
(SUPER SIZE EPISODE so we are providing time stamps below)

:26-Rise and Shine
11:19-Douchebag of the Week-J. Renner
22:19-Danny Pellegrino
1:37-Jax Tweets of the Week
1:41:15-Water Bottle on the Head Couple
1:51:37-Real Housewives of OC
1:55:35-90 Day Fiance 

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Instagram: @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey, @ryanbailey25
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Oct 22, 2019
Episode 1: Come On Be My Baby Tonight

Welcome to the first episode of So Bad It's Good with Ryan Bailey.  In this episode Ryan walks us thru what so bad it's good means to him.  We cover the Countess, Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives franchises, DJ James Kennedy, and even 90 Day Fiance.  We also have Ryan's night out at SUR being an extra for the best show ever to have existed, Vanderpump Rules, with his friend Caitlin "Shorty" Donnelly (co founder of the Instagram account @RamonaFacts).  Please rate, review, subscribe, and tell friends and loved ones because next week's guest is Mr. Danny Pellogrino from Everything Iconic! Thanks for giving the show a shot! 

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Oct 15, 2019